A Golden Experience

James was excited. He had never been on a blind date before, and was
looking forward to this one. It was set up by an old college friend, and
he was to meet her at the Grill for dinner. He was into his second glass
of wine, when a brunette walked up to his table.

“Hi! You must be James. I’m Sarah, you know, Craig’s friend?” James was
at a loss for words. She was slightly shorter than him, and had the body
of a goddess. “Umm… yeah… Hi… Pleased to meet you…” was all
he could stammer out. Sarah let off a little giggle, and said, “Would you
mind if I sat down?”

“No… Please, sit down. Uhhh… Would you like to order something?”

They both ordered, and to the amazement of James, and the waiter, Sarah
asked to have a chocolate mousse as an appetiser.

When it came, she asked to be excused, and disappeared with the mousse into
the ladies room. When she emerged, the mousse was gone, and in its place
was a yellowish liquid. Sarah sat down and handed him the cup, “Craig
told me you would enjoy this…”

For the second time that evening, James was stunned. Muttering a few words
of thanks to Craig, he took the cup, and drank it with one gulp. After
that, dinner was a blur, and all he remembered was footing the bill, and
offering Sarah a ride home.

When they got to Sarah’s apartment, she offered James a nightcap, which he
agreed to immediately. After pouring for each of them a glass of wine,
they sat on the sofa, and started kissing. Suddenly, Sarah nudged him
away and purred, “James, would you like some dessert?”

She then lifted her skirt and James’ jaw almost fell out. The split crotch
panties, and garter belt formed a frame for her pussy, and her neatly
trimmed pubic hair. He dove between the legs and started licking as if he
was a starving man. However, instead of her sweet nectar, all he got was a
mushy substance, which tasted like chocolate.

“So this is what you did with the mousse,” he grunted. “Shut up, and eat
me,” Sarah groaned. With that, he started eating. That was the most
delicious mousse he had ever tasted. Not only did it have the taste of
chocolate, there was also a tinge of her nectar, and the sweet-bitter taste
of her piss.

Suddenly, Sarah started groaning, and said, “OH GOD! I have to piss.” She
then let go, and James was hit in the face with a strong stream of piss.
He started drinking the urine, making an effort not to let any of the
precious liquid go to waste. When she stopped pissing, he went back to his
task of finishing his mousse. By this time, Sarah was having multiple
orgasms and was almost flying off the sofa.

Finally, all the mousse was finished, and with a grin, she unzipped James’
pants, and pulled his cock out. She took it in her mouth, and starting
sucking. James started moving his hips back and forth, trying to make
himself cum. Suddenly, she took him out of her mouth, and told him to piss
on her. James was not going to argue, and then started pissing on her face.
She moved her face around like someone taking a shower, and then put his
cock back into her mouth and drank the rest of his piss.

When he stopped pissing, she did not stop sucking. James cock was harder
than it has ever been, “Oh yes, baby… This feels really good… Oh
yes… Oh…” He wrapped his fingers in her hair, and started moving her
head back and forth. “Oh baby, don’t stop… I’m going to cum, don’t
stop… Uhh… Uhh…” He then exploded into her mouth. Sarah swallowed
all his cum, and then sucked his cock clean.

By now, both of them, and the sofa was drenched in piss, and sweat. Sarah
looked around and giggled, “Gee, I think my cleaning lady is going to have
a fit.”