Swappers next door

Liv Adams mixed herself a stiff drink. She flopped down in the new living room chair and propped her long, tanned legs up on a stool. Then she looked down at her full, curvy figure and sighed.

Liv had on a new, sexy nightgown. It barely covered the rosy hard nipples of her thrusting titties. Liv knew that she looked good enough to eat. It hadn’t made any difference though. Jim had passed out right after he came home from the office, three hours late again, as usual. It didn’t do any good to get dressed up for Jim. He was more interested in the bottom of a bottle of scotch than he was in her lush curves.

Liv sighed angrily. She heard her husband’s snores coming from the bedroom. She had been hot all day. She thought that Jim would fuck her for sure when she planned their evening. She had the drinks mixed on time and she waited in her sexy nightgown. Nothing had worked out the way she had planned it though. Jim had come straight home and flopped on the bed.

Liv tasted her drink and shivered slightly. Her pussy rubbed against the silky material of the gown and she shivered again. She was burning up with lust. She just had to do something to get Jim to fuck her. It had been two weeks since he had touched her.

A smile flashed across Liv’s face. There was only one thing she hadn’t tried. She had nothing to lose.

Liv stood up with a determined expression on her face. She walked into the bedroom and stopped in the doorway. Jim was lying crosswise on the bed, snaring drunkenly. He looked like he wasn’t going to be good for anything except eight hours of sleep. She had to try though. It was her last chance.

Jim sighed as she rolled him over to his back. He kept right on snoring even when Liv reached down and slid down the zipper on the front of his pants.

Liv pulled out Jim’s cock. It was limp, like a noodle. She couldn’t believe that this had been the man who had swept her off his feet with his hard, stiff cock only four years ago. Jim’s prick looked so limp that it was hard to imagine it stiff and powerful.

Liv knelt down at Jim’s side. She just had to try to get his cock hard. He wouldn’t have to do anything if she could only get it stiff. She’d do all the work. She just had to have something in her aching, moist pussy.

Liv ran her slim fingers over the head of Jim’s cock. She stared at it, willing it to get bigger and stiffer. Nothing happened though. Her caresses were making absolutely no difference in Jim’s cock. He wasn’t even waking up. His eyelids weren’t even flickering now. Liv sighed. This called for drastic measures. Jim had always loved it when she sucked his big cock. Maybe that would make a difference. She didn’t see how he could stay limp if she did a good job of licking and sucking his prick.

The tip of Liv’s tongue shot out. She licked over the rough surface of Jim’s balls and was rewarded by a small groan. That was encouraging.

Liv licked up the limp shaft of Jim’s prick, all the way to the head. Then she ran her tongue around the head in little darting circles, hoping for a miracle. Whoever was passing out miracles that night didn’t seem to take kindly to her ministrations though. Jim’s cock remained as flaccid as ever.

Liv opened her mouth wide. She sucked the tip of Jim’s cock right into her mouth, sliding it down her throat. It was easier to suck when it was soft like this. She could fit the whole thing into her mouth. Liv sucked and licked for a long time. She was encouraged by several drunken groans from Jim, but nothing happened to the size of his cock. Her hot mouth and squeezing throat were doing nothing to increase the size of Jim’s prick. It seemed almost smaller than before. “Damn!” Liv sighed, letting Jim’s dangling cock plop out of her mouth. It flopped back on his belly like a small pink worm. There was no use in going on with it. Liv was positive that she could suck Jim’s cock all night and he wouldn’t even feel it.

The itch in Liv’s pussy was getting stronger and stronger. That always happened when she sucked cock. There was nothing that Jim could do to take care of her cunt though, when he couldn’t even get his cock hard. She would have to take care of her pussy herself, like she’d done so many times in the past year.

Liv walked back to the living room and stared out the balcony window. There were plenty of men out there with stiff cocks. Why couldn’t she have married one of them?

Liv’s face felt hot and flushed. She pushed her dark hair back from her forehead and shivered. She knew lots of women in her predicament who would go out and find another man to take care of their lust. Liv didn’t quite have that kind of nerve though.

Liv wrapped her arms around her body. She wished that she had a man to hold her… to drive his big cock into her eager pussy and make her come. That kind of thinking was getting her nowhere though. There wasn’t anyone around except for Jim and he was in no condition to do anything but sleep it off. There would be no stiff cock for her tonight.

Liv looked around the apartment. It was a beautiful place to live. She had thought that she and Jim would be happy here. It was a brand new high rise and there was a balcony running the length of the apartment with a view of the Washington skyline. She could see the Washington monument in the distance.

Liv opened the sliding balcony doors. The cool air felt good on her flushed face. She stepped out on the balcony and sat down in a chaise lounge. She could see lights on in the other apartments.

Liv could see a blonde woman walking past the window and there was a good-looking man sitting on the couch. It was kind of strange being able to see straight into their apartment from here.

Suddenly Liv gasped. The man pulled the blonde woman down beside him on the couch and his hands fumbled at the front of her robe. Then the robe slipped down and Liv could see the woman’s high titties gleaming in the light. Now Liv wished even more than ever that she was in the apartment across the way. She sighed lustfully as the man’s mouth lowered to the woman’s titties and sucked one rosy nipple. Waves of jealousy ran through Liv’s body as she watched. She wanted her titties sucked too. If only Jim were more of a man.

The couple across the way kissed for a long moment. Liv tried to relax and watch them. The man over there wasn’t passed out cold like Jim was. That woman was lucky. Liv wondered how she managed to keep her husband interested in her. She had beautiful titties, but Liv knew that her titties were just as pretty. It wasn’t fair that Jim didn’t pay that kind of attention to her.

Liv sighed as she saw the blonde’s hands moving across the front of her husband’s pants. She tugged his zipper down and his long, hard cock popped out like a spear. Liv sighed again, wishing that Jim’s cock would be that hard. The blonde’s husband was really turned on. He squeezed the blonde’s titties and Liv could see his cock grow bigger and harder with each squeeze.

Liv remembered how it used to be with Jim, when they were first married. Jim had fucked her everywhere. It seemed like he couldn’t keep his hands off her. They had fucked in the living room, the bathroom, even the kitchen. Now she was lucky if she got a goodnight peck on the cheek.

Liv’s hands reached up toward her own quivering titties. She squeezed and tugged at her nipples. It felt so good she cried out in pleasure. She pretended that the man was squeezing her titties. It felt even better that way. She could watch and pretend that she was the lucky blonde woman.

Now the woman was slipping down her husband’s pants. He helped her kick them off. Then their bodies locked in a torrid embrace. Liv could see his cock pressing against her thighs.

Liv’s thigh began to jerk, just as if the man’s prick was pressing against her own warm flesh. She let out a muffled cry of excitement and her fingers slipped down to her moist pussy, grasping the hot, velvety mound of pussyflesh right through the thin gown she was wearing.

The blonde woman’s body was trembling as her husband’s prick jerked out stiffly. She wrapped her fingers around his throbbing cockshaft. She jerked it up and down, the red glossy head throbbing slickly in the light.

“Oooooh,” Liv moaned. She unbelted the robe. She reached down the length of her body to cup her pussymound.

That was better. Now Liv could feel the silky pussyhair tickling her fingers and a warm flash of sensation throbbed between her puffy cuntlips.

Liv’s finger slipped in, right between the quivering lips of her pussy. It glided up the hot slit of her cunt and squished through her flowing hot juices to rim the erect little button of her straining pink clitty.

“Aaaah!” Liv moaned again. She started to twirl the little love button around and around. Her body shook with passion. It felt like her fingers didn’t belong to her. She wasn’t playing with her own pussy. The handsome man in the other apartment was doing it to her, making her feel all these wonderful sensations.

Liv watched the blonde woman lean down. She saw her mouth approach the man’s cock and her tongue slipped out. Then she was licking up the stiff stalk of her husband’s prick, eating it like she was eating a dripping ice cream bar.

Liv’s lips opened widely. It was as if she was the blonde woman, licking her husband’s fat prick. His fingers were on her pussy, swirling, dipping, making the waves of sensation roll through her body, leaving her breathless with lust and desire.

The blonde woman slipped down to the rug. Her legs snapped out widely, exposing her ripe pink pussy to her husband’s eyes. He stared at the erotic sight for a moment and then he dropped to his knees too, burying his long cock in the moist folds of her hot cunt.

“Aaaaaah!” Liv groaned. Her fingers were bunched together — three of them, the size of a cock. They plunged into her wet pussyhole again and again as she duplicated the man’s actions.

Liv watched the blonde woman’s body tremble. She could see the man’s cock emerge from her pussy, coated with white, hot cream. She saw the woman’s mouth open. She was squealing in pleasure as her husband’s stiff cock reamed out her juicy pussyhole.

Liv’s fingers plunged and twirled until she could barely catch her breath. Liv’s body stiffened suddenly. The sweeping waves of pleasure in her pussy were getting stronger and stronger. They seemed to light her whole body on fire with passion.

Liv felt like she was on a roller coaster, speeding down a steep incline. Her legs lifted up to swing in the air, high above her head, as her hand worked frantically in her wet, snapping pussy.

The blonde woman threw her head back. Her legs shot up too, right around her husband’s back. Then her body stiffened.

Liv couldn’t hold back any longer. Her mouth opened. Her squeal of pleasure split the air as her fingers thrust deeply into her spasming pussyhole.

“Aaaaagh!” she gasped. “Oh, yes! AAAAAGH!”

Liv came so hard that the whole lounge chair wiggled back and forth. The delicious spasms of orgasm tore through her body and made her quiver and squeal again and again. She came so hard that she almost fell off the lounge, her legs wiggling and her asscheeks quivering on the plastic cushions.

By the time Liv looked over at the apartment again the man was lying in a collapsed heap on top of the blonde. They snuggled together and Liv could see her smile in satisfaction.

Now that it was over, Liv was shocked by what she had done. She pulled her thin robe closely around her body. Liv gazed furtively around, hoping that none of her neighbors had heard her cries. Everything was quiet and dark in the surrounding apartments. Liv shivered and breathed a sigh of relief. Thank God no one had heard her!

She got up stiffly from the lounge and locked the patio door behind her. She felt better now, even though she shouldn’t have taken a chance like that. At least her pussy wasn’t itching and creaming lustily any more.

As Liv settled down to sleep on the couch, she tried to figure out some way to meet the couple across the way. Anyone who would fuck in front of an open window might be interested in other sexy games. Liv smiled and pulled the blanket up around her chin. She was ready to start playing games. She was sick of having to beg for Jim’s attention. It was time to make a fresh start, and the place to start was the apartment on the other side of the building.


Vonda glanced in the mirror as she brushed out her long, wavy auburn hair. She was hoping to see an answering glance from Mitchel, her husband. Mitchel was engrossed in one of his business magazines though.

Vonda knew better than to interrupt Mitchel when he was deliberating over his investments. He always took this little interval before bedtime to work on his stocks and bonds. She didn’t dare complain. Mitchel had made a real killing in the stock market in the last year. They had been able to buy this expensive condominium outright from the profits on his investments.

Mitchel smiled suddenly. He looked carefree and excited. It was the face that Vonda loved to see. Mitchel had probably made a good investment. That meant he was in the mood to celebrate.

“Spanotreck’s looking good,” Mitchel commented. “It’s a damn good thing I held on. Harry wanted me to sell last week and I’m glad I didn’t.”

Vonda grinned. “I don’t understand a thing about that stock market business, sugar,” she answered, picking up the brush again. “I just think you’re a regular genius for making all that money though. Why I wouldn’t know the first thing about it.”

Mitchel grinned. That was what he loved most about Vonda. It made him feel powerful and manly, knowing that she depended on him for everything.

Vonda lifted her arms high over her head. Now that she had Mitchel’s attention, she intended to make the most of it. She brought the hairbrush down in a sweeping, graceful gesture that made her titties almost pop right out of her sheer nightgown. She knew that Mitchel loved to watch her brush her hair. He said it was one of woman’s most graceful poses.

Mitchel watched the rise and swell of his wife’s titties. He felt a growing, warm sensation in his crotch and his cock throbbed impatiently. Vonda would be finished with her hair in just a minute and then he could watch her slip out of her nightgown and join him in bed. Mitchel was ready for a little celebration tonight. He always felt like fucking when he’d make some money from an investment.

Vonda deliberately took a few extra minutes to finish brushing her hair. She knew that the longer she waited, the more aroused Mitchel would be when she came to bed. That suited her fine. She had been thinking about fucking all day. While Mitchel was at the office, she’d had to play with her hot pussy twice to keep from being too brazen when he came home. Mitchel was the type of man who didn’t think it was a wife’s place to initiate fucking. When Vonda and Mitchel had been married, she had pretended to be innocent about sex. That was the way that Mitchel wanted it. She never told Mitchel about the other men she’d fucked with before she met him. If Mitchel had known just how experienced Vonda was, he never would have married her.

Vonda felt a quiver of excitement in her moist pussy as she thought about all the fun she used to have in bed with other men. Mitchel was no prize as a lover. He never wanted to experiment with other positions and he didn’t seem to want her to suck his cock. At least he had never asked her to do it and Vonda wasn’t about to admit that she knew about something as lusty as cocksucking.

Vonda glanced in the mirror again. She really had Mitchel’s attention now and his cock was sticking straight up under the sheets. It was time for her to come to bed. If she waited much longer, Mitchel would think she didn’t want to fuck and that would be a terrible mistake as far as Vonda’s hot, throbbing pussy was concerned.

Vonda stood up and stretched, raising her slim arms above her head so that her lush titties jiggled in a very provocative manner. Then she reached out and switched off the light on the dresser.

Vonda knew exactly what to do to make Mitchel excited. She had learned early that Mitchel didn’t want the light on when they were fucking. She had suggested it once and Mitchel had acted really shocked. He liked to watch her undress in the dim light coming in through the window, but a bright light was just too brazen.

Vonda slipped off the shoulder straps of her gown. She pushed the gown down to her waist, facing Mitchel. Then she wiggled her hips until the wispy garment slithered to the floor.

Mitchel cleared his throat. “Are you tired, sweets?” he asked in a low voice.

Vonda shook her head. “No. I’m not sleepy at all. Are you, sugar?”

Mitchel grinned in the darkness. That was what he had been waiting to hear. That was their signal for a romp in bed.

“I’m not tired at all,” he answered promptly. “Maybe we’ll have to think of something to relax us so we can sleep.”

Vonda slipped in between the sheets. Sometimes the little games they played struck her as being kind of funny. It was strange that Mitchel couldn’t come right out and ask her if she wanted to fuck. It just wasn’t Mitchel’s way of doing things. And Mitchel always did things his way… even fucking.

Vonda rolled over so she was lying on her back, her titties thrusting out at the sheet. She could feel her nipples brush against the smooth material and the warmth in her pussy grew. She had to wait for Mitchel to make the first move though. It wouldn’t do for her to reach out and touch him first.

Vonda smiled as she felt Mitchel’s hands reach out for her titties. He always started that way. A touch or two on her nipples, a fast grope under the covers for the bushy mound of her pussy and then action.

Mitchel was true to form. His fingers plucked at her nipples a bit. Then his hands slid down to her beaver and lightly patted her cunt. Then he rolled over on his hands and knees and held his body poised over hers.

Now Vonda was permitted to move. She groaned a little and kissed Mitchel’s chest lightly with her ups. She wiggled her hips a little and moaned again, waiting for him to start the familiar procedure.

“I bet I know what you want,” Mitchel said in a husky voice. “You want something nice and hard, don’t you, sweets?”

“Mmmmmm,” Vonda replied, wiggling harder. “I sure do. Have you got something for me, sugar? Something nice and hard?”

Mitchel chuckled. He got a kick out of talking to Vonda like this. It made him feel like he was going to fuck a virgin for the first time. It made his cock swell up hard and stiff as he held it right over her fluffy pussymound.

“Give me your hand and I’ll show you a surprise,” Mitchel chuckled. That was the only time Vonda was permitted to touch him. He had to guide her hand to his prick.

Vonda reached out eagerly. Her fingers closed around the stiffened shaft of Mitchel’s cock.

“Oooooh!” she exclaimed, pretending to be surprised. “It sure is nice and hard. Is all that for me, sugar?”

“You bet it is!” Mitchel said in a gravely voice. “And I know just where we’ll put it. Spread your legs, sweets. I know you’ve got a nice place for it.”

Vonda could hardly wait to feel Mitchel’s hard cock in her pussy. She’d have to be careful tonight. She was horny and she felt like grabbing his prick and begging him to fuck her. That wasn’t the way the game went though.

“That’s a good girl,” Mitchel said when Vonda’s legs opened widely. “Now shut your eyes and let me give you a real nice treat.”

Vonda closed her eyes obediently.

There was a long tense moment of expectation. Then Vonda felt a stiff poking at her eager pussylips. The head of Mitchel’s cock was banging against her pussyhole, seeking entrance. Vonda wanted to guide it in, but that was another thing she didn’t dare do. Mitchel had told her that a lady didn’t do things like that. A lady lay there passive until her husband got it in. It wasn’t nice to help or indicate that she was in a hurry.

For a moment Vonda felt like screaming. She wanted Mitchel’s cock in her pussy so badly. She didn’t want to wait until he fumbled around. She thought of the men she’d known who hadn’t been hungup like Mitchel. They didn’t care if she begged for cock or reached up to stuff their pricks in her hot cunthole. Mitchel cared though and Vonda sighed in exasperation.

Mitchel heard his wife sigh. He thought it was a sigh of passion and he took extra long centering his prick at her snapping pussyhole.

Vonda forced herself to lie quiet and submissive. If she acted too bold it would turn Mitchel off. She certainly didn’t want that to happen. Not when her pussy was so hot.

Finally Mitchel got the head of his cock in the right place. He lunged forward forcefully, sliding easily into Vonda’s tight pussychannel.

“Aaahhhhhh!” Vonda moaned. She knew that Mitchel didn’t like her cry of delight when he first entered her pussy but she couldn’t help it. That was one thing that Mitchel couldn’t control.

“Open your eyes, sweets,” Mitchel whispered. “How do you like my little surprise?”

Vonda’s eyes flew open gratefully. She smiled up at her husband. “Ooooooh, it’s a wonderful surprise,” she replied, trying to smile demurely. “I really like it.”

Vonda’s head was spinning. Like it? That was the understatement of the year. Mitchel’s cock felt so good in her shuddering pussy that it was all Vonda could do to keep from moaning out lustily in delight.

Mitchel began to shove his hard cock in and out of Vonda’s tightly snapping pussy. It felt so good that Vonda had to continually remind herself not to squeal as she wanted to do. She pressed her lips together firmly.

Vonda’s legs began quivering. She longed to throw them around Mitchel’s back, pushing his cock even deeper in her cunt. But a lady didn’t move when she was fucking, unless her husband told her it was all right.

For a split second Vonda wondered what Mitchel would do if she wrapped her legs around his neck and squealed for him to fuck her harder. She was wise enough not to try it. He would surely stop if she started acting like she really felt.

Mitchel gasped as he plunged his stiff prick in Vonda’s cunt. He knew she was excited. He felt her hot cuntwalls gripping his cock. He decided that it was time to give Vonda a little treat. She had been a good girl so far.

“You can put your legs up now, sweets,” Mitchel grunted. “Go ahead, I want you to.”

Vonda’s legs snapped up around his back. She felt a wave of shuddery feeling rush through her pussy and another flood of cream soaked her quivering tissues. If Mitchel fucked her this way for just a little longer, she knew that she was going to come. She could feel the waves of pleasure building up to a climax in her hot, creamy pussytunnel.

Vonda hung on tightly with her legs. Mitchel was pounding harder and harder now. It was just the way she liked it. His cock was pistoning in and out so fast she could barely catch her breath.

“Oh!” she gasped, feeling the air whoosh out of her lungs. “Oooooh!”

Mitchel stopped for an instant. He looked down at Vonda for a sign of disobedience. She knew that he didn’t want her to cry out when they were fucking.

“Hush!” he said, staring right at her flushing face. “Be a good girl now and don’t make any noise. You know I don’t like that.”

Vonda pressed her lips together again. She had nothing to say. She had to remember to keep quiet. She wanted Mitchel’s cock to go on pounding in and out of her pussy.

Mitchel noticed Vonda’s obedient expression. She looked nice and submissive now. He relaxed and started to work his cock in and out again.

Vonda sighed softly with relief. She had been afraid that Mitchel would pull his cock out for a minute. She hadn’t meant to make that much noise. It felt so good though and she still didn’t understand why it was so important to Mitchel that she act like a lady all through fucking.

Mitchel’s cock picked up speed once again. Now it was slamming in and out as hard as before. Vonda felt her cunt shake with the ecstatic waves rushing through her body. She was awfully close to coming. She just hoped that she could control herself when she came. If she didn’t, Mitchel would remember. It would be a long time before he fucked her again if she acted too wild.

Suddenly Vonda felt like she was nearing the top of a roller coaster. The thrills were getting sharper every second. She hung on to Mitchel’s back with all her strength and gritted her teeth. She mustn’t make a sound when she came.

Vonda gasped for air and a sigh escaped her lips. Then the tide was breaking and her pussy spasmed wildly as she came.

“Mmmmmmm!” Vonda responded. She opened her eyes quickly and then she smiled. Mitchel hadn’t even heard her. He was too intent on slamming his cock in her pussy to notice anything else.

“Yeah!” Mitchel groaned. His eyes were glazed and there was a wild look on his face. Now Vonda knew that she could respond without him even noticing. This was the part that she loved more than anything else. When Mitchel was close to coming like this, he didn’t seem to notice if she wiggled her hips and groaned.

Mitchel slammed in and out so hard that Vonda felt like her pussy was going to split in two. She swiveled her hips and moaned continually as Mitchel kept right on fucking harder and harder.

“Do you want it?” Mitchel gasped.

“Yes,” Vonda hissed. “I want it, sugar. Give it to me! Give it all to me, right now!”

Mitchel threw back his head and groaned. His cock shot to the back of her pussytunnel, pressing right up against the soft, hotness of her womb. Then he clenched his fists and his face grimaced with lust.

“Here it is!” he shouted. “Take it all, sweets — take it all!”

Vonda’s hips beat a tattoo against the mattress. She felt Mitchel’s cum gush out of the head of his prick and splatter against the back of her cunt. Spurt after spurt of the hot cream blasted out and Vonda forgot all about being a lady in bed. “Aaaaah!” she howled, feeling her pussy snap wildly again. “Yes, sugar — YESSSS!”

Vonda’s body shuddered. She wrapped her arms around Mitchel’s sweaty back and dug her nails into the skin. She kissed him, nipping at his earlobe ferociously.

“Aaaaaagh!” she squealed hoarsely. Her pussy was coming again and she hadn’t thought that it was possible. Mitchel must have fucked her just long enough this time. She’d never come twice like this with him before. It felt so wonderful that Vonda forgot everything for a long, passion-filled moment.

Mitchel kept right on lunging as his cock spit and hosed what seemed like gallons of hot cum into Vonda’s pussymouth.

“Whew!” he sighed, rolling over and getting out of bed to use the bathroom. “That was really nice, wasn’t it, sweets?”

Vonda smiled and nodded. She didn’t trust herself to speak yet. She waited until Mitchel had closed the door to the bathroom and then she giggled in rapture. What a blast! She’d really pulled off a good one on Mitchel. He didn’t think it was proper for a woman to come more than once. This time Vonda had made it twice and Mitchel didn’t even know. She was one up on him for the first time in her whole married life.

Vonda tiptoed to the other bathroom and shut the door. With any luck, Mitchel would be sleeping by the time she got back to bed.

Vonda washed her pussy carefully. It still tingled from the aftermath of her intense orgasms. She thought about the salesman who had made her come nearly all night. She almost wished that she could see him again.

Vonda sat down on the edge of the tub. She was really satisfied with Mitchel tonight. That didn’t really make up for all the times she had been left frustrated though. If she thought that she could get away with it, she’d have an affair with a real man on the side… a man who would let her suck his cock and squeal out everything when they were fucking. It had been years since she’d had a really wild fuck. She remembered the engineer who had licked her pussy and made her come that way. Mitchel would never do something like that.

Vonda rinsed out the washcloth. She had no business being dissatisfied with Mitchel tonight. She didn’t know why she was thinking this way. Maybe the years of frustration were taking their toll at last. She ached for a wild lover, one who would welcome her lips all over his body.

Vonda saw that Mitchel was already asleep and she resisted the urge to wake him up and talk with him. She felt lonely tonight.

“Shit!” Vonda whispered softly. Maybe it was time to cut loose and think about having an affair. She could get away with it, alone all day in the apartment. Mitchel would never know the difference.

As Vonda fell asleep she thought about a handsome lover who would lick her pussy and encourage her to try all sorts of new, kinky things.


Liv picked up her purse and lacked the door behind her. As she entered the elevator, she noticed two other women.

“This is the slowest elevator I’ve ever been in,” the blonde woman commented, smiling.

Liv smiled back, nodding politely. Then her face turned pasty white as she realized who the woman was. She was the same woman Liv had watched last night from the balcony!

Liv quickly shifted her gaze to the other woman. She was a tall redhead, beautiful enough to be a high-fashion model. Liv turned away self-consciously and gazed at the elevator dial. It was down to the third floor now. She was relieved that this ride would be over soon.

The elevator seemed to hesitate a moment and then it stopped, suspended between the second and third floors.

“What’s wrong with this thing now?” the blonde woman asked, punching the buttons frantically. “Nothing’s happening!”

The redhead laughed. “I heard they were having trouble with it,” she said. “It’s just stuck and I’m sure a repair crew will be here in a few minutes.”

“God! I always have all the luck!” the blonde chuckled. “I’ve dreamed about getting stuck in an elevator with a handsome man for years now, and here I am with you two. I guess I just don’t live right.”

Liv spoke before she had time to think. “If I had a husband like yours, I wouldn’t need to dream about getting stuck in an elevator with a handsome man,” she said.

Suddenly Liv realized what she had said. Her face turned bright red. There was no way she could explain her remark without letting the woman know that she had been watching them last night from her balcony.

“If you’ve already met my husband, I guess I should introduce myself,” the blonde woman said. “I’m Sharon Gunther, Dan’s long-suffering wife.”

The redhead laughed. “And I’m Vonda Paige,” she chimed in. “Who are you, honey?”

“I’m Liv Adams,” she answered, beginning to relax a little.

“Well, girls…” Sharon said, sinking down to sit on the carpeted floor of the elevator. “What are we going to do while we wait for the repairmen? Play with ourselves?”

Vonda sputtered in delight. She couldn’t believe that Sharon had said something like that. Maybe there were interesting people in the building after all.

“It is getting kind of hot in here,” Sharon said, shrugging her shoulders. “Why don’t we sit here nude and play some cards. That ought to set the repairmen on their ears when they get here. Can you imagine their faces when they open the elevator doors and find us naked?”

Liv giggled. The idea was simply outrageous. She felt like doing something outrageous for a change.

Liv took a deep breath. Then she slipped out of her dress and tossed it in the corner. “I’m willing to give those repairmen a treat,” she giggled. “I can hardly wait to see their faces.”

Vonda giggled too. “Count me in,” she decided. “I just hope that this elevator doesn’t open up into the lobby. There’s going to be a lot of shocked people if they bring it straight down.”

Sharon smiled merrily. “It was my idea, so I can’t very well back out,” she said, standing up to take off her blouse and slacks.

The girls were in luck. By the time they had played one hand of hearts, they heard a pounding on the top of the elevator.

“Let me in,” a male voice boomed out. “Just press the button that releases the catch on top.”

Sharon giggled. “Ooooh, goodie!” she whispered. “I get him first. You can fight over seconds.”

Liv glanced at Vonda uneasily. Vonda seemed to be feeling the same way. “Don’t chicken out on us now,” she warned Liv. “We’ve all got to stick together.”

All three women looked up as the catch on the trap door at the top of the elevator flew open. Then a pair of denim clad legs poked through. The man dropped down and looked at the three naked women.

“Jesus!” he exclaimed, shaking his head in surprise. “Wha… what are you doing in here anyway?”

“We were waiting for you,” Sharon replied, snuggling up close to the repairman. “You don’t have a couple of buddies out there for my friends, do you?”

“No, Ma’am,” the man replied, his eyes nearly popping out. “The only other guy is down on first, working with the cables.”

“Well… do you think you’re up to taking care of three horny women?” Sharon asked smiling enticingly. “You look like a nice, strong man.”

“I… I… sure! Why not!” the repairman replied. “We get paid by the hour anyway. I just hope my buddy doesn’t get those cables fixed too quick.”

“I guess we’d better hurry then,” Sharon purred. “Why don’t you get out of those hot clothes and lie down on your back. I think all three of us would like a little piece of the action, right, girls?”

Vonda debated quickly in her mind. Mitchel would never find out about this. It was a perfect opportunity to get a nice fuck without anyone seeing them. The repairman would never tell. Even if he did, no one would ever believe him.

“Count me in,” Vonda decided. “How about you, Liv. You’re not going to pass up an opportunity like this, are you?”

“No!” Liv said emphatically. “How are we going to work it, Sharon? Who goes first?”

“I’m going to ride his cock,” Sharon declared, grinning. “Vonda… you can sit on his face and let him lick your pussy. Liv can stretch out and he can fingerfuck her.”

The man’s cock swelled so hard that it stood straight up, pointing at the trap door at the top of the elevator cage.

“What are we waiting for?” he asked. “I’ve always wanted to do something like this. Usually I just rescue little old ladies. This is going to be a blast.”

Vonda moved forward, her heavy titties moving provocatively. She licked her lips and knelt down, right over the man’s face. She was so excited that her legs trembled weakly. This was going to be a real treat.

Liv watched the man’s tongue stab out. It slipped up the folds of Vonda’s pink cunt and Vonda squealed in excitement.

“Ooooooh, a real pussylicker!” she gasped. “Go to it, honey. I need it really bad!”

Sharon tugged at Liv’s hand. “Come on now,” she said, pushing her down next to the man on the floor. “You’ve got to put your pussy where he can reach it. You want to get a good come, don’t you?”

“Yesss,” Liv admitted weakly. “I sure do! I probably need it more than you two do. I haven’t had a good come in years!”

Sharon helped Liv lie down next to the man on the floor. Then she picked up the guy’s hand and placed it squarely on fly’s pussy.

“You do a good job getting these two off and I’ll give you a really good fuck,” she promised. “You’re going to have the fuck of your life.”

Liv gasped as the man’s fingers traveled firmly over her pussymound. He seemed to know the right places to touch. He flicked at the little bud of her clitty and Liv gave a shriek of joy. It wasn’t going to take her long to come. She was still hot from last night, watching Sharon and Dan from her balcony.

“My turn,” Sharon sang out. She centered her dripping cunt right over the hard tip of the man’s cock. She wiggled her hips a little and her eyes lit up. “Here it comes, honey,” she giggled. “I’m going to drop my pussy right down on your cock now.”

Sharon sank down slowly. His nice stiff prick felt wonderful in her creamy cunt. She began to rotate her hips slowly, letting her pussywalls twist and shake against the hard length of his cock. She knew that would get to him. It was screwing in the full sense of the word.

Vonda tried to keep her eyes open so she could see what was happening. Her pussy felt like it was on fire, it was so hot. She had forgotten just how good it was to have her squirming pussy licked. She could feel the hot flashes of pleasure radiate out from her shuddering pussytunnel and fill her body with lust.

“Aaaagh!” she gasped, grinding her pussy down on the man’s face. “Stick your tongue right up in my pussyhole. Ream it out, honey. Make my pussy shiver and come all around your tongue.”

The man hurried to do what Vonda wanted. His tongue probed and he gurgled in glee as he shoved it into her pussychannel. Vonda could tell that he was enjoying it. He licked and slurped up her hot juices like they were the finest drink in the world.

“Aaaaah, yes!” Vonda squealed. Her legs wiggled and shook as she tried to keep her pussy tight to his face. She could feel the rush of orgasm beginning its teasing shudders at the back of her cunt. It wouldn’t be long now. She was almost ready to come.

Liv was feeling the same sorts of sensation with the man’s fingers in her pussy. At first she had been content when he swirled her clitty and pushed it back and forth with his finger. Now she wanted something inside her tight, squirming cunt. She wanted something hard.

“Push your fingers inside!” she gasped. “Pretend they’re a cock, fucking my hot pussy. Shove them in and out. I’ll just die if I don’t get to come!”

Sharon giggled from her perch on the man’s cock. “You’ll get to come, don’t worry,” she said. “Let me pinch your nipples for you. That’ll really bring it on.”

Liv was too excited to be shocked at Sharon’s words. She didn’t care who did what to her, as long as she got to come. She squealed in ecstasy as Sharon’s fingers fondled her hard nipples. It felt so good she couldn’t help but squeal again and again.

Liv’s body was shaking hard. She could feel the elevator cage shaking with their fucking. The ripples of excitement were getting bigger and bigger and her pussy felt like it was almost ready to explode with the combination of Sharon’s nipping pinches on her nipples and the man’s fingers plunging in and out of her sopping cunt.

“I… I’m almost there!” she squealed. “Harder! Fuck me harder with your fingers!”

Sharon giggled as she saw Liv’s face turning pink with excitement. From the way she was trembling and moaning she knew it wouldn’t be long before she got to come. Sharon began wiggling her pussy harder against the man’s stiff prick, squeezing with her pussymuscles and making her cunt snap around his cock tightly.

“Mmmmmph!” the man yelped. He’d never felt anything like Sharon’s cunt before. He felt his cock stiffen, and his cum rushed up, ready and waiting for release.

“Hurry up, girls!” Sharon squealed. “I think his cock’s almost ready to shoot. Get your pussies off before it’s too late!”

Vonda gave a long shudder of delight. She felt her pussy spasm wildly and her eyes crossed with the intensity of her orgasm. It was as if Sharon’s words had set her off and the waves of pleasure rippled and tore though her wet pussy, sending her over the edge of delight.

“I’m coming!” she yelped. “Aaaaagh! AAAAAAGH! It’s so good I think I’m going to faint!”

Liv’s body started to shudder at the same time. Her pussy squeezed around the man’s fingers and began to contract and spasm. She threw back her head and squealed loudly. Her whole body was coming. It felt like she was never going to stop. This was the most wonderful orgasm of her life.

Sharon smiled quickly as she saw Liv and Vonda get off. She knew that she could come at any time. She would wait until the man spurted in her pussy. That would be the key to her own orgasm.

“Here we go!” she yelped, raising up her quivering asscheeks and bouncing up and down on his big, stiff prick. “I’m going to bring you off now. Let’s have some hot cream for my hungry, snapping pussy.”

Sharon felt the man’s cock swell up so far that it pushed right up against her womb. His prick stretched bigger and bigger and he groaned in agony trying to keep his cum back for just a little longer.

“Give it to me, lover!” Sharon squealed. “Let it fly… fill my hungry pussy with all your hot cream.”

The man’s legs began to shake. His buttcheeks scraped against the rug as Sharon rode him like a bucking bronco, pounding his prick into her hot pussytunnel.

“Mmmmmmph!” he yelped. “MMMMMMMPH!”

Sharon’s face turned red. She felt the first splatter of cum rush out and batter against the end of her cunt. It felt so good she couldn’t help coming. Her pussy sucked and snapped around the length of his throbbing cockshaft, pulling out the hot cum and forcing it into the depths of her steaming pussy.

“Woweeee!” Sharon shrieked. “Here it is, baby! Here’s all my hot juice too!”

Sharon’s body shook. She came harder than she usually did. Maybe it was the excitement of having two other women getting off at the same time. Whatever if was, Sharon didn’t have time to think about it. She came like a firehose, cream bubbling from the snapping hole of her pussy and dripping down to coat the man’s legs with hot fuck juices.

“Oooooooh!” Sharon gasped when she stopped coming at last. She climbed off the man on the floor and got to her feet shakily. Then she noticed something that made her squeal with fright.

“I… I think we’re moving!” she yelled. “Hurry up… get on your clothes.”

There was a mad scramble for clothes.

“Hit the door close button!” the man howled, struggling to get both legs into his pants at once. “That’ll give us another minute.”

Liv was the first one dressed. She stuffed her bra and pants into her purse and kept her finger on the button. There was no way she was going to get caught with a half-dressed repairman.

The man got his pants zipped just in time. They all smoothed their hair and smiled nonchalantly as the door opened to the lobby that was packed with people.

“Sorry that took so long, ladies,” the repairman said calmly. “I’m sure it won’t happen again.”

“Oh, we don’t mind at all,” Sharon answered, motioning for the girls to follow her. “You took care of things just fine.”


Sharon was still giggling when she mixed drinks for Liv and Vonda. “That was close, wasn’t it?” she asked, handing both women a tall glass.

“Too close for comfort,” Vonda sighed. “Mitchel would have divorced me for sure if I’d gotten caught with that repairman.”

Liv shuddered as she thought of the terrible chance they had taken.

“Jim would have divorced me too,” Liv commented, sipping gingerly at her drink.

Sharon giggled. “Dan wouldn’t have done anything at all,” she replied with assurance. “He lets me fuck with anyone I want to. That’s the way it is in a modern marriage. Sounds like you two girls don’t have very much fun if your husbands are that hungup.”

“You mean your husband wouldn’t even be mad?” Liv gasped, looking very puzzled. “I don’t understand that. Jim would kill me if he caught me fooling around with some other man.”

“Dan and I have an understanding,” Sharon explained. “He gets to play around with any other woman he wants to and I get the same deal. Sometimes we even play around together with other couples. That’s when it’s really a blast.”

Liv shivered again. Her mind began to spin crazily.

“I bet you two girls would like swapping too, if you could talk your husbands into it,” Sharon said, reading Liv’s mind. “How about it, Liv? Wouldn’t you like to swap with us?”

Liv’s face turned red with embarrassment. “I… I’d like it,” she admitted. “I don’t think Jim would ever agree though. He’s very possessive. He’s pretty straight too. He never does anything that’s any fun.”

Vonda leaned forward. Liv’s husband sounded just like Mitchel.

“Is your husband any good at fucking?” Vonda asked, pinning at Liv. “He sounds just like Mitchel so far.”

“Jim doesn’t do any wild things, if that’s what you mean,” Liv confessed. All of a sudden she was eager to pour out her troubles to the two women. “We’ve been married for four years and Jim’s always fucked me a lot except for the past year. It’s never anything wild though. He just climbs on top and humps. He wants me to suck his cock every once in a while, but that’s about as wild as Jim gets.”

“Mitchel’s even worse than your husband,” Vonda sputtered. “He won’t even let me lick his cock. He’s really super straight.”

Sharon licked her lips and her mind started to whirl into high gear. Here was a perfect challenge for her. Two straight husbands to convert. The thought made her pussy tingle with excitement and anticipation.

“Don’t your husbands even lick your pussies?” Sharon asked, trying to figure out how some men could be so straight.

“Mitchel wouldn’t do it if you held a gun pointed right at his head,” Vonda laughed. “He won’t ever let me have the lights on when we fuck. That’s how straight Mitchel is!”

Liv giggled. “Well… Jim’s not quite that straight,” she sighed. “He’s fucked me in the morning a couple of times and for a while, he even did it in the living room. He doesn’t lick pussies though. He says that’s unnatural.”

“You’ve never had your pussy licked?” Sharon asked, sympathy showing on her pretty face. “Not even once?”

“Nooooo…” Liv confessed. “At least I got to watch when that man licked Vonda’s pussy though. That was really a sight! Was it good, Vonda?”

Vonda giggled. “You bet it was!” she said emphatically. “It was just super. I’d forgotten how good pussy licking was, it’s been so long. I used to have some pretty wild lovers before I married Mitchel, but he doesn’t know about that. He’d probably divorce me on the spot if I told him some of the things I used to do.”

Sharon looked thoughtful. “I just can’t believe that you’ve never had your pussy licked,” she said, staring at Liv. “That’s just not fair. Pussy licking is really a lot of fun. Your husband isn’t being fair if he lets you lick his cock and then he won’t lick your pussy in return. He sounds like a real selfish bastard.”

Liv nodded.

“I’d sure like to have my pussy licked,” Liv sighed. “It must be great from the way Vonda was acting. I wish I could try it.”

“I wish Dan was home right now,” Sharon said, winking at Vonda. “He’s one of the best pussy lickers around. He’d take care of both of you if I asked him to. Dan loves to gobble pussycream.”

Liv shivered and wiggled her hips. “I wish he was home too,” she said.

“Hey… I’ve got a really sexy idea,” Sharon said, grinning. “Why don’t you two lick each other’s pussies? That way you both can get off. Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

Liv gasped. She and Vonda glanced at each other quickly. They were both terribly embarrassed by Sharon’s suggestion.

“You don’t want poor Liv to go through any more of life without knowing how good a hot tongue feels on her pussy do you?” Sharon asked Vonda.

“No,” Vonda answered truthfully, “but Sharon — I’ve never done anything like that before!”

“Liv hasn’t done anything like that before either, but I’ll bet she’s willing to lick your pussy if you lick hers.” Sharon turned to Liv. “Isn’t that true, Liv? You’d lick Vonda’s pussy if she licked yours, wouldn’t you?”

All this talk about pussy licking was making Liv’s cunt hot.

“I… I guess I would,” she answered. “That’s not as bad as going out and finding a man to do it. It wouldn’t really be cheating on Jim if you and I did it, Vonda.”

Vonda giggled. “Well, you do have a point there. Playing around with another woman isn’t like going out on Mitchel. Come on, Liv. Take off your clothes and I’ll lick your pussy.”

Sharon beamed. She could hardly wait to see it. This was really going to be a sight.

Liv’s hands were shaking as she slipped out of her dress.

“What do I do now?” she asked, turning to Vonda who was just slipping put of her panties. “Somebody’s going to have to tell me what to do.”

“Just stretch out on the rug,” Vonda said, beginning to get excited at the thought of having her pussy licked again. “Then all you have to do is wait and see what I do and do exactly the same thing.”

Liv dropped to the thick pile of the rug. Her legs trembled when Vonda stretched out beside her. This all seemed like a sexy dream. She just couldn’t believe that it was actually happening. Her pussy was prickling and itching and she had the urge to press her hand tightly over the mound of her cunt.

Vonda turned around so that her head was right next to Liv’s pussymound. Liv could see Vonda’s pussy right in front of her face too. She’d never really looked at another woman’s pussy up close and Vonda’s cunt was pretty. The hair on it was a deep red color, the same as her head. She could just see Vonda’s cuntlips peeking out of the fluffy red bush.

Liv felt a strange kind of weakness come over her body. She couldn’t seem to move. She opened her eyes wide and watched Vonda’s face come closer and closer to the moist lips of her shaking pussy. Strange sensations rushed through Liv’s shaking body. She just couldn’t believe that she was lying here, willing to let another woman lick her pussy.

Vonda knew just how Liv was feeling. She felt like she was in a dream too. She hadn’t even considered licking another woman’s pussy before today, but now it didn’t seem strange or unusual at all. It seemed like a very natural thing to do. Vonda breathed in deeply, enjoying the full-bodied feminine scent of Liv’s aroused pussy. It smelled damp and earthy, like rare perfume. Then she let her breath out, puffing gently on Liv’s puffy cuntlips.

“Ahhhh!” Liv moaned softly. Her pussyslit was tingling from Vonda’s warm breath. She felt a gush of creamy juice spurt out of her spasming cunthole and coat her soft pink tissues. She was so hot that she could hardly wait for Vonda’s tongue to start licking.

Liv bent down until her head was almost touching Vonda’s pink pussyflesh. She inhaled deeply just as Vonda had done. Then she smiled happily. Vonda’s pussy smelled wonderful. It was an exciting scent, like fruit ripening in the sun, and Liv took a deep gulp of air into her lungs, holding it for a long moment before she let it out to puff against Vonda’s own sweet pussy.

“Aaaah, yes!” Vonda sighed. “That’s it — just do everything I do. I know we’re both going to love this.”

Vonda opened her eyes wide. Liv’s pussy looked so sweet that she swallowed eagerly, already knowing how good it would taste when she slid her tongue over Liv’s creamy cunt.

Liv’s legs trembled in excitement. She knew that Vonda was almost ready to stick out her tongue. She felt her pussy cream heatedly and she held her breath in anticipation.

Vonda licked her lips. Then she poked her tongue out and ran the very tip of it right up between the rosy petals of Liv’s hot cunt.

“Aaaaah!” Liv squealed. Nothing had ever felt this good before. It felt like the tip of Vonda’s tongue was burning and little quivery shudders shot through her body. It was impossible for her to hesitate any longer. It was time to return the favor. Now it was her turn to lick Vonda’s pussy for her.

Liv’s tongue slid out. She aimed it at the bottom of Vonda’s pink cuntgash and licked all the way to the top. She licked slowly, savoring the creamy, sweet taste of Vonda’s pussy. It was good… better than she had expected. She smacked her lips hungrily and waited for the next sensation.

Vonda shuddered. Liv was following her perfectly. She wasn’t shy and tentative any more. Now they could really start to have fun. She could lick Liv’s pussy just the way she loved it best and Liv would follow perfectly. This was really going to be good.

Vonda’s excitement mounted. She ran her tongue right up the creamy silt of Liv’s fluttering pussy until she came to the erect bud of her clitty. She stopped just short of the quivering little love button and flicked her tongue back and forth at the base of it. Then she sucked it into her mouth and chewed on it greedily.

“Aaaagh!” Liv hollered. It felt like every nerve in her body was centered in her clit, sending shuddering sensations all through her wet, quivering pussy.

Liv was so excited she didn’t even think about doing the same thing to Vonda. She squealed over and over in excitement until finally Vonda had to stop sucking on her clitty and ask her to do her too. “Oh! I’m sorry, Vonda,” Liv gasped. “I forgot… it felt so wonderful I couldn’t even think of anything else. I’ll do it now. I’ll really do it good, just like you did to me.”

Liv wasn’t hesitant any more when she pushed her face right up to Vonda’s open pussy. She wanted to suck Vonda’s clitty just like Vonda had sucked hers. It made Liv’s pussy tremble as her tongue slipped up Vonda’s slippery cunt. She found Vonda’s clitty, quivering erectly at the top of her cunt. She sucked it into her mouth eagerly.

“Oooooh, yessss!” Vonda squealed, pushing her pussy right up against Liv’s face. “That’s the way… that’s it… don’t stop now when I do yours. Don’t stop until we both get off!”

Sharon could hear the gobbling sounds. She saw their tongues flash and lick over their pussies and a mighty rush of passion rippled through her own body. She didn’t know that she’d get so turned on just watching. She wished that there was some way she could get in on the delightful scene herself. She didn’t want to stop them and ask to join the party though. She could take care of the itch in her pussy herself if she had to.

The licking sounds got louder and louder. Now both girls were smacking their lips and chewing greedily, going at each other’s pussies like a starving man attacks a full-course meal. The heat in Sharon’s pussy grew and grew until she knew that she had to do something.

Sharon slipped out of her clothes. She didn’t take her eyes off the two girls entwined on the rug. Her eyes were glazed with passion. Sharon was crazed with lust. She’d do anything to get off now.

Sharon sat back down on the couch. She spread her cuntlips with her fingers and grabbed the first thing she could find. She wanted something hard in her pussy… something to bring on the same wonderful sensations she knew that Vonda and Liv were feeling.

The first thing that Sharon grabbed was the candle on the end table. It would be perfect. The end of it was rounded, just like a cock. She aimed the rounded end of it right at the sucking mouth of her pussy.

Sharon didn’t even stop to consider the size of the candle. It was big, but she knew that her pussy would take it eagerly.

Sharon grasped the candle tightly in her fingers. Then she shoved it forward as hard as she could. Her pussyhole stretched, trying to take in the huge dimensions of the candle. Then her pussy spasmed around the end of the candle, sucking it right up in her cuntchannel.

“Ahhhhh!” Sharon sighed. The candle was hard and slippery. The perfect substitute for a cock. It even felt like a huge cock. It was just what Sharon needed and her pussy quivered wildly as she shoved it in, farther and farther.

As Sharon pushed the candle in, her fingers swirled over the hard bump of her clit. She flicked it back and forth and her pussy sucked at the candle, squeezing it in until it was almost buried in her nipping pussyhole.

“Aaaagh!” Sharon squealed. She had never felt so stuffed. Her legs were spread out so widely that she felt as if she were going to split in two. It felt wonderful. The wax cock was just what she needed to set off the wild thrills in her pussy.

Sharon’s legs trembled violently. The candle slid in and out just like a real cock. It was warming to the heat in her pussy and bending slightly, taking on the shape of her heated cunt.

Sharon’s eyes opened wide. She could tell that Vonda and Liv were almost there. Both of them were squealing as they drove their tongues deeply into each other’s pussy holes. Watching their pink tongues disappear in all that pink wetness made Sharon’s pussy twitch in excitement. It wouldn’t be long before her pussy came. She could feel the hot flashes start in the depths of her cunt now.

“Oooooooh!” Sharon squealed, driving the candle in deeply. She felt the room spin around. Her pussy rippled, and waves of exquisite sensations ran through her body. She was coming. Her pussy was coming around the wax candle and it felt wonderful!

Sharon’s squeals of pleasure seemed to give new life to Vonda’s tongue. She probed deeply in Liv’s pussy, setting off blasts of passion in the other girl.

Liv quivered and squealed. She drove her tongue in Vonda’s pussy hard, trying to make Vonda come too. Liv felt the waves of pleasure carry her up to the rim of pleasure and her pussy seemed to explode in a blast of shuddering release.

Vonda felt Liv’s pussy pull at the tip of her tongue. Liv’s pussywalls squeezed so hard. Then she felt Liv’s tongue hit the most sensitive spot in her pussy, again and again, bringing on her own shuddering orgasm. “Mmmmmmmph!” Liv gasped, hearing Vonda’s cries faintly. She knew that Vonda was coming too. They were all coming at the same time and it was marvelous. She had never expected anything like this.

It took a long time for the squeals and moans to stop. Finally Liv rolled over and got shakily to her feet. Then she glanced at Sharon and gasped.

“Look!” she said, helping Vonda to her feet. “Sharon must have gotten hot watching us.”

Vonda giggled. Sharon looked slightly ridiculous now, with the red candle sticking out of her pussy. Her eyes were closed and she had a peaceful, satisfied expression on her face.

Sharon opened her eyes lazily. Then she giggled as she saw the two girls watching her. She pulled the candle out of her pussy with a wet sound and held it up for them to see.

“I think it melted a little,” she giggled. “Now it’s just perfect for a dildo. Let me tell you, pushing a candle in your pussy is a lot better than burning it. Just look at that!”

Liv’s eyes widened. The candle did look like a dildo now. It had melted into the shape of a big wide cock, rounded on the end and bent slightly. “I think I’m going to try that,” Vonda said, smiling. “I’ve got a big blue candle at home.”

Liv looked thoughtful. “I’ve got a big yellow one at home,” she said. “I guess I’ll make myself a yellow dildo. I can have it sitting right out in the living room and Jim’ll never know the difference.”

Sharon giggled and started to get into her clothes. “I’m still trying to think up a good way to loosen up Jim and Mitchel,” she confided. “Maybe I can arrange to get stuck in the elevator with them, one at a time.”

“I don’t think anything’s going to work with Mitchel,” Vonda said, scowling. “Mitchel’s so damn straight not even you could liven him up.”

“Let’s make a bet,” Sharon said, slipping into her dress. “If I can get your husbands to fuck me, you have to agree to party with Dan and me. Is that a deal?”

“Sure!” Liv said, winking at Vonda. “I don’t think you can do it though. Jim’s only love is a bottle lately. I think he’s forgotten what a cock is for.”

“Count me in,” Vonda giggled. “If you can do something to liven up Mitchel, we’ll party with you every night.”


Jim looked up at his secretary, Betty, as she came into the office. She set down a tray with a glass of orange juice and three aspirins on it.

“You look like you could use this, Mr. Adams,” she said, grinning at him. “You must have really tied on a good one after you left my house last night.”

Jim managed to grin back weakly. He picked up the aspirins and swallowed them quickly, tossing down the glass of orange juice as a chaser. Then he winced. He had a classic hangover this morning.

“Just buzz if you need me,” Betty offered. She went out quietly, but the shutting of the office door sounded like a bomb going off in Jim’s head.

Jim leaned back in his chair and propped his feet up on the desk. Betty was a good secretary. She’d keep everyone out of his office until the aspirin had time to work on his headache. She’d do anything else he wanted her to do too. Jim had found that out last night. Betty was more than willing to take care of his sexual needs.

Jim smiled as he thought of last night. He wished that he’d had a little less to drink. The evening would have been a joy to remember if his head didn’t hurt so badly. Betty had been a real tiger in bed, sucking his cock just the way he liked it and taking his full load of cum right down her throat.

Jim’s head didn’t hurt quite so badly now as he remembered how Betty had sucked his cock.

“Oooooh,” Jim groaned.

He remembered the angry look on Liv’s face when he had left for the office this morning and he knew that he’d blown it again. Liv had probably wanted to fuck last night and he had certainly been in no condition to do anything. He’d have to make up for it tonight. It was a good thing that Liv was easily satisfied. At least it wouldn’t take that much energy to shove his cock in and out a few times. Thank God Liv wasn’t like Betty. Betty wanted to fuck all night and it was all he could do to manage to drive home after a session with her. No wonder he was so tired lately.

Thinking about Betty made Jim’s cock stand up straight and tall under the top of the desk. He smiled as he thought about what he could do. He could call Betty in here right now and she would suck his cock off for him.

The thought had interesting possibilities. Jim’s finger inched toward the buzzer on his desk. He pressed it firmly.

“Yes, Mr. Adams?” Betty’s voice came out of the intercom. “Did you want me?”

Jim chuckled. “I sure do want you,” he replied, trying to act as businesslike as possible. “Come in right away, Betty, and bring your notepad.”

Betty reached for her pad and pen. She bet that Jim wasn’t going to give her any dictation. She had a feeling that what he wanted wasn’t exactly business.

When Betty opened the door to the inner office, she giggled even though she was trying to be prim and proper. Jim had that look in his eyes again. She could see the lust on his face from clear across the room.

Betty sat down on the couch and picked up her notepad. She looked up expectantly. Then she let out a sexy giggle.

Jim was standing beside the desk now and he had his pants zipped down. His cock was out, pointing straight at her.

“I need something before we get to the dictation,” Jim said, winking lewdly. “Why don’t you just come over here and slip under the desk. Then I’ll sit in the chair and take care of the phone while you’re sucking my cock.”

Betty didn’t need a second invitation. She’d always wanted to do something like this in the office.

Betty crawled under the narrow space under the desk. Then she got up on her knees, her arms straddling his legs so that her head was inches from his cock.

“Yeah!” Jim gasped as her hot breath floated out over his stiff prick. “Just suck it good, Betty. I’ll take care of all the calls.”

Betty’s heart pounded in her chest. This was really kind of dangerous. Someone could walk right in the office. She hadn’t locked the door.

Betty licked her lips lustily. She could see Jim’s cock quivering and jerking. She stuck out her tongue and began to lick across the wrinkled surface of his balls. They quivered even harder as she licked. She could feel them getting hard and full as her tongue slipped over the hot skin. Jim loved to have his balls licked.

Betty lapped until Jim’s balls was covered with a hot coat of saliva. Then she moved up to the base of his cock, running her tongue around it like she was licking an ice-cream cone. Betty took her time. She didn’t want Jim to come too soon.

Betty’s tongue swirled higher and higher. She made sure that she took plenty of time covering every inch of Jim’s big cock.

Betty had just reached the top of Jim’s cock when a soft knock sounded at the door. Jim groaned and pushed Betty’s head away.

“Just stay there and don’t make any noise,” he whispered. “I’ll take care of whoever it is in just a second.”

Jim pulled some papers over to the middle of his desk. He looked like he was working hard now. “Come in,” he called.

Betty heard the sound of the door opening. She stifled the urge to giggle. They would both be in big trouble if she got caught under Jim’s desk. Neither one of them could explain that.

“Where’s Betty?” a deep voice asked.

Betty almost died as she recognized Herb Miller’s voice. Herb was Jim’s associate. He’d be sure to spread it all over the office if he guessed that she was under the desk.

“Oh, Betty just went out for coffee,” Jim replied casually, shuffling the pile of papers on his desk. “Was it something special, Herb?”

“I just thought we could go over this report together,” Herb replied sinking into the chair next to Jim’s desk. “What do you think of the board’s recommendations?”

Betty was getting kind of hot under the desk and her nose itched. She took a deep breath and let it all out, trying to control her urge to sneeze. She didn’t realize what she’d done until Jim groaned. She had breathed on his cock.

“What’s the matter?” Herb asked, gazing at Jim curiously.

“Uh… nothing,” Jim sputtered. “I’ve just got a bum stomach today. Guess I’d better lay off drinking for a while.”

“Yeah… your face is kind of flushed,” Herb replied. “Maybe you’re getting an ulcer. My doctor says if I keep on going this way I’ll have an ulcer by the time I’m forty.”

Betty almost giggled out loud. Herb always tried to make everyone think he worked really hard at the office. The secretaries knew better though. Herb was the laziest man in the office.

Suddenly Betty had a terrible urge to do something kinky. She flicked out the tip of her tongue and licked right over Jim’s balls, holding back her giggle as she heard him snort through his nose.

“Uh… my stomach is really killing me, Herb,” Jim said in a choked voice. “Why don’t we go over this right after lunch. I’ll probably be feeling fine by then.”

“Sure…” Herb replied. “Anything you say, Jim. Just have Betty ring Susie when you’re ready.”

There was the sound of a door closing and then Jim snorted again. “Jesus Christ!” he chuckled. “That’s all I need, Betty! If old Herb had guessed what was going on in here, we both would have been canned!”

Betty giggled. She opened her mouth wide and fucked it down over the swelling end of Jim’s prick.

“Aaaah!” Jim sighed. “You sure are something!”

Betty heard Jim chuckle. He wasn’t mad at all. Betty could tell that her antics under the desk had really turned him on. His prick was so swollen that it would barely fit in her mouth. She didn’t know how she was ever going to take it all the way down her throat.

“Jesus, I’m hot!” Jim gasped. “Eat it, honey… eat it all up!”

Betty opened her mouth wide. She shoved her mouth down until almost all of Jim’s big cock fit into her squeezing throat. It was easier than she expected. His cock was slippery from all that saliva. It slid down and it didn’t gag her at all.

“Yeah…” Jim groaned. “Suck it… suck it all out, Betty. I’m going to fill your belly full of cum.”

Betty felt her pussy squirm. It always turned her on when Jim talked like this. She loved to swallow his hot cum. Jim’s cum tasted good. It was salty and hot and it tasted great sliding down her throat and into her belly. It made her feel wonderful.

Betty moved her head back and forth on Jim’s prick. She jacked him with her lips. His cock swelled up, harder and bigger than before. She could feel the cum trembling in his balls. She squeezed his balls with her fingers. She knew that Jim was almost ready to blow.

“Here it comes, baby!” Jim groaned, tensing his ass and thrusting his cock. Betty felt it jam all the way into her throat. Then it quivered wildly and began to jerk.

Betty felt Jim’s balls start to pump. The hole in the tip of his cock opened and the first rush of hot cream flew down her squeezing throat.

“Yeah!” Jim yelped. “Yeah, baby! Take it all. Fill up your belly with my cum!”

Betty swallowed frantically. Jim’s cum was shooting out too fast. She opened her throat and let it pour down. Betty didn’t even breathe until the rushing cum stopped shooting. Then she sucked the last of his jizz and let Jim’s limp cock slip out of her mouth.

“Wow!” Jim breathed, leaning back in his chair. “That was really something, baby. I guess it really set me off having old Herb come in here while you were under the desk. Maybe we ought to try it with Mr. Williams sometime. He’d probably have a heart attack if he knew what was going on in his company.”

Betty giggled. “Maybe we should set it up sometime. I could call Angie and tell her that you wanted Mr. Williams to come down for coffee. Then you could say that I was on an errand and I could suck you off right in front of the big boss.”

Jim grinned. “I think we’d better practice a little bit before we do that,” he mused. “We could start with the vice-presidents and work up. When we got really good, we could try it with the old man here.”

Betty crawled out from under the desk. She headed for the door. “I think I’ll get us a cup of coffee,” she said. “You’ve already had your break, but I need a little bit of coffee to go with the cream you just gave me.”


“Hi, honey,” Dan called out as he opened the front door of the apartment. “How was your day today?”

Sharon came out of the kitchen, smiling. “Oh, nothing special,” she answered. “Two other gals and I got stuck in the elevator and fucked the repairman while we were waiting for it to be fixed. Then they came back here and I talked them into licking each other’s pussies while I used a candle as a dildo to get my pussy off. Did you have a good day, honey?”

Dan howled with laughter. “You’re really something!” he chuckled. “How could you make up a wild story like that? You’ve really got your imagination working overtime.”

Sharon giggled wildly. “I can prove it to you,” she said, picking up the melted candle from the end table. “See? I wasn’t making up a thing. It really happened just the way I said.”

“You really aren’t kidding, are you?” he asked.

“Nope!” Sharon answered, sinking down to the couch. “I really had a good day today and I think I found two other couples for us to play with. There’s only one problem… their husbands don’t know about it yet.”

Dan walked over to the built-in bar and mixed them a drink. “I think you’d better start over and tell me all about it,” he chuckled. “It sounds like you’ve been a busy little beaver today.”

By the time Sharon finished her story, Dan was laughing hard.

“Just how are you going to talk those two straight husbands into swinging?” he asked. “Do you have any plans yet?”

“Not unless the elevator gets stuck again,” Sharon replied. “I’m still trying to think up something.”

“Maybe I can help you,” Dan said, thinking hard. “How about inviting Liv and her husband over for a drink. That would be a good way to meet them. I could run out to the store for something and take Liv with me. That would give you a chance to work on her husband.”

“Great!” Sharon said.

“It’s nice to know people in the building,” Jim said, taking the drink that Dan offered him.

Sharon winked at Liv. “I just hope that elevator doesn’t get stuck again,” she said. “It looks like you’re going to have to run out for ice, honey. Why don’t you take Liv with you while Jim and I get acquainted? You wouldn’t mind if Liv goes with Dan, would you, Jim?”

Jim shook his head. He was feeling a little fuzzy from the couple of drinks he and Liv had downed with dinner.

“Go ahead,” he said. “Just make sure the elevator doesn’t get stuck and melt all the ice before you get back.”

Jim felt a little uncomfortable after Liv and Dan had left. Sharon was sitting across from him and the hostess gown she had on left little to the imagination. She sure was a beautiful woman. He felt his cock harden as she crossed her legs and an expanse of tanned curvy thigh came into view. Sharon was really pretty. She had nice legs too.

“I hope Dan and Liv take a long time getting that ice,” Sharon said, smiling provocatively. “I’ve had my eye on you all night. You’re really a handsome man, Jim. And you know what they say about handsome men.”

Jim’s eyes widened. Jim smiled in what he hoped was a friendly manner. He really felt like leering. Sharon was getting to him the way she was sitting. He felt his cock swell up as he thought about what Sharon would look like naked.

“What do they say about handsome men?” he asked, shifting a little and trying to cross his legs to hide the hard pole of his prick.

“They say that handsome men are the best lovers,” Sharon replied, giving him a big, come-on smile. “Are you a good lover, Jim? I’d sure like to find out.”

Jim took such a big gulp of his drink that he almost choked.

“Uh… well… I haven’t had any complaints,” he said, trying to be nonchalant. That was hard to do though. The more he looked at Sharon, the more his cock insisted on jerking and swelling.

“Do you even play around on Liv?” Sharon asked, crossing her legs even higher.

Jim didn’t know what to say. He took a deep breath and said the first thing he thought of.

“That depends on why you want to know,” Jim said. “I’m not the type to fuck and tell.”

Sharon laughed merrily. “That’s the kind of answer I like,” she said, standing up and crossing the room. “I still don’t know, do I?”

Jim grinned. Sharon was standing right in front of him now. He hoped that she couldn’t see the rising bulge of his cock.

“How would you like to play around with me?” she asked, sitting down on the couch next to him and putting her hand on the hard pole of his cock. “I can feel that I turn you on. That nice hard cock is for me, isn’t it?”

Jim felt his head whirling. Sharon’s perfume was sweet and he was a little drunk. All his resolve weakened and his cock felt like it was burning up under her hand.

“You’re a pretty sexy lady,” Jim groaned, not able to keep his hands from reaching out to grasp the full, ripe curve of her titties. “What have you got in mind?”

Sharon giggled. “Dan and Liv will be gone for quite a while,” she said softly. “I told Dan to take his time. We don’t have to worry about being interrupted. Dan knows that I want to fuck with you.”

“He doesn’t care?” Jim croaked. “You’ve got to be kidding! If I had a wife like you, I wouldn’t let anyone else touch her!”

“Dan’s a pretty wild guy,” Sharon said. “We both believe in playing around. It’s more fun that way. Then neither one of us gets jealous. We both have fun.”

Jim could feel his face flush. For a second he thought about trying that sort of an arrangement with Liv. Of course it would never work. Liv wasn’t the type to go for something like that. She was too straight. She’d never agree to let him fuck around, even if she could do it too.

“Well? How about it?” Sharon asked in a soft voice. “Do you want to swing with me? I’d sure love to fuck with you. I bet you’re really good with this nice big cock you’ve got.”

Sharon’s fingers were slipping over his cock in a very exciting way. She obviously knew exactly what she was doing. He’d be a fool not to take the chance while he had it. Sharon was the best-looking woman he’d seen in a long time. Only a fool would refuse a golden opportunity like this.

“You’re sure Dan is going to keep Liv out?” Jim asked. “I sure wouldn’t like her to walk in on me. She’s as straight as they come.”

Sharon giggled. Jim obviously didn’t know anything about the way his wife really was.

“Dan promised we’d have at least an hour,” she assured him. “That should be long enough for a little fun, don’t you think?”

“Sure,” Jim agreed eagerly. He’d agree to anything right now as long as he had the chance to slip his cock into Sharon’s pussy. He could hardly wait. Sharon was a woman who knew what she was doing when it came to fucking. Jim could tell that by the way her fingers played with his cock right through the material of his pants.

“Why don’t you slip out of those clothes,” Sharon suggested. “You’ve got more than I have to take off. See?”

Sharon stood up. She loosened the tie at the waist of her hostess gown and it slipped to the floor, revealing that she had nothing on underneath. Jim’s eyes practically popped from his head at the sight. Her titties were even bigger than he had thought. They stuck out like two mountains at the top of her chest, quivering and trembling in the light. Her nipples were bright pink.

Jim swallowed. His eyes followed the curves of her body down to her narrow waist and the light golden bush of her beaver below. He could just see the pinkness of her cuntlips through the golden hair, and his cock jerked so hard that he thought it would split the zipper on his pants.

Jim tore his eyes away from Sharon’s lush figure. He knew that if he watched any longer, his hands would tremble so hard he would never be able to get out of his clothes. His head was beginning to spin and it was all he could do to fumble out of his pants. “Wow,” Jim whispered. “You sure are beautiful! You could be a model, Sharon. You’ve got the nicest body I’ve ever seen.”

Sharon grinned. This was going to be even more fun than she thought. It was always exciting seducing someone new. Sharon felt her pussy twinge demandingly. She was really getting hot now. She could hardly wait to feel Jim’s cock in her pussy.

“What… what do you want to do first?” Jim asked in a hoarse voice.

He felt like he was in a sexy dream. This couldn’t really be happening to him. It was too good to be true. He’d just met Sharon tonight and already he was going to fuck her. He loved the way Sharon had come right out and asked for it. Most women played around, flirting and teasing for a while before they got this far. Sharon just went ahead and asked for it. That was great. Women like Sharon made everything much easier.

Jim felt a little strange when he dropped his pants to the floor. He was standing with his back to Sharon and he was a little afraid to turn around. He knew that his cock was nice and hard, but maybe Dan had a bigger prick than he did. What if Sharon didn’t like the look of his cock?

“Hurry and turn around,” Sharon said eagerly. “I can hardly wait to see that nice big cock of yours without any clothes on it. I bet it’s really hard by now.”

Jim took a deep breath. He turned around and glanced quickly at Sharon’s face. Then he relaxed. She was licking her lips and smiling. She liked his cock. That was easy to tell. She looked like she was ready to stuff it into her mouth the way she was licking her lips like that.

“Uh… do you like to suck cock?” Jim asked hopefully. “I sure would like that, Sharon. Nothing turns me on quicker than a little bit of licking and sucking.”

Sharon grinned. She remembered what Liv had said about Jim. He loved to have his cock sucked but he never returned the favor. Now was the time to see if she could get him to do it. She wasn’t going to suck his cock until he promised to lick her pussy. Poor Jim probably didn’t even guess how much fun it was to lick a nice, hot pussy. She would show him just how to do it.

“I’d love to suck that big cock of yours,” Sharon said eagerly. “I hope you like to lick pussies too. I never go down on a man unless he does the same for me. It’s great that way. Then both of us can get off.”

Jim looked a little flustered. He’d never even thought of doing that before. He really wanted Sharon to suck his cock though. If that was the only way that she’d do it, he’d have to lick her pussy. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all.

“Uh… I’ve never done that before,” Jim admitted, blushing. “You’re going to have to tell me what to do. I’ll do it though. You bet I will!”

Sharon beamed. She’d done it! She was going to teach Jim just the right way to suck pussy. Then Liv could demand that he do it to her the next time they fucked.

“Why don’t you just stretch right out on the floor,” Sharon suggested. “We can do it right here. It’s more fun on a rug anyway. Then you’ve got room to roll around.”

Jim was so excited he never even noticed that the living room drapes were open. He probably wouldn’t have gotten suspicious anyway. He thought that Dan and Liv were out getting ice. It never occurred to him that they were on the balcony of his apartment, watching the whole seduction scene.

“He’s on the floor now,” Liv gasped, squirming in the lounge chair. “I wonder what Sharon’s doing. She isn’t going to get him to lick her pussy. I’m sure of that. Jim says that licking a woman’s pussy is unnatural. He’d never do anything like that.”

“I’m not so sure about that,” Dan chuckled. “Sharon’s pretty good at getting things her way. Just watch and see. I’ll bet she’s going to give Jim a good lesson in pussy licking.”

“He won’t do it!” Liv said positively. “I’d bet anything on that. Jim couldn’t change that fast. I know he won’t lick her pussy.”

“Let’s bet on it,” Dan suggested. “If Jim licks Sharon’s pussy, you have to let me lick yours. Is it a bet?”

“It’s a bet!” Liv answered, grinning.

Now she was almost hoping that Sharon would get Jim to lick her pussy. She’d really like to know what it felt like to have Dan lick her pussy. Sharon had said that he was really good. Little tingles of anticipation ran through Liv’s body and she shivered in passion. She hoped that this was one bet she’d lose. She’d never wanted anything as badly as she wanted Dan to lick her pussy.

Jim gasped when he realized that Sharon was lying so that her pussy was right in front of his face. He’d never really looked at a pussy this close before. It made his mouth water to see all the pink, shiny flesh. Sharon’s pussy smelled good too. It didn’t smell anything like what he’d imagined. It was sweet and hot smelling. Jim found that he was looking forward to licking it.

“Where do I start?” he asked.

“Just watch what I do with my finger,” Sharon instructed. “Then do the same thing with your tongue when I tell you to.”

Sharon’s finger slipped through the juicy petals of her pussylips. The tip of her finger pushed them to the side and it traveled straight up her pussyslit to the erect little bump at the top of her cunt.

“That’s my clit,” Sharon told him. “See how hard it is?” Jim swallowed frantically. His mouth was really watering now. There must be something in the scent of Sharon’s pussy to make his mouth water. Whatever it was really turned him on. He could hardly wait to do with his tongue what Sharon had done with her finger.

“It looks like a tiny little cock,” Jim said, staring at the erect pink button. “What do you do with it?”

“You just flick it back and forth like this,” Sharon said, showing him with her finger. “Then, when you do that with your tongue a while, you can suck it right into your mouth and chew on it. Don’t do it hard, though. It’s very sensitive. Just the lightest tonguing and I’ll be climbing the walls.”

Jim smiled. It seemed easy enough. “Don’t you want me to stick my tongue in your pussyhole?” he asked. “I bet that would feel good.”

“That comes later,” Sharon answered. “Get me nice and hot by playing with my clitty first. Then you can stick your tongue in my pussyhole. You should know how to do that. Just pretend that your tongue is a nice long cock and fuck my pussy with it.” Jim nodded. He inhaled deeply. He could hardly wait to get started. “Can I do it now?” he asked. “I want to do it, Sharon.”

Sharon giggled. “You sure are eager,” she said. “That’s great! There’s nothing I like better than an eager man.”

Jim’s lips were almost touching her moist pussyflesh. At first he barely touched the tip of his tongue to Sharon’s pussyflesh. He wanted to know what pussy tasted like, before he started licking really hard. If it tasted as good as it smelled, everything would be fine. Jim really liked the smell of Sharon’s pussy.

Jim slid his tongue in a little farther. He could feel Sharon’s hot pussyjuice coat his tongue. Then he drew it back into his mouth and smacked his lips.

“Wow!” he gasped. “It’s good, Sharon! I like it!”

Sharon giggled. “Well, don’t sound so surprised,” she chided. “I wouldn’t have you do it if I didn’t think you’d like it. Now get your tongue back in there and really lick it up.”

Jim really loved the taste of Sharon’s hot, creamy pussyjuice. It was a complete surprise. He always thought it would taste different. It tasted almost like wild honey… hot and sweet and fragrant. He knew he could really become addicted to the taste of pussycream.

Jim lapped all the way up Sharon’s creamy pussyslit until he came to the quivering bump of her clitty. He remembered what Sharon had said about flicking it back and forth.

Jim’s tongue moved like a perpetual fucking machine. He flicked Sharon’s clitty back and forth rapidly. Then his lips surrounded the little bud of flesh and he sucked.

“Aaaaaagh!” Sharon squealed. Her clitty quivered wildly and her legs thrashed on the rug.

She couldn’t believe how well Jim was sucking her clit. He was doing it perfectly and this was the first time he’d ever tried it. Jim was a natural pussy licker. That was the only explanation. He was sucking and chewing her clit just as well as Dan did it and Dan was a regular pro.

“Perfect!” Sharon squealed.

She drew closer to Jim’s hard prick and began to nibble at the base of it, working her way to the head with rapid flicking motions of her tongue.

“Mmmmmm!” Jim groaned. It was hard to concentrate on what he was doing with his tongue and lips when Sharon was nibbling at his cock that way. He had to keep it up though. He wanted to drive her up the wall.

Sharon was at the tip of Jim’s cock now. She opened her mouth and sucked his big, throbbing cock right inside, sucking it all the way to the back of her throat as he continued to suck on her clitty.

Sharon felt her legs start to tremble with delight. She never could stand to have her clitty licked for long. It made the fire in her pussy rage and her body quivered like a tightly drawn bowstring.

Sharon sucked as hard as she could on the tip of Jim’s big cock. She ran her tongue over the soft head and tried to get every bit of it in her throat. It was difficult because Jim’s cock kept swelling up and jerking. She managed though. She sucked it all in until his balls were resting right up against her nose.

Jim felt the cum threaten to swell from his balls. Sharon was sucking him so delightfully that he knew he couldn’t hold it for long. Now that he was actually licking her pussy though, he wanted her to come first. He wanted to see what would happen when she came. He kept up his rapid tongue action on her clitty until Sharon was screaming with passion.

“Aaaaagh!” Sharon squealed, letting Jim’s cock pop out of her mouth. “If you don’t stop, I’m going to come. I can’t help it! It feels so good I can’t stand it!”

Jim kept right on licking. He was more concerned about Sharon than he was about his own throbbing cock. It was a new emotion for Jim. He’d never put anyone’s satisfaction before his. He wanted Sharon to get off though. He wanted her to come even more than he wanted his cock to shoot down her throat.

“Ooooooh, yes!” Sharon squealed. Her pussy throbbed and quivered. A rush of steamy cuntjuice bubbled out of her nipping, spasming cuntmouth and then she was coming, right in Jim’s eager face.

“Aaaaah!” Sharon moaned when the crashing waves rushed through her pussy. “So good! Jesus… you’re a fantastic cuntsucker! I never thought you’d be this good!”

Jim chuckled. He sat up and wiped his face. He was really proud of himself. Then he looked down at Sharon’s spread-eagled body and he felt his cock throb urgently. “Let’s fuck now,” Sharon moaned, throwing her legs open wide and holding out her arms to him. “Bury that nice big cock of yours in my pussy and let me get you off too.”

Liv rubbed her eyes and looked again. She just couldn’t believe that Sharon had actually gotten Jim to lick her pussy. It looked like Jim had done just fine. Sharon was holding her arms out now and Liv could tell that she was ready to be fucked.

“I can’t believe that he really did it!” Liv confessed, turning to Dan. “I just never thought it was possible.”

“He made her come first too,” Dan said, squeezing Liv’s hand. “It looks like your husband is doing fine for himself. Maybe it’s time for me to collect on my bet. What about it, Liv? You’re not going to back out on me, are you?”

“Oh, no,” Liv giggled. “I wouldn’t back out for the world. Let’s do it right here where we can watch Sharon and Jim. That would be a real kick.”

“If we do it out here, you have to sit on my face,” Dan said. “I’ll just scoot down on this lounge and you can bring your hot pussy right down here for me to lick.”

Liv shivered as Dan slid down on the lounge. She never thought of doing it this way. It was even better. If she was on top, she could watch Sharon and Jim and get her pussy off at the same time.

Liv knelt by the side of the lounge. She was a little embarrassed. She didn’t really know what to do first.

“Come on, Liv,” Dan urged. “Take off your clothes. I can’t get to your hot pussy that way.”

Liv stood up again. She slipped out of her dress and shivered in the cold. The balcony was chilly. She stood there in her lacy blue panties and felt very foolish.

“Come on,” Dan urged again. “The panties have to go too. Take them off and come on down here. I want a nice taste of that pussy of yours.”

Liv’s hands were shaking as she pulled down her panties. She did want Dan to lick her pussy. Everything would be fine once he started doing it.

Dan seemed to know just how Liv felt. He reached up and pulled her down to the lounge, helping her spread her legs above his head.

“Bring it down here, honey,” he whispered. “Come on now. Don’t be shy. You want to have your pussy licked, don’t you?”

Liv nodded. She really did want Dan to do it. She began to lower her pussy toward his face, holding her breath with excitement.

“Just a little more,” Dan whispered. He held Liv’s hips in his hands and pulled her down farther.

“Oooooh,” Liv sighed.

She could feel Dan’s hot breath puffing out against her pussy. She could hardly wait to feel his hot tongue glide between her shaking cuntlips. That would be pure heaven.

Dan’s tongue streaked out. He touched her pussy with the tip and flicked it all the way to the top of her pussyslit with a light, wet motion. It felt so wonderful that Liv almost fell down on top of his face. Vonda’s tongue hadn’t felt like this. Liv’s heart pounded as Dan’s tongue hesitated at the edge of her clitty.

“Mmmmmm,” Dan groaned. His tongue slapped flat against her erect straining clit and rubbed it back and forth. Liv trembled so hard she almost fell. It felt like his tongue was touching every bit of her pussy at once. It was better than anything she’d ever felt before. No wonder Sharon had said that Dan was a first-class pussy licker!

Dan opened his mouth wide. He knew just what Liv would like. He covered her whole pussyslit with his mouth.

“Aaaaaah!” Liv squealed. She couldn’t help herself. Dan’s mouth felt so good on her pussy that she was almost coming already.

Dan lifted Liv’s hips up high enough so that his mouth was clear. “Watch Jim and Sharon,” he whispered. “It’s more fun if you watch at the same time.”

Liv turned her head obediently. Jim was fucking Sharon hard now. Liv could see his big cock shove in and out of Sharon’s wet pussyhole. She could see that Sharon liked it. Sharon’s face was a mask of enjoyment. Jim was really fucking her hard. Liv could see Sharon’s asscheeks scrape against the rug every time Jim lunged into her pussyhole.

“Yesss,” Liv moaned.

She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the sight of her husband fucking Sharon now. It made what Dan was doing to her pussy even more exciting. His tongue felt like a brand of fire now. It was flicking her clitty back and forth until Liv thought that she would go crazy from the wonderful sensations flowing through her cunt.

“Oooooh, so good!” Liv moaned. “Harder, Dan! Fuck my pussyhole the way Jim’s fucking Sharon’s!”

Dan’s big tongue licked down the slippery slit of Liv’s pussy. He found the hole in her pussy and shoved his wet tongue in all the way. Then he wiggled it around and around until Liv was consumed with desire.

“Harder!” she gasped. “Tonguefuck my pussyhole. Do it just like a cock, Dan. Fuck me with your tongue just like it was a cock!”

Dan pushed his tongue in fiercely. He rammed out Liv’s flooding pussyhole and swallowed greedily. He liked the taste of her pussy. It was different than Sharon’s. It tasted sweeter. Every pussy tasted a little bit different. Dan knew that. Liv’s was sweet and musky at the same time, a combination that really turned Dan on.

Liv’s head was spinning around so fast that she could barely watch Jim and Sharon. She saw Sharon’s legs lock around Jim’s back. She knew that Jim was fucking Sharon really deep now. His cock was going deep into Sharon’s pussy just like Dan’s tongue was driving into her own pussy. Liv trembled with delight. She was almost ready to come. She could feel the exciting sensations build in her cunt and her whole body shook. She trembled so hard that the whole lounge trembled with her. It made a clattering sound on the balcony floor.

“Aaaagh!” Liv moaned. She was almost there now. Her pussyhole nipped and sucked at the tip of Dan’s tongue, trying to drive it in even deeper. Suddenly a flood of hot cuntcream gushed out of her nipping pussymouth and coated Dan’s face. She could hear him swallowing frantically trying to get all her honeyed juices down his throat.

“Aaaagh! I’m going to come!” Liv squealed.

She saw Sharon’s mouth open at the same time. Sharon was squealing too as Jim’s cock drove hard into her pussyhole. They were both going to come at the same time.

“Aaaagh!” Liv squealed again. “Here it comes, Dan. I’m going to come now. I can’t wait any longer! AAAAAAAGH!”

Dan felt Liv’s pussy nip strongly at his tongue. He drove it in one more time and then he wiggled it deep in her wet pussy. He felt the thrills ripple through her hot cunt and it spasmed and pulled at his tongue as she came.

“AAAAAAGH!” Liv squealed again. “Here it is! Oooooh! I’m coming so hard, I’m never going to stop!”

Liv stared at Sharon as she came. Sharon was coming too. Liv could see her legs trembling as Jim gave her pussy one last mighty lunge. Then Sharon’s legs collapsed as Jim’s body came down on top of hers, shooting cum deep in her hot pussychannel.

Liv’s pussy trembled and spasmed wildly. It took a long time for the hot thrills to stop. Finally her pussy stopped squeezing and she got weakly to her feet.

“Well?” Dan chuckled. “Did you like that, Liv?”

Liv giggled wildly. “Like it?” she gasped. “My God! I loved it! Now I know what Sharon meant when she said you were a first-class pussy-licker.”

“Well, it didn’t look like your husband did too badly either,” Dan laughed. “Let’s hurry up and get over there. I think they might just be in the mood for a swinging party.”


Sharon and Jim were sitting on the couch when Liv and Dan got back. They looked very innocent. Liv wished that she could come right out and tell Jim that she’d seen him fucking with Sharon. That wouldn’t be cool though. She had to wait and see what Sharon did. Sharon was the expert at swapping.

Sharon slid close to Jim on the couch. “Ask Liv if she wants to swap,” she whispered. “You’ll never know if you don’t ask.”

Jim shook his head. “I can’t,” he whispered back. “I know Liv would never go for it. She’d get mad and go home before she’d do something like that.”

Sharon giggled. “All right,” she said. “I’ll ask her then. I bet you’ll be surprised at the answer I get.”

“No!” Jim hissed. “Don’t do it, Sharon! I know it’s not going to work!”

“What are you two whispering about?” Dan asked, winking at Liv. “Why don’t you let us in on the secret.”

“I wanted to ask Liv something but Jim doesn’t think I should,” Sharon giggled. “Jim’s afraid that Liv’s going to get mad and go home if I tell her what I’ve got on my mind.”

Liv smiled broadly. She could hardly wait to see the expression on Jim’s face when Sharon asked her to swap. Jim would never expect that she’d say yes.

“I was telling Jim all about swapping,” Sharon continued, even though Jim tried to shush her. “How would you like to swap men for a while, Liv? It would be fun, wouldn’t it?”

Liv giggled at the terrified expression on Jim’s face.

“I think it would be a blast!” she answered, staring at her nervous husband. “There’s only one thing though. I want Jim to lick my pussy the way he just finished licking yours.”

Jim’s face turned pasty white. “You… you know!” he stuttered. “Jesus, Liv! How did you find out about it?”

Liv giggled again. “Dan and I were out on our balcony,” she replied evenly. “We saw the whole thing. It looks like Sharon really taught you how to do it. I could hardly wait to get over here and make you try it on me.”

“I… I don’t believe it!” Jim sputtered. “You mean you’re not mad?”

“Mad?” Liv asked, grinning at him. “Are you kidding? I’ve wanted you to learn how to lick pussy for a long time now. I’m glad Sharon taught you how.”

“I can’t believe it!” Jim howled, laughing so hard his face turned red. “You were watching the whole thing and you’re still not mad. Jesus, Liv! I thought you were straight!”

“I thought I was too,” Liv giggled. “Now I know I’m not. I’m in the mood for a party, honey. Why don’t you lick my pussy and then we’ll swap with Dan and Sharon?”

“Great!” Jim exclaimed, hugging Liv tightly. Jim’s mind whirled around in crazy circles as Liv stood up to slip out of her clothes. He still couldn’t believe that this was happening.

Liv dropped down to the rug. “Why don’t you come on down here arid show me what Sharon taught you,” she suggested, holding out her arms to Jim. “I can hardly wait to feel your nice big tongue on my pussy.”

Jim’s cock hardened instantly. He got out of his clothes and dropped to the floor beside her. He knew just how to do it now. Thank God Sharon had taught him how to lick pussies! This was turning into a really wild evening.

Jim wasn’t hesitant this time. His tongue slipped between the petal-soft lips of Liv’s pussy and streaked forward to nudge the little bud of her clit with his tongue. When he heard Liv’s strangled cry of pleasure, he knew that he was doing just fine.

Sharon watched Jim with a proud smile on her face. She could see that he was doing a really good job on Liv’s pussy. Liv was squealing now and Sharon saw her pussy spasming as Jim drove his hot tongue in and out in fucking strokes. Jim looked like he was really enjoying eating pussy. Maybe she should reward him for being such an apt pupil.

“I’m going to suck Jim’s cock,” Sharon whispered to Dan. “Why don’t you work on Liv’s titties. It feels wonderful to have your titties and your pussy sucked at the same time.”

Dan grinned. “That’s just what I was thinking myself,” he said. “Go ahead, honey. You take care of Jim’s cock and I’ll concentrate on Liv’s titties. We’ll give them a real good trip this first time.”

Sharon moved over to Liv and Jim. It was easy for her to slip down so that her head was right in front of Jim’s cock. Sharon was glad that Jim and Liv hadn’t gotten into the classic sixty-nine position. Then she would have had to interrupt them. This way she didn’t even have to let Jim know what she was doing. Her hot mouth on his cock would be a really pleasant surprise.

Jim looked up as he felt hot breath on his cock. He saw Sharon stretched out on the floor with her mouth only inches from his cock.

“Just keep on licking,” Sharon warned. “I’m not going to suck your cock unless you keep on licking Liv’s pussy. You lick it good and I’ll suck you good. How about that for a bargain?”

Jim tried to answer, but his mouth was pressed tightly to Liv’s creamy pussy. “Mmmmmph!” he said, nodding his head.

Sharon giggled.

While Sharon was talking to Jim, Dan crawled up so that he was close to Liv’s titties.

“Mmmmm,” he groaned. “Such sweet titties shouldn’t be neglected. I’m going to lick and suck them while Jim takes care of your pussy. I know you’re going to like that, Liv.”

Liv opened her eyes and stared at the top of Dan’s head. His mouth was coming closer and closer to her throbbing nipples. She felt her pussy get hotter and wetter as his mouth came closer. She could hardly wait to feel his lips close around her nipples.

Dan opened his mouth wide. He sucked at the tip of Liv’s tittie. Her nipple stiffened and throbbed as his tongue flicked over the rosy nub. Liv squealed wildly and her pussy gushed out more cream. Having her nipples sucked made her pussy even hotter than it had been before.

“Yessss!” Liv squealed. “Bite my nipples, Dan! Chew on them. I just love that.”

Dan began to chew gently on Liv’s nipples. He could feel Liv’s body shudder in response. He knew that she couldn’t hold out for long with this double stimulation.

Jim could hear the sounds of Dan’s mouth on Liv’s nipples. There was a difference in her pussy under his tongue. It turned hotter. It was almost burning up now and he shoved his tongue in harder and harder. It was difficult to concentrate on what he was doing. Sharon was licking the shaft of his throbbing prick so deliciously that he could hardly stand it.

“Mmmmmm!” Sharon moaned. She just loved to suck prick. She could tell that she was really getting to Jim. His cock was swollen up so hard and tight that she could barely fit her mouth around it.

Sharon finished licking around the shaft of his prick and headed right up to the soft, red head. She ran her tongue around it and swirled it in wet patterns. She felt Jim’s cock nearly burst with her wet licking and she knew that she had to hurry and get it into her mouth before it exploded all over her face.

Sharon took her lips from Jim’s cock for just an instant. She wanted to make Liv come in a hurry. If Jim came first, he might forget all about finishing off Liv’s hot pussy for her.

“Hurry, Liv!” Sharon warned. “I think Jim’s almost ready to come. Make your pussy snap around his tongue. That’s the way to bring it on in a real hurry.”

Liv heard Sharon’s words faintly. She didn’t really know what Sharon was talking about. Make her pussy snap?

Liv tried to tense her muscles deep inside her pussy. It felt strange and tingly when she did that. She did it again and something started to snap, deep inside her cunt.

Liv felt a tide of passion ripple through her pussy as she snapped it around Jim’s tongue. She’d never felt it like this before. Her pussyhole spasmed wildly, harder than it had ever done before. Liv let out a squeal of delight.

Jim made a muffled sound deep in his throat. He felt Liv’s pussy tug and pull at his tongue. He thought about how it would feel if she did that when his cock was inside, when he was fucking her. He shivered in anticipation and jammed his cock even harder in Sharon’s mouth. He could hardly wait to have Liv try to snap her pussy around his cock. The thought almost made his cock explode.

Sharon sucked hard. She fucked her lips down over the end of Jim’s cock, jacking him off with her lips. She knew that he was close to coming. She wanted Liv to come first though. There wasn’t much time left. Jim’s cock was jerking awfully hard in her squeezing throat.

“Aaaaagh!” Liv howled. “Bite my nipple — hard, Dan! I’m going to come now! I can feel my pussy start to come!”

Dan bit down hard. At the same time, Jim drove his tongue all the way into Liv’s snapping pussy. Liv felt the hot waves of orgasm ripple through her pussy and she was coming in a blinding flash of exquisite pleasure.

“Aaaagh!” she howled. “Oh, yes! AAAAAGH!”

Jim felt Liv’s pussy start to come. He swallowed desperately, trying to drink all her hot pussyjuice. It tasted so good that he didn’t want to miss a drop.

Liv’s pussy came and came. She couldn’t control the way she was screaming in delight. She knew that she was really making a lot of noise but it didn’t seem to matter. She couldn’t stop. The squeals of delight tore through her lips and her whole body shuddered.

“Goooood!” she howled. “Oooooh, yes! So good! Never felt anything this good before!”

Sharon was so pleased she almost giggled. Then she remembered Jim. She had to bring off his cock now. She wanted to reward him for making Liv come so good.

Sharon swallowed hard. Her throat muscles constricted around Jim’s cock and made him gasp with delight. Then Sharon swallowed again, forcing his cock even farther in her throat. She didn’t stop swallowing his cock until his balls were slapping up against her chin.

Jim couldn’t believe it. Every inch of his long cock was buried snugly in Sharon’s throat. He’d never had anyone eat all of his cock before. Betty had come close to doing it, but even she hadn’t gotten it in her throat this far. Jim felt like he was being eaten alive and it was the most exciting feeling he’d ever had. His balls swelled up and smacked against Sharon’s chin, heavy and filled with a full load of cum.

“Aahhhhhh!” Jim sighed. His mouth was still pressed against Liv’s pussy.

Jim clenched his fists. He didn’t want to come yet if he could help it. His cock felt too wonderful buried in Sharon’s squeezing throat. He didn’t seem to have any control over it. He felt the cum swell up hot and heavy in his balls and he tried not to come.

Jim tried to think of something that wasn’t a bit sexy. It didn’t work though.

“Aaaaaaah!” Jim moaned. It was no use. Sharon was just too good. There was no trick that he could use to keep from coming when she wanted him to.

If Sharon’s throat wouldn’t have been stuffed full of cock she would have giggled in triumph. She knew what Jim was trying to do. He was doing his best to prolong her cocksucking. Sharon knew just what to do though. She was an expert cocksucker. No man could keep from coming when she gave her full attention to sucking the cum out of his balls.

Sharon slipped her fingers around the hard sac of Jim’s balls. She squeezed with a gentle but persistent pressure. She felt Jim’s cock jerk wildly. He couldn’t resist this. No one could.

Just to make sure, Sharon slipped one finger right up the narrow tunnel of Jim’s asshole. She slid it in deeply, wiggling it around in circles in the tight channel.

“Aaaaagh!” Jim yelled. There was no way he could hold back now. His cock jerked hard and his balls burst, shooting a steady stream of cum right down Sharon’s squeezing throat.

“Jesus!” Jim gasped when his cock was sucked dry at last. “You sure know how to do that. I tried everything to keep from coming and nothing worked.”

Dan sat up and grinned at him. “There’s nothing you can do to hold off,” he chuckled. “Sharon sure knows what she’s doing.”

Liv sat up and shook her head groggily. Then she noticed Sharon’s smiling face. “You and Dan didn’t come yet,” she said, her face lighting up with a smile.

“I can take care of Sharon,” Jim said, grinning. He pointed at his cock and Liv gasped in amazement.

“How did it get hard again so fast?” she asked, looking puzzled.

“I don’t know, but it sure is hard,” Jim laughed. “I think Sharon would like something this hard in her pussy. Am I right, Sharon?”

Sharon giggled. “You sure are!” she said. “Come on down here and give it to me!”

Dan watched while Jim crawled over and aimed his cock at Sharon’s spasming pussyhole. Then he squeezed Liv’s hand.

“Have you got somewhere for me to put this hard prick of mine?” he asked, grinning lewdly.

“I’ve got a nice pussy all warmed up for you, if that’s what you mean,” Liv giggled. “I don’t know if I’m as good as Sharon, but I’ll sure try.”

Dan stretched out on his back with his cock pointing straight in the air. “Why don’t you sit on it and see what happens?”

Liv giggled as she lowered her pussy right on top of Dan’s hard cock. She hoped the party would last all night.


“Oooooh! It sounds like a blast!” Vonda sighed after she heard all about the party. “I just wish that Mitchel would be that easy to convince. I don’t think you’re going to have any luck with him, Sharon. Mitchel’s just too straight.”

“I’ve got a little plan that might just work,” Sharon replied. “I’m going to need everyone’s help though. Are you and Jim willing to help, Liv?”

Liv nodded. “Sure! Jim and I will do anything to help,” she promised. “Just tell us what to do. I think it would be great if Vonda and Mitchel could get in on this swapping fun.”

“I called up the elevator repairman this morning,” Sharon said, giggling. “He told me how to jam the elevator we were in.”

Mitchel smiled at the pleasant-looking blonde woman when he got into the elevator.

“Are you going up or down?” he asked.

“Uh… down,” Sharon answered. “I have to go out to the store. Forgot the lettuce for my salad.”

“That’s a coincidence,” Mitchel said, smiling. “My wife just sent me out for lettuce.”

Mitchel stared at the woman’s back as the elevator started down. He wished that she would turn around. He could tell that she had a marvelous figure.

Sharon stood directly in front of the elevator control box. When the elevator passed the fourth floor, she pulled out the stop button quickly and slid the panel shut again. She didn’t think that Mitchel had seen her.

“What… what happened?” she asked, looking frightened. “The elevator’s stuck!”

“Just pick up that phone and call the desk,” Mitchel answered quickly. “I understand they’ve been having some trouble with the elevators here. Don’t worry. They’ll probably have it fixed in a minute.”

Sharon picked up the phone, but she kept the button down so the call wouldn’t really go through. She nodded and talked for a minute. Then she hung up the phone and turned to Mitchel.

“They said it would take at least twenty minutes to get someone up here,” she reported. “Oooooh! I just hate getting stuck like this. It scares me half to death!”

“There’s nothing to be worried about,” Mitchel said, trying to reassure her.

He noticed that she was just as pretty as he had thought. She seemed awfully nervous though. Her hands were shaking.

“What’s your name?” Mitchel asked, hoping to calm her down by talking about something ordinary.

“Sh-Sharon!” the woman answered. Her voice was shaking and, as Mitchel watched, tears came to her eyes. “I’m sorry, but I’m a terrible baby when it comes to things like this. I think I’m going to cry!”

Sharon moved close to Mitchel. Then she threw her arms around his neck and pressed her body tightly to his.

“I-I’m so scared,” she cried. “Maybe it would help if you put your arms around me.”

Mitchel didn’t even have time to think. Sharon felt good in his arms. Before he knew what was happening, she was pulling his face down to hers and kissing him hungrily.

Mitchel’s head spun around in crazy circles. He shouldn’t be doing this. He couldn’t seem to help himself though. Sharon’s lips were as soft as rose petals and they tasted sweet like honey. Before he quite knew what was happening, as he was kissing her back just as passionately as she was kissing him.

Sharon laughed softly. She pulled away and looked up into his eyes. Mitchel was certainly a handsome man. She knew that she had confused him. Now she had to go into action before he had time to think about what was happening.

“Mmmmm,” Sharon moaned, nibbling at the side of Mitchel’s neck and running her hands all over his back. “I’ve always dreamed about getting stuck on an elevator with a handsome man. Maybe my dream’s coming true. Kiss me again and we’ll see.”

Mitchel couldn’t resist a sexy invitation like that. He felt his cock harden as Sharon pressed her lush curves up against his body again. Maybe this was just what he needed to get over his mood of depression. He had to admit that it was exciting. He had been wanting something exciting to happen. Here it was.

Sharon grasped Mitchel’s hand. She pulled it up and placed it right on the quivering mound of her tittie.

“Oooooh, isn’t this fun?” she asked, wiggling her hips against the hard bulge of his cock.

All thoughts of right and wrong fled from Mitchel’s head. He couldn’t even think with Sharon’s body pressing up against him that way. He grasped her soft tittie-flesh in his hand and squeezed with a rush of excitement. He wasn’t sure exactly how far this wild girl would let him go but he was ready for anything she wanted to do.

Sharon could feel Mitchel’s body warm toward hers. Everything was working out perfectly. She wished she had a little more time. Then it would be easier. Ten minutes was all she had though. Ten minutes to accomplish the impossible.

“Mmmmm,” Sharon moaned, snuggling up as close as she could to Mitchel. “It’s getting stuffy in here. I’m hot, aren’t you?”

Mitchel nodded. He didn’t trust himself to speak. He certainly was hot, but not the way Sharon meant it. He was so hot his cock was throbbing, threatening to split the seam of his pants.

“Why don’t we take off our clothes,” Sharon suggested, grinning up at him. “We’ll be a lot more comfortable that way.”

Mitchel’s head was spinning so hard that he found himself agreeing with her. He didn’t even think of the repairmen that were supposedly coming to fix the elevator. He just slipped out of his clothes with shaking hands, eager to resume the embrace with Sharon without any clothes in the way.

“Ooooh, that’s so much better,” Sharon cooed, snuggling into his arms. She could feel his cock pressing against the softness of her upper thighs now.

Mitchel was certainly turned on. The rest should be easy.

“Now what are we going to do to amuse ourselves?” Sharon asked, laughing sexily. “I can think of something I’d like to do. How about you?”

Mitchel gave a hoarse groan of desire. He knew just what he wanted to do and it looked like he was going to have the chance to do it. Visions of shoving his cock into Sharon’s trembling pussy excited him so much that he felt like he was smack in the middle of a fantasy. Nothing seemed real except the beautiful girl in his arms.

“Let’s fuck,” Sharon suggested, slipping down to the floor of the elevator cage. “I’ve been thinking about it from the moment you stepped on the elevator. You want to, don’t you?”

“Y-yes!” Mitchel replied. Everything really seemed like a dream now, a beautiful, sexy fantasy.

“Come here, darling,” Sharon urged, holding out her arms. “Come here and fuck me. I can hardly wait to feel your big cock in my pussy.” Mitchel didn’t have time to be shocked by Sharon’s words. He dropped to his knees and aimed his cock right at the pulsing, pink mouth of her pussyhole.

“Yesssss,” Sharon moaned as his cock hesitated at her hot cunt. “Shove it in, darling. Fuck me hard with that lovely cock of yours.”

Mitchel groaned as he pushed his cock forward. It shot up Sharon’s creamy pussyhole like it belonged there. He felt her move and grind her hips beneath him. She was a lot wilder than Vonda, but that was fine with him. He needed a change in his life. Sharon was the answer to his problem. He loved the way she squealed and moved when he drove his cock in and out of her cunt.

“Ooooh, you like to fuck, don’t you, darling?” Sharon asked, wiggling her hips smoothly. “Tell me you like it. Tell me all the things you’d like to do to me.”

Mitchel’s breath caught in his throat. He thought of all sorts of strange, kinky things that he’d never thought of before. He wanted to do everything he’d never tried before… all those depraved, lascivious things he’d only read about.

“I want to fuck you all over,” he groaned. “I want to fuck your mouth and your pussy and your ass! I want to suck your titties and lick your pussy. I want to do everything there is to do and more.”

Sharon stopped the smooth motion of her hips. “Do them!” she urged. “I’ll lick your cock if you lick my pussy. Hurry! Do it!”

Sharon swiveled around so fast that Mitchel’s head snapped. Her mouth was right under his cock now. He held back, not knowing whether he should do it or not.

“Hurry!” Sharon urged. “Shove your cock into my mouth and lick my pussy! Do it! I want to do everything!”

Mitchel didn’t hesitate for long. He inched his cock forward until it was pressing right up against Sharon’s ripe, full lips. He saw them open and then his cock was buried in a wet dream of delight. He couldn’t believe how her lips and tongue felt on his throbbing cock. Her lips sucked and her tongue whirled around and around. She nibbled and her tongue dipped into the hole in the end of his cock, reaming out the drops of cum and smacking her lips greedily.

“Do my pussy too!” she urged. “Hurry… do it! Come on, Mitchel, do it!” Mitchel didn’t even stop to think about how Sharon had known his name. He just leaned down and pressed his lips against the fragrant wet pinkness of her pussy, licking delightedly.

Liv and Vonda stood at the door of the elevator. “I wonder if Sharon did it,” Vonda said, crossing her fingers for luck.

“If she didn’t, I’ll really be surprised,” Dan replied, coming up behind the two girls, carrying his drink. “Sharon’s an expert at seducing straight husbands.”

“I don’t know why you two girls were in such a hurry to get out here,” Jim complained. “Sharon’s got another five minutes to go.”

“I guess I’m just nervous,” Vonda admitted, clasping her hands together tightly. “I hope everything went all right.”

Jim laughed. “I wish we would have had a couple more minutes. The four of us could have had a party.”

Liv giggled. “You just never get enough, do you?” she asked. “You sure have changed since you met Sharon and Dan.”

“I guess I have,” Jim admitted. “I’ve changed since I met Vonda too… just look at this!”

Vonda turned around curiously. Then she giggled as she saw what Jim was holding. He had his pants unzipped and his fingers were closed around the stiffest, biggest cock she had ever seen.

“Why don’t you suck it for him while we’re waiting?” Liv said, pushing Vonda forward. “Dan and I’ll keep our eye out for people.”

Vonda gazed at Jim’s cock and her mouth started to water. She really wanted to do it. She hadn’t sucked cock for a long time and she loved to do it. As long as Dan and Liv kept their eye on the hall, it would be safe. They would have enough warning to quit if someone came down the hall.

Vonda backed up against the wall next to the elevator. “Come on over here, Jim,” she urged. “If you get right in front of me, I can pretend to be looking for something I dropped if someone comes down the hall. You can stand with your back toward the hall and no one will even know what’s going on.”

Jim chuckled. “You two make sure you give us plenty of warning,” he advised. “I sure don’t want to get caught in the hall with my cock hanging out. We’d probably both get kicked out of here. This is supposed to be a respectable apartment complex.”

Vonda reached up and grabbed Jim’s prick. She could hardly wait to taste his cock now that she’d decided to do it. Her mouth was watering already.

“Wow! You’ve got a big one!” she hissed. “I’ve never sucked a cock this big before. I don’t know if I can get it all in my mouth or not.”

Jim grinned. He liked to hear comments on his size. “Try it and see,” he suggested, winking at her lewdly. “Open your mouth up wide and eat it all up. It’s good for you.”

“Oh, I know it’ll be good for me,” Vonda sighed, staring at the stiff shaft of Jim’s cock in delight. “It’s just what I needed to take my mind off the waiting.”

Vonda’s tongue streaked out and touched the rosy tip of Jim’s hard cock. She moaned slightly as she felt his hot skin on her tongue. The saliva rushed to her mouth and she spread her lips open wide. This was just what she needed. Even if Sharon’s seduction of Mitchel didn’t work, she’d still have fun sucking Jim’s mammoth cock.

Jim grinned as Vonda’s mouth opened wide. He hoped that she could get it all in like Sharon had done. Vonda looked like she could hardly wait to try. Her hands were trembling as she guided the huge pole of prickflesh to her mouth and her lips clamped firmly round the head of it.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned.

Jim’s cock tasted really good. There was nothing to compare with the taste of hot cock. Vonda felt her pussy twinge as she slipped Jim’s wide cockhead into the hot cavern of her mouth. This was wonderful. Her lips had never surrounded such a nice, big cock before. It tasted good too. Jim’s cock was the answer to a cocksucker’s dream. It was big and tasty and cum dribbled from the dark red glanshole in a steady stream.

Vonda swallowed eagerly. Jim had some pretty wonderful-tasting cream too. It was hot and salty, just the way she loved it. Vonda never could get enough cockcream once she got started. It was like eating peanuts. She never wanted to stop, once the taste was in her mouth.

“You like it don’t you, Vonda?” Jim asked, grinning down at Vonda’s dipping head.

Her mouth was slipping back and forth on the head of his cock, trying to get all the cockjuice out of his dribbling glanshole. It was easy to see that Vonda was enjoying every moment of this.

“Mmmmmph!” Vonda replied. She didn’t want to take her lips from Jim’s cock to answer his question. She just sucked a little harder in response, managing to get another inch of Jim’s long cock in her throat.

“Suck it all in!” Jim groaned. He didn’t see how Vonda’s throat could open that wide but he was hoping. His cock jerked and swelled, wanting to be buried in her hot, squeezing throat.

Vonda opened her mouth as wide as it would go. She felt like her mouth was going to split in two. She sucked with her throat and cheeks, creating a vacuum. Jim’s cock was sucked right in, almost buried all the way in her open throat.

“Just a little farther,” Jim pleaded. “Come on, Vonda. You can do it if you suck a little harder.”

Vonda’s jaws were aching, but it didn’t make any difference. She almost had it now. Just another inch and Jim’s cock would be in all the way. She forced her mouth to open wider and she swallowed convulsively. That made Jim’s cock slip in all the way, stuffing her cheeks and throat full of lovely, hard cockflesh. “Gaaaawd!” Jim howled. “You did it! Jesus! I never thought it would go in all the way!”

Both Dan and Liv glanced over at Vonda. Jim’s cock was in all the way. Vonda looked like she was swallowing a hero sandwich whole. Liv trembled a little as she saw how it was done. She’d never tried to get Jim’s whole cock in her mouth. Maybe Vonda would teach her how to do it.

“Hurry,” Dan warned. “We’ve only got a minute before we can push the elevator button. You’d better get your rocks off in a hurry, Jim. We can’t be late in pushing that button.”

Vonda heard Dan’s warning. She sucked hard at the tip of Jim’s prick. Her other hand reached up and began to massage his balls. She could feel Jim’s cock swelling in her throat. It felt like it was going to burst any second. A tingle of excitement ran through Vonda’s creamy pussy. She hoped that Jim wasn’t going to drown her when he came. If his load of cum matched the size of his cock, she’d have to handle a geyser!

“Here it comes!” Jim yelped.

His balls started to pump and great creamy blasts of sperm flew down Vonda’s throat. It came so fast and so hard that Vonda didn’t have time to swallow. All she could do was open her throat and hope that she wouldn’t drown.

“Wow!” Jim gasped when his cock stopped spurting at last. “Are you okay?”

Vonda giggled. She wiped her face. Her mouth had been open so wide that her eyes were dripping tears down the side of her face.

“Mmmmm,” she groaned, rubbing her tummy. “I love it… that was the best belly full of cum I ever ate!”

Dan glanced at his watch. “Hurry up!” he yelled, motioning to Jim to zip up his pants. “It’s time to call the elevator. I hope that Sharon made it. I can hardly wait to see the expression on Vonda’s husband’s face when the door opens and he’s caught in the act.”

Vonda crossed her fingers behind her back. All four of them stared at the indicator as the needle started to move up slowly. Their whole evening depended on whether or not Sharon was able to get Mitchel to fuck her.


It took Sharon a moment to realize what was happening. At first she thought that the shaking sensation she was feeling was her body trembling as Mitchel plunged his thick tongue in her pussy.

It was true that Sharon’s body was trembling, but that didn’t account for the shaking of the elevator. The elevator was being called and Sharon had to push the button.

Sharon inched her body across the floor slowly. Mitchel was so intent on licking her pussy that he didn’t even see her arm reach up to press in the stop button. He didn’t feel the elevator start to move either. By that time Sharon’s lips were moving over his cock in such a lewd, wonderful display of sucking that he wouldn’t have noticed if a hand grenade had gone off right under his elbow.

Sharon tried to keep calm. Sharon watched the indicator while she sucked Mitchel’s cock. It slowed as it came to six. The elevator was going to stop right where they had planned it. If only there weren’t any other tenants in the hallway, everything would be just fine.

Sharon felt her legs start to tremble as the elevator ground slowly to a stop. She prayed that no one else would be waiting for the elevator. This could be a pretty embarrassing situation if other tenants were there.

Sharon felt Mitchel’s body stiffen as the doors opened softly. Then she heard him groan loudly and jump to his feet. There was a mad scramble for clothes and Sharon managed to get her dress pulled over her head in record time.

“Vonda!” Mitchel gasped, jumping into his pants so fast that he almost fell flat on his face. “Oh, no!”

Vonda gazed calmly at Mitchel’s horrified face. She tried her best to look shocked, but she couldn’t hide her grin or pleasure. She had caught Mitchel in the act. What could be better than this?

Mitchel was so dumbfounded that he let Vonda lead him off the elevator and into Sharon’s and Dan’s apartment. He sank into a chair weakly and covered his face with his hands. Then he heard a very familiar laugh. Vonda was actually laughing and she didn’t look like she was angry in the least.

“Close your mouth dear,” Vonda said, grinning at Mitchel’s astonished face. “You can stop looking so embarrassed. I knew exactly what was going to happen on the elevator and I’m really glad that you acted human for a change. I would have really been worried about you if you had been able to resist Sharon.”

“You mean you know Sharon?” Mitchel gasped. “I don’t get it. What’s going on around here anyway?”

“We just wanted to see if you would join our little party,” Sharon giggled. “That scene on the elevator was a sort of initiation. We figured that if you did something like that, you wouldn’t be shy about other things either.”

Mitchel’s embarrassment was fading fast. He accepted a drink from and began to relax. No one seemed a bit mad at him, not even Vonda. Vonda looked almost proud of him for fucking Sharon. He had thought for sure that Vonda would rush right out and file for divorce after what she’d seen.

“I think you’d better start at the beginning and tell me all about this,” Mitchel said. He grinned back at Vonda and she patted his hand.

“I don’t know how you’ve been feeling lately, sugar, but I’ve been awfully bored just staying around the house. I guess I was ready for some excitement when I met Sharon and got stuck in the elevator with her. Except Liv was there too. We three girls started talking and Sharon told us about swapping. I didn’t think that you’d go for it right away though, so I told Sharon that we all had to think of a plan to convince you. That’s why Sharon got stuck in the elevator with you. She did it on purpose. She pulled out the stop button and we planned to catch you in the act.”

Mitchel’s eyes blinked twice. He didn’t know what to say. He had been set up, but he really didn’t mind. It had been fun licking Sharon’s pussy in the elevator.

“You sure aren’t as straight as Vonda thought you were!” Sharon giggled. “You can really swing! I bet Vonda would like some of that nice pussy-licking you gave me. Right, Vonda?”

“I sure would, but I don’t think it’s fair that you and Mitchel had to stop like that when you were having such a good time.”

Vonda looked at Dan. “I think we ought to let Mitchel finish what he started, Dan. Don’t you think that’s a good idea?”

“Sounds like a winner to me,” Dan chuckled. “I know how hard it is to stop when Sharon starts licking your cock. I bet you’d like her to finish, wouldn’t you, Mitchel?”

Mitchel’s face turned red. He really was at a loss for words now. He didn’t really want to admit that he needed to be finished off right in front of Vonda.

“Come on, sugar… don’t be shy now,” Vonda urged. “I’d just love to watch Sharon finish sucking your nice cock. I’d like to see you make her pussy come too. What do you say? Will you do that for me?”

Mitchel grinned. He couldn’t believe that Vonda was actually encouraging him to go ahead, but she looked sincere enough. “I’ll do it if Sharon wants to,” Mitchel announced. “It’s up to her.”

Sharon broke into a fit of delighted giggles. “Just try to stop me,” she laughed. “Come on, Mitchel. Let’s get out of these clothes and onto the floor where we can be comfortable.”

Vonda stared at Mitchel. This was the acid test. If Mitchel would really lick Sharon’s pussy in front of her, he would be game for anything they wanted to do. Vonda held her breath as Mitchel got to his feet. She didn’t relax until he had slipped out of his clothes and his tongue was buried in Sharon’s pussy again.

“What’s the matter?” Dan asked, sitting next to her and whispering in her ear.

“Nothing now,” Vonda replied, smiling the biggest smile of her life. “I was just holding my breath to see if Mitchel would really do it. It looks like he’s going to turn out just fine as a swinger.”

“That sure looks like fun,” Dan whispered back. “I wonder what Mitchel would do if we joined him down there on the floor.”

Vonda giggled sexily. “There’s only one way to find out,” she said, slipping out of her clothes and stretching out on the floor with her legs spread widely. Mitchel’s eyes opened as Dan and Vonda joined him on the floor. He didn’t pull his mouth away from Sharon’s pussy to say anything, but one eye closed in an encouraging wink.

Vonda began to relax at last. Now everything was going to be just fine. She felt Dan’s tongue slide over her glistening pussyslit and she threw her legs up around his neck. She could tell that Dan had plenty of practice licking pussies. He slid his tongue right up to the erect, straining bump of her clitty and rimmed it lightly. Then he flicked it back and forth so fast that Vonda completely lost her breath.

“Oooooh, let me do you too,” Vonda begged. “Bring your cock down here where I can get it. I want to suck it for you. I want you to have some fun too.”

Dan swirled around happily. He gave Vonda’s clitty an extra little nip with his lips as he felt her tongue on his balls. Vonda knew how to suck cock. He knew that. He had seen the way she had sucked Jim’s when they were waiting for the elevator. Dan could hardly wait until she stuffed his whole cock in her mouth. That would really be a treat.

“Mmmmmph!” Vonda squealed. Her mouth was too busy to say much. She just wanted Dan to know that he was doing wonderful things to her hot pussy. Having her pussy licked had never been this good before. Dan seemed to have the hottest, widest tongue she had ever felt.

“Wow!” Liv breathed, trying to keep her eyes on both couples at once. She felt like a spectator at a fast tennis match. Her head kept swiveling back and forth from Sharon to Vonda and then back again, trying not to miss any of the action.

“Hey!” Jim laughed. “You’re going to get a stiff neck that way. Why don’t we get down there and join them. That way you can see all the action and have some fun at the same time. I’ll even let you get on top. Then you’ll have a bird’s eye view of everyone.”

Liv fumbled out of her clothes so fast that her head was spinning. She glanced down at the floor and found that Jim had beat her. He was already stretched out with his cock in his hand. It was as hard as a pole and it was sticking straight up, stiff and ready for action.

“Anytime you’re ready, honey,” Jim chuckled. “Come on down here and go for a ride.”

Liv lowered her hungry pussy right down on the stiff pole of Jim’s cock. She wiggled her hips around and around as her head turned from side to side, watching Sharon and Vonda. It was sort of like a contest now — a contest to see which of them would get off first.

Liv felt Jim’s cock jerk wildly in her trembling pussy. She was almost ready to bet on herself. She’d never been this excited before when she fucked with Jim. Just watching everyone else having fun was really getting her pussy wet and hot.

“Ride it hard, honey,” Jim urged. “Jump up and down on it. Fuck me just as hard as I fuck you when I really get going.”

Liv grinned lustily. She raised her pussy up until Jim’s cock was just at the rim of her nipping pussymouth. Then she came down again with a mighty plunge. It knocked the breath right out of Jim’s lungs, but he looked like he was really loving it.

“Harder!” he gasped. “Give it all you’ve got, honey! I want you to ride my cock like a wild bronco!”

Liv raised up again. She drove her pussy down with even more force, feeling Jim’s cock squish through her wet, burning tissues.

“Again!” Jim begged.

His face was turning red and Liv could tell that it wouldn’t be long before she felt his cock shoot all the way up her shuddering pussytunnel. That was fine with her. She felt like she was almost ready to come herself. Her pussy was nipping and spasming around the stiff shaft of Jim’s cock and a hot ball of fire was centered right in the depths of her hungry pussy. She knew the moment that Jim’s fiery cum blasted in her pussy, she would come too.

Sharon could see Vonda out of the corner of her eye. She was glad that Vonda was having some fun. It looked like Dan was really doing a good job on her pussy. Vonda was sucking and squealing as she gobbled Dan’s prick. Dan was having a great time too. Sharon could tell that he was almost ready to come. His legs were jerking back and forth, a sure sign that he was almost ready to blow.

Sharon switched her attention to Jim and Liv. Liv was really riding Jim’s cock hard. She could tell that Liv was almost there too. Her face was flushed and she looked as if she were seeing stars of passion in front of her eyes.

“Mmmmm!” Sharon moaned, sucking Mitchel’s big cock harder. She was almost there herself and Mitchel’s cock was swelling alarmingly. Her pussy felt like it was going to flood out the whole apartment the way that it was creaming. She didn’t see how Mitchel could possibly lick up all her hot pussyjuice but he was trying.

Mitchel’s tongue was licking up the juice as fast as it gushed from her steamy pussyhole.

“Mmmmmph!” Sharon moaned again.

Now Mitchel was really getting the idea. Instead of just licking up her pussyjuice at her cuntmouth he was beginning to poke his tongue right into her pussy, reaming out the cream before it had the chance to drip down her thighs. His tongue felt wonderful in her snapping pussyhole. It drove in deeply, just like a little cock. Mitchel’s tongue curved around and fluttered deep in her sweltering pussy, making Sharon’s whole body shake with the beginning tremors of orgasm.

Liv saw the expression of delight on Sharon’s face. She knew that Sharon was coming. She could tell even before the muffled sounds of pleasure filled the air.

“Oooooh! I’m coming too!” Liv squealed. She bounced harder and harder on Jim’s cock, making her pussy snap and nip around his prick.

Jim couldn’t hold out for long with Liv’s pussy squeezing his cock like that. He felt her pulling the cum right out of his balls. He let out a yowl of pleasure and his cock exploded in her pussy, driving the cum up her pussy in an explosion that rocked both of them.

Mitchel felt Sharon’s pussy start to come. His cock reacted in full-force, swelling up to twice its normal size. Then his balls started to pump and great blasts of hot cum splashed to the back of Sharon’s eager throat.

Vonda couldn’t hold back any longer either. Dan’s tongue was probing right at the back of her trembling pussy tunnel. She sucked his cock all the way into her throat and swallowed, trying to squeeze out his cum.

Dan’s legs beat a tattoo against the rug. He felt his balls jerk and his cock exploded, driving hot cum deep in Vonda’s throat.

Vonda swallowed quickly. She wanted every bit of Dan’s hot cum right down in her tummy. It seemed to set off a trembling deep in her pussy and she gave a muffled scream as she came, joining them all in an orgy of bliss.


It was lucky that they were all taking a breather when the doorbell rang. Dan rushed to the door and peeked out of the viewhole. There were two people standing there and they looked awfully uncomfortable.

Dan motioned for everyone to get into their clothes quickly. He pulled on pants and a shirt, then opened the door.

“Uh… we’re your neighbors next door,” the man said. “I’m Steve and this is my wife Mary. I really didn’t want to come over, but Mary said that she heard someone screaming and we thought maybe someone was hurt or something.”

Steve’s eyes took in the scene in the living room at a glance. Everyone was sitting around with a glass in their hand. Now he was really embarrassed. It looked like a party.

“Gosh, I’m sorry about disturbing you,” he said. “I guess you’re having a party, right?”

“Just a little neighborly get-together,” Dan said calmly, leading Mary and Steve into the living room. “I guess we were making a little too much noise.”

“Oh, that’s all right,” Mary said, smiling now. “I just thought that someone was hurt or something. We just moved in the other day and we don’t know any of our neighbors yet.”

Sharon smiled at Dan. She closed her eye in a big wink. Maybe this party was going to really turn out to be a blast. All she had to do was convince Mary and Steve to join them and they’d have two more people to fuck with.

“I’m Dan’s wife, Sharon,” she said, pouring drinks for Steve and Mary. “Everyone else here is from the sixth floor too.”

Dan took care of the introductions while Sharon handed Mary and Steve drinks strong enough to loosen up a nun.

“Were you playing a game or something?” Mary asked, taking a big gulp of her drink. “We heard you squealing right through the walls.”

“It was really a good game,” Sharon said, nodding her head. “Maybe you two would like to play too. It’s something Dan and I learned in California.”

“Sure,” Steve agreed, polishing off his drink. “We’d like to play, wouldn’t we, Mary?”

“You have to be pretty open-minded to play this game,” Sharon giggled. “It’s called statues and it’s pretty wild. Are you sure you still want to play?”

“I’ll play,” Steve insisted. “It can’t be too wild for me. I just love to play weird games.”

“Great!” Sharon giggled. “Just stand in the middle of the floor, Steve. I’m going to spin you around and get you into a weird position. Then you have to close your eyes and stay that way for a whole minute. Do you think you can do it?”

“Sounds like fun,” Steve said, getting to his feet and standing in the center of the floor. “Fire away. I bet I won’t move for a whole minute.”

Sharon save Steve a good spin. He ended up facing Mary, and Sharon hollered for him to close his eyes.

“The minute starts when someone touches you,” she instructed. “You can’t move until we tell you the minute is up.”

Sharon motioned toward Vonda. “Go get him!” she hissed. “Try everything in the book to get him to move.”

Vonda looked a little confused. She didn’t know exactly what to do until Sharon pointed at Steve’s crotch. She grinned quickly and stood directly in front of Steve. Then she reached out and slipped down the zipper of his pants.

Sharon kept her eyes glued to Mary’s face for a sign of disapproval. She didn’t want to shock the poor girl too badly. It looked like Mary was enjoying it though. She was holding her breath and her eyes were shining.

Vonda took her cue from Sharon. She slipped her fingers right into the front of Steve’s pants and pulled out his cock. Then she started running her fingers over it, stroking it lewdly.

Mary giggled. “Suck it!” she whispered. “Steve’ll never be able to stand still if you do that.”

Sharon giggled. She had thought that Mary and Steve were swingers when they walked in. Now she was sure of it. Mary was really getting a kick out of Vonda’s lewd actions.

“Time out,” Sharon called. She made a sucking motion with her mouth so Vonda would know what to do. Vonda looked a little surprised, but she grinned back at Mary when she saw that the girl was smiling. Mary seemed to be getting right into the spirit of the game. She seemed to want Vonda to suck Steve’s cock to make him move.

“Here we go again,” Vonda said. Then she knelt down in front of Steve and popped his hard cock right into her mouth.

“Hey!” Steve hollered, a smile spreading across his face. He did his best to keep from moving, but Vonda was doing crazy things to his cock. She sucked it deep into her throat and started twirling her tongue over the head of it, making Steve wiggle violently.

“You lose!” Sharon shouted out. She was giggling so hard it was difficult to talk.

Mary put her arm around Steve as he came back to the couch.

“Boy! You didn’t tell me that it was going to be that kind of a game,” he complained. “If I’d been ready for it, I wouldn’t have wiggled. You took me by surprise though. That wasn’t fair.”

Vonda laughed. “You can take out your revenge when it’s your turn to get the statue to move. Wait until Mary gets up there. Then you can really cut loose.”

“Let’s have Mary next,” Sharon said. “You can try to get her to move while we watch, Steve. That ought to be fun.”

Mary stood up and stretched. “I’ll even give him a little advantage,” she promised. “I’ll take off my clothes so you don’t have to take the time to undress me. How’s that?”

Sharon clapped and cheered. “That’s the spirit, Mary!” she giggled. “I have a feeling that this is going to be the best party we ever had.”

Mary stood up with no trace of shyness. She slipped out of her blouse first. The spectators gasped as her ripe titties thrust into the air. They were large, as big as melons riding high on her chest. The tips were rose-colored with nipples as hard as marbles. Mary had a body as beautiful as a statue and she didn’t mind showing it off at all.

Liv couldn’t seem to tear her eyes away from Mary’s tits. Mary had the prettiest titties she’d ever seen. She seemed to be tanned all over too. That made Liv curious.

“You… you’re tanned all over!” she gasped. “What did you do, Mary? Go to a nude beach?”

Mary giggled. “Oh, Steve and I wed to belong to a nudist camp. It was really nice lying in the sun without any bathing suits or anything.”

Steve chuckled. “Yeah, but we didn’t know exactly what we were getting into when we joined. We thought it would be lots of fun and sexy and all that. This was a straight nudist camp though. All we ever did was play tennis and sunbathe.”

Mary giggled again. “Can you imagine?” she asked, smiling at the girls. “There was a whole yard full of handsome men without any clothes on and we weren’t allowed to have any bodily contact. It was really a drag!”

“We got kicked out too,” Steve confessed. “One day bath of us got hornier than hell and we were sunbathing on top of a bill. We didn’t think that there was anyone around so we started fucking. We didn’t know that everyone was out on a nature hike, bird watching at the bottom of the hill. When I looked up after licking Mary’s pussy, there was a whole group of nudists staring at us shocked as hell.”

“They kicked us out,” Mary giggled. “They said that people like us gave nudist camps a bad name.”

“Well, we sure won’t kick you out for fucking here!” Dan laughed. “That’s what we were doing when you heard us before, you know. We weren’t playing any games except swap.”

“I told you, didn’t I?” Mary giggled, tugging at Steve’s hand. “I thought that was what you were doing. Steve didn’t think so though. He didn’t even want to come over here. He even bet me something was wrong.”

“What did you bet?” Liv asked. “I hope it was something good because you sure won.”

Steve laughed so hard he fell back on the couch. “I told her if she was right she could fuck with every guy over here!”

“All right!” Dan said, clapping his hands together. “I think Mary deserves a little treat for being so smart. Let’s give her the full treatment, guys. I’ll lick her pussy and you two can take care of her titties. That ought to be a good reward, right, Mary?”

Mary giggled delightedly. “I’m ready anytime you are,” she sighed, slipping down to the rug. “Just hearing all of you over here really made my pussy hot.”

“Let’s all get out of our clothes,” Sharon suggested, pulling off her dress. “Then we can all be ready for action. I have a feeling that the guys are going to get pretty excited working on Mary.”

Liv and Vonda got to their feet. In just a second all of them had their clothes off.

Dan dropped down to his knees in front of Mary’s pussy. His tongue shot out and licked right up the slippery gap of her creamy cunt.

“Hurry up!” he mumbled. “There’s not going to be anything for you guys to do if you don’t hurry. Mary’s so hot she’s ready to get off any second.”

Mary spread her legs open as wide as they would go. She gasped when Mitchel sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. She had hoped that something like this would happen. This was a lot more fun than joining a straight nudist colony.

Liv slipped down beside Dan. She licked up the slide of his leg until she came to the throbbing sac of his balls. Then she ran the tip of her tongue over the wrinkled skin, grinning at the same time. She could hardly wait to lick Dan’s cock. He was doing such a good job licking Mary’s pussy that she had to reward him.

Dan moaned once. The sound was muffled by Mary’s creamy pussy. He felt Liv’s lips travel higher and higher until she was licking the soft head of his prick.

“Suck it!” he moaned. “Hurry up, Liv. Mary’s pussy tastes so good I’m not going to be able to hold out for long.”

Liv’s mouth fucked down. She sucked Dan’s wide cock all the way into her throat and swallowed eagerly. She really loved cocksucking now. It was lots of fun as long as she knew that someone would take care of her hot pussy in a minute. That was one nice thing about swapping. Her pussy would get to come sooner or later. If Dan couldn’t take care of her, someone else would.

Sharon stared at the horny foursome for a moment. Then she dived in too. She crawled in next to Mitchel and began to lick the long pole of his stiff cock. She knew that would make Mitchel do an even better job of sucking Mary’s titties. He couldn’t help but get as excited as hell if she did a good job on his cock.

Mitchel closed his eyes in bliss. He was really getting the full treatment tonight. Life certainly wasn’t boring any more. Partying like this was making everything more fun.

Mitchel sucked and licked as fast as he could. Sharon’s mouth was hot and wet on his prick and he felt the cum rush up from his balls. Mary’s nipple poked out at the roof of his mouth and he chewed happily, hearing her sighs and moans of pleasure. This was the way to have a good time. He would never go back to the straight life again.

Vonda’s eyes opened wide as she saw what Sharon was doing. Jim was sucking Mary’s other tittie. There was no reason why she couldn’t suck his cock. It would be a good way to get in on the action.

Once Vonda made up her mind, she moved quickly. She slid next to Jim and opened her mouth. His cock was leaking at the tip and she didn’t want to waste tune licking and playing around. She wanted his full load of cum in her throat.

Vonda swallowed Jim’s big cock whole, letting it slip right down her hot throat. Then she squeezed her throat muscles until Jim began to groan with pleasure. She knew that she was sucking him just right. It isn’t so hard to get his big cock in her mouth any more. She was glad that she’d had that little practice session in front of the elevator.

Steve sat back on the couch and watched for a moment. He felt his cock twinge and ache. He was ready to get in on the action too. There was only one problem. Everyone was busy. He’d have to find a place for himself without waiting to be invited.

Steve took stock of the situation. Dan was busy licking Mary’s pussy. Liv was sucking his cock. Mitchel was chewing on one of Mary’s nipples and Sharon was taking care of him. Then there was Jim, working at Mary’s other nipple. Vonda was sucking his cock while he chewed and licked.

“AAAAGH, YES!” Mary squealed. She opened her mouth wide and moaned and sighed with passion. Dan was really licking her pussy now. He was flicking her little clit back and forth just the way she loved it. It felt so good she opened her mouth and squealed again.

Steve’s eyes lit up. That was the place for him.

Mary’s squeals had brought it to his attention.

There was only one place left and that was just where he wanted to be.

Steve moved up to Mary’s head. He held his cock in his hand and waited patiently. Mary’s eyes were closed in bliss. She had no idea that Steve was staring right at her mouth with his cock in his hand.

“Aaaagh!” Mary squealed again.

Her mouth opened wide and Steve shaved his cock forward.

“Mmmmmgh!” Mary gasped. Suddenly there was a hard, hot prick right in her throat. It was just what she had been wanting. She sucked at it greedily, pulling it all the way down her throat and chewing in delight.

Steve smiled broadly. He couldn’t have found a better place to bury his hard prick. Mary loved to suck cock and she was really giving him the treatment. He felt the cum rush to his balls and fill them until they felt like leaden balloons bumping up against her nose.

Mary gave another choked squeal. She couldn’t hold back the waves of pleasure that rippled through her pussy. She felt her orgasm sweeping her higher and higher toward that pinnacle of pleasure she craved.

Dan felt Mary’s pussy start to come. Great creamy floods of delicious hot pussyjuice flowed down his throat and his balls swelled in response. He drove his cock deep in Liv’s throat and jet it go with a cry of pure lust.

Mitchel heard Dan’s cry. There was no mistaking that sound. Dan was getting his rocks off and it sounded like he was having a blast. Mitchel’s cock swelled up large and heavy in Sharon’s throat. Something about hearing another person come really made him want to orgasm too. It was a chain reaction.

Sharon felt Mitchel’s cock swell. She sucked harder at tile end of his cock, trying to pull the cum right out of his balls. Mitchel gave a cry like a wounded bull and his balls pumped wildly. Burst after burst of steamy cum flew against the back of Sharon’s throat and slid right down to her tummy.

Jim felt the shaking from Mitchel’s body. There was no mistaking it. Everyone was coming and he was almost ready too. His cock stretched for the back of Vonda’s throat and he felt it open widely. Then his balls jerked wildly and a torrent of hot sperm rush out and found a home in Vonda’s belly.

“Wow!” Steve yelped. He felt like he was sitting on top of a cyclone. Everyone was coming and the room was spinning around in front of his eyes. Mary’s lips were sliding greedily over his cock and he shuddered, trying to hold back for another thrilling instant. It was no use though. His cock was ready to explode. There was no holding back this time.

“Suck it out!” Steve moaned. He shoved his cock into Mary’s greedy throat and felt her start to suck hard. Then the cum was splashing out of his own cock, making him tremble and moan in pleasure.

“I wonder who else lives on the sixth floor?” Sharon giggled, pouring everyone another round. “Maybe we girls ought to do a little scouting around and find out.”

“It’s a damn good thing they haven’t fixed that elevator yet,” Dan chuckled. “I have a feeling that quite a few guys are going to get seduced in the elevator before they fix it for good.”

Sharon didn’t say anything, but her mind was working at top speed. She’d heard of block parties when whole families get together for fun and games. Maybe she and Dan ought to throw a floor party. It was a real challenge. They could get everyone on the sixth floor to swap.

Sharon smiled a contented little smile. She could do it with the help of the girls and a stuck elevator. They’d have to get busy on the project tomorrow.