Wife In The Back Seat

Most of us lead two lives — real and fantasy. The housewife imagines herself leading a life of luxury. The businessman imagines himself away from the rat race, fishing by a quiet lake. The schoolboy dreams of becoming a famous athlete. And then there are sexual fantasies — wild dreams that we seldom expect to see come true.

In this story, Betty Brady has learned to be honest with her sexual desires, and she becomes a woman whom many would brand a slut and others would merely call liberated. She is a woman dedicated to becoming a sexually liberated soul — a person who not only feels sexually free, but who feels compelled to unshackle others from the bonds of Puritanism.

WIFE IN THE BACK SEAT deals with a volatile issue, an issue that government has tried to define, that churches have tried to repress, that swingers have tried to advocate — but perhaps the answer lies with the individual. Let him or her decide his own standard of morality where sex between consenting individuals is concerned, just as Betty has done.


Bill Brady gave his wife a shiny red convertible on their first wedding anniversary.

When Betty Brady woke up that morning, she reached out for her husband’s cock and balls, expecting to enjoy a lovely morning fuck on this special day.

But Bill was not in bed.

The sexy redhead frowned, wondering why he had gotten up so early and left her unfucked. She was feeling horny, as she usually did when she woke up, and she was disappointed that he wasn’t in bed.

It made her angry.

How dare he leave her unfucked on their anniversary? It would serve him right if she were to go out and get picked up and laid.

She just might do that, too, since she wasn’t the world’s most faithful wife — although her husband hadn’t found out about her affairs, yet.

But she decided to finger-fuck herself to begin with, just to take the immediate pressure off her steaming pussy. She didn’t want to put her panties on while her cunt was so soaking wet.

She began by feeling up her tits, kneading the tit-globes and plucking at the swollen pink tips. She cupped the heavy tit-mounds in her hands and lifted them, tipping her face down and sucking on the sensitive nipples.

Then she started to frig her fuck-hole, stabbing her fingers in with one hand while she used the other to give her clit a massage.

The pleasant glow of an oncoming orgasm was just beginning to stir in her loins when she heard a car pull up in the driveway, and then the front door open.

She heard footsteps on the stairs. Betty stopped finger-fucking herself, not wanting to be caught on the job. She licked the cunt-juice from her fingers to get rid of the evidence — and because the stuff was tasty, as well.

Then she sat up and looked innocent.

Bill came into the bedroom, smiling.

“Look out the window, honey,” he said.

The naked redhead jumped up and moved to the window and saw a shiny red convertible parked below. She turned and gave him a questioning glance.

Bill dangled a set of car keys. “It’s all yours, baby,” he said. “Oh! Darling!” she cried, overjoyed. Betty had been wanting a car of her own for ages. Actually, she wanted it so that she didn’t have to take public transportation when she went to visit the various men with whom she was fucking behind Bill’s back. But, naturally, she didn’t tell her husband that.

Now she felt very loving and affectionate towards Bill for the lovely gift.

“I’ve got a present for you, too, darling,” she said, batting her eyes and smiling.

“Yeah? What?” he asked.

“Ummmmm — something you love,” she sighed.

Her fat nipples were sticking out and her cunt was spilling plenty of cunt-juice down her inner thighs, and Bill had a pretty good idea what his present was going to be.

He began to undress.

He dropped his pants and his big fucker loomed out, heavy headed and thick stalked and gnarled with throbbing veins. His balls were swollen at the cock-base, and his open piss-hole was dribbling out pre-cum.

Betty licked her lips.

Bill always adored a blowjob and Betty was more than happy to accommodate him in her mouth — especially today, when he had just given her a convertible.

Naked, he flopped down on the big bed and lay on his back, with his hard cock towering up.

Betty curled up beside his hip. Her heavy tits swayed saucily as she leaned down. She gazed longingly at his cock, then glanced at his face.

“Is this what you want, darling?” she purred.

She made an oval of her lips and let her nimble lapper flick out tantalizingly.

“Yeah, kid — suck my prick!” he gasped. Betty gazed hungrily at the meaty delicacy, then ducked down and lapped at the babbling cock-tip.

Pre-cum tingled on her taste buds, and she moaned.

Bill arched his back, driving his stiff prick up against her pursed lips.

“Milk my cock, baby,” he moaned. Betty laved all around the swollen slab of naked purple cock-meat, tasting the seepage, whetting her appetite for his full jism-load.

Then she sucked his big cock-head into her mouth and began to nurse on it.

She blew down his cock-shaft, then inhaled on that flaring slab of succulent, slimy cock-knob.

“Yeah, yeah — suck me off!” he wailed. Gooey ropes of spunk uncurled into her tongue as his piss-hole spilled out, the initial dribbles. Her lips collared his fat cock just below the crown. His cock-shaft was sticking out like a pipeline connecting his full cum-bags to her hungry panting lips.

Betty preferred to suck on only the head of his prick, instead of swallowing on down the stalk. She loved it when his fuck-juice spurted onto her tongue, so that she could taste the sweet stuff before she drank it down.

The horny redhead was relishing her husband’s delectable cock-meat, but she was hungry for his cum-load and eager for the moment when he climaxed.

She folded her fist around his vibrant cock-shaft and began to stroke up and down as she sucked, adding manual stimulation to the suction of her mouth.

The heel of her hand bumped his bloated balls, and then she frigged up and nudged her gulping lips.

“Cum, darling — hose me,” she urged him, her words muffled on his bulging prick-knob.

“Here it comes, honey!” he croaked, as his balls began to surge savagely at the base of his prick.

“Ummmmm — ummmmm!” she rasped, hot for his cum.

“Swallow my spunk, baby!” he cried.

His climax hit and his thick prick jolted as the jism came spurting out.

Suddenly Betty’s mouth was full of fuck-juice.

She gulped his cum down and he fed her more, his cock spraying her checks and tongue and throat in squirt after slimy squirt as he slowly drained off his balls.

Betty sucked him dry.

She kept sucking his prick until she was sure that she had milked out every sweet drop of cum. Then she pulled her mouth off his prick and turned her radiant face up, parting her lips to let him see the last of his milky cum coating her pink tongue. She swallowed with her mouth open.

Then she used her tongue to gather up the stray cum from his lower cock-shaft and his balls.

She drew back and spread out, expecting Bill to throw a good fuck into her now.

But to her dismay, he got up and started to put his clothing back on.

“Hey! I didn’t get to cum yet, sweetheart,” Betty reminded him.

“I gotta get to work now, honey. I want more than just a quickie on our anniversary,” he replied. “You keep your cunt simmering until I get home, and then I’ll throw a long, slow fuck into you. Okay?”

Then Bill left — and left Betty frustrated. She began to finger-fuck herself again, licking her fingers from time to time. But she was a lot hornier now than she had been earlier, turned on by having had a mouthful of cock-meat and a drink of hot cum.

A hand-job wasn’t going to satisfy her today.

She decided to telephone one of her lovers and invite him over for a piece of ass.

Betty felt a little guilty about cheating on Bill on their anniversary, especially after he had given her a shiny red convertible.

But it was his own fault, after all, for face-fucking her and leaving her cunt neglected.

Justifying her infidelity that way, Betty went to the telephone.

But she couldn’t make up her mind which of her boyfriends to summon for sex. She wasn’t sure that a single fuck would satisfy her a hell of a lot more than the fingerfucking had been doing.

So, feeling quite deliciously naughty, Betty decided to ask two guys to come over, to make sure that she got plenty of prick today.

What Bill didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. She telephoned Vince Clayton and Joe Morris.

Both men were delighted by her unexpected invitation and said that they would be over right away.

While she waited Betty looked out the window, admiring her new car. But she didn’t go out to look at it closer. She was still naked and saw no reason why she should bother to put any clothing on until after she had finished fucking with the two horny men who were on the way.

Bill went to work and, during a coffee break, happened to mention to his boss that today was his first wedding anniversary.

His boss was a romantic sort of fellow, and generous, to boot. He suggested that Bill should take the rest of the day off to spend with his sexy, redheaded wife. Bill thanked him profusely and left for home.

His boss went into the lavatory and hauled his cock out. He built some lurid fantasies about what Bill and curvaceous Betty were going to be doing soon, imagining all the graphic and juicy details of their fucking.

Then he jacked off.

But, nevertheless, he was a romantic and generous guy, and who could fault him for being imaginative?

Nor had he any idea at all that, by sending Bill home early and unexpectedly, he was going to be responsible for enlightening the husband to his wife’s adultery…

Vince arrived first.

Betty, stark naked, met him at the door and they began to kiss and cuddle in the hallway.

He suggested that they go to bed.

“Not yet, honey — Joe Morris is coming over, too. I’m in the mood for lots of loving,” she said.

Vince didn’t mind sharing her with Joe.

After all, she wasn’t his wife.

Joe got there a few minutes later.

He blinked in mild surprise at finding another guy already there. Then the two men grinned and winked at one another conspiratorially, glad to enjoy Betty between them — and thankful that their own wives were not so wanton.

Truth be told, both of their wives were getting their asses fucked off at that very moment. But that was another story and unlike Bill Brady, neither of them were going to arrive home and find out.

The three of them went up to Betty’s bedroom.

Joe and Vince stripped naked and they all got onto the big marital bed together.

The men began to play with the naked woman.

And they were all so engrossed by their pleasures that none of them heard Bill come home…

Bill had noticed two strange cars parked in front of the house, but he thought nothing of it. He left his own car in the driveway behind the red convertible and entered the house, horny for a fuck, eager to sink his hard, hot prick into his loving wife’s pussy.

As he started up the stairs, he heard plenty of moaning and panting, and the squeaking of the bedsprings.

He paused, then grinned.

He assumed his wife must be giving herself a hand-job, or maybe fucking herself with a salami or banana, as she often did to turn him on while, he watched.

Since he had cum in her mouth and left her without a cum in return, it was only understandable that the woman should be taking care of her hot pussy by hand.

But how fortunate that he had gotten home in time to take over the pleasant task of making her cream, he thought.

He went up the stairs, tiptoeing now, wanting to sneak a look at Betty as she masturbated, before he made his presence known.

He sneaked down the hall and looked into the room where he and his wife slept.

Anti the husband got a hell of a shock. He gulped and his jaw dropped open wide, and his eyes bulged out.

Betty lay in the center of the bed, between the two naked men, like the filling in a sandwich.

He knew who Vince and Joe were, but he sure as hell had never guessed what they were — his wife’s lovers!

Two at a time!

And in his own bed, to boot!

And even on their anniversary!

Bill was hurt and furious and jealous. His first impulse was to rush in and confront them. But he held back. He told himself that it would be a good idea to spy for a while and find out just how naughty his wife really was — to gather the evidence before he accused her.

That was what he told himself, anyway, although the fact was that, along with all the other jumbled emotions, it was making Bill Brady very horny to play the peeper on his transgressing wife.

Lurking at the doorway, he looked — and his prick began to respond, swelling and jolting.

Each man was feeling a fat tit, and Betty was turning her head from side to side, kissing Joe and Vince in turn. Bill could see pink tongues sliding back and forth as his wife French-kissed her lovers.

Her rosy nipples stood up like juicy gumdrops as the men kneaded her big tits.

Betty slid a hand down and grasped Joe’s stiff prick, fondling it and cupping his swollen balls. Her other hand dropped onto Vince’s hard prick.

She frigged both men and they both ducked down to suck on her rigid nipples.

Joe groped down her gently rounded belly and cupped his hand on her bushy cunt mound, dipping her fingers into her crotch to caress her cunt.

Vince reached down, too, and started to pull on her stiff cut while Joe finger-fucked her cunt.

“Ummmmm — ahhhhh!” the faithless redhead sighed, as they fingered her frothy fuck-hole and nursed on her explosive tit-tips.

She threw her meaty thighs open wide, spreading her loins invitingly.

“Give me some stiff prick!” she whimpered.

Vince and Joe, each with a mouthful of tit, looked at each other, obviously wondering which one should fuck her to begin with.

Bill knew that if he made his presence known at this stage, he could prevent his wife from going all the way with her lovers. But he figured that she must have fucked both of them lots of times before, because there was a familiar intimacy about the situation. It would only be another slice off a cut loaf.

Besides, if he were to prevent the fucking, he wouldn’t be able to watch it.

And Bill was hot to spy on Betty as she cuckolded him all the way.

Vince and Joe were politely waiting for Betty to select her first fucker.

Betty didn’t give a shit what the sequence was, as long as they both fucked her.

She tossed a mental coin and tugged on Vince’s large, formidable prick.

He grinned and rolled on top of her.

Both men were pleased, in fact.

Vince felt proud because she had chosen him for the first fuck. And Joe was smug, figuring that the redhead was saving the best for last.

Vince knelt between her thighs and Betty guided the head of his cock into her cuntgash. Holding the cock-shaft, she rubbed the bulging cock-knob around in her gooey pussy-slot and against her inflamed clit.

She began to pull his prick into her pussy.

“Shove it up me, baby,” she whined. “Give me all of your big fucker!”

Vince began to sink his prick in slowly, burying it inch by inch up her cunt-hole.

He fucked in balls-deep and held the full penetration, as Betty wriggled and squirmed on his prick like a fish struggling on a gaff.

She began to fuck before he did, pulling her pussy up and down on a few inches of his cock.

Then he fell into the rhythm with her. He fucked his cock in as she jerked down and drew out to the cock-knob as she whipped her loins up. His balls swung in and slapped against the cheeks of her ass as he sank his prick in to the hilt.

She tossed her legs up and hooked her knees around his haunches, riding him from below.

Each time his cock-lance stuffed her full, cunt-juice came pumping from her pussy, lathering her loins, streaming down to seep into the crack of her churning ass, ribboning down the insides of her thighs.

While Vince fucked her, Joe continued to suck on her swollen nipples and feel her cunt, adding another dimension to the sensation of getting fucked.

“Cum in me — cum, baby!” she moaned.

If Betty had had only one man in bed with her, she would have preferred to make it a prolonged fucking — but the greedy girl was already looking forward to the second cuntful before the first fuck was finished.

Her clit was smoldering like a lighted fuse and the core of her cunt was melting.

Vince grunted and gasped loudly.

His fiery fucker hissed in and his cumload splashed into the depths of her cunt-hole.

Bill thought he could hear the guy’s cum gurgling in his wife’s cock-stuffed cunt.

She squealed and creamed and Vince hammered away, emptying his balls spurt by spurt.

He faltered and missed a stroke.

His prick was still fat and firm, although his balls were slack, and Betty would have held him in her — except that Joe was awaiting his turn at her cunt.

She unwrapped her legs from Vince’s hips, and he pulled his prick and flopped over on his back, panting and grinning, his cock semi-stiff and swaying over his belly. The cock-meat was awash with cunt-cum and jizz.

It was driving Bill crazy to see his wife’s cunt-nectar glistening on another man’s cock.

Then Joe hopped aboard.

He fitted his cock-head into her sodden cunt-slot, paused, then drove it all the way up. Betty squealed and started to fuck him immediately.

Joe elevated his ass and fucked in from above, sliding every inch of his long, thick, heavily veined cock-shaft across her clit as it sank in and pulled out.

Betty’s pussy was so full of Vince’s cum that it felt to Joe as if he were shoving his prick into a paste pot. He had to tug back hard against the suction.

He held her under the upthrust cheeks of her ass and pounded his prick in passionately, surging towards a quick crest, his balls ballooning.

His cum-load was all set to shoot, his potency heightened by the delay while he waited for his turn.

Betty felt his cock lurch violently.

She started to cream off again and wailed for him to give her his cum.

“Hose me, Joe! Cream my cunt!” Joe heaved in and howled. Betty undulated under him, her cunt sucking on his cock.

His fizz sloshed up her as plentifully and lavishly as Vince’s had.

Once again, her husband thought he could hear the guy’s thick cum splash in the core of her cunt. He groaned silently and watched in utter fascination.

Joe drained his cock and balls into the insatiable redheaded housewife. Then he slumped, spent.

Betty continued to wriggle on his cock for a while, working off the final spasms of her cumming and making certain that his own load was drained to the dregs.

He drew his prick out of her pussy and, Vince had, collapsed on his back beside her.

Betty stayed spread out, a blissful smile on her face, her cunt-slot gaping open, retaining the shape of the big cock that had stuffed her so full.

Cum and cunt-cream poured from her gaping fuck-hole, turning her groin to a morass.

Her husband stared at her faithless pussy in a sort of trembling awe.

Bill was no longer jealous or angry or hurt.

The man had become an instant voyeur.

Now he was perfectly content to peep longer, if the fucking continued. The last thing on earth that he wanted to do was to interrupt them.

But, in his fascination, Bill had stepped right into the open doorway to get the best possible look at all the creamy details.

Concentrating on watching, he didn’t realize that he, too, could be seen…

Betty lay there, quietly panting for a few minutes.

Then she slid down on the bed, between the two men. Two fucks had been so nice that she wanted more.

Both guys’ balls were slack, but their pricks were still half-hard. And Betty knew how to stiffen them up again.

She took Vince’s prick-head into her sensual lips and began to suck softly. The cockknob flared instantly and his balls began to inflate again.

She adored mouthing cock-meat that was slathered with cuntjuice, and when she had nursed all the fuck-slime from Vince’s cock, she switched over to Joe.

Vince’s cock-head was polished like a purple gemstone now, slick with her saliva, and she started to suck on Joe’s slimy fucker, enjoying the taste treat while her magic mouth revived his prick.

She inhaled on his cock-head, then blew down it as if to inflate his balls with her breath. Her silken eyelashes fluttered and her lips were smiling with pleasure on the head of his delectable prick.

Then she saw her husband standing, open mouthed at the bedroom door…

“Ohmigod!” Betty squawked.

Vince and Joe looked up, alarmed.

When they saw Bill, they both blushed with guilt.

Betty yanked her lips off Joe’s prick, horrified.

Would her husband beat her? Would he leave her? Had she wrecked her happy marriage by her promiscuity? She was trembling with shame.

And Bill didn’t know what to do.

As long as they had not been aware of his presence, he would have been glad to spy on them as long as they continued to suck and fuck.

But he couldn’t tell them that. Bill considered that it was perverse for a guy to enjoy watching his wife fuck other men. He would have been too ashamed to confess that he had loved it and to have told them to continue.

But he had to react somehow.

He, too, was blushing, but they assumed that he was flushed by rage.

Then he saw the car keys on the nightstand, and it gave him his out. Feigning an anger that he did not feel at all, he marched into the room.

Betty flinched back in fear.

Joe and Vince raised their hands to ward him off.

If they happened to notice that the front of his pants was bulging out enormously, it didn’t register.

“Errrr… ahhhh… darling,” Betty stammered.

But she could think of nothing to say.

It was obviously not a case of rape. And there was no way that her husband would believe that she had just taken two cocks up her cunt by some sort of mistake.

The men eyed him warily, hoping he did not attack them while they were naked and vulnerable.

But Bill moved to the nightstand and snatched up the car keys.

“Happy fucking anniversary!” he snarled to Betty.

Then he turned and stormed out, leaving his wife naked on the bed with her two lovers. They all looked at each other in dismay.

But they had been caught and it was too late to do anything about it now and, since her husband had left, they figured they might as well fuck some more.

They didn’t expect him to return soon. And, anyhow, one couldn’t be hanged twice for the same crime.

And Vince and Joe were both already well hung, anyway.

Betty was worried and troubled about her marriage, but she could still console herself on some more cock.

And, in truth, she didn’t need to worry at all…

Bill went out and got into the red convertible and sat shaking behind the wheel. He felt that he had salvaged his pride somewhat, by pretending to be furious and taking back her anniversary present.

But his prick was on the rampage. He was too worked up to return the car to the dealer where he’d bought it, which was on the other side of town. He was in a hurry to return home again, as soon as he had made his gesture of revenge. And besides, he didn’t trust himself to drive very far with such a hard-on. So much blood had gone into the building of that towering erection that he felt dizzy and light-headed.

Bill drove to the nearest used-car dealer and left the car to be sold on consignment.

“Take whatever you can get,” he told the dealer, impatient to be off.

Bill headed back home, where his wife was continuing to be unfaithful to him — as he had hoped.

And that was why a shiny red convertible came on the used-car market on the same day that eighteen-year-old Dolly Donovan passed her driver’s test.

And passed it in a remarkable way…


Dolly Donovan was a delectable young lady, with tawny blonde hair and big blue eyes and the nubile, bouncy sort of body that made men drool.

She had high, round tits and a tight, trim ass and a set of legs that seemed to have been especially designed to wrap around a guy’s ass while he ticked her.

Dolly was really looking forward to having a driver’s license and, she hoped, her own car. None of the boys that she dated owned a car and only occasionally got to borrow their parents’ cars, and Dolly was tired of getting fucked in the park and under the bleachers at the football stadium.

With her own transportation, the insatiable little minx figured she could get lots more prick in relative privacy and comfort.

She could even drive to another town and pick up strange guys for naughty fun, without further damaging what was left of her reputation.

So she went to take her driving test eagerly.

The only trouble was that Dolly didn’t really know how to drive very well…

She settled behind the wheel and drove off okay, making sure that her short skirt rode well up her slim, shapely thighs, hoping to influence the examiner by her physical charms.

Dolly was accustomed to getting her own way when she smiled bewitchingly at men.

But the examiner, a tall, handsome man, looked stern and strict at first.

Then he began to look worried, as she had a near-miss with a telephone pole and spent some time driving on the wrong side of the road.

When he asked her to parallel park, she failed miserably. She thought that was silly, anyhow. One never had to parallel park at the drive-in movie or the local lover’s lane, and where else would she be parking?

The examiner was close to panic, rolling his eyes and turning pale, when she mounted the curb and traveled for a short distance down the sidewalk.

He told her to pull over, which she did, and then he sat there, catching his breath.

“Have I passed?” Dolly chirped, giving him that dazzling smile that usually worked so well.

“Miss, you are without a doubt the worst driver to ever take this test,” he replied.

“I failed, huh?” she sighed.

He turned to stare at her, about to make another sarcastic comment. But now that they were no longer in motion, nor in peril, the examiner had a chance to examine the young girl. She might not be able to drive, he thought, but she sure looked like she could fuck.

His gaze traveled up her bare, suntanned legs. Her skirt was so high he could almost see her crotch.

And Dolly, quite aware of where the man was looking, squirmed and got her skin up just a bit higher.

He gasped when he saw that the nubile teenager wasn’t even wearing any panties.

He stared openly at her bushy blonde vee, and Dolly giggled and parted her thighs a bit more, so that he was able to see into her crotch better.

Her cunt was wet and open, the coral pussy-lips unfurled, the cunt-slot soaking with her juices.

He licked his lips.

“Is-is there anything I can do to make you change your mind?” she whispered.

His lips moved, but only a sputtering sound came out. His vocal cords seemed to have a hard-on.

Dolly arched her back, thrusting her tits out and tilting her pussy up. She was willing to do whatever he wanted to convince him to give her a license. She would have, anyhow, since he was a good-looking guy but she could see that he looked hungrier than anything else.

“Have you had lunch yet?” she chirped.

“N-no,” he stammered.

He looked at her grinning face for a moment, but then his gaze returned to her creamy crotch.

“You’d like to eat me, wouldn’t you?” Dolly purred. “You’re hungry for my pussy, right?”

The man groaned. He knew that he wasn’t allowed to take a bribe in any form, and he certainly wasn’t supposed to suck off student drivers. And he was normally a man who went by the book and followed the rules.

But how could he resist the temptation? Dolly had spread her lovely legs even wider and was tipping her groin up as if her pussy were a delectable shellfish she was offering on a hairy tray.

She hadn’t worn any panties because she thought, that a glimpse of her pussy might make the examiner more agreeable, but feeding it to him was even better.

“Go ahead — I won’t tell,” she promised. He lost all of his inhibitions. His nostrils were flaring as he inhaled, breathing in the pussy-perfume that was permeating the car.

“C’mon — don’t be shy,” she coaxed him. “Sink your tongue up my cunt and cream me off.”

With a groan, he slipped down onto the floor of the car, moving clumsily, because his prick was sticking up like an auxiliary gearshift.

He knelt between her legs and gazed longingly at her swampy pussy, flicking his tongue across his trembling lips as if he were getting it limbered up.

Dolly was amused by his lust, but she was also hot to mop her muff on his mouth.

“Eat,” she said.

He dove in tongue-first into her crotch. He lapped at her clit, and the blonde girl quivered. He ran his tongue up each unfurled cunt-lip, then used it like a spoon, scooping a mouthful of cunt-juice from her hairy bowl.

He used his tongue alone, at first, flailing and churning and whisking.

Then he clamped his mouth to her cunt slot and began to suck.

His mouth was like a suction cup, and Dolly, was thrilled by the sensation. She jerked her ass up from the seat, grinding her cunt into his ardent face, coating him with cunt-juice from his cheekbones to his chin.

He seemed to be trying to get his face stuck up her cunt to his ears as he pressed in.

Dolly knew for sure that he would give her a driver’s license after this — he might even give her a chauffeur’s license, if she played her cards right.

He stabbed his tongue in as he sucked on her cunt, French-kissing her fuck-hole.

Cunt-juice was running down his chin lavishly, getting thicker and creamier as he worked the sexy girl up towards the frantic peak of passion.

Cupping his hands under the round cheeks, of her ass, he lifted her pussy higher as he dined in the hot lunchbox of her nubile loins.

Dolly clamped her thighs around his head, then hooked her knees over his shoulders as he gobbled her gash. She jerked her feet up, placing her heels on the dashboard.

“Yeah, yeah! Drive that tongue up me!” she wailed. “Drive it deep!”

She wanted to make sure that the examiner remembered that this was a driving test.

He fucked his tongue into her pussy and his lips worked voraciously on the slot. She jerked and pumped, giving him a fuck-hole facial.

“Ooooohhhhh — you suck good!” she panted.

“Mumpfffff — glubbbbb!” he sputtered, as she filled his mouth with cunt-nectar.

Then the girl began to melt and, for a time, she forgot all about her driver’s license as she lost herself to pure lust on his lapper.


The examiner was doing a thorough job of examining Dolly’s tasty pussy, and she was rewarding him for his efforts by feeding him lots of sweet cunt-juice.

As he wallowed between her thighs, she hooked her feet around, as if she were sitting in the lotus position — but on his face.

She jerked her cunt up and down and he turned his head from side to side, as her cunt brushed his lips. His lapper plunged in and explored all the intricate inner nooks and crannies of her cunt-folds while his lips sucked the gooey girl-cum from her cunt-hole.

He pulled her clit into his lips and sucked on the pulsing bud and it exploded again, causing more cunt-cum to flood his face.

He came up for air for a moment, gasping. Then he dove in again. His nose sank into her cunt-slot along with his tongue. His mouth seemed to be plastered to her pussy by a paste of cum and saliva.

Dolly was making it last as long as she could. It was evident that this was a guy who really enjoyed munching muff and she wanted to give him plenty of time down there.

And, to be sure, she was enjoying it as much as he was. His tongue was talented and he was totally enthusiastic.

His head jerked around like a terrier shaking a wet rat. He hauled her around by her trim haunches, puffing her pussy onto his face, twisting her about, giving himself a bath in her cunt-cream.

“Keep it up, kid — keep creaming me,” he mumbled in her pussy, spooning it out and sucking it up like a dog lapping a melted ice cream cone.

Dolly whipped her ass and hips in a fucking motion as she peaked again. She hovered at the highest crest, then began the slow spiral descent.

The examiner sucked her down through the fading spasms as avidly as he had sucked up through the rising waves to the creamy crest.

She sighed and slumped back, moaning, a dreamy smile on her lips.

He held her by the ass and kept right on wolfing away voraciously in her cunt, whining and whimpering, obviously sorry that it had ended.

He drew his lips from her pussy and used his tongue to lick up the stray cunt-cum from her inner thighs and out of her curly blonde vee and to slurp the slimy seepage from the crack of her ass.

When he had it all, he raised his head from her crotch, grinning. His face was so drenched with cunt-cum that he looked like a glazed gingerbread man.

“Was that nice?” he croaked. “Ohhhhh, yes,” Dolly purred. “It was swell. But did I pass the oral exam?”

“You sure did, kid. You’ve got the sweetest pussy that I ever ate.”

He was eyeing her speculatively and hopefully.

Dolly looked agreeable and waited for the man to ask her to return the oral favor. But he said nothing.

The girl realized that this civil servant was still abiding by the rules and that he could not bring himself to solicit a sexual favor, but must wait for it to be offered.

She supposed that by letting him eat her pussy she had done all that was required to get her license, but it was no hardship to give him the other half of the oral test.

Dolly adored sucking cock.

“Shall I show you how well I can shift the gears, now?” she chirped, with an impish look. “Hummmm? Shall I make the piston pump? Shall I get the driveshaft working and drain off your crankcase?”

He gave her a look of pure adoration. “Baby, if you do that, I’ll give you a fucking pilot’s license!”

Dolly giggled. She knew he wasn’t qualified to issue it, but it was a lovely compliment.

The examiner got back up on the front seat and Dolly slipped nimbly from it to the floor. She leaned up and kissed him on his wet lips.

Dolly liked to kiss a guy right after he had gone down on her, tasting her own pussy juice. It was delicious, as tasty as jizz.

It made the teenager wonder what it would be like to suck a cunt, herself. Dolly had never tried that, having been far too busy with all the cock she could get, but the idea gave her a kinky kick and she would certainly be more than willing, if and when the time came.

But, at the moment, there was a big stiff cock that had to be dealt with.

She licked his lips and sucked his tongue, then drew back and down. The front of his trousers stood up as if he had a tent pole in there.

She felt his balls through his pants.

His balls were so swollen and solid that she knew he must have a massive cum-load built up. She didn’t want to get her blouse all slimy so, just in case some of the stuff spilled down her chin, she removed that garment before she opened his pants.

Besides, she liked to have her tits bare when she was working on a prick.

She wore no bra — she didn’t even own one — and her bare tits swung free, saucy and pert, the nipples still stiff although she had already creamed.

He reached down with both hands, kneading her tits and whipping the edges of his thumbs back and forth against the perky nipples as she opened his fly.

Reaching in, she hauled his cock and balls out at the same time, in one meaty handful.

“Oooooooh!” she purred, impressed.

His cock was long and thick, and the cock-knob was shaped like a fat purple mushroom. His cum-bags were like juicy melons at the base of his big prick.

His cock-meat was making her drool. She gazed at it like a deprived child at a candy bar. She breathed in the gamy aroma of hot prick. Pre-cum was pouring from his parted piss-hole, greasing his cock-head.

She cupped his hairy balls and gently squeezed, feeling his heavy cum-load shift inside them.

Her hand slid up and onto his cock-shaft. She levered the hard cock-rod down and tapped the frothy snout against her nipples, then nudged it into her cleavage.

He humped up from the seat, fucking between her tits.

Dolly wriggled sinuously against him, her face turned down and her eyes crossing as she watched the head of his prick come squeezing out of her cleavage and skim on up her breastbone, laying a spunky trail in its wake. His cock-head slid up and nudged the hollow of her throat.

His balls rolled up her slim belly and bumped the lower slopes of her tits as he drove his prick up through her tit-tunnel.

Those cum-bags were so swollen with his jizz that they were damned near as big and round as the tits they were nudging against.

Dolly tilted her head to one side as she stared down. Her mouth opened, forming a facial fuck-hole, and she was just about to start sucking his cock.

But suddenly he howled.

The man had gotten so turned on while he was sucking on Dolly’s pussy that a few strokes up through the cleft of her tits had brought him to the peak.

His balls erupted and his lust-lava came gushing up volcanically, squirting from the head of his pistoning prick before Dolly had a chance to take it into her mouth.

She dove down to dine, but his cock missed her lips and skimmed up her cheek and his hot, thick cum-load shot straight up and plastered the roof of the car.

He groaned and sank back, trembling.

His cock slid back into her deep cleavage, and Dolly tucked her chin to her breastbone and waited with her mouth wide open, expecting his cock to stab up and shoot a second spurt of cum into her throat. But he had stopped humping.

The man had been so frenzied that every drop of his cum had pumped out in a single gush.

The gooey cock-slime was clinging to the roof of the car and a slimy shard stretched down, then broke away and fell, splattering on Dolly’s tits.

She could feel his prick starting to shrink and soften as it lurked in her deep cleavage like a lizard in a cave.

She was disappointed. The cock-loving teenager had been looking forward to a drink from his prick.

She moved back and his big cock slipped from her tit-tunnel and flopped around, limp now, but still a fat and meaty thing, the cock-knob glistening.

“Well, young lady, you’ve certainly passed your test,” he said, seemingly content with a tit-fuck.

“But you didn’t,” she replied.

He frowned and looked puzzled.

“Premature ejaculators don’t get a passing grade from me,” Dolly explained. Then he understood, and he grinned happily.

“Can I take the test again?” he asked hopefully, their roles reversed now.

Dolly pretended to think about it. But that was just a bit of teasing. She wanted the second half of the oral exam as much as he did.


Dolly cupped her fat tits in her hands and lifted them as she dropped her blonde head down. Her tongue came out and she slurped a glob of the examiner’s jizz from her heaving tits, taking a second-hand taste for staffers.

When the man saw the sexy teenager lick up his spilled cum, he moaned and his cock began to swell again. Dolly pushed her tongue out so he could see his white cum on the wet pink meat.

Then she swallowed his jism.

“Yummy,” she sighed.

His cum was delicious, and flow she figured that maybe it had been a good thing that he had shot his first load off out of her tit-tunnel. It meant she could enjoy a longer suck on his cock-meat before she got to swallow the creamy culmination.

His cock was slightly bent but starting to stiffen anew. His prick swayed around, like a snake weaving its head before it struck.

His balls were deflated. Although all of his jism had shot out in a single spurt, it had been a massive climax, and left his balls drained.

The blonde girl lowered her head and began to lick and suck his balls. They started to swell. More cum seeped in drop by drop. As she nuzzled his balls, his prick brushed her cheek, quivering, tensing more by the moment.

When she was satisfied with the way that his balls were rapidly renewing their vigor, Dolly turned her head and began to run her parted lips up and down his cock, as if she were playing a mouth organ.

The cock-meat pulsed in the hardening process.

She shifted her attentions to his cock-head and began to lick it. She could taste the residue of his first cum-load, and it made her hungry for more.

She laved all around the mushroom shaped slab and dipped her tongue into his piss-hole. The bulging cock-knob was awash with her saliva.

She sucked his cock-head into her mouth.

The examiner’s prick wasn’t completely hard yet, but that was okay. It gave the girl a thrill to take a soft prick into her mouth and feel it swell and harden inside.

She sucked softly and moistly, making little whimpering sounds that thrilled him.

His cock jolted. The bent cock-shaft straightened out and stood upright, like a howitzer getting the range, until it was standing straight up from his balls, jutting into the blonde teenager’s busy mouth.

Dolly nursed his cock-knob, then began to bob her head up and down in the traditional blow-job motion.

He held her face between his open hands and thrust up, fucking into her mouth the same way that he had fucked between her tits — and enjoying it even more.

Dolly swallowed on down and took it all. Her nose was pressed to his crotch hair and her chin was brushing his balls and her lips were glued to the hairy hilt of his cock.

She gasped as he clogged her throat, choking her sweetly on his cock-meat. Then she sighed, sucking back up through every throbbing inch of cock.

With his cock-head in her lips, she whispered as if into a meaty microphone.

“Fuck my face — use my mouth for a cunt,” she moaned. Her head went down and she gulped. Then she pulled back up. “Cum in my fucking mouth — I’m hot to drink your jizz!”

He humped faster and his thick prick hissed through the collar of her lips. As he plunged in, she gulped and sputtered. And when he drew back, her lips pulled out along his cock-stalk, clinging to every inch.

Pre-cum soaked onto her flashing tongue, driving the girl’s taste buds crazy.

She was longing for his cum-load, yet she didn’t care how long it took. As long as she got to swallow cum in the end, she was happy to suck cock for hours.

Up and down bobbed her head as he drove his fucker steadily into her mouth.

He humped faster, stabbing his prick back into her gullet.

His balls swung up to her chin, then rolled up to her lips as his cock disappeared. He was amazed that her sweet little mouth could take so much prick. It seemed as if he must be shoving it right down into her stomach.

His cock was getting so hot that she thought it might blister her tongue. When he jerked out, her saliva glistened on his cock. She sucked his cock-knob and drool ran down, shot through with streaks of pre-cum.

Then she dove on down and sucked the seepage back off his big prick.

His cock-meat was nearly humming how.

It was like sucking on a trembling tuning fork. She gazed down his cock-shaft and watched his balls expand mightily and knew that she didn’t have long to wait for dessert.

She gulped his prick deep, then pulled up to suck on the flaring cock-head. As her lips pulled, she danced her lapper against the underside of the cock-knob.

“Shoot!” she panted.

“Unghhhh!” he grunted. “Ahhhhh!” she moaned, in expectation. Jizz-jets began to dart into her mouth and throat as he blew his wad. He painted her palate and whitewashed her tonsils. He squirted cum into her cheeks and bathed her tongue and hosed her gullet.

Until his first cumming, when all the cum shot out in a single spurt, he was pumping it to her each time he slammed his cock into her mouth.

His cum was thick and rich, nourishing and creamy, and Dolly drank deeply of the sweet nectar.

After what seemed a long and glorious time, he sank back, as if stunned by his climax.

Dolly kept on sucking on his limp prick.

“More! Don’t stop — keep cumming!” the greedy nymphette begged him.

She already had a bellyful of the man’s cum, but she still wanted more cum.

She nursed on his prick-knob, coaxing a last glob of cum from his piss-hole, and ducked down to his balls, sucking the overflow off his cock-shaft.

She used her tongue to gather a stray drop of jism from his balls and lapped down into his groin to make sure that none of his succulent slime had escaped.

His cock was limp as a noodle now, a lot softer and more lifeless than it had been after he had blown his first creamy cum-load off prematurely.

Dolly looked at his prick wistfully. She needed a fuck, now that she’d satisfied her cum-hungry mouth — and she wouldn’t have minded sucking him off again, either.

But her practiced eye told her that he was well and truly finished for the moment.

She licked her lips daintily and put her blouse back on. She gave his soft prick an affectionate and grateful kiss, then tucked it back into his pants and zippered him up, sorry to see it go.

So that was how Dolly passed her test and finally earned her driver’s license.

The examiner drove them back to the motor vehicle office, not daring to be a passenger in a car driven by the girl he had just passed for her license.

Dolly had her picture taken and waited impatiently while her license was processed. Her tongue was still tingling with the sweet flavor of cock-cream, and that, in turn, was making her cunt simmer and spill juice down her naked thighs.

She badly needed a cuntful of prick.

She was licensed to drive now, but she still didn’t have a car — so she couldn’t pick up a boy to fuck her.

She headed for home, walking slowly and swinging her ass in a provocative way, wishing that some guy would come along and offer her a ride.

As fate would have it, her route took her past a used-car lot — where a shiny red convertible had just been placed on consignment.


Clem Grubb, who owned Uncle Grubb’s Used-Cars, was inspecting the red convertible, trying to decide how much he could overcharge for it and how best to make the owner think he’d gotten a lot less.

Clem was a typical used-car salesman, with flashy clothes and a sly manner. But he was also a handsome guy, despite his slicked-back hair.

And he happened to have a huge cock.

He was horny today.

His wife had a shallow cunt-hole that could only hold about half of his prick at the best of times, and a dainty mouth that wouldn’t even try.

To make matters worse, she had claimed a headache this morning, so he had come to work with a full load of cum bloating his bills.

Naturally, when he saw the sexy, nubile, blonde teenager coming down the street, swinging her adorable ass, Clem was intrigued.

He was tempted to give her a wolf whistle, since that was the sort of guy that he was.

But then she noticed the car, and her blue eyes lit up and she walked onto the lot.

“Gee, what a lovely convertible,” Dolly said, admiring the glossy red car.

“Wanna buy it?” Clem asked, appraising her ass and tits as thoroughly as she was appraising the vehicle, and with every bit as much appreciation.

“How much is it?” she asked, doubtfully. “Errrr — I guess that’s negotiable,” he said.

“I don’t have a lot of money. I’m only a schoolgirl, you know. Would you finance it?”

Normally, Clem would not even have considered it, with a teenaged student. But he was randy as a goat today and she was truly a spectacular piece of ass, and his massive prick was starting to harden.

“How much down payment can you make?” he asked, squinting at her and leering lustfully.

Dolly shrugged.

She had six dollars, and no income.

“Would you be interested in anything else? Besides money, I mean?” she asked him.

There was a glint in her eyes and, with a sharp inhalation of his breath, Clem realized that this lovely little vixen was thinking along the same lines that he was.

It might have been different if Clem had shelled out cash money for the car.

But it had been left on consignment and the owner — prophetically — had instructed the used-car dealer to take whatever he could get.

It seemed to be fate.

“What you got to offer?” he asked, making no bones about where he was staring.

Dolly giggled like the schoolgirl she was.

“Just about anything,” she said saucily. She was looking right at his cock-bulge now, as bold and brazen as Clem was leering at her.

“How about a blow-job?” he rasped. “That’ll be good enough for a down payment — going down.”

“Sure!” Dolly agreed. “Only I just got through sucking another guy off and drinking lots of jizz — I’d rather give you a fuck in my cunt.”

Clem grinned in delight.

He only hoped that this sexy teenager could handle more prick than his wife could…

They went back to the trailer that he used as an office.

Clem closed the door and drew the blinds and put a closed sign in the window.

When he turned around from doing that, he found that the girl was already naked!

Of course, Dolly hadn’t had much to take off, since she didn’t wear underwear.

She stood with her slim legs apart, one hip thrust out to the side, giving him a full frontal view. Her slender back was arched as she thrust her tits out, and her tummy was tilted up so that he could see the open pink slit of her pussy.

For a moment, Clem just stood there, gaping in awe at this frontal presentation.

Dolly was enjoying it as much as he was. Since she usually had to get laid in the park and under the bleachers, the girl seldom got a chance to get fucked naked, and she was making the most of it.

She slowly turned, letting him gaze at her in profile, then at her back. She bent over and placed her open hands on the cheeks of her trim ass, opening them so he could see the puckered bud of her asshole, as well as get a look at her cunt from behind.

Her tits swayed delightfully as she bent down, and ribbons of pussy-juice poured down the insides of her thighs, as if a strand of pearls had melted in her cunt.

She twirled through another full rotation, glowing under his gaze, basking in his admiration. His eyes were burning into her like laser beams.

Clem stripped his clothing off, groping blindly at the fastenings, as he kept his eyes glued on her.

When Dolly saw what a monstrous prick he had, she stared back in every bit as much admiration.

The examiner had been blessed with a big cock, but it certainly couldn’t compare with the colossal cock that was looming from Clem’s loins.

His prick looked hard enough to jack up a car or to change a flat tire, the girl thought. She would have welcomed a cuntful of that lovely cock even if he wouldn’t take a piece of ass as a down payment.

“Golly — what a prick!” she whimpered. “Think you can take it all, kid?” he asked.

“I can sure as hell try,” she chirped.

She looked around the office. Finding no bed or couch, she moved over to the desk. That seemed fitting, anyhow, since she would be giving him some pussy in lieu of the paperwork down there under a more normal transaction.

The nubile girl slid onto the desk and perched on the edge, her feet trailing down to the floor, thighs wide open, and her pelvis tipped up.

Clem walked over, his cock jutting out. It was so long that when the cock-knob bumped against her knees, he still seemed to be at arm’s length.

He slid his cock-head up the inside of her slim thigh and nudged it into her cunt-gash. He rubbed it around there, massaging her cunt-folds with his cock-knob. Her pliable pussy-lips were sucking hungrily on his prick-knob and her tense clit was throbbing on the slab.

“Stuff me!” she panted.

“Sure you can take it?” he croaked.

Clem was always conscious of how his wife squealed like a stuck pig and complained that his prick was too large for her delicate pussy and that he would stretch her cunt out of shape.

That never made sense to him, since he was her husband and if her cunt-hole was stretched to the shape of his marital prick, what was wrong with that?

But there were things about his wife that Gem did not understand. And with this adorable blonde vixen naked on his desk, he wasn’t going to think much about his spouse.

“Yeah, yeah! Shove it in!” she moaned. Her fuck-hole was tight and trim, but she knew that the chute was elastic and, too, she was so horny that she was well lubricated for the load.

Gem began to push his prick into her pussy.

His fat cock-knob vanished and his long, thick cock-shaft began to follow, inch by slow inch.

He fed her the first third, paused, then worked in until half of his colossal cock was up her.

He hesitated, looking into her eyes. This was as much of his prick as his wife could take, and he was politely waiting for the girl to tell him to proceed with packing her pussy.

Dolly’s lovely little face was all twisted up into a mask of fuck-lust. She adored having her fuck-hole stuffed so full of hard cock-meat.

“Okay?” he gasped.

“What did you stop for?” she chirped. “Give me the rest of that big fucker!”

He grasped her by her hips, holding her in place on the edge of the desk, and began to work the rest of his huge cock up her cunt-hole.

The tit was snug, but slippery. He fucked in smooth as silk.

His cock fucked in to the root and his big balls swung against her ass, like the clappers of a meaty bell, hitting her with a thud.

“Holy shit!” he mumbled.

Clem was amazed that the slender young girl had taken all of his gigantic cock.

It seemed impossible. Her slim hips didn’t look much wider than the cock-lance crammed between them.

He glanced into her face again, afraid that he might be hurting her. But he saw that nothing but joy registered in her expression.

A pussy was, after all, a pliable thing.

If Clem had paused to think about it, he might have realized that his wife was a liar.

But his wife was the last thing that Clem was thinking about at the moment…


Clem held all of his formidable prick buried up the naked teenager’s pussy. His legs were trembling as he stood, and she was wriggling on the edge of the desk.

He wasn’t sliding his cock in and out in a fucking motion, but it felt like he was. The inner rings of her tight cunt were rippling up and down on his cock-shaft, making it feel like he was slogging in and out.

He felt her tits and stroked her flanks and cupped her ass, fondling her as he kept his gigantic gush-gorger embedded balls-deep in her pussy.

“Fuck me!” she wailed. “Fuck me fast and hard!”

Clem began to pull out and push in. He was fucking only a third of his cock in, to begin with, getting limbered up and preparing the girl’s pussy for the full, thundering fuck-strokes.

Her steaming fuck-hole was a wonderful combination of tightness and slipperiness, so that he could ram his prick in easily, but still thrill to the snug fit.

She then moved with him, undulating sinuously, pushing down as his prick plunged in.

She hooked her knees around his hips and rubbed her heels in the crack of his ass. She reached down and played with his swinging balls and slid a hand behind him to finger his asshole.

Her finger probed up his shit-hole, and he groaned as she played with the base of his hard-on while he fucked her.

He looked down into her spread loins and watched his thick fucker slowly emerge from her little pussy, dragging her cunt-lips along with it. Then he watched all of it fuck into her pussy again.

She bridged and arched, her head bobbing up and down and her face jerking from side to side, glowing with well-stuffed radiance. Her gold hair was tumbling around her oval face and her lips were parted and panting with the rapture of this randy rutting.

“Ohhh! Fuck my ass off!” she wailed. “Fuck my cunt to jelly!”

Her legs shot out and her feet circled in the air behind his grinding ass. She swayed back and forth on the desk, her hips joking like pistons.

He dipped down and plowed in from below, tipping her ass up from the desk, then rose up and fucked in from above, sliding his prick across her clit.

“Screw me silly! Oh, shit! I’ve never been so full of prick! I love it — I love it — I love it!”

She began to twist her groin around so that her fuck-hole was winding on his prick like a juicy nut onto a meaty bolt.

The action was adding torque to the in-and-out friction as he fucked in and pulled out. Cunt-juice was streaming from her cock-stuffed pussy.

His pussy-plunger fit her so snugly that when he stuffed it in, there was no room for her cream and the stuff was being pumped from her pussy.

Dolly thought that her hipbones might dislodge, that his cock might ram right up through her body and wind up inside her skull — fucking her brains out.

She couldn’t have taken another inch of cock. His cock-meat was filling her cunt to the very core and stretching her out to her capacity.

She was brimful of cock, and adoring every inch of it.

Her cunt slurped noisily as he yanked back and her cunt-lips clung to his prick with suction.

Dolly began to cream off.

Waves of joy shot across her belly and sped up her quivering thighs, crashing together in the depths of her pussy. They came faster and higher, merging into one tidal crest centered in her clit.

Her clit went off like a detonator and the core of her cunt melted.

Clem fucked in and cunt-cream poured forth, soaking her groin, running down into the crack of her ass, being absorbed by the blotter on the desk.

His balls swung in and bit her crotch with a splash, spraying pussy-cream up into her blonde cunt-bush. His belly and balls were drenched with her overflow.

She kept right on cumming.

Dolly knew that she was going to keep creaming until he extinguished the flames in her pussy with the foam from his meaty hose.

She yearned to feel his cum squirt into her dissolving cunt. Cumming felt even better when a horny man was spraying jizz up her pussy.

“Juice me — spunk me!” she cried. Clem started to drive his big fucker in even faster, jolting her pelvis. She was shaking like a rag doll on the end of his cock, jerking like a puppet on his prick.

“Slime my cunt — give me your jizz!” Clem grunted and snorted like a crazed bull as he fed the cock-meat up her creaming cunt-hole.

His balls were set to blow.

“It’s on the way, baby!” he howled. “Oooooh!” Dolly cried, at her peak and wanting his cum as much as she wanted to cum, herself.

Clem’s fuck-juice gushed into her cunt, hot and heavy, thick lumps of cum hitting her fuck-hole deeper than she had ever felt it before.

He rammed in and she met him, and they drained off their lust together.

Dolly had made her down payment on the car, although it had occurred to her that it was she, rather than the dealer, who had got the deposit.

But the dealer wasn’t complaining. He held his cock up her while the last tickles of jism came from his piss-hole.

Then he pulled out as he had gone in, slow inch by inch.

His prick-knob stuck in her pussy-slot for a moment, then popped out like a cork from a bottle. Cunt-cream and jizz poured from her open pussy in a creamy deluge.

His huge prick was drenched — and it was still standing rampant before his belly.

Dolly saw that not only did Clem have a bigger cock than the driving examiner, but that it was more potent, as well. It hadn’t sagged an inch.

She leaned forward, sweet tits bobbling. “Let me suck it,” she sighed. “I love to taste my cunt-cream on a cock.”

Clem shoved his cock out and she gulped the huge cock-head in and nursed greedily.

She bobbed down. His cock was too big for her to deep-throat him, and her mouth was not as deep as her fuck-hole, but she swallowed on down and managed to engulf half of his prick.

Fuck-slime dribbled from the corners of her lips and ran down her chin. Clem stared down, fascinated by the sight of that sweet young face stuffed down on half his prick, sucking their combined cum from his cock. After a while, Dolly pulled her lips off his prick and sat back, smiling in her dazzling way.

His prick gleamed with her saliva, but not a drop of jism or cunt-juice remained. Her throat worked as she swallowed down the slime.

“Since we’re at it, would you like me to make a second payment on the car?” the girl asked.

Gem grinned.

Thank heavens that the red convertible had been left on consignment, he thought. The owner was never going to believe how it had been paid for, but this was no time to worry about that.

What a treat this cute teenager was!

She had taken all his cock up her cunt, and she took in the mouth, too.

His wife could only take half of his cock and didn’t give head at all, as far as he knew.

But Clem’s wife had ways of her own…


Emma Grubb was still in bed when Clem left to go to his used-car lot. She was a sultry, dark-haired beauty with big tits and a great ass and a narrow waist. She had, such a sexy, voluptuous body that Clem thought it was a shame that her cunt-hole wasn’t a bit deeper and that she didn’t take cock in the mouth.

She had told Clem that she had a headache when he had begun to fondle her and suggest a morning fuck, and she had accordingly looked miserable and unhappy while the frustrated man was getting dressed.

But as soon as he had left the bedroom, to make his own breakfast, Emma looked less unhappy.

And when she heard him leave the house, the raven-haired temptress looked positively blissful.

There was a telephone on the nightstand beside the bed, and she used it immediately.

She dialed a number and got a response. “Sam, darling?” she said. “Yeah, baby — has old horse prick left yet?” Sam asked, sounding eager.

“Yes, he’s gone for the day. And I told him I had a headache, so I wouldn’t have to fuck him — and I’m horny as can be, darling,” Mrs. Grubb said.

Sam was breathing hard into the phone. “I’ll be right over.”

“Ummmm! Lovely, I’ll just stay here naked in bed, and you can let yourself in,” Emma told her lover.

She put the phone back in the cradle, smiling in happy expectation. While she waited for Sam to arrive, Emma played with her pussy a little. She wasn’t trying to make herself cum, just getting her cunt nice and hot and juicy so she’d be all ready for Sam.

She stabbed her fingers in knuckles-deep and pulsed her cunt-muscles around them. The inner cunt-rings clamped on her fingers, just as she tightened them on her husband’s gigantic cock, to make him believe that she had a really shallow fuck-hole and could only take half of his prick.

Emma didn’t know if she should be proud of her cunt control or scornful of Clem for being so easily deceived.

Soon, she heard the downstairs door.

She took her hands out of her groin and sprawled out wantonly, legs apart, smiling.

The bedroom door opened and Sam came in.

Emma looked surprised — then delighted. Sam was wearing a long black raincoat and a fedora hat pulled down low. The figure in the raincoat was slender, but the bulge in the front was prominent. “Oh, Sam, how droll,” Emma laughed. Sam opened the front of the long raincoat, exposing like a flasher.

Sam was naked beneath the coat, and a huge prick jutted out — but the prick was made of rubber.

Sam was short for Samantha. Samantha stood just inside the door for a minute, while Emma enjoyed the lewd performance, opening and closing the raincoat and flashing her loins.

She was tail and slender, with high, round tits and a tight ass and supple hips.

The dildo was realistically shaped and flesh colored, but it was harnessed to her hips by black leather straps.

There was something incredibly erotic about seeing a curvy female body equipped with a big prick, her bushy cunt-mound framed by the straps.

Tits and fuck-tool — the best of both worlds!

The dildo was damned near as huge as Clem’s whopper — but Emma welcomed it.

Samantha shrugged the raincoat off, then removed the fedora. She was pretty, with delicate facial structure, wearing no makeup as she played the man. Her auburn hair was cut short and curly. She was the sort of androgynous lady who appealed to both sexes.

She was attracted to both sexes, too.

But, at the moment, she was only interested in the raven-haired woman on the bed, whose husband was hung like a horse, but who preferred more tender attentions.

Samantha joined Emma on the big bed and they kissed lovingly, brushing their lips together, then sucking tongues with passion.

Samantha ducked down to suck some tit, then held her own tits up for Emma to lick.

Kneeling, she bridged her slim back and stuck the rubber cock out to Emma’s radiant face.

Emma, who had never once taken her husband’s cock into her mouth, sucked on the dildo quite happily.

She got the rubber prick wet and slippery in her mouth.

Her cunt was already wet and slippery. Samantha moved down and mounted Emma. She guided the rubber fucker into her cunt and worked it in with slow, steady pressure. It sank in as far as Clem’s cock ever was allowed and lodged for a moment.

Emma relaxed her cunt-muscles.

All of the rubber prick jolted m.

Samantha pound the dildo around inside Emma, their loins together, cunt-bushes jammed together. Samantha’s pussy was spilling out cunt-juice that flowed down around the shaft of the dildo and seeped into Emma’s cunt.

Emma slid a hand down and felt around in her crotch, fingering the slot where the thick rubber cock was stuffed in and fucking at her cunt.

Then she held Samantha around her hard, round ass, tugging her against her loins.

“Fuck me, Sam!” she moaned.

Samantha began to fuck the rubber cock in and out with long, jolting thrusts.

Emma’s talented cunt sucked on it and her clit flared.

She could cum at any moment.

But Samantha was enjoying playing the man so much that she wanted to make it last.

She pulled the rubber prick out with a slurp.

Emma moaned a feeble protest, but she knew that she was going to get her rocks off in the end, and more than once — as she always did with her lesbian lover — and so she didn’t really mind.

Samantha moved up Emma’s voluptuous body, kneeling astride her. She frigged the rubber cock up and down in Emma’s deep, smooth cleavage.

Then she fucked into her mouth again.

Emma sucked the fake prick with enthusiasm. It was delicious, now that it was all coated with her cunt-cream. She could understand why Samantha loved to eat pussy as she tasted her own cunt-nectar on her latex lover.

Samantha worked her way back down and shoved the dildo into Emma’s fuck-hole again. As she fucked in and out, her hard ass jerking, she sucked on the woman’s big tits and kissed her on the lips.

Emma bridged up higher.

“Gimme a few strokes up my ass,” she moaned.

Clem would certainly have been amazed to hear that.

He had begged for blow-jobs to no avail, and it had never even dawned on him that his frigid wife would take a prick up the shit-chute.

Of course, she wouldn’t have taken his prick, anyway.

Emma held her curvy body arched, and Samantha drew the dildo out of her cunt and shifted it to her asshole. Hips twisting, she fed it up and in. Face to face, she fucked Emma’s ass, sinking over half of the dildo in.

She withdrew it and moved up again. Emma sucked on the dildo some more finding the flavor subtly different now that it had been up her ass.

She understood, too, why Samantha enjoyed sucking out her shitter, as she tasted the dildo.

She polished the rubber cock-knob until it gleamed.

Then it was time to finish fucking.


Samantha slid down, dragging the big rubber prick over Emma’s tits and down her tummy, then she slammed it up her cunt again.

They lay belly to belly and tit to tit, with the dildo buried.

Emma locked her shapely thighs around Samantha’s hips and Samantha began to shovel the cock to her with short, sharp fuck-strokes, angling it so that the hard rubber cock-stalk was rubbing over Emma’s sensitive clit.

Emma held Samantha in the velvet vise of her thighs, then jerked her knees up to her own tits, hooping her haunches into a high circle.

She hooked her knees over Samantha’s shoulders and kicked in the air above her.

“Oh, Sam — you fuck me so good!” Emma wailed.

“Yeah — dance on my cock, darling,” Samantha moaned.

She wished that she really did have a cock to plow up that seething pussy — that she could change sexes, but change back again when it was finished — because, all in all, Samantha was happy to be a woman and to be able to enjoy all the variety of a bisexual life.

They squirmed together, loins grinding. They rubbed their tits together and kissed, swapping tongues. They held each other by their asses and pulled their loins tightly together as they coupled frantically, the dildo driving in like a piston.

“Cum on my big prick, Emma — cream off for me!” Samantha panted.

Although her cunt was being neglected, Samantha was all set to juice off, herself. It turned her on so much to fuck the other woman to foam that her own fuck-hole was starting to melt in reaction.

Emma’s rippling thighs tightened and she arched even deeper. Her cunt-muscles clamped, molding her pussy to the contours of her rubber lover.

“Cumming — cumming!” Emma cried.

Samantha fed the cock in hard and fast, pumping away.

Emma’s cunt melted like a wax candle dissolving around a rubber wick.

When she felt her lover shudder in a climax, Samantha’s clit exploded and she creamed, too.

Her cunt-cum poured down her crotch and flowed into Emma’s groin, two creamy streams merging.

Finished, Emma lay back, glowing.

Clem should have seen her now!

Samantha shagged away a bit longer to make sure she had finished juicing Emma off. Then she slowed down and peered into Emma’s face.

“Good?” she rasped huskily.

“The best, lover,” Emma purred.

“I love to fuck you and make you cum with my rubber cock,” Samantha whispered. “Have you got a treat for me, now, baby?”

Emma knew exactly what was next, and welcomed it. They always followed the same routine.

“Is my lover hungry now?” Emma giggled.

Samantha licked her chops.

She leaned down and kissed Emma on the mouth, using her lapper as if to demonstrate just how it would soon be flashing up Emma’s cunt-hole and sucking on Emma’s tongue as she would her clit.

Kneeling back, she pulled the rubber prick out of Emma’s well-juiced cunt. It snapped upright. Samantha bent down and took the bulging cock-knob into her lips, tasting Emma’s cunt-cum on the dildo and whetting her appetite for more of the sweet nectar, gulped directly from the source. Her drool ran down the rubber fuck-rod as she nursed on the knob just as if she were giving head to a man who had just fucked Emma — or as if she were a wan sucking his own cock when he’d finished fucking.

She pulled her lips from the rubber prick. Still strapped into the harness, she dove down to do some tit-sucking, then she kissed and licked her way don the gentle plane of Emma’s stomach, pausing to lick into her belly button, then spending some time lapping into her dark cunt-bush.

Bypassing the main course of pussy, Samantha slid on down and worked on Emma’s meaty thighs. She licked down one leg and sucked Emma’s toes, then lapped back up the other leg.

The bisexual woman was drooling for pussy, but savoring the preliminaries along the way, making a banquet out of Emma’s body.

Emma hiked one heavy, solid haunch up. “Eat my ass,” she sighed.

Samantha began to run her tongue up through the musky cleft between Emma’s meaty ass-cheeks.

She was happy to have shit-hole added to this smorgasbord, eager for an asshole appetizer.

Emma’s tiny brown ass-ring was open from the dildo reaming, fluttering softly. Samantha licked lightly into her asshole, then stabbed her lapper in deep as her greedy lips sucked.

She slobbered into Emma’s asshole, then sucked her saliva back out, flavored richly, all tart and tangy with the taste of that fragrant passage.

“Ummmm — ummmmm!” she moaned.

Her tongue seemed to be exploring almost as deep as her rubber reamer had probed.

“Ahhhhh — yes — suck ass, Sam!” Emma gasped.

Samantha nudged her nose into Emma’s asshole, sniffing and snuffling, then she clamped her lips to it and rimmed and reamed some more.

This can ape was making her ravenous for the entree of Emma’s delectable crumpet, and the whole foreplay was making Emma hot to be sucked. Emma had creamed off vent nicely on the dude, but now the horny housewife was as hot as if she hadn’t cum in a week.

Emma rolled sideways and came belly up again, her back arched, her cunt tilted up. Samantha’s face hovered over Emma’s loins, and she was drooling like a glutton as she poised there over a plate of pussy.

Emma was whimpering and jerking her cunt up avidly. She loved to get tongue-fucked.

She loved it so much that she even allowed her husband to go down on her — although she always closed her eyes and thought of female faces as she foamed off.

And it was an equal treat for Samantha, who loved to use her tongue even more than her dildo.

Samantha gazed in adoration at that gooey delicacy for a moment, her mouth watering.

Then she went down to dine…


Samantha fluttered her tongue lightly against Emma’s swollen clit.

Emma fairly screamed at the sensation. It felt as if she had plugged her clit into an electric socket.

Samantha sucked on the nub, puffing it slowly into her lips as if she were sucking a tiny prick.

She licked lightly up both unfurled cuntlips, then lapped deeper. Her tongue was ladling out the cunt-cum from Emma’s first climax and building her up toward another creamy crest.

Samantha’s head moved up and don and her tongue fucked out like a hummingbird seeking nectar in a wet blossom. She lowered her chin to the bed and snaked her tongue into the crack of Emma’s ass, gathering up the moisture that had soaked down there.

Her tongue was lapping up the cunt-juice as she licked Emma’s ass-crack.

Emma lurched on the bed, mopping her cunt against the cunt-lapper’s face. Samantha used only her tongue at first, then fitted her lips to Emma’s fuck-slot and began to suck and slurp with gusto.

She held Emma by the cheeks of her jolting ass and lifted her loins up as her head dove in, slurping at the woman’s cunt with joy.

Samantha adored the taste and the texture and the sweet bouquet of hot pussy. She used her fingertips to open Emma’s cuntgash even wider and lapped at the inner cunt-folds. She tongue-fucked as deeply as she could reach while her mouth sucked on the hairy rim.

Emma held Samantha’s head in a scissors grip between her thighs, then threw her legs wide open, feet pumping, ass churning up from the creaking bed.

“Suck, Sam — suck!” she wailed.

But Samantha needed no encouragement as she plated that pussy with enthusiasm.

“Melt in my mouth, darling — feed me your foam,” she panted into Emma’s steamy cunt.

Emma sagged down and jerked up, rubbing her randy cunt up Samantha’s face from chin to cheekbones, painting her a pearly white. Samantha’s face looked as if it had been frosted, as if she were eating a vanilla cream bun and getting icing all over her mouth.

Emma’s clit detonated.

Cunt-cum swirled down her fuck-chute and flooded into Samantha’s mouth.

Samantha sucked and swallowed, swallowed and sucked, gulping the girl-cum down greedily.

Emma’s cunt-cream was as thick and sweet as heated honey, and Samantha cherished every mouthful, savoring it on her taste buds, then drinking it down.

As Samantha gobbled gash, her own cunt was creaming off again, spilling onto the bed — as if the cunt-juice she was swallowing was passing straight through her body and pouring out the other end.

Emma’s cumming lasted a long time.

Each time she thought she had peaked out and started to slump back, another spasm jolted her loins and more pussy-cream gushed into Samantha’s sucking mouth.

But at last Emma was drained — for now.

She lay back, sprawled out blissfully while Samantha mopped up with her mouth and tongue, savoring Emma’s cunt-cum to the last drop.

Samantha had climaxed too, and both women were ready for a break now.

But they knew from past experience that they would be ready for some more dildo and tongue soon.

But now fate took a hand.

Sometimes Clem came home for lunch, if business was slow at the car lot.

Since Samantha was wearing only a raincoat and a fedora — and a rubber cock — they didn’t think it was a good idea for him to find her there, if he did happen to show up.

Dumb as he was, he might get suspicious.

So they decided that Samantha should wait in her van for a while, to make sure that the coast was clear for more cunt-lapping in the afternoon.

She put her raincoat and fedora back on. Since it was the simplest way to transport it out of sight, she kept the rubber prick belted to her loins.

She went out and got in her van. Emma stayed in bed so that if Clem showed up she could still pretend that she had a raging headache. And, if he didn’t, she would be all ready to welcome Samantha when that lovely cunt-lapper came back in. But Samantha soon got bored, waiting in the cab of her van. She had nothing to read and had run out of cigarettes and, besides, her tongue was getting hot again. She thought about getting into the back of the van, where she had a mattress on the floor, and giving her cunt a good stuffing with the dildo.

But that seemed sort of a waste of time, when she would, hopefully, be back in bed with Emma soon.

Then she had an idea.

She had never met Clem Grubb, and she wanted to get a look at the guy.

Emma always called him old horse-prick. His wife used the term with scorn, but bisexual Samantha found it intriguing. She preferred women, but she enjoyed men, too, and the idea of getting fucked by the monster cock that Clem was reputed to have excited her.

After all, she fucked his wife all the time, so it seemed only fair that she should fuck him, too.

She started the van and drove over to Uncle Clem’s Used-Car Lot.

She would play it by ear.

If she got a chance, she would get fucked and, if not, at lest she could find out whether he was still there, or had gone home. Either way, she would get her kicks.

But there was another option she didn’t know about.

She parked at the curb outside the car lot. There was no one around and the trailer that Clem used as an office was closed up.

But it could be that he was there, having his lunch in the office.

Samantha decided to wait for a few minutes to see if he appeared.

But Clem was busy.

A naked young blonde girl was building up her credit rating as she paid off on the installment plan for the red convertible that still sat all shiny on the lot.


Dolly was sitting on the edge of the desk, sucking on Clem’s cock and watching his balls balloon.

She had never realized that making car payments could be so much fun. She wished that she owed for a Rolls Royce, so she could go on paying indefinitely.

Clem’s balls lay on her heaving tits as she sucked on his cock-knob. That slab, of purple cock-meat was so big that it damned near filled her mouth all by itself and allowed her to only suck a little cock-stalk in, but that was fine. She knew that when he shot, his cum would bathe her tongue before it flowed down her throat.

Clem pumped it to her, rocking her head and shoulders back on the brimming mouthful. He wanted to plunge deeper and placed a hand behind her head, holding her face steady as he fucked in, but the very size of his cock-head prevented it from sinking down her gullet.

“Ahhhh — suck it, kid! Ohhh, what a fucking mouth! You got a mouth like a cunt, baby!” he wheezed.

Dolly smiled on his prick-knob, pleased as punch at such a lovely compliment.

His prick was starting to twang with tension, and lots of tasty pre-cum coated her tongue.

“Ummmm — umphffff — ahhhh!” she panted, stuffing her maw as full as she could. She knew that men loved to hear the sounds of a cock-sucking mouth. “Slurp — glubb — gurgle…”

“Jeez! You could suck a guy’s guts out — my fucking eyeballs are caving in!” he gasped.

As Dolly inhaled on the head of his prick, Clem could feel the suction dragging all the way don to his balls, as if she were pulling his cum-load up his prick even before he was ready to bring in the geyser.

She was begging him to cream off, but her words were muffled on his cock and incomprehensible.

She took his balls in her hand and tugged up and down, then gently squeezed as if to see how ready they were to feed her what she craved.

Clem was as horny to cum as she was to drink his jizz, and he decided to give her a hand. He folded his fist around the root of his huge prick and began to frig up and down at the hilt as she mouthed the prick-head.

“Ummmm — ummmm!” she sighed approvingly, knowing he would shoot quicker by the double action as he jacked off in her mouth.

Dolly knew he was about to blow his wad a split second before he knew it himself.

His balls were in her hand and she felt them convulse savagely. She gulped on the head of his prick as she waited for the cum to reach her mouth.

Then Clem frigged back on the base of his cock and felt the cock-shaft surge as his jizz shot up the core. He pumped fast and the tide sped up.

“Drink this, cock-sucker!” he yelled. Then he was hosing her mouth and she was gargling his goo with glee.

He kept jacking off into her face and she kept sucking up the jism as it jetted out.

Her mouth filled with molten cum, she swallowed, and he topped her off again.

His balls seemed bottomless, his cum-load endless, spraying her scum-bucket mouth over and over.

Clem’s wife didn’t suck cock, and he had a car on consignment, instructed to take whatever he could get for it, and the used-car salesman was making the most of it.

A slimy spray of cum hosed the roof of her mouth and then a thick lump bit be throat. His cum was so thick it was like eating, more than drinking.

His carnal crankcase emptied little by little. He pumped the cum out with his flying fist and she pulled it out with the suction of her mouth and, between them they drained off the well of his groin.

Done jizzing her, Clem swayed on the far end of his prick, his knees weak and his thighs quivering.

His giant cock was angled up into her downturned face.

Dolly was drinking cum greedily, but lots of his cock-cream spilled from her lips and ran down his cock-shaft. She wasn’t able to swallow down far enough to suck it back up.

After a while, she took the cock-knob out of her lips. She tongued into his piss-hole to get the last lurking globs of cum, then began to lap up and down his cock-shaft, gathering the stray streams of cum back up.

She was thrilled by how delicious his jizz was — and thrilled, as well, by the fact that, despite his plentiful cumming, his prick was still hard and vibrant.

His virility far surpassed that of the examiner — and Dolly was having a lot more fun paying for a car than she had getting her driver’s license.

She worked back up to his purple cockhead and gave it a tongue polish and a pisshole probe.

The naughty girl had fucked him and sucked him, but his cock was still hard — and she still had a hole that had been neglected.

Dolly, quite naturally, was wondering what it would feel like to take such a gigantic hunk of hard, hot cock-meat up into her ass.

Clem was jacking off near her face, happy to get another blow-job if she was still hungry for more jizz.

But she turned her head aside, with an impish grin.

“Wanna butt-fuck me?” she asked. Clem gasped. Would his colossal cock actually fit in the girl’s shit-chute? Could that massive hunk of cock-meat that would only go halfway into his voluptuous wife’s cunt really fit into the teenager’s ass? He wasn’t all that sure about that — but he sure as hell was keen to give it a try. He gave her as eager grin.

Dolly turned around and lay facedown across the desk, her feet on the floor and her naked ass hiked up.

She placed her hands on her firm, round ass-cheeks and opened the crack, showing the gasping car salesman the puckered bud of her asshole.

“Stuff my shitter,” she coaxed him. Clem figured that her ass could use some lubrication — and it looked tasty, too.

Bending down over his own rampant prick, he licked up the musky crack of her ass, then began to tongue and suck on her asshole.

“Ohhhhh — ohhhhh!” Dolly squealed as he wantonly wet her asshole for his big prick.

She wriggled her ass against his face. His tongue felt so wonderful as it snaked into her stilt-chute that the promiscuous teenager couldn’t wait for him to fill her ass with his cock.

“C’mon, Clem, fuck my ass!” she urged him.

He didn’t think his cock would fit up that tight little shit-hole.

But it sure as shit did.


Clem gave her asshole a last slurp and straightened up. He held her hips and frigged his solid cock-shaft up and down in the crack of her ass, as if he were whetting it to a keen edge on a grindstone.

Then he angled the cock-knob into her asshole.

He hesitated, seeing how huge his cockhead looked as it nudged her asshole.

“Stuff my ass!” she wailed.

He began to inch his prick in and the girl’s taut ass-muscles rippled and loosened to accommodate his cock-meat. His fat purple cock-head vanished.

His prick-knob was the biggest part of his prick, and he knew that if it would fit in her tiny asshole, the rest would go in behind it.

Clem began to stuff his big fucker in.

Dolly moaned and panted. It hurt a little, but only a faint tingle that enhanced the thrill of taking an assful of throbbing prick.

He pushed in and she screwed her cute ass back onto his pulsating prick. It sank in slowly, disappearing up the lewd girl’s stretched asshole.

His cock-head plowed through her assring and surged into her ass-guts, making her squeal like a stuck pig.

She had never been fucked so deep. She felt sure that the head of his cock must be smoldering away in her belly, sloshing around in the jizz she had swallowed from the other end of her digestive tract, wallowing like flotsam in his own cum.

She even thought his prick might come out her mouth!

He held his cock buried and her ass-ring sucked on him just like her mouth had, giving him a blow-job backwards. The tight tunnel seemed to be digesting his prick.

Dolly began the fucking action first.

She pulled her ass-ring up and pushed it back down on an inch or two of his meaty reamer.

Clem fell eagerly into pace with her, pushing his prick out as her ass slid back.

Her asshole clung to his prick, pulling open as he dragged it out. Her asshole was so tight that he had to steady the limber girl by her hips in order to drag his cock out of her asshole.

Her ass-guts were fluttering and opening as she got used to the load he was shoving up her.

They began to ass-fuck faster as her shitchute lubricated itself.

Dolly felt warm pre-cum seep into her bowels.

It was just like drinking it from the wrong end, sucking him off with her ass.

His balls swung in and splashed in her cunt-gash as he buried his fucker up her ass.

She reached between her legs and played with his hairy balls as they rolled into her groin. Her cunt-slot was juicing all over his swollen balls.

She felt sure that when he shot his wad, the gooey stuff was going to spurt from her mouth.

He slid his hands up her undulating flanks and reached under to cup her tits. They lay like juicy melons in his hands, the nipples stiff.

“Shoot up my shitter,” she moaned. “My ass is hot for your jizz!”

Clem surged toward another crest. The girl’s asshole felt as wonderful as her mouth or her cunt had. His balls ballooned against her cunt.

“Here it is, baby!” he gasped. The steaming enema of his fuck-juice gushed into Dolly’s seething ass-guts.

He pulled back, then fucked in again, driving the head of his cock through his own cum.

He juiced Dolly’s shit-chute as thoroughly as he had slimed her cunt and mouth.

His prick drained off end began collapse and his balls drew up empty.

He stepped back, and his cock came out easier than it had gone in. The cock-knob slurped from her asshole and sagged down as his prick bent downwards.

Her asshole stayed open, holding the outline of his reamer. Foamy jizz came bubbling out.

Clem bent down and helped himself to a suck of asshole, kissing her cummy ass lovingly.

Dolly twisted around and dropped to her knees. His big cock was dangling limply. She turned her lovely face up and took his slimy prick into her mouth like a baby bird ingesting a worm.

She milked merrily away, tasting her own fragrant ass-juices on the cummy cock-meat.

But his prick stayed limp, despite the way that Dolly was sucking it. Clean had creamed her three times, in three different ways, and his cum was all expended.

This frustrated the horny teenager.

Dolly adored taking cock in her mouth, and she loved it up her asshole. But her cunt took precedence and after she had sucked or ass-fucked, she always wanted to finish with a fuck.

“Can you get hard again?” she moaned, her face turned up under his hanging prick.

Clem looked sheepish.

“I gotta rest for a while, honey,” he croaked.

Dolly was disappointed.

But she understood. The big-cocked man had poured an awful lot of cum into her already, and it was only normal that it would take him a while to build up another cum-load and get another hard-on.

She swallowed his slimy cock-meat in, managing to take it balls-deep now that it was limp. The cock-knob slid down her throat and the cock-shaft rolled over her tongue.

But sucking a cock soft, without getting any stiffening reaction, frustrated her even more.

She let the dangling prick slip from her lips and got up.

She began to get dressed.

Clem looked distraught, but she gave him a wink.

“I’m only going to go out and have a look at my new red convertible,” she explained. “Then I’ll come back and make another payment, okay?”

The easy credit terms of this installment plan suited the used-car salesman. He grinned and sat in the cunt-slime on top of his desk. He began to toss his limp prick in his hand, starting the hardening process again.

Dolly let herself out of the office trailer and walked down toward the red car.

But she never made it to the vehicle. There was a van parked at the curb, and a guy — Dolly thought it was a guy — sat behind the steering wheel. His eyes glowed under the down-turned brim of his fedora hat. It was obvious that he was admiring the nubile teenager and that he was lusting for her.

Body all squirmy, Dolly walked right up to the van, bold as brass.

That was how the girl met Clem’s wife’s lesbian lover.


Samantha could tell by the girl’s radiant aura and spunky aroma that she had been up to a lot of naughtiness in Gem’s office. But her experienced eye told her that Dolly was still horny for more sex.

“Like what you see, fells?” Dolly asked. Samantha groaned. She was wondering if the sexy blonde was game for deviate love play, or whether she should pretend to be a man long enough to at least get her lapper sunk into that sweet young pussy.

“You wanna take me into the back of your van and fuck my ass off?” Dolly said.

Samantha didn’t want to risk revealing her true gender by speaking.

She grinned and nodded. Then she got out of the cab and they went around to the back of the van and got in.

Dolly was delighted when she saw that there was a mattress on the floor. This good-looking guy must pick up plenty of girls in his van, she guessed.

She removed her blouse and skirt immediately and sat down naked, tits jiggling, legs parted.

Samantha stared at that nubile body, getting hungrier for pussy by the moment.

There was cum glistening on Dolly’s lips and tits, and cum was still bubbling from her cunt. Even her tight little asshole was obviously gooey with fuck-juice. It was clear that old horse-prick had been fucking this sex-kitten thoroughly.

Samantha wondered if she should tell Emma.

She got down beside Dolly.

Dolly wondered why the guy was keeping his long raincoat and his hat on. It seemed kind of kinky. But there was a big bulge in the front of the raincoat, and the young girl still didn’t suspect that it was a woman disguised in that garb.

Samantha kissed Dolly on the mouth, tasting Clem’s cum on her sweet lips. She slid down and sucked tit and lapped up the cleavage. Clem’s jizz tasted lovely, especially when it was served on such a delectable platter.

She rolled the limber young blonde over and began to eat out her cummy asshole.

Dolly squealed with passion.

She loved to have a tongue stabbing up her asshole. It was a nicety that a lot of guys neglected when they were giving head. Obviously this guy in the raincoat and hat was an expert lover.

Samantha sucked the girl’s asshole, tasting more cum from the flavorsome slot.

Then she turned the girl over onto her back and began to lap her cunt. Dolly, horny from sucking and ass-fucking since her cunt had last gotten any attention, began to cream off right away.

Samantha was in a feeding frenzy as she worked on that cum-filled cunt. She was going suck-crazy on Dolly’s, swollen clit and creamy cunt-gash.

She worked Dolly up to the peak with skillful tongue play and held her there in a sustained cumming with soft, expert cunt-sucking.

Dolly finally finished cumming and lay back.

She still wanted to get fucked, but this enthusiastic cunt-lapper seemed to be in no hurry to sink his prick into her. And the licking was lovely while Dolly waited for the cuntful of cock she expected.

Samantha came up for air, then dove on Dolly’s pussy and began to eat her again. She wanted to suck pussy for as long as possible before the girl discovered that she was a woman, just in case Dolly might object to being pleasured by a female mouth.

But Dolly squirmed around and slipped her hand inside Samantha’s raincoat.

“Oooooh,” she sighed, grasping hard cock.

She pulled Samantha’s coat open and drew the rubber prick out. Samantha held her breath, not knowing what to expect now.

But the dildo was shaped realistically and it was flesh colored, and Dolly still believed that she was holding a handful of cock-meat.

She frigged up and down, wondering why this guy’s foreskin didn’t slide the way others did. His cock was solid, but she couldn’t feel it pulsate, either.

“I wanna suck your cock,” she purred. She twisted around. Samantha trembled, expecting her deception to be found out at any moment.

Dolly sucked the bulging rubber cockhead into her sensual lips and began to nurse with joy.

Samantha could tell that the girl was a wonderful cock-sucker. She wished that she really did have a cock, so that she could feel what Dolly was doing.

Dolly bobbed up and down, feeding more of the rubber prick into her mouth. Then she did some licking on the prick-knob.

Dolly could taste cunt-juice and ass-juice on the tool and knew that the guy had been laid recently. But she couldn’t detect the familiar flavor of cock-meat at all.

Puzzled, she tongued into the simulated piss-hole and frigged back. But she couldn’t manage to make any pre-cum dribble out.

Was the guy gonna have trouble cumming?

She sure hoped not. She was more than ready for some tastier cum. She decided to go on down and suck on his balls, checking to see how full they were so she could get an idea about how long it was going to take him to get his rocks off.

She ran her tongue and lips on down the underside of his cock-shaft to where the thick fuck-tool came thrusting out of his raincoat.

Then she got a surprise.

He didn’t have any balls!

No wonder she hadn’t been able to coax any dribbles out of his prick. The poor man must have lost his balls in some horrible accident.

She opened the raincoat, her lovely face right down in Samantha’s groin.

And then the truth was revealed.

Dolly’s face was poised before a pussy!

She looked up, startled.

Samantha gave her a sheepish grin and took her hat off.

“Holy shit!” Dolly gulped.

“I hope you aren’t disappointed,” Samantha whispered huskily.

But Dolly was intrigued. The woman was beautiful and erotic, her female loins strapped into the harness of the rubber cock.

“Gee — I never sucked a pussy,” Dolly sighed.

“You don’t have to.”

“But since. I’m down here…” Dolly added with a wicked grin, licking her lips.

Dolly had thought a great deal about cunt lapping and now she was delighted that, at last, she was going to get a chance to do it.

She grasped the rubber prick and pulled up on it, lifting Samantha’s ass from the mattress and tilting her cunt up. She went in tongue-first.

“Ooooooh!” she murmured.

With the very first taste, Dolly discovered that sucking cunt was wonderful. It was even better than she had imagined it would be. She loved the taste and the fragrance and the creamy texture of cunt-juice.

The teenager had become a confirmed cunt-lapper on the spot. She would never become a lesbian, since she loved cock so much, but she was sure as hell going to eat all the cunt she could get from now on.

Lots of her girlfriends at school were going to get lucky.

She licked and sucked alternately, then did both at the same time, French-kissing Samantha’s pussy. Dolly was a natural. She needed no practice or training or previous experience, but knew instinctively just how to go about it. Her tongue seemed to have been made for pussy-lapping.

“Ohhhhh — that’s so good, baby,” Samantha moaned.

The fact that this was the first time the blonde girl had gone down on a cunt made it even more thrilling. It was a virgin mouth on her pussy.

“Cum — cum — cum…” Dolly begged.

She knew that it would be even better when that tasty cunt creamed off in her mouth, and she was yearning to drink the woman’s cunt-cum.

Samantha humped up and down, the dildo stabbing into the air as she wiped her clit on Dolly’s face. The flow from her fuck-hole was getting thicker as her cuntjuice turned to cum-cream.

“Ahhhhh! Drink me off!” she moaned. “Yeah — yeah — cream me!” Dolly panted. “Juice off on my fucking tongue!”

Samantha shuddered convulsively. Her clit tingled and her pussy dissolved. The girl cum came pouring out of her pussy and into Dolly’s mouth.

Dolly sucked her through the spasms and used her tongue to slurp, gathering the overflow of cunt-cream from Samantha’s groin and out of the crack of her ass.

She raised her face, smiling radiantly.

“Gee, I love to eat your cunt,” she purred. “Can I be your girlfriend?”

“Baby, whatever you like,” Samantha sighed.

She wondered if Emma would be jealous. Dolly dove down for another snack. She had come into the van expecting a normal fuck and wound up discovering the joy of lesbian love.

Then it dawned on her that she could still get fucked, since her female friend was fitted with a dildo. She didn’t suppose, a rubber cock would be as wonderful as a tongue, but it would make a kinky change of pace.

“Wanna fuck me?” the young girl asked. She sprawled out on the mattress, spreading her thighs, hiking her crotch up.

Samantha slipped out of the raincoat and mounted the blonde girl. She guided the dildo into her cunt-slot and worked it up the fuck-hole.

Belly to belly, they embraced, the rubber fuck-tool buried to the hilt.

Samantha began fucking in and out, making Dolly moan and whimper. Dolly moved with her, locking her legs around the bisexual woman’s haunches.

“Ahhhhh! Fuck me silly!” she wailed. “Then we can do some more cunt-lapping.”

The novice cunt-sucker’s enthusiasm thrilled the experienced older woman. What a discovery! How lucky she was to have come over for a look at old horse-prick!

The rubber cock hissed up Dolly’s hot fuck-hole and pulled out all slathered with girl-goo. Samantha shoved it in, running the length over Dolly’s clit.

“Cream on my cock,” she moaned. Dolly squirmed and wriggled and panted as she surged toward a crest. She was eager to cum so that they could start cunt sucking some more. She bridged and bowed and arched, undulating and trembling.

Samantha fucked steadily away, wishing that she had a real cock and could shoot cum up that seething pussy.

And a real cock was about to become available.

Clem had been tossing his limp prick around when Dolly went out to inspect her new car. The cock-meat was swinging, stiffening gradually.

He figured that he could get a hard-on faster if he was looking at the lovely girl he would soon be fucking with that hard-on.

Still frigging himself, he moved over to the window and looked out.

He was just in time to see Dolly get into the back of a van with a stranger in a raincoat.

Clem felt jealous.

What a tramp she must be, to put out like she did. It was different with him, since he was selling her a car, but for all he knew the stranger with the van wasn’t selling her a damned thing.

Jealousy inspired him and his gigantic prick began to get fat and firm again. He pumped down and his big cock loomed from his fist.

How long would she be?

Clem couldn’t bear to wait.

He decided he would take his hard-on out to the van to investigate the possibility of a threesome.

He thought it would be two guys and the girl.

But he got a surprise…


When Clem opened the doors of the van and looked in, he was astounded to find that it was a woman who had hidden her charms under the raincoat and hot and that she was busily fucking Dolly with a dildo.

It confused the naive man. He guessed the woman was a lesbian, but he knew damned well that Dolly wasn’t, since she was a glutton for prick.

Gem didn’t realize that even most normal females could have fun together — a fact that his wife could have explained to him, if she had been inclined to enlighten him.

But although he didn’t quite understand the nature of what he was seeing, he found it tremendously exiting to watch a sexy woman fuck a nubile blonde teenager. Samantha’s ass and hips looked very desirable, harnessed in the leather straps of the dildo.

They looked at him and giggled, not at all ashamed of having been caught.

“Why don’t you join us?” Samantha suggested.

She was eager to get a look at the horse prick she had heard so much about.

Clem stepped into the back of the van and closed the doors behind him.

Then he dropped his pants.

“Oh, my!” Samantha squealed.

“Got a real whopper, huh?” Dolly giggled.

“A real horse-prick!” Samantha said.

And she laughed — but Clem didn’t know why it was so funny.

He got down on his knees behind Samantha’s ass. She was still ramming the rubber cock into Dolly, but fucking slowly now as she waited for Clem to get involved.

“Errrr — do you take prick, lady?” he asked, not at all sure of the situation. He had always believed that women who liked women didn’t like men.

“All I can get,” Samantha replied.

He burrowed into her groin from behind. Her cunt was soaking and gaping wide open from the tongue-fucking. His huge cockknob sank in easily.

His entire prick fucked in smooth as silk.

Was it only his wife who had a cunt-hole too shallow to take his huge cock?

He began to fuck Samantha dog-fashion while she pumped the dildo up Dolly.

They fucked in unison. As Clem stuffed Samantha from behind, she shoved the rubber prick into Dolly. Clem had the impression that he was fucking the blonde girl again, through the conduit of the woman’s loins.

Samantha’s harnessed haunches ground around, sandwiched between Clem and Dolly as she enjoyed the best of both worlds and the pleasure of both genders.

Clem then reached around to fondle Samantha’s swinging tits, then felt Dolly’s tits. Samantha held his balls. Dolly grabbed a handful, as well, and felt around in Samantha’s crotch, fingering her cunt-lips as Clem fucked his gigantic prick in and out of her pussy.

On a sudden whim, the man pulled his prick out of Samantha’s pussy and nudged it into her asshole. When she didn’t object, he fucked it in. Her tight shit-chute sucked on his cock-meat as he fucked merrily away. He switched from asshole to cunt and back again, loving the variety of stroking into alternate fuck-holes.

Gasping, he shot a wad of cum into Samantha’s hot ass-guts, making her squeal.

He whipped his greasy prick out and shoved it up her pussy as his second spurt of cum poured out.

Still shifting from slot to slot, he emptied off his jism-jets, while Samantha fucked away and made Dolly cream on the rubber cock.

When his cum was spent, he pulled out, grinning. His formidable fucker stayed stiff. Samantha finished fucking Dolly through the waves of her cumming, then she drew the soaking dildo out of the girl’s cunt.

Samantha shoved the dripping rubber prick into Dolly’s mouth and Dolly sucked her own cunt-cream from it. Then she slid down and slurped on Clem’s cock, purring as she relished a fascinating mixture of cunt-cum and jizz and ass-juice on the hot cock-meat.

Samantha joined her and, cheek to cheek, they lapped Clem’s big prick between them. Clem stared down in awe, seeing two glowing faces in his groin.

His prick began to beat like a drum.

Samantha and Dolly French-kissed each other with the bulging head of Clem’s cock between their lips and their lappers sliding around the slab.

Then Dolly started to suck Samantha’s tits and moved on down her belly. She knew it would excite Clem to watch it and, besides, she was hungry again.

Dolly sucked Clem’s cum out of Samantha’s slimy cunt, holding her head angled so that Clem could see all the action.

“I love drinking jizz out of your cunt, darling,” the naughty nymphette purred.

“There’s more jizz up my ass, honey,” Samantha rasped.

She threw a hip up and Dolly got down lower and began to suck out her cummy asshole, driving Clem crazy. Her moist, pink tongue fucked into the puckered grotto and her sensual lips sucked on the slippery asshole.

Dolly worked back through Samantha’s porn and started sucking her pussy again. Samantha twisted sinuously around into the position of inverted lovemaking.

Lying on their flanks, they began to sixty-nine.

Clem lay down behind Dolly and worked his cock into her cunt from behind. He fucked in and out, and Samantha sucked cock and cunt in conjunction, lapping at his balls as they rolled up and in.

Clem pulled his prick out of Dolly’s pussy and slid it up her asshole. He ass-fucked her a few times, then drew out and put his prick in Samantha’s mouth. She sucked the ass-flavored cock gleefully.

Clem moved to the other side of the action and drove his cock into Samantha’s ass, then up her cunt-hole.

Dolly placed her parted lips to the underside of his cock-shaft so that he was fucking through her mouth as his prick snaked up into the woman’s creamy cunt-hole.

His cock came out slathered with cunt cream and sank back in drenched with saliva.

Clem was getting sucked and fucking at the same time while, at the other end, he had the thrilling sight of Samantha eating Dolly’s cunt out.

Samantha was going wild as she got fucked and sucked at the same magic moment. And Dolly was in rapture as she ate cock and cunt together while her own seething pussy was being gobbled by her lesbian lover.

Working in harmony, they rose to the heights.

Clem shot into Samantha’s cunt, hosing her with his fuck-juice in solid spurts. She creamed off on his cock as Dolly melted in her mouth, Dolly drank a sweet blend of cunt-cum and jizz out of Samantha’s pussy and fed Samantha her own pussy-juice in a steady tide.

When they were finished at last, they lay together in a panting cluster of hot flesh, all ready to start again as soon as they had recovered.

And now that Dolly knew the ecstasy of group sex, she was having second thoughts about her decision to buy the convertible. It was a flashy car, to be sure, and useful for picking up horny young men — or hot young ladies, for that matter.

But there certainly wouldn’t be room in the car for all the wild action she wanted. She needed a lot more space for getting gang-banged and cluster-fucked.

She asked Clem if she could trade the convertible in on a van like Samantha’s.

And, although he didn’t have a van on consignment, Clem was happy to comply as long as Dolly kept her payments up.

And so the shiny red convertible that Bill Brady had given his wife on their anniversary still sat there, undriven, on the used-car lot.

The car had been responsible for lots of fun.

But it was still virgin, itself.


When Bill Brady got back home after leaving the car at Clem’s car lot, he could hear lots of action from the bedroom and was delighted to find that his faithless wife was still cuckolding him.

Bill had been embarrassed, before, because he had so much enjoyed watching Betty get fucked. It had seemed sort of perverse to him. But it was such a thrill that he had lost his inhibitions now.

If her two, lovers thought that he was kinky, so fucking what?

He went up and looked in the bedroom.

Betty was taking cock in both ends.

The voluptuous redhead was on her hands and knees. Vince was throwing a dog-fuck into her from behind her ass and Joe was fucking her face at the same time. She was swallowing right on down to the hilt of his cock, his balls rolling up to her lips.

Bill watched from the doorway for a while.

His eyes flashed back and forth as he watched his wife take it in the mouth, then up the cunt. He didn’t know which excited him more.

Bill removed his clothing, groping blindly, his eyes glued to the action.

Then he entered the room.

“Ohhhhhh!” Betty gasped.

She blushed in shame.

Her husband had caught her twice in the same day and on their wedding anniversary, to make matters worse!

It was hard to look contrite with a mouthful of cock, and she drew her slimy lips off Joe’s prick.

His cock jolted up and lay along her cheek.

Vince stopped fucking but held his prick buried up her fuck-hole, and both guys looked guilty.

But they could see that Bill was naked and had a huge hard-on and didn’t seem to be angry at all. He was even smiling encouragingly.

“Don’t stop,” he rasped.

“You-you don’t mind, darling?” his unfaithful wife whispered in surprise.

“Hell, no — I love to watch you suck and fuck with these guys,” he said.

Bill sat down on the bed beside them.

Betty was thrilled.

She had always felt a bit naughty when she cheated on her loving husband — not that it had ever prevented her from extra-marital pleasures and now that she realized that Bill didn’t mind, she was overjoyed.

It would be even more fun when her husband was watching her misbehave so approvingly! She loved the idea of having his eyes burning into her while she fucked with other men.

“Fuck her like a dog, Vince!” Bill croaked. “Put your prick back in her mouth, Joe!”

Vince and Joe were amazed that her husband was taking such a civilized attitude about it and they weren’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Vince began to fuck his cock in and out of her cunt again, and Joe fed his cock-meat to her mouth.

“Fuck, baby — suck!” Bill moaned. Her flame-colored hair tumbled about as she moved her head up and down, fluting her hot mouth down to the hilt of Joe’s big prick.

Her ass heaved up and down as Vince slammed his cock up her cunt from behind.

Betty was gazing, at her husband, watching his face as he stared at her so passionately.

Her pleasure was magnified greatly by his presence.

What more could a wife ask than a husband who allowed her to get gang banged and took such delight in watching?

“Jizz her mouth, Joe!” Bill croaked.

Joe’s cock was swelling and jolting. Precum spilled from Betty’s lips and ran down her chin.

“Shoot up her fuck-hole, Vince!” her husband groaned, in voyeur’s rapture.

Vince shoveled the cock-meat in, growling and panting like the dog he was emulating.

“Fill her up, boys! Slime my fucking wife’s cunt — hose her mouth!”

Vince howled like a wolf and a stream of steaming cum gushed up Betty’s pussy. Her haunches churned and her cunt creamed as he squirted jism into her cunt.

Bill got his excited face right up close as he watched Joe cum in her cunt. Each time the man fucked his prick in, cunt-cum and fuck-juice poured from her pink pussy-slot and ran down her trembling thighs.

“Umpppfff — umpppfff!” Betty gurgled. Joe was getting set to blow his cum-load into her throat, and she wanted to let Bill know.

Bill tore his gaze away from her cock stuffed cunt and moved up to stare at her pretty face, his own handsome face contorted by fiery emotions.

Joe’s thick prick hissed in.

“Gonna cum!” he gasped.

“Yeah-yeah! Cream her mouth! Suck the jizz out of his prick, baby!” Bill enthused.

“Glubbbb — glubbb!” she sputtered.

She gulped the cum down and Joe fed her more.

Betty wanted her husband to enjoy all the slimy details of it.

She pulled her lips off Joe’s cock-head and, holding her mouth open an inch from the end, frigged out anther wad of cum with her fist, so that Bill saw the milky fuck-juice spurt from Joe’s piss-hole and fly into her open mouth.

“Ahhhh — drink his jizz, baby!” Bill moaned.

Betty took his cock-knob back into her wanton mouth and finished sucking him dry.

She drew her face back and opened her mouth wide and let Bill see the last gooey mouthful of creamy cum on her tongue.

Then she swallowed the cum with her lips still parted.

“Ummmm — yummy!” she sighed. Bill kissed her sinful, spunk-soaked lips adoringly.

His cock was thundering, and Betty thought that he would want to fuck her next.

But Vince and Joe were still hard, and Bill was having such a ball watching that he was in no hurry to sink his own fucker into her lovely body.

He sucked her tongue, then drew back.

It was evident that he was still content to play the passive role of spectator — and Betty was more than happy to put on another performance.

She pulled Joe down on the bed and knelt over him, straddling his loins. She knew that Bill could see all the details in that position.

She balanced on the top of Joe’s towering cock-lance like a flagpole sitter. Her coral-pink cunt-slot was sucking on his flushed purple cock-head and streams of pussy-nectar poured down his prick-shaft.

“Watch, darling,” Betty moaned. She pushed her cunt down and buried Joe’s cock to the hilt. Her ass brushed his balls as she held all of his cock up her pussy.

Bill got his face right down there, staring at the junction of cock and cunt.

Betty squirmed and wriggled on a full cunt-load. As she ground down, the firm cheeks of her shapely ass parted, revealing her asshole.

Bill licked up the crack of her ass and then began to suck out her tangy shit-hole.

Vince was waiting for instructions. Betty was Bill’s wife, after all, and it was only correct that her husband should set the scene.

Bill got Betty’s asshole juiced up with spit, lapping in deep and slobbering into the slot.

He moved his head out of the way. “Shove it up her ass,” he demanded. Vince grinned and shuffled in, fitting his swollen cock-head to her tight little asshole and working it in inch by inch.

He fucked in to the hilt, and his balls lay against Joe’s balls in Betty’s groin.

Betty began to ride on Joe’s fucker, pulling her pussy up to the cock-knob, then sinking down to the root.

Vince fed his prick to her ass at the same time.

She could feel both cocks rubbing together in her guts.

Bill dropped belly-down on the bed, his chin on the mattress, his face close to the double action. His prick was working like a lever, hiking his ass up.

Betty set the tempo, cunt-fucking and assfucking fast, then slowly, changing the rhythm to make it last. Her cunt began to cream again and her guts turned to goo as Vince steadily rammed his prick up her ass.

Her mouth was vacant, and Bill was tempted to face-fuck her. But he couldn’t bear to tear his face away from the action in her ass and cunt.

The next time that he watched his wife cheat on him, he would have to arrange it so that she had three men at the same time. They ground away, slowly building up to yet another climax.

Betty was juicing off again and again. Her hot pussy was going to keep right on creaming as long as the hard cock-meat was fucking into her.

Joe bridged his torso, driving his cock lance upward.

His jizz hit the core of her cunt with a hot splash.

Betty fucked up and down, taking his cum as she buried his prick and taking more cum on the recoil.

Then Vince was squirting a steaming enema of cum into the wanton woman’s shit-hole. His fucker plunged in, pumping the jism back out. Slimy torrents of cum ran down into her groin and mingled with Joe’s cum.

Both men drained off and sagged.

They were finished for the day, which would have distressed Betty, if her horny husband wasn’t waiting for his own turn with her.

Vince dragged his softening prick out of her ass and she slid up and let Joe’s prick slip from her pussy. She bent down and gave the soft cock-meat a suck, then turned and mouthed Vince’s ass-flavored cock. She polished his cockknob as her husband looked on.

Bill waited until the other two men had dressed and departed.

He felt very romantic and affectionate now and wanted to be alone with his loving wife.

Betty lay on her back, her legs spread open, cum pouring from her asshole and pussy and streaking her lips. Bill kissed her mouth, then sucked on her tits, switching from peak to perky peak.

He moved on down and hiked her up so that he could suck out her sodden asshole, then clamped his mouth to her adulterous cunt and sucked, loving to eat his wife’s sweet pussy after she had been thoroughly fucked by other men.

“Darling — darling,” she moaned, as his lapper stirred her cummy cunt to foam.

She melted in his mouth.

Then he moved on up and fucked his prick in her slippery pussy. He was so horny that he shot off on the first fuck-stroke, filling her cunt with more cum than he ever had before.

His cock didn’t diminish at all.

If anything, his prick got bigger and harder and his cum-bags instantly recharged themselves.

He began to give her a long, slow second fucking, and Betty moved with him, undulating and arching as his cock fucked in and out.

They fucked for a long time.

Bill creamed off as plentifully as he had on the first fuck, and his prick stayed stiff.

The joy of peeping had inspired Bill, turning him into a satyr — which ideally suited his insatiable wife.

She sucked him off and drank a load of cum, then he fed her another cuntful, reamed out her asshole, and fucked her pussy yet again, his vitality boundless and matched by her own nymphomaniacal passion.

At long last they were satisfied. They cuddled together, kissing tenderly. “I’m so glad that you gave me a car, darling,” she purred. “Just think of all the horny men I can pick up and bring home in that red convertible!”

Bill groaned, suddenly remembering that, in his annoyance, he had left the car to be sold.

He had to get it back, he knew, looking forward to having his wife use it to pick up lots of lovers for him to watch.

So Bill and Betty both hurried down to the used-car lot.

Clem was not to be found, but the shiny red convertible was still where Bill had parked it, all glossy and innocent, the keys still in the ignition.

It was still her car, so they got in and had a fuck on the front seat, just to break the vehicle in.

There was a van parked nearby at the curb, and it was rocking on its springs. But neither Betty nor Bill thought anything of it, nor did they ever know what a lot of fun had been caused by the presence of the red convertible on the car lot.

They finished fucking and then drove home.

A short time later, leaving the van, Clem and Dolly wondered what had happened to the convertible.

They never did figure it out. Dolly settled on a van, instead, and paid for it on the installment plan and even learned to drive, eventually. But she was parked a lot more than she was driving…

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