Sucking, Spanking Family

Of all the social institutions which have had to endure change and weather criticism, the family concept is, perhaps, the mast pronounced. Subjected to the undermining forces of alcoholism, the use of drugs, and internal and external factors, the family unit has undergone immeasurable challenge in the wake of social change.

SUCKING, SPANKING FAMILY is the story of how some people adjust to the liberated moral standards within the family unit. Beset by such common problems as jealousy, age differences and differing moral attitudes, the characters in this story find an unusual solution to their dilemma. Their method, that of incest, may well be considered unusual or shocking, but it is nonetheless successful here.

SUCKING, SPANKING FAMILY — a novel of fiction for entertainment. A reminder that what is debased and perverted for some may well be normal for others.


Marcy Stewart suddenly awoke and fumbled for the clock next to her bed. Two o’clock in the morning! What had awakened her? Then she heard voices coming from the living room, and she realized that that was what she had heard before… the sound that had awakened her.

Feeling excited and not really knowing why, the teenaged girl slipped out of bed and, wearing only her very short, very sheer nightgown, silently made her way down the hall toward the living room. She stopped short, gasping with shock and excitement as she stepped back a little and peered around the doorway so she wouldn’t be seen.

There, on the couch, were her Aunt Laura, who had been visiting from a nearby town for a few days, and Marcy’s big brother, Fred, wrapped up in a lewd embrace.

“Jesus, Aunt Laura, I wish you didn’t have to go back home tomorrow,” Fred muttered dejectedly.

“But I do have to leave here tomorrow… early in the morning, Fred, so let’s not waste anymore time,” the woman said with an eager grin.

Fred pulled his aunt closer to his muscular body, and his tongue shot out, between the woman’s soft, sensuous lips. Aunt Laura’s tongue eagerly met her nephew’s and she pressed into his mouth.

Her hands moved down and very gently she unzipped the boy’s fly and slipped her hands inside, caressing his loaded balls. She pulled Fred’s huge, hard cock out and quickly lowered her head, taking her nephew’s prick between her lips.

Closing her mouth over the head of his cock, she sucked deeply.

Fred could feel the hot soft inner cheeks of his aunt’s mouth against his hard fuck meat as his swollen prick bounced from cheek to cheek, and she sucked in harder, letting the boy’s cock slide halfway down her throat.

“Ohhhh, God, Aunt Laura, that’s great! Keep it up, Aunt Laura! Suck my cock!” Fred sighed, and his own hands moved, unbuttoning the woman’s blouse and releasing her naked tits. His fingers pressed into her nipples, pinching and pulling at them hard, the way he knew she liked it.

Just outside the room, hidden in darkness, Marcy stood watching her brother and aunt. She was shocked. But she was also very, very excited, and her little virgin pussy began to drool as she continued to spy on the couple.

The young girl began to stroke her tits through the sheer fabric of her nightgown, and her nipples at once hardened as she kneaded her firm tit-flesh, turning on more.

Aunt Laura closed her lips tightly, sucking hungrily on the head of the boy’s swollen cock. His prick throbbed obscenely inside her mouth and she sucked harder and harder in response.

Marcy stifled a moan and rubbed her tits harder, pinching her nipples painfully but pleasurably through her nightgown as she spied on her brother and aunt.

The teenager had had no idea that the boy and the older woman were, attracted to each other in “that way”. The two of them had gone out alone to the movies that evening, but that was nothing unusual. Ever since Aunt Laura had come to visit her family a few days ago, she and Fred had beep spending a lot of time together… alone.

Oh wow, Marcy thought excitedly, so that’s it! This isn’t their first time doing this kind of stuff with each other. They’ve probably been getting it on for days! God, if I’m good and lucky, maybe I’ll get to see them fucking!

The young girl was very curious about sex. Never having fucked, anyone herself, but feeling hornier and hornier all the time, she welcomed the chance to see what fucking was really like. And the incestuous nature of what was going on before her very eyes gave the teenager an extra surge of lewd excitement.

Aunt Laura ran her fingers through her nephew’s prick hairs as she continued to suck his cock. Fred’s hand moved beneath her skirt, and he slipped his fingers inside her panties, searching for her pussy.

Aunt Laura moaned and slipped the boy’s prick out of her mouth.

“Come on darling, let’s strip! This is so frustrating… with our clothes on,” she said as she stood up and quickly removed her blouse, skin and panties.

“You’re so beautiful, Aunt Laura… and so sexy,” Fred groaned, his eyes raking over the woman’s naked body.

“Thank you, dear. But now it’s your turn. Come on… strip!” she said thickly.

With an eager grin, Fred rose and hurriedly shucked his clothes and then turned to his aunt, his long, thick prick nakedly pointing straight at her.

“Come on, beautiful, back on the couch!” Fred growled and, wrapping his arm around the woman’s waist, he pulled her down onto the couch.

As soon as they were settled, the boy moved his hand between his aunt’s legs and his fingers pried open the lips of her cunt, stirring up the pussycream in the creases, searching for her clit.

Her clit popped up from its hood, hard and red, pushing insistently, demandingly against the boy’s fingers. Flicking the nail of his index finger against his aunt’s clit, Fred moaned and lowered his head, biting hard into one of her round, firm tits.

“Ohhhhhh, yesssss,” Aunt Laura moaned as she closed her mouth on her nephew’s cock once more, sucking hard.

Outside the doorway to the living room, Marcy was beside herself with fuck-lust. Keeping one hand on her tits, rubbing them harder and harder with each passing moment, she moved her other hand down between her legs. She slipped her hand beneath her flimsy nightgown and stoked her moistening pussy mound.

Fred stuck two fingers into his aunt’s cunt and caressed her inner cunt-folds, arousing the woman half out of her mind.

“Ummmfffff,” she groaned, licking up and down the boy’s prickshaft with long wet strokes, then licking at the underside of his bloated meat, feeling the big blue vein pulsing with hot blood against her tongue.

She licked at the little pearly drops of pre-cum that oozed from the twitching piss-slit. Closing her mouth again over Fred’s fat cock, she tried to swallow his prick whole.

“Unnhhh,” Fred moaned as his prick slid down Aunt Laura’s throat, the tight throat muscles closing tightly around him.

“Ohhh, Jeeesus,” he groaned, struggling not to come yet. Oh, God, Fred, hurry up and come, Marcy thought as she rubbed her little pussy frantically, feeling her horny clit jump around inside the wet folds and creases of her cunt. Hurry up and come inside Aunt Laura’s mouth! I wanna see it! And then I want you two to fuck! I wanna see that too!

Aunt Laura moaned with incestuous pleasure in response to her nephew’s fingers which were fucking deeper and deeper into her cunt. Now, she stuffed all of the boy’s throbbing prick into the warm moist cavern of her mouth, expertly deep-throating him.

As much as she needed him to fuck her, she wanted to feel him coming inside her mouth. She wanted to taste his cum, to feel it spurting down her throat.

Fred’s fingers moved in and out of his aunt’s pussy, finger-fucking her harder and deeper with each stroke. Then he traced a slow, erotic outline from her cunt to her asshole. He pressed one finger against the small tight asshole and worked it in.

“Ummmfffff,” Aunt Laura moaned around the thickness of her nephew’s prick as the hot membranes of her asshole closed tightly around his probing finger.

Her body writhed from side to side as her mouth slid up and down on his bursting cock. Her full round tits flattened out against his chest.

The extra surge of sexual excitement Fred felt was all it took to trigger his orgasm. Large hot wads of thick jism shot into Aunt Laura’s sucking mouth as her nephew came.

Oh God, Marcy thought, as she continued to rub her little horny cunt, it’s even more exciting than I thought. Look at Fred come! I didn’t know he had it in him. She was almost giggling aloud at her little joke. Ohhhh, keep coming, Fred. Marcy slipped one finger between her bloated pussylips and began to stroke her tortured clit.

Aunt Laura’s pussy exploded in orgasm as she thrilled to the lewd sensation of her own nephew’s cum shooting into her mouth. It tasted delicious!

“Oh, Fred, your cock’s still hard!” Aunt Laura cried excitedly as she swallowed the last of the boy’s jism and slipped her mouth off of the jerking prick.

“Yeah, have you any suggestions what we can do with it?” Fred asked with a teasing grin.

“Yes! Fuck me now, Fred, hurry!” the woman cried as she pushed him out of the way and lay down on the couch, flat on her back.

God, yes, Fred, fuck her! Fuck Aunt Laura! Marcy’s brain silently shrieked as the young girl continued to rub her aching little clit.

As Fred slid on top of his aunt, her hands reached eagerly for his big hard cock and, grasping his prick tightly, she guided his cock right into her wet cunt.

“Ohhh, yeah, Aunt Laura,” Fred groaned, sliding easily into the hot tight fuckhole, easing his way slowly between the cushiony walls of her horny pussy.

My God! Marcy thought excitedly, they’re actually fucking! What a trip! I get to watch my brother fucking my aunt!

And, while she continued to spy on the unsuspecting couple, Marcy thrust her stiffened finger into her fuckhole all the way up to her tightly stretched cherry while still strumming her clit with her thumb.

As Fred fucked the full length of his long, thick prick in and out of his aunt’s juice-soaked cunt, he leaned down and pressed his mouth against one of her stiff nips.

“Unnhhhh, yesssss, Fred, yesssss,” she hissed between clenched teeth as she clasped the boy’s prick with her strong cuntmuscles.

The teenaged boy sucked his aunt’s nipple deeper into his mouth, trying to suck in as much of her silken tit-flesh as he could. All the while, his crotch ground obscenely against hers, hipbone against hipbone, his cock locked in her pussy.

“Mmmmm, you’re fucking me so good, Fred, keep it up, fuck me good and hard! That’s how I love it!” Aunt Laura cried, thrusting her hips up and slamming her cunt up against his plunging prick.

Her arms closed around his muscular neck, and she let her head fall back against the sofa cushion, moaning with pleasure as her nephew’s big cock continued to fuck into her seething hot cunt.

“Your little cunt is so hot… so tight… it’s turning me on so much… my cock’s never been this hard… sexy little… whore,” the boy growled, feeling so turned on that he wished he could ram his balls up her cunt too.

With that lewd thought, he fucked her harder, deeper, his fingers tearing at her heaving tits, painfully twisting and pinching the long, throbbing nipples.

He wanted to dump his load of cum right up her horny little pussy. And he wanted to make her come. He wanted to make her writhe and scream and claw and curse and tear at him and pound her pussy so hard against his prick that it would hurt as much as it would feel good.

“Aaaarghhhh, it feels soooo good, keep fucking me… harder… deeper… fuck meeeee!” the woman shrieked, clawing at his broad back with her sharp fingernails, as if reading his mind.

“I’ll fuck you all right! I’ll fuck you harder than you’ve ever been fucked before, you little slut!” he groaned, fucking his cock into her just as deeply as he could.

The swollen straining head of his dick bounced off the back wall of her cunt and she moaned with incestuous excitement, clutching his meat hard with her pussy muscles.

Fred withdrew his prick until only the pulsing cockhead remained, and then he slammed into her again. Her long, slender legs folded around his taut ass, just at the small of his back.

“Good… good… soooo good,” the woman murmured, feeling as if her cunt would literally burn up, she was so hot. And her pussy grew still hotter with each searing plunge of her nephew’s prick.

Gallons of thick, creamy cunt sauce poured from Aunt Laura’s fuckhole, completely filling up her pussy and overflowing from between her puffy cuntlips.

Marcy closed her eyes and sagged weakly against the doorjamb as her orgasm began. She moaned softly, knowing she couldn’t possibly be heard above the loud grunts and groans coming from the incestuously fucking couple in the living room.

The young blonde gripped her own tits, one in each hand, and pinched her turgid nips as her powerful climax blasted through her, releasing a flood of fuck juice which ran down the girl’s trembling legs. Wave upon wave of sexual pleasure raced through her entire body, making her shudder with excitement.

Although she had finger-fucked herself to orgasm many, many times in the past, she had never experienced an orgasm like this one. And she correctly sensed that it was the added thrill of watching her own brother fucking their aunt that had brought her off so excitingly.

As her orgasm subsided, Marcy peered around the doorway again, wondering what was going on inside the room. She hoped that her aunt and brother would come soon so she could maybe see Fred’s cum shooting out of is prick and her aunt dancing with lust beneath his hard muscled body.

As if on the same wavelength as his sister, Fred began to fuck his aunt harder now, violently, brutally, needing to come, and longing to feel her pussy coming around his cock meat.

He fucked his prick into her pussy with short, rapid strokes that left them both breathless.

“Ohhhh, God, you’re hurting me, but I love it, Freddy! I’m gonna come! Keep fucking me… just like that, darling! Make me come!” Aunt Laura yelled.

Hot fuck cream surged in his balls and shot up into his prick. His brain dizzied and he had trouble concentrating on what he was doing. The head of his cock swelled to unbelievable proportions and ached painfully with the need to explode.

“Ohhhh, Jeeesus!” the boy cried.

He arched his back and his hips jerked forward. He fucked into her, his ass rising and falling, with a surge of frantic orgasmic energy.

Their bodies trembled and ground against each other as they came together.

“Ohhh, God, yesss, I can feel you coming inside me! It feels sooo fuckin’ good! Keep shooting, Freddy, keep shooting! Gimme all your cum!” Aunt Laura gasped.

She locked her legs around the boy again as he pumped his hot fuck cream into her. Her body lifted and dropped with each spasm. Her cunt swelled, vibrating with orgasmic pleasure as her nephew continued to shoot his load of thick jism into her.

“Yesssss, yessss, yew,” she chanted over and over as she came. More and more pussyjuice shot from her pussyhole, drenching the boy’s jerking cock meat, and dribbling obscenely down her quaking legs.

Her entire body exploded in orgasm, slamming hard against his, then slowing into rigid rhythmic spasms as her pussy clutched and squeezed his prick harder than ever.

Fred continued to fuck his orgasming cock deep into her, and she clamped her legs tightly around him, as though she wanted to lock his prick inside her cunt forever.

They rocked back and forth, rolling to their sides, and aunt and nephew kissed each other tenderly as their orgasms eased off and they lay, trembling, wrapped in each other’s arms.

Out in the hallway, Marcy came again. Even though she wasn’t even touching her little pussy this time, her orgasm was triggered by the excitement she felt while watching her aunt and brother coming together while they continued to fuck.

Seeing that the incestuous couple was finished for now, Marcy tore her eyes away from them and exhaustedly but happily made her way back to her own room.


Once Marcy had spied on her brother and aunt while they were fucking each other and she knew just how exciting it was, the young girl thought of little else. Over the next few days, she became obsessed with the subject of sex. And she knew that she had to see more.

Desperate to find an opportunity to spy on people while they were making it together, the teenager kept a close eye on her family: her parents, Jerry and Rona, and her brother Fred.

Unfortunately, Aunt Laura had returned home the morning after fucking with Fred, but now Marcy was bound and determined to catch her parents in the act, or maybe she would be lucky enough to catch her brother with one of his many girlfriends.

Her chance came just a few nights after seeing, for the first time, what fucking looked like. It was late and, as before, Marcy was awakened by the sound of voices, this time coming from the den where she knew her parents had been watching television when Marcy and Fred had gone to bed.

Glad that she was a light sleeper, Marcy slipped out of bed and, with a swiftly rising sense of excitement, she padded quietly down the hell and, just as she did before, she stood just outside the den and peered cautiously around the doorway to see what was going on there.

The lamp next to the couch was lit, spotlighting her parents as if they were on a stage, and as if the sexual performance they were giving was just for their daughter’s benefit.

Jerry Stewart was lying flat on his back on the large couch and his wife, Rona, was lying on top of him. They were both stark naked, their robes lying in a heap on the floor, both of them obviously hastily discarded.

Jerry’s hands were folded about the woman’s small tight asscheeks and he massaged the trembling ass-flesh. Rona ground down into him and she could feel his cock, hard and insistent, pressing into her belly.

Out in the hallway, Marcy grinned, realizing that she had lucked out. It looked to her as if things were just beginning to heat up between her parents and she would get to watch every lewd detail of their fuck session.

With that thought, the young virgin moved one hand to her tits and her other hand moved between her legs, beginning to stroke her pussy, which was already growing wet with desire.

His wife’s warm, full tits pressed into Jerry’s chest and he could feel her stiff nips poking into his hard manly flesh.

“Mmmm, I’m glad the kids finally went off to bed… I’ve been wanting to get you alone all evening,” Rona murmured, sliding up and down the man’s hard, lean body.

“Yeah, me, too, baby… shit!” Jerry cried. His wife slid her hands down between their naked, bodies and she grasped his balls. She stroked her husband’s balls gently, cupping them in the palms of her hands, and, at the same time, she pressed her mouth against his, licking at his lips, sucking in his tongue.

Then, her full, red lips slid down his chest, sucking at his nipples, licking and nibbling her way down his hairy belly, sucking in his nest of prick hair.

“Ohhhhh, unnnhh, yeah, baby, yeah,” Jerry groaned and his hard, powerful muscles trembled with desire.

His balls churned and tightened with a delicious surge of longing. The head of his big cock, already swollen and red and tight, ached unbearably.

Rona lightly brushed her tongue over the engorged cockhead, licking up the small drops of pre-cum.

“Mmmmm, good,” she said with a husky laugh.

“Ohhhh, baby, what you’re doing to me!” Jerry cried.

Out in the hall, their daughter moaned softly as she finger-fucked herself, already feeling as if she were half out of her mind with fuck lust. Her eyes were riveted on her daddy’s cock. Never, in all her wildest dreams, had she imagined that her father had a prick so huge! Her brother’s prick was big, too, but her daddy’s was thicker, and just looking at his cock, all naked and hard and jerking like that, made the young teenager’s mouth water. She felt a jolt of jealousy toward her mother — the lucky woman who at that moment had her mouth wrapped around Jerry’s big prick.

God, Marcy thought lewdly, it should be me! I wish it were me! And with that thought, she began to finger-fuck her horny little cherry pussy harder and deeper than before, tears of lust filling her eyes.

Rona’s mouth closed over the head of her husband’s prick, and she hungrily sucked it into the hot, wet cavern of her mouth. With long, lingering strokes, she lifted up and down the jerking rod of meat.

“Ohhhh!” Jerry groaned.

She ran her tongue along the big pulsating vein, up and down… slowly… teasingly.

“Ohhhhhh!” he cried again.

Circling and licking and sucking, the woman’s expertly moving mouth filled with warm saliva, bathing the man’s tortured, aching cock.

Jerry’s head pounded loudly and his entire body shuddered. He felt so overwhelmed by a multitude of erotic sensations that he could not move to save his life.

Then, moments later, he managed to sit up and move his hands. He stroked his wife’s smooth hips. His fingers brushed over the soft curves of her full, womanly ass, groaning with pleasure as she continued to suck him off.

Then, still sitting up so he could reach her ass and crotch, the man slipped his hand beneath Rona’s body and stroked her wet pussymound.

The mouth of her pussy was hot and tight, and closed hard around the probing finger Jerry pushed in. Her legs parted eagerly and she sighed deeply over his cock as her husband pushed another finger up into her cunt.

His fingers moved from her cunt folds to the mouth of her pussy to her resisting asshole. His fingers moved slowly, tickling and caressing and probing, pausing now and then to feel the electric responses of her body as she writhed against him.

Marcy grinned. This was great! She felt more excited than she ever had before, and she wandered what her parents would say and what they would do to her if they caught her spying on them.

Rona sucked her husband’s prick harder and harder until it grew so swollen and tight that she knew he would pop soon. She slid her mouth off of the twitching meat and grinned up at the man who stared down at her as if dazed.

“You’re gonna come soon, aren’t you?” she asked, her voice thick with lust.

“Yeah… think so,” he mumbled.

“So what should I do? Keep sucking you till you come in my mouth? Or do you wanna fuck now?” she asked excitedly.

“It’s your choice, baby. You wanna eat my cum? Or you want me to shoot it into your pussy?” he asked lewdly.

Ram chewed her bottom lip and looked very thoughtful for just a few seconds while both her husband and daughter waited impatiently for her answer.

“My cunt! I want your cumin my cunt!” she cried excitedly with a broad grin which lit up her entire face.

“All right! Let’s go for it!” Jerry said, returning his wife’s grin as she wriggled back up onto his body.

Rona guided his throbbing prick between her legs and into the hot wet mouth of her cunt.

Oh God, Marcy thought as she watched her parents with lust-glazed eyes, continuing to finger-fuck her own little cunt while she turned on more and more to the thrilling sight of her own mother and father beginning to fuck each other.

The first few inches of Jerry’s prick sank into his wife’s cunt, and it took every ounce of his self-control not to come on the spot. With a lunging movement of his hips, he fucked into her, ramming through the wet folds of her pussy which were now bubbling with her hot fuck juices.

“Unnnnhhhh, yessss,” Rona moaned, and her knees came up on either side of him.

She pushed her pussy down as hard as she could at the same time that her husband lifted his hips again, plunging into her even deeper and she gasped with pleasure and excitement, covering his mouth with hers.

Husband and wife fucked each other in perfect harmony, knowing each other’s body so well, bringing each other more and more pleasure even as their desire increased.

Each time that Rona shoved her crotch downward, Jerry’s ass rose from the couch and he helped her bury his prick inside her cunt to the hilt, his hard cockmeat throbbing lewdly against the clenching walls of her pussy.

Jerry’s arms closed tightly around her and pulled her down closer against him. Diving deeper into her, the pulsing head of his thick prick struck against the back wall of her pussy and it was immediately rewarded with a spray of cuntjuice.

He fucked in and out of his wife’s cunt as she slowly rose and fell rhythmically with him. Her full asscheeks vibrated and trembled in his hands.

Her hips molded themselves perfectly into his and she curled into him as she had done so many times before. Her tits, warm and full, spilled over onto his broad chest, squashed beneath her, and her hard nipples grazed lewdly against his.

“Ohh, baby, you’re always such a great fuck! A terrific lay!” he groaned, grinning up at her.

“Takes… one… to know… one,” she panted, returning his grin.

They were both sweating hard now, their breathing ragged, and their sweat-soaked bodies slapped together with each inward plunge, making a wet, sloshing sound that just aroused their spying daughter all the more.

Jerry rammed his prick in and out of his wife’s cunt, pumping up and down, sliding and slipping in her juices. They fucked each other harder and faster, each of her moans pressing him on, and each of his gasps and groans urging her to shove her cunt down even harder on the man’s prick.

Suddenly, needing to be in control of this fuck session, Jerry grasped the woman firmly by the waist and turned her over onto her side, and then onto her back as, swiftly and skillfully, he moved on top of her.

He guided his cock back to her pussy and glided it back in.

“Ohhhh, yessss, I love it,” Rona groaned, her legs beating against the sofa under them.

He plunged deeply into her, his cock banging against the uppermost wall of her pussy.

“Ohhhh, God, you know I love it when you do that! Ohhh, Jerry!” Rona cried, moving her hands up to her tits and squeezing the heaving tit-mounds, digging her fingers into the soft but firm flesh, then pinching her nipples and rolling them between her fingers, reaching new heights of erotic pleasure as her husband continued to expertly pole his big cock into her wet cunt.

“You hot little cunt,” he growled in response.

Out in the hall, Marcy came suddenly and she moaned softly, pressing one hand against her mouth to stifle the sound as she came hard.

Rona’s mouth puckered and she raised her head, silently begging her husband for a kiss. Jerry lowered his face and sucked her lips into the hot cavern of her mouth.

The woman’s hands folded around his hard muscular ass, pulling him down deeper into her. Jerry groaned and fucked her harder, faster, deeper, knowing that she was ready to come any time now. And he was too.

He fucked his prick in and out of her cunt, moving rapidly in and out, his shaft scraping teasingly against her aching clit.

“Ohhhh, yessss,” she whimpered and her eyes opened and closed over and over again.

“Aaarghhhh, baby, you’re such a great fuck such a nice tight little pussy,” the man groaned.

Deeper and harder he fucked her, feeling her strong pussymuscles clenching him tighter and tighter, trying to milk the jism from his cockmeat.

“Gotta fuck you hard, baby!” he moaned. “Yes, yes! Hard, Jerry, hard!” Rona cried. The woman stared with unfocused eyes at some point beyond her husband’s shoulder, so turned on she could not think straight any longer. Alt she was aware of at that moment was the deliciously erotic sensation of the huge cock fucking in and out of her, and her need to come, and to feel Jerry’s jism rushing up into her aching cunt.

She continued to thrust her hips up from the couch, slamming her naked crotch against her husband’s. His back arched and his hips jerked uncontrollably. He fucked his hard prick into her seething cunt deeper with each plunge.

Rona moaned and whimpered beneath him, pushing up, slamming up, against his muscular body. Her pussy went numb with swelling, and her orgasm began.

“Ohhhhh… ohhhhh, Jerry, I’m coming… really hard… ohhhh, honey! It feels sooooo good!” Rona cried loudly.

Her body bolted and slammed against him, her legs tightening almost painfully around him. They rolled and pressed hotly into each other, sweat dripping down their faces and coating their naked bodies.

The feel of his wife’s pussy spasming orgasmically around his cock was all the man needed to trigger his own climax. He began to shoot thick wads of hot, creamy jism into her shuddering cunt.

“Yessss, yessss, come! Come inside me! Gimme all your cum, darling!” Rona begged tearfully.

Wad after wad of the man’s creamy cum splashed into his wife’s cunt, coating the walls of her pussy and running out between her tight cuntlips, mingling obscenely with her spilled pussyjuices.

They were clutching each other with a tight grip and the forceful explosions of their orgasms caused them to roll over, right off the sofa and onto the floor.

Marcy made her way back to her room, deep in thought. I’m gonna get Fred to fuck me, she thought resolutely. I can’t very well ask Daddy to screw me but I can ask Fred, and I’m sure he’ll be only too glad to pop my little cherry for me. Now that I’ve seen for myself just how exciting fucking can be, I don’t want to be a virgin any longer!

And, having made that important vow to herself, Marcy slipped between the sheets on her bed and, with a dreamy smile on her young face, fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.


Marcy had the opportunity to make good on her erotic vow the very next night. Her parents were out for the evening and would not be home until very late. Her brother, Fred, had gone out on a date but now, hours later, as Marcy lay in her bed waiting for him to come home, she heard him enter the house, use the bathroom, and then go on into his own bedroom.

Trembling with excitement, Marcy slipped out of bed, tore her nightgown off and nakedly made her way out of her room and toward her brother’s.

This was the virgin’s big chance to find out first-hand what fucking was all about, and to have her little cherry popped in the process. It was the teenager’s big chance and she was about to seize it.

Talking a deep breath, she knocked on her brother’s closed bedroom door.

“Who’s there? Is that you, Sis?” Fred’s deep voice came from inside.

“Yes, Fred, it’s me. Can I come in?” Marcy asked shakily.

“Sure, kiddo, come on in,” the boy answered.

Marcy entered her brother’s bedroom and closed the door behind her, breathing hard with sexual excitement. The light on the bedside table was on, allowing Fred to clearly see his sister in all her naked beauty.

“Hey! What the hell do you think you’re doing… coming in here naked?” he demanded angrily.

Marcy smiled and moved toward his bed. She yanked the bedclothes back from her brother’s body and gasped when she saw that he was naked, too.

“Well, well, well, you’re naked too!” she laughed.

“Yeah, okay, so I’m naked too, but I’m in my own room and I had the decency to cover myself when I knew you wanted to come in here!” he spat.

His tone was still filled with fury, but Marcy noticed that the young boy made no attempt to cover his naked body again, and his eyes kept taking up and down the full length of her body, pausing to stare at her tits and pussy.

“Forget about me being naked, brother dear. I came in here because I need your help,” Marcy said softly, smiling affectionately at her big brother.

“What kind of help?” Fred asked as his cock began to harden.

“It’s about sex.”

“What about sex?” Fred asked, his voice thick and hoarse.

“Well, I’ve known for a long time now that I don’t wanna be a virgin anymore,” she began, sitting down on the edge of her brother’s bed. “Jesus, Marcy!”

“And, I feel so horny all the time. I really need to be fucked, you know?” she continued, ignoring her brother’s shocked exclamation.

“What are you saying! You’d better stop right now!” Fred yelled sternly.

“And then I spied on Mom and Dad fucking in the den last night and…”

“You did what!” Fred shouted, sitting up in bed and gripping his sister by her arm, digging his fingers into her naked flesh painfully. “Yeah, I watched Mom and Dad fucking and it was great! What a turn-on!” she said happily, flashing a grin in her brother’s direction as she tried to ignore his fingers clutching at her arm. “But that’s not all,” she continued, “I watched you and Aunt Laura getting it on the night before she left! Wow, were you two hot!”

“When did you get such a filthy mind? And mouth? Talking about fucking… at your age! And watching people fucking! You had no right to do that, Marcy, no right at all!” Fred growled, gripping her arm even tighter and throwing his legs across hers so she couldn’t get away.

Marcy pushed at her brother, tears of pain filling her eyes as she fought to get away from her brother. The young virgin hadn’t planned on this reaction from Fred. She had thought that by the time she finished telling him what she wanted, he would be all too happy to fuck her. But she hadn’t counted on his anger or on his brute strength as he held her captive.

“Get off of me, you filthy bastard!” Marcy screamed. Her free arm flailed about her, trying to connect with her brother’s head and shoulders.

But the young boy only laughed, blacking each of her blows. He grabbed her hands, locking her wrists together with one meaty hand of his own.

His penetrating eyes laughed at her and Marcy fell back against the pillows in a rage of helplessness.

“You gonna be a real good little girl, now?” he asked mockingly.

“I’m not a little girl!” she spat, as angry now as her brother had been only moments before.

“No, I guess not… not if you’re spying on people fucking and trying to get some dude to pop your little cherry for you!” Fred said with a cruel laugh.

“I… I’ll be good… if you let me go,” she said softly.

“Okay, Sis that’s better,” Fred said as he released her wrists.

Lunging forward, Marcy’s hand clenched into a fist and she punched her brother in the balls, making the boy double over with pain.

“Owwwwww! You little lying cunt!” he growled.

Marcy dashed off the bed and scrambled for the door. Still half-doubled over, Fred ran after her. Just as she approached the door and fumbled for the knob, he lunged for her feet, pulling them out from under her.

Marcy hit the carpeted floor with a dull aching thud and she screamed with pain when her elbow struck the edge of the bookcase.

“Owwww! You bastard, you hurt me! Let me go!”

“I hurt you?” Fred yelled. “What do you think you just did to me, you little bitch? And I promise you one thing: I haven’t even begun hurting you, you fucking dirty-mouthed whore!”

“You should talk! You talk dirtier than I do,” she said tearfully in protest.

“That’s different. I’m a guy. And I’m older,” he said.

“Bullshit! That’s a crock!”

“I don’t care what you think, you little bitch!” he growled, trying to bang onto her feet as she tried to scramble away from him.

He grabbed the calves of her legs and grasped them firmly. Pulling her back along the floor, toward him, he slid her between his legs and then he sat down on her thighs.

“Get the fuck off me, you bastard!” she yelled.

“Shut up! You deserve to be punished, Marcy… for spying on our parents… and especially for spying on Aunt Laura and me… we thought we were alone and we had a right to our privacy,” Fred said earnestly.

“I know… that’s what made it so much fun… you two had no idea I was there, spying on you, watching every move you made,” Marcy giggled delightedly.

“You cunt!”

“But I had to watch, Freddy… after all, I had to find out what fucking looked like,” she said softly.

“I don’t even want to hear that kind of talk from you… it’s clitty… and you’re too young to be talking about fucking, Marcy!”

“Get off my legs! You’re hurting meeeee!” she wailed tearfully.

“I’ll let you up if you’ll just be good,” he said.

She responded by reaching down, gasping his ankle in her hand and scratching it as hard as she could with her long, sharp fingernails.

“You bitch!” the boy howled. “You fucking bitch! Now I’m gonna make you pay!”

He slid her down farther between his legs. When he had a firm grasp on her waist, he climbed off her and pulled her over his naked lap.

“What the… don’t you dare even think about spanking me, Fred!” she cried, feeling much more fearful than she sounded.

“Hell, you’ve got this coming and you know it! Someone has to punish you for spying on Mom and Dad, and on Aunt Laura and me. Shit, Mom and Dad always did spoil you… if Dad had spanked your little ass a long time ago, you wouldn’t be doing such filthy things!” Fred growled.

And, with that, the boy’s hand went high up in the air and slammed down hard on Marcy’s naked, quivering asscheeks, first on the right one, then the left, then the right, then the left. Over and over again, Fred spanked his sister’s ass as hard as he could.

“Yeoooowwwww!” Marcy screamed with each stinging spank, trying desperately to pull away from her brother, but he held her firmly around the waist.

The young girl was in tears now. This was much more than anything she had bargained for when she had come into her brother’s room to get him to fuck her!

She deliberately tensed her asscheeks, trying to ward off some of the sting from the painful blows. But Fred saw through her right away and he laughed cruelly.

“Go ahead, kiddo, tense your muscles. I’ll just wait you out. You’ll hafta relax them again and, when you do, I’ll spank the shit out of you! So, it’s up to you! You want to cooperate now and let me finish punishing you the way you deserve? Or you wanna play games and get it twice as hard later on?” he asked.

Marcy choked back a sob. Her tender asscheeks felt red and hot and stinging. And still, Fred’s hand came down again and again, burning the imprint of his large, rough hand into her ass-flesh.

Tears of pain and humiliation began rolling down her beautiful face but, even as she moaned with pain, she felt her little pussy responding excitedly to the savage spanking, sending out a flood of cuntjuice which filled her cunt and trickled down her inner thighs.

She twisted her head to look at her brother. His thick blond curls fell forward on his forehead, his deep eyes burned with a savage intensity, and suddenly Marcy knew that she wanted her brother more than she had ever wanted anything before in her life.

“Please stop… spanking me… Fred,” she panted as the boy’s hand continued to come down on her ass relentlessly.

“When you apologize… and mean it, that’s when I’ll stop,” the youth responded.

Slap! Slap! More sharp blows rained on her helpless little ass. The heat from the spanks spread deeply from her ass into her cunt.

“Pleeeease! I’m… sorrrryyyy! Please stop!” she sobbed.

Through the pain of the spanking, she felt the wet stickiness of her cuntjuice overflowing from between her bloated cuntlips. Hot rippling contractions shot through her pussy. Her tits tingled, and her nipples grew hard.

Fred reluctantly stopped spanking his little sister. She had apologized and so he was forced to stop. He rested his hand on her red, flaming asscheeks.

Marcy made small choking sounds now, and she trembled all over, feeling more turned on than she had thought possible. Fred stroked her red, naked ass. Then, he turned her over in his lap and looked down into her eyes.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you, baby,” he said soothingly as he caressed her silken thighs, still holding her on his lap.

The young girl stared at her brother, feeling at a loss for words. She watched the muscles in his jaw working tensely as he carefully took in everything about her face, her hair, her aching naked body.

Fred glanced down at her thighs.

The hot tangy aroma of aroused pussy wafted up into his flared nostrils, and he felt his cock hardening more.

Lying across her brother’s lap, Marcy felt his big prick stiffen and poke against her sore ass. Pleased, she cocked her head and grinned up at him.


With her brother’s big cock poking up against her naked ass, Marcy moaned, wanting to feel his prick fucking into her pussy, ripping through her cherry, cutting through all her, hot fuck cream, and fucking the holy shit out of her.

As she thought about what it would feel like to have Fred’s enormous cock fucking her, she trembled, and her tits popped up hard and aching, the nipples growing harder.

She felt Fred’s cock stirring beneath her ass, and she longed to beg him to fuck her but her throat was suddenly parched, and the words stuck. She could not say a word.

“Baby… you’re so fuckin’ sexy,” Fred groaned, finally breaking the sexually charged silence.

“Oh, Fred, fuck me!” Marcy cried, finally finding her voice. “Far God’s sake, fuck me! Pop my cherry for me, Freddy! Now! Right now!”

“Yeah, baby, let’s fuck,” Fred whispered as he released the girl, and, hand in hand, they returned to his bed.

With an eager grin, Marcy stretched out on her brother’s bed and Fred settled next to her, lying on his side. He flicked out his tongue and stabbed it into her ear, making her gasp with pleasure.

Marcy shivered and closed her eyes, sucking in a deep breath while rapidly rubbing her silken thighs together. Her pussylips were growing hotter and hotter, swelling up, oozing out more and more cuntjuice.

Fred kissed his little sister on her neck, moving his lips and tongue over her feverish flesh while sliding his hands over her body. His hands roamed over her heaving tits.

He bent forward, tightened his grip on her waist, and pressed his hard mouth against hers. Marcy felt her brother’s tongue invading her mouth and she hungrily sucked, turning on more and more.

With her brother’s hands on her naked body, and his mouth on hers, Marcy felt an all consuming fire of lust rage through her entire body, and she trembled with need… for her brother’s huge cock.

Now, Fred lay on top of his sister and kissed her passionately, their tongues stabbing at each other. Marcy moaned as she felt his long, thick prick throbbing against her thigh.

The lusty feelings surging through the young girl’s cunt were just too powerful for her to ignore. They had been building up for years, had been fueled by the fuck and suck sessions she had witnessed lately, and now she knew she could control them no longer. She tossed her head from side to side and groaned with sheer, unbridled passion.

“You really want it, don’t you, baby? You really want me to fuck you!” Fred cried delightedly.

“God, yes, you have no idea how much I want this! I need it soooo bad, Freddy! Please fuck me!” Marcy screeched.

Fred held his sister’s head with both hands and pressed his lips against hers. As his thick, hot tongue lashed down her throat, making the virgin moan with pleasure and excitement, she felt his fingers rubbing the flesh between her asshole and her cunt.

“Ohhhh, yessss, Fred!” she yelled.

She churned her hips, feeling her brother’s huge cock pressing against her soft, furry cunt mound. His prick was so huge that she knew it would probably hurt her, but she didn’t care. She was so turned on that the idea of pain excited her.

Fred cupped Marcy’s pussy in one hand, pressing down lightly, moving his palm back and forth until the girl could feel her entire pussy mound moving, shifting. Torrents of cuntjuice gushed from her cherry fuckhole.

“Ohhhh, God, what are you doing to me?!” she cried, rolling her head from side to side as her brother’s fingers greedily worked over her swollen cuntlips. She shifted her thighs, opening and closing her legs as her firm ass bounced over the bed.

“Your pussy is gorgeous, Sis… nice and tight… and hot as a pistol!” Fred groaned, clenching his teeth together.

He gazed down at her pussylips as he milked them, watching her creamy cunt sauce bubbling up, completely soaking his grasping fingers.

“Nice tits, too, real nice,” he gasped as he moved one hand to her chest and he began to toy with the young tits, milking them, kneading them, squeezing them hard, rolling the long, taut nips between his strong fingers.

Then, he lowered his head to her tits, taking one of her large, fat nips into his mouth and sucking it hard, gazing the nip with his sharp teeth.

Marcy closed her eyes and arched her back, urging her brother to take even more of her tit into his sucking mouth. She shuddered with joy as his hot tongue lashed over her throbbing nipple. His front teeth scraped over her tit-flesh as he increased the suction on her gigantic tit.

“Ohhh, yessss, Freddy, suck my tit! Suck it haaaard!” the horny teenager screamed in a frenzy of longing.

Fred grunted and sucked even harder, sinking his teeth into the girl’s sensitive tit-flesh. She moaned loudly as the erotic sensations in her tit radiated all the way down to her drooling cunt.

Fred sucked just as hard as he could, first on one tit, then the other, his head moving rapidly as he sucked and nibbled and licked on her pulsing tits, making his little virgin sister writhe in ecstasy and beg for more.

Suddenly, he grabbed Marcy’s hand and pulled it down to his cock, then released her hand, letting her natural instincts take over.

“Ohhhhh, Freddy, your cock’s soooo big! And, God, it’s sooo hard!” she moaned as she felt his huge, throbbing prick.

“Atta girl! Squeeze my cock, baby!” the youth ordered as he continued to squeeze and stroke his sister’s swollen pussylips.

When Marcy felt her brother’s hand slipping into her wet cunt, she went wild and she eagerly grabbed his cock firmly, squeezing hard.

“Oh, yeah, baby, way to go,” Fred murmured, closing his eyes and trembling with pleasure.

Marcy sighed, loving the wanton feeling of being sprawled nakedly before her brother, his hand still in her pussy. She raised her head and admired the boy’s broad, hairy chest and his thick, muscular arms. His long, thick prick jutted out straight in front of him, and she could see the broad prickhead twitching impatiently.

“Ohhhh, please don’t make me wait any longer, Fred! Fuck me! Fuck me now!” she gasped.

“Okay, baby, you want it, you’ll get it! I’m gonna fuck you now,” Fred said as he grinned down at his horny little sister.

“Hurry, Fred, hurry! But just don’t forget that I’m still a virgin! I want you to pop my cherry for me, but go nice and slow, okay?” the girl asked shakily.

“Sure, baby, don’t worry, I’ll be nice and gentle… for now, anyway,” the boy responded with a wicked grin.

Marcy felt her brother’s hairy legs on top of hers, pushing them apart. As he shoved the spongy head of his cock down, he opened her up, as though he were peeling her apart.

He pushed his prick up to her pussy, sliding his prick toward her little cherry fuckhole. He kissed her passionately, and she trembled as she wondered how the boy’s huge cock could fit up her little pussy without tearing her apart.

“Unnnhhh,” Fred grunted as he worked his huge, pulsating prick into his little sister’s tight cunthole.

He had never fucked such a tight pussy, and he was loving every second of it, even though his prick wasn’t even all the way in yet.

“Don’t worry, baby… your little cunt will expand… my prick’ll fit just fine in your cherry pussy,” he panted, as if he could read his sister’s mind.

“Ohhhh, God,” Marcy moaned, breathing raggedly, the veins protruding from her neck as she sucked in air desperately while her brother fucked her.

“Aaaarghhhh, it hurts sooo much!” she cried, tears filling her eyes.

“Want me to stop?” Fred asked, pausing for just a minute and staring down at his beautiful sister.

“Oh, God, noooo, don’t you dare stop! It hurts but I don’t care! I want you to pop my cherry! I want you to fuck me! Keep shoving you big cock up my pussy!” she gasped.

“Good girl! ‘Cause I wasn’t gonna stop anyway!” Fred said, laughing delightedly.

“Ohhhh, you bastard!” she said, laughing along with him.

Fred shoved his ass down and slipped his cockhead just inside the girl’s fuckhole. Marcy felt her tight cuntlips parting, then hugging her brother’s cock as he fucked it into her pussy.

“Jeeeesus H. Christ, but your cunt’s tight! Even for a fuckin’ virgin, you’re really tight! I love it!” he groaned.

He continued to fuck his big, hard prick into his little sister’s small, tight cherry fuckhole.

Marcy moaned over and over, wanting more and more of her brother’s raw, pulsating cockmeat. She felt his cockhead straining against her cherry, and she groaned loudly — a cry of pain and pleasure.

“Ohhhh, Jesus God, your big cock hurts me sooo much, but I love it! Fuck me, Fred!” she yelled, digging her long, sharp fingernails into her big brother’s broad, naked back as he continued to push his hard cock against her cherry, trying to break through.

Marcy arched her back and moaned in pain and incestuous pleasure. It felt to the young virgin as though her brother were pushing a sharp spike right up her cherry cunt.

“Ohhhh, unnhhh, God, you’re killing me!” she wailed, struggling for breath as the pain increased.

Fred glanced at her face and saw that, along with the pain in her eyes, her features were twisted with raw fuck-lust.

She may be hurting like hell, he thought excitedly, but it’s obvious that the sexy little cunt wants me to keep right on fucking her until I break through this tight little cherry of hers and give her the best fuck of her life!

The red-hot pain lanced through the girl’s pussy, making her entire body shake with its force. But even as the pain filled all of her senses, her little cunt oozed out more and more thick, warm cuntjuice in response to the intense incestuous pleasure she felt.

“Jesus, baby, your little cherry’s really tight in here. So brace yourself. I’m gonna have to force my cock on up your pussy and it’s gonna hurt,” the boy grunted.

He clenched his teeth tightly together. He felt as if he would go mad if he didn’t hurry up and get his cock inside his sister’s virgin pussy. He had to shoot his wad and he wanted to be buried balls-deep inside her cunt before coming.

“Unnhhh, yesss, Freddy, yesssss! Do it! Fuck me! Don’t hold back! Don’t worry about hurting me! I have to have your big dick all the way up my cunt! Do it! Hurry up and fuck meeeee!” the young blonde virgin whimpered to her brother.


“Okay, baby, if that’s what you really want… it’s what I want too! I’m gonna fuck the holy shit out of you!” Fred shouted as he leaned back as far as he could, still keeping the head of his pulsing prick inside his little sister’s small, tight pussy.

Then, with no more warning, he fucked forward just as hard and brutally as he could, knowing that his sister no longer wanted him to be gentle with her and taking great pleasure in the feel of her tightly stretched cherry splitting as his big cock drove on through.

“Aieeeee! Yeeeoooowwwww!” Marcy screeched as she felt her cherry ripping, ands he clawed frantically at Fred’s muscular shoulders as his raw cockmeat rushed all the way into her cunt for the first of what would be many times.

The intense pain mingled with the exciting pleasure she felt. Her big brother’s prick felt so good buried up her pussy that she hoped he would never take it out, even though she longed to feel him coming inside her.

“How ya doin’, babe?” Fred asked thickly, pausing for a minute before beginning his heavy fucking.

“Ohhhh, I love it, Freddy! It feels soooo good! It still hurts but I don’t mind!” she said.

“I knew you’d love it, baby. Now just relax and, when you can, start fucking back at me. This is your first fuck so enjoy it!” the boy said with a husky laugh.

“Mmm, I’ll enjoy it all right! I already am!” Marcy moaned, stroking her big brother’s powerful arms with her soft, gentle hands.

Grinning down at his sister, Fred began to slide his cock in and out of her tight pussy, and his meat quickly became coated with her cunt sauce.

Marcy scooped up both of her heavy tits in her hands and began to squeeze them obscenely.

With a low growl, Fred pushed her hands away and squeezed and kneaded her sensitive titflesh, pinching her nips hard between his rough fingers.

Marcy writhed with fuck-lust on the bed as her brother fed her inch after inch of his huge, hard prick. His cockmeat raked over her twitching clit making each of her pussy nerves come to singing, tingling life.

She could feel his huge prick filling her cunt tunnel, and she began to contract and loosen her strong pussymuscles hugging his prick tightly to her, then releasing again so he could slip his cock out and fuck back in her cunt again.

Her cunt cream was coating Fred’s cock and wetting down his loaded balls as her fuck juice greased her thighs and pussy fur. She moaned as she felt every inch of his fat prick.

“Ohhhh,” she gasped with joy, tossing her head back and forth, her long blonde hair whipping back and forth across her young face, which was now contorted with lust and pleasure.

“Ahhhh, soooo good,” she groaned.

“Damn but you’re tight! You’re gonna be a great lay, baby!” the boy moaned.

He fucked his sister hard and fast, them pumped his prick slowly, shifting his angle of entry, getting the maximum amount of friction by corkscrewing his cock in and out of her sucking little fuckhole.

The girl’s strong cuntmuscles grabbed at Fred’s fucking cock, holding his prick in place, squeezing down greedily. Then she loosened her hold, and he pulled his prick free.

“You learn fast, baby! You’re squeezing my cock like a pro!” the boy said, his voice filled with admiration.

“Am I doin’ good?” Marcy asked breathlessly.

“Ohhh, yeah, baby, you’re doin’ real good! Keep it up!” Fred groaned.

Marcy grinned, pleased that, by following her own natural instincts, she was able to make this fuck session so good for her brother. That was important to the girl because he was making her very first fuck better than in any of her most exciting dreams.

Fred’s face was red with exertion and passion as he continued to fuck his long, thick prick in and out of her tight, clasping cunt.

Just then, the young virgin came hard. Her pussy spasmed violently, and she snapped her head back and forth, crying out of as if wounded. Her pussy muscles clamped down hard around her brother’s cock, and she bounced her ass high up off the bed, almost dislodging his prick.

“All right, baby, come hard!” Fred cried, trying desperately to hold his own cum back.

“Yessssss,” Marcy screamed as the full force of her orgasm blasted through her trembling body. She closed her eyes tightly and sobbed hard with wild excitement.

Fred was fucking his cock in and out of her orgasming cunt rapidly now, making sure that his swollen cockhead teased both her smaller cuntlips and her trembling, spasming clit.

“Oh, God, yessss,” the young girl cried out over and over as her orgasm peaked and passed through her shudderingly. Every inch of her moist cuntmeat throbbed and burned with lust. Her entire body glistened with a fine sheen of sexual sweat.

The sound of her brother’s cock fucking in and out of her wet, gurgling pussy filled the teenaged girl with even more excitement. All she cared about now was fucking and being fucked.

“Oh, baby, your little pussy’s soooo hot and tight,” Fred growled, knowing that he could pop any second, but he knew that he wanted to try to hold back, to delay his orgasm just as long as possible so he could give his little sister’s pussy the best fucking of her life.

With that in mind, he deliberately slowed his fuck-strokes. But each time he fucked his cock into Marcy’s trembling pussy, he fucked into the hilt, feeling her cunt muscles milking his cockshaft, pushing him toward climax.

“Harder! Faster! Deeper! Fuck me haaaard, Freddy!” she moaned, clutching his shoulders, trying to pull his prick deeper into her wet, spasming cunt.

“No way, bitch! I want this fuck to last, and you’ll thank me for it later on! I’m gonna fuck you nice and slow for a while. But don’t worry, then I’ll get back to the hard and fast fucking!” the boy said earnestly.

“Ahhhhhhhh, yessss, whatever you say,” Marcy moaned, loving his cock any way he would give it to her.

Every single thrust of her brother’s cock into her sucking cunt just added fuel to the fire of her lust, and she ached to come again.

Fred lifted her ass up off the bed and buried the full length of his prick deep within her juicy little pussyhole. His gigantic rod of meat touched nerves inside her that she had never felt before, and she came again.

“Unnhhh, yessss,” she hissed.

Over and over again, Marcy tensed, then reined, the walls of her cunt, thrilling to the lewd sensation of his huge cock pulsing inside her.

And she came again, waves of hot orgasm crashing through her gurgling pussy as her big brother continued to fuck her with a steady, relentless rhythm.

Her little tight pussy expanded to allow room for the boy’s brutally thrusting prick. The flexible inner walls of her cunt took his prick and then clutched hard. She tightened and loosened her muscles and came again. She couldn’t believe all the orgasms she was having, and she trembled with incestuous pleasure.

Fred reached under her and gripped her ass tightly. He squeezed her asscheeks and found her little cunt smashing down even harder on his big cock.

“God but you’re horny! What a hot little bitch! And to think that you’re my very own little sister!” the boy panted, half out of his mind with fuck-lust for the young girl and her clutching pussy.

He arched his back to fuck his prick even deeper into her soft yielding cunt. His strong fingers pulled at her firm ass. Each stroke of his mammoth, hard prick caused his heavy balls to slap wetly against her ass, and she moaned, loving everything he did to her.

Finally, the young boy realized that he couldn’t hold back any longer. He had to come. He had to fill his sister’s tight little pussy with his cum or go stark barking mad with unrelieved desire.

And so he began to fuck her harder and faster and deeper, pumping his cock furiously into her seething pussy. He gasped as she tensed her cuntmuscles again around his pulsating prick. He jerked, and Marcy felt the delicious hot rush of his jism filling her pussy to overflowing.

“Ohhhh, yessss, Fred, do it! Shoot all your cum up my tiny cunt! I need your jizz badly!” she cried, arching her back and humping her crotch up against his to capture even more of her big brother’s meat up her pussy.

As Fred’s hot jizz began to overflow from her pussy, she came again, moaning with pleasure as yet another orgasm rocked through her body, leaving her shuddering with incestuous ecstasy.

“Commiiinnngggg!” Fred shouted as he continued to shoot his thick fuck cream into his little sister’s orgasming pussy.

“Ahhhhhhh! I’m commmiiinnnggg toooo, Freddddyyyy! I’m coming sooooo fucking hard!” the young girl wailed as the peak of her climax shot through her wet cunt, almost forcing her brother’s cock out of her pussy with its force.

“Ohhhh, thank you, Freddy… thank you for popping my cherry sooooo great!” Marcy panted as, moments later, brother and sister lay contentedly in each other’s arms.

“My pleasure, baby,” the boy laughed as he pinched her nipples which immediately hardened against his fingers.

“Owwwww! Stop it! That hurts!” Marcy cried poutingly as she tried to free herself from her brother’s grasp.

“Hey, hey, what happened to the sweet, loving girl who just had her cherry popped, huh?” Fred asked teasingly as he pinched her nipples again, even harder this time.

“I said stop it! Now we fucked and it was great but it’s over now and I wanna go back to my own room,” Marcy said as she got up on her hands and knees, about to scramble across her brother’s big bed.

“Oh, so that’s how it is! You selfish little cunt! You got what you wanted so now it’s over! Is that what you think?” Fred spat as he grabbed his sister’s ass when she moved in front of his angry face. “Well, you’ve got another thing coming! Look at my prick! Does it look like it’s over for my cock?”

Wriggling in her brother’s grip, the young girl twisted her head around and gasped when she saw that the boy’s prick was once more rock-hard and ready for action.

“That’s not my problem! Lemme go!” she cried.

“You lousy bitch! Look at your nipples… all hard… that shows you, don’t even know what your own body wants! You want another fuck! Admit it!” he growled.

“Noooo! I don’t! I got what I wanted and now I’m going back to my own room!” the girl cried, wriggling desperately to get away from her brother.

But he had a savage grasp on her ass and her struggles were in vain.

“Oh, isn’t that sweet?” Fred shouted as he took one hand away from her ass and used it to slap her asscheeks hard.

“Owwwww!” she wailed.

“Shut up, cunt! You’re such a spoiled little cunt! You got what you wanted so now you want to leave me high and dry even though my prick’s hard again! You don’t give a fuck, do you?” he spat angrily.

“No, I don’t care! Let me go! You can’t make me do it if I don’t want you to fuck me again!” she whimpered, beginning to feel afraid.

“The hell you say! That just shows how much you know, you lousy little prick-tease!” Fred yelled.

He pushed her forward and Marcy suddenly found herself sprawled face down on the big bed. She didn’t even have time to turn to look at him, or to beg him again to let her go, before he dove on top of her, his big cock pressing against her soft ass.


Marcy gasped with shock and fear. She was lying there on her belly, stark naked, her brother’s hard-muscled body on top of her.

With the weight of his body on hers, her tits were squashed beneath her. Her hard, swelling nips press into the bedspread, and she moaned with excitement in spite of herself.

“What… what… are you going to do?” she asked and she beard the hysteria in her own voice.

“What does it look like I’m going to do, you stupid cunt?” he retorted.

“Don’t you dare try to fuck me in the ass, Fred Stewart! I swear, I’ll make you pay if you try to do that to me!” she yelled frantically as she stared, as if hypnotized, at her brother’s big prick which hovered, stiff and ready, over her ass.

“Oh, really, you’ll make me pay?” Fred growled with a cruel, mocking laugh. “And just what will you do, bitch? Tell Mom and Dad? I wish you would ’cause then I could tell them how you spied on them while they fucked! And I could also tell them how you walked naked into my room and got me to fuck you!”

The young girl moaned in despair, realizing that her brother was right. If one of them had ammunition for blackmail, it was her brother and not her.

She struggled futilely in her brother’s grasp, trying to wriggle away from him.

“You cunt! You asked for it!” Fred growled and, with that, he hauled his large, meaty hand back and slammed down on first one trembling asscheek, then the other.

“Yeeeeooowww! Nooooo!” Marcy wailed. She buried her head on her folded arms and clenched her teeth as Fred’s hand smacked against her ass again and again. Her nipples burned into the bedspread and her tits felt as though they would burst if they swelled even more. Bubbles of fuck cream seeped from her pussy as the girl tuned on more and more.

“Ohhhh, Fred, nooooo,” she cried.

“Shut up, cunt! You baited me, you teased my prick, and now you’re gonna get it whole! I’m gonna fuck your little ass to shreds, until it’s raw, then we’ll see if you ever lead a guy on and try to leave him high and dry when he wants to fuck you again,” Fred said menacingly and that somehow frightened his sister more than if he had shouted at her.

She ground her cunt against the bed and her naked slit popped out against the nubby fabric of the bedspread. She rubbed down into it, and slithered lip and down the spread, trying to get away from her brother, but, with each of her struggles, be brought his hand down on her ass again.

She felt like a helpless girl, and a part of her enjoyed that feeling.

Suddenly, Fred slid off her and flipped her over on her back. Her raw ass stung against the rough bedspread. She gazed up at her big brother with tear-filled eyes, but the young boy did not meet her gaze. Instead, he stared at her tits. Then, his hand darted out and he grabbed one of her fat nips between his fingers, turning and pulling.

“You like that, don’t you, cunt? You love it when I pull on your nipples and make them ache, make them sore…”

Humiliated and angry now, Marcy tried to back away from him but he held her nip firmly and turned and pinched it hard. Waves of pain and unbearable pleasure shot up from her swollen nips into her pulsing tits and rushed all over her body.

“Won’t even answer me now, huh?” Fred said angrily. “Then maybe you like this better.” He twisted her nip even harder between his fingers.

“Ohhhh God,” the young girl moaned.

Still grasping her nip in a tight grip, while the pain and pleasure cascaded up and down her body, he flipped her back over onto her belly. Then, he brought his hand down hard on her ass again and she screamed.

Her entire body trembled and twitched and she sank deeply into the bedclothes and twisted her head around, looking at her brother over her shoulder. She could see, from the boy’s lust crazed expression that he was enjoying tormenting her.

Fred pushed his little sister up onto her knees and grasped her aching nips between his fingers. He pulled and pinched them as he shoved her into the right position.

The girl’s ass trembled and wriggled under Fred’s nose and Marcy felt like a little trapped animal. She felt the hard swollen tip of her big brother’s cock nudging against her tight little virgin asshole.

“No, no, no, pleeeease, ohhhhh, noooo!” she pleaded, pounding her arms against the bed.

She had never been ass-fucked. Even a finger thrust up her tiny asshole hurt her unbearably unless it was worked in very, very slowly, but she was afraid that her brother was in no mood to be gentle with her.

Fred kept his sister’s trembling asscheeks spread far apart as he pushed and pressed the swollen head of his cock against the girl’s tight little asshole.

“Nooooo, oh, God, Fred, don’t, I beg you,” she pleaded, trying once more to scramble away from the boy’s strong grasp.

But his fingers grasped her sore nips and pulled viciously on them.

“You lousy little cunt! You fuckin’ slut! No way am I gonna listen to you now! You’re really gonna get it, baby! You’re gonna get your ass fucked… and fucked hard!” he panted.

He lunged forward and the hard head of his cock penetrated the tight cherry asshole.

“Aiiieeeee!” Marcy screeched.

She felt as though her ass were being torn wide open and every muscle in her ass ached and trembled with pain.

“Just relax, baby,” Fred laughed as he fucked his cock into her asshole.

“Yeeeeooowwww!” she yelled tearfully and fell forward, but her brother’s hard fingers twisting her nipples prevented her from pulling forward too far.

“Owwww! Ohhh, God, it hurts sooo much! Help!” she yelled, collapsing on her elbows, sobbing hysterically as Fred’s prick worked its way into her asshole, thrusting against the dry tissue-thin membranes.

“Noooooo!” she screamed, and her body was racked with her hysterical, pained sobs.

She felt as if she were dreaming a horrible nightmare, but her brother’s fingers twisting and pulling on her tits reminded her that this ass rape was really happening to her, and that there wasn’t one thing she could do to stop him.

Fred’s hard fat cock thrust itself farther and farther up her bunghole, spreading the sensitive virgin tissues with each push. Each dry push was agonizing to the young girl. She felt as though her savage of a brother was going to split her wide open.

She couldn’t escape the boy’s huge cock. His prick pushing and pressing, harder and faster, stretching out her untested ass-walls. And, with each grunt and thrust, Fred’s fingers closed even more tightly around her sore tits. His strong, rough fingers tugged and stretched her nips until they felt as though they were locked in a vise. “Ohhhh, God, noooo,” she groaned as she felt the aching rip of her ass-flesh as her brother’s enormous prick pounded up her shitchute. He was tearing her apart. He was killing her. But, still, her ass felt full in a way it never had before and she found that she enjoyed that sensation.

A slow heat began to swell up in her tits. Fred’s fingers smoothed and stroked the hot satiny flesh and suddenly the young girl needed to feel his strong fingers twisting her nips again.

They stood up from the base of her tits, nudging and poking at the boy’s hands in a demanding way.

She could bear her brother chuckling with delight from behind her, and the erotic huskiness in his voice made her want him even more. She bowed down and rubbed her tits along his hands, letting him know that she wanted him to hurt her tits again.

“Oh, so now the girl wants me to play with her tits again, is that it?” he asked mockingly.

The horny girl nodded wordlessly and at once her brother’s fingers began to grope up and down her belly, caressing the smooth slopes of her tits until his fingers were once more locked around her throbbing nips.

“Oh, God,” she gasped, moaning from the combined pleasure and pain she felt from his hard, twisting fingers.

“Okay, baby, I promised you my whole cock… here it comes!” the boy shouted as, with one mighty push, he shoved the full length of his long, thick prick all the way up into his sister’s asshole and she groaned as she felt the head of his cock bang up against the back wall.

Suddenly, Fred’s fingers had moved from her tits and were now between her legs, caressing her hot, wet pussy, prying the cuntlips open, and stirring the fuck juices within.

His finger pressed against her clit.

“Ohhh, yesssss!” she hissed between clenched teeth.

Marcy’s body fell forward, and her elbows ached from rubbing against the surface of the bedspread as Fred fucked cruelly into her asshole.

“You love fucking this way, don’t you, bitch? Huh? Tell me all about it, cunt! Tell your big brother how much you love it when I fuck your little ass!” Fred yelled.

When Marcy didn’t answer him, Fred savagely fucked his huge prick even harder into her shithole, and the girls ass burned and ached with a burning pain she had never experienced before.

He pushed harder and harder into her, as if trying to cram his swollen balls up into her asshole along with his prick.

“Ohhhhhhh, God, nooooo, I mean, yessssss, I… don’t… know… what… the fuck I… mean,” she panted, tears of pain and pleasure streaming down her face.

The boy’s fingers tore at her clit, rubbing, fucking hard. He stuck two fingers up her pussy and rubbed them against the wet, trembling cunt-flesh of her pussywalls.

“Oh, God, yessss, Freddy, I love it when you treat me this way! I love the way you’re fucking my ass! Yessss, yessss, yess!” she cried hysterically, finally giving her brother the answer he needed to hear.

The boy’s fingers stroked Marcy’s cuntwalls, burning her flesh wherever they touched her.

Her cock-stuffed asshole vibrated against Fred’s cock, and she instinctively tightened her ass-muscles around the rod of fuckmeat, squeezing hard, and her brother groaned with pleasure in response to her surprising move.

Her cunt quivered and ached with his hard, probing fingers, and she felt as if she would come soon. She felt totally overwhelmed by a multitude of sensations in her ass, tits, and cunt.

“Ahhhhhh!” she screamed, pounding her arms and hands against the bed.

Every square inch of her aroused body was being abused by her brother… abused and loved. And the young boy was giving Marcy more pleasure than she had ever before known. And the fact that he was her own brother just added to the girl’s excitement.

“Unnhh,” Fred grunted, fucking harder into his little sister’s asshole.

He fucked in and out on the lubrication of his own pre-cum and her pussyjuice which had seeped into her, ass-crack from her overflowing cunt.

Fred slammed up into her, balls-deep, his lean belly bouncing against her trembling asscheeks.

“Fuck me, Freddy! Fuck my ass haaaard! God, you’re making me feel sooooo good!” Marcy walled.

“Fuck me, Freddy! Fuck my ass haaaard! God, you’re making me feel sooooo good!” Marcy wailed.

“I’ll fuck you all right, you little whore!” Fred grunted, grasping the girl by the hips and pulling them back against him as forcefully as he could.

Brother and sister were fully attached, like two dogs in heat. With each thrust, they groaned with pleasure and more sexual sweat broke out on their naked bodies.

Marcy’s eyes rolled back in her head. She suspected that she was about to have, the best orgasm of her life when her brother shot his wad up her quivering asshole.

Gripping her aching tits again, pinching the fat nipples, Fred continued to ass-fuck his sister. Faster and harder and deeper, thrusting and thrusting. Her ass muscles tightened around his prick each time he fucked into her.

“Ohhhhh, God, yessss,” she whined, lunging backward to help impale her ass on her brother’s prick.

“Yeah, baby, yeah!” Fred shouted as he fucked his prick harder and deeper and faster into the girl’s asshole.

“Aaaarghhhhh, yessss, fuck me, harder, faster, I love it! Fuck myyyyy ass!” the girl cried frenziedly.

Deeper and deeper the boy fucked his sister’s ass, striking the back wall of her asshole with the swollen head of his prick until Marcy didn’t know if she could take it anymore, even though she didn’t want this sensational ass-fuck session to ever end.

He was pulling on her nipples so hard that she was sure he would pull them right off her tits. She didn’t care about anything at all at that moment except his huge cock fucking in and out of her asshole. And she cared about coming she needed to came so badly, just as badly as she needed to feel her brother’s cum rushing up her asshole.

“Ohhhhh, unhhhhh, ahhhhhh,” she whimpered.

Harder and harder her brother fucked into her asshole, fucking into her with even greater force as he began to come.

“Oh, shit, commmiinnnggg! You horny slut! I’m coming hard, you sexy whore!” he cried at the top of his lungs.

“Ahhhh, yessss,” Marcy hissed as she felt the violent force of her brother’s cum shooting into her asshole.

The creamy goo soothed the brutalized assflesh and Marcy groaned with incestuous pleasure. The feel of the boy’s arm spurting into her raped asshole was incredibly exciting and her own orgasm began.

“Oh, God, I’m commmmiinnngg, Freddy! Don’t stop fucking me! Keep fucking me while I come!” the young girl cried hysterically.

“You got it, baby,” Fred panted, continuing to fuck his little sister with his hard cock while they both came.

Gallons of hot pussyjuice seemed to shoot from the girl’s fuckhole and splatter lewdly into her asscrack, mingling with the boy’s cum and sloshing noisily there.

Finally, long moments later, their orgasms ended. Fred’s cock began to soften as he pulled it from his sister’s cummy asshole and fell on top of her, pushing her fully down onto the bed. Panting hard, they lay silently, no words necessary at that breathless moment.


“God, I’m sore all over. I feel as if I’ve just been run over by a Mack truck!” Marcy said a short time later, and both she and her brother laughed.

“What you need is a nice hot bath.” Fred grinned as he scrambled off the bed and reached his hand out, helping the girl to her feet.

“Great idea… a nice hot bath in that great sunken tub in the master bathroom,” Marcy agreed with a fond smile at her brother.

Once in the large bathroom, Marcy quickly turned the faucets to fill the sunken tub with hot, steamy water. Then she turned and cocked her head at her brother.

“You’re gonna take a bath with me, aren’t you?” she asked with a note of challenge in her voice…

Fred chuckled, realizing with delight that his horny little sister was already beginning to turn on again.

“Sure, baby, we always used to take baths together when we were little kids… why not now?” he asked huskily.

Marcy squealed with excitement and, when the tub was filled, she grabbed Fred’s hand and pulled him in after her. In the tub, brother and sister stared openly at each other’s body and smiled.

Without a word, Marcy ducked down under the water and closed her mouth around Fred’s soft cock. Still sore, he tried to pull away.

“Cut that out,” he said, laughing, and Marcy knew that he really liked what she was doing.

He yanked her long hair, pulling her head out of the water and she grinned impishly at him.

“Don’t you like what I’m doing?” she asked thickly as she moved her hand down between his legs and fondled his hardening prick.

“No, I hate it!”

“Liar!” she laughed and, taking a deep breath, she dived down under the water again. Her tongue licked around the edges of his cock, and she closed her lips around the spongy prickhead.

“Unnhhh, ohhh, baby,” Fred groaned, lurching his hips up so that his cock bobbed on top of the water with his sister’s mouth still wrapped around.

This way, the young girl could suck the boy’s cock without having to worry about drowning. Fred accommodated his sister by jumping up and sitting down on the edge of the big tub. Marcy moaned with a lewd, hot pleasure as she kept her mouth-hold on her brother’s prick and worked her tongue against the soft sponge-like tip, sucking more and more of Fred’s huge cock into her hungry mouth.

“Go for it, Sis! Feels great! Suck my prick!” the young boy demanded.

With a growl from deep in her throat, Marcy easily slid her lips down her brother’s long broad prickshaft with ease, sucking in the full length of hard pulsating prick with one smooth motion. Fred groaned and thrust his hips forward, rubbing the base of his prick into her lips, and then moving back once more so that only the pulsing cockhead was still trapped in the grip of her lips.

Marcy stroked the loose flesh of her brother’s prick up and down, making his fuck meat pulsate in her hands.

“Unnnghhh,” the boy groaned, closing his eyes, “good girl, real good.”

She squeezed his cock hard and licked up the cum that burbled out of his piss slit. Then she licked all around the spongy knob of his prick, making his hard-on ache and throb with new blood.

Then she started sucking again… just as hard as she could.

As she sucked, she took in more and more of her brother’s prick until she felt his broad cockhead strike the very back wall of her throat, nudging against her tonsils. She sucked even harder and the meaty cock slipped easily past the gagging point.

“Ohhh, baby, yeah!” Fred yelled. “Ohhh, shit, unnnhhh, oh, fuck, fuck, don’t stop, keep it up, just like that, baby!”

He thrust his hips up toward his sister’s greedily grasping mouth. Marcy widened her lips. Fred’s cock was so thick she could hardly believe it. And then, finally, she had the full length of her brother’s dick in her mouth, with about half of the thick, cock down her throat.

She sucked and kissed and licked her brother’s cock, making wet, gulping sounds around the thickness of his bursting hard-on. “Oh, fuck, this is great! Suck me good. Marcy!” Fred urged the horny young girl.

While Marcy continued to suck the boy’s cock, she fondled his balls. His big cum-swollen balls were tight against his throbbing prick. She squeezed them gently, rolling the twin globes between her fingers, warming and loosening the load of fuck cream.

“Aaarghhhh,” Fred grunted.

A feverish fuck-lust enveloped his entire muscular body. His huge cock trembled and throbbed in his little sister’s throat. The idea of his own sister sucking him off turned him on powerfully, and he knew that he would not be satisfied until he had dumped his entire load down her sucking throat.

Marcy’s thighs were coated with her pussyjuices which continued to flow out of her drenched cunt, run down her legs, and finally splash into the bath water which churned about the girl’s shifting legs.

Her clit throbbed and she longed to come. She was turned on by the lewdly exciting sensation of having her own brother’s enormous prick throbbing down her throat.

She hollowed her cheeks inward, increasing the suction even more, her hot fucking mouth urging her brother to spill his fuck cream into her hungry mouth.

While Marcy continued to suck as hard as she could, her brother jerked his hips forward, fucking his prick in and out, fucking his sister’s mouth, which was slick now with his pre-cum. “Ohhh, yeah, unnnhhhh, Marcy, fuck your mouth with my dick! I love it! Aaarrrghhhhh, yeah!”

Marcy flared her nostrils to breathe around the rigid thickness of the boy’s prick, inflamed by his obscene words. She bobbed her head up and down, letting her big brother’s swollen cockmeat fuck in and out of her throat.

Fred groaned over and aver as his hips lunged forward, fucking his prick down the girl’s clenching throat. Marcy tightened her throat muscles, feeling his prick trembling in response between her wet gripping lips.

Marcy knew that she was giving her brother enormous pleasure with her hot juicy mouth, and that knowledge turned her on almost as much as the taste and texture of the big rod of fuckmeat pulsing in her mouth and down her throat.

The horny young girl licked and sucked the boy’s throbbing cock from every angle. She slurped noisily, sucking harder and deeper with each bob of her head.

“Yeah, Marcy!” Fred hollered as he felt her teeth digging lightly into his pulsing prick. “Bite it! Suck it! Make me come, you sexy little slut!”

Marcy was overcome with excitement as she felt her brother’s big cock swelling even larger in her mouth. She felt her cuntjuice oozing out of her bloated pussylips and trickling down her quaking thighs. She swallowed hungrily, wanting him to fill her mouth with cum.

“I’m almost there, you whore! Keep it up, Marcy! Suck it! Eat me, cunt!” Fred cried as his cock jerked and twitched, swelling stiffly.

His lewd words turned the teenaged girl on even more, and she felt her pussy beginning to spasm, and her clit burned and twitched.

She took her left hand away from her brother’s cock and moved her hand down to her pussy, rubbing her hard jerking clit.

“Ohhh, fuck, commmiiinnnggg!” Fred shouted, humping his hips forward violently.

Creamy hot jism squirted violently from his cock-knob, bursting explosively into his little sister’s hungry, sucking mouth. His prick throbbed between her lips as the cum pumped out of his balls.

“Ummfffff,” Marcy groaned, savoring the tangy taste of her brothers jism spilling down her throat. And she sucked even harder, gulping down all the tasty jizz.

Suddenly, Marcy’s clit jerked convulsively against her hand, and she began to cream. Waves of pleasure cascaded through her pussy as her orgasm smashed through her.

She tried valiantly to swallow all of her big brother’s cum but it was impossible. There was just too much of the frothy fuck sauce and some of it burbled out of her lips and splashed onto her brother’s prick hairs below.

The instant that Fred stopped coming, the girl slipped his softening prick from her mouth and eagerly lapped up all of the spilled jism from his crotch, sucking in his hairs, feeling them tickle her ups.

Then she pulled her hand from her still spasming pussy and licked her cuntjuices from her fingers.

“You’re really a horny little chick, aren’t you, baby?” Fred asked, laughing with delight.

“Yeah, I’m always turned on!” Marcy responded, as she slipped back into the bath water, pulling her brother in with her.

Fred grabbed the bar of soap and worked up a good lather in both hands and then ran his hands over his sister’s chest, soaping her bruised, aching tits.

“Mmm, that feels good, Freddy,” Marcy purred dreamily, as she lay back in the hot water and gave herself up to the soothing pleasure of her brother’s hands on her nipples and tits.

“Wow! You sure are always horny!” Fred said, laughing and shaking his head in awe.

Marcy laughed, too, knowing exactly what her brother, meant. For, the instant he had touched her tits, her nipples had sprung up, hard and jutting once again.

Suddenly, as Fred continued to play with her tits, thickly lathering them up, Marcy found herself wondering what it would be like to fuck her father.

After all, she reasoned, if her young brother was such a skillful lover, wouldn’t it be all the more thrilling to get it on with an older, more experienced man like her father? As her pussy throbbed with the lewd thought, the young girl admitted to herself for the first time that she had always had a “thing” for her good-looking, distinguished father.

She had pushed her natural desires down all these years, thinking that there was something wrong with wanting to fuck her own father.

Then she had watched her brother and aunt getting it on, and that had been the beginning of the teenaged girl’s sexual liberation. Next, she had spied on her mom and dad making it together and that had turned her on even more, and her lust for her father had grown even stronger, although Marcy had continued to suppress it.

But now that she had actually fucked and sucked her big brother, now that she finally had found out first-hand what fucking was all about and how exciting it was, now that she realized that there was nothing wrong with fucking a relative and that incest only added an extra dimension, an extra thrill to the fuck act… now that she knew all that, she was ready — ready to fuck her own father. “Mmmmmm, that’s great… now wash my little pussy, brother dear,” Marcy moaned. “Sure, baby… exactly what I was thinking,” the young boy muttered as he slipped his hand beneath the water and began to stoke his sister’s pulsing pussy, unaware that, at that exact instant, Marcy’s thoughts were on her father, and that she was pretending it was her daddy’s hand on her cunt.


The next night, after everyone else had gone to bed, Marcy stayed up late to watch an old movie on the late a how on television. But about halfway into the film, the girl’s attention wandered from the TV screen and focused on the voices she heard coming from the bedroom right next to the living room.

It was the master bedroom and it was her parents’ voices she could hear now. Feeling strangely excited, the young girl turned the sound down on the TV and sat there on the sofa, listening to the sounds of her mom and dad talking in the next room.

Then, hardly aware of her own actions, she rose from the couch and began to make her way toward the bedroom. She wondered if her parents were going to fuck. She hoped they would so she could watch them again, but, as much as she wanted that to happen, she felt a stab of jealousy toward her mother, and she wished it could be she in her parents’ bed with her father.

Now Marcy was peeking into the master bedroom through a narrow crack made by the door which had not been completely closed. Her mother and father were sitting side by side on the big bed. And Marcy could almost smell the heat of their desire for each other, and she felt her own pussy growing wetter and hotter in response.

Jerry leaned forward and, with a slow and teasing finger, outlined his wife’s cleavage about the elastic of her sheer nightgown.

Rona’s flesh trembled, and Jerry pressed his lips against hers. The woman pushed up against her husband, her ripe tits squashed between them.

Jerry’s fingers played at the elastic. Then, without warning, he pulled it away from Rona’s tits and pulled it on down. Her tits came pouring out at him in a warm scented rush of feverish flesh.

Watching her parents, Marcy trembled and found her own nipples pressing against her baby doll pajamas.

Jerry took each of Rona’s nipples between his fingers and tugged on them, twisting them, making Rona gasp and moan, leaning into him. Jerry took his wife’s tits in the palms of his hands and pushed up at them.

The woman’s tremulous tit-flesh overflowed out of his hands and he captured her nips between his fingers. Rona gasped, and her tits swelled uncontrollably.

Forgetting all sense of caution, their spying daughter moaned with lust as her own tits swelled up and jutted straight out in front of her, as if in search of her father’s hands and mouth.

The teenager sank to the floor, feeling the little bubbles of pussy sauce that were pouring out of her pussy now.

Suddenly, with a sense of shock, she heard the bedroom door being opened all the way. She looked up and gasped, flushing a deep red as she saw her mother and father standing over her, exchanging glances and looking very angry.

“Marcy! I’m shocked! How dare you spy on your own parents this way!” Rona said sharply.

Marcy’s eyes widened with fear. She shrugged helplessly, unable to explain the lust that had driven her to spy op her parents.

“This is what we get for always being so soft with you,” Rona continued, flushing with anger. “You’re spoiled rotten! I think we should give you the beating of your young life!”

Marcy stared wordlessly from her mother to her father, not knowing what to say to make the embarrassing situation any better. Jerry stared at his young daughter for a few minutes, then exchanged a meaningful glance with his wife, a look which Marcy did not understand.

And, suddenly, Rona smiled mysteriously and nodded at her husband. With a grin, Jerry reached down and yanked Marcy up from the floor by her arm.

The girl stared at her father, stunned, and she tried to pull away, afraid of what he would do to her.

“Oh, no you don’t, you little brat, you’re not getting away so fast,” Jerry said calmly, menacingly.

Marcy stood stock still, unable to move.

“Do you know what you did? Do you know just how bad a thing it is to spy on other people… especially when they’re in the privacy of their own bedroom?” Jerry asked.

Marcy was suddenly overcome with anger toward her father for humiliating her in this way, and for making it with her mother when Marcy wanted to be the one to fuck him. “Fuck off, Daddy!” she spat angrily.

“Marcy! How dare you talk to your father like that?” Rona asked, genuinely shocked. “You apologize to him right now! We’ve brought you up better than that!”

“I’m not going to apologize. I don’t have to!” Marcy cried, feeling a strange sense of power which tuned her on.

Again, Jerry and Rona exchanged a glance that seemed to speak volumes to them but not to Marcy. She had no idea what they were saying with their eyes.

“I’ll take care of this, honey,” Jerry said quietly. “If you want me to.”

“Yes, please, darling, you do it… I’ll just stay and watch,” Rona responded, feeling her pussy beginning to drool with excitement.

Jerry dragged his daughter by the arm into the bedroom. He sat down on the edge of the king-sized bed and stood the young girl in front of him. Then, he placed his hands on her slender waist and stared into her eyes.

“Don’t you think you owe me an apology, Marcy?” he asked softly. “In fact, don’t you think you owe both your mother and me an apology for spying on us?”

“No, I don’t!” Marcy said, staring at her father with a cold expression. She couldn’t believe he was treating her this way, and in front of her mother!

“No? You’re sure?” Jerry asked.

“No way! You should apologize to me for humiliating me this way!” Marcy said saucily.

“Marcy! Apologize this instant!” Rona said sharply as she settled into a chair next to the bed.

“The fuck I will!” Marcy said hotly, trying to pull away from her father.

“I think we’ve been spoiling our daughter far too long, honey, what do you think?” Jerry asked, looking at his wife.

“I think I agree,” Rona said with a smile. “Yes, Marcy,” Jerry said, returning his attention to his daughter, “it’s our fault, especially mine. I should have taken you in hand long, long ago. Every father should discipline his daughter.”

“I’m not a little girl!” Marcy retorted with disgust. “I’m all grown up!”

“Right, and that’s why you’re much too old to be doing the kind of kid stuff you just pulled,” Jerry said.

“Fuck off!” Marcy said again, wriggling in her daddy’s powerful grasp.

“Fresh little brat, isn’t she?” the man asked his wife.

“I’ve never seen her like this. I don’t know what’s gotten into her, honey,” Rona said sadly.

“Don’t talk about me, right in front of me, as if I weren’t even here,” Marcy said firmly.

Jerry stared at her and shook his head. Then he looked at his wife again and she sighed, knowing what was coming, what she wanted to have happen.

“Okay, Marcy, I can see that we’re gonna have to teach you a lesson long overdue,” Jerry said calmly.

He turned to Rona and Marcy swung her head around in time to see her mother nodding in agreement.

“I don’t want you to teach me anything!” Marcy spat out. “Take your hands off me!”

“Take it easy,” Jerry said mockingly.

“Don’t call me a little girl! I’m not a little girl!” Marcy said.

“You could have fooled me… the way you’ve been acting,” Jerry said, staring directly into the girl’s angry eyes.

“Take your hands off me, Daddy!” she cried, angrier than ever now.

Jerry’s face hardened and his jaw tightened. “That’s about all I’m gonna take from you, you little brat,” he growled.

His hands grabbed tightly around Marcy’s waist, cutting through the thin fabric of her sheer baby doll pajamas, into her satiny curves, and he pulled her down across his lap.

“Nooo, Daddy! Let me go! You can’t do this! Mommy, make him let me go!” Marcy yelled.

She struggled, trying to slide from her daddy’s lap, but his hands were strong and he easily held her in place.

“It’s been a longtime since you’ve had a good spanking,” he said with barely restrained rage.

“Don’t you dare! Nooooo!” she cried.

Jerry’s hand came down on Marcy’s pantied ass in a sharp slap.


He hesitated as her firm ass-flesh jiggled in the aftershock of the blow.

“Oh, God, that hurt! Don’t you dare do it again!” Marcy cried, wondering where she had gotten the nerve to talk to her own father the way she had been doing.

In that instant, the teenager realized exactly what was happening: she had been unconsciously goading her father, spurring him on with her insolent mouth until he was so angry he would spank her, just the way she really wanted!

Wanting to feel his hand on her ass even harder than before, the young girl suddenly bit into the side of his tight muscular thigh, getting a mouthful of pajama fabric and some flesh.

“Owwwww!” Jerry yelled, shocked by his daughter’s attack.

“My God!” Rona cried from her chair, feeling more and more excited by the strange scene she was witnessing between her husband and their daughter.

Marcy continued to struggle, trying to pull away from her enraged father.

“Okay, you little bitch! You want to play this out violently? Fine!” Jerry growled.

And, before the young girl even knew what was happening, her daddy had grasped the elastic of her pajama panties and pulled them down, off her ass.

She felt a rush of air strike her naked ass. Then there was a slight hesitation as Jerry stared at his daughter’s quivering asscheeks.

Marcy’s face flushed with heat, and tears of embarrassment and excitement rolled down her face. Her pussy grew even wetter.

Jerry’s hand came down sharply on her ass and she cried out and shook uncontrollably. The man paused and he excitedly watched the color rise to her satin asscheeks.

“Ohhh, nooo, pleeease,” Marcy begged, not knowing whether she was begging him to stop or to continue.

“Shut tip, little bitch! I’m gonna spank your little ass until it’s raw and until you learn some respect for your parents!” Jerry responded.

The man slapped his daughter’s naked ass a few more times while the young girl cried out with pain and pleasure, sobbing hard now.

“You don’t like it when your privacy is invaded, do you, bitch?” he spat.

She continued to sob and didn’t answer her father.

“Answer me!” he demanded, shaking her by the shoulders. “You don’t like it when I bare your little ass like this right in front of your mother, do you?”

Again she didn’t answer.

“Answer me, Marcy!” he said in a warning voice.

She twisted around in her daddy’s lap and stared up at him, not knowing what to say.

“Well now,” Jerry said in a deep, calm voice, “maybe you don’t mind this. And, maybe you don’t mind it because I haven’t invaded your privacy enough yet!”

“I think you’re right, dear,” Rona said in a voice that shook with sexual excitement. “I don’t think you’ve taught her enough of a lesson yet!”

Jerry sat Marcy up in his lap and stared at her with a strange gleam in his eyes.

“Okay, baby, we’ll try this…” His fingers flew to the top of her baby doll pajamas, to where her full young tits pressed against the flimsy fabric. He pressed in at her waist so that the outline of her tits pressed through and were visible through the sheer material.

Marcy gasped and tried to pull away from him.

His fingers flew up and grasped one of his daughter’s nipples through the cotton and pressed it between his fingers.

“Does this do it, baby? Is this enough of an invasion of privacy for you?” he asked thickly.

Marcy turned away from her father. She loved the way he was touching her, feeling her body, and she didn’t want him to see the excitement and lust in her eyes. She was afraid that he would stop if he knew how much she was enjoying her “punishment”.

“You know, honey,” Jerry said, glancing at his wife who had begun to rub her own tits through her nightgown, “she still doesn’t seem to get the idea.”

Rona nodded wordlessly, her mouth slack with desire. Jerry slipped the young girl off his lap and stood her up in front of him. Without a word of warning, he pulled her panties all the way down her legs and yanked them off of her.

He stared at her young, naked pussy, and Marcy gasped and crossed her legs, acting as if she wanted to hide her nakedness from her father when, in truth, she wanted him to see her. Her hands flew down to cup her bush of cuntfur.

Jerry grabbed her hands away and held them both in one strong hand. With his free hand, he reached up and pulled the top of her baby doll pajamas over her head, revealing her naked tits.

“No! No!” Marcy cried, still playing the part of the innocent young, girl, and trying to pry herself loose from his strong grasp.

Now, she was standing stark naked in front of her father and he was openly staring at her, first her tits, then her pussy. Then he spun her around and admired his red handprints on her naked ass. He spun her back around again.

All this time, the teenager couldn’t hide her nakedness because her hands were locked in his meaty grip. With one hand, Jerry reached out and captured one red nipple between his fingers. He pulled on it, pinching slightly, not wanting to hurt her, but to humiliate her, to teach her a lesson. He flicked at her nip with his index finger, watching her face closely.

“Do you like this? Do you like your father playing with your tits? Does it feel good? Do you like your own daddy staring at your tits and your little pussy?” he asked as his cock hardened more and more in his pajama bottoms.

“Ohhh, Daddy,” the teenager moaned, half out of her mind with desire for her father.

Jerry’s fingers slid down her body and he suddenly stuck a probing finger between her legs, prying her cuntlips open.

“No! No! Pleeease, noooo!” she wailed.

“Spread your legs, bitch!” the man demanded.

“No, no, pleeease, nooo,” she whimpered, but she wanted nothing more at that moment than to spread her legs for her father.

“Do what your father tells you, dear,” Rona said softly, panting hard.

Marcy twisted her head to look at her mother. The young girl gasped with excitement when she saw that the woman was now finger-fucking herself.

“I said, spread your legs!” Jerry growled and he flicked his thumb and forefinger into her pussy against her clit.

“Ohhhh, God,” Marcy groaned and her entire body trembled. Her tits swelled up with aroused blood. Her nips grew stiff, becoming erect and pointed, and her pussy poured out more and more hot, thick fuck juice.

Jerry leaned forward and took one of his daughter’s hard nips into his mouth, flicking his tongue against it.

Marcy’s body trembled and she moaned with lust. But then she remembered that she wasn’t supposed to be enjoying what her father was doing to her. This was supposed to be her punishment, and she had better act as if that was just what it was for her or her daddy might stop!

So she made a move, as if trying to pull away from him, and, at the same time, she stared at him with tear-filled eyes. But only she knew that her tears were caused by excitement and not by humiliation or anger.

“So you don’t like it when your privacy is invaded, do you, bitch?” Jerry asked, backing away from her body but still staring at her heaving tits and drooling pussy.

Marcy shook her head violently.

“Then tell me you’re sorry, and apologize to your mother, too, and be quick about it,” he ordered.

“I… I… apologize,” she sobbed, closing her eyes tightly and swaying in front of her father.

“Well, okay, then,” Jerry said soothingly. He closed his arms around her and lifted her onto the bed and pressed her down. She curled up and closed her eyes again, enjoying the feel of her father’s hard, muscular body against hers.

Rona rushed over and sat down at the edge of the bed and slowly stroked her daughter’s body, fondling the girl’s bruised ass and her hard-nippled tits. Over and over, she stroked her daughter while Marcy moaned with pleasure and snuggled up even closer to her father.

“Do you promise you’ll never spy on us again, honey?” Jerry asked gently.

“Yes, Daddy, I promise,” she said softly.

“Good girl,” he said approvingly. Then he scooped his naked daughter up into his strong arms and rose from the bed.

“You go on to bed, honey,” he said, glancing at his wife, “I’ll take our daughter back to her room. I think she’s been punished enough.”

“Yes, darling, I agree. You take Marcy to bed now and stay with her awhile if you want. I think she needs a little cuddling now,” Rona said, smiling fondly at her daughter.

“Oh, yes, I do,” Marcy cried, winding her arms around her daddy’s powerful neck as he carried her off to her room.


In Marcy’s bedroom, Jerry put his daughter gently down on her big bed and settled down next to her, cuddling her close, just the way his wife had suggested.

The young girl rested her head on her daddy’s chest and sighed happily. Then she pulled her head back and smiled up at the handsome man.

“I’m so glad that you’re my daddy,” she murmured.

“Oh, really?” Jerry laughed. “Do you want me to give you another spanking?”

“No, no, Daddy,” Marcy purred. “I think I’ve had enough of that for now. But there are other things you can do for me.”

She curled up against him, deliberately pressing her naked tits against his hard body. Jerry smiled and leaned down, taking a hard popping nipple between his teeth.

“Ummmmm, ohhh, yesss, I like that, Daddy, ohhh, yessss,” she moaned.

Jerry savagely sucked on his daughter’s warm swollen nip. The more he sucked, the more her nipple ached and needed to be sucked.

Marcy’s pussy released a ripple of hot fuck cream, and it bubbled out between her tight cuntlips. She guided her daddy’s hand down to her crotch, and he quickly rammed two fingers into the hot moist flesh, prying her pussylips open and stroking her swollen clit.

While rubbing his daughter’s clit, Jerry continued to suck on her nipples, coating them thoroughly with the hot juices of his saliva.

“Oh, Daddy, let me undress you,” Marcy groaned as she quickly and expertly peeled the man’s pajama bottoms off him. Since he hadn’t worn a top to begin with, the man was now completely naked.

His cock was hard and long and thick and pressed up against the girl’s belly. Marcy toyed with the head of her daddy’s prick, running her fingers over the swollen fuckmeat.

Jerry ducked down and fucked his tongue into the soft velvety folds of her pussy, licking quickly and hungrily.

“Ohhhh, yesss!” Marcy moaned, her body tossing from side to side.

His hands crept back up her body. While his tongue fucked in and out of her gaping cunt, his fingers pulled, and plucked at her nips.

“Ohhhhh, God, Daddy, what you’re doing to me!” the girl cried, realizing that at long last her dream was coming true.

Jerry thrilled to the hot aroma of teenaged pussy in heat. His eager tongue ran up and down the length of her cunt slit, and his daughter moaned and wriggled her ass on the bed. The man’s strong hands held her by her tits as he continued to eat her juicy, quivering cunt.

Groaning, he mashed his lips against her cuntlips. Marcy sucked in her breath sharply as she felt her father’s teeth grinding into her hairy cunt mound.

He fucked his tongue up into her twitching cunthole as far as he possibly could and kept it there, wiggling his tongue around.

“Oh, God, Daddy! I love what you’re doing to meeee!” Marcy squealed excitedly. “Do it, Daddy, eat meeee!”

She spread her legs farther apart and arched her back, thrusting her wet cunt upward, forcing more of her horny cunt into her daddy’s sucking face.

His teeth bit into her and a violent incestuous pleasure swelled and burst all ova her ripe body. Her father pinched and squeezed her aching nips, filling the girl’s body with even more excitement.

“Unnhhhhh, make me come, Daddy, make me come!” she cried.

Jerry gripped his daughter’s heaving tits tightly while he fucked the entire length of his tongue in and out of her juicy cunt. He swallowed hard as rivers of thick, creamy fuck juice poured from her cunthole, filling his mouth to overflowing.

He kissed his daughter’s trembling clit, sucking and nibbling on the little bud with his sharp teeth. And Marcy went wild.

“Yessssss, you horny bastard, yesss!” she hissed between clenched teeth. “My clit, yes, my clit, Daddy! Lick it! Suck it! Bite it! Make me come!”

Now, he swished his hot, rough tongue across her pussy, lapping up the creamy cuntjuice. He had never tasted such delicious pussy cream before, and the knowledge that it was his own daughter’s cunt sauce made his head spin with forbidden joy.

“Ohhh, Daddy, I can’t stand it!” the teenager cried as she thrust her cunt up against her daddy’s face, trying to capture his tongue in her throbbing cunt.

Jerry worked his tongue in and out of the quivering wet cunt of his daughter. He licked and sucked and nibbled her delicious pussy, gobbling up her white pussy sauce as quickly as it oozed from her gaping fuckhole. He sucked his daughter’s pussy skillfully. Marcy’s body wriggled, dancing with lust on the end of his fucking tongue.

Jerry stroked Marcy’s hard, throbbing clit with the flat, broad underside of his tongue, over and over again, bringing her to the point of climax and then pausing to lap up her tasty fuck juices. His hands roamed over her tits, squeezing, pinching, stroking, kneading the firm flesh.

The man fucked his rigid tongue deep into Marcy’s small, tight cunthole, feeling her cuntmuscles grasping and sucking hungrily at his tongue. While he tonguefucked his daughter’s pussyhole, he moved one hand down from her tits and slid the middle finger of that hand between her quivering asscheeks and fucked it deep into her tight little asshole.

Even though Fred’s big cock had fucked her little asshole, the ass-ring was still tight and felt virginal to her father’s finger. Marcy bucked and squirmed in pain and pleasure as her father finger-fucked her shit-chute.

“Ohhhhh, that hurts, Daddy! But it feels good too! Keep it up, Daddy, don’t stop!” she whimpered.

Jerry’s long, thick cock jerked and twitched impatiently. He felt more turned on than he ever had before. His daughter’s obvious fuck-lust and the sweet taste of her cunt in his mouth filled his body with a raging desire, and he longed to feel her sweet hot mouth on his cock, sucking him off.

His tongue continued to fuck her pulsating pussyhole, faster and faster now, deeper and rougher. And, at the same time, his stiffened finger continued to fuck her small brown asshole.

“Ohhhh, God, Daddy, please make me come! I can’t stand it!” Marcy cried.

Still finger-fucking the girl’s tight asshole, and still flicking his tongue rapidly in and out of her snug cunthole, the man turned all his attention now to her clit. And he once more began to suck the little nub of clit-flesh, nibbling and tonguing her hard little clit until, at last, Marcy began to come.

“Aaarghhh, yesssssss!” Marcy screamed as her cunt muscles tightened painfully, and she felt her clit rushing out of her fuckhole.

As she came, her father sucked even harder on her cunt, making noisy wet slurping noises that just served to turn on father and daughter all the more.

“Ohhh, God, yesss, I’m commniiinnnggg!” she shouted. “It’s soooo fuckin’ good!”

Jerry sucked the girl-cum out of his daughter’s pussy, swallowing and then sucking more, working his mouth on her streaming cunt as if his mouth were a small, powerful vacuum cleaner.

“Ohhh, God!” Marcy shrieked, tossing her body around so violently that she almost fell right off the bed.

Jerry took his finger out of her tight asshole and grabbed hold of her asscheeks, holding her as still as he could while he finished bringing her off.

Violent waves of orgasmic pleasure washed over the young girl’s writhing body. She jerked and bucked and moaned, grinding her flowing cunt against her daddy’s sucking mouth.

Marcy felt as if she had died and gone to heaven. Just as she had suspected, her father’s maturity and sexual experience gave her an added thrill.

His cheeks and chin were smeared with foamy cuntjuice. As he continued to suck on the tender young pussy, Marcy came again and grabbed hold of his thick hair with both hands. She tossed around even more, trying to keep his mouth glued to her coming pussy.

The teenager’s entire body shuddered under her father’s raping tongue and teeth and lips. “Unnhhh, yessssss, Daddy, it feels soooo good!” she cried.

At last, the last ripples of Marcy’s long, powerful orgasm passed through her shaking body. She rested there on the bed, panting hard and drenched with sweat and pussy cream.

Jerry grinned at her, his mouth smeared with her cum.

“Ready to return the favor, baby? Want to suck my cock now?” he asked lewdly.

“Oh, yesss, Daddy. I was hoping that you’d let me suck you off!” the young girl cried, clapping her hands together excitedly.

Her father lay flat on his back on the bed, and she eagerly crawled between his outstretched legs, her eyes fixed on his huge cock which was hard now. His prick rose straight up from its nest of prick hairs, pointing right at the ceiling, its broad, smooth head visibly throbbing.

Marcy licked the length of her daddy’s prick, then lifted her head and smiled at him.

“Does that feel good, Daddy?”

“Ummm, oh, yeah, baby, that feels real good,” he murmured.

Marcy ducked down and took the head of his cock between her wet lips. She sucked, taking his prick into her mouth an inch at a time, letting the hard cockmeat roll over her tongue.

Her tongue ran up and down the prickshaft, licking and pressing against the pulsing blue vein.

“Ohhh, yeah, Marcy, that’s real good, you’re sucking your daddy’s cock real good, baby,” the man groaned.

Marcy pressed her lips closer to his cock, swallowing some of the long hard prick into the hot hollows of her mouth.

“Nnnhhh, I love it when you’re licking and sucking my prick, Marcy,” Jerry moaned.

Encouraged by her father’s lewd response, the teenager sucked even harder, folding her tongue around the spongy head of his prick.

“Ummmhhh, oh yeah, I love that!” The girl’s tongue did a fast hot dance up and down her father’s trembling cockshaft. The hot tangy pre-cum ran down his cock, and she slurped the stiff into her mouth, licking her lips with pleasure.

“Ohhh, yeah, so good, keep doing that, baby, just like that,” Jerry cried, lifting his ass up from the bed and fucking more of his cockmeat into his daughter’s mouth.

Marcy’s tongue circled under the swollen mushroom cap and wrapped, itself around the pulsing hardness.

Jerry’s body jumped. His mouth opened to tell her how much he loved what she was doing to his prick, but no words came out, just a slow, shuddering sigh.

Marcy raised hex head. Her mouth, dripping with drops of pre-cum and her saliva, was poised directly over the head of her daddy’s prick. Then, taking a deep breath, she lunged back down to his swollen cockmeat and sucked violently.

Jerry moaned as his daughter’s lips circled around his prick, and she pulled his cock into her mouth, swallowing hard. His prick plunged down her throat which immediately tightened against his fuckmeat.

His crotch pushed up into the air and pumped against her mouth.

Marcy opened her mouth wider so that her daddy’s prick would not scrape against her teeth. He pushed up at her, fucking his prick into her throat.

Her fingers slid under his ass and she probed into his tight asshole.

“Unnhhh,” he groaned.

While she finger-fucked her father’s asshole, her head bobbed up and down over his long, thick cock. She sucked and tightened her throat muscles against his prick.

“Unnnnnn, ohhhh, yeshhhhh,” he moaned.

Suddenly, the man sat up and he held his daughter’s head gently between his hands, smoothing the palms of his hands over her silken hair.

Her tongue slid up and down, bathing her father’s cock with the juices of her mouth.

She deep-throated him for long moments before forcing his prick back up out of her throat. Then she sucked furiously, her tongue dancing over his smooth swollen prickhead between sucks.

“Mmmmmm, unnnhhhh, ohhh, baby,” Jerry groaned.

He stroked her head gently as her fingers closed around the soft furry sac between his legs, and she jiggled his balls in the palms of her hands.

She moved one hand away from his balls and probed into his asshole.

“Aaaarghhhh, yessss,” he moaned with pleasure.

She pressed her finger just inside the rim of the man’s asshole. The pad of her finger smoothed over the hot puckered flesh there.

Marcy pushed up with the heel of her hand, massaging her father’s ass and his balls. Her hand smoothed its way back around, sliding up and down the length of his cockshaft.

“Unnhhhhhhh,” Jerry groaned.

Her mouth worked faster now, and her head bobbed up and down even harder. She took all of his long, thick prick down her throat, her teeth lightly scraping the pulsing fuckmeat.

“Mmmmm, ohhhh, Marcy,” Jerry cried as the cream churned hotly in his balls and exploded into his daughter’s mouth.


“Mmmmmmm, your cum is yummy, Daddy,” Marcy purred as she licked her lips and swallowed the last few drops of her father’s jism.

“So is yours, baby,” the man responded. He and his daughter laughed and exchanged affectionate glances.

“Time to fuck you now, honey,” Jerry said softly, reaching out and stroking his daughter’s tits.

“Oh, gee, Daddy, I don’t know if I want to fuck or not,” Marcy said coyly, deliberately teasing her father when, actually, she wanted nothing more in the world than to feel her daddy’s big cock fucking into her horny little pussy.

“You’re not still a virgin, are you, Marcy?” Jerry asked.

“No, Daddy, Freddy popped my cherry for me!” the teenager responded, laughing.

“Why, that little bastard!” Jerry laughed, feeling both proud of his son and a little jealous, too.

“I just don’t know if I’m in the mood to fuck now, Daddy,” Marcy said, yawning exaggeratedly.

“Why, you prick-tease!” Jerry growled, knowing that his daughter was just teasing him.

But he was enjoying the little game as much as she was. He grabbed her arms and pinned her down to the bed.

Marcy made a show of struggling against him but her heart was racing madly and her pussy was soaked with cream.

The man flipped his daughter over onto her belly and slid on top of her, his big hard cock creeping in between her legs, poking around for the tight wet fuckhole.

“Ohhhh, noooo, you’ll have to rape me, Daddy!” the teenager cried hornily.

“Fine with me, baby!”

He guided his cock to her tight little cunthole and pressed forward with the head of his prick. Marcy held her legs together and would not open them. She wanted her father to force her legs and take her forcefully. That was the way she had been dreaming about this moment and that was the way she wanted it now.

Jerry pressed down on her and her clit scraped against the sheets, popping and straining. The young girl moaned and tossed under his muscular weight.

He parted her ass, holding one cheek in each hand, and her body sank against the bed. His prick pushed in at the mouth of her pussy and thrust on in.

“Ohhhh!” Marcy gasped and the lips of her cunt closed tightly around the hard swollen head of his cock.

He thrust up into her, feeling the hot moist flesh of her cunt folding tightly around his aching prickmeat. The membranes of her pussy pressed in, closing tighter and tighter around his prick, expanding and contracting with each achingly delicious thrust.

“Ohhh, God, Daddy! It feels sooo good!” Marcy groaned, and she tossed her ass back at him, pressing up into his lean belly.

Jerry pushed down against his daughter’s willing body, and his arms closed under her swollen tits. His fingers pulled at her nips, turning them tightly and pulling hard as they stretched and hardened.

“Ohhhh! Ahhh! Daddy! Oh, Daddy!” the girl yelped.

The man’s cock rammed up into his daughter’s wet cunt like a sharp hot knife slicing through melted butter. Her cuntmuscles tightened even more around her daddy’s prick.

“Ohhh, baby, your little cunt’s sooo tight! It feels like you’re still cherry!” he grunted, longing to explode, to feel all of his hot cum shooting up into her unbelievably tight cunt and feeling her hard muscular contractions around his cock.

But he knew he had to hold back, to make this fuck a memorable one for both of them. For, he realized now that this was a dream come true for him. He finally admitted to himself that this was something he had always wanted. He had always been attracted to his sexy, beautiful daughter. He had always wanted to fuck her tight little cunt.

But, just like Marcy, he had repressed those natural desires. He might have gone on year after year being sexually frustrated if it hadn’t been for his daughter’s spying ways which had unwittingly given them both the release they had needed for so long.

He fucked his long, thick prick into her pussy, thrusting harder with each thrust, his taut ass bobbing up and down in the air with each plunge of his prick.

Father and daughter were both panting hard now, and a thin sheen of sexual sweat coated their naked bodies.

Marcy’s hands scratched at the sheets and her head tossed violently from side to side in an agony of fuck-lust.

“Ohhh, unnnhhhh, Daddy! I love it! Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me good and haaaard!” she wailed.

He fucked into her, thrusting hard and fast now, as the head of his big cock slammed against the tight back wall of her juicy cunt.

“Aaarghhh! Soooo good!” she cried.

Harder, faster, deeper, the man thrust into the creamy softness of his daughter’s cunt. He plunged into her again and again, withdrawing teasingly slowly before plunging into her cunt again, filling her with his hard prick.

“Oh, God, Daddy!” Marcy yelped, jerking her hips back and pumping her ass against the man’s belly.

“Unnhhhh, ohhh, baby,” he groaned, thrusting harder and faster into her seething cunt.

He could feel hot fuck cream bubbling in his balls about to shoot up into his cock. His prick throbbed and pushed up into Marcy’s cunt, faster and harder, pressing deeper and deeper into her.

“Ohhh, Jesus H. Christ!” she shrieked.

She pressed her ass back at him, wanting to capture every single inch of his massive hard-on inside her pussy. Jerry groaned in response and repeatedly fucked his hard aching prick into her hungry pussy.

Jets of hot thick fuckjuice ran from her pussy, coating the man’s cockmeat and running unchecked down her trembling legs. And, all this time, Jerry’s fingers were plucking at his daughter’s nips, stretching them and pulling them from the areolas of her white tits.

“Yesssssss,” she hissed.

She writhed uncontrollably against her father’s hard, pumping body. More pressure built in her cunt, and she knew that that burning pressure, that hot sweet swelling sensation meant that she would be coming soon.

“Yeah, baby, yeah! Take your daddy’s whole prick up your wet little cunt!” Jerry growled, fucking the full length of his enormous cock up his daughter’s twitching pussy.

He fucked into her so hard and so deep that the young girl was sure he was going to tear her apart, and she loved the lewd sensation, turning on more and more as her orgasm grew nearer. At that moment, the teenager was not sure which she longed for more: the feel of her father’s hot cream jetting into her pussy, or her own climax.

The last tremor passed through Marcy’s pussy. Her father collapsed exhaustedly on her back.

Marcy closed her legs tightly shut, trapping her daddy’s drained cock between them, holding his prick tightly in her contented little cunt.

A few minutes later, Jerry rolled off her back and onto his side, lying next to his daughter. He reached out and stroked her trembling ass affectionately. Marcy turned her head toward him and father and daughter exchanged a loving glance.

“That was long overdue, baby,” Jerry said softly.

“Yeah, I know, but I think we more than made up for the long wait!” Marcy said with a laugh as she reached out and fondling her daddy’s soft prick.

“You’re one great lay, honey,” Jerry said admiringly. “I’ve never fucked such a hot, tight cunt.”

“Mmm, thanks, Daddy, and I’ve never been fucked by such a big hard cock! And this is my first time being fucked by a guy who’s really experienced. I like that!” she chirped.

“The way you’re touching my prick there it’s getting all hard again. How about another go-round?” Jerry asked huskily.

“Mmmmm, yeah, I see what you mean, Daddy,” Marcy said as she felt her father’s prick growing harder and thicker beneath her lewdly stroking fingers.

“Think you can handle my dick again?” Jerry asked.

“Just try me!” The young girl responded by throwing herself onto her back and splaying her legs as wide as possible.

“You got it!” Jerry said as he positioned himself between his daughter’s legs and aimed his hardening cock at her pussy.

“Ohhh, hurry up and fuck me, Daddy!” Marcy squealed as she reached down and held her cuntlips wide open.

“Yeah, baby, I’m gonna fuck you right now!” Jerry growled as he aimed his hard-on at the girl’s puckering cunthole.

Suddenly, there was a startled gasp from the doorway. Both Marcy and her, father looked toward the sound, gasping themselves when they saw Rona standing there with an expression of utter shock and disgust on her pretty face.

“My God, I don’t believe what I’m seeing!” Rona cried, tears filling her eyes.

“Rona…” Jerry said helplessly.

“Mommy, please…” Marcy whimpered.

“My God, Jerry! Is that what you call cuddling? This is hardly what I had in mind when I suggested that you spend some time comforting our daughter,” Rona said, her voice filled with anger.

For a few minutes, the three people stared at each other, no one knowing what to say to ease the tension that filled the room now. Jerry’s cock had gone completely soft and he reached for his pajama bottoms as he rose from the bed.

“Yes, leave, Jerry. Go on back to our room. I’ll talk to you there later,” Rona said, moving toward the bed.

“Later? Why not now?” Jerry asked as he started out of the room with an apologetic glance in his daughter’s direction.

“Because first I think that I need to have a serious talk with our daughter,” Rona said firmly.

“Oh, for Pete’s sake, Rona! Leave the kid alone!” Jerry said impatiently.

“I’d be glad to if I thought I could trust you to do the same, my dear,” Rona responded, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

“But, Mommy, Daddy didn’t…” Marcy began, wanting to defend her daddy.

“Shut up, Marcy! I’ll deal with you in a minute!” Rona snapped.

“Aw, shit,” Jerry mumbled with disgust as he left his daughter’s bedroom and made his way down the hall toward the master bedroom.

Marcy had never seen her mother so angry. The teenager shrank back against the bedclothes, her naked body trembling with fear and anxiety, as the woman reached the bed and sat down on its edge, her eyes blazing with fury.


“Marcy, I can’t tell you how shocked I am that you let your own father fuck you!” Rona said, almost choking on her anger as she gazed furiously at her trembling daughter.

“I didn’t let him, Mommy, I…”

“What do you mean?” Rona interrupted. “Don’t try to tell me you didn’t let him fuck you! I saw you! And if I hadn’t stepped in when I did, he would have done it! He would have fucked you and you wouldn’t be an innocent any more.”

“No, Mom, it wasn’t Dad. It was Fred who popped my little cherry for me, and I begged him to do it. I walked naked into his room and got him to fuck me!” she finished proudly.

“Oh, God, Marcy!” Rona cried, closing her eyes against the rush of emotions that raced through her at her daughter’s confession, emotions she could not quite identify.

“Yeah, it’s true, Mom, and as for getting here in time to save me from Daddy, we were about to have our second fuck! We had already fucked once! And that was after we sucked each other off!” Marcy said in a rush, watching her mother closely for her reaction.

Her eyes still closed, and moaning softly, Rona moved her free hand to her chest. Her heart was racing like mad and, for a few minutes, the woman actually was afraid that she was about to have a heart attack.

Never in all her life had Rona been as shocked and confused as she was at that moment. But, for some reason she didn’t quite understand, all anger and disgust had left her. And now she felt a special kind of love for her daughter, and she pelt something else, too, that she didn’t cognize, something that made her pussy begin drool and her nipples harden.

“Hey, Mom, lighten up,” Marcy laughed gently as she reached out with her other hand I caressed the woman’s cheek. “Just think about it for a minute. There’s nothing wrong with any of this. Both Daddy and I used to think there was, but now that we’ve finally gotten it on, we’re both a lot happier. It’s only natural to want to deepen your relationship with someone you love, isn’t it?”

“Well, yes, I guess so,” Rona mumbled, feeling more confused than ever. “But sex?”

“Sure, sex! It’s the obvious way to deepen what two people feel for each other. And desiring another attractive human being is only natural. So what if he’s my brother? Or father? Or son?” Marcy said, sending her mother a knowing look.


“Sure, admit it. Haven’t you sometimes wondered what it would be like to fuck Fred?” Marcy asked.

“God, Marcy! The things you say!” Rona said protestingly, but her mind was racing with lewd thoughts of her son naked… her son tongue-kissing her… her own young boy fucking his big cock into her horny cunt.

“You have thought about it, haven’t you?” Marcy cried triumphantly, watching the play of emotions on her mother’s beautiful face.

“Not until now…”

“But now you’re thinking about it?” Marcy asked eagerly.

“Y-y-yes, I am,” Rona admitted, flushing.

“And you like the idea?”

“Yes!” Rona cried, grinning suddenly at her daughter.

“Oh, Mom, I knew you’d come through!” Marcy said as she hugged her mother.

Rona laughed and returned her daughter’s embrace, feeling uncomfortably aware of the young girl’s naked tits pressed against her own tits which were barely covered by her sheer nightgown.

“So, how you feel okay about Daddy and me? Now that you realize you’d like to get it on with Fred, I mean,” Marcy said with a questioning tone in her voice.

“I guess I do feel okay about it,” Rona answered thoughtfully.

“Oh, goody! And who knows… maybe you and Fred will end up fucking each other!” Marcy said, giggling.

“Yeah, maybe we will!”

“And there’s something else I want to explain to you,” Marcy said, feeling, strangely, as if she and her mother had switched roles and it was up to the daughter to teach the mother what she knew about sex.

“What’s that, honey?” Rona asked as her eyes moved over the teenager’s naked body, focusing on her tits and her little pussy. Rona swallowed hard as she saw the small drops of cum and pussyjuice on the girl’s cunt fur.

“Well, it’s just that not only isn’t there anything wrong with making it with someone in the family, but it’s extra exciting,” Marcy said.

“It is?”

“Sure! Making it with anyone is great, but making it with someone you’re related to… well, it’s fantastic!” Marcy explained.

“Hmmmmm, sounds like I’ve been missing out on things around here,” Rona said with a warm smile.

“Yeah, you have, Mom! But that doesn’t have to continue. It’s time that you got in on the fun around here!”

“You mean me and Fred?”

“Well, sure, Mom, eventually a… but right now, I was thinking that maybe you and I should make it!” Marcy cried excitedly.

“Oh, I don’t know, honey,” Rona said, feeling uncomfortable again.

“Pleeeease, Mommy!” the teenager pleaded, tears filling her eyes.

Before her mother could protest any further, Marcy suddenly rammed two fingers up her own wet pussy.

Rona gasped at the sight. Her own pussy began to itch and burn furiously as she stared at the incredibly erotic sight of her daughter fucking her fingers up her tight little cunt.

Marcy’s nips were rock-hard, pointing straight out from her milky-white tit-flesh.

Rona licked her lips and rubbed her own cunt hard as she continued to watch, her daughter. But, as her desire grew, she knew that she couldn’t just watch the young girl. She needed to touch, to kiss, to lick, to suck, to bite.

Oh God, the woman thought feverishly, I want to fuck my own daughter! But then she remembered the teenager’s words about it being only natural and right to want to make it with someone she loved, and Rona smiled, realizing her daughter was much wiser than her mother.

“C’mon, Mom! Get naked like me!” Marcy cried, as turned on by the lust-filled expression on her mother’s face as she was by her fingerfucking movements.

Rona laughed and tore her nightgown off over her head. Then she pushed Marcy’s hand away from her cunt and lunged her fingers into her daughter’s pussy.

“Ohhh, yesss, Mommy!” the teenager gasped as she felt tiny lances of hot lust shoot through her loins.

“Why, you’re sopping wet, Marcy!” Rona laughed. “You must be super turned on!”

“Yes, I am!” the teenager answered with a blush.

Rona threw one leg over her daughter’s and pushed against the young girl’s pussy with her hard knee.

“Ohhh, Mommy, that feels soooo good!” Marcy gasped, hunching her little pussy up against the ramming knee.

“Yeah, it sure does!” Rona said breathlessly, her own pussy beginning to drool hot, creamy fuck juice.

A few minutes later, the woman rolled over onto her side, facing Marcy, and reaching out, she squeezed her daughter’s wet, twitching pussy.

“Mmmmmmm,” the teenager responded, squirming with desire.

Rona moved her hand harder and harder against her daughter’s cunt as Marcy writhed uncontrollably on the bed in a frenzy of excitement and fuck-lust.

As the older woman increased the pressure of her hand against Marcy’s trembling pussy, she moved her free hand up to the girl’s bursting tits and began to squeeze and knead them, moving rapidly from one tit to the other.

Marcy’s pussy was drooling so much pussy cream now that it was running in lewd streams down the teenager’s thighs. And her mother’s snatch was just as wet.

Rona rubbed her daughter’s stiffening nipples, rolling the turgid titflesh between her greedily grasping fingers.

“Ohhh, Mommy, that feels soooo good!”

Marcy murmured, closing her eyes in ecstasy. “Oh, honey, you have such a beautiful body and I love the feel, of your tits!” Rona cried.

As she continued to stroke her daughter’s tits, Rona slowly climbed on top of the young girl, kissing her passionately on the mouth before Marcy even had a chance to react. Rona placed a hand on either side of the teenager’s face, tongue-kissing her over and over again as she began to grind her hips against Marcy’s.

“Mmmm,” Marcy moaned, returning her mother’s kisses, feeling more turned, on than ever. She felt her mother’s tits burning into her own as their hot wet tongues touched again and again. She felt the older woman sucking and nibbling on her tongue, and she squirmed and moaned with incestuous pleasure.

My daughter was right, Rona thought to herself. Nothing that feels this good can be wrong. And touching her like this, kissing each other this way… I feel even closer to her than before, as though I bye her more than I had thought possible.

Marcy’s soft, gentle hands began to caress her mother’s hips and ass. Both of the horny females moaned and groaned with excitement.

“Spread your legs, baby,” Rona whispered huskily, finally taking her mouth away from her daughter’s.

With an eager little cry, Marcy obediently spread her legs far apart and gasped with joy when her mother reached down and slipped her finger into the juicy heat of her snug little pussy slit. Rona rubbed her own pussy against the younger girl’s thigh as she fucked her finger rapidly in and out of the teenager’s hot pussy.

“Ahhh, yesssss,” Marcy hissed between clenched teeth, “I love it! Don’t stop, Mommy! Keep fucking my cunt with your finger!”

Rona grinned with delight. It had taken her own daughter to convert her, to initiate her into the joys of incestuous sex. But now, the woman was fully convinced, and she felt every bit as whorish and wanton as her daughter, and she thrilled to the lewd sensations.

Marcy was writhing violently on the bed now, thrusting her young pussy up against her mother’s hand. She pulled Rona’s head down to hers and tongue-kissed her again and again while her grasping hands found her mother’s tits.

“Ohhhhhh, yesssss, Mommy,” she moaned happily.

“Oh, baby, I need to suck your little pussy!” Rona whispered hoarsely. She took her juice drenched finger out of the girl’s hot steamy cunt.

“Great, Mom! Do it! Suck my cunt! Make me come!” Marcy yelled as she tossed and turned on the bed, her eyes glazed over with lust. Her daughter’s obscene words and pleas aroused the woman all the more. She knew she couldn’t wait to bury her hungry mouth up the girl’s twat.

She licked Marcy’s nipples, then licked a hot, wet trail across the teenager’s firm belly to the patch of blonde hair between her slender legs. She all but drooled at the sight of her daughter’s lush pussy.

Marcy quivered all over as she felt her mother’s hot breaths on her naked thighs. She spread her legs even farther apart, giving the older woman a good view of her wide-open cunt.

“Ohhh, hurry, Mommy!” she groaned. “I’m so hot! So horny! Please hurry up and suck me! I can’t wait!”

“Unnhh, baby, I can’t wait either,” Rona groaned as she touched the pink bloated lips of her, daughter’s moist pussy.

The older woman rammed one finger between Marcy’s puffy cuntlips and immediately found her little hard clit. She stroked the clit, feeling it harden even more and jerk beneath her fingers. She continued to rub the twitching lovebud until she knew that her daughter was about to come. Then she took her hand away, not yet ready to have the girl come. Rona spread Marcy’s wet pussylips apart with her trembling fingers.

Marcy moaned as her mother’s finger rubbed around the wet inner walls of her dripping cunt.

“Ohhh, please, Mommy! I’ll go mad if you don’t lick my pussy now!” the teenager screamed, twisting and turning, feeling her mother’s hot fingers burning into her cuntflesh.

“Oh, yeah, baby, that’s just what I’m gonna do now!” Rona cried as she crawled into position between her daughter’s thighs.

Marcy tensed, her body trembling with excitement and anticipation as she waited to feel her mother’s tongue shooting up into her fuckhole. Rona ran her hot tongue across Marcy’s quivering cunt, feeling her own fuck juices flowing freely as she turned an more and more.

“Mmmmm, delicious!” Rona murmured as she licked the creamy fuck juice from Marcy’s delicate pussylips.

“Ohhhh, Mommy, that feels fantastic!” Marcy groaned. “Do it, Mommy! Do it! Eat my cunt!”

Rona buried her face between Marcy’s lush thighs, darting her hot tongue into the steaming depths of her, daughter’s cunt.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Marcy moaned, thrashing around wildly, trying to capture every tantalizing inch of her mother’s long, licking tongue.

Rona worked her tongue in and out of Marcy’s wet quivering cunt in a cock-like fashion. She wanted to give her daughter the best possible tonguefucking.

She licked and licked around Marcy’s tasty pussy, sucking up the white fuck cream as quickly as it dribbled from the teenager’s small cunthole.

“Awwww, shiiiiit!” Marcy shrieked, closing her thighs tightly about her mother’s juicesoaked face. “I love it! I love it!” She felt her trembling body being brought to a feverish pitch as the older woman stroked her throbbing clit with her tongue.

Rona’s hands roamed over her daughter’s ripe body, squeezing and kneading her soft girlish flesh. Then she cupped her hands beneath the young girl’s ass to hold her cunt firmly in place, while she sucked on it.

“Ohhh, yessss, suck me, Mommy! Suck meeee!” the blonde girl screamed, thrashing her body about wildly.

Rona thrust the full length of her tongue deep into Marcy’s tight cunthole, feeling her cuntmuscles grasping and sucking at her tongue hungrily. While she tonguefucked the girl’s dripping cunt, she slid her middle finger between Marcy’s asscheeks and rammed deep into her tight little asshole.

Marcy bucked and squirmed in pain and delight.

“Aaarghhh, Mommy! That hurts! But I love it!”

Rona was aroused half out of her mind by the sweet tangy taste of her own daughter’s young cunt. The teenager’s obvious desire and pleasure, and her wildly thrashing movements just served to inflame the woman’s lust all the more.

Rona’s tongue continued to fuck Marcy’s pulsating pussyhole, faster and faster, deeper and deeper. And, at the same time, her stiffened finger kept fucking the girl’s small brown asshole.

“Ohhh, God, Mommy! Please make me come! I need to come soooo bad!” the teenager shrieked.

But, again, Rona deliberately slowed her tonguefucking motions, not wanting to let her daughter come just yet. And, for several more moments, the woman fucked the full length of her tongue in and out of Marcy’s pussy while she fucked her finger in and out of the teenager’s asshole.

“Ohhh, Mommy! I have to taste you too! I want to eat your cunt!” Marcy suddenly cried.

Her girl’s words made the woman’s pussy burn with excitement and desire. She raised her juice-covered face and grinned at Marcy, who eagerly grinned back.

Without another word, Rona quickly straddled the girl’s flushed face, positioning herself so that her open cunt was directly over her daughter’s wide-open mouth.

She went down again on Marcy’s juicy pussy and sucked hard, drawing out a steady thick stream of creamy fuck juice.

Marcy groaned as she stared up into her mother’s red, gaping pussy. She felt a hot thrill of lust shoot through her body, and she trembled all over with desire.

Rona’s pussylips were swollen with lust and wet from the cuntjuices that continued to seep from her fuckhole. Her little clit was hard and protruding stiffly from its protective sheath, and glistened lewdly with fuck juice as it twitched impatiently, waiting for Marcy’s tongue.

Marcy took a deep breath and then fucked her rigid tongue deep into her mother’s hot, tight cunt.

“Awwww, yessss!” Rona cried as she continued to suck and lick her daughter’s pussyhole.

She spread her legs apart, giving Marcy more room to lick and eat her pussy. She squirmed her ass and pressed her crotch hard against the girl’s sucking mouth.

“Yes, baby, yesssss, that’s it!” Rona yelled as Marcy’s tongue flicked in and out of her trembling pussy. “Do it, baby, do it good and hard! Suck your mommy’s pussy!”

Mother and daughter squirmed and twisted on the bed, moaning loudly as their bodies desperately sought release from the fiery lust that consumed them both. They sucked and licked and chewed each other’s pussy with wild abandon, thrilling to the obscene act of licking and being licked at the same time.

Marcy gripped her mother’s hips as she humped her own ass upward. Her long, thick tongue fucked deep into Rona’s sopping pussyhole, then pulled out and licked the hard throbbing clit. She felt her mother chewing greedily on her pussy, and she fought against coming, wanting to wait until they could both come together.

The two horny females lustfully clutched at each other, their hungry mouths moving wetly over each other’s hot trembling cunt. Their naked, sweat-soaked bodies twisted and shuddered as they climbed higher and higher toward their much-needed orgasms, both of them lost in their own private world of incestuous lust and pleasure.

Rona’s tongue teased Marcy’s soft outer cuntlips, licking the tasty pussyjuice as it dripped from the girl’s swollen cunt. She fucked her tongue deep into the hot depths of Marcy’s creamy cunt, licking the sensitive walls of her twitching pussyhole.

“Aaarghhhh!” Marcy cried as she shook uncontrollably. “My clit, Mommy, bite my clit!”

She wiggled her cunt against Rona’s face as she buried her face once more in the woman’s wet cunt.

“Unnhhh, ummmmmm,” Rona moaned, feeling her daughter’s hard tongue slashing across her aching clit. She took her face from her daughter’s pussy and snapped her head back, her eyes glazed with hot, unrelieved lust.

“Ohhh, baby, I’m gonna come! I’m almost there, Marcy! Help meeeee! Help your mother come! Suck my clit!” she wailed, losing all control.

Marcy’s own clit burned hotly with her mother’s obscene words. She needed to come too. She could make her mother come and then she could have her own orgasm. She could hardly wait to taste her mommy’s thick creamy cum.

She tongued Rona’s hard clit. Hot fuck juice was dripping from every part of the woman’s pussy as the teenager ate her cunt. Over and over again, Marcy’s hot cock-like tongue stabbed against Rona’s twitching clit.

“I’m commmiiinnnggg! You made me come sooo haaaard, Marcy! Commminnng!” Rona yelled as she clutched her daughter tightly. She wriggled and shook uncontrollably as waves of mind-blowing orgasm raced through her body.

Marcy gulped as her mother’s cunt exploded, sending torrents of hot thick cum pouring into her mouth. She pulled Rona down harder on her sucking mouth as her mother’s pussy twitched against her lips.

“Aieeeee!” Rona screeched as the peak of her climax struck her with full force. Her body shuddered and trembled under the savage tongue lashing her daughter was giving her orgasming pussy.

“Ohhh, darling, that feels sooo good!” Rona yelled.

Finally, she stopped trembling and buried her face in her daughter’s cunt once again. She began to tongue the girl’s clit which was poking out rigidly from its soft folds. She licked the tasty fuck juice that continued to ooze out. The older woman panted as she buried her tongue inside the soft lips of the teenager’s pussy.

“Ohhhh, yessss, suck me till I come, Mommy! I wanna come hard just like you did!” Marcy squealed, squirming and jerking beneath her mother’s exploring tongue.

Ran took her daughter’s clit between her lips and moved her head back and forth as she tongued the tip, looking for all the world like a dog worrying a bone. She reached under and cupped the teenager’s tight little ass, teasing at her ass-crack with her finger.

As the older woman continued to tongue and suck the trembling clit, she rammed one finger up the younger girl’s asshole, making Marcy’s entire body jerk and jump off the bed in a burst of shock and lust.

“Ahhh, I’m gonna come, Mom!” she yelled as her little cunt exploded in a thundering climax, pouring out a steady thick rainfall of cuntjuice directly into her mother’s mouth, which was still sucking.

Rona sucked hard on Marcy’s sensitive clit as it burned and throbbed in her mouth. Hot fuck juices poured from the teenager’s cunt, coveting Rona’s face and running unchecked down her chin.

“Don’t stop, Mommyyyy!” Marcy sobbed. “I’m still coming!” She jerked and bucked, kicking her legs out, pounding her fists against the bed as another climax raged through her hot little pussy.

“Aaarrrghhh! Ohhhhhhh, sooo good!” the young blonde whimpered.

“Oh, baby, that was so exciting!” Rona groaned as she pulled her mouth away from her daughter’s still-spasming cunt.

“Stay… stay on your hands and knees,” the teenager panted as she quickly scooted behind her mother and jabbed her thumb between the older woman’s swollen cuntlips.

“Unnhhhh, that feels great!” Rona moaned. Marcy grinned and worked her thumb up and down the hot, slick crack for a moment, giggling excitedly as her mother continued to cry out with joy. She fucked her thumb inside the woman’s pussy, then pulled it out again, and repeated the erotic action. Rona moaned and danced and wriggled on the end of her daughter’s thumb.

To the aroused woman, her daughter’s thumb felt like the imaginary prick that she pretended was fucking in and out of her cunt. And she groaned happily, fantasizing that her son was fucking his big hard cock furiously in and out of her steaming snatch.

“Aaarghhh! Soooo good!” she moaned shuddering violently as she felt Marcy’s thumb up her cunt. “Ohhh, God, you’re fucking me sooo good!”

Marcy’s index finger brushed lightly against the older woman’s stiff clit as she continued to fuck her thumb in and out of the tight hot pussy. Marcy held her fist firmly against her mother’s cunt and rocked her hips to and fro, just as though she were actually fucking a cock into Rona’s cunt.

Then, Marcy held her thumb still and Rona began to instinctively fuck her pussy.

“That’s right, Mom, fuck yourself on my thumb!” Marcy cried, urging the woman on.

“Why should she, when she has me to fuck her?” came a lust-hoarsened voice from the doorway.

“My God, who is that?” Rona asked, unable to see that part of the room and unwilling to change her dog-fucking position. “Oh, Mom,” Marcy groaned as she stared at Fred who was standing nakedly by the bed now, his big hard cock in one hand, aimed directly at his mother’s ass. “It’s Fred! He’s come to fuck you, Mom!”


Fred moved forward so that his mother, still crouched lewdly on the bed on all fours, could easily see him.

“Oh, God, Fred!” she gasped as she took in the exiting sight of the naked boy, holding his stiff cock out toward her, as if in offering.

“Looks like you could use some of this, Mom,” the youth husked, his eyes moving over his mother’s sexy body.

For just a minute, the woman thought of protesting that fucking would be wrong. For just a minute, she thought of getting up from her daughter’s bed, putting her nightgown on and leaving the room, never again to even think of having sex with her own children.

But then she remembered the valuable lesson she had just learned from her daughter. And she reminded herself that sex with her children could only deepen the love they felt for each other. If she needed any more convincing, she had only to realize that now, having made love with her daughter, her love for the young girl was deeper, surer, and warmer.

So she raised her head and smiled encouragingly at her son, licking her lips excitedly as she stared at his huge hard rod of cockmeat.

“You’re right, Fred. I do need your cock! Fuck me, Fred! Fuck your mother now!” she cried, all doubts gone from her lust-tortured mind.

“Ohhh, goody!” Marcy squealed, clapping her hands delightedly as she moved back from her mother’s ass to make room for her brother who was already scrambling onto the bed. “Fred’s gonna fuck Mommy! Fred’s gonna fuck Mommy!”

“You crazy kid,” Fred laughed as he affectionately ruffled his sister’s hair.

“Hey, Mom, turn around and lie on your back. I’d love to dog-fuck you some other time. But right now, I wanna be able to see your face and your tits while I fuck you!”

Moaning with excitement at her son’s obscene demand, Rona quickly and obediently got into the position the boy wanted — flat on her back with her legs spread wide for him.

“That’s better, Mom.” Fred grinned as he rubbed his huge rough hands across her soft milky tits, savoring the way her nips throbbed against his palms. He straddled his mother’s body, pleased by the expression of raw incestuous desire in the woman’s eyes.

She was unable to take her eyes from her son’s strong muscular body. She could feel the heat coming from his crotch, and she could smell his aroused musk.

The youth fiercely, passionately kissed his mother, forcing his hot tongue between her lips. At the same time, his hands roamed over her hard nips, bruising and pinching her titflesh.

“I think you should suck my cock first, Mom,” he said, his voice ragged with lust, moving up over his mother’s body and holding his prick out near her mouth. “Suck me, Mom!”

“Ohhh, yeah, suck him, Mom! You’ll love his cock! It tastes sooo good! And so does his aunt,” Marcy squealed, settling back on the bed and beginning to finger-fuck herself.

As Rona opened her mouth, her son shoved his bursting cock inside.

“Goon, Mom! Suck me hard!” he growled. The tip of Fred’s prick struck the back of Rona’s throat and she moaned, with sexual excitement as she felt her son thrusting his hand between her legs and rubbing her steaming pussy. Grinning, he fucked more of his thick cock into her mouth.

The mother felt her boy’s prick rubbing against the inside of her cheeks. His balls bounced against her chin, and her entire body trembled with lust.

She sucked deeply on her son’s throbbing cock as Fred moaned and groaned with ecstasy. The taste of her own boy’s prick drove the woman mad with excitement and desire. Marcy was right, she thought to herself, my little boy’s cock is delicious!

“She loves it, Freddy!” Marcy cried, watching the obscene action in front of her with a growing, raging lust as she continued to fuck two fingers in and out of her clenching fuckhole.

Fred groaned, his eyes on his sister as he felt his mother’s teeth graze the underside of his bursting cock.

Suddenly, Marcy moved toward the lovers and put her head between her mother’s legs. The musky smell of her mother’s cunt made the teenager’s head spin. She licked on the little trembling clit as Rona bucked and moaned in delight.

Marcy sucked wildly as her own body filled with intense pleasure. She wanted to make her mommy come, just as she had before. She wanted to taste her sweet pussyjuice again. And she longed to see her big brother’s cum spill from his cock out into her mother’s mouth and out over her face and tits.

“Good thinking, Sis! You suck Mom’s cunt while I feed her my dick!” Fred husked.

Rona responded feverishly to her daughter’s sucking mouth and to the forbidden taste of her son’s prick. She teased his cum-slit with the tip of her tongue as he fucked his cock in and out of her eagerly sucking mouth.

“You love it, don’t you, Mom? You love sucking your son’s prick!” Fred groaned.

“Ummmmfffff,” she responded, her mouth stuffed with the boy’s hard meat.

Fred’s entire body shuddered from the hot pleasure he was receiving from his mother’s mouth. While he fucked his prick in and out of her mouth, he thrilled to the sounds of his sister’s mouth slurping up their mother’s fuck juices. The pussy-eating sounds were behind him and, even though he couldn’t see what Marcy was doing, the loud juicy sounds coming from her mouth filled the boy’s mind with vivid images of what was going on, and his cock hardened even more inside his mother’s mouth.

Rona continued to suck her son’s prick, moaning and groaning over and over again. To have her own son’s cock fucking in and out of her hot wet mouth was a dream come true for the woman. She no longer fought her natural desires.

She longed to feel her son’s cum filling her mouth. She wanted to taste and swallow and savor the thick, white fuck cream when it poured from his cock.

Marcy’s hot tongue in her pussy drove the woman mad with lust and she twisted violently on the bed.

“I’m gonna come, Mom!” Fred cried suddenly as he fucked his bloated prick in and out of his mother’s greedy hot mouth.

Rona opened her mouth wider and prepared herself for her son’s jism. She felt his balls slapping against her chin as he fucked her mouth savagely now. Her body was a raging inferno of desire as she worked her tongue and lips on his hard pulsating prick.

“Here it comes, Mom! Ahhh, arrghhhh, unnhhhh!” the boy hollered as his cum squirted out violently, filling his mother’s hungry mouth.

“Ummmffff,” Rona moaned as she gobbled the delicious-tasting cum, loving the way the stuff slid warmly down her throat. She sucked harder as each wad of gooey cum spurted into her hotly sucking mouth.

“Commmiiinnnggg!” Fred cried, fucking his cock in and out of her mouth deeper and harder with each thrust. Shuddering with uncontrollable excitement, he spurted even more cum into her mouth, then finally fell over onto his side, his prick still hard and throbbing.

“Suck me hard, Marcy! I’m almost there!” Rona yelled, trembling as she felt her daughter’s tongue slashing brutally across her bunting clit. Marcy licked inside her mother’s wide-open cunt, tasting the woman’s delicious fuck juice as it flowed over her tongue and the back of her throat before she eagerly swallowed. She slurped noisily at the cunt, her tongue swishing inside, then out across her twitching clit.

Fred sat up and grinned, toying with his still hard prick, as he watched his sister eating out their mother’s pussy. His cock hardened even more as he watched the lewd actions of the two females who were carrying on like whores.

“Ohhhh, yessss, darling,” Rona groaned as every nerve in her body responded eagerly to her little daughter’s tongue. “I love what you’re doing to my pussy! I have to come! Don’t stop, baby! Make your mother come!”

Spurred on by her mother’s obscene pleas, the young girl continued to suck and tongue the woman’s cunt. She teased the little twitching clit with her stiffened tongue, then softly nibbled with the edges of her teeth. She sucked noisily and hungrily, wanting her mother to come in her mouth. An all-consuming lust swept through the teenaged girl’s body as her mother jerked and trembled on the bed.

“I’m coming, darling, comiiinnnggg!” Rona finally howled with excitement and relief as she reached the peak of her orgasm.

The woman screamed and thrashed wildly on the bed, snapping her head from side to side. Her cunt exploded as the thundering climax pulsated through her spasming pussy.

“Ohhh, yessss,” she hissed as her daughter’s hot tongue licked across her aching, spasming clit.

Marcy sucked and drank her mother’s creamy cum as the stuff poured from her hot orgasming pussy. And she fucked her tongue into her deeper than ever.

“Ohhhhh!” Rona moaned as the last of her climax tore through her, leaving her shuddering with passion and pleasure.

“Fuck her now, Freddy!” Marcy cried as she took her juice-smeared face away from the woman’s trembling cunt. “She’s really ready for it now… fuck her, Fred!”

“Yeah, Marcy’s right, Mom, it’s time to fuck you now,” Fred said huskily as he knelt between his mother’s legs, rubbing his swollen cockhead against her cunt.

“Mmmmm, yessss, it’s time now, Fred! Fuck me! Fuck your mother hard!” Rona yelled, tossing her head from side to side in a frenzy of fuck lust for her son’s big hard prick.

With a triumphant cry, the young boy suddenly fucked forward hard and fast and buried the full length of his enormous cock in his mother’s cunt.

“Yeeeooowwww! Ohhh, God, yessss!” Rona screamed as she felt a hot piercing pain mingling with a deep, satisfying pleasure.

“Unnnhhh, ohhh, Mom, your little cunt’s soooo fuckin’ tight!” the youth groaned.

He paused for a few minutes, savoring the sensation of his hard meat being hugged tightly by his mother’s expertly clutching cuntmuscles. This was a dream come true for him too. He had had more than one fantasy, and more than one wet dream, thinking about fucking his sexy mother and now, here he was, with his big hard prick buried up her willing little pussy.

Rona sobbed with incestuous pleasure as the ecstatic sensation spread through her entire body, making her quiver with pleasure and excitement.

“Ohhh, yesss, Son, yesss! Fuck me! Fuck me good and hard!” she groaned, thrashing wildly beneath her son’s fucking cock.

“Take it all, Mom! Take my whole cock up your little pussy and beg me for more!” Fred yelled, grinning obscenely at his mother’s lust contorted face.

“Oh, yesss, Son, I want it all! Gimme your whole cock! I need it! Ohhh, God, how I need it!” she rasped.

The violent twisting movements Rona was making beneath her son’s muscular body turned him on all the more. He loved the way his mother’s beautiful, sexy body felt under his, writhing and twisting frantically.

“Great, Mom! I love the way you’re moving! Wiggle those sexy hips of yours! Slain your little pussy up against me! Give me a good fuck, Mom!” he cried.

The woman’s cuntjuice was flowing free, nicely lubricating her son’s thick meaty cock. Her cuntmuscles gripped his hot cock, and she sighed with pleasure, totally surrendering to the boy’s fucking prick.

“Faster… harder… deeper,” she panted breathlessly.

Fred laughed and increased the tempo of his fucking. With a steady, relentless rhythm, his cock fucked deep into her cunt.

Rona’s body eagerly responded and she felt consumed with pleasure — hot, incestuous, orgasm-seeking pleasure. Each thrust of her son’s swollen prick was met by an upward thrust of her crotch as she tried to suck his cockmeat even deeper into her cunt.

“Fuck her hard, Fred! Fuck her fast! Fuck her good! The horny, bitch loves it!” Marcy shrilled.

The young girl was busily finger-fucking herself, having climax after mind-blowing climax as she watched the forbidden scene of her big brother fucking their mother.

Marcy’s fingers slid up into her flowing pussy hole, and she began to finger-fuck herself faster and harder, grinning excitedly as she watched her brother fucking his thick hard prick into their mother’s grasping cunt.

“Ohhh, yessss, Son! Give it to me! Give me all your meat!” Rona yelled, feeling an exciting surge of heat in her pussy with each thrust of Fred’s gigantic prick.

“Aarrgbhh!” the boy groaned as he felt his mother’s strong cuntmuscles massaging his fucking prick. He fucked his prickmeat deep into her pussy, his cockshaft scraping against the raw sensitive walls of her throbbing cunt.

“Unnhhh, I love this sooo much, Freddy! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Make me come! Fill my little cunt with all your cum.” Rona yelled as ripples of incestuous pleasure raced through her entire body.

“Go, Freddy, go!” Marcy cried, only half aware of her own words, she was so dazed by fuck-lust. “Fuck her hard like she wants it! She loves it like that!” she cried, flicking her wet fingers in and out of her own slick cunthole.

Fred glanced at his finger-fucking sister and he groaned with even more excitement. He gazed at the young girl’s wet fingers fucking in and out of her spasming pussy. He felt blessed to have such horny females at his beck and call now. He licked his lips and grinned as he thought of all the years ahead, years to be filled with sucking and fucking, with both his mother and sister begging him and his father for more.

He felt his mother’s tits pressed against his broad chest, and, lowering his head, he bit brutally into her turgid tit-flesh, making her nips harden even more and throb with pain and pleasure.

“Yeeeooowww! Yessssss, I love it!” Rona screamed. “Bite my tits, Son, bite your mother’s tits!”

Fred grinned and bit hard into her tits again. He groaned with excitement as he lapped at her tit-flesh, thrilling to the knowledge that it was his own mother’s tits he was licking.

The tight walls of the woman’s cunt clung to her son’s prick as he fucked into her cunt. Each violent lunge of his prick sent jolts of ecstasy through the woman’s body and her quivering cunt. Her clit trembled each time he fucked into her.

Rona wriggled and writhed beneath her son’s fucking body. As he continued to fuck the full length of his cock into his mother’s juicy pussy, her orgasm mounted, each nerve of her pussy tingling. The base of Fred’s prick pounded against her twitching clit.

“Ohhh, unnhhhh, I’m gonna shoot, Mom!” the boy bellowed as his balls tightened up painfully against the base of his cock. “I’m gonna shoot all my cum up your pussy!”

“Ohhhh, yessss, Son, do it! Come! Fill my little cunt with all of your hot jizz!” Rona screamed as her own climax exploded through her cunt.

Wave after wave of all-consuming passion raced through her trembling, feverish body as she came and came. Brilliant spots of dizzying color danced behind her closed eyelids, and her mind spun crazily as she continued to come.

“Commmiiinnnggg, oh, God, my own son’s making me come with his huge cock!” she shrieked.

“I’m coming, too, Mom! It’s soooo fuckin’ great!” Fred roared as thick torrents of cum spurted from his cock, flowing into the woman’s sucking cunthole, drowning her entire pussy and dribbling lewdly from her firm, quaking thighs.

Rona thrilled to the lewd sensation of her own son’s cum burning a path up her cunt and into her belly.

“Ahhhhhh, darling!” she cried as her spasming pussy pulsated against his thrusting prick. “Fuck meeeeee!”

Suddenly, Rona felt the bed shifting and she raised her head, gasping with shock and excitement when she saw her naked husband crouching behind Marcy, the young girl already on all fours as she impatiently waited for her daddy to fuck her ass.

“My God!” Rona gasped, turning on even more.

“Jesus!” Fred exclaimed as he turned his head and saw his father, with cock in hand, preparing to ass-fuck the young girl.

“Well, after all, I thought I might as well join in. With all the noise you three are making, I can’t get any sleep!” Jerry said with a grin, making his family laugh.

“Then it’s all right, darling?” Rona panted, reaching one hand out toward her husband.

“It’s more than all right, Rona,” he responded, taking her hand and clasping it warmly in his own. “It’s wonderful! It’s about time we all got together… like a real family.”

The couple exchanged tender smiles before letting go of each other’s hand and concentrating on their children once again.

“Oh, hurry, Daddy! Watching Mommy and Freddy getting it on like that made me really horny!” Marcy cried, wriggling her little trim ass impatiently.

“Okay, okay, baby, just relax… here comes your daddy’s great big cock… right up your ass!” the man answered with a laugh as, using both hands, he peeled the cheeks of his daughter’s ass back and aimed the pulsing head of his prick toward her quivering little asshole.

“Do it, Daddy, do it! Fuck my ass!”

“You got it, baby, you got it!” he said thickly.

With that, the man fucked forward forcefully, burying the full length of his massive cock in his daughter’s bowels.

“Yeeooowww! Aiiieeeee! God that hurts, Daddy!” the girl gasped, but her voice was filled with pleasure and lust. They all knew that she enjoyed the pain as much as the pleasure.

Jerry pulled his prick out of his daughter’s asshole until only his broad cockhead remained in the clasp of her firm assmuscles. Then, after rearing far back for the greatest leverage, he fucked forward again with so much force that his thrust knocked almost all the air out of Marcy’s body.

“God! God! God!” she gasped, tears of excitement and pleasure filling her eyes.

She turned her head toward the other couple and gasped again as she saw that they were still fucking each other. Even after dumping all that thick cum into his mother’s pussy, Fred’s prick was still hard and he was continuing to thrust it in and out of the woman’s steaming twat, aiming for another orgasm.

“Ohhh, it’s sooo beautiful,” Rona moaned as she watched her husband ass-fucking their young daughter.

Fred and his father exchanged a meaningful glance, both of them grinning, as they continued to fuck their big hard cocks in and out of the hot little holes before them.

“More, more, more!” Rona cried, tossing her head from side to side, her body soaked with sweat as she thrust her crotch up hard against her son’s, trying desperately to suck even more of his prickmeat into her pussyhole.

“Harder… faster… deeper,” Marcy gasped, humping her taut ass back onto her father’s cock, which neatly impaled her.

“Unnhhhh, I’m gonna pop!” Fred cried moments later.

“Me too!” Marcy cried as her orgasm struck her with full force.

“Ohhh, God, I can’t hold back… gonna come!” Jerry groaned as he shot his wad into his daughter’s asshole.

“Unnhhhh, aiiieeee!” Rona yelped as her own climax crashed through her.

Marcy grinned as she looked around at her beloved family, all of them coming together, all of them in sync, feeling more loved and loving than ever before, and she realized that this was just the beginning for all of them.

Now that they were all sexually liberated, she knew that she could look forward to years of more fucking, more sucking, many more orgasms while their love for each other could only continue to grow.

And she came again.

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