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Tying the knot

With Joyce still spread completely open Richard stood on his haunches, placing his feet on either side of her waist, and lowered his still bobbing pelvis to her lap. They stopped all movement as Richard, with Joyce’s help, guided the erect and jerking penis back to the wet and winking vulva. Richard stroked to mid […]

Stepdad’s Naughty Girl

Pretty Cindy Barnes kept thinking about sex. As she lay in bed, her thoughts made her cute tits hard in the bra she was wearing. Between her legs, nested in brief bikini panties, her cunt got warmer. A soft sound escaped her throat. Beneath the blankets her hands moved to her special spots, one on […]

The kinky family – Winds of Change

Mariah Wallace got out of her car slowly, hoping that she could get from the carport into the house without tossing the remnants of her breakfast. “I shouldn’t have had that second bagel with cream cheese,” Mariah groaned as her stomach continued to churn. After fumbling with her keys for a moment, she finally succeeded […]

Daughter’s New, Hot Family

“I’m over eighteen, Papa, old enough now to know what I want!” Kitty Harmon insisted. “Old enough for you to treat me like a woman instead of just a little girl!” “Baby,” Luke Harmon said, squirming from the pressure being put on him, “you know I’ve always tried to give you anything you asked for. […]

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