The Family’s Hot Fun

Of all the social institutions which have had to endure change and weather criticism, the family concept is, perhaps, the most evident. Subjected to the undermining forces of a pressure-filled and indifferent world, the family unit has undergone immeasurable challenge in the wake of social change.

THE FAMILY’S HOT FUN is the story of how some people adjust to the liberated moral standards within the family unit. Beset by such common problems as divorce, jealousy, age differences, and unfaithfulness, the characters in this story find an unusual solution to their dilemma. Their method, that of incest, may well be considered unusual or shocking, but it is nonetheless successful in this case.

THE FAMILY’S HOT FUN — a novel of fiction for entertainment. A reminder that what is debased and perverted for some may well be normal for others.


“But, Daddy,” Sally Mathews pouted, “why do you have to go away?”

“Honey, I already explained,” Gary said with exaggerated patience, “your mom and I are separating. We’ll probably be getting a divorce. At any rate, we just don’t get along with each other at all anymore and we both need this separation.”

“But, I’ll miss you soooo much!” Sally wailed as tears filled her eyes. “What will I ever do without you, Daddy?”

“I know, baby. I’ll miss you too. A lot. But let’s not waste anymore of our precious time talking. Let’s fuck for one last time and then I’ll tell you an idea your mom and I came up with so you and your sisters won’t be without aman around.”

“Okay, Daddy. Let’s fuck!” Sally cried happily.

Sally was the oldest of four daughters and she had always been her father’s special little pet. Her daddy had been her first lover, and he was still her best fuck, which was why the young teenager knew that she would miss him terribly.

Gary liked to dress Sally like a little girl half her age when they fucked. Hidden in a trunk in his walk-in closet were the many outfits and costumes he had bought especially for their fuck sessions together.

Now, as the father and daughter stood nakedly in the master bedroom, Gary handed the young girl the outfit he wanted her to wear for what might be their last fuck together.

Moments later, the man was sitting in his most comfortable armchair, holding Sally on his lap. Her dress was pink satin and white lace, with short, puffed sleeves. Her hair was done up in a pair of pigtails which made the girl look even younger than she was.

“Ooohh, Daddy,” she squealed as she perched her ass squarely on the man’s lap. She had lifted her skirt and petticoats so that her panties pressed directly against his crotch.

The wide round circle of her skirt fanned out from her, and, in one hand, she clutched the handle of an all-day sucker which her daddy had given to her.

Sally licked very slowly and suggestively, caressing the sucker with her tongue while her father watched her. He bounced her up and down on his knees, gripping her tightly. He ran his hands all over her body.

As she sat on her daddy’s lap, Sally wriggled this way and that, rolling her asscheeks back and forth over his cock which was fully hard now. Sally moaned excitedly as she felt the hardness of her daddy’s prick through her panties.

“Ohhhh, baby, you sure know how to turn your daddy on,” Gary groaned as he squeezed his daughter’s tits. His massive hand all but covered her tit.

“Mmmm, Daddy,” she cooed.

“Just keep licking your lollipop, little girl.” He fondled her tits through her dress, and her nipples stiffened against his lewd touch. His fingers trembled with desire as they plucked at the rows of small pink buttons on the front of her dress. Opening them, he slipped his hand inside her dress.

“Daddy, you’re so naughty,” Sally said with a laugh.

“I know, baby, and so are you!”

“Yeah, I am, aren’t I?” Sally giggled.

Inside her dress, the girl was braless, so her father could caress her naked tits. He cupped one tit in each hand, squeezing her stiff nips. Sally squirmed on his lap, rubbing her ass against his prick.

Still fondling and pinching one of his little girl’s tits with one hand, Gary moved his other hand beneath the teenager’s flaring skirt and stiff petticoats.

Sally wore thick pink panties that were something like rompers, with pleated folds of material, baggy in the seat, tight at the waist and the leg openings. Other than that, her long legs were naked down to the tops of the thin white ankle socks she wore under her mary jane shoes.

Her petticoats crinkled and rustled as her daddy reached under her dress. He wedged his meaty hand between her thighs, parting them, while Sally lapped and licked her lollipop with faster and harder tongue strokes.

Her father rubbed her pussy through her panties and she squirmed violently on his lap, squealing with excitement.

Through Sally’s panties, her daddy caressed her horny little cunt, making her hotter and hotter. The hotter she got, the more she squirmed her ass against his hard-on. And the more she squirmed the hotter and harder the man got. Still stroking his daughter’s pussy through her panties, he pressed them between her pussylips. Oozing cuntjuice soaked into the crotch of Sally’s panties.

Now, Gary’s fingers moved down, slipping inside one leg opening and fondled the girl’s naked pussy.

“Ooohhhh, Daddy,” Sally squealed.

Gary’s fingers parted her puffy pussylips, pressing inside.

“Oh!” she cried, gasping with excitement. With his other hand, Gary fumbled one of the girl’s naked tits out of the opened dress front. Her nipple was so swollen that it looked red and raw.

“Oh, baby, you look so sexy,” Gary groaned as he took the lollipop out of her hand and put it down on the table next to his chair.

“Daddy!” Sally cried protestingly.

“Don’t worry, honey, Daddy’s got something even better and sweeter for you to suck!” he said with a husky laugh.

He clamped his mouth to hers and kissed her. Her lips tasted sweet and sticky from the lollipop. Gary put his tongue inside his little girl’s mouth and tasted her sweet saliva. His hand fondled her naked nipple.

“Ummmm!” the teenager cried excitedly.

Each time her daddy touched her nip, lust-filled sensations shot through the girl’s loins. She groaned over and over, still squirming on the man’s naked lap.

All the while, Gary’s other hand continued to stroke Sally’s naked pussy inside her panties. A shower of cuntjuice seemed to rain down on his hand.

Sally felt breathless with incestuous lust now, gasping as her father tongue-kissed her over and over.

Moments later, Gary pulled his mouth away from Sally’s so he could press his face against her tits. His bushy beard tickled and excited her.

As he nuzzled her tits, he finger-fucked her, the crotch of her panties pulled over to one side. Her asscheeks were taut, and they trembled as she rocked her hips in response to her daddy’s finger.

His mouth fastened on one of her throbbing nips. He gently sucked her nip between his lips, tonguing and chewing. Meanwhile his finger was still rapidly fucking in and out of her pussy, arousing the girl beyond belief.

“Daddy! Ohhhh, Daddy!” she shrieked.

She sat bolt upright on his hard-cocked lap, her entire body going rigid with the force of the orgasm that crashed through her. As she came, her daddy held her in place, steadying her gasping, trembling body.

Then, very gently, Gary eased his daughter off his lap. Sally felt dazed and weakened by her orgasm and she swayed in his grasp. Leaning forward in his chair, Gary put his hands on her hips as she faced him.

“Lift up your skirts and petticoats, darling,” he said with a tender smile at his little girl.

“Yes, Daddy,” she said obediently. She peered down between her father’s legs where his cock rose up, stiff and hard. She lifted her garments high, past her waist, baring herself below.

Gary pulled down his daughter’s panties and she eagerly stepped out of them. Then he stood up and she fell onto her knees.

“You promised me something sweet to suck, Daddy!” she cried wantonly.

“I know I did honey, and you know that your daddy never goes back on a promise,” Gary responded.

Sally didn’t have to lick her lips — they were already good and wet from her father’s lewd kisses. But her mouth continued to water with anticipation as she gazed at his huge prick which bobbed obscenely in front of her face, its flared head only inches from her mouth.

“Ooohhhh, goody, Daddy!” she squealed. “Go on, darling. Give your daddy’s prick a great big kiss!”

He pressed his cockhead to his little girl’s puckered lips. She kissed wetly, smearing his prick with her saliva and smearing its few drops of pre-cum on her face.

Gary groaned as his daughter’s tongue-tip licked up and down his cock.

“Mmmm, put it inside my mouth, Daddy, all of it!” Sally begged.

“I will, Sally!”

Her lips parted, her tongue wagging between her gaping jaws. Gary stuffed his cockhead into her mouth, and the thickness of his prickshaft stretched her lips and filled her wet mouth. He fed her as much of his cock as she could take, until its head pressed against her open throat.

“Mmmm,” she moaned as she wrapped her mouth around her daddy’s prick and sucked for all she was worth.

“Good God, Sally! What am I gonna do without you around to suck my cock? No one but no one can give head the way you do!” Gary groaned.

Sally’s long, thick pigtails bobbed girlishly as she moved her head back and forth, trying to her daddy’s cock better than she had ever sucked before. Her daddy’s compliment teased her, for she knew that this might be their last fuck and suck session.

Gary fucked his daughter’s face, his trembling hands caressed her head as she sucked him off. Her left tit remained where he had left it, protruding from her open dress and he saw her nip becoming even stiffer and turning an angry red in color.

“Get my cock good and wet for Daddy, now, honey, so I can fuck you with it!” he said.

“Mmmmffff,” Sally responded around the thickness of her daddy’s prick. His cock kit like a rod of iron as he reamed out her mouth.

Then, only moments later, the teenager groaned in disappointment. Her father was pulling his prick all the way out of her mouth.

“Noooo, Daddy! Pm not finished!” she whined.

“Neither am I, little girl,” Gary muttered.

“But I didn’t get to drink your cum!”

“Don’t worry, baby, you’ll get it… but not in your mouth!” Gary said meaningfully.

Gary’s thick cock dripped with saliva and pre cum as he leaned forward from the waist, hooked his hands under Sally’s arms and lifted her.

“Up we go, little girl,” he said affectionately. “But I wanted to finish sucking you off,” Sally said with a pout.

“Don’t sulk, darling, Daddy’s gonna do right by you!”

When she stood up, Gary sat back down in his chair.

“Now… come to Daddy, darling,” he beckoned.

Gary reclined in his armchair with his big fat hard-on jutting out before him.

“Ohhhh, Daddy, your prick’s even harder now!” Sally cried, her eyes widening with excitement.

“That’s right, honey. That’s why I wanted you to suck it… so it would get as hard as possible and I could fuck you with it!” he said.

Sally stood in front of her father, holding up her dress and petticoats.

“Climb right up on my lap now, honey,” he urged her.

With an eager grin, Sally straddled his hips, her knees sinking into the seat cushions on either side of his muscular thighs.

Gary reached under her dress and gripped her tips.

“Put my cock inside your pussy, Sally,” he husked.

“Yes, Daddy!”

She reached own between his legs and gripped his prick tightly. His cock was rigid, dripping, and seething with lust. The young girl worked the man’s cock in her hands, rolling his prick between her palms as she whimpered with helpless desire.

Gary groaned. “You little tease!”

Sally giggled. She pressed the head of his prick against her pussylips.

“Oh God!” she gasped.

The broad prickhead jammed inside the girl’s pussy, stretching her cuntwalls. Even though Gary had popped his daughter’s cherry a long time ago, Sally’s little cunt was unbelievably tight. And Gary’s prick was long and thick.

As he entered her, Sally felt an intense rush of incestuous pleasure along with the pain she always felt from taking the man’s huge cock. Her pussy was dripping with juice and her tight cuntwalls hugged and squeezed the sides of Gary’s rigid prick.

“Ohhhh, Daddy,” she purred as she slowly lowered herself down on him, taking his cock inside her cunt.

“That’s the way, baby,” Gary gasped, watching his little girl’s face carefully. The deeper his cock sank inside her, the redder and more lust-contorted her face became until, finally, he was inside her, all the way.

Sally let her skirt and petticoats fall, and they covered her lower body and her father’s like a tent. Still holding her hips beneath her dress, Gary moved her up and down over his hard cock.

“Mmxxi, Daddy, it feels soooooo good!” Sally groaned, squirming about wildly on top of her daddy’s lap, her left tit still protruding obscenely from her dress front.

The teenager rocked and humped and pumped her daddy’s prick as if she were riding a horse. It felt so good to be impaled so fully upon that huge thick cock, that staff of throbing prickmeat which felt rock-hard inside her. She moved around, throwing her hips this way and that, her petticoats rustling under her dress as she and her daddy fucked each other.

“Good girl,” Gary groaned, beginning to sweat profusely as his hips rose to meet each of his daughter’s downward pussy-thrusts.

Sally grinned at her handsome daddy and rested her hands on his broad shoulders for balance. She leaned into him, pressing her naked, stiff-nippled tit to his face, sliding back and forth.

More and more fuck juice poured out of Sally’s cunt, and her pussy grew hotter and hotter as she continued to raise her crotch so high that only the man’s cockhead was still in the grip of her bloated pussylips before plunging back down again.

Gary’s hands gripped the girl’s quivering asscheeks, kneading and squeezing them.

Suddenly, he pulled her down hard on the full length of his cock and held her there in place. His prick was jammed deep inside her. Then, Gary came, releasing the wads of cum he had been holding back.

Gary’s prick swelled up even more as he came explosively.

“Ohhhh, yesss, Daddy!” Sally cried happily as she felt her father’s cum spurting inside her in hot jets.

Her own orgasm struck her then.

“Commmmiiinnnnggg!” she gasped as waves of incestuous pleasure washed over her trembling body.

Father and daughter bath shook and shuddered violently as the man’s hot fuck cream filled the little girl’s cunt to overflowing. She came again.

As his daughter continued to come, Gary reached out and fucked her nipples with his fingernails, teasing them unmercifully. Sally’s nips burned and tingled, and they grew so hard that they ached painfully.

He pinched them hard, and lust-filled sensations shivered through her as her orgasm went on and on. Her little pussy quivered and spasmed about her daddy’s softening cock.

Gary stroked Sally’s clit with one hand while he continued to pinch her nipples with the other.

“Ohhhh, yeah, Daddy, rub my clit. Just like that! Oh, it feels soooao good!” she cried, still coming.

Pussyjuices glistened on Gary’s fingers as he kept massaging his daughter’s stiff, spasming clit.

“Ahhhh, ycssss!” Sally screamed as she came again. She sobbed with lust, trembling violently on her daddy’s lap.

A red flush of sexual heat fanned outward from her pussy, shooting through her veins, filling her entire body with a deep sense of orgasmic ecstasy.

Moments later, their orgasms over, father and daughter lay on the bed in each other’s arms.

“Aw, Daddy, do you really have to go away?” Sally asked sadly.

“Yes, baby, it’s like I told you… your mother and I need a separation and we’ll probably be getting a divorce. I’ll be living clear across the country and I have to be honest with you… I don’t know when I’ll get to see you and your sisters again. And if your mother and I do divorce, she’ll get custody of all four of you, and I honestly don’t know if you and I will ever find the opportunity to fuck again,” he said despondently.

“Oh, God, Daddy, I won’t be able to stand it!” the teenager wailed. She began to cry.

“Now, now, darling, we must try to make the best of a bad situation,” he said soothingly as he patted his daughter’s body tenderly.

“Daddy, before we fucked, you promised to tell me something about an idea you and Mom have… something about there being a man around after you go away,” Sally said, gulping as she fought to control her sobs.

“Oh, right. You remember hearing about your Uncle Steve, don’t you?” Gary asked.

“Sure. I never met him. He went overseas in the service before I was even born,” Sally said.

“Right. Before any of you girls were born, in fact, he had already left for his service duty. He made a career out of the military and has been overseas all this time,” Gary explained.

“I know. And I used to ask Mom why he never came to see us on leaves or anything or why we only heard from him on birthdays and holidays, but she never really told me much. She just said something about her and her brother not getting along,” Sally said.

“That’s the understatement of the year!” Gary said with a chuckle. “Those two always fought like cats and dogs. But now… well, honey, your uncle’s a good man. I always looked him up on my European business trips and I’ve had many long talks with him. He’s going to be moving in here to stay with you and your sisters and your mother since I won’t be around anymore. Both your mom and I agree that it’s important to have a man around the house and I’ll certainly feel better if I know that you’re all safe.”

“But how did that happen… about Uncle Steve coming here to live, I mean?” Sally asked in confusion. “I m… if Mom and Uncle Steve don’t get along… why would he want to come here to live? And why would she let him?”

“Well, unfortunately, when your uncle retired from the service, he made some unwise investments which has left him with practically nothing.”

“You mean that Uncle Steve’s broke now and needs a place to stay?” Sally asked, feeling sorry for the uncle she had never met.

“Well, in a word, yes. And he also tells me that it’s time to mend the fences between your mother and himself. He wants to try to forge a new, closer relationship with your mother,” Gary said.

“And mother… what about her? Why does she want her brother to come here and live with us now?” Sally asked, beginning to fondle her daddy’s prick which was hardening once more against her lewd touch.

“For several reasons, honey. First, as I said, we think there should be a man around here after I go tomorrow morning. And, she feels some compassion for her brother who’s fallen on hard times now. But, more importantly, I think she really agrees with Steve about how the two of them should try to forget past hurts and become closer… the way a brother and sister should,” Gary said, fondling his daughter’s tits.

“Well, I think it’s about time that Marie, Franny, Terry and I got to meet our own uncle!” Sally said, realizing that, as much as she would miss her sexy father, she was already looking forward to meeting her uncle far the first time.

“I agree, honey.”

“I remember hearing something about Uncle Steve being a teacher,” Sally murmured as she spread her legs wide for her father’s exploring hand.

“That’s right. He’s an excellent teacher he taught before going into the service and in the military schools, as well. In fact, honey, after he moves in here, he’ll be tutoring you and your sisters,” Gary said, stroking his daughter’s wet little pussy.

“Really?” Sally asked, feeling a strange sort of excitement stealing over her.

“Yes, baby, really.”

“Fuck me again, Daddy! Right now!” Sally demanded.

“Okay, baby,” Gary chuckled. “One more time. Then I have to go and pack.”

“Okay, you can go later. But right now, I want you to pack your great big gorgeous cock into my pussy!” Sally groaned as she spread her legs wider and her father crawled between them.


“So you’re Uncle Steve!” Marie cried, throwing her arms around the man.

“Yeah, our mysterious uncle,” Franny added, grasping her uncle’s hand and squeezing it tightly and warmly.

“Wow! You’te a real hunk, Uncle Steve!” Terry chimed in, and they all laughed.

“Welcome to your new home, Uncle Steve,” Sally said shyly as she hugged her uncle.

Steve laughed with delight, pleased at the warm welcome his nieces were giving him.

“Where’s your mother?” he asked, looking around.

He was standing in the main hall of the Mathews house. He felt more than a little intimidated by his sister’s obvious wealth.

“Oh, she’s upstairs in her bedroom. She said to send you on up there when you arrived,” Marie said, looking him over in the same way her sisters were doing. He was younger than they had expected, tall, slim, and athletic looking.

Steve tried not to stare at those nieces he had never met before. They were all so beautiful… each one stunning in her own way, and he felt his balls beginning to ache with desire as he looked them over.

They were all blonde and bosomy, long-legged, and each had a beautiful face with full, ripe lips, all of which seemed to be moist and slightly parted.

“She’s in her bedroom and wants me to go up there to meet her?” he asked uncertainly.

“Sure! She has a huge bedroom and part of it is like a drawing room or a lounge, so it’s no big deal, Uncle Steve,” Marie said. “Come on, I’ll show you the way.”

Steve flashed a warm smile at his other nieces as he turned to follow Marie. She crossed to the base of a winding staircase. With a glance over her shoulder toward her uncle, she started up the stairs.

Steve licked his lips as he watched his niece climbing the stairs ahead of him, enjoying the view he had of her ass while following her upwards. Her rounded asscheeks were thrusting out against the tight skirt she wore.

As Marie climbed the stairs, her hips rolled and her ass shifted from side to side, arousing her uncle savagely. Steve longed to seize the young girl by the hips and bury his face between her asscheeks. But, instead, he just swallowed hard and continued to follow her.

As they climbed the long stairs, Steve caught a glimpse of black lace panties stretched tightly across his niece’s creamy ass-flesh. It was a long climb to the second floor, but not long enough for Steve.

Finally, they reached the second-floor landing and Marie set off down the hall with Steve following her. When they reached the master bedroom, Marie stopped and turned toward her uncle. She stood so close to him that her tits pressed against his chest, and he could feel her nipples. They were hard. She gently touched his face.

“I just want you to know that I’m really glad you’ve come to live with us. We all are,” she murmured, thinking how attractive her uncle was.

“I’m glad,” he muttered, feeling the beginnings of a hard-on.

“Yes, and I can see the resemblance to mother,” the teenager purred, studying his face as she traced his features with her soft fingertips.

“Can you?” he asked, his mouth going dry.

“Yes, I can. Mother’s so beautiful and you’re just like her. Must I call you ‘uncle’?” Marie asked softly.

“No, of course not,” the man responded. “That makes me sound far too old. LI want all of you girls to just call me Steve.”

“Oh, good,” Marie said, smiling flirtatiously at her uncle. “And since you’re to be our tutor, I guess we’ll be spending a lot of time together, won’t we?”

“Oh, yes… I definitely will be seeing a lot of you,” he said, returning her smile as he looks downward, meaningfully eyeing her cleavage.

“Cool. Then we understand each other. Now we must not keep mother waiting,” Marie said as she knocked on the door.

“Come in!” Louise called out from within. Marie opened the door, and Steve followed her into the room which took his breath away. It was huge and filled with antiques and furnishings and, just as Marie had mentioned, an entire section of it was obviously used as a lounge area. This particular section was separated from the rest of the bedroom by a gorgeous Chinese silkscrecn. At the other end, French doors opened out onto a broad stone balcony. There were several six-foot-tall potted plants and, in the main part of the room, a large canopied bed dominated that area.

Louise Mathews lay in a long, cushioned chaise-lounge near the French doors. She smiled warmly at her brother who was standing there only a few feet away, openly devouring the beautiful woman with his eyes.

“Hello, Louise!” he finally managed.

“Steve darling!” she responded.

The warmth in her voice surprised him, considering the coolness that had always been evident between them.

Louise swung her long legs off the lounge and stood up. She appeared to be dressed for bed, wearing only a short-sleeved satin robe. She held her arms out to her brother, reaching out for him.

“Hello, Steve,” she murmured, warmly embracing her brother.

Steve hugged her back, feeling how smooth and soft her skin was. She pressed against him, her face moving in for a kiss. Suddenly feeling unsure of himself, Steve turned his face to one side, offering his cheek to her for a sisterly kiss.

But Louise would have none of that.

“I’m so happy that you’re here at last, Steve!” she cried as she took hold of his head with both hands and turned it around, kissing him squarely on the mouth, her lips crushing his.

Her lips tasted warm and her breath smelled sweet. Through the thin robe she wore, Steve could feel her body heat. Her high, firm tits nuzzled his chest. Steve felt his cock hardening in response.

Marie’s eyes flashed as she witnessed the incestuous kiss. She chewed her lower lip and pressed her bare thighs together, rubbing them against her panty-clad pussy.

Louise stood leaning on Steve, with one leg supporting her, the other leg bent at the knee as she kissed him for a long time.

“There!” she said, coming up for air at long last. “Now, that’s the proper way to greet my long-lost brother!”

“Yeah, I’ll say!” be cried, feeling shaken by the steamy kiss. “Let me look at you, Louise.”

Excitement made the woman’s cheeks flush a rosy red color as her brother took her by the hands, gently squeezing them.

“I don’t know how you do it, honey,” he murmured. “I swear that you look even younger and more gorgeous than the last time I saw you.”

“You flatterer… but I love it!” Louise laughed up at him. “Now let me look at you, Steve.”

She put her hands on his shoulders and looked long and hard, up and down with an intense scrutiny. Her eyes shone with excitement as she realized that, over the years, she had forgotten just how handsome and sexy her brother was.

“Isn’t your uncle handsome, Marie?” she asked her daughter.

“He’s a hunk, Mom!” Marie said excitedly. “Come on, Steve, sit down here by me. We have so much catching up to do,” Louise said.

Holding his hand, she led him over to the lounge where she had been lying. She crossed her legs as her brother sat down some distance from her.

“Now, now, don’t be so anti-social. Sit over here,” Louise said, patting the cushion right beside her.

Steve eagerly scooted over closer to his sister and sat beside her, his leg touching hers.

“Marie, dear, why don’t you bring us some brandy to celebrate your uncle’s arrival?” Louise asked.

“Sure, Mom!” the teenager said and she returned only moments later with a crystal decanter half-filled with the reddish-brown brandy. She set a pair of glasses out on the table in front of her uncle and mother.

She stood on the other side of the coffee table, facing Louise and Steve. She leaned forward to pour the liquid and, as she leaned forward from the waist, the fabric of her blouse became extrememly tight from the pressure of her large tits. Steve gulped as he stared at his niece’s deep cleavage. Knowing that her uncle was watching her, Marie took a good deal of time in pouring out the brandy into the pair of glasses.

“Thank you, dear,” Louise said warmly. “Now, your uncle and I have a lot of talking to do so why don’t you run along?”

At first, Marie felt disappointed that she couldn’t stay near the uncle she was already so attracted to. But then she realized that, with a man so obviously sexual and virile, her time alone with him would come soon enough. He had all but promised her that out in the hall. And so the teenager made her way to the door, her ass rolling, her tits bobbing as she strutted for her uncle’s benefit.

“She’s quite a young lady!” Steve said as his niece closed the door behind her.

“Oh, yes, Marie’s wonderful,” Louise enthused. “I think you’ll be more than pleased with all of your nieces once you get to know them. They’re all great girls!”

“I’m sorry about your marriage being in such trouble, Louise,” Steve said sincerely.

“Thank you, Steve. Yes, it will probably end in divorce,” she sighed, “but it’s for the best. Besides, now I have you!”

They silently sipped their brandy for a few moments. Louise studied her brother over the rim of her brandy glass, the liquid making her lips shine even more glossily than before.

“Louise, I appreciate your letting me come here like this,” Steve said uneasily, “I mean, as you know, financially, I’m hurting and your gorgeous home is a real port in a storm for me. But, even more than that, I’m really glad that you and I will have the opportunity to get to know each other… really get to know each other.”

“Oh, me too, Steve!” Louise cried fervently. “I’m hoping we can become very close.” She took his hand in hers and patted it, keeping it on her lap and squeezing it now and then.

“And tutoring your daughters… well, it’s just the perfect thing for me to do with my experience and all,” he said.

“Yes, dear, I’m sure that my girls can learn a great deal from you… though you shouldn’t be surprised if you learn a lot from them too! All four of them are very skilled… in certain areas,” Louise said.

“Then it’s definite? I’ll be able to stay here with you and your daughters?” he asked.

“Why, yes, of course, darling, provided, that is, that you pass one very important test,” Louise said with a mysterious smile.

“Test? What test is that?” Steve asked, startled.

Still holding his hand, Louise uncrossed her long legs, parted her thighs and put his hand between them. Then she pressed her thighs closed, squeezing her brother’s hand.

Louise lay back on the lounge, pulling her brother down with her. She squirmed eagerly beneath him and Steve’s cock grew harder and thicker with lust.

The woman’s satin robe fell open, its flaps of shiny fabric falling to the sides, uncovering her gorgeous body. Her tits were high and firm, with long nipples that were now stiff with desire for her brother.

Her long legs were naked and parted, and her pussy fur was dotted with many drops of pussyjuice. Louise took hold of Steve by the shoulders, her fingers clutching the fabric of his jacket, pulling him down on top of her.

She lay on her back with her legs spread widely and he stretched out on top of her. She released his shoulders and took hold of his face with both hands.

“Welcome back, my wonderful brother!” she cried.

“It’s good to be back… with you,” he murmured.

“Kiss me, darling,” she demanded, pulling his face down to hers.

Her warm, lush lips were closed when he kissed her. They pressed back, parting and opening. And, inside her mouth, her tongue stirred with passion.

Steve covered his sister’s mouth with his and rammed his tongue inside. Their tongues locked together, thrusting against each other.

Louise felt her brother’s body through his clothes while they continued to tongue-kiss and her naked legs rubbed against him.

Finally, she broke off their kisses and moaned.

“Steve, take your clothes off! Hurry! I have to see your naked body!” she begged.

With an impatient groan, Steve rose from the lounge and quickly tore his clothes off, gazing down at his sister as he undressed. Louise squirmed lustfully on the lounge, her tits bobbing up and down. She threw her robe onto the floor and glanced down at her stiff-nippled tits, realizing that she was more aroused than she had been in a very long time. She stared at her brother’s enormous hard-on and laughed delightedly.

“Now I know that you’re really glad to be here with me, dear! God, but you’re in good shape,” she said, admiring his broad shoulders, his muscular chest and arms, his taut, flat belly, and his tree-trunk-like thighs.

As she stared at his huge cock, which was bobbing lewdly before her eyes, Louise’s eyes widened and her lips parted. Her long, pink tongue glided out.

As Steve sat on the lounge once more, Louise suddenly dropped to her knees between his parted legs. Her face was so close to his crotch that his prick thobbed under her hot, moist breath. She reached out for him.

“Oh, God, Louise!” he gasped as she took hold of his prick in both hands, kneading, squeezing.

“My, how you’ve grown!” Louise said, laughing huskily.

She gripped his hard-on so that its pulsing head protruded from the top of her fist. The already-fat cock head swelled even more as she squeezed. She nuzzled the hard prick, rubbing her smooth cheeks against the sensitive cock.

Her long, silken hair turned him on even more as it brushed his cock and his balls.

“Let me welcome you with a great big kiss!” she murmured.

She planted a wet kiss right on top of his cockhead. She wriggled the prick so she could kiss it all over. Her puckered lips parted, and she used the warm moist inside of her mouth. She nuzzled the underside of the man’s cock, pressing his prick to her brow, her cheeks, her chin, and again to her lips.

His balls were swollen in the sac, so tight that they throbbed with vibrations as Louise kissed both of the cum-laden balls. Then she pressed the tip of her tongue to his prick.

“Oh, God!” he groaned.

She deliberately teased him with tantalizing licks, the tip of her tongue tracing swirls and circles of lust all over his hardened prick.

Steve’s sweaty face flushed and contorted with fuck-lust for his sister as she pressed her tongue against his cock-shaft, leaving a lewd trail of warm saliva all over the angry-looking prick.

Louise’s tongue traced the course of the fat blue veins that snaked around the man’s red cockshaft. She alternated this obscene licking action with broad strokes of the flat of her tongue, wrapping her tongue around the cock. Now and then she paused to press her brother’s hard, hot prick to her face.

She licked her way to the top of the man’s cock. A thrill of lust all but made Steve rise up on his toes when she dipped the tip of her tongue into the tiny piss-slit at the head of his prick.

“God, Louise, I had no idea you were this good… you sure as fuck know how to lick a cock!” the man groaned.

Louise responded to her brother’s compliment, not with words but with action, polishing up the cockhead with her tongue. She gripped the quivering cock, holding her mouth only inches away.

“Stick that big fat prick in my mouth and fuck my face with it, Steve!” she cried instantly.

“Unnnnn, oh, baby,” Steve moaned, gripping his cock and pressing its bloated head to his sister’s lips which parted eagerly.

Her lips, wet and slick with saliva, tightened about his prickshaft as his cock entered her mouth. Steve put his prick between the woman’s lips, sinking his cock into her mouth. Her moist, gripping lips clutched at his cockmeat.

Louise pushed her head forward to take it all. Her brother had planned to enter her mouth slowly, but the horny woman wanted it all — right now. She shoved her head forward while he thrust his hips forward.

The huge hard-on entered her mouth, filling her up deliciously. His cock sank deeper until the broad pulsing prickhead smacked up against the back of her throat.

His cock nestled on the velvety bed of her tongue. But, quickly, that bed of velvet became a tunnel as it curled at the edges to wrap about the man’s cock.

Louise sucked, juicily slurping on her brother’s prick. At the same time, she reached up, pressing her palms along the man’s muscular thighs. She now wrapped both of her hands around his taut hips.

Steve’s asscheeks were tightly clenched as he began fucking forward. He fucked his prick back and forth, in and out of his sister’s sucking mouth, but never all the way out. Each stroke into her mouth reddened and thickened his prick even more.

When he pulled back, so that only the knobbed head lay between her lips, Louise slurped and sucked. Then, hungry for more, she pushed her head fotward greedily, her mouth engulfing the full length of his cock.

“Time to fuck!” Louise cried a few minutes later as she eased her brother’s prick from her mouth. “I’ll get on top. I like it that way!”

Steve lay down on his back on the chaise lounge and his sister eagerly stroked his hips and thighs.

“Mmmm, you are soooo sexy!” she cried. Louise stood at the side of the lounge and her brother reached out for her. He stroked her satiny inner thighs with the backs of his hands. Her cunt mound had a high swell. She was a natural blonde, as her fluffy pussy bush proved.

Now, Louise stepped up onto the lounge, standing up on it with one foot outside each of her brother’s legs. Her pussy was poised directly over his prick and as Steve stared up at it, he gasped when Louise began to stroke her pinkflesh pussymeat.

“God, but you’re kinky!” Steve groaned.

“Yeah, but you love it! Look at you!” Louise responded, with a chuckle, as she gestured at his cock which had swollen up even harder than before.

“I’m just getting myself nice and juicy for you,” she murmured.

She removed her hand from her crotch and her fingers came away wet and sticky with her pussyjuices.

“Now you can give me a proper sisterly kiss,” she said as she straddled his face. She mounted him so that her back was turned toward his crotch but she reached behind her so she could take hold of his prick.

Her fist closed firmly about his prick, squeezing hard. She squatted with folded legs on his chest and shoulders, her pussy poised right above his face, her ass resting on the top of his chest.

Her cuntlips were bloated and glistening with fuck juice. The lips, slightly parted, flashed pink. A musky aroma poured out of her cunthole.

Steve flared his nostrils and inhaled deeply, his face flushing a darker red and his prick growing even thicker as he grew more and more aroused.

“Give me a kiss,” Louise murmured.

She rubbed her crotch against the man’s puckered lips which pressed against her as he kissed her over and over again. She smeared her juices on his face. Her tits bobbed, the pink, throbbing nips jutting out stiffly.

Steve sank the full length of his tongue deep inside his sister’s cunt.

“Yessss!” Louise hissed, squirming with pleasure, riding his tongue.

When he had probed and, licked and swallowed her fuck juices, she groaned out a new demand.

“Do my clit now, darling?”

He drew his tongue out of her. It slithered up to the top of her pussy-slash, touching the hood of her clit.

“Ohhhh, ummmm,” she moaned. Her clit was long and stiff and swollen with blood and Steve could feel it throbbing lewdly against his tongue.

Her movements on top of his chest became wilder, more frenzied and uninhibited as her lust mounted.

His jaws and tongue ached, but the man continued to tongue-fuck his sister’s aching pussy. His face was hot and wet from the way Louise was grinding her cunt down.

“Ohhhh, shiiiiitttt!” she cried as she came. Her entire body went rigid. Her thighs suddenly gripped, the sides of his face, squeezing hard.

Steve gasped, trying to catch a breath from under the hot, climaxing cunt covering his face.

At last, Louise sat back, lifting off him, her ass pressing harder against his chest. She stared down at him and grinned, gazing at his wet, red face framed by her silken thighs.

“You’re really good, brother dear!” she gasped. “I only wish I’d known about your, uh, talents years ago!”

“I had a good teacher,” he said mysteriously. “Mmmm, well, whatever… I’m gonna like having you around here, Steve. I do already!” Louise said.

She crawled back down him, crouching over him on hands and knees.

“Mmmm, those big tits, those great big, beautiful tits… let me kiss them,” he begged.

Louise leaned forward, nuzzling his face with her stiff-nippled tit-melons. She offered first one nipple, then the other, to his kissing, licking mouth.

Groping for his hard prick while he sucked her tits, Louise gripped the stiff cock upright. Her nipple popped free of his sucking mouth as she rocked back on her haunches and straddled his lean hips.

She held his prick so its flaming wedge-shaped head lay just under her cunt and she leaned into it, massaging her pussylips against his cockhead. The tip of his prickhead parted her pussylips, flashing pink and wet.

Louise guided the head down to her inner cuntlips, wedging them open with the broad, pulsing cockhead. Then the woman stuffed the head of her brother’s prick inside.

“Unnnhhhh, oh, God, Louise, yeah! Fuck me, you hot little slut!” Steve groaned.

She lowered herself down on him, slowly engulfing his cock with her hot, wet cuntmeat. By the time she had taken his cock all the way inside her, both of the incestuous lovers were panting hard.

Louise leaned forward and began rocking her hips. She fucked up and down as he raised and lowered his hips, fucking back at her, straining toward orgasm.

Steve reached behind his sister and took hold of her ass, one firm asscheek in each hand. Louise bounced up and down on the fleshy cock penetrating her.

Each time she rose up, the blood-engorging prick partly emerged from between her stretched-out pussylips, glistening with fuck juice and pre-cum.

As she sank back down, totally engulfing his prick, she ground her cuntlips against the base of his cock.

“Ohhhh, uhhhh, I’m gonna pop any second now, Lou!” the man groaned.

Louise grinned down at her brother. She rested a hand on her crotch, her fingertips stroking her clit. She leaned into him then and rode his prick faster than before.

Steve came.

“Ohhhhh, God, conxnlnlumnnggg!” he cried, going rigid all over. He arched his back and lifted his clenched asscheeks.

As soon as Louise felt her brother’s thick, hot cum pouring into her cunt, she orgasmed, sitting down hard on his stiff cock. Steve groaned again.

“Aaarghlulih, ohhhh, God, this is fantastic!” Steve moaned. His breath hissed through the clenched teeth of his reddened face.

“More! More cum!” Louise gasped lewdly with Steve’s cock still inside her, grinding her pussylips against his prickmeat which continued to spew its creamy load into her.

Louise’s orgasm sent her heaving pussy into mindless convulsions. Her slippery, steaming cuntflesh clamped around his stiff cock as more and more of the thick goo spurted out. Her spamming cunt milked him dry, wringing every single drop of cum from his orgasming cock.

“Abhhhh, soooo good,” she moaned as her climax parted.

The man’s spunk completely filled his sister’s pussy and oozed out of her, dribbling down her quaking thighs. His semi-hard prick continued to twitch and jerk inside her. Louise leaned forward, grinding her pussy harder against his prick.

“Did I pass your test?” Steve panted with a grin, already knowing the answer.

“Did you ever! With flying colors, darling! As of now, you are officially a member of this very happy, very liberated household.”

“That’s good news!” Steve said, reaching up for his sister and pulling her head down to his.

Her mouth was hot and hungry as she met his lips in a passionate kiss that turned them both on with renewed lust. Their tongues stabbed into each other, fencing, entwining, rubbing against each other as brother and sister moaned over and over.

Later, they lay contentedly in each other’s arms, fondling the naked flesh of each other’s bodies, kissing gently flow and then as they both basked in their post-orgasmic glow.

“Darling,” Louise purred after awhile, “you mentioned earlier that you learned how to eat a girl’s pussy from a very good teacher.”

“Yeah, that’s right,” Steve said, grinning. “Who was it, Steve?” Louise asked, feeling strangely excited.


“Ohmigod!” Louise cried and she felt her little pussy beginning to burn and itch with renewed desire. “You’ve gotta fuck me again, Steve, right now!”

As Steve mounted his sister, preparing to fuck her again, the horny woman smiled warmly at him, thinking that the man was going to fit into her happy home just fine.


While Steve and Louise were fucking upstairs, Sally and Marie were swimming outside in the Olympic-sized swimming pool.

“Oh, I hate this long hair! After a swim, it gets all tangled and it drives me crazy!” Sally pouted, climbing out of the pool sometime later.

“I love your hair, Sis! It’s beautiful,” Marie murmured.

Sally emerged dripping from the pool with her sister right behind her. The two grils entered a rear wing of the house, an inner room with showers and changing rooms. Both of the young teenagers were wearing very brief bikinis which highlighted their stunning, curved bodies.

Sally’s hair, dark with dampness, was long, thick and glossy and it spilled down her shoulders, falling to the middle of her back.

“Shit! I’ll never get this hair all untangled!” she complained.

“I’ll do it for you,” Marie said, eyeing her sister hungrily.

“Thanks, Marie, that’s sweet,” Sally said with a grateful smile at her sister.

Sally turned and studied her reflection in one of the many mirrors that lined the wall of the dressing room. In the glass, she watched Marie coming up behind her. Sally swallowed hard, realizing that her sister always seemed to exude an aura of sexuality.

Marie stood so close to her now that her warm, moist breath played on the nape of Sally’s neck, naked now as Sally gathered up her hair in her hand.

Sally shivered in anticipation of what was about to happen between her sister and herself.

“Are you cold?” Marie murmured.

“No! Just the opposite! You’re making me really hot!” Sally responded.

Marie laughed delightedly.

Her sister’s lewd-sounding laugh made goosebumps rise on Sally’s flesh and her tingling nipples stiffened. Marie kissed the back of Sally’s neck. Then she reached around to the girl’s front and put her hands on the bikinied tits. One hand per tit.

As Sally moaned in response, Marie stroked the girl’s tit-flesh where it rose from the cups of the bikini. The girl’s nipples stiffened and jutted out like rocks.

“Unmmm, good,” Sally moaned as her sister fondled her tits.

“Come with me, honey,” Marie murmured.


“I’ll take care of you. I know what you need,” Marie said excitedly.

“Mmmm, good. Where are we going?” Sally asked dreamily as her sister took her by the hand.

But Marie just giggled and led the other girl down the line of dressing rooms to the one at the far end of the room. The dressing rooms were actually very luxurious and oversized with more than enough room in them for two.

The large dressing room had a mirror on the wall and protruding from one of the walls were hooks for clothes. The two bikinied teenagers entered the room and Marie closed the door and bolted it shut.

She turned to face Sally, whose arms were already extended for an incestuous embrace that would not be entirely sisterly. Marie stepped into her sister’s arms and the two girls rubbed their wet sleek bodies together.

Their mouths met.

“Mmmmm,” bath of the aroused teenagers moaned as their tongues locked together.

Sally’s full firm tits nuzzled Marie’s large bust, tit pressing lewdly against tit. As they rubbed the large tits together, their tongues continued to rub against each other and they swallowed each other’s saliva.

Marie’s hands busied themselves behind Sally’s back, unhooking the catch of the bikini top, opening it. The back strap was open now, but the bikini remained on Sally, covering her, held in place by Marie’s tits pressing against Sally’s.

Marie’s stiffening nipples strained against the tight bikini top as Sally reached behind her, unhooking the catch of that bikini top.

Marie’s red-nailed hands slid down Sally’s hand, tracing the girl’s curves, dropping to her well-rounded ass.

Marie fondled the other girl’s asscheeks where they rose from the bikini. Sally leaned into Marie, pressing against her crotch. Marie slipped one hand inside the other girl’s damp bikini bottom.

“Ohhhhh!” Sally gasped as she felt her sister’s hand caressing, kneading and squeezing her asscheeks.

The teenagers broke off their kiss, coming up for air.

“God, you’re turning me on so much, Sis!” Sally said, giggling, her tits bobbing. Her bikini straps slipped from her shoulders to the middle of her arms.

Marie grinned at the other girl as she reached out, took hold of the front of Sally’s bikini top and took it off her. A pair of creamy white tits popped into view.

“Oh, baby, your tits are gorgeous!” Marie groaned, letting the bikini top fall to the floor and cupping Sally’s tits, one in each hand.

Her firm globes of tit-flesh trembled in Marie’s hands which gently kneaded and fondled them. The nipples were long and rapidly stiffening.

“Ohhhh, yesss,” Sally hissed.

Marie released her sister’s tits, and they were so firm they stayed in place. She pulled down the girl’s wet bikini bottoms, tugging them off Sally’s wriggling hips. Sally stepped out of her bikini. She was completely naked now.

Her golden cunt bush was thick and full and dark with dampness from the pool water, like the hair on her head.

“It’s not fair, Marie! I’m all naked, but you still have your bikini on!” Sally cried.

She spread her feet, tilting her hips to one side, striking a deliberately sexy pose. She slipped one hand between her own legs and fondled her cunt.

Marie kept her eyes on her sister’s crotch while she slipped her own bikini off. In seconds, she was as naked as Sally.

“Mmmmmm, you’re gorgeous!” Sally said, laughing excitedly.

“Sos are you, honey!”

Marie’s nipples were large, fat, stiff, set in wide rosy circles with blurred edges. Her pussy was moist with pool water and her own fuck juices, and its hair was blonde just like the head and pussy hair of all the Mathews girls and their mother.

Sally’s mouth watered as she looked her sister up and dawn. Her fingers rubbed her own cunt, moving up and down, her pussylips darkening with hot blood as she turned on more and more.

As Sally continued to stroke her little wet pussy with one hand, she moved her free hand to her chest and toyed with her stiff nips, pulling, rolling, tweaking them.

As she stroked herself, Sally let her fingers part her pussylips, showing the bright pink wet cuntmeat to her sister’s hungry gaze.

Marie moved closer to Sally and, looking into her eyes, she took hold of the girl’s hand, the hand that had been handling her pussy. And Marie guided that hand to her mouth.

Never taking her intense gaze from Sally’s eyes, Marie stuck her tongue out and slowly licked Sally’s pussyjuice off her trembling fingers.

“Why settle for that when you can have the real thing?” Sally asked meaningfully.

The teenagers rubbed the naked bodies together, grinding their crotches together lewdly as they kissed over and over again, their tongues flicking at each other.

Their naked tits pressed together, Sally’s longer nips fencing obscenely with Marie’s stiff nubs of tit-flesh. Their cunthairs intertwined as they ground their cunts together, crotch against crotch.

Marie’s pussylips burned as they were rubbed by Sally’s, and both girls moaned with excitement into each other’s mouth. Sally reached around and fondled her sister’s ass which swelled outward, a pair of fleshy melons divided by a deeply plunging cleft. Sally gripped the other girl’s ass, one cheek in each hand. She spread her fingers outward, resting them on the quivering ass-flesh.

As Sally stroked and squeezed Marie’s ass, the two girls continued to hump their crotches hard against each other, their stiff tits growing stiffer and longer, reaching out toward each other.

Sally pulled her sister’s asscheeks apart, then mashed them together. A few minutes later, the incestuous lovers broke their forbidden embrace, but only so they could hurry over to the padded bench at the rear of the large dressing room.

There, Marie eased Sally down on her back on the bench. Then she mounted her sister and stretched out on top of Sally, who moaned hungrily. Her moans increased when Marie, crouching over her, let her heavy tits dangle directly on her face.

Marie swayed her upper body from side to side, making her big tits rub and softly slap against Sally’s face. Sally planted hot quick kisses on her sister’s tits.

Marie’s fat nipples throbbed as they glided over Sally’s mouth.

“No fair teasing!” Sally said with a mock pout.

“Why, whatever do you want, darling?” Marie asked, giggling, knowing very well what her sister wanted.

“More of your tits for starters!” Sally said. Marie giggled again as she stuffed one of her stiff nipples into Sally’s mouth. Sally gripped her sister’s nipple between her tightening lips and she began to suck hard.

After a few minutes, Marie slipped her nipple free of the other girl’s mouth.

“Hey!” Sally protested. “I was just getting started!”

“Here, have another one,” Marie said with a grin as she cupped her other tit and offered that nipple to her sister’s mouth, rubbing her nip against the girl’s moist, puckering lips.

Sally stroked her sister’s nipple with the flat underside of her tongue before sucking it into her mouth. She sucked hard, tonguing with the tip of her tongue while she hollowed her cheeks inward to increase the suction on Marie’s nipple.

“Ohhhh, yeah, that feels great, Sis!” Marie cried, rocking back and forth on top of Sally’s body.

“Enough of that for now, babycakes,” Marie said a few minutes later, tugging her nipple free of her sister’s mouth.

Sally’s lovely young face was bright with rosy spots of color on her cheeks. And fires of fucklust smoldered in her eyes.

Marie’s nipples shone with saliva as she rose to her hands and knees. Moving carefully, the young girl reversed her position. She now straddled Sally’s head and faced the girl’s feet and her quivering little pussy.

Sally’s upturned face was framed by Marie’s creamy thighs. Sally stared upwards, noticing how her sister’s tangled pussy curls covered the swelling bump of her mound.

“Oh, God, yes,” Sally moaned, opening her mouth as the other girl’s cunt hovered over her face. She desperately lifted the back of her head from the cushion but she still could not quite reach the tempting-looking pussy above her.

Marie enjoyed teasing her sister. She deliberately wiggled her hips, waving her crotch back and forth, just out of reach of her sister’s mouth.

“Marie, please! You know how I hate it when you do that! Please let me lick your cunt!” Sally pleaded.

“Okay, baby, take it easy,” Marie purred as she lowered her hips, pressing her crotch against the girl’s face.

Sally rested her head back down on the cushion and Marie’s pussy followed her down, covering the lower half of her face. Marie’s pussy showed fat, fleshy lips, a tempting mouthful of cuntflesh.

The pussylips lewdly parted as they pressed against the lips of Sally’s gaping mouth. Marie’s pussylips split and spread wider, sliding sideways and exposing pink meat which dripped with fuck juice.

The heady aroma of teenaged pussy in heat struck Sally’s nostrils and she flared them, not wanting to miss out on one single whiff of the arousing musk.

Sally inhaled deeply, breathing in the aroma and furnace-like heat of her sister’s cunt. She moaned with excitement and kissed Marie’s pussy, moving her lips all over the wet cunt against her mouth.

“Oh, yeah, baby, you’ve got it,” Marie groaned, squatting over her sister’s face, savoring the incredible sensation of her horny little cunt being kissed by the other girl.

She wiggled her hips, rubbing her crotch obscenely against her sister’s face. More and more cuntjuice poured out of Marie’s pussy and flowed over Sally’s face.

Marie leaned forward, making her pussy press even more tightly against her sister’s open, kissing mouth.

“Unnnhhhh, ohhhh!” Marie cried as she felt her sister’s long painted tongue thrusting inside her.

Sally snaked her tongue inside Marie’s cunt, rolling against the heaving cuntwalls, lapping up all the flowing fuck juices.

“Oh, yeah, baby, yeah! Fuck my cunt with that great long tongue of yours!” Marie groaned.

Marie leaned forward even more and pressed her tits against her sister’s body. Her red nailed fingers rested on Sally’s smooth inner thighs. She spread them a bit wider and pressed her head between them.

Heat rose in Sally’s cunt as she felt Marie plastering lewd kisses on her pussy. Her ass, dripping with sweat, clenched tightly as she rocked her hips, desperate to feel Marie tongue fucking her pussy.

Marie kissed her way up and down the other girl’s pussy, feeling the juice-soaked pussy curls smearing across her face.

Marie’s fat pink tongue unrolled from between her ripe red lips.

“Ummmffff,” Sally groaned against the cuntmeat pressed hard against her mouthas she felt Marie’s tongue fucking up her cunt.

Marie fucked her tongue in and out of her sister’s fuckhole, faster and faster, moaning with excitement when she felt Sally’s cuntmuscles grasping her tongue. Then, she pulled her tongue out and licked up and down the other girl’s trembling pussylips. Then, once again, her fat tongue wedged apart Sally’s cuntlips and slid inside.

“Ohhhh,” Sally moaned, still tonguing Marie’s pussy.

Since Sally’s mouth was fastened so tightly against Marie’s pussy, each little cry of lust she made went vibrating through the other girl’s crotch, just turning her on even more.

Marie wrapped her hands around Sally’s hips and thrust the full length of her tongue inside Sally’s puckering fuckhole. She tongue-fucked her sister for long moments while Sally did the same.

As the two horny sisters tongue-fucked each other harder and faster, their pussies grew hotter and wetter and more and more juice poured into their mouths.

As they grew closer to climax, Marie pulled her tongue out of Sally’s pussyhole and went to work on the girl’s clit. Marie’s tongue caressed and stroked Sally’s stiff little clit as her sister heaved her hips.

Sally caine hard. Her long-legged body trembled as if struck with the force of an earthquake. Heat and juice exploded from her tongue-fucked cunthole as the youngster shook all over. As she came, Marie sat herself down firmly on her face, muffling Sally’s passionate screams and turning her on all the more.

“Aiieeee!” Sally screamed, her shriek of ecstasy absorbed by the steaming pussy and asscheeks which firmly pressed down on her face.

Sally’s entire body went rigid as she came and she bucked, thrusting her hips upward, arching her back. She remained in that position for long moments while she orgasmed.

Marie started to lift her crotch up from her sister’s face as Sally’s orgasm began to subside, but Sally reached out and gripped Marie’s hips, holding her firmly in place.

Then, while her own pussy continued to spasm, Sally thrust her tongue out again and rammed full-length into Marie’s aching pussy. Using fast, frenzied strokes, Sally fucked her sister’s cunt with her skillful tongue.

“Ohhhh, God, cooommmiinnggg!” Marie screamed seconds later, as a powerful orgasm swept through her loins and a fresh flood of cuntjuice was released.

“Mmmmmm, good,” Sally moaned as she eagerly and thirstily swallowed her sister’s girl-cum.

As Marie’s orgasm ebbed, she lifted herself off Sally’s face and there was a wet suction sound as the trembling pussyflesh left Sally’s juice-smeared face.

The two girls lay breathlessly in each other’s arms, both of them panting for air. Their pussies continued to twitch convulsively, and rivers of thick, warm pussyjuice ran from their tongue-ravaged cuntholes, dribbling obscenely down their quaking thighs.

“Jesus, that was great,” Sally said a few minutes later, her hands moving over her sister’s naked, sweat-soaked body. “Do you suppose that Uncle Steve might like to lick our pussies?”

“I don’t know, honey, but I sure as fuck intend to find out!” Marie said with an excited giggle.


That evening, in the large dining room, conversation was lively and spirited over dinner. It was obvious that Louise and her daughters had fully accepted Steve into their home, and it was equally obvious that the man was more than glad to be there.

The food was delicious, served by a maid, and, as Steve looked around the table at his gorgeous sister and nieces, he realized that the meal was a feast for his eyes as well as for his stomach.

Conservation flowed freely and smoothly around the table and Steve excitedly noticed that his nieces were all studying him intently, their gaze moving over him froth head to toe. He could see, from the pleased expressions cm the girls’ faces, that he had passed whatever tests they had put him under.

After the meal, Louise and Steve retired to the drawing room with their brandies, and the young teenagers all went off on their separate ways.

“Your daughters… they’re all very lovely, of course, but I also noticed how well-mannered they are… and they all seem so eager to please,” Steve said, sipping his brandy.

“Oh, yes,” Louise said with a little laugh, “they’re all eager to please, all right. More than you know.”

The man was to remember his sister’s mysterious remark much later that night.

Later, in the bedroom which was his now, Steve slipped his pajamas on, getting ready for bed. Suddenly, there was a knock on his door. He grabbed his bathrobe which he put on and knotted into place.

He opened the door and felt a thrill of sexual excitement when he saw his niece Marie standing there.

“Oh, Marie! What do you want, dear?” he asked.

“Do you like the way I look?” the teenager asked saucily.

Steve’s haze swept over the girl from head to toe. She was wearing a black satin robe, belted at the waist, and black patent leather high heels. Even though she appeared to be dressed for bed, her face was fully made up, her lips painted a ripe red.

“Well? Aren’t you going to let me into your room?” Marie asked, thrilled by the light of desire she saw in her uncle’s eyes.

“Oh, I’m sorry, honey. Of course… come in,” Steve muttered, realizing to his dismay that his cock was beginning to harden.

Satin rustled erotically as she entered the door which her uncle held open for her and closed behind her. Musky perfume clung to Marie’s young body, tingling the man’s nostrils. Her clinging robe showed the curves of her hourglass figure and her tits looked like huge pillows of flesh, barely hidden by the satin fabric, for the robe’s V-shaped neckline plunged far downward, shoving the naked smoothness of the girl’s tits.

Marie deliberately brushed against her uncle as she reached for the door and clicked the lock into place.

“I like it private, Uncle Steve,” she purred. “Remember what I said, Marie. I’d like you and your sisters to call me by my first name only,” Steve said, growing more and more excited as he stared at the vision of sex appeal standing before him.

“Okay, Steve,” Marie cooed.

“What can I do for you, Marie?” Steve asked a little nervously.

“I think the question is… what can we do for each other?” she responded, moving closer to her uncle.

“I hope you won’t get into trouble with your mother, Marie,” Steve said with concern. “Trouble?”

“Yes. I mean, being alone with me in my room… both of us dressed this way… well, your mother might object,” Steve said innocently.

“Boy, have you got a lot, to learn about life in this household,” she said, grinning impishly.

“Then you don’t think your mother will get the wrong idea about us being alone together like this?” he asked.

“No, not at all! She’ll get the right idea!” Marie said, laughing again.

“Are you and your mother very close, Marie?”

“Oh, yes, Steve! All four of us girls are very, very close to mother!” Marie said, watching her uncle’s face closely.

“Oh?” Steve asked encouragingly, wanting to hear more.

“Oh, yes! Mother shares everything with us… her feelings, secrets, thoughts…”

“Her lovers?” Steve asked excitedly.

“Especially her lovers!” Marie said.

“I thought so,” Steve said, smiling warmly at his niece.

Marie stood close to him now, her lips parted seductively.

“Mother told all us girls to be sure to amuse and entertain you as best we can,” she murmured.

“That’s very generous of her,” Steve said softly.

“She told us all about the, uh, visit the two of you had this afternoon. She said you were great!” Marie said teasingly.

“I did my best,” Steve said, grinning at his impudent young niece.

“And now it’s my turn,” Marie said. “My sisters and I drew straws so I get to be first… or second, if you count mother.”

She unknotted the sash at her waist, letting her robe fall open down the front.

Steve blinked and felt his cock growing harder.

The impact of the girl’s erotic outfit struck him in the loins like a heavy punch. The teenager was outfitted in one of the many sexy outfits her father had bought for Sally, who had shared the contents of the big trunk with her sisters. Marie was wearing an erotic corset. It laced up the back, tightly cinching in her lush shape. It plumped up her big tits and her ass, too. Her tits were embraced by rigid bra cups covered with black lace trimmings, but the cups covered only the bottom halves of her tits, ending just below the nipples, leaving the upper part of her tit globes completely bare.

Below the tit cups, the corset’s tight black satin panels hugged her middle. Below the waist were a pair of the sexiest black lace panties Steve had ever seen. The panties were attached to the corset and they were so sheer that they were virtually transparent.

At the crotch of the panties, a triangle of furry golden hair showed through, and the young girl stood there, basking in her uncle’s admiring gaze.

She stood with her hands on her hips, smiling provocatively at her uncle.

As Steve continued to stare at her, he heard the sound of his own racing pulse thundering in his ears. His balls felt swollen and heavy, and his prick continued to thicken and lengthen uncontrollably.

He felt as if every bit of his being were centered in the rigid rod of cockmeat that swelled and lifted the crotch of his pajamas.

“Oh, Uncle Steve,” Marie groaned, her hot gaze dropping down to the man’s crotch.

She moved closer to him then, her nipples jutting out, stiffly erect.

“Do you like me, Steve?”

“Oh, yes, honey! You’re gorgeous! And so fuckin’ sexy!” he responded in a husky whisper.

“So are you, Steve, so are you!” Marie responded, staring meaningfully at the huge hard-on that threatened to burst right through his pajamas.

Steve lowered his head and Marie raised her face for his incestuous kiss. They clutched each other tightly as their mouths met and their tongues found each other. And, for long moments, Marie and her uncle stood in the center of his room, tongue-kissing each other over and over again.

A few minutes later, Marie broke off their torrid tongue-kisses.

“I want you to fuck me, Steve. I want you to dog-fuck me!” she cried hornily.

“You’ve got yourself a deal,” Steve said, trying to control his rising excitement as he thought about fucking his long, thick cock dog-style up his niece’s little cunt.

A short time later found Marie crouched on the bed on her hands and knees. She crouched there with her curly haired head hanging down between her shoulders. Steve had loosened the laces in the back of her corset so she could breathe more freely, and he had tugged the fragrant crotch of her panties over to one side, exposing her wet pussy.

He stood on his knees, shoving his prick into her from behind. The girl’s thick, dark pussylips were engorged with hot blood, and they were glistening with her fuck juices.

Holding the panties twisted to one side, Steve fucked the full length of his prick in and out of her as she reared backward to impale her cunthole on his dog-fucking prick.

At first, the man had considered undressing his niece but then he realized that he would find it more exciting to fuck her while she still wore the erotic outfit that turned him on so powerfully.

The corset pushed her tits out and downward, plumping them up. Her nips were fat dark-red throbbing rocks. Her tits were blurs of rippling motion from the hard fast fucking he was giving her.

He longed to touch her tits. Earlier, just before they had begun to dog-fuck each other, he had sucked the girl’s tits. Marie had pushed her tits close together with the fat nips jutting out side by side. He had stretched his mouth wide and sucked on both nips at once.

Now, he reached under her, taking hold of her tits, one in each hand. The teenager’s firm tit-flesh oozed through his splayed fingers as he kneaded the melons. He opened and closed his fingers, pinching the nips, exciting Marie all the more.

Marie leaned backward, arching her outthrust ass and crotch closer to her uncle. His swollen prick was a blur as he fucked in and out of her.

Holding onto her tits as if they were handles, Steve redoubled his thrusting efforts, fucking her harder and harder, thrilling to the sensation of her tight cunt muscles gripping his cockmeat as he dog-fucked into her.

Marie’s head lowered, resting on her folded arms.

“Unnnhhhh, yessss, Steve, yessss!” she wailed.

He threw his hips forward savagely, fucking into the white-hot heat of her pussy. And he came.

“Yessss, give me all your cum, Steve!” Marie cried, her fingers clutching the sheets as she came with her uncle.

“Aaarghhhh! Commmmiiinngg!” she screamed.

“Meee toooo, you sexy little slut!” he roared. Uncle and niece grunted and groaned with each spasm of their mutual orgasm. The man’s thick cum jetted from his cock, filling the girl’s pussy up to the brim.

“Ohhh, baby,” he hissed, twisting and turning his prick insidc her as he continued to come.

His prick twitched inside her still-spasming cunt long after the last drop of cum had been wrung out.

Marie collapsed onto the bed, her upper body flat on the mattress while her uncle’s cock inside her held the lower half of her body up. Then she slumped forward, sighing with incestuous pleasure. As she did, Steve’s still-stiff prick slid out, popping free.

Completely unplugged now, Marie slumped forward even more. Her legs were spread wide. Her black lace panties, twisted to the side, now drifted back to their original position. The crotch of the panties pressed against her pussy, and Steve’s jism soaked into them, staining them.

Steve watched his niece. His prick was red, still semi-hard, and twitching with lust. He wondered if Marie were asleep. She seemed so still. But, even as he watched her, she began to rise, lifting her head over her shoulder to shoot him a sultry, comezon type of glance.

Then she slid around on her belly as she turned around with her head still turned toward him. She licked her lips erotically and crawled over to him while he continued to watch her. His prick grew harder.

Steve quickly discovered that Marie’s panties could be unfastened from the rest of the corset.

Looking at her uncle over her shoulder, Marie reached around her waist and unfastened the snaps, helping her uncle remove the unwanted panties.

Once again, Steve’s cock was achingly erect. Marie crawled over to her uncle’s lap, gripped his thighs with both hands and nuzzled his balls.

“Wow! You’re one hot little cunt, Marie! Who taught you to give a man so much sexual pleasure?” Steve asked, gasping with excitement as he felt her niece’s mouth moving over his cock.

“Daddy! He taught all of us all about sex,” Marie said matter-of-factly.

“Good God!” Steve gasped, and his cock grew harder and thicker against the teenager’s face.

His balls tingled and pulsed as her warm breath played over them. The tip of her tongue traced little licking circles up and down his prick. She gave his hard prickmeat little licks and nibbles and his prick began to pound and throb with fuck-lust.

“Mmnim, I just have to taste your cock!” she groaned as she took his prick all the way inside her mouth. At first, she just held it there, and his prick trembled on her tongue. Then her tongue began to move, flexing and licking while the man moaned and groaned beneath her lewd caresses.

His cock jumped, quivering across his niece’s tongue in leaping spasms, swelling more and more.

“Mmmmmmm,” she murmured with pleasure as she felt her uncle’s prick growing harder against her tongue.

She wrapped her tightening lips about the base of his cock and sucked hard.

“Unnhhh, ohhhh, yeah, baby, yeah!” he groaned as his cock grew fully erect inside her mouth.

She bobbed her head up and down, sucking him skillfully but then, only seconds later, she pulled back and his prick popped free of her mouth.

“Ohhh,” Steve groaned with disappointment. He looked down at his crotch. His prick was like a bar of rigid stone.

Marie’s mouth was wet, her chin sticky with saliva.

“Marie, please… don’t stop!” he groaned. But Marie just grinned impishly and she began to rise from the bed.

“Marie, please!” Steve cried again. Saliva spilled from off his dripping prick, and he gripped the twitching cock at its base.

“Marie! You’re not finished, are you?” he asked.

“Of course not!” she responded, thrilled by the power she had over this most attractive man.

“Then what the fuck…” he sputtered as he squeezed his cock, trying to give himself the relief that his niece seemed to be denying him.

Marie leaned forward and planted a hot sucking kiss on the head of his cock. Then she pulled her head quickly away.

“Marie! You little bitch! How can you be such a tease?” he demanded protestingly.

“Easy,” she said with a husky laugh that just turned him on more. “Now, it’s time for you to do something for me.”

“Anything! Just tell me!” he panted.

Once again, the teenager got on her hands and knees on the bed and wriggled her naked ass in his face. Her thighs were well spread and her rosy pussylips were visible below her asscheeks.

“I want you to fuck my ass now, Steve!” she cried.

“Oh, God, that’s a great idea!” Steve groaned, thinking how exciting it would be to stick his aching prick into the girl’s tiny asshole.

Marie crouched there on her hands and knees, sticking her ass back toward her uncle. She knelt with her upper body on the mattress and the lower part of her body raised on bent knees, her ass the highest part of her body.

Her arms stretched back along her body as she reached behind. She gripped her ass, one asscheek in each hand. Her red-nailed hands clutched her asscheeks and her ass-flesh oozed out between her spread fingers as she gripped her ass tightly.

She spread her cheeks, opening up her ass to her uncle’s cock, hauling the trembling cheeks apart as widely as possible. Nestled deep in her plunging ass-crack was her tiny asshole.

“Are you gonna fuck my little ass, Steve?” Marie asked thickly.

“You’d better believe it, baby!” he growled. She grinned and wiggled her ass invitingly. Steve’s stiff prick swayed as he crawled behind his niece.

“Your little ass is gorgeous, baby!”

“Glad you like it, Uncle,” Marie responded with mock formality.

He gripped her hips with both hands and pressed his face against her, feverishly covering her ass with lewd, open-mouthed kisses.

“Mmmm, nice,” she moaned.

Her full, fleshy asscheeks rippled under the man’s frantically nuzzling face. He covered both of the asscheeks with hot, wet kisses. His tongue followed his lips, licking up and down and back and, forth and all over her asscheeks.

His tongue left a trail of wet saliva which glistened obscenely on her naked ass-flesh.

“Do you want me to lube your little asshole with petroleum jelly or something, baby?” Steve asked chokingly, so aroused that he could hardly talk.

“No! Make me all wet and ready with your mouth!” Marie cried excitedly.

“God! Is that how you want it?”

“Yes, that’s how I always want it!” Marie responded, wriggling her little ass even more in his face.

With a groan of lust, Steve buried his face between the girl’s asscheeks. Spreading her asscheeks widely, he wedged his face deeply between them and her ass-flesh squeezed both sides of his face, trapping him obscenely.

He closed his mouth around the ring of her asshole.

“Ununmm, yesss!” Marie cried.

He gave her several hot sucking kisses on her little rosebud shitchute. Then he extended his tongue and rimmed her, following the folds of her ass.

Between his own legs, his hard-on was a solid block of hot, throbbing meat, and it felt to the man as if his prick would stay hard forever.

He pressed the tip of his tongue up against her little asshole and pushed in. Her ass muscles gripped his tongue tightly, and he had to use all his strength to force his tongue deeper.

Steve was amazed and pleased by how tight his niece’s little asshole was. He was pretty sure, judging by her sexual behavior and skillful fucking movements, that she was no longer a virgin in any part of her body, her asshole included. But the little ring of her ass-muscle clenched his tongue so tightly that it was hard to believe that she had ever had so much as a finger inside. Steve was glad that she was so tight, for it would make for a better, more exciting fuck.

Past the outer ring, Marie’s ass was hot, tight, and creamy. Steve wriggled his tongue inside, working his tongue in and out like a tiny prick. All the while, the teenager wiggled her hips forward, backward, sideways, fucking back at her uncle’s tongue.

Steve worked up a good deal of saliva in his mouth and pushed it up her ass.

He rammed his middle finger into his mouth and sucked until it was thoroughly wet. Resting his free hand across both asscheeks, he opened the asscheeks wide. He pressed his wet middle finger against her tiny asshole.

“Oh, yes!” she gasped.

He slipped the first joint of his finger past her ass-ring. The girl’s gasps grew louder and longer as her uncle’s finger sank deeper into her. Now, the entire length of his finger was buried inside her ass.

“Ohhhh, baby,” Steve groaned. If her asahole were this tight, that it could grip his finger so painfully, he could only imagine how it would clutch his cock.

He worked his finger in and out of her asshole, stretching the sides of her shitchute, making her wet and ready for his big prick.

He had mouthed Marie’s ass, sucking his hot saliva into her asshole. He had rimmed and tongued her, and he had penetrated and probed her with his finger, stretching her out. But, still, the man wondered if the girl’s tiny asshole could possibly take all of his huge cock.

“Do it now, Steve, hurry! I can’t stand it any longer! I have to feel your huge cock up my ass! Don’t worry about hurting me! Daddy has a huge prick, too, and we always ass-fucked!” she cried pleadingly.

“Okay, baby, if you say so… I guess you know what you want! I sure as fuck want the same thing,” Steve groaned as he knelt behind the girl’s ass, his prick aimed at her tender little asshole.

His cockhead flared against the rounded curve of her ass. Marie clutched at her ass, spreading her asscheeks even wider apart. Her dimpled asshole swain in bubbling saliva.

He darted his hard cock between her asscheeks and pressed its tip up against her little asshole.

“Oh, God, give it to me now, Steve! Fuck my ass now!” she begged.

Gripping his cock tightly, Steve shoved his prick into his niece’s aching little asshole.

“Unnnghhh,” she grunted.

Very slowly, her asshole widened under the penetrating pressure of the man’s huge cock. Afraid of hurting her, he eased up. But she instantly protested.

“Noooo! Don’t stop! Keep fucking me!” she whimpered.

Steve pushed his cock deeper inside her asshole, opening up her little fuck hole. He kept on pressing, leaning into her.

“Oh, God, yesss!” she hissed between clenched teeth.

He moaned too as his cockhead pushed past her outer ring of muscle to penetrate her. His hips shoved forward, steadily sinking his cockshaft into her ass.

This was a rare treat for the man, to have his swollen prick engulfed by so tight an ass.

“Ohhhh, it feels soooo good, Steve! Keep it up! Keep fucking my ass.” Marie cried, feeling as if an orgasm were only seconds away.

Steve tightly gripped his niece’s hips and forced his cock deeper inside her. Once the full length of his long, thick prick was buried inside Marie’s ass, he began to fuck her seriously.

As he began to fuck his prick in and out of her gripping, clenching asshole, Marie responded eagerly, humping back at him. Each thrust of his prick set her whole body to quivering.

He reached under her and grabbed both of her swinging heavy tits, fondling them, pinching the nips.

“Ahhhhh, that’s good,” she moaned.

She cried out with incestuous joy as she was tit-stroked and ass-fucked by her uncle.

Her creamy asscheeks jiggled erotically each time they were bumped by the man’s hips. He was beginning to fuck her ass harder and faster now with each thrust.

Steve’s hands moved down and stroked the damp fur of his niece’s cunt. Marie moaned when she felt her uncle’s fingers pressing into her cunt-slit and on into her pussy, fondling her clit while still fucking his prick in and out of her ass.

“Ohhhh!” she gasped as he stroked her clit. She rocked back and forth, shoving her creamy ass against his hard cock-thrusts. She could feel the outline of each and every bump and ridge and throbbing vein on his prick.

“Ohhhh, baby, this is great!” Steve grunted he was shaken by the excitement of ass-fucking his own gorgeous little niece.

He came close to coming half a dozen times but each time, he pulled back and slacked off to delay his cum. And, all the while, his skillful fingers worked on the girl’s clit.

“Conunmiiinnngg!” Marie cried.

Fully impaled on his prick, she writhed and squealed with incestuous, orgasmic ecstasy, as waves of pleasure crashed down on her.

Steve grinned and continued to fuck his niece’s ass while she came until, finally, he began to come too.

“I’m coming too, baby!” he bellowed. “Commmmmiinnnggg!”

Her stretched-out asshole was stretched even more as he let go with a huge hot load of cum, pumping into her at a high, heady pressure.

“Oh, God, yesss, keep coming, Steve, pour all of your jizz into my ass!” Marie wailed, thrusting her ass back at his crotch.

“Ohhhhh, God,” she whimpered as she felt the man’s hot cum overflowing from her asshole and trickling lewdly down her legs, which quivered violently now.

As Steve continued to pump his spunk into his niece’s asshole, he groaned, thinking about his other three nieces.


About the time that Marie had gone into her uncle’s bedroom, Terry, the youngest of the girls, went into her mother’s bedroom.

Terry was all ready for bed, dressing in her pretty pink nightgown with matching panties. She sat on the edge of Louise’s bed, smiling at her mother.

Louise wore a sexy nightgown which had a plunging cleavage, tight bodice, and spaghetti thin shoulder straps. The gown was slit up the sides, almost to the woman’s hips. Beneath the outfit, she was naked.

“Can I sleep with you tonight, Mommy?” Terry asked eagerly.

“Of course, darling!” Louise responded as she reached out and caressed her youngest daughter’s face.

Terry pressed the palm of her mother’s hand to her mouth and kissed it, then licked it. “Mommy?”

“Yes, dear?”

“Can we use the vibrator tonight?” Terry asked.

“Of course, darling. As long as you’re a good little girl,” Louise purred.

“Oh, I promise I’ll be real good, Mommy!” Bright, excited spots of rosy color shone in Terry’s cheeks as she watched her mother, who was now opening the night table drawer.

The drawer was filled with various sexual toys, and Terry squirmed with delight when her mother took out the vibrator and put it down on top of the table.

The sight made the teenager’s cunt begin to drool as she looked at the dildo. She and her mother and her sisters had enjoyed the vibrator many, many times, and using the dildo never failed to arouse the incestuous lovers beyond belief.

“I’ll do anything you want, Mommy!” Terry groaned, still eyeing the vibrator.

“I know you will, dear such a good little girl.”

The two females climbed into bed. Louise lay on her side, facing her daughter. Terry lay on her back, looking up at her mother’s beautiful face. Her developing tits pressed against the sheer, gauzy fabric of the pink top of the nightgown she wore.

Louise gazed down, seeing her daughter’s tits swelling up against the material of the gown, her nips growing stiff. The teenager turned on more and more, just from thinking about everything she and her mother would end up doing before the night was over.

The hem of the girl’s gown reached down only to the tops of her thighs. Her matching pink panties completed the outfit.

Louise licked her lips, moistening them.

“Give your mommy a kiss, darling,” she murmured.

She lowered her face and her open mouth met and fastened against her little girl’s. Terry’s breath was warm and sweetly fragrant. Mother and daughter tongue-kissed each other over and over again.

As she continued to passionately kiss her little girl, Louise began to fondle the girl’s tits. She squeezed them, kneading them so that their sensitive nipples grew stiffer and longer.

“Unnhbhhh,” Terry groaned from back in her throat. She reached up and embraced her mother’s soft shoulders.

The teenager stroked her mother’s naked flesh while the older woman continued to toy with the girl’s tits. The two of them kept kissing each other, thrusting their long, wet tongues harder and harder together.

Finally, much later, Louise broke off the incestuous kisses and lifted her mouth from Terry’s. Then, looking down at her hot-eyed daughter, Louise slowly and deliberately slipped the thin straps off her shoulders. She freed her arms from them and bared her tits. Stiff nippled, pear-shaped tits tumbled free from the cups of her gown.

The bobbing tits swayed from side to side over Terry’s face. Seeing her mother’s big, gorgeous tits hovering just over her face like that made Terry’s brain dizzy with excitement, and her eyes glazed over with fuck-lust.

Louise lowered her big tits down to her daughter’s open, grasping mouth. Terry gasped with incestuous pleasure when she felt the other woman’s tit going into her hot, wet mouth. Terry closed her eyes and moaned over and over as she licked, tonguing Louise’s nipples, moving her mouth from one tit to the other. She reached upward with both hands and jammed both of the big mounds of tit-flesh hard together.

“Ohhhhh, darling, yessss,” Louise cooed, seeing what her daughter was about to do.

Terry sucked both of her mother’s nipples into her mouth and sucked as hard as she could, hollowing her cheeks inward to give the woman an extra special kind of suction.

“Ohhhhh, darling, come on, let’s get these clothes off. I have to taste your little pussy!” Louise groaned a short time later.

In a matter of minutes, mother and daughter were completely naked and Louise lay between her little girl’s legs, licking up and down the teenager’s pussy-slit.

“Ohbhbh, Mommy, that feels soo good! Do it, Mommy, do it to meee! Lick my little pussy!” Terry wailed.

She writhed nakedly in her mother’s big bed, moaning with incestuous pleasure as her mother continued to lick her juicing cunt.

Terry tossed her head from side to side in a frenzy of lust. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut, and her face and tits flushed a deep red. Her long blonde hair spilled out on the pillow on both sides of the girl’s lovely, innocent looking face. Her arms were raised, stretching out on the mattress and pillows, her hands balled into small, soft fists. She used them to pound the bed to vent some of her desires as she turned on more and more.

Louise’s hands rested on Terry’s tautly spread upper thighs. The teenager’s cuntjuice was smeared around Louise’s mouth, and her entire face was pressed against her daughter’s wet pussy.

Terry’s little pussy was a small, gentle mound, a thin vertical cleft thinly lipped and lightly brushed with pale, fleecy hairs. She was even fairer than her sisters and mother, and the fur on her cuntmound was like cornsilk, so fine that they were all but invisible.

The teenager’s cunt bush and pussylips were now frothy with fresh, bubbling saliva from her mother’s licking mouth. Terry’s cunt quivered beneath the woman’s tongue.

Terry’s entire body was taut and twisted with lust. Her body trembled with the sheer force. Her clenched asscheeks were rock-hard, and her clit pulsed, and her stiff nipples throbbed with the intense feelings that continued to shoot through the girl’s loins.

Louise’s mouth was filled with the taste of her daughter’s delicious pussy, which smelled fresh and sweet to her. Terry’s thick, warm fuck juices flowed into the woman’s mouth, and she moaned as she drank them down, thinking that they tasted better to her than any wine or champagne she had ever drunk.

Louise’s glossy hair caressed Terry’s naked flesh as the older woman raised her face, sliding her tongue upward.

“Oh!” Terry cried, nearly fainting with excitement when she felt her mother’s tongue tip pressing against her hard little clit.

Over and over again, Louise used her tongue to stroke her daughter’s clit. She could feel the hard bud of pleasure throbbing obscenely against her tongue and she moaned into the girl’s wide-open cunt.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Terry chanted, writhing on the bed, rocking her hips, grinding her horny pussy urgently against Louise’s mouth.

Louise pressed her palms on Terry’s thighs, pinning the youngster down. And she continued the slow, deliberate pace of clit-licking she knew Terry liked the best.

“Oh, God, Mommy, you’re driving me craaazy! I love it! Your tongue feels sooo good on my clit! Ohhhh, I’m gonna come soon, Mommy!” Terry cried.

Terry bucked her hips urgently, grinding her pussy against her mother’s mouth in a desperate attempt to bring herself come.

And still, Louise licked her little girl’s quivering clit which seemed to be growing harder and stiffer against her lewdly licking tongue.

“Ohhhhh, commmiiinnngg!” Terry cried seconds later.

The teenager came so hard that she almost toppled right off the bed. Louise reached out and held her down through her shaking spasms.

Louise crawled up the bed, over Terry’s sweating body. She took the teenager’s head between her hands and kissed her fully on the mouth. Again, mother and daughter tongue kissed each other passionately, and Terry groaned as she tasted her own cuntiuices on her mother’s tongue and lips.

The youngster reached out and stroked her mother’s naked tits, pinching the woman’s stiff nips just the way she knew the older woman liked.

“Mommy?” Terry said as they broke off their torrid kisses, “May I have the vibrator now?”

“Yes, darling, you’ve earned it,” Louise said warmly.

Moments later, Terry and Louise were in the lewd position they favored. Louise sat on her daughter’s face, and Terry licked, sucked and ate the woman’s cunt while Louise used the humming toy on and in the teenager’s wet cult.

Louise sat on Terry’s face, facing the girl’s pussy. In her hand, the vibrator was an oversized cock-shaped toy.

Terry stuck her tongue out and upward, licking her mother’s cunt, focusing on the woman’s clit, which trembled erotically. Terry licked the full length of the clit-shaft until her mother begged her to make her come. The young girl turned her attention to Louise’s fuckhole, thrusting the full length in and out of the small, clasping cunthole.

All the while, Louise used the vibrator like a big cock to fuck her daughter’s pussy. Over and over again, she fucked the full length of the humming cock in and out of the girl’s cunt while Terry squirmed and writhed with erotic joy.

Terry’s face was dripping with her mother’s honeyed fuck juices which she eagerly drank down, relishing the tangy taste and warmth of the cunt sauce.

The harder and faster she tongue-fucked her mother’s pussy, the harder and faster Louise fucked the teenager’s cunt with the big vibrator.

Terry’s tongue shot in and out of her mother’s small fuckhole and moaned into the gaping pussy when she felt the woman’s pussymuscles squeezing her tongue. Her pussy-eating efforts were rewarded by the vibrator.

Louise yanked the vibrator out of her little girl’s cunt and played over the youngster’s big tits. The girl’s pink nips were stiff and throbbing, and they stiffened even more as the strongly vibrating cock pressed against them.

The vibrator seemed to hum not only through the girl’s tits but through her entire body, stowing her beyond belief.

Louise circled Terry’s tits, spiraling the vibrator head inward from the base of the pert mounds while Terry continued to eat her mother’s cunt.

Louise leaned forward now, her pussy pressed tightly against the teenager’s mouth. The older woman massaged the humming vibrator against the smooth insides of the girl’s upper thighs, and Terry whimpered with longing, desperate to feel the vibrator back inside her pussy again.

Terry tightened her asscheeks and braced her feet. With her legs bent at the knees, she convulsively raised and lowered her hips, gyrating them to attract the vibrator to her crotch.

Louise rocked back and forth on her little girl’s face, moaning with lewd exclitement when she felt the teenager’s tongue fuck in and out of her ravaged fuckhole, then concentrate on her aching clit again, licking and sucking the little trembling bud.

With one hand, Louise held her daughter’s heaving hips down on the bed. With her other hand, she worked the vibrator like a cock, fucking it full-length in and out of the girl’s cunt, brutally pushing her closer and closer to orgasm.

Terry’s little fluffy cunt bush was soaked with her fuck juices now, which ran down her trembling thighs. Her pussylips were swollen red with her hot, aroused blood.

Now, at long last, Louise pressed the head of the vibrating dildo smack against Terry’s exposed clit.

“Aieeeee!” Terry cried hysterically into her mother’s wet, spasming cunt as she came hard.

“Ohhihhh, darling, I’m coming with you! I’m coming too!” Louise groaned as her pussy convulsed about her little girl’s tongue, and mother and daughter came together.


Steve groaned with incestuous pleasure as he licked up the last traces of his niece’s cunt sauce from his lips and chin. It was the following afternoon and he and Franny had just finished their “tutoring session”.

“Mmxnmmin, I love the way you tutor me, Steve,” Franny moaned, stretching lazily on her big king-sized bed.

“You think that was something… we have another lesson to complete today, my dear,” Steve said with a grin.

“Another lesson? But. I’m so tired of studying!” Franny said, and they both laughed.

“Don’t worry, honey. For our final lesson today, you can just lie there flat on your back!”

“Ohh, goody, sounds like a lesson in fucking!” Franny cried, clapping her hands excitedly.

“You got it, baby! That’s exactly what the lesson’s all about fucking. Are you interested?” Steve asked, fondling his niece’s tits.

“Oh, yes, I’m interested all right, Steve. I know that I need to study fucking a lot more than I have been doing lately. And I think you’d better give me the special lesson,” Franny said, returning her uncle’s grin.

“Don’t worry, Franny. The lesson I have in mind for you is very, very intense. I hope you’ll be a good student.”

“Oh, Steve, I promise to be the best student ever!” Franny cried, hardly able to contain her lust for her big, handsome uncle.

She groaned as she felt him climbing on top of her. She could feet his huge cock throbbing lewdly against her thigh, and she writhed nakedly with impatience.

The young blonde waited eagerly for her uncle to shove his pulsing prick into her pussy. She desperately wanted him to fuck her. Her mother and her sister, Marie, had already told her what a great lover he was, and she was more thgn anxious to have her turn with the attractive man.

All of her muscles were tensed as she strained her crotch upward, trying to capture Steve’s throbbing shaft of cockmeat.

“Please hurry up and fuck me, Steve! I just have to have it! Please hurry!” she yelled, spreading her legs even wider, giving the man greater access to her open, hungry cunt.

“You do it, baby. Go ahead and put my cock inside your cunt,” Steve groaned.

“Ohhhh, yesss, Steve, I’ll shove your prick up my pussy!” Franny cried, reaching her hands down between their naked bodies and gasping the full length of the man’s huge prick.

Her tight fist stroked up and down his thick, long cock for a moment. She could feel his prick’s heaving pulse against her soft palms and the warm, sticky pre-cum that seeped from his blood-engorged prickhead.

“Oh, God, I have to fuck my cunt with your cock, Steve!” she cried. With a groan of raw fuck-lust she guided her uncle’s prick into her cuntslit, positioning his cock between her swollen, moist cuntlips. She held her uncle’s prick steady there, and, smiling lovingly up at him, she placed her free hand on his trembling ass.

“It’s your turn now, Steve! Fuck meeee!” she begged.

“I’ll fuck you all right, you sexy little bitch!” Steve gasped.

His broad, muscular chest crushed the young girl’s big tits, his weight driving the air from her gasping lungs. She spread her legs wider still and began humping her tight little cunt against his pulsing prick.

Steve wriggled his ass and gave a hard, deep thrust that sent the full length of his huge, battering prick all the way up through her small, tight cuntwalls.

“Yessssss!” she screeched.

Franny thrust her ass high, driving her tight, wet fuckhole all the way up the man’s long, thick cock. She ground her pussy against him, mashing his cum-laden balls against her young, juicy cunt.

She began pumping her cunt up and down on his impaling prick, clenching her cuntwalls tightly around his thick, prick.

“Ohhhhh, it feels really good, Steve! Keep fucking me!” the teenager yelled, half out of her mind with fuck-lust.

“God, all you Mathews bitches have the tightest little cunts I’ve ever had the pleasure of fucking! Must run in the family!” Steve grimaced, continuing to fuck his big cock in and out of his niece’s juicy cunt with savage strokes.

Franny felt her big, throbbing tits jiggling against her uncle’s chest. Her long, bloodengorged nips felt like rocks as they pulsated with incestuous pleasure. And her pussy was gushing warm cuntjuice hard and fast.

Steve’s prick fucked in and out of her wet little pussy skillfully. He knifed hub her pussy again and again, matching the wild humping rhythm of her hips and ass. She was fucking him every bit as much as he was fucking her.

“Yeah, baby, shake those sexy hips! And that great little ass of yours! Fuck me, baby!” Steve groaned.

Franny hugged her uncle against her writhing body, jerking his body hard on hers. Her ass trembled under the driving impact of her uncle’s prick. Her cuntwalls pulsed around his fucking cock, clenching and unclenching.

“Ohhhhh, Steve, I get so much out of our tutoring!” she said, laughing almost hysterically as she turned on more and more.

“This is one case where the tutor gets as much out of it as the pupil!” Steve said, chuckling hoarsely as he continued to fuck his huge cock into the girl’s spasming cunt.

Franny arched her back violently, thrusting her body upward, lifting her uncle up with her, as her fuck-lust grew. She shuddered hard, gasping as she sucked air into her tortured lungs.

“Aaarrrghhhh,” she groaned as her young, ripe body pumped upward, driving higher and higher. Her cuntwalls sucked hard at her uncle’s prick, as if trying to pull his cock right off his crotch.

Her thighs shook when she lifted her asscheeks off the bed. Her tits bounced lewdly, and her nips grew so hard she was afraid they might actually explode.

The teenager’s small cunthole was gushing fuckjuice, filling her little cunt with a flood of tangy cunt sauce. It quickly overflowed from between her swollen pussylips and dribbled obscenely down her thighs, drenching her uncle’s cock.

“Ahhhhh, fuck me hard, Steve! Harder! Deeper! Faster! Ohhhh, God, I need to come so badly! Make me come, you bastard!” she yelled, half out of her mind from the lust and the need to come.

She raked her fingernails down the man’s back. She was like an animal in heat now. She ground her throbbing clit up and down along the fat shaft of her uncle’s prick.

“Yeah, I’ll fuck you all right, you lousy little cunt! I’ll fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk straight for a week!” he growled.

He could hear his niece’s cuntjuices gushing around the base of his prick each time he pulled back; he could feel her fuck juices splashing wetly as he fucked back into her. Slamming his loaded balls against her asscrack, he fucked his prick deep into her hot, clasping pussy.

He reached up for her big, bouncing tits and cupped them, fondling the silken tit-flesh, pinching the long, throbbing nips between his fingers.

“Ohhhh, yessss!” Franny squealed as her uncle lowered his mouth on her tits, sucking on her hardened tit buds. He used his tongue, lips, and teeth on her throbbing mounds, making the teenager moan and writhe in ecstasy.

“Obhh, yessss, suck my tits, Steve!” Franny cried, shaking all over.

She felt him pumping his prick into her twat even harder and deeper than before, fucking his gigantic prick in and out of her hungry cunt.

Her entire body shuddered violently under his savage cock-thrusts. Her naked body arched high as she fucked her pussy back at his cock with each thrust.

“Ohhhh, yesss, Steve, give it to me! Give me your great big gorgeous cock… all the way up my pussy!” the aroused teenager cried, feeling an exciting surge of heat and wetness deep in her cunt.

“Aaarrrghhhhh!” Steve groaned as he felt his niece’s strong cuntmuscles sucking at his prickmeat.

Over and over again, he fucked his long, thick prick deep into her cunt, his cockahaft scraping against the raw, sensitive walls of her throbbing pussy.

“Ohhhh, I love the way you’re fucking meee! This is one lesson I’ll never forget! Fuck me hard, Steve, hard! Make me come! Fill my whole pussy with your hot cum! I want to feel you shooting your load up my cunt. Mommy says she loved it when you did that!” Franny cried lewdly as ripples of forbidden pleasure raced through her.

Steve felt his beautiful little niece’s tits pressing against his hairy chest. He lowered his head and bit brutally into her swollen tit-flesh, making her nips harden even more and throb with pain and pleasure.

“Owwwwww! I love it! Bite my tits again, Steve, hurt meeee!” she cried.

Steve grinned at his randy little niece and, again bit into her tits.

The tight walls of Franny’s steamy pussy clung hard to the man’s prick as he fucked deeper and deeper into her cunt. Each violent lunge of his prick sent jolts of ecstasy through the teenager’s body. Her hard clit trembled and burned each time he fucked into her.

She wriggled and writhed under her uncle’s fucking. Her orgasm built, coming closer and closer. Each nerve in her pussy tingled as the base of her uncle’s prick pounded against her twitching clit.

As Steve fucked his prick into Franny’s cunt with harder and deeper cock-thrusts, Franny concentrated on clenching and unclenching her tight cunt muscles around his prick.

Her entire body trembled and shuddered under the impact of her uncle’s savage fucking, but still she needed more. She loved the feel of his teeth sinking into her tits, his lips grazing across her stiff nips, but, most of all, she loved the feel of his long, thick cock sinking deeply into her cunt, its broad, smooth head smacking up against the very back wall of her little cunt.

She wrapped her legs up around his back, and she humped her cunt up against his hairy crotch as he continued to fuck his huge cock into her juicy cunt.

Steve ground his hips in a circular motion, fucking his prickmeat even farther into his niece’s pussy. He couldn’t get over just how tiny and tight her cunt was, just as Louise’s and Marie’s pussies had been unusually tight. Now he found himself wondering if Sally and Terry’s pussies were also super-tight. He hoped so.

“Ohhhhh, Steve, pleease shoot your juice now I wanna feel your hot cum shooting up my pussy!” Franny squealed.

She glanced up at her uncle and loved the way his handsome face was twisted with lust, his eyes glittering with desire, as he continued to give her the fucking of her life.

“Patience, baby, patience. Any good student has to learn to let her teacher set the pace. I’ll shoot when I’ve made you so hot and horny you won’t even be able to talk!” Steve said.

“Unnnhhhh,” Franny moaned, desperate to feel her uncle’s jism gushing up into her little puckering fuckhole.

A fine sheen of sexual sweat covered the lovers’ humping bodies as they fucked each other harder and harder. They both felt as if they couldn’t get enough of each other.

“Fuck meee, Steve! Fuck me haaaard!” Franny cried wantonly as her lust grew even higher and stronger.

The man fucked his niece, frantically fucking his cock into her cunt with all of his strength. Her hands kneaded and tugged at his strong, firm asscheeks while his hands stroked her firm tits. Then she shoved her hips up to meet his savage cock-thrusts.

“Aaarrrghhhhh!” she cried, feeling hysterical with desire as she felt her uncle fucking his bloated prick deeper into the clasping grip of her wet little cunt.

She loved the sense of fullness in her cunt as her uncle’s hard cockmeat filled every nook and cranny of her little pussy on each downward stroke. She loved the feeling of being totally impaled on his long, thick cock, and she tightens her cuntmuscles harder and tighter around his prick, trying desperately to make him come.

But, still, Steve was not quite ready to come or to let his niece come yet either. He had extraordinary staying power, and he was determined not to let their orgasms happen until Franny had become so whorishly desperate for his jism that she could lose control. Then and only then when he would shoot his entire creamy load up his niece’s hungry little pussy.

“Please, Steve, pleease! Shoot your juice! I have to have it! Ohhhh, pleease!” Franny cried and begged over and over as her uncle relentlessly fucked his cock in and out of her hot cunt, ignoring her picas to come.

She writhed violently on the bed beneath the man’s mucular body, wildly tossing her head from side to side. She longed to come and to feel him coming inside her, but she knew that nothing she could say would make him let go before he was reedy.

“Unnhhh, aaarghhh, ohhhhh,” she groaned over and over as her eyes rolled back in her head, and she almost lost consciousness.

Looking down at the girl’s wildly thrashing body, Steve knew that the time had come. He had to come and let her come or she would become sick or lose her mind over her intense need.

He felt her cunt grinding over his cock, her ass thrusting up violently from the bed. His balls screwd up painfully against the base of his prick, and he began to come.

“Commmmiiinnngg!” he shouted. “Fuck me, baby, fuck meee! I’m coming!”

“Ohhhh, at last! Do it, Steve, shoot your wad up my cunt!” Franny shrieked, thrilling to the lewd sensation of her uncle’s cock exploding inside her hungry pussy.

She groaned with sexual excitement as her own orgasm began. Her hands moved from Steve’s naked ass to his broad, heaving shoulders. She held him tightly against her as she savored the erotic sensation of his cum shooting into her cunt.

“Ohhhhh, God, Steve, it feels sooo good… even better than I expected… ohhhh, Jeesus God, don’t stop shooting, Steve, gimme all your cum!” Franny shrieked as her pussy spasmed in orgasm.

Wave after wave of wet, violent orgasm crashed down over the young blonde’s trembling body. Her pussy filled with fresh cuntjuice, drowning the man’s cockmeat, making her body shudder uncontrollably.

“Yesssss!” she hissed between clenched teeth as bright pinpoints of color exploded behind her closed eyelids. She dizzily clung to her uncle’s shoulders as her powerful climax continued to pound through her loins.

Finally, they stopped coming, and Steve pulled his softening prick from his niece’s cunt. Her pussyjuice and his thick cum mingled and ran lewdly dowirtheir legs, onto the bed below.

“Well, you’re my tutor,” she murmured lazily as she snuggled up to her uncle and he wrapped his arms around her. “And you just gave me a lesson on fucking. How’d I do?”

“You, my darlin’, get an A!” Steve said with a satisfied sigh.


A couple of days later, Terry found herself out by the swimming pool with only her uncle around. Her mother and her sister, Franny, were making it together and Sally and Marie had gone shopping in town.

As Terry sunned herself on the patio area next to the pool, trying to get an even tan, she noticed Steve shooting little sexy glances her way, his gaze seeming to focus on her tits and crotch. She returned his gazes, thinking how sexy her uncle looked in his skin-tight black bikini briefs with that cruelly hard bulge between his legs. Terry had heard all about her mother’s fuck session with the man. And she had also heard from Marie and Franny about what a huge cock Steve had and how he sure knew what to do with what he had. And now, Terry hoped that it would be her turn to get fucked by her uncle. Ever since his arrival a few days ago, she had found herself growing fonder and fonder of him, and now she longed to feel his big cock inside her.

She licked her lips excitedly and her pussy began to drool with excitement. She was beginning to breathe hard and fast as she watched her uncle swimming his laps in the swimming pool.

A short time later, Steve hauled himself out of the pool and moved to his niece’s side, dripping cool pool water all over her sun-kissed body.

Laughing, Terry sat up and moved her hands to brush the water off her arms. But, to her embarrassment, she accidentally brushed the back of one hand against the man’s hard crotch.

“Sorry,” she muttered.

“Don’t apologize. I liked it,” Steve responded huskily.

“You did?” she asked teasingly.

“Yeah! Hey, are you just gonna lie around here all day?” Steve asked.

“What else did you have in mind?” she mum inured as she stood up and faced him.

“Well, your lessons for one thing. After all, one of the reasons I moved in here was to tutor you girls. And, so far, you and I haven’t had much of a chance to get into any studies,” he said, watching her closely and thinking how beautiful and sexy the teenager was.

“If you can catch me… you can tutor me!” Terry laughed as she ran and dived into the pool, knowing that her uncle would be right behind her.

She swam hard and fast, challenging him to catch her if he could. He laughed dtlightedly as he swam after her with long, powerful strokes, easily chasing her down.

“Ohhh,” Terry gasped as her uncle grabbed her. Her little pussy was getting hotter and wetter by the second, and the moisture that seeped into her cunt had nothing to do with the water from the pool.

Steve groaned with desire as he pulled his niece’s body against his own. She squirmed against him, turning on even more as she felt his huge hard-on growing even harder and bigger.

“You said that if I caught you, I could tutor you. Are you gonna make good on your promise?” the man asked.

“Sure. Why shouldn’t I?” Terry responded saucily as she wrenched free of her uncle’s grasp and clambered out of the pool with the man right behind her.

Steve and his niece stood on the lush, green lawn near the swimming pool and, without another word, Steve wrapped his muscular arms about her and tongue-kissed her passionately.

“Mmmmnun,” Terry moaned, her legs turning weak with desire and excitement.

As they continued to kiss, Steve skillfully unhooked and removed his niece’s bikini top, revealing the girl’s full, bobbing tits.

“I’ve been wanting to get hold of these tits of yours!” he groaned, breaking off their kiss as he grasped the teenager’s huge mounds of tit flesh, pinching her throbbing nips between his fingers.

Terry squirmed in her uncle’s embrace, making her full, firm tits jiggle lewdly in his large, meaty hands. A growl rose from Steve’s throat as he lowered his mouth to her chest. He licked and sucked her distended nips.

The teenager threw her head back and moaned loudly as Steve’s sucking lips stretched a rosy nipple out and away from its pink circle of flesh. He let go of her rubbery nipple and it snapped back, throbbing more than ever. Then he moved to her other nip, doing the same erotic thing to that one, making the youngster moan with incestuous pleasure and desire.

Steve moved his hands down his niece’s body and stroked her ass and thighs.

“Gotta see you naked, baby. Let’s strip!” Steve said.

“Great idea!” Terry cried.

In just seconds, they were both completely naked.

“Is this how you do your tutoring?” the teenager asked with a grin.

“It’s one of the ways. Just relax, babe. I’ve got a whole lot more to teach you!” Steve said, returning her grin.

He stroked her inner thighs and moved his fingers to her puffy cuntlips. He moved both hands back up to her chest and squeezed her tits, wiggling her large mounds in his hands.

He bent his head and sucked at her nips until his little niece was dancing all over the ground in a frenzy of raw fuck-lust.

“Ohhhh, Steve, that feels heavenly!” Terry cried as her uncle ran his hands up and down and all over her trembling body.

They lowered themselves onto the ground, and Steve moved his mouth all over Terry’s naked flesh, tongue-kissing her all the way up and down. His hot, wet lips and tongue kissed her tummy, her hips, her thighs.

Finally, he knelt between her legs. He reached beneath and squeezed her asscheeks. Terry grabbed her uncle’s head, then pulled him toward her cunt.

“Unnnhhh, baby,” he groaned as he stared at the girl’s soft, wet, meaty cunt, and he felt his hard-on growing harder and bigger with each second.

“Obhhh, yeas, do it! Lick my pussy, Steve!” Terry begged.

Steve stuck his tongue far out and began to lick his niece’s hot, wet cunt. He groaned lustfully as his mouth smacked against her swollen cunt.

Terry writhed and continued to clutch frantically at the back of her uncle’s head as he inhaled her heady pussy aroma. His mouth worked eagerly at her soft, damp cuntflesh.

“Unnhhh, yeah, Steve, yeah! Lick it! Lick my pussy! Get your tongue right in there and lick the holy sbit out of me! Lick up all my juices!” Terry gasped, writhing uncontrollably on the springy green lawn.

Inflamed by his niece’s lewd words, Steve fucked the full length of his tongue deep into her pussy, thrusting it up into her cunthole and groaning with pleasure as he kit her pussymuscles closing tightly.

He fucked her with his tongue, sloshing his saliva up and down her cuntslit. Her clit tingled against his tongue while he licked. Each time he fucked his tongue into her pussyhole, her pussymuscles grasped.

Steve kept his hands on the girl’s firm, rounded asscheeks as she ground her wet, horny pussy against his face. She began to thrust her ass up from the ground, bucking back at him.

“Fuck me, fuck me with your tongue! Obhh, shut, it feels sooo good!” she rasped.

The man’s hot, hard tongue plunged deeply into his niece’s cunt. When he pulled out of her clutching fuckhole, he swabbed along the length of her soft, trembling pussyslit, stroking her firm, throbbing clithead.

Terry’s bloated, spread cuntlips oozed out a stream of fresh, warm pussyjuice, and Steve moaned again, delighted by the delicious tangy taste of his little niece’s fuck juices.

Steve forced her thighs even wider apart, alternately licking her clit and tongue-fucking her spasming cunthole. Terry was panting hard now, thrilled to the core to be having her own uncle eating her little pussy.

Steve raised his juice-smeared face from his niece’s cunt and grinned up at her now.

“It’s time for another lesson, honey. I’m gonna swing around now and while I keep eating you out, you can suck on my cock!”

“All riiiiight!” Terry cried. “Yes, Steve, let me suck you! That’s a great lesson!”

Steve swung his body around quickly, so that his crotch was flush against the gri’s face. Then he turned his attention back to her juicing cunt, lapping along her furry pussylips, and then between them.

Terry went to work, letting her tongue stroke up, down and around his hard asscheeks, tickling at his sensitive asshole. Her hand gripped his thick, throbbing cock. She fisted his prick up and down rhythmically, totally giving herself up to the hot fuck-lust that raged through her aroused loins.

Suddenly, Terry plunged her tongue right up into her uncle’s tight asshole. Her hand continued to pull on his throbbing cock as she felt him licking her pussy harder and harder.

A few minutes later, as Steve’s tongue continued to fuck the girl’s little cunt, Terry moved her mouth to his cock. She eagerly licked up and down the length of his thick, throbbing prick. She could hardly believe how turned on she was. She couldn’t remember ever being so aroused before in her life.

She licked his cock hungrily. Then she stuck the tip of her stiffened tongue into his twitching piss-slit. Opening her lips wide, she sucked his cock into her mouth. At the same time, he thrust hard with his hips, fucking his prick into his niece’s mouth.

“Mmmmni,” she moaned around the thickness of the man’s prick.

She loved the feeling of the man fucking his long, thick prick into her mouth with long, lustfull thrusts. He was fucking her face expertly, and she loved it. She gripped his asscheeks and sucked his meat as hard as she could, wanting to give him as much pleasure as his mouth was giving her cunt.

Steve’s cum-laden balls banged lewdly against her chin. They ached with his heavy load of jism. While his niece continued to suck him off, Steve fucked the full length of his tongue in and out of her clenching fuckhole. Then, just when he thought she was about to come, he pulled his tongue out and licked her cunt up and down, enjoying the way it pulsed so obscenely against his tongue.

“Ummmmmffff,” Terry moaned, thrilling to the way her uncle was eating her little pussy. While she kept sucking his cock, her greedy fingers massaged his aching balls. Her other hand gripped the base of his prick, guiding his cock into her face as he continually fucked into her.

Her mouth moved up and down her uncle’s long, thick prick while he continued to fuck deep between her clenching lips. She used her strong throat muscles to clench the rod of hard prickmeat, holding his cockhead inside her throat. Then she unclenched her lips, letting him slide out again.

Steve raised his wet face from his niece’s cunt. “You’re really doing great with this lesson, baby! Keep it up! Keep sucking me hard!” he gasped before fucking his tongue back into the girl’s cunthole.

Her uncle’s obscene words thrilled Terry even more and she moaned with fuck-lust as she closed her lips tightly about his prick, sucking for all she was worth.

She could feel his prick trembling and twitching inside her hot, wet mouth, and she longed to feel his thick, hot cum shooting into her clenching throat.

Steve’s hips lifted higher and higher as his niece’s hands gripped his firm asscheeks. Her sucking mouth quickened its tempo, sucking harder and harder, waiting impatiently for his gushing, creamy cum.

As his niece sucked him off, Steve continued to eat her cunt, giving it all he had. He used every part of his mouth: his lips, tongue, and teeth. He had the teenager writhing and groaning on the ground as if she were losing her mind.

Suddenly, he wrenched his mouth away from her pussy and threw his head back, the veins of his neck standing out in bold relief as he let out a low growl of pleasure.

“Commmiiinnnggg!” he yelled, fucking his cock furiously into the girl’s sucking face.

“Umnunmffff,” Terry moaned in response, thrilled that her uncle was finally coming and that, at last, she would get the chance to taste and swallow his thick jizz.

Hot, creamy wads of jism shot from Steve’s prick. They splashed wetly into the teacher’s mouth, sliding down her throat, filling her belly warmly.

The thrill of feeling her uncle’s cum shooting into her hungry mouth took the girl over the edge and she came with him. Waves of heady, raw, incestuous ecstasy washed over the teenaged blonde, making her pussy tremble violently, and releasing gushes and gushes of fresh pussyjuice which flowed into Steve’s mouth for, once more, he was busily sucking her cunt as she came.

They sucked each other as they came. Terry wanted to milk her uncle’s cock of every single drop of his delicious-tasting jism. And Steve, thrilled to the taste of his niece’s girl-cum, sucked her cunt harder and harder, trying to get more.

“Ahhhhhmmmmm,” Terry groaned around the man’s spamming rod as he continued to come.

Steve mashed his face against the girl’s pussy, loving the way it spasmed orgasmically against his mouth. He lapped up all of the thickly flowing cuntjuice and licked her twitching little clit, feeling the clit vibrate against his tongue.

He fucked the full length of his tongue into her cunthole, and her pussymuscies immediately closed about the substitute cock. He moaned lustfully as he felt her orgasming pussy spasming against his mouth, his lips and his tongue.

As his climax began to ebb, Steve slowed his face-fucking thrusts to a slow, sensuous rhythm, deep movements that allowed his niece to wring out the last few drops of his thick cum.

“Mmmmm, good,” Terry moaned, feeling her uncle’s cock throbbing against her lips.

One of her hands was still on the base of his prick and she could feel his cockmeat jerking lewdly against her palm. Her other hand tightened on his naked hip, and her tongue swirled hotly around the quivering shaft of his softening prick.

Dribbles of thick cum trickled from the corners of Terry’s mouth, oozing lewdly down her chin. She gulped, swallowing again and again, wanting to taste even the traces of cum that coated her cheeks and tongue.

As their climaxes subsided, Steve pulled his tongue from his niece’s trembling cunt and he kissed her moist, swollen cuntlips.

“What do you think, babe? Ready for lesson number two?” he asked.

“Ohhhh, Steve, I want you to fuck me now!” Terry groaned.

“Just as I thought… you are ready for another lesson!” Steve said, grinning with delight.


Terry grabbed her uncle’s prick and began to pump up and down, wanting to make his cock super-hard.

“Mmmmm, yeah, Terry, that feels great! You’re really a fast learner!” the man cried, jerking his hips up from the ground to hump his prick into his niece’s grasping hand.

The pressure of his niece’s hand on his prick made Steve groan with sexual excitement and he focused his eyes on her little cunt, thinking that in just minutes the cock in the girl’s hand would be inside her little pussy.

Terry continued to squeeze and rub her uncle’s prick until a drop of pearly white precum oozed from the piss-slit. Then he placed his hand on hers, silently stopping her. It was time to fuck.

With a little squeal of joy, Terry fell onto her back and spread her legs far apart. Steve knelt between her thighs, which were visibly trembling, and thrust his hard cock into her moist little pussy.

“Abhhhh, yesss, Steve, fuck meee! Fuck me good and hard just like you fucked Mommy and Marie and Franny! Fuck meeee!” she whimpered, bending her knees and spreding her thighs even farther apart.

Terry began to thrust her ass up off the ground, humping her cunt up hard against Steve’s prick. She wrapped her arms tightly about the man’s heaving body. Her breathing was ragged and shallow, and her long, sharp fingernails scratched little jagged welts into his muscular back.

Her thighs opened shamelessly wide. She closed them eagerly around his hips as he continued to plunge his hard cock jnto her wet, twitching pussy.

“Ohhhh, Steve, you’re sooo big and hard! Shove I tall the way in! Fuck me good and hard, Steve, I love it!” the teenager gasped, hissing with passion.

“I’ll fuck you all right, you hot little whore! Take my cock, babe, take it… right up into that hot, hungry little cunt of yours!” Steve cried, driving his aching prick into her with pounding strokes. “Jeeesus, your little pussy’s so hot and tight… just like your sisters’ snatches… and your mother’s,” he panted, trying to catch his breath.

The blonde girl’s hands grasped her uncle’s hard-muscled shoulders. Her fingers slid down over his naked body and gripped the firm globes of his pumping asscheeks in both hands as he continued to fuck into her cunt with a hard, relentless rhythm.

She clenched her cuntmuscles around his reaming prick each time he fucked into her pussy. After a few spellbinding moments, she unclenched her pussymuscies, letting him slide out again.

Terry’s little cunthole was pouring out a steady stream of hot, thick fuck juice, wetting her uncle’s prick, soaking down his cock hairs.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” she wailed as more and more fuck-lust surged through her.

As the man continued to fuck his big, stiff prick into his niece’s squeezing cunthole, she reached back and grasped his asscheeks again. Parting them, she eased her middle finger up into his tight asshole.

“Aaarrrghhhhh!” he gurgled, thrilling to the lewd sound of his niece’s finger fucking into his asshole. What was even more of a turn-on for Steve was the fact that she was that turned on as he was.

“Ummmmm, ahhhh, unhhhhh, yesssss,” Terry sighed as she felt the full length of her uncle’s enormous prick sinking even deeper inside her fuckhole, which was aiready stretched out painfully but pleasurably.

She writhed obscenely beneath his hard, driving body, thrilling to his overpowering strength as he fucked her again and again. She arched her back high and threw her long legs around his back. She reached up and pulled his face down to hers, pressing her lips passionately against his. Their tongues locked together holly, and their saliva mingled erotically.

“Ohhhh, Steve, you’re fucking me good! I love your cock and I need it sooo bad… right where it is… deep in my cunt!” she wailed.

The young teenager whimpered and moaned, twisting and turning violently as her uncle fucked his big, throbbing prick into her tight, seething pussy. She took her finger from his aching asshole, and she squeezed the firm, muscled cheeks of his ass.

Steve rubbed his hairy chest a cross the girl’s huge tits, the hairs tickling her stiff nips and arousing her all the more. He kept pumping his cock meat luridly between the wet, swollen lips of his niece’s pussy. Her strong cuntmuscles immediately grabbed his large prick, holding his cock against her quivering cuntwalls for a few seconds. Then her pussymuscles loosened their lewd hold, and Steve slid his cock out of her horny cunt. He slid his prick almost all the way out between her bloated pussylips, until only his broad, pulsing cockhead remained. Then he fucked his entire prick back in again. Over and over again, he repeated his turn-on fucking strokes.

“Unnhhhh, arrrghhh, oh, God, Steve, that feels sooo good! I love it! My cunt’s on fire! Your cock’s sooo fuckin’ big and hard… it’s filling up my whole pussy! Fuck me till I come, Steve! Fuck meeeee!” she cried hysterically.

“Mmmmmm, tighten those muscles around my dick, babe… yeah, just like that… it feels great,” the man groaned, lowering his head to the girl’s chest and sucking her fat, stiff nipple into his hot, wet mouth.

Then he used both hands to jam Terry’s two tit-mounds hard together, and he rubbed the nipples against each other.

“Ohhhh! That feels fabulous!” Terry whined.

Steve lowered his head again and sucked the two big nips into his mouth, using the flat underside of his tongue to lick them up and down and all around.

He wrapped his lips tightly about the base of both of the nipples, still squeezing the two gigantic tits together, and he hollowed his checks inward, sucking as hard as possible.

“Yeeoawww! Love it!” Terry cried, still humping her ass up from the ground to meet the man’s brutal cock-thrusts.

“Oh, Steve, ever since… I met you the other day… I’ve been wanting you to fuck me,” Terry panted, sweating all over now as the two lovers began to fuck each other harder and faster. “And now… now that you’re actually fucking me… now that I finally feel your big cock in my pussy… ohhhhh, Steve, it feels even better than I dreamed!”

Steve chuckled triumphantly. It did wonders for his ego to have such a gorgeous, sexy teenaged girl lying beneath his hard body, telling him how much she loved the way he was fucking her, and begging him for more. And the fact that she was his own little niece just filled him with even more raging fuck-lust.

Terry’s eyes rolled back in her head, her breathing grew even more ragged, and her body twisted and writhed even more violently as her uncle fucked her closer and closer to the orgasm she needed so desperately.

“Yessss!” she hissed between, clenched teeth as her pussymuscles gripped his thick, throbbing cock.

Steve continued to pump his meat, between her bloated pussylips, feeling his juice-soaked cock gilding back and forth across her trembling cuntflesh. He knew that they would both be coming any second now, and he could hardly wait.

Terry was having the same thoughts. She felt her orgasm beginning, and she sensed that her uncle would be coming soon too. She thrilled to the idea of feeling her uncle’s jism gushing up into her little cunt while she came along with him.

“Ahhh, ohhh, unnnhhh, commmiiiinnnggg!” Terry cried only seconds later, squeezing her pussymuscies and asscheeks tighter and harder.

His niece’s lewd words and erotic movements beneath him took Steve over the edge and he began to come too. Terry felt the first wad of her uncle’s cum shooting into her spasming cunt and she screamed in excitement.

“Ohhhh, yesss, I can feel your cum shooting into my pussy now, Steve, more, more, it feels sooo good, shoot it all, Steve, I need it all!” the girl yelled.

Steve shot more and more hot cum as his niece’s pussymuscles seized his stabbing prick and squeezed all the jism out. He continued to fuck his cum-slick cock in and out of her cunthole until his balls were completely drained.

Steve pulled his cock out of his niece’s spasmbig pussy, and she clung to him tightly, crushing her firm tits against his chest.

“Ohhhh, that was fantastic, Steve!” she whispered into his ear.

Steve kissed her affectionately on the mouth and he patted her little ass which trembled against his hand.

“No wonder Mommy raved about you… you’re a great lover, Steve!” the girl murmured, running her fingertips lightly over his broad chest.

“Only your mom? What about your sisters?” he asked teasingly as he stroked her tits which were still slightly heaving.

“Don’t worry, Steve,” the teenager said with a laugh, “Marie and Franny also said that you were the greatest!”

“Whew! That’s a relief!” Steve said, and they both laughed and they hugged each other tightly.

“Let’s see now,” Terry said thoughtfully, “you’ve fucked Mommy. Marie. Franny. And now me. I guess that just leaves Sally. Will she be next?”

“You bet your ass!”

Terry laughed just as her uncle kissed her.

“Well, hello, there, you two, can anyone join in?” came a voice nearby.

Startled, Terry and Steve broke off their torrid kiss and looked up to see Louise standing there.



“Well, now that it’s been established just who I am… may I join in?” Louise asked huskily, already tearing her shorts and halter tap off so that, in a matter of seconds, she was as naked as her brother and daughter.

“I thought that you and Franny were getting it on,” Terry said with surprise.

“We were. And we did. But we finished and she’s taking a nap now. But me… I’m still horny. So, like I keep asking you two, can I join in?” Louise asked impatiently with a toss of her head.

“Hell, yes!” Steve cried, turning on even more.

“Sure, Mom!” Terry said eagerly.

“I want your cock up my ass, brother dear,” Louise murmured hoarsely.

“All riiiight!” Steve responded, his cock growing harder and thicker.

“Yeah, Mom, I love it!” Terry chimed in. Louise lay down on her side and her brother lay on his side behind her, facing her. With a little squeal of excitement, Terry took her place between her mother’s thighs.

Immediately, Steve began to work his swollen prick into his sister’s tight little ass.

“Mmmmm, yessss, that’s it, Steve, that’s it! Fuck my ass! You sure know how to use that great big cock of yours!” she cried, feeling his hands gripping her gigantic tits.

Terry giggled excitedly and darted her tongue out, licking the full length of his cock up her mother’s trembling cuntslit. She moaned happily as she tasted the woman’s delicious juice, already oozing out between her bloated cuntlips.

Louise reached down and pulled her daughter closer to her crotch.

“Suck me, honey! I can’t wait to feel your hot, wet mouth all over my snatch!” Louise exclaimed.

“Ohhh, yeah, Mommy!” Terry responded hotly. Her tongue worked up and down the older woman’s cuntslit a few more times. Then she speared her hard tongue into her mother’s trembling pussy. She stiffened her tongue just as much as possible, and then plunged it into Louise’s sensitive fuckhole, thrilled by the lewd sensation of her mother’s pussy trembling around her mouth.

Each time Steve thrust his prick into Louise’s tight little aashole, her body shuddered with the impact, forcing her twat even farther down over Terry’s tongue.

“Ummmm, yeah, that’s sweet, baby, really good! Tongue-fuck your mommy, Terry, make me come!” Louise screamed.

With a continuous series of aroused moans, Terry worked her greedy tongue deeper and deeper, pushing it all the way into her mother’s shuddering snatch. The teenager could feel her mommy’s cuntrnuscles closing tightly around her tongue, and the lewd sensation turned her on so powerfully that she knew she would come soon. She began to tongue-fuck the older woman as fast and deep as possible while Steve’s prick continued to reach deep into Louise’s ass.

“Ohhhh, yesss,” Louise whimpered, writhing on the ground, twisting and turning every which way as she was fully impaled in her ass by her brother’s cock and in her pussy by her daughter’s tongue.

Terry worked her tongue hard against her mother’s hard, twitching clit. She licked the woman’s clitflesh up, down, all around, loving the way it trembled so obscenely against her tongue. Finally, she closed her lips tightly about the base of Louise’s clit and she sucked forcefully.

“Ajeceec!” Louise yelled, her entire body bucking and jerking with savage pleasure as her fuckhole poured out gallons of fresh, warm juice.

Terry continued to suck on her mother’s clit for a few more seconds. Then she returned her tongue to Louise’s tight fuckhole. She felt her mother’s cuntwalls holding her tongue in place, and her own little pussy twitched with excitement. She knew that they would both be coming any second now. And, if her uncle’s moans and groans of lust were any indication, he would be soon joining them with his own climax.

Now, Terry took her tongue from Louise’s tight little pussyhole and licked up and down the clit a few times. Then she bit into the clitflesh, making her mother come.

“Commmmmiilnnngggg!” Louise yelled as a gusher of warm, sticky pussyjuice shot from her fuckhole and splashed into her daughter’s sucking mouth.

Suddenly, Steve shot his huge wad right up his sister’s twitching little bunghole.

“I’m coming too, you little sluts!” he bellowed.

Hearing her mother and uncle’s lewd orgasmic cries took the teenager over the edge and she came too.

“Meeee tooo! I’m commmmiiinnnggg toooo!” Terry squealed.

Just as Terry felt her orgasm subsiding, she felt her mother’s mouth on her cunt and her uncle’s cock thrusting into her mouth. She groaned with excitement and came again.


The next day, it was Sally’s turn to be “tutored” by her horny uncle.

“Okay, honey, today we’re going to learn a little geography,” Steve said, grinning at his niece as they sat side by side on the girl’s bed.

“Geography?” Sally asked disappointedly. She had been hearing all the exciting stories about her sisters’ fuck sessions with their uncle, and she had assumed that now it would be her turn to fuck the man.

“Yes, geography. First, we both have to undress,” he said, winking at her as he quickly stripped.

“My God!” Sally cried, staring at heruncle’s huge hard-on. “My sisters said you had a huge cock… but I had no idea!”

“That’s your first lesson, baby, learning about the area between my legs,” Steve said with a grin.

“Oh, I like your idea of geography!” Sally cried, standing up and stripping off her own clothes.

“Now, let’s see what you have here on your chest,” Steve murmured, moving closer to his niece and cupping both of her full tits in his hands, gently stroking the nipples with his fingertips.

“Those are my tits,” Sally said in a choked voice.

“Very good, darling,” Steve responded, still stroking her tits while the youngster squirmed in his incestuous embrace.

“And what do you have here between your legs?” he asked in a whisper as he put his hand on her crotch and gently massaged.

“Oh, God!”

“Come on now… I know you know the answer. If you want an A for your geography lesson, you’ll have to tell me what this is,” he said, thrusting one finger between the girl’s pussylips and stroking her clit.

“Unnhhhhh,” the teenager groaned, throwing her head back.

Her uncle still had one hand on her tits, moving from one mound to the other, fondling them erotically. His other hand continued to stroke and squeeze her cunt mound, his middle finger still thrusting in and out of her fuckhole.

“Come on, you can do it. What do you call this?” Steve asked with a chuckle, continuing to rub her pussy. He was so delighted that he was turning his niece on so powerfully she couldn’t talk that his cock hardened even more.

“Pussy. It’s my pussy,” the youngster sputtered.

“What else?” he urged.

“What do you mean?” she asked confusedly.

“Pussy’s one word for this thing between your legs. Give me another word,” he prompted, rubbing her mound harder and faster.

“Cunt,” she said finally, turning on even more at the sound of the word.

“Right. Anything else?” Steve asked as he took his finger out of her fuckhole and used it on her clit again, rubbing the little twitching bud hard and fast.

“Poontang. Snatch. Twat,” Sally gasped as she began to come.

A spray of cuntjuice shot from her fuckhole and drenched her uncle’s hand to the wrist as she came. She sagged weakly against him and he pushed her back onto her bed, straddling her chest as she shook and shuddered orgasmically beneath him.

“What are you gonna do with that?” she asked with a grin moments later as her orgasm subsided and she opened her eyes to see the man’s huge cock bobbing lewdly before her eyes.

“More geography, honey,” he responded with a twinkle in his eyes.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, look, here’s the valley,” he said, pushing both of her huge tits together.

“Oh, yeah, it is a valley between my tits,” Sally said, gazing down at her cleavage. It was deep, with the sides of her tits forming mountains that rose steeply.

“Right. Here, you hold your tits together like this. Just leave this little valley so I can get my cock through it,” he said, gripping his prick by the base and beginning to guide it into the tempting-looking tit-valley.

“Ohhhbh, so this is geography?” she asked with a laugh as she reached out with both hands and held her tits together the way her uncle showed her.

“Sure it is… valleys… mountains that’s geography, isn’t it?” he asked with a grin.

“Of course it is!” Sally cried as she stared down at the big pulsing cockhead beginning to move through the valley between her gigantic tits.

“Tit-fuck me, baby!” the man growled.

Slowly, the teenager began to tit-fuck her uncle, rubbing her tits against his prick, the friction making his cock grow harder and thicker.

“Mmmmm, you’re doin’ great, honey, but go a little faster?” Steve demanded, beginning to fuck his dick between his niece’s big, throbbing tits.

Sally laughed excitedly as she rubbed her tits faster and harder against the man’s big cock. She felt her little cunt rowing hot and wet as she turned on more and more.

Steve moved back and forth on top of his niece’s naked tits, as he felt his cum building. He loved the erotic sensation of his niece’s big tits rubbing away on either side of his throbbing cock. And he loved looking down and seeing her big, blood-engorged nipples, which were now visibly pulsating.

By now Sally was rubbing her tits so hard against her uncle’s prick that his meat was rubbing her tit-flesh raw. But she didn’t mind one bit. In fact, she loved it. She saw his cock twitch and jerk suddenly, and she knew that he was about to come. She grew more and more excited, longing to see and taste his cum.

“Unnhhh, gonna pop, baby!” Steve cried seconds later.

“Ohbhh, goody!” she cried breathlessly. “Aim it toward my mouth, Steve! Please! I have to taste your jizz.” She opened her mouth wide and waited impatiently for her uncle’s cum to fill her mouth to overflowing.

She tit-fucked his prick faster and harder, urging him to come. Her cunt poured out its hot thick juice which ran down her legs now.

“Ohhhhh, hurry up and come, Steve! I can’t wait! I want to feel all your cum shooting inside my mouth!” she cried.

His niece’s lewd words triggered Steve’s orgasm and he came hard.

Holding his prick with both hands, he aimed his cock like a firehose toward the girl’s wide open mouth. He shot a huge, hot load of the thick, creamy good straight out his cum-slit and into her waiting mouth.

“Ohhhhh, ummmm,” she moaned, swallowing quickly, trying to take it all in.

The man’s prick continued to pump out more and more of the thick sauce. After she managed to swallow the first few wads, her uncle’s jizz began to spill out from between her trembling lips and down onto her heaving tits.

“I love it, Steve!” she gasped. “It tastes soooo good! Keep shooting, Steve!”

The teenager’s pussy exploded in orgasm. She felt her rigid clit vibrate forcefully as her climax crashed through her, releasing still more pussyjuice, which completely filled her cunt, ran lewdly down her legs, and fell onto the sheets below.

Finally, Steve’s cock began to soften until his prick had reached a semi-hard state and there it stayed. He sat back on his haunches, grinning down at his horny niece while she reached out and scooped as much of his jizz from her tits as she could, then stuck her cum-smeared fingers into her mouth, sucked them hungrily, and closed her eyes in pleasure.

“You hot little bitch!” he cried, patting her tits.

“Yeah! All us Mathews are hot!” she sang out.

“So I’ve been discovering,” Steve said with a chuckle.

“Well, how did I do with my geography lesson?” Sally asked with a mischievous little smile.

“You did very, very well, honey. Now it’s time for math,” Steve said softly.

“Math?” Sally asked, wrinkling her nose distastefully. “That sounds like a drag!”

“Not the way I teach it!” Steve said.

“Oh… sounds interesting,” Sally said, growing excited all over again. “How do you teach math?”

“Well, for starters… I fuck you and you have to count all the orgasms I give you,” Steve said.

“Ohhhhh, the new math! I love it!” Sally cried.

“On second thought, why don’t you get on top of my dick and fuck me? But you’ll still have to count the number of orgasms my cock gives you… if you want to pass your mathematics lesson today,” Steve said.

“Ohhh, I love to fuck on top!” Sally squealed as she watched her uncle lying down on his back.

She eagerly squatted over his muscular body, her wet little cunt only inches from his throbbing hard-on. Trembling with anticipation, she reached down and grabbed his pulsing prick with both hands while slowly lowering herself.

“Go for it! Ram my big cock up that hot little pussy of yours!” the man groaned, humping his crotch up to urge her to fuck him.

The beautiful young teenager positioned his large, throbbing cockhead right up against her tight little cuntslit, spreading her knees wide at the same time.

Steve gazed up at the horny young girl, watching her eyes glaze over with a lewd look of fucklust as she worked his wide cockhead more firmly between her gripping cuntlips. Her pussy gripped his dick so tightly it took all his self-control not to shoot off right then and there.

Then, with a brief little smile at her uncle, the teenager jammed her small, tight cunt down hard on his big, throbbing cock. He jerked with lust as he felt his prick plunging deeply into the girl’s wet cunthole.

“Ohhhh, yesss,” Sally groaned as she threw her head back. She had never felt anything so exciting in her life as her uncle’s huge prick completely filling her pussyhole.

“Good girl,” Steve panted.

Sally sank farther down on his stiff cock until her swollen pussylips were crushed against the base of his prick. At last, she had the full length of her uncle’s cock all the way up her pussyhole.

“You got it, baby! Now fuck me! Fuck your uncle, you sexy cunt!” he ordered.

“Ohhhh, yeah, Steve, I’ll fuck you hard! I’ll fuck your brains out with my little wet cunt until you have no choice but to shoot your sweet cum up my twat!” Sally shouted, her lust-glazed eyes rolling back in her head.

Her pussy felt so exquisitely, obscenely full.

“Mmmmmm, you’ve got the best prick ever, Steve! I love the way it feels up my cunt!” she groaned.

She used her thighs and ass to raise and lower herself as she worked her cunt up and down over the man’s throbbing cockshaft.

Sally raised herself almost completely off his cock, until only his pulsing prickhead was still in the grip of her cuntlips. Then she lowered herself again until his hard cockmeat was totally buried in her hot, trembling pussy. Over and over, she fucked herself with her uncle’s prick, feeling another orgasm growing.

Her cunt gushed a flood of hot pussyjuice, which oozed out her flowing cunt and trickled down her legs. Her uncle’s prick was slick with her fuck juices as she continued to fuck his big prick in and out of her small, tight pussyhole.

“Ohbhh, unnnhhh, you’re doin’ great, baby!” the man yelled as he reached up and pinched her big, throbbing nips, making them even harder and more pointy.

By now, the teenager was humping up and down on Steve’s prick expertly, using all the sexual skills she had learned from her daddy a long time ago.

As she fucked her cunt downward, Steve lifted his ass up off the bed and slammed his crotch against hers. The teenager clenched and unclenched her cuntmuscles as hard as she could, hugging her uncle’s prick to her cunt tightly, thrilling them both more and more.

Suddenly she came, and her entire body stiffened on top of him.

“You’re coming, aren’t you?” the man asked thickly as he felt the fluttering of her cunt-flesh around his prick.

“Yesssss, commmmiinnngg!” she screeched.

“Start counting!” Steve said with a throaty chuckle.

“Ohhhh, fuck me, Steve, fuck meeee!” she whimpered as her first orgasm began to subside and another one rose up to take its place. The girl was experiencing one climax after another now, the powerful orgasim crashing through her so fast and furiously that she had trouble telling where one left off and another one began.

“Yeah, baby, yeah! I can feel you cuming like crazy! Keep fucking my dick, baby! Ram that hot little coming pussy of yours over my prick!” Steve yelled, humping his ass even higher off the bed, grinding his crotch against hers harder and harder with each fuck-thrust.

Steve’s cock twitched and throbbed inside his niece’s hot, spasming pussy, about to come. Her cunt slammed up and down on his prick, fucking him over and over, more and more brutally with each cunt-thrust of her crotch.

The man’s loaded balls began to tighten and he groaned, jerking his ass off the bed, digging his fingers into the girl’s tits as he humped back against her fucking thrusts.

With each downward thrust of her tight cunt, he fucked his bursting prickshaft into her clenching pussy. Finally, his hot cum blasted into her, spurting fully into her tight little pussyhole in thick, creamy spasms.

“Yesssss,” she hissed, all but losing her mind when she felt the heady, sweet ecstasy of her uncle’s scalding blasts of jism spurting deep inside her cunt.

And still she came. Her stiff clit pulsed lewdly against the man’s spurting cock, which was still pistoning inside her pussy as they both came. Gallons of hot pussyjuice poured from her cunt and flooded his cock, mingling with his thick cum.

As uncle and niece came together, they pressed their lips together and mashed their tongues against each other, tongue-fucking each other’s mouth over and over.

The air about the incestuous couple was filled with the musky aroma of cum and pussyjuice, and the room was filled with the wet, slurping sounds of cock fucking into pussy. The smells and sounds just turned the man and his niece on all the more, prolonging their orgasms.

When they stopped coming, Sally finally sat still on her uncle’s lap, his softening prick still buried up inside her cunt.

“Okay, time to see if you passed your math lesson or not… how many times did you come?” Steve asked.

“Oh, God, I came so many times that I lost count! I got up to ten and then I just lost count!” the teenager gasped.

“Then you failed your math lesson,” Steve said sadly.

“Oh, Steve, isn’t there anything I can do about that?” Sally asked, knowing that her uncle was just teasing her.

“Well, there is one thing… and only one thing you can do about it if you still want to pass your math lesson,” Steve said.

“Oh, I do want to pass it, Steve! What can I do?” Sally asked eagerly.

“You’ll have to retake the course!” Steve said, grinning up at his niece and she squealed with excitement as she fucked his cock beginning to harden inside her.


Many months went by, and, during that time, Steve proved to be an excellent tutor for his nieces. He and the four young teenagers fucked every chance they got. Sometimes one of the girls, and at times two or three of them at the same time made it with the uncle of whom they were becoming more fond. And, on one memorable occasion, all four of the girls, their mother, and Steve had a wild sex-filled orgy that lasted all night and well into the next day.

Steve became so much a part of the household that they all wondered how they had ever managed without him. Life without the bigcocked man who brought so much pleasure into their lives would be unthinkable.

It was in this frame of mind that Louise shared her daughters’ latest report cards with her brother. They looked at all four of the reports together, growing more and more pleased. Then Louise threw them down onto the stand near her bed and smiled up at her tall, handsome brother.

“There’s the proof!” she said, laughing.

“What proof?” Steve asked, gazing down at his beautiful sister who was sitting on her bed, clad only in her sheer nightgown.

“These report cards are proof that you are one hell of a great tutor! All A’s and B’s! It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen report cards like these for my girls! Like I say, darling, you are one terrific tutor!” Louise responded warmly.

“Oh, come on, Sis, we both know the kind of tutoring I’ve been doing!” the man laughed as he sat down next to her.

“But that’s just it, don’t you see, Steve? What the girls have needed the most has not been the kind of education that comes with textbooks and long hours of studying. They’re all very smart and they always did well in their studies until Gary and I began to have trouble, that is,” Louise said.

“I don’t get it. What are you saying?” Steve asked with a slight frown.

“Well, see, when Gary and I began to have all those problems, we fought all the time and there was more tension in this house than the girls should have had to deal with. We all used to be such a close, happy family. But during that time of strife… well, everyone got all tense and edgy, and the girls’ grades reflected the amount of stress they were all under,” Louise explained.

“You mean, their schoolwork suffered from the strain they felt between their mother and father?” Steve asked.

“That’s putting it mildly,” Louise said with a wry laugh. “All of their grades plummeted and all four of my daughters actually failed at least one subject apiece, sometimes two!”

“Wow! Pm surprised. They’re all so bright,” Steve murmured thoughtfully.

“Exactly. They’re all very bright. And they had all done very well in their past studies. That’s how Gary and I realized that it had to be their emotions that were causing their problems in school.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard of that happening. And I have had a few students myself who were very bright but just didn’t do well in school while their parents were going through a divorce or something,” Steve said.

“Exactly! And that’s why I’m so grateful to you, my dear brother. I could have brought in any number of tutors and they could not have worked the magic with my daughters that you have,” Louise said.

“What do you mean, Sis?”

“What they needed was someone to love them, to make them feel worthwhile and self confident. They need a healthy dose of male attention, especially from someone like you who genuinely cares about them and their feelings. And that’s precisely what you have been giving them, Steve. They don’t need your help with their studies. They needed, and still need, your love and affection,” Louise said, her voice filled with gratitude.

“Oh, I see what you mean now. I’m glad I’ve been able to help them. They’ve helped me too. You all have. I had no home and no real future when I first came here. Now, I feel I’m really a part of this family, as if I really belong,” Steve said sincerely.

“Oh, you do belong here, Steve, darling! I hope you’ll never leave us!” Louise cried with tears in her eyes.

“I never will, Sis,” Steve responded as he hugged his sister to him.

“Oh, God, your cock’s so hard! Let me suck it!” Louise cried, slipping down to the floor on her knees and unzipping the man’s fly.

She hauled his big prick out into the open and eagerly sucked his cock into her mouth.

“Oh, yes, Lou, suck it! Suck my dick!” Steve called out, humping his ass off the bed, feeding his meat to his sister’s hungry mouth.

Moaning with lewd excitement, the woman ran her hot, wet mouth over his entire prick while he squirmed about on the bed. Louise sucked his cock as hard as she could, nibbling on the sides of the pulsing cock-meat.

“Suck harder, Louise! Suck me till I come!” he demanded.

Her brother’s obscene words turned the woman on all the more and she sucked more and more of his prick down her throat. While she sucked him off, he ran his hands all over her tits under her gown so he could stroke her naked flesh.

Louise felt Steve’s prick strike the back of her throat. She let his cockmeat slide down, beginning to deep-throat him. She swallowed hard, feeling his satiny cockhead slide easily down her throat. She sucked and swallowed hard, forcing even more of hot throbbing cock down her throat. She couldn’t wait to feel his cum filling her mouth and shooting into her hungry belly.

When she had swallowed so much of her brother’s prick that her nose was pressing against his balls and her mouth was brushing his curly prick hairs, she began to clench and unclench her throat muscles, giving the man the best head possible.

“Ohhhh, Louise, that feels terrific! Sooooa good! What a great sucking mouth you’ve got! Suck me as hard as you can, baby!” Steve groaned, still rubbing her naked tits as he continued to hump his ass off the bed and drive his hips forward, fucking his sister’s face with his long, thick cock.

“Ummmffff,” Louise responded, her mouth too stuffed full of meat to be able to say anything more. She was expertly deep-throating the man. She clenched and unclenched her strong throat muscles around his big prick. She loved the feel of his moving hands on her throbbing tits. It just excited her more, making her suck him off even harder and faster.

Steve’s prick twitched and jerked, and he knew that he was about to come. He could feel his sister’s throat muscles working savagely on his pumping cockshaft, trying to milk all the fuck cream from his cock.

Louise was making loud wet, slurping sounds as she sucked on her brother’s cock, and the lewd sounds turned them both on even more.

“Suck it, baby!” Steve cried, half out of his mind with fuck-lust. “Suck my cock!”

Louise felt her brother’s prick jerk violently and continued to work her throat muscles, clenching, then unclenching, urging him to come.

She continued to suck him off. She swirled her tongue around his prick as her head bobbed up and down, faster and, faster as her brother and sister approached their much-needed orgasms.

Steve groaned a long, mournful sound and moved his hips frantically, humping his ass up more and more violently from the bed, needing to come. He couldn’t wait to pump his huge load of cum into his horny sister’s waiting mouth.

“Ohhhh, unnhhhh, Lou, Lou,” he chanted as she slipped her hands into his pants and cupped his heavy, churning balls, rotating them in her palm.

She was sucking her brother’s big cock faster and faster now, feeling his prick bounce off the roof of her mouth and stab deeply into her throat. His grunts and groans of incestuous joy were music to the woman’s ears as her little cunt oozed out more and more of her hot fuck cream.

“Ohhhh, Lou, that’s sooo fuckin’ good! Make me come, you hot little bitch! Suck me off! Suck meeee!” he shouted, his face filled with lust as he strained for release.

He fucked his sister’s mouth, pumping his prick hard and fast in and out of her mouth. The woman was overwhelmed by a hot, raging desire that swept over her entire body as her brother’s prick swelled even bigger and thicker inside her mouth.

Her thick fuck juice overflowed from her pussy and began trickling down her legs. She longed to feel her brother’s cum filling her entire mouth.

“I’m almost there, Louise! Suck me haaaard! Eat me, Lou!” he yelled.

She sucked harder and deeper on his cockshaft as he moaned over and over. She massaged the man’s balls and bit gently into the fleshy part of his prick.

“Ohhhhh, that’s fantastic!” he cried as he thrust his fingers into her hair, pushing her mouth down even farther over his prick. His entire body tensed as his prick exploded in his sister’s mouth.

The long-awaited white cum suddenly exploded from his cockhead, shooting in a gusher into the woman’s sucking mouth. Another thick, hot gusher of jizz shot down her throat and splashed into her belly, filling Louise with a thrilling incestuous joy as her own orgasm began.

Spurt after spurt of creamy jizz shot into her mouth, slid warmly down her throat, spilling into her tummy. At the same instant, her pussy exploded and spasmed in orgasm, sending wave after wave of raw, hot forbidden ecstasy washing over the woman.

“Oh, God, that was great,” she moaned, slipping his softening cock from her mouth.

“It sure was, baby, it sure was,” Steve murmured, falling back onto the bed.

Louise rose and climbed up on the bed, cuddling close to her brother. For a few moments, brother and sister lay silently, fondling each other now and then.

“Darling, I have some good news,” Louise finally said as she hugged her brother and smiled with anticipation of what she was about to say.

“What’s that?” Steve asked lazily, idly tracing the outline of his sister’s tits with one hand.

“My divorce from Gary…”

“What about it? You filed for divorce months ago,” Steve said.

“It’s final now.”

“What?” Steve asked, sitting up and staring at his sister with a big, delighted grin on his face.

“That’s right. I just got the final papers yesterday!” said and they hugged and laughed.

“That’s great. Now I can ask you to marry me,” Steve said, kissing his sister on the mouth.

“Oh, right,” she responded, thinking that her brother must be joking.

“I’m serious, Sis!” he protested, looking hurt.

“But how can you be serious? Have you forgotten that we’re brother and sister? How in the world could we ever marry?” Louise asked as she brushed a wisp of hair back from the man’s forehead.

“Easily. I know someone… you know, the friend who visited me here a few weeks ago?”

“Yeah, I remember. He seemed sort of shady or something,” Louise said, shivering.

“Yeah, that’s the guy,” Steve said, laughing at his sister’s accurate description of his old childhood friend. “Well, anyway, I can give him a call and I know that he’ll know someone who will marry us, no questions asked. You know… someone who can help us get around the blood test requirements, and all of that. He’ll get us a license and everything.”

“Well, okay, that part sounds fine. But what about what people will say? I mean a brother and sister getting married!” Louise cried.

“Listen, Sis, people who really know us don’t have to know we’re married… and people we ye yet to meet don’t have to know we’re brother and sister!” he said triumphantly.

“Genius! My brother’s a genius!” Louise laughed as she ruffled the man’s hair affectionately.

“So, you see, there are ways we can get married… if, that is what we want. I know it’s what I want, Louise. I’m really happy here with you and the girls and I’d like to be a father to them, not just an uncle,” Steve said.

“Oh, Steve, yes, darling, I want it too! I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than to become your wife!” Louise said, kissing the man gently.

“Then it’s settled? We’ll get married?” Steve asked eagerly.

“Of course it’s settled! You call your friend and get things all arranged and we’ll get married!” Louise said.

“Great! Just wait until we tell the girls. They’ll be so happy and excited for us!” the man said. “Now… it’s time for us to celebrate our engagement!”

“What should we do to celebrate?” Louise asked innocently.

“Why, I’m surprised you even have to ask, Sis. We’ll do the thing that you and I both enjoy doing more than anything else in the world!” Steve said.

“You mean fucking?”

“I mean fucking!”

In a matter of seconds, the man and his sister were completely naked with Steve kneeling between Louise’s legs. He rubbed his big, throbbing prick up and down the swollen folds of the woman’s pussylips, making her moan and writhe on the bed with hot, lewd pleasure.

Her cuntjuices gushed out from her pussy, lewdly coating her brother’s cock. She panted hard, throwing her head from side to side in a fit of fuck-lust and impatience.

She knew that her brother was deliberately toying with her, teasing her to the brink of madness with his huge cock. She loved every minute of it, but she longed to feel his big prick smashing into her pussy.

Steve lowered his face to hers, and she eagerly pressed her mouth against his, feeling his tongue rubbing against hers. They passionately kissed over and over. She could feel his prick pushing against her cunt.

“Ohhhhh, hurry up and fuck me, Steve!” she begged.

He covered her mouth with his again, his tongue fucking her mouth, their saliva mingling. Thrilling tremors of desire and pleasure swept over the woman’s body, and she panted harder and harder, feeling the tip of his cock slip between her puffy cuntlips and press hard against her clit.

She thrashed about on the bed, humping her ass wildly, trying to force more of her brother’s throbbing cock into her hungry little pussy.

“Now, baby, now I’m gonna fuck you,” Steve whispered hoarsely, letting his smooth, rounded cockhead slip into her tight fuckhole.

“Unnhhh, yessss, darling, yesss, fuck meeee!” she wailed, squeezing her cuntmuscles tightly about his cock as she felt his prick entering her little hole at long last.

Her cunt was wet with her juices so that the man had no problem slipping his big prick into her snatch. He slipped his prick out of her cunt and, pausing for just a few seconds before ramming her really hard with his big cock, he lowered his face to her chest and tongue-kissed her trembling tits, each in turn.

“Ohhhh, yessss,” Louise moaned, writhing on the bed, beside herself with fuck-lust. She was babbling incoherently now and tears of happiness and lust ran unchecked down her face and she began to sob.

Steve brought his hips forward, with more force this time. His sister’s slick little cunthole opened before him and, again, her strong pussymuscles grasped his prick hard and hugged it tightly against her cuntwalls.

“Ohhhh, baby,” he groaned with pleasure at the tight, clasping caress. He wedged his prick in deeper and deeper, moving his hips in a slow, sexy dance as he fed the full length into his sister’s tight little hole.

“Unnhhhh! Yessss! I can feel your whole cock up my cunt! Ohhhh, Jeesus God, it feels great! Fuck me, Steve, fuck me hard!” the woman shixnpercd uncontrollably.

Suddenly Louise lowered one hand between her legs and, the next time her brother pulled his prick almost ill the way out of her pussy, she curled her fingers around the hot cockshaft. His prick throbbed lewdly in her hand and she moaned with excitement.

“Keep your hand there while I shove it back in,” Steve groaned, loving the feel of his sister’s soft hand wrapped around his fucking cock.

He shoved his hips forward more slowly this time so his sister could feel his prick with her hand as he entered her trembling little pussy.

She felt the broad, smooth cockhead pressing her cuntlips wider apart. She felt his cock sinking into her drenched pussy and, finaily, she felt his prick nudging the tight cunthole open.

As he sank the full length of his prick into her cunt, her hand dropped to his balls. She gently stroked the churning nuts, feeling them pulsing and jerking in her hands. She could tell that her brother had a huge load of cum just for her.

“Ohhhhh, darling, it feels soooo good,” Louise sobbed, clutching his broad, powerful shoulders and puffing him closer to her writhing body.

Slowly, Steve pulled his cock almost all the way out of her slick cunt. Then, he plunged back in again, as hard as he could, just the way she wanted.

“Alicccee!” she hollered. “That’s it, just like that! I love it!”

She humped her ass up from the bed to meet her brother’s savage fuck-strokes. She could feel his cockmeat pulsing deep inside her pussyhole, and she groaned over and over from the sheer pleasure of her brother fucking her.

Steve reached beneath his sister and helped her lift her ass up, licking and nibbling on the soft white mounds of her tits at the same time. “Mmmm, like always, you’re a good and tight fuck, baby!” he groaned as he felt her strong cuntmuscles clasping about his cock as he fucked into her fuckhole. Then, after pausing for a few seconds, she loosened her muscles and let him slide back out.

He dug his strong fingers into her trembling asscheeks, holding her still as he fucked his cock forward with quick, strong thrusts.

“Ahhhhh, soooo good,” she babbled over and over.

Warm fuck juice trickled out from between her swollen cuntlips and dribbled lewdly down her quaking thighs after completely coating her brother’s cock.

The man began to fuck her hard and fast now. He knew that his climax was not far away and he wanted them to came together. He fucked forward and back with short, fast, brutal movements. Each time he let his cock go into her a little deeper, the rigid sides of his prick burned and bruised her tight cuntwalls.

They were both panting hard now and their bodies were soaked with sweat as Steve continued to fuck his cock in and out of his sister’s pussy, feeling her strong cuntmuscles hugging tightly each time he entered her.

Louise humped her ass up off the bed, fucking her pussy back at her brother’s prick. Each time he thrust his hips forward, she slammed her crotch up hard against his, mashing their crotch hairs together as they fucked harder and faster, straining for the orgasm they both needed so urgently now.

Steve lowered his head and let his wet tongue trail over the woman’s bursting tits, neck, face, belly. She moaned and tried to capture his tongue in her mouth when he licked near her lips.

Finally, she succeeded and they kissed again, more and more passionately as their lust rose to new heights, both of the incestuous lovers turned on by the fact that soon they would be related not only as brother and sister, but as husband and wife.

Louise reached up and raked her sharp fingernails across her brother’s broad, muscular back as he continued to plunge his strong ass between her thighs. The juicily wet sounds of their fuck session turned her on incredibly and she began to come.

“Ohhhhhh! Commmiinnngg!” she squealed as she felt icy-hot tingling sensations shooting out from her twitching clit. Hot, erotic waves of pleasure shot through her loins and she worked her hips feverishly, rubbing back hard against the stabbing friction of her brother’s expert fucking. As her orgasm peaked, her pussyhole released torrents of warm juices which flooded her cunt and all but drowned the man’s still-fucking prick.

She tossed her body wildly on the bed beneath her brother’s muscular body. Her breathing was harsh and labored and her tongue was hanging out of her slack mouth. Her swollen cuntlips squeezed down around the base of Steve’s prick and, groaning, he began to come too.

“Yeah, baby, yeah, squeeze my cock! I’m gonna pop!” Steve bellowed as his bursting cock quickly shot out several large wads of thick, hot cum which splashed wetly into his sister’s spasining pussy.

“Mmmmmm, yessss, I can feel your cum burning into my pussy? Oh, God, I love it!” the woman cried as her brother’s cock continued to fuck in and out of her ravaged cunt.

Then, just as their orgasms subsided, the door burst open and the four Mathews girls ran in, all naked and giggling. They jumped onto the bed with Louise and Steve and hugged them tightly, rubbing their tits and pussies all over the startled couple.

“What the…” Steve sputtered while Louise remained totally speechless with shock.

“We could hear you guys fucking… and it turned us on,” Sally cooed, fondling her mother’s tilts.

“Yeah, and we felt left out,” Franny added, letting her stiff nipples graze along her uncle’s naked back as he remained locked inside his sister’s cunt.

“We wanted to join in… we want to make it with you two!” Marie chimed in, fondling Steve’s balls.

“Yeah! After all, the best, time we ever had was when we all made it together!” Terry said, fingerfucking her little horny pussy.

“Well, I’m glad you’re here,” Steve said weakly as he finally pulled his semi-hard prick out of Louise’s cunt. “Because, we have some great news for you. Your mother and I are gonna get married just as soon as possible!”

“But how?” the four girls all asked in unison.

“No,” Steve said, holding up a hand as if to ward off their questions. “No questions right now. There’ll be enough time for that later on. All you need to know now is that it’s going to happen… your mother and I are most definitely going to be married!”

“Ohhhh, goody!” Sally cried, “’cause then you’ll be our daddy, and fucking your own daddy is even more fun than fucking your uncle!”

“Yeah, that’s right!” the other three girls cried as, together, all four of the Mathews girls made a dive for Steve’s cock.

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