Roped And Raped Family

Immoral people capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals — a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books — all contain examples.

And when the innocent victim is young, the story is so much the sadder.

The women in this book are the victims of immoral people. They find themselves caught in a web of depravity and perversion they never dreamed existed. And, after being forced to suffer one humiliation after another, they become little more than obedient animals, catering to the whims of their captors.

ROPED AND RAPED FAMILY — the shocking story of innocent women learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story with a lesson for our uncaring society.


“No! No! Auuugggh!” the lovely blonde teenager cried as the stranger thrust his cock up her ass.

A heavy rope cut at Betsy Mason’s wrists as she struggled desperately to get free. The fragrant carpet of pine needles beneath her dug into her ass like a bed of nails. She kicked with long bare legs, but the bearded man between her thighs just grinned.

The head of his big prick was socketed into the blonde girl’s butthole. She felt his heartbeat throbbing in his cock. The unnatural stretching of her shithole made her ass pulse with pain.

“Owwwwwww! Get it out!” She tossed her head wildly from side to side. Her boobs, surprisingly full and ripe for such a young girl’s rose and fell heavily inside her checkered flannel shirt. She pulled with her arms. The knot held, and all she accomplished was to scrape some skin off the backs of her hands on the rough bark of the Ponderosa pine to which she was tied.

The bearded man threw back his head and sighed. The girl’s ass was gyrating madly around his prick. The sensations that flowed from his trapped cockhead were incredible.

His partner leaned against a nearby tree. The front of his jeans was tented by the bulge of his cock. “Don’t hog her, Jake,” he said. “Fun’s fun. I want a turn, too.”

Jake looked up at him. Sweat stood out on his forehead, in spite of the coolness of the spring day. “Don’t bitch, Bob. You’ve got one of your own.” He jerked his head at another tree.

A beautiful brown-haired girl stood bound to it by the arms. Her shirt, plaid flannel like the blonde’s, had been torn open. Her big tits hung free, bobbling slightly as the girl breathed hard. Her right tit showed the pink imprint of a palm, a blazing contrast to the succulent pale flesh of her jug.

She glared from one man to the other. “Leave Betsy alone, damn you,” she said in a low, dangerous voice. “You can do anything you want to me, but if you hurt my baby sister, I’ll…”

The black-bearded Jake laughed as her words trailed off. “You’ll do what, bitch?” He shook his head. “Naw, I’ve never butt fucked stuff this young before. Besides, she ripped my cheek up pretty good. How’s your tit feeling, sweetheart? Paid you back pretty well for that one, huh.”

The older girl bit her lip.

Jake reached down and took hold of the stalk of his rigid prick. He stirred the cockhead around slowly in young Betsy’s asshole, savoring the way her body tensed at the pain, at the electric thrill of agony that ran through her delectable half-naked body. He put his palms on her outspread thighs. Her skin was soft and warm. Her pussy gaped up at him, virginal, pink, blonde-furred. Just looking at the girl, tied up and helpless like that, made him so horny he felt faint.

Slowly he began to drive his cock up his captive’s shithole.

Betsy’s back arched. A wailing cry escaped her lips as the bone-dry prick began rasping its way up her delicate asshole. She heard her own howl of agony echoed by her sister, and then a roaring in her ears drowned out all sound.

How had it all happened? The day had begun so harmlessly, so normally. The spring calving was past, which meant that the Mason family could relay for a few days from the constant labor necessary when the cows were giving birth. It was especially hard for a family without a father. But everybody pitched in with the ease and experience of years and ranch life — Betsy and her brother and sister, Colleen — Coe for short — and Jack, who were twins, helping their mother with the arduous chores of springtime. They had all earned a little rest.

The Mason ranch was high in the mountains, nestled in a valley flanked by ridges and low peaks. The Mason kids loved to roam the pine forests, watching the squirrels playing in the trees. The girls, especially, spent hours hiking or riding horses along calm shaded trails in the surrounding hills.

Though she had a normal teenaged girl’s adoration for horses, Betsy had been out hiking rather than riding that morning when she’d heard a scream. It rose wordlessly from a clearing Betsy knew was just ahead, concealed by a stand of scrub oaks. A moment later her sister’s horse, Brandy, came boiling out of the scrub, saddle empty and reins dragging.

God, he’s thrown her! Betsy thought. She ran forward blindly.

She blundered through the oaks and into a clearing the scraggly trees had screened from her. She saw a sight that froze her in her tracks, her blood turning to ice in her veins. Two roughly dressed men were just hauling her sister up of the ground, tearing open the front of her shirt. Even as Betsy watched, her sister’s luscious boobs popped free.

A little wiry man with a black beard laughed and squeezed one mighty handful of tit. Colleen shouted angrily and raked him across the face with her nails, which she managed to keep medium-long despite the manual chores she had to perform. He yelled as blood spilled into his beard, then slapped Colleen across her tits with an impact Betsy could almost feel, herself. Laughing, his taller red-haired partner dragged Colleen to her feet. A coil of rope dangled from his hand.

Betsy couldn’t help herself. “Stop that!” she shouted. “Leave my sister alone!” The words were out before she realized just how foolish her outburst had been.

Jake stood to one side, rubbing her injured cheek. At Betsy’s scream he whirled and saw her. “I’ll be damned, it’s another one! The woods are full of pussy,” he yelled.

She turned and bounded off like a deer — or tried to. Jake launched himself in a low flat dive and tackled her. They went down on the carpet of dead pine needles in a tangle of long nubile limbs.

Betsy had struggled with all her outdoor-girl’s strength, but Jake, though not much larger than she had muscles like steel wire. In no time at all he had her wrists drawn up above her head and bound securely to the trunk of a tree. Then he fumbled open the front of her blue jeans and jerked off pants and panties alike.

Betsy squealed with rage and fear as her pussy was exposed to the men’s lusting gaze. Her cunt fur was a neat downy delta of yellow hair, pointing the way to the untried pinkness of her virgin cunt. Jake stood a moment with her jeans in his hands, staring down at her. Sick with fear and mortification, Betsy pressed bet knees together.

Jake threw her jeans, away. He dropped to his knees, tearing open the front of his own pants. His cock snapped out like a spring — long and skinny. Betsy gasped at the sight of the pale nine-inch prick. As a farm girl, she wasn’t exactly innocent, but she’d never let a boy so much as touch her. This rough wild-eyed man was about to do considerably more than that…

Then Jake grunted, “Get a good look at it, honey, ’cause it’s going right up your ass!” and took the lengthy cock in one hand.

Betsy gasped in disbelief, he couldn’t mean that! She could almost be calm knowing that she was about to be raped, horrible as that was. But the idea of having that terrible long spike of cock forced into her asshole — it made her very flesh crawl.

In her horror she let down her guard. Before she could clench the muscles in her pert round ass he stabbed the head of his cock right into her shiny asshole. She shrilled at the sudden agony of the cockhead invading her shitter as her sister shouted in outrage.

Now she lay helpless while Jake grasped her slender thighs and drove his cock inexorably up her asshole. The pain was excruciating. Not only was her ass-channel being stretched unmercifully by the advancing cock, the fleshy tube of her shit-chute was being scraped raw by the entry of the ungreased pole of prick!

“God! Unnnhhh!” She writhed and twisted her head. Pine needles jabbed at the back of her skull. Her eyes were clenched tightly shut, but nothing shut out the pain.

Every muscle in her body was tensed against the entry of Jake’s cock into her ass. But it did no good. There was no stopping the awful progress of that spear of cock up the narrow passage of her butthole. In fact, all her efforts to deny that cock entrance only succeeded in adding to her tormentor’s pleasure!

“God damn!” he grunted. “That’s so nice and snug! You’ve got a great asshole, baby.”

“Damn you… damn you!” Colleen screamed. Watching her little sister writhe in helpless agony on the ground, it almost felt as if her own asshole were being impaled by the ungreased rod of Jake’s cock. This was her fault. She didn’t know how she could have spared her younger sister this torment, but there should have been some way. She was the elder — she was responsible.

“Here,” she yelled to Bob, who stood nearby watching with naked interest as his partner raped the blonde girl’s ass. “Help her. Make your partner let my sister alone. I’ll make it worth your while.”

Closing her ears against a fresh ragged scream from Betsy, Colleen inhaled deeply and pulled back her shoulders. Her boobs stood out full and proud and inviting, her sharp nipples jutting from the mountains of titflesh. She wasn’t innocent.

Bob shook his head and looked at her. The sight of her jugs protruding boldly at him made him lick his lips. “Hell, I’d forgotten about you, lady,” he said. “Thanks for reminding me.”

Colleen faltered. “But… my sister…”

Bob grinned. “Fuck her,” he said. “In fact, I’ll do that very thing, once Jake’s had his. But right now I think I’d like to get into your tasty little hot box.” He reached for the fly of his captive’s well filled jeans.

Another scream ripped from Betsy’s lips. Would the tearing agony in her ass never end? Her tormentor’s cock seemed a mile long. It just kept coming up her ass, the steely head wedging the walls of her asshole apart, wedging the cheeks of her ass apart as well. She felt as if she were about to burst.

“N-noooo,” she quavered. “It’s too much! It’s too big… it’s going to tear me open! Get it out!”

Jake only laughed. His fingers dug pale furrows into her thighs. An inch of cock showed between his bushy crotch and Betsy’s naked ass. He rammed it home with a grunt.

“AAARRRGH!” the girl screamed as the last of his cock shot into her ass.

For a moment he left his prick buried in the girl’s butt. She felt it pulsating along its entire length. No longer did she suffer the tearing pain of the cock entering her asshole, but she still felt the obscene bloated fullness of having her shithole stuffed full of cock, felt the grinding ache of her violated ass channel. She moaned. Her buttcheeks shifted mindlessly on the stinging mat of needles.

Colleen kicked out with strong brown legs as Bob pulled down her pants. Her chestnut-haired cunt was more fully thatched than her sister’s. Hashes of coral-pink pussy showed between her thighs as she fought. Bob grinned and cupped a hand over her cunt. His finger wriggled into her pussy-slit, then snaked up to poke at her clit. A moan of involuntary pleasure escaped the girl’s lips.

“You’ll do,” Bob said.

In an instant he had his own trousers off. Colleen stared, open-mouthed. She couldn’t help herself.

Bob’s cock was unbelievable. It wasn’t long — no more than six inches — but it was the thickest plug of prickmeat the girl had ever laid eyes on. It looked like a pine stump jutting from his red haired crotch.

Bob grabbed his prisoner’s thighs, forcing her legs up — and apart. She tried to close them, but he got his narrow hips between. Coe felt the rubbery head of the elephant-thick cock prod the slack lips of her pussy. She moaned with a strange mixture of fear and anticipation.

“That’s right, doll,” Bob told her, his breath hot against her cheek. “Get ready for the fucking of your life!”

Another scream from Betsy announced that lean Jake had started pulling his prick out of her ass. Coe looked at her through tear-blurred eyes. The half-naked blonde was thrashing as if she were lying on a red-hot grill. Coe shuddered. She’d been fucked up the ass before, but it had been voluntary — and the boy’s cock had always been well-lubricated with her own saliva and the hot oils of her cunt. She could imagine what her poor baby sister was going through.

The head of Bob’s stumpy cock poked at her exposed cunt. It stabbed her cut like a hard-rubber baton. “Ghaaaad,” she moaned as a pulse of delight shot up her unwilling cunt.

Bob cupped a hand under Coe’s ass. He slipped two fingers of the other hand into her pussy and held it wide. Even so, Coe’s cunt was barely open far enough to take in the tip of his fat blunt prick.

“Jesus!” she yelped as a quick hip-thrust buried the enormous cockhead in the vestibule of her pussy. Her pussy-lips were stretched tightly around the blocky cock. And though she tried to fight it, the sensation was delightful!

Betsy was dimly aware that her sister was being raped. Deep down in her mind she felt sorrow and pity for her sister. But most of her pity was reserved for herself!

She’d thought she was going to be turned inside out when Jake slowly pulled his cock out of her butthole. The flared cockhead seemed to flay the insides of her rectum as it slid back into the open air. Betsy moaned and squirmed and wore her wrists raw fighting the rope.

For a moment Jake paused, his ass in the air. Only the tip of his cock was still inside Betsy’s shithole. His body was bent like an L and he held himself up with his hands, looking down at the blonde pussy was open like a flower beneath him, rubbing against his shirt-clad belly when he pressed against her. Then he rammed his cock to the hilt up Betsy’s butthole.


It was like having a lance stabbed into her asshole. Pain blazed the length of her ass-passage and her legs clamped Jake’s sides. Her agony made her delectable body move in a counterfeit of genuine passion, and it drove Jake crazy.

He started to fuck her ass hard and fast, his cockstrokes driving her ass deep into the prickly bed of pine needles, his dry cock ruthlessly scraping the walls of her ass channel.

Coe put back her head and groaned as Bob forced his prick into her unmoistened cunt. The incredible girth of the cock made its entry into her dry pussy especially agonizing, though she knew it couldn’t be one-tenth as bad as what her baby sister was undergoing.

But the size of Bob’s cock also meant that it stretched Colleen’s pussy in a new and unheard-of manner. She felt his cock forging into her pussy, filling her cunt as it had never been filled before. There was no denying it — that immense cock was turning her on!

Bob gave a grunting laugh as Coe’s hot cunt honey started to seep around his inward sliding prick. “That’s it, doll. You’re a real woman. You appreciate what I’ve got to offer!” He fucked his prick in to the hilt in the suddenly juicy cunt with a jerk that crushed the girl’s clit and sent ecstasy blasting like lightning through her cunt.

She wanted to deny it. Bob was licking at her throat and chin, grinding his cock around and around as if trying to rip apart her pussy. The pleasure in her violated snatch was unbelievable, intense, alien, pulse-poundingly exciting. With the unbidden frenzy of lust that gripped her brain, even the dreadful knowledge she was being raped while tied to a tree added a wicked thrill to the pleasure of that two-inch thick prick planted in her cunt.

Betsy was crying out short yips of pain in time to the thrusts of Jake’s cock into her raw asshole. Coe looked at her as Bob sucked at her neck and his hands mauled her voluptuous tits. She was betraying her little sister by enjoying this, but she couldn’t help herself. Her pussy had never known a cock that filled it as full as her captor’s. Her pussy was hungry for the feel of Bob’s cock, and it had overruled her reasons and emotions.

“Fuck me, damn you,” she whispered in a hoarse, reluctant voice. “Oh God, it’s wrong, but I want you to fuck me till I faint!”

Grunting and slobbering like a rutting boar, Bob did his best to obey.

Betsy’s nails pierced her pains as she clenched her fists in agony. She could no longer distinguish the individual thrusts of that endless cock in her ass. Jake’s butt fucking was a tearing incessant pulse of pain in her shitter. She couldn’t stand the anguish that filled her ass and grew with every second of frenzied fucking.

But there was no way to escape!

Jake had his arms wrapped around the slender girl. Her tits were pressed against his chest hard and throbbing inside her bra. His bearded cheek rasped the side of her face as he rubbed his face in the pine-scented mat below their intertwined bodies.

The man was in seventh heaven. Betsy’s virgin asshole was incomparably tight around the shaft of his pistoning prick. Her uncontrollable agonized struggles made the tight sheath of her shithole ripple and surge and seem to suck at his plunging cock till he could barely catch his breath. His dangling balls slapped the ground with every pile driver downstroke, and each withdrawal of his cock brought the long spar of his prick to the very verge of popping from her butthole before he slammed his cock back into the wailing girl’s ass.

“Holy shit,” he muttered. “I’m about to come, baby. Get ready for it!”

Even in her delirium of pain, Betsy felt a moment of fear. What would the bearded man’s salty jism feel like, flooding her raw ass-channel?

The cock slid all the way up her ass, scraping more of the membrane lining her butthole as it went. She gasped. Her voice was gone from screaming.

Jake’s cock swelled inside her ass. His booted feet tore at the pine needles as he tried to stuff still more of his cock into the blonde adolescent’s shitter. His belly rubbed his shirt all over her wide-open pussy.

Suddenly his deeply buried cock squeezed a stream of come into his captive’s ass. Betsy found out what it felt like — the jism was like acid searing the sensitive lining of her asshole.

The balling come filled her asshole and slopped out. Jake’s cock pulsated madly inside her butthole. She screamed and screamed, and still pain and come flooded her asshole.

Then Jake’s cock was jerked clean out other ass in one swift motion.


A fresh spurt of come from the tip of Jake’s long prick splattered over the open mouth of Betsy’s pussy. Her ass still throbbing with pain, she kept writhing on the ground, moaning mindlessly. From the direction of the other tree came the helpless lustful moans of her sister, her own cunt spasming with climax around the incredibly thick stump of Bob’s prick.

At last the blonde captive managed to open her eyes. Then she stared in astonishment. Grappling with the half-naked Jake was her brother, Jack.

Coe’s eyes were open as her cunt exploded with orgasm. Bob’s cock shot jism up her pussy with unbelievable force. The rough bark of the tree had almost scraped her bare ass raw. Bob’s hands were locked around her waist, pushing her down even more firmly on the fat column of his cock. His lean chest crushed her inflated nipples deep into the pillowy masses of her tits.

The older girl gaped at the sight that met her gaze. Dashing suddenly from the cover of the stand of scrub oaks, her twin brother had grabbed the scruffy bearded Jake even as the smaller man’s prick blasted his hot come into Betsy’s butthole. Coe heard her sister shriek as Jake’s lengthy cock was ripped from her ass, saw the white arc of jism that squirted onto the girl’s virgin pussy. Her own heart soared. They were saved! Yet she couldn’t stop coming, couldn’t control the unnatural passions that set her pussy aflame, fuelled by the size and hardness of Bob’s cock. She was being raped, but she was still in the midst of the most cataclysmic orgasm of her life.

Fucking his jism into his auburn-haired captive’s cunt, Bob was dimly aware of the commotion behind him. Yet he couldn’t even turn his head to look. Coe’s cunt exerted a death-grip on his giant cock, sucking come relentlessly from his hairy balls as the tied-up girl squirmed in ecstasy. He shoved his hands between their bodies to knead the full cherry-tipped globes of her tits. She moaned in renewed passion and tossed her glorious hair from side to side.

Jack Mason had a brawny bare arm around Jake’s neck. “God damn you, you filthy bastards!” he was shouting. “I’ll show you!”

Jake’s cock stood almost comically from his crotch, slightly bowed, while jism dribbled from its tip and down its tremendous length.

The flaming agony in Betsy’s ass slowly subsided to an insistent ache. The involuntary motion of her ass on the pine carpet ceased. Her tits rising and falling to the rhythm of her panicked breathing, she watched the drama unfold.

Jack seemed to be trying to choke Jake. With the advantage of size and complete surprise he almost succeeded. Jake clawed at his arm, his face purpling within the thicket of his beard. Then his toes dug a hold in the soft black earth beneath the needle carpet, his thigh muscles tensed, and he jackknifed in the middle with a convulsive heave.

Jack went sailing over his head. The young man tucked in his head and tried to roll. A protruding root caught his shoulder and threw him off. He landed hard.

Bob, by this time, had turned his head and seen what was going on behind him. But his cock was still firing an undiminished stream of jism into Coe’s still-coming cunt, and he couldn’t disengage himself front his fuck-hold on the girl’s pussy.

Shaking his head, Jack tried to rise.

Jake was on his feet. His half-deflated cock waggling before him, he took three shuffling steps forward and kicked. Jack on the side of his head. The youth rolled over and lay still.

“Noooo!” Betsy screamed, tenor for her brother abruptly overriding the pain in her tortured asshole. “You’ve killed my brother!”

Jake just turned and looked at her.

Bob’s prick pulsed hugely and spat a final wad of jism up Colleen’s cunt. His prick instantly started to shrink. The girl’s pussy sucked tentatively at it in a few final moments of her own orgasm. Then he pulled back his hips. His cock slipped out of the oozing mess of Coe’s pussy. A thick stream of his come mingled with the clear juice of her pussy and ran from the slack pink lips of her cunt and down her thighs. He let go of her waist and stepped back.

Colleen’s ass slid agonizingly down the side of the tree to the earth. For a moment she sat, stunned with horror and the aftermath of passion, staring at her unmoving brother while jism and cuntjuice slobbered from her cunt and dripped to the pink carpet.

“Hell, he’s all right,” Bob said after a brief inspection. His cock hung between his hairy thighs, its size scarcely diminished from what it was when erect with lust. “Old Jake knows what he’s doing. He’s a Black Belt.”

Jake was looking around in disgust. “Shit, we used up all our rope tying the pussy to the trees,” he said. “Loan me your belt, will you?”

“Why not use your own?” Bob asked, but he bent to unthread his leather belt from the loops of his grimy jeans.

“I got a use for it.” He picked Jack up by the armpits and dragged him over to a third three, somewhat slimmer than the others. He propped the semiconscious young man against it, looped Bob’s belt around it and tied Jack’s elbows to the trunk. Then he slapped the young man across the face.

Jack’s head rocked to the side. His eyes opened, wandered for a moment, focussed. They were the same startling green as his twin sister’s. Fraternal twins, they looked a good deal alike — tall, trim bodied, skin tanned by long exposure to the mountain sun, their hair red-brown.

A trickle of blood ran from the corner of his mouth. He stared at Betsy sprawled on the ground with come trickling from her asshole, and the all but naked Colleen sobbing against her own tree.

“You won’t get away with it,” he said. He was instantly ashamed of his own lack of originality, but somehow it seemed the only thing to say.

Jake laughed. He’d picked up his own pants was pulling his belt free. It was hand-tooled, thicker leather than Bob’s, with a massive cast brass head the shape of a beer company trademark.

“Sure, we can,” he said. “Me and my partner’s gotten away with a lot already… ain’t that so, Bob?”

Bob grunted. He had wandered over and lowered his skinny ass to the ground beside Betsy. The slim blond lay frozen with horror and slowly unbuttoned her shirt. His blunt prick stuck straight out from his groin, level with the forest floor.

Overhead a jay squawked raucously. Jake glanced up, then back at Jack Mason. “You oughtn’t jump on people from behind, Son. It’s bad manners. As a responsible adult, I think it’s my bound duty to teach you better.”

Jack snarled at him. “Go ahead, you son of a bitch! Do anything you want to me. See what good it does you.”

Jake shook his head. “I’ll do whatever I want, all right,” the said. “But not to you. You’re a strong buck, and if I wasn’t older and smarter than you, you might just’ve had me. No… you, I’ll leave alone. But you can watch what Bob and I do to these hot little sisters of yours as a lesson in not getting in the way of your betters.”

Roaring with rage, Jack threw himself forward. The belt held — he all but dislocated his shoulders in his furious attempt to get free. The boughs of the tree rattled impressively, but it was all too clear he had no chance of preventing these evil men from having their way with his captive sisters.

Bob had unbuttoned Betsy’s flannel shirt and smoothed it open. Her tits rose like scoops of vanilla ice cream, snow-white. Her pure white bra seemed barely enough to contain them.

The girl lay perfectly still. Her ass-channel still pulsed with pain. To have her hopes raised by Jack’s sudden appearance and then just as suddenly dashed had numbed her to the point where she could do nothing.

There was nothing to do, anyway. Her hands were tied. All she could do was lie there and hope her tormentors weren’t too harsh with her.

“You really have a beautiful little body,” Bob said. He ran his forefingers up under the twin cups of her bra.

Betsy sucked in her breath as his fingers rubbed the bare skin of her jugs. Slowly he pulled upwards. She gasped as she felt the bra straps straining, cutting into her back. They snapped.

Her tits were bared to the redheaded man’s lustful gaze. “Oh, yeah,” he said, grin broadening. “Nice tits.”

They were nice tits. Each was round and perfect, white-tinged with a hint of healthy pink, shiny-skinned and taut. Her nipples were pale confections, slim nubbins inflated and quivering with fearful anticipation.

Betsy closed her eyes as he ran his hands over her tits. His palms rubbed her taut nipples.

“Ahh,” she said. Despite herself, she enjoyed the touch. Unlike the searing, ramrodding rape of her ass by Jake’s long cock, Bob’s hands felt exquisitely good on her tits. It was something she’d never experienced before.

Coe Mason sat with her back to the tree. Her wrists were fled together behind the trunk. Her head was slumped to one side. Her jugs bobbled to the tempo of her sobbing. She was miserable. Her world had abruptly come crashing down in ruin, starting when the two unkempt strangers had burst from the brush and dragged her off her horse as she rode, peaceful and unsuspecting, along a familiar forest trail. She had gotten her poor innocent sister embroiled in the nightmare, and now her brother, strong and brave, was trapped as inextricably as they.

There was no more hope. All that remained was despair.

But there was something more, as well. Her only warning was an angry bee-buzz. Then Jake’s heavy belt caught her full across the tits, and she realized what else remained to her and her hostage family — pain.

It was a pain like none she’d ever experienced. Her mouth flew open, but for a handful of thudding heartbeats no sound came out. The sudden flare of hideous agony in her delicate, nerve-filled tits had robbed her of her voice.

Her boobs seemed to inflate with agony. Finally, the scream came, building low in her throat and rising to shake the birds from the treetops: “Uhhhhaaa!”

Betsy snapped out of her fog. She tried to wriggle her tits out of Bob’s increasingly frenzied grip. “What’s happening? What’re you doing to my sister?”

Her brother, sitting and facing his twin, knew exactly what had been done to her. His heart broke as he looked at the flawless fruit of her jugs going puffy and discolored from the crushing impact of the belt.

“You bastards!” he screamed. “You filthy, shit eating bastards! I’ll pay you back if it’s the last thing I do!”

Jake looked at the boy. He sighed wearily. “Son, you just don’t learn. There’s none so blind as them that will not see.” He hefted the belt. The tip dangled in front of Coe’s eyes and she stared at it as if hypnotized. “Didn’t I tell you to watch your manners? And didn’t I tell you what would happen if you didn’t?”

The belt lashed out. It landed flat on Colleen’s left jug, digging deep into resilient titflesh. Her head snapped back and thudded against the tree trunk.

Betsy was thrashing almost as frantically as when Jake’s prick had been rampaging in her butthole. Concern for her sister made her forget her own predicament. “Leave her alone! Don’t hurt Coe!”

Bob shook her head. “I’m not doing a thing to your sister,” he said. “It’s that brother of yours. If he’d just settle clown, Jake wouldn’t have to keep whipping off her.”

The blonde heard the meaty thunk of the belt slapping a tender tit. Coe’s answering shriek was piercing. Betsy moaned, feeling her sister’s agony as her own.

A shadow fell across her face. Something rubbery and moist prodded her lips. An almost unbelievably rank aroma assailed her nostrils. She opened her eyes.

Bob had swung himself so that he was sitting astride her naked body, his ass hovering above her tits. He was trying to stick his half-erect prick into her mouth.

She clamped her lips and turned her face aside.

Bob grabbed her chin. “C’mon, baby, suck on my old dick awhile,” he begged. “Your nasty sister got it all gooey. Why don’t you lick it clean?”

Horrified, the girl shot a sidelong glance at his prick. It was shiny and redolent with the oils of her sister’s cunt, smeared with drops of congealing come. The skinny man rubbed the rounded head against her cheek. She could feel his pulse through his slimy cock.

Jake stood watching as Bob tried to get the girl to open her mouth for his prick. “You want me to touch her up some, Bob?”

“Oh no, don’t do that.” From the tone of his voice it sounded as if he didn’t approve his friend’s penchant for cruelty. But he kept trying to thrust his cock between Betsy’s reluctant lips, just the same.

Coe opened her eyes and saw what was happening. Despite the agony that burned in her tits she felt a surge of indignation. “Stop that! Leave my sister alone!”

The bearded man looked back at her. Her tits were crisscrossed with wide red welts. He snapped his wrist. His belt snaked forward and its very tip flicked the nipple of Coe’s left boob like a whip cracking.

The leather cut her nipple like a knife. Coe screamed: “Oh, GOD!”

Betsy’s mouth flew open in horror. Bob shoved forward with his hips. The head of his cock invaded the blonde girl’s mouth.

“Mmmmph!” she exclaimed, her voice muffled by the huge cock plugged into her face. Then the favor of cock, come, and pussy oil hit her at once.

She squirmed, trying to twist her raw-rubbed wrists free of the rope that held them. Her tongue pushed fruitlessly against the gooey tip of Bob’s prick, trying to force it from her mouth.

“Oh, yeah!” Bob cried happily. “That’s it, sweetheart! Tongue my cock good!” He grabbed a handful of blonde hair and began to drive his prick into her mouth with deliberate slowness, savoring the way her wet, if unwilling, mouth took in his rock-hard cock.

The underside of his cock rasped over Betsy’s tongue. The taste of his prick was unbearable. The idea of having a man’s cock in her mouth, especially that of someone who’d helped tie her to a tree and was forcibly raping her mouth, was horrible enough. But to have to accept a cock smeared with jism and the juice of her own sister’s pussy — it was unthinkable!

The hinges of her jaw seemed to creak. The fantastic width of Bob’s cock was forcing her jaws farther and farther apart. Her eyes were filled with tears again at the strain.

Then the cockhead forged past the back of her mouth and into her throat. She gagged.

“Oh, God!” Bob yelled, and he drilled the rest of his prick straight into her face.

Coe was shrieking as a veritable rain of blows descended upon her tits. Side to side, up and down, angling across one mound of titflesh and then another, Jake whipped the tied-up teenager’s boobs. Colleen’s tits had always been exquisitely sensitive to pleasure. Now she was discovering they were equally receptive to pain.

“No, no, nooo! Stop! Please stop!” Her voice was as small and tremulous as a little girl’s, peaking with every blow of the belt into a shrill wail of torment.

She felt as if the leather was flaying the very skin from her protruding boobs. Her nipples were taut and ripe as though in response to a lover’s lips. But the kiss of leather had them singing a song of agony.

Then the whipping stopped. In the sudden stillness the only sounds that came to Coe’s ears were her own uneven breathing and desperate gurgling noises as her baby sister choked on the log of cock stuffed down her throat.

“Oh, God, it hurts,” she whimpered. “My tits hurt so bad!”

Pine needles rustled. Jake had come up to stand right in front of her. Heat from his rampant slender prick washed over her tear-streaked face.

His cock was pressed flat against her cheek like an iron bar as he bent his knees and lifted her, his cock bobbling to thump against a sore tit.

“Uhhh!” she cried at the touch. Salty sweat and come drying on his prick stung her puffy titflesh.

He lifted the girl easily, though she was an inch or two taller than he. But he only raised her far enough for her to tuck her feet in under her. Then he let her back down so that her bare ass rested on her heels.

Her pussy came open slightly, drooling a thin stream of come onto the backs of her calves.

Now with his knees slightly bent, Jake had his cock in the deep slightly humid furrow between the girl’s big tits. She felt his pulse hammering where her whipped titflesh came in contact with his cock. He reached down and put his palms on the outsides of her abused boobs. The sweat on his hands burned her tits like acid.

She bit her lip as he pushed her tits together, molding them around the rigid bar of his prick.

The pain had died to a dull glow, but now it raged to full flaming life again.

“Ever had your tits fucked before, baby?” Jake asked, smiling lewdly down at his captive’s upturned face. She shook her head, unable to speak. “Well then, it’s high time, ain’t it?”

He started working his hips in a rocking motion. His cock slid down her chest, into the dark tunnel between her jugs.

“Owwwww,” she whined. The friction of the almost-dry cock between her whipped inflamed tits was pure agony. And as the small man’s lust grew his hands clasped her boobs tighter and tighter, crushing them painfully.

His cock slid back between her boobs. She tilted her head down, watching the pallid head of his prick emerge from the fleshy paradise of her tits like a snake from its hole. His cock rose until its head poked her chin, then withdrew back between her burning tits.

Jake began to fuck Coe’s tits with slow powerful strokes. He could feel her body tense as the agony of her whipped boobs was increased by the pressure of his hands and the friction of his cock. He squeezed the pliant titflesh this way and that, making the big globes of Coe’s boobs conform to the contours of his stiff prick. It was like having an extra-agile pussy wrapped around his cock — only better, because he could control the way the soft titflesh pressed on his sliding cock. The dryness didn’t bother him — it seemed to add to the sensitivity of his prick.

It added to the lovely girl’s torment, too, and inflicting pain on beautiful, helpless, naked teenaged girls turned him on more than anything else in the world.

It was a miracle Coe clung to her sanity in those awful moments. She was vaguely aware of muffled protests from her sister as Bob fucked her reluctant face with that vast cock of his. But Coe had no time to worry about her baby sister now. She couldn’t think of anything except the anguish in her tits.

Even if her boobs hadn’t just been beaten with animalistic savagery, the rape of her tits would have hurt. Done gently and soothingly by a kind and thoughtful lover, it probably would have gotten her off in an incredible way. She loved having her tits sucked or licked or played with. But Jake’s hands were like talons, clawing and crushing the tender mounds of her jugs. The insides of her boobs, already sore from Jake’s belt, were being rubbed raw by the incessant to-and-fro fucking of the bearded man’s cock.

Jake moaned. God, this was nice! He could feel the girl trembling with the pain. Tears streamed from her eyes and dripped like molten wax onto the head of his cock every time he poked it above her once-snowy tits. Her boobs were sweet and warm and soft, her skin seeming to cling teasingly to his hard prick.

Suddenly his fingers dug deep pale pits in her boobs.

“Yiii!” she yelped as they tote at her succulent titflesh.

Jake’s hips moved in a blur of lustful motion. His cockhead jabbed rhythmically against the girl’s chin.

Dimly Coe heard her brother’s helpless cursing, heard Betsy squeal with fresh vigor. The redheaded man was probably spewing come down her throat. There was nothing Coe could do for her. She could tell that her own tormentor was about to get off from brutally ravishing her poor, titflesh.

Then Jake bellowed like a rutting elk and his upward-thrusting prick sprayed jism all over her chin in a hot acrid, stream.


“Suck me! Suck my cock, slut!” Jake howled.

Coe couldn’t have obeyed if she’d wanted to. Maddened with the fury of his orgasm, the small bearded man had fucked his cock back between her heavy tits before she could react.

A geyser of come rose from between Coe’s tits. It fell back in a spatter of thick white droplets. His cock shot into view again. Staring down at it in horrified fascination, Coe caught the next jism blast right in her open mouth.

She shook her head and tried to spit. Jake let go of her left jug and grabbed a handful of auburn hair with his right hand, forcing the girl’s face down toward his prick. She struggled, moaning at the fresh pain that filled her tits as the salty come soaked her whip-welted skin.

Her lips pressed the head of the lengthy wick. A jet of come shot into her mouth. She coughed, trying to spit the come out, but Jake held her in place, still squashing her tit against the flank of his prick as his cock sprayed jism all over her lips and chin. The stuff ran down the sides of her chin and dribbled onto her enflamed jugs. She moaned, her teeth clamped shut to keep the cock out of her mouth. But the head of the pallid shaft of prick was wedged between her ups, and the spasmodic spurting of his climax got almost as much come into her mouth as spilled onto her magnificent jugs.

Her ass wagging wildly on the abrasive pine needles, Betsy Mason tried to keep from choking on the monstrously fat cock jammed to the hilt, in her pretty face. She had squealed as Bob took three preparatory thrusts and then fucked his prick balls deep into her mouth. Her tongue fluttered helplessly around the giant cockshaft while her gag reflex milked the tip of Bob’s cock with all the power of her throat muscles.

Holding her face against his crotch by her long cornsilk hair, Bob fought against the climax he felt building in his taut hairy ball-sac, wanting to prolong the joy of having his cock buried in the lovely adolescent mouth.

It was a losing battle. Even as Coe tore her lips away from Jake’s cockhead in time to get a dying blast of jism up her nose, Bob let loose a wild cry and came.

A hot blast of come fired straight into Betsy’s stomach. She gagged again, more powerfully than before. Bob gasped as her throat constricted his prick. The cock spat come.

Surge after surge of boiling jism filled the girl’s throat, bubbling up like lava around the swallowed pillar of Bob’s cock. The come-level rose until it flooded her mouth. The concentrated taste of jism, so harsh and unfamiliar, threatened to overwhelm her. Her stomach reeled under the impact of forcibly swallowed come. Her throat muscles gripped the cock in another paroxysm of disgust. Bob yelled and ground Betsy’s nose into the coarse red hair around the base of his prick.

Jake’s prick deposited a final wad of come on Colleen’s upper lip. Instantly it began to deflate. Coe made a noise that was a cross between a sob and a groan. Ordinarily she loved the taste and smell of good masculine come, but not now. The clammy feel of Jake’s jism coating her lips and tits and the inside of her mouth repelled and sickened her. The man’s come burned like lye where it touched the abused reddened skin of her tits.

“Whew,” Jake sighed, stepping away. Colleen’s tits fell forward and bounced, no longer crushed by his hands and hairy thighs. Her nipples pulsated with pain. “That was just purely fine. How’re you making out, Bob?”

At first, all Bob could do was grunt. His orgasm had exhausted the store of come in his balls.

But Betsy was gagging and squirming uncontrollably; her mouth and throat filled with jism. The taste and slimy feel nauseated her unbearably. Her reflexive struggles served only to provide her tormentor with a thunderous orgasm whose aftershocks continued even after he ran out of come.

“F-fine,” the redheaded man said at last. His cock gave a last dry pulse inside the girl’s mouth and went limp, and she made gargling sounds as come seeped down her throat. “I got no complaints.”

He stepped back. His cock slid slowly out of Betsy’s mouth. Come drooled from her mouth and down her chin. She’d forgotten the ache of her overextended jaws in her frenzy as Bob’s orgasm had filled her belly and senses with jism. Now that the big prick had slipped from between her jaws, and they could relax they ached powerfully.

The man released her head. It fell back to the carpet. Betsy lay limp and still, too exhausted by her ordeal even to try to spit out the come congealing on her tongue.

Jake smiled lopsidedly down at Coe. She stared up at him, defiant but feeling self-conscious about the huge drop of his jism she could feel clinging to her face just below the right side of her mouth.

“You’re a great piece of ass, kid,” the bearded man told her, “and Bob and I don’t want to be selfish, do we, Bob?”

Bob wandered up, his immense cock dormant once more, dangling between his legs. “Untie her, will you, Bob? But keep hold of her arms.”

Bob did as he was told, then passed the rape to his partner. Swiftly and professionally, Jake bound the auburn-haired young beauty’s slim ankles together.

Under Jake’s direction, Bob scooped up the naked teenager, lifting her easily despite her height and the lush fullness of her figure.

She stirred feebly in his arms. Now that her hands were free she should try to claw his eyes out, she knew. But the brutal whipping and fucking of her tits had worn her out, and being forced to drink Jake’s come had sapped her spirit.

Besides, she thought, what’s the point? My legs are tied. There’s nothing I can do.

“Now,” Jake said, picking up his belt and sauntering over to stand above Betsy, who still lay on her back, her thighs slightly parted. A hint of pink pussy showed in the gold thatch between them. “Set her down. Yeah… there, right next to her brother. All right, dating. I told you Bob and I weren’t selfish. So to spread, the wealth around a bit, why don’t you just hitch yourself up and suck on your brother’s cock some?”

Coe and Jack both stared at him.

Jack had long ago quit cursing their captors and had been sitting looking on with a mixture of sorrow and sick hatred. Now he started to sputter again. “Wait! You can’t… Coe, don’t listen to him!”

Coe sat up. Pine needles pricked her ass. She felt an odd tingle in her pussy, then rapidly suppressed it. Her brother was an extremely handsome young man, and she’d wondered more than once since growing into lustful young womanhood what it would be like to fuck him, to feel his cock — how big was it? — plumbing the depths of her cunt or throbbing between her lips as he cried out with passion and prepared to pump her face full of come.

But no, she couldn’t do that. Those were no more than illicit shameful incest fantasies.

“I won’t do it,” she said firmly. She should have been able to predict Jake’s answer. Without speaking, he pivoted and slashed Betsy savagely across the tits with his thick brown belt.

The blow flattened the milky young jugs. Betsy’s nipples were taut from fear, and the belt seemed to drive them into her cushiony tits like nails. “AAAIIIEEE! OH, GOD!”

Unlike her sister, Betsy wasn’t tied in place when the belt slammed into her jugs. Her body flew into the air in a paroxysm of pain. Instinctively she twisted and came down on her belly. Landing on her boobs sent flesh stabs of pain through her tits, and the pine needles felt like real needles poking her soft titflesh. But at least her boobs were protected from the awful crushing assault of the belt.

On the other hand, her ripe round ass jutted invitingly skyward. Grinning with lewd satisfaction, Jake brought the belt screaming down across the cheeks of his captive’s butt.


She writhed, started to turn over, then rolled back onto her face. Her ass blazed as if it had just been branded, but her tits were more sensitive than her ass and, less able to endure the punishment of the belt.

Jake raised his arm again. The belt whined down. It struck the girl’s ass with a crack like a pistol shot.

Betsy screamed.

Jake hit her ass again, and again, turning his wrist so that the ugly welts left by the belt crossed each other and turned the once-snowy cheeks of her ass into a red patchwork.

Coe screamed.

Jack cursed, fighting his bonds, again with no more effect than to nearly wrench his shoulders from their sockets.

Betsy’s shrill cries, egged Jake on. His arm rose and fell with astonishing speed. The slaps of the leather smacking bare assflesh came like machinegun fire.

Then he changed his attack. He snapped his belt whip-like — the way he’d flicked Coe’s nipple with just the tip. The belt stung like a scorpion at the tender insides of Betsy’s thighs.

“Oh! OWWWW!” she shrieked, and she threw her colt-like legs apart.

Her buttcheeks had been clamped together under the onslaught of the wicked leather strap.

Now they parted as her legs moved away from each other. Drooling with sadistic joy, Jake cracked the belt right on the tiny pucker of the girl’s asshole.

It was as if her shitter had been touched with a red-hot iron. The scream started way down in the pit of her stomach: “YAAAAH!”

“God! Stop! Oh, for God’s sake, don’t hit her any more!” Tears streaming down her face, Coe was bending over her brother, tearing wildly at his fir. “I’ll do it! I’ll suck, my brother’s cock… I’ll do anything you ask, if only you leave Betsy alone!”

Jack’s bluejeans came open. Coe’s frenzied fingers dipped into the front slit of his underwear. He sighed involuntarily as her cool fingers closed around his cock. Trembling, the nearly naked girl tugged his prick into the open.

She gasped. Jack’s cock was fully erect, blood engorged and hard as a rock.

It was also eight inches long!

“Ohhhhhh,” Coe said in outright admiration. Her brother’s prick wasn’t as long as Jake’s skinny spear of prickmeat — but it was much thicker. The young man’s cock was dark, crowned with a swollen reddish head, and its length was twined with thick veins like climbing vines.

“Aiiiii!” A transverse slash drew a fresh red line across Betsy’s ass.

Her heart pounding against her ribs, Coe bent her brother’s cock down and stuffed the head into her mouth.

“Uhhhh…” A moan of sheer pleasure ripped from lack’s throat as his sister’s lips enveloped his prick. They were cool and wet and clinging to his cock. He could literally feel from the tension in the lips that held his prick and the slight quiver in the nude brown body beside him that Coe was motivated now by something more than simple concern for her baby sister.

His twin hadn’t been alone in thinking unbidden lascivious thoughts about a sibling. Watching Coe’s tits blossom and her hips swell into adolescence had been a strain on Jack, whose own sexuality had been awakening at the same time. He’d started finding an outlet for his horniness among the healthy full-bodied outdoor girls on surrounding ranches soon enough, but his sister’s desirability never quite quit nagging him. One day when he was fourteen he’d come upon her skinny dipping in a creek a mile above their ranch house. She’d never know how near she’d come to being raped. Jack had hidden in the bushes and watched her, then crept away. For a week he’d jacked off guiltily — every night — the image of his voluptuous twin burning in his brain.

From the moment Coe wrapped her lips around his cock and her tongue began flicking at the sensitive joining of cockhead and shaft, there was no, question of resistance. Forgotten was their predicament — forgotten even was the helpless, innocent younger sister lying with her ass whipped raw a few yards away.

Coe grasped the base of her brother’s cock. His pulse hammered beneath her fingers. She jacked his cock off lightly. Trying to milk the big prick into her mouth.

“Mmmmmm…” she moaned.

She, too, had forgotten their little sister’s plight. She wasn’t even aware any longer of the throb of her own abused tits. The flavor of her brother’s cock filled her very soul. The feel of the stiff prick jutting into her face, alive with the incestuous lust they shared, turned her on so intensely, she felt on the verge of bursting or breaking into tears.

Why did I deny myself this for so long? she asked herself. Then she brought her face down toward the sorrel hair clumped at the base of her brother’s cock, sighing ecstatically as she felt the meaty fullness of his cock sliding over her tongue and down her throat.

“Ahhhh, yes!” Jack shifted his hips in her grip of almost unbearable passion. There was no mistaking it — his sister was swallowing every inch of his monumental cock. He wasn’t too surprised to find his beautiful twin a skilled cocksucker. He, himself, had learned early just about all there was to the art of driving a luscious girl crazy, devouring the sweet meat of her pussy. They were alike in more than looks.

As Coe began to fuck her face on the spar of her own brother’s prick, Jake threw away his belt and dropped to his knees. Though the whipping had stopped, Betsy was still writhing at the pain in her ass. Her thin body shook with sobs. Her ass rolled around, slightly elevated, as though she were wild with passion. For a moment Jake feasted his eyes on the captive’s butt.

Though her satiny skin was marred and discolored from the lashings of his belt, Betsy’s ass was still a lovely sight. And her pink-lipped pussy, hidden amidst the spun-gold bush of her cunt, showed itself in mouth-watering hints between her thighs.

Betsy felt strong fingers snag her hips. Her ass was raised into the air. She bent her head to look back at her captor just as he thrust his face between her silken thighs and buried his tongue in her cunt.

She gasped. No one had even so much as touched her pussy before. Now this bearded stranger was gobbling it as if it were the tastiest thing he’d ever encountered. His tongue laved the virginal slit of her cunt, first between her frilly inner pussy-lips and then circling their outsides. Then he sucked the lips of Betsy’s cunt into his mouth, worrying them with quick shakes of his head.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, startled by his actions as much as the sudden rush of pleasure in her cunt.

Betsy’s thighs were so slender and Jake’s hands so spidery, he could hold her up by the thighs and part the petals of her cunt with his thumbs. He pulled his head back to examine the gash of his captive’s pussy. It was a trim and luscious sight, with neat pussy-lips surrounding a narrow cunthole. A drop of pussy-juice sparkled in the opening of the girl’s snatch.

Jake took a deep breath, drinking in the heady musk of Betsy’s cunt. Then he thrust his mouth into the gaping pussy.

Betsy cried out as shrilly as ever she had cringing under the lash of his belt. Nothing had ever felt so good as Jake’s frenetic eating of her cunt. The way he licked and sucked and nuzzled her cunt filled her with a pleasure so concentrated, it was almost hard to breathe.

Her lustful cries were lost on her siblings. Coe raised her head from the throbbing head of her brother’s cock. The crown of Jack’s prick and Colleen’s mouth were smeared and glossy with her saliva. Their pulses raced with forbidden desire. Coe’s fingers gently squeezed her brother’s prick. He moaned. Green-eyed gaze met green-eyed gaze, and the erotic electricity that passed between the two was almost visible.

Coe hoisted herself off the fragrant pine-needle mat. A few of the three-pronged clusters of brown pine needles were stuck in her hip and ass, but she ignored them. Her brother’s cock was huge and hard and hot in her hand, and her pussy ached with a craving that matched his. She had to fuck her brother, and fuck him now!

With her ankles bound together she couldn’t straddle Jack’s crotch and impale her needy cunt on his spire of cock. That didn’t slow her down. With hands on his broad shoulders, she raised herself, swung her delectable asscheeks across his lap, and sat down on him. The tip of his cock prodded the humid flesh between her butthole and her waiting cunt. Panting with the urgency of her lust, she shifted her hips until the cone-shaped head of her brother’s cock found its way into the foyer of her pussy.

“Ohhhh, yes!” she sighed. Her hips began to lower slowly, her cunt sliding down the imprisoned cock with excruciating slowness.

“Goddamn,” Bob marveled. “They’re really getting into it!” His stubby cock was rampant with horny life again.

His partner paid him no mind. Having dealt his delectable captive the most intense agony of her life with a belt and a nine-inch cock applied to her ass, he was now dealing her the most intense pleasure imaginable by his skillful tongue-lashing of her virgin cunt. His tongue was inside her pussy again, swirling around and around, stretching her cunt membranes in a delightful circle.

“Ohhhhh, do it… do it to me!” she wailed. “L-lick me… lick my pussy good!”

If she’d been able to hear herself she would have been shocked. For a girl who could barely bring herself to say damn to beg for her pussy to be lapped was almost as incredible as the fact that she could be enjoying this from a man who recently had whipped and ass-fucked her.

But enjoying it she was. Jake’s tongue was like a living thing dancing in her cunt, awakening joys and desires she’d never even suspected to exist. His thumbs gradually worked themselves in until their tips came in contact with her clit.

“AHHHHH!” she yelped. The very lightest touch as her rotating hips brushed her clit against one thumb sent delight sizzling up her cunt.

Her cuntjuice had begun to flow. Jake’s tongue scooped them from her pussy with cunt-delving strokes.

“Ah! Ohhhh… that feels so good! Keep eating my pussy!”

It was unbelievable! It was, no doubt, perverted as well to enjoy having a man’s mouth touching her pussy, particularly under circumstances such as these.

Then Jake jammed his tongue deep into the brimming well of her cunt and jabbed his thumb against her clit, and her world exploded in brilliant colors and muscle-wracked convulsions of ecstasy.

“Ahhhhhh! Oh, Jack, it’s wrong, but I want you to fuck meeeeee!” Coe pumped her lush ass up and down, fucking her pussy on the straining pole of her brother’s prick with incredible energy. Her fingers grasped his shoulders, her nails digging in almost enough to break the skin.

Being tied up and whipped and fucked and having her tits raped with the longest cock she’d ever seen had a strange effect on Colleen. Being made to watch his beautiful sisters subjected to the most remarkable sexual degradation he could have conceived of had had the same effect on Jack. Their sexual appetites were honed to razor sharpness — and the only thing that could satisfy them was each other.

They fucked as furiously as rutting animals, their feet digging furrows in the soil. Coe used her arms and strong shapely legs to work her body rapidly up and down the rod of cock jutting from her brother’s lap, her big boobs flying to the rhythm of her exertions. Jack drove his cock into her cunt with every ounce of strength in his body. His steel-hard cock probed the innermost depths of her succulent pussy while his head rolled aimlessly around.

“Oh, Jack!” his twin cried shrilly. “I feel it! I’m about to come! Come with me! Fill my pussy with your nice hot come!”

She slipped her arms around his neck and crushed her lips to his. Her tongue crept from her mouth. His came surging out to meet it, stabbing her mouth as powerfully as his cock was stabbing her pussy. She crushed her tits against his broad chest, thrilling to the feel of his rough shirt rubbing her throbbing nipples. Their salvias mingled in a tongue-twining embrace. Coe moved her ass so fast that a fine spray of pussy-juice was thrown from her cunt to mist their crotches. Then her pussy slammed shut around his driving cock and sucked load after load of come as they wrestled together in the hysteria of a shared climax.

As Jack fucked his sister’s pussy to overflowing with jism, Jake felt a silken noose close around his cunt-piercing tongue. He grunted as a torrent of cuntjuice gushed from the gaping adolescent cunt. Betsy howled as if in torment. Her whole body tingled with the ecstasy emanating from her well eaten pussy.

The three of them, brother and sisters, gave themselves utterly to carnal delight, surrendering to the insistent tongue and the incestuous embrace of cunt around cock. Their young bodies pulsated with incomparable joy as they came in one great wave of sexual release, captive thought they were.

But deep inside, they realized their frenzied lustful delight would all too soon be replaced by a torment worse than any of them had ever known.


A meadowlark sang placidly from a fencepost as Jeanette Mason drove the Jeep alongside the long low ranch house. At the back door, the family watchdog, an Irish, set or named Red, barked excitedly. Getting out and loading her arms with sacks of groceries, Jeanette wondered what was bothering him. Probably Coe or Betsy had brought home some poor injured animal — a squirrel or a fox or a bird with a broken wing — and the smell of it had upset the dog. Coe and Betsy were soft-hearted, especially where wild animals were concerned. Brother Jack was the same way, though he was reluctant to admit it.

Smiling, Jeanette walked up the gravel walkway to the back door. She was a lovely sight in the late morning sunlight — tall and trim almost girlishly slim of waist and thigh. Yet there was nothing girlish about the swell of her tits, still firm and flawless despite her bearing three children. Her hair was held back by a blue bandanna. It was long hair of a deep, rich mahogany shade, darker and redder than the twins.

She thought about her offspring. She was young — just forty — yet she was fortunate in her children. They were intelligent, responsible, helpful. The family had its normal share of sibling dissent and difficulty, but after Jeanette’s husband, John, had died, they had pulled together into an unbreakable unit. Their love had pulled them through hard times, and now their lives were comfortable and happy here in the peaceful mountains.

“Back, Red. Go on, don’t be such a nuisance.” Red backed off, wagging his great golden tail, his tongue lolling from his mouth. He seemed tense, as though upset by something, but relieved that the mistress of the house had arrived to deal with it.

“Oh, Red,” she laughed, holding the screen open with a plushly padded hip while she unlocked the door. “What’ve they got in there, a coyote? I’ve never seen you this way.”

The door opened. She walked into the kitchen and set the bag down on a counter. “Hello. Anybody home?”

There was no answer. She walked into the living room, smoothing back her bandanna. She stopped.


Sitting in an easy chair with his feet propped on the sofa, Jake smiled through his beard and gestured easily with the shotgun in his right hand. “Howdy, ma’am,” he said. “Why don’t you just take a seat with the kids, over on the couch?”

Jeanette’s knees turned to water. What was going on? Two armed strangers in her living room — and her three children, naked or half-naked and trussed like chickens. “Who are you?” she demanded.

Betsy and Coe sat side by side on the couch. Betsy’s flannel shirt hung open, baring her pale pink-tipped tits. Coe was completely naked, and to her horror, Jeanette saw that her elder daughter’s normally lovely tits were puffy and discolored, as though they’d been beaten. In a second she found out why they looked that way.

Without changing expression Jake lifted his other hand. A thick leather belt hung from it. He flicked his wrist. The leather strap struck like a snake at Betsy’s vulnerable left tit. The girl jerked as though shot and shrieked as pain lanced through her tit.

“What are you doing?” Jeanette screamed.

“I told you to do something,” Jake said easily, “and you didn’t do it. I had to show you what happens when you don’t do what I say. It’s only fair, ain’t it? To let you know what the rules are.”

Jeanette looked from him to his skinny redheaded partner. “Damn you, you sons of bitches!” she heard her son say. She turned to look at him. He was over by the huge whitewashed adobe fireplace, bound hand and foot to a massive hand carved wooden chair.

Jake turned his eyes toward the youth. “Thought I told you what would happen if you didn’t shut up, junior. Want baby sister to get her tit whipped again?”

Jack’s face clouded over with rage, but he said nothing.

Jake’s water blue eyes flicked back to Jeanette. She felt herself blushing as they traveled from her head to her feet. It was as if they stripped away her clothes — the man’s work shirt that couldn’t hide the lusciousness of her jugs, the jeans that made not effort to conceal the ripeness of her hips and ass — and left her naked and revealed to his lusting gaze. He liked what he saw, she knew.

“I got an idea,” the other man said. He was perched nervously on the arm of another overstuffed chair. “Why don’t we make her strip on down for us, like a strip-tease burlesque show?”

“That’s a fine idea, Bob,” Jake nodded. “What say, Mrs…”

“Mason,” she said reluctantly. “Jeanette Mason.”

“Well, Jeanette, I’m right pleased to know you. My name’s Jake.” He smirked at her lasciviously. “I figure we ought to start out on a first-name basis, considering bow well we’re going to get to know each other. Why don’t you shuck off that blouse now, Jeanette. But slow and easy… surprise us.”

“Don’t do it, Mom,” Coe said, her voice low and sullen.

Jake’s head didn’t turn, but his aim was perfect. The belt lashed out and with a loud smack turned Betsy’s other tit a glowing, painful pink to match the other one. Her nipples stood out stiffly, responding to the pain.

“Ohhhh…” the blonde girl moaned.

Jeanette felt her eyes fill with hot tears. She’d been a good mother, a capable one, and while she’d done her best to see that her children learned to stand on their own, she’d always tried to protect them. Now they were in a more dangerous situation than any she could have imagined, and she was powerless to help them.

But there was a way she could help Betsy — for now, at least. As if of its own accord one brown hand, still slim and fine despite the toils of ranch work, stole up the front of her shirt and toyed with the top button. Jake’s tongue traveled a slow circuit of his lips as she undid the button and folded the shirt open slightly — enough to reveal a hint of white titflesh. Bob swallowed audibly.

It was strange that the two should react so, with two totally naked and totally desirable teenaged girls sitting in arm’s reach of them. But Jeanette’s lush body was a mystery to them, one they were becoming increasingly eager to have unveiled. Rolling her hips slowly, she undid another button, and another.

With her thumbs she pushed back the front of the shirt, slipping her fingers under her brassiere clad boobs and raising them as if offering the twin treasures of titflesh to her captors. Her nipples were taut now, wine-dark and visible through the filmy cups of her bra. Despite herself, she was getting excited.

It had nothing to do with the two scruffy strangers sitting in her living room pointing a gun at her — her own husband’s shotgun — or the certainty that as soon as she was naked — if they even waited that long — they would rape her savagely and repeatedly. What was impelling her to perform the steamily erotic dance for her captors was her daughter’s safety, temporary as it would be — but the reasons she put such delicious carnal life into every motion of her exquisite body was something else again.

Her husband, John Mason, whom she’d married at sixteen and had loved all her life, had always taken delight in watching his wife undress. Long after each had learned all the sexual secrets of the other’s body. Jeanette undressing languidly, teasingly, by the fireside late at night with the kids in bed in the big master bedroom with its brass four-poster, had never failed to get both of them so incredibly aroused that their fucking seemed a new and overwhelming experience. Jeanette had loved to strip for John as much as he’d loved to watch her. When she stood nude and he came for her with a growl of lust, her pussy was always wet and hot and desperately hungry for the thrusting fullness of his big hard cock.

Now she was doing her dance of lust again, this time for two total strangers, to save her young daughter a few moments of pain the vicious men would probably give her anyway.

But with her eyes shut, it was almost as if John were alive again.

She writhed out of her rustic shirt. Her body was sheened with perspiration. Her skin was white except for her face, hands, and the vee of her neck — unlike her elder daughter, she’d never been much of a sun-worshipper. Her hands roved her body, cupping her tits, stroking down her flat belly to undo ever so slowly the button of her fly. Then she drew the zipper down gradually, her hips undulating. She could almost feel the strangers’ eyes swiveling to follow the motion.

She peeled back the front of her jeans and slipped a hand into her panties. Her cunt-fur was hot under her palm. She gave a small soft moan of pleasure at the pressure of her own hand on the mound of her pussy. Her fingers probed briefly, and she wasn’t surprised to find the crisp hair that fringed the mouth of her pussy wet and matted with aromatic cunt-oils.

Her hand came out again, and neither Jake nor Bob missed the shine on her fingertips that told of the moist eagerness of her cunt. “God damn,” Bob muttered. Little Jake just stared.

Deliberately she pulled her tight jeans down her long sculptured legs. She turned gradually so that when she kicked off her shoes and bent to pull her pants off, her ass was pointed right at the men, her white panties stretched taut over the bulging mounds of her asscheeks. Then she straightened, took off the band and shook a cascade of gleaming hair down her back. She reached behind herself and undid the clasp of her bra. Holding the cups of the bra in place in front of her ripe tits, she turned back to face the men, her green eyes still shut, her full lips slightly parted in a half-smile.

She fondled her tits through the cloth of her bra. Slowly she worked one cup down until a brown-red nipple peeked above it, stark against the snowy paleness of her tits. Then she spun like a ballerina, and when she came around to face the spectators again whipped the bra away so that her tits flew free, bouncing loosely, her inflated nipples making figure-eights in the air.

She could feel the horniness emanating from the two men. She could even feel excitement growing unwilling in her son.

She reached up to cup her boobs again, the satiny flesh slipping through her fingers until she squeezed her cherry-like nipples between her fingers. The pleasure in her boobs was electric.

She dropped her hand to her sides and ran her fingers inside the elastic band of her panties. She started to work her underwear down her hips, turning sideways as the first tuft of mahogany cunt-fur fluffed out over the top of her panties. Her tits swung forward, juicy and tempting as ripe fruit, she leaned down to slip her panties off first one and then the other slim tapering calf.

She turned her back. The onlookers sighed at the sight of her bare ass, the snow-white demi globes demurely pressed together. Slowly she moved back to face Jake and Bob. Her breath was coming quickly now, her pulse hammering with the lust that grew in her pussy. It had been a long time since she’d had a long stiff cock inside the silken sheath of her cunt. In spite of herself, she was filled with nervous anticipation. Her tits seemed to swell with lust. Her nipples vibrated with passion.

She held her panties coyly before the thatch of her pussy. Her hips began to grind again, gently at first, then working up to a lewd ass-thrusting free swinging motion that drove the male watchers crazy. Abruptly she flicked her panties away, spread her feet wide, and stood, hands on her hips.

“Holy shit!” Bob gasped.

Her pussy-bush was a downward pointing arrowhead. At its tip, her cunthair was dewed with glistening pussy-juice. Jeanette cocked her hips, rolling them back so that her luscious ass fucked in and her cunt blossomed like an exotic pink flower before the strangers’ startled eyes. Then she spun away again, breathing heavily.

Behind her, Jeanette heard the rustle of clothing being hurriedly cast aside. Her tits rose with a deep, unsteady breath. Guiltily she realized she was awaiting an inevitable rape with something resembling pleasure.

Rough hands seized her narrow waist. She inhaled sharply as something hard was poked between her buttcheeks and jabbed at the flesh between her pussy and her asshole. Then the hardness slipped down and shoved apart the lips of her pussy.

“Auugghh!” she gasped as her cunt was fucked instantly full of the thickest cock she’d ever felt. “Ohhhhh… oh, God!”

The unseen man was fucking her pussy with short powerful strokes. She realized that the cock pistoning in and out of her cunt in a welter of steaming pussy-sauces wasn’t very long, but it more than made up for that in thickness. She’d never had the walls of her cunt so delightfully stretched — even the first time John had slipped his huge prick into her then-virgin twat hadn’t been so intensely pleasurable.

Hands reached from behind to squeeze her tits at the tips. Her nipples hardened even more in the stranger’s fingers. The short sparse hairs on the backs of his hands were coppery — that meant the tall skinny man, Rob or Bob or whatever, was the owner of the magnificently fat prick plumbing the depths of her pussy.

Her legs were wide apart. She leaned forward thrusting her ass back wards to impale her pussy more fully on the thick spar of prick.

“Yes,” she murmured blearily, “oh yes, give it to me. Fuck me hard!”

Her children exchanged startled glances. They’d never heard their mother use rough language before. And to have her responding this way to being raped…

Coe colored. She’d had Bob’s thick cock rammed up her tight little pussy, too. She knew what her mother was going through.

Jeanette rolled her pussy lovingly around the pumping prick. She could feel an orgasm — her first in such along, long time — building within her well fucked cunt. Bob was squeezing her nipples, rolling them between his fingers like dough. The delight that flowed through her boobs matched the ecstasy that rushed from her cunt with every hard-driven stroke of the redheaded man’s cock.

Suddenly the cock was yanked from her dripping cunthole. “Ooooh,” she moaned in disappointment.

Juice was standing beside her, naked. From his crotch extended an incredibly long, thin wand of cock.

“Cool it,” he said. “Don’t hog her.” He held Bob by the arm, having, pulled him back as he plunged his thick cock happily in and out of the older woman’s pussy.

“What the hell are you doing?” Bob asked indignantly. “I was just getting into it!”

Jake grinned and slapped Jeanette on the ass. “Use your imagination.” Not waiting to see how his partner took that advice, he took hold of his own nine-inch cock and bent it down so that its swollen head was nestled in the coarse, damp beard of Jeanette’s pussy.

He was several inches shorter than the woman. By bending his knees slightly, he got his lengthy prick to angle upwards so that the head socketed itself into the opening of her cunt. Then he straightened, driving that endless spear of prick straight up his captive’s pussy in one unhurried motion.

Jake’s prick was as skinny as Bob’s was fat. But again, that didn’t hurt anything. She felt as it that pillar-like cock was fucking all the way through her. She moaned and rotated her hips spasmodically as the cock entered her cunt.

Bob stared in hypnotic fascination at the twin half-moons of Jeanette’s ass. Her round silken skinned buttcheeks worked against each other in a sinuous, tantalizing motion as Jeanette got into the rhythm of fucking herself on Jake’s big prick. It was a lovely ass — firm yet full, trim from constant exercise. Bob rubbed his jaw. His cock was strainingly, achingly erect, brimming with the need to fuck the lovely nude woman. But he’d been prevented from blowing his wad in the humid paradise of her pussy. Cuntjuice still gleamed on his rigid prick.

“Use your imagination,” his partner had said. Standing there watching Jeanette’s fabulously foxy ass roll around Jake’s stabbing cock, it didn’t take much imagination to figure out what to do next. Bob put his hands on those milky asscheeks, savoring the warmth, smoothness and springiness of them. He ran his thumbs down the insides of the demi-globes of assflesh, into the crevice between. Putting pressure on either side of Jeanette’s puckered asshole, he began to draw it open.

“Ah!” Jeanette’s eyes flew open. Jake was fucking her furiously, his cock sliding in and out of her pussy with a juicy sound, his hairy chest rasping her nipples deliciously. But she wasn’t so caught up with the joy of feeling that giant pole of prick invading her cunt that she wasn’t aware of what Bob was doing. She wanted to cry out for him to stop.

The tip of Bob’s cock touched her asshole. She felt pressure. Abruptly her shit-ring expanded and seemed to swallow the blunt head of the cock.

Jeanette and Bob sighed as the tight ring of her asshole clamped down just behind his cockhead.

Pain made Jeanette blink. Bob’s cock was enormous! But instead of struggling, she merely gripped Jake’s wiry arms and stood there, accepting both cocks jammed into her, naked body.

She had loved being butt-fucked by her husband. Now that Bob’s big prick was plugged into her shiner, she realized she’d missed having a cock shoved up her ass as much as she’d miss having her pussy probed by John’s hearty shaft of cockmeat. But Bob’s prick was phenomenally thick. Just having her butthole expanded to fit around its head was an uncomfortable strain. She wasn’t at all sure she could stand having all that titanically thick prick stuffed up her ass-chute.

Grunting and snuffling, Jake rammed his prick home in Jeanette’s cunt with fresh violence.

“Ahhhhhh!” she cried as the prick slid dazzlingly across her swollen clit. Cuntjuice burst in torrents from her pussy as Jake’s cock went hilt-deep into her cunt. Her ass began to wag furiously from side to side, as if of its own accord.

“Jesus Christ!” Bob yelped. The taut ring of assflesh clamped around his prick seemed to tug and suck at the embedded cockhead. Wild sensations shot the length of his prick and blasted into his groin.

He grabbed twin handfuls of tender assflesh and shoved with all his might. Well-greased with the oils of Jeanette’s pussy, his thick prick went into her asshole smoothly, if not easily.

“Owwwww,” the mahogany-haired woman groaned. “Oh, it’s so biiiiiig… it’s tearing me apart!” She felt the halves of her ass being wedged farther and farther apart. Though the cock was slick with her cuntjuice, it still rasped the delicate membranes of her ass-tunnel on its way in.

Yet there was something obscenely delightful about the way that steely cock filled her asshole to overflowing and beyond — as if by causing pain as well as pleasure, Bob’s trick was emphasizing for the luscious widow that she was at long last being well and truly fucked by good hard cock again — two for the price of one!

Jake’s beard tickled her tits as he dropped his face to suck in a fervent mouthful of titflesh. Jeanette cried out as his tongue jabbed at a full nipple. The suction of his mouth combined with the teasing and tweaking of his tongue to charge her tits with electric delight.

Jake marveled at the tightness of the pussy he was fucking his long cock into. It was as tight as any virgin pussy he’d ever plunged his prick in and out of, but it clung to his cock with high erotic skill, seeming to suck at his cock as if trying to milk it of the come boiling in his balls. No virgin could make her pussy do the things to a cock Jeanette was doing with her oily snatch.

Isn’t motherly love wonderful! he thought to himself. Whack her baby on the tit once or twice and she fucks like a sex-starved mink!

But the bearded fugitive knew there was more to the eager frenzy of Jeanette’s fucking than a desire to save her offspring from agony. She was fucking Bob’s prick with her asshole as avidly and expertly as she was fucking Jake’s nine-inch cock. She was really getting into it, loving the way she was being fucked full of rock-hard cock in ass and pussy alike, even loving the pain Jake knew Bob’s, wrist thick prick must be causing her shithole. She was altogether horny, and part of it, at least, had nothing to do with protecting her young.

He felt something moving against the underside of his long cock as he fucked it into her slick-walled pussy. It was Bob’s prick, being driven up Jeanette’s ass with such force that the redhead’s balls slapped against the base of his partner’s cock as it ground into the woman’s drooling pussy. Jake rolled his eyes and slipped his lips down to grasp the tasty nipple that tipped Jeanette’s jug. He felt her body start to move with the mad urgency of orgasm. She was about to come, and come hard.

Bob was shaking his head crazily, eyes closed and mouth open. His cock was pumping the hottest, tightest, most cooperative asshole it had ever gotten into. Jeanette sucked in her stomach and rippled her belly muscles so that her pussy and her ass-channel both gripped the pricks invading them. Bob had very seldom met a woman with a cunt as agile and responsive as Jeanette Mason’s asshole.

Jeanette was utterly beside herself. She’d never been so caught up in a carnal totality before. The only man she’d ever made love to was her beloved John — now she was being fucked by two strangers at the same time, ramming her full of far more cock than even John had been able to give her. She loved it! The sheer forbiddenness of it all added to the wanton abandon with which she rolled her rounded ass around the prick pistoning in and out of it, and rippled the educated walls of her cunt around the quarter-yard of Jake’s cock. The skinny redhead was kneading the cheeks of her ass devoutly — which she’d always loved — and his partner was subjecting her tit to an oral assault so intense, it felt almost as fantastic as the cocks plugging her asshole and oozing cunt.

Bob’s breath chuffed rhythmically in her ear. Jeanette heard the slight gasp that meant his passion was about to overwhelm him. The stumpy cock was pulled out of her asshole, creating a maddening, delightful suction within her ass-passage. She waited until she felt just his inflated cockhead throbbing inside the circle of her asshole. Then she tensed every muscle in her athletic body to crush the cockhead in a loving embrace.

Her voice blended with Bob’s in a howl of ecstasy as he filled the entirety of her asshole with a giant blast of searing came.

The sting of the salty jism filling her asshole triggered Jeanette’s own climax. It was as if a charge of dynamite had been set off in her cunt — a powerful explosion of ecstasy that blasted her brain and senses.

“AAAAAHHHHHH!” she cried, throwing her head back as Jake mauled her boobs with hands and mouth and tried to force another fraction of an inch of his throbbing cock up her pulsating, greedy, climaxing pussy.

Bob licked at her neck. His cock spat pulse after pulse after pulse of hot come into her butthole. Uncontrollably he drove his cock to the hilt in her wildly pumping ass. Come squirted from her asshole around the cylinder of his cock.

Having her asshole stretched out of shape again by that huge cock set off a fresh series of orgasms in Jeanette’s pussy. Jake gave a frenzied cry, muffled by a mouthful of tender spit-slick titflesh, and then his prick spewed jism into Jeanette’s needy cunt.


Buried to the hilt in Jeanette Mason’s asshole, Bob’s cock exploded another surge of jism.

“Gaaaah!” the woman cried.

The come made the length of her well-reamed ass-passage tingle with delight. She could feel the come washing around the thick shaft of the prick in her asshole, running down the backs of her thighs.

Jake was trying frantically to push away from the naked woman. His claws scrabbling on the slick linoleum of the kitchen floor, Red was trying to run at the two men, growling deep in his throat. Off balance from opening the kitchen door with her hands bound behind her back, Coe slipped, lost her balance, and fell down hard an her naked ass. Her tits joggled furiously up and down.

It was as if Jeanette’s pussy had an unbreakable death-grip on the bearded man’s prick. She felt the head pulsating far up inside her pussy as it delivered charge after charge of boiling come. The entire length of his prick was slimed with come. Jake’s jism leaked from Jeanette’s pussy to run down her legs and mingle with the come slobbering from her asshole.

Finally, with a bestial howl, Jake managed to shove away. Jeanette screamed as his cock was ripped, still spewing, from her cunt. Its lightning withdrawal triggered another fabulous orgasm in her jism-drooling pussy.

Red got his feet on the carpet and lunged. Barking, he jumped at Jake, jaws wide. Betsy and Jack yelled encouragement to the dog as it and the skinny fugitive went down in a tangle.

Bob was trying desperately to get his cock disengaged from his captive’s asshole. He yanked it in short jerks from the flailing shitter, until once more just the head was trapped within the impossibly tight ring of her ass-chute. Unfortunately, in that position, the woman’s asshole was applying excruciating pressure to the most sensitive part of the immense cock, and her struggles as she moved in the last throes of her ecstasy milked great gobs of come from the tip of his prick.

Finally Bob gave Jeanette a mighty shove in the small of the back. She hurtled forward onto all fours. Come leaked from her asshole. A trail of jism ran from the tip of Bob’s big prick to the carpet.

“Help! Help! Goddamn, get him off me!” Jake had Red’s collar in both hands, barely managing to keep the dog’s powerful jaws from closing on his face. The dog’s yellow teeth were inches from his eyes, and the animal’s saliva dripped into his beard.

For a moment Bob stood indecisively. Then he lunged forward and gripped the dog’s collar from behind, hauling the creature off his partner. Cursing, Jake leapt to his feet.

“What do you want me to do with him?” Bob asked. “There’s a poker by the fire. I could beat his fucking brains in.”

Wiping his face, Jake shook his head. “No, I like animals.”

Coe sat by the door, slumped over with defeat. There was stark terror in her eyes as he came in. She shrank back from the open door.

He glared down at her. “That’s right, missy. I’m going to deal with you, sure enough. Just wait’ll I get back.” Unmindful of his own nakedness, he went out, letting the screen door bang shut behind him.

Red was straining against Bob’s grip on his collar. Following Jake’s instructions, Bob picked up the big auto loading shotgun, holding it one handed. He backed up, dragging the dog with him, so that the muzzle covered Betsy, Jack, and the unbound Jeanette.

The older woman was lying on her side. Her naked body shook with sobs as the wild elation of her multiple climax flowed out of her along with the congealing jism that flowed from her cunt and asshole. She’d been raped while her children looked on — and she’d visibly, openly, and unashamedly enjoyed it! Humiliation mingled with a sudden desperate fear of what the future held for her and her offspring overwhelming her.

“Don’t move, anybody,” Bob said. Red was twisting his head now, trying to bite the redhead’s hand. The tall, lanky man had an unhappy expression on his face. He’d never killed anybody, and his features plainly said he hoped he didn’t have to start now.

The moments dragged on tensely. From outside came the sound of the Jeep’s door opening, something heavy and metallic being dragged out, and the door being slammed shut again. A clinking sound approached the back door.

Jake came through the screen. He held several feet of thick chain and an open padlock. “This here’s perfect,” he said. His hand darted out and snagged Coe’s auburn hair. She winced and cried out as he dragged her to her feet. “C’mon, cunt cakes. Time for you to take your medicine. Little girls oughtn’t sic mean dogs on a body.”

“Let me go!”

With the pain of her brutally pulled hair, some of Coe’s defiance had returned. She tried to wrench free, but all it bought her was more pain and a few strands of red-brown hair torn from her scalp. She gave up resisting and stood up, her bare tits thrust proudly forward. Her nipples were full and fat, the same color as her mother’s hair.

“What are you doing to my daughter?” Forcing herself to be calm, Jeanette asked the question sternly.

Jake ignored her. He marched the naked girl into the living room and flung her onto her back lengthwise, on the heavy coffee table. Coe yelped as her tailbone hit the hard oak, then put up a fight, scattering newspapers and magazines and smearing ink all over her pert ass. Jake snarled and slapped her viciously across the boobs. She gasped, fell back. Quickly, he ran the thick chain around her bound arms, wrapping her limbs together in the massive links, and then wound the chain around a leg of the butcher-block table. He threaded the padlock hasp through and shut it with a click of finality. Then he went into the kitchen.

Coe tried to sit up. She couldn’t get her upper body higher than a forty-five degree angle. She looked at her mother. Her defiant haughtiness was gone. In its place was fear. She’d crossed Jake, who’d shown that it didn’t take much to provoke him to savage reprisal. What would he do to a girl who’d set her dog on him?

Jeanette stared helplessly back at her daughter. There was nothing she could do. All her instincts told her to leap at Bob and try to overpower him, to wrest away the shotgun. She held herself in check. Bob didn’t look as if he wanted to shoot anyone, but he also didn’t look as if he knew bow to handle a shotgun — which meant that if so much as startled he’d probably let the thing off and shoot Jeanette — or, worse, one of her children. She sat helplessly, oddly thinking how lovely her daughter was. It had been a long time since she’d seen the girl nude.


She shut her mouth quickly, looking scared. She still hadn’t completely adjusted to the fact that these two outsiders were completely in control. Her house was no longer her castle.

The disconsolate family trooped obediently out the front door, past the screened porch onto the small lawn before the house. Overhead the sun had passed the zenith. It was bright and hot out in front of the ranch house.

Bob made Jack and Jeanette sit side by side against the wall of the house. “You heard what Jake said, Blondie,” he said. He stepped behind her to loose her bonds, then prodded her with the gun.

“My name’s Betsy,” the girl said sullenly. She lifted her pretty oval face and glared at him defiantly with clear blue eyes.

The effect would have been better if her limber adolescent’s body hadn’t been utterly nude. Her tits were high and firm and hadn’t begun to hang with the ripe roundness of womanhood as her sister’s bountiful boobs had.

Bob scowled. “You’re whatever Jake says you are. Now, get that hose over there and turn it on and wash out your sister’s pussy.”

Betsy glowered a moment longer. He made a peremptory movement of the gun.

Slowly, contemptuously, the naked girl turned and walked with unconscious grace to the faucet. She knelt as if unaware of her nakedness, picked up the heavy red rubber hose and turned on the water. The stream glittered like a rain of diamonds in the afternoon sun.

Her tits jiggled as she stood up and walked toward her sister. A spray of water hit Coe on the thigh. She snapped out of her haze.

“Hey, watch it,” she said, jerking back her bare leg. “That hose’s been lying out in the sun all day. That water’s hot!”

Betsy ignored her. Holding the hose so the stream struck Coe’s pussy on the gaping lips. Coe bit her lower lip. The stream was too strong to feel very good.

Abruptly Betsy stuck the nozzle of the spurting hose into her sister’s pussy. Coe’s eyes got wide.

“Oh, GHAAAAD!” she screamed. “GET IT OUT!”

She kicked out wildly with her legs, her ass scooting backwards on the grass. With her hands tied behind her, she couldn’t coordinate, and she fell flat on her back. Betsy grabbed her by the leg, jamming the brass nozzle even farther up her sister’s cunt.

“Coe! What’s the matter?” Jeannette cried.

The girl’s voice was shrill. “Ahhhhhhh!” she shrieked. “It’s hot! Get it out of my PUSSY!” The brass nozzle had been lying in the sunlight for hours. It was almost as hot as if it had been lying on a stove.

Colleen writhed on the grass as if live steam was being pumped into her pussy. She arched her back, rolling her lush ass as if trying to fuck herself on the gushing hose. Water burst in torrents from her cunt, cleansing the remnants of pussy-oil and canine come from the depths of her twat.

The flowing water at last began to cool the sun heated fitting jammed into her pussy. But the fining of her cunt was tender, like a scalded finger. Betsy worked the hard sharp-edged nozzle around in her sister’s pussy.

“Betsy,” Jeanette asked, eyes wide in horror. “What are you trying to do?”

Almost savagely, the blonde wrenched the nozzle from her sister’s pussy. Colleen fell back to the grass. She lay on her back, jugs heaving, eyes wide. It was as if the pain in her pussy was intensified by the knowledge it had been inflicted by her own beloved baby sister. Without speaking, Betsy stalked over and turned off the water. Then she slumped beside the faucet. She didn’t face her family or her captor.

“She had it coming,” she said in a small tight voice.

“Oh, Betsy!” Coe wailed. Heartbreak rang in her voice.

Jeanette shook her head. Her eyes were clouded with tears. Their predicament was bad enough. They should all be drawing together as a family, to give one another what strength and comfort they could in the face of nightmare. It was no time for them to be turning on one another like frightened rats, no matter what the misguided purity of their motives was.

“Betsy… Betsy, dear, you mustn’t talk that way. You have to realize what’s happening. We’re all under strain, sweetheart.” She almost laughed in hysteria. “We’re all under strain, sweetheart,” — how hopelessly inadequate those words were to describe the horror that had become their life.

Betsy shook her head convulsively. She drew her knees up in front of her tits and hugged them, pressing her pink nipples back into the snowy titflesh. “No!” she shouted. “You’re being animals! You’re enjoying what they’re doing to us. Owwwwww!” She started to bawl.

Coe and Jack exchanged glances. When Jake had been tongue-lashing their little sister’s still virgin pussy she’d sung a different tune. But it wasn’t hypocrisy that angered the girl. She was confused, and her siblings knew it.

The redhead fugitive was getting nervous. “Hey, you… Blondie,” he said. “Better get back over here with the others.”

Betsy’s shoulders shook with sobs. She made no attempt to rise.

Crack! As though from nowhere, a black snaky length of leather stretched out and stung the girl on her thigh. She jumped up with a howl, clutching at herself.

“Better do as you’re told, baby,” said a familiar voice, Jake stood by the corner of the house, his cock sticking out from his crotch like a flagpole. In his hand was a long black whip. He’d slipped out the back door and come, catlike, around the side of the ranch house.

Betsy rubbed the reddening spot on her thigh. Jake brought his wrist forward. The whip snaked along the pass, rustling. Its tip went between Betsy’s feet. Its head reared like a cobra.

“YIIIEEE!” Betsy squealed as it stung the delicate lips of her pussy.

Agony pulsed in her cuntlips. They seemed to be swelling to twice their normal size. Betsy moaned. She dropped to her knees, weak. The pain just wouldn’t stop!

She pressed her hands over the blonde-bushed bulge of her pussy, clutching her injured cunt. The whip lashed out again, parallel to the ground. It whined viciously through the air to curl with deceptive gentleness around Betsy’s cone-shaped tits. “AGGGHHH!” the blonde girl screeched as the braided leather tongue licked her tits.

Jake slashed Betsy across the boobs again. Her voice cracked as she screamed. The pain of the first blow across the boobs had made her nipples stand up, excitedly receptive to sensation. The sensation that flooded her tit caps was sheer torture.

Two glowing scarlet welts crossed the whiteness of Betsy’s tits. The pain that throbbed in her jugs was unbearable. She tore her hands from her pussy to cross her arms over her tits. Laughing, Jake swung the whip again. It cut like a knife at her vulnerable asscheeks.

“YAHHHHHH!” Betsy fell forward on her face. She squirmed agonizedly on the grass — pussy, tits and ass alive with pain.

Jake stood above her, gloating. Turning, he surveyed the rest of her family. Coe lay huddled on her side, staring in shock and sorrow at what was happening to her sister. The fact that her sister had a few moments before been sticking a painfully-hot brass nozzle into her cunt seemed to make no difference. A little ways away, Jack and Jeanette sat side by side, stunned into silence by the suddenness and ferocity of the whipping Jake had dealt Betsy.

A lascivious grin tugged up one corner of the man’s bearded mouth. “Well, look at that,” he sneered. “Lover boy’s got a hard-on!”

Jack blushed. Coe and his mother looked at him. His prick was standing straight up from his lap like a hairy telephone pole.

It shouldn’t have surprised anyone — least of all him. He was surrounded by an extraordinary amount of beautiful, naked female flesh. His libido couldn’t have been expected that since all that nude femininity was related to him, it shouldn’t respond in the obvious way. So his prick was engorged with a raging lust he was trying desperately to control.

“Well,” Jake said, “there’s no point in wasting a lovely hard-on like that, is there? Why don’t you roll on over and stick it into your loving mom?”

Jack gasped. Jeanette licked her lips, which had suddenly gone dry. Was that a tingle of desire — of incestuous craving for her own son’s lovely giant, rigid cock — stirring deep inside her pussy?

The black whip rose and fell. “Yuuuuhhhhh!” Betsy cried as it slashed her butt. She drummed her legs helplessly upon the lawn as new pain coursed through her ass.

“I told you to do something, boy, and you didn’t do it.” Jake frowned wearily. “You disappoint me. Here I’ve spent practically all day showing your family what’s what, and you still haven’t caught on. So let me try to make it clear to you again.” He took a step back and raised the whip high over his head. He swung it in a great whistling arc. Then he hurled it forward, snapping his hand back abruptly.

The knotted-leather thong at the end cracked precisely on the lips of Betsy’s cunt.

Fiery pain lanced into her pussy. “YAAAIIIEEE!” she rolled onto her back, her legs flailing. Crushed grass had stained her face and whip marked tits with green.

Jack looked at Jake a moment more, eyes wide with disbelief. Then he rolled to his side and, propping himself on one elbow, hoisted himself above his mother. Jeanette, sitting with her shoulders against the stuccoed wall of the house, gazed into her son’s face with level green eyes. He wouldn’t meet her gaze. She exhaled abruptly and parted her legs.

Slowly, Jack leaned forward onto her. He over-balanced and fell forward so that his chin fell onto his mother’s shoulder. He wriggled his hips forward, trying to regain some sort of balance. Both of them sighed as one as the tip of his cock sank into the moist bearded entrance of her pussy.

Jeanette was not surprised to find her pussy wet and eager. Nor was she particularly concerned. Her son’s cockhead was big and rubbery between her pussy-lips. She felt his pulse racing, transmitting the guilty horniness he felt through his staff of meaty prick and into her waiting cunt.

“All right, big boy,” she said huskily, with deliberate coarseness. “Show your momma what, you can do!” Suddenly she thrust her hips forward.

“Ahhhhh…” Jack moaned as his mother’s cunt enveloped his throbbing cock.

Jeanette wagged her hips forward, sucking Jack’s cock into her pussy with rhythmic tightening of her cunt-tunnel. She felt the rough wall scrape skin from her bare shoulders. She paid no attention to the discomfort. Her son’s cock was hard and big and sheer heaven as it stretched the walls of her cunt to fit its girth.

The tightness of his mother’s cunt astonished Jack. Slipping into the oily paradise of Jeanette’s pussy had been easy for his cock, huge as it was. But now that it was there, his mother’s cunt fit around the thick prick with a snugness that took his breath away. He’d fucked his cock into virgin pussies that were no tighter than this.

Jeanette shook her head, feeling her son’s hair against her cheek. It was probably hard for the boy to understand. But she had been just barely sixteen when she’d married John Mason, Jack’s father, and Betsy’s age when she’d borne the twins. So there was not as much of a gap between her age and Jack’s as was common between parent and child. And her eighteen-year-old son was a hell of a handsome young stud.

Of course, there was the fact that what she was doing violated some of her most ingrained taboos. But she’d have to live with that. Right now, all that really mattered was that her son’s cock was the nicest thing she’d had inside her pussy in over two long years.

She bit her lip. Jack was shuddering against her like a small frightened child. She could feel the ecstasy building in the pulsing length of his prick. He was enjoying just having his prick buried in his mother’s dripping cunt. But he felt it was wrong. He was embarrassed.

She decided to make it easy on him. No — there was more than that — if she was going to be forced to let her own son fuck her, she was at least going to get a real down-home-fucking! With something like a smile she started rippling the muscles of her pussy along the bar of Jack’s big prick.

“Oh!” He shook his head as if in disbelief. His mother’s cunt played with his prick like strong agile fingers. Not even his twin sister’s cunt had teased his prick to such pounding delight. He scrunched his knees forward until they were on the ground to either side of his mother’s shapely ass. Her legs were drawn up around him, and the fronts of his thighs pressed the backs of hers.

He rocked his hips back experimentally. His prick slid easily out of his mother’s cunt. Her slippery pussy-lips clung lovingly to the shaft of his prick as it withdrew.

“Ooooooh, honey,” Jeanette crooned in his ear, “you sure know how to do it!”

He sure did. And he was too horny by now not to want to try to give this lovely wanton woman the fucking of her life — even if she was his mother. With all the power in his spring-like thighs, he hammered his cock back into that, brimming cunt so hard, his balls slapped against her asshole.

Cunt-honey misted in a fine spray from Jeanette’s pussy as Jack’s cock plunged home. “Yes!” she shouted, and she ground her cunt into his crotch. Her pussy fervently clutched the boy’s cock. He grunted at the exquisite pressure of her skilled pussy on his prick, but he wasn’t deterred. He bent his legs again, sucking his cock from Jeanette’s cunt with agonizing slowness.

After a delightful eternity of cockmeat slipping through clinging cunt, just the reddish-purple head of Jack’s cock remained inside his mother’s cunt. The elastic ring of her pussy gripped the big cock firmly. He poised there a moment and savored the urgent tension of Jeanette’s cunt on his prick. He felt tremors in the magnificent legs that flanked him. A ripe fruit of tit hung against his chest, and the nipple drilled into his skin.

Jeanette threw her head back, thumping it against the wall, just as her daughter had bumped her head on the tree, as Jack fucked her pussy with his fabulous cock.

“God, I can’t stand it any more!” she screamed. “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

His cock rocketed back into her cunt with a juicy slurp that ended with the smack of his cunt juice soaked crotch against hers. The lips of her pussy kissed the base of his prick as he round the cock ferociously into her pussy. Then he yanked his prick out again. The suction in Jeanette’s pussy made her almost queasy with erotic joy.

Hot cuntjuice dripped from Jack’s stiff cock. He fucked it home again. Jeanette’s pussy fit itself to the stabbing cock like a glove of hot, oily, living flesh. They both moaned in delight.

To and fro he worked his hips. Braced with his chin on his mother’s shoulder and his forehead touching the wall, Jack could use his powerful back, stomach and thigh muscles to piston his prick in and out of Jeanette’s cunt with a force beyond both their imaginings. His cock was almost as much a blur, delving in and out of Colleen’s pussy. Joined together more intimately than they had been since the young man’s birth, mother and son fucked each other with a rising and unholy passion.

Jeanette felt lust and pleasure well up inside her body until if seemed the delicious rushing sensation would swamp her brain. She rubbed her cheek mindlessly against her son’s head, muttering wordless sounds of love and lust. Her bare feet were flat on the grassy pound, to give her legs leverage to return her son’s incestuous fucking stroke for stroke. Her pussy corkscrewed around the boy’s thrusting cock, squeezing and sucking and teasing and tempting the stabbing shaft of prick until sweat poured down his face.

“Oh, Momma!” he gasped. “Can’t… hold it… much… longer!” With a convulsive sidewise heave of his hips, he fucked his cock to the hilt in the quagmire of his mother’s cunt.

Jeanette yelped as Jack’s side-motion twisted his cock fantastically inside her pussy. “It’s all right!” she gasped. “Come in me, Jack. Fill my pussy with your jism!”

Jack’s cock slid from her cunt, then fucked violently back in again. It had withdrawn halfway when Jack cried out hoarsely. She felt his cock swell and suddenly clench like a fist.

“Ohhhhhh!” she gasped as hot come flooded her pussy.

Her son fucked his fountaining cock back into her pussy, and then she gave herself up to her own overpowering orgasm.


“Ah… oh, God, yessss!” Jeanette rolled her hips to get the full benefit of the spewing cock imbedded in her cunt.

Her son’s body rocked from side to side as her pussy milked a rapid-fire stream of come from the hole in the tip of his cock. The woman’s body seemed charged with erotic electricity. Pleasure danced in brilliant flashes behind Jack’s eyes, and his body shook with the intensity of his incestuous orgasm.

Jeanette’s pussy kept sucking hungrily at his cock. It was as if the woman’s cunt could taste the jism her son’s prick was pouring into it. Jeanette moaned in unrelenting ecstasy as she fucked her brimming cunt on Jack’s prick.

She felt the last remnants of the come stored in his balls explode into her cunt. Jack’s prick kept pulsating with climax. Orgasm after orgasm ran through his mother’s pussy, but the waves of ecstasy rippling through the cuntwalls surrounding his cock wouldn’t stop.

Finally their shared passion began to ease. Jack let the breath flow out of his body with the last sweet tension of climax. Jeanette nuzzled the side of his head.

“That was beautiful, darling,” she said.

For a moment Jack lay still except for his labored breathing. Then he shook his head. “I’m sorry,” he said.

“Why be sorry?” Jeanette asked. “I told you… I loved it.”

His shrinking cock was pulled from her cunt. Her pussy-lips still adhered to the shaft of his cock, letting it go with reluctance, until at last his blunted prickhead came free and uncorked a stream of come and cuntjuice. He sat up. His mother looked at him, but he still wouldn’t meet her eyes.

“That was nice,” Jake commented, standing to one side with his arms crossed. He still held the whip. “But what can you do for an encore?”

On his knees on the grass before his mother’s gaping, jism-drooling pussy, Jack stared at him, not understanding.

“I hope you can get it up again real soon, because I feel horny right about now, and I want to stick this long old cock of mine in your twin sister’s snatch. But I want something to watch while I fuck the little lady. So what’s going to happen is: Bob’s going to tie Blondie to that old-fashioned style porch swing, and then you’re going to fuck her cross-eyed.”

Jack said nothing. He dropped his eyes to his cock, and that said it all. His mighty prick slimed with shiny cunt-oil and of jism, hung between his legs like a length of sun warmed hose. His cock had just spent itself in a cataclysmic orgasm in his own mother’s cunt. Even a virile young super stud like Jack could scarcely be expected to get it up again so soon after a mind-blowing fuck like that.

Jake shrugged. He uncrossed his arms. The whip rustled evilly in the grass. “I’ve told you what you’re supposed to do. You don’t do like I told you, I guess your hot-boxed little twin is going to have to pay. I bet if I worked at it real hard I could strip the skin right off that tasty ass of hers with this here whip. What do you say, boy?”

Slowly, Jack got to his feet. His eyes flicked to Betsy. The young blonde had recovered her composure and was sitting upright, watching with bright blue eyes. The marks of her recent whipping still glowed on her tits. There was a pink welt on her belly, angling upwards from her cunt-thatch, showing where the lash had landed when Jake had struck at her vulnerable pussy with his whip. The tip of his tongue peeked from, one corner of her mouth. Her eyes flicked down to the limp snake of her brother’s cock, then back up to meet his eyes. Her expression was unreadable.

Bob walked over and hauled Betsy to her feet by one arm. Her cornflower-blue eyes never left her brother’s face.

“What am I supposed to tie her to the chair with?” Bob asked. “I don’t think there’s enough rope to do the job right.”

“Use the hose.” Jake stood near Coe, idly flicking the whip at dandelions on the ground by the near the girl. The auburn-haired young beauty was sitting up now, too. There was a haunted look in her eyes.

Bob unfastened the red hose from the outlet, coiled it around his arm, then marched Betsy up to the front porch of the ranch house. The swing was a white-painted bench, hung by chains from the porch ceiling. Bob stood a moment, studying the situation. His stubby cock stuck up at a forty-five degree angle from his hairy crotch.

At last he untied the blonde girl’s wrists. He held lightly to one arm while she massaged her wrists, trying to restore circulation. Then he set her on the swing. He put her arms down behind the seat-back and bound them in place with the hose. Then he pulled up her slim shapely right leg, looped the hose around the ankle, ran the hose back and wound it around the swing bottom. Next he crossed it under the bottom of the swing, brought in up and tied it around the girl’s other ankle. He drew the free end back and tied it tight.

The naked young blonde was bound securely to the gently rocking swing, her feet on the seat to either side of her bare ass, exposing the dainty pink blossom of her pussy to the mountain air. She gnawed uneasily at her lower lip.

Jake brought the whip slithering around. It coiled around Coe’s ass, flattened on the ground. She jumped and yipped in surprise, but the touch of the leather had been soft. She knew that that could change the next time the whip touched her.

“Okay, boy,” Jake said, “get to it.”

Jack scowled at him. Inside he seethed with hatred — for Jake, the grinning, bearded sadist who’d turned Jack’s life and the lives of his mother and sisters into a carnival of horrors and pain; for Bob, not cruel himself but too weak to standup to his partner, and willing enough to enjoy the perverse amusements Jake thought up; but most of all for himself.

I’m the man of the house, he told himself. And what good have I done?

He’d waited too long. The whip jerked back and swung through the air to snap at the tip of Colleen’s left tit.

“Aiiiiiiii!” she shrieked as excruciating pain blazed in her tit. She fell to her side and rolled onto her belly to shield her tits from the lash, kicking her luscious legs at the pain in her boob.

“You bastard!” Jack said.

Jake raised the whip, his face clouding with rage. Hurriedly Jack turned and walked onto the porch. His cock swung lifelessly between his thighs.

Betsy looked up at him as he came to stand before her. Tears shone in her eyes. “Jack,” she said, and had to swallow, “I… I’d suck on your cock, but… but I can’t! I just can’t do it! Oh, Coe, I’m sorry!” She burst into tears.

Jack looked over his shoulder. “For God’s sake, at least untie my arms,” he said.

Jake paused. Then he shrugged. “What the hell. Do it, Bob. But I’m warning you, Son. Don’t try nothing.”

He brought the whip whistling, around his head in a whining circle and slashed at Coe’s naked butt. Her body jerked at the impact. She screamed at the torment flooding her ass.

Bob undid the rope around Jack’s wrists. Bob watched him warily. Ignoring the redheaded man, Jack rubbed his wrists until the pins-and-needles prickling of blood returning to his hands had eased and he could work his fingers properly again. Then he dropped to his knees in front of his sister.

“Okay, Sis,” he said, “just sit back and rein.” He put his thumbs on either side of her still-virgin pussy silt, drew the fragile cunt flaps apart, and kissed her open snatch.

Betsy’s body rocked as violently as Coe’s had when the whip had landed on her ass as Jack’s lips touched the insides of her cuntlips.

Jake gave a snort of laughter. Coe lay flat on her belly, crying at the enduring agony in her ass and whipped boob. The bearded man’s immense cock was achingly erect now. He went to his knees and swung one leg over the naked, prostrate form. Laying the whip handle down where it would be close to his hand, he put his hands on the ground to either side of the girl’s quivering shoulders, straightening his legs, and lowered himself onto the naked teenager as if doing a push-up.

Coe stiffened as Jake’s cockhead prodded between the cheeks of her ass. Jake held himself up with one hand as he used the other to guide his prick down, so that his cockhead slid down the delicate skin between her asshole and cunt and made its way into the warm embrace of her cuntmouth. He let his wiry body down, using his hand to feed his long skinny prick into his captive’s cunt.

Coe was puzzled. Normally if a boy wanted to fuck her from behind, she had to be on all fours like a dog — she shuddered at the idea. But Jake was sticking his prick into her pussy and she was flat on her belly.

Then it hit her, Jake’s cock was longer than any other prick that had ever invaded her moist-walled cunt.

As Jake shoved inch after inch of throbbing prick into Colleen’s snatch from behind, Jack Mason was already losing himself in the pink paradise of his younger sister’s pussy. Betsy’s cunt had a fresh, clean taste to it, unlike any he’d ever encountered. He worked at her cunt gently but briskly with his skilled mouth, lapping up her gaping cunt-gash, sucking her frilly pussy-lips into his mouth to flay them with his teeth. Then, rubbing the girl’s clit with his thumb, he thrust his tongue deep into her pussy.

Instinctively, the walls of Betsy’s cunt closed on Jack’s probing tongue. “Unhhhh,” she moaned.

Her ass shifted a little on the seat. “That’s nice. Nice Jack, keep it up!”

He could taste the freely flowing juices of her cunt. Pussy-oil spilled from her cunt and ran down his chin. He moved his tongue around inside Betsy’s cunt, stretching it like a miniature cock. “Ohhhhh,” she purred, head lolling to one side.

“Oh, I like it! Keep it up!”

Jake pushed the last inch of his prick into the warmth and snugness of Coe’s cunt. His body was still angled upward from the waist. He locked down now to see with pleasure the way Coe’s pink asscheeks framed the base of his cock. He could feel the head of his prick pulsing deep inside her pussy.

“That’s all good and well, Son,” he called out to Bob, “but don’t forget about the main event. Or your twin here’ll regret it.” He grunted as sudden fear clenched Coe’s pussy around his cock.

Jack froze with his tongue still deep within his little sister’s pussy. Betsy had lost herself in a delirium of delight, lolling against her bonds and soaking up the pleasure of her brother’s tongue exploring her pussy. Her ass was moving, swirling her cunt around Jack’s stiffened tongue. She barely noticed, when he paused in his cunt-lapping.

But Jack was shaken. He’d meant to try to get turned on again despite his sexual exhaustion by devouring the sweet meat of Betsy’s pussy. He’d gotten so wrapped up in eating the girl’s cunt that he’d forgotten what he was supposed to be doing — and what was at stake. If he didn’t perform as Jake demanded, his other sister would suffer.

He glanced down at his prick. His big cock was as full and hard as he’d ever seen it. With a sigh of relief mixed with sheer horniness he hoisted himself to his knees.

Betsy opened her eyes, then closed them again in mixed apprehension and delight as her wide-open pussy-lips kissed the tip of her brother’s prick. A fat drop of pussy-oil oozed from her cunt and rolled coolly down the underside of Jack’s cock. He moaned with pleasure and began to thrust his great prick into her waiting cunt.

His cock went an inch into Betsy’s cunt and stopped. “Oh!” the girl said as a small pain twinged her pussy.

Jack was horrified. His sister still had her. He knew she’d been used sexually by the two fugitives when he’d attempted to rescue his sisters from them. He’d just sort of assumed that if she still had her cherry intact when they’d gotten hold of her, she didn’t any more. Immediately his prick began to droop. To shove his raging cock to the balls in his other sister’s hot wet curd was one thing. He knew, instinctively if not in fact, that he was far from the first male whose prick she’d welcomed into the warm crevice of her cunt. But to pop his own sister’s cherry…

Lying on top of the prone Colleen, his cock thrust once more to its base in her tight pussy, Jake looked up and saw Jack’s hesitation. He reached out an arm.

Coe made a small sound of protest. Her arms were tied behind her back and he was lying on top of them in an awkward, uncomfortable position. Despite her hatred for the man, her cunt had begun to respond of its own accord to the invasion of that monstrously long prick. Already the length of Jake’s cock was shiny with the honeyed oils of Coe’s pussy. Now, with that rigid prick pushed all the way inside her cunt, his sideways motion torqued the stiff cock in her pussy. The sensation was so incredibly good that it almost hurt.

Then Jake slashed at the side of her ass with the end of the black bullwhip.

“Aiiii!” Coe yelped.

Jack heard her cry and the slap of leather on naked girl-flesh. He didn’t need to turn. He knew what had happened. He looked down at his sister. Her eyes were wide. They had turned a strange aquamarine color with whatever emotion she was feeling, tied to the porch swing with an inch of her brother’s cock buried in her pussy.

He took a deep breath and rammed his hips forward. Betsy started to scream as the iron-hard cockhead burst her cherry. It turned into an animal moan of pleasure as her pussy was expanded by the rapid entry of Jack’s cock.

The youth wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. He knew her ruptured cherry still hurt, so he did no more than hug her for several breaths. Her pussy was exquisitely snug around his massive cock. He kissed her cheek, his heartbeat starting to race out of control. Fumblingly, she turned her face to his. His tongue played across her lips. They parted. His tongue stole into her mouth, sampled her sweet saliva and teased her tongue into a wrestling match.

The twining of their tongues turned abruptly violent as the passion building in Jack’s cunt buried prick passed the boiling point. Without warning, hardly aware he was even doing it, he ripped his cock from her pussy and rammed it back in again. She screamed around a mouthful of tongue, her eyes round. Unconscious of her reaction, he stroked his cock powerfully to and ho again. She started to writhe in his grip, making urgent sounds that his ever-active tongue muffled in her mouth.

The first brief pain of having her cherry broken had been overwhelmed by the delicious fullness her brother’s cock had given her pussy. She could have sat there all afternoon, unmindful of the discomfort of her bonds or the way her legs were drawn so far up, just grooving on the feel of that prick in and out of her pussy, the pain was beginning again.

And in his lustful frenzy, Jack interpreted her sounds and squirms of pain as wild delight.

Coe was making some squirms and sounds of her own. Despite the new stinging that pulsed counterpoint to the ache in her ass and left tit, left by. Jake’s cruel whip, she was so horny she could barely stand it. Jake’s cock felt superb inside her cunt, and the way he spiraled his hips when he fucked in and out of her slobbering cunt drove her simply out of her mind. The little pains his whip had left her did no more than add a wicked, delicious edge to the pleasure of that pistoning prick. At another time Coe might have wondered how pain, especially in her sensitive ass and tits, could help turn her on. But then, she might wonder how she could get turned on while being raped — and here she was, doing it!

She’d never been fucked this way before. She’d made love on the grass before, but always lying on her back. She’d never been fucked while flat on her belly. Her weight combined with Jake’s crushed her ample boobs against the earth; his motion rubbed her lust-taut nipples around on the grass, thrilled her in ways she’d never known before. She wriggled like a snake beneath the bearded man, jerking her shapely ass from side to side so that her cunt could glean every possible bit of stimulation from the huge hard-driven cock.

Off to one side, all but forgotten, Bob stood next to Jeanette.

The older woman sat watching her offspring with big eyes. The stiffness of her nipples seemed to say that she, too, was feeling some of the erotic excitement that so obviously possessed her three children.

Panting with horniness, Bob sidled up to her, cupped her chin in his hands, and stuck his cock into her mouth. Her lips accepted the wide prickhead without her ever looking away from the lewd and lurid spectacle before her. She began to suck on the hard cock like a child nursing.

At some point, young and innocent Betsy Mason had passed the point of agony and was in a frenzy of pleasure as her brother’s big cock reamed out her pussy. “D-d-d-do it, Jack!” she stuttered to the tempo of his fucking. “I think I-I-I… I’m… I about to… COMMMME!”

She did. Her pussy contracted around her brother’s stabbing prick with all the force her well exercised adolescent’s body was capable of.

“God!” Jack shouted. His arms hugged her to him, squashing her conical tits against his chest as he drove his cock furiously into her climaxing cunt. No sooner was his crotch grinding against the girl’s pussy than his prick began to shudder and spit gobs and gobs of come.

Betsy screamed with delirious joy. Her brother’s prick felt fantastic, and the sensation of his come pulsing into her pussy was like nothing she’d ever imagined. She was in heaven. Even the unwilling delight she’d kit when Jake had eaten her pussy and made her come was nothing like this.

Jack screwed his cock around and around inside her spasming pussy. His prick fired jism until the white creamy come filled the passage of Betsy’s cunt and lathered her pussy-lips like foam. Their mouths locked together and their tongues met as their souls flowed into each other in an impassioned unity of orgasm.

Colleen screamed as Jake’s cock filled her pussy with come. It took several spurts of boiling come to set it off, but when her orgasm hit her she thought she’d dig a hole in the soft turf with her uncontrollable thrashing.

Bob’s prick throbbed. To her surprise, Jeanette found that her mouth was filled with come. “Mmmmmm!” she said. She turned to devote her full attention to sucking the delicious jism from the tip of Bob’s huge quivering prick.

Once more Jack started fucking his cock frantically in and out of his sister’s cunt. His prick spewed jism as if he hadn’t gotten his rocks off in days, instead of just a few minutes before. Betsy chanted a litany of ecstasy as he pumped his come into her already overflowing pussy. Orgasm gripped her again and again as if it would never let her go.

Then her pussy was squeezing emptiness in the last throes of her passion. Jack had torn free from her pussy. His big prick rubbed up and down, still spitting jism, as he ran full-tilt for the family Jeep, parked around the corner of the house with. Jeanette’s keys still in the ignition.


Jake, his cock buried full-length in Coe’s climaxing pussy, was shocked into immobility. “Goddamn it!” he screamed, his thin body shaking as Coe’s cunt jerked spasmodically at his prick. “Come back here!”

Jack disappeared around the corner of the ranch house at a run. Bob was holding Jeanette’s head with both hands now, uncontrollably pumping his jism into her greedy mouth. The auburn haired older woman drank his come avidly. She loved the taste of jism — and it was keeping the redheaded man distracted.

Betsy sat on the still-rocking swing. A trail other brother’s come ran from her cunt onto the wooden seat. Her lovely fragile cuntlips were still pulsing slightly with her own orgasm. Her eyes were wide and frightened.

It was as if Jake’s nine-inch cock were caught in a vise. Coe’s pussy clung to the big come-spewing prick as if it would never let go. He pushed himself up off the naked, writhing form of the girl. She moaned in a delirium of delight as his cock withdrew from her still-climaxing pussy.

Finally a new surge of orgasm in Coe’s cunt squirted Jake’s cock free of her chestnut-haired cunt. The cock throbbed and spat a few final droplets of jism onto Coe’s upturned buttcheeks. She gasped as the salty jizz stung a welt left by the long black whip.

The door of the Jeep slammed and the engine roared to life. Scrambling on the grass. Jake lunged for the shotgun. At last becoming aware that something was wrongs Bob yanked his prick free of Jeanette’s mouth, spraying come all over face. He tried to go for the weapon, too, but she threw her elegant nude body against his hairy legs and brought him down in a heap.

Tires spinning, casting a wave of loose gravel, the Jeep screeched out from around the house and started down the dirt road for the tall pines, cleared back for fifty yards from the house.

The shotgun boomed. Jeanette screamed. The rear window of the Jeep turned milky and then fell out. Jack, unscathed, kept driving. The Jeep hurtled onward, picking up speed.

Jack hunched down to keep the metal body of the Jeep between him and the buckshot. Jake dropped the muzzle and fired again just as the vehicle reached the woods.

He scored a hit on the gas tank. There was a flicker of orange flame. The vehicle slid slightly sideways. Then an immense fire-blossom enveloped it with a boom.

“Jack!” Jeanette shrieked. “Oh God, no!”

In an instant she was disentangled from the dazed Bob and racing toward the flaming wreck. Jake tossed the shotgun to the ground, scooped up the whip, and swung his arm. The lash drew a fiery red line across the backs of the running woman’s thighs. She screamed, stumbled and fell headlong, sliding painfully across the grass on her naked tits.

Coe and Betsy were screaming and crying. Bob stood with his drooping prick leaking come, staring open-mouthed at the burning Jeep. “I don’t think you should have done that, Jake,” he kept saying. “I really don’t.”

Jake turned on him, eyes mad with rage. “Shut the fuck up!” he screamed. “What else could I do? The little fucker was trying to get away! He would’ve got the law on us!” He glared around at the crying naked females. “Get that blonde-haired slut with the drippy snatch down here with the others. I’m gonna teach ’em a lesson they’ll never forget!”

Neither Jake nor Bob were experienced enough in the woods to realize the danger that the flames consuming the Jeep might spread to the surrounding trees. Fortunately, the stately pines were cut well back from the roadway, and the fire, though intensely hot, burned itself out in a few minutes. Casting nervous glances in the direction of the dying flames, Bob unfastened Betsy from the porch swing and carried her, kicking and screaming, down to join her mother and sister in a small nude clump in the center of the yard.

Jeanette was the first to gain control of herself. She stared hard at Jake. Her eyes were red but dry. “You filthy, murdering bastards!” she said. “You’ll pay for this. I don’t know how, but I’ll make you pay!”

Jake started to scream at her, turned it into a laugh, and moved his whip-hand fast. Jeanette shrieked as the leather lash popped on her right nipple. She fell back against Colleen. Her nipple seemed to be swelling, filling up with the fiercest agony she’d ever known.

“You’ve given me a hard time,” Jake said, and he giggled. “Now I’ll show you what happens to people who do that to old Jake. You’re gonna pay, lady. You and your fancy-assed daughters are gonna pay like this… this!”

The whip struck out again. Betsy screamed as it welted the side of one pointy naked tit. She huddled closer to her sister and her mother, rocking to and fro with the pain that blazed in her tit.

Once more the lash sang its whip song. It was Coe’s turn to feel its bite, right on her downy cunt. She threw herself onto her back, wailing. Jake slashed at her exposed pussy with such force that the girl thought her pussy-lips would be torn off.

Jake went wild, swinging the whip at random into the struggling, shrieking pile of naked bodies. The three women writhed in the throes of desperate agony as the merciless lash drew thin red stripes on their bodies. The whip ceaselessly sought the swelling of an asscheek, a fine ripe jug, the tender pink gash of a pussy-stinging like a scorpion wherever it landed.

Frantic with pain, one or the other of his victims would try to crawl off, only to find the whip-blows raining savagely on her ass until she collapsed to the ground and was whipped back into the press of warm girl-flesh. All grief for Jack was forgotten; the three even forgot their loving concern for one another, squirming to get someone else’s tender naked flesh between them and the cutting, cruel whip. Nipples stood out, humming with, agony, from puffy whip-reddened jugs. Asses were crisscrossed into a pink plaid of pain by the lash. As Jeanette lay kicking and howling atop her nude daughters, the whip scored a hit on her cunt and then almost immediately fucked her asshole. It was like being touched with a hot iron.

The older woman burrowed herself under Coe, bringing the older girl to the top. A singing whip stroke cut deep into the softness of her right tit.

“Yeeeuuuuhhh!” she screamed.

The whip whistled by and landed right along the humid crevice between the cheeks of Betsy’s well beaten ass.

Not all blows hit their targets. Coe’s belly was streaked with a network of welts from whip-cuts that had missed her tits or cunt. A long angry welt slanted down Betsy’s cheek. Jeanette’s exquisite legs looked as if someone had been drawing hash marks on them with lipstick.

At last Jake tired. He let his arm droop, and he stood, panting. Sweat stood out on his face and body. His cock stood up like a flagpole once more.

There was nothing in the world that turned him on so much as torturing lovely naked women. Now he had three of them groveling and whining in agony before him on the ground.

“All right,” he puffed, “you cunts want the whipping to stop?” For emphasis he slashed Jeanette across the asscheeks, tearing a squeal from her. “Do you?”

“Yes! Yes! Oh, don’t do it any more!” All three clamored at once. They had no pride, no shame. All that mattered was that the hideous onslaught against the tenderest parts of their luscious bodies should stop.

“All right,” he shouted, “then eat each other! A three-way pussy-lap… and make it good, or I’ll really make you wish you’d never been born!”

A three-way pussy-lap — he was suggesting that they eat each other’s cunts. That wasn’t just incest — that was lesbianism! Coe spoke for all when she screamed, “No! I won’t!”

She should have known better. The whip-crack felt as if it had laid her left tit open. She howled and fell back, trying to roll onto her belly and shield her abused boobs. The whips slashed viciously at her ass. Betsy screamed in her ear as the whip landed on her tits, too.

“All right!” Coe wailed.

The whip came down, drew a shriek from Jeanette, and then Coe felt her asshole explode into incandescent agony. She inhaled sobbingly, too tortured even to scream. There was only one way to stop this awful anguish.

She wiggled forward, on her belly like a snake. Betsy lay on her side, gasping with pain. Her scrumptious adolescent tits wre cherry-red from the whip. Coe flopped onto her side and laid her cheek on Betsy’s thigh. Betsy lifted her other leg. Coe slid her face forward, to her surprise enjoying the satiny smoothness of her baby sister’s thigh. The smell of Betsy’s cunt was rank, sharpened by the acrid tang of Jack’s come. At the thought of Jack, fresh tears welled up in Colleen’s eyes, but she shut them tightly and pressed her lips into the waiting slippery wetness of her sister’s cunt.

“Ooooooh!” Betsy gasped as Coe kissed her pussy.

The touch of her sister’s mouth on her cunt wasn’t just as good as that of Jake’s or he brother’s — it was better! Perhaps the fact that Coe was a woman, too, and one who knew what it felt like to have her cunt well-devoured, meant that she knew better how to pleasure another’s pussy with her lips and tongue. Or maybe it was the very forbiddenness of incestuous lesbianism that turned the blonde girl on. Whatever the reason, as Coe began to lick her swamped cunt, she felt the pain that enveloped her body being rapidly replaced by desire.

Jeanette lay on her belly. Her ass was as red as her younger daughter’s tits. Coe’s tongue flicked the tip of Betsy’s swollen clit. The blonde inhaled sharply as hot delight sizzled up her pussy tunnel. A vast warm love for her mother overpowered her. She hitched her body forward along the ground till her cheek was pressed against the pink-glowing cheek of Jeanette’s ass. Then she began to lave her mother’s whipped butt with her tongue.

Jeanette sighed. Her daughter’s tongue felt so good in her abused ass — so moist and soft and soothing. But there was more than that. As Betsy’s tongue roved over the once-white flesh of Jeanette’s ass, leaving a shiny saliva-trail as it went, she too felt forbidden passion begin to grow in her pussy.

The smell of her mother’s sun-warmed flesh blended with the smell of cunt in Betsy’s nostrils. She put her face hesitantly to the crack between the cheeks of her mother’s ass.

Do I dare to do it? she asked herself, imagining the oily, rubbery feel of her mother’s pussy-lips in her mouth. The smell of cunt was already all but overpowering. Did she want to stick her face into the midst of that reeking cunt?

She would rather have done anything than feel the bite of Jake’s whip again, she knew. And Coe’s tongue was licking steadily and with increasing passion at her own freely flowing pussy-slit. She pressed her face between the ripe folds of Jeanette’s ass. Her tongue flicked out, touched the rumpled skin between asshole and pussy. It explored, feeling the rough curly hair of her mother’s pussy. The cunthair was soaked in pussy-oil.

The first taste of cunt made the girl’s tongue recoil.

Coe fastened her lips on Betsy’s clit and sucked. “Uhhhhh!” Betsy moaned, and she stuck her tongue into her mother’s waiting cunt.

Jeanette sighed as her daughter’s tongue entered her pussy. She felt her cunt juice beginning to flow to meet the lovely girl’s tongue. She felt a stab of remorse. She’d meant to hold back, not give her captors — the murderers of her son — the satisfaction of seeing her become aroused. But she couldn’t help it. Inexpert and hesitant as the blonde adolescent was, her tongue was sheer delight in her mother’s pussy.

Jeanette pressed her own face forward. Coe’s legs parted easily to allow her mother’s head to slip between. When Jeanette brushed the girl’s pussyslit reluctantly with her lips, a stream of hot cunt oil gushed out to spill into her mouth.

Coe was getting turned on devouring her baby sister’s cunt. At the same time, that same baby sister was burrowing her face further between the cheeks of her mother’s ass and fucking her tongue into the depths of the very cunt that had given her birth.

Jeanette felt horniness growing in her like a tide. She extended her tongue stiffly, to touch the tiny pink button of Coe’s clit, protruding slightly from the pink V of flesh at the upper edge of her cunt slash. Coe’s magnificent body tensed when her mother’s tongue came in contact with her clit. It was like having pure pleasure flow through her pussy.

She shivered with delight. After a few stomach turning moments of nausea at the strength and concentration of the smell and taste of her sister’s cunt, Coe had begun to realize that Betsy’s pussy didn’t taste so bad, after all. And the pliant pussylips beneath her stroking tongue didn’t feel as slimy and loathsome as she’d expected. In fact, her baby sister had a lovely cunt. In fact, she wanted nothing more than to eat that cunt till Betsy screamed.

Perhaps it was just the threat of pain which Jake held over them that made them fall so rapidly into a single-minded orgy of cunt-eating. Or maybe each of the three naked lovely women had deep down inside a repressed hunger for carnal games with another of her same sex. Or maybe it was the intense and overpowering love the three felt for one another, deepened by the raw tragedy of Jack’s death, that made them dig into each other’s sopping cunts as if eating pussy was their sole joy in life.

More than likely, it was a combination of all three things. But whatever reason, in a matter of seconds all three were completely absorbed in dealing pleasure to one and being dealt pleasure by the other.

Small animal moans of passion rose from the cunt-eating trio. They grew louder along with the slurpings and suckings as the three explored new mysteries of taste and smell and feel in one another’s cunts.

Jeanette drew her cuntjuice-dripping tongue from the slot of Colleen’s pussy and swirled it around the girl’s inflamed asshole. Coe groaned her delight into the cunt that filled her mouth, and Betsy transmitted her sudden excitement to her mother through the tongue that flicked rhythmically in and out of the auburn-furred cunt. The three formed a feedback circuit of naked females. Each pleasure that one felt was transmitted around the circle till it came back to her, redoubled.

Jeanette’s aching tits were flattened on the ground, her head pillowed on her elder daughter’s thigh. The naked teenagers lay on their sides, Betsy with her chin between her mother’s thighs and her nose prodding the woman’s asshole, Coe with her mouth pressed in a fervent tongue-swirling kiss against Betsy’s cunt and her nose touching the blonde’s asshole. Tongues moved in and out of cunts, or swirled around just within the entrance of tasty paradises of pussy. Jeanette teased her tongue into Coe’s shithole and reamed her daughter’s asshole for a few blissful moments before plunging her tongue back into the morass of her waiting cunt.

It was Colleen who broke the sweet languid spell. She didn’t try to pull away from the cunt-eating threesome. She wrapped her lips around Betsy’s clit and sucked in hard, her cheeks hollowing, her tongue stabbing at the pearly node that stood out from Betsy’s cunt.

Betsy screamed full into her mother’s pussy. Her tongue went wild, licking and stroking at Jeanette’s cunt as randomly as Jake’s whip had slashed at their intertwined bodies earlier. Her pussy slammed tightly shut in an orgasm that traveled like a runaway locomotive up her nude body to smash into her brain.

Betsy’s tongue-lashing was almost as excruciating in its own way as Jake’s whipping had been. Jeanette’s pussy was alive with delicious sensation, and the random probing of her daughter’s tongue increased the pleasure-power of the cunt whipping tongue strokes. Betsy wagged her face from side to side between Jeanette’s asscheeks, her tongue digging almost savagely at her mother’s clit, and then Jeanette came too.

She sucked in a mouthful of Coe’s succulent cunt. Her tongue sought the girl’s clit, found it, pressed it hard. Coe screamed, and the vibrations blasted Betsy’s straining clit as orgasm wracked the older girl. A fresh shockwave of pleasure ran the circle of comely naked flesh.

Around and around went the shared ecstasy of orgasm. No sooner did one female feel her well devoured cunt relax from the last furious spasms of climax than a renewed frenzy of cunt-eating set her off again.

Jake and Bob watched in mute fascination as the three — mother and daughter, sister and sister, daughter and mother — devoured each other’s cunt and melted together in a warm carnal grow, of orgasm.


A tongue worked eagerly within Betsy Mason’s cunt. Though the tongue was expertly thrilling her pussy in ways the inexperienced girl had never known before, though her pussy was swimming in its own aromatic juices, she was sobbing in pain.

Crack! The tip of the black whip slashed her ass. “Mmmmm!” she moaned. She would have given a full-throated shriek of anguish, but her mouth was plugged by Jake’s immensely long cock.

Ropes had been passed over the open beams of the ceiling in the living room, and she had been hung upside down with a loop around either shapely ankle. Jake stood with his bearded face buried in her pussy and his cock stuck in her mouth. He held the bullwhip about eighteen inches from the end, and was applying the foreshortened lash liberally to her naked ass even as he ate her cunt and fucked her lovely face.

The joy of his mouth delighting her pussy, the dizziness of blood rushing to her temples, the sting of leather on her butt, the probing of his prick as he fucked the first few inches of its rigid length in and out of her mouth — the conflicting sensations were on the verge of driving her mad.

“Uggggghhh!” Jeanette Mason grunted as Bob crammed his monstrous cock into her pussy from behind. Once more she marveled at the thickness of his prick, the way it stretched the flexible walls of her pussy to unheard-of dimensions. The enormous girth of his prick meant that even being fucked into her waiting cunt from behind, the vein wrapped surface rasped thrillingly across her straining, erect clit.

Normally she would have been crying out in incomparable ecstasy. But like her younger daughter, her pleasure was leavened with pain. The tall slender woman was down on her knees, her lush body parallel to the floor, her arms strapped across the coffee table.

Her feet were tied to heavy chairs. Her heavy tits hung almost to the floor. Beneath them, weighted down with a lead ingot the family had been using as a doorstop, was a cheese-grater shaped like a cylinder cut in half down the long axis. The rounded grating surfaced was placed so that when Bob fucked his big prick into the captive woman from the rear, her tits swung back and forth over the sharp, rough surface. It scraped her sensitive tits mercilessly.

Bob drew his prick slowly from Jeanette’s cunt. His wrist-thick cock was gleaming with the oils of her cunt. The smell of pussy was ripe in his nostrils, and he couldn’t get enough of the sight of his cock disappearing between the pale mounds of her ass.

“Ahhhh,” he said in satisfaction, and he rammed his cock back into her cunt.

A wet squelching sound greeted the arrival of his cock in Jeanette’s cunt, and Bob’s dangling balls swung forward to slap the wedged-open mouth of her pussy.

“Owwwww!” she exclaimed through clenched teeth as her body was rocked by the impact of Bob’s hips and her tits swung forward. The grater clawed at her delicate nipples like talons.

Despite the pleasure of Bob’s prick fucking her pussy and the pain in her boobs, Jeanette wasn’t thinking about herself. Even as another thrust of Bob’s cock thrilled her cunt and scraped the tips of her jugs still more, she flicked her eyes to the side, toward the capacious fireplace.

A roaring fire had been built in it, despite the fact that the evening was warm. Even across the room, the heat of the flames was uncomfortable on Jeanette’s bare skin. So her heart was torn in two at the thought of what her daughter Colleen must be experiencing.

So far, the auburn-haired girl was silent. But her face was beaded with sweat, and from more than heat. She was draped ass-up over the back of a massive wooden chair, her legs tied apart. The chair had been moved to within about a yard of the leaping flames, so that her delectable ass was being slowly roasted by the flames.

But even that was not the worst.

One of the family’s branding irons was thrust into the fire. When it was ready, Jake had promised with a loose-lipped grin of unbelievable evilness, it would be used on one, of the three Mason women. Meantime the handle of the gradually heating metal rod was jammed up Coe’s cunt. The iron didn’t conduct heat all that well, so it was still fairly cool — bearable, at least. But Coe knew that all too soon it would be glowing red-hot within her pussy.

A pocket of sap in the blazing pinon logs popped, sending a shower of hot fragments onto Coe’s naked ass. “Ahhhhhh!” she gasped as the tiny embers seared her delicate flesh. The small stinging pains, themselves no more than ant bites, broke the dam of her reserve. Her courage deserted her at once.

“Help!” she screamed, feeling the flames all but licking at her ass. “Oh God, get me out of this!”

Betsy moaned in involuntary joy as Jake’s tongue attacked her pussy with renewed vigor. Coe’s pleadings were music to his ears. He slashed repeatedly at the upside-down girl’s rounded ass, so that her cock-stifled groans mingled with the hysterical screams of her sister.

One of Jake’s callused hands was wrapped around a slender adolescent thigh, holding the captive’s pussy in place for his oral attentions. The other kept the whip flicking incessantly against the captive’s rump. Till now he had been content to fuck the first few inches of his prick lazily in and out of Betsy’s mouth. Now he started pressing forward with his hips.

Betsy’s eyes widened. The upper side of Jake’s cock slid over her tongue. The flared hood of the cockhead flicked her tongue, then made for the back of her mouth. She realized with sudden panic that he meant to fuck that nine-inch prick all the way down her throat.

She tried to let her head ride back with the forward motion of his hips. Very soon she found her head was as far back as it would go. Her neck bone began to creak and the cock started sliding up her throat. She choked, feeling the urge to gag.

Jake chose that moment to extend his rigid tongue and touch the tip to the girl’s clit. Pressing his tongue tip firmly against her nerve-button, he started rotating his head above her gaping cunt. It was like having a cattle prod touched to her clit. Pleasure blasted through her pussy like lightning.

“Uh! Uh! AAHHHHH!” She was losing her grip on reality. Her pussy was absolutely exploding with delight, while at the same time she was beginning to gag uncontrollably on Jake’s prick. The knotted thong of the whip continued to beat a painful tattoo on her bare ass.

By the fireside, Coe’s cries took on a sharper, shriller tone when she felt the iron beginning to get warm inside her pussy.

Betsy writhed. The ropes bit into her ankles. Jake’s cock slid inexorably between her lips. The head moved farther and farther up her throat, throbbing with his lust-maddened heartbeat. The bearded man’s tongue kept rolling her clit in an excruciatingly delightful circle.

“Oh God… oh stop! Get it out of my pussy. It’s getting hot!” Coe, looking up with her ample young tits spilling onto the chair’s striped cushion, pleaded with her captors.

Already the heat of the fire on her exposed asscheeks stung as if her butt had been freshly whipped. But the iron was heating her pussy more rapidly than she’d even thought. Already waves of pain were beginning to radiate from the nubile cuntflesh wrapped around the black metal rod.

Bob’s sharp hipbones thumped Jeanette’s ass with metronomic regularity. He fucked his prick into her cunt harder every time, and her tits were swinging back and forth like pendulums of succulent flesh. Their tips were puffy and red as if they, too, were suffering under the lash.

Jeanette felt as if her nude body was covered with small, crawly insects. The pain in her tits and the unfettered ecstasy in her cunt warred in her body as they did in her blonde daughter’s. The tension between agony and erotic delight was stretching her nerves to the breaking point!

Coe’s cries were a constant litany: “It hurts! It’s hot inside me now… it’s burning up my pussy! Oh, Mommy, I’m sorry I can’t be strong like you… but it HURTSSSSS!” Her voice sounded like a little girl’s as she suffered.

Betsy’s mind seemed to have come adrift of her body. It was as if she was an unattached observer, watching what happened to her upended young body without feeling it any more than she could feel the growing heat on Colleen’s butt and in her pussy. Her stomach muscles were knotted with delight as Jake’s tongue revolved on her clit. Perfumed pussy-oil welled from her cunt and ran down the cheeks of her ass. At the same time, she was gagging on the unyielding rod of prick that was invading her throat inch by inch.

Jake was elated. He was driving this luscious, young nymphet insane by filling, her body with intolerable, contradictory surges of torment and pleasure. At the same time, her mother was suffering a similar fate he’d devised himself, being fucked into a delirium on the hard bar of Bob’s giant cock while her tits were scraped raw on the cheese-grater. And Coe was being roasted before the fire while her nubile naked body writhed around the heating branding iron. It was fantastic! He’d never dominated the lives of so many so extensively and sadistically at the same time.

Betsy’s gag reflex closed her throat convulsively around his cock. The sudden tightening caught his lengthy prick just behind the head, at its most sensitive spot. He groaned aloud, his breath blowing hot across her brimming pussy, and blasted a charge of jism into her throat.

Betsy gagged again, sucking a still more powerful stream of come from the swallowed cock. The white come rolled back down her upended throat, coating the length of the cock, filling her mouth with its salty sweet acridity, getting to her nose and choking her. She gagged repeatedly, her gagging milking the come in torrents from Jake’s cock.

Suddenly he tilted his head down and with his tongue pushed her straining cut into the wet pink folds of her cunt.

Her body shook like an earthquake as she came. She kept gagging, even as the pleasure-wave of climax was rolling from her pussy to her brain. The long cock spurted wad after wad of come into her throat, some of which she managed to drink down, some of which rolled back up her throat to choke her. Her mind went hazy as pain and pleasure both reached a fever pitch within her body.

“Noooo!” she heard Coe moan. “I can’t take it any more! It’s so hot!”

Suddenly there was a great crashing, as of mountains falling. Jake’s cock flew out of her mouth with unbelievable speed. His tongue leapt from her pussy just as a thin jet of jism erupted and spattered across her lips. Come dripped from her mouth, ran up into her nose and mouth and long, dangling hair.

Her eyes flew open. The room was full of men, and the front door hung on its hinges. Then Betsy screamed in sheer surprise.

Standing not six feet away was her brother, Jack!

Bob’s cock burst forth with, a load of jism just as he yanked it from Jeanette’s cunt. Pussy-juice cascaded down her thighs, and she kept rolling her hips in mindless passion even though the incredible shaft of cock was no longer inside her cunt to titillate it, even though her every motion scraped her jugs cruelly on the grater. She was in the grip of an erotic delirium that completely overrode her rational being. Even the growing agony in her tits did no more than add to the mounting ecstasy in her cunt.

She heard Bob cry, “No, wait, I only…” and the shattering roar of a shotgun brought her dizzily back to reality.

She turned her head as Bob somersaulted onto the couch in a shower of blood. Holding his hands in front of his face, Jake dashed across the living room and dove through the big picture window in a rain of glittering glass fragments.

He was running frenziedly across the clearing, big cock swinging loosely and still dripping his jism and Betsy’s saliva, when Jack drilled him through the base of the skull with one shot from a…

“Ahhhhh! God, yes!” Colleen Mason cried as her brother slid his long cock deliberately into her pussy. The walls of her cunt were still a bit sensitive from being lightly scorched by the branding iron, but somehow that only made the slippery friction of Jack’s big prick inside her pussy that much sweeter.

The youth fucked his cock into Coe’s clutching cunt until his crotch was pressed hard against the plump demi-globes of her ass. Her butt was still somewhat pink, as if from sunburn. It was still a beautiful sight, and he squeezed a double handful of delectable assflesh as he rolled his cock inside the savory stew of her cunt juice.

His cock was drawn back. Inch by inch it left her cunt while she sighed and rotated her hips, rolling her eyes in ecstasy. But when Jack’s cockhead came to the mouth of her pussy, it kept coming till his prick’s wedge-shaped head slipped from the clinging lips.

“Mmmmmmm,” Coe said, biting her lips and wagging her ass impatiently.

Jeanette Mason grabbed her son’s prick and fed its head into her mouth. Betsy pressed her cheek to his and leaped at the underside of the cockshaft while Jack moaned in delight.

The two naked females reluctantly relinquished Jack’s prick and he jammed it feverishly back into his twin’s pussy.

She wailed happily as he fucked it home in her cunt. Cuntjuice slobbered out and around the disappearing piston of cock and ran down her thighs.

“Tell us again how you got away, big brother,” Betsy said wonderingly, stroking her sister’s velvety ass.

“All right… uhhhhh!” His cock went into Coe’s cunt to the hilt, and she squeezed it lasciviously with her agile cunt. “When I felt the shot hit the gas tank, I bailed out and rolled into the trees. Got my ass scorched almost as bad as yours, Coe. God, are you trying to pinch my cock off?”

Coe smiled innocently back at them, the effect spoiled by a lewd twinkle in her emerald eyes. “Would I do a thing like that?”

Jack didn’t answer. “Anyway, I went running down the road and got Mr. Proctor and Mr. Offutt to call the sheriff. Then they came with me to see what we could do. I borrowed Andy Proctor’s deer rifle.”

“Well done, Son,” Jeanette said proudly. His cock was retreating from Coe’s cunt too slowly to suit her, so she pulled it bodily out with her fingers and popped it in her mouth again. Betsy made a sound of protest; “Don’t be greedy,” her mother told her. “Besides, there’s your big sister’s lovely pussy staring you in the face. Surely you don’t want to let it go to waste?”

Betsy smiled. Coe gasped as her baby sister pressed her fervent lips to her pussy. The younger girl’s tongue slipped out to invade the waiting wet cunt.

“What were those two guys hiding out for, anyway?” Jack wanted to know.

He heard his twin crooning to herself as Betsy lapped her pussy. Then his mother sucked hard on his cock, and he decided it didn’t matter after all.

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