Naughty Like Mom

In today’s sophisticated society, numerous internal and external pressures are brought to bear on the individual and his family, often compounding even the most simple problems. Faced with dilemmas which threaten to overwhelm us, we hastily seek answers which may seem drastic in magnitude.

Sexual incompatibility, a dilemma common to many marriages, is a difficulty which Bob and Diane Clayton have to face. Their marriage wrought with infidelity and jealousy, divorce quickly becomes the only recourse. In their haste, the Claytons are oblivious to their sixteen-year-old daughter, Robin, who becomes the victim of their actions.

Her home and life-style threatened, Robin Clayton also faces a dilemma, one that can only be answered through communicative skills which extend to the basic functions of life.

NAUGHTY LIKE MOM is the story of a young girl’s struggle to counter a force common in troubled homes. Her battle is typical of many waged each day against a force which threatens to destroy the institution of marriage.


Eighteen-year-old Robin was sitting cross-legged on the floor watching her mother setting out the last of the hors d’oeuvres. Dressed in jeans and T-shirt, Robin’s blonde hair streamed down her back. She was waiting for her boy friend, Lance Woodward, who was taking her to a movie. The girl admired her mothers vibrant beauty, although she sometimes felt she wore too much make up, and dresses that were more revealing than they should be. Her mother was a fantastic-looking woman in her mid-thirties with deep auburn hair and a lush figure that deserved to be displayed, yet Robin felt the short cocktail dress she was wearing showed a bit too much of her smooth thighs.

“Are you having a large party tonight?” the girl asked.

“Not really, honey. Just a few couples. What are you doing this evening?”

“Going to the drive-in with Lance,” Robin replied.

“You won’t stay out too late,” her mother smiled. “I worry, when you’re in a car.”

“Don’t worry, Mom,” she laughed. “I’ll be home early.”

Watching her mother, Robin could easily understand why her step-father had married her. She had a vitality and a dazzling beauty that set her apart from most women. The contrast of her mother’s long auburn hair against her white skin was almost breathtaking.

Robin was happy her mother had married Bob Clayton. He was a quiet man, and a real gentleman. During the two years that Bob and her mother had been married, he had been exceptionally kind and considerate to Robin, never excluding her from their lives.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Lance’s horn, and after a quick good-bye to her mother, she dashed through the door.

“Hi, honey,” the big, dark-haired boy smiled.

“Hi, Lance,” she smiled, settling into the seat. Sitting close to him, she rested her hand on his thigh as she habitually did when they were in the car.

Later, as she lay back in his arms watching the movie, she could feel his hand against her bate flesh as he slipped it up under her T-shirt. She knew exactly what was going to happen next, but it always thrilled her. First he would fondle her breasts, and then, when she was built up to a wild pitch, Robin would always take his cock out and masturbate him. That was their ritual at the drive-in for a long time, and though they never had intercourse, they seemed perfectly satisfied with the arrangement. Naturally there were times when Lance had became overly excited and begged her to let him fuck her, but she had always refrained. Robin would have loved to have his hard cock in her pussy, but she was reluctant to give up her virginity.

“Gee that feels good,” she whispered, feeling his hand cupping her bra-less boobs under the T-shirt.

Rolling the soft tit in his hand, Lance gently squeezed her nipple between thumb and forefinger, feeling it beginning to sprout in response. The size and hardness of her nipples when she was excited always turned him on.

“Not too hard,” she whispered, darting her little tongue against his ear lobe. She could feel her buds expanding, little electric thrills shooting through her as he lightly nipped and squeezed her sensitive flesh. Rubbing her hand over his crotch, Robin could feel his cock throbbing through his pants.

Releasing her nipples, Lance raised her T-shirt, exposing her firm breasts. Her tittie buds were cherry-hard and the swollen areolas around them were covered with exciting little goose bumps.

Holding her breath, she watched him move down until his warm lips slipped around one of her swollen nipples.

“Oooooh, honey,” she whispered, feeling her soft, excited flesh being sucked into his hot, wet mouth.

Lance’s tongue moved across the firm bud, teasing it from side to side for a few moments and then, parting his lips, he sucked more of her breast into his mouth, playfully nipping into the flesh.

“Oh, honey,” she sobbed, her hands frantically trying to lower the zipper on his fly. “It feels so good.”

“Did you like that?” he whispered a few minutes later when he removed his mouth from the saliva-drenched breast.

“God, yes,” she mewled, reaching through the boy’s open fly, desperately grasping for his hard tool. “Now do it to the other one.”

Opening his mouth again, he wolfed down on the other tit, causing Robin to squeal with delight. While his tongue went to work on this breast, her hand emerged from his fly, his stiff cock clenched in her fist.

“Oh, God,” she whispered, “your cock feels so big and hard.”

Her eyes glistening with excitement, she stared down at the beautiful cock she was holding. Gently squeezing it, she felt the stiff organ lurching and throbbing in her hand. Robin really loved to feel the foreskin sliding on the shaft while she moved her hand slowly up and down the organ.

“Does that feel good?” she whispered into his ear.

“Jesus, yes,” Lance gasped, removing his mouth from her breast and throwing his head against the back of the seat.

Quickly pulling Lance’s pants further down, Robin cupped his balls in one hand as she continued masturbating him with the other. She loved the sight of his pubic hair.

Moving her hand more rapidly, she felt his cock throbbing, steadily getting thicker and harder.

“Is that jizz?” she suddenly asked, seeing a drop of liquid seeping out of the little hole in the top of his big shiny cock-head.

“No,” he gasped, writhing in the seat. “Not yet.”

Touching the little drop of secretion with her finger, she spread the slippery fluid around his glans. It was exciting how his cock responded to her finger as she spread the silky-smooth fluid on his sensitive flesh. Seeing more of the secretion seeping from the hole, she began spreading the seminal lubrication all over his cock.

“Oh Christ,” he moaned, feeling her hand sliding rapidly up and down his slippery shaft. “Don’t stop, honey, don’t stop!”

Realizing that he was ready to come, she quickly dug into her purse for a tissue. The first time she’d ever jacked him off, he’d shot his load all over her sweater.

“Are you close?” she gasped, clutching the tissue in her free hand.

“God, yes, honey,” he stammered. “I’m almost there! Keep pumpin’, baby, keep pumpin’!”

Trembling with excitement, she watched his cock swelling bigger and bigger inside her wildly pumping fist.

“Pump, baby, pump!” he screamed. “Bring me off, baby! That’s it! That’s it!”

Impulsively, Robin leaned toward his cock, completely fascinated by the lurching organ. Then she felt Lance’s strong hands pressing her head down.

“Open your mouth,” he shouted in a hysterical voice. “Take it in your mouth, honey! Open your mouth!”

Completely shocked by his sudden violence, she tried frantically to sit up.

“Open your Goddamned mouth,” he screamed, trying to force her face over his cock-head.

His trembling legs suddenly stiffened and shot out in front of him as a thick stream of white, hot turn gushed out of his lust-bloated glans. It caught her completely by surprise. The semen squirted all over Robin’s face. Hitting her cheek, it dribbled over her closed mouth. Robin fought to free herself, but the next spurt hit her square on her lips. Struggling to lift her face, she could feel squirt after squirt of the thick fluid shooting out of the crazed boy’s cock. It was drenching her hair, filling her eyes, completely saturating her face.

When Lance collapsed against the seat, Robin tore herself free and began to clean her face with the tissue.

“What the hell were you trying to do?” she sobbed, blotting her face with the soggy tissue.

He didn’t reply.

“Answer me!” she screamed.

“I wanted to come in your mouth,” he gasped, still trembling from his wild climax.

“You filthy bastard,” she sobbed, still trying to sop up the mess.

Absently licking her lips, she was startled by the strange, but rather pleasant taste of his semen. She had expected the thick, sticky fluid to have a vile, filthy taste, but to her surprise, it was quite pleasant.

“Now take me home,” she snapped when she had finished cleaning the mess.

“Why get so damned up-tight,” he argued. “Lots of chicks suck off their guys.”

“Well I’m not sucking you or anyone else off,” she glared. “Now take me home.”

“What’s so fuckin’ wrong with suckin’ a guy off?” he sighed, turning the key in the ignition.

“If a blow-job is what you want, go find another babe,” she sobbed, “but keep that filthy cock away from my mouth.”

When Lance stopped the car in front of Robin’s house, she jumped out and slammed the door, not bothering to say good night. She heard the noise and boisterous laughter from her parent’s party, and, in no mood to face the guests, Robin walked around the house to the garden. It was early and she was too upset to sleep, so she lay on the cool grass next to the patio. She didn’t understand how Lance could have been so disgustingly crude with her. If he expected her to suck on his Goddamned prick, she was never going out with him again.

Diane Clayton, Robin’s mother, was the life of the party, as usual. Her beauty and boundless energy always put her at center stage at any gathering. Tonight was no exception, and Diane loved the attention she was receiving from the male guests. Having used the summer heat for an excuse, she was not wearing hose, preferring to expose her smooth thighs beneath her short, black skirt. She loved the way men glanced at her legs as she moved around the room.

She was particularly pleased with the attention she was receiving from big Charlie Crawford. He was a sales representative for a manufacturing firm and spent most of his time on the road. His wife, Arline, was one of Diane’s best friends, but because of Charlie’s job, Diane had never known him very well. Over morning coffee Arline had often confided in Diane about his sexual prowess. She had once laughingly told Diane that with his sexual skill, she was certain that he had plenty of women on the road, but as long as he was such a fantastic performer at home, she didn’t really care.

Diane wished she could say the same about Bob. She even wished that Bob had a string of women, if only to keep him away from her. The one blight of their two years of marriage was Bob’s ineptness of making love. Diane was an extremely sexy person, and Bob’s inadequate performance in bed was driving her crazy. She longed to feel a big, virile cock shooting a hot load into her hungry fuckhole.

As always, when Diane was drinking, she was getting horny. While talking to the male guests, she playfully touched their arms and hands, or when moving around, she would lightly brush her tits against a man.

Tonight, she was particularly pleased at the way Charlie Crawford’s eyes followed her around the room. The way he looked at her sent hot tingles through her itching pussy. She had a wild desire to suck that big cock that Arline had told her so much about. God how she would love to have him fire a big torrent of his tangy cum-juice into her mouth.

When the stereo began playing a slow melody from the big band era, she staggered unsteadily across the room toward Charlie.

“Hi Charlie,” she smiled at him. “Do you want my hod?”

“What?” he grinned, not knowing quite what she meant.

“D’ya wanta hold my horny little body, and pretend we’re dancing,” she giggled suggestively.

This time he knew what she wanted, and gently took her into his arms. Subtly arching her hips forward, she rotated her cunt against his crotch. Leaning her head back and smiling up into his eyes, her pelvis pushed harder, grinding her pussy even tighter against him. His hand resting low on her back, he drew the arched girl closer, returning the pressure with his own groin. Dancing slowly in the corner of the room, their genitals were pressed together.

“You’re a neat dancer,” she smiled, rotating her pussy against the hard bulge that she felt growing in his crotch.

“Yeah,” he grinned. “If this is called dancing.”

“What would you call it?” she teased.

“I don’t know,” Charlie laughed. “If I think of something, I’ll tell you.”

“Why not call it fucking,” she whispered into his ear.

Diane felt his cock lurch when she uttered the nasty word. Their conversation came to an end when other couples joined them on the floor. Holding each other closely in their arms, they danced in silence, their excited genitals grinding against each other.

Bob, who was sitting with Arline Crawford, watched the couple as he talked. It was obvious to him what Diane and Charlie were doing, but he was powerless to stop it. He was fully aware of his inability to sexually satisfy his wife and had purposely overlooked some discreet affairs she’d had during their two years of marriage. Loving her tremendously, he felt their relationship was perfect, except for sex. He painfully overlooked her little adventures rather than lose her.

It was painful to watch Diane offering another man the same joys that she denied him. He was gad that Arline’s back was turned, sparing her the torture he was going through.

When the music stopped, the horny couple joined Bob and Diane. Watching his wife’s flushed face and glazed eyes as the two couples talked, Bob could tell how sexually excited his wife was. How he wished he were capable of lighting such a fire in her body.

Half drunk and crazed with the sexual excitement that Charlie Crawford had ignited in her loins, Diane could think of nothing but that big cock that she’d felt lurching in his pants. As the evening wore on, the desire became more intense than she could bear. Her body felt like it had turned to butter, and the itching sensation in her pussy was driving her wild.

Feeling almost faint, Diane went to the kitchen for a glass of water. Standing by the sink, she heard someone enter the room. Turning, she saw Charlie Crawford’s big frame looming above her.

Taking her into his arms, he lowered his mouth to her eagerly parted lips. Their tongues locked sensuously in a deep kiss, they writhed their loins together with a desperate madness. Rotating her pussy against his crotch, Diane felt his stiff cock.

She had never been so horny in her life, and a sticky stream of cuntal juice was dripping out of her inflamed cunt and running down her thigh. Her tongue slurping deep in his mouth, Diane frantically ground her juicy cunt against his cock. God, how she wanted to feel and touch it.

“Diane,” he gasped. “Can we spend an afternoon together in a motel?”

“God, yes,” she sobbed. “Any time. Any time. Just call me.”

Thrilled that she was going to spend an afternoon in bed with Charlie, she still had a wild desire to fondle his big prick now. She began tearing at his belt and zipper so she could release his throbbing shaft from the confines of his stretched pants. Glancing through the slightly opened kitchen door, Diane saw her husband was deeply engrossed in a conversation.

“Come out here,” she whispered, taking Charlie by the hand and leading him onto the darkened patio.

Slipping into the shadows, she backed him against the wall, only three or four feet away from where Robin was lying on the lawn. The girl was partially concealed by a low shrub, making it almost impossible for them to notice her.

Robin was about to announce her presence, when she saw Charlie Crawford’s pants drop to his ankles, revealing his cock.

“God, Charlie,” she heard her mother gasp. “That’s a beautiful, big cock.”

Robin stared in disbelief as she watched her mother sliding his velvety foreskin up and down over his cockhead. It was too late now to announce her presence, so Robin remained perfectly still, her heart pounding in her throat.

She watched Charlie reach under her mother’s short dress, cupping the soft white cheeks of her ass in his big hands. His fingers slipped under her flimsy bikini panties, and probed the soft, warm crevice between her ass-cheeks. Her skirt raised high, he pulled her closer to him, rolling his hard cock back and forth against her bare belly.

“Could it be tomorrow?” she heard her mother whisper. “Can we spend tomorrow together in a motel?”

“Yes,” he gasped, his finger working in and out of the deep crevice. “I’ll call you in the morning.”

“Oh, God,” her mother sobbed, “I need a good fucking so bad.”

“Don’t worry,” he smiled. “I promise you the best fuckin’ time you’ve ever had.”

“Oh, Charlie,” she whispered. “You can’t imagine what a lousy lay my poor, sweet husband is. I really need a good fucking.”

Robin couldn’t believe what she was hearing and seeing. She had always thought her mother and step-father had a good marriage. Not only was her mother unfaithful, but she was telling a neighbor about Bob’s lousy sex performance. At that moment, she felt nothing but hate for her mother.

When Charlie released her, Diane dropped to her knees, eagerly grasping his hard shaft in her hands. Smiling up at him, she began gently sliding his cock’s skin back and forth.

Robin almost shit her pants when she saw her mother lean forward and lightly lick the end of his prick.

“Christ, that feels good,” Charlie moaned, leaning back against the wall.

“Do you like Diane’s naughty little tongue?” she teased, swirling it around the bloated cock-head.

“Shit, yes,” he gasped, his legs trembling with excitement.

Robin couldn’t believe it when she watched her mother open her mouth wide and slide her lips over the big cock. The young girl was fascinated as she watched the big saliva-drenched cock slithering in and out of her mother’s lips.

Removing the swollen cock-head from her mouth, Diane vigorously licked the entire underside of his dick.

“Jesus Christ,” Charlie moaned as Robin watched her mother begin licking his balls. Diane licked and sucked until the crinkly skin glistened with spit.

Despite her disgust, Robin felt small tremors of excitement rippling through her loins. She found the sound of her mother’s sucking and slurping quite erotic.

“Now, baby,” Diane whispered as she put the big cock-head back in her mouth, “you’re gonna get the best blow-job you’ve ever had.”

“Suck me good, honey, suck me good,” he gasped, bracing his back against the wall.

Her head began bobbing frantically over the glistening shaft, taking it deeper into her mouth with every lurch. Her hair was flying wildly around her face as her mouth slid faster and faster over his wet cock.

“Jesus Christ,” he groaned, thrusting his cock up to meet every plunge by her mouth. “I’m almost there, baby, almost there.”

“Squirt me good, honey,” she squealed between slurps. “Fill me up! Shoot me full!”

“Suck, damn you, suck,” he gasped as he grabbed her hair, pumping her up and down over his cock.

“Squirt me, baby, squirt me full,” she continued screaming as she frantically sucked the thrusting rod.

When Charlie gave a final lunge and his body began jerking against her mother’s face, Robin realized that he was firing his load into her mother’s throat. She knew for certain when she saw the thick, white cum dribbling out the corner of her mother’s mouth.

Robin vividly recalled the strange pleasant taste of Lance’s sperm that he’d sprayed on her lips earlier in the evening and she momentarily wished that Charlie’s stiff cock was spurting into her mouth. Watching the ecstasy on her mother’s face as she sucked the last drops from his cock, Robin began rubbing her own wet cunt.

She could never remember having been so stimulated in her life. The sound of the big penis slithering in and out of her mother’s lips, and the sight of the creamy cum oozing out of her mouth had almost blown Robin’s mind. She was trembling, her fingers clawing at her dripping, hot pussy.

“Did you like that, baby,” her mother giggled as she stood up after draining Charlie of his last drop. “Is Diane a good cock-sucker?”

“God, can you suck a cock,” he gasped, leaning against the wall as he shakily pulled his pants up.

“Wait till tomorrow,” Diane giggled, taking his hand and slipping back into the house.

When they had gone, Robin quickly pulled her jeans down and thrusted her fingers into her juice-drenched slit, quickly bringing herself off. Then, hurrying into her bedroom, she phoned Lance. Lying back on the bed, the phone pressed to her ear, she hoped he would answer and not his parents. She knew it was late, but she desperately wanted to talk to him.

She was pleased when he answered.

“Lance,” she whispered in a nervous voice. “This is Robin.”

“As if I couldn’t tell,” he yawned. “What do you want?”

“I want to suck you off,” she blurted, too excited to control herself.

“What?” he gasped, unable to believe what he’d heard.

“I want to suck you off,” she repeated.

When he didn’t answer, Robin continued. “Please take me for a ride tomorrow night. I really want you to come in my mouth and I’m awfully sorry about this evening.”

“Okay,” he stammered, partially stunned. “I’ll pick you up about eight.”

“That’s neat,” she giggled excitedly. “You’re gonna get the best fuckin’ blow-job you’ve ever dreamed about.”


It was mid-morning when Diane awakened. Robin was sipping a Coke in the kitchen when her mother entered in a dressing gown. Although Robin was certain her mother had a hangover, she had never seen her looking more radiant. There was a burnished sheen to her thick, auburn hair and her eyes were sparkling. Watching her mother’s lips move as she talked, Robin envisioned that big, slippery cock sliding in and out between them. The image of her mother’s mouth sucking on the hard dick sent an excited tremor racing through her loins. She could hardly wait until tonight when she would be sucking Lance’s beautiful cock with her own lips.

Later that morning, when the phone rang, Diane rushed into the den to answer it. Robin felt certain that it was the call from Charlie Crawford, and that was verified when her mother returned and told her it was the library and that a book she’d ordered had arrived.

“As long as I have to go downtown,” Diane said, “I think I’ll spend the afternoon shopping.”

Robin smiled to herself and wondered what her mother’s reaction would be if she had volunteered to accompany her. Excusing herself, Diane rushed back to her room to dress.

A few minutes later she returned in a short, simple summer dress, her legs bare. Robin noted that Charlie wouldn’t have much trouble getting to her skin, and she wondered whether her mother was wearing panties.

“I’ll be home later this afternoon,” she chirped, kissing her daughter lightly on the cheek and dashing out of the house. Her mother’s excitement really amused Robin. Her thoughts again returned to Lance and that wonderful cock she would be sucking for the very first time.

Charlie had given Diane the motel and room number over the phone, and Diane’s heart was pounding in her throat when she rapped on the door. It was quickly opened by Charlie who was attired in a nightshirt and, noticing his bare legs, Diane realized he was wearing nothing else.

“Hello, Diane,” he smiled, kissing her. “I was so afraid you wouldn’t come.”

“Hi, Charlie,” she greeted him with a teasing grin. “Nothing could have kept me away from that luscious pole of yours.”

Seating herself on the edge of the bed, she glanced at Charlie as he faced her from the center of the room. She visualized his hard shaft standing erect beneath the robe. There was a passion mixed with tenderness in his eyes that filled her with a burning desire to have his body pressed against hers.

Walking over to Diane, he took her hands and raised her to a standing position. Charlie took the hem of her short dress and lifted it over her head as if he were unveiling a precious object of art. He smiled in approval of the beautiful woman standing before him, wearing nothing but panties and bra.

“You’re lovely,” he whispered, studying her with obvious pleasure. He pressed his lips against the soft nape of her neck, his nose buried in her lush hair as his adept fingers unsnapped her bra, dropping it to the floor.

At the edge of the bed she stood between his outstretched legs. The soft smooth plane of her belly was only inches away from his eyes. Slipping his fingers into her flimsy bikini panties, he began rolling them down over her ass. Diane wallowed in a luxuriant warmth as she felt his gentle hands slide the flimsy panties down her naked flesh. When they were at her ankles, Charlie cupped her ass-cheeks in his hands and tenderly pulled her toward him, covering her navel with his eager lips. His fingers probed and kneaded the wide crack in her ass, and his tongue expertly bathed her flat stomach.

Diane had never experienced such tenderness from any other man. Her body was filled with fire as Charlie took her in his arms and eased her onto the bed.

“Oh, my God,” she whispered when she felt his lips pressing tenderly against her sensitive inner thigh. Closing her eyes, she opened her legs wide as his warm mouth began working up and down on her flesh. He kissed her thighs, her smooth calves, her ankles, instep, toes, and then lifted her legs. He licked the soft areas behind her knees.

Then, slowly, he began working his mouth back up her thighs, getting ever closer to her moist pussy. She let out a squeal of joy when she felt his tongue probing lightly at her open cuntlips.

“Jesus Christ,” she sobbed, feeling his hot mouth covering her entire slit, his tongue thrusting deeply into the juicy flesh of her fuckhole. Crazed with excitement, she began writhing her cunt tighter against his mouth. Placing his tongue flat against her clit, he gave it a gentle massage that Diane would never forget.

“Oh, honey,” she squealed, pressing her thighs against his face. “I’m gonna come, baby! I’m gonna come! I can’t stand it much longer!”

Wanting to delay her climax, Charlie quickly removed his mouth and gently rolled Diane onto her stomach. Lowering his head again, he pressed his face into her ass. Her face in her arms, Diane felt his tongue probing around her tight asshole. She squirmed excitedly as he slipped a hand under her, sliding his fingers into her cunt and up against her quivering clit.

“Oh God,” she shuddered, her mind almost blown over the feeling of his tongue reaming her asshole while his fingers expertly manipulated her trembling clit.

Again she was on the verge of climaxing when he rolled her over and pressed his mouth against her hot slit.

His tongue was swirling frantically around in her lurching hole, sliding deliciously over her cuntal walls. Grabbing his hair, Diane pulled his mouth tighter against her writhing cunt. She felt him partially withdraw his tongue, flicking it teasingly against her swollen clitoris. It was like a thousand butterfly wings teasing an excited little knob of nerves.

“Jesus Christ, honey,” she squealed, raising her hips and clasping her thighs around his juice drenched face. “Keep suckin’ baby! Keep suckin’!”

Realizing Diane was rapidly approaching climax, Charlie sucked and licked with even more fervor.

“That’s it, baby,” she shrieked. “I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Charlie could feel her cunt jerking and convulsing beneath him as Diane exploded into a glorious orgasm that he prolonged for several minutes with his expert sucking.

“God, baby, you can really suck,” she sighed a few minutes later when she felt strength returning to her exhausted body. “I’ve never been eaten out like that before in my life.”

“That’s because you’re such a delicious tasting dish,” he smiled, kissing her on the cheek.

Getting up, Charlie walked across the room and, after removing his dressing gown, he lighted two cigarettes.

Watching him return to the bed Diane couldn’t take her eyes off his hard cock which protruded from his massive balls.

Handing Diane a cigarette, he sat on the edge of the bed, his deliciously stiff dick pointing upward.

Resting her hand on his bare thigh, Diane felt an overwhelming warmth for this big muscular man. No other person had ever made her feel so feminine, so loved and so wanted. There was a gentle strength in him that she had never found in another man.

Staring at his erect cock, Diane couldn’t wait any longer to have it rammed up her sex-starved fuckhole. Leaning back, her auburn hair spilling over the pillow, she spread her legs and then lewdly parted the lips of her slippery hot vagina with her fingers.

“Look at this,” she whispered, a teasing smile in her shimmering green eyes. “D’ya wanta fuck. It’s all yours.”

Charlie stared at the juicy cuntlips, so blatantly exposed among her soft pubic hairs.

“Come on, Charlie,” she teased. “This creamy little cunt wants that big hard cock slammed into her.”

Crouching on his knees between her spread legs, he guided his throbbing cock toward its juicy reward.

Diane was trembling with wild anticipation as the big cock-head nudged against her eager vagina. It had been weeks since she’d felt a hard cock in her cunt, and she was more than ready. If this big cocksman could fuck as well as he sucked, and she was certain that he could, she knew she was in for a real festivity.

Clutching him in her arms, Diane could feel her vagina stretching to accommodate the big cock that was slowly sliding through her slippery little hole.

“Oooooooh, honey,” she whispered with ecstasy, feeling the big hard rod pressing against her tightly stretched cuntal walls as it sank deeper and deeper into the fiery depths of her hungry body.

When the big shaft had completely penetrated her, she squeezed her thighs around his waist, luxuriating in the sensuality of the throbbing cock buried deep in her quivering body. She couldn’t recall when she’d ever felt so much hard meat filling her wide-stretched fuckhole.

“Don’t move,” she whispered, screwing her cunt up tighter against the base of his cock. “I just want to feel the length of it in me.”

Not moving, and locked tightly in each other’s arms, Diane could feel the blood pumping through the distended veins in his cock as it pulsated against her sensitive cuntal walls. Feeling the shaft throbbing and jerking with excitement, Diane began slowly rotating her hips, causing the erect cock to stir around in her grasping fuckhole. Charlie began sliding his swollen shaft in and out of the trembling girl’s slippery cunt.

“Oooooooh,” she mewled, clutching him tighter in her arms. “That feels so fuckin’ good.”

Charlie began slamming into her with longer, harder strokes.

“That’s it, baby,” she sobbed. “Bang me good.”

Reaching down and grasping her ass, he pulled her tighter against his thrusting cock. Clutching her lurching ass-cheeks in his hands, he began slamming his cock up her hot, slippery passage at an even faster pace.

As he drove his shaft in and out, his fingers eased into the soft, wide cleavage of her buttocks.

“Oooooooooh Christ,” she suddenly squealed when one of his probing fingers brushed against her puckered asshole.

Encouraged by her delighted squeals, he began massaging the sensitive ring of rubbery muscle.

“Oh, God, that feels good,” she sobbed when his finger suddenly slipped knuckle-deep in her quivering asshole. “That feels so fuckin’ good.”

Now lunging harder and harder into her writhing cunt, he plunged the tip of his finger rapidly in and out of her ass. Through the thin tissues that separated the two holes, his finger could feel his cock surging in and out.

“Jesus, honey,” she squealed, lifting her buttocks up off the bed. “All the way, baby! Ram your finger all the way up my asshole!”

Charlie drove his inflamed cock even deeper into her shuddering body. It ripped in and out of the warm, buttery hole like a machine gun.

“That’s it, baby,” she squealed. Breathing faster as her hips lurched wildly beneath him, Diane felt as though his iron-hard cock was driving clear up to her throat. The painful ecstasy of his finger swirling around her slippery asshole was almost more than she could stand.

From the way her muscles were twitching as she held him tighter, and from her gasping, Charlie knew she was nearing a climax. He began rearing back and ramming his cock in with a fierce intensity. He could feel his ejaculation building deep in his scrotum and he was trying to skillfully bring them to a mutual orgasm.

Diane realized she had never been so deliciously and brutally fucked in her life, and she was frantically writhing her cunt up to meet every plunge of his cock, wanting to provide him as much pleasure as she was receiving.

Her beautiful face was distorted with passion as her long hair flailed around the pillow. Her creamy soft legs were kicking frantically in the air as his lewdly imbedded finger lifted her ass to better receive every thrust of his slashing cock.

It suddenly felt like every nerve in her body was centered around her cunt. She could feel her muscles tensing in ecstasy.

“Oh, sweet baby,” she sobbed as she began riding his cock over the crest toward the physical and emotional explosion that was roaring down on her like a freight train. “Sweet baby! Sweet baby! I’m coming, honey, I’m coming!”

The ecstasy was almost unbearable, and when she felt his big load of thick, hot cum gushing against her cuntal walls, the whole world became a kaleidoscope of sensation, undreamed pleasure, intense colors, sweet music and crashing cymbals.

Diane had never experienced such a mind blowing orgasm in her entire life. It was several minutes before she was able to stop lurching and screaming beneath Charlie’s big, rugged body. The way he continued squirting spurt after spurt of cum-juice into her, only served to prolong her intense orgasm.

Later, as they both sprawled naked on the bed, sharing a cigarette, Diane was filled with the warmest after-glow that she’d ever experienced.

“Oh, Charlie,” she whispered, tenderly fondling the tip of his flaccid cock, “you’re the greatest cocksman in the world.”

“Thank you,” he smiled. “But it takes two to tango, and that lovely body of yours was made for fucking.”

His sweet words sent a shiver of delight through her body, and she bent down, delicately licking the drops of half-dried come that clung to his limp prick.

She didn’t want the afternoon to end. Diane wanted to feel that big cock filling her cunt again. Lifting her face, she drew his lips down to her hot open mouth.

Taking her in his arms, he pulled her soft body against his. Her big tits and hard nipples rubbed into the thick hair on his massive chest. He didn’t remember holding such soft, warm flesh in his arms.

When Charlie finally released her, Diane slithered down, tenderly inserting the flaccid penis into her mouth. She sucked gently on it as it lay motionless on her tongue. Her lips locked firmly around its base, she continued a steady sucking, her tongue sliding sensuously around the head.

Her efforts were soon rewarded by throbbing and expansion. It was a wonderful sensation to feel his cock slowly expanding between her lips. She felt it grow and stiffen until it was a hard cylinder nudging stubbornly against her throat while it pressed out against her cheeks. God, what a marvelous cock.

When his prick was once more as hard as steel, Charlie tenderly turned Diane over until she was on her hands and knees. Kneeling behind her, he rested his hands on her hips, his eyes admiring the delicious sight of her ass. The soft, white flesh of her ass-cheeks really turned him on. Looking just below her asshole, he saw his cum dripping out of her pussy and clinging like wet jewels to her moist pubic hairs. Her pink cuntlips looked so damned inviting in her soft, auburn nest.

Grasping his enlarged cock in one hand, he nuzzled it between the slippery lips of her vagina. Putting his hands on her hips, he violently pulled her back while he thrust forward.

“Eaaaagggghhhh!” Diane screamed when the big shaft unexpectedly slashed into her body. Her shout was more of surprise than pain. Although it had hurt some, the pleasure far exceeded the discomfort.

Driving into her wet cunt from the rear, Charlie continued puffing her hips back against him with every stroke, getting the deepest penetration possible. Her grasping, slippery cuntal walls squeezing against his shaft as it flew in and out of her fuck-tunnel was driving him mad. Wild with lust, he was brutally fucking her as women were meant to be fucked and she enjoyed every second of it.

Diane began wildly rotating her ass as the assault continued, increasing the pleasure for her and Charlie. Charlie had never fucked such a wild, responsive woman in his life, and every wanton movement of her squirming, hot body fired his lust to a higher pitch.

“Fuck, baby, fuck!” she sobbed, pushing back and grinding her ass around the plunging cock. “Give it all to me, baby, give me the fuckin’ works!”

Removing one hand from her hips, Charlie reached under and fingered her clit. The intense pleasure was almost more than the writhing girl could stand. Her shaking arms collapsed and she fell flat on her stomach, and Charlie followed her down, his cock still slamming in arid out of her lurching fuckhole, his finger tearing at her clit.

“Oh, honey,” she sobbed. “Oh, honey.”

“Am I hurting you?” he asked, slowing his assault.

“Don’t stop!” Diane screamed. “Don’t stop! It’s wonderful, baby, wonderful! Give me everything you’ve got!”

Charlie couldn’t understand it. When he’d been carried away like this with other women, they always begged him to stop, but this beautiful little bitch was begging for more.

“Okay, baby,” he hissed, rising to his knees and driving his cock in with brutal force. “Take this! And this! And this.”

“Harder, honey, harder!” she sobbed, lifting her ass to make her battered cunt an easier target.

“Fuck me harder!”

Then he really gave it to her. He drove and slammed and plunged, hoping to make her cry out in pain.

“That’s it, Charlie,” she squealed with delight as Charlie used her with fierce abandon, his steel-hard prick driving up to her eyeballs. She had never experienced anything like this massive cock tearing through her hungry cunt. Diane had waited a long time to be fucked like this and she wasn’t going to beg for mercy now. Perhaps, only once in a lifetime was a woman ever used like this and Diane was deliriously enjoying every single thrust.

In his furious assault on her hot, slippery slit, Charlie had lost all control of himself and suddenly realized he was on the verge of coming. It was too late to hold it back now.

“Okay, baby, here comes my load,” he gasped, making his final, jerky lunge.

“Yes, honey, shoot it! Shoot it, baby!” she squealed. “Squirt me full, baby!”

As had happened the last time, the sensation of his white, hot sperm gushing into her fuckhole triggered an orgasm as intense as the earlier one.

“My God, you’re sure some woman,” he sighed a few minutes later as they sprawled on the now-dampened sheet.

“And you’re some fucker,” she giggled, watching big globs of jizz oozing out between her red, swollen cuntlips. “I’ve never been fucked like that in my life.”

Later, as they were reluctantly dressing to leave the motel, Diane asked him when they might play house again.

“I’m afraid it will be a long time,” he sighed. “I have to leave on a long trip tomorrow and I’ll be gone for six or seven weeks.”

Diane felt a cold, hard knot in her stomach. She had found the greatest cocksman in the world, and now, after a few short hours, she was losing him.

“Well,” she laughed, trying not to show her disappointment, “it’ll probably take six weeks for my battered little pussy to recuperate.”

Driving home late that afternoon, Diane’s thoughts turned to her friend, Arline. She should have felt guilty about having had an affair with her best friend’s husband, yet she didn’t. Diane recalled how often Arline had told her that she knew Charlie had plenty of women on his extended road trips, and that she didn’t care as long as he always came back to her. Diane also wondered if Arline would be as charitable with her best friend as she was about some strange, faceless woman in a distant town. She didn’t think Arline would be, and, anyhow, she had no intention of telling her friend that she’d spent the afternoon in a hotel room with her husband.


The afternoon passed slowly for Robin. Her thoughts were on her mother, who she knew was in a hotel worn with Charlie Crawford. She realized that her mother was a flirt and she was fully aware that Diane had lost her last two husbands through infidelity, but Robin had thought this marriage to Bob Clayton was different. Her present stepfather was a kind, handsome man, and Robin had thought her mother loved him very much. During the two years of marriage, her mother had seemed happy and contented.

Robin never knew her real father, but she had known three stepfathers in her brief life. All had been fine, prosperous men who had been attracted to her mother’s beauty. None had been able to satisfy her mother’s intense sex drive, but Robin had hoped and thought Bob would be a permanent fixture in her mother’s life.

Her mother’s earlier husbands had been fine men, but their devotion to her mother was so intense that they had tended to ignore Robin. She had always felt left out of their lives, and had spent long, lonely hours in the shadow of her mother.

Bob was different. He took a genuine interest in Robin and her activities. He made certain that she was included in most of the family activities, and had a sincere interest in her friends and school. It had been the first time Robin felt really wanted, and she didn’t want it to be ruined by some oaf like Charlie Crawford.

Sitting on the bed, brushing her hair, Robin’s thoughts kept returning to Lance Woodward. Since watching her mother’s slavering mouth working on Charlie’s big, hard shaft last night, she’d been eagerly anticipating the thrill of sucking Lance off this evening. The slurping sounds and the look of ecstasy on her mother’s face as she sucked the juice out of Charlie’s lurching prick had really turned Robin on. What she had previously thought as filmy, Robin was now eagerly anticipating. Remembering the slight taste of semen that she’d experienced last night, she was anxious to have a full load spewed into her mouth.

Thinking about it, her pussy was itching and burning with desire. Falling back on the bed, her long, blonde hair splaying over the pillow, Robin thrust her finger deep into her seething, hot cunt.

Thinking about Lance’s hard cock that she was going to suck off tonight, her finger slithered up and down on her blood-hard clitoris. Writhing on her bed, she was rapidly approaching an intense climax. Imagining Lance’s cock buried deep in her mouth, his hot semen spewing into her throat, Robin exploded into a nerve-shattering orgasm.

Robin was sitting in the living room, glancing through a magazine when her stepfather returned from his office.

“Hi, Bob,” she beamed, happy to see him.

“How’s my baby?” he smiled, bending over and lightly kissing her on the cheek.

When he left the room to wash, cold chills ran through her stomach at the thought of her mother losing him as she had her former husbands. This was one father Robin didn’t want to lose. She hated that damned Charlie Crawford, who could easily destroy her life again.

“Where’s your mother?” Bob asked, returning to the room.

“She went to the library,” Robin lied.

“Did she say when she’d be home?”

Before she could answer, the door opened and her mother entered. Robin had never seen her mother look so radiantly beautiful. There was a glow in her eyes that was almost breathtaking and her beautiful auburn hair had never looked so lustrous.

“Hi, honey,” she smiled, lightly brushing her lips against Bob’s mouth. “I’m sorry I’m late.”

“Did you have a nice afternoon?” he asked.

“Wonderful. Just wonderful,” she beamed.

Robin couldn’t believe the excitement that was radiating from her mother’s glowing eyes, and for the first time she fully realized how much sexual satisfaction meant to her mother. She needed it as much as a junkie needed drugs.

The radiant expression on Diane’s face didn’t escape her husband’s notice. He had often seen it in the past, and from the way she’d performed like a bitch in heat around Charlie Crawford last night, he was certain that she’d been spending the afternoon with him.

Later that evening, as Robin waited for Lance, she wondered if she would really be able to suck him off. She was filled with both repugnance and a wild desire. Only last night she had been outraged when he’d tried to get her to suck him off, and now, only twenty-four hours later, she was prepared to do it.

“If,” Lance smiled later as she hopped into his car.

“Hi, honey,” she beamed, brushing her hair back from her excited face.

“What do you want to do tonight?” he asked.

“I told you on the phone last night,” she giggled. “I want to suck you off.”

“Christ, Robin,” he stammered. “I can’t figure you out.”

“Don’t you want me to?” She pretended to pout.

“Shit, yes,” Lance gasped. “But I don’t understand your sudden change of attitude.”

“Just shut up and drive out by the flyer,” she giggled, rubbing his crotch. “I might change my mind.”

Heading out the highway, they turned down a dirt road that led to a secluded river bank. When he’d turned off the engine and lights, the balmy night air was filled with the sound of frogs and chirping crickets.

“Isn’t this peaceful,” she sighed as they watched the reflection of the moon on the still water.

“God, yes,” he smiled, feeling her hand creeping up his thigh toward his groin.

“Do you still want to be sucked off?” she whispered, trailing her fingers lightly over the throbbing bulge in his pants.

Feeling her fingers lowering his zipper, he slipped his hand under her T-shirt, cupping her resilient tit in his palm.

“Jeez, that’s a hard prick,” she giggled, drawing it out of his open fly. “It’s never felt so big and hard before.”

“It’s the same cock,” he gasped, his body trembling at the touch of her soft hands on the sensitive organ.

Staring at it with a newly-found fascination, Robin tenderly slid his thick, rubbery foreskin up and down over his big, purple cock-head. The tightly-stretched skin of his shaft felt like satin wrapped around a warm cylinder of steel. Lowering her face, a faint musky aroma reached her nostrils. It wasn’t an unpleasant odor, but a strangely fascinating scent.

Holding his cock firmly in her hands, Robin’s tongue moved out, lightly touching the head of the prick. The faint taste was similar to that of the semen she had reluctantly sampled last night. Excited by the taste, she began moving her wet tongue around and over the rubbery hard bulb of male flesh. The texture of his shiny glans excited her probing tongue. It felt delicious to slide her wet tongue over the rough goose bumps. Gaining more courage with each passing moment, Robin opened her mouth and slid her juicy lips over his slippery cock-head.

“Jesus Christ,” Lance sobbed, feeling his cock slithering into her mouth.

“Am I hurting you?” she asked, momentarily removing her lips.

“God no!” he gasped. “That’s wonderful.”

Once more she lowered her mouth over the head of his erect cock. Although having no knowledge of cock sucking, Robin had jacked him off enough times to know what excited him. She began bobbing her head up and down, masturbating him with her lips. From the way he was lurching, Robin realized she was giving him what he wanted. She was taking more and more of his cock into her mouth with every plunge. She was loving every precious moment of it. The feel of his thick, gnarly cock slithering over her tongue was blowing her mind. She loved the way his prick filled her mouth, nudging at the back of her throat and pressing out against her cheeks as sweet drops of seminal fluid oozed out of the tip of his cock and onto her tongue. It was a new, mind-blowing experience to the excited young girl. She had never dreamed that sucking a big cock could be so delicious satisfying, and the best part was knowing that she was giving Lance such intense pleasure.

Although eager to feel his cum gushing into her mouth, she also realized from masturbating him that Lance enjoyed her teasing and prolonging his ejaculations. He liked her to bring him to the very edge of a climax, then let him slide back and then bring him up again.

When she suddenly felt his muscles tensing, she quickly released his pulsing organ from her slurping lips.

“Does that feel good,” she whispered.

“Christ, yes,” he blurted.

“Gosh, it sure tastes good,” she smiled. “Am I a good cock-sucker?”

“The best,” he grinned.

“Good,” she giggled, “because from now on I’m gonna spend a lot of time sucking you off.”

“Christ,” he sighed. “As far as I’m concerned you can blow me twenty-four hours a day.”

“Don’t challenge me,” she laughed. “Or I’ll end up sucking you dry.”

“I’m willing to let you try it,” he laughed, running his hands through her long, blonde hair.

Gently sliding the skin up and down the rigid staff, she again covered his cock with her hot, wet mouth. Gently, she began a slow sucking action that almost blew Lance’s mind. With every suck it felt like his asshole was being drawn up into his balls.

“Oh, God, Robin,” he moaned, his trembling fingers clutching her hair as her slippery, warm mouth worked up and down on his blood-engorged cock.

Her head was bobbing faster and faster as she sucked more violently on his straining prick. Lance’s entire body was jerking and trembling with the wild sensations being induced by Robin’s slavering mouth. Faster and faster she worked over his shaking body as he arched his hips to meet every gulp of her hot mouth.

Robin was crazy with excitement. As his hard cock rubbed salaciously against her lips, tongue and throat, she could vividly see Charlie Crawford’s prick sliding in and out of her mother’s bright-red lips. Having jacked-off Lance so many times, she knew he was rapidly approaching climax. Eager to feel and taste his semen squirting into her mouth, the girl sucked with a wilder intensity.

Lance could feel his impending orgasm building up deep in his quivering guts. As the climax grew closer and closer, he arched his hips higher, and unconsciously grabbing her hair, he pushed her frantically sucking mouth down tighter over his screaming cock.

“Oh, Christ!” he shouted, feeling the hot love cream rushing through his cock.

Although she had anticipated the discharge, Robin wasn’t prepared for the huge amount of come that gushed into her mouth. It squirted deliciously against the back of her throat and thee spurt after spurt of the thick fluid continued spewing out of his lurching prick. Frantically sucking and swallowing, Robin was going wild over the sweet taste of his cum. When it stopped squirting into her mouth, Robin continued sucking, wanting to get every last drop.

It was not until it lay wet and limp in her mouth that Robin finally released the prick. Snuggling into Lance’s trembling arms, she licked her semen-drenched lips, not wanting to waste a single drop of the slippery juice.

“Did you like it?” she whispered.

“Jesus, yes,” he gasped, still trying to recover from his thundering climax. “Did you?”

“God,” she whispered, “that was the neatest thing I’ve ever experienced. Gee that stuff tastes wild.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” he smiled, lightly kissing her semen-smeared lips.

“Honey,” she whispered, “am I a good cock-sucker?”

“Fantastic,” he grinned.

“Good,” Robin giggled, “because suckin’ cocks is my new hobby.”

Gently fondling his limp prick, a torrid fire was burning in Robin’s snatch. The excitement of sucking Lance off had aroused her passion. She pulled her jeans and panties to her ankles.

“Please,” she whispered, guiding his hand to her sopping-wet slit, “please finger me off. I’m so fuckin’ horny, I can’t stand it.”

Trying to open her thighs wide to receive his finger, she was restricted by the garments tangled around her ankles. Reaching down, she removed them, tossing them into the back seat. Throwing one leg over his leg and the other up across the steering wheel, her juicy cunt was blatantly exposed between her splayed thighs. Her body shivered with delight as she looked down at Lance’s finger slipping through the moist, pink lips of her lewdly exposed cunt.

She had never been so damned excited in her life as she was tonight. Robin was frantically thrusting her hips against his hand, trying to get more finger in her cunt. Although his finger was slithering delightfully against her excited clit, it wasn’t filling her cunt like she wanted.

The girl suddenly realized that she needed a big, hard cock in there, not a mere finger. The more she thought about it, the more she realized that she wouldn’t be satisfied tonight with anything less than a stiff prick. She rationalized that sooner or later she was going to get fucked, so why not tonight?

“Lance,” she whispered, removing the finger. “Will you fuck me?”

“What?” he gasped.

“I wanta be fucked,” she repeated.

Lance couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Until tonight she had only jacked him off, reluctantly at first and later with enthusiasm, but that was all she’d ever done until tonight. Now she had just sucked him off and was asking him to fuck her.

“Are you serious?” he asked.

“Christ, yes,” she gasped, groping for his belt, wild to get his pants off. She didn’t stop until she had him nude. Then, slipping her T-shirt over her head, Robin, too was naked.

Squirming around on the seat until she was on her back, her head beneath the wheel, Robin spread her soft thighs to receive him.

Lance stared down at her luscious cunt, so boldly exposed. The wet, pink flesh of her pussy lips were quivering with anticipation. The soft, golden pubic hair around her delicious honey pot glistened with droplets of cunt juice.

“Come on, honey,” she whispered. “Slip that beauty up my hot, little slit.”

As Lance lowered himself between her spread legs, Robin quivered with excitement when his swollen cock-head brushed softly against her naked thighs. Reaching down, Lance placed his hard, rubbery glans against the moist opening of her eager slit.

“Oh, God,” she whispered as she felt it pushing slowly up between her taut cuntlips. Her tight pussy seemed to relax a bit as the head of his cock slid through the slippery opening.

When his prick had achieved penetration, she waited to become accustomed to the big bulb.

“Oh, God, that hurts,” she whimpered when he finally began fucking deeper into her cunt. He continued gently trying to advance it, but deeper penetration seemed almost impossible. When Lance once more drew back and again pushed forward, Robin let out a piercing scream as his rigid cock-head ripped through the thin membrane of what had once been her cherished maidenhead. Once it had punctured the curtain of tissue, Lance’s cock slithered on up into the delicious warmth of her virgin fuckhole.

Clutching tightly to him, biting her lips to hold back tears, she waited for the searing pain to recede. Beginning to relax, she slowly became aware of his stiff cock throbbing deep inside her cunt. She could feel his rigid pole rubbing deliciously against the sensitive walls of her love tunnel. Squirming with delight, her hot, inner-flesh rubbed against his steel-hard cock, inducing even more intense pleasure into the depths of her inflamed fuckhole.

“My God!” she gasped when he slowly withdrew about an inch, wildly stimulating her cunt with the slight movement. Shuddering with ecstasy, she clung to him as she felt it sliding back up. Slowly at first, he began driving his prick back and forth, just an inch at a time. The searing pain that she had just endured was fading rapidly, replaced by the rapture of his bloated cock sliding against the hot, slippery flesh of her excited cunt. The pleasure was wildly increased when Robin discovered she could squeeze his throbbing rod with her eager cunt muscles. The pain completely forgotten, she arched her trembling hips up to meet every thrust.

Tears of pleasure ran down her flushed face as she experienced these cock-induced sensations for the first time.

“Oh, God! Oh, God!” she sobbed, feeling Lance drive deeper and deeper, bringing even more intense pleasure with every stroke.

“My God,” she sobbed, straining her body up tighter against Lance. “Why have I waited? Why have I waited so long?”

Realizing that he was rapidly approaching a climax, Lance slowed his movements until his cock was still. Lying on her, he could feel Robin’s big, full breasts squashed against his chest.

“Oh, honey,” she moaned, swirling her tongue around his ear, “this is beyond my wildest dreams.”

Grasping at his ass, she pulled his motionless body even more tightly against her. Lance felt he would explode when her cunt muscles began to squeeze and suck on his motionless cock. When he was finally sure that his near ejaculation had been completely subdued, he once more started driving his rod in and out of her tight fuckhole.

“Oh, God,” she squealed when his cock was once again sliding smoothly against her sensitive cuntal tissues. Wrapping her arms tightly around his back, she squirmed up against him, squeezing his luscious prick with her hot, grasping cunt.

“Fuck, baby, fuck!” she moaned, wrapping her thighs tightly around his waist.

He continued driving his cock deeper and deeper into her eager pussy. Hot gobs of pussy juice were oozing out of her swollen cuntlips, dribbling down his leg and onto the car seat. Lance became even more excited at the sound of his balls slapping against her juice-drenched ass.

“Oh, God! Oh, God!” she gasped, biting at his shoulders, her hungry cunt muscles involuntarily sucking at the full length of his hard, driving piston of flesh. She could feel every vein, tendon and muscle of his dock sliding in and out of her hungry cunt.

Rearing back, Lance began driving harder and deeper.

“Aaaggghhh!” she screamed as she felt it tearing in and out of her hot flesh. “Give it to me, honey! Give it to me harder!”

Her nostrils flaring, her soft lips writhing back from her teeth, her long, blonde hair flailing wildly around her excited face, she stared up through the steering wheel at the full moon that seemed to be spinning crazily in the night sky.

“Harder, honey, harder,” she screamed as she grasped his ass, pulling him more violently against her.

Excited by her cries, Lance drove his passion bloated prick deeper and deeper into her hot, trembling body.

“Oh, darling,” she squealed, feeling the full force of his thrusts battering savagely into her seething belly. “Fuck me harder, baby! Fuck me harder!”

On and on they went, their slippery, wet bodies pounding frantically against each other.

“Eeeggghh!” she screamed as the relentless attack continued, lifting her to a new high of ecstasy. “Faster, honey, faster! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Robin began screaming hysterically as a strange, almost unbearably intense sensation enveloped her lurching, young body. She didn’t realize that his big prick was propelling her toward an orgasm.

“Oh, shit! I’m gonna explode,” she shrieked as the passionate waves of ecstasy roared through her tossing body. “Harder, honey! Fuck me good!”

Suddenly she felt his hot cum juice gushing into her passion-crazed fuckhole. This was the first time she had ever felt semen squirting into her cunt. Her head twisting against the back of the seat and the door, she instinctively screwed her cunt tighter against him to receive the full load of the spurting cum.

Exploding into her first cock-induced orgasm, she clung tightly to him, her young body trembling and lurching in ecstasy.

It was several minutes before she regained control. Looking down at her, Lance could see the happy, relaxed expression on her lovely face.

“Oh, God, Lance,” she smiled. “That was the neatest thing that’s ever happened to me. Why the hell have I waited so long?”

Lance drew her body into his arms, burying his face in her soft, rumpled, blonde hair.

“Oh, Lance, honey, I just want to fuck and fuck for the rest of our lives,” she whispered, nestling tighter into his arms.

They remained silent for several minutes, watching the moon on the water and luxuriating in their ecstasy.

“Lance,” she whispered later, gently stroking his limp penis, “I want to fuck again.”

“We will,” he smiled. “From now on we’ll fuck lots of times.”

“No, honey,” she giggled, gently squeezing his cock. “I mean right now.”

“Don’t your folks expect you home early?”

“I don’t feel like going home yet,” she whispered.

Robin trembled with excitement as she felt his cock beginning to harden under her caresses. When it reached full erection, she could tell that Lance was as excited as she was.

“Gee,” she smiled as she squirmed onto her back, “my neck sure gets twisted against the door and the back of this seat.”

“D’ya wanta do it dog-fashion?” he suggested.

“Shit,” she giggled. “You can fuck me dog-fashion, eagle-fashion or any other fashion as long as you fuck me.”

Opening the door, he helped her out of the car. The balmy summer night air felt good on their naked bodies.

“Bend over and rest your elbows on the seat of the car,” he directed, holding the door open.

When she had assumed the position, her smooth ass-cheeks were turned toward his drooling eyes.

Gently spreading her cheeks apart, be could see wisps of damp, golden pubic hairs and her pink, semen-drenched cuntlips highlighted by the moonlight.

She trembled with excitement, feeling his fingers probing into her hot, juicy slit from behind. Robin began rotating her cunt around the invading fingers.

Removing them, Lance grasped his hard cock, guiding it between her legs and sensuously rubbing the tip of his prick against her slippery, wet cuntlips.

“Oh, honey, hurry and fuck me,” she whispered as his erect cock slithered back and forth against her dripping slit. Crouching and lowering his hips, Lance placed his cock-head against her slippery opening.

“Oh, God,” she moaned when he grasped her hips, and with one, smooth stroke, drove his steel-hard prick up into her juicy fuckhole. Then slowly withdrawing it until only its tip remained embedded, he rammed it back in with all his strength.

“Shit, I love that,” she gasped. “Give it to me good.”

With her shouts of encouragement, he began pounding deeper and harder. He could see his swollen balls slapping against her bare bottom as his hard, juice-slicken cock slammed up her slippery pussy.

“God, Lance,” she sobbed, wild with the new-found thrill of a stiff cock ripping in and out of her cunt. “Fuck me good, darling, fuck me hard!”

As she frantically slammed her ass back to meet every thrust of his pounding fuck machine, Lance could feel his loins tensing for the massive ejaculation that was building in his balls.

“Oh, sweet baby,” she sobbed, writhing her bottom against his thrusting cock. “I’m coming, baby! Oh, God, how I’m coming! Comiiinnnggg! COMMIIINNNGGG!”

As the orgasm began to engulf her, she could feel Lance’s hot semen squirting into her throbbing guts.

Collapsing over the seat, she was dimly aware of the thick torrent of cum that was oozing out of her cunt and dribbling down her leg.

“I hope you won’t regret this,” Lance said later as he was driving her home.

“Don’t worry,” she giggled. “From now on life is gonna be one big fuck-a-thon for us.”


From that night on, life was never the same for Robin and Lance. It was nothing but sex and more sex, and their inventive minds were continually dreaming up new positions and ways of reaching orgasms. Little Robin couldn’t think of anything but sex and she spent every free moment with Lance and his magic cock. She now fully understood her mother’s wild desire for sexual satisfaction, but the one thing that really bothered Robin was the fear of Bob finding out about her mother. She certainly didn’t want him to leave them.

One thing Robin didn’t know was that Bob was fully aware of his wife’s infidelities. Bob had been very pleased when he learned that Charlie Crawford was out of town for several weeks. It was at least postponing any torrid romance that might have developed if he’d remained in town.

Diane’s thoughts were certainly different. She couldn’t seem to get that afternoon with him out of her mind. As the days passed, Diane was once again getting horny for a big, hard cock.

Sitting in the living room with her husband one evening, her hot pussy was itching with desire, but not for Bob. Watching him, she realized, in a strange way, she was very fond of him and she was very much aware that he was a fine husband as well as a good father to Robin. With all his fine characteristics, why was he so completely hopeless in bed?

“Would you care for a drink, Bob,” she asked, her nerves almost at the breaking point.

“That sounds good,” he smiled.

Walking into the kitchen to fix the drinks, Diane could feel the wet lips of her itching slit rubbing together. She felt so fucking horny and there was no relief in sight.

Returning with the drinks, she sat next to her husband on the sofa. How she wished that she were having cocktails with Charlie Crawford. Diane was practically gulping her drink as she sat thinking about Charlie’s big, talented cock. She could almost feel it slithering in and out of her excited pussy when she recalled bow tenderly he had handled her.

“Another drink?” she asked when she’d drained her glass.

“Not yet,” he smiled, holding up his full glass.

“I do,” she said, going back to the kitchen.

Bob stared longingly at her smooth, bare legs as she moved across the room. God, how he’d love to ram his cock up into that juicy hole between them.

Instead of the drinks numbing her sexual desires, as she had hoped they would, it was just the opposite. By the time she’d belted down four drinks, she felt hornier than she ever had in her life. Her hot, wet pussy was burning and itching with desire, making it almost impossible to concentrate on the conversation. All she could think about was Charlie’s big, gentle hands caressing and stimulating her body as only he could. How she wished her soft body was being held against his hard, naked flesh while she stroked his magnificent cock.

“What are you thinking about?” her husband’s voice interrupted her thoughts.

“Not much,” she answered after a short pause. “Why?”

“You seemed so far away.”

“Not really,” Diane laughed. “I’m right here with my sweet husband.”

Without warning, Bob took her in his arms and covered her mouth with his. Holding her, his hand moved against the soft, bare flesh of her inner thighs. Being in the super horny mood she was in, Diane instinctively reached down and grasped his crotch.

Feeling the hard lump of male cock in his pants sent a delicious tremor through her excited body. In the horny state she was in, Diane no longer cared whether or not it was Bob’s prick. At least it was a hard cock.

Nearly drunk and filled with lust, she excitedly tore at his zipper and fly, eager to release the throbbing hunk of hard, swollen meat. Bob had a large cock, and as Diane gently stroked the stiff shaft, she wondered why it never seemed to satisfy her. It was every bit as large as Charlie’s, but her husband just didn’t know how to use it. She had often tried to encourage and teach him the things that really counted in sex, but she had never really been able to get through to him.

But right now, in her present state of horniness and intoxication, she needed any cock, and Bob’s was hard and available.

“God, honey,” she whispered as her soft hand slid his foreskin up and down over his blood-engorged cock-head. “Your cock feels so fuckin’ good tonight.”

“Darling,” he suggested in a trembling voice. “Would you like to go upstairs and go to bed.”

God, would she like it. But why did he ask her in such a formal way? Why didn’t he just tear her clothes off and bang the hell out of her right there on the couch? God how she craved for some excitement in their sex lives, but she had learned not to expect it from dear, sweet Bob.

“Yes, honey,” she finally answered. “I’d love to go to bed.”

After turning the lights out, they walked up the stairs, Diane gently stroking the stiff cock that was thrusting out from his fly.

“Oh, baby,” she whispered, loosening his belt when they entered the bedroom, “are we gonna have fun tonight.”

“God, I love you,” he sighed when his trousers and shorts dropped around his ankles.

“And I love you,” she whispered as she unbuttoned his shirt, “but tonight we’re gonna be naughty.”

“That’s what I want,” he laughed.

“Yes, we are,” she continued, hoping to arouse him with words. “We’re gonna do naughty things to each other like putting your cock in my mouth and lickin’ my pussy with your sweet tongue and squirting my cunt full of hot love juice.”

When he was naked, Diane quickly removed her blouse and shorts, and sensually crawled on the bed.

“Come on, baby,” she giggled, opening her naked thighs, lewdly exposing her juice-drenched slit. “Here’s my fuckhole, honey. And it’s all yours. Now do something wicked to it.”

“Don’t worry, honey,” he smiled, turning toward the bathroom. “Will you excuse me for a moment?”

Diane almost blew up in a rage when she heard him turn on the shower, but she should have expected it. Not once during their marriage had he failed to shower and powder himself before they fucked. Just once she would like to have him come to her sweaty, his cock smelling a little rancid, and attack her like a fucking animal.

In her intense state of sexual excitement, it seemed like hours before he finally returned from the bathroom, reeking of powder and cologne. Diane was a disappointed that his cock had lost its stiffness.

He hurried across the room and threw himself onto the bed, taking her soft, warm body into his anus.

Reaching down and taking his limp prick between her fingers, she though what a pathetically small prick it was when it wasn’t erect. If always amazed Diane that something so soft and small could turn into a beautiful, big, throbbing cock when it was excited.

“Come on,” she teased. “What happened to that big hard prick that walked up the stairs with me?”

“The shower temporarily cooled him off,” he smiled, kissing her lightly on the cheek.

“I’ll bet I can wake him up,” she giggled, lowering her face toward his groin. She slid his cock into her mouth, his penis resting limply against her moist tongue. With all of the flaccid prick locked in her mouth by her soft lips, she began running her tongue over it, licking it from every angle and paying special attention to the sensitive spots that she’d found on three previous husbands and countless lovers.

After a short time she was rewarded by the excited feeling of his penis swelling and lurching in her mouth. Sucking deeper and faster with each downward stroke, she felt it getting stiffer. It wasn’t until he once again had a raging hard-on that she released it from her mouth.

“Jesus,” she giggled, raising her head. “You’ve got a real beauty now.”

“I love you, Diane,” he gasped, drawing her mouth to his and driving his tongue deeply between her lips. “I do! I love you more than anything else in this world.”

“And I love you,” she whispered, her excited body crying to be fondled.

Gently taking his free hand, she placed it between her open thighs and inserted the top of his finger into her quivering slit.

“God, it’s so soft and juicy,” he panted, sliding his finger in and out of the slippery hole. Then, as Diane had expected, he suddenly dropped his head between her legs and buried his face into the warm softness of her moist pubic area.

“Oh, baby,” she giggled with delight when his tongue darted out, flicking lightly against her open cuntlips. She loved the way that he always started by teasing her with deliciously light probes. She loved everything about the way he went down on her and, in fact, he did a better job with his tongue than his cock. She had often thought that if his prick was as talented as his tongue, he would be the world’s greatest cocksman. She had never found a man whose tongue could reach as far into her cunt as his, or knew as much about using it as he did.

Diane continued writhing with excitement as he lightly teased her sensitive pubic area without actually entering her slit.

“Oooooh!” she squealed when his thick wet tongue darted deeply into her fuckhole. “That’s it honey! Eat me, baby, eat me good!”

Moaning in ecstasy, her face rolled from side to side, and her auburn hair flailed around the pillow as he frantically slurped and sucked on her creamy pussy.

Gently grasping the back of her legs, he lifted them over her body until her kneecaps touched her tits, exposing the full, hairy, length of her moist cuntal furrow as well as her puckered asshole.

“Oh, God,” she sobbed with delight as she felt his hot, wet tongue probing against her sensitive asshole.

It was pure ecstasy to be lying in that doubled-up position with his tongue washing and licking her quivering asshole. She clutched at the sheets when his tongue suddenly darted into the tight, fleshy ring, sending spasms of delicious sensations through her excited body.

“Jesus Christ,” she gasped as her breathing quickened and the muscles of her belly began shuddering with delight.

Removing his tongue from her squirming asshole, he plunged it into her vagina. Her loins began writhing up around his embedded tongue. Mewling little obscenities, her fingers curled into his hair, pushing his face tighter into her juice drenched pussy. Nothing seemed real except the shafts of pleasure that were piercing her flesh like a thousand needles. God, how she wished that her husband could fuck like he could suck. He was thrusting his thick tongue in and out of her slippery cunt, circling the tip around the sensitive shaft of her clit until Diane thought she would lose her mind. She was bucking and writhing under the fantastic assault of his swirling tongue.

Raising her head, she stared in total fascination at his nose and cheeks brushing against her silky, auburn pubic hairs while his tongue slavered around her flaming cunt. She locked her fingers into his hair, trying to pull his lashing tongue even deeper into her steaming fuckhole.

Her heart pounding violently in her chest, she writhed and pressed up against him, feeling an orgasm building in her loins. The sweet agony of him sucking on her vagina was spinning her toward a shattering climax when he suddenly lifted his head.

“No,” she shrieked in desperation. “Don’t stop, Rob! For Christ’s sake, don’t stop!”

He just stared at her, completely numbed by her piercing screams.

“Suck you bastard, suck!” she sobbed, trying to push his face back into her tortured cunt.

Finally realizing what was happening, he quickly rammed his mouth against her trembling slit, but it was too late. The magical moment of her climax had escaped her.

“You sonofabitch,” she sobbed. “Don’t ever do that to me again. I was coming! I was coming! Coming!”

She was numbly aware that Bob was once more licking her lifeless vagina, and, as the frustration of her near-climax receded, she once again felt small tremors of excitement building. She could feel his thick, hot tongue once again plunging through her silky, wet pubic hairs and into the slippery opening between her cuntlips.

“Oh. God,” she sobbed, pressing his head down, “eat it, baby, eat me out.”

His head was bobbing frantically as his tongue slashed wildly in her squirming, hot pussy. She could feel the tremors searing up through her belly and along her spine as his tongue swirled in her lurching fuckhole. With his head snugly cradled between her soft thighs, Diane’s trembling body felt like it was one big, juicy cunt.

Frantically sucking on her slippery slit, Bob thought his cock was going to explode if he didn’t soon get it into her body. The thought of his shaft slithering in and out of her juicy, cunt was almost blowing her mind.

Feeling an orgasm once more approaching, Diane began writhing her cunt tighter against his slavering mouth. The sensation of his tongue slithering around her quivering cunt was lifting her to incredible heights of ecstasy. Her impending climax was rushing toward her like a runaway freight train.

Unable to stand it any longer, Bob suddenly removed his mouth, and, frantically grabbing his lurching cock, he aimed it at her gaping, wet slit.

Before Diane could realize what was happening, he’d thrust the full length of his blazing cock into her cunt.

“Oh, God,” Diane screamed, grabbing him to slow his fast, violent strokes. Bob always went after her this way, thinking of nothing but quickly firing his load. She clamped her thighs around his waist to try and slow him down, but it was no use. As always, the feeling of her warm, wet cunt caressing his stiff cock made a wild man out of him.

She tried to tell him how much better it would feel if it were done slowly, but her lips were smothered under his excited open mouth. His tongue was wedged deep in her gasping throat, his frantic cock racing in and out with nothing but the wild desire to satisfy his lust in her cringing belly.

Even if she couldn’t slow him down, the feel of his cock racing in and out of her fuckhole was beginning to feel good to Diane.

“Oh, God, this feels good,” Bob moaned.

“I know, honey,” she whispered. “It’s supposed to feel good and it would feel a helluva lot better if you’d slow down.”

If he heard her, he ignored it as he continued driving into her with machine-gun rapidity. Even though Bob was fucking into her like a frenzied dog, Diane found the sensation exceptionally exciting. Her main concern was that he would come before she reached her own climax. She began humping herself against him, trying to reach a climax before he did.

For the third time tonight, Diane’s trembling body was racing toward the orgasm that it so desperately needed. She could feel it coming closer and closer. The incredible ecstasy was almost more than she could bear.

“That’s it, baby,” she squealed. “Give it to me, honey! I’m almost there! Almost there!”

Slamming her cunt up to meet every thrust of his slashing cock, Diane was more excited than she’d ever been in her life.

“Bang me, darling, bang me!” she sobbed, covering his lips with her hot, open mouth as she dug her nails into his smooth back. “Fuck me! Fuck me good!”

“God,” he gasped, tearing his mouth from hers, “I’m going to come! I’m going to come!”

“No!” she sobbed, “Not yet, for Christ’s sake! Wait for me! Wait for me!”

“I can’t,” he gasped. “I’m too close.”

“You dirty fuckin’ bastard,” she screamed as she felt his cum gushing into her inflamed fuckhole.

“You filthy pig!”

She frantically clamped her cunt around his squirting cock, thrusting up and down against him, trying to reach a climax. Her trembling body strained to achieve orgasm. She was within a split hair of bridging it when his squirting cock suddenly went limp.

“You dirty, selfish bastard,” she sobbed, pounding his chest with her fists, “that’s the last fuckin’ time you’re ever using me. From now on I’m fuckin’ real men, not a selfish pig like you.”

“Please,” he begged. “I couldn’t help it.”

“Shut up, you filthy asshole,” she sobbed. “And get that slimy cock out of me!”

“Diane,” he whispered, crawling out from between her legs, his cock making a slurping sound as it plopped out of her cunt. “I love you darling and I couldn’t help it.”

“That’s a crock of shit,” she snapped. “You don’t even try to hold back. All you want to do is relieve yourself.”


“Shut up,” she shouted. “If you think my cunt is just something to squirt your filthy load into, you can drop dead.”

“I’ll try to hold back next time,” he begged. “I love you so much.”

“There won’t be a next time for you,” she hissed. “The next time a cock enters my cunt, it’s going to be a real man’s cock, not yours!”

“Diane,” he whispered when she’d turned the light out.

“Shut up and go to sleep!” she snapped. “And you better start making plans to get out of here. I’m through with you and your slimy, selfish cock.”

Diane was still awake when she heard the key turn in the front-door lock, and was relieved that Robin was home. She always worried when her daughter was out late.

Her body was so nervous and tense from frustration that she couldn’t get to sleep. God, how she wished that Charlie Crawford were in town so that he could fill her needs with his big, talented shaft. An hour later, and still unable to sleep, she decided to go downstairs for a glass of milk.

When she reached the bottom of the stairs, she noticed a light in the den and went to investigate. Looking in, she was dumbfounded to see Robin standing bent over behind a couch, her elbows braced on the back of it. The girl’s panties and jeans were around her ankles and Lance Woodward was driving his cock into her cunt from the rear. Clutching the cheeks of her upturned ass, his gleaming cock was slithering in and out of her gold-fringed slit with a smooth, steady rhythm.

“Oh, God, honey,” she heard Robin whispering, as she thrust her bare ass back to meet his long, swooping thrusts, “you’re the best fucker in the whole world.”

Diane stared in complete amazement. She wasn’t really shocked to see her daughter indulging in sex. She, herself, hadn’t been much older at the time of Robin’s birth, and Diane had been fucking around for a couple of years before Robin’s dad knocked her up. Because of her own youth, Diane had assumed that her daughter was probably doing the same.

The thing that amazed her was the hardness of Lance’s cock and the skill he was using. It was obvious to Diane that the young stud’s wet, glistening cock was as hard as tempered steel, but it was the rhythm and sureness of his strokes that completely fascinated her.

Diane could almost feel the pleasure that Robin was experiencing as the magnificent tool swooped in and out of the young girl’s pussy. It was one of the most beautiful sights that Diane had ever witnessed. Standing naked by the crack of the door, Diane began fingering her clit to the rhythm of Lance’s thrusts.

Finally afraid that she would be discovered, Diane tore away from the erotic scene and tip-toed back upstairs. She quietly slipped into the bathroom and locked the door. Sitting on the toilet seat, she spread her thighs, and, thrusting her legs out, began vigorously rubbing her clit with her fingers. Within seconds she exploded into a mild, rather dissatisfying climax.

Returning to her bed, she spent the remainder of the night in a fitful, restless sleep.


Diane got up the next morning and prepared breakfast for Robin and Bob. As she sometimes did during the summer, Robin was going to accompany her stepfather to the office where he paid her to help with the filing. Robin enjoyed the company of her stepfather as much as the generous wage.

Robin noticed her parents weren’t speaking, and it worried her very much. Ever since Robin discovered that her mother was fooling around with Charlie Crawford, she had been disturbed, afraid that her mother’s marriage would end in another divorce.

When husband and daughter finally left, Diane poured another cup of coffee, dreading the long, empty day that awaited. Sipping her coffee, she massaged her itching pussy through her short, open housecoat. She realized that nothing but a big stiff cock would ever put out the itching fire of frustration that burned in her loins.

Her thoughts kept returning to the sight of her daughter’s bare ass as Lance’s smooth cock swooped in and out of her cunt. Why, oh why, did she have to be stuck with a sexual oaf like her husband! As much as she craved sex, she vowed that the selfish bastard was never going to use her cunt again to relieve his greedy cock.

When she started to pour another cup of coffee, she discovered the pot was empty, and decided to make some more. Remembering that she’d emptied the last coffee can, she went to the cupboard for a fresh one. She had trouble fitting it into the electric can opener, and in her frustrated mood, she impatiently tried to force it. She jumped back when the screw ripped out of the wall and her can opener crashed onto the cabinet.

“Oh, shit!” she growled, going in search of a screwdriver. When she returned with the tool, she tried to drive the screw in, but when the screwdriver slipped and nicked her finger, she threw it down and returned the can to the shelf.

She wandered into the living room to read the morning paper. Lighting a cigarette, Diane noticed how her hands were shaking. Staring blankly at the paper, she was conscious of nothing but the gnawing flame that was burning in her pussy. She was so fucking horny that drops of hot cunt juices were oozing out of her lust-swollen slit.

Unable to read the paper, she had decided to take a cold shower when the silence of the empty house was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. Closing her housecoat, she went to the door.

“Hi, Mrs. Clayton,” smiled Lance. “Is Robin home?”

“No,” she replied, staring at the boy. “She’s gone down to help Mr. Clayton at the office.”

“When do you expect her home?”

Diane didn’t hear him. She was studying the boy’s face for the first time. He was a big, handsome kid in his late teens with an open, pleasant face. Looking at him, Diane suddenly thought how nice it would feel to be kissed by his firm, young lips.

“I’m sorry,” she said, noticing how he was staring at her. “What did you say?”

“I asked what time you expected her home?”

“She won’t be home until this evening,” answered Diane, striving not to look at his crotch. She felt certain that if she glanced down, the outline of his cock would be visible in his tight jeans.

“Well, thanks, Mrs. Clayton,” he smiled, turning to leave.

“Is there any message?”

“Just tell her I stopped by, and that I’ll call her this evening,” he replied, walking away.

Diane stared excitedly at his slim, hard ass moving like a precision machine in his tight jeans. “Lance,” she called just as he reached the car.

“Are you in a big hurry?”

“No, not really,” he answered, returning up the walk. “What can I do for you?”

“My fool can opener came loose from the wall,” she laughed. “Would you mind screwing it back on for me?”

Following her across the living room, he couldn’t take his eyes away from her soft, creamy, white thighs. Lance had always thought she was one of the most beautiful women he’d ever seen. It was quite obvious where Robin had inherited her lovely features.

“Now, can I make you a cup of coffee,” she asked when he’d finished mounting the can opener.

“Sure,” he smiled. “If it’s not too much trouble.”

“It’s no trouble at all,” she laughed, walking over to the cupboard. “I was just going to make some when the damned thing fell off the wall.”

Reaching up for the coffee can in the cupboard, her short housecoat pulled up, revealing the lower chunks of her smooth ass-cheeks to Lance’s boggled eyes.

When she’d finally plugged in the coffee pot, she sat on a chair, letting her robe reveal most of her inner thighs when she crossed her legs. She was more than pleased at the excited expression on Lance’s face as he kept peering down at her naked flesh. Diane had been around long enough to know when a man desired her, and she could tell that this young man did.

Later, when the coffee was ready, she leaned over in front of Lance to pout it, and, loosening the robe slightly, her big boobies almost spilled out. His startled eyes stared at the big nipples that were jiggling around only inches away from his face. Glancing down as she continued to pour the coffee, Diane could see Lance’s cock throbbing violently in his crotch. She knew that she would soon have the handsome young stud upstairs in her bed.

Returning the pot to the stove, she moved over by the sink and, facing Lance, leaned back against the counter, letting the front of her housecoat fall open. The boy almost fell off his chair as he stared at the silky tuft of auburn hair nestled just below the smooth, flat plane of her creamy, white stomach.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she suddenly gasped, pulling it closed, pretending it was an accident. “The damned thing won’t stay closed.”

“That’s all right,” he choked.

“I’m so embarrassed,” she giggled. “But I guess you’ve seen plenty of pussy before.”

He didn’t answer.

“Haven’t you?” she continued.

“Haven’t I what?”

“Seen plenty of pussy?”

“I suppose so,” he answered nervously.

“I’ll bet you’ve seen Robin’s,” she giggled.

The boy didn’t answer. He just stared at her, unable to comprehend what was happening.

“I’ll bet you’ve even fucked Robin’s hot, little pussy,” she teased, slowly walking over in front of the seated boy, her gown completely open in front. Hands on her hips, she began sensually rotating her juicy snatch before his unbelieving eyes.

“I saw you fucking her in the den last night,” she giggled, dropping to her knees in front of him. “That’s some cock you have. Do you mind if I inspect it at close range?”

When the dumbfounded boy didn’t answer, her deft fingers quickly lowered his zipper. Finding that it was difficult to get his stiff cock through the fly of his tight jeans, Diane asked him to stand. When he numbly complied, she quickly unbuckled his belt, letting his pants drop around his ankles.

“It looks even better up close,” she smiled, wrapping her fingers around the hard shaft. As Diane had expected, it felt as hard as steel. It was, without a doubt, the stiffest, hardest cock she had ever seen or touched.

“God, Lance!” she exclaimed. “That’s a real ramrod.”

When she finally released it, Lance sat back down on the chair, his cock pointing straight up.

“Would you like to plant that beauty here in my little nest?” she smiled, dropping her robe to the floor.

Lance stared at the naked woman standing directly in front of him, her cunt only a couple of feet from his eyes. He had always thought that Robin’s mother was a beautiful, sexy person, but he’d never realized how lovely until right now. There was something about her soft, creamy, white flesh that was lewdly obscene. It was so soft and pliant that anyone looking at her felt like wallowing in the luxuriant warmth of her body.

Looking up, Lance saw her sparkling, green eyes smiling at him. Her full, red lips were moist and soft as she teasingly flicked her tongue around them. Lance had never seen anything as lovely as her lustrous auburn hair cascading down her smooth, naked shoulders.

His eyes were drawn to her luscious big boobs, soft and pliant, yet firmly erect with big cherry-hard nipples. Finally, his eyes flowed over the smooth plane of her tummy until they were focused on the nest of silky pubic hairs that surrounded her eager pussy. Her pussy lips glistened with the cuntal juices that were oozing out of her slippery fuckhole.

“Do you like my hot, little pussy?” she whispered.

“God, yes!” he gasped as she stepped forward until it was only inches from his eyes.

“Then touch it,” she whispered as she took his hand, pressing it against her snatch. “I love to have my pussy touched.”

The feel of her hot, slippery cuntlips was almost more than the excited youth could stand. Unable to control himself any longer, he thrust his finger all the way into her excited cunt.

“Oooooh, honey,” she giggled, writhing her snatch around the finger. “That feels good baby, so good. How would you like to go upstairs and play with me? My hot, little cunt is just dying to be fucked.”

“Shit, yes!” he blurted, leaping to his feet.

“Okay,” she giggled, taking him by the hand and leading him upstairs. “I know a lot of naughty games that I’m sure will please that hard prick of yours.”

When she had seated him on the edge of the bed, she knelt between his legs and gently took his throbbing shaft in her hands. She could feel the blood pumping through his shaft and the jerking of his muscles, and Diane knew that the overly excited young man was on the verge of ejaculating. She decided to help him get rid of his first load before they started fucking. She wanted a long, luxurious fuck, and she realized that would be impossible in his present state of excitement.

Leaning forward, she lightly rubbed his sensitive cock against her nipples. His hot glans burned against her erect buds, sending waves of pleasure surging through her body.

Lance was trembling with excitement as he felt her hard nipples brush his excited cockhead.

“Jesus Christ!” he gasped, when she pulled his hard shaft into the deep valley between her big, soft tits. Then, taking the soft boobs, she lifted them up and around his cock, completely burying it under the soft flesh. Slowly she moved her body up and down as she held her luscious tits around his shaft.

Lance had never felt anything as erotic as his prick sliding up and down between her smooth, silky breasts. The perspiration in her deep cleavage made it as slippery as a cunt.

“Oh, shit, Mrs. Clayton!” he sobbed, wildly thrusting his cock back and forth in the mass of soft flesh. “That feels so good.”

“Do you like to tit-fuck?” she giggled. “Do you like fuckin’ my titties?”

“Christ, yes!” he gasped. “But you’re gonna make me come.”

“That’s okay, honey,” she whispered. “I want you to come.”

“But, but,” he stammered, “it’ll shoot out on you.”

“Good,” she giggled, bobbing up and down at a faster tempo. “Squirt me good, baby. Let it squirt.”

Lance couldn’t understand this woman, but if she wanted him to come on her, he sure didn’t mind.

“Oh, Christ!” he suddenly gasped. “I’m gonna come, Mrs. Clayton, I’m gonna come!”

“That’s fine, honey,” she whispered. “Let it fly, baby, soak me good.”

Suddenly it gushed up from between her tits, a thick, hot stream that splashed against her chin, throat and neck. Spurt after spurt spewed from the boy’s virile cock. It squirted on her chest and between her breasts, running down to her navel. When she finally released his shrinking cock, her upper torso glistened with his thick, slippery cum.

“Christ,” she giggled, “I’ve never seen such a load in my life.”

Scooping it up, she eagerly licked and sucked the cum from her fingers.

“Do you like that stuff?”

“Shit, yes,” she giggled, busily licking her fingers. “I love it. Doesn’t Robin?”

“Hell, yes,” he laughed. “She’s crazy about it.”

“I’m glad,” Diane laughed. “That’s one taste she inherited from her mother.”

When she had completely cleaned herself, she jumped onto the bed with Lance.

“Okay, baby,” she whispered, reaching for his hard cock. “It’s time to pump him up again.”

Trembling with anticipation, she slipped his soft prick into her hot, cum-soaked mouth. Gently swirling the limp organ around her tongue, she felt it beginning to lurch and grow. As she expected, it only took a few minutes until the virile boy’s cock was as rigid and hard as it had been in the kitchen.

Lance was going wild at the feel of the experienced woman’s talented mouth sensuously sucking on the head of his cock while she ran her fingers up and down the underside of his sensitive shaft.

Suddenly releasing his rigid pole, she rolled onto her back, exposing her wet, swollen pussylips to the boy’s ogling eyes.

“Okay, Lance, baby,” she giggled. “It’s time to start fuckin’.”

As he crawled between her thighs, she could see his magnificent, hard cock thrusting out. Reaching down, she grasped the big prick and guided it toward her fuck-starved cunt.

“Oh, God, that baby feels hard!” she cried, squeezing the big, rubbery glans in her hand. She began trembling with anticipation when she pressed his cock against her hot, slick, pussy opening.

“Oh, shit, Lance,” she moaned, grinding herself up against his straining cock-head. “Slam it in, baby, fuck me good!”

When the boy felt her hungry cuntlips swallowing his sensitive cock-head, he suddenly drove it all the way in with one, smooth swoop.

“Eeegghh!” she squealed with delight as it slithered up into her sex-starved belly.

“Oh God, that feels good,” she moaned, screwing her body up closer against his, to better enjoy the blood-bloated cock that was imbedded so deeply in her hungry, clasping cunt. She could feel every vein and tendon of the steel-hard shaft rubbing against the sensitive membrane of her cuntal walls.

“Oh, Lance, baby,” she sobbed as his hot, stiff shaft plunged in and out of her slippery cunt with the same, smooth rhythm she’d seen him use on her daughter.

Diane was almost beside herself with ecstasy. After the frustrating affair with her fumbling husband, it was glorious to feel a hard virile cock. She was sexually alive, enjoying every long, smooth, thrust of the boy’s lusty shaft. Grasping him frantically around the shoulders, she was throwing her soft, white hips up to meet every stroke of his stiff, plunging cock. The open lips of her frothy, hot cunt sucked and grasped at his shaft, frying frantically to suck more of it into her greedy pussy.

Lance could feel his cock-head swelling bigger and bigger as it slid smoothly against the soft, fleshy ridges of her sucking cunt muscles. It felt like his big, blood-bloated cock would explode from the exquisite sensations induced by her hot, juice-drenched fuckhole.

Their wet, slippery bodies were grinding frantically into each other as he pounded his big, fleshy prick harder and deeper into her receptive cunt.

“Oh, baby, can you fuck,” she whispered, recalling the beauty of this same cock gliding in and out of Robin’s cunt. “You can really fuck!”

It seemed that Diane had been riding his glorious cock for hours when she suddenly felt her impending orgasm building up in her loins.

“Oh, Lance, baby!” she sobbed. “Fuck me faster, honey! Faster!”

Crazed with lust, their frenzied bodies were lewdly slapping together in wanton abandon. The young boy’s excessively stiff cock was the most delicious thing she had ever enjoyed.

“Faster, baby, faster!” Diane squealed as she wrapped her lush thighs tighter around his heaving waist, exposing more of her slippery cunt to his assault.

Frantically increasing the speed of his thrusts, Lance felt his balls tightening as he rapidly approached his climax.

“Harder, Lance, baby!” she squealed, screwing her frothy cunt up tighter against his plunging cock. “Fuck, honey! Fuck! I’m almost there!”

The wild ecstasy was almost more than she could stand. Her long, auburn hair was flying all around her face and pillow as she rolled from side to side, her gazed eyes staring at the spinning ceiling. Her big, red mouth was gaping as she squealed and sobbed with rapture.

Sweet agony and ecstasy grabbed her as Lance’s cock slithered against her swollen, sensitive clit.

“I’m coming, honey! I’m coming!” she screamed, arching her hips to receive the full impact of the gushing cum that was squirting out of his thrusting cock. “I’m coming baby! I’m commmiiinnggg!”

Covering his lips with her hot, open mouth, she desperately clung to him until the last spurt had dribbled out of his cock.

“Oh, Lance,” she whispered a few minutes later as she cuddled his face in her arms. “You’ll never know how much I needed that. Please fuck me all day long.”

“I’ll try my best,” he smiled.

“I’ve never felt so horny in my life as I did before you came over,” she confessed.

“You’re such a hot piece of ass!”

“Hotter than Robin?” she giggled.

“You’re sure a good pair,” he smiled, not committing himself.

Bending down, Diane slipped his wet, limp penis into her mouth, hoping to quickly arouse him for another session.

“Hmmmmm, that tastes good,” she giggled as she began licking the dried cum from his flaccid prick. Feeling it begin to throb and swell again, Diane knew that this virile young stud was going to give her the best fucking day of her life.


Later that afternoon at the office, Bob Clayton was trying to sort a lot of unfilled orders while Robin was helping the two regular file clerks rearrange them. He couldn’t understand how he had let the orders get so fouled up. Bob realized he had been upset because of Diane’s attitude lately, but he had never let outside problems interfere with his work before. He couldn’t understand how he had neglected to put so many orders through the proper channels. He had a splitting headache and because of the scene with Diane last night, he found it almost impossible to concentrate.

“Honey,” he said to Robin, “I can’t concentrate with the phone ringing constantly and all these people milling around. Let’s call it quits for today. Tomorrow is Saturday and I think I can come in and clear it up easier when there’s no one else in the building.”

“Okay,” she smiled. “You’re the boss.”

“Could you come in and help me tomorrow?” he asked.

“Gee,” she sighed, “Lance was going to take me boating, but I can break the date.”

“No, honey,” he grinned. “I don’t want you to do that. I’ll manage.”

“Bob,” she asked nervously when they’d settled in his car, “what’s bothering you today?”

“Nothing, honey,” he smiled. “Yes there is. Please tell me?”

“It’s your mother,” the man sighed. “We haven’t been getting along very well lately.”

“Probably just a lover’s spat,” she giggled.

“No, honey. She let me know last night that she wanted out of the marriage.”

“What!” Robin gasped.

“She thinks we should split up.”

“Oh, Bob,” she whispered, on the verge of team. “I don’t want to lose you. You’re like a real father to me.”

“And you’re like a daughter,” he sighed. They drove on in silence.

“Bob,” Robin finally asked. “What is the trouble between you and Mom?”

“It’s very personal.”

“Is it sex?”

“Why do you say that?” he replied, startled by the question.

“That was the trouble with her last marriage,” Robin sighed.

“What would you know about that?”

“Well,” she answered. “I might be just a kid, but I’m not a dumb kid.”

He didn’t answer as he drove through a crowded intersection.

“Well?” Robin asked. “Is the problem sex?”

“In a way,” he finally answered.

“Can’t you work it out like two adults?”

“That’s tough,” Bob smiled, “when I’m not really sure what the problem is.”

“You should enroll in our sex education class in high school,” she giggled.

“Do you take a sex-education class?” he asked, feeling somewhat uneasy talking this intimately with her.

“Sure,” she giggled. “We learn about everything from marital sex problems to technique.”

“Maybe it’s technique I need,” he laughed, recalling how Diane ridiculed his sexual performances.

They drove the rest of the way home in silence, Bob’s mind filled with thoughts of Diane. When they finally turned into the driveway, Robin was surprised to see Lance walking down the path to his car.

“Hi, Lance,” she shouted, jumping out of the car and running over to him.

“Hi, Robin,” he stammered.

“What are you doing here?” she smiled.

“I just stopped by to see if you’re still going boating with me tomorrow,” he answered, looking away.

“Sure,” she giggled. “Come on in and have a Coke.”

“No. I’ve gotta go.”

“But you just got here,” Robin laughed. “You’re sure acting funny today.”

“Don’t be silly,” he blushed, moving toward the car. “See you tomorrow.”

“Lance,” she whispered, wrapping her arms around him. “Can’t we drive out to the river tonight and do a little fuckin’.”

“Gee, honey,” he stammered. “I don’t feel too good this afternoon. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Walking up the path to her house, Robin was confused with Lance’s strange behavior.

“Hi, Mom,” she smiled, walking into the kitchen where her mother was washing the breakfast dishes.

“Hello, baby,” Diane smiled, her eyes shining brightly. “Did you have a nice day?”

Robin didn’t answer. She just stared at her mother’s radiant face. It was the same glow that had enveloped her when she returned from her session in the motel room with Charlie Crawford. Lance’s strange behavior, the breakfast dishes in the sink and her mother’s flushed, glowing face told Robin the whole story. She didn’t need words and pictures to portray what Lance and her mother had been doing. The whole episode was very obvious to the stunned girl.

Leaving the kitchen, she hurried upstairs and threw herself on the bed. The hate she felt for her mother at that moment was the most intense emotion she’d ever experienced. She fully realized that her mother had an insatiable sex drive, but why must she ruin so many lives in her pursuit of sexual fulfillment?

She had taken Lance away from her, and was driving her stepfather away as well. It seemed strange, but Robin was more afraid of losing her stepfather than Lance. She couldn’t bear the thought of Bob leaving and her mother taking another strange husband who would exclude Robin from their lives. God, how she wanted her stepfather to stay, but she realized that with her mother’s attitude, there was nothing to make him want to stay. If there was only something that would make Bob want to stay. Robin realized that Bob sincerely liked her, but no man could possibly tolerate her mother just to raise a stepdaughter.

Then, an insane thought flashed through Robin’s tortured mind. Why shouldn’t he stay for his stepdaughter’s sake if she gave him the love that he wasn’t getting from his wife? As wild as the idea seemed at first, Robin kept thinking about it. Why wouldn’t he stay if he could find the sexual warmth with Robin that he had craved so much from her mother? Robin knew that Bob only treated her as a child and daughter, and it would be tough to change the role to mistress. Not once had he ever made any advances or suggestive remarks to her that she could use as a wedge to change her role. It would be difficult to change the father-daughter image to one of lust, but Robin realized that she must.

Robin felt she could probably slowly change the relationship, but time was short. He could be leaving any day, and Robin would have to act quickly or it would be too late. She had to do it now, but how and where could she put her crazy idea into practice?

She suddenly remembered that he’d asked her to help him in the office tomorrow. This would give her the opportunity to spend the day alone with him in the empty building. She knew that no one ever showed up at the office on Saturdays.

Hurrying downstairs, she found her stepfather sitting in the den, staring blankly at the carpet.

“Bob,” she grinned, hopping onto the arm of his chair. “Do you still want me to help you tomorrow?”

“Yes, I would like to help,” he answered, “but I don’t want to keep you away from your boating party.”

“It’s been called off,” she lied. “There’s something wrong with Lance’s boat.”

“I’d certainly appreciate it,” he smiled.

“Then it’s a deal,” she said, kissing him on the cheek, letting her soft lips linger longer than usual.

Running upstairs, Robin quickly dialed Lance’s home and his mother answered.

“Hi, Mrs. Woodward. This is Robin. May I speak to Lance?”

“He’s taking a nap,” his mother replied. “He came home awfully fired this afternoon. Can I take a message?”

“It’s real important,” Robin continued, knowing that the tired boy had been sucked and fucked out. “I’d appreciate it if you would wake him for me.”

After a long wait she heard Lance’s sleepy voice. “Lance,” she said. “I want to talk to you about your boat.”

“What about it?” he asked, annoyed at being disturbed.

“I want you to stick it up your ass,” she replied. “What?” he gasped, now wide awake.

“You can stick it up your ass. I’m not going boating with you tomorrow.”

“For Christ’s sake,” he muttered. “I’d planned on it.”

“You can make other plans,” Robin laughed. “Like what?” he asked, disgruntled. “Like coming over here and fucking my mother! Bob and I will be gone all day,” she shouted, slamming the phone down.

Throwing herself back on the bed, Robin began planning her seduction of Bob. It was going to be one hell of a job changing her role from daughter to mistress in one day.

By the next morning, Robin had decided she would wear a dress in place of her usual jeans and T-shirt. Deciding not to wear panties or bra, she slipped a short, mini-dress over her otherwise naked body. After brushing her long, blonde hair until it shimmered like gold, she applied a light touch of lipstick and eye shadow, something she rarely did.

“Well, look at my pretty little girl this morning,” Bob said as Robin stepped into the kitchen. “I didn’t know you even owned a dress.”

“There’s lots of things you don’t know about me,” Robin giggled.

Driving downtown, Bob kept glancing over at the smooth, soft thighs below the hem of her short skirt. He hadn’t realized that Robin had such lovely legs, but, of course, she never wore anything but jeans. There was something about the bare flesh of her thighs that vaguely disturbed him. The aroma of her perfume and the light make-up reminded him that she was maturing, and his stepdaughter would some day be a lovely woman. It bothered him that he would never have the opportunity of watching her grow up. Last night he had definitely decided that a divorce from Diane was the only way to solve their problems. It was funny, but he realized that he would miss Robin’s warm companionship much more than he’d ever miss her mother. She had been like a real daughter to him for the past two years.

When they arrived at the office, they quickly went to work sorting out and properly filling the back orders. Bob couldn’t understand why, but for the first time in his life, he was conscious of Robin’s body. His eyes automatically followed her bare thighs when she moved around the spacious office, and he was very aware of her full, soft tits brushing against him when she leaned over his shoulder to pick up orders. He had never realized that Robin had so fully developed.

Robin was pleased with her progress up to this point. She had been aware that he was conscious of her as she moved around the room as sensually as possible. She had turned and bent and stooped to give him every opportunity to look at her lovely, bare legs. She had made certain that her breasts caressed against him every time she reached over his shoulder, and from little facial movements she could tell that he was very much aware of her soft boobs.

“How about a Coke?” she suggested later that morning.

“Fine,” he smiled, handing her some change. “The Coke machine is just through the door. It’s time we take a break, anyway.”

When she returned with the drinks, she sat on his desk, facing his chair. Bracing her hands on the desk behind her, she leaned back and slightly opened her thighs. In this relaxed, innocent position, she realized that her pussy was exposed to him under her short skirt. She was nervously holding her breath, waiting for him to glance up. Robin was wondering what his reaction would be when he saw her juicy, young cunt only inches in front of his eyes.

It was only a few seconds later when he glanced up. An expression of complete shock came over his face. He quickly looked away.

“This is neat to relax for a few minutes,” Robin giggled, opening her thighs a bit further.

“Yes, it is,” he stammered, trying valiantly to keep his eyes away from her exposed pubic area.

Robin noted with satisfaction that his eyes kept darting back to the erotic sight as he nervously tried to converse. She could see little beads of perspiration forming on his brow. Robin wasn’t sure if they were caused by excitement or embarrassment. She was certain that Bob thought she was accidentally displaying herself and was too embarrassed to tell her. Robin began slowly swinging her leg back and forth over the edge of the desk, knowing that the action was faintly opening and closing her wet cuntlips. Even though he kept glancing away, she could tell the gentle movement of her slippery pussy was exciting him.

As much as Bob enjoyed the exciting sight of Robin’s pussy, he knew that he should tell her to close her legs, but he was afraid that it would embarrass her to know that he’d seen her cunt. The only alternative was to keep talking and hope that she would soon change her position. He was aware of how naive and innocent the girl was, and he certainly didn’t want her to be distressed because of her carelessness.

Taking quick glances between her legs, he could see the soft flesh of her moist cunt nestled in the furry triangle of silken pubic hairs. With her lovely leg swinging gently over the edge of the desk, he could see her warm, slippery cuntal lips faintly opening and closing as little drops of cunt juice oozed through her slit. He was getting a fantastic erection.

Glancing down at him with her wide, innocent eyes, Robin could see the excitement on his face, as well as the big throbbing bulge in his pants. Her plan was working even better than she expected and she knew it was almost time to make the next move.

“Bob,” she suddenly asked, subtly arching her hips a bit to provide her cunt more exposure. “As father to daughter, how old should a girl be to have sex?”

“A lot older than you are,” he quickly answered, startled by her frank question.

“Why?” she asked innocently.

“Because you’re still a kid!” he stammered. “Now let’s change the subject.”

“But, Bob,” she continued. “You’re like my dad. If I can’t ask you about these things, who can I turn to?”

“Ask your mother.”

“She hasn’t time for me.” She pretended to pout. “Please advise me, Bob. I really need to talk to someone.”

“All right, honey,” he smiled, touched by her naive plea. “How can I help you?”

“Why am I too young to have sex?”

“You’re still only a child,” he tried to explain.

“But I’m almost as old as Mom was when she was first married,” she giggled.

Staring between her legs at the soft nest of pubic hairs, he suddenly realized that a eighteen-year-old girl wasn’t a child any longer.

“Bob,” she continued when he didn’t answer. “I’ve been having sex with Lance for the past few months. Is that wrong?”

“You’ve been having sex with Lance!” he gasped, unable to believe what she’d said.


“Because,” she answered slowly, knowing that this was the moment to fully arouse his imagination. “I love the feeling of his big, hard thing slithering in and out of the juicy, little slit.”

He was too stunned to speak, and staring numbly between her legs he could vividly imagine a hard, round cock sliding in and out of the slippery little cunt that was only inches from his eyes. His excited prick was lurching wildly in his pants. Her graphic description was blowing his mind.

“There’s something so wonderful about a man’s thing,” she continued. “It’s so big and hard, and it feels so good against the softness of my inner flesh.”

As if unable to comprehend what was going on, he took his eyes away from her pussy and looked at her lovely, young face. Her sensuous half-closed eyes and her moist, parted lips were not the features of a child.

“Maybe I’m naughty,” she whispered, “but I love to feel a man’s hands caress and fondle my juicy, little pussy.”

From the wild expression on her stepfather’s face, the cunning girl knew that the time to strike had come, and she knew that she had to pursue it before his state of excitement diminished.

“And I love to be held in a man’s arms,” she whispered, sliding off the desk in such a manner that her short skirt was pulled above her hips. Before Bob realized what was happening, Robin had settled herself in his lap, her skirt pulled above her ass.

“Ooooooh, I can feel your big hard cock,” she whispered, taking his hand and guiding it up between her thighs until his fingers touched her slippery cunt.

When she felt him pulling his hand away, she forced it back as she writhed her soft ass against his throbbing cock.

“Please play with my pussy for a minute,” she whispered, flicking her tongue around his ear.

Bob almost shot his wad when his finger touched the hot, slippery moistness of her fuckhole. No longer able to link this hot sex-pot to his lovely, innocent stepdaughter, he plunged his excited finger deep into her juicy young slit.

“Ooooooh, yes,” she whispered. “That’s it, honey. Now finger-fuck me good.”

Sobbing with ecstasy as his finger plunged in and out of her foamy cunt, she squirmed around on his lap until his fly was within reach. She quickly reached down, and after a bit of a struggle, her hand emerged with his lurching cock grasped tightly in her fist.

This was the only cock she had ever handled with the exception of Lance’s. She was quite surprised by the difference in the two male organs. Robin had always assumed that a cock was a cock, with no physical differences, but now she certainly knew differently. Lance’s cock was long and smooth, and was as hard as tempered steel, but Bob’s prick was gnarly and much, much thicker. Although not quite as hard as Lance’s, there was a firm meatiness about it that she found very erotic.

The foreskin that she was sliding back and forth over his big, purple glans was thicker and more rubbery than Lance’s smooth, satiny skin.

“Jesus Christ that feels good, Robin,” he whispered as he writhed under her in the chair.

“I’m glad,” she whispered. “That’s the least a girl can do for her sweet daddy.”

When they had reached a wild state of excitement, Robin quickly jumped up and pulled the brief dress over her head, exposing her naked body to her stepfather for the first time. Staring at her exquisite body, he fully realized it wasn’t the figure of a child.

“Come on, Daddy,” she teased, running across the room and lunging onto a huge, velvet couch that ran almost the full length of the wall. “I want to be fucked.”

Bob began frantically tearing off his clothes as he watched Robin sensuously fingering her cunt that was so lewdly exposed.

No longer giving a damn if she was his stepdaughter, he quickly crawled between her spread legs. Frantically grasping his cock with one hand, he guided it between her smooth thighs toward its juicy reward.

“Ooooooh, Daddy,” she whispered when she felt the massive prick probing her twitching cuntlips. “God, that feels big.”

Robin was in a wild state of excitement as she felt his big cockhead stretching her pussy as it tried to gain entrance. His cock was so fucking much thicker than Lance’s that she momentarily wondered if she could accommodate it. It felt like her pussy lips were being stretched to the ripping point. Then suddenly, the big mushroom-shaped glans slipped through as her cuntlips closed around his hard shaft.

Once in, the thick cock slithered all the way into the farthest depths of her slippery fuckhole. She had never felt so completely filled with cock in her life and the sensation was incredibly wonderful.

“Oh, Bob,” she whispered, pressing her cunt up tightly against him. “I’ve never felt such a big cock in all my life.”

The sensation of her tight, young cunt squeezing his cock was almost blowing his mind. He could hardly wait to fire his excited load into her juicy body. Crazed with desire, he began wildly thrusting his cock in and out of her grasping cunt.

“Honey,” she gasped, squeezing her thighs against his waist and pushing at his chest with her hands. “Take it easy, baby. Slow down. I’ll be here all day. Let’s take it sweet and slow.”

Grasping his hips with her hands, she began controlling the tempo of his strokes.

“That’s it, Daddy,” she whispered into his ear. “Nice and slow and sexy.”

The feel of her grasping cuntal walls squeezing and sucking his cock as it moved in and out at a slower speed was driving him wild with excitement. It was the most enjoyable sensation he had ever experienced. The intense pleasure created by the smooth, slow strokes was building to a level of ecstasy that was becoming unbearable. God, how he wanted to shoot her belly full of hot cum. Suddenly, losing his control, he once more began stabbing into her with the speed of a machine gun.

“Jesus Christ!” she gasped, pushing against his chest. “Stop it! Jesus, honey, don’t use me to jack-off into. Take it easy.”

“I can’t stand it any longer!” he moaned. “This is driving me crazy.”

“Honey,” she whispered, tenderly kissing him. “You need a lesson in sex education, and I’m gonna give it to you.”

“Shit!” he shouted, his body trembling with frustration. “I’ve been fucking all my life and don’t need any damned lessons in screwing.”

“Do you like fucking me?” she whispered.

“Of course I do,” he panted, trying to ram his cock deeper into her soft cunt.

“Then you’ll fuck me sweet and slow,” she giggled, tenderly kissing his lips. “I want to be loved, not used.”

Once more he began sliding his thick, slippery shaft in and out of her creamy, young slit, but at a much slower pace.

“Oooooooh, yes,” she mewled, pressing her body up against his. “That’s so much better, honey. Jesus Christ that feels so fuckin’ good!”

Bob was almost out of his mind with the sweet agony of his cock slithering against the soft, warm tissues of her hot cunt. A million needles of ecstasy were tearing at his shaft as it slid through her juicy inner flesh. He had never experienced such intense pleasure as he was now enjoying as he slowly and rhythmically fucked his wicked stepdaughter.

“Oh, God, honey,” she sobbed as his gnarly, thick cock plowed in and out of her young cunt. “It feels so fuckin’ good, honey, so fuckin’ good!”

Controlling the wild urge to bang her, Bob realized how much more intense the feeling was when he didn’t rush it. Never had he experienced such complete rapture. In the past, he had always screwed with only his prick, but for the first time he was fucking with his heart and soul as well as his cock.

“Bob,” Robin whispered into his ear a few minutes later. “I’m almost ready to come, honey. Now you can fuck me, baby. Fuck me good!”

With his bursting climax screaming to be released, Bob started thrusting his massive pole into Robin with all his strength.

“That’s it, Daddy,” she squealed, clutching him tightly. “Bang me, baby, fuck me! Harder, honey, faster! Chriiissst, it’s so fuckin’ good!”

Furiously slamming his cock in and out of her writhing body, Bob could no longer control himself and, with a final lurching thrust that lifted Robin’s ass off the couch, his load of hot cum exploded into her quivering belly.

Robin skyrocketed into her own lurching orgasm as her stepfather’s cum continued spewing into her pulsating cunt.

Exhausted, they drifted off to sleep on the big sofa.

When Bob awakened a little later, he was lying on his back. Turning his head, he saw Robin’s cum-drenched pussy only inches from his eyes. The girl had squirmed around in her sleep, moving her cunt up close to his face.

His limp cock lurched as he gazed at her adorable pussy, so beautifully displayed. A trickle of his semen was dripping out between her slippery, pink cuntlips. Little beads of cuntal fluid glistened against the soft, pink flesh of her juicy pussy lips. It was the most exciting sight he’d ever seen.

Unable to resist, he probed her soft, open flesh with his finger. His body trembled with excitement as his finger moved up and down the length of the moist, hair-fringed slit. Robin’s body writhed in her sleep as his finger lightly fondled her sensitive cunt.

Leaning over, he flicked his tongue against the wet, glistening lips of her half-opened cunt.

“Oh, Bob,” she whispered, awakened by the sensation of his hat, wet tongue against her cunt. “That feels so good, honey.”

Slipping his cock into her mouth, Robin writhed her excited pussy up against his face. With her mouth swallowing his prick, her luscious, wet cunt slithered against Bob’s slobbering lips. Sucking his cock deeply into her mouth, she could feel his tongue sliding up and down in the delicate flesh of her hot, wet cunt.

“Oh, God,” she moaned, pushing her wet cunt tightly against his burning mouth while continuing to suck his throbbing cock.

Grasping her soft ass-cheeks, Bob pulled her hot, dripping pussy over on top of his slavering open mouth.

“God,” she moaned, grinding her writhing pussy against his excited, upturned face.

Her passionate, hot cunt juices were dripping into his lewdly opened mouth as his tongue greedily lashed against her trembling pussy. His face was glistening with the slippery fluids that were squishing out of her hot, excited slit.

Robin loved the feel of his thick, gnarly cock slithering over her tongue as it plunged toward her throat. Her stepfather’s massive prick had a much stronger taste than Lance’s, and it was driving her crazy with excitement. She couldn’t quite understand why, but Bob’s big cock seemed to taste better, too.

With his face buried between her smooth ass-cheeks and his nose pressed against her puckered asshole, he plunged his tongue in and out of her squirming slit.

Excitedly spreading the soft cheeks of her ass with his hands, he slid his tongue out of her cunt and began frantically licking her tight asshole.

“Jesus Christ!” Robin squealed with delight as she suddenly felt his hot, wet tongue swirling around her quivering asshole. “That’s it, baby! Jesus Christ, honey, that feels so fuckin’ good!”

Crazed with excitement, Bob spread her asshole open with his thumbs and then his tongue suddenly darted into the forbidden opening.

“Eeeaaahhh!” she squealed with gee as she felt his tongue reaming her sensitive ass. “God, Daddy, oh God, how good! How good! How good!”

Bob’s body was frantically lurching under Robin’s slurping mouth. With every suck, it felt like his balls were being drawn into his throbbing shaft.

“Oh, God, Robin,” he gasped as his hands kneaded the soft flesh of her bare bottom while his tongue darted in and out of her tingling asshole.

Her head was bobbing faster and faster as she continued sucking frenziedly on his straining prick. His entire body was jerking and trembling with the sensations being induced by the hot mouth of his cock-crazy stepdaughter. Faster and faster she sucked as she felt him remove his tongue from her ass and slide it back into her cunt.

“Suck, Daddy, suck,” she screamed, rotating her cunt down against his slavering mouth. “Faster! Deeper! Oh God, honey, suck! Suck! Suck!”

Her soft, young body was lurching over him as her smooth inner thighs clamped around his face.

“I’m coming, honey!” she screamed. “I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Her trembling body gave one violent lurch and then collapsed with her stepfather’s cock still embedded in her mouth, squirting its thick, hot cum against the back of her throat.

It was late afternoon when they finally locked up the office and started home.

“We sure didn’t get much work done,” Robin giggled, snuggling up close to her stepfather as he steered the car through the busy traffic.

“And I don’t give a damn,” he laughed.

“And you’re one hell of a fucker since you’ve learned to slow down and control yourself,” she whispered, gently rubbing his cock through his pants.

“What’s going to happen now?” he asked. “What do you mean?”

“I’m talking about us,” he explained.

“Shit,” she giggled. “We’ll just fuck and suck the hell out of each other every chance we get.”

“How about your mother?”

“I’m not going to worry about her,” Robin laughed. “You and I will find plenty of chances to be alone together.”

“It sounds pretty exciting,” he laughed.

“Are you going to let mother kick you out?” she suddenly asked.

“Hell, no,” he laughed. “Not a chance.”


Robin and her stepfather found plenty of time to be together when Charlie Crawford returned to town a few days later. Charlie immediately resumed the relationship with Diane that had started the day before he left on his lengthy road trip. Robin’s mother found more and more reasons and excuses to leave the house in the evenings. Robin was fully aware of what was going on, and she certainly didn’t object since it gave her so much time to enjoy Bob’s magnificent body.

Whenever her mother left for the evening, Robin and Bob would hurry up to the girl’s room where they’d quickly undress and roll into bed. With every sexual romp, his technique had improved immensely. He had achieved so much self-control that he was always bringing Robin off two or three times before he ejaculated.

Bob now luxuriated in the new fullness of total sex. For the first time in his life he enjoyed the delights of foreplay as well as the ecstasy of prolonging a fuck. He now realized that his climax was the ultimate end to a meaningful experience. In the past, his frantic ejaculations had been his only concern. He was so grateful that Robin had taught him to unselfishly share the ecstasy of sex with his willing fuck-mate.

He was now completely knowledgeable of why Diane had been so disdainful of his sexual performances. He felt he could now give her as much as she could handle, but under the circumstances, there was no way that he could demonstrate his new skills.

Bob was aware that Diane was having a torrid affair with Charlie Crawford, but because of the love and sex he was sharing with little Robin, it didn’t bother him as much as it could have. He knew his sexual bumbling had driven her to another man’s bed, but he intensely hated Charlie Crawford for invading his home.

If the days were idyllic for Robin and Bob, they were pure hell for Arline Crawford. It had been a long, frustration time for Arline when her husband had been on his extended road trip. Arline’s sex drive was as strong, or possibly even stronger, than Diane’s. It was through her intense sensuality that she was first attracted to Charlie. After her first sexual encounter with the lusty man, Arline knew that no other person would ever be able to satisfy her. It was because of this strong, sexual attraction that Arline married him shortly after they met.

Fully aware of her husband’s insatiable sex needs, Arline had no doubts that he fooled around on his road trips, but she never participated in any extra-marital relationships because she knew she would receive no satisfaction from anyone but her husband.

When he was at home, Charlie always made up for the lonely hours she suffered when he was gone. Their life was one big, beautiful orgy when he was in town.

His return this time had been much different. After their first night of intense screwing, he left the house around noon the next day and didn’t return until later that evening. When they retired that night, he calmly informed Arline that he was too fired for sex. The next day was spent in bed, engaging in every form of sex that their lewd minds could imagine. It was the most satisfying day that Arline could remember, but Charlie didn’t return the next evening until very late, only to inform her that he was again too tired for sex.

When Arline confronted him about his strange behavior, he admitted that he was seeing Diane Clayton. At first, Arline could hardly believe what he was saying. It seemed incredible that her very best friend was having an affair with her husband.

Arline knew that she should have left him immediately, but she couldn’t bear the thought of going through life without her lusty husband. Hoping that the affair would eventually burn itself out, Arline reluctantly accepted the situation rather than lose Charlie.

Stepping from the shower one morning, Arline carefully inspected her nude figure in the full-length mirror. She was a tall woman with firm tits, full hips and a slim, girlish figure. She had an exotically beautiful face with big, smoky grey eyes and long, shimmering black hair that fell down over the flawlessly smooth skin of her shoulders.

She could see nothing wrong with her appearance that would prompt a man to reject her. Arline was certain that she was more than an adequate fuck-mate, yet here she was, horny as hell and her husband pumping his lusty cock into another woman’s eager slit. Looking at the dark triangle of silky pubic hairs surrounding her soft, slippery cunt, she excitedly envisioned Charlie’s hard cock gliding in and out.

Unable to stand the frustration any longer, Arline decided to go out for lunch and do some shopping. At least it would temporarily take her mind away from her agonizing problems.

Sitting at a secluded table in a dim corner of the restaurant, Arline decided to have a martini before ordering lunch. She had just ordered a second martini when she looked up and saw Bob Clayton standing at her table.

“Hello, Arline,” he smiled.

“Hi, Bob,” she replied, removing the cocktail glass from her lips.

“Me you expecting someone?”

“No,” she stammered, preferring to lunch alone.

“Then may I join you?” he asked.

“Certainly,” Arline said, not wanting to offend him. After all, she had spent a lot of pleasant hours in his home. They had always been good friends, but his presence only served to remind her that Charlie was now probably with Bob’s wife.

Bob ordered a martini and they were soon enjoying a relaxing conversation. After the lonely days at home, Arline found his company extremely pleasant. Both avoided mentioning their respective mates, neither of them knowing whether the other new about the affair.

Relaxing for the first time in weeks, the distraught couple ordered a third round of martinis. Her mind slightly clouded by the cocktails, Arline was idly studying Bob. Although she had known him for almost two years, this was the first time she had ever really noticed his strong facial features.

She felt a tinge in her pussy when she wondered how he would perform in bed. It was the first time since she had known him that she had ever remotely thought of him in a sexual way. Looking at his firm, gentle mouth, Arline had a strange desire to feel his lips against hers. Maybe it was because her pent-up frustrations mixed with the alcohol, but there was a strange excitement stirring in her loins. She could feel her heart pounding in her breast as she watched the handsome man across the table.

Bob, too, had always considered Arline an exceptionally beautiful woman, but had never thought of her as a sex partner. The only person he had ever really desired was his wife. Watching her smoky grey eyes gazing at him over the rim of her glass, he was vaguely aware of a smoldering flame that hadn’t been there earlier. It was almost as if her eyes were sending him a deep, hidden message. He wasn’t certain why, but he found the expression in her eyes extremely exciting.

“I wonder what they’re doing right now,” she suddenly said, lowering the glass from her lips.

“You knew?” he asked.

“Yes, I knew,” she smiled. “But I wasn’t certain whether you did.”

“I’ve known since the beginning.”

“Well,” she giggled, slightly tipsy from her drinks, “I guess we’re a couple of rejects.”

“No, Arline,” he smiled. “With your beauty, you could never be called a reject.”

“Do you really think I’m beautiful?” she asked, her smoldering eyes once more looking at him over the rim of her glass.

“I think you’re one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.”

“Bob,” she asked after a nervous hesitation. “Would you like to take me to bed this afternoon?”

“What!” he gasped.

“Would you like to fuck me?” she giggled.

“God, yes,” he spluttered. “When?”

“Right now,” she whispered, draining her glass. “I’d rather fuck than eat.”

When they arrived at the motel, Bob ordered two martinis sent up to their room. After the drinks arrived, they sat down on a sofa, both feeling a bit self-conscious about their next move.

“Well,” she giggled, looking up at him. “Here we are.”

Without answering, he drew her soft, warm body into his arms. Their self-consciousness quickly dissolved into passion when she covered his mouth with her moist, parted lips, sensuously entwining their tongues. Warmed by the martinis, she pressed her lush, soft body against his, her tongue slithering in the warm depth of his mouth.

Her loins quivered with excitement as she felt his trembling fingers lowering the zipper on her dress. Removing her arms from the sleeves, the top of her dress dropped into her lap, exposing her amply-filled bra. Within a matter of seconds he undid the snap, letting her luscious breasts spill in front of his approving eyes.

Shivering with delight, she felt his big, tender fingers delicately fondling her cherry-hard nipples.

Lowering his face, he sucked the quivering, hard buds deep into his mouth, and then releasing them, his tongue began licking her tits.

Arching her body to allow him to slip the dress over her hips, she could feel his tongue flicking around her ears, her neck, down to her breasts again and then finally down to her navel. Arline was writhing with excitement as his hand peeled her sheer panty hose down over the soft flesh of her bottom, his finger lightly probing and teasing her puckered asshole. Finally, he expertly removed her wet, flimsy panties.

Her lovely body was spread naked on the sofa when he stood up and quickly removed his own clothes. With his hard cock thrusting out in front of him, Bob picked her up and gently placed her on the bed. Moving onto the bed with her, he cupped her ass in his hand and drew her luscious soft body against his.

Grasping at his throbbing cock, Arline was pleasantly surprised to find it was as big and hard as Charlie’s. With a sudden lunge, she lowered her mouth down over his straining cock, flicking her tongue expertly around the underside of his swollen prick.

Bob was going wild at the feel of her juicy, soft lips sucking his cock while her fingers moved up and down the underside of his quivering shaft. He was trembling with the intense excitement when she suddenly released his cock from her mouth and rolled onto her back.

“Please fuck me, Bob,” she whispered. “I can’t stand it any longer.”

Getting up on his knees, Bob stared at her wet, slippery pussy lips nestled in her shimmering, black pubic hairs. Droplets of hot cunt juice glistened on the soft, inner flesh of her open slit.

“Fuck me, baby!” she moaned as he crawled between her trembling legs, his big, angry-looking cock thrusting up from his massive balls. She grasped the luscious, big prick that was slowly advancing toward her fuck-starved cunt.

“OK God, your cock feels good,” she whispered, closing her fingers around his big, rubbery glans and guiding it up to her foamy, wet fuckhole. She began trembling with anticipation when she felt his bloated cock probing gently against her hot, slick pussy.

“Oh, sweet baby,” she sobbed, grinding herself against the straining cock tat she was guiding between her slippery cuntlips.

When Bob felt her hungry cunt swallowing his cock-head, he thrust it the rest of the way in with one long, swooping motion.

“Oh Christ, that feels good!” she cried, screwing her body up closer against his to better enjoy the bloated prick that was buried in her gasping belly.

Bob began slowly pumping his hard cock in and out of her slippery fuckhole with long, smooth thrusts. He could feel millions of excited flashes of ecstasy racing up and down the length of his shaft as it slithered against the soft smooth ridges of her hot, inner flesh.

“Oh Christ, Bob!” she sobbed as his hard cock, glistening with her slippery cunt juices, slid in and out of her grasping pussy with a teasingly slow rhythm.

Arline was beside herself with ecstasy at finding a cock that was even more exciting than her husband’s.

Her lustrous black hair spread over the pillow, her smoldering grey eyes filled with rapture, she clung tightly to her wonderful fuck-mate, grinding her hips up to meet every stroke of his plunging cock. The juicy, open lips of her frothy cunt sucked and grasped at his magnificent shaft.

Bob felt like his big blood-engorged prick would explode from the exquisite sensations induced by her juicy pussy. He could feel his cock swelling bigger and bigger as it slid smoothly against the soft, fleshy ridges of her grasping, sucking cunt muscles. From the way her body was trembling, Bob could tell that she was rapidly approaching an orgasm.

To enhance the pleasure of her climax, he began thrusting deeper and harder into her lurching body. As his massive cock plunged in and out of her sucking, slippery hole, he could feel her hard, hot nipples burning into his flesh as her firm tits rubbed against his chest.

“That’s it, honey!” she squealed. “Faster! Fuck me faster!”

Charlie’s cock had never felt as good to Arline as this plunging beauty. The ecstasy was almost more than her sex-hungry body could endure.

“Faster, baby, faster!” sobbed Arline, wrapping her lush thighs tighter around his heaving waist, exposing even more of her slippery slit to his pounding assault. She hysterically sunk her teeth and nails into his shoulders as she felt his juice-slicken cock slithering faster against her excited, rock-hard clit.

“Oh fuck, baby, fuck!” she shrieked when the shattering orgasm began to envelop her. “Fuck! Fuck! I’m coming! I’m comiiinnnggg!”

Clinging tightly to him, she felt wave after wave of ecstasy surge through her body.

“Oh, God, honey,” she whispered when the climax had passed. “I’ve never been fucked like that in my life. God, you can fuck!”

“And you’re some piece of ass, too,” he smiled.

“That’s ’cause I love to fuck,” she giggled, covering his lips with her hot, open mouth.

At that moment Arline became more aware of the big, hard cock that was still filling her pulsating cunt. In her excitement, she hadn’t realized Bob had not ejaculated.

“Jesus Christ!” she giggled, rolling him over on his back. “I’m gonna get another ride.”

Straddling his waist with her slippery cunt just above his erect shaft, she leaned forward on her elbows, pressing her luscious titties against his face.

“Suck ’em, baby, lick ’em good,” she whispered, slowly lowering her cunt around his hard cock. She could feel his hot glans slowly parting her slippery, wet cuntlips.

“Oh, God,” she sobbed, once again feeling his thick prick slithering into her hot, gasping hole. Mewling and whispering little obscenities, she continued lowering herself until his massive cock was embedded all the way up her hot, quivering belly.

“Oh, Bob, sweet Bob,” she whispered as he sucked and licked her big, cherry-hard nipples.

She began raising her cunt slowly, feeling every sinew and muscle of his gnarly cock slithering against her sensitive cuntal tissues. Up and down she went on his throbbing cock, her luscious tits and nipples swirling salaciously against Bob’s mouth and tongue. Faster and faster she pumped up and down on his big blood-engorged tool. With each downward stroke she let out little squeals of delight as his rigid cock ripped deeper and deeper into her quivering belly. His cock was glistening with the hot cuntal juices that were flowing from her inflamed pussy as she continued slithering up and down over his steel-hard shaft. Wild with lust, Bob was thrusting his hips up to meet every downward stroke of her creamy, hot fuckhole.

“That’s it, baby!” she screamed, bouncing harder and faster over his rigid pole. “Fuck, baby fuck! Split me open!”

The room was filled with moans, screams and the sound of hot, naked flesh slapping together.

“Fuck me, baby, fuck!” she screamed, as her body tensed for a mind-blowing orgasm. “Jesus, honey, here it comes! Oh Christ! I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Throwing herself across his body, she was writhing in the ecstasy of her second orgasm. God, how her sweet partner could fuck.

While she was still trembling and lurching, Bob rolled her onto her back, his cock still embedded in her cunt. He had controlled himself long enough for her to achieve two mighty orgasms and now he could let himself go and squirt the hot bitch full of cum.

Withdrawing his shaft until only the head remained buried, he drove it back in with wild abandon.

“Eeeggghhh!” she screamed as his flesh-splitting rod ripped violently into her body.

Ignoring her screams, he continued battering his cock into her hot, slippery cunt.

“Oh, God,” she sobbed, when she recovered from the shock of the first vicious strokes. “Bang me, baby, bang me good!”

Thrusting his cock in with even more force, his huge balls were slapping noisily against her soft, juice-smeared ass.

“Oh, darling,” she moaned, her luscious thighs moving higher around his waist. “Drive, baby, drive! Keep that fuck-machine pounding.”

Arline clutched and screamed and moaned as he relentlessly pounded his crazed organ into the depths of her writhing body. Excited at the thought of squirting his cum into her cunt, Bob began thrusting harder and harder. Her slippery bottom was being lifted off the bed with every blow from his raging cock.

Arline was almost out of her mind with excitement. After the past frustrating weeks with Charlie, she was once more alive and enjoying every lust-filled second of the fucking she was getting. Mewling incessantly beneath his pounding body, she was frantically throwing her hips up to meet every thrust of his hard plunging prick. Grasping his ass, she pulled him tighter against her, screwing her cunt up to take the full length of his glorious cock. The swollen lips of her frothy cunt sucked and grasped at the base of his cock, trying to get more and more of it into her inflamed pussy.

“Oh, God, Bob!” she sobbed, “I’m gonna come, baby! Give it to me, honey! Give it to me good!”

“Don’t worry, baby,” he gasped, rearing back and driving his cock in with a renewed violence. “You’re gonna get it! You’re gonna get the biggest fuckin’ load you’ve ever had!”

Her distorted lips drawn back over her teeth, her smoky grey eyes staring at the ceiling, Arline was lurching in wild anticipation of his hot cum gushing into her trembling pussy.

“Jesus Christ!” she screamed when the hot juice began squirting into her fuckhole, triggering her third consecutive orgasm. “I’m coming, honey! I’m coming again!”

Crazed with excitement, Bob kept thrusting as he pumped squirt after squirt of the white, hot cum into her cunt.

“Oh, sweet baby,” Arline sobbed, feeling his wonderful sperm juice filling her trembling body. When the last drop of cum had dribbled out of his cock, Bob rolled onto his back, his prick making a loud, slurping sound as it slid out of her juice-drenched fuckhole.

“Oh, Bob, honey!” she sobbed. “I’ve never been fucked like that in my life! Jesus Christ, sweet baby, you’re the greatest fucker in the world!”

“It takes two to fuck,” he grinned. “And that hot, little pussy of yours is a real snapper.”

“Am I gonna get fucked again this afternoon?” she asked in a wistful voice.

“God, yes,” he promised. “Now that I’ve shot my first load, we can get down to some serious fucking.”

“Good,” she giggled, crawling down to insert his wet, limp prick in her mouth. “I guess I’d better pump him up again.”


Although Robin and her stepfather were enjoying a fabulous sex life, the girl realized how much Bob missed his wife’s company. Because of her total involvement with Charlie Crawford and her complete disdain for Bob, Diane seldom spoke to her husband. She no longer pretended not to be having an affair, and actually flaunted Charlie’s sexual skills in her husband’s face. As time passed, Robin’s hatred for Charlie Crawford intensified. She knew that her mother would be driven out of her mind by Bob’s new-found sex techniques, but as long as she rejected him for Charlie Crawford, there was no chance of her ever experiencing them.

One evening Robin was sprawled on a soft in the den. She hadn’t bothered to turn on any lights because she was enjoying the soft twilight seeping through the open windows. The phone rang and shattered the tranquility. Before she could answer it, her mother stepped into the den and picked up the phone.

“Hello,” she whispered. “Oh, hi, Charlie. I miss you so much.”

Robin could hear Charlie’s muffled voice on the other end of the line.

“Jesus, darling, I’d love to spend the weekend at the beach with you,” Diane whispered, her voice filled with excitement.

There was a pause.

“Shit,” she laughed. “Don’t worry about that big oaf. It’s none of his fuckin’ business what I…”

Another pause.

“You naughty man,” she giggled. “When you say things like that it makes my little pussy all soft and gooey.”

There was another long pause on the other end of the line.

“That’s a good idea,” she said. “I can meet you in the supermarket parking lot. I’ll leave my car there and ride down the coast with you.”

Robin could hear her mother giggling while Charlie spoke.

“God, you make me horny when you talk like that,” she whispered. “And I can’t wait to suck your big tom-tom, too. Okay sweet fucker, I’ll meet you there tomorrow at two-thirty. Oh, by the way, I saw a lawyer today about filing for a divorce.”

There was another pause and then her mother whispered a sweet good night and hung up.

Robin was trembling with both anger and fear when her mother left the room.

She realized that if her mother was really planning to divorce Bob, the affair had to be broken up before it was too late. It was then that a wild idea flashed through her jumbled thoughts. If she could seduce her conservative stepfather, why couldn’t she do the same to a lecherous fool like Charlie Crawford? The more she thought about it, the better she liked the idea. Having seen her mother sucking his huge prick on the patio that night, Robin decided that seducing Charlie might be quite pleasant.

The next morning, Robin slipped into a pair of tight shorts and an extremely loose halter that practically revealed her big luscious nipples. She had a devious plan, and knew it would have to work perfectly. The stakes were too high to take a chance on anything going wrong.

Around one-thirty that afternoon, while her mother was taking a shower, Robin took the car keys from Diane’s purse and hid them behind a hedge in the garden.

“Mom,” Robin said when she emerged from the shower, “I’m going over to Becky’s for a little while. See you later.”

“Robin,” her mother stammered. “I’ll be gone when you get back. I’m going away for the weekend.”


“Just away,” she answered.

“Who with?”

“A friend,” her mother replied. “You can tell Bob that I’ll be back Sunday evening.”

“Okay,” Robin said, lightly kissing her mother on the cheek and rushing out the door. She hoped that Charlie Crawford would be there early. Robin knew that the missing keys wouldn’t delay her mother too long — when she found them missing she would call a taxi — but it would hold her up long enough for Robin to put her plan in action.

Robin was relieved to see Charlie Crawford sitting in his car when she arrived at the supermarket parking lot.

“Hi, Mr. Crawford,” she smiled, opening the door and jumping into the empty passenger seat.

“H-hello, Robin,” he nervously stammered, shocked at seeing Diane’s pretty, young daughter. “What are you doing here?”

“Mother asked me to stop and tell you that she can’t keep her appointment today,” she smiled, leaning forward to give him a good view of the deep cleavage between her big firm tits.


“She had to go out of town with my stepfather and she said that she’d explain when she got back.”

“Where did they go?” he asked, unable to believe what he was hearing.

“Heck, I don’t know,” the girl answered. “They left about an bout ago.”

Charlie just sat in a stunned silence.

“Mr. Crawford,” Robin asked, anxious to get him away from the parking lot before her mother arrived, “would you mind driving me over to the tennis courts?”

“I guess not,” he said, still stunned by the strange turn of events.

Starting the car, he slowly drove away from the supermarket.

“Oh, yes,” she giggled when he stopped for a traffic signal. “I don’t know what she meant, but she told me to tell you that she’ll miss your tom-tom.”

Charlie smiled knowingly.

“I don’t know what a tom-tom is,” she laughed. “But it sounds sort of naughty.”

Charlie didn’t explain.

“I’ll bet she calls your thing a tom-tom,” Robin suddenly giggled, realizing that she had to quickly turn the conversation to sex. “I call Lance’s prick my lollipop.”

He stared with shock at the girl, startled to hear her lewd words.

“I call his prick a lollipop ’cause I love sucking it,” she continued.

Looking dumbfounded at the girl, he suddenly realized that those soft, smooth thighs and big, full tits weren’t those of a child.

“I didn’t realize that you were that experienced,” he stammered, his eyes focused on her fingernails lightly tracing up and down her thigh.

“How often do you fool around?”

“As often as I can,” she giggled. “I love to play with a boy’s cock. It feels so good to touch, you know, all hard and hot in my hands.”

There was something about Robin’s shameless conversation that excited Charlie. His cock was beginning to throb at the thought of being jacked-off by the pretty young girl.

“Don’t you enjoy it when women play with your thing?”

“Yes, I suppose I do,” he grinned.

“See,” she giggled. “And I know you like being sucked-off.”

“How do you know that?” he laughed, getting more excited every minute.

“I saw Mom give you a blow job on our patio one night,” she smiled, glancing at him with teasing eyes. “I was sitting on the lawn and you were both too horny to see me.”

He stared at her with shock, vividly recalling the night of the Claytons’ party.

“And you sure have a beautiful, big cock,” she giggled. “It’s a helluva lot bigger than any of the kids I know.”

“Doesn’t Lance have a big one?” he asked, his cock throbbing excitedly in his pants.

“Sure he has,” she laughed, lightly resting her hand on that big bulge in his pants, “but not like this big tom-tom.”

His body tensed with excitement when the hand touched his swollen prick.

“Mr. Crawford,” she asked, pressing her bare thigh against his leg. “Would you let me suck your cock?”

“What?” he gasped, startled by her frank question.

“May I suck you off?” she repeated, gently squeezing his lurching organ. “I’ve never tasted a big cock like yours.”

His mind was, reeling at the thought of his hard prick slithering in and out of her young, lewd lips. The prospect of firing a load into her soft, sucking mouth was mind-boggling.

“Where can we go?” he asked.

“Take me to some hotel out on the highway,” she whispered, massaging his lurching lump more rapidly. “I’ve never been in a real motel room with a man.”

Charlie hesitated, wondering how it would look for a middle-aged man to check into a motel with a teen-ager wearing nothing but brief shorts and a halter.

“Oh please,” she begged. “I’ll slip out of the car when no one is looking.”

“No,” he grinned. “Let’s drive down by the lake.”

“Okay,” she giggled. “Take me anywhere as long as you promise to squirt my mouth full of fuck-juice.”

“Don’t worry, honey,” he smiled, turning the car around, “I promise you a nice, big mouthful.”

When they arrived at the lake, he parked the car in a secluded area surrounded by a dense grove of trees.

“Gee, this is neat,” she giggled, calmly unfastening her halter and taking it off. Charlie Crawford stared in awe as her luscious big boobs spilled out in front of his eyes. He hadn’t seen such youthful firmness in years. The soft, pinkness of her big areolas was a delicious contrast to the creamy, white softness of her breasts. Her cherry-hard nipples were bursting out like blossoming buds.

“Like my titties?” she giggled, pleased at the way he was staring at them. “They’re all tingly with excitement.”

“My God!” he gasped, licking his dry lips.

“Wait ’til you see what else I have,” she smiled, arching her hips up and sliding her shorts down over her ass.

Charlie’s eyes were immediately drawn to the little triangle of wispy, golden pubic hairs.

“See,” she giggled. “Isn’t that a cute, little pussy?”

“It certainly is,” he stammered.

“And it’s horny as hell,” she whispered, parting the soft lips with her fingers, exposing the juicy, inner flesh of her quivering slit.

Never had anyone ever excited Charlie as much as this teen-aged nymph. Not only was she young and beautiful, but there was something about her sexual frankness that aroused him.

“Okay, Mr. Crawford,” she giggled. “Take your clothes off, every stitch.”

Charlie stepped out and quickly disrobed by the side of the car, tossing his clothes onto the back seat. A tinge rippled through Robin’s pussy when he dropped his shorts exposing his big, hard cock as it thrust up from his massive balls.

“Jesus, that’s a beauty!” she exclaimed when he crawled back into the car.

Frantically clutching at the girl, Charlie drew her soft, naked body into his arms, covering her parted lips with his trembling mouth. Her warm flesh burned against his skin.

“Oooooh, that feels good,” she giggled as his fingers traveled across her erect nipples.

Robin gently wrapped her fingers around his lurching cock. She stared with fascination at the big, hard prick she was clutching in her hand. The rubbery, hard shaft throbbed in her clenched fingers. The big, shining cock-head looked like it was ready to explode as she felt the blood surging through the distended veins just beneath the tight skin.

Leaning over, she darted her tongue against the hole at the top of his big, angry-looking glans, the hole that would soon be squirting cum into her eager mouth.

Holding the stiff shaft in her hand, she began licking it as if it were an ice cream cone. She could feel Charlie lurching beneath her as she gently bathed his cock with her hot spit.

Dropping to her knees, she opened her mouth wide and lowered her slippery, hot lips down over his big, delicious cock-head.

“Oh God,” he moaned looking at the beautiful mass of long, golden hair swirling above his cock.

“Jesus, your cock tastes good,” she whispered up to him between sucks and gulps.

Charlie was almost out of his mind with excitement as Robin continued working her hungry mouth up and down his pleasure-crazed cock. Every time his cock-head nudged against the back of her throat, he could feel her slippery tongue teasing the sensitive underside of his cock. Charlie was lurching all over the seat as her tongue slithered over every nerve of his spit drenched shaft. Her grasping lips seemed to be sucking the very core out of his bloated prick. He couldn’t believe that he was getting this fantastic blow-job from a fucking high school kid.

“D’ya like it, baby?” she whispered, momentarily removing her mouth from his prick. “Do you like my naughty little mouth suckin’ your cock?”

“Oh Christ, Robin,” he sobbed. “Please don’t stop, honey! Please don’t stop!”

“Okay,” she giggled, “But do you like fuckin’ my hot, little mouth?”

“Yes, honey, yes!” he gasped.

“Are you gonna squirt it full of jizz?” she teased.

“Yes,” he blurted. “But, for Christ’s sake, keep suckin’!”

Her passionate, cock-hungry mouth began working faster and deeper over his throbbing prick. Almost insane with ecstasy, Charlie stared down through glazed eyes at the lovely, bobbing head, her long blonde hair flying wildly around her excited, flushed face.

“Oh, sweet Jesus,” he sobbed, feeling her soft hand slide beneath his balls, gently massaging them while one finger lewdly probed into his tight, sensitive asshole. Her mouth was now moving faster, taking his glistening cock deeper and deeper into her throat. His lusty balls were swollen with sperm juice, screaming for release. It was more than he could stand when he felt the full length slither up his slippery asshole.

“Oh, God!” he screamed, grabbing her hair and shoving her mouth down tighter around his lurching cock.

With a wild thrust, he sent a torrent of hot cum squirting into her eager mouth. It continued pouring into her throat, and no matter how fast she swallowed, it was oozing out of the corner of her lips as they clamped around his lurching shaft.

“Oh, Christ!” he shuddered as Robin sucked and swallowed the last drops from his slowly shrinking cock.

“Did you like that?” she whispered, licking gobs of cum from her lips.

“God, yes!” he panted. “Where did you learn to suck like that?”

“Easy,” she giggled. “I’m a little natural born cock-sucker.”

They sat talking for the next half hour, her body snuggled in his arms.

“Well, Mr. Crawford,” she giggled when his prick began swelling in her hand again. “I’m ready to fuck.”

She saw a reluctant expression in his face and knew he was hesitant because of her age.

“Listen, baby,” she whispered as she stroked his hard shaft. “If I’m old enough to suck, I’m old enough to fuck.”

She straddled Charlie’s waist and slowly lowered her cunt toward his throbbing shaft. Still clutching the base of his cock, she guided it into the slippery opening.

The sensation of Robin’s hot cunt sliding salaciously down over his stiff cock, and her soft tits pressing against his face, sent flames of passion searing through his loins. Opening his lips, Charlie drew a rock-hard nipple into his hot, sucking mouth.

“Oh, honey, it’s so fuckin’ hard and good,” she whispered, as she continued lowering her slippery cunt, taking more and more of his massive cock into her grasping fuckhole. When the length of his big prick had slid through her lust-crazed slit, she could feel his big, blood-bloated glans probing the hot depths of her quivering cunt.

“Oh, God, Mr. Crawford,” she whispered, swirling her cunt around his cock. “This feels so fuckin’ good.”

Gently grasping Robin’s ass, Charlie began jerking her up and down over his rigid cock. She squealed with delight as the big cock slithered in and out against the sensitive inner flesh of her cock-stretched cunt. She could see his juice drenched cock sliding in and out of her hot, grasping slit. With each stroke, she could see and hear her hot, swollen cuntlips rubbing against his glistening, wet shaft.

As his cock disappeared in her juicy pussy, Charlie bounced Robin faster and faster around his throbbing tool. As if hypnotized, he stared at the hot juices squishing out of her cunt and running down his glistening shaft.

With a wild contorted expression and her long, blonde hair flying wildly from side to side, Robin stared at Charlie as they plummeted closer and closer to nature’s ultimate thrill.

“Oh, fuck, baby, fuck!” she cried covering his lips with her hot, open mouth.

His plunging, burning cock had set her sex-crazed body on fire as their ecstasy reached a height almost beyond human endurance.

Suddenly feeling his hot cunt squirting into her inflamed fuckhole, she exploded into a screaming, lurching orgasm.

“Ooooooh, honey!” she screamed, frantically clutching him. “I’m coming! I’m coming! I’m coming! Oh shiiitt, baby, I’m commmiiinnnggg!”

Still straddling his slowly shrinking cock, she writhed and trembled for several moments until the overpowering climax began to recede.

“Oh, honey,” she whispered, playfully nibbling on his ear. “That was the best fuck I’ve ever had.”


Earlier that afternoon when Diane couldn’t find the car keys in her purse, she quickly called a taxi as Robin had thought she would. She was only a few minutes late when the driver let her out, and was disappointed that Charlie hadn’t arrived yet. She was impatient at first, but soon began to panic as she watched car after car turn into the parking lot. After an hour had passed, she was overtaken with worry. She couldn’t understand what had happened to Charlie. He was always so considerate and punctual.

Diane decided to take a cab back home since Charlie would probably try to reach her on the phone. Later, she paced back and forth in the living room, worried to death that something terrible had happened to him. Unable to cope with her worry, she decided to walk over to the Crawfords’ home on the pretext that she was visiting Arline. Because of her affair with Charlie, Diane had avoided her friend, although she didn’t think Arline was aware of what was going on. If Charlie had been in an accident or something, Diane was sure that Arline would tell her.

Arriving at Arline’s home, Diane opened the door and walked in as she had always done.

She was startled to see Arline spread naked on a couch, with a man’s bare ass nestled between her thighs. Diane was about to nonchalantly leave when she recognized Bob’s voice.

“Jesus Christ, Arline,” she heard him panting. “You’ve got the juiciest, hottest cunt in the world.”

“Shit, baby,” Arline giggled. “I’ve never seen a cock that can last as long as yours. That big beauty just fucks and fucks and fucks. It never tires out!”

Diane couldn’t believe what was happening. Arline was cradling his body between her legs as her hand squeezed and fondled his stiff shaft.

“Come on, honey, let’s fuck,” she heard Arline whisper as she gently guided his cock-head toward her juice-drenched slit.

Diane stared in numb fascination as Arline closed her grey, smoky eyes in anticipation as his big, purple cock pressed against her slippery, wet pussy ups. She watched Arline biting down on her trembling lower lip as she prepared for the impending penetration.

Fascinated by the lewd scene, Diane crept over to get a better view.

With Arline’s juice-slicken clit only a few feet from her eyes, Diane stared at her husband’s hard cock pushing against the woman’s eager slit. His big cock-head cautiously parted the girl’s hot, swollen cuntlips, slowly stretching them to accommodate his big, throbbing prick.

“Oh, sweet baby,” she heard Arline sob as the big, blood-bloated knob stretched the woman’s cuntlips even wider.

Once the cock had slithered through the tight opening, Arline clasped her arms around Bob’s back, and, arching her hips, she pushed her cunt up to receive the hard cock that was slowly sliding into her hot, hungry pussy.

“Jesus Christ, I love your cock,” Arline whispered when his big cock was embedded in her sex-crazed cunt.

Arline’s smoldering eyes were filled with ecstasy as she locked her long, creamy, white legs behind knees, screwing her inflamed pussy even tighter against his cock.

From the way her asshole was opening and contracting, Diane could tell that Arline’s cunt muscles were squeezing and milking Bob’s embedded cock.

Diane was trembling with excitement as she watched her husband slowly withdraw his big, juice-slicken cock until only the head penetrated the soft nest of black pubic hairs. Diane’s eyes followed the prick as it once more disappeared in Arline’s hot passage. Each time Bob withdrew his cock, Diane could see Arline’s pink cuntlips grasping at it, and when he drove it back in, they followed it with a slurping sound, sending more hot cream oozing out of her clutching pussy.

Reaching beneath her skirt, Diane plunged her finger into her soaking-wet bikini panties and began rubbing her swollen clit. Diane couldn’t believe that her bumbling husband could fuck with such fantastic self-control.

“Jesus Christ, honey!” Arline squealed. “I can’t stand it, baby! It’s so fuckin’ good!”

Bob would thrust his cock in deep for two or three strokes, then follow it with three or four slow, shallow thrusts, followed by a slow, deep penetration and then several rapid, shallow thrusts. The change of speed and depth were filling Arline with ecstasy.

The room was reverberating with the slurping sounds of Arline’s hot cunt juices squishing about Bob’s glistening big cock.

“Oh, you fuckin’ beauty,” Arline whispered, covering his lips with her mouth, her tongue swirling around his.

The sights and sounds were blowing Diane’s mind as she frantically clutched and tore at her juice-drenched pussy, unable to take her eyes from her husband’s big, hairy balls slapping against Arline’s soft, white ass.

Mewling softly into Bob’s ear, Arline pulled him tighter and tighter against her hot flesh. Her smooth, full tits were bouncing back and forth under his big, hairy chest, her hard, erect nipples burning into his skin.

“Oh, sweet baby,” she sobbed. “Please finish me off, honey. I can’t stand much more!”

As he began pounding harder and faster, Arline drew her knees up against her chest, making her cunt more vulnerable to his battering assault.

“That’s it baby!” Arline squealed as he began plunging more violently into her squirming body. “Fuck me baby! Fuck me hard!”

Bob was slamming his prick in and out of the squealing woman’s cunt with ruthless abandon.

“Fuck, honey, fuck!” she screamed, her facial muscles strained with passion, her bulging eyes staring at the ceiling. “Fuck, baby, fuck!”

Diane could tell from Arline’s muscle spasms that she was rapidly approaching orgasm. Crazed with the sight of her husband’s cock slamming into Arline’s cunt, Diane was wildly masturbating her trembling clit.

“Oh, Christ, baby!” Arline squealed, snaking her smooth, white legs tightly around his waist. “Give it to me, baby! Fuck me to death!”

Her mind reeling with excitement, Diane stared at Bob’s lust-swollen cock slamming viciously into Arline’s cunt. With each mighty thrust, Arline’s creamy ass bounced several inches off the couch and cunt juice splattered the cushions.

Frantically rubbing her clit, Diane’s ears were filled with the sounds of squeaking sofa springs and heavy breathing. Arline’s screams, the slapping wet flesh, and the sound of Bob’s stiff cock slurping in and out of Arline’s hot grasping cunt, began to arouse Diane.

“Oh, sweet Jesus!” Arline screamed as the pleasure intensified. “I’m coming! Oh shit, baby, I’m coming! I’m comiiinnnggg!”

With a final scream and lurch, the hysterical woman collapsed into semi-consciousness. Bob’s cock made a sucking, slurping sound as he withdrew it and rolled over on his back.

Diane stared excitedly at his big, stiff shaft pointing straight up at the ceiling. It was obvious he hadn’t fired his load into Arline’s exhausted fuckhole.

“Oh Bob,” Diane sobbed, revealing her presence. “Squirt it into me, honey. Please fill me!”

Bob was startled to see his wife standing over him, frantically tearing off her dress and panties.

“Please ram it in me,” she begged, now naked.

“What the hell are you doing here?” he muttered.

“Never mind,” she sobbed, frantically rubbing her slit. “Just shove it in!”

He stared at his wife who was now clawing at her cunt.

“Please, Bob,” she begged. “I want your cock! Please ram it into me.”

“Okay, sweet, faithful wife,” he sneered. “Lean over and put your elbows on that chair.”

She quickly complied, eager to have her slippery cunt entered from the rear. Standing behind her, Bob rested one hand on her hips and reached between her spread legs with the other, ramming his fingers up her wet pussy. When he had a handful of her creamy cunt juice, he began smearing it around her puckered asshole.

“What are you doing?” she shouted.

Without answering, he threw his other arm around her waist in a vise-like grip and reached back into her slit for another handful of cunt juice. When the struggling, screaming woman’s asshole was drenched with the secretion, he slid his finger through her tight anal opening, swirling it around in the moist darkness of her ass.

“Stop it, you bastard, stop it!” she screamed, trying to free herself from his powerful grip.

Finally withdrawing his finger, he guided his cock-head up against her squirming asshole. Then, grasping her hips tightly, he pushed the big, round bulb of his glans against her unwilling ass.

“Well, baby,” he hissed, lunging forward with a mighty thrust. “You wanted my cock rammed into you, and here it is!”

“Eeeaaaggg!” she screamed as his stiff prick ripped savagely into her virgin asshole. “Oh Christ, stop it! Aaauuuggg! Please! Oh, Chriiissst, that hurts!”

Ignoring her cries, he continued ripping his enraged cock into her torn, inflamed asshole.

“Take this and this and this!” he shouted. “You fuckin’ rotten cheat!”

Diane had never suffered such a seething pain. It seemed to her, after several moments of agony, that the intense pain would never stop, and then she suddenly realized that she didn’t want it to stop. There was something exciting about the brutality of his enraged cock ripping into her burning asshole. As the stretched ring of her anus began to relax, Diane eagerly anticipated every vicious thrust.

Moving his hand from her waist, Bob reached into her cunt, searching for her clit. It excited him to watch his big, glistening cock sliding smoothly in and out of her soft, fleshy ass.

“Oh, that’s it, baby,” she suddenly squealed when his finger found her throbbing clit. “That feels so fuckin’ good!”

Arline couldn’t believe the wild ecstasy on Diane’s face as Bob’s cock slammed in and out of her writhing asshole.

Bob was trembling with excitement as his cock slithered in and out of the warm, buttery depth of her forbidden hole. The stretched tissues of her sucking ass squeezed his iron-hard shaft.

Pounding harder and faster, Diane was thrusting her ass up to meet every lunge of her husband’s battering cock. Every vicious stroke sent flames of unbelievable pleasure screaming through her body, enhanced by his finger wildly massaging her quivering clit. Her cunt was shrieking with pleasure. Her asshole was throbbing with ecstasy, and her body was aflame with a fire she had never experienced before.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” she suddenly screamed, pressing her clit tighter against Bob’s swirling finger. She could feel every muscle in her body tensing for the wad orgasm that was about to envelop her.

“That’s it, honey!” she squealed as his hot cum gushed into her bowels. “That’s it, baby! Squirt! Squirt! Squirt! Fill me up, baby!”

Collapsing on the chair, Diane could feel Bob’s cum still flowing into her ravished ass.


Sitting in the chair at the lake, holding Robin’s naked body in his arms, Charlie Crawford suddenly remembered his cottage reservations at the beach.

“Robin,” he excitedly whispered. “As long as your folks are out of town for the weekend, why not spend it with me at a beach cottage.”

The suggestion quickly brought her back to reality. She had forgotten that he and her mother had planned to go to the beach.

“Gee, I don’t know,” she stalled, fully aware her parents were in town. “I don’t think my parents would allow me to go.”

“But you wouldn’t have to tell them,” he argued. “They’re out of town.”

Robin knew how outraged and angry her mother would be when she learned how Robin had deceived them. If she went away with Charlie, it would postpone the ugly confrontation with her mother for twenty-four hours. Robin was scared to death over the prospect of facing her mother.

“Okay,” she finally answered.

“Great,” he beamed. “We’ll drive by your house so you can grab your toothbrush and swim suit.”

“I can’t do that,” she stammered, realizing that her mother was probably at home waiting for Charlie. “I don’t want any of the neighbors to see me leaving with you.”

“Well, then,” he smiled. “We can stop by my place and pick out one of Arline’s bikinis. She told me she was going out today, and we can grab a toothbrush when we get to the beach.”

“That sounds neat,” Robin smiled as she pulled up her shorts.

When they arrived at the Crawford home, Charlie led her upstairs to select one of his wife’s swim suits. Robin felt guilty about borrowing it without Arline’s approval, but under the circumstances, she had little choice.

Opening the bedroom door, they were greeted by the unlikely sight of Robin’s naked stepfather sprawled on the bed. His mouth was buried in Arline’s slit as she straddled his chest. Diane was squatting over his deeply embedded cock.

Arline was writhing in ecstasy, her lustrous black hair flailing wildly around her excited face as Bob noisily slobbered and sucked on her juice-drenched cunt. Diane was mewling and squealing with delight as she slithered her pink, juicy fuckhole up and down the full length of Bob’s valiant cock.

“Gee,” Robin giggled to Charlie, “this looks like a neat party. I’m sure glad we didn’t miss it.”

“Shit!” he laughed. “At least we know where everyone is.”

“God,” she smiled, excitedly watching the naked bodies writhing on the bed. “It looks like fun.”

“Shall we join them,” Charlie laughed, quickly removing his pants.

“Shit, yes!” Robin giggled, slipping out of her shorts and halter. “It looks like my stepfather needs some help.”

Without waiting for an invitation, Charlie crawled onto the bed, dropping to his knees just behind Bob’s head. Facing his wife, Charlie guided his cock toward her excited, gaping mouth. If Arline was surprised to see her husband’s cock in front of her face, she was too aroused to show it. Grasping his stiff shaft with her hands, she drew his big, throbbing cock-head into the warmth of her hot, sucking mouth.

Noticing that every hole and cock was occupied, Robin reached for the bedside phone and dialed Lance.

“Hi, honey,” she giggled. “This is Robin.” There was a brief pause as he spoke on the other end of the line.

“No, silly,” she laughed, “I’m not mad any more. I want to see you right away.”

“Yes,” she giggled. “And I love you, too. Just wash your cock and come over to the Crawfords’ house as fast as possible. Don’t bother to knock. Just walk up to the bedroom — there’s a party going on that I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss.”

Robin turned her attention to the mass of human flesh writhing on the bed. Robin spied Charlie’s quivering asshole just above his big hairy balls. On a sudden impulse, she hopped over and thrust the full length of her finger into his dark, hot ass.

Charlie lurched and squirmed as Robin’s swirling finger lewdly massaged his sensitive prostate gland, triggering a gush of cum into Arline’s slurping mouth. This seemed to start a chain reaction as Bob suddenly shot his load into Diane’s cunt. At the same instant, the two women exploded into their orgasms.

The bed was soon a tangle of exhausted, limp, wet flesh, and the only sound in the suddenly quiet room was heavy breathing. Staring at Bob’s thick, limp prick, Robin suddenly had a desire to feel it big and hard in her pussy. Robin crawled between his legs and inserted the flaccid, juice-soaked cock into her mouth. She found the taste of his cum, mixed with her mother’s cunt juices, to be strangely exciting.

“Where the hell have you been?” Diane asked, looking over at Charlie. “Why didn’t you meet me at the parking lot?”

“Robin told me that you’d gone out of town,” he answered, his cock beginning to stir again as it always did when he looked at Diane’s body.

This was the first time Diane had been aware that her daughter was in the room.

“Oh, my God!” she gasped, seeing Robin sucking and slurping on her stepfather’s cock. Although shocked by the scene, Diane was turned on at the sight of her daughter’s moist lips working on her husband’s thick penis.

Turning back to Charlie, she was thrilled to see his beautiful shaft throbbing toward another erection. Without a moment’s hesitation, she grasped the man, covering his prick with her eager mouth.

Left to herself, Arline was frantically trying to masturbate when Lance walked into the room.

“Hello, beautiful,” she whispered. “Who are you?”

“Lance Woodward,” he gasped, shaken by the sight of the naked bodies writhing on the bed.

“Hi, Lance, baby,” she continued in a low, sensuous voice. “Why don’t you take your clothes off and fuck awhile. This hot, little cunt of mine is mighty hungry for a nice, hard cock.”

Lance stared with disbelief at the beautiful brunette writhing on the bed, her smoldering grey eyes begging him to fuck her.

Lying on her back with her creamy, white thighs wide open and her knees drawn to her chest, Arline’s fingers were holding her cuntlips open, revealing the soft inner flesh of her juicy, wet slit.

“Come on, honey,” she whispered. “This hot little cunt needs a good fucking.”

As if in a trance, Lance slowly began disrobing, unable to take his eyes off her squirming pussy. The thought of driving his cock up her hot fuckhole was blowing his mind.

“Oh, sweet Jesus,” she gasped when he dropped his shorts, exposing his smooth, steel-hard rod. She had never seen anything as beautiful as this hard, young cock.

Quickly moving between her thighs, Lance dropped to his knees. Reaching down and grasping his hard shaft, Arline slowly guided it toward her slippery, hot cunt.

Raising her hips to assist in the penetration, she felt his big, swollen prick probing against her wet, yielding trembling cuntlips. She felt them stretching to accommodate the hard cock that was sinking into her excited body.

“Oh, my God, that feels good,” Lance moaned as his cock slithered up through her hot cuntal tissues. When he had finally reached full penetration, Lance savored the luxurious feeling of her cuntal walls squeezing his cock.

The bedroom was filled with the sound of creaking bed springs, deep breathing, and the sensuous slurping sounds of three erect cocks pumping in and out of three slippery, hot cunts.

“Oh, honey,” Arline squealed with delight when Lance began speeding the tempo of his long, smooth thrusts. “That’s it, you beautiful young stud, give it to me good!”

His big, driving cock was throbbing with ecstasy as it slithered against the slippery ridges of her warm passage. The pleasure was so intense that Lance could no longer control his actions. His body had been seized by muscular spasms that were driving his cock in and out with a savage intensity.

“That’s it, you beautiful stud!” she sobbed, feeling his bone-hard honker slashing violently into her flaming pussy. “Fuck me, baby, fuck me hard!”

Spurred on by her erotic squeals, Lance was pounding and driving even harder into the lurching woman’s soft, white body.

“Faster, stud, faster!” she shrieked, sinking her teeth and nails into his shoulders. “Fuck, baby, fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

When his hot cum began squirting into her lust-crazed pussy, Arline exploded into a heaving, screaming orgasm.

“Ooooooh!” she squealed. “I’m coming! Commiinnnggg! Commiinnngggg!”

Her body was trembling and lurching with uncontrollable ecstasy as she felt spurt after spurt of hot love juice gushing into her cum-drenched cunt.

“Oh, God, baby,” she whispered, covering his lips with her mouth. “That was delicious, you beautiful animal!”

The six naked people never left the house until late the following evening. They sucked and fucked in pairs, in threesomes, foursomes, and in every conceivable position that their lust-crazed minds could imagine.

When one of them would temporarily collapse from exhaustion, there was always someone to take their place. They felt liberated and were all very much aware that their marriages had been saved. There would be no more sneaking and cheating from now on — with their sex lives in the open, they could enjoy each other’s bodies without jealousies.

Robin was the happiest of all. Her mother and stepfather would always remain together and the girl could enjoy her sex life with Bob as well as with Charlie Crawford and her own, sweet Lance.

Her mother had taught her how.

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