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The family closet 2.

Kay finalized her plans in her own mind as she prepared breakfast the next morning. She greeted her son with a smile and a good morning kiss as he entered the room and seated himself at the table. He was dressed only in a pair of thin boxers. She admired the firm muscles in his […]

The Family Closet 1.

Thirty-eight year old Kay Lester stretched her tired, naked body on the bed. It had been a long day and the stress of work had really gotten to her. She felt a bundle of nerves and knew that only one thing could relax her enough to finally fall asleep. She opened her nightstand drawer, retrieved […]

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The time is 1942. The world is at war and George Hunt, an English spy somewhere in France, along with, Monique Rouge, a female member of the French Resistance, are picked up and are taken to Paris for interrogation. After the local SS intelligence agent can’t get anywhere they are turned over to the Gestapo. […]

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We quickly forgot the near-pregnancy experience. There was so much else to think about. The first preliminary test before the final exam came in the beginning of March and we had to spend more time, studying. It was judgement day for Mark in particular. I had a fair idea about how his father had persuaded […]

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