Sister’s Secret Craving

It’s been said that every person has some dark passion within his soul — some secret, desire or whim that may never surface to be seen by even the closest confidante. Such a secret can be evil and sinister, or it may be trivial and trite.

In America, such dark passions are easily submerged and hidden by the complexities of modern everyday life. Yet, sometimes dark passions surface — and another Charles Manson, or Lee Harvey Oswald emerges. Sometimes such passions are exposed — and another Watergate or Tidal Basin affair hits the headlines.

SISTER’S SECRET CRAVING is a dramatic representation of a young woman who dares to let her most base desires and passions come to the fore. Cindy Whitehall and her younger brother Jimmy are some of the few who are willing to accept the consequences, be they reward or punishment, for acting out their very personal, very taboo desires, for allowing themselves to be completely liberated.

Their story is a startling insight into the lives of people who dare to let it all hang out.


Cindy Whitehall, sighed. She was tired and the day had been a mess. Nothing at the studio went right. She shook some of her long, blonde hair from her oval face and smiled as she put the key in the front door lock. It was good to be home. Her twenty-four-year-old body was relaxing already. She’d have a stiff drink and then hit the sack. God, but she felt horny for some reason. Probably from watching all the models in her studio dressing rooms changing clothes all day long. Their naked, slim bodies, usually tanned and brown, always met with her approval. Her own figure was too full to be a successful model. Her hips flared too wide, and her breasts were too large. She smiled at the thought. She’d never had any complaints from any of the lovers she’d had.

She opened the ornate door to her large home and threw her coat on the nearby chair. She flicked on the living room light and gasped. There before her eyes was her eighteen-year-old brother Jimmy, naked and in the arms of the upstairs maid, Juanita Gonzales.

“What’s going on here?” Cindy screamed.

Jimmy jerked his blond head, bringing his lips from the Mexican girl’s tits. “Sis! You weren’t supposed to be home until after midnight!” he managed to get out.

Cindy merely stood there as Juanita scrambled for her bra and blouse. She was only nude from the waist up. She had hoped to make it with the younger Whitehall and assure herself a long job, and one where she wouldn’t have to work so hard. She didn’t particularly like sex, but it had made life easier on all the other jobs she had held.

“I think you’d better go home, Juanita,” Cindy said in a cold voice. “And don’t bother to come back.” She didn’t want a maid that was a slut in her house. She’d had warnings about Juanita from other neighbors, but she’d dismissed them, since she hadn’t thought her younger brother was capable of being interested in girls.

She cringed when she thought about the promise she’d made their mother when she’d died three years ago. She’d told her that she would take care of Jimmy, even though she was not sure what her brother was like. And the three years had whizzed by. She had finally broken into the dress designing world, and was making headlines in the industry with her vivid and yet simple patterns. She had wanted to make sure Jimmy was well cared for, and she had provided the house with maids. She wasn’t about to do the housework herself. She had more important things to do.

She stared at the naked form of her brother, still sitting on the couch with his cock jutting out from his loins like a rocket ready to take off. The sight of him messing around with that slut, fondling and sucking the Mexican girl’s breasts, had made her angry. He was too good for the likes of her, and she had to do something to make sure he never did it again. She stood there, still not moving as Juanita finally got all her clothing on and rushed out of the door.

Cindy wondered why Jimmy made no move to cover his nakedness, or hide the jutting pole of flesh rubbing against his lean, tail belly. She realized with a stab of insight that she didn’t know her younger brother well at all. He was almost a stranger to her. She had been so busy trying to make it in the industry, that she had not given her attention to her brother.

She noted with a half-smile that her younger brother’s cock was man-sized. It was thick and hard, and he obviously was still very excited about what had been happening to him before she had opened the door.

Jimmy stared at the sight of his sister trembling with anger, outlined by the door frame. He was scared. What was she going to do? He had forgotten completely about his nakedness.

Cindy didn’t know what she was going to do, but she had to do something. She walked slowly across the room, and faced her brother sitting on the couch. He lowered his head, afraid to meet her eyes.

“I’m glad Mother isn’t alive to see this!” she shouted. “Just look at you!”

“But, Sis…” Jimmy tried to explain.

“Get up!” she screamed.

Jimmy had never seen his sister so angry before. He shot to his feet, standing in the middle of the living room in all his naked glory. His body was tanned and strong, and very lean. His blue eyes were filled with fear, though his cock was still stiff as a board.

Cindy was determined now. She would teach her brother not to mess around with sluts. And how many had he messed around with? The thought blackened her mind. She noted his body was covered with sweat, and Cindy was wearing her best dress. She didn’t want to ruin her $600 dress on her stupid brother’s sweat.

She reached around behind her neck and undid the zipper, and in two quick, deft moves, the dress slid to the floor. She wore only a thin, apricot bra and apricot bikini panties underneath the dress. Her figure drew Jimmy’s excited gaze. Her full, pendulous breasts, and thick thatch of golden cunt hair, clearly visible through the thin material, made sure his throbbing prick wasn’t about to go soft.

“What are you going…” Jimmy began.

Cindy sat down on the couch and glared up at her brother, hardly aware of her own semi-nudity. She was determined and forceful when she had to be, and in her business, that was most of the time. “I’m going to give you the spanking of your life!”

“Wha-what?” Jimmy asked, not believing his ears.

“Get across my lap!” Cindy ordered.

Jimmy shakily did as he was told. The feel of his sister’s naked thighs on his cock made it throb even more. But he knew that his sister was a strong woman, and one that could make his ass black and blue for weeks. He had seen her carrying heavy boxes and satchels of designs and things around the house. He was really frightened.

“Please, Sis, don’t do it!” Jimmy pleaded.

“You struggle any more, and you’ll really get it!” Cindy warned as she held her brother’s asscheeks in one hand. The other was pressed against the small of his back. The smooth, taut flesh of his buttocks was enough to bring home the feeling of hominess she had felt earlier. Her nipples were hard and stiff and tender, and the crotch of her panties was wet.

She thought about it for a moment, wondering what she should do with her brother. If she spanked him, it might not do him any good, but she had seen him sucking eagerly on Juanita’s tits, drawing those small, soft, rounded mounds of flesh into his mouth. It had been obvious that James was getting up in years.

And how many girls had he done it to already? She thought about it, and was surprised that none of the fathers of the girls in Jimmy’s school hadn’t called her up already to demand something be done about their pregnant daughters!

“Please, Sis, I’ll do anything,” Jimmy pleaded. He couldn’t afford to get himself hurt now. There was too much he had to do, too many hours of training that would be wasted.

Cindy heard the pleas from her brother, and her hands wandered on across the soft mounds of his ass. She wondered what it would feel like to have him stuff it to her? She hadn’t had a man in over six months, ever since her last lover had packed his bags and left. She hadn’t really liked him, but he had had a big cock.

“Alright,” Cindy breathed with anticipation. She released her hold on her brother’s body.


Jimmy slowly levered himself off his sister’s tender thighs. His prick was still as hard as a brick, and there was a dull ache at the base of his shaft, and in his balls. He suddenly realized that his sister was staring at his spear of flesh, and he blushed slightly.

“It’s a little late for modesty, don’t you think?”

Cindy asked. She reached behind her back in one quick move, and her bra fell to her lap, letting her big tits spring free. The dark, stiff tips were a stark contrast to the rest of the creamy-white flesh of her breasts.

Jimmy had known his sister was a little weird, but really built. As she undid her bra, and it flopped to her lap, Jimmy could finally understand what his sister was planning. He was shocked, but also excited by the searing sight of the large, full tits on his sister’s chest. They were making his mouth water. He had enjoyed his first taste of tit tonight, and Juanita had promised him he would get to stuff his prick into her, but not then. He had been excited about the naked breasts of the Mexican girl, but they were nothing like those of his sister.

“What are you…” Jimmy began to say.

Cindy looked over to him with a cold stare. She was used to getting her way, and no one had had the nerve to defy her for years. “You said you’d do anything, didn’t you?”

“But, Christ, Sis!” Jimmy exploded.

Cindy shook her head, letting her long blonde hair tickle her naked back. She then reached into the band of her panties, and slid them quickly from her burning loins. She had to have sex, she suddenly felt. The boy standing before her with his man-sized cock was enough to drive her wild. It didn’t matter that he was her brother. Nothing mattered. The excitement of being turned on all day long, and never getting any release because of work had finally snapped her mind.

Jimmy stared at his sister’s crotch, his eyes drawn there as if they were iron and her pussy were a magnet. His mouth watered some more, and his vision grew a little hazy. His prick throbbed and shook with unabashed desire. The blonde hair matting and slightly covering the slit between his sister’s widespread legs was enough to bring tears of frustration and lust to his eyes. He had never really gotten it on with a girl before, and Juanita had been his only chance, or so he thought. He had been too busy with his swimming, trying to get into training for the State championships. It was his one passion, and since Cindy didn’t like to swim, there wasn’t a pool behind the house so that he could practice at home.

Cindy reached out with a tender hand and drew her dazed brother over to her, letting her gaze lock onto the jutting pole of meat between his legs. He sat beside her, and she turned his head with her thin hands. She leaned over, her breasts swinging free, and kissed him deeply. Her tongue darted into his mouth, and he gasped. Cindy thought it was just his eagerness and desire that made him gasp.

Jimmy couldn’t believe it! He was being french-kissed by his own sister! It was the first time for him, and he gasped with sheer surprise and shock. He couldn’t believe the change that was coming over his sister. He didn’t know how to cope, and he reached out to steady himself. He felt something soft and doughy caress his fingers, and he realized it was his sister’s tits! He gripped them tightly, letting the nipples scrape his palms. God, Jimmy thought, I must really be a sex maniac to get excited about my own sister!

Jimmy kneaded and dug his fingers harshly into the spongy mass of female flesh in his hands. He locked his mouth onto Cindy’s, and he could hardly breathe. He choked a little, and as he did so, he sucked hard on her invading tongue, trying to get a breath of air.

Cindy felt Jimmy caressing her tits and sucking her tongue, and a sad thought crossed her lust-inflamed mind: How many girls had he fucked in his life? She knew he hung out at the pool at school, and perhaps that was where he’d gotten all his dates and sex. The way his hands dug into her tits should have been a warning to Cindy, but her own desires had numbed her brain, blotting out the inexperienced pulling on her breasts. She was too far gone in her need for release to stop now.

Cindy felt a stab of pain in her back from the awkward, twisted position they were both in, and she knew it was an old injury. She had strained her back years ago when she fell off a ladder getting her new studio in order. She pulled her mouth reluctantly from her brother’s. “Let’s go get comfortable,” she said.

Jimmy looked at his sister with desire-numbed eyes. He nodded. He got to his feet and took his sister’s hand. He led her up the stairs to his bedroom with its king-sized bed. His prick bobbed and weaved in front of him with each step he took, and it was almost comical the way Cindy’s eyes were glued to the object. Jimmy felt odd that he should be feeling so hot for his sister, but she had been the one to want it first. Perhaps she wouldn’t discover he was a virgin. He hoped not, anyway.

Cindy followed her brother up the stairs eagerly. It had been so long since a man had stuffed his cock into her wanton body, or, at least, it felt like it. She saw the muscles in her brother’s ass tighten and then relax as they propelled his trim, taut, strong body up the stairs. Her own body wasn’t bad, either. Her breasts, though larger than normal, were firm and jutted out proudly from her chest. Her belly was flat, and the womanly curve of her hips had sent many a man’s head around for a second look. The full mounds of her ass jiggled as she walked up the stairs.

They finally arrive in the bedroom, and Cindy led the now hesitant Jimmy onto the bed. She stretched out on it, her long legs spreading wide, revealing the secret valley of pleasure nestled between her creamy thighs. Her pussy was already oozing some of its lubricating fluid. She smiled at her brother wickedly. “Come on. You promised,” she said in a husky, lust-tinged voice.

Jimmy nodded slightly. He walked stiff-legged to the bed, and lay beside his sister, propping himself up on one elbow. He leaned his head over, and nibbled on her full, thick lips, bringing sighs of contentment from her throat. His other hand traveled over her body, and to the twin peaks of her tits. He felt the satiny skin and the feel brought another spasm to his cock. His balls were burning and the ache in his prick was enough to make him insane. But his own curiosity and inexperience made him hesitate.

Cindy nibbled at her brother’s lips, wanting him to continue his maddening but delicious caressings of her lust-inflamed body. She thought her brother certainly knew his stuff, because it had been a long time since any man had taken any real time with her. She was a firecracker when it came to sex, she knew that, but it made her that much more hot when they would take their time and tease her into a writhing mass of flesh. Her brother’s hands roamed over her body, tickling and gliding softly over her sensitive skin. Her mind was on fire, and she suddenly reached out and gripped her brother’s cock in her hand. She felt her brother jerk and then sigh.

Jimmy’s hand clutched momentarily the firm breast he held as his sister gripped his cock in her dainty hand. Her smooth fingers drew moans of lust from his lips. He squeezed and kneaded the firm mound of flesh, and he drew his mouth from hers. He couldn’t really think straight, not with the delightful sensations bubbling up from his straining loins. He knew enough about sex to realize the feelings were just beginning in his prick.

He bent his head over his sister’s chest, and looked down through lust-slitted eyes at the nipples thrusting toward him. He licked his lips and lowered his head. He’d heard about sucking a woman’s tits, and with Juanita downstairs, it had been exciting. Though he had just placed his lips on the Mexican girl’s tiny breasts when his sister had walked in.

Jimmy gripped the nipple in his mouth, drawing as much of the tit into his oral cavern as he could. The white, creamy flesh was soft and spongy, and the hard tip of the nipple was stiff as rubber. He licked and nibbled on it, drawing moans of pleasure from his sister’s gaping mouth.


Jimmy moved his hand across his sister’s body, still sucking hungrily on her tit. He let his hand trace a path over her rounded hips and to her firm and inviting buttocks. He gripped her there, letting his hand roam between her crack and pull the cheeks of her ass apart.

“OOOOOHHHHHH, YEEESSSSSS!” Cindy groaned. God, she was going out of her skull! Her brother was fantastic! “OOOHHHHH, STICK YOUR FINGER UP MY ASSHOLE!”

Jimmy was a little startled at the odd request, but he complied quickly. Perhaps it was something all men did when they fucked a woman. He wasn’t quite sure. It seemed to him it might hurt a bit, but he wasn’t the one running the show. He felt his sister’s hand leave his groin, and he sighed with relief, he thought he might go off in her hand at any moment. The throbbing in his prick subsided for a bit, though it still ached. He shoved a finger up his sister’s asshole, feeling her hot, buttery depths grip his digit with great strength.


Cindy moaned. She opened her slate-gray eyes wide and stared at the ceiling. “Get in me, quick! Get in me! I’m about to die!”

Jimmy had been afraid of that. He didn’t quite know what to do, but he decided he’d wing it. He pulled his hand from between his sister’s asscheeks, removing his finger from her bung hole. He put his hand firmly on the mattress near her shoulder. He levered himself over her body, and waited. He wasn’t sure where her hole was, but he would have a little fun first. He quickly straddled her body, his cock rubbing against her belly. He walked on his knees up her length as she stared past her breasts at his purple cock tip. The blond hair covering his loins and his balls wasn’t thick, and since it was blond, like the hair on his head, it seemed as if he had no hair there at all. The white of his loins contrasted sharply with the dark tan of his body.

Cindy stared as her brother walked on his knees the length of her body. She had no idea what he planned, but her brain was in such turmoil, she couldn’t stop him. She saw him straddle her chest, her large breasts on either side of his cock. She wondered briefly, and then gasped as he gripped her tits and pushed them over his prick. The hot rod of flesh seemed to sear her skin with its touch.

“OOOHHHHH!” Jimmy moaned in pleasure. He shut his eyes, reveling in the exquisite feelings spiraling up from his cock.

Cindy’s eyes never left the area of her tits where her brother’s cock was buried. He moved his hips forward slowly, using her breasts as a substitute cunt, letting their sweat-soaked skin grip his pole tightly. He sawed quickly in and out several times, the purple-red tip of his cock darting toward her chin, and then disappearing again between the mounds of her breasts.

“UUUUHHHHH!” Cindy cried. Her pussy felt so empty, and she knew she was gushing out lots of honey from between her legs. “OOOHHHH! DO IT TO ME! STUFF YOUR COCK INTO MY HOLE!”

Jimmy’s eyes snapped open as he reluctantly left the pleasure-giving warmth of between his sister’s large tits. He could feel the sperm boiling up in his balls, demanding to be let out. Now was the time, and there could be no hesitation. He moved down her body on his knees. He let his cock drag on her skin, leaving a trail of pre-seminal fluid between her breasts and over the flat plain of her belly. He jerked as the walls of his sister’s cunt tickled the underside of his prong, and he moved between her widespread legs. He looked down and saw the oozing hole of her cunt.

Jimmy leaned forward, putting his hands on either side of his sister’s blonde head. He took some of the weight off his knees as he gradually lowered his loins. He let the cockhead rub up and down on the hairy jungle of his sister’s bush, and she moaned in frustrated passion. Jimmy was still so scared he waited. He didn’t know precisely where the cunt hole was.

Cindy was sure her brother was a master lover. The way he’d brought her to this peak of lusting, rutting passion was wonderful, and now he was teasing her again. Well, she’d had enough. She wanted to be stuffed, and stuffed good with a big, hairy dick! She reached between their bodies, gripped the hard, rubbery shaft of her brother’s cock, and placed the thick head of it at the entrance to her cunt. She waited.

Jimmy paused, holding his body still. This was it. He was going to fuck her. He’d know first-hand what the other boys in school talked about. He hesitated again, then jerked his hips down and forward.

Cindy’s pink-slitted, hair-lined pussy accepted the burrowing shaft of his cock easily. It accommodated the man-sized pole, yet clamped hard on it. The rod sliced through her like a hot knife through butter.

“OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!” Cindy cried out.

Jimmy savored the scalding sheath his prick was imbedded within. It was nothing like his hand, nothing at all! He could understand why all the boys in school talked about it so much! It was wonderful! He flicked his hips around in tight circles, using his stomach muscles to move his body and pelvis. It was a new sensation, and he wanted to experience it as long as he could.

“OOOOOOHHHH! IT’S SO TIGHT!” Jimmy said from between clenched teeth.

The churning at the base of his balls was enough to make him cry out in pleasure/pain. It was his aching prostate demanding release. It had kept his cock stiff and hard for over half an hour, and it was burning. He just lay there, his prick stuffed high up into his sister’s cunt. The velvety tightness was a delight around his cock. Then he began to move. Slowly at first, and then faster and faster.

Jimmy could feel the muscles in his stomach and buttocks coming into play in a combination he’d never known before. It was exciting, and as his speed increased, his sister’s body matched him.

Cindy was surprised at how fast her brother was fucking her. She had had many men, but none had ever been in the shape her brother was. He swam miles each week, and there was not a muscle in his body that wasn’t finely tuned and ready for work. She reached up and gripped his head and kissed him as he forced his body to another notch of speed. It was like nothing she’d ever experienced before. She had never met a man who could keep up with her, but now her brother was sliding his prick in and out of her wet cunt at his top speed, and she knew he could go faster.

Cindy’s pelvis rose up to smash into her brother’s down thrusting body, and then pulled away as he lifted his hips from hers briefly. Then their loins would meet again. Her breath was getting short, and the flame in her cunt was enough to almost send her rocketing off. But she waited, holding back. And finally, she could stand it no longer. The delicious feelings shot up from her pussy straight to her brain. The thick girth of her brother’s cock had rubbed and scraped time and again on her tiny, sensitive clitoris.

“OH! OH! OH!” Cindy gasped. “I’M GONNA CUUUMMMMM!”

Jimmy increased his pace and the extra bit of speed sent his own balls to yelling out for satisfaction. He stared down at his sister’s lust-contorted face as he held her in his arms, resting his weight on his elbows. She came alive beneath him.


Cindy felt the shudder grip her mind, and then it was on her! She shook and quaked, still feeling her brother’s body battering into her. The world swam around in her wide-open eyes, and she gripped her brother with her long, lithe legs, drumming her heels on his asscheeks. Her whole body shook, and her pussy gripped and squeezed on the pleasure giving tool rampaging into her womb. She let out a sigh of contentment.

After Cindy had come, Jimmy felt his own orgasm smash over him. His cock began to throb, and he stuffed it as deep into his sister’s hole as he could, arching his body like a bow. He bellowed out like a mule, and the thick, hot gobs of sperm spurted out the end of his cock, flooding his sister’s cunt.

His jism seemed never-ending, and his hips bucked and shook as the last of his fluids slid out from his balls. He collapsed upon the still body of his sister. He pulled his prick from her cunt with a loud, sucking noise, and then lay by her side. Both had smiles of delight and peace upon their faces.


Cindy Whitehall awoke, a trifle unsure of her surroundings. Her head was still slightly groggy from sleep, and as she glanced around, looking at the medals and trophies lining the walls of the room, she was momentarily disoriented. Then she recalled the joys of last night, discovering the secrets of incest! It should have made her feel sordid and guilty, but she was quite happy. She glanced over at her brother, and saw his young face was relaxed in peaceful, sated sleep. She gently maneuvered the sheet, the only covering they had, off their nude bodies. She glanced down between her brother’s legs. His young cock was stiff and hard.

The morning light was streaming in from the shuttered window in thin shafts. The light was enough for Cindy to make out everything very clearly. She couldn’t keep her eyes from the thick cock jutting out swollen and long from her younger brother’s loins. It looked so inviting and delicious. Her mouth watered, and she grinned to herself as the idea took over her mind. Why not? It couldn’t be any worse than what they’d done last night.

She moved slowly and surely on the bed, wanting the first waking impression her brother had to be fantastic. She turned her body around, until her head was hovering over his loins.

She took a deep breath of the delightful aroma flowing up from her brother’s groin. The musky, heady odor was enough to set her salivary glands to working, making her mouth fill with spit. She reached out gingerly with one hand, and took the prick in her fist. She stared down at the one-eyed tool of pleasure that had plowed so sweetly into her cunt last night. She lowered her head, and opened her full-lipped mouth, and she sighed silently when her oral cavern engulfed the head of his cock. The thick girth of it made her jaws ache slightly, but she didn’t want to cause her brother any pain at all, not this morning, not after having given her such a delightful fuck last night.

Jimmy Whitehall couldn’t believe what he was feeling, it was so real and so good! He was slowly coming out of his dream-tossed sleep. He was having a dream that his pretty young math teacher, Mrs. Finderson, was taking his thick, hard prick into her hot mouth. He’d had a crush on her for several weeks, and wanted to get into her pants, just as every boy in Marketville High School did. But it was a forlorn hope, since she was married to the swimming coach.

He opened his blue eyes and stared up at the ceiling as the great sensations warming his cock didn’t stop. He glanced down quickly as the astonishing through registered, and saw his beautiful, naked sister slaving over his thick prick. Her ass was toward him, and he could see the little puckered nubbin of her asshole, and the hairs of her pussy showed between her legs, also.

He let his lecherous gaze travel down the whole length of her white, firm body. Her tits swung free, hanging from her chest, making an enticing sight. He knew he could stare at her tits forever, and never get tired of them. He then glanced down to his loins where the delicious feelings were coming from. He saw his sister’s mouth open wide to take the full girth of his thick, lust-swollen cock into her oral cavity, and he closed his eyes to enjoy the feelings.


Cindy grinned awkwardly with the thick pole of her brother’s cock stuffed into her mouth. It was nice that he was awake and could tell who was doing it to him. She continued to slave away on her brother’s delightful big tool.

She bobbed her head up and down, letting her tongue swirl all around his cock. She tried to force some of her tongue down into the tiny hole at the tip of his cock, but was unsuccessful in that attempt, though it brought deep moans of pleasure from tier brother’s lips. The long shaft at times threatened to make her choke, but she’d sucked enough cocks in her life to know how to avoid the feeling by relaxing her throat. It was making her cunt ooze with excitement. Every now and then, the smell of her own juices came to her, gently wafted to her nostrils by the moving air of the room.

She held the bottom of the shaft with one of her dainty hands, and the other tickled and jiggled her brother’s balls. She knew he would be coming soon, and she thought it was high time he started working on her. She quickly straddled his body, bringing her ass directly in front of his face. She then let her body crawl slowly backward until her juicy cunt was directly over her brother’s lips.

Cindy jerked when her brother reached up and gripped the back of her thighs. He pulled her loins down to his face, and she sighed with contentment at the first stabs of her brother’s tongue into her honey hole. She then began to work harder on her brother. She was almost ready to pop herself.

Jimmy smelled the heavy, musky odor of his sister’s gooey cunt as she held her loins poised above his lips. He knew what she wanted, and he wondered if he’d get sick if he sucked on her cunt. He decided there was no time like the present, and reached up with his strong hands and gripped the backs of her thighs. He forced her pussy down onto his lips, and the main part of her bush rested on his chin. He flicked out his tongue experimentally, not wanting to appear inexperienced.

He’d never tasted cunt before, and when he brought his tongue back into his mouth, he decided he liked the salty, slightly pungent taste. He couldn’t quite concentrate completely on his sister’s pussy, because his own loins were burning with lust. He reached between her thighs, his elbows pressed against her hips, and using his hands, opened up the flower of her cunt to his tongue. He stared at the sight of her asshole just above the nectar-oozing hole of her pussy. The pink flanges gaped wide, and the whole expanse of her slit was open to his curious gaze.

He decided he might as well get on with it. He stuck his tongue into the slit that had given him so much pleasure last night. He liked it even better as he brought his mouth to play upon her hairy loins. Some of the pubic hairs caught on his tongue, but with the next lick into her pink slit, the hair would be gone. He then discovered the bud of her clitoris, and at first he wondered what he’d done to bring such jerks from his sister’s body. He then recalled all that he’d managed to learn about women’s bodies from the sex education class she’d taken, and he realized he’d found her clit.

Cindy worked harder on her brother’s prick. It tasted great, and she jerked again as her brother’s maddening tongue dug into her, scraping against the sensitive surface of her clit. She brought her mouth into complete play now. The thick cock pulsing in her hot oral cavern was delicious, and it was coated with her own saliva.

She jerked her head up and down, taking the cock deep into her throat, then pulling away until only the bulbous tip was in her mouth. She then swirled her tongue around the glans, bringing moans of ecstasy from her brother’s chest. She rubbed her stiff nipples across his belly, letting their stiff, finger-like protrusions describe arcs of fire there.

The contact with her brother’s body was enough to set her flying another notch higher on her road toward orgasm. She buried her face into the wiry hair covering her brother’s crotch, glorying in the forbidden delights she was experiencing with her own brother. She had never known sex could be so fulfilling. It was like nothing she’d ever felt before. Perhaps it was the idea that what they were doing would be condemned by almost everyone. The little edge of naughtiness brought on by the thought of incest added spice to the delight of discovering another accomplished lover.

She could feel her brother’s hips starting to rise with her gulping down on his prick. She knew he would soon be trying to stuff it clear down her throat as his sexual excitement grew. It wouldn’t be long now.

She brought her head down again, released the hold she had on the bottom of the stiff shaft. She let his cock slither down her gullet until her lips rested on the base of the column, her lips being tickled by the thin patch of pubic hair there. It seemed as if the entire thick shaft of flesh was lodged at the base of her throat, but by jerking up quickly, she found she could catch a deep breath of air before she gulped down the cock again. She exhaled through her nose as she slid her mouth down on the prick again.

Jimmy couldn’t quite bring himself to believe what was happening. It was more than he hoped he could have done with Juanita. The little Mexican girl didn’t have the set of knockers his sister had, nor the soft, round asscheeks that jiggled before his eyes as his tongue probed the delicious cunt before him. His chin worked up and down, allowing maximum access for his tongue to slide out of his mouth and lick the honey coming from his sister’s cunt.

He’d heard a few boys talk about giving head, but they had seemed very vague about details. Nothing in his young life had prepared him for this!

He rolled his tongue into a small cylinder, and with curious caution, he stuffed his oral muscle into the gaping slit between his sister’s sweet legs. She squealed in pleasure, forcing the sound from her nose, as her mouth was stuffed with cock.

The tingle at the base of Jimmy’s balls told him he’d be shooting his wad soon. The throbbing in his cock was getting stronger and most incessant. He began to drive his hips up to meet the downward rush of his sister’s head. He could feel her hands reach under him and grip his asscheeks firmly. The bucking of his body was soon matched by her own jerking and sweating form.

Cindy suddenly thought the throbbing in her brother’s cock was increasing. Before she was quite ready, a gush of scalding jism flooded down her throat, followed by several more huge gouts of sperm. She gobbled it all down greedily, letting the fluid coat her throat. Soon, the thick rod of her brother’s cock was shriveling up as his lustful needs were sated for the moment.

During his shattering orgasm, Jimmy couldn’t quite figure out what his mouth was doing, but it kept up the licking and sucking on his sister’s cunt. She suddenly stiffened and shot off her own climax. The fluid gushed out of her hole, and he lapped as much of the honey as he could. Finally both were satisfied. Cindy rolled from his body, and relaxed by her brother with her head resting on his thigh.

“That was great,” Jimmy managed to breathe.

“Yes,” Cindy said. She glanced at the clock on her brother’s nightstand and noted with a shock that the day was beginning. The maids would be getting into the house soon. Since they prepared breakfast before they cleaned any of the rooms, Cindy was sure they hadn’t discovered her clothing in the middle of the living room yet.

“I’ve got to get my clothes,” Cindy said firmly. “You take a shower, and we’ll talk afterwards.”

“Sure thing, Sis,” Jimmy said.

Cindy got up from the bed and rushed down the steps, completely nude. Her tits flopped and bounced on her chest, and she reached the living room. The sounds of breakfast being prepared in the kitchen by the maids could be heard. She hurried and got all of her clothes. She got back up the stairs just as the kitchen door opened. One of the maids walked to the dining room, just adjacent to the living room, and started preparing the table.

Cindy got to her room, and walked over to her own shower. She took a few seconds to get the water just right, and then let the water wash all the telltale odors from her body. She sighed as the dried semen that coated her bush and the insides of her thighs was washed free, also. But, it had to be done. She was glad she had gotten herself an IUD last year. She dried her body after she stepped from the shower, and then walked over to her brother’s room, still nude. With the firing of Juanita, she didn’t worry about being seen. She walked boldly in and saw her brother drying his hair.

She smiled slightly as she saw his cock jerk to attention as his eyes caught the curves and lines of her fantastic body. It was reassuring to her that it hadn’t been a fluke thing. She marched straight to him.

“I want what happened up here to remain a secret,” Cindy said in her best no-nonsense voice.

“Sure, Sis,” Jimmy nodded. “I won’t tell a soul.”

“And I want you to stop spending so much time at the pool…” Cindy began.

“But, I’ve got to!” Jimmy interrupted, aghast at her orders. “I’ve got to win the State championship! And if I make a good showing, I might have a chance at an Olympic spot in a few years.”

“Hey, I didn’t know,” Cindy said. “Okay. But just go there for practice. No more of this fucking around. I don’t want you to knock up some stupid kid that ain’t on the pill, you understand?”

Jimmy nodded. Gee, didn’t she know I was a virgin until last night? Jimmy asked himself. Obviously not.

Cindy nodded to herself. “Okay. Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes. Pretend nothing’s changed between us. Eat after I’ve gone to work, as usual. And don’t fuck around with the maids, you hear?”

“Yeah, Sis,” Jimmy nodded. “I hear.”

Cindy jerked her head in a sharp nod, turned on her heel, and walked from the room. She still had doubts about that story about the pool. But those trophies had to come from somewhere. Perhaps it’s just as well, she thought. If he’s really practicing, he’ll be my lover exclusively.

Cindy didn’t take into account the powerful needs of a growing boy.


Jimmy hit the water with a splash. The coolness swept over him as he pulled himself along with his strong arms, thrusting his body through the water with practiced ease. He quickly settled down into the rhythm he’d use for the next ten to fifteen minutes. He was just doing one of the intermediate races, and not one of the long ones that were his specialty. He glanced to his left, trying to catch a glimpse of his teammates racing along with him. Jimmy hoped he could do much better this time around than the last race he’d swum for practice. The State tournament was coming along shortly, and his form was suffering somewhat from the exertions from the night before. His young body was in top shape, and it was only in the mental areas of concentration that he suffered.

He approached the first turn, and brought his mind down on the problem of maneuvering his body through the rigors of bringing about a smooth transition. He made it smoothly, and his mind finally cleared of the disturbing images of his sister standing naked before him, her tits and bush burning into his eyes. His mind was now concentrating upon the race, the water, the position he was in, and the calls from the coach on the side of the pool telling them the times and how they were doing. Jimmy noted in the far corner of his mind that the coach was no longer riding him like he had during the first part of the practice. The race wore on.

Coach Robert Finderson nodded to himself as he watched the five swimmers clit through the water of the Olympic-sized pool. He had been curious at Jimmy’s lack of concentration, but he was glad now the young boy was getting into the rhythm of the swim. Bob had high hope for the boy. Bob knew Jimmy was a natural, and with his natural stamina, amazing for one so young, he knew the boy had a good chance at getting the gold medal at the upcoming State tournament.

The afternoon sun beat down upon all those in the pool as the race was reaching its final lap. Bob saw Jimmy picking up the pace, using his superior stamina to push the other swimmers to the ultimate limit of their abilities. Bob knew from the way the swimmers hit the last turn that Jimmy would win easily, and he smiled to himself. Jimmy was sure making up for his earlier lapses in concentration. Bob grinned. He liked having State champions listed on his record.

Bob Finderson was a tall young man who had been teaching swimming at Marketville High School for the last three years. He had black hair, brown eyes, and a dark tan from his many hours at poolside. His face was handsome, and there were girls writing him mash notes all the time. He knew he was popular with the boys, too. The understood him and respected him. He was young enough so he could identify with them, and yet old enough to be the boss when it came right down to it. His wife was a math teacher, and she was a knockout. The Findersons had brought a touch of class to the school system.

The swimmers finally reached the last five yards of the race, and Bob rushed over to the end of the pool. He watched as Jimmy easily beat the other swimmers, and as the young boy gripped the edge of the pool, looking at the others coming in, he grinned.

Jimmy was tired and aching, but it was a feeling he’d come to know well in his many years of training. He had started out because he’d loved the water, and now he knew he was old enough to realize he perhaps had a future in the events. He would be peaking out just as the State tournament came into being, and he could win three or perhaps four medals if he did well. He was proud of his prowess, even though it was a pure strain on him. He wasn’t ready yet for the big time, but he knew that in a few, more years, he’d be able to compete in the NCAA championships.

“Good show, Jimmy,” Bob smiled from the edge of the pool. “Now, get out of the water, and go take a shower. I want to talk to you. Go sit in my office.”

Jimmy nodded, and pulled his lean, tanned, muscular body from the clasping grip of the water.

He walked, dripping water all along the way, to the I shower. He was glad the owner of the pool let the school use it for practice every afternoon. The school pool was fine, but it was slightly shorter than Olympic-size, and it could throw a swimmer off if he practiced too much in it. So three days a week, the owner of the pool allowed the boys to use it. The other two days were for the girls’ swimming team.

After a brisk shower, and a change of clothing, Jimmy walked to Coach Finderson’s office. Jimmy was glad practice was over for the day. He was anxious to get on with his affairs. He had to study for an algebra test tomorrow, and wait for Cindy to come home. He was really looking forward to that.

Bob Finderson walked into the office and sat down at the desk. “Well, Jimmy, what was the matter out there?”

“I don’t know, Coach,” Jimmy said. “I just couldn’t seem to concentrate.”

“Why?” Bob asked. He knew something was on the young boy’s mind. He knew enough to wait. It’d come out eventually.

“I don’t know, Coach,” Jimmy stammered. He couldn’t get the picture of his delectable sister out of his mind. He could feel his prick start to swell in his old faded jeans. He was embarrassed, and he blushed.

“Ahhhhh,” Bob smiled. “So it’s a girl. What happened, you get your first piece of ass?”

Jimmy’s ears flushed a bright, lobster red, and he nodded, grinning sheepishly.

“Fine,” Bob nodded. “I was worried that it was school work or something. Okay, I won’t tell you to stop, because I know better. Just keep your bedroom thoughts in the bedroom, okay? And concentrate on swimming when you’re in the pool. That’s all I ask.”

“Sure thing, Coach,” Jimmy smiled.

Cindy stared at the mass of papers on her desk, and sighed. She reached out and picked up her coffee cup, and took a sip of the scalding liquid. It jerked her awake as the fluid burned her tongue. She checked over the designs she would be revealing in the International Showing in a few weeks. She knew the designs were all first rate, and they represented the culmination of many years of hard work. And now her nerves were giving her trouble. She wondered about that. She brushed some of her hair from her face, and tried to concentrate. She’d have to be certain the models she used would accent her patterns to the fullest.

A knock on the door disturbed her thoughts. She rubbed two of her fingers across her creased forehead. She put down the coffee cup, and sighed again. She was used to interruptions. It was one of the things she had to put up with.

“Come in,” Cindy said loudly, hoping her irritation showed.

Chiffon Swanlion flowed into the room. She was the top model in Cindy’s operation, and one of the top three models in the country. She was a temperamental and a star. She had high cheekbones, a slim, girlish figure, and was tall. Her blonde hair was thick and her perfectly made-up face was enough to send most fashion photographers scrambling for their cameras.

“What can I do for you, Chiffon?” Cindy asked, holding her irritation inside. She was, tense, but she had enough business sense to know she needed Chiffon for the showing in a few weeks.

“I’m here on business,” Chiffon said, gliding her frame into the chair opposite Cindy’s desk. She was wearing a micro-mini, showing off her long legs. Her tan was partly from the sun and partly from the ultraviolet lights the model kept in her apartment. Her thin lips glistened redly, and the trace of green eyeshadow around her jade-green eyes made them seem bigger than they were. She was beautiful, seemingly unapproachable. She had small breasts, but they were firm and sensitive. They were outlined clearly by the sheer, gold blouse she was wearing.

“I guessed that,” Cindy said. She put her elbows on the desk and leaned forward slightly. Her blonde hair slid from behind her shoulders and outlined her oval face.

“It’s that stupid bitch, Brenda,” Chiffon breathed. Her voice was husky and tinged with sex. She fairly reeked of sexual passion. A lot of men had been after her for years, but Chiffon was particular. She liked her men young, thin and muscular.

“What now?” Cindy asked. She didn’t know what was coming, but she expected it was another of the many in-fights that she’d come to know after three years in the designing business, and having to deal with models all the time.

“She insists that she’s the top model here,” Chiffon sniffed. Her eyes filled with tears, but never overflowed. It would have mussed her makeup.

“That’s stupid,” Cindy said. “You know better than that; I’ve told you enough times you’re my best model.”

“But you’ve never proved it,” Chiffon said, uncrossing her legs and leaning forward slightly.

Cindy sat back in the thick, comfortable chair, and mused for a second. “What do you mean?”

“It seems that Brenda says that you and her have had a little fun now and then,” Chiffon said, her eyes suddenly clear of tears and quite bright.

Cindy fumed inwardly. That stupid idiot Brenda! she thought to herself. Don’t I have enough problems? She admitted to herself that she had taken advantage of Brenda’s voracious sexual appetite in the last six months to take the edge of her own desires. It had been harmless, and had nothing to do with modeling careers. Brenda was a good model, but would never be a top star. And now Chiffon was jealous! Cindy realized.

“We’ve had a few tumbles,” Cindy said softly.

“How come you never thought to ask me?” Chiffon asked.

Cindy thought for a moment, and then shrugged. “You were still involved with Tony at the time,” Cindy said.

Chiffon looked shocked. “You mean it was that long ago?”

Cindy smiled to herself. Yes, it had been quite a time ago. And if she hadn’t fucked her brother last night, she’d be about ready for another round with Brenda, too. “Well, I’ve been busy.”

“You can never be too busy for sex,” Chiffon said, wide-eyed. She licked her lips, leaving an enticing trail of moisture.

“You’re right,” Cindy smiled. She got to her feet and began to unbutton her yellow shirt. She glanced at the door, noting with a wry grin that Chiffon had already locked it.

Chiffon smiled broadly and got to her feet. She carefully zipped open the back of her gold blouse and slid it from her shoulders. Her small tits sprang free. She undid her short skirt, letting it fall to her feet. She was wearing a pair of sheer pantyhose, and the dark tangle of hair between her legs told Cindy’s darting eyes that Chiffon wasn’t a natural blonde. Chiffon glanced over to the nude body Cindy was exposing to her gaze, and she felt all gooey inside. She really had the hots for her boss.

Cindy pulled her pants free of her hips, and her blonde pubic thatch was instantly revealed. She hadn’t worn any underclothing at all today, and her heavy tits swung free as she pushed the pants past her shapely hips and to her ankles. She stepped free of them. She stood proudly naked behind her desk. She walked calmly over to the couch, and sat down on its long, low surface. The presence of the thin, nubile body of her top model was making her very horny.

Chiffon walked quickly to join her boss on the couch as soon as she had shed the pantyhose. Cindy reached out with her hands and cupped Chiffon’s face.

Both of their cunt slits were already flowering open, exposing the pink innerfolds. Chiffon reached out and felt the smooth surface of Cindy’s full tits, and then let her hands slide down her boss’ side. She let her fingers glide slowly over the wide flare of the other woman’s shapely hips, and across the firm buttocks. Chiffon leaned close and kissed Cindy’s throat gently, softly. She let her lips glide down the warm skin to Cindy’s big tits. She had wanted to taste them ever since she’d seen them free of the shirt. She took one of the thick nipples into her hot, warm, moist mouth, and let her tongue swirl around the tip.

“OOOOOOHHHHH!” Cindy moaned. She let her hands tangle in the blonde locks of the model. Her hands then traced a path down across the other woman’s shoulders, and past her thin sides. She gripped Chiffon’s boyish hips, and was reminded for a moment of Jimmy. She really had come to love her brother’s body, and she’d only played with him last night.

Chiffon relished the salty, tart taste of Cindy’s sweat-coated tits. She maneuvered her hands back from her boss’ ass and then across the top of her thighs and between Cindy’s legs. The blonde thatched mound was gaping open, and the pink maw glistened wide, eager for the stiff, gouging fingers that Chiffon stuffed into it.

“Lean back,” Chiffon said as she drew her head away from Cindy’s breasts.

Cindy nodded and released her caressing hold on Chiffon’s hips and lay back on the long couch. She had plenty of room, for the couch was wide, also. There was ample room for the two women. She closed her eyes, readying herself to relish the exquisite feelings that would be flooding her mind shortly. She was really horny, and needed the release.

Chiffon smiled as she reached down and spread open the petals of Cindy’s cunt. She stared down at the delectable sight and licked her lips as she brought her head down between the widespread legs. Her own body was quivering with burning lust, and the heady aroma filling her nostrils was almost too much to bear. She flicked her tongue out and let the tantalizing taste of the other woman’s lubricating fluids fill her mouth. She lapped and sucked and slurped at the pink slit between Cindy’s legs. Chiffon was aware of her own need, and began to maneuver. She stepped off the couch, without breaking her contact with Cindy’s cunt, and swung her body around, creating delicious sensations for her boss.

“GGGGOOOOOODDDD!” Cindy groaned. She wanted to grip Chiffon’s head and stuff her face as hard as she could against her snatch, but she opened her eyes and saw the model maneuvering.

Cindy smiled, and waited. Soon, Chiffon had placed one of her knees just beside Cindy’s head and then the other knee was placed on the other side of her head. Cindy stared up at the black-thatched crotch above her. She twisted and the two of them were lying on their sides. Cindy had her head resting on one of Chiffon’s thighs and she quickly jerked forward, mashing her mouth against the hair-covered slit of Chiffon’s cunt.

Chiffon had been momentarily shaken by the superior strength of Cindy, but when she found she was lying on one of Cindy’s legs, and still in contact with Cindy’s honey hole, she was content. She immediately concentrated her lickings upon the stiff-standing nubbin of Cindy’s clitoris.

Chiffon let her raspy tongue rub over the sensitive duster of nerve endings, causing the other woman to moan and jerk slightly. Chiffon was lost in the heat of the moment. She concentrated upon her objective while at the same time relishing the feelings of delicious delight electrifying her own loins.

Cindy gripped the boyish asscheeks of Chiffon and let her tongue spear into the crease between Chiffon’s long legs. The hair of her loins tickled Cindy’s nose, but she paid no attention to that. She ran her oral muscle up and down between the moist slit, drawing little involuntary twitches of joy from Chiffon’s long, lean, tanned body. The model’s thighs pressed into the sides of Cindy’s head in a spasm of lust.

The sound of sexual excitement and lustful lickings filled the office. Everyone else in the organization was busy, so no one would even know of the episode unless one of the women decided to reveal that it had happened.

Cindy could feel her insides starting to ache as the tension built up to the breaking point. The electric tingle of her clit grew stronger and stronger, and her mind began to burn with the need for orgasm. Before she was quite ready, the smashing climax roared over her. She clamped her legs tightly upon Chiffon’s head, holding the model a delighted prisoner between her fleshy thighs. The tanned flesh of Chiffon contrasted with the cream-white skin of Cindy. Cindy jerked and moaned and could feel the liquid gush from her hole in a rush that shook her. She had pulled her head from between Chiffon’s thighs momentarily as she concentrated upon her own orgasm.

“AAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!” Cindy moaned loudly.

Chiffon kept her head between Cindy’s legs, twirling her tongue over and over Cindy’s clit. Finally, as the other woman quieted, Chiffon pulled her tongue back into her mouth. Her face was coated with the fluids that had flowed out in a rush from Cindy’s cunt. She waited for Cindy to bring her head to play upon her own pussy.

Cindy was barely aware of her surroundings as she concentrated upon the crotch before her eyes. She had had a glorious climax, and now she would repay the beautiful model in kind. She licked and tickled the stiff-standing member imbedded within the hairy slit of Chiffon’s cunt. Soon, the model began to quiver, and soft moans of pleasure escaped from Chiffon’s glistening lips.

“OOOOHHHH, YESSSSSSS!” Chiffon hissed. Cindy knew the model was close, and she bobbed her head up and down and, positioning herself, she rolled her tongue into an imitation cock and stabbed deeply into Chiffon’s gaping hole. She reached up with her right hand and massaged the model’s clit. The maneuver was enough to set Chiffon off.

“UUUUUUNNNNNNHHHHH!” Chiffon growled.

After a brief second of uncontrolled passion, Chiffon was slowly brought back to earth. She sighed contentedly. She rolled gently from Cindy’s body. The two women had room on the couch to relax for several minutes. Their naked, glistening bodies were an exciting sight. Both of them had been taken to the edge of pleasure and then thrust over. They were both quite sated.

“That was great,” Chiffon said finally.

Cindy smiled. “Yes.” She slowly sat up and stared down at the model’s nude form. She was surprised that she was still capable of being excited by the sight. She shook her head. That was what she had needed. The release of the tension in a quick, short, satisfying sexual bout had brought her thoughts back to her. She hated to get back to work, but she knew it was necessary. She got off the couch and went to the door. She unlocked it quickly and peaked out. There was no one in the hallway. She dashed across to the models’ dressing room, knowing it would be empty at this time of day, and picked up two towels. She then rushed back to her office and locked the door again. She walked over to Chiffon, who was sitting up, her body shimmering with sweat.

“Here,” Cindy smiled. She began to towel herself dry. “I hate to rush you, but we’ve both got work to do.”

Chiffon smiled and rubbed the towel over her small tits. “I know.”


“Say, Jimmy,” Bob Finderson said as Jimmy got up to leave.

“Yeah, Coach?” Jimmy asked. He wondered what the Coach wanted him to do now. He could hear the showers of the other swimmers going as they prepared to leave practice and go home.

“How would you like to earn some extra money?” Bob asked.

“Sure thing, Coach!” Jimmy said. He could always use the pocket money.

“Then, why don’t you help me clean up around here after the guys have all gone?” Bob asked. “It’ll save me a lot of trouble.”

“Great!” Jimmy exclaimed. He liked the idea of working around the pool. He could enjoy the smell of the water, and the feeling of comfort he got from being near the water would be nice. He could explain to Cindy when he got home why he was late. She’d be pleased he was finding something for him to do at the pool instead of wasting his time, as she put it.

“Bob!” a voice called from the entranceway of the pool. It was a woman’s voice, and Jimmy wondered who it could be. He knew the girls wouldn’t be here today. He also knew it wasn’t Mrs. Finderson, for he knew her voice well.

“Come on, Jimmy,” Bob smiled. “You’re going to meet someone.”

“Sure thing, Coach,” Jimmy agreed. He was a little unsure of himself, but what the hell? It wouldn’t kill him.

He followed the older man out of the office and to the main entranceway, near the ticket booth of the pool. He was taken aback by what he saw.

The girl, or woman, really, was tall and well-built. She had dark-brown hair and laughing blue-green eyes. She had a darkly tanned face and thick, sensuous lips. Her tits were ripe and full, though firm. She was wearing a white halter that outlined every bit of her nipples. The tight, cut-off blue jeans she wore accented the loveliness of her shapely thighs and long, tapering legs. She had full, wide hips. Her smile was cheerful, and she had dimples.

Jimmy instantly felt shy, and walked up a little red-faced behind the Coach. He stood by as the two exchanged a brief greeting.

“Hey, Bob, how are your swimmers going to do at the State meet?” the woman asked.

“I think we’ll surprise a lot of people, including quite a lot from here, too,” Bob smiled. He turned to face Jimmy. “And this is one of my secret weapons. Jimmy Whitehall, meet Patricia Worthy. She works nights here, even though her father owns this place.”

“How do you do?” Jimmy stammered.

“Fine,” Pat smiled. She pointed to Bob. “And don’t mind him. I just work here to get some spending money. My dad has me on a strict allowance, and every little bit helps.”

“Well, I’ve got to be going,” Bob said with a glance at his watch. “Jimmy here is going to clean up for the night customers. I’ll pay him my share. I know there’s going to be a few nights where he’d not going to be able to work, since I want him to be sure he passes his hard subjects.”

“Fine,” Pat said with a twinkle in her eyes. “You think Jimmy here has a chance?”

“A chance?” Bob laughed. “He’s got more than a chance. Unless he does something really dumb, like not concentrating.” Bob’s smile broadened.

“Then he’ll be State champ for sure.”

Jimmy blushed again at the mention of his concentration. He knew the Coach was referring to his getting fucked last night. Good thing he hadn’t blabbed that it was his sister that had fucked him. No sense in freaking people out.

“Keep it up, Jimmy,” Pat smiled. “If you do good, you’ll get a scholarship to college instead of having to get money from somewhere else. I get it from my old man, but he’s a real bear when it comes to fun money.”

“Well,” Bob said, “I’ve really got to be going now. See you tomorrow, Jimmy.”

“Sure thing, Coach,” Jimmy said, waving as Bob walked away.

Jimmy turned back to Pat as soon as Bob was out of sight. “What should I start on first?”

“The showers, I guess,” Pat said. She looked at him with a new light in her eyes. She was a fun-loving girl, and she was attracted by the rugged good looks of the boy before her, and his air of innocent masculinity. “Say, how many girls do you have on the hook?”

“Huh?” Jimmy wasn’t quite sure what the older girl meant.

“Well, a good-looking stud like you has got to have some of the girls stringing along,” Pat said with a devilish air in her voice.

“I don’t…” Jimmy began, “have a girlfriend.”

“What?” Pat was really surprised. “I find that hard to believe.”

“Well, practice takes up so much time,” Jimmy said.

“It shouldn’t take up all your nights,” Pat said. “Oh, well, I guess we both had better start to work. I’ve got to get the cash register ready.”

Jimmy nodded and walked over to the showers. He went to work on the men’s side first, knowing it was the messiest. He was a little confused by the college girl’s hints and strange talk. If he didn’t know better, he would have thought she was sizing him up, readying herself to put the make on him. He knew that was nonsense. Just because his older sister was weird didn’t make all older women strange in the head. Though, Jimmy admitted, he had really liked what he had seen of Pat. I bet she’s dynamite in bed, Jimmy thought to himself as he mopped the tile floor. Probably fucks like a rabbit. He grinned at the thought, and wondered what she looked like naked. He could see from the thin material of her halter that her nipples were thick and stiff. They looked like they’d be tasty as hell.

“Jimmy,” Pat called from behind him.

Jimmy turned around, expecting Pat to ask him to move something, but his jaw dropped in surprise and shock as he stared at the vision of loveliness standing just a few feet from him.

Pat had removed all of her clothing, and her long, brown hair tickled her tanned shoulders. Her entire body was tanned. She obviously sunbathed in the nude. Her full, ripe tits hung a little lower on her body than Cindy’s, Jimmy thought, but the nipples were thick and looked tastier. Jimmy let his gaze travel over the smooth plane of her belly, and locked onto the thick brown bush of her pussy. The slight crease of her cunt was barely visible through the tangle of pubic hair.

Jimmy brought his gaze back up to her face. She smiled. He stared at her smiling lips and could feel his half-standing cock spring to full thickness. His balls jerked slightly, and the mop fell from his numbed hands.

“Why don’t you make yourself comfortable?” Pat smiled. “Like me.”

Jimmy didn’t need any more encouragement. He walked from the tiles of the shower room and to the dressing room area. He quickly peeled his shirt from his muscular chest, and let it drop on the wooden bench. He jerked his pants down, and his briefs. He had taken off his shoes to mop the shower room floor. His cock stood stiff and proud from his loins.

“God!” Pat breathed, staring at his prick. “I didn’t think.”

Jimmy held his breath as he watched the college girl reach out and grip the rigid shaft jutting out from his loins. Her hand closed on his cock and he hissed through clenched teeth. Her hand was cool upon his burning prick, and her fingers gripped it with lustful strength. His eyes were slitted with pleasure, and he glanced around the room, trying to figure out an area where they could fuck.

“Oh, shit,” Jimmy said softly. “Where?”

Pat shook her head, coming out of her passion-induced trance. “Oh, the main office. It has a bed in it in case someone ever gets hurt at the pool.”

Jimmy nodded and followed the nude body of the college girl as she led him through the deserted corridors of the building. Her asscheeks rubbed against each other in maddening ripples of flesh, and her tits flopped slightly on her chest. Jimmy could feel his cock grow harder as he watched the movement of her ass as he followed her. He knew this was going to be a great fuck!

They quickly reached the main office, and on the desk were Pat’s clothes. Jimmy was dimly aware that his own clothing was in the shower room, but he didn’t care. All he wanted to do was stuff his cock into Pat’s gooey cunt and ride her until he shot his load. Jimmy noted the bed was a spring cot and was twin-sized. It would be crowded, but not that much of a problem.

She sat down on the bed, facing him. He stood by the desk, several yards from her. He waited until his prick was again in some sort of control. When she had fondled him, his boyish mind had lost control, and his balls had almost shot their load into her hand in that brief moment of contact. He was excited and anxious. This wasn’t his sister that was before him, but a new woman, one who obviously loved sex a lot. He walked forward slowly, his cock bobbing before him.

Jimmy sat down beside her, his prick jutting up high and thick. He leaned forward and brought his young lips toward her more experienced mouth. His natural athletic aptitude served him well. Their lips first brushed softly. Their eyes were closed, and Jimmy reached out slowly, almost uncertainly, and cupped one of the ripe mounds of Pat’s heavy tits. Her tit felt fantastic in his hand. The stiff nipple dug into his palm as he caressed and gripped the heavy breast. His other hand was running up and down the line of her ass and up her side and then back down again. He opened his mouth slightly, and let her tongue slither into his oral cavern. He gripped the more experienced woman’s nipple between thumb and forefinger, running it between his digits.

Pat couldn’t believe the wonderful feelings coming from her body. She’d been too long without a man, and this young boy was more than a match or her own firecracker passions. She rubbed her hand over his bare chest, feeling the muscles sliding smoothly beneath the tanned skin. Their arms came in contact as she reached down over his lower belly and gripped the rigid shaft that would be bringing her so much joy soon. She felt the spongy hardness of the boy’s prick, and she nibbled on his tongue as it slid into her mouth.

She was beside herself with lust. She could feel the juices squetching out of her cuntlips, wetting the mattress beneath her shapely ass. The engorged cock of the young boy throbbing salaciously in her hand was delighting her senses. His hands were rubbing and pulling on her tits, bringing sparks of fire into her body, adding flame to the already raging inferno of lust burning through her mind. There was nothing like sex!

Jimmy’s mouth pressed hard against hers, and he could barely suppress the shudders of delight shaking his young frame from time to time. He gripped her ripe tit in his free hand as he reached between the cleft of her ass and rubbed his fingertip across the rubbery, hairless hole of her anus. He could feel her buttocks quiver as he fingered the puckered ring. He wondered for a moment, and then pushed harder. Her sphincter muscle resisted for a second, then relaxed as he shoved his finger into the hot, buttery depths of her asshole. It gripped his finger tightly, and he rubbed harder on the captive tit in his other hand. The pressure was building up in his balls as she rubbed up and down his rigid cock.

Jimmy couldn’t take the pressure any more and pulled his finger from her asshole and his hand from her tit at the same time. He slid his arm under her knees and gripped her tightly on the shoulders. She lost her hold on his prick as she opened her eyes in confusion.

“What?” Pat asked.

Jimmy didn’t bother to answer, but lifted her quickly, and then almost threw her onto the mattress. She lay back with a smile, and he joined her there quickly. He rubbed his cock against her smooth hip and slid his left arm behind her head. His right hand immediately snaked out to reach between her legs, finding the cleft of her snatch quickly. He jerked his head down and started sucking on her tits.

“OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!” Pat moaned with pleasure.

Pat loved the manipulations the young boy was performing on her. She abandoned herself to nothing but feelings, and with a smile on her lips, she dug her fingers into his blond locks and held his face over her tit, relishing the incredible feelings coming from her nipple. The harsh, raspy texture of his tongue raked across the sensitive nubbin of flesh resting on her full tit. The thick, lust-bloated cock seared her hip where its slick surface rubbed and tantalized her senses. She was in seventh heaven!


Jimmy twirled his finger around in the hot hole of her twat. The juices flowed freely from her cunt, coating his hand. He knew that the hairs of her pubic mound were matting up with the fluids gushing forth. He nibbled on her nipple, taking playful bites of her flesh. He took small nips all around the massive mound of her tits, and then he sucked as much of the flesh into his mouth as he could.

The swampy feel of her frothy pussy was all he could really think of as he tried to alleviate some of his flaming lust by rubbing his cock against her hip. Globs of pre-seminal fluid coated the skin between them, and the ache in his balls grew greater.

“OOOOOOOOHHHHH!” Pat crooned. “DO IT TO ME!”

Jimmy was ready for fucking. He pulled his fingers from her twat, and they made a slurping noise in the quiet of the office. He pulled his left arm partially free from her head, and then used his superior strength to poise his trim, young, muscular body above hers. He stared down the length of their bodies, looking at the heaving of her chest. He stared down at his hanging cock, and then looked back up into her pleading eyes.

“FUCK ME!” Pat screamed. “STUFF IT IN ME!”

Jimmy reached down between their bodies with his right hand and held his throbbing, aching prick. He put the head of the monstrous bludgeon of flesh at the entrance to her cunt, and then slid all the way in to the hilt!

“UUUUUNNNNNNHHHHH!” Jimmy moaned. The hot, scalding depths of the older woman’s sucking cunt was enough to spin his eyes around in his head. His pelvic bone was mashed tight against hers as he let his cock stay sheathed in her twat. The stiff nubbins on her tits rubbed against his bare chest, adding to his pleasure. He lowered his head, and nibbled on her lips as he slowly withdrew his cock from her warm, wet, gripping cunt.

The stiff prick of Pat’s young lover was slowly pulled from her eagerly sucking pussy, and the angle of his withdrawal was exactly perfect for the spongy flesh of the rigid shaft to scrape against her clit. She jerked and moaned as the wonderful feelings continued. There had been nothing like it for far too long. She bit on his lips as he pulled his cock almost out of her cunt.

Then the long, hard rod was forced back into her cunt, sending waves of delight throughout her body. The passion-puffed lips of her cunt spread wide to admit the teenager’s invading cock, the pink slit accepting the thrust easily. She rolled her head from side to side, breaking the contact with his lips.

“OOOOOOO!” Pat groaned. “TOO MUCH!”

Jimmy knew that the game was far from over. His randy cock was settling down now as he sawed in and out of the velvet hole between the college girl’s legs. He rubbed his chest against her tits, scraping the supersensitive nipples on his skin. His own tiny nipples stood rigid on his chest, and he groaned. He increased the tempo of his deep thrusts into the gobbling cunt sucking on his prick. The wet, squishing noises of fucking filled the office.

The buttocks of the boy tightened and then relaxed as he threw his hips forward and then drew them back again, plowing his cock in and out of the college girl’s warm, wet pussy. He thrust forward until the hair on their thighs was mashed together, brown intermingling with blond. His cock throbbed with pleasure each time he imbedded it to the hilt in her cunt. The more experienced woman’s twat gripped his invading prick with surprising strength. The juices flowing abundantly from her hole were frothing up on their loins. The mattress beneath her churning hips was already soaked.

Pat shoved her hips up to meet the down stabbing hips of her young lover. She reached up and wrapped her arms around his body. She snaked her legs around his loins, and gripped the teenager’s hips, throwing her entire cuntal plain open for his plundering. His prick seemed to go deeper now.


The college girl wriggled her hips from side to side, even in her contorted position. The effect brought more pleasure to them both. It rubbed Jimmy’s prick against her clit and at the same time brought more friction to bear. She was almost delirious with lust now. Her hips jerked and gyrated, speeding up the tempo of their fucking.

“UUUNNNHHH!” Jimmy grunted in time with his thrusts into her hot, heaving cunt. “UNNNNH! UNNNNHHHH!”

He shoved his cock into her again and again, his mind burning with lust. The sperm churned in his balls as they slapped obscenely against the puckered little nubbin of Pat’s asshole. The tingle ran up and down the entire length of his young cock, and he knew he was on the verge of his orgasm. Only a little more.

He stabbed his rigid cock into her honey hole again, feeling the blunt head drive little ripples of pink pussy flesh back into her body. When he pulled the massive pole of his prick almost out, the hungry mouth of her twat was exposed to the air, and the coral-hued gash glistened with their juices.

Their abdominal muscles tightened and relaxed as they both wriggled and shook and pounded into each other. Jimmy’s cock sawed away into the gaping maw of her pussy. Pat could tell her body was jerking mindlessly as the approaching orgasm threatened to crash down upon her brain. She gritted her teeth, waiting until the last moment, savoring the exquisite feelings warming her belly. The thick rod of Jimmy’s cock plowed into her time and again. Each thrust was met by an upward surging of her own hips, trying to get as much of his prick into her cunt as she could. It wouldn’t be long, that she knew.

“FASTER!” Pat gasped. “FASTER!”

Jimmy complied with her wish. He flicked his hips forward, and then drew them back in double time, and he was matched by the rocking, smashing pelvis of the woman groaning beneath him. Suddenly, he stiffened. The spasming jerk began at the base of his cock, and shuddered through the entire length of his rigid shaft. His prick jerked again, and thick wads of semen spurted out the tiny hole in the tip of the glans, flooding her pussy. “AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH!” Jimmy growled.

Pat felt the first jerk of her young lover’s impending orgasm, and it was enough to send her off. She drummed her heels on his young ass as the sparks roared through her, sending her spinning in the grand release of her smashing orgasm. There was nothing else like it! The entire length of her cuntal sheath convulsed and gripped the spewing shaft imbedded to the hilt in her pussy.

“OH! OH! OH! OH!” Pat chanted in time with the convulsions seizing her loins.

The last drops of semen spurted out of his cock and Jimmy collapsed on Pat’s quiet form. They were both satisfied and pleased with the performance of the other. The thick jism, mixed with the juices that had gushed from her cunt trickled down the crack of her ass, and pooled beneath her asscheeks.

Jimmy rolled off of her and lay on his side, staring at her relaxed and beautiful face. He reached out, turned her face in his direction, and kissed her softly on the mouth. He then closed his eyes and relaxed, relishing the feeling of inner peace the act had brought to him.


Jimmy leaned back and nibbled on the cookie as he went over the chapter again. He was fairly certain he understood the parts that had given him trouble, but now he was just waiting. He knew he was, and he felt odd about it. He’d come home after cleaning up at the pool, and kissing Pat goodbye. He’d eaten the dinner the cook had prepared, and then had studied. The test tomorrow would be easy. It was getting on to ten o’clock, and he was having a little snack before bed.

He wouldn’t stay up much later, even though he wanted to greet his sister when she came home. He had to get some sleep. His mind seemed to bum, and he could feel his rampant, ever-ready cock throbbing to full hardness when he heard the car pull up in the driveway. He put the milk back on the table beside the tall glass and waited patiently.

Cindy walked briskly to the door, fumbling slightly with the keys in her purse. The day had gone much better once the tension had been released by the bout with Chiffon. Though it had run late, as usual. It was going to be hectic for quite a number of days, until the designs were packed and ready to be shipped to the showing. And Cindy was debating whether to send along an armed escort. She thought it might prove a good idea, keep her designs from being stolen by spies.

She opened the front door, and threw her coat on the chair resting by the right side of the frame. She closed the door behind her and smiled broadly as she saw her younger brother get up from his chair and walk toward her.

“Hi, Sis,” Jimmy said softly. His blue eyes glistened.

She reached out and took him into her soft arms. She kissed him tenderly. She then released him. “And how was your day?”

“Fine, Sis, just fine,” Jimmy smiled. He looked into his sister’s eyes, and pressed the bulge in his jeans against me snug snatch hidden in her pants. She leaned back, pressing her hips against his, and they both smiled.

“Let’s go upstairs,” Cindy breathed. The thought of getting her aching cunt stuffed with the raging cock of her brother was enough to make her wet her pants. “My room.”

Jimmy nodded and, taking his sister’s hand in his, they walked up the stairs. They stepped into Cindy’s room. It was a sparse room, with few decorations. There was an old movie poster on the wall that screamed in crimson letters: BLOODMONSTERS OF MACON COUNTY BEACH. It was one of the few movies Cindy liked, even though it was terrible. She watched it whenever it came on television. A large bed dominated the room. It was a king-sized bed, and the soft gold of the walls contrasted nicely with the passionate purple spread on the immaculately made-up bed. Cindy smiled. It made her feel good to just look around the room. There was a framed newspaper clipping just above the headboard of the bed. It told about Cindy’s rise in the business. Local girl makes good type of thing.

But at the moment, neither one of them was interested in such things. Cindy slowly, carefully began to unbutton her shirt. Her fingers felt clumsy, and she stood to one side, watching her young brother pull the skin-tight t-shirt over his head. The muscles of his young chest rippled with power. She shuddered in anticipation.

At last the buttons were all undone on her shirt, and she pulled it from her tits, exposing their creamy softness to his gaze. She reached for her waist, and undid the belt of her pants. Jimmy fumbled with his jeans, and with a spastic movement, dropped them to his ankles. He stepped out of them. He then slid his briefs over his slim, boyish hips, and his cock jutted free.

Cindy undid the snap at the top of her pants, and then slid the zipper slowly down to her crotch. As she did so, the dark tangle of her cuntal bush came slowly into Jimmy’s view. His mouth suddenly was dry, and the throbbing in his cock wouldn’t go away. He couldn’t pull his eyes from between her legs as his sister put her hands on her hips, under the pants, and slid the pants down. Once the material got past her hips, they fell to her ankles. She stepped free.

Jimmy gulped, trying to stifle the outpouring of tremendous excitement surging through his teenaged body. His rampant cock ached and jerked as he watched his sister walk slowly to the bed, pull the spread down, and then open the cool, lilac-colored sheets so they would be comfortable. He stared as she lay down on her back, and his eyes locked on the slash between her slightly spread legs. He advanced, his young eyes tracing over every bit of his older sister’s nudity. The fullness of her tits was spread out across her chest now, and as he knelt beside her on the bed, his cock standing like a spear aimed from his loins, he almost cried. The emotion was almost too much for him.

Both of them had had their appetites dulled slightly, earlier in the day, and they were both ready for a long, slow, delicious fuck. Cindy waited as Jimmy got into bed with her. She couldn’t get over the size of her brother’s prick. It was larger than a number of lovers she’d had over the years. She turned on her side, so they could face each other. Jimmy put his hand on his sister’s hip, and pulled her cunt toward his cock. The tickling mass of curly hair on her snatch tickled the underside of his upright cock, standing stiff and rubbing its glans against his belly.

Jimmy brought his face closer to his sister’s, and with a sigh, he let his lips touch hers. They were gentle, and slow. They had all night. Jimmy closed his eyes, relishing the tender, soft touch upon his lips. He could feel her warm and exciting breath caress his chin as he traced a path gently up the slope of her nose to between her eyes with his lips. He brought his lips over her right eye and kissed the eyelid softly, tenderly. Then over the high plane of her cheekbone, and down her soft cheek, and then over to her mouth again.

He kissed her once, and brought his lips over to her left cheek and up the left side of her face. He lavished attention upon her, forgetting temporarily the ache in his teenaged balls, the throbbing in his young prick, as he concentrated upon giving pleasure to his sister. He brought his lips back to her gasping mouth, and he gently, softly, slowly kissed her again.

Cindy relaxed as her brother ran his dry lips over her face, bringing chills of pleasure to her spine.

She was holding her brother’s asscheeks in her free hand while softly caressing his chest with the other. Her nipples quickly became filled with hot blood, expanding out from her brown areolas. She was delighted at the slow, tender caresses her brother was showering upon her body. It was a change from the lusting, grunting coupling they’d done the night before. As he nibbled on her lips, she threw her left leg over his legs, and rubbed her pussy against his straining cock. The thick, blood-engorged pole of flesh jutting up from her brother’s young loins seared her skin wherever it touched with the fire of passion.

Jimmy opened her mouth slightly, and thrust his tongue into his sister’s eagerly sucking mouth. She encountered his tongue with her own, and he shivered as their oral muscles locked in a lover’s embrace. He nibbled with his teeth, scraping his tongue and his sister’s at the same time. It was exciting and new to him. He wasn’t used to all the pleasures one could get from various parts of the body.

He ran his right hand up and down the smoothness of her asscheek, feeling the soft, doughy flesh knead smoothly beneath his gripping fingers. His other hand reached out slowly and began to caress the full mounds of his sister’s tits. The nipples strained out, and he tweaked them between his thumb and forefinger. She moaned into his mouth. The satiny smooth texture of her skin was enough to set his prick to throbbing.

“UUUUUUMMMMMM!” Cindy moaned deep in her throat.

Jimmy twirled a brown nipple between his fingers, letting its stiff-standing hardness rasp against his skin. He cupped the full tit he was manipulating, and the pap rubbed into his palm, trying to drill a hole in his hand. He drew back from the deep kiss and ran his lips quickly over his sister’s eyes and then back to her lips again. His lust was rising. The lustful feelings were burning their way through his skull.

Cindy jerked and moaned with each tweak and pull upon her flaming tits. The nipples were sensitive to her brother’s hands, and the fire in her loins was starting to spread. The petals of her cunt opened up, the fluids flowed freely from her womb. The excitement of making it with her brother again brought a shiver of lecherous delight to her mind, and the outrage and shock on other people’s faces if they ever found out was an added bit of spice to the delicious caresses her body was receiving from her wonderful brother.

She ran her tongue into his mouth as she jerked her head forward to kiss him. The sweet taste of his saliva on her tongue caused a shudder of pleasure to ripple through her. Their hungry mouths sucked and drew. Cindy loved the delicious tide of feelings building up behind her mental dam. Soon, it would come crashing over her in a tidal wave of rutting passion.

Jimmy pulled his lips from his sister’s sucking mouth. He had other things on his mind. He let his lips slide down over his sister’s cheek to her ear. He licked around the edges, bringing moans of excitement to his sister’s full lips. He traced the inner curves of her ear with his wet tongue, and licked the tiny, downy hole.


Jimmy needed no further encouragement to continue his wet kiss upon her ear. He brought his hand up from his sister’s smooth hip and used both of his hands to knead and caress her tits. Her hair tickled the side of his face as the long tresses cascaded down from the crown of her head.

Cindy was beside herself with joy. She wrapped her legs around her brother’s taut, muscular right leg, and began to rub her snatch on its surface. The slit of her cunt left trails of fluid upon his bare legs. His balls rested against her right thigh and the hairy sac throbbed and convulsed with each move she made.

She could barely move her arms, and she merely ran her palms back and forth across his shoulders as he continued to kiss her ear. The tingle tickled her brain, bringing little shocks of pleasure to her body. She wondered how much longer she could take it before she had to pull his head away because the joy would be too much.

“Ooooooh!” Cindy crooned. “BBBAAABBBYYYYYYY!”

Jimmy slowly lowered his head, pulling further away from his sister’s delightful body. Her legs slowly relinquished their hold upon his leg, and he pushed her onto her back. She lay there with a smile upon her lips and her eyes closed. He stared at the fantastic sight spread there before him, and he wondered how he could be so lucky. His sister’s full tits lay upon her chest, the nipples erect and stiff with passion. The smooth flat plain of her belly heaved with deep, lust-induced breaths.

He jerked his head down with wide eyes and kissed the top of one of her big tits. The small spear that was her nipple stabbed into his hot mouth and he instantly ran his tongue around the little nubbin. He held the large breast in both hands, making it stand upright. He gripped and kneaded her tit as he sucked on it. He opened his mouth as wide as he could, and sucked hard. The smooth, satiny flesh slid into his mouth, and he bit gently. He brought his mouth back to the tip of the tit and nibbled on the nipple as one of his hands slid over to the other breast.

“GGGGGOOOODDDDDD!” Cindy cried out.

The soft bites her brother was taking out of her tits was enough to send her loins to burning, and she sucked in deep breaths of air, trying to quiet the burning fire of lust raging through her body. She reached across her body and gripped the smooth shaft of her brother’s cock. It was warm and hard in her hand, and she squeezed it in time with his bites to her tits.

The fluid gushing from the slit between her legs provided enough lubrication for any sort of monster prick that would want to slide up into her cunt and send her flying into the depths of perverted lust.

She stiffened as one of her brother’s long, strong arms slid across her abdomen and his fingers caressed the beginning of the lush bush of her juice-drenched pussy. She gasped as his fingers spread the lips of her cunt and searched between her legs for the wet, warm depths of her vagina. His thumb rubbed on her clit, and she chanted softly to his rhythmic caresses.

“UNH! UNH! UNH!” Cindy’s voice was husky with desire.

Cindy gripped the fleshy tool of her brother’s cock harder as the maddening manipulations of her flaming pussy continued. The hard fingers stabbed into her cuntal sheath time and again, bringing lightning-like flashes of pleasure to her closed eyes. She rotated her hips slowly, meeting the stabbing into her cunt, and she began to massage up and down the long rigid length of the prick in her hand.

Jimmy continued to suck on his sister’s tit. His balls burned with lust, and he could hardly think of anything at all because of all the sensations flooding his mind. He knew he couldn’t let his sister continue to pull on his cock, or else he’d go off in her hand. He couldn’t let that happen. He knew she’d really get upset if he did.

He jerked his hand from her cunt and pushed her hand from his prick. Its swollen head glistened in the dim light of the room. The entire rigid rod throbbed for several seconds after his sister had been forced to take her milking hand from his cock. He pulled his head from her tit and rolled on top of her.

The hairs on her cunt rubbed against the sensitive tip of his prick, and he rested there for several seconds, savoring the delicious feelings. He then took the weight from his sister’s body and balanced himself on his toes and elbows. The stiff-standing nipples on his sister’s tits dug into his chest, and she opened her eyes to stare at him.

“DO IT TO ME!” she cried. “FUCK ME GOOD!”

Jimmy reached between their bodies and placed the swollen tip of his raging cock at the entrance of her cunt. The outer lips spread apart as the thick girth of his prick forced open the entire plain of the pink gash. He shoved forward. The liquid warmth seized his cock in its firm grip and he bowed his back, shoving his pelvis forward in one huge shove of seething lust.

“UUUIJNNNNNNHHHHH!” Jimmy moaned as his cock lodged against the far end of his sister’s cunt.

Cindy shook her head from side to side, the long, blonde tresses becoming drenched in the sweat pouring off her face and shoulders. The huge invading pole of her brother’s cock plowed into her, like a log forced into her body. The rough skin of his cock rubbed and scraped against her clit, and the jolts of electric pleasure surged through her. She spread her legs wide on the big bed, the foam rubber mattress absorbing easily the combined weight of the couple engaged in the delicious pleasures of incest.


The first surge into his sister’s gulping cunt almost made Jimmy come right there, but he held the jism in his balls. He rested, engulfed to the hilt inside his sister’s tight pussy. He let the fluids bathe his cock, and he could feel the honey from her cunt trickle slowly out of her and down the crease of her ass. He opened his eyes and stared down at the sight of his sister lying beneath him with her mouth wide open. He used his hands to push some of the hair away from her face, and then he placed his hands on either side of her face. He bent his head forward and kissed her lightly.

Some of the weight Jimmy took on his knees and he slowly levered his hips back to pull some of his cock from his sister’s cunt. The cooler air of the bedroom wafted gently across the exposed length of his tool, and the liquid smeared on it added to the cooling effect. He pulled all the rigid, red prick from her hole until only the thick, swollen head was stuffed inside his sister’s sweet cunt. His balls jerked, and he surged forward again with his hips.

“AAAAAHHHHH!” Jimmy moaned.

Cindy moved her hips up to make sure her snatch was stuffed full of the marvelous cock of her brother. The lips of her pussy were spread wide as the spear of flesh surged up into her womb. It bounced against the far end, bringing a twinge of pain, but only for an instant. Faster now, the cock was pulled from her cunt, and she relaxed, letting her hips and ass fall back to the mattress.

“GOOD!” Cindy whispered huskily. “SSOOO GOOOOOD!”

She moved her hips up to meet the down thrust of her brother’s cock as he levered his hips forward again. The flesh slid along her cuntal channel and scraped on her clit, bringing moans of joy to her lips. Nothing felt so good as a cock stuffed to the hilt in her cunt! And if it was her brother’s cock, that added a little bit of depravity and wicked fun to the fuck. She grinned to herself with satisfaction.

The tempo increased again as Jimmy began to shove forward and pull out quicker. His strong, limber, swim-trained abdominal muscles were barely warming up to the task as his sister slid her legs up to his sides, bringing her cunt to a more wide-open position. Jimmy had a sudden inspiration. He pulled his hands from his sister’s face, and gripped her ankles. He pulled his prick free of her cunt for an instant.

“NNNOOO!” Cindy cried. “DON’T STOP!”

Jimmy didn’t utter a word. He put his sister’s feet on his shoulders, and leaned forward. It bent her almost double, but the wide gash of her cunt was stretched tighter than she’d ever known before. All of her weight was on the back of her neck as her thighs rubbed against her tits. Jimmy quickly reached and put his cock once more at the entrance to her pussy. He pushed forward, and he began a quick in-and-out thrusting.

“How’s that?” Jimmy asked his sister as he stared down at her lust-contorted face.

“FUCK MEEE!” Cindy wailed in answer.


Jimmy always obeyed his older sister’s orders. He stabbed into her with his cock, and then almost withdrew it, and then stabbed again. The bed absorbed most of the pressure, and with amazing resilience, it shoved Cindy’s loins back up just in time to be forced back down again. Jimmy reached around his sister’s body and caressed the taut flesh of her ass. He knew she was spread open wide. He ran a finger up and down the crease from where his cock raged in and out of her cunt to the puckered ring of her asshole. The perverse desire to shove his finger up into her anus came over him.

“AAAAAIIIIEEE!” Cindy wailed in sudden pain. The sudden stab into her asshole had taken her by surprise. “NO! Don’t take it out! Just give me a little time!”

Jimmy had been scared when his sister had jerked when his finger had plunged to the second knuckle up into her hot, warm, buttery depths. But when her words had reassured him, he waited for a bit, and then slowly shoved his finger all the way into her anus. His balls slapped against his hand, and he could feel the surging thickness of his cock through the thin membrane separating his sister’s sweet cunt from her asshole. The feeling was more than enough to send his senses reeling. He shoved into her harder.

“MORE! MORE!” Cindy cried.

It had taken only a moment before her body grew used to the double invasion of her loins. It had been a while since anyone had fucked her and stuck a finger in her asshole at the same time. She could barely move with her body bent double, but she somehow managed to find muscles she didn’t know she had to wriggle slightly from side to side. The results were startling to them both. The sawing in and out of her sopping wet pussy was more easily felt when she moved slightly sideways. It brought more pressure to bear against the sensitive skin of her outer cunt lips and her clit.

Cindy’s tits were mashed against her chest by her own thighs as her legs were jerked and maneuvered around by the gyrations of her brother. Her ankles were locked behind his head, and that stretched her so tight she could feel her brother’s cock stuff into her deeper than anyone had ever done before. She knew now that most of the lovers she’d had over the years hadn’t been very imaginative and now her own younger brother was giving her an education in sex! It was amazing, but it was happening to her!


Jimmy shoved his finger into his sister’s asshole in time with his thrusts into her wetly dripping cunt. Some of the fluids were coating his hand, but he didn’t care — with the slapping of his hairy balls against his hand, and the surging of his hips, he was happy.

The burning at the base of his prick was beginning to rise. Jimmy could feel his sperm bloated balls preparing to shoot his jism out of his cock into his sister’s cunt. All he could think about was releasing his pent-up passions.

“GONNA CUM!” Jimmy gasped out.

Cindy heard his words and concentrated upon her clit, and the scraping it was getting. She could feel her brother’s cock sliding in and out of her, and each move was accompanied by a jolt to the pleasure center of her mind. She tried to wriggle her ass more, but then her orgasm hit her, overwhelming her in a wave of ecstasy!


The flashes of joy spasmed through her body, and Cindy couldn’t control the gushing of her spunky fluid out of her cunt. It was quickly brought to a froth by the insane thrusting of her brother, but she could barely feel him as her mind relaxed.

Jimmy could feel his sister’s cunt clasping and gripping his cock with new strength, and there was a sudden gush of fluid bathing his balls. He couldn’t hold it any longer, and he stabbed into her yielding flesh with his prick. He held his pose as he stuffed his cock to the hilt in his sister’s cunt. His balls emptied themselves of their heavy load of sperm. It gushed out of the head of his cock, quickly filling her womb, and began to run down through the gash between her legs, past his finger buried in her asshole. It mingled with her own juices, and pooled around her soft, round asscheeks.


His cock convulsed and spewed forth another large quantity of jism. His eyes rolled back in his head, and he pulled his finger from his sister’s anus with a lewd popping sound. He reached up quickly and pulled her legs from his shoulders, and watched her relax. He kept his cock buried to the hilt within her cunt as it wilted. He gripped her hips and kept their pelvic bones mashed together as he rolled to the side. Cindy opened her eyes, caressed his cheek with her hand, and smiled. They both went to sleep, his cock still within her warm cunt.


“Ms. Whitehall, there’s a Mr. Finderson here to see you,” came the call over the intercom.

Cindy looked up from studying the designs on her desk, wondering for the hundredth time if they would be good enough to create the stir in the fashion world she thought they should. “Who’s Mr. Finderson?” she asked, pressing down on the intercom button.

“He says he’s your brother’s swimming coach,” the guard at the door said. He was under special instructions to let no one in the building without prior approval of Ms. Whitehall. He was an old fart, but he did his job well. As well as could be expected of a basically incompetent man.

“Okay, send him up,” Cindy said. “And give him good directions, Dave.”

“Yes, Ms. Whitehall,” the guard said.

I wonder what the hell he wants? Cindy asked herself. Shit, I wonder if Jimmy’s doing well since we’ve been fucking so much lately? Cindy put the designs in the manila folder on her desk, and composed herself for the meeting. She wondered exactly how badly Jimmy was doing. Probably pretty bad, she thought to herself. There was a soft knock on the door.

“Come in,” Cindy said.

The door opened and Bob Finderson stepped into the sparsely furnished office. His eyes swept past the large desk, now littered with papers and folders, and the low-slung couch near the far wall, and glanced over the few pictures on the wall. The pictures were of models, obviously wearing some of the famous Whitehall original fashions. Bob couldn’t imagine what the fuss was about, the designs were simple. He looked again, and noted they weren’t as simple as he first thought. He did this as he walked over to the desk and shook Cindy’s hand.

“How do you do, I’m Robert Finderson,” Bob said. “Please call me Bob.”

“And call me Cindy,” Cindy said as she sat down.

Cindy approved of the swimming coach. He had rugged good looks, and his eyes were bright and shiny. “Excuse me if I seem rude,” Cindy began, “but just why did you want to see me?”

“Well, I know you’re Jimmy’s only surviving relative,” Bob began, “and the swimming team is about to take its annual trip up to the capital for the State meet.”

“And what’s that got to do with Jimmy?” Cindy asked, puzzled.

“Well,” Bob smiled, “I think Jimmy has a good chance to win several gold medals this year.”

“Really?” Cindy smiled, happy for her brother.

“In face, his chances are better now than at the beginning of the season. His concentration is better, and his reflexes superb,” Bob commented. “It helps when a young boy keeps different parts of his life separate from others.”

Cindy nearly blanched. My God, does he know about us? Cindy thought hysterically. I told him to be careful! I’ve got to find out, but perhaps he doesn’t really mean sex! “I’m afraid I don’t quite follow you,” Cindy said calmly.

“Well…” Bob hesitated. Damn it, why did I say that? “What I meant was that all his attention in the pool is on swimming and a young boy’s mind out of training is on… ahhhhh… other matters.”

Cindy relaxed. He thinks it’s another girl! “What other matters?”

“Well, you must realize your brother is eighteen, and his thoughts often turn to the opposite sex,” Bob said. He was tired of hinting around.

“And he’s learned to control his thoughts?” Cindy asked, her voice low and husky.

Bob picked up the change in Cindy’s voice immediately. “Well, I’m pretty sure he’s found himself a… girlfriend.”

“An accommodating one, you mean?” Cindy asked, batting her eyes at him. She liked this man.

“Yes,” Bob nodded. “She… uhhhh… eases his tension, and keeps his mind clear instead of cluttered with useless dreams.”

“I think that’s cute,” Cindy said. “I mean, it’s not often that you hear such a refreshing sidestep of the real issue. You mean he’s found a chick that fucks, don’t you, Bob?”

Bob was momentarily taken aback by the sudden shift in the conversation. He looked harder at the beautiful woman sitting behind the desk. Her long blonde hair and soft blue eyes hid a razor-sharp mind. And her tits — wow! “Yeah, that’s what I meant.”

“Now that that’s out of the way,” Cindy said, getting up from her chair and walking around to the side of the desk. She sat down, her blue skirt hiked up, revealing her long, lovely, tapered legs. The skirt was high on her thighs. “Why did you come here to see me?”

“I had to get your signature and okay to take Jimmy to the tournament,” Bob said, staring at her crossed legs.

“And where do I sign?” Cindy asked, her voice low and sultry.

Bob fumbled for a moment for the papers in his shirt, and didn’t see Cindy reach up and loosen the top three buttons on her blouse. She had taken to the idea of not wearing any underclothing, and when she bent over to accept the papers, her creamy-white tits would be salaciously exposed to Bob’s gaze. Bob looked up and smiled, holding the papers. Cindy reached for them, and purposefully dropped them. Bob’s eyes had been caught by the sight of her exposed tits.

“Oh, how clumsy of me,” Cindy said in her little-girl voice. She had dropped the papers just at the corner of the desk. She spread her legs wide to allow Bob headroom to bend over and get the papers. He bent over, picked up the papers, and looked up as he brought his body upright.

He stopped and stared at the obscene tableau spread before him. Cindy’s thighs were open, and the furry patch of her cunt was easily visible. He gulped, and then straightened. Cindy smiled down at him.

“My, Bob, you look like you’ve seen something that you really want,” Cindy chided.

Bob smiled and put the papers on her desk. “Why don’t we discuss some of the aspects of this day on the couch, where both of us can be more comfortable?”

“Surely,” Cindy smiled. “But let me get rid of some clothing. It’s so hot in here.”

Once Cindy had made up her mind, there was nothing in the world that was going to stop her from getting a good fuck. She smiled demurely and slowly, carefully, undid her white blouse. It was thick material and hadn’t revealed anything about her tits except their large size. When she undid the last button and casually slipped the blouse off, she was gratified to hear Bob gasp. She quickly unsnapped her skirt, slid the zipper down, and let it fall to her feet. With a soft kick, her slip-on shoes slid from her feet. She stood naked and beautiful by the desk.

Bob stared at the vision of loveliness standing before him. His eyes locked on her full, ripe breasts and slowly swelling nipples. His burning gaze moved reluctantly from the large tits to the outline of her flaring hips. His eyes widened when they reached the triangle of blonde hair covering the slit of her cunt. He had met so few real blondes in his life.

“I-I guess I’ll get cooler, too,” Bob stammered.

“Fine,” Cindy said with a smile. She walked slowly to the door and locked it with a wink. “We don’t want to be disturbed, do we?”

Her breasts swung and jiggled with each step she took, and the firm mounds of her asscheeks rubbed against each other as she walked slowly to the couch and sat down. She put her arms on the top of the couch’s back, and crossed her legs, hiding her cunt from his lewd and lecherous gaze. Her tits stuck out high and firm, the stiff nipples like tiny, stubby fingers on her mountains of flesh.

Bob quickly pulled his polo shirt off his body. His chest was covered with small, dark curls. He undid his belt and slid his pants down. He slipped free of his shoes. His briefs and pants bundled at his ankles and he stepped free. His cock was dark and swarthy. It was a monster, fully nine inches long. His belly was covered by a jungle of black hair.

“Wow!” Cindy breathed. She grinned up at Bob and he sat down beside her on the couch.

“Now, let’s quit playing games,” he said. He put his arm around her shoulder while his other hand snaked out to cup one of her tits. He rubbed his thumb over the sensitive little nubbin of her nipple.

“Whoever said we wore going to stop playing games?” Cindy cooed. She reached out and tickled his chin. She leaned her face forward, and opened her mouth.

Bob didn’t wait for another invitation. He’d never come in contact with a woman quite as hot as Cindy before. She was ready and eager to be fucked. He was hardly in control of the act, and he had enough ego to feel certain he’d be in control before long. He continued rubbing the young woman’s nipples as he brought his lips against hers, engaging her tongue in sweet, oral play. They were sitting side by side. Cindy had uncrossed her legs, and each had one arm around the other. Bob could feel the thick pap of her tit burning his palm.

He kneaded and pulled on her tit, producing deep moans from her quivering lips. He knew she was really ready and hot. He let his free hand trace a path across her abdomen, and then encounter the tickling hairs of her snatch. He had pulled his hand from her tit. He flattened his hand, keeping his fingers together. He rubbed at the top of her slit, letting his fingers get acquainted with the territory.

Cindy wasn’t the first woman or girl he’d fucked since he’d been mated. There’d been quite a number of horny teenagers, of which one or two had been virgins. And there had been a number of other teachers’ wives. He had almost every morning off, and since the biggest donor to the school, old man worthy, liked him, the school kept him on as coach. He broke their passionate kiss.

“Oh, baby, that was great,” Cindy said huskily.

He reached out and grabbed her free hand and brought it to his stiff cock. “Feel this,” he said, “this is a lot better!”

“God!” Cindy exclaimed. “What a monster!”

“Wait until you feel it in you!” Bob bragged. He knew some women were a little afraid of his big prick when they finally got a good look at it, but he also knew Cindy was really anxious to get it in. She just wasn’t quite ready yet.

Bob kept rubbing on her hair-covered cunt as they kissed again. Cindy gripped his cock and began to run her hand up and down its mighty length, marveling at the length. His balls were already churning and aching.

Cindy continued to respond to the caresses Bob was raining upon her body. His hand now crept back up to her tit, and the nipple jerked with lustful abandon when he tweaked it with his fingers. The hair of his loins tickled her hand when she let it ride all the way to the base of his cock. It was strange and odd to feel hair on a man’s legs after all the times she and her darling brother had fucked. He kept all the hair on his body shaved off, except for his head and his loins, because it offered less water resistance that way.

Heat bathed her hand as the massive prick jutting out from Bob’s loins throbbed and ached for release. Her clit began to lift its head out from its sheath, and the fluids began to coat the inner surfaces of her cunt lips. She imagined she could hear the almost inaudible squishing noises coming from her cunt as the folds of coral-hued flesh within her outer lips relaxed, preparing themselves for the delightful invasion to come.

“Oh, baby,” Bob said as he pulled his mouth from Cindy’s. “Your tits are something else!”

His hand was still pulling and digging on the resilient flesh of her doughy tits. He disentangled his arm from behind her neck and pulled his body from the thigh-to-thigh contact they held originally. He bent his head and planted a soft kiss on the turgid nipple of her right breast. He took it into his hot, moist mouth and twirled his tongue around its sensitive surface. She groaned and gasped in depraved delight.


Bob couldn’t stand it any longer. He quickly pulled his head from her tit and pushed her down on the couch. Cindy sprawled there, her tits flopping. She looked up at him with a puzzled expression on her face. He grinned and reached and gripped her shapely hips. He flipped her over onto her stomach with ease, and pulled her ass up in the air. He quickly got to his knees on the couch, and with an awkward gait, advanced upon her quivering buttocks.

“What’re you going to do?” Cindy asked.

“You just wait, baby,” Bob gasped. He gripped the huge log of his cock and placed its head at the entrance to her pussy. He grinned as he heard Cindy moan as she finally realized what he was going to do. He ran his cock up and down the moist furrow, and then with a flick of his hips, sent his cock into her cunt.

“AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!” Cindy growled.

Bob gripped her ass, leaving red marks where his fingers gouged into her. He ignored her pleas for more time to grow used to his size and plowed straight ahead. He pulled the thick cock from her clasping, hot, tight, wet cunt and then stuffed it back in her again. He pulled on her hips as he did so, sliding her pussy over his cock as he shoved his hips forward.

Cindy had been looking forward to the fuck, but Bob was really rough. He had no finesse, and she knew she’d never care to repeat this mistake again. She knew he thought that sheer size made up for everything else. She mentally shrugged and was determined to make the most of it. If she could twist her body just right, the huge cock stuffed into her cunt would start to rub against her aching clit. All she wanted to do was get off, and be done with it.

She was being buffeted by the almost amateurish moves of the swimming coach. His superior strength was the only thing really keeping her cunt in contact with his giant cock. She thought the entire thing a total waste as far as any real good fucking went. But his big prick was rubbing and tickling and exciting her clit, and it was enough to make her cunt juices flow freely. They gushed from her cunt, trickling down the insides of her thighs.

“Ohhh, honey, are you tight!” Bob gasped.

He clasped her hips in his vise-like grip, pummeling her with savage thrusts into her body. He didn’t really care if she got off at all. He was only concerned with his own building orgasm. His balls were swinging free and the scalding cuntal sheath milked on his prick. He leaned forward a little, shortening his strokes into Cindy’s abused pussy, and reached under her body. He cupped the two swinging tits as they hung loose from her chest as she waited like a bitch in heat for him to finish. He pulled roughly on them, mauling and tweaking her tits. She yelped a little in pain, but kept concentrating on her cunt, trying to bring about the orgasm she knew she needed.

Cindy suddenly felt a lightness in her belly. It was if all the water in her body suddenly congealed in her abdomen, and then it gushed out of her cunt. It slid over and around Bob’s prick, and the walls of her cunt convulsed in spastic jerks on the cock within her. She could hardly breathe, the orgasm was so intense, and she didn’t want Bob to know how much she had concentrated, so she shook her hips slightly. The words struggled in her throat, but didn’t come out. She then felt herself go limp, and she started to pitch forward.

“Hey!” Bob said as he gripped her hips. “Not so fast, honey, I haven’t had my turn yet!” He grinned. Another hot cunt that he’d shown what a real fuck was about.

He slid into her squelching depths a few more times until his own release was upon him. He gripped the young woman’s hips in a fantastically tight hold, and arched his back. He was bent like a bow, and his monster cock was battering against the end of Cindy’s cunt. The boiling churning mass of semen gushed out the tip of his cock and splashed all around within her cunt. The fluids quickly filled her pussy and flowed down and out of her hole. It flowed down the trail left by her own lubricating fluids.

“AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!” Bob bellowed as he finished his orgasm. He finally felt himself go limp, and he let go of Cindy’s hips. She crawled quickly from him, and sat at the corner of the couch. Her right leg was bent up and her left dangled over the edge. The hair of her cunt was matted with jism and her own fluids. She looked at him with a strange light in her eyes.

“Pretty good, huh?” Bob grinned at her.

She jerked at the words, and then smiled evilly.

“I could have had a better fuck from a spastic.” Bob felt the words slide like ice over his brain.


The bell rang shrilly. Everyone in the classroom tensed, putting their books in order. Emerald Finderson, Bob Finderson’s lovely wife, straightened her slight form. She had been solving an equation on the blackboard. She sighed and looked at the clock. At least it was the last class of the day for her. Her dark-green eyes relaxed, and she walked over to her desk.

“Class dismissed,” she said in her sultry voice, “except for James Whitehall.”

Jimmy sat in his chair, puzzled. What had he done this time? He hadn’t daydreamed today, as he had when he last got in trouble. After all, he no longer dreamed about fucking; he did it every night at home. He shrugged his shoulders. Whatever it was couldn’t be too bad. Lucky he had study hall next period, and it really didn’t matter when she showed up. It was a fairly useless period anyway. Victors was a really nutty teacher, always talking to them about nuclear physics and bombs. He couldn’t seem to get it through his head that he no longer taught college.

“Get your book, James, and follow me,” Emerald said softly. She placed all of her materials in her briefcase and left the board for the custodian to wipe clean, if he wanted to.

She walked briskly down the hall. It was empty except for them. She was a real looker, that she knew. She had red hair and no freckles. In fact, she tanned in the sun. It was a trait she got from her great-grandmother. Her figure was nothing to rave about, but it was more than adequate. She had thick, sensuous lips, and a wide mouth. Her nose was pert and she had a wicked sense of humor. She was also a damn fine math teacher.

She led the way to the nurse’s office. There she could talk to Jimmy without the fear of being interrupted. The nurse was out of town for a couple of weeks, and Emerald had the only other key. Even the principal, old man Goldstein, didn’t have a key. The lock could be picked easily enough, though, if need be.

She unlocked the door and stood aside as Jimmy walked in, puzzled. Emerald closed and locked the door behind them. The only furniture in the office was a rather high bed with only a mattress on it and an old desk. She sat on the bed and faced the center of the room. Jimmy walked over and sat on the desk top.

The bed was an old spring cot, and it was about a yard from the floor to the bottom edge of the springs. It was high to enable the nurse to help patients without having to bend down so much, plus it was one of the cheapest beds the school could get. Her skirt wasn’t very short, but it rode several inches over her knees. She sat with her legs close together, but even so, a luscious expanse of her tanned flesh was exposed to Jimmy’s lascivious gaze.

“James, the reason I brought you here was to have a talk with you,” Emerald began. She liked the young boy, and thought he had a bright future. She knew from her husband that his swimming prowess was second to none, and she just wanted to make sure his intellectual abilities didn’t fall behind.

“What about?” Jimmy asked, curious and not really noticing the expanse of flesh exposed in an offhand way. His prick rose slightly as his subconscious took notice, however.

“You’re doing well in algebra, a lot better than you were,” she began. She let her eyes travel around the room and her glance fell on the young boy’s crotch. She saw the slight bulge, and wondered briefly what it would be like at full erection. “I’m just wondering what’s brought you around?”

Jimmy inwardly became alert. His cock rose to full erection as the image of his naked sister flashed into his mind. Her large, firm tits and the warm, soft sheath of her cunt came back to him. He knew getting laid regularly was helping him keep his mind on his studies and swimming. He didn’t have to worry about anything, but merely do what he’d always done, except coming home and getting a rousing fuck from his fantastic sister. “I guess I’m just studying more.”

“Who’s been helping you?” Emerald asked, noting with a shock the young boy’s cock was fully hard now. It was large for a teenager, but not as large as her husband’s monster cock. She inwardly sniffed at the thought of the stupid brute. She had thought she could teach him something about the finer points of sex, but he’d never learned. She’d fallen for his handsome features, and after five years, it was a little difficult to get out of the habit of fucking. She liked having a cock stuffed up into her cunt, but it took a great amount of concentration to get off on Bob’s rough version of fucking.

“My sister,” Jimmy said softly. He had to let some of it out, so Emerald wouldn’t guess too much. He was slightly embarrassed about his cock stand, but thought, What the hell? She’s seen cock before.

“Oh, really?” Emerald was still slightly confused at what had caused the boy’s stiff cock. He obviously wasn’t that embarrassed about it, for he didn’t jerk his books in front of his crotch like so many young teenagers did. It was slightly refreshing. Wonder what he’d do if I gave him something to get excited about? She opened her legs slowly, revealing more and more of her tender thighs to his gaze. His perch on the desk was high, but his position was just right to afford him a good view up under her skirt should it open. She planned that it should.

“Yes,” Jimmy nodded. “My sister is very interested in my studies. She doesn’t want me to be too dependent upon my athletic skills.”

“That’s a very good attitude,” Emerald smiled. Her knees were about a foot apart, and the brief, white cotton panties she wore were peeking out from between her thighs. “And how does she feel about your sex life?”

Jimmy jerked back in surprise. His eyes had strayed to his teacher’s open legs and the sight of her white panties had seared into his thoughts. He gasped for a moment, wondering if somehow she knew the truth about his sister and himself? He then thought about it, and knew it couldn’t be. But what was the deal with the questioning?

“I’m not sure what you mean,” Jimmy said softly.

“Well, you’re obviously getting fucked, and pretty regularly,” Emerald said, watching the young teenager’s face for reactions. She knew she’d scored several direct hits. That would definitely explain his increase in concentration upon his subjects. “I’m just curious what your sister thinks of the situation.”

“She, uhhhhh…” Jimmy fought for control. “She… thinks its a good idea. She’s very liberal about such matters.” Jimmy breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed like a good tack to take. And his sister was definitely liberal, otherwise why would she fuck him?

“That’s nice to hear,” Emerald smiled. “Don’t you think it’s a little stuffy in here?”

“I can open the d…” Jimmy began.

“Oh, there’s no need,” Emerald said. She stared at the bulge outlined by the faded jeans on the young boy. She wondered if she should continue on with her hair-brained idea. She thought about it for a second, and knew that young Jimmy would give her a better ride than Bob had in five years. She reached up and pulled the blouse from her body, over her head. Her white bra stood out starkly.

“Mrs. Finderson!” Jimmy breathed. He couldn’t believe it! He’d had a crush on her for years. And now she was going to let him fuck her! That was obvious. Why else would she start taking off her clothes?

“You don’t mind a little variety in your school activities, do you?” Emerald smiled broadly. She unhooked the tiny bra, and it fell to her lap. She carefully put it on the pile she was building beside her on the mattress. Her breasts were average, maybe a little smaller, but pear-shaped and taut. They didn’t sag on her chest, and their tiny cones were pointed straight ahead.

“Christ!” Jimmy exclaimed. He couldn’t believe it! It was almost too much for him! Just a few weeks ago he was a virgin, and now he was getting more tail than he’d heard of anyone in school getting, even the senior boys! His mouth watered as he watched Emerald play with her tits, bringing the tiny nipples to stiff-standing attention.

“Aren’t you going to get comfortable, too?” Emerald smiled. “And please, call me Emerald.”

“Sure thing!” Jimmy exclaimed.

He stood up from the desk and began to unbutton his shirt. He glanced up from time to time to watch Emerald pull her skirt and then her panties from her loins. The thick patch of red fur on her cunt was so thick he couldn’t even see the slight crease of her womanhood. And it was strange to see red cunt hair. He was so used to seeing his sister’s naked form that the sight of another woman was almost odd. He’d only gotten to fuck Pat Worthy a few times since he’d started working at the pool. She was spending quite a bit of her time at other things her father put her to doing. She came down every now and then, and they’d tumble on the office bed.

Emerald and Jimmy were finally both naked. Jimmy walked slowly forward, his prick bobbing a bit, its thick glans already weeping a tiny drop of seminal fluid. He stood in front of the older woman and walked between her widespread legs. His loins were just even with the mattress, and his cock rubbed against his teacher’s furry cunt. He reached out and caressed her tits. They fit into his hands like small pears, and their satiny surface was a delight to his senses. He rolled the stiff nipples between his fingers, bringing little gasps of pleasure from his teacher’s lips. Her thick lips drew him closer, and the cold steel of the springs touched his thighs.

Emerald could revel in the slowness of her young student’s movements. He wasn’t trying to stuff his cock into her as soon as he could, he was taking his time, knowing they would both enjoy the sex better if it wasn’t hurried. She opened her mouth slightly, and her lips brushed against her student’s. Their tentative contact was repeated, and then they locked upon each other’s wide-open mouths.

Emerald accepted the invasion of her oral cavern by the young boy’s tongue, and she met it with her own. They breathed loudly out of their noses, and held the kiss a long time. All the while, Emerald was sliding her body to the very edge of the mattress and bringing her legs into play. She used the legs of her young student to lock her heels behind, and she moved her pelvis up and down slightly, rubbing his thick cock against her lower belly. The hairs of her cunt parted before the thick, rigid cock, and she gripped his strong shoulders with her hands.

They drew apart. Emerald smiled. “Oh, that was good. You’ve had a lot of practice.”

“I try,” Jimmy grinned.

Emerald moved her head forward for another kiss, and her young student complied with her desire. His hands were still manipulating her small tits, and they felt as if they were ready to explode, they felt so full. Bob hadn’t paid that much attention to her tits in ages. Her last lover had been an oral specialist, and had concentrated upon her snatch. It was nice for someone to recognize the fact that small tits weren’t meant to be ignored. They gave both partners pleasure.

“UUUUMMMM!” Jimmy hummed in pleasure.

His lips were still locked upon the sucking, warm, wet mouth of his teacher. He slid his hands behind her back, rubbing and caressing her skin. He felt the small bumps of her spine, and then the soft but resilient flesh of her asscheeks. He slipped his hands under her butt, placing his hands between her ass and the mattress. The smooth moons were creamy and made his prick throb with desire.

He let his lips trail away from hers and across her face. He planted a kiss on the end of her button nose, and her face lit up in a wide, soft smile. He continued his kisses, still kneading her full asscheeks. He brought his head over and down her throat until he was nibbling on her tits. He chewed lightly on the upthrusting fleshy nipple resting on the tip of her breast, bringing moans of pleasure to his teacher’s full lips.

“OOOOHHHH!” Emerald moaned. “SOOOO NICCCCE!”

Emerald reached out and gripped the firm young butt of her student. She slid her hands quickly around to his loins, and explored the rigid shaft of his prick jutting out from his crotch. The mushroom-shaped head of his young cock was a delight to hold. She traced the underside of the big prick, letting the rough texture caress her fingers. She grinned and moaned at the same time as it gave a lewd jerk in her hand. It felt so strong and rigid, and yet she knew it could be very flexible. The foreskin was pulled back from the head, and she ran the loose flap of flesh back and forth several times, watching the tremors in his legs as she did so. She knew it must have been a slight strain for him to be standing as she sat, but the bed was the only thing soft in the room, and it wasn’t really big enough for two.

“Go, Jimmy, go!” Emerald breathed as her young student kept nibbling on her tits. They seemed to be burning with obscene fire as his tongue swirled and scraped all over her tender breasts.

Jimmy didn’t want to stop sucking and slaving over his teacher’s tits, but his cock was demanding release. He pulled his head up from her chest, and gently but firmly pushed her back on the bed. Her head touched the far wall, and she bent her neck forward, looking over the plane of her own body. Her loins were poised right at the edge of the bed, and she guessed immediately what Jimmy was planning.

Jimmy quickly brought his body forward, the fleshy spear of his cock leading him. He placed the blunt end of the thick shaft at the entrance of her cunt, opening up the thick outer lips of her pussy. Her vagina was easy to find, and it was gooey and wet with copious quantities of lubricating fluids. He wished he could be slower, but his balls ached and his cock was burning with lustful anticipation.

His blue eyes flamed with desire and he flicked his hips forward. His cock slid up the warm, wet channel of his teacher’s cunt, plowing all the way until his blonde hairs mixed with her red ones as their loins collided. The cuntal sheath of his teacher gripped his cock tightly, as if it were lined with velvet. Her hot channel of her cunt was causing him to lean forward and place his trembling hands on her pear-shaped tits again. He ran his thumbs over her nipples, making her jerk with joy.

“MMMMUUUUMMMM!” Emerald hummed as her young student began to shove his thick cock in and out of her ready and greedily accepting cunt.

She rolled her head from side to side, her short red hair whipping about her face. Her eyes were tightly closed, and the stiff prick ramming in and out of her cunt was sending ripples of delight all through her body. Her clit was being jarred by each shove and withdrawal of her young student’s loins. The thick head of his prick was always kept within her warm, wet channel, however, and it was a joy to feel.

Emerald reached out and gripped the hips of the young boy fucking her. It had been quite some time since she’d really enjoyed a good fuck, and the shivers of delight that coursed through her as she made it with one of her students sent her mind flying. She could feel the juices flowing out of her cunt, being brought to a lather by the in-and-out sawing of her student. She hadn’t been fucked so well in years. His superbly conditioned body was more than a match for her womanly heat, and she squealed and moaned with ecstasy.

“GO! GO! GO!” Emerald chanted.

Jimmy did his best, but it was too soon for him. The last thrust into her was enough to send his balls to spasming and convulsing their thick load of cum out of his throbbing cock. He groaned, quickly dropped his hands to his teacher’s slim hips, and held onto her as he arched his body, sending his thick cock into the very depths of her cunt.

“AAAAAAAHHHHH!” Jimmy groaned. His cock spewed its thick load of cum into her hot twat, and it was sucked greedily up into her womb.

Emerald felt the thick head of her young student’s cock swell and then the jerking and convulsing within her cuntal sheath sent her flying, also. She wrapped her legs around his ass, trying to stuff more of his lovely prick into her body. She could feel her own inner muscles jerk and tighten as her orgasm came over her.

“AAAARRRGGGHHH!” Emerald cried out just as the end-of-period bell rang shrilly. She then went limp, as if she were a puppet and someone had cut the strings. A smile was on her lips.

Jimmy collapsed over her limp form, her nipples gouging into his chest. He wanted to relax a while before he had to go to swimming practice. That was definitely going to be a drag today.


“I’m so glad you could take the time to meet with me, Ms. Whitehall,” Emerald Finderson said with a smile. Her pert, perky personality was even cheering up Cindy.

“I’m glad to do it, and please call me Cindy,” Cindy said, smiling. She was wondering if the small woman wanted to discuss the infidelities of her stupid and brutish husband. But when the teacher had mentioned that she was Jimmy’s math teacher, it had caught Cindy’s attention.

They were sitting in a small restaurant on Main Street, near Cindy’s office. They had agreed to meet for lunch, and since Emerald had the rest of the day off because of “personal reasons”, there was no need for either of them to hurry through their meal.

“And you call me Emerald,” Emerald smiled. “I don’t like it when people call me Emma. It grates on my nerves, you know?”

“I can understand,” Cindy smiled. “I hate to rush you, but you did mention this was about Jimmy.”

Emerald stared at her plate for a second or two, and then looked about her. The nearest customers were three or four tables away. “Well, to be perfectly frank, Cindy, it is. I had noted a change in his outlook lately, and I questioned him about it,” Emerald began. “I know he’s a very vital and growing young boy, and it was his physical needs that had been responsible for his poor grades up to now. He suddenly began to study harder, make better grades. I was curious, naturally. I confronted him, and he admitted to be having an affair with a girl.”

Cindy held her breath. Was this going to be a blackmail threat?

“Have you met my husband?” Emerald asked suddenly.

“Why, yes, he came to my office about two days ago with some papers I had to sign so Jimmy could go to the State swimming meet,” Cindy said, keeping herself calm. She warned herself not to jump to any conclusions.

“Well, you saw only his good side, I’m afraid,” Emerald said. “I’m telling you this in strictest confidence. Jimmy told me you were liberal in your sexual attitudes.”

Cindy nodded, wondering what the hell was going on.

“Well, to be perfectly frank, my husband is a shithead in bed,” Emerald said harshly. “And while I was questioning your brother, the thought occurred to me, and I… well… I took advantage of my position.”

“Just what do you mean?” Cindy asked, having a hard time keeping the smile from creeping up to her lips.

“I seduced your brother, and have had several encounters with him since then,” Emerald said. “And I thought I had to tell you.”

“He sure hadn’t acted like it,” Cindy mused aloud. She then looked at Emerald with tenderness in her eyes. She knew, deep down, she’d found a soul mate. A woman she could confide in totally. Emerald had known from the first, and it had been obvious this meeting was supposed to have been a get-acquainted meeting, and not a confessional meeting.

“That’s a rather odd statement to make,” Emerald commented. “How could you know… unless…” Her eyes widened with surprise, and then her thick lips split into a wide grin. “But of course!”

“Why don’t we go over to your place and discuss this?” Cindy asked with a smirking smile. “My house has maids, and they gossip so.”

“Agreed,” Emerald smiled.

They both got to their feet and walked from the table. Cindy paid and they walked to Emerald’s car. She gave Cindy directions, arid Cindy agreed to follow in her Porsche.

After a short drive, the two women were sitting at the kitchen table, drinking a cup of coffee, laughing like they had been friends for life.

“I’ve got to tell you, Emerald,” Cindy confessed. “Your husband and I fucked the time he was over at my office. I thought he’d be pretty good, because he was well built.”

“I figured as much,” Emerald nodded. “You know, we’ve had to move three times because of his sexual appetite and stupidity. Once, he knocked up a thirteen-year-old chick in Texas, of all places!”

“He’s lucky to have gotten out of there with his head still attached to his shoulders,” Cindy commented.

“He paid for the abortion,” Emerald said, “but it was touch and go there for a while. Just talking about it makes me realize that the stupid sonofabitch won’t ever learn. I might as well divorce him.”

“I’d suggest it,” Cindy said. “He’s a real drag in bed, that’s for sure. It’s better to use a vibrator than to let him spread your legs.”

Emerald nodded sullenly. She perked up quickly though, and soon, they had the television on, laughing at an old movie. Cindy suddenly realized how sexy Emerald was. She looked into the green eyes of the other woman and Emerald stared back. They suddenly were serious, and they both smiled at the same time.

“Bob’s on a scouting trip,” Emerald smiled. “Let’s go use the bedroom.”

Again, the mutual understanding flowed through them. They walked arm in arm to the bedroom.

Jimmy came home from practice, tired and worn. He had met Pat again today, and she had been more than a little demanding of him. He’d fucked her hard and fast, twice. It was enough to make even his young and vibrant cock droop a bit. He thought a nap might do him some good. There weren’t any tests tomorrow, and he had finished all the homework the substitute math teacher had given them. It had been easy. All of his studies were coming easier to him now, and even chemistry, the dullest of his subjects, was starting to shape up. If he kept at it, he might have all A’s before the end of the school year. He hoped so. It would really make Cindy happy.

He walked into the dining room and smiled at the young maid, the only one left after Juanita had been fired. Her job was harder now, but it involved a lot fewer complications. She no longer had to worry that the Mexican girl would get to goof off while she worked.

The maid was setting the table for him, because he was always ravenous after coming home after swimming practice. He wondered when Coach Finderson would be getting back. Not that he missed the older man, but he was someone to talk to now and then while swimming the countless miles in the pool. And maybe he could foist Pat off on him sometime. She was really starting to get to him. He really liked her, but her fucks were becoming wilder and more frantic than ever. It was as if she were only getting laid by him. That shouldn’t be. After all, she was a pretty girl and had a good figure. Jimmy couldn’t figure it out.

“Does Mr. Whitehall desire anything else?” asked the blonde maid.

Jimmy looked over at her, wondering for a second what she looked like with her costume off, and then dismissed the idea at once. What with Emerald and Pat and Cindy, he could barely keep up his strength as it was. Though he knew he was beginning to desire a little something more his own age. The maid was about eighteen, and she had come over from Sweden on a work program. She was an average looker. Perhaps one day, he’d get around to doing it to her. Not just now though. Maybe six months or so. “No, everything’s just fine, Freya,” Jimmy said. “And good night.”

“Thank you, sir,” the maid said, and walked into the kitchen. She would tell the cook the “master” of the house was pleased and they could finally split.

Jimmy dug into the food prepared for him, knowing tile cook had placed a plateful in the oven, kept warm for Cindy when she came home. As soon as he finished the meal, he could feel the drowsiness come over him. He was a lot sleepier than he thought. He got to his feet, stretched, and walked slowly up the stairs. He went to his room, and took off his clothes. He might as well prepare for Cindy. He was losing some sleep, and now was a good chance to catch up. He lay back on the bed, his tanned, nude body softly outlined by the light coming from the hall.

Jimmy quickly fell asleep, and soon began dreaming that his cock was being engulfed by the warm, wet, expert mouth of his sister. She had started sucking on him as he slept, bringing his prick to a stiff stand as his body responded to the caresses. He moaned with delight, and finally opened his eyes. He smiled broadly, standing up at the ceiling, and then he looked down at his loins, expecting to see the blonde head of his sister.

“WHAT!” Jimmy gasped.

There, bobbing her head up and down the glistening, wet shaft of his rigid cock was Emerald. She was slaving away, the red hair hanging slightly in front of her face. Her pear-shaped tits jiggled as she greedily sucked on his prick, and she was completely nude. She was kneeling just beside his loins, obviously savoring every bit of fluid she could drain from his cock.

“Don’t worry,” the voice of his sister came to him from his left.

Jimmy turned his head, and gasped when he saw his sister was standing by the head of his bed, also naked, smiling down at him. He didn’t know what to make of the situation. His mind reeled as his balls ached and were tickled and rubbed by Emerald’s gentle hand. He tried to figure out what was going on.

“Emerald found out about us,” Cindy explained softly, getting onto the bed. Her creamy-white tits jiggled as she did so. The scissoring actions of her legs made her slit open, revealing the already glistening interior of her wet cunt. “And Emerald and I found out about each other. And now, she wants to have a little three-way.”

“Gosh!” Jimmy gasped. He wasn’t sure he understood what was going down, but it sure seemed like a neat way to get his rocks off. He gulped and nodded. “What now?”

“Just lay back and enjoy,” Cindy smiled. She walked on her knees on the bed closer to her brother. Emerald was on the other side of his body, and she had a clear space to walk. Cindy was a vision of delight in the dim light coming from the window and the hall light. It struck her, creating shadows. The valley between her big tits was fantastic, and the furry thatch covering her loins was burning into her brother’s mind.

Emerald smiled to herself as she felt the bed rocking under her knees. She bobbed her head down on the young boy’s loins, and the thick shaft or his cock slid down her throat, until her nose was buried against the sparse blond hair of his loins. She closed her eyes, sucking and drawing on the young cock in her mouth. She wasn’t sure what Cindy had planned, but it would turn out all right, that she knew. She trusted the other woman.

Emerald felt the hairy sac of the teenager’s balls, jiggling them up and down, while her other hand made sure his cock stood upright, allowing her mouth easy access to it. She drew her head up and swirled her tongue around the thick, mushroom shaped head of his young prick. The rough skin of her tongue rasped against the sensitive surface of the glans, bringing involuntary moans of passion for her young student. Her lips were ovaled about the spear of flesh, and she gladly impaled her face on the upright shaft time and again.

Cindy smiled down at her brother’s face. Her tits were weaving tiny arcs just above his lips. He reached up slowly to halt their hypnotic spiraling. She lowered her torso, bringing her breasts closer to his mouth. Her nipples were standing stiff and sharp out from the brown areolas of her tits. She gasped as he stabbed out his sandpaper rough tongue to rub it gently across the sensitive little nubbin of her pap. It shot little electric currents of pleasure through her body. She kept her eyes opened to tiny slits as the rapidly working tongue of her younger brother began to take effect. She could hear the slurping noises coming from Emerald’s mouth going up and down on Jimmy’s cock.

Cindy’s cunt was already wet and, ready from the fingering she and Emerald had done while they stood at the foot of Jimmy’s bed, staring at his naked form. The juices were now flowing out so freely that the insides of her thighs were being coated with the heady aroma of sex. The pungent smell brought out their animal instincts to the fullest, and Cindy closed her eyes fully.


Jimmy needed no other encouragement. He used his left hand to steady the tit his sister was dangling against his lips. He opened his mouth wide, and began to suck on the massive mammary. The satiny smooth skin of his sister’s cream colored body was enough to send him higher. He took tiny bites out of the brown little nubbin that was her stiff-standing nipple. It was thick with blood, making it stand up on her mountain of flesh as if it were an outstretched little finger.

He moved his other hand down across the covers until he encountered the smooth, tender, tanned flesh of his teacher’s leg. His eyes were closed, and Cindy’s big tits were blocking his view, but he had to thank his teacher somehow for sucking on his cock. He traced the outline of her folded legs, and she instantly moved her body around so her ass was facing the head of the bed. He smiled with difficulty, and then caressed the full globes of her ass. The crease that ran down between the moons he explored with his forefinger. He felt his teacher shudder, and he heard her moan, even though her lips were still locked onto his prick.

“MMMMMMM!” Emerald moaned in her throat, her lips ovaled about the thick girth of her young student’s big cock.

Emerald loved the salty taste of Jimmy’s young prick. Even though it brought her a little bit of discomfort, there was nothing better than giving a blow job and being appreciated for it. When he had first touched her legs, she hadn’t been sure what he was trying to do, but she quickly got the idea. She moved around to allow easier access to her loins. She moved her legs apart, allowing room for him to stick his hand up between her thighs and caress and tickle the hair-fringed lips of her pussy. The cuntal juices were already coating the insides of her thighs, and the heady aroma was permeating the room. With the sweat glistening off her body and the way she bobbed up and down, she seemed like some sort of nymph statue. Her pear-shaped tits bobbed and jiggled with enticing ripples of flesh as she could feel the mushroom-shaped head of her young student’s thick cock swell slightly in her mouth. She kept her grip on the base of the shaft, making sure he didn’t try to stuff his prick all the way down her throat. She’d had enough of that kind of treatment from her husband.

The young teacher scraped her teeth along the underside of the long shaft of his cock, and it was almost too much for him. His thick staff jerked and throbbed in the hot, wet cavern of her mouth, making her gag slightly. But she held on, and continued her oral manipulations. There wasn’t anything in the world now that would stop her. She jerked herself when she felt the first gentle touches on the insides of her thighs. And then she sighed as his fingers found the swelling mound of her cunt. The thick patch of red hair covering the outside of her pussylips parted for the invading digits plowing through her flesh. His forefinger found the miniature peg of her clit with ease, and began to rub it gently. The tiny tingles of sexual fever washed over her body, and goosebumps broke out on her legs. She shivered. It was so delightfully wicked and delicious!

Cindy heard the moans coming from the other woman’s throat, and she turned her beautiful blonde head to glance over at the obscene sight just on the other side of her brother’s body. She saw his hand up between Emerald’s spread thighs, and from the way her hips were moving, Cindy knew the teacher was getting a nice finger-fuck. Cindy smiled with delight as her soul mate moved her head up and down faster on her brother’s cock.

Cindy jerked her head from the sight, and let her eyes close again. Her heavy tits were getting the tongue-lashing of her life. The way her brother gripped her tit, squeezing it harshly and forcing some of the flesh to bunch and strain in his hands was enough to bring tears of pleasure/pain to her eyes. She was kneeling, with one hand holding her body upright while her other hand snaked between her legs to fondle and stroke the furry mound of her pussy. It sent tremors of pleasure through her body. She could feel the cooling wind coming from the air-conditioning vent. The sex-induced sweat was like a thin film of dew upon her jerking body.

“OOOH. BABY, DO IT TO THEM!” Cindy crooned to her brother. “DO IT!”

Jimmy could barely hear anything through the roaring in his ears as the blood rushed and zinged through his veins. He could feel his heart pounding in his muscular chest, and the veins in his prick throbbed in time with the pumping in his chest. He nibbled on the salty tit before him. His hands were both busy, and his mind was still engrossed with the powerful feelings churning in his loins. It wouldn’t be long now, he knew, before he shot his thick wad of cum juice down the eager throat of his teacher. The way she was sucking and slurping over his swollen cock was pure heaven to him. He snorted through his nose, feeling the excitement of the moment increasing.

The young boy’s mind was frying under the overload of sensations bombarding him, but he didn’t care. The hot, gooey feeling he was getting from his hand tucked in the moist cunt of Emerald thrilled him. The soft, inner layers of her pussy were slippery, and the juices were flowing out of her cunt and draining down his hand and arm. Where his elbow touched the sheets, there was a little pool forming. She was so wet and warm he’d loved to have his cock up her.

But at the moment, his prick was stuffed down her throat. She was eagerly gobbling it down, letting it strike off the back of her throat as she slid her pretty face down to his loins. He could feel her hand squeezing the rigid rod, and at the same time, her other hand was feeling and tenderly caressing his balls. They ached with the incredible need for release. They way she was making her mouth a second cunt for him was deliriously exciting.

Jimmy felt the churning at the base of his prick get wilder, and the thick wad jerked up the tube of his cock until it was halfway up the length of his cock. He knew his orgasm had come! He sucked in a large amount of his sister’s tit as he shoved his thick cock deep into his teacher’s sucking mouth, preparing for the ultimate release!

“UUUNNNNNHHHH!” Jimmy groaned in his throat as he bit down a little harshly on his sister’s tit.

Emerald felt the change coming over his prick. The way it throbbed and seemed to swell even larger in her mouth was enough warning for her. She sunk all the way down on the thick, rigid shaft of his dong and swirled her tongue around the tube of flesh. The spasms began almost immediately. The first gush of scalding, thick semen almost choked her, but she, swallowed quickly, letting the sperm-laden fluid slide down her throat with ease. She hungrily and greedily sucked on his spasming cock as it spewed forth the heavy load that had been resting and churning in his balls.

Emerald was amazed at the amount of jism coming from her young student’s dick. As the gooey fluid slowed, and the thick rod began to wilt slightly, she nibbled on the softening flesh, bringing one last jerk at the base of his cock, sending one last gob into her mouth. Her taste buds exploded in a riot of sensation as the tiny drop of creamy fluid lay on her tongue.

The young teacher’s own sensations were suddenly riveted upon her own seat of sexual excitement. The young boy’s fingers were digging roughly and demandingly at her clit, worming his fingers into the depths of her cunt. The stiff, stabbing digits were enough to send her own mind skyrocketing, and she, let the wilting prick fall from her cum-coated lips as she moaned with her shattering orgasm.

“AAAAAAGGGGHHHH!” Emerald moaned. “I’MMMM CUMMMIIINNNGGG!” Her voice trailed off as she brought her head to rest against the flat plane of Jimmy’s abdomen.

Cindy jerked as her brother bit into her tit, causing a stab of real pain to spasm through her mind. She opened her eyes, and hearing the increased activity coming from her brother’s loins, she looked there, and could see Emerald holding her lips around the base of his cock. The way the other woman’s throat was moving, Cindy knew he was shooting thick wads of his creamy cum down her throat. Cindy’s box frothed and then jerked under the probings of her own fingers. The orgasm caused her to pull her tit from her brother’s gaping mouth and collapse upon the bed. Her ass was still in the air as her hand frantically dug and pulled and jerked with uncontrollable energy into her cunt.

The young fashion designer’s mind finally stopped reeling, and she could hear the ragged breathing of the two other people on the king-sized bed. It matched her own panting breaths. She smiled to herself, and slowly pulled her tired body from the almost fetal-like position she’d been in. She stretched out beside her brother, her tits rubbing against his side. He reached out and put his arm around her shoulders.

Emerald moved slowly, up beside Jimmy’s other side. She placed her head on his shoulder, and he put his other arm around her. The two women stared into each other’s eyes, and closed them as weariness came over them.

Jimmy’s thoughts as he lay there between the two women were of utter contentment. His arms were around the smooth shoulders of the two most important women in his life. Pat was just a fling now and then. He also knew something deeper and more intimate had occurred between the two women, and he doubted if he would ever really know what. They had obviously become lovers of some sort and, Jimmy thought, as he drifted off to sleep, it would be nice to see them making love to each other.


Jimmy walked down the hall toward the school cafeteria. He didn’t like eating there, but at least the food was hot and didn’t give him any trouble. The only real trouble with the cafeteria was the fact the food was incredibly bland. He paid, got his tray, and stood in line. He looked around the cafeteria. Not that many kids ate there, and most of the tables were empty. His glance happened to fall upon a delightful-looking girl sitting all by herself at one of the corner tables. She was a little young, he thought, to be in high school, but he sure could appreciate her looks.

The girl had black hair and deep brown eyes. Her tits were still developing, but they were still respectable. She had a sweet, innocent face, and her lips were slightly thin, but looked inviting. Her nose was straight, and she had a heart-shaped face. She was wearing a light-green short-sleeved jumpsuit. She had a lonely look to her eyes, and she seemed troubled about something.

She was too young for the few older boys who walked by her table, and she didn’t know any of the other girls, and they always sat amongst themselves. Jimmy thought for an instant, since he usually sat by himself too, and felt his heart racing as he contemplated his next move. He got his food, and then got his little carton of milk at the end of the line. He put the silverware on his tray, and squared his shoulders. He had nothing to lose, and maybe a lot to gain.

He walked steadily toward her table, and stood by it for an instant. “Mind if I sit down?” he asked politely.

The girl looked up startled, her brown eyes filled with fear for an instant, but Jimmy’s youthful appearance eased her mind. “No, I don’t mind,” she said in a rich, soft voice.

Jimmy sat down and began arranging his food. He looked over at her, for he had sat down just opposite her, and said, “My name’s Jimmy Whitehall. You’re new here, aren’t you?”

The girl looked over at him and nodded. “I’m Wanda Simpson. My family just moved here. My father is going to be working at the plant. I guess you’re wondering about my age.”

“You look a lot younger, at first glance,” he smiled.

She looked up at the remark, wondering what he meant, but she mentally shrugged. “You know, this is the first big city we’ve ever lived in. I’m kinda curious about it all.”

“Big?” Jimmy asked. “Marketville isn’t big. It’s just about average size.”

“Well, I’m from a small community out in Texas,” Wanda smiled. She took a bite of food, exposing a row of perfect, white teeth. “Cypress City. It’s about sixty miles southwest of San Antonio.”

“I’ve never heard of it,” Jimmy said. “But don’t let the snobs in the school scare you. There are quite a number of really neat people here. Like me, for instance.” Jimmy grinned, showing her it was a joke.

“You’re a swimmer?” Wanda asked, batting her long lashes. Her soft, brown eyes gleamed.

“Yeah,” Jimmy nodded. “The Coach thinks I’ve got a chance at the State title.”

“That’s exciting!” Wanda said. “And what with the Olympics coming up in a few years, you could win some medals there.”

“That’s a little too far in the future for me,” Jimmy smiled. “I don’t like to think that far ahead. I’m one of the distance swimmers, and to think of the amount of miles I’d have to swim in order to stay in shape for the Olympics is enough to turn my hair white.”


Jimmy let the fork clatter back to his tray. Jeez! he thought. And I was fucking his wife last night! He felt funny about it, but then let the weight slide from his shoulders. He was too young to worry about such things. He turned back to Wanda. “He was my swimming coach,” he said in a soft voice.

“That means you won’t be going to the tournament?” Wanda asked, curious.

“Oh, no,” Jimmy answered. “It just means that the assistant coach will be taking us there.”

“And who is that?” Wanda asked, leaning slightly forward. The material of her jumpsuit stretched across her chest, outlining the fullness of her tits.

Jimmy kept his eyes downcast as he felt his cock spring to life. She had a pretty good set. “Oh, the assistant coach is really the track coach, Mr. Nealy.”

“I think I met him this morning,” Wanda said, leaning back. She had finished her lunch. “He’s also the chemistry teacher, isn’t he?”

“Yeah,” Jimmy smiled. He looked down at his watch, and knew he had to be going. “Say, have you had a tour of the city yet?”

Wanda shook her head no.

“Well, why don’t you come over to my place after swimming practice, and I’ll show you around.”

“Oh, that sounds nice,” Wanda said. “My father told me to try to make friends.”

Jimmy gave her directions to the Whitehall Mansion, and her eyes widened as she recognized the section of town he lived in. She said she’d be there around five o’clock in the afternoon. Jimmy gave another sly glance to her tits, got to his feet, and walked from the cafeteria.

If I play my cards right, I should be able to get into her pants real quick! Jimmy thought as he went to get his books for his next class.

Jimmy smiled pleasantly as Wanda laughed at his joke. He maneuvered the MGB GT Cindy had gotten him easily through the streets. It had been a fun afternoon, what with showing Wanda the sights and places of interest in Marketville. There wasn’t really that much to see, but Wanda was impressed by the city. He whipped around the corner and headed toward the Whitehall Mansion.

Wanda’s long, black hair whipped around her head as he had the window on her side open. The warm wind swirled around the interior of the car, and both young teenagers were happy to be alive. Wanda was still wearing her jumpsuit, but Jimmy could tell from the way it moved over her chest that she’d taken off her bra.

Jimmy pulled into the driveway of his home, using the remote control in his car to open the garage door. The door lifted slowly, and he pulled into the slot allowed for his car. Cindy always left her Porsche on the right side of the two-car garage, and since the MGB was a small car, there was plenty of room. He got out of the car, and went over to help Wanda out. Not that she really needed help, but it was the thing to do.

“Say, why don’t you come up and listen to a few records before you go home?” Jimmy suggested. “That way, we don’t have to worry about the maid snooping on us.”

Wanda thought for a moment, and then added, “Sure. My father doesn’t get home until real late.”

Jimmy knew by now that Wanda’s mother had died when she was young. He gently clasped her hand in his, and led the way up the stairs to his room. The giant bed was slightly impressive to her, and he smiled as she sat down upon its spongy surface.

“Got anything you’d like to hear?” he asked.

“No, not really,” Wanda answered.

Jimmy flipped through his large record collection and selected several records. He put them on the turntable and started the amplifier going. The diamond needle settled down upon the first record and the music blared forth from the large speakers situated on Jimmy’s walls.

Wanda grimaced a bit, and made a motion with her hand. Jimmy understood and turned the volume down. The music was a soft background now.

“How’s that?” he asked as he came over and sat beside her.

Wanda looked at him with her soft, deer-like brown eyes and smiled. “Better, much better. I’ve got sensitive ears, and any loud noise puts me on edge.”

“I didn’t know,” Jimmy said.

“Wait a minute.” Wanda looked over at the record player. “Is he really saying that?”

Jimmy grinned. “Sure thing. It’s Frank Zappa, one of the all-time great nut rock ‘n’ roll leaders. That’s his famous ‘Penguin in Bondage’ song.”

“Bizarre,” Wanda laughed as the words came out of the speakers. She smiled as she turned back to Jimmy.

Jimmy suddenly leaned close to her and kissed her thin lips. She responded hesitantly. She was obviously inexperienced, and Jimmy’s cock went to full erection at the thought of taking her cherry. The heavy, throbbing rhythms coming from the speakers seemed to match their heartbeats, and Jimmy gently took Wanda’s body and crushed her torso to his chest. Her little nipples dug into his t-shirted chest, spearing out tautly and rubbing through the material of her jumpsuit. He kissed her harder, and slowly, carefully, thrust his tongue into her slightly open mouth. She gurgled a moan as his tongue invaded her oral cavern. She gingerly pushed against his tongue with her own, and they both concentrated upon their mouths.

Jimmy knew he had a real natural fucker on his hands, and if he played it right, Wanda’s own itchy pants would come to him tonight. He thought briefly about the open door, but dismissed it with a small shake of his head. He reached slowly across his body with his right arm and touched the tab of the zipper that held the front of her jumpsuit closed. She made a slight motion with her own hand to push him away, but it was an ineffectual gesture, and only halfhearted to begin with.

He gripped the tab with his fingers and pulled it down. The rasping sound of an opening zipper couldn’t be heard over the music. Jimmy pulled the zipper down all the way to her waist. He then slowly reached into the open folds of her suit and cupped her breast. It was smaller than he’d been used to, but the firmness of her tit could only be felt on a young girl’s body, and it was something new to his flaming senses.

The young girl’s tits were on fire. She could feel the smooth, gentle hand of the boy sitting beside her touch her where she’d only begun to recently touch herself. She had wondered what it would feel like to have a boy fondle her ripening tits, and now she knew. She wondered if she should put up a fight, but dismissed the idea immediately. Why bother? She knew she’d fuck someone someday, and Jimmy’s caresses were making her feel all faint inside. And her cunt was wet and tingly. She breathed harshly through her nose as the kiss lasted.

Wanda was in a state of utter confusion. She wanted the delicious feelings to continue, but she also knew that perhaps she was being a bad girl. As Jimmy rubbed on her budding tits, she shuddered with delight. She cast any doubt from her mind and kissed back harder. She wanted to know the ultimate joy she’d heard so much about.

Jimmy sensed the change come over Wanda’s mood and was excited by it. He knew the subtle hints and body language that told when a girl wanted to fuck. He’d seen it happen to his sister, Pat and Emerald. And now the same hints were coming from the young girl in his arms. He pushed her back on the bed, the material of her jumpsuit open, but her tits were so small only a part of them were revealed.

He reached out with his trembling and eager hands and pulled the zipper all the way down until the tab of the zipper was at her crotch. She was wearing a pair of light-blue bikini panties, and there was just a touch of a crease showing between her legs. He reached up and slid the suit over her shoulders, and began to pull the soft, cottony material from her body. Her firm young tits hardly jiggled with the movements. She bent her elbows and the top portion of the suit was off. She raised her hips, and the green material slid past her shapely ass, then past her thin but nice thighs. It finally crumpled to the floor.

His mouth watered as he stared at the slightly tanned form of the young teenaged girl lying back on his big bed. She wanted him, he could tell. The crotch of her panties was damp with her juices. He reached out and held the elastic waistband and pulled gently down. The panties slid easily free of her young loins, and she again lifted her ass to let the cloth fall to the floor.

Jimmy stared at the odd and tantalizing sight before his eyes. Her cunt was sparsely covered with black hair. It curled mainly around her pussy’s crack, but some of it was growing on her belly. The puffed lips of her excited cunt looked so inviting his tongue ached to taste the sweet virginal nectar that was flowing gently from deep within her. Her young hips were already starting to spread out. She stared at him with pleading eyes, and he nodded. He pulled his t-shirt over his head and shed his cut-off shorts. He was naked beneath his clothes. He’d come prepared for this moment.

Wanda gasped as she stared at the first full-sized cock she’d ever really seen. She’d seen the bulges in the boys’ jeans in school, but they’d never quite prepared her for the sight now drawing her gaze. The thick tube of flesh was both attractive and disgusting to her. Her mind whirled as she tried to sort out her emotions. The heavy balls hanging beneath Jimmy’s thick cock were interesting, and she knew enough about sex to know what everything was.

She let her eyes travel over the thick, red head with its tiny hole at the tip. The thick veins that wound and twisted their way on the underside of his prick just behind the rumpled foreskin. The foreskin had pulled back, revealing the entire thing, getting it ready for action. She wondered if she could get all that monster into her tiny cunt. She’d tried to stick a few of her fingers up her pussy before, but they’d always felt a little uncomfortable.

She watched as it bobbed and weaved in flexible beauty as Jimmy crawled onto the bed to lie beside her nude form. She was trembling with excitement and fear. She wasn’t really terribly fearful, but she didn’t quite know what was going to happen. She could feel Jimmy’s lips approaching hers again, and she was glad she’d decided on him to take her cherry. Some of the older guys might have been in too much of a hurry to get their cocks up into her cunt.

“You’re beautiful,” Jimmy said to her. He kissed her softly on the lips. He kept his body slightly away from hers. He thought he could detect a certain little hesitation on her part.

Jimmy cupped her tiny tits again. The very stiff and hard nipples seemed to sear his palms as his hands fit over her developing breasts. Her tits were soft and smooth. He was feeling a tenderness for this young girl he’d never felt for anyone before. He felt somehow responsible. He knew it would be up to him to make sure she was able to enjoy to the fullest the act they were about to begin. A gentleness he’d never known he’d had came over him. He slowed his rough pawing of her tits and made them light caresses, designed to bring little jolts of pleasure to her virgin’s mind. He knew now she was indeed a virgin. It came to him out of the blue, but he was certain of it.

His hand glided slowly, gingerly over her side to her hip as he drew his head from her lips. He maneuvered with a jerk of his strong legs and brought his blond head over her growing tits. He let his tongue fold out of his mouth and flick upon the stiff-standing nipple on her tit.

“OOOOOOHHHH!” Wanda moaned.

The music on the stereo had changed. The first album was no longer playing, but the second was. It was gentle, soothing music. There were no words, only music that fit the slow, gentle mood they were both falling into.

Wanda held Jimmy’s head in her hands, tangling her fingers in his long blond locks. She closed her eyes and rolled her head back and forth, letting the soft sounds of joy slide out of her mouth and meld with the gentle music filtering through the air. The mood in the room became sultry and warm, and they didn’t hurry with animalistic hunger, but seemed to communicate their wants and needs almost telepathically.

She rubbed her dainty hands across his strong shoulders, letting her fingers trace the creases of his muscles. The fire in her tits was growing hotter, and she rubbed her thighs together in an effort to relieve the odd, almost itching feeling growing there. She could feel the strange moisture flowing from her virginal pussy, and she was half-afraid to continue on the way she was headed. But she knew it was too late to back out now. She’d committed herself to the full completion of the act.

“So good!” Wanda mumbled. “It feels so nice!”

Jimmy let his tongue make tiny spiraling trails all over the supersensitive skin of the young virgin he held in his arms. He steadied himself with one arm as he finally dared to use his other arm to glide gently over her almost straight hip and to the skin of her thigh. He paused there, his mouth drawing one of the stiff nipples into it as the other part of his mind moved his hand up over the flesh of her leg to the inner part of her thigh. He felt her stop all movement, and then she slowly opened her legs all the way, letting him have easy access to her cunt. He opened his hand wide, gripping almost all of her upper leg, and moved it up. The edge of his palm came into damp contact with her virgin pussy.

His cock was standing stiff and hard out from his young loins, and it wanted immediate action. He kept it under control, however. He wanted to savor his first virgin, and he wanted Wanda to enjoy it as much as he would. He used the edge of his palm to partially open up the tight outer lips of her cunt, his hand rubbing against the sensitive and wetly gleaming inner folds. He came in contact with her stiff-standing clit.

“OOOH!” Wanda jerked all over the contact. “What…!”

Jimmy smiled to himself as he continued to suck softly upon the nipple in his mouth, almost drawing sexual release from doing so. He slid his palm out of her crease slowly, the lips closing once again. His hand was tickled by the sparse hairs covering her young pussy. He cupped her pubic mound, and the soft, tender flesh of her loins was a delight to his senses. He let his head drift down over her small tit to her belly. He stopped at her navel. He probed his tongue into the tiny indentation of her flesh.

“AAAHHH!” Wanda groaned.

He slowly jackknifed his body around until his head was facing her feet. They had both gradually forced themselves to the middle of the bed, and her long, lithe legs were spread out wide. He stuck out his tongue as he moved his head across the smooth, satiny skin of her abdomen. It left a light trail of moisture on her body. His tongue next encountered the sparse black hair curling about her young cunt. They tickled his tongue as he slid it down to her crease. He reached out and opened the flanges of her pussylips, and immediately slid his tongue into the gaping pink maw of her inner folds.

“MMMMMMM!” Jimmy hummed in his throat as the sweet, heady taste of her virgin cunt flooded his tongue.

Wanda jerked and rolled her young hips slightly from side to side as the strange and odd feelings crept over her. She’d finger-fucked herself before, but it’d never quite felt like this. She knew what the cool, wet thing was that was stabbing into her cunt, but it didn’t stop her from enjoying the delightful sensations crashing over her mind. The jabbing, probing tongue of the young boy next to her was bringing her to the heights of pleasure. She loved the feeling of his oral invader as it outlined the inner lips, pushing and rubbing on the coral-hued folds. And when his tongue would glide quickly over her clitoris, she jerked at the searing contact.

She put out her hands and rubbed them on her small tits. She pinched her tiny nipples, adding another jolt to her brain. She loved the twin sensations she was creating upon her chest, and with the third in her cunt, it was enough to make her mind snap. Her breathing grew harsh, and the fluids flowing from between her legs were letting her know she was getting near her goal.

“SUCK ME!” Wanda wailed loudly. “SUCK ME!”

Jimmy happily complied with her request. Her widespread cuntlips, pulled apart by his strong fingers, glistened with his own saliva and her lubricating juices. His cock raged and throbbed against his belly as he continued to lap and suck on her mound. It was delicious to know that the fluids coating his chin and lips was flowing from a virgin cunt. The thought of being the first person ever to stuff his cock up into her young, tender pussy sent a deep throb through his eager prick.

His jaws were beginning to ache, and he thought it would be soon time for him to break her cherry. He traced his path back up her body with his lips, leaving one of his hands to knead and massage her pussy. He encountered her navel again, and he again slid his tongue into the slightly sensitive indentation. She jerked with the touch, and he gradually pulled his body back around as his head found its way to her tits again. Her growing breasts were drawing his eyes and his mouth like a magnet draws iron. He paid brief homage to the twin peaks, but swiftly went up to her lips, to let her taste her own cuntal juices that still tingled on his tongue and wet his face. He brought his body next to hers, pushing his cock against her hip and kissing her lips at the same time.

He thrust his tongue into her mouth, and the mingling juices were odd and powerful. His prick throbbed impatiently as Jimmy found Wanda’s tongue battling his in an intimate lover’s kiss. He drew his mouth from hers, almost breathless with excitement.

“I’ve got to fuck you now,” Jimmy said. “I’ll be gentle.”

“I’ve never…” Wanda began in a soft, low voice.

“I guessed,” Jimmy smiled at her. “Don’t worry, you’ll love it.”

“I love all that’s gone before,” Wanda smiled up at him, her brown eyes melting his heart.

He pulled his body up and slid his hips on top of hers. She spread her legs wide, knowing that it was needed. He was content for a time to merely move his body up and down on her pussy furrow, letting his cock rub on her pubic mound. Jimmy closed his eyes, relishing the feelings. Her young tits were stabbing their nipples into his chest, and she didn’t complain about taking some of his weight. He couldn’t put it off much longer.

He reached between their bodies with his hand and put the head of his thick prick between her tender, virginal cuntlips. He rubbed the rubbery shaft gently against her clit, letting her get used to being spread open by his cock. He then pulled back with his hips, and his prick head fell into perfect position. He shoved forward gently, the pink folds of her pussy sliding open wider as he continued to push.

“OOOOOHHHH!” Wanda gasped. She felt as if she were being impaled by a log. It didn’t hurt yet, but it was odd and strange to feel her cuntal lips being pushed aside as the invading girth of his cock plowed into her.

Jimmy suddenly couldn’t take it slow any more, but pushed with a spasm of his hips. He only had about two inches of his cock in her. She bucked and jerked against him, trying to throw him off as he shoved it to her.

“AAAAAIIIIIEEEEE!” Wanda screamed in pain.

Jimmy ignored her screams, he knew she’d hurt no matter how he did it. He shoved forward again, and the head of his prick encountered some resistance. Jimmy knew it was her hymen, trying to block the entrance to the rest of her young cunt. He gathered the strength in his loins, and smashed through it, sliding all the way to the hilt.

“AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!” Wanda cried. The pain flushed up from her pussy. She felt as if a red-hot poker were being shoved up her twat. The pain had increased for a second as she had felt something rip inside of her. She gasped, and finally came around to realize Jimmy was lying still upon her, his cock buried all the way inside her pussy.

She could feel the entire length of the cock as it lay within the confines of her cuntal sheath. She gasped a few more times, getting the images of pain out of her mind. She moaned as his thick cock throbbed within her. The sharp pain was gone, and there was nothing left but the strange feeling of being filled as she’d never been filled before in her young life. It was exciting, and she gradually grew used to the thick pillar of flesh stuffed into her. She moved her hips up experimentally.

“God! You’re tight!” Jimmy said through clenched teeth. Her hips moved tentatively. He countered with a partial withdrawal, then pushed slowly back up into her again. It was unbelievable! The hot, wet confines of her cunt were tighter than anything he’d ever felt on his prick before. His instincts were to immediately start fucking her. But he wanted her to enjoy the fuck, too, so he held off, just making little jerks and throbs with his cock.

He finally, slowly, pulled the entire rigid length of his cock out, except for the knobby glans. The head stayed engulfed between the hairy lips of her cunt. He then pushed forward again, the inner folds of her now deflowered cunt greedily accepting his invading prick. In a matter of seconds, he was sliding his prick in and out of her cunt, and she was meeting his every thrust with a lifting of her hips.

“GREAT!” Jimmy yelled. “You’re so tight, so hot!”

“Fuck me harder!” Wanda wailed at him, using the word for real for the first time in her young life.

Their frantic lovemaking raised the temperature in the room. Their young bodies met and broke, the thick stump of Jimmy’s cock never completely leaving the confines of Wanda’s cunt. The fluids of her pussy were coating his prick until it gleamed like polished marble. Their hips met in wild smashes of lust, and then their loins would pull partially apart. They kissed deeply, savoring the touch of their tongues as they continued to fuck.

As if they were wired together, their orgasms roared over them simultaneously. Jimmy bellowed like a mule and undulated his hips forward until the entire length of his fleshy cock was imbedded in her young cunt, spewing out its thick wads of semen.

Wanda screamed with release, and she pressed her loins against his, and her legs wrapped around his waist, letting the thick missile of his prick slide another half-inch into her twat. The thick cum, mixed with blood, flowed from her widespread cuntal lips and down the crack of her ass to pool around her asscheeks, and they both sighed with contentment.


Cindy looked at the young girl sitting by her brother across the dinner table. In the last two days, it was all she’d heard about. She’d finally gotten Jimmy to invite the girl to dinner, and had made a special trip home early, so she could meet the vixen that had been screwing her brother in the afternoons. She knew her brother too well now to know he wasn’t raving about the girl because she was smart and witty. He had to be fucking her ass off, and from the way the two acted, he obviously thought he was in love with her.

The maid and cook had left already, and the food was served. The desert was being eaten now. Cindy thought the maid looked a little odd, as if she were eyeing Jimmy, too. Cindy wondered if her brother was also fucking around with the maid. She shook her head. Her brother had turned into a sex machine.

The meal was finally over, and they all walked into the den. It was lined with books and had comfortable chairs in it. Cindy gave them both a glass of peach brandy, and took a little for herself. She wondered briefly how the girl would take it. She then dismissed the idea. It was none of her affair, yet.

She’d been getting all the sex and understanding she needed from Emerald. It was a shame Emerald hadn’t come out of her official period of mourning yet. They could have had a three-way. Cindy had liked the three-way sexual bouts. She sat down in a chair opposite a small couch. Jimmy and Wanda sat on the couch, shoulders and thighs touching.

“Well, how do you like Marketville so far?” Cindy asked. She took a sip of the brandy, and it soothed her nerves.

“Oh, I like it just fine,” Wanda smiled. She looked at Jimmy. “And the people have been so nice.”

“I know they are,” Cindy said. She smiled at her brother. “Tell me, did Jimmy take your cherry?”

Wanda opened her mouth in surprise, and Jimmy just grinned. He’d wanted the two of them to meet and get together ever since he’d first fucked Wanda.

“I… I…” Wanda was speechless.

“If you don’t understand the question,” Cindy smiled sweetly, “I’ll rephrase it. Was Jimmy the first boy to fuck you?”

Wanda blushed a deep red and nodded. She was embarrassed. She wondered how Cindy could know such facts.

“That’s nice,” Cindy said. “Jimmy is a good fuck. I ought to know.”

Wanda jerked her head up and looked at Cindy’s calm face. She couldn’t believe her ears. Was she saying that Jimmy and her fucked? Why… that was incest! That was… Wanda stopped thinking. She looked closer at Cindy, and her eyes traced the firm, large outlines of the older woman’s tits and the wide flare of her hips.

“Is it true?” Wanda asked Jimmy.

Jimmy smiled and slid his hand casually up her skirt. “Of course. I’ve wanted to tell you for some time, but I thought I’d let Cindy break the ice.”

Wanda couldn’t believe that Jimmy was exposing her thighs to his sister’s glistening gaze. But she didn’t push his hands away as they pulled up the short, blue skirt and exposed her white bikini panties. She felt the familiar heat coming up from her cunt again.

“She’s got a beautiful cunt, Sis,” Jimmy smiled. “What you say about a little three-way tumble?”

Cindy stared at the exposed legs of the young girl, and her mouth began to water. She’d like to plant her mouth on that young twat, and Jimmy knew it. But she’d also planned a surprise for him tonight. Well, she could do both. “Fine, let’s go to bed.”

Jimmy pulled his hands from Wanda’s cunt and stood up, the thick bulge of his lust-bloated cock easily discernible through the material of his double-knit pants. He helped Wanda to her feet and followed Cindy out of the room. His eyes were captivated, as always, by the rolling motion of Cindy’s asscheeks. She was wearing a jumpsuit with a tight pair of pants. She was wearing nothing under the suit, either. The crease in her ass was too apparent for her to be wearing panties. Her breasts were hidden by the thicker layer of material on her chest.

Wanda felt Jimmy put his arm around her waist and cup her asscheek, his hand sliding under her skirt. The material of her dress rubbed enticingly across her tender nipples. She’d taken to going braless whenever she was with Jimmy. He always brought out the animal passions in her body.

They quickly went to Jimmy’s room, because all three would feel the most comfortable there. Cindy stepped across the threshold and she promptly pulled the zipper all the way down on her jumpsuit. The cream-colored garment fell swiftly to her feet. She stepped from it and turned to smile at the young teenagers, completely nude.

“I’ve got to go and get something in my room. Why don’t you both get comfortable?” Cindy smiled.

She walked from the room, her tits and ass jiggling. Jimmy followed her form with lust-glazed eyes, and then turned to the young girl beside him. His mouth split in a wide grin.

“Let’s get naked!” Jimmy said hoarsely.

Both teenagers pulled their clothing from their bodies, and were soon both naked and excited in the bight light of the room. Jimmy’s cock was stiff and stood out straight from his loins like a tick spear. Its bulbous head throbbed with each pulse beat, and the foreskin was a wrinkled lump just behind the glans. He walked swiftly to the bed, pulled down the covers, and the light-green sheets were ready to cool their hot bodies.

Cindy came back into the room holding a small plastic jar in her hand. She stared, at the two teenagers already reaching for each other. She studied the still-budding figure of the girl. Her small tits would be large enough some day, and her small, boyish ass was enough to make Cindy’s mouth water. She could see the lips of her teenage cunt were barely covered by a few wisps of black hair. She walked purposefully across the floor and then crawled up on the bed, her weight making the two teenagers aware of her.

“What’ve you got there, Sis?” Jimmy asked as he noticed his sister was carrying something in her hand.

“A little treat for you,” Cindy smiled. Her big tits swung and rippled with each movement she made. She finally stood on her knees by the two young teenagers and smiled. She held up a jar of petroleum jelly.

“What’s that for?” Wanda breathed, not sure what was about to take place.

Jimmy’s prick gave a throb of salacious delight. He knew there was only one thing a lubricant such as that could be used for in a sexual encounter. His grin was wide and lecherous, and he reached out and took the jar from his sister’s trembling hand.

“I know what it’s for,” Jimmy said. He opened the jar, and took a thick glob of the slick substance and spread it on his prick. It slid on easily, and he smiled brightly at his sister. “I didn’t think you went in for this sort of thing.”

“I thought you deserved something special,” Cindy said. “You might as well know everything about sex.”

“What’s going on?” Wanda asked.

“Shhh,” Cindy smiled at her. “Just watch. He’s got to do me first before I can taste that delicious-looking cunt you’ve got.”

Wanda blushed crimson and stared as Jimmy walked on his knees until he was behind his sister. Cindy got down on her hands and knees and waved her ass at her brother. Jimmy got another thick gob of the jelly and wiped the stuff in and around his sister’s little asshole. Wanda’s eyes got big with excitement as she looked at the jelly-smeared lance of Jimmy’s cock and at his sister. Cindy noted her gaze, and nodded. Wanda’s mouth opened in a silent “O”.

Jimmy’s pulse raced and throbbed as he wiped his fingers on the lip of the jar and put the lid back on it. He threw it to the floor, knowing it wouldn’t break because it was plastic. He reached out with his slick fingers and opened wide the crack of his sister’s ass. He stared at the lubricated little wrinkled nubbin of her anus, and shook a little from the excitement. He held onto her as he walked on his knees toward her, bringing his thick, lust-engorged cock closer and closer to its depraved goal. He moved his hips a little until the mushroom-shaped head of his prick pressed against the tightly cringing outer ring of her asshole. He was going to fuck his sister up the ass!

“Here I go,” Jimmy said, his voice thick with lust.

“Slowly,” Cindy cautioned.

Jimmy nodded and pressed forward. Even with the lubricant, he had a hard time in getting his cock within her bowels. He felt the sphincter muscle of her ass resist the invasion with stout strength. His prick bowed a little, and the muscles in his abdomen strained slightly. Suddenly, with a lewd, popping noise, he slid in a little.

“AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!” Cindy growled in her throat. Even with the careful planning, she’d known it would hurt, but she hadn’t really expected it to hurt her this much. It was like a thick column of burning steel was being shoved up her ass. She gritted her teeth and stood still, wanting to take it all within her guts.

Jimmy hissed with pure pleasure as the strong muscles of his sister’s asshole worked spasmodically to expel his cock. It created a rippling sensation on the head of his prick. The little brown ring of her anus worked hard, but he began to slide the rest of his long, thick cock deeper into her hot, buttery depths. The pressure was great, even greater than Wanda’s virgin cunt. It was hotter, and more exciting to be shoving his cock up into her bowels. It gave him a feeling of power. He finally landed with a hip-smacking thud against her asscheeks, his balls swinging forward slightly, slapping gently against the bottom of his sister’s lovely cunt.

“I’m in!” Jimmy crowed with delight.

He just kneeled there, with his belly mashed flat against the cushiony surface of his sister’s backside, reveling in the hot, warm, exquisite feel of her guts. His face was spread in a wide, lecherous grin, and his balls throbbed. His eyes were closed and his mind was concentrating upon the tight, buttery feelings coming up from his loins.

Cindy felt her sphincter muscle finally relaxing enough for the pain to recede from her asshole. The lubricant had helped a lot, and the easing of her body made her look at the anxiously awaiting girl just in front of her. She smiled and Wanda smiled back.

“Come over here, so I can get a face full of your snatch!” Cindy said in a husky voice.

Wanda slid quickly over to where the sister was being sodomized by her brother, and opened her legs wide. She watched as Cindy lowered her head and placed a small kiss on her breasts. The nipples were already stiff and sensitive from having watched the thick, hard cock slide into Cindy’s asshole. She had wondered how the older woman could even think of something like that, but she had also wondered if she could take a cock up her asshole? She wouldn’t know tonight, that was for certain, but perhaps in the future…

“Oh, Sis, your ass is so tight!” Jimmy muttered.

He slowly, carefully pulled his prick from her bowels, but kept the thick, bulbous head of his cock within her anus. The folds of her rectum scraped against the sensitive surface of his cock tip, and he jerked with pleasure. He kept one hand on her shapely, wide-flaring hip, and with the other, reached beneath her body and fondled her cunt. The hair-covered pussy of his sister was sopping wet from her cunt juice, and he sent a finger up into her hole with ease. He felt her jerk under his ministrations, and she clamped down on his prick with her ass muscles. The hot, tight feeling made him suck in a deep breath. He pushed his cock back into her bowels, and when he couldn’t push into her any more, he began to withdraw.

Cindy twirled her tongue around the lust bloated nipple on the young teenager’s tit, and kneaded and pulled on the other one with her free hand. She let her head slide off the tiny rounded hill of Wanda’s breast and over the smooth, flat surface of the girl’s belly. Her chin was finally tickled by one of the wisps of hair that was gradually going to coat the teenager’s twat with a thick patch of black, curly hair. But for now, there was only a few curls here and there, and the crease between the legs of the young teenager was clearly visible.

“OOOOOOHHHHH!” Wanda moaned. She loved the feel of tongue on her cunt. It was almost as good as feeling a cock stuffed up into her.

Wanda knew she was in the hands of an expert cunt-sucker. The way Cindy slid her tongue into Wanda’s crease, and past the puffed lips of the young teenager’s pussy was a clue. Wanda gasped and quickly put her hands on the older woman’s head. She could hear the soft, squishing sounds of Jimmy’s cock sliding in and out of his sister’s butt, and it brought a tingle of depravity to her young loins. The wet, cool tongue lapped at her clit and brought delightful sensations to her lust-tormented mind. She loved the way Cindy continued to play with her small tits.

“LOVE IT!” Wanda whined. “LOVE THE WAY YOU DO IT!”

Cindy breathed deeply of the heady aroma filling her nostrils. The coral-hued flanges of the young girl’s inner cuntal lips were visually exciting, also. She loved the taste of the sexually excited teenager; the tart, tingling taste of the nymphette’s pussy was quite refreshing.

Plus Cindy could feel the thick rod of her brother’s delightful cock reaming her out good. She knew Jimmy was getting off on ass-fucking her, and it wouldn’t be long before he shot off inside her bowels, smearing her intestines with the thick wads of his thick cum.

The older woman was in seventh heaven. She licked and lapped at the tender, teenaged cunt spread open for her. Her fingers were digging and squeezing the ripening buds of Wanda’s tits, twirling the nipples between her fingers.

“GONNA CUM!” Jimmy chanted. “GONNA CUM!”

The young swimmer’s cock gave a spasm of warning, and he slipped his hand from his sister’s wetly glistening cunt and gripped both of her hips as he rotated his hips into one last, butt-flattening thrust.

“AAAAGGGGHHHH!” Jimmy moaned.

His prick went wild. The excitement of ass-fucking his sister had made him come fast, and his balls empties themselves of their load of semen. The boiling, churning fluid spurted out the end of his spasming cock, and coated the insides of his sister’s bowels. He collapsed upon her back, forcing her to use a hand to steady herself. His energy seemed spent, even though a few more tremors jerked through his fleshy shaft. He finally got enough control of himself to pull free of his sister’s pleasure-giving body, and there was a loud, popping noise as he pulled his cock free. A little trace of jism was smeared on the outside of her asshole, but otherwise, she had taken his whole load in her ass.

Jimmy knew Cindy hadn’t climaxed yet, and he turned onto his back and slid his body up between her legs. He reached up and gripped her hips and forced her cunt down on his gasping mount.

Cindy jerked at the first contact with her brother’s probing tongue, but as he continued to suck on her, she forgot how empty her asshole felt now that Jimmy’s thick cock was no longer stuffed inside her bowels. A light feeling filled her guts, and she knew she’d have to go shit after the quick bout of lovemaking was over for a time. Jimmy’s cum had acted like an enema.

Cindy continued her tonguing of the young teenager’s sweet pussy, and she received a good tongue-lashing of her own. The two women had been turned on by the sound of Jimmy’s voice as he had orgasmed. Cindy recognized the tiny tingle and jolts of electrical joy spasming up from her cunt. The cool, wet tongue of her brother squirming up and caressing her stiff-standing clit sent chills of ecstasy through her spine. His hands gripped her fleshy hips in a strong grip, and she could barely wriggle her pelvis to get the most out of the expert tonguing her brother was showering upon her pussy.

Wanda groaned loudly as her passion mounted. The shifting weight on the bed told her that Jimmy was between his sister’s thighs, and she mentally visualized the scene upon the bed. It was almost too obscene and delightful for her mind to take. The three of them would be a ball of rutting flesh, twisting and groaning as passion stripped them of all their inhibitions.

Jimmy was exhausted. After his shattering orgasm into his sister’s bowels, he was surprised he could even think of giving his sister head, much less do it. But as the thick, honey juice dripped from Cindy’s wet twat, his strength seemed to come back. His balls were sated, and he could concentrate upon the job at hand. He flicked out his tongue and swirled it around the inner folds of his sister’s pussy. His sandpaper-rough tongue scraped against the stiffly standing clit at the tip of the passion-puffed lips of her cunt, bringing a ripple of pleasure through her thighs. Her fleshy thighs were on either side of his blond head, and their creamy-white skin glistened with sweat.

“IUUMMMMM!” Cindy groaned in her throat.

Wanda’s cunt gave a heave, and she closed her eyes tightly. Her insides felt like cold water, and with a spasm, it seemed as if the water flowed out of her belly and out her cunt. She gripped Cindy’s head with fingers stretched like claws in the deepest heat of her lust. Her orgasm was shaking her entire young body.

“OH! OH! OH!” Wanda chanted as the waves of ecstasy rolled her mind over the cliffs of consciousness.

Cindy’s mouth opened wide to receive the gush of sweet honey that flowed out of the teenager’s pussy. She swallowed the fluid in deep gulps while at the same time feeling her brother’s tongue stab into her cunt with renewed vigor. As the tremors died in Wanda’s young body, Cindy lifted her head and gave a low, wailing cry of joy.

“OOOOOOOOO!” Cindy wailed. “DOOOO IT!” Cindy’s body jerked and she shoved her loins down hard on her brother’s face. His tongue seared through her mind, and her own climax rushed through her. She closed her mouth and rolled her eyes back in her head. The sensations were sheer ecstasy, and she then collapsed to the side of the bed, away from Wanda’s glistening body.

After a brief rest, Cindy rushed to the bathroom and took a shit. She sighed with relief, and wiped her tender asshole with a bit of toilet paper. She then walked slowly back into the bedroom, and smiled as she saw the two teenagers lying upon the pillows. Jimmy had his arm around Wanda’s shoulder, holding a breast cupped with his hands. She walked to the bed and snuggled up to the side of her brother. He slid his arm around his sister’s shoulder and cupped one of her big tits.

“Oh, I wish my brothers were as understanding as yours,” Wanda sighed to Cindy.

“You could invite one of them over for dinner next week,” Cindy said. “We could make sure something developed.”

Cindy’s mind was already formulating other plans as Wanda gave a giggle to the older woman’s suggestion. Cindy could think of lots of ways they could enjoy fucking each other.

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