The Brother Lover

As our modern society becomes increasingly urbanized and the overall family structure weaker, we are seeing more and more of the phenomenon known as amorality.

A good case in point is Charles Manson, a person who never learned to distinguish between “good” and “bad”, a person who simply did whatever his whim dictated. The pervasive corruption in high political office today offers another example.

Angie Durham is a child of the present. Living the life of the existential hedonist, she refuses to worry about tomorrow and rarely thinks of the past. Her main concern is for today, and the pleasures it brings. For Angie, sex is the focal point of her life, yet it is also a primarily physical phenomenon, carrying few emotional ties or moral overtones. Sex, to this uninhibited teen-ager, is “good” or “bad” only in the physical sense, not in the moral.

And so Angie has no qualms about seducing her handsome older brother. In fact, to her it seems the most natural and logical act in the world. Nor does Angie leave her quest for new and more exciting sexual experiences at that. Eventually, she widens her range to include a startling array of intimates.

THE BROTHER LOVER — a novel depicting the life style of many in our society. A presentiment of what the future holds. Angie’s story is one which holds a lesson for us all.


Angie could hear him breathing in the shadows. And she twirled to the music, clad only in her skin-tight dance outfit, she felt the desire rise in him. She moved her body now in a slow, sensuous movement to let him see the symmetry of her long, slender legs. She bent her knee and pulled it slowly, slowly, up to her tits, then wiggled her ass demurely and kicked the leg straight up above her head.

The lithe blonde girl turned her back to him and slowly rotated her hips to the music of the stereo, giving him a good look at the firmness of her thighs and the pert excitement of her ass. All the girls admitted she had the most provocative ass in school. She arched her back to let it stick out more invitingly and slowly danced backward to where he hid in the shadows.

She felt the swelling of his cock, his giant cock which strained against its confinement. She heard him catch his breath at the spinning ass-cheeks thrust teasingly in his face. She heard him shuffle his feet as he fought to remain hidden, as he struggled not to rush out and grasp her, pulling her into the shadows with him.

She twirled away momentarily and turned sideways, lifting her arms, thrusting her tits into the air, giving him a full side view of her delicious little body. Angie knew she was exciting. She had no lack of male attention on those Wednesday afternoons she and the other girls were allowed to go into town for shopping. Less than twenty whistles meant a bad day. Truck drivers blowing horns and beating on the sides of their cabs in appreciation especially excited, her.

Angie bounced on her toes, letting her tits bounce saucily for her hidden observer. She was proud of those tits. It had seemed as though she’d never have anything about her waist. She’d always had a cute rump and good, straight legs. But she had about given up hope on having tits. Then, all of a sudden, there they were! Man! There they were! They just erupted out of her chest since school this fall. She started out flat and ended up with a pair of 36’s. Put those C-cups on a one-hundred-fifteen-pound body, above a twenty two-inch waist and thirty-four-hips, decorate a five-foot-four blonde bombshell with them, and you had the reason the man in the shadows was pulling his cock out of his pants.

Angie debated slipping the tights and knit top off to let him see more, then decided to wait. Besides, it would be more exciting to have him tear them off her. She shivered at the thought of his hot hands ripping the soft material, of his eager mouth kissing her trembling body.

Angie slowed her dance as the mood of the music changed. She moved with even more sensuous ease about the floor. Her hands came up over her hips, caressing and stroking her lean, lithe body. She moved them up and around her boobs. Lovingly, she fingered the breathtaking curves of her tits. Slowly she pulled them out forward, then pressed them together as she turned to face the figure hidden in the shadows. She danced slowly for a minute, undulating her hips, fondling her tits for his benefit.

As the music returned to its more rapid tempo, she swung away from him and tauntingly twisted her delicious body about the room. She heard the pant in his breathing she had left behind. She felt the slow motions as he pumped his cock, readying it for her.

Her cunt was wet, now. Her cunt-juice had been flowing for some time. Little electric sparks of delight were already pulsing through her twat. She whirled back to face her visitor, this time thrusting her pussy at him, the lips of her cunt obscenely outlined against her tights. Angie’s hands slowly stroked about her cunt as her hips revolved rapidly to the music.

She slipped a finger between her cunt-lips and drew it suggestively back and forth. Her body leaped into flame at the touch against her clit. She pulled her upper arms inward, forcing her boobs forward again. Her breathing came in irregular pants as she anticipated his finger doing this to her, as she knew his cock would be doing shortly.

She spun again, spinning before him, giving him a rapid kaleidoscope of ass and tit and whirling blonde hair. She leaped into the air, turned and came down with her back to him, her legs spread. Keeping her hips swinging to the music, she bent over, giving him a good view of her ass. Let, him know that her ass was made to hold a man, that her hips were perfect for receiving the plunging desires of a male.

She began to ease back toward him, whirling her luscious butt-cheeks before him. Her body was trembling in anticipation, throbbing to the music, pulsing with desire. She danced backward until she could feel the touch of his gigantic cock against her fiery ass.

Angie slowed her movements, sensuously slipping herself backward against him. His hands touched her hips. He held her firmly against the warmth of his swollen prick. He was moving now, rubbing his hardened prick against the velvet softness of her ass. His fingers came around her hips and explored the flatness of her tummy. They pressed tightly against her skin as they moved downward and stroked along her thigh before one great hand covered her drooling cunt.

His hot breath was on her neck. Her ears caught the force of his passionate breathing. He pulled her against himself tightly, demandingly. His lips were at her neck, kissing her along her shoulders, about the neck. He kept hold of her pussy with one hand while the other came upward along her tummy and cupped under one lit. He held the marvelous globe tenderly for a moment, then grasped it firmly, brutally. His thumb flipped across the nipple, creating hot flashes of ecstasy in the young girl.

“Fabulous,” his hoarse voice panted in her ear. “You are just fabulous.”

Angie was limp in his arms. Her body was no longer her own. It belonged to those strong hands which held it, those powerful hands which were caressing it into such an explosion of desire. His finger pressed between the lips of her cunt, forcing the cloth of her tights against her clit, into her pussy. He stoked through the tights, rubbing her clit until she wanted to scream. She felt the saliva drip at the corners of her mouth as her cunt-juice began to pour about the taunting finger.

His other hand played about her tits, pressing them together, alternately cuddling one, then the other. He caught one nipple on his thumb, the other on a finger and rotated them as his hand was revolving her trembling clitoris. Angie was no longer standing on her own strength. Her legs were all buttery. She would have sunk to the floor except for the strength with which he held her.

His teeth pinched slowly, deliciously, at the tender skin of her neck. She felt the blood rush as the pain only heightened her passion. She slipped a hand behind her and forced it between her ass and his leg. She reached until she found the sudden shock of touching his skin. Her breath caught at the excitement of having her fingers about his cock. She felt it leap at the thrill of her touch. She closed her hand about the giant cock-shaft, glowing with its pulsing heat.

“So big,” she whispered, gripping it more tightly. “So big and warm.”

“Big enough to stretch your little pussy until it screams in joy,” his deep voice laughed in her ear. “Hot enough to keep you warm for a month just thinking about it.”

His hand left her cunt and began to slip her tights down over her waist. Her ass, now bare, could feel the heat of his trembling prick. She held it against the crack of her ass, rubbing herself along it, trembling in anticipation. The tights slipped lower. She managed to wriggle free of them without taking her hand off the wondrous cock. His hands were slipping beneath her top and finding the full satin softness of her tits. His hands felt rough, demanding, as they buried themselves into the spongy tits.

“I’m gonna fuck you,” he panted roughly as he pawed at her boobs. “I’m gonna fuck you until you can’t walk.”

He took one hand from her tits and grabbed at her bare cunt. His big hand clamped around the tender pussy. He pressed the lips together, then ran a big finger inside. She caught her breath at the electric sensation as he touched her clitoris.

“Big talk!” she hissed back at him. “Fuck me, mister, fuck me all you like. I’ll be ready for more when you’re passing out.”

Two of the fingers were in her cunt, spreading it. She could hear the sound of them sloshing about in her cunt-juice. She squeezed tightly on the swollen cock, pulling the skin back along the shaft. Angie smiled in enjoyment at the smoothness with which the great rod worked in her hand. He was biting her neck more viciously now. She could feel the mark of his teeth in her white skin, could feel him as he twisted his head slightly, pulling at her with his teeth. His hand on her boobs spread across them both, cupping and squeezing and thumbing her glowing nipples. She could feel his hips hunching him against her, causing the cock to leap in her hand.

She was panting in excitement when he suddenly turned her toward him. His eyes sparkled brilliantly in the shadows as he saw her heaving tits, swollen and standing out tremblingly from the work of his hand. In the semidarkness she looked down and saw the mammoth prick pointing upward. Its head seemed to glow in anticipation.

He held her before him for a minute, lustfully looking over her maddening body. Then he pulled her brutally to him. His mouth came over hers. His tongue plunged into her mouth. His hand went to her ass and cupped it, pulling her dripping cunt against his bone-hard cock. He began pushing her down to the floor. She struggled a moment, then let him take her down.

She watched him as he knelt beside her. His hands outlined the soft curves of her body. His hands found her tits. His tongue flicked over her nipples, pulsing them at the same tempo as his finger played her clit. She closed her legs to embrace his hand and hold it where it stirred such explosive pleasure in her cunt. She arched her tits into his face. Her body was trembling with the thrill of passion. The room was spinning about her, the air filled with more music than the stereo to which she had danced.

“Now, you gorgeous little hunk of pussy,” he told her, “I’m going to teach you how to fuck.”

“Teach me!” she pleaded. “Teach me everything about fucking!”

He moved over her and held himself on his elbows while he put his legs inside hers and moved his cock against her trembling cunt. He pushed the great head into the mouth of her pussy, then caught her body against his own. He held her and rocked slowly with her, a great hand holding her ass in place while he forced his cock more painfully into her tender cunt-mouth.

“You may have a small snatch right now,” he laughed, “but you’ll be pretty damn big when I get through fucking you. Yes sir, I’m going to stretch that little pussy of yours with my big prick, baby.”

He groaned with pain as he shoved his pecker strongly into her hole. She wanted to stop the fuck before he tore her cunt apart. It was too big! She struggled against the arms which held her tightly.

“Just relax, honey,” he told her. “It’ll stop hurting just as soon as we get it in there all the way. It’ll hurt just a little more, then you’ll see how good it can be.”

Pain shot through her as he gave a sudden, vicious thrust of his cock. She felt that blood must be pouring all over them. The warm pain subsided immediately, leaving her with a numbness where his huge prick was plowing away into her virgin cunt.

“See, there,” he bragged, “never found a broad yet I couldn’t get it in. Might hurt at first, but then it feels awful good.”

It was beginning to feel good! Feeling was returning to her cunt. She could feel the cock moving back and forth in her cavern, the shaft rubbing against her clitoris as he fucked in long slow thrusts.

“There,” he comforted her, “you like it now, don’t you? I’ll just fuck you easy for a minute. You got plenty of juice down there to grease things up. We’ll just fuck slow a minute. Not for long, though. You got too sweet a pussy for me to hold back for long.”

One hand kept hold of her ass. The other came around her and began to stroke slowly about her boobs.

“You sure got a pair of tits,” he commented. “You may be just a girl, but you got the tits of a full-grown woman.”

Angie resented the implication in his words. Girl, was she! She’d show him she was a woman! She began to contract her cunt-hole about the shaft of his cock, sucking and holding on it, then twisting herself along it. She entwined her fingers in his hair and began to twist them about. She drew her legs slowly up and down along his own. The cock in her responded, thrusting more deeply and more violently.

“Hey!” he laughed. “You know a little about fucking.”

She rubbed her tits lasciviously against his hand and against his chest. She closed her thighs about him. She hunched her ass up, her cunt sucking and gnawing at his cock.

“Come on,” she taunted him. “Play time’s over. Get to some real fucking.”

She felt the cock swell even larger in her gushing hole. His balls slapped against her ass as the big tool plunged ever deeper into her twat. She listened to the slurping sound of the cock moving through her juice. His hold on her tightened. He crushed her against himself. His tongue filled her mouth. The intensity of his actions heightened as did the intensity of her response. She had a real cock in her cunt. Her body was aflame with passion. Her cunt trembled with delirious joy at the plunging presence inside it. Her nipples burned from the play of his hand.

The fire grew hotter. The flames mounted. The thrusts of the cock became great ripping plunges into her heated pussy. She felt her climax approach and moaned with pleasure. Her body pulsed and bounded in the ecstasy of lust. Lightning exploded about her and within her. She shook beneath him, hunching to take more of the prick into her hungry hole.

“Oh, God,” Angie whimpered, “that’s so good. Fucking is so good!”

“And you are a sweet little fuck,” he gasped as his body shook over her.

Her moment was at hand. Her cunt was more sensitive to the rampaging cock than she would have believed possible. Her tits were swelling ecstatically against him. Her ass jerked in spasms of desire. She tightened her legs about his waist and shook with his growing power.

“I’m going to come,” she muttered intensely, “I’m about to come! Don’t let me go alone. Explode that big cock in me! Fill my cunt with your jizz!”

“I’m with you,” he assured her. “Your pussy’s not alone. Old pecker is right there with her. Let it come, little doll! I’m going to fill that little hole with my juice until it runs over!”

They seemed to leap from the floor with the forge of their demand. Their bodies hung, plunging and twisting, in midair as they were lost in the eruption of their shared orgasm.

The bell shattered the spell of the music from the stereo. Angie Durham leaned against the wall of the dance studio, her breath coming in short gasps. Her fingers still played about her soaking cunt. She held one glowing tit in her hand, lightly thumbing across the nipple.

Would it ever really happen? Must she always only pretend about it?

She drew her hand slowly away from her trembling pussy and began to straighten her tights. She’d better get herself under control. Miss Stokes, the dance instructor, would be coming back any moment. It wouldn’t do for her to catch her young student playing with her twat in the studio.

Some of the other teachers would love to catch Angie like this. The girl smiled at the thought of the lustful eyes of Miss Parkinson each day at Physical Education. Yes, Miss Parkinson would come at her with a tongue eager to lap up all that good cunt-juice. Not Miss Stokes, though. Miss Stokes only wanted men, whether they were the janitor or the chairman of the board.

That was the way she’d be someday, too, Angie thought. Someday she’d be having men constantly. Until then, though, she’d have to be satisfied with cunny-sucking and playing with her pussy. At least she would so long as her parents kept her at this stupid girls’ school.

“You still here?” Miss Stokes asked as she opened the door and discovered her young student just shutting off the stereo.

“Just leaving,” Angie answered over her shoulder.

“Make it quick, then,” the tall brunette teacher answered. “Otherwise you won’t have time to shower before dinner.”

The older female smiled at the swinging rump which left the studio. Yes indeed, she thought, her young student certainly needed a shower before dinner. With all the smell of cunt about her, she had better shower well. Angie was about the hottest little number she’d taught in years. That young lady, Miss Stokes remarked to herself, had damn well better get her ass screwed off over the summer vacation.

The delicious little blonde, sprinting across the campus to the shower, felt the same way about it.


I really hit it lucky this year, Gloria thought as she watched her room-mate slipping her blouse off and revealing those luscious tits.

The slender upperclassman felt regret that she was graduating and would not be able to share a room with Angie next year. She would not share a room with the blonde, nor would she have nightly access to the fantastic body that had developed during the last months. She watched the bra come off and be tossed carelessly over a chair. Angie’s tits seemed to leap forward at the freedom from restriction.

Angie caressed her pride and joy lovingly, her fingers stroking beneath them and around them. She cupped and cuddled them, then turned and wrinkled her nose at Gloria.

“You really did a job on them, Gloria,” she laughed. “I’d about given up ever having more than a B-cup.”

“You didn’t have that much before we started on the exercises,” the redhead answered. “Yes, I have to admit that we have made quite a stacked little broad out of you.”

She watched the skirt softly drop to the floor and smiled as Angie slipped her hose down over firm hips and long, lean legs. Angie always complained about the school requirement of hose at dinner, almost as much as she bitched about being required to wear a bra.

“Now I feel better,” the pert blonde announced as she spun about the room clad only in her brief blue panties. The whisper-thin material hid nothing, only giving a sheen over the light-brown hair fleecing her cunt. Angie stretched herself luxuriously and twirled her compact body in front of the window.

“Think anyone might be out there to see me?” she asked.

“Not yet,” Gloria laughed. “Wait until it gets dark. Then you ought, to be able to count on an audience.”

Ever since they were cautioned about Peeping Toms back in February, Angie had routinely displayed herself in front of the window with the drapes opened. The house-mother constantly complained and came in every night to personally close the drapes and scold the girls about their recklessness.

The blonde pouted and walked over to lounge across her bed. Her room-mate shook her head, smiling. She had enjoyed watching Angie’s growing pride in her body. She was amused at the blonde’s terrible desire to have some boy see her.

It did not seem possible that such a hot little number could still be a virgin. Not for long, though, Gloria knew. First chance Angie got, she’d have a wet cock pumping in her hot little box. Still, it did seem odd that the opportunity hadn’t come for her yet. Too protected by her family, Gloria decided.

The older girl had not been that protected. She was not still a virgin either. She patted her cunt affectionately. A lot of good cock had gone in there. As soon as she got home for the summer, a lot more would get into her. She’d spotted a new boy in town during Easter vacation whom she planned to screw within a week. She never doubted that she could get him. She’d never failed yet. Her tits might not be as large as Angie’s but her ass was something special.

Gloria had been frightened the first time she was fucked. She wasn’t quite prepared for the roughness with which the boy popped her cherry. Still, though, there had been something exciting about that first time.

She had slipped off to meet the boy. Her parents had forbidden her to have anything to do with him. They kit he was much too old and had quite a bad reputation. Gloria had met him anyway, one Saturday afternoon. No other girls her age had boy friends with cars. He had driven out into the country and parked. She let him kiss her like he always did. His hands slipped over her young tits, although he usually tried, except this time he did not feel them gently. This time he grabbed hold of them while his kisses became more demanding. He grabbed them in his hands and mashed them roughly, then twisted them about while he tongued her thoroughly.

Before Gloria realized it, he was reaching inside her blouse and feeling inside her bra. She struggled away from him, but he caught her by the arm and pulled her back. His face was red. His breath came in gasps. She watched the flare of his nostrils. She saw the fire in his eyes.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Nothing yet,” he answered gruffly. “I’m not doing anything yet, but I’m going to fuck you before we go back to town.”

The word flustered her. Sure, even at thirteen she knew what it meant. At least, she knew something about what it meant. Mostly, though, it was just a dirty word that the kids used. Now, hearing it like this, it seemed so threatening.

“I d-don’t think I want to,” she stammered.

“You don’t have anything to say about it,” he told her. “You’ve wagged that ass of yours in front of me too many times for me to miss this chance to screw you.”

“Look!” he commanded her as he pulled her face forward toward his pants. “Look how, you’ve worked me up already.”

She stared at the huge bulge in his pants. She tightened as he cupped the swollen mass with his other hand.

“You get my cock hard like this, you get what you’ve been begging for,” he said curtly, then unzipped his pants. “See it! Here, feel how hard my prick is.”

He made her take his hard-on in her hand. He made her take his stiff cock and rub the skin back and forth along it. She sat and held his cock, feeling the heat in it while he opened her blouse and played beneath her bra. She began to enjoy the way the skin slipped back and forth on his rod as he pulled her bra loose and began to paw and kiss about her tits. She took her hand off his pulsing cock in fright when he reached up her skirt and pulled her panties down.

“Get my cock back in your hands,” he ordered. “You’d better be glad I don’t make you give me a blow-job. That’ll come later. Right now I’m too worked up. Just keep that cock occupied till I get your pussy ready for it.”

His hands were at her cunt, fingering about it. Suddenly she felt excitement soar in her as he found the button of her clitoris and began to tease it. Gloria felt the moisture in her cunt as his hands played more intensely. She felt small jerks in his heated cock matching the clawing demands of his hands.

“Damn, you’ve got a nice pussy,” he told her. “No wonder I’ve been so hot for you all these weeks.”

“Please,” she begged, “I’m afraid.”

“Nothing to fear,” he assured her. “You’re gonna get fucked like every girl sooner or later gets it. I’m going to fuck you, fuck that sweet ass of yours right off. Tomorrow I’ll fuck you again, and the day after that. I’ll keep on fucking you till you like it as much as I do.”

He pulled her beneath him and, in the cramped front seat of the car, struggled to get his cock against the opening of her pussy.

“Get your legs open, dammit,” he breathed, “More you fight, the more it’ll hurt.”

She felt the pressure of the prick against her virgin cunt. He hunched and shoved it against her tight hole. For a moment she felt relieved. His cock wouldn’t go in. She was spared. His cock was just too big for her.

Her hopes were short-lived, however. He twisted up over her more and rammed roughly against her cunt. She cried in pain as the prick tore its way into her virgin cunt. Warmth followed the pain, then the sensation of the cock pumping away in her passage.

“Pretty small, weren’t you?” he chuckled. “Not any more, though. Now to fuck you good.”

With that, he began pumping roughly into her sore little pussy. His hand clawed again at her titties. He pulled the soft skin about viciously, his thumb rubbing roughly across the nipples. Despite his violence, Gloria felt the glands swell from the treatment. Her nipple burned with the most delicious pain she had ever felt. Her pussy, too, began to vibrate to the hard thrusts of his cock. She felt her juices pouring about them. She could smell the merging of their juices. The hand that was not at her tits caught ahold on her ass and squeezed.

“What a hell of an ass you’ve got,” he told her in heaving gasps. “Best-looking ass I ever laid eyes on. First time I saw it I knew I’d have to screw it like this.”

The mixture of awkward position and new experience brought Gloria to a quick orgasm. She felt it coming, that sensation she had come to adore. Fires were glowing in her. Her cunt was contracting ecstatically on his plunging cock. She held onto him tightly and rode with his movements.

“Fuck me!” she suddenly urged. “Fuck me good! Fill me with cock!”

He didn’t answer this time. He was lost in his spasms of delight. She felt the new warmth in her as he unloaded his cock in her pussy. He ripped away at her. His hands pulled more violently at her tit until she was afraid he had damaged it. His other hand was working on her ass so that she’d have a bruise there for the next week. He slammed his body against hers with the force of his fucking, then slowly began to calm his pumping.

“Penny for your thoughts.”

Gloria jumped at the sound of Angie’s voice. She looked up to catch the wide grey eyes of the blonde smiling curiously at her. Suddenly she realized that she had been unconsciously stroking her cunt as she recalled her first experience at screwing.

“They’re worth more than a penny,” she laughed.

“Then I know what they were about,” Angie said. “Past or future?”

“Mostly just remembering,” Gloria admitted.

Angie gave her room-mate a soft, wistful smile. Her cunt ached that it had nothing to remember. She did not feel jealousy toward the older girl. She owed Gloria too much ever to feel jealous of her. The rooming assignment with the upper-classman had been one of the good things that had happened at boarding school. Gloria had taught her to be proud of her body. Gloria had used her knowledge of exercises to give her the best pair of knockers on the campus.

It had been fun, too, swelling those tits up to their fullness. Too bad the exercises didn’t do as well on the redhead. But Gloria didn’t mind. She knew that with her slender build, she had her tits to their maximum size. Her ass was her drawing point. When they walked into town, it was Gloria who drew the whistles from behind.

Angie saw the flicker of remorse in her friend’s eyes. She smiled brilliantly at Gloria to assure her that she did not resent her memories.

“This time next week,” Angie whispered as she slipped off the bed and walked over behind the redhead.

She reached down and cupped her friend’s tits lovingly. She leaned down and kissed the top of Gloria’s red hair while she began a slow massage of her room-mate’s firm, pert globes.

“You mean what you said at dinner, then?” Gloria asked.

“Damn right. First thing I’m going to do when I get home is get myself laid.”

She began to unbutton Gloria’s blouse while she bent farther down to nibble on an earlobe. Her friend reached backwards and stroked sensuously about her legs and ankles. Gloria’s hands were marvelous instruments of passion. Angie felt the thrills from her touch run up her legs, along her thighs, and lodge in trembling sparkles in her cunt.

“Think you’ll like your father’s new wife?” Gloria asked.

“Nothing against her yet,” the blonde replied, slipping her hands beneath the tight material of the bra and cuddling the soft tits.

She felt no fear about meeting a new stepmother. After living with her real mother the four years since the divorce, Angie was ready for a change. Her mother’s passionate desire to keep her a child had come to a head with remarriage. Angie suspected that her mother had lied to her new husband about her age, and having a eighteen-year old daughter show up would be difficult. So, she was being allowed to spend the summer with her dad.

“She couldn’t be worse than Mom,” she told her roomie.

“You don’t expect her to fit you in a chastity belt?”

“I don’t think Dad would make the same mistake twice. One iceberg should have taught him to be sure to find a sex-pot next time.”

She shuddered at the thought of her mother’s scolding looks whenever she wore anything at all daring. Last Christmas her mom had taken one look at the new boobs and tried to put her in a restraining bra. Such a scene followed that Angie remained at school during Easter weekend. Besides, her mother had just returned from a honeymoon with her new husband, ten years younger than she.

“No,” she added, “I don’t think my new old lady is going to object to my going braless. In the pictures Dad sent me from their honeymoon, she was braless and in a see-through blouse as well.”

“That should please your brother,” Gloria remarked as she stood and began to slip out of her blouse.

“It’s hard to think of him as eighteen,” Angie admitted, sensuously easing the bra from her friend’s shoulders and beginning to kiss across the bouncing globes of her tits.

“I’d sure like to get him between my legs for an evening.”

“Maybe we can work that out,” Angie suggested. “Let’s plan on you coming for a visit.”

The redhead’s skirt slipped to the floor. Angie stepped behind her and worked the pantyhose down over the best-looking ass she had ever seen. She left the silver-green bikini panties on for a moment while she softly caressed the luscious skin, running her fingers lovingly along the dramatic curve of rump.

“I get hot just thinking about it,” Gloria responded. “Imagine what fun we can have together. We’ll fuck everything in town.”

“There’s not much town there,” Angie told her as she began to remove the dainty nylon from over the glorious ass. “But it isn’t much of a drive over to the coast. With your ass and my tits, I think we can about take our pick.”

“Fantastic!” the redhead burst out as she turned and buried her head into the marvelous tits of her friend.

Angie held her while she licked and kissed and sucked on the tits. The blonde’s hands reached down to play with the smaller but just as firm boobs of the older girl. They stood against each other, cunt hairs touching as they swayed in delight. They stepped apart, giggled at each other, and raced to the bed.

Gloria got to the bed first and stretched her body out. Angie stopped for a moment and looked down at the glistening body of her room-mate. She felt the thrilling glow that always seemed to lie on the skin of the redhead. She licked her lips playfully as she eyed the auburn hair about Gloria’s pussy, then eased herself alongside the reclining figure.

“This is our last cunt-fuck in this room, in this bed,” Gloria murmured. “Let’s make it a good one.”

“I’m for that!” Angie agreed as she began to revolve her tits against Gloria’s.

They played them against each other, nipple against nipple, while each slipped a finger in the other’s cunt. Nipple vibrated nipple, round and round. Nipple flipped against nipple until each of the four tits were aching in pleasure, each of four nipples hard and alive with excitement. Fingers worked on two clits in unison, strumming and petting and rubbing them to peaks of desire. Lovely white thigh lay against lovely white thigh as the two beautiful girls lost themselves in their enjoyment of each other. Blonde hairs and red hairs braided together on the dainty blue flowers of the sheet as two young girls thrilled to their sexuality.

They knew each other well, these two room-mates. Each could anticipate the other’s movements. Their, loving was like a dance, a passionate sexual dance. Each slipped a hand behind the other and began to cuddle a rump. Each set of fingers slipped between a dramatic cleavage to play at a sensitive asshole. The sensual lips of the blonde met the exotic lips of the redhead and a pair of tongues played with one another through the cavities of both mouths.

Angie felt the sparks of joy shooting through her tits as she slipped her finger into the dainty bung of her friend. She felt the tissue about her own asshole open to receive the finger which slipped in there. Fingers played round in each ass. Fingers stroked about in each cunt. Tit brushed against tit, nipple flicked over nipple, lips and tongues and hair and cunt-juice merged as the slender young bodies twisted passionately together.

Each knew the other well. Each anticipated the other completely. In perfect harmony the bodies separated a moment. Angie slipped about on the soft blue flowers of the sheet and eased her face down along a pair of glistening thighs. She could feel Gloria’s lips along her own electrically charged skin, kissing about and inching nearer and nearer an anxiously awaiting cunt. They played about each other’s thighs for a good five minutes, then slowly began to move their loving lips into the soft beavers of their cunts.

“I love the smell of your juice,” Gloria told her. “Maybe it’s because I know what a sweet little pussy it comes from.”

“Sweet little pussy right here,” Angie answered, “smells awfully tempting, too.”

Mouths and cunt-lips met in impassioned kisses. Tongues flicked out and into lovely little pussy-holes. Two clits shimmered with the adoring strokes of a girl’s licking. Two cunts trembled with the ecstasy of the suction of a friend’s mouth. Each closed their legs about the other’s head, holding it imprisoned in a lustful embrace.

Their hands ran up and down each other. Their bodies vibrated with the intensity of their passion. They began to shudder together in the ecstasy of a mutual orgasm. As if choreographed, both experienced the other’s come at the same moment. They rocked about the bed, their bodies tangled in a lovely web of desire and accomplishment. They clung together until each had wrung the last ounce of desire from the other. Finally, they relaxed and fell apart. The grey eyes of the blonde met the smiling blue eyes of the redhead.

“Best ever,” Gloria said.

“Absolutely,” Angie agreed.

They lay against each other, softly fondling each other’s tits, listening to their breathing.

“Just think,” Angie commented, “next time you kiss my cunt, it’ll have had a cock in it.”

“Next time I kiss it,” Gloria answered, “we might have a pair of cocks right in the middle of it.”

Angie didn’t answer. Her eyes glowed mistily at the thought.


Angie’s legs were still watery as she stepped into the lounge at the airport. She smiled, thinking that the steward was probably having his problems, too, he had been at the end of his flight, she could probably have gotten him to take her to some dark corner of the terminal and screw her. He almost did on the plane itself.

He was very proper and reserved — at first. Angie gave him a cock-stiffening come-on smile when he first came down the cabin aisle. He politely smiled back in that very professional way. Then he saw the way her tits pushed against the nylon blouse and did a double-take. He recovered that first time, but Angie knew she had gotten his attention.

She watched the way he eyed her charms out of the corner of his eye as he went about his chores with the passengers. When he served her, she managed to lean forward enough to let her jugs rest against his hand. He tried to pretend he didn’t notice, but Angie knew he felt them. He knew how good they would feel in his hand. He could have no doubts, through the thin material, that she was without a bra. He could marvel that they had such firmness, despite their size, without needing a bra to support them.

She watched the way he checked out her legs, too. She let her short skirt ride up over her thighs, showing just a hint of the pink panties she had picked out in case she found someone interesting on the way home. Yes, he saw those thighs, and approved.

Three times she had to make her way back to the rest room, past him, brushing against him as she went by. She did nothing in the rest room. She just made sure he got a good feel of her tits each trip. Finally he was waiting in the little compartment for the flight attendants that was located right before the rest rooms.

“What are you trying to do to me?” he asked.

“What am I doing?” she replied.

“I asked you first,” he answered, his eyes twinkling.

“To be honest, I’m trying to get a rise out of you.”

“Honey, you’re doing that. How the hell am I supposed to do my job with a hard-on?”

“You’ve fed them, already,” Angie told him, “and served their drinks. Take time out for a little relaxation.”

She stepped close to him, close enough to let him get a whiff of her perfume, close enough for her tits to brush against him, close enough for her legs to touch his. He was telling the truth. His pants had quite a bulge where his cock was responding to her teasing.

He pulled her roughly into the small compartment and slipped the curtain closed to hide them from the view of other passengers.

“I ought to screw your little tail off right here,” he threatened.

“Promises, promises!” she taunted, pressing herself against him.

He gave up and took her in his arms. His lips came over hers possessively. His hands played about her back, thrilling to the soft touch of the nylon. Angie slowly moved her leg inside his and twisted her body against him to let her tits give him greater excitement. She could feel his swollen cock against her. She felt his leg come up and press against her cunt. She opened her mouth and received his tongue as it came in hesitantly, then passionately.

His hand came up under her blouse and caressed along her waist. She pulled back from him just enough to give it room to glide around to the front and reach up for her waiting boobs. He gasped at the lush fullness as his fingers came about her tits. His hand wavered in disbelief at their loveliness, then adoringly gathered them. He cupped and caressed her tits, stroking them as though he’d never dreamed of holding such lovelies. His other hand reached inside the band of her skirt and discovered the softness of her ass, the roundness of her ass, the excitement of her ass.

Angie reached for his cock. She fingered about the contained mass, then felt the long cock separate itself from the swollen mixture of balls and cock. She quietly unzipped his pants to let it expand out to its full length. Timidly, she held his rod and slowly stroked it. His hand slipped around her ass as she turned so that he could finger amid the hairs of her cunt.

“Damn, but you are a sexy little broad,” he whispered.

“Hot and sexy,” she admitted. “Hot and sexy and ready.”

His finger went into her cunt as she began to pump on his prick. He reached deeply within her hole, then slowly dragged his finger out over her clitoris. Angie wanted to squeal out with the delightful sensation. A man was actually finger fucking her! She didn’t have a cock in her yet, but she did have a man’s hand on her pussy. She responded by pumping furiously on his stretching prick. He worked her cunt just as rapidly. She could hear the play of his finger among the flowing juices down there. She felt the cock trembling in the excitement of her massage.

His mouth was at her ear. She could hear his gasping breath. His lips came down on her neck. His teeth pinched tender skin between them. She felt the delicious pain as she realized with pride that she would have one hell of a hickie to remember him by.

“I wish to hell I had a place to fuck you,” he muttered through teeth which still held her tightly. “This’ll just have to do.”

He placed another finger in her cunt and spread and stroked and clawed at it. She rolled his skin back and forth along his prick-shaft more rapidly, squeezing the warm rod as though to milk it of its load. She felt his ass tremble as she forced him to orgasm. He was panting in her ear as she felt the hot jizz pour into her hand. Just a moment later, she felt a small orgasm come into her pussy. It would have to do, she decided, until she could get a cock in where those fingers were. She let her cunt thrill to the joy of his ecstatic fingers, pulsing with him, shaking with him.

The steward groped in his pocket for a handkerchief. Angie gook it and affectionately cleaned his steaming cock. He looked at her in awed appreciation as she leaned down and kissed his deflating dick.

“You are some sexy chick,” he panted.

The cock still had some of his jizz on it. Angie kissed it again and deliberately tasted the milky substance. Gently she squeezed the now diminishing rod and smiled up at him.

“Glad to oblige,” she told him. “Look me up when you’re able to do the real thing.”

With that she swirled through the curtain and returned to her seat. The passengers along the aisle looked at her suspiciously as she brazenly buttoned her blouse after she had returned to her seat. One step closer to being fucked, she thought, one step closer.

“Hey, Angie,” the voice came through the crowd in the lounge, “over here.”

She looked at the speaker in confusion for a moment, then realized it was her brother.

“Mitch!” she screamed, pushing past the other passengers and running to him. “I didn’t recognize you!”

“After four years, I don’t wonder,” he replied, gathering her in his arms. “I sure as hell didn’t recognize you. I’d never have found you except for those grey eyes. I’d never miss them.”

He kissed her hard on the lips, then held her out for himself and looked her over well. Angie smiled at him and gave him a full view of projecting tits, dramatic ass, flashing legs, and seductive thighs.

She looked at her brother, his light-brown hair sparkling, his hundred eighty pounds on a six-foot-two frame, his face spread in a huge smile of approval, and leaped back into his arms. Mitch lifted her off the floor and spun about with her, holding her tightly as he turned, pressing her charms against his lean, hardened body. He put her back on the floor and took her face in his hands.

“Little sister, you have turned out to be some beautiful woman…”

Angie saw the same sparkle in his eyes that had gotten them into so much trouble as children, the same devilish glow that had led her mother to send Mitch to live with his father. She puckered her lips at him and blew hinja kiss.

“With a brother like you, I’d have to be pretty,” she told him. “You sure did grow up to be a hell of a man.”

She took his arm as they walked to get her baggage, thinking how Gloria would react to Mitch. Her friend, she was sure, would wet her pants at the sight of Mitchell Durham.

“Have you eaten?” Mitch asked her as they climbed into his small sports car and headed onto the freeway.

“On the plane,” she said, “but if you haven’t, then I’ll have a cup of coffee while you eat.”

He drove for thirty minutes, then wheeled the responsive little car off the highway and found a brightly lit restaurant. Angie sat watching him with adoring eyes while he ordered and ate. He ordered a drink before his meal and Angie agreed to let him get her one. He whispered that with her body he didn’t think the waitress would question her age. He was right.

Her body got plenty of attention at the restaurant. Angie saw to that. She kept leaning forward to let her tits press against the soft nylon. She ignored the buttons which had worked loose and let the white skin sparkle as her globes threatened to burst completely free. Mitch attracted his share of attention as well, especially from the waitress. The girl was verging on being chubby, but had nice tits and firm thighs. Mitch winked across the table at his sister as he brushed his shoulder into the girl’s boobs. While she brought his dinner and set it before him, he slipped a hand up her skirt and caressed her ass, Angie smiled sweetly and innocently at the girl when her eyes opened in surprise and shock. Later, they hugged each other on the way back to the car and laughed about the poor waitress being so flustered.

“Sis, you’re still able to carry it off,” Mitch beamed. “She looked at you as if to ask didn’t you know what I was doing and you gave that perfect doesn’t everyone smile.”

“Doesn’t everyone?” Angie giggled back at him. “I mean, really, doesn’t everyone grab ass?”

Mitch reached over and patted her thigh. She grasped his hand before he could remove it and held it tightly against her leg. Slowly, as the car sped along the highway, she eased his hand upwards towards her pushy.

“Remember the time Mom caught us playing with each other,” he laughed as his fingers pressed the thin summer skirt and stroked among her pussy hairs.

“And Dad accused her of having such a dirty mind,” Angie added. “He was right. We didn’t think there was anything dirty about it. We were just having fun. You had such a cute little pecker.”

“It’s not so cute now,” Mitch commented. “In fact, it’s getting positively excited.”

Angie looked over at the swell in his trousers. She reached for, the lump and began to finger it. Her brother’s hand closed about her pussy. She pressed her legs over the hand, holding it there while she began to unzip Mitch’s pants.

“I guess that’s why they couldn’t make it,” the blonde added. “Mom thought anything was dirty.”

“And nothing is dirty for Dad,” her brother continued. “Or, maybe, nothing is too dirty for Dad.”

Angie reached inside his pants and began to pull her brother’s swelling cock out. She petted it with both hands, turning her body so that her brother’s fingers could more easily feel about her cunt.

“And Laura,” Angie asked, “is she dirty?”

“Our new stepmom is one foxy chick,” her brother blurted out. “Dad really did himself proud with that broad.”

“Hey! Sounds like you have a crush on her, too.”

“I admit the idea has crossed my mind — to get her in a crush. Especially since Dad’s gone so much.”

His sister stiffened at the suggestion. Not that she felt her brother owed their dad anything. Angie just didn’t want to have to compete for her brother’s attention. She pulled her hands from his cock and sat upright in the seat of the speeding car.

“Look, Sis,” her brother protested, “I didn’t say I was going to do anything. I just observed that she’s an awfully tempting little cunt.”

He took his hand from her cunt. Angie was afraid she had angered him with her show of jealousy. His hand came right back, though. This time it came beneath her skirt and worked its way inside her gossamer panties. She relaxed again at the feel of his finger in her pussy, slipping slowly about her clitoris. She, smiled over at him and leaned down towards his still erect prick. She held it in both hands and gently began kissing the head.

“Speaking of cunts,” he said softly, “this one I have now feels awfully soft and nice.”

“Good to have you there,” she laughed, kissing his cock more fervently. She wondered if she and her brother would have fucked had they not become separated when she was twelve and he fourteen. Would she fuck him now? She looked down at his beautiful cock, so red and growing from her attentions. She looked up at his handsome face as he fought to concentrate on driving while his hand worked more feverishly into her cunt. Yes, she smiled, she’d fuck him. She would fuck him whenever he liked. He could stop the damn car right now and she’d fuck him in the grass beside the highway.

“It’s beginning to get wet down there,” he told her.

“I know,” she admitted. Her pussy had been seeping its juice for several minutes now. She felt the flow of her box under the teasing play of his fingers. He worked her slowly, sensuously. Her clit vibrated with the delightful touch of his finger. She pressed her tits against his arm and moved them about in small circles. Her tongue made loving circles on the head of his rod. Salty, his cock-drippings tasted salty.

She felt him jerk in pleasure as she tentatively covered the head with her mouth. She held her mouth over her brother’s cock, flicking her tongue across the end. Mitch’s hand reacted vibrantly to her play. His plunging finger moved more rapidly about in her cunt. She felt his body tense in his excitement. His arm moved with her tits, revolved the delicious globes about, sliding lushly across her pulsing nipples.

“You are about as exciting a woman as I’ve ever found,” he muttered with a noisy swallow.

“I hope so,” Angie cooed, then took her brother’s cock more deeply into her mouth. Her fingers played among his balls while she moved her face back and forth on his prick, joining her pumps with the rhythm of his finger in her pussy.

“I’ll bet you’ve driven some men absolutely mad,” he suggested as she felt his cock begin to jerk spasmodically in her mouth.

Angie did not answer that. She was not about to confess her virginity, sure that she’d frighten her handsome brother off. Gloria had warned her about it. Dirty old men might get a kick out of breaking a cherry, but most boys were frightened about that. They much preferred a girl who met them on equal terms, who honestly wanted to fuck and knew what it was all about. No, Angie was sure, she would keep her pristine state a secret.

She sucked suddenly on her brother’s hot cock. Mitch tensed again with the sweet excitement of her play. The shaft trembled in her hand and searched upwards to bury itself more deeply into her delicious mouth. Angie sucked and blew on the wonderful tool while Mitch’s fingers and hand tore ecstatically at her pussy. She felt her desire peaking. Her ass quivered, forcing her cunt more deliciously against his hand. Her cunt sucked at the probing finger. Her juice flowed about them, filling the car with its unique smell.

The salty taste in her mouth was stronger, the salty, almost antiseptic taste of his cum. He was coming, she realized. Her brother’s cock was pouring its load into her mouth, pulsing upward rapidly and tremblingly into her mouth. Her tongue lapped about in the precious substance as she listened to the delightful sound of his finger moving in her sticky cunt-juice.

“I’m coming!” Mitch gasped. “Angie — Jesus, your mouth feels so fucking good!”

Angie couldn’t answer, but she wanted to tell her brother that she was coming, too, coming like crazy.

They held onto each other as their bodies shook with ecstasy. Their bodies burned with excitement, their spirits soared from the delight of it. What a lucky girl, Angie kept thinking, what a lucky girl to have such a sexy brother.

Mitch marveled that he had kept control of the car in the midst of it all. He was delirious with anticipation. His sister knew what it took to please a man. This would be a hell of a summer. He could teach her what he knew and she could share her knowledge with him. They would learn the rest together. What a fantastic sexual vacation was before them!

Mitch drove the remainder of the way to their father’s estate with an arm resting tightly against his sister’s luscious tits, and his hand across her sweet pussy. She nestled against him and slowly, happily stroked his cock.


He stepped up behind the lovely girl and put his arms about her. His hands came immediately over her soft, full tits. Mitch caressed the luscious globes and buried his face into her hair.

“Angie,” he murmured, “my beautiful little Angie.”

The teen-ager twisted deliciously under her brother’s caresses. Her tits seemed filled with electric sparks at his touch. Her hips and ass pulsed with the touch of his swollen prick against them. She arched her back and pressed her tingling tits firmly into the adoring palms. The drive from the airport had built her passion to this pulsing demand for him. The lips of her cunt trembled in anticipation. She took one of his hands and led it downward, pressing it into the soft warmth of her cunt-mound.

“My darling Mitch,” she whispered back. “My big, beautiful brother. My brother I haven’t seen in so long. My brother with the wonderful cock.”

“A cock that’s too big for my pants,” the boy laughed. “A cock that needs to be out and in your hands.”

“Just in my hands?” Angie asked as she twisted lasciviously against the hand which pressed her skirt into her sweating cunt.

“In your hands first,” he corrected, “then in your pussy.”

He turned his sister to face him. Her young beauty sparkled in the light from the lamp beside her bed. Her long blonde hair shimmered along her shoulders. Her eyes sparkled up at him with their clear, open invitation. Mitch looked at the luscious body that was about to be his. His cock trembled in the confinement of his pants as his eyes roved along the delicious bundle of curves before him. What a fuck she would be. What a fantastic summer lay ahead! She wanted to fuck as badly as he. Why not? The same lusty blood boiled through both their veins. It had to be the blood they shared from their father. They certainly hadn’t inherit their mother’s ice water. They would be Dad’s children for the next three months. They would gory in their hot blood. They would share that overheated desire. They would fuck, and fuck, and fuck.

Angie smiled her invitation. Her brother seemed to ache as passionately as she. She watched the adoring sweep of his eyes over her. Her body glowed under the approving sparkle in those eyes. The little blonde drew a deep, trembling breath and posed her body for her brother’s lustful inspection. Her tits heaved against the thin material of her blouse. Her ass jutted out temptingly against the short skirt. Angie moistened her lips slowly, letting her tongue run tauntingly over their luscious shape.

Mitch leaned down and kissed his sister. He kissed her softly, gently. Her lips parted for him. The intensity of their kiss increased. His tongue moved through her lips and met her own. He held her more passionately as the kiss built up in its demand. His mouth twisted over hers. His tongue plunged into her mouth madly. Her tits mashed against his chest, encouraging his cock to swell with greater force against his pants. Her knee came up inside his thigh. Her pussy panted along his leg to her delicious movements.

Mitch finally lifted his face from the lovely girl who was his sister. Her eyes met his, waiting and watching. The boy inclined his head towards the bed and saw her lips broaden in an eager smile.

“Your bed is waiting, little sister,” he told her. “No need to stand here wasting time.”

Angie turned to go to the bed. Mitch caught her by the shoulders and turned her again to face him. She looked at her brother with a question in her eyes.

His hands answered her question. He reached for, the first button on his sister’s blouse. He began slowly releasing the delicate material, watching the slow revelation of sparkling white tits. He paused to kiss the thrusting beauties, then returned to the blouse until he had it loose and could pull it away from her shoulders.

He let her step back and display herself for him. The tits bounced tauntingly before him, reflecting the soft light. Angie pressed a hand beneath them and lifted them upward and forward at her brother.

Mitch smiled his horny approval, his hands itching to get at his sister’s fantastic tits. He watched as she slowly loosened her skirt and slid it down over her hips. Her thighs were even more enticing than they had appeared in the car. They were made to wrap about a man, made to lead a hot cock to the soft hole which lay beneath those gossamer panties. The boy watched the skirt fall to the floor. He watched as the panties came down over his sister’s pert ass and slithered softly down her lithe legs.

Angie stood nude before her brother. She turned for his inspection. Mitch’s cock was fighting his pants now, fighting to be free, fighting to touch the soft inviting titty before him. He watched her tits swell with her excited breathing as he began to remove his own clothes.

“I can help,” she offered as she stepped close to her brother and began to unbutton his shirt. He laid his hand over a boob. It seemed almost to leap into the grasping hand, nipple hard against him, the tit itself firm and full. Mitch closed his hand about it and caressed it gently. He was forced to let go of the sweet tit only to let his sister remove his shirt from his shoulder. The sparkling blonde gave total concentration to releasing his buckle and unzipping his fly. She slipped his pants downward and let them drop as she immediately began tugging his shorts away from the imprisoned cock.

“There it comes,” she announced in triumph as she pulled her brother’s steaming prick out of his shorts. She let his cock swing upward while guiding the shorts over his hips and down to rest on top of the pants.

Mitch stepped from them and kicked his shoes free. He felt the terrible excitement of standing naked with his beautiful blonde sister. His cock stood large and rigid, out from his body. Angie could not get her eyes off it. It waved slowly in the air, appearing much more magnificent than it had in the darkness of the car. Her tits heaved rapidly on her chest as she responded to her fascination with her brother’s prick.

“Do we stand all night and stare?” her brother asked. “I like you to look at it, but I want you holding it. I’m dying to get it against your little pussy.”

Angie turned quickly and ran to the bed. The teen-ager leaped onto the bed and turned. She wriggled her body happily and invited her brother to join her.

Angie watched him coming and realized what a fortunate girl she was. Her new stepmother had been so refreshing. She had rushed to meet the car as soon as they pulled up the long drive before the house. Her lithe, slender body enveloped her husband’s daughter as the kids began climbing from the car. Angie was overwhelmed by her warmth. The scent of Laura Durham’s perfume lay about them in the soft evening air. She looked at the exotic beauty of the brunette. She looked at the brilliantly smiling eyes. She looked at the exquisite body which was so nearly a mature version of her own.

As they went inside the house, Angie began to see why her father had fallen for this woman. The brunette exuded warmth and soft, friendly sexuality. Angie liked her. The girl could not help but like her. She trusted the woman instinctively. It was as if her father had searched intentionally for the kind of stepmother Angie needed. She felt she could talk to Laura. She knew she’d be able to confide her most intimate secrets to the beautiful woman her dad had married. More than that, she was sure that Laura could give her all sorts of pointers on how to tempt and attract boys.

After an hour of animated conversation and some sherry, Laura insisted that Mitch and Angie go to bed. It was then that Angie once again remembered her craving need for her brother’s body, for his hard cock.

Angie went up and walked about her bedroom, admiring the taste Laura had shown in decorating. It was exactly as she would have done it. At least it was as Angie hoped she might have had the taste to do it. She was standing at the window, watching the play of moonlight on the swimming pool when Mitch stepped behind her and filled his hand with her tit.

She lay on the bed and watched her brother eye her. His cock trembled in the air above her. Angie watched it in fascination, unable to believe that such a big prick could stand so straight. She watched it as he lowered himself onto the bed beside her. He leaned over her and brought his lips over her mouth. Angie met her brother’s kiss with her own fiery passion. Her tongue shot through his lips to meet his. Her hands reached for the glowing prick as he began to stroke her tits.

The sparks of electric thrill again pulsed through her body. He rotated each tit until it was a glowing mass of excitement. Her nipples exploded in sensations of joy as his thumbs rubbed over them.

Angie almost fainted at the warmth of her brother’s lips when he leaned them down to kiss about her tits. His kissed gently on the soft underbelly of each trembling boob. He kissed in the cleavage and pulled her tits tightly against his cheek. He kissed the pink nipples and sucked lightly on each. His tongue whipped them into round globes of flaming passion as he worked happily with the white flesh.

Angie held her brother’s cock tenderly. She fingered along the warm moist shaft. She fingered over the throbbing head. Slowly she moved the skin back and forth along the shaft. Her hand became more excited. She grasped the wonderful prick more firmly. She pumped it more vigorously. It leaped in her hand. It pumped with her. His pulse pounded in it.

“Damn, but you’ve got me hot,” he muttered to her.

“I want it hot,” she answered. “I want it blazing when it comes into my pussy. I want it steaming when it shoves into my cunt. I want to get it as hot as you’ve gotten my tits. I want it as hot as my pussy feels already.”

Mitch moved a hand to the pussy she claimed was so hot. He’d get it a hell of a lot hotter before he was through with this delicious little fluff of tit and cunt. His finger played into her gash. He stroked her clit slowly, then slipped his finger past the button and into the depths of his sister’s cunt. His previous experience with cunts had not made him expert enough to comprehend the membrane which his finger contacted. In his emotionally charged state Mitch was unable to even consider the fact of the cherry which lay under his finger. In any event, he was too far gone to let his sister’s virginity stand in his way.

Angie twisted her hips about. Her pussy sucked against the welcome finger. The walls of her cunt throbbed at her brother’s touch. Vibrations of exquisite pleasure ran through her cunt and down her thighs. She squeezed his cock more lovingly. She pumped the rampant prick more vigorously. She reached beneath Mitch’s rod and buried her fingers in his balls. As Mitch jumped at the new sensation, she softly stroked about the balls and hugged them passionately with her hand.

They were both perspiring from their excitement. Their breathing came in short pants as their passions rode higher. Angie closed her legs on her brother’s exploring hand. Her soft thighs imprisoned it and held it firmly while her pussy shook in ecstatic longing.

“Fuck me,” she whispered. “I want you to fuck me, brother.”

Her eyes fixed on him in a long, pleading stare. Mitch looked into those pools of mirrored desire. He kissed her once more about her tits. He lifted his face and found her moist and inviting lips. He held her mouth beneath his embrace while he moved over her and pointed his prick at her cunt-mouth.

Mitch held her tightly as his cock pressed into her pussy. He caressed her ass and thighs as he eased his prick into the entrance of his sisters pussy. He paused when his rod met resistance, and moved it slowly back and forward into the puffy lips of her cunt. The head crossed her clit maddeningly. Angie pulsed with demand for him to fuck her.

“Don’t worry,” she urged her brother. “You won’t hurt me. Fuck me, Mitch. Go ahead and fuck me!”

Mitch looked at the luscious body twisting beneath him. He looked at his prick as it pulsed against the soft lips of her cunt. He looked at the upturned tits and the soft lovely thighs. He responded to his sister’s demand. His cock came against her cunt strongly. He forced it into her hole. He met resistance and shoved his prick brutally through. Only as he began to pump away in Angie’s sweet cunt did he realize that he had popped his sister’s cherry. He looked down at Angie in fear.

“It’s all right, darling,” she smiled up into his face. “I won’t miss it.”

“But it hurt you!” he answered. “It had to have hurt you!”

“The hurt is over. Already it’s over. I’m feeling again. Oh, Mitch, I can feel your cock in me! I can feel the way your prick fills my cunt. I want it to fill me even more. Fuck me!”

The tenderness with which she accepted the loss of her cherry touched him. The bravery with which she took the pain impressed him. This was some great little cunt, his sister. She was something very special. His admiration increased his passion. He thrust his cock powerfully inside her cunt. Her pussy sucked on his rod. Her passageway vibrated about his cock. Her hips hunched against him, merging their bodies more thoroughly. Her juice was flowing. He felt the growing ease with which he fucked her.

“Ride me!” she urged. “Your cock feels so good in there. Come on, Mitch, fuck me hard! Fuck me good! I never knew fucking could be so wonderful!”

He tightened his hold on her ass. He lifted her and jammed his shaft even deeper into her cunt. His balls flapped against the delicious skin of her ass as he plowed away at her luscious box. Her cunt sucked more powerfully on his rod. Her body twisted more passionately beneath him. Her legs came about his waist and held him as she rolled ecstatically beneath him.

“I’m coming!” she shouted in his ear. “Oh, my God, Mitch, I’m coming! I’m exploding all over you! It’s so good! I never knew how good it could be!”

He let her rise to her climax. He let her writhe through her climax. He held his own orgasm until he felt her begin to relax. Then he brought her back again as he flooded her cunt with his hot jizz.

“I feel it!” she cried. “I feel you coming in me! It’s so warm and wonderful. Your cock is pouring your cum in me. It’s the most beautiful feeling I ever had!”

It was also the most beautiful feeling Mitch had ever experienced. He lay beside his lovely sister and caressed her tits. What a fuck she had given him. Her first fuck, too. It was her first, yet it was the best he’d ever had.

“You are one hell of a woman, little sister,” he whispered as he fingered her sweet tits.


Angie whipped the sheet off herself and stretched her shapely body as the light filtered through her windows. She listened to the sounds coming from outside. Someone was in the pool. The blonde debated going back to sleep, then decided to get up. She wanted to get familiar with her new home. She would like to spend some time with Laura. She was ravenously hungry. She hopped out of the bed and spun happily about the room.

Those were not the reasons she arose. She stood before her minor and admired her body. The real reason she was up was excitement. She wanted to feel the experience of being a woman. She had lost her virginity. She had gotten fucked. She had received a cock into her pussy. She wanted to experience every bit of today. This was the most wonderful day of her life. She had been fucked, fucked by her own wonderful brother.

Angie Durham, woman. That sounded good to her. The smell of cum on her body smelled good to her. The soft feeling in her cunt felt good to her. Her hands stole down to her pussy. She slipped a finger into her cunt and massaged her clit lightly. Strange that she wasn’t sore. Maybe a little hurt was left, but awfully little. Her cunt retained a glow from its exercise of the evening. The girl played with her clit until she felt moisture return. It wasn’t the same. Playing with her twat wasn’t the same any more. After having a live cock in there, she’d never be satisfied with just playing.

When Angie recognized the voices coming happily up from the pool, she opened a suitcase and rummaged through until she came up with a bikini of her own. She quickly put it on and went to join Laura and Mitch at poolside.

“Well, look who’s up and about,” Laura called cheerily as her stepdaughter came out onto the terrace around the pool.

“Hi, Sis!” Mitch boomed. He stopped his swimming and came immediately to the side. Angie ran to him and offered a hand as he climbed out.

“I think I’m going to be jealous,” Laura pouted. “I’ve been sitting here for thirty minutes and he hasn’t even looked this way. You come out and he can’t wait to get over to you.”

She was only pretending to pout. Angie knew that by the warmth in her eyes. She stepped over into Laura’s embrace. Her stepmother’s body was even more breath-taking up close. Angie approved of the feel of Laura’s tits against her bare skin. She kissed the dark brunette and turned back to her brother.

They were served breakfast on the terrace. A young woman, dressed in a maid’s uniform, brought them coffee, juice, toast, and eggs. Angie watched the maid eye Mitch as she served them. Laura introduced her to the girl. Carmen smiled warmly in greeting. As she left them, Angie watched the movements of her ass. The girl was not really pretty, but she had a freshness about her. She also had a damn good body on her. She was heavier than Angie and Laura, but her tits and as were perhaps even larger. Unfortunately her legs were also larger. German stock, Angie idly speculated. She wondered, in a less idle way, if her brother had screwed Carmen.

They talked idly for an hour, then Laura asked Mitch to drive her to town for the remainder of the morning. Angie declined the invitation to accompany them. She did need to get unpacked. Besides, she wanted Mitch all to herself this afternoon. She figured if she let Laura have him this morning, then the brunette would reciprocate.

Carmen was in her room as Angie emerged from the shower. The maid was busily unpacking for her. Angie stood in the door and watched the girl. Yes, she thought, Mitch probably had fucked her. He certainly must have tried. Carmen’s voluptuous tits were fascinating even to Angie. Her ass looked firm and inviting, too, as she bent over to arrange blouses and sweaters in the dresser. She wore no slip beneath her uniform. Her blue panties shown plainly through the white.

As the girl sat down on the edge of her bed and began to brush her hair, Carmen turned and said, “Here, let me help you with that.”

The maid stepped quickly across the room and sat behind Angie on the bed. She took the brush and began to move it in long sensuous strokes through the shimmering blonde hair. Angie relaxed under her touch, basking in the tingling sensation it gave her. Carmen’s tits pressed into the back of her arms. The maid’s legs touched her ass. The little blonde could smell the sweet freshness of the heavier girl. She moved her arms slowly to enjoy the fullness of the taunting boobs.

“You have lovely hair,” Carmen told her. “Mine is so straight and heavy. Yours is light and fluffy. It is just as delicate as your body.”

“I think you have beautiful hair,” Angie replied sincerely. “And I’m sure the boys have no complaints about your body.”

“Well I do,” Carmen complained. “My tits are too big.”

“How can tits be too big?” Angie asked. “I was so long getting any at all that I have nothing but envy for a pair like yours.”

“They cause nothing but trouble,” the maid answered. “Every boy that looks at me can think of nothing else.”

“That’s bad?” Angie asked innocently.

“I’ve got more than just two big tits,” the older girl complained. “I’ve got legs and thighs. I’ve got hips and an ass. I’ve got a pussy that needs attention. They take one look at my tits and that’s all they want to play with.”

“That’s all?” Angie asked incredulously. “They never get to… well, I mean don’t they ever fuck you?”

The huge tits shook against her arm as the girl laughed. Carmen reached around her and hugged the teen-ager against those magnificent knockers.

“Oh, yes,” she laughed. “They get around to that. But in the meantime they’ve loved me up nowhere except on my tits. They grab my breasts and never let go. When they slip their cocks in my pussy, it is still dry. I have to finger it myself if I want it to be oiled at all.”

Until last night Angie would have been happy to have such a problem. She could understand now, however, that a pussy needed to be prepared well before a rampaging cock went after it. “I never thought that could be such a problem,” she admitted to Carmen. “I can see it, though, now that you point it out.”

“That’s when I’m lucky,” the chesty girl continued as she held Angie snuggled against the massive jugs. “Half the time or more they want to tit-fuck. I don’t mind that. In fact I like it. But I don’t like it when they shoot off in my tits. There I lay, getting my cunt all oiled and ready and they shoot it all between my tits. Just when I’m ready for a good fuck, they’re all petered out. Makes me want to pull their peckers off.”

“That would be terrible!” Angie cried. She turned and hugged the buxom girl in complete sympathy. Their tits merged together as they embraced. Angie felt her tits tremble in excitement as they were enveloped in the lush jugs of the older girl. Their nipples brushed over one another. Even between the maid’s bra and uniform and Angie’s robe they set each other on fire. The teen-ager looked into the deep blue eyes of the maid to see if Carmen were feeling the excitement as much as she.

“Miss Durham,” Carmen answered her, “feeling you against me like that excites me as much as if you were a boy.”

“Forget that Miss Durham stuff,” Angie told her. “I’m Angie and you’re Carmen. Agreed?”

The maid nodded as her employer’s daughter began to tease tit against tit. The younger girl backed off enough so that their nipples just touched. She swayed her body so that nipples thumped against each other happily. She slipped a hand along Carmen’s leg and stroked softly along the firm thigh. They rocked together like that for a few minutes, savoring the delicious experience. They smiled shyly at each other, then became more daring.

Carmen unbuttoned her uniform and slipped it off her shoulders. Her tits now seemed more immense as they poured over the top of the huge bra which contained them. Angie looked at them in amazement, then leaned down and kissed them softly. She reached behind the other girl and unsnapped the bra. Tits came tumbling over her as she removed the sparkling white undergarment. Huge, magnificent tits swung over her firm and excited globes. Now the play of nipples was beyond description. Ecstatic flames shot through her at the touch. She cupped her tits in her hands and flipped them against Carmen’s. The older girl followed Angie’s lead. They sat, like two schoolgirls, happily stroking tit with tit while their desire built within them.

“I might enjoy boys playing with my tits more if they had something like yours to stroke them with,” Carmen laughed. “This beats a hot old hand any day.” The monstrous orbs bounced tauntingly as she laughed. The girl released them from her hand and arched them out at Angie.

“I’ll bet you thought they would sag,” she continued. “See! They don’t sag at all. They are big, but they are firm, too.”

Angie had wondered how much their weight would pull them downward. She had expected them to sag and lose their shape. She marveled at their strength and leaned over to kiss them again. This time she remained at the delicious jugs. She pressed herself into the larger girl and forced her back onto the bed. Angie was on top of her immediately, her lips working on the tits, her tongue lapping about the nipples. Carmen sent chills of delight through her own boobs as she began to thumb about Angie’s nipples. She moved her body beneath the younger girl and brought her face beneath the luscious tits of the teen-ager without disturbing the access of Angie’s mouth to her own. She took the girl’s tits into her mouth and began to suck slowly and deeply on them. Her hands held them and stroked beneath them as she pulled on the quivering nipples. Angie was afire with her delight. She attacked the larger tits more viciously, more demandingly. Her body was pulsing and throbbing. The little blonde was determined to bring the older girl to the same pulsing state.

“Oh, Angie,” Carmen whimpered, “you are so good. You taste so good to me. And what you’re doing to me is something special. I’ve had my tits worked over, but never like this. I’m shaking all over. You’ve loved my breasts so good that my cunny’s sweating all over the place.”

The other girl felt the flush of victory. Carmen was throbbing as passionately as she. She slipped her body around and brought her legs between the large, strong thighs of her friend. She wriggled her cunt against the maid’s pussy and began to press it sensuously about the lips. She kept twisting her cunt inward until she could feel their lips pressed together. She pressed farther and harder until she felt her clit responding to the button against it.

“That’s it,” Carmen panted. “That’s on it now. Let the pussies love each other for a while. Let my pussy get yours worked up all the way. Then I want to eat your sweet little cunt.”

“No sweeter than yours,” Angie assured her. “Feel them kissing? They enjoy this as much as we do. Oh, Carmen, you’re so delicious. I feel my cunt sucking on yours, trying to get at your delicious juice.”

Carmen wrapped her legs about Angie. Her ass began to pump her cunt against the smaller girl’s pussy. Her thighs were throbbing in the ecstatic thrill of their play. Angie stroked sensuously along the thighs, taunting them with her fingers. She taunted and teased until she heard the gasps of the maid. She caressed the thighs until she felt the trembling impatience of Carmen.

“I’m heating up now,” the maid gasped. “Oh, God, am I heating up! My pussy’s ready to flow. I’m going to come pretty soon. Please hurry and catch me, Angie!”

Angie caught up with her as soon as she heard the big girl warn her. Her cunt sparkled as the electric desire rippled through it. She spun on the bed and went after the pulsing cunt of Carmen. She felt a mouth clamp over her own cunt before her lips had gotten to the sweet pussy before her. Carmen want after her twat with a passionate demand. Her tongue lapped about the smaller girl’s clit. Her jaws sucked passionately on the delicate juices of the blonde teen-ager. Her lips matched the cunt-lips and she sucked and blew and sucked again.

Angie was something in her passion. She seemed to float in the air in the frantic thrill of finding Carmen’s soft cunt. She kissed it firmly. She lapped about it. She nibbled at the quivering little clit. She clamped her legs tightly about Carmen’s head.

They rocked together. They swayed about the soft bed. They held each other tightly with their legs. They sucked noisily at each other’s cunts. Their hands reached for tit. They filled their hands with tit. They frantically caressed their tits as they began to shake madly from the climax which was rushing upon them.

“I’m coming!” Angie cried suddenly. “I’m coming all over! If you want my cum, there it is!”

She plunged her mouth back over the older girl’s cunt as she felt Carmen’s thighs tremble about her. She held tightly to the maid and drew on her as their orgasms shook them both. They sucked and shook and twisted as they exploded in climax.

They kissed gently as the racking spasms began to subside. They kissed cunt slowly, their nostrils filled with the sharp smell of cum. They eased slowly apart and lay exhausted and smiling at each other.


Mitch eased into the bed beside her. Angie reached for his cock as he came towards her. It was already firm, erect, waiting for the caresses of her adoring hands. She grasped the shaft firmly and began to pump as her brother’s lips went directly for her mouth. His tongue met hers in delicious play. His hands felt over her tits. His fingers played over her nipples.

Angie stroked the cock with long, loving pumps. She fingered about its pulsing head. She slipped a finger down to his balls and tugged at them in taunting fashion. Her brother worked her tits into a warm glow. She relaxed in his caresses. This would be a prolonged screw. They had decided that during the afternoon as they walked about the estate.

Laura had driven into town for the evening. Brother and sister were alone in the big house, and they knew what fun could be made of this situation. Mitch dropped his lips to her tits and began to suck. His sister pumped more vigorously on his beautiful cock. She looked at the glowing head. She watched the flow of skin along the shaft as she pumped. It was gorgeous, that cock. Her lips watered just watching it.

“I want to suck you,” she told Mitch. “I want to suck your wonderful cock.”

“We’ll make that two ways tonight,” he answered as he began to turn in the bed, “I’ll lick your cunt while you suck my dick.”

“Sixty-nine?” she asked happily. Her pussy was panting at the thought of her brother kissing her cunt.

“You know it,” he answered.

The sparks shimmered through her when his face moved between her thighs. He kissed the tender flesh of tight. His hands caressed her ass. His lips came at her, seeking the waiting lips of her pussy.

He covered her pussy with his mouth and began to suck gently. Angie shook all over from excitement. Mitch was sucking her cunt. Her beautiful brother was kissing her pussy and sucking away at her dint! She squeezed his head between her thighs and lay happily under his caresses.

His cock stood in her face. The knob of the prick brushed against her lips as it swayed to the movements of his body. Angie took the pecker in her hands and fondled it affectionately. As a quick spasm of pleasure ran through her pussy, she took her brother’s prick into her mouth. Her tongue ran over the delicious head. She fingered about his soft and pliant balls while she licked the cock. The warmth of the rod excited her. She held the shaft more tightly and began to suck on the knob.

Mitch ran his tongue about his sister’s cunt. Her cunt walls trembled at the touch. Her clit began to glow from its treatment. She twisted her ass in ecstasy and held his head firmly with her thighs. She had him trapped down there. She would hold him against her pussy until he had sucked her into oblivion.

His cock was hunching deeper into her mouth. The knob moved past her tongue and began to reach back towards her throat. Angie took the huge head into the opening of her throat and played more delightfully with his balls. She had him excited now. The cock was thrusting in earnest. The heat was increasing as were the spasms that ran about her cunt. The little blonde suddenly sucked strongly on the plunging cock. Her brother felt his body shake with the wonderful sensation. He sucked equally as powerfully on her pussy.

They increased the intensity of their play. Each tried to outdo the other. Angie’s cunt walls were alive, throbbing, pulsing with delirious joy. Her brother’s cock pumped vigorously into her mouth. She sucked and blew on his rod, determined to arouse him to his explosion, determined to take his jism into her mouth. His mouth had worked her to a frenzy. Her cunt was flowing about him, her juices giving his tongue their moisture to lap and suck. Angie rocked him between her thighs even as he tightened his about her. Her brother’s ass was trembling with demand. It pumped his cock away into her sucking mouth. Her hands caressed it madly, teasing it and encouraging it to further intensity. His hands ran about her ass and thighs.

Angie began to throb with the approach of her climax. She encouraged her brother with her hands and with the play of her tongue about his steaming prick. His body trembled and shook with hers. They rocked about the bed, seeking to take more of each other’s genitals into their mouths. Cunt and cock shook in orgasm. Brother and sister rose to a new ferocity of sexual assault as they shared a climax. Slowly they relaxed. Slowly they became still and content, cuddled in one another’s arms. They lay hazily in the mist of satisfied need, rebuilding for the next game.

Angie had not realized how hot she would be tonight. She smiled to herself at her horniness. Joe was the reason for that the muscular body of the estate handyman had been in her thoughts since she met him earlier in the day, and she was determined to get his cock in her cunt.

As they lay there on the bed, Mitch seemed to sense his sister’s new sexual arousal even though, he was not aware of the source of it. He reached for the glistening body beside him and began to caress her again. Her skin was all silk and satin to his touch. He pulled her against him, bringing her ass against his newly charged cock. He twisted the prick against the soft pillow of her ass while his hands went about her body and filled themselves with tit and cunt. Angie wriggled her ass against her brother in sensuous movement. He cupped the fullness of her tit and explored the moist chamber of her cunt.

His touch was the spark to ignite the explosive sexuality of Angie. The skin of her butt tingled at the touch of her brother’s cock. Her tits glowed at the caresses of his hand. Her pussy welcomed the glorious touch of his fingers about its lips and into its anxious mouth. She arched her back to work her ass firmly against the cock and her tit hard into the loving hand. Her nipples hardened in excitement. Her pussy glowed in delicious expectation. She twisted her ass over the warmth of his rod and opened her thighs so his leg could slide between them.

“You are the most luscious little piece of pussy I ever imagined,” Mitch whispered into his sister’s ear as he caught an earlobe in his mouth and tugged at it with his teeth.

“Have to be,” she answered, “With such a sexy stud for a brother I have to be good pussy.”

“I never thought pussy could be this good,” he groaned as he clawed more violently at her tits. “I never knew anything could be this good, Sis.”

“I hoped it would be,” Angie told him. “I hoped that it could be.”

Mitch pulled her ass upwards so that his prick could slip between her thighs. Angie felt it rubbing against her cunt as he drew her up onto her knees and held her rump in his hands. Her pussy was suspended over the throbbing head of her brother’s cock. He eased her downward until his prick came against her cunt. The blonde reached down and took her brother’s cock to guide it easily into her cunt. He let her weight carry her snatch deeply over his rod, and grasped a tit in each hand.

“I like it this way,” she whispered. “I can feel your cock on my clit even better when you fuck this way.”

“And I can play with your tits better while I fuck you,” her brother laughed. “Maybe the Indians knew something when they decided that this was the best way to fuck.”

“Fuck me, Big Chief,” she laughed. “Fuck away! Don’t just stop that wonderful thing you are doing to my tits.”

He shaped the beautiful tits to fit his hands, strummed the dainty nipples into glowing coals of ecstasy. He pumped his sister’s throbbing pussy into continuous spasms of delight. His rod felt two feet long as it reached deeper and deeper into her cunt. His cock pulsed harder and harder as her cunt walls vibrated about it.

“Fuck me,” she encouraged him. “Fuck me, Mitch! Fuck me till I explode in happiness!”

The boy responded to his sister’s encouragement. He hunched the steaming cock into her with increasing force. He rolled her tits over her chest. He pressed her heaving boobs together. He thumbed the taut nipples deliriously. This sister of his was one hell of a fuck! His cock rammed ecstatically into her pulsing cunt. He’d never fucked this way before. He had never fucked a girl who would let him. Shit! The girls he’d screwed before, it was hard enough just getting them to let him get his cock in their pussies. Now he had a partner who enjoyed sex as much as he did. His sister was as curious about the different ways to fuck as any boy. Mitch adored this little piece who was responding so passionately to him. He worshiped this little blonde sister of his who was panting and gasping in delight at his vigorous fucking.

“Mitch,” she breathed huskily, “I’m almost there. Oh, Mitch, I’m about to come again! My pussy is dancing in happiness. Feel the way it sucks on your sweet cock? Feel it kissing your wonderful prick? Let it fill her again, Dearest, fill me with your cum! Empty that hot pecker into my cunt!” Mitch shoved his cock deeper up his sister’s pussy. He would never be able to get enough of this tail. He would never be able to shoot enough of his jizz into her sweet cunt. His sister was so wonderful. She was so beautiful. She was so hot and exciting. His body shook with the intensity of his passion. His cock exploded inside her clinging cunt. His prick merged into the throbs of her cunt as his load blew into her quivering hole.

“I’m with you!” he answered her. “I’m coming right with you! Ride, my sweet sister, ride this cock! Oh, Angie, you’re so wonderful! You’re so delicious!”

They rode the climax together. They shook and pulsed and throbbed together. They felt the room whirl about them. They felt the exploding passions within them join. They fucked and exploded. They climaxed in a wild, delirious orgasm. They fucked to a peak, then gradually slowed their fucking.

Mitch screwed his sister gently as they basked in the afterglow of their ecstasy. His hands caressed her tits gently. His cock slid softly through her cunt-hole. Slowly he eased his rod out of her snatch and lay with her in semi-oblivion. Their hands stroked about their bodies limply. They lay still, completely drained.

Angie felt the warmth enveloping her body. Her tits glowed from their work-out. Her cunt throbbed slowly with a delicious memory. She felt her brother’s limp cock against her ass. She lay still, relishing the memory of their passionate fuck. She would bring that handyman Joe to just such a state. She would bring any man she wanted to just such a state. She’ll be the best fuck in the state. She had her brother to practice with, didn’t she? She had Mitch to teach her. She had Mitch to experiment with. She’d take advantage of this summer at home. She’d be good. She’d be damn good.

The teen-ager closed her eyes. She intended to nap but could not. The image of the handyman kept coming into her mind. She kept seeing the play of muscles rippling across his bronzed shoulders. She kept seeing the taunting eyes which devoured her body as they looked at her. She was determined to get him to fuck her.

“You still with me?”

She turned her head in answer to her brother’s question. She looked into his eyes, wrinkled her nose, then leaned over and kissed him.

“With you all the way,” she giggled.

“You seemed lost in your own thoughts,” Mitch complained.

“Just doing a little thinking,” Angie told him. “Just wondering about what other ways there are to fuck.” She hadn’t been, of course, but it was a good answer.

“I’m till for that,” her brother replied. “Any suggestions?”

“Well…” she hesitated, her mind rushing ahead to come up with some idea, “we might try it standing up.”

Her brother looked at her. His eyes roved over her legs, then over his own.

“Don’t think so,” he answered. “You aren’t tall enough. I’d have to hold you up. We might try it sitting down, though. You know, I could sit on the edge of the bed and hold you in my lap. That might work.”

“Let’s try it!” Angie cried as she began to tug at her brother’s legs to get him seated on the edge of the bed. She pulled his legs over the edge and crawled onto him. She slipped her legs about his waist as she faced him and sat across his thighs.

“Hey!” Mitch laughed. “That gets your tits almost to mouth level. This could be fun.”

“You do like my tits, don’t you?” Angie mused. “But I bet you like Carmen’s more.”

“What the hell does Carmen have to do with it?” Mitch asked angrily.

“Oh, come on, Mitch,” his sister teased. “Don’t tell me you haven’t played with Carmen’s big boobies.”

“That’s none of your damn business,” Mitch told her sternly. “Do you want to fuck again or not!”

“Of course I want to fuck,” she assured him. “Only don’t be so touchy. I think Carmen has fantastic tits, but if you don’t want to talk about it, then we won’t.”

“Right now I’d rather talk about yours,” Mitch told his sister as he cupped her jugs and began to kiss about the nipples.

“That’s the kind of conversation I like,” Angie murmured as his mouth became totally absorbed with her delicious little tits. She reached down and drew his cock up into her hands. She rocked about on his legs, toying with the rising prick while he drew her tits to trembling insanity with the play of his tongue on them and the play of his fingers beneath them. She pumped the skin on the cock and caressed the glowing knob lovingly. One hand searched and discovered his balls. Angie arched her tits against her brother’s devouring lips and twisted them about to obtain maximum effect of his caresses. She squeezed his cock and fingered his balls sensuously to heighten his enjoyment of their foreplay.

“Think you can get up on him?” Mitch asked as his cock began to tremble from the excitement of her play.

In response, Angie lifted herself and let her brother place the knob of his prick against her pussy. She let herself come down and forward until she had taken the gleaming fuck into her cunt. She tightened her legs about Mitch’s waist and rode on his excited cock. Her brother returned to her tits and sucked on them in heightening desire as they bounced and twisted on the edge of the bed with growing enjoyment.

Angie held his head against her tits and ran her hands through his hair as their demand grew. They rose from passion to passion, lips sucking powerfully on dainty nipples and cock twisting and trembling furiously in sucking cunt. The position did not allow the amount of movement Angie preferred in a fuck. She could not flail about the bed in such delirious fashion. The novelty, though, kept her passion rising until she was shaking on the verge of her orgasm.

“Can you shoot it in my cunt this way?” she asked her brother in a panting voice.

“You just get your little cunt ready to catch it,” Mitch laughed. He practically tossed her into the air with the force of his rearing cock. Angie rode the rampaging tool as he pumped upward into her hole. She pressed her tits deliriously over her brother’s face while he thrust again and again.

“That’s my lover,” she encouraged him. “Shoot in me anytime you’re ready! All I need to explode is the feel of your jizz gushing in my cunt!”

She felt the warm fuck-juice almost immediately. Her cunt reacted in violent explosion to his cum. Angie held tightly to him and twisted her throbbing cunt on her brother’s cock until she had joined him in their climax. She held limply to him as her body gave way from the continuous fucking of the past few hours. She let Mitch softly lay her across the bed, basking in the soft glow as he slowly kissed her tits and thighs. She welcomed the enveloping fatigue as her brother cuddled her against himself and slept beside her.


Angie watched the lovely brunette trip down the steps and climb into her car. She stood at the door and waved at Laura as her stepmother wheeled the car around the drive, scattering gravel as she went. Laura would be gone for the afternoon. Mitch had driven over to town earlier in the day. Angie fell the excitement of knowing she was alone on the estate with Joe. Of course Carmen was here, but Carmen was busy. The maid would not get in the way.

The teen-ager ran happily up the steps to her room. She whipped open her closet and stood in deep contemplation. What outfit would provide the best enticement to the well-built handyman? Finally, she pulled a pair of low-slung shorts out. They were little more than bikinis. They should display her ass and thighs sufficiently. She kept on her ice-green panties beneath them, then slipped out of her blouse and tied her tits in a brief silk halter. She studied the impact and approved. The halter accented the shape and size of her tits without really covering anything. The nipples were clearly visible. The effect would do, she decided. Now to find the handyman.

She stepped to the window and looked down beyond the pool. He was not about the patio, nor could she see him working in the garden. Beyond the trees she could see the old guest house where he had a small apartment. The building had been converted to a garage with the upper portion made into living quarters. Angie had learned that Joe was an artist who had taken the job on the estate because it gave him plenty of free time for his painting. If he was not visible about the grounds, then he must be busy in his little studio.

Angie fluffed her hair as she came to the door to the carriage house. She straightened herself and arched her back as she knocked. She waited, then tapped again more loudly.

“I said come in!” a voice shouted from inside.

“Well I didn’t hear you,” she answered as she opened the door and stuck her head coyly into the house. She saw only a flight of steps. Damn, the girl thought as she closed the door. All her posing outside was a waste of time.

“I’m up here,” Joe’s voice came from the head of the steps. “I’m sorry, but I’m at a point where I can’t take a break.”

She slipped up the steps and stepped into a large room which was filled with easels, paints, canvases, and completed paintings. Joe’s back was to her as he concentrated on the large nude which sat on an easel before him, Angie gasped in sudden shock. Laura smiled brilliantly from the canvas. Laura’s tits jutted out from the painting. Laura’s hairs glowed about her pussy as Joe’s brush worked quietly around it. The blonde girl stood in awe of the ability of Joe. She was even more awed by the nude beauty of her stepmother. She had never seen such beautiful tits in her life. They were about the same size as her own. This she already knew. What she discovered from the canvas, though, was the luscious shape of Laura’s nipples. They weren’t small and tight like hers. They were large and soft and inviting. They were the prettiest nipples she had ever seen.

Angie waited in silence for Joe to finish the delicate strokes of his brush which gave fire to the individual hairs about Laura’s cunt. Her eyes glanced over the room and took note of the other paintings. Mostly they were abstracts. When the handyman did paint more realistically, he seemed always to do it with a nude. There were half a dozen other naked women scattered about in various poses. Angie felt a spark of jealousy when she looked at the fabulous tits of the maid. How many times had Carmen posed for him? How did they relax after each sitting?

“What the hell are you doing here?”

Joe had finished his detail work. He turned and glared at the young blonde. His mouth tightened in a disgusted line. He looked at her sternly. Angie smiled as though he had given her a warm greeting.

“Everybody left me,” she answered, “and I got lonely.”

“So you decided to come over and distract me, did you?” Joe grumbled at her.

“Don’t let me disturb you,” she pleaded. “I’ll just sit here and watch you. I promise to be as quiet as a kitten.”

She puckered her lips and twisted her body to display her tits. She held her thighs tightly together and tiptoed over to a chair. Then she smiled shyly.

“See,” she remarked, “I can be as quiet as a mouse. You’ll never know that I’m here.”

“I’ll bet,” he snorted. “I doubt that you could sit still for thirty seconds if your life depended on it.”

He stared at her with anger in his eyes. He stared deeply into her, then let his eyes drop to roam over her body. Angie could feel her body warm under his slow, careful scrutiny. When he looked back and met her eyes, his expression had softened. He smiled suddenly at her. A twinkle had come into his face.

“You want to pose for me?” he asked her.

The girl stared at him, not comprehending for a moment. She glanced about at the tits and cunts and asses which glistened from the canvases about her. She looked back at the artist, eyes wide in excitement at the possibility.

“You mean like these?” she asked, indicating the nude paintings about them.

“Strip!” he ordered her and reached for a sketch pad.

Angie stood and waited for him to give her further direction. She waited in vain. He sat studying her as though she were merely part of the landscape he was about to paint. The girl suddenly felt very ill at ease. She was not going to be so exciting to him as she had planned. Her tits could not match those of Carmen. Her tits did not have such beautiful nipples as those of Laura. Damn!

“Well?” he asked her. “You suddenly turning chicken on me? You been prancing those tits and that ass of yours all over the estate and now you’re suddenly modest?”

Angie glared back at him. Damn him and his taunts! The little blonde whipped off her halter and thrust her tits towards him. He looked at them and nodded his approval. Then he waited for the remainder of her body to be revealed. She slid the tight shorts off her ass and down her thighs. Joe’s charcoal pencil was moving rapidly about his pad. He tore a sheet of paper from the pad and tossed it onto a table and began to sketch quickly on the next sheet.

“Come on,” Joe urged. “Give me a look at your pussy.”

Angie opened her mouth to answer. Instead she shrugged her shoulders and slipped the scant wisps of nylon down her hips and thighs. She stepped free of shorts and panties and held her arms out from her body in an indication that she was all his. Joe continued to sketch rapidly, tearing out pages and beginning fresh sheets. His eyes concentrated on her body, bringing stinging sensations to the girl as they roved about her young curves.

“You going to throw those sketches away?” she asked about the growing stack of paper on his table.

“Hell no!” he laughed. “I’m just getting a large number of working sketches of you. Now I want to do some work in pastels to catch the skin tones.”

He got up and came to her. Electric sparks shot through her body as he touched her. He took her by the shoulders and turned her about, carefully observing every line of her lithe form. Then he took her to a large throw rug beneath a window. He placed her on the rug and stood back to study the play of light on her skin. He came back to her and posed her body. Angie felt the renewed thrills of his touch as he turned her body, his hands on her tits. He suddenly softened from his professional manner and smiled warmly at her.

“Feel more relaxed?” he asked. “It’s always a little frightening to pose nude. You wonder if your body looks as good as the others.”

His glance included the other nude paintings about the room. Joe patted her rump affectionately, then cuddled an excited tit.

“Don’t worry,” he assured her. “You’ve got a hell of a body. I knew that the minute I saw you out in the garden.”

The teen-ager smiled up at him and nestled her tit into his hand. Her heart beat increased at the way he clipped her boob. She moistened her lips which were suddenly dry and parched. She swallowed quickly to cool an arid throat.

“I was afraid you didn’t like it,” she gulped. “Because I didn’t stand there and pant over you?” he laughed. “Sure you’ve got a good body, a great body. It’s worth putting on canvas. Whether it’s worth panting over is something else. I look at full tits and round asses all day. They don’t excite me that much. I’m much more interested in whether a girl knows what to do with them.”

“I know what I want to do with them,” Angie whispered in a broken voice. “I want to roll my tits all over your face. I want to feel your lips and hands and tongue on them. I know what I want to do with my pussy. I want to rub it all over your cock. I want to slip it over your cock and suck the hell out of a steaming prick.”

She watched his expression. She had spoken more honestly than she ever had before. She had told him clearly why she came over to the carriage house. She hoped he would understand she came to be fucked. She did not come just to tease him. She reached for a hand and pressed it into her crotch. Let him feel the way her cunt was panting for him. She pushed her tit against the caressing hand. Let him feel the way it throbbed. She was no prick-tease! If that was what worried him, then let him forget his cares and get that big cock out of his pants.

“I almost believe you,” Joe laughed, “I almost believe that you do want to fuck.”

“I’ve wanted to fuck since yesterday when I met you,” she said in her hoarse voice. “I’ve ached ever since I saw the way your cock swelled against your pants. I want it in me, Joe. I’m not over here to tease you. I’m not trying to flaunt my body around you for nothing. Fuck me! Screw me! I wouldn’t have come looking for you if I didn’t want you to.”

The artist looked back into her eyes and read her passion. Slowly he accepted her honesty. Gradually he began to smile at her in admiration. His hand tightened about her tit. He pressed it against her chest and began to revolve it in delicious circles. His other hand caressed the mound of her pussy. He eased a finger into her excited gash. Angie lay back into the plush nap of the rug and twisted her body sensuously under the play of his hands. Her cunt received his finger. Her clit trembled at his touch. Her nipple burned from his thumbing.

She reached towards Joe. She reached for the swollen cock in his pants. She caressed the prick through his pants, tracing its shape beneath the taut material. She reached for the balls as the cloth stretched against them.

“Show it to me,” she pled. “I want to see your cock.”

“Can’t you do that for yourself?” he asked as his lips made for her trembling, heaving boobs. He got his lips on the ecstatic tits. The sparks showered through the girl’s jugs at the touch of his lips. He lapped at the nipples. He sucked on the tits. He caressed them above and beneath and between. He sucked and nibbled at the pounding tits, turning the blonde into a heaving, twisting bundle of ecstatic passion.

Angie ripped open his pants and pulled the cock free of its containment. She exploded at the feel of the mammoth prick. It was huge! She grasped it with both hands and began to pump at it. She played with his balls. She teased his balls. She taunted the pecker. She stripped back the skin along the shaft in strong, demanding strokes.

“You’re quite a little hunk of pussy, aren’t you?” Joe chuckled. “You go after that cock like you mean business.”

He increased the intensity with which he sucked on her tits, with which he fingered her cunt. His hand and mouth assaulted her jugs with frantic abandon. His hand clutched about her cunt. He reached other fingers into the pussy and spread its lips. He shook the pulsing twat firmly and passionately. He plunged his finger deeply into its passage and fucked the cunt rapidly. He mashed the clit roughly until Angie was twisting in agonized desire.

She squeezed his pecker with a vigor to match his own. She squeezed and pumped. She ripped the skin back along the shaft. She twisted at the glowing knob. She pulled at his heaving balls. She reached beneath his balls and fingered into the crack of his ass. She plunged her finger into his butthole and pumped viciously.

“Damn if you don’t know how to work a man up!” Joe cried in delight. “You have my cock so pumped up I could fill this room with cum.”

“Me!” Angie shouted beneath his throbbing, pulsing body. “Fill me with your cum! Get your cock in my pussy and fill me with that big pecker! Fuck me, Joe! Ball my ass off! Fuck me, Joe! Fuck me!”

“Remember, you asked for this,” he warned her as he rolled on top of her twisting body. “Remember you begged for this cock.”

He brought the immense prick to the lips of her pussy. Angie kept her hands on the steaming rod and guided it to her cunt-mouth. She lifted her ass and arched herself to receive the monstrous cock.

She spread her thighs to provide maximum entrance into her horny box.

The little blonde screamed as Joe rammed his cock into her. Hot, tearing sensations ripping her cunt as the angry prick tore into her. She screamed in pain, then screamed in delight. Her pussy was full of cock. She felt a huge, rock-hard battering ram of a prick in her. Her cunt walls stretched from its size. Her cunt walls quivered in passion from its presence. She clenched her teeth in the mixture of searing pain and soaring pleasure.

The artist did not pause in his assault on her young body. He attacked her tits more eagerly with hands and mouth. His cock plunged and thrust, delighting in the tight cunt about it. Her narrow hole pulled the skin back with each delicious thrust. Her cunt pulsed over and about the excited prick. The great knob leaped within her twat, stretching to reach the deepest parts of her screaming pussy.

“Damn, you are good,” he muttered hoarsely as he balled her intensely. “Damn if you don’t have as sweet-feeling a pussy as I ever rammed my cock into.”

Angie began to weave her body beneath him as she adjusted to the presence of his cock. Her cunt became more accustomed to his dick and more excited by it. She closed her thighs over his legs as he plunged away. Her ass hunched her cunt vibrantly over the powerful cock. The little blonde clung to him, pulsing with him, throbbing to his tempo, writhing in the delicious feel of cock, burning under the maddening caresses of his hands.

His mouth came over hers. His lips devoured the softness of her own, then parted them and sucked on the tongue she slipped against his. She felt the force of his suction drawing her breath from her. His tongue met hers, loved about its tip, then came into her mouth. He was possessing her! Her body exploded in the sensations of his conquest. He was filling her! His tongue filled her mouth. His cock filled her pussy. He possessed her. He claimed her. He crushed her against his chest, claiming her tits in lust maddened hands.

Her cunt exploded in constant sparks of pulsing fire. Her cunt flooded with gushing liquid. Her body throbbed madly as she was swept in the flood of liquid passion. She could not distinguish between one single, continuing orgasm or a growing series of climaxes. She only felt the flame. The only reality was the possession of her body by the artist. His cock made its conquest of her cunt total. She felt Joe begin to shoot his load inside her cunt. She felt the great cock tremble as it unleashed its jizz through her panting cunt. Her cunt sucked on the hot liquid which was pouting out of the pecker. She clung even more tightly to his thrashing body and rode with him through their orgasms.

“You give one hell of a fuck,” he repeated as he lay quietly beside her. “Where did you learn to screw like that?”

“It came natural,” Angie sighed, caressing his limp tool. “All I did was discover that I like cock.”

She leaned over and kissed the prick which, even in its exhaustion, lay huge and exciting in her hands.

“And this big cock,” she smiled, tasting the cum on it. “I think I’m going to like a lot — an awful lot.”


Angie watched her brother’s ass shoving as it plowed his cock into the female form beneath him on the bed. She watched his hands grasping frantically at Carmen’s lush tits. She watched the maid pump her own body up against Mitch’s thrusts. She listened to the soft sound of the contacting bodies. She listened to the sound of his cock slapping through the moisture in the chesty maid’s cunt.

They had not heard her enter. If they were aware of her presence in the room, they certainly had given no indication. Angie had slipped down the hall to Mitch’s room when he did not put in his nightly appearance at her door. The little blonde had sought her brother to get her nightly fuck. The scene startled her when she opened the door and walked in just as her brother mounted the full-bodied maid and pressed his cock against the lips of her pussy.

The teen-ager turned to slip out as quickly as she had entered. She touched the knob of the door, then paused. Why did she have to leave? They weren’t disturbed by her watching, even if they didn’t seem to know of her presence. Besides, the thought of watching another couple fucking excited her. Angie tiptoed to a chair and sat down to watch the scene. If Mitch objected, she would make it up to him. Hell, she’d let her brother watch her fuck the handyman.

“God, that feels good,” Carmen breathed amid heaving groans of ecstasy.

“Can’t feel any better than my cock feels going into your pussy,” Mitch answered. “Can’t feel any better than your tits feel to my hands.”

He emphasized the last remark by pulling the massive knockers out from her chest and rolling his fingers around them in passionate delight. His thumbs worked over the nipples. He twisted his face down to them and kissed long and hard on the firm globes of tit. He cupped them with his hand and pressed the fantastic jugs upward against his mouth. Angie could hear him suck loudly on the firm flesh. She heard the girl groan in increased ecstasy. She watched their asses pound towards each other, shoving prick into cunt and pussy over cock.

Angie reached down inside her light robe and rubbed her hands along her own pussy. Moisture was flowing due to her excitement at watching the fuckers on the bed. Her fingers ran between the lips of her cunt and down into the throbbing hole. She stroked along her clit and tightened her thighs over her hand. This was fun! This was terribly exciting. She wanted to watch other fucks. She wanted someone to watch her the next time she was balled.

Mitch removed his mouth from Carmen’s tits. He straightened up and brought his mouth down over the blonde maid’s lips. Her mouth disappeared as the boy covered it. He appeared to be eating the girl. His face pressed down over hers. His cheeks showed the suction with which he drew upon her mouth. The girl twisted sensuously beneath him as both the intensity of the kiss and the fuck increased.

Carmen twisted her body beneath Mitch. She pressed her tits upward against his chest. She wrapped her legs about his pounding body. Her ass hunched her cunt around his dick in increasingly rapid pumps. Angie sensed the rising passion. The watching teen-ager felt the desire as it reached fever pitch. Angie pumped her finger rapidly into her cunt as the two on the bed began shaking and thrashing in their climaxes. The little blonde squeezed her tits with one hand and rapidly fingered her clit with the other. She let out a gasp of passion as the couple on the bed brought their fuck to its soaring climax.

Angie recognized the moment of orgasm. She saw the frantic twisting of the two bodies. She watched them roll and tear and grasp and cling as they exploded.

“Fuck me!” Carmen pleaded in a gasping voice. “Oh, please fuck me!”

Mitch gave no answer except to plunge his cock into her cunt more frantically. His hands grabbed her tits more roughly than ever as he tugged at the soft flesh and mauled it against her chest. Angie heard him grunt softly as he tare at the pulsing body beneath him. He drove her down into the sheets, then shook in one last passionate spasm.

“Oh, that was good,” Carmen moaned gently. “That was the best ever.”

Mitch slowed his attack on her body and lifted his head to smile down at the lovely maid whose hands ran about his shoulders and neck and ears. He kissed her once more, gently, then relaxed upon her.

“Enjoy that, Angie?” he asked, to the surprise of his blonde sister.

“Oh… God, yes!” she stammered in reply.

“So don’t just sit over there,” Mitch invited her. “Join the party.”

The teen-ager hesitated, then slipped out of her robe and walked to the side of the bed. The scent of their cum was all about them. She looked down at the bodies glistening together as the moonlight was caught by the moisture covering their bodies. She looked at her brother’s lean, muscular back and the soft lush body of the maid. She snuggled up against her brother and began to caress his hips.

“Not me,” Mitch told her. “At least not yet. Let me recharge while you girls play for me.”

He let his sister crawl over him and gave room for her to fall in beside Carmen’s still panting body. Angie looked at the maid’s smile. She looked at Carmen’s passionate expression. She reached her hands over and began to cuddle the magnetic tits which melted into her palms.

“You two love each other,” Mitch repeated. “I think that’ll get me ready soon enough. I’ve never watched two girls do it. Shit! My cock’s getting hard again just thinking about it.”

Angie caressed the monstrous globes before her. She rolled the tits about in her hands, then began to kiss and suck them. Carmen reached her hand for the soft hairs about the blonde’s cunt. Her finger lay against the clit and slowly moved across it. Her other hand fingered through Angie’s hair and pressed the younger girl’s face against her heaving tits. Angie slid one leg along the older girl’s thigh. She slipped her body closer until their tits were touching.

“That’s exciting,” Mitch commented as he raised on one elbow to watch. “Love those tits against each other. Damn! It gets me all excited just watching the way you flip nipples across each other.”

The two blondes were doing just that. They laughed into each other’s eyes as they pressed tit into tit and stroked nipple with nipple. They made a pact without words. Their eyes met in agreement. They would pet and caress each other until Mitch was panting and pleading for them to let him in on the play.

Angie reached down to let her fingers match those of Carmen in pussy play. She reached into the soft, wet cunt of the heavier girl and caressed labes and clit. She pumped slowly and sensuously inside the satin lips of Carmen’s pussy. She teased her hands about the lips and spread them apart and about. She added fingers and revolved the cunt in slow circles.

Carmen brought her mouth against Angie’s. Tongues flicked against each other as they drew upon the other’s breath. Angie let her lips merge into the same shape as Carmen’s, then twisted them deliriously about over the maid’s mouth. She pressed tongue more firmly against the other and forced her way into the mouth which sucked against her own. Her tongue ran wildly about the chasm, lapping the soft moisture of the older girl.

Her hand tugged about the cunt more demandingly. Her fingers ran deeply into the hole and felt Carmen’s twat contract about them.

“I want to suck you,” Carmen whispered, breaking away from the kiss. “I want to get my tongue in your sweet little twat and lick it up.”

The suggestion suited Angie perfectly. She was anxious to suck the maid’s cunt as well. The little blonde slipped around on the bed and wrapped her thighs over Carmen’s head. She felt the other girl’s mouth cover her pussy. She felt the affectionate kisses the buxom girl poured upon her trembling cunt. Carmen kissed her snatch slowly. Carmen sucked deeply on her gushing hole. Carmen shot her tongue into Angie’s cunt and lapped at her humming clit. The small blonde tightened her thighs about Carmen’s head and rocked with her in the delicious thrills shooting through her pussy.

The moisture from Mitch’s fuck covered her cheeks as Angie pressed her face into Carmen’s snatch. She could smell the scent of her, brother mixed with the girl’s cum as she kissed the cunt-lips reddened from the play of her fingers. She tongued about the labes, then found the hole and slipped her tongue lovingly inside. She held tightly onto Carmen’s ass as she licked her twat. She nestled into the cozy pillow of the older girl’s thighs. She sucked deeper on the throbbing cunt, twisting her mouth over it, thrusting her tongue more ecstatically about it.

Angie felt her brother slip up against her. His hand came between the two girls and groped among their four tits. He ran his other hand in and fingered their nipples. While the girls built up the intensity of their passion, Mitch delighted himself with the soft flesh of their tits. He groped and squeezed, and thumbed and mashed the delightful mounds of flesh.

“Oh God,” he moaned, “I never felt so much tit in my life. Go at it as hard as you can. The more excited you two get, the more fun I have with these tits.”

Angie rolled and thrust her tits at the play of his hand. She’d give him a handful. She’d give him an active, rolling, hard tit. Carmen thrust her enormous jugs just as passionately against him. The girls twisted and rolled about. Their heads were buried between thighs. Their hands were idly caressing mounds of ass. Their thighs were hugging two struggling blonde heads. Their tits were being devoured by the maddened hands of the boy.

Angie shook as her lust built up to breaking point. Her entire body trembled. She was afire in her cunt and in her tits. She sucked more vigorously on Carmen’s cunt until the larger girl began to pulse about her. They rolled each other about the bed. They rocked each other in the cradle of their pussies. They twisted and pulsed and throbbed to the volcanoes inside them.

“Ride it, you two lovelies!” Mitch encouraged them. “Ride each other. Come on! Eat those cunts! That’s the way!”

His arms enveloped the two girls. He held them tightly as they exploded in their final spasms of delight. He caressed them as they sucked each other to climax. He caressed them as they relaxed suddenly on his arms. He pulled their bodies apart and shoved his head between them to kiss both pairs of glowing, panting, heaving tits.

Angie stroked his hair as she lay quietly against him. She stroked through his hair with one hand, Carmen’s with the other. She moved her hands and caressed Mitch about his chest while she softly cupped Carmen’s tits. Mitch sat up between them and let his hands roam over the satin skin on either side of him. His sister watched his pecker as it waved to his movements. The cock stood rigid above the bed. Its great knob glowed from the previous exercise and from its renewed lust. The little blonde smiled. Mitch was ready for more action. This time little sister had no intention of sitting off to the side watching. Angie was going to have the fuck she had come to his room seeking tonight.

She turned onto her back and opened her arms to him. Mitch lay across her so that his chest was able to roll her tits about in delicious circular motions. She reached for his cock and held it tenderly, gliding the skin back along the already lubricated shaft. Mitch pulled her tits forward with his hands and held her nipples against the hard knobs on his chest. Her breasts thrilled to his touch. Her nipples felt the soft stroke of his hairs, then the electrifying touch of his nipples on hers. He pulled them forward more passionately, pressing them together to make a deep cleavage. Mitch looked down at the crevice between the swollen mounds of flesh. He moistened his lips and plunged his face into the pulsating tits. He kissed in her cleavage. He kissed about the swollen jugs. He kissed the trembling nipples. He drew deeply on her and worked her nipples with his taunting tongue.

“You aren’t expecting to leave me out of this, I hope,” Carmen complained from beside them. “You can invite another girl along on a fuck only if you make it three-way. I’m not about to just sit here and watch.”

“Let me have your pussy,” Angie answered. “Let me suck your cunt while Mitch fucks me.”

The maid sat over Angie’s face, bringing her pussy over the girl’s mouth. The little blonde kissed the approaching cunt-lips, tasting the juices still there. She licked out at the clit as the soft, velvety pussy came against her lips. She sucked against the throbbing opening, then blew passionately into Carmen’s depths. The older blonde jumped in excitement and clamped her legs about the smaller girl’s face. She squirmed her cunt down over the mouth more completely and revolved her pussy-lips on the girl’s sucking, kissing mouth.

Mitch had moved his mouth down to Angie’s pussy. He pushed his face between her thighs and clamped his mouth over her burning cunt. His tongue bathed itself in hot cunt-juice, then flicked maddeningly about Angie’s clit. His sister tightened her legs about his head and rocked him to the tempo of Carmen’s movements on her face. Mitch embraced her thighs and got his hands moving over her ass, lifting her to new panting exhilaration. He caressed her shaking ass with both hands, then stretched the ass-cheeks apart and let his finger glide about her bum. Angie twisted deliriously over the teasing finger as her brother outlined tiny circles around her anxious asshole. He tickled her ass. He taunted her ass. He toyed with her butt until she was ready to shriek into the twisting cunt over her mouth.

Joy leaped through her as his finger finally began to enter her shitter. His tongue increased its play in her pussy while his finger slowly pressed through the opening of her butt and pumped along the passage. The blonde humped her cunt against his mouth, twisting madly beneath the taunting, thrilling play of Mitch and Carmen. Her body shook with passion. She crushed his face between her thighs. She felt, as though she were floating above the bed from the terrible, teasing acts of his bung-tickling finger.

Mitch felt his sister’s body take on the deep throbs which preceded her orgasm. He felt the new tautness in her skin. He felt the final swelling of her tits, the hardness of her nipples. Her asshole contracted passionately on his finger. Her pussy pulsed beneath his mouth. He climbed upward in the bed and brought his swollen pecker to the gate of her cunt. He rotated the knob about at her cunt-mouth. He ran his cock between the sweating labes. He shoved the head over her clit until his sister was bouncing insanely beneath him. Then he shoved his prick into her cunt. He rammed his cock all the way into the delicious box of his sister. He thrust his rod in and began to fuck his sister’s exquisite body.

Angie reached up and grabbed the bobbing tits of the girl whose cunt was jammed against her mouth. She swirled the huge jugs in great circles, then crushed them against each other as she began to pound throughout her body. Carmen was panting from her own passion. The maid’s tits were swollen, nipples erect and tight. Her cunt seemed to sing above Angie’s mouth. The young girl felt the contractions begin. She felt the juices flow down the cunt. She tasted the sharpness of Carmen’s cunt. She sucked more deeply on the girl’s gash and twisted her mouth upwards against the pulsing cunt.

Her own cunt was afire from the rampaging cock which fucked it. She contracted her hole on the warm prick in ecstatic spasms. She humped her cunt violently on the rigid shaft in an effort to suck in more of it. Her legs went up and around Mitch. She tightened them about him and rolled her ass about in delirious joy. Her climax approached, then came in a smashing series of spasms. She saw dazzling light. She felt exploding fire. She seethed in the energy released within her. She exploded in the thrill of his fuck.

Mitch knew his sister was coming. His cock was caught in the squeezing power of her cunt. His body was being shaken by the throbs of her legs. He felt the sucking of her cunt. He heard the sound of his cock thrusting through the flow of her cum. He rode with her. He rode the bucking ass of his sister until his own charge came roaring out. He blasted his cum into her. His cock tore maddeningly through her cunt, spewing its hot fuck-juice through her. He fucked his sister powerfully. He fucked her roughly. He fucked her until her body gave way and lay limply beneath his still ripping cock. Finally he felt the exhaustion of his prick. Warm serenity overcame him. He dropped beside her and reached his hand up to caress a tit. He was not sure if it were Angie’s or Carmen’s, but it did not matter. Tonight they were all one. They were partners in the fuck.

Angie dozed off into a light sleep. Her body was numb from its exertions. Her cunt was numb from the work of her brother’s cock. She slept, basking in the warm glow of their screw, holding his cum in her pussy. She reached out and caught his cock. She dropped into sleep with her fingers instinctively caressing his prick, gently rolling the skin along the now softened shaft.


“I’d sure like to stick my cock in that.”

Angie sat up quickly at her brother’s remark. She looked over at him where he sat beside her at the bench. Mitch was watching a boy and girl who had just passed them. The brilliant red bikini emphasized the round little ass of the girl. Her lustrous black hair fell down over her shoulders.

Long, tanned legs carried her swinging rump along beside the tall, bronzed boy beside her. His hair had the same glowing sheen. The little blonde watched him, watched the muscles of his legs ripple as he walked.

“Mmmm,” she teased back, “I’ll go along on that. You screw her while I fuck the gorgeous cock she’s with.”

“How do you know his cock is gorgeous?” Mitch wanted to know.

“Just a feeling I get,” Angie answered, then lay back down in the sand.

“Hey!” her brother called, tugging at her arm. “If you’re game, let’s go meet them.”

“Mitch, where are you going to fuck her?” Angie asked, indicating the beach and the bathers scattered along the sparkling sand. “You think you can just spread her legs right out here and ball away?”

“I’ll take her back over the dunes,” her brother insisted. “Hell, there’s plenty of places you can go to screw out here.”

Her brother was right, Angie reflected. It wasn’t like this was that public a beach. With few resorts and no nearby cities, this stretch of beach never had more than a dozen people scattered along each mile of it. A few cottages had been built behind the dunes, but it would be easy to find a secluded spot. The blonde felt excited at the possibility. She had never fucked out in the open. She watched the couple as they walked to the water and stood, letting the waves crash about their feet. Yes, she was sure the boy would have a nice piece of meat.

“You think we could pull them apart?” she asked, her eyes brightening at the possibility. “After all, they’d probably rather screw each other. They could even be married, you know.”

“You are stupid,” Mitch laughed at her. “It would be easier if they were married. I’ll lay you odds they’re brother and sister. Look at their hair. Has to be from the same family to look so much alike.”

Angie looked at the two and felt her brother might be right. Hell, it wouldn’t hurt to try. She hopped up and grasped her brother’s hand to pull him to his feet. Their eyes met in a conspiratorial twinkle. They joined hands and ran across the beach and into the water just beside the dark-haired pair.

“Hi!” Mitch greeted them after they plunged into one wave and let it wash them back at the feet of their prey.

The black-haired girl smiled up at him. She eyed his broad chest and lush brown hair and smiled more brilliantly. Angie felt the boy’s eyes burning against her tits. She had borrowed Laura’s tiny bikini and her tits swelled delightfully over the skimpy wisp of cloth. She smiled brilliantly up into his deep-brown eyes and posed her body to give him a better view.

“Mitch and Angie Durham,” her brother introduced them. He eyed the slender girl in front of him. She was tiny, but her huge brown eyes sparkled up at him. Her tits were small, but thrust upward to indicate they were firm. Her waist was the tiniest he’d ever seen. No wonder her ass looked so delicious when she passed. The boy saw the interest and approval in her eyes. She would be a good fuck. Just let Angie get the boy occupied and he’d get a piece of this little pussy. He’d ball that round little ass right off her!

“Bridget,” the girl said in a soft voice, her eyes welcoming his greeting.

“Jim,” her brother added, introducing himself to the two, “Jim and Bridget Warren.”

“Your sister?” Angie asked, nodding towards the girl. She wanted to get this straight at the start. The blonde had no objection to fucking with a swinging husband, but she was too inexperienced to fuck in front of his wife without feeling ill at ease. Relief flooded over her as he nodded. She took his arm and cuddled her tits against it as she walked along the beach with him. First step was accomplished. Now, to get him behind the dunes and in her cunt.

The first part was easy. Jim was easily led off the beach. He walked with his arm about her shoulder and her firm tit crushed against his body. Her hips slid against his leg as they walked. Angie kept her eyes on his groin as she let him feel her body. She watched for the first sign of a swollen cock. The bulge in his swim shorts was prominent, but it had been just as large when they first met.

The girl suddenly remembered watching her brother put his cock in a jock as they were slipping into their suits. Damn! She wouldn’t be able to tell very much if Jim had his pecker strapped down in one of those. She looked up into his eyes and caught him staring at her tits, especially the one which was pressed against him. His eyes were on the huge swell of tit above the halter and on the deep cleavage made by the boob pressing against him.

As they got into the dunes, she turned in his arms. Jim pulled her against him roughly and covered her lips with his. She felt his body twist against her to get the full feeling of her thrusting tits. The little blonde slipped a bare leg inside his thigh and pressed into his groin. Jim’s hands roamed over her back and down to caress her ass.

In the distance she could hear the deep sound of Mitch’s voice and an occasional laugh by the diminutive brunette. She felt Jim stiffen and pull his lips from hers. He looked around as though he wanted to locate his sister. Angie reached up and took his face in both hands.

“You’re with me — or do you want to go play with your sister?” she demanded.

“I’d better keep an eye on her,” he explained. He turned away and took a step towards the voices coming around the dune.

Angie thrust her tits out in his face as he turned. She spun around and gave him a dramatic jut of rump. Then she walked over and sat down angrily.

“Go ahead!” she commanded him. “Maybe you want her to keep an eye on you. Maybe you want her to protect you from me. After all, I might rape you here in the dunes.”

Jim walked over to her. He stood above her, looking down into her dramatic cleavage. Angie’s thighs were softly inviting. Even standing above her he could not miss the sharp thrust of her ass and hips. Her angry breathing accented the tits, threatening to push them completely out of the halter. The boy hesitated, then knelt beside her in the sand.

“You think they’ll be all right?” he asked the blonde.

Angie pulled him to her. She snuggled against him and let her tits mash into his chest. She stretched her legs luxuriously before him and laid her head on his shoulder.

“I think they can look after themselves,” she answered in a breathy voice. “I just wonder if you can look after me.”

The dark-haired boy pressed his lips against hers. He kissed shyly until Angie opened his lips and taunted his tongue with hers. He ran his hands about her satin skin. He caressed her tenderly across the narrow back and felt gingerly about her ass. Angie wrapped her arms about his shoulders and neck as she crushed herself against him. Her mouth drew his timid tongue into its passionate depths. She moved her legs against him and pressed her knees about his crotch. Finally she pulled him back onto the sand, atop her body. She twisted sensuously beneath film.

The sand stung against her skin. The blonde cursed having left the beach towel out on the hard packed sand of the beach. She sure as hell could use it here. Still, the sand was not her greatest problem. The reluctant lover in her arms was a more formidable challenge. He was kissing her more passionately, but his hands had yet to even try to get at her tits. She lifted a leg between his and brought her thigh up against his cock. Slowly she moved her leg against him, caressing the tightly jocked prick with the soft invitation of her thigh.

She waited until the boy began to move his hand about her body once more. She waited until he had caressed closely enough, then twisted quickly and laid a pulsing tit against his palm. Jim’s hand jumped in surprise at having the boob he had been staring at suddenly in his hand. He held his hand still in disbelief, then slowly rotated his palm over the tit to see if she would let him hold her there. Angie arched her jug against his hand further until he began to close over the heaving globe. She pressed her thigh more tightly against his cock and caressed about his back and down to the skin just above his trunks.

Jim felt over her tit. His fingers traced the swell of breast above the hatter. He slipped his fingers down into her cleavage. He became more courageous and reached into the halter to cup a glowing tit. Angie tongued him more passionately and twisted her tits deliriously against his now roving hand. She slipped her own hand inside the top of his trunks and stroked his ass.

Jim broke away from her kiss and suddenly plunged his face into her boobs. He kissed madly about the tits, his mouth trying to get inside the tiny halter and onto the nipples themselves. Angie lifted her shoulders from the sand and reached quickly behind her. One tug released the halter. Her tits came bounding out to face his eager kisses. His hands grasped the bouncing tits and held them tightly as his mouth began to suck on the nipples. Angie reached back into his trunks and began to work her way around to the front of the tight swim suit.

The boy suddenly broke off his play with her tits. His body tensed as he lifted his head. In the distance, Angie could hear the protestations of Bridget and the soft assurances of Mitch. She smiled in the assurance that her brother would talk the girl back down under him. She could not understand why Bridget was protesting anyway. Mitch gave a hell of a fuck. Why didn’t the little brunette just enjoy it?

That was not the way Jim was comprehending the matter. He began to disengage himself from the luscious body which was beneath him. He was getting back to his feet when Angie grasped his arm and held him. She pulled him roughly back down onto her.

“You think you’re going to get up and walk away now?” she demanded.

“Bridget!” he panted. “I think Bridget is getting in over her head.”

“Look, Jim,” Angie told him. “Mitch can look after her. Trust me, he won’t do anything against her will. If she doesn’t want him to kiss her, then he won’t. She’ll probably decide that she really wants to, though. Now, will you give me your attention?”

She knew that kissing wasn’t the issue on the other side of the dune. Mitch had probably already gotten her tits out and she began to be frightened when he got his hand on her pussy. No need to tell Jim all that, however. No need to jeopardize the fuck she planned to get from the boy.

“I hope you’re right,” he told her, the expression of concern still on his face.

“I know my brother,” Angie assured him, then pulled his face back to hers and renewed the kiss.

This time it did not take her so long to get his hands on her tits. He was not so reluctant to begin kissing and sucking on her jugs. Angie got her hands back into his trunks and slipped them around to the front. She struggled to reach inside the tight knit and locate his cock, but without success. She could not reach far enough until she rolled slightly to the side. Then her hand slipped easily in and found the cock and balls firmly held in the webbing of his jock. She lifted her hand and fingered inside the strap and down through a lush growth of hair. Finally she got her hands on his prick.

Jim jumped again as her fingers closed about his cock. He had never had a girl play with his cock before! Hell, until this afternoon, he’d never kissed a naked tit, either. He had played with a few through a blouse or sweater, but he’d never had tits right out in his hand before. He’d never dreamed they could be as exciting as Angie’s, either. His cock was throbbing from her play with him. He sucked more violently at her tit and reached his hands down to feel inside the tiny bikini she wore.

It was no trouble at all for him to reach inside. As his hand pressed along the top of the low-slung bottoms, the bikini slid down and exposed her cunt to his exploration. His hand was trembling as he fingered about the delicate mouth of her pussy. He rubbed over the soft flesh and suddenly found his finger entering her pussy-hole. She was moist in there. He moved his finger tenderly, then more bravely as she captured his hand between her thighs.

Angie held his hand tightly against her cunt. She lay one of hem over it and caressed it about madly. She had realized that Jim was learning what to do. The boy had never fucked before. The little blonde was ecstatic over the thought. She was his first fuck! This was the first pussy he’d ever gotten. She wanted to give him a hell of a good piece. If she was to initiate him, she wanted to do it right. If he could stop thinking about his sister, then she would be able to teach him how to fuck.

As his hand learned how to stroke her cunt, she slowly slipped his trunks down. She shoved them as far as her hands could reach, then began to pull the jock down with them. His cock leaped out into her hands as it came free of the binding mesh of the jock. It whipped upright for her to grasp the shaft and begin to pump the skin about. Jim’s cock was not as large as her brother’s, certainly not as large as Joe’s. It mattered very little to the passion-maddened girl. She wandered idly if that could be from lack of use. Then she turned her attention to bringing the prick to throbbing demand.

“Please!” she heard Bridget pleading in the distance. Damn! She could have strangled the tiny brunette. She released the cock and grasped Jim about the shoulders, holding him against her body.

“Take it easy!” she told him. “She didn’t call for help. She didn’t call your name. She knows that she’d only have to call you. Let them play their own games. Forget them. Why worry if they pet a little? You are fixing to fuck me, aren’t you?”

Jim Warren looked down at her in shock. She was so matter of fact about it. He had not intended to screw her. He had only tried to see how far he could go with her. That’s the way he always did it. He kept going until the girl told him he’d gone far enough. This beautiful little blonde was not going to stop him. She was going to let him do it all. She was going to let him fuck her! Hell, she wanted him to fuck her! His cock throbbed at the delicious thought. Angie had as cute an ass as he’d ever seen. She had these great tits. She was soft and beautiful. She was waiting for him to screw her. He swallowed the dry lump in his throat and looked down at her heaving, panting tits.

Angie slipped her bottoms down her legs and kicked them off. She struggled with Jim’s trunks until he realized that she wanted him to finish removing them. He raised back from her and got his legs untangled from trunks and jock, then looked back down at the nude girl who waited, smiling at him. His cock pulsed more passionately at the view of her pussy. He looked at the pink lips which shone through her light hairs. He looked at her tits standing out against her chest, red from the treatment his mouth had given them. He looked at the slightly parted lips and the hint of moisture on them. He looked at her sparkling blonde hair cascading over the sand. He met her eyes and accepted their invitation.

Jim came back upon her roughly. He grasped at her tits and shoved his cock about her thighs and groin, trying to find the mouth of her pussy. Angie took the prick in her hands and brought it against her, cunt. She eased it inside the throbbing lips and let it find the soft warmth of her cunt-hole. The boy hunched it into her twat and pulled more violently at her tits. Angie wrapped her legs about him and pulled his lips back to hers.

“Fuck me, Jim,” she told him just before she kissed him. “Fuck me whenever you are ready. Fuck me for as long as you want.”

She had not expected to share his orgasm. She had expected him to blow too soon from the excitement of his first screw. She was wrong. The thought of taking his flint load had her built to a peak. The knowledge that his cock had never been in any other pussy heightened her passion. She shook as he began his huge thrusts into her cunt.

She heard the cries of the girl on the other side of the dune as Mitch took her cherry. She heard Bridget begin to pant in ecstasy as her brother taught her the thrill of fucking. Angie was happy to discover that Jim was no longer concerned about his sister. His sole concern was to pump into the delicious cunt about his cock. He was fucking! He was getting his first pussy! He pounded his prick into the pulsing, throbbing passageway of Angie’s cunt. He felt her tits swell in his hands. He felt the nipples stand hard and erect. He felt his cock swell, then begin to shake in its demand to shoot its huge wad inside. Her cunt vibrated around his rod, increasing his need to blow his load into her.

“I’m about to come!” he told her, hoping he wasn’t popping too soon.

“Hell, I’ve been here for five minutes,” the gorgeous blonde answered. “Fuck away! Ball me, Jim. Let me feel your wad shooting into me!”

He exploded in her. His cock felt the juice begin to seep, then to pour, then to gush. His cum erupted into her welcoming pussy. He thrust himself at her wildly until he felt drained completely. Only then was he aware of the pain in his knees from the sand burn. He dropped onto Angie and listened to the sounds of his sister. He had not looked after her. He had let her lose her virginity. He should have felt guilty about that. Instead, he only hoped she had enjoyed her first fuck as much as he had enjoyed his.


He lifted her legs and ass as he plunged his big cock into her cunt. Joe raised himself from the deep nap of the rug and held the blonde in mid air while he fucked her deeply. Angie clenched her eyes shut in the delicious agony of her need. This time she did not have to taunt him into a fuck. This afternoon he was ready to screw her as soon as she climbed the stain above the carriage house. Her portrait smiled invitingly from across the room. It was only partially finished, but even without the finishing touches it was fascinating to the girl. After the fuck she would study it more thoroughly. Right now, she was far more interested in the mammoth cock which was splitting her pussy in its massive heaves.

“God, that is so good,” she moaned. “You’re too big for me and I love it. I love the way my pussy squeezes around your prick. I love the feel of your skin as my tight hole pulls it back along the shaft.”

“You’re a talkative broad,” Joe laughed as he thrust more roughly into her cunt. “I sometimes think you’d rather talk about fucking than do it.”

“Rather talk about it while I’m doing it,” Angie corrected him. “Especially when it’s that magic tool you tam in me.”

“You haven’t felt anything yet,” the artist handyman muttered. “This afternoon I’m going to ball you till your ass falls off.”

“If my pussy doesn’t bite your cock off first,” the blonde taunted back. “I’ll bite it off and hang it on my wall as a trophy.”

“You damn sexy little cunt!” Joe hissed as he tore into her with renewed fury. “I’d kick you out of here if you weren’t such a sweet fuck.”

He emphasized this point with his storming prick. Joe twisted the girl beneath him to let her feel the fuck more exquisitely. He dug his tool even farther into her delicious cunt and began to revolve his hips. Angie rolled with the cock, her cunt pulsing and throbbing as it contracted ecstatically around the mammoth pecker. She leaned her head against his shoulder and clamped her teeth against his skin. She used her bite on him to encourage the artist to a more passionate assault. Joe twisted under the pain of her teeth and matched her with his mouth against the girl’s soft shoulder. She tasted exciting. She felt exciting. She throbbed beneath him in an exciting manner. Her thighs held tightly about his waist, letting his hands cup the round cheeks of her ass.

He looked down at the beautiful girl who was so anxiously taking his fuck. He still had trouble believing that a teen-ager could be as good a lay as Angie. Joe had balled women regularly since he was fourteen, but this little blonde fluff was the best he’d ever had. He screwed young pussy and old pussy, but Angie was the best piece he’d ever gotten his cock into. It was unbelievable that she could be so good so young. He certainly wanted to be around when the kid matured. His plunging cock leaped madly inside her cunt just thinking about it.

Angie felt the throbs mount toward her climax. She grabbed for Joe’s asshole and ran her finger in. This had become her signal. When she needed to bring him over that final hump, she fucked his ass. She fucked it now, plunging her finger in and twisting it in small circles. She taunted him with her tits revolving against his chest and her finger at his ass. She teased him with her cunt squeezing madly on his cock. She teased him with her words as she urged him on.

“Fuck me, Joe! Ball me good this time! Blow me apart with that big cock!”

She bit into his shoulder again as he rose to his orgasm. She bit sharply into him as his prick roared in its discharge. She shook beneath him as her cunt exploded around the cock. She clamped her legs against him with all her strength. She clamped her teeth into him. She clamped her cunt over him. She rolled with him about the soft rug beneath the window.

In the intensity of their fuck they had not seen their visitors. Mitch and Carmen stood at the top of the stairs and watched the violent fuck. The lust and passion on the rug brought shortness to their breaths. Mitch watched the flailing bodies of Joe and his sister, then turned to the maid and began to pull her dress from her body. He lifted her in his arms and carried her to the rug, depositing her beside the fucking pair who still rolled about oblivious to any other presence. The boy yanked at her bra and got it away from the huge tits. He stripped down her panties, then tore his own clothing off and pounced on the waiting girl.

Joe saw the two begin fucking beside them. He watched the huge tits of the maid as they were rolled beneath Mitch’s grasping hands. He watched the boy ram his prick into the maid’s cunt and begin to ball her. The presence of another fuck beside him increased his passion. He fucked Angie while he watched Mitch give Carmen a good solid screw. He prolonged his orgasm and let Angie ride through one climax while preparing her for the next. He felt her throbbing about his cock while he heard the sounds of Mitch’s thighs slapping against Carmen. He felt Angie’s juices flowing out of her filled cunt and down their legs as he listened to the sound of the boy’s cock slapping about in the maid’s already flooding twat.

“Fuck her, Mitch,” he encouraged as he powered himself against the smaller girl. “Fuck the hell out of her!”

“Let Mitch take care of himself,” Angie demanded. “You keep your cock occupied with my pussy.”

Joe braced himself for his final onslaught. His prick seemed to swell double size as he came at her once more. Angie cried out in the ecstatic pain of his powerful thrusts. His giant prick throbbed inside her small pussy. He vibrated, then began to pour his wad into her panting, sweating cunt.

“That’s better,” she moaned. “Oh, that’s much better.”

Angie clung to him as she experienced her double orgasm, then sagged back into the rug with his relaxed body on top of her. They watched Mitch building Carmen to her sensual peak. They watched the throbbing of the two bodies. They watched the pawing of his hands on her tits and on her ass and back on her tits. They caressed each other softly as the boy’s thighs pounded his cock into her, as his ass drove him deeply into the full hips of the maid.

Joe shifted his weight off the little blonde and lay beside her. His head lay across her chest, mouth gently kissing her tits, hand softly stroking her cunt while he enjoyed the ecstatic climax beside him. Angie held the limp cock lightly and cheered the other couple on until she saw them thrashing as their orgasms hit them.

“Ride her, Mitch!” she shouted. “Hang in there!”

“Buck away, Carmen!” Joe laughed. “You’ll never buck that cock out. He’s got it in too deep. Plow her, man! Plow her furrow! Get at her. Fuck that sweet cunt till she can’t walk!”

Angie’s brother lifted the maid’s ass and brought his fuck to a frenzied climax. Both bodies shook as they twisted the merging prick and cunt. Both gasped as they pressed their bodies together while their juices flowed over them. Mitch’s body suddenly relaxed, his charge spent. The chesty blonde crushed him against her still heaving tits and buried his head into her mass of breast.

“Thought we might find you two up here,” Carmen called over to them. “Mitch suspected that you’ve been fucking around with each other.”

“How did he ever get such an idea?” Angie asked, smiling.

“You’re never available in the afternoon,” her brother answered from the depths of Carmen’s tits. “Had to settle for these big luscious tits every afternoon.”

“You complaining?” Angie asked.

“Not at all,” the boy announced as he pressed the mammoth jugs about his face. “Just thought a little threesome might be fun.”

“So how about a foursome?” Joe asked.

“Soon as I catch my breath,” Mitch responded. “Soon as I get my prick built up again. Way you balled Angie, I’d think you needed a few minutes to recharge, too.”

Joe agreed, then turned over on his back and let the little blonde kiss his chest and torso and thighs. She played with the soft pecker, then climbed up and walked over to study her portrait. It was as roughly done as she had first thought, yet he had already laid in the contrasts which made her tits glow from the light reflecting off them. The hairs about her cunt showed drops of moisture. Her thighs glistened in the light and led the eye directly to the dainty pink lips of her pussy. The teen-ager was impressed with Joe’s art. She was moved by the beauty he had captured in the painting. Hell, she’d like to fuck such a girl herself.

“What’s the title?” Mitch asked the artist as they all gathered around Angie’s portrait.

“I call it ‘Cherry Smash’,” the handyman laughed, then ducked away from the subject’s playful kick.

The four shared a six-pack from Joe’s cooler, then returned to the soft rug beneath the window. Angie reached over and tested both cocks. Each responded to the playful caress. Each pecker began to rise as she fingered them. The little blonde smiled over at the other girl and nodded.

“I believe we have a little life returning here,” she told Carmen. “Looks like we might have a little more action.”

“Any suggestions how we do it?” Carmen asked the boys. “Want to try a chain?”

“Not yet,” Joe answered. “We’ll try that later. First, Mitch and I’ll fuck the two of you while you suck each other’s tits. Angie, you lay down in the middle of the rug. Okay, Carmen, lay across her so that your tits are at her mouth and so you can get your mouth at her breasts.”

The smaller girl spread herself out across the rug. Carmen smiled as she slipped over her and brought the massive tits down over Angie’s face. The maid’s knockers had never appeared larger. The teen-ager caught them eagerly between her hands and held the solid masses of tit against her cheeks affectionately. Her own tits leaped at the touch of Carmen’s lips about them.

“Mitch, get yourself between Angie’s legs,” Joe ordered. “Begin by sucking on her pussy. As you build up, you can move up on her and put your cock in there. Lay all the way up over Carmen’s back and hold both of them tightly. When we get the fuck going, we’ll all have to hang on. I’ll get my mouth in between Big Tits’ legs and suck her snatch. When I see you go for your sister with your prick, I’ll rear-end Carmen. All set?”

Angie felt her brother’s answer. His mouth came up her thighs, kissing and nibbling. His tongue lapped over dried cum as it moved over her cunt hairs and found the tingling lips of her cunt. Carmen worked passionately on her tits. The larger girl’s tongue flipped rapidly about the excited tit. Her lips captured the glowing nipples. Her suction brought a gasp of ecstatic delight through Angie’s body.

“Did you ever see such beautiful ass?” the handyman asked Mitch. “I’ll swear but these two are prime pussy. You’ll never beat this anywhere. Take it from a man who knows.”

Angie felt pride surge through her at the praise of the artist. She pulled the tits above her down and caught Carmen’s nipples between her teeth. She teased the masses of white tit with her teeth while her fingers explored their round, soft fullness. Her cunt tingled more vibrantly with her brother’s frantic tonguing of her clit. His hands caressed her thighs. His fingers sent shivers of electric shock down her legs and up into her pussy. His tongue brought her cunt to a tingling, throbbing demand. Her pussy sucked against his lips. Her passage trembled at the maddening play of tongue on her labes and clit.

Carmen tugged passionately on her tits. The chesty blonde lifted the soft mounds of flesh and pressed them tightly against her face. Her fingers stroked about the outer circles of the jugs, stimulating the muscles, increasing the firmness and fullness with the mad play of her hands and her lips. Angie felt the huge tits of the other girl pressing about her face. She rolled her head about in the tremendous feeling of being buried in all that lovely mass of breast. She sucked eagerly on the nipples. She pulled at them passionately while Mitch steamed her pussy into a glowing bank of hot coals.

“I want to sink my cock into this,” Mitch called out. “My pecker’s so hot I have to cool it in that sweet little cunt.”

“Go get it, man,” he answered. “I’ll join you. I think I have Carmen turned into a river back here. Won’t be any trouble to shove my pecker into that bubbling spring.”

Mitch rammed his cock sharply into Angie. Her pussy caught her brother’s cock and drew it inside, sucking about it and vibrating rapidly at the excitement of his thrusting presence. The position necessary for Mitch to lay across both girls gave his cock a new angle into the sparkling passage of her cunt. The pecker pressed upward against her clit at each stroke into her hole. Angie’s legs shook from the fantastic thrusts, her thighs pulsed deliriously as she wrapped them about his hips and helped him fuck her.

Carmen gasped as Joe slammed his big prick into her snatch. Angie felt the girl being lifted into the air from the force with which the artist fucked her.

The wonderful tits bounced over her face, rippled in her hands, trembled between her lips. She sucked noisily on the swirling globes while her ass bounced from the force of Mitch’s balling. Hands were suddenly all over her. Joe’s hands and Mitch’s hands and Carmen’s hands and her own hands grasped about passionately as the pyramid of fucking bodies twisted and pulsed over the rug. Their hands grasped more deliriously as they fucked more madly. Carmen began to grunt in choked delight as the immense cock rammed her nearer to orgasm. Angie caught the mood and gasped about beneath the stack, tying to twist herself more completely over her brother’s storming cock.

“Everybody get ready!” Joe called out. “I think we’re about set to come. Anybody not ready?”

The passionate panting of the other three assured him of their shared edge of climax. The stack of bodies increased its throbbing intensity. The room swirled about them. The sunlight glittered at them from all directions. Their bodies exploded within and without. They writhed about in a mass orgasm. They clutched and bit and thrust about in one mad swirl of climax. They passed their peak and began to settle when another voice suddenly spoke.

“That was very good, children,” Laura commented tersely. “What do you do for an encore?”

Mitch and Angie froze in honor at their stepmother discovering them like this. They wanted to fall through the floor. They wanted to disappear in a puff of smoke. They were caught! Angie could see all the fun of the summer lost. She could see herself being packed up and sent back to her mother’s puritanical rule. She felt that she had blown it all. She sat, frozen in terror, unable to comprehend the action which followed. At least, she was unable to comprehend it at first.

“Join the party,” Joe called to his employer, rolling over on his back with his pecker still half-hard. “Beer’s in the cooler. Fucking’s on the floor. Take your pick.”

Angie shuddered, waiting for Laura to explode at them. She reached over and caught Mitch’s hand for support. She watched her stepmother come towards her. Laura walked over and stood towering above the terrified little blonde. Slowly, the exotic brunette began to unbutton her blouse. She slipped it off to reveal tits even more luscious than those on Joe’s portrait. They stood out firmly, shimmering against the light in tones of bronze and gold. Her father’s young bride unzipped her slacks and slipped them down over lithe, well-shaped legs. She stood above Angie, clad only in her gossamer panties which soon whispered to the floor to lie beside the slacks. Slowly Laura knelt beside her stepchildren. She knelt between them and drew them towards her glowing body.

“Well?” she asked them. “You going to sit there like knots on a log? Or are you going to give your new mother a long, loving kiss?”

She hugged Mitch against one exquisite tit, Angie against her other. The airy nipple brushed about the blonde’s cheek. Angie instinctively kissed the soft tit and wrapped her arms about Laura’s hips. The brunette caressed teen-age hips and laid her head atop the blonde hair.

“You were frightened of me,” she scolded. “You act like I don’t want you to have any fun. That’s not fair. I want you to have fun. I want us all to share in the fun.”

Angie looked up at her. She read the welcome in Laura’s eyes. Slowly it dawned on her. Her stepmother knew everything that had been going on. Laura knew it all and approved. The beautiful woman only expected to be included in some of it. Angie grasped her and began to attack a tit with ecstatic delight. She then pulled Laura’s face into her own tits. Below her Mitch was already going for the deep black hairs about his stepmother’s cunt.

“Come over here,” Joe called gruffly to Carmen. “We might as well get in another fuck while the family reunion is going on.”


“Let’s go fuck Laura,” Mitch had suggested. Angie stood with him in their stepmother’s bedroom as they quickly slipped out of their clothes. Through the door to the bath they could hear the lovely brunette humming as she toweled herself dry. The two young people slipped quietly to the door and waited on either side. Angie’s tits tingled at the thought of the beautiful Laura stepping through the door to be pounced on by her loving stepchildren.

They crouched as she approached the door. As she came through, her golden body sparkling from the bath just concluded, they came up behind her and grabbed her. They pressed their nude bodies against her. Mitch filled one hand with a soft tit while his sister kissed passionately on the other.

“What’s this all about?” Laura laughed as she wrapped her arms about the two teen-agers and drew them tightly against herself.

“Just one way to let you know how we love you,” Mitch answered just before he covered her mouth with his own. He kissed her deeply and sensuously. His tongue plunged into her sweet smelling mouth and lapped about. He rubbed his swelling cock along her hips and tightened his hand about her tit.

“We were just sitting around doing nothing,” Angie added, “and talking about how lucky we are to have you for a new mother. We got so excited talking about you that we had to come in here and show you.”

They dragged her across the carpet and tumbled onto the bed in a mass of naked, shining bodies. They kissed and caressed and sucked and nibbled, none sure whose skin was where. They rolled and bounced over the bed in delicious play while their desire rose wildly. Laura laughed happily as her tits glowed from their treatment. Her thighs glowed from caresses and kisses. Her pussy vibrated lightly in anticipation of the grand fuck they were building toward. She reached out and located Mitch’s cock in the melee of bodies. She clamped her hand over the beautiful pecker and slipped her other hand about until she felt the lips of Angie’s pussy. Then she lay back and toyed with the two organs while her tits were sucked with deep, sensuous kisses.

She really did love these two playful cubs. Laura had been apprehensive about marrying a man with teen-age children. The two might have resented her youth. Angie could so easily have been jealous. Mitch could have been sullen. Instead she had these playful kids who loved sex and fucking as much as she. They were their father’s children. She had no doubt of that. They had the same healthy lack of inhibitions as Graham Durham. They certainly were more like her children than the iceberg who was their natural mother. They were hers! She tightened her grip on the cock and the cunt. They were her children. She held them possessively as they began to caress her thighs and tease at her pussy.

The two objects of her adoration were thoroughly enjoying their play. Angie held a tit in her mouth, delighted with the feel of the fluffy nipple. Laura had the most delicious nipples, the most gorgeous buttons she had ever seen. She thought that the minute she saw Joe’s portrait of her. She thought so when Laura joined them for the gang-fuck in the carriage house. She felt it now more than ever. She could kiss the brunette’s tits all day and never fire of it. Angie slipped closer to Laura’s golden body and pressed her tits against her stepmother. Her cunt throbbed in ecstasy at Laura’s caresses. She reached inside a lithe bronze thigh and began to stroke upward towards the dark hairs about the cunt. She let her hand brush about the delicate lips and felt her brother’s hand join her at Laura’s pussy.

Mitch Durham was just as pleased with his situation as either his sister or his stepmother. He basked in the delirious knowledge that he had all the pussy he could want on the estate. He could fuck his sister’s sweet cunt. He could screw his beautiful brunette stepmother whenever he pleased. He could season these fucks with a toss of the young maid with the big tits. He was sure that no other boy had ever been so lucky. He sucked on the luscious tit before him and slid his pecker against Laura’s soft ass. His hands caressed her ass and thigh. He reached for her pussy and met his sister’s hand there already. The play of Angie’s knuckles over his as they fingered Laura’s cunt-lips together increased his excitement. His cock throbbed from the touch of the brunette’s fingers and from the softness of her skin.

Laura’s cunt was throbbing from the exotic play. Her tits swelled, filled, and hardened with her rising desire. Her thighs quivered at the caresses they received. Her pussy was already damp from the flow of its oils as it prepared itself to be entered and fucked. The happy young woman began to tighten her hands on the lovely objects beneath her fingers. She shook Angie’s cunt. She pumped Mitch’s cock. She twisted ecstatically beneath their hands.

“Please!” she told them. “Let’s get on with it before you kids drive me crazy.”

“Shall we?” Mitch asked his sister.

“You think she’s ready?” Angie replied.

“Cut out this damn teasing!” Laura shouted at them. “Obey your mother! Somebody fuck me before you drive me out of my mind.”

“I guess we’d better do it then,” Angie laughed. “Mother knows best.”

“Especially this mother!” her brother agreed.

The little blonde crawled on top of Laura and placed her cunt at the wide, sensuous mouth of the brunette. She wriggled closer, until Laura was able to press her lips over the trembling cunt and kiss seductively over the dainty opening. Angie felt the bed move as her brother brought his cock up between his stepmother’s legs and began to slip it against Laura’s cunt. Mitch placed one hand on his sister’s tits and the other on the heaving jugs of his stepmother. Angie reached back with one hand and joined him in loving the soft, lovely tits of their stepmother.

“Okay, Sis,” Mitch announced, “let’s gives her a fuck she’ll never forget. Let’s show our Laura just how much we love her.”

The boy began to rotate the knob of his pecker about the tingling lips of her pussy. He rubbed the hardened flesh across her clit in long, slow strokes. He thumbed her nipple until it tightened and hardened upon a swelling, heaving tit. Gradually he drove his cock deeper into her moist hole. Laura’s thighs came about his ass and squeezed him affectionately. Her cunt contracted lovingly on the cock as he began to pump in slow, thorough drives through the soft, inviting box beneath him.

Angie twisted her pussy against the maddening flicks of Laura’s tongue. Her clit flamed with intensity. Her cunt sucked back against the devouring mouth beneath. Her thighs ached from their delicious throbs. Her tits thrust forward into the delightful caresses of her brother’s hand. The little blonde lifted the soft tit behind her and cupped it as it tightened under her fingers. Her breath came in short gasps as she felt Laura’s tongue moving deeper into her streaming pussy. She pulsed over the sensuous mouth. She pressed her cunt over the sucking lips and let it throb in ecstatic passion.

Laura’s body was exploding within at the teasing play of her children. Her tits burned with desire. Her cunt throbbed with demand. She reached up and caught Angie’s tits, revolving them madly about the girl’s chest. She humped her ass upward to take more of the prick into her cunt. She tightened her thighs about Mitch, trying to urge him to more driving thrusts of his cock. Her tits twisted against the two hands he now had playing about them. She gasped for breath as her needs rose rapidly. She sucked against the sweet cunt before her. She pressed herself against Angie and tried to get her tongue deeper into the blonde’s pulsing cunt.

Angie reached down and clasped her stepmother’s head in her hands. Her fingers ran through the rich, dark hair. She pulled Laura tightly against her pussy and twisted powerfully over the sucking lips and darting tongue. She shook from the explosions of her cunt, her ass and thighs trembling madly as her orgasm came nearer. She threw her head upward and shook her long blonde hair wildly about in the ecstasy of her passion.

The plunging cock swelled enormously as Mitch increased his rhythm. His prick was filling rapidly. The wad was tingling within it, anxious to fill his stepmother’s luscious cunt. The hot prick ran sensuously along the pulsing walls of cunt which squeezed about it. He thrust his rod more deeply, more wildly into the throbbing curd. He twisted his cock along the trembling passage in small circles. He grasped his stepmother’s tits with reckless passion as his prick tore about her hole. He joined her as she exploded into orgasm. Hot fire spewed from the lunging cock. The rigid meat slapped through the lush flow of Laura’s juice while his balls slapped against the tight, hunching skin of her ass.

The brunette weaved beneath her ecstatic children. Her body fought to take more cock into its depths. Her mouth clamped tighter against Angie’s steaming pussy. Laura burned with desire. She twisted madly in the height of her passion. Every inch of her body shook in the culmination of their fuck. She felt the boy’s cum in her cunt. She felt Angie’s flow about her tongue. She felt her own body release it’s pent-up desires in one immense, mind-blowing orgasm. The room spun about her. Lights wheeled around her. Flashes and explosions filled her. She was aware of nothing beyond the plunging cock and the pulsing cunt which drove her body into such exquisite pleasure. She rode the climax until the room settled about her, until her breath was coming once more in regular pattern. She lay quietly, enjoying the final slow, loving heaves of her stepson’s prick. She leaned back and opened her eyes to the smiling face of her beautiful blonde stepdaughter.

“You darlings,” she whispered. “You sure know how to tell me you love me.”

Tears came into her eyes. She smiled through the mist of her happy tears and squeezed her cunt tightly around Mitch’s cock while she caressed Angie’s glowing tits with deep appreciation.

The teen-agers lay down beside her. They snuggled tightly against her and kissed lightly about her golden body. She wrapped her arms about them and crushed them to her boobs, then let her drowsiness overcome her.

Laura awoke to observe the new interest in Mitch’s cock. The prick had regained its strength. It stood out from his body, lean and rigid, its head throbbing in excitement. She reached over and began to slide the skin along it, then looked over at the luscious body of Angie. Laura slipped up in the bed and propped her head against her pillows. She dragged the slowly awakening blonde onto her back and held her between her legs, head nestled between her tits.

“Fuck her, Mitch,” she whispered to the boy. “Fuck your lovely sister while I hold you both in my arms.”

Mitch slid between Angie’s thighs and brought his cock up against her pussy. He played about her clit for a few minutes. He eased his throbbing knob into her cunt and ran it back and forth about the clit until he felt the moisture again flooding his sister’s hole.

The young stepmother caught her hands beneath the girl’s tits and pulled them upward. She looked down and watched the delicious swell of breast over her hands. She looked down farther and watched the way the cock was burying itself into the sparkling gold hairs around Angie’s pussy. It was the sweetest sight Laura had ever seen. She caressed her stepdaughter’s tits luxuriously and fingered over the nipples until she had them dancing in eager anticipation.

“Slide your cock on into her,” she told the boy, “then suck on these for a while.”

Her own cunt leaped for joy at the view of his cock pressing in, ant burying itself into his sister’s soft young cunt. She watched Mitch’s lips take the tits she held for him. He touched them slowly and gently as though sipping some excellent wine. His tongue lightly swept about the sweet young nipples. He nibbled at his beautiful sister, then opened his mouth wide and came over one of the tits. He sucked firmly on the boob, as though he would take the entire globe into his mouth. He twisted his face over the pulsing flesh, then released it only to make the same attempt on the other.

His ass rose and fell as he plunged his cock into his sister’s soft twat. His ass rose and fell, then was caught by the lithe young legs which came around it. The legs tightened, muscles playing along the skin, and moved about with the rhythm of the driving ass. The united bodies writhed about between Laura’s legs as they sought the greatest possible union.

The brunette felt her little blonde stepdaughter’s throbbing body against her. She felt Angie’s pulsing tits in her hands. She held the girl and shared her delicious sensations. She pulled Mitch back to the girl’s tits and wrapped them both in her anus. She held them while they fucked. She felt every sensation of the fuck. Her tits heaved and throbbed. Her cunt contracted and jerked with delicious spasms as though she were having the cock plunged into her own box. She hugged the kids tightly and rocked with them as they built up their intensity toward a final mad, throbbing ecstasy.

“Fuck her!” she cried, urging Mitch to greater effort. “Fuck your sister harder. She’s feeling it, Mitch. She’s feeling that cock plow into her pussy. Can’t you feel her cunt hugging that meat? Don’t you feel the way her tits swell against your mouth? Your sister wants more of you. Fuck deeper and harder.”

Angie twisted wildly in her arms, hunching herself at her brother and arching her tits against his face. She responded to the taunts of the brunette with delicious wriggles of her ass beneath his steaming fuck. She sucked his cock with her pussy. She taunted him with her tits. She captured his ass and drove it to further exertions with her legs. She began to shake uncontrollably as her orgasm tore through her body. She gasped and groaned and twisted and hunched in the blinding passion.

“There she is!” Laura screamed as her own body shared the exploding sensation of orgasm. “She’s there now, Mitch. Don’t leave your sister alone. Get yours, too! Get yours, sweet boy! Get all that pussy!”

The brunette clenched her teeth in the wild elation of seeing Mitch shake with his climax. She hung to the pulsing bodies in her arms and shared their joy with them. She held them tightly until their bodies began to calm. Then she looked up and saw the figure standing silently in the doorway.

Angie heard Laura gasp in surprise. She felt the woman’s body tense beneath her. She looked over and saw the tall figure watching them. It took her a moment to get far enough away from her orgasm to focus her eyes dearly. Even then, she did not at first recognize him. Suddenly she realized the identity of their audience. She realized it and froze in terror with Laura.

“Dad!” she gasped in honor.

“How long have you been there?” Laura asked in a quiet voice.

“Long enough,” his deep voice replied. He looked at his two children. “Go to your rooms and remain there. I’ll be down to speak with each of you presently.”

“Look, Dad,” Mitch told him, standing as though to protect Laura, “This was my idea. I need to take it out on Laura. Any anger you have, take it out on me.”

Durham swept him aside with a single wave of his hand. He turned to the children and pointed to the door.

“Go,” he commanded sternly, “to your rooms, as I ordered. I will not hurt Laura. I promise you that. I do have some words for her, though, words for her in private.”

The teen-agers looked at their stepmother, who smiled at them and nodded for them to obey. They stepped into the hall and held each other, then ran to their rooms. Each was determined that no harm had better come to the lovely brunette stepmother they had come to love.


Angie Durham sat on her bed awaiting her father’s entrance. Her feelings encompassed a mixture of anger at his possible treatment of his new wife and fear of having to return to the frigid care of her mother. Damn it all, anyway! He should have let them know he was coming home. She and Mitch would never have gone to Laura’s room if there had been any hint of their father returning.

The summer had begun so deliciously. She had met her promise to herself. The little blonde gasped at the realization of how far she had advanced from the anxious teen-ager yearning to lose her cherry. She had come a hell of a long way. No matter what her father did with her, she had no intention of returning to the past. She liked to fuck. Damn it, she would keep on fucking. One way or another she would keep her ass on the ground and her cunt opened to some hot prick.

She stormed up from the bed and went to her bath for a shower. The warm water flowing about her body sewed to support her conviction. She was a passionate young woman. She responded to touch. She thrilled to a man’s touch. She trembled under a woman’s touch. She even shivered in delight from the touch of water running over her satin skin. She was made for fucking. Her dad had better understand that. He could send her back to Mom, but he could never stop her from fucking any chance she got. No way!

Angie toweled and slipped into a light robe. She decided she’d better play things a little bit coyly, though. Her dad just might be lenient if she appeared to be soft and fluffy — his sweet, innocent little Angie. The blonde ran to her dresser and brushed her hair rapidly until it sparkled in the soft light. She changed her robe for a baby-doll gown with ruffled bikini panties. The minor flashed her reflection back at her. Angie posed her body before the mirror. She practiced facial expressions, attempting to find one that would be sure to melt her father’s anger. Disgusted at her failure, she flung herself on the bed and beat at the pillows in frustration.

It had not been the reunion with her father she would have preferred after four years without seeing him. The girl cursed herself for not immediately overcoming her fear at being discovered. She should have rushed to his arms and shown him how happy she was to have him back at home. She’d blown it! She had been more concerned about Laura and Mitch and herself than she had been about her dad.

She did not hear him enter her room. She was still lying face down, her ass temptingly thrust upward, her luscious thighs revealed all the way to her ruffled panties, when he walked quietly into the room and stood looking down at his lovely young daughter. Graham Durham cleared his throat and watched the girl jump in surprise. She spun about quickly, her gown flipping upward to reveal the firm round ass and then the deep, sensuous V of her crotch.

Angie missed another opportunity to welcome him home. She was caught off guard and again reacted in fear more than in delight. She sat up, but watched him through eyes wide in apprehension. Her tits heaved in tenor against the gossamer material of her gown. The nipples pressed madly into the sheer gauze as she waited for his scolding to begin.

“I’ve been hearing some disturbing news about you, Angie,” he began in a gruff voice. “I can imagine how such a report would affect your mother.”

Angie swallowed the dryness in her throat and stared at him. Mom would send her to a convent or worse for only a fraction of what she had been doing. She hung her head in sorrow at what she assumed to be the inevitable outcome of this conversation.

“Do you think I should return you to her?” he asked.

Angie looked up at him. Fight it as she might, she could not prevent the tears from coming to her eyes. She could not refrain them from streaming down her face. She wanted to rush to him and plead, yet her pride would not allow such a display. So she sat and wept at the thought of being returned to a mother who had no comprehension of her sexual needs.

“Enough of that!” her dad insisted firmly. “You asked if you thought I should. I didn’t say I was planning to.”

She looked up quickly in disbelief. Her tits pounded against the gown. Her deep, quick breath accented their roundness and firmness.

“That,” Graham continued, “is the last thing I’d think of doing.”

The little blonde leaped from the bed and caught her father about the neck. She covered his face with her passionate kisses. She pressed her body against him and clung wildly to his chest and shoulders. He slowly extricated himself from her and held her at arm’s length.

“However,” he continued with his voice resuming its stem tone, “I feel that some form of discipline is in order. You know I’ve always felt that discipline should be quick and sure. It should never be prolonged. I haven’t been with you for so many years, that I don’t want our summer together marred by your being under any disciplinary restrictions. So, I hope you understand why I’m going to punish you in this way. I agree it’s normally reserved for much younger children. Nevertheless, just now I can think of no better.”

He sat down on her bed and pulled her to him by her hand. Angie numbly let him lay her across his legs and pull her panties down to her knees. She could hardly believe he was going to spank her! Her first reaction was to resist. Who the hell did he think he was? She didn’t have to put up with this sort of treatment. She’d scratch his eyes out if he tried to lay a hand on her. She began to twist free, planning to resist his punishment. Suddenly Angie caught herself. This might be demeaning, even humiliating. Still, it was better than being bundled back, to Mom. As long as he didn’t beat her too harshly she would put up with it this once. At least she’d be able to remain here with Mitch and Laura.

The little blonde jumped as his hand came quickly across her ass. It was a stinging blow. He did not hit her brutally, not with that or with any of the succeeding spanks. He hit her briskly, though, stinging the hell out of her. Angie felt her ass begin to tingle from the rapid slaps. The blood ran to the surface of the skin and pulsed about the glowing cheeks of her rump. His hands slapped across her quickly, stinging her even to a peculiar sensation of agonized pleasure. Damn, the girl realized, the way he spanked wasn’t half-bad. Her pussy was actually beginning to pulse along with her ass. Her pussy was throbbing. Her tits, as well, as they bounced from the force of the blows.

Angie twisted her body against his legs as he continued his punishment. She squirmed her cunt against his thigh. She pressed her tits against his other thigh, then felt her dad’s hand hold her beneath the swinging tits. She let them roll about over his hand. She felt him cup them more firmly. His thumb played over the nipples. His fingers outlined their exquisite shape. His leg was pulsing beneath her cunt. His hand slapped less briskly now, more sensuously. Each slap became more like a caress and landed nearer her panting pussy. Her body was throbbing with desire. She shook ecstatically from the excitement of his touch. She gasped passionately beneath the caresses about her tits and the slow rocking of his leg beneath her cunt.

“Oh, Daddy,” she moaned as she hugged his legs. “I love you. Daddy, I love you so.”

His hand ceased its spanking. His hand caressed over her stinging ass and down between her thighs. He leaned over and lay his head on her back as he cuddled her tits lovingly. His hand moved up her thighs and caressed her cunt softly. He hugged her against himself, pulling her up by tit and pussy.

“Angie, baby,” he whispered, “did you think I could ever send you away? You’re my girl, my only little girl.”

He lifted her from his knees and laid her across the bed. She turned onto her back and smiled up into his adoring eyes. He looked at her shimmering blonde hair which cascaded about one shoulder. He looked at the smile on her wide, sensuous lips. He looked at the firm tits, their nipples clearly visible through the gown. He looked at her soft, inviting thighs and long, lithe legs. He shook his head as though unable to believe his Angie could have become so breathlessly beautiful.

“You were always pretty,” he told her as his hand caressed up her arm. “But I never dreamed even you could be so absolutely beautiful. What a hell of a woman you’ve become. No wonder Laura’s totally devoted to you.”

Angie pulled him down over her. Their lips met in a chaste kiss which quickly became a pulsing, throbbing demand in both of them. She parted her lips for his tongue and thrust her tits against his chest as hard as she could. She lifted one knee to bring a leg up against his groin. His cock was swelling. She moved the thigh against the growing hardness while his hands searched beneath the flimsy gown and fastened over her tits.

The little blonde thrilled to his touch. She had always believed her dad to be the handsomest man she’d ever seen. She was throbbing in the delirious knowledge that she was able to suck his cock. He wanted to caress her tits. He wanted to fuck her! She hoped he wanted to fuck her. She certainly wanted him to fuck her.

She reached for her father’s cock and felt it against his trousers. She traced its shape through the material while his thumbs played about her nipples and his hands cupped her heaving tits. She felt one hand come down to her thighs and caress the glowing skin. Her father slipped the hand up to her pussy and stroked through the hairs into the lips of her cunt.

“Oh, Daddy,” she murmured, “that feels so good. It’s so wonderful to have you love my pussy. Your touch sends chills all through my body.”

She tugged at his belt at the same time she kicked her panties the rest of the way off her legs. She got his waist open and shoved pants and shorts downward until his cock in loving hands and pumped it adoringly. She leaned over and kissed the great knob. She sucked lightly on it and kissed it again. The thought that she had come from the big cock made it all more exciting. Years back this cock had made her. Tonight that cock would make her again, but in a different way. He gave her life with one fuck. He would give her a new enjoyment of that life in another fuck. She covered her daddy’s wonderful pecker with her mouth and sucked madly upon it. Her hands gasped about his balls in the ecstasy of her rising passion.

Her dad moved about and brought his lips down to her cunt. He gathered the throbbing pussy to his adoring lips and kissed it passionately. His tongue roamed about her cunt. His breath drew against her pulsing cunt in deep draws which threatened to suck her juices out of her. Angie sucked just as deliciously on his pounding cock. She held it in both hands and twisted her mouth deliriously over the head. Her body was alive with her need for him. She shook all over in the intensity of her desire. The thought of fucking this most wonderful, most important man in her life had her exploding with wild anticipation.

“Daddy,” she breathed huskily, “I’m about to explode. Fuck me, Daddy. Please fuck me. I want your cock in me. I want to feel this beautiful prick in my cunt. I love you so, Daddy. Please fuck me!”

“My precious baby,” he whispered as he turned and lifted her gown to get his lips at her tits. “My beautiful little Angie. Fucking you is the most wonderful thing I can imagine. I just hope my old pecker is worthy of going in your precious cunt.”

The huge, warm cock-head pressed into the lips of her pussy as he sucked deeply on her ecstatic tits. His cock stretched her cunt as it entered. The head rubbed firmly against her clit, sending sparks of deeper passion running through her cunt into her entire body. She stroked her legs against him to urge him on deeper into her snatch. She thrust her heaving tits about his face and caressed him about his shoulders and neck.

“Keep going,” she pleaded. “It doesn’t hurt. It feels so good. Push it deep inside me. Fill me, Daddy. Fill me with your cock. Let it plunge in me. Don’t be shy, Daddy. I want you to fuck me all the way.”

The long, hard cock began its slow build-up of thrusting. He plunged into his daughter’s cunt deeply but slowly. He plunged into her hole even deeper but not so slowly. He picked up the pace of his thrusts. She felt the cock driving all the way into her, driving through her, ripping her glowing cunt, stretching and filling her sweating pussy. He fucked her better than she’d ever been fucked. He fucked her harder than she’d ever been fucked. He brought her to a more total explosion than she’d ever experienced. She began to scream in wild delight. Angie shouted and sang as her daddy kept fucking away.

“Now!” she cried as she went through a new orgasm. “Fill me, Daddy! Let it blow! Empty your jizz in me. I want to feel your cock as happy as my pussy. Oh, Daddy, this is such a wonderful, beautiful fuck!”

She felt her body lifted from the bed as her father unloaded his charge. The warmth flooded through her. The ecstatic cock filled the walls of her trembling cunt with its turn. He held her tightly and poured his adoration into her. He held her and plowed violently at her. They shook and clung together. They pulsed and thrashed over the bed. They reared and tossed and caught one another in erupting passion.

“So good,” Angie mumbled in her delirium. “That’s so good.”

Her dad held her lovingly after she passed through her orgasm. He caressed her aching body with adoring hands. He kissed her from head to toe and back. Angie smiled into his wonderful face and pulled him down to her lips. She kissed him, then looked up at the two nude forms who were entering the room. She looked at the twinkle in Laura’s eyes and at the satisfaction in Mitch’s.

“Can anyone join this party?” Laura asked.

“Feel free,” Graham Durham answered. “After all, we’re just one big family around here. Just one fucking family.”

Angie began to laugh. What a summer was ahead of her! Just wait till her room-mate came to visit. Her friend would never believe a girl could have such fun at home.