The Family Lays Together

In many cases today’s family is seen as a business and or social arrangement between people rather than a continuing expression of love.

The results are obvious: casual, promiscuous infidelity; a lack of concern for the partner and the children; the breakdown of the nuclear family; and the use of others for thrill-seeking — and often deviant — purposes as an end in itself instead of as a means of showing devotion and affection. Too often a loving veneer masks a core of, at best, unconcern, at worst, depravity.

THE FAMILY LAYS TOGETHER is the story of one middle-class family, outwardly normal, that discovers an eagerness to satisfy lustful cravings. A shocking story, true, but also a mirror of our times.


Samantha Shepherd kicked off her shoes at the foot of the stairs. She rubbed the toes of one foot, wishing she had the nerve to wear sneakers to work instead of high heels, but at thirty-six she felt too old to be a rebel again. The grandfather clock in the hallway chimed six-thirty, reminding her that she was running a trifle late. As usual, she thought, climbing the stairs in stocking feet.

She went into her bedroom, unbuttoning her blouse as she went and dropping it onto the bed. She reached for the hook of her bra. Her tits were midway between B and C-cup and it was always hard finding a bra that fit properly. This one was a shade tight, and she’d be happy to be rid of it. Samantha was standing in front of her mirror, the straps, sliding down her shoulders, the cups falling loose from her tits, when she saw the face in the mirror.

She turned, holding the flimsy pink bra in place, with one hand.

“Hi, Sammi. No one was home, so I let myself in.” Ice clinked in the glass he held. “And fixed a drink. One for you? Looks like you’ve had a hard day.”

“Hello, Steven,” she said, tilting her head to one side. “What are you doing here, if I may ask?”

He smiled, took a sip of his drink — Scotch and soda; Samantha could smell it all the way across the room. “I may be coming back here for a lengthy stay. I’m in interviewing for the anchor job on WMLB. But don’t let me interrupt. Get on with whatever you were doing.”

Samantha tossed back her shoulder-length chestnuts hair. Her blue-green eyes flashed.

“I was taking off my clothes, in case you hadn’t noticed. But I imagine you did. You never missed anything like that. Well, I suppose we don’t have any secrets, do we?”

She dropped the bra, baring her full, firm, pink-nippled tits. At thirty-six, she had a pair of 38’s that stood up like a teenager’s, not to mention a slender twenty-two inch waist, round thirty-eight inch ass, and legs that seemed to make up three-fourths of her five-nine height. She unfastened her skirt, stepped out of it, and placed it on the bed, nude except for pink panties, garter belt and stockings.

“So?” she asked, standing with arms akimbo and facing him. “Not bad for the ravages of time, huh?”

Steven nodded, lifting his glass in a here’s-to-you gesture.

“Well, excuse me, I have to take a shower,” she said, turning and going into the adjoining bathroom. She turned on the water and was sitting on the commode, removing her stockings, when she looked up to see him standing in the bathroom door, coolly eyeing her.

“Okay. A little privacy, if you don’t mind.” Samantha leaned forward, tits spilling forth invitingly, and pushed at the door, but it only moved a short distance, blocked by his body. “Stevennn!”

“I always liked you best when you were wet,” he replied. “But this getup may run a really close second. You never used to wear garter belts. If those were black stockings, I might even have a hard-on.” He looked down, then back at Samantha. “Damned if I don’t have one, as it is.”

“When did you ever not have one?”

“Never when I was around you.” He came into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. “Where’s Maria?”

“She has a date,” Samantha replied. “No, she’s really not too young. She and her friend — his name is Jake — went to the library to study, after school, and then to the movies. They’ll be home by nine. House rules. But don’t get any ideas. Damn you, Steven, do you think you can just fucking came around me every two or three years and expect me to spread my legs and make room for your big, hard cock?”

He was on his knees facing her. He put his hands on her upper thighs and looked up. “Of course I can. Can’t I, Sammi?”

“You son of a bitch,” she whispered, just before her arms wrapped around his head and she pulled him up to her mouth for a hot welcoming kiss. His hands captured her full, round tits and he squeezed them passionately, until the nipples stood up long and hard between his fingers.

His crotch brushed her ankle, then slid up her calf, and she felt the bursting stiffness of his cock grown rigid inside his pants. Abruptly, Sammi drew her head back from his. She turned her face aside as his own dropped and his lips attacked the nipples he had been fondling. He closed his mouth on one, sucking it hard, and she repressed a sigh of pleasure, biting her lip to keep from crying out in sudden joy. He moved to the other tit, sucked it up too, and she made a soft whimpering noise.

He stood up finally, all six-two of him, and the bulge in his pants was at her eye level. “It’s yours. Feel it.”

And he brought her hand up, placed it on the swollen, concealed cock.

“Go ahead,” he said, guiding her fingers to his zipper.

She pulled, then reached inside, through the opening of his shorts, taking a fistful of his rigid cock. Her finger touched the big vein on the bottom as she felt his aroused pulsation. Slowly she began to pull his cock into the light, her eyes turned upward to his face. He was smiling, a shit-eating smile if she’d ever seen one, and she hated hers if for what she was doing, but by that time his prick was out.

She leaned toward it, her tongue already extending. Her tongue grazed the red, bloated head, slid around and around, licking till it was covered with her drool. She tilted his prick upward, licked the underside, traced the big veiny bulge that ran down the underside, all the way down to where the staff emerged from his unzipped trousers. Sammi’s lips affixed themselves to the side and she slurped her way back to the crown, this time allowing it to slide fully into her mouth.

She closed her lips and sucked longingly at him for a few minutes, remembering the first time she had ever had his cock in her mouth, and all the times since then, too. He lay fat and thick upon her tongue, and nestled in her warm oral wetness. And why shouldn’t it be so? She looked up at his face and saw it in the reflection of her own. The same chestnut hair, the same greenish-blue eyes, the same smooth, well chiseled features. He was, for Christ’s sake, her twin brother, and they had been lovers since their teens.

She released him, leaned back, wiping her trembling lips. He was undoing his belt; she could read in his eyes what was on his mind.

“No,” Sammi insisted, standing up. “I have to take a shower. The water’s running already.”

She’d forgotten about the water. Steam was coming out of the top of the shower compartment. Sammi unhooked her garter belt, dropped it, and turned her back to remove her panties. It was a mistake. She was half bent over when she felt the blunt knob of his cock pressing between her legs.

“Stop, Goddamn it!” she shouted, but he was atop her, his upper body lying on hers, keeping her folded over, his hands full of her firm tits, his cock slithering between her legs and penetrating her cunt without any guidance whatever. It knows the way by now, she thought bitterly as he thrust deeply into her cunt. She had to brace herself on the shower door to keep from plopping onto the floor.

“You still love it, Sammy,” he was whispering into her ear. “I know I do.”

His cock moved rhythmically in her pussy. She’d have sworn, two minutes ago, that she was too dry for penetration, but the squishy sound of his cock fucking her proved her wrong. She was oozing juices from the walls of her cuntal sheath, and his prick bathed itself in the liquid while he explored her sweet, snug depths.

“You’re breaking my back,” she protested. “At least let me turn off the Goddamn water.”

Reluctantly, his cock pulled back, and it emerged from her pussy. She stood up, touching herself, feeling the sticky dew that coated her lips and seeing the sheen off of it on the stiff prong of her brother’s cock. But instead of turning off the water, she jumped into the shower, puffing the door closed behind her. He pounded lustily — she could see his distorted image through the frosted glass, and she stuck her tongue out, wiggling it in the air.

“Go away!” she laughed.

But the door jerked open, and in he came, still wearing his white sports shirt and unknotted tie. And his raging erection. He followed her into the hot spraying water, paying it no attention whatever.

“You’re incorrigible,” Sammi told him, backed up against the wall.

The water didn’t touch her, but sprayed into Steven’s face. He didn’t even blink, just pushed her ass to the wall, lifted her thigh way up, and stabbed his cock into her pussy once again. She moaned as it bit deep and true, and she thrust her tits against him, seeking his mouth with her own. It was wrong, and she knew it, but there was something about his cock that she had never been able to resist, not since that first time.

“I was a teenager,” she whispered. “A baby. Innocent. And you ravished me, turned me into a hot wanton slut.”

The words excited her, and she humped his thrusting cock with growing need and arousal.

“I was young too,” he told her amid kisses. “I’ll never be any older than you are.”

“But you’d been doing it with Rhonda Sagal, every time you could lure her into the bushes, not to mention that little bitch Jean Dugan don’t tell me you never fucked her! I had gym with her, and your cock was her principal topic of conversation in the locker room.”

The sphincter of her cunt pulled and sucked at his prick, feeding it higher and higher into her belly. She curled that lifted legs around his back.

“Hope you’ve been working out,” she taunted, lifting her other leg and folding it behind his thigh. Now he was holding her up with his body, and the strain was all his.

“I never fucked Jeanie Dugan,” he panted, still driving into Samantha. “She played with me a few times, but all I ever got from her was a sloppy handjob and some blue balls. Like I had the night I found you jacking off.”

Sammi smiled. “And we decided it was a shame we should have to hide our frustrations, so we started off by diddling in front of each other, and then you had to put your finger in me.”

“And you had to get my cock in your fist, so I’d know what it feels like, and…”

“Oh, God, Stevie, you fucked me, and shot your cum all over my belly, and I swore I’d never do it again…”

“But there you were the next night, sneaking into my room and, crawling into bed with me… you played with my cock till it was hard.”

Her pussy slurped his thrusting cock, swallowed it deep. Her legs scissored around her twin’s body, and her uplifted mouth was an easy target for his passion-charged kisses. The water sprayed onto his face, splashed onto Samantha’s, but she didn’t care now.

“Did you really never fuck Jean Dugan?” she gasped, riding him hard, massaging his prick with all the muscles of her supple pussy.

“Yes, I fucked her,” he grinned, “but not very often. She wasn’t half as good as you, then or now.”

“God, I can’t stand it,” she groaned. “Feed me that big fat prick of yours. I think it’s gotten bigger since last time, hasn’t it?”

“Gets big for you, Sis. It always did and always will.”

“Then prove it, fucker! Use that big cock to make me cum!”

He slammed it home on her command, pushing till the cum-bloated knob of his prick must have been halfway up her belly. The raspy bristles of his pubic hair were like a wire brush on Sammi’s cunt, and she rocked and rolled, mashing her cunt against his groin.

“Now,” she gasped, “now, fuck me now!” He shoved her ass hard against the shower wall, his prick driving and biting deep into her supple cunt.

“Now, now, baby, cum all over my cock!” He felt the contractions begin to ripple and vibrate around his pulsing prick. “Do it for me!”

He thrust as deeply as he could.

She moaned as she felt his ejaculation burst against the mouth of her womb and her mouth covered his in a kiss.

“Look at me,” he said when they had separated. His prick was still erect, even though it was empty, and his shirt was absolutely drenched, as was the rest of him.

“I like you wet.” Samantha grinned, rubbing the raw slice of her cunt and feeling the slow dripping of his cum from her pussyhole. “Now get out of here so I can finish taking my bath. I have a dinner engagement tonight. You’ll, stay, of course? Well, why not? The house is half yours. I can’t send you to the Holiday Inn, can I? C’mon! Out!”

“A dinner engagement?” he queried, dripping all over the bath rug.

“A dinner engagement,” she repeated. “Look… I’ve been a widow for six years. You haven’t been home in three years. I can’t keep my social schedule open on the chance that you’ll drop by, can I?”

“A man?” he asked.

“Is it your business, if it is?”

“Just wondering,” he said, taking a towel and patting at his hair. “All right, Sammi. We’ll talk later.”

No, damn you, she thought. We won’t talk. We’ll start to talk, sure, but before long that cock of yours will be full of piss and vinegar and then I’ll be full of your cock. It’s always been that way, since we first started this crazy thing all those years ago. I don’t know how to change it, and I don’t even know if I want to change it.

Samantha stepped back into the shower spray, letting the hot water soak her body. She took the soap and began to bathe herself, scrubbing furiously at the fucked-tender gash of her cunt, fingers drifting inside. Her fingers stiffened and began to slide in and out of her cunt. She rocked up and down, sighing as her clit began to hum with fresh arousal, as the internal muscles of her pussy milked and sucked at the intruding fingers almost as voraciously as they’d gobbled Steven’s prick. She clutched at her tits, pinching the nipples almost viciously and sighing as they throbbed between her fingers.


Just as the hall clock finished chiming nine, Steven heard the front door open, then close. He was on his third Scotch, feeling a mild buzz, but he remembered that his niece Maria was due home now. Steven came out of the kitchen, intending to greet the girl, who might or might not recognize him — she hadn’t seen him in almost three years — but he stopped short, in the shadows of the far hallway.

Maria had grown up, no question. He remembered a small, delicate-faced girl, with blue eyes and braces. Sammi had sent the girl’s school picture, along with her Christmas cards, so he knew the braces were gone. She stood by the door, being helped out of her coat by her escort, and the sight of her took Steven’s breath away.

She was almost ravishing. Her hair was long and dark, framing a heart-shaped face dominated by large eyes, falling upon the shoulders of a snug white sweater, tight enough to show that she had certainly inherited her mother’s tits. She was tall now, too — he estimated five-ten, including the low heels of her shoes — and her short skirt revealed long, smooth-looking legs. He smiled. She was almost a dead ringer for Sammi, at that age.

The boy behind Maria came out of the shadow. He was a typical kid, tall, skinny, somewhat gawky-looking, with a lot of hair. No doubt he was considered hot stuff among the teenage set. Steven watched as the boy — Jake, he thought Sammi called him — put his hands on Maria’s shoulders and turned her around. The girl lifted her face and the boy’s mouth closed upon hers in a wet, open-lipped kiss. Her arms enfolded his waist, he filled his hands with the cheeks of her slim young ass, and their bodies ground together where they stood. Steven repressed the urge to announce himself, and took a quiet sip of his drink instead.

“My mom’s out,” Maria said in a soft musical voice. “She probably won’t be back till late. Why don’t we go into the living room?”

Steven followed them with his eyes, watching Maria’s long-legged stride as she and the boy went down the hall, hand in hand, turning off at a door to the right. When they had entered, he moved toward the door, silently, pausing in the shadows from which he could see them, sitting on the rug by the fireplace. Maria and Jake sprawled on the rug, kissing in the fire’s warm glow. Talk about nostalgia, Steven thought. There was something about a fireplace, to get a girl wet in the panties. Sammi had always been a sucker for one.

Maria thrilled at the feel of Jake’s tongue inside her open mouth. He seemed to be trying to stick it down her throat. She loved to kiss. His hands slipped under her sweater, filling themselves with the firm round thrust of her tits. She kinda liked that, too. Her tits had not quite finished growing yet, and the flesh of them was extremely sensitive. His fingers slid under the cups of her bra, making straight for the peaks of her nipples. They touched, and her nips quivered into erection. She sucked at his tongue, and he rolled atop her on the soft furry rug.

Maria’s thighs spread. His body slid into the groove. She humped against him as he topped her, and she could feel the excitement building in his cock. Tonight, she told herself, it may happen tonight.

“Oh,” she sighed, coming off his mouth for air, “that was so good…”

Jake lowered his face, kissed the sweater-covered mound of one tit, then the other. Maria giggled nervously. He grinned, opened his mouth, and sucked at the protrusion. It was as if his teeth and tongue were attacking the bare flesh of her tits. The nipples ached with yearn big and sweat beaded in her cleavage.

“Let’me take this off,” he suggested, pulling her sweater up, past her navel. She nodded, eyes bright.

Jake rolled the white sweater upward, kissing her belly as it came into view, all the way to the pink, flesh-colored bra. Her dark nipples showed through it, round little shadows in the semi-sheer nylon. Jake unhooked the bra, unsnapping the cups inside.

“Please kiss them,” she asked, pushing his head down to her tits.

“Happy to,” he replied, filling his lips with one straining nipple, then with the other, sucking until they stood up rigid and saliva-covered. His teeth nibbled at the bases of them. Maria groaned in delight, puffing him into her young teenage flesh. His face slipped into her cleavage and the tits closed around him. His tongue lapped them, his hands caressed them.

“Suck me like a baby,” Maria purred, feeding her tit into his mouth.

He made slurping noises, eating at her flesh, and her head tossed, long dark hair swirling around her face. Her eyes were shut and her tongue tip showed between her pink lips.

From his post in the hallway, Steven watched in astonishment. Maria certainly had grown up, he told himself, watching her face, watching the heave of her bare tits and watching the way her long legs flashed in the firelight. The skirt had ridden up high, baring her to the crotch of her pink panties. Even as he watched, he saw one of Jake’s hands move downward. It began to stroke Maria’s smooth thigh, then slid upward until the fingers came into contact with her crotch. The hand closed upon the girl, squeezed, and she gave a yearning cry of delight. Steven could almost hear the crackle of pubic hair as Jake squeezed the young girl’s pantied crotch, again and again.

Jake lifted up, kneeling above Maria’s prone body. She lay in provocative disarray. Her sweater was pulled up, bra cups hanging loose around her freed tits, her hair somewhat tumbled and awry, and a look of excited wonder was on her perfect young face.

“I feel so crazy,” she said breathlessly. “I want to do crazy, wild things.”

Her hand stretched out, fondling the bulging front of her boyfriend’s jeans. The small, slim fingers traced the shape of his erect cock and then skimmed lower to find and caress his balls. His pants were tight; everything he had was outlined vividly in them.

Delicately, Maria unzipped Jake’s pants. Her hand worked its way inside. The other hand fumbled with his belt; he had to help her unbuckle it. Together, they tugged his jeans down, and then his shorts. As the blue briefs descended, Jake’s cock came thrusting out, rigid, and large for a teenage boy. The muted exclamation that came from Maria’s lips suggested that she considered his cock rather more than respectable as far as size went. Her hand encircled him.

“It looks so big,” she said softly, moving her fist on his prick. “It feels so big, too.”

Leaning closer, she extended her tongue and touched the very tip of his prick. Steven suspected it was not the first time his niece had licked a cock. But there was something precious and virginal in the way she did it, something that reminded him vividly of the first time Sammi had given him head.

The warmth of Jake’s cock was sweet on Maria’s taste buds. This wasn’t the first time she’d tasted him. Once she’d even sucked on his prick for what seemed an eternity, letting the rich meaty flavor fill her mouth until her head swam from excitement. She’d given him hand jobs, let him dry-ride her until he came in his straining pants, even let him tease her bare pussy with the throbbing tip of his cock, half-afraid that he would stab it into her without asking permission, half-resentful that he did not go ahead and fuck her, in spite of her verbal refusals.

She took a deep breath and opened her mouth. Jake’s cock slipped inside and she sealed her lips around it, sucking the big head, then moving her head forward and back in short, tentative swallows. She was still afraid to take him very deeply. She’d practiced sucking on a carrot, in hope of becoming an instant expert and had almost gagged herself when she took it too far into her mouth. Jake’s cock was nothing like a carrot, in size, taste, or texture.

She sucked harder, realizing how much she did enjoy the act. The knob of lake’s prick was like a big nipple in her mouth. She tightened the grip of her hand around the root of his cock, fed a little more of it into her mouth and sucked a little harder.

“Good, really good,” he commented.

One of his hands was on her head, holding her there. The other was down, playing with her tits. Sometimes her tits embarrassed Maria. No question she’d gotten them from Mom, but ever since they’d started to grow, she’d been a standout among the other girls. And among a number of guys who had figured big tits meant she’s an easy fuck. Jake loved her tits and seemed to spend forever sucking and fondling them.

She giggled around his cock. She enjoyed having her tits played with, maybe as much as Jake enjoyed playing with them, and the tug of his fingers on her fattened nipples sent spasms of pleasure through Maria’s slim young body. She squirmed around, working her thighs together to help increase the delighted stirring she could feel beginning to build inside her pink panties.

She was aware of his hand moving down her body, into her crotch, and under the elastic waist of her panties. He stirred through the thick dark fleece of her pussy hair, onto her puffy damp cunt. The lips were slightly protuberant, and they were beginning to drip with sticky juices from deep inside. He rubbed around her cunt, nudging and bumping it, and each glancing touch made Maria purr around the cock she was so avidly sucking.

“Let’s do something new tonight,” she heard him say, and he wormed his cock free of her sucking lips. “You’re so sweet, so hot, so bitchin’,” he told her, lying down beside Maria on the furry rug. His leg slipped across hers, and the prong of his cock lay warm and spit-wet on her lower belly, just above the waistband of her panties. “If I don’t get it in you tonight,” he said, “I’m gonna bust.”

He came up, straddled her trembling thighs, hooked his thumbs in her panties and slid them downward, baring the dark V of her bush. Then he took her panties the rest of the way down, pulling them over her wiggling feet. She still wore her low-heeled shoes and plaid knee socks, as well as her sweater and skirt, both of which had been pushed and pulled up, to free the parts of her body Jake was most interested in. For a virgin, Maria felt remarkably like a slut, and she found it exciting.

He caressed her legs, moving his fingers up the insides and onto the thickly-flossed bulge of her cunt.

She moaned, “Yes, I like that, I really like that!”

His hand covered her pussy, fingers squeezing, then opening the delicate slit a trifle. The bud of her clit emerged, and Maria made a whining noise. His finger stroked her cunt, slipped into her vivid pink cuntlips, stroking her delicate flesh and feeling its wetness.

“I think so,” she whispered.

“I know so.” Jake smiled. He opened her thighs, knelt between them and came to rest above Maria’s prone body. She lifted her knees, touching them to his flanks.

“Let me put this right here.” He reached in to aim his cock at her slightly splayed pussy mouth. “Yeah, right into the cute little hole. Ooooh, you’re wet, Maria! You’re really ready for it, aren’t you?”

The nose of his prick burrowed in her pussy. Gad, it was enormous! He was worming his way into her. She could feel her tender flesh yielding, spreading and tearing.

“Stop, please, stop!” she sobbed, writhing under him and dislodging his cock. His belly came down upon hers, the stiffness of his prick wedged between them. She could feel his balls pressed against her cunt. They were enormous, swollen and as clear a testimony to his arousal as the rigidity of his cock.

“Damn it to hell, Maria!” he said. “I’m getting tired of this shit! We’ve been dating for two weeks, and you haven’t come close to putting out.”

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “I was all ready to do it, but…”

“Well, fuck sorry. What am I supposed to do with this?” He rose to his knees, stiff cock jutting from his crotch above the half-lowered pants. He moved off the girl and sat down beside her on the rug in the firelight. “What are you going to do about it?”

Maria turned. She knew their relationship was on the line. If she sent him home frustrated, he’d never call her again. She touched her pussy, felt it tingle, but she could not say the word yes. She looked at Jake, saw what had to be contempt in his eyes. He thought she was some stupid little virgin or even worse, a cockteaser — all talk and no action. Sure, she liked him, but it was too rushed.

He was panting, glaring, his cock sticking up like a flagpole. Okay, she told herself. You can do it.

Maria crawled toward him on her tummy, head moving into his lap. She captured his stiff prick in her fist, brought her mouth down over the end of it. He sighed, thrust up into her, and she began to suck him.

“Yeah, do it,” he encouraged, “suck my cock. Mmmmm, that’s good. Ohhhh, yeah… blow me… lick me… lemme go deeper, I wanta feel it bumping your tonsils.”

His hands clutched at her dark hair, forcing her face downward onto his stabbing prick. She tightened her lips in an effort to govern how much of his cock she took, but he was insistent, driving, thrusting and fucking her mouth. He fucked deeper, deeper, and she sucked furiously, hoping she could keep up with his lunges before he strangled her with his rigid cock.

She felt an unusual taste on her tongue, a greasy and rather salty taste, and realized that a bubble of cum had escaped from the end of Jake’s prick. God! She’d him squirt his stuff, but she’d never tasted it before. But he was humping faster and faster, moaning, groaning, and she remembered the symptoms from the handjobs she had given him.

She couldn’t get her mouth off his cock, which was humping and driving now. He was forcing her face down, making sure she got everything he had to offer, and all she could do was accept his thrusts.

“You’re gonna get it, Maria.” Her mouth was full of stiff cock and suddenly it was full of squirting jism!

He exploded into Maria’s mouth with a moan of joy. One of his hands forced her head onto his spurting prick, the other snaked down to grab hold of his cock. His fist thumped her chin as he emptied himself, and the stream of jism was endless — or so it felt to Maria as she gasped and gurgled the stuff. She was gulping and swallowing without even thinking about it, but her mouth filled, and some of it ran back down his shaft, past her lips and onto his clutching fingers. It was a salty, sticky liquid and she smacked her lips as she finished sucking. His cock emerged from her mouth, still almost completely erect, its flesh coated in the white sperm.

“Clean me,” he commanded, rubbing his prick on her ups. With less reluctance than she would have thought possible, Maria began to lick her way up and down the cum-splattered prick.

God, what a thrill to feel that thing explode in her mouth, to taste the hot juices blasting from him and into her! She sat up, gasping for breath, reaching up to toss back loose strands of her long, almost black hair. She stared at Jake and she knew that if he came to her now, if he mounted her and pointed his stiff prick into the gaping tightness of her virginal pussy, she would fuck his lights out.

Steven, shaken by what he had just seen, crept noiselessly down the hall. The sight of his young niece, gobbling her boyfriend’s hard prick, eating his cum and licking the residue off his shaft had caused his own cock to become so hard it hurt. He was seriously tempted to vanish upstairs for a jerking-off, something he had done only rarely since discovering girls in his twelfth year.

He paused at the foot of the stairs, holding the banister, shaking his head and waiting for the swell of his prick to diminish. His breathing slowly returned to normal, and he no longer felt the throbbing at his temples he had experienced while spying on Maria.

“Is somebody down here?” he called in a loud voice, hoping it was not artificially loud or obvious.

He counted to ten, then went down the hallway, looking in each door. By the time he reached the living room, Maria and Jake were bath presentable. Jake’s pants were in place, zipped, and Maria’s skirt was pulled down, as was her sweater. She hadn’t hooked her bra, though. He could see the motion of her tits, the stiff points of her nipples, and there was a gleam of pink under the edge of the sofa. She hadn’t put her panties back on.

“Uncle Steve! I didn’t know you were here!”

“I got in late this afternoon. Was upstairs taking a nap — jet lag, you know — and I thought I heard voices.”

Maria stood up, her legs trembling a little. So did her voice.

“Jake, this is my Uncle Steven,” she said, “He’s a TV news anchorman in Florida. We almost never see him anymore. Uncle Steve, this is my friend Jake.”

“Uh, must be interesting work,” Jake said, his eyes not quite meeting Steven’s.

“Sometimes. But I’m in town interviewing for the anchor spot on Channel 3 news. If I get it, I may be around a little more often. So how’s my favorite niece?”

“Fine,” Maria answered.

“Uh, well, I should be going,” Jake put in. “Nice meeting you. See you in school Monday, Maria, I guess.”

Maria was on tenterhooks. She stood tensely now, looking at her uncle, working her weight from one hip to the other. Her thighs were snugly together, and the crotch piece of her panties was dripping. The motion did nothing for her pussy itch except to accentuate it, and she knew what she had to do. Her fingers itched to begin.

“Uh, well, I should get ready for bed. I guess I’ll see you in the morning.”

She made a smacking sound toward his face but kept her lips from touching his flesh. She thought of her panties in a panic, out in the hall, but it was too late to go back for them now. Blushing furiously, she hurried upstairs, into her bedroom, kicking the door with her foot as she entered.

Trembling, Maria pulled off her sweater and dropped it to the floor. She slipped off her bra. She stood there a moment, squeezing her round, hard-nippled tits, and then she took off her skin. Her clothes lay in a heap on the floor at her feet. She stepped out of her shoes, turned on her portable radio, and lay down on her bed, clothed in her knee socks and a shimmering veil of sweat. Her knees lifted, and she put both hands on her itching pussy.

Her fingers stroked the moist, hair-fringed cunt, pulling it apart, stretching the lips widely, until they ached with anticipation. She peeled at the hood of flesh surrounding her clit and began to massage its tender tissue.

“Oh, God, feels so fuckin’ good,” she purred, making the bed rock as she got into the passion of her self fucking.

She’d worked herself almost to madness, and there was a superhot climax boiling inside Maria’s tumultuous pussy. Her fingers clawed at the aroused cunt, stroking her clit till she wanted to scream. She drew her knees up to her plump round tits, stroked herself from underneath, not forgetting to send tickling caresses to the tiny puckered ring of her asshole while she was in the neighborhood.

“Yeah, fuck, yeah.” She was moaning softly.

She lowered her knees and brought both hands up to her tits. She loved to have her tits caressed, loved to do it herself when she had the chance. The flesh ached, as if it was still in the process of forming itself into such sweet round shapes, and the passionate strokes of her fingers made them feel soothed. She cupped one tit, lifted it toward her face, and extended her tongue to lap across a stiff brown nipple. Her teeth nipped at the sensitive nub; she pulled it, drooled on it and licked it again.

The other tit seemed to whimper for some attention, so she licked and loved it, too. Maria’s nipples were frothy with saliva and standing at full attention when she released them and sent her hands down below again, back to the equally insistent needs of her quivering cunt. “There, that’s it.” Her fingers stroked up and down across her clitoral region, brushing the pearl-like bud sometimes but as often just teasing it, sliding all around and making it shiver in anticipatory delight. She rubbed her fingers downward, across the oozing slice of her pussy, feeling the hot juices as they began to seep from deep inside her body.

And she was ready now to make herself explode in orgasm. She’d been masturbating for a long time — well before she sprang tits and long, long legs. It was something she thought she’d invented for herself; what a surprise to find out, later, that other girls did it too. But she was willing to bet none of them enjoyed it as much as she was enjoying it right now, with her fingers strumming her supercharged cunt, then riding low to stroke her cuntal lips, a middle finger sliding into herself from time to time to remind her what she had missed out on.

She threw herself fully into the orgasm that was lurking just around the bend, over there in the shadows, close enough to touch her but making Maria wait, making her sweat and gasp and moan as she worked herself closer and closer to it.

“Fuck me,” she purred. Oh she could feel it coming in the air tonight, too!

Her slim middle finger was buried in her quivering cunt, and the fingers of her other hand rode roughshod around the button of her juiced-up cunt. The smell of her arousal sent Maria’s head swimming.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” she gasped, bucking harder and riding closer and closer still. The bed shook under her, and her breath was racked with sobbing moans of anticipation.

It was precisely at that moment that her head flopped to the right and, through eyes that swain and fuzzed out-of-focus, she became suddenly aware that her Uncle Steven was standing in the doorway of her bedroom, watching her frig the hell out of her dripping cunt.


“I knew you weren’t permanent,” Cathy said, running her fingers through Samantha Shepherd’s hair. “To you, I was just a substitute for something or someone. I thought at first it was your husband, but I know now that I was wrong. And now he’s come back into your life. Right?”

“It’s so sick,” Sammi whispered. “But it’s been this way since we were babies. We were always closer than anyone else, and the whole sex thing seems so natural a development. Probably because we were twins, but maybe there’s something more to it. Maybe Steven and I are really just one person who happened to be born as two, and we have to keep putting ourselves back together. Do you hate me?”

Cathy shook her head. “No, I don’t hate you. Let me show you how much I don’t hate you.”

She bowed her head and kissed Sammi firmly, on the lips. Samantha’s arm enfolded Cathy’s neck, pulled her closer. Their tongues dribbled back and forth. Cathy’s fingers reached down to undo the buttons of Samantha’s blouse. Pulling it open, she placed her hands on the full round tits, covered only by a silk chemise. Her palms molded to the firm, but yielding flesh and felt the stiffness of her nipples popping up. Her salivary glands went into overtime. If it was her last suck on Samantha’s tits, she was eager to have them in her mouth.

They had been lovers for almost a year, ever since Sammi had sold this bungalow to Cathy, through the Realty Company she worked for. There had been an instant attraction though Sammi didn’t know it a first. Cathy was a lesbian. Sammi had never done it with a woman before. She’d read the invitation in her new friend’s eyes and had come over for a house-warming party. The party — Sammi was the only guest — had ended, as she knew it would, with Cathy’s face burrowing between Sammi’s legs, sucking her pussy inside out.

Cathy was a small, thin redhead, with short hair, enough freckles for three women her size, and a compact, highly responsive body. She threw her legs over the arms of Sammi’s chair and resumed her hungry kissing. Samantha returned the favor by undoing Cathy’s shirt. She had on no bra underneath and her tits were small and firm. Sammi’s hands cupped and squeezed Cathy’s freckled tits, until the small redhead sighed, leaning her head back and pushing her chest forward until her pale, almost invisible nipples touched Samantha’s face.

“Kiss my tits, please,” Cathy asked breathlessly, rubbing her stiff nipples on Samantha lips.

Samantha opened her mouth, sucked them one after the other, moving her face back and forth until Cathy was squirming and purring with delight.

As she sucked, she was unbuckling Cathy’s belt, unfastening her trousers, hands delving into them to find the unpantied carrot-colored bush. Cathy rose higher, popping her tits from Samantha’s mouth. The pants dragged down her legs, and now she was standing in the chair, pushing her cunt onto Sammi’s face.

“If it’s for the last time, eat me inside out,” Cathy begged. “Leave me something to remember you by.”

The bristly pussy fur stroked ticklishly on Sammi’s face. She inhaled the musky scent of Cathy’s arousal, then opened the pussy and allowed her tongue to glide across the moist, slick flesh of its interior. The muscles of the pussy opening quivered tensely, and her tongue speared into them, withdrawing before it could be trapped and sucked in farther. Her fingers bared Cathy’s cunt, and she licked her way up to it, coating her tongue in sweet juices all along the path.

This night hadn’t been meant for a farewell date. They’d made the dinner date last week, and it was supposed to be just that — dinner at Cathy’s, followed by a few hours of pussy eating — they met at least once, a week, sometimes more often.

But Steven’s arrival today had changed all that. From the moment Sammi’s tongue had glided across her brother’s stiff cock, she knew that she would turn to him as she had always done.

At least Cathy understood. But Cathy knew only that Samantha had been fucking her twin brother since they were barely out of diapers. There were still things she didn’t know, things that only Samantha Baines Shepherd knew. It had to be that way.

Cathy squirmed and fought herself free of Sammi’s questing tongue. “Let’s go to bed. We’ll go out with a bang, not a whimper, sweet pussy of mine.”

Sammi nodded. Her friend stepped down from the chair, took Sammi by the hand, and they went into the bedroom, which doubled as Cathy’s studio. Cathy was a talented painter and sculptress. Half the room was a clutter of easels, workbenches and canvases set aside; the other half contained a neat sleeping area. Not exactly a boudoir, but they had made the bed rock many an hour, during the past year. Once or twice they had been able to fuck at Sammi’s house, but not very often, as Maria was usually at home and she knew nothing of her mother’s ongoing sexual affair.

Sammi turned and saw the voluptuous nude that Cathy had painted of her, hanging on the wall overlooking the bed. She loved the picture, wondered if she dared ask for it, now that they were breaking up. The idea of hanging it in her own bedroom, at home, and of fucking Steven while the picture smiled down at them, was an instant turn-on.

Cathy threw down her unbuttoned shirt and slid out of her jeans. Her body was slender, pale, with small tits and a narrow ass. Her legs were short, but pretty. Her summer tan had faded. One could hardly see her nipples, except when they were hard and aroused, as they were now, from Sammi’s fervent sucking.

Cathy stroked her nude body, an almost boyish form, ending up in her wiry carrot colored pussy fur, which still bore a few droplets of Samantha’s oral juices, mixed with the musky-smelling leakage from Cathy’s own cunt.

She went to Sammi, standing on tiptoes so they could kiss, and then she undressed the other woman. Cathy was twenty-two, nearly young enough to be Samantha’s daughter. Fucking her was like jumping the generation gap. They had little in common except the joy each felt in sucking the other’s cunt and in feeding an the other’s tits.

Cathy’s fingers stroked Samantha’s underwear, the silk chemise, the garter belt underneath and the black stockings. The younger girl stripped away the chemise and the panties, leaving Sammi in just her garter belt and stockings, and drew her to the bed.

“I’m gonna fuck you,” Cathy husked breathlessly, “maybe make you forget all about him.”

Samantha smiled and kissed her deeply as they rolled together on the cool yellow sheets.

Cathy’s mouth began to work its way down Samantha’s body. She loved her tits, so enormous compared to her own. She couldn’t get enough of them. She sucked and dragged on the nipples, like taking a joint, as if she wanted to pull them deep into her belly.

Cathy got past the tits and led with the point of her chin, into Samantha’s bush. Her fingers moved ahead of her face, locating a clit that was already up for action, tracing the puffy-lipped line of Sammi’s cunt, moist sweetness already dribbled forth.

“Oh, fuck,” Samantha moaned.

If there was one thing Cathy knew how to do, it was to eat a clit. But the young girl had been practicing long enough. She’d soaked her face in a lot of pussies in her twenty-two years. And the more she sucked and nibbled now, the more her fingers played in Sammi’s crack, the more soaking juice there was for her face to wallow in. She moved her head down, her tongue shooting up Samantha’s pussy in little slithering penetrations.

“Eat me, you horny little bitch!” Samantha purred, running her hands up and down Cathy’s slim, firm little body.

She petted the cheeks of her friend’s narrow ass, slipped her fingers between them, and touched Cathy’s pussy from the rear. The crinkly red hair wasn’t so crinkly now; it was sopping with leakage from Cathy’s own aroused cunt. Sammi’s hand rubbed back and forth, while Cathy’s smooth thighs squeezed and flexed, sometimes tensing to pull the fingers tightly against the redhead’s hot, dripping pussy.

Cathy lifted her face, picking a stray hair off her tongue. “I’ll keep it as a memento. Let’s bump and grind.”

Samantha nodded, rolling onto her side. Cathy lay down, feet toward Samantha’s head, and they moved into a clothespin position, legs clutching each other’s body and the hairy muffs of their cunts brought together. There was a squish as the wet pussies bumped together, and Samantha purred at the rubbing sensation. She clutched Cathy’s thigh, stroked it, and rocked herself again and again, onto Cathy’s grinding cunt. It was a position she had never dreamed of before her affair with Cathy, but it was incredible once she tried it. Trouble was, it worked properly only in pussy-to-pussy encounters.

With a man it wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun.

But right now it was just cunt against cunt, both of them wet and aroused, the bushes damp with leaked feminine secretions, the clits standing up.

“Frig me off,” Cathy pleaded, reaching down to stroke Samantha’s clit. “You do me and I’ll do you.”

Samantha didn’t have to be asked twice. Her own head was swimming with pleasure as Cathy began her knowing brand of clit stimulation. Coupled with the delight of pussy-bumping, Sammi knew she was soaring dangerously close to an orgasm. She squirmed closer, kissing Cathy’s wet pussy with her own equally wet organ, and she began to return the masturbation favor gleefully. Cathy liked it rough, and Sammi was rough, abusing the delicate little button until her own flesh crawled with excitement. Cathy wasn’t much gentler. To be truthful, Sammi rather liked it rough, too.

“Turn over,” she said, and Cathy rolled onto her belly, pussies remaining in contact.

Sammi raised one foot, and slid the high spike of her shoeheel up and down Cathy’s bare back. Cathy squirmed, moaned and shuddered.

The frigging and rubbing continued, the pussies dripping and the clits throbbing as they pressed against smooth damp flesh. Sammi clutched her tit, digging into the firm, but tiding mound and pulling her nipple. She dipped her head, caught the nipple between her teeth and sucked it till she groaned aloud around the throbbing bump of arousal.

“Oh, let me do that!” Cathy pleaded, turning her head.

Again the women moved, so that they were again face to face. Short Cathy could, by stretching just so, bring her face up to brush it against Sammi’s stiffened nipples without losing the electrically-charged contact of their pussies. Pussy strained against pussy and Cathy snapped and chewed at her friend’s hot nipples.

The redheaded girl’s head fell back. Her body was drenched in sweat. She put everything she had into a fuck. Her cunt ground against Samantha’s. She moaned, sobbed and shook. Samantha, thrilled with her own excitement, shoved back, moaning, sobbing and shaking, too. Their cunts felt as if they were glued together, crack against crack, cunt against dl.

“Gotta eat you!” Sammi wailed, struggling to break free. “Have to eat you!”

“Yes, eat me,” Cathy replied. “Get your face in it one last time. Make me remember you.”

She squirmed back, knees uplifted, her puffy red-haired cunt showing between her slim, sweaty thighs. Samantha threw herself forward, on her tits, heading nose-first into Cathy’s pussy. She shoved her face into the funky pussy, her shoulders braced against the undersides of her friend’s thighs, and she worked her mouth up and down the oozing cunt slice, gobbling Cathy from clit to asshole. She trapped the clit between her lips, pulled it out an inch and sucked every fraction of that inch.

Cathy screamed, moaned and shook in abandoned delight. “Suck me! Eat my cunt, bitch! Suck me dry!”

The taste of her orgasm came, and her frenzy went into overdrive. She tightened her thighs on Sammi’s head, pulled the older woman’s face into her pussy, and smeared juices all over Samantha’s face. Sammi gobbled the juices, working her tongue again and again into Cathy’s churning cunt. Her hands caressed the thighs that trapped her, reaching up from time to time, joining Cathy’s own fingers in delicious abuse of the redhead’s little tits and their incredibly stiff nipples. But primarily she ate, feeling Cathy shudder and moan with a second orgasm. The redhead was multi-orgasmic; sometimes she could go on for what felt like hours.

The right tongue in the right place could drive the cute little bitch crazy. Makes two of us, Sammi thought, still eating.

Her tongue flailed Cathy to a third orgasm, and the little redhead began to sob for mercy.

“Please, you’re killing me!” she whimpered, caressing Sammi’s chestnut hair.

Sammi raised her face and slid up her girlfriend’s body to spread the musky cum juices onto Cathy’s hungry lips. Their mouths melted together as their pussies had, and they drank deeply with lips and tongues.

“Now, your turn,” Cathy said. “I want to be sure you remember me. I’m gonna strap on my dildo and fuck the living shit out of you, and then I want you to look me in the eye and tell me he can give you anything better than I can. Okay?”

Sammi nodded, eyes aglitter with lust. Cathy was a mean fuck, with that eight-inch plastic prick jutting from her red-furred crotch. She fucked like a man. Sammi had gasped the first time Cathy strapped the plastic cock onto her body.

She had started to come almost as soon as Cathy slipped the big solid knob into her cunt.

“Okay,” Sammi said, cupping her tits in a teasing manner to her lover, “but when you’re finished, I’m gonna strap it on myself and show you just what he does to me. You may decide to switch to men.”

“Same fuckin’ chance!” Cathy laughed. “Ooohhh, I hope you’re wet and ready. Big Dave, the dildo and I are gonna split your cunt.”

“Promises, promises,” Sammi taunted, steal big a peek at the clock. It was almost ten-thirty. Soon she’d have to go home and try to make some sense of her life, but there was still time.

Samantha leaned back, spreading her long, black-stockinged legs, fingers peeling wide the flaps of her dripping pussy.

“All aboard!” She winked, as Cathy approached the bed, with eight inches of stiff plastic prick.


Maria sat up in panic on the bed. She hadn’t turned the covers down before stretching out on it. Her clothes were piled on the floor where she’d stripped out of them. If she took off her knee socks, the only thing she wore, she could drape them across her nude body as concealment’s. Instead, she did the next best thing, throwing one slim arm across her trembling tits, using the other hand to cover the matted wetness of her pubic hair.

“Uncle Steve! Oh, this is terrible… I… I…”

She huddled, dreadfully embarrassed, though it did occur to her that the attempts at covert up were of relatively little use. Her uncle must have seen everything, before she had become aware of his presence.

Steven was wearing a blue robe, reaching to the knees of his bare legs.

“I didn’t see anything terrible, Maria.” He approached the girl’s bed. He stooped and picked up her sweater and skirt. “Would you feel more comfortable with these, maybe?”

She took them, knowing that her brown nipples tits were bare as the arm moved away from her chest.

“And these, too, perhaps,” he added, reaching into the pocket of his robe and coming out with her pink panties — the ones she’d hastily kicked under the sofa, downstairs, when she and Jake were almost caught in the act.

“Oh!” she gasped, covering her face with both hands to hide the sudden blushes. She was totally exposed now, but it didn’t occur to her until much too late. Her fingers parted shyly and she peered between them at her uncle. “You must think I’m some kind of…”

He shook his head. “A pretty young girl who’s growing up into a beautiful young woman. That’s what I see.”

Her hands dropped away from her face. “Really? That’s what you think?”

Steve sat down on the edge of the bed. Maria tensed slightly, aware that she was completely naked, but suddenly she didn’t feel at all awkward or embarrassed. The way he was looking at her, the approval in his eyes and in the way his lips curled up for a smile reassured her.

“You look so much like your mom when she was your age.” He smiled. “She was beautiful, and so are you. Good genes, I’m sure.”

Maria cocked her head. There was something strange and intriguing in the way he talked. When he referred to Mom, it was like a guy talking about his girlfriend, not his sister, for heaven’s sake! But the words thrilled her. No one had ever told her she was beautiful before, and she knew he was sincere.

“Jake and I,” she began, “downstairs — we were making out — I guess you suspected, huh? But it was nothing major; just some kissing and stuff. Okay! I did let him take my pants off… but that was all…”

“Maria, I wasn’t really upstairs. Or did you suspect that? I saw you come in, I was standing out in the hall…”

“The whole time? You — oh, my God! — you were watching?”

Now she was embarrassed, for fucking sure! Something touched her hand. It was her uncle’s fingers. They interlocked with her own, and she looked up to meet his frank stare.

“Maria, I just wanted you to know that I didn’t see anything wrong with what you and Jake were doing or with what you were doing just now. It’s natural, it’s good, it’s all right.” He squeezed her hand.

“Yeah?” Maria asked. “Then why doesn’t it work out? Why do I get so hot and anxious when I’m with a boy, only I chicken out at the last minute? I let Jake come in my mouth. Does that shock you? No? Oh, I forgot, you were watching it all, weren’t you? Well, I did. I sucked his prick until it exploded, but when he wanted to fuck me, I froze up. And by the time I got up here to my bedroom, my cunt was itching so badly I had to stick my fingers in it and jerk off. It’s always that way! Am I weird, or what?”

Steven’s turn to get flustered had arrived. His face took on a reddish tint, and his fingers twitched nervously where Maria’s hand clutched at his. “Maybe the time just isn’t quite right yet. But it will be. You’ll find someone and you won’t want to chicken out at the last minute. You won’t freeze up?”

“I’m glad you came in,” she replied. “I don’t feel like a pervert now. Even if I did kinda put on a show for you. Boy, I couldn’t talk like this to Mom. She’s so old-fashioned in so many ways, especially about s-e-x, you know?”

Marie laughed, delightfully, then scooted toward her uncle. She tossed one bare leg across his lap, took his face in both hands and gave him a warm, grateful, niece — like kiss on the lips. And then her head drew back, and her big blue eyes stared into his, and she moved her leg where it touched his lap.

“Uncle Steve, I think you have a hard-on!” A fact he had been trying to conceal from the girl, he reminded himself, but the attempt had been a failure. Again her leg moved, across the incriminating bulge beneath his robe. She knew a stiff cock when she felt it.

“Did I cause it?” Marie asked, her eyes full of awe. “Me?”

He tried to shake his head, but it came, out as a tentative nod.

“Oh, wow!” Marie sighed, coming to rest op her knees beside him. She was oblivious to her nakedness now. Her eye were aimed downward, at the loose folds of his robe. Sucking in her breath, she snaked out with her hand and flipped the hem aside. Steve was wearing red bikini briefs and they were full of a throbbing erection whose tip had already emerged, purple and curious, above the waistband of his shorts. Maria giggled at the sight. It was awesome, she had to admit, this first sight of a full-grown man’s cock.

“I’m starting to have a crazy idea,” she said. “What kind of a crazy idea?” Steven asked. Maria plopped down onto his lap, straddling him, wrapping her long legs around his back. The bulk of his hard prick was warm and obvious under her bare ass, and only the thin nylon of his shorts intruded between her flesh and his. The smell of her juiced-up cunt was unmistakable to Maria; she saw her uncle’s nostrils twitch and she knew he smelled it too.

She slipped her hands inside his robe and spread them across his bare chest. The hairs tickled her palms. She’d never felt a guy with a really hairy chest, and Uncle Steve’s was as hairy as could be. Her hands expanded their stretch and his robe opened wide. She leaned in closer, allowing her stiff-nippled tits to brush his chest hairs. That tickled, too, in a fashion that sent shivers up and down her spine. She leaned closer still, and her nipples touched the flesh under his chest hairs. Her hands gripped his shoulders tightly, and she could feel him shivering, too.

She squirmed on his lap, and there was a responsive throb and shudder of his cock, which seemed to be getting stiffer. Maria closed her eyes and thrust her face onto Steven’s. Her mouth was open when it came down, and so, it turned out, was his. He got his hands on her then, one on the small of her back, fingers resting on the smooth plump curve of her ass, and the other on the rear of her head. His tongue shot into her mouth and she suddenly knew that not all of the initiative was hers, now.

They rolled over, onto their sides, still enwrapped, still kissing. Maria squirmed and humped her bare crotch against, his swollen prick. The bulge of her cunt was glued to the flesh of her uncle’s cock. Her slit seemed to have gaped open, allowing the thick prick to rest against her interior slickness. Juice was leaking from her pussy hole, sopping the nylon of his shorts and anointing his erect cock. More of him seemed to be sticking out of his shorts now. Somehow she got one hand down to where their bodies met, and she seized a fistful of a cock that was bigger than she had ever really imagined cocks could be. Her uncle’s prick was thick, swollen, capped by a humongous spongy knob, with a rapid pulse racing through the big distended vein that ran up the underside of him. Her fist tensed and squeezed, and a dribble of wetness oozed from him and leaked over her fingers. Not cum, she knew, just the watery stuff that came out of a cock while it was getting ready for the main event.

His mouth came off hers, with a wet slurping smack. She chased his lips with her tongue, licking all around them.

“What kind of crazy idea?” he repeated. “I hope it’s not what it feels like.”

“I don’t feel frozen,” she replied. “I don’t feel the least bit chicken, either. Oh, Uncle Steve, you were right! I waited and waited, and it happened. I’ve got to have it right now! I’ve never been more ready!”

“I couldn’t, Maria; I couldn’t dream of fucking you…” His prick was hard as steel in her fist, and the knob was oozing another dribble of the watery pre-cum stuff. She sighed and moved her hand on his length. “You’re a kid, my niece, my own sister’s daughter, it would be like — almost like…”

Like fucking my sister, he had been about to say, before he realized the hypocrisy. He had fucked his sister about three or four hours ago.

He just bent her over, slipped in his prick and plugged her. And not for the first time. He’d gotten it up Sammi when she — and he, for that matter — were younger than Maria was now, and Sammi had been ready, physically and emotionally. It had been the most rewarding experience of his life. He loved his sister more than he loved his own life, and he always had. He loved Maria, too.

And here she was, begging him for it; grinding her hot little pussy against him, playing with his cock, sticking her tongue in his mouth, his nose, his ear, licking his eyelids, tongue-fucking him, giving him those big-eyed pleas. He remembered watching her downstairs, the way she sucked Jake’s cock, and ate his spurting jism. He remmbered the way she had looked on the bed a few minutes ago, fucking herself like a big girl. The fullness of her tits, the slim taper of her waist, the swell of her ass, the long smooth sweetness of her thighs and the pink treasure nestled among the dark hairs of her cunt bush. He’d gotten hard watching her with Jake and watching her frig herself, and now he was super hard pressed against her body, with his cock squeezed forcefully by her hot little hand. If I wasn’t supposed to touch her, he thought, my prick wouldn’t be this hard.

Steven eased out of her frenzied embrace. She looked up, on the verge of tears, but he was rising only to shuck off his robe and slide down his shorts. Maria’s eyes glittered at the sight of his cock, springing out fat and hard and free. Jesus Christ! It had to be ten inches long! And how thick? Her finger and thumb barely met, encircling it. I think it’s big enough, she thought with a shudder of glee.

“Stretch out,” Steven commanded when he was naked.

Maria parted her legs avidly, reaching her hands toward him. But he didn’t mount her, though she was feverish to have him aboard her and inside her. He lay down, very low, lifted her legs, and moved his face into her crotch. She propped herself up on one arm, scarcely believing what was about to happen. He’s gonna eat me, she thought. He’s gonna eat my pussy!

He began by licking her legs, inside and out, bathing very inch of them with his tongue. She was about to come, well before he had moved onto the supersensitive, itchy flesh of her inner thighs, just along the edges of her curly black cuntbush.

“Oh, God, this is fantastic.” She sighed, cupping her tits. Again she found herself drawing them up to her mouth, so she could lick at the nipples. Her tongue sloshed across her aching nipples and her uncle’s tongue slipped into the tangled thicket of her pubic hair.

The pink gash opened under his fingers’ pressure. She stared down at him, gasped and felt his tongue steal into her cunt.

“Oh, fuck!” she yelled. “This is so Goddamned fantastic! Nobody’s ever done that to me before!”

He looked up, grinned, and then buried his face in her furry pussy again, burrowing, eating and wiping his face in her juices.

Frigging a clit was one thing. Having it sucked was something else. Fingers couldn’t do what a wet, knowing tongue could — sliding on, off, around and around the trigger of Maria’s sexuality, and she was on the point of screaming, more than once, while Steven sucked her cunt. He knew what he was doing.

“Eat me!” she gurgled. “Oh, eat me inside out!”

He had his finger inside her, reaming gently. He knew she was a virgin, she realized, and he was getting her ready. He wasn’t nearly as rough as she’d have been with herself, in the heat of passion, but that was okay. When he put his cock in her, she’d make up for the gentleness now. Her body screamed for fucking, for a hard savage fucking. She wanted to come like an animal.

When the first orgasm came, it struck Maria without warning, like a small tidal wave. She screamed, dug fingers into her straining tits, and slammed her pussy up into Uncle Steve’s face, ready to drown him with the musky juices that were bursting forth like a river.

“Aaaahhhh!” She wailed. “I’m coming! Can you feel it?”

“I can fuckin’ taste it.” She heard him murmur into her convulsing pussy, and then his tongue was back inside, dueling against the snap and quiver of her pussy muscles. He thrust deeply, pulling back before the walls contracted and sucked him all the way up to her womb, then did it again, and again.

Maria rocked to a second orgasm before he took his face out of her cunt. It wasn’t an intense orgasm; she’d given herself more furious ones with her fingers, but it was more satisfying than any of them, and she knew that this was only the beginning. When Uncle Steve rose to his knees beside her, his prick was still jutting out, capped by that enormous swollen bulb of purple flesh, and she knew that he could turn back no more than she could. They had started this, and they’d have to finish it, and the only way to finish was for him to take that big hard prick and rammmmm it all the way up her tight, virgin pussy!

She was still nuzzling and licking her tits. He looked down at her, smiling, shaking his head, with a faraway expression in his eyes.

“I love to do this,” she said. “They’re so big I can get them up close enough to lick, sometimes even to suck on. I watch myself do it, sometimes, in the mirror, and it looks a little silly, but it feels so good.”

“It looks beautiful,” he said. “It just reminded me of something from a long time ago.”

He bent down, and both of their tongues swirled around the same stiff, pointing nipple. Steve seized it, sucked it hard, then drew back and pointed the tit back to his niece. She giggled, and her own lips closed around it, teeth gnawing feverishly at the rubbery nipple. When she let go, Steven’s mouth claimed hers for a spit-sharing kiss.

He straightening up again, and Maria, her hair tangled and unkempt now, rose with him she took his cock in hand, bent into his groin, and licked her way around the root of his prick, going down to nuzzle and kiss his balls, too. Then she lapped up the underside elf his prick, following the big throbbing vein’s bulge, right onto the head of Steve’s cock. Her mouth formed an O, and she fitted the end of him between her lips. He was fuckin’ big!

Her lips expanded to make room for him, and the big pole of meat slid in slowly, across her flailing tongue. He filled her mouth so fully that she thought she could hear squeaking noises as she began to move up and down on his prick in short sucking swoops. She didn’t dare take him very deeply; even the thought of swallowing more than a couple of inches made her throat clog up in self-defense. But she loved what she could suck, and she sucked all that she could take in, sighing and moaning around his bulging bloated cock.

“Stop,” he commanded, “I don’t know if I can hold out.”

He pulled back, and his cock slid from her mouth. She puckered and kissed the swollen knob’s rounded tip, savoring one last taste of him. One last taste for now, she reminded herself.

Maria licked her lips avidly, like a cat just finished with a scrumptious dinner. “That was fantastic. Your mouth was so good to me, I wanted mine to be nice to you. Was I? Was that the best sucking you’ve ever had?”

“Close,” he answered. “I think you have a natural talent for it.”

Maria smiled smugly. “What else are we gonna do, Uncle Steve?”

“We’re going to fuck, baby.” His voice was resonant. Maria squealed in delight.

“Let’s try it from this position.” He rolled the girl onto her side.

She moved as he directed, backing up against him.

“Put your leg back, around mine, yes, just like that. Now I’m going to take this stiff cock and put it right here.” The tip of his prick came to rest along the crease of her pink, dripping pussy, coming in from behind young Maria.

“I like the way it feels,” she commented, squirming downward to rub herself all along his cock.

Her hand captured him, pressing him in more tightly against her flesh. She sighed as he rubbed against her clitoral area. It reminded her of the way she had creamed twice while he was sucking her pussy. Would fucking be as much fun as getting eaten? God, she hoped!

“Now I’ll put the end of my prick here.” It was touching her, prying at the snug little lips.

Maria bit her lip. Her uncle began to kiss her earlobe, nibbling and licking it. She moaned. His tongue moved onto her shoulder, then over and down. She folded her arm under his chin, stoking his head. He was on the slope of her tits, licking, nibbling and making for her nipple. She moaned again as he tongued the stiff, achy nipple, and she lifted the tit so he could get at it more easily.

“Come under my arm,” she suggested.

With a until rearranging, there he was, slurping the shit out of her fat young tit, Maria feeding it to him as if he was a baby.

“Suck me.”

But he needed no urging. It felt so fuckin’ good, the warmth and delight spreading all through her body, but concentrated in the region of her cunt. She felt a prodding, and looked down, around his sucking face. She was astonished at what she saw.

“You’re in me! Your cock is in me and you’re fucking me, Uncle Steve! You’re fucking me!”

It was true! Her hand slid down to feel his prick in her, confirming what her eyes had seen. Steve had inserted at least two or three inches of his prick into his niece’s cunt and she had not really noticed, intent as she was on getting his mouth onto her tit. So this was it! She was fucked!

He was big, of course, but he had not forced her. He had just slid in by taking advantage of the natural relaxation and cooperation of her eager young pussy. Oh, shit, there was a world of difference between fucking a man and fucking a boy, and Maria appreciated all of it right now. Her fingers stroked up and down the exposed portion of Uncle Steve’s cock, closing for a moment on his fat sac of balls.

Even the fat size of him didn’t bother Maria. Her pussy had expanded without a qualm, and there he was, huge prick easily inserted. But, God, how would it feel when he started moving the thing? Right now he was just slipping it in, very slowly, very gently, getting her accustomed to the presence of his cock in her cunt. She was leaking so fluidly, that he had no trouble easing in deeper and deeper, and there was no pain at all.

He stopped sucking her tit. His hands cupped her tits, his lips nuzzled her neck and cheek. She turned so they could kiss mouth-to-mouth, tongues flipping back and forth friskily.

“It feels so Goddamn good.” She sighed into his open mouth. “I want to keep your cock up my pussy forever.”

“You’re so tight, I may not be able to get it out.” He smiled at Maria and licks at her mouth.

“I could dig it.” The girl laughed. “But when are we gonna fuck?”

“Right now!” he began thrusting harder.

Maria’s eyes got really big. He was like a log in her cunt, and she could feel every inch of him, moving inside her. The walls of her pussy expanded to make room for him, and he thrust again, burrowing deeper into Maria’s cunt.

She tightened up, gasping, but he fucked into her tightness and her fingers assured her that he was no in her pussy, all the way up to his balls. God, was she that deep? Could she hold the entire ten-inch prick in her young cunt? She’d never have guessed it, but here was the proof in her hand, his sac of balls wiggling on the lips of her pussy.

“I can dig it!” She moaned. “Fuck me now! Split me! Give me the whole fuckin’ thing!”

And that’s what he did. His penetration picked up speed. She was tight and unused to the size and thrust of the cock that was reaming out her pussy, but Maria’s cunt was flexible. It had to adapt or bust. It adapted, of course. The wetness flowing from her inner walls helped immeasurably, soaking his prick, making the strokes endurable for the ecstatic young girl, as she humped to meet her uncle’s driving cock.

The position let him go deeply, and she felt it all the way. The end of his prick had a way of slamming against the tip of Maria’s womb, as if it meant to barrel its way even farther into the sweet young pussy, and she screamed and groaned each time he hit her there.

“God, yes, yessssss!” She hissed in abandon. She reached for her tit, meaning to stroke it, to intensify what she was already feeling, but Uncle Steve’s hand beat her to the spot. He started frigging her excitedly while his slick, hard prick worked in and out of his niece’s twitching cunt.

Sweat dripped from every pore of her body, and he was sopping wet where his front pressed her back. His chest hairs felt as damp as the soaking mat of her cunt fur. She reached down to cup his balls, squeezing them while she rode out his hot fucking, inspiring him to new depths of penetration.

She was stuffed full. Fingers would never satisfy Maria Shepherd again. She wondered how she’d endured their puny relief, as long as she had. Her cunt craved cock, and cock was all that would do, from now on. She’d come in his face two or three times, while he was eating her out; she was going to come again, soon, with his prick pile driving up her pussy, and it would be a doazy! Every inch of her pussy channel was alive with sensation, and Uncle Steve was on the verge of ripping her clit out by the roots!

“How do you like it, Maria?” He whispered into her mouth.

“I love your cock. I love the way it makes me feel. And I love the way it’s gonna make me came all over you!”

“Roll onto your belly. I’ll teach you a new position. See if we can do it without losing the connection.”

They did. With his cock still plunging, Maria eased over, and Steve moved with her, and then he was lying atop the prone teenager, ramming his cock in and out. He lifted himself and her into dog-style position. Maria’s nose was on the bed, her ass stuck up, and Steve was stuck up Maria. She giggled in delight at the deepened penetration this allowed, as if he could get that cock any farther up her hole! But it felt deeper, and she almost swooned when he plunged up her itching pussy from this angle.

He rubbed her ass with one hand, her clit with the other, and she reached back, under herself, to lend some fingers. They took turns playing with her clit, and if anything, she was more vicious to the tender little organ than he had been. She squeezed her button almost viciously, pinching it till she couldn’t help screaming out.

Maria sighed and reined. The orgasm simmered inside her, and she panted, waiting for the rush of sensation to overcome her, as it would, as it must.

Steve’s cock moved through her like a knife in soft butter. She felt the weight of him plunging into her, greased by her fluid cunt. Not bad, for a virgin, she thought.

“Now!” She gasped. “Now, do it now, do it, do it!”

The orgasm that had been boiling inside her finally reached its spill over point. Her belly exploded and the shock wave rushed down the tube of her cunt, vibrating madly around her uncle’s driving cock. She collapsed onto the bed on her tummy, ass shaking and quivering, the whole bed trembling under them, and Uncle Steve fell with her, his cock still buried in her convulsing cunt.

He lay upon her rounded ass, thrusting deeply into her, when he could, but the action was mostly Maria’s now. All he had to do was hold his cock in there and let the contractions of her orgasmic pussy milk him and jerk him off. He tried, though, and each stroke he gave the girl made her climax, that much more delirious, and she was sobbing and moaning and there were tears rolling from her big blue eyes at the exciting splendor of it all.

“Now me.” His cock began to slam in and out. She was still coming, head swimming, but she felt him plunging, then felt the tremendous jolts that she knew marked the eruption of his jism into her hot, young hole.

“Fuck me!” She sobbed. “Fuck me, fuck me, shoot me full of your sweet hot cum, all of it, give me all of it!”

“All of it, baby, all of my cum, for you!” He strained weakly, emptying the last drops into Maria’s pussy. She heard him sigh deeply, and his cock, still erect, slipped out of his young niece’s dripping cunthole. The tip of it brushed the inside curve of her smooth, sweat-drenched thigh, and the friction of the touch sent a spasm through Steve’s fucked-out cock. A tiny, hot bubble of cum spurted onto Maria’s leg. She sighed, touched the wet spot and massaged the sperm into her flesh. Steve rolled off the girl and she flipped over, facing him again.

They slid into a clinch on the rumpled bed, legs interlacing, his cock soft now, touching her cum-leaking pussy. She was all over him with kisses, still half-blasted from the orgasms he had fucked out of her — she had counted at least three while he was fucking her, not to mention the ones spurred by his tongue inside her pussy.

“I have to go.” He gazed down at her. “Jesus, your mother will be home any time. It would kill her to know about this.”

“Fuck her!” Maria giggled. “Maybe tomorrow, at breakfast, I’ll just go down on you while she’s serving the eggs and OJ. Do you think she’d get the idea?”

“Not funny at all.” The weird, what-the fuck-did-I-just-do expression on his face wasn’t very funny either. Lighten up! Maria thought, and she took a fistful of his sticky, soft cock.

“Ooooh, look! There’s blood on your prick. See? That proves you got my cherry, Uncle Steve, just in case you thought I was bull shitting you. Probably the last one in town, and surely the last one at Harding High. Oh, Uncle Steve, I loved it! I never thought it would be so easy or so much fun. Maybe we could fuck just one more time before Mom gets home, what do you think?”

He shook his head and the limpness of his cock confirmed it. Maria wondered if he’d stay limp, were she to pop his cock into her mouth and blow it like a kazoo.

“You know what would be great?” She reluctandy abandoned the blowjob idea. “You’ll get that job at Channel 6, like, for sure, and you’ll have to move back here. Well, you can live here, with me and Mom. This house is way too big for just us two, and it’s half yours anyway so don’t interrupt me, please! You move in here, with us, and, you know what? You and I could fuck, like, all the time, whenever Mom was out of the house. Wouldn’t that be bitchin’?”

Steven sighed heavily. He still had that look on his face. “I don’t know if that’s the word I’d use.”

She began to kiss his mouth, neck and chest. “Well, think about it. I know I’m gonna be thinking bout it, long and hard. Oh, God, long and hard…”

“Listen to me.” He looked at her sternly. “You’ve got to promise you will never tell anybody about this. Are you listening, Maria?”

“Mmm-mmnmm,” she purred. “Won’t tell anybody.”

Of course, she reminded herself, Jenny wasn’t just anybody, and best friends were always exempt from promises made under duress. Wouldn’t Jenny shit when she heard about this?


It wasn’t as if she was really breaking her word. Jenny had been urging Maria for months to go ahead and get fucked, rather than just worry about it, so it was only fair that she should know. Besides, Maria assured herself, I won’t tell her who it was, only that I did it.

Jenny was practicing dance steps, as she did every morning. Her parents had turned the attic into a combination bedroom/studio, with a bar and mirrors along one wall. Jenny, in her pink leotard, leg warmers, and slippers, was listening to Maria’s excited narrative.

“I’ll bet Jake’s got a smile this big, right now.” Jenny turned off her cassette recorder and sat down on the floor.

“It, uh, wasn’t Jake,” Maria said.

Jenny looked up, blonde eyebrows lifting.

“It was something so wild and fantastic,” Maria continued. “He was sort of, like, an older man, you know? In his thirties, with a great body, super-experienced, and everything. And his cock! My God! It was this big.” She demonstrated with her hands. “And I swear to God this thick!” She exaggerated only a little.

“Bullshit!” Jenny removed her sweatband. She was a slim, small-breasted blonde, wearing a pale pink leotard that was nearly sheer from perspiration. Her bra was visible, and so lightweight that the points of her nipples stuck out as vividly as if she’d been nude. Even the dark circles were visible. And when she stood up, Maria could see the shadow of pussy hair in Jenny’s crotch. A stray wisp and curl emerged from the legs, dark gold against the white of Jenny’s inner thigh.

“You’re making it up.” She began stretching. Her body was thin and not heavily-fleshed, but there was a wonderful suppleness to her that Maria always found inspiring.

“Who was it?” Jenny asked. “If it really happened, tell me who did it to you.”

Maria shook her head. “I promised I wouldn’t. Listen, do you swear that you won’t breathe a word of this to anybody? I mean, if you do, I’ll tell everything I know about you — the time you stole that sweater at the mall, and everything. I’m not kidding. Okay. I’ll trust you. It was my uncle. My mom’s twin brother. He’s the one. Came into my bedroom while I was naked, and before either of us knew what was happening, he had his mouth on my cunt and I was coming all over his tongue. Ooooh, God, I can still feel it! And he’s so fuckin’ great looking.”

“I’ve gotta get into the shower.” Jenny moved towards the bathroom. “C’mon, and don’t stop talking.”

She strode into the adjoining bathroom, unbuttoning the crotch of her suit as she walked. She peeled it off, hung it on the towel rack, then removed her bra and leg warmers and slippers, and turned on the shower. Maria stood leaning against the door. Jenny was always dressing and undressing in front of her. Gym class, at school, it seemed normal, but in private, as now, Maria sometimes felt a little uneasy, although she didn’t know why. She watched the lithe motion of Jenny’s slim nude body, the glint of reflected light in Jenny’s dark gold thatch of pussy fur, and the seemingly perpetual stiffness of the nipples capping Jenny’s small, round tits. She’s really pretty, Maria thought.

“How did it happen, exactly?” Jenny searched for a towel and soap.

“Well…” Maria sat down an the john. “Last night Jake brought me home from the movies, and…”

“Did he really eat you out and make you come with his mouth?” Jenny interrupted. “I’ve never met a boy who knew how to do it right. Ooohh, I envy you!”

Maria grinned smugly. Jenny stepped into the shower and began to soap her body.

“Oh!” Jenny said, “listen, I think I twisted some muscles when I was working out. How about scrubbing my back? It hurts like a bastard when I try to reach around.”

“Oh, sure.” Maria stood up.

“Wait a second,” Jenny added, “you should take off your shirt first. Maybe you should just take everything off, or else you’ll get all wet, y’know?”

Maria nodded; it made sense. She stripped off her T-shirt, bra, pants, and panties.

“Yeah.” Jenny smiled, handling her the soap. Maria stepped into the narrow shower compartment and began to rub soap onto her friend’s bare back.

“Fantastic!” Jenny was, enthused.

The shower was a very tight space, and as Jenny leaned forward to give Maria better access, Jenny’s slim little ass bumped into Maria’s cunt. Maria shied away, without even thinking, but her own ass hit the back wall of the compartment and she jostled forward, running into Jenny’s ass again. She heard Jenny laugh, and then the little blonde dancer turned suddenly, looking up at the taller Maria with a curious glimmer in her eyes.

“So you’re one of the big girls now, huh?” She laughed teasingly. Her hands, still sudsy, shot up and came to rest on the puffy globes of Maria’s tits. “Mmmm, I think you’ve been one of the big girls for a long time.”

“What are you doing?” Maria was baffled. Jenny’s soapy fingers slid over and around the smooth thrusting curves of her tits. Thumbs settled down upon the stiffening nipples. Jenny’s own nipples were already erect, as they seemed to be about ninety percent of the time, and there was a froth of saliva on her lower lip.

“Kiss me.” Jenny closed her eyes and puckered.

Maria gave her a funny look, not entirely understanding, but she closed her own eyes, leaned in, and her mouth brushed Jenny’s. The blonde’s lips opened, and seemed to suck in Maria’s face. Jenny’s hands shot up around Maria’s neck, held her face in position, twisting her head this way and that, as Jenny’s mouth sucked and slurped at Maria’s.

Jenny was up on tiptoes, her stiff-nippled tits poking at the undersides of Maria’s bigger tits. It was something new and quite intriguing, to Maria. Her arms encircled Jenny’s slim body, cupped the smooth hard asscheeks, marveling at the ripple and flow of their muscles and she pulled her friend’s body against her own. It was hard to say whose tongue was in whose mouth at any given moment; they were racing eagerly back and forth. It was a lot like kissing a guy, in some ways, but in other ways it was completely different.

“Let me turn off the water.” Jenny came up for air. “The damn stuff is spilling off your tits and may drown me! There! Better. Mmm, Maria, this is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but I promised myself I wouldn’t come onto you as long as you were a virgin.” She winked. “I’m mostly straight, but when I go bi, I’m so good I could spoil you on guys for life.”

“What are you talking about?” Maria asked. “Let’s dry off, and then I’ll get you wet again and show you what I’m talking about.” Jenny filled her hands with Maria’s full, firm tits. “Ooohh, I love these tits! Pd like to walk barefoot on them.”

She opened her mouth, sucked in the erect tip of one nipple, and treated it to a slobbery, hungry suckling that made Maria’s eyes bulge.

Outside the shower, on the bath mat, the two naked teens began to towel each other down. It was Jenny’s idea, of course, and it allowed her to get her hands all over Maria’s body again. She spent a long time working the towel through Maria’s crotch, sawing the fuzzy terry cloth back and forth until Maria was going up and down on tiptoes, moaning and feeling a highly suspicious sensation of moisture and tingling in her cunt.

“I think you’d better stop.” Maria protested, pushing at Jenny’s hands, which had by now, abandoned the towel and were directly manipulating the tall girl’s pussy region. Long slim fingers toyed in Maria’s fuzzy black cuntbush, caressing, spreading lips and tickling the area of the definitely awakened clit. But Maria didn’t sound very sincere, and neither were her actions, for she was cupping Jenny’s little tits and tweaking the stiff brown points on them. She leaned down, found Jenny’s mouth already open, ready for a hot, tongue kiss, and she bestowed one.

“Not enough room.” Jenny motioned. “Let’s go outside. Think about the mirrors. We can do it and watch ourselves at the same time. It’s a fucking blast. C’mon, baby!”

She went back out the door, leading a none-too-reluctant Maria by the hand.

Jenny grabbed a couple of blankets from her closet, threw them onto the rosined floorboards, polished smooth by her dancing feet. She sank onto the blankets, Maria following eagerly and curiously. Side by side they sat, embracing, staring at their mirrored reflections behind the bar.

“Aren’t we gorgeous?” Jenny gazed in the mirrors without a shred of modesty.

Maria nodded. Jenny came onto her knees, holding both of Maria’s hands, flexing them as if they were swimming, and she worked her hot lips all over her friend’s face and neck. As her lips came down to seek Maria’s stiff nipples, both girls plopped over, Maria lying on her back, Jenny crawling all over her.

“Are you gay?” Maria asked. This girl was supposed to be her best friend, but she had never done anything like this in the past and Maria still wasn’t sure how to take it.

“No more than any dancer.” Jenny smiled. “It goes with the calling, I guess, or else it’s a tradition we all have to live up to. But I had you, this is my way of celebrating your busted cherry. I’ve wanted to fuck you for such a long time, especially when I see those big hot tits of yours bouncing around, but I didn’t want to scare the shit out of you. Hey, kid, you’ve been fucked and eaten now, so you’re ready for what I’m gonna do to you. I think you’ll dig it.”

“I like what you’re doing now,” Maria confessed.

Jenny had a finger up Maria’s pussy and was working it in and out in wiggly little strokes that had the taller girl’s ass jiggling and squirming on the blanket. Maria looked over at the mirror, and saw that her face was flushed, her hair tangled and awry, with an unmistakable expression of delight firing up, in her big blue eyes.

Jenny was on her knees beside Maria, her slender little ass stuck up in the air. Maria lifted onto an elbow, rested her cheek against the side of Jenny’s ass. She turned her head, kissed the flank, then found herself starting to improvise. She began to lick her way down Jenny’s thigh, over the curve and onto the inside of the leg. Her forehead bumped Jenny’s ass and was tickled by a stray tendril of long fluffy, dark blonde cunt hair. Maria lifted her eyes and saw, for the first time in close-up, the thigh-framed bulge of a hot, teenaged cunt.

It’s gorgeous, she told herself in amazement. And it truly was. She could see the little hollow where Jenny’s pink asshole glittered. The bulging mound of the pussy was creased by a long slit. The wrinkly, petal-like lips that emerged from the gash had droplets of milky moisture shining on them. The fold of flesh, which should be at the top of the cunt, was at the bottom, due to Jenny’s position. Jenny’s rosy clit would emerge from this crevice, when it was ready.

Maria hesitated, with her tongue still glued to Jenny’s thigh, and then she leaned her way straight into Jenny’s cunt, ready to eat anything that greeted her tongue.

“Okay!” Jenny yelped in delight as Maria’s tongue made for her clit. “Me you sure you never did this before? Have you been keeping things from me, Maria baby?”

Maria just laughed and opened Jenny’s pussy lips, pulling on the slick labes till the clit emerged, glowing like a fresh rosebud, all smooth and red and glisteny. Her tongue lapped over its expanding surface, slipping now and then into the gape of Jenny’s cuntal portals where she tasted the delicious fluids that were oozing from the hole and coating the exposed flesh. She had both hands on Jenny’s cunt now, spreading the lips, one finger pushing up high to tickle Jenny’s cute little asshole. Her mouth kept returning to the provocative, appealing clit. It wasn’t as big as a cock but she found that she enjoyed sucking on it nearly as much as she loved to gobble a big fat prick.

“What a slut!” Jenny giggled. “And I thought I was going to teach you! Well, okay, Maria, if you’re so ready, then why don’t you just suck on this for a while. Impress me, slut!”

And with that, she slung a leg around Maria’s neck, humping her hot, wet pussy right onto Maria’s face, and knocking her friend flat onto the blanket. She ground her cunt down against Maria, smearing her pussy juices all over the giggling dark-haired teen’s mouth and nose.

“Eat me good!” She sloshed her pussy around.

Maria didn’t mind. She was smothered in cunt, but she suspected it was not the last time this would happen to her. It was an amazing sensation to have Jenny’s musky, horny smelling cunt in her face, and the more she sniffed and tasted, the more eager she was to eat that pussy inside out.

She opened Jenny’s cunt and stuck her face straight into it. She wanted all of that hot funky pussyhole. Her tongue thrust up into the spread gash, licking deeply, Jenny squealing and bouncing as Maria’s explorations got deeper and deeper. Jenny’s pussy was leaking warm, sweet tasting juices. Maria lapped at them as they oozed from the hole, and she worked her tongue inside, seeking more of them.

The clit was glowing like a red lantern. Maria kissed and licked it all over, while her nose tickled the gash of Jenny’s cunt. On a sudden impulse she pulled Jenny forward a trifle and licked past her pussy, straight for the cute, tiny, pink asshole she’d noticed earlier.

“Oh, you whore!” Jenny giggled. “I think you’ve been practicing this with somebody else! Mmmmmm, how did you know to lick me there? Do it, Maria. Oh, fuck, just lick my fucking asshole, baby! God, if you had a cock I’d let you fuck me there, too! Mmmmmm, feels so fucking good…”

“No cock, but how about this?” Maria screwed her finger into Jenny’s asshole.

Jenny squeaked and lifted up, then came down hard, sucking the finger into her asshole.

Jesus Christ, she was tight! Maria gasped at the amazing pressure but she started to move her finger in and out, just as if she were diddling the inside of a sensitive pussy, and she felt Jenny move in delighted response.

Maria’s lips returned to Jenny’s cunt and she felt a thrill of pride at how easily and perfectly she seemed to be picking this up. But it was a snap. She had a pussy of her own, and she had played with it enough, to know just what felt good. Doing the same things to Jenny came naturally to Maria, and as she licked the spots that responded so hotly in her own cunt, she could almost feel the oozy excitement bubbling out of her hole, even though it was currently out of play, altogether.

But not for long! As Maria continued to spear Jenny’s asshole with her finger and as she used her tongue like a washcloth on the slick, damp gash of Jenny’s cunt, the small blonde teen leaned forward diligently and thrust her own face straight into Maria’s pussy.

“Oh, yeah!” Maria gasped as she felt Jenny’s tongue burrow into her cunt, as hers pried her labes apart and began to stroke the button of her hard, eager clit. “I guess you know how to do it, Jen!”

She’d always felt close to Jenny, but she’d never consciously thought about her, sexually, until Jenny had come on to Maria in the shower. Obviously, though, Jen had been thinking about her!

Jenny was fingerfucking her now, slipping the digits in and out while she sucked and nuzzled Maria’s clit. Maria was squealing with glee, almost too preoccupied to keep up her own work on Jenny’s pussy. Her finger stayed busy in Jenny’s asshole, though, and she just rubbed her moaning lips back and forth over her friend’s pussy, stimulating the flow of still more warm juice from Jenny’s hot cunthole.

“You weren’t lying.” Jenny gasped, working three or four fingers in Maria’s slippery pussy. “You’ve had your cherry popped, girl! Ooooh, but your hole is so fuckin’ sweet and tight! Mmmmmm, it’s eating my fingers, sucking them right up your pussy! God, I love that! Is that how you fucked his big cock last night? Your uncle? Oh, shit, I wish I had an uncle I could fuck! All of mine are fat and old and fart a lot. I’ve never fucked anybody but high school boys. Mmmmmmm, Maria, I’m pretending I’m your uncle right now, and I’m fucking your cunt with my big fat cock! Do you like it? Mmmm, baby, kiss my pussy hard, if you do!”

“I love it!” Maria moaned, rubbing Jenny’s cunt with her lips.

She wanted to stick her tongue into the sweet pussyhole above her face, but she was having so much fun with Jenny’s fingers up her pussy, that she didn’t have the strength to lift her tongue that far. She lipped the clit, felt it hard and hot against her mouth, and she sighed lusciously, allowing her lips to flutter across the sensitive button’s risen tip.

“Ooooh!” Jenny shivered, rocking on Maria’s face, working her fingers harder and faster.

She had Maria’s clit between her lips and she was sucking it furiously, each suck and each finger thrust, making the dark-haired teen’s body convulse in excitement.

“Come for me!” Jenny purred. “Come on my fingers! Come in my mouth! Oh, I’ve gotta suck that pussy, suck the goodies right out of it, Maria! Let me get to it!”

And she slid her mouth down to the hole, already full of her fingers. She jerked the fingers out and pushed her face into the wet pink spread, and Maria throbbed once, twice, three times, and then gushed into Jenny’s sucking mouth.

“Oh, Christ!” Maria squeaked, “Make me came!”

And she opened her mouth, planting it against Jenny’s own pussy, while her finger savagely fucked her friend’s asshole. Jenny, her mouth full of Maria’s musky juices, didn’t stand a chance. She slammed her cunt onto Maria’s face and humped until she had no more responses left.

They were so funky from making out that they had to take another bath, this time both of them hopping into the shower together with no games or pretenses. They soaped each other’s still-tingly body, and they talked about boys, and cocks, and what was hot and what was not, but they were hotter than anything they talked about, and they kept stealing feels and kisses, back and forth. Maria was totally thrilled by the sweet, new secrets Jenny had taught her, and she knew she’d have to do this again, often. She loved the taste of pussy so much, she wondered if she’d ever want to suck a cock again.

Jenny was soaping Maria, running a bar of soap through the taller girl’s crotch in a very suggestive fashion. She stopped teasing, dropped the soap and stuck her fingers inside.

“Gotta wash the interior too.” She rotated her sudsy fingers in Maria’s cunt. “Keep this pussy clean and sweet-smelling. You’ll never know when I might need to eat it again.”

“Mmmmm, like in about five minutes? G’mon, baby, you wash mine. Mmmmm, yes, the inside, of course! Ohhhh… I love your fingers inside me, Maria!”

She lifted onto tiptoes to kiss her friend passionately. Their soapy, hard-nippled tits rubbed together, and both of them continued to wiggle their fingers inside the other’s cunts.

“You can’t deny this is good, clean sex.” Maria giggled. “Like, we’ve got soap everywhere!”

“Yeah!” Jenny laughed. “But the best sex is dirty — if you do it right, I mean! Ooooh, Maria, I just had a very dirty idea! Like, I was thinking, if your uncle dug fucking a hot, young piece like you, what do you think he’d do, if he had the chance to fuck two of them? Of course I mean me, you dumb slut! You think he’d do it?”

“Fuck yeah.” Maria was smug. “He’s so hooked on my pussy, I think he’d even fuck my mom, if I told him that was the only way I’d ever let him have another slice of me!”

“Let’s get him,” Jenny purred. “Just you and me, of course! Let your mom find her own guys! Anyway, he’s her brother! God, you are getting kinky, Shepherd!”

“I have good teachers.” Maria grinned, her fingers still working inside her friend. “Am I learning this lesson well, Ms. Beck?”

“You need lots more practice.” Jenny sighed, repaying the favor with her own fingers. “Don’t take them out till I tell you. Like, about 1988! Oh, God, we are gonna be late for school… but you forge the note from my mom, and I’ll forge the one from yours, okay?”


“So you’ve got the job,” Sammi said. Steven nodded. “We haven’t signed the contract, but it’s sewed-up. I was very impressive, evidently. But I’m the ideal anchor — good looking, authoritative manner, clear precise voice…”

“Ego, a mile long — or is that your cock?” Sammi spoke abruptly. She put down her drink. “You’re a perfect media package. Has nothing to do with who you are.”

“And who am I?” Steven asked. “You’re my twin brother.” Samantha stood up. She’d had one drink too many this evening and she was a little wobbly on her high heels.

“And you’re the one man in the world who can just look into my eyes and make me want to get naked and fuck. Come on. Haven’t you been waiting for this all day? Let’s fuck, Steven.” She pulled off her sweater and dropped it to the floor beside the fireplace. Her bra was thin and flimsy. Her tits jiggled provocatively in it, the big nipples plainly visible through the sheer cups. The points of her nipples stuck out vividly.

She let the skirt slide down her long legs. Under it she ware only garters and stockings.

“No panties.” She pointed to her bare cuntbush. “Thought I’d save us some time.” She undulated her groin, swinging it at her brother. “Come on, Steve. I can see your cock getting hard, inside your pants. Better let it out before it smothers in there. Okay, I’ll do it.”

She came toward him, heels clicking, and she grabbed at his crotch. He caught her hand.

“Is there some reason you’re acting like this, Sammi!”

She looked up into his face. Her eyes were dead serious. “I thought I’d take the initiative this time. Goddamn you, you came back here, and you knew fucking well, that the only thing I can think about when you’re around is your cock, stabbing into me! You turned me on. It’s too late to turn me off. I just want you to know that if you’re coming back into my life, you’re going to have to accept all the responsibilities. Like fucking me when I need it, and oh, Christ, Steven, I need it now!”

She slid to her knees before him, unzipping his fly and fishing his cock out of his pants. He wasn’t entirely stiff, not even with her hands all over him. She bent his semi-soft prick down toward her mouth and she began to lick and suck it in alternation, slipping her lips over the end of him, swallowing him two or three times, then releasing him and allowing her mouth to range up and down his cock’s length.

“Sammi!” He moaned from above. His prick was filling up rapidly. She could hardly get all of it into her mouth now, but she kept on sucking.

Sammi gasped in satisfaction, then kissed his fully erect cock.

“Now that’s my Steven.” She giggled like a schoolgirl. “Okay, big boy, come and get it!” She crawled toward the fireplace. She stretched out on the rug, her legs open and her pussy on display up between the smooth spires of her thighs. “Pussy, pussy!” She split her lips with her fingers, dipping one of them into her inviting cuntal hole.

“Not here,” Steven said.

He was remembering what he’d seen last night — Maria and Jake, right here, on the same spot, his niece sucking Jake’s cock until it gushed hot jism into her virginal, naive mouth. And that made him think of what had happened later, up in Maria’s bedroom. God, he thought, how could he ever have allowed himself to get so carried away?

“It’s okay,” Samantha insisted. “Maria’s spending the night with that ditzy friend of hers, Jenny Beck. You know that. And we’ve got the whole house to ourselves. We’ll fuck in every room tonight. Even in Mom and Dad’s old bedroom. That always used to turn you on when we were kids. Remember the time they were away, and we had to burn their sheets ’cause we didn’t know how to get the cum stains out? Mmmmmm, you were a hot young stud, brother!”

“Let’s do it in your bed,” Steven suggested. At least there he might not have to think so much about how he’d fucked Maria last night, how he’d broken his niece’s cherry and made her scream and moan with incestuous joy.

“All right.” Sammi smiled. “Anyplace you hang your cock is home as far as I’m concerned. But I had a surprise, and you’re going to fuck it up.”

The surprise was hanging above Sammi’s big four poster bed, covered by a curtain. She shrugged and pulled away the curtain. Steven’s eyes almost jumped out of their sockets. It was a large, full-length acrylic painting of Samantha, totally nude and painted in stunningly realistic detail, even down to the delicate crack of her pussy, showing amid the lovely chestnut hairs other bush.

“A friend did it.” Sammi stretched out on the bed, posing just like her portrait. “Would you rather fuck the picture or the model?”

Steven wanted to ask about the artist, but he decided it was none of his business. It thrilled him to know that someone else had the same erotic vision of Sammi that lingered in his mind, but he was afraid to ask for details. If she’d been fucking other men, he didn’t want to know too much. He removed his clothes and came to her on the bed, his cock sticking out, harder than ever. He glanced up at his sister’s portrait and felt his balls twitch in response. He didn’t know much about art, but he knew what he liked.

He rolled onto the bed and into the open arms of the model. She was all over him, her body hot with excitement. Her mouth attacked his, then made straight for his stiff cock. This time she sucked him avidly, fully, whining as she took him deeply into her throat. She offered her pussy for sucking while she frenched him, and he took the hint.

She murmured her approval around his cock as they eased into a side-by-side 69. His tongue land her clit, and hot bursts of passion shot through Samantha’s entire body at each frisky touch. The bastard! Nobody’s mouth, not even Cathy’s, had ever done as much for Sammi’s cunt as her brother’s.

She repaid him by swallowing his cock to the root, allowing it to penetrate her fully. She pushed her mouth at his balls, wishing she could swallow them too. God, she couldn’t get enough of sucking him, not since the first time she’d ever put his cock in her mouth!

“Enough!” She gasped, prying her pussy from his face. “Oh, damn it, I’ve gotta get your cock into my cunt! Get on me and fuck me, Steven!”

And she rolled over onto her back, legs open, knees up, and she wiggled her hard-nippled tits at her brother’s flushed face. “Fuck me, fuck meeeee!”

Unless she shipped Maria off to boarding school, they would not have too many chances for totally uninhibited fucking, at home. She knew damned well he was going to move in here with her, but she’d have to arrange her schedule to allow them at least one opportunity to fuck each and every day. She would crave him at night, but she didn’t dare bring him into her bedroom with Maria so close by. She’d just have to survive the nights. Maybe boarding school wasn’t such a bad idea.

He was on her now, his cock bruising the lips of her pussy. Jesus, he was swollen so fat, so stiff, so excited! And her pussy was no less excited. It dripped hot juices already, some of them stirred by his tongue, some of them brought on by his closeness alone. His cock squished as it nuzzled in her cunt. She reached down, took him in her fingers and moved his prick point up, to press against her swollen, aching clit.

“Oh, yes, that feels so fucking good,” she purred. “Now put it inside me! Fuck me!”

“Like this?” he rammed his cock into her. “Oh, fucking hell, yes!” Sammi moaned, riding up to meet him.

Her pussy sheathed his cock, spat it out, then swallowed it again.

“Ooooh, let’s fuck slow! Make every stroke count. All the way, Steven, let me feel every inch of your fat juicy cock as it reams my cunt. Fuck me like it was the first time!”

She pulled his face to hers for a hot, tongue-sharing kiss, and they began to fuck, slow, sweet, long, and deep.

“Oh, yes!” She sighed. “I think this is the best one yet, Steven.”

“It’s always the best one, when it’s with you.” He slid his cock slowly, erotically, in and out of her pussy. She was tight and wet and hot around him, just like she’d been the first time, and her body moved in eager response under his. Her clit was up hard, and he rubbed it with his belly when he moved his cock deep inside his twin sister’s cunt. She closed her eyes and moaned beneath Steven, scissoring her legs on his, urging him to come deeper still. His cock hit bottom, and still she wanted more. But so did he.

Without taking his cock entirely out of Sammi, he turned her beneath him and began to hump her from the rear, feeling his cock go deeper and deeper. Her pussy opened to receive him and she tossed her head from side to side, chestnut hair tickling his face, the smell of her arousing him, stirring him to a harder, faster kind of fucking. Be wanted it to last forever, but he also wanted to squirt his cum deep in Samantha’s hot receptive pussy. His balls weighed ten pounds each and he thought he could feel excess cum dripping from his prick with each fresh stroke into his sister’s hole.

“I never wanted anyone else after I had you.” Sammi was purring. “Not from that very first time.”

“Me too,” he said sincerely.

“I loved Don, but it wasn’t the same. Oh, God, Steven, fuck me faster! I’ll come all over that big cock of yours! Yes! Don was a fine man. You didn’t know this, but he was wounded in Vietnam in ’68. I didn’t even know, until it was too late. Yes, Steven, keep fucking me, please! Oh, Christ, I’ve wanted to tell you about his for such a long time, but it never seemed the right moment!” She reached under her body and squeezed his balls as he moved his cock in her tight clutching cunt. “Your sweet, hot nuts.” She sighed, caressing them and jiggling the sac to inspire him.

Steven was still fucking, and could hardly do anything else, the way his twin continued to massage his balls. Her touch spurred him, forcing him to push his cock deeper and harder into her yearning cunt. But he had the most eerie feeling at the base of his spine and he felt as if the room was suddenly growing very, very cold.

“Don was sterile.” Sammi continued her story. “He told me, after I got pregnant. He knew Maria wasn’t his, but he said he didn’t care, and he always loved her so much. He never asked me who her father was…”

“Who?” Steven asked.

Sammi gasped, then laughed softly. “Don’t you remember that day, a couple of months after the wedding, when you got me alone and we just couldn’t keep our hands off each other? Of course, I’m certain! For Christ’s sake, Steven, I’ve only fucked three men in my whole life, and at that point I had only fucked two men. You and Don. Don’t you see what I’m telling you? You’re Maria’s father!”

She moaned suddenly under him, her ass pushing up toward his in bedded cock. Her tits seemed to swell to giant size, and it was as if all of Sammi’s uncertainties had been lifted away. Her body pulsated with excitement, with freedom, and she began to move uncontrollably under him, surrendering herself to the sensation of delight that now filled her.

“Holy shit!” She heard him gasp in surprise. His cock seemed to go rigid inside her, and she didn’t move, but Sammi didn’t care. She was a soaring bird now, and she used his prick for her pleasure, knowing that it would give him joy too — the same kind of joy that saturated her entire body. She had nothing to hold back now. Her secret was spilled, and it no longer burned privately inside Samantha. She had riot been as free, as loose, as wild a fuck as this, since they were incestuous kids, discovering the pleasure of one another’s cock and cunt. She felt young again, in love with life, and she moved her pussy faster and faster on his inserted cock, rubbing herself toward an orgasm that would surely blow her ears off…

“Fuck me, oh, yes move your cock, fuck me! Do it, Steven, fuck me… ooh!”

The come fever hit her like a giant fist slapping against Sammi’s body, and she went totally crazy under her brother. Her cunt was full of his cock, and her pussy milked madly at the stiff throbbing erection. She pulled one of his hands to her tits, squeezing it down upon the hard nippled mound, and she rocked into the apex of her orgasm.

In the midst of it, she was, aware of his cock suddenly exploding inside her, of the hot, furious rush of his cum into her pussy, but she was on another planet. She hoped he was enjoying this fuck as much as she was! It felt so good to have told him the truth, finally!


The next day was Saturday and Steven Babies found himself alone in the house, and none too soon. Sammi had gone out to view some property and Maria hadn’t returned from her overnighter with Jenny. Steven was sitting in the apple orchard behind the house, nursing a much-too-early, much-too-stiff Scotch and soda, reflecting on what his sister had revealed to him last night, in the midst of fucking.

“Holy shit!” He spoke in a soft voice, saying almost the only thing he’d been able to say since last night. It didn’t occur to him for a moment that Sammi might have been lying to him. He knew instinctively she was not.

Maria was his own daughter, the product of a hot, spontaneous fuck he could still remember in vivid detail after almost eighteen years. Trouble was, his memories of fucking Maria, night before last, were just as vivid. He had fucked his own daughter, and he had loved every minute of it.

His nostrils were suddenly aware of the presence of a woman, very close to him. The smell of soft, delicate skin, that was about to touch his own. Hands shot in front of his eyes and full, warm tits, jiggling under thin cover, pushed against his back and shoulders.

“Guess who, and you can fuck me,” Maria whispered into his ear. “I’ll even give you three guesses.”

He started to turn his head, but her mouth lurked in ambush and her tongue shot into his mouth as lips touched. She held his head firmly and forced her kiss upon him. He was sitting on a backless stone slab bench, but the excited press of Maria’s body pulled him backwards, onto the ground. He spilled his drink as she slid atop him, her body rubbing him everywhere.

“Ohhh, I missed you!” She gasped, her hand full of his crotch.

She straddled his body, pinning him to the ground. She wore a sleeveless top, thin enough to let her aroused nipples stick out noticeably, and skin-tight Spandex pants that hugged every inch of her rounded ass and super long legs. She ground her crotch down upon Steven’s, massaging the lump of his prick with her pussy.

“Feels so good!” She placed her hands on his chest. “I know Mom’s out, Uncle Steve, so let’s fuck again like we did night before last. Remember? When you got my cherry? Oooh, it was so much fun!”

She bounced on him, her body lifting, then pressing down, and emphasizing the eagerness of Maria’s teenage frame.

He shook his head, hardly knowing what to tell her. Maria made a pouty face.

“Well, I’m having a party in my mouth,” she smirked, “and you can sure come! Get it? Oooh, I wanna get it!”

And with that, she unbuttoned his pants and slid them down to bare cock.

“Still soft?” She pouted. “Don’t I turn you on anymore? Well, I know how to fix that!”

She slid downward, her had leaning in to begin licking and sucking his cock into erection.

He gasped as his prick entered her mouth and she jerked excitedly on it, her lips tight around him. He told himself not to get excited, to remember what he had learned last night, but it was no use. The girl was a novices blowjobs, but she had the instincts of a pro. Almost as soon as her tongue began to wiggle around him, inside her mouth, Steven felt his cock stiffening rapidly. Daughter or not, he couldn’t force his cock to stay soft, when it was being sucked on so excitingly!

“Oh, Maria, baby!” He hated his weakness of spirit.

She just giggled around his hardening prick, her mouth sliding up and down the lengthened cock. When she lifted her face, with a sigh, his prick was standing up rocky hard, his big knob swollen to incredible size. His crown was purplish with lust, and her spittle frothed on the slick, grape like bulb. She slid a circle of thumb and forefinger down over him all the way down, then lifted it slowly, squeezing his knob when she had returned to it.

He moaned from deep in his belly at her provocative touch. Still holding his prick, she let her tongue slide back and forth over the very tip of him. She had learned enough to know where a man was most sensitive and where his will could be most directly attacked.

Steven reached for the girl, pulling her up to him. This is the last time, he promised himself.

He and Sammi had talked briefly last night, agreeing that it might be better never to tell Maria the truth, lest it traumatize her. He’d have to find some way to break off this short-lived but extremely hot relationship, but he couldn’t think about that now, not with his cock so stiff it hurt and her wicked tongue licking the taste of him off her lips.

He put his hands on her face and pulled her down to him. This time he was in charge. He rolled Maria onto her back and kissed her passionately, fucking her mouth with his tongue the same way his cock had just fucked her hot, willing mouth. She shivered and moaned under him, and she reached for her tits, pulling them free of their skimpy cover and offering them to her uncle.

Steven lowered his face and licked and sucked at each of the girl’s pink tits. He felt the nipples grow and harden against his tongue, felt her hot pulse racing through the soft fullness of her tits. He cupped and squeezed the mounds, leaving white-streaked finger marks on the yielding flesh. The last time, he told himself firmly.

He had a hand between her legs, stroking her pussy through the skintight Spandex. She was squirming and moaning under him, spreading her thighs to lure him in, then snapping them together and pumping her pussy against his fingers. He could feel and smell her pussy juices oozing from her pussyhole. The crotch of her pants was stained and damp. He pushed harder, feeling her cunt slit open on the other side of the Spandex barrier. He rubbed, aiming for her concealed clit.

“Lemme get these fuckin’ pants off!” She jerked the things down. She had nothing on underneath, just a dark and pouty-lipped cunt. Her hairs were matted from the wetness she’d been leaking out, and both of them could smell her turned-on pussy. She wriggled out of her pants, threw her shirt aside, and she eased onto the grass naked, alluring, her young teen body glowing, with desire and invitation.

The last time, Steven reminded himself, taking off his pants. He left his T-shirt on. All that mattered was his erect cock, dripping its pre-cum lust already. He stood above the girl, looking down at her, panting.

She just opened her legs and pointed to the pink gash of her pussy. “I ate you. Now you eat me. And then we’ll fuck, Uncle Steve!”

He couldn’t stop himself. He fell to the ground and wormed into the spread of her thighs, making straight for her pink hole of desire. His fingers caressed the juicy little pussy, and then his tongue began to lick it up and down. He peeled back her lips and found the clit sticking up, pink and ripe. She moaned as he started to suck avidly at her love button. She pushed herself at his face, gasping.

“Yes, ohhh shit, eat my pussy! Ooohh, I love it!”

His finger entered her, finding Maria’s hole snug and tight, but inexpressibly hot and wet, too. He speared into the teenage tightness, feeling her squirm and shudder with each stroke. The lips were already snugging back at him, sucking on his finger. There was no denying the girl was hot for sex. All you had to do was look at her, and she turned on. Immediately! His tongue slipped into her pussy, alongside his finger, then took over the work. Maria kept squealing and moaning in response, smearing her juices all over her uncle’s face.

Her father’s face, Steven kept reminding himself. As he feasted on her young cunt, though, it seemed to make less and less difference to him. But was the last time he’d ever do this, he promised his conscience as his tongue wiggled around and around, inside his daughter’s pussy.

“Let’s fuck now.” The girl was eager. “Oh, stick that big fat cock inside and just fuck me crazy!”

She was already half-crazy, from her need for his prick. She wasn’t the only crazy one, Steven thought, mounting his young daughter’s more-than-eager body and sliding his prick into the hot, wet groove of her pussy.

He slid into Maria and she wrapped her legs and arms around him. Oh, God, she thought, this was even better than the last time! She’d been a little scared then, wanting it, but afraid of the wanting. There’d been, the briefest moment of pain, too, as he snapped her cherry and fucked into her hot, eager pussy for the very first time. Well, she had no cherry now, and she’d spent all of last night exercising her cunt with Jenny. All she felt was pleasure as her uncle’s prick entered her pussy this time, and that was all she wanted to feel.

Jesus! He struck bottom, fucking hard, and she moaned under him, feeling as if he were splitting her with his big, stiff cock. But it was great, too! Split away! That’s what her pussy was made for! She offered him no resistance at all, only her wet, open cunt, and she drew his cock into her deepest recesses of passion, bathing it in her hot pussy fluids.

“I don’t ever want to fuck anyone but you, Uncle Steve.” She beamed up at him. “You have the greatest cock in the world! When it’s inside, it feels like it’s a natural part of me!”

What was that weird expression on his face? She could tell from the way he was plowing her that he loved it too, so why was he making faces at her? Was that how men got when they were in the grip of uncontrollable passion? She guessed she still had a lot to learn. But her education was in full swing.

He squished in and out of her wet cunt, slamming her harder than he had the other night, but she didn’t care. She was discovering that she liked it with a bit of roughness. Her pussy wasn’t glass, for Chrissake! It wouldn’t break, if it was fucked! And as she filled with him again and again, Maria Shepherd knew that fucking was what she was made for.

Her legs worked up and down his thighs, onto his hips. She felt as if she were scaling a ladder, impaling herself on his prick with each rung she climbed. Her cunt rolled excitedly under him, feeling the deep pulsating stabs of his cock, again and again, all the way. She had a sopping swamp of a pussy, and it sucked hungrily at the prick that filled Maria’s hole. Her clit was as big as an orange, raw with excitement and need. She pushed herself against him, and the feel of his pubic hair scraping her clit, was like sandpaper on a raw wound.

“Ohhh fuck!”

She moaned in sheer glee, reaching down to spread her pussy even wider, opening herself that much more for the thrust of his fat, lust bloated cock. As she spread, she began to rub her clit, to accentuate the excitement blazing inside her. So what if he was her uncle? He was a great fuck!

“Do you love fucking me as much as I love fucking you?” she asked teasingly, writhing under him.

He just grunted, his cock ramming deeper and harder. Oh, shit, that felt so fucking good!

Steven was kissing Maria with mouth and tongue, her hands stroking his cheeks, running through his hair and puffing his face even closer to hers. He became slowly aware that a hand was rubbing his hard-driving ass, but the paradox didn’t strike him until a set of warm, agile fingers cupped his balls, squeezed, then touched the base of his cock, just where, he entered Maria’s hot pussy.

“Oh, Christ, Maria, I believe you now!” Jenny Beck spoke in a shivery, excited voice. “You really are fucking your uncle!”

He halted in mid-stroke, turned in horror and saw that he and Maria had been joined by a small, athletic-looking blonde girl whose blue eyes glittered in arousal. She was squatting beside them, touching their joined bodies with one hand while she used the other beneath the very short tail of her miniskirt. He could see up her thighs. No panties. Her fingers massaged a bare, gold-fuzzed pussy mound. Even without an introduction he had no doubt that this was the dizzy Jenny Beck his sister had mentioned. “You said you wouldn’t tell anyone,” he gasped.

“I meant strangers.” Maria sighed under him. “I couldn’t not tell Jenny!”

“Mmmm!” Jenny sighed, as her finger entered her cunt. “This is so fucking hot!” She speared herself, gasping at each penetration. “Oohh, Mr. Baines, will you fuck me, too? Maria promised you would! And can I call you Uncle Steve? Mmmm, I never had an uncle of my own that I wanted to fuck…”

“I promised her.” Maria was determined. “I promised she could fuck you too.”

“Jesus!” Steven exclaimed as his daughter wiggled out from under him. He rolled onto his side, his fat, pussy-soaked cock sticking up, and Jenny gave a squeal of excitement.

“Oh, Christ, it’s so fucking big!”

As quickly as she could, the teenage blonde stripped off her T-shirt and miniskirt. She had nothing on underneath.

“She’s a dancer.” Maria sounded proud. “Doesn’t she have a beautiful body?”

She did, indeed, with petite tits and obvious muscular strength and health glowing from every line and curve. Jenny did a quick pirouette, showing herself off, and then she fell upon Steve with eager hands and hungry mouth.

She stuffed his cock into her lips and sucked it, almost viciously, swallowing him deeply in her lust.

“My God, it tastes just like Maria’s pussy!”

Her mouth ovaled and she sucked him down again, slurping as she ate her friend’s juices off Steven’s prick.

Steven looked at Maria. “How does she know what your pussy tastes like?”

Maria had the grace to blush. “Woman does not live by cock alone.”

She licked her lips. She moved to Jenny’s side and began to fondle the blonde’s small, stiff nippled tits. As Jenny continued, to feast on Steve’s cock, Maria leaned down and applied her tongue to Jenny’s nipples.

“I’ve gotta fuck this tool!” Jenny released the cock and gasped for breath. “Jesus, it’s so fucking big, I can hardly get it in my mouth!” She began stroking it with both hands. “Let me ride you. I think I’m a ballbuster in the making. I hardly ever come unless I’m on top.”

Jenny squatted above Steven’s prick. Below her pussy, Maria was busy, holding the cock upright with one hand and opening Jenny’s cunt with the other.

“You’re all wet.” She stuck a finger inside her friend. “And eager, too! Mmmm, your lips are snapping! Oh, Uncle Steve, I think she really needs some of this!”

And with that, she pressed his cockhead against the split labes of her best friend’s cunt. Jenny moaned and sank downward, burying the cock inside herself.

The pretty blonde dancer closed her eyes and rocked dreamily atop Steven, just soaking up the feel of his cock in her pussy.

“Oh, I’m full!” She sighed. “Stuffed full of this fat big cock! Jesus, Maria, don’t ever bother fucking any of those guys from school! None of ’em have a cock like this! Ooooh, baby, we’ve gotta go straight to the source from now on! Nobody gets in my pants from now on unless he’s at least thirty, and nine inches minimum! Mmmmm, Maria, I may not give this back to you.”

“The shit you won’t!” Maria giggled, pinching Jenny’s nipples hard. The blonde squealed. “Hurry up and bust your nuts, girl! I haven’t gotten mine yet, and I’m just itching to get my pussy full of Uncle Steve’s cock again, too!”

“If you put it that way,” Jenny replied. “Help me, though.”

As she began to hump on Steve’s cock, she opened her arms, and Maria rose to her knees beside her short friend. Steve watched in fascination as the two girls began to kiss, lusciously, passionately, tongues and saliva running from mouth to mouth. Their hands caressed each other’s body, too. Jenny got a fistful of Maria’s dark cunt bush, and Maria began to rub her friend’s clit while Jenny’s pussy rose and fell on Steve’s upright cock.

The cute little blonde was eager to do most of the work, it seemed. She was a hot, rampaging fuck and she soon had Steven gasping in response. He held her ass and thighs to keep her from falling off his prick, but he didn’t know whether she was more aroused by his cock in her hole or Maria’s tongue in her mouth.

He couldn’t help wondering how long Maria and her friend had been fooling around. The girl had seemed very inexperienced when he first fucked her.

All he knew was that the sight of his daughter and her best friend loving each other made his cock even harder, made his balls swell even more with what, he knew, would be a cum blast to top anything else he had ever squirted.

Maria knew she was showing off. She just hoped Uncle Steve found it as exciting to watch, as she found to do it. She loved to make out with Jenny, even though it wasn’t nearly as much fun as getting fucked by a real cock. Oooh, she thought, look at his eyes! He’s going wild! He loves it! And when I get him in me again, I’m gonna bust his balls! The best fuck ever!

Her hand frigged faster and harder at Jenny’s clit. She knew all the tricks to turn on her friend’s button. Jenny was about to explode right now. God, she thought, don’t let Uncle Steve squirt in Jenny, though! Make him save it all for me!

“Oh, you bitch!” Jenny moaned. “You’re gonna make me cum!”

Maria pinched her clit again, and the blonde screamed and fell over atop Steve, ass bouncing wildly on his cock. Maria leaned over and started to lick Jenny’s ass, her crack, even the tiny pucker of her asshole. She’d tasted it before and she kinda liked the flavor. As Jenny humped, whimpered and moaned, Maria spread the asshole with her finger and slipped inside. She gave Jenny several quick, sharp stabs. God, she could feel Uncle Steve’s prick, almost as if she were inserted in Jenny’s cunt and touching the cock directly! Mmmmmmm, what a kinky feeling!

“Get off!” Maria was impatient. “I got this prick hard and I get it now!”

Jenny slid off the wet, stiff prick, and Maria moved onto it, giving Steve no time to protest or even to shift his position. Mmmm, Maria thought, I like being on top, too! But as his cock slid inside her, she knew that she’d dig fucking her uncle in any position, even hanging from a trapeze by her toes if that was what he wanted. Oh, God, he was all the way inside her and she could hardly stand it! She shivered, swayed and moaned.

His hands came up, squeezing her jiggly tits. “Oh, yes, play with my tits!” She leaned forward a little, so that her large tits just seemed to drop into his hands. The nipples were scorchy-hot against his palms. Every time he squeezed down, it was as if little fires went off inside her pussy. She began to move her cunt along the inserted barrel of his prick. She was still tight.

This was only the third time anything the size of his cock had ever been inside her — Jenny’s fingers and her own sure didn’t count — and her pussy felt stretched to the breaking point. If she’d been dry, she’d have ripped. Even as it was, she thought she could hear a squeak as he moved inside her tightness, but she was dripping wet inside and out. She had been, in fact, from the first moment they started to fool around, the night before last, and Jenny had surely not given her pussy a chance to dry out, in the meantime. She slid up and down, and her pussy got even wetter. It was tight, but it was fan-fucking-tastic!

“Ooohhh, Uncle Steve! Oh, God, I love to fuck you!” She leaned even more forward, pushing her big tits down into his face. “Suck me while you fuck me! I want your mouth on my hot nipples! I want you to suck me like a baby!”

He was only too happy to do it, and she purred as he fitted the entire end of one full, hard nippled tit into his mouth. He sucked hungrily, lovingly, rolling his tongue around and around the pink tit, adoring it with his lips.

“Did you get the job at Channel 3?” she asked breathlessly, lifting her tit out of his mouth for a moment.

He nodded, tongue working in the air. “Yes, I got it.”

“Oh, super!” Maria squealed. “That means you’ll live here with us and I can fuck you just like this every day for the rest of our lives!”

She thought he had a funny expression on his face a while ago. It didn’t compare to the one that contorted his features right now, but maybe he was just getting like, really turned on?

“Help me, Jen.” She motioned to her friend.

Jenny, who had more or less recovered from her own come by now, was only too eager to help. She piled onto Maria, attacking her from the back. Maria wasn’t the only one who knew how to lick and finger an asshole. While Steve worked on Maria’s tits with his mouth and fucked her pussy with his hard cock, Jenny was kissing her way up and down the brunette teen’s back, from nape to shitter.

Her chin rested at the separation of Maria’s asshole and she licked the inside of the crack, then the pink, stretched ass itself, using her finger sporadically, just when Maria least expected it. She cupped Steve’s balls as he fucked into the pretty teenager, and she even licked his cock and the splay of Maria’s labes, but mostly she concentrated on Maria’s asshole, paying her friend back in kind, for the attention she’d given her.

“Stop that!” Maria giggled, not at all convincingly, as Jenny’s tongue speared into her spread-out asshole.

She bounced harder atop Steven’s cock, her ass jerking back at the same time in order to give Jenny a little closer leverage for licking. “Stick your finger in it,” Maria purred.

“Like this?” Jenny laughed, sliding in.

Maria’s lips ovaled and she made a whistling noise. It was the first time she’d ever had anything enter her asshole and she seemed duly appreciative.

“You oughta try a cock,” Jenny added, rotating her finger inside her friend.

“I think I might…” Maria gasped. “But not Uncle Steve’s — that big prick would ruin me!”

The point was almost academic, at least for now. The hot young brunette was riding high, not far from her peak. She made her pussy slide like a fist on Steven’s cock, urging it to join her, to fill her cunt with its sticky river of cum, but she felt no hesitation, no lurching in his attack.

“Am I a hot little bitch?” The girl was breathless, sliding up and down, burying his cock in her pussy again and again. “Am I the hottest little bitch you’ve ever had your prick in, Uncle Steve? Don’t you want to fuck me forever?”

“You’re nearly the hottest,” he confessed, “and oh, Jesus, I think I could stand fucking you forever, but…”

His voice dropped away. He had caught himself just in time. The worst of it was that, except for her mother, Maria was the hottest piece he’d ever fucked, and he would have been happy to fuck her forever.

The idea seemed to stimulate him almost as much as the hot pressure of her pussy, massaging his cock and spurring him to greater and greater exertions inside Maria’s cunt. He was ramming up into her, deeply, ferociously, riding the horny young girl on the full length of his prick, and she loved every inch of it. Jenny’s tongue, tickling her ass, and Jenny’s finger rammed up her asshole, didn’t help keep Maria under control. Steven squeezed harder at the girl’s tits, biting into the soft, jiggly delights, smothering his face between them. When he came, he was going to blast her straight into the sky.

Maria was almost beside herself. She pushed down to swallow Steve’s cock, slid back to suck Jenny’s finger up her asshole. Each pressed her in a different way, a different direction. She wondered how it would feel to have Steve’s cock rammed into her asshole and Jenny’s finger in her pussy at the same time. A nasty, kinky idea, and one that she could hardly wait to try out! She couldn’t imagine how Steve’s big cock could ever tit inside her ass, but she was more than willing to spilt herself trying. Anyway, Jenny talked as if she’d done it, and anything Jenny could do, so could she.

Oh, God, she thought, was they’re anything to compare to this? She felt her body soaring, about to rip into an explosive cum. A few more strokes were all she needed, and Uncle Steve was giving her all she could handle in the way of stroking. And that nasty finger of Jenny’s! She’d have to pay Jenny back. Maybe she’d eat her friend while Uncle Steve watched. He’d gotten excited watching them kiss and feel their tits. What would he be like, watching them suck each other’s cunt?

“Fuck me, ooohh, fuck me!” She moaned. “Blow it out my ears!”

“Hot little baby!” He gasped under her, his mouth vibrating between her lust-swollen tits. His cock pushed, rammed, fucked.

“Steven?” A voice called in the distance. Maria froze. So did Jenny. So did Steve. “Are you out here?”

“Holy Christ!” Jenny was stunned. “It’s your mom!”


Sammi came strolling down the path. Steven was sitting on the concrete bench, his face a little flushed. There was a half-empty quart of Scotch beside him.

“A bit early in the day for that stuff, isn’t it?” She slid onto the bench beside him. “Mmmmm, hello, darling, do you know I missed you? I had work to do, but I just said fuck it and came back to see you.” She put her arm around Steven and brushed his face with her red lips. “Missed you so much.”

Her hand dropped into his crotch, as if by accident, but there was no accident in the way she seized hold of his cock and gave it a welcoming squeeze.

“Oooh, from the feel of your prick, I guess you missed me, too. Maria hasn’t come home yet, has she? Mmmm, I think we have time for a quickie. We’re going to have to be so careful when she’s around, you know. I’m not sure how I can keep my hands off you, when the urge comes up, but we’ll have to find a way.”

As she spoke, she was puffing his hand under the hem of her skirt. He touched her stocking tops, brushed the bare thigh above them and came to rest on the uncovered fluffiness of her cuntbush.

“No panties.” She laughed. “Why bother, if you’re only going to take them off me anyway!”

Her mouth trapped his now and he seemed to shiver in her embrace, as if he were cold. But it was a delightful spring day, 70, and Sammi wasn’t cold at all. Quite the opposite. She pulled his hand more tightly against her cunt and she squeezed more insistently on his cock, while she fucked her tongue in and out of her brother’s mouth.

“Not here!” He gasped, but she was already unzipping him, pulling his stiff cock out the fly of his pants. He closed his eyes as she gripped his cock tightly in her fist and slid her hand up and down.

“God, you’re sticky! Have you been jerking off, thinking about me, you naughty boy? Well, let me show you what you must have been dreaming about. It’s so warm, and these clothes feel so Goddamn stuffy!”

She let go of his cock and stood up, facing her brother. While he watched, his jaw dropping, she pulled her sweater up and off. No bra, just a flimsy camisole top, half unlaced, her tits shining through the sheer fabric. She rubbed the nipples, making them harden. She undid the laces, letting the top flop open, her tits bouncing out, bare and jiggly.

“All yours.” She reached for her skirt button. Her skirt slid down her long legs. She wore only the unlaced camisole, her calfskin boots, and gartered stockings. Sammi lifted her arms and did a slow turn in front of him, like a model on a runway, showing him all her treasures.

“All yours! Steven, let’s fuck! I couldn’t think about anything, all morning, except your cock and my pussy!”

“Samantha,” he whispered, his voice almost a prayer.

For what? His cock was sticking out of his pants, rigid with desire. It seemed to quiver as he watched her. After all they had shared, how could he not respond to Samantha now?

She dropped to her knees before him. “I want to suck your cock.” Her voice was throaty. “I want to swallow your prick to the balls and fuck you with my throat. And then I want to feel you on top of me, with your prick buried so deep in my pussy that I can feel it coming up my throat the wrong way. I want you to shoot your cum on my face and on my tits, so I can lick it up as it comes out of your gushing cock. I want to cuddle your cock between my tits till it gets hard again, and then I want you to fuck me in the asshole, even if I scream like I did the first time you fucked me there. After that,” she added, winking, “we might get a little kinky, darling.”

She took his cock in her hands and leaned toward it, tongue extending while her eyes were closed. She touched the tip of his erect prick, licking her tongue all over his knob, and then she snapped upright.

“Goddamn you Steven Babies!” Her fist was squeezing shut like a vise on his prick. “What the fuck have you been doing while I was away?”

“N-nothing…” he stammered. “I m-mean I… I…”

“You’re lying! You son of a bitch. I can taste pussy on your cock! It’s still wet on you!”

She heard a crackle of twigs and she whirled, her mouth gaping in shock. Maria was standing there, and beside her that dizzy blonde Jenny, both of them absolutely naked, holding hands. Sammi looked at Steve. A glimmering of the truth had begun to come to her.

“Oh my God!” she gasped. “You were — you weren’t — oh, you couldn’t have been…”

Maria grinned smugly, leaning against little Jenny.

“That’s what we thought when we saw you in action, Mom! But which is worse? For me to fuck my uncle, or you to fuck your brother? How long has that stuff been going on, anyway? When, Uncle Steve! No wonder you acted weird about balling me! But it’s all in the open now, so we don’t have to hide anything anymore, right? No more secrets?”

She let go of Jenny’s hand and walked to her mother and Steven. She knelt beside her shocked mother and wriggled the stiff cock out of Sammi’s suddenly lifeless fingers.

“This is how I do it.” Maria began to rub and polish the tip of Steve’s hard prick with her frisky little tongue.

“Mmmmm-mmm.” She purred, putting on the dog just a trifle in order to show off. No sense Mom thinking she was the only Shepherd female who knew her way around a prick. Maria hadn’t been at it very long, but she had all her moves down pat.

She nursed the knobby crown, sucking it with love and skill, then she let her mouth slide down the cockshaft. Wow! Mom was right! It sure did taste of pussy! Her own pussy! She’d licked the flavors off Jenny’s mouth often enough to recognize the flavor. But Jesus, she found herself wondering, how did Mom know what pussy juice tasted like?

She couldn’t take him fully into her throat, but she could go down deep on him, and she sucked till she was almost ready to gag, just to prove to her mother that she was no dumb kid anymore. She was a full-grown woman in size — an inch taller than Mom, at last count — and she had all the sexiness that went with it. Mmmm, more than that, even!

“God, that tastes good!” She lifted her head. “But you already know that, don’t you, Mom?”

She rose so she could kiss the unresisting lips of her Uncle Steve. She rubbed her mouth all over his, pushing her bare, stiff-nippled tits at his chest. Slowly his hand lifted, until it cupped one bare tit and squeezed it. She had the fucker now!

“We were fucking when you came in.” She looked up at her mother. “He’d already gotten Jenny’s rocks off — I had to promise her a ride on his prick, ’cause she’s my best friend, after all, and she has been so good to me, mmm! — and it was my turn. Listen, Mom, I sorta made him fuck me the first time, but I really wanted it, really needed it, and I’m glad we know all about each other now, ’cause we don’t have to play any more silly secret games, y’know? Uncle Steve’s gonna live with us, now that he’s the news anchor on Channel 3, and I guess we’ll just have to share him. Does that sound fair and adult to you, Mom?”

Samantha said nothing. She looked her brother in the eye. He shook his head slightly. He hadn’t told the girl yet, either obviously. And somehow she knew that Maria was telling the truth. Steven hadn’t forced her; he wasn’t that kind of a man. Whatever had happened had been mutually chosen, and it had certainly happened before Steven knew the full story.

On the other hand, even knowing that Maria was his daughter, he’d fucked her again. Did he really have no choice in the matter? Sammi looked at her nubile, nude young daughter. Jesus, the girl was so beautiful! Her body was full and voluptuous, simmering with teenage passions. Heat waves seemed to shimmer from her as she stood there. Sammi lookied at the glowing face, the full, hard-nippled tits, the matted, obviously just-fucked cuntbush. She looks a lot like me at that age, Sammi conceded. And she’s just as eager for fucking as I was at her age. Jesus, and with the same man!

“Who could resist?” Sammi murmured. “Share. Remember that word, you long-legged slut!”

She leaned toward her brother’s cock, still wet with her daughter’s saliva, and she fed it into her own mouth for a round of hot, desperate sucking. It took a lifetime of practice to get this kind of skill. Maria had a long way to go, but Christ, she took to it like a fish to swimming! Well, watch your old lady, girl!

Steven moaned as his sister sucked his prick into her mouth.

“Oh, Sammi!” He leaned back on the bench until he was lying full length atop it.

She followed him with her lips, feeding on his cock, and she felt a supremely sinful thrill in knowing that her daughter stood by watching, cooing in admiration. Especially when Sammi performed the difficult task of taking Steve’s cock all the way into her mouth, her lips pushed down plumb against his swollen balls.

She gasped and gurgled around the fully engulfed cock, and her saliva flowed like piss down the sides of his cock, spilling into his pubic hair. She lifted her head and took him in again, varying the angle slightly. Her lips tightened and she sucked the entire length of his cock with everything she had. As her head lifted again, she could taste a leaked-out bubble of cum on the end of his prick. She caught it on her tongue and swallowed it like the appetizer it was.

“Jesus, Mom!” Maria whistled. “Did you see that, Jenny? I’m gonna learn to deepthroat if it fuckin’ kills me!”

Sammi released his cock from her mouth. “Take your clothes off, Steven. I don’t know if you’re planning to fuck Jenny again, but there are at least two other women here, who won’t go home without a bounce on your cock, so you might as well get naked with us.”

“I wish my mother was like that!” Jenny whispered to Maria. “Do you think yours might wanna adopt me?”

While Steven removed his clothes, Sammi looked at the two girls. Jennifer was a tiny, daintily-built blonde, with dancers’ legs and a firm-looking ass her tits were small but perky, and her blue eyes sparkled lustfully. She reminded Sammi a great deal of Cathy Baker, the lesbian artist with whom she’d just ended a relationship. I don’t have to make either or choices now, Sammi reminded herself.

Now that Maria knows what’s happening — most of it — I have options I didn’t have before. Sammi wondered what Steven, Maria and Jenny would think if he were to walk over to the giggling little blonde right now and scoop her up for a soul kiss. If she were to stick her tongue into the little golden-fuzzed V between Jenny’s bare thighs and let her tongue glide across the visible pink slice of Jenny’s teenage pussy.

“Are you sure you wanna do this?” Steven took off his shirt. He wore nothing now except his hard-on, and it was a beauty.

“Absolutely!” Sammi was sure, now. “We might as well put it all out in the open.”

“All?” Steven softly touched her arm.

She nodded. “Eventually.”

She went to him then, nestling in the strength of his arms, tilting her head back as he kissed her. Her hand filled with his prick and she stroked it, making sure it stayed hard.

His clothes were lying atop the bench. Samantha eased backward onto it, and she awaited him. He looked at the girls, who were gigging excitedly, and then at his sister. She grabbed his cock and pulled. With a smile he mounted Sammi. She still had hold of his cock, and as he topped her body, she pulled him to the crack of her cunt.

“Oh, yes!” She sighed, and his prick slipped inside her pussy.

Sammi gasped and stretched, her feet lifting into the air as his cock plunged hard into her wet and willing cunt.

“She’s so bitchin.” Jenny was awestruck. “I love those boots and garters! Looks so trashy, but so fuckin’ sexy! Mmmm, I wonder if she swings both ways?”

“That’s my mom you’re talking about!” Maria snapped, but she turned to look at her mother’s full, voluptuous nudity, and she felt odd, tingly stirrings inside herself, too. She put her arm around Jenny’s waist and the two teens edged closer together, both of them watching avidly as Steven and Samantha fucked atop the bench.

“Who’s the best?” Sammi gasped, writhing under her brother.

“Don’t be a bitch, Sam!” He was stem with her. “This is hard enough the way it is.”

“Mmmmmm, so is your cock! Oh, relax! I’m not trying to break your balls! I’ve seen her blowing you; I know how hot she is. About like I was at her age, mmmm? I guess it just runs in the family. Oh, Jesus, Steve, yes, yes, fucking yes! Ooohh, I hope you aren’t allergic to Vitamin E. You’re gonna need mega doses of it, darling! Your work is cut out for you.”

His prick kept slamming into her, fucking hard and fast and deep. That was how she wanted it. She nipped his chin with her teeth. Her hands plied his asscheeks, squeezing, urging him to stab harder. Each time his cock plunged into her cunt, she gasped and moaned, and she fucked herself up at him as vigorously as he fucked into her.

Sometimes Sammi liked it slow and sweet, sometimes she liked it as mean as a gang rape. Her pussy yearned to be used, now, and the meaner he used it, the more her pussy ached for an encore performance. Juice squished out of her cunt with each thrust of his prick, and his nuts rubbed the outside of her cunt when he was buried in her. The tickling was driving her mad. Her cunt throbbed and her tits ached.

The new angle was that they were doing it, for the first time, in front of an audience, and not just any audience. Maria was watching. She’d already fucked Steven, not knowing he was her father as well as her uncle. Now she was watching her parents go about the act that had created her in the first place. And in a few minutes she’d be demanding her own ride upon Steven’s cock.

“It’s fantastic.” Sammi heard her daughter commenting to Jenny. “Look at them! I mean, they look exactly alike, for one thing, because they’re twins, but the way they fuck! Do you think I still have a little bit to learn? Do I look like that when I’m getting fucked, Jenny?”

“You look gorgeous.” Jenny reassured her. “But I’m getting too hot just watching. Got juice running down my legs! See? Ooohh, put your hand right there, Maria! Nasty! Rub my clit and I’ll rub yours! God, when do we get our turns with your uncle?”

Sammi glanced over. Her ears hadn’t deceived her. Maria and Jenny were on their knees now, kissing and rubbing their tits together while each used her hand between the other’s legs. Jenny bent her head to take Maria’s nipples in her mouth, and Sammi’s daughter moaned, throwing back her head, long chestnut hair swishing like the rustle of leaves. She cradled her friend’s face to her tits, feeding her the hot, hard nipples Jenny wanted so eagerly. Glancing over at her mother, she saw that Sammi was watching her. Maria grinned sheepishly.

“We’re just fooling around,” Maria said.

Sammi nodded, smiling. “Aren’t we all?” She gasped loudly as her brother’s cock filled her yet again, with its horny, bulky fullness.

“Don’t come inside me. I know how hot you are, how much your balls are aching to explode, but you have to save something for Maria.”

He nodded. “I may die immediately after, but I’ll try.”

She looked at Maria again. Her daughter, ass wiggling jauntily, was sucking Jenny’s little tits now, as hungrily as Jenny had gobbled Maria’s.

Even as Sammi watched, Maria kissed her way down Jenny’s belly. Jenny leaned backwards, her cunt coming up to meet Maria’s lips. Sammi gasped as her daughter’s face burrowed into Jenny’s crotch.

She couldn’t see everything that Maria was doing, but she could hear the slurps, the smacking kisses, the sucking nibbles, and she could see Jenny’s face lighting up in joy as Maria’s mouth worshiped the little blonde’s cuntal parts. She could almost feel Maria’s mouth on her own pussy.

Oh, Christ, she realized, I want to feel her mouth on my pussy!

The knowledge made her explode under Steven. She screamed, bursting into what had to be the hottest orgasm she had ever experienced, even more mind-blowing than the first time she’d climaxed while full of her twin’s cock.

“Oh, God, Steven, fuck me, I’m cumming!” He gasped, moaned, strained, and ramming his prick into her pussy. She was a wild armful under him, and she knew that he was calling up every fiber of concentration in his being to keep from squirting her full of his seed. His cock was enormous in the rippling mouth of her pussy. Her cuntal muscles contracted savagely around him. If he lasted through this, he could do anything! But he was her brother, and he was the best!

The teens had stopped their frenching and were staring in awe at Sammi as she climaxed so spectacularly. They hugged each other tightly and shivered in admiration, both of them feeling vicariously the same sensations, that Maria’s mother made no disguise of right now. It was the most fucking beautiful sight Maria had ever seen!

“Me, now!” Maria was insistent as her mother’s writhings and rackings ceased. She went to the bench, walking in wonder, and she hugged both Steven and Sammi before she slid onto the bench between them. “You sure know how to fuck, both of you. I thought I knew everything, but I guess I have a lot to learn, huh?”

“You got great teachers.” Jenny giggled.

“Teach me some more, Uncle Steve!” Maria took hold of his cunt-soaked cock. She leaned down and let her tongue slide around the cockshaft. “Now this tastes like pussy!”

“Go ahead, Steve.” Sammi stood up. She bent over and stroked Maria’s trembling body as her daughter stretched out on the bench where the mother had just been fucked. Her hands lingered on the full curves of Maria’s tits, so much like her mother’s in size and texture. And she bent farther down, to plant a soft kiss on Maria’s lip. The girl’s mouth fluttered in surprise, then opened, and their tongues touched. Sammi closed her eyes and Maria’s opened widely. It was a revelation to both of them. Steve joined their kiss, at the same time inserting his cock into Maria.

“Here I come, baby! All the way home for my Maria.”

“Oh, Mom!” Maria squealed, knowing now that it was happening for real, that she could fuck in front of her mother, with her mother’s brother-lover, and come to no harm because of it. “He’s got it in me, Mom! Oh, God, it feels so fuckin’ good!”

“Fuck her, Steven!” Sammi whispered. “Fuck our girl.”

She knelt by the bench, one hand on Steven, the other on Maria. As she watched them fuck and felt the hot erotic power flow through their bodies, it was as if she were a part of the sex herself. And she was, wasn’t she? This was the ultimate act of sharing. She could hear the swish and squish of Steve’s cock splitting Maria’s tight, tender pussy. The girl’s murmuring cries of acceptance were like music to Sammi’s ears. So were Steven’s hoarse groans of pleasure. She could feel that cock barreling into her own pussy as she had felt it so many times before, and she could share Maria’s sense of pleasure and wonder as her pussy was opened up to this exciting new world.

Something soft brushed her from behind. Hands encircled her body and began to squeeze Sammi’s aroused tits. It was Jenny.

“Tell me if you’d rather I didn’t do it.”

She snuggled closer, sliding one of her legs between Sammi’s thighs. It began to rub the slice of Sammi’s cunt. The older woman had thought herself totally fucked out, after that wild ride on Steven, but at the touch of Jenny’s leg, her pussy began to itch uncontrollably. She stretched a little, bringing their flesh into closer contact.

“I guess that means it’s okay?” Jenny was hopeful. Her tits pushed hotly, their nipples hard, against Sammi’s back. She straddled her own pussy over the back of Sammi’s thigh and began to rub herself in counterpoint to the thigh friction she was giving the older woman. Her hands squeezed tighter on Sammi’s tits.

“It’s okay.” Sammi sighed. “Yes, it’s all okay!”


“I still can’t believe it all.” Maria was lying on the big bed in Samantha’s bedroom. The nude picture smiled down from the wall. Maria had been unable to take her eyes off it from first sight. “You mean, Uncle Steven is really my daddy, too? And I’ve been fucking him like a bandit! Oh, wow! Wait till, Jenny hears about this!”

“Uh, maybe you shouldn’t tell Jenny about all of this. Not just yet, at least,” Steven suggested. He was atop Samantha, filling her pussy with the slow, sensuous thrustings of his cock.

Maria rubbed thoughtfully at her pussy, sliding a finger in and out of her cunthole in almost perfect time with the pumping her mother was receiving. She touched her clit, moaned and mulled it over.

“But Jenny’s almost like family. I mean, Uncle Steven — Daddy — has fucked her. And so has Mom! Like, wow, it was so incredible to look down from the bench and see Mom eating Jenny’s pussy on the ground! But you know what I liked best? It was after you’d come in me, Daddy, and your cock juice was oozing out of my pussy like melted white butter, and Mom got up on her knees and stuck her tongue inside me and licked it all out. Oh, God, I was already coming, but when she did that, I fuckin’ went to heaven!”

And she began to rub herself more and more eagerly, moaning as the memory and the present stimulation combined to heat up her long, curvy teen body. Her long legs stretched on the bed, beside her fucking parents, and she rolled toward them, pushing herself against their flanks, sharing their heat.

So many wild things had happened to her today, for Chrissake! The wildest had to be learning that she was hotly involved in fucking her own father. She felt a sigh of regret for her other daddy, but he was only a childhood memory to her now. Maria touched Steven’s ass while he pumped atop Samantha. She traced the crack downward and found his jiggling balls. Her fingers squeezed at them, then slipped upward again to toy with his asshole. What would he think if she stuck her finger inside? Maybe it was time to find out. He was all sweaty in his asshole. She had only to rub her finger around to get herself lubed for the task.

She pushed, felt his body strain in surprise, and then she was in him, thrusting deeply. Holy fuck! He seemed to go wild atop Mom, and Mom was getting the full benefit of it, no lie!

“Jesus, Steven!” Samantha gasped. “What are you doing?”

“The little cunt has her finger up my ass!” Steve laughed. “Oh, shit! Where did she learn that trick? I never taught it to her!”

“Natural talent.” Maria giggled, working her finger.

She leaned over and licked the back of her father’s balls. It felt strange, thinking of him as her father, but she had no doubt that he was. He’d told her, and her mom had agreed that it was true.

She sucked a ball into her mouth and licked it vigorously. She could fed his fucking prick up even more tempo now, and she kept her finger busy inside his asshole. She wondered when he would stick his cock up hers. The idea had been preying on his mind all day, but she hadn’t quite gotten the nerve to ask him for it yet. They’d only just found out they were father and daughter. Maybe it was too soon to say: Daddy, would you please stick your big, hard cock up my asshole? Tomorrow, perhaps, she thought, thrusting deep, toward his prostate.

She found it! Her finger pushed, and it was like hitting the right button. Or was it the right button? Steven yelled and he began to pump his cock into Sammi’s cunt, each thrust squirting a thick gob of jism deep in his twin’s straining pussy.

“I’m cumming!” he moaned.

“Not yet,” Sammi gasped, “I’m almost there oh, not yet…”

Uh-oh, Maria thought, I’ve really fucked it now! Gingerly, she pulled her finger out of Steve’s asshole, but it was too late. The damage had been done. He lay panting and thrusting atop Sammi, and she could hear the squish as he speared back into the cum with which he’d filled Mom’s cunt. And under him, Mom lay sighing and purring, her hands and her heels stroking his body in an effort to get just a little more fucking out of her brother.

Steve rolled off Samantha, his cock already going soft, and a long sticky trail of cum dangling and stretching between their sex organs. A sudden inspiration came to Maria. As her father moved off, she moved between the spread of her mother’s legs.

“I’ll help you, Mom. I think I know something that might get you over the top.”

She opened the cum-slick hole with her fingers, smiling appreciatively at the sight of her mother’s engorged pink clit as it emerged from the folds. It looked good enough to eat. Maria kissed the swollen love button and heard her mother gasp in delight. She lowered her lips and pressed them to the fuck-splayed pussyhole itself, and she began to suck and lick, her tongue diving into Samantha’s pussy.

It came out coated in the thick sperm Steven had fired into Sammi, and she found the taste totally different, siphoned out of her mom’s pussy, than when she drank the stuff straight from Steve’s cockhead. She wasn’t sure which she preferred. She’d have to do a lot more sampling to make up her mind!

Again she licked the clit.

“Oh, Maria, darling!” Her mother was ecstatic. “You’re such an inventive, horny little bitch!”

Maria’s tongue puddled in her mother’s wet pussyhole. She thrust deeply, scooping the spilled cum out of Sammi’s cunt, then brought the delicious seed back to her mouth for a taste test. And as she worked, she felt her mother’s cunt begin to respond excitingly to the friskiness of her lithe tongue. She pushed in closer, nuzzling the aroused hot clit licking up and down her mother’s spread, glistening cuntal flesh, pulling the lips with her mouth.

“Do it, baby!” Her mom gasped. “Oh, Maria, you’re so good, so hot!”

A hand touched Maria’s ass. She knew without looking, that it was Uncle Steve — Daddy, damn it! She had to start thinking of him as Daddy! He stroked her crack, found her dripping juicy cunt and caressed it lovingly. She squirmed delightedly as he opened her pussy and let his fingers slide through her slick pink heat. Her cunt was just as aroused as Mom’s; his fingers located it with no trouble and she gasped into Sammi’s cunt as her father tweaked her hot slick button of lust.

“Baby, baby!” Sammi moaned. “Oooohh, your hot mouth is gonna make me come all over you.”

“Am I as good as the lady who painted your picture?” Maria purred. “Do I eat your pussy as sexily as she did?”

She had met Cathy once or twice. It was such a shocker to know that her mom and the little redhead had been engaged in a hot and heavy lesbian affair. Maria had never even guessed, but there was so much that she was finding out, these days.

As she licked into her mom’s cunt, rolling her hot lips around the swollen clit bud, she found herself hoping that maybe Mom and Cathy could get together again, despite the changes in Samantha’s life. And if they did, maybe she could join in too. God, the three of them going at it!

“You’re special.” Sammi sighed. “Oh, so special! Don’t stop, darling! Make your mother come!”

“Ooohh!” Maria squealed suddenly. She lifted her head from her mom’s cunt, looked back over her shoulder. “What are you doing, Daddy?”

“Something you’ve been asking for all day,” Steven replied, spreading his daughter’s tight smooth asscheeks as far as they would go. He kneaded her flesh like bread dough, and she could see that his cock was stiff again, despite the humongous load he’d squirted up Mom’s pussy only a little while ago. Maria’s heart skipped a beat as she stared at the proud, rigid cock sticking up from her father’s loins.

“Oh, you’re not gonna stick that thing up my ass, are you?”

“You got it, baby?” Steven grinned.

Maria closed her eyes and gasped as he tested her shitter with his thumb. She was tight but she was also excitedly eager, and she pushed her ass against him, heart pounding as she tried to help him bust her asshole.

“Jesus!” she wailed as he broke her anal sphincter and thrust his thumb straight into her horny ass. She humped up and down in transports, swallowing him up her tight hole in greedy swallows. He had a big masculine thumb, not nearly as big as his prick, true, but he was inside her and she knew she could take his whole cock.

“Daddy’s got his finger in my ass.”

“You’ve been asking for it.” Samantha smiled. “Oh, baby, don’t stop eating me! Lick my cunt while your father fucks your ass! Come on, Maria! I need you so much!”

“Yes,” Maria bent her head into her mom’s pussy again. She covered the pink, wet cunt with her mouth and she began to suck like a vacuum cleaner. Sammi’s pussy heaved in joy, fucking against Maria’s lips.

Steven removed his thumb from his daughter’s ass. The young girl moaned when he replaced it with the tip of his prick. God, he was so big! Could she really fuck that cock with her asshole? He was pushing, forcefully, into the hole he had opened with his thumb. The muscles resisted even though she willed them to accept. Her pussy oozed hot juices. She was more excited than she’d been the night he busted her cherry. Her cunt had been tight, but nothing compared to her asshole!

“Be gentle with her,” Sammi told her brother-lover. “Make her love it.”

“No problem, Mom!” Maria chirped. “I want it so fuckin’ bad!”

And here he came, thrusting hard, driving into the teenager’s virgin shitter! Maria screamed as the big monstrous cock plunged up her taut asshole, but as he lunged into her bowels she let out a heaving sigh of relief, acceptance, and joy.

“Oh, God, Daddy!” she wailed. “Fuck my virgin assssss!”

Yes! He was in her, the muscles slacking to make room for his big cock! He’d taken her, and she’d surrendered both her cherries to her father! It seemed so right, so appropriate! She moved under him, urging him to fuck her, now that he was inside her, and his big stiff cock began to move in and out of Maria’s ass tube.

“It feels so wonderful!” She looked at her mother. “Was it like this the first time you did it?”

“Exactly,” Sammi whispered. “It was even the same cock, baby!”

Maria dipped her face into her mom’s pussy again. The cunt was as big as the thumb that had first invaded her asshole. She put her lips to it, kissing and sucking and licking every centimeter of the aroused flesh. She felt her mother’s body heave in response, more wetness oozing from Sammi’s pussy.

Her finger thrust into Mom’s cunt as she suckled the clit, and she knew it was only a matter of moments till Mom came, big and hard. And speaking of big and hard, Maria was totally aware that Daddy’s cock was going to give her the same sweet, hot release. It moved fiercely inside her tight asshole.

As he fucked her, Steven put his hands under the girl’s body, and his fingers contacted her own aroused clit. He moved his cock faster inside her, kissing her shoulders and neck at the same time, his face burrowing under the long chestnut hair to find the soft, warm skin beneath. She sighed at his touch, at his kiss, at his sweet hot fucking, and she poured the delight of her spirit into her mother’s cunt, eating Sammi with more and more excitement. It was rapidly becoming a tossup, which of the two Shepherd females would climax first.

Maria moaned in almost delirious tones, “Oh, God, let’s fuck like this forever!”

And she thought: Of course we will. How could we ever stop it now?

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