Raped And Kidnapped Brides

It is hard to conceive in this day and age, and especially in current Western society, that individual human beings could be and are now being treated like mere chattels and worse.

Yet there are examples to be found all around us. Migrant workers labor for a pittance, and are beaten or thrown out of their jobs if they protest against their meager wages. Sharecroppers are forced to turn over as much as fifty percent of their produce to large landowners to pay off an ever-increasing debt whose termination they will never see. Illegal aliens must work for cruelly low wages or face exposure and deportation.

And then there are Colette and Dawn, two beautiful young cousins, recently married in a double ceremony. But neither young woman would ever have even imagined the nightmare their romantic honeymoon would become.

RAPED AND KIDNAPPED BRIDES — the story of two women who find out what it is like to be treated like objects rather than people. A reminder that our society is still a long ways from Utopia.


The two young brides looked radiant coming down the church steps with their new husbands beside them. Wedding guests threw rice and a photographer’s strobe flashed brightly. The mothers of the newlyweds all cried and wiped their eyes with frilly little handkerchiefs.

Colette’s silver blonde hair shimmered beneath her long veil. She was tall and sleekly curved, gowned in gleaming white satin trimmed with delicate lace. She was nineteen and, strictly speaking, not entitled to be married in a virginal white gown. Her new husband didn’t know it, but she had fucked for the first time ages ago.

Her cousin Dawn followed close behind, a stunning little strawberry-blonde with beautiful big tits that swelled and strained the front of her long, antique wedding gown. Her grandmother and mother had both been married wearing this dress, but neither of them had anything like the voluptuous figure that filled it now.

Dawn was a virgin, a shy and completely innocent girl. Her strict parents had sheltered her totally and now, married, she knew almost nothing about sex, only that on this — her wedding night — things long forbidden would be all right.

A uniformed attendant held open the rear door of a waiting limousine. He ushered Colette into the car, admiring her long fall of silky, silver-colored hair. When her anxious husband tried to follow, the man said, “Brides first, sir.”

“What? Don’t I get to sit next to my new wife?”

The man didn’t answer. He helped Dawn into the car, leering when her luscious large tits caught his eye. He shouldered her eager groom aside and leaped into the car after her.

“What the hell?” Dawn’s astonished young husband said. He’d planned to feel her beautiful big tits all the way to the reception. It would have been the first time that he or any other man had touched them.

“Roll it!” the attendant shouted to the chauffeur in front. “Let’s get the hell out of here!”

“Wait a minute!” Colette cried. “You aren’t the two men that brought us to the church!”

The big car screeched away from the curb with tires smoking, pulling a trail of old shoes and tin cans as more rice flew.

The chauffeur laughed. “That’s right, sweetheart. We left them two bound and gagged out back of the church, and we sort of borrowed their uniforms.”

“Who are you?” Dawn asked nervously. “I’m Frank,” the attendant said. “That’s my brother Jesse up front. We’re the James brothers and we just naturally take things what don’t really belong to us.”

Colette snickered. “Frank and Jesse James? That’s ridiculous! I know who you are, you’re my husband’s fraternity brothers, and this is a practical joke.”

“If you wanna think that, sweetheart, you go right on,” the driver said.

“I don’t think it’s a very funny joke,” Dawn said with a pout. “I want to be with my husband.”

“You’re with me now, baby.” Frank put his arm around Dawn’s shoulder and pulled her close to him.

“Stop that!” she cried, trying to push his hand away. It was reaching down toward the soft ripe cone of her left tit.

“Slow down!” Colette screamed at the driver. “You’ll kill us all!”

The limo swayed and skidded around a corner, its tires squealing.

He swerved out of the way. His old pickup bounded over the curb, across the side!

And crashed into a store window. Crates of chickens in the back broke open and squawking hens scattered in all directions.

Dawn screamed and slapped the man who was squeezing her tit, but that didn’t stop him. He could feel a big nipple getting hard under all that white satin and lace.

Colette snarled, “God damn it, don’t touch her like that. I don’t care if you are my husband’s crazy friends!”

She clawed at the hand on her cousin’s tit, but that only made him grip harder.

“Aaagggh!” Dawn rasped, tears streaming down her flushed cheeks.

Colette lunged, trying to reach around Dawn to slap the man. He blocked the blow and pushed her away so roughly that her head hit and cracked the window glass. She slumped.

Dawn cringed with fear. “This isn’t a joke, is it? You aren’t friends of her husband!”

“We don’t even know him,” the one who was called Jesse said as he skidded the big car expertly around another corner. “But we’re going to get to know the two of you real good!”

“Wh-what do you mean?” Dawn asked.

“I mean, this is your wedding night. My brothers and me got a yard of cock between us, and you’re going to get it all!”

Dawn was so innocent that she didn’t know what he meant by that, only that it would be unpleasant.

Frank now clutching and feeling both of her tits now.

He was a huge man, well over six feet tail. The uniform he’d stolen from the real attendant was much too small for his powerful frame. The coat ripped up the middle of the back when he struggled to restrain the hysterical strawberry-blonde.

Colette was still dazed from the bump on her head, but Dawn’s anguished cries made her skin crawl. Frank had reached a hand under her cousin’s long dress and touched her cunt.

If this was someone’s idea of a sick joke, it had certainly gone too far. Colette grabbed the door handle without thinking and would have leaped out of the speeding car, but the door wouldn’t open.

“The locks are electric,” Jesse said with another wicked cackle. “Doors won’t open unless I press a little button up here. That’s to keep you from splattering your pretty little ass all over the pavement.”

Finally it sank in. “You’re kidnapping us!”

“That’s right, baby!”

“You will get a big ransom,” Colette protested.

“It ain’t money we want.” Jesse said, flashing a lewd grin at her in the rearview mirror.

Distracted, he cut the next corner too sharp. The limo bounced over the curb and sheared off a fire plug. The iron head of the hydrant went flying to one side and dropped a bunch of pedestrians like bowling pins. A six-inch stream of water gushed forty feet in the air as the long black car sped away.


Outside the church there was similar confusion. Women were screaming frantically and wringing their hands. Men were scrambling into the line of decorated cars that were to have followed the limo to the reception hall.

The two angry grooms burned rubber for half a block, their horn blaring.

“It’s got to be my God damned fraternity brothers,” Colette’s new husband said. “They’re famous on campus for pulling practical jokes.”

“They’re going to be in deep shit for this one,” Dawn’s disappointed groom said darkly.

They’d just passed the wrecked pickup and the farmer who was chasing chickens all over the street.

“You’re not kidding! Those sons of bitches, look at that!”

They splashed through the flood caused by the broken fire hydrant, skidding almost out of control.

They could see the limo two blocks ahead, stopped at a red light and heavy cross traffic.

And then a police car speeding the other way with its lights ablaze. The grooms waved frantically and beeped the born as the cops passed.

“Our brides have been kidnapped!” the driver shouted.

The two cops were used to seeing wedding processions driven by damn fools with one hand on the horn. They waved back at what seemed like a normal bridal party and wait on to the scene of the first accident.

When the light turned green, the limo sped off again, blowing smoke from its rear wheels.

Frank said, “You best step on it, Jesse. I think the grooms are catching up.”

“They never ran moonshine like we used to do,” he laughed. Pushing the gas pedal clear to the floor.

There was a railroad crossing a block ahead and the afternoon freight was coming into town, the signals flashed and the arm came down to block the street. Jesse kept his foot down hard on the gas and crashed right through it, snapping off the black and white painted wooden barricade.

The train engineer said, “Shit, we almost hit that limo!”

“God damn fool sure is in a hell of a hurry to get off on his honeymoon,” the fireman said with a shake of his head.

They passed so close that wind from the rushing train engine tore the “Just Married” sign off the back of the car. It fluttered and fell under the train wheels which shredded it to a pulp. The pursuing cars were all stopped by the long train. When the caboose finally passed, the limo was nowhere in sight.

Jesse had turned off on a dirt road where they had another car waiting, an old, nondescript station wagon. “We gotta leave this fancy set of wheels,” he said to the two terrified young brides.

His brother pulled Dawn out of the limo and pushed her ahead, pinching her ripe curved ass. Jesse grabbed Colette and kissed her, thrusting his rank-tasting tongue into her mouth.

“I been wanting, to kiss the bride ever since we picked you up,” he said, pushing his stiff cock against the sleek dome of her satin covered cunt.

“You bastard!” She hissed, slapping him hard across the face. It left a tingling red welt in the shape of her hand.

“Damn you! I was hoping we could do this nice and easy, but if you wanna play rough…”

He ripped the long veil from the little crown pinned to her silver hair. Jesse twisted the act fabric like a rope and used it to tie Colette’s hands behind her back.

“Ungh!” she groaned. “You’re hurting my arms!”

“That’s what you get for slapping me,” he snarled, bending down to pull up her long white gown. He reached beneath the sleek white satin folds he pulled her panties down around her knees.

Ducking under her dress, he clamped his rough hands on her naked ass cheeks and pulled her silver-furred pussy to his lips. For all the times she’d been fucked, Colette had never had her cunt eaten. The young boys she’d known didn’t want to do that.

Jesse attacked her wolfishly, spearing her with his wet tongue. Her white gown with its flowing train covered him completely. Anyone watching from a distance would not have known that a man had his face buried in the bride’s crotch.

He sucked on her cunt and made Colette scream, it was the most extreme stimulation she’d ever felt. Sweet honey gushed from her anxious cunt, wetting Jesse’s chin as he burrowed into her silvery pussy, fucking her with his whipping tongue.

Jesse kept slurping as he teased a long middle finger around the rim of her ass. Being touched in such a sensitive place made Colette scream and squirm even more.

Being forced to a climax by a stranger on her wedding day was more degrading than anything the girl could imagine. But that didn’t stop the anguished spasms of her climax from increasing.

Her sleek pussy writhed around his thrusting tongue. She began to gasp roughly, panting for breath. And she couldn’t stop her lithe body from quaking. Colette thrust her cunt to meet each jab of his tongue.

Jesse wormed his finger into her ass while she wailed lewd cries of tormented delight and fucked her sweet pussy all over his face. The spearing tingle of the finger in her ass was a mixture of pain and pleasure.

“Gumming!” she cried. “Oooh, God! I’m cumming harder than ever before!”

No quick-to-fire young cock had ever excited her so wildly. And Jesse wasn’t content giving her just one grinding climax, he tongued her to three, hunched under, her long white gown right there by the side of the road.

There was another man waiting behind the wheel of the station wagon. Frank pushed Dawn into the rear seat and climbed in behind her.

“This here is Cole,” be said, introducing the driver. “We call him that because he’s our younger brother. You get it? Our Younger brother?”

“I get it,” Dawn said in a state of near collapse. “Cole Younger rode with the outlaws Frank and Jesse James. But they robbed banks, they never abused women.”

“Ah, a student of history,” Cole said.

He was about twenty, blond and blue eyed. Under other circumstances, Dawn would have thought, him to be quite handsome, but now she could see only menace in his eyes.

“What the hell is Jesse doing?” Frank asked.

“What’s he like to do best?” Cole grinned lewdly.

“Eat pussy,” Frank said.

“Yeah, I saw him hunch down under the other bride’s dress.”

“Well, God damn it, we gotta get out of here. Soon as that fucking freight rolls by, this place will be swarming with people.” He rolled down the window and shouted, “Come on, Jess! Get your face out of her pussy, the fucking posse will be here soon.”

He pushed Colette into the front seat and sat down beside her. “Let’s go,” he said. “Our beautiful brides are anxious to start their honeymoon!”

The station wagon took off in a swirling cloud of dust.

“Where are you taking us?” Dawn asked nervously.

“Where’s the last place anybody would think to look for you?” Cole asked back over his broad shoulder.

“I-I don’t know,” she said faintly, her ripe body shivering with fear.

“Right where you’re supposed to be!” Jesse said with a hoot of laughter. “At the secluded little honeymoon cottages you have reserved hp at Mirror Lake.”

“How do you know where we planned to spend our honeymoon?” Colette asked.

“It was all in the paper, a big story about the double wedding and all that,” Frank said. “Sounded so damn exciting, we decided to invite ourselves.”

Cole said to Dawn, “When I saw the picture of your pretty face on the society page I had to jack oft right then.”

“Yeah, and you shot cream all over the page,” Jess. “Damn near ruined the picture.”

“Was no good anyway,” Cole said. “I didn’t know her long hair would be that pretty soft red color.”

“I’ll bet her little pussy is the same shade,” Jesse said. “Is that right, sweetheart? Have you got a foxy little red muff?”

Dawn gave a stricken sob. “I don’t even know what you’re talking about!”

“Hot damn!” Cole said. “We got us a real innocent!”

“Well, you just holster your gun, Little Brother. I get her first,” Frank said.

“Leave her alone,” Colette snapped. “Do what you want to me, but leave my cousin alone.”

“We’re gonna do what we want with both of you,” Jesse said firmly.

“You bastards!” Colette seethed in helpless frustration.

Jesse laughed. “Relax,” he said. “Be happy! You’re on your honeymoon!” He opened his fly and pulled out a long, thick cock that was fully hard from the pleasure of eating cunt.

“Ain’t that the most beautiful big prick you ever saw?”

She winced. “It’s frightening,” she moaned.

“And we got two more just as good,” Cole said. “Guns with long barrels run in our family. Shoulda seen our Pa. He fucked the local school teacher when we was all kids, and that poor bitch is still walking bow-legged.”

“You’re awful!” Colette said in disgust.

“Teacher didn’t think so. She fucked us all three times, and after the first couple we didn’t need to hold her down no more,” Frank said.

“She was kicking and screaming and begging for more,” Jesse agreed.

“I don’t believe you!” Colette cried.

“You’ll see, sweetheart. When we’re done with you, you won’t want to go back to the little twerp you married,” Frank said. “Or you either.”

He started feeling Dawn’s luscious big tits again. She was almost used to that now, but dreaded all the unknown horrors that lay ahead. She closed her eyes and tried not to think.

Jesse snarled a hand in Colette’s silver tresses and pulled her head down to the tip of his rigid cock. “Suck it!” he said.

She would not have wanted to suck her husband this way, but he forced her mouth on an eager prick.

He pressed on the back of her head, bringing her lips down. The padded knob of his cock kept prodding her soft lips. Jesse clamped his other hand on the jutting tit nearest to him and pinch her nipple. Colette opened her mouth to scream and he shoved her head down.

Her mouth was instantly stuffed full of thick, foul-tasting cock, rank with sweat and the heat of lust. The padded tip of it pressed against the soft back of her mouth, burrowing deeper still.

It made her want to retch. Colette’s stomach was upset already from riding in a speeding car on a twisting mountain road. Dawn’s distressed moans coming from the rear seat added to her torment.

Jesse made graft rasping sounds as he pumped his cock at her, forcing it into her throat. Pained wet noises came from tier gorged lips. She could feel the warm veins that webbed his long shaft pulse with lewd vigor.

He pushed roughly on the back of her head. His cock filled and strained the sleek hollow of her throat. “Suck it, you bitch! I want to shoot off in your mouth. Eating your cunt got me too horny to wait.”

She moaned, tears leaking out though her eyes were tightly shut. Some honeymoon, she thought bleakly. In less than an hour, all her romantic visions bad turned hideous.

“Lick my big cock,” he commanded her. “Stroke it with your tongue!”

Colette tried to do as he asked only because she was afraid he might do worse things if she refused. But she could hardly move her tongue. Her mouth was strained full. Her jaw ached and her tied wrists burned.

Her throat heaved silent, wracking sobs. Jesse drove his cock deeper each time the wringing tube of damp warmth expanded slightly. She clamped harder on him then, choking on his foot-long prick already.

The wrenching spasms were more than his anxious prick could stand. Jesse roared like a wounded bear and let his cock fire. His balls fired one creamy blast after another, shooting his cum deep into her throat.

Slick jism glossed his bulging cockhead and ran warmly down the prickshaft. Colette could taste it as it coated her tongue and flowed around her teeth and gums. It ran down her lips and still he kept cumming, pumping in more and more.

She gulped but could not swallow well with her throat stuffed so full. Cum filled every little cranny of her mouth and then it leak out around her lips. It was awful, the most agonizing experience of her young life. Her mouth was being raped, and on her wedding day, when she should have been at the reception with her new husband and their families and friends.

When Jesse had finally pumped himself dry, he let her lift her head up.

She made an ugly face and said, “Yuck! Where can I spit this out?”

“You can’t. You’re supposed to swallow it.”

“Yuck! I’m supposed to be sipping champagne and eating wedding cake.”

“You’ll like cum even better once you get used to the taste.”


“Best you try,” Jesse said with a taut little grin. “There’s a lot more where that came from.”

Colette sobbed and forced herself to swallow, wondering if anything normal would ever taste good to her again. Cole uncorked a bottle of chilled champagne he had lying on the seat beside him. It gushed white foam and made Colette think of Jesse’s spurting cock.

“Wash it down with a swig of this,” he said. “Wouldn’t be much of a wedding without champagne!”

The reception hall was a shambles. Someone had broken in during the ceremony. The top tiers of twin wedding cakes had been taken off, the figures of bride and groom broken apart. The decorative brides were missing too, the grooms left sprawled face down in thick frosting.

“And someone has stolen six cases of champagne from behind the bar,” Dawn’s father observed.

“Who would do such an awful thing?” her mother sobbed. “Who would want to ruin my daughter’s beautiful wedding?”

“It’s ruining our daughter you should be worried about,” he snapped impatiently.

“Oooh,” the woman moaned. “And I never even told her about the birds and the bees.”

“I wouldn’t worry, she’s probably been stung a dozen times by now,” Colette’s mother said in a slightly slurred voice.

Her name was Fabrianne, and she was more than slightly drunk by now. “You might as well start serving the champagne we have left,” she said.

She was a stunning woman, an older and more polished version of her missing daughter, sleek and silver-haired. Three times married and three times divorced, Fabrianne led the kind of life most of the more staid wedding guests publicly despised, but privately envied.

Fabrianne walked unsteady toward the bandstand, sipping and spilling champagne on the way. The musicians hired to play for the reception were milling about, not knowing what to do.

“Play!” she told them. “That’s what we paid you for.”

They did, and Fabrianne asked her daughter’s worried groom to dance. He agreed, still in a daze. She pressed close to him, at first only because she needed to steady herself, then because she could feel his cock getting hard.

“Naughty, naughty!” she teased playfully.

“Oooh, Jesus,” he moaned. “What am I doing?”

“Don’t you know?” she giggled. “You’re getting a hard-on!”

“But why? My wife has been kidnapped!”

“Yes, but I look a lot like her, don’t I?”

“Some, I guess.” The troubled groom had never paid much attention to older women.

“And I’m even sexier than she is,” Fabrianne said in a low and breathy voice. She worked her jutting tits across his chest to let him feet how from and lush they were. That made his cock throb with unseemly desire.

“We’ve got to stop this,” he said. But he made an effort to break away.

“Why, Rob? You want to fuck me. I can feel it.”

“It’s Colette I want,” he moaned.

“Yes, but someone else must be fucking her by now. I’m quite sure those men didn’t kidnap the girls for ransom.”

“How can you be sure of that?”

“Because, they came here to take the top of the two wedding cakes and enough champagne to have one hell of a party. I think the honeymoon is going on right now without you.”

He winced, not wanting to even think about that.

“Would tonight have been your first time?” she asked boldly.

“You mean with. Colette?”

“I mean with anyone.” Their dancing had become a lewd parody. Her body writhed shamelessly against his.

“No, there was a girl in high school.”

“A girl,” she sniffed. “A young man needs a real woman to learn about sex. I could teach you lots of things, Rob.”

Two police detectives there to investigate the reception hall break-in watched and then turned away shaking their heads. “This is the craziest case we’ve ever worked,” one said. “What do you want to bet, that silver minx will have the groom in bed before we can find his missing wife?”

The other cop shrugged. “What the hell?”


The wedding reception without brides became even stranger as the evening wore on.

Champagne flowed freely, what Cole had taken hardly made a dent in the supply. The band played livelier music, hoping to cheer the worried gathering of family and friends.

Several couples were dancing to pass the time while waiting for news. The limo had been found by the police, but there was no trace of Colette or Dawn. They had no idea where they’d been taken, but an All Points Bulletin was being broadcast in three states.

Colette’s mother, Fabrianne, was dancing with Dawn’s groom, teasing his poor confused prick even more blatantly than she had Rob’s. It was making Rob jealous, which was exactly what she intended. He had righteously refused to fuck his wife’s mother on his wedding night.

“I know how upset you must be,” she whispered, her hot breath filling his ear. “Let me comfort you.”

“Making my cock hard at a time like this is no comfort,” he complained.

“I could make you and your hot prick feel much better if we were alone somewhere,” she said suggestively, grinding her anxious pussy against his hard-on while they danced.

“Alone? Us? Together? Where?”

“Well,” she began, “I know of two honeymoon cottages that aren’t being used.”

“You mean at Mirror Lake? Where I’m supposed to be with Dawn tonight?”

“Where better?”

Rob walked up to them then and said, “Hey, Tom… I know we’re part of the same family and all that. But I don’t like the way you’re dry-fucking my mother-in-law on the dance floor.”

“Why not, because you’d rather be doing it? I saw you before. I’m surprised you kept your cock in your pants.”

“Boys, boys, let’s all try to get along. There’s plenty for both of you. We can all go…”

“Go? Go where?” Rob asked.

“Up to a little honeymoon cottage on Mirror Lake. I hate to think about two handsome young men being all alone on their wedding night.”

“Are-are you suggesting?”

“I’m not suggesting anything. I’m telling you. I’ll fuck you both and make you forget you ever had young wives.”

“Oooh, Jesus!” Rob sighed.

“Is that, ooh, Jesus, yes? Or, ooh, Jesus, no?”

“Yes, I guess. What the hell?”

Dawn ran out of the woods and along the sandy lake shore. Her long white veil and silky, strawberry-blonde hair streamed behind. She’d lost one high heeled shoe and so was off balance, tripping and stumbling. Finally she was forced to stop when she ran out of breath.

Colette had told her to run, but not where or why. Then it all came flashing back to her. The stark terror of being kidnapped, the humiliation of being fondled so roughly by a strange man with large hands. She shuddered and wailed an anguished cry.

Cole and Frank were close enough to hear her. Both born and raised in rural hill country, they were good trackers. But Cole stopped short as soon as he saw her. “Oooh, shit!” he said. “We got trouble.”

Dawn was talking with two uniformed security guards hired to patrol the property and insure the privacy of honeymooning couples.

Frank thought quickly and said, “Follow my lead, little brother.”

They walked tight up to the guards, noticing they both wore guns. Frank said, “Officers, I’m so glad you found her. My wife had a little too much to drink at our wedding reception, and she wandered off when we got here.”

“This lady says she was kidnapped,” one of the guards said.

“And brought to a cottage that we reserved weeks ago?” Frank asked with a raised eyebrow. “That’s ridiculous.”

Frank’s formal uniform did look something like what a bridegroom might wear.

“Who are you?” he asked Cole.

Cole remembered the name of Colette’s groom from the story in the paper and he said it. “I married her cousin today. A big double wedding in town.”

“Oh, yeah. I remember reading about that,” the second guard said.

“They’re both lying,” Dawn cried. “They’re going to rape me!”

The guards exchanged curious glances. “Lady, would you please keep your voice down? You’re disturbing our other guests.”

She hissed in soft fury, “They are going to rape me on my wedding night. They’re raping my cousin right now!”

“They are? They’re standing right here.”

“There’s another one,” she moaned. “Sure, lady. Every guy brings a friend along on his honeymoon.”

“She gets confused,” Frank said with an innocent grin. “She’s never gotten this drunk before. She’s never gotten anything before, if you know what I mean.”

“I understand, sir. You wouldn’t believe some of the stories we could tell you about young brides.”

“Just try to keep her quiet,” the second guard said.

“Don’t worry, you won’t hear another peep out of us,” Frank said. “Not for a week at least.”

“A week?” Dawn sobbed desperately. The guards just shrugged and went on their way. Private security services are not privy to police radio broadcasts, and the ring of high mountains surrounding Mirror Lake effectively blocked commercial radio and TV signals. No one at Mirror Lake knew the two brides had been kidnapped. And who would have suspected when they were right where they were supposed to be?

Colette lay gasping with a silly little gun on her lips. Jesse untied her wrists and rolled her face down on the bed, working on her knotted veil.

“Thank you,” she said as it loosened and she could work her chafed wrists free.

“Just don’t do anything with your hands that I don’t like,” he warned.

“Ungh, I won’t.” Colette rubbed and stretched her fingers. He stood watching her, smiling and thinking what a marvelous, sexy young minx she was.

“What’s your real name?” she asked.

“I told you, it’s Jesse James.” It really was too, though no relation to the famous outlaw. His father admired the bandit king so he’d named his sons after the famous brothers and Cole Younger.

“That’s ridiculous,” Colette said.

He shrugged and said, “I know.” Nobody ever believed his name was Jesse James. That made it an effective alias. “If you’ve got the feeling back in your fingers, how’d you like to play with my big cock?”

“I’d love to!” Colette grinned warmly. “Will you take the chain off my neck too?”

A devious twinkle in Colette’s eyes betrayed her.

“Not yet,” he said. “I don’t trust you completely.”

She stroked his cock fondly, making it pulse with lewd vigor again. “What more do I have to do?”

“Fuck my two brothers,” he said.

“But I only want to fuck you, Jesse. Your cock is so big and beautiful.” She pumped it aching hard with teasing finger strokes.

“So is Frank’s. And Cole’s cock is bigger still.”

“I don’t want them to fuck me. I want to be your woman, Jesse. I want to spend my whole honeymoon fucking you!”

“Yeah, but I want to fuck your cousin and suck her luscious big tits.”

“Oooh,” she moaned sadly. “I’m a better piece of ass than she’ll ever be. Dawn is so timid and shy.”

Jesse laughed. “Now, maybe. But not when, we get through with her.”

Colette purred deep in her throat, entranced by the pulsing vigor of Jesse’s big cock. She loved holding it, teasing it and feeling it throb. She’d planned to fuck wildly on her wedding night, and she still wanted to.

“You’ve got me hot enough to fuck again,” Jesse said.

“I’m ready too!” Colette sprawled on her back, pulling up her long white gown.

“Turn aver,” he said roughly. “On my stomach? Why?”

“Because it’s your ass I want this time.”

“No!” Colette sat up and doubled her knees to her chest. “It’s not big enough for a cock like yours.”

“It will be,” he said.

He pushed her over on her side in a heap of swirling white satin and lace. The chain locked securely around her neck clanked and pulled tight when she moved.

She gasped, clutching her throat. Jesse pushed on her upraised shoulder to get her on her face.

“Don’t touch me!” she screamed. “Aaagh, you bastard! Not up my ass! Nnnooo!”

Colette whipped around and scratched for his eyes. He blocked the sweep of her claw-like hands and held her wrists.

“I warned you,” he reminded her, reaching down for lengths of rope with his free hand.

“Don’t tie me again, please. I hate it when I can’t move.”

“You’ll still be able to wiggle your ass, and right now that’s all that interests me!” He bound her wrists to the pillars at the head of the large bed, spreading her arms wide.

She groaned. Her shoulders felt wrenched and strained, about to snap out of their sockets. She sobbed again, kicking her feet uselessly, rustling her wrinkled white gown.

Jesse bound her ankles to the posts at the foot of the bed. She was face-down, bound and helpless in a spread-eagle position, whimpering in tormented desperation.

Jesse pulled up the back of her long gown. The flowing train involved yards of sheening white satin and delicate lace. He threw that over her back and bared her ass.

He crouched between her bound legs, long and elegant tapers strained by the pull of binding rope. The sleek muscles were all well defined, quivering with fearful expectancy.

Bending down, he kissed the taut cheeks of her ass, dragging his tongue as he moved from one side to the other. She shivered violently when his flicking tongue lightly touched the rim of her asshole.

It clenched wringing tight in defense against intrusion. That was all that she could do. She cried out. He was kissing her ass and wiggling his tongue around the rim. Her lithe body bucked and thrashed, creaking the ropes that bound her for pleasure. Not just his, but for all three of them.

Tears streamed down her cheeks and onto the crumpled veil that had fallen beneath her head. They gleamed in the fine mesh like bright little jewels. Her hair tossed in silver waves as he stimulated the tender nerves of her ass.

His tongue probed deftly, hooking and swirling within her wringing ass sheath. It sparked cringing fear and shocking tingles of perverted delight.

Colette’s body felt chilled and simmering hot at the same time. Jesse had a hand beneath her, his middle finger in her pussy. She gasped joyously and fucked up and down on it, writhing around to increase her pleasure.

That also increased the annoying delights that his thrusting tongue shot into her ass. She gasped frantically for breath, loving and hating his touch at the same time. Jesse circled her cunt and speared his wet tongue into her ass.

“Aaaggghhh!” she cried.

He pushed finger and tongue both deep inside, straining as though to touch them together. Heated shocks of lewd pleasure blazed between them, spreading out to reach her bound fingers and toes.

Colette sobbed and bucked her hips. She was cumming again despite all her fears. Clinging contractions pulsed on his finger. Her ass writhed even more lewdly, squeezing his thrusting tongue. She cried out, her body tense and shivering in rapture.

As her soaring passions neared their peak, Jesse edged forward and pressed his cockhead against the moist rim of her ass. The clenched ring of puckered flesh squirmed as he pushed in. Her lewd wailing grew louder. Even the two security guards could hear her as they passed twenty yards from the cottage.

“Sounds like that one is getting just what she wants,” the taller guard said.

“Yeah, it sure does. How many miles of cock do you think we’ve heard fucked in during all the years we’ve worked here?” his partner asked.

“I don’t know, but if the guys had all been laying pipe, I’ll bet the line would reach to Alaska by now.”

“I’d sure like to lay a little in that strawberry blonde!”

“So would I! Did you see her tits?”

“How could I miss? They were hanging half out of her wedding gown.”

Colette was screaming, “Fuck me, you bastard! Rape my ass and make me cum!”

Jesse obliged her, ramming his cock deep, his scruffy mat of cock-hair chafing her delicate asscheeks.

“Oooh, God! I love it! My asshole is cumming and my pussy is too!”

“Just wait until two of us fuck your ass and pussy at the same time,” Jesse said.

The two guards looked strangely at each other and walked on. “Now that is the wildest thing I ever heard!” one said.

“Yeah, what a honeymoon!”


The honeymoon cottages at Mirror Lake were a hundred yards apart, each secluded in a clump of trees. They looked like ornate little gingerbread houses.

Cole stopped the car beside the one reserved for Colette and her new husband. Seeing it increased her anguished feelings of distress. It seemed bitterly ironic that she was soon to be ravaged in the very bed where she was to have spent her wedding night with her adoring husband.

Jesse had forced her to suck his cock off three times on their way to the lake. Three times, and his prick was getting hard again already! She wondered if he would ever tire.

Dawn was in a state of shock. Her mind simply refused to believe this could be happening. She’d hardly been aware of Frank opening the back of her wedding gown and pulling off her bra so that he could suck her luscious big tits while fingering her pussyhole.

And she refused to believe that her body had responded to him, but her pussy was seeping damp warmth, so much that it ran down her soft thighs when she walked up the steps to the cottage’s front door.

Jesse and Colette were just ahead of her, but she hardly saw them. That was her only escape, to retreat into a mental void.

Jesse opened the cottage door and swept Colette into his arms. “A young bride should always be carried across the threshold,” he said cheerfully.

The girl could only shudder. Mocking tradition was an additional obscenity. Colette wondered if she would ever feel like celebrating a wedding anniversary with her husband. Or if she would ever see him again, for that matter. She had no idea what these rough men would do when they tired of her.

Jesse threw her down on one side of the huge bed that dominated the main room. He stood over her, a lean and wiry man. The evil gleam in his eyes and his taut grin made her blood run cold.

Frank carried Dawn into the room and dropped her on the other side of the bed. Cole brought up the rear, bringing a case of chilled champagne. He set it on the table and said, “Ripping off the reception hall was a great idea, Jess!”

“That’s why I’m the leader of this outfit,” he said sternly. “What all did you bring?”

“Everything you said, two big trays of food them silly little round sandwiches with all the crust cut off. Two platters of cold cuts, champagne and wedding cake. I even brought some of the gifts they had on display, a bunch of sexy negligees and like that.”

“What about the stuff from the hardware store?”

“Got that too, but I had to pay for most of it. The ropes and chains. All I could sneak into my pocket was the padlocks you wanted.”

Locks and chains? Colette shivered and felt sick.

“Well, let’s get it all brung in. We sure don’t want to be bothered unloading the car later on!” Jesse said. They all laughed and hurried out the door, congratulating themselves on their good fortune. “This is gonna be the best damn honeymoon we ever went on,” Jesse was saying.

“Dawn. Hey, Dawn! What’s the matter with you?”

“Hungh? What? Nothing’s the matter. Is it time to leave for the church?”

“We’ve been to the church, silly. And we’ve been kidnapped!”


“We’ve got to get out of here. They’ve gone to get locks and chains. If we don’t leave now, might never get out.”

“Yes, we should leave. I don’t want to be late for my wedding,” Dawn said woodenly.

“Oh, Jesus! She’s flipped out!” Colette rolled off the bed, unsteady because her wrists were bound behind her back. “Come on, there’s a back door in the kitchenette. I’ll need you to open it.”

“We mustn’t let the grooms see us before the ceremony,” Dawn whispered. “That’s supposed to bring bad luck.”

“Just shut up and open the door.”

Dawn slipped out, glancing around nervously. “I don’t see anyone.”

“Good. Then run! Run like hell, Dawn!”

She clattered noisily down the wooden steps in her slender spike-heeled shoes. Jesse heard the noise and came running, but Dawn was already into the trees. He grabbed Colette as she came down the stairs.

“God damn you!” he growled.

Frank and Cole came running up.

“The other one got away,” he said. “After her! The one of you who brings her back gets to pop her cherry.”

“What are you going to be doing while we hunt for her?” Cole wondered.

“Teaching this one what a naughty girl she’s been. Now get moving! If she makes it to the main lodge there’ll be hell to pay!”

Colette breathed a sigh of despair. Neither of them even knew where the main lodge was. And in her shocked state of confusion, Dawn might not be able to find it even if she knew. Jesse gripped her arm and whirled her around, pushing her back up the steps.

He hissed sharply and pushed her face down across the bed. The canopy, the bedcovers, even the window curtains were made of ruffled white satin like a wedding gown. An elegant scene for a terrible nightmare.

“You little bitch! Let’s see how far you can run with this around your neck.” Jesse pulled a stout length of chain from one of the boxes they’d brought in. He locked one end around her neck, the other around a bedpost supporting the canopy.

“I’m going to scream!” she warned as the second lock clicked shut.

“Do that and I’ll stuff your panties and bra down your throat. You want that?”

“All right, then keep your mouth shut except to eat and tell me how great my cock is.” He offered her a tray of food.

“I can’t eat, my hands are still tied.”

“Oh, yeah. Guess I’ll have to feed you. Want some wedding cake?”

“No, I’m not hungry.”

“But it’s a tradition. The groom always gives the bride the first bite.”

Jesse picked up the small top layer of one cake. The figure of a bride stood all alone. “Looks like the groom got lost along the way.”

Colette was trying to keep her head together, but she was on the verge of tears. Jesse grinned and dropped the little plaster bride on the floor. Then he crushed it under his boot heel.

“I could do the same to you,” he said.

“I know that.”

“Then eat your cake.” He shoved the whole thing into her face and smeared it around.

She moaned, sputtering and spitting in disgust. The creamy frosting tasted like cum to her. She hated it.

Jesse sat down on the bed and began unbuttoning her dress. It had a row of buttons running down from neck to waist — a dozen in all. “What’s that for? A pearl button for every prick you fucked before you got married?”

“No, there aren’t enough,” she answered coldly. “I’d need buttons like that all the way down to my knees. I’ve had the clap more times than that. I’ve got it now, in fact.”

“Don’t try to shit me, girl. You had to pass a blood test to get a marriage license. You ain’t got nothing but a pussy what is about to pleasure me greatly!”

“Well, I’m not a virgin, if that’s what you’re thinking.”

“Didn’t figure you was. Who you do the first time?” he asked curiously.

“The boy next door. He taught me a new way to play house.”

“Your mother let you do that?”

“My mother wasn’t home much. She fucking like a mink.”

“Well, shit… maybe we shoulda grabbed her!”

“She’d love it,” she said scornfully.

“So will you.” He splayed the front of her gown open and reached back to take off her bra.

“I’m not going to move a muscle,” she said. He pushed Colette down on her back and kissed her budding nipples one after the other. They were small and pink and firm. Jesse tongued them hard and made her moan.

He scooped up globs of frosting and smeared that on her tits, then he laughed and licked it off. Then he lifted the skirt of her long gown and put a white rose of icing on her silvery pussy. He smeared more frosting around her pussy slit.

“You’re like a pig in a garbage pit,” she said when he started to nibble hungrily at his handiwork.

“And your mother’s an old whore,” he shot back.

“She’s not all that old!” Talking helped take her mind off what Jesse was doing to her. His tongue was so intensely stimulating that it made her want to scream.

With the frosting all licked away, he dipped into her dripping cunt. No amount of loathing or self-control could still the natural flow. Jesse chuckled deep, in his throat. Before long she would beg for his cock and that’s what he wanted.

He swirled his tongue around her clit. Colette gasped sharply. Tears of anguished restraint watered her eyes. She didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of hearing her cry out, but she couldn’t help it.

“Oooh, God! Hungh! You’re making me cum again!”

“Not all the way this time, baby. Not with my tongue.” He raised his head and leered at her. “This time you climax on my big cock!”

“Then do it, for God’s sake!”

“What do you want me to do?” he taunted her.

“Fuck me, you son of a bitch! Make me cum!”

Jesse began stripping off the stolen uniform slowly, smiling. Getting sucked off three times in the car had eased his usual rampant horniness and he enjoyed tormenting her this way.

“Hurry up, damn it! My cunt is going crazy! Fuck me, you miserable bastard! Fill my pussy!”

Jesse smiled and stroked his long prick. “Is this what your tiny little coat wants?” he teased.

“You know it is. If my hands weren’t tied, I would have grabbed it already. I’d make you fuck me!”

“Now all you can do is beg.”

“I’m begging, I’m pleading. I want your big cock. I have to know what a real big one is like.”

“You’ll never settle for anything less,” be assured her. “You won’t be worth shit to that husband of yours. You’ll yawn and fall asleep when he fucks you with his wimpy little prick.”

So he did plan to let her go eventually! That eased her mind some, but she wouldn’t have left right then even if he’d turned her loose.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” she chanted over and over.

He crouched between her spread legs. Sleek satin rustled as she squirmed anxiously, half in and half out of her beautiful wedding gown. Jesse bent down and swiped his cock up and down between the puffed outer lips of her pussy.

Colette bucked wildly. “Put it in! I want to feel it. I need to fuck!”

Jesse circled the bulged cockhead around her hole instead.

She babbled furiously. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me, you asshole, or don’t you know how? I’ll bet you’re a fucking fruitcake that doesn’t even know what a woman is for!”

That did it; Jesse lunged and sank his cock to the hilt with one mighty thrust.

Colette’s wild cry rattled the walls. Her body convulsed into undulating waves. But he wasn’t thrusting fast enough to suit her, she had to heave her cunt at him and wring his big cock with all the heated fury boiling in her sultry cunt.

She groaned. “Good, I just can’t get enough. It’s better than any cock I ever had before. Rip my cunt with it. Ruin my pussy, I don’t care. God, I love it. I want your hot prick in me forever!”

Then her first great climax of the long night began and Colette could only scream in frantic ecstasy.


Colette’s mother Fabrianne sobered up during the long drive to Mirror Lake. She’d worn her blue fox stole to the wedding even though it was a warm day. It was a present from her second husband and she liked to show it off.

In the cool mountain air it was a real comfort. She snuggled warmly in deep folds of dense fur, feeling smug and sexy as hell. She sat between the two bridegrooms, close enough to touch either one.

Rob was driving. Tom sat on the other side. Both of them were strangely distracted, still shocked by the loss of their young brides, and more by what they were doing now.

Fabrianne just couldn’t wait until they got to the lake. She had to know what their anxious young cocks looked like. The sultry, silver-haired woman slid a hand into Tom’s lap and pulled down the zipper of his fly.

He gasped and Rob looked over to see what was wrong. One long trailing end of her silky fox stole was draped across Tom’s lap. Rob couldn’t see what her hand was doing underneath — lifting Tom’s cock out and stroking it fondly.

Tom was too astounded to say a word. He just gasped sounds of pleasure. He’d been eagerly anticipating his wedding night and now he knew he wouldn’t be disappointed, even if his young bride had been stolen. In fact, it might even be more exciting with a sexy older woman who really knew how to fuck. He was glad Fabrianne had chosen his cock to feel in the car. Tom took that to mean that he would get to fuck her first.

But she had her other hand in Rob’s lap, also operating under the cover of her silky fox stole. He gasped sharply when she pulled his zipper down and reached in to fondle his cock. The car almost swerved off the road.

Fabrianne had never felt more excited. With a hot young cock in each hand, she was in heaven. Both stout prick shafts were webbed with surging veins so thick and gorged that she could feel them, pulse beneath her teasing fingertips. There was only one obvious difference between them. Tom had been circumcised, Rob had not.

Tom’s bulging cockhead stood fully exposed. Rob’s was sheathed in folds of foreskin. She liked having one of each, and loved teasing them both while the two grooms strained to act as though nothing was happening.

She pumped her hands up and down beneath shimmering folds of dense fur. “I just can’t decide which one of you I want to fuck first,” she mused, not giving either Rob or Tom a clue as to what she was doing to the other one.

They both groaned, straining to keep their anxious cocks under some kind of control. The sleek satin lining of her stole tingled the heads of both upraised pricks and her warm fingers embraced the almost identical cockshafts.

“I know a way,” she said brightly. “I’ll jack you both off and the one who cums first will have to wait. I want the one of you who can show me the most control.”

They both groaned again. “That’s not fair, you’ve already started on me,” they said as one.

“I’ve already started on both of you,” she purred, tossing the covering ends of her long fur stole aside. “Now let’s see which of you can last the longest.”

Rob didn’t like the idea of the lewd contest. It was bad enough having lost his young bride but now it seemed he might lose his sexy mother-in-law as well. His balls were already steaming and churning.

“The loser will shoot off all over that beautiful fur,” he warned.

“Oh, no! I won’t let him. The loser will get a kind of consolation prize. I’ll suck his cock when I feel it about to cum.”

Tom was even more excited now than before. He doubted that his shy, innocent young bride would have sucked his cock their first bight together. In fact, he’d wondered if she ever would. Dawn was so timid and prudish about sex. He doubted that she even knew what his prick was meant to do.

Fabrianne bunched downy soft blue fox around both straining pricks and pumped them with a maddening feather-light touch.

“Does that feel as silky and tingling soft as virgin pussy?” she asked them both.

“I don’t know,” Rob said through teeth clenched in cringing delight. “I’ve never fucked a virgin.”

“You wouldn’t have tonight either,” Fabrianne said without thinking.

“What? Colette told me that…”

“That she’d been fucked a dozen times?”

“Oooh, Jesus!” Rob’s cock almost wilted in her fur padded hand. Fabrianne had to hold and tease it with her wavering fingers to keep him erect.

“Dawn was a virgin, I know,” she said. Fabrianne was enjoying her teasing game. “At least she was. Now who knows? With at least two men swarming all over her, feeling her beautiful big tits…”

Tom groaned. He didn’t want to think about that. It made his cock weak and brought feelings of guilt for giving in so willingly to this seductive bitch.

“Never mind,” she said to encourage them both. “Virginity is highly over-rated. In what other part of life is a complete lack of experience so highly prized?”

“I’m a virgin too,” Tom said. “I’ve always thought that’s the way it should be. Tonight with Dawn, that was to be the first time for both of us.”

“And it would have been a disaster!” she assured him. “Talk about the blind leading the blind.”

“I don’t think it’s anything to joke about,” Tom said with a moan. His anxious, untried cock was getting hard again despite his mental distress.

Fabrianne cooed softly, stroking them both with the same seductive rhythm. It pleased her to watch a cock fire, and it gave the best of men more control later. She was a woman who liked to fuck long and hard. No one man’s cock had ever satisfied her. That’s why three husbands had divorced her.

Rob could hardly believe what a lewd bitch she was. It was going to make being married to her daughter very strange if he ever got Colette back. He thought about having mother and daughter in the same bed, fucking one and then the other.

His swollen cock twitched and tensed and his aching balls rumbled. He clenched a ring of muscles in his groin, but he couldn’t hold his fiery load. The car swerved erratically.

Fabrianne felt the tell-tale shiver, in his cock and knew Rob was about to cum. She let go of Tom’s cock and threw her head into her son-in-law’s lap. Her lips snuggled around his throbbing prick, her head bobbing frantically as she made wet, slurping noises.

The car careened from one shoulder of the road to the other, swerving each time Rob’s cock fired. His cock had never been sucked before, it was something he’d only dreamed about. He roared with pleasure and fucked hard into her anxious mouth.

Tom had to reach across and grab the steering wheel to keep the car from crashing. Rob’s whole being concentrated on the fury of his orgasm and he could do nothing else. He gushed one creamy spurt after another into her throat, hot cream making her suck even more wildly.

Dawn’s new husband watched with envy. He saw Rob’s lap full of sheening silver hair and luxurious fur. Tom’s mind filled with erotic fantasies as he thought of the night ahead, but his timid virgin bride was among them. This was his wedding night, and the sexy older woman had made him forget Dawn completely.

Frank and Cole took Dawn to the unoccupied honeymoon cottage that had been reserved for her. She struggled between them, sobbing hysterically. The sight of two armed security guards had given her hope, and now that had been dashed away.

They hauled her up the front steps kicking and screaming. Her other white high heeled shoe came off on the porch and her treasured antique wedding dress was torn by the fury of her struggles and the strain of her lush tits.

One glorious big tit cone peaked out through the tear, its large, dusky pink nipple already erect from the hammering blood of fear. They threw her across the bed and the rip in her bodice grew wider. Both bulging nipples were in full view now. She sobbed and tried to cover her tits with her hands, but Frank and Cole bound her arms with rope to the bed frame on the far side.

Dawn’s stockinged legs were still free. She kicked violently, but Cole and Frank were both too anxious to suck tit to bother with restraining her. Frank, the oldest and largest of the three brothers, sprawled on one side. Cole, the youngest and best-looking, stretched out on the other.

Each one took a beautiful big mound of creamy tit into his anxious hands. Frank’s were rough, his touch demanding. Cole was more gentle, almost tender. He’d never seen such gorgeous big tits before and his cock raged when he sucked the large nipple into his mouth.

Dawn felt two rhythms of throbbing disgust. Cole’s tongue teased softly around her nipple while Frank’s grated like a rasp. She kicked and cried out sounds of pleasure and pain.

Dawn had known for a long time that her abnormally large tits made men want to touch her. A lot of boys had tried to sneak a feel, but she had always slapped their hands away. She’d never imagined a man would want to suck on them. She thought they were only made to feed babies.

She gasped, unable to understand the pulses of sharp pleasure that shot clear down to her toes.

“Don’t do this to me!” she cried, tensed so that her softly curved body trembled.

“Your husband would be doing the same thing right now if he could,” Frank said. “But he could only suck one magnificent big tit at a time. This way you get to feel pleasure on both sides at once.”

“It isn’t pleasure! I hate it! And my husband would never have done anything like this to me.”

Cole laughed, bobbing his blond head up. “He’s had his hands inside your wedding dress before you ever got to the reception hall!”

“Never! He’s not like that. He’s a virgin like me.”

“Yeah, but this is your wedding night, and he would be popping your cherry right about now!” Frank said with a lewd grin.

“That reminds me, Brother. I saw her first. I get that honor, and my cock is hard enough to do it right now!”

“But I’m the one who talked her out of the hands of the security guards, Cole. The right to draw first blood belongs to me!”

Dawn sobbed fearfully, not even knowing what it was they were trying to decide. She only knew that married people slept together, not what they did under the covers.

“We’ll let her decide,” Cole suggested.

“No way!” Frank snarled. “That boyishly handsome face of yours makes mine look like something carved out of granite rock.”

Dawn’s frantic kicking had exposed the lacy true garter she wore around one softly tapered thigh. Her groom was to have thrown that to their young male friends. According to superstition, the one that catch it would be the next to marry.

Frank said, “Why not let her toss that garter up in the air? The one who catches it will fuck her first.”

“That’s not fair! You’re damn near a foot taller than me.”

“Yeah, but she might not throw it high. We’ll drape it over her left foot and let her kick it off.”

“That sounds fair. She won’t have enough control to favor either one of us.”

Frank slipped the garter down her leg, fingering its supple curves. “God damn, she is a gorgeous little creature! I sure hope I’m the first to fuck her tawny pussy!”

“You have to catch the garter,” Cole said. “Yeah, yeah. Lift your knee up, Dawn. I want you to kick this garter off the end of your toe. Kick it as high and hard as you can!”

“Damn it, Frank. Don’t be telling her what to do! Kick it toward me, baby. My cock is the biggest and best of the three.”

Dawn shuddered in hopeless confusion, but she did as she was told. The frilly garter dangled from her toes, her pretty leg poised to kick.

Cole and Frank backed toward the door, each on one side of it. “On the count of three,” Frank said. “One. Two. Three!”

Dawn kicked hard and the lacy garter arched high, heading right between them. Cole made a frantic grab for it but was distracted by the rattle of the doorknob behind him.

Frank was reaching out when the door swung open and knocked him back against the wall. Rob entered the room and the garter fell right into his hands.


Rob caught the garter and stared at it in a state of complete shock. He’d expected to find the honeymoon cottage empty. He’d been in such a rush to get inside, he hadn’t even put his cock back into his formal wedding pants. It was dangling limp and wet from the furious sucking that Fabrianne had treated him to in the car.

Then he saw his new bride’s cousin sprawled across the bed, her wrists cruelly bound, her beautiful wedding gown torn and rumpled in disarray. Her beautiful big tits loomed before his eyes, nipples taut and wet.

He gasped, “Dawn… what are you doing here?”

Before she could answer, Tom entered the room. He was grinning lewdly and carrying Colette’s mother across the threshold, delighted that his cock hadn’t fired and he would get to fuck Fabrianne first.

Tom had one hand under her ass to support the bulk of her weight. It was under the sheer fabric of her dress too and his fingers teased her crotch. His other arm looped around her, and his hand was clasped deep into the fur of her stole to squeeze the jutting tit underneath.

Distracted by Fabrianne’s anxious writhing, a full second passed before he noticed his beautiful bride bound to the bed. “Oh, Jesus!” he said when their eyes met. He hadn’t put his cock back in his pants either. It stuck out hard and twitched with desire for the sultry, silver-haired bitch in his arms. But the shock of seeing Dawn made him drop Fabrianne.

She fell on her ass at his feet with a thump.

“Tom! Wh-what were you holding Colette’s mother like that for?” Dawn asked with a tearful sob.

“I-I — oh, shit!”

Cole kicked the door shut and leaned against it with a knowing grin on his lips. “I think your loving husband was about to fuck this pretty bitch.”

“Do you mean sleep with her?” Dawn moaned.

“No, he means fuck her. Stick his hot young cock into her pussyhole,” Frank said, still leaning against the wall.

Rob was trying to stuff his cock back into his pants. “You must be the kidnappers! Isis my wife Colette here too?”

“In the other cottage with my brother Jesse,” Frank said. “Her honeymoon has already started.”

Rob winced. He was tall and strongly built but looked small standing beside the hulking Frank James.

“I wouldn’t be in a rush to put my cock away if I was you,” Frank said with a strangely warped smile. “Cole and me had a deal. The one to catch the garter gets first crack at the tawny little virgin we got tied to the bed.”

“No!” Tom shouted. “She’s my wife!”

“Looks to me like you got all you can handle with that foxy lady you just carried over the threshold,” Cole said with a leering hot, glance at Fabrianne.

She shivered and snuggled deeper into her luxurious stole.

“Put her on the bed right there beside your bride,” Frank said. “We’ll make this a double ceremony, just like your wedding.”

“But I want to be with Dawn!” Tom said.

“Didn’t look like that to me when you walked in,” Frank said. “You had one hand full of tit, the other feeling her cunt. I don’t think it would be right to make the lady wait after what you warmed her up for.”

Fabrianne’s lewd desires had been chilled by the shock. She blushed with shame and shivered violently, feeling hot and cold at the same moment.

“Push her down on the bed,” Cole said. “I’ll get some rope and we’ll tie her right next to your wife.”

“No!” Tom and Fabrianne both screamed.

Frank grabbed the struggling woman. Cole grabbed Dawn’s reluctant groom. Rob just sank into a chair, too weak with shock to say or do anything.

Frank threw Fabrianne across the bed and bound her with her arms spread. She was so close to the young bride that her right hand could touch Dawn’s left. Fabrianne could feel Dawn’s golden wedding band. Touching, it made the horror of their desperate situation even worse. They both sobbed in despair.

Tom stood firm and defiant. “You can tie up the woman if you want, but nothing will make me fuck her.”

“I’m only telling you to do what you obviously had in mind when you walked in,” Frank said coldly.

He grabbed the turned wooden leg of a table near the wall and broke it off as easily as someone snapping a matchstick. He smacked the three-inch thick table leg into his left palm like a club. “I’ll use this on you if you don’t fuck that woman while we all watch.”

“Beat me, I don’t care! I can’t subject Dawn to anything so depraved,” Tom said.

Frank shot him a chilly grin. “It ain’t you I’m gonna beat. It’s your tawny little bride.”

“You bastard!” Tom looked around, but Cole was watching him too closely to think of escape. “You’re both bastards!”

“Hey, just be glad you get to fuck somebody. This is your wedding night!” Frank said with a peal of laughter.

Fabrianne felt numbing fear. What they had planned for her made her skin crawl. She kicked her feet in a frantic effort to break free. But that only hiked up her dress, exposing her long, shapely legs and the inviting hump of her pussy mound sheathed in shimmering black bikini panties with a sheer lace inset that let the silvery sheen of her cunt hair show through.

“Get outta that monkey suit,” Cole said firmly.

Tom stripped off the swallow-tailed coat, loosened his tie and began to unbutton his formal shirt. He felt an odd mix of emotions, desire blended with shame. He’d been anxious to fuck Fabrianne since they first danced at the reception hall. The way she worked her luscious pussy mound against his anxious cock was more than any healthy young male could resist.

And if they’d found the cottage empty as expected, he knew he’d be in her silvery pussy already, firing his virgin load of cum into her.

Feeling her tit and the sultry dampness of her pussy while carrying her in had made his anxious horniness rage even more. Now with his young bride watching him undress the woman lying beside her. Tom in unbearable shame. He wondered if he could even get his cock up with his bound virgin wife watching.

Naked, he stood with his cock hanging limp. “Even threatening to beat my bride won’t make my prick hard,” Tom said. “There’s no way you can force a man to get a hard-on when he’s sick with shame.”

Frank began to fondle Dawn’s luscious tits from the far side of the bed. His powerful arms reached over her shoulders, hands clasped so that her large nipples bulged invitingly between his thumbs and first fingers.

“I’ll bet you’d like to be feeling her tits instead of me,” he said.

“Yes,” Tom’s voice rasped.

“Then do it.”

Dawn breathed a thankful little sigh and almost managed a smile when Frank drew away and her young husband crouched on his knees between her spread legs. The antique satin of her white gown rustled under his weight.

“Hi, sweetheart,” he whispered softly.

“Oooh, Tom!” Her chest heaved with a wracking sob. “It’s been so awful!”

“I know, darling. I know!” His hands reached out, so tense with anticipation that his fingers trembled.

Her lips quivered and Dawn winced when he touched her. His hands tightened, fingers molding her creamy mounds.

“They’re even better than I thought!” he panted.

Dawn winced. Tom was mauling her as roughly as the others, fondling her crudely, stroking her nipples hard. They swelled and tingled beneath his whirling fingers. Then he bent down with his drooling lips in a wicked grin.

The tawny young virgin shivered. Frank and Cole had been right. Her husband wasn’t much different from them. He kissed and sucked her tits, one after the other, swaying his head back and forth.

He pushed her two gorged nipples together and sucked them both at once. Dawn thought that was an awful thing for even her husband to do.

“Stop it, Tom! This isn’t right,” she whined.

“Of course it is. You’re my wife and this is our wedding night. Everything is all right now!”

His cock had stiffened and straightened itself. Dawn could see it through tear-streaked eyes. It throbbed obscenely between his legs.

She felt a similar throbbing in her, a restless and unfamiliar pulses writhed in her pussyhole. It churned in fury, dripping wet with sweet scented musk. She sighed.

The scent of his bride’s virgin pussy made Tom’s cock swell even more. Bulged veins looked like blue cables taut and surging with life. Sucking Dawn’s glorious big tits and tonguing her nipples had given him the biggest and best hard-on ever!

“God, I want to fuck you!” he groaned. “I want to put my cock inside of you.”

“Inside where?”

“In your tawny little pussy, of course.”

“But why?” Dawn’s eyes looked vacant and afraid. Her own dear husband was talking about the same strange and awful things the kidnappers had.

“To rip your cherry and make it bleed. To fuck my cock deep and feel you cum. To fill your sweet pussy with my hot jism!”

“Oooh, no! Not you, Tom!”

“Not yet, anyway,” Frank agreed. “The lady is waiting right next to your wife, and your cock is plenty hard enough to fuck her now.”

Fabrianne gave an excited little gasp. Hearing Tom’s horny tit-sucking and watching his hot young prick swell made her pussy stir with fiery heat. Her breath came in short gasps. Her body seethed restlessly.

Tom hesitated, then saw Frank pick up the heavy table leg. “All right!” he said quickly.

His cock was so aching hot to fuck that he didn’t care much who got the pleasure anymore.

He threw back the front of Fabrianne’s luxurious stole and ripped open the front of her dress. She cried out, stunned by his sudden violence.

“I haven’t sucked enough tit to satisfy me yet,” he said. He clawed at her lacy black under-wire bra and tore that away too. Rasping and grunting, he pulled her dress off and dropped her panties around her knees.

“Oooh, Tom!” she cried. Fabrianne had always liked virile, forceful males, but she had never been treated like this in her whole life. It made her whole lithe body tingle.

“I was going to suck Dawn’s pussy before I put my cock in her,” he said, giving voice to the visions of his wedding night as planned. “But I don’t care now. Yours looks just as good to me!”

He crouched between Fabrianne’s trembling legs and bowed his head down.

“You’re going to put your mouth there?” Dawn said in shocked dismay.

“Women love to have their cunts eaten, don’t they, Fabrianne?”

“Yes!” she cried. “Oh, God, yes!” She bucked and thrust her silvery cunt toward his hungry lips.

Tom burrowed into her pussy making wet animal sounds that disgusted his innocent young bride. But Dawn’s own pussy squirmed when she saw what he was doing to her aunt — putting his tongue right into her wet pussyslit.

Fabrianne shrilled cries of pleasure. Tom wasn’t a skilled cunt-sucker but the fury of his hunger made it exciting enough. Her clit wasn’t just being eaten, it was being devoured!

“Aaaghh!” she groaned. “Ungh! Oooh, Tom! Eat my cunt! Lash it with your tongue. Hhhmmm, yes! That feels so good!”

Dawn thought surely the woman was in terrible pain. She made ragged, gasping sounds and thrashed her lower body in tortured ways. But she kept screaming to encourage him.

“Fuck with your tongue now, Tom! Drive it deep. Wiggle it inside of me! Hhhooo, yes!”

The tawny young redhead craned her neck and raised her head to watch it all, still not wanting to believe that her dear husband could be so lewdly depraved as to kiss another woman’s pussy on their wedding night.

Frank saw her rapt and shocked curiosity, and he put a pillow beneath her head so that she wouldn’t have to strain to watch. “You watch real good,” he told her. “We got another young groom who’s real anxious for you.”

Rob, was still holding the garter, his cock half out of his pants. Dawn’s beautiful big tits entranced him. They always had, even though he had married her cousin. And Dawn was still a virgin, Colette wasn’t.

Hearing that, from her own mother’s lips had shocked him to the depths of his soul. Colette had lied to him, pretending to be so sweet and innocent. The bitch! He hoped, the kidnappers made her watch when he collected his prize for catching the garter. He wanted her to see him fuck Dawn. He wanted her to watch him fuck her mother too. Then he would think things were about even.


Tom gripped his anxious cock in a hand so tense that his fingers trembled. He couldn’t believe it. He was about to fuck for the first time in his life. He was about to sink his hot cock into a beautiful woman and feel her pliant cunt surround him!

It seemed that he had been waiting all his life for this wonderful moment. Just thinking about it was almost enough to make his cock cream. He aimed it unsteadily at the slim, taut lips of Fabrianne’s wet cunt.

He could see them quivering in their dense bush of silvery hair. He could feel the radiating warmth of her sleek cunthole and smell its tangy scent.

Tent pushed in and felt something like an electric shock. His cockhead had touched pussy flesh! He felt it soft and slithering smooth. Her narrow cunt seemed to swell, widening just enough to welcome in the blood-gorged knob of his cock. Then it shrinking shut, to grip the slightly smaller shaft beyond.

He roared, certain that his balls would heave and drain themselves any second. Tom wanted to be deep inside her quaking body when the great moment of orgasm came. He rammed down hard, sinking in to the hilt of his prick.

Dawn gasped, “Oooh, dear God! Tom, what are you doing? What are you doing to my aunt?”

“I’m fucking her, you stupid little bitch. Jesus, don’t you know anything?”

Dawn moaned in disgust.

Fabrianne made almost exactly the same noises, but hers were gasps and groans of pleasure. Tom’s piston-like cock was driving hard and fast. He rocked her with his hairy loins. He rasped hot breath as their bodies collided and twisted together.

Her body bounded in response to each thrust, arching back at him. She lifted and whirled her hips around to wring his plunging prick. “I love your cock, Tom! I could fuck it all night!”

“I can’t. I’m too excited. Waiting so long has been pure hell. I’m going to cum — huuungh!”

“It’s all right! I know how excited you must be. We’ll have other times together. Lots of them!”

Tom fucked as hard and fast as he could, feeling surge after surge of blessed relief shoot into his bride’s seductive aunt. “Your pussy is so alive and so wringing tight. Your cunt is sucking the cum right out of me!”

“I’ll teach Dawn to do the same thing to you when we have time,” she promised.

“I don’t want to do the same thing!” she sobbed. “I don’t want any man to put his awful cock inside of me!”

Rob grinned and twirled the garter around his extended first finger. His cock swelled harder each time he saw Tom lunge into Fabrianne, but it was Dawn’s virgin pussy that he was thinking about. She was going to feel cock very soon whether she wanted it or not.

Tom pumped himself dry and fell gasping, fingering Fabrianne’s silky hair while his weakened cock throbbed in the depths of her cum-filled cunt. He’d fired too quickly for her to climax, but she’d expected that. In fact, fore an eager virgin, he’d lasted longer than she dared hope.

She clenched his cockshaft in the fleshy vise of her cunt and milked it.

“Don’t stop,” she whispered. “Fuck me again. My pussy is tight enough to keep your cock hard.”

Tom was beaming, anxious to fuck again. He began slowly drawing back, hips arched high so that Dawn could see his shimmering, cum-smeared cock and then watch it drive into Fabrianne’s fabulous pussy.

He hoped watching him fuck would excite Dawn and start the warm, natural oil of her desires to flow. Tom had such power and control over the sensuous older woman, he had forgotten that he too was, in a way, a prisoner of these rough men.

Cole and Frank were urging Rob up from the chair.

“Go fuck the bride,” Frank said. “You can see she’s going crazy watching her husband’s cock glide in and out of that other bitch.”

“Yeah.” Rob grinned.

Dawn did have a strange haunted look in her eyes. She looked both frightened and vulnerable. Her wrists bound to the bed frame, her wedding gown ripped so badly that her tits showed — the sight of her made his heart race!

He undressed quickly, scattering the rented formal clothes. His cock was already hard and throbbing from having watched Fabrianne’s joyous writhings. Rob was hardly aware of her now. His eyes feasted on Dawn’s quivering lips and her lush tits.

Standing naked by the edge of the bed, he raised the skirt of her satin gown. Her panties were gone, pulled down by Frank in the car and lost when she tried to run away. Her pussy and its rich muff of tawny hair was in full view. Dawn squirmed uncomfortably when she saw how he leered at her, licking his lips.

“When we met at my engagement party, I thought right then that I’d proposed to the wrong girl,” Rob confessed. “You have such a ripe, succulent young body! Those mouth watering tits, and all that soft red hair!”

She didn’t answer. Dawn had her eyes clamped shut to avoid the withering heat of his lewd stare. His eyes feasted on her softly rounded curves.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you since the first moment we met. And to think you’re a virgin! I always wanted to have a pure and innocent girl on my wedding night!”

“Ouch,” Dawn sobbed. “Tom, help me! Make them stop!”

Tom wasn’t even looking at her. He was entranced by Fabrianne’s sultry sex appeal, the wild writhing of her sleek cunt and the way her supple body thrashed beneath his. Dawn’s husband of only a few hours didn’t care then what happened to hex.

The bed creaked and swayed. Dawn whimpered, knowing that Rob was hunched between her legs as she’d watched Tom position himself with her aunt. She balled her fists in rage and tugged at the ropes that restrained her.

Rob whispered, “Relax. I won’t hurt you. It’ll be better with me than it would have with Tom. I’m not a virgin. I know what I’m doing. I’ll make it good for you. I’ll make you love my cock the way I love your beautiful tits.” He bent over her and kissed her tits fondly, circling her distended nipples with his tongue.

He sucked and stroked and Dawn’s lush body trembled, rocked by jarring emotions the girl couldn’t fully understand.

Her tits felt fiery hot. Her nipples tingled, actually wanting to feel more of his tongue. Quaking pulses made her pussy heave and dampen. It clenched and trembled like nothing she’d ever known before.

Rob caught the scent rising from her tawny cunt. “I want to fuck you,” he whispered. “I have for a long time, but I’m not going to…”

“Oh, thank you, Rob!” she blurted out.

“Until you ask me to,” he went on to finish what he’d planned to say. “Not until you beg to feel my cock inside your sweet pussy.”

“Never!” Dawn hissed. “I’m even sorry that I got married now. I, don’t want to do these awful things!”

“Ah, but you will, my adorable young bride. You will!” Rob eased his head down and kissed the soft, tawny-haired dome of her pussy-mound, extending his tongue to part her tender cuntlips.

She groaned, writhing so hard that she wrenched her arms. Rob’s yearning lips smothered her sensitive cunt-slit, his tongue darting and lapping at the sweet honey.

“Nothing tastes better than virgin pussy to me!” he purred.

“I can’t believe you’re doing this to me! Tom! Make him stop!” Her groom was too absorbed in his own pleasure, and that was another horror the young bride had to watch.

Rob found her cunt and licked it hard. Dawn gasped, his swirling tongue making her pussy seethe. “What are you doing to me now?”

“I’m making your pussy hot. I’m making you want to beg for my cock!”

“N-n-no, I’ll never do that! Never!”

But Dawn had to clench her teeth to keep from screaming. The lewd spasms he triggered in her cunt were driving her crazy. Her head tossed in a sea of tawny, silken waves.

His hands kneaded and molded her large tits, making Dawn’s nipples bulge. His tongue did a spiral dance on the indented tip of her cunt and that little button of compacted nerve-ends flared with lewd passion. Dawn’s nipples tensed and her smooth skin tingled from head to toe. Muscles twitching with desire made her lush body squirm joyously.

“You want me in you right now,” Rob said. “You’re just too damn stubborn to say it.”

“No, I don’t know what I want. My body has never felt this way before.”

“You’re getting hot to fuck. Feels great, doesn’t it?”

“No, I hate it. I’m losing control! When you put your mouth on me that way, it makes me want to — want to…”

“Fuck!” he snarled, licking her cunt again. It was tingling hard and Rob lashed it.

Dawn screamed. “I can’t stand it anymore. Do what ever you want to me!”

“Do what?” he coaxed.

“Fuck me! Put that awful cock into me, I don’t care!”

He chuckled. “You’ll like that even more. I’ll make you cum again and again. You’ll think you’re in heaven.”

Rob maneuvered his aching cock into position. He’d never seen a more luscious figure, a body that he wanted more to fuck. He pushed his bulging cockhead to the mouth of her wet cunt. Simmering heat surrounded her, pliant waves of gripping cunt muscle all incredibly sleek.

[missing text] eyes clamped shut and she sobbed, tears leaking out to drip in her tawny waves of hair. She could feel the depraved heat and anxious throbbing of his awful cock. It was invading her, pulsing suddenly deeper.

Then she felt a strain so sharp and hot that it made her eyes flare wide.

“That’s your cherry,” he told her. “The mark of your virginity. A thin web of flesh that I’m about to rip!”

“No, no, no!”

Rob, savored her distress. It was going to make rupturing her virgin seal all the more exciting. He pushed down slowly, straining her even more. Dawn held her breath, too pained and frightened to think clearly. Her eyes stared blankly at him, her soft lips quivering.

“Hungh!” he roared. Her cherry broke suddenly and his cock sank into her.

Dawn screamed a blood-curdling cry. The hot ram of his cock filled Dawn’s buttery cunt and made it burn. She gaped wide-eyed and stricken with horror. Then he began to fuck her, pumping anxiously in and out. Each time his cock moved, it grated on the frayed rim of her cherry and sparked eerie tingles.

Dawn arched her back, creaking the ropes that bound her wrists. Her torn white gown rustled beneath her. Rob’s fierce thrusting pressed her down. He reamed deep into her seething cunt. It slithered and squirmed around him.

“It hurts,” she moaned. “You’re killing me!” Dawn looked down between them, horrified and fascinated by what she saw — his cock plunging in and out, the shaft glossy with sleek oils and smeared with traces of blood.

“I’m bleeding!” she screamed.

“Most virgins do a little at first.”

“I might die!”

“No, you’ll only think you’ve gone to heaven when your climax begins.”

Rob fucked hard and deep, twisting the hilt of his cock as he thrust in. He lunged forward to grate on her swollen cunt. Dawn sobbed, but the sound of stark fear had faded, replaced by moans of pleasure.

She couldn’t understand it. Her pussy was responding to him, pulling on the hot cockshaft when he pushed it into her, clinging when he drew back. She’d wanted its heat and throbbing pulse. It made her gasp and cry.

“Oooh, Rob! How can I enjoy something that hurts so much?”

“Because it will only hurt for a little while. Then you’ll feel nothing but lewd pleasure. Your body knows that. It wants to fuck!”

“Yes, it does! I want to fuck! I want to feel your big cock in me!”

Frank laughed and whispered to his brother, “She don’t even know what a big cock is.”

“Not yet,” Cole agreed. “But soon, Brother. Very soon.”

Dawn’s ripe curved body lashed into a frenzy of lewd writhing. She pumped and twisted her hips, wanting to feel the thrust of his cock from every possible angle. Her climax was starting, a rumbling pulse in the depths of her pussy — a frantic tension that made her eyes bulge.

“Oooh, Rob! Oooh, do it harder! Drive it into me! Make me feel more of this insane pleasure. I love your cock! I love what it does to me!”

“Yeah!” He leered and started shooting his load. And at that moment his young bride walked in the door.


Jesse had brought Colette to the other cabin to see what was going on and maybe get a piece of the luscious little strawberry blonde for himself. They’d heard the loudest of Dawn’s lewd wails and both knew that someone was fucking her. But Colette had expected to see Frank or Cole with a big bloody cock — not her young husband.

Rob was still cuming, grunting fiercely each time his cock gushed another jet of silver white liquid fire into Dawn’s lusciously ripe body. She screamed ecstatically, kicking her heels and writhing in delight in the ruins of her antique wedding gown.

The other voice she heard was just as distressing. Her own mother bucked beneath Dawn’s groom Tom, pumping her hips and begging for his hot young prick to fire.

“I want to cum along with your wife!” she cried. “Fuck me, Tom! Fuck me hard!”

[missing text] stood gaping, clutching Jesse’s arm for support. “My husband is cumming with my cousin,” she moaned. “And my mother is cumming with her husband!”

“She must have came up here to console both disappointed grooms,” he said. “That is one very sexy lady! Guess who I’m going to fuck next?”

“Not my mother!”

“Yeah, I’ve never done a mother-daughter duo before, and it looks to me like she likes cock even better than you!”

“You bastard!” Colette whirled and slapped him hard across the face.

Rob heard her raging voice. He’d finished his great orgasm with Dawn and had recovered just enough to think clearly.

“Colette!” he gasped, rushing to her side. His dangling cock was still dripping, smeared red with cherry stain.

She glared and snarled at him. “Don’t touch me! You’re even worse!” Her hand flew in another vicious arc and stung his cheek.

“Looks like that young bride of yours ain’t learned good manners yet,” Jesse said to Rob.

“You’re right about that.” He was angry with Colette for letting him think she was a virgin, and madder still now that she slapped him. “Let’s tie her up with the others.”

“O.K. You take her wrists. I’ll grab the end that kicks.”

“Bastards! Both of you!” She lashed out at both of them, her hands like claws.

Rob grabbed her arms, straining to hold her — a hundred and some pounds of fighting fury in a rumpled white wedding dress. Jesse blocked a kick and caught her leg, lifting it high.

Colette gave an angry cry of frustration and pitched backward across the bed on the far side of Dawn. Her mother was still gasping in the throes of orgasm with Tom on the other.

“Tie her wrists, to the bed frame like the others,” Jesse said to Rob. “There should still be plenty of rope.”

“There is!” Rob chuckled wickedly and knotted a tight loop around one wrist. “My sweet virgin bride,” he sneered.

“Rob, these men kidnapped me! I was raped!”

“Not before you had the hots for the guy next door. Your mother told me all, about it — and some of the others since. You’re nothing but a slut, a fucking whore in a white wedding gown!”

Colette hissed in rage. “You’re no God damn better… coming to our honeymoon cottage to fuck my mother on our wedding night!”

“It’s your loving mother who seduced me! Being crazy-hot to fuck must run in your family. Even innocent little Dawn likes it now,” he said, grunting and cinching another knot so tight that the rough hemp abraded her wrist. “You can’t imagine what her little cherry cunt did to my cock!”

“You son of a bitch! Your cock isn’t half what I’ve had inside of me. Jesse’s is huge and I’ve heard Cole’s is even bigger. Over a foot long! I hope he’s the next to fuck me and I hope they tie you in a chair by my feet so that you have to watch!”

Cole nudged Frank in the ribs with the point of his elbow. “How do you suppose she knew exactly what we had in mind?” he asked.

Frank laughed and the two of them grabbed Rob when he’d completed binding his bride’s arms to the bed frame.

“Hey!” he protested.

“Your part of the honeymoon is over for a while,” Frank told him, lifting him right off the floor.

“Now just a damn minute! Put me down!” They slammed him into a satin upholstered chair. Cole dragged up a length of chain and looped it around the naked groom. When a lock clicked shut, he was chained in the chair and turned to face Colette’s feet. She was bound hand and foot with arms and legs spread. She still struggled furiously, tossing her head in long waves of silver hair.

Jesse whispered to her fuming husband. “Did you know her cunt hair is the same color? Damnedest thing I ever saw! And hot? Hhhooowheee!”

Rob’s face flushed. “No, I didn’t know any of that. She played the timid virgin act real well with me. I’ve never, seen or touched her cheating cunt!”

“Oh, well take a look!” Jesse hoisted the long skirt of her white gown. Colette’s silvery pussy gleamed. It was wet and sheening with cum.

“Gonna be a rare treat watching your bride get fucked on her wedding night,” Frank told him.

Fabrianne’s long, grinding second climax with Tom had just ended. The two of them gasped in weary delight. He lay on top of her, his cock shrinking slowly in the wringing sleeve of her cunt. He stroked her silvery hair with one hand and the silky fur of her stole with the other, unable to tell the two apart.

Her cunt was still throbbing warmly, obviously able to take more. Dawn watched them and fumed. Tom was kissing her, on the lips first and then on her haughty tits.

“You might as well eat her whoring cunt too because you’ll never touch mine as long as you live!” she screamed.

Tom’s head snapped up. “Dawn, please…”

“I pleased Rob,” she hissed coldly. “And I’m going to please whoever decides to fuck me next even, more! I hope they make you watch. I hope your wicked old-woman fucking prick burns with envy, because you are never, never ever going to put it in me!”


“Don’t honey me, you faithless prick! You didn’t even care that I’d been kidnapped. You came up here to fuck my aunt!” She broke down sobbing.

Tom pulled away from Fabrianne to comfort his wife, blushing with shame for all the bitter feelings her rampant horniness had raised. He was going to try consoling Dawn but Frank and Cole pulled him away.

“You’re the last one she wants to touch her right now,” Frank said, easing him into a chair.

“She’ll be a lot more understanding once she’s been fucked by a real big cock,” Cole said, looping chain around him.

The clanking coils were pulled tight across his lap and around his shoulders and arms, binding him into the chair, the mate to one that Rob was restrained in a few feet away. The two chained grooms exchanged helpless glances.

“It’s bad enough having your bride kidnapped on your wedding day,” Rob said. “But to have to watch what happens to her. Jesus!”

“I don’t even want to think about it,” Tom said. “Dawn is so pissed at me, I know she’s going to enjoy it. She’ll probably beg to fuck all three of them while I’m chained in this chair.”

“Yes! And not just once, you son of a bitch! I hope they take turns with me all night long. I hope I’ve been fucked to a hundred orgasms before you get out of that chair.”

“Have one of these silly little sandwiches,” Jesse said, offering them a tray of food meant for their own wedding reception.

“How can I eat with my arms chained back of the chair?” Rob asked him.

“Jus’ bend down and stick your face into it,” Jesse told him. “That’s the first thing I did to your sexy bride’s silver pussy. I sucked her out good before we even got up here. Since then well, she ain’t got an opening bigger than her ear what ain’t felt cock now.”

Rob looked sick. “I’m not hungry.”

“Neither am I,” Tom said even before the tray was offered to him.

“That’s too bad,” Jesse said. “Because I am, and before I suck that slinky bitch mother-in-law of your friend there, I want to eat her pussy.”

“Go ahead,” Tom said grimly. “There’s nothing we can do.”

“Yeah, but you know if there’s one thing I don’t like to taste when I’m sucking a sexy new cunt, it’s another man’s cum. My own, I don’t mind so much. But yours…” He began pushing the chair with Tom in it toward Fabrianne’s spread legs dangling over the edge of the bed.

“Aaagggh! What the hell are you doing?” Tom cried.

“Pushing you into position to clean up the mess you left in her.”


Dawn cried, “Do it, Jesse! Make him lick out every last drop! He enjoyed fucking it into her so much!” Her strained voice rang with bitter contempt.

The chair lurched and pitched forward when the front legs hit the bed frame between Fabrianne’s spread legs. Tom gasped as he fell, unable to move his hands or feet more than an inch. His face fell right into the musky-scented of the woman’s crotch.

“Hungh!” she groaned.

“Sorry,” Tom said.

“Don’t be sorry, just suck out my pussy! I love to have my cunt eaten.”

“Ungh, that’s disgusting!”

“Push his face right into her, Jesse! Make him eat her! Make him suck out his own cum!”

“Whose side are you on?” Tom rasped. “[missing text] yours anymore, you bastard. Who wants to be the next to fuck me?” she called. “My cherry has been broken, but my cunt’s still very tender. I want the biggest cock in the room!”

“Guess that honor goes to me,” Cole said. He’d undressed down to his under shorts. Now he dropped those and whipped out his powerful prick.

Dawn’s eyes bulged when she saw it — more than a foot of thick, hot and throbbing cockmeat. “My God!”

Tom’s voice echoed the same words. “You’re going to put that into a tender young bride?”

“Shut up and suck pussy! You’ll like that a lot better than having to watch.”

“You’ll ruin her pussy! She’ll never want me again!”

“I don’t want you now!” Dawn hissed. “I want Cole’s monster cock. I want to feel a real big prick on my wedding night!”

Cole bent down between her spread legs, sighting in on her tawny fleeced cunt. The bright curls were spotted here and there with tiny drops of virgin blood, adding to their luster.

“Oh, it’s going to be like being a virgin all over again!” Dawn giggled anxiously, spreading her legs wide enough to touch both Colette’s and Fabrianne’s.

“You bet it is, my little beauty. You must still have cherry that ain’t been torn.”

“I don’t want you to leave a shred of it. I want you to fuck it all away. Then I want you to make my husband suck my pussy clean!”

“Well, I think we can arrange that,” Cole agreed with a lewd grin. “After he sucked out your aunt, he ought to be pretty good at it.”

“But you’ll pump more cum into me than he ever could into her,” she said to torment Tom.

“At least twice as much. Look at the size of my balls, you tawny little bitch!”

“Oooooh, they’re enormous! And my pussy already has some of Rob’s cum in it!”

“You’re a worse slut than the other two combined!” Tom raged at her. “If we ever get loose, I’m going to kick your ass black and blue!”

“Eat the lady’s cunt,” Jesse said, shoving Tom’s head down.

The young groom couldn’t raise his head. Jesse was holding him and Fabrianne was gasping, begging him to eat her with shrill pleas.

Cole grinned down at Dawn. She smiled back, still timid because his cock was so big, but no longer afraid. Simmering spite made her blood boil.

“Fuck me, you handsome hunk! Ram your giant cock into me! Make me bleed a lot so that Tom will have to swallow it all!”

Cole was happy to oblige her. He rammed into her and Dawn screamed loud enough for her husband to hear — even though Fabrianne’s thighs were scissored over his ears and she was screaming too.


The stress in the sleek, taut sleeve of a pussy fucked only once before was shocking. Dawn’s screamed into fearful gasps as Cole’s big cock sank in deeper.

Its huge knobbed head didn’t just tear away the remains of her cherry, it demolished them. She shrilled cries of agony and kicked her feet, drumming her heels on the edge of the bed. Tom could feel the frantic vibrations, but he’d become absorbed in sucking her aunt’s cunt. The taste of his own jism wasn’t so bad after all.

“Eat me!” Fabrianne kept screaming. “Suck my cunt. Whirl it around with your hungry tongue. Make me really hot, Tom!”

“My mother the whore!” Colette said scornfully.

Frank grinned at her, “The lady knows what she likes and how to get it. What’s wrong with that?”

“She’s my mother, for God’s sake. And my husband would be fucking her right now probably, if you hadn’t chained him into that chair.”

“You’re damn right I would! And I’d be enjoying too. At least she’s honest about what she is,” Rob snapped. “Do you know she jacked me off in the car on the way up here? I’d have fucked her first if I hadn’t gone off too damn soon. I’d have fucked her and you’d be the one forced to watch.”

“We might give you that chance yet,” Frank said with a lewd grin. He sensed that friction between them would only increase his pleasure with the furious silver-haired bride.

“I hope so! Fabrianne can have my cock any time she wants it!”

“You better hope she wants it a lot, asshole, because I sure don’t. I want Frank’s big cock. My God, look at the way those veins bulge. Look how long and thick and hard it is!”

Rob closed his eyes. He’d already seen more of it than he wanted to. Frank hunched between her legs, rustling the white satin of her rumpled gown. Still holding his cock like a whip handle, he worked it around on the nub of her cunt.

Colette gasped sounds of rapture that made Rob’s heart ache. Though it had shocked him to learn she’d fucked other men before him, he did still love her. In fact, it wouldn’t have mattered at all what she’d done — only that she lied to him. He wondered if he would ever trust her again. Maybe their marriage was over before it had really even begun.

She seemed not to know that he was even the room. Colette sighed and moaned, arching her back to feel even greater pleasure spark from the tip of Frank’s cock. But she knew that Rob was watching through thin-slit eyes he pretended to have closed.

By the strange look of eerie enchantment on his face she knew that be was fascinated by the sight of watching his young bride get fucked. He was both appalling and exciting. Her cunt was so anxious, bobbing up and down, begging silently for Frank to fuck her.

Odd visions of a thrilling life together flashed through Rob’s mind. All that bullshit in the wedding vows about keeping himself only for her and being faithful until death do us part. That had bothered him, but he said the words, thinking that she expected and would require him to honor that vow. In a way it was a relief to learn that she wasn’t that way at all.

Cole cupped his bands over Dawn’s big tits and kneaded them fondly while he filled her with cock. “You’ve got a great body!” he said.

“So I’ve heard. Tom was practically drooling for me when I walked down the aisle. But now I’ll never let him touch me! He can spend his whole life fucking tired old whores!”

“Who are you calling a tired old whore?” Fabrianne snapped. “I’m more woman than you’ll ever be!”

“Now, ladies… let’s not fight,” Jesse said, still pressing Tom’s head into the soft valley of Fabrianne’s cunt. “You be nice to your young niece, or I’ll yank her husband off your pussy.”

Fabrianne seethed and said nothing. Dawn glared at the ceiling. Colette grinned and winked at her husband as Frank’s cock sank to the hilt in her silver-fringed cunthole. Rob wondered if any of them would ever be the same again. And if not, would it be better or worse?

Colette could think of nothing but the big cock that was plunging in and out, making her eyes bulge. Frank was a huge man with weight so crushing that it made breathing almost impossible when he pressed down on her.

Her eyes bulged each time she took a thrust. Frank wasn’t one to concern himself with pleasing a woman’s cunt. He simply liked to fuck long and hard because that’s what his cock liked best. Grunting and grinding his teeth, he rammed straight into her and drew straight back, arching high above the anguished bride he’d already fucked out of breath.

“Aaagggh,” she gasped. “Go easy!”

“You don’t, really want it that way,” he growled. “You like having your cunt pulverized.”

“Huh, yes… but…”

His hard-muscled frame slapped down on her like a blacksmith’s hammer beating on an anvil. It made a sharp, clapping sound that came faster and faster. The cottage rang with the sound of it.

Colette gulped and groaned, never having been fucked so brutally in bet whole life. With hands and feet bound to the bed, she could do nothing to ease the wrath of his cock. She wrenched her pussy and teased his stabbing hot length with every enticing move she could remember.

Frank grunted sounds of pleasure and fucked still harder, loving the way her shocked and strained pussy had suddenly come to life.

“That’s it, girl. Milk my big old cock. Clamp your cunt around it.”

“I am! Jesus, I am!”

“More,” he demanded. “A little quivering inside might please your groom, but it ain’t near enough for inc. I want you to fuck like the bitch-slut he says you are!”

Colette tried harder, hissing as she strained to make her pussy throbbing even more exciting. She had to make him cum before he fucked her to death. And already she was starting to regret things she’d said to her young husband. It would have been so much easier to satisfy him.

Rob watched mute, with shock. He’d never seen a woman take such a viciously lewd pounding, and he’d never imagined that one might enjoy it. But Colette obviously did. She arched to meet Frank’s stabbing cock, curving her lithe body upward as much as the binding ropes would allow.

“Oooooh, God!” she moaned. “Oooooh, God!”

“That’s better. But you can do more,” Frank insisted. “Show the groom how much you love my cock. Show him how hard he’s going to have to fuck to even get your attention after this.”

“Bastard!” she snarled. “You’re beating me with your cock! I’d rather feel a whip!”

“If you think that it’s because you ain’t ever been whipped, girl. That would really make your pussy smoke!”

“It’s steaming now! I’m going to cum!”

“But I’m not! I can fuck for an hour like this!”


“Maybe two if you don’t keep your pussy humping!”

“Hungh, I will!” Colette lunged and twisted desperately. The sleek hollow of her pussy squeezed with vibrant motions.

Her groin tensed and shivered with spasms of anguished joy. Colette screamed one high, shrill note of delight, but Frank’s lunging jarred her and broke it into a clattering sound.

Colette’s eyes gaped up at him. He was leering, drooling. “Cum,” she begged with a painted grunt. “Cum now, please. I can’t stand another climax like that.”

“You’ll take three or four, and every one of them will get better!”

They did. The second began even before the rippled convulsions of the first had passed. Colette screamed again and Rob’s ears were rattled by the sound. The lewd depravity of her cries would live in his mind a long time.

“Cumming again!” she shrilled. “Better! Much better!”

“But not the best yet!” Frank’s cock kept working. Her pussy was too weary to clamp hard each time he rammed it in. Sometimes he met only buttery soft writhing. Others she clenched hard enough to make her pussy wringing tight. He liked the varied rhythm, but his cock never slowed.

Colette felt another orgasmic wave start to swell and this time it wasn’t just her pussy that felt the rising heat. Her whole lithe body glazed with the sweat of excitement, a thin film.

The whole cottage filled with the rich and rank smell of hot pussy. Poor Rob was half out of his mind. His cock had swelled aching hard while watching his wife fuck her brains out. He never would have thought that could be exciting, but it was. Rob wanted to fuck her more now than ever. He wanted to abuse his own wife in ways that he knew now she adored.

Jesse’s cock also twitched rigidly hard. It was like a long snake flicking its tongue, scenting fresh pussy and the sweaty tang of raw lust. He tipped Tom’s chair up straight. His lips popped off of Fabrianne’s cunt with a smacking sound.

“Nungh, don’t stop!” she moaned.

“You’ll get more, lady,” Jesse said. He dragged Tom and the chair away from him, positioning it so the groom had a good view of his wife underneath Cole.

“I’ve never been able to get enough,” she said smugly. “I wore out three husbands. I fucked their best friends. I fucked the milkman. I fucked everybody but my neighbor’s dog!”

“You’re some hot number,” Jesse remarked, not too impressed.

“You bet I am! When I’m through with your cock, it’ll look like it went through a meat tenderizer.”

Jesse chuckled doubtfully, bending down to untie her wrists. “We’ll see. But I’m thinking a lady with a mouth big as yours should be able to suck cock real good!”

“Hhhmmm,” she purred, thankful to have her arms free.

“Ever suck one as big as mine?” he asked, facing her as she sat up.

“Er, no. Not quite.” Her lips trembled ever so slightly.

“You mean, not by a damn sight!”

“It is awfully big for a woman to swallow.”

“Your daughter did pretty well. Not too stylish, but she got it all down.”

Fabrianne felt a sudden chill and gathered her fur stole around her shoulders. There was comfort in its silken luxury. The horror of her situation was just settling in. With five horny men in the room, it might be days before they all tired.

Jesse grinned coldly. “We been poor all our lives,” he said. “Got run off the farm back home. Damn banker took it when Pa took sick. Turned all that good bottom land into an apartment project and made a million. Dressed his fat wife in diamonds and furs. Gave his fat son enough to win away the girl I was supposed to marry. Dolled her up the same way. God, you can’t imagine how I hate the sight of a classy woman with too much money to spend!”

Fabrianne whimpered and went to shrug off her luxurious stole as though it had suddenly turned blazing hot. But she couldn’t. Jesse grabbed her wrists and crossed her arms in front of her chest. He bound them there with a length of rope, grunting each time he cinched a knot tight.

“I had nothing to do with what happened before,” she moaned.

“No, but you’re the same type. You’d cut out a man’s heart for a diamond or a piece of fur.”

He was dragging her off the bed and forcing her down to her knees. Then he got behind her, bending down with another rough piece of rope.

Jesse knotted the ends around her ankles and left about six inches of slack between. Fabrianne would be able to walk when he let her up, but only if she took very short steps.

“On a horse, we call that a hobble,” he said. “Keeps a valuable animal from straying too far away.”

“Is that what you think I am, an animal?”

“Yeah, but not one quite as good as a horse. I had a great one,” he mused. “A Tennessee Walker. You know the breed?”

“No,” Fabrianne said fearfully. The man seemed to be growing more demented.

“Don’t matter. Lost her along with the farm. The banker’s fat son rides her too.”

“I’m sorry,” she said bleakly.

“Not me anymore. I’ve had a lot of brides since then. My brothers and me grab at least one in every town. Worked our way clean across country that way. Blondes, brunettes, redheads… Lord, I plain can’t remember them all. But this is the first time we ever caught us a mother-in-law.”

Fabrianne felt faint. She sighed and pitched forward. She’d have fallen, but Jesse snagged a handful of silver-blonde hair and yanked her head up.

“Suck my cock, woman. I gotta lot of gettin’ even to do!”


Jesse stood before her, adjusting the elegant fur stole so that it covered her bound wrists. He clamped his hands on her shoulders, fingers hooked deep into shimmering blue fox. His grip hurt her shoulders and made her moan.

The feel of silken luxury seemed to keep his smoldering rage aglow. It also kept his angry cock hard. That twitched before her eyes, the gorged head radiating lewd heat of bitter lust.

Fabrianne felt sick. She was used to tantalizing men and using her sly charms to get what she wanted. She teased and made men beg for her. She coaxed them to buy her expensive presents, to take her to the finest restaurants, on trips to elegant hotels.

But now she had no power at all. She’d been humbled and shamed in the most humiliating ways and still they weren’t satisfied.

“What more can they do?” she murmured to herself. “What else can they take from me?”

Jesse’s ears were keen as his lewd grin. “Everything,” he said. “And when it’s done, you can tell all your friends you were robbed by the brothers Frank and Jesse James.”

“And me too. Don’t forget Cole… your younger brother!” Cole chimed in.

Fabrianne shuddered, her wrists crossed and bound beneath her stole. Cupped hands held her own tits. They felt cold, the sharp nipples stiff with fear. She began to squeeze them gently, trying to stir some warmth in her body for what she knew she would have to do.

Jesse thrust his cock at her mouth, prodding her parted lips. She groaned, not ready yet.

“I envy Rob having a mother-in-law like you. When you come to visit, he can fuck you and then his wife. You and your daughter will have to fight for his cock.”

She sighed in disgust. Jesse pumped his stiff cock at her again. Her lips parted more and her tongue wagged out. Might as well get started. If she didn’t please him, he’d only abuse her more.

Fabrianne curled her tongue and teased it around his cockhead. She wiggled it across his cum-slit. She snuggled her lips and sucked on the fleshy knob, stroking the tender and underside.

Jesse felt a warm rush of pleasure that weakened his rage. A woman made to be submissive was sheer delight for him. She sensed that and couldn’t resist him anyway. With wrists bound and her ankles hobbled, she’d been reduced to being his slave.

She rolled her tongue into a fleshy wet trough and rippled it along the underside of his cock while her lips pulled him in. Fabrianne nibbled expertly, pausing to savor the pulsing heat of each bulged vein before her lips reached to swallow more.

Jesse’s cock throbbed, swelling in her sleek throat. She rocked back and forth on her knees, taking in more hot meat each time she pressed forward. Her hands fondled her own tits, her thumbs whirling to make her nipples tingle delightedly.

He kept his hands on her shoulders, jerking her back and forth when she didn’t move fast enough to please him fully. She groaned then. His rough pushing and pulling made her dizzy. It added speed to the throat-filling force of his rigid prick.

Silky fur brushed his naked thighs when he hauled her forward. Jesse liked that. He liked the snug warmth of her lips even more. He took to pushing her back slowly.

“Suck harder, you slinky slut! If you lose your grip on my cock, I’ll whip your haughty ass!” he snarled.

Fabrianne cringed, sucking so hard that she collapsed her cheeks around his cock. He grunted sounds of pleasure and pushed until she could only cling to his cockhead in frantic desperation. Then he yanked her forward with all his brutal strength.

Her soft lips smashed into his wiry mat of cock-hair. Her throat filled suddenly and heaved with retching motions. He enjoyed that too.

“I hope you choke on it,” he said.

Fabrianne could only babble strained sounds of forced pleasure and wet noises of distress. The violent yanking back and forth had rattled her brain. Jesse’s fierce lust both terrified and delighted her.

His was the biggest cock she’d ever sucked and that pleased her. But there was too much coming in to her too fast. Her throat muscles writhed. She felt her pussy heating up again as warmth seeped down.

Her thumbs whirled faster around her own nipples. She was going to cum soon. Fabrianne could feel it, the slow building pressure of a delightful climax. She began to coo and purr instead of groaning.

Jesse sensed the change. He slowed the violence of his demanding hands and enjoyed pushing into her more deliberately, letting her excite him wildly with her tongue and sucking cheeks. His breath came in quick gulps. Then he didn’t breathe at all.

He tensed and stood rigid, his cock throbbing in her throat. His back arched, forcing in the last possible fraction of an inch. Then he roared and let it fire. Creamy goo sprayed her throat and stuck like plaster on a wall.

Drawing back, he gave her a shot that slithered all over her tongue. Then he rammed his cock deep again, gliding on the silver-white flow. Fabrianne gulped down another volcanic blast, catching the rhythm and sucking hardest just before each spurt. Then she relaxed just long enough to gulp it down.

The quantity of his cum amazed her. Some men would have had little more to give, but Jesse had plenty. It soon filled her throat, still rising, salt-sweet and creamy smooth.

It flowed into her mouth, forced to bubble out when he jammed his cock deep. Quicksilver cum glossed her lips and ran down her chin Fabrianne gasped, frustrated because she couldn’t swallow it all.

Her own climax had started. Her pussy wrenched into JOYOUS spasms even though it was her face getting fucked. Sparks danced around her nipple tips. Fabrianne’s chest heaved, swelling with a silent scream trapped inside by Jesse’s cock.

When he’d finally satisfied himself, he let his cock slide out. By then she felt too drained of energy to do more than sigh.

He grinned down at her. “You got two more to try, but I’m not through with you yet. Stand up, bitch!”


He didn’t wait for her to answer. Jesse grabbed her bound wrists and yanked her up. The stole slipped off and fell in a silver-blue heap at her feet. Jesse pulled and yanked her arms higher.

“Aaagggh! That hurts!” He was knotting another length of rope around the one already there. “I’m tied tight enough!” she complained. “My fingers are getting numb!”

“Tight enough, maybe, but not high enough.” He tossed the free end of the longer second rope over an exposed ceiling beam above her head.

Fabrianne heard the rope hiss, slithering over the rustic timber. “What are you going to do?”

“Give you a little lift,” Jesse said with a cackle. “You’re the type of bitch that always looks down on men.” He pulled hard on the loose end of rope, yanking her bound wrists high overhead.

Her shoulders wrenched and throbbed under painful stress. Jesse had pulled so hard that she could barely stand on her tip-toes.

“Not high enough yet,” he said, giving the rope another vicious tug. That lifted her feet off the floor.

Fabrianne screamed as her bound arms had taken her full weight. She kicked her hobbled feet, trying to reach the floor. That made her start to sway like the clapper of a bell.

“How’s the view from up there?” Jesse asked. “Are you up high enough to look down on a big stud like my brother Frank?”

He was just getting up, having satisfied himself for the time being with Colette. Fabrianne’s head was above his now, dangling by her bound wrists almost two feet off the floor. Her fingers touched the ceiling beam.

“The fancy lady forgot her stole,” Frank said, bending down to pick it up.

He pushed the expensive fur between her bound arms. The broad back of it covered her head like a furry hood. One long side fell down her back, the other between her tits. The cool satin lining touched her face but was almost smothering in it’s warmth. The density of it muffled her anguished cries. She felt burning pains in both shoulder sockets and her bound wrists. And she couldn’t see.

Jesse pushed on her ass and started her swaying. Colette was just sitting up then, still dazzled and bleary-eyed from her repeated climaxes with Frank. It took a moment for her eyes to focus on the strange sight before her.

Frank pushed the other side and started the bound woman whirling around in a circle. Fabrianne gasped, getting dizzy as the mad spinning sway of her tortured body got worse.

“What are you doing to my mother?” Colette cried.

Jesse laughed and pushed Fabrianne harder. “Teaching her to be a real swinger,” he said.

“That’s an awful thing to do!” Colette was rubbing her chafed wrists. Frank had freed her arms and the circulation was slowly coming back.

“You want to take her place?” Jesse asked. Colette shuddered and dropped her head, bending to work on the knots around her ankles. In a minute she was able to stand, unsteadily at first. Watching her bound mother whirl around made the young bride dizzy too. The beautiful fur stole draped over her head was cruel mockery. Colette swayed and felt sick.

Frank grabbed her arm and steadied her. “You’d best sit down. Your face looks as white as your dress.”

“Huh? Ooooh, yes.”

He turned her around, away from the bed and eased her back.

“Lift up your long train,” Frank said. “Bare your pretty little ass.”

She did that without thinking. Colette was getting used to taking orders. And Frank pushed so that she stumbled, sitting down hard in her husband’s lap. She cried out as his upraised cock speared her in the ass. The anger and the strange excitement of watching his bride cum again and again had made his prick aching hard.

Colette tried to leap up, but Frank pressed his large hands on her shoulders and pushed her down. Her asshole was still slick with cum from having been fucked and Rob’s cock sank into her smoothly as she was forced to sit down on his prick.

“Unnngh,” she raged, furious.

“How do you like the heat of my cock up your ass?” Rob hissed in her ear.

“It hurts!”

“I thought it wasn’t big enough to please you,” he taunted.

“Too big to sit on like this,” she gulped, wincing with both from pain and humiliation.

“My brothers and me don’t usually share our prizes,” Frank said. “But you women have been so shitty to these guys.”

“Yeah, I think it’s only right they get to join in the fun,” Jesse agreed. He found the key and unlocked Rob.

His bride still sat on his lap, squirming uncomfortably, impaled by his cock. With his hands free, he reached his arms around her and found her firm tits.

“Remember all the rotten things you said?” Rob sneered, pinching one nipple with each hand.


“Well, I do! Every word! And you’re going to eat them all, you bitch!”

“Hungh, stop it. You’re hurting my nipples and burning my ass.” Pinching her tits roughly made her squirm and ream herself on his cock.

Fabrianne was still swinging around in circles, dizzy and blinded. She winced when she heard her daughter’s cries of torment, but there was nothing she could do.

“Can I have my wife for a while?” Rob asked Frank.

“Be my guest. Whatever you’ve got in mind, she’s got it coming.” The huge man stepped aside as Rob pushed up out of the chair.

Colette stood up howling, pushed from behind. His cock wrenched inside her like a pry bar trying to break the slender wall between asshole and cunt.

“You said you didn’t want my cock anymore just because I had some fun fucking your mother. What about all the other guys you fucked, you slut?”

“There weren’t all that many.”

“How many?”

“Two or three.”

“Bullshit! Your mother told me about more than that!” He rammed and twisted his cock into her ass from behind.

“Three or four, then. I don’t remember!”

“Maybe ten? A dozen?” He demanded to know.

“Eight,” she cried in a voice strained by her shame.

“And does that include me?”

“No, not yet.”

Rob grunted and pushed her forward. Colette cracked her shins on the bed frame and sprawled across it on her face. Rob dove and went down with her, not letting his cock slip out of her ass.

“Eight, God damn you! That’s almost a fucking baseball team!”

“I know. And. I was too ashamed to admit the truth,” she sobbed.

He was counting them off. “One!” Rob rammed her hard in the ass. “Two!” Again, still harder. “Three!” He twisted the cock-root in her ass that time.

Colette screamed and shivered, wishing fervently that she’d never lied to the man she’d married — wishing, in fact, that she had never been born.


Rob’s angry cock didn’t fire until he reached the count of nine. Then he drove into her and snarled, “This one’s for me!”

Colette felt his cum gush in stinging spurts. It brought scant relief. His cock glided more smoothly when slicked with silvery cream, but he only fucked her faster. The pain of his searing hot stabs remained the same.

When her raging groom had fucked himself empty, he hardly paused. Rob pulled out of her and stood with a still rigid cock by the edge of the bed.

“Now turn around, and suck it, baby!”

“Not after it’s been up my ass. Ungh, it will taste awful.”

“No more bitter than all your lies,” he shot back.

“Oooooh, Rob! I’m sorry. I’m going to make it all up to you.”

“Damn right you will! And you start now, down on your knees!” He grabbed her hair and pulled her off the bed.

“Aaagh!” She fell on her hands and knees. Rob yanked her head up. “Suck, bitch! And if you ever lie to me again, you’ll get worse than this!”

“I know, dear.” Colette had never known how strong her young husband could be.

His cock had an eye-smarting scent and a rank taste that made Colette cringe. She trembled, fearful and ashamed, wishing there were some way she could begin her relationship with Rob again, and this time do it honestly.

She sucked his cock and swallowed the bitter taste, wincing as it went down. He made sounds of mild pleasure, partly satisfied because she’d humbled herself.

“Suck it all in, bitch. You’ve done so much bragging about bigger cocks, mine should be no problem at all!”

Colette tried, but bringing shame had clamped her velvety throat tight. Rob’s angry cock was as hard to swallow as any of the others. She gulped and her throat heaved.

Cords bulged along the sides of her neck.

“Not good enough,” Rob said with a yawn. “Your mother does better.”

Colette’s breath was like steam hot enough to scald his cock. She sucked harder, trying to ignore the taste and smell.

Rob clamped his hands back of her head and pushed all the way in, not easing the pressure even when her lips pressed into the scruff of hair around the root of his cock. He kept his prick jammed deep in her throat and felt her tongue working on the underside. He let her slide back to grab a breath, then snarled his hands in her hair and rammed into her again.

“Looks like he has that one under control,” Jesse said after a moment of watching Rob forcing his silver-haired bride to swallow all his cock. “Now let’s see about the other one.”

Frank nodded. Cole was finished with her for the moment and had released her bound wrists. Dawn was sitting up with a dazed look on her face, rubbing the raw marks where the ropes had been.

Fabrianne was still dangling, swinging around in ever smaller circles, her head still draped and her mind dizzy. That strange sight didn’t even register in her mind. Dawn was looking at her husband Tom. Jesse was shaking off the chains that had bound him in his chair.

Tom stood up slowly, his eyes narrowed and flashing with an evil gleam. “So, I’ll never, never ever get to touch your sweet cunt,” he hissed, mocking the sharp words she’d said to him.

“I didn’t mean that, Tom. I didn’t know what I was saying!”

“That’s fair enough. Right now, I don’t know what I’m doing.” He pushed her back flat on the bed again. Dawn gasped and begged him not to tie her.

Tom climbed up on the bed, straddling her lush body, walking forward on his knees.

“Bring your hands up,” he said. “Push your big tits together.”

“Why, Tom?”

“Just do it!”

Dawn shivered and put one hand on the outside slope of her pillow soft tits. She pressed them together until the cleft between them narrowed to something like a hairless pussyslit.

Tom eased forward and pushed his cockhead into the slender gap. Dawn groaned, relaxing her grasp.

“Keep them together. I’m going to fuck your tits and pretend they’re a virgin pussy.”

“No, Tom… that’s sick!”

“It’s what I want to do! And I don’t want to hear any more of your babbling innocent bullshit! I’ve seen enough to know that you like cock as much, or more than the others!”

“I can’t help that, Tom. Something happened when they did those awful things to me.”

“Don’t say it’s awful, I had to sit there in a chair and listen to my sweet little wife beg for more!”

“Yes, I did that, and I’m sorry,” Tears welled, up in her eyes.

“Sorry isn’t good enough! This time you’re going to beg me!”

Dawn’s jaw clenched. She didn’t want to do that. She hated losing control of herself that way, being forced by powerful emotions to beg for things her conscience said were wrong — some thought were shamefully obscene even with her own husband.

He was rocking his hips, pumping his cock back and forth in the narrowed cleft between her luscious tits. It was as soft and warm as pussy, just not as wet. But his raging cock was still slick enough with damp cum to glide smoothly.

It caused an eerie kind of warm friction. Dawn’s tits were more pliant than a cunt and they lacked the muscle and could only shiver like warm pudding.

“Turn your nipples toward the center so they rub on the sides of my cock,” he told her.

“Tom, I don’t think I can.”

“Do it, bitch!”

Dawn adjusted her hands, spreading her fingers and pressing down until her budding nipples vanished into the slot Tom had decided to fuck.

His tawny bride moaned, refusing to believe that her husband would say or do such things. He thrust harder with his cock until the knob emerged beneath her chin. Tom pushed harder and drove until his cock hair ground on her milky white tit mounds.

That made the knob of his cock bump the soft underside of her chin. “Hhhmmm, that must be your cherry!”

Dawn groaned but the thrusting of his cock made her head nod as if to agree. He rammed harder, shaking her head even more.

“Damn, it’s a stubborn little thing. I can’t break through.” She shuddered and moaned. The way his cock teased her nipples made them bulge and tingle as never before. It packed more warmth than fingers or thumbs and it throbbed with a pulse so vibrant that she could feel it just like the frantic beating of her own heart.

“Tilt your head and open your mouth,” Tom said. “I want to fuck your mouth.”

“No, Tom. I’ve never done anything like that.”

“Good, I’ll get part of you that’s still cherry.”

His bulbous cockhead battered her lips. Whipping back and forth between her soft tits, grating on her budding nipples, it sent fiery shocks of lewd pleasure into her cunt.

Dawn could feel it happening again, the powerful tremors of emotions beyond her control. She moaned softly and let her mouth open. Tom pushed the head of his cock into her mouth. Her tongue humped and thrust to push him away, slithering all over the glossy slick cock-knob.

She groaned. The strange taste intrigued her. Dawn sealed her lips and began to suck. Tom pulled back and lost his cock in the soft valley of tit-flesh. His nerves tingled delightfully. Her nipples tensed hard and sent new shocks of lewd pleasure down to her pussy.

Lunging back, Tom found her mouth waiting, eager to suck this time. Her tongue lapped and swirled. Dawn wanted him to love her, to forget the terrible things she’d said. Pleasing him now and in the future was the only way. Even her innocent mind knew that.

He moaned and pushed farther into her mouth. His padded cockhead hit the soft back of it and trembled.

“I’m going to cum in your mouth,” he told her. “I’m going to fill your bitchy throat with cum.”

“Uh,” she groaned. Dawn didn’t want that, but knew it would have to be.

Tam’s breathing became rapid, matching the speed of his plunging cock. The way her swollen nipples tingled against the sides of his cockshaft was exquisite. He shivered as hot waves of pleasure sank into his ball-sac.

Dawn sucked on his cock when he thrust forward and sighed anxiously as it sank back into soft folds of lush tit. Her body shook as her desire swelled. She arched beneath him and humped her yearning pussy up at down.

Cole was watching and he couldn’t resist. He dropped on his knees by the edge of the bed and stuck his tongue into the luscious young cunt he’d just fucked. The tawny furred pussyslit was tart but he lapped and sucked and swirled his tongue on her cunt.

Dawn cried. The added stimulation was almost more than she could stand. She sucked Tom’s cock with fierce passion and slithered her tongue all around it. At the same time Cole’s tongue gave her cunt the same treatment.

With the lewd heat of two men flowing into her, Dawn felt every nerve twang with deliciously obscene pulses of joy. She loved it! And another climax was starting, a double one this time. Surges from her mouth and pussy clashed and made her writhe.

Tom lunged forward and rammed his cock into her throat, fucking her pretty face with fast, deep strokes. His balls were throbbing and about to fire.

Rob felt the same kind of rumbling urgency. He tensed and held his bride’s head. Both grooms fired at the same moment. Their cocks twitched in unison, gushing cream that made their wives gulp and moan.

Dawn’s climax hit her ripe body like a thunder-clap. Explosive bursts of energy made her twist and squirm in lewd rapture as hot jism filled her throat. Her cunt bulged into Cole’s mouth and he sucked it hard, making her spirits soar.

Colette’s orgasm began more slowly. As desire for her young husband overcame the disgust of being forced to suck his rank cock, she attacked him hungrily. Sucking his rigid prick created a wonderful tension in her pussy. It heated and spread, and then it exploded.

Gulping and sucking sounds came from the kidnapped brides’ lips and lasted for a full minute while their grooms thrust fiercely, fucking their angry frustrations away.

“Oooooh, Tom!” Dawn cried as the convulsive shocks faded into lingering tremors of warmth. “Fuck me now, please. My pussy is so hot and wet. I just have to have you!”

“Not yet. I want your ass first,” he said with a smug grin.

“Nnnooo!” Dawn shuddered at the thought. He glared hotly and she reconsidered. “I mean, nnnooowww! Fuck my ass now, Tom! I’ll do anything to please you!”


Ignored by the others, Fabrianne had swayed to a stop, dangling grotesquely in the middle of the room. The numbing chill of pain from her bound wrists and wrenched shoulders had spread. She was hanging limp and moaning anguished desperation.

Hearing her daughter Colette and niece Dawn both climax with their husbands added to her feelings of lonely despair. Her lithe body trembled, sleek muscles strained the full length of her form.

Frank walked up to her and kissed one jutting tit, sucking with such force that she started to sway again. She groaned, tormented by the additional strain that put on her arms bound high overhead.

As she swung away from Frank, Fabrianne did an obscene pirouette, dangling on the rope looped over the ceiling beam. Cole kissed and tongued her taut ass as she came spinning slowly toward him. That thrust pushed her toward Jesse.

He nipped at her silvery cunt-hair and just managed to lick her cunt once before he carried her swaying body out of reach. Colette sighed as she watched. Dawn was too pained by the cock up her ass to think of anything else.

Fabrianne went around in a circle, propelled by the lips and hands of three men reaching for her tits, pussy and ass. Their touch was all too brief, just as she felt a warm tingle in one place, the momentum carried her away.

Rob said to Colette, “Let’s join them. I’d like to get another taste of my sexy mother-in-law.”

“You can if you want,” she said grudgingly. “Oh, come on… haven’t you ever been tempted to try sex with another woman?”

“Well, yes. Dawn excites the hell out of me, in fact. I was hoping that sometime on our honeymoon she’d loosen up enough so that maybe I’d have a chance to suck her big tits and eat her sweet cunt.”

That frank confession would have shocked her groom just a little while before. But now Rob just smiled. “Fabrianne is just as sexy as in her own way, and she’s ready right now.”

“But she’s my mother, for God’s sake!”

“She won’t know who’s doing what. With that stole draped over her head, she can’t see a thing.”

“I can’t,” Colette said flatly. “Maybe when Tom is through fucking Dawn’s ass I’ll be able to eat her. But I can’t touch my own mother.”

“Wouldn’t it be a thrill to kiss and suck the cunt you came out of?” Rob said.

Colette eyed him strangely, her lips curling slowly into a lewd grin. “Yes, I guess it would. And she’ll never know,” she rationalized.

She still wasn’t completely thrilled with the idea, but Colette felt a strong need to join in anything Rob wanted to do. She didn’t want anything to ever come between them again.

They joined the circle of lewd grins around the swaying, silver-haired beauty. Rob got a quick taste of his wife’s mother’s cunt when Jesse obligingly nudged her his way. He pushed her to his left and she twirled so that Colette first licked the crack of her mother’s trim ass.

Frank sucked hard on a tit. He was the only one tall enough to reach them the way she was bound. As she swung away, the firm cone popped out of his mouth with a sound like uncorking a bottle of champagne.

Fabrianne’s dangling body was pushed from one mouth to another. Cole wanted more than a fleeting taste of cunt when his turn came. He clasped his hands on the cheeks of her ass and held her while burying his face in her silvery pussy.

“Hmm,” Fabrianne purred. Warmth flowed back into her body.

Rob caught, one of Fabrianne’s sleekly tapered thighs and held her sideways. Her fit ass faced him so he kissed the taut cheeks and wiggled his tongue around the dark rim bidden in the tender cleft.

Colette thought a moment, wrestling with uncertainty. Then she kissed her mother’s furry cunt-mound and nibbled at the curls of her silver hair. Fabrianne’s rich woman scent made her daughter’s mouth yearn, but Rob released her and she swayed out of reach just as Colette was timidly extending her tongue.

Jesse squeezed her tits from behind and held her, wiggling into the crimped little round mouth of her ass.

Fabrianne sighed. It was so strangely exciting to be tossed swaying and spinning from one to the other. She felt tingling pleasure in her pussy, her ass and both tits, but never enough to fully satisfy any one place.

It was tantalizing frustration to feel the start of joyous tremors in her pussy and then have them shift suddenly to her ass. She soon forgot the pain of hanging suspended and the queasy feeling faded as she became used to the swaying rhythm of her swing.

The woman recognized Frank’s rasping tongue when he sucked and lashed her sharp tits. Once he held her dangling body with hands on her ass and a finger fucking her asshole. She gave a muffled scream of lewd delight.

Rob caught the rope that hobbled her ankles and held her with legs spread for his wife to suck cunt. “You can eat her good now,” he said.

Fabrianne recognized her son-in-law’s voice, but not the gentle tongue that stroked her simmering pussyslit.

Colette kept as silent as she could, not wanting her voice to give her away. She lapped with her tongue, found her mother’s cunt and sucked it between her soft lips.

Fabrianne sighed joyously.

Rob let her swing over to Jesse next, lurching her swollen cunt from the suction of her daughter’s lips. Jesse caught her with one hand on her ass, the other on her silver-fringed cunt. He worked a wiggling finger into each fuckhole and held her long enough to make Fabrianne sob with delight. She remembered the animal-like grunting noises he made and recognized him.

Cole bent down as she came swinging his way. She passed over his head and he came up behind her. Swaying back as yet untouched, Fabrianne breathed a questioning sigh. Then her wet cunt collided with his waiting mouth. She groaned, jarred by the impact, delighted by the way her dangling weight increased the pressure of his sucking lips on her cunt.

“Your pussy tastes better than vintage champagne to me,” Cole said.

The sound of his voice placed him in her mind. But there was one other she hadn’t yet identified — a pair of soft hands and a strangely exciting tongue more timid and yet more tantalizing than the others.

She knew it couldn’t be Dawn. Fabrianne could hear her wailing on the bed. And Tom was with her, grunting fiercely while fucking her ass hard enough to make his bridge beg for relief. That only left one other person it could be!

She gasped. “Colette… it’s got to be you!” the next time she felt the tingling stroke of her daughter’s tongue.

“You guessed it!” Rob said, yanking the silver-blue stole off her head.

Fabrianne gazed down and shuddered at the sight of her daughter hungrily sucking her cunt.

“Oooooh, my God!” she said, and Rob pushed her away to the others.

Fabrianne’s dizzy feeling, rushed back, especially when one of the men propelled her toward her daughter Colette. The young bride had quickly acquired a taste for cunt. She was always waiting with an eager, wet-lipped grin. And when Fabrianne was in the hands and mouth of another, Colette whispered to her groom, “It’s going to be such fun when mother comes to visit us. We’ll both enjoy her. I’ll eat her pussy and get it steaming hot for you!”

“Sounds like we’re going to be one newly married couple with no mother-in-law problem,” Rob answered with a smile. He could think of nothing more exciting than having a stunning mother-daughter combination to share his cock.

Jesse heard them. “You want to start right now?”

“Yes!” Colette said anxiously. His hand was on the rope that held her mother suspended. “Let her down, please!”

While Jesse untied the knot, Colette put on her mother’s stole and stroked the deep fur, fawning over the silken luxury. It made her feel sexy as hell. Her mouth was watering by the time her mother’s feet hit the floor.

Weak from hanging suspended, Fabrianne staggered into her daughter’s arms. They embraced warmly, pressing their pussy-mounds together.

“Rob wants to fuck you, and I’m going to get you hot for him,” Colette said in a voice breathy with desire.

“Ooooh?” Fabrianne stumbled back awkwardly because of the rope that held her ankles. She tripped and pitched backward across the foot of the bed, lying beside Dawn and Tom who was still riding her lusciously ripe ass.

Dawn’s pathetic moans and wails made the woman cringe. So did the sight of her daughter wearing her beautiful fur. She had it draped casually over one shoulder and was twirling one long front piece, swaying her hips seductively in a parody of her mother’s sexy walk.

“I used to hate it when you acted like this,” Colette said. “All the other kids on the block had mothers who stayed home and baked cookies. Mine was out to get herself fucked almost every afternoon.”

Colette strolled around the room, exaggerating the fluid sway of her hips, twirling the silver-blue fur. She stroked Jesse’s cock with it as she walked by. Then Frank’s, and finally Cole’s, not realizing how she was enraging them all.

She stopped in front of Rob and rubbed his cock too, stroking it fondly with the deep fur.

“You wanna have some fun?” she asked in a comically deep and sultry voice, cocking her hips and pushing her cunt toward him.

Rob almost laughed and it made Fabrianne realize how grossly outrageous her behavior at times was. Colette tossed her head and strutted back toward the bed.

“How about you, lady? You want to fuck my husband while my back is turned?”

“Colette, don’t do this. You’re embarrassing me.”

“Why? All little girls like to play dress-up and act like their mothers?” She hugged the silky stole and stroked her fingers through the dense fur, cooing softly, reveling in its soft warmth.

Fabrianne winced and shut her eyes.

Colette leaped up on the bed. “I was acting just like you. I didn’t think anything was wrong when that neighbor boy reached inside my blouse.”

Sighing, she bent down and brushed her mother’s jutting tits with the fur. Then she kissed them both, swaying her head side to side.

“I saw men doing that to you all the time, and I knew you liked it. Why shouldn’t I?” Colette grinned, then she dropped her head and sucked tit with fiendish delight.

Fabrianne gasped, shocked by her daughter’s portrayal and excited by the pull of her lips. Colette eased down her mother’s belly, nibbling and dragging her sinewy tongue.

“I knew you liked to have a man reach under your dress, so I didn’t stop him when he wanted to do that to me.”

She laughed, shivering as she recalled that first time.

She kissed her sobbing mother’s cunt-slit and wiggled her tongue on Fabrianne’s juicy cunt. After all the teasing strokes she’d felt while dangling and being pushed from one lewd sensation to the next, the hungry concentration of Colette’s lips and tongue brought shivers of sheer delight.

Colette looked up leering and smacked her lips. He came almost before he got his cock in. I just thought it was messy. It was better when I did it with the mailman. You weren’t home, and I was playing dress-up again, wearing your stole and those sexy high-heeled shoes. “I was pretending to be you, and he pretended not to know the difference. Hhhmmm, he fucked me good!”

Fabrianne cringed, even when Colette dropped back to thrust her tongue into her mother’s slithering pussyslit. Then she tossed her head up again, flouncing her soft waves of long silver hair.

“Do you know that I fucked your third husband before you did?” she asked with a sly, kittenish grin. “You were upstairs getting dressed for your first date and he fucked me on the living room couch while he was waiting. And you used to brag that you wore him out, shit!” She laughed scornfully. “He was fucking me almost every night too!”

Strangely, Rob wasn’t shocked by these intimate revelations. He felt better knowing the truth than speculating endlessly.

Fabrianne couldn’t take it all so lightly. She felt responsible for everything her daughter had done. But that didn’t stop her from feeling pleasure when Colette broke off her rambling sexual recollections and went back to sucking and stimulating her cunt.

The girl knew which tongue strokes pleased her own pussy most and she used them all on her mother. Fabrianne had been licked and sucked to a thrilling climax before Colette had reached her telling of lover number six, her high school math teacher.

“How do you think I got an A in algebra? The only equation I could ever remember was prick plus pussy equals pleasure.”

“Yeah, and it’s about time for that now,” Rob said, easing his young wife aside. “My cock has gotten aching hard watching and listening to you.”

“I’m glad, because mother’s cunt is so steaming hot that it’s drooling thick honey all over my chin.”

“I can see that.” Rob kissed her and then licked it off. “I like having you get a cunt wet and horny for me. I’m going to let you do that with all the others.”

“What others?”

“Enough to bring my total up to eight. Dawn and your mother are just the start.”

Colette winced and clamped her mouth shut to control an angry outburst. “All right, Rob.” What else could she say? Her past had caught up with her. But then she had to smile. Their future sounded even more exciting.

Rob was positioning himself between Fabrianne’s long and elegantly tapered legs. Dawn was coming to a climax, bucking and thrashing wildly under Tom’s weight as he pumped shot after shot of hot jism into her succulent ass.

Colette backed up smiling, thinking how much more thrilling their married life would be now that everything was out in the open. She snuggled warmly in her mother’s fur stole while Rob eased his cock into Fabrianne’s anxious pussy.

Jesse grabbed Colette’s left arm and said, “There is something about a naughty, rich bitch that just pisses me off!”

Frank grabbed her right arm and said, “Me too!”

Cole ran his hand down her back, fingering Colette’s long, silky silver hair and the shimmering fur underneath. “Let’s all fuck her at once,” he suggested.

“Yeah!” the brothers chorused.

Colette shrieked. She shook free from them with a violent burst of strength. She bolted for the cottage door and ran out into the night.

Dawn’s orgasmic screams and Fabrianne’s groans of pleasure flowed behind her. Colette ran down the steps and toward the lake, barefoot and naked except for a wrap of fur the color of moonlight.


As was their custom on every tour of the grounds, the two uniformed security guards stopped on the shore of a small cove at the far end of the honeymoon cottage complex. They kept an ice chest there with beer in it on summer nights like this, or thermos jugs of coffee during the fall and winter months. They had rounds of logs arranged to sit on and rest their feet, and a stone-lined pit to build a warming fire when the nights turned really cold.

All of this lay hidden in a clump of dense brush that hugged the water’s edge. Moonlight shimmered on the still water of the cove like a silver oil slick. It wasn’t cold enough to bother making a fire, so they sat in darkness and sipped their beer.

“Something funny going on in the cabins those two cousins and their new husbands rented,” the trailer guard said.

“Yeah, I could swear I heard three women’s voices last time we walked by.”

“You suppose they brought a chaperone on their honeymoon?” the shorter partner suggested jokingly.

“Hell, I can’t figure why they’re all still in the same cabin. I thought honeymooning couples came here for privacy.”

“Yeah, most do… but they wouldn’t be the first we’ve had that did a little swinging on their wedding-night.” Then the guard suddenly lowered his beer to squint intently through the cover of leafy branches that secluded their hidden resting place. “Jesus Christ, look at that!”

Colette was running toward them down the lakeshore, long-legged and graceful as a gazelle. Her silver hair and the long front pieces of her mother’s stole streamed far behind. She was naked except for that fluttering cover of fur. The two guards could clearly see one proud young tit and the gleam of her silvery cunt-hair.

Three men chased after her, all of them naked and gifted with monster cocks. The tallest was a huge man, and he was gaining on her.

“What the hell are two brides doing with three men?” the taller guard asked his partner in an excited whisper.

“Beats the shit out of me, but remember? That cuddly strawberry blonde said there were three.”

“Must be more than. Listen!” Dawn’s orgasmic screams of rapture could be heard clearly through the open cottage door.

Then they heard the voice of the older woman. “Oooh, Rob! Ungh! I love the way you work your cock around in me. It’s not as big as the others, but the movement is exquisite!”

“We’ve got a fucking orgy going on here,” the taller guard said.

“Well shit, isn’t that what a honeymoon is supposed to be?”

There was another young honeymooning couple strolling hand-in-hand along the lakeshore, apparently enjoying a brief respite from heated sex in the cool night air. The man gaped as Colette ran toward them. “My God, look at that! She’s gorgeous!” he said, swiveling sound as she ran by a few feet away.

His wife jabbed him with her elbow. “You son of a bitch, we’re on our honeymoon! You’re not supposed to be gawking at other women!”

“But shit, she’s running almost naked in the middle of the night!”

Then his wife saw the three men chasing her, all with huge meaty cocks stiffly erect. Her jaw dropped and her eyes flared wide.

“Look at them!” she said to her husband of only a few hours. “I’ve never seen three beautiful big cocks like that at once before.”

“Hey, you told me you’d never seen any cock before mine!”

“Oh, well…” A guilty smirk flashed across her face and then she sighed. “God, how I wish just one of them would chase me!”

“You bitch!” he grabbed her arm as the trio of naked men thundered by.

She laughed and called after them. “Hey, fellas! I won’t run away! Look, my husband won’t let me!”

“God damn it, shut your mouth!” He whirled her around and slapped the lewd grin off her face.

She glared hotly as the red hand-shaped welt blazed across her milk-white cheek. Then she gazed, fondly into eyes gleamed with jealous lust. “Ooooh, my darling… I didn’t know you cared so much!”

The jealous husband snarled, “I’ll show you!” and ripped off her skirt. He threw her down on the moonlit sand and whipped his cock out. “I’m going to fuck you right here on the beach!”

“What are we going to do?” the shorter guard whispered. “That bunch is going to start a riot!”

“There’s nothing we can do. We’re not even supposed to be down this far. If the damn boss finds out we have a few beers on the job, we’ll be in worse trouble than any of them.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” They both sat down to watch from their cover of dense brush.

Frank caught Colette’s streaming silver hair and yanked her to a stop. She screamed, stumbling backward, throwing both hands to her head.

She lost her balance and fell at Frank’s feet. Jesse and Cole were both on her instantly. Cole chained her wrists together behind her back and clicked a lock shut. Then he bowed her over backwards and looped the loose end of the clanking chain around her ankles. Another lock clicked and she was frozen helpless in that back-bent position down on her knees.

“She don’t look so naughty and high now,” Jesse said with a sneering grin. He took one trailing end of the fox stole and brushed it lightly across Colette’s tingling nipple tips.

Being bent over backwards and chained as she was, her proud tits jutted more sharply than before. He rubbed the firm cones of flesh and Colette gasped. Different sensations clashed wildly in her mind — first the rough, steel hard chafing of chain. Then the soft, delicate tinge of fur.

The clash of conflicting sensations made the pain worse, the pleasure more intense. Colette gasped and Jesse grinned, knowing how delicious her torture was. Then he said, “I guess since I’m the smallest, I’ll take her ass. I’m the only one who can wiggle between her bound arms and legs.” He proceeded to do it.

“And since I’m the tallest, I’ll fuck her face,” Frank said. “It will be the easiest for me to reach.”

“Since I’ve the biggest cock, and since that’s all we got left to fill, I’ll take that little silver-haired cunt she bragged about being such a great fucker,” Cole said.

Jesse crawled under the bow of her back with his cock reaching up. His weight pressed her calves down into the sand. The width of his shoulders, strained between her thighs and arms chained to her ankles. Colette cried out from the pain even before the heated tip of his big cock found the rim of her ass.

Frank’s towering hulk straddled her bent back form. He lifted her head and cradled it in both hands, smiling as he pushed the bloated head of his big cock to her lips. Colette moaned fearfully but could not pull away.

Cole dropped to his knees close behind Frank and wagged his cock up and down on her exposed cunt. Being bent over backwards exposed the tender nub more than usual. She felt vibrant shocks of lewd pleasure and soon forgot her pain.

Three big cocks pushed into her all at once — into her ass, into her pussy, and into a mouth that wanted to scream. Jesse’s entered her ass with smooth-flowing ease. Rob’s brutal ass-fucking had well greased her asshole.

Cole’s monster cock strained her cunt, but at least it was in a comfortable position. Frank’s was all wrong. The way she was bent backwards and her head lifted back up, there seemed to be no way he could enter her throat.

Jesse and Cole fucked her from the back and front at the same time. One drove in as the other withdrew. There was always one stiff prod deep inside of her. Then they varied their rhythm and both fucked in at once.

Their two heavy cocks dueled inside her cunt and ass. They battered a thin wall of flesh between pussy and ass. Colette groaned and shivered, stunned by just two cocks pumping at once — panicked by the thought that she still had another to please.

Frank said, “Suck it, cunt face! You seemed to like talking about all the fucking you’ve done. After this, you’ll really have a story to tell. Damn few women in this world have ever taken in a yard of cock all at one time.”

Jesse laughed wickedly, humping into her ass from behind. Cole echoed his sadistic glee and reamed her pussy from the front. Colette’s lithe body rocked between them, driven first one way and then the other.

She muttered sounds of torment, all muted by the big head of Frank’s cock. Her tongue flailed the padded tip, trying to make him cum before he got it all in. But that frenzied wet motion only made him want more. Ht jerked her head higher and rammed his cock to the soft back of her mouth.

Colette’s body trembled, clanking her chains. When she sagged back, Jesse’s big cock thrust painfully deep in her wringing asshole. When she thrust forward, Cole’s monster cock threatened to rupture her pussyhole.

The taller guard whispered, “I can’t remember there ever being a honeymoon quite like this.”

“I can’t either, and I can’t wait until we go off-shift. God, what I’m going to do that bitch wife of mine tonight!”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve got a hot cock from watching this and some chain in the garage.”

“Want an even better idea?” his horny partner suggested. “Why don’t we both go to your house, and then all go to mine?”

“Yeah, why not? Why should the damn honeymooners have all the fun?”

Colette had experienced multiple orgasms before, but always in sequence — one delightful purging rush of pleasure after another. Never three all at once as was happening now.

Jesse’s cock drilled faster from behind beating her asshole. Cole’s long cock rod heated and stirred her pussy into a seething frenzy. The twin sensations twined and fused in her groin. Both ends pulsed and heaved with wringing delight.

And Frank was fucking her mouth, pumping his stiff cock so hard that it jarred the back of her head. Thank God he was content with what her sucking lips and cheeks could do. Trying to ram all of that fierce hot cock down her throat might have broken her neck!

Colette’s lean, sleek body undulated between them — rocking first back and forth, then up and down. The stunning silver-haired bride was no longer aware of the biting chains or the clanking sounds they made each time her body moved.

Only one thought obsessed her — to make the three well-hung kidnappers cum all at once. A full yard of cock! Three gushing fountainheads of pleasure. Even her lusty mother had never taken on that much at one time.

Colette writhed and twisted, reaching out and thrusting back, varying her moves to keep all three men at about the same level of delicious tension.

Jesse seemed the most anxious so she eased the gripping tension of her powerful ass muscles when she sat back on him. Frank’s cock seemed to need the most attention. Not being completely encased in warm flesh, his urgency lagged behind the others.

Colette gave a grunt of frustration. She wanted all three at once. The highest thrill of her life would be lost if she failed to manage that. She wrenched her wrists back and forth, fighting the loops of chain that bound them.

Constant thrusting and jarring this way and that had loosened the loops around her left arm. She was able to wiggle it free and brought her hand up. Fingers half numb from the restraint of cold steel closed around the exposed base end of his cock.

Warmth from his big cock soon fired them with life. She circled and stroked Frank’s exposed cockshaft, and she sucked and tongue licked the part in her mouth.

Jesse’s cock wasn’t twitching in pre-orgasmic delight anymore, but Cole’s huge prick was throbbing tensely. Frank still trailed behind. Freeing her left wrist left slack that let her pull the right one loose too. She got both hands up, not caring at all about the pain where steel links had reddened her tender skin.

She lifted the silky right side of the stole and cupped Frank’s egg-sized nuts in a nest of deep fur. Wavering fingers teased them to excite the full eruptive force Colette knew they must contain.

Frank gasped. Jesse grunted. Cole held his breath. Colette rocked and swayed deftly between them. And they did all fire at precisely the same moment! That was her thrilling reward.

Colette felt a jet of cum shoot up her ass, another down her throat and a third straight into the depths of her pussy. The three blazed like rockets all aimed at the base of her brain. They hit and exploded simultaneously, blasting her dizzy mind into a swirling cloud of ecstatic delight.

A blinding white glare swept across her widened eyes. Twirling red and blue lights flashed above that and there was a shrill, warbling cry like the scream she felt inside but could not get out because of Frank’s cock stuffing her mouth full.

Not until the peak of her triple orgasm had been reached did Colette realize that her glorious climax and a police car had arrived at exactly the same moment.

And the meaning of that didn’t sink in until Jesse hastily pulled his well-wrung cock from her ass. “Now would be a good time to beat a hasty retreat,” he told the others.

“Amen, Brother! Amen!” And the three of them vanished naked into the darkness of that summer night.


Fabrianne was the first to notice the flashing lights of the police car when it stopped outside the cottage. She was just winding down from a grand climax with her young son-in-law, one of three they’d shared in rapid succession. It made her wish that she’d discovered the magic of a younger man’s hot young cock long ago.

She muttered, “Oh, shit! The cops are [missing text].”

Fabrianne had been hoping the trio of stud kidnappers would return to share more pleasure with her. She gathered the long train of her daughter’s wedding gown up and wrapped it around herself toga style.

In the mirror, she admired the final effect. “Quite a fetching outfit,” Fabrianne said to herself. “I only wish that Colette hadn’t run off with my stole. That would have been the final touch of elegance!”

As it was she looked glamorous enough to make any healthy man’s eyes pop. Her long, sleek curves and proud jutting tits were softly sheathed in lace-trimmed white satin, never mind a still-damp cum stain here and there. They hardly showed.

A cop’s gloved fist knocked on the doors. Fabrianne went to answer it, opening the door just a crack.

“Yes?” she inquired sweetly, recognizing the two detectives who had been at the reception hall.

“You’re the mother of one of the brides,” the senior officer said.

“Yes, and I’m pleased that you remember me.”

Fabrianne thought that both of the rugged plain clothes men were quite handsome. The younger man was about her age, the other a bit older. Both were dark-haired, blue-eyed and built like bulls.

“Aahhh,” the younger man said, unable to maintain a seasoned detective’s usual calm. “We had a report this cabin was occupied.”

“Yes, well…” Fabrianne slipped out the door and closed it behind her. “The missing brides have been found. It was all a harmless prank. My son-in-law’s fraternity brothers, I think.”

“We’d still like to nail them,” the senior man said. “We’ve got a list of charges longer than my arm.”

Fabrianne shrugged and one beautifully sculptured shoulder slipped out of the loose white satin wrap. “I’m afraid we can’t help you. They — ungh — wore stocking masks,” she improvised. “Not even my son-in-law can identify them.”

“Did you hear any names?” the younger man asked, hardly able to take his eyes off the firm, jutting sharp tit that became half exposed as her improvised gown slipped even lower.

“Well, yes, but I don’t think it will help. They called themselves the James brothers. You know, Frank and Jesse?”

Colette came up the stairs then, clutching her mother’s blue fox stole around her otherwise naked body. Her grin was a strange one. Both cops were quick to notice that. The bride’s lips were glossed with silvery cum that sheened brighter than her long hair. And more ran down the sleek tapers of her naked thighs, twin streams dripping from pussy and ass. She had obviously had herself one hell of a time!

“They called the third one Cole,” she said, smiling. “Because he was their younger brother.”

“Oh, shit!” the older cop said. “One of them must be a western history major. Well, I guess there’s nothing more we can do here.” He nudged his partner and turned to go.

Fabrianne said quickly. “There is one little thing.”

They both stopped and turned. “What?” the young man asked.

“You two kind gentleman could give me a ride home. I only came out here to make sure that my daughter and niece were all right. I don’t want to stay and intrude on their honeymoons.”

“Yeah, sure. Come on!” The senior detective nodded his head toward the car.

“Colette, would you please give Mommy back her stole?”

“Oh, sure.” She shrugged it off with a smile. “Have a nice trip back.”

Fabrianne felt elegant once again. She basked in the leering heat of the detectives’ lewd glances.

“I still don’t think you’ve told us the whole truth,” the senior man said as they drove away.

She grinned, tossed her enticing silver hair and stroked the deep fur covering her sharp tits. “Well then, I guess the two of you will just have to beat it out of me.”

They caught up with a non-descript station wagon a few miles down the road, but neither cop noticed. Fabrianne was jacking them both off, and the last to cum would be the first to fuck her. Both of them had beautiful big cocks and she didn’t mind at all knowing the kidnappers were getting away.

The two newlywed young couples all sat naked on the same large bed. Sitting cross legged in a circle, they nibbled hors d’oeuvres and sipped champagne intended for their wedding reception. They had, all but resolved their differences. Rob had his free hand resting on Colette’s silvery cunt mound and was fondly teasing her cunt. Tom hugged Dawn and squeezed one of her luscious big tits with the hand draped over her shoulder.

Both of their snug, pink-lipped pussyslits were exposed by the cross-legged position they’d all assumed. Not even Dawn seemed to mind that now. In fact, she was fingering her own clit.

“It’s a strange way to start married life,” she remarked, a finger now deep in her pussyslit.

“But maybe not so bad,” Colette said, briefly restraining the urge to gasp cries of delight because of the way Rob was expertly teasing her clit. “Alt of the older married couples I know have had problems sooner or later because of infidelity. One gets hot and fucks somebody else and everything goes to hell. We’ve been through it all already and we have it worked out while we’re still on our honeymoons.”

“Colette is right,” Rob had to agree.

He was eyeing Dawn’s strawberry blonde pussy and remembering the thrill of popping her cherry. Traces of virgin blood could still be seen in her tawny pussy-hair.

Dawn shivered, part from the way her husband was twirling her nipple, part from the way both her cousin Colette and Rob were hungrily studying the soft mound of her pussy-slit.

“My parents would never understand this!” she said with absolute certainty.

“So?” Colette said with a shrug. “Let them lead the kind of life that pleases them and you lead the kind of life that pleases you. You’re a married woman now, free to make up your own mind.”

“Yes, but my mind is still so confused. It was so much easier for me to submit when I was being forced.”

“Oooo, well!” Rob reared up with an anxious gleam in his eyes. Colette was right behind him. They both bulled into the gasping strawberry-blonde and pushed her down flat on her back.

Dawn cried, “No, don’t do this to me! Not again!”

She looked to her husband Tom for protection, but he only grinned and began sucking on one of her gorgeous big tits. She rasped sharply.

Rob had his mouth on her other tit, his whirling around her budding nipples in different rhythm. Colette dropped her head with a flowing mantle of silver hair, and she began to whirl Dawn’s cunt.

Dawn felt a different wild rhythm at each point of contact. Left nipple. Right nipple. Cunt! Each fired its own urgent message on its own wave length, but on the way to her brain they all became scrambled and arrived as one convulsive shock.

Three people loved and sexually desire her, each in their own way. Dawn shuddered, first trying to understand, then only able to enjoy. Her husband, her cousin and her cousin’s husband were all working to excite her and bring pleasure on this her wedding night.

“I think it’s the best honeymoon a girl could ask for,” she moaned.

Both her tits were being sucked and her clit was being tongue-whipped by a female who knew all the right moves. What young bride had ever experienced more pleasure? Dawn had to ask herself. Sighing joyously, she arched her back and refuse to think how sinful her joy might be.

She arched her lush body, glad that it was no longer an object of hidden desire. Dawn felt free for perhaps the first time in her life. There was no need to protect forbidden treasures. She wanted those who honestly desired her to have them and share the pleasure of lewd request with her.

Colette had long felt exactly the same way.

She simply liked to fuck. There had never been a bad one, not even the first one. She’d known only good and better, and she wanted to continue her quest for the best.

She curled one hand around Rob’s cock, the other around Tom’s. They were the same except for the small matter of foreskin. Her husband Ron had it, Tom did not. The lewd silver-blonde pumped them both and never missed a twirling swipe around her cousin’s sweet cunt. A copper-sweet tang of virgin blood added to her obscene delight.

“First one to cum only gets to watch,” she said, gripping and milking both steel-hard cockshafts. “The one who can hold out gets Dawn and me side-by-side.”

Rob and Tom both groaned, straining to hold back. Colette’s hand jacking was delightful, but nothing like two beautiful cunts one beside the other.

Tom had won a similar contest conducted by Fabrianne and he felt confident again. He imagined bounding back and forth, first plunging into his wife’s tawny cunt and then that of her silver-furred cousin. That proved to be his undoing.

Rob could only think how his cock had shot off too soon the other time. The stroke of his mother-in-law’s hand had been so bewitching, so delightfully forbidden. Colette wasn’t quite that clever yet, and she was his wife. And she was holding another man’s cock in her ether hand, teasing them both. That was an idea that would take some getting used to.

Colette was also playing favorites. She wanted her husband Rob to win. She wanted him to fuck her and Dawn together as an exciting start for their new life. She curled her fingers and stroked Tom’s balls every time she pushed her hand to the root of his anxious cock.

He moaned and trembled and she could feel the surging pressure in his nuts. Tom gasped, sucking harder on Dawn’s luscious tit, not wanting to lose the chance to fuck her sweet cunt first. He strained to hold back his fiery stream but Colette’s enticing hand stroked faster.

“Aagggh, shit!” Tom said with a scowl wrenching his face. Cum spit from his cock into the tattered ruins of a white satin wedding gown. Gush after gush jetted out, repeated signals of his defeat.

Rob grinned in victory, watching his wife lie down next to Dawn. They snuggled close, their thighs touching. He straddled the two legs they had pressed together and leaned over them. He cupped a firm, sharp-peaked tit in one hand and a luscious big globe in the other.

“Both different, both beautiful,” he said.

“I love the variety. Our lives will never be boring like so many.”

Both brides cooed, wondering which of them he would choose to fuck first. Rob looked back and forth between them. Both pairs of soft, feminine eyes were pleading. They smiled invitingly. Then Rob did something that surprised them all. He moved aside and positioned himself between Dawn’s legs.

“I don’t want there to be anymore competition between us,” he said. “Love and pleasure are things to be shared, not battled over. Tom, why don’t you fuck my wife while I’m fucking yours? Then we’ll trade.”

Tom took no further encouragement, but his cock had been weakened by his recent orgasm. Colette took it in her soft hands and stroked it hard again, twisting around to suck on it and swallow a bead of jism still dangling from the tip.

Rob pushed into Dawn’s tawny slit, so sleek and velvety smooth. Wrenching contractions swirled around him at once.

“Oh, I love it!” she said with a moan. “Having two men will be much nicer than one!”

“Yeah,” Tom agreed. “And having two brides on a honeymoon is almost more pleasure than I can stand.” Colette had his cock hard again already. Her shapely legs were spread and she was anxiously guiding him in. “And this is just the start of our marriages,” the silvery-blonde reminded them all.

Tom and Rob exchanged quick glances and then looked fondly at his own bride while fucking the other. “What a life!” they both said. Rob went on, “Like a honeymoon that will never end!”

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