The Housewife Went Wild

In many cases today’s marriage is seen as a business and/or social arrangement between consenting adults rather than a continuing expression of love.

The results are obvious: casual, promiscuous infidelity; a lack of concern for the partner and the children; the breakdown of the nuclear family; and the use of others for thrill seeking — and often deviant — purposes as an end in itself instead of as a means of showing devotion and affection. Too often a loving veneer masks a core of, at best, unconcern, at worst, depravity.

THE HOUSEWIFE WENT WILD is the story of one middle-aged wife, outwardly normal, who discovers an eagerness to satisfy her lustful cravings in the arms of other men. A shocking story, true, but also a mirror of our times.


Toni Weston looked mighty pleased with herself as she climbed out of her perfumed bath and began to dry herself. Her husband Dave had called half an hour before to tell her that he was taking a business client out to dinner and that he would be late getting home because they had a lot to discuss later.

Toni knew all about Dave’s evening business engagements. She had worked for him before they were married and they had fucked a lot during the year she had been on the company’s payroll. He had told her the day before that he had appointed a new eighteen-year-old secretary and that she had one of the most beautiful figures he had ever seen, so it wasn’t hard for Toni to figure out the sort of business Dave had in mind.

The reason she looked so pleased as she dried herself after her bath was that Fred and his wife Sonny were coming over for the evening. They were great fun, and Toni and Dave had had lots of sweaty sessions with them, but tonight Toni would have them to herself.

Toni threw the towel aside and looked at herself in the mirror. Her legs were long and slender, her thighs lovely and shapely. She stroked her thighs, then gave a slight moan as her fingers touched her cunt-lips.

She ran her hands over her smooth, flat stomach and brought them up under her jutting tits. She had a tit in each hand, and she let her thumbs stroke her sensitive pink nipples. She gave a voluptuous moan and ground her thighs together to massage her aching cunt. She tossed her head to send her blonde hair cascading down her back. Her blue eyes sparkled and she pursed her lips.

“Oooooh, am I feeling sexy tonight!” she murmured to herself.

She took a red lipstick and gently stroked her nipples to heighten their color, then opened her legs and just touched along the edges of her cunt-lips with it. She fluffed up the soft, curly hair on her pussy before putting on a brief G-string. The little triangle of silk just covered her cunt-slit, and the hairs of her cunt peeked out from around it like a fringe. She put on a backless dress. The dress was slit almost to her navel and showed the shape of her tits and the deep valley of her cleavage to perfection. It fell to just above her knees.

She combed her hair and put a little makeup on her face, concentrating mainly on her eyes and her sexy lips. Then she slipped into some shoes.

“Here’s to a happy evening,” she murmured. She went downstairs and checked that there were drinks in the refrigerated cocktail cabinet and put out bowls of nuts and chips.

When the visitors arrived, Fred looked Toni up and down and gave a low whistle.

“Toni, you look good enough to eat!”

Sonny smiled. “She sure does and here’s one girl who will be doing some feasting!”

Fred put an arm around Toni’s waist and put his other hand up her dress and felt her crotch. “How is it?”

“Well, how does it feel?” Toni asked. “Like my cock does — just rarin’ to go!” Fred dropped to his knees and lifted Toni’s dress. He looked at the G-string for a moment before pressing his face against it. The delicate aroma of cunt-smell reached his nose. He sniffed deeply.

“Sonny, come and smell this beautiful flower,” he said.

“I love that cunt smell,” Sonny whispered as she dropped to her knees and pressed her lips to Toni’s thighs.

Toni shuffled her legs apart and giggled as she saw the heads of her two friends bobbing under her dress.

She stood for a minute or two while Sonny and Fred kissed around the tops of her thighs and her cunt mound before they turned their heads under her dress and kissed each, other.

“Come along,” Toni said, stepping back from the two kneeling bodies. “Just be patient, I’m going to get some drinks.”

“I’ll come and help you,” Sonny said, getting to her feet. “You’ll have to watch Fred tonight.”

“He took his cock out and wanted to give me one down near Redondo Beach. I told him that you’d want all that hot cum you could get. But hey, where’s Dave, isn’t he home yet?”

“No, he’ll be late. He said he has a business appointment.”

Fred spoke up in surprise. “I saw him in his office this afternoon and he didn’t say anything about a business appointment.”

Toni chuckled.

“But did you see his new secretary?” Toni asked.

“Did I what,” Fred said, licking his lips. “Her name’s Amanda and she’s got great tits!”

“Which explains,” Toni said, “why Dave isn’t home!”

“Why didn’t he bring her home?” Sonny asked.

“Because, my dear,” Toni said, handing Sonny a drink and taking a seat beside her, “I guess Dave has to initiate her gently. I understand she’s only eighteen, and if she suddenly found Fred pulling off her panties, or you down sucking her cunt, well… be a surprise to her, to say the least!”

“From what I saw of her, having her panties taken off and her cunt sucked would be no surprise,” Fred said.

“There are other things she might find a bit unconventional,” Toni said. “Like how Dave likes to watch other men fucking me.”

Sonny giggled.

“And how our husbands bring other men home to fuck us,” Sonny said.

Fred, who was sitting on the other side of Toni, suddenly put his drink on a table, threw an arm around her and kissed her. His free hand rubbed the inside of her thigh. She didn’t object and parted her legs.

Sonny put her lips to Toni’s nipple and stroked it with her tongue, then she took in a mouthful of tit and sucked it greedily. Fred had pushed aside Toni’s little G-string and his fingers were swirling about in her hot, syrupy cunt-juices.

Toni lay with her head against the back of the couch and moaned as glorious, exciting feelings coursed through her.

“Oh my God, you two are the greatest seducers a girl could meet! I could just lie here and be fucked and sucked all night!”

“Well, I want to fuck this tight little pussy of yours Toni, but I can’t get at it,” Fred said.

Sonny stood up, held her hands out to Toni and helped her to her feet, but before she began to undress her, she threw her arms around Toni and kissed her. The two girls pound their mouths together until Fred pulled them apart.

“I can’t get at Toni’s cunt while you two are locked together,” he said.

Sonny caught the hem of Toni’s dress and peeled it over her head and Toni stood with just her little G-string to cover her body.

He picked up the damp little triangle, stuffed it into his mouth and sucked hard.

“How do they taste?” Sonny asked. “Just as lovely as Toni’s beautiful cunt!” he gasped.

Toni turned to Sonny and lifted up the front of her dress, but Sonny just laughed as she saw the surprised expression on Toni’s face.

Sonny didn’t have any panties on. The sight of a triangle of dark cunt-hair and the promise of Sonny’s cunt-slit which she could just see, made Toni squeal with delight.

“That’s what I wanted to see,” she said, dropping her hand to Sonny’s cunt and letting her fingers poke into Sonny’s pussy after combing through her mass of cunt-hair.

Fred moved around behind Sonny and helped her off with her dress, then he threw off his shirt and unbuckled his trousers as the two girls stood and fingered each other’s cunt. As he dropped his trousers, his prick sprang to attention, causing Toni to squeal again.

“It’s ready for action as usual,” Toni said, taking Fred’s rigid cock in her free hand. Then she giggled. “Aren’t we a liberated threesome. Me standing here with one hand on Sonny’s cunt and the other on Sonny’s husband’s cock.”

“And both of us here to enjoy your juicy cunt,” Sonny said. “Come along, darling, I want to taste it to see if it’s as good eating as Fred said it is.”

The sight of Fred’s rigid cock always sent a shiver of excitement through Toni.

It was a good eight inches long, with a well shaped, smooth, circumcised cock-head. It pulsated excitingly with his heartbeats.

“Come on, Fred, sit down on the lounge and let me get at your lovely cock,” Toni said.

When Fred was sitting on the lounge with his legs spread wide apart, Toni got to her knees and grasped his prick. She turned her head to one side and ran her mouth along it with teasing little kisses. She ran her tongue over the cockhead and licked up the clear drops of liquid oozing from his piss-slit. Then she buried her face against his balls and felt them swell as her tongue licked around them.

Fred was smiling down on her, and his wife was stroking the back of Toni’s hair and encouraging her.

“Fred loves his cock being licked and sucked,” Sonny whispered. “He says it’s almost as good as being into a juicy cunt!”

Toni now had her teeth against his prickmeat, giving his cock exciting little nips. Saliva was drooling from her mouth with excitement, and she flattened her tongue and ran it up and down his prick-shaft. She closed a finger and thumb around the base and bent it to her lips before taking the cock-head into her mouth.

“Oooow, Toni, your mouth feels good!” Fred murmured, throwing his head back. “It feels so hot on my cock!”

Toni licked around the silky cock-head before taking more of Fred’s cock into her mouth. She moved her head about, letting the knob of Fred’s cock press into her cheeks. Inch by inch, she took more of it, until it was against her throat.

She save a deep gulp as she overcame the urge to gag and began to breathe noisily through her nostrils as her throat muscles milked Fred’s cock. Toni tried to move her tongue around it, but she couldn’t because the cock was too big.

“Oh my God! I’ve got to let it go!” Fred moaned. “It’s too beautiful!”

Toni moved her head as best she could to show her readiness for his spunk and gave a deep, throaty grunt. A moment, later she was conscious of Fred’s hot cum slithering down her throat. After a few shots she drew her head back to let the remainder of his cum spurt into her mouth, where she could taste the yeasty stuff.

She gently squeezed his cock-shaft to make sure the last drips dribbled into her mouth before pulling off Fred’s cock.

“Marvelous!” Sonny exclaimed.

Sonny knelt down beside Toni. “Here, let me taste it.”

Toni put her lips against Sonny’s and their mouths were locked together as their tongues swished about exchanging Toni’s saliva and the remains of Fred’s cum.

“I don’t know why it is,” Sonny said when they had broken their kiss, “but Fred’s cum always tastes better when he’s been sucked off by another woman.”

“That’s just your imagination,” Toni said. “Now lie back on the carpet and let me taste your beautiful cunt.”

For a moment Toni looked at Sonny lying back with her legs open. Ripples of excitement flashed through her body as she saw Sonny’s beautiful tits and cunt waiting for her. Sonny was holding her arms up, and Toni got down on her and drove her mouth against Sonny’s voluptuous lips. Sonny’s firm white tits pressed against her own and she could feel the nipples pressing into her own tits. She ground her cunt against Sonny’s as her passions rose to fever pitch.

“Suck my cunt! Suck me!” Sonny moaned as the heat from Toni’s cunt set fire to her own cunt-lips.

Toni wriggled down to get her lips to Sonny’s erect nipples. She sucked in a mouthful of tit and let her tongue caress the erect succulent nipple.

Sonny gasped as Toni’s gentle sucking excited her tits.

“My God, that’s beautiful, Toni!” she gasped.

Sonny thrust her tits and cunt at Toni and threw her head back and forth as she uttered deep, passionate moans.

“That’s it, girl, take her over the top,” he said.

Toni gave a stifled laugh with a mouthful of Sonny’s tit. Her own cunt was hot, and Sonny’s hot cunt-juice spilling onto her hand told her that Sonny was equally aroused. Her mouth suddenly came off Sonny’s tit with a loud, sucking plop.

Then she wriggled farther and put her face close to Sonny’s cunt. The cunt-lips were thick and pouting and wet with stringy, syrupy juice.

“You’re really worked up,” Toni said. “There’s more honey for me here than in a beehive.”

Sonny laughed. “What else can you expect after watching you sucking off my husband and then having you sucking my tits and poking your fingers into my cunt? I know how much you love cunt-juice, so just suck me Toni!”

The fragrance of Sonny’s cunt made Toni’s head swim. She held the cunt-lips apart with her thumbs, and the sight of the pulsating pink cuntflesh inside made her pussy throb even more fiercely. She knelt between Sonny’s legs and took a mouthful of cunt, letting the cunt-lips close around her lips. Sonny’s fuck-juice poured into her mouth, and she swallowed it eagerly.

She raised her head. “I don’t know which tastes nicest — your cunt or your husband’s cock juice.”

“Just suck my cunt!” Sonny moaned, beating her hands against the carpet.

Toni settled down to suck Sonny’s cunt again, darting her tongue as deeply into her pussy-hole as she could. The juice ran down her chin as she tried to keep up with the flow.

Fred continued to stroke Toni’s ass as she knelt sucking Sonny’s juicy cunt. He slipped his fingers between her legs and felt the hot nectar between her cunt-lips. It made his cock throb.

“I can’t resist a twitching cunt,” he said, getting onto his knees and moving in behind Toni.

He rubbed his cock-head against her asscheeks, and when Toni shuffled her knees apart, he poked it into her. With a mighty shove, he thrust his prick high into Toni’s pussy.

She took her mouth away from Sonny’s cunt for a moment and let out a deep sigh of approval.

“Oh Christ, he’s fucking me! It’s heavenly!” she moaned, and promptly took another mouthful of cunt.

Sonny bucked as Toni’s tongue lapped around inside her cunt-lips.

“That’s it Toni! That’s marvelous! Keep doing that! Oh my God, it’s good!”

Fred was groaning and grunting with pleasure as his cock fucked in and out of Toni’s cunt.

Sonny suddenly pushed her cunt at Toni with a heave that almost suffocated her.

“I’m coming! I’m commmming!” Sonny yelled as her body twitched.

Toni kept sucking for a few moments before Sonny subsided onto the carpet and lay still, whimpering softly.

“Christ, Toni, you did it,” Fred muttered, breathing heavily. “Now wrap your cunt around this, you little fucking bitch, and I’ll bring you off too!”

Toni settled back to enjoy Fred’s prick fucking deeply into her pussy. She put a hand between her legs and grabbed his balls as they swung against her. Fred leaned forward and wrapped his arms around her, grasping a tit in each hand. He dug his fingers into her tits as he thrust at her with his prick.

She yelled as Fred’s cock kept plunging high into her belly. Toni couldn’t recall coming so many times as Fred kept up his steady pistoning.

Presently a sensation she could never remember experiencing before overwhelmed her. The room seemed to swim and she could not focus her eyes.

Fred’s cock seemed to suddenly become twice its normal size.

“Here it coma! Christ, you cunt’s sucking my cock off!”

Sonny, who was still lying under Toni, pulled Toni’s head against her belly.

“That’s it, girl, let it all go — let it go!” For a few moments time seemed to be suspended, then Toni fell flat on top of Sonny as Fred pulled his cock from her seething cunt.

“This girl,” Fred said, struggling to get his breath, “must be the greatest fuck a man ever had.”

Then he collapsed onto the carpet.


Wilma Harris, Toni’s next-door neighbor, poked her head in the front door. “Yooohoo, Toni, are you there?”

“Come right in. I’m in the living room.” Wilma had lived next door to Toni for a month, but they hadn’t had much to do with each other, apart from a few neighborly chats when they happened to meet on the street. But they had come face to face in the supermarket earlier in the day, and Toni had invited Wilma to come over so they could gossip and really get to know one another.

As Wilma came in, Toni feasted her eyes on her luscious neighbor. Toni’s husband, Dave, had often said Wilma had the most gorgeous tits he had ever seen, but he had never had the chance to really get near them. Wilma, a green-eyed redhead, had the sort at body that made men turn around to get another look, and made women jealous.

They chatted for a while, then Wilma said, “I’ve been busy getting our spare room ready. Gavin’s son from his first marriage is coming from Colorado on leave. He’s in the Army.”

“That’ll be company for you,” Toni said. “He’s nineteen. I don’t know how I’ll go acting the part of a mother. I hope he doesn’t call me mom.”

Toni giggled. “Well, you’re easily five or six years older than he is, so you’ll be more like a sister. Or maybe a girlfriend!”

Wilma looked at Toni with a frown. “That’s what I’m afraid of.”

Toni studied Wilma closely for a second. Wilma’s lips were full and moist. “There’s nothing to be afraid of. I suppose you’re wondering whether he will think you are a suitable wife for his father.” Wilma shook her head.

“No, I’m wondering what a young man who has been on guard duty at an Army post will expect from his stepmother!”

Wilma’s moist lips and the anxiety showing in her eyes made Toni’s cunt ache. She took Wilma’s hand.

Wilma gasped and looked into Toni’s eyes, and a moment later she gasped again and took a deep breath and Toni’s hand began to stroke her cunt mound. She pursed her lips, and a moment later Toni leaned toward her and their mouths met.

“Nnnngggg!” Wilma moaned as Toni’s tongue stroked her inner lips and their tongues caressed each other.

Toni’s hand slid down to Wilma’s knee and up between her thighs. For a moment Wilma hesitated, then she opened her legs and let Toni touch her crotch. Ripples of pleasure radiated through her body as Toni expertly worked her fingers inside her friend’s panties and between her juicy cunt-lips.

“Oh, Toni!” Wilma gasped, taking her mouth away for a moment.

Toni could see Wilma was a little uptight.

“Relax, darling,” Toni whispered. “Don’t deny yourself the pleasure your body needs.”

“I’ve never done anything like this with a woman before, only with men before I was married,” Wilma whispered, but Toni could tell from the way Wilma pressed, her cunt at her hand that she was relieving some of the tensions in Wilma’s body.

Wilma felt Toni’s warm breath against her cheek and she suddenly turned her face and threw her arm around Toni’s neck.

They were locked together in a deep, understanding kiss, with Toni’s fingers exploring Wilma’s sensitive cunt-lips. Wilma fell back on the lounge with Toni on top of her.

“Oh God, I need you, Toni!” Wilma whispered.

“And I want you, Wilma. Get out of this dress and let me see your beautiful body.”

Toni stood up and helped Wilma take off her dress, bra, and panties, then she undressed herself. For a moment they stopped looking at each other, each reveling in the sight of the other’s body. Then they embraced.

Toni threw a cushion from the lounge to the floor.

“Lie down, darling,” she whispered. “I want to make love to you!”

When Wilma was stretched out on the floor, Toni got down beside her and kissed her, her hand wandering lovingly over the girl’s billowing tits. Wilma threw her arms around Toni’s neck and their kiss became deeper and more exciting.

Toni tugged gently at Wilma’s nipples before pulling her mouth any from Wilma’s and sucking in a mouthful of tit. Her mouth went from luscious tit to luscious lit, her tongue stroking the ripe, upstanding nipples deliciously. She let her hand softly stroke the creamy skin of Wilma’s stomach before her fingers began to comb through the red hair on Wilma’s pussy mound.

“Oh, Toni, this feels wonderful!” Wilma murmured. “I’ve often wondered what it would be like to make love with a girl, but I never thought it would be so wonderful.”

Toni raised her head for a moment.

“I suppose you’ve had too many boys playing around to find time for girls,” she said.

“I had a lot of men before my marriage, but never anyone as gentle and exciting as you,” Wilma said. “They all wanted to play around for a little while, and get their things into me. That’s nice too, but what you’re doing is just as nice. Keep sucking my tits, darling, it’s so nice.”

Toni slipped her fingers between Wilma’s cunt-lips.

“I want to suck this,” she said. “Open your legs wide.”

“Mmmmm!” Wilma moaned as Toni’s fingers played around on her cunt-lips.

Toni got down between Wilma’s widespread legs and put her face near Wilma’s cunt. The captivating cunt-smell and the sight of the drops of pussy-juice along the edges of the cunt-lips made Toni’s cunt throb excitingly. Her mouth watered as she bent to kiss Wilma’s cunt-lips.

Wilma put her hands on Toni’s head. “Oh Toni, what are you doing — it’s marvelous! It’s better than cock!”

Toni giggled and slipped her tongue into Wilma’s cunt. The fuck-juice smeared her face as she drove her tongue deeper and deeper into Wilma’s cunt.

“Oh Christ, fuck me with your tongue! Oh God, it’s beautiful!” Wilma cried.

Toni knew how to excite a cunt and constantly changed the shape of her tongue to stimulate different parts of Wilma’s pussy. One moment she would be licking from Wilma’s asshole to her clit with broad strokes, and the next she would be fuck it in and out of her like an eager young prick. Then she would bring her tongue to a point and fuck it over Wilma’s clit.

She nuzzled her face close into Wilma’s clit and took the sensitive little organ between her teeth. She scraped her teeth gently along it, stroking its head with the tip of her tongue.

“I’m coming, Toni, I’m coming!” Wilma yelled, and her body bucked as she thrust her cunt at Toni’s face.

Wave after wave washed over her as a series of orgasms surged through her body.

Toni had her arms wrapped around Wilma’s thighs and held onto her firmly as the girl lost control of herself in an orgasmic display of passion.

Her own cunt was screaming for attention. Toni pound her pussy against the carpet in an effort to quiet its throbbing.

“Oh, I need cock!” she moaned, but Wilma had collapsed limply onto the carpet and was whimpering softly, unaware that Toni had spoken.

“I’ve never experienced anything like that before. Are you a lesbian, Toni?” she asked.

Toni wriggled up beside Wilma and kissed her. “No darling, I’m not a lesbian. I love cock, and if there was one here now I’d just fuck it into my cunt. But I love cunt too.”

Wilma put her mouth out to be kissed and ran her hand over Toni’s hip. She shyly let her hand drop to Toni’s cunt-muff, and when Toni pushed her crotch at the exploring hand, Wilma pushed her fingers against Toni’s cunt-lips.

Toni took a deep breath and a shudder passed through her body as her hungry cunt responded to Wilma’s probing.

“You’re hot, aren’t you, darling?” Wilma whispered.

Toni nodded. “My pussy’s on fire!”

“I’ve never tasted cunt before. Does it taste like cum?”

“Different, but nice,” Toni said. “It doesn’t taste so yeasty — more like honey!”

Wilma put her fingers to her lips and sucked them.

“Mmmm, you taste just delicious,” Wilma whispered. “I’m going to suck your cunt, but I won’t be as good as you were.”

“Anything would be better than this ache in my pussy,” Toni said as Wilma got down between her legs.

Toni put her hands oh Wilma’s head and pressed her face into her cunt. In a moment, Wilma was licking and sucking and gnaw and enjoying the pungent taste of another woman’s cunt.

“That tastes beautiful!” Wilma gasped, coming up for air.

Toni was already well on the way to orgasming and the feel of Wilma’s face against her thighs and cunt soon brought her to a climax. She bounced about and yelled as Wilma kept kissing her cunt.

It was a very mild wave of passion that swept through her, but she faked the full ritual of an orgasm to encourage Wilma.

Toni had already decided that Wilma offered great possibilities for both her husband and herself. Wilma just oozed sex, and Toni was hungry for all the fucking and sucking she could get.

Wilma went on kissing Toni’s cunt long after Toni’s passion had subsided.

“That was sensational,” Wilma said, finally crawling up beside Toni. “I can see now what I’ve been missing.”

“It’s nice to have a neighbor that one can be really friendly with,” Toni said.

Wilma gave a short giggle.

“I hope your husband wouldn’t object to my trespassing on his territory,” she said, putting her hand down to Toni’s cunt and patting it affectionately.

“Dave wouldn’t object,” Toni said confidently. “He’ll think it was great that we got together.”

“And he really thinks I’m sexy? Gavin is always telling me I’m sexy and that I should make more use of my sexiness.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, Gavin says he would like to watch another man, you know, fucking me.”

Toni chuckled and pulled Wilma closer to her.

“Lots of men are like that,” Toni said. “My husband Dave, for instance, loves watching me being fucked by another man.”

“Lately when Gavin wants to make love, to me and can’t, he tells me I would enjoy a vigorous young man, especially if he could watch me fucking. Then he mentions that his son would enjoy seeing my body!”

“In other words, he has virtually told you to fuck with his son,” Toni said. “Why didn’t you say so before?”

“I was too shy. I thought you might think we were weird.”

“Nonsense! Fucking with different men is terrific. All their cocks are different and they have different ways of fucking you and you get a new kick every time a different man fucks you.”

“But what if they’re married?”

“Well, in a lot of cases their wives are in it too. Why only last night another couple were here and we had a wonderful time. Dave was out, but I looked after them both.”

“Ooooh, that sounds exciting, Toni.”

“Oh, it’s exciting all right, and you and your husband — and your stepson — will be quite welcome to join us.”

Wilma’s reply was to giggle and plant a kiss on Toni’s lips.


Toni was sweeping her front path next morning when Wilma pulled out of her driveway.

“I’m going out shopping!” Wilma shouted. “Gavin says I’ll have to buy up the whole supermarket and a few other places to satisfy his son’s hunger!”

“He’ll be hungry all right, but I’ll bet it won’t be for food!” Toni laughed as Wilma drove off, and she noticed a flush coloring Wilma’s cheeks.

Half an hour later, Toni was working inside when the front doorbell rang. When she answered, she was confronted by two tall guys who looked her up and down curiously.

Toni had planned to spend a busy morning at housework and had dressed in a simple cotton dress — no bra and no panties. The shift was short and low-cut and revealed plenty of knee and cleavage. She blushed slightly as she saw the two men taking in every detail of her body.

“I’m sorry to trouble you, ma’am,” one of the lads said, “but do you know when the lady next door will be home?”

“She’s gone shopping and may be some time. Was she expecting you?”

“Well, no… well, that is…”

“I get it. You’re the son, but they weren’t expecting you until tomorrow.”

“That’s right, ma’am,” the lad said. “I’m Trevor, and this is my buddy, Paul. I was supposed to arrive tomorrow, but…”

Paul took up the story. “We were lucky enough to get a lift, so we were able to get here a day earlier. Trev asked me to come along and stay with his people.”

Toni nodded. “I don’t know how long Wilma will be, but you are welcome, to come in and have some coffee?”

Trevor looked at his companion for a moment, then agreed.

“That’s generous of you, ma’am, we’d love to.”

Toni was conscious of two pairs of eyes watching the movement of her ass as she led the way inside. The attention of two gorgeous, muscular young men made her nipples stiffen and poke into the front of her dress.

After she had made coffee, Trevor and Paul relaxed with her as they told her about their life in a fairly remote Army post.

“It just gets boring with the same guys around you all the time. But there’s plenty of food, plenty of movies, that sort of thing,” said Paul.

“The only thing missing,” said Trevor, “is what a guy needs most… like.”

He glanced knowingly at Paul, who was nodding his head in agreement.

“Cunt. That’s what you miss most, isn’t it?” Toni asked, and they all laughed.

“What’s that?” Trevor asked with mock innocence, and they all laughed even more.

“Judging by this,” Toni said, grasping the bulge in front of Trevor’s trousers, “you know damn well what cunt is!”

“Be careful, ma’am, it’s loaded.”

Toni gave his cock a gentle squeeze.

“First of all,” she said, “call me Toni, not ma’am. And second, if I’m the girl next door, treat me like the girl next door and let me see what you’ve got to offer!”

She fumbled with Trevor’s zipper as he lay against the back of the couch with an unbelieving expression on his face. Then he winked at Paul and unfastened his trousers.

Toni had seen some stiff cocks in her time, but she couldn’t remember when she last saw one as stiff as Trevor’s. It was standing up against his belly massive and erect, gently pulsating with life and excitement.

“Wow, that’s really something!” Toni murmured in admiration.

She put her hand around the smooth, veined cock-shaft and studied the swollen purple head. Trevor took a deep breath, at the feel of her warm hand around it, and Paul dropped his hand to his own cock-bulge and pressed it.

Toni felt her cunt begin to throb as she gently squeezed the lad’s cock. He was lying back against the couch, his mouth open his eyes closed. She bent and kissed his cock-head, then smeared her tongue over it. The taste of his precum juice oozing from the piss-slit excited her, and she slipped her hand down to try to grasp his balls, but his trousers were too tight.

“Come on, Trevor,” she said. “let me get at you.”

With a knowing glance at Paul, who winked at him, he unfastened his belt and waistband and slipped his trousers down around his knees. Toni stood up and peeled them off his legs. As he lay back against the couch with his legs apart, Toni dropped to her knees and cupped his balls in one hand while she took hold of his prickshaft with the other.

A moment later, she had a mouthful of cock. Her head bobbed up and down as she took it deeper and deeper into her mouth. She was just getting the cock into a nice position when the first blob of cum shot out like a bullet. The force and volume of Trevor’s spunk surprised her, and for a moment she had difficulty in swallowing it, but her experience soon took over and she sucked his juice with relish.

She held his balls firmly until the flow died down and the thick, creamy cum became just a dribble of watery juice.

Trevor, who had his hands on Toni’s head, groaned with satisfaction. “Oh, God, Toni, where did you learn to suck cock like that?”

Toni giggled.

“Years of experience,” she said smugly. “You’ve no idea of all the wonderful things I can do!”

“I can believe that,” Paul said. “Just watching you suck Trev off almost made me come.”

“Don’t you dare,” Toni said, with mock severity. “You can’t waste that precious fluid in this house! Get out of those pants!”

Paul, used to obeying commands given with such a stern voice, unfastened his trousers and dropped them to the floor. Toni took a deep breath as his prick bobbed up before her. She took hold of it and kissed the cock-head.

Toni nuzzled her face against Paul’s cock, licking her lips and swallowing hard to clear the last of Trevor’s cum from her mouth. Paul stood looking down at her, drooling at the thought of her sucking him off. But the kneeling Toni suddenly got another idea. Her tits were throbbing with desire, so she pushed her dress off her shoulders and over her arms.

The cocks of both lads throbbed as her shapely tits billowed out. The suckable nipples stood out proudly from the large rich-red areolas at the points of her tits.

Toni pushed her mouth against the base of Paul’s cock and ran her tongue over his balls and along his cock-shaft. Then she straightened up and folded her tits around his cock. The feel of her firm, warm tit-flesh around his cock made Paul gasp.

“Fuck my tits!” Toni moaned.

“Ooow, that’s great!” Paul murmured. “Your tits feel like a big cunt!”

“Just concentrate on my tits! You can think about my cunt afterwards!” Toni gasped.

But she was already thinking about her cunt. The ache in it was almost more than she could bear, but she knew she had to let both lads shoot off their first load of cum or their fucks would be very short-lived and unsatisfactory.

Paul began fucking his cock up and down between her tits.

“I can’t hold on! It’s too beautiful!” he gasped.

“Let it go all over her tits,” Trevor said us he gently rubbed his prick in preparation for the fuck he knew Toni would be expecting.

Trevor got down on the floor behind Toni and wriggled his hand inside her dress. She managed to shuffle her knees apart as she felt his fingers probing around her asshole.

At that moment, Paul gave a thrust and his first shot of cum squirted up under Toni’s chin. It was hot and thick like clotted cream, and jet after jet shot out over her tits. She kept his prick trapped firmly between her tits as his balls unloaded their scalding white fuck-juice. At the same time, she was thrusting her ass at Trevor’s exploring fingers, which had managed to reach her gooey cunt.

Toni scooped up some of Paul’s cum and put her fingers up to her mouth.

“Mmmm, real love-honey!” she moaned.

Trevor pulled his hand from inside the back of Toni’s dress and put his saturated to his mouth.

“I’ll bet it doesn’t taste as good as cuntjuice,” Trevor said, sucking his fingers like a baby.

Paul pulled his prick away from Toni’s tits and knelt on the carpet beside her. He put his strong, tanned arms around her and kissed her, his tongue pushing deep into her mouth.

Trevor ripped off his shirt and put his hands on Toni’s shoulders.

“Come on, I’m ready for the main course,” he said. “Let’s get rid of your dress.”

Toni giggled lewdly as she stood up and let him push her dress down to the floor so that she could step out of it.

“Christ! Real hot, juicy, pulsating cunt!” Paul gasped.

But Trevor already had his hand on it.

He had his arm around Toni’s shoulder and he was kissing her passionately, his fingers probing between her cuntlips.

Toni knew it was all right to fondle Trevor’s balls and cock now because he had already shot his rut load of cum down her throat. Now that they had both got rid of the overflow, one down her throat and the other over her tits, she knew she could settle down to a session of good hard fucking.

She opened her legs to let Trevor fuck his fingers deep into her aching cunt.

She sucked his tongue into her mouth and pressed her tits against his muscular, hairy chest. He kissed her neck and pushed the point of his tongue into her ear.

“You’re gorgeous, doll!” he whispered. “I want to fuck you!”

Her lips sought his again, and their deep, sucking kiss was resumed as he ran one hand up and down her back while the other caressed her cunt-lips.

“Nnngggg!” Toni gurgled in appreciation as she yielded herself to Trevor’s love-making.

“Oh, Toni, I’ve got to fuck you!” Trevor gasped.

Toni dropped to the carpet and offered herself to him, her arms and legs spread wide and her tits and cunt aching for the feel of him.

In spite of his eagerness, he was very gentle with her, keeping his weight off her as she grasped his prick and guided it between her steamy cunt-lips. Toni gasped and moaned, as Trevor fucked his prick into her. But Toni was an experienced fucker and she was impatient for cock. She arched her back and pushed her cunt up at him.

“Oh, give it to me, Trevor, I want to feel it right up my cunt.”

He gave his cock a mighty push, and Toni could feel his balls slap against her ass. He slipped his strong, muscular arms around, her shoulders and settled down between her tits. He dug his knees into the carpet and ground his crotch against hers.

Toni loved it! The thick cockshaft was pressing firmly against the walls of her pussy and his cock-head was nudging her womb with, each stroke he made. Waves of wonderful excitement swept through her body.

Wild fantasies took charge of her brain as she abandoned herself to the demands of Trevor’s cock.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” she cried as the cock brought every sensitive nerve of her cunt to life.

“That’s it, Toni, tell me you love my cock up your cunt,” Trevor said.

“Ooooh, yes, I love your cock in me! Don’t come for a long time, just keep fucking me!” Toni gasped.

Toni was pushing back to meet Trevor’s thrusts, and her ass thumped on the floor each time he fucked his cock into her.

Hearing her moan and feeling her body writhing and twisting under him brought Trevor to the edge quickly. He fucked his cock into her with lusty, shattering strokes until his balls suddenly erupted.

Great bursts of cum shot high up her pussy, and she began to yell incoherently as the cream splashed up her cunt.

“Ooooh, ooooh, ohhh!” she whimpered as Trevor’s prick slowed down.

Paul who had been kneeling beside them stroking his cock, put his hand on Trevor’s sweaty back.

“Let me have a go, Trev,” he whispered.

Trevor released himself from Toni’s grip and pulled his cock out of her.

“Don’t leave me like this!” Toni cried. “I want your cock.”

Trevor got up and Paul took his place between Toni’s legs. His cock gave an involuntary jerk as he looked at her cunt. All her hairs were soaking wet and her cunt-lips were spread wide open. A trickle of bubbly cum oozed from her pussy.

Paul positioned his cock-head between her cunt-lips and took a deep breath as he felt the luxurious warmth of her sloppy cunt. Without delaying a moment, he fucked the full length of his cock into her. Toni responded by wrapping her arms around him and tightening her cunt around his cock.

“Oh, Christ, that’s good!” she screamed as Paul fucked deep into her pulsating pussy.

Paul smashed his lips against hers and kissed her deeply as he fucked his cock into her.

Toni was so out of control that she bit his lip and tasted blood.

For a few minutes, Paul vigorously fucked his cock in and out of her twit, using his weight and the strength of his arms to keep her positioned so that he could fuck the full length of his cock into her.

“Ohhhh, you feel so good! You’re making me fed all cunt!” Toni panted. “My whole body just feels like one big cunt! My tits feel like mountains! That’s so good — just fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

She moaned and twisted and threw her head from side to side as Paul’s cock fucked in and out of her cunt, brushing her clit first one way, then the other with each stroke.

Presently she began to beat his back with her heels and dig her fingernails into his shoulders.

“I’m coming! Fuck me hard! Harder, harder!” Toni yelled.

Her head reeled as she reached a series of minor orgasms. Then, with a shattering yell, she arched her back and pushed her cunt at Paul’s cock. She felt him stiffen inside her and the first jets of his hot spunk shot high up her pussy.

“Christ, babe, that was wonderful,” Paul said, lying beside her on the floor and letting his and move over her sweaty body. “I made you come, I really made you come!”

“You mean we made her come,” Trevor, who was lying on the other side of Toni, said. Toni put a hand out on either side of her and grasped their cocks.

“It was a joint effort,” she said. “Trevor’s cock took me to the edge of paradise and Paul’s led me inside. It was wonderful and you’ve both made me feel all woman.”

“All cunt,” Trevor said. “That’s what I felt. You’re just one big, beautiful cunt.”

And he leaned across and kissed her.


Trevor, Paul and Toni were in the living room sipping cool beers. They had all showered together, and Toni had been kissed and explored all over, stroked, sucked, and had fingers pressed against her, wanting to enter her cunt again until she turned off the warm water and let the icy-cold water cool the young guys’ enthusiasm. Their two hot pricks had soon shriveled.

“Wilma might be home by now. We’ll go and see when you’ve finished your drinks,” Toni said.

Trevor gave a deep groan.

“I suppose I’ve got to go and meet the old bag,” Trevor said. “It’s going to be hard after meeting you.”

He patted Toni’s crotch through her dress, and Paul nodded his head in agreement.

“What’s this old bag business?” Toni asked indignantly.

“Well, dad wrote and told me he was married again, and he sent me a picture of Wilma, obviously taken when she was a young kid. I’ve only had couple of letters from him since I’ve been in the Army. I expect his new wife is about his own age.”

Toni burst out laughing, and Trevor looked at her with a puzzled frown on his face.

“Have you got the picture?” she asked.

Trevor dived into his pocket and pulled out his wallet.

Toni glanced at it and looked at Trevor.

“My God, how wrong can you be! I’d say this photo was taken only a month or two ago.”

Trevor looked at her, his mouth open in surprise.

“Wilma is really a gorgeous chick,” Toni said. “She’s a lot younger than I am — and let me tell you something, she’s very hot and passionate, so you watch yourself!”

“Christ!” he gasped. “What’s the old man up to marrying a beautiful young thing like that? The dirty old bugger!”

“Nothing dirty about it. They’re very much in love.”

When Wilma opened the front door to them, Toni could hear Trevor’s sharp intake of breath.

“Wilma, this gorgeous hunk is you stepson, Trevor, and this is his buddy Paul. Boys, meet the old bag, Wilma,” Toni said.

Toni had a grin on her face as she flicked her fingers in front of Trevor’s eyes.

“Trevor, aren’t you going to give your new stepmother a kiss?”

Toni could see Trevor had been knocked sideways by Wilma, and Paul was equally impressed. Both lads clearly had made up their minds that Gavin Harris’ new wife was almost in the wheelchair stage, and the sight of her surprised them.

Although she had just returned from a busy shopping expedition, Wilma looked fresh and lively. Since she had been home, she had touched up her lipstick and her hair. She wore a tight fitting dress that revealed plenty of leg and showed her tits to advantage.

Wilma put her hand to her tit to conceal her nipples, which had suddenly become erect.

“Come in. Bring your things in. You caught me by surprise! I wasn’t expecting you until tomorrow! Gavin will be surprised. He’s been looking forward to seeing you. How did you meet Toni?” Wilma babbled on wildly, much to Toni’s amusement.

Toni was just as excited by the movement of Wilma’s provocative little asscheeks as the boys were when Wilma led the way into the living room.

“Trevor, I’m surprised you haven’t greeted your new mother with a kiss,” Toni said.

Trevor looked slightly embarrassed for a moment before he bent and touched Wilma’s cheek with his lips.

“Good Lord, Trevor, that’s not a kiss! Kiss Wilma like you kissed me a while ago!”

“But she’s my mother!”

“What makes you think mothers don’t want to be kissed like you kissed me?”

Trevor looked slightly upset, but Toni kept on.

“I’m sure Paul can do better than that. Kiss Wilma, Paul, like you kissed me!”

Wilma gave Toni a puzzled look.

“What have you three been up to?” she asked.

Toni gave Paul a shove and winked at him. “Show her, Paul.”

Paul put his arms around Wilma and kissed her upturned lips. After a moment’s hesitation, she relaxed in his arms and opened her mouth for a kiss. Paul’s tongue swept around inside Wilma’s mouth, and she pressed her body against him.

He moved his hands down to her ass and pulled her against his swelling prick. Wilma gasped as she felt his cock-bulge against her belly. When Wilma finally stepped back from Paul, Toni could see how aroused she was. Wilma was flushed and her lips were moist, her eyes had a dreamy sort of cross-eyed look and her tits were threatening to spill out of her dress.

“I can see you are going to have a lot of fun while these boys are here,” Toni said.

“I don’t know about that,” Wilma said cautiously. “I don’t know how my husband would feel.”

“He’d feel like this,” Toni said, putting her hand under Wilma’s dress and grabbing her pussy. “Come along, Wilma, don’t give these boys the impression you’re being coy.” Toni turned to Trevor and Paul.

“The truth is, Wilma has a very, very hot cunt here that’s just aching for excitement!”

“Toni!” Wilma gasped. “What sort of an impression will Trevor and Paul get about me when you talk like that?”

But she made no attempt to keep Toni from fingering her crotch.

“Wilma, face up to it. These boys haven’t had a woman for months. I tried to help by skimming the cream off the top, but there’s a lot of cream left and it’s making their balls ache — and you wouldn’t like them to be left with aching balls, would you?”

Toni reached over to Paul, who was standing with an amused look on his face and a big bulge on the front of his trousers. She fumbled for the zipper of his trousers and pulled it down. Toni pushed her hand inside his fly and pulled out his cock.

Wilma’s eyes opened wide when she saw Paul’s prick. Toni eased Wilma’s panties down, and it was Paul’s turn to look surprised as her golden cunt-hair came into view.

Paul took Wilma into his arms and pressed against her while Toni unfastened Wilma’s dress. A moment later Toni eased Wilma’s dress down and unfastened her bra.

“Stand back while I take Wilma’s dress off.” Toni said.

A moment later, Wilma stood stark naked. Toni stood behind her and put her hands on her shoulders.

“Now isn’t that sight for tired eyes?” Toni asked. “You’ll appreciate it better if you get out of that gear.”

Wilma had gotten over her initial reserve and posed provocatively in front of Paul, pushing her tits and her cunt mound out and standing with her legs slightly parted so that he could see her cunt-lips.

He glanced at Trevor, and without further hesitation, he threw off his clothes and stood for a moment in front of Wilma.

Wilma smiled as she saw his broad shoulders, his tanned, muscular arms and chest, his erect, pulsating prick, and his balls, which seemed to be drooping almost to his knees.

In a flash, they were in a clinch, and a moment later, they dropped to the floor, their bodies welded in a writhing, passionate embrace. Wilma rolled onto her back and spread her legs, grasping Paul’s cock. Without taking his lips from hers for a second, Paul got between Wilma’s legs, while she guided his cock into her steamy wet cunt.

From the moment he thrust the full length into Wilma’s cunt, Paul was fucking her as if he had been doing it for years.

His ass rose and fell in a steady rhythm as he plowed deep into her cunt, giving her the full length of his cock.

Toni had gone to the couch and sat beside Trevor, who put his arms around her and kissed her. He put his hand under her dress and fingered her cunt-lips.

“That’s what we should be doing,” he said. “Wilma looks as though she’s loving it, and Paul is in heaven!”

“She’ll love it when you fuck her, too,” Toni said. “She’s really sucking Paul’s cock into her cunt, isn’t she? Not bad for an old bag, huh?”

“I’m going to fuck you for that,” Trevor said. “Maybe I can’t fuck my stepmother, but you’ll do?”

Paul was reaching a climax as he shortened his strokes and fucked at Wilma’s cunt with renewed vigor.

“Don’t come yet, don’t come!” Wilma gasped.

But Paul was too overwhelmed by her sucking cunt to hold on. With a deep groan, he began to shoot his load high up Wilma’s pussy.

“I can feel it! Oooow, it’s lovely! Fuck me, fuck me!” she screamed, writhing about under Paul’s weight.

Paul lay on Wilma, kissing her on the mouth fiercely as she continued to cry out.

Toni suddenly gasped and went rigid as her eyes caught the tall, smiling figure of a man in his middle fifties standing at the door.

Trevor bounced to his feet. Wilma sat up and her hands flew to cover her cunt, and Paul looked bewildered.

Then the man walked over, shook Trevor’s hand and slapped him on the back.

“Good to see you, son, but you’re a day early.”

Trevor simply nodded as Gavin turned to Paul, who was trying in vain to reach his trousers.

“That’s Paul, my buddy I wrote to you about. He’s come to visit.”

“Good to see you, Paul. I see you’ve fit into the family very well,” Gavin said.

Toni giggled. “He fit into Wilma very well.”

“I also presume you organized this for Wilma,” Gavin said, sitting down beside Toni. “Not really,” Toni said, snuggling up to Gavin. “When you get two hot-blooded young people like Wilma and Paul together, it’s bound to happen.”

“It’s what Wilma really needed,” Gavin said. “But I don’t think she’s really had all she wants yet, have you, darling? Go to it, Trev, show us what you can do.”

Trevor shook his head. “But she’s my stepmother…”

“She’s not your mother! She’s a very hot, sexy young woman who wants your cock,” Toni said, standing up and starting to unbutton Trevor’s shirt.

“Toni’s right. Go to it, son,” Gavin said as Wilma lay back on the carpet and spread her legs, displaying the full, pouting lips of her cunt to Trevor.

He ripped off his shirt and trousers and got down on her. Wilma guided his rigid cock into her cunt and wrapped her legs around him.

“Oooh, Trevor, fuck me! Fuck me hard like Paul did!” she murmured, pushing her cunt up to meet the lusty thrust of his cock.

Gavin put his arm around Toni and whispered in her ear: “I’ve known for a long time than she is, and we love each other very much, but I’m well aware a young woman like Wilma needs plenty of cock to keep her happy. Now, thanks to you, she seems to have found that out.”

“Thanks to me — what do you mean?” Toni asked.

“I mean that after that lesbo session with you, she told me she had a lot of new ideas and that she wouldn’t mind having sex with another fish.”

Toni cuddled over to Gavin, and he kissed her neck and cupped a tit in his hand.

“My husband and I are very unconventional people,” Toni said.

Gavin put his hand on Toni’s knee and slowly ran it along her thigh. He bent and kissed her as he reached for her cunt and began to stroke it.

Wilma began to yell with passion as Trevor fucked his cock into her cunt, grinding his crotch against her clit with each lusty stroke.

“Christ, my cunt’s on fire! I want your balls up me! I want to drink your spunk! I want you to fuck my tits! Push your cock in farther!” Wilma screamed, twisting and humping under Trevor’s muscular body.

Gavin watched the two for a moment, a grin on his face and his eyes sparkling. Then he grabbed a handful of Toni’s cunt. “She loves it! It’s one of the best things that has happened to her! Fuck her, son, give her all of your cock!”

Toni glanced down and saw that his cock was bulging.

“Watching this is doing you good, too!” she whispered.

She grasped his cock and took a deep breath. “By God, you could satisfy any woman with that!” she gasped.

Gavin turned and kissed her full on the mouth. He eased her panties down and poked two fingers into her cunt.

“Come on,” Toni said, standing up and pulling her dress over her head. “Don’t let us waste a wonderful hard-on like that.”

She knelt down, unfastened his fly and took his cock into her mouth. Its big, purple head probed about inside her mouth, caressing her cheeks and tongue. Toni bent her head lower to let it fuck into her throat.

“Oh, Toni, I haven’t been sucked like this for years,” Gavin said softly, putting both his hands on the back of her head.

Toni pulled her head away.

“Strip,” she said. “Wilma’s not going to have all the fun on her own.”

When Gavin had shed his clothes, Toni pulled him to the floor and bent over him to suck his cock.

Wilma was moaning and whimpering at the same time as she reached her climax. A string of obscenities filled the room as Wilma threw her body at Trevor.

“Fuck the shit out of me!” she yelled. “Piss up my cunt, you bastard!”

Toni tried to laugh, but she only dribbled saliva down Gavin’s cock-shaft. She was kneeling with her ass in the air as she sank her head lower and lower onto his rigid prick. She got so close to taking all Gavin’s cock into her mouth that his cock-hairs tickled her nose.

A moment later, she gulped and took an extra-deep breath. Paul, who had been quietly watching Trevor and Wilma fucking, had knelt behind Toni and rammed his cock into her wet cunt.

Toni took a minute or two to adjust to the vigorous ramming of Paul’s cock, but soon settled down to sucking Gavin’s cock and enjoying the thrusts of Paul’s cock.

“What a girl.” Gavin said. “She looks after two men at once. Christ, Wilma, you ought to learn from Toni how to satisfy two raging cocks!”

But Wilma and Trevor were lying side by side, kissing and fondling each other and getting ready to fuck again.

Paul’s probing prick was reaching into the most exciting spats of Toni’s cunt. She was slobbering over Gavin’s prick as her saliva ran down his cock-shaft and onto his balls.

The sensations in her cunt were overwhelming her, and she had to pull her head away and let her frantic fuck-breathing take over as Paul grasped her thighs and pulled her ass hard against his groin to get the full length of his cock into her.

“Oh God, Wilma, come and sit on your husband’s cock.” Toni gasped. “I can’t… I can’t suck it… anymore!”

Wilma tore herself away from Trevor and hovered for a moment over Gavin, who was holding his stiff cock in his fist. Then she squatted down, and Gavin gave a low, satisfied groan as she lowered her cunt onto it.

“Christ, Wilma!” Gavin gasped. “This is one of the best fucks we’ve ever had! I’ve got my whole prick in you!”

Wilma grunted her satisfaction, and Toni managed to smile at her part in pepping up her neighbors’ sex lives.


Late that night when she was in bed with her husband, Toni told him all about the day’s activities.

Toni moaned as Dave’s prick fucked deep into her cunt. “You should have seen how those two lads got their pricks into me once they had got over their shyness.”

“They couldn’t have found a better place to put their pricks after a period of isolation,” Dave said, plunging his prick in deep.

For the next quarter of an hour, Dave used every trick in the book to give his wife’s hungry cunt all the excitement it needed, and she in turn wrapped her body around him to trap his cock until her cunt had sucked every drop of cum from it.

As they lay in the afterglow, kissing and fondling each other before going to sleep, Toni asked Dave about the new girl in his office.

“Did she turn out as good a fuck as I am?”

“Amanda? Of course not, darling,” Dave said, kissing her face. “But she’s not too bad. I think I shocked her a little when I told her about some of our adventures.”

“I’d like to meet her. Fred told me he’d stopped at your office and seen her, and apparently he got quite horny over her.”

“Well, it wouldn’t take much to make Fred horny… but she’s keen to come over one night.”

The next morning, Toni planned to have a quiet day, but soon after Dave had left for his office, Sonny and Fred arrived.

“Just happened to be in the neighborhood and thought we’d drop in,” Sonny said cheerfully. “Don’t tell me Dave has left. We were I hoping to see him.”

Toni nodded. “You’ve just missed him.”

“Pity,” Fred said. “What have you been up to since we saw you the other night?”

Toni giggled lewdly. “If you really want to know, I’ve been helping to tear the balls off a couple of young guys who haven’t seen a cunt for months!”

“Wow, that sounds wild,” Sonny said. “Oh, I had help.” Toni chuckled. “And if I’m not mistaken, here she is now.”

She caught a glimpse of Wilma coming up the front walk.

She went to the front door and opened it.

“What a day — and what a night!” Wilma gasped. “I’ve been to a few orgies in my time, but those three men were out of this world!”

“I take it the boys fucked you again?”

“They sure did, urged on by my husband. And he had his share, too. By God, Toni, you did wonders for us working Gavin up like that!”

“It wasn’t me, it was seeing those two lads fucking you! Where are they, by the way?”

“Gone to explore the city, thank God. I don’t think I could have taken them again.”

“Nonsense,” Toni said impatiently. “Come along inside. I’ve some friends I want you to meet.”

When they were in the living room, Toni introduced Sonny and Fred.

“This is the girl who helped me tame those young guys,” she said.

“We didn’t tame them, Toni,” Wilma said. “They’d have been at it again this morning if they’d had half a chance.”

Fred feasted his eyes on Wilma’s sexy body. She wore a tight dress that showed to advantage her curves and features. When he saw Toni lift her eyebrows in encouragement, he put his arm around Wilma’s waist.

“Those guys were lucky to have a body like this to delight them.”

Wilma snuggled close to Fred and giggled. “Careful, Fred, your wife’s watching.”

“Don’t worry about his wife, honey,” Toni said. “She knows that Fred already has his mind on your pussy.”

Wilma blushed and Fred kissed her ear. “Oh, Toni, you’ll think I’m a slut wanting cock all the time,” Wilma said desperately.

Fred drew her close. “No one will think that, darling.”

He thrust his hand between their bodies and stroked her cunt mound.

“If you’ve got a hot cunt, don’t deny it some pleasure while you’re young,” he said. “One day you’ll be old and you don’t want to look back and think of all the chances you’ve missed to have a good, hot fuck.”

Wilma yielded herself to Fred. He French kissed her until her whole body cried out to be fucked.

Toni gave Sonny a nudge and nodded toward the kitchen.

“Sonny, let’s go and make some coffee,” she said, taking Sonny’s hand.

In the kitchen, Sonny said, “I knew the moment Fred set his eyes on that girl he wanted to fuck her. I presume she does fuck?”

“Of course she does,” Toni said. “But I thought it might be a bit early in the day for Fred.”

Sonny put her arm around Toni and drew her close.

“What about you — are you ready for it any hour of the day?” she asked.

“What do you think?” Toni said, responding to Sonny’s advances and kissing her fervently.

When Sonny kept up her passionate advances, Toni protested.

“You’re making me all hot. Next thing I’ll want cock, and the only cock in the house is probably already up Wilma’s cunt.”

Sonny patted her ass. “Don’t you worry about that, honey. We’ll see you get your share.”

“Well, let’s go and watch the action,” Toni said, moving to the door.

Wilma was lying naked on the carpet and Fred was kneeling astride her. He was holding his eight-inch cock down and stroking Wilma’s nipples with the flared prick-head.

“It’s all wet again. I want to lick it,” Wilma said.

Fred moved up so that Wilma could get her lips around his cock-head and suck it.

“Can you come in my mouth?” Wilma asked.

“I’m nowhere near coming,” Fred said. “But I want to come in that lovely juicy cunt of yours.”

Fred stretched out and lay on the carpet beside Wilma. He kissed her lips and lovingly stroked her body with his fingers.

Wilma was becoming more and more heated under Fred’s tender, expert love-making.

“Oh, Fred, I want it! I want it!” she moaned over and over again.

“Patience, darling, patience,” Fred whispered with his lips against hers. “I’m getting ready to give you the best fuck you’ve had for a long time.”

“But its so big and stiff! It won’t get any bigger, will it?”

“Maybe when it’s in you it’ll feel bigger, but I’ve got to let my balls manufacture a good load of spunk so that I can fill that pretty little cunt of yours.”

Sonny leaned over and whispered to Toni. “Did you ever hear such bullshit? He’s only waiting until Wilma is screwing for his cock!”

Toni giggled. “Don’t worry about Wilma. She’s had plenty of cock and she’s enjoying being teased.”

Fred kissed his way down Wilma’s neck and across her shoulders, then down to her tits. He took each nipple between his lips and stroked it with his tongue before sucking in a whole mouthful of one tit. The deep-pink areolas glistened with his saliva as he continued on down Wilma’s body with his seductive kisses.

He tickled her navel with the tip of his tongue before kissing over her stomach and taking a mouthful of her cunt-hair into his mouth and sucking it.

“Ummmm, beautiful!” he murmured as he raised his head and took some of the loose cunthairs from his mouth.

He crouched down and studied Wilma’s cunt between her wide-open legs. Her pouting cuntlips were moist with fuck-juice.

“Luscious,” Fred said with enthusiasm. “I want to taste that lovely juice. Bring it to me.”

He stretched out on his back on the carpet. Wilma got up and knelt beside him for a moment before throwing a leg over him and lowering her cunt onto his face. Fred put his hands on her hips and wriggled under her until her dripping cunt was right over his mouth.

Wilma could feel his hot breath on her thighs. She threw her head back and took a deep breath as Fred moved her so that he could get his mouth to her cunt. The sudden lapping of his tongue on her cunt-lips sent a wild thrill through her body.

Fred was licking her cunt-lips like a puppy cleaning up its dinner dish. Wilma’s cunt was pouring sweet, syrupy fuck-juice on to Fred’s face, and his tongue was busy exploring her sensitive fuck-holes.

“Stick it right in me! Oh God, it feels good!” Wilma panted.

Fred’s hands were busy caressing Wilma’s asscheeks and thighs. He pulled her so that her cunt wiped cunt-juice all over his face. His tongue was active between her cunt-lips, reaming out the whole length of her pussy-slit. He opened his mouth and sucked in a mouthful of pink, pulsating cunt-flesh, then chewed it gently with his teeth.

Wilma glanced across to where Toni and Sonny were sitting. Her cunt gave a sharp jolt as she watched them.

Each had an arm around the other’s neck and they were kissing. They were also finger-fucking each other.

Wilma suddenly gave a loud groan as Fred sucked on her clit.

“Aaaaahhh, that’s lovely! Do that! Do that!” Wilma cried, mashing her cunt hard against Fred’s face.

Wilma’s cry was sufficient to make Toni and Sonny stop kissing and look at her.

“Look at Fred’s cock,” Toni whispered. “It’s all wet. I’m not going to let that lovely juice go to waste.”

She disentangled herself from Sonny’s embrace and crawled over to squat beside Fred’s heaving body. She took hold of his cock and put her lips to its wet, throbbing head. Her tongue lapped up the pre-cum that had oozed from it. Then she settled down to suck it.

Toni’s hand dived down between his legs and her fingers probed around his asshole. She stroked from his asshole to his balls as she took his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. Her fingers stimulated his balls as his cock fucked deep into her throat.

The effect on Fred was electric. He bounced around, driving his cock at Toni, and at the same time dug his fingers into Wilma’s thighs and pulled her cunt harder against his face.

“You’re fucking me with your nose!” Wilma screamed. “My God, I’m going to come all over your face!”

Fred just grunted his approval.

Sonny, watching from the sidelines, moved close to Wilma and stood stroking her hair.

“Let him have it, honey, that’s what he wants,” she said.

Wilma promptly went rigid and slammed her cunt at Fred’s face. He sucked hard as a mild orgasm made Wilma’s cunt gush fuck-juice at him.

“Oooooh, that was lovely,” Wilma murmured. “I’ve never been sucked like that in my life.”

She got off Fred’s face and lay on the carpet, watching Toni suck Fred’s cock. Fred was breathing heavily, his mouth open and his eyes closed.

“Oooooh, Toni no one can suck my cock like you do,” he gasped.

He began to wipe his hand over his face, which was covered from his eyes to his chin with Wilma’s cunt-juice. Sonny got down beside him and began to lick his face. She kissed him, swirling her tongue around inside his mouth.

“I can taste your cunt in Fred’s mouth,” she said to Wilma.

Wilma giggled and looked at Toni.

“I think Toni’s going to taste something else in hers,” she said when she saw Fred suddenly arch his back and drive his prick into Toni’s mouth.

A moment later Wilma and Sonny heard deep, wet, sucking noises as Toni slurped up Fred’s spunk. Fred lay back as Toni’s warm, sucking mouth and active, licking tongue were bathed in his thick, hot cum.

After Toni had licked the last traces of Fred’s cum from his cock-shaft and balls, he lay on the carpet purring, a sly smile on his lips. His cock remained erect, and a few moments later he turned to Wilma.

“I’ve just got to fuck that little cunt of yours! It tasted so good! Stretch out, darling, here I come!”

Fred turned around, got to his knees and shuffled over to Wilma, his massive cock swinging from side to side as he moved. He paused for a moment, looking at Wilma’s wet cunt, its inner cunt-lips slightly open ready for cock.

“That’s a magnificent cunt! I’m really going to enjoy this!” he moaned, descending on her beautiful body.

Wilma thrust her hand down between them and felt for Fred’s cock.

“It’s so big,” she whispered.

“I won’t hurt you, darling,” Fred said. “You’ve had plenty of cock before, haven’t you?”

“Oooooh, yes, I’ve had dozens, but I’ve never had one as big as this.”

“Well just lie back and enjoy this,” Fred said, easing two or three inches of prick into her.

He began to slowly fuck her cunt, increasing the length of each thrust slightly.

“Oh my God, that’s beautiful!” Wilma gasped. “I can feel it in me! Put it all in, Fred, I want it all up my cunt!”

“All right, darling, I’m getting there!” Fred panted. “I just want to get into this lovely cunt as far as I can.”

The heat of Wilma’s cunt made his cock-head swell, and when he felt his balls slapping against her ass, he began to fuck his cock into her faster.

“Hold on a minute, Fred,” Wilma said suddenly. “I want to make this really good.”

Fred paused for a moment while she raised her legs and rested them on his shoulders, opening her cunt wide and lifting her ass up at him.

“Now fuck the slit out of me!” she gasped. The feel of her soft flesh against him, her firm, pointed nipples pressing into his chest, and her hot, syrupy cunt-hole closing around his cock made Fred wild. He fucked his cock into her with all his might.

With her legs up on his shoulders, he had complete freedom to twist his cock about as he wished, and he kept moving his ass from side to side with each downward thrust to let his cock-head explore every sensitive spot in her pussy. As a result, Wilma completely lout control of herself. She screamed and twisted about under Fred as his ramming cock excited every nerve in her body.

Fred’s cock sent a continuous wave of excitement to every part of her body. Wilma’s, head swam as Fred’s big cock relentlessly fucked her cunt.

“Put your balls in, you bastard!” she screamed. “Fuck me properly! Crawl into my cunt! I want to feel you right up inside my belly!”

Toni and Sonny sat with their arms around each other, fascinated by the way Wilma was throwing herself at Fred’s cock.

“They’re going to fuck their way right across the room at the rate they’re going!”

Wilma kept yelling at Fred, all her normal restraint thrown aside. “Oh God, I just want to fuck and fuck and fuck! I can feel it right up in my belly! I want cock! Oh Christ, what’s happening to me! Aaaarrrggghhh!”

Wilma gave a long, loud screech as she reached her climax. Her pussy contracted and clutched Fred’s cock in a series of milking spasms. But Fred never missed a beat.

As Fred’s cum spurted deep in her cunt, Wilma climaxed over and over until she was thoroughly exhausted. Then she let her legs fall to the carpet and she lay still while Fred covered her face with kisses.

“That was wonderful, darling,” he whispered. “Jut relax — don’t move!” Wilma lay with her eyes closed, her body giving an occasional convulsive twitch. She lay for two or three minutes before she opened her eyes and smiled at Fred.

His limp cock had left her cunt, but their bodice were welded by the sweat of their fuck.

Wilma put her arms around Fred’s neck and they kissed deeply.

“That was marvelous, darling,” she whispered. “We’re going to have lots of fucks, ain’t we?”

Fred looked up at Sonny for a moment and saw a twinkle in her eyes.

“Of course we are. And Sonny is going to fuck you too,” he said. “A passionate girl like you deserves all the tongue and cock in the world.”


“I’ve never seen anyone lose herself in a fuck like Wilma did. She was absolutely crazy for cock.”

Toni and Dave were sitting sipping a pre-dinner drink.

“More crazy than you were at her age?” Dave asked. “I remember when you were Wilma’s age, which wasn’t so very long ago, you could just about rip a guy’s cock off, and you’re not much different now.”

“Well, I suppose when I get the right cock and I’m in the mood, I can get a bit crazy.”

“Fred’s prick always sends you climbing up the wall, so I expect Wilma was just reacting the way you do. But from what you tell me, Wilma must be a great little fuck. Every time I see her I get an ache in my balls, but I haven’t had the chance to try her out in bed.”

“Don’t waste any more time,” Toni said. “Her husband wants her to fuck, and he wants to watch her at it, so take your cock put and offer it to her. They’d both appreciate it, I’m sure. But what about this Amanda girl in your office? When are you going to bring her home and fuck her?”

“I’m glad you raised that question. How about tomorrow night?”

“Suits me.”

The next afternoon, Dave called Toni from his office.

“All set for tonight,” he said. “Amanda’s looking forward to meeting you.”

“Great, we’ll really turn it on for her.”

“There’s only one snag,” Dave said, sounding a little doubtful. “She wants to bring someone with her.”

“Oh,” Toni said, a note of sarcasm in her voice. “Her boyfriend, I presume.”

“I don’t know. I presume it’s a man, but she didn’t say so outright.”

When Toni and Dave opened the front door to their visitors that evening, they were both taken aback. Standing on the doorstep were Amanda and a young lad. Disappointment registered on the faces of both Toni and Dave, who had been discussing what they believed would be a fun night ahead.

“This is my brother Tom,” Amanda said. “I thought you wouldn’t mind my bringing him along.”

“No,” Toni said hesitantly, glancing at Dave, whose frown told her he was not too happy about the situation.

“Tom is two years younger than I am, but he knows what goes on,” Amanda said simply. “I’m sure he won’t do anything to spoil our evening.”

Toni couldn’t help noticing how tall and slim Amanda looked, with dark, flashing eyes, black hair, and big tits.

Amanda’s brother was as tall as his sister, with broad shoulders, muscular arms and — Toni couldn’t help noticing — very tight jeans.

Amanda took Dave’s arm as they went into the living room.

“Drink?” Dave asked Amanda.

“Love one,” she said, settling on the couch. “Gin and tonics and I think Tom would like a beer, if you don’t mind.”

Dave hesitated for a moment, but Toni nodded.

As soon as Dave sat down, Amanda put her arm around him and kissed his cheek.

Toni sat beside Tom feeling a bit nervous, and wondering what to say, but she needn’t have worded. Tom was full of confidence and ready to take the lead.

“You’ve got a great figure,” Tom said, putting his hand on one of Toni’s tits.

Toni blushed slightly.

Toni glanced over at her husband and Amanda, who were undressing and panting loudly as they kissed and fondled each other.

“Don’t worry about your husband,” Tom said. “Amanda will look after him. She’s already been out with him and knows all about his cock. She’s a terrific fuck.”

“How do you know that? Don’t tell me you’ve fucked her too!”

“Not yet, but I used to watch her fucking with her boyfriend!”

Tom put his hand on one of Toni’s tits and squeezed it firmly. She looked down and saw that the bulge at the front of his jeans was more prominent than ever. After a quick glance at Dave, who lay on the floor while Amanda kissed his cock and balls, Toni dropped her hand to Tom’s cock-bulge.

“Well,” she said. “That’s really something!” Tom grinned and put his hand on the, front at Toni’s blouse.

“So are these,” he said, unbuttoning the blouse and fingering her erect nipples.

He pulled the blouse open and buried his face in between her firm tits. Toni felt his cock give a jump.

“Let me see this,” she said, feeling for his zipper and pulling it down.

She pulled his cock out and held it in her hand.

“My God!” she gasped. “You’re only a boy, but you’ve got a cock like a giant!”

Tom took his face away from her tits and looked down at her.

Toni looked down at Tom’s prick admiringly. It was long and thick and uncircumcised. She eased his foreskin back and took a deep breath as Tom’s cock-head came to view like a large purple flower opening to the morning sun.

Tom pushed Toni back on to the couch and lifted the hem of her skirt.

“Wouldn’t you like to feel that up your big cunt?” he asked roughly. “I want to fuck you!”

Tom pressed her down and forced his lips against hers. His hand was stroking her cunt through the wet crotch of her panties.

In an instant Toni realized that Tom did not know anything about how to approach a woman he was wanting to fuck. He was digging his fingers into her cunt and slobbering kisses over her face. She decided it was time to take charge if she was going to enjoy the magnificent cock that was lying up against his belly and the fruits of those huge balls that drooped down between his legs.

“Jump up, Tom, and get your clothes off. If we’re going to fuck, we’ve got to do it properly.”

Tom ripped off his shirts and trousers.

Toni slid down her skirt and panties and threw aside her blouse.

Her eyes widened as she saw Tom’s cock standing up and his ball-bag hanging down almost halfway to his knees.

“My my,” she murmured, lifting his balls gently and feeling their weight. “You’ve got a lot of juice to give a girl, haven’t you?”

Tom stood beside her and pushed his hips forward proudly.

Toni glanced over to where her husband was fucking his cock into his office girl with all his strength and skill. Toni took hold of Tom’s cock and rubbed the sticky purple cock-head between her gooey cunt-lips.

“Now push it in, Tom, and try to take some of your weight on your arms or you’ll squash my tits flat!”

Tom raised his body a little and thrust his prick into her steamy cunt. Its warmth and tightness made him gasp, and he drew back to give Toni another thrust, but he withdrew too far and his prick slipped out of her cunt. She put her hand down and guided it back in, loving the feel of its massive bulk thrusting aside the walls of her cunt until she felt the hair of his crotch smashing against her own.

“Mmmmmm, Tom, you fuck beautifully!” Toni whispered. “Now keep it going in and out like that and don’t let it slip out!”

She wrapped her legs around him and locked her ankles together behind his back to stop him from pulling out of her again. After three or four strokes, Tom began to judge the length perfectly. He became so excited that he thrust into Toni’s cunt at a frantic pace.

Toni was loving the feel of Tom’s prick fucking its way high up into her cunt.

“Slow down, Tom, slow down! I just want to make it last! Ooooow, that’s lovely!”

But there was no slowing Tom, he was being compelled to keep up the fury of his fucking by the urge in his balls. A moment later he lunged at Toni’s cunt as a powerful jet of his hot cum slammed into her.

A series of short, deep strokes from Tom’s cock followed, each accompanied by a jet of cum, until Toni thought her cunt would overflow.

“Oh Christ, Tom, keep going, I can feel it! I can feel it! Oh God, it feels beautiful!” she yelled.

After a dozen or more squirts into her, Tom stopped thrusting, but his cock remained in her pulsating pussy-hole. He lay quiet for a few moments. She squirmed about under him, her fiery cunt demanding more cock.

Then he began the action again. A couple of good thrusts and the head of his cock was sliding up and down the length of her cunt. Her pussy was now so full of her fuck-juice and Tom’s cum that it added to the sucking sensation which both of them felt.

“I can feel my cunt sucking your cock!” Toni squealed.

“I want you to suck it! I love being sucked!” Tom gasped as he kept up a rhythmic thrusting into the depths of her fuck-hole.

“You can suck my cunt afterwards, but just keep fucking… oh I love being fucked by you Tom! I just want to be fucked and fucked and fucked!”

Tom had never heard a woman using language like this before, and he responded by trying to bury his cock deeper and deeper into her. The hard thrusts of his cock brought the thick base of his prick-shaft into contact with Toni’s clit. She screamed as new sensations raced through her. It was enough to send Tom into another orgasm and his second load of cum shot into her.

For a few moments she lost touch with the world about her and was carried away on a fluffy cloud of passion. Her whole body reacted to the sensations in her cunt. She yelled meaningless words and tossed about so violently that for a moment Tom thought she had gone mad.

But she soon collapsed, her legs and arms falling to her sides.

“That was fabulous, Tom,” she whispered, wiping his hair away from his brow. “You made me come, and that isn’t easy for a young guy like you to do.”

Amanda and Dave had watched Toni’s and Tom’s performance in amazement. They jay together, kissing and fondling each other after their own fuck.

“By God, that young brother of yours sent my wife over the top,” Dave whispered.

Amanda giggled. “The young bugger! I know he’s got a hot cock. He often jerks off in front of me.”

“That would be exciting for you,” Dave said. “Hasn’t he ever let it go up here?”

He thrust his fingers higher up Amanda’s cunt.

“Oh no, we’ve never done it,” she said. “I didn’t know he knew how to do it. I used to have to go and rub myself after I’d seen him jerking off.”

Dave swirled his fingers around and kit her stiff little clit.

“Wouldn’t you like to feel that big cock of his up your lovely cunt? Look how he made Toni come.”

Amanda blushed and buried her face against Dave’s shoulder.

“You’d like him to fuck you, wouldn’t you?” Dave asked.

Amanda did not speak, but she nodded.

“How was my wife’s cunt?” Dave called out to Tom.

“It was lovely and tight! I loved it!”

“There’s one here that’s even tighter, and Amanda’s just dying for you to try it.”

Tom looked at Toni and saw that her eyes were twinkling as she nodded.

“Now’s your chance,” she whispered. “I’d love to watch you fucking Amanda.”

Tom stood up and went across to Dave and Amanda.

The thought of the two teenagers fucking stimulated Dave’s excitement as he rolled away from Amanda and glanced over at Toni. He gave her a sly wink, and Toni nodded her head slightly.

Dave felt his cock beginning to rise again as he went across to join Toni, who was clutching her cunt.

“This’ll be exciting,” she whispered when she saw Amanda spreading her legs and holding her arms up to Tom.

“I’m horny again already,” Dave said.

Tom mounted his sister and guided his cock into her waiting fuck-slot.

“Not too fast, Tom, I’ve got to get used to it. I’ve never had such a big cock before. Ooooow, that’s lovely!”

Amanda wrapped her arms around her brother and kissed him. At first Tom held away from her but he soon realized kissing her added to the pleasure he was getting from fucking her. As Amanda became used to the size of Tom’s cock, she began to twist and turn and squirm and try to squeeze his cock. He had almost the full length of his cock in her with each thrust. Amanda was moaning and throwing her head from side to side as she felt Tom’s balls bouncing against her ass.

“God, that feels good! I could go on fucking like this all night!” she cried.

Dave kissed his wife and stroked her pussy.

“I know how they feel at that age,” he whispered. “I remember when I was young, I used to jerk off and try to prolong the climax. I wished I could go on shooting for hours.”

“Ssshhh, don’t interrupt them,” Toni said.

“I want to see what happens when they climax.”

Tom was fucking his cock in and out of his sister’s cunt as though he had been doing it all his life.

“Is my cunt nice and tight?” Amanda asked. “It’s lovely! I just want to fuck it and fuck it!” Tom gasped.

“Well, darling, we’ll fuck lots and lots,” Amanda said. “Oh, Tom, you’ve got a lovely big cock!”

Tom was too hot to reply. He was sucking in great gulps of air as his cock fucked his sister’s insatiable cunt.

“I’m going to come!” he gasped. “Oh God, Sis, that feels good! Oh Christ!”

He groaned as another load of his jism squirted into his sister’s cunt.

Amanda arched her back and pushed her cunt up at his plunging cock, yelling encouragement to him.

It was too much for Dave and Toni to watch the two of them thrashing about in a frenzy of orgasm. Dave mounted Toni, and while Amanda and Tom were in the final throes of their fuck, he began to fuck Toni with all his remaining strength. When he finally came, Toni lay back, a smile on her face.

“I’m surprised you had all that energy after the way you fucked Amanda,” Toni said. “I thought she was going to suck your balls into her belly too!”

But Dave just lay puffing madly. “I just feel like fucking all night,” Amanda said dreamily.

“So could I,” Tom said.

Toni looked at Dave, then at Amanda, and she smiled.


“I hope you slept well in a strange bed,” Toni said to Amanda and Toni at breakfast next morning.

“When we weren’t fucking!” Amanda giggled.

After Dave and Tom had gone to pick up Tom’s football gear, Toni sat with Amanda, and their conversation soon got around to sex.

“You said you and Tom tried different fucking positions,” Toni said. “What did you try?”

“I tried sitting on his cock, but we weren’t very good at that. Then he had me on my hands and knees.”

“Did you suck his cock?”

“I gave it a kiss, but he’d lost his hard-on by then.”

Toni gave a short laugh. “I should think so! He must have shot about six loads over the whole evening!”

“I was surprised he kept coming as much as he did. I once had a guy who could go four times, but then he was dead. In the end, he had to bring his buddy with him to help him,” Amanda said proudly.

“You mean it took two guys before you’d had enough?” Toni asked.

Amanda nodded, and looked very pleased with herself.

Toni could see that Amanda’s nipples had become erect during their talk, and she leaned across and fingered them. Amanda took a deep breath, pushing her tits into Toni’s hand. Toni squeezed a tit gently and felt its firmness.

“I noticed when you were undressed last night what beautiful tits you have,” Toni said, her throat a little dry with excitement.

Amanda’s eyes sparkled as she looked down at Toni’s hand working around her tits.

“They’re very sensitive,” she said simply. “When anyone plays with them, my cunt starts to throb.”

“Is it throbbing now?” Toni asked, knowing full well from the glassy look in Amanda’s eyes that her cunt had already taken charge of her body.

Amanda nodded, pressing her thighs together in an effort to quiet the ache. Toni’s cunt might not have been as sensitive as Amanda’s was, having been poked, and prodded, and licked, and sucked for over ten years more than Amanda’s had, but she was aware of a dampness in the crotch of her panties, too.

Toni’s tongue swept around Amanda’s lips and teeth, and their tongues entwined.

Her hands moved from Amanda’s crotch her tits and back again, then snaked up under her dress to her cunt. Instinctively, Amanda parted her legs, and Toni slipped her fingers inside Amanda’s G-string panties to her cunt-lips.

“Darling, you feel so lovely and soft? I just want to kiss your beautiful cunt!” Toni whispered.

“Oooooh yes! Please! I want to feel you eating my cunt!”

They stood up and tossed off their clothes before embracing Amanda’s desire made every nerve of her body alive to Toni’s touch.

“Oh God, I’m hot! I’m crazy for sex!” she murmured.

“Get down on the couch and I’ll suck that beautiful pussy,” Toni whispered. “We both love sex and we don’t need a man to satisfy us, do we?”

“Of course not,” Amanda said. “I haven’t done it much with a woman, but I know you’ll a be special. A girl and I used to kiss each other’s cunt when we were at school, but that was years ago.”

As Amanda lay back on the couch, Toni expertly stroked the love-zones of her body with the tips of her fingers, kissing each sensitive area as she caressed. Toni’s long experience with highly skilled lovers had taught her that there were parts of a woman’s body other than her lips, tits, and cunt that were sensitive to lovemaking, and she was lovingly working Amanda into a passion, tenderly stroking her body like fine musician playing a costly violin.

Toni had also learned long ago that when she fondled and excited another woman’s smooth, silky skin, her own sexual feelings were aroused just as surely as those of the girl she was stroking.

She drew her fingers across under Amanda’s tits, then bent and took a nipple into her mouth. She gently tongued it for a moment before opening her mouth and sucking in a whole mouthful of tit.

“Oooohhhh!” Amanda sighed, pressing her tit to Toni’s face. “That’s beautiful, keep doing that!”

Toni let her fingers stroke Amanda’s belly and make their way down to her hairy cunt mound. She kept sucking as she ran her fingers through the girl’s thick, black cunt muff. Then she slipped her fingers down to Amanda’s cuntlips and swirled them around the warm fuck-juices.

When her fingers were covered with Amanda’s cunt-juice, she took her mouth away from the girl’s tit and put her lips near Amanda’s. As Amanda pursed her lips to be kissed, Toni put her wet fingers against Amanda’s lips and her own.

“Taste!” she whispered.

Together they licked Toni’s fingers, sucking in the fragrant fuck juice. Then they kissed again before Toni got down between Amanda’s legs and put her face close to her throbbing cunt. First she kissed Amanda’s pussy. Then she studied her cunt for a moment.

Her thick outer cunt-lips were parted, and Toni could see that the tender inner lips were slightly open. The warm, feminine scent made her nostrils twitch. She pursed her lips and touched Amanda’s pouting cunt-lips.

“Oooooh, Toni, that’s lovely!” Amanda screamed.

She pushed her cunt at Toni and put her hands on Toni’s head to push her face hard against her cunt.

Toni wriggled her head from side to side, pressing her nose and mouth into Amanda’s cunt-slit. She poked her tongue between the wet, steamy cunt-lips and sucked in a mouthful of the sweet cunt-juice.

Amanda lay with her head back and closed her eyes as the exquisite feelings of Toni’s probing tongue sent tremors of passion coursing through her body. She was reacting so energetically that Toni had to take her hand away from her own cunt, which she had been masturbating, and wrap her arms around Amanda’s legs to hold her still.

Once she had Amanda held down, Toni sought out her clit and concentrated on stimulating that. She stroked it with her tongue, tickled it, licked it, and sucked it. Finally she got the sensitive little bud between her teeth and scraped along it.

“Oh my God, I can’t stand it!” Amanda yelled, tossing her head from side to side. “Don’t stop! Oh God!”

Her voice trailed away as her body suddenly stopped its thrashing about. She lay there panting and whimpering.

“Oh God, Toni, that was wonderful! You’re better than any man! I could have gone on letting you suck my cunt all day!”

They lay quietly together, each enjoying the nearness of the other, their thoughts completely in tune. After an interval they showered together with lots of feeling, fondling, kissing, and giggling.

“I just love your cunt,” Toni said. “I know quite a few guys who would enjoy, it.”

“Well, your husband for one,” Amanda said. “I thought he was never going to get around to fucking me the first night he took me to dinner. He seemed to regard me as an innocent little virgin.”

“He had to take things carefully.”

“It wasn’t until after we’d had a couple of fucks that he told me about you, and what a lovely fuck you are and how you have lots of men fucking you.”

Amanda kissed Toni’s lips and stroked her cunt as the water cascaded over them.

“It’s clear that you and Dave love each other very much. I’d hate to be married to a man who was so jealous he wouldn’t let me even look at another man,” Amanda said thoughtfully.

“Of course we love each other, and we’ve proved it isn’t just for sex,” Toni said.

She stepped out of the shower and threw Amanda a towel. “Now get dried off.”

Amanda stood naked beside Toni, who looked her up and down approvingly.

“You’ve certainly got a beautiful body!”

Toni put her hand on Amanda’s cunt as her lips sucked in one of Amanda’s pointy nipples.

“You’ve got beautiful equipment to go with your beautiful body,” she said.

She put her fingers between Amanda’s cunts lips and felt the moist heat.

“Oooooh, Amanda, you’re still hot!” Toni gasped. “Pick out a pair of clean panties, come downstairs and we’ll have some coffee.”

“I’m still hot all right, and I’ll stay hot till I get some cock, I suppose,” Amanda said.

“Well, I’ll tell you what,” Toni said. “We’ll have some coffee, and if you still want cock after that, I’ll give you the next best thing.”

“Another suck?” Amanda asked.

“No, darling, I’ve got a very big, very realistic dildo. It’s so good you’ll hardly know it from a real cock.”

Amanda clutched her crotch and sighed. “I’d love that! I won’t even bother to put on any panties in the meantime!”

But it wasn’t necessary for Toni to produce her very big, very realistic dildo. While the girl’s sat sipping their coffee, she saw Trevor and Paul coming over from next door.

“Now this is going to be interesting,” Toni said, rising to go to the door to meet them. “There are two very horny guys who have been on holiday here, so keep your knees together.”

“Oooooh, Tom, what do you mean?” she squealed.

“You’ll see.”

At the front door Trevor greeted Toni. “We’ll be going back to camp tomorrow,” he said, “so we thought we’d come and say so long.”

“Have you had a good time?” Toni asked.

“I’ll say! We’ve been everywhere and seen everything,” Trevor said.

“And we’ve fucked Trev’s stepmother into the ground,” Paul said.

“With my dad’s approval, I might say,” Trevor said. “Wilma’s really a great sport.”

“Well, come and meet another great sport,” Toni said, leading them into the living room. “This sport is younger than Wilma, but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!”


Amanda’s eyes and mouth opened in surprise when she saw Trevor and Paul. An amused smile came to Toni’s face as she saw Amanda’s legs open slightly and knew that the girl’s cunt had given a jolt at the sight of the two lusty soldiers.

When Toni had introduced them, they sat on either side of Amanda.

“You should have been here ten minutes ago. Amanda was just out of the shower,” Toni said.

Paul looked at Amanda with a glint in his eye. “She smells delicious, so fresh and so sexy,” he said, putting her arm around her shoulder and drawing her close.

Toni could see that Trevor was eyeing Amanda’s prominent tits. He put his fingers to the nipple nearest him.

“Lovely,” he said. “I’m glad you didn’t put on a bra after the shower, it shows your charms much better.”

Toni could see that both boys’ pricks were showing their appreciation of the dark, seductive girl by the way they were straining at the front of their trousers. She moved across to Amanda and lifted the hem of her dress. “She didn’t put any panties on, either.”

For a moment both boys caught a glimpse of the triangle of black hair of Amanda’s pussy, but then she pushed her dress down.

“Toni!” the squealed. “You embarrass me!” A soft, pink flush spread across Amanda’s features, adding to her provocativeness. Her eyes were bright and her lips pouting and moist.

There was more allure in her protest at having her cunt exposed to their eyes than there would have been if she had flaunted it before them. Toni knew that Amanda’s cunt was screaming for satisfaction when she had suggested getting out her dildo, but now that there were two lusty young cocks beside her, Amanda’s cunt was probably aching to be fucked.

Toni could not help admiring Amanda’s restraint. Amanda was dying to be fucked, but she was obviously playing the demure, reluctant female, knowing that it would arouse Trevor and Paul.

Toni could see from the way Trevor and Paul were acting that they had polished their technique of working together at the game of seduction. This, she assumed, had been as the result of their stay with Wilma and her husband. They were being much more subtle and erotic than they had been when first they had arrived on her doorstep and fucked her.

Paul had pulled Amanda close and was whispering to her and darting the tip of his tongue into her ear.

Trevor was gently rubbing his hand along Amanda’s thigh, carefully avoiding going so high as to touch her crotch, although his cock was telling him to grab a handful of cunt.

Toni sat in a chair, watching the two boys excite Amanda. She rubbed her hand on her cunt to calm it.

Warm feelings were radiating throughout Amanda’s body, and her tits were acting almost as intensely to be fondled as her cunt was.

“Oooooh, Toni, I don’t know whether I can trust these two guys,” Amanda said. “I think they’re up to something.”

Toni giggled lewdly.

“I know what they’d like to be up to,” she said. “They’d like to be up to their balls in your pussy.”

Paul’s tongue pushed between Amanda’s lips and their tongues met in an exciting duel. Paul raised his free hand to Amanda’s tit and cupped it firmly, letting his thumb stroke her engorged nipple.

Their kiss went on and on, and Toni closed her thighs together and tightly clutched her cunt as she watched.

Trevor’s cock had risen until it felt painful being confined by his trousers, and he wriggled around and put his hand down to rearrange it so that it could lie against his body inside his trousers. When his cock felt comfortable again, Trevor resumed stroking Amanda’s thigh, but now he rubbed her knee and let his hand stroke along under her dress.

The feel of her smooth, hot flesh sent a quiver through his body, and he put his arm around Amanda’s neck and drew her close.

“My turn,” he said softly, and pressed his mouth to hers.

At the same time he stroked higher and higher up the firm, yielding flesh of Amanda’s thigh, till he felt her cunt-hair.

“Aaaaahhh!” Amanda gasped as Trevor’s tongue invaded her mouth and his fingers touched her cunt-lips.

She opened her legs, feeling hot, pulsating excitement flow through her veins. Her aching tits were sending another kind of pleasure through her as Paul tweaked her nipples. When Paul opened her dress and slipped his hand in to feel her braless tits, she pulled her mouth away from Trevor.

“Oh my God, Toni, what are these two guys doing to me?”

“They’re making you happy, darling,” Toni said.

Amanda reached down and felt Paul’s cock. She grasped it firmly, but Paul pushed her hand aside, unzipped his trousers and pulled his prick out. Released from the confinement of his trousers it sprang to life, fat and pulsating.

Amanda took hold of it and glanced down. “Oh God, that looks good!” she whispered. Then she turned to Trevor.

“I want to hold your cock too,” she said, and felt for his zipper.

Although Toni had shown good self-control up to now, sitting quietly with her hands pressed to her pussy, she felt she should shorten the preliminaries a little, so she rose and crossed to the three lovers.

“Come along, I know what you all want,” she said.

She helped Amanda to her feet and peeled off her dress. Trevor and Paul jumped to their feet and began to undress. By the time the lads had dropped their trousers and ripped off their shirts Amanda was naked.

Toni stood behind her and held Amanda’s arms back to make her tits stand out. Amanda pushed her cunt mound forward and parted her legs slightly.

“That’s what you guys want, isn’t it?” Toni asked.

Trevor and Paul’s eyes were sweeping up and down Amanda’s body, taking in every detail of her swelling tits and her black, inviting pussymound. They each held their cocks pointed at her.

When Paul came forward and cuddled her, Toni let Amanda’s arms go. Trevor moved around behind Amanda and pushed his cock into her asscrack. Amanda reached down, grabbed Paul’s prick and rubbed it against her pussy-hair.

“Oh, Paul, that’s beautiful!” Amanda gasped. “Fuck me!”

Paul kissed her and got down on the floor. “Sit on this,” he said, holding his cock up. Amanda got down and squatted over Paul’s body. She poised her cunt over his cock and sighed deeply as Paul nudged his prick-head between her cuntlips.

Trevor stood beside Amanda and pressed her head against his cock. Hot pre-cum juice from his cock-head glistened on her black hair.

Amanda took hold of Paul’s cock and held it steady as she lowered herself onto it. She gave a loud moan as she felt it fucking into her hot, wet cunt. Every nerve in her body was tense as wild feelings of passion radiated through her.

“Oh God, that’s good, Paul! You’ve got a magnificent cock! Just what I need!” she gasped, and began riding him.

She felt Paul’s cock swell within her, and she leaned forward, pulling her hands on his chest. As she bounced up and down, fucking Paul’s cock high into her belly, Paul arched his back as best he could to drive it far into her cunt as possible.

Each time Amanda had Paul’s cock in her, she twisted and turned and ground her cunt against the base of his prick to rub her clit against it. Paul watched her tits swing to and fro with her movements for a few moments, then took one in each hand and squeezed them.

“Oooooh, fuck me, darling!” Amanda screamed. “I want your cock right up me!”

“You’re fucking me!” Paul gasped. “You’ve got a wonderful cunt! God, it’s beautiful!”

The ferocity with which Amanda fucked herself on Paul’s cock had a stirring effect on Toni and Trevor. Trevor held his cock, giving it an occasional rub, then rubbing its bloated head against Amanda’s face. She tried to take it in her mouth, but she was moving up and down so vigorously that she could not hold it long enough to suck it.

“I’ll give you an earful,” Trevor said, holding his cock-head against her face and masturbating it.

“Don’t waste your spunk,” Toni said, crawling across to Trevor on her knees.

She squatted down, fucked two fingers up her cunt and rubbed her clit for a moment before withdrawing her hand and holding it up to Trevor.

“Want a taste?” she asked.

Trevor bent and took her fingers info his mouth.

“Mmmmmmm, cunt,” he said. “It’s beautiful! Here, taste this!”

Trevor stood with his legs apart, his balls swinging low. Toni didn’t need a second invitation. She grasped his cock and guided it into her mouth with one hand, cupping his balls with the other.

Both men were nearing their climaxes. Amanda was grinding Paul’s cock against her clit when he suddenly yelled.

“Christ, I’m coming! Oh God that’s good! Take it, you bitch — ooooh, arrrggghhh!”

He smashed his groin at Amanda so fiercely that he almost bucked her off, but her cunt had such a tight grip on his cock that she could not be dislodged. A few moments later, her own climax began, and Paul for a moment thought his cock was going to be ripped off by her clutching, sucking cunt.

The sights and sounds of Paul and Amanda were more than Trevor could stand. His cock, deep in Toni’s throat, began to spurt his hot cock-cream. He had his hands on the back of her head and was pushing his prick farther and farther into her mouth. For a moment Toni thought she was going to choke, but she managed to control herself and swallow his spunk greedily.

She pulled her head back and took the last few spurts into her mouth. When Trevor had emptied his balls into her mouth, Toni shuffled over to Amanda with a mouthful of Trevor’s cum. She put her mouth to Amanda’s and when Amanda opened her mouth, Toni spat Trevor’s cum into it.

The two girls locked arms as their tongues swirled together. Dribbles of cum and saliva ran down their chins.

Finally they swallowed the yeasty mixture and relaxed.

“God, what a mowing!” Amanda exclaimed as she sat back on the couch.

Trevor approached her, holding his massive cock out.

“You haven’t tried this yet,” he said.

“It’s a beauty,” Toni said. “I had it in me the first day these boys arrived and it was the best fuck I’ve had in a long time.”

Amanda giggled and took hold of it. “If you think you can match Paul, I’m willing to try it,” she said, swinging around and stretching out on the couch.

“Match Paul!” Trevor cried. “I’ve fucked more girls than he’s had hot dinners!”

Toni intervened in the exchange. “Don’t get involved in a competition,” she said. “Just prove you’re better than Paul by your actions.”

But Toni need hot have given Trevor any instructions. He was already fucking Amanda’s juice-filled pussy-hole.

She had been well fucked by Paul, but she was a lusty girl, ready for all the cock she could get, and had immediately wrapped her legs and arms around Trevor.

“Now fuck me, you bastard,” she said. “Show me your cock is as good at fucking as your tongue is at boasting!”

Trevor thrust at her with all his force, grinding his groin at her and pulling back until the head of his prick almost pulled out of her pussy, then smashing it into her again.

“I’ll subdue you, bitch!” he hissed through his teeth. “When I fuck a girl, she stays fucked!”

Amanda was panting violently with the excitement of Trevor’s cock brushing against her clit.

“Okay, fuck me and talk dirty!” she moaned.

“You want to feel my big cock squirting my cum right into your belly, don’t you?” Trevor panted. “You want me to fuck your cunt and your tits and your mouth! You can’t get enough cock up your belly, can you? You want two cocks up your cunt and two up your ass and two in your mouth all squirting spunk all over you, don’t you?”

“Oh God yes! Yesssss!” Amanda hissed.

Her cunt milked Trevor’s cock as he spurted his spunk into her, and she bounced around, screaming obscenities as her orgasm overwhelmed her.


Toni went to the shopping center in the afternoon. She had watched Paul and Trevor fuck Amanda, but after they had gone, she had a strange, hollow feeling between her legs.

Then she decided to go shopping and to inquire about her video-recorder, which she had sent out to have the heads cleaned.

The video repair shop manager told her the machine was ready, but that it would be too heavy for her to carry home on her own.

“Can’t have a pretty woman like you lugging such a heavy machine,” he said. “My serviceman panes your place on his way home. I’ll get him to bring it to you.”

“Terrific,” Toni said.

She paid for the repair, and as she walked out of the shop, she was conscious of several pairs of eyes checking out her ass.

An hour after she arrived home the serviceman came to the door.

“It’s running beautifully,” he said. “Would you like me to hook it up for you?”

Toni’s eyes swept over the serviceman. He was a handsome, well-dressed, clean-cut guy with broad shoulders.

She nodded and stood aside to let him in. “Call me Toni,” she said, leading the way inside. “The TV we use the video with is upstairs.”

“I’m Chuck,” he said, following Toni upstairs, his eyes noticing the provocative swaying of her ass as she mounted the steps.

In the bedroom, he connected the recorder up and turned the TV on. Toni sat on the edge of the bed.

“Did it take much fixing?” she asked. “The picture was terrible before we took it in to the repair shop.”

Toni felt a tightening in her tits as she watched Chuck adjusting the TV. The outline of his ass cheeks showed up clearly, and in her continuing heated state she could just imagine his balls hanging down between his legs.

“Nothing mechanically wrong,” be said. “Mainly a dirty head. It happens after you’ve used it for some time.”

When he mentioned the word ‘head’, Toni’s cunt gave a jump as she thought of his cock-head.

Toni felt her tits swell and her cunt begin to feel moist. She licked her lips.

Chuck came over and sat beside Toni. Toni looked at him coyly and glanced down to where his trousers were bulging.

He slowly put his hand out and touched Toni’s tits.

The touch of Chuck’s fingers was enough to make Toni’s tits swell and her nipples strain at the front of her blouse.

She looked at Chuck, finding it difficult to focus properly. Her lips were pouting and moist, but her throat was dry. Her heart pounded.

He saw the hungry look in her eyes, so he leaned forward and put his lips to hers. Toni opened her mouth and sucked his tongue in. Chuck’s tongue swirling about her mouth and dueling with her tongue was an instant cure for her dry throat. The kiss became sloppy and intense.

Chuck took a firm hold of Toni’s shapely tit and stroked it with his thumb.

“Mmmmm, Chuck, you’ve got a lovely tender touch!” she murmured.

“And you’ve got lovely tits! They feel so good!”

Toni’s cunt throbbed in time with her pounding heart. She instinctively opened her legs slightly and felt her sticky cunt-juice wetting her panties. She began to stroke Chuck’s thigh.

Chuck began to unbutton the front of her blouse. Her tits were so eager for his touch that she pulled the blouse up from where it was tucked into her skirt and her trembling fingers took over the unbuttoning for him.

He eased the blouse off her shoulders and unfastened the back of her bra. A moment later, she had cast aside the bra and blouse and turned to him, naked from the waist up, to let him see her big tits.

A thrill passed through her body when she saw the look on his face. She ran her hands over her tummy and thrust her tits out. “Nice?” she asked.

“Oh lady, they’re magnificent!” Chuck gasped, putting his hand on one tit and stroking it.

A moment later and bent down and kissed it. Toni kissed the back of his neck as he took her throbbing nipple into his mouth and caressed it with his tongue. Then he sucked in a whole mouthful of tit and swished his tongue around the stiff nipple. She held his head to her tit like a mother feeding a baby.

“That’s good, Chuck!” she moaned. “That feels so good!”

After Chuck had sucked one tit, then the other, he came up for air and put his mouth to Tom’s again. The heat between her legs was becoming more and more intense, and she put her hand down and grasped Chuck’s cock through his trousers.

“Christ, Toni, you’re setting fire to me!” he panted.

“Take it out, I want to see it!” she gasped. Chuck hesitated for a brief moment, then unzipped his fly. Toni felt for the buckle of his belt.

“Take them off. Get rid of them,” Toni said.

Obediently, he stood up and dropped his trousers and briefs. His prick was bidden by his shirt. Toni grabbed the bottom of his shirt and lifted it.

“Thin too!”

A moment later Chuck stood before her naked, but he was a touch shy and had his hands partly covering his prick and balls. Toni pulled his hand away.

“No need to be coy,” she said. “You should be proud of it. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!”

“Didn’t want to shock you,” Chuck said, suddenly becoming bold and pushing his cock out before her eyes.

Toni observed that he had an average-sized prick, but it seemed to have a specially large cock-head. It was smooth and straight, but very stiff.

“That’s what a girl likes to see — a good hard prick,” she said, taking hold of it.

“What about you?” Chuck asked. “Are you going to be coy?”

“You could hardly call me coy with my tits out like this, but here goes.”

She stood up and dropped her skirt and panties.

Chuck’s eyes widened as he looked at her cunt-bush and he pulled her close. “Are we going to fuck?”

Toni put her head on one side and looked at his prick.

“Maybe. Maybe,” she said, although her cunt was aching for his cock. “First, I think you ought to sit on the edge of the bed and spread your legs. I can tell by that drip on the end of your cock and that you’ve got yourself worked up.”

“Me worked up!” Chuck gasped in an unbelieving tone. “What about this?”

He put his hand between Toni’s legs and pushed his fingers between her syrupy cunt-lips. Her hot, creamy fuck-juice saturated his fingers, and he withdrew them and put them to his lips. He drew Toni closer and her lips joined his in licking her cunt-juice from his fingers.

“Mmmmm, is that the taste of things to come?” he whispered, and Toni pushed him on to the edge of the bed.

She knelt down between his legs and thrust her face at his crotch. The sweaty man-smell made her gasp. She took hold of his erect prick and bent it to her lips, then made a point of her tongue and touched the tip against the pre-cum on the head of his prick. Very delicately, she circled the head of his prick.

“You’ll make me come in a minute,” Chuck said.

“Don’t you dare! I haven’t even started on you yet!”

She took his prick into her mouth and sank her head onto it until her nose was buried in his musky-smelling cock-hair. As she bobbed her head up and down, she turned it from side to side, letting his cock push against one cheek, then the other. Her tongue was busily licking the thrusting cock, heightening the sensations Chuck was feeling.

He thrust at Toni, and she took his cock deep into her throat. For a moment she felt as though she was going to choke, but she quickly adjusted and breathed deeply through her nose.

The warmth and softness of Toni’s throat were too exciting for Chuck to bear. “Oooooh, oooooooh, aaaaahh! I’m going to come! I’m going to come!”

Toni felt his cock suddenly swell in her mouth and she sucked vigorously. Hot, creamy spunk flooded her throat and she swallowed quickly, barely managing to cope with the flow. But Toni was an experienced cock sucker and was soon in control.

“My God, Toni! Oh, Toni! Oooooh, that feels good! I love you Toni? I love you!” Chuck groaned, every nerve and sensation of his body centered on his spitting cock deep in Toni’s throat.

For several minutes after the last spunk had dribbled out of his cock, Toni kept the smooth, stiff prick deep in her throat. Then she closed her lips tightly around it and began withdrawing her head, making sure every last drop of cum dripped into her mouth.

“Mmmmmmm, that was great!” she said, wiping her arm across her wet mouth and getting to her feet.

“You certainly can suck,” Chuck said. “Did you learn that from watching porno movies?”

“I don’t think so.” Toni giggled. “I think it’s a gift.”

He looked at her cunt and put his hand between her legs to feel it. Toni opened her legs and let him toy with her cunt-lips.

“Jesus, you’re a very hot girl!” he exclaimed. “I’ve never known anyone to become worked up so much just from sucking a prick! Your cunt feels as though you’ve just been fucked!”

“It wasn’t just the suck!” she gasped. “I’ve been like this all day!”

“You hot little bitch. What set you going? A visit from the butcher, or maybe the meter reader?”

“No, nothing like that!” Toni giggled. “I watched a couple of lusty young studs fuck a very attractive teenager this morning!”

Chuck fucked a couple of fingers into Toni’s cunt and swirled them about. She pulled his hand away and put it to his lips.

“Here, taste me,” she said.

Chuck hesitated for a moment, then put his fingers into his mouth and sucked.

“Mmmmmm!” he moaned. “The real taste of woman! Your cunt tastes great!”

“It sure does. It’s been like that all day!” Toni gave Chuck’s cock a few pulls. It was as rigid as it had been before she sucked it.

“No need to wonder any longer, here’s just what I need,” Toni said. “You’re probably tired after your day’s work, so lie back on the bed and I’ll do the work!”

Chuck stretched back on the bed and grinned. “I like it this way. I can feel your tits while I fuck the hell out of your cunt.”

Toni climbed onto the bed and squatted astride his body. She brushed aside a lock of hair that had fallen over his forehead, then bent down and kissed him.

Their mouths were locked together for a full minute before Toni straightened up. She stroked his cheeks before running her hands over his shoulders and feeling his biceps.

“Strong,” she murmured. “Just feel those muscles!”

“There’s another muscle down there that’s waiting for you!” he gasped.

But despite the urgency of her hot cunt, Toni was taking her time, savoring the moment she had been waiting for all day — the feel of a stiff cock fucking into her cunt.

Her fingers played with Chuck’s nipples for a moment before she raised herself off his legs and felt for his cock. Then, holding it straight up, she wriggled herself into position, and slowly lowered her cunt onto it.

She gave a laud moan as the head of Chuck’s cock fucked deeper and deeper, into her cunt-hole.

“Nnnnggg!” she groaned.

Chuck gasped as her steamy cunt closed around his throbbing prick. Once she had his cock deep into her pussy, Toni ground her cuntmound against Chuck’s crotch, twisting her hips to feel his cock rubbing against the walls of her pussy. Her tits swayed from side to side and Chuck made a grab for them.

He held them firmly, fingering the nipples and causing Toni to cry out her approval.

“That’s it, Chuck, hold my tits and fuck my cunt! Oh Christ, you make me feel all woman!”

She raised herself off Chuck before plunging back onto him, starting a slow, steady fucking rhythm. She had maneuvered herself into a position so that his cock stroked her clit each time she rose and fell. Her head was thrown back and she gasped loudly as the thrilling sensations from her clit threw her body into turmoil.

Chuck was arching his back and bucking up to meet her lusty thrusts. He had a tit in each hand and was digging his fingers into its firm flesh.

“Fuck me hard, you bastard! Harder, harder!” Toni cried.

“My God, you’re a hungry woman!” Chuck panted.

“Just fuck me and fuck me and fuck me!” Toni yelled.

She drew her knees in tightly against his thighs and squeezed her cunt muscles more firmly around his plunging cock. For a few more thrusts, Chuck held on, but then the excitement was too much. He felt a warm churning in his balls.

“Christ, I’m coming!” he gasped. “I can’t hold on!”

Toni fucked herself hard on his cock and ground her clit furiously around its base.

“Let it come, let it come! Oh God, I can feel it! I’m coming! I’m coming — aaarrrrggghhh!” she shrieked.

For a few moments Chuck wandered what had happened to her as her body twisted and churned about and she made strange, throaty noises.

He felt waves of warm, greasy cunt-juices flowing over his cock as Toni collapsed on top of him, quivering and shaking. He stroked her back with the tips of his fingers and kissed her.

“That was some fuck,” he whispered. “Are you all right?”

Toni roused herself and shook her hair back from her face.

“Of course.” She smiled. “You were terrific! You can fuck me any time you like!”

She rolled off his body and they lay kissing and fondling each other.

After a few minutes Chuck seemed a little troubled. Toni soon guessed there, was something wrong.

“What’s worrying you?” she asked. “Frightened your wife’s going to find out you fucked another woman?”

He shook his head vigorously.

“No, that’s just the problem. You women seem to be more liberal in your views about sex than us men. My wife has often told me I should try fucking another woman to see if we can get a bit more excitement into our — er…”


Chuck nodded.

“How would you feel if she fucked another man?”

“I’ve thought about it, but I’m not sure,” Chuck said cautiously. “I sometimes get the idea Julie wouldn’t mind having a fling.”

Toni thought for a moment. “You know, I think I would like to talk to Julie. I think we might have a lot in common.”

After a pause, during which he seemed to be thinking deeply, Chuck said, “I’ll see how Julie feels and let you know.”


Toni was quietly humming to herself as she did her housework when the telephone rang. A cheerful voice greeted her when she answered the phone.

“Good morning, Toni, my name’s Julie. You don’t know me, but I hope we can get to know each other. I’m Chuck’s wife.”

In spite of the friendliness of the voice, Toni was wary. She had never been caught up in any situation with a jealous wife and did not want to start now.

“Oh yes,” she said.

“I just want to thank you for what you did for my husband the other evening when he delivered your video machine.”

“Well I did give him a cup of coffee, but there was nothing unusual about that. Just a friendly gesture.”

The sound of a girlish giggle came over the wires.

“I meant what you did for him up in the bedroom. He told me all about it. He just couldn’t stop talking about it.” Julie chuckled. “You opened his eyes — and his mind — and told him things I have been suggesting to him for months.”

Toni did not reply, feeling that she should be careful, not knowing what Chuck had told his wife about their fuck session.

“Chuck mentioned that you had suggested some ways to improve our sex lives and that you had a perfect answer. I’d like to meet you, if that would be agreeable.”

Julie’s enthusiastic tone made Toni thaw out. “That seems a good idea. When?”

“The sooner the better. What about today?” Toni considered for a moment. She was always ready for a discussion about sex, and her heart had begun to beat a little faster at the prospect of meeting Julie.

“Today? That’s okay with me, I’ll be quite free this afternoon.”

“Great, I look forward to seeing you then,” Julie said.

Toni’s excitement grew as the meeting with Julie drew nearer. When she stepped into the shower before Julie arrived, she wasn’t quite sure whether her pussy or her tits were looking forward to the meeting with more eagerness. She stroked them both in an effort to ease their throbbing.

After her shower Toni put on very brief bikini panties, a low-cut, very short sheath dress, a pair of classic Italian shoes — and nothing else. She studied herself in the mirror and was satisfied with what, she saw.

When she opened the door to Julie, she gave a little gasp and a ripple of excitement ran through her body.

Julie was a voluptuous young redhead, tall and slim, with eye-catching tits. Her hair fell to her shoulders in soft curls, her green eyes appeared to be slightly slanted, and her skin was clear and creamy.

The two women took to each other immediately. Toni mixed cocktails and they soon got talking to each other without a trace of reserve or shyness.

“I just love your dress.” Julie said, running her hand down Toni’s back and stroking her ass seductively.

Toni felt electric shocks shooting through her cunt and tits.

“And what shapely little asscheeks,” Julie said, continuing to stroke Toni’s ass. “Chuck just loved your figure. He couldn’t stop talking about what a beautiful body you have.”

Her hand lingered on Toni’s asscheeks, making Toni’s cunt gush fuck-juice and her tits strain at the front of her dress. Toni could see that Julie’s tits were responding to the way Julie was feeling her ass.

The two girls looked at each other for a moment, sharing a single idea, their lips moist and parted. Their heads came closer together, and in a moment they kissed.

“Let me put my drink down,” Julie panted. They put their drinks on a nearby table and threw their arms around each other. Their mouths met, and Julie sucked in Toni’s lips and tongue and lashed them with her wet, probing tongue.

Toni put her hands on Julie’s ass and pulled her cunt mound against her own throbbing pussy. Toni could tell Julie did not have a bra on either, and the heat of her tits could be felt through Toni’s dress.

After kissing hotly for a few moments, Julie broke away.

“Damnit, let’s get undressed!” she gasped. “I want to see your lovely, sexy body!”

“And I want to see yours! And I want to suck you and fuck you and love you — and do everything to you!” Toni moaned.

Julie giggled lewdly.

“You can do what you like with me,” Julie said. “I’m game for anything!”

They went upstairs with their arms around each other.

“Is this where my husband fucked you?” Julie asked.

“Yes,” Toni said. “And he really fucked me to a frazzle. He’s got a wonderful cock!”

The two girls paused and took in the sexy details of each other’s body before beginning to undress. Toni watched Julie lift her dress over her head, then lower her panties and step out of them.

Julie had magnificent tits with big red areolas and large, dark-red nipples. Her belly was a little bit pudgy, but Toni’s eyes were on her mass of golden cunt-hair. She could see part of Julie’s cunt-lips and the provocative slit running between her legs.

“Lovely,” Toni said. “Help me off with this dress.”

In a few moments she was naked, too. Julie put one arm around Toni’s shoulders and drew her close. She opened her mouth to suck Toni’s tongue and slipped her free hand between Toni’s legs.

“Darling, your cunt feels beautiful,” Julie whispered. “Chuck described it to me while he was fucking me. It’s a long time since he’s fucked me with such enthusiasm.”

“That’s the whole thing,” Toni said. “Fucking with the same woman year in and year out becomes absolutely as boring for a man as it does for the woman.”

“I’ve been telling Chuck that, but he always says he loves me too much to fuck another woman.”

Toni smiled. “It had nothing to do with love, only sex. If only he could watch another man fucking you, it’d do wonders for him. He’d fuck you as if it was going out of fashion.”

Julie laughed. “I’d love to be fucked by a different cock I I’ve never had anyone except Chuck since we’ve been married.”

Julie worked a couple of fingers into Toni’s cunt-slit.

“You’re used to making it with a woman, aren’t you?” Julie asked.

Toni took a deep breath and put her face against Julie’s.

“Oooooh yes, I love it with a woman or a man! I guess I’m just sex crazy!”

“Me too,” Julie said. “But I don’t know any woman to do it with. Besides, I don’t know how my husband would take it!”

“Well, we’ll just have to educate him. My husband gets a big kick out of watching me fuck about with another woman.”

“And then he fucks you both, I suppose.” Julie giggled.

The two stood together for a few moments, caressing each other’s cunt, feeling the urges building up in their overheated bodies.

“God, I feel positively wanton,” Julie said, running her fingers along her wet cunt-slit and putting them to her lips.

“Taste good?” Toni asked.

Julie put her dripping fingers to Toni’s mouth. Toni licked them eagerly, then licked her lips in appreciation. She put her hands on Julie’s shoulders and pushed her toward the bed.

“Come along, on the bed with you,” she said. “You taste really wonderful.”

Obediently, Julie stretched out on the bed, her legs slightly parted. Toni feasted her eyes on Julie’s voluptuous curves. She touched the big red nipples and bent to take one into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the nipple as Julie lay back with her eyes closed, murmuring softly.

Julie was completely in the grip of intense sexual desire. Every inch of her body was sensitive to touch, and she moaned as Toni gently sucked her nipple. Toni sucked the other nipple for awhile before kissing and licking Julie’s stomach, then moving to her thighs.

She stood for a moment, admiring Julie’s puffy cunt-lips and pressing her hand to her own pulsating cunt.

“Open wide. I’m really going to enjoy this,” Toni said.

She climbed onto the bed and got down between Julie’s legs. As she put her face to Julie’s crotch, the scent of hot, female desire reached her nostrils. She sniffed deeply, then put her lips to Julie’s wet, weeping cunt. Her tongue slipped between the juicy cunt-lips and she murmured with satisfaction.

“Mmmmm!” Toni moaned, and her tongue swept up and down Julie’s hot pussy-silt.

When Julie pushed her cunt up at her and groaned passionately, Toni drew in the girl’s cunt-flesh and sucked hard.

“Oh Christ, that’s beautiful!” Julie squealed, beating her fists against the bed. “Keep doing that, it’s lovely!”

The redhead put her hands to her tits and squeezed them hard as Toni sucked and chewed her inner cunt-lips.

“Oooooh, suck me!” Julie yelled. “Suck my clit! I need it! Oh God, suck my clit!”

But Toni kept her tongue darting around the entrance to Julie’s fuck-hole. She knew that this way Julie would enjoy the delights of lesbian love more than if Toni started on her clit and brought her to a quick climax.

Toni was slurping up Julie’s pussy-juice greedily. She had her own hand down between her legs, pressing her fingers into her own boiling fuck-hole. When Julie began to lose control of herself completely and buck and squirm, Toni brought both her arms up and wrapped them around Julie’s thighs to steady her.

“You’re driving me crazy, Toni!” Julie cried. “You’re being a bitch! Suck my clit or I’ll scream!”

Toni grinned and giggled as best she could with a mouthful of cunt-flesh. Julie was already screaming at the top of her voice!

Toni chewed the girl’s cunt-lips gently before searching out the redhead’s clit. When she found the stiff little organ, she licked up and down on it, making Julie yell even more wildly.

The yells made Toni even more excited, and she wriggled her thighs and pushed her cunt against the bed. She knew she had Julie near to coming, and she managed to get her teeth onto the girl’s clit. She held it gently with her teeth and teased the end of it with her tongue.

Julie was almost speechless as her orgasm took control of her.

“Ahhhhgggghhhh!” she groaned.

Toni had difficulty holding onto Julie as a series of violent convulsions tortured her body. Eventually the redhead lay back, her limp body spreading on the bed like a pricked balloon.

“I wouldn’t have missed that for anything,” a man called from the end of the bed.

Toni and Julie looked up sharply. Toni’s husband Dave was standing at the end of the bed; Julie instinctively put one hand over her cunt and put her arm across her tits.

“Tell me, who is this gorgeous girl?” Dave asked Toni, coming around the bed.

Toni, recovering from her shock at suddenly seeing her husband, smiled.

“This is my husband,” she said to Julie. “Dave, this is Julie, the wife of the video man I told you about the other day.”

“Ah, yes.” Dave nodded. “Toni tells me your husband fixes frustrated wives just as satisfactorily as he does video recorders.”

“That’s my Chuck,” Julie said, gaining confidence.

“Julie and Chuck have been having, a few problems,” Toni said. “Julie can tell you about them while. I have a shower and make some coffee, but you’re a bit overdressed, aren’t you?”

Toni leaned over and grasped the zipper of Dave’s pants. Dave ripped off his shirt, unfastened his trousers and dropped them to the floor.

Dave gave Toni a playful slap on the ass.

“Off to the shower while Julie and I discuss the facts of life,” he said.

Dave lay beside Julie and kissed her. Her shyness disappeared just as quickly with Dave as it had with Toni. Their kiss began as a warm and friendly greeting, but quickly developed to an open-mouth, tongue-exploring, passionate preliminary to a more intimate contact.

“Christ, after that session with Toni, I feel like a raving, cock-hungry bitch,” Julie said, feeling for Dave’s prick.

“Toni has that effect on girls,” Dave said smugly. “I get lots of good fucks after she’s got the girls worked up.”

As he was speaking, he worked his fingers into Julie’s bubbly cunt-lips. They kissed again as Julie worked her hand up and down his cockshaft. A moment later she wriggled down on the bed and took his prick into her mouth.

“That feels good!” Dave gasped, resting his hand on her head and combing his fingers through her hair.

Julie’s mouth took in most of Dave’s cock in one gulp and smothered it with her saliva. She pulled her mouth away and licked up and down his cock-shaft, licking his prick-head and sending shivers of excitement coursing through Dave’s body.

“God, Julie, that feels good!” he murmured. Julie lifted his ball-sac and sucked one of his balls into her mouth, covering it with warm saliva before sucking in the other. Then she returned to his cock, running her tongue along the thick prick-shaft before sucking his whole cock into her mouth.

She breathed noisily through her nose, bobbing her head up and down and gently scraping his cock-shaft with her teeth.

“I’m on the edge, Julie!” Dave cried. “If you want it, I’ll let it go!”

Julie nodded her head and grunted her approval, sinking her head down on Dave’s cock so that her lips touched his cock-hair.

In a moment, Dave let go. A flood of cum spurted into Julie’s throat. She kept her lips tightly around his cock-shaft to stop any of his cum from dripping out as she drank it greedily.

Dave kept his hand on Julie’s head until she pulled away from his cock and wiped her hand across her lips.

She crawled up and kissed him. The smell of his cum was on her breath.

“You’re quite a girl, Julie!” Dave moaned. Julie looked into his eyes for a moment. “I want to fuck!”

“That’s what I like, a girl who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it!”

“I want to feel that hot cock of yours up my cunt,” she said.

“Keep going. Tell me again.” Dave grinned. Julie held his cock firmly and rubbed its red head against her leg.

“I want this cock right up my cunt, squirting its lovely spunk right into me! Oh, Dave, get into me now, balls and all!”

Dave giggled as he mounted her.

“Okay, bitch, here it is, all ready to fuck the shit out of your cunt! I’ll fuck you till your nose bleeds!”

Julie guided his cock between her cunt-lips.

“Oh God, that feels good!” she gasped, wrapping her legs around his waist and locking her arms around his neck. “Now show me what you can do with that big stiff prick! I haven’t had another man’s cock up my cunt since I’ve been married!”

Dave thrust at her sloppy fuck-hole until he felt his balls squashing against her ass. “I bet you had plenty before you were married.”

“Oooooh, yes!” she gasped. “At college I was the football team’s fuck!”

He began to fuck her cunt with all his strength.

“Oh God, Dave that’s good! That’s it a… I love it rough!” Julie panted. “Talk dirty!”

“I want to ram my balls right up your belly! I’m going to fuck your tits and your ears and your mouth and your ass! I’m going to bathe you from head to foot in my spunk, and then I’m going to watch a dozen guys fuck you!”

Dave was panting with exertion as he tried to speak.

Toni came back into the room and watched the two writhing bodies on the bed with amusement, a smile on her face and her hand quietly stroking her raging cunt.

She could see Dave had his knees apart, digging them into the mattress to get leverage, and his balls, which seemed to be twice their usual size, were swinging to and fro as his cock fucked in and out of Julie’s cunt.

“Ooooh, yesssss!” Julie hissed. “Do what you want to, Dave! Do it! Do it!”

Her fingernails raked his back, making long red trails across his shoulders and down his arms, but he was incapable of feeling anything except the overpowering feeling of ecstasy staffing in his cock and taking possession of his whole body.

Julie too, was almost incapable of feeling anything apart from the sensations she was getting from her cunt and her tits.

She clenched her cunt muscles in as tightly as she could and bucked and weaved under Dave violently, but he was experienced and he kept his prick fucking into her without missing a beat.

Finally, Julie let out a fearsome yell and arched her back.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” she screamed, completely losing control of herself.

Dave had already begun to spurt his jism into her, and he fucked into her cunt harder, giving a grunt of satisfaction each time a shot of his spunk spat out.

Julie and Dave lay locked together as their excitement cooled down. All of a sudden they became aware of another person in the room.

It was Chuck. He stood beside the bed, his arm around Toni’s waist.

“Bravo,” Chuck said. “I’m always telling you that you would enjoy another man’s cock in you.”

Julie opened her mouth in astonishment. “You’ve been telling me! It’s the other way around! I’ve been saying for months we should try swinging!”

Toni unzipped Chuck’s trousers and pulled out his stiff cock.

“Let’s not have a family disagreement,” Toni said with a giggle. “This proves how much Chuck enjoyed watching his wife get fucked.”

She waved Chuck’s upstanding prick in front of Julie.

Julie lay back and spread her legs wide. She held her cunt-lips open.

“For Christ’s sake, stuff it up here, Chuck! I need it!”

But Chuck didn’t need the invitation. He was already ripping his clothes off, getting ready to fuck his wife like he hadn’t fucked her in years.

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