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Overaged wife in orgy

Behind the outward serenity and closed doors of middle-class suburban homes, we find people tormented by the same problems that have afflicted men and women throughout the ages. While Americans today are leading “the good life”, enjoying material comforts unheard of in other countries, people may still find themselves in an emotional turmoil, reinforced by […]

Walk in the park

It was lunch time: high noon. Office workers streamed onto the streets and past the park, in their race to find sustenance for their bellies and a break from their work. Walking through the park on this warm July day, there was a young woman sitting on one of the benches in the elm-shaded square. […]

Inventory Control (MF, cheat, work)

God, I can’t believe that I did it! And anyone who reads this I want to be the first to caution you against doing what I did. It will really screw you up at work, and even if you do have a moment of nastily wonderful excitement, what comes after probably isn’t worth it. It […]