The Pool Boy

Mitch was playing XBox when he heard a car door slam. He looked out the window to see Emma, his next door neighbor coming home from shopping. “Damn she’s fucking hot,” Mitch thought to himself. Emma had been divorced for about a year, and Mitch felt a little guilty for looking at her this way. He really liked Mr. Ferguson, he’d lived next door to them since he was an infant, but Mitch was nineteen now and Mrs. Ferguson’s tits were calling to him.

Mitch figured he could fill a gallon milk bottle if he had kept all the semen he’d produced while watching Emma sunbathe by her pool, and he’d only been home from college for a week. Beating his meat while looking at Emma in a bikini wasn’t going to be enough for Mitch this summer, he wanted to fuck her. He wanted to squeeze her 36DD funbags as her pumped his eight inches of steel in and out of her shaved cunt.Mitch had one problem, Emma and his mom had been best friends since before he was born. When Mitch looked at Emma, he saw the smoking hot blonde, with huge tits and a gorgeous ass.

When Emma looked at Mitch, she saw the six year old in a Lone Ranger mask, shooting a cap gun in front of her house. Mitch figured that at some point Emma had to feel the need for some cock. She wasn’t an old maid yet, far from it, she was only forty-two, and didn’t look a day over twenty-five. Mitch knew Emma wasn’t seeing anyone, and he hoped that if she was using toys to satisfy her needs, it wouldn’t be long before she grew as tired of them as Mitch had grown of his hand. All Mitch had to do was convince Emma that he wasn’t the little boy she’d watch grow up. He had to show her he was a full grown man, capable of satisfying her desires. Mitch wasn’t dumb enough to think that he could have any kind of relationship with Emma, she’d never be able to look his mom in the eye again. He had to be the young stud with a hard dick that she just fucked for fun.In order to do that, Mitch was going to have to show her that he wasn’t such a little boy anymore. That was going to be tough for him, he didn’t even call her by her first name, but Mitch had all summer to do it. The first thing Mitch thought he had to do was let Emma see just how much he’d grown. Mitch was no dumpy college dork, he was on the swim team in college, and he had a gorgeous body. He had short close cropped brown hair that made his lean handsome face look rugged and chiseled. He kept his lean tight body always perfectly shaved for swimming, and his long thick eight inch cock looked more like a work of art than a sex organ. Mitch had a plan to show himself off to Emma. He went and bought a pair of white swim trunks two sizes too small. After his parents had gone to sleep that night, he went outside and took a saw from the garage. There was a huge tree in their backyard, and some of the branches hung over the pool. Every fall it was a pain cleaning the fallen leaves out so the pool could be used. Mitch figured if you couldn’t swim in a pool with leaves, you certainly couldn’t use one with a huge tree branch in it. Mitch sawed one of the tree limbs about halfway through, hoping its weight would cause it to fall into the pool by morning. Mitch woke up the next morning to find the tree limb crashed into the pool, just as he hoped.

He went downstairs to the kitchen and found his mother making breakfast. “Mom, did you see the tree limb in the pool, how am I going to practice?” “Don’t worry honey, I already called a tree service, I’m sure Emma will let you use her pool for today.”Sweet victory, Mitch thought to himself. Not only was his scheme in motion, but his mom had made the suggestion he use Emma’s pool. About an hour later Mitch was knocking on Emma’s door,”Hi Mrs. Ferguson, a big tree limb fell into our pool last night…I was wondering if I could use your pool for my workout?””Oh of course sweetie, come on in.”Mitch came in and chatted with Emma for a few minutes before he changed into his swim trunks and went out to the pool. Mitch’s extremely tight swim trunks were so small that every single detail of his dick was clearly visible, and they weren’t even wet. Mitch thought that if he were to get an erection, it might just tear the trunks right off of him. Mitch went outside, jumped into the water, and swam a few laps. He was carefully keeping an eye on the windows to make sure Emma was somewhere she could see outside when he got out of the pool. Mitch could see that Emma had come into the kitchen, and was making a pitcher of iced tea. Mitch seized his opportunity. He slowly climbed out of the pool and turned to face the window. With his swim trunks wet, they were completely see through, and even tighter fitting. Mitch’s manhood was clearly on display. Mitch stood there for a moment. He closed his eyes and ran his fingers through his hair.Emma wasn’t really paying any attention to Mitch, she only casually glanced out the window, but the sight shocked her. She quickly looked away at first, but was unable to stop herself from taking a second peek. She looked long enough to at least confirm that she had seen what she thought she’d seen. She quickly looked back down at the iced tea she was making, but the picture of Mitch’s cock was burned into her mind now. She tried to think of something else, like when Mitch was a little boy, or better yet when he was a baby. “I was at the hospital the day that boy was born,” Emma thought to herself. Emma tried to think back to when Mitch was a baby, she’d changed his diaper many times. Emma told herself that it wasn’t the first time she’d see the boy’s wee wee.Emma had made herself feel a little better until she heard splashing, Mitch was getting out of the pool again. Emma tried to make herself not look, but she couldn’t. Emma thought that Mitch’s cock looked even bigger this time, she couldn’t take her eyes off of it. “This is my best friend’s son…what would Donna think?”

Emma tore her eyes away. When she heard a splash she walked into the living room and sat on the couch.It had been a while for Emma, her toys kept her sane, but she hadn’t felt anything warm inside her in far too long. Emma tried hard to erase what she’d seen from her mind, then she heard slashing again. Emma forced herself to stay in the couch for a moment, but she couldn’t resist the urge. Emma got up and went to the window. “Oh my goodness!” Emma whispered. The entire head of Mitch’s cock was poking out of his swim trunks. Emma was staring at like a hungry lion, at raw meat. “Please don’t let Donna find out.” Emma said to herself.Mitch finished his workout and came inside. He asked Emma if he could go upstairs and take a shower. Emma said yes, and when she heard the water turn on she did something purely on impulse. She grabbed a towel and opened the door. Emma found Mitch standing there naked and said, “Oh I’m sorry honey, I just wanted to bring you a towel.” Mitch made no effort to cover himself as he thanked her and took the towel. Mitch saw his opportunity as Emma lingered at the door and said, “You don’t have to be embarrassed Mrs. Ferguson, I’m not ashamed of my body, I don’t mind you seeing me naked.” Emma couldn’t help but stare, she composed herself and said, “Oh no dear…you have a very nice body.”Mitch could tell Emma was nervous, he inched closer to her and said, “Thank you, Mrs. Ferguson I think you have a very nice body too.”Emma was using all her willpower to not throw herself at Mitch until she looked down and saw Mitch’s penis begin to grow. Emma was trembling as Mitch took a step closer to her. Mitch had a full erection when Emma spoke, “You’re a little excited I see.””Yes I am,” Mitch said in a deep seductive voice as he took a step closer to Emma.”What would your mother say?” Emma asked, almost stuttering.”My mother doesn’t need to know.” Mitch said as he put his hand on the small of Emma’s back, and pulled himself so close, that the tip of his penis touched her belly button. Emma wanted to stop herself, but she couldn’t. It had been so long since she had a man inside her. She needed this. Mitch felt Emma’s hand cautiously touch his penis. She wasn’t trying to stimulate him, she wanted to touch it, explore it, as if she had forgotten what one felt like.Emma couldn’t control herself, she dropped to her knees and stared at Mitch’s erection for a long moment. It wasn’t too late for her to turn back, she could still send the boy home, take a cold shower and forget it ever happened. For a second Emma thought she could but then…Mitch let out a soft moan of pleasure as Emma took him into her mouth. Mitch tasted like sweet candy to her. Emma sucked him like a lollipop, she was almost getting more pleasure from it than him. He felt so warm in her mouth, she could feel his heart beating, feel his breathing. Emma unbuttoned her top and let it fall to the floor and began caressing her breasts with both hands. As good as Mitch tasted, Emma needed more. She stood up and unbuttoned her shorts, letting them drop to the floor. This was Mitch’s dream, Emma was standing in front of him naked. He grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her to face away from him. He grabbed her left leg and lifted it, leaving the right on the floor, and thrust into Emma. Emma moaned when she felt Mitch penetrate her. She had a real cock inside her for the first time in a year. She wanted to feel every inch of it. She didn’t care that Mitch was pumping like a horny schoolboy, she wanted to feel it. Mitch couldn’t do it standing up for long so Emma led him to the couch and let him sit down. She climbed on top of him and quickly stuffed his penis back inside her. Emma fucked him like a teenager, sliding up and down on his pole with blazing speed. “He’s so big,” Emma thought to herself as Mitch filled her. She suddenly turned around to face away from him without allowing his cock outside her, and continued riding him. Mitch didn’t think he could last much longer, Emma was like a bucking bronco on top of him. Mitch had no control, if Emma was going to cum it was completely up to her. Mitch could feel the sweat building up on Emma’s body, she was fucking him like wild. Suddenly Mitch couldn’t take anymore, he felt himself explode inside Emma. Emma only fucked Mitch harder when she felt his sperm fill her, she was screaming with pleasure when she finally collapsed on top of him. Emma lay on top of Mitch for a few moments before she climbed off. She really didn’t have any idea what to say to Mitch, she’d acted in the heat of lust. Mitch finally broke the awkward silence with, “Don’t worry Mrs. Ferguson, I won’t tell if you won’t.” Mitch headed home with a huge smile on his face. Mitch came in through the back door. His mother was chewing on an apple as she asked, “How was your workout dear?””Best one ever,” Mitch replied.