Bestiality For Cindy

A child and a pet often form a wonderful and wholesome relationship. But our story concerns a girl who loved her dog too much.

Without a father in the home, Cindy felt alone and fearful when her barmaid mom was gone nights. She had read enough in the newspapers and seen enough television and motion pictures to realize the dangers a young girl faces when she is alone.

Therefore, the most natural thing in the world seemed to be to acquire a dog. A dog who was fearless, and could protect her just in case.

Her mother agreed to the idea and they went to a pet shop and picked out a thoroughbred. She was happy with her dog-protector until she became conscious of the fact the dog was becoming stimulated with her.

She decided to do a little experimentation. And in so doing, discovered a totally new dimension of sexual delight — sex with a dog. She enjoyed her experiences immensely, and when her mother found out — surprised her with her reaction. For her mother wanted to share the dog with her.

Soon, they were engaging in all kinds of sex acts with the handsome, virile, dog. But what turned into a pleasurable sexual release, became a money-making venture. For an underground movie producer hit upon the idea of having Cindy’s passion put on film. Thus, Cindy and her dog became involved in a most unusual movie.

However, her mother soon became beaten down with guilt feelings. For she recognized what a damaging thing she was doing to her daughter. And this made her sick.

But Cindy didn’t see it that way at all. She loved the animal — in her own way — and felt she had a perfect right to carry on with the love affair.

It ended tragically, when her mom made a final plea for her to stop having sex with the dog — and the headstrong young girl refused to listen.


Johnny licked Cindy’s clitoris. Cindy wiggled all over the bed. Johnny had to grip her ass cheeks tightly to hold her in place. He went on sucking her.

“Eat me,” she begged frantically. “Yes, Johnny. Suck me. I love it.”

She reached down to grip his head and hold him pinned over her pussy. This was the first time that Cindy had ever become so excited in her life. She didn’t know that sex could be so stimulating. But Johnny’s tongue was teaching her and teaching her with a vengeance.

“Eat me,” she cried ecstatically, “oh, baby, now you’re doing it. That’s the way I like it. Keep it up.”

As Johnny nibbled her love button she gushed in his mouth. Pressing his mouth tight he sucked hard.

“Suck it out,” she panted as she threw her legs up in the air, “suck me, baby.”

She was feeling wonderful now. And she wanted him to lick her all over when he finished sucking on her pussy.

When she finished juicing, Johnny pulled his tongue out of her and looked up at her to see what she had to say.

“Just like you told me, Johnny,” she exclaimed excitedly, “you are really a tongue man. Oh, Johnny, use that tremendous tongue of yours all over me. Lick my tits, too.”

Johnny was delighted that he’d gotten Cindy to agree in the first place. But he never expected she would get this excited. Wasting no time he started sucking on her bosoms. “Keep it up,” she begged frantically. As Johnny let his hands feel all over her body he suddenly felt her ass cheeks. His cock stiffened once more. He knew he had to fuck her.

“Ohhh, baby,” he told her, “I want to slip my prick up your asshole.”

“No,” she insisted, “you’re not going to do that.”

“You can eat it then,” he said. “Let me slip it in your mouth.”

Even though Cindy didn’t like the idea of taking Johnny’s penis in her mouth, she thought it would be easier to accept that way than up her asshole.

Johnny was so horny that he was straddling her at this point. His firm round behind brushed across her bosoms as he aimed his cock for her mouth.

“Open wide so I can slide inside,” he told her eagerly.

Opening her mouth she accepted him. He loved the way she lay back and let him slip it in smoothly. Her lips fastened around the head of his shaft. Soon she was sucking hard on the tip of his cock.

“Easy does it,” he warned her. “Much more of that cock sucking and I’ll juice my gun.”

She’d always known Johnny was a pistol. But she never knew he could be this wild.

“Beautiful,” he told her. “Now play with my ass while I fuck your face.”

He was thrilled when she accommodated him. Her hands reached for his behind.

“Suck it,” he told her, “suck my sticky dick.”

He rammed his cock down her throat without mercy.

“Yes,” he panted as he pumped it to her. “Now you’re doing it. That’s the way I like it. Suck it off. Suck every drop out of it.”

With the meaty head in her mouth, she sucked. She could taste him starting to juice. At first she thought she would hate the taste of his cum. But to her surprise it wasn’t bad.

“Eat it,” he insisted, “eat my slippery prick. Come on, cock sucker, eat it.”

Johnny’s balls bounced against her lips as she sucked. Now he was almost there.

“Come on,” he begged, “suck it off. Suck me.”

Not only did she find pleasure playing with his ass cheeks, but she thought it would be fun to finger his asshole. Parting Johnny’s ass crack she slid a finger up his rectum. He loved the feeling of her finger gliding up his tight anal channel.

“Fuck it,” he told her as he watched her slip a finger in his behind.

Massaging his prostate gland excited him all the more. At this point he was so excited he could hardly stand it.

“I’m aiming,” he cried ecstatically. “Ohhh, ahhh, yes, yes. Suck it. Suck it off. Eat my dick.”

His hot white cum shot down her throat. She gulped hungrily.

“Eat it,” he told her. “Come on, eat my dick.”

She sucked hard. His hot white cum shot down her throat and she gulped some more.

When she’d finished sucking off Johnny’s cock, she knew that he would want something else.

“Oh, baby,” he told her, “you really are wild.”

She glanced at his cock and noticed it was still erect.

“What do you want now,” she asked him.

“I know what I want,” he told her, “and I’m gonna have it, too.”

He rolled her over. Grasping her ass cheeks he flipped his cock between them.

“No, no,” she cried out in alarm, “you’re not gonna stick that big cock of yours up my ass. No way.”

Johnny was determined he was going to ram his rock-hard cock up her asshole.

“I’ll make it slippery and nice,” he promised her.

He got some Vaseline and applied it to his shaft.

“Now it’ll ride up easy,” he assured her. “Relax.”

With his slippery cock sliding between her ass crack he prepared for the invasion of her asshole.

“Come on, baby,” he told her, “we’re gonna make it.”

All of the sudden he drove forward.

“That’s the way,” he told her, “thrust your ass back to me. Come on. Cooperate with me.”

Driving it hard up her asshole he enjoyed every moment of it.

“Fuck, baby,” he told her. “Now you’re doing it. Twist your ass for me. Churn it around.”

She churned her behind as he rammed it to her.

“Fuck it,” he told her, “fuck. Oh, baby, fuck it.”

Every erotic moment he was getting more and more excited. His balls slapped against her ass cheeks as he fucked her asshole.

“Hurry up and get the damned thing off,” she told him. “I can’t take much more of this. Hurry up.”

He was enjoying it immensely.

“Oh, baby,” he told her, “you don’t know how good this feels to me. Oh, yes. Like that. Twist your tail.”

Churning her hips for him she provided the kind of erotic pleasure that he required. His plunging penis was ready to explode.

“I’m cuming,” he exclaimed. “Ohhh, keep grinding. Milk my prick.”

She continued grinding her hips around just as he wanted her to. She was milking him.

“Yes, yes,” he urged her on. “Now you’re doing it. That’s the way I like it. Fuck it. Come on, baby. Fuck it off.”

Her churning behind milked his cock effectively. Finally he pulled his penis from her cum-slickened asshole.

He rolled over and laughed.

“So you were the high school virgin,” he chuckled. “That’s too much.”

“I was until I met you, damn it,” she told him. “You really burn the hell out of me.”

“These days a high school girl should expect to get fucked,” he told her.

“I’ve been screwed all my life,” she told him. “Ever since I was born. Mom and me have had to make it on our own. Dear old daddy left us. I guess he had a love affair with booze and left us for a barmaid.”

“That sounds pretty bad,” Johnny said. “Maybe I shouldn’t be dealing with a girl like you.”

To comment so lightly on her tragic life did not make Cindy happy.

“You worthless piece of you-know-what,” she glared at him.

“Go ahead and say it,” he laughed as he scratched his head. “I could care less. I banged you, baby. That’s all I wanted. I knew I could have anything off you if I worked for it.”

Proudly and triumphantly Johnny got off the bed and slid into his shorts. He got dressed and left her alone. But she was outraged.

“You’re a royal bastard,” she told him as he left her alone.

Cindy had a chance to do a lot of thinking.

Her mother worked long hours as a waitress and she didn’t have many opportunities to speak with her. She had figured Johnny could help her with her homework as he said he would. But his insistence on sex surprised her. Giving in on one count she never expected that he would go on to greater lengths. She had learned a bitter lesson.

When she finally just about got to sleep, she was awakened by her mother coming in. Her mother came into the bedroom and checked to see if she was still awake. “Yes, I’m awake, Mom,” she told her. “Cindy, love,” her mother smiled excitedly, “I’ve been promoted. I don’t have to carry any more of those trays. I’m gonna be a hostess.”

“But, Mom,” Cindy reminded her, “I thought you said if the boss gave you the hostess job you’d have to go to bed with him.”

“I know, baby,” her mother explained with a guilty smile, “nobody’s perfect.”

“Really, Mom,” Cindy gulped nervously. “So that’s the way you got ahead. I suppose you and dad didn’t bother with the license. Maybe that’s why you’ve had so much trouble getting a name for me.”

“How you talk,” her mother said, collecting her wits. “Of course there are problems when a father has disappeared. But he was your father.”

“Legally?” Cindy asked her.

“Of course,” her mother replied. “The records of heaven tell who screwed who. Or at least they should.”

Cindy recognized she’d been drinking. Her mother really wasn’t much consolation.

“Good night, Mom,” she told her. “I’m bushed.”

Cindy tried to get to sleep. She couldn’t. She was thinking. Yes, she did have a beautiful body. The boys at school were starting to pay a lot of attention to her. The only way she felt she could really be secure would be with a big dog. Her mother being gone so late made her fearful, too. She had heard plenty of stories about rape. That was the last thing she wanted. At least she’d been careful to guard her pussy. She wasn’t going to have any unwanted babies. She knew what it was like from her own brutal experience to be an unwanted child. She didn’t want to let it happen to anyone else. Certainly not a child of her own.

The next morning over breakfast she asked her mother, “Can I have a dog?”

“What on earth for?” Her mother demanded. “I’ve gotten you about everything you could ask for. A month ago it was a television set. And now it’s a dog.”

“But I need a dog, Mom,” Cindy explained. “I’m here alone a lot at night. I’ve been reading about all of these rapes. I’m afraid.”

Her mother looked at her. She had to admit she possessed a beautiful body. Her mother recognized her breasts were starting to bloom and her body was taking on a very sexy shape.

“Yes, darling,” her mother admitted candidly, “you could get in trouble. The last thing I need is for you to bring a baby into the world.”

“So it’s settled,” she said excitedly. “I can have a dog.”

“I didn’t say that,” her mother snapped, “but we will consider it.”

Fortunately, her mother did consider it and an hour or so later they were at the pet shop picking out an animal.

“Look at that beautiful dog,” she told her mother. “Ohhh, I want him.”

The pet shop owner looked at her with a sly smile.

“He bit someone last week,” he told her, “so maybe you would be afraid of him.”

“He’d never bite me,” Cindy giggled. “I get along well with dogs.”

“I’ll bet you do,” he nodded. “Well, I would give you a special price on him. But I warn you. He can be dangerous.”

“My daughter is seeking a dog for protection,” her mother explained, “and that is exactly why we want the animal. How much is he?”

“Normally I’d ask three hundred,” the pet shop owner smiled proudly, “but because of the fact he can bite when you least expect it, I think I could let you have him for half price.”

“Oh, Mom, I’ve got to have him,” Cindy begged. “Please, Mom. Please!”

Cindy’s pleas brought results.

“I guess there’s no other way,” her mother told her. “I’ll have to dip into our vacation fund money. We might not be able to go as far as we planned to.”

“I don’t care,” Cindy assured her mother. “I just want the dog.”

When she was home with the dog that night, she was happy. For she had found someone who could love and understand her. Cindy wasn’t afraid for one moment that the dog would prove difficult to deal with. She had already named him. He looked so noble that she thought she ought to call him Caesar.

“Caesar, my love,” she smiled, “you would never harm me, would you?”

Just as she was making her noble proclamation she glanced down and saw the dog’s huge penis. It was becoming erect.

“Oh, no,” Cindy gulped, “don’t tell me I’m turning you on, Caesar. That’s indecent.”


Even though it was indecent, Caesar had ignited glancing at the beautiful girl beside him. He couldn’t help it. She had such a gorgeous shape that he was getting hotter by the moment.

“Caesar,” she told the dog, “I can’t neglect you. You should really be the first to christen my pussy.”

Caesar no doubt felt great honor and pride as his mistress suggested that he should slip his dog shaft inside of her pussy for the first time around.

She had heard plenty about a girl’s cherry. She wanted to make sure that Caesar broke her cherry first. She spread out a sheet on the bed and a couple of towels. She deliberately picked a red towel.

Once she was ready for the dog to slip his shaft inside of her she angled her body so he could make the big invasion.

“All right, Caesar,” she smiled as she spread her legs wide, “fuck me.”

Caesar didn’t understand what she was saying but he did understand what a gorgeous box she had. He bent over and started licking her.

“You old pussy eater,” she giggled. “I want you to fuck me not suck me.”

Reaching for Caesar’s gigantic male member she plunged it into herself.

“Come on, boy,” she urged him on, “fuck.”

Thrusting forward she let the dog ram it to her.

She loved the sensation of the dog sliding inside.

“Yes, yes,” she cried ecstatically, “fuck me. I want it. Oh, Caesar, fuck me.”

The big dog was stabbing her pussy with hard, driving cock stabs. At the same time she was swinging her hips back and forth. Then it happen — he broke her cherry. She didn’t care. It was a joyous experience.

As the red flood spread across the bed, she didn’t worry.

“Go right ahead, tiger,” she told him, “fuck me.”

Caesar rammed it to her hard. He was enjoying himself.

“That’s the way I like it,” he panted as he pushed it to her. “Now you’re screwing me. Fuck, Caesar, fuck. Come on, boy, fuck it.”

Passionately the dog rammed his cock into her. She swung her hips vigorously.

“All the way, boy,” she told him. “Now you’re doing it. Oh, yes. I want it. Fuck. Fuck it.”

Caesar went on shoving until he shot off his gun. At that point her vagina muscles clasped his sliding cock and she helped him juice it.

“Ohhh, baby,” she gasped excitedly, “fuck it off.”

When Caesar had finished unloading she looked at him adoringly.

“You don’t know how much momma enjoyed that,” she told him. “You really don’t.”

At that point he pulled his big cock out of her and she took care of herself. She knew she’d have to throw the towel, away, but she was delighted. She had always worried about a rough crude boy stabbing his cock into her and hurting her. Now Caesar had rammed her maidenhead and had given her just exactly what she needed.

When she took a hot shower and a cold shower, she got back to bed and relaxed. Caesar lay beside her. She wrapped her arm lovingly around him. She didn’t hear a thing until her mother came in late.

Her mother burst out laughing as she saw her lying there.

“Oh, baby,” her mother smiled, “you and Caesar look like lovers.”

Through sleepy eyes she looked up at her.

“I do love Caesar,” she assured her mother.

Her mother could tell she did but she didn’t realize just how much.

The next morning Cindy got ready for school. She made it a point to avoid Johnny. She couldn’t stand him. He was much too disgusting.

She saw a blue-eyed German boy who appealed to her. Basil. He was new in her class. She introduced herself.

“Hi, Basil,” she began in a friendly manner, “how are you?”

“I don’t think I know you,” Basil told her.

“I’m Cindy Lawson,” she smiled, “and you’re…?”

“I’m Basil Holverson,” he told her.

“I thought you were German,” she laughed, “but I guess you’re Swedish.”

“My folks are from the Scandinavian countries,” he told her. “We are inter-related.”

A few moments later Basil was inviting her to a movie.

“I love those neat horror shows,” she told him. “Do you have a car, Basil?”

“I sure do,” he told her. “A real nice Porsche.”

“You must be very rich,” she smiled happily.

“No, it’s an old Porsche,” he frowned.

“That’s all right,” she nodded. “I know we’ll have a good time.”

Saturday night she realized what kind of time Basil had in mind.

“You can relax more in the back seat,” he told her after they’d finished their popcorn and hot dogs.

“I don’t know,” she hedged. “I think I can see it better right here.”

“But you can’t see me better,” Basil whispered eagerly.

Reaching down he unzipped his fly, pulled out his cock and exposed himself.

“Basil,” she exclaimed nervously, “what in hell are you doing?”

“Showing you seven inches,” he told her. “Seven inches out to bring you good luck.”

“Good suck, from the way that you’re pulling up and down on it,” she grinned.

“Would you?” Basil asked eagerly. “Would you blow me?”

“Why not?” She asked him. “I read in that opinion poll in that women’s magazine that ninety percent of the women are blowing their men. I also read that ninety percent of the men are having sex with their wives with their tongues.”

“I’m not a pussy eater,” Basil shook his head.

“You can always learn,” she said eagerly. “I will teach you. How about it?”

“I guess that would be fair,” Basil thought about it. “If you suck off my cock I suppose I should eat your pussy.”

“Naturally you should,” she told him. “Let’s get going.”

She was delighted that she’d gotten Basil on the ball. Getting in the back seat the young boy not only pulled out his penis, but he pulled down his pants and pulled off his shorts. She gripped his bare buttocks and pulled his proud cock to her mouth.

“Open wide and let me thrust it inside,” he said as he gripped her head.

In a moment Basil was plunging his cock into her mouth. She was sucking on it like candy.

“Oh, it’s sweet,” he told her. “Doesn’t it taste good? You’re gonna swallow that sticky stuff. Come on. Suck my big juicy prick. Suck it.”

She was letting her tongue lash the length of his shaft. She was enjoying it and so was he.

“Now you’re eating it,” he told her. “Come on, baby, suck it off. Suck my cock.”

She went on licking on Basil’s joy stick. It was obviously making him extremely excited.

“Oh, yes,” he exclaimed, “that’s the way I want you to do it. Come on, suck. Suck that cock. Now you’re doing it. That’s the way I like it. Suck my juicy prick. Suck it off.”

Passionately he went on thrusting his thick cock into her mouth. She was enjoying it. It was like candy to her. She could hardly wait for it to shoot.

“Eat it,” he told her.

She liked being invaded by his penis. She enjoyed the intimacy of having his thick shaft riding down her throat. She liked the smell of his sweaty balls. More than that she enjoyed clasping his ass cheeks. For by so doing she could feel his flexing ass muscles as he vigorously fucked her face.

Basil was turned on, too. Too often he had found girls who didn’t appreciate a young stud who wanted to get his rocks off in this way. He had finally found a girl who was a natural-born cock sucker. By instinct he could tell she enjoyed eating cock. He was delighted.

“You’re giving great head, honey,” he told her. “Come on. Sure I’ll suck your pussy. I’ll suck anything on you. Just keep doing me. Suck my prick. Suck my juicy dick.”

She was bringing her mouth to the point where she could provide excellent entertainment. Her teeth bit down lightly, and her tongue whirled around the tip of his shaft. She dipped her tongue in the small slit of the crown of his cock. He loved the sensation.

“Eat my pecker,” he panted. “Come on. Eat my prick. That’s the way. Suck it. Suck it off.”

Now he was excited.

“Oh, baby,” he gasped eagerly, “that’s what I like. Suck me.”

He had his balls riding her lips. He was plunging it all the way down her throat. Basil enjoyed the feel of his slippery shaft sliding against the back of her throat.

“Yes, yes,” he groaned in delight as he went on ramming it to her. “That’s the way. Come on, baby, suck. Suck that big dick. Suck it off.”

Ramming it with ever harder thrusts he was bringing her closer and closer to a sticky white climax.

“Oh, beautiful, baby,” he told her. “That’s how you do it. Suck it off. Come on, baby, suck it. Suck it off.”

At last the hot white sperm erupted in her mouth. She enjoyed the sweet taste of his thick cock cream. She sucked it all out. Patting his ass playfully she went on licking. She figured he might enjoy having his ass fucked with her finger. Slipping her hand between his ass crack she eased her index finger right up his asshole. He loved it.

“Oh, baby,” he told her excitedly, “that’s what I like. Now you’re doing it. Oh, finger fuck my ass. You’ll get some more juice out of my pecker.”

Sure enough as she continued playing with his tight anal channel electric waves of sexual pleasure shot through his body. His penis stiffened once more and he stabbed it down her throat. She knew he was going to explode again. As the white flash flood of cum shot down her throat, she gulped hungrily.

She went on fingering Basil’s tight anal channel all the while she was sucking his cock.

She sucked until it tickled and he pulled out swiftly. She felt lonely and vacant once he had pulled his penis from her.

“Ohhh, Basil baby,” she smiled, “I want you to suck my pussy.”

Having obtained his sexual satisfaction Basil was not so sure that he wanted to eat her.

“Cindy,” he explained evasively, “I’ve never eaten pussy before. I’m kind of shy.”

“So am I,” Cindy told him quickly, “but don’t worry about it. You’ll be all right. I promise I won’t be critical.”

It wasn’t the thought of Cindy being critical that was stopping him. It was the idea of eating her snatch when he was totally satisfied. A moment before, before his balls exploded, he could have done anything to her. But now it was difficult.

“Play with my pussy,” she asked him eagerly, “go ahead.”

That might be all right, Basil reasoned, as he reached down and pulled up her skirt and pulled down her panties. He patted her pussy. Next he let his tongue slip along her slit.

“Eat me,” she begged eagerly, “oh, baby, eat me.”

Basil let his tongue slowly slide along her pussy crack. She was disappointed. But she wasn’t going to let him know. She figured that he needed someone to educate him.

“You’re doing it beautiful,” she told him, “but you’ve got to stick your tongue inside.”

Basil knew this. But he didn’t want to.

“Look at me,” she suggested as she reached down and parted her pussy lips. Glancing inside Basil saw the moist pink flesh. It did look inviting. He sniffed her snatch. It smelled wonderful.

“Lick me,” she begged. “Go ahead, move over it with your tongue.”

The young boy let his tongue slip inside of her. She did taste good. That kept his tongue swinging from side to side.

“Wow!” Cindy panted. “You’re a pussy eater all right. Keep it up.”

Basil’s hot tongue lashed the velvety vagina walls of Cindy’s snatch. Cindy meantime was pushing. Her pelvis was going back and forth as she churned her hips. “Yes, yes,” she cried ecstatically, “suck my pussy. Eat me.”

Basil’s tongue found its way around. He was discovering that by using alternating tempos of licking he could produce various responses. When he would lick it slow and easy she would likewise swing her hips slowly. When he would jab his tongue in her using it like a plunging penis, she would pump back to him.

“Yes, yes,” he begged, “that’s what I want. Now you’re doing it. Come on.”

Together they were closing in on climax. This was the moment that Cindy was waiting for. She wanted to make sure that Basil didn’t pull his tongue out of her snatch at the climactic moment. It was very important to her that he ate her.

“Ohhh, baby,” she panted, “lick me. That’s the way. Yes, darling, yes.”

Passionately his tongue slid around inside of her. It wouldn’t be much longer now.

“Eat me,” she begged him as she gushed.

Basil kept his lips over her snatch properly. His tongue licked hungrily. She let her fingers wander through his hair as she held him down there over her pumping, gyrating pussy.

When he had finished licking her clean, he withdrew.

“You’re wonderful,” she told him, “you really are, Basil.”

Basil felt as if he had achieved something. He had discovered a new kind of lovemaking. Many times he was curious to know what pussy eating would be like. However, he had confined his sexual activity to occasional pussy fucks and cock sucks. Now he was widening the scope of his sexual erotic stimulations.

“That was a first for me,” he told her. “I just hope my virgin tongue was all right.”

To prove how all right Basil’s virgin tongue was to her, Cindy threw her arms around him and clutched him. She pushed her beautiful bosoms against his chest to further stimulate him. Passionately he placed his lips on hers. Their bodies merged in a soul kiss. Basil’s tongue found its way inside her mouth. She could taste her own juices as he tongue fucked her face.

When he withdrew, his eyes were aglow with delight.

“We’ve been so intimate,” she breathed heavily, “and I’ve loved it. Every sticky minute of it.”

Basil kissed her passionately once more.

Just about then an usher shot a spotlight down.

“Damn it,” she complained, “they would have to do it.”

A moment later the young usher was in the front seat.

“What’s going on here?” He demanded.

“Nothing,” Basil said as he tried to cover himself up with his hands.

“Nothing much,” the usher shook his head. “Well I’ve seen it from the start. She sucked you off and then you ate her pussy. You don’t need to fool me.”

“What are you gonna do about it, damn it?” Cindy demanded tightly.

“I’ll settle for a blow job,” he told her. “If you can suck my cock off as well as you did his, I’ll be satisfied.”

Cindy shook her head in defiance.

“You blackmailing good-for-nothing bastard,” she shrieked at him.

“It doesn’t make any difference to me,” the usher told her. “I’ll just report both of you and your license number to the manager.”

He recited Basil’s license to let him realize he really knew it.

“He’s got us trapped, Cindy,” Basil shook his head. “You’d better suck off his cock.”

It really aggravated Cindy to think that she could be had. Nevertheless, she didn’t want to get Basil in trouble or herself for that matter.

The usher traded places with Basil. He pulled down his zipper and pulled out his penis.

“I hope I’m not shortchanging you,” he smiled at her, “but I think I’d better keep my pants on. After all, I’m supposed to be supervising what’s going on around here.”

He let out a little cryptic laugh and then stroked himself a couple of times until his cock was rock hard.

“Go down on it,” he said smoothly.

Cindy didn’t like being used like this. But she was willing to face her fate.

Grasping the usher’s thick long cock she let her tongue twirl around the tip of it.

“Ah, that feels good,” he told her as he watched in fascination. “Now slip your sweet mouth down over it and suck hard.”

In the meantime, in the front seat, Basil, was watching closely. He figured that he would have his fun, too.

At this point he reached for his penis and began playing with himself. He was discovering a lot of fun watching a man get his cock fellated while he jerked his penis.

“Eat it for him,” Basil smiled smugly. “Go ahead, Cindy, suck his cock off.”

Cindy was outraged. She pulled her mouth off the head of his shaft and complained.

“Whose side are you on?” She asked Basil.

“I’m sorry,” Basil apologized, coming back to his senses. “I got carried away watching you lick his dick.”

“I guess you did,” she complained.

“Would you two quit arguing so I can get my rocks off,” the usher demanded.

She gripped his main stem and felt like biting the head of it off. She figured she’d better not as he was a lot bigger than her.

Grasping his thick penis she let her lips slide back and forth over it. Tantalizing it with the tip of her tongue she finally slid her mouth over the head of the shaft. By moving back and forth she was creating a lot of hot, slippery friction.

“Suck it,” he told her, “come on, baby, suck. That’s the way to do it. Suck it.”

Quickly she moved her mouth up and down on his thick cock. He loved the sensation.

“Keep it up,” he told her. “That’s the way to do it. Suck. Suck, baby. Now you’re doing it. Keep going.”

The usher reached out and gripped her head. He enjoyed the sight of her head bobbing up and down on his thick pulsating penis. More than that he liked the way she reached inside his shorts to fish out his balls. Apparently she liked to suck cock.

“Eat it,” he cried eagerly. “Eat my dick stick. Come on, sweetheart, suck it. Suck it off.”

He couldn’t take much of this. All of the sudden his rock-hard cock exploded in her mouth. As his sweet cream shot down her throat she sucked vigorously. Some of his juice trickled from the corner of her lips.

“Ohhh, suck it out,” he urged her on, “every drop. Play with my balls. There’s more there.”

She went on fingering his balls as she sucked his cock. Finally she slid her finger between his ass crack and played with his ass hole. He liked having her finger tip inserted in his tight anal channel. And he rammed it hard once more down her throat. More sperm erupted.

“Eat it,” he gasped in a low voice, “eat my dick. Suck the juice.”

When she’d finished eating him she eased her mouth off his shaft and looked up at him with misty eyes. She knew him intimately now and she had enjoyed herself.

“I guess I’d better go now,” the usher smiled.


A moment later Basil was in the back seat.

“Wouldn’t you like to feel my pecker slipping into your pussy?” He asked as he brushed his penis tip across her slit.

“No, Basil, no,” she begged off. “I don’t want you fucking me anymore. We’ve done enough. Take me home.”

“I’ve got to get it off,” he apologized, “I’ve got to.”

Looking at the tense expression in his eyes, Cindy realized he was telling the truth. She figured she might as well get it over with. She leaned back.

Grasping his cock she slid it into herself. She loved the way his cock rode into her vagina.

“Fuck me,” she begged him. “Go ahead, honey. Fuck me. I want you to give me a good screwing.”

He jabbed his thick cock into her. She undulated her hips as he stabbed into her. Reaching under her he felt of her bosoms. He loved the feel of her.

“Ohhh, give it to me,” she urged him. “I want to feel you sliding in me. That’s it.”

She reached down to his hips. She let her hands grip his ass cheeks. She loved the tempo of his cock stabs. She could tell just how excited he was by the way he rammed it to her. With hard driving cock stabs he jabbed away.

“Fuck me,” she cried ecstatically, “fuck me. Oh, baby, give it to me. That’s what I want. That’s what I need. Fuck it.”

“Come on, baby,” he panted, “that’s how you do it. Fuck. Fuck it off.”

He was jabbing it to the left and she twisted her hips to the right. He was so excited now he was sweating.

“It won’t be much longer,” he told her as he pumped it to her.

His thick cock was being well received in Cindy’s tight pussy. Cindy was glad that Caesar had had her first. He had given her a super introduction to sex. Now she was expertly accepting Basil’s penis.

“That’s it,” Basil exclaimed, “tighten with your muscles, baby. Come on. Fuck me.”

His driving cock stabs continued. And she went on grinding her hips away.

“Ohhh, baby,” he gasped as he shot his gun off. “I’m cuming. Yes.”

She felt herself juicing, too. Basil’s cock slid in their cum juices.

Finally he pulled his dripping-with-cum cock out of her. She realized just how stimulating sex could be at last. She didn’t mind taking on two men in one night. If her mother was making money like this she reasoned she was a lucky woman.

They saw the horror show and Basil took her home. However, when she got home and Caesar was on the bed, she noticed he had another hard-on. This bothered her. She got down between the dog’s legs and pulled his big cock to her mouth.

Wrapping her mouth around Caesar’s cock she sucked. It was a big sticky prick and she was eager to discover what Caesar’s juice tasted like. She sucked on the dog’s penis and he wagged his tail. She worked her head up and down on his cock. She had to get his penis off quickly as she figured her mother would be home shortly.

Caesar rammed it down her throat and wagged his tail. He loved it. His thrilling cock stabs excited her more than the sex she’d had with Basil or the usher at the drive-in.

“Ohhh, Caesar,” she exclaimed as she pulled off to rest a moment.

But the dog was right at her. He was pushing his thick cock to her mouth. She knew he needed release.

Grabbing his penis she went on sucking.

She sucked hard now, giving him all of the pleasure that he could ever want.

All at once the dog’s cock exploded in her mouth. She didn’t pull off. Instead she sucked and swallowed. Caesar’s sperm tasted good to her. Rich and thick and hot.

When she finally did get to bed she was exhausted. But she was hardly prepared for what was to follow. A surprise and feeling of terror went through her when she saw a man carrying her mother in.

“What’s happened?” She exclaimed. “What’s happened to Mom?”

“She was celebrating getting her job as a hostess,” the man slurred drunkenly, “and she passed out. She’s an old wino, or didn’t you know?”

That really got Cindy angry.

“Mom is no alcoholic,” she defended her.

The man plopped her down on the bed and then stopped and looked at her.

“You her daughter?” He asked.

“Yes, I am,” she replied.

“I’m Don, her boss,” he said.

“I’ve heard a lot about you,” she shrugged.

“I’m sure it was all good,” Don said as he glanced at her cleavage.

“I’ve heard that you like to have sex with your waitresses,” she told him flatly.

“I’d like to have sex with you, young lady,” he told her. “I’ve got nothing against a teenager for fucking.”

“Get out of here,” she said as she looked at the dog. “Caesar, do we like him or not?”

“Now, honey, wouldn’t you like to earn a little money?” He smiled as he pulled out his wallet. “How about twenty bucks for a little blow job?”

“I wouldn’t go to bed with you for any kind of money,” she told him. “You’re disgusting.”

“Look, I’m supporting you,” he told her. “Your mom is not very good as a hostess. I have to have waitresses cover for her when she’s stinkin’ drunk. You ought to thank me and kiss my ass.”

“Get out of here,” Cindy breathed angrily. “Get out of here.”

Don didn’t do as he was told. Instead he threw his arms around the young girl and passionately planted his lips on hers. His hot tongue swung back and forth across her lips and strangely she got so excited she opened her mouth and let him slip his tongue inside. Soon his tongue was doing a love duet with her. Pulling back, he looked at her and shoved his cock against her. “Feel my hard-on?”

His eyes were twinkling with expectation and delight.

“I don’t want to do anything with you,” she said.

However, Don could tell from the way that she said it that she didn’t mean it.

“Oh, baby,” he told her, “I could teach you a lot about sex. Let’s go to your bedroom.”

In a way she was grateful that Don had given her mother the promotion. But it burned her up that he expected sex from not only her mother, but from her as well.

Nevertheless, she had to admit her mother probably was an alcoholic. She had suspected it for a long time. Maybe she had to make the supreme sacrifice and involve herself sexually with her mom’s boss just to continue staying off welfare.

As she began slipping out of her pajamas, Don’s eyes glistened.

“What a piece of ass,” he sighed. “Oh, baby, you’re beautiful.”

“Let’s get it over with,” she told him. “I’m only doing this to help my mom.”

“Help yourself, too, honey,” he told her. “I’ll give you two twenties. With a shape like that you ought to work in one of them model shops. You know what I mean?”

“I have an idea,” Cindy shook her head.

She got back in bed and Don stripped, too. When he pulled his shorts off and he stood there stark naked with his big cock hanging between his legs, she realized he was a horny, well-hung man.

“Come over here and grab it and show me you appreciate it,” he grinned.

Going over to him she grabbed his penis.

“Oh, that feels so good,” he told her. “Now pull on it. That’s it. Play with it.”

She pulled on his cock. She played with his balls. Don could tell she was fascinated.

“Just like your mom,” he smiled. “A natural-born fucker. Come on, sweetheart, let’s have a good time.”

Don got in the middle of the bed and lay back bare ass naked. Raising his legs he parted them.

“Get down between my legs, honey,” he told her, “and do some ass licking before you suck on my pecker.”

Cindy didn’t reply to him. He was getting her really angry and she felt that if she said what she was feeling in her heart she might wind up getting hurt.

Gripping his ass cheeks she started licking his bare buttocks.

“That’s the way I like you to use your tongue,” he told her. “Now you’re doing it. Come on, sweetheart, lick ass. That’s the way. Keep it up. Oh, yes, suck on my asshole.”

Don was pushing his ass right in her face.

“Around my asshole,” he told her, “Now just the ass cheeks. Now you’re doing it.”

She let her tongue twirl around his tight puckered-up anal channel. However, she vowed she would never let her tongue slip inside.

Even though she didn’t think she would ever do this, Don was determined she would.

“Stab your tongue up my asshole,” he told her. “Go ahead.”

Hypnotized by his words, she felt obligated to do as he demanded. Her tongue rode up his rectum. She clasped his ass cheeks as she ate out his ass.

“Wow!” He panted as he pumped his ass down on her stabbing tongue.

He loved the sensation of her tongue slipping up his ass.

She gripped his cock and began pulling on it.

“Oh, jerk me,” he told her, “jerk my prick. Come on, play with my prick.”

While she sucked on his behind she pulled on his penis. He enjoyed the double action.

“Now you’re doing it,” he exclaimed. “Oh, yes, keep that up. That’s the way. Come on.”

As Cindy’s tongue rimmed Don’s asshole, her hand gripped his penis.

“Eat my asshole,” he begged. “Pull on my prick.”

She went on sucking and at the same time she pulled on his penis. His throbbing male member was about ready to explode.

“You’ve got a good hand for jacking-off,” he complimented her, “and your tongue is doing a super suck on my butt.”

As her tongue continued slipping up his asshole and her hand went on pumping on his penis, he was wiggling all over the bed. Cindy discovered that it was not easy to be good at this. She couldn’t help feeling a bit sorry for whores. For she recognized all of the things that they were called upon to do to satisfy the men who were paying the price.

“Eat my ass,” he told her. “That’s the way. Slip your tongue way up there, honey. Oh, you ass eater.”

She went on eating out his ass. Now he was almost there.

“Oh, baby,” he exclaimed, “I want you to lick my dick.”

Her mouth moved to the top of his shaft. Now she was sucking him.

“Suck me,” he begged her, “suck my prick. Suck my cock. Suck it off!”

Cindy’s mouth moved from the top of his shaft to the base. Don felt he had to give her a little coaxing and instruction.

“You’re doing it too fast,” he complained. “You’ve got to put class in your cock suck.”

Don explained what he meant by class a moment later.

“First, you do it slow,” he told her. “That’s the way.”

Her mouth moved slowly from the top of his shaft to the base.

“You tickle the balls,” he told her, “and alternately slip your finger up my ass crack. That’s it, sweetheart. Now you’re doing it.”

She alternated the tempo of her mouth action. She would suck him slowly and then she would suck him swiftly. All the time Don was pumping his pecker down her throat.

“Eat my meat,” he begged her. “Come on, suck. Suck my prick. Yes, baby, suck it off. That’s the way I like it.”

Passionately he jabbed his cock down her throat. She enjoyed having her throat caressed with his slippery cock. All at once Don exploded. Reaching down he gripped her head and held her positioned over him.

“Eat it,” he exclaimed passionately, “eat my dick.”

She did as he told her. She let her mouth fasten on his cock and she ate him.

“Ohhh, yes,” he exclaimed, “that’s what I want you to do. Oh, baby, what a cock suck.”

When she had finished creaming him she pulled off and lay on his thigh. He looked at her happily.

“You’re a pretty hot honey,” he told her, “and for my money you’re better than your mom.”

“Does Mom do all this with you, Don?” She asked him nervously.

“I didn’t say a word,” he slurred drunkenly, “and don’t you say I did. How about letting me stick my tongue up your ass. I’ll eat your pussy, too. I’m real good at it.”

She was nervous and upset.

“Does Mom do this to you?” She insisted.

Don wouldn’t answer.

“My lips are sealed,” he told her. “I told her I’d never tell you.”


Cindy knew very well that her mother probably had sold herself more than once. It wasn’t easy to keep body and soul alive.

At this point, however, she didn’t have time to think about it for she was eager to think about it for she was eager to discover what kind of a lover Don would be.

She swung her hips around. She planted herself right over his face.

“Suck my asshole,” she told him.

Don’s tongue swung up her ass. He stabbed it into her and then he flipped his tongue back and forth across her clit. She loved the alternating action. He dipped his tongue into her vagina and licked her until she was about ready to juice. Then he hastily pulled his tongue from her pussy and whipped it into her asshole. She rode up and down on his stiffened tongue. He enjoyed guiding her.

Now she knew that he had better get to eating her. He reached up and gripped her breasts and manipulated the nipples until they were erect and sucked on her snatch.

“Eat me,” she cried ecstatically, “eat me. Ohhh, Don, suck me. Suck my pussy.”

Hot juice never tasted better to Don as he got her to climax.

He held her creamy young thighs tightly and squeezed them as he ate her box.

When he withdrew his tongue he noticed the dog was standing beside the bed.

“What a beautiful dog,” he observed.

“Caesar likes me, too,” she giggled.

“I’ll bet you fucked the dog, if I know you,” he chuckled.

“How did you know?” She asked him in amazement.

“I figured it,” he told her. “Just the type of chick who’ll do anything. You’re doing it with the dog, damn it, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” she admitted candidly, “I am doing it with the dog.”

“How about showing me how you and the dog make out?” He smiled at her.

“Oh, I couldn’t,” she told him. “I couldn’t. Caesar wouldn’t to it anyway. I’m sure he would be much too nervous with someone watching.”

“Dogs like to perform,” Don explained. “They put on super exhibitions. Honey, let that dog eat your snatch. Did you ever teach him pussy eating?”

“No,” she admitted, “I haven’t.”

“I’ll tell you how it’s done,” he laughed. “I used to have a waitress working for me by the name of Vera. Vera was a lovely girl. Really nice. Pure class. Vera used to put hamburger in her pussy.”

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Cindy sighed in amazement. “You mean, the dog actually ate the hamburger out of her pussy?”

“Sure,” he told her. “If you’ve got some hamburger in your refrigerator, honey, go get it. I’ll add twenty to what I’m already giving you. You’ll have me broke before I get out of here.”

Don was laughing. Cindy wasn’t. She was curious to know if the animal actually would eat hamburger from her vagina.

It was an experiment and she figured she would find out.

Going to the refrigerator she discovered they did have some hamburger. It was mixed with soy meal and she hoped the dog wouldn’t mind.

Taking a hamburger pattie from the wrapper, she returned to the bedroom.

“I’ll tell you how you do it,” Don told her as he took the hamburger from her. “You part your pussy lips and I’ll just break the hamburger up in small bits. Let’s make him really eat it.”

Parting her moist pink pussy she watched as Don broke the hamburger into small pieces. The dog was sniffing now.

“He knows what’s gonna happen,” Don laughed. “Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s been in exhibitions before. He looks like the kind of dog who would do that sort of thing.”

Caesar was wagging his tail as she patted for him to get up on the bed.

“Just hold your legs apart,” Don told her. “Then the dog can get his kicks.”

She thought it was kind of dumb to want to let Caesar get his meal this way. She was glad that he had suggested it, though.

Now she watched him as he licked her snatch.

The dog was nibbling at her vagina. He was going for the hamburger.

“Eat it,” she giggled, “eat the hamburger out of my pussy, Caesar. That’s the way.”

She really got a charge out of it.

Don was enjoying it, too. When the dog had finished getting the hamburger, Don told her what to do next.

“Now make him bring you around, honey,” he told her. “Hold your pussy open and make him suck you to climax.”

She held her pussy lips parted and sure enough the dog didn’t take his slippery, sliding tongue out of her. As Caesar’s tongue went on slashing inside of her, she was getting excited. Her hips churned around and then she felt herself cuming.

“Eat me, Caesar,” she panted as she pumped, “suck me.”

Caesar lapped up her juices hungrily.

Once she had finished this act, Don had another idea in mind.

“Baby doll,” he told her, “if you’ve got some honey and whipped cream up there in that refrigerator, too, we’ll have some more fun. How about it?”

Just as she was at the bedroom door he suggested, “Bring back some maraschino cherries, too, if you don’t mind.”

She couldn’t understand why he wanted all of these things. However, when she got back and he was on all fours in the middle of the bed with his ass up in the air, she began to understand.

“I want you to stick that honey up my asshole and lick it out,” he told her. “You’ll enjoy having some sweet ass.”

She spoon fed his asshole the honey. Then gripping his firm round buttocks she let her tongue slip along his ass crack. Plunging her tongue right up his asshole she ate the honey just as he told her to.

“Lick it,” he insisted, “lick my ass clean. Lick the honey out.”

She went on stabbing up him and licking him. He loved it as she lapped up his honey-coated asshole.

“Beautiful,” he exclaimed as he wiggled his butt on her tongue. “Suck ass. Suck my honey ass.”

Finishing that he had still other ideas.

“Now, baby,” he smiled, “you just stretch out and I’ll use the whipped cream the way I should.”

Don took the whipped cream container and squeezed and watched the white foam spray over her bosoms and then he made a whipped cream trail down to her pussy. Parting her pussy lips he applied some inside of her. Then he formed a triangle on her pussy. Next he placed a cherry on each nipple of her bosoms.

“What a sucking sight,” he told her. “Baby, I’m gonna enjoy licking you clean.”

He nibbled on the maraschino cherries, letting her nipples feel his teeth nibbling now and then. She loved the way he sucked on her breasts when he was getting the whipped cream off. He followed down to her vagina. His tongue slid back and forth across her whipped cream pussy. Finally he plunged his tongue inside. He ate the whipped cream out of her box. At the same time his hands manipulated her ass cheeks. But she was hardly prepared for what he planned on next. With her ass up in the air he suddenly threw her legs over his shoulders. Spitting in his hands he applied his own spit to his cock.

“I’m gonna slide up your asshole,” he told her, “and you’re gonna love every fucking inch of it.”

Passionately he plunged his thick cock right up her rectum. She twisted on his penis.

“Fuck it, baby,” he told her, “fuck.”

He rammed it into her hard. She loved the sensation of his big penis slipping into her.

“That’s the way to do it,” he told her. “Now you’re doing it. Come on, baby, fuck.”

As he rode his thick cock into her behind she twisted in delight.

“Yes, yes,” she exclaimed, “fuck me. Fuck me, Don.”

She rolled her head back and forth on the pillow as the waves of erotic pleasure shot through her body as his thick pulsating penis stabbed up her rectum.

She had been fucked before but never like this. Don had a way of really stimulating her. She liked having her legs over his shoulders. Her thighs pressed against them as he fucked vigorously.

His hands reached up to grip her bosoms. Now he was ramming so much that his forehead was creased and he was perspiring.

“Give it to me,” she urged him on. “Every fucking inch of it. Let me feel it. Come on, baby. I want to feel that pecker meat.”

His throbbing, stabbing cock was shoving to a sticky white climax.

“Oh, baby,” he grasped excitedly, “we’re making it. Yes. Now we’re doing it. Come on. Fuck it. Fuck it off.”

It wouldn’t be much longer until she came.

“Yes, yes,” he enthused, “now you’re doing it. That’s the way I like it. Come on. Fuck it off.”

As he went on thrusting into her, she wiggled. She was getting more and more excited every moment.

“Give it to me,” he told her. “Come on, baby, now you’re fucking. That’s the way I want it. Fuck it.”

Don’s hot sperm erupted from his cock head. She squeezed the juice out of the tip of his penis. He loved it as her hips churned around and she milked his penis.

When he had finished shooting a load up her asshole he slowly eased out. It wasn’t hard to slide out of her ass. For it was a cum-slickened channel.

He rolled over and lay there. He fell asleep. The next morning her mother got up to fix some coffee. She went into Cindy’s bedroom and nearly flipped out.

“What on earth is going on here?” She exclaimed.

“Don’t worry about it, Mom,” she told her. “Apparently your lover wanted me last night. You were too loaded to get his rocks off for him.”

“I don’t want you talking that way,” her mother said tightly. “I had a couple of drinks and I don’t know what happened to me.”

At this point Don awakened.

“Couple of drinks, my ass,” he told her. “You had about ten. I had to carry you out of the place.”

“I wish you wouldn’t talk that way in front of my daughter,” her mother said with a snide voice. “It’s disgusting.”

“Your daughter’s a dog fucker,” Don said, “so don’t make her out as a plaster-of-Paris saint. Do you mind?”

“You’ve been violating Caesar?” Her mother demanded tightly.

“What is violating, Mom?”

“You’re not learning much at school these days,” her mother said. “I ought to throw you out. Something I think they mixed up the babies at the hospital.”

“I wish they had,” she sobbed. “You’re not much of a mom. You’re just a slut.”

“You don’t speak to your mother like that,” Don shrugged. “She can’t help it if she is a slut. How is she gonna buy her booze?”

“I wish you’d get out of here,” her mother demanded of Don.

“It’ll be a pleasure,” he told her. “I don’t like to mix with dog fuckers. I might be contaminated.”

Cindy was crying some more.

“That miserable Don,” he mother said as she sipped her coffee. “You can’t trust him. And I can’t trust Caesar, either. We’ll send him to the pound.”

“You’ll do no such thing,” Cindy cried out. “I happen to love Caesar.”

“If you’d want to do an exhibition with the dog,” Don chuckled, “I know a stag place that would really pay plenty to have you wiggle your ass with a big dog stud.”

“That’s all we need,” her mother snapped. “Now get out of here, you bastard.”

“One more word like that out of you,” Don told her, “and you don’t need to come back to work. Do you understand?”

“Vera can take care of you,” her mother quipped. “You are disgusting.”

“I was only trying to explain that nobody is perfect,” Don shot back. “I’m willing to accept you with the warts and everything. That is, if you will accept me into your nice little family. I’m hungry and I could use some coffee, too.”

Cindy thought about it a long moment. “You don’t hold it against me for doing it with a dog, do you, Don?”

“Of course not,” he told her. “I think it’s wonderful. And so do a lot of other men. If doing it with a dog is your hang-up, honey, do it with the dog. And if others enjoy watching, let them pay.”

Her mother looked at Don curiously.

“How much do they pay for a dog act these days?”

“More than when you were doing it,” he chuckled.

“I never did it with a dog,” she quipped quickly, “and you have a nerve to suggest such a thing.”

That made Cindy feel horrible.

“Mom,” Cindy broke in, “please, don’t act that way. I want to show you how he can do it. It’s really a beautiful thing.”

“Do you want to perform before breakfast?” Her mother asked nervously.

“Why not?” She demanded. “Some people eat chocolates at breakfast.”

Patting the bed nervously, the young girl parted her legs and patted her pussy. Sure enough, the big dog bounced on the bed. Reaching down she gripped his cock and pulled on it a couple of times.

“Look at him,” her mother shrieked, “male chauvinist pig.”

“You mean dog, don’t you?” Don chuckled.

At this point the dog plunged his thick cock into the young girl’s vagina.

“I hope they can’t have children,” her mother exclaimed. “I would hate to have a grandchild from that match.”

“It would serve you right,” Don chuckled, as he felt his balls tingling.

He was bare ass naked and standing there.

“Apparently this stimulates you,” her mother quipped as she glanced at his erect male member.

“Do you mind if I jerk off?” He asked as he sat down on the edge of the bed fascinated by the sight of Caesar’s big shaft slipping into the young girl’s vagina.

“Of course not. Maybe I should stick my finger in my twat and see what I could find,” her mother suggested.

All at once she was taking off her clothes. She took another sip of coffee and then sat on the other side of the bed. It was an erotic sight to see the two of them sitting on the edge of the bed playing with themselves while the dog was fucking young Cindy. Cindy didn’t mind. She was lost in the blissful jabs of the dog’s cock stabs.

“Fuck me, Caesar,” she urged the animal, “that’s the way. Give me a good screwing.”

The dog went on ramming his thick cock into her. She loved the excitement of the big balls bouncing against her pussy as the dog screwed her.

“Yes, yes,” she cried ecstatically, “give it to me. Harder. I want it.”

She was getting it. The dog rammed it to her with hard driving penis stabs. His balls bounced against her pussy as he fucked. His tail wagged. She loved it.

“Fuck me,” she urged him on. “Yes, yes, that’s what I want you to do. Come on, fuck me. Now you’re doing it. That’s it. Oh, yes, fuck it.”

The dog was giving her a hard drilling. He was wagging his tail. His paws pressed into her shoulders as he went on thrusting. She was raising her hips off the bed. To help her, her mother and thrust a pillow under her hips so she could swing back and forth with ease.

Swinging back and forth the dog went on stabbing into her.

“Give it to me, Caesar,” she cried out ecstatically. “Yes, boy. Harder. That’s the way. Now you’re doing it. All the way. Keep it up. Come on.”

Suddenly as the dog wagged his tail and saliva dripped from the corners of his mouth, he got his rocks off. The hot white cum shot into her pussy. She swung her hips around excitedly.

“Yes, boy, yes,” she exclaimed, “that’s what I want you to do. Fuck me.”

He rammed it way into her. At this point her mother and Don were close together. Her mother was reaching over and pulling on Don’s penis while Don was fingering her pussy.

“Home, sweet home,” Don smiled.

Her mother was busily engaged in pulling his penis. She wanted to get him off. She figured it would be easier to deal with him once his cock had shot its load.

She went on pulling passionately.

“You ought to see your daughter suck me,” Don smiled.

“Does Cindy give blow jobs?” Her mother asked in amazement. “She’s only sixteen.”

“She’s good at it,” Don told her. “Watch her.”

As soon as Caesar had pulled his shaft out of her hot hole, the young girl figured she ought to give her mother a demonstration of her skill at fellatio.

Swinging her body around, she gripped Don’s throbbing male member. Right before her mother she went down on him.

“You see, she’s doing it expertly,” Don observed. “She enjoys it. Let her suck me.”

He was pleased with the way her mouth moved from the head of this shaft to the base. Her fingers manipulated his balls. She slid her finger right up his asshole.

“Eat my pecker,” he told her. “Suck it off, sweetheart, suck.”

Cindy was pleased that she could perform so well. She kept her head bobbing up and down on his thick cock and her finger riding up his asshole. She was learning how to massage his prostate gland. It got her mother so excited that she couldn’t help but put her fingers in her own pussy. For Don had quit playing with her. Nevertheless, she was getting excited.

“Maybe we can make it together,” she told her. “Wouldn’t that be fun?”

Don reached around to feel of Cindy’s pussy. He felt it was only fair that he return the favor.

Don inserted two fingers into Cindy’s vagina. As he fucked her face he played with her pussy. She loved the feeling of his hands slipping into her.

As his fingers worked wonderful things on her clit, she went on sucking on his thick penis.

“Eat my prick,” Don told her, “suck it. Suck it off.”

As he would stab his cock down her throat, he would jab his fingers into her vagina. It was really stimulating. She knew that she would be juicing quickly. At the same time she could hardly wait for his big penis to erupt in her mouth. She had tasted him the night before and she liked his sperm load.

“Oh, I can’t stand it,” Don threw his head back ecstatically. “I’m cuming. Eat it, cock sucker. Suck it out. That’s it. Eat my pecker.”

The dirty words stimulated her all the more. And she went on licking his dick while he shot a flash flood of thick cum load to her.

She went on licking. A moment later his hands were searching inside her vagina. And she came, too. A second later her mother juiced.

“Ohhh,” her mother groaned in delight, “I’m there. Oh, baby. We made it together. Ohhh, what a family.”

Cindy wasn’t ashamed of herself as she slid her mouth off Don’s cock. She just hoped her mother wouldn’t be jealous.

“You’re very talented, dear,” her mother smiled proudly. “I didn’t realize you were a woman. Apparently you are.”

“A gifted woman,” Don nodded, “and we’ll set her up for those stag shows. We might make a star out of her as well as Caesar if we have the right contacts.”

“A movie star?” The young girl exclaimed excitedly. “Me? In pictures?”

“Yes, dear,” her mother nodded, “but not the type of films you can take your friends to.”

“Oh,” she nodded, “you mean me screwing Caesar.”

“And sucking him off,” Don laughed. “And him eating your snatch. Tell your mom about the hamburger.”

“What about the hamburger?” Her mother asked. “I hope it’s still there. I was planning to use it for lunch.”

“Afraid you won’t be able to use it now,” Cindy giggled. “I served it to Caesar from my pussy. Don was so kind to break it up into small pieces. So he could nibble it.”

“You can’t trust anyone around this place,” her mother complained. “I hope you didn’t use up any more of our good food for such wild sex.”

“Just a couple of maraschino cherries,” Don laughed, “and the whipped cream.”

“Oh, Don, you’re such a child,” her mother complained. “I suppose you licked her pussy clean of the whipped cream.”

“I forgot the honey,” Don chuckled. “I used some of that, too.”

“Where on earth did you put that?”

“Up my asshole,” he chuckled, “and she licked it out.”

“I don’t care how you sweeten your ass,” her mother told Don emphatically, “I’m not gonna lick it.”


Cindy was happy that her mother had allowed her to have sex with her boss. However, her mother rebuked her later.

“I don’t appreciate you trying to beat my time, baby,” she snapped angrily. “I told my boss I was through. Apparently you felt it all right to have sex with him, but it’s disgusting as far as I’m concerned.”

“Mom,” she complained, “you shouldn’t have done that. You had a good thing going.”

“The hell I did,” she griped. “I’ll find another job. And I don’t want you to go wrong. I’m trying to be a good mother.”

“You’re doing nice,” her daughter quipped sarcastically.

It was annoying to Cindy’s mother that her daughter was so cryptic and critical.

Cindy meantime was making friends at school. There was one handsome Irish lad she liked. Sean. Sean had a happy way about him that made her feel good. She decided she would try to turn Sean on so he would date her. During a lunch break she bustled over to him and posed so he could see her bosoms to good advantage. Sean’s eyes immediately flashed on her well-shaped bosoms.

“Hi, beautiful,” he smiled, “would you like a Coke or something?”

“Oh, that would be nice, Sean,” she smiled.

After Sean bought her a Coke, they got to talking.

“I’ll sure be glad when I get out of this place,” he told her. “I’m tired of having to get up and go to school every day. You don’t learn anything.”

“That’s the truth,” Cindy replied. “Don’t think I won’t be glad when it’s all over. We ought to get better acquainted, Sean,” she smiled. “We’ve got a lot in common. I’m bored as hell with school.”

That afternoon following school Sean suggested that she follow him home.

“I don’t know whether I should go over to your place or not,” she told him.

“Why not?” He asked as if it was perfectly natural for her to go home with him.

“I might not be safe,” she explained.

“You don’t have a thing to worry about,” Sean assured Cindy.

However, when she got to his pad she wasn’t quite so sure. The first thing he suggested was that she have a drink.

“My mom drinks too much,” Cindy explained. “I don’t believe in getting loaded.”

That didn’t stop Sean. He fixed a Scotch on the rocks for himself and looked at her.

“You’re a delicious-looking girl,” he told her, “and I wish you’d take off your clothes and go to bed with me. I sure could use a good screw.”

“Sean,” Cindy gasped in alarm, “you can’t talk to me like that.”

“Why the fuck hot?” He asked her. “I’m just saying what any other normal guy in school is thinking.”

“You mean the guys talk about me?” She asked in surprise.

He nodded.

“All the time,” he told her. “They say you’d make a nice fuck. But they figure you’re not that kind of girl like Judy.”

“Judy?” She asked. “What does she do?”

“She’s an orgy girl,” he laughed. “On Friday nights she sucks us all off.”

“All of you?”

“Yes,” he nodded. “Frank and Mike and Tim and Mark and Bill and Dick and Clayton. All of us.”

Realizing that someone at school was out-distancing her in the sex department, made Cindy feel that she had to get with it.

“Do they pay her?”

“Ten bucks a blow job,” Sean laughed.

“Cindy should be getting rich,” she giggled.

At this point Sean came over to her and began using his hands on her bosoms and looking into her eyes.

“Oh, baby,” he sighed heavily, “what I couldn’t do with you alone. Why don’t we go upstairs and take off our clothes. There’s nothing wrong with it.”

“I couldn’t do that,” she hedged.

“Yes, you could,” he told her. “Let’s go.”

Even though Cindy felt she shouldn’t, she was curious to know what it would be like to have sex with Sean. She followed him up to his room.

“Now,” he smiled, “we’re gonna have us a good time.”

She couldn’t help laugh at the way he did it. He never took off his black leather jacket. But he did pull down his pants and pulled down his shorts. Then he got on the bed, naked from the waist down. He held one leg up and gripped his cock proudly.

“Here it is,” he told her, “do what you want with it.”

It didn’t take Cindy long to position herself.

“Ill let you see my breasts if they mean so much to you,” she told him.

Cindy removed her blouse. She took off her bra and let her breasts fall to their freedom. Sean’s face brightened as he saw the bosoms. Reaching out he touched the nipples. They immediately became erect. It was obvious to him she was turned on.

“Nice sucking tits,” Sean grinned.

Bending over he massaged one bosom while he sucked on the other. Reaching out, Cindy let her hands wander through his hair.

“Yes, baby, yes,” she told him passionately, “I like that.”

She was stimulated. She got a big charge out of seeing how excited he became.

“Lick them, baby,” she told him. “Go ahead, lick my tits.”

Sean licked at them. In quick, darting movements his tongue swept about her breasts.

At this point she was so excited she reached for his cock. She pulled on it. He loved the feel of her hands on his penis.

“You like that,” he smiled.

She was stroking him now with magnificent movements. He was getting more and more excited.

“Pull it,” he told her excitedly. “That’s the way to do it. Pull my pecker.”

Reaching down she began a good rhythmic hand job on his cock. Sean loved it. His balls bristled as her hand pulled on his penis.

“Faster, baby,” he told her, “faster.”

She pulled him over to the bed. Then he spread his legs for her. She crouched over Sean’s outspread legs. And her face got down between his buttocks. He wondered what she was going to do. She didn’t leave him long to wonder when her tongue suddenly lashed around his ass cheeks. Vigorously she let her tongue plunge right up his ass crack. He loved the sensation of her tongue slipping up his asshole.

“Suck ass,” he told her as he pushed down. “Suck ass.”

He was really getting excited now.

As her tongue went on lashing around his ass he reached down to affectionately pat her head.

“Beautiful,” he told her, “just keep that up. Now you’re doing it. Come on, sweetheart, suck my asshole for me.”

She let her tongue sweep around his buttocks. All of the sudden the hot tongue plunged right up his rectum. He loved the sensation of her tongue stabbing up his asshole. She never lost a beat with her hand movements.

“Pull on it,” he told her, “go ahead, honey, pull on my pecker.”

Now she was hungry for his cock. She wanted to know what Sean’s sperm tasted like. Letting her mouth slip over the head of his shaft she suddenly sucked.

“Suck it off,” he whispered, “suck my prick. Oh, Cindy baby, suck my cock off.”

Both hands reached down to grip the young girl’s head. She was bobbing up and down on his penis and he loved it. She fingered his asshole.

“Eat my pecker,” he told her. “Go ahead, honey, eat my sticky prick. Suck it.”

All of the sudden he shot his gun off in her mouth. She sucked hard.

“Eat it,” Sean panted, “suck my dick.”

She liked the way he pumped it down her throat. She enjoyed having him shoot his sperm load off in her mouth. Pulling back so she could taste him, she sucked him to a finish.

Pulling her mouth off his penis she looked up at him with pride and joy.

“Am I as good as Judy?”

Sean nodded.

“Baby, you’re better,” he told her. “Maybe you’d like to get together with the guys for an orgy. How would you like to get some money for blow jobs?”

“Not a bad idea,” she told him, “although I might not be as experienced as Judy is.”

“Don’t worry about it,” he told her. “Now, baby, let me eat you.”

She rolled over. Sean got down between her legs. Slipping his hands under her buttocks he began licking all around her crotch. She loved it.

“Oh, tongue man,” she told him, “you sure get me going. Keep that tongue moving. Swing it.”

He swung his tongue inside of her. And as she felt him licking at her crotch she murmured, “eat my pussy. Please do it.”

At this point he let his probing tongue slip inside of her. She was stimulated now as his tongue whipped around her vagina. All of the sudden he pulled his tongue out and let it slip along her ass crack. Now he was forcing his tongue into her rectum. She loved that.

“Yes, yes,” she panted, “eat my ass out.”

She was startled, however, when she opened her eyes and saw him with his cock at her ass crack.

“Don’t,” she begged. “You can’t get that big cock up my ass.”

“Yes, I can,” he told her. “Relax.”

He rolled Cindy over. He pulled her ass up in the air so he could position her for an ass fuck. He sucked her a moment and then he applied spit to his cock. When it was moist enough he flipped his penis between her ass cheeks. It felt warm and wonderful.

“Oh, baby, I’m really gonna give you a good fuck,” he told her.

All at once Sean’s cock was plunging rigidly up her asshole.

“Fuck it,” he begged, “fuck.”

Reaching down he gripped her tightly. Then he slid his hand over her pussy.

“Come on, baby,” he told her, “fuck it.”

At this point she was swinging her hips for him. He loved it.

“Come on, baby,” he told her, “let’s fuck.”

She enjoyed having him eat her ass out. But she didn’t like to have him shoving it up.

Now Sean was clutching her ass cheeks. His cock drove forward.

“Fuck it,” he gasped as he continued shoving in her.

She twisted her hips as he went on stabbing into her. Now her pussy was enjoying his fingers and her ass was enjoying his cock.

“Ohhh, baby,” he panted as he fucked her hard, “fuck it.”

Before long Cindy was enjoying it.

“Fuck me,” she cried out with sexual ecstasy. “Fuck my asshole.”

She never felt anything quite so wonderful before. And she loved it. As he went on stabbing his cock up her rectum she twisted for him. His fingers slid out of her pussy. He reached for her cunt again. Sliding his fingers back in her pussy he went on playing.

“Give it to me,” she begged. “Oh, fuck it.”

The extreme tightness of her asshole excited him. He loved having his balls bang against her buttocks as he rode into her.

“Yes,” she begged him, “fuck.”

His cock was driving in hard now. And as he went on stabbing her asshole his fingers slid around her clit. He could tell she was stimulated from the juices that were flowing.

“I can’t stand it,” he told her. “Oh, baby, I’m gonna be there in a minute.”

As he went on ramming his penis up her tight asshole, she continued twisting for him.

“I’m cuming,” he told her. “Ohhh, yes, yes. Fuck. Fuck it.”

She picked up on Sean’s enthusiasm. She swung her hips in time to his cock stabs. And then she came. He loved the feel of his fingers slipping in her moist hot hole. At the same time his sperm erupted in her asshole. He fucked it hard a couple more times.

“Keep it up,” he told her. “Keep twisting your ass for me. That’s it, sweetheart, fuck it off.”

Her ass muscles seized his cock and she squeezed him.

“Yes, yes,” he panted. “Keep doing that.”

She went on grabbing at his penis with her ass muscles. And as more sperm shot out of his cock, she realized what a fantastic fuck she was.

When he finally pulled his cock out of her asshole he smiled at her.

“You’re too much, baby,” he told her. “You really are. The guys would go crazy if they could gang bang your asshole.”

Cindy looked at him startled.

“You mean, take on the whole gang up my ass?”

“Sure, baby,” he told her. “Judy lets us do it. It’s a super way to make it. The first guy stretches your ass. Then it’s easy. Once a guy shoots off in your asshole it’s all slippery and lubricated. As each succeeding guy gets his rocks off it makes it all the easier.”


When Cindy had first heard Sean talking about a gang bang she figured it would be a disgusting thing to do. Nevertheless, he had convinced her it could be fun. So for the following Saturday night she made an arrangement to meat Sean at a motel. At seven-thirty she met him. She had Caesar with her. She figured Caesar would be a good protector.

“Why did you bring your dog along?” Sean demanded.

“He goes with me everywhere,” she explained.

“Are you afraid of us?” Sean smiled.

“Should I be?”

Sean burst out laughing and then he took her hand and together they went to the motel room at the back of the place.

To her surprise, one older man was in the group. Sean introduced him.

“Tony, I want you to meet the tightest ass in high school. Meet Cindy.”

“Pleased to meet you, Cindy,” he told her. “What do you have that dog with you for?”

“Caesar goes with me everywhere,” she smiled smugly.

“Just so he isn’t vicious,” Tony said, looking at the dog disgustedly.

“He’s a very loving animal,” she replied.

Tony got the idea she might be having sex with Caesar from the way she said it.

She turned and looked at the different boys. Then Sean introduced her to them.

“This is Clayton,” he smiled. “This is Bill, this is Dick, this is Frank, Mike, Tim and Mark.”

“Pleased to meet you guys,” she grinned.

Clayton was a nice-looking black boy and she figured it would be fun to get some black cock. The boys were all standing there in their shorts and smoking grass.

“Tony is the connection,” Sean explained.

“Connection to what?” Cindy asked, not understanding at all.

“He supplies us,” he laughed. “Everybody has to have their kicks.”

She understood. However, she had never gotten involved with grass and she wasn’t going to now.

“I guess the party might as well begin,” she told them.

“I want you to suck me off first,” Tony nodded.

“Sure,” she told him.

Sean collected the money. Ten dollars from each boy.

“This will be nice,” she told them, “I can always use the cash.”

Cindy stripped. The boys’ eyes bugged as they saw her big bosoms pop into view. What they really enjoyed, however, was when she pulled her panties down off her crotch.

“Ohhh, what a nice pussy you’ve got,” Tony smiled. “It would be fun to fill it up with honey and suck it out.”

Now Tony’s shorts were off and he flipped his rigid cock with his hand.

“I would prefer it, baby, if you’d get on your knees,” Tony said, “over here, near the mirror.”

Cindy didn’t exactly enjoy getting on her knees. But if that was a position Tony wanted her in, she figured she would do it.

Dropping to her knees she pulled his thick cock to her lips. Tony watched the reflection in the mirror.

“Suck me,” he begged her. “Go ahead, sweetheart, suck on my prick.”

She was sucking now. And enjoying it.

As her tongue flipped around his cock he got more and more excited.

“Oh, suck me,” he begged her, “suck my cock.”

The boys formed a circle and watched. Every boy had his hand on his penis at this point. And they were pumping. Sean chuckled.

“The good old circle jerk,” he laughed, “and now, sweetheart, you’re gonna get to suck every cock in this circle. You’re a lucky girl.”

Cindy didn’t know whether she was so lucky or not. They all looked wild. Nevertheless, she figured she might as well go through with it. Now was not the time to turn away.

Reaching down Tony held her in place.

“I’m gonna deep-throat fuck you, baby,” Tony panted as he pumped his rigid dick into her mouth.

Sure enough he drove his cock down her throat. For a second she thought she couldn’t breathe. Breathing through her nose now she looked up at him. He was a mean bastard she thought to herself. Nevertheless, he was giving her good head and she was doing her best by him.

Tony’s balls bounced against her face as he fucked vigorously.

“Eat it,” he smiled as he pulled his shiny cock in and out of her mouth.

She was giving him what he wanted. Plenty of attention to his penis tip.

Gripping Tony’s buttocks she squeezed them.

“Eat it,” he smiled, “eat my dick. Suck it. Suck the juice out.”

She let her tongue tip dip into the small slit at the head of his shaft.

“Come on, baby,” he begged her, “that’s the way. Oh, give me a deep throat fuck.”

Thrusting his cock down her throat he ravaged her. All of the sudden his cock exploded. Her hands clasped his ass cheeks as he got his gun off. She loved the taste of his creamy sperm. She sucked and swallowed Tony’s cum. This made the boys very stimulated.

“I’m next,” Clayton told her. “Oh, baby, you’re gonna enjoy sucking my big black prick.”

Pulling her mouth off Tony’s shaft she prepared to take on Clayton. Tony faded into the background of the circle. He watched as Clayton stepped forward. Clayton was a smooth-skinned black boy. She saw his thick black cock pointed at her.

“Take it in your hand, honey, and suck. Lick my balls, too.”

Taking Clayton’s big cock in her hand, she let her tongue slide across the tip of him. Next she licked down the length of his shaft. At this point she began sucking on his balls. Clayton loved the sensation of her mouth on his testicles.

“Nibble my nuts,” he told her.

She let her teeth bite down lightly on his balls.

“Ohhh, suck me,” he begged her, “suck my dick.”

At this point he wanted her to go down on his penis.

“Suck my black prick off,” he told her. “Go ahead, Cindy.”

Cindy slid the tip of his cock in her mouth. Now she was eager to blow him.

“Suck,” he begged her, “suck it.”

Passionately her mouth moved from one end of his cock to the other. She parted his ass crack and slid a finger up his asshole. Clayton could hardly stand it.

“Ohhh, baby,” he told her, “suck me. Suck me.”

At this point he was ramming it down her throat. He knew he couldn’t be much longer. He was enjoying it too much.

“Eat it,” he told her. “Come on, eat it.”

Now he was ready to juice. She was eager to find out what he would taste like. This was her first experience with a black man.

“I’m cuming,” he exclaimed excitedly. “Ohhh, ahhh, yes, yes. I’m cuming.”

All at once his rock-hard cock exploded in her mouth. She loved the taste of his thick white cream.

“Eat it,” he told her. “Come on, baby, eat my dick.”

His hot juice shot down her throat. She sucked so hard that he could hardly stand it. She not only got all of his juice out but she went on sucking hard until it tickled.

“Hey, baby,” he told her. “You sucked it all out. That’s enough.”

Releasing his penis she looked up at him.

“Is it good enough, Clayton?”

“You’re a wild cock sucker,” he told her, “and you sure did get that cream out.”

The next in line was Dick.

“I want you to lie on the bed and eat my ass out,” Dick insisted.

Some of the other boys were disgusted that she hadn’t done it for them.

Dick got in the middle of the bed and she crouched over him.

“Put a pillow under your butt,” she told him.

Clasping his buttocks she let her tongue slip around his bare behind. At the same time she pulled on his penis. Dick loved the sensation of having her hand on his cock while her tongue was sucking at his rectum.

“Eat my ass,” he told her. “Suck ass.”

The other young men were stimulated now. Frank, Mike and Tim still hadn’t gotten their rocks off, nor had Sean. They were eager to see how Dick was going to take his ass sucking.

Her tongue thrust up Dick’s tight anal channel. Her hand continued pulling rhythmically on his penis.

“Suck ass,” he told her. “Now you’re doing it. That’s the way I like it. Suck my ass out.”

She didn’t waste a movement. Her tongue went on stabbing up him. Then when she saw his balls quivering she knew it was time to withdraw her tongue from his rectum and lick his testicles quickly.

Her tongue slid over his balls. She licked at the underside of his shaft and brought her mouth over the tip of his cock.

She let her lower lip drag over the sensitive glans portion of his penis. His cock quivered.

“Oh, dick eater,” he told her, “lick it off.”

Her tongue licked at the head of his shaft. Now she was giving him a rhythmic cock suck. Her mouth moved from the head of his shaft to the base. Her fingers played with his balls.

“Suck me off,” he begged her. “Suck me. Keep it up. Oh, yes, suck me.”

Dick was plunging his penis rapidly now. And she was getting him there. Parting his buttocks she slid a finger up his asshole. He liked it when her finger pressed on his prostate gland.

“Oh, baby, I’m gonna do you a big juicy favor,” he smiled. “I’m gonna shoot it off.”

He drove his cock deep into her throat. And then he unloaded.

“Eat it,” he exclaimed. “Come on. Eat my pecker.”

The hot juice slid down her throat. She liked it.

“Oh, baby,” he panted as the tingling sensations zipped up and down his spine, “keep sucking my shaft. Suck it off.”

She went on eating him. And she loved every drop of his thick cum.

Finally he pulled his penis from her.

“And now,” she looked at Frank, “you’re next.”

Frank moved toward her. She loved the way he stretched out on the bed.

“I want you to stick your tongue up my ass first,” he grinned shyly.

She gripped Frank’s cock. And at the same time she let her face get down between his ass cheeks. Her tongue flipped along his ass crack. All at once she plunged her tongue up his tight puckered-up anal channel. He loved her plunging movements.

“Suck ass,” he told her, “suck me.”

Frank could hardly believe anyone would lick his ass out. But he loved it. She glanced at his erect shaft. She observed his hairy balls swelling. She knew it was time for her to suck him.

Pulling her tongue from his tight asshole she licked along his balls, tickling them with her tongue.

“Hurry up and suck my cock,” he begged.

His body trembled as he watched her pull his thick penis to her mouth and suck.

“Are you ready?” She asked softly.

“Oh, baby, I’m gonna shoot my wad. Get your mouth over it.”

Quickly her tongue circled his cock. Slowly she let it plunge into the small tip at the head of his shaft. With excited cries he begged her, “Suck my prick.”

This was what she wanted him to do. Beg for it.

Now she opened her mouth and Frank drove his thick prong down her hot throat.

“Ohhh, I can’t stand it,” he panted as he steadily plunged his prick down her throat.

He rammed it down her throat. His big balls bounced on her chin. She knew that it wouldn’t be much longer until he got his cock off. For she could tell that erotic sensations were flooding his body as he writhed frenziedly.

“Fuck,” he panted as he drove forward.

She loved the steady assaults of his cock down her throat. And she was waiting for that hot burst of sperm. His hips were jerking now as he thrust vigorously. Her hands gripped his ass cheeks. She probed around his ass crack. And then she slowly eased a finger to his asshole. It wasn’t very dignified, she realized. But it was pleasurable.

Slipping a finger up his hot asshole she got him there.

“I’m aiming,” he exclaimed excitedly. “Ohhh, Cindy, suck. Suck my prick.”

Cindy sucked on his cock. And he could hardly stand it.

“Eat it,” he begged her. “Suck my dick off.”

She ate his sperm. Finally he withdrew his cock and looked at her pleasantly.

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Yes, yes,” he told her. “It was wonderful.”

She looked at Mike. He was next.

Mike was a handsome young boy with sandy brown hair. His piercing brown eyes looked at her hotly.

“Will you lick my asshole?”

Cindy nodded. She knew she had to.

Mike got on the bed and threw his legs up in the air.

“Get down there and suck,” he told her. “Please, suck my ass.”

She gripped his buttocks and he went berserk when her tongue slid along his ass crack. He was twisting upward and it was difficult for her to inch her tongue right up his asshole. Nevertheless, she did so. As her tongue plunged up Mike’s tight asshole, his body shivered with excitement.

“Oh, nobody ever ate my ass before,” he told her as her tongue plunged hard up him.

He lowered his legs and was pushing forward. She knew that it was time for her to grip his cock and suck him off.

Quickly she pulled her tongue from his asshole. She seized his buttocks in both hands and let her mouth slip down over his penis. She had to hold him in place for he was so excited he was swinging all over.

All at once his piston-plunging penis charged wildly down her throat. He was bucking now and lunging forward.

“Eat me,” he begged her. “Eat my prick. Suck if off. Suck my cock.”

Cindy felt hot jets of his sperm shooting into her seconds later. He couldn’t hold it back.

“Fuck it,” he begged her. “Suck it. Oh, Cindy, eat my dick.”

She loved the fact that his big penis was spurting sperm. She sucked hard. Instinctively she could enjoy him.

Reaching down he held her in place until she had finished eating.

When she pulled her mouth off his cock she looked at him.

“Did you enjoy it?”

Mike nodded happily. “Just wish I could have made it last longer,” he told her.

Next came Tim. He looked at her longingly.

“Are you gonna eat me, too?” He asked.

“Anything, everything,” she laughed.

She gripped his buttocks in her hands and sucked on them.

“Yes, yes,” he surrendered, “suck my ass. Suck my ass.”

Cindy was ashamed of nothing. She didn’t mind having her face in the young boy’s behind. All the eyes in the room were focused on her now. She didn’t care. Her tongue found Tim’s asshole. Flipping it between his ass cheeks she suddenly plunged right up his asshole. Reaching down he held her in place. His body trembled with excitement as she sucked on his butt.

“Eat me,” he begged her, “Suck out my ass.”

Every boy watching was getting another hard-on. For Cindy was eating ass with no inhibitions. She didn’t mind if they were watching. Her only thought was to provide pleasure for Tim’s tight behind. The young boy’s hands swept down to hold her over him. And her tongue went on stabbing in his tight warm buttocks.

“Eat ass,” he told her, “Eat my ass.”

Her rapid-fire tongue jabs stimulated him. And at the same time she gripped his cock and pulled on it. He enjoyed having her hand pulling on his penis while her tongue was stabbing up his asshole.

“Pull on it,” he begged her. “Suck it.”

He wanted her to suck him off. And she was waiting for his big load.

Finally she pulled her tongue from Tim’s tight asshole. She licked his balls quickly as she surged forward to the top of his shaft. Letting her mouth slip over his cock she began sucking him hard. His body shuddered as he rammed it to her.

“Eat my pecker,” he told her. “Suck my sperm. Suck it.”

Tim bored his cock down her throat. And she was waiting for that moment when the hot jets of sperm would flood her face. She didn’t want to come back to the world of reality. She loved this world. A young boy swinging his hips over her as he plunged his cock into her mouth.

“Suck me,” he told her, “suck me. Oh, baby, it’s sweet. Suck my cream.”

Her mind was whirling dizzily now as Tim went on fucking her face.

“Eat it,” he begged her. “Suck my cock off. Suck it.”

All at once the jets of white sperm flooded her mouth. It dribbled from the corners of her lips.

“Eat it,” he begged her as he reached down and held her head in place.

He enjoyed seeing his saliva-slickened cock pull out of her mouth and jab down her throat. He was thrilled and his balls tingled as she ate him.

Finally when she had devoured his cum completely she slowly eased off.

“Oh, baby,” he told her. “You sure are a good fuck. I loved every moment of it.”

She smiled at him.

“I did, too,” she assured him. “It was wonderful.”

She needed a breather. Tony could tell this.

“Baby, you need a belt of something,” he told her. “Let me get you a drink.”

He brought her a Coke.

“Have this,” he told her. “You’ve still got to suck off Mark.”

She nodded and smiled up at him. The boys were all looking at her with admiration. As she drank the Coke she felt exhilarated thinking of her achievement.

“I’ve sucked you all off but Mark, haven’t I?” She asked proudly.

“Yes,” Sean smiled. “That is, Mark, me and Caesar.”

“You gonna suck the dog off, too?” Tony asked, his eyes gleaming with delight.

“Why not?” She asked, holding her head proudly. “Caesar is a wonderful dog. He deserves to get his cock sucked off.”

“How do you know the dog keeps his cock clean?” Tony chuckled.

All of the boys burst out laughing.

“You don’t have to worry about Caesar’s cock being clean,” she told them, “worry about your own peckers.”

Caesar was happy that his mistress was standing up for him. He bounded over to the bed. Reaching out she gripped the dog’s cock. She stroked it playfully.

“Caesar, my love,” she smiled at him, “I will suck you. Watch.”

All of the boys closed in now. It proved to be quite an erotic sight. However, two of the men objected.

“You’re not gonna suck his cock before you eat mine,” Mark complained.

“Wait, Cindy,” Sean told her. “You haven’t sucked mine off. You’re not gonna suck the dog’s cock first.”

Cindy finally agreed to wait.

She needed another Coke. She had gotten so angry at the thought of them slamming Caesar that she couldn’t think straight.

“Sounds like you’re in love with the dog,” Tony told her.

“Maybe I am,” she told him. “Maybe Caesar and I will star in a movie. It’s possible.”

“Had any offers lately?” Tony asked as he patted her playfully.

“Yes, as a matter of fact,” she told him, “I did have one opportunity.”

“Imagine that,” Mark chuckled. “I’m gonna get my cock sucked by a porno picture star.”

She didn’t say a word. She motioned for him to come closer.

“Don’t say any more, Mark,” she warned him, “or I’ll bite your cock off instead of suck it off.”


Mark straddled her face.

“First let me sit on your face so you can suck my ass,” he grinned.

She gripped Mark’s young thighs. He pressed himself hard over her face.

“Lick,” he told her. “Come on, ass sucker, lick my butt.”

She didn’t enjoy the demeaning manner of Mark. But she was almost through with it. It was an ordeal she would never forget. Cindy realized that she was not an orgy girl. If she was going to become involved sexually for money, she should star with Caesar. That would be much easier.

She let her tongue sweep up to his ass crack. Mark gripped his cock and began jacking off while she licked his behind. When she didn’t instantly plunge her tongue up his asshole he demanded it.

“You sucked their ass out,” he demanded, “now stick your tongue up my asshole, too. Don’t discriminate against my ass.”

Cindy plunged her tongue right up his rectum. He loved the sensation of her tongue stabbing his behind. He pumped his penis hard. He watched. Her face was flushed now as the sexual excitement of licking his butt got her blood running quickly through her body.

“Ohhh, baby,” he panted, “now I’m gonna feed you cock. Open your mouth, sweetheart. I’m gonna slip my heavenly prick right inside your hot mouth.”

Opening her mouth she took in his big dick.

“Suck it,” he told her. “Suck it off.”

She focused her action on the tip of his penis. Her tongue twirled over it. After she lashed it a few times she let him ram it down her throat. But he pulled back so she could focus the attention of her tongue on the tip of his cock. She let her tongue tickle the sensitive glans portion of his penis. Now she was sucking hard. He knew it wouldn’t be much longer until he exploded. Her hands gripped his buttocks. She squeezed his ass cheeks.

“Eat me,” he told her. “Come on, baby, eat my cock. Suck the juice out of it. That’s the way to do it. Suck it off.”

All at once his cock exploded.

“Suck it out,” he begged, “every drop of it.”

She gulped Mark’s juice.

No sooner had Mark pulled his penis out of her mouth than Sean was on top of her.

“Do the same thing for me,” he told her, “only I want to sixty-nine you. You suck my ass and I’ll eat your pussy.”

He straddled her so that his head was even with her pussy and his ass was over her face. She propped her head up on a pillow and he bent back. Now his ass was right over her face. Gripping his buttocks she let her tongue slip back and forth along his ass crack. At the same time he plunged his finger up her asshole while his tongue slid into her pussy. The double action brought a round of applause from the boys.

“You’re really something, Sean,” Tony complimented him as he gave his ass a playful slap.

She sucked on his behind as she massaged his buttocks. At the same time he was eating her pussy.

“Oh, wow!” Mark smiled. “I wish I’d thought of that. You’ve sure got an imagination, Sean.”

With admiration all of the boys watched. The circle jerk was restored. The young boys gripped their cocks and began pulling slowly. Each boy placed his hand on his cock and his other hand on his balls.

“In time,” Tony laughed. “Let’s jerk off together.”

They were about ready to jerk off when suddenly Sean pulled his tongue from her pussy.

“Hey, don’t get your rocks off with your hand,” Sean reminded them. “We’re gonna fuck her asshole.”

Each young boy recognized he would miss out on a good thing if he went on pumping so hard. They slowed the tempo of their hand action so their cocks wouldn’t shoot.

Now Sean went back to eating her pussy. At the same time Cindy ate out his ass.

They were fucking now at a good speed.

“Suck his ass,” Tony panted as he pumped slowly on his penis. “Suck Sean’s ass out.”

Sean wiggled his butt over her face as she went on licking. At the same time he was working on her pussy. He whipped his tongue into her. He probed and explored her vagina. Then he used his teeth to nibble her clit. Cindy got so excited that her pelvis pumped forward as she gushed. Hastily Sean’s tongue lapped up her pussy juices. At the same time he loved her hand gripping his cock. She pulled her tongue from his asshole and directed it toward his penis. He jabbed it down her throat. This was a good angle to make it. She massaged his buttocks while he fucked her face.

Finally he got his rocks off. She played with his balls while she sucked him.

When Sean pulled his penis from her mouth Tony was determined he was going to be the first one to get his cock up her ass.

“I’m number one,” Tony told her, “number one on the ass-fucking list.”

She wanted a break.

“Give me a breather,” Cindy sighed heavily. “You don’t know what I’ve been through.”

The boys laughed. Momentarily they turned on the television. That did give Cindy a chance to catch her breath. Sean came over to her.

“You all right?”

“Yes,” she nodded, “I’m all right. It’s just hard to think of taking on so many guys. But I did enjoy it.”

“Sure you did, Cindy,” Tony told her, “and maybe I could get you a break in pictures. You mentioned Caesar and you starring in a fuck film.”

“Could you really?” She asked Tony, delighted that he might be able to help.

“I have some connections,” Tony assured her. “That is, if you’re really interested. You’ve got to give me an exhibition performance tonight, before we leave. I don’t want to introduce you to this producer unless you can really fuck that dog.”

“Oh, I can fuck Caesar,” she assured him. “Really fuck him. Ill prove it.”

“You’ll have to honey,” he told her. “I just can’t let a girl go on unless she really can perform.”

She decided that she would take Tony up on his offer. She was determined that she was going to succeed.

However, she knew the hurdles she had to pass first. He wanted to plunge his cock right up her asshole. And this was something she didn’t look forward to.

Finally Tony told her, “I’m not gonna wait much longer. You can roll over, baby, and let me fuck your ass.”

She rolled over.

“Raise up your ass so I can get in there,” he told her.

She raised up her buttocks and then he gripped her ass cheeks. Slowly he fitted his penis between her ass crack.

“Tony,” she told him, “you are ramming it in there too hard. Stop it.”

He applied some spit to his shaft.

“I’ve got something else,” she suggested. “I’m prepared.”

She had stolen a tube of her mother’s K.Y.. And she was ready to give him what he wanted.

“Come on,” he told her, “let’s do it.”

With his slickened penis he was ready to ram it to her. With a hard driving cock stab he rammed forward.

“Fuck it,” he told her, “fuck.”

He was riding into her now with regular rhythmic movements.

“Swing it, baby,” he told her. “That’s the way to do it. Oh, yes.”

She swung her hips as his penis thrust forward. The boys watched in amazement. Tony was a great fucker. He knew exactly how to ram it to her. Tony was enjoying her tight asshole. He could tell Cindy hadn’t been fucked much this way. For she still could give a superb tight ass fuck.

Bending over he gripped her breasts. He played with them.

“Come on, baby,” he told her, “that’s the way to do it. Fuck it.”

Passionately he plunged it into her. His balls slapped against her buttocks as he drove forward.

“Now you’re doing it,” he told her. “Oh, baby, I love it. Fuck.”

Ramming into her with hard, driving cock stabs he was hurting her. But he didn’t care. As long as he got his kicks.

“Swing it, baby,” he told her. “Come on, fuck.”

Tony needed some added inducement.

“Get your belt, Sean,” he suggested, “and whip my ass while I’m fucking her. That would stimulate me.”

Sean didn’t like to participate. Nevertheless, he felt if it was important to Tony he should.

Pulling his wide belt from his jeans he brought it down hard over Tony’s bare buttocks. It did stimulate and excite Tony. He plunged his cock up her ass harder.

“Fuck it,” he told her, “fuck. Come on, fuck it.”

Now he was really making it. His ass muscles flexed as he fucked her vigorously. His cock exploded high in her rectum. She twisted around and squeezed his penis.

“Oh, baby,” he panted, “milk my prick. That’s what I want you to do. Milk my sticky cock.”

She ground her hips around. And his charging cock continued sliding up her until he had finished unloading.

Finally he pulled his cock out of her.

“Oh, baby,” he told her, “you’re beautiful.”

She smiled at him.

“I hope you enjoyed it,” she told him. “Now, let’s take Sean on.”

Sean quickly got on top of her. Mounting her behind he gripped her ass cheeks.

“I don’t need to apply any lubrication to my shaft,” he grinned at Tony.

Tony nodded.

“I shot enough cum up her asshole so you all can stick it in,” he laughed.

Slipping his cock up her butt, he found it slid smoothly. He was glad that Tony had gotten his rocks off.

“Fuck it, baby,” he gasped as he banged into her.

The other boys watched Sean’s flexing ass muscles as he fucked Cindy’s butt vigorously. Cindy wiggled.

“That’s it,” Sean panted as he pumped it to her. “Fuck.”

Ramming into her with hard driving cock stabs he got her excited.

“Oh, baby,” he told her, “that’s what I want you to do. Twist it.”

She was learning quite a bit about ass fucking. She discovered that when she swung her hips around it excited him enormously.

“Come on,” he told her. “That’s the way to do it. Fuck it.”

At this point she was so excited she begged for it.

“I want it, Sean,” she exclaimed. “Fuck me. Give it to me. Every fucking inch.”

Passionately he jabbed it into her.

“Yes,” she panted, “fuck me.”

As he rammed into her with hard driving cock stabs she kept her ass churning.

“I can’t stand it,” he exclaimed as he slapped her butt roughly. “Ohhh, ahhh, yes, yes. Fuck it.”

All at once his cock exploded.

“Ohhh, wow!” He panted as he went on jabbing his thick cock into her hot tight asshole.

He pulled out quickly so he could let his buddy Mark enter. Mark was standing by, eager to get his cock into her.

Mark got on top of Cindy. He thrust his cock up her ass tightly.

“Oh, baby,” Mark panted as he bent over, “what an asshole. Fuck.”

She continued swinging her hips for Mark. At the same time Mark reached around and gripped her bosoms. He fingered the nipples. He gripped her tightly.

“Oh, baby,” he told her, “that’s what I love. Fuck it.”

She went on churning her hips around as he continued stabbing his cock up her asshole. He loved the rhythm to her behind. She was pushing back as he drove forward. Deeper he plunged his penis into her. At the same time his hand reached down to clutch at her pussy. She loved the fact he was slipping his fingers into her vagina.

“Fuck it,” he begged, “fuck.”

He pinched her clitoris as his penis spurted its sperm load.

“Grind it,” he begged. “Oh, I’m cuming.”

A second later she was gushing, too.

“Ohhh,” he gasped, “baby, fuck it off.”

At this point her hot juices were flowing freely.

“Beautiful,” he panted as he went on driving up her vigorously.

More sperm shot out of his cockhead. The boys were all frantic now to fuck her. Clayton wanted to get his big black prick up her.

When Mark pulled out Clayton got on her.

“I’m gonna fuck you and fuck you good,” he told her.

At this point Clayton flipped his thick black penis between her white ass cheeks. Grasping her creamy buttocks he rode his black cock right up her asshole.

“Oh, baby, you’re beautiful,” he panted as he thrust. “Now we’re doing it. That’s the way I like it. Fuck it off.”

Passionately he continued stabbing his cock into her. She could hardly stand it.

“Yes,” he exclaimed, “that’s the way you do it. Fuck it.”

She was becoming accustomed to having a penis stabbing in her asshole. Her ass was loose enough to accommodate any cock including Clayton’s big black penis. Clayton was delighted that she was getting so excited. He could tell by the way her hips were swinging now just how much pleasure she was deriving from the act. He knew he must cum quickly. And he was acting under the hot impulse of his balls which were swelling. His cock plunged deeper.

“Fuck me,” she begged, “fuck me.”

All at once his cock exploded.

“Ohhhh,” he gasped, “yes. I’m cuming. Milk me.”

He continued with his hands under her. He loved driving his fingers into her vagina. And then he shot more juice into her asshole.

He didn’t bring her around but he did give her a good hard cock stabbing.

Each boy fucked her. Finally it was the dog’s turn.

“Why don’t you let the dog do it dog style?” Tony suggested. “Come over here, Caesar. Fuck her asshole.”

The dog bounded on the bed. He placed Caesar’s paws on her back. He watched the dog as he rammed his cock forward.

“He’s a smart fucker,” Tony smiled as Caesar instantly caught on what to do.

The dog’s cock slid between her ass crack. With a hard jab he rammed it into her. The boys applauded.

“Look at that dog go,” Tony gasped excitedly.

It was no secret. Caesar was crazy about her asshole. The dog fucked her hard.

“He’s wagging his tail,” Sean observed.

Cindy was delighted that they all got such a big charge out of it.

“Fuck me, Caesar,” she begged, “fuck me.”

The dog rammed it to her with hard driving jabs.

“Ohhh,” she groaned, “yes, yes. Keep it up. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

Passionately the dog continued stabbing into her. She could hardly stand it.

“Oh,” she gasped, “yes, yes. Give it to me.”

With his tail wagging and his paws placed on her back and his cock stabbing into her asshole, he got his cock off.

“He’s shooting gallons,” she exclaimed. “Oh, Caesar’s really fucking me.”

Sure enough, the dog was giving her a juicy load of his thick cum.

It didn’t take Caesar long to finish his fuck. Pulling his dog cock out of her, he got off the bed.

His jaw hung slack and his tongue dropped to the side of his mouth and saliva dropped to the floor. He looked as though he had really gotten everything he could ask for and then some.


When Cindy went home with the money after Sean had dropped her off, her mother was upset. She had been put very late.

“Where have you been?” She asked her.

“We went to a movie,” she covered quickly.

“That’s a likely story,” she snapped. “Where did you really take her, Sean? You can’t take a dog into a theatre.”

“We went to a drive-in,” he explained.

“That’s nice,” she told him, “just make sure you take care of my little girl. I’ve tried so hard to bring Cindy up right.”

“Yes, you have, Mom,” she told her.

After Sean was gone her mother came in and sat beside her on the edge of the bed.

“Baby,” she told her, “I feel guilty about all that I’ve done to you. I’m afraid that I have not been the best example in the world.”

“What ever made you think that?” Cindy asked her mother.

“Darling,” she told her, “I confess, I even find you appealing. So I understand how men could turn on with you.”

That struck Cindy as funny.

“You’re a riot,” she told her. “What are you talking about?”

“I could use a dildo on you, darling,” her mother suggested. “How would you like that?”

“All right,” Cindy confessed, “I’ll let you thrust your dildo up my pussy if you will let Caesar eat your snatch.”

“That’s not a fair deal,” her mother complained. “I’ve never done it with a dog.”

“You’ve done it with a lot of dogs, Mom,” she told her, “and if you don’t let Caesar suck your pussy I’m not gonna let you fuck mine with that damned dildo.”

“All right, dear,” her mother agreed.

Slipping out of her negligee, she stretched out naked on the bed.

“That dog has been too friendly with me before.” She commented. “He was always sniffing around my pussy. I suspected you were letting him eat yours.”

She called to the dog to come over.

“Over here, Caesar,” she demanded. “Eat momma’s pussy.”

The dog came over and wagged is tail. He sniffed around her snatch but he didn’t eat her.

“Ill get the hamburger,” Cindy suggested.

“Baby, with the cost of hamburger,” her mother complained, “I think it’s terrible to stuff it in my pussy and let that dog lick it out.”

“Please, let him plunge his tongue up there,” she insisted. “I want to see this.”

Hastily she went to the kitchen. She got the hamburger out of the refrigerator and returned to the bedroom.

“Hold your pussy open so I can get it in here,” she insisted.

She pulled the hamburger apart in small pieces. Dropping it into her mother’s snatch she noticed how Caesar began panting around her pussy.

“You see,” Cindy observed, “he knows what’s gonna happen.”

Once she moved away the dog got his nose right at her pussy.

“Eat me,” her mother demanded, “eat me, damn it. Eat me.”

The dog sucked her and ate her. He was glad to get his hamburger.

When he finished licking her, he got her gushing. She was delighted and excited to have the dog licking her juicing pussy.

“Oh, that’s so much fun to watch you and him,” she observed. “It really is.”

At this point Cindy’s mom was determined to get the dildo on and fuck her daughter. Getting off the bed she got the dildo. She strapped it onto herself and applied some K.Y. Jelly so it would slip in smoothly.

“On your back, baby,” her mother smiled as she mounted her, “and look up to me. I always think it is so exciting to look in each other’s eyes when we’re making it.”

As she straddled her, Cindy reached down and gripped the slippery dildo and guided it into herself.

“Fuck me,” she told her mom.

Plunging forward the dildo drove in smoothly. And then she wrapped her arms around her mother’s body. She let her hands wander down to her bare buttocks. She squeezed her ass cheeks. Finally she let her hand slip between her ass crack. She finger fucked her asshole.

“Oh, baby,” her mother panted as she pumped the dildo into her. “You’re such a good fuck. No wonder men go wild about you.”

Thrusting the dildo into her, she fucked her hard.

“Oh, wow!” Cindy panted. “You sure know how to fuck me. Keep it up. That’s the way I like it. Oh, yes. Fuck.”

Passionately she rode into her daughter’s pussy. And Cindy responded.

“Yes, yes,” she told her, “I want it. Fuck me.”

It wasn’t going to be much longer now. Both women were so stimulated they were about ready to juice.

“We’ve got to make it together, baby,” she told her. “Yes. Oh, baby, fuck.”

They went on screwing each other. Throwing her legs around her mother’s legs, she pumped her pelvis forward. Then she brushed her bosoms against hers.

“You know how to do everything,” her mother exclaimed. “Oh, baby, you really are super. Fuck me.”

Cindy felt no guilt that her mother was screwing her. She realized her mother had sexual needs and she wanted to supply them. She thought it was better than having her out screwing around with just anybody.

“Come on, baby,” she told her. “Oh, yes. Fuck it. Fuck.”

All at once they both came. As her pussy juiced, she squeezed tighter to her.

“Oh, Mom,” she panted, “keep giving it to me. Drive it in there.”

Her mother went on pushing the dildo into her. They clutched and kissed and juiced.

At this point she did feel a bit guilty. Finally after it was over she recognized what she had done.

“Mom, we can’t go on like this,” Cindy exclaimed. “Fucking with the dog. Having sex with you.”

“Certainly we can, dear,” her mother told her. “There’s nothing wrong with it. You’re coming of age, dear. The important thing is not to do it with just anyone.”

“What are you suggesting?” She asked nervously.

“I’m advising, dear,” she told her. “I’m advising you not to consent to having sex with any man unless he pays a good price. You’re a fresh young girl with a tight pussy. And you deserve a good price. You know how much girls make in Nevada.”

“I have no idea,” Cindy replied.

“For your information,” she informed her, “they get a hundred dollars an hour.”

“No!” Cindy gasped. “And I sold it for ten dollars a cock suck.”

“What are you talking about?”

“The gang bang tonight, Mom,” she explained.

“Gang bang?” She asked her. “I thought you went to a horror movie at the drive-in.”

“No,” Cindy confided. “Sean wanted to take me to a motel where I could have sex with his buddies. I gave blow jobs for ten dollars each.”

“I’m ashamed of you,” her mother said angrily.

“For what?” Cindy asked. “For giving all those blow jobs?”

“No,” she told her emphatically, “for only charging ten dollars a head.”

Cindy was startled. Apparently her mother was quite mercenary.

“Mom,” she asked her, “tell me about your sexual life.”

“If you must know the truth,” her mother told her, “you were born out of wedlock. Your father was a no-good alcoholic who skipped after he heard I was with child.”

“How terrifying,” Cindy said, “and you had to go through all of this alone. You poor darling. No wonder you’re warped.”

“Am I warped?” She asked her quickly.

“Of course you are,” she told her. “Don’t you know it?”

“I don’t know that I was warped,” her mother replied, “but maybe I am.”

“Yes, you are,” Cindy told her, “and it’s too bad. You’re really a wonderful mom. But you can’t go on having sex with everybody.”

“I haven’t had much luck lately, dear,” she told her. “When a gal gets older it isn’t as easy to get paid. They expect you to jump in the sack for the fun of it.”

“And do you?”

“Now and then,” she replied.

Cindy felt very sad about the whole thing. However, she did see one bright hope.

“Mom,” she smiled proudly, “Tony told me he could make me a star.”

“Tony who?”

“He’s the connection for the high school dope ring,” she explained.

“Sounds like a noble man,” her mother said. “But if he can make you a star I’m all ears. Will he pay you?”

“He didn’t say how much, Mom,” Cindy explained. “He’s just getting started. He told me he knew a guy who could get me into pictures. You know the kind.”

“I certainly do,” her mother smiled happily, “and perhaps you could be another Linda Lovelace. Deep Throat didn’t hurt her any.”

“No,” Cindy smiled, “and Brando showing his ass in the last scene in The Last Tango In Paris didn’t hurt him either. He’s a big motion picture star.”

“That’s right, dear,” her mother smiled.

“Oh, Mom, just think of it. I can see my name in lights. Cindy and Caesar. Starring in Dog Love.”

“Can’t you use any imagination for a title?” Her mother asked. “Think of something more dramatic. Cindy and Caesar in She Finds Her Big Love.”

“That’s good,” Cindy smiled excitedly. “It would look great flashing in lights.”

Her mother admitted she might never see it flashing in a regular theatre. However, she assured her that some little dark alley theatre might show the picture.

Then her mother felt she should clue her in about the importance of keeping her pussy muscles tight.

“Sweetheart,” she smiled at Cindy, “let me show you how I use my vibrating dildo.”

Lying back on the bed she gripped the plastic cock. She turned it on and its transistor-powered batteries made it move in a regular rhythm.

“I do this ten minutes a day,” her mother told her, “and it works miracles on my pussy muscles.”

“Oh, that’s nice,” Cindy told her. “You’re doing it real nice. Let me borrow it.”

Pulling the dildo vibrator from her vagina she handed it to Cindy. Cindy slid it into herself.

“You’re doing it just fine,” her mother congratulated her, “just thrust your pelvis up. That’s it. Ride and grind.”

Cindy ground her hips as she plunged the vibrating dildo into herself. She was enjoying it.

“Fuck,” Cindy gasped as she imagined the dildo was an actual man’s stiff cock ramming into her.

She went on fucking like this until her mother observed she was juicing.

“Let me eat your pussy,” her mother suggested.

Pulling the dildo out of her daughter’s hot hole, she crouched over her. Clasping her ass cheeks she let her tongue slip back and forth across her slit.

“Oh, Mom, eat me,” Cindy cried happily. “Yes, stick your tongue in me.”

Stabbing her tongue into her vagina she excited her.

“Yes, yes,” she cried eagerly, “thrust it in there. I love it.”

Her mother’s tongue was lapping up her juices. She loved it. At the same time she reached down, gripped her head and held her.

“Love me,” she cried eagerly. “Love my pussy.”

Indeed her mother did love her pussy. And she was bringing her all of the erotic excitement that she could withstand.

When she had finished juicing her mother withdrew her tongue.

“Not bad at it am I, baby?” She asked her huskily.

“You’ve done everything, haven’t you?”

“And just about everyone, too,” her mother laughed. “I used to do an exhibition performance with a gal named Mabel. She was really something. She ran a les bar down on 180th Street. Now and then she would put on a private exhibition for some good-paying male customers.”

“You’ve known some interesting people,” Cindy giggled.

“By society’s standards they wouldn’t be considered moral,” her mother admitted candidly, “but they are colorful.”

“Precisely,” she told her.

All of the sudden Cindy had a flash of inspiration for a picture sequence.

“Wouldn’t it be exciting to watch the two of us go to work on Caesar’s cock. You could suck his cock and I could lick his balls.”

“I don’t know about that,” her mother hedged. “I’m not used to sucking dogs’ cocks. Maybe I could learn.”

“Of course you could, Mom,” Cindy told her, “if you put your mind to it.”

“Don’t you mean my mouth to it?” She laughed.

“Right on,” Cindy giggled.

Getting Caesar back on the bed, Cindy began pulling on his penis. Caesar had no idea what they were planning to do.

“This isn’t going to be a dry run,” she told him. “We’re gonna go through it.”

Her mother got underneath him. And she pulled the dog’s huge cock to her. It didn’t quite reach. Cindy helped her. She put a couple of pillows behind her.

“Now you can reach him,” she told her. “Go ahead and suck his cock off.”

The mouth moved closer to the dog’s penis. The dog plunged his cock into her mouth.

At this point she was sucking greedily. Next, she went to the balls. Cindy sucked the dog’s balls while her mother sucked the dog’s cock.

Cindy could imagine what it would look like in wide-screen color. This scene alone might make her a star.

As she sucked on the dog’s balls, she watched her mother sucking on his penis.

It was a pleasant sight to see her mother’s mouth slipping back and forth on the dog’s long, slippery cock. At the same time she went on nibbling on his balls. However, she was hardly prepared for when he juiced. Ramming it down her mother’s throat and almost choking her, she continued sucking on his balls.

The dog let out a low noise as he gushed.

It was difficult for her mother to get used to sucking dog sperm. Nevertheless, she managed to do so.

Finally she pulled her mouth off his thick penis and looked at Cindy.

“Ohhh, that was wonderful,” she told her in a quivering voice. “Baby, take your mouth off his balls.”

Cindy had gotten so excited sucking on his balls with her eyes closed that she hadn’t realized that she had initiated a most unique sequence in any film.

“Mom, that would be a super sequence,” she told her. “I’ll bet it’s never been done before.”

“I don’t know why,” her mother told her. “But it isn’t easy to get all that dog’s gook.”

“Don’t speak that way of Caesar’s precious sperm,” Cindy complained. “I love it. Every inch of his pecker.”

“It’s a lot of love because it’s a long pecker,” her mother chuckled.

She didn’t realize how serious her daughter was. Nevertheless, she was willing to go along with her.

“Oh, Mom,” she exclaimed excitedly, “I think it’s so wonderful. You and me and Caesar. In our own flick.”

She got on the phone and called Tony. He was hardly prepared for this.

“Do you know what time it is?”

“It’s time to make a movie,” she told him. “I’ve just thought of the most delightful sequence. Mom and me and Caesar. Mom wants to suck off his cock while I lick his balls. What do you think of that?”

“I’d like to meet your mother,” Tony told her. “She sounds like a nice person.”

“She is,” Cindy laughed. “So broad minded.”

“Another time,” he told her. “I’m bushed.”

“I’ll call you tomorrow morning,” she told Tony.

The following morning she surprised Tony with a nine o’clock call.

“This is Sunday,” Tony complained, “and I sleep in. You are the most persistent little wench.”

“Tony, you want to make money,” she reminded him, “and we’ve got a fortune waiting for us with that dog. There aren’t many dogs who like to fuck people like he does.”

“You’d be surprised,” Tony told her. “Dog acts are a dime a dozen these days. But I’ll come over and watch you and your mom perform with the animal.”

She put her hand over the phone a moment and spoke to her mother.

“Mom, he wants a demo exhibition,” she explained.

“Sure,” her mother replied, “but tell Tony it’ll cost him.”

“Mom is eager to perform,” Cindy assured him, “but she expects to get paid.”

“They all do,” Tony told her. “I’ll bring another guy along who produces these wonderful movies. Maybe he will get inspired.”

“I know he would,” Cindy exclaimed. “Oh, Tony, call him today. We’ve got the get together. I want to see this show moving on the road.”

“All right, baby,” he told her, “I’ll check you later. Don’t let the dog catcher catch you.”

She hung up and was laughing.

“What did he say?” Her mother asked eagerly.

“He said don’t get caught by the dog catcher,” she laughed.

“About paying us?” Her mother insisted. “Remember, I’m not working. I’m a lady at liberty.”

“You’re at liberty,” her daughter laughed, “but you’re no lady. Mom, he said he would pay. He’s gonna bring over a producer. And they’ll watch us.”

“How exciting,” her mother smiled smugly. “I never knew that you would turn out to be such a wonderful daughter. Now we’ve got to groom Caesar. Maybe we should give him a bath.”

“He hates getting washings,” Cindy told her, “but I guess we’ve got to keep him clean.”

“Certainly we’ve got to keep his cock clean,” her mother told her. “I’m not sucking a dirty dick.”

“All right,” she nodded, “I’ll see to it Caesar’s cock is clean.”

Caesar didn’t realize all of the talk was revolving around his becoming a motion picture star. If he had understood it, he probably would have demanded T-bone steaks for performing.


Cindy was serious about a career. And so was her mother.

“When we’re in the money,” her mother smiled, “we’ll go places. Actually, dear, I would like to revive my hustling career. A good face lift and losing a little weight and I would be back in great shape.”

Cindy looked at her mother.

“You know, you’re right,” she nodded. “We could be a real team. We could take on one guy and charge him three hundred.”

Her mother threw her arms around her passionately.

“My little baby,” she exclaimed, “think of what lies in store for us.”

“I just hope that I don’t get in any trouble fucking dogs on film,” Cindy said nervously.

“Don’t worry about a thing,” her mother told her. “With a wig and a mask no one would ever know who you are.”

Cindy arranged for Tony to come over with his producer friend.

A couple of days later Tony dropped by with Dave. Cindy’s mom met them at the door.

“Pleased to meet you,” Tony greeted her. “I’m here to see the young lady who’s interested in the picture career.”

“Cindy, my daughter,” she smiled. “Just a moment. I was a child bride myself and Cindy and I could do a sister act.”

“You don’t look bad to me,” Dave smiled, licking his lips. “Maybe after I see this dog-screwing exhibition we could have a little fun in bed together.”

“Why not?” Her mother nodded.

“What’s your name?” Dave asked her.

“Peggy,” she told him, “but you can call me Peg.”

“All right, Peg,” he told her, “now let’s go in and meet your lovely daughter.”

“Cindy,” she called out, “the producer is here.”

Cindy walked out wearing her mother’s filmy orange negligee.

“Wow!” Tony grinned. “Don’t you look delicious.”

“Thank you, Tony,” she smiled. “And look at Caesar.”

Caesar was wearing a rhinestone-studded collar that flashed like diamonds.

“He’s such a wonderful dog,” she told him. “He really is.”

At this point she was eager to put on her exhibition.

“Where do we watch this act?” Dave grinned. “I’m dying to see how you do it.”

“She can do it in the living room or in the bedroom,” her mother volunteered, “whichever you prefer.”

“I’d like to see it real casual in the living room,” Dave explained, “sort of like we do it in the movie. She’s patting her dog and the dog sniffs her snatch and then he wants to lick her pussy. The camera would zoom in for a tight shot of her juicy cunt.”

“Don’t use those words,” Peggy warned him. “I have tried to keep my girl’s mind pure.”

“If you keep her pussy pure,” Dave winked, “I’ll suck it.”

Cindy was beginning to feel as though she were an inanimate object that was being shuffled about.

“I guess I have something to say about who sucks my snatch,” she insisted.

“Of course you do, darling,” her mother told her. “That’s every woman’s privilege. To decide who can put his tongue in her pussy.”

At this point Cindy was pouting.

“Come along, dear,” her mother told her. “Sit over there on the couch. Dave, you can sit here in this wing chair.”

Dave sat down in a wing chair and Tony was seated in the occasional chair nearby.

Finally Cindy got over her pouting performance and sat down and stretched out.

“Let your negligee slip around your legs so your pussy is visible,” Dave told her. “Actually we ought to shave it. I think shaved boxes are the sexiest.”

“I’m not shaving my pussy for you or anybody,” she complained.

“To be a star,” her mother warned her, “means sacrifice. If you have to pull every hair out of your pussy you’re going to, baby.”

“Maybe,” she said uncomfortably, “I want to have something to say.”

“Say it, little lady,” Dave grinned. “I guess you’re temperamental before you’re a star. Actually Caesar is the star of the show. You are helping him.”

That did it. She couldn’t stand it anymore. She got off the couch and sauntered back to the bedroom.

“See what you’ve done. You’ve hurt the little lady’s feelings,” Tony told him. “You’ve got to watch it. These girls are all temperamental. You remember the time we tried to get that stripper to have sex with a go-go girl. She got so upset because somebody called her a lesbian.”

“Was she a lesbian?” Peggy asked.

“Yes,” he agreed, “but she thought that we said it in a disgusting way.”

Peggy slammed the bedroom door. Tony immediately was knocking.

“Who is it?” She called out.

“It’s me, honey,” Tony told her. “And I brought you a surprise gift. I wasn’t gonna give it to you until after you’d had sex with Caesar. But I will if you want me to.”

“Come in,” she told him.

Tony walked in. He sat on the edge of the bed and opened up a box containing a sexual device.

“What have you got there?” She demanded. “A bribe?”

He smiled.

“Oh, baby, you bought me my own dildo.”

“This is a special kind,” Tony explained proudly. “This dildo has its own bladder bag.”

“What are those tubes for?” She asked, not understanding at all.

“I’ll explain, sweetheart,” he grinned. “You see, these tubes go to the bladder bag. You fill up the bladder bag with egg whites. Then when you squeeze this button it shoots through the penis into your pussy. It’s just like pecker juice exploding in your cunt.”

“What a lovely gift,” the young girl smiled. “Oh, Tony, I want to christen it when you watch me. I promise I won’t use it until you’re looking.”

“Good thing, honey,” he told her. “I would like to lie beside you. I’d like to be sticking my pecker up your asshole while that dildo is fucking your cunt. You could push the button when I get my rocks off. Imagine having the juice shooting at you from both directions.”

She wrapped her arms around Tony and kissed him.

“Now pumpkin,” he smiled, “will you perform for Dave? He’s a bit crude. I understand that. Come out, baby, and take off your clothes and do it in the nude so he can watch.”

“Maybe,” she turned away, “I don’t know.”

“Come on, darling,” he told her. “Let’s get cracking.”

Reluctantly Cindy decided that she should return to the living room.

“I apologize,” Dave told her as he smiled at her as she came back. “I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”

“That’s all right,” she whimpered as she sat down beside the big dog.

At this point her mother thought it might not hurt to have some music.

“Let me put on one of those rock tapes,” Peggy suggested. “They’re so appropriate for fucking. Especially fucking a dog.”

“You’re a very wise mother,” David told her. “It would be absurd to have your daughter screwing without music. In the movie, of course, we will have music and colored lights.”

“Just a minute,” Peggy smiled, “I’ll put blue lights in the lamps. Hold on, honey. We’ve got to have blue lights for a blue movie.”

It didn’t take her long to replace the lamp bulbs with new ones. At this point Cindy had stripped out of the orange negligee. She was lying bare ass naked across the sofa. And the dog was watching her closely.

“How about eating my pussy?” She asked him.

Parting her pussy lips she enticed the animal to lick her vagina.

The animal did not require much enticing. Soon he had his nose in her box.

“Eat me,” she cried eagerly. “Oh, yes, eat me.”

It was amazing how talented the dog’s tongue licked her vagina. It was almost as if Caesar understood he was auditioning for a film.

“Look at that dog licker go,” Dave exclaimed, feeling his cock harden.

Peggy was watching his bulging crotch.

“Maybe I can help,” she suggested with a knowing nod. “Ill pull it out and pull on it.”

“Do anything you want with it,” Dave told her, “but I’ve got to get the damn thing off.”

Tony nodded.

“That’s true,” he smiled at Peggy. “It’s important that he does get his rocks off. Watching a dog fuck a girl is the thing that gets him going. That’s why he makes so many of these dog fuck films. He likes to watch them himself before he goes to sleep. The guy then jerks off or has some chick suck him off while the dog is fucking.”

“How nice,” Peggy smiled as she reached over and unzipped David’s fly.

Reaching in she found his rock-hard cock and pulled it out.

“My, my, what a big prick you’ve got,” she smiled as she pulled on his thick pulsating penis.

All the time she was pulling on his penis he was watching the dog eat the girl’s pussy.

“Suck her snatch,” Dave called out crudely. “Suck her dirty pussy. That’s how you do it. Suck her pussy.”

Caesar wagged his tail as he went on sucking and nibbling. At this point the young girl was gushing. She couldn’t take any more of the sexual thrills supplied by the animal’s slippery tongue lashing.

“I’m cuming,” she exclaimed. “Ohhhh, ahhh, yes, yes. Eat it. Caesar, suck. Suck, Caesar.”

Frantically she was reaching down to grip the dog’s head and guide him over her hot juicing vagina.

The dog was licking quickly. His tongue swept inside of her and gobbled her up. When he pulled his tongue out Tony let his kicks be known.

“Mind if I follow him?” He smiled.

“If you want to,” the girl smiled.

At this point Peggy was on her knees and clutching David’s penis. Her head was bobbing up and down on his cock. As Tony knelt before her vagina, Cindy let out a cry of delight.

“Look, momma,” she giggled, “no hands.”

She didn’t have to put her hands on Tony’s head. For Tony knew his way around. Grasping her ass cheeks, Tony bowed to her pussy. His tongue slid back and forth across her slit.

“Lick it,” she urged him. “Yes, lover, lick.”

Frantically his tongue plunged in her. He flipped it back and forth across her clit.

“Love me,” she breathed excitedly, “yes. Love my pussy.”

Tony always got a charge out of following a dog. It gave him a feeling of kinky sex. He knew it would be revolting to many people but he didn’t worry about it. His only concern was his own passion.

Quickly his tongue surged inside of her. Probing, lashing and licking he was bringing her around quickly.

“Eat my pussy,” she panted hotly. “Oh, yes, lover, suck my snatch.”

As Tony’s fingernails bit into her bottom, his tongue slid farther into her vagina. He was licking quickly now. He nibbled at her clit and she suddenly gushed. This was what really excited her. She held his head down over her womanhood as he ate her box.

When Tony pulled away he watched Peggy sucking on David’s penis.

“Look at that cock sucker go,” he smiled happily. “David is in orbit.”

David was in orbit. His head swung back and forth as his hands guided Peggy over his penis.

“Lick my dick,” he told her. “Suck it, sweetheart. Suck it off.”

She was sucking hard on his penis, hoping he would climax shortly.

David didn’t disappoint her. Suddenly his hot white sperm shot into her mouth. She sucked it out greedily.

When she finished eating his cock off she slid her mouth off his penis.

Looking into his eyes she asked, without cracking a smile, “Does my daughter star in your flicks?”

David laughed.

“Sure,” he told her. “How could I refuse her with a mother who can give blow jobs like you do?”

Peggy was proud. She’d helped her daughter. Going over to Cindy she congratulated her.

“Isn’t it wonderful?” She exclaimed delightedly. “We’re in the chips.”


Now that Tony had gotten her the dildo with the bladder, he was eager to have her try it out.

“Let’s go into the bedroom,” Tony suggested. “I want to have a conference with you. A business conference.”

“Certainly,” Peggy smiled, “but before my daughter signs anything I want to see what she’s getting paid.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Tony laughed.

Once in the bedroom he explained exactly what he wanted.

“I want you to get some eggs,” he told her, “and fill up the bladder bag with egg whites. Then we can experiment.”

“I knew that was what you were coming in the bedroom for,” she laughed.

Still stark naked young Cindy walked through the living room to the kitchen. When she returned with a bowl of eggs under her arm her mother was puzzled.

“What on earth are you doing with eggs?”

“Tell you later, Mom,” she laughed.

“Takes all kinds,” Peggy smiled as she stroked David’s cock back to an erect condition.

Once in the bedroom Tony illustrated how she could use the dildo that could squirt sperm.

He took the eggs out of the bowl and placed them on the bed.

“You’ve got to crack the eggs first,” he told her, “and then we must separate the yolks. Get a spoon.”

Cindy didn’t like walking through the room and disturbing her mother and David. Nevertheless, she felt compelled to do so as she was eager to discover how the bladder bag and squirting plastic penis worked.

When her mother saw her carrying a spoon she shook her head in dismay.

“What is going on in there?”

“I’ll never tell,” Cindy giggled coyly as she shut the door quickly.

At this point Tony had gone to the bathroom. He told her that they could let the yolks slip into the toilet. At this point Cindy was eager to get it over with.

She broke the eggs into the bowl. One by one she removed the yellow yokes and let them slide into the toilet from the big spoon. Next she got the bladder bag and zipping it open, poured the contents of the bowl into it.

“Seems a shame to waste all of those eggs,” she told him.

“Forget it,” Tony laughed. “I’ll buy you another dozen. This is gonna be a lot of fun.”

She zipped the bag up again once it was full of egg whites. Then Tony told her what he could, do.

“I guess the most exciting thing I could do,” he explained, “is to strap that dildo on myself. I can fuck your asshole with my pecker. I will let the plastic cock fuck your pussy. When I am ready to get my pistol off you can press the button. The egg whites will shoot from the bladder through the small tube in the penis.”

As he strapped on the dildo she couldn’t help smiling.

“You look funny,” she laughed.

Tony was holding the bladder bag in one hand as he moved toward the bed.

“How do you like me with two cocks?”

She nodded.

“Super,” she grinned, “now let’s do it real cool. Come on, fuck me.”

She got on the bed and spread her legs for him.

“You’ll have to do better than that,” he explained. “I’ve got to get both cocks in you.”

Tony applied some Vaseline to his penis. For he was going to plunge it up her tight young asshole.

At this point he was ready. He was mounting her, slowly slipping the plastic cock into her pussy and his own stiff rod into her asshole.

She loved the sensation of being double screwed.

“Fuck me,” Tony panted as he pumped his penis into her asshole and his plastic cock into her pussy.

Cindy shoved back. She enjoyed the slippery dildo gliding in her pussy and she loved his dick driving deeper into her asshole. At first it hurt as he drove his hard cock past her tight anal ring. However, once the pain vanished the pleasure began.

“Tuck me, Tony,” she urged him on. “Fuck me.”

Tony was plunging into her with vigor and delight. She was shoving back. He loved the way she pumped her pelvis. At the same time she was enjoying getting the double fuck. She couldn’t remember ever having anything quite as exciting.

“Give it to me,” she urged him on. “Yes. Fuck it off.”

He was pumping passionately. Both the penis and the dildo were providing the type of erotic stimulation that a girl like Cindy required. For Cindy was a hot-blooded, oversexed nympho type of woman. Her mother apparently enjoyed sex and she was just like her.

“Slide it in there,” she called out crudely. “Fuck my dirty asshole. Fuck my tight pussy. Come on, fucker, screw me.”

Every second that he drove it into her pleased her more. Finally she realized she was going to cum, and she wondered how close he was.

“I’m almost there,” the young girl panted in excitement. “Oh, baby, juice me.”

That was his cue.

“Sure, baby doll,” Tony panted as he pumped to a hot sticky climax.

His cock spurted its sperm up her asshole. He pressed the button on the bladder bag. Instantly the egg whites shot through the small tube in the plastic penis. She felt her vagina bathed in the egg whites.

“Fuck it,” he gasped, “Fuck. Come on, baby, fuck it off.”

She was juicing some more as his cock let more sperm spurt up her tight rectum. It was all fireworks and sky rockets for her.

“More, more, baby, more,” she panted as he pumped.

Finally Tony had to stop. He slowly eased his cock from her behind. At the same time he slid the plastic penis from her pussy.

Just then her mother burst in.

“What in hell is going on in here?” Peggy stammered.

She could hardly believe her eyes. For the boy was wearing the dildo and the bladder bag was dangling.

“I got her a gift,” Tony chuckled.

“I should say you did,” she laughed.

She went over to inspect the plastic cock and its attachment.

“What won’t they think of next?” David grinned. “You know, the kind you could blow up with a hole in the middle. You could get a good ass fuck. They already have pussies. So the next step should be a plastic asshole.”

“Marvelous,” Peggy nodded. “What the world needs are more sexual devices. If people were more satisfied they wouldn’t be killing each other.”

“What a marvelous philosophy,” David commented. “I wonder if you would care to appear in a picture with Cindy?”

“Oh, no,” she quipped quickly, “I wouldn’t want to steal the show from my darling daughter.”

At that point Tony looked at his watch. “I’ve got to be splitting,” he told Cindy. “I have an appointment with a movie funder. He’s considering this film. Once we tell him what a sensational girl you are, I’m sure that will seal the deal.”

“Remember,” Peggy reminded him, “I want to make sure she gets enough money for her efforts.”

“Don’t forget Caesar,” Cindy chimed in. “He should be paid too.”

“We’ll serve Caesar filet mignon on the night of the premiere,” David promised her.

After they were gone she finally got to sleep. She tossed and turned and had a restless night. She was so disturbed she thought she ought to speak to a school counselor.

She felt it would be best to speak to a woman. For the intimate things she had to reveal would fall easier on a woman’s ears. However, when the one female counselor was gone and only Chuck Adams remained, she had to speak to him.

“Mr. Adams,” she began nervously, “I’ve got a big problem.”

“Haven’t we all,” he told her. “What’s yours?”

“It’s regarding my career,” she began.

“You’re young to be thinking of your career, my dear,” he told her, “what’s all this talk about?”

“Mother wants me to star in a movie,” she explained.

“A child actress,” he told her, “Maybe you have a lot of talent. Perhaps it’s your looks or your voice.”

“No,” she shook her head, “it’s my pussy.”

“Watch your words,” he told her. “Don’t try to seduce me. I rape easy.”

“So do I,” she laughed. “But that isn’t it. It’s Caesar and me.”

“Who is Caesar?”

“My dog,” she explained. “Mom thinks I ought to work in one of those underground fuck films screwing Caesar.”

“The animal humane society ought to hear about this,” Mr. Adams told her flatly. “It isn’t right to violate the dogs. Dogs are man’s best friend. They were never meant to have sex with human beings. You mean you’ve done things with your dog?”

“It’s the other way around,” Cindy insisted, “trying to put the blame on the dog. Caesar seduced me.”

“Don’t tell me that dogs are raping their mistresses,” he exclaimed in disbelief. “You’d have to show it to me.”

“Do you want to come over for an exhibition?” She asked him.

Mr. Adams shook his head. “Young lady, you don’t know what kind of man I am,” he told her flatly.

“How could I? I’ve never seen your peter or tasted you,” she told him.

“You’re getting me angry,” he said tightly.

“I hoped I was getting you horny,” she admitted. “I think you’re awfully cute.”

Getting out of her chair she walked over to him.

“You have nympho tendencies,” the counselor observed.

She unzipped his fly quickly.

“Don’t take it out,” he begged.

He couldn’t resist her hands fumbling for his erect cock. She pulled out his penis and bent over. She let her pink tongue tip slip across the head of it.

“Don’t be a prick teaser,” the counselor complained.

She didn’t understand what he was talking about.

“I don’t know what a prick teaser is,” she said nervously.

“That’s a girl who makes you think she’s gonna give you sex and she won’t,” he explained.

“But I will,” she insisted.

“Prove it,” he told her.

Grasping his main stem she bent over. She let the tip of it slip into her mouth. She began sucking. She could taste him starting to ooze.

“Oh, suck me,” the counselor panted as he pushed the young girl down over his throbbing male member.

Unzipping him farther she reached in and pulled out his balls. She massaged his balls as she sucked on his penis. He loved the sensation.

“Eat it,” he groaned in delight, “eat my dick.”

Young Cindy had another idea. Slipping her mouth off his cock she smiled up at him.

“I told you,” he gasped angrily, “don’t you play a prick-teaser’s game.”

“Not on your life,” she laughed. “I just thought we should lock your door. And pull the shades.”

She locked the door, pulled the shades and went back to him.

“Slip out of your shoes and your socks and your pants and your shorts,” she suggested, “and let me lick your ass.”

“You’ll really do it?” He asked her. “You’ll suck my asshole?”

“Certainly, Mr. Adams,” she told him. “Just pull your clothes off.”

He unfastened his shoes and took them off. He slid off his socks and pulled his pants and shorts off quickly.

Now he was bare from the waist down.

“Sit in the chair,” she advised him, “and grasp your knees. I’ll kneel in front of the chair and grasp your ass and suck on it.”

Damned if she didn’t.

He held his knees and she went down there and gripped his buttocks. Then she got her face between his ass crack and started sucking. He was pleased with her performance.

“I haven’t had an ass suck like that since I was in the Navy in a whorehouse in Panama,” he exclaimed excitedly. “Lick my asshole.”

Suddenly Mr. Adams heard the phone ring. He paid no attention.

“You’d better answer the phone,” Cindy warned him as she pulled her tongue from his behind.

“Forget the damned phone,” he told her. “I want my ass sucked out.”

Plunging her tongue into her ass once more she went on licking quickly.

He was delighted and excited at her skill.

“Eat my ass,” he told her. “Oh, baby, that’s how you do it. Suck my ass out.”

She went on licking and sucking. She reached for his balls and played with him. Finally she wanted to suck off his cock.

“Oh, I want your prick bad,” she told him. “I’m gonna eat your sperm.”

“You’ll swallow it, won’t you?” He asked anxiously.

The young girl nodded. She gripped his cock and pulled it to her mouth. She began sucking hard. He enjoyed the sight of her cheeks pulling in as her mouth ran up and down on his rod. At the same time she fingered his asshole.

“Eat it,” he told her anxiously. “Suck. Suck my prick off.”

Passionately her mouth moved from the head of his shaft to the base. She played with his balls. He knew from the way she was licking on his joy stick and finger fucking his asshole it wouldn’t be much longer until he was cuming.

He rammed it down her throat. All at once he cried out, “I’m cuming. I’m shooting, baby. Suck me.”

Sure enough his cream was splashing down her throat. She gobbled him hungrily, sucking up every delicious drop of his thick white cream.

This was what she needed. A good load of sperm shot from the tip of his penis. She swallowed his cum quickly and slid off. Getting to her feet she looked at him.

“Do I do it as good as your wife?”

“My wife won’t do it,” he complained. “She won’t even let me eat her pussy.”

“That’s awful,” Cindy shook her head. “Mine is available.”

“I figured it was,” he grinned.

Saying no more the young girl offered herself as a living sacrifice on his desk. But not before she had removed every stitch of clothing. Then taking the blotter off his desk and a couple of books she spread out for him. With her legs spread wide and her hand reaching down to her crotch, she asked him, “Would you like some hot lunch?”

“You bet I would,” he smiled.

Still naked from the waist down he bent over her crotch. Gripping her ass cheeks he licked around her buttocks. Daringly he plunged his tongue right up her rectum. Then he thought of something. Wouldn’t it be awful if she told everybody that the school counselor was sucking out her ass.

“You must never tell anybody what I’ve done to you,” he begged her.

“Certainly not,” she told him. “Not if you’ll eat my pussy. Hurry up. I can’t stand it.”

His face flushed and he rushed back to eat her pussy. His hot tongue twirled around her vagina.

Reaching down Cindy held the counselor’s head in place.

“Use your tongue on my love button,” she urged.

He let his tongue whip up and down her clit. She loved the sensation.

“Lash it, lover,” she begged him. “Lick it. Now you’re doing it. That’s the way I like it. Suck me. Oh, baby, suck me.”

She was juicing now. He nibbled on her clit and she gushed some more.

“Eat my pussy,” she panted as she locked her legs around him.

Delightedly he sucked on her. He didn’t pull away until he has finished devouring her. Passionately she pleaded with him to go on licking. He sucked some more and more juices erupted.

Looking at him adoringly she thanked him.

“Oh, Mr. Adams,” she exclaimed, “you don’t know what you did for me.”

“Oh, yes, I do,” he said, glancing down at his quivering cock.

“What are we gonna do about that big prick of yours?” She asked nervously. “It just won’t go down.”

“Oh, yes, it will,” he smiled. “If I had a nice tight ass to slip it up it would go down all right.”

She looked at him anxiously.

“I hope you’re not suggesting that you would slip that big cock of yours up my ass,” she said.

Placing her hands protectively over her buttocks, Cindy shook her head.

“No way,” she told him flatly. “It would never go up there.”

“Let’s try,” he suggested, “and see if it won’t.”

She wasn’t eager.

“Where is the Vaseline?” She asked him.

“I don’t keep it in my office,” he shrugged, “but I can always use my own spit. That works.”

Spitting in his hand he applied it to his thick cock.

“Oh, no,” she exclaimed excitedly, “I couldn’t take it. Never!”

Throwing her legs apart he mounted her. She felt the tip of his saliva-slickened cock as it plunged toward her anal channel. Suddenly he thrust it up her ass crack. With a hard forward jab he thrust it up her asshole.

“Ouch!” She gasped in pain as his thick cock rode up her rectum.

Immediately Mr. Adams placed his hand over the young student’s mouth. He didn’t want everyone in school to hear her impassioned cry.

“You’re hurting me,” she whispered anxiously.

“I can’t help it,” he told her. “Either my cock is too big or your ass is too small.”

“I don’t know which it is,” she told him, “but when Tony stabbed his cock up my asshole it didn’t hurt like that.”

“Who is Tony?”

“He’s the dope connection for high school,” she explained.

“Nice,” he shook his head as he went on slamming his cock into her ass.

His balls bounced against her buttocks as he continued thrusting forward.

“Now you’re fucking,” he told her anxiously, “fuck it, baby. That’s how you do it. Fuck. Fuck it.”

He was ramming it to her hard now. She was enjoying it. With every cock stab he gripped her ass cheeks and squeezed them. She loved the rhythmic cock stabs. Shoving her ass back to meet his driving penis she felt it plunging deeper into her hot anal channel.

Swinging her hips back and forth she provided more pleasure for his thrusting penis. She could feel him starting to juice. She squeezed her ass muscles. His hot sperm shot up her asshole.

“Fuck it off,” he exclaimed happily.

The hot cum continued shooting up her tight asshole. She swung her hips, exciting him all the more.

Finally when he had finished shooting he eased his cock out of her cum-slick asshole.

He glanced into her eyes and nodded.

“You’re beautiful,” he told her, “so beautiful, baby.”

She looked at him gratefully.

“You don’t know what a happy girl you’ve made me,” she told the high school counselor.

“I’ve been lucky,” he told her, “real lucky.”

“What do you mean?”

“Everybody was busy at a faculty meeting,” he explained, “so no one bothered me. You’d better slip into your panties, honey, because who knows. The meeting may be over now.”

Getting off his desk she picked up her panties.

“I hate to slip into these panties after they’ve been on the floor,” she said anxiously.

“You could always slip them in your purse,” he told her, “but you’d better get your skirt on.”

“All right,” she agreed. “I wish I had those traveling paper panties.”

“With an ass like you’ve got,” he smiled, “you ought to have some handy. I’m sure a lot of guys have wanted to screw you and probably have.”

“Oh, Mr. Adams,” she grinned, “that’s the truth.”

“I figured as much,” he assured her as he slid into his shorts, pulled up his pants and got into his shoes and socks.

When he was fully dressed he placed his telephone and books and blotter back on his desk.

“It isn’t every day I have a good time like this,” he told her. “No sir. I’m so glad you came to me with your problem.”


Tony called Cindy’s home. Her mother answered the phone.

“This is Tony,” he began, “I’d like to speak to Cindy about the movie.”

“I’m so thrilled,” Peggy exclaimed. “I’ll get her. Just a minute.”

Placing her hand over the phone she called for Cindy.

“Cindy, honey,” she called out, “it’s that picture producer.”

Cindy patted Caesar affectionately on the head.

“You’re going to be a star, Caesar,” she smiled happily.

After she got the phone call from Tony that they were to begin shooting on Saturday night in a motel, she was elated.

“I wish the kids at school could know about this,” she told her mother happily.

“Don’t you ever tell them,” her mother warned her. “That’s all we need.”

“A bunch of narrow-minded hypocrites,” Cindy shrugged. “Caesar and I can really fuck up a storm.”

“You’re gonna have to suck him on camera, no doubt,” he mother said, “and you ought to practice cock sucking.”

“Do you think I could watch Linda Lovelace giving head?”

“You’re too young,” her mother shrugged. “They have a marvelous double bill. The Devil and Miss Jones and Deep Throat. You could learn a lot about acting.”

Saturday night came quickly. Caesar and Cindy were ready.

“Wish me luck, Mom,” Cindy told her mother as she prepared for the motel get together.

“I’m going with you, darling,” her mother told her. “You don’t think I would let my little girl go to her first day of shooting without her mom going, too.”

It was bothering Cindy. For she feared that her mother would try to steal the scene from her.

“All right,” she told her, “but you’ve got to sit on the sideline. Don’t try to get in the picture with Caesar.”

“You couldn’t pay me to fuck that dog,” Peggy assured her.

“Oh, yes, you could,” she laughed. “Enough money, Mom and you would blow Caesar’s prick.”

When they arrived at the motel, Tony was waiting for them.

“Good evening,” he smiled. “What a cozy little group. Caesar, Peggy and Cindy.”

Together they walked back to where the camera equipment was set up.

“Hi, there, movie star,” David grinned. “What do you think of our set-up here?”

“I’ll be blinded by all of those lights,” Cindy said, looking starry-eyed at the motion picture camera and the series of lights that David had set up around the bed.

“I brought a wig along,” her mother informed them, “and a small black mask.”

“It’ll look like a Halloween cock suck,” David objected. “I don’t see any reason why we can’t let her go au natural.”

“Not on your life,” her mother told them. “No way. I’m not gonna let my little baby be discovered.”

Cindy listened to her mother. She thought it best to wear the wig. The mask was more difficult to put on. The strap broke in the back.

“I’ll fix it,” Peggy told her.

Cindy undressed. David’s tongue hung out as he looked at her beautiful box.

“I brought a shaver along,” David told her, “as I want to shave your pussy on camera.”

“Where are the contracts?” Peggy asked.

“Contracts, fuck,” David said. “We figured we’d pay her a hundred bucks.”

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Peggy told him. “I wouldn’t let my daughter perform for less than five hundred.”

“You sure want a lot of money, lady,” David grimaced.

“It’s worth it,” she told him.

At this point Cindy was upset.

“I knew a girl named Sue who fucked a horse,” Peggy said. “They gave her a thousand dollars.”

“All right, all right,” David chuckled, “so well get a horse and give her a grand. Would you like that?”

“I’m not gonna fuck a horse,” Cindy objected. “I love Caesar. I can’t fuck an animal I don’t love.”

“Look,” Tony objected, “you’re getting her all upset. She has this thing about Caesar. So she loves the damn dog.”

“If she would live with a horse she could learn to love him,” David insisted.

“I’d like to see the money first,” Peggy told him. “Not that I don’t trust you, but it’s a good policy.”

David counted out five bills.

“I hope you didn’t print these yourself,” Peggy quipped quickly. “They seem so fresh.”

“Cool it, lady,” David told her. “I’m getting tired of your insinuations.”

At this point young Cindy didn’t know whether she cared to become a star or not.

“Lay off it,” Tony told him. “You’re upsetting Cindy.”

“I am real upset,” Cindy said through misty eyes. “I don’t know whether I can be the star you want me to be or not. You’ve got me uptight.”

“All right, all right,” David said, “look at the money. That’ll calm you down.”

It was arranged now for Caesar to begin the picture. Cindy had to pull her pussy lips apart. She was revealing her moist pink flesh just as the camera zoomed in for a close shot.

“Beautiful,” David complimented her. “That’s the way. Caress your snatch. Go on. Stick your fingers in your hole.”

Cindy plunged two fingers into her vagina.

“That’s beautiful,” David complimented her. “Now, Cindy, play with yourself. Get some juices flowing because we want to turn the dog on.”

Caesar was watching at the sidelines.

“Have the dog move in closer,” David told her. “I want to have him sitting there panting waiting for the suck.”

“Yes,” she replied.

At this point Caesar couldn’t take it. He bent over and let his tongue slip into her.

“Eat me,” the young begged the dog, “suck me, Caesar. Oh, yes, yes.”

The dog’s tongue flipped inside of her.

“Ohhh,” she gasped excitedly, “yes, yes, eat me.”

While the dog sucked and wagged his tail she watched with delight.

“Isn’t he a wonderful animal?” She asked him.

“I guess so,” he admitted.

As the dog went on licking she was getting hotter and hotter.

“Suck me, Caesar,” she cried. “Eat my pussy.”

David wanted to save her energy for pivoting her hips around on the bed.

“We’re not on sound, honey,” he told her. “This is all silent. The audience can get the point. We put the music to the film later.”

“I was just trying to help,” she pouted. “I guess you don’t appreciate an actress’s efforts.”

“You’re doing beautiful,” he told her. “Don’t you worry about it.”

“Thank you,” she replied.

The dog went on sucking her snatch until she juiced. David let the camera swing back and forth from her juicy pussy to the dog’s thick penis.

“We want to catch a close-up of his cock,” he told her. “I think we’ve got a great shot here.”

Now he was ready to catch the dog in action.

She reached out to guide Caesar’s shaft to her hot hole.

“Let him fuck you,” David told her.

Caesar didn’t need to be told what to do now. His thick cock plunged into her hot pussy.

“Fuck me, Caesar,” she cried ecstatically.

Her impassioned pleas brought the dog’s cock into her with vigor. Caesar wagged his tail as he plunged his thick penis hard into her pussy.

“More, baby, more,” she begged him. “That’s the way I want it I want to feel it.”

The dog was giving her a good fuck. And she loved every inch of it. When he finally got his gun off they all applauded.

“Give it to me,” she cried eagerly, “every fucking, sticky drop of it.”

When Caesar had unloaded his cock he pulled away.

“Very good performance,” David smiled.

At that point Peggy got into the act.

“Remember me?” She smiled, “I’m ready to do it with her. I brought along my double dildo. If you will give me a hundred dollars for each cock, one for her pussy and one for her asshole, I’ll perform.”

Immediately David turned to look at Peggy’s double dildo.

“Not a bad idea,” he told her.

But Cindy wasn’t so eager to share co-starring honors with her mom.

“This was my movie,” she objected, “and I don’t want her.”

“Look honey,” David told her emphatically, “this is my picture and don’t you forget it. I’m the producer.”

“I’m the star,” Cindy replied quickly.

“Caesar and you are starring,” David said angrily, “and now Peggy is gonna join you. Go ahead, honey take off your clothes and strap on the double dildo. Let’s see you fuck her.”

Cindy was pouting and crying.

“Hold on, honey,” her mother told her, “we needed the money. It’s for a good cause.”

“All right,” she replied in a quivering voice, “but an actress sure has to go through a lot of things, doesn’t she?”

Peggy didn’t take long to undress. She deliberately avoided wearing panties or a bra so she could get into the double dildo swiftly.

“Oh, it looks nice on you, Peggy,” Tony told her. “Yes, we’ve got to make it some time too. David told me he had a nice fuck.”

“Thank you, David,” she smiled as she finished strapping on the double dildo.

“Are you ready?” She asked Cindy.

“Ready as I ever will be to share co-star billing,” Cindy snapped.

Peggy didn’t appreciate her daughter’s jealousy.

Driving the dildo into her pussy and the other one into her asshole, she began fucking. The camera caught the double action.

“Not bad,” Tony smiled.

Tony was getting such a hard-on he knew the only sensible thing to do was unzip his fly and jerk off as he watched the two women making it.

Tony fumbled for his cock and pulled it out.

“I hope you don’t mind if I jack off,” he chuckled.

Peggy assured him that she didn’t. Then to show how much she loved Cindy she pressed her lips on hers.

Cindy wasn’t very responsive.

“Fuck it, baby,” Peggy panted as she went on pumping.

The camera was grinding and David was getting a hard-on as well. He decided that perhaps he could adjust the camera with one hand and jack-off with the other.

Tony reached in his pants once he had unzipped and pulled out his thick cock. He enjoyed pumping his cock as he watched Peggy fucking Cindy.

Cindy was responding now. She wrapped her legs around Peggy’s and pushed her pelvis back to meet her cock stabs. “Ride my asshole,” the young girl exclaimed. “Fuck my pussy. That’s what I want. Fuck me.”

Frantically Peggy fucked her own daughter.

At this point the two women embraced and kissed passionately. Both of them were juicing.

“Catch that,” Tony exclaimed as he momentarily quit pumping his penis, “We’ve got to save that for posterity.”

David couldn’t help himself. He was jerking so quickly that he forgotten to press the roll button on the camera. Suddenly David’s sperm erupted. It shot all over Peggy’s behind.

“Damn it,” Tony told him, “I would have to get an emotional cameraman. You were supposed to be photographing that instead of getting your rocks off with a hand job.”

“I couldn’t help it,” David explained. “It got me so horny watching it was driving me out of my mind.”

When Peggy pulled the dildos out of her daughter she looked at David and demanded, “That’ll cost you two hundred.”

“I didn’t capture it on film,” David grimaced.

“That’s your tough luck,” she told him. “You sure got your rocks off. I felt your cannon balls shooting off when your sperm landed on my ass.”

“I don’t think that’s fair,” David objected. “We ought to do it all over.”

“The price remains the same,” Peggy told him. “I’m not fucking Cindy unless I get paid.”

“Bitch,” David told her.

Peggy seized the opportunity to make a little money. Her daughter was furious.

“Have I got to go through all that again?”

“Don’t blame me. If anyone is to blame, it’s David.”

Finally they got the film finished. When it was all over and Cindy and her mom were back home, she couldn’t help observe how mercenary her mother was. She was counting the money.

“Not bad for a day’s work,” she told her. “This will give me enough money to get a face lift. I want to go back in the business full time. We could move to Nevada.”

“Why Nevada?” Cindy asked.

“Because in some areas of Nevada it’s considered legitimate to fuck,” her mother laughed.

“I should think it would be legitimate to fuck everywhere in Nevada,” her daughter declared.

“Doing it for money,” her mother explained, “that’s the difference.”


When the picture starring Cindy and Caesar premiered, David wanted her at the opening. However, her mother was much too modest.

“I think my daughter should be more aloof,” she told him. “I don’t want anyone to think she’s a run-of-the-mill dog fucker.”

“Naturally not,” David grimaced. “How much do you want?”

“I couldn’t put a price on her pussy for the premiere night,” Peggy told him, “but if you have other picture work we can discuss contracts.”

David was furious. He recognized he would have to get Cindy alone. But Cindy wasn’t buying his game.

“David,” Cindy explained, “I always listen to mother. She’s been so good to me that I have to follow her even when I think she’s wrong. I would love to go to that premiere.”

“Well, why don’t you?”

She had explained it and David understood. Finally he left. When he called later to inform them the picture was a hit and the audience cheered when Peggy and Cindy did their double dildo fuck, Cindy was exhilarated.

“At last I made it,” she smiled.

She was happy but she still felt the urge to pick up any man she could. She was crazy about the high school principal. She figured if she could get him that would be the ultimate triumph.

One afternoon when she stayed late at school she dropped by his office. She went in on the pretense she was having difficulty getting good grades in one of her classes. But the principal immediately caught on she was there to seduce him.

“Young lady,” the principal told her flatly, “don’t put on your act for me. I’m happily married.”

“Don’t you ever get the urge to find out what a young piece of nooky would be like?”

“My wife provides me with all the satisfaction I require.”

“Does she ever suck out your ass?” Cindy asked with a sly smile.

“Get out of this office,” the principal shrieked. “What an indecent thing to suggest. Betty would never suck anybody’s asshole.”

“There’s a lot of kiss ass going on around this place,” Cindy giggled, “but I wasn’t sure about suck ass.”

“Young lady,” the principal told her, “you ought to have your mouth washed out with soap.”

“That’s better than washing my mouth out with lye,” she giggled, “because then I would just tell a pack of lies.”

As she saw the principal advancing to her she ran for the door. He grabbed her by the shoulder and shrieked, “You good-for-nothing little wench.”

“Rape,” she smiled happily. “You tried to rape me.”

The principal was outraged. “How dare you?” He demanded.

By this time Cindy was unzipping his fly. She pulled out his long cock and dropped to her knees. Pulling his penis to her mouth, she started sucking on him.

The principal was furious. However, he did have a hard-on and he enjoyed the feel of her mouth on his cock.

“Eat it,” he demanded, “eat it.”

Cindy was delighted. She was enjoying blowing him. As his thick cock thrust into her mouth she sucked vigorously.

“Ohhh, baby,” he smiled, “Now you’re sucking. That’s what I want you to do. Lick my sticky dick.”

Grabbing the young girl’s head the principal thrust his cock down her throat.

Cindy was pleased that she could give him a good blow job. Apparently, she reasoned, Betty wasn’t taking care of him.

“Eat it,” he cried eagerly, “oh, baby, suck. Suck it off.”

All at once his hot sperm exploded. She gulped hungrily.

“Oh, baby,” he told her, “you don’t know how good that was.”

Finally he pulled his cock out of her mouth and told her, “Now get out of here. You seduced me. Don’t you ever mention rape. You forced me.”

“That’s funny,” Cindy smiled as she got to her feet. “You’re bigger than I am.”

By now he had another hard-on.

“I want to ride your prick,” Cindy told him. “I took care of you but you haven’t serviced me.”

Cindy gripped his penis as she pulled down her panties. She fitted it into herself. Wrapping one leg around his waist she began humping him. He gripped her ass cheeks and began fucking her vigorously.

She enjoyed having this stand-up fuck action. And she made the most of it. Pressing her bosoms against his chest she was really excited now.

“Give it to me,” she exclaimed anxiously. “Stab it in there.”

Her vagina muscles clasped his thrusting cock. She was squeezing his penis. He loved the sensation.

“Fuck it,” he told her. “Fuck. Now you’re doing it. Come on. Fuck it off.”

The erotic sensations that swelled through her body had her shaking.

“Yes, yes, now you’re doing it. That’s the way I want it. Come on.”

He went on hammering it into her. She was so excited now she was shaking.

“Give me more,” Cindy begged, “fuck hard.”

He went on rapidly jabbing into her.

Finally he had finished shooting. She unwound her legs from him and looked at him adoringly.

“You’ll never know how much I enjoyed that,” she sighed dreamily as she slipped into her panties.

When she was dressed she looked at him lovingly.

“Thank you for helping me solve my problem,” she told him.

“By the way, did we ever get to your problem?” The principal shrugged.

“No,” she admitted, “we didn’t. But that’s beside the point. I had a good time and so did you. That’ll cost you twenty-five dollars.”

The principal was outraged.

“I’ve never paid for pussy in my life,” he fumed.

“There’s a first time for everything,” she told him, “and you had better pay or Betty will know everything.”

“Damn you,” he fumed.

Feeling trapped he paid her the money. Cindy left feeling very happy. When she went home and her mother found twenty-five dollars in her purse, her mother was disturbed.

“How come you have this money?” She demanded.

“None of your fucking business,” Cindy snapped.

“That’s just what I think it is,” he mother quipped quickly. “Fucking business I know you, Cindy. You’re no good, through and through. I’m really angry at you.”

“You shouldn’t be, Mom,” she laughed. “The lessons you taught me I’ve learned thoroughly.”

Cindy was off in her own little world of sexual hang-ups.

“Cindy,” her mom said, “let me tell you something. You’ve got all the wrong ideas going through you mind.”

“Have I?” The young girl stammered. “Look here, Mom, you’ve made it any way you could. So what if I did get the principal to fuck me?”

“What?” Her mother gasped. “Isn’t anyone safe when you’re around?”

That was the end of it. Her mother couldn’t say another word to her. She was so disturbed by what her daughter had done. She had tried in her way to bring her up right. Seeing her go the way of all flesh like this bothered her no end.

Cindy had another opportunity to appear with Caesar. That was she was hoping would happen.

“It’s gonna cost you,” she told Tony. “Now that I’m a star I’ve got it made.”

“You little bitch,” he told her. “You’re nothing but a little high school slut. I made you into a star.”

“Caesar made me into a star,” she insisted. “He made me feel like a woman. When that dog’s big cock was plunging into my pussy I knew I had arrived. Ohhh, did he ever love it. His saliva used to drop on my breasts. It was beautiful.”

“Sounds beautiful,” her mother chimed in. “Maybe I should try sex with Caesar.”

“You’d better not,” she told her emphatically. “Caesar belongs to me.”

“You can have him, honey,” her mother told her disgustedly. “You never did want to share anything.”

Her mother pouted and left.

“Good riddance,” Cindy said. “Now back to business. If you think I’m gonna wiggle my ass before your movie cameras, you’re mistaken. Maybe Peggy will. Go get her. But you won’t get Caesar. That dog belongs to me.”

Finally Tony came around.

“All right, baby,” he told her, “double or nothing. Well double your salary but nothing else.”

“Thank you for your generosity, Tony,” she told him. “I knew you’d see it my way sooner or later.”

Peggy was a bit disturbed. She wanted to think that she was the brains back of her daughter’s success. It bothered her to think that she could negotiate on her own.

“I suppose they cheated you,” her mother told her. “I’m sorry, honey, but you asked for it. You didn’t consult me.”

“Knock it off, Mom,” Cindy told her. “Caesar and I are gonna double our salary. Who knows, maybe in our next movie we’ll triple it.”

Tony made arrangements to come over and photograph her in her own bedroom.

“It’ll be wonderful doing it in my own bed,” she told him. “I’ve had a lot of experience there with Caesar.”

“And anyone else you could get in your bed,” Peggy quipped.

When the camera was set up and all of the lights were surrounding the bed, young Cindy stripped. She paraded across the room as if she really thought she were a big-time Hollywood movie star.

“Knock off the ego trip,” he mother warned her. “You’re not another Marilyn Monroe.”

“Marilyn never fucked a dog,” Cindy smiled smugly.

“I should hope not,” her mother commented. “Now go ahead with the act.”

Stretching out naked on the bed she prepared for the invasion of the dog’s thick cock.

Caesar bounded over to the bed. He placed his paws on her shoulders. Gripping the dog’s cock she prepared herself for the invasion.

“Come on, baby,” her mother told her, “this will be beautiful.”

The dog thrust his thick cock into her pussy. He was really stimulated now.

“Fuck it,” he told her, “come on, fuck with him.”

The lights were blazing and the camera was grinding as David felt his cock get a hard-on. It always excited him to see Caesar stick his gigantic dog penis into the young girl.

“Give it to me, Caesar,” she begged eagerly. “Fuck me. Come on, fuck me.”

The dog thrust his cock in with hard jabs. The young girl pumped her pelvis forward. Her mother looked on with jealous eyes. She hated to see Cindy the center of attention.

“Fuck me, Caesar,” the girl cried out passionately, “fuck me. Caesar. Fuck me. Oh, yes. Fuck it off.”

All at once the cock exploded. Caesar had gotten his rocks off. He jabbed it a couple more times into the young girl’s hot slot and then he pulled off.

“That was beautiful,” David told her, “I’d like to take time out for an ass suck. You wouldn’t mind eating my ass out between takes, would you?”

“There wasn’t an ass-sucking clause in the contract, was there?”

“Good girl,” Peggy told her. “You’re as wise as your mother was. I never would do anything unless I was paid for it.”

That really got to David.

“Everything has a price tag, does it?” He demanded. “Apparently you are learning fast.”

“I’m almost a mature woman now,” Cindy reminded him.

“I can tell,” he told her. “When you want to get paid for every sex act you’ve grown up.”

“Have I?” She asked excitedly. “That’s wonderful.”

It was wonderful as far as she was concerned. But not as far as Tony was concerned. For he remembered her as a nice little girl who went to simply gang bangs on weekends with horny high school boys. It seemed a shame that she should develop into such a money-hungry little bitch.

“How much do you want?” David asked her.

“You want a simple ass suck or the whole thing?”

“What’s the difference?”

“A simple ass sick means I lick all around your buttocks,” she explained with a wicked gleam in her eye, “and a real hot ass suck means that I stick my tongue up your asshole. That’s better.”

“What’s the difference in cost?”

“Twenty for the simple and forty for all the way,” she smiled proudly.

“All right,” he agreed, “you’ll get your money.”

She was really put out. For it was obvious to her that he was being difficult as he knew how. He paid her forty dollars, took off his clothes and got on the bed. Straddling her he lowered his buttocks right over her face.

Her mother watched to see if she was giving him a good ass suck.

“Now, grip his hips, dear,” her mother suggested.

Stiffening her tongue she got the thrust of it. She jabbed it right up. His rectum. He loved the sensation. Reaching for his cock he began manipulating his balls and pumped on his penis.

“Eat my asshole,” he told the young girl. “Suck it. Now you’re doing it. That’s the way I like it.”

He kept his hand on his cock and pumped up and down. He began jacking off at a quick tempo.

“Suck my ass,” he told her. “Suck it. That’s the way I like it. Suck ass.”

Passionately the young girl ate him. He loved it. Every minute of it.

“Come on,” he exclaimed hotly, “now you’re doing it. Suck. Suck ass.”

She was sucking him good and he was pumping hard. She could feel his sweaty balls right over her nose.

“Wild,” Tony panted as he pumped, “now lick the balls, baby.”

He moved up so she could lick his nuts. She sucked on both balls and then opening her mouth she took them in and licked them. Next she let her tongue slide from the base of his shaft to the tip-top of it. Finally she opened her mouth and he plunged his cock inside. As David drove his thick cock into her mouth she gulped.

“I’ll deep throat fuck it, sweetheart,” he sighed as he rode her face.

He was getting more and more stimulated every moment. It wouldn’t be much longer now until his penis exploded in her mouth. She thought she’d choke on all that cock meat gliding down her throat. Finally he got his gun off.

“Eat it,” he urged her. “Suck that juicy prick off.”

She sucked hungrily. It was a wonderful feeling. It was the moment she’d been waiting for. The moment of erotic climax when his thick creamy load would shoot off in her mouth. She sucked hard.

“Eat my prick,” he begged her, “suck it. Get every drop of it.”

She licked his cock hungrily.

“Now you’re doing it,” he told her happily. “Suck every drop.”

The cock juice flooded her face. She gulped greedily. She gobbled the cock juice.

“Eat it,” he begged her, “eat my prick.”

When he had finished giving her a good thick load of creamy sperm she sucked it to the finish and smiled up at him.

“How am I doing?”

“Very well,” he told her. “You’ve about drained my dick completely.”

At this point she looked at him.

“Now I guess I have to do more of the movies.”

“I figured you could suck Caesar’s cock on film,” he told her.

“Sure,” she smiled, “why not do a sixty-nine? The dog could eat my pussy while I’m eating his cock. How would that grab your movie audiences?”

“It might be a first,” he chuckled as he strode naked back to the camera.

Tony was watching and figured he ought to have some sex with Peggy. But Peggy wasn’t buying it.

“This is getting too demented,” Peggy told him, “I’ve got to go in the other room. It’s terrible to see what’s happening here.”

Cindy, of course, knew what the score was. She knew her mother was jealous.

“Don’t pay any attention to her,” she told them. “She’s obviously jealous.”

The dog got back on the bed and Cindy arranged herself so she could push her pussy down over the dog’s head. Immediately she grabbed his cock and started sucking. However, the dog didn’t eat her pussy.

“I’ll remedy that with some hamburger,” she said. “I’m sure that if he doesn’t dig pussy he will dig hamburger in a pussy.”

It took a little time to get the hamburger bits arranged in her vagina. Peggy wouldn’t have anything to do with it.

“I think it’s sick,” she told them all, “and I refuse to watch it.”

Nevertheless, she would take a glance now and then as she would look out of the bedroom.

The dog began eating the hamburger. At the same time Cindy began sucking his cock. It was indeed an erotic sight to behold.

“Eat it,” she cried eagerly, “eat it.”

Sure enough the dog was doing his thing. Everyone was getting a big charge out of what was taking place. At least the dog got his gun off. She sucked vigorously and got a good load.

The camera went on grinding until she finished juicing the dog’s thick cock.

The dog pulled away from her pussy and she got off the bed.

“I guess that’s it,” she told them. “I can’t think of anything else we can do.”

David had another idea.

“I’m trying to peddle this pussy vibrator,” he explained, “and I want you to use it in your snatch, all right?”

She nodded. “It looks like a wonderful invention,” she told him. “Congratulations.”

She slid the vibrator into her vagina. The camera zoomed in to catch a close-up of the vibrating dildo exciting her.

“Fuck me, vibrator,” she exclaimed, “fuck me.”

The men got a charge out of her talking to the vibrator. But just the same she got her pussy juicing. And it was all captured in color for underground movie audiences to thrill to.

When she got her money she thanked them. After they were gone along with their cameras and lights, her mother talked to her seriously.

“You don’t mind my telling you,” she told her, “you are a slut.”


Cindy was so proud of herself that she couldn’t help but confide in a girl friend in school about her film appearances.

“I’ve been making movies,” she told Marylou.

As they walked home from school together, Marylou looked at her curiously.

“I can’t remember seeing you in any pictures.”

“Probably not,” she replied. “They’re underground movies.”

Marylou could hardly believe what she was hearing.

“But you’re only sixteen,” she told her. “You’re not supposed to even see suck pictures, to say nothing of work in them.”

“Mother doesn’t care,” she laughed. “She thinks it’s nice that Caesar and I can bring in a little bread.”

“Who’s Caesar?”

“My dog,” she smiled. “We have a good time fucking together.”

“Is it fun?” Marylou asked curiously. “I’ve never had a dog stick his prick in me.”

“Certainly it is,” Cindy assured her. “Would you like to come over to my place and meet Caesar?”

Marylou agreed. Together they went to her apartment. Fortunately Cindy’s mother was gone.

“Caesar,” Cindy called out to greet him, “come over here and meet somebody.”

Caesar bounded over to meet the young girl.

“He’s a Great Dane, isn’t he?” She asked her.

Cindy nodded and smiled.

“Let’s go in the bedroom and I’ll show you what he can do,” she suggested.

Cindy proudly went into the bedroom and decided she would put on an exhibition for Marylou.

Taking off her clothes she finally slid out of her panties and bra and stepped to the bed completely naked. She stretched out and called for Caesar.

The big dog bounded over to her. He straddled her and guided his cock into her.

The dog plunged his rigid cock into her hot hole.

“That’s the way to do it,” she told him, “give me a good screwing.”

She was enjoying it more every movement. Passionately the big dog jabbed his cock into her. She was becoming more stimulated every moment.

Caesar wagged his tail as he plunged his dog cock into the young girl’s vagina. Marylou felt her mound moistening. She wanted to get into the act, too. She hated to be deprived of having sex with a beautiful animal like Caesar.

“Let me try it,” she breathed excitedly. “I want to know what it’s like. Please, let me fuck him.”

At this point the big dog was ramming it into her with hard thrusts. Gasping with delight, Cindy captured her envy.

“I’m going to have him next,” the girl gasped excitedly. “I’m gonna get all my clothes off and he’s gonna fuck me, too.”

Cindy smiled as she watched Marylou take off her clothes. When she saw her beautiful bosoms bounce to their freedom and her fur-trimmed triangle, she determined she would have sex with her. She figured it would be fun to fuck her.

Once Caesar had gotten his gun off, Cindy let out a cry of delight.

“He’s zapping me with his sperm,” she giggled. “Oh, it feels funny. He shoots so much.”

Caesar pulled his huge dog shaft out of her. It was limp now. Marylou looked at the limp cock with disappointed eyes.

“Oh, that’s too bad,” she observed. “I was hoping he could give me a good time.”

At this point Cindy decided she would surprise Marylou by putting on her dildo. She went to the closet and pulled it out. She strapped it onto herself and much to the amazement of Marylou suggested they might have sex together.

“But I’m not a lesbian,” Marylou exclaimed.

“You don’t have to be to do this,” Cindy insisted. “Mom fucks me now and then.”

“What?” Marylou gasped. “You mean your own mom is screwing you?”

“Don’t get uptight,” Cindy told her. “You’ll enjoy it. Come on, just stretch out and let me stab this plastic pecker in your pussy. Try it. You’ll like it.”

“The hell I will,” she insisted. “I wouldn’t like it all.”

It was obvious to her that Marylou was going to be difficult to deal with. Suddenly Cindy wrapped her arms around the beautiful girl, pressing her huge bosoms against hers. She let her lips press against Marylou’s lips and the girl enjoyed the feeling that was going through her body.

“It does feel good,” Marylou whispered.

Marylou lay back on the bed now. Cindy straddled her. Grasping the plastic cock she slowly eased it into the young girl’s vagina.

“I’m gonna fuck you and fuck you good,” she told her. “Just relax, baby, you’re gonna get screwed.”

She drove the dildo into her with hard, driving movements.

“Beautiful,” her girl friend told her. “That’s the way. Oh, yes, fuck me. I love it. Fuck me.”

Passionately the two girls went after each other. It was an erotic moment for them both. The plastic cock continued stabbing relentlessly. She loved every erotic moment of it.

“Oh, baby,” she gasped, “that’s what I like. Now you’re doing it. Fuck.”

The two girls were going at it in earnest. Their bodies were sweating. Cindy’s bosoms were brushing across Marylou’s great breasts. At that point Cindy got the shock of her life. Her mother walked in.

“You might have knocked,” Cindy told her.

Cindy’s mom was furious.

“How dare you carry on like that without letting me know about it!”

Before Cindy could pull the dildo out of Marylou’s pussy, her mother was making a suggestion.

“I can fuck your asshole, Cindy. How would you like that?”

“All right, I guess so,” she agreed.

At that point her mother began undressing.

“I think you’re all wired wrong at the factory,” Marylou exclaimed as she watched Peggy putting on a dildo.

The next moment Cindy’s mom was rubbing Vaseline over the pink plastic penis. Next she got behind her and shoved the dildo right up her asshole. Watching in the mirror Cindy’s mom smiled proudly.

“Does it look exciting?”

Marylou looked in the mirror. There was Cindy fucking her pussy. And Cindy was getting her ass fucked by her mom.

“Come on, baby,” Cindy smiled, “screw me. It doesn’t feel bad at all.”

Cindy regretted the fact that she didn’t have her bladder bag attached. For she knew she could shoot some egg whites into Marylou’s vagina. However, she was going to make the most of it. Her mother was ramming the plastic cock up her asshole with savage thrusts.

“Slow down, you’re hurting me,” she gasped.

“Guess I got carried away,” Peggy smiled as she went on pumping the plastic cock up Cindy’s tight behind.

All at once Cindy started gushing. It was more erotic excitement than her young body could stand. Marylou pushed up.

“You’re juicing, aren’t you, baby?”

Cindy didn’t reply. She smiled. Bending over she brushed her lips across Marylou’s.

“This has been so much fun,” Marylou whispered. “Oh, baby, I’m cuming, too.”

Just then Peggy made it, too. Now the three of them had gotten their stimulation.

Peggy was the first to pull the dildo out of Cindy’s asshole. Next Cindy pulled the dildo from Marylou’s pussy. Marylou lay there now and the dog looked at her.

“If you’d part your pussy lips for Caesar,” Cindy suggested, “he might eat your snatch.”

The dog didn’t disappoint her. Once the dog got a whiff of her pink pussy he came over and began sniffing and licking.

“Eat me,” Marylou cried as she watched Caesar’s tongue slipping inside of her.

Caesar enjoyed having a new pussy to suck. It excited him that the young girl was juicing.

“Yes, yes,” the young girl cried excitedly, “eat my box.”

When the dog had finished sucking her hot juicy vagina he pulled his tongue out of her. Some of his saliva dripped on her stomach. She wiped it off and laughed.

When the women had finished with their fucking activities, Marylou jumped up from the bed and quickly got dressed.

Cindy’s mother didn’t say another word to her that evening. When she went to bed and Caesar jumped up on the bed beside her she hugged him and sobbed. She felt all alone and lost in the world. It really wasn’t much of an honor she recognized to work in a dog fuck film. This bothered her. Momentarily she had felt raised to the skies. But the carving manner of her mother had brought her down to earth with a nasty thud.

The next day at school she met a boy that she knew she could care for. But she had to pretend she was an innocent girl for he seemed rather shy. She liked his looks very much. He was a member of the football team and he had just joined her English class. After school she introduced herself.

“Rick, I’m Cindy,” she smiled at him. “I’ve seen you out there on the field. You’re quite a campus hero.”

“Hi, Cindy,” Rick greeted her in a friendly manner.

Rick and Cindy got to talking all day. Finally Rick made a date with her.

“I want you to come over to my place and meet my folks,” he suggested. “We can have dinner together and watch TV and have a good time.”

“That’s so nice of you, Rick,” she replied innocently. “I would love to meet your parents.”

When she went home that evening she told her mother about her new find.

“Don’t get serious,” her mother snapped. “You know you’ve got to think of me. No doubt you will run off and leave me and not help me. After I’ve been such a good mom to you.”

Cindy had a few fiery words she would have liked to have shot her mother’s way. However, as she looked into her mother’s troubled face, she couldn’t say them. She turned away.

Saturday night came and Rick picked her up and took her to his place. She was expecting to meet his folks and have a dinner. However, she was startled when nobody was there.

“Where is everybody?” She asked.

“They had to go,” the boy hedged.

She was beginning to wonder if Rick was as innocent as he looked.

Rick fixed steaks for their dinner. After they had eaten he suggested something that startled her.

“Would you like to see some films my dad has?”

“I guess so,” she told him.

“All right,” he told her, “let’s go up to my room. You can carry the projector. And I’ll take the screen and the pictures.”

“No way,” she laughed, “you carry that projector. It’s heavy.”

As the films flashed on the screen she watched the girls go through their act. Two girls were making love together. Rick got a big charge out of it. He moved over to her and began feeling of her.

“Oh, Rick,” she sighed, “you shouldn’t touch me.”

“Then you touch me,” he told her, “’cause I’m horny.”

She reached over and groped his crotch. As she let her hand move over his thick cock she could see he had a huge penis.

She began stroking on his thick penis. He loved the way her hand pumped on his cock. Rick guided her head down over his throbbing male member. Soon she was sucking on his penis.

All of the sudden Rick saw on the screen the same girl that he was screwing. There she was big as life. Only Cindy was making it with her dog.

“You’re a dog fucker,” he exclaimed as he pushed her off. “Get your mouth off my dick. There you are, sucking on that dog’s dick.”

He pushed her off his penis angrily. “You’re not gonna give me a blow job,” he told her. “You’re a dirty dog sucker.”

“That’s not me,” she explained. “No, that isn’t me, Rick.”

Just then his father burst into the bedroom. His father was followed by Rick’s mother.

“What the hell’s going on here?” He demanded.

“I’m sorry, dad,” the young boy said as he tucked his cock back in his pants and zipped up his fly.

“Look,” he exclaimed, “Cindy here. She’s in that movie up there, dad.”

Both his mother and father looked at Cindy’s face on the screen. Sure enough, there she was.

“That’s awful,” his mother exclaimed. “I’m going to tell her mother about it.”

She hurried downstairs and called. When she was gone Cindy sobbed.

“Mom made me do it,” she wept bitterly. “Don’t call her.”

Before it was over Rick’s father had notified juvenile authorities. Peggy was cited for allowing her daughter to work in such a movie. Cindy was placed in the custody of juvenile authorities who found another home for her quickly. However, Caesar was the loser. He lost his mistress and nearly lost his life when he was taken to the pound. Fortunately, someone else purchased him. However, it was disturbing to the man who bought him. For Caesar was forever sniffing around his crotch. He hardly knew what to make of it. But when his girl friend patted him and she observed the dog’s hard-on she understood.

“That is a sporting dog,” she told his master.

“Damn it,” he snapped, “I don’t care to compete with a dog for a good piece of ass.”

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