How could a girl this beautiful and sexy, wonder if she was pleasing a dork like me?

I followed Kristen into the shower and we washed and played until we
both started to ‘prune up.’ It seemed like a long time since we had
spent time with each other, and I was really enjoying being with her.
Thoughts of what I had done with Lu and of Kristen’s leaving me, tried
to work their way in, but I forced them out of my mind, and the next
thing I knew, we were in bed making love. It didn’t take either of us
long to come, and we were lying on our backs relaxing when she said,
“That was wonderful.”

For some reason, the minute she said it, I thought my heart would
The realization that I was going to lose her hit me, and it was almost
more than I could stand. I wrapped her in my arms and hugged her to me
so tightly that she cried out in pain.

I immediately released her, her eyes got big and she asked, “Is
something wrong?”

I tried to talk about her leaving, but all I could say was, “No, I
just love you, is all.”

She held me to her; then she pulled back, grinned, and nodded toward
the ‘travel case’ that was sitting in the corner, and said, “Why
don’t we try out our new toys after the late show tonight?”

I shook my head to clear it; then I said, “Great idea! By the way, I
got you a present today.” I reached under the pillow and brought out
the little box.

She opened it and took out the balls, looked at them, then at me and
asked, “Uhh, what are they for?”

I thought about what the book had said about activity making them work
better, and I remembered that she said she was going to dance during
the last show, so I asked her, “Do you think you can get away for a
few minutes between shows?”

She was shaking the balls and looking closely at them. She grinned and
said, “Well, Amy and I were going to get some dinner, but a stagehand
asked her to eat with him, so I guess I can. But c’mon, you gotta tell
me what these are for.”

I grinned back and said, “Never mind; just come to our room between
shows and I’ll show you.”

“Oooo, is it going to be fun?”

“Yeah, I think you’ll like it.”

She looked at the clock, jumped up and said, “I gotta go!” Then she
dashed back into the shower for a quick rinse. After that, she gave me
a quick kiss, and she was gone.

* * * * *

The early show was the same as the one yesterday, except she was even
more relaxed, and this seemed to make her voice sound even richer.
When she responded to the cries of “More,” and sang the second song,
the end was met with wild applause and Tomaso brought her back for
several bows.

Mom, Kate, and Ben were at the show with me. As we filed out, I
excused myself and said I was going backstage. Instead, I ducked
around the back and went to our room.
I took the balls from the box and cleaned them. Then I got some
warming oil from the travel case, and I was lying on the bed when
Kristen came in. She was still in make-up, but she was wearing a robe.

She threw off the robe, which revealed her bra and panties. She lay on
the bed next to me and let out a big sigh.

She was obviously ‘coming down’ from her performance, so I let her lie
there quietly for a while.

She finally turned to me and said, “I wish I could tell you what a
high it is to sing in front of all those people. I can’t really see
them because of the lights, but Pete, I can actually feel them! When
they applauded at the end, I thought I would burst.”

I said, “You have a right to be proud. You were wonderful.”

Then I nodded to what she was wearing when she came in and asked,
“What’s with the robe?”

She grinned at me and said, “I didn’t want to waste time getting into
my street clothes. They’re making me a sequined body suit for the
final show tonight. It’s really brief, and you have a job to do.”

“What’s that?”

She took my hand, kissed it, and with an evil smile, slid it slowly
inside her panties. But she stopped when it got to her mound, and I
realized what she wanted. There was some bristle down there and she
needed a shave.

I laughed and said, “Pete the gardener at your service, madam. Drop
your skivvies and I’ll break out the mower.”

I went into the bathroom, put the shaving cream can in the sink and
ran hot water on it to get the contents warm. Then I ran some hot
water on a washcloth, grabbed a couple of towels and my razor and went
back into the bedroom.

She was lying back, trying to be careful about messing up her hair.
She still had her bra on, but had taken off her panties. I looked
again at her lovely body. Her dark, Italian skin almost glowed in the
light from the window, and I was instantly hard. But, I had work to
do, so I lay the warm washcloth on her pubic hair and held it there
for a minute to help soften the stubble.

I went back to get the shaving cream and when I returned, I kissed her
directly on her mound. Then I sprayed it liberally with shaving cream.

She spread her legs so I could have easy access and I began shaving
Even though I was now wearing a big, wicked grin, I was very careful
not to nick anything. When I finished, I wiped her and looked up. Her
eyes were closed and she had obviously been enjoying the attention.
So, I bent and kissed her between the legs again, but this time, I
slipped my tongue inside her. She gasped, and I continued to lick and
gently suck on her until I could feel her starting to move around as
she responded to me.

She whispered, “Come up here and make love to me.”

I whispered back, “I am making love to you. I want to do it this way,”
and I continued. Her first climax wasn’t a huge one, but she shuddered
and sighed. So I opened her legs even wider, slipped in two fingers,
found her ‘spot’ and went down on her again.

I moved my fingers to where I knew her ‘spot’ was until she began to
moan; then I moved them to the top and pushed upward. It caused her
clit to push out from its little hood. I was able to suck it into my
mouth and begin flicking my tongue against it. Her juices were running
now and her body started turning the rich red I loved to see. I
brought her to the edge several times. But I would stop and let her
relax for a minute before I would continue. Finally, I could see that
she couldn’t wait any longer, so I stepped things up. When she came
this time, she moaned loudly and covered my face and hand with her

When I looked up this time, she was smiling gently. She sighed and
said, “God, I love it when you do that. Thank you for the nice

I said, “Would you like your present now?”

She raised and eyebrow and said, “Uhh, I guess so. What are they for?”

I pulled out the box and the oil. I took the balls from the box,
dripped some oil on them and as she watched with her eyes big, as I
gently pushed them into her.

She was thinking about what was happening, and as the oil started to
heat up, I could see that it was turning her on. So I said, “Get up
and walk around a little.”

She walked slowly around the room and she said, “Wow, what a strange
feeling. The muscles inside me seem to want to squeeze them, and when
they do, it feels really good.”

Suddenly, she gasped, “Wow!”

I asked, “What’s the matter?”

She looked at me and her eyes were big as saucers. She said, “Damn! I
went to turn and there was a strange vibration down there! It felt
really great!”

Remembering what I read in the instructions, I said, “Using your
internal muscles will strengthen them. It’s supposed to be good for
them and your partner, as well.”

She kept walking around the room and turning quickly. Then she would
look at me and grin. Finally, she looked at the clock and said, “Oh
no! I gotta go. Please take these out of me.”

“They say you can leave them in all day.”

She giggled and said, “Really? Okay, I’ll leave them in. But I can’t
guarantee I won’t jump off the stage and rape you during the show.”

I looked thoughtful and said, “Hmm, tell you what. We’ll advertise it
for tomorrow’s show as an extra cost performance. Whataya think?”

She laughed out loud, jumped into her panties and robe, kissed me, and
started for the door. When she got there, she stopped, wiggled her
butt and started giggling. I could still hear her giggling as she ran
down the hall.

Her performance that night was unbelievable. She introduced Tomaso as
usual, but this time, she was dressed in a blue jacket and a
wrap-around skirt. They sang their duet like before and it was just as
magical. Her solo was just as beautiful and was again met by
thunderous applause. But when she came back for an encore bow, Tomaso
put his hands together as though he was begging and said, “Please,
Kristen, do another song for us.”

The band suddenly went into a popular rock and roll song.
Kristen threw off the skirt and top, and stepped forward in a very
brief, sequined body suit. She looked spectacular! The top of the suit
was very low cut, the sides were cut up so far that you could see the
top of her hips and she had on spike heels, which made her legs look a
mile long. She started singing to the music and flying back and forth
across the stage. She would shake her upper body to accentuate every
downbeat of the music and the audience began clapping their hands
together every time she did. The song had a big finish that ended with
every light in the room flashing off and on with every beat of the
music. People began standing and applauding as it came to a
thunderous, crashing end.

She threw her arms in the air and stood there. The lights shining off
both the sequins on her body suit and the light sheen of perspiration
she had built up from all the running around, made her almost glow. It
was the sexiest thing I ever saw, and every person was on their feet
whistling and applauding.

Tomaso held his arms out to her and she flew into them. He hugged her
and stepped back. She bowed at least a dozen times before she waved
and ran off the stage. Tomaso stepped forward, but they kept
applauding, and she made three additional curtain calls before Tomaso
waved his arms for silence.

After things calmed down a little, he said to the audience, “Remember
her name, folks. It’s Kristen Baker! I’m trying to get her to
accompany me on my next tour. What do you think?”

The audience applauded and cheered in agreement for another several

When the lights dimmed and Tomaso started into his closing numbers, I
slipped away and tried to get back stage to talk with her. But, there
were so many people around her dressing room, I couldn’t even get
So, I went back to our table. Ben and Kate had gone to their room, but
Mom was still there, and I slid in next to her.

Tomaso finished to huge applause, and when things quieted down, Mom
said, “One of Tomaso’s people asked us to meet him as soon as things
quiet down. Did you have a chance to talk to Kristen?”

“No, too many people around.”

“She’s really terrific, isn’t she?”

“Yes she is, Mom. Tomaso said his agent wants to sign her and take her
on the road with them.”

She looked at me for a while before she said anything. Then she put
her hand on my cheek and said, “Are you going to be able to let her

“You saw her performance tonight. How could I ask her not to go? She
belongs on stage, not hanging around with a kid like me.”

She slid over and hugged me for a while, then she looked me in the
eyes and said quietly, “Pete, I think we both know that you’re not a
kid. You obviously care about Kristen being happy. A kid wouldn’t.”

That helped me feel a little better.

The showroom had almost cleared out when a man called to us, and Mom
and I went backstage. On the way, we passed Kristen’s dressing room
and saw that there were still a bunch of people, including a bunch of
photographers, standing around. Camera flashes were going off.

There were two guys standing in front of Tomaso’s room. As we walked
up, the door opened and the guy I recognized as his agent stepped out
and held the door for us. Tomaso was sitting at a dressing table
removing his make-up and it was startling to see the change in him. I
had originally guessed he was in his late twenties or early thirties.
But, under the harsh make-up lights, he looked at least forty.

He turned and looked at us, then he said, “She’s amazing, isn’t she?”

We both nodded and I said, “Yes, she is. Have you talked with her
about coming with you on tour?”

“Not yet. The first she heard about it was what I said onstage, and I
haven’t had a chance to talk with her since then because of all the

“But I thought you were going to wait until Sunday to talk with her?”

“I WAS going to wait, but some things have come up. We found out that
one of the other hotels wants to sign Kristen to their variety show. I
wanted to ask her to join us right away, but my agent wanted to see
how she did on the rock and roll number before he made her an offer.
She absolutely killed him tonight, and he wants to get her signed
right now. We planned on talking with her in the morning, but then I
heard the media was going to be here tonight, so I thought I’d say
something on stage.”

“You’re putting a lot of pressure on Kristen by asking her to make
such a big decision in such a short time, aren’t you?”

He stopped what he was doing and looked directly at me. “Yes, Pete, we
are. But her talent can take her to heights you can’t imagine, and we
have to get going before someone else sees her and snaps her up. I’ve
talked with her dad about it and he realizes it and approves. He
trusts me to guide her properly.”

Then he looked at Mom and back at me. And he said, “He also knows how
you two feel about each other, and he knows that if she doesn’t leave
now, the two of you might do something you might regret.”

I asked him bluntly, “Like what?”

“Like maybe running off and getting married, or maybe her getting

Mom bristled at him and said, “How dare you! My son has more
self-control than that!”

Tomaso looked at me and said, “Maybe you’d better talk to your mom
about your self-control.”

I knew he was talking about, and I hung my head in shame.

Mom stared at me for a minute; then her eyes narrowed. She looked
first at Tomaso, then at me and said, “This has something to do with
Lu, doesn’t it?”

I didn’t answer; I just stared at the floor.

Then, just to change the subject, I asked Tomaso, “Why did you rush
the rock and roll number in tonight?”

He said, “I wanted to show everyone, especially the media, that she
could do it all. But our plan for her is not to compete with all the
teenyboppers out there. Her niche is going to be ballads. Her
competition is going to be Celene Dion, not Britney Spears. Her voice
and look are both wonderful, and with my help, by this time next year,
she could be world famous.”

It was my turn to look directly at him, and I said, “I noticed the
hugs you were giving her. Do you have plans for her, other than
furthering her career?”

He looked kind of surprised at first, then he grinned and said, “No,
Pete, my plans for her don’t include any of that. I’m old enough to be
her father. And speaking of fathers, her dad and I have been friends
for quite a while. He knows I would never take advantage of her.”

Just then the phone rang. He picked it up, listened for a minute, then
he laughed and said, “Okay, the media have been there long enough.
Have them clear out so she can get dressed. Then ask them to meet us

He was still grinning when he hung up and he said, “One of the
reporters tried to get too close to Kristen and Amy threatened to
knock him on his ass.”

I could tell that Mom was still thinking about me and Lu, because she
kept glancing at me, but she got a serious look on her face when he
referred to Amy, and she said, “Tomaso, don’t include Amy in these
plans of yours. She also has a lot of potential and I want her to
finish school.”

He said, “Kristen might ask her to come with her.”

She said, “I’m serious about this. I don’t care how you do it, but
don’t ask her, and make sure Kristen doesn’t make the offer. All the
glamour and travel would be hard for Amy to refuse, and I don’t want
her to resent me for keeping her from going. But she belongs in

He smiled and said, “Okay, Mother, I won’t say anything and I’ll ask
Kristen not to. Now then, if you would step outside for a minute while
I get dressed, how about we all go somewhere for a late night snack?”

Mom said, “That’s fine. But, when Kristen gets here, she’s going to
ask you what you meant about taking her with you on tour. How are you
going to handle it?”

“I’ll tell her we have some plans along that line, but I’ll ask her to
hold off talking about it until tomorrow.”

When we walked out into the hallway, people were still coming out of
Kristen’s room and Amy was standing in the hallway, talking with
someone. When she saw us, she brought him over and introduced him as
“Jim.” He seemed like a nice enough guy, so when we shook hands, I
didn’t pull the hand crusher thing on him. Then Amy said, “Mom, Jim
asked me to go for a bite to eat. Would that be okay?”

Mom jokingly said, “Gee Amy, first lunch and now dinner. Is this
getting serious?”

Amy got a startled look on her face and stammered, “Uhh, M-Mom, Jim
isn’t the one I had lunch with!”

Embarrassed, Mom started to apologize. But they both ended up
laughing. Then Mom told her it was okay, but not to be too late.

We watched them as they walked away, and Mom said, “It’s wonderful
watching her have such a good time. She certainly has come into her
own. What a change in the last few months.”

When I agreed, Mom said, “She’s turned out to be a wonderful girl.”

Then she looked at me and said, “You’re close with Erin. How is she
turning out?”

I said, “She’s great mom, After all, she’s your daughter. By the way,
have you talked with her?”

“Yes, Dad and I talked with her yesterday. She said the snow has been
perfect and they’re having a great time.” Then she laughed and said,
“Your sister told me to tell you she was going to ski your butt off.”

I smiled to myself when I thought of Erin. She’s a couple of years
younger then I am, but she has always been competitive. She’s strong
for her age and I suspected that she probably could out-ski me.

Of course, I would never admit that to her.

Suddenly, Kristen’s door opened. She looked happy and her face was
flushed. But, when she saw me, a strange look came over her. She went
directly to Tomaso’s room and knocked on the door. He stuck his head
out and said to Mom and me, “We’ll only be a few minutes. Please

So we sat on some chairs in the hallway and waited.

I noticed Mom glancing at me, and she finally said, “Pete, I know Lu
is a beautiful woman, but how could you do that to Kristen? You know
that Kristen loves you and you –”

I was trying to shrink into the chair and disappear, when Mom stopped
in mid-sentence.

Then she looked at me and said, “I love you, Son. I see the big
handsome young man sitting next to me and I forget you’re only
seventeen. You rarely disappoint your father and I, and we’ve allowed
you a lot of leeway with girls, but I’m saddened that you would
succumb to Lu, no matter how beautiful she is, when you have someone
like Kristen, who obviously worships you. I would ask, what in the
world were you thinking! But you obviously weren’t thinking with your

I was dying inside, because I knew she was right. I looked pleadingly
at her and I said, “You’re right, Mom. What I did was stupid and
uncaring. I’ve already promised myself, and now I promise you. I won’t
let my penis do my thinking for me ever again.”

Then I saw a slight smile at the corners of her mouth, and she said,
“Well, you don’t have to apply to the seminary quite yet, but be
careful if you’ve committed yourself to someone like you have with
Kristen. It’s not fair to them and it’s not right. I think I’m going
to have a talk with Lu. I also saw the way she was looking at your

A little surprised, I said, “But I thought that you and Dad had an

Her face immediately clouded over and she didn’t answer me.

I thought for a minute that I had made a mistake by bringing it up,
but she finally said, “Our arrangement is that we have to approve of
the people involved. I think she stepped over the line by the way she
was ogling your father, and now that I know that she’s been with you,
I definitely don’t approve of her.”

I started to tell her the reason that Lu was so insistent, but the
door to Tomaso’s room opened. When Kristen came out, her face was
ashen. She came over to me, put her arms around my waist, and stood
there lost in thought.

Then Tomaso came out, and said, “Well, shall we go get a bite to eat?”

We started to follow him, but Kristen stopped and said, “Pete. Would
it be okay if we went to our room? I need to talk to you.”

Mom looked at her. Then she suddenly went to Kristen and hugged her.
After that, she said, “You two go on up. Tomaso and I will be fine.”
She took his arm and they walked off.

Kristen was quiet all the way to the room. When we got inside, she sat
on the couch looking out the window for several minutes. Then she
turned to me and said, “You know about this, don’t you?”

I nodded that I did.

She was quiet again. Then she looked at me for a long time. Finally,
she said, “Pete, let’s get married.”

I knew what was going through her mind. I knew it must be in turmoil –
mine was, too. But I knew that what I said next would affect the rest
of both our lives, and in a rare burst of intelligence, I answered,

“Kristen, honey, we can’t. We can’t do anything for at least a year.
I’ll be almost out of high school by then; you’ll know what’s
happening in your life and I may have some direction in mine. This is
going to be harder on me than it is on you. You’re going to have your
career to keep you busy. I’ll just have high school to keep me from
going nuts thinking about you.”

She sat quietly for a while. Then she got up and ran, sobbing, into
the bathroom and closed the door.

She was in there a long time before I heard the shower go on, and a
few minutes later, she came out. She was damp but beautifully naked
and nakedly beautiful. She sat on the bed and said, “I can’t think
about this for now. Would you forget about everything for a while and
make love to me?”

I didn’t want to think about it either, so I went to her and kissed

She lay back on the bed and said, “I want you to show me everything
you know. I want it to be as wild as you can make it.”

Then she said something odd. She said, “I want to learn how to be
everything you want in a woman.”

It startled me. How could this beautiful, sexy girl not know that she
was everything anybody could want in a woman? Suddenly, the enormity
of what I had done with Lu came crashing down on me.

I felt terrible! I was scum! I had violated a trust and broken my word
to one of the most beautiful, exciting girls I had ever known. I
wanted to hold her and tell her that she was everything. I wanted to
apologize and throw myself at her feet.

But I knew that if I did, it would cause her pain. So I said, “Let me
run in and take a quick shower.”

The words were barely out of my mouth when she said, “NO! I want you
just as you are. I want to smell you and feel you and burn you into my

I felt like a robot when I went to her. My mind was in such an uproar
that I could barely think.

Our lovemaking started with a long kiss. But that’s as far as it went.
We were both overwhelmed by what was happening, but for different

I said to her, “We have tomorrow and Sunday night. I would just like
to hold you, if that’s okay.”

We spent the night locked tightly together in each other’s arms,
thinking about things.

Neither of us slept much. I finally dozed off around five o’clock, and
when I woke around eight, Kristen was watching me.

I had my morning hard-on and needed to go to the bathroom, but when
she saw that I was awake, she rolled on top of me and impaled herself
on me.

She put her head on my chest and didn’t move, but I could feel the
muscles in her pussy on my cock, and the pleasure they generated soon
overcame my need to urinate.

I suddenly remembered something and asked, “Uhh, what happened to the
Ben-Wa balls?”

She said, “I took them out before I danced. My crotch was getting all
wet, and all I could think about was you. They’re in my purse.”

She was moving around, but only slightly. All of the sensation for me
was coming from the muscles in her vagina, and it started to feel
great. I was surprised to find that with almost no stimulation other
than the fact I was inside her, had me getting ready, and when I came,
it felt like I flooded her insides.

She looked up at me and said, “Wow, you get huge right before you

She still didn’t get off me, and I knew she hadn’t come, so I tried to
turn her over and start on her, but she said, “No, just stay where you

But my need to urinate returned. When I told her, she moved aside and
I went to the bathroom to ‘take care of business.’ When I came back,
she said, “Please, lie down like you were before.”

I did and she climbed back on me. My hard-on was almost gone,
naturally, but she surprised me by stuffing it in her as best she
could. She was very slippery, so it didn’t take much effort, and I
soon began to get hard again.

She laid her head back on my chest and just held me.

It was actually wonderful having her so close. I began to relax and
let my mind drift.

Every once in a while, she would say something, and it would sort of
bring me back.

The first thing she said was, “I would like to hold you in me like
this all day. I’d like you to be on top of me, but you’re too heavy,
so I’ll settle for this.”

The next thing was, “You have a wonderful penis, Pete. When I first
saw it, I was scared. I had never seen one that big before, and I
didn’t know if it would fit. But it feels wonderful.”
Of course, I smiled when she said that.

Next, she said, “The girls at school all talk about you. I think you
could have any one of them you wanted. But I’m sure you know that, and
you’ve probably had most of them.”

I started to protest, but she put her finger on my mouth and said,
“Shh, don’t talk. I don’t care, as long as you chose me.”

A minute later, she looked up and said, “I’m learning how to please
you sexually, aren’t I?”

I was able to say, “Of course you do. You’re wonderful!” But I was
blown away by the fact that she even wondered about it. How could a
girl this beautiful and sexy, wonder if she was pleasing a dork like

She began running her fingers along my shoulders and kissing my neck.
I was fully hard now, and I could feel myself getting warm. Then she
ran her hand down my side and her fingernail caught on a nick in my
side where Lu had scratched me. It wasn’t a deep cut, but a small scab
had formed over it.

Kristen ran her fingers over it and asked, “Did Lu do this to you when
you were making love?”