Swinging Secretary

Though the closed world of various institutions and orders is seemingly totally removed from day-to-day events as most people know them, such is not always the case.

The same desires, physical sensations and everyday wants that effect us are also part of the makeup of some of today’s established and respected institutions and professions. One has only to witness their increasing flight from cloister to hearth.

SWINGING SECRETARY is the story of one such individual. Perhaps the product of stringent upbringing, she seeks a release, though not one which is manifest in a conventional form — a cocktail party or weekend picnic or an evening at a movie. Instead, she pursues her most basic ambitions and desires — those of the flesh.

SWINGING SECRETARY — fiction, yes, but a story providing insight into some personality stereotypes we may know less of than we think.


Sara let her fingers slide down the man’s face to his shoulders, touching the firm-muscled flesh. Slowly she closed her eyes and moaned, her expression one of tortured anguish.

“Lick my pussy!” she whispered. “Oh God, chew it up and swallow it!”

The man spread the loose folds of skin that surrounded her tiny opening and leaned forward, sniffing the steamy aroma of her oozing canal. As her throbbing clit came into view, he touched it with the tip of his tongue, making Sara flinch with increasing desire. She tried to hump forward, to swallow his tongue into her pussy, but he held her back.

“Not so fast, baby,” he whispered, his tongue still on her clit as he looked upward through her silky bush of peach-colored cunt hair. He could see her face framed by the two melon-like tits that jutted upward, and saw the agony in her expression. “I… I want to make it good for both of us.”

Sara bit her lower lip, feeling the ache in her cunt become unbearable. Already her cunt canal was, convulsing, squeezing out a thick stream of juice, wetting the insides of her thighs. Small droplets clung to her pussy hair, glistening in the light like opaque diamonds.

The man gave her one last look, his gaze taking in her flaming red hair, her emerald green eyes behind soot-black lashes, the soft contours of her curved, body, her luscious coral-tipped tits, her wasp-like waist, her long, milky-white legs.

Then he stabbed forward with his tongue.

“Ahhhhhh,” he whispered, his breath hot and moist as he locked his lips around her churning cunt.

Sara felt an immediate spasm of pleasure sear into her cunt when his tongue was thrust in. It was almost like having a cock inside her, but marvelously different. Instead of being hard and rough, it was slippery and soft like a writhing snake. Another ripple of ecstasy constricted her cunt when he curled it, gliding the tip of it over the top of her pussy. Her cunt lips closed and opened in a sucking manner, trying to pull more of him inside.

“Yes!” she gasped, her voice shaking with pleasure. “God, yes! Eat… God, eat my pussy!”

The man had never before known a woman to get hot so quickly. A mere five minutes ago they had been talking casually, sitting across the room from each other. Then, as if in a dream, their actions in slow-motion, he had gone over to her and hiked her skirt up, pulled her lace panties down. And now she was flinching with desire, her orgasm just seconds away. He felt his cock throb painfully, throbbing behind his belt buckle, and wondered what it would be like to shove his dick into this delicious pussy. Or perhaps to have her mouth chewing around the base of it, her nose in his crotch hairs, sucking out his cum.

Maybe I’ll find out pretty soon, he thought, but right now [missing text].

He slipped his hands around her hips and cupped her firm, rounded ass, pulling her pussy forward, totally engulfing his mouth in its delicious, frothy warmth. He began darting his tongue in and out with greater speed, sucking the honey-like juices into the back of his throat, feeling her muscles tighten, wrapping around his tongue like a mouth.

Sara grunted loudly and lifted her hands to the back of his head. While touching his soft, black curly hair, she humped forward and jammed his face into her pussy at the same time. The hard throbs of her orgasm had already begun, were building to what she knew would be the best she had had in a long time.

“Suck!” she screamed. “Goddamn you, eat me good! Lick out my pussy and… and… and… OHHHHHH GOD!”

A thundering explosion blasted through her cunt with unbelievable force. The spasms shot up and down her cunt canal, then subsided slightly. She fell forward but stood up once more on her tiptoes when another, even more wonderful climax hit her. She gave a silent gasp, her lungs hissing out pure, raw pleasure.

The man knew exactly how to keep bringing her back to those peaks of excitement, at times chewing on her throbbing clit, lapping his tongue in and out, digging his chin into her puckered opening. He could have done this for hours, but the growing urgency in his nuts made him pull away and quickly unbuckle his trousers. He slipped his zipper down, releasing some of the painful pressure on his rock-hard, bobbing cock.

“Now you suck me,” he groaned, pushing her to her knees. He spread his legs and slapped her face into his crotch. “Come on, you little cocksucker, stick it in your mouth and lick out my cum!”

Sara opened her mouth, and hardly knowing what was happening, sucked the head of his prick over her tongue. Her own orgasm was still rippling in her pussy, making her pant and moan like a wounded animal. But when her chin slipped between his cum-laden balls, she came back to reality. Her lips were now brushing into his dark wiry hair, her nose capturing the heady aroma of his maleness. She lapped her tongue around the thick, pulsating shaft and sucked back up.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned, looking down at the huge length of his meat. It had to be the best, the biggest cock she’d ever seen! And the taste — a delicious mixture of dried sweat, piss and cum. She gave another low throaty groan as she gobbled back down.

“Jesus fucking God,” the man grunted, watching her take the full length of his prod into her throat. “I don’t know where the fuck you’re putting it, just keep doing it! Goddamn, you’re the best little cocksucker I’ve ever had!”

A sudden flash of jealousy stabbed in Sara’s mind as she wondered how many women had sucked him off. With a great body like this and this delicious cock — probably hundreds, she thought.

Well, you’ve had quantity, she said to herself, now you’re going to get quality!

She began bobbing her head up and down, hugging his shaft with her lips, until the smacking sounds of her mouth became hungrier, noisier. She knew she was doing a good job because the man’s cockhead was throbbing like a heartbeat, swelling to the firmness of a billiard ball. The base of his shaft was jerking faster, too, the muscles relaxing to let out a churning mass of hot, boiling jism.

“Oh yes,” the man gasped, holding her head with both large hands, rocking her body back and forth to meet his thrusts. “That’s just fine… God, I can’t wait to shove a whole fucking gallon of cum into your tight little cocksucking throat! Oh Jesus, suck it, you whore! Suck!”

Sara began licking and sucking as furiously as possible, working her head around as she lapped up and down the pulsating shaft. Then when she knew his climax was just seconds away, she clutched his vibrating balls and pulled them up to her cheeks. Rolling them around on her skin, she milked them gently, to give his orgasm more force, more power.

“Almost…” the man whispered, his eyes glazed over with agonized pleasure, “Almost… almost… I’m… I… UNHHHHHH!”

Sara felt a splattering smack in the back of her throat and then an immediate explosion. Part of his bubbling jism shot behind her nose and squirted from both her nostrils. The rest of the lava-like cream gushed downward, warming her stomach. She opened her throat as wide as possible, hoping not to miss one single milky drop, but even her eager mouth couldn’t take it all. Soon, thick rivers of fiery liquid sloshed backward alongside his thrusting cock and squished from her mouth. A web-like strand of cum hung from her chin, swinging slightly as she continued bobbing her head back and forth.

While he slammed more of the scalding fluid into her mouth and throat, she felt another hot spasm of climax burn into her pussy. The pleasure was itchy and somehow empty, but still wonderful!

If only I could have this hot, squirting cock inside me now she thought, it would feel so…

“ARGGHHHH!” she exclaimed as she choked, her climax coming to a head. The ripples shot backward, then exploded forward, burning around her cuntal opening.

The man gave a final stab forward, his hands tight on the back of her head, shoving in the last of his huge load. He held her there for several seconds before letting go, enjoying the way her tongue slipped around his shaft, the tightness of her lips around his cockbase. Finally be reined, letting his hands fail to her small shoulders.

“Where in the hell did you learn to suck dick like that?” he said at last, still panting from the excitement.

Sara licked him clean before speaking. She took the stray globs of jizz between her lips and rolled them around in her cheeks, over her teeth, before gulping them down. Finally, when he was thoroughly free of cum, she sat back on her haunches and looked at the man.

About thirty-five, she would guess, and from the size of his huge hulking frame, an ex-athlete. He was well over six feet, and the mass of curly black hair that framed his handsome face made his blue eyes seem almost black. She noticed a thick mat of hair peeking from the top of his shirt, and knew that he was probably covered with hair all over. A sudden desire to see him fully naked almost made her tear off his clothes.

“I don’t know,” she said, finally answering his question, “I just do what I like to do, and I guess it pleases… you.”

“Pleases?” he said, giving her a wide flashing smile. “Damn if I could patent that little mouth of yours I’d be a fucking millionaire!”

Sara looked, around the plush office and wondered if he was one already. The chairs were real leather, the floor covered by what she knew must be an authentic Persian rug, and sitting in the middle of the room was a desk the size of a bed — glossy from years of hand-rubbing, made of mahogany. The walls were adorned with impressionist paintings, and in one corner was a statue she had seen a picture of on the cover of a magazine.

“Well, you got it if you want it,” the man said, interrupting her observations.

“Huh?” Sara said stupidly, wondering what he was talking about.

“The job,” he said, standing and adjusting his clothing. He seemed to suddenly have a complete personality change. No longer as warm and friendly, he was now the typical successful businessman. He picked up a folder from the desk and sat down. “You’ll do my typing, travel with me, and naturally, keep me sexually satisfied.”

Sara was stunned. She stood up and smoothed her skirt trying to find some hint of the warmth she had noticed when she had first entered the room. He looked up and nodded, dismissing her.


“Tonight,” he answered, knowing her question. “You’ll start to work tonight. Your place or mine?” When Sara shrugged her shoulders, he added, “Mine, then. Here’s my card. The address is on it. Be there at eight, and bring an overnight bag.” When she turned and made for the door, she added, “It will be a pleasure working with you, Miss Price. Until eight…”

Sara closed the door, her knees about to buckle — partially from her spent passions and partially from a building rage. She stormed out of the building into the blinding sun and found her car in the parking lot. It took her several moments before she could gain enough control just to unlock the door. Finally she slipped behind the wheel and gripped it until her knuckles turned white.

“That sonofabitch!” she spat. “Just who the fuck does he think he is?”

She looked at his business card and frowned. It read: Greg Martin, along with his home address. In the upper left hand corner was: Chairman of the Board, Martin Enterprises.

“Well, Mr. Martin, Chairman of the Board, Martin Enterprises, you can just go straight to hell. I’d rather die than go over to your house and be one of your bought women!”

Seething with rage, she drove to her apartment, carrying on an imaginary conversation. Finally she said, “I’ll just go over there and tell him… tell him…”

Tell him what? That she didn’t like him? He was rich, handsome, built like a Greek God, sexy — and that huge cum-filled cock.

“Tell him that he is an arrogant bastard, that’s what! To think that I would… I would.”


“I would love one,” Sara said when Greg offered her a drink just after opening the door.

A drink was exactly what she needed. Although her mind had been made up to tell him off good and proper, when she saw him standing there, wearing nothing but cut-offs, her heart skipped a beat, her knees weakening. All that she wanted to say was overshadowed by the mere sight of him. Whoever said that clothes made the man certainly didn’t have him in mind. And just as she suspected, his muscular frame was lush with dark-brown hair. She had to fight an urge to reach out and touch his sculptured chest.

“Like it?” be asked, taking a sip of his drink.

“Love it,” she answered, her eyes still riveted to his body. She took a quick sip, suddenly realizing what he was talking about. “Mmmmmm, delicious,” she said. “What’s in it?”

“My secret,” he answered, pulling her into his arms. “And now, let me find out about your secrets.”

Sara was totally confused. How could a man turn his emotions on and off like a faucet? He was so warm, so intense, his lips brushing the hollow of her throat, sending shivers of ecstasy up her spine. His huge meaty arm was touching the tips of her tits, his breath warm and musky-smelling.

And later? When it was over, would he shake her hand and give her a curt good bye?

“There’s something I have to say,” Sara said, pulling away. Looking into his eyes almost made her melt, sending her pussy into a churning fit of pleasure. “I… I can’t take the job. I don’t give my… sexual favors as part of my work.”

“Would you give me your sexual favors if it weren’t part of the job?” he asked, his eyes glinting like a cat toying with a mouse.

“Well, yes,” Sara said. How could she lie? He looked so good standing there it was all she could do to keep from dropping to her knees and gobbling that big cock into her throat! “But that’s not the point…”

“What is the point, then?”

“It’s just that you… seem so, well, cold. Like this afternoon. And now, you’re different.”

“What do you want? Flowers?” He walked over to a large vase filled with tiny pink rosebuds. He yanked them out and handed them to her. “Music?” He walked over and flipped on the stereo, filling the room with violin strains. “What did I leave out? Uh, candy? Sorry, don’t have any. Stick around… I’ll make you some fudge. What else?”

Sara didn’t know whether to slap his face or laugh. She didn’t have time, however, to do either. She was engulfed in his arms, her head pushed back as he covered her neck and shoulders with kisses. As the delicious surges of pleasure raced up and down her spine, she dropped the flowers and threw her arms around his neck, pulling him tighter to her body. His cock was throbbing against her belly — big, hard and meaty.

“I want you like this,” he whispered. “Like two alley cats, fucking and thinking of nothing else but fucking. I’ve had the romance and it stinks. I want you physically, like two dogs who lock themselves together. And I’m going to take you… now like that!”

Sara’s mind screamed in revolt, but her body could only obey his wishes. She bit down on his mouth like a striking snake, thrusting her tongue deeply between his teeth, her breath coming quick. She pushed her mound of pussy forward, knowing that only a thin piece material separated their bodies. She fumbled with his zipper and released his swollen cock. She was about to drop to her knees, to satisfy that horrible hunger in the back of her throat, but he held her.

“No,” he said, grabbing the neckline of her dress.

He yanked down, splitting the material in two. After throwing the torn dress into a corner, he jerked her bra off, then ripped her panties away. His own shorts fell down his legs and he kicked them away.

“Like this,” he said, pushing her to the plush carpet and climbing between her legs.

He was an animal now, caring for nothing but his own savage lust. Sara wanted to fight him, to rip her nails into his insolent face, to push him away — yet she found herself grunting with ecstasy. She spread her legs and humped, brushing the underside of his throbbing cock with her slicked-up cunt lips.

The touch was electric, almost sending her into a storm of orgasm.

“Fuck me!” she heard herself say. “Stick this big dick inside me and fuck me to pieces!”

“I will, you cocksucker,” Greg moaned, licking down from her mouth to her large, taut tits. He parted his lips and bit down on the creamy-textured flesh, pulling her coral-colored nipples into his mouth. With one stabbing lunge, he drove his prick fully into her pussy. “I… I… unhhhh… will!”

Sara had thought his cock was huge when it was poking into her throat, but now it seemed gigantic! Her cunt lips were stretched apart almost to the breaking point as his shaft pierced her. She gave a cry of anguish, pleasure and pain mixing into one throbbing sensation.

“Give it to me!” she begged. “Goddamn you, you bastard, plow that cock in me and fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

“All right, you cock-loving cunt,” he winced, “I’m gonna fuck you so hard you won’t walk right for a week!”

Sara had been fucked before, in various ways, but in comparison to what he was doing, the others were mere handshakes. Greg jerked her legs apart like a wishbone, then jammed them upward, crunching her knees into her armpits. As her ass rose in the air, he held her legs and shoulders with his hands and began pounding into her pussy with an emotion bordering rage. Each stroke came harder, faster than the last, until his small hairy ass was a flesh-colored blur. His teeth were sinking into her tits, sending pangs of torture into her lungs. His balls were slapping into the crack of her ass each time he crunched the base of his cock into her constricted pussy rim.

“Yes!” she screamed, holding fistfuls of his hair, pounding his face against her tits. “Yes! Just… like… this! Fuck… Fuck! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!”

Her climax hit her with such tremendous force, she thought her backbone would snap. The pleasure peaked and stayed there for what seemed like an hour, ripping into every cell, each nerve of her entire body. She buckled, writhed, tore at his hair, threw her pussy up to meet his thrusts, wanting to devour him, to suck him inside and keep him there for him to become a part of her.

“Now, you fucking whore!” he spat, bringing his face up to hers. He clamped his lips around her mouth and dug his tongue fully into her throat, curling it over the roof of her mouth, into her cheeks. He bit down on her lips, drawing blood. “Take… it… NOW! GODDAMN YOU! UNH! UNH! TAKE MY CUM!”

Sara’s climax, which was slowly subsiding to gentle ripples, was now hammered back up to an unbelievable explosion of pure, raw ecstasy. The flooding wads of cum washed into her convulsing hole, totally filling up her insides. When the scalding liquid could find no more room, it began sloshing backward, washing around his spearing shaft, squirting from her cunt lips. A greasy, steamy stream of juice ran out, buring into her shitter.

“God!” she cried out, her voice cracking with emotion, “Fuck me! Fill me full! Shove it to me, you bastard! FUCK ME!”

Greg plowed into her pussy with a violence that even surprised himself. The more he brutalized her, the more she wanted. She met his savagery with a rage of her own, until their bodies molded into one writhing mass of flesh. Her cunt was like a vacuum, sucking on his cock, pulling him harder inside as if trying to draw out his brains. He banged the last of his load with his full strength, crushing his body over hers. A few seconds later, he relaxed, falling to his side, releasing her legs and shoulders.

Sara’s eyes were closed, a million thoughts bursting in her wind. She had been raped, yet had consented to the act. Was that possible? Was it possible for two people to rape each other at the same time? She looked, over at Greg, wondering what he was thinking. From talk of music, flowers and romance, they had torn into each other’s bodies exactly as he had said-two sex-crazed alley cats. She chided herself for not being angry, for not feeling guilty.

“How was that, Mr. Martin?” she asked finally, trying to sound more sarcastic than she did. “Is this what will be expected of me?”

“Don’t be an ass,” he whispered, his voice flat. “You know damn well you liked it as much as I did.” He rolled over and kissed her lightly on the mouth, a move so gentle, so loving it caught her off guard. “Well, didn’t you?”

“I can’t figure you out,” she said, melting once more in his embrace.

“You’ll have plenty of time to do that,” he interrupted, “We’re going to New York tomorrow. And don’t be silly and say no, because you know you will. You’re mine now, you know that? You’re mine.”

“And are you mine?” she asked, her eyes flashing with anger.

“That depends,” he said, cool as ever, “on how much of a woman you are.”

“I’m a hell of a lot more woman than you can take care of,” she said defiantly.

“Yeah? Prove it.”

She pushed him to his back and straddled his waist, her face toward his feet. Slowly she nuzzled the crack of her ass over his rock-hard cock and leaned forward. Using both hands she aimed the end of his prick toward her dark tiny shitter hole and pushed it inside. Not giving him the pleasure of hearing her grunt with pain, she bit her lower lip, tears stinging her eyes. Wiggling her ass, she forced in more of his shaft until she felt the hairs of his crotch tickle her.

After his entire cock was inside her, she placed her fingers between his thighs and scooped his balls upward, poking them into her pussy. After they were lodged inside, she took his ankles and bent his knees, pulling his feet to her face.

Using only muscle contraction in her shitter canal, she sucked and massaged his cock while she darted her tongue between and over his toes. She pursed her cunt lips, locking his nuts inside her, giving them a warm bath with a combination of his cum and her own juices.

“Oh… God,” Greg whispered, supporting himself on his elbows, working his hips up and down. “I’ve never had… it like… this. My God, Sara, I think I…”

Had Sara been listening and not concentrating on the delicious sensations in both her holes and the heady flavor of his feet, she might have been able to coax something out of him, something he’d never said before. He was weak just then, his mind filled with her beauty, the soft curve of her back, her tiny waist, the slopes of her plump tits as they dangled near her elbows. Instead, she licked more furiously, lapping up and down the soles of his feet, working her hips around, milking his cock, sucking on his balls with her steaming cunt.

“Ohhhhhh,” she moaned feeling the hot intensity in her body become more urgent.

Barely placing any weight on her knees, she began lifting and lowering her ass slowly, working just enough of his trick in and out to jack him. His balls remained inside her pussy, barely tugging as she raised herself. She gave another moan, feeling them vibrate with a fresh load of hot cum.

“I… can’t take much more of this,” Greg gasped.

His body was aching, rippling with desire. He wanted nothing more than to throw her forward, to hammer his cock deeply into her shitter, but an unseen force seemed to hold him down. For the first time in his life he knew what it was like to be powerless.

“Fuck me faster,” he said, his voice laced, with pleading.

Sara continued doing exactly what she had in mind, to drive him completely wild with torture. It was a delicious feeling, knowing that she now had him in total control, exactly as she had been only a few moments before. The idea made her shiver with growing anticipation. She chewed all the toes of his right foot into her mouth, then let his leg fall to the floor. She remained still for several seconds, then grabbed the backs of his knees.

“Now, you bastard!” she cried out, bending his legs. She slipped her feet just under her ass so that she squatted over his middle. “I’m going to fuck you so you won’t walk right for a week!”

Greg watched fascinated, almost terrified, as she began slapping her ass up and down, drilling his cock in and out of her shitter. His nuts had flopped out of her cunt and now lay glued to the insides of his thighs from a thick residue of cum and pussy juice.

“Goddamn you!” he yelled, grabbing the carpet, his face contorted in pure agony. “F-fuck me, you whore! Jesus, do it!”

Just as he had used, had violated, he was now being used, violated. Sara, he knew, was concerned with only one thing — her own pleasure. His pleasure was merely incidental, and somehow it made the sensations even more powerful. His nuts began throbbing with life, the swirling masses of cum churning to blast through his tight, constricted sphincter muscle. He raised himself, hanging onto her jerking body, his hands cupping her flopping mounds of tit. He kissed the back of her neck tenderly, just the hint of his tongue over the delicate, perfumed flesh.

Sara pumped up and down furiously, her cunt about to burst with orgasm. Each time, his huge prod running in and out of her shit canal brought her closer, inching her to total ecstasy.

Finally it happened — her pussy exploded sending a liquid warmth throughout her body, making her flinch.

“OHHHH!” she screamed, her pussy and shitter racked with hard, throbbing spasms of release.

And as she cried out, she felt his gushing climax blast into her hole, creaming her insides. Another wave of climax thundered inside her body.

“Baby, baby, baby!” Greg whispered, his cock emptying with quick jerks. He held her tits like a drowning man would grasp at a straw.

When they finally pulled apart several moments later, he held her fade in both hands, a wide grin on his lips. It was an unspoken admission of defeat. They both had conquered and won, each the spoils of the other.

“Will you go with me to New York tomorrow?” he asked.

“You know I will.”

“What… that is, what would you like me to do now?” he asked.

“I think I would like some flowers… and some music now,” she answered.

He looked around and gathered up the roses. He handed them to her and then turned the stereo up louder.

“You didn’t bring an overnight case like I asked,” he said, again looking around.

“I hadn’t planned on staying,” she said. “But I do now.”


Greg led her to the bed and pushed her down gently, immediately wrapping his body around hers. She was so soft, so yielding, he could have easily taken her once again in a violent assault. But he wanted more to taste her, savor her body as he would a fine wine.

He looked at her features, wondering how it was possible that a person could have no flaws. Her skin was creamy-white, setting off the color of her hair, her eyes like those of a cat — sensual, inviting.

Her pert lips were wet from his kisses, her rubbery nipples burning into his chest.

“I want you,” he murmured. “My God, I’ve never wanted a person in my life… until now!”

Sara, too, felt the storm of their passions building. She ran her fingers over his smooth broad back, lightly playing around the slight curve just above the crack of his ass. She felt warm, secure, again hungry for his love. Spreading her legs a little wider, she thrust her hips up, meeting the underside of his cockshaft with her pussy entrance.

“Fuck me slow,” she murmured, kissing his eyes. “God, Greg, fuck me!”

“Let me just look at you for a while,” he whispered, kissing her forehead. “I want to remember you just like this for always.”

He raised himself to his knees, his hands on her shoulders. While his eyes followed the moves of his fingers, he noticed the delicious curve of her jutting tits, the mere hint of a shadow under the left side of each nipple. Slowly he leaned forward and brushed his lips over the rubbery projections, feeling them pulsate, blossom to rigid fullness. He opened his mouth almost lazily, and licked them one at a time, then, pressing them together, chewed on both.

Sara watched his sucking, feeling not only the pleasure he was giving her, but also the joy of just looking at his concentration. She held his arms, touching the meaty, bulging biceps, knowing his excitement was growing from the way his blood was rushing through his veins.

“Hurry!” she whispered, touching the soft tufts of hair that fanned from his armpits. “God, I… need you!”

Greg was oblivious to her pleas, his mind totally on her fantastic shapely body. He inched his mouth downward to her flat belly, working his fingertips into the fleshy part of her hips. Her entire body seemed to steam with sex, engulfing him in a mist of pure ecstasy. He licked past her pussy and nibbled on the insides of her thighs, savoring the milky softness of her skin, the warmth of her body.

“Lovely,” he murmured, lifting her legs, pressing his lips down on her ankles, then her toes.

“There is no part of you that isn’t perfect.”

After kissing her feet, leaving them damp with his spit, he moved back up, drawing his tongue over the sides of her body. He brushed past her tits and again locked his mouth around her parted lips. He thrust his tongue deeply into her throat, sucking with his lips, pulling the sweetness of her mouth into his.

“It just isn’t right that someone like you could exist,” he murmured, nudging his cockhead into her wet patch of cunt hair. “I… I don’t think I’ve ever felt this good in my life!”

Sara gave a sigh of relief when she felt his prick ease into her pussy. The thick slab stretched her opening apart deliciously, sending ripples of pleasure upward. She bent her knees and lifted her ass, driving in more of his beautiful cock, rubbing her ankle over his hip. A spasm of ecstasy burned into the back of her cunt, almost exploding. She bit her lip, throwing her head back, to keep from climaxing, knowing the torture was more fantastic than the release.

“Give me all of you!” she gasped still feeling the huge prod slip into her insides. His hairy nuts were slowly, almost painfully, rolling up the insides of her legs. Finally they rested in the crack of her ass as his cockbase plunged between her cunt lips. “Oh yes! Just… like that!”

Greg lowered his hands to her ass and lifted her slightly. As he did this, he dug his toes into the sheets, straightening his less, and shoved forward. He bent his head and chewed her tits, licking furiously between the soft, delicious mounds. His breath was faster now, a low moan vibrating into her chest.

“Baby, baby, baby,” he groaned, beginning to fuck his cock into her pussy a little faster. Her muscles were so tight, so frothy and hot, he knew it was useless to fight his emotions any longer. “I’ve got… to fuck you!” he grunted.

“Yes!” Sara whispered. “Go ahead! Take me! Fuck me hard, you bastard! Fuck… me!”

Greg began banging into her cunt with the same intensity he had shown before. But this time it was different, more than just physical. He couldn’t name what was running through his mind, but whatever it was made him feel free, for the first time in his life totally aware of his own body. Every cell, each nerve seemed to explode with fiery throbs.

“Oh, Sara!” he whispered, licking up to the hollow of her throat. “I can’t believe this! God, I… I… UNHHHHIIHHH!”

Sara climaxed at the same exact second his orgasm peaked. Her pussy pulled like a mouth, accepting his blasting cum, sucking it into her womb. She humped violently, trying to gobble more, her cunt lips locked around his prick like a greasy, spasming vise.

“F-FUCK ME!” she shouted, beads of sweat popping out on her forehead. “RAM THAT COCK IN ME AND FUCK ME APART!”

Greg hammered brutally until he emptied his thick steaming load into the back of her cunt. And even after his muscles burned from exhaustion, he continued jabbing in and out of her exploding hole, feeling his jism slosh around inside her pussy hole. Thick streams oozed from the opening, gluing his nuts to her flesh, others gushing into the crack of her ass.

Sara experienced one long, almost painful, storm of release, her orgasm hitting new peaks each time his dick slammed forward. His cockhead brought the last of his squirting juice to the back of her cunt, causing her back to arch, her heart to almost pound out of her chest.

For several moments there was no need for words. The sweet, satisfying throbs in their loins was the only communication necessary. Each felt a part of the other, their bodies mixing, fusing into one writhing mass of pleasure.

“Oh Jesus, I feel like I could sleep for a hundred years,” Greg said finally, lying on his back. “I think I fucked my brains into your pussy.”

“You go ahead and sleep,” Sara urged. “I still haven’t gotten enough of you. I’ll suck you to sleep.”

“Ah, that sounds nice,” Greg murmured, his voice already thick with drowsiness. He spread his legs and pushed her head down, flinching as her lips trailed a wet path over his chest and belly. When her lips were pushed into his bushy growth of crotch hair, his grip relaxed. “Oh so nice…” he whispered, his voice finally dropping to a soft grunt.

Sara squeezed between his legs and held his cock with both hands, watching it as the shaft began to shrink. A small oozing wad of cum slowly seeped from his cum hole, rolling down to his loose foreskin. She licked it with the tip of her tongue and pulled her head back, creating a web-like strand of milky juice that glistened in the soft light. Pursing her lips together, she leaned forward, lapping the web of jism into her mouth, shivering as it burned into the back of her throat.

“Delicious!” she whispered, inching her mouth around the purplish knob of his cock.

When she slipped it over the roof of her mouth, she felt it throb, balloon to life. She gave a low throaty moan, slowly grinding her lips around his limp shaft, pulling more of his prick inside her.

“Oh, Sara,” Greg moaned, half-asleep yet fully aware of what was going on. “Suck me all night! God, I’d love to wake up and see you there with my cock in your mouth. Will you do that? Will you eat my dick for the rest of the night?”

“Mmmm-hmmmm,” Sara answered, her nose buried in his wiry patch of crotch hair. She pursed her lips and lifted her head, squeezing her mouth around his now rock-hard shaft. When his cockhead pulsated between her teeth, she spoke softly. “I’ll suck you all night. I’ll eat your cum and drink it down. Anything for you, Greg. Anything!”

For the next several moments, she bobbed her head up and down slowly, not wanting to wake him, but still wanting to give his dreams the best pleasure possible. Finally, however, she couldn’t take the torture any longer, and she began eating furiously, lapping her mouth around his prick like a starving animal. She heard him groan, felt the vibrations of his quickening heartbeat, his body tightening.

She no longer cared if he were asleep or awake. The only thing that mattered was the delicious flavor of his churning jism. Already she could, smell the steam as the thick creamy load bubbled inside his balls. Only a few seconds longer and [missing text].

When the hard, pulsating masses of juice squirted into her throat, she gurgled a muffled moan, her entire body rocking with delicious pleasure. She sucked and pulled with every ounce of strength she could muster, concentrating on one thing only — getting every golden drop of his cum, to wallow it around on her tongue and gulp it down.

Finally, she sucked him completely dry and pulled her mouth away, her gasping breath hot in his crotch hairs. She licked his nuts and his belly, completely wetting his torso. Then as her pleasure subsided, she closed her eyes and sank her lips around his rubbery shaft. She inhaled deeply and blocked out every other thought except the taste of his cock, the rich aroma of his body.

And then she slept, never moving her mouth for even a second.


Greg woke up to a sharp spasm of pleasure. He looked down and saw Sara’s mouth working on his prick even in her sleep. Her lips were pursed tightly around the half-hard shaft, her tongue hot and wet around his foreskin.

“Oh yes,” he murmured as he spread his legs a little wider. He held the back of her head with both hands and thrust his hips upward, crushing her face fully into his crotch. “Just like this!” he gasped. “Start the day with a good suck!”

Sara’s eyes fluttered open when she felt the pressure in the back of her throat. Momentarily confused, she looked into the dark patch of hair, trying to focus. The rubbery texture of Greg’s cockhead was now nudging past her tonsils, filling the back of her throat. When she finally remembered the night before, she shivered, her pleasure beginning to mount. And although her jaws ached from having sucked him all night, she was more than eager to please him again.

“You ready for some hot cream to eat for breakfast?” Greg asked, draping his legs over her shoulders and locking his ankles together, at the small of her back. He rolled to his side and began pumping his hips back and forth, driving his dick into her throat with quick punches. “Goddamn, the way I feel, you might even have enough for lunch!”

Sara pushed her fingers between his thighs and clutched his cum-filled nuts. When the hairy surface touched her palms, the effect was immediate, like an electric shock for them both.

“Milk me, baby,” Greg groaned, flipping her to her back suddenly, supporting his weight with his arms. He looked down and watched his cock disappear into her mouth. “God, that’s good! Just keep sucking!”

Sara couldn’t believe how hot her pussy had become. She’d only been sucking for a few minutes and now her cunt was churning with an ache that could only be satisfied by a thick load of his squirting jism. She began bobbing her head up and downs at a furious pace, her hunger almost unbearable. Suddenly she spit his prick out and bit down on the taut flesh of his crotch.

“Fuck me in the mouth,” she begged. “Ram your cock in like my face is a pussy! Fuck me hard! God, Greg, give it to me! I… need it!”

Greg worked his prick back between her lips and thrust forward with all his weight. When the base of his shaft was crammed between her lips, he jerked upward until his cockhead was just inside her teeth. He held himself there for a couple of seconds before ramming his meat back in. He lowered his torso slightly, supporting himself with his elbows, and bent his knees, slipping them up to her armpits. Now that she was totally engulfed in his hard, hairy body, he began hammering his dick in and out with brutal savagery.

Sara gave a muffled cry of surprise that soon turned into one of pure, hungry ecstasy. His prick was jamming in and out with delicious speed, slipping fully into the back of her throat. His huge balls were crawling up and down her neck, the vibrations of his nuts tickling her skin.

“Mmmmmmmmm!” she moaned, darting her fingertips into the crack of his shitter, feeling it pucker around her nails.

“Suck it, you cocksucker!” Greg moaned, fucking her mouth for all he was worth. “Take my big dick into your cock-loving throat and eat me! Suck, you whore, suck!”

Sara had little choice in the matter. He was now driving his crotch against her face like a sex-crazed animal. All she had to do was keep her mouth wide open, letting the hard, pulsating shaft dig in and out. She increased the pressure of her fingers, poking them into his tiny shitter, feeling the greasy warmth surround them, pull like a mouth.

“Ahhhhh!” she gasped, letting his cockhead slap even deeper into her throat, making her breath come in quick hisses.

“Any… second… now…” Greg panted, buckling with pleasure. He felt his nuts convulse, the hot, searing fluid running into the base of his plunging prod. “Get… ready, you… cum sucker! I… I’m… OH FUCK… BABY SUCK! UNHHHH! SUCK!”

When the blasting gush of cum spewed into Sara’s throat, her own body flinched with orgasm. The scalding heat from his juice burned into her stomach. A rippling spasm tore into her pussy canal and worked forward, constricting her tiny hole.

“AAAIIIEEEE!” she screamed, her passion so intense she lifted him slightly off the bed. She dug the nails of her thumbs into his ass cheeks and gave another loud choking cry.

“Suck… suck… suck…” Greg chanted, his hoarse voice barely a whisper. “Goddamn you, you little cocksucker… UNNHHH, SUCK!”

Part of the reason of Sara’s pleasure was because his load of cum was the thickest, the hottest she’d ever had. A night of rest had certainly made the difference, because it seemed as if he’d never stop shooting his wad! Massive streams of streaming liquid squirted from her lips and blasted onto her cheeks. Soon twin pools of jism formed on her shoulders, rolling to the back of her neck.

“All… of it!” Greg said finally, grinding out the last of his climax. He relaxed completely, crushing her face beneath his heavy weight. His cock plunged into Sara’s throat, where it vibrated, pulsated. “Oh, baby,” he groaned, his eyes closed in satisfaction. “My little cocksucking baby!”

Sara’s orgasm was still peaking, her body frozen in pure release. She gobbled hungrily on his cock, sucking wildly with her lips, emptying him of the last wad of cum that lay in the center of his dick. When he was clean, she pushed him to his back and licked the jizz from his cock, his balls. Still hungry, she scooped the juices from her cheeks and shoulders, forming one large glob, and lifted it to her lips.

“Ahhhh,” she hissed, pulling the juice between her lips.

She held her head back and trembled as it seeped over her tongue and into the back of her throat. She constricted the muscles of her cheeks and forced it forward once more. After pushing it between her teeth, under her tongue, between her lips and gums, she finally drank it down.

“Delicious,” she said, her voice greasy and contented.

“I’ve never known a girl who liked that stuff the way you do,” Greg said, fascinated by the way she gobbled it down like a kitten eating warm cream.

“I love it,” she replied, once more eyeing his cock. “I can remember the first time I tasted it. I’ve been hooked ever since.”

“I’ll bet you drove the boys crazy,” he laughed. “You certainly drive me crazy!”

“Jealous?” she teased.

“A little, maybe,” Greg answered. “Just wished it could have been me you sucked first.”

“Come on,” Sara said with a wicked grin, “enough of this memory lane bullshit. My little pussy is just itching to get fucked.” She got to her belly and faced the foot of the bed, raising herself slightly to her knees. “Fuck me like a little doggy!”

Greg knelt behind her and kicked her legs apart with his knees. When her tight, slicked-up pussy was fully revealed, he nuzzled his shaft up the insides of her thighs and pierced her tiny cuntal opening with his massive cockhead.

“Damn, you’re hotter than a firecracker!” he whispered.

“I know,” Sara agreed. “I’ve been having the most wonderful dreams all night, and they were all about this big dick of yours. Now, fuck me!”

Greg pressed forward, inching his prod into her cunt canal. When her opening pursed around the base of his dick he pulled back slightly, then hammered in with one savage thrust, jamming Sara’s face into the sheets.

“Goddamn, you seem even tighter this way,” he grunted. He looked down at her body, her nicely rounded hips. She was small enough for him almost to wrap his hands around her. “I just wonder where the fuck you’re putting it!”

Sara was so aroused, there wasn’t even the slightest pain, only a delicious throbbing in her guts. She flexed the muscles of her cunt canal, milking his cock to rock-hard stiffness.

“Shove some of that delicious cum into my pussy,” she groaned. “Hurry, fuck me hard!”

Greg held her hips tightly with both hands and began thrusting savagely into her pussy. Soon his speed had gotten to the point where her ass was a mere blur, his balls slapping back and forth, smacking her belly.

“Like this, cunt?” he growled, leaning forward. “You like a big cock reaming you out like this?” He brushed his lips over the back of her neck, baring his teeth.

Greg hammered wildly into her hole for several more moments, feeling the pressure inside his balls become almost unbearable. He tried to hold back a little longer, to savor the wonderfully warm snug feeling her pussy was giving his cock, but it had already become useless. His body was out of control, his mind screaming one thing — to drive his climax into her cunt as brutally as he could, to feel the hard jerks of pleasure when his jism blasted from his cockhead.

Sara’s eyes were half-closed, glazed with pleasure. Her orgasm was throbbing slowly, convulsing her insides. And each time his prick rammed into her cunt, she was nudged closer to what she knew would be one of the most powerful releases she had ever experienced. A few more pokes, just a couple of seconds longer and…

“G-God!” she screamed, arching her back. “YES! FUCK ME!”

A crunching spasm of ecstasy tore into her pussy like a bolt of lightning. Then another, and another.

“UNHHHHHH!” she bellowed, writhing, rocking with him. “KEEP… FUCKING ME! GOD, DON’T EVER STOP! FUCK ME FOREVER!”

Her cunt turned into a vacuum pump, sucking and pulling wildly on Greg’s cock. Greg felt it and choked out a gurgling moan, sinking his teeth into her neck. The first glob of cum barreled up the center of his shaft and exploded from his cockhead, totally filling up her burning cunt.

“Jesus, fuck!” he gasped when another wad of jism jolted into her rippling pussy. Then he peaked, shoving in the bulk of his load, splattering quick streams of juice with each hammering move. “Oh… yes! Goddamn you, yes!”

His climax was so rich and full that her pussy soon could hold no more. A milky stream of liquid oozed from the underside of his prick, slicking up his nuts. His shaft was now sloshing in a huge amount of jism, gluing their bodies together. He gave a final heave, emptying his nuts, then fell forward, gasping for air.

“Man, I feel like I’ve fucked a wild tiger in the ass,” he whispered, still enjoying the way her pussy was vibrating around his spent cock.

“That’s coming up next,” Sara said. “I’m not going to let you go until you’ve fucked me everywhere possible!”

“You’ll have to give me a little time to recover,” Greg said, pulling away, looking down at his withering prick. “I’m not quite the match I thought I was for you. And I don’t think any man is!”

“Where are you going?” Sara asked when she felt him crawl off the bed and stumble toward the door.

“Gonna take a shower,” he said. “We have a plane to catch in a couple of hours, and you wouldn’t want me to go to that meeting smelling like pussy, would you?”

“I wouldn’t mind as long as it’s mine,” she said.

Greg gave her a curious glance, not saying anything for a couple of moments. He stood framed in the doorway, one hand supporting his weight.

“Sometimes I like more than one woman,” he said at last, measuring her reaction. When he got none, he added, “Well? We don’t own each other, do we?”

“Of course not,” Sara answered finally. “And sometimes I like more than one man.”

There, that would fix the bastard!

“Fine,” he replied. “But not on my time.”

“OK, buster,” Sara said, getting off the bed. “You’re time is over. I’m going out now and find myself a real man.” She looked around, trying to find her dress, then remembered it lay torn in a heap in the living room.

“You don’t meant that,” Greg said softly, hurt in his eyes. “It’s just that I…”

“It’s just that you are a prick,” she spat out. She knew suddenly they had reached an impasse and there was no backing out. “Just who the fuck do you think you are, anyway?” She yanked the sheet off the bed and wrapped it around her body, her eyes flashing with anger. “I’m not going to be… one of your women!”

Greg couldn’t understand her rage. He’d never been talked to like that before. He could give this woman anything she wanted — and more. Clothes, jewels, furs, travel — didn’t she realize that? Couldn’t she just look around the house and see that he was a rich man?

“You’re making a big mistake,” he said. “I could…”

“You can go straight to hell!” Sara interrupted, her voice even, almost devoid of emotion. “Now if you will excuse me,” she added, brushing past him.

“You’re a fool,” he said, following her into the living room.

“Was. Not any more,” Sara said, slipping into her torn dress. It would hold until she got into the car, where she could pin it together. “Good bye,” she said flatly.

Greg was stunned, wondering if all this was a dream. Just a few moments ago they were molded together — giving, accepting pleasure, and now she was actually walking out on him. Just because [missing text].

“I don’t understand you,” he said, touching her arm, trying to pull her back.

She resisted, yanking her arm away, and opened the door.

“What’s to understand? I will not be used. Not by you, not by anyone. If you consider yourself a one-man stud farm, fine. But I’m not going to be part of it.” She looked him in the eyes and said, “You no longer exist.”

After she slammed the door in his face, Greg picked up a priceless pre-Columbian statue and flung it across the room, crashing it into a gilt framed mirror said to have been owned by George III.

“Bitch!” he shouted.

Sara heard the crash and his outburst as she scurried down the walk to her car. She felt hot tears sting her cheeks, her heart pounding in her throat. Her hands were shaking visibly as she started the engine and drove off, her tires screeching on the pavement.

When she arrived at her apartment, the telephone was ringing, and kept ringing until she finally lifted the receiver, then hung up. When it rang once more, she unplugged the cord from the wall and stumbled into her bedroom, falling in a heap on the bed.

A short while later, there was a knock on the door — demanding, insistent. It was useless to ignore, because it got louder. Finally she pulled herself to her feet and answered it.

“OK, you win,” Greg said. His face was serious, an expression of defeat written all over it.

“What do you mean?” Sara asked, wanting to hear him say it.

“Just that. You win. I lose. I want you. On any terms.” He grinned suddenly, looking very boyish. “Besides, I can’t afford not to have you,” he added, thinking of the statue and the mirror. “We have just enough time to catch our plane. Let’s go.”

“Can we take a later plane?” Sara asked.

“Will I always be saying yes to you?” he asked, his eyes dropping to the angle of her tits as they jutted from her torn dress.

“Probably,” Sara said.

“We can take a later plane,” he said. He crushed her in his arms, biting down on her mouth. “I just wish someday I’ll love you as much as I hate you right now!”

“You will,” Sara replied, matching the intensity of his kisses.


Sara lay back in the huge bed, fingering her pussy. Greg had been gone for more than two hours, and even though they had torn into each other’s bodies like two animals, she still wasn’t satisfied.

“Damn!” she said, looking at the traveling clock, knowing before she saw the hands that it wouldn’t read much later than when she had looked at it before.

She gazed around the hotel room, perhaps the best, most expensive one in all of New York. There was even a white grand piano in one corner. The suite had every creature comfort anyone could ask for, except one thing — a big hot cock ramming into her burning pussy!

Greg had said it might be near midnight before he returned, and for some strange reason, he hadn’t wanted her to go along.

“Because we’ll be inspecting an unfinished skyscraper,” he said, “walking over loose boards, riding in an open elevator hundreds of feet above the sidewalks. And I don’t want anything happening to this cute little ass of yours.”

She had balked, naturally, but when she saw the splendor of the room and had enjoyed his violent fucking, she’d agreed. Now she wished she hadn’t. At least she could have looked at him, perhaps stolen a couple of seconds to touch his hard, lean body — even run her fingers over the pulsating curves of his thick, meaty crotch.

“Ohhhhh!” she moaned, thrusting her middle finger over her rubbery clit, feeling it explode in empty orgasm.

Her pussy was on fire, begging to be filled. She gave another low groan, then stopped short.

“Yes?” she called out, hearing the light tap on the door.

She heard a muffled sound, hoping it was Greg. Quickly she bounded out of bed and raced into the sitting room. Without thinking of her nudity, she opened the door and reached out.

“I want you…” she said, then choked when she saw that it wasn’t Greg.

“I… I think I want you, too,” the young man whistled, his eyes dropping to her slicked-up cunt.


“Room service,” the man answered, his eyes crawling upward, locking on her jutting tits. He turned very slowly, his eyes still on her body, and picked up a silver tray. “Your… uh… Mr. Martin asked me to send this up.”

Sara looked at the champagne and, next to it, a small bouquet of pink roses.

“Where shall I put it?” the man asked, his tone extremely suggestive.

Sara looked at the waiter, her mind still confused. It hadn’t even dawned on her that this good looking blond giant could possibly be on the staff here. He belonged on a tennis court, or standing at the helm leading a Nordic expedition through the icy breakers off Scotland.

“Put it anywhere you… uh, over there,” she said, standing aside. Only then did she realize that she was totally naked. It had seemed so natural standing before him like that. “I’m sorry,” she spluttered, “I don’t usually greet people at the door like this.”

She scurried toward the adjoining room but stopped when she heard him speak. His voice was soft, yet carried command.

“No,” he said. When she turned and looked at him, his hands were outstretched, his eyes twinkling wickedly. “I know what you want,” he said. Then after a slight pause, he added, “And I know what I want.”

The next few moments had a dream-like quality.

Sara felt herself float toward him, his strong arms around her waist, his hungry mouth brushing over her parted lips. A few seconds later they were in bed, his mouth covering her tits with kisses.

“Oh, fuck me!” Sara moaned, spreading her legs. She humped her cunt upward, working it over the thick bulge in his trousers, feeling his cock vibrate with life. “Shove your cock in me and… God, fuck me!”

The man shucked off his clothes without letting his mouth move from her body. When he was totally naked, he nudged his knees between his thighs and lowered the underside of his hard throbbing prick over her steaming mound of pussy.

Sara squeezed her hands between them and clutched his dick, swirling her fingertips around the huge base, poking the cum-filled balls. Holding his shaft at an angle, she pushed the monstrous cockhead into her opening and lifted her hips upward.

“Yes!” she whispered, her body aching so badly for an orgasm that her mind was about to explode. “Give it to me! Fuck… fuck me, you stud!”

The man held her shoulders and bit down at the hollow of her throat, darting his tongue over the soft perfumed flesh. He had wanted her the minute he saw her, but now, sensing her hunger, he would have killed to fuck her tins, sucking hole. As he plunged the remainder of his dick into her cunt, he had to flinch to keep from blowing his wad that very second. Hers had to be the hottest little pussy he would ever know. Her slit was like a mouth, sucking and pulling furiously on his prick.

“Goddamn!” he grunted, slowly withdrawing, then stabbing back in. “You always fuck like it’s your last time?”

“Always,” Sara answered. “Especially when I have such a huge cock inside me!” She began thrusting her hips up to meet his hard lunges, taking his prick in and out of her hole with increasing speed. “Fuck me, you bastard, then I’ll suck you! I’ll suck out your cum and gargle it!”

“Oh, Jesus!” the man gasped. He just hoped he could hold back long enough to please her. Already his nuts were burning, about to explode. “I’ll… I’ll fuck you, you little cunt!” he whispered, once more latching his mouth onto one of her tits.

Sara squeezed her legs around his humping ass and dug her nails into his broad muscular back. She could hardly wait to have his prick plow his hot load deeply into her cunt. She would have big pulsating wads, all creamy and sticky, coating her insides. She could almost see the gigantic cockhead turn a deep purplish, balloon outward, then spit like a cobra.

“Give… it… to me!” she cried out, her cunt locking around his shaft with tight spasms. Her orgasm was building to thunderous proportions, ready to split her wide open. “Goddamn you, fuck me… hard! Give… give… OHHHHH!”

She bucked and writhed beneath him as the intensity of her pleasure grew to almost painful release. Then as she peaked, her insides spasming with huge jerks, she felt the first blast of his cum.

“Now!” the man barked, chewing down on her tits. “Take… UNNNH!”

When more gushes of jism thundered into her slit, Sara climaxed again, the contractions of her pussy canal drawing, his squirting liquid deeply inside her. When her hole was filled to overflowing, the fluid sloshed backward, burning from the bottom of her cunt. A thick stream of jizz soaked her thighs and slicked up her asshole.

“UNHHHHH!” The man gasped, shoving in the last of his load. “Take… it… baby.” He cried, crushing his full weight into her cunt, stretching her opening to the breaking point.

Sara’s orgasm began subsiding to a dull throb as she rubbed and stroked his back. She kissed the top of his head, her eyes closed in satisfaction. The smell of his masculinity, the touch of his taut skin, the ribboned patterns of his body, inflamed her with passion once more. She pushed against his sculptured chest, wanting now to suck that hard cock.

“Oh, do I have to stop now?” the man asked, feeling the pressure of her hands. “I want to lie like this for…”

“You’ll have to move if you want me to blow you,” Sara said.

“Jesus, yes!” the man said, rolling to his side. “If you’re going to do that, of course!”

Sara crawled between his legs and held his sticky shaft. Once again she gazed at him, noting his masculine good looks, but mostly devoting her attention to his huge prick. It was deliciously curved, the rubbery foreskin glistening with a thick film of cum. She touched the tip of her tongue to the fluid and shivered, hungry for gallons of the stuff.

“Suck me,” the man groaned, bending his knees and placing both hands behind her head. He humped his hips upward, slipping his cock between her lips. “Jesus, baby, suck me… now!”

Sara gobbled the full length of his shaft into her mouth, pursing her lips as she trailed them down to his furry patch of wiry hair. Her chin nudged between his balls, making them roll over her cheeks. She stayed there for several seconds before puffing backup.

“You can get the whole thing in your mouth?” the man said, clearly amazed. “Damn! Do it some more!”

Sara once again sucked his cock into her throat, but this time only stayed in his crotch for a fraction of a second. She bobbed her head back up, then lunged once more into his crotch. Over and over she gobbled his dick until her forehead was slapping against his belly.

“Mmmmmm,” she groaned, feeling his cock harden to rock-like stiffness.

His cockhead was swollen completely, almost blocking her air. Each time it thrust past her tonsils she felt her aching throat become more demanding. She gave another low throaty moan, her entire body begging for his cum.

“That’s… good!” the man grunted. “Shit, I’ve never been sucked so good in my life! Keep doing it just like that, you cocksucker! Jesus, suck me!”

Sara grabbed his right foot and pulled it up to her throbbing pussy. The second she dug his toes into her hole, her insides burst with a hot, grinding release.

“OOOFFF!” she choked, jamming her face violently between his thighs.

The man couldn’t believe what was happening. Not only was Sara moaning and begging, her entire body shaking with furious spasms, her pleasure seemed to be melting into his own body. Only a couple of seconds later, he felt his nuts churn, his jism blasting upward.

“Suck, you cunt!” he bellowed, turning slightly to his side, pulling her with him. He rammed his cock brutally into her mouth, pressing his weight over her face. “Goddamn you, I’m… I’m… SUCK! Suck my cum, you cock licker!”

Sara worked her mouth around his exploding cockhead for all she was worth, but it was useless even to try to suck all he had to offer. Huge masses of jism bolted behind her nose, others gushed into her stomach, some of it spewed from the corners of her mouth. Cum seemed to be everywhere, and more was splattering all the time! Another hot spasm of climax drilled into her pussy, sending wave after wave of release into every corner of her being.

Finally they lay there in a heap, their bodies molded together. Sara took her time cleaning him up, but she finally licked, the last of his juices into her mouth, then pulled away, smacking her lips.

“How about some of that champagne now,” she said, “to wash this cum down with.”

As the man dressed, she slipped into a pale green negligee, then joined him in the sitting room.

Hardly had they sipped the first drink when the door opened.

“Well, this looks like a pretty fucking cozy scene,” Greg said. Then before either of them could react, he pointed toward the door and motioned toward the young men. “You, out!”

After the man left, Greg glared at Sara, his fists clenched so tightly, his knuckles were turning white.

“You want to fucking explain this?” he asked.

“Explain what?” Sara asked, her own anger about to match his. “I thought we made it plain that…”

“That what? You can fuck anybody you want, while I have to stand around with my hat in my hand and wait my turn?” He paused, as if gathering ammunition. “Look, bitch, I told my secretary that there was someone else — you. She quit and I felt like such a turd. So I came back here. And what did I find? You and some young stud drinking my champagne, looking at each other like you could eat each other! It’s a good Goddamned thing I came in when I did, because you’d have probably been fucking each other’s eyes out by now!”

“We had finished,” Sara said coolly. “And he was quite good. Better than some I know.”

Sara suddenly became frightened. He looked like he could easily strangle her. She pulled her knees up to her chest and looked at him, her eyes growing wider.

“No, I’m not going to hurt you,” Greg said. He sat down and leaned back, silent for a long while.

“I’m leaving.” He reached into his wallet and took out several bills. He placed them on the table very carefully, as if they were made of glass. “Here’s your pay. I’ll try to find someone who doesn’t drive me crazy all the time. I’m just no match for you.”


“So long, Sara,” he said, interrupting her. “I hope you find someone someday who… well, good bye.”

Before she could stop him, he was out the door. Sara sat there stunned for several moments, her mind filled with a thousand conflicting thoughts. She wanted him, yes, but she couldn’t be his slave, his caged animal. She could swallow her pride and run after him, but where would, that leave them? Perhaps if he came back.

There was a knock on the door.

Quickly, Sara jumped out of the chair, hoping it was Greg. She felt her heart pounding in her throat as she touched the doorknob. When she saw the woman standing there, she closed her eyes, feeling defeated.

“Bitch!” the woman spat out, then slapped Sara so hard she fell back over the chair.

Sara looked up at the woman and noticed that all her fight was gone. The woman was leaning against the doorjamb, tears streaming down her face.

“Jesus,” she said, crawling to her feet, “this is turning into one hell of a day.” She looked at the woman, then pulled her inside and closed the door. “Now, just who the hell are you, and why did you slap the shit out of me?”


The woman gave Sara a tearful look and sobbed out one word.

“Greg,” she said, then closed her eyes. “Come on, sit down,” Sara said, taking the woman by the arm. “Tell me what happened.” She led the woman to a chair and poured her a glass of champagne. “Here, drink this,” she instructed.

She drained the glass, and Sara filled it once more. After pouring herself a drink, Sara sat back in the other chair and looked at the woman.

Although her face was smudged with mascara and her eyes were red, Sara was captivated by the woman’s beauty — milky smooth skin, framed by a head of almost blue-black hair. Although rather short, she was nonetheless well-shaped and stunningly attractive. Her eyes, almond-shaped, were large and blue, her sensuous lips curved pertly. No small wonder Greg had found her to be desirable. Strangely enough, she didn’t feel the slightest pang of jealousy.

“I’m Sara,” Sara said. “What’s your name?”

“Brenda,” the woman answered, her voice a little more relaxed after the second glass of champagne. “Brenda Macintosh.”

Sara dropped her eyes to Brenda’s small hands, then touched her own cheek. As she felt the sting from the slap, she became curiously excited. She had never before looked at a woman except as a competitor, but now her mind was reeling with strange thoughts. She wondered what the woman would look like nude, those firm, jutting tits hanging over her dark silky crotch.

A tremor stuck in her voice as she spoke: “It seems we’ve both been kicked out,” she said. Before the girl’s surprised reaction could fully register, Sara went on. “Where do we go from here? Two ex-secretaries…”

“I don’t know,” Brenda said, shaking her head. “I’m… I’m just so… tired.”

Sara’s thoughts about the lovely young woman were becoming frightening. Something about her was so vulnerable, so fragile. She stood up and took Brenda’s hand.

Brenda offered no resistance and allowed herself to be led toward the bed. As she lay back on the soft covers, still askew and damp from lovemaking, Sara tried half-heartedly to fight the temptation to pull the girl into her arms and [missing text].

“Oh, Brenda, I’m… I’m sorry,” she whispered softly, touching the girl’s face. “I didn’t want to hurt you. I… didn’t want… don’t want… don’t.”

Before she could analyze the situation further, she found herself lying on top of Brenda, spreading the woman’s thighs with her knees. She locked her mouth around the woman’s lips and dug her tongue inside, inhaling the sweet fragrance of the woman’s hair, her mouth, her perfumed flesh. Their breasts crushed together, their cunts molding themselves to each other’s.

“Yes!” Brenda moaned, herself not knowing exactly what was happening, but enjoying it like nothing ever before. “Yes!” she said again, answering demands from both their minds.

Sara felt a sense of urgency. If she didn’t go with it quickly, the mood would be lost. Quickly she undressed the other woman and pulled off her own negligee. Now, cradled in each other’s arms, they stroked with exploring fingers, their mouths burning with growing desire.

“You’re so beautiful,” Sara murmured, trailing her lips down to the hollow of Brenda’s soft throat.

When she nibbled the delicate flesh, she could feel the woman’s taut nipples dig into her own throat. Slowly she lowered her mouth and brushed her lips over the deliciously warm mounds.

“I… I want you!” she gasped, then pulled one rubbery nipple between her lips.

“I want you, too!” Brenda groaned, arching her back. Her pussy was boiling, becoming so demanding she thought it would explode. She finally gasped out, naming her lust: “Lick my pussy!” she begged. “God, eat me!”

Sara felt as if she were in a dream. Sex had never been like this — so soft, so delicate. The hunger was there, of course, but it was tempted by a feeling she couldn’t name. She ran her tongue around the silky-texture of the woman’s tits with her eyes closed, her head being drawn by some magnetic-like force. A couple of seconds later, her chin was wet as it brushed into Brenda’s soft furry patch of cunt hair. She could feel Brenda’s clit throb like a heartbeat, vibrating just under her lower lip.

“God!” she groaned, nuzzling her face fully between Brenda’s thighs, rubbing her nose up and down the steamy slit, “Now I know why men love this so much.”

For a few moments she simply looked at Brenda’s pussy, noting the dark reddish opening, the sweet-smelling drops of juice that oozed out, glistening in her ebony hairs. She placed her thumbs on either side of the opening and pulled the loose folds of skin apart. Brenda’s rubbery, purplish clit came into view, standing at the top of the woman’s hole like a tiny cock. Pursing her lips, she encircled the projection and bit down gently.

For Brenda, the sensation was electric, immediate.

“God!” she streamed, bending her knees and sitting up slightly. She grabbed the back of Sara’s head and pulled her face harder into her crotch. “Suck… eat me!” she gasped.

Sara inhaled deeply and stuck her tongue out. With one slow thrusting movement, she pressed forward, sliding inside the hot sticky hole. A firm spasming tunnel of muscle gripped her like a greasy fist, sucking her harder, pulling her tongue deeper inside. The contractions of the woman’s cunt were so violent, far a second Sara thought her tongue would be ripped right out of her mouth. A spasm of pain shot down her throat as she pulled back.

“Don’t stop!” Brenda urged, humping her hips upward, gobbling Sara’s tongue back inside her churning cunt. “God, don’t ever stop! It feels like… oh God, just don’t stop!”

Sara began working her tongue in and out with flickering moves — like an angry snake — until her mouth, nose and chin were completely oiled from Brenda’s streaming juices. The heat from this delicious-tasting fluid seemed to soak right into her cunt. She felt an ache, a raw hungry sensation up and down the length of her pussy canal. A sudden desire to have a cock inside her while she ate Brenda’s pussy became almost overwhelming. The ripples that churned in her pussy now became hot, spasming throbs.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned, her voice vibrating into the slick recesses of the other woman’s cunt.

“Yes! I’m… oh God, I’m… UNHHH!” Brenda babbled, her body flinching with a violent release.

The pleasure was almost painful as wave after wave of ecstasy drilled wildly into her hole. “Eat… UNHHHHH! EAT… UNHHH!” she begged, then her voice trailed off as she peaked.

Brenda’s orgasm was so powerful, Sara could almost imagine her entire head being sucked into the vacuum of the woman’s cunt. She bit and licked furiously, trying desperately to give the brunette greater pleasure. But she found that in doing so, her own climax was beginning to build.

Then it hit her savagely.

A blasting explosion hammered into her guts, blowing up and down her cunt canal. She rubbed her thighs together to relieve the ache, but it only made the hunger worse.

“I need it, too!” she screamed. “Eat me!”

Without moving her face from Brenda’s pussy, she turned her body, her head toward the foot of the bed. Throwing her legs around the other girl’s shoulders, she sat down, squirming — her crotch over Brenda’s parted lips. When she felt an eager tongue pierce her cunt, she lifted her face a couple of inches and grunted loudly, her climax renewing itself, but this time more satisfying.

“Suck me! Goddamn you, eat me alive!” she bellowed, then tore back into Brenda’s cunt with savage fury.

As the women climaxed again and again they began writhing around like animals. Each tongue thrust brought more ecstasy, each touch was almost shocking. And for what seemed an eternity, they remained this way — sharing, giving, taking, until their pleasures subsided to gentle, tickling throbs.

“What have we done?” Sara asked finally, rolling to one side. A whole new world had been opened to them both, and it seemed as if they had made a discovery that only they knew about.

“I don’t know,” Brenda answered when she got her breath. “But I do know one thing — I want to do it again!”

“Me, too,” Sara said, sitting up. “But first, I think I’d like a little champagne. How about you?”

“Love some,” Brenda agreed. “But hurry back!”

Sara scurried into the sitting room and grabbed the half-empty bottle. She looked at two glasses and decided against taking them, choosing rather to drink right out of the bottle. Somehow it seemed to be more wicked.

And she felt deliciously wicked!

“Come here!” Brenda said, her arms outstretched. “Fuck the champagne. I want you!”

Sara took a big swig from the bottle, and holding the bubbly fluid in her mouth, pressed her lips around Brenda’s right tit. Washing the liquid around the soft projection for several seconds, she could feel the woman flinch with renewed lust. Regretfully, she drank the champagne down, now flavored with Brenda’s body.

“Kiss me,” Brenda whispered, pulling Sara’s face up. She watched her take another gulp of the wine, holding it in her mouth. “Kiss my mouth full of wine!”

Sara pushed the champagne into Brenda’s mouth and they shared it, spewing it back and forth before drinking it.

Another evil thought hit Sara. She wondered what it would be like to have a mouthful of hot, creamy cum and do the same thing with it as she was doing with the wine. Just the idea made her pussy jerk with pleasure.

“Let me try something,” Sara said, taking the last drink from the bottle.

After lowering her mouth to Brenda’s pussy, she squirted the champagne deep into the girl’s slit. After washing it back and forth for several long seconds, she finally drank it down.

The taste was marvelous — bubbly and creamy at the same time. Brenda was enjoying it — from the pained expression on her face. Her jaw was slack, a slight moan escaping her parted lips.

“I… I don’t believe it,” she gasped. “I’m… I’m… oh God! Lick me! OHHHH!”

Sara was surprised with the other girl’s intensity, but soon joined her in another writhing suck job. She found her mouth slipping further under the girl’s body, her lips brushing into the tiny crack of her ass.

Then as she thrust her tongue into Brenda’s shitter, she heard the woman scream out: “Cock!” she cried. “I… unhhh… need a cock!”

Sara grabbed her own left tit and worked the nipple into Brenda’s pussy as she continued licking and sucking on her delicious asshole. After doing this for several moments, giving the girl raw unbridled pleasure, she placed the end of the champagne bottle where her tit had been. Making sure not to hurt her, she began thrusting the neck of the bottle in and out of Brenda’s exploding cunt, until the woman was a spasm of ecstasy. She threw her legs around the girl’s neck once more and humped her pussy over Brenda’s twisting face. The second she felt Brenda’s tongue enter her cunt, she screamed with her own anguished orgasm.

A short while later they pulled apart, murmuring with exhaustion. Their ecstasy had been wonderful, but somehow painfully empty.

As if reading Sara’s thoughts, Brenda finally spoke: “Wouldn’t you love to have a big dick right now?” she said. “I mean, I still want you, but I want both! I’ve never had it… like this.” She was silent for a few moments, then her expression clouded over. “What are we… you going to do?” she asked Sara.

Knowing what she meant, Sara shrugged her shoulders. What could she do? Greg was gone, probably forever. And here she was in New York — alone, except for Brenda and [missing text].

“You really want a cock right now?” she asked with growing excitement. “I know a certain waiter who’s got just the thing! And, baby, what a thing!”

“Mmm-mmmm!” Brenda agreed. “But what about…”

“Well, we’re secretaries,” Sara began, again perceiving the girl’s thoughts, “so we’ll get jobs.”

“It’s just too bad we couldn’t work together,” Brenda said wistfully. “But I guess that’s asking too much.”

A strange, almost angelic look came over Sara’s face. She bolted off the bed and began pacing the room, occasionally smacking her fist into her palm. She nodded her head up and down, her expression turning to one of almost demonic possession.

“That’s it!” she said, going over to the bed and hugging Brenda. “We’ll start out own business!” Before Brenda could object, Sara outlined her ideas: “Here’s what we’ll do. We’ll have an agency that offers temporary help. We’ll specialize only in out-of-town engagements… you know, rich businessman who might need… a good secretary, if you get my drift. We’ll charge a fortune, get the best people… and by God, we’ll make it.”

“What about money?” Brenda asked, becoming practical. “I only have a few hundred in savings and…”

“Do you have an apartment?” Sara asked. When Brenda nodded her head, she added, “So, we’ll start there. Use your place as an office, get a couple more girls, get some business cards printed up…” She interrupted herself by darting out of the room, returning with the money Greg had left her. “Three, four, five,” she counted. “I’ve got five hundred dollars right here,” she said. “That’ll keep us in food for a while.”

Brenda shook her head, admiration in her gaze. “You know,” she said, “this is just crazy enough to work!”

“I know it will!” Sara said, more sure of herself now than ever. “Now,” she added, getting down to business, “do you know any other girls who might go for this idea?”

Before Brenda could answer, there was a knock on the door. Both girls looked at each other, almost alarmed. What if it were Greg? Sara knew she still wasn’t quite sure how she felt about him, and what about Brenda? Sara was about to get off the bed when the door opened.

“Hello in there,” the deep masculine voice called out. “It’s me. Room service again!”

“See?” Sara said, her eyes widening. “Things are looking good already! This is the cock I was telling you about!” Then, calling out, she said, “In here!”

“Thought I’d come up here and punch…” the man began, his voice trailing off when he saw the two naked women. He gave them both a grin and looked around the room. “I just got my ass fired,” he said.

“That’s wonderful!” Sara said, giving him an eager look.


“Wonderful! Now you can be a secretary with us!” Sara said.

“Secretary?” he asked doubtfully. “Somehow I can’t quite picture myself sitting on some guy’s lap taking dictation.” He dropped his eyes first to Sara’s crotch, then to Brenda’s upturned tits. “I’m kinda queer for women.”

“Don’t be an idiot,” Sara said affectionately. “There are plenty of women executives. And I’m sure they’d love to take you away for the weekend, and I’ll just bet you could really give them the business!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” the man said, trying to make some sense of Sara’s babble.

“Well, shut up and listen,” Sara said, pulling him onto the bed.

She explained her proposal and waited for his reaction.

“Well?” she asked, when she had finished talking.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I… I don’t even know you.”

“I’m Sara and this is Brenda,” Sara said, as if she were talking to a very backward child.

“I’m Randy,” the man said.

“Hmmmm, isn’t that a British expression for horny?” Sara asked playfully.

“If it is, they sure named me right,” Randy said as he reached over and caressed the insides of both women’s thighs.

“Say yes,” Sara insisted, touching his hand. “Yes,” Randy said, lowering her face to her breasts. He darted his tongue over her rose-tipped nipple, feeling his cock spring to life, “Anything you say, baby,” he murmured. “Any fucking thing at all!”

“Good!” Sara whispered. “Business over. Now let’s get down to business!”


Randy lay between Sara and Brenda, his hands around their shoulders. As they snuggled closer, he cupped their tits, rolling the taut nipples over his palms. His cock was bobbing up and down, swelling and ballooning like an angry puff adder. He spread his legs slightly wider, touching the soft texture of their thighs, and groaned.

“Come on, ladies,” he whispered. “Suck me all over.”

Both Sara and Brenda darted their tongues into his hairy, dank armpits, savoring the heady aroma of his masculinity. After thoroughly wetting him up, they swept their mouths over his chest, each taking a tiny nipple between her lips. As they chewed the rubbery projections, their tongues were swirling with greater speed, leaving his flesh slick and glistening.

Sara lowered her right hand to his crotch and wrapped her tiny fingers around his swollen cock, feeling it pulse into her palm with each heartbeat. A slightly sticky residue of cum stuck to the inside of her thumb, gluing his foreskin to the curve of her forefinger.

“Mmmmmm, you seem raring to go!” she observed, inching her mouth down to his flat, muscle-rippled belly.

The tip of his prick brushed over his chin, making her moan again with hungry desire.

“Wait for me,” Brenda said, joining Sara just above his crotch. “I want some of this, too!”

Both girls held his prick and licked up and down the sides of his enormous shaft, leaving it wet and steamy with their spit. They worked rhythmically, at times lapping upward together, then varying slightly. While one nibbled on the end of his cock, the other was licking between his balls. When their mouths met, they entwined their tongues, kissing and sucking over the hard, pulsating shaft.

Randy felt his body tighten under their hungry assault. He knew that if he wanted, he could let himself go right then and his orgasm would blast from his balls, but he held back, his face contorted in agony.

“Some body is gonna have to suck me,” he gasped. “I’m about to fucking go crazy!”

Sara and Brenda locked their mouths together in a long hungry kiss, then pressed the end of his dick between their chins. As the thick prod slipped upward, separating their lips, they opened their mouths wide, each sucking half of his rock-hard cockhead. Slowly they licked downward, engulfing his shaft, until they reached the wiry patch of his cock hair. They pulled slightly back and gobbled his nuts, each taking one and lovingly washing it with growing urgency.

“Shit!” Randy grunted, half-sitting. He placed his large hands on the backs of their heads and drove their faces brutally into his crotch. “Suck Goddamn you, you little cocksuckers, suck me now!”

Brenda stayed where she was, her mouth still on one nut and when Sara lapped upward, she took the other inside her cheeks, also. A couple of seconds later she could feel Sara’s ear touch her cheek as she slid her mouth fully down his huge shaft, her lips pursing tightly around the thick, meaty base.

“Jesus!” Randy gasped, looking down at what they were doing. His entire cock and balls were now bathed in delicious sucking warmth, fully inside their mouths. “Just… keep that up ladies! Ohhhh… Goddamn, just… like that!” The girls began working more quickly, Sara bobbing her head up and down furiously, Brenda chewing and licking his nuts, their own pleasures becoming more intense. They placed their arms around each other, squeezing their churning cunts together, humping their bodies over his knees. A couple of seconds later they groaned, their voices filled with ecstasy and hunger. The explosive orgasm thundered between them, buzzing their clits together like mating bees.

Randy could feel their sucks become more demanding as they climaxed. He clenched the muscle at the base of his cock as tightly as possible to keep the throbbing masses of cum from blasting from his nuts, but it soon became so painful he had to relax. The second he did, the first gushing wad of juice bolted up the center of his shaft.

“Oh… fuck!” he bellowed, jamming his knees together, clamping their bodies in a vise-like grip. “Take… now, I’m… FUCK!”

When Brenda sensed that his cum was boiling out of his balls, she jerked her head upward, fighting Sara for some of the delicious eruption.

“Me, too!” she begged, nuzzling her mouth against Sara’s lips. “I wants some of that ahhhhhh!” she gasped, tasting a foamy stream that shot from the corner of Sara’s mouth.

Sara managed to get the better part of Randy’s climax, but she saved it, letting it collect in her cheeks and under her tongue. When he had finished, she pulled away and let Brenda dig her tongue between her teeth, lapping out some of the juice. Spewing the hot liquid back and forth, mixing it with their spit, they finally halved it and gobbled it down.

“Mmmmm!” Brenda groaned, feeling, her throat constrict around the oozing wads. As they sank lower into her body, the warmth turned into a fiery explosion, drilling into her cunt. “ARRRRGHHHH!” she gurgled, burying her face in his crotch, rubbing her nose savagely into the thick brush of hair.

As Brenda lay like that, humping her slick pussy over Randy’s knee, Sara returned her attention to the thick cock that pulsated over his belly. Gobbling it back into her mouth and squeezing the base, she was rewarded with a final glob of jism that had lain bidden in his shaft. She savored the consistency as it rolled past his tonsils and filmed the back of her throat before sinking into her stomach.

“Delicious!” she exclaimed, her breath wet from his jism. “I could suck gallons of this!”

“The way you two suck,” Randy grunted, “you just might get gallons!”

“You think you could do it again?” Sara teased, looking up at his handsome face. “So soon?”

“Why don’t you try me?” Randy challenged.

“Why don’t we try something else,” Sara retorted. “Like maybe fucking us both.”

Under his puzzled expression, she pushed Brenda toward the foot of the bed, on her belly. She lay on top of the other girl, thrusting her pussy into the crack of Sara’s ass and looked over her shoulder.

“Well, go ahead,” she whispered. “I’ve got all kinds of places to put that big cock of yours.”

Randy got to his knees and positioned himself behind them. He worked his fingers between their thighs, slipping the tips of them over their cunts, their shitters. The mere idea of fucking two women at the same time made his nuts burn, churn with a new load of cum. He held the base of his cock at a right angle to his belly and lunged forward, not caring where it went.

“Goddamn!” he grunted, feeling his shaft encircled by a hugging sticky blanket of warmth. “Who… who’s getting fucked right now?”

“Me!” Sara grunted, half in pain, half in pleasure. “Your cock is reaming out my asshole, you bastard!”

Randy reached around and held the insides of Brenda’s thighs, crushing them both against his body. When his prick was fully lodged inside Sara’s shitter, he began hammering wildly, each time withdrawing a little further. When only the end of his dick was stretching the rim of her shithole apart, he yanked out and thrust under, driving his prick deep into Brenda’s pussy. He felt, more than heard, the girl give a grunt of pleasure.

“Damn, this is good!” he whispered, leaning forward slightly. “Just like you said… all kinds of holes to fuck!”

He fucked Brenda for a little while, then rammed his cock into Sara’s cunt. After giving, her a few hard punches, he went back to her asshole. Soon he was stabbing everywhere, each thrust sending his shaft into a different place.

“Faster! Harder!” Sara begged, squirming between the two bodies. She felt her insides go buttery, her muscles rippling with pleasure. “Goddamn you, fuck! Unh! Fuck us both!”

With unbelievable strength and power, Randy hammered his dick into their holes, until his ass was a flesh-colored blur. For both girls it seemed as if he had two cocks, and each was throbbing with impending release.

Sara licked Brenda’s neck and gave the girl a hungry wet kiss. As she did this, she felt Randy’s mouth on her shoulders, nibbling her flesh.

“You… cum sucking cunts!” he grunted, now fondling and squeezing both pairs of tits. He’d never been this excited before, having two perfectly delicious women beneath him, and he wanted it to last forever. “Take it, you whores!” he spat, his eyes shut tightly, as if trying to block out the agony of waiting, of holding his huge climax back.

Sara worked her body back and forth, gobbling his prick into her shitter and into her asshole, her own pleasure about to explode. The feeling was marvelous, sending ripples of ecstasy throughout her body. And each time his thick cockbase jerked inside the rims of her openings, she was brought closer to absolute ecstasy. She bit down on Brenda’s lower lip and screamed suddenly, her climax tearing into her guts like a punching fist.

“Damn you! Unh… oooofff… FUCK ME!” she shrieked.

Another hot stab of climax battered her insides with a violent spasm. She hissed out another cry of almost terror as the hard prod almost pierced the membrane that separated her pussy and asshole.

Soon Brenda joined Sara in a duet of gasping moans. Now fully engulfed in both soft and hard warmth, writhing beneath their bodies, she felt a spearing orgasm jerk violently up and down the length of her cunt canal.

“Give it to me! Give it to me!” she cried out, her pussy aching and throbbing for his blasting cum. Another pounding sensation inside her hole made her buckle, lifting Sara and Randy slightly.

The women were having such intense orgasms that their holes pulled on Randy’s lunging cock like hands, their insides suddenly becoming vacuums. He let himself go entirely, allowing his cockbase to jerk violently, engorged now with a thick volcanic-like gush of cum.

“Unhhhhh!” he grunted, shoving the first of his thick load into Sara’s shitter. He withdrew quickly and blasted the second throb into Brenda’s cunt. As he did this, he gave another growling moan of release, his breath hot on the back of Sara’s neck.

For several long seconds he pumped their holes with his exploding shaft until cum was slung everywhere, gluing the three crotches together with web-like strands. Thick oozing globs ran between the women’s thighs, forming a small puddle on the sheets.

“All… of… it!” Randy bellowed, squirting the last of his climax, then crushing his full weight into their crotches.

The three of them lay there for the longest time, almost afraid to move, to preserve the subsiding pleasure.

Finally, Randy rolled away, lying on his back. He stretched his right hand out and rubbed the two silky bodies, touching the light films of sweat. It surprised him to note that his prick was still rockhard, throbbing with life. Had he not been completely exhausted, he would have willingly climbed back on and fucked them again. Instead, he lay there savoring the memory of the past few moments.

Sara rolled Brenda onto her back and spread the girl’s legs. Lowering her face, she opened her mouth and sucked the stray wads of cum from the insides of Brenda’s thighs. After the other girl’s legs were glistening, she dug her tongue inside her spent pussy hole and lapped out the creamy juices, inhaling the combined fragrances of cunt juice and jism.

“Something tells me we won’t get too much work done if we spend a lot of time together!” she said.

“Work?” Randy whispered, pronouncing the word as if it were somehow vaguely foreign. “Oh, that,” he added after a pause. “You sure this crazy idea of yours is gonna work?”

“Why not?” Sara said. “As a matter of fact, let’s start today.” She got off the bed and began dressing, her expression now of cool determination. When neither Randy nor Brenda made a move to get up, she walked over and stood beside the bed, her hands on her hips. “Well, for God’s sake,” she said, “are you two gonna lie there and fuck all day?”

“Well, now that you mention it,” Randy said with a wicked grin, “it doesn’t sound like a bad…”

“Move it,” Sara interrupted with a playful slap on his ass. “We’ve got a million things to do. First, get some business cards made up, find out if there’s any conventions in town, get our hands on some mailing lists, set an office up in Brenda’s apartment, hire a couple more girls… Jesus, you two, let’s get a move on!”

“I think she’s serious,” Randy said to Brenda. “She’s actually gonna get up and…” He turned back to Sara and gave her a wide grin, an impish expression in his eyes. “Just one more round? Please?”

Sara’s mind was made up until she saw the look in his eyes. Hating herself for falling prey to such a handsome face, she slipped back put of her clothes.

“Men!” she said. “What are you going to do with them?”

“You mean you don’t know?” Randy asked, pulling her down. “Then let me show you!”


Sara looked up from the list of figures she had been studying when Randy walked in, a wide smile on his face. His jacket was thrown over one shoulder, his lean body sporting a deep tan.

“You’re back early,” she said, looking at the calendar on her desk. “How did it go?”

“Fair,” Randy answered cryptically as he sat down. He looked at Sara for several seconds, his eyes going over her body in a seductive way. Finally he produced a rather sizeable check from his wallet and handed it across the desk. “She wants me again next weekend.”

“Fantastic!” Sara said, glancing at the check. “Glad your services were appreciated.”

She thought about the past few months and how their business had skyrocketed. Not only were she and Brenda working full-time, she had had to hire two more girls just recently, in addition to the three they had employed when they first started. With Randy working more often than not, there were now eight people all total. Definitely, Secretaries To Go had turned into a promising enterprise!

“The reason I came back a little early,” Randy said, interrupting her thoughts, “was that I was thinking we might have some time together. Think we might swing a night on the town?”

“I’d love to,” Sara said honestly, “but my plane leaves in a couple of hours.” When she saw his disappointed expression, she stood up and reached across the desk, gliding her fingertips down the side of his neck. “But, we do have two hours,” she added, “for what it’s worth.”

“Mmmmmm, worth a lot,” he said, kissing the back of her hand. He had known her for almost six months now, and each time she touched him, he felt a new raw hunger. He stood up and pulled her close. “Let’s go toted,” he whispered, kissing the top of her head.

A few moments later they lay on the bed, locked in an urgent embrace, Randy’s long legs pressed firmly between Sara’s spread thighs. His hands were squeezing her melon-like tits together, molding the two throbbing nipples into one mass of rubbery flesh. He darted his tongue over the rose-tipped projections chewing on the delicate skin with his bared teeth.

“Oh, God, I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed you!” Sara groaned. “Maybe I’ll take a later plane, after all!”

Randy inched his face downward, rubbing the slick texture of her tits over his forehead. When his chin slipped into her silky bush of cunt hair, he gripped the insides of her thighs and pulled her legs further apart. Her pussy was boiling, the steamy flavor of her cunt hole making his throat ache.

“If I fuck a million cunts,” he whispered, “I’ll never find another one like yours!”

He placed his thumbs at the edges of her cunt lips and pulled, opening her tiny hole to reveal her pinkish clit. It was already covered with a perfumed film of juice that glistened in the pale amber light. He touched the tip of his tongue to it and felt it vibrate.

Sara jerked upward, almost to a sitting position, a contorted look of anguish on her face.

“Oh, eat me!” she gasped, thrusting her hips upward, arching her back. “Oh, Randy, you do that so good!”

He dug his tongue into her small, slicked-up hole, curving the tip of it upward, gliding it over the top of her pussy mouth. The texture was smooth as glass, burning with oozing drops of opaque fluid. As the flavor of her cunt steamed into the back of his mouth, he stabbed his nose hard into her hair, chewing her clit.

Sara thought she’d go crazy. Already her pussy felt like it was about to burst, and each time he thrust his tongue in and out, the pressure and the unbelievable pleasure got better. She held the back of his head with both hands and jammed his face brutally into her crotch. Knowing that pretty soon she’d have his cock where his tongue was filled her with heady anticipation. Pangs of orgasm began to build one upon another, rippling the taut muscles of her insides.

“Eat my pussy!” she begged, gyrating her hips with quickening speed. “God, Randy, shove that delicious tongue inside me and lick out my cunt!”

Randy increased the moves of his flickering tongue, not only because she wanted it, it just tasted so damn good! He worked his right hand under her ass and cupped the firm flesh, stroking his middle finger up and down the small crack. A couple of seconds later, he inched his finger inside her tiny hole, burying it to the knuckle.

“Baby, baby!” he exclaimed. “You’ve got the sweetest little pussy in the world! God, I could chew it up and eat it!”

For Sara, his words were mere vibrations as he spoke into her cunt, yet his meaning was clear — he wanted her as bad as she wanted him! She threw her legs around his shoulders, driving her crotch upward. When the full length of his tongue pierced the rim of her sucking hole, she felt an immediate explosion of release.

“YES!” she screamed, her body bucking and writhing, her pussy a vacuum, pulling furiously on his tongue. “YES! YES!”

For a second, Randy thought he’d shoot off on the sheets, but he managed somehow to hold back. His nuts were aching, his sperm thrusting into the locked sphincter muscle at the base of his cock. He froze, afraid to move, simply letting Sara pump against his face, working her spasming cunt around his tongue.

“AIEEEEE!” she yelled out as another quick stab of climax tore into her pussy. Her pleasure peaked for several seconds, then slowly subsided, leaving, her weak and gasping with satisfaction. “Now… fuck me!” she whispered, digging her nails into his broad shoulders, pulling him upward. “Hurry! God, I need that big cock of yours! Now!”

Randy licked upward, lapping between her heaving tits. He kissed and nibbled on her shoulders, into the hollow of her throat, over her cheeks. Then as he clamped his mouth around hers, he jerked his hips forward, slamming the entire length of his prick into her cunt. His balls slapped noisily into the crack of her ass.

Sara screamed into his mouth, half from pain, half from pleasure. No matter how excited and ready she ever was, she could never get used to the huge size of his prod. Thick and meaty, it completely filled her up. If it were even a tiny bit bigger, she knew it would rip her apart. She reached under his body and encircled the hairy base of his cock with her fingers, feeling it jerk with his nearing climax.

“Don’t cum yet!” she begged. “Fuck me for a long time first!”

“That’s easier said than done!” Randy said.

He felt if he moved an inch, he’d shoot off. The feeling of being inside her hot, hungry little cunt was just too much for any man to bear.

“Just stay like this for a little while,” Sara murmured, flicking her tongue over his. “Don’t move. Just stay inside me. God, you don’t know how good this is!”

Randy held his breath and closed his eyes, trying desperately to think of something else — anything else. But each thought always came back to the same thing — that delicious, creamy cunt that surrounded his shaft like a pumping fist, or like her throat when she was sucking down his cum. The fact that her pussy canal was rippling around his meat, sucking him, didn’t help either. Finally, it was simply too great a burden to bear. His nuts felt like, they were being hammered. His cock was burning, his guts churning violently.

“Now!” he barked. “I’m sorry. I… I have to have it!”

With that he began drilling into her pussy with every ounce of strength he could muster. His moves were so brutal, so savage, they bounced in the bed like two mating panthers. He chewed on her lips, tasting the salty flavor of blood.

Sara gave a low throaty moan, her own pleasure becoming inflamed. Each time his monstrous cock hammered into her cunt, a new spasm of release ran along the length of her pussy canal. She dug her elbows into the bed and pushed upward, lifting them both slightly off the bed.

“Fuck me!” she cried out, now matching his thrusting cock with moves of her own. “Goddamn you, fuck! FUCK MEEEEEE!”

Randy felt the volcanic-like pressure in his nuts explode with furious gushes. The first spurt plowed up the center of his shaft and splattered from his ballooning cockhead with hard, pounding force, soaking the back of her cunt.

“Take… it!” he bellowed. “Take… unhhh… unhhhh…”

Sara accepted his climax with convulsions of her own, her body trembling with excitement. Each time his prick blasted the thick, steamy juice into her cunt, she cried out, her lungs about to burst from the delicious pleasure.

“All of it!” she screamed, feeling the liquid collect, slosh around his stabbing dick. “Shove me full, you bastard!”

Randy’s ass was a blur as he fucked his prick in and out of her hole. He was drilling into her as if in a rage, trying to poke his cock clear through her cunt. When he finally fell upon her, his body racked by exhaustion, he gave her a long, lingering kiss tender, yet somehow savage.

“The best!” he gasped, still enjoying the way her pussy constricted around his rubbery dick. “Goddamn, baby, I wish I could wear your cunt on my cock twenty-four hours a day!”

Sara closed her eyes and thought about what he had said, wondering what it would feel like to have such a deliciously big prick embedded in her cunt all the time. The idea made her hotter, even more eager to fuck some more.

“Come on,” she urged, “give it to me again! Think you can?”

“By God, if I can’t, I’ll die trying,” he answered. He pulled away and flipped her to her belly, yanking her legs apart like a wishbone. “How about some doggy-style fucking?” he asked, driving his cock back into her pussy.

“Mmmmmmm, good!” Sara whispered, running her hands down to her belly. She could feel the impression of his huge dick as it slipped deep inside her. “God, you’re… big!”

“Anything would seem big in this little cunt of yours!” Randy grunted, lifting her slightly with both hands.

He worked his way over to the edge of the bed and stood up, pulling her with him. When her face had slipped almost off the bed, he held her there, blasting his dick back and forth.

Sara held the sheets for support and wiggled her ass. This way his cock seemed even bigger, totally reaming out her pussy. She gave a low groan of ecstasy and cupped his furry balls, squeezing them firmly, trying to milk out some more of that wonderful cum.

“Fuck me… fuck me… fuck me…” she began chanting, her words mere grunts of pleasure, echoing the effect of his thrusting prick.

Randy tightened his grip on her legs and pulled back, both of them completely leaving the bed. As Sara’s head dropped, he felt her mouth on his calves, her tongue licking down to his ankles and feet. As she sucked his toes, swinging her head back and forth between his legs, he hammered into her pussy more violently, their bodies swaying in a rhythmic fashion.

“You… like it… this way?” he panted, the grip around his cock so tight his words were barely audible.

“Yes!” Sara moaned, chewing now on his instep. “I’ve never had it so good before! Fuck me! Goddamn, this is great! Mmmmm… fuck me!”

Randy began taking small steps around the room, walking as if in some tortured dream, not once stopping the steady pounding of his cock. Whether it was from this new position or from the heat of her creamy cunt, he didn’t care. All he knew was, it was the best feeling he’d ever known. He had to pause several times to keep from shooting off, wanting rather to keep this feeling alive as long as possible. Finally, however, it became just too unbearable. He locked himself in a position, his feet wide apart, and pounded into her pussy for all he was worth.

“Take it, whore!” he spat, his face almost satanic. “Take a big cock… right up your fucking… spine!”

Sara was almost delirious with pleasure. Unable now to distinguish the spasms of pleasure that soaked her body, she experienced a constant flutter of orgasm. She was moaning and smacking her lips over his feet, her eyes closed in total ecstasy.

Randy shoved the first of his load deep into her pussy and fell forward. They fell in a heap on the floor, their bodies locked in furious passion. For several long moments he gave while she received, their minds oblivious to everything in the world except the pure ecstasy that crashed into every nerve of their bodies.

“My God!” Sara said at last. “Did you used to work in a circus or something?”

Randy laughed, almost embarrassed about the way they had fucked. He patted her on the ass and rolled away, his cock flopping noisily onto his belly. It lay glued thereby several milky strands of cum, framed in his golden-colored patch of wet crotch hair.

“Just got a little carried away,” he said sheepishly. “Like it?”

“I loved it!” Sara said, passion still in her voice. “You have any mote tricks up your sleeve?”

“A few, maybe,” he said with a chuckle. “How about yourself?”

“Me?” Sara asked, fluttering her eyelids, speaking in a mock-Southern voice. “Why, I’m just a little ol’ country girl. I do everything simple.”

She straddled his waist, her head toward his feet. She slipped her heels into his armpits and clutched his half-hard cock, working the end of it over her oozing pussy. When it throbbed to rock-like stiffness, she squeezed the rim of her shitter over the massive head.

“I want a simple butt-fucking,” she grunted, sliding in about half of his shaft.

She paused, trying to get used to the size. When her muscles reined, she slipped in the full length, sitting down firmly on his belly.

“Ohhhh!” Randy gasped, reaching up and running his fingers over her smooth back. “Every time… when I… think I’ve been fucked out, you… you… oh baby… you’re so… good!”

Sara pulled up slowly, her hands on his knees for support. When only the end of his prick throbbed inside her asshole, she lunged back down, gobbling his shaft quickly inside her. Her cunt brushed over his huge balls, sending shivers of pleasure racing up and down her spine.

“You just lay there,” she whispered when she felt him begin to buck, driving his cock in and out. “I’ll do everything. You won’t have to move a muscle!”

Randy didn’t know how long he’d be able to take the delicious torture, but did as he was told. He moved his hands across her back and held onto her hanging breasts, fingering the pulsating nipples, his body flinching with growing ecstasy.

“This is so good!” Sara groaned, pulling his knees up. She licked the bony surfaces and gasped out a small yelp. Hardly able to believe how quick her pleasure was already mounting, she began thrusting her ass up and down faster. “Jesus, I… I… OHHHHH!”

Her orgasm was just peaking when she felt Randy grip her sides with both hands and shove her face-down on the floor. He slapped her thighs apart with his knees, and holding her waist in a vise-like embrace, he began hammering violently into her shitter.

“Fuck me, bitch!” he grunted, his mouth on the back of her neck. “Come on, you little cock loving whore, suck my cock with this little asshole of yours!”

Sara jerked her body back and forth, trying to match his speed, his urgency. A couple of minutes later she felt the scalding release of his climax tear into her shitter, making her insides turn to butter.

“Unh! Unh! Unh!” Randy barked, grinding in more of his thick release. The juice collected, then seeped out of the opening, rolling down the insides of her thighs. “Take it! Goddamn you, you fucking cum hound, take… it.”

Sara was surprised that he had as much jism as he did. It boiled wildly in her guts, creamy and hot as pudding, totally filling up her insides.

Finally he smacked the last of his load into her shitter with a crushing stab, then relaxed. He lay upon her for a long time, unable, to move, simply enjoying the way the tightness of her asshole surrounded his withering cock.

“Damn, I wish I were more of a man… or you were less of a woman,” he said with a laugh. “I’m already so fucked-out, I can’t even stand up!”

“Who cares if you can’t stand up,” Sara grinned. “Just so long as you can keep it up!”

“You really have to leave tonight?” he asked. “I think I could really go for a nice four-hour fuck.”

“Sorry,” she, answered. “The guy I’m meeting in St. Louis is very important.”

“And I’m not?”

“Let me show you just how important you are,” Sara said, wiggling from beneath him. “I’m gonna make you feel like a million dollars!”


“A million dollars!” Sara said, her jaw slack with disbelief. Surely she hadn’t heard right.

“That’s right, Miss Price,” the man said. “My firm is willing to back your venture, on a somewhat larger scale than you are perhaps accustomed to, but we have investigated you very carefully.”

Sara still couldn’t believe her ears. She sat there stunned, listening to all the man had to say. His company, he informed her, was eager, in fact, to invest money in an international branch of offices, with her as the head. He mentioned promotional firms who would handle advertising, possible locations for offices, and the fact that if she agreed to his proposal, she would have stock options in the corporation amounting to forty-nine percent control after a period of one year.

“This is simply too good to be true,” she said after he finished talking. “No one hands something like this to someone on a silver platter.”

“I am,” the man said simply. “But don’t kid yourself,” he added, “we will furnish the capital, but you will do all the work. We expect to have full return on our investment plus a tidy sum.” He pulled some papers from his briefcase. “Now, if you just read these over and sign right here… and here… and, uh, here.”

Sara looked at the man as if seeing him for the first time. It was easy to like him — not only was he extremely handsome and forceful, he had grace and charm. The combination spelled pure sex appeal. From his shock of dark, chocolate-brown hair that framed his rugged face, down to, his powerful, cat-like legs, he was the epitome of all that was masculine. She looked into his piercing blue eyes and was glad she was sitting — or her knees would have buckled.

She took the papers and noticed his hands. Large and capable-looking, they were covered with a wiry growth of near-black hair. She wondered if the hair around his cock would be the same color. She also wondered what his cock would look like, how it would feel, plunging into her aching pussy.

“Why, you’re trembling, Miss Price,” he said.

“Is anything wrong?”

“No,” she answered, clearing her throat. She looked down at the papers, seeing the words run together. “I’ll… I’ll want to show these to my attorney before, signing,” she said. “I can give you an answer the first of next week. Is that OK?”

“Fine,” he said, sitting back in the chair. “As a matter of fact, I’m rather glad our business is over. Would you care to have dinner with me?”

That isn’t all I’m going to have with you! she thought. I’m going to tear your clothes off and rape you, if necessary!

“I’d love to,” she answered.

“Although St. Louis isn’t known as the culinary capital of the world, I’m sure we can find someplace interesting.”

Whether the place had been interesting or dull, Sara would have never remembered. Intoxicated with both wine and the sheer presence of the man, she felt like she was walking on air by the time they returned to the hotel suite. Then, as if they had known each other for years instead of six hours, they fell into a passionate embrace, slowly edging toward the bed.

“Oh, Brian!” she gasped, fortunately remembering his first name. It had been Mr. Dodson until just a few moments before. “I’ve been wanting this all evening!”

He pushed her down upon the bed and crushed his large frame over her body, humping his swelling mound of crotch against her parted thighs. He covered her face and neck with kisses, his hands deftly removing her clothing. When she was fully naked, he shucked off his suit and knelt between her legs, his hands on her upturned tits.

“Is this an example of what a customer gets?” he asked, looking down at her firm, supple body, her gentle curves, the hot, steaming crack of her pussy.

“That depends upon the girl,” Sara answered, running her fingers over his hairy, sculptured chest. “And this girl says yes!”

Sara didn’t want to spoil the mood by mentioning that she always told her girls that they were secretaries first, last and always. It was up to them, and on their off-time, if they wanted anything else to do with the client. The client was also informed of this cardinal rule. Oddly enough, there had never been any complaints — either from the girls or from the customers.

“I’ll bet this little mouth of yours sure can suck cock,” Brian whispered, interrupting her thoughts. “Want to show me?”

“Mmmm-mmmmm!” Sara answered, pushing him to his back. She held his prick with both hands, amazed at the size. It was thick and long, haloed by a lush growth of hair. “You’ll get first class treatment, Mr. Dodson!” she added, licking the tip of her tongue over his huge swollen cockhead.

He lay back, his eyes closed, his hands lightly touching her shoulders. When he felt her warm pursed lips encircle the end of his prick and slide downward, he thrust his hips up, wondering if she could take it all. Few could — or would — but this one seemed different.

“Goddamn, that’s fine!” he grunted, feeling her lips around the base of his shaft, her nose nuzzling his hairs. “If your mouth is this good, your little pussy must be a fucking dream!”

Sara was thinking about her cunt, too. Already it was twitching with desire, an oozing stream slicking the insides of her thighs. Her clit was throbbing painfully, as if ready to burst.

“Ahhmmmm!” she moaned, sucking back up the massive slab until her lips pulled the rubbery foreskin over the tip of his dick. She pulled her mouth away and looked at his prick lovingly, her glance trailing down to his two cum-filled nuts. “Such a beautiful dick,” she murmured. “Will you give me lots of cum to drink?”

“Yes… just suck!” Brian gasped. He pushed her head back down, jamming his dick into her throat. When her bottom lip brushed over the top of his balls, he threw his legs over her shoulders. “Goddamn!” he grunted. “This is even better than pussy! Jesus, can I fuck your mouth?”

“Mmmmm-hmmmm,” Sara answered, bobbing her head up and down.

She turned to her side and pulled him with her, adjusting his legs so that his knees were pressed into her armpits. She gave another moan as she cupped his ass, gliding her fingers up and down the small, hairy crack.

What excited Brian the most was the fact that Sara was enjoying what they were doing just as much as he was. He’d never known a woman with such a hot, eager mouth before. And, Christ, she seemed to get hotter and more eager with each hungry suck!

“If I hurt you, just let me know,” he groaned, straddling her chest and leaning forward. “I’ve never had it this good before, and I might get a little crazy.”

Sara didn’t care how crazy he got, just so long as he kept poking that delicious cock in her throat. She dug her nails into his ass, letting him know he could fuck her mouth, as hard as he wanted.

The harder, the better!

“Suck it, you cocksucker!” Brian commanded, lifting her head with both hands, crushing her face into his crotch, holding her there with brutal pressure. “Come on, you cum-loving whore, show me how you love to gargle cum.”

San didn’t know which was better — the delicious ache in the back of her throat or the way her pussy was burning, ready to explode. She gobbled furiously on his prick, her hungry sucks becoming more savage. She could hardly wait to taste the flavor of his body, to enjoy the thick masses of cum crawling down the back of her throat.

Brian humped completely over her body, practically nailing her to the bed. As the base of his cock was rammed between her teeth, he felt his dick swell, then pulsate. A couple of seconds later, his cockhead began spitting a violent discharge of cream, filming up her mouth and cheeks.

“Yesssss!” he hissed, engulfing her body with his, hammering brutally into her mouth, his sperm slinging all over the place. “Suck! Suck it all. Goddamn you, you cocksucker… SUCK!”

Sara sucked and pulled on his juices for all she was worth, but it would have been an impossibility for anyone to take all he had to offer. Thick globs of jism blasted behind her nose as other swirling streams collected in her cheeks, squirted between her teeth, spewed from the corners of her mouth. Soon the room was filled with sloshing sounds as his cock stabbed through the rivers of hot liquid. His nuts slipped up and down her neck, vibrating with still more wads running into the center of his shaft.

“Unh! Unh! Unh!” he grunted, finally emptying the last of his load into the back of her throat. He crushed his full weight into her mouth and exhaled loudly, his eyes glazed with satisfaction. “Jesus Fucking Christ!” he gasped. “I can’t believe this!”

After licking his crotch clean of the stray wads of cum, Sara pushed him to his back and nestled herself between his legs. Slowly she jacked his withering cock, squeezing it back to life. She leaned forward and kissed it tenderly, feeling it swell to her touch.

“You can’t believe what?” she asked finally, her tone toy and playful.

“That… that you suck so fucking good!” he gasped. Then he added, “You got any other specialties?”

“I can type and take shorthand and…”

“Shit, you know what I mean,” he grinned. Just looking at her perfect body — those delicious hanging tits, those green, cat-like eyes… “At least I hope you do!”

“You just lie there,” she said. “I’ll treat you like a king. What would you like, Your Majesty?”

“Anything, baby,” he murmured, his gaze again taking in the sensuous beauty of her body. “Anything at all!”

Sara began licking and sucking him slowly, her mouth covering his entire body. Leaving a trail of glistening spit, she worked her mouth and into his armpits, over his shoulders, under his chin, down his belly, across his legs to his feet. After only a few seconds, his muscular body was ribboned, and he flinched with increasing agony, his hands gripping the sheets.

When she thrust her tongue between his thighs and darted the tip of it over his asshole, he cried out: “God!” he said. “I… can’t take much more of this! It’s… too… fucking good!”

Sara felt her own body ache with desire, and although she wanted to continue this delicious torture, her cunt was inflamed, empty, ready to be filled with his huge cock. She straddled his waist and guided his pulsating cockhead into her slick hole, slowly sitting down. When his balls were crushed into the crack of her asshole, she leaned forward and bit down on his nipples, swirling her tongue around the tiny, rubbery projections.

“Fuck, you’re tight!” Brian grunted, his hands fumbling for her tits. He cupped the thick mounds and squeezed her throbbing nipples, pulling her harder down on his body. “Man, you’re the best fuck I’ve ever had!”

“It’s only started,” Sara whispered, now working her ass up and down, driving his cock faster into her cunt. “I’m gonna fuck your Goddamn eyes out, you bastard!”

With that, she began slamming her pussy down around his cock with all the strength she could muster. As she continued sucking his nipples, she dropped her hands under her ass and milked his balls with her fingers, rolling them into the crack of her ass. The size, the feel of his prick, combined with the quick vibrations of a fresh load of cum, made her gasp with increasing pleasure.

“Fuck me!” she groaned. “Shove your big cock inside me and fuck my little pussy full of cum! Give me a whole gallon!”

Brian bounced his ass up and down on the bed, matching her moves, until the walls echoed with the sounds of smacking flesh. His pleasure was becoming almost painful. Her pussy was even better than her mouth! It worked around his prick just like a throat, sucking and pulling, demanding his dim.

“Baby! Baby!” he panted, arching his back, digging his heels into the bed. “I’m… I’m… oh… FUCK! FUCK! UNHHHHH!”

The first blast of hot jism shot into the back of her cunt like a bullet. Almost immediately, more quick jerks of jizz joined the first, completely filling her pussy channel. Soon his cock was slipping into a whole river of cum, squeezed by her spasming muscles.

As the orgasm peaked, splattering out huge masses of sticky cream. Sara felt her climax build. It drove upward slowly, almost reluctantly, making her work harder. But when it hither, it was violent, tearing into every cell of her body.

“Aiieeeee!” she cried out. “More! Unh! More! Unh! Give me… all of it!”

They molded themselves together in one writhing mass of flesh, her cunt locked around his spitting cock. And when it seemed as if their pleasure was about to subside, it would burst again, driving them into a frenzy. Finally, Sara collapsed on top of him, her mouth in his armpit, her tits heaving.

“Yesssss…” she hissed, her cunt raw, “oh, God, yes!”

For the next two hours, Sara exceeded even her own expectations, doing more with his cock and her pussy than she thought possible. When she finally kissed him good bye, she could barely walk.

“You’ll get in touch?” Brian said as she made for the door. “Next week?”

“Oh, I’ll keep in touch, all right,” she answered, stuffing the contracts and stock options into her briefcase. “I’m sure it will be a business doing pleasure with you!”

After she left, Brian stumbled over to the phone and dialed a long-distance number. After a few seconds, he nodded his head and spoke: “Yep,” he said. “She bought it.”

“What was her reaction?” the man on the other end asked.

“Well, naturally she was a bit skeptical, but her attorney should tell her to jump on it,” Brian replied.

“He ought to,” the man said. “He’s one of my men, too.”

“You cover all bases, don’t you?” Brian said with a chuckle.

“Yes, that’s true,” the man said. “I think Miss Price is going to be in for one hell of a surprise pretty soon.”

“I still don’t understand why you’re doing this,” Brian said. “You’re taking an awful chance. And a million dollars!” His tone took on a meeker quality. “Uh… why exactly are you doing this?”

“Just a game of cat and mouse,” the man answered. “But I wonder who’s the cat and who’s the mouse sometimes.” Quickly he added, “Well I’ve got to go. Thanks for everything, Brian.”

“It was my pleasure, Mr. Martin.”


Sara sat in her bedroom, a puzzled expression on her face. Even when Randy had come over, her mood hadn’t altered. There was something nagging in the back of her mind, something not exactly right, about that business with Brian Dodson. She’d told herself a thousand times not to question her good luck, to accept it as her attorney had suggested — but still, she wondered.

“Hey, come on,” Randy said, getting up from the bed and standing beside her. “This isn’t like you. Still worried about that deal?”

“Yes,” Sara admitted.

“Well, what’s to worry about?” he asked, stroking her shoulders. “You’ve been handed a business on a silver platter. Some people just luck out.”

“I checked with my broker,” Sara said, her voice barely audible. “The corporation who will control Secretaries To Go isn’t listed on any exchange. As a matter of fact, it’s a dummy company owned by another dummy company, which is in turn owned by a real estate company in Montana, and their telephone number — if they have one — is unlisted. Now tell me, isn’t that strange?”

“No,” Randy said, leaning down and kissing the back of her neck. “Just big business, that’s all. I read somewhere that DuPont owns General Motors, or did. And did you ever look on a can of Minute Maid? They’re owned by the Cake Company. The big corporations are like a bunch of cousins who intermarry. Just accept it.”

Sara was still trying to figure it out, but Randy’s insistence was getting the better of her. His large strong hands were now slipping ova her shoulders, his fingertips brushing into the valley between her full, upturned tits. She leaned back, her head against his belly, and closed her eyes.

Damn you! she thought. Every time I come close to solving this puzzle, you do this to me! You’ve been doing it all day!

Her pussy, raw from fucking, was now throbbing with life once more.

“You win,” she moaned, turning her head to one side. His rigid cock brushed over her cheek and throbbed under her nose. “Let’s forget about it for a while.” She held his cock with both hands and jacked it slowly, squeezing the rubbery foreskin over the huge head. “Just make it worth my while.”

“I will, baby,” Randy whispered, lying back on the bed, pulling her with him. “This is gonna be a million-dollar fuck!”

He pushed her to her back and crawled between her legs, nudging her thighs apart with his knees. As he lowered himself on top of her steamy cunt, he buried his face between her tits, his mouth hot and wet. He slipped the end of his prick between her swollen pussy lips and dug forward. At the same time, he bit down on her nipples, drawing them across the roof of her mouth. He gave a low, growling moan of pleasure as the base of his dick was crushed into the rim of her opening.

“Now!” he gasped. “Isn’t this better than thinking about some Goddamn corporation?”

Sara had to admit it was. She thrust her hips up, locking her pussy canal around his shaft, giving it a squeeze with her rippling muscles. His nuts, rumbling with a new load of cum, was lying in the crack of her ass, making her shitter purse with excitement.

“Fuck me!” she demanded, running her fingers over his shoulders and back. “Ram that big dick of yours inside me and shove in a whole fucking gallon of cum!”

“You got it,” Randy assured her, nibbling on her tits with increased hunger. He withdrew his prick and thrust back in with savage force. “Unh… like this?” he groaned.

“Yes!” Sara answered, feeling her cunt turn to butter. “Just… like… that!”

Randy slipped his hands under her ass and cupped the firm mounds, pushing her crotch into his own. Each quick lunge of his cock made them both shiver with increasing ecstasy. He held her ass and crawled up further on her body, completely imbedding his cock in her hole.

“Goddamn, this is good!” he moaned, relaxing slightly, then slamming back in. “Sometimes I think… it’s too good!”

Sara began matching his movements, driving his cock in and out of her pussy until she became frenzied with pleasure. Her cunt was boiling, sucking on his cock like a mouth, begging for more brutal action. She bent her knees, and digging her heels into the bed, lifted her body.

“Fuck me!” she cried out, digging her nails into the small of his back. “Goddamn you, fuck me!”

Randy began slamming it to her like a crazed animal, his hands pulling her ass cheeks apart brutally, if trying to rip her pussy to shreds. His cock, bathed in her juicy tunnel, was rock-hard, the tip of it pulsating painfully. Already he could feel his jism draining from his nuts into the base of his prick.

“Unh! Unh! Unh!” he grunted, his teeth tearing into her breasts, his ass a blur. He felt the juice squish up the center of his cock, ready to blast into her cunt. “I’m… I’m…”

“AIEEEE!” Sara cried out suddenly, interrupting his moans of pleasure. Her pussy froze, locked around his prick, drawing him totally inside. Then it began exploding with hot, jerking spasms, sending jolts of ecstasy into every nerve in her body.

At the moment she grunted out her cry, a thick gushing splatter of creamy cum pounded into the back of her cunt. Immediately, it was followed by other wads, searing and delicious, convulsing her insides. Soon, Randy’s cock was slashing in the huge quantity, forcing two oozing streams from the bottom of her pussy.

“Unhhhhh!” he groaned, throwing his head back, his face contorted in pure anguish. Her pussy was milking him dry, yanking the base of his cock further inside. He gave another choking groan, every muscle in his body taut and ribboned. “God… damn… you!” he spluttered, his orgasm peaking.

When he finally collapsed, gasping, on her chest, Sara leaned forward and kissed the top of his head. Her climax was now a dull throb, the pleasure washed away by his huge load. She squirmed around beneath his heavy frame, impaling his cock in her cunt, sucking out the last of his ecstasy.

“I’m… I’m going to miss you,” she whispered, remembering that he would be leaving for Dallas in a couple of days to head their Southwestern office. “I may not even let you go!”

“You’re the boss,” Randy moaned softly, and he pulled away. He didn’t want to admit it, but he was a little sad, too. It might be months before he’d see her again. “You can put me anywhere you want.”

“How about if I put you right here,” she said, grabbing his cum-smeared prick and guiding it between her legs. “Right in my little shitter.”

“Now you’re talking!” Randy exclaimed, yanking her legs apart and pushing her knees up to her tits. “Nothing better than… unhhhhh!”

Sara closed her eyes in a hot mixture of pleasure and pain. His cock was so huge, it still amazed her that they even managed to get half of it inside her! She held her breath as the shaft slipped in slowly, then exhaled when the hairy brush of his crotch scratched the crack of her ass. She reached under and cupped his furry balls, rolling them around on the small of her back.

“God, you’re good!” she groaned, the pain now turning into pure, raw pleasure. “You can go to Dallas, but you’ve got to leave this big prick of yours here!”

“Wish I could,” Randy whispered, pressing his lips into the hollow of her throat. “Sometimes I wish I could stay inside you forever! Never take my dick out of you!”

“Oh, when do you have those thoughts?” Sara asked playfully.

“Like right now,” Randy answered, then he began a brutal assault, hammering his cock deep into her shitter. “Oh, Jesus, like… unhhh… right now!”

Sara let herself go completely, letting him pound into her asshole. As he fucked wildly in and out, she began slipping upward on the bed, until her head banged against the headboard. She locked her ankles around his neck and heaved her ass upward until her back hurt, her asshole ready for more of his prick.

“Faster, you stud!” she cried. “Fuck me hard and fast! Goddamn you, as… hard… as you… unhhhhh!”

Her pleas were met with such a savage banging, her voice was suddenly locked in her throat. She dropped her head to one side and felt her eyes sting with tears. It was an odd sensation to be thrilled with such a delicious fucking and to feel sadness that this might well be the last time. She tore at his hair, hammering his face up and down between her tits.

“Take me!” she screamed. “God, take me! Fuck me! Don’t ever stop fucking me, you Goddamn bull!”

Randy felt her urgency, which only inflamed his own anguished torture. He became a machine, a jackhammer, drilling into her shitter with superhuman force. Every ounce of strength was directed to one thing and one thing only — her hot, sucking shitter hole!

“Take it, bitch!” he spat out, his teeth sinking into her soft, velvety flesh. “Take every fucking inch! Suck it up to your cockloving brains!”

Sara felt her body explode, sending her into a frenzy of pure, total release. She gave a long silent groan, then inhaled, her voice raspy and wet. When another massive convulsion of orgasm thundered into her body, she buckled, then began writhing beneath him. Finally, when she got control of her voice, she bellowed put a shriek, like the sound of a wounded panther.

Another hard spasm of ecstasy shook her, sending fiery ripples up and down the membrane that separated her pussy and shitter holes.

Randy could hold back no longer. His insides were churning painfully, his balls throbbing with jerking pangs of torture. He slammed forward with all his might and shot in the first of his thick, volcanic-like load. As the juice splattered from his cockhead into her cunt, he grimaced, his face a picture of total agony.

“Unh! Unh! Unh!” he chanted, his voice echoing the squirting globs of his cum.

Finally he stopped pumping his body, all strength leaving him. He released her legs and fell to one side, gasping for air. He tried to lift his hand to touch bet shoulder, but even that simple act was impossible. Every muscle in his body had turned to warm rubber.

“Oh, Sara,” he somehow managed to whisper, “I think I’ve died and gone to heaven!”

Sara was almost as exhausted as he was, but not quite. She rolled over between his legs and planted her face in his cum-smeared crotch, darting her tongue up and down the withering shaft. When the cooling wads of jism oozed between her lips she shivered with new desire — the desire to suck out more of the delicious liquid.

“You don’t mind if I take a nap, do you?” Randy asked. “I’m so fucking… tired!”

“You do anything your little heart desires,” Sara answered. “Just so long as you let me do what I want.”

As Randy relaxed, his eyes closing in pleasure, he felt her warm, searching mouth surround his cock, washing it over her tongue. When her lips were pursed tightly around his cock-base, he felt his body tighten.

“Jesus, how could anybody get any sleep with you doing that?” he asked.

“You want me to stop?” Sara asked.

“Fuck no!” he said, placing his hands upon her shoulders and forcing her head back into his crotch. “Just suck like that anytime you want, baby! God, anytime at all!”

Sara hungrily went back to her work, devouring all the remnants of his orgasm, pulling the delicious fluid between her teeth, over her tongue. As the wads rolled into the back of her throat, she gave low moans, mixing cum and air. His cock began to harden once more, and only after a few sucks was rock-hard.

“I thought you said you were sleepy,” she murmured, holding his prick at an angle to his belly, admiring the pure masculine beauty. “Looks to me like you’re wide awake.”

“You gonna talk or suck me?” Randy asked affectionately, spreading his legs. He draped his ankles over her shoulders, squeezing her face savagely into his crotch. When he felt his cockhead slip past her tonsils arid burn in the back of her throat, he winced with pleasure. “Ah, that’s a good girl. Suck!”

Sara worked slowly and easily at first, but as her passion began to mount, she increased her efforts. Soon she was bobbing her head up and down, slapping her lips into his hairs, thrusting the full length of his cock in and out of her mouth. Her pussy was now burning just like her throat. She humped his knee, squirming her clit over the bony projection and felt an immediate flooding in her pussy.

“Mmmmmmm!” she groaned, her orgasm climbing, throbbing. Then as a spasm of tortured climax thundered in the back of her pussy and pulsated outward, she screamed again: “AAARRRGGGHHH!”

Randy slapped his crotch upward, digging his cock fully into her mouth, feeling it swell to her tight, licking gulps. Then almost without expecting it, he climaxed, shooting his wad deep into her throat.

“Suck, cunt!” he groaned, pounding his prick upward. “Come on, you fucking cocksucker, suck, SUCK MY CUM!”

Sara gobbled quickly, and due to the fact that he was almost fucked-out, she managed not to spill a drop. As the hot liquid blasted into her mouth and drained into her hot stomach, she could savor each squirt, taste the salty, creamy flavor. When he was dry, she kept on sucking until his cock was totally limp, his shaft bending inside her mouth.

“Wow!” she gasped, pulling her cum-stained lips away with a smack. “Delicious!”

“Mmmmmmm?” Randy moaned, half-asleep, his body lax and comfortable. “You say som…”

“You go on to sleep,” Sara cooed, resting her head between his legs. “I’m just gonna stay here for a while. I’m gonna lick you to sleep.”

As she sucked, her mind wandered. Maybe she and Brenda and Randy could have a big party before they had to part. Who knows when they’d get back together again? As soon as she finished here, she would call Brenda.

As it turned out, she didn’t call Brenda for a long time.


Sara held Randy’s cock with both hands as she licked between Brenda’s tits. The twin sensations — one hard, the other delicately soft — was enough to make her tremble with growing excitement. She pulled the rubbery foreskin over the meaty cockhead and at the same time, chewed on the two pulsating nipples.

“Oh, that’s nice!” Brenda gasped, her head thrown back, her lips against Randy’s neck.

Randy watched, fascinated, his gaze following Sara’s hungry mouth. When she lowered her face to Brenda’s belly, her chin resting in the dark, furry patch of cunt hair, he placed his hand on the back of her neck, squeezing the silky skin between his fingers.

“How about letting me have some of the action, too,” he whispered. “My cock needs it more than her pussy does!”

“You lying bastard!” Brenda said, resisting his efforts to pull Sara away. “First come, first served.”

“You mean first served, first come, don’t you?” he grinned, planting his mouth on hers, turning slightly sideways. As he did this, Sara’s head was trapped between their crotches. “Maybe she’ll do us both at once.”

“Mmmmmm, yes!” Sara murmured, darting her tongue over first Randy’s cock, then the upper part of Brenda’s pussy. “Just what I like — cock and cunt!”

She placed her mouth halfway down his shaft and held it tightly, guiding it toward Brenda’s swollen cuntal entrance. As she watched the thick, ballooning cockhead pierce the delicate folds of skin, she saw a clear trickle of steamy pussy juice ooze into Brenda’s hairs. She ran her mouth alongside the shaft until she touched the cunt opening with her lips. Puckering and flicking out her tongue, she lapped the delicious fluid into her mouth.

Brenda arched her back, hardly able to take such wonderful pleasure. Not only was a big slab of meat poking into her cunt, but Sara’s hot searching tongue was giving her clit a frenzied licking. She felt the first ripples of orgasm throb deep in her pussy.

Sara nudged in more of Randy’s cock, then moved her face away, letting the two smooth flat bellies press together. She let them stay like that for a few seconds, then pulled them apart, once more thrusting her mouth between the hot, hairy crotches. Randy’s cock was now bathed in a delicious, sticky fluid, which she eagerly lapped over her tongue.

“How about working on my asshole?” Randy groaned into Brenda’s mouth. “I love to fuck while I get my ass sucked.”

Sara sat back on her haunches, letting Randy pin Brenda down. As he squeezed his legs between her parted thighs and lunged forward, burying his cock to the hilt, she spread his asscheeks to reveal the dark, hairy shitter. She nuzzled her nose into the tight crack, rubbing the tip of it over the greasy, raw bud for several moments before locking her mouth around it. When she did, she thrust her tongue deep into his asshole, savoring the flavor, the sucking sensations of his tiny canal.

“Oh… fuck!” Randy groaned, lowering his face to Brenda’s tits. He half-got to his knees and grunted again: “This… is too fucking much! Fucking a sweet pussy and eating tit, while my ass gets licked out! Jesus!”

He bit down on Brenda’s nipples, drawing them fully into his mouth. As they slipped over the top of his tongue, he began fucking more quickly, hammering his prod deeply into her boiling pussy.

Without a doubt, this had to be the best feeling he’d ever had. He just hoped he could last a little longer.

Sara continued darting her tongue into his shitter as he banged away on Brenda. Soon a stream of spit was lathering up his nuts. She took the two dangling balls in both hands and gave them gentle milking squeezes, able to feel the vibrations of his churning cum. She could hardly wait for the scalding juice to squirt into the woman’s cunt, then pour out, so she could, drink it down. The mere idea sent her pussy to throbbing painfully.

“Fuck me, too!” she gasped, pulling his foot up: “Foot-fuck me!”

She straddled his foot and dug his toes into her cunt, giving an immediate cry of pleasure as they stretched her aching tunnel. She locked her muscles tightly, then went back to his asshole. She began licking and sucking furiously while she pumped her ass up and down, her own orgasm just explosive seconds away.

Randy’s body was now burning, aching with agony. He tried desperately to control his ecstasy, but now it was impossible. He seemed to be entirely engulfed in pussy and hot sucking mouth. He held Brenda’s shoulders and chewed down on her tits, his ass driving furiously up and down.

“Unhhhhh!” he grunted, almost able to see the thick loads of jism blasting from his nuts. They pulsated up the center of his shaft, then exploded from the end of his cock. “UNH!” he bellowed. “FUCK! Take… it! Goddamn you, you whore! Take… take… fuck… UNHHHHH!”

Sara pulled back for a second, watching the base of his cock jerk violently, emptying his balls of cum. A couple of seconds later, she saw a thick, creamy stream of silvery juice ooze from the bottom of Brenda’s pussy. She scooped her fingers between the girl’s thighs, collecting the liquid, and after she had gotten several large wads, she sucked them into her mouth.

“Ahhhhh!” she hissed, savoring the salty flavor. She let a little of it creep into the back of her throat, then placed her mouth back on Randy’s shitter, thrusting the rest of it into his shit canal.

“Jesus fuck!” Randy cried out, hardly able to believe the pleasure that racked his body. “Suck!” he gasped. “Goddamn you, suck! Unh! Unh! Fuck!”

Both Sara and Randy were so inflamed with their own ecstasy, they were hardly even aware of Brenda’s rasping moans. When she screamed out suddenly, as if shot, Randy began hammering his cock violently, driving her to total pleasure. Sara massaged and squeezed the girl’s clit, feeling it throb like a nipple between her fingers.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Brenda cried out, thrashing about like a tortured animal, her face almost demonic.

A couple of seconds later, both Randy and Brenda stopped moving, molding their bodies together. Sara, however, wasn’t anywhere near finished. She sat up and held Randy’s foot with both hands, then began slapping her crotch up and down, digging his toes into her cunt canal. Alter a few quick stabs, her pussy spasmed with hot release, her orgasm exploding violently.

“Fuck meeeee!” she screamed, her head thrown back, her lips glistening with cum and cunt juice.

Randy pulled away, from Brenda and lay on his back. He grabbed Sara by the tops of her thighs and lifted her over his body, ramming his pulsating cock deeply into her cunt. This excited her so much he had to hold on tightly to keep her from bouncing off the bed.

“God, yes! God, yes! GOD… YESSSSS!” she shouted, her entire body frozen in an eternal moment of pure, raw pleasure.

“Please, Randy, put your dick back inside me,” Brenda begged. “I… I feel like I’m on fire!”

“Wait a second,” Sara said. “Let me lick your pussy first. I want to eat this, delicious cum!”

She slipped off of Randy’s prick and nestled herself between Brenda’s legs. After lowering her face quickly to the jism-stained cunt, she darted her tongue out, covering it with a mixture of cum and pussy juice. The moment the hot flavor sank into the back of her throat, she felt another spasm of orgasm hit her.

“Oh my God!” she gasped, locking her mouth around the oozing hole. “Mmmmm… delicious and… unhhhh… creamy!”

Randy watched the two women for several moments. Brenda was in a fit of passion lying there, her pussy being attacked by Sara’s hungry mouth. And Sara was rubbing the insides of her thighs together, stimulating her clit. He reached over and cupped her ass, slipping his middle finger down the tight, stick crack.

“Fuck me!” Sara said when Randy touched her. “Fuck me while I eat this tight little cum-soaked pussy!”

Randy positioned himself behind Sara and kicked her legs apart. Humping his crotch forward, slipping his cockhead up to her burning hole, he dug his fingers into the soft flesh of her sides.

“Where do you want it, you little whore?” he asked. “You want my dick in your little cunt, or shall I ream out this tight asshole of yours?”

“Anywhere!” Sara cried out, her voice muffled from the film of cum that coated the inside of her mouth. “Just fuck me, you bastard! Hurry, shove it in!”

“You got it, cunt,” Randy whispered, yanking her asscheeks apart with both hands. He jerked his hips forward, thrusting his entire prod deep into her shitter. His balls slapped upward, smacking into her slicked-up cunt hairs. “How’s… unh… this, bitch? You like a cock in your asshole?”

“Unnngh!” Sara grunted, her voice resounding inside Brenda’s pussy. “That’s… unh sooooo nice!”

Randy paused slightly, letting her asshole adjust to the size of his prick. When he felt her shithole loosen, he withdrew slowly, then hammered back in, making her head slam brutally into Brenda’s crotch.

“Lick me!” Brenda screamed, tightening her pussy grip on Sara’s probing tongue. “God, eat me! Chew up my pussy and… unh! Unh! Unh! Swallow it!”

Sara increased her efforts, thoroughly cleaning the hot hole of cum. Each suck brought them both closer to orgasm, but Sara had to admit she was getting the better part of the deal. Not only did she have a marvelous cunt to eat out, Randy was plowing into her shitter with increasing speed.

“Oh, so good! Oh, so good!” she gurgled, feeling the ripples of ecstasy tear into her guts. “Fuck me hard! Goddamn you, you cunt-fucking stud, slam it to me!”

Randy slipped his hands upward, cupping her dangling tits. As he squeezed the pulsating nipples, he yanked her tits toward her belly, then hammered violently forward. He felt Sara flinch, her body becoming almost as hard as his, a couple of seconds later she started to shake as if she had a hard chill.


Using all his strength, Randy slammed his body forward, slipping Sara’s head upward until the two women’s faces met. As their cunts squeezed together, he crushed his entire weight downward, engulfing them in his huge, hulking frame.

“Take it, cunts!” he spat, slipping his hands underneath and digging his fingers into their churning cunts. “Goddamn you both! Take it!”

Sara pushed her tongue into Brenda’s mouth and screamed with pleasure once more. Wave after beautiful wave of release smacked into her hole with incredible force. When she thought it possibly couldn’t get any better, if did. Her orgasm was so violent, so savage, it bordered gut-crunching pain.

“Pump… me… full!” she begged, feeling her clit explode into Brenda’s folds of pussy skin. Her asshole was on fire, sucking and pulling like a mouth on his cock. “Give it to me!”

Randy had little choice in the matter. His nuts were so full of hot pulsating wads of cum, he thought he would go crazy. He fucked brutally, completely relaxing the muscles at the base of his prod. Immediately a thick stream of jism gushed forward, blasting into his cockhead.

“UNHHHHH!” he grunted, emptying the first of his massive load into Sara’s tight shitter.

Sara began thrashing around, pumping and grinding, accepting cock and fucking pussy with her own slit. For several long moments her entire body buzzed with ultimate ecstasy.

Brenda was screaming, too, her climax peaking with delicious intensity. She bit and chewed down on Sara’s tongue, licking it as if it were a cock. Finally she collapsed, her chest heaving, her jaw slack with satisfaction.

“That’s it, ladies,” Randy said, totally exhausted. “My nuts are as dry as dust! You want to do it again, you gotta use your imagination.”

“We’ll just see about that,” Sara grinned. “Come on, Brenda, let’s give him something to write home about!”

Both girls snuggled between his legs and held his limp cock, passing the end of it between their lips. When it glistened in the soft light, Sara gobbled it down, her lips inching all the way to his balls. When she pulled back up, she felt the shaft jerk slightly.

“See?” she said. “It’s still alive!” She pushed Brenda’s mouth down the rubbery shaft. “You lick him hard. I’ll work on his balls!”

Amazed but pleased, Randy watched as they chewed and sucked his prick until it stood ramrod straight. He placed his hands behind their heads and wrapped his legs around their waists, enfolding them in his crotch.

“All right, cunts, you asked for it… now suck it!” he said as he humped his crotch upward.

Brenda and Sara sucked him completely and totally, occasionally changing places, from his cock to his balls. But when they felt the first spurts of jism gush up the center of his shaft, they both held their mouths open just over the enormous purplish cockhead.

“Mmmmmmm!” they moaned in unison, swallowing the juices. There wasn’t a whole lot, but what there was, was more than delicious.

Later, Sara looked over at die two of them snuggled up close together, and she smiled sadly. She would really miss them, but that’s the price of success sometimes — leaving those we really care for. A vague memory of someone touched her mind, but she brushed the thought aside. She had more important things to think about than that sonofabitch Greg.

Fuck him!

“Well, kids,” she said, “I guess this will be our goodbye fuck.”

“Does it have to be?” Brenda asked. “I don’t want ever to leave!”

“Well, you’re not leaving just yet,” Sara said, squeezing between them. “We have hours and hours to say good bye, and I just love long good byes!”


Sara’s second meeting with Brian Dodson began on a more familiar note. He received her in his hotel room, his arms positioned behind his head as he lay on the large bed.

“Pretty sure of yourself, aren’t you?” Sara said, when she saw him.

“Nope,” Brian grinned, “but pretty sure of you.” He held out his right hand. “Now get out of those clothes and come over here.”

“Wouldn’t you rather have these papers first?”

Sara asked, placing her briefcase on the floor. “They’re all signs, by the way.”

“Fuck those papers,” Brian said, sitting up, his gaze dropping to her upturned tits. They were large and so well-shaped, they pressed the silky material of her blouse out dramatically. “Hurry,” he added, clearing his voice.

“You’ve been waiting for a while,” Sara teased, “you can wait a little longer.”

As she said that, she began slowly moving her hands over her body, occasionally pulling down a zipper, at times undoing a button. It was a seductive strip-show that took the greater part of ten minutes, and she could tell from the way he licked his lips he was getting hotter and more excited. His eyes were all over her, his breathing now audible.

“My God, I can’t take any more!” Brian whispered, throwing the sheet back and clutching her wrist. He yanked her panties down with his other hand and threw her down upon the bed. “Jesus, if I don’t get some pussy right now, I’ll own all over my legs!”

Sara was about to say something but felt his mouth clamp around hers, his searching tongue darting between her teeth. Her legs were kicked apart and then his hard, pulsating shaft was jammed into the mouth of her cunt.

“Oh fuck, I’m… I’m…” Brian murmured, thrusting his cockhead into her tiny hole. He shoved forward, ramming the rest of his cock deep inside. “Shit, I had been planning on doing this so slowly!”

“Mmmmmm! I like it just like… that!”

Sara moaned into his mouth. The delicious stab of pain she experienced when her cunt was forced violently open had subsided to a ripple of pure ecstasy. “Just fuck me any way you want,” she whispered. “Make sure you do it hard, though.”

Brian held bet shoulders and jerked her body down. At the same time he lunged upward, completely burying his prick to the hilt.

The warm, sucking muscles of her pussy were like a hot, hungry mouth. He had to stop moving to keep from spilling his load right then and there.

Sara spread her legs as wide as possible and humped her hips up and down, milking his shaft with her spasming cunt muscles. Then as she dug her nails into his broad back, she wrapped her thighs around his waist. Locking her ankles together, she screamed out with growing ecstasy: “Give it to me!” she cried out. “Goddamn you, fuck me! Ram this big hard delicious cock inside me and… FUCK ME!”

Brian began hammering into her pussy with growing speed until his ass was a hairy, flesh colored blur. Soon the room was filled with the smacking sounds of wet flesh as he drove his crotch hard into hers, his nuts slapping noisily into the crack of her asshole.

“How’s… this?” he barked. “You like a big cock poking away, hard… like this?”

“Yes! God, yes!” Sara answered, her cunt turning to butter.

She’d never gotten so excited so quickly before. Her pussy was boiling, churning for release. She tightened her grip around his plunging shaft, milking it of life.

Their bodies seemed to blend together for the next several moments. Sara was writhing beneath his frame, her nails tearing into the flesh of his back. Brian was biting and chewing on her mouth, digging her throbbing nipples into his chest. Finally, they both felt the base of his cock begin to jerk, opening the cum tube, allowing his jizz to jolt from his nuts.

“Now! Goddamn you, now!” he grunted, drilling into her pussy with such force, they both slipped forward on the bed. His cockhead exploded in a hot, scalding bath, sending showers of juice deep into Sara’s cunt canal. “Oh! Fuck! UNHHHH!”

When the delicious, creamy texture of his jism shot into her hole, Sara buckled, her body freezing for a split-second. Huge spasms of anguished ecstasy poured into every cell, each nerve.

“AIEEEEE!” she screamed, her voice cracking with lust. “Yes! Yes! Shove me… FULL!”

His cum collected in her pussy, then began slashing around Brian’s shaft, splattering thick wads on the insides of her thighs. Sara slipped her hands down to his ass and dug her fingertips into his shitter, forcing him tighter against her exploding cunt.

“Keep… fucking! God, don’t… ever stop! It feels so good! It… UNHHHHH!”

As her second climax peaked, she pulled her legs from around his waist and dug her heels into the covers, almost lifting them both off the bed. She gave a screaming cry of orgasm, then relaxed, totally exhausted.

“Baby, baby, baby,” Brian murmured, dropping his mouth to her shoulder. He squirmed his ass around, letting the last ooze into her cunt, then collapsed, engulfing her body with his.

They lay like that for several moments, neither wanting to destroy the warm, pleasant mood. Sara finally pushed him off as a dull ache in the back of her throat became almost unbearable.

“Let me suck you,” she whispered, crawling between his legs. “God, if I don’t get me a lot of cum to suck, I’m gonna go nuts!”

She looked at his prick several seconds before nudging it between her lips. Again she was taken with the sheer beauty of how long and thick, it was now half-hard, gently pulsating as it lay in his wiry hairs. Thick streams of milky cum clung to the loose foreskin, gluing it to his belly. She lifted the tip of it with her fingers and flicked her tongue out, savoring the delicious aroma of jism.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned, encircling the shaft with her mouth and working her way down to the thick, meaty base. As she pulled back up, she felt it throb, begin to stiffen. “Delicious!” she gasped, nuzzling her tongue under the round head, lapping down the steamy juices.

“Damn, you sure know how to suck dick!” Brian grunted, his pleasure increasing each time she bobbed her head up and down. “I don’t know where the fuck you’re putting it, but wherever it is, just keep doing it… like that.”

Sara cupped his furry nuts and rolled them around on her cheeks as she dropped her face fully into his crotch. And as she rubbed her nose in his thick bush of hair, she pursed her mouth tightly, drawing the skin from his balls under her lip. Already she could feel the delicate vibrations of a new load of cum.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned as his cock grew rigid as steel, the tip of it slipping under the roof of her mouth. She jammed her pussy against the inside of his knee and felt a sharp spasm of pleasure. “Fuck my mouth!” she said. “Fuck it like it was a pussy!”

Brian flipped her to her back and squatted down on her belly, his knees in her armpits. He held the back of her head with both hands and leaned forward, grinding his cock fully into her throat. As his nuts slapped into the hollow of her throat, he gave a low, growling groan of ecstasy.

“Fuck! This is better than a pussy!” he moaned, putting more pressure on the back of her neck. “Goddamn, you little cocksucker, I’m gonna shove your mouth so full of cum you’ll choke!”

“Mmmmmm-hmmmmmm!” Sara moaned, fumbling with his right foot, trying to brush it over her slicked-up pussy. When his toes touched her clit, she felt a minor, surge inside her cunt, the waves washing up and down her constricted pussy tube.

“Jesus, you really do like doing this, don’t you?” Brian asked, still amazed that one woman could suck with such intensity. “I’ll just try to make it good for you.”

For Sara, it was already good. As a matter of fact, it was fantastic! Her entire mouth and throat were full of hot stabbing meat. And her throat was being tickled by two huge nuts, filled with the delicious, scalding cum that alone could relieve the itch at the base of her tongue. Another ripple of climax jerked into her insides, making her purse her mouth tighter. She took both his feet then, stabbing his toes into her crack.

“Jesus fucking God!” Brian gasped. “Your mouth is like a milking machine! Welt, baby, get ready for some hot milk, because I’m gonna fuck you full!”

As he said the last few words, be banged her head brutally into his crotch and hammered his hips forward. Each time his shaft speared into her mouth, it brought him closer to the end of what he knew would be the best blow job he’d ever had. In a way, he couldn’t wait, but in another, he wanted this feeling to last forever. Soon, however, he had little choice in the matter. His cum was now blasting through the center of his cock.

“Get ready, cocksucker!” he spat, slamming his full weight into her face. “I’m… I’m… OH! Fuck! I… I… UNHHH!”

When the first boiling globs of jism smacked into the back of her throat, Sara choked, not expecting so much. This man was a regular cunt machine! she thought. The liquid shot in every direction, some behind her nose where it spurted from her nostrils, others into her cheeks. She gobbled furiously, but it was impossible for any one mouth to take all he had to offer!

“All… of it… bitch!” Brian spluttered, pounding in more of his load. “Goddamn you, suck every fucking drop!”

When Sara had thoroughly licked him dry, she pushed him away and lapped at his crotch, washing the stray juices over her teeth. She collected one large glob and then, holding her head back, let it roll into the back of her throat. She moaned heavily, her voice a thick gurgle of pure pleasure.

“Man, I’ve never seen anyone who loved to suck cum like you before,” Brian said. “You know when Greg said…”

His words were frozen in his throat. He looked at her stupidly, watching her expression of contentment turn to one of pure hatred.

“Greg?” she whispered, getting off the bed. “Greg Martin?”

She began putting her clothes on quickly, afraid to say anything more. If she did, she might regret her actions. At this moment, she felt like committing murder.

“Look,” Brian said, his voice shaking, “I don’t know what’s going on between you two, but…”

“You’re right,” Sara said, her voice flinty as steel. “You don’t know at all. And why? Because it’s none of your fucking business!” She stopped suddenly, her expression of anger turning to a quizzical one. “So,” she said, “that’s the fucking game, is it?”

“What do you mean?” Brian said. He’d really blown this assignment! But he knew it would be useless to lie to Sara.

“So Greg Martin is behind the whole thing,” she said, indicating the briefcase which held the corporate papers for Secretaries To Go. “That’s why he wanted me in this, and that’s why he wanted control, so that mother fucker could control me! Well, you can just tell that rotten sonofabitch no fucking deal!”

“Why don’t you tell him yourself?” Brian said. “He’s here in the hotel. Room 309. As a matter of fact, I was supposed to bring you up there later.”

“You were, were you?” Sara shouted. “Well, I wouldn’t go to his room… no, I think I will! I’ll roll these papers in a little ball and shove them up his Goddamn ass!”

She grabbed the briefcase, and after giving Brian a scathing look, flounced out of the room, her heart pounding in her throat.

“You just wait, Mr. Martin,” she said to herself as she got on the elevator. “I’m going to…”

Her words were cut off as the door closed and the car moved up one flight.


“Hello,” Greg said when he saw Sara. “Please come in.”

“Look here, Mr. Martin, what I want to say to you won’t take…”

“A glass of wine?” he asked, cutting in. He turned and took a bottle of wine out of a silver cooler. “This is a very good year,” he intoned. “The bouquet…”

With trembling hands, Sara threw her briefcase onto a chair and began fumbling with the catch.

She yanked the papers out, half-spilling them, and thrust them in his face, stopping further comment on the wine.

“You think I’m an idiot?” she shouted, her green eyes flashing with rage.

“As a matter of fact, I don’t,” Greg said with maddening cool. “That’s why I wanted your services. I happen to think you’re the best. I think perhaps the two of us could have one hell of a partnership.”

“I’d rather go into league with the Devil himself, than…”

“After all, we both love each other,” he continued.

“Love!” Sara said, her mouth dropping open. “Love? Now I know you’re crazy!” She placed her hands on her hips and glared at him. “The only reason you want me in this business is so you can lord it over me to.”

“Then why would I give you equal control?” he asked, taking a paper from his jacket. “Here are the rest of the stock proxies. We, when you sign this, will each have fifty percent of the voting stock.”

Sara was stunned. The man had to be a lunatic. She looked at the paper, still unable to believe what he was saying. Was this another of his tricks? No, the contract looked legitimate.

She looked up at his grinning face and felt her knees go weak. Furious now with herself instead of him, she couldn’t understand the control he had over her emotions. One moment she was ready to choke him, and now — God, he is even sexier than I remembered!

“I’ve missed you,” he said softly, placing his hands on her shoulders. “I’ve been thinking about you all the time. There hasn’t been a day gone by that you didn’t…” His voice trailed off as he kissed her.

“Oh, Greg…” Sara murmured, her voice shaking with pleasure. “Why do we do this to each other? You’re all I think about. You’re…”

“Hush, my sweet,” he said, lowering his hands to her swollen tits. He kneaded the taut mounds with his thumbs and forefingers, feeling her delicate nipples throb to his touch. “Just kiss me. Just… love me,” he whispered into her mouth.

“Yes!” Sara heard herself say.

Nothing seemed real any more. The only thing that mattered was him — his handsome face, those marvelous shoulders, the way his thick slab of cock was pressed into her belly.

“Oh God, yes!” she said again, lowering her hands to his crotch.

He lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bed. After tenderly placing her down, he slowly undressed her, then himself. When they were fully naked, he slipped down on top of her, nudging her thighs apart with his knees.

“My God, this is even better than I remembered,” he whispered, digging the end of his cock into her steaming cunt. It was immediately engulfed by a hugging, sucking warmth. He flinched with pleasure as he pressed further inside. “Oh baby!” he moaned.

Sara’s body was reacting violently as she lay beneath him. It was as if this were the first time she’d ever been fucked. Every cell, every nerve was keyed to this man. And when he maintained full penetration, she felt an explosive orgasm tear into her guts like a pounding fist.

“YESSSS!” she screamed, answering all the questions either would ever ask.

Greg stopped all movement for a moment when he heard her cry out, thinking he’d hurt her. He had slammed his prick inside with hardly any thought.

Fool! he thought. I’m going to fuck up all my chances by being top eager!

“I’m sorry,” he said. “Did I hurt you?”

It was several seconds before Sara could answer. Again, she realized, that even in ultimate pleasure, they seemed to be at cross purposes. Would they ever see things together? At this moment, however, she didn’t care. Just so long as she could have joy such as this.

“No,” she answered. “I… I climaxed.” She felt almost embarrassed, letting him know in no uncertain terms how he affected her. Five minutes with him and she was already defeated. This time, she didn’t care. “You gave it to me,” she added, looking at him with naked affection.

“Really?” Greg asked, unable to hide his pleasure. He was grinning almost idiotically, his heart pounding with pride. “I… I…”

“Yes, you, you big lug,” she said, brushing her lips against his. “Now, get moving! We’ve got a lot of fucking to catch up on!”

Sara remembered the first time they had fucked.

How Greg had wanted her like an alley cat, without emotion, without feeling. Their lovemaking, this time, had the same intensity, but now was mixed with care. The combination was electric.

“Oh, Sara,” he groaned, trailing his lips over her shoulders, into the hollow of her throat, between her breasts. “I’ve… I’ve never been happier!”

He locked his lips around one of her throbbing nipples and pulled it across the roof of his mouth. As he thrust his cock deep into her pussy, he sank his teeth around the silky texture of her tits. He felt Sara flinch, then heard her scream out once more.

“Ohhhhhh!” she cried. “I… I don’t believe this! It’s… too good! God, nothing should be this… unhhhhh! Fuck me! Oh, Greg, fuck! Fuck me forever!”

Greg was amazed that she could get so hot so quickly. She had already had two orgasms and his prick had only been inside her for a couple of minutes. What would happen when he really started fucking? He decided to find out, to hold back as long as he could, to give her all he had to offer.

“Hang on,” he said, smacking his lips around her tits. “I’m gonna fuck you so good, they’re gonna put it in history books!”

Sara was prepared for anything now — or so she thought. She spread her legs and humped her cunt upward, trying to meet his hard, plunging strokes. Once again she felt the pressure build, and once again she shrieked with an explosive climax. When the pleasure subsided to a dull throb, she remained still, letting him hammer into her body, push her around on the bed like a rag doll.

She tried to think, to name the emotion that was storming through her body, but all thought was impossible. Nothing mattered any more except the delicious sensations that riddled her body.

“Give it to me!” she gasped, wrapping her legs around his hips, locking her ankles together. “God, let me have it! Fuck me, Greg… fuck me like you’ve never fucked before! I’ll… I’ll never get enough!”

Greg slipped his hands down to her thighs and pulled her legs up, crushing her knees into her armpits. As her ass was tilted upward, allowing him to drive the full length of his dick into her, he bit down on her mouth like a striking snake. He fucked with his tongue and prick at the same time, thrusting both in together. After only a few seconds of this, he had become as frenzied as Sara. His nuts were burning, throbbing painfully.

“Take it!” he gasped into her mouth, knowing his orgasm was only a few quick thrusts away. “I’m ready to shove… a whole fucking… I’m… I’m… OH! UNH! UNHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Sara’s pussy was in a state of constant bubbling turmoil, her muscles locking with spasms around his lunging cock. But when she felt the first scalding splatter of juice smack into the back of her pussy, the pleasures of a few moments before were nothing. Her orgasm this time was almost deadly in its violence, the hot, pangs piercing into her brain like bullets. She gave a long silent gasp, her lungs frozen in total release.

“Unh! Unh! Unh!” Greg barked, slamming in more wads of jism. He, too, was experiencing savage spasms of ecstasy, emptying his very soul into her body.

After several long moments, each giving and taking, sharing the same enormous pleasure, they fell motionless, unable to speak for a long while. Finally, Greg pulled slightly away and looked at her, memorizing once more the delicate features of her face, the emerald color of her eyes. He kissed her gently and grinned.

“In a way,” he began, “I wish we hadn’t done this.”

“Mmmmmm? What do you mean?”

“I was kinda hoping we could build up to this,” he said. “Now everything will be downhill. This was the best!”

Sara returned his kisses, feeling snug and warm. His cock was still pulsating deliciously inside her cunt canal, and she could feel the seeping steams of cum soak the bottom of her hole.

“I know what you mean,” she said. “But maybe we can make it just as good if we try.” She slipped the tip of her tongue between his teeth. “And there’s no time like the present to begin!”

“Anything you say,” Greg said as he rolled to his back.

He flipped her to her belly and knelt between her legs, gently raising her ass with both hands.

“Oh, I like it this way!” Sara moaned, feeling his prick jam once more into her slicked-up cunt. “You’ll seem twice as big… UNHHHH!”

Real blinding pain shot into her body as he thrust forward. Yet as it peaked, making her bite her lower lip, it exploded in warm spasms of pure pleasure. She reached under and cupped his balls pulling them into her cunt hairs, rolling them around to feel the vibrations of his cum against her flesh.

“Fuck me everywhere!” she murmured, arching her back, loving the touch of his skin on hers. “Fuck my cunt, my asshole, my mouth — everywhere!”

Greg pounded into her pussy for several seconds, then withdrew completely. He spread her ass cheeks with hands and lunged the end of his cock into the rim of her shitter. Without pausing, he shoved the entire length of his prick into her until the base of his shaft crunched the bud of her anal entrance.

Oddly enough, there was no pain for Sara, merely a huge pressure inside her body. She squeezed her muscles around his dick and exhaled loudly. Again, she cupped his balls, but this time pushed them inside her cunt. Now that he was totally and completely embedded in her body, she felt a new surge of pleasure. Her cunt canal constricted, giving his nuts a milking squeeze, then it spasmed with a hard, gut-crunching orgasm.

“AIEEEEE!” she screamed, her body shaking violently with ecstasy. “Just like… God, yes! Unh! Fuck! Oh… God!”

Greg stayed where he was until her climax had subsided. Then as she relaxed, he withdrew his prick almost to the cockhead before slamming back in. As he did this, his nuts plopped out of her spent pussy, gluing themselves to the insides of her thighs. Once more he lunged forward, driving his cock brutally into her hole. He twisted and writhed his hips as if trying to shove his entire body inside her, holding her shoulders for support.

“Take it, you cockloving whore!” he grunted. “Take every fucking inch and suck it up!”

He began an assault that Sara remembered only too well. His body, became a machine, his cock a delicious instrument of torture, sending her into throes of ecstasy. And when she thought her asshole would explode, he yanked his dick out and plunged it into her pussy. Then for several moments he reamed out her cunt canal, giving it exactly the right amount of stimulation.

“Greg! Greg!” she called out, her insides now erupting to a state of constant release. Every pang was better than the last, each ripple more intense than the one before.

Greg called out her name, too, a simple litany of adoration. And as impossible as it seemed, he was ready to spill his cum in her body. He felt the squeezing wads of cum blast from his nuts, bolting toward his ballooning cockhead.

“Where… do you… want it?” he grunted. “In your pussy… or your…”

“Everywhere!” Sara begged. “Shove it in me all over! Just give it to me! Fuck me… hard! FUCK MEEEE!”

Greg blasted the first of his heavy load into her shitter, but as the second hard jerk throbbed his cockhead to rock-hard stiffness, he withdrew and pounded the next gush of jism into her shitter. Back and forth he fucked, until each of her holes was oozing milky streams of cum. His prick was sloshing noisily now, totally engulfed in hot, tight muscle, awash in his own cum.

After what seemed an eternity of unbridled ecstasy, they collapsed together, gasping for air, Greg moaning softly into her ear. Sara was gently rotating her lips, still enjoying the tight, sensations his cock gave her insides. She turned her head and kissed the side of his neck, feeling his pulse throb to her touch.

“Do you think we’ll ever get any work done?” she asked with a smile. “I don’t know if I will, if I have to look at you all day. I think my pussy would be melting down my legs all the time!”

“We don’t have to work,” he said. “We can retire to some little island and fuck ourselves to death.”

Sara wondered if this was to be their first disagreement. She frowned slightly and pushed him off.

“But I want to work,” she said. “I started a good business and…”

“So work,” Greg said. “Do anything you like. Just so long as I can have you. I told you once I’d take you on any terms. This time I mean it. I’m only half a man without you.”

“Half a man?” She laughed, crawling between his legs and holding his still hard cock with both hands. “God, I’d hate to see you full-sized!”

She lowered her face to his crotch and lapped the stray juices of their bodies between her lips. The flavor was delicious, smelling of her own pussy and asshole, and the arm sticky texture clung to her teeth like jelly. She wallowed the wads around in her cheeks and tilted her head back, letting them ooze down her throat. She smacked her lips sensuously and went back for more. Soon she had licked him clean, leaving his cock and balls glistening with her spit.

“Is it possible that I might one day get enough of you?” Greg asked, amazed that his nuts were once more throbbing with a fresh load of cum.

“I doubt that,” Sara whispered, darting her tongue into his wiry crotch hairs. “I’ll see to it that I always have more than enough to offer.”

As she said that, she gobbled his prick into her mouth and pursed her lips tightly. She inched her way down to the thick meaty base and flicked her tongue up and down the shaft, her teeth gently nibbling the loose sheath of skin. When she felt his cockhead swell to almost twice its size, blocking her air, she pulled back up and moaned passionately.

“I think I could suck you twenty-four hours a day,” she said. “And when I die, I want to be buried with your cock in my mouth!”

Greg laughed, happy as a young boy, unable to believe his good fortune. He threw his legs over her shoulders and pulled her head violently forward, digging the head of his dick into her throat. His nuts were crushed against her chin, her tits soft and delicious as they lay in the crack of his ass.

“That’d be my first demand as a husband,” he whispered. “You’ll have to suck me twenty-four hours a day for a week.”

Sara pulled away and said, “Husband?” She pronounced the word as if it were foreign. “You mean…”

“I mean when we finish here, we’re going to find the first preacher we can and get married. That is if you’ll have me!”

“Yes, I’ll have you!” Sara said, her face almost angelic with happiness. “It’s just that we have one slight problem.”

“What’s that?”

“If we have to wait until we’re finished here before we get married,” she began, “we might not get married! I’m not going to leave this delicious cock for a second!”

“Then I guess we’ll just have to send out for a preacher,” he said. “Or a justice of the peace. A preacher might object to marrying a couple who are doing what we’re doing!”

“Some people are narrow-minded,” Sara grinned. “Now, shut up, I’ve got some work to do, and I only want one interruption.”

“What’s that?”

“When you shove my throat full of cum,” she answered. “Now get ready, my sweet. I’m gonna give you a suck job that you can tell your grandkids about!”


Three months later, Sara knelt between her husband’s legs and held his cock, thinking of the hundreds of times it had given her pleasure. Even when he had been out of town, the memory of him was enough. She would lie in bed and touch her cunt, stroking her fingers inside, where he’d been so many times, and she would cry out with tortured release.

But now, she had the real thing in her hands. The thick slab of cock that would soon be spitting out his delicious cum. Her throat quivered with hunger, with anticipation.

“Any regrets?” he asked. He’d asked her the same thing each day since they had gotten married. “Any at all?”

“Only that we were so stupid in the beginning,” she answered, the same answer always to this question.

“Love me,” he whispered. “Love me good, baby.”

Sara opened her mouth and encircled his gigantic cockhead. She pulled the rubbery foreskin down as far as it would go, forming a loose ring just under the knob of his prick. Slowly, sensuously, she darted her tongue around the tip of his cock, feeling the surface tighten, watching it glisten in the pale amber light.

“God, I want you!” she murmured, then inched her lips further down the huge shaft.

“Oh… that’s good,” Greg moaned, spreading his legs a little wider. He held her head with both hands forcing her face up and down, arching his back. “I swear,” he grunted, “you suck dick better every day!”

What he said was no lie. Each time she went down on him, he felt it more difficult to hold back. At times he had no control at all, and would blast into her throat after only a few sucks. Hopefully, this time he could enjoy it longer. They’d been fucking most of the night and he was exhausted. Perhaps a slow, thorough blowjob that would last into the early, hours of the morning.

That first morning of waking up, feeling his juices gushing into her throat the moment he opened his eyes — the memory shook him like a slap, stirring his loins with ecstasy. He held her head tighter, guiding her face forward with increased pressure. He threw his legs over her shoulders and dug his heels into the small of her back.

“A quick one,” he gasped. “Then a slow one, OK?” Already he was defeated, knowing he couldn’t last another minute. “God, just suck me, baby! Just… unh… suck!”

Sara went to her work quickly and with passion. Although she loved giving him pleasure, her own desires were turning her cunt to butter. She hugged his knee with her thighs, pushing the bony projection into her furry mass of pussy hair. Her clit pulsated violently, sending ripples up and down her cunt canal.

“Mmmmmmmm!” she moaned, now lapping furiously, almost angrily.

Her throat was on fire, itching with a horrible lust. She gobbled even faster, wanting, needing his cum.

Greg felt his balls rumble, sensed that a new load of cum was building, churning. He turned to his side and bent his body, completely engulfing her head in his crotch, pumping his ass back and forth to meet her hungry sucks.

“Goddamn!” he whispered. “You’d better get ready for a big load of cum, sweetheart. I’m… oh Jesus, I’m…”

He gave one last effort, trying to dam the forceful waves of jism, but it was useless. Already the ring-shaped muscle at the base of his cock was loosening, letting the first glob of cum spring from his nuts. He felt his shaft swell almost painfully, his cockhead balloon.

“Oh… now!” he groaned, shoving brutally into her face. “Goddamn… now… Unh! Unh! Yes! Oh… suck, you cocksucker!”

Sara sucked on his jism like a hungry wild animal, savoring the delicious flavor, the thick consistency. Each wad brought with it a spasm of pleasure that exploded in her guts, blasting into her pussy. She gurgled a strangled cry of release, slapping her ass up and down, digging at her cunt with his knee.

Greg pounded harder as his orgasm peaked, then he froze for a couple of seconds, letting her lick the rest. He spread his legs slightly to give her a better closed with pure angle and leaned back, his eyes satisfaction.

“More!” Sara gasped. “Let me have more! Gallons!”

She slurped his cock fully into her throat and pursed her lips tightly, releasing the final glob from his cum tube. She pulled the juice over her tongue and opened her mouth wide, letting the liquid roll around, squeeze between her teeth. Regretfully, she let it ooze into her throat where it dropped into her stomach.

“Ohhhhhh!” she groaned, her voice a greasy sigh. “I’m going to suck you all night! I’m never going to lei you go!”

“Oh, yes you are, lady,” Greg said with a grin. “I’m bigger than you and I’m gonna fuck out that little pussy of yours again. There’s nothing you can say to stop me!”

“Who would want to stop you, you big idiot?” Sara cooed. “Just make sure you fuck me good, or I’ll chew your cock off and swallow it!”

“Guess I’d better do what the lady asks,” he said as he rolled her to her back and planted his knees between her thighs. “I kinda like my cock where it is, with the exception of… ohhhhhhhh… right here!”

He thrust his prick deep into her cunt, crushing the tight, sucking rim with the base of his prod. He stayed inside her for a couple of seconds, then slowly withdrew. He held his body there, his ass in the air, before hammering back in. When be did, they both cried out with pleasure.

“Fuck me!” Sara grunted. “God, I love it when you fuck me doggy-style! Your cock feels like it’s about ten feet long!”

Greg held her hips and pumped her backward, thoroughly impaling her pussy with his prick. Finally, he could take the torture no longer, and he began drilling furiously, each move faster than the one before. He was grunting, his eyes closed tightly, an expression on his face that spoke of pain.

“Goddamn you, you cocksucking whore, take it!” he moaned, leaning forward.

He kissed the back of her neck, then sat back up, slipping from the bed. He pulled her with him until her head hit the edge of the bed. Standing up and stretching her legs wide like a wishbone, he poked into her cunt with every ounce of strength he could muster.

“Like this!” he spat. “Take my big dick… just like this!”

Sara’s cunt was growling for release, her cunt canal churning and rippling with towing pleasure. She held her breath for a few seconds, then hissed out a gasping moan, her climax storming into her guts with unbelievable force.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she chanted, her words punctuating the delicious throbs that blasted her clit into a million pieces.

Greg shoved forward suddenly, his orgasm taking him by surprise. One moment his cum was churning inside his nuts, and the next it was spitting from the end of his prick. He yanked her fully off the bed, letting her head drop to the floor.

“Goddamn you!” he grunted, his muscles ribboned with a slick film of sweat. “Oh, baby… take… UNHHHHH!”

Sara felt her body go limp from sheer exhaustion. Never before had she been so totally drained. Her pussy was raw and swollen, her mind about to explode from the pleasure he was giving, that she was too tired to accept. She realized she had met her match, and she loved him for it.

Later they sat on the bed, holding each other in a tight embrace. For several moments they didn’t speak. Communication wasn’t necessary; their eyes told everything. They kissed and stroked each other, as if discovering love for the first time.

“Greg,” Sara said at last, “have I told you lately how much I care for you?”

“About a minute ago?” He grinned. “But that was too long. Tell me again.”

“Let me show you,” she said, kneeling before him. She took his cock in her hands and guided the half-hard shaft to her mouth. Brushing her lips over the soft, smooth surface of his cockhead, she whispered, “I sometimes still think this is all a dream. A beautiful dream… and I don’t want ever to wake up!”

“Don’t talk,” Greg murmured. “Save your mouth for better things.”

He humped his body forward, sliding his cock fully into her throat. As his balls nudged her chin, he felt his dick spring to life. He held her head and leaned back.

“Suck me,” he whispered. “Suck me all night. Don’t ever stop. Suck me to sleep and lick me awake.”

Sara bobbed her head back and forth, giving not only him pleasure, but causing her pussy to stir. A hot trickle of juice slipped down the insides of her thighs, burning into her flesh like acid on glass. She murmured softly, her voice lost in the mass of dark hair — a purring sound like a kitten over a bowl of warm cream.

“Yes, Sara… my God, yes,” her husband moaned, his mind lost in the barrier that separated reality and sleep. He had thoughts of lying on a cloud, his entire body worked over by her hot sucking mouth. “Yes, Sara,” he moaned. “God, yes!”

After she sucked him dry, she pulled his legs over on the bed and once again knelt between his thighs. For hours she sucked him, and even after he was dry, his cock hopelessly limp from exhaustion, she never took her mouth away.

“Greg?” she asked sometime in the night.

“Yes, precious?”

“I always loved you,” she said. “Even when I thought I didn’t. I’m sorry if I hurt you.”

“I’d rather be hurt by you than loved by anyone else,” he murmured, pulling her close. “I only wish…” he began, the words obviously painful to say, “…that I didn’t… have to share you with anyone.”

“Would you share me?”

“Of course,” he answered. “If that would make you happy?”

“Then you will never have to share me. I’m yours, and yours alone.”

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