Searching for Miss Brown

I couldn’t take it any more; I screamed out, “I love you.” Her hands
stopped moving on me. I sobbed a couple more times, “I love you. I love

As I settled down a bit and started to catch my breath, I realized what
I’d said. I was still delirious, still dizzy, but coming back to Earth
fast. I started laughing softly, the discomfort I’d felt replaced by the
amazement at what had come out of me, and the realization of how I felt
about her.

Her hand was still resting on my chest; it hadn’t moved. I took a deep
breath and exhaled in an almost controlled fashion. I took another breath
and said calmly, “I love you.” It felt good to say it.

Suddenly her arms were around my neck, and she was squeezing me and
sobbing. I felt her body and the fur against me again, and the fire was
back. I moaned and tried to move my hips. “Please, please,” I moaned.

Eventually she figured out why I was moaning.

“Oh darling, I’m sorry,” she said, sniffling and almost laughing a
little. I felt her moving down on me again. “Let’s see if this helps,”
she said.

Then I felt her mouth again, and her hands, and the fur on the sleeves
against my balls and my legs. She worked me slowly, matching my panting,
and didn’t stop, and didn’t stop, and didn’t stop as I came in her mouth,
seeing stars and damn near passing out.

I think I must have, because the next thing I knew I was on my side, my
head between her breasts. I put my arms around her and held her in that
soft coat, held her to me. Her hands went around my head and held me
strongly but gently, and she cooed, “Oh Bill, oh Bill.”

I was exhausted. I let go, mentally and physically. I don’t know if
I’ll ever find a safer, more comfortable place than in Nancy’s arms.

“Bill darling, we have time for a shower,” she said, waking me later.

What a wonderful way to wake up, in her arms. I rolled back on the bed
and stretched. The muscles in my ass hurt. The muscles in my belly hurt.
I laughed and that hurt too. I looked at her as she sat up on the bed,
slipping out of that seductive coat.

“What’s so funny?” she asked, putting a hand on my chest.

“I think I may have strained some muscles. I’m sore.”

“Oh Bill, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to hurt you.”

I took her hand and kissed it. “You didn’t. I’ve never been through
anything like that.”

She smiled. “I don’t know what came over me. I wanted to gas you and
tie you up, but after that, it just happened.”

I laughed and sat up, with her help. “Wow…” I leaned over and kissed
her. “Still want to know what’s in the box?”

She grinned and said, “Yes!”

I leaned over and whispered hotly in her ear, “A surprise.”

“You!” She grabbed me and pulled me over. I kissed and hugged her. We
rolled around on the bed for a bit, but eventually got up. She was
standing, looking back at the bed and the coat. On impulse I picked up the
coat, and putting the fur side against and around her, I pushed her up
against the wall, leaning against her and kissing her, running my hands
over the coat, feeling her through the fur. I could hear her moan through
my lips.

I stepped back and flung the coat on the bed. “Still want to shower?” I
asked her.

She opened her eyes and wobbled a little. “Ah… Yes. That feels so
incredible. I think we need some time to ourselves.”

I laughed and led her into the bathroom. She sat on the toilet. I
started the shower and used the male prerogative, peeing there. I wiggled
the shower head around when I finished to rinse the evidence down the

She joined me and we showered together. She was quiet and subdued. As
I washed her back (and her front) I was almost adoring her. She had become
so special to me in such a short period of time.

We got out and dried off. I was a big help as usual; she finally shooed
me out of the bathroom so she could dry her hair in peace. I took my
clothes and scooted out.

I picked up the coat again, held it to me, and took a deep breath. Damn
that was nice. I opened the closet and hung it back up in its bag. I even
straightened the bed. I picked up my clothes and headed downstairs.

I got dressed downstairs and fixed us both a weak Tequila Sunrise; I
figured we’d probably be having more to drink tonight. I got my shoes out
of the box and put them on, then tossed the box in the hall closet.

When Nancy came down I was sitting on the couch looking out over the
skyline. She sat down next to me and put her arms around me, resting her
head on my shoulder.

I looked at the clock; Gail should be back in about fifteen minutes. I
shook my head; she must have had me tied to that bed for three hours. What
a trip!

I put an arm around her. “Hi,” I said softly. “Care for some Vitamin
C?” Her drink was sitting on the table in front of her.

She sighed. “Thanks… Bill, what you said up there…”

I turned to her and lifted her chin with my hand, looking in her eyes.
“You mean, I love you?”

She nodded, chin trembling.

I smiled. “You know how to make me talk; what can I say?”

We held each other. I held her head while she sobbed gently. “It’s
okay; I’ve got you, and I’m not going to let you go,” I told her softly.

I laughed gently as I held her. I hadn’t realized until this afternoon
how important she had become.

We sat back. I dried her tears with my fingers. We sipped our drinks
as we sat silently.

We heard a key in the door. Gail came in and looked at us. She smiled.
“Thank you for asking, I’ll have a tall one. I’m going up to shower.”

I laughed and got up. I made her a drink and sat it on the counter.

A while later, she hollered from upstairs, “Where’s my drink?”

“Down here!” I hollered back.

“It’s not doing me a hell of a lot of good down there, hon! Bring it

I sighed and handed the glass to Nancy. She got up and headed up the
stairs. A few moments later I heard laughter. Nancy walked down a bit
later, still laughing as she sat next to me.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“Nothing,” she told me, “You should have taken it up, that’s all.”

“What’s that mean?” I asked her.

She laughed some more and stood up, walking into the kitchen.

Gail joined us a few minutes later, dressed casually but in a manner
that showed off her figure very well. She handed me her empty glass.
“Thanks, I will have another.”

I stood up and went to fix her another drink.

“So, did you two have an interesting afternoon?” she asked.

I laughed as I got fresh ice cubes from the freezer. I looked over to
Nancy; she was sitting in shock again.

“Well?” Gail asked.

I handed her the drink and sat down.

“I take it I have you to thank for this afternoon?” I told her.

Gail smiled. “Why, whatever do you mean by that?”

“The surprise in the box you gave Nancy.”

“Oh, that!” she laughed, “Did she show that to you?”

I chuckled a little. “I never saw it, but I know what it does.”

Gail nodded. “Well, I put that together for dear old John; I figured
I’d catch him, tie him to the bed, and have my way with him. Did you enjoy

I held Nancy’s hand; she was smiling a little, looking at me in wonder.

“What’s the matter hon?” Gail asked her.

Nancy sighed to me, then turned to Gail. “I did get him, and I tied him
to the bed all right. On the way back here we stopped and he got
something. He wouldn’t tell me what it was. So I didn’t put the ball gag
in his mouth.”

Ball gag? What’s this, I thought.

Nancy continued. “I teased him so, wanting to know what was in the box,
what did he have in the box?”

I laughed and put an arm around her, squeezing her to me. “And that was
intense; I’ve never experienced anything like it.”

Gail was laughing a bit now. “So did she get you to talk?”

I looked at Nancy and smiled. She looked at me and shook her head,
still with that starry eyed look and smile.

“Yes, she did,” I said softly.

After quite a pause, Gail said loudly “And?”

Nancy and I laughed together. Nancy turned to Gail and said, “What’s
that old line? Be careful what you wish for, your wish may be granted?”

Gail gave us both a strange look. “Okay, you’ll tell me when you want
to tell me. Did you manage to work up an appetite at least?”

I stood up and pulled Nancy up with me. “Oh yeah, I’m starving,” I told
her, giving Nancy a hug.

Gail drained her glass and stood up. “Well get your coats and let’s get
going. They won’t hold our table for long.”

Nancy brought me the leather jacket she’d saved. I was getting to like
it. She grabbed a coat, as did Gail, and we went down to Gail’s car. She
drove us to a place on the other side of town.

I felt flutters in my stomach when we walked in the place. There was a
dance floor off to the left, a bar, and a couple sections of dining tables.
The place was about half full. Three couples were out on the floor

The hostess greeted Gail by name and started taking us to another part
of the dining area.

“Hey, can we sit closer to the dance floor?” I asked.

Gail and the hostess exchanged glances. “Sure,” said Gail.

We sat at a table off one edge of the dance floor, close enough to get
out easily, yet far enough away so we could hear ourselves over the music.

“Friday and Saturday it’s live music,” Gail told us, nodding to the DJ
running the show.

We sat down and looked over the menus, simple and very good looking.
This wasn’t a fancy place — chicken, ribs, steaks, some seafood. I saw
some ribs going to another table and closed the menu. I was set.

Nancy said, “That didn’t take long. What are you going to have?”

I licked my chops. “Ribs, fries, and a salad. Maybe for dessert I’ll
have some ribs.”

Gail laughed. “You’ve got good taste hon, they know how to do ribs

I was very patient, at least for a few minutes. My feet wanted to be
out on the dance floor, and my arms wanted to be around Nancy. Eventually
a waitress came by and we ordered. Everyone was drinking beer — fine with
me. Nancy and Gail both ordered steaks and salad.

Our menus picked up, one song ended and another started up. A good
foxtrot tune — I grabbed Nancy’s hand and pulled her to the dance floor.

I love to dance. I was one of the ringleaders and instructors in the
ballroom dance group all the way through college, and in grad school.
Janet and I met at a dance. It was one of the things we enjoyed doing
together right up to the end.

Now here I was with Nancy, still a little surprised. She wasn’t very
skilled, but she followed my lead well. I focused on being on the floor
with her, leading her, holding her, feeling her. From the look on her
face, she was in a dream world.

At the end of the song I held her closer to me. A raucous tune started
up, and I moved us off the floor and back to our table.

Gail applauded. “Very nice!”

Nancy sighed, a dreamy look on her face.

I laughed and held Nancy’s hands. “I love to dance. You want to know
what was in the box?” I held up a foot and wiggled it. “New dance shoes.”

Nancy came back to earth a little at that; she actually laughed some.

A Western number started up and Gail grabbed my hand. I tugged at Nancy
but she shook her head no.

Gail enjoyed dancing, and could do Western swing pretty well. We got a
little wild on the dance floor, and after the first time I kicked one of my
feet up to head level, folks gave us more room on the floor. At the end of
that number, Gail gave me a very good hug, which I returned. We were both
breathing a little fast; she felt great.

Our salads and some garlic bread had arrived when we got to the table.

Gail had a sip of beer and said to Nancy, “You caught a good one, hon.”

She smiled and said, “I know.” Then she turned to me and said, “You’re
going to have to teach me to dance.”

“My pleasure,” I told her, “But it takes a long time to get really

“I’ve got the time,” she sighed.

Gail laughed; I thought she was going to give us a raspberry for being
so sappy all of a sudden.

We did the occasional dance getting through the salad, but called a
break when the meat arrived. My ribs were wet, messy, and delicious. I
got some extra sauce and mopped it up with the fries. The ladies’ steaks
looked superb. This was one place we’d revisit.

I did a couple slow dances with Nancy after that, and one with Gail.
Nancy seemed to melt into my arms, following me. Gail did everything you
could do on a dance floor to introduce me to her body; it was a very nice

At the end of that dance, wondering what was going to happen next, a
tall gal, brunette, walked up to us. I’m a bit under six feet; she had to
be six two or six three at least, and with a great body.

She looked at me and asked, “Tango?”

I smiled and bowed. Gail stepped back, and the gal nodded to the DJ.

Now this gal was a dancer, undoubtedly a professional. She was strong,
precise, and very smooth. People soon cleared out of our way, and we used
most of the floor. I quickly took to her lead; we had a lot of fun, and
ended with me draped back over her arm. She gave me a smile and a look of
lust, and the DJ went right into a meringue. Part of the way through that,
a different gal, a blonde about the same height cut in. She was more
physical, both in the way she moved, and the way she contacted my body with

We went into another Western dance, sort of a grapevine, and I found
myself between the two, following their lead. I was amazed at how well I
could kick with a belly full of ribs and fries, our arms around each
other’s waists. Near the end one of them said, “Split finish?” I laughed
and quickly said, “Not a chance!” We untwined arms and ended with them
going into splits on either side of me while I went down on one knee and
held their hands. We got a round of applause from the crowd.

A slow number started, and the blonde quickly stood and spun me to her.
I exaggerated letting her hold me; she picked up on it laughing, and eased
my head to her shoulder. I smiled for the crowd and closed my eyes,
getting a good reaction. I could hear and feel her heart beating fast and
feel the warm fullness of her breasts.

“Excuse me…” I heard Nancy say as she cut in. The blonde started to
say something, but I took Nancy’s hand and held her close to me.

“Thank you for rescuing me,” I told her softly as we moved slowly on the
dance floor.

She sighed. “You needed rescuing, and soon.”

I laughed softly and held her closer. At the end of that number we
kissed on the floor, to some applause by the crowd. We moved back to our

We sat down and I had some water; I was hot from the exertion. “I
haven’t danced like that in a while.”

“You sure were having fun, hon,” Gail added.

I looked at Nancy. She said, “I’m lucky I rescued you when I did.”

I laughed and took another sip. “Aw, I know who I came here with.”

She said, “Right. I saw how you looked at those two, and you weren’t
looking in their eyes, either.”

I took umbrage to her remark, sitting up formally. “I’m very strong of

Nancy laughed. “Yeah, get a nipple in your mouth, get you on your back,
and you’re helpless.”

Gail laughed. “So that’s his weakness?”

I was blushing; she had me pegged. I decided to fight back, and
unfairly. I leaned over to Nancy and whispered in her ear, “I love you.”

Nancy laughed and gave me a hug. “I know you do. I love you, I do,”
she whispered back.

We were interrupted by the two dancers coming over to our table, and the
waitress bringing another round of beers for all.

They knew Gail. Gail introduced us as friends of the family who were
staying with her. The brunette was Kay, the blonde Jeanne. They were both
dancers, and this was their night off. When they asked me what I did for a
living and I told them I wasn’t working right now, Jeanne offered to set me
up with an audition; they always needed more good male dancers. I was
flattered; Nancy dug nails into my thigh under the table.

I ended up doing one more dance with each of them; the last one was with
Nancy. I held her close and moved us around the floor, whispering over and
over again, “I love you,” to her. We kissed again at the end of the dance,
and I led her quickly to the table.

“What’s your hurry?” she asked.

“I’ve got to go to the can!” was my response.

I moved through the bar and found the men’s room. All that food, beer,
and dancing had caught up with me. Oh blessed relief! I took my time.

When I finally headed back, I saw the DJ taking a break near one corner
of the bar.

“Hey, great dancing. You a friend of Gail?” he asked me.

His name was Tony; we shook hands. “Yup, up visiting.”

“Where are you dancing?” he asked.

I laughed a bit. “It’s just a hobby.”

He shook his head. “You’re good. Has Jeanne tried to set you up yet?”

“For dancing?” I asked with a grin.

That got a good laugh. “It looks like you’re pretty well taken care
of,” he told me.

I told him I was indeed, and besides that, I didn’t drive tonight, so I
had to behave if I wanted to get home.

I felt a hand on my back and a silky feminine voice said, “Oh, I don’t
think you’d have any trouble finding a place to stay tonight.”

I blushed and turned to see Kay standing next to me. She pulled my head
to her cleavage and kissed me on the top of the head. “Any friend of Gail
is a friend of mine,” she told me, then walked away with a seductive sway
to her hips.

I finally made it back to the table. Gail and Nancy were having coffee.
I had some more water. After a couple minutes Nancy stood up. I started
standing up as well, but she pushed me back into my chair. “Don’t get up.
My turn; I need to visit the ladies’ room.”

After she walked off, Gail turned to me with a conspiratorial smile.
“So she surprised you this afternoon?”

I nodded. “That she did.”

“Would you like to do the same to her?”

My nipples tingled at the thought. “Yes… What did you have in mind?”

She smiled as she stirred her coffee lazily. “Well, I called an RN
friend of mine this afternoon. If you’re interested, she could teach you
how to use things safely and effectively; she’s the one who taught me. You
could do that tomorrow morning while Nancy and I do some shopping. Then
tomorrow afternoon we could have some fun.”

I nodded. “When we saw that video of Janet, tied on top of that spread,
moaning and writhing, it really turned her on. It turned us both on.
Nancy’s never done that.”

Gail gave me an incredulous look. “Never? That was one of old John’s
favorite games. Hell, I like it too, hon. Old John only lasted so long,
even with his little blue pills.”

I smiled, imagining it. “I’d like to get her tied to the bed, head
buzzing, and eat her for hours.”

Gail leaned over and put a hand on mine. “Hon, if she won’t go for
that, I sure as hell will.”

I blushed a little more and laughed with her. I started to ask just
what went on in the back of the shop this morning when Nancy returned,
looking much fresher.

I must have been blushing; Nancy asked, “So what were you two talking
about?” in a sly voice.

Gail leaned back a bit and said, “Oh, he was wondering what we were
doing this morning. Think we should show him?”

I was watching Nancy intently. She reacted, but her reaction wasn’t the
blush of embarrassment; it was arousal. She turned to me, nostrils
flaring, and said, “That could be a lot of fun.”

Things were closing in on me again. “Ah, isn’t it about time we left?
It’s been a long day.”

Gail and Nancy laughed. Nancy did her nail on my thigh routine and
growled, “And it’s going to be a long night.”

We argued about the check. I remembered what Jeff told me, and left a
moderate tip in cash. That seemed to please Gail.

We returned to Gail’s place. I know, I’m part owner of the whole damn
complex, and I own that unit, but it’s still her place.

We retired upstairs. We took turns on the can; we had two sinks so we
could wash up in parallel. As I was brushing my teeth, Nancy said, “Gail’s
got the hots for you.”

It’s hard to hide your reactions when you’re stark jaybird naked, and
especially hard to hide them from a lover who knows your body so well. I
was magnificent in my eloquence: I grunted and spit out a mouthful of

“Really?” I asked, bending over the sink to rinse my mouth.

“When I brought up her drink this evening?” she said.

I looked at her as I swished water in my mouth.

“I think she was expecting you,” Nancy said, “She was naked.”

I spit out my mouthful of water, remembering how we’d danced.

Nancy laughed. “So what are you going to do about it, big boy?”

I looked at her and smiled. “Don’t know. What should I do about it?”

She sighed and smiled. “Do whatever you think best, but think of me.”

I grunted again. “Big help.” I turned to her. “Nancy, I love you, I
do. I know it’s quick, and good God what a strange trip this has been, but
that’s the way I feel.”

She hugged me. “I know. It’s so strange, I agree. We aren’t even at
the bottom of things yet, I don’t know if we ever will be. But I feel the
same way.”

“So what should we do about it?” I asked her.

She held my shoulders and started moving her hips against me, sparking
my interest.

“Mmmm… Let me think about it,” she hummed in my ear.

I led her in to the bedroom and pushed her on to her back on the bed. I
pulled her legs over the edge a little more and put them over my shoulders.

“You think about it for a while,” I told her, then dived in between her

She makes a wonderful dessert. I’m not sure how much thinking she did;
she seemed to be making a lot of noise as she squeezed me between her legs.

When her legs started giving out, I rolled her to her stomach, spread
her legs a little, and slid in to her. She moaned again and lifted her
head off the bed. I bit the back of her neck, lying on top of her. I
should have put some perfume on the back of her neck. I should have put
some on her mound. Hell, she’s wonderful just as she is. She started
bucking her bottom up against me. There was something about the rhythm
that shut my mind off. My body moved with hers and I came faster than I’d

We cleaned up and got into bed. I kissed her and she rolled to her
side. I was on my back, a hand on her waist. I thought about rolling over
to hold her. I’ll do that in a minute, I thought.

I had to pee; I got up. The clock said it was half past four. I should
call Jill today, I thought, and let her know we’re still alive. I had a
good sit on the can. I stood up and flushed, then bent over and touched my
hands to the floor. I needed to do more stretching; got to keep in shape.

When I climbed back in bed she pulled me to her body, pulling my head to
a breast. Poor old John and his bottles of drugs — who needs ’em?

“Let’s go, lovebirds! Busy day ahead!” I heard Gail shouting as she
knocked on the bedroom door.

“Damn!” I hollered as I reached for Nancy, who was already halfway to
the bathroom.

“What’s the matter sweetie?” she asked from the doorway.

“You’re too quick for me. What’s your hurry?”

She laughed as she scampered into the bathroom. I could hear her reason
before she said it. “I’ve got to pee!”

I sighed and got out of bed, straightening it out. I ran my hands over
the spread and hugged one of the pillow covers. I was getting used to this
stuff, and damn it was nice.

Nancy was in the shower when I entered the bathroom. I did my morning
duty on the can, flushed it, and joined her in the shower.

“Can I help?” I asked, running my hands over her body.

“Yes, you can stand over there,” she said, pushing me to one corner.
“I’m just about through.”

“You’re no fun. I’m just trying to help,” I told her.

“You’re a big help!” she laughed.

I grabbed her and gave her a kiss anyway. “It’s a full time job,” I

She laughed as she got out. I took a quick shower, dried, and took care
of the rest of my morning duties. Wonder what I’d look like with a beard?
I’ve had the moustache since college. I sure wouldn’t miss shaving every
day. I looked at myself in the mirror and sighed; it wasn’t entirely my

I dressed and headed downstairs. It was almost nine; we’d slept a
little later.

“So when am I going to get a chance to sleep in?” I asked nobody in

Gail laughed. Nancy said, “It’s something for you to look forward to.”

I grumbled until she handed me a bacon sandwich, then poured me a glass
of juice.

Gail handed me a business card with directions on the back, saying, “You
need to leave right away. We’ll see you at the shop around lunchtime,”

I nodded. I finished my breakfast and brushed my teeth. I collected my
coat and we all left together, just as we’d done yesterday morning. This
morning, Gail gave me a very warm hug and kiss first, before Nancy could
step in. Nancy laughed and bent me over, kissing me. Just what I needed
— two women trying to outdo each other. And with me? I couldn’t figure
Gail out. She was a great gal, more outgoing than either of us. That’s
funny — I was already thinking of Nancy and I as “us.” Yes, Gail did seem
to live life a bit louder than we did — hell, you’d have to if you
expected to stay sane around dear old John for that many years.

I couldn’t figure Gail out. I couldn’t figure Nancy out — but I loved
her. I evidently never figured Janet out — and now she’s dead. Was this
a valuable clue to me? I don’t understand women? I was beginning to
understand some of the things I should have done better with Janet — I’m
not calling them mistakes, because I didn’t know any better. But, I’m sure
going to do things differently with Nancy. I’m going to talk to her a lot
more, pay attention to her feelings and her desires a lot more. I’m going
to hold her a lot more, and more important, I’m going to have her hold me.
Out of this I had learned one thing — I like to be held; that’s important.

I laughed as I started the Jeep. I’d figured out one thing for the day.
That was a good start. If I could figure out something every day, why in
just a few years, I might be a wise man. That made me laugh more.

I followed Gail’s instructions over to a block of medical offices next
to the hospital. That sent a shiver through me; just like the office of
the urologist who snipped me, his office across the street from El Camino
Hospital. I left my coat in the Jeep; it was warming up. The note said to
knock on the first door to the left of suite 110.

Okay, I can do this. Suite 110’s door listed its occupant as an
anesthesiologist. Makes sense, I guess. I knocked on the first door to
the left.

A cute gal with short black hair, a button nose, and a knockout figure
opened the door. “Bill?” she said. I nodded. She waved me in. “I’m
Chris — come on in.”

I went in and she closed the door behind me. “You’re a friend of Gail?”
she asked.

“Yes, glad to meet you,” I told her.

“So you knew John?” she asked with a sad sort of smile.

I sat down in an office chair; I sat down with a sigh. “Sort of,” I
said softly. “You heard about the accident?”

She nodded, a look of concern on her face.

I smiled. “It’s okay; it helps to tell other people. It was my wife
who died in the car with him.”

She sat down. I looked at her and continued. “And I met his wife Nancy
that day two weeks ago, and we’ve been together ever since. We met Gail a
couple days ago. Everyone I’ve met in this escapade has been wonderful,
helpful, considerate. Of course, I never met John.”

Chris shook her head and laughed a little. “That’s okay. I met him.”
She shivered involuntarily.

“I thought he was such a charmer…” I said softly.

She smiled, straightening up in the chair. “Oh, he was. He certainly
charmed me for a while. And my boss was a big fan of his antics. From
what Gail said, you know about the gas rigs?”

I nodded.

“Well, the good doctor and I put the third container on them. And I
helped Gail with the handheld device I understand you were introduced to

I laughed a little. “I’d like to see what it looks like; I didn’t have
the chance. It does work well. Where’s the good doctor?”

She tilted her head across the street. “Passing gas across the street
while a guy gets a new heart valve installed. After one of those he goes
right to the country club and swims for a couple hours. We won’t see him
back here today.”

I nodded.

She perked up. “So tell me what you know about the gas rigs.”

I told her of my training at work as an emergency responder, certified
for self-contained breathing apparatus, that stuff. I told her of the two
bottle rig at the Woodside house and the beach house, of Nancy’s work as a
physical therapist, meeting John, using it to help him through therapy.

Chris nodded thoughtfully; she hadn’t heard the early part of the story
before and had wondered how John had gotten started in that direction. She
was as surprised as Gail had been to learn that Nancy used it on him
regularly. It had been John’s repeated adamant refusal to let Gail gas him
that led her to developing the mystery handheld device.

It was my turn to ask questions. “So how did John get on to the
fluorine compound? We don’t think he figured it out by himself.”

“Halothane or fluothane; you’re right, it is a fluorine compound,” she
told me. I knew you needed a prescription to get nitrous oxide; I didn’t
know the mixing setup was the same, and cost a lot of money. Old John made
the acquaintance of the doctor, who helped him get what he needed.
Evidently John showed him some of his home videos, and the doctor suggested
Halothane. He and Chris showed John how to use it. She smiled a bit as
she told me she’d let John practice his skills on her a couple times, but
thankfully the relationship didn’t go anywhere.

I told her of the three container setup at the Sunnyvale passion pit, of
learning that John not only had a wife, and Gail, but at least two and
possibly three other regular mistresses; we still weren’t totally sure. We
were still figuring out how much and what he owned.

She shook her head. “What a character. Come on back, let’s get

We went back to an office. Besides the usual exam table, it had a
reclining chair, a wheeled exam stool, and an impressive gas rig similar to
the ones I’d seen.

She started out by taking my blood pressure and listening to my heart. I
think both readings were a bit elevated by her taking them.

Then she gave me a very good education on nitrous and its use. We went
over concentrations, corrections for altitude that were important at Tahoe,
duration of effects, how to tell when someone was in the twilight area, and
keep them there. She went on to describe inducing unconsciousness,
duration, and the importance of an O2 flush afterwards. We went through a
stack of charts with effective concentrations, talking about 100
milliliters per kilogram of body weight per minute, raw details like that.
I repeated things to her, even took notes. She smiled when she summarized
things for me. Start out with 100% O2, go to 6 to 10 liters per minute of
nitrous for an average adult, a 30% to 50% nitrous to oxygen mixture, never
exceeding 70% nitrous with 30% oxygen. Flush with 100% oxygen for two to
five minutes afterwards. I could see her nipples crinkle when she told me
that arousal and even spontaneous orgasm were common at 50% concentrations
and greater.

Then we went over Halothane. It’s sneaky and tricky stuff. The setup
we had was as close to foolproof as you could get, releasing a measured
amount into the gas stream. She showed me a handheld device. It was
small, using a flexible mask. I could see how it would be easy to enclose
in that soft plush. Using it was easy — hold it near or to the face, hit
the plunger once, hold in place. One breath was all it took. The effects
were powerful, but short acting.

I told her how I thought Nancy had used it on me yesterday, distracting
me with the fur and perfume. She smiled and had a far away look on her

We spent a while working on what she considered the biggest risk with
rapid inductions — injuries from falls.

She surprised me by having me practice — with her. The first time I
touched the mask to her face she went limp, surprising me. I almost let
her hit the floor. She laughed at me as she saw me looking at the mask,
seeing the cap still over the plunger to prevent it from operating. I got
the hang of it, and got used to putting an arm around her and holding her
up when she went limp. I even started getting turned on.

Then she surprised me again — she took the cap off the plunger and
handed the mask back to me. “One more time,” she said with a big smile.

I looked at her. “Really?” Were her nipples tight again under that
uniform top?

She nodded and smiled. “Really. Don’t worry, you’ll get your turn.”

I nodded and moved over to her. I brought up the mask and held it to
her face as I put an arm around her waist. She closed her eyes and took a
deep breath, holding on to my arm. Then she opened her eyes and looked at
me. As she started to inhale again, I hit the plunger. Wow! Her eyes
rolled back and she went limp in my arms, really limp.

I put her in the recliner and leaned it back. I picked up the other
mask and turned on the O2 supply. After verifying flow, I put the mask on
her face. Then I sat down and waited.

A few minutes later, her eyes fluttered open. She looked at me and

“What’s so funny?” I asked her.

She took a few more deep breaths, recovering for a minute or so, and
took off the mask. She turned and looked at the gas rig, nodded
approvingly, then turned off the O2 flow.

“Help me up,” she said, moving forward in the chair.

I leaned over to help her out of the chair and didn’t even see the damn
mask until it was too late.

When I woke up I was naked on my back with a warm nipple in my mouth. I
could feel the coolness of a nasal cannula feeding gas into my nostrils. I
sighed and put my arms around a warm waist, snuggling in.

The sound of Chris’ voice initially startled me, reminding me where I
was. She told me “You know, when Gail talked to me, she told me that you
wouldn’t take advantage of me. If you gassed me, I’d wake up comfortable
and protected. I didn’t believe her. This morning she also told me all I
had to do was get a nipple in you, and you’d be mine.”

I moaned a little as she held me to her. She’s right, Nancy’s right,
why try and fight it? She pulled away a little and I held her closer.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be right back. I just need to start…” she said,
moving away and then leaning back again. As she pressed herself into me, I
could tell a difference in the gas flow. “That’s it, deep breath,” she
said. I started feeling the nitrous buzz; my arms started getting weak.
She moved away and back again. “There, a little less — we don’t want you
to be too far gone now, do we? See, I noticed your muscles fading fast so
I thinned the mix a little. It’s one of the things to watch for.”

She got me dizzy and hot. She pulled away from me and I flopped my arms
around, reaching for her again. Then I felt hands on my cock, and the
coolness of a condom rolling on. I gasped and arched my back.

She slid on top of me, covering my mouth with a hand. “No fair
breathing through your mouth now. Oh God, you feel good in me. Oh, yes.”

And she felt good on me, so good that I started moaning.

“Deep breath, deep breath and hold it,” she told me. I did that, and
got dizzier, and I guess a little farther from the edge. She coached my
breathing for a while as she rode me faster and stronger. I heard her
moaning on top of me; I had to open my mouth to breathe, I just couldn’t
get enough air through my nose. She sat straighter on top of me, rocked a
couple times, and pushed me over the edge, encouraging me with her voice
and her hands all the way.

She leaned over a ways, then leaned back and forward, pressing a breast
into me again. “Deep breathing now, straight O2 — oh that was a good

We separated after a couple minutes when my head was more or less clear.
She had a great smile on her face. I sat up, shook my head a little, and
peeled off the cannula.

“Thank you for a tremendous education. I wish learning was always this
fun,” I told her.

She stood and stretched her lithe body in front of me. “Not so fast,
it’s final exam time.”

I gave her a quizzical look. She put the hand mask by me, then turned
off the gas flow on the bottles.

She smiled; I could see a ripple of excitement run down her body,
perking up her nipples and generating a little goose flesh. “I want you to
go through what you’re planning on doing with a very lucky woman.”

I stood up and stretched as well. I turned my back to her and bent
over, stretching my hamstrings and back. I moved a hand over the mask. As
she stepped closer to me I turned and raised it quickly to her face,
hitting the plunger as I got it close. She looked momentarily startled,
but took a deep breath, and I damn near dropped her on the floor, barely
getting an arm around her as she started pitching backwards.

I got her up on the exam table, knees off the edge. I’d position her
better in a moment. She looked delicious; I leaned over and sucked briefly
on her nipples again, then kissed her bush.

I got rid of my used condom, then switched the cannula for a mask,
started O2 flow, and put the mask on her face. I rolled the exam stool
over and lowered it as low as it would go; it was still a bit too high, but
it would do. I maneuvered the gas rig to where I could reach it with one

I’d tie Nancy to the bed; that would be fun. I mentally went through
those steps. Should I do that before starting O2? Probably. Well, ask
the expert in a while. I slid her bottom down a bit more and put her legs
over my shoulders. I crossed her legs on my back to hold them in place.
My but she smelled tasty. I didn’t feel like waiting until she woke up; I
started eating her.

I was lost in my work for a while when I felt her legs tighten around my
head and heard her moan. I pulled back a little and started the nitrous
flow. I quickly set the flow to the marker on the dial and went back to
work. Her moaning and squeezing increased; I followed the rhythm of her
hips. My right hand was still on the nitrous valve. When her squeezing
didn’t ease up after thirty seconds or so I turned up the gas a bit. After
a few seconds I felt her legs ease a little, so I backed off the gas and
started sucking her nub, teasing it with my tongue. She moaned and shook
around me; I had to hold on to her bottom with both hands.

I eased up for a moment, then got back to work, slipping a finger inside
her and hooking it back. As I pressed on her from the inside and outside,
following the timing she set, I heard a low almost grunting moan matching
our movements. A sound built from deep within her, and she squeezed me
between her thighs as she rocked. I felt her whole body shudder, then
release. Her legs started to slip off my shoulders; I grabbed them and
eased back a bit.

I pushed on her knees, sliding her back on to the exam table. I stood
up and looked at her, relaxed again on the table. I found the safety cap
for the hand mask and put it on, then put that mask on the table at the
other end of the room, out of reach. I put on my underwear, starting to
get dressed. As I slid them up, I bent over some. I caught her aroma

I went to the end of the table, between her legs. I leaned over and
tongued her again, reaching up with both hands to gently squeeze her
nipples. Her hands flew to my head and hands, she quivered and moaned, and
quickly came again, flopping back on the table.

This time when I stood up, I turned off the nitrous flow and cranked up
the O2 a little. I washed my face off at the sink and finished getting

I rolled the stool over to the side of the table and sat down, taking a
nipple in my mouth again. After a while I felt hands holding my head. I
kissed her nipple and sat up.

“Welcome back,” I told her, “Did I pass?”

I heard her laughing through the mask, her body jiggling. She started
sitting up; I helped her, and took off the mask. I reached over and turned
off the O2.

“I’m not sure. We may have to do that all over again so I can check
your technique.”

I laughed — a likely story. “I’ve got a question,” I told her. “With
Nancy, I’m going to tie her to the bed. Should I start O2 before or after
I tie her down?”

I could see the shiver run through her. She looked at me and smiled.
“I don’t know. I think we should try it both ways and I’ll tell you which
I like better.”

I laughed and helped her stand, hugging her to me. I helped her dress,
touching and caressing her gently.

We held each other again. “Chris,” I told her, “you are wonderful. Old
John may have been a character, but all the people I’ve met because of him
have been incredible.”

She sighed a little and burrowed her head into my shoulder. As she
walked me back to the front of the office, she stopped and wrote something
on the back of a card.

“Bill, call me if you have questions, or would like to practice. I’d
like to see you again.”

We hugged and kissed once more. I went out, got in the Jeep, and headed
back to the shop.