The Sitter Saw A Suck Show

There is something about adolescence that encourages young people to try the unknown, the forbidden. The illicit, the taboo, seem more attractive and exciting somehow. Maybe this is because most young people feel their rights have been infringed upon for long enough, and now is the time for them to “do their own thing”. And perhaps it is strictly a biological phenomenon.

This is the story of a young girl who dares to try the unknown. Brandy Wyatt is a teenaged girl trying to find herself, trying to find out what makes her budding body tick, trying to find out what life is really about. Like many young people, she often learns things the hard way.

THE SITTER SAW A SUCK SHOW is a story about a time that everyone must face, the fragile moment between childhood and maturity. It is a frightening and confusing time, but one which holds lessons which will remain for a lifetime.


Brandy Wyatt wiggled on the bed, both hands between her legs squeezing her itchy pussy mound through her wet panties. After hearing her parents fuck, she always finger-fucked herself to exhaustion.

But not tonight. Tonight she and her brother had watched, and her fingers would not be enough. Her pussy juices flowed freely and her virgin cunt needed a cock.

“Fuck me, Rob! Please!!” the cute brunette begged her older brother, who was standing by her bed.

The moonlight coming through the window illuminated the cock-bulge at the crotch of his white briefs.

“They’ll hear us,” he hissed.

“They’re too busy fucking to hear us.”

Rob had to agree. They had just watched their parents grind and fuck to climax — and he could already hear them at it again.

“Please, Rob!” Brandy pleaded. Then she tossed the covers aside and pulled her short gown up to her chin, revealing perfectly shaped, hard-nippled tits. Lifting her hips off the bed, she peeled off her panties and kicked them to the floor.

“Brandy!” Rob breathed, taking in the exquisite beauty of his little sister as the lump in his shorts began to swell.

Brandy’s sharp eyes caught his reaction, and she spread her shapely legs wide, using her fingers to part the dark-brown triangle of her cunt hair. Her pink pussy sparkled with wetness in the moonlight.

With a groan, Rob crawled into bed beside his sister and surrounded her with his arms. They kissed, tongues darting playfully. Together, they removed her gown and Brandy lay back on the pillow, loving the feel of the cool sheets against her naked skin.

Rob’s gentle hands started at her tits, cupping and kneading the luscious tit globes and then pinching and pulling at her nipples until they were fully erect.

Bolts of electric excitement shot through the young girl, making her moan and quiver at his touch.

His hands moved down, across her flat belly, fondling the dip of her waist. And then he caressed her creamy thighs, easing her legs apart.

“So beautiful,” Rob said softly as his mouth went to her tits and his fingers swirled through her damp, tangled cunt bush.

“Oh, God!” Brandy groaned, her body on fire. Rob continued to suck and nibble her tits, and his fingers traced around her cunt lips lightly.

“DO it, Rob!” Brandy urged and thrust her hip upward trying to capture his elusive finger.

But Rob was in no hurry. He kissed his way down her belly, leaving a wet trail, and then swirled his tongue in her cunt hair. While his busy tongue worked, he used his fingers to pry apart her swollen cunt lips. His tongue darted into the pink, pulsing pussy hole and then retreated. Then, flattening his tongue, he licked her entire cunt slit. Spreading her ass checks, he flicked his tongue into her ass, bringing delighted squeals from his baby sister.

Brandy groaned and arched her pussy toward his hot, teasing tongue.

Slowly, Rob began lapping at her steady flow of syrupy pussy juices, making sure to brush her sensitive clit from time to time.

Brandy wiggled beneath him and held his head to her crotch as Rob probed deeply into her virgin cunt for more of her sweet cunt juice.

When Brandy began a rhythmic hunching against his face, Rob sensed her readiness. He found her swollen clit and latched onto it with his mouth. Then, he wormed a finger into her dripping fuck-hole. She took it eagerly, so he added another and fucked them steadily in and out.

Catching her clit between his lips, Rob flicked his tongue back and forth across it, and increased the speed of the two fingers fucking in and out of her hot, tight, pussy.

“Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!” Brandy grunted as she tangled her fingers in his tousled hair and bucked wildly.

He caught her rhythm, timing his sucking and fingering with her movements.

Suddenly, she squealed, like a pig, clamped her thighs around his head and a surge of hot, sticky cunt cream covered his fingers and hand. For a fun minute, Brandy humped and quivered beneath him, totally helpless.

As his sister caught her breath, Rob planted a kiss on her pussy and moved up her heaving body. He tongued her nipples lightly and then, resting on his elbows, he grinned at her.

Brandy could feel the heat from the throbbing cock nudging her cunt. She took his face in her hands and kissed him. His mouth was covered with pussy juice and curly cunt hairs, and she tasted herself. Curiously, she licked more of her cunt juice off his face and found that she liked it. Then her hands moved between them and she fondled the steel rod of his cock through his shorts.

“Fuck me, Rob,” she whispered.

Forcing himself to take his time, Rob began using his fingers again. Circling the tender insides of her cunt lips slowly, he dipped in to scoop up her lubrication and spread it all over the pussy lips and down the crack of her ass to puckered asshole.

Brandy closed her eyes, spread her legs and raised her hips to meet Rob’s probing finger as liquid fire burned in her pussy.

He probed her tight asshole with the tip of his finger and Brandy groaned, remembering the forbidden pleasure she had experienced earlier while fingering herself there. Then the finger was gone and Rob dipped into her juicy cunt once more and smeared the warm wetness over her swollen clit. “Fuck me!” Brandy whimpered, looking into her brother’s face with lust-glazed eyes.

Rob took off his shorts and let his naked cock meat rest against her pouting pussy mound.

Her warm fingers circled his fucker firmly, testing its length and width as she stroked it. When she reached lower to cup his bloated balls, Rob groaned and closed his eyes. Swallowing hard, Rob fought the urge to slam his prick into her virgin cunt to the hilt and empty his aching balls.

Spreading her legs even wider, Brandy guided the bulbous knob of his cock to her hungry, wet pussy and moved it up and down her cunt slit. Wet, squishy sounds filled the room, and she paused again at her well-lubricated asshole. Then, she guided his prick back to her cunt and moved it in little circles.

Rob began pushing with gentle but firm pressure, and Brandy raised her hips to meet him.

Her fuck-hole was tight, almost too tight for his thick cock, and he was afraid to exert any more pressure.

Brandy sensed his reluctance, and suddenly jerked her hips upward. When the head of his cock popped inside, Brandy bit her lower lip and lay still for a moment.

Sweat beading on his forehead, Rob felt like a tight rubber band had been snapped around the head of his prick. He waited until she started moving again and then he resumed the steady pushing.

Suddenly, Brandy grabbed his ass, urging him deeper. And when he resisted slightly, she thrust her hips up to meet him. The full length of his cock fucked deep into her clutching cunt and she bit his shoulder.

There was a quick flash of pain as her cherry was broken, but it took only seconds for her to adjust to his cock in her cunt.

Rob slowly pulled out of the tightest, hottest pussy he’d ever experienced and pushed back in again. His sister was already picking up a fast fucking rhythm, and he moved to meet her.

“Feel good?” Rob asked, his voice husky.


“Jesus, you’re tight!”

“Oh, God, Rob?” Brandy’s ass bounced on the bed as she bunched against his pounding fuck-pole.

Brand was only aware of Rob’s cock and the exquisite torture that filled her pussy. It grew deeper and more intense with each fuck-stroke, and just when she thought she could stand no more, fireworks exploded in her brain and hot waves of ecstasy broke over her. She held onto her brother, humped uncontrollably, quivered and trembled and rode each wave to a higher level.

Just as the last of her pleasure drained away, Rob gave an anguished grunt, grabbed her as and began ramming his fucker in and out of her newly opened cunt hole with brutal speed and force.

Brandy felt the tide rising again as he pounded her body. With instinct guiding her, she wrapped her legs around his waist.

Rob felt the cum boiling in his balls and casing into his cock shaft. As he continued to fuck, his cock jerked, swelled, and exploded, filling his sister’s cunt with what felt like a gallon of jism.

The thrill of Rob’s cock quivering and growing even larger in her tight pussy pushed Brandy over the edge. She came just after the first hot spurt of own erupted from his prick.

When she reluctantly returned to earth, Rob was resting lightly on her chest.

“Did you like that?” he asked.

Brandy nodded and struggled to catch her breath. She felt the mixture of their fuck-slime run down the crack of her ass and onto the bed.

“You came inside me?” she asked, squeezing his rapidly softening prick with her strong cunt muscles.


“I wanted to see it come.”

Rob eased his prick out of her clinging pussy. It finally came free with a wet, sucking sound and he sat back on his heels.

“If you get it hard again, you can jack me off.”


Rob traced his sister’s pretty, kissable lips. “With your mouth.”

Brandy gazed at the shiny, wet prick that, even while soft, rivaled her father’s cock in size. She’d walked in on her dad in the bathroom once, and his cock had looked like a wrinkled worm sleeping in a thick nest of crotch hair the same color as her own.

Sitting up, Brandy reached for her brother’s cock, surprised at the change from the steel rod she had held earlier. She leaned forward, brought her lips to the spongy cock head and gave it a kiss. Licking her lips, she tasted herself, and something else, as well. Her lips surrounded the prick head. Her tongue snaked out, swirled around the cock knob and probed tentatively at the piss slit.

“I can taste your cum,” she told Rob.

“Do you like it?”

Brandy nodded, and her hot, mouth returned to his cock eagerly. She licked up and down the wrinkled cock shaft and then sucked his prick a little deeper in her mouth.

Rob groaned and touched her head. “Suck my balls,” he whispered.

Pushing his cock up against his belly, Brandy dipped her head and enveloped his hairy ball bag in her mouth.

Rob groaned again, and Brandy thought she felt his cock begin to stiffen. Moving her mouth back to his prick, she made a tight ring out of her lips and slid them don his cock shaft, holding it steady at the base. His cock was definitely getting blur, and she had to move her head to keep from gagging.

“Play with my balls.”

Brandy could feel her cunt getting juicy again and she eagerly began moving her mouth up and down his rapidly swelling cock. Her hand cupped and squeezed his wrinkled ball sac and, remembering the thrill of his finger in her ass, she stretched her long finger out and teased his puckered asshole.

A glance at her brother, with his head thrown back, his eyes closed, told Brandy she was pleasing him. And when she inched a little more of her finger into his puckered ass, he groaned and gently fucked her mouth.

Her head bobbed up and down his rock-hard, pulsing prick shaft, and Rob held her head and thrust his hips forward gently.

As badly as she wanted to taste his cum, she still wanted to see the jism shooting out of his cock.

Taking her mouth away from his cock, leaving it as wet as it had been when she started, Brandy curled her right hand around the thick cock shaft and began stroking it slowly.

“Does it feel good?” she asked.

Rob could only nod in response.

Feeling her hot cunt grow even more loose and moist, Brandy watched his swinging balls and listened to the little slap-slap sound her hand made as it flew up and down his wet prick.

Rob closed his eyes and sweat beaded on his upper lip. Her hand was soft, yet firm, and so very warm. When he opened his eyes, Brandy’s free hand had moved to her pussy. Rob watched his sister finger-fuck herself, and the first droplets of pre-cum oozed out of his piss hole.

“Gonna come!” he grunted, and he fucked her warm hand with abandon as he felt the cum boiling in his balls.

Brandy watched in amazement as his cock jerked, swelled and streams of milky cum exploded out of the end, arched through the moonlit room, landing on her hand and pussy. The white, hot cum continued to shoot as she scooped it up with her fingers and brought it to her lips. She lapped at her cummy hand eagerly while the hand on his cock continued to milk him dry.

Rob was still spurting jism weakly when Brandy plunged two fingers into her cum-covered cunt, pinched her chit, grunted and stiffened.

Her ass left the bed, her pussy convulsed around her fingers, and a copious load of pussy cream mingled with her brother’s cock cream.

After a lingering kiss, Rob grabbed his shorts and went back to his own room.

Brandy went to sleep with a smile on her face. She was no longer a virgin, and the fire her parents had started that evening had only been temporarily satisfied by her brother.


The next day at school, Brandy found it impossible to concentrate. Her panties stayed wet, and she went to the bathroom several times just to finger-fuck herself.

The last class of the day was study hall. She put her head down, pretending to be asleep, and let the events of the night before fill her head…

As usual, Brandy had huddled in her bed, listening. At last, she heard her parents’ voices coming from the living room of the tiny house.

“Oh, Frank, suck it!” her mother moaned softly. Her father’s husky chuckle came to her, and Brandy’s pussy flooded with warmth. Slowly the hand that had been palming her pointed nipple moved down her flat belly to cup her suddenly itchy cunt mound.

Wet kissing sounds could be heard, and her mother’s moans grew louder.

Brandy squeezed her legs together on her hand. She reached under her pillow, making sure the candle was still there.

“God, Frank, your tongue is fantastic!” Brandy’s mother gasped.

The sucking sounds continued, and Brandy’s hand slipped inside her wet panties. Her fingers brushed the soft curls of her pussy hair as the familiar gnawing emptiness set in. She pushed her gown up around her neck, and her nipples had grown harder.

Brandy was just about to give in to the urge to spread her legs wide apart, grab the fat candle and stuff it deep inside her cunt when she heard footsteps in the hall.

“Wait till I get you in bed,” Mary said with a giggle, and Frank chuckled softly again.

They stopped just outside Brandy’s bedroom door and she closed her eyes, in case they peeped inside. There was wet sucking again, and this time her father moaned.

“Keep that up, woman, and I’ll fuck your ass right here on the floor,” he threatened.

Brand’s mother giggled again and they moved on toward their room.

Daring to breathe again, Brandy opened her eyes. Her ass wiggled on the bed, and she knew she was going to have to do something. She rolled onto her back, spread her legs apart and searched between them with inquisitive fingers. Both hands were in her panties now, and one spread the pouting lips of her pussy apart while the other rubbed the tender folds just inside.

The exploring fingers brushed against her protruding clit. She bit her lower lip as instinct brought her ass off the bed, thrusting upward for a cock that wasn’t there. She whimpered as her finger moved lower, found the tiny opening of her pussy and probed inside. Hot, syrupy wetness covered her finger, and she pushed it deeper, causing even more cunt juices to flow.

Removing her finger, Brandy spread the wetness all over her pussy lips, on her clit, and even down the crack of her ass to her asshole. That brought a different kind of pleasure, making her squirm and hump against her hand.

“Suck it, Mary,” Brandy’s father urged.

They were in the bedroom, yet they might have been right in Brandy’s room, from the way she heard it.

Brandy heard her mother’s throaty laugh and then lewd sucking sounds.

“That’s it! Take it deep,” he coaxed.

Closing her eyes and squeezing her twit, Brandy let the exploratory finger slip back inside. The burning excitement surging through her was uncontrollable, almost blocking out the sound of her parents. She added a finger to stretch her small fuck-hole.

Suddenly, it occurred to her that she had never looked at her pussy while it was wet. Quietly, she slipped out of bed, opened her door and pecked into the dark hall.

Darting across the hall, she entered the bathroom, closed the door and flipped on the light. Pulling her short gown up and holding it with her chin, she studied the pink, button-like nipples standing out from her pear-shaped tits. She pinched her nipples gently and bolts of excitement shot down her belly to her pussy. Quickly, she peeled her silky pink panties off her round ass and they slid down her firm thighs to her ankles.

Brandy squatted and loaned over. She could see her hairy pussy and the deep-pink pussy lips.

Moving over to the tub, she propped one foot up on it and squatted again. Still not a much better view, but now she had to piss. Brandy reined on the seat and a stream of yellow pin tinkled into the bowl. She leaned over and watched it. When she was finished, she fingered her cunt again, carefully, and found even more of the thick juices than she had felt before.

That was when she looked up and saw the hand mirror lying beside the sink.

Grinning, Brandy grabbed the mirror and placed it on the rug beside the tub. Kicking off her panties, she shrugged out of her gown and squatted over the mirror. There, fully exposed, was her hungry pink pussy, covered with the same rich brown hair that was on her head. She studied it for a long time, noting the lemony drops of piss that still clung to the cunt hairs as well as the swollen nub about the size of a pencil eraser. She knew it was her clit and what it could do, but she had never seen it clearly before.

Touching her clit tentatively, she quivered and gasped. Using her fingers, she spread her pussy lips apart even wider and tried to look inside.

“Suck my balls!” her father wailed — and a gush of heat filled her cunt.

She watched her fuck-hole clutch and wink, and then several drops of clear cunt juice dripped onto the mirror. Brandy spread the fluid, again covering her pussy lips, her clit and the crack of her ass. This time, she even dared to probe her puckered asshole with the tip of her wet finger.

Brandy could control herself no longer. Still squatting over the mirror, she squeezed the sensitive nub of her clit between two fingers. Waves of pleasure shot through her, and she fought to keep from moaning aloud.

She began massaging around her clit in a circular motion and probed deep inside her pussy with a finger of her other hand.

Dropping to her knees, both fingers working busily, Brandy closed her eyes and imagined what it would feel like to have a man between her legs, licking, sucking and then finally fucking his big cock inside her to the balls.

Her breath quickened and her body trembled. As her orgasm built, she let her imagination run wild, even to the point of moving the sex-slick finger out of her pulsing pussy and jamming it in her asshole!

That pushed her over the edge. She came in a flood of cunt juices, grunting and squirming. At last, sitting flat down on the floor, she gasped.

As she struggled to catch her breath, Brandy rubbed the drops of cunt juice off the mirror, brought her finger to her nose and sniffed. It smelled musky, yet sweet.

Temporarily satisfied, Brandy pulled her panties and gown back on and stepped out into the dark hall.

Suddenly, she was grabbed from behind in a viselike grip and a hand was clamped over her mouth. Stunned, Brandy froze. And then, in the darkness, she recognized her brother’s voice.

“It’s me, Sis,” he whispered close to her ear. She was acutely aware of how masculine he smelled and how hard the muscles in his chest and arms felt surrounding her. What felt like a steel rod was nudging the crack of her ass, and she knew that was his prick. Brandy pushed back against him, making his cock throb and quiver.

Mary’s soft moan came from the bedroom at the end of the hall, and then there was the sound of movement on the bed.

“Let’s watch,” Rob suggested as he guided Brandy to the partially open door.

Brandy had always wanted to watch but never had the nerve. Her brother’s grip tightened and she felt the length of his body pressing against her backside, pushing her forward.

They crawled the last few feet, not making a sound in the carpeted hall. And then, on hands and knee, Rob bending over his sister, they peeked inside.

Both of the bedside lamps were on, bathing the room in a soft glow, illuminating the couple on the bed. Brandy’s mother was on her knees between her husband’s outstretched legs. Her upturned ass was clearly visible as she bent over with her hungry, sucking lips wrapped around his cock. As she bobbed her head up and down on his prick, her fingers swam around in her sloppy pussy.

“Mary, if you keep that up, you’re gonna get your tonsils coated,” Frank warned.

Reluctantly, she let go of his prick, giving it a farewell kiss. And thou she relaxed on her knees cupping and kneading the heavy globes of her tin.

Her head was thrown back, her long, brown hair cascading down her back, and the look on her face was one of pure lust.

Brandy’s father lay on his back, one hand behind his head, the other hand wrapped around the huge, spit-slick fucker that protruded from his crotch. He was stroking his cock slowly, the fat, purple prick head glistening with wetness.

Brandy’s hand moved of its own accord to the wet crotch of her panties, and Rob’s breath was rasping right at her ear. It felt like every inch of her body was on fire.

“My pussy is so hungry, Frank,” Mary moaned, and then her hands left her tits to spread her pussy lips for him to see.

“And I’ve got just the sausage to feed it,” Frank said as he reached for her.

There was a rustle of covers and movement. Then Frank was kneeling between the widely spread legs of his wife, his hard, throbbing cock aimed directly at her hairy cunt gash. Supporting himself on strong, muscular arms, he leaned forward, kissing her mouth hard and then moved his lips down her neck to suck her tits.

“God, Frank… fuck me, please!” Mary begged.

She squirmed as he moved from one swollen nipple to the other, nibbling. With a little laugh, Frank plunged two fingers inside Mary’s wet pussy. She cried out as if in pain, inn spread her legs farther apart and hunched against his hand.

He added another finger, and the three fingers seemed to please Mary even more. She moaned louder and pinched her bouncing tits as her loins rose off the bed to meet his fingers.

After a few minutes of this, Frank pulled his fingers free with a lewd sucking sound and spread her wetness over the thick shaft, of his cock.

Brandy’s heart was pounding, her panties were soaked and she had both hands between her legs, trying to scratch the itch there. Rob’s breathing came in quick, whistling gasps. And as he watched his parents, he rubbed his cock up and down the crack of his sister’s upturned ass.

Taking one of Mary’s feat in each of his hands, Frank pushed her thighs back against her tits, exposing her dripping cunt. Mary’s hand reached for his prick, found it and guided it to her fuck-hole.

Brandy was stunned. There was no way that huge cock could fit inside her mother! Even as she was thinking it though, the man’s cock was disappearing inch by inch into the hole between the woman’s legs.

“Oh, God!” Mary wailed as she raised her ass to take in the last few inches of Frank’s cock.

Frank pulled his cock back out until nothing remained inside but the fat prick knob. And then, with a grunt, he fucked it back into the hilt. Mary accepted his cock greedily, squirming and hunching. Then Frank pulled out again, smiling down at bit horny wife.

As he slammed his fucker into her again, he let go of her ankles, grabbed two handfuls of her firm, white ass and began pumping in and out of her hungry cunt, his speed and force growing with each fuck-thrust.

Liquid squishing sounds that Brandy had heard before combined with the rhythmic squeaking of the bed, and Brandy could see what she had only been hearing, up till now. Her parents were fucking like two wild animals.

“Harder, Frank!” Mary squealed as he pounded her pussy into a squishy pulp. “Fuck me harder!”

Brandy and Rob watched while their father fucked in and out of their mother’s cunt with lightning speed. His balls slapped her wet ass, and his low grunts of pleasure brought another gush of liquid from Brandy’s pussy.

“I’ll tear that pussy up!” Frank threatened.

His words seemed to spur Mary on, because she pumped her ass even faster.

Suddenly, with his cock still embedded in Mary’s cunt, Frank grabbed her ass and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Standing on the floor, legs apart, he resumed his frantic fucking while she wailed in delight and urged him deeper with her hands on his ass.

“I’m coming! God, Frank, I’m coming!” Mary screamed.

Frank continued to pump harder and faster and then, with a low, throaty growl, he slammed into her one last time. The muscles in his ass and back bunched into knots and he quivered, froze and held perfectly still for what seemed an eternity.

Brandy was speechless, unable to move and Rob had to practically carry lip back to her room. With loving tenderness, he put her down on her bed.

And that was when Brandy knew she had to have a cock — no matter who it belonged to…

The last bell of the day jerked Brandy, back to the present, and she hurried home.

She had babysitting job that night for the Nelsons. And she thought that what Rob had taught her the night before ought to please handsome Mr. Nelson.

“What’s with you?” Terry asked as they walked home from school.

Brandy looked at her best friend and grinned. “Something happened last night,” she teased.


“Help me babysit for the Nelsons tonight and I’ll tell you.”


The Nelsons had two small boys, and Brandy put them to bed early. After they were asleep, the two girls sat on the sofa, sipping sodas, their books open in their laps. But they weren’t talking about homework.

“So, what happened?” Terry asked, trying not to sound too interested.

“I watched my parents fuck,” Brandy said excitedly.

Terry’s eyes grew round. “I’ve listened to mine fuck — but I’ve never had the gifts to watch.”

“Rob and I both watched — and then we did it.”

“You fucked?”

Brandy nodded.

“Did it hurt?”

“A little, but then it just felt wonderful!”

“Tell me about it, please!” Terry begged, both her hands between her legs.

In great detail, Brandy told her friend what had happened, feeling her pussy grow moist.

“Rob’s such a hunk, I’d let him fuck me anytime,” Terry said with a dreamy look in her eyes.

“Perhaps that can be arranged — if you’ll let me watch.”

Terry had left before the Nelsons returned, and Mr. Nelson offered to drive Brandy home.

She declined the offer and left. But, two blocks from home, Brandy realized she had forgotten her math book. Turning around, she jogged back to their house and was just about to ring the doorbell when she saw something that made her stop.

Through the open window, Brandy could see Chuck Nelson sitting on the sofa.

Alma Nelson was standing in front of her husband, slowly and sensuously peeling off her clothes. She was down to her panties and bra, and every time she removed a piece of clothing he would fondle and kiss the naked skin, making her whimper softly.

When she finally stepped out of her panties, he grabbed her round ass in both hands and pulled her to him, rubbing his face back and forth across her furry cunt mound.

Brandy swallowed hard and put her hand over her mouth. The ache in her pussy that had begun when she was talking to Terry returned and was growing stronger by the minute. She stood rooted to the spot, unable to take her eyes off the cock-bulge in Chuck’s slacks.

Chuck’s mouth found his wife’s stiff nipples, and he sucked one into his mouth.

Her whimpers had turned to a low moan, and she held her legs tightly together while he kissed his way down her belly to her crotch. With a little gurgling sound, Alma moved her legs apart and held her pussy lips open. Chuck’s tongue snaked out and licked her cunt slit.

“Oh, Chuck!” the woman squealed.

Brandy unzipped her jeans. Her hand slipped into her wet panties and rubbed furiously at her leaking pussy while the couple in the living room continued their foreplay.

Chuck pulled his wife down on the sofa beside him and they kissed deeply, their hands roaming wildly. She leaned back on some pillows, tossing her head from side to side, groaning in ecstasy while he pushed her legs apart and plunged three fingers into her dripping pussy.

Brandy watched Alma’s pussy stretch to accommodate a fourth finger while she wailed and hunched against her husband’s hand. She could also see the vivid outline of Chuck’s prick in his slacks.

Alma’s compact body was covered with sweat and she babbled incoherently while her husband finger fucked her to a quivering orgasm.

Keeping her eye on the couple inside, Brandy squatted on the porch and probed deep with her finger. Her pussy grasped it tightly and quivered as a second one was added.

When Alma caught her breath, she sat upon the sofa, her long legs apart, her dripping cunt clearly visible.

Chuck stood up in front of her. He was tall and lean and when he unzipped his slacks and cased them down his thighs, Brandy saw a tight little ass encased in shiny black underwear.

Alma had been idly rubbing her cunt, but she stopped and reached for him. Hooking her fingers in the waistband of his briefs, she pulled at the slick material and his hard cock snapped free.

Brandy licked her lips and her pussy squeezed her fingers.

Alma’s fingers curled around the cock shaft and she stroked it slowly, coaxing drops of pre-cum out of the piss slit.

Brandy watched in fascination as the woman lapped eagerly at the pearly droplets, getting the fat prick knob shiny wet.

“Ah!” Chuck sighed.

Alma continued stroking, and more pre-cum oozed out of his cock. She used her finger to spread the mixture of spit and pre-cum over the cock head and around the cock shaft and then reached between his legs, to capture his hairy sac of balls.

“Yeah?” Chuck breathed as he spread his legs apart and pinched his wife’s nipple.

Finally, Alma took Chuck’s cock back into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down until her nose was buried in his crotch, hair.

Brandy felt warm cunt juice on her fingers, thighs and ass as she watched the woman.

Alma continued to play with his balls a long time while he moaned and fucked her face gently. Every once in a while, she would tease his asshole with her finger and he would quiver and groan even louder.

This reminded Brandy of how good it felt when she had fingered her own ass, and the need to be fucked almost overwhelmed her. She had to have a cock — and she knew just how to get one.

Moving quickly, Brandy stood up, fastened her jeans and wiped her wet hand on her shirt. Then she went to the door and knocked.

The couple on the sofa jumped. Alma ran upstairs and Chuck hurriedly stuffed his cock back in his briefs and made himself presentable.

“Forgot my math book,” Brandy explained with a grin when he opened the door.

She found the book right where she had left it on the end table, and then she hesitated. “Mr. Nelson, it’s getting kinda late. Is that offer to drive me home still open?”

He paused a moment, glancing at the stairs and then back at Brandy. Even though his cock had softened somewhat, she could still detect the delicious cock-bulge in his crotch.

“Sure. Let me tell Alma,” be said.

Brandy went out to his car, smiling.

It was dark and warm in the moving car and Brandy sat a little closer to him than necessary. The street lights cast an eerie glow, and she felt like the only things that existed were herself and the semi hard prick so close by.

They rounded a corner and Brandy pretended to fail over toward him, her hands landing directly in his crotch.

“Sorry about that,” he apologized.

“Not me,” Brandy cooed, her fingers tracing the outline of his growing prick.


“Come on, Mr. Nelson. It’s getting hard, and I could make you feel real good.”

The man swallowed and studied the heated face of the girl beside him. Her hand was driving him crazy.

“Not here,” he croaked.

“Go to the ball field — pardon the pun — and park behind the field house.”

By the time they were parked, she had his pants unzipped and his throbbing cock in her hot little hands.

“Ooooh!” Brandy moaned as she stroked his prick and watched it quiver by the light of the street light.

She was leaning across the seat on her elbows, and he snaked a hand down the front of her sweater. He discovered surprisingly large tits with hard nipples just begging to be sucked.

His hand brought another moan from her lips, which were by now wrapped around the head of his cock. He closed his eyes and gave in to the hot sensations. With both hands in her sweater, he pinched and squeezed her nipples and her mouth and busy tongue were returning the favor.

Suddenly she freed his prick, sat up and took off her sweater, letting her braless tits bounce free.

He stared at her full tit globes, which looked ghostly white in the car, and they jiggled as she squirmed out of her jeans and panties.

“God, I’m so wet,” she said. “Feel.”

Chuck could feel the heat from her crotch as he moved his hand up her firm thigh. Leaning back against the door, she whimpered and spread her legs wide for him.

His cock jumped when he found her leaking pussy. His finger pushed its way inside. He closed his eyes and tried to imagine that tight wetness wrapped around his cock.

“Oh, yes!” Brandy groaned and pinched her nipples, her pussy swallowing his finger.

He added another finger with a wet squish, and she accepted the intrusion readily. She moaned and hunched against his fingers as they fucked in and out of her splayed pussy.

Chuck’s free hand curled around his prick shaft. The hot, horny girl beside him was driving him crazy, and he fought the urge to jack off. Instead, he squeezed his cock tightly.

“My ass! Stick something up my ass!” Brandy gasped as her hands pulled the firm white cheeks of her ass apart for him.

Using one of his well-lubricated fingers, he wormed it into her tight, grasping asshole, and she went totally wild, bucking and straining to get him deeper. With two fingers in her pussy and one in her ass, he see-sawed them rapidly.

“Oh, God! Oh, God!” Brandy wailed, her hands returning to her nipples.

Chuck Nelson forgot about his about-to-explode cock for a second. He had never seen a girl this hot, and he wondered just how much experience she had. He leaned forward, nibbled at her quivering thighs, and then his tongue found her painfully erect clit.

“Uh! Uh! Uhhhhh!” Brandy waited. She wrapped her thighs around his head, bucked and came in a flood of hot cunt juices that ran down his hand and onto the car seat.

It took her awhile to catch her breath. She lay across the seat, her legs wide apart, her tits heaving.

“I’d better take you home,” Chuck said, reaching for the keys.

“Not yet! I haven’t tasted that cock.” With a grin, he unfastened his belt, raised up off the seat enough to lower his slacks and shorts to his knees.

She turned around on the seat so that her face was in his lap. Her soft, warm hands wrapped around his throbbing cock and she held it to her lips. She took her time, rubbing his prick all over her face and kissing the cock knob gently. She teased his piss silt with her tongue, and then her mouth opened and she engulfed the head of his cock with her lips, her busy tongue continuing to circle and tease his sensitive spot.

“Christ!” he hissed, putting his hands in her tousled hair and wanting to cram his cock down her throat.

Brandy let her mouth slide forward a little, her lips making a tight circle around his cock shaft. Then she moved up and down in a slow, teasing rhythm.

Chuck leaned back and ran his hand down her back to cup and squeeze her upturned ass.

Brandy moaned around his prick and felt herself getting juicy again. She put one of her hands between his legs to fondle his balls and he pushed upward, coaxing her to take his cock deeper.

She continued to suck his cock eagerly, taking him deeper with each stroke. Finally, her nose was buried in his crotch hair and he could feel her hot breath. He traced around her cock-stretched lips, squeezed her ass cheek roughly and closed his eyes.

Brandy’s mouth adjusted to his big cock. He was touching the back of her throat with every trip she made up and down his pulsing prick. And his low, husky grunts and thrusting hips told her he would be coming soon.

Her tongue lapped eagerly at the pre-cum that flowed freely into her mouth. She wanted to taste his jism and, yet, her pussy was aching to be filled again.

Chuck ran his hand up and down her wet ass crack, feeling the puckered asshole, her freely flowing pussy juice. And when she moaned around his cock meat again, the excitement was delicious.

Her hand was still working on his balls, and she teased the sensitive area around them with the skill of a much older woman.

“Brandy, I gotta come!” he croaked.

She moved her mouth up and down his prick shaft twice as fast, and her free hand found her hungry pussy.

The wet sound of her finger-fucking her self mixed with the occasional sucking sound in his lap, and Chuck Nelson felt like the whole end of his cock was going to explode.

“Suck it, baby!” he grunted as beheld her head and bucked against her face, completely out of control.

Brandy plunged two fingers into her pussy and squeezed his balls. His cock shaft quivered and swelled. She closed her eyes, waiting. Chuck’s cum was churning in his balls, being coaxed into his cock shaft by her manipulating fingers, and then her sucking mouth spaded it on its way. By the time it reached the cock head, it was like a volcano, and he froze as the first stream of cum erupted into her mouth.

Brandy’s fingers slipped out of her cunt, and she was tickling her clit while her mouth was filled with thick, milky cum. She swallowed rapidly, because that stream of jism was followed by another and another.

Chuck was still spurting cum weakly when she came, grinding her cunt against her fingers, their groans of release slowly subsiding into whimpers and sighs.

Brandy sat up and wiped a few drops of cum from her chin, licking her fingers clean.

“How long you been sucking cock?” he asked as they dressed.

“This was my first time.”

Chuck stared at her in disbelief.

She grinned. “You’d better get back home. You’ve got a horny wife back there to take care of, and I’ve got homework to finish.”


Brandy’s boyfriend, Nick, called when she got home. He had been away for a few days and wanted to see her the next evening. She agreed to go to the movies with him. As she squeezed her thighs together, thinking about what had happened to her since he’d been gone, she knew he’d be pleasantly surprised.

Her entire day was spent in a constant state of horniness. She needed to be fucked, needed to feel a hard prick inside her pussy, and she looked longingly at every male that passed hoping to at least get a glimpse of a hard-on.

By the time Nick picked her up, she was wet and ready for him. In the car, she kissed him hard and long, probing deeply with her tongue, her hands moving inside his shirt to rub his hairy, hard-muscled chest.

In the dark theater, Nick sat with one arm draped around her shoulders, his hand brushing against her hard-nippled tit while the other hand was under her skirt stroking her inner thigh, coming closer to her crotch each time.

As he kissed her neck and ear, Brandy placed her jacket over his lap. With her hand under the jacket, she rubbed his cock-bulge with teasing pressure.

Grinning in the darkness, he covered her hand with his and pressed it against him. Her fingers curled round his hard prick and he humped against them with a satisfied sigh.

She shivered when Nick’s fingers reached her wet panties, and the painful emptiness grew more intense as he probed carefully at her cunt.

Brandt unzipped his jeans, reached in and found his bare hard cock. Gently, she pulled his cock free and ran her fingers over the warm, velvety cock head.

Nick looked at her in surprise, mid his cock grew harder and thicker as her fingers curled around the cock shaft under the cover of the jacket.

Brandy grinned and winked and began to stroke his pulsing cock steadily, the heat from the hard muscle sending shivers of excitement from her hand to her crotch.

Nick moaned softly as he looked from her wickedly smiling face to the jacket in his lap, which was moving slightly.

Brandy continued the stroking, letting her hand brush the sensitive spot just under the head of his cock every other time. He bit his lip and moaned again, and she felt slick wetness dribble down the side of his cock to her hand.

Capturing the pre-cum, she smeared it all over the pulsing prick knob and around the heavily veined cock shaft. Her pussy was aching to be filled, and she wanted to climb on his lap and ride him to heaven. That would have to wait. This time, she wanted to watch Nick’s handsome face when he fired his cum-load into her jacket.

“Brandy!” he whispered urgently.

His cock quivered, swelled, and the first spurt of his cum jetted out of the piss slit.

Brandy caught some of his cum in her hand and used it to lubricate his prick as she continued to stroke, coaxing every drop out of his balls.

Sweating and shaking, Nick finally stuffed his softening cock back into his jeans while Brandy brought her hand to her mouth and licked it clean.

“Let’s get out of here,” he croaked.

Brandy followed, her thighs slick with pussy juice. They left the theater and Nick drove up to Weeping Rock, the local necking spot.

“Jesus Christ!” Nick hissed.

Out of curiosity, Brandy examined her cum covered jacket, sniffed it and then sucked eagerly at Nick’s wet cum stain.

Parking in a secluded spot, he reached for her, smelling her heat. Brandy slid into his arms, eagerly, anxious for his kiss and touch, knowing how his cock could scratch the itch between her legs.

His arms encircled her and their mouths met, moving wetly against each other, tongues dancing. He eased her back into the seat and his hands moved under her sweater to pinch her hard-nippled tits.

“Get your clothes off,” Brandy panted, already tugging at her own. “I want to see that big cock!”

Nick hesitated for a second, surprised and turned on by Brandy’s aggressiveness.

Completely naked, Brandy sat back and watched as each part of Nick’s lean, muscular body was exposed to her hungry eyes. She wanted to suck and lick every part of him, but the fire in her pussy was going to have to be taken care of first.

When he was naked, she pulled him close, loving the feel of his hairy chest against her nipples. They kissed again, hungrily, and his mouth moved to suck the tits she offered to him.

“I’m so hot!” she breathed.

Nick’s fingers moved in circles through her crotch hair and then probed at the liquid fire of her cunt slit. She bunched against his teasing fingers and groaned.

“Eat my pussy, Nick!”

Nick obeyed readily, kissing he belly as he moved down her writhing body.

Pinching her rock-hard nipples, Brandy looked down, and the sight of his dark, curly head between her legs made her quiver. He licked her slick thighs and then moved his face closer to her cunt, letting her feel his hot breath.

“Suck it!” she urged.

Using his fingers to part her brown cunt bush, Nick probed gently with his tongue, tasting the hot fluids that were running down the crack of her ass.

“Please, Nick!”

With a little laugh, Nick began lapping up her cunt juices, starting at her hot asshole and moving upward almost, but not quite, to her erect clit.


This teasing continued for a while until she was hunching wildly and trying to force his face into her pussy.

Resisting her, he held her little ass and studied the pulsing pink wetness between her legs. The thought of fucking that pussy made his prick jerk, and he realized he saw getting hard again.

“Make me come!” she cried.

With a groan, Nick buried his face between her legs. His long tongue pushed in as far as it could, found even more pussy juice, and he sucked it into his mouth. Again and again, his tongue fucked deep while her strong cunt muscles grasped at the elusive pussy-pleaser.

Brandy held onto Nick’s head and lunched wildly against his face, begging him to finish her off, make her come and, at last, Nick gave in.

Capturing her clit between his teeth, he held it with gentle pressure while his tongue stroked it rapidly.

“Yeah! Yeah! Suck meeee!” Brandy squealed, holding Nick’s head between her thighs.

As her orgasm crested, Nick was amazed at how her cunt cream continued to surge out of her pulsing pussy.

“So good, Nick,” Brandy purred, touching his shiny face.

“Look what it did to me,” Nick said as he stroked his throbbing cock.

Brandy bit her lower lip and touched the velvety head of the cock that stood up in his lap. Just the sight of it was enough to get her horny again, and this time she wanted it rough.

He groaned as she stroked his cock and leaned forward and licked the prick knob, making it glisten in the moonlight. Nick touched her hair.

“Suck it,” he whispered.

Brandy’s lips circled the head of his cock and then they stretched wider as she slid downward, being careful of her teeth.


Her head bobbed up and down quickly and she felt the fire burning in her pussy again.

“Take me rough, Nick,” Brandy told him, then she squeezed his cock and gave it one last kiss.

Her pleading voice stirred something deep inside him and his hands went to her tits, squeezing them hard, pinching the nipples. Angry red marks appeared on her skin as his mauling hands left her tits, raked down her back to grab her ass, and the slid up her legs, forcing them apart. He pushed her down in the seat with a demanding kiss and wedged his body between her thighs.

“You’re gonna love this,” he hissed. The rough treatment made Brandy hotter then ever, and her pussy became wet as she squirmed and moaned beneath him. He chewed and bit her harder nipples. When he caught both her wrists in one of his big hands and held than above her heed, Brandy felt a tinge of fear. But it vanished quickly, replaced by unreasonable desire.

Nick’s deep-brown eyes twinkled, but he laughed harshly and forced two thick fingers into her wet pussy.

“Tight and hot. Just the way I like it,” he breathed in her face as he unbuckled his belt with one hand.

“Fuck me, Nick! Fuck me good and hard!”

Nick just grinned and stroked his cock slowly.


His mouth covered hers again, forcing her to accept his tongue, cutting off her words. He grabbed her hand, molded it around his hot cock, and moved it up and down.

Brandy took his prick and pumped it eagerly. The familiar feeling of his hard cock shaft made her fingers tingle. As she watched, a few drops of pre-cum oozed out of the piss slit and trickled down his prick. She licked her lips and glanced up into his tense face.

“That’s it, baby. Kiss it.”

She licked his pre-cum off her fingers. And when they wrapped around his cock shaft again, her mouth sucked and nibbled, around the cock head, lapping up more of the ooze.

With a low growl, he grabbed her ass, forced her legs wide and aimed his cock at her wetly pulsing fuck-hole.

“Fuck me!” Brandy screamed, grabbing his ass and humping wildly, trying to force his prick inside her.

Pushing her thighs even wider and back against her tits, Nick slid the head of his cock into her hot pussy. He held her still for a few minutes, easing his cock knob in and out of her cunt, deliberately depriving her of the hard, deep thrusting she craved.

“Gimme that cock!”

In response, he put her legs over his shoulders and slammed his cock in to the hilt. Brandy cried out and her pussy gobbled his prick greedily. Nick continued pounding into her squishy, wet cunt with cruel force.

“Go, Nick, go!” Brandy squealed.

“Christ! You’re one hot bitch!” Nick bellowed, his face contorted as he slammed into her with all his strength, watching her tits bounce on her chest.

Her climax rose, crested, and washed over her, making her pussy convulse around the cock that fucked rapidly in and out.

As her shuddering slowly subsided, she relaxed in Nick’s arms and realized that this climax had not been as intense or rich as the one she had shared with Rob.

“Nick, fuck me in the ass?”

Nick, his cock still embedded in her cunt jerked. He’d never ass-fucked anyone.

“Not here,” he answered, pulling his cock out of her with a wet plop and reaching for his keys.

“I’ve got a blanket in the trunk. We can get outside.”

Brandy’s puckered asshole tingled as she stepped out into the soft grass. The cool air made her stand up, and she stretched. It was still too early for the crowd, and she and Nick had the place to themselves.

He spread the blanks on the ground, his cock jutting boldly out in front of him. He reached for her. She joined him on the ground, kissing his mouth and fondling his cock and balls with loving hands. He squeezed her tits, not as roughly as before. But as his hands, moved down her sides to squeeze her ass, he transmitted his excitement to her.

Brandy balanced herself on her hands and knees, offering her ass to him. She whimpered when she felt his fingers at her pussy, spreading her fast flowing cunt juice up to her puckered asshole.

He spread her ass cheeks apart with on hand and fingered her whole lightly. When the only reaction he received was a little moan, he pushed harder and the tip of his finger disappeared in her inhale.

She whimpered and wiggled her cute ass.

Pulling his finger out, he put it in her juicy cunt, oiled it up and reinserted it in her ass, inching deeper this time.

“Yeah!” she cried.

At first her ass muscles clamped down, but soon they relaxed and he worked his finger in to the second knuckle.

“Use two fingers,” she urged as she leaned forward on hp elbows to give him greater access.

Nick was shaking with need, his cock ready to explode as he wet another finger in her pussy. With the two fingers side by side, he worked them into her upturned ass, and she bit her lower lip as the painful pleasure washed over her.

“Fuck my ass, Nick!”

On his knees behind her, he lubricated his cock in her leaking cunt gash and then spread the fluids up to her asshole with his cock. Panting, sweat beading on his upper lip, Nick pushed against her tight asshole.


“I don’t want to hurt…”

Before he could finish the sentence, Brandy pushed back and the head of his cock popped inside her virgin asshole.

“Uh!” she grunted.

Her ass was hot and tight, and Nick knew that the moment one of them moved he was going to shoot his cum-load.

Brandy’s fingers tickled her elk and she rocked back against Nick’s prick, feeling stuffed as it fucked into her ass.

“Brandy!” Nick gasped, feeling his control slip away.

He felt the cum boiling in his balls, and he pulled his cock out of her super-tight asshole at the last minute.

Brandy’s fingers worked faster as the first hot stream of jism hit her asshole, the second her pussy and the rest coated her quivering ass cheeks. She rolled onto her back, spread her legs wide and used her free hand to scoop his cum and put it in her newly opened asshole. Nick’s finger found her clit, and she shuddered to an intense climax.

“I’m sorry,” he said sitting between her legs, looking helpless.

“So am I,” Brandy said, licking her cum-slimed fingers.


The next evening, Brandy had promised to babysit for the Smiths. Dawn and Tom were a young couple with a tiny baby. Brandy had worked for them before and enjoyed talking to Dawn and playing with the baby, so she went directly to their house from school.

Cutting through some back yards, Brandy stepped up to a big sliding glass door which led into the Smiths’ kitchen. She had raised her hand to knock when she heard a soft giggle and looked through the partially open drapes.

Dawn Smith was sitting upon the kitchen table, completely naked, her long leqs wide apart. Propped up on her elbows, she pinched her erect nipples and moaned as she looked down at her crotch. Tom Smith was wearing slacks and a white dress shirt, and his face was buried between his wife’s legs. Little sucking noises filled the room while he sucked and licked and lapped at her hairy pussy.

Brandy stood rooted to the spot. She knew how heavenly a man’s tongue could feel, and it looked like Tom Smith knew what he was doing.

Then Dawn Smith spotted Brandy standing outside the door and motioned for her to join them.

Brandy was a little startled. But she obeyed, not taking her eyes off the couple on the table.

“Tom, we have company,” Dawn said sweetly, touching her husband’s bobbing head.

Tom made a muffled agreeable sound and continued lapping at her cunt. One hand moved to his crotch and he rubbed his big cock-bulge.

“He just loves it when we have an audience,” Dawn explained. “Have a seat.”

Swallowing hard, Brandy dropped into the nearest chair. The familiar ache in he pussy was there, making her legs weak.

“Lick my asshole,” Dawn murmured after a few minute, and then she raised her hips to meet his busy tongue.

Holding her plump ass cheeks firmly apart, Tom probed deep into her puckered shit hole with his strong tongue, then his mouth returned to her pussy. After a while, Tom replaced his tongue with three fingers and began fucking them quickly in and out of her dripping cunt. He turned to grin and wink at Brandy, and she said that his face was shiny with cunt juice.


Returning his mouth to Dawn’s pulsing pussy, he slurped and sucked and fucked her with his tongue while she sank back onto the table, grabbed his dark, curly head and held it tightly between her legs.

“Oh, God! Oh, God!” Dawn squealed when he spread her pussylips apart with his fingers and used his tongue to cover her stiff clit with her flowing cunt juices.

Brandy’s hand went between her legs to squeeze her own aching pussy mound.

“Make me come!” Dawn screamed as she began bunching steadily against her husband’s face.

Thick slurping sounds met Brandy’s ears as Tom tried to keep up with Dawn’s pistoning hips. Finally, he rammed two fingers into her clutching cunt and fucked her wildly while sucking and nibbling on her swollen clit.

Dawn humped even faster, clamped her thighs around his head and called his name over and over again as she shook and shivered through a breathtaking orgasm.

Brandy watched closely, eyes sparkling, both hands between her legs. God, what she wouldn’t give to join them!

They seemed completely oblivious to Brandy now.

Tom was taking off his pants, revealing a short, fat semi-hard prick.

Dawn rubbed her naked body against his while they kissed, and then she pushed him back into a kitchen chair.

Brandy licked her lips as she watched Dawn fall to her knees between his legs and begin licking and kissing the head of Tom’s cock. It looked delicious!

Opening her mouth wide, Dawn swallowed every inch of Tom’s growing prick, as well as his balls. Her tongue teased and swirled. As his cock grew longer and harder, she let so of his balls, and thee his cock slipped out inch by inch.

When Tom’s spit-slick cock came free, Brandy saw that it had doubled in size.

Dawn held his prick in her hand, stroking it gently and, although it was still short, it was meaty. His cock trembled as she licked and nibbled all around the fat cock knob. When she had the purple prick head shiny wet, she began licking and sucking up and down his prick shaft.

“That’s it,” he said softly. “Get it really wet.”

Dawn’s tongue and lip action grew more insistent then she ducked her head lower and tongued Tom’s hairy ball sack.

“Oh, Jesus!” he whimpered as he scooted his ass farther out on the chair so she could reach his balls.

Brandy’s hand slipped into her jeans and the found that her panda were wet, her pussy flooded with juices. The sight of Dawn Smith sucking her husband’s cock was driving her crazy.

The wet sucking sounds grew louder as Dawn’s expert mouth moved from his cock to his balls and back again. Tom closed his eyes, trembled at the excitement of her hot mouth and tongue, and ran his hands through her hair.

“Tongue my ass,” he coned, spreading his legs farther apart.

Brandy gasped as she fucked two fingers into her cunt and her thumb hit her swollen clit.

Dawn dropped her head even lower and delved her tongue into the man’s hot, tight ass. His balls bounced on her nose as he squirmed on the chair. Dawn stroked his cock, which was throbbing steadily up and down. Pearly drops of pre-cum oozed out of Tom’s piss slit.

Brandy licked her lips again when Dawn eagerly lapped at the droplets of pre-cum and dipped her tongue into the little hole for more.

“Suck it, baby!” Tom ordered.

His wife made a tight ring out of her lips and began gobbling his prick. He smiled down at her and traced the outline of her pouting lips stretched around his cock.

Her head moved back and forth quicker and farther with each stroke, and she cupped and kneaded his balls, letting her long finger tease his asshole from time to time.

Brandy sat on the chair, legs wide apart, finger fucking her own pussy frantically as the young woman’s checks bulged out every time the cock slid into her mouth.

“Suck it! Take it all,” Tom urged.

He stood up, held Dawn’s head in his hands, and begat fucking her mouth as if it were a cunt. With each cock-thrust, Dawn’s nose was buried in his crotch hair and his balls bounced on her chin.

Brandy moaned softly. She was ready to cum. She fucked her fingers in and out of her cunt and held her breath. Two more strokes and she would be there.

Suddenly, Tom jerked his cock out of his wife’s mouth.

“Go get it, Dawn,” he grunted.

This broke Brandy’s concentration. Her fingers slowed.

With one last squeeze of his cock, Dawn stood up and darted to the refrigerator.

Tom pumped his spit-covered prick gently while he watched her ass as she leaned over and than closed the refrigerator door. Then he glanced at Brandy.

“Watch this,” he said.

Brandy’s fingers were still deep in her pussy, but she kept them still, wondering what was going to happen next.

Dawn straightened and returned to her husband with something in her hand.

“This ought to do it,” she said.

Brandy’s eyes opened wide when she saw that it was a long, fat carrot.

Tom Smith pinned.

“Get yourself one if you like,” he told Brandy.

Halfway across the kitchen, Dawn squatted and shoved the carrot into her cunt as far as it would go. She began pumping it in and out, groaning and bunching as she did.

“Hey, don’t get so carried away,” Tom said as he got on his knees and leaned over the back of the chair.

His lean, tanned ass was fully exposed to Brandy’s view.

“I had to get it wet,” Dawn told him, shoving the carrot into her cunt one last time and giving it a little twist.

The emptiness in Brandy’s cunt forced her to take Tom up on his offer. Hurrying to the refrigerator, she found a nice, fat carrot and returned to her chair.

Dawn approached her husband’s upturned ass, rubbed the carrot up and down his ass crack a few times, and then began fucking the vegetable into his asshole.

Tom groaned, spread his knees farther apart, and pushed back onto the carrot.

“Christ, that feels so good,” he grunted as the orange vegetable slid into his asshole easily.

Dawn bit her lip, and picked up a slow fucking rhythm.

Brandy stood up quickly, pulled clown her jeans and squatted on the floor. As she kept her eyes on the carrot fucking in and out of Tom’s ass, she buried her own carrot deep in her cunt and stuck her finger in her asshole.

“That’s it, baby. Fuck my ass!” Tom groaned.

Dawn’s fucking speed increased and she began giving the carrot a little turn as it fucked in and out of his stretched asshole.

Brandy could see his balk swinging back and forth while he humped the back of the chair, and fresh gush of juices flooded her hand. She squatted lower and grunted. The carrot had spread her tiny pussy as far as it would go.

Dawn had three fingers fucking in and out of her pussy while she fucked her husband’s ass with a carrot. She suddenly pulled her hand away, sucked her fingers and whimpered.

“I’m ready, Tom.”

With the carrot still embedded in his ass, Tom got off the chair and turned to his wife. He pulled her to him, kissed her nipples briefly.

Then with her legs wide apart, her dripping pansy open to Brandy’s gaze, she took Tom’s place on the chair.

Brandy’s finger wiggled in her whole, the carrot fucked in and out of her slippery pussy, and she quivered all over. Never had she been so close to coming for so long. Never had her excitement been this intense.

Tom stepped behind his wife and began teasing her sloppy ant with his hard prick. Dawn moaned softly as he teased her, and she wiggled against him when he finally began inching his cock inside.

Wet, sucking sounds mingled with Dawn’s moans as he began pulling his prick back out of her juicy clit. When all but the cock head was visible, he grabbed her ass and fucked in again.

She thrust her hips back, meeting him more than halfway, trying to get all of his meaty cock inside of her hungry cunt.

Tom squeezed her ass and kissed her spine as their steady movement began.

Brandy could see his slimy cock every time it fucked in and out of the woman’s juicy pussy. The muscles in his ass flexed and her attention was brought back to the carrot still sticking out of his ass.

“Fuck me, baby, fuck me?” Dawn squealed as her tits bounced against the chair and her husband fucked in and out of her dripping cunt.

Brandy plunged the carrot in and out of her cunt in time with their frantic fucking.

Tom grunted, slapped her ass and slammed into her pussy with all his strength.

“Now?” he asked.

“Not yet, darling, not yet,” she answered. He slapped her ass two or three more times, leaving bright pink spots.

Brandy grunted and hunched against the vegetable that was becoming almost too slick to hold onto. Her pussy juice was practically pouring out and, even though the carrot felt great, the need to be filled with a hard cock was worse than she’d ever known it to be.

“Ah! Ahhhhh!” Dawn squealed. “Now! Now!” The fucking stopped, and his cock throbbed steadily, shining in the bright florescent light of the kitchen. Dawn moaned and used both hands to spread her soft ass checks apart.

Tom jerked the brown-snaked carrot out of his ass and shoved it into hers with one swift thrust. Before she had time to react, his cock returned to her pussy and she arched her back, pushing her ass back to meet his fuck-thrusts.

Dawn’s ass was filled with carrot and her pussy was filled with cock, and she felt absolutely stuffed. She screamed and bucked, and finally her orgasm began.

Brandy fucked the carrot faster into her own cunt, and the tickling began deep in her belly. She knew that no matter what happened, this time she was going over the edge.

Tom Smith held his wife’s and fucked her hard as she muttered obscenities, shuddered and trembled.

Brandy’s own orgasm hit at the same time. She fell to her side, and fucked herself hard with the carrot as her finger plunged in and out of her tight asshole. Her body trembled uncontrollably and her grunts mingled with those of the woman on the chair.

Dawn collapsed on the back of the chair, breathing hard, the carrot still in her ass.

Tom pulled his cock out of Dawn’s pussy with a wet, plopping sound and began pumping it frantically.

“I’m about ready!” he grunted.

“Give it to me!” she wailed as she slid off the chair to the floor and squeezed his balls.

Brandy lay on the floor, gasping.

“Coming! Get ready — it’s coming!”

Dawn Smith moaned softly and held her mouth open just below the head of his cock.

Brandy wanted to taste the man’s cock cream, and she crossed the room to kneel beside Dawn.

“Gonna shoot!”

Dawn stuck out her tongue.

A thick white stream of cum blasted out of the head of Tom’s prick and landed directly on his wife’s tongue.

He directed the second stream of jism into Brandy’s open mouth, and the next into Dawn’s.

He continued to spurt cum, coating her nose and chin with his cock cream. And then their mouths came together over the fountaining head of his cock while Dawn’s fingers milked him dry, and they both licked him clean.

It was quiet in the kitchen for a little while, except for Tom’s panting. When Dawn stood up and pulled the carrot out of her ass, she let a fart.

Tom and Brandy laughed.

The room smelled of cum and sweat and fucking as Brandy got up from the floor, pulled the carrot out of her pussy and zipped her jeans.

She wondered what the Smiths were having for dinner.


By the time she left the Smiths’ house that evening, Brandy knew that she still needed a cock. She hurried home, thinking that her brother Rob would be there to give her a good fucking.

The house was dark.

There was a strange car in the driveway and a young man was sitting in it, apparently waiting for someone to come home. He got out when he saw Brandy unlock the door.

“Hi. My name’s Jason. I work with your mother.”

“Hello,” Brandy said, taking in his rugged good looks, broad shoulders and tight jeans. Her temperature rose quickly.

“Your mom asked me to meet her here to catch up on some work from the office. Evidently, she’s been delayed,” he explained.

Brandy smiled and invited him inside. After seeing that he was settled with a cool drink, she went to her room and slipped into pink short shorts and a thin halter top. Looking at herself in the mirror, she could see the vivid outline of her plump pussy and the dark shadows of her nipples. She pinched the nipples to make them stand up.

Satisfied that this would get Jason’s attention, she returned to the living room. Sitting across from him, she crossed her legs and pretended to study. Knowing the handsome man could see the curves of her ass and a few stray cunt hairs made Brandy quiver with excitement.

Jason cleared his throat and wiggled in his seat. Giving him an innocent look, Brandy uncrossed and re-crossed her legs, making sure he could see that she wasn’t wearing panties.

“You’re very pretty,” he said finally.

“Thank you,” she answered as she stood up and walked toward him. “You’re not so bad yourself.”

Jason looked up only to find himself staring at the creamy tits that threatened to spill out of her halter.

“Why don’t you let me see a little more of you?” she said.

With her hands on Jason’s shoulders, Brandy pushed him back into the chair and sank into his lap. Her mouth found his and her tongue darted out playfully, enticing him to respond.

“But a…” Jason began.

“Here feel my tight little ass,” Brandy coaxed, placing his big hands where she wanted them.

Jason’s hands cupped her ass as his tongue was sucked deeply into her hot mouth.

“We might get caught,” Jason breathed.

Brandy grinned. “That’s half the fun. Now look at these sweet little tits just aching for your attention.”

She pulled the satiny tit globes from her halter, fingered the pink nipples lovingly and offered them to him. Jason had been nibbling her ear and neck, and Brandy groaned softly when he kissed the valley between her exposed tits. Her nimble fingers unbuttoned his shirt quickly and dipped inside to rub his hairy chest.

“Your mom will be here soon,” Jason panted, raising his face from one pointed, wet nipple and moving to the other. His hands were still caressing her and his cock-bulge was still throbbing against her thigh.

“We’ve got time,” she cooed, and then she slid to her knees on the floor between his legs and unbuckled his belt.

Jason palmed her nipples and watched as Brandy pulled his zipper down with her teeth and eased his cock out into the open.

“So big!” she murmured.

Jason moamed and pushed his wick toward her mouth.

Brandy kissed the fat spongy cock head and then flicked at his piss slit with her tongue.

“Christ!” Jason moaned, stroking her shiny brown hair.

Brandy tugged at his jeans, and he raised his ass off the seat to allow her to pull them down around his knees. When he was fully exposed to her lusty gaze, she bit each of his nipples gently, kissed her way down his flat, hairy belly and at last, her mouth found his cock again…

“Jesus!” Jason groaned.

While Brandy’s mouth and tongue were busy on his heavily veined cock shaft, her hands had been stroking his inner thighs. Then they moved to his balls.

With her pussy growing more moist by the minute, she licked and sucked his prick, loving the scent of his crotch and the feel of his hard-on filling her mouth.

While Brandy’s mouth felt wonderful, hot and tight, Jason was eager to see and touch all of her succulent young body. He untied her halter, tossing it to the floor, and admired the way the soft glow from the lamp gave her luscious tits a rosy glow.

Brandy felt Jason’s cock touch the back of her throat and held it there momentarily while his hands returned to her nipples.

“Stand up,” Jason croaked.

With a final, reluctant, parting kiss, Brandy let go of his shiny wet cock and stood up. Jason hooked his fingers in the waistband of her shorts and peeled them off her round hips and down her legs. She stepped out of them, kicked them aside and there was her neatly trimmed cunt bush and pint pouting pussy, right at his mouth.

His big fingers cased the pussy lips apart gently until her dewy, pink fuck-hole was exposed to his gaze.

With her hands on her hips, Brandy spread her legs wide and pushed her cunt at his mouth. Jan’s face inched closer and closer, teasing her making her want to grab his head and force his tongue inside her. At long last his nose was in her pussy hair, sniffing, and she felt his hot breath.

A sudden gush of juices filled her pussy.

His tongue swirled through her brown pussy hair and dipped into her wet cunt hole with the quickness of a snake.

“Oh, God!” she gasped.

Again and again, it delved into her fuck-hole, lapping at her flowing sweetness and digging for more. “Oh, God, that’s fantastic!” Brandy whimpered, clinging to his shoulders to keep from falling down. His teasing tongue brushed her clit, making her quiver and hunch against his face.

“Uh, right there. Lick right there!” she moaned. Slurping, sucking sounds reached Brandy’s ears as his tongue fucked into her cunt once more and smeared her juices over her swollen clit. The touch took her breath away but she was tired of teasing. Tangling her fingers in his hair, she held his head against her while she climbed onto the chair to straddle his face.

Jason held her round little ass firmly in both hands as he lapped and sucked at the juicy cunt over him.

Brandy pounded her clit against his nose and squealed as he inserted a finger in her ass. Her orgasm swept over her in one crashing wave, after another leaving her weak.

“Jason, you suck my pussy soooo good,” Brandy cooed as she rested in his lap.

“You’ve got such a good pussy to suck,” Jason answered, cradling her in his arms, playfully tugging at her damp crotch hair.

“As good as my mom’s?”

He looked surprised and then nodded. “Better.” Brandy could feel Jason’s cock, still hard, against her ass. And the thought of fucking her mother’s lover turned her on. She suddenly wanted to see him naked.


He undressed and stood before her while her eyes and hand caressed his muscular back and legs. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on his body and the huge balls angling between his legs looked like they were full of delicious cum.

Brandy wrapped her fingers around his thumping cock meat and pumped it gently. “I want to suck you some more, but I need it in my pussy, too.”

“Go ahead. I’ll save it for your cunt.”

Brandy opened her mouth and took his prick as deep as she could. Then, easing back, she tongued the piss slit and nibbled all around the fat cock knob with her teeth.

“If your pussy feels as good as your mouth, I won’t last long.”

Brandy laughed softly and slid her lip down the underside of his cock shaft, tickling him with her tongue.

Jason sighed and pushed forward, coaxing her to suck him.

Brandy had never felt sexier. She pinched her own nipples and almost came again as she watched Jason’s spit-slick cock fuck her face.

Brandy pulled his prick completely out of her mouth to look at the oozing cock head. A long, wet thread of spit and pre-cum connected his prick and her mouth. Her pussy convulsed and juices wet her thighs and dripped onto the carpet.

“Jason, I gotta have it,” Brandy whispered, one hand squeezing her aching cunt mound.

Brandy groaned and held onto his wrist as two thick fingers fucked deep inside her hot, clutching cunt.

To make sure she was ready for him, he fucked his fingers in and out a few times, kissing her tits and belly. His cock was throbbing steadily, ready for the plunge into that hot, wet fuck-hole.

With strong arms, Jason pulled her to him.

Brandy stood on the chair, placing a foot on either side of him. His prick jumped as she steadied it with her hand, straddled his crotch and squatted. Rubbing the velvety cock head up and down her wet cunt slit, loving the squishy sound of her pussy juices, teasing her clit several times, Brandy began lowering her body.

Inch by inch, Jason’s cock disappeared inside her pussy until she was sitting flat on top of him, head thrown back, eyes closed, groaning in ecstasy. She felt stuffed, and she never wanted it to end.

“Damn, you’re so hot you burn my prick!” Jason breathed as his cock was sucked deeper and deeper into her pulsing pussy.

He pinched her nipples and then slid his hands down her back to cup and squeeze her firm ass. He pulled the ass cheeks apart, exposing her asshole and then urged her to begin slowly fucking up and down on his prick.

Brandy’s pussy held tightly to his cock rod as they fell into an easy fucking rhythm that picked up speed quickly. Jason spread his legs apart and bucked his hips upward while Brandy slammed her pelvis against him as hard as she could. Jason continued to spread her ass cheeks and, as their fucking speed increased, he wormed his finger into her puckered, wet asshole.

As Jason sucked the sweaty, bouncing tits and caressed the perfect body pounding against him, he found it hard to believe that he was still in, control, still able to keep from emptying his balls inside her.

“I’m coming! God, I’m coming!” Brandy squealed!

He held onto the quivering girl, met her thrusts and watched her grunt and grind through her second orgasm. Again, she fell against his shoulder, gasping for breath.

“You’re still hard?” Brandy asked, tentatively squeezing his prick with her strong cunt muscles.

Jason nodded. “But not for long, if you keep that up.”

Brandy grinned wickedly, pulled her body off of his cock with a thick, sucking sound. She got onto her knees on the floor.

“Fuck me doggy-style!”

He was smiling when he got on his knees behind her.

Brandy wiggled her ass at him and spread her cunt lips apart with her fingers. Putting the head of his cock at her sloppy fuck-hole, he gave a little lunge and the first few inches disappeared.

“Yeah!” Brandy grunted.

This time Jason groaned as he fucked his cock the rest of the way inside and felt her ass against his belly. He looked down at his slimy prick as he polled it out and felt her hand on his balls as he fucked back in again.

Brandy pushed backward and they foil into rhythm, meeting each other perfectly with each fuck-stroke.

Leaning forward, he fondled her tits and then rubbed her clit in time to their fucking.

“Fuck me, Jason!”

With a roar, Jason grabbed Brandy’s waist and rammed his fucker into her as hard as he could. His balls made wet slapping sounds against her. Brandy grunted at his sudden hard fucking, but she continued to take his cock deep inside her, using her strong cunt muscles to squeeze his pistoning prick.

Brandy felt her orgasm rising and began frantically rubbing her sensitive clit.

“Goddamn! You’re so tight!” Jason grunted as he continued to slam against Brandy’s upturned ass.

“Fuck it! Fuck it!”

Her panting voice urged him on and he strained and sweated and pounded her, lifting her off the floor with his fuck-thrusts.

“I’m coming!” Brandy gasped, leaned forward on her elbows as she offered him full access to her wide-open pussy. One hand squeezed his swinging balls while the other worked her pulsing clit.

“Do it, baby!” Jason growled.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Brandy squealed, worked her pelvis in tight circles.

As Brandy’s orgasm washed over her, her convulsing cunt snapped and massaged Jason’s ready to explode prick.

The pent-up cum bubbled in his balls and began moving into his cock shaft. He bucked wildly for a few seconds, growled like a bear, and, with one final fuck-thrust, he filled her pussy with stream after stream of hot cum.

They collapsed on the floor, both of them gasping for breath while his cum mingled with her cunt juice and ran down her thighs and onto the carpet.

“Cocks are better than carrots,” Brandy muttered.


Several days later, Terry and Brandy were walking home from a babysitting job when they passed Brandy’s grandfather’s house. Donald Wyatt was a friendly old man who lived alone, and the girls liked to visit him.

Tonight, though, there was a car parked in the driveway, and it belonged to Loretta Simpson, their English teacher.

“Come on,” Brandy whispered, and she started through the hedges toward her grandfather’s house.

It was almost too dark to see.

“Where are we going?” Terry asked.

“To see what they’re doing,” Brandy told her.


But Brandy was already through the bushes, hurrying across the spacious back yard to the illuminated window.

Terry scrambled after her.

The window was open and the two girls stood on tiptoes to peer inside. They were looking into a well lit bedroom. Brandy’s grandfather was leaning against a stack of pillows with his skinny legs stretched out in front of him in a wide V. He was naked and one hand was lazily fondling his shriveled cock. His other hand was cupping his balls.

Brandy shot a questioning look at her friend and was about to say something when the door opened and Mrs. Simpson walked in. She was a tall, big boned red head, and she was wearing a navy-blue robe.

“Well?” she said, standing at the foot of the bed, hands on her hips.

“I’ll try.”

Brandy’s grandfather shrugged and continued to pull at his limp prick.

As the girls watched, Loretta untied her robe, pulled it open, and shrugged it off her creamy, white shoulders. Underneath, she wore a lacy red bra and thin red panties.

“Come on,” Donald urged as he took in the sight of the bit, semi-nude woman and continued pull on his limp cock.

Then Loretta began a slow, sexy, hip-grinding dance. Her tits bounced, her ass jiggled and her pelvis humped the air. Despite her size, she moved gracefully.

The girls at the window exchanged looks.

Slowly, teasingly, Loretta unhooked her bra, and shook her shoulders, sliding the lacy garment down her arms. Her tits were huge, well shaped and firm, and they were topped with giant strawberry nipple.

Still wiggling and dancing, Loretta pinched and pulled at the nipples, making them look like twin pricks. She moaned softly and her green eyes won on fire. Then she sucked one of those big nipples into her mouth, nibbling with her teeth, circling with her tongue.

Brandy’s pussy grew warm, and her hand found its way between her legs.

After Loretta had both her nipples fully erect and glistening wet, she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties. She peeled them off slowly, working them down her heavy legs with little wiggling motions. She kicked them across the room.

The red shimmer landed on Donald’s face, and he sniffed at them greedily and then sucked the damp crotch into his mouth.

Both girls were rubbing steadily at their own hot cunts.

Loretta continued to dance naked, her skin pale and freckled, her fiery red cunt bush trimmed to a neat triangle. She ran her hands up her sides and pinched and pulled at her proudly jutting nipples. Then she let her hands stray downward, lovingly stroking her sides, belly and ass.

Brandy tore her gaze away from her naked teacher to her grandfather. He was watching the big woman dance with lust-filled eyes while rubbing the red panties all over his still-limp cock.

Loretta was standing at the foot of the bed, eyes closed, moaning softly. She was swaying gently from side to side and her knees were slightly bent outward.

“Loretta!” Donald groaned.

She threw her head back and used her long, slim fingers to part her furry red pussy patch, exposing a dewy, pink cunt slit.

Both girls were squeezing their itchy pussy mounds while they watched the sensuous scene.

“Show me, Loretta!”

Mrs. Simpson turned around and bent over. With both hands, she spread her ass cheeks apart, and then a scarlet tipped finger probed her juicy pussy and smeared the pearly wetness up to her puckered asshole.

“Christ, Loretta!” Donald groaned.

“Oh, Donald, I need you to fuck me so bad,” Loretta told him as she continued to finger her pussy in this bent-over position.

“I’m trying, baby,” Donald whimpered, pumping his soft cock angrily.

“Donald, my pussy is soooo hungry! It needs your big cock!”

“Suck it for me,” Donald suggested as he scooted to the foot of the bed, letting his legs hang over the edge.

Loretta moved to him and squatted between his legs. Donald took his hands away from his prick and she skinned back his wrinkled foreskin, revealing the velvety purple cock head. Then she began sucking and licking, making it shiny wet. After a few minutes of tongue swirling and nibbling, with no results, she crammed the whole shriveled worm in her mouth, including his balls.

“Suck it!”

Letting his balls slip out of her mouth, she sucked and stretched his cock. With little whimpering sounds, she kneaded his balls, fingered his asshole and rubbed her tits against his thighs for so long that Brandy was getting tired of standing on tiptoes.

“Christ, it’s no use!” Donald shouted.

He fell back on the bed as Loretta cradled his limp cock in her hands.

“I really needed it tonight,” Loretta Simpson whined, sinking to the floor.

“I don’t know what to do. Maybe we need to try something different.”

“Like what?”

“Like maybe you and another woman together, or you fucking a dog.”

“Well, there aren’t any young girls or dogs around and I need a cock! I’ll take care of this myself!” Loretta stormed.

With one hand over her mouth and one between her legs, Brandy’s thoughts were going in a million directions.

Loretta went to the dresser and opened a drawer. She pulled out a small box and tossed it on the floor. Then she pulled out a big, black rubber dildo that looked like a large cucumber with a suction cup on one end.

Donald sat on the bed and watched.

Positioning the big rubber cock on the floor, the suction cup holding it firmly in place, Loretta straddled it, kneaded her swollen tits and used her finger to make sure her pussy was well lubricated. Then, on her knees she guided the dildo to her gaping cunt and sank onto it with a low groan.

She closed her eyes tightly and began bouncing up and down, making the black dildo shine with her cunt juices.

Brandy’s pussy ached and she wished she were squatting on that big fucker. The horrible, empty feeling was raging through her pussy, and an idea began to form as she watched her teacher slide up and down the rubber cock.

Even though Donald had not taken his eyes off the big redhead, it had no effect on the sleeping cock curled limply on his thigh.

Suddenly, Loretta stopped her pumping and reached for the small box. She opened it and pulled out a short, slender plastic object with a flat base. She put it in her mouth to get it wet and then, raising up slightly, she inserted it into her asshole with a low, sensuous moan.

As Brandy and Terry watched wide-eyed, their teacher began grinding her pussy even harder and faster onto the rubber dildo stuck to the floor. With her pussy full and her ass stuffed, she quivered and groaned and worked her way through two quick orgasms.

She was working on a third orgasm while Donald fondled his limp cock. That was when Brandy made her move.

“Wait right here,” she whispered, and she disappeared into the night.

Terry stood alone at the window, and then she heard the doorbell.

Loretta gave a disgusted snort, pulled her body free of the dildo and butt plug, wrapped her robe around herself and left the room.

“Mrs. Simpson, I saw your car in the driveway, and I hate to bother you, but I have a question about our homework,” Brandy said when her teacher had opened the door.

“Come in, Brandy.”

“Have you been exercising? You look all hot and sweaty,” Brandy asked innocently.

“Well… uh… sort of,” the redhead said. Brandy was the answer to her immediate problem, and she knew it.

“Could you show me?” Brandy asked.

“Well… I… it’s kind of personal.”

“Please. I won’t tell a soul. You have such a beautiful body, and I’d like to look just like you.”

The older woman smiled. “Wait right here.” Brandy watched her disappear into the bedroom.

When the woman returned, she was naked again and she had a big, red dildo on some kind of belt.

“You’ll have to take off your clothes,” Loretta explained.

Brandy undressed quickly, hiding her wet panties, noting the way her teacher’s eyes took in her hard-nippled tits and dark-brown cunt bush. Brandy also noticed that the bedroom door was open just a crack — and she was almost sure that her grandfather was watching.

Loretta came straight to Brandy, caressing her tits with loving touches and then squeezing and cupping her firm ass.

“What do we do first?” Brandy asked.

“Well, this exercise is to strengthen and firm your vagina muscles,” Loretta began. “Spread your legs.”

Brandy did as she was told, fighting to keep her gaze away from the door.

Loretta was barely touching the soft skin of Brandy’s tits, but her touch became firmer, more demanding as her head slid down her flat belly to her pouting pussy. Then Loretta squatted at Brandy’s feet and ran her fingers through the curly brown pussy hair between the young girl’s legs.

Brandy forced herself to stand till. She felt the fingers of one hand spread her pussy lips apart while a probing finger worked its way inside her cunt hole.

“You’re not quite wet enough,” her teacher told her.

Brandy forced an innocent look.

Loretta worked another finger into Brandy’s tight pussy and began fucking them in and out quickly.

Brandy quivered again when the two fingers of her other hand began massaging her clit in a tight little circle. She had been on the edge of orgasm for several minutes, and she hunched against her teacher’s skilful fingers, feeling the first waves of pleasure crash over her.

Suddenly the fingers were removed, and Brandy could see the glistening drops of cunt juice on her teacher’s hand.

Loretta put them in her mouth and sucked.

“Lie down,” she ordered.

Brandy, her cunt still convulsing, lay down on the carpet, spreading her legs wide in anticipation.

Without hesitation, the redhead buried her face in Brandy’s crotch, her tongue lapping and licking furiously.

“Just a minute,” the woman said.

Brandy peeked through her lashes to see her teacher kneeling between her legs, strapping on the big, pink prick. It looked obscene sticking out from between her legs.

Loretta moved again and Brandy could hear her breathing, smell her heat. She felt soft lips on her nipples causing bolts of excitement to flash down to her pussy.

The teacher kissed the young girl on her mouth, her tongue darting inside. Brandy tasted her own pussy juice. Then Loretta lifted Brandy’s legs and pushed her thighs back against her chest, crushing her tits.

Brandy liked this position and eagerly held her legs high and wide, reaching for what she knew was between her legs, what she needed to fill her pussy up. Two fingers spread her already stretched cunt wide and covered her entire pussy slit with the flowing juices.

“Fuck me!” Brandy whispered, and she opened her eyes to look at her teacher.

Loretta rubbed the head of the fake cock up and down the girl’s cunt gash and then, unable to hold back any longer, she pushed at the tiny opening until the head of the dildo popped inside.

Brandy automatically reached for more and when the older woman saw that she could take it, she grabbed the girl’s ass and slammed the cock in to the hilt.

Brandy met her more than half way and humped with abandon. She was more than hot, more than ready, and she needed to come.

Sweat beaded on her teacher’s forehead as the two women pounded against each other, Brandy’s pussy clinging tightly to the artificial cock, Loretta’s hips pistoning between her legs.

“I’m coming!” Brandy squealed.

For a full minute, she was a quivering, convulsing body oblivious to everything but the delicious cock filling up her cunt.

By the time Brandy came back to earth, Loretta had gone into the bedroom.

Brandy dressed hurriedly and slipped out the door.

She found Terry waiting outside the window. “Where have you been?” Terry asked. “Never mind that.”

Brandy could see that Loretta, still wearing her strap-on dildo, was on her hands and knees while Donald fucked in and out of her sloppy pussy with a monster of a hard-on.

“Something sure got him going,” Terry whispered.

“Jesus Christ!” Donald wailed, fucking even harder into the teacher.

Suddenly, he stiffened, shuddered — and both of them climaxed and collapsed on the floor.


“I’m going to get the coach to fuck me in the ass,” Brandy whispered to Terry in the library.

Coach Moore was handsome and, even though he had not been at the school long, there was a rumor that he loved humiliating female students. Brandy had seen the way his eyes took in her curvy, well developed body during gym class. And she knew that under the right circumstances, she could seduce him and get what she wanted.

“How?” Terry asked skeptically.

“I told him I was interested in athletic medicine. He said he’d loan me some books.”


“Today, after school, in the locker room. Wanna watch?”

“I’ll have to see it before I believe it.” The two girls arrived at the gym early and Brandy headed straight for the boys’ locker room. Terry was reluctant to go inside but the thought of seeing Brandy taking on the handsome young coach was too tempting.

“Here’s a linen closet,” Brandy whispered, and they found plenty of room inside for Terry.

Leaving the door slightly open, Brandy left. Just minutes later, Brandy retraced her steps and knocked on the locker rosin door. Terry watched as Coach Moore passed the linen closet on his way to the door.

“Brandy,” he said, sounding pleased. Brandy shivered in anticipation as she followed the coach through the locker room.

“Are you interested in internal medicine or orthopedics?” he asked.

Brandy sat down on a bench directly across from where Terry was hidden.

“Pulled ligaments, muscle strains,” she answered with a shrug as she noticed how his sweaty shorts clung to his tight ass as he went to his office.

He returned with some books and sat beside her. “In that case, you’re going to be with a lot of athletes. And you need to know something about them.”

“Such as?” Brandy touched his muscular thigh and met his steady gaze.

“They love to fuck young horny girls like you.”

Brandy’s pulse quickened and her hand began stroking his inner thigh.

“You’re a hot little bitch,” Coach Moore said. The look on his face, the sound of his voice — cold and hard — excited her.

“And you’re nice and sweaty,” Brandy purred, her hands running down his flat belly and puffing at the elastic of his running shorts.

Coach Moore stood with his big hands on his lean hips, his face impassive as he watched the young girl.

Brandy pulled his shorts down around his knees and stared at his cock coiled up snugly inside the bag of the white jockstrap that he wore. Dropping to her knees, she rubbed her face back and forth across the full white material while her hands kneaded his firm ass. She inhaled deeply, loving the heady masculine scent.

The coach’s cock jerked and began to stiffen.

“That’s it, cunt, show me how much you love it,” he told the girl at his feet, making no effort to touch her, letting her do as she wished.

Brandy finally reached up and began tugging the jockstrap off his ass and down his thick, muscular legs. She kissed and licked his damp hairy legs as she moved downward, moaning and whimpering softly.

His cock, still only half hard, was right at her mouth when Brandy raised her head, and she cradled it in her hands.

“Kiss it. I know you want to.”

Brandy puckered her full, red lips and kissed the head of his growing cock briefly.

“You can do better than that.”

This time, the kiss lasted longer and her tongue darted out to tease the shiny head of his cock.

“You love cock, don’t you?” he said, still standing straight and tall, hands resting on his hips.

Brandy’s tongue darted out again. She flattened it and licked her way up and down the entire underside of his prick shaft. When she returned to the shiny, purple prick head, she probed at his piss slit with the pointed end of her tongue.

“Suck it, bitch!” the coach growled, his face a mask of lust. He grabbed Brandy’s long hair in both hands and forced her mouth onto his cock.

Hiding in the closet, Terry had both hands between her legs while she watched the coach and her best friend.

Brandy slobbered and gagged as the coach held her head firmly and fucked her mouth with abandon. Her cheeks puffed out with each inward stroke, but she found that this rough treatment was exciting her. She moaned around his cock meat and both her hands held his ass, pulling him deep. Her panties were wet and the crotch of her jeans was damp.

“Suck my balls,” the coach ordered as he pulled his prick out of Brandy’s sucking mouth with a liquid plop.

She let go of the spit-slick cock meat reluctantly and then leaned back on her hands while the coach squatted on her face. Brandy was more than eager to lick and suck the hairy ball sac which dangled between his legs. First she tongued the wrinkled bag, then she sucked one ball into her mouth. Letting it go, she pulled the other ball in. And finally she stuffed both balls inside.

“Tongue my asshole, cunt,” the coach breathed, wiggling his ass.

Terry could hear Brandy’s contented whimpering as she buried her nose even deeper between coach’s legs.

Grunting like an animal, he spread his ass cheeks apart and Brandy’s pink tongue wormed its way into the sweaty brown asshole surrounded by wiry hair.

“That’s enough,” the coach said suddenly.

When he stepped back, Brandy could see that his cock was fully erect and throbbing steadily up and down. She reached for his stiff cock, but he backed away. Squatting on the floor, she looked up at him unhappily and then picked up his discarded shorts and jockstrap.

“I shot a load into that today just thinking about you,” he said, sitting down carefully on the low bench beside her and stroking his cock.

Brandy held the shorts up and sniffed the crotch. The smell of his sweaty balls filled her nostrils.

“I sat in my office, thinking about you and greased my prick up good with some warm baby oil, especially the head.”

She closed her eyes, visualizing how he would look with his big hand flying up and down his oily cock meat, and she pressed the sweaty jockstrap to her face.

Tony watched her friend in stunned surprise.

“It was a big load too. Can you taste the cum,” Coach Moore’s voice was husky, strained.

Again, Brandy closed her eyes and pictured him shuddering, shooting stream after stream of thick white cum into his jockstrap.

With that vivid image still in her mind, Brandy brought the damp, dirty jockstrap to her nose, sniffed and moaned. She began rubbing the garment on her face and then, with a louder groan, she stuffed it in her mouth and sucked at the cum stain.

Putting it aside momentarily, Brandy stood up, unsnapped her jeans and pulled them down around her knees. Her firm, lean thighs moved apart to reveal her pouting pussy.

Terry could see the juices from Brandy’s cunt shining on her legs and, even as she watched, more pussy juice leaked out.

As the coach sat on the bench, slowly stroking his prick, Brandy picked up the jockstrap once more and wrapped it around two of her fingers. Wet, squishing sounds filled the room as she plunged her fingers deep into her hungry pussy.

“That’s it! Get it good and nasty,” the coach urged.

Brandy moaned again, squatted low to the floor and panted as her cloth-covered fingers fucked in and out of her sloppy cunt.

Just before Brandy’s orgasm began, the coach yanked her hard away from her pussy, leaving her quivering with need, staring at him with pleading eyes. “Suck it!”

With a groan, Brandy stuffed the jockstrap, covered with her juice, into her mouth and sucked.

“Strip and lie down on the bench,” he ordered. Brandy rose on shaking legs and quickly took off the rest of her clothes. Her whole body quivered as she lay down on her back on the cold metal bench.

“Get my cock wet!” Coach Moore snapped as he straddled her chest and shoved his prick into her mouth. When he drew his cock out again, it was shiny wet. “Hold those tits together.”

Brandy’s hands went eagerly to her hard-nippled tits and she squeezed them together, making a nice tight fuck-hole for the coach.

He slid his swollen fucker between her soft tits with ease.

Terry could not believe the change in Brandy and the coach. He had become demanding while Brandy was submissive, almost eager to be degraded.

Soon the coach was sliding his wet fuck-pole between Brandy’s tits quickly, his balls swinging back and forth against her abdomen.

Brandy’s ass wiggled on the narrow bench and her cunt was hungry, aching for something to fill it. Her hands left her tits to go to her pussy.

The coach grabbed her tits and forced them together hard, leaving angry red marks on the white skin. With each stroke of his cock pistoning in and out of the hole he had formed, the cock tip moved closer and closer to Brandy’s chin. She raised her head slightly and stuck out her tongue, licking the head of his prick with each stroke.

Terry’s own cunt was on fire as she listened to Brandy’s moans, watched her plunge two and three fingers into her dripping pussy.

“Don’t you dare come,” the coach warned. Brandy’s fingers remained still and she stared at him through lust-glazed eyes, too far gone to care what he did.

His fucking motions slowed and soon stopped altogether.

“Tell me where you want it, Brandy.”

“In my ass,” Brandy answered softly. The coach slapped her across the face with his angry red cock.


“In my ass,” Brandy answered, louder this time.

The coach grinned wickedly.

“You’re a nasty little girl. Brandy.”

“I know — but I want your fat prick stuffed up my asshole.”

“And then what?”

“I want you to ram it in my shit chute till I come.”

“Then what?”

“Then blow your wad in my ass,” Brandy babbled.

“Will you lick my prick clean?”

“Yes!” she promised eagerly.

The coach lifted himself off her chest and maneuvered the young girl onto her knees on the floor.

The bench felt cold on her feverish flesh as she leaned over it and wiggled her pert ass at him.

“Fuck my ass!”

Panting, his blue eyes like ice, the coach knelt behind Brandy and rubbed his cock up and down her ass crack.

“Spread it!” he ordered, slapping her ass hard enough to leave bright pink spots.

Brandy groaned, used her hands to spread the ass cheeks apart and raised her ass higher, exposing her puckered whole to him.

Grabbing her waist, the coach gave a powerful lunge and fucked all eight inches of his stiff cock into her tight, wet pussy.

“Oh, fuck!” Brandy wailed in delight.

After two or three quick, powerful thrusts, the prick was removed and he inserted his fingers in her sex-slick cunt. None too gently, he smeared the clear, sticky fluid up the crack of her ass and poked his wet finger inside.

Brandy grunted at the invasion of his finger and pushed her ass against it.

With a wicked grin on his face, the coach took his shiny wet cock in his hand guided it to Brandy’s upturned ass. He rubbed his prick up and down her ass crack and then gently nudged her puckered asshole.

“Want it?” he asked.

“Yes, please!” Brandy begged.

“Please what?”

“Please, sir, fuck my ass with your big cock.” Terry held her breath, her own asshole instinctively clamping down, her pussy quivering.

With a gutteral grunt the coach pushed, and the head of his cock forced its way into Brandy’s tiny asshole.

She quivered and shook and cried out, but her legs were still spread wide and her hands were holding her ass checks apart for the assault. Inch by inch the hard prick disappeared inside Brandy’s ass until finally it was fucked in balls-deep. Them he pulled his prick out slowly, leaving only the prick head inside, and them he fucked back in again. Brandy panted and groaned and her head rolled back and forth on the bath. What had started out to be a painful intrusion was beginning to feel as she had guessed it would — wonderful. She was pushing back hard, trying to get even more cock into her asshole.

The coach’s fuck-thrusts increased in speed and his cock seemed to swell, stretching the tiny puckered hole to the limit. Yet, her ass-ring clung to his cock meat as it was withdraw and eagerly sucked it in again when he offered it.

Terry had one hand between her legs and kept the other over her mouth to make sure she was quiet.

“Fuck me!” Brandy screamed.

That seemed to set the winch on fire. He grabbed he ass and pounded his prick into her with enough force to lift her off the floor. The young girl met his thrusts with equal force, and wet, smacking sounds filled the room.

“Sweet Jesus!” the coach hissed.

He slammed even harder into Brandy’s ass two or three more times, and his entire body quivered and spasmed as he filled her ass guts with a boiling load of cum.

This time Brandy’s fingers had been busy on her clit, and she shuddered through her own orgasm seconds after his began.

Even after they had climaxed, they moved together, fucking weakly, panting and whimpering softly.

With a little plop, the coach’s shrinking cock fell out of the girl’s puckered asshole. His prick was shiny wet and covered with streaks of white cum. He moved around in front of Brandy’s contentedly smiling face.

Without a word, she raised her head, took the man’s rapidly wilting cock in her hand and began licking a dean.

In the closet, not ten feet away, as Terry watched her friend’s pink tongue lap eagerly at the coach’s slimy cock, she wondered who had really been in control.


Brandy walked home in a trance. Her ass hurt from the coach’s brutal fucking, but it had been every bit as exciting as she had imagined it would be.

As she approached her house, she thought she saw her mother, looking upset, driving away. Her father’s car was parked in the driveway, and Brandy got the feeling that something was very wrong.

She slipped inside the house as quietly as possible and listened. Thinking her father might be asleep she tiptoed down the hall and peeped into his room.

What she saw there brought instant craving and that loose, moist feeling to her pussy.

Frank lay across the bed naked — and a woman, with her back toward Brandy, squatted over his face. Her long, blonde hair hung down her back and she held onto the headboard of the bed for support. Her ass bounced and jiggled as she smeared her wide open cunt around in circles, grunting and whimpering softly.

Brandy’s father’s hands were squeezing her firm white ass and his tongue fucked in and out of her pink pussy like a wet snake.

If her mother was indeed upset, Brandy knew why now.

“Oh, Frank, you suck pussy so good,” the woman whispered between clenched teeth.

Brandy suddenly recognized her voice.

It was the minister’s wife, Cora.

Frank’s reply was muffled by her cunt, but his cock stuck up hard and proud, demanding attention.

The minister’s wife continued to writhe and hump his face, white knuckles holding onto the headboard. And when one of Frank’s fingers wormed into her asshole, she moved even faster.

“Oh, yeah! Oh! Oh! Oh!” she gasped.

Brandy saw the muscles in her legs and ass tighten as her orgasm hit and crashed over her.

Once she caught her breath, she slid backward down Frank’s chest and belly, leaving a wet trail where her pussy leaked. She lay down beside him, looking exhausted.

“I wish Mary had stayed. I’d sure like to have a picture of that,” Frank said, cradling her in his arms.

“That can be arranged,” Brandy said as she walked into the room, a mixture of anger and excitement on her face.

There was dead silence as the two adults stud at her. Then her father began to smile.

“The camera is over there and ready to go,” he told his daughter as he pointed to the dresser.

“Just aim and shoot?” Brandy asked.

“Just aim and shoot.”

Still in shock, Cora took her place on Frank’s face again. But his talented tongue soon made her forget that Frank’s daughter had replaced his wife.

Ignoring the ache in her pussy, Brandy took several pictures before Cora shuddered through another climax, covering Frank’s face with a fresh surge of cunt juice.

“How about that?” Frank asked when Cora was lying beside him again.

“Yeah, I got some great shots. She can sure move that ass can’t she?” Brandy told him.

Frank patted Cora’s shoulder and stroked his cock a few times. “I do my best work when someone is taking pictures.”

Brandy put the camera on the bedside table and stepped out of her clothes quickly. She pinched her jutting nipples and slid her hands down her flat belly to tickle her pussy.

“And watching you suck pussy turns me on,” she said.

With one arm around Cora, Frank reached toward his daughter as she moved to the bed. She spread her legs apart and welcomed his probing fingers, which disappeared into her hungry cunt.

“You’re wet,” he said, adding a third finger to her cunt and thrusting upward.

“Uh-huh,” Brandy breathed, arching her pelvis toward him.

“Want my prick?”

Brandy could only nod, and she climbed onto the bed to straddle her father. She had never thought of fucking him before, but at this moment it seemed right.

Cora and Frank lay still while the young girl straddled him, guided his cock to her ready cunt and fucked down its length with a low moan.

“Suck me some more, Frank,” Cora whined.

And then he was helping her climb onto his face, this time facing Brandy.

With Brandy fucking her pussy up and down his prick at a steady pace and Cora settling down, dripping cunt juice all over his face, Frank was in heaven. He fucked with his prick and his tongue, and the two women rode him with abandon.

On impulse, Brandy reached out to pinch Cora’s button-like nipples. Cora’s hands found Brandy’s firm tits and kneaded the bouncing tit flesh tentatively. Then Brandy, slowing her ride on Frank’s cock, leaned forward and sucked one of Cora’s hard nipples into her mouth.

Cora groaned, and Frank could be heard furiously lapping up her sudden gush of juices.

“Suck mine,” Brandy urged and she drew Cora’s blonde head to her pink-nippled tit.

Cora licked her tit timidly then sucked the nipple into her mouth.

Brandy held the heavy globe up, offering it to he. And Cora’s demanding mouth sucked greedily while her free hand cupped and kneaded the girl’s other tit.

“You’re a natural,” Brandy told the minister’s wife.

With a little whimper, Cora flicked her tongue back and forth across Brandy’s nipple and then moved her head to the other tit.

Frank gave a little stab to remind Brandy to start riding again. His tongue went to work on Cora’s clit and for a while the two women just held onto each other, enjoying the exquisite pleasure that Frank’s tongue and prick were bringing them.

They held each other close, moaning their pleasure as their sweaty, straining bodies reacted to Frank’s sucking and fucking. Cora came first, giving Frank another huge gusher of cunt cream to swallow.

Brandy ground her pelvis against her father’s and brought herself to a mind-blowing orgasm.

Temporarily exhausted, the two women slid off his body and lay on either side of him. Frank’s cock was stiff hard and throbbing and looked even bigger than normal, covered with Brandy’s cunt cream.

“Your mother was supposed to suck Cora’s cunt, but she couldn’t go through with it,” Frank said suddenly. “Do you think you could do it?”

Raising onto one elbow, Brandy looked at Cora. “I’m game.”

Cora shrugged. “I’ve never done it before, but I don’t see why not.”

“I’m getting some pictures of this.” Frank hopped out of bed, his heavily muscled body moving smoothly, his cock bouncing as he retrieved the camera.

Brandy and Cora scooted closer together, and then Brandy’s fingers went to Cora’s nipples. Cora groaned softly and reined in the young woman’s arms. Then her fingers started to work on Brandy’s hard-nippled tits and soon the women were kissing deeply, their bodies straining against each other.

“These will be great for my scrap book,” Frank muttered as he went from one side of the bed to the other, taking pictures.

Cora eagerly spread her legs apart as Brandy’s hand rubbed her belly and moved downward to the damp curls of her cunt bush. She continued to suck Cora’s tits, but her fingers disappeared into the woman’s clutching cunt, one at a time, and began pumping rapidly.

“Oh, fuck! Put your thumb on my clit,” Cora whispered, hunching against the busy fingers in her pussy.

Brandy decided that it was now or never, “I’ll do better than that,” she said.

Turning around, Brandy kissed her way down Cora’s flat belly where her hand had just been. She swirled her tongue in the damp pussy hair and then moved even lower to replace her fucking fingers with her mouth.

“Sweet Jesus!” Cora wailed, wrapping her legs around Brandy’s head.

Frank snapped a picture or two, but he seemed to be waiting for something.

Cora looked up into the dewy wetness of Brandy’s cunt. She hesitated for only a second, and the her tongue stretched out to probe and taste.

Brandy pried Cora’s legs apart, drove her tongue into her puckered asshole and that returned to her pulsing pussy.

That was all Cora needed to spur her on. Her tongue burrowed its way into Brandy’s hot, fragrant pussy. She explored as deeply a possible and then lapped up the river of juices and wrapped her tongue around the erect clit.

Frank took a few more pictures and then stood there jacking off, obviously enjoying the show.

The women brought each other to quick, hard climaxes, groaning, swallowing the copious flow of juices that pashed from their quivering cunts.

As they lay head to foot, rating, Frank took a few more pictures and then climbed back onto the bed.

“I think it’s my turn now. You two have had all the fun,” he complained.

Brandy and Cora raised their faces, wet with pussy juice, and winked at each other. Then one on either side, they started kissing his face, and neck while their hands caressed his hairy chest and flat belly. Frank relaxed, enjoying the feel of two pairs of hot lips four soft hands loving him. And his cock, which had softened somewhat, began to grow rigid again.

Brandy watched his prick jerk and come to life when her hands came near it.

By that time, Cora’s mouth had found his nipples and she bit and teased them into hardness.

With a groan, Frank reached out to fondle the women’s tits. And then Cora’s mouth began working its way through the patches of hair on his hard belly. Finally, she reached his crotch and, with Brandy holding her father’s cock, she planted a loud sucking kiss on the bulbous cock head.

Frank groaned again and thrust his hips upward, and this time Brandy’s mouth covered the head of his cock.

Giggling, the two women took turns at this game of kiss the cock until they were doing more than kissing, and Frank was moaning a steady stream of obscenities.

With lots of smiles and giggles, they began licking their way up and down his cock, one on either side. When they got to his balls, they each took one in their mouth and then they worked their way back up the cock shaft to the swollen cock head.

“God, what hot mouths!” Frank hissed as he rubbed their naked backs or fondled their hair.

The two women changed tactics. While Brandy’s mouth covered the end of Frank’s cock, Cora’s mouth would work on the prick shaft and balls. Then while Cora swallowed the cock head and teased it with her tongue, Brandy would take her place and lick his prick shaft.

Brandy was amazed at the eagerness with which Cora used her mouth and tongue. The horrible empty feeling returned to her pussy as she watched the woman work.

The two women began taking turns sucking his prick deep into their mouths, fondling his balls and stroking his thighs.

“He tastes so good,” Cora said.

“I know. I could suck it forever,” Brandy replied. Cora’s lips wrapped around his cock again while Brandy’s hand pumped up and down the thick cock shaft, her hand squishing on the spit-covered prick.

While Brandy continued to pump, she and Cora took turns sucking his prick, moving with quick precision until Frank’s legs quivered and he thrust his pelvis upward each time they took his prick deep into their sucking mouths.

“Gonna shoot!” he announced.

At that point, Cora’s mouth was on his cock.

She gobbled the first stream of cum greedily then moved quickly aside to allow Brandy to have the second. Their mouths met over the head of his fountaining cock, swallowing his cum eagerly until, finally, all that was left were the thin remains that Brandy milked out of his prick shaft.

Cora licked him clean and then the two women kissed long and deep over his rapidly deflating cock, tasting his cum again.

“I’m hot again,” Brandy said when their lips parted.

“Me, too,” Cora said.

And they both looked at Frank.

“Leave me out of this. I’m pooped,” he said with a grin.

The two women moved into each other’s arms and Brandy climbed on top of Cora, forcing her legs apart. Using one hand to spread Cora’s pussy lips, exposing her erect clit, she spread her own cunt lips with the other and then brought the two quivering magic buttons together.

“Oh, so good,” Cora murmured.

Brandy ground her pussy into the older woman’s pussy and their clits came into contact. Holding onto Cora’s ass, Brandy worked her pelvis in small, tight circles, bringing both of them to the peak of orgasm quickly.

Frank’s limp cock dangled between his legs as he took pictures of the two women.

They thrashed and moaned and rolled around in the tangled sheets as they rode out their mutual climax, and then Brandy kissed her way down Cora’s belly to her pussy. She licked and lapped her entire cunt slit eagerly and then moved to her thighs to get all her juices.

After they had rested awhile, Cora got dressed and left.

Brandy snuggled up with her father, feeling gloriously satisfied.


As she drifted off to sleep, in her father’s arms, Brandy wondered about the scrap book he had mentioned and promised herself that the next chance she got, she would look for it. She also decided that sucking pussy was just as good as sucking cock, and she planned to do as much of both as she could. She knew Terry would enjoy it.

“Baby girl,” Frank whispered, shaking his daughter.

Brandy sat up rubbing her eyes.

“You have to get up, baby. Your mom will be home soon. I don’t think she’d approve.”

Brandy nodded fully awake and slid off the bed. Her boyfriend Nick was taking her to the drive-in, and she had to shower and douche. She wanted to be super clean for him tonight.

By the time Nick arrived, Brandy felt and looked fresh as a daisy. Her father was helping her mother in the kitchen, and Brandy thought she felt his cock jump when she hugged him good night. The thought excited her.

Nick’s older brother Tony, who was as darkly handsome as Nick, and a thin, brassy blonde named Pamela were in the front seat.

Even as Nick introduced them, his brother’s hand disappeared under Pamela’s skirt.

Nick and Brandy were quiet as they drove to the drive-in, but the sexual attraction was there between them, and she noted the cock-bulge in his jeans.

Tony kept up a stream of blunt sexual remarks while Pamela giggled hysterically.

With their talk, and the thought of her recent sexual adventures, Brandy was not surprised to find herself hungry for his cock, and her hand rested lightly on his thigh.

They parked, and the movie started. In the darkness of the car, Brandy saw Tony give Nick the thumbs up signal and flashed a wickedly sexy grin. Seconds later, Pamela and Tony were kissing wildly.

“Never mind him,” Nick said as he slipped his arm around Brandy’s shoulders and drew her to him gently.

He seemed content for her to rest her head on his chest, and Brandy enjoyed the feel of his strong arms surrounding her. She wanted to take this one slow and easy.

Pamela and Tony continued their noisy, wet kissing, oblivious to anything around them. And oven though Brandy pretended to ignore them, their petting was heightening that familiar ache between her legs.

“Are they bothering you?” Nick asked.

“No,” Brandy lied, forcing herself to keep her hands off his cock.

A few minutes later, Nick kissed and nibbled at her ear and then worked his way down her neck. Brandy shivered, enjoying his tender kisses. Turning her face up to his, she tangled her fingers in the hair at the back of his neck while he kissed her lips. His tongue darted into her mouth, teasing her, and Brandy sucked it gently. Like her, he seemed to be in no hurry.

Pamela was moaning softly as Tony slurped and sucked at her tits. And when they sank farther down in the seat, Brandy recognized the even wetter sounds of him eating her pussy, and her own cunt convulsed in response.

“Nick,” she whispered as his mouth moved from hers, leaving a wet trail don her neck to the top of her sweater.

Nick’s mouth was warm and comforting, and his hands on her tits were insistent but not demanding.

Brandy readily sank back into the seat with, him resting lightly on top of her.

“Suck it, Tony!” Pamela squealed, and Brandy saw one of her bare feet resting on the back of the seat.

Tony sounded like a pig as he snorted and snuffed in Pamela’s pussy. Their noises filled the car, making Brandy’s heart pound, and the dampness in her pussy seeped into her panties.

Stroking her inner thigh with one hand, Nick pinched and teased her nipples with the other. Brandy moaned softly and pressed her body against him. His cock was like a steel rod rubbing her belly, and she could feel the heat even through his clothes.

Pamela came, bucking and squealing, and Brandy heard Tony eagerly lapping up her pussy juices.

“Now it’s your turn, girl,” he growled as he sat up in the seat, his thick black hair tousled.

Pamela’s head disappeared in Tony’s lap and her whimpers turned to moans of pleasure.

“Ouch! Watch your teeth!”

Over Nick’s shoulder, Brandy watched Tony. “That’s it, suck my raunchy cock,” he muttered, head thrown back, eyes closed. Brandy closed her own eyes and gave in to the deep need that was growing in her cunt. Nick felt her relax and gently pushed her sweater up to expose her aching, hard-nippled tits. Brandy sighed as his tongue made wet circles around her nipples. And then she felt his teeth nibbling ever so gently. When she pulled his head against her, he sucked one nipple into his mouth with just enough pressure to tease her.

“Nick,” she whispered again, suddenly aching to touch him, suck him, have his cock deap inside her.

“That’s it, baby,” Tony growled. “Take it deep, let me feel the back of your throat.”

Pamela gagged, then her slurping sounds resumed again.

Nick’s hand cupped her panty-covered cunt mound and squeezed gently. Brandy was almost ashamed of the flood of juices that came from her pussy, but Nick didn’t seem bothered. Rubbing a finger up and down her wet panties, probing jetty into her cunt slit, Nick teased, making Brandy want him more than she had ever wanted anything jabs life.

“Okay, bitch, get the rest of them clothes off,” Tony demanded.

Brandy heard Pamela scrambling around in the back seat, trying to undress.

With his mouth still on Brandy’s nipples, Nick was working his finger under the leg of her panties, teasing and probing at her wet pussy.

“Uh,” Tony grunted as he shoved his rock-hard cock into Pamela’s upturned pussy with enough force to rock the car.

“Not so hard,” Pamela complained.

“Shut up, cunt,” he snapped.

Nick felt somewhat heavier now, but his fingers were doing delicious things to Brandy’s dripping pussy. After spreading her thick juices all over her cunt, he fucked a single finger inside her pulsing pussy. He found her erect clit and was tickling it gently, bringing her close to climax and then easing off, while all she could do was cling to him and whimper softly.

The rowdy fucking in the front seat continued, and Brandy’s entire body screamed for release.

“Nick, make me come,” she whispered.

His fingers went to work massaging her clit in time with her thrusting hips, and she held onto him fiercely as she stiffened, shuddered and skyrocketed through a violent climax.

Then Nick was no longer holding her. He was kneeling on the seat between her legs, unbuckling his belt, unzipping his pants, and Brandy felt his hot, throbbing fucker against her leg. Panting, he hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties and she raised her ass so he could peel them off. Then he kissed and licked his way down to her furry pussy mound.

With a low groan, she raised her hips to meet him. Nick chuckled softly and backed away from the humping girl. This teasing was driving Brandy wild.

“Move that ass, cunt!” Tony’s husky voice came from the back seat.

“Uh! Fuck me! Deeper, Tony, deeper!” Pamela squealed.

Despite their frantic fucking, Nick moved slow and easy. Brandy reached out and found his cock, curling her fingers around the hot, quivering cock-shaft.

“Yeah!” Nick breathed as she grasped his prick firmly and began stroking it.

Her other hand delivered into his shorts to cup and fondle his heavy balls. From time to time, her long finger reached out to tease his sweaty asshole. Nick was panting now, instinctively hunching against her stroking hand.

“Here it comes!” Tony grunted.

“Wait! Don’t come in me!” Pamela cried.

“The hell I won’t!”


“Then you’re gonna take it up the ass,” Tony told her, pausing in his frantic humping.


There was a little silence during which they could hear him smearing Pamela’s sticky cunt juice up and down the crack of her ass.

Pamela groaned and whined as Tony forced his cock into her ass.

“Stop, Tony! It hurts!”

“You sure got one tight ass, baby.”

After a few minutes, her groans turned to whimpers of pleasure and Tony began fucking steadily.

Brandy’s hand brushed the end of Nick’s prick and she found that he was oozing pre-cum. She smeared it on the head of his cock and up and down the cock shaft, coaxing more of the warm slime out as she stroked.

“You ready to fuck, kid?” he croaked. Brandy swallowed hard, squeezed his balls and moved her hand a little faster on his prick, bringing another rush of pre-cum.

“I want to suck you off — but I want you inside me, too.”

“Oh, God, fuck me, Tony! Fuck me hard!”

“Take it, baby! Squeeze that ass!”

“I’m coming, Tony!” Pamela’s squeals of delight blended with Tony’s guttural growls, and Brandy could smell the musky aroma of their fucking.

“Let me fuck you awhile, and then I can finish up in your mouth,” Nick suggested.

Brandy sat up and leaned forward. The big cock in her fist throbbed when her tongue touched the bulbous cock knob. The prick was rock-hard and covered with the pre-cum she had smeared about. She thought that he tasted somewhat like the smell in the car as her tongue flicked over the cock head several times.

“God, your tongue is hot,” Nick breathed, relaxing back in the seat as another flood of pre-cum bubbled out of his piss slit.

Eagerly, Brandy lapped up his oozing sweetness and circled her tongue around the head of his cock. Making a little suction cup out of her tongue, she sucked at the sensitive spot on the underside of his cock, just under the cock head.

Before she realized it, she had the fat prick head and most of his thick prick shaft in her mouth, slick and shiny wet with her saliva and his pre-cum.

Nick ran his fingers through her hair, moaning softly.

Brandy continued to squeeze his balls — pinch the sensitive skin around them with enough pressure to make him jump while she inched more of his cock inside her mouth.

“God, what a hot mouth!” Nick groaned. Brandy slid her lips farther down his throbbing prick until she felt it touch the back of her throat. Then she pulled her head back, freeing all but the head of his cock. Her pointed tongue burrowed into his piss slit.

A little quicker than the first time, she took his cock deep in her mouth again, and Nick groaned loudly.

Brandy loved giving him this kind of pleasure — but her pussy was itchy again. She slipped her free hand between her legs and found that she was oozing cunt juice and her clit was swollen.

“Fuck me, Nick!” she gasped.

She climbed on his lap with her legs spread wide and straddled his cock.

Nick kissed her mouth and his hands cupped her ass, helping her fuck down his prick.

“Oh, Nick!” Brandy breathed as his cock burrowed deep, filling her pussy.

They fell into rhythm quickly, moving faster with each stroke, and Nick’s tongue fucked her mouth while his cock fucked her pussy.

“Go, little brother!” Tony said suddenly. Brandy knew they were watching. But she didn’t care. All she cared about was the hard prick fucking in and out of her pussy and the way her clit was hitting his groin with each fuck-stroke.

Nick spread her ass cheeks apart and fingered her puckered asshole.

Feeling her climax building, Brandy grunted, growled and ground her pelvis against his.

“Do it, baby! Let it go!” Nick, urged. And then he moved his mouth down to suck and bite her nipples.

That set Brandy off. The young girl dug her nails into his shoulders, and her cunt convulsed around his cock rapidly as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her.

“Still wanna suck me off?”

In answer, Brandy climbed off his lap, knelt between his legs and sucked his cock deep into her mouth. His cock was coated with her pussy juice, but she had never tasted anything better.

“Now, that’s how to suck cock, Pam,” Tony said. With each trip Brandy made up and down Nick’s prick, she was moving faster, taking his fucker deeper than before. He quivered and raised his hips to meet her sucking mouth while her hand continued to fondle his balls.

“Suck it, baby, suck it.” Nick hissed, stroking her hair and tracing the lips stretched around his cock with his finger.

Brandy’s excitement was building again as her finger dipped into her cunt hole and spread the warm juices to her clit. Deeper and faster she sucked Nick’s cock, and then she began tickling the pulsing head of his prick with her tongue with each stroke.

He grunted, held her face with both hands and began fucking her hot, sucking mouth with abandon.

Nick’s prick jerked, spasmed and swelled and Brandy sucked harder, eager for his cum-load.

One long finger of the hand that was wrapped around his balls searched for and found his sweaty whole. It probed carefully, and the tip dipped inside.

“Oh, fuck! Jesus, I’m coming!”

And then Brandy’s mouth was full of hot, creamy cum and she swallowed greedily.

She continued to lick and suck his rapidly shrinking cock while her own wet fingers massaged her clit furiously. Brandy felt her org urn build quickly.

And, before Nick’s cock was licked clean, she shivered and shuddered through a joking climax.

When she looked up, Pamela and Tony were staring at them from the back seat, and Nick just kept shaking his head and grinning down at her.

Brandy had known Pamela and Tony were watching, and that had excited her as much as sucking Nick’s cock.


Two days later, Terry and Brandy spent the night at a neighbor’s house while they were out of town. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson were a middle-aged couple with no children and the job was an easy one — taking care of their dog. This left the girls more than enough time to snoop.

In the upstairs bathroom, they found a stack of girlie magazines.

“Look!” Terry whispered as she pointed to another stack of magazines in a closet in the master bedroom.

Piling the books on the bed between them, the two girls sat cross legged, studying the glossy color photographs of slimy cocks stuffed deep inside even sloppier pussies. Book after book showed pictures of people fucking in every situation imaginable, their faces contorted in lustful pleasure, and there were many shots of white cum squirting onto faces, tits, and asses.

“Lets see what else we can find,” Brandy suggested.

In a bottom drawer of the night stand, they found stacks of photographs taken there in the bedroom. They showered Mrs. Jackson in dozens of lewd porn, dressed in skimpy costumes with either her fingers or a big dildo stuffed up her hairy cunt.

There were pictures of Mr. Jackson, sporting a raging boner. In one picture, he emptied his balls right in front of the camera.

In the back of the draw, they found a white plastic vibrator that resembled a medium-dial prick. Turning it over, Terry flipped a switch on the bottom. The device hummed to life, making her hand tingle.

Brandy opened another drawer and found a video tape. Handling it carefully, she popped it into the VCR and the girls settled next to each other on the bed to watch.

The screen lit up, and there was the music bedroom. Two men with stout, muscular bodies — huge, hard cocks sat on the edge of the bed. And then Mrs. Jackson came on camera. She was naked except for a black garter belt, stockings and high heels and she danced around in front of these two men, pulling their cocks while they fondled her tits and ass.

Finally, one of the men scooted back on the bed and she climbed between his legs and took his prick deep into her mouth. There was a close-up of her thick, red lips stretched wide around his cock, and the girls could see spit running down her chin.

Brandy and Terry giggled and exchanged glances. While the woman sucked, the other guy moved around behind her, spread her pussy lips apart and fingered her dripping cunt.

He finally got on the bed with them, aimed his cock at her wide-open pussy and shoved it deep inside her, bringing a loud grunt from the woman. While he pounded her pussy into a squishy pulp, she continued to suck the other guy, and their moans and groans filled the room.

“My panties always get wet, when I see stuff like this,” Terry confessed, her eyes sparkling.

“Mine, too,” Brandy said.

“God, I need to come right now,” Terry said.

“Do it?”

“With you watching?” Terry asked. “You watched me and the coach,” Brandy reminded her.

Terry did remember, and the thought made her quiver. She hesitated, letting her eyes return to the television.

“I’ll go first,” Brandy said.

Without waiting for an answer, Brandy shucked out of her jeans and peeled off her panties. Wearing only a thin T-shirt, the young girl leaned back on the pillows and spread her legs apart. Terry watched closely while Brandy used her fingers to part her furry pussy patch, exposing a wet, pink slit.

“Oh!” Brandy gasped as her finger worked its way inside her hot cunt, causing more pussy honey to ooze out.

Swallowing hard and squeezing her own cunt mound, Terry watched Brandy spread the sticky fluid up to her swollen clit and back down to her puckered asshole.

Brandy sank lower into the pillows, spread her lets wider and inserted two fingers into her hungry cunt. Slowly, she began fucking them in and out, whimpering softly. She scooped up some of the cunt juice with a finger of her other hand and brought it to her mouth. She sucked it dry, then returned her finger to massage her erect clit.

Terry stared wide eyed as Brandy fingered herself.

The brunette grunted and bucked, then her pussy convulsed around her fingers as a flood of juices covered her hand, ass and quivering thighs. Terry was more than ready for her turn. After stripping, she returned to the bed, facing Brandy. Relaxing back onto her own stack of pillows, Terry spread her legs apart, touched her cunt tenderly and then used her fingers to hold the slick cunt lips open. Brandy licked her lips while she drank in the sight of curly, blonde hairs surrounding pink wetness and briefly remembered the smell and taste of the minister’s wife.

Biting her lower lip, Terry slid her finger easily into her clutching pussy and quivered at the feelings it evoked.

Brandy watched as Terry’s shiny wet finger spread sticky cunt juices all over her pussy lips. The blonde jumped and gasped when she touched her clit, coating her magic button with the warm cunt juice.

Terry found that having her friend watch was exciting her, tool Brandy’s dark eyes were in fire, and she licked her lips hungrily.

Giving in to the rising tide of her passion, Terry lay back on the bed, inserted another finger in her tight cunt and tickled her clit furiously. Her hips moved steadily as he fingers worked almost by instinct.

Brandy saw the exposed lips of Terry’s pussy turn a deep red.

Terry’s excitement continued to mount and she humped and squirmed against the two fingers that were embedded in her cunt.

Brandy held her breath and felt her own pussy start to itch again.

“Oh, God! Brandy, I’m coming!” Terry wailed. Her orgasm flashed through her, starting deep in her belly moving through her crotch and even into her asshole as she thrashed on the bed. It left her convulsing, quivering body weak.

“God!” Terry panted.

Their eyes met and the sexy, wet sounds coming from the television echoed their thoughts. Brandy’s pussy was invaded by the familiar gnawing hunger.

Terry was so close and warm and, without thinking, Brandy kissed her. Their lips barely touched, and then Brandy’s tongue darted into the girl’s warm mouth.

“I’m wet again,” Brandy whispered.

“Me, too,” Terry said.

Brandy wiggled closer, their erect nipples almost touching. “I’d like to make you come.”

In answer, Terry reached for her friend. Their mouths met again and, again, Brandy’s tongue invaded her mouth. Terry sucked it eagerly, wiggling closer until the entire length of their soft bodies were touching. Brandy caressed Terry’s hard-nippled tits, bringing a soft moan from the girl. Terry timidly touched Brandy’s tit globes, palming her nipples and thrilling to the way the soft hands felt on her own body.

They kissed again. Their hands roamed freely, each girl enjoying the feel of a warm, willing body the same shape as her own.

As Terry’s self confidence and passion grew, her lips became more demanding, her tongue delved into the warm mouth and she squeezed Brandy’s nipples hard.

“God!” Terry breathed when their lips parted, and she gazed at Brandy with lust-glazed eyes.

Brandy was on fire. Pulling her friend close, she kissed her ear and neck and then moved down to take a pointed pink nipple between her lips.

“Yes!” Terry hissed, holding Brandy’s head tight. Brandy flicked her tongue back and forth across the girl’s nipple as she sucked it deeper into her mouth. Her hand moved down Terry’s flat belly to her blonde cunt bush and began to make little circles inside the tender lips of her wet cunt.

“Oh!” Terry spread her legs slightly and pushed upward.

Brandy’s finger slipped easily into the girl’s hot, tight cunt hole.

For Terry, it was the first time she had ever been touched there by another person, and she lifted her hips and reached for more.

Brandy fucked her finger in and out of Terry’s wet pussy and, as the other girl’s moans grew louder, her thrusting quicker, she inserted a second.

Pussy juices flowed freely onto Brandy’s hand as Terry spread her legs wide, offering herself to the girl’s skillful fingers.

As Terry continued to pinch and pull on her aching nipples, Brandy felt her own cunt juice dripping to bet thighs, and she squeezed them together tightly. Her deep finger-fucking paused when Terry’s hot mouth found her nipples and her exploring hands moved downward, cupping her ass, squeezing the firm ass cheeks and then moving around to her damp crotch.

Eagerly, Brandy spread her legs, pushing her pussy mound against the inquisitive fingers.

Making sure Brandy was well lubricated, Terry inserted a single finger, moving slowly, teasing Brandy’s clit with her thumb. When Brandy began moving her hips rhythmically, Terry inserted a second finger and met her thrusts, still massaging her clit with her thumb.

Brandy’s fingers were still buried in Terry’s clutching cunt, and they began to move again.

The girls kissed while their hands and hips pistoned wildly. Still, the position was uncomfortable.

“Wait a minute,” Brandy whispered.

Giving Terry one final kiss on the lips, Brandy pulled away from her. Their fingers, coated with pussy juice, came free with a squish and each girl licked her own fingers eagerly.

As soon as Brandy began moving, Terry knew what she was doing. They lay side by side, head to toe, and she felt Brandy’s warm breath on her crotch.

The people on the screen had changed positions, too. One man was lying on his back while the woman straddled him and fucked up and down on his cock. The second man was fucking her from behind.

Brandy moved her face closer to Terry’s pussy and her tongue snaked out ot part the blonde cunt bush. She tasted the hot wetness of her friend.

“Uh!” Terry whimpered.

With her hands on Terry’s ass, Brandy pulled her closer and began licking up and down her entire cunt slit with a flat tongue. She lingered awhile at the girl’s asshole, probed deeply with her tongue, and then sucked Terry’s swollen clit.

Moaning, Terry worked against Brandy’s tongue, feeling even more juices ooze from her cunt slit. Brandy’s tongue moved from her clit, lapped up the juices and then began fucking in and out of her hot pussy.

As though in a dream, Terry saw Brandy’s dark brown cunt bush with droplets of blear juices clinging to the damp hair. She pulled Brandy closer, swirled her tongue through the tangled mat of pussy hair and began using her tongue like a miniature prick.

Brandy’s lips were wrapped around Terry’s clit, and she flicked her tongue back and forth across it quickly. When she felt Terry’s probing tongue, she spread bet legs wide apart.

While Terry licked and sucked at the flowing juices, her fingers tickled Brandy’s clit. When her mouth moved to cover the swollen cunt with kisses two fingers of the other hand probed deeply into Brandy’s overflowing cunt.

“Oh, God!” Brandy whimpered, hunching against the plunging fingers and sucking mouth.

She now had three fingers in Terry’s stretched pussy as she sucked on her slit, and her hand was slick with the girl’s flowing cunt juices.

Thrashing about on the bed, both girls groaned, sucked and finger-fucked each other furiously until Mrs. Jackson squealed that she was coming. That aroused both girls even more.

Terry’s angers and mouth lingered at the right place at the right time, and Brandy’s orgasm ripped through her clutching cunt, exploding in a gush of pussy juice.

Even as she groaned in release, Brandy sucked Terry’s clit and rammed her fingers into her cunt, and the blonde humped and squirmed and came.

Both girls spent the next few minutes lapping up the flowing cunt cream.

They lay still for a few minutes, holding each other.

Then Brandy laughed. “We forgot to use the vibrator.”

Terry kissed her friend, their face and lip slick with pussy juice, and they tasted each other again and again. Within minutes both of them were wet and more than ready for the vibrator.

Rolling Terry onto her beck, Brandy grabbed the plastic prick and flicked it on with her thumb. Her fingers plunged in and out of Terry’s cunt.

“Oh, God, Brandy. It feels sooooo good!” Terry gasped as she hunched against the invading fingers.

Kneeling between Terry’s widespread legs, fingering her friend’s hungry cunt, Brandy applied the buzzing device directly to her swollen clit.

Terry jerked and groomed. “Fuck me! Make me conic!”

It took only seconds for the combined finger fucking mid vibrator to send the quivering block over the edge.

Shaking, hardly able to breath, Brandy couldn’t wait for Terry to finish. Staying where she was, she transferred the wet fingers that had been in Terry’s cunt to her own steaming pussy and placed the pulsing end of the vibrator on her erect clit!

The result was the same — a shattering orgasm that left her breathless.

By the next morning, the girls knew every nook and cranny of their bodies, and Brandy had decided that Terry was ready for a lesson from Rob.


For the next week, Brandy fucked Nick regularly, as well as Rob and her father a time or two. Despite the availability of cock, it was still fun and satisfying to suck Terry, and she did it often. She often got wet when she fantasized about sucking her mother.

One night, she promised to babysit for a friend, and added another dimension to her busy sex life.

Tancy Wright was two years older than Brandy. She lived alone with her six-month-old baby. Since Tancy was so near her own age, Brandy went over early to talk. Tancy was excited about her date with a real stud, and promised to give Brandy the details when she got home.

It wasn’t ten o’clock yet when Tancy got home with a tear-stained face and a torn dress.

“What happened?” Brandy asked in surprise.

Tancy was too upset to talk, but she asked Brandy to spend the night.

After showering, they changed into thin gowns. Brandy had seen Tancy naked before. But for some reason she could not keep her eyes off Tancy’s huge firm tits with their dark, rose-colored nipples.

Brandy caught Tancy studying her naked body, too, and Tancy confessed that she envied the younger girl’s pert tits and dark-brown cunt hair. She looked so sad that Brandy hugged her, and the touch of her naked body brought a sudden thrill that Brandy knew well.

Settling on the sofa, they sipped cocoa and were soon giggling like two girls at a slumber party. When the subject of men came up, Tancy became quiet and then told Brandy about the pawing, slobbering animal who had taken her out.

“One date and they want to fuck. I don’t even know if I like him!”

Tancy abruptly burst into tears.

Brandy put her arms around the older girl, acutely aware of the hard nipples poking through the thin material of their gowns.

Tancy sobbed uncontrollably on Brandy’s shoulder while they rocked back and forth gently. The warmth of Brandy’s body seemed to soothe Tancy, because she continued to cling to the young girl even after she had stopped crying.

Brandy was beginning to feel a delicious tingling in her pussy.

“I’m sorry for breaking down like that,” Tancy said with a sniff as she pulled, away.

“I’m glad I was here when you needed me,” Brandy replied, wishing she hadn’t moved.

Then Tancy leaned forward and kissed her. It was awkward, but it was full on he lips and lasted a little longer than necessary.

“Sometimes I wish I didn’t need a man so badly,” Tancy said softly.

“I’d be happy to help you out.” The words were out of Brandy’s mouth before she could stop them.

It took a few seconds but Tancy caught her meaning and them dropped her gaze shyly.

Pulling Tancy close again, Brandy kissed her, tenderly at first, and then her tongue darted into Tancy’s mouth.

“Oh, God!” Tancy breathed, squirming against her.

Brandy pulled Tancy’s gown over her head and lowered her mouth to the girl’s jutting nipples. Moving from one tit to the other, she made little, wet circles around the nipples with her tongue. Then she kissed the deep valley in between and returned to the swollenn nipples, capturing them between, her teeth and teasing them into even greater hardness.

Tancy whimpered and pulled Brandy closer. Then Brandy’s hands worked their way down Tancy’s round belly. Her fingers swirled in the damp cunt bush and stroked her inner thighs Tancy spread her legs wide, inviting Brandy to explore farther, and she gasped when Brandy cupped her cunt mound.

With her mouth still on Tancy’s tits, Brandy cased the girl’s cunt lips apart and slowly inserted two fingers. Tancy was hot inside, and Brandy felt her cunt grab the intruding fingers and hold tight.

Brandy fucked her fingers in and out a few times, going a little deeper and feeling another flood of sticky pussy syrup. With a moan, Tancy brought her hips up to meet Brandy’s plunging fingers.

“Put three fingers in,” she whispered.

By this time, Brandy was kissing Tancy’s belly. She added a finger and the hot cunt stretched easily to accommodate it. When they fell into rhythm again, Brandy’s lips latched onto Tancy’s throbbing clit.

“Uh! Oh, God!” Tancy grunted.

Her pussy convulsed around Brandy’s plunging fingers as her orgasm hit, and her cunt juice flowed freely.

Brandy continued to finger-fuck her slowly until Tancy relaxed with a satisfied whimper. Removing her slick, sticky fingers, she put them to her mouth to suck off the thick cunt cream.

Brandy was just getting started. Easing Tancy back into the sofa cushions, she knelt between her legs and kissed her way down her belly and into the crisp hair of her cunt bush. Dropping her head lower this time, Brandy sucked and chewed at her slick pussy lips.

Tancy gasped when Brandy’s tongue teased her puckered asshole and then returned to probe into her pussy for more buttery pussy juices. Holding Tancy’s clit between her wet lips, Brandy flicked it rapidly with her tongue while she fucked two fingers in and out of her pulsing pussy.

“Please don’t stop!” Tancy screamed, even after the orgasm had ripped through her.

Still tonguing her clit, Brandy had three fingers in Tancy’s sloppy, hot pussy. And she worked two well-lubricated fingers of the other hand into her tight ass.

Groaning in release, Tancy bucked like a mule and held onto Brandy through another shuddering climax.

Brandy’s own dripping pussy was clamoring for attention. Climbing on top of Tancy, she mashed her curly brown cunt bush against the lighter one of the older girl and brought their clits into contact. They worked their wet cunts together in little circles and both girls came quickly, their juices mingling and running down Tancy’s ass to the sofa.

“I guess we went a little crazy,” Tancy said, stroking Brandy’s hair.

“Felt good.”


Brandy nodded. “Tongues and fingers feel great — but I still need a hard cock sometimes.”

“I’ve got something upstairs for just such emergencies,” Tancy told her with a grin.

The two women went to the bedroom with their arms around each other. Brandy took off her gown and they sank onto the bed, mouths together, tongues battling.

“Let me,” Tancy whispered, her hands palming Brandy’s growing nipples.

Leaning back, Brandy closed her eyes and enjoyed what Tancy’s hands and mouth were doing to her sensitive tits.

Tancy sucked gently, nibbling with her teeth. Then she pushed Brandy’s thighs apart with her knees. She lapped up Brandy’s flowing juices and delved deep into her cunt for more.

“Yes!” Brandy hissed, and her cunt convulsed around the probing tongue.

The bed squeaked rhythmically with Brandy’s bouncing ass and Tancy matched her thrusts with her tongue. The musky smell of their heat filled the room and Brandy’s moans grew louder with each stroke.

When Brandy saw Tancy reach under the bed and pull out a thick rubber dildo, she spread her legs even wider and used her own fingers to pull her slippery cunt lips apart.

“Fuck me!”

The dildo was cream colored and about ten inches long. Tancy rubbed the rounded head of the dildo up and down her friend’s dripping cunt slot and then began casing it inside her fuck-hole.

“Oh, God!” Brandy groaned as the cool rubber filled up he aching cunt.

“Feel good?” Tancy asked as she slowly fucked the big rubber cock in and out of Brandy’s hungry cunt.

“Oh, qod, yes! Fuck me!” Brandy wailed, her head rolling back and forth on the pillows as her pussy swallowed the dildo greedily.

Tancy’s thrusts became deeper, and Brandy rose to meet her each time.

“Got another one of those?” Brandy asked when she saw Tancy’s fingers working between her own thighs.

Tancy nodded, went to the dresser and opened a drawer. She picked up another dude exactly like the one filling Brandy’s cunt, except this one was black.

Returning to the bed, Tancy handed it to Brandy, who ran her hand up and down the shaft as if it were a real prick.

Placing her head toward Brandy’s feet, Tancy scooted close and began fucking her again, this time giving the dildo a little turn with each thrust.

Tancy’s pussy, glistening with her wetness, was right at her face, and Brandy immediately fucked the black dildo deep inside her.

“Uh!” Tancy grunted, holding her legs wide apart.

Slurping, wet sounds mingled with their moans as the two girls fucked each other hard and long with the take docks.

Brandy grabbed Tancy’s pistoning hips and pulled her closer. Working a finger into her tight asshole, she wrapped her lips around the girl’s quivering clit and sucked hard.

Tancy gave Brandy the same treatment, and they continued fucking the dildos into their pussies. Their guttural growls were muffled in each other’s cunts as both of them studded through violent orgasms.

Before their breathing returned to normal, they were face to face, tonque battling, dildos working again.

“What is going on here?”

Startled, the girls looked up to see a larger version of Tancy standing in the doorway.

“This kind of behavior is what got you in trouble in the first place!” the woman in the sift said angrily as she advanced into the room, shaking her finger.

“This kind of behavior…”

“Don’t you talk back to me, young lady!”

“Brandy, this is my older sister, Clara.” Tancy made the introduction as if they were at a cocktail party.

“I don’t understand…”

Now it was Brandy’s turn to speak up.

“Then let us show you.”

The two girls reached for Clara at the same time and pulled the struggling woman anto the bed. She fought and screamed wildly as they ripped her clothes off.

When they were finished Brandy had Clara’s stockings to tie her feet wide apart to the bed. Tancy was sitting at her head, holding her hands.

“What are you going to do to me?” Clara, still in bra and panties whimpered.

“Make you understand,” Tancy answered. “Brandy, in the top drawer you’ll find a little surprise.”

In the drawer, Brandy found a strap-on dildo complete with a dangling ball bag. She strapped it on and thought she looked deliciously obscene as she walked around stroking her fake cock.

“Don’t hurt me, please!”

“We won’t hurt you. Just relax.” Holding her firmly, Tancy and Brandy removed Clara’s bra and panties, planting kisses on her naked body as they did so.

At first, her body was stiff and unyielding. But Tancy and Brandy knew how to turn her on quickly. Tancy nibbled her ear lobes and throat, while Brandy, straddling her belly, kneaded her big tits.

In just a few minutes, she relaxed and began moaning softly. Tancy kissed her sister, and when she let go of Clara’s hands, they drew her closer.

Prying the woman’s legs apart with her knees, Brandy sucked her nipples while worming a finger into bet wet pussy.

Instead of fighting, Clara reached for more. Brandy aimed her pink prick at Clara’s pussy and pushed. The dildo slipped inside easily, her hungry pussy gobbllng it up. Then, holding onto her ass, Brandy began pumping steadily.

Clara groaned and met her fuck-thrusts. “Play with my tits!” Tancy demanded. Clara began fondling her sister’s tits, timidly at first, working on the nipples, making Tancy shiver.

“Jesus!” Tancy hissed.

Tancy kissed Clara again, encouraging her participation. Brandy began fucking her harder. Her hungry pussy devoured the fake cock while she whimpered softly, and then she took one of Tancy’s nipples into her mouth.

With her mouth full of tit, her pussy full of pistoning rubber cock, Clara grabbed Brandy’s ass, bucked wildly and came in a flood of juices that ran down the crack of her ass onto the bed.

“Tancy,” Clara whispered, “I want to suck you!” Moving quickly, Tancy lowered her hot pussy to Clara’s face. Clara seemed to know exactly what to do. After kissing Tancy’s cunt mound lightly, she ran her tongue up and down the dripping pussy slit a few times, then fucked her tongue deep inside.

It didn’t take much sucking and licking before Tancy was smearing her pussy all over Clara’s face while the woman’s busy tongue lapped eagerly.

Brandy’s clit was getting a real workout from the cock she wore, and Clara’s thrusts had speeded up considerably.

Tancy reached for Brandy, their mouths met and she palmed the girl’s pointed nipples.

“I’m coming!” Tancy wailed.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” Brandy squealed, fucking into Clara’s sloppy pussy with abandon, her orgasm crashing over her.

“Fuck it! Oh, God, fuck it!” Clara’s husky voice was muffled by Tancy’s flowing pussy.

The three collapsed in a sweating, panting heap…

A week later, Tancy told Brandy that her sister was moving in with her. Both girls smiled knowingly.


Brandy sat in English class watching Mrs. Simpson write on the board. Her mind wandered back to that evening when she and Terry had watched their teacher and Brandy’s grandfather fucking. Her hungry pussy told her she should pay her grandfather a visit.

That afternoon on her way home from school, Brandy passed his house. Donald Wyatt was in the driveway, working on a car.

“Hello!” Brandy called, waving.

Donald waved at his granddaughter and then continued to watch the young girl’s ass as she went on down, the street.

At home Brandy changed into cut-off jeans and a halter and went back to Donald’s house. He was still working on his car.

“Is Mrs. Simpson coming over?” Brandy asked in her little-girl voice. And she bent over so that he got a good view of her tits.


“Darn! She was teaching me some special exercises, and I really felt in the mood to do them now.”

Donald swallowed hard and stared at the creamy tits spilling out of Brandy’s halter.


Brandy put her hand on his shoulder. “Do you think you could help me?”

“Well… sure,” he said, following her inside. “We were in hue,” Brandy said as she began pulling off her clothes.

Donald stared wide eyed at the firm naked body of his cute granddaughter and felt his cock twitch.

“And she sort of gave me a massage,” Brandy continued, taking the elderly man’s hands and putting them on her hard-nippled tits. “Oh, you have to take your clothes off, too.”

Donald snipped slowly, his hands trembling. And he was amazed to find his cock standing at half mast.

“She used one of those, you know, inside me,” Brandy said, pointing to his cock.

“A dildo,” he croaked.

“Yes, but you have a real one. Here, let me get it harder or it’ll never go in.”

With that, Brandy dropped to her knees at his feet and grasped his prick firmly. She guided the head of his wrinkled purple cock to her open lips and lapped at his piss slit.

Donald grunted and his cock jumped.

Brandy smiled to herself and continued to nibble gently at the head of his cock. Her hand moved between his skinny, old-man legs to cup his hairy, wrinkled ball sac.

As Brandy sucked more and more of his prick into her mouth, Donald could not believe how hard he was getting.

Finally, he touched the back of her throat and she sucked his cock even deeper, her nose buried in his crinkled, gray crotch hair.

“I think it’s hard enough now,” Brandy said, giving the man’s spit-slick cock a stroke. Then her fingers went to her pussy.

“Are you wet?” he asked.

“Na, but my boyfriend kisses my little pussy.” Brandy sat down on the sofa and scooted her ass close to the edge.

Donald got on the floor between her legs, and his hands shook as he spread her tender pussy lips apart to reveal pink, liquid center. The old man brought his nose close and sniffed.

Brandy whimpered when his tongue lapped into her asshole, and she sighed when it brushed her clit. By the third or fourth trip, her syrupy cunt juices were beginning to flow, and he gobbled them up like a hungry puppy.

Moaning, hunching against his face, Brandy held his head tight.

Reaching between his legs, Donald was surprised that his cock was throbbing steadily, oozing pre-cum and move than ready for Brandy’s tight young cunt.

“Let’s go in the bedroom,” he said.

Brandy helped him to his feet and then followed her grandfather into his bedroom. It smelled of medicine and tobacco and when he sat down, she sank into his lap.

He sucked her swollen nipples while one of his hands fondled and squeezed her tight sex. This brought little moans from the girl, and he felt her cunt juice on his leg.

He rolled Brandy onto her back on his bed.

“Oh, Granddaddy, put your big cock in my little pussy and make me come!” Brandy cooed in her little-girl voice as she held her pussy open with her fingers.

Donald knelt between her firm thighs, stroking his prick. He was afraid that it was either going to explode or suddenly go limp. He licked his lips as he watched Brandy massage her clit and then dip a finger into her bubbling cunt.


The head of his cock sank into her oozing cunt slit. Brandy raised her hips and he fucked into her slowly.

Donald closed his eyes as their bodies touched.

She was tight, much tighter than Loretta. And that hungry young pussy acted like it didn’t want to let go when he withdrew.

When all but the cockhead was free, Brandy reached for him again, squeezing his prick with her strong cunt muscles.

They tell into a slow, steady rhythm, her body generating a heat all its own as she worked beneath him.

“Don’t stop!” Brandy pleaded when he slowed and then stopped because he was having trouble breathing.

“I have to,” he panted.

“Let me on top.”

Skillfully, she threw a leg over his hip and, holding his prick firmly inside her, rolled him over onto his back. Now it was Brandy doing all the work. After a few slow squats, she began to pick up their previous rhythm, making little whimpering sounds as she rode him like an expert.

Donald liked this position even better. His hands were free to fondle those luscious tit globes bouncing around on her chest. And every time she slid her cunt down his cock-rod, his fucker was completely enveloped in her hot, wet pussy.

Brandy leaned forward, dangling her tits at his face. “Bite my nipples.”

Donald had a better idea. He took his fake teeth out and placed them on the night stand. Then he took a pointed tit between his gums and nibbled gently.

“Is that, young tall good, Donald?”


Loretta came toward them, wrapped her hand around his wet, throbbing cock and stroked it a few times. Then she licked her fingers.

“She tastes good.”

Brandy quivered when Donald’s cock bounced against her upturned ass.

“Granddaddy was going to fuck my ass,” Brandy told her.

“Really! Would you like some help?”


Brandy remained where she was while Loretta rubbed his cock up and down her pussy slit to spread her lubrication around. Then she guided his cock head to Brandy’s puckered asshole.


“Oh!” Brandy gasped when the cock head popped inside her ass.

Donald thought the head of his cock was on fire and clamped in a vise. “So tight,” he muttered.

Loretta chuckled softly.

Looking over her shoulder, Brandy could see that the woman was playing with her big, pointy nipples through her sweater.

Brandy forced her ass muscles to relax and pushed back a little harder. His rock-hard cock nosed into her ass like a thick snake, and Brandy loved the stuffed feeling.

Loretta reached between them to fondle his balls. Completely in control, Brandy freed some of his cock rod and then pushed back again, taking his prick deeper than before. She began a steady rhythm, closing her eyes and whimpering at the feeling of having her ass full of hard cock.

Her rhythm increased and Donald’s cock quivered and swelled.

“Pm gonna shoot!” he gasped.

“Loretta, suck my clit!” Brandy wailed.

But the older woman was already moving. She crawled between the old man’s legs and latched onto Brandy’s clit, sucking like a baby.

“Oh, fuck!” Donald panted.

“Shoot it, Granddaddy! Fill my ass with your jism!” Brandy urged as she felt her own climax gathering momentum.

“Jesus!” Donald hissed. His legs quivered, and his hot cock cream gushed.

With Loretta’s mouth on her clit, two fingers in her pussy and her grandfather’s prick shooting stream after stream of cum deep in her ass guts, Brandy quivered and humped and flew apart with a guttural growl.

“Let me taste the old man’s cum,” Loretta said, moving away from Brandy’s pussy.

Still gasping for breath, Brandy pulled off his cock and collapsed on the bed.

Loretta, face shining with Brandy’s pussy juices, bent over and licked and sucked Donald’s rapidly shrinking cock until it was clean. Then she turned to Brandy.

Maneuvering the girl so that her ass was hanging over the edge of the bed, the teacher got down on her knees, lifted Brandy’s legs and drove her tongue into the girl’s cum-filled asshole.

“Oh!” Brandy gasped.

Loretta pressed on Brandy’s belly and sucked and slurped noisily as the old man’s cum flowed out of the girl’s asshole and into her mouth.

Despite Brandy’s two recent climaxes, this was getting her hot again, and her pussy juiced up quickly.

When Loretta had sucked Brandy’s asshole dry, she began lapping at the pussy juice that seeped out of her cunt.

“Oh, God!” Brandy whimpered, holding Loretta’s head to her pussy, humping wildly.

Donald snored.

Both women paused, looked at each other and giggled.

“Let’s go in the other room,” Loretta suggested. Brandy got up to follow on shaking legs. When they got to the other room, Loretta undressed. She had huge tits and a wide ass. But she was firm and her thighs were smooth, just as Brandy remembered. Her red cunt bush was damp with pearly drops of cunt juice dangling from the hairs.

Brandy’s mouth, watered.

She put some pillows on the floor and had Loretta lie down with one under her ass.

Brandy knelt between her legs, parted the pussy hair with her fingers and was amazed at the amount of juice that oozed out, down the crack of her ass, to the pillows.

“Suck me, Brandy.”

Making her tongue flat, Brandy scooped up the juices, stuffed them back into the overflowing pussy and then went back for more. Brandy made numerous trips up and down Loretta’s cunt gash while holding the squirming woman’s ass.

“Suck my pussy!”

Brandy burrowed her tongue deep into Loretta’s sloppy cunt and began a steady in-and-out motion while circling her clit with her fingers.

Brandy’s tongue and fingers changed places. She shoved three into the hungry pussy and wrapped her lips around Loretta’s clit, which looked like it might explode any second.

“Yes! Suck it!” Loretta screamed when Brandy used both her teeth and tongue on her big clit.

With a high-pitched wail, the woman shuddered, stiffened and Brandy felt her cunt convulsing around her plunging fingers. She continued to suck on the quivering clit and a fresh gush of pussy juice covered her hand.

“Get the dildo and the butt plug,” Loretta said hoarsely.

Brandy left the heaving woman on the pillows and stepped into the bedroom, where Donald was sleeping soundly. She remembered exactly where they were and returned to Loretta quickly.

“Put warm water in the ball bag.”

Brandy did as she was told and found Loretta still lying on the cushions, finger-fucking herself when she came back into the room wearing her new cock. “Oh, God!” Loretta wailed, puffing her legs high and wide, knees against her tits.

Brandy lubricated the butt plug with Loretta’s copious flow of cunt juices and eased it into her asshole.

“Yes!” Loretta sighed, and she closed her eyes.

Then, op her knees, Brandy placed the head of the rubber cock between the thick, widely spread lips of Loretta’s pussy.

“Fuck me! Oh, God, fuck me!”

With a grunt, Brandy slammed the big cock home and Loretta met her halfway. She began fucking it in and out, feeling the pressure on her own erect clit as she did so.

With her ass and pussy full, Loretta humped and quivered to the edge of orgasm several times, always fighting the climax to prolong the pleasure.

Brandy felt her own orgasm building. She fucked Loretta harder, and then took one of her big nipples into her mouth.

Loretta moaned, grabbed Brandy’s ass and they bucked frantically against each other until their orgasms crested.

“Squeeze the ball bag!” Loretta cried. Reaching between her legs, Brandy squeezed the sac, and Loretta’s cunt was suddenly filled with the warm water.

After Loretta went to sleep, Brandy dressed and went home she couldn’t wait to tell Rob what had happened.


It was almost dark as Brandy walked along the street toward her house. She wondered about the intensity of the orgasms she’d had with her father, brother and grandfather. Was it simply because she loved them and they loved her?

Both her parents were home and Rob’s motorcycle was there, but there were no lights on inside the house and the door was locked.

Using her key, Brandy opened the door and stepped inside. She stood still, listening. At first the heard nothing, and then the faintest murmur of voices and they were coming from her parents’ bedroom.

Brandy tiptoed in that direction and the voices grew louder, soft moans and whimpers which Brandy recognized as belonging to her mother. On her knees, she crept down the carpeted hall and peeped through the crack in the door. What she saw there brought one hand to her mouth, the other to her pussy, which quivered.

Rob was sitting at one end of the bed, watching the dark head bobbing between his legs.

“Mom, you sure can suck cock,” he moaned.

Brandy’s mother moaned around his cock meat and her lips moved up and down his cock shaft even faster, making it shiny wet.

“That’s why I married her,” Frank told him.

He was between Mary’s legs, holding onto her upturned ass and fucking his cock in and out of her cunt doggie-style.

A gush of juice wet Brandy’s panties and she squeezed her cunt hard. Watching her brother and father fuck her mother at the same time set her on fire.

“Oh, Mom!” Rob whimpered, and he began fucking her mouth.

“Her pussy sucks just like her mouth, Rob.”

Frank’s voice was husky, strained and, the muscles in his legs and ass were standing out in perfect definition.

Brandy bit her lower lip.

Mary moaned around her son’s prick again, and one of her hands cupped his balls, handling them expertly.

“Oh, fuck!”

Rob bucked wildly against his mothers face, then his cock jerked, swelled and Brandy saw her moths swallowing his hot cum-load.

Brandy licked her lips, knowing how his jism tasted.

“Im coming!” Frank groaned.

Mary pushed back against him, and their bodies slapped together loudly.

Frank slammed his cock inside her fuck-hole several times, and then his ass quivered and his face contorted into a mask of agony while he emptied his balls in his wife’s clutching cunt.

Mary pulled away from the two men, rolled onto her back and began finger-fucking herself.

Brandy could control herself no longer. “Let me, Mama!”

All the heads turned to Brandy, who had taken off her clothes and was coming toward the bed, nipples hard, pussy dripping.

“Let me make you cum!”

No one else said a word as Brandy crawled onto the bed between her mother’s spread legs.

Mary eared at her daughter in shock, not reaching for her, not pulling any.

Brandy leaned over and kissed her mother’s lips gently at first, and then with more desire as her tongue darted into her mouth, tasting Rob’s jism. “Little Sis!”

“Baby girl,” Frank said with a chuckle, and he patted her upturned ass.

Their voices encouraged Brandy and she continued to kiss her mother while her hands cupped and kneaded her tits, thumbing the nipples, making them stand up.

At last, Mary responded. She sucked Brandy’s tongue gently and moaned when the girl’s hands went to work on her aching tits.

Brandy felt her mother’s hands in her hair, pulling her even closer.

The men watched in silence.

Brandy nibbled her mother’s ears and kissed her way down her neck to her tits.

Mary whimpered when she felt Brandy’s lips and tongue on her nipples, and she offered herself to the girl freely.

Moving from one tit to the other, teasing with her teeth, Brandy brought the nipples to thumb-sized hardness before she moved lower to plant kisses on her belly.

Mary squirmed beneath her daughter, whimpering softly and urging her to move even lower.

Brandy swirled her tongue in the thick cunt bush at the base of her mother’s belly and pushed her legs farther apart. Then she ducked her head lower and licked the quivering wet thighs.

Mary’s hands were pinching her nipples. Her eyes were closed and her head was moving from side to side. Frank had tried to talk her into letting him watch her and another woman for years, and she’d toyed with the idea. How right that the first time should be with her daughter.

Brandy finished with her mother’s thighs, spread her pussy lips and saw Frank’s white jism leaking out of her cunt.

Starting at Mary’s asshole, Brandy used her tongue to scoop up his sweet cock cream, swallowed it and then delved deep into her mother’s pussy for more. Cum tasted different somehow, mixed with her mother’s cunt juices, and Brandy loved the taste.

“Watch her suck!” Frank gasped as his daughter’s head worked between Mary’s legs.

“So good,” Rob whispered, stroking his cock. “Oh, God!” Mary wailed when Brandy’s tongue began fucking in and out steadily.

Holding her daughter’s head, she hunched against the girl’s flickering tongue and sucking lips.

Finally, Brandy plunged two fingers into her mother’s cunt and latched onto her clit with her lips.

“I’m coming! Don’t stop, I’m coming!” Mary screamed.

At the last minute. Brandy added another finger and twisted them savagely inside the woman’s convulsing cunt while she sucked hard on her swollen hit.

“My sweet little girl,” Mary muttered softly, drawing Brandy into her arms.

“You about ready to ball one, Sis?” Rob asked, stroking his fully erect cock.

Brandy’s pussy was on fire. The aching emptiness was almost overwhelming, but what she really wanted was her mother’s tongue.

“I want you, Mama,” Brandy said, snuggling deeper into her mother’s arms.

Mary hesitated. She hadn’t been able to go through with it before. But this was different. This was her daughter.

“There’ll be plenty of time for us later,” Frank told Rob.

Rob agreed reluctantly, and then both men turned to the two women.

“Brandy, honey, I’ve never done this before,” Mary explained, holding her daughter close.

“I’ll help you,” Brandy answered.

Their mouths met and Mary tasted her own cunt on Brandy’s lips. This encouraged her, and she began kissing her way down Brandy’s slender neck to the sensuous swell of her tits.

“Bite my nipples, Mama,” Brandy moaned, and she cupped her tits, offering the twin peaks to her.

Mary followed Brandy’s instructions timidly at first. But as her self-confidence grew, her hands replaced Brandy’s and she went from nipple to nipple eagerly.

“Yes!” Brandy hissed as she cradled her mother’s head.

With a little whimper, Mary left Brandy’s tits and kissed a wet trail down her flat belly, her hands kneading the firm flesh of her back and hips as she worked.

Frank watched his wife in amazement.

Rob stroked his quivering cock slowly and fought the urge to force it into Brandy’s mouth.

Mary could feel Brandy’s heat long before she got to her gushing pussy, and the musky smell was intoxicating. She remembered Brandy licking her thighs and she did the same for the girl, getting a similar reaction.

Then there was Brandy’s wet pussy, winking, pulsing right at her mouth, and Mary’s tongue snaked out and probed tentatively at the glistening wetness.

“Oh!” Brandy gasped.

Mary found that the taste thrilled her as much as the smell, and she lapped up Brandy’s bubbling pussy juices.

“Suck me, Mama!” Brandy squealed.

Grabbing her daughter’s pistoning hips, Mary shoved her tongue into Brandy’s cunt, fucking it in and out like a miniature prick.

“Watch her go!” Frank gasped, thinking he had never seen a more beautiful sight than his wife sucking his daughter’s pussy.

Obscene slurping sounds filled the room as Mary sucked her daughter dry and reamed her pussy with her probing tongue.

Frank began taking pictures from various angles, but Mary and Brandy hardly noticed.

Brandy pinched and pulled her nipples, leaving them swollen and aching while her mother’s tongue brought her closer and closer to an earth-shattering orgasm.

“Suck my clit!”

Mary found the girl’s clit, wrapped her lips around it and stroked it with her tongue.

“Yes! Yes!” Brandy cried.

At last the orgasm washed over her. Brandy squealed, sucked and then her body went rigid as wave after wave of almost unbearable ecstasy washed over her.

Mary’s tongue slowed and then stopped all together, and the two women lay with their arms around each other, murmuring softly.

“My turn now,” Rob said, his stiff cock still in his hand.

“No, I want to get some more shots,” Frank told him.

Mary and Brandy looked at each other, their faces covered with cunt juice, and they both grinned.

Brandy turned around with her head toward Mary’s feet and her pussy at her mother’s mouth. As they lay side by side, their bodies fit perfectly, heads going immediately between widespread legs.

They began with gentle, teasing licks. As their passion grew, their tongues moved deeper, and within minutes the two women were a writhing, moaning mass of arms, legs, tits and asses.

They rolled around on the bed with Brandy on top and then Mary, while Frank ran from side to side taking pictures.

Brandy worked a finger into her mother’s asshole and latched onto her throbbing clit.

Mary finger-fucked her daughter and flicked her tongue rapidly back and forth over her swollen clit. They came together in a chorus of guttural grunts and groans, humping and bucking, wet flowing juices glistening.

“I can’t wait much longer!” Rob groaned. Frank’s cock had been hard for some time, too, and now it was demanding release.

The two women were still panting, still in the 69 position, lying across the bed with Brandy on top.

Frank stepped to his wife’s head, and she licked the pre-cum that covered the head of his cock.

Rob moved between his mother’s legs and his sister sucked the bulbous knob of his prick into her mouth.

When Frank’s cock was glistening wet, Mary guided his quivering cock to Brandy’s dripping pussy. He pushed gently and the prick head slipped inside; his balls dangled at Mary’s mouth.

Brandy realized what her mother was doing and, spreading Mary’s cunt lips wide, Brandy guided Rob’s cock to his mother’s quivering cunt.

With a groan, Rob pushed forward and the woman’s pussy sucked his prick inside.

Brandy felt Frank’s cock fucking into her hungry pussy, filling her up, and she wiggled against him when their bodies touched.

“Ummmmm!” Frank grunted when she squeezed his cock with her strong cupt muscles.

Mary watched her husband’s cock disappear into Brandy’s cunt and then began tonguing his hairy balls.

Brandy licked up and down Rob’s cock shaft as it split his mother’s pussy wide and fucked into her with a thick, squishing sound.

Frank began fucking, holding onto Brandy’s firm ass, feeling his cock sink deeper with each cock-stroke.

Mary pinched Brandy’s nipples and sucked her husband’s balls.

Rob fell into the rhythm, too, meeting Mary’s snapping upward lunges with powerful fuck-thrusts of his own.

He was fucking too fast for Brandy to lick his shiny wet cock, but she could see her mother’s erect clit begging for attention. She lowered her head and began stroking the woman’s clit with her tongue.

“Do it, Brandy!” Mary grunted, amazed at how it felt to have her pussy stuffed and her tilt stroked this way.

Frank saw what his daughter was doing and slammed his cock inside ber pussy forcefully, feeling her rippling cunt muscles pulling at his prick, coaxing the cum from his balls.

As Rob watched his sister’s pink tongue stroking Mary’s clit, he felt her pussy spasm around his cock, and his own cum-load threatened to erupt.

Brandy finished back against hot father, meeting his fuck-thusts, loving the way his cock meat fed her pussy. Her mother’s juices had been churned to a froth around her hairy cunt lips, making Rob’s pistoning cock shine.

“Oh, God!” Mary wailed, her body stiffening.

Her cunt clamping around Rob’s cock. That brought on Rob’s climax. He bucked uncontrollably. His cum exploded from his cock, coating his mother’s cunt walls.

“Oh, fuck!” Frank panted, fucking his daughter’s cunt into a squishy pulp.

Rob’s fingers had replaced his cock, and Mary humped against them as she fucked her tongue into Frank’s sweaty asshole and squeezed his balls.

With Rob’s deflating cock in her mouth, Brandy felt her father’s prick swell and quiver, and then Mary was stroking her stiff clit.

Frank’s cock gushed cum deep inside her pulsing pussy, and that triggered Brandy’s bone-melting climax.

Grunting, groaning, their bodies working together, Frank and Brandy kept fucking until, finally, they slowed and then stopped.

The four of them collapsed in a sweating, satisfied heap, finally realizing that the old saying was true: incest is best!

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