Breast Pumping and Driving

Reckless Driving – adapted from another story…

A new mother’s attempt to pump while driving leads to an
encounter with police.
How many new mothers have been faced with the difficult
challenge of wanting to breastfeed, but had a job that just
didn’t work in their favor? Susan Thurman faced the same
problem, but she was determined to give her child the best –
regardless of the inconvenience.

Susan was an account executive with a large corporation and was
seemingly always pressed for time, so when she found a breast
pump that had a cigarette lighter adapter, she was elated.
Her first week back at work was great. She took several
breaks during the day and would run out to the car and pump.
This gave her the privacy which was not available in a busy
office. Her pump was fitted with dual suction cups and she was
getting more than enough milk to keep her baby happy when she
wasn’t home.
The first part of the second week became a challenge.
Having been gone three months meant that Susan had to play catch
up with all her accounts. She had spent Monday through Thursday
visiting everyone, talking about the baby, and just having a
great time in general.
Then Friday rolled around. She had scheduled two
appointments too close together and she had become
engorged…really engorged. The attractive mother’s breasts were
leaking, and they hurt, too.
Here’s where Susan’s dilemma started: did she be a good
employee and rush to her next appointment or did she be a good
mother and pump for her daughter? This was a no-brainer, really,
Susan had no choice but to pump, but she couldn’t leave a
customer waiting either when she’d been gone for three long
Okay, she figured, they put the cigarette lighter
plug-in on this thing for a reason. She did the only thing a
mother would do. Susan was dressed in business suit skirt outfit
with a blouse, pantyhose and high-heeled pumps. She took off her
suit jacket and laid it in the back seat so it would not get
wrinkled. She then tucked a short, white cloth into the waist
band of her skirt to protect it from any ‘leaks’. It hung sort of
like an apron.

Then she went to work. Sitting down in the driver’s seat, she
unbuttoned all buttons on her blouse and opened the flaps on both
cups of her nursing bra. She hooked herself – both breasts – up
to the pump and adjusted her blouse as best she could. Thusly
arranged, she adjusted the suction cups and then put the car in
A ‘hooked up’ Susan Thurman headed down the highway
being very careful not to pass any truckers or get next to any
vehicles that might have passengers who could see into her car.
The gentle whoosh, whoosh of the pump was playing along with the
radio and she was doing just fine until the semi-trailer she was
behind started to slow down as they headed up a hill. Susan knew
she was going to have to pass, so she pressed down her high heel,
nearly flooring it, and went around the slow moving truck as fast
as she could.
Susan’s car swerved a bit as she pulled back over in
front of the truck. After she got back over into the lane in
front of it, she saw a car come flying up behind her. She
started hoping that it wouldn’t pass her and the driver see what
she was doing.
Well, Susan got her wish. The next thing she knew there
were flashing red lights in her rearview mirror. Heart nearly
stopping and breasts flopping Susan said aloud, “This can’t be
The now anxious businesswoman started trying to unhook
the suction cups while she was pulling off the road. She set the
bottles in the passenger seat. Susan didn’t have time to adjust
herself, so she knew she must have looked awfully interesting as
the officer approached her car. He looked in over her shoulder.

“License and registration, ma’am,” he asked and then continued,
“Do you know why I pulled you over…?”
Trying to hold her blouse closed while she was getting
her license out of her purse wasn’t easy. Susan could feel her
nipples leaking. Her suit skirt had ridden up on her pantyhose
while she was leaning over to get her purse and the hemline was
well up past mid-thigh. Since the officer was by then leaning in
the side window of the car he could see ‘everything’. Susan
tried to collect herself and think of a good story, but quickly
decided the truth would be the best approach. Besides, maybe the
officer would think she was just some silly woman and let her go
on her way.
As Susan began her story she could tell that she wasn’t
impressing him. She supposed he had heard the business person’s
“I’m late” excuse a hundred times, and when she added the
breastfeeding part she thought he was going to laugh at her.
Instead, she saw a little smirk on his face, then a full grin
that led right into a bemused laugh.

He then told her, “My wife was a breastfeeder, too. Real nice,
Mrs. Thurman, ma’am, how you love your baby so much.”
The pleasantries were over and the officer told her
that regardless of her ‘story’, she would have to take a sobriety
test because of her erratic driving. Not to mention that her face
was red as a beet! He ordered her out of the car. As Susan was
holding her blouse together and trying to get her heels on the
pavement, her skirt caught and slid up her nylon covered thighs
practically to her crotch. Keeping a close watch on the woman’s
movements, the officer got a real eyeful!

The now rattled businesswoman looked a sight, standing there in
her skirt, nylons and high-heeled pumps with a make-shift apron
and her blouse flapping open. She hadn’t even had a chance to
close up the cups of her brassiere. The officer told Susan to
‘get dressed’ and then he watched her as she got her bra closed
up and buttoned her blouse, leaving it outside of her skirt.

The officer made her walk up and back in a straight line.
Rattled as she was, this was harder than it should have been,
even in her high heels. Then he made her stand with her high
heels together, arms at her sides. Susan stood for the longest
time as he just watched her, seeing if she could maintain her
balance with her feet close together. Then he made her stand
first on one foot and then the other. No mean feat in high
heels! Finally, he made her close her eyes and touch her nose –
first with one hand, then the other, then both.

To make a long story short – Susan didn’t get off easy because
the officer said she was driving recklessly. He gave her a stern
lecture and a good scolding. Luckily he gave her a warning
citation,but no ticket.
This is a story that Susan’s husband enjoys to this
day. The thought of his lovely wife being ogled and put through
her paces by a uniformed police officer turns him on. Just to let
you know, Susan didn’t attempt to pump and drive since that one
time…pumping and driving don’t mix.