The Wild West Family

A healthy family unit is the basis of the American way of life. Years ago, a persons extended family played a big part in his life. Uncles, aunts, and grandparents often lived in the home and took on an advisory or supportive role. We seem to be moving away from this type of situation today.

It is rare to see family members help each other any more. Jealousy and competition among brothers and sisters are common today. Rather than having loving relationships, family members often develop animosity toward other family members.

The West family is one of these rare families who are willing to help each other out.

THE WILD WEST FAMILY reveals how one family remains closely-knit and the experiences they have.


On Sunday morning, Peter West woke up feeling horny — and with a huge hard-on to prove it.

The bedsheets were lifted up over his loins as if raised on a tentpole. Peter grinned. Having a hard-on was no hardship at all, since his voluptuous wife, Marianna, was in bed beside him, naked.

He glanced at her. She was asleep, but even in repose her lovely face was lustful. She had high cheekbones and a wide, sensual slash of a mouth. Her eyes were closed. When they opened, they would be misty green.

Peter gently drew the covers down and leaned up on one elbow, admiring her body.

She was dark and sultry and shapely. Her tits thrust up in perfect spheres, capped by the stiff, rosy peaks of her perky nipples. Peter’s mouth watered at the sight. His gaze slid down her slender stomach and gently rounded belly. Her cunt-vee was a tangled thicket of raven-dark hair spreading out wide from her groin.

Her legs were long and lovely. They were closed, at the moment, but Peter knew that the cunt between them was a hot, juicy fuck-box.

He wondered how much fuck-juice he had pumped into her pussy during the years.

He also wondered if anyone else had.

Marianna had been promiscuous when they met and Peter had never been too sure or confident of her fidelity since they had mated. But the idea of his wife screwing other guys didn’t really trouble him. The slight twinge of jealousy he felt only made him hornier.

He looked at her for a while, his stiff cock throbbing in response. As she breathed with regularity, her delectable tits gently rose and fell.

Peter leaned down and kissed a taut titty tip, then kissed the other. He licked them very softly, then sucked one into his lips and nursed on it.

The sensitive bud swelled and pulsed.

Marianna smiled slightly in her slumber.

Peter’s head moved from mound to mound as he mouthed both nipples in turn.

“Ummmm,” she whimpered.

He looked up at her face and saw that her eyes were still closed, although the lids had begun to flutter. He wondered if she were dreaming.

She looked to be about twenty years old, he thought. No one would ever think that she was in her forties, with two grown kids.

He worked on her tits for some time, moving between them. He licked the globes and ran his tongue up through her deep, smooth cleavage. Then he suckled on the tips again, very gently, not awakening her.

Her legs shifted, parting.

Peter’s prick was pounding like a jackhammer, sending him urgent messages, demanding to be sunk up her cunt-gash. But he was in no hurry. Peter was a thoughtful lover who enjoyed lingering over the preliminaries, giving her plenty of foreplay before he stuffed her.

He was happy that it was a Sunday morning and that they could stay in bed as long as they liked.

He thought they might fuck until noon.

But because it was a Sunday, their teenaged kids were at home, as well.

And young Bunny was enjoying spying on her mom and dad very much.

Bunny was a bouncy, nubile young lady who promised to become as voluptuous as her mother. She had plump titties and a trim, round ass and a creamy cunt.

She was also a dreadful little peeper.

At the moment, Bunny was kneeling in the hallway, her eye pressed to the keyhole. The naughty little vixen often pecked into her parents bedroom and sometimes — like today — she struck it lucky.

She wasn’t dressed yet this morning and was wearing only a flimsy nightgown. Her nipples were poking out in stiff peaks against the silky black material as she became aroused by what she was looking at.

She slid one hand up under the hem and stroked her sleek inner thigh. Then she cupped her hand over her smoldering cunt, rubbing herself sensually.

But she wasn’t trying to cream off yet.

The girl wanted to save her own cuming until she had watched her dad fuck her mom.

In fact, she wished that her handsome, well hung daddy would give her a fuck, too. But she knew that would never happen, since incest was wicked.

Her pussy was bubbling over, a pool of cuntjuice forming in her palm. Her clit was tingling frantically. But she resisted the impulse to trig herself off and waited, watching through the keyhole in fascination.

Her young brother, Jack, was sitting downstairs, looking through the Sunday newspapers and waiting impatiently for his mother to come down and make breakfast.

He had two reasons for his impatience.

He was hungry for one thing.

And the potent young man had a booming hard-on that he was anxious to beat off.

Jack jerked off with regularity every morning. On days when he had to go to school, he always beat his meat off before he got out of bed. But on Saturdays and Sundays he liked to have his breakfast first, then go back to his bedroom and linger over a nice long hand-job or two.

C’mon, Mom, he urged.

He guessed she was sleeping late.

She was, too — but she was beginning to stir restlessly, as her husband fondled her tenderly.

Peter, his head cradled to her tits, slid a hand down her slim belly. The heel of his hand rested on her cunt-gash and his fingers dipped into her groin.

Her cunt was soaking wet and sizzling hot. Peter stirred his fingers in her gooey cunt-gash and stroked her fiery clit.

Her pussy felt so tantalizing that the thoughtful man decided to eat her out for a while, before he fucked her. He wondered if he could make her cream with his tongue without waking her up. The idea of giving Marianna a wet dream was very exciting.

He began to lick down her tummy, dipping his tongue into her belly button, then shifting lower. He lapped at the silken tangle of her cunt-bush.

Holy shit, Bunny thought.

Daddy’s gonna suck Mom’s cunt!

The prospect sent lances of lust lashing through her loins and her cunt steamed in her hand. She was so hot now that she thought her palm might blister as her boiling cunt-oils seeped from her slot.

She was plucking at her titty tips with her other hand, pulling and rolling the vibrant nubs. Her tongue slid back and forth across her sensual mouth, as if she were emulating the licking that her father was about to give her mom. She envied her mother. How lucky the woman was to have a cunt-lapping husband. And, in a strange way that she really didn’t understand, she kind of envied her daddy, too.

Bunny was certainly not a lesbian.

But she had to admit that the thought of sucking a cunt was very exciting.

Peter ran his tongue slowly up the damp inside of Marianna’s smooth thigh. He switched over and licked lightly up the other leg, pausing just short of her crotch.

His nostrils flared as he inhaled, breathing in the pungent perfume of hot cunt.

The fragrance tantalized him, whetting his appetite and making him drool.

His hands slid up and he cupped her flanks, lifting her pelvis up higher. She whimpered softly. He was looking hungrily at her fuck-slot.

Her cunt-lips were unfurled like the petals of a fleshy pink blossom. Her open slot was flooded with cunt-cream. Her stiff clit stuck out like a stump in a swamp. Her pussy looked scrumptious — and he knew damned well that it was. He stared at the feast like a glutton at a banquet.

His eager tongue slid out and he flicked it against her tingling clit. She sighed and squirmed. Her loins moved languidly as he licked her, and her tits loomed up as her breathing got heavier.

Peter lapped her clit, then ran his tongue up her parted pussy-lips, attentively, paying attention to the details. He nibbled and nursed on her clit then fluttered his tongue against it again. That sensitive little pink nugget was starting to vibrate like a tuning fork.

Peter raised his head and gazed up, seeing that Marianna was still sleeping, but she was panting now and her eyelashes were fluttering.

He slid back down and wedged his tongue up into her cunt-hole. He dipped it in and out, tongue-fucking her cunt as he clamped his parted lips around it. He was French kissing her cunt as if it were a bearded mouth. “Oooooh!” she moaned.

Her eyes opened. For moment she looked puzzled by the delightful sensations in her groin. Then she realized that Peter’s head was down there.

She smiled lasciviously.

Peter grinned back at her, rising up, cuntjuice streaking his chin and lips.

“Don’t stop, darling,” she sighed.

Peter dove on her pussy again. Now that she was awake, he began to suck her more energetically. Marianna jerked her loins up, mopping her cunt against his mouth.

The flow from her fuck-hole was getting hotter and thicker and creamier as his skillful sucking and tonguing brought her surging toward the crest.

“Cum, baby — cream for me!” he moaned, the words muffled in her groin.

Her face turned from side to side, dark hair spilling like ink over the pillow. Her face was a mask of lust now. She arched her slender back, hips jolting, ass churning. Her lush thighs wrapped around his head for a moment, holding him in a scissor grip, then she threw them wide open again, kicking in the air behind his back.

Waves of sensation sped across her loins and shot up her thighs like lightning bolts. The waves were cumming faster and peaking higher, starting to merge into one tidal crest. Her clit exploded like a blasting cap, setting off a secondary explosion in the core of her cunt.

Peter’s tongue stabbed in and his lips sucked on the rim. Cunt-cum spilled past his lips, filling his mouth. He gulped it down, mouthing for more. Milky tides gushed from her cunt-gash, lathering her groin and seeping down into the tight crack of her ass.

She cried out at the highest peak, thrashing wildly, clinging there at the apex for long moments.

Then she sank back on the bed, a dreamy and contented smile on her lips. Peter kept on plating her pussy, sucking out the dregs of her cumming from her slot and dipping his tongue in to spoon out the residue.

He ducked lower and tongued the overflow out from the cleft of her ass, then took another slurp on her cunt. Marianna reached down and stroked his bead lovingly.

“That was lovely, darling,” she purred. He was concentrating on sucking her clit now, getting her worked up again. “Fuck me now, Peter!” she moaned. That was what he wanted to hear. And so did their daughter…


Bunny had been trying to hold back, but she had been unable to control her loins. When she saw her mom’s cunt start to spill the cum-cream into her daddy’s mouth, her own cunt had melted on her hand.

Her girl goo poured out lavishly.

She rubbed away and pulled on her clit, frigging herself through the corn spasms. Her orgasm seemed connected with her mother’s and they went off at the same pace, peaking and then ebbing simultaneously.

Stimulated via her peeper’s eyes, Bunny’s cumming had been very satisfactory.

But her cunt was still tingling and the naughty teenager knew that she would have no trouble cumming a second time, as long as she had something to look at.

Peter was belly-down on the bed, his face still in his wife’s groin. His iron-hard cock was like a crowbar, levering down into the bed so firmly that it was heaving his ass up like a boulder turned from the soil.

He raised his head then, jaws dripping.

“Fuck me silly, darling!” Marianna whined. She loved to get sucked off, certainly, but once she had been milked by a mouth she always liked to get a cuntful of cock-meat and to have her juices replenished by a load of jizz.

Peter moved up, wriggling, licking back up her torso, retracing the path that had led him to her pussy. He lingered over her tits for a few moments, licking and nursing on the vibrant peaks.

Watching this, Bunny felt her own nipples shoot out like high caliber bullets. She began to play with them, wishing that someone were sucking on them. Her clit began to simmer again and her cunt was starting to steam once more.

That randy teenager wanted to get sucked and fucked — and the sooner, the better. She was popular and knew she would have no trouble finding a boy to service her.

But it would have to wait.

There was no way that Bunny, the voyeur, was going to leave that keyhole yet.

Peter shifted higher and kissed Marianna passionately on her sensual mouth. Her licked her lips, then thrust his tongue into her mouth.

She sucked on it, tasting her own cunt-nectar an his nimble tongue. It was no wonder that Peter liked to eat her out, she thought. Cunt cum was scrumptious.

He hovered over her, feeding her a tongue sandwich. They were slobbering and panting into each other’s open mouth as they French kissed, swapping tongues and saliva.

His hips jerked and the head of his massive cock nudged into her soaking cunt-slot.

“Ummmm,” she sighed, feeling that huge, meaty slab flare and throb in her pussy-portals.

He worked his cock muscles, making the knob pulsate. He stirred that fat wedge around in her cunt like a spoon whisking in a heated honeypot.

“Give it to me, Peter,” Marianna whined, into his mouth. “Stuff it up me — all of it!”

He began to inch in very slowly.

His cock-head vanished. Her cunt-lips closed in a tight collar around his stalk.

He pushed another inch up her.

She bridged sinuously. Her cunt-sleeve was sucking on his prick, dragging him deeper. Peter didn’t have to hump — her tight cunt was sucking him in.

Half of his prick was in her now. The lower segment stuck out between them like a pipeline connecting his cumbags to her fuck-box. The dark veins were writhing up the underside of his cock-shaft.

Then he gave a vigorous lurch and buried his cock to the hairy hilt. His balls swung in and slapped against the curve of her upthrust ass like the clappers of a meaty bell, making a dull, solid thud.

“Ahhhhh!” she moaned.

He held the full penetration for a few moments, savoring the sensation of having every inch of his thundering prick enveloped in hot, wet, clinging fuck-hole and letting Marianna thrill to the joy of having her tunnel of lust stuffed to the brim with cock-meat.

His knob was throbbing in the depths of her fuck-box, like a smoldering ember, and his long, thick shaft was levering up the length of her chute. It felt as if she had a heated branding iron stuck up her pussy.

Her pliable pussy-walls clamped around him, molding her tube to the outline of his cock like wax melted around a red-hot poker, congealing to the contours.

Her cunt muscles began to ripple.

The inner rings contracted in a series of circles, running up his prick from the root to the knob, as if she were frigging him off inside her fuck-box.

Peter groaned at the sensation.

He wouldn’t have to hump at all, if he chose not to. Her talented cunt would just jerk him off while he held his stalk buried to the hilt.

But then Marianna began to move in a slow, steady fucking motion on his stationary cock-stalk.

She pulled her pussy up and pushed it down, frigging on two or three inches of cock-shaft.

Peter began to plunge in, meeting her movements in counterpoint. He slammed up her cunt as she shoved down. Her hips twisted as he withdrew, so that her cunt-hole was winding around his cock like a nut on a bolt.

The friction was so intense that she thought that her smoldering cunt might suddenly burst into flames — except that it was far too wet to burn.

His cock hissed up her steadily. As that fat plunger plugged her socket, cunt-juice oozed out from her slot, soaking her crotch so creamily that it looked as if someone had spilled a milkshake into her lap.

“Fuck,” she rasped, defining the action rather than urging it. She said it on each lustful plunge. “Fuck — fuck — fuck!” she whimpered repeatedly.

His cock sank in, pulled out glistening with her juices, plowed back up her fuck-box frantically. His cumbags swung in.

Those huge balls were so full of corn now that they were rolling heavily. When they slapped against her ass, she could feel the jism tide shifting inside them and almost hear the gooey stuff sloshing around.

Her fuck-hole gripped him firmly on the backstroke, so that he had to yank back hard against the suction of her cunt. Her cunt-lips distended, clinging to his sliding cock-shaft so that he was damned near pulling her pussy inside out.

Marianna called out in her rapture, gulping and gasping and whimpering. He was rattling her bones on his savage strokes, making her whole curvaceous body tremble and vibrate. He pounded in so deep that she almost thought his cock-head was going to come out of her mouth.

She threw her legs around his haunches, thighs clamping on his hips. Her heels locked behind him, then drummed on the cheeks of his cork-screwing ass. She was riding him from below, matching his furious pace with equal vigor.

“Fuck me silly — oooooh — pound my pussy to fucking jelly, darling — fuck my ass off!” she wailed.

His cock came out slathered with woman juice and plunged back in violently, transfixing her loins on the steely spike. His cumbags rolled in like bowling balls, so full of fuck-juice now that they were no longer swinging freely.

His piss-hole was starting to dribble.

Marianna could feel the hot pre-cum seep into her cunt and she whimpered in anticipation of his load. Now his cock was coming out glistening with both of their creamy sap. The fat stalk was coated with cunt-cum and that milky film was shot through with streaks of preliminary jizz, threads of spunk that were thicker than her pussy-juice, forming a viscous filigree in her goo.

“Shoot, Peter — shoot up me!” she gasped. Bunny was as eager to see her daddy unload his lust as her mom was to feel it hose her fuck-box.

The girl had bunched all four fingers together in a cock-shaped bundle and she was ramming them up her fuck-hole steadily, wishing that they were a real prick — wishing that her hand was capable of cumming.

As she finger-fucked herself with one hand, she massaged her clit with the other. The double-handed action was bringing her surging to another crest.

She clung just under the peak, waiting for her father to juice off before she creamed. The sight was driving the naughty girl crazy with lust.

Peter began to buck convulsively.

He was braced on his knees and driving in like a piston, buffeting Marianna around on his cock. His belly slapped on hers, then sucked away. He held her by the hips, shaking and twisting her loins as he pumped into her. He was shoveling his cock up her so furiously now that it was merely a slimy blur as it went in and out.

He cried out at the crest.

“Yeah — yeah — hose me!” Marianna wailed. Crouched at the keyhole, Bunny thought that she could actually hear the whooshing sound of her daddy’s spunk as it rocketed up his shaft, then the solid splash as the stuff foamed into her mother’s fuck-hole.

He pounded away, shooting on every thrust. Marianna’s fuck-box filled with jizz and her cunt-cum oozed out to blend with it. Their combined cream dribbled like paste from her slot as he plugged her full.

Watching Peter pouring the spunk so abundantly into Marianna, Bunny melted on her thrusting fingers. Her thighs rippled as she rose and fell, riding her hand as if she had been squatting on a rampant prick.

And how she wished that she was!

She frigged herself through the racing spasms of her cumming, timing it to match her mom and dad. She gradually slowed down, as they did.

Peter began to falter, then stopped moving. Marianna squirmed under him for another moment, then held him tightly, her legs locked around his haunches and her arms around his shoulders. Her belly was glued to his, her tits tight to his chest.

As they stopped jerking together, their daughter stopped ramming her fingers up her pussy. Peter’s prick was still stuck up Marianna’s cunt-gash, and Bunny left her bunched fingers knuckle-deep up her cunt-hole.

For a few moments this performer-audience tableau remained motionless, the players melted together as if their bodies had fused in the heat of their fucking and the water in frozen fascination at the keyhole.

Then Peter slowly pulled his prick out of Marianna’s pussy, as it had gone in, inch by inch.

His cock-head lodged in her cunt-slot for a moment, then came slipping out. His cock was semi-soft now, but still impressive, a fat, meaty coil looped from his loins.

Marianna lay sprawled out, her legs apart. Her vacated cunt-slot was gaping open, as if the elastic walls were retaining the outline of that thick cock-stalk that had just been molded in her cunt. The pink oval of her pussy was flooded with fuck-juice and cunt-cum.

Bunny gazed longingly at her daddy’s cock. Soaked and slathered from her mother’s cunthole, his cock-meat looked scrumptious.

Her gaze shifted to her mother’s groin.

Gaping open and all swampy with their mingled slime, her mom’s pussy looked delicious, too.

Bunny drew her fingers out of her cunt and held them up to her face. They were drenched with her cunt-nectar, pearly ribbons running down her digits and a milky pool welled up in her palm.

Bunny’s tongue pushed out and she ran it up the length of her fingers, tasting her juice.

It was yummy. Bunny’s tastebuds sparked and tingled as they registered the succulence of girl goo.

She looked through the keyhole again, gazing yearningly at her father’s big cock and balls.

Then she pushed her bunched fingers into the oval of her panting lips and sucked on them, pretending that they were a prick — a prick that had just come dripping from a well-creamed fuck-box.

She looked through the keyhole again. This time she gazed at her mother’s pussy. Sucking her own cunt-juice from her fingers, she made believe that she was tasting her mother’s cunt milk from her daddy’s cock.

She tilted her hand and lapped up the pool of cunt-cum out of her palm, purring like a hungry kitten drinking from a saucer of cream.

Her fevered fantasies were driving her wild. She wished that her parents would fuck or suck again, so that she could frig, while she looked on. She’d already cum twice, but mere hand-jobs weren’t doing a satisfactory job on this memorable occasion.

Cumming by hand only made her hornier. But it seemed that the action in the master bedroom had come to a halt, for the moment.

Peter and Marianna were snuggled up lovingly, but they were cuddling in contentment. Bunny guessed that they would need time to rest before they balled again.

And now they had turned onto their sides, embracing. Bunny could no longer see anything more interesting than the curve of her mother’s ass.

Still, it was a delightful ass. Bunny drew her saliva-soaked fingers up through the crack of her own trim ass and nudged a fingertip into her shit-hole. Then she brought her hand back to her mouth and tasted her tangy and flavorsome asshole, licking and then jabbing the digits in and out of her moist lips.

She was tempted to finger-fuck herself again. But then she thought that maybe after they had rested, her mother and father might screw again and she decided to save her next creaming so that, if she were lucky, she could once more cum with them.

With time to kill, she figured that she would go downstairs and make a cup of coffee and, while she sipped it, think about the boys she dated and decided which one she wanted to have sex with that evening.

But she never got around to that.

There was plenty of sex available at home…


Well, shit — I guess I ain’t gonna get no fucking breakfast this morning, Jack thought.

He tossed the newspaper down, annoyed. There hadn’t even been any juicy sex scandals to read about, although he had lingered over the ads for bras and panties and spent some minutes contemplating the love life of Blondie and Dagwood.

The horny youth decided that he couldn’t wait any longer for his habitual morning hand job. He figured he would frig off efficiently, to begin with, and then enjoy a more prolonged prick-pounding a second time.

He started to get up from his chair, intending to go up to his bedroom. But then he dropped back, thrown off balance by the weight and size of his hard-on.

Jack hadn’t emptied his balls since the night before — a lengthy period for the potent lad — and his stiff prick was levering awkwardly in his pants and his cumbags felt like basketballs between his thighs.

No one else was up yet and Jack saw no reason why he shouldn’t pull his prick right there in the living room. After he’d drained it off once and reduced the pressure, he would be more comfortable as he proceeded upstairs to linger over a longer second cumming.

He took another glance at Blondie.

She had really great tits, he thought. But she was kind of wholesome, which was a shame. It was hard to imagine Dagwood fucking her, too.

Squirming down to the edge of the chair, he opened his belt and unsnapped the waistband of his jeans. Then he drew the zipper down slowly, teasing himself the way some of his girlfriends liked to do.

He wasn’t wearing any underwear under his tight jeans and as the zipper pulled down, his cock came springing out from his fly like a rocket.

It snapped straight up, quivering with tension. Jack gazed down, admiring his cock-meat. He knew from the locker room that he was well endowed.

His sister could see that, too…

Heading for the kitchen, with the delightful flavor of her own pussy-juice lingering on her tastebuds and her cunt steaming and squishing between her slender thighs as she moved, Bunny passed the archway leading into the living room — and came to a dead halt when she saw that her brother was sitting there with his cock jutting out.

She blinked in surprise.

Then she smiled happily, figuring that she was about to get another visual treat.

She stepped back from the arch and peered around the edge, her eyes glued to his cock and balls.

Jack had reached into his fly and hauled his cumbags out now, revealing all of his sex tackle.

He was hung almost as heavy as her daddy! The horny teenager had to stifle a little squeal of delight as she played the peeper again.

Jack’s cock-head was huge and it was so hot that it was glowing like a lightbulb. His stalk was thick and iron-hard, seamed up the underside by a dark vein as fat as Bunny’s little finger. At the base of his cock, his balls were inflated like balloons.

As she stared at that meaty masterpiece, Bunny’s fingers and palms itched for a feel of it.

Her cunt was simmering and her mouth was watering, too — but since he was her own brother the girl knew that such thoughts were much too naughty.

But there was no harm in looking.

Jack was looking, too, his head inclined and turning as he studied his erection from this way and that. It was looming up so tall that it looked as if he could damned near give himself a blow-job.

His left hand moved down and he cupped his balls, lifting the heavy sacs as if weighing their load. He squeezed and fondled the juice-filled bags.

He folded his right fist around his stalk. It bucked like a bronco in his grip, so vibrant that it almost threw his hand off. The vein pulsated in his palm and the rod throbbed in his fist.

He pulled up. His foreskin rolled like a fleshy carpet over the ledge of his cock-head, so that only the cleft purple tip was unsheathed.

Then he pushed back down to the foot, skinning his knob out naked. That enormous wedge flared out like the head of a hooded cobra about to strike.

Ooooh, Bunny whimpered, silently.

The sight was driving her wild. She wished that she were closer so that she could see it in even more detail when he shot his wad.

Then she thought: Why not?

After all, it was her brother who was being naughty. Why should she be embarrassed by innocently walking in and catching him in the act?

She had a pretty shrewd idea that as long as she showed the right attitude, Jack wouldn’t mind.

She waited for a moment, letting him get into the steady stroking rhythm, knowing that once he was in the pumping pattern he was less likely to stop.

Then the naughty peeper walked through the arch.

“Whatcha doin’, Jack?” she asked impishly.

“Aw, shit,” he croaked.

He turned bright red and stopped frigging his prick. He was trying to hide his hard-on behind his open hands, but it was too long. His cockhead stuck up on one end and his balls bulged at the other.

The brazen girl walked right over to him.

“Beating your meat, huh?” she giggled.

“Jeez, Sis — go away!” he groaned.

But he was starting to notice that his sexy, nubile little sister didn’t seem to be disgusted or shocked — that the girl looked intrigued.

“Errrr — guy’s g-gotta — you know…” he stammered.

“Sure, I know,” she replied.

She gave him a saucy sort of look, tossing her head, dark hair cascading — dark eyes flashing.

Jack noticed that her nipples were jutting out stiffly in her flimsy black nightgown and that he could just make out the shadowed vee of her cunt-bush through the sheer, semi-transparent folds of the material.

“Girls do it too, you know,” she whispered. Jack gulped. He had a sudden flash of his kid sister finger-fucking herself to a froth. His prick jolted at the fevered image.

“Go ahead,” she said. “You can finish the job, Jack — I don’t mind.”

“You — you wanna watch?” he gasped.

“Um-hum,” she chirped.

Jack was still feeling a bit guilty and ashamed, yet the thought of jerking off in front of his saucy sibling was a real turn on. She had already caught him pulling his prick and he guessed it didn’t matter if she was there to see him spurt out his spunk.

He managed a grin and moved his hands away, giving her a full frontal view. Her dark eyes were glued to his groin and the pink tip of her tongue was showing, sliding slowly across her moist lower lip.

Jack wrapped his hand around his cock, holding it without stroking. Her gaze was caressing him so fervently that he felt he was basking in her heated admiration, as if her eyes were actually fondling his meat.

“Pump it, Jack!” she urged.

He gave his stalk a slow push-pull.

Bunny whimpered and sank down onto her knees as if her legs could no longer support her.

Jack stroked up and down on his cock-shaft again. It was looming up level with her face as she knelt before him. She leaned closer. He could feel her hot breath wafting onto his even hotter cock-head.

He wondered if he should warn her that she was liable to get a faceful of spunk.

“Wanna — wanna cum on my tits?” she whispered, her voice all husky with passion.

“Oh, wow — yeah, Sis!” he moaned.

Bunny drew open the front of her flimsy nightgown and arched her slender back. Her plump tits thrust out, the rosy tips standing like little pink rockets ready to be launched from the areola pads.

Jack hauled back on his cock as if he were cocking a rifle. He stared at his sister’s tits past the flaring slab of his smoking-hot knob.

Bunny squirmed a bit closer, bringing her thrusting tits up before his cock. She cupped the firm mounds, lifting and deepening the cleavage.

Holding the heavy globes in her hands, she rubbed the edges of her thumbs against her nipples.

Those buds shot out like bullets and his cockhead loomed like a cannonball.

“Juice me, Jack — hose my tits!” she whined. Her eyes were glazed with lust and she was trembling for the feel of his hot, thick fuck-juice splashing all over her tits and nipples.

Jack aimed his knob at her tits and began to jerk on his stalk vigorously. His piss-hole opened and a glob of gooey pre-spunk oozed out. It spread out on the purple slab like cream on a fat plum.

Bunny’s cute little nose twitched as she breathed in the musky aroma of heated cockmeat and the starchy fragrance of his preliminary seepage.

The pungent perfume of his prick was tantalizing the horny nymphette. Her mouth was drooling and her cunt was smoldering. If only he wasn’t her brother, she thought.

Some tenacious inhibition told her that she mustn’t let things get out of hand, that incest was taboo — but that feeling was fading away in the heat of her desire.

She thought that it wouldn’t be too naughty if she were to finish the job for him. A handjob wouldn’t be like really committing incest, she reasoned.

She was about to offer to take over.

But then Jack began to shake and tremble.

“Here it comes, Sis…” he gasped.

“Oooooh — cream my tits — slime me, Jack!” she wailed.

Her back arched deeper and she shoved her tits out. Her eyes crossed as she turned her fascinated gaze in on the head of his prick, waiting eagerly for the magic moment when his jizz spurted out.

His fist frigged back violently.

His cumbags exploded and his cock-shaft rippled as the heavy load rushed up the hollow core. His piss-hole gaped wide open and his knob surged.

His hot, thick fuck-juice squirted from his prick and splashed on his sister’s tits.

Bunny squealed with joy. The stuff felt as hot and as solid as melted lead.

Jack shot a second spurt out on the backstroke, then a third as his hand jacked back toward his balls. Cum slathered her tit-mounds and clung to her nipples and slimed into the cleft between her thrusting tits.

“Don’t stop — keep cumming,” she whimpered.

Jack was not about to stop. His balls seemed bottomless, his spunk load endless, his vitality boundless. He shot off as he pumped back and squirted as his fist yanked up, a steady stream of slime pouring from his piss-hole.

A creamy wad skimmed over the upper slopes of her tits and splashed in the fluttering hollow of her delicate throat, then ran beck down her breast bone in a glistening tide and seeped into her cleavage.

She was soaking from tits to belly, so coated with cum that she looked like a glazed donut. At long last Jack was drained.

But not for long.


Bunny sat back, on her heels and tilted her head down, staring at her slimy tits.

Jack slumped back in the chair.

His balls were deflated and slack now, but his formidable cock was still standing rampant in his fist. It had softened only slightly.

Bunny began to massage her tits, working his cum into her tit-meat with both hands. She pulled on her vibrant titty tips, making them explode.

Jack jerked his prick in his fist, shaking a few cum drops from the knob, cracking it like a whip.

His balls were already starting to swell again. What was a single cumming to a potent young man under these circumstances.

But then Bunny got to her feet on shaky legs. She grinned at her brother, showing him that she had no regrets or misgivings. But then she stepped back. Bunny was seething with desire and she was afraid that if she stayed in the room with him she was not going to be able to control her unholy urges.

The girl was yearning to suck his prick and let him shove it up her cunt — but her inhibitions were still clinging in her conscience, telling her it was taboo.

She knew that she had better leave before she succumbed to her raging lust — to give herself another hand-job in privacy and relieve the desperate pressure.

“That was fun,” she said, giving him a wink — trying to make light of the situation and conceal the raging turmoil of her emotions.

“Anytime you wanna do it again!” he rasped.

She was backing away step by step. “Yeah — well, you can cream my tits again, sometime — but now I better take a shower,” she said. She grinned. “We don’t want Mom and Dad to see me with spunky tits.”

She hesitated, then turned and left the room, her ass swinging provocatively in her sheer nightie.

Jack watched her go, grinning.

He had often had naughty fantasies about his sexy kid sister while he was beating his meat but he had never expected anything to happen between them.

Now the horny boy was wondering just how hot Bunny was — and if she would be game for more than a tit splashing.

He sure hoped so.

He didn’t suppose that she would let him actually fuck her, but maybe the next time she would jerk him off and let him give her a fingerfucking, at least.

His cock was hard as a stone again and he could feel another cum load seeping, drop by drop, into his balls.

Bunny was going to take a shower.

Jack figured that he would give her time to get started, then wander into the bathroom. At the very least he could get a look at her stark naked.

He would, too.

And he wasn’t die only one.

As soon as she was around the archway, Bunny leaned back against the wall, panting and dizzy with desire. She hadn’t dared to do it in front of her brother, but she was dying to taste his creamy spunk.

She ran her hands up over her tits, scooping up congealing slime in her palms.

She brought her hands up under her chin and tipped her face down. Her tongue flashed out. She lapped up that sibling spunk greedily.

“Ummmm,” she purred.

If her brother’s fuck-juice was so scrumptious even tasted secondhand, just think what it would be like to swallow a load right out of his spurting cock!

She licked her hands clean, then gathered some more juice from her belly and tits. She dipped her hand between her legs and soaked it in her cunt for a moment, then drew it up and slurped hungrily, tasting a combination of fuckjuice and cunt-cream blended together.

Her mouth was so hot that the girl thought that her tongue might melt.

Her cunt was even hotter.

Bunny staggered as she moved away from the wall and went back upstairs. She was planning to give her cunt a thorough frigging in the shower and see if she could reduce her frenzied desire on her own hands.

Otherwise she didn’t know what she would do…

Marianna was slumbering again.

She had creamed twice, in Peter’s mouth and then on his plunging prick and, contented, she had gone back to sleep on this lazy Sunday morning.

But Peter had only cum one time and he was looking forward to getting his rocks off again.

He gazed at her as she slept peacefully, tempted to mount her and ram the rod up her cunt again. But then he figured he should let her rest for a while, biding his time patiently and enjoying the later sex even more for the delay.

He decided to take a shower while he waited.

Fucking was sweaty work.

He got out of bed, careful not to disturb her and went on down to the bathroom. His cock was tense, not fully erect but showing every sign of renewed vigor as if bowed out in a fat parabola in front of him.

There were two shower stalls in the bathroom. Peter entered one, adjusted the spray and soaped his well-muscled body. His cock and balls were gooey from Marianna’s cunt and he lathered them up. As he did so, his cock responded, rising up rampant and randy.

He turned the shower spray off and stood there, contemplating his prick. He wrapped his hand around it and gave a stroke, skimming through the slippery soapsuds.

He had no intention of jerking off — not with his voluptuous wife in bed and available — but it felt pleasant to play with his prick a bit, getting it ready for her cunt.

The shower wasn’t running and the shower curtain was drawn and as he stood there in the cubicle, playing with his lathered cock, there was no reason for anyone to realize that the bathroom was occupied.

Bunny certainly didn’t.

Peter heard her come in and he whipped his hand off his cock, feeling a bit sheepish.

He peered out through the crack in the curtain.

Bunny was just slipping out of her nightie. Peter was about to call out, announcing his presence. But then he bit back the words.

For one thing, since he was sporting a massive hard-on, he didn’t want to call attention to himself.

But for another thing, the sight of his nubile daughter’s naked body was very exciting.

His eyes glowed and his prick pulsed.

Peter knew that it was unsavory to react in that fashion to his daughter’s naked charms but he couldn’t help it. It was only natural, he figured — and there was no harm in a bit of peeping and fantasizing.

Now he even thought that it might be a kick to jack himself off while he watched her shower.

Her slender back was toward him and he gazed at the firm round cheeks of her ass, lustfully. What a sexy little minx she had become!

She turned in profile and he saw the saucy bounce of her plump tits as they swung.

He noticed, too, that the rosy titty tips were standing out taut and swollen.

His Adam’s apple leaped up his throat and his prick beat like a drum in his hand as another surge of blood rushed into his hard-on.

Then she turned and faced him, innocently unaware of his presence behind the shower curtain — and Peter noticed a most peculiar thing.

Her tits were all greasy.

She hadn’t yet started to soap herself, so it couldn’t be lather. He frowned, puzzled. He wondered if the girl had been sunbathing and that the sheen on her tits was from suntan lotion?

It didn’t seem likely, that early in the day — and then it became even less likely, as he saw Bunny run a hand over her tits, then lick the grease from her fingers.

Peter shook his head, bemused. It was a total mystery to the man. Had she been making breakfast and spilled butter or bacon fat an her tits?

Fascinated, he continued to spy on her as Bunny stepped into the other shower stall. She didn’t draw the curtains — for which oversight her daddy was profoundly grateful.

Bunny turned on the spray and stood under it. She was facing the shower, her face turned up, starting to soap her belly and tits. From the other stall, her father had a three-quarter view of one perky titty and a full view of her delectable ass.

Soapsuds foamed on her sleek flesh.

Peter lathered up his hand and began to very slowly frig his prick through his slippery palm.

He felt ashamed of himself for lusting for his daughter’s nubile body, but his cock was jolting savagely, knowing no shame.

Bunny’s face turned from side to side. As he caught a glimpse of her expression, Peter saw that her pretty face was twisted by emotions — emotions quite similar to those that were contorting his own features.

Her soapy hands kneaded her heavy tits and she pulled at her lathered nipples.

Then she slid a hand down her belly and cupped it over her curly cunt-mound. She squeezed. Her ass swiveled and her hips pumped.

Jeez — is she frigging off? her daddy wondered.

The thought that his sweet little daughter might be a finger-fucker shocked Peter — and thrilled him enormously. His lathered prick bucked vigorously in his fist at the other end of a visual, manual daisy chain.

Bunny moved one hand behind her and began to soap the cheeks of her ass. Then she ran the soap up through the crack between those shapely globes.

She bent forwards slightly, tits bobbling saucily. The cheeks of her ass spread and her fascinated father could see the tiny puckered bud of her shit-hole.

She bent farther and her legs spread.

Now Peter could gaze into her groin from behind — and saw that her cunt was open and spilling out a juicy flow. Ribbons of cunt-cream streaked the frothy soapsuds.

She rubbed her pussy from the front and her other hand played with her asshole, one finger gently nudging up into that narrow brown bud.

Peter was gasping and his cock was so ironhard now it was ringing like a gong. He could feel his cumbags inflating more with every slippery, sudsy hand stroke. Pre-cum juiced from his piss-hole and slimy threads of the gooey stuff traced a pattern in the soapy lather.

Bunny tilted her wrist and shoved three fingers up into her fuck-hole. As she slid them in and out, she whipped her thumb against her clit.

Her other hand was still working on her ass. She had dropped the bar of soap now and was inserting her middle finger up into her shitchute, wriggling it her back passage as she probed her pussy.

Cunt-cream flooded from her cunt and streamed down the insides of her wet thighs. She jerked and churned as she worked away with both hands.

Peter was almost fainting. Blood was rushing through his ears and through that pounding of his own blood he could hear his daughter moan and whimper.

He could have shot off at any second.

All he had to do was tighten his grip and give his tormented cock a few short, sharp strokes and his fuck-juice would have come squirting out instantly.

But he continued to skim his fist very slowly up and down his slippery stalk, wanting to hold back his own cumming until he had the pleasure of watching his sexy little daughter cream off on her hands.

She arched back, letting the shower spray bounce from her upthrust tits, then bowed forward again. Her thighs rippled with sinew as she hiked up and down, rising onto her toes, dropping back on her heels. Her loins were pumping in a steady fucking motion that, naturally, made her daddy wonder if he was a virgin, to whom the motion came instinctively — or if that hot, wet cunt had already been stuffed full of some young man’s prick?

He pulled back to the hilt of his cock and gripped the throbbing base, afraid to risk even one more stroke. He was about ready to spray off like a shower, himself, washing the tiled walls with his foaming fuck-juice.

Cream, baby, he silently mouthed. “Let Daddy see you juice, you lovely little tart,” he whispered.

From the frantic actions of her pelvis and the way that she was panting, Peter could tell that his daughter was surging to the creamy crest.

He tightened his grip, ready to give his cock the fast, culminating stroke that would shoot his spunk out as he saw her cunt-cum foam from her slot.

Then Jack walked in.


Bunny didn’t seem aware of the fact that someone had come into the bathroom — although the frigging movement of her hands seemed to slow down somewhat.

Jack stood behind her, grinning fiendishly. Peter didn’t know what to do. He could hardly blame the boy for doing just what he had been doing — nor could he, at this stage, announce his presence.

Then Jack began to undress.

The young man quickly stripped down naked and moved up to the shower stall, standing very close behind his sibling’s squirming ass.

He folded his fist around his formidable prick and began to pump it. The knob was aimed at Bunny’s ass. The shower was spraying her from the front and now it seemed that her brother was about to spray her from behind as he jerked steadily away on his meat nozzle.

Peter felt helpless.

He knew that he should interfere, yet he couldn’t admit that he had been there all the time — and stroking his cock just the same as his son was doing — and because of the same visual inspiration.

And he didn’t want to end it, either.

It would be a real thrill to see Jack squirt his jizz on his sister’s ass. Would she feel that hot, thick geyser? he wondered. Could Jack manage to juice off on her and sneak away without Bunny knowing?

And if she did realize — how would she react?

But Bunny already knew.

She had heard her brother come in and glimpsed him from the corner of her eye.

Feigning ignorance, she kept on playing with her pussy, but she had slowed the rhythm of her selfcaress now. With her brother attendant, Bunny had lost interest in a self-inflicted hand-job.

Jack had stepped up behind her now and she could no longer see him, but she could see his shadow shifting on the wall and knew damned well that he was wanting.

She heard his cock-meat hiss through his hand.

He had already creamed on her tits and now she was eagerly waiting to feel him spurt on her ass.

She shoved her ass back, wriggling.

His red-hot knob brushed against her ass.

Bunny was too horny to carry on her pretense any longer. She reached behind her ass and wrapped her hand around her brother’s cock-shaft.

Jack grinned and their father gulped. If they had turned around, they would have seen Peter now, for his head was sticking out between the shower curtains, eyes bulging and mouth gaping open.

And the jarring head of his cock was sticking out, as well, aimed like a howitzer at the other stall. Parental concern told him that he was obligated to prevent his kids from incestuous frolic — but voyeur’s lust prevented the man from doing anything but watch.

Bunny tilted her wrist, rubbing Jack’s cockhead against the trim cheek of her ass. Then she slipped it into the cleft between those shapely mounds.

Jack humped, driving his cock up and down through her ass-crack, his bloated balls rolling up at the hilt. He skimmed through the tight cleft and Bunny squirmed, pushing her haunches back against his belly.

She held his balls, reaching back between her legs. Jack gripped her by the hipbones, twisting her ass around as he stroked between the cheeks.

He dipped lower and as he thrust up again, the wedge of his cock-head nudged into her asshole.

“Ooooh!” she squealed.

She had both hands on him now. One was dipped through her groin, holding his cumbags and the other reached around her hip to grip his cock-shaft. She began to frig up and down his rod.

His knob flared in her asshole.

It felt wonderful to have a slab of hot cockmeat throbbing in her sensitive brown eye and the thought of feeling his slime hose right into her shit-hole thrilled her.

She stroked him quickly.

Jack humped, fucking through his sister’s fist.

And the tip of his cock sank into her ass. “Oh!” she yelped.

Then she moaned as the thrill of that sordid contact hit her.

Jack had stopped humping now and he was staring down in awe. His cock-head had vanished in Bunny’s shit-slot and that tight brown slot was collaring his stalk. The rod stood out between them, like a bridge spanning the gap between his balls and her bowels.

Jack had meant to cum on his sister’s ass — not in it!

They stood motionless now, linked by his knob, joined together like Siamese twins.

Jack thought she might want him to pull out. But then Bunny began to stroke his stalk again, making his cock-head balloon in her shithole. He yanked back on her hips and she corkscrewed her ass.

Another inch of cock wedged up her ass.

“Jeez, Sis…” he croaked.

“It ain’t!” she grated. “Wha — what?” he stammered. “It ain’t incest!” she whimpered. “Fucking up the asshole ain’t like real fucking!”

Jack shook like a vibrator.

“You want it, Sis?” he rasped. “Yeah — yeah — shove your big prick up my ass and ream me out, Jack — ass-fuck me silly!”

Jack groaned and began to lever in deeper.

Peter groaned, too, echoing his son — but it was far too late to do anything about it, now — except to look on with lust running like malaria through his veins.

Bunny had never been ass-fucked but the naughty vixen loved the idea — and now she was starting to really adore the fiery sensation as he slid deeper up her shit-chute.

His cock-head was the widest part of his massive reamer, spreading her tight tract out as it plowed in, blazing a trail for his stalk to follow.

It hurt just slightly, but that faint tingle of pain only served to enhance the pleasure of the coupling, a background twinge emphasizing the thrill, punctuating the steady passage of his prick into her guts.

She jerked like a fish on a gaff.

She felt stuffed to the brim already, cored out like an apple. But when she reached back again to check, she felt that half of his cock was still not up her.

Inch by precious inch, her brother snaked his cock on up into Bunny’s ass. She thought that his long cock must be unraveling the coils of her guts — that his cock-head must be ail the way up into her belly. When he shot, it would be the same as if she’d sucked him off and swallowed his fuck-juice down from the other end of her digestive tract.

With a sudden lurch, he sank in to the hilt. His cumbags were ballooning in her crotch. Bunny gurgled, transfixed on his iron-hard spike.

He held it all in her and she rose onto her toes, then sank back down, the curve of her ass jammed against the flat plane of his belly.

His cock-head was glowing like a coal in the depths of her hot bowels and his shaft was levering like a crowbar in her shit-chute.

Jack held his reamer buried.

Bunny adored the sensation of having her ass brimful of her brother’s prick, but now she wanted the sliding friction of the buggery.

She began to grind against him. The fit was so tight that when she pulled forward, at first, she simply dragged his cock with her. But then her ass muscles adjusted to accommodate his bulk, loosening slightly.

Jack began to hump in counterpoint and his cock started to slide in and out.

He pulled back until only his bloated knob was lodged in her asshole, paused, then fed it all back up into her seething bowels. Her ass hit his belly and his balls swung into her crotch. He was so deep that Bunny thought his prick might come out of her mouth.

Ass-fucking was a joy!

And what a handy way to get stuffed without committing incest, as well!

Peter’s jaw was hanging open so wide that he seemed to be gnawing his breastbone and his eyes were bulging out like a pair of hard-boiled eggs as he watched his son shovel the meat up his daughter’s ass.

He shot so abruptly that his jism was halfway across the room before he realized that he’d cum.

Like a liquid rocket glinting silvery in the light, his fuck-juice flashed right across the bathroom and fell, splattering, at the feet of the ass-fucking siblings.

Heavy beads of cum, so thick that they seemed solid, bounced from the tiles. Peter pumped back and another gooey geyser arced through the air on a high trajectory. The slime skimmed against Bunny’s flank.

But the girl was so wrapped up in ass-fucking that she failed to notice that motherly fuck-juice as it squirted down her wriggling hip.

Peter milked himself bone dry.

But such was the stimulation that his prick remained as hard as a stone and his cumbags began to recharge themselves instantly, another load of thick paternal sap seeping steadily into his patent balls.

The siblings were surging to the crest now. Bunny’s ass-chute was dragging and sucking on her brother’s cock as if she were trying to digest the living meat from the wrong end of her canal. Her bowels sucked on his cock-head and her back passage rippled up and down on his thick stalk as it slammed in and out.

Jack jolted away enthusiastically, packing the fudge up his sister’s ass in a frenzy.

She held his balls, feeling them expand as he neared the peak. Her other hand was clawing at her cunt. She shoved three fingers up her fuck-hole knuckle-deep. As she frigged them in and out, she could feel her brother’s cock sliding up her twin passage, through the slender tissue that divided the naughty girl’s cunt-hole from her shit-chute.

Her clit was detonating.

“Spunk me, Jack — cream my ass!” she cried.

Jack pounded his prick in like a pile driver, hiking her up onto her toes, her ass heaving higher. He hauled her back by her hipbones and plunged in again.

Bunny’s cunt overflowed, spilling girl goo out lavishly. It foamed in her crotch and streamed down her thighs. Jack’s balls were drenched in her swamp.

A trickle of cunt-cum ran all the way down Bunny’s leg and spilled out on the floor of the shower stall, sliding into a glistening pool of slime that was already there — but, of course, the girl had no idea that her pussy-cream was blending with her father’s fuck-juice at her feet.

“Shoot up my ass!” she wailed.

Jack thundered in and his cumbags exploded as they whacked into her soaking cum-slot.

His cock flared mightily, stretching her shitchute out on the throbbing contours.

“Sis!” he howled.

“Slime me!” she wailed.

His steaming-hot enema hosed into her bowels as Jack filled her with his brotherly love.

Corkscrewing in, he pounded and hammered away as he emptied his load up her ass. Bunny whimpered. She could feel every drop as it sloshed in her guts. Jack fed her the last squirt, then held his cock buried and let the final trickles seep from his piss-hole.

He had cum up her so deep that Bunny thought she must already be digesting his jizz.

Naturally, that idea made her think of blow-jobs.

She knew how scrumptious her brother’s spunk was from having tasted the load he’d shot on her tits and she just knew that his cock-meat would be yummy — and now that it had been soaked in her shit-hole she figured that it would be even more tantalizing and flavorsome.

She squeezed his balls between her legs.

They had tuned slack as he drained them off into her bowels, but they tensed as she fondled them — and his cock was still rock-hard in her guts.

She could feel his sweet slime sloshing around in her bowels and her mouth was watering for another load. Bunny wanted to drink her brother’s jizz by the mouthful, now that she already had an assful.

She squirmed away, the curve of her ass sucking as it pulled from his flat belly.

His prick came out of her asshole as it had gone in, inch by precious inch. The fat knob stuck in her brown eye for a moment, then slipped free.

Bunny turned to face him, dark eyes flashing.

She licked her lips, signifying her intent. Her brother grinned at the prospect — and so did a fascinated father, as he waited for the next act…


Jack’s soiled cock was sticking straight out from his loins, parallel with the floor. But as Bunny gazed hungrily at it, it jerked and jolted back up, angling high before the young man’s belly.

Bunny dipped a finger into her flooded asshole, then drew it up to her mouth and licked it.

“Your cum is yummy, Jack,” she sighed. Her lips parted and her tongue fluttered.

“I wanna suck you off — I’m hungry for your hot cock and your thick jizz, Jack!”

“Yeah, Sis — go down on me!” he enthused.

Bunny sank gracefully to her knees.

Her face was on a level with her brother’s sex tackle now and her raven-black head turned as she gazed at his tasty-looking meat. She was really starving for a mouthful, but now that she had determined to get it, she was in no hurry, enjoying the anticipation like a gourmet looking at a well-laid table before sitting down to dine.

His prick jumped and bucked. Her head swayed as she followed the mesmerizing movement as if hypnotized. His prick was drawing her magnetically. She exhaled, blowing her damp breath on his cock-meat. His cock-head flared as if she were fanning it to flame.

Eyeing his cock, she played with his balls and ran her fingers up and down his rod. She rubbed her thumb at the spot where his huge, bi-valved cock-head wedged out from the stalk and the ventral vein diffused.

She slid one hand back through his crotch and held it to his ass, drawing his loins out toward her face as she nudged her middle finger into his asshole.

The fiery heat of his cock drifted into her flushed face and her nostrils flared as she inhaled the delicious aroma of his cock and balls.

She bridged her slim back and began to rub her tits back and forth against his prick, letting the stalk slip into her cleavage.

Jack humped, tit-fucking her, driving his cock up between her tits as he had, to begin with, up through the crack between her ass-cheeks. Her face tipped down as she watched his purple knob squeeze from the cleft.

She held her tits together around his prick, deepening the tunnel. Although he had drained off to the dregs in her ass, his piss-hole was already brimming over with some more gooey pre-spunk, slicking her tit-meat. She bent down and brushed her nose against his cock-head, sniffing the succulence of dribbling cock-meat.

The preliminary play was fun — but his preliminary seepage rather alarmed the cumhungry girl. He had already creamed on her tits and she didn’t want him to suddenly shoot off again, before his cock was in her mouth.

She pulled back and his cock sprang out of her titty tunnel and snapped up before her face. Her eyes followed the movement like a cobra following a snake charmer’s flute. Jack arched his back, throwing his head and shoulders back and shoving his loins cult toward her.

Bunny began on his balls.

She ran her flattened tongue all over those brotherly bags, slurping and slobbering. The taste of ball meat thrilled her tastebuds. She could fell his next cum load shifting around in the bloated bags.

Jack groaned, reaching down to stroke her cheek, then placing his hand behind her head.

But there was no need to coax her or guide her — Bunny knew just what she was going to do.

She laved all around his cumbags, lifting them to lap at the moist underside, drenching them with her saliva. She drew back and gazed at them, then bobbed in and tongued them some more, savoring the musky meat of his balls before she moved on to the even more delicious prospect of his smoking-hot prick.

She parted her lips and sucked on his balls as if she were trying to drink his jism directly from the sacs, instead of waiting for it to come up the spout.

Jack groaned with the exquisite sensation. “Feel good?” she whispered, on his balls. He could only nod wordlessly. It was evident that his sister was a talented cock-sucker. Her daddy could see that, as well, and he wondered if Bunny had had a lot of practice or if she was just naturally talented. Maybe she had inherited the skill from her mother, he thought.

His own neglected cock was hammering savagely as he watched his daughter gobble her brother’s balls.

Bunny nuzzled Jack’s nuts a bit longer, then began to run her lapper up his stalk.

She pressed her flattened tongue to the base of his prick, on the underside, and pulled it slowly up the length, slurping along the throbbing vein.

She lapped from hilt to crown, repeating the strokes. Her drool waked his stalk and then she licked it back up on the next fluttering stroke.

Globs of pre-cum, thick as quicksilver, oozed from his cleft and slimed sluggishly down his cock-shaft. Bunny slid her tongue up, gathering the seepage onto her tastebuds. She whimpered at the flavor. Dribbling straight from his piss-hole, it was even more delicious than the stuff was when she licked it from her hands.

She savored it on her tongue for a moment and then, before she swallowed, stuck her tongue out and showed her brother his cream filming on her tastebuds.

She was showing her daddy, too, for that matter.

Then, gurgling happily, she drank the goo.

“Yummy,” she sighed, gazing up at Jack through a network of fluttering eyelashes, loving the way that lust was twisting his face.

She should have seen her father’s face!

More pearly lumps pulsed out and poured down his slathered stalk. Bunny lapped the precum up, whetting her appetite for his full, massive load.

What a treat it was going to be when his cock exploded in her mouth and throat! The meat course was scrumptious and she was starving for the creamy dessert.

Another glob came from his piss-hole. It was too thick and sticky to trickle down his stalk. It clung to his knob like a raw oyster.

Bunny’s tongue darted out and slurped it up. She flashed her lapper against the underside of his wedge-shaped slab, then whipped it back and forth across his gaping piss-hole. Her saliva steamed from his hot meat. Jack rocked back and forth in ecstasy.

She slid down to his cock-root again and shoved her tongue out so that his balls rested on it like melons on a pink velvet cushion. Her eyes followed the path of another spunk nugget as it slimed down along the ventral vein. She waited until it had trickled to the hilt, then gathered it on her tongue.

It sizzled in her slobber as her tongue absorbed it, soaking it up like a sponge.

Bunny figured that it was high time that she began to use her whole mouth, instead of just her tongue. She placed her pursed lips against the underside of his cock and drew her mouth up the length, humming and sucking, playing him like a meaty flute.

“Ahhhh!” she moaned as that hard stalk throbbed in her sliding lips.

Jack stared down, fascinated by the sight of his kid sister mouthing his meat — but no more fascinated than their father, watching in rapt attention.

Bunny drew her lips up and down, sucking adoringly, but she was judging the action carefully, making sure that she didn’t bring him to the peak as she fluted up his stalk — wanting his load right in her mouth.

That would be the best part of all — when he bathed her tongue and plastered her palate and whitewashed her tonsils with his sweet slime.

Jack, too, saw the danger of cumming too soon.

“Suck me, Sis — suck my cock!” he begged.

“Ummmmm — you gonna cream in my mouth? Hummmmm? You gonna feed me your fuckjuice?”

He stabbed wildly against her lips.

Bunny turned her radiant face down over his cock and slowly slid the collar of her lips down around the flaring slab of his cock-head.

She nursed on the tip for a moment, with preliminary goo dribbling in her lips. Then she began to feed it deeper into her hungry maw. Her oval mouth pushed down past the slopes of his knob and clamped around his cock. She inhaled and sucked, her cheeks hollowing inward and her lips peeling out.

Jack jerked, shoving more cock into her face. Her head turned as she twisted the collar of her lips onto his sliding stalk, winding her mouth wantonly around on his meat with a screwing motion.

Milking and nursing and suckling on the crown, Bunny gazed down his cock-shaft, watching his balls expand. She was slobbering on his cock-head, and her drool slid down the thick stalk, spilling from her unfurled lips.

Bunny was in rapture. A mouthful of cockmeat was always a tasty treat and a physical thrill, but sucking on her brother’s massive cock added a dark psychological thrill, as well. Bunny knew it was naughty — and that only made it all the more wildly exciting for her.

“Ummmm — ahhhhh,” she purred, breathing in and out on his meat valve as if she were blowing up his balls down the hollow tube.

She swished her nimble tongue back and forth against the underside of his wedge-shaped knob. Pre-cum spilled onto her tongue and lips. Traces of the thick goo ran down his stalk, shot through with her saliva.

Jack’s cock lurched violently in her face and he rammed it in deeper, his knob skimming over her arched tongue, his throbbing rod hissing through the oval collar of her lips. He tilted her raven-dark head back as he screwed savagely up into her facial fuck-hole.

Bunny pulled her mouth back up to the head of his prick and held it to her ups like a torch singer caressing a microphone, kissing and tongue flicking.

“Fuck my face, Jack!” she whispered, huskily. “Jizz me good — use my mouth for a cunt!”

Jack gasped and jabbed his prick out frantically, more goo oozing from the split in the tip. Bunny gazed at it for a moment, in cocksucker’s ecstasy.

She adored blowing her brother.

She might have loved it even more if she’d known that her daddy was watching.

Peter was pounding on his prick now, hammering away in a fierce frenzy. He had watched his daughter take her brother’s cock and cum up her shit-hole and now he was going to see her swallow another load and there was no point in trying to hold back his own cummings.

Peter was so turned on that he knew he would have a hard cock all day — and that no matter how often he shot his wad, his balls would just fill right back up again, inspired by playing peeper on his daughter in her incestuous frolic.

Bunny mouthed Jack’s cock again, but this time she didn’t take only the head into her lips. She began to push her head down, feeding more stalk in.

Jack watched his elongated cock slowly disappear in his sister’s magic mouth.

As did their delighted daddy.

“Drain me off, Sis!” Jack croaked.

Her mouth pushed down and the cock-hungry teenager took every inch of her brother’s prick in, enveloping his cock to the root.

“Unghhh!” she gagged as his cock-head jammed back in her throat.

But she held it buried. Her lips were plastered to the thick, hairy hilt of his shaft, her nose rustled in his wiry pubic thicket and her chin was cushioned against the bloated bags of his balls.

Jack’s hand flattened on the back of her bent over head, holding her down on his cock. She was deep-throating him. He had a huge cock and it had vanished and the boy wondered where the fuck it had all gone to.

Bunny gulped and nibbled the root and felt his knob flare in her gorge. If she took it down any deeper, she thought that his cockhead would be sloshing around in his cum — the load he had spilled into her from the other end of her digestive tract when he ass-fucked her.

She drew back up to his crown, sucking voraciously through every inch of his long shaft.

“Ummm,” she sighed.

Then she bobbed down like a sword swallower, gorging on his meat, taking him in ball-deep.

“Ummm,” she sighed.

“Upppp — uppfff!” she gulped, her gullet filling up with his dribbling knob.

She began a steady up-and-down motion, her head moving as if she were ducking for apples in a barrel. She gulped as he clogged her throat and purred as she nursed on his knob. Her head jumped up and down as she kept to the traditional blow-job action that she knew was going to milk him off at any moment.

Jack humped, fucking into her face as she bobbed down. His hand was still behind her head but the greedy girl needed no guidance or encouragement. His hand just lay there, moving up and down with her.

“Spunk me — juice my mouth!” she gurgled on his cock-head, then fluted her lips back down to the root.

His balls swung up at the base of his prick as Jack jolted up into her face. Bunny turned her head, taking his cock-head into her cheek in bulging outline, then ducked straight down and took it into her throat again.

She was stuffing her face like a hamster with a pouchful of nuts. Her cheeks sank in as she sucked and bellowed out as she blew his rod.

“Suck, Sis — milk me!” Jack wailed, his ass corkscrewing as he fed it to her head, his cumbags flying up and down like weighted blackjacks. They bumped her under the chin, then slid up to her lips.

His cock was getting bigger all the while. Bunny’s lips were stretched out of shape around his inflating shaft. He packed her cheeks, skimmed over the flashing arch of her tongue, plunged down her gullet.

So much pre-spunk had oozed from his pisshole that Bunny wondered if he had cum.

But his cock stayed rock-hard and throbbed more violently and his balls were still ballooning and she knew, happily, that she was drinking only the preliminary seepage — and that she still had the full load ahead of her.

“Feed it to me!” she squealed.

“It’s cummin’, Sis!” he rasped.

She gurgled in anticipation.

Sharing that depraved anticipation, Peter shot off again in the other shower stall. His fuckjuice sped straight out and splashed against the surface. His ass jolted, back on the recoil. He pumped himself dry — and kept right on pumping away, not even missing a beat, ready to cum again without pausing for an instant in his stroking.

Jack cried out, his voice strangled.

His hands shifted and he held his sister’s face between his palms as he shagged his cock violently into her mouth.

Her lips clung to his sliding meat, distending on the backstroke so that he seemed to be damned near pulling her mouth inside out.

Jack howled again, like a creature in torment. He slammed his smoking-hot cock into her maw, tilting her head back — and his balls blew.

His first spurt shot straight down Bunny’s throat, hot as boiling oil, a creamy cable of cum running in an unbroken stream from his balls to her belly.

She whimpered with joy and drew her lips up, so that his second gooey geyser skimmed over her tongue as it sped out, giving her the thrill of tasting the stuff before she swallowed it hungrily down.

Jack shot as he plowed in and shot again on the recoil, bathing her cheeks and hosing her throat and whitewashing her flashing tongue. She gasped and gulped, drinking his juice voraciously. Each time she swallowed a mouthful, her brother fed her another load.

Bunny drank; Jack shot. The siblings were working in unison, in perfect harmony. His jizz gushed out and Bunny gulped it down, her throat pulsing.

Between spurts, she blew down his cock-stalk, as if she were inflating his balls. Those bags were pumping in and out as they deflated and drained off.

It was like drinking out of a foaming fire extinguisher, she thought. Swallowing his cum, she was quenching her fiery hunger, mouthful by mouthful.

She thought she must have swallowed a gallon of his goo, but Jack kept spilling it out into her maw. He sprayed her palate, hosed her cheeks, jetted jizz onto her tongue, gooed down her gullet.

At last he began to flag.

Bunny had a bellyful already, but the greedy girl kept on sucking, milking more out. He stopped spurting and the last succulent dribbles trickled onto her tongue.

He stood, feet widespread, head and shoulders thrown back, his whole athletic body trembling. Bunny coned another thick nugget from his piss-hole with her lips. Then she folded her fist around his stalk and frigged up and down, making sure that his cock was empty. She tightened her grip and squeezed up his shaft as if getting the dregs out of a toothpaste tube. Then she squeezed his balls to make certain that her brother’s reservoir was drained.

She kept his knob in her mouth and let the last mouthful of fuck-juice slosh around, savoring it. It clung to the roof of her mouth like limestone deposits on her tongue was floating in a sea of slime.

A few drops spilled from her lips, overflowing and running down his spent stalk. Her head bobbed down and she slurped the stray spunk back up.

Jack staggered and swayed on the end of his prick, as if he was supported on the hard rod.

And it was still hard, she noted, to her joy. Because now that her mouth and tongue and belly — not to mention her bowels — were satisfied, the naughty girl’s cunt was smoldering like a bonfire.

Her brother had fucked her in the ass and in the mouth and she wasn’t sure if they had committed incest or not. But the limits of the definition didn’t matter at this point. Bunny just had to get fucked.


Bunny drew her drenched mouth off his cock, and Jack leaned back against the wall, panting, his legs shaking. She swallowed the last mouthful very slowly, savoring every slimy drop. Then she leaned forward and used her nimble tongue to gather up all the overflow from his prick, tonguing his cock and balls and slobbering over his groin.

She took his knob back into her lips and gave it a last suck, polishing it to a purple luster.

“Was that nice?” she purred, giving him a coquettish look through fluttering eyelashes.

“Jeez, Sis — you got a mouth like a fucking vacuum cleaner,” he croaked.

Bunny smiled at the compliment.

Jack was looking poleaxed, stunned by the magnitude of his cumming. He felt as if his sister had sucked his guts out, swallowed his blood and bones.

But his prick was still standing firm. “My cunt sucks, too,” she whispered, suggestively.

He stared at her, his lips working soundlessly. “Wanna fuck me, big brother?” she purred. “Yeah, Sis — oh, shit — yeah!” he gasped. She got to her feet and bent down to give his cock-head an affectionate kiss.

“We better go downstairs,” she said. “Mom and Dad might hear us if we fuck in my bedroom.”

“Suppose they come down?” he asked, worried.

She grinned spunkily. “Naw. I was peeking through their keyhole. They’re fucking up a storm this morning — they won’t be out of bed for ages.”

“Jeez — you spied on Mom and Dad?” he gulped. It seemed a really naughty thing to do — although that attitude was kind of silly, under the circumstances.

“Sure. I spy on them a lot. Daddy has a beautiful big prick — and Mom’s got a real creamy cunt.”

Peter had to stifle a groan at his daughter’s words. He didn’t mind at all that the mini peeped on them. The idea was a turn on. He thought that he might even leave the bedroom door open the next time he screwed Marianna, so that she could get a better look.

And the knowledge that she was impressed by his prick was very, very interesting.

If Bunny was game for incest with her brother — well, it quite naturally gave her father ideas…

“C’mon — let’s go down and fool around awhile — you know, lots of foreplay — then you can fuck me,” Bunny said.

She took Jack’s hand and led him from the room.

Peter stood, stunned. If the kids were going to screw, he sure as hell wanted to watch them. But his cock and balls were giving him trouble. No matter how vigorously he jerked off, he could not reduce his lust in the slightest. So much blood had gone into forming his insatiable erection that he was lightheaded.

If Bunny and Jack were going to linger over the preliminary foreplay, he didn’t have to hurry downstairs instantly, he reasoned. His voluptuous wife was still in bed, naked. Peter figured it might be a good idea to sink his thundering cock into her again and see if he could spend some of his raging lust off — before he sneaked down to spy on the kids. A hand-job did no good at all, but Marianna’s hot, wet pussy might make him feel more, comfortable.

Then he would enjoy playing the peeper with less urgency — although he guessed that watching Jack throwing the prick to Bunny’s cunt would soon have him on the rampage again.

Anyhow, he had to make sure that Marianna wasn’t going to get up yet. It would never do to have her come downstairs and find him watching their kids fuck.

Peter, moving awkwardly, his legs bowed out like a cowboy’s around his swollen balls, wobbled back to the master bedroom to shove his cock up his wife.

He was going to make believe she was his daughter, of course, as he rammed his prick up her cunt.

Marianna was awake — and wondering where Peter was.

She had really enjoyed having him suck her cunt, then screw her, while she was still half asleep. That sex had had a lovely, dream-like quality.

Now she wanted more.

She sprawled out on top of the covers and spread her legs. Her cunt was still gaping open, as if molded to the outline of Peter’s cock. Cunt-cum and jizz dribbled from her slot, lathering her groin.

She began to play with her pussy.

She wasn’t trying to cream off, she was imply keeping her cunt on the simmer as she waited for her husband to come back to bed on this memorable Sunday morning.

And as she fondled her fuck-hole, Marianna was enjoying some very naughty fantasies.

She was thinking about her teenaged son.

Marianna had the grace to feel a bit sheepish about having the hots for young Jack, but she couldn’t help herself. The thought of incest was thrilling.

She pushed her fingers up her cunt, then pushed them into her mouth. She finger-fucked herself with one hand and sucked the other, then switched.

She thought about sucking her son’s prick and about having him fuck her cunt and, getting carried away, she even had some fevered thoughts about sucking Bunny’s pussy.

She hoped that Peter would get back to bed soon. She was getting really worked up and if he didn’t come and service her she was going to have to frig herself to the creamy climax, cumming on a self-caress — and cumming on her fantasies.

And if Peter did get there, Marianna knew that while he fucked her, she was going to be making believe that he was their son.

And so, as fate would have it, Peter returned to ball his wife, pretending she was Bunny — and his wife welcomed him, pretending he was Jack…

Peter walked in with his hard-on looming up — and grinned when he saw Marianna playing with her cunt.

She gave him a bewitching smile.

“I’m glad to see you,” she said.

“So it seems,” he replied, kneeling beside her, his huge hard-on casting an elongated shadow over her belly. She drew her hand out of her crotch and arched sinuously.

Peter wanted to fuck her fast — so that he could sneak downstairs in time to watch Jack and Bunny coupling in the ultimate incest.

But not too fast.

Having just seen his son shoot in his daughter’s eager mouth, Peter was in the mood for a little cock-sucking as a prelude to the pussy-stuffing. He wanted to shove his prick in his wife’s lovely face — and pretend that he was in his daughter’s sensual mouth.

He threw a knee across and straddled her, his ass resting on her tits and his prick jutting out over her face. Marianna smiled. She had never refused him a blow-job yet — and today she was looking forward to a mouthful of her husband’s succulent cock — as she thought about, her son’s stalk.

Peter shoved his meat rig out.

Marianna craned her neck up and took his prick willingly into her lips.

He began to fuck her face vigorously, thinking about how Bunny had sucked her brother’s prick and greedily gulped down his hot, thick spunk.

Marianna whimpered on a mouthful of smoking hot cock-meat, wishing that it were her son’s cock plunging into her motherly maw, about to feed her his sweet teenaged juice.

Peter thought about Bunny looking through the keyhole earlier — and wished that the girl were watching them at this very moment. She had performed for his secret audience — now Peter wanted to put on a show for her.

He rammed his cock down Marianna’s throat.

A few globs of pre-cum bubbled from his piss-hole. Marianna wondered if her son’s slime would taste the same as his father’s delicious fuck-juice.

His ass bouncing off Marianna’s upthrust tits, Peter fucked her face frantically. His balls rolled up to her lips as he drove her head back into the pillow.

Marianna expected him to cum in her mouth. But then he pulled his prick out and began to slide down her arched body. His balls dragged over her tits, then down her sleek belly. They rested in the curly vet of her raven-dark cuntbush for a moment, his cock angled up like a spear stuck into her groin.

It would have been lovely to shoot his wad down her throat, of course. Peter always enjoyed cumming on a blow-job and he knew that his wife loved to drink the stuff — as, he now knew, his daughter also did.

But after Marianna had swallowed a load of spunk, she invariably expected to get her cunt fucked — or, failing that, to have Peter return the oral favor by going down on her and sucking her off, in turn.

Normally that was a pleasing prospect.

But today the circumstances were unique.

Peter didn’t want to spend the time to fuck her mouth and her cunt both, nice as both prospects were, because he was eager to spy on the kids again.

The only thing to do was to throw a savage screwing into Marianna’s cunt and cream her off at the same time that he spilled his own spunk out, leaving her satisfied — so that he could sneak downstairs to spy some more.

He dipped down, and his cock slithered through her bushy vee and into her cunt. He worked the knob around in her pussy, then inched it up her fuck-hole.

He was thinking of his daughter’s teenaged cunt.

Marianna jammed her hips down to meet him, wondering vaguely why he hadn’t cum in her mouth — and still making believe that it was Jack mounted on her.

Peter began grinding in ferociously, stuffing her creamy cunt to the core. She closed her eyes, moaning, imagining that that frantic fucking was being shoveled up her pussy by her horny son — just as Peter was pretending he was fucking the ass off their delectable daughter.

Marianna arched up sinuously, heaving her shapely ass up from the bed. Peter groaned. Remembering how Jack had buggered Bunny’s ass, the man was sorely tempted to pull his cock out of Marianna’s cunt-hole and whip it up her shit-chute. But he fought against the urge. If he shot up her ass, it would be the same thing as if he’d cum in her mouth — Marianna would still expect a cunt-fucking or sucking as the culmination of the creamy coupling — and that would further delay him on his way to play the voyeur.

He pounded in like a battering ram, shaking her pelvis, rattling her hipbones. His balls felt as heavy as sandbags as they bit her upthrust ass.

Gripping her under her ass, he held her bridged under him and began to run his prick in at an angle, so that every inch of his pulsating stalk was rubbing across her tingling clit as he sank in and pulled out.

It worked as he expected.

With his meat massaging her clit and stuffing her cunt-hole on every stroke, Marianna began to dissolve. Her cunt turned to thick cum cream.

His cock sank in as if he were sticking it in a paste pot.

“Cumming!” she gasped.

Peter had been holding back, waiting for her. Now he let himself go. His cumbags blew and his lust lava erupted into her loins in a volcanic explosion. Peter emptied his balls through his meat tube and Marianna melted in a wild orgasm. And as they shared a simultaneous cunning, each held secret thoughts.

Behind her closed eyelids, Marianna imagined it was her son shooting up her cunt, as Peter trembled with a fantasy of creaming his daughter’s pussy.

She lay back, reined and smiling.

Soon, Peter tiptoed from the room…


His prick was swinging like a flexible rubber hose as Peter tiptoed down the stairs — but the moment he looked around the archway into the living room, his cock gave a mighty lurch and sprang up to another full erection.

He had arrived just at curtain time.

The foreplay had become intense. Bunny’s cum was steaming and Jack’s prick was like a heated crowbar. The kids were sitting on the couch, playing with each other. She was stroking his hard cock and fondling his big balls and he had one hand on her hot cunt, the other one on her tits.

Then Bunny could wait no longer for her first cuntful of her brother’s bloated cock.

The nimble teenager twisted lithely up and knelt on the couch, shifting one knee across so that she was kneeling astride Jack’s lap.

Her slim back arched, spine bending. Her plump tits thrust out into his face and her slender belly was pressed tight to his. She was positioned atop his prick like a delicately balanced flagpole sitter.

She squirmed around deliciously, wiping her cunt on the head of his cock.

Her back was to the archway and their father had a perfect view of the coupling. Jack’s balls ballooned and his thick cock-shaft, towered up from them, the purple slab of his cock-head nudging into her cunt-gash.

Her wet cunt-lips were unpeeling around the tip of that smoking hot knob and cunt-juice was running in creamy ribbons down the heavily veined shaft.

As she wriggled about, the cheeks of her ass opened and Peter could see her tiny little shithole. Cum was bubbling from that little brown slot, reminding him graphically of how Jack had shot up her guts.

Bunny worked her slot on his crown for a moment, savoring the anticipation of having all of his long, thick prick shoved up her cunt.

Then she began to slide down.

His cock-head vanished. Inch by inch, his stalk disappeared into her fuck-hole. His cuntlips sucked him in and her tunnel of love swallowed him up. The heavy rod edged deeper, dark vein pounding spasmodically.

Bunny sank down to the hilt of her brother’s fuck-stick, taking it all. Her fuck-slot was glued around the root and the lower curve of her ass brushed against his swollen cumbags as she squirmed on the spike.

She held it all in her for a few moments, then began to rise and fall, riding his cock slowly and steadily. Jack held her by the hips, pulling her up and down, pounding her pussy onto his prick.

Her tits swung into his face and Jack suckled on the perky pink lips and lapped up her cleavage. Saddled on his loins, she moved at a trot, then a canter, building up toward a full gallop.

Peter watched in wonderment.

He saw his son’s sturdy stalk emerge from his daughter’s fuck-hole, glistening with her cuntjuice. Then she sank down and buried it up her fuck-box again. Peter could hear the meat hiss up her fuck-chute and hear the soft, moist suction sounds her cunt was making as it massaged his cock.

Jack had already shot, in her ass and her mouth, but the youth was so potent and his prowess was so inspired by the dark joy of incest that he was already starting to surge toward yet another cumming.

He lifted her loins, then jammed her down hard. His cock was so huge that Bunny looked down past her tits, half expecting to see the outline of that thick stuffer raised in a furrow up her slim belly.

She churned her ass around, grinding, twisting in a sensual spiral as she rose and fell. Each time she shoved down, her ass-cheeks parted, showing her daddy her puckered shit hole. Cum kept oozing from that brown bud and trickling down the cleft, joining the creamy tide that was steadily flowing from her slot.

Jack’s prick pounded up, filling her cunt and acting like a plunger. Each time he stuffed her cunt, more cunt-nectar oozed out. Her crotch was awash and Jack’s balls were drenched.

That seepage was getting thicker as the nubile teenager neared the peak. Peter whimpered at the sight. He could smell the fragrance of overheated pussy-perfume as that delightful aroma permeated the room.

Her father’s mouth watered and his prick hammered violently as his eyes feasted on the scene — and his fevered mind imagined forbidden fruits and broken taboos.

His daughter was already guilty of incest with her older brother — so why should her horny daddy have any inhibitions about her gorgeous young body?

Jack was heaving up from the couch, panting like a steam engine as his prick pistoned up his sister’s pussy. His thighs jumped with muscle and his heels drummed on the floor. He arched under her, filling her cunt.

Bunny felt his cock thunder inside her.

“Shoot in my cunt — fill me,” she cried.

“Arghhh — take my cum, Sis!” Jack wailed. Peter saw the boy’s balls explode violently and his stalk buck like a discharging cannon on the recoil. Bunny squealed and shoved her cunt down as her brother’s steaming geyser shot up into the core of her fuck-box.

Jizz foamed into her fuck-hole lavishly, and Bunny peaked, creaming off on his cunning cock.

His prick whipped in and out and a blend of cunt-cum and fuck-juice poured from her slot. He hammered up into her and she pounded down to meet him. His spunk was splashing into her so hard she thought he was going to blow right off the end of his cock, as if shot from a cannon.

The siblings drained off together and, spent, cuddled in fond embrace.

“I love fucking you, Jack,” she purred in his ear.

“Let’s do it again,” he panted.

She giggled, delighted by his potency. She drew up and pulled her pussy off his prick. That formidable tower still stood rampant, fat and firm.

Cum gushed from her emptied pussy and his stalk was slathered lovingly, cherishing the flavor of a prick that had just been soaked in a perfume filled pussy.

As she mouthed him, his balls began to swell again.

But then she drew away.

Jack raised his eyebrows, hoping that his sister had not had enough. He was ready — and able — to fuck with her for hours, for days, for years, for all eternity — for all Sunday morning, at the very… Bunny gave him an impish grin. “Sure, we can fuck some more,” she said.

“But it’s getting kind of late. I better sneak upstairs and make sure that Mom and Dad ain’t getting up yet, huh?”

Jack nodded, seeing the wisdom of that course. He couldn’t imagine what their parents would say if they caught him fucking his sister.

Bunny got up, her legs slinky, fuck-cream foaming abundantly from her cunt. She moved toward the archway — and their father stepped hastily back from view.

Prick jutting out and bloated balls swinging, Peter dashed down the hallway and up the stairs, just in time to escape being discovered as Bunny followed in his wake.

It was hard to think with a hard-on, but Peter was forming a plan. Bunny was going to check on them and he thought that it would be a kick to give the girl a performance in return for the show that she had, unknowingly, put on for his benefit. He figured that he would leave the bedroom door slightly ajar and stick his prick in Marianna’s mouth, and face-fuck her vigorously, enjoying it all the more because he would know that their daughter was watching.

But as he passed the bathroom, he paused.

An even more thrilling idea came to him.

He hesitated, feeling a twinge of guilt at his depraved desires, his incestuous inclinations. But the girl was already as mighty as she could be and he reasoned that there was no way he could corrupt her further.

Besides, it was up to her.

Peter would do nothing but provide her with the opportunity, the near occasion of sin.

Trembling wildly, he moved into the bathroom, leaving the door wide open. He stepped into the shower — not the one in which he had been biding before, but the one in which Bunny had buggered and blown with her brother.

He turned the shower on and snatched up a plastic shower cap, pulling it well down over his head so that it covered his forehead — and masked his eyes.

Then he stood under the warm spray, facing the open door, his stiff prick looming up like a howitzer.

He began to soap his groin.

He heard Bunny’s footsteps come softly down the hall — and pause at the door. He heard a little gasp.

Grimacing, pretending he was unaware of being observed, Peter began to stroke his slippery hand up and down on his soap-lathered prick.

If nothing else, he could let the girl watch while he jacked off, he thought.

But then Bunny came into the bathroom…


Bunny stood there, mesmerized by the sight of her naked father pulling his lathered prick.

She could ace that the shower cap was down over his eyes — presumably to keep from getting soap in them, she thought — and realized that he couldn’t see her. She moved closer, drawn by the magnetism of his cock and balls.

Her fingers itched to touch him, her mouth watered for a taste, her cunt smoldered like a furnace.

But he was her daddy — did she dare?

Peter pumped his prick very slowly, thrusting his loins out toward where he could hear her heavy breathing.

His fist skimmed up the soapy stalk lightly as he waited to see what she would do.

She was very close now. He could feel her heated breath on his cock and balls. He guessed that if he shot by hand, his spunk was going to fly right in her face — and that her sexy little mouth would no doubt be open.

It was an exciting thought.

But Peter wanted contact.

“Marianna?” he rasped.

Her breath inhaled sharply as she realized that her daddy knew someone was in the room.

“Is that you, honey?” he croaked.

Bunny hesitated, wondering if she should run from the room or carry on a pretense.

“Um-hum,” she said, softly.

Peter grinned. His hand stroked up and down one more time, then moved off his prick.

“Do me a favor,” he mumbled. “Milk me off.”

Bunny trembled like a leaf in a storm. She was terrified that he might discover her identity — but her lust was overwhelming her fears.

As long as her father kept that shower cap on, blinding him, she could empty his balls and escape from the bathroom with no one the wiser.

She reached out and cupped his cumbags in her upturned palm, fondling them. They were packed full of cum — the same cum that had created her. The thought of having sex with her daddy was even more thrilling than with her brother, driving the naughty girl crazy.

She dropped down to her knees, as if about to worship at the alter of his groin.

Thrusting her tits out, she took his iron-hard stalk into her cleavage. Peter began to tit-fuck up the cleft. Her face tilted down, staring at his knob.

Then she took it into her mouth.

It was too late to stop now. Her daddy’s cock was so delicious it was making her eyes water. Even if he were to yank the shower cap up and discover who she was, Bunny was determined to drink his fizz, anyhow. If he gave her hell, afterward, at least she would have had the feast.

Her dark head jumped up and down and she fed his cock into her face ravenously.

“Ahhhh,” he sighed. “Suck me dry, baby!”

“Ummmmm — ummmm — ummmmmm!” she purred. She didn’t dare to speak but she knew that her little soft moans, muffled on his cock, would be unidentifiable. One cock-filled mouth sounded much like any other.

Peter fucked into her face steadily, thrusting out as her head ducked down. Her maw enveloped him. It would have been a great blowjob under any circumstances — but knowing that it was his daughter’s mouth on his cock was driving her daddy wild with the dark thrill of depravity.

“You suck so good,” he sighed, knowing that those words would please the girl.

Her head rose and fell in a steady rhythm. Peter knew that he would have already blown his wad, if he hadn’t already drained his cumbags off so many times. But he was in no hurry to shoot off, loving the slow build-up before he fed his hot load to his hungry daughter.

Bunny was sucking like a sump pump and Peter was shoving his prick into her mouth like a piston, wishing that he was not blinded by the shower cap.

He would have loved to see his cock going in and out of his daughter’s mouth.

And it was certainly an exciting sight.

Marianna could testify to that…

Marianna had lingered in bed, well fucked and dreamily content. She loved lazy Sunday mornings. She dozed off for a brief period, then awoke when she heard the shower running. She wondered which of the family was showering — and began to get some naughty ideas.

If her son was naked in the shower, it would be a turn on to sneak a look at his athletic young body — and his tantalizing cock and balls.

Marianna never expected to have sex with her son, but there was no harm in looking, she figured.

And if it happened to be Bunny — well, that could be a thrill, as well. Marianna was certainly not a dyke, but sexy female bodies were exciting in a kinky way. If it was Bunny in the shower, she thought that she might offer to soap the girl’s back — and maybe manage to sort of accidentally get a feel of titty or ass — or even cunt — as she lathered the slippery soapsuds into her body.

Feeling deliciously depraved, Marianna got up and, naked, padded down the hallway.

The bathroom door was open, she saw.

And then she saw more than she had bargained for…

Bunny was on her knees, her head pumping up and down like an oil rig on her daddy’s prick.

It was an amazing discovery.

Marianna’s first emotion was total, stunned shock.

Then she felt a surge of anger at being deceived — and being left out of it.

But then pure lust drove out all other emotions. Marianna was thrilled to the core.

Bunny was blowing her father and it looked like she was just about to swallow his jizz — and if the naughty girl would give head to her daddy, maybe she would go down on her mother, as well.

Marianna lingered in the doorway, fascinated, imagining all sorts of family frolics in the future. Was Peter fucking the girl as well as getting head from her? The thought of sucking her husband’s cum out of their daughter’s fuckhole made Marianna’s mouth drool, her lapper tingle.

Does he know who’s blowing him? she wondered, noticing that he was blinded by the shower cap.

She wasn’t sure. But she was damned sure that Bunny knew full well whose cock she was mouthing with such enthusiasm. The girl was whimpering for her daddy’s fuck-juice — and Marianna was as eager to see the girl swallow his slime as Bunny was to milk it from his balls.

Cum in her mouth, Peter! Marianna soundlessly urged.

Her own empty mouth was sucking, emulating the action of Bunny’s lips on Peter’s prick. She was slavering and swallowing her drool and wishing that it was laced with fuck-juice or cunt cum — or both, mixed together in the serving bowl of Bunny’s creamy pussy.

Then, as if echoing her mother’s silent plea, Bunny moaned on her daddy’s cock. “Cum — umphhhh — cum!”

He jerked in, tipping her head back, his balls solid and heavy as they ran up to her lips. His thighs rippled. He felt as if his hard-on extended all the way through his loins, the root moored in his asshole.

As he rose toward the peak of passion, Peter just had to see it happen in his little girls hot mouth. He was holding her head down to the job with one hand. The other hand reached up and he snatched the shower cap off.

Bunny didn’t realize it — but it wouldn’t have made any difference, anyhow, as she plated away on the cum strokes with such ardent enthusiasm.

Marianna saw that Peter was aware of the situation — but she didn’t care at all as she relished the sight. Now Peter shared the thrill of that vista, staring down and watching his thick prick sliding through the sultry collar of his teenaged daughter’s suction-cup mouth.

He grunted, driving up off his toes and slogging the meat frantically into her willing mouth. His cumming was so intense that Peter thought it began in his heels. Muscle and sinew jumped up his thighs. His veins surged as if his bloodstream had turned to boiling fuck-juice.

His fizz came out into his daughter’s mouth in a sudden deluge, whooshing from the head of his cock and splashing down her throat.

“Oh! Ohhhh!” Bunny gurgled, gulping that flavorsome fatherly fuck-juice down hungrily. He pumped another dose down her gullet, then spilled a creamy torrent onto her tongue and spunked wads into her cheeks.

Bunny was swallowing with gusto, but his load filled her face faster than she could drink it down. Jizz spilled from her lips and ran down her chin.

Bunny looked up from the tops of her eyes. She saw that her daddy had whipped the cap off and was staring down at her in full awareness. But she saw, too, that his expression was one of utter bliss — and he was still humping merrily away as he gorged her on his goo.

Bunny was overjoyed.

Her father knew who was drinking his juice and he didn’t mind. And even before she had ingested that first enormous load, the greedy cum drinker was thinking that from now on, without any pretense, she would have the chance to milk his meat off whenever they had a chance — whenever Mom wasn’t around or her mouth wasn’t already full of her brother’s cock.

She drank him dry, kept on sucking to make sure, then drew her slimy lips from his prick.

“I’m real naughty, ain’t I, Daddy?” she whispered, looking as sweet and demure as a teenaged girl can when her lips were drenched with her father’s cum.

“You’re lovely,” he gasped.

“Did you — know it was me?” she asked, leaning in to lick lightly at his knob.

“Yeah, honey. I-I was watching while you sucked and fucked with your brother,” he rasped. “It made me so horny that I just had to have you, too.”

Bunny smiled happily, delighted that her guilty secrets were known — and approved of.

But in the hallway, her mother gasped. The knowledge that her son, too, was into incest thrilled the woman to the core. She had fantasized about Jack countless times, while she finger-fucked herself off or, with her eyes closed, got stuffed by her husband.

It was the stuff of dreams.

And now those dreams could become reality.


Jack was lying on the couch, swinging his cock as he waited impatiently for his sister to return. His prick was only semi-hard now, following all the action he’d had, but he knew full well that it would get hard as a nail again, the moment Bunny began to play with it.

But where the fuck was she?

She’d been gone too long. He wondered if she had paused to watch Mom and Dad fuck again? Well, that was okay — it would make her nice and horny and juicy and all ready for another sibling fuck.

Then his mother walked in.

Jack gulped. His prick was in a quandary. The shame of having his mom catch him naked on the couch, his hand on his cock, started to soften his meat. But his mother was smiling and her voluptuous body was naked and that revelation was having the opposite effect.

His prick sank down, bowing its head guiltily, then snapped up in proud rampancy. The young man blushed in mortification — but flushed, too, with desire.

His lips moved but no sound came out other than a little whimpering moan.

“Don’t say anything, darling,” Marianna whispered, standing over the couch.

Jack didn’t know what to say, anyhow.

Marianna gazed down at his cock, her dark eyes flashing and her tongue bathing her parted lips. She sank down to her knees. Her head hovered over his sex tackle.

Jack stared at her in disbelief. Having sex with his nubile sister was one thing — but the very idea of making it with his mother was more thrilling by far.

Her head ducked down and she slurped his prick into her hot, wet mouth. She sucked; Jack moaned. She drew up for a moment and winked at him. Then she dove on his cock again. The lascivious lady had often imagined this moment — and the pleasure of it was enhanced by the fact that she could taste her daughter’s delicious cunt-cream on her son’s swollen slab and slimy stalk.

Jack’s eyes glowed as he looked down his torso and watched his mother’s mouth envelop his cock. She was nursing on his cock more enthusiastically than he, as an infant, had ever suckled on her tits — and looking for a far richer and creamier mouthful than had ever come out of a nipple.

If Bunny had returned, Jack would have lasted a long time before his overworked balls pumped out another load. But the fantastic thrill of having his mother munching his cock sent the youth spinning through a dizzy spiral, rushing instantly up to the crest.

His cock gave a savage lurch.

Suddenly Marianna’s mouth was full of cum.

He had cum so abruptly that it took her by surprise, without warning, just a startling explosion. She gasped and gurgled, her mouth bubbling. She gulped her son’s spunk down and he fed her another hot, thick lump.

Marianna sucked and swallowed, swallowed and sucked as her teenaged son kept spilling out his sweet nectar into her magical motherly maw. She milked on his squirting cock-head, then slid down and swallowed him to the hilt, her moist lips fluttering at the thick root.

With the length of his prick buried in her mouth, his knob snaked down her throat and spilled off the last of his fuck-juice straight down her gullet.

She continued to milk for a moment and then, satisfied that she had drained him, pulled her mouth away. Spunk streaked her lips and dripped down her chin.

His prick was still hard as a bone.

“M-Mom!” he croaked. It was the first word that the boy had uttered.

“Want to fuck me now?” she whispered.

And that horny young mother-fucker sure did.

In the bathroom, Bunny had risen to her feet and pressed her sexy young body to her daddy’s, kissing him passionately with her spunky mouth. Their tongues lashed back and forth, entwining like serpents mating in a moist cavern.

Her tits flattened against his chest and her belly squirmed on his prick. She dragged her lips off his mouth and placed them to his ear.

“I want you up my cunt, Daddy,” she rasped. She didn’t wait for him to agree. They both knew that there would be no turning back now. Bunny wrapped her anus around his neck and rose up onto her toes. Her trim tummy slid up and the lever of his loins wedged in between her legs. Supporting her slender form by clinging to his shoulders, Bunny raised one leg and hooked her thigh around his flank.

Peter cupped his hands under the round cheeks of her firm little ass and lifted her a bit higher. His cock-head jumped into her fuck-slot like an uncoiling spring. He held her balanced on the knob for a moment, then gently lowered her by his grip under her ass.

Her fuck-hole slid down onto his cock.

“Oh — ohhhh, Daddy,” she sighed.

She perched on one leg, the other knee bent and hooked around Peter’s hips. They were belly-to-belly, with his cock buried ball-deep up her cunt. Her tits were tight to his chest and his balls jammed to her ass.

She twisted her pelvis, grinding her cunt-hole around on his spike. Her arms tightened on his shoulders and her thigh clamped his pelvis. She rose up onto her tiptoes, standing on one leg, and her fuck-hole pulled up his cock-shaft and collared him just below the knob.

Then she relaxed and dropped her pussy back down to the hilt of his prick.

Peter began to lift her by the ass as she squirmed up, then let her pussy fall onto his cock again. His cock splashed up her sodden cunt, pumping girl goo out lavishly, as if he were using his cock to dredge out a swamp.

Bunny changed legs, lowering the one to the floor and hooking the other around his hip. Then, abandoned to pure passion, the lithe, agile girl threw both thighs around him, leaving the floor completely.

She was mounted on her father’s brawny torso, hung on the hook of his prick.

She gripped him in her arms and thighs, bracing her body to his. Peter lifted her up and down on the towering spike of his rock-hard cock.

He threw his head and shoulders back to counterbalance her slender weight and jammed his loins up under her. He moved her up and down on his cock slowly and steadily, then faster, humping up to meet her on the descent.

Bunny was gurgling in rapture as she rode her daddy’s cock. Her fuck-box was frothing and foaming, the flow getting thicker. His prick slid into her like a paddle into a pot of glue, surging through her cunt-juice.

“Cum in me, Daddy!” she begged, her lips whispering at his ear.

The girl yearned for her father’s fuck-juice and her desire sent him soaring to the crest. Peter slammed her cunt-sleeve down on his prick, burying the long cock as his cumbags burst in a savage detonation.

His jizz shot up his prick-pipe and erupted into the core of his daughter’s loins. She cried out in ecstasy and her pussy creamed on his spurting stalk. Peter jerked her up and let her fall again, as another smoking-hot torrent of spunk shot from his knob.

He rocked back and forth, rolling onto his heels, then lunging up from his toes.

His thick sap poured out like molten metal, filling the mold of her melting cunt to the brim. It came streaming back out of her cunt, mixed with her goo, as he shoveled his prick in and stuffed her again.

Shooting up his daughter’s fuck-hole was the most thrilling thing that Peter had ever done, and feeling her daddy slime in her cunt-core drove Bunny crazy with lust. Simultaneous spasms shook their linked loins as they creamed off together in well-timed harmony.

His balls hollow, Peter sank back against the wall of the shower, his legs weak and trembling. His whole body was shaking and vibrating, his vitality spent — except for his prick, which was still moored in her, still stiff.

Bunny unwound her thighs from his haunches and lowered them to the floor, relieving him of her weight — but standing against him still, with his cock up her cunt-hole. She wriggled and squirmed, working off a last soft spasm.

Then, rising onto her toes, she pulled her pussy-sleeve off his cock and stepped back, grinning impishly, her lovely face radiant and glowing. It was evident that the girl had no regrets or remorse about fucking her father.

And just as evident that she wanted more.

“You’re still hard, Daddy,” she sighed.

He was so numb that he had to glance down to see if his cock was still standing.

“What shall we do next?” Bunny asked.

She licked her lips, ran her hand through her crotch, then patted her trim little ass, as if demonstrating the options available to him.

Peter shook his head, unable to speak, not caring which of his daughter’s holes he spilled his next load into. He wanted every part of her nubile body — and Bunny wanted his huge cock in every part, as well.

It was hard to decide where to take his next load. Bunny had become insatiable on this day of adventure. She bent down, tits swaying, and slipped the collar of her pursed lips over his cock-head.

The mouthful was as lovely as ever — maybe even more so, now that his prick was flavored by her cunt.

But as the girl suckled on his prick, her pussy began to steam again. It was a problem. If she satisfied her mouth, her cunt was smoldering for a load, but if she fucked him again, her mouth would be starving for his cock. The naughty teenager’s mouth and cunt were interchangeable and her tongue was every bit as horny as her clit.

Then she had a wonderful idea.

She drew her mouth off him and looked into his face, her eyelashes lowered over glowing eyes.

“Jack is waiting for me, Daddy,” she panted. “Can we go down and see him? I wanna have a prick in my mouth and my cunt at the same time.”

Peter grinned approvingly. How could he deny his daughter her desires — or deprive his son, for that matter?

Hand in hand, Peter hard and Bunny juicy, Daddy and daughter went downstairs together. And found that Jack was already occupied…


Nearing the archway, Bunny and her father glanced at each other as they heard the sounds of frantic coupling coming from the front room.

They moved on and looked in.

“Gee whiz!” Bunny gulped.

“Holy shit!” Peter muttered. Marianna was down on the floor on all fours and Jack was throwing a doggy fuck into her from behind. Bunny and Peter gaped at the lascivious scene. Totally engrossed in fucking, neither mother nor son noticed, at first, that they had come under observation.

Jack jerked in, his ass corkscrewing. He was heaving his mother’s haunches up as he buried his cock in her fuck-box. She groveled like a bitch in heat, her ass shifting from side to side. If she had had a tail, she would have been wagging it.

Jack held her by the handles of her hipbones, hauling her back as he plunged up her pussy. His cumbags swung in and slapped against her crotch as his lean belly jammed to the curve of her ass.

Her head was lowered to the floor, her ass heaved up to the highest point of her posture, her heavy tits brushing on the carpet. Her eyes were flickering, glazed by lust and her mouth was open, lips slack.

Those lips were all smeared with spunk and the onlookers knew that she had sucked her son off before she started to fuck with him.

Bunny and Peter exchanged a glance.

But how could either of them cast any blame?

Smiling, they turned to watch again.

Jack, kneeling upright, saw them first.

“Oh oh!” he gasped, missing a beat.

Marianna raised her head and blinked.

She looked just a bit sheepish.

But the horny woman was filled with lust and full of her son’s prick and her embarrassment was nothing compared to her desire.

“Don’t fucking stop — don’t stop fucking!” she wailed, jerking her ass back against his loins.

Jack had lost the rhythm in his shock and surprise at being caught fucking his mother. But now he realized that his father and his sister were both naked and grinning encouragingly and he saw that there was nothing to worry about.

He began to pound up her pussy again.

His violent hinges were driving Marianna forward. Locked together, they crawled closer to Peter and Bunny. The thrilling sight of a mother-fucking session was turning the father and daughter on so much that, for the moment, they forgot about their own loins, concentrating on the sensation of watching Jack throw his cock steadily up into his mother’s forbidden fuck-hole.

Peter had his hand on Bunny’s trim ass and he clipped his fingers into her gooey groin from behind, playing with her pussy. She was holding on to the huge lever of his cock, stroking it slowly up and down. But that mutual caress was only incidental, at the moment.

“Oooooh — yeah, yeah,” Bunny whimpered.

“Fuck Mommy, Jack — fuck her like a dog!” Jack jolted in vigorously, his backbone twisting as he buried his cock.

Marianna wound her limber pelvis around, screwing her cunt-sleeve up and down on his driving stalk.

“Cum, darling — spunk Mommy’s fuckhole!” Marianna gasped, as she began to dissolve on her son’s cock.

The depraved woman had been really and truly enjoying a cuntful of hard young prick to begin with, but now that her husband and daughter were witnessing the act she loved it even more, basking under their fevered gaze in ecstatic exhibitionism.

She gave Bunny and Peter a lustful look as she slammed her ass back on Jack’s loins.

“Here it cums, Mom!” the boy rasped.

His fiery fluids hissed up his cock-shaft and squirted into his mother’s cunt in a deluge. Marianna wailed as she felt her son’s slime steam into her cunt. She melted again, her fuckbox turning to jelly on his jizz load.

Jack hauled her about by the hips, twisting and turning her haunches as his cock darted in with lightning strokes, draining off spasmodically.

Emptied, he clung over her for a moment, panting like an animal. Then he drew back. His prick came out of her soaking pussy with a slurp and the youth toppled over, spread-eagled on the floor.

His cock swayed over him like a reed in a storm.

Bunny’s eyes were glued to her brother’s cock. That glistening stalk looked so fucking flavorsome that she thought her tongue was going to ignite.

She knew how delicious Jack’s cock-meat and cum were, but now that it had been basted in her mother’s cunt-hole it looked even more scrumptious.

The whole huge cock was drenched with cunt cum and that creamy nectar was streaked through with thick ribbons of jizz — a filigree of fuck-juice.

Bunny gave her daddy a meaningful glance, raising her eyebrows for his permission. She didn’t want him to get jealous. But jealousy had no place in this situation.

He gave her a smile of approval.

Bunny stepped over and knelt down beside her prostrate sibling. She bent down and rubbed her nose against the head of his cock, sniffing and snuffling. The fragrance of a pussy-soaked cock tantalized the girl.

She sucked it into her mouth.

Peter knelt down beside his wife and they shared a look of complicity and conspiracy. Equally guilty of incest, there was no blame and no shame.

Together, they watched their daughter sucking her brother’s slimy prick with relish.

Bunny tongued up and down his stalk, then swallowed it, nursing all the fuck-juice and cunt cum from his cock. When she rose up, his cock was polished to a sheen by her saliva.

She turned and looked at her mom and dad, grinning and parting her lips so that they could see the film of fuck-juice on her tongue.

Marianna leaned back on her elbows and silted her groin up, her ass rising from the floor. She knew damned well what her naughty daughter wanted next. The family had already enjoyed almost every possible form of incest — but one.

Lesbian love was still ahead of them.

Bunny crawled over and knelt between her mother’s widespread thighs. Her head inclined. Marianna’s cunt was tilted up under her chin like a creamy delicacy served on a hairy platter and Bunny gazed at it in hungry anticipation.

Peter gasped when he realized what a treat he had in store for him and Jack leaned up, fascinated. Bunny was licking her lips as she leaned over her mom’s cunt. She already knew how yummy that mother’s milk was, having just tasted it on her brother’s drenched cock — and she knew for sure that cunt-juice would be even more delicious when she sucked it straight out of her mother’s melting pussy.

She leaned down and licked up the inside of Marianna’s thigh, one side and then the other. Marianna whimpered and jerked her swampy cunt up eagerly. Both mother and daughter had often fantasized about such a situation and now the magic moment was at hand.

Bunny lingered over the approach, teasing her tongue and teasing her mom’s cunt by the delay.

Then she flicked her tongue against Marianna’s clit.

Marianna jerked as if she had been shot through by a high-voltage current. Bunny drew back for a moment, savoring that first taste on her tongue.

“Ooooh,” she squealed, inhaling the musky fragrance that was steaming from her mom’s cunt, tantalizing her tastebuds and whetting her appetite.

She dove enthusiastically on that perfumed pussy.

Bunny had never sucked a cunt before, but she had thought a lot about just how she was going to do it when she got the chance — and she knew with the very first slurp that it was the sort of thing that comes natural to a girl, instinctively, needing no practice or training or previous experience at the tasty cunt-table.

Her tongue stirred and whisked and churned in Marianna’s juicy slot, then stabbed up her cunt-sleeve, tongue-fucking in and out steadily. Marianna thrashed about in bliss as her daughter gobbled her cunt. Her fuck-box was flooded with her son’s spunk, not to mention her husband’s jizz, and Bunny was sucking out that fuck-juice blended with cunt-cream and swallowing it down in a frenzied rapture.

She was using only her tongue to begin with, but now the cunt-hungry teenager clamped her mouth on her mom’s cunt. Her lips plastered to the slot like a suction cup on a clogged drain. She inhaled and her mouth filled.

Bunny’s hands cupped her mother under the cheeks of her ass, lifting her loins up as if her cunt were a goblet she was draining to the dregs.

Marianna tightened her thighs around her daughter’s head, holding her in a velvet vise. Then her legs opened wide again, her feet kicking in the air. There was no need to hold Bunny in her groin. The teenager’s lips were glued to her cunt by a paste of pussy-nectar and saliva. She had already sucked all the jizz out of her mom’s cunt and now Bunny was gulping down pure cunt-cream — and adoring it.

Marianna wailed as she melted and her cunt cum poured into Bunny’s mouth in a foaming flood.

Bunny kept on sucking until she was certain that she had worked off every spasm and swallowed every drop. Then she drew away and turned. There was no need to speak, no need for so much as a speculative look.

They both knew what came next.

Marianna pounced on Bunny’s pussy, her lips clamped to it like a limpet to a mossy rock. Bunny jerked her groin up and down in her mother’s eager face, juicing off on that slurping tongue and into those avid lips.

Marianna used her tongue like a pliable pink ladle, spooning out her daughter’s cum-juice. Bunny sank back, gasping. Her mom lay between her thighs, tonguing up the last succulent drops as they slimed from the teenager’s cunt.

Presently, she raised her head, smiling with dripping lips.

Peter and Jack both grinned at her approvingly.

Every last taboo had been broken up.

And there was nothing more to do on this memorable Sunday morning — but do it all again…

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