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“Hey, Sis — wanna watch me jerk off?” Bonny Watson looked up and grinned. Bonny was cute with bouncy tits and a luscious ass. Her teenaged brother, Jimmy, had just been admiring the girl’s sexy body, and the sight had given the horny booming hard-on. He had stood up, intending to go up to his bedroom and beat his meat off in privacy, but then a sudden impulse had taken him and he asked his sister that question.

Seeing that Bonny was not shocked or angry, but that she was smiling and looked interested, Jimmy shoved his pelvis out, thrusting his groin toward her. The front of his tight-fitting jeans bulged out with his stiff prick.

Grinning lasciviously, Jimmy cupped his hand over the fat ridge and rubbed his cock through his jeans.

“You’re naughty,” Bonny giggled.

“Naw — ain’t nothing wrong with jacking off, Sis,” Jimmy said. He leered at her. “I bet you play with your own pussy a lot, right?” he added, starting to breathe hard as his hand massaged the huge lump of his swollen prick.

Bonny blushed demurely and lowered her eyes. But then she looked up at her brother again, fascinated by his hard-on, gazing at him through the web of her lowered lashes.

“Maybe I do,” she admitted.

Jimmy grunted and his cock surged in his palm. He grasped the clasp of his zipper.

“Well? Wanna see my cock?” he asked, wanting her permission so that he wouldn’t get in trouble later if she blabbed to their parents about what he did.

“Okay,” said the blonde nymphet, obviously intrigued by the prospect of watching her brother pound his prick. Her blue eyes were glued to his pain.

Jimmy drew his zipper down slowly, jamming his hips out towards the girl. She leaned forward in her chair. As his fly opened, Jimmy’s stiff prick lurched out.

“Oooooh!” Bonny squealed, when she saw how massive his cock was. The naughty teenager had played with a few pricks in her time, but she had never encountered one nearly as huge as Jimmy’s.

The horny boy reached into his fly and hauled his swollen balls out, then moved his hand away and left his exposed cock open to the girl’s fascinated attention.

“Golly,” she gulped. “Your prick is so big!” Jimmy shoved it toward her. His purple cockhead was a mushroom-shaped slab of throbbing meat at the top of his long, thick cock stalk. A fat, dark vein pulsed up the underside of his shaft and his pisshole was gaping open. His balls looked as big as apricots.

“Like it, Sis?” he rasped.

“Oh, yes!” she enthused.

A blob of slimy cum oozed from his pisshole and trickled down his cockhead like whipped cream. Bonny gave a little moan at the sight.

Jimmy jerked his loins in and out in a fucking motion, shoving his naked cock towards her. His balls swung out like the clappers of a meaty bell and his prick was so taut that it was humming like a tuning fork. Another glob of jism squeezed from his cleft, all frothy on the meat of his cockhead. Bonny moaned again, getting turned on by the sight. Her nipples shot out in twin peaks against her tight tee shirt and her pussy felt like a glowing ember between her legs.

She had never been so hot in her life. Bonny was still a virgin, and the most she had ever done was to jerk a few guys off and let them fingerfuck her, but she knew that if she had ever been this horny with a guy before, she would most certainly have lost her cherry. If only Jimmy wasn’t her brother, she thought. She certainly couldn’t get screwed by her own brother — could she?

“Do it, Jimmy!” she cried, longing to see all his steaming hot fuckjuice squirt out of his prick.

Jimmy took a step closer to the girl.

“Can I shoot on your tits?” he asked, his voice trembling and husky with depraved desire. Bonny hesitated for a moment, wondering if it would be an act of incest to let her brother cream her tits. But she guessed it wouldn’t be, as long as they didn’t go any further than that — and the thought of having her tits hosed by his jism was wildly exciting.

“Yeah — milk your cum off on me, Jimmy,” she whimpered.

She grasped her teeshirt and drew it up over her fat tits. Jimmy groaned at the sight of those plump tit-globes. Her pert, rosy nipples were standing out like rockets ready to be launched, and her mounds rolled together into a line of deep cleavage.

Bonny yanked the teeshirt off over her head, her blonde hair cascading over her cheeks. She arched her slender back and pushed her tits out towards her brother as he hovered over her. Her tit tips seemed to be straining toward his cock, while his prick, in turn, jerked out toward her like a heat-seeking missile.

Jimmy cupped his balls in his left hand mid folded his right hand around his cock. He squeezed and groaned as his fat prick throbbed savagely in his fist.

“Jeez — I’m so fucking hot!” Bonny wailed.

The girl cupped her tits in her hands, lifting the fat mounds and deepening her cleavage. With a double handful of fat tit, she brushed her thumbs against the tips.

Jimmy gave his cock a slow stroke. As his fist drew upwards, his foreskin rolled over the ledge of his prick knob, and as he stroked back toward the root of his cock, his cockhead flared out like the head of a hooded cobra about to strike.

“Oooooh,” Bonny whimpered, gazing longingly at the naked slab of his massive cock crown. His pisshole was weeping steadily now, and his knob was frothy with preliminary jism.

She trembled at the thought that a load of that precious slime would soon be hosing her tits.

Jimmy pumped his prick again, grimacing, his face contorted by raging lust. Bonny’s face was contorted too, her pretty features twisted into a mask of pure passion.

“Wait,” she whispered. “Don’t cum yet…” Jimmy stopped pumping his prick and held it by the hilt, like some weapon poised to strike.

He wondered why she had asked him to wait.

He sure hoped that slit hadn’t changed her mind. But far from it. Grinning impishly, the naughty girl drew her short skirt up above her waist. She arched her back and parted her thighs, giving her brother a look at her crotch. Jimmy gasped. Her bikini panties were soaking wet. The crotchband had been sucked up into her pussy and he could see a hairy cuntlip on either side. He staggered slightly, as so much blood rushed into his hard-on that it left him lightheaded.

“Oh, shit, Sis,” he groaned. “Take your fucking panties off? I wanna see your cunt!”

Bonny smiled at her brother’s arousal. She wanted to feel his eyes on her as much as he wanted to look at her — but not as much as she longed to feel his fuckjuice hose her down.

She hooked her thumbs under the elastic band of her panties and slowly tugged them down over her curvy hips. She hiked her pert ass up and squirmed from the soaking bikinis, kicking them from her feet. They fluttered to the floor like a butterfly with wet wings, steaming with her hot cuntjuice.

Parting her thighs wide, Bonny tilted her crotch up. Jimmy gulped at the sight of her pussy. Her cuntlips were unfurled like the petals of a fleshy flower, and her cuntslit was flooded with pussy cream. Her fuck button stood out like a log in a swamp. Frothy pussy nectar ran down her crotch and seeped into the crack of her ass. The sight made the horny boy’s tongue as stiff as his prick.

He sure wished that Bonny wasn’t his sister. Like Bonny, Jimmy wasn’t ready for incest quite yet. But he was certainly ready to empty his swollen balls onto her. He stroked up and down his cock. Bonny jerked her crotch up higher, poised under his prick like a target under a howitzer. She slid her hands down her belly and into her groin. Using the tips of her fingers, she spread her cuntlips open wider, exposing the dark inner folds, all streaked with her juices. She was so hot that her pussy was steaming.

“Do it, Jimmy,” she moaned. “Pump your big prick and shoot all over my cunt and tits…”

“Yeah!” he grunted.

He began to whip his fist up and down on his cock, caressing his balls with his other hand. His hips jerked in and out as he fucked through his fist, driving his flaring cockhead out toward his sister’s loins.

A glob of preliminary turn fell from the throbbing tip of his cock and splashed right in his sister’s open cunthole. She squealed with joy as she felt the scalding hot slime soak into ha pussy, and moaned in anticipation of his full load.

Squirming under his prick. Bonny rubbed ha pussy with both hands. Cunt cream bubbled out, lathering her whole crotch and soaking the chair under her grinding ass. Her lovely face turned from side to side, blue eyes narrowed and sensual lips parted. She jerked her belly up and down, arching her back.

“Cum,” she whimpered. “Oh, shit? I’m gonna cream, Jimmy — shoot on me — soak my pussy!”

Her cunthole was melting. The flow of her juices got hotter and thicker as her cuntjuice turned to cum cream. Groaning, her brother began to jerk his cock faster. His cock knob swelled and throbbed as his fist jolted back towards his bloated balls.

“Here it comes, Sis!” he cried.

“Yes — yeah — cream me!” she wailed, squirming in joyful expectation of his cum load.

Jimmy’s fist pulled back and his balls erupted. His steaming load shot up his stalk and burst from his huge cockhead in a creamy jism jet. The first slimy spurt shot into his sister’s crotch, pouring into her open cuntslot and blending with her girl-cum. She wailed with the pure joy of it.

“More! More!” she cried. “Keep coming!”

Jimmy pumped a second spurt into her groin. The hot stuff flooded her stiff fuck bud and she shuddered. Her clit detonated and her pussy creamed again. Cuntjuice and jism turned her whole crotch to a swampy morass and poured down into the crack of her jerking ass like a foaming waterfall.

Jimmy jerked his prick up to a higher angle and another scalding dose shot out onto the girl’s fat tits. A thick river slid into her deep cleavage and fat globs dosed her nipples. His next jet skimmed up her breastbone and splashed into the hollow of her throat. She tossed her head back, gurgling with delight as his slime hosed the underside of her chin.

Jimmy’s balls seemed bottomless. He was pumping the spunk out by the bucketful, soaking his sexy sister from her steaming crotch to her throat. A slippery ribbon of cum skidded onto her cheek. Her blonde hair was matted with slime. He dipped lower and shot another squirt into her gaping fuck crater.

“Don’t stop!” she pleaded, one spasm after another shaking her cunt.

At last he began to falter. His spunk stopped spurting out and the last drops oozed from his pisshole in a trickle and dropped off onto her upthrust tits.

Bonny continued to frig her pussy for a few seconds more as she worked off the final spasms and milked out the last drops of her creamy girl cum. She smiled dreamily. Then she tilted her face down and gazed at her body — and trembled at what she saw. She was drenched with Jimmy’s jism. Her crotch was soaked with the stuff, it glistened in the golden curls of her cunt bush and streaked her belly. Her fat tits were awash with the slowly congealing fuckjuice.

Despite her recent and most satisfying orgasm, Bonny began to get horny again.

She raised her eyes to her brother.

Jimmy’s prick was still stiff. It had diminished only slightly and still stuck out at an upward angle from his fist. His purple cock knob was slimy with the residue of his coming. Ribbons of the stuff had run down his stalk onto his balls. Those big cumbags had sunk inwards now that they were empty, but already they were showing signs of bloating with another load.

It was a mouthwatering sight. Bonny had never sucked a cock, but she had often wondered what it would be like. Now, staring at her brother’s tasty-looking prick, all slathered with fuckjuice, she knew for a certainty that she was going to adore giving blowjobs.

If only Jimmy wasn’t her brother!

Was oral sex incest? She wondered. Or did you have to actually fuck to break that taboo? Oh, no, she told herself. I simply mustn’t suck my brother’s big, delicious-looking cockmeat! I mustn’t milk that tasty prick off and swallow his fuckjuice.

Not realizing what his naughty sister was contemplating, Jimmy gave his prick a tentative stroke and felt it tense. His fist slid back and his cockhead flared.

“Wanna do it again?” he grunted.

“You think we get time before Mom and Dad come down?” Bonny said.

“Sure. They always stay in bed all morning on Sunday,” said Jimmy.

But in fact, their mother had already come downstairs some time ago — and had watched the whole thing.


Charles and Claire Watson usually did stay in bed all morning on a Sunday, as Jimmy had mentioned. They often stayed out late on Saturday night and slept well into the morning when, invariably, they woke up horny and stayed in bed, enjoying some leisurely licking, followed by plenty of fucking. Sometimes, just for variety, they frigged each other off or added the embellishment of Claire’s big, rubber dude. Claire had awoken first that morning, feeling slightly hung over, having been to a party the night before. Charles was sleeping on his back and she had slid down and sucked his soft cock into her warm mouth, working on it hungrily. It always thrilled her to take a cock in soft and feel it swell and harden in her mouth.

Charles stirred and mumbled in his slumber. His prick got enormous as his sexy wife mouthed it greedily. She wondered what he was dreaming about. She slid her tongue all over his prick and sucked his cockhead right back into her throat, swallowing him to the roots.

She was wondering if she could manage to milk him off without waking him up, a thing she always loved to do. Later, he could tell her all the juicy details of the wet dream she’d given him.

She worked away for a few minutes but then realized that she needed a drink. She would soon be getting a mouthful out of his cock and balls, of course, but she knew that although she adored swallowing cum, that thick and slimy stuff was hardly thirst-quenching. She was reluctant to stop sucking, and continued for a few more minutes, but then decided that she had better have a drink of Coke before she carried on to the creamy conclusion.

She glanced at the nightstand and saw that they had forgotten to place a bottle there, as they usually did when they had been drinking. It annoyed her to think she would have to go downstairs to the kitchen. She sucked away a bit longer, but Charles showed no sign of getting his rocks off, and with a sigh she drew her lips from his prickmeat. She got out of bed, careful not to disturb him and hoping he would still be asleep when she came back so she could finish her dream suck.

Not bothering to put a dressing gown on, Claire left the bedroom and went downstairs naked. Her body was spectacular, the kind often referred to as a brick shithouse. Her tits were big and firm and thrusting, capped by large, rosy nipples. Her waist was narrow and her hips swept out wide, while her ass jutted out as if to counterbalance the weight of her tits. Her cunt mound was a tanged jungle of blonde curls spreading in a wide vee up her belly.

Her hot pussy squished between her lush thighs with every step that she took as she descended the staircase. She was eager to get back to bed.

She went to the kitchen and got a bottle of Coke out of the refrigerator. She took a slug out of the bottle. Then, refreshed and bringing the Coke with her, she headed back to the stairs.

Passing the living room, she looked in — and almost fainted.

There was Bonny, sprawled in a chair with her pussy bared and her skirt up and her legs apart, and there was Jimmy standing over her, pulling his prick furiously.

Claire’s initial impulse was to rush into the room and put and end to the naughty situation.

But she was fascinated.

She had always enjoyed playing the voyeur, and the thought of spying on her own naughty children thrilled her to the core. Her nipples shot out and her pussy bubbled. She hesitated, then smiled.

Claire had decided to watch.

It wasn’t as if they were actually touching each other, she reasoned, trying to justify allowing the situation to continue. If they started to do anything more serious, she would certainly interfere — or so she told herself. But since both of them were obviously experienced at giving themselves handjobs, what difference did it make if they happened to frig off in company.

Claire sank slowly down to her knees, just back from the open doorway through which she was staring. Her plump tits swung as she began to squirm with excitement. How thrilling it was to watch her kids being naughty! Her eyes flashed back and forth between them. She found her daughter’s creamy cunt as fascinating as her sons enormous prick. She gazed at Jimmy’s cockhead as it flared from out of his pounding fist, then stared at Bonny’s overflowing fuckhole.

Claire’s own cunt began to melt, as if in sympathetic vibration with her daughter’s creamy pussy. Ribbons of cuntjuice ran down the flesh of her inner thighs. She was holding the Coke bottle in her right hand and she cupped her left hand over her cunt, rubbing and caressing her pussy and her fiery fuck button. Then, with a sudden inspiration, she moved the Coke bottle between her legs and began to shove the neck up into her cunthole. She squirmed and jerked as she fucked herself with the bottle, sliding it deep into the tunnel of love.

Her cuntjuice poured into the open bottle, clouding the dark liquid with milky streaks. She bobbed up and down, thighs tensing, riding the bottle as if it were a prick. Abandoned to her lust now, she drew the bottle out of her pussy and brought it up to her lips. Gazing longingly at her daughter’s cunt, she slurped the neck of the bottle into her mouth and began to suck her own cuntjuice from it. She slid her lips up and down as if it were a glass cock. Coke, mixed with pussy nectar, sloshed onto her tongue and lips.

Wild fantasies flashed through her fevered mind. She imagined that the Coke bottle was Jimmy’s cock, and that the cuntjuice she was tasting on it was her daughter’s cum cream — that she was sucking her son’s prick after it had been dipped in her daughter’s cunt.

She pulled the bottle from her lips and sank it up her cunthole again, moaning and panting. She had to stifle the urge to cry out aloud with her raging passion, afraid that the kids would hear her and terminate their fascinating exhibition.

Ready to come, Claire wanted the Coke bottle to shoot into her like a real prick. She pulled it out oilier cunt and jerked it furiously up and down. When the Coke began to foam out, she shoved it back into her fuckhole and gasped as the tingling fluid poured into her and her cunt melted onto it.

The fake cum sparkled in her cunthole as her clit detonated and her cum juice gushed out. Just as the frenzied woman reached the crest, she saw her son’s fuckjuice spurt out, dosing Bonny with squirt after squirt of hot slime.

Spasm after spasm shook her lush body as she watched Jimmy empty his balls onto his sister, soaking her with jism from crotch to throat. Bonny was creaming too, her pussy pimping, her girl-cum out in creamy rivers that drenched her crotch, blending with Jimmy’s jism and pouring down into the crack of her grinding ass.

Jimmy staggered slightly as his last load shot out, followed by a trickle from his pisshole. His balls had collapsed. But his cock was still ironhard in his hand.

The whole front of Bonny’s nubile body was glistening with her brother’s thick, steaming hot slime.

“Wanna do it again?” Jimmy asked.

Claire trembled, hoping that they would. They did — and more!

“Move closer this time, Jimmy,” Bonny whispered.

Jimmy stepped in between her knees. His massive cock loomed out right before her lovely face. Her blue eyes crossed as she turned her gaze in upon his prick knob. The purple meat was slathered with the residue of his coming, and Bonny thought it was the most delicious looking thing size had ever looked at. He was fiery hot and his spunk was steaming from his cockhead.

Bonny leaned forward, her blonde hair cascading over her cheeks. Her flushed face was only inches from his prick and her thrusting tits jutted under his balls. Those big balls were already beginning to bloat up with another load.

“Shoot right in my fucking face, this time,” Bonny moaned, her voice husky with desire.

Jimmy gasped and began to pull on his prick. As his hand jerked back, his cockhead flared only inches from Bonny’s face. Her pink tongue slid across her lips and she opened her mouth.

“Holy shit, Sis,” Jimmy gasped. “You want me to shoot my jism right into your mouth?”

“Ummmm,” she purred.

She ran her hand up from her cuntmound to her tits, gathering up some of his cum. She held her glistening hand up to her face and began to lap his slime from her fingers and palm like a cat at a cream bowl. Her eyelids fluttered and she moaned. If her brother’s fuckjuice was so succulent delivered by hand, just think what it would taste like if she were to suck it straight out of his cock!

Oh! I mustn’t! she thought. He’s my own brother — I mustn’t think about sucking him off!

But how could she help it? Her mouth was watering and her tongue was tingling. She scooped up another slimy handful from her tits and licked it up. Jimmy was staring at her in total fascination, watching her tongue gather up his jism. She stuck her tongue out so that he could see his cum sliding on her tastebuds. Then her throat pulsed as she swallowed.

“Oooohh — your cum is yummy,” she whispered.

“Jeez, Sis…” he croaked. He was so excited that his cock was bucking like a bronco, almost tossing his hand off his fuckrod.

Claire stared at them, seeing his cockhead throbbing so close to Bonny’s face as the naughty girl lapped up his slime from her hand and gulped it down. She knew that she should interfere now, that things were going to get out of hand — literally. But despite her good intentions, Claire was too much of a voyeur to terminate the scene. She was frozen by visual desire.

“Suck my cock, Sis,” Jimmy rasped.

He jerked his pelvis out, pushing his cockhead up to her lips. Bonny turned her face aside and his prick missed her mouth and skimmed along her cheek. His cock was so hot that she thought it was going to blister her flesh, to brand her.

“Let me put it in your fucking mouth,” he pleaded.

“I-I want to — but it’s so naughty,” she whispered.

“You already tasted my cum,” he reasoned. “It won’t be much naughtier if you suck me off, right?”

I’ve got to stop them, Claire told herself.

But she knew that she wouldn’t.

Jimmy shoved his prick out again, brushing the tip against his sister’s lips. She rubbed against him, her mouth closed now. He dipped down and rubbed his cockhead against her tits, nudging it into her cleavage and tapping it against her stiff nipples. She moaned and squirmed, brushing her tits against him catlike and squirmy.

His pisshole rippled open and a thick glob of preliminary slime oozed onto her tits, scalding hot and frothy. Bonny whimpered with joy as she felt his thick slime soak into her tit meat. Her pussy overflowed with the juice of her arousal.

Jimmy moaned and humped, shoving his big cock up through his sister’s smooth tit cleavage. His flaring knob slid up her breastbone and nudged into the hollow of her throat. His cleft was weeping steadily now, laying a glistening trail in its wake.

Bonny trembled with desire as she felt her brother’s steaming hot fuckjuice soak into her cleavage and run up to her throat. The girl turned her pretty face down and watched his fat prick come sliding out from between her tits and shove upwards. The swollen purple slab was all frothy with the seepage from his gaping pisshole. The sight caused her to drool and her sensual lips frothed with saliva.

She slid her tongue back and forth across her open lips and murmured hungrily. Her eyelashes fluttered. Whatever inhibitions remained in the teenage sexpot melted.

“Oh, shit,” she moaned. “I’m so fucking hot, Jimmy. I-I want to suck your cock!”

“Yeah — yeah…” the frantic teen panted, ramming his cock up through her tit tunnel again.

Jesus, thought Claire. I can’t let her do it! Oh my God — I want to see her blow him! Yeah! Suck that big cock, you tramp! Suck your brother’s prick off!

Claire was ramming the Coke bottle up into her pussy again, ready to cream as she gazed upon the incestuous scene. Her own mouth was watering at the delicious-looking sight of her son’s massive cock and balls and the spunk that was oozing out.

“Suck the fucker, Sis,” Jimmy rasped. “Let me blow my wad into your fucking mouth…”

Bonny tilted her head lower and slid her tongue out, tapping it against the slimy tip of his cockhead.

“Oooooh!” she moaned, tasting his jism.

She drew back slightly, savoring his tasty slime on her tongue, then gulped it down. The first drops whetted her appetite. She began to slurp on his prick knob greedily. Her wet tongue slid all over the fat slab of her brother’s cockhead and pushed into his open pisshole, gathering up the thick scum seepage.

“Yummy!” she purred.

Claire could see her son’s frothy slime running onto her daughter’s flashing tongue, and her own tongue tingled wildly with envy. She was longing to see Jimmy unload his balls into Bonny’s hungry mouth and wishing that she could taste his cum, too. Her eyes turned down onto Bonny’s crotch and she whimpered, yearning for that succulent-looking pussy as well. She knew that her desires were depraved, but that only made them more exciting. My God, I’m their mother! she thought, thrilling to her own wickedness. Her cunt flooded around the neck of the bottle, cunt juice gushing out as the foaming fluid bubbled into her.

“Ummmmm,” Bonny whispered, slurping her tongue all over the head of her brother’s throbbing prick.

She had never licked a cock before, but she knew instinctively just how to do it — knew for a certainty that she was going to prove an expert cocksucker from the start, and that from now on she was going to blow every guy she could.

She rubbed her nose against his cock, sniffing and inhaling the musky aroma of cockmeat. Cum trickled into her flaring nostrils. She lapped at the underside of his mushroom-shaped slab, where the pulsing vein spread out into the fat wedge.

Jimmy humped, sliding his fuckrod along her trembling lips; Bonny tilted her face to one side and began to lick up and down his stalk, tracing along the vein and lapping at his swollen balls as she slid down to them. She could feel his hard nuts shift inside the hairy sac, and his built-up cum load slosh around.

She fitted her parted lips against the underside of his cockshaft and began to slide them up and down, as if she were playing his prick like a meaty flute. Her tongue flashed against his cockhead at the top of the stroke, then lapped his balls as she descended.

Lifting his bloated balls in her hand, she tongued at the underside, then lapped back up his pounding fuck stalk and laved the huge wedge of his throbbing cockhead greedily. More jism oozed onto her tastebuds and the horny teenager gurgled with delight and desire.

“I want your cum, Jimmy,” she panted, speaking with her lips against the tip of his cock as if into a microphone. “Shoot your hot, thick slime into my fucking mouth — Oh, shit, I’m so fucking hot! I wanna swallow your joyjuice and milk you dry…”

“Yeah — yeah…” Jimmy groaned, thrilled by his naughty sister’s erotic words almost as much as by the feel of her tongue and lips against the head of his cock.

He placed his hand behind her blonde head and pushed, urging her to take his prick into her mouth. Bonny kissed the frothy tip, then slowly parted her lips and fed his fat knob into her hungry drooling maw. Jimmy gasped at the thrill of it, the wonderful sensation of having his cockhead buried in his sister’s hot, wet mouth.

“Ummmmm,” she purred, sucking softly on the slab of succulent cockmeat and finding it as delicious as she had hoped.

Her cheeks hollowed inwards as she nursed on his prickhead and her lips pulled at his cockshaft, collaring his cock just behind the big, wedge-shaped slab of his cockhead.

Cum dribbled from her mouth and ran down his fuckrod. She began to bob her head up and down, as if she were ducking for apples in a barrel, taking more of his long, thick prick into her head. She found that she needed no previous experience or practice, but that she was a skilled cocksucker from the first mouthful — a taint which she had no doubt inherited from her horny mother, who was looking on with envy.

Claire was fucking into her cunt with the bottle, then bringing it up to her mouth and sucking on it, wishing it were her son’s cock, coated with her daughter’s cunt cream.

Bonny pushed her face down and fed all of Jimmy’s big cock into her hungry mouth. Her nose nested in his wiry pubic hair and her chin brushed against his balls as his cock vanished into her maw. His throbbing knob clogged her throat and she gulped and gagged, but held it all in for a moment, then drew back towards his cockhead. His thick fuck stalk came out of her mouth coated with her saliva. Thick ribbons of preliminary fuckjuice streamed down, streaking her slobber.

“Ummmmmmmm…” she moaned.

“Suck me, Sis — milk me off…” Jimmy gasped.

“Yeah — feed me your jism!” she whimpered, her words muffled on a mouthful of cockmeat.

Jimmy began to hump, fucking into his sister’s mouth just as if it were a cunthole. Bonny felt as if her body was reversed, as if her face had magically become her crotch. Her tongue was as hot as her clit and she was drooling as heavily as her pussy was flooding.

“Unghhhh!” she gasped, as his prick knob shoved into her gullet. Then she purred as she pulled her lips back and collared his cock just behind his crown.

His balls swung in and out, slapping Bonny under the chin as she bobbed back down, gorging herself on his fuckrod. She swallowed the seepage from his pinhole hungrily, yearning for his full load. His cock was thundering violently as she brought him toward the crest. She turned her face, taking his slimy knob into one cheek then the other, then took it back into her throat and sucked hard.

“Pour it to me,” she whimpered, pulling her pursed lips back up to the head of his prick.

He hadn’t shot yet, but her mouth was already awash with his seepage, and her hot tongue was floating in the stuff. He humped into her head as she slid down. Her lips made moist slurping sounds as she nursed lovingly on his sweet meat and waited eagerly for his jism. Her blonde hair fell in a golden curtain over his balls and her forehead pressed against his belly as she gulped his cock deeply into her mouth. She twisted her lips around, adding torque to the in-and-out action and her tongue curled into a moist bridge over which his cockhead and stalk slid as he plunged back into her gullet. Jimmy groaned, nearing the peak. He whipped his cock into her mouth frantically, tilting her head back as he jammed her full. His balls were expanding like balloons.

“Take it, Sis!” he wailed.

“Ummmm-ummm…” she moaned in expectation, feeling his cock swell up in her mouth.

Jimmy’s balls exploded as her lips pushed down to the root of his cockshaft. His thick jism came sliding up his prick and, burst from his bloated cockhead in a creamy spurt.

“Oooooh,” Bonny cried as his first squirt poured straight down her throat. She pulled her lips back up his shaft so that his second load skimmed over her tongue as it gushed out.

Claire was creaming frantically as she watched Jimmy unload his fuckjuice into his sister’s mouth. His thick fucker drew out of her lips, slathered with spunk and saliva, then plunged back in as the potent youth fucked into her head and shot again.

Bonny sucked and swallowed, swallowed and sucked, drinking Jimmy’s delicious jism greedily. The hot slime was warming her belly as she gulped it down. His preliminary seepage had been succulent, but the full load was the most delicious stuff that the randy nymphet had ever tasted, and she was sucking frantically, hoping that he would keep coming for ages.

Jimmy kept pumping the fuckjuice into her mouth and Bonny gurgled and gulped as she drank the sweet slime. Cum overflowed her lips and poured down his cockshaft, then she bobbed back down and slurped the stuff back up.

His last spurt hit her tongue and Jimmy staggered. His prick pulled from her lips, his fuckknob dripping. Bonny moaned and leaned forward, sucking him back into her mouth and milking a few last drops of joyjuice out of his drained balls. Her belly was full but the greedy girl was still hungry for more of his cum.

“Christ, Sis — you’ll suck my guts out,” he gasped.

Bonny nursed on his spent prick for another moment or two, then drew her mouth off him. His cock swayed, semi-hard, looming out from his belly in a fat parabola. Leaning in, Bonny used her tongue to gather up the errant drop of jism from his cock and balls, polishing his purple cockhead to a glistening luster.

“Ooooh — I love drinking your cum, Jimmy,” she whispered. “I wanna suck you off a lot, from now on…”

Claire trembled, creaming again and hoping that she would get plenty more chances to watch her naughty children misbehave in the future. She was wild with lust. Bonny smiled, her lips all frothy with her brother’s creamy cum. She slid her tongue out so that he could see how it was coated with his joyjuice.

“Wanna do me, now?” she asked.

“Yeah!” Jimmy said, with relish.

And Claire shoved the Coke bottle up her cunt and eagerly awaited the next performance.


Claire had creamed, so abundantly by this time, and so much of the fizzy Coke had bubbled out into her pussy that the bottle was half-full of creamy cunt juice. She pulled it from her groin and tipped it up to her lips, drinking the milky cream and fantasizing that it was her naughty daughter’s pussy juice she was gulping down — just as Jimmy was preparing to savor that simmering snack.

Jimmy had never eaten a pussy, but it was a treat he had often thought about with enthusiasm. He’d wondered which of the girls that he dated might let him go down on her. The fact that he was about to get his first cunt suck from his sister’s crotch was astonishing, and the incestuous thrill of the thought was making his mouth water.

Jimmy knelt down between Bonny’s sleek thighs. He placed his hands on her knees and spread her legs wide apart, licking his lips and admiring the steaming, soaking pussy-slit that he was just about to tongue fuck.

Bonny slid her trim ass down along the edge of the chair and arched her slender back, squirming in anticipation. Her cuntlips were unfurled and her fuckslot was full of cunt nectar. Her pink clit was standing out like a bullet, throbbing and pulsating, all slippery as her juices flowed over the stiff bud.

“Suck my cunt, Jimmy,” she whimpered.

Yeah! Tongue that sweet pussy, you naughty boy! Claire thought, trembling in expectation of the sight. She was licking her lips and drooling, lusting for Bonny’s cunthole almost as much as she had been yearning for Jimmy’s cock while Bonny mouthed it.

Half-crazed by her dark desires, she shoved the bottle up her pussyhole, sucked on it, nudged her taut tit tips into the neck and slid it up and down through her deep, smooth cleavage.

Jimmy leaned forward with his tongue out, saliva dripping from the edges, his lips moist.

His sister tilted her crotch up, offering her steaming fuckhole to his eager mouth. Cuntjuice poured from her pussy and slid down into the tight crack of her ass.

Jimmy tapped the tip of his hot tongue against Bonny’s vibrant clit and she shuddered.

“Oh, Jimmy,” she moaned.

Jimmy drew back, and for a horrible moment Bonny thought that he hadn’t liked the taste of her cunt and wasn’t going to continue. But Jimmy was merely pausing to savor the flavor of her pussy juice on his tastebuds, and to anticipate the delights of eating her out to a climax and gulping down her creamy girl cum.

He leaned in and licked her clit again, then ran his wet tongue tip through her open fuckslot.

“Jeez — your cunt is delicious, Sis!” he gasped.

His prick, which had gone semi-hard after his second coming, began to twitch and rise up again.

Claire’s eyes darted back and forth between her son’s stiff cock and her daughter’s flooded pussy, filled with an equal longing to get her mouth on both.

Jimmy licked lightly up Bonny’s cuntlips, tilting his head from side to side. Then he slid his tongue as far up into her cunthole as it would reach, wriggling it around inside her clinging folds, then sliding it in and out in a fucking motion.

“Yeah — yeah — yeah,” Bonny wailed.

His tongue came out slathered and dripping, then shot back up her fuckhole. He was slobbering into her open slot, his saliva running into her cunt cream. From the way that Bonny was trembling, he knew that she was going to cream soon, but although he yearned for that magic moment, he didn’t want to rush it. The cunt hungry teen wanted to enjoy this sweet snack as long as possible before he drank her cum. He drew back, giving her a chance to cool slightly and subside from the crest. She moaned and jerked her hips, wanting his mouth back on her.

Ribbons of cunt juice had run down the insides of her smooth thighs. Jimmy started at the insides of her knees and lapped up her legs, slurping up the tasty overflow. He licked up every drop and slid his tongue up the crease where her thighs joined her body, teasing her for a moment by licking parallel with her cuntlips but not making contact. Then he ducked down lower and began to slurp the cream out of the crack of her ass. Bonny gasped and jerked her butt higher.

“Tongue my shit hole,” she whispered.

Jimmy cupped the mounds of her ass in his hands and spread them apart, exposing her taut brown assbud. He licked at the rim, then slid his tongue right up into her shit track. Cuntjuice had trickled into her asshole and he found it delicious, all tangy and scented from her ass. He tonguefucked into her asshole and sucked.

“Ummmm,” he moaned, thrilled to the core by this act of incestuous depravity, enjoying her asshole almost as much as her cunt. He rimmed her out with relish as she wriggled against him, her body coiling and uncoiling like a spring.

More cream poured down her crotch and into her ass crack and Jimmy lapped it up, slobbering into her.

Watching the boy lapping Bonny’s ass, Claire shifted the Coke bottle behind her, and gently worked the neck up into her own tight asshole. She reamed it in and out for a moment, then drew the bottle out and sucked on the shithole soaked neck. She wished that she was rimming out Bonny or Jimmy, thrilled by the spicy flavor of her own asshole. Back and forth went the useful bottle, up her cunt, into her asshole then into her mouth to be slurped clean again.

“Do my cunt now,” Bonny whimpered. “Oh, shit — I’m gonna fucking cream, Jimmy! Take it in your mouth…”

Jimmy gave her shit slot a last loving slurp, then began to work his way back through the crack and into her foaming crotch. He licked her fuck bud and lapped at her cuntlips. He’d been using only his tongue before, but now he clamped his parted lips to her cunt and began to suck her steaming pussy greedily.

His cock was rock-hard now. He felt as if his hard-on began in his asshole, transfixing his loins. Bonny was going to have to empty his balls again, he knew — but first he had a job to finish.

Sucking hungrily on her cunt-hole and clit. He tonguefucked deeply up into her fuckhole. His lips were clamped to her hairy pussy like a suction cup to a drain. Cuntjuice poured into his mouth, getting hotter and thicker as she neared the peak.

“Cum, Sis,” he rasped, the words muffled on cuntmeat. “Cream in my fucking mouth…”

Bonny jerked and wriggled with the joy of it. The waves of lust were coursing across her belly and shooting like electric currents up her trembling thighs. She whipped her cunt against her brother’s mouth frantically. The waves came faster and higher, starting to merge into one crest. Her pussy foamed and bubbled, flooding again and again. Each time her slit filled with cream, Jimmy sucked it out of her and he was using his nimble tongue to spoon more juice from inside her fuckhole.

Bonny clamped her thighs tightly around his head, holding him fast in a velvet vise. But there was no need to hold his head in her groin. There was nowhere the cunt-hungry boy would rather be. She threw her legs wide open again. Her feet came up, bicycling in the air behind his shoulders. She was feeling her tits and pulling at her nipples and licking her lips just as if she, too, had a mouthful.

“Drain me!” she cried.

“Yeah — cream me, Sis!” he gasped into her cunthole.

The first spasm shook the horny teenager and her ass churned wildly on the edge of the chair. Her hips pumped and her belly heaved up and down. A second spasm wracked her to the core.

“Oh, fuck — I’m coming!” she wailed. Jimmy gurgled with the joy of it as his sister’s cum cream soaked his flashing tongue and poured past his lips, filling his hungry mouth with her delicious fuckjuice.

“Cum, cum, cum,” he whimpered. Bonny came, came, came. She was in the blissful throes of a multiple orgasm, her clit exploding and her fuckhole creaming again and again, going off like a machine-gun.

Jimmy gulped her delicious juice down greedily and sucked for more, insatiable in his lust for her cream. His mouth filled up. He swallowed and Bonny filled him again.

His face was drenched from chin to brow with her overflow as his head slid around in her crotch like a terrier shaking a hairy rat. He moved one hand up her leg and pushed his middle finger into her cunthole, fingerfucking her as he sucked on her slit.

Bonny soared to the peak and cried out in her ecstasy.

Then she slumped back, drained for the moment. Jimmy continued to tongue her, lapping up the last precious drops, sorry that she had stopped creaming. She stroked his head gently, grateful for the pleasure he had given her.

But now it was Jimmy’s turn again.


Jimmy raised his head out of his sister’s crotch, his jaws dripping like a wolf’s over a carcass.

Bonny smiled, thrilled to see her cunt cream all over his mouth and on his tongue. Then she gave a little gasp when she saw that his prick was bigger and harder than ever.

Jimmy looked down, astonished to see how massive his prick had become while he was giving his sister head. It looked like a battering ram, he thought. He shoved his hips out and his cock loomed up over the girl’s slender loins.

“Let me rub it in your crotch, okay?” he rasped.

Bonny hesitated, knowing how dangerous that would be. Sucking was naughty enough, but she didn’t want to go all the way, losing her cherry to her brother.

“Well — okay,” she said. “But don’t put it in me…”

Jimmy grunted and shoved his belly out so that the huge lever of his prick was pressed into her crotch. His cock was angled upwards, the underside of his stalk sliding through her cunt and his cockhead jutting out above her blonde cunt mound.

Bonny stared down at that enormous purple slab, seeing it framed between her upthrust tits, thinking how wonderful it would be to have that rock-hard meat up her fuckhole. Oh, how she wished that Jimmy wasn’t her brother — or, better still, that incest wasn’t wicked.

She squirmed against him. The thick vein that seamed the underside of his cockshaft pulsed between her cuntlips and against her trembling clit. Bonny was getting hot again. She hooked her thighs around his hips, cupping her belly, clinging to him. Jimmy began to slide his prick up and down in a fucking motion. His bloated balls dragged up into her soaking pussy as his cockhead loomed over her mount of Venus. Then he dipped back down and his cock slid into her cunt, but still angled parallel instead of into her.

Feeling that huge slab throb against her clit, Bonny wailed with wild abandon. She knew that if Jimmy decided to shift his cock into position and shove it into her fuckhole, she would be powerless to resist. All of her willpower had melted in the heat of her desire. His cockhead came sliding up again and she gazed longingly at it, thinking how deeply it would fill her cunthole.

She jerked her cunt up and down against the underside of his prick, rubbing her clit along the fat vein. Jimmy humped up and down. Bonny knew that he would be able to get his rocks off that way and figured it would be best if he came soon, before they both got so carded away that he fucked her.

But she was lusting to feel his cock in her loins, to be stuffed to the brim with his stiff prickmeat and to feel his slime spurt into her at the blissful crest.

Then Bonny had a wonderful idea!

“Wait, Jimmy — don’t cum yet,” she gasped. Jimmy shoved his prick up and stopped humping. He figured that she wanted him to shoot in her mouth again. He wondered why she was looking sort of shy.

“We mustn’t fuck,” she whispered.

“Gonna blow me again, Sis? I just gotta get my fucking rocks off before I explode.”

Her eyelashes fluttered and she blushed slightly.

“When you were licking my asshole, it felt so good,” she said. “Want to shove your cock up there now?”

“Oh, wow! Yeah!” he gasped, amazed by her naughty suggestion, but turned on by the idea. He thought that buggery was dirty, but that only made it more exciting.

But he wasn’t any more excited than his mother, who was pushing the Coke bottle up her ass and gasping. She had thought that they were going to fuck when Jimmy had been shoving his prick up through Bonny’s crotch, and had known that it was her duty to prevent them from carrying their relations to the incestuous limit. But if he fucked her up the ass, it wouldn’t really be incest, she assured herself. It wouldn’t be any worst that sucking him off.

And she sure wanted to see it.

Jimmy moved back and Bonny slipped nimbly from the chair, turning onto her hands and knees. She looked back over her shoulder, smiling with anticipation. Her ass was thrusting up until it was the highest point of her posture, in a doggy-fucking position.

“Shove your big prick up my asshole,” she whimpered. “Unload your balls in my shit chute!”

Jimmy placed his open hands on the firm cheeks of her heart-shaped ass and spread them apart. Leaning down, he began to tongue her taut brown assbud, lubricating it with saliva. Bonny squirmed, working her ass against his face. She reached down and cupped her dripping cunt in her hand, intending to frig herself off while her brother poured his prick into her ass. He slurped away greedily for a few moments, once again savoring, the tangy taste of her shit hole. Her plump tits hung down, swaying like ripe fruit ready to be plucked.

Jimmy raised his head and gazed down, seeing that his tongue had opened her tight ass slot, her puckered ass rim slippery with his slobber. He trembled, yearning for the mysteries of her bowels. Bonny gave her ass a jerk, eagerly awaiting his fat fuckrod.

Wrapping his fist around the hilt of his stalk, Jimmy angled his cockhead toward her asshole.

He nudged the tip against her tight assbud and Bonny whimpered and wriggled with delight. Jimmy pushed against her ass. Looking down, he didn’t think it was going to be possible to cram his bloated cockhead into the tight little slot of her shit hole. The thought was frustrating and he was determined to try, but his prick seemed far too fat to go through that puckered little slot. His swollen purple slab was throbbing violently as it nestled its slimy tip in her brown bud.

A dribble of jism oozed from his pisshole and trickled into his sister’s asshole. She gave a little moan when she felt the steaming hot fuckjuice seep into her tender ass flesh.

“Stuff me!” she wailed, jerking against him. Jimmy grasped her by the handles of her hipbones and hauled her ass back as he shoved his prick out. Her assbud resisted for a moment. Then the pliable bud began to ripple and part to accommodate the great bulk of Jimmy’s prick.

The horny teen was amazed and delighted to see his cockhead start to disappear up his sister’s shit chute. His cocktip was in her, and the rest of his wedge-shaped knob was slowly penetrating. Her shitter had opened into a wide oval, stretching around him.

He jerked her and shook her by the hips, inching up into her ass steadily and remorselessly. Bonny was trembling. Her pretty blonde head was thrashing about, bobbing up and down; her slim back was arched and her ass was heaved up and jammed against her brother’s lean belly. Her trim thighs tensed as she rode against him. She had her hand cupped over her smoldering cunt, but she wasn’t rubbing herself off yet. She didn’t want to come too soon — not until she had an asshole stuffed full of pounding, spurting prick.

With a lurch, Jimmy buried his cockhead.

“Oh!” Bonny gasped. It hurt slightly, but not much. The faint tingle of pain seemed to enhance the thrill of the act, to add a new dimension to the lovely sensation of being buggered.

Jimmy, panting heavily, held steady for a moment. His knob had vanished into her brown assbud, and his thick prick stood out between them, like a bridge between his balls and her bowels.

“Give me more.” Bonny whimpered. “Feed all of your big cock up my ass, Jimmy — fuck my ass hard…”

Her enthusiasm turned him on, her words excited him. He began to inch his cockshaft into her ass. His knob was the fattest part of his prick, and it forged a passage for his cock, blazing a trail up into the unexplored regions of her body.

Her shit chute rippled on his meat, sucking and pulling, as if she were trying to digest him in reverse. Her hand slid back through her crotch and she cupped his balls, fondling them lovingly, grateful for the lovely load they contained and desperately eager to feel that steaming hot slime hose her bowels.

Bucking violently, she slammed back against him, and the last inches of his cock went into her. Jimmy was buried ball-deep up his naughty sister’s asshole. She began to rub his bloated cumbags around in her soaking cunt as she squirmed on his fat fuckrod.

The sight was making their mother so hot that she thought her pussy was going to ignite, that the cuntjuice that was streaming down her thighs would blister her flesh. The image of their depravity was branding itself indelibly into her fevered mind.

Jimmy held the full penetration for a minute, loving the sensation of having every inch of his long prick buried in a clinging, sucking asshole and letting his sister thrill to the joy of having a massive cock throbbing in her bowels.

Bonny squirmed and wriggled, working his cock around inside her ass and rubbing his balls into her creamy cunthole. The horny girl was in seventh heaven. Her brother’s huge cockhead felt like a lump of smoldering iron deep in her guts, and his long, thick fuckrod was wedging and prying like a crowbar in her shit chute.

If it felt this wonderful to have a cock up her ass, just think what it must feel like to have a cuntful of cockmeat, she was thinking. She was determined to get her cherry cunt screwed at the first opportunity, now that she had learned the joy of sex — although she wasn’t quite ready to fuck her brother yet.

Grunting, Jimmy began to hump.

His prick was plugged up her asshole so tightly that at first, he didn’t slide in and out, but merely hauled her ass back and forth on his buried fuckmeat. He tightened his grip on her hips, holding her in place and at the same time, her shit chute rippled and parted slightly, still clinging smugly to the contours of his cock, but loosening just enough to allow him to slide.

“Fuck my ass off!” she wailed.

Jimmy drew back and this time his cock emerged, slimy and dripping. He pulled out until only his cockhead was in her ass slot, paused, then rammed all of his prick back up her. Bonny gasped and whimpered with delight. Jimmy plunged in again, tilting her ass up high on his powerful thrust. She jerked up on trembling thighs, grinding against him. Then he plowed in from above and drove her loins downward.

Bonny released his balls, not wanting to hinder his stroking action. She shoved all four fingers up her cunthole, bunched together into a phallic shape. She fingered into her pussy tunnel and whipped her thumb back and forth against her throbbing clit.

She could feel his cock running in and out through the slender membrane that separated her cunt from her asshole. She was working in counterpoint, stuffing her fingers up her fuckhole when Jimmy pulled out, her hand and his prick passing like trains in twin tunnels.

Claire was copying her daughter.

She had the Coke bottle stuck up her cunt again, and she slipped two fingers knuckle-deep up her shit hole and wriggled them about. She was panting so loudly that she was afraid they might hear her. But Bonny and Jimmy were panting just as heavily, and were blissfully unaware of the fascinated audience for whom they were so vigorously performing.

“Unghhh!” Bonny grunted as her brother filled her ass to the brim with his smoking hot cockmeat.

He was plunging in so deeply that she thought his cockhead must be bumping against her lungs, running right through her guts. She half expected to feel his throbbing prick come sliding into her mouth from within.

Jimmy poured a long, rippling, under slung stroke into her, then slammed in from above, altering the angles. He was shoveling his cock into her with gusto. His balls swung in end out, slapping into her crotch as he buried his fuckrod Bonny’s cunt was so wet that when her brother’s balls slapped in, they made a splashing noise.

Her tight shit tunnel was massaging his fuckmeat, her guts were sucking on his prick knob. It felt as if his sister had a secret mouth inside her bowels, sucking him off, a mysterious fist frigging him.

Bonny was panting like a bitch in heat, her head lowered, slobbering and drooling. She switched her heart-shaped ass from side to side, and jerked it up and down. She was ready to cream but holding back, waiting for her brother’s fuckjuice.

“Shoot in me, Jimmy…” she gasped. “I can’t wait much longer — slime up my shit chute…”

Her hole worked on his sliding prick like a pliable wringer as she stroke to milk him off; his balls splashed into her cunt again, and they were so swollen now that she knew he was going to come soon. He hauled her back and rammed in savagely, grunting and groaning and grimacing, his face all twisted by lust.

“Gonna blow…” he rasped.

Bonny let herself go. Her cunthole began to melt and her clit exploded against her flicking thumb.

“Creaming — creaming…” she cried.

Jimmy howled like a wild beast in torment as he reached the peak. His balls erupted and his thick fuckjuice came rushing up his cock and shot into his sister’s bowels.

“Ahhhhh!” she gasped, when she felt his burning hot fuckjuice hosing her guts.

Jimmy pumped spurt after spurt into her, filling her belly in reverse, adding more cum to the load that she had swallowed. Each time he squirted more cum into her, Bonny shuddered with another spasm of bliss. As his cock pulled out, cum flooded from her asshole and poured down into her crotch, blending with her cuntjuice.

He felt as if he was shooting more than jism into her, as if his brains had melted, his blood turned to fuckjuice, his very life-force spurting from the head of his cock. The horny youth was coming from his heels, his whole body wracked by his orgasm. Shaking and trembling, dizzy with desire, he banged away, hammering into her ass, pounding and thundering as he emptied his balls spurt by spurt.

At long last he was drained. He felt as if he had been shooting into her ass for hours. Gasping, he slumped over her haunches and kissed the back of her neck. Bonny moaned, full of fuckjuice, but wishing he could pump even more into her hot body. She continued to squirm under him, impaled on his prick, working her own coming off to the end.

Jimmy began to withdraw. His prick was still stiff and her asshole clung tightly to him, and for a terrible moment he thought that they might be tied together, like rutting dogs — that someone would have to throw a bucket of cold water over them. But then his cock began to emerge. He held the cheeks of her ass in his hands and slowly drew his spent prick out of her well fucked shit hole. It came out as it had gone in, inch by precious inch, dripping with cum and ass-juice.

His cockhead popped out like a cork from a bottle. Cum streamed from her vacated asshole and frothed through the crack of her ass, running down into her crotch.

“Kiss me, Jimmy,” she whispered, hiking her ass up.

Jimmy willingly bent down and kissed the soaking bud that had just given him such pleasure, sliding his tongue into her shit hole. Bonny wriggled against his face, still frigging her pussy off. She sighed as the last wave rippled softly through her fuckhole. She slumped down on the floor, panting, then twisted around toward her brother, smiling dreamily.

His cock was beginning to droop now. It was slathered with slime. Bonny slid up to him and slurped his meat into her mouth, hungrily sucking on the soiled delicacy. She fed every inch of his soft, but still tasty, prick into her mouth, polishing it, then she tilted her head and let it slip from her lips. She sucked his shrunken cumbags in and gently licked the slime from them.

Drawing back, grinning impishly, she said, “Golly — we sure are being naughty today, huh?”

“Yeah — naughty but nice,” he said, returning her grin.

It had all been far too wonderful for either of them to feel any shame or remorse or regrets, and they knew they would be fooling around together an awful lot from now on. Everything but actually fucking, of course.

Or so they still believed.

“What now?” Jimmy asked, gazing down rather wistfully at his limp prick and wondering how soon he could get another hard-on? He thought that maybe Bonny might like her cunt sucked again, in the meanwhile. But naughty Bonny had come up with another idea.

“Let’s sneak upstairs and look through the keyhole,” she suggested. “Maybe we can catch Mom and Dad screwing.”

Jimmy nodded, thinking that a fine idea.

And Claire thought it was an absolutely wonderful idea. After all, she owed the kids a performance and she was determined to make it a good one…


Claire, being a voyeur, was also an exhibitionist — the other side of the coin. The knowledge that her naughty daughter was in the habit of spying through the keyhole thrilled her tremendously. She wondered how often Bonny had peeked in while she and Charles were fucking or sucking. Often, she hoped. She adored the thought that the girl had watched her in sexual action, and wondered how good a view she had gotten from the keyhole.

But today Bonny and Jimmy were not going to be sneaking any furtive looks through that keyhole.

Claire intended to leave the door open!

She was still squatting over the cream-filled Coke bottle. Now slit got unsteadily up on trembling thighs, the bottle sticking from her cunt. Plucking it out, she took another slug of cream, loving the flavor of her own pussy nectar. Then she turned and hurried to the stairs, going up quickly but quietly, not wanting the teens to hear any sounds that might inhibit them.

Her lush body was glowing all over, warmed by the anticipation of putting on a lascivious show for her children, almost as excited about performing as she had been at watching. She had creamed again and again as she watched the teens suck and bugger, yet she was still horny. Her nipples jutted out stiff and her pussy simmered.

Entering the bedroom, she was delighted to find that her husband was still asleep. She closed the door partially, leaving plenty of space through which Bonny and Jimmy could look in, but also giving them enough concealment for their voyeurism. She checked to make sure there was a good view of the bed, then went over and slid in beside Charles, careful not to disturb him.

She waited for the audience to arrive.

“You ever see them at it?” Jimmy asked as he and Bonny came sneaking up the stairs.

“Yeah — but you can’t really see so much through the keyhole. None of the details, I mean. But you can hear them pant and moan and once I heard Mom making plenty of sucking sounds, too.”

“Oh, wow! You think Mom blows?” Jimmy said. It didn’t seem the sort of thing a mother should do — although it was sure great that his sister was a cocksucker.

Bonny giggled at her older brother’s naivete. “Of course she blows, silly,” she said. “And she must swallow the fucking stuff, too, ’cause I heard her gulping.”

Jimmy’s limp but still impressive cock gave a little tingling jolt as he thought of his sexy mother drinking cum. Jimmy had often had erotic fantasies about his Mom while he was jacking off. Even the knowledge that he had once suckled on her big stiff nipples as an infant turned the horny teen on, and he never missed out on a chance to peck at her while she was in the bathtub or shower or changing her clothing. He spilled as much jism over thoughts of his mother as he had over his sister. Now he was more keen than ever to play the Peeping Tom, and he hoped desperately that his mom and dad would be fucking.

Jimmy was in for a treat.

Reaching the head of the stairs, brother and sister tiptoed down the hallway. When they saw that the bedroom door was ajar, they were both disappointed. Surely the door would be closed if their parents were having a fuck. But they proceeded, with fading hopes. At least they might get a chance to look at their mother as she lay naked in bed — and for Bonny the thought of getting a glance at her daddy’s whopper cock was an exciting prospect as well.

Bonny moved ahead and slid her face around the door jamb. Jimmy stepped up behind her and looked over her shoulder. They both stifled gasps when they saw that Claire was sitting on the edge of the bed with her knees apart and her ripe body stark-naked.

It appeared from the way she was placed, that she was just about to get out of bed and they were disappointed that they weren’t going to get to spy on a fuck, although they were both turned on by gazing at the woman’s voluptuous body in the nude.

Claire, careful not to look directly at the partially open door for fear of scaring them off, saw their shadows from the corner of her eye. She smiled slightly. Feigning a yawn, she raised her hand to her open mouth. Then she sighed and stretched, as if limbering up after a night of slumber. As she raised her arms, her fat tits thrust out toward the doorway. They noticed that the rosy tips of her tits were stiff and swollen.

Jimmy and Bonny exchanged an excited, conspiratorial glance, then quickly looked back at Claire.

The woman’s arms came down and her hands moved under her heavy, jutting tits. Purring softly, she began to caress her firm tit meat, holding her tit-mounds higher. Then she pulled gently at her nipples and uttered a low moan.

“Jeez…” Jimmy whispered. Watching his sexy Mom playing with her tits was turning him on even more than watching his nubile sister caressing her ripe body.

Bonny too, was fascinated. She had never had a lesbian experience, but she had wondered what it was like and now she was fascinated by the sight of her mother’s naked charms.

Claire lingered over her tits for a while, in no hurry to get on with her performance. She intended to give them a three-act play. She rolled her tit tips in her fingers and thumbs and squirmed, arching her back. Her eyes were narrowed to slits, and her lips were parted as she deliberately assumed an attitude of arousal for their benefit — an attitude that would soon be becoming natural to her, as she got hotter and hornier.

She drew one knee upwards. Bonny and Jimmy both gazed down at her crotch and saw that her cunt was open and creamy. Her groin was awash with the overflow of her pussy. Jimmy groaned and placed his open hand on his sister’s trim ass, kneading her firm asscheeks. Bonny reached behind her and held his balls.

Claire slid a hand down and cupped her bushy cunt, her fingers dipping into her crotch. She fingered her stiff clit and traced along her open cuntlips. Her hips shifted from side to side and her ass ground on the edge of the bed. She ran both hands up the insides of her smooth, moist thighs, stroking her pussy at the top of the caress. Then she ran her index finger all the way up through the crack of her ass, from her asshole to her clit.

Her fingers were sticky with cuntjuice and she raised her hand to her lips and licked at it, then bunched her fingers together and slid them in and out of her mouth in a fucking motion, sucking the pussy nectar from them with a little hungry whimper.

Jimmy’s balls began to swell in his sister’s hand, and his cock started to rise in a series of jolts. His cockhead pressed against Bonny’s jerking ass, sliding higher up the slope as he continued to rise to another rock-hard erection.

Claire alternated hands, sucking on one while she fondled her pussy with the other, then switching. One hand went down wet with her slobber as the other came up coated with cunt juice. Bonny wondered if her mother had ever tasted another woman’s cunt cream. The woman certainly seemed to be enjoying a taste of her own.

Bonny dipped a hand into her crotch and brought it up to her mouth, emulating her mom, lapping up her own succulent cream and thrilling to wild speculations of cunt lapping.

Claire was really getting worked up now, as she played with her pussy and basked in the gaze of her children, feeling their hot eyes burning into her naked flesh like laser beams. It was as if their vision had physical weight, touching her.

Twisting lithely from the hips, Claire turned and looked down at her husband. He was still sleeping. Smiling lewdly, she reached out to the bedside table and opened the drawer. She reached in and drew out her big rubber dildo. Bonny and Jimmy gulped in amazement at the sight — and at the prospect of watching her use the huge fuck tool. It was a massive device, realistically shaped, with a wedge-shaped knob and veins gnarling the underside of the rod. Leather straps hung from the hilt, obviously a harness so that one woman could strap it on and fuck another woman. Bonny wondered if her mom had ever used it that way? She hoped so. The thought was tremendously exciting. Now that she knew her mother had a dildo, and where it was kept, Bonny could hardly wait for a chance to sneak into the bedroom and fuck herself silly with the huge cock.

Claire pushed the fat knob into her mouth and sucked on it, sliding it in and out. Whatever doubts Jimmy might have had as to whether his mom was a cocksucker were dismissed, as he watched her sensual lips working on the rubber prick so expertly.

“Holy fuck,” he gasped.

His cock was swollen so huge now that it was every bit as big as the massive rubber prick. His cock knob was pounding against his sister’s shapely ass as she fondled his expanding balls and wriggled against him.

Claire drew the dildo from her mouth and lowered it into her creamy crotch. She began to rub the tip around in her wet cunt and against her tingling clit. Cunt cream gushed out and ran down the thick rubber shaft in abundance. Hiking her pelvis upward, she slid the rubber cockhead down and nudged the tip into her asshole, squirming on it. She pushed an inch or two up into her shit chute, twisting it around inside that tight passage. Then she drew it out and brought it back to her cunt. This time she slowly fed it up her fuckhole.

She buried the rubber cock to the hilt up her pliable pussy. The leather straps trailed down her thighs. She held it all inside her for a moment, then began to fuck herself steadily, shoving it in and hauling it back put.

“Ahhhhh,” she sighed, tossing her blonde head about and fondling her clit with her other hand.

The rubber shaft pulled out, all slathered with her cunt slime. Her pussy was squishing moistly, sucking on the dildo as it slid in and out. Her pink cuntlips distended, dragging on the rubber prick as she pulled it out. It looked as if her cunt was being nearly pulled inside out on the fat plunger.

She began to shake uncontrollably. Her clit swelled and tightened and her cuntlips rippled. The flow from her fuckslot was getting thicker and creamier as she neared the crest. She began to shove the rubber cock in and out furiously, and her ass and hips churned wildly as she fucked herself toward the blissful peak.

She dropped back along the bed and raised both knees up, parting her thighs wide. She slammed the dildo into her lathered cunthole with lightning strokes, shoving her crotch down to meet it. Cunt cream sprayed from her slit as the big tool stuffed her full. The tight-fitting plunger plugged her socket, pumping the juice out steadily as she vibrated with the spasms of joy.

“Ohhh!” she cried, as she reached the crest and her fuckhole melted on the rubber fuckstick.

She continued to shovel it up her pussy for a few moments, working her orgasm off to the dregs. Then her movements slowed down. She squirmed on the buried tool and purred with contentment. After a few more moments she drew the dildo out. The thing was absolutely drenched with her cum cream. She twisted around onto her flank, so that her audience could see what she was doing. Then she began to run her nimble tongue up and down the rubber stalk, lapping up her cream. She pushed the knob into her lips and sucked and her throat pulsed gently as she swallowed her own delicious fuck cream.

When she had sucked up every precious drop, she drew the tool from her lips and tossed it onto the bedside table. She was smiling dreamily, her lips frothy with her slime. She seemed satiated, and Bonny and Jimmy both figured that the performance had ended and that they wouldn’t get to watch any further action. They didn’t know yet that their mother was insatiable in her capacity for lust — especially when she was aware that her naughty teens were watching.

Jimmy’s cockhead was ballooning against Bonny’s trim ass and her pussy was streaming down her thighs. She squeezed his bloated balls and whimpered when she felt his fuckjuice slosh about inside the hairy sacs. Her hand slid up to his stalk and folded around it. She gave him a slow stroke and his knob flared against her ass. Cuntjuice pooled in the palm of her other hand as she rubbed her pussy.

Jimmy leaned over her and placed his lips to her ear.

“Let’s go to your room and suck each other off again,” he whispered.

“Um-hum,” Bonny agreed, nodding.

But they paused. Claire was a master of the performing arts and it was time for Act Two…


Claire turned toward Charles, who was softly snoring. Careful not to awaken him, she shifted to the other side of the bed so that the watchers in the doorway would have an unblocked view of the proceedings. She lay on her flank, her knee raised up so that her cunt was exposed. Her head was poised over her husband’s belly, her long blonde hair sweeping down.

Claire licked her lips hungrily.

“Oooooh — she’s gonna blow Daddy,” Bonny whispered, eager to see it, and envious of that meaty feast. His prick lurched.

Jimmy groaned and had to get his rocks off again soon, yet how could he move away from that doorway when such a thrilling scene was about to unfold?

Charles’ cock had softened during the time that Claire had ignored him, but even limp, it was huge. His cockshaft lay along his thigh in a fat, meaty coil. Since he hadn’t come that morning, his cumbags were bloated with a load of fuckjuice.

Hovering over him, Claire blew her breath onto his cock. His prick stirred, swelling slightly. How delicious it looks, Bonny thought. Now that she had sucked her first cock and knew what a treat it was to drink cum, Bonny was eager to suck all the pricks that she could. Her first mouthful had been her brother’s sweet prickmeat and the naughty girl wished that her daddy’s could be second.

And the sight of her mother’s creamy cunt was giving the nubile nymphet a few ideas, as well.

“Frig me off, Sis,” Jimmy hissed.

She hesitated, hating to waste his next load on a handjob instead of drinking it or taking it up her asshole, but from the way his prick was thundering in her fist, she knew that she had to come soon. She began to stroke him very slowly, her fist just skimming lightly up and down on his throbbing cock stalk.

Jimmy slid his hand into her crotch from behind and began to slip his fingers into her cunthole and fondle her clit. Brother and sister frigged each other gently as they continued to observe the action. His cock pulsed and her pussy rippled and their eyes were glued to the scene with all the fascination of the voyeurism that they had both obviously inherited from their mother.

Claire lifted Charles’ limp cock in her hand and leaned down to lick his swollen balls. She slurped all over his loaded cumbags, making moist sounds and whimpering softly. His prick lay along his flat belly now, his cock knob extended to his belly button.

Charles murmured in his slumber as another erotic dream began to form under her guidance.

Claire licked up and down his thighs, lingering over the preliminaries before she got to the feast. She slid down and sucked on his toes for a moment, then worked her way back up his legs. She lapped his balls for a few moments, her blonde head between his thighs now, mouthing him hungrily. Sliding up, she rubbed her fat tits gently against his cock and balls. Her nipple shot out, taut and throbbing against his prick.

Flattening her tongue against the base of his cockshaft, she drew it slowly up the underside, tracing along the vein. His fuckrod swelled and his cockhead began to spread out wider. She repeated the stroke and licked his prickknob at the top of it.

“Ummmmm,” she purred as the succulence of his cock registered on her tastebuds.

Claire always loved to lick and suck a prick and doing it while her kids were watching made it even better.

She ran her tongue up from his balls to his cockhead with slow, steady strokes, tilting her face slightly to one side so that Bonny and Jimmy could see all the juicy details. Her pink lapper slid up, trailing her frothy saliva.

Pursing her lips, she ran her mouth up and down on the underside of his stalk, slurping her own saliva back off his prick. She kissed the huge wedge of his cockhead lovingly.

Charles groaned as his dream took shape. He humped up from the bed, driving his towering prick up past Claire’s face. She licked and sucked at his cockshaft as it slid up and down against her mouth. Her cunt was open and bubbling again, inspired by that tasty snack.

Turning her lovely, radiant face downward, she parted her lips and took the head of Charles’ cock into her mouth, nursing on the succulent meat with relish. The teens could hear all the juicy sounds that her mouth was making as she worked on him. Her lips were closed around his cockstalk, just behind the knob, and her tongue was playing against the underside of the big mouthful.

Bonny’s lips and tongue were working too, as she made believe that it was her mouth full of her daddy’s cock, and Jimmy’s prick was hammering as he pretended that it was in his mother’s mouth. This happy family had a lot in common.

Charles heaved up and his cock slid ball-deep into his horny wife’s hot, wet mouth. Her blonde head tilted back. She twisted her lips around on the hilt of his fuckrod, then slowly drew back to his cockhead. She sucked on the fat wedge ravenously. Charles whimpered and humped again, but this time Claire raised her head along with him, so that only his cockhead was in her lips. She adored having him — or any guy, come to that — shoot in her mouth, but today was a special occasion. If he pumped his spunk right down her gullet, the watching teens wouldn’t get to see it, and she knew it would turn them on to see his slime spurt out.

Head bobbing up and down as he humped, Claire worked voraciously on the head of his prick. She gulped with the joy of sucking on his cockmeat and the expectation of a lovely drink of jism and the depraved knowledge that the teens were watching.

A trickle of preliminary fuckjuice oozed out of Charles’ pisshole and seeped onto her tongue. Claire laved his cock knob greedily, gluttonously, eager for more. Charles was thrashing about wildly, obviously in the grip of a most interesting dream — an erotic dream that was very soon going to become a wet dream.

“Ummmm,” she moaned, sucking like a vacuum cleaner and pulling more spunk out by the suction of her mouth.

He hadn’t come yet, but the seepage from his weeping prick was filling her mouth. Claire let a few frothy drops dribble out, so that Bonny and Jimmy could see that he was starting to cream on her tongue. The stuff slid down his stalk slowly and sluggishly, heavy and hot as melted lead. Claire bobbed down, feeding more of his prick in and sucking the slime back off his cockshaft.

Drawing back to his fat knob, she whispered, “Cream in my fucking mouth, darling…”

Since Charles was asleep she was obviously speaking for the benefit of the observers, but they didn’t know that, of course. Her words caused them to vibrate, thrilled by the knowledge that their sexy mother yearned for a mouthful of jism.

The massive slab of his prickhead flared, and Claire knew that Charles was about to come. She wanted this exhibition to be as visible as possible, to show it in detail. Turning her head, she slipped his prick knob out of her lips and fitted her flattened tongue against the underside of his huge purple cockhead. Her mouth was wide open, and her slobber was streaming down his long, gnarled fuck shaft. Her tongue pulsed against his slab, just where the thick, dark vein spread out into the crown.

Suddenly a great spout of cock spume burst from his pisshole. Charles’ ass shot back on the recoil, and his fuck juice spurted straight up into the air, passing through Claire’s parted lips and skimming over the surface of her pink tongue. The heavy, hot fluid rose high above the bed, hung suspended for a moment in mid-air, then dropped back to splatter on Claire’s cheek.

Another spurt shot upward in a creamy geyser, spraying all over the place as it fell back. Claire could not bear to waste any more of the precious stuff. She had allowed the teens to see him shoot, and now it was time to gorge herself on the rest of his load. She turned her face down again and took his creaming cockhead into her lips, just in time to take his third massive dose into her mouth.

Cum skimmed over her flashing tongue and hit the back of her throat. Claire gulped it down hungrily and sucked for more. A great glob shot into her like a rocket. Her lips collared his fuck stalk, clamping fast just behind his cockhead, as she milked more out.

The last spurt hosed her voracious mouth, hitting the roof this time. Then, drained for a moment, Charles slumped back onto the bed, gasping and shuddering. Keeping his knob in her lips. Claire folded her fist around his prick and begun to pump up and down, frigging the last of his load out by hand and swallowing it as it came. When she had milked out every last drop, she pulled her lips off his cockmeat. Her face was turned toward the door and she opened her mouth wide and slid her tongue out, so that Bonny and Jimmy could see the jism that was drenching her. She swallowed, then used her tongue to slurp up the stray nuggets of cum that had seeped down to the root of his fuckrod.

Just as she moved away, Charles opened his eyes.

His dream had ended. Now Charles had something interesting to reveal to his wife — and to his children.


Charles’ eyes were glazed, and he blinked as if confused. Then he grinned happily as he saw his wife curled on her flank beside him and realized what had inspired his dream.

Her lips were streaked with thick slime, and Charles didn’t have to ask what she had done. Claire wasn’t the best housekeeper in the world, and she had been known to cheat on him from time to time, but things like this made it all worth while.

“Thanks,” he muttered.

“My pleasure,” she replied. “It was a lovely drink.”

She snuggled up beside him. His cock was still standing tall. One wet dream had scarcely diminished his ardor.

“Was it a nice dream?” she asked.

“It sure was.”

She placed her open hand on his lean belly, massaging him a slow, circular movement, ignoring his cock for the moment. His standing fuckrod pulsed and his balls began to recharge themselves immediately. He reached across to fondle her tits.

“Tell me about it,” Claire urged.

Charles frowned and Claire looked surprised. He had always told her the details of his wet dreams whenever she had sucked him off as he slept, in the past. She wondered why he was looking hesitant and reluctant now? Had he been having an affair, maybe, and dreamed about his lover? Claire, unfaithful herself, didn’t give a shit if Charles fucked other women, but she wanted to know about it if he did. She was intrigued now by his frown and his hesitation.

Her hand slid down and held his prick, stroking very gently up and down, knowing full well how to deal with him.

“Tell me, darling,” she said.

“I — maybe I better not…”

“It was just a dream, for fuck’s sake. I want to know what you were dreaming about when you creamed in my mouth.”

Charles looked sheepish. He shrugged, then grinned. “Well, yeah — it was just a dream,” he said, sounding somewhat wistful. Then a look of passion came over him, as he recalled that dream.

“I-I dreamed that Bonny was sucking my cock,” he said.

Charles looked closely at his sexy wife, to see how she was reacting to the news that his dream had been incestuous.

“Oooooh!” Claire moaned, thrilled to the core by his confession — and also by the fact that Bonny too, had heard those words!

And Bonny had almost fainted.

Her legs had gone weak, and if she hadn’t been supported at the crotch by her brother’s caressing hand, she might have dropped to her knees. She had been yearning for her daddy’s cock, and finding out that he had dreamed about her as he shot his wad made her dizzy with desire.

Jimmy too, was thrilled, and his mighty cock thundered violently in his sister’s hand as she stroked him.

Seeing that Claire was not angry — far from it — Charles was encouraged to continue. He paused, recalling his dream, then said, “I was taking a shower and Bonny came into the bathroom. I’d been soaping my cock and balls and had a hard-on, and when she saw it she smiled at me and knelt down in the shower stall and began to suck my cock. I tried to stop her, but it was a silent dream and I couldn’t speak. I pushed her head away, but then I couldn’t help myself and I pulled her head right back onto my cock and fucked her in the mouth. When I creamed, she gulped it all down and then — I think I was going to fuck her cunt next, but I woke up,” he ended, with a wry grin.

“Christ, that makes me hot,” Claire whispered.

“You aren’t mad?”

“Hell, no! It turns me on!”

“It was only a dream, of course. I’d never do anything wicked like that in real life.”

“Wouldn’t you?” Claire asked, tilting an eyebrow. “I’ll bet that you’d like to, though.”

Knowing that Bonny was overhearing this conversation, Claire was determined to make it as erotic as possible. Charles looked shocked and didn’t reply. In fact, Charles would have loved to fuck and suck with his nubile daughter, and he had often jerked off while thinking about her. Sometimes, when he was fucking his wife, he pretended that she was Bonny, too. Now he blushed slightly and remained silent.

“Ummmm?” said Claire tauntingly. “Wouldn’t you just love to shove your prick in her tight little pussy?”

“Well, I never would, but, hell yes! That sexy little mini drives me mad, sometimes,” he admitted. “When she walks around the house half naked, my cock gets hard as a bone. Sometimes, if you aren’t home, I have to go into the bathroom and beat my meat.”

Claire was imagining just what reaction this talk must be having in Bonny. She had never known before that her husband shared the same incestuous inclinations that she had.

“I’ll tell you something, too,” she whispered — loudly enough to be heard at the doorway. “Sometimes when I’m using my dildo, while you’re at work, I think about getting fucked by Jimmy.”

Charles groaned with seething lust at his wife’s confession. And if it affected him so much, just think how it had affected the young man in question! He often jerked off thinking about his mom, and now his whole body trembled as he discovered the desire was mutual.

Claire was getting carried away by this whole situation that she had so carefully arranged. Abandoned to pure lust, she had no inhibitions left at all. She wanted to be as depraved as possible.

Lowering her eyelashes demurely, she said, “Sometimes I even think about Bonny…”

“Bonny!” Charles gasped.

“Isn’t that naughty? I-I make believe that I’ve come home and caught Bonny getting fucked by one of her boyfriends. I don’t stop them. I wait until he shoots his wad into her cunt. Then I send him away and I-I don’t say a word — I just kneel down and put my mouth on her pussy and suck the cum out of her…”

“Oh my God!” Charles groaned, overwhelmed by desire. His enormous prick vibrated wildly and his balls were tight. He thought that this was only pillow talk, that Claire had made it up to turn him on — and she had certainly done so!

And she had turned Bonny on even more!

Bonny and Jimmy glanced at each other with a look of disbelief, then looked back into the bedroom. Charles had rolled onto his side and was holding Claire in his arms in a tight embrace. His giant cock was pressed into her belly, his cock knob extending so far up that it brushed against the underside of her tits. Lust whipped his body, every nerve jumping, his blood pounding.

“Sometimes I think about Bonny sucking me, too,” Claire added, to further stimulate everyone concerned.

Charles didn’t think he could bear to hear any more, that he might explode or melt. He clamped his mouth on hers, kissing her passionately, tasting his own jism on her tongue and lips. They squirmed together, swapping tongues, her belly grinding onto his prick. They were ready to fuck now, both desperate to cream again.

But as husband and wife prepared to fuck, brother and sister could restrain themselves no longer.

Bonny had become frantic at finding out that both her father and her mother lusted for her body. Her slim thighs tensed as she ground her cunt onto Jimmy’s hand. He shoved three fingers up into her fuckhole and whipped them in and out. His thumb jerked against her clit. Her fuck bud ignited and waves of sensation lashed her trembling loins. Flashes shot up her thighs. Dark fantasies danced in her mind, images passed in an erotic parade. She thought of blowing her daddy, and she imagined the joy of sucking her mom’s pussy. Her cunthole was so sodden that her brother’s fingers splashed as they probed her pussy-hole. She had to struggle to keep herself from crying out aloud as she reached the peak. Her clit went off like a stick of dynamite and her cunt melted. The pussyjuice poured from her slot in a flood, as if a dam had burst in her belly; Jimmy was soaked to the elbow as it ran down his arm.

Then Jimmy, too, was at the crest. Bonny was frigging him vigorously behind her back. The head of his tormented cock rested at the base of her spine and his long cockshaft was pressed into the crack of her trim ass. Bonny pumped back to the root of his fuckrod and shuddered as she felt him explode. The powder keg of his balls sent the creamy charge rushing up his tube, and his fuckjuice shot out and skimmed up Bonny’s backbone, dosing each vertebra in turn and reaching the back of her neck.

Jimmy fingerfucked her to the finish and emptied his cum load in a series of creamy spurts, slathering her back. Gasping, they drained each other to the dregs.

Bonny, panting and moaning softly, sank down to her knees. Jimmy went down with her, holding his prick tight to her ass and clinging to her hips. He was mounted on her ass, clamped over her haunches like a dog fucking a bitch in heat.

They were both still horny, despite having creamed, inspired to incredible heights of desire by what they had seen and heard and done.

And now there was more to see.


Claire slid her hand in between their tightly clasped bodies and took Charles’ rampant prick in her grasp, rubbing his smoking hot cock knob against her belly. She pumped down and cupped his balls, squeezing gently, as if she were judging the abundance of the creamy load of hot fuckjuice that filled them.

Charles slid a hand between her lush thighs, his fingers dipping into her soaking crotch and stroking her tenderly. Her streaming pussy sucked on his fingers, dragging them into her slot. She was obviously more than ready to get stuffed full of cock, and Charles’ cock was to provide that stuffing — and teenagers were more than keen to observe the scene.

Charles started to roll his voluptuous wife over onto her back, thinking to mount her in the missionary position. Although they screwed in all sorts of ways, that was the one they used most frequently, especially for the first fuck of the day.

Claire was about to comply, out of habit, turning over and spreading her sleek thighs. But then she resisted. It had suddenly occurred to her that fucking that way would not give the kids the best possible viewpoint. They would not see much more than their daddy’s ass humping up and down and maybe a few glimpses of his swinging balls.

For a moment, they were like two wrestlers struggling as Claire bridged, avoiding a pin. Then, she turned one hip up and twisted her body, forcing Charles to turn back onto his flank and then over onto his back. He went willingly. Claire wanted to sit on his prick, it was certainly okay with him. He had not the faintest idea that the horny exhibitionist had an ulterior motive — that she was choreographing this lascivious scene for the benefit of an audience.

Claire threw one knee across and settled over his loins. Her heavy tits swung delightfully, and Charles reached up and grasped them in both hands, kneading the fat mounds and pulling on her stiff tit-tips. Her ass switched from side to side, as if she was some female animal in heat, switching her tail.

Claire’s face was transfigured by passion. Her eyes glowed like smoldering cobalt, and her sensual lips were moist and parted, still streaked with the residue of the cum that she had so greedily sucked out of Charles’ massive prick.

She reached down and took his cockshaft in her hand, guiding his knob to her fuckslot. Her thighs rippled with sinew as she slowly lowered her loins over hum. His cockhead brushed against her pussy lips and she held steady for a moment. Tilting her wrist, she rubbed the frothy tip of his prick up and down through her unfurled cuntlips and against her pulsing clit.

Cuntjuice poured down his stalk in thick streams and scum bubbled from his pisshole and dribbled into her slot. His cockhead was throbbing wildly in the entrance to her fuckhole, and her pussy folds were sucking hungrily on his fat prick.

From their vantage point in the hallway, Bonny and Jimmy had a perfect view. They could see their daddy’s swollen, hairy cumbags jammed between his thighs, the underside of his thick cockshaft with the fat, dark vein pulsing up it, the wedge-shaped slab of his throbbing purple cockhead nudging into their mother’s open pussy-slit. Her pink pussylips were sucking on the tip of his prick, and her taut fuck button was swelling and rubbing against his slimy cock crown. Ribbons of cuntjuice trickled down his fuckrod and globs of spunk oozed into her.

Both brother and sister were trembling uncontrollably. Neither had ever watched a fuck in progress before, except for the vague glimpses that Bonny had gotten through the keyhole, and now they were desperately eager to see their dad’s huge prick slide into Claire’s creamy fuck bowl.

Jimmy was still mounted on his sister’s haunches like a coupling dog, his hard-on pressed to her ass and his hands hooked around to fondle the plump mounds of her tits. Her thighs tensed and relaxed in turn, as she rubbed her ass against him. The slime that he had shot out a moment before glistened like a line of dewdrops up her backbone and the insides of her trim thighs were slippery with the overflow of her cunt.

Claire, fully aware of the show that she was putting on, continued to brush Charles’ cockhead around in her slot for a while. He groaned and humped up, trying to bury his prick, but she teased him by hiking up so that only his prick tip went in.

“Fuck me, dammit!” he growled.

Claire went down slowly, taking his long, thick cock into her pussy inch by inch. As she lowered her loins, the cheeks of her ass spread open, exposing the tight brown bud of her shit hole. Charles bridged under her, letting her stuff herself at her own pace.

His cockhead vanished into her pussy and his stalk began to disappear into her clinging cunt folds. With half of his huge prick buried, Claire paused in her descent and twisted her hips from side to side, rolling her cunthole around on his fuckrod like a juicy nut on a meaty bolt. Thea she went down the rest of the way, taking Charles’ cock ball-deep into her smoldering clit-hole.

“Ahhhhh,” she sighed, adoring the sensation of having her fuckhole filled to the core with cockmeat.

She held steady, letting Charles thrill to the feeling of having every inch of his massive prick buried in that sucking, soaking cunt tunnel. Her pussy lips were plastered around the root of his cockshaft like a suction cup. Her curt slit was spread wide by the thickness of his cock and her cunt cream oozed out around the hairy rim, like some canal glue bonding them together.

Charles’ hands moved from her tits and slid down her flanks, cupping the cheeks of her ass. He tugged upwards. Claire’s thighs tightened and she rose up. His cock appeared again, all slathered with the cream of her fuckhole, slippery and gleaming.

Bonny whimpered as she watched. The naughty girl wished that she dared to rush into that room and clamp her mouth over both of them at once, letting her daddy’s cock slide through her lips as it went into her mother’s cunt and sucking her mother’s cunt — at the same time. Jimmy was thinking it was a shame that, with her pussy filled, his mother’s mouth was empty. His cock throbbed against his sister’s ass as he wondered what that mouth would feel like on his prick. Now that he knew that his mother lusted for him while she fucked herself with her rubber prick, incestuous desires raged in the teen.

Claire had risen up so that only the knob of her husband’s cock was in her pussy. She paused there for a moment, then slowly slid back down, taking it all into her again. Her pussy squished as it dragged on his fuckrod and some cream bubbled out.

Charles’ prick was so taut that it was humming. It felt as if she had a vibrator up her fuckhole. When she took it all into her, his cockhead flared in the very depths of her cunt, and his long, thick cockshaft was like a lever in her fuck tunnel.

Grunting, he began to hump up from the bed, driving his prick up to meet her as she descended. He lifted her by the ass, then slammed her back down as his prick plunged up and in.

Claire was fucking him slowly and steadily, her movements sinuous and feline. She arched her back deeply and tossed her head from side to side, blonde hair cascading over her cheeks. The tip of her tongue showed in her lips and her nostrils flared.

She slid her hips out from side to side, then took him in a different angles. Her ass shoved back and she fed herself a stroke that ran every inch of his cockshaft over her clit and caused her to shudder. Then she twisted as she went down again, winding her fuckhole onto his prick. Her tight cunt muscles were sucking on him voraciously, pulling and dragging, clinging so tightly that as she rode up, her cuntlips were distended. It looked as if her pussy was being pulled inside out.

“Fuck,” she whimpered. She began to say the word each time that she descended, describing the act as she performed it. “Fuck — fuck — fuck…” she gasped, riding him faster.

She reached down behind her churning ass and fondled his balls, then spread her splayed fingers around the root of his cock, feeling it slide in and out.

Charles was groaning. Her cunt was sucking him just like a mouth. Her pliable pussy walls had molded themselves to his thick fucker, clinging to every inch, fluttering and rippling. He felt as if she was pulling his prick out by the roots, as if she would soon empty his balls by the suction.

Waves of ecstasy shot through her loins and Claire began to vibrate all through her voluptuous body.

“Gonna cream…” she gasped.

Charles, eager to come with her in a simultaneous orgasm, began to lunge up furiously, ramming his prick into her so hard that he was rattling her bones on the thrusts. His swollen balls jammed to her crotch as his cock drove to the core of her fuckhole.

“Come in my cunt, darling!” cried Claire, longing to feel his steaming hot fuckjuice gush into her. Her pussy was starting to melt around his prick like a wax candle around a fiery wick.

His cock hissed into her. “I’m gonna shoot, baby!” he rasped.

“Ooooh! Yeah! Shoot all that hot, thick slime into my pussy — drown my cunt with cum…”

Charles heaved up and his balls spurted. His jism came out in a geyser. Claire wailed as the stuff pumped into her cunt. It felt as if she had been standing astride Old Faithful when it erupted.

Humping violently, Charles pumped the fuckjuice into her pussy — spurt after spurt, flooding her, turning her fuck box into a morass. Her cum poured out and blended with slime. Their mingled love juices bubbled from her coat as his prick plugged her full, lathering her whole groin with frothy slime.

Moaning, he sank back, drained and panting. Claire continued to ride his prick, working off her orgasm to the conclusion. Then she collapsed over him, whimpering with joy.

His cock was still buried in her pussy.

“Stay hard, darling,” she whispered.

Charles muttered incoherently.

“Don’t you dare get soft,” she wailed. “I’m gonna need an awful lot of fucking today…”

Her talented cunt muscles began to work softly on his embedded prick, pulling and fluttering, urging him to remain rampant. She reached back and kneaded his collapsed cumbags, coaxing them to refill themselves with another load of precious jism. But although his mighty cock had only softened slightly, his balls had been well drained and showed no signs of any immediately renewed vigor.

Claire sighed and slowly drew her cunthole off his prick. His prick knob popped out and his long fucker swayed over his belly, as if undecided whether to stay stiff or to collapse. Every inch of his drained fuckmeat was drenched with cum and cuntjuice. Claire’s vacated fuckhole was gaping open and the blended cum of their double climax gushed out, running down the insides of her kneeling thighs.

Claire realized she would have to wait for a while before she got fucked again and she figured there was no sense in wasting that time — that she had might as well enjoy it and let the naughty teenagers observe another variation too. Tits bobbling, she began to crawl up her husband’s panting torso. Charles grinned as he guessed her intention.

“Yeah, baby — sit on my face,” he urged.

He knew from experience that eating out her creamy pussy was certain to make him horny again and, any how, there was nothing more delicious than Claire’s cunt after it had been fucked.

Her pussy dipped down and brushed against his hairy chest. A trail of slime lay up his torso in the wake of her crotch. His hands grasped her by her hipbones and he began to lick his lips in anticipation of the succulent feast she was going to give him.

She rose up and knelt over his upturned fact. Charles was staring right up into the folds of her cunthole. He tipped his head back and opened his mouth, like a baby bird waiting to be fed. A thick drop of cuntjuice fell from her pussy and splashed onto his lips, and his tongue slid across and gathered it up.

“Ummmmm — give it to me, baby,” he rasped. Thighs trembling, Claire slowly lowered her cunt onto Charles’ eager face. His tongue shot out to meet her. He began lapping at her creamy fuckslot with hungry slurps.

Claire bent over and hiked her ass upwards so that the watchers in the hallway would be able to see Charles’ nimble tongue as it flashed in and out of her cuntslot and whipped over her clit. The cheeks of her ass spread apart, revealing her puckered shit hole. She switched her hips from side to side and jerked her belly over him.

Clamping his lips to her slot, Charles began to French kiss her cunt as if it were a bearded mouth. His tongue shot as far up her fuckhole as it would go and his lips greedily pulled on her pussylips, sucking her pussy juice out by the mouthful.

“Ummmm — that’s nice…” she purred.

“It’s fucking delicious!” he rasped, the words muffled in her crotch.

“Oh, Charles — suck me off…” she moaned. Charles was doing exactly that, and loving it. His tongue flashed in and out, and his lips sucked voraciously on her overflowing fuckslot. He was sucking the juices of her previous orgasm out as, at the same time, he worked her toward a new creamy crest. Inspired, as if his prick were attached to his tongue by some mysterious internal clockwork, his cockmeat began to swell and harden again. He could have screwed her now, but he was savoring his snack of pussy so much that he wanted to finish her with his mouth.

Claire rode his face, rubbing her fuck button against his slurping tongue. She reached behind her and, both because she knew it would excite the teens and because it felt good, she began to finger her asshole, pushing in and out and wriggling on her finger.

“Holy shit,” Jimmy muttered.

Watching his mother’s juicy pussy grinding around in his father’s eager face, Jimmy was filled with lust and envy. Now that he knew how absolutely delicious pussy was, from having eaten his sister out, Jimmy longed to tonguefuck his voluptuous mother.

But Bonny was remembering the fuck she had just witnessed, and thinking how wonderful it had looked. Her own cunt felt so empty, a void abhorred by nature. She stared at Claire’s open soaking fuckhole and wondered how that pussy had felt when it was stuffed to the brim with hard, hot cockmeat? Then she looked at Charles’ massive fucker and thought about having a huge prick in her cherry cunt. Taking it up the ass had felt lovely — imagine what a cuntful would be like!

I just gotta get fucked soon, she thought.

And there was a huge, rock-hard cock throbbing delightfully against the cheeks of her ass at that very moment.

If only he wasn’t her brother!

She whimpered as her pussy rippled, pleading for prick. That prick gave a mighty lurch as Jimmy watched his mother’s pussy overflow into his father’s open mouth.

Bonny reached behind her and took Jimmy’s cock in her hand, feeling it pound violently, thinking what a lovely cuntful it would make.

Incest be damned! thought the horny virgin.


Bonny pulled her brother’s throbbing cock down through the crack of her ass and into her crotch. She rubbed his cockhead in her slot and cunt-juice washed over the fat purple slab. Her pussy lips rippled wide open around his cocktip.

Jimmy groaned. “Jeez, Sis — don’t do that!” he rasped.

“I want it,” she moaned, wriggling her trim ass against his flat belly and brushing the head of his prick up and down through the creamy folds of her cherry pussy.

Jimmy shoved his cock up higher and jammed the bloated knob into her asshole, thinking to relieve himself with another ass fuck, but Bonny levered his stiff cock back into her crotch.

She turned and looked over her shoulder. “I want you in me,” she whispered, huskily. “I want your big prick up my fucking cunt, Jimmy — I wanna get fucked!”

Jimmy hesitated for a moment, still a bit inhibited about taking their relations to the limit, a bit intimidated by the taboos against incest. But he was raging with desire, and the tip of his cock was pulsing in her virgin fuckslot. How could he resist? How could any man with a hard-on turn down that nubile sexpot?

She turned her face back to observe the bedroom and, at the same time, pulled on his cockshaft. The fat wedge of his knob slipped easily into her sodden pussy and she gasped. Nothing but her fingers had ever been up that tunnel before and it filled her with bliss to feel a slab of throbbing, hot cockmeat in her fuckhole.

Drawing her hand away from his stiff prick, she grasped his balls and squirmed, hiking her ass upwards.

“Give it to me, Jimmy,” she pleaded. “Shove it all up my pussy — fuck me like a dog!”

Jimmy moved his hands down from her plump tits and held her firmly by her hipbones. He turned her pelvis from side to side, working his cock muscles so that his knob was flaring and jerking around in the entrance to her cunt. He could feel her taut clit pulse against his naked fuckrod and her juices flowed out and poured down his stalk in creamy rivulets.

He began to inch his cock into her cherry cunthole.

Bonny gurgled with joy. She could scarcely believe how wonderful it felt to have a huge prick slowly sliding up her fuck tunnel. She pushed her ass back as Jimmy slipped deeper. His balls seemed to be swelling in her hand, and about half of his prick was buried up her cunthole, bolting them together.

Bonny felt her cherry go.

There was a slight tingle of pain, followed by the relief of being released from the bondage of virginity. That hated barrier to her pleasure was gone, and Bonny knew, even before Jimmy had buried his cock in her, that from now on she was going to get fucked by every guy available. Her conscience still protested that incest was wicked, but she didn’t give a damn now, she was overwhelmed by pure lust.

Jimmy grunted and shoveled his prick in to the hilt, filling her creamy pussy with pounding cockmeat. His balls were jammed to her crotch and her cuntlips were plastered around the root of his fuckrod. Her unused cunt muscles fluttered. She tightened them, experimenting, and they rippled up his cockshaft in a series of contracting rings, running up from the thick roots of his prick to his thundering cock knob.

“Jesus, Sis,” he groaned, as her pussy caressed him.

Bonny knew that from the very first, she was going to turn out to be a spectacular fuck. She rippled her pussy walls again, sucking on his precious load of cockmeat.

Fucking doggy fashion, with Jimmy looking over her shoulder, they could still enjoy watching their mother and father while they thrilled to the ecstasy of being coupled.

Jimmy held ever inch of his long prick buried in his sister’s cunt, as if afraid to lose the sensation by movement. He jerked his cock muscles and caused his prick to throb inside her as her moist pussy pulled and caressed his cock and shaft. Her tits swung under her as she squirmed on her brother’s fat cock. She lowered her face until her chin was brushing against the floor and hiked her sweet ass up higher. Jimmy arched his back, shoving in as if he was trying to get even his balls stuck up her steaming fuckhole.

“Ooooh, Jimmy — it’s so fucking good,” she whimpered.

His cockhead expanded deep in her pussy, and his iron-hard fuck shaft levered in her cunt tunnel, hiking her ass and hips higher as it jerked to a new angle of elevation. Her cunthole was tight, but slippery. The walls seemed to revolve around him, wringing his fuckmeat. His cock was smoking hot, but her pussy felt even hotter.

Jimmy slipped one hand round her hips and dipped it into her crotch from in front. The heel of his palm rested on her plump cunt mound and his fingers began to massage her clit.

“Ahhh — that’s nice,” she purred, as her taut clit pulsed and throbbed against his hand.

The horny teen began to finger her shit hole with his other hand, gently nudging his middle finger into her tight pussy-slit and wriggling it around, then frigging in and out. Bonny fondled his swollen balls as they lay jammed in her groin.

“Fuck me now, Jimmy,” she urged. “Shove your big prick in and out and fuck me until I cream — Oh, shit! Oh, Jimmy! Pour your prick to my cunt and shot me full of fuck juice…”

Jimmy pulled back, slowly dragging his fucker from her pussy. Her cuntlips stretched out along his prick, pulling delightfully. He drew back until only his big purple cockhead was in her slot, paused for a moment, then fed her a long, rippling stroke that buried his prick to the hilt again and stuffed her to the brim.

As he fell into the rhythm, Bonny moved in counterpoint, shoving her ass back to meet his thrusts and rolling her hips as he withdrew, so that her fuckhole twisted around on his sliding cockmeat, adding torque to the in-and-out friction.

His balls were so full now that instead of swinging in and out they were railing like bowling balls into her crotch. He continued to finger her clit and asshole, embellishing the fucking by this manual stimulation. She released his balls and held her hand over his for a moment, as if she were frigging herself. The sensation was magical, and enhanced by the fact that they were still watching their sexy mother sitting on their daddy’s eager face.

Claire was pumping her belly and grinding her ass, working herself up to another coming on Charles’ flailing tongue and lips. Cuntjuice streamed down both sides of his chin. He held her hips and tilted her up as if her cunt were a hairy goblet he was draining to the dregs. He said something, but she couldn’t make out the words, hearing only a bubbling gurgle as he spoke right up her cunthole.

She looked back over her shoulder and saw that his prick was rock-hard again, but his tongue was doing such delightful things to her pussy that she was reluctant to switch to his cock. There would be time to deal with his hard-on after she had creamed his mouth.

“Lap it up, darling,” she moaned, and his tongue slapped into her, splashing in her juices.

Jimmy was fucking faster and harder now, humping into his sister like a dog as she panted like a bitch in heat and matched his vigorous thrusts with equal vitality. He dipped down and pumped a long, under slung stroke into her, tilting her ass up on the thrust. Then he hiked up and plunged in at a downward angle that jammed her ass lower. His hips switched as he shoveled his cock to her from this side and that, then poured another under slung stroke that slid every inch of his drenched cockshaft across her tingling fuck bud.

Cuntjuice was spraying from her pussy as his prick stuffed her to the core. His cock was soaking wet from her seepage and ribbons of pussy cream ran over his balls. The overflow from her fuckhole cascaded down her thighs and drenched his belly. He was fucking his sister to jelly and she was wild with the joy of it. His prick seemed to be slamming halfway up her torso. She looked down past her swinging tits, expecting to see the outline of his cock raised in a furrow up her belly, like the track of a mole burrowing below the surface.

Jimmy jolted on relentlessly, remorselessly, loving this sister-fucking more than he had ever loved anything. The fact that he had deflowered the naughty nymphet, and that they were committing the sin of incest only added to the thrill of it, and they both knew that they would be fucking and sucking and buggering an awful lot from now on. Bonny intended to screw every guy she could, now that she had started, but she knew that no fuck would ever be better than the one that her brother was throwing into her at the moment, no cock more delicious in her mouth.

A spasm wracked her nubile loins and she gasped.

“Cream in me, Jimmy,” she whimpered. “I’m gonna fucking melt — shoot your hot, thick fuckjuice up my cunt!”

Her words enflamed him. Jimmy began to slam into her violently, his ass a white blur as it sped in and out. His balls rolled into her sodden crotch, and his cock felt like a heated crowbar as it stuffed her fuckhole to the brim.

They were building towards a dynamic double coming. Waves of joy lashed her loins and Jimmy groaned as the thrill swirled in his belly and balls. Abandoned to their own pleasure now, they were no longer paying any attention to their mother and father. Bonny’s eyes were glazed and Jimmy was gazing down at her churning ass, anticipating pouring his slime in to her pussy. And because they were lost to reality, neither of them realized that Jimmy’s powerful strokes were slowly propelling Bonny forwards, slamming her ass and hips out so that she had to crawl — and that they were doggy fucking right through the doorway!

Claire heard Jimmy grunting and Bonny panting. She wondered if the naughty children were buggering again, or sucking. Twisting from the hips, she turned to glance at the doorway and gasped.

Bonny and Jimmy, fucking like animals in heat, were advancing right into the bedroom!

Claire stared, fascinated. It was too late to prevent it now, even if she had wanted to — which was the last thing that the horny woman wished to do. She settled firmly onto her husband’s face, tightening her thighs around his ears so that she was blocking out all sight and sound, concealing the situation from him.

Grunting, Jimmy slammed his prick into his sister’s cunt and drove her another inch forwards. A glistening trail of cuntjuice lay in their wake as her pussy overflowed. Jimmy’s knees were slipping around in the slimy stuff. He was nearing the peak now and he shifted his grip from her clit and ass, gasping her firmly by the hipbones and pulling her ass back as he lunged in below.

“Come — come — flood my cunt…” Bonny wailed.

“Yeah! I’m nearly there!” he cried. Bonny’s pussy rippled wildly as she began to cream. Jimmy could feel the steaming hot girl cum seep into her cunt-hole, drenching his thundering prick. He plunged into that bubbling crater like a rocket shot into an erupting volcano.

“Now!” he gasped, ramming in to the hilt. His jism slid into her in a shiny rope and Bonny gurgled with joy as she felt him hose her cunthole. Her own climax peaked and her pussy dissolved around his spurting cock. Jimmy was pumping the fuckjuice in to her furiously, squirting the slime into the core of her loins, and she was creaming again and again, cresting each time she felt another steaming load of jism on her.

“Ooooh — I love it!” she wailed.

The last of Jimmy’s load burst in her and he sagged over her haunches, drained to the dregs. Bonny jerked against him, pumping out the last spasms of her release on his prick. She looked back over her shoulder, smiling dreamily. Jimmy smiled back at her in brotherly devotion. He was wondering if he should draw his emptied prick out of her cunt now, or leave it there and wait for his balls to fill up again.

He glanced towards the bed, to make sure that they would have time for another doggy fuck and gasped, as he saw that they had fucked right into the bedroom, and were right beside their parents on the bed.


Bonny saw the horrified look on her brother’s face and turned to see what had caused it. She too, gasped when she realized that they had fucked right through the doorway and that their mother was staring at them. Bonny blushed with shame, but then she saw that Claire was smiling!

Claire held a finger to her lips, cautioning them to silence. She was obviously not shocked or angry, to their relief. Jimmy pulled his prick out of Bonny’s pussy and a great flood of cum and cuntjuice gushed out. His cock was still stiff. Giving his mother a grateful look, he started to move away.

But Claire motioned them to advance.

Bonny and Jimmy exchanged a glance of wonderment. Still on their knees, they crawled up to the foot of the bed. Claire signaled for them to wait there for a moment, and turned back to her husband.

“I want to suck you too, darling,” she whispered.

A muffled grunt of enthusiasm bubbled in her crotch.

Claire began to slowly revolve. Without, for a moment removing her soaking cunt from Charles’ upturned face, she threw one knee across and turned through a half-circle. She clamped her thighs tightly around his ears again and her firm, shapely ass rested on his forehead. Charles was deaf and blind in her groin, aware of nothing else as he gobbled merrily away.

Claire bent over his cock in the sixty-nining position. Looking at Bonny and Jimmy, through lowered lashes, she pushed her tongue out and licked the head of her husband’s towering prick. Her tongue laved all over his flaring slab and fluttered up and down on his thick, veined prickshaft.

Bonny and Jimmy stared in awe. They had watched her suck him off before, but now they were seeing if from only inches away and she was doing it in full knowledge of their observation!

“Your daddy’s prick is delicious,” Claire whispered to Bonny. “Would you like a taste?”

Bonny gulped and blushed, then nodded.

Claire folded her fist around the hilt of her husband’s prick and pushed his cockknob out towards Bonny’s face. Bonny hesitated for an instant, hardly able to believe that this was happening, wondering if Jimmy had fucked her into oblivion and she was dreaming.

Her tongue came out and she took a tentative lick.

She gave her mother a wary look, but Claire was still smiling encouragingly and with approval.

Bonny began to lap greedily at her daddy’s huge prick. Having been drenched in Claire’s cunthole, it was so fucking delicious that it made the girl’s eyes water. Claire leaned in and began to lick his knob, too, tongue to tongue with her daughter.

Charles moaned in Claire’s crotch. Claire had always been a wonderful cocksucker, but today she was excelling herself. It almost seemed as if she had two tongues?

Bonny, filled with cock-hunger and encouraged by her lascivious mother, parted her lips into an oval and fed her daddy’s cockhead into her hot mouth. Her cheeks indented as she sucked voraciously on his meaty slab. Claire dipped down and began to run her nimble tongue up and down his slimy fuck stalk, tracing along the pulsing vein and licking her daughter’s lips as she lapped to the top.

She slid down again and tongued his bloated balls, then licked up his cock again. Bonny pulled her lips to one side and they both began to suck on his cockhead, kissing each other with that thundering slab of purple meat shared between their lips.

Charles could hardly believe how wonderful this blowjob was! How had his wife developed this magical new technique? How was she managing to tongue his cockshaft and balls and suck on his cockhead at the same time? He would have liked to see how she was doing it, but his head was firmly buried in her steaming pussy and he could only speculate and enjoy it. A glob of jism oozed from his pisshole and slid down his knob. Bonny gathered it up with her tongue and whimpered.

“Can I swallow his load?” she mouthed.

“Oh, yes — you can drink his cum, honey,” Claire whispered. “We’ll suck him off together and he can come in your mouth…”

Jimmy was standing in total amazement. As he watched his sexy mother and nubile sister share his father’s prick, his own prick was bucking and jolting violently. Their pink tongues were slurping on his father’s bulging knob and their lips mouthed him between them. Jimmy leaned closer, his eyes crossing.

Claire grinned at her son. Reaching out, she took his thundering cock in her hand, squeezing gently and promisingly. She didn’t begin to frig him, however, but simply held him. She wasn’t about to waste his load on a handjob.

Slippery streams of spunk flowed down Charles’ thick cockshaft as his pisshole wept heavily. Bonny and Claire lapped it up greedily. They kissed again, letting his slime slide back and forth between their mouths, each swallowing a share of the delicious stuff. His knob flared and pounded as their combined efforts brought him towards the crest. Knowing that he was going to blow his wad soon, Bonny sucked half of his prick into her mouth and began to pull her lips up and down his cockstalk as she nursed on his swollen cockhead hungrily.

“Ummmm,” she whimpered as more precum seeped onto her tastebuds and trickled down her gullet.

Claire was lapping all around his balls and up the bottom half of his fuck stalk. Charles wondered again how she could be doing both things at once. She seemed to have a forked tongue.

Bonny was slobbering on his cockhead and Claire lapped up her saliva as it streamed down his cockshaft, streaked with gooey gobs of preliminary fuckjuice.

Then she drew Jimmy closer.

His cock was hammering so violently in her hand that she was afraid he might shoot before she got a chance to take it in her mouth. She drew his prick close and switched her blonde head across, abandoning her husband’s balls for her son’s cockhead.

Claire slurped Jimmy’s cock into her greedy mouth and began to suck voraciously on it. Having just come out of Bonny’s drenched fuckhole, his prickmeat was tangy and creamy and succulent, and Claire was enjoying the taste of her daughter’s cuntjuice as much as her son’s cockmeat — and looking forward to sucking a load of that girl cum out of Bonny’s pussy, as soon as she got the chance.

Jimmy, on his knees, began to hump, fucking in and out of his mother’s sweet lips. The cock-hungry woman gulped as his prickhead jammed her gullet. She opened her throat and took it all in, deep-throating him, gorging herself on his succulent fuckmeat and eagerly awaiting his jism.

Jimmy groaned and fucked ball-deep into his mother’s throat. His cock pulled from her lips, slathered with her saliva, then slid back in and down her gullet. She gagged, but took it all, loving every precious inch of his potent, teenage cockmeat.

Puffing up to his cockhead, she whispered, “Come for me, darling — I’m hungry for your cum!”

Jimmy fucked into her head faster, his prick swelling and throbbing as he pumped toward the peak. Claire was nursing on her son’s cock with far more relish than he had ever nursed on her nipples.

Bonny was showing equal enthusiasm as she sucked her daddy’s delicious prick. Charles’ precum was bubbling into her mouth in a steady flow now, and his ass was heaving up from the bed. Claire and Bonny glanced at each other, smiling around mouthfuls of cockmeat, wondering which of them was going to get the first drink.

As it turned out, they drank together.

Charles howled into Claire’s cunt as his balls erupted. His thick cream gushed into his daughter’s mouth. Bonny wailed and gulped it down ravenously, but there was so much of the stuff that it overflowed her lips and ran down her chin.

Jimmy groaned and humped, one open hand behind his mother’s head, holding her steady as he fucked into her face.

Suddenly her mouth was full of cum.

“Umpfffff,” she gulped, swallowing load after load of the succulent juice and sucking more out all the time.

Her son’s jism was so tasty that it was driving her wild. Claire held her head steady and level, letting Jimmy fuck her mouth just as if it was a cunthole, and Bonny’s head was bobbing up and down as she sucked her daddy off in the classic blowjob motion, milking his balls to the dregs.

Emptied, Charles sank back onto the bed and began to concentrate on sucking Claire off. Bonny continued to mouth him for a moment, milking out a few last tasty drops from his prick knob.

Jimmy shot his last spurt into his mother’s mouth and sank back on his heels, his cock pulling from her lips. Her tongue shot out and gave his cockhead a parting slurp.

Then, with both their bellies delightfully full of jism, Claire and Bonny kissed each other passionately, swapping slimy tongues and cum flavored saliva back and forth.

Jerking and grinding on her husband’s face, Claire looked down and saw that he still had a huge hard-on. Bonny, too, gazed down at the tower of iron-hard cockmeat.

“Why don’t you sit on his prick, honey?” Claire suggested.

And Bonny thought that a delightful idea…


The nubile teenager crawled up onto the bed, kneeling astride her father’s loins. Claire took Charles’ prick in her hand and guided it up into her daughter’s pussy. But then she pulled it away again.

“Let me wet you, first,” she whispered.

Bonny’s cunt was already soaking wet and wide open, but that was hardly the point. She grinned and thrust her belly out, tilting her crotch upwards. Claire pressed her face between her daughter’s thighs and shot her tongue up her cunthole.

“Ooooooh!” Bonny squealed. Her own mother was lapping her cunt! What a wild thrill it gave her. She wished that she could suck her mother, too, and knew damned well that she would get a chance soon. But at the moment Claire’s pussy was occupied, and she didn’t dare to join her daddy in that tasty snack.

Claire’s tongue fucked Bonny’s fuckhole and sucked on the trembling bud of her clit. Bonny’s cunt was full of Jimmy’s jism and the combined taste of cum and cuntjuice drove Claire suck crazy. Like Bonny, she was eagerly awaiting the time when, without Charles to hinder them, she and her daughter could suck each other off as long as they liked — and then Jimmy could fuck both of them to a frazzle.

Bonny’s belly heaved as she ground her pussy around in her mother’s eager face, spilling cream into her mouth. Claire’s tongue was awash, floating in cum cream. She sucked and swallowed, swallowed and sucked, a glutton gorging on a feast.

After a few minutes of delicious cunt lapping, Claire drew back and raised her head. She and Bonny kissed again. Claire pushed her tongue into the girl’s mouth, letting her taste her own juices. Thea she moved her hand behind Bonny’s trim ass and gently drew her crotch down over Charles’ rampant prick.

Holding his cock by the hilt, she used her fingers to spread Bonny’s cuntlips open and fitted the tip of his prick into her oval pussy slot. Pussy nectar gushed down his cock. Bonny’s thighs trembled as she hovered there, poised over her daddy’s prick like a flagpole sitter. Claire turned her hand, brushing his cockhead through Bonny’s slot. The girl’s cuntlips spread over his fat slab like an elastic band.

“Take his cock, honey,” Claire urged.

Bonny began to slowly settle onto his massive fuck tool, taking it inch by inch up into her pussy-hole.

“Ahhhhh,” she sighed, filled with cock, and thrilled at having her daddy’s prickmeat inside her cunthole.

Her thighs trembled and she sank down to the root of his prick, her cuntlips spreading put around the hilt and all of his huge fuckrod buried in her seething loins. His cock was in her even deeper than her brother’s had been, she thought. It was so long and thick that she felt as if it was coring her like an apple.

Holy shit, thought Charles. What the fuck is she doing to me now? Claire had deep-throated him many times before, but it had never felt like this. Her mouth felt exactly like a cunt, he thought, in wonderment. But he wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Thinking that he was fucking his wife in the face, Charles began to fuck his daughter’s cunt.

Bonny rode up his prick, thighs tensing, until only his cockhead was in her pussy. She fluttered her cuntlips on his fat cock slab and rubbed her clit against it, then slid back down and took every inch of his prick back into her fuckhole.

Claire gazed on, fascinated, watching her husband’s cock vanish into her daughter’s tight pussy, then come pulling out all slippery with creamy cuntjuice, dragging her pliable pink cuntlips outward on his soaking prickshaft. It was far too delicious a sight to resist, and Claire leaned in and began to embellish the fuck with her tongue.

Holy fucking shit! thought Charles, as a tongue was added to the action. But since he believed he was getting a blowjob instead of a fuck, he wasn’t unduly surprised, and he humped merrily away in his blessed innocence, blissfully unaware of why it felt so wonderful.

Claire licked and sucked on her husband’s bloated balls as Bonny rode up and down on his fuckrod. How in hell can she be sucking my cock and my balls at the same time? he wondered. Why does her spit feel so much hotter and thicker than usual? Yet although he was mystified, Charles was not at all suspicious. In his own bed with his own wife, he never dreamed they might have company.

As Bonny pulled her clinging pussy up to the head of his towering cockshaft, her cuntjuice foamed down his fat fuckrod. Claire whimpered and ran her flattened tongue up the veined underside, slurping her daughter’s cunt cream from her husband’s prickmeat.

As she lapped up, moaning, more pussy juice gushed out. Claire licked up to the coupling, tonguing the slimy sweetness of Bonny’s cuntlips as they stretched around Charles’ cockhead, then fluttering her nimble lapper against the girl’s clit.

Bonny jerked as if electrocuted as with her fuckhole full of cockmeat, she felt Claire’s tongue on her clit.

She pushed down, taking all of her daddy’s prick into her fuck box again. Claire slurped on his prick stalk as it slid in, then lapped hungrily at her daughter’s clit again. What a feast this was for a hungry horny woman like Claire! All the elements of the bizarre situation thrilled her to the core. There was exhibitionism involved, and voyeurism, combined with lesbianism and incest. Any one of them would have delighted her, but together they were providing the best sex she had ever known. She ground her cunt on Charles’ face and slurped greedily away at cock and cunt, burying her lovely, radiant face in Bonny’s crotch.

Jimmy, neglected, was going crazy.

He was ducking around, leaning in to gaze upon the scene from one side, then the other. His face was flushed and his prick was so huge and hard that it was getting in the way as he moved around, hovering over the coupling threesome. His flaring prick knob was angled and throbbing.

He knelt down and placed his chin in the foot of the bed, getting as close as he could to the action. Jimmy didn’t know which he found more exciting, watching his sister getting fucked by their father’s big cock, or seeing his sexy mother tonguing them both.

He jerked his prick out toward his sister’s crotch and his mother’s head suggestively and hopefully. He thought that he might at least have the pleasure of his mother’s caressing hand, since her sweet mouth was already occupied. His cock knob, angry red and smoking hot, flared only inches from the woman’s cheek.

But Claire was concentrating completely on giving head, and she failed to notice her son’s tormented hard-on as he shoved it at her. Her hands were on Bonny’s hips, hauling the slim girl up and down, as if using her cunt to jerk Charles off. With her pussy on Charles’ face, there was no portion of her body available for Jimmy.

Bonny was ignoring her brother, as well. Looking down through misty eyes, she saw his prick looming out toward her belly, but she had already had that cock in her mouth and up her shit hole and in her cunt, and at the moment she was far more interested in her daddy’s cock and her mother’s slurping tongue. Bonny knew that she would be emptying those brotherly balls and getting plenty of sibling slime again and soon, but right now, she was giving all her attention to the double action in her groin.

She reached down and held Claire’s head between her hands, her fingers twisting in the golden blonde tresses, as she jerked her belly out. Claire’s forehead was pressed to Bonny’s cunt mound as she mouthed the girl’s pussy and the cock that filled it.

“Yeah — lap my cunt, Mom,” she moaned. The words were descriptive of what was happening, rather than instructive, since Claire was already lapping away with total enthusiasm on Bonny’s steaming, well-stuffed slot. But the naughty nymphet wanted to say them, to add her erotic words to the action.

Jimmy groaned in agony as his abandoned cock pounded. He folded his fist around it, thinking that he would have to jerk himself off and watch his spunk squirt onto his mother’s face. But he didn’t begin to stroke his cock yet, still hoping to bury it somewhere and to empty his balls into hot, wet flesh.

Claire gasped into Bonny’s crotch. Her ass was dancing wildly as she rode her husband’s face and they all knew that the woman was having another orgasm. Jimmy and Bonny both looked up and saw her hairy cunt cream on Charles’ mouth.

Charles gurgled with delight as his wife filled his mouth with her sweet cum-cream. He swallowed it hungrily. Lines of cuntjuice ran down the sides of his chin as his lips overflowed.

Charles sucked her cunthole dry, then stopped mouthing her, thinking she was finished and would change positions now, shifting around to continue sucking him off or to fuck him. But Claire kept her pussy firmly clamped on his face and her thighs tight to his ears. Charles slid his tongue up into her fuckhole and she wriggled.

She drew her face out of Bonny’s crotch and loosened her thighs over her husband’s ears long enough to wail, “More, darling — suck my cunt off again — don’t stop!”

Her legs clamped tight again and Charles cheerfully began to tongue and suck, starting her on the road to another creamy orgasm without haying her pussy off his mouth for an instant. It was no hardship to suck that delicious cunt for as long as she wanted — especially when she was blowing him at the same time.

Claire was always horny, perhaps a borderline nymphomaniac, but he had never known her as passionate as she was today.

Claire pushed her face back into Bonny’s groin and began to lick away with redoubled gusto. Bonny’s thighs tensed, lifting her cunthole up to the head of her daddy’s towering prick, the motion assisted by Claire’s hands on her hips.

Bonny began to shake violently. Her blonde head tossed from side to side and her blue eyes glazed.

“Oh, shit — I’m coming — coming…” she moaned.

“Oooooh!” Claire squealed, hungry for her daughter’s cum flow. She opened her mouth wide.

Bonny rode up again and creamed on the top of the stroke, with her father’s cockhead in her slot and his throbbing stalk standing out between them. Her cream poured down his cockshaft and Claire slurped it up with her tongue ravenously.

Bonny pushed down to the roots of his cock again, and Claire went suck-crazy on the girl’s pussy, slurping the cum juices out of her and gulping the sweet nectar down voraciously.

Bonny shuddered through her lovely coming. Drained, she settled down on Charles’ cock, holding steady. Charles hadn’t shot his wad yet and he continued to hump, shoving his daughter up and down on his loins as he heaved up from the bed.

“Keep sucking!” he cried, the words coming muffled and distorted from out of his wife’s groin. He thought that his cock was buried in Claire’s mouth but that she had stopped working on it. Bonny grinned impishly, delighted by the deception. She worked her cunt muscles and they rippled up his prick from hilt to crown, the tight rings closing. Charles moaned at the sensation. It was amazing what his horny wife could manage to do with her sweet mouth, he thought.

And although she wasn’t doing what Charles thought, Claire was certainly doing plenty of oral work. Now she was gently licking her daughter’s clit, coaxing it into a new frenzy. Her fuck bud had shrunk and softened after Bonny creamed but now it was starting to swell and stiffen again as the girl started to build up towards yet another crest, without ever having removed her cunt from her daddy’s prick.

She began to ride his cock again, sliding her wet cunthole up and down steadily, meeting his thrusts as he heaved up and taking his cockhead into the very core of her pussy.

Charles’ pisshole was weeping now. As Bonny’s cuntjuice flowed down his prick, Claire lapped the succulent sauce up hungrily, not knowing which she loved more, cum or cuntjuice. Slurped up together on the same tongue stroke, the slimy feast was scrumptious beyond belief.

Claire and Bonny were very glad that Claire had already emptied Charles’ balls twice, in her mouth and her cunt, because he was lasting a lot longer this third time, and they wanted him to last as long as he possibly could. Bonny wanted to fuck herself for hours on her daddy’s lovely prick — especially when her nimble tongued mother was embellishing the coupling by licking around the edges.

But Jimmy was not so pleased by his father’s stamina. The horny teen was seething with frustration, desperate with need. When his sister had creamed, he’d been hopeful of getting a crack at one of them, but now the fuck was continuing without interruption and his poor prick was still left unattended. He wailed in dismay and despair. Again, he thought about beating his own meat and shooting on his mother’s face, but he hated the idea of wasting his load. He could always jerk off in solitude — it seemed a shame to settle for his own hand.

He watched Bonny’s slick pussy pull up and push down. The thick vein in Charles’ cockshaft was pounding hard, but his well-drained balls showed no signs of coming again yet. Jimmy gave his prick a pump and it jumped violently.

He resigned himself to the torment of his frustration, and consoled himself with the knowledge that from now on he would be getting all the pussy and mouth that he wanted, from both his sister and mother.

Claire’s wet pink tongue fluttered softly against her daughter’s rosy clit then slid up into her cunthole, tongue fucking her soaking slot alongside her husband’s cock. Her moist red lips clamped over Bonny’s pussy folds, kissing and sucking lovingly. She slid down to lap at Charles’ balls for a bit, then worked back up his slimy prick, playing it like a flute and clamping over Bonny’s again as she came to the top. Claire was delirious with the joy of double-sucking, and her own insatiable fuckhole was starting to steam again as she ground it around on her husband’s willing face.

Her mouth filled with cuntjuice and preliminary cock seepage and she gulped the savory stuff down and used her curled tongue like a spoon, to slurp more out. She was paying more attention to her daughter’s cunt than her husband’s cock now. After all, she had sucked Charles’ tasty prick countless times, and this was the first time that she had feasted on Bonny’s delicious cunt. As Bonny’s pussy pulled up on Charles’ rampant fucker, Claire’s blonde head rose up with her, sucking and tonguing steadily at each elevation, her lips clamped on the girl’s pussy like a limpet clinging to a mossy rock.

“Give me more to drink…” Claire wailed, speaking right up Bonny’s cunthole and addressing Charles’ swollen balls at the same time. She was yearning for the magic moment when Charles unloaded his cum into Bonny’s cunthole, so that she could suck the combined cum cream out of the girl.

“Have a drink out of this, Mom,” Jimmy pleaded, shoving his cock out toward her face.

But Claire ignored him, busy on Bonny’s pussy, hardly aware of the frustrated boy’s presence. Jimmy rose to his feet again, on shaky legs, his prick jerking upright. In desperation, he offered it to his sister’s mouth hopefully, longingly. But Bonny, too, was concentrating totally on the double-action in her crotch. She loved sucking her brother’s sweet prick of course, and would do so almost any time he wanted her to, but at the moment she didn’t want any distractions.

“Later, Jimmy,” she promised.

Jimmy groaned. Later might be too late, he thought. His balls were threatening to explode of their own accord, and the tip of his cockhead was all foamy with seepage, the milky-white fluid glistening against his dark purple slab as it oozed from the cleft.

Bonny, rising towards another peak, was jerking her ass wildly as she rode her daddy’s cock. Jimmy was standing close as he pleadingly held his prick to her face and her smooth hip was brushing against him. He saw her ass churn and suddenly grinned fiendishly.

What an asshole I am! he thought, as he realized that there had been a fuckhole available to him all the time.

Thighs trembling and prick pounding violently, like some berserk jackhammer, Jimmy stepped around behind his sister at the foot of the bed. He looked down for a moment, watching his daddy’s cock vanish and emerge in her cunt, then shifted his gaze up to her ass. As Bonny pushed down, gorging her fuckhole on cockmeat, the firm cheeks of her cute ass spread open and her shit hole was fully revealed. The dark passage had already been well-lubricated by a load of brotherly ball-juice and its puckered slot was open.

Jimmy leaned over her shoulder and whispered into her ear. “Can I shove it up your asshole, Sis?” he asked.

“Oooooh!” she wailed, thrilled by the idea. A mouthful of cock, delicious though it might be, would have been a distraction, but the thought of having both her cunt and her asshole stuffed at the same time was a real turn-on. She switched her sweet ass tantalizingly, flaunting her charms.

“Yeah — fuck my ass!” she moaned.

Jimmy took his prick by the hilt and guided his swollen fuckknob into his sister’s shitter, rubbing it around at the entrance. Since he had already blazed a trail up into the mysterious regions of her bowels, he knew it would go in more easily this time. He began to slowly wedge his fat knob through her tight assbud.

“Oooooh, Mom — Jimmy is gonna fuck my asshole!” Bonny wailed.

Claire whimpered with joy at that erotic knowledge, and her tongue went crazy on Bonny’s throbbing clit.

Inch by inch, Jimmy worked his thick cock up into his sister’s hot shit chute. He shifted his grip to her hips, grasping her, just above his mother’s hands, and hauled her back to meet his thrusts. With a lurch, he buried himself to the roots in her guts.

Bonny gasped and settled down so that all of her daddy’s cock was up her fuckhole and all of Jimmy’s prick was in her ass. She was stuffed so full she thought that her hipbones might jump right out of their sockets. Jimmy’s cumbags hung down into her crotch, pressed against their father’s swollen balls.

Tossing her head back, she cried, “Fuck me, Jimmy! Shove your prick in and out of my ass…”

Jimmy began to pump it to her steadily, drawing back until the ledge of his cockhead appeared in her shithole, pausing for an instant, then shoveling all of his prickmeat into her bowels again. Bonny started to ride her daddy’s cock again, in rhythm with Jimmy, so that one cock was going in as the other drew out.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she gasped, wild with the joy of it.

Jimmy’s balls swung in and whacked against Charles’, both swollen sacs sloshing with cum. He fed his cock to his sister’s guts with plunging thrusts that tilted her pelvis up and down. As his cock filled her asshole, he was shoving her up to the head of her father’s cock, and as he pulled out she settled back to the roots of his towering prick. Bonny didn’t have to move at all, she was being driven up and down on the double thrusts of that carnal two-stroke engine.

Claire pushed her head in and tongued her husband’s and her son’s balls, as they jammed together, then drew back and mouthed her daughter’s pussy once more. She cried out for someone — anyone — to come. She was ready to come again herself.

Then, dynamically, they all creamed together!

Claire’s pussy melted into Charles’ mouth and Bonny’s cunthole creamed on Charles’ cock and Claire’s tongue. Charles gasped into Claire’s crotch and his fuckjuice fountained up into his daughter’s cunt, and at the same instant, Jimmy emptied his jism into the girl’s shit chute. He jammed in again and again, squirting slime into her bowels. The fat plunger of his prick pumped it back out of her slot, and his cum flowed down into her crotch, mixing with her cuntjuice and with their daddy’s jism, and providing their mother with a triple taste treat.

Claire gulped down pussy cream and two varieties of fuckjuice greedily. Her own cunt was overflowing, as if the cum she was swallowing was rushing right through her body and pouring out into her husband’s mouth. They pumped away frantically, the whole complex structure shaking with the shared spasms of bliss.

At long last, the carnal fucking machine ground to a halt, every drop spent, every spasm drained away.

They clung together for a few moments, supporting each other, panting like dogs. Then Charles squirmed.

“Hey — I gotta come up for air,” he said.

It was time to escape, the teens knew. Jimmy pulled his soiled cock out of his sister’s asshole and Bonny rode up and dragged her soaking cunthole off her daddy’s softening prick. Claire leaned out and gave Bonny’s flooded pussy a last loving slurp, then motioned Jimmy closer and sucked his drenched prick clean. Drawing back, she smiled at them — a smile of promise for the exciting future they would share. Then Bonny and Jimmy fled out the doorway, heading for her bedroom where they intended to have a bit more sibling affection.

As soon as the teens were out of sight, Claire rolled away and released her husband’s head. His face was slathered with cunt cream from brow to chin. He grinned and leaned over to kiss her, grateful for the wonderful blowjob he thought she’d given him.

He wondered, vaguely, why her lips tasted more of cuntjuice than of his cum?

Then he noticed the door.

“Christ, honey,” he said. “You left the fucking door open! What if the kids had seen us?”

“How careless of me,” said Claire.

He wondered why she was smiling so mysteriously.

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