The Preacher’s pervert Wife

No boy had ever gotten this far with her! Maggie shivered at the delicious play of his hands beneath her sweater. Loren had unhooked her bra so that he could feel her luscious tits. He now had them stinging with delight. The mounds of flesh seemed to have doubled in size as he massaged them.

Other boys had played with her tits. Maybe they didn’t work on them with the skill of this tall, handsome senior. Still, they had gotten to them. Maggie was accustomed to the boys going ape over her voluptuous breasts. She had given token resistance to Loren as he lay beside her on the campus grass and began to fondle her. She did not put up a protest for several reasons.

Everybody else was probably doing at least as much in the darkness of the evening. She could hear the rustle of clothes, the soft panting and moaning as perhaps twenty other couples took advantage of the area of the campus humorously referred to as “The Factory”. She had asked about the name her first week at Hillcrest College and was told that it was where all the coeds were made.

Loren MacDonald was the most chased man on the campus. Maggie knew that any other coed would be wetting her pants just to have the handsome student leader trying to play with her tits. The red-haired freshman had considered it quite an accomplishment to have Loren dating her for the past month.

Loren was also studying to be a preacher. He already spoke on Sundays in small churches back in the hills surrounding Manchester. He was the most religious boy Maggie had ever talked to. Even tonight they had sat for almost an hour praying and studying the Bible together before joining the others out in the grass. He was sure to control himself, she was convinced.

There was also a deeper reason for Maggie’s eager submission. She liked it! She adored the touch of male hands on her tits and along her thighs. So far she had always been able to keep them from going any farther — until tonight.

Loren had his hand inside her panties! The girl shivered at the sensation of a finger at the lips of her cunt. This was the first time any man had ever felt her pussy.

“Ohhhh, you are so soft and sweet,” he soothed her. “Such a sweet pussy.”

Somehow she hadn’t expected Loren to call it a pussy. Somehow she expected him to come up with some Biblical name for it. Whatever he called it, though, he sure the hell knew what to do with it. His finger had slipped over her clit and was pressing in an erotic rhythm that had her entire body pulsing.

“Ooooooh,” she shuddered. “Loren, do you think we should go this far?” She looked up into his soft eyes as they sparkled. She couldn’t see his mouth clearly, but knew he was smiling.

“If you don’t want to,” he told her, “just say so. Anytime we go further than you can handle, let me know.”

She trusted him. She relaxed and began to enjoy the sweet caresses on her clit and the slow thrusts of his finger into her cunt.

Maggie became more and more intrigued with the thought of playing with him, too. She had always been afraid to touch a boy down there. Mother warned her constantly that touching his cock drove a man wild and uncontrollable. The lovely redhead reached hesitantly for his crotch. Would Loren become some sort of raging sex maniac if she touched his prick?

“Go ahead,” he assured her, feeling the hesitancy in her hand. “Feel it. Feel how hard you make it. It won’t bite, I promise.”

She trusted him again. Maggie felt her hand leap at the warmth which came through his pants from the cock. She felt the shuddering demand in his cock. Her fingers distinguished its shape within the confining prison of his trousers. The girl slowly fingered it until she determined the amazing size and hardness of his prick, then gradually her fingers held his cock tightly. The shuddering tremors along the shaft sent thrills shooting through her. She held his prick more firmly, more bravely.

“Take it out,” Loren whispered. “Unzip me and take it out. Love it a little bit.”

His face came across her tits. His lips kissed her shimmering breasts and caught a nipple in a long, forceful kiss.

She struggled with the zipper without success. In a frenzy to feel his prick, the redhead pulled his belt loose and unbuttoned the top of his pants. Then the zipper slid down. Her hand reached inside for his glowing cock.

“Ahhhhh!” Loren sighed. “Ohhhhh, what a relief. I thought I was going to die if you didn’t get it out and let it get straight up.”

It was straight up! It came way up, large and hard, slightly curved, bulging out into a wide head at the tip. She traced its shape, then grabbed it and held it firmly. She began to pump his cock slowly as Loren went back to work on her tits.

His tongue depressed a nipple, rolling it with the tip of his tongue. His finger thrust just as sensuously, just as maddeningly in her pussy.

Maggie pumped his cock roughly, feeling the amazing way the skin slipped along the shaft. She felt his balls, her fingers delighting in the silken softness of the pouch.

“Ohhhhh, what your fingers do to me,” the senior boy gasped. “Your touch is just so delicious. Those precious fingers on my cock really turn me on.”

Maggie tried to remember her mother’s warning. She felt the sudden pulsing throbs of his cock. It wasn’t cooling off, it was getting hotter as it fucked her hand. The redhead felt a twinge of anxiety. No, no, she could trust him. She kept telling herself she could, even as he pulled her panties down her thighs and slipped them off.

“What are you doing that for?” she asked in rising apprehension. “Please, don’t do anything to me. You promised, Loren. You said everything would be all right.”

“I still say it,” he panted. “Everything is going to be all right. Nothing’s wrong with a little kiss. We’ll let the tip of my cock kiss those soft lips of your pussy.”

If he thought it all right for his cock and her cunt to touch for just a moment, then it must be all right.

“Ohhhhh,” he moaned as the warm head of his prick came up against her pussy. “Ohhhhh God, how soft and sweet.”

“Wait a minute!” Maggie gasped as she felt the lips stretch apart and the swollen head of his cock moved between them and began to press into her pussy. “You said just to let them touch. We were just going to let them kiss a moment. Please, Loren! You’re beginning to hurt me. Ohhhhh, Loren!”

He was hurting her. He was hurting her and driving her wild with erotic demand at the same time. Her pussy was tingling all over. Her thighs were throbbing in anticipation. She was overcome by the desire to feel the long prick inside her. She twisted beneath him, thrusting her tits against his chest.

“Ooooooh!” she moaned. “That hurts. Ohhhh, Loren, you’re hurting me!”

His cock was thrusting angrily against her hymen, threatening to pop her cherry at any moment.

“Only for a moment,” he assured her again. “It will only hurt a moment. I want to feel your pussy around me. We’ll just let my prick slip inside for a moment. No fucking, I promise. We’ll just see how it feels for a moment.”

Maggie knew that wasn’t so. She knew once his cock broke her hymen and got inside her, that he wouldn’t stop. He hadn’t stopped yet. He didn’t stop when she asked him to. He just kept going on and on. He wouldn’t stop now.

She steeled herself for the pain she knew was about to come. Mother had been correct. There was no stopping a cock once it got a smell of pussy.

“Ohhhhhh!” she gasped as he lunged against her.

He slammed the cock at her cunt again and again. His breath came in wilder gasps as he drove his cock into her cunt.

She thought, for a fraction of a second, that he had responded to her pleas. His cock paused, then came at her in a final shuddering lunge. Maggie felt the hardened prick drive through her, burying itself into her aching pussy.

She felt the flow of blood, the warmth that followed the sudden sharp pain.

He was inside her. He ran the shaft deeper into her pussy letting her feel the pulsing excitement of his pecker against the walls of her cunt.

“There!” he panted. “That takes care of the cherry. Now to let you get over the first pain and fear. Then we’ll get the show on the road.”

“Loren,” she pleaded, “you said you’d just let it slip inside. You promised to take it out before anything could happen. Please, don’t go any further. We’ve already gone further than we should.”

He laughed at her. He wasn’t about to remove the cock. Now that he was inside her cunt he planned to do what he had always wanted to do. All that sweet talk, all that religious attitude, all that assurance he gave her, it was all just part of his line. He had gotten her cherry.

Now he planned to fuck her completely. She could feel it in the firm thrusts which his cock made in her cunt.

“Too late to stop now,” he laughed. “I couldn’t stop that old prick if I wanted to. That little pussy feels so good around me, I’m not about to stop. I’m going to fuck the best-looking tail that ever walked across the Hillcrest campus.”

He groped for her tits, caught one and twisted it about in his lust-induced frenzy. His cock thrust powerfully.

As the soreness subsided, her pussy began responding to the sensuous lunges of his prick. Her cunt was beginning to glow. Tiny sparks of delight shot down her thighs and up through her body. Her ass began to hunch against the shimmering shaft of his pecker. Maggie wrapped her arms around his neck, her legs around his thighs and rode him as he increased the tempo of his fuck.

“Oooooooh,” she moaned. “Oooooh, that’s setting me on fire! Fuck me, Loren! Fuck me harder and harder! Ooooooeeeee!”

He dropped a hand to her ass and lifted her slightly. His body began to shudder with the approach of his orgasm. They rolled on the grass, lost in the exploding passions which ripped their bodies. They rolled and writhed, pumping and thrusting, hugging and groping.

Maggie felt her pussy beginning to secrete its sweet cream. She was contracting around his cock as her pussy seemed determined to suck the cum from his steaming prick.

“Ahhhhh!” he panted. “Uhhhhh! I’m about to come! I’m fixing to unload into you!”

“Let me come!” she answered. “Please hurry! I’m already pouring my cum all over you! Let me feel your cock unload in me!”

She shuddered from the force of his orgasm. The stream of cum ignited new thrills in her pussy. She rolled deliriously from the experience of his hot cum spurting into her, crying out her erotic rapture.

“Fuck me!” she screamed. “Ride me, Loren! Fuck me harder! Drive that cock through me! Oooooeeeee! That’s the way! Fuck like that! Keep up the fuck till I can’t move any longer.”

They shuddered together, clutching, grasping, caressing, exploding. Finally Maggie eased Loren off her and cuddled into his arms. He lay beside her trying to regain some regularity in his breathing.

Around them came the sounds of the other couples continuing their sexual experimentation. An occasional plea by a female voice would be followed by the gasping sounds of her submission.

Maggie felt warmth flowing over her body. She had been fucked. She had let herself be fucked. She felt only the slightest twinge of guilt. Mainly she felt guilt only at having no real remorse. She had given up her cherry and enjoyed it, enjoyed the hell out of it.


Had it been only four years?

The remainder of the year sneaking in fucks whenever they could, the marriage that summer, dropping out of Hillcrest to take a job to help finance Loren through Seminary, all of it seemed so long ago.

Maggie MacDonald shivered against the crisp air of early autumn as she looked across the campus.

She was back at Hillcrest to finish her education. She was back to try and get in an additional year while Loren completed his work at the Seminary.

She was back, using the savings accumulated during Loren’s clinical year in the field to enroll in the small college once more. Hillcrest had accepted her eagerly.

The dean had, however, been rather curt when he warned her about their major concern. Since she was a married woman, living in the dormitory, they hoped that she would be able to adjust to the rigors of single life.

Maggie was not sure what the man was trying to say, but his eyes kept resting on her tits as they thrust against the tight knit of her sweater. He mumbled on and on about how she would have to be on guard against the men of the student body who might think she needed some available substitute for a husband’s services.

“I don’t know whether this is going to work out or not,” Maggie sighed to herself as she turned away from the scene of her first fuck. The dean had only touched on something Maggie had become aware of the first night away from Loren. In fact, she had felt a peculiar sensation of erotic freedom within hours after arriving on the small campus.

She was back! She was back, not the innocent, inexperienced young virgin of four years ago. She was back as an earthy, sensual woman.

She watched the boys as they walked about the campus, eyeing the female students. She wondered idly what they had to offer, how much cock each of them could provide. The young wife shivered deliciously each time she felt a student looking at her tits or ass or legs. This was going to be a hell of a problem. She’d been back one day and she was already getting horny.

The redhead walked back toward the dormitory. She forced her thoughts to return to Loren. She had to keep thinking about him, and his confidence that she would be true to him. She made herself remember the last night before she left to return to Hillcrest College. He had come in late from a series of lectures. She had been waiting anxiously, wearing her most provocatively tight skirt and sweater.

“I may be studying to be a preacher,” he panted as he came in and grabbed her, “but I sure get dirty thoughts when I look at you.”

“Just keep it that way!” Maggie ordered as she pressed her tits against his eager face. “Just be sure you don’t get too holy for a good toss in the hay.”

Loren looked down at the luscious bundle of woman. God, but she was sexy! He smiled at the tits, felt her soft ass. She had a hell of a good set of legs, too. She was by far the best built wife at the Seminary.

He lifted her in his arms and started for the bedroom.

Maggie turned her body toward him, letting her immense tits rub freely against him. She felt the warmth of his fingers on the bare skin of her thighs. She shivered in delight as she anticipated the fuck ahead. Loren might be planning on being a preacher, but she still liked a good raunchy fuck, the raunchier and lustier the better.

He tossed her onto the bed, pausing to look down at the delicious contours of her voluptuous body as he slipped out of his shirt and pants.

Maggie smiled, waiting the appearance of his rigid, trembling cock. She moistened her lips as his cock lunged upward when he dropped his shorts.

Loren got a special kick out of undressing her. She sat up on the bed as he came over beside her. She shuddered at the touch of his hands when he ran them under her sweater and filled them with her pulsing tits.

“Ohhhhh!” she whimpered. “Ohhhhh, I’ve been waiting all night for this. You talk about being horny. I have to sit at home and wait alone.”

Tonight, Maggie was going to get herself fucked. She was going to ride Loren’s cock until she exploded in ecstasy.

He reached behind her and unhooked her bra, then pulled sweater and bra upward. The redhead waited for his usual delight at the sight of her naked tits. He smiled and took them in his hands, reverently, adoringly. He leaned down and kissed her areolas before taking a nipple in his mouth and tonguing it.

“Mmmmmm,” he murmured as he loved her excited tits. “Mmmmmm! You still have the most delicious pair!”

Maggie smiled. Loren used to say they were the most delicious tits he ever sucked. He used to say she had the sweetest pussy he ever fucked. He used to say all kinds of things like that before he got so damn pious. Now he had trouble admitting that he had ever fucked anyone else. Shit, he had trouble admitting how many times he fucked her before they were married. It didn’t matter that much to Maggie, just as long as he didn’t get just as shy when he did fuck her.

She thrust her tits against his face. She was proud of her tits. She had always been proud of them. Hell, with twin Mount Everests on her chest she had a right to be. They were firm, too. Maggie was convinced that constant exercise was the reason for the firm upthrust they maintained. She’d seen girls whose tits hung almost to their waists. Not hers, though. Hers were so full and firm they stuck upwards even when she lay on her back.

Loren grabbed her skirt and tugged it over her hips. His hands dragged sensuously along her thighs as he pulled it off.

Maggie waited in delicious anxiety for him to reach for her panties. Maggie had selected her thinnest panties, so sheer that her auburn cunt-hair showed through them as if she wore nothing.

Loren looked at her pussy. He kneeled between her thighs to kiss her pussy through the panties before pulling them off.

“Ohhhhh,” he moaned. “How am I going to go without you for a year? Just thinking about leaving all this lovely woman lying about unused is a sin.”

“Your sin, not mine,” Maggie muttered.

It had not been her idea to go back and complete work on her degree. Loren had become convinced that she needed the degree, that it would be held against them in whatever parish he served if the people knew that she dropped out of school for them to get married. He was certain that people would think them oversexed because they couldn’t wait. Maggie laughed to herself as she wondered how the church people would react if they knew how much their little preacher’s wife loved to fuck.

“You just remember in the next few months,” he assured her, “that I’ll be just as horny as you.”

He stripped the panties over her ankles. His rigid prick pointed at her cunt.

Maggie reached for his cock and held it lovingly before she let him stick it in. She pumped the hardened flesh and fondled his balls while he began kissing her tits again. Her body was throbbing, pulsing in aching demand for the feel of his cock against her clit, for the delicious feeling of the shaft stretching her cunt. Her tits burned from the touch of his lips and tongue. She thrust them upward against the suction of his mouth and pulled his cock toward her cunt.

“Ooooooh,” she squealed.

He pushed against her cunt-lips, then rubbed the warm knob about her clit. Sparks rippled through her body as he continued to massage the passion nerve with his beautiful cock.

“Ohhhhh, that feels so good.”

He began kissing her lustfully, his tongue parting her lips. Maggie could feel his cock throbbing as it prepared to sink deeply into her shivering pussy. She arched her tits against his chest, twisting about in an effort to bring her nipples against his. She writhed her ass, increasing the friction on his shuddering prick, then she gasped in delight as his cock lunged into her cunt passage.

“Ahhhhh!” he panted, holding her roughly and fucking her with rising demand. “Ohhhhh, God! You’re so good! Never thought a woman could be so good!”

“You remember that!” she gasped. “You remember that all the months we are going to be separated!”

He responded to her needling. Irritation only made Loren more demanding, more lusty in his fucks. He fucked her roughly. His cock swelled and pulsed in her tingling pussy.

Maggie felt his climax nearing even as her own began to mount. She rode him wildly, tightening the hold of her legs, the clutching embrace of her arms. She rode his cock until she felt his body begin to shake deliriously. She could hear the light slapping of their bodies against each other, could feel the sucking contractions of her cunt around his fiery cock.

“Now!” she screamed as her orgasm began to seize her. “Now! Fuck me! Unload that prick! Let me feel it! Fuck me! Fuck me! Ooooooeeeee! That’s my boy! Eeeeeee!”

His cum gushed into her. His cock shuddered as it pounded away.

She felt that hot stream of cum bounce against the walls of her cunt, triggering the eruption of her own joy juice. They held each other tight and lunged in the final throes of their passionate orgasm.

“God!” she gasped. “How am I supposed to go without that?”

Loren looked down at her glowing face, at her shimmering body. He slowly caressed her tits.

“Just remember, little sex-pot, I’ll be having just as much trouble as you.”

Maggie walked along the walkway toward the woman’s dormitory, recalling the last night in Loren’s arms. Did he really mean that? Was Loren feeling as horny as she?

Maggie frowned as she remembered how difficult it was for the young preacher to last out the first few days of her monthly period. He’d be as horny as she, no doubt about that. He’d be even hornier.

She tried to force it all out of her mind. If she kept thinking like this, she’d be imagining Loren in bed with every woman he met.

Faces swirled before her, the faces of the women in Loren’s small congregation during his final year at the Seminary. She saw them as they pressed their panting bodies up to him following his sermon. She saw them as they catered to his needs during the coffee hours. She saw them eagerly eyeing him, knowing that he was going to be without his wife’s young body for the next year.

“No!” she exclaimed loudly. “No!”

Maggie had to get herself under control. She had to stop this! Loren wanted her at Hillcrest. He wanted her to be able to say that she had finished college. If this were so important to Loren, then she could trust him to keep his passions under control.

Her passions were the problem.

It was her little pussy that tingled every time one of the young studs sitting on the library steps smiled as he looked her up and down. It was her pussy that felt such a soft warmth as she heard the girls in the dorm speak of the new literature professor who set coeds to panting.

Dr. Harold Painter had joined the faculty last year. Maggie had not met him yet, but she was anxiously looking forward to that event. The one brief time she had spent in the dorm with a group of girls had convinced her that she was fortunate to have been scheduled to have Dr. Painter for her literature course.

She had asked the other coeds what was so exciting about him. A multitude of answers greeted her. He was sexy. He required them to read sexy writing. He had the most seductive way of lecturing.

Now Maggie was fearful. If Harold Painter were so sexually arousing, then he would be more trouble for her. At this point a sexy professor was the last thing she needed.

The lovely redhead walked up the steps of the dorm and into her room. Good! Mary Alice was here. This would be a good chance for conversation with her new roommate.

Maggie smiled as the slender brunette turned and greeted her.

“I thought you’d run back to your husband,” the brunette laughed.

“No,” Maggie answered. “I was just out walking. I went out and looked over the campus, reminiscing a little.”

“Oh, that’s right,” Mary Alice commented. “You were here before, weren’t you? Why the hell did you ever come back? Didn’t you get enough of this nunnery the first time?”

Maggie laughed as she bounced on her bed and looked at Mary Alice.

Mary Alice had stripped down to panties and bra as she sat at the small desk trying to get the jump on her assignments. She was well shaped. Without the sweater she had worn this morning, and without the heavy plaid skirt, her body seemed so much softer, so much curvier.

“Don’t answer,” Mary Alice said. “I was just venting my own frustration. I wanted to transfer to State this year, but my parents wouldn’t hear of it. That would have put me close enough to my boy friend to get screwed regularly. As it is, I’m stuck up here on this hill-top to stay horny as hell. That’s why I was so glad they put you in with me. You’re married. You’re used to getting plenty of cock. We can be horny together. Shit! We might even be able to help each other find a little on the side.”


“Ohhhhh, how lovely!” Mary Alice gasped as she pulled Maggie’s dress off and fingered her big, beautiful tits. “All those studs that kept eyeing these tits tonight, if they only knew how gorgeous they are out in the open. I never saw such beauties in my life!”

She kissed Maggie’s tits where they swelled above the sparkling white bra.

Maggie sighed in delight at Mary Alice’s sensuous caresses. She slowly began to unbutton the satin blouse which covered the pert and saucy tits of her roommate. They had dressed in nice clothes for the first dinner in the campus dining hall and the reception by the Dean of Women afterwards. Mary Alice had wanted to go with the other girls to the party at the student center, but Maggie had turned to go back to their room.

“I don’t really feel up to it,” the redhead explained. “I guess I’d just feel old and out of place.”

“You aren’t horny enough yet,” Mary Alice commented. “Another few weeks and you’ll want to be in the middle of anything like that.”

“I’m too horny,” Maggie corrected her. “I just might forget that I’m married the first time some big, young stud suggested we take a walk out to The Factory.”

“You know all about The Factory?”

“My cherry is out there somewhere,” Maggie laughed. “At least it should be. That’s where I lost it.”

“I’d lost mine a hell of a long time before I ever got to this place,” Mary Alice commented wryly. “Lose it to your little preacher?”

“What makes you ask that?” Maggie snapped.

She turned to look at the sparkle in the brunette’s eyes.

Mary Alice smiled knowingly. “They’re the best. So I’ve heard. They come on with all that prayer and Bible and purity. All the time, they’re getting their hands in your bra and panties. More cherries get plucked at Hillcrest by the student preachers than by any other boys. Only difference for you is that he married you. You must have been one hell of a piece of tail.”

“Oh shut up!” Maggie laughed as she stepped quickly up behind her roommate and slapped her across the ass playfully. She should have been angry at the girl, at her impudence, at her nosiness, at her lack of respect for the church. She couldn’t be angry, though. With all her cryptic sarcasm, the little brunette was charming and warm. Besides she understood Maggie’s needs, and Maggie appreciated that.

She appreciated the touch of Mary Alice’s hands. She appreciated the deftness with which she had removed the bra and begun to fondle her tingling tits.

“Sooooooo beautiful!” Mary Alice murmured, kissing Maggie’s nipples. “Sooooo large and firm and lovely.”

Maggie drew the satin blouse back over her roommate’s arms, then she unhooked the lacy bra.

She delighted in the feel of the satiny skin, enjoying the soft throbs she could feel inside Mary Alice’s tits. No wonder Loren liked to play with her tits. Tits were nice to the touch. Tits were so soft and firm at the same time, especially the taut little mounds on Mary Alice’s chest. Maggie began to suck on a nipple as the brunette trembled beside her.

“Ooooooh!” Mary Alice gasped. “Ohhhhhh, that sends chills all over me. I love your lips on my tits. Suck me, Maggie, suck my tits until they swell up like yours.”

The redhead felt her own nipples getting the sucking treatment. She felt a nipple being teased by the girl’s tongue as fingers slipped inside her pantyhose. Maggie twisted her ass on the bed to assist in the removal of the hose, then her panties. Her body began to glow and sparkle as she lay back naked before the delighted eyes of the little brunette.

“All this pussy!” Mary Alice whispered. “I can’t believe it! I just can’t believe it! I think I know one preacher who’s out of his mind. Unless, of course, he has something going on the side.”

“Will you shut up and get on with the business at hand!” Maggie hissed. She sat up quickly and began to go after her friend. She forced the smaller girl down and tugged her skirt loose, then she grabbed the hose and panties and pulled them down over thighs and legs. “I’ll teach you!” she laughed while the brunette squirmed about in delight. “I’ll teach you!”

“Teach me!” Mary Alice panted. “Come on! Teach me! Show me what you know about fucking! I dare you!”

Maggie plunged her face into the dark hairs above the girl’s pussy. She planted her mouth over her cunt and sucked strongly on her soft cunt-lips. Her tongue flicked in, tasting the moisture.

“Ooooeeee!” Mary Alice shrieked. “Oooooh that drives me crazy! You’re driving my pussy wild! Oooooeeeoooo!”

The brunette twisted beneath the red-haired girl. She struggled until she was able to get her face buried against Maggie’s cunt. She sucked firmly on Maggie’s throbbing pussy.

“Mmmmmm,” Maggie sighed as she felt her roommate’s tongue lapping over her clit. “Mmmmmm!”

Maggie started to draw her lips away from the juicy pussy to give words of encouragement, then she decided that her tongue would do better. She flicked it into the sweet cunt and found Mary Alice’s clit. She pressed against the passion nerve, determined to drive the slender brunette into fits of ecstasy. She held the girl tightly against her face as she sucked and licked in a mad orgy of erotic determination.

The silken thighs against her cheeks began to shudder. Mary Alice twisted and rolled. They were panting, gasping, groping as surges of desire filled their bodies. The smell of cologne, the smell of perfume, the smell of hair spray, the smell of cunt-juice filled the room and enveloped them. Their bodies shook. They sucked and blew. They licked and drank.

“Wow!” Mary Alice panted as she finally pulled her face back from Maggie’s cunt. “Ohhhhh wow! What a pussy! Let’s rub clits before we suck each other to orgasm. I want to feel our clits rubbing against each other.”

She guided Maggie into a position where their groins touched. Just a bit more pressure and Maggie was able to feel the touch of Mary Alice’s clit against her own. Tiny sparks of erotic fire shot through her pussy at the contact. She gasped at the sudden delicious sensation. She smiled and let the shivers ripple through her body.

The two girls panted and gasped. Maggie drew the brunette toward her and covered her sensuous mouth with her own sensuous lips. They kissed, their tongues caressing happily.

“Mmmmm,” the redhead moaned.

Maggie could feel the pounding in her temples as her pulse leaped to the growing excitement. She sucked Mary Alice’s tongue possessively. She sucked with her pussy in wild, twisting fashion.

Their tits were throbbing and pulsing. Fires raged in each cunt. Ecstasy shook their bodies as they soared higher and higher in the thrill of the cunt-fuck.

“Ohhhh, Maggie, Maggie!” Mary Alice panted as she broke the kiss. “It’s been too long since I had an orgasm! You’ve got me soaring already.”

“You almost there?” the red-haired beauty asked in a voice shaking with husky passion. “You about ready to blow?”

“I’m ready!” her friend gasped. “Damn, I’m ready! Ohhhhhhh God, am I ready!”

“Then let me suck it as she blows!” Maggie cried.

They moved frantically back to a sixty-nine position.

“Let me feel your pussy throb as it lets go! Let me taste that cum when it starts flowing!”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” the brunette whimpered. “Oooooh, hurry! Hurry, Maggie! I’m about to go! I’m ready to explode all over you!”

“Let it go, sweet baby, let it go!” Maggie urged as she plunged her face toward the trembling pussy. “Let it come into my mouth. I want to taste your cum. I want to drink that juice.”

Mary Alice went after the red-head’s pussy wit renewed vigor as her pussy exploded with the contact of Maggie’s lips. She shuddered as the cream oozed out of her cunt and poured out.

Maggie tasted the sharpness as her own pussy began contracting and fluttering in wild spasms. She felt her own juice spurting toward the brunette’s waiting lips and tongue.

They rolled and tossed, lapping at the cum which filled each pussy. They hugged and throbbed in the mad explosion of their orgasms.

They lay quietly afterward. Maggie caressed the brunette’s tits slowly. She looked at Mary Alice.

“No worry,” she smiled. “No one heard us. They were all at the party. I suppose everyone is there except us.”

“That’s a relief,” Mary Alice giggled. “We weren’t exactly the quietest pair in town.”

“Hardly,” Maggie agreed. “I suppose in the future we’ll have to be more careful.”

“Loud or not,” the slender girl commented, “that was one hell of a fuck. Damn! I’ve screwed a hell of a lot of boys who weren’t that good. Your husband sure must have some hot cunt on his hands to send you up here for the year.”

“Will you shut up about that!” Maggie hissed. “I don’t want to hear you talking that way again!”

“All right! All right!” Mary Alice replied. “I’ll drop the subject. I’ll drop it just so long as you promise me you’ll go out on the make along with me.”

“Mary Alice!”

“All right!” the girl laughed. “Forget it! All I was trying to say was what a hell of a pussy you are for man or girl. I still get the shudders just remembering how great it was.”

Maggie leaned over and kissed her roommate. She patted the fabulous little ass as she rose from the bed. She needed a shower. Maggie didn’t want to risk the house-mother coming by to chat with them and finding them lying there together smelling so strongly of cum. She grabbed a towel and ran to the shower.

As she stood under the refreshing spray, the young woman tried to justify her recent act. It wasn’t really fucking, she assured herself. That wasn’t being unfaithful to Loren. It wasn’t really a fuck, just a different sort of masturbation. That’s what it was.

Maggie was sure that Loren was beating his meat at night in her absence. Wasn’t that what guys did when their woman wasn’t around? She certainly couldn’t object to him jerking off. That’s what she had done. She’d jacked off. She and Mary Alice had jacked off.

Maggie stepped from the shower and toweled down in short, brisk strokes. Her body began to glow. She felt the increased flow of her circulation bringing a heightened sensitivity to her skin. Damn! She’d just finished a cunt-suck and she was still horny. She still wanted a cock in her pussy. She still wanted the feel of a rough male hand on her tits.

“Slut!” she hissed to herself as she stepped back into their room and slipped a robe over her naked body.

Maggie walked to the window as Mary Alice took her turn in the shower. The redhead watched the couples stroll arm in arm along the walks of the campus. She saw several couples easing off toward The Factory.

Maggie’s pussy quivered at the knowledge of some girl getting fucked out there. In the next thirty minutes, several girls were going to get what she needed so badly. One or two of them might even have it forced on them.

She sighed deeply, disgustedly. There was no way she could get herself fucked without being unfaithful to Loren.

“Oh Loren!” she muttered as she watched couples embrace below. “Damn it, you sure the hell better be suffering just as much as I am. If I ever discover that you have gotten a little pussy on the side, while I say up here and go crazy…”

She paused. What would she do? What would she do if she found out that Loren was fucking around while she was at Hillcrest? No! She could trust Loren. She had always trusted him. There was no need to doubt him now. Mary Alice just wanted a companion to go out on the make with her. That’s why the brunette kept teasing her.

It was Mary Alice, not Loren that was the problem. She sighed and turned away from the window. Still, what would she do? What would she do if Loren did get in a few fucks along the way?


Dr. Harold Painter caressed the lovely young tits as he laid the red-haired woman back on the soft bed. Now he’d get even for the way she had been sticking those tits out at him while he tried to keep his mind on the lectures. He’d teach this sexy girl to stop flashing her thighs at him each time she sat down at the beginning of class.

Mrs. Marguerite MacDonald, Maggie as she referred to herself, had been a constant distraction during class. If it weren’t her thighs or ass or tits, it was the way she looked up at him from the front row. Her deep blue eyes flashed erotic invitations. She was always watching him with that knowing sparkle in her eyes.

She’d asked for this fuck. By God, he’d give her a fuck! She’d practically asked him to screw her. She stayed a moment after class each day. He could barely contain his excited prick the way she pressed those voluptuous tits against his arm.

Tonight he was sure she’d stepped behind him intentionally in the student center. He’d gotten his cup of coffee and turned to find a table when his arm plunged into her delicious bosom.

“Careful there,” Maggie laughed in a sultry voice. “I wouldn’t want to risk any damage to those.”

She would feel like he’d damaged them when he finished with her. He would paw and suck those tits until they’d be aching for a month.

His hands trembled as he unbuttoned her blouse and drew it away to expose the most lusciously-filled bra he’d ever imagined. His fingers glided over the bra, delighting in the way her magnificent breasts filled it to overflowing. He covered as much of each tit as he could, then he began kissing the soft flesh which swelled above the white nylon.

God, she was delicious! What a hell of a broad!

“Ohhhh,” he sighed. “Ohhhh, how sweet, how soft, how lovely! You are even more beautiful than I thought you’d be.”

“You could have found out a lot sooner if you hadn’t been so shy,” Maggie answered. “I’ve practically raped you after class every day for the past week. I gave you all those hard-ons. I could see that. You wouldn’t do anything else, though. You’d just stand there and get a hard-on.”

“And think of nothing but your body for the next three classes.” He reached behind her and fumbled for the hook of the bra. “I’d look for you during the afternoon. Never could find you out of class, though, until tonight.”

He had the bra loose. His practiced hands lifted the bra and the soft cotton of her blouse from her shoulders. Harold tossed them aside and looked at the most gorgeous sight he’d ever seen. The fantastic tits heaved excitedly before his eyes.

“Damn! What a pair!” he whispered, caressing them with deep adoration, almost reverence. “No woman ever had such a heavenly pair of tits!”

Maggie shivered. No one had ever talked to her like this. She’d heard comments about her tits all her life. Shit, with twin thirty-eights she had constantly been subjected to lewd descriptions of her tits. Hal Painter, though, talked differently about them. He worshipped them. Her body shivered in response to the way he adored them.

He cupped her tits and began to kiss them sweetly. His lips moved about them, above them, around them, beneath them, between them. He kissed her cleavage and pressed her tits against his cheeks. He turned his face from side to side, feeling the silken flow of her tits against his face.

Loren adored her tits. Maggie knew that. Her husband didn’t have the ability to describe them in such an exciting way, though. Loren did his talking through his hands and through his hard cock. Hal Painter was talking pretty damn well with his hands now, but he could also use words to turn her on. Maggie thrust the tits upward, offering them freely and fully to his devouring hands and mouth. “Mmmmmm,” he moaned. Maggie sighed as he caught a trembling nipple between his lips and rolled his tongue over it.

“Mmmmmm, what a ripe little plum. What a sweet and tasty little berry. I could suck on those delicious tits all night.”

His tongue flicked against her nipples. Maggie leaped as her body responded to the thrilling sparks which shimmered through the tits. God, he was good! He had her panting already and he’d only just begun to work her up.

“Ooooooh,” she moaned as she writhed in pleasure. “Oooooh. Love them, Hal! Suck them! Kiss them and suck them! You’re driving me wild! Oooooooh!”

Her professor increased the suction on her tit. He sucked more of the trembling globe of flesh into his mouth. His hand worked on her other tit, caressing and molding and toying with the glowing nipple.

Maggie twisted, her body aflame with surging passion. She grabbed for his groin, aching to get her fingers on his cock. She felt the heat and fingered over his trousers in her search for his cock.

“Yes, love,” Hal gasped. “Get it out and hold it. You’ve gotten it so heated up I can’t bear to keep it inside my pants. Get my prick out and give it a little exercise.”

Maggie struggled with his belt as he worked her tits into a pulsing, heaving frenzy. His hands trembled with excitement as she finally got the belt unbuckled and unzipped his fly. She reached inside and closed her fingers over the hard, warm cock. She pulled his prick free of his shorts, tugging at it until his cock finally lunged out into the air. Her hands immediately closed around it, marveling at its warmth, at its firmness.

“Ooooooh,” she sighed. “Your cock feels so strong, so warm and hard and strong.”

Maggie shuddered in anticipation, her fingers lingering on the shaft as she traced its outline. She closed her hand over his cock again and slowly pumped the skin over the rigid shaft.

Maggie suddenly realized that it was the only cock she had ever held except for Loren’s prick. Strangely, she felt no guilt about it, only a deep feeling of delicious wickedness. She pumped vigorously on his prick, then she reached for his balls.

“Uhhhh!” Hal grunted as his cock leaped in excitement. He sucked harder on her tits. “Ohhhhhh, that turns me on! Pump that prick, baby. Get it ready for your pussy.”

He fingered the lips of her cunt.

Sparks shot through her crotch, sparks that became roaring flames as he massaged her clit. Maggie lurched, reeling with the sensations he sent rippling through her cunt. Her pussy was pulsing and burning as wildly as her tits. She clamped her thighs tightly over his hand, trapping it inside her throbbing cunt.

“Oooooooh, God!” she groaned. “Ooooooh, what you are doing to me! You’ve got me climbing the wall, Hal!”

“My cock is about ready to fuck you,” he answered. “I don’t know how much longer I can stay away from that pussy. You’ve got a hell of a pair of tits, but they can’t hold a candle to the feel of your cunt.”

She parted her lips as they kissed, opening her mouth wide and sucking his tongue inside. Their tongues met in sensuous contact.

“Mmmmmm,” she murmured in delight. “Mmmmmm.”

The luscious redhead drew his cock nearer her crotch as he slipped his finger out of her cunt. Her body was yielding to him in every way. She throbbed with the anxious desire to be taken. She wanted him to take her, to use her, to fuck her. She wanted him to fuck her roughly, completely. She ached for the cock to drive into her cunt and claim her pussy.

“Fuck me!” she begged. “Ooooooh, Hal, fuck me! I want some cock! I want some fucking! I want to get balled and fucked and screwed. I want all of that prick in me! I’m going wild if you don’t fuck me! Ooooooh! There! Like that! Ooooooh! That’s good! That’s soooooo good!”

She cooed and cried as she felt his long prick slowly ease into her throbbing cunt. She felt the shaft spread her cunt-lips as it glided into her. She moaned as he covered her mouth once more and resumed his sensuous tonguing.

Maggie felt him reach beneath her knees and lift, bending her legs back. He lifted and pushed until he had her knees over his shoulders. Her cunt was exposed to the force of his thrusts, her ass to the teasing play of his hands and fingers.

“Mmmmm,” she murmured, feeling the surging power inside her cunt.

His cock trembled as it drove heatedly into her pussy. His hands groped over her ass. His finger slipped into the crack of her ass and teased her asshole. She shuddered as he slid a finger into her asshole and softly pumped. She was being filled. She was being filled as she’d never been filled before. Every damn hole in her body was being fucked. His tongue was in her mouth. His cock was lunging into her pussy. His finger was heating her asshole.

Her body was shuddering in rapture. The redhead had never been fucked this totally.

“Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!” she moaned as she felt the juices building to an explosion inside her pussy.

Maggie twisted and rolled on the bed as he fucked harder and harder. The room spun around her. Whether her eyes were open or closed, she could only see a haze of brightness, a maze of spinning flashes of light. The final spasms began running along her cunt walls, the last spasms before her orgasm would erupt.

Maggie hunched her cunt against his cock, trying to urge him to join her climax.

She failed. Before she felt the spurt of his cum, before she could feel the enormous shudders of his prick, she soared into her violent orgasm. She thrashed madly. She felt the frenzied explosions ripple through her cunt. She heard the soft slap of their bodies. She heard the slurping of his cock through the flowing cum inside her pussy. She shuddered and clutched him tightly, trying one final time to draw out his hot semen.

“Oooooh, God!” she cried. “Ohhhhh, damn! What a fuck!”


Mary Alice looked over at the still-trembling body of her roommate. She eased the soft plastic cock out of Maggie’s pussy. She smiled.

“Who’s Hal?” she asked. “You kept mumbling to some guy named Hal while I worked you up. I thought your husband’s name was Loren.”

Maggie sat up quickly, the misty glow suddenly evaporating.

“Who?” the redhead gasped. Maggie’s mind was whirling in confusion. She had been fantasizing as the brunette fucked her with the plastic prick. She had fantasized before when they played this game.

In the past, however, it had been Loren not Hal.

“You were imagining it was Dr. Painter, right?” Mary Alice asked.

“You think so?” Maggie asked. Damn! She was caught on this. She had carefully guarded the fact that she did get horny every day in class as she sat aching to fuck the sexy professor. She could close her eyes as he lectured and picture herself rushing up to him in the middle of class and dragging his pants down. She kept seeing his long, curved cock in her hands as she began to kiss and fondle it.

“Don’t let it shake you,” the brunette laughed, seeing her nervousness. “Slut, we all play games like that. I know I’ve fucked my Bob lots of times when I imagined it was some other man. That’s part of the fun of fucking. Bob does the same thing. Hell, soon as he gets a look at you, I know he’ll be imagining it’s you when he fucks me.”

Maggie turned her face away. Her lusty roommate might feel that such a thing was natural, but she didn’t. That wasn’t being faithful to Loren. It wasn’t being faithful any more than the compulsion to stay after class every day and rub her tits all over Dr. Painter.

She was just horny, she decided. That was it! She hadn’t seen Loren for two weeks now. Dr. Painter was easier to picture as her imaginary lover. She saw him every day.

“Hey!” Mary Alice cried, holding out the dildo. “Don’t I get mine? Or are you going to sit there all night drooling about Dr. Painter?”

“Oh, shut up!” Maggie laughed. She took the cock and shoved the little brunette back on the bed. She went after the girl roughly.

Maggie lunged on top of the girl, hands groping and pawing violently. She’d show the teasing brunette. She’d show her not to tease so unmercifully. Maggie was a mass of devouring hands and lips as she worked at the delighted girl beneath her.

“Ohhhh!” Mary Alice gasped. “If the thought of Harold gets you this horny, then think about him all the time. Don’t ever think again about that husband of yours. You’re a hell of a lot better this way!”

The brunette continued to tease as Maggie assaulted her. By the time they were through, the slender girl had hickies in three separate places on her shoulders and neck. Her tits were deep red from the mauling. Her thighs were aching, her asshole sore as hell. The plastic cock had ripped away at her tender pussy until Maggie finally brought herself under control.

She looked over the panting, bruised body beside her and began to apologize. Mary Alice reached up and shushed Maggie’s lips.

“No apologies,” Mary Alice commanded. “I won’t listen. That was a hell of a screw. Know what I imagined while you were doing it to me? I felt like I was taking on the whole damn football team. It was marvelous, Maggie, just marvelous. I felt them all lining up and taking turns ramming their big, beautiful cocks into me. Oooooh, that was fantastic! So why should you feel tight because you have hot pants for Dr. Painter. Shit! I’ve got a panting pussy for any prick that walks by.”

Maggie shook her head in amazement. Mary Alice seemed so frail and delicate, yet she liked her fucking rough and tumble. Mary Alice was too horny, too cock-starved. If something didn’t happen, the sexy brunette would get them both in a hell of a lot of trouble.


Two loud whistles split the air as the young redhead walked briskly toward the dorm. The boys lounging on the steps of the library watched the way Maggie’s tits thrust proudly against her sweater, the dazzling display of thigh as the short skirt whipped about in the breeze, the dramatic curve of her gorgeous ass.

“Man!” one of the campus studs gasped. “Can’t you imagine fucking some of that!”

“Dream about it every night,” one of his friends agreed. “God, what I wouldn’t give to be able to walk up behind that. You know, just walk up, lift that skirt and stick it in her.”

“That would come later,” a third boy suggested. “I’d bury my cock into those tits first thing. I’d lay my meat on her and roll those babies over it. Then I’d fuck the hell out of her.”

Maggie did not hear what they were saying. She usually was aware that the guys made such lusty comments as she passed. This afternoon, though, she was not even aware that the boys were there.

The ripely built girl was even more devastatingly beautiful as the anger rose inside her. Her tits heaved more provocatively against the sweater. Her ass swung with greater appeal.

She clutched the crumpled letter in disgust, disappointment and anger. Damn him anyway! Damn Loren MacDonald! He’d already backed out of a one weekend visit to Hillcrest. Now he claimed that he would have to miss this weekend as well. The congregation he served each weekend could not spare him.

Maggie wanted to get fucked. Maggie was fed up with using a fake cock at night. The lusty redhead was in the mood for live meat. Damn Loren MacDonald! How was he able to go so long without fucking?

She stormed up the stairs of the dorm and stomped into her room. Mary Alice was sitting on the bed, reading her mail. The brunette was laughing as she looked up from the sheet of paper in her hand.

“Hey!” she laughed. “You should enjoy this. Might even be a friend of yours. My cousin, over in Jacksonburg, has been shacking up with the new preacher every weekend. She didn’t give his name, but he’s still in the Seminary. He comes over each weekend to preach to the congregation and to get in a few good fucks with Susan. You have any idea who it might be?”

Maggie froze for a moment, then spun about to walk to the trash can. She threw the crumpled letter into the basket and considered spitting on top of it.

Loren couldn’t be up this weekend! Loren had an important meeting with the board of the little church in Jacksonburg! Important meeting, hell! He had an important fuck in Jacksonburg!

Maggie looked back at Mary Alice.

“I think I do. I just might know the bastard.”

She whirled again and began stripping out of her clothes. She wanted a long shower. Then she would shampoo her hair, perfume her body, dress in her sexiest outfit and go get herself laid. Mary Alice came up behind her as she stepped into the bathroom. The brunette stuck her head in the door, eyes wide and sparkling. “Loren?”

“Loren!” Maggie spat.

“What are you going to do about it?” Mary Alice asked.

“Nothing just yet,” Maggie answered dryly. “I’m going to relax. I’m going to shower. I’ll wash my hair and dry it. Then I’ll sit down and do my nails. Eventually I’ll get dressed in the flashiest dress I own. Then I’m going to go out after dinner tonight and find some big, healthy cock to devour.”

“Good!” the brunette answered. “He deserves it. Any man that can’t service his own wife deserves to discover he’s replaceable. Besides, Loren must have something wrong with him.”

“Why?” Maggie asked. “What makes you say that?”

“Susan,” she replied. “You’ve never seen Susan. Shit, all she’s got is a pussy. Oh, maybe a little ass to go with it. She sure can’t match that body of yours. She’d have to wear padding to fill out an A-cup. She’s got bony legs, too. He has to have something wrong to leave all this sweet meat sitting up here while he’s fucking my cousin.”

“It doesn’t really matter,” Maggie commented.

“He could be shacked up with Raquel Welch, for all I care. I’ve been sitting around here for weeks going wild for a good fuck. I’ve kept kicking myself because I enjoyed the whistles and the looks I get when I walk across the campus. No more! I’m going to get a piece of every cock that comes my way.”


They attracted all manner of attention at dinner. When Maggie and Mary Alice walked up the steps to the dining hall, resplendent in their most seductive dresses, their hair glowing, their bodies displayed in flamboyant outfits, the male students all turned and gaped.

Mule Traynor, the mammoth tackle on the school’s football team, grinned broadly as he opened the door for them.

“What’s the occasion?” he asked. “Something special going on tonight?”

“Yes,” Mary Alice answered haughtily as they stepped past him. “Us.”

They soon became the center of male attention. Maggie wondered how long it would take for some intelligent boy to deduce the reason for the dress and offer his services.

The Dean of Women smiled her approval. Mrs. Milliron fought a losing battle to have the girls dress nicely for dinner. The pompous woman felt that it gave a special air of elegance to the school if they wore something other than jeans and sweatshirts to dinner.

Maggie felt the delicious irony of having the woman’s approval. The custodian of chastity at Hillcrest was in hearty agreement with the dress the two horny coeds had selected to insure that they would get in a good fuck before the evening was over. Maggie accepted Mrs. Milliron’s approval with a flash of her eyes, then she glanced over the students, hoping to select some likely partner for the remainder of the evening.

“Don’t worry,” Mary Alice whispered. “We have a party to go to later on.”

“Oh,” Maggie asked, turning to the brunette. “Where?”

“Shhhhh! It’s one of the parties the administration can’t know about. Shit! If they even dreamed of this kind of party they’d piss all over themselves. One of the married students lets some of us use his apartment. We’ll go over to the student center like we’re planning to attend the piano recital, then slip down the hill to the car that’ll be waiting for us.”

“No chance of getting into trouble, is there?”

“You want to get fucked or not?” Mary Alice asked, then she turned away and resumed talking with the young boy beside her.

Maggie looked at the boy. He looked awfully immature. Damn! The redhead realized that almost any of the boys would seem immature to her. She’d been fucking a husband who was older than any of them. Still, she reminded herself, Mary Alice seemed to be an expert on the available pricks. She’d have to trust her roommate to get her a good length of meat.

The couple who were waiting for them in the car drove into the older section of Manchester. They parked, then led the girls to the entrance of a small basement apartment. They stepped into a darkened room, which was lit by several scented candles.

Maggie shivered. She tried to identify some of the couples who were petting on the couches and on large pillows scattered around the floor. A chubby, buxom blonde came over to her and greeted her.

“Hi!” the blonde called out in a shrill voice. “They said we had some new members of the club for tonight. Glad you can join us. There’s wine on the table. The bed’s in use right now, but feel free to use it if anyone strikes your fancy.”

Maggie looked about again. So this what what went on under the pious noses of Hillcrest College! Booze and sex — it was all here.

She glanced at the bed. There was no question what was going on beneath the sheet. The sound of a male gasp, the soft moan of a girl’s voice, left little to the imagination.

“Hot damn! Look what I found!”

Maggie felt a huge hand reach around her waist and grab her tit. She looked up at Mule Traynor’s leering face. The big athlete pressed his hand over her tit, sending shivering spasms through her body.

Maggie leaned against him. She had been afraid of being stuck at a party with some of the immature kids around campus. Mule was hardly immature. She leaned against his massive chest and let him play with her tit for another minute.

“You want some wine first?” he asked.

He was immense, Maggie realized. She felt like a midget beside his hulking figure. His gentleness was reassuring though.

“Wine,” she answered, looking up at him and wanting for him to kiss her.

Mule kissed her lips softly. Maggie shivered, though, at the force with which he suddenly sucked her breath from her. He held her firmly, his hand still on her tit. Then he smiled at her. He led her to a spare pillow on the floor.

“This is mine!” he announced to the others. “Anybody lay a hand on this pussy before me, I’ll tear him into shreds.”

Then Mule smiled at Maggie again and walked over to pour glasses of wine for the two of them.

Maggie’s eyes became accustomed to the dim, flickering lights. She began to recognize more of the faces in the room.

Mary Alice winked at Maggie. She was nestled in the arms of the young kid who had been seated next to her at dinner.

Williams, Maggie finally remembered, Wade Williams was the boy’s name. Wade was Winston Williams’ son. Winston Williams was the Academic Dean at Hillcrest.

God! Wouldn’t heads tumble if certain people found out about this party. Maggie tried to remember how the blonde hostess had phrased it. Something about this being a club. Hell, the year up here might not be so bad after all. If Loren wanted to fuck around, she could go him one better.

Mule came back. He handed her a glass of wine and sat down behind her. He got another hold on her tit and played with it as she felt the swelling heat of his cock against her ass.

“Damn, what a sweet-feeling piece of tail I have tonight,” he murmured. “I never got my hands on such softness in my life. So much tit, but still so soft. Damn!”

She smiled and raised the glass to her lips. She realized that this was the first wine she had tasted since she married Loren. The church didn’t approve of drinking. Shit! The church didn’t approve of preachers fucking around either, yet he was fucking Susan every weekend.

The sheet hanging in front of the bed parted and a smiling couple climbed out. The girl tossed a bundle of clothing into the corner of the room. She had the boy’s shirt on.

Maggie realized that several of the girls were dressed that way. It must be some sort of ritual. The girls who wore men’s shirts sat with boys who were shirtless.

Mule anticipated her curiosity. “That’s the way we tell who’s already had their fuck,” he whispered. “Then we don’t let them go to use the bed again until everyone has had a chance. With one bed, we have to see that everyone gets the same chance.”

Maggie had expected him to take her to bed immediately. Instead, he remained sitting behind her, teasing her tit, while Wade Williams took Mary Alice beneath the sheets.

Maggie sighed contentedly as Mule began to work her tits into a feverish anticipation. His other hand rubbed along her thigh, then drew her skirt up enough to work its way against her pussy.

Maggie shuddered as his finger pressed the thin nylon crotch of her panties into her pussy. His finger worked her clit into spasms of ecstasy.

“Mmmmmm,” Maggie sighed as she leaned against his chest and relaxed.

His cock throbbed hotly against the thin material of her dress, heating her ass.

“Ohhhhh,” she sighed. “You’re such a sweet guy. You’re so gentle. You make me feel so safe in your arms. Ohhhhh.”

Maggie was thrilled by the throbs of his cock. How large would it be? His prick would probably be twice the size of Loren’s. Hell, Mule was twice as large as the whole damn world! Would his pecker be twice as large, too?

The thought of his cock was exciting and frightening at the same time. It would be a hell of a fuck. It would be, if she could take that much meat without splitting. Her pussy glowed as she thought about it. Her pussy glowed as well from the increasing pressure of his finger.

“Enough feeling through your panties,” he gasped. “I want to feel the real thing. I want to stick my finger up your pussy and get it warmed up. Old Wade never takes too long for a fuck. We’ll be in that bed pretty damn soon. I better get to work so I’m sure to have you lathered up enough.”

“Mmmmmm,” Maggie groaned. He pulled her panties down enough. His finger slipped between the lips of her cunt.

“Ohhhhh,” she sighed as he put his fingertip on her clit and rotated the nerve in small circles. “Ohhhhhh, my God! Ohhhhh, Mule, you’ve got me hot as hell.”

“We’ll both be panting a lot more,” he assured her. “When I get you spread out in that bed.”

He kissed her shoulders and neck. He kissed upwards, then he covered her lips once more. Mule rolled her tits across her chest while he slipped his finger deeper into her cunt and pumped slowly along the damp passageway.

“Uhhhhh!” he panted, his breath coming in excited gasps. “Uhhhhh, what a delicious woman! What a fantastic body!”

His caresses sent thrilling shimmers of desire through her body. Her tits smoldered in anticipation. Her thighs felt tingles of sharp agony ripple. Her pussy glowed and throbbed in eager hope that the bed would soon be available.

Maggie turned toward him and kissed him back. Her tongue shot into his mouth, teasing his tongue. She felt the quick shudder of his cock as she began bringing him to an equal height of passion.

“Mmmmmm,” she sighed as she lay in his arms. “Mmmmmm, you sure know how to work a girl up.”

He grinned sheepishly into her misty blue eyes.

He had never dreamed of fucking a girl like this. Most girls were a little frightened of him. They were afraid he wouldn’t be gentle enough. They were afraid he had too much prick.

He usually ended up fucking the large, often fat, women. Tonight, though, he had the most gorgeous woman he’d ever seen. He was going to fuck Maggie MacDonald. What’s more, she wanted him to fuck her. She wasn’t afraid of him. Shit! She was as horny as he.

Mule shook in anticipation as he looked down at her beautiful face, at her magnificent tits, at the luscious thighs he had exposed by pulling her dress up to finger-fuck her.

“Oooooh, damn!” he gasped. “Damn, if you aren’t the most delicious sight I ever saw!”

They listened for the sounds of the couple in the bed. If she doesn’t get him cracking, Maggie thought, I’ll scream. We need that bed. We need it right now! If Mary Alice is dawdling around under there I’ll scratch her eyes out!

“He’s getting it!” Mule panted, his eyes sparkling. “See the way the sheet is waving in the air. Hell yes! Old Wade is fucking that ass in there. Wheeee! Look at him go! Get her, Wade! Fuck the tail off her!”

Maggie couldn’t resist joining the big brute in laughter. She shook as Mule urged Wade on. Her tits shook as she laughed, bringing a spark of lust to his eyes.

Mule watched them, then he lifted her and plunged his face into Maggie’s heaving, excited tits. He buried his face against them and burrowed between them, turning from side to side in happy abandon.

Maggie laughed at the carefree way he went after her tits.

“Ohhhhh, Mule!” she panted. “Mule! Mule! Mule! You’re delicious! Really, you’re a hell of a guy! A hell of a man!”

Mule lifted his face again and grinned.

Maggie thought the terror of the gridiron was about to melt as he looked at her curves. His hands shook as he held her. He tried to speak, paused, then swallowed. He looked at the bed. Wade and Mary Alice were slowly crawling out.

“My turn!” Mule shouted as he carried Maggie.

Several of the boys clapped and cheered and he stepped across the sprawled bodies, holding his precious armful as if she were as light as a pillow.

“Clear the way!” Mule commanded. “I got a little fucking to do!”

Maggie was laughing along with the other couples. She was shimmering in expectation as he laid her across the bed and began unzipping her dress.

He stripped the soft jersey dress downward. He went after the bra, then her hose and panties.

Maggie turned onto her back as she heard him removing his shirt. His pants came off.

In the dark, she listened to the sound of his shorts being drawn over his legs. She began groping for him in the dark. She grabbed what she thought was his arm. The shuddering heat and moisture quickly revealed her error.

Maggie held the immense flesh in shock. This was his cock! This was what Mule planned to plunge into her pussy! She had wanted a big piece of meat tonight, but she’d hardly bargained for this.

Maggie drew back in terror from the possibility of having her pussy torn apart.

“Too late to back out now, baby!” Mule panted as he pulled her back across the bed. “So it’s bigger than you expected. So what? It’ll still go in there. Shit! Women have babies come out that little hole. No question that this cock’ll go in there.”

He reached beneath her as she crawled away from him. He grabbed her tits. His other hand began to finger her pussy. His prick slid between her thighs as he came up against her ass.

Damn, but his cock felt as big as a telephone pole to her. It throbbed, hot and threatening, against her thighs.

His hand kept working on her cunt, stirring deep throbs of passion despite her anxiety. He thumbed her nipples into fiery buttons. He caressed her tits into swollen masses.

He brought his mammoth cock-head against the lips of her cunt. Maggie felt his prick part her pussy and press upward against her clit. She tried to relax and trust Mule not to hurt her. She kept telling herself that he knew what he was doing, that he was going to fuck her dog-style because it would be easier on her. She could always pull away.

“I’ve never had a girl scream on me yet,” he assured her. “Never hurt a girl. Always left them thanking me. Just take it easy and let your pussy get real oiled and ready. Old pecker will slide in there and you’ll be grateful as hell.”

Her pussy was already getting oiled. The constant rubbing of his prick against her clit was sending wild tremors through her. Her pussy began to glow as frantically as her tits.

Maggie sank back, testing the ability of her cunt to accommodate such a huge shaft. She shuddered as his cock spread her pussy and slowly began to enter the shimmering passage of her cunt. She gasped, not in pain but in a sense of accomplishment. She could handle him. It dawned on her with an erotic thrill. She could handle Mule’s mammoth cock. She was woman enough to take on his immense hulk of cock.

“Ooooooh,” she shuddered as she sank farther on the hot shaft. “Ooooooh, it feels so strong, so powerful. It feels so good going into me.”

“Uh-huh!” he gasped as he began to thrust slowly. “I’m going to fuck your sweet pussy! Ohhhhh, am I going to fuck that delicious pussy!”

“You sure as hell better!” Maggie snapped back at him.

Maggie’s courage was rising. Her passion was more than rising, it was soaring. She began to feel the throbs of his cock. Thrills ran over her ass and down her thighs. The muscles in her cunt rippled over the hard length of prick as Mule began to fuck with greater vigor. The direction of his cock as it came up beneath her ass and into her cunt kept the maddening pressure on her clit.

Maggie shuddered and trembled as Mule drove his cock in with long, deep thrusts.

“Oooooh!” she gasped, feeling him lift her into the air with the power of his fuck. “Ooooooh, what a cock! Fuck me, Mule! It doesn’t hurt! Damn, it feels fabulous! Oooooh!”

His cock swelled within her cunt as he fucked her roughly. Maggie became aware of nothing except the magnificent pressure of his cock in her cunt. She was not even aware of his frantic caresses over her tits. All that existed was his magnificent prick in her cunt.

“Uhhhhh!” he panted as he fucked more rapidly. “I gotta get you to come. I can’t take much more or I’ll explode!”

“Great!” she whispered back to him. “Let it shoot, Mule! Ooooooh, I can imagine how much cum you can shoot into me!”

Maggie’s pussy was quivering in rapture as he fucked deeper into her fiery depths. She felt the flow of her juice, the approaching explosion of her cum. Maggie could hardly breathe from the rising passion which shook her body. She shoved her ass backward against Mule and twisted her body, her pussy squeezing his prick. She felt his immense cock begin shaking in excitement.

“Ohhhhh!” he panted, “I’m going to empty it! I gotta let it flow! Ohhhhh, baby.”

“Fuck me!” she panted back. “Come on, Mule! Fuck me! Shoot it to me! Oooooeeeeee! Wow! Ooooooh, wow! That’s it, Mule! Ooooooh!”

She began oozing her cum over the rampaging cock even as his prick shuddered on the brink of orgasm. She saw only swirling lights spinning through her consciousness as he unloaded his cum. His orgasm gushed through her, blowing her pussy into deeper rapture.

“Mmmmmm!” she cooed as she felt his cum flood her cunt. “Mmmmm, what a hunk of meat!”

Maggie shivered.

Mule rolled them both onto their sides and held her tightly against him, his cock still buried to its hilt in her cunt. His hands roved softly over her tits and abdomen and thighs.

“You’re a hell of a lay, you know that?” he whispered huskily. “You’re the damndest fuck I ever had.”

“Glad to oblige,” Maggie laughed. Hell, he was the one who did the favor. She had planned on getting herself fucked tonight by whatever was available. She’d never dreamed it would be such a championship piece of cock.

Maggie sighed and snuggled her ass tighter against him. She felt like a total woman. She’d just taken on one hell of a prick. She’d taken it on, given it a ride it would never forget, and enjoyed the shit out of it.

The big guy was right. She was a hell of a lay. She was a hell of a woman. Tough shit, Loren MacDonald. The pious little preacher had swapped one lusty, well-built broad for a scrawny little piece of pussy. Tough, Loren.

She was even with him. She’d gotten hers. She’d paid him back. Now she would be ready to fuck him if he made it up to Hillcrest next weekend.


“Men on the floor!”

The housemother’s voice echoed down the hall of the dorm.

Mrs. Milliron had posted notices yesterday about workmen being in the women’s dorm today. The housemother had come around last night to make sure the girls would not be caught unawares and walk out in the hall wearing only bra and panties or less.

“Men on the floor!” The housemother shouted again, even though all the girls were assumed to be in chapel, taking the required midmorning spiritual break.

Maggie and Mary Alice looked at each other and smiled. The redhead checked her watch, waited a moment, then nodded to the brunette.

“Two minutes,” she announced. “The old gal should be back downstairs by now. Give them their thrill of the day.”

Mary Alice giggled as she slipped her robe off her shoulders. She checked her naked body in the mirror, then winked at Maggie. She opened the door quickly and went running out into the hall. Maggie smiled as she listened to the well-rehearsed theatricals that followed.

“Oh,” Mary Alice gasped. “Ohhhhhh, God! Men on the floor! Ohhhhhh!”

Mary Alice came running back into the room and rushed to the bed where she collapsed laughing.

“That was faster than we practiced it,” Maggie commented. “Are you sure they got a good look at you?”

“Everything I had to show,” Mary Alice laughed. “They were looking this way as I went out. Shit, I almost ran into one of them. There are two, by the way, and not bad looking. Maybe they’d appreciate a little more than just having a good look.”

“They look that promising?” Maggie asked. “You aren’t just trying to get my hopes up?”

“No shit,” Mary Alice swore. “Really, honey, they aren’t bad to look at. Neither of them can match Mule, of course, not for sheer size. Still they’re young enough to be interesting.”

“Added attraction,” Maggie commented dryly. “It always helps. All right, I’m game. Hell, after Loren postponed another weekend, I sure am game. You go out and pick out one of them. Tell them I’ll come out and keep watch while you get in a fuck. That’ll give me a chance to meet the other one.”

They slipped into bras and panties, then pulled skirts and sweaters over their excited bodies.

Maggie sat at her desk, pretending to be studying while Mary Alice stepped out into the hall again. She left the door slightly open, enabling the redhead to listen to the conversation.

“Hope I didn’t frighten you,” Mary Alice greeted the workmen. “I forgot that you were going to be working here today.”

“Didn’t frighten us,” a deep male voice answered. “I was just afraid you might not get over the shock of almost walking into me like you were dressed.”

“I almost kept going,” the brunette laughed. “My mind was somewhere else. If I hadn’t looked up at the last moment, I’d have walked right up your body.”

“Damn!” the deep voice exclaimed. “Some days nothing goes right.”

“Shall I go back and try it again?” Mary Alice laughed. “Maybe next time I’ll do better.”

“You’re a teasing little broad. I bet you college girls get a kick out of leading us on this way, don’t you?”

“I’m not leading anybody on,” Mary Alice explained. “You want me to try it again, I will. Even better, I’ll let you come into my room and we’ll practice it in there.”

“You’d get a hell of a lot more than my arms around you,” the deep voice grunted. “A hell of a lot more. Maybe these college boys can play with pussy that way, but I take it serious.”

“Promises! Promises!” Mary Alice teased. “You men are all alike. You threaten like crazy. You brag about what you’d do to us. Then, when you get the chance, you run like hell.”

“You want to try me? You want to take me in that room and see if I’d back off?”

“Hey, Joe!” another voice protested. “You trying to get us fired? You go in there and that old crab from downstairs would show up for sure.”

“Can’t you play watchman?” Mary Alice asked. “I’ll even send my roommate out to keep you company. Maybe you can talk her into a fuck, too.”

“What does she look like? She look half as good as you?”

“A hell of a lot better,” Mary Alice promised. “Tell you what, I’ll give you your choice. You keep watch while your friend and I go in there and fuck. After I finish him, you can either fuck me or you can fuck my roommate. Fair enough?”

“Hell yes!” he gasped. “Get with it, Joe. Get her in there and feed her some cock. Sooner you finish, sooner I get some.”

Maggie looked up as Mary Alice stepped back into the room, followed by the tall man named Joe.

Joe looked over at Maggie and was about to turn his attention to her instead of Mary Alice. His eyes lighted in eager appreciation at the way Maggie’s tits shoved out the white sweater.

Mary Alice managed to recapture his attention by slipping her sweater over her head and her skirt down her legs. She stood beside the bed in her bra and panties, waiting for the workman to take her up on the offer.

“Yours is outside,” Mary Alice told Maggie. “Keep him company while we play for a while. Then we’ll do likewise for you.”

Maggie smiled as she walked out the door. She heard the gasps of delight from Mary Alice as Joe shoved her roughly back onto the bed. She closed the door on them.

The other workman gaped at Maggie as she walked toward him. He’d never expected anything like this! He’d never even seen anything like this outside the movies. Damn! What a body! What a pair of knockers! What legs! He almost fell off the ladder as he gaped at the lovely woman smiling up at him.

Maggie smiled. “Looks like we have a short wait on our hands,” she laughed. “That’s all right. Fucking is always better if you aren’t complete strangers.”

The guy’s eyes roved over Maggie’s body greedily.

Maggie felt his caressing gaze as if it were his hands gliding over her tits and hips and thighs. She leaned against the ladder, her tits threatening to burst out of the sweater. She was panting already. This was going to be fun.

She smiled once more to the silent, gaping man on the ladder. In a strange way, he reminded her of Hal Painter. He had the same clearly defined facial features, the same deep-green eyes. But Harold Painter could never remain silent this long.

Maggie smiled as she remembered Hal’s usual response to her pressing tits and inviting smile. He talked! He talked and talked and talked! She would rub herself all over him. Hal would talk!

Yesterday she had even gotten her legs against him. She slipped a leg along his, hoping that she could get a sexual response from him. He went into some deep, complicated literary theory.

One of these days, she’d stop him from talking. She’d get his sensuous mouth on her tits or between her legs and she’d get a hell of a lot more than talk from him. Maggie was determined to fuck Dr. Harold Painter.

She was also going to fuck this blue-collar, silent edition of Hal. He still hadn’t spoken. He just stood frozen on the ladder, his mouth spread in that silly grin, his eyes glued to her tits.

No, she was wrong. He was moving. In the crotch he was moving. Maggie could take his pulse by watching the throbs of his swelling prick. She put her hand on his.

“You might come down here with me and talk,” she said softly. “I promise not to bite you.”

He grinned even sillier. He nodded his head rapidly and came down the ladder. He faced her. She grabbed his hands and looked up into his eyes.

“That’s better,” she said. She looked at the leaping movement in his groin and smiled. “I like a man who responds like that.”

“I just can’t believe it,” he finally gasped in a strained voice. “I really expected the brunette to send out some dog for me. That’s my usual luck. While I stand around, Joe makes off with the prize broad while I get stuck with some hag. So how come I get you this morning. Your friend is a pretty girl, don’t get me wrong, but I never knew a girl as pretty as you.”

“Thank you, sir,” Maggie replied with a mock bow.

Shit! He was getting to be too much like Hal Painter. Talk! Talk! She pulled his hands against her tits and slipped one leg between his. The heat of his excited cock came through his pants to excite her as she drew her thigh upward and pressed it against the throbbing mass of prick.

“Damn, lady!” he gasped. “What are you trying to do to me?”

“Keep the pot boiling,” she laughed. “When they finish, we’ll get to fuck while the bed’s still warm. Won’t be long until chapel is over and some of the girls will be coming in to rest between classes. I want you ready to go as soon as we can get to bed.”

“Don’t worry about that,” he assured her. “Let me get my hands on those tits, let me feel those legs around me, and you won’t have to worry about my prick.”

Maggie continued to keep his lust building as they waited. By the time Mary Alice stuck her head out the door and invited them in, the man was in a frenzy.

Joe’s eyes were still dazed as he struggled into his clothes. He smiled feebly at Maggie as she began to slip out of sweater and skirt. He wanted to stay and see if Maggie’s body was really that fantastic without clothes.

“Your turn to watch,” Maggie reminded him.

His face showed disappointment. He shrugged and walked slowly out to join Mary Alice in the hall. Maggie turned to face the panting young man who had stripped and was reaching for her.

“Ohhhhh, God!” he gasped as he plunged his face into her tits. “I never thought I’d last till we got in here. Damn, but you’ve got me horny.”

He pulled her against him and unhooked her bra. He went after her tits again as he pushed her down on the bed and tumbled on top of her. He was a swirl of motion as he groped her tits, sucking and tonguing frantically. He reached inside her panties and began to push his finger into her pussy.

“Ohhhhh,” he gasped.

Maggie slipped the panties off, giving his hand more freedom.

“Ohhhhh, what a piece of tail! What a wonderful piece of pussy!”

He caught one tit in his mouth and sucked feverishly as he mashed his finger demandingly on her clit.

Maggie shivered with the excitement of the fuck and with the erotic pleasure of his caresses. She reached for his cock and fingered the throbbing shaft. He shuddered and sucked hungrily on her tit. His tongue flicked rapidly over her nipple, back and forth.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned, squeezing his cock, then pumping it sensuously. She toyed with his nipples. “Oooooh, I like it! Ohhhh, I do like it!”

His finger reached deeper into her cunt and pumped in and out of her moist passage. He made small circles inside her cunt while his knuckles kept rubbing across her sensitive clit.

She slid her hand along his cock and fingered through the silken hairs to his balls.

He was trembling wildly, his breath gasping and panting on her tits. She thrust her other breast at him as he switched. He sucked even more deliriously while he cupped and mashed and twisted her tits into a state of floating rapture.

“Ohhhhhh!” he muttered as he struggled to control his shuddering prick. “Ohhhhh, lady, you do turn me on!”

Maggie pressed her finger firmly into the area between his ass and his cock. She continued the pressure until she felt him regain control. Damn if she wanted him to shoot off in the air. Nor was she ready for his cock to go in her pussy. She was having too much fun playing with his cock for that. Not yet. Soon she’d slide his cock to her cunt-lips, but first she wanted to work his prick into another fever heat.

“A little trick I learned,” she told him. “We’ll keep that sweet prick calm just a little longer.”

Maggie returned to pumping his cock and gliding her hand sensuously down to his balls before pumping once more.

His face moved from side to side between her tits. He kissed and sacked and licked at the heaving globes. His frantic loving sent deep ripples of pleasure through them. His finger drove firmly into her pussy. He pumped and circled until Maggie was hunching her pussy against his teasing finger and closing her thighs around his hand.

“Uhhhh!” he groaned once more as his body shuddered. “Uhhhhh! I gotta see how these tits feel against my cock. They’re the sweetest tits I ever saw, ever touched. I couldn’t fuck you until I fucked these tits for a while.”

He crawled upward and sat across her hips. She watched the lustful smile on his face as he looked down at her tits. He bent forward until he had his prick between her tits. He pressed her tits up and over his gleaming shaft. Slowly he began to thrust his cock back and forth between them. His eyes glittered and narrowed.

Maggie felt the heat from his cock warming her tits, the friction from the tit-fuck sending warm ripples over her breasts.

“Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh!” he panted as he fucked more violently.

Maggie looked down and saw the brilliant red of the cock-head come surging out of her soft tits with each thrust. The redhead twisted beneath him, her passion rising from the erotic play and from the expression of lust on his face.

He closed his eyes as he shoved his cock against her tits in greater and greater force. Maggie closed her eyes and pictured Hal Painter sitting on her feeding his prick into her tits. She gasped in delight at the image and felt her pussy glowing from the hope that some day it might actually be her sexy professor fucking her.

“Mmmmm!” she sighed. “Ooooooh, I like it! I never had my tits fucked like this before, but I like it! I’ll have to try it again. Ooooooh, it’s sending chills through me.”

They really weren’t chills. They were more like crackling sparks of electrical energy shooting through her body. She reached for his ass and began to caress the firm flesh. She fingered along his crack until she thought he was going to leap off her in his excitement.

“Ohhhhh!” he cried. “Ohhhhh, you are the best! You are the greatest! Ohhhh, Lord! Am I getting a head of steam!”

His cock was trembling ecstatically as he thrust a few more violent times. Then he slowly released her tits and slid down her body until he was hovering over her cunt. He spread her legs and brought his cock against her cunt-lips.

“Can’t take much more of those tits,” he gasped. “My prick is so hot I’d better get it in your pussy before I shoot my wad all over your tits.”

Maggie breathed a sigh of relief. She was also aware that the bell might ring at any moment. The girls could start coming into the dorm any time now.

“Yes!” she breathed passionately. “Yes! Yes! Get it in my pussy! Hurry! Fuck me! Get it in there and fuck me! Ooooooeeeeeeee!”

He slammed into her and began to fuck in earnest. His cock drove frantically into her cunt. She could hear the sound of his prick sliding in the moisture of her passage. She could hear the small pop as suction was released each time he drew his cock back for another lunge. She listened to the sensuous slap of their bodies as she felt her pussy rapidly pulsing around his prick.

“Uhhhh!” he panted. “Uhhhh! Uhhhhh!”

She felt his body begin to tremble. His orgasm was building inside his cock. She sensed the nearness of his eruption and her own climax surged.

“Ooooooh,” she cried. “Hurry! Fuck me! Oooooooh! Let it go! Let it fill me! Mmmmmm! Oooooooh! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

“Aaaaaiiii!” he gasped as his cock shuddered in a final thrust before it unleashed its hot charge into her pussy. “Aaaaiiii! There it is! There’s what you’ve been begging for!”


Maggie shuddered as her own orgasm followed immediately. She clamped her legs around his charging body. She hugged him. She kissed him. She tongued him frantically. She thrust her tits against his chest, nipples brushing nipples.

“Ohhhhh!” he panted as his cock finally began to subside. “Ohhhhh, what a fuck! What a piece of pussy! Damn!”

She looked at the smile of pleasure on his face. Outside she heard the bell ring. What a sense of timing. It was close, but they got the fuck in. They sure the hell did.

“You’re pretty damn good yourself,” she replied, then parted her lips for his kiss. They were still kissing as a soft tap came on the door.

“You guys better hurry it up,” Mary Alice called through the door. “I hear them downstairs already.”

Maggie smiled as the young man slid his cock out of her pussy. He hurriedly dressed. He winked at her, then came back for a last kiss before he eased through the door to join his friend and return to work.

“Hell, I thought I fucked loudly,” Mary Alice teased as she came into the room and watched Maggie dress. “Ohhhhh, how you do carry on when you get some cock in you.”

Mary Alice had said it in imitation of the workman’s voice, then she ducked Maggie’s playful swat. They stood laughing at each other as they waited for enough commotion to go on in the hall that they could leave for class without being apparent they had cut chapel.

“Beats the hell out of a sermon every time,” Mary Alice laughed as they prepared to leave. “Every time.”

Maggie smiled. She looked up at the workman and blew him a kiss as they walked down the hall. She felt the satisfaction of noticing the envy on Joe’s face as he watched the affection which passed between her and the friend who usually ended up with the dog.

For once, the man who resembled Hal Painter had come out the better. Maggie swung her ass as sensuously as she could. She felt good. She felt damn good. She’d had a good fuck and done the guy a great favor at the same time.


“So we would love to have you spend the weekend with us,” Dr. Harold Painter smiled.

Maggie looked up at him, eyes sparkling. Her tits were pounding at the thought. A weekend with Harold Painter! The tingles went through her pussy as she considered it.

They wouldn’t be alone, of course. Not always.

Her professor had suggested her name to the dean as a student to attend the regional workshop in creative writing. The tall instructor had asked her about it earlier and had just received confirmation of her selection.

“As I told you,” Maggie replied, “I’d love the chance to go. I’m still in a state of shock that you would even consider me.”

“Oh, you’re the first one I considered,” Harold answered as his eyes dropped to her trembling tits. “In fact, I hadn’t thought of anyone else if you had turned me down. You’re more mature than the other students. I think you can deal with some of the, uh, rather adult subject matter we will be discussing.”

“If you mean dirty, I’m looking forward to it,” Maggie laughed as her tits brushed against his arm. “Wheee! Am I looking forward to it!”

Dr. Painter laughed with her, his cock swelling within his pants at the sensation of her breasts against his arm. He suddenly blushed. He stammered a moment, then stepped back from her and busily tried to resume an interest in the sheets of lecture notes on his desk.

“It’s decided, then,” he announced. “Excellent. I’ll let you know more after all plans are set. You will be riding up with me, I assume?”

“Of course!” Maggie answered as she turned to leave.

Hell yes, she’d ride up with him. With any luck at all, she could get a tumble in before they ever arrived at the mountain resort where the workshop was scheduled.

Maggie swung her ass in her most suggestive manner as she walked from the room. She was elated.

Her telephone spat with Loren was wiped out of her memory. The conniving preacher had almost wet his pants when she had suggested that she join him this weekend in Jacksonburg. He stammered over the phone, talked in circles, finally telling Maggie that it would not be convenient at all for her to come down.

“In two or three weeks, maybe we can work it out,” he had said. “Really, you should concentrate on your school work. I’ll be so busy I won’t have a minute to spend with you. You can’t imagine how hectic the weekend is. I have to accomplish a week’s work in two day’s time. I just know it wouldn’t work at all. We’d end up shouting at each other in our frustration.”

Maggie had slammed the phone down. Maggie had been seething, ready to get even with Loren if she had to fuck the whole damn student body to do it. Now she was interested more in the faculty as she bounded down the hall toward her room.

Mary Alice wasn’t there. Maggie sighed in disgust.

She walked to her desk. There was a note from her roommate. It was about Bob. Bob? What Bob? Then Maggie remembered the name of the boy friend Mary Alice referred to on occasion. Bob Johnson who was supposed to have such a hot thing going with Mary Alice, yet he never called, never wrote, never came over to visit.

Bob was coming over. He was due over tonight. He’d called. He would be by the dorm just before dinner to pick up Mary Alice and go out to eat. There was Mary Alice’s problem. She had a date. She had a date that she didn’t want to break.

In the late afternoon, she pleaded with Maggie to have dinner with her boy friend and keep him around until she could get to him.

“Why the hell not?” Maggie asked out loud. “Sure beats the food in the dining hall.”

Still, there was a complication for her. How was she going to get any cock if she had to spend most of the evening entertaining Mary Alice’s boy friend?

Maggie had planned on getting fucked tonight. Well, she shrugged, there still might be some boy around the student center after Mary Alice took over with Bob. If not, there was the weekend ahead. She could certainly get fucked tomorrow night just as easily as tonight.

She was ready by the time Bob called on her. Maggie checked her appearance in the mirror. The shimmering green jersey clung to every luscious curve, dazzling any observer with the display of tits and ass.

“Bob Johnson?” she asked in the reception area as she came downstairs. “Is Bob Johnson here?”

She gasped as Bob stood up and walked over to answer her call. She had expected a young man, not this middle-aged person coming toward her. Bob was as tall as Maggie. His eyes showed his confusion as he walked toward the lovely young woman.

“Yes?” he greeted her. “I’m Bob Johnson. You have a message for me?”

Maggie reached for his hand. She saw the flicker in his eyes that showed his appreciation of her looks.

“Mary Alice had an important meeting tonight,” Maggie lied. “She won’t be able to meet you until later. I’m her roommate. Mary Alice suggested I substitute for her until she can slip out of her meeting. Of course, that’s if you don’t mind.”

Bob brightened at her offer, his body seemed to leap at the thought. His eyes sparkled as he nodded.

“Mind?” he gasped. “Hell no, I don’t mind. Mary Alice told me a little about you. She told me you were the most beautiful girl I’d ever see. I have to admit that she wasn’t lying.”

“Flatterer!” Maggie teased as she took his arm. They walked through the hall toward the front steps. “Don’t stop, though. I like it!”

Bob looked over at Maggie and beamed, clearly ecstatic over having such a gorgeous girl for his dinner companion.

Maggie recalled Mary Alice telling him about herself. How much had Mary Alice told about her? Did this man know that she was married? Did he know that she had been messing around on her husband?

Maggie glanced over at him and calmed herself. Whatever he might know about her, he was happy as he could be at the chance to take her out.


Damn, but the food was good! A good, thick steak was a hell of an improvement over the frozen fishsticks they would have been serving at the dining hall.

Maggie looked up and smiled at the man who sat watching her closely. Bob had not been able to take his eyes off her all night. They had driven out to the Rockwood Inn for dinner. Bob had mentioned casually that he was staying in the inn for the weekend.

He had wanted to waste time, Maggie thought. He’d planned to bring Mary Alice out here, wine her and dine her, then take her to his room and fuck her good. She felt sympathy for Bob Johnson. He wasn’t a bad sort of guy, really quite nice. He was overly attentive, which didn’t upset a girl who had been married to a non-attentive husband for four years.

He was attentive now as he watched her finish her steak. He signaled the waitress to come take her order for dessert.

Maggie declined. She hadn’t eaten this much in months. She leaned back in the booth and smiled across the table. Maggie wondered once more how Mary Alice was going to find them, unless she knew where Bob was staying tonight.

“I understand that they have an excellent combo in the lounge,” Bob suggested. “Perhaps you’d like to listen to them or dance while we wait for Mary Alice.”

“A Hillcrest coed in there?” Maggie cautioned him. “They’d be sure to find that out. We aren’t allowed to go in any places like that, not if they serve whiskey.”

“But Mary Alice and I go out dancing when she’s home or when she comes to visit me,” Bob protested.

“Yes,” Maggie said, “but there’d be no danger of some friend of the administration being in there and reporting her.”

“Ohhhhh,” he sighed. “It’s like that around here. Too bad. I’d sure like a drink. I’m no student. I do have a bottle in my room, if you’d rather wait there for Mary Alice to contact us.”

Maggie looked into his eyes. They were not innocent as they met her gaze.

Maggie smiled as she began to rise from the table. She liked this little guy. He wasn’t a bad sort at all. In fact, he might make a pretty good fuck. If Mary Alice was going to leave him hanging out on a limb, then some girl might as well get a little use out of him. The only problem was that Mary Alice might show up at the wrong time.

Hell! That was something that would be faced then. Right now, Maggie was interested in what Bob had to offer in his bedroom.

He did not take long in showing her. As she walked into his room, he stepped in behind her.

The door closed softly, then she felt his breath at her neck. His hands came slowly and gently around her waist. He pulled her to him and kissed her shoulders and neck.

“God! You’re beautiful!” he gasped. “You should be on stage instead of at this backwater college. A girl like you, with your looks, could write her own ticket.”

She felt the heat of his cock against her ass. His hands came up and cupped beneath her tits.

Maggie shuddered at the gentleness of his touch and leaned back into his embrace. She turned so he could kiss her.

“Mmmmmm,” she sighed, her passion rising with the increased play of his hands on her tits. “Mmmmm, I’ve been wanting this all night.”

“You’re kidding,” Bob panted.

His tongue eased slowly and sensuously into her mouth. Their tongues embraced in delicious teasing. She felt his cock throbbing against the thin jersey of her dress. Her ass warmed from its glow and tingled in anticipation.

Maggie slowly rubbed her buttocks against his cock and felt the rapid increase in the man’s pulse. She slowly turned her body to face him.

“No kidding at all,” she assured him. “I don’t kid around when it comes to fucking. That’s serious. A good fuck is something to work at in dead earnest.”

“Are you?” he asked, lifting his head a moment. His eyes pierced into her while his hands caressed her throbbing tits. “Are you a good fuck?”

“Why don’t you find out!”

Maggie pulled his head down to her tits. She rubbed her breasts all over him as he panted and gasped in soaring passion. His hands caught the cheeks of her ass in a delicious caress, then they ran up and down her thighs.

“Ohhhh, what a doll!” he gasped. “What a delicate, delicious doll you are.”

He lifted her and carried her toward the bed. She hugged him and let her tits rub over his chest and face. She was shivering in anxious anticipation as he laid her on the bed. He reached for the zipper.

“I’ve wanted to do this all night,” he told her in a voice hoarse with passion. “I’ve wanted to see your naked body. I want to see those tits naked. I want to get my hands on them without silk or nylon in the way.”

He stripped her dress downward and bared her to the waist. Only the bra protected her tits from the heat of his lusting hands. That protection lasted only a second.

Bob unhooked the soft white nylon and drew it off her shoulders and arms. He sat back and looked at her. He moistened his lips as his eyes glowed in approval of the luscious display of tit.

“Damn!” he murmured softly. “Damn! They’re even more beautiful. I’ve seen all sorts of tits in my lifetime, but I’ve never seen anything to equal these.”

He caught one tit and fondled it slowly, expertly, until it was shuddering in desire. His fingers slowly closed around it, pressing her shimmering nipple and areola out toward him.

Maggie gasped. “Kiss it! Suck it! Kiss it until it goes wild. I want to feel your lips on it. Please! Suck it! Suck my tit, Bob! Suck my tit!”

He smiled at her softly, then his lips touched her nipple. He increased the force of his kiss gradually, driving her into spasms of erotic demand before he finally began to suck her tit.

Maggie shuddered, the heat of lust soaring through her. She reached for his belt. She was gasping under the sensuous suction of his mouth before she managed to release the buckle and unzip his pants.

Bob had begun to work on her other tit by the time she managed to pull his swollen cock out. She cuddled his wonderful cock happily. She wanted to kiss it, but she could not get to it because his face was at her tits. She was forced to satisfy herself with caressing and pumping the rigid and quivering prick while Bob sucked her tits.

“Mmmmm,” she gasped, throwing her head back as she pumped his cock wildly. “Mmmmmm, it feels so strong, so strong and sweet.”

Bob pushed the lovely woman down on the bed and knelt over her. He’d never seen such beauty, never dreamed there could be such beauty. Her cock-maddening lips smiled her appreciation. Her tits thrust upwards toward him, proud and firm, despite their softness.

“Damn!” he panted. “I never dreamed, never hoped to see such a lovely woman.”

“You going to stand there talking all night,” she gasped, “or are you going to do something about it?”

He smiled in delight at her eagerness to fuck. Bob slipped out of his clothes. He heard the sexy rustle from the bed as Maggie slipped her dress off, then she stripped hose and panties down her legs.

Bob turned back to her and froze a moment as he saw Maggie stretch out on the bed in her full glory. He stared awestruck at her creamy body, her lush curves waiting expectantly for him. Bob sat beside her. Maggie read the adoration in his eyes as he leaned over her and began to kiss along her shoulders.

“God! How lovely!” he murmured gently. “You should be worshipped! You should be displayed for the world to worship! A Goddess! A lovely Goddess!”

Soft kisses sent tremors through her body. Maggie had never been loved in this way. She’d been pawed over, grabbed at, lusted after. She’d never had this kind of treatment. Her body felt every nerve come alive in response to his adoring mouth as Bob kissed her tits. His lips circled each breast before pausing to suck slowly on the quivering nipple.

“Oooooh, you make me feel so special,” Maggie answered him. “You make me feel like I really am a Goddess.”

“You should feel that way,” he sighed as he kissed down her tummy, kissing her navel and sucking softly. “You should always feel that way. You’re that kind of a girl.”

Maggie shuddered as he kissed her thighs. She was panting as he moved along her thighs, her body pounding in expectation.

God, she could hardly bear the suspense. Why didn’t he hurry? She wanted him to hurry, she wanted him to continue his teasing adoration. She was a limp mass of trembling nerves as he finally began licking the silken hairs of her cunt.

“Ooooooh, yes!” she hissed. “Yessssss, yesssssss! Kiss me there, Bob! Kiss my pussy! Suck it till I scream! Ooooooh, Bob, you are magnificent! Ooooooh!”

His lips met the soft, moist opening of her cunt. He kissed slowly, gently. She shuddered beneath his loving as he began to suck on her pussy. Maggie was beginning to lose control of her body. She was merely a raw nerve for him to manipulate with his magical lips. She was alive! She was dying! She was afire! She was exploding in hot, sensuous quakes of passion.

“Oooooo, God! Get it in me, Bob!” she pleaded. “Please! Get your cock inside me. Fuck me, Bob! Ooooooh, please! Fuck me! Fuck me before I explode!”

“No way,” he soothed. “If my lovely red-head wants to be fucked, then I’ll fuck her.”

He brought the head of his cock against her pussy. Bob’s prick was short and stubby. It was wide, though.

Maggie shivered in erotic delirium as his prick spread her pussy and drove slowly inside. Her clit vibrated wildly. Her vaginal passage quivered around the welcomed intruder. She felt her body begin to shake with rising spasms. The red-haired beauty sucked his cock with her pussy. Her cunt quivered along the shaft, squeezing his cock with the walls of her cunt.

“Mmmmmm,” she sighed. “Now fuck me. Fuck me all night, Bob! Fuck me till I’m too weak to get out of bed! Then fuck me again!”

“Uhhhh!” he panted as he drove his cock into her cunt. “Uhhhh! I’ll give you a ride. I’ll show you a fuck. You want a fuck, you’ll get a fuck!”

Maggie got her fuck. She got one hell of a fuck. The middle-aged man surprised her with his energy, with his expertise. He rammed his cock into her. He drove his cock through her. He moved his prick in delicious circles as he fucked her. He caressed her ass and fingered her asshole as he fucked her.

Maggie felt the soaring orgasm begin to shake her. She gasped and panted for breath as the explosion began to erupt inside her.

“Oooooooh!” she gasped. “I’m there, Bob! My pussy is blowing apart! Ooooooh, fuck me harder. Feed me some cum! Fill me! Fuck me! Don’t let me go alone!”

“No way!” he panted. “No way! I’m right behind you! I’m letting go right now!”

She felt his gushing semen spurt into her cunt. She felt the warmth of his cum filling her. She thrashed about in the bed in her passionate orgasm while he fucked her with increasing frenzy.

“Aaaaaaa!” he finally cried as his cock emptied itself with a final series of shuddering explosions. “Ohhhhhh, what a woman! What a hell of a fuck!”

“You loved me into it,” she told him afterwards. “The way you kissed all over my body, I couldn’t be anything but a bundle of passion.”

They lay side by side, caressing each other. He answered the phone when it rang. He smiled as he hung up.

“Your roommate suggested we get in another fuck,” he laughed. “Mary Alice figured we’d end up this way. She said you needed it tonight. She’ll get hers tomorrow. Tonight is for you, all for you.”


“Get her, Mule, get her!” Maggie called out from the circle of students sitting around the couple in the middle of the floor.

“She’s been begging for it all night,” Wade Williams cried. “Show her how we fuck at Hillcrest. Give her a taste of Hillcrest cock!”

Maggie shivered in excitement. The blonde had been asking for it. She’d been twisting her body around every body in the sex club. Margie had teased them with her body and with her words. She would deserve every thrust of Mule’s huge prick. Just because she attended State College was no reason to refer to Hillcrest students as sexually retarded. The stupid little piece of cunt had bragged that there weren’t any ten Hillcrest men who could satisfy her if they stood in a row and took turns.

The usually mild Mule had finally gotten his shit level full of her.

“You made the offer, honey,” he panted in anger as he spun her around. His eyes flashed over her young body, focusing on the pair of thrusting tits. “We’ll just see what’s so special about State College pussy. I’m appointing myself as first in that line. If there’s anything left, the other nine can try it on.”

Mule grabbed her about the waist and lifted her up. He held her as if she were a rag doll, then brought her tits against his face. He rubbed them over his mouth, laughing the whole time.

Margie realized the tremendous strength in the arms which held her so easily, in the huge torso below her, in the mammoth cock that throbbed against her. She gasped.

“Too late, now!” Mary Alice scoffed. “You have old Mule angry. No way he’ll settle down until he’s gotten his pussy. You got him mad, you’ll have to settle him down.”

“Won’t any of you help me!” Margie begged. “You all going to sit there and let him rape me?”

“Won’t be rape!” Wade shouted. “You invited any ten of us. We’re only sending in the first team. No substitutes. Just enjoy it, baby! You won’t find cock like Mule’s over at State!”

The crowd of spectators whooped in delight as Margie was carried toward the bed. Someone pulled the sheets down, removing any veil between the fuck about to occur and the panting, delighted observers. Mule tossed the girl onto the bed and reached for her skirt. A single yank had it down, to be followed by her hose and panties.

Maggie joined the others in applauding the display of exposed pussy. She watched with pulsing excitement.

Mule’s finger teased her pussy. He shoved her sweater upward to get at her tits, jerking her bra off with a single rough motion.

“Get them!” Mary Alice cheered. “Get at those tits, Mule!”

The tits had sagged with the removal of the bra. Margie had tits which sagged without the firm uplift of her bra. Still, she had the most luscious areolas Maggie had ever seen.

Mule was fascinated by her tits as well. The huge man reached for them and lifted her tits gently. He smiled his approval at the blonde while his fingers worked on her nipples.

“I’ll have them sticking out again,” he promised her. “Before I get through with these babies, they’ll be standing up and begging.”

He stepped back from her a moment and slipped his shirt off. Maggie watched the expression on Margie’s face as his pants dropped to display his immense pecker.

The blonde gasped in shock at his cock size. Her eyes showed fright at the thought of him fucking her with that much meat. Her eyes showed horror, yet her lips glistened as she licked them. Her body arched toward the hulking boy as he climbed over her.

“She’s not afraid of you, Mule!” Wade cried out, “You’re going to have to show her you know what to do with that meat.”

They watched Mule’s huge hands envelop a pair of heaving tits. The blonde was lost from view as Mule’s tremendous size covered her soft body. They could only catch glimpses of her legs and ass, of strands of blonde hair and a slender arm. The big tackle went after her roughly. His body shook and twisted about as he grabbed handfuls of tits and ass.

Wade pulled Maggie over to him and crushed her tits. He lifted her thighs and slid her up against his swollen cock as her legs wrapped around him. They sat cock to cunt as they watched the erotic scene on the bed. Maggie pressed her tits against his chest. She could imagine the sensation of Margie’s tits under Mule’s huge, lust-filled hands.

“Oooooh!” the blonde cried from the bed, her cry muffled. “Ooooooh! Easy! You’re going to hurt me! I never had that much cock before!”

Maggie watched Mule raise his ass as he shoved his cock into her glowing pussy. The big cock-head was already buried as he shuddered, feeling the delicious sensation of a tight cunt around his prick. His hands still worked on her tits. His sensuous massage had her breasts thrusting upward. He held her ass in one immense hand while his other hand stroked her thighs. Slowly he buried his cock deeper into her pussy while the blonde shuddered and gasped at the mixture of pain and pleasure.

Maggie slipped her panties off. She knelt beside Wade and unzipped his fly, then she sat once more with her thighs wrapped around him and his slender cock bobbing in excitement against her pussy.

Wade smiled his delight and held her tightly while his cock struggled to get deeper into her. They wriggled their asses on the floor, pressing cock and cunt together while they watched the fantastic scene on the bed.

Gasps and groans were coming from all parts of the room. Maggie and Wade weren’t the only couple who had been unable to contain themselves with a fuck going on before their eyes. The sounds of fingers plunging through cunt juice, the sounds of pricks slapping pussies, the soft moans of aroused students, all joined the groans of the twisting blonde.

“Mmmmmm,” Mule moaned as his cock finally managed to lunge fully into her. “Ohhhhh, what a sweet pussy! You haven’t had as much cock as you claimed, though. Your pussy wouldn’t be so damn tight if you got fucked every night.”

He fucked her slowly, her slender body shuddering with each thrust. He held her by her ass, crushing her, pumping her against his passion-hardened prick.

Margie hung limply in his arms.

Maggie looked closely, fearing the girl had fainted. No way — she smiled! The blonde was simply limp with ecstasy. Her body was quivering over the massive cock. Her tits were rising and falling with rapid pants against Mule’s chest. She was glowing all over in pleasure. The blonde hadn’t fainted. She was lost in the delirious thrill of the fuck. She had yielded herself totally to his impassioned fuck.

Maggie squirmed her pussy against his trembling cock. She felt the warmth of Wade’s meat spreading her pussy, filling her passage with deep pleasure. She hunched along the shaft and rolled her tits sensuously against him. Wade reached beneath her sweater and grabbed her heaving tits. His cock was driving with increasing fervor as he unhooked her bra and began to twist her tits. Her nipples glowed as they hardened beneath his play. She gasped from the swirling delight which rippled through them.

“Ooooooh,” Maggie gasped. “Mmmmmm!”

Their bodies twisted about, pounding, trembling with their growing passion. They could hear the sensuous moans of the blonde as Mule began to thrust his massive prick into her pussy with reckless ferocity. Maggie listened to the cries of the girl as she went into her orgasm. She shuddered as Mule continued his fuck ignoring the blonde’s panting pleas to reach his climax.

Maggie let her shimmering cunt ride freely over Wade’s frantic prick. She shook with powerful tremors as they rose to join the peak of the girl who still moaned on the bed.

“God!” Wade gasped. “I’m about to get there! I’m on the verge of shooting my wad!”

His words were more than welcome to the redhead. Maggie tightened her legs around him and clamped her legs against his ass in rhythm with the hunching of her pussy. She felt his prick tremble deliriously, then spurt its hot semen into her.

“Oooooh,” she cried in delight. “Oooooh! There we are together! I’m having one as strong as yours! Drive that cock into me, Wade! Fuck me! Fuck me harder and harder!”

They held each other tightly as their bodies pounded together. They rode through the fuck, slowing gradually. Even when they had settled back into a soft hazy quiet, they remained in the same position. Her pussy periodically contracted in a loving spasm around his cock which still lay deep inside her cunt.

“I never did it that way before,” Maggie confessed. “I never figured it would be worth the effort to fuck sitting down.”

“How do you feel about it now?”

“New experience,” she admitted. “I like it! We were able to slip in a good fuck and still watch everything that was going on.”

“Still is,” Wade smiled, nodding to the bed. “Mule’s still going after her pussy. I think he has her ready for another orgasm.”

The blonde was pleading with Mule now. Her voice was shaky. Her body seemed even more helpless as Mule’s immense body fucked away in increasing strength.

“Please!” Margie cried. “Please do it to me! Unload all that cock in me! I’m going again, Mule! Ooooooh! I’m having another one! Mmmmmm! Please let it come! Let it fill me up! Ohhhhh God! Mule! Please!”

Maggie shuddered as she saw Mule tremble with his own exploding cock. He shouted his release as he drove viciously into the soft, young body beneath him.

“Uhhhhh! I’ll fuck you! I’ll show you how we fuck at Hillcrest!” He fucked her until she seemed to be in danger of being seriously injured. He banged and balled until her body was limp and passive.

“How about Hillcrest men, now?” Mule panted. “How many more do you want before I take another turn?”

“Mmmmmm,” Margie sighed softly. “Mmmmm, I’d like a few more like that. Not right yet, though. I’ve got to get over that fuck. Mule, you did it! You gave me a better fuck than I ever thought was possible. There’s no man at State who could equal you. None, damn it!”

With the exciting fuck ended, Maggie was about to suggest another fuck with Wade. She was interrupted by one of the girls who stood up and called for everyone’s attention.

“If you’ll all move back along the walls,” she announced, “we’ll get a chain started.”

Maggie looked at Wade’s beaming face. Wade assisted her to her feet and guided her toward the wall.

“You never been in a chain before?” he asked. Then he laughed softly and squeezed her breast. “Married to a preacher, I don’t suppose you have. They like to keep all the pussy to themselves. Long as you don’t have any hang-ups about sucking, I think you’ll enjoy it.”

The girls were invited to form a circle in the middle of the room. Maggie hesitated, looking at Mary Alice for some advice. This looked like it was going to be some sort of gang-bang. Maggie might take on several cocks in a row, but not all at the same time.

The men smiled in delight as the girls began undressing, then they joined the mass strip.

Maggie watched the exposure of various sizes and conditions of cocks as the boys dropped their shorts and stood waiting expectantly. A few fondled their cocks in preparation. Most just stood casually against the wall and watched the luscious display of tits and asses and pussies.

The girls lay down in a large circle, turning on their sides to face the men. They spaced themselves several feet apart in the circle of naked bodies. The men lay down beside them. Each girl slipped forward to bring her face up against a cock, while her pussy was against the face of the boy beneath her. Slowly they began to fondle and caress the cocks as Maggie felt the thrill of hands toying with her cunt.

The boy at her pussy, she had seen him around the campus but did not know him, began kissing her cunt. He reached up and felt her tits.

Maggie felt a slow tingling sensation creeping through her body as he teased with his lips and hands. He kissed along her upper thighs and back onto the lower part of her buttocks. He kissed until he brushed the lips of her cunt. He never solidly planted his lips over her pussy, though.

Maggie felt the result of his teasing approach. Her pussy was trembling in anticipation. Her tits were sparkling in desire for his hands to grasp them roughly.

“Mmmmm,” she sighed as erotic waves rippled through her. “Oooooh, yes. Mmmmmm.”

She fondled the cock which was close to her face. She glanced up to try to identify the owner of the prick. A boy from her literature class, she was almost certain. One of the men who sat quietly in class, leaning his seat against the wall as he listened, half-asleep, to Harold Painter’s lectures.

Maggie shuddered as the image of Dr. Painter came to mind. Hal wouldn’t want her here. Hal Painter would cancel her trip with him if he had any idea what she was doing tonight. Maggie had a sudden urge to break away from the circle of lusty students and run back to the dorm. Her body was for Hal! Her pussy was for Painter’s lips and cock. Her mouth was for his lips, for his prick. She was being unfaithful to her professor.

The warm hardness of the cock she held in her hands shook her back to reality. Maggie scolded herself for letting her attention be taken away from the sensually-writhing circle of students.

Maggie fingered the boy’s balls with one hand while the other hand slowly and tauntingly drew the skin back along the rigid shaft of his prick. Damn Hal Painter, anyway! She’d have been in his bed tonight if he had made a pass at her.

Her hands increased their play with the shuddering cock. She pulled it downward and kissed the tip, then licked around the swollen head. The boy trembled, his thighs trapping her head so that his cock could be hunched into her mouth. Maggie struggled with his prick. He clamped his thighs more firmly around her until she accepted the inevitable outcome. She slowly took the prick between her lips, sucking on the powerful head as it shuddered frantically.

The boy beneath her had ended his gentle teasing. His lips were firmly clamped on her cunt. Maggie felt the force of his suction drawing her pussy into slow throbs of passion. His hands held her tits in lusty grasps, fingers delighting in the softness of her flesh, thumbs pressing her nipples until she was writhing in delirious pleasure.

“Mmmmm,” she sighed as the cock thrust wildly in her mouth. “Mmmmmm!”

The boy shoved it deeper into her mouth, the head of his cock touching the opening of her throat and creating a moment of panic for the girl. He was going to strangle her. Her throat couldn’t take that cock without choking her.

Maggie let the tip of his prick fit into her throat, then she drew back enough to get some air. She fell into the rhythm of the face fuck. She felt the tempo spread throughout her body. She throbbed to the rhythm. She pulsed with the growing demand of the excited prick.

Her pussy glowed from the sucking it received. Her cunt was inflamed as the suction continued drawing her passion through every nerve. He sucked. He licked. He sucked again.

Maggie writhed and twisted, her body pounding with the surging lust that possessed her. She gasped and rolled about. Beyond her, the sounds of the circle told her that every other girl was responding as eagerly as she. Everyone slithered all over the floor. Cocks delighted in the soft, moist mouths they pumped. Cunts erupted into pulsing orgasms.

“Uhhhhh!” the redhead gasped as she felt the final trembling of his cock. “Uhhhhh!”

Maggie tasted his semen. The cum kept pouring from his prick until her mouth was filled. Maggie struggled to free her head from the imprisonment of his thighs. She had to spit the cum out, but she couldn’t free herself. He kept pumping his cock at her. More cum gushed against her throat. She tensed herself and forced a swallow. Her pussy oozed, drawn toward the waiting lips of the boy who had sucked it out.

The room resounded with gasps and pants, with the noise of flailing bodies, with the sudden cries of ecstasy. Maggie yielded herself to the delight of her two men. Warmth flooded through her.


“Ready?” Mary Alice asked as she turned from the mirror where she had just finished adjusting the skirt of her dress. She looked at her roommate with appreciation.

Maggie looked even lovelier than usual. Her cool, mint-green dress clung to her. Her deep-red hair sparkled. Brilliant blue eyes sparkled in anticipation of the evening ahead of them.

Mary Alice felt the thrill of having the beautiful girl with her. She’d show her about town. She’d enjoy the attention she would get from men who had previously ignored her as too young, too girlish to be taken seriously. With this stacked piece of woman beside her, they would be the center of attention at any bar they happened to visit.

“You sure this is all right? You positive we won’t get in any trouble with the college?” Maggie asked.

The brunette had assured Maggie that the college rules did not apply when you were at home. That had been part of the reason for coming home with Mary Alice for the weekend. It would give them a good chance to try out some of the things they couldn’t risk at Hillcrest. That was part of the reason.

Loren MacDonald was the other reason.

Maggie still laughed as she imagined his stricken expression when he read the letter she had sent this week. Maggie had acted as though she had been invited down for the next two weekends. She apologized for not being able to keep those dates. She explained about next weekend’s workshop. Of course she didn’t tell about Dr. Painter. She didn’t tell what she really had planned for the seminar. She just said she’d be tied up that weekend.

Maggie laughed at the disgusted expression on Mary Alice’s face. She held up her hands, pleading to be spared another lecture, then she picked up her pocket book and joined her friend as they walked toward the living room.

Loren should be in a panic by now, Maggie imagined. She’d written of her plans for this trip home with Mary Alice. Casually, just as casually as she could, she had mentioned that her roommate had a cousin in Jacksonburg. Perhaps, she suggested, cousin Susan might be a member of his congregation.

“Wow!” Mary Alice’s father exclaimed as the girls walked through the living room. He forgot about the program on TV as he stood up and let his eyes devour the lovely redhead.

Mary Alice kissed him lightly on the cheek.

“Sure you don’t want an armed guard?” he laughed. “Damn! The way you look, we’d better take a regiment along for protection.”

“Damn if I don’t believe you could seduce the old man himself,” Mary Alice laughed as they backed out the drive and headed the car toward town. “I thought his eyes were going to pop out when he looked at you. Shall I send you back about the time Mom goes to bed so you can get a little from Dad?”

“Oh shut up!” Maggie laughed as she slapped the brunette’s thigh affectionately. “Keep your eye on the road. Where are we going anyway?”

“Out on the make,” Mary Alice answered. “This is our night on the make.”

I’m for that, Maggie thought. She leaned back against the seat and began to relax from the excitement of the trip and the exhilaration of having placed Loren in such a delicate situation. Her body tingled with anticipation. She’d never gone out like this before. She’d never gone to a bar to be picked up by some man.

The new situation was so liberating to Maggie. If she wanted a drink she’d take one. She’d purchase her own or let some interested man supply her. She was going to get gloriously drunk and gloriously fucked. The thought of the evening left her shivering with excitement.

This was a hell of a lot better than messing around with other students from Hillcrest. Her two brief evenings of that had caused enough problems. Both Mule and Wade were acting too possessive. Some of the faculty had already eyed her with disapproving expressions. Sooner or later she was sure to be taken aside and reprimanded. Married women were not expected to be so cozy with campus studs.

Yes, this sort of evening was far better for her. She’d get herself a good length of cock and never have to worry about walking out of class to face her fucker’s beaming face. That was far safer, far more in keeping with her needs. She didn’t want a deep relationship. She wasn’t looking for an old-fashioned love affair.

Perhaps Dr. Painter could fill that need. She’d know more about such a possibility after next weekend. Tonight all she wanted was a raunchy fuck.

Maggie closed her eyes and remembered the evening with Bob Johnson. She fervently hoped he was representative of all older men. If she could get that much of a fuck tonight, she would be supremely content.

“Let’s try this one first,” Mary Alice suggested.

Maggie had been so lost in thought that she hadn’t noticed when they passed through the business district. They were somewhere out on the highway. Motel and service-station signs flashed along the side of the roadway. The building where they had stopped, however, had only a single unlit beer ad hanging over the door.

“You sure this is a safe place?” Maggie asked. “It looks awfully dark.”

“Best place in the county,” Mary Alice laughed. “Don’t let the outside appearance fool you. It’s nice inside. Wasn’t always, though. A few years back it was a real dive. Nobody ever came here but whores and a few men looking for whores.”

“So what happened?” Maggie asked, reading the twinkle in her friend’s eyes.

“Better class of whores started showing up,” Mary Alice smiled. “That brought a better class of paying customers. The owner put in hard liquor, then renovated the place. He left the outside alone, though, as a reminder of where he started. Some claim it’s also to discourage any innocent traveler and wife who might drop in for a meal, expecting a normal restaurant.”

They walked toward the door. Maggie gasped when the brunette opened the door and let her lead the way inside. The interior was every bit as plush as the outside was bare. Maggie stepped onto deep, lush carpeting. Candles glittered on tables, colored lights glowed overhead.

“Oooooooh!” the red-head gasped, turning back to her friend. “This is pretty in here. I’d never have guessed it from the street.”

“That’s the way it’s meant to be,” Mary Alice commented. “All the local cops are paid off. They don’t want any state people to get suspicious. Hard liquor is illegal in this county.”

“You’re kidding!” Maggie gasped as she looked at the well-supplied bar. Waitresses flitted among the tables, clad in skirts that revealed the ruffles on their black panties. Their blouses were low enough to show nipples whenever they leaned over.

The two girls made their way to a table beside the small dance floor. Maggie was fully aware of the male eyes that followed her as she walked past them. This would be a good night, a damn good night. The men seemed prosperous and cultured. The combo was excellent. The atmosphere was perfect.

Maggie settled into her chair and smiled approvingly at Mary Alice.

“First drink is compliments of the house,” the young waitress told them as she took their orders. She smiled knowingly at the two and winked. “After that, I expect we’ll have men standing in line to pay for them.”

Maggie thanked her and watched the swing of her ass when she went back to the bar. The girl had a hell of an ass on her. Whoever designed the costumes for the girls certainly must have had that little girl in mind. The saucy ass was back quickly with their drinks.

Maggie took a long sip and leaned back to listen to the music. She stretched her body, her tits thrusting against the tight green material of her dress until they threatened to hop over the neckline. She imagined the flow of the music caressing her, roving over her tits and waist and ass.

Her musing was interrupted by two men who came to their table to invite the two girls to the dance floor. Those were only the first of a long procession during the evening.

As soon as they returned to their table after one dance, another pair of men would come over.

Slowly Maggie began to distinguish between the various men. Joseph was the tall real-estate man, Maurice was the blond shoe manufacturer’s representative. Paul owned a string of convenience markets, Lionel was a drug salesman. A long procession of men, a long procession of names clouded her mind.

She was never quite sure how she ended up in the motel room. Maggie had not selected Craig on her own. It was more like he had selected her. She had danced with him several times, had discovered he was in one of the motels down the highway. She had danced close to him, feeling the slow rising of his cock. The next thing she really could recall was that he was leading her to his motel room.

Mary Alice! Where was Mary Alice? Maggie froze as she stepped into the room. She had to stay with the brunette. She didn’t have the slightest idea how to get back to her roommate’s home. Worse than that, she had no car to drive back. She shook her head, trying to recall if Mary Alice knew she had come here, whichever motel she had come to.

“Mary Alice?” she gasped as Craig stepped behind her and reached around her waist. “My roommate!” Maggie groaned as he hands closed over her tits.

“The brunette?” he asked. “She’s being taken good care of. Didn’t you see her across the court? I’ll bet you didn’t even see her drive down here. What were you drinking tonight anyway?”

Maggie wanted to ask him more, but his groping hands turned her around and his mouth covered hers. He kissed her firmly while he unzipped her dress and pulled it down enough to get his hands on her tits. She felt his cock lunging inside his pants as he squeezed his hands inside her bra and pressed against the soft flesh of her tit. His other hand reached inside the back of her dress and slipped beneath her pantyhose and panties to finger the crack of her ass. Her body shuddered in growing excitement as he claimed her soft, lovely body for himself.

“Ohhhhhh!” he gasped. “My God! What a gorgeous hunk of pussy!”

He looked at her with lustful eyes as he drew the dress down over her hips and let it fall in a whisper to the floor. His trembling hands reached for her bra. He unhooked it and pulled it from her. His eyes gleamed in anticipation as he looked at her huge tits, then slowly he began to caress them.

Maggie watched the pounding of his temples as his desire rose for her. She stood submissive as his hands became more demanding in their treatment of her breasts.

“Damn!” he sighed. “What a hell of a pair! What a gorgeous set of tits!”

Maggie felt dazed. The drinks had been too strong and too many. She was going to get fucked and not able to enjoy it. She wanted to ask him to wait. She wanted to suggest time for her to sober up. She looked at the raging lust in his eyes, though, and knew there was no possibility of his waiting. He wanted her pussy and he wanted it now!

She felt the bed against the back of her legs. Craig gave her a gentle push. He grabbed her hose and pulled them down from her hips and thighs. He reached for her panties. The delicate green nylon followed the route of the hose. Craig held the whisper-thin material for a moment, as though relishing the feel of them, then caressed them against his cheek.

Maggie watched him undress. He went about it in businesslike fashion. His coat and pants went on a hanger, his shirt over the back of a chair. He pulled his shorts off and laid them across the seat of the chair. Craig turned toward the bed. He lifted his half-rigid cock and smiled at her.

“Now, baby,” he grunted. “Let’s see how fast you can get this pecker ready. You play with it few minutes, all right? You get it up and rearing to go. Then we’ll get us a nice little fuck.”

Maggie felt like telling him to fuck his fist. She looked at him, beginning to feel uncomfortable. Every other man who’d ever fucked her had been concerned with getting her worked up. Craig didn’t seem to give a damn about her passion. All he wanted was a fuck for himself.

“What’s the trouble?” he demanded in a hard voice. “You’ve seen a cock before. You damn well better know what to do with one, too. Shit! You may be pretty, but you aren’t so pretty you can start acting like this. Get to work!”

She reluctantly reached for his prick. It lunged as her hands touched it. She fingered the shaft, then slowly pumped the skin while she teased his balls. She could feel the growing excitement gripping his prick. It slowly came upward until she had it rigid and hard, trembling in expectation.

“That’s the girl!” Craig congratulated her. “That’s the way to work him up. Now let’s have that little fuck.”

He climbed on her. Maggie waited for him to kiss her tits and slowly caress her thighs and cunt. She stared in stunned confusion as he simply brought his cock against her pussy and drove it in.

He thrust his cock deeper and deeper, his body shivering at the friction caused by her dry pussy. He began fucking her roughly as his hands went after her tits. He fucked her fast and violently. His hands tugged on her tits until he had them just beginning to respond. His cock balled away at her cunt, becoming more and more excited with each thrust.

“Uhhhhh!” he grunted. “Uhhhh, what a sweet-feeling little pussy. Not like those others. Shit! You aren’t stretched at all. Like fucking a virgin. Uhhhhh!”

His body shuddered passionately as he fucked. His hands pressed tighter over her tits. He grabbed her ass. He held her ass so he could drive his enraged cock deeper with each plunge.

Maggie shuddered as she realized he didn’t care whether she climaxed or not. He was going to have his orgasm, then he’d be finished with her. Just as she began to respond, he’d be over. She tried to slow her own response. She didn’t want to be left panting as he ended. She failed.

The enormity of his ejaculation threw her pussy into an erotic thrill. She was shivering in passionate need as he exploded into her. He fucked her violently, roughly, then he was through. She looked at him helplessly as he pulled his cock out of her and got up. She lay on the bed, her body panting for more cock, as he began to slip back into his clothes. She started to get up, too, the she lay back to try and calm herself.

Maggie wondered if there was a chance to get back to the bar and find a more cooperative man. She hoped that Mary Alice had done better than this loser who was already walking toward the door.

Craig was going to the wrong door! That wasn’t the way out, that was the door to the adjoining room. He stepped through and spoke to someone on the other side. Maggie saw another man come in immediately.

Suddenly it all began to clear up in her mind. Now they were all going to take turns with her. Craig rushed through his fuck because others were waiting.

“Damn!” the short man said as he looked at her and began undressing. “He said I’d never seen such gorgeous pussy. Damn if he wasn’t right about that.”

She wouldn’t have to help this guy get a hard-on. He was coming at her with a red and rigid prick. Maggie was amazed at the incongruity between the man’s shape and the shape of his prick.

Bolen was short and pudgy, yet his cock was long and lean. He was probably five-seven and weighed close to two hundred.

“Now let’s get a little fun and games under way,” Bolen laughed.

His hands went after her tits. Maggie smiled at him. He was going to give her a good fuck. He would work her up slowly and carefully. She could tell from his touch at her breasts. He cupped and cuddled them until they were swelling out into his hands. He toyed and teased her nipples as she lay shivering with rising delight.

“Oooooooh!” she murmured as he began to suck her tits. “Mmmmmm, that’s the way I like them treated!” She caught his cock and pumped it sensuously. It seemed even longer as she teased it into trembling anticipation.

“Mmmmmmm, what a piece of meat! I think I’m going to like this length of prick in me!”

Bolen sucked her tits deliriously. His tongue pressed against her nipple and rotated it in tiny circles. His hand reached into her crotch and began caressing slowly and softly.

Maggie closed her thighs around his hand and tingled as she awaited the touch of his finger on her pussy. He reached past her cunt, however, and stroked the crease of her ass. Maggie thrust her tits outward. He would leave one tit stinging in happiness, then go after the other with the same sensuous tonguing.

“Mmmmmm,” she sighed again as his finger began to play with her asshole. Maggie had experienced the finger fuck in her ass once. She anticipated another interesting and exotic teasing of her ass. She was right, except that Bolen was a greater expert on working on the asshole than Mary Alice had been.

Maggie shuddered as the thick finger eased into her asshole and reached deep up her ass. She felt exploding delight swirl through her buttocks.

“Uhhhh, what a gorgeous ass!” Bolen moaned. He slipped between her legs and brought his cock along her thighs. Her ass was pressed tightly against him. Then he began to caress her tit again with one hand while the other went back to work on her ass. His warm cock throbbed and pulsed between her thighs, the heat spreading upward about her pussy.

“What a sweet tail!” he sighed. “Your ass has driven me crazy since the first time I saw you dancing tonight. I kept thinking how much fun it was going to be when I got a piece of that tail. Now that I feel it right here, I don’t know how much longer I can keep control of myself.”

His hand came away from her ass, his finger out of her bum.

Maggie sighed in ecstatic relief as he began to caress her aching pussy. She felt the tremors ripple through her cunt as his finger parted the lips and searched for her clit.

“Oooooh,” she squealed as he pressed her passion button. “Ooooooh, that feels soooooo good! Mmmmm! Keep it up until my pussy is wild for you! Oooooooh!”

His finger ran deeper into her and pumped through the delirious passage of her cunt. His knuckles kept pressing against her clit as he pumped her. She shook with passion. This was the fuck she had wanted. This was why she had come out tonight. She panted.

“Now!” Bolen gasped from behind her. “Now to get my piece of tail!”

Maggie tingled as she waited the touch of the hot prick against her pussy. She was already pulsing, just waiting for the long, slippery cock to come snaking into her cunt. She waited breathlessly, then began to gasp in shock.

Bolen was giving it to her in the ass! His cock was pressing against her asshole, not her pussy!

“No! No!” she moaned. “Fuck me in the pussy! Not my ass! I can’t take you in my ass!”

“Sure you can,” he soothed. “I’m not that big. A girl like you would hardly feel my cock in your cunt. I wouldn’t feel much either. This was we can both have a little fun. It’ll be a tighter fit and that’ll make us both happier.”

He continued the pressure against her asshole, finally easing the tip of his cock into her ass. She struggled, but he held her firmly. His hand covered her pussy, his finger deep inside her cunt.

She couldn’t break away from the assault of the cock because of the way he held her. Maggie was frightened, but she was also responding to the touch of finger and prick. Her asshole was giving in. The prick had penetrated her and was sliding up the passage of her ass. She felt the shooting pain as he stretched her asshole. She felt the pain mingle with pleasure as his cock pumped and pulsed in her ass.

“Had to fuck that ass!” he panted. “Knew the moment I saw it out there on the dance floor that I’d have to fuck it! You have a sweet pussy, too. Don’t get me wrong. Still, it was that swinging ass of yours that turned me on.”

“Oooooooh!” she sighed. “Fuck me, Bolen! Fuck my tail off! Ooooooh! Keep it up! Mmmmmm!”

She was shimmering in delight. His other hand moved about her tits, bringing them to a new height of pulsing passion. Her body was shaking with desire as she felt him begin to shake violently inside her ass. The tight fit of her ass was having its effect on his prick. Maggie welcomed it, not because of the pain in her ass, but because of the nearness of her own orgasm.

“Yes!” she urged him. “Yes! Yes! Let it go, Bolen! Oooooooh, let it go! Pour it in me! Shoot it all through my ass! Oooooooh. Fuck me, Bolen! Fuck me!”

“Uhhhhmmm!” he grunted. “Uhhhmmmmmm! Going to get that tail! Going to fuck that tail off! Uhhhmmmmm!”

His cock began to spurt its load up her ass.

Maggie throbbed with her own climax as he unloaded his prick. They thrashed and pulsed as he screamed his release. His cock shuddered, then emptied itself.

Maggie continued a few more minutes in the helplessness of her orgasm. Bolen continued to finger-fuck her.

She collapsed as he released her. He sat beside her and caressed her tired body, then excused himself a moment.

Craig came back into the room with him. They sat beside her. Bolen offered her a drink. She sat up and took the drink thankfully. This one was stronger than anything she had been provided at the bar. Maggie shuddered forced herself to take another long drink of it. Warmth flooded through her body, warmth that brought back some of the old dizziness.

“You’d probably better get dressed,” Craig finally told her. “Your friend ought to be finished in the other room any time now.”

The men watched her as she got her clothes and slipped back into them. She looked at herself in the mirror and shuddered. Her hair was awful. She looked like she had just finished a night of fucking.

Maggie began laughing at herself. How the hell did she expect to look?

Craig walked her to the door. As he held it open he took her hand.

“Honey, you were the greatest. If we’re ever up this way again, we’ll sure look you up.”

She walked to the car dazed, clutching some sort of business card.

Mary Alice was amazed at the two hundred-dollar bills. Maggie looked back at the motel rooms, then began to laugh with her friend.

“As long as all you want is a little fucking,” the brunette told her, “why not pick up a little extra spending money on the side?”

“They thought…” Maggie gasped.

“They thought,” Mary Alice assured her. “I’ll bet they think they can buy tail as nice as yours another time. No chance.”


Hal Painter looked up at the lovely red-head who bounced above him.

Maggie had her head back. Her tits thrust passionately against his adoring hands. Her ass shook with delirium as she rode his hard and driving pecker.

“Oooooeeeee!” she squealed as she bounced on his prick. “Oooooh! I like it! I love it! I adore it! I never thought it would happen! Fuck me, Hal! Fuck me! Keep me flying like this! Oooooooh!”

Hal never thought it would happen either. He had resisted the temptations of countless hot young coeds who had set out to taste his cock. He didn’t have affairs with students. He never had seen a student he really cared to fuck. Until Maggie walked into class that first day.

His cock had trembled at the first sight of her. He had fought staring at those enticing tits while he lectured every morning. He had fought the constant impulse to invite her to his apartment. He had fought and fought against the demand for her which throbbed through his body when he saw her or when he thought about her.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned as she fucked with intensity. “Ohhhh! You have the sweetest cock! Ooooooh!”

He kissed a hard nipple. He sucked her tit and caressed it. She was so full in the tits. They were so full and firm, yet so soft and delicate. He sucked harder on the trembling button. He wanted to devour this lovely woman.

Dr. Painter had fought this desire for her all term. Hell, the broad was married. Worse than that, she was married to a preacher, at least a soon-to-be preacher. He watched her every day as she walked into class, wondering how the hell her husband could let her come back up to college alone. He had resisted the temptation to walk over and lift her in his arms. The girl was horny. There was no doubt. Maggie MacDonald, preacher’s wife or not, was one hot little pussy!

She’d sure been hot on this trip. She was sure hot now as she bounced over him, her cunt sliding up and down along the shaft of his overheated prick. Damn, but she was a hell of a fuck! She was better than he ever dreamed. His body still felt the glow of her warm-up. She had him turned into a pool of hot lava before her pussy had slipped down over his screaming cock.

“Let’s make this one slow and easy,” she had smiled as soon as he climbed in the bed beside her. “Let me take care of you this time.”

He saw the deep passion in her eyes as she knelt over him. She began kissing his forehead, her sensuous lips gliding along his temples and cheeks, then over his mouth. She tongued him thoroughly, completely, as her luscious tits brushed about his chest. She kissed him until he was grabbing at her ass, at her tits, at her thighs.

“Slowly,” she reminded him. “You’re so good I want to take my time and taste all of you. Mmmmmm!”

He felt a thousand, a million, tiny sparks of delight as her teeth softly worked his skin along his shoulders.

“Ohhhhh!” he moaned in exquisite agony. “Ohhhhh, you are a wonder! You are a marvel! I’ve never been worked up like this! Damn, you’re a sexy broad!”

“I’ve been waiting all term for the chance to do this,” she murmured. “I’ve been sitting in class aching to get you in my clutches. I’ve sat there and planned how I’d kiss you and eat you until you were screaming to get my pussy.”

His body glowed. She’d caught each nipple in her mouth and sucked it, then released to nibble around it. He had been twisting and throbbing by the time she worked her way across his stomach and stirred his cock to shimmering excitement. She ignored the rigid, pulsing cock as she moved her mouth along his waist and over his hips. She turned him slightly and snuggled her face against his ass.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned. “Ooooooh, you taste as good as I imagined. You taste fantastic.”

Her tits rubbed along his leg as she worked downward. She had his legs stinging with wild joy as she nibbled all the way down to his feet, even to his toes, then started her way back up.

“Ooooooh, God!” he panted as she moved along the inside of her leg. “My God, woman! How much do you expect me to take?”

“All of it,” she purred. “I expect you to take all the love I can give you. I want you to take all I have to offer. I want to get you so wild that you’ll fuck me and fuck me and fuck me. I want you so maddened by me that we can forget the damn workshop. Mmmmmmm, I love working you up!”

What workshop? Hal had long since forgotten about any real reason for being up here at the resort, any reason other than a weekend fucking Maggie. He had slowly become aware that the redhead was awfully friendly with Wade Williams and the kids in Wade’s sex club.

Hal was the only member of the faculty to know of the club, the only one trusted enough to be invited. He’d never attended, but he had a standing invitation. When he saw the way she talked with Wade and Mule and some of the others, he suspected the redhaired beauty had been initiated into their membership.

Damned if he was going to stand by and let those kids get all this good pussy. The professor immediately made the arrangements to get her appointed to attend this workshop with him.

It was the best arrangement he’d ever made. Damn if she wasn’t unbelievable in the sack. Her nibbling kisses had left him gasping for air as she worked on his thighs.

She buried her face between his thighs and nibbled her way up about his balls. He could feel the teasing lips and teeth get at his balls, then slowly begin to climb along the length of his angry cock.

“Ooooh!” he panted, his body writhing in agony. “Ohhhh, Lord, what you do to me! Damn, Maggie! I’ve never had such a charge built up in my life!”

She looked up and smiled. The deep blue eyes were hazy, misty with passion, as they glowed toward him. She licked the head of his cock, then took the knob in her mouth and began to suck it sensuously. She sucked him, toying with his balls.

“Mmmmmm,” she purred. “I think I have this sweet piece of meat ready for a little pussy. Ooooooh, look at the way it jumps about as it thinks about having a little pussy around it.”

She slipped up the bed and brought her body even with his. Her cunt lowered over the pulsing head of his cock. She smiled wistfully at him as she eased herself down over his ecstatic pecker, twisting her ass to make the contact of cunt and cock even more stimulating.

“Uhhhhmmmmmm!” Hal gasped as he felt the walls of her cunt pulsing around his cock. “Uhhhhmmmmm, what a woman! What a hell of a fuck you give! Uhhhmmmmm!”

“The best,” she sighed. “You deserve the best. I have to be the best for you. I have to be equal to all that poetry you read about fucking.”

He reached for her tits and caressed them as she rode lightly on his cock. He was amazed how light she was. He listened to the soft sound of his prick stirring the juices which flowed along the passage of her pussy. He listened to the soft sound of their thighs rubbing as she pumped herself on his prick. He listened to the low purr of her breathing as she closed her eyes tightly, her face showing the ecstasy of her emotions.

“Mmmmm,” the redhead moaned as she twisted on his throbbing prick. “Mmmmmm, what a hard cock! Ooooooh! I like it!”

She was fucking Dr. Painter! She had worked her professor into the most intense desire she’d ever seen on a man’s face. She had gotten him so horny for her that he was almost paralyzed from it. He was giving her the fuck she’d been planning on. The other fucks were only preliminary. This was the real thing!

The first time had been on the way up to the workshop. She had slipped across the seat of the car as soon as they drove off the campus of Hillcrest. She snuggled against him, delighting in the touch of their thighs, in the pressure of her tits against his arm. She had watched the swelling in his groin. Slowly she had begun to caress along his thigh as they drove. By the time they reached the second roadside park, his cock was beyond control.

“I thought we might need to take a break,” he muttered in a hoarse voice as he parked the car. “I need a rest.”

Maggie had no doubt why he had stopped the car, why he had selected the secluded park. She slipped from the car. She knew he’d follow her. She knew he’d be right behind her swinging ass. She’d worn her tightest slacks. The way they cupped and displayed her ass, Harold Painter would be following. He’d also want to check out the tits that thrust so provocatively against her satin blouse.

“Maggie,” he sighed as he wrapped his arms about her and pressed his swollen cock against her ass. “Ohhhh, Maggie, are we really alone? Are we really off for a weekend together?”

His hands came over her tits, softly cuddling them. Her body was humming in anticipation. One hand dropped from her tits and grabbed her pussy. He increased the pressure on her cunt until she was gasping. She turned in his arms and offered her lips to him.

“Mmmmmm,” she sighed. “Mmmmmm.”

She let him slip his hand inside her blouse and feel her tits. She caressed his cock through the pants. Hal had a healthy cock, healthy as hell. It was throbbing wildly, straining against its confinement. She pressed her hand firmly against it and felt his body jerk with his rising demand for her.

“I’m going to find out about that pussy you’ve been offering me all term,” he muttered. “I’m going to see just how much pussy you do have to offer.”

“All you’ll ever need,” she teased as he lowered her onto the grass. “As much as you can possibly handle. More than you can ever use up this weekend.”

“Then we’d better get an early start on that,” he muttered, opening her slacks and drawing them down her thighs. She let him pull her panties down as she struggled to get his cock out into the fresh air. She held his throbbing pecker as he mounted her. She held it and pointed it against the lips of her cunt. He needed a quickie to get the edge of his cock. He might need several quickies before she got the fuck she was really after. Good! She needed to lose her own sharp edge of passion as well.

She shuddered in delight as he eased his cock into her pussy, then he unbuttoned her blouse and claimed her excited tits for his own.

“Just want to show you what the weekend is all about,” he panted. “Just want to break you in with a fast fuck. Later, I’ll take my time with you. Right now, though, I have to get at least a little taste of that pussy.”

“Taste it!” she offered. “Take this pussy as often as you like. Get your cock settled down before we get up there.”

He settled his cock into her pussy. He ran his long prick into her and began to pump slowly and steadily. Maggie shivered at the sensations which swirled through her cunt and through her body. She hunched her cunt over his prick, urging him to release all the passion that had built up over the months. She wrapped her legs around him and rode him as he fucked her.

“Ooooooh!” she gasped as his peak began to build. “Oooooh, fuck me, Hal! Fuck me harder! Quickly, Hal! Fuck me! Ooooooeeeee!”

He responded to her urging. His cock rammed wildly in her. His hands rubbed roughly over her tits. He thrust harder and deeper until her cunt began to shudder.

“Oooooeeeee!” she shrieked as he unloaded his cum in her. She shuddered. She tingled. She soared.

The orgasm which was now building in her as she bounced over Hal was of a different order. This fuck was as slow and thorough as the first had been quick and tense.

Her body shivered with deep, shattering throbs as Hal hunched his ass upwards from the bed, plunging his cock deep into her and driving her upward to the ceiling. She watched the ripple of his muscles. She smiled at the soft expression of pleasure on his face. She rode him as her passion mounted to a height she’d never experienced before. She felt it roaring upwards inside her. She felt the power ready to explode through her. She suddenly was shaken by the erotic drive of her passion.

She was paralyzed! She was frozen! She was unable to moan in the sudden whirling orgasm that possessed her. She gasped and panted as he began to drive his cock slowly and deeply into her. She lay back in helpless rapture while he fucked her.

“Uhhmmmmm!” he moaned as he began to shudder violently. “Ohhhhh, Maggie! Maggie! Maggie! I’ve never had such a fuck! Never fucked such a woman! Ohhhh! Maggie!”

She lay panting and trembling while her body was racked by the deepest spasms she’d ever imagined possible. Hal roared through his orgasm, his cock spewing inside her as it joined the frantic pulsing of her cunt.

He gasped with her. He hugged her violently. He pumped furiously, then began rocking her from side to side as their panting, clawing bodies tossed on the bed.

“Ahhhh!” he finally cried out as he drained the last of his cum into her. “Ahhhhh! I fucked the most gorgeous woman of all! I fucked Maggie! I fucked her! Ooooooh!”

She was finally able to breathe. She finally recovered her control over her body, over her voice. Maggie clutched his limp body and kissed him frantically.

“Oooooh!” she gasped. “Ooooooh, I never had it like that before. I never had such an orgasm as that one. Ooooooh, Hal! Hal! I adore it! Oooooooh, I love it!”

She lay beneath him, enjoying the spasms that would still shake his body from time to time. She hugged his cock with her cunt, having no intention of allowing it to withdraw. No way! She was going to fuck, then rest and fuck again.

Hal Painter looked down at the vision of loveliness beneath him. She’d been good in the roadside park on the grass. She’d been better in the bed when they first checked in at the conference, but nothing like just now.

This afternoon she’d been beyond belief. He’d never had so much woman, so much pussy. He wasn’t about to let anything like a little work interfere with this piece of tail.


The motel manager watched the beautiful redhead walk out the door and turn down the walk toward the cottages.

Damn, what a luscious hunk of tail! He watched the flow of her skirt as she went past the window, watched the thrust of those magnificent tits against her blouse. What a piece of pussy! That guy, MacDonald, must be a hell of a man.

First, the slender brunette had shown up with him. Now this sexy redhead had come in to get a key to his room. If the young man was too occupied with the brunette, then the manager would be happy to take care of the red-haired doll.

Maggie walked quietly toward Loren’s room. He’d taken one of the small apartments for the weekend. She had expected him up. She’d had no doubt that her letter about Susan would bring such a result. Now she had to find out what kind of marriage she had.

She knew that Mary Alice had come over with him to the motel. Now she would discover how resistant Loren might be to a seductive woman. She stepped to the door and slipped the key in as softly as possible. If Loren heard her, it would ruin the entire experiment.

She opened the door and looked inside. She could hear them. She could hear the sound of the bed creaking. She waited for the sound of Loren’s voice, then stepped quickly inside as he moaned.

“Ohhhhh,” he was panting as he knelt over Mary Alice’s naked body. “Ohhhh, God! What a gorgeous shape! I thought you’d look a lot less slender beneath those clothes. You’ve got a great pair of hips and the sauciest tits I’ve ever laid eyes on. No need to complain about yourself so.”

Maggie had expected to be seen as soon as she entered, as soon as she opened the door fully. She was not expecting Loren to be so occupied in his seduction of Mary Alice that he’d not even be aware of her presence. She leaned against the wall and considered her next move. She had wanted to only catch him starting to put the make on the brunette. Instead, she had caught him on the verge of fucking the girl.

Hell, Maggie suddenly decided, let Mary Alice get in a little fun. The redhead watched the scene on the bed, her pussy feeling a soft warmth of anticipation as she watched the progress of the fuck.

“Yes,” Mary Alice was saying, “but I have to be around Maggie all the time. Compared to that body of hers, I look like a boy.”

“It’s what you do with it,” Loren consoled the girl. “It isn’t how much you have, but how you can use it.”

Maggie throttled the impulse to scream at him. How the hell had she failed to use what she had? She’d fucked him whenever he wanted it. He’d never gotten a no. Shit! She’d been the aggressor as often as he. Besides, she’d never been passive in a fuck. Hell no!

She watched Loren begin his soft caresses of the brunette’s tits. Loren shivered at the soft caress of her satin thigh and cupped her tits more firmly. He leaned down and took one of the tits in his mouth. He sucked the nipple, then the areola, then most of the tit itself into his mouth. The brunette began to gasp with rising passion.

“Mmmmmm,” Mary Alice moaned. “Oooooh, that’s nice. That’s the way a tit ought to be treated. Ooooooh!”

The young preacher was too occupied to answer her. He sucked each tit lovingly. He caressed her cunt. His finger slipped along the mound, then parted her cunt-lips and eased inside. He could feel the throbs which her clit produced. He continued to press on her clit until her body was twisting about beside him, writhing in erotic agony.

“Oooooh,” she moaned, closing her thighs and shaking her ass gently to make her finger rub more roughly on the button of her rising passion. “Oooooh, get your finger inside! Get me lathered up, Loren. Lather me up, then let me feel your cock.”

She reached for his huge pecker. Her hands closed about the shaft and began to pump it slowly and sensuously. She pulled the skin down until it appeared she might strip it completely from the angry shaft. She teased his cock into a frenzy of demand. Loren smiled lustfully at her.

“Now,” he muttered, “let’s see how that pussy can take a man’s cock. Let’s see if it feels as good around hard meat as it does against a finger.”

Maggie watched with growing passion as she saw his cock begin fucking into the dark hairs around Mary Alice’s pussy. Loren shook as he shoved his prick deeper into the pulsing, throbbing cunt.

“Oooooh,” the brunette moaned. “Ooooooh, that’s a lot of pecker to go in on little pussy. Sure you can’t handle more than one woman?”

“Only one at the time,” he laughed. His large hands slipped beneath her ass and lifted her to expose her cunt to deeper thrusts of his cock. He squeezed the firm flesh of her buttocks as he fucked her more rapidly, his passion beginning to mount from the feel of the slender girl’s pussy.

“Uhhhhh!” he gasped. “Uhhhhh! Going to give this little pussy a good workout. God, but you’re a sweet piece of pussy, a delicious little tail.”

Maggie watched his balls as he fucked the girl. She watched his hands play with the ass. She watched him bend his body so he could get back to sucking and lapping at her tits while he fucked.

“Oooooh,” she moaned. “That’s nice, Loren. That’s the way to work me up. Ooooooh, fuck me, baby! Fuck me like you never fucked any woman before!”

She was twisting and rolling about, turning him from side to side. They gasped and panted as the fuck built up to a seething climax. Loren’s body began to shake and pound with greater enthusiasm. He drove deeper and deeper into the black-haired pussy. He sucked frantically at the heaving young tits. His breath came in shorter gasps.

“God!” he cried. “What a tail! What a woman! Damn! You’re a hell of a fuck! Uhhhmmmmm! What a fuck!”

“Fuck me!” she screamed. “Fuck me harder, Loren! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fill me with that cock! Feed me your cum! Fuck me! Oooooh! Wow! Ooooooh!”

Maggie could hear the slopping of his prick through the flowing pussy, the slapping of thigh against thigh, of balls against ass. She could hear the pop of suction being released as he drew back for another frantic thrust. She listened to the smacking of his lips on her tits.

The room seemed to be alive with erupting intensity which drove them headlong toward orgasm. She discovered that her own breath was coming in short, panting gasps. Her pussy was moist from the erotic excitement. Her tits were threatening to burst out of her bra.

“Oooooh!” Mary Alice was still crying. “Ooooooh! Fuck me! I’m flowing! My cum is covering your prick! Fuck me! I want you in me! I want all that cum to flow into mine! Ooooooh! Fuck me, damn it! Fuck me!”

“I’ll fuck you!” Loren panted. “I’ll fuck that tail off! You wanted it, by God! Here it comes! Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh!”

His body shuddered as he gushed his semen into her. His cock trembled with erotic conquest as it unloaded its pent-up charge into her pussy. They rolled around the bed, pumping and hunching while they drained themselves.

Maggie watched them slowly come down from the heights of their passion. She watched them collapse into a maze of arms and legs and asses. Their bodies still shook periodically from the aftereffects of the wild fuck. Their breathing still came in occasional gasps.

The redhead eased over to a chair. Her knees were trembling from the experience. Her breath was too noisy. She sat back and tried to calm herself.

She had waited too long. She was caught in here with them.

Maggie closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She sat quietly, eyes closed, waiting for them to discover her. She could hear their deep breathing as they seemed to be softly dozing in each other’s arms. She sat there and recalled the past weekend. It was a hell of a lot more fun. Hal had brought her to a series of orgasms she would never have dreamed possible. She spent the weekend with one reality — her professor’s magnificent cock.

She rode his cock constantly. She rode it, she fucked it, she sucked on it, she caressed it. They attended less than half the workshop. The remainder of the time they lay in his bed and fucked.

She would have thought such a weekend would have solved her sexual needs. Strangely, her desires were only stimulated. She had looked over every male she met during the week, wondering how he’d be in the sack. She’d slipped out one night for a fuck with Mule, another night to fuck Wade. The remainder of her evenings had been spent with Hal’s cock up her pussy.

She liked fucking.

Now she had to decide about Loren. She had the preacher by the balls. She could exact almost any promise she liked from him. On the other hand, she could act the part of the mistreated wife and demand a divorce. That would ruin him as a preacher, but it would give her some satisfaction. At least he wouldn’t be seducing every woman in his congregation.

Mary Alice sat up suddenly and looked toward her. The brunette’s eyes brightened, then took on an expression of dramatic horror. The girl gasped and clutched her hands over her naked tits.


Loren looked at his wife. He was horrified.

“Had your little fun?” Maggie asked as she walked toward them. “Finished your cute little fuck you thought you could slip in while I was in class?”


Loren MacDonald watched his beautiful wife walk toward him. She was not such a beautiful sight just now. Her eyes were glistening as she looked at him. He watched, trying to find some way of explaining to her.

He watched, frozen in horror, as she slowly began to unbutton her blouse. She slipped the soft fabric from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Her skirt dropped down her thighs.

She smiled as she stepped out of the skirt and began to remove her bra. Loren gasped at the tits which sprang toward him as she tossed the bra across a chair. She walked to the bed, clad only in whisper-thin panties.

He had almost forgotten how devastatingly beautiful she was. Her red hair glowed in the light. Her body shimmered. She stood beside the bed and hooked her thumbs in the top of the panties. She moistened her lips as she slid them down her hips and thighs.

He had been still unable to speak when she sat down beside him. She touched his ass with one hand, the brunette’s tit with the other. She caressed both for a moment, while Loren waited in horror for the explosion of her anger.

“Well?” she asked. “What does a girl have to do to get a fuck around here?”

“What?” he gasped. Loren looked over at Mary Alice to be sure that she wasn’t something he had imagined. Maggie was acting as thought it were perfectly normal to discover him in the act of fucking another woman.

“You heard me,” the redhead said. “I asked whether I was going to get my fuck or not.”

“You,” he gasped. “You want to fuck me after this?”

“Sure,” she replied. “It doesn’t appear that you damaged that cock with Mary Alice. I assume it can still get up a girl’s pussy.”

Loren began to tremble in shock. His teeth rattled. He had made this special trip to Manchester to try and cover his weekend affair with Susan. He’d gotten caught in bed with Maggie’s roommate before he could make up with his wife. Now, instead of blowing her stack, Maggie was ready for a fuck. He shuddered and stammered helplessly.

“Might as well get used to it,” Maggie laughed. “You fuck whoever you want, whenever you want. I’ll do the same. Neither of us will ever get mad at the other because of it. You’re a damn good piece of cock, almost as good as I am a tasty piece of tail. No reason we can’t fuck each other while we’re looking after the rest of the world, is there?”

She slid her body against him, her pussy rubbing against his cock.

“We have quite a life ahead of us. You’ll end up the best known preacher around. You handle the woman, I’ll handle the men. What a fantastic life.”

Loren rolled his eyes. He gasped for air. He shook and trembled as he felt her cunt descending on his prick.