Turned On Librarian

While the negative aspects of egotism and ambition are all too apparent, it is also true that for a man or woman to function adequately and maturely in a society, it is necessary to have a certain amount of healthy self-confidence.

The successful businessman, the woman who rises in her chosen profession despite tremendous odds, the serenely happy and efficient housewife all are imbued with the self-confidence necessary for them to skillfully carry out their chosen tasks. Without it they would find it difficult to do well, and would possibly fail.

When a man or woman lacks self-confidence on a sexual level, it can be apparent in every aspect of their lives. It is often necessary to be sure of one’s identity as a man or woman in order to be successful.

Lisa, the woman in this book, suffers from a lack of sexual self-assurance. Buried behind the drab, stern facade of her librarian job, she at last realizes that it is a waste for her to hide her natural beauty and sensuality. Thus it is only when she learns to appreciate herself and she at last breaks free of the deeply imbedded strictures of her moralistic upbringing that she becomes a confident and successful adult.

TURNED ON LIBRARIAN is a novel about a woman’s struggle to free herself of deep-seated fears and inhibitions and take her place as a fully functioning, independent and knowledgeable adult.


Beth Paisely fidgeted and looked at the clock for the third time in fifteen minutes. It was ten-thirty; only half an hour to go. The library was almost empty now, but she knew better than to suggest to Lisa that they close up early. Little Miss Stuffy would never go for that; everything had to be by the book. Beth sighed quietly.

“You’re really hot to get out of here, aren’t you?” Lisa asked when she heard Beth’s almost inaudible sigh.

“Why? Don’t you like it here?”

Beth turned to Lisa and made a face. Lisa just shook her head and went back to the book she was reading. Frigid little bitch, Beth thought as she looked at Lisa. No wonder you like it in this place; I bet you never once had a man’s cock in your…

Lisa looked up as someone came in through the outer doors and approached the desk, and Beth turned to see who it was.


Now this was more like it.

The man who had just come in was tall, and from the way he carried himself it seemed obvious that he was an athlete. His face was ruggedly handsome, and when he smiled Beth could feel herself beginning to melt somewhere deep inside her body.

“I’m looking for the special collection room. Can you tell me where it is?”

Lisa started to reply, but Beth was way ahead of her.

“I’ll show you,” she said, and was out from behind the desk before Lisa had a chance to object.

The man, at any rate, didn’t seem to have any objections.

As she watched Beth led the stranger away, Lisa had to light down het irritation. Beth was so obvious! Didn’t she ever think about anything else? As the man followed his guide to the stain, Lisa could sense that his eyes were locked firmly on Beth’s softly swaying ass.


Lisa went back to her book.

Why did Beth irritate her so much? The question kept forcing itself in front of the page until finally Lisa closed the book in disgust. What time was it?

Ten forty-five. Where was Beth? Lisa looked around the library and noticed for the first time that everyone on the first floor was gone; she was alone. She’d given Beth another two minutes, but that was it. Then she was going up after her.

The two minutes passed uneventfully. Her irritation growing, Lisa walked out from behind the desk and headed for the stairs. The special collection room was on the third floor.

As she emerged from the stairway into the stacks on the third flood, Lisa could suddenly sense that something was going on. But what? She couldn’t say for certain; it was just a vague but nonetheless powerful feeling.

The room that Beth had been taking the man to was all the way back in one corner of the floor. Like the other cubicles along the walls, it was glass-end enclosed with drapes along the inside wall.

Usually the drapes were left open unless there was a conference or something going on inside.

But right now the drapes were closed.

Or almost closed. Right in the middle where they, came together, there was a slight gap of just a couple of inches.

Lisa’s hand was on the doorknob when she paused. There were sounds coming from the room.

Half ashamed of herself and not fully understanding why she was doing it, Lisa withdrew her hand from the knob and walked a few steps along the glass wall until she was even with the gap in the drapery. Then she looked inside.

Lisa gasped out loud at what she saw.

Beth was half undressed, her sweater thrown on the conference fable behind her, while the man was frantically tearing at the clasp to her corduroy pants.

All her training told her to look away, but somehow Lisa couldn’t tear her eyes away from what she was seeing. It was incredible! Here… in the library!

Beth’s tits were bouncing wildly as she pushed herself back onto the conference table, and Lisa found her eyes drawn as if by a magnet to the soft white mounds with the large, brown nipples.

Then suddenly the man pulled hard and Beth’s pants came down around her ankles, revealing her long slim legs. The only thing left now were her panties, and within ten seconds they, too, were on the floor.

Beth was completely naked.

For a frozen moment nothing happened as the man looked down on the naked girl beneath him. Even through all her shock Lisa could tell one thing; Beth’s body was every bit as good as any one she had ever seen.

The man started forward, but Beth suddenly held out a hand. Then she smiled, and directed the man to fuck away. He looked confused, out acquiesced willingly enough, his eyes never leaving the soft brown triangle of Beth’s cunt.

Lisa could see that Beth was saying something, but she couldn’t make out the words. But whatever it was, it apparently satisfied the man, because he smiled and leaned back into one of the large overstuffed chairs placed around the room.

Then Beth, to Lisa’s total horror, began to finger herself. Right in front of the man. It was insane.

First she took her hand and ran it along the inside of one smooth, silky thigh. Then slowly she began to let it slide up the inside of her leg until finally the fingers rested at the entrance of her pussy.

Even through the glass, Lisa could see the dewy buds of moisture standing at the entrance to Beth’s cunt, and it was obvious that Beth knew that this, more than anything else, was turning the man on.

Using only her first two fingers, Beth spread apart the lips of her cunt, revealing the rich red moistness within. The man squirmed in his seat, but did not move. He was obviously enjoying the show.

Then quickly one of her other fingers darted inside, plunging deep into the hungry folds, emerging a moment later with a shimmering coat of Beth’s cunt juice covering it.

Again the man squirmed.

Then Beth gracefully slid off the table and quickly covered the two steps to the chair. Provocatively, tantalizingly, she waved her honey covered finger in the man’s face. For a moment he put up with it, smelling, the fragrance of her passion, but then quickly he reached out, grabbed her hand, and plunged the moist finger into his eager mouth.

But quickly Beth pulled her, finger back out. She obviously was intent on remaining in control of what was happening, and the man was going to have to play it her way.

Dropping to her knees in front of the man, Beth began to unbuckle his pants. Her fingers moved quickly, expertly, and in a few moments his trousers were down around his knees, revealing what seemed to Lisa to be an incredibly large bulge in the man’s shorts.

No! It couldn’t be that large!

But it was.

Even more quickly, almost feverishly now that her lust was fully aroused by the sight of the man’s prick beneath the confining material, Beth jerked the shorts down.

Lisa gasped.

She wanted to turn away, to run down to the safety and security of the desk below, but somehow she couldn’t move. It was as if her body were rooted to the floor where she stood, and her eyes were rooted to the man’s cock.

And what a cock!

Lisa had never imagined that a man’s cock could be so large. It was incredible. But she had little time to reflect on it, as Beth was not about to waste a single moment.

Her hands were all over the man’s magnificent tool, running up and down its length, trying without success to encircle its huge girth.

In the chair the man squirmed, writhing silently in Beth’s expert grasp. For a few moments it looked as if Beth might try to take his cock in her mouth, but then it became obvious that both of them were much too hot for anything but hard fucking.

With a groan that even Lisa could hear through the glass, Beth launched herself onto the man’s prick, straddling him as he sat in the seat and allowing his tool to pierce her cunt completely in a single thrust.

“Aaaaagggghhh!” she cried loudly as his prod suddenly filled her steamy cunt to overflowing. Then quickly, wildly, she began to fly up and down the thick, slippery shaft, using her legs to guide the tempo.

Through the glass Lisa watched in awe as Beth slid up and down the slimy pole. Each time she rose up to the crest of her stroke, the fiery purple cock was exposed almost in its entirety, shimmering brightly from the juices that covered it.

Then the muscles in Beth’s full, rounded ass tensed, and she slammed down onto the man’s straining crotch, her entire body quivering with the smashing force of the impact.

Again and again the cycle was repeated, growing in wild intensity as the two smashed into each other, oblivious to everything except the cravings that were controlling them. Finally, his frenzy taking complete control, the then rose completely out of the chair, his strong hands clinging tightly to Beth’s soft ass, his powerful arms pulling her up and down on his cock.

The man’s face was contorted with passion, his eyes bulging, and Beth could feel his tool beginning to pulse and shudder within her. Frantically, knowing she had only a few seconds left, she redoubled her efforts, locking her shapely legs around his back, pumping up and down for all she was worth.

And she was rewarded.

Just as she felt the man’s cock explode, her cunt seemed to overflow, spilling its juices wildly as she came in a rush of shooting wetness that spurted and mixed with the man’s hot cum.

“Aaaaaggghhhh… yessss…” she groaned, still slamming into him, grinding her sloppy cunt as more and more cum oozed out of it, trickling down her thighs and onto her legs.

Finally, exhausted, the man collapsed backward into the chair, his rapidly shrinking cock still embedded in her cunt.

Outside the glass, Lisa came out of the trance she had lapsed into. She was breathing heavily in short, ragged gasps and there was a strange tingling between her legs.

Shame suddenly shot through her with an intensity that was almost physical as she realized what was happening to her. Silently she turned and ran.

By the time Beth returned to their station below, Lisa had, outwardly at least, regained her composure. She didn’t know how to act toward Beth, but when she saw the dreamy, satisfied look in Beth’s eyes she knew it wouldn’t matter.

“It’s after eleven,” Lisa pointed out.

“Where’s your friend? Oh, never mind. There he is.” The man had just emerged, somewhat ruffled, from the stairwell, and was heading toward them. “I think he wants to talk to you.”

Beth turned and crossed the few steps to where he was standing. Lisa tried not to pay attention as Beth gave him her phone number. This was disgusting. How could anyone act the way Beth did?

“Lisa, why don’t you go ahead and close up?”

For a moment Lisa just stared at Beth. Then she sighed; no point in making a scene.

“Sure, why don’t you just go on home? I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Beth looked grateful, as did her companion. Quickly, the two of them gathered up their things and left. Lisa sat quietly for a moment after they were gone, then got up and began to check all the doors.

An hour later Lisa was in the bathroom of her apartment getting ready for bed. But she wasn’t sleepy. In fact, she was positively wide awake.

Maybe a shower would help, she thought to herself, and began to run the water. As she waited for it to get hot, she began to take off her clothes.

When she was finished, she turned to hang them on the door, and as she did a strange thing happened.

She saw her body in the minor and stopped.

It was, in a way, as if she were seeing it in a new light. It was like she was looking through another window at another naked woman, just as she had been looking at Beth earlier. In a strange way she could be objective, and in her, objectivity Lisa found that she was in for a surprise.

Her body was every bit as good as Beth’s.

Her breasts, while a shade smaller, were still full and firm and gently rounded.

Beneath that, her stomach was slim and flat, leading to a silky blonde triangle that was perfect in its symmetry and delicate in its texture. Her legs were long and slim while her hips were full, tight and finely sculpted.

Then why was it that Beth was so sexy?

The question plagued her painfully. She looked at her faze, thinking that the answer might be found there. But there was nothing wrong with her face. In fact, except for an acquired severity, her face was probably prettier than Beth’s.

Suddenly, for the second time that night, Lisa was ashamed of herself. What was she thinking about?

The warm needles of the shower helped to make her relax, and as she soaped herself Lisa began to stop feeling quite so badly about everything. After all, she and Beth weren’t even friends, really, so why should she get so worked up over all this? It was silly.

Through her cloud of thoughts Lisa became dimly aware of something, an indefinably pleasant sensation that was making her feel good. She looked down.

Her right hand, busily soaping her body, had lingered on the sensitive mound of flesh that was her right breast. The nipple was hard, straining against her hand, and her fingers were unconsciously kneading and squeezing the rich flesh beneath the soap.

What was going on?

Ten minutes later, freshly scrubbed and lying between the cool sheets of her bed, Lisa found that every nerve in her body was awake. Just as she had felt a new visual awareness of her body when she had seen it in the mirror, now she felt a new sensual awareness.

But what should she do?

The question plagued her. As did the answer, which was that she didn’t know what to do. It was frustrating, even embarrassing suddenly for Lisa as she thought about what she was.

A twenty-two year old virgin.

What’s wrong with me? she thought to herself. It’s crazy, insane, but for the first time in my life I’m really turned on… and I don’t know what to do.

Then she suddenly flashed on the image of Beth earlier in the night, sitting on the conference table with her legs spread invitingly while the man looked into her snatch.

Beneath the sheets Lisa spread her legs, slightly at first, then wider as she gained confidence. With her eyes tightly closed, she allowed both her hands to touch her thighs.

Tingles went through her body, running up and down her spine and darting about the area between her legs.

Slowly, tentatively, she began to rub her thighs, massaging then feeling the warm glow begin to build as her body started to relax. Then, still moving with tantalizing slowness, her hands began to work their way up, sliding around until they were on the warm insides of her thighs, then continuing upward until they were poised at the entrance to her moist, dewy cunt.

In her mind Lisa could see her own cunt lips, wetly parted just a few inches from her fingers. She thought about the sticky honey that she could feel flowing within her, and she began to tremble as her desire to touch herself conflicted with the carefully developed sense of propriety that told her unequivocally that for her to continue would be something shameful.

But she continued.

An electric thrill shot through her entire body as her right forefinger touched the simmering entrance to her steamy pussy. Still hesitating, though, she paused, allowing her finger to explore the silky texture of her throbbing triangle.

But after a few moments she could no longer stand it. Without any more hesitation, she plunged her finger deep into the yielding warmth of her cunt, driving it wildly as far in as she could reach, feeling with a rush of excitement the sensation of the probing, prodding member as it sought to explore the hungry chamber that had been so neglected until now.

In and out she began to drive it, stabbing her cunt with growing excitement, grinding and gyrating her hips to give maximum penetration, letting the probe dart here and there within the sticky recesses of her honeypot.

“Mmmmm…” she moaned, her tongue unconsciously licking her lips until they glistened.

Harder and harder she massaged her straining cunt, and without realizing what was happening her other hand made its way up until it was firmly cupped on her left breast.

The fleshy orb seemed to jump in her grasp, so sensitive had it become, and Lisa found herself straining with both her cunt and her tits to get as much from her hands as she could.


This second moan escaped her lips without Lisa even noticing it. Harder and harder her finger plunged into her sticky cunt.

Her clit was beginning to swell now, the ripe, pulsing button growing larger and larger with each stroke. Instinctively Lisa began to focus her attention there, tracing light circles around the sensitive organ then flicking back and forth across it with growing relish.

Deep within her cunt Lisa felt something growing. Like a white-hot coal, the growing knot within her started to build. Almost imperceptible at first, the heat began to grow, rising higher and higher within her.

Suddenly, with a certainty that surprised her, Lisa realized what was happening. She was going to come!


Faster and faster she plunged her finger into her pulsing, writhing pussy, pulling the fire within her closer and closer to the surface.

Wildly, almost out of control, she began to strain upward, clawing and writhing up from the bed until her hips were a full foot above the sheets.

But she was oblivious to everything now except the pulsing, churning presence within her cunt. Her hand offered him resistance until finally, in a wrenching, building spasm, she felt the bubbling heat inside her begin to boil over.

Then her entire crotch seemed to melt to pure butter as a string of explosions racked her hungry, quivering pussy and sent waves of hot cum spilling out over her hand and onto the sheet beneath her.

But she didn’t stop.

For a full thirty seconds she continued, churning and spewing her juices with all the pent-up bury that her frustrated life had left her with.

Then, finally, it was over.

Lisa was tired. She didn’t know how she felt about what she had just done, but right now it didn’t matter.

She was exhausted.

Her eyes closed and she slept.


The next day was Friday, which meant that Beth and Lisa would be able to close the library at nine o’clock instead of eleven. This fact, combined with a continuing feeling, of satisfaction over her experience in the special collection room the night before, was more than enough to put Beth in an exceptional mood. Lisa, on the other hand, was even more pensive than normal.

“What’s the matter with you?” Beth asked, keeping a smile on her face so as not to antagonize Lisa.


“Come on, you haven’t said two words all afternoon.”

“Maybe I just don’t want to talk,” Lisa replied, plunging back into her book.

“All right, all right. Sorry I asked.” Beth could tell that she wasn’t going to get anywhere like this, so she wandered off to straighten up some of the stacks.

At the desk Lisa was angry with herself for being so rude to Beth. It just wasn’t like her to be like this, but ever since last night there had been a hot smoldering anger inside her that she couldn’t understand. But still, she thought, I shouldn’t take it all out on Beth. Even if I don’t like her there’s no point in acting like that.

“Feeling better?” Beth asked as she returned, her green eyes smiling brightly. In her own mind she was vaguely surprised at the patience, and concern she was feeling for Little Miss Stuffy today.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have been so obnoxious before. I just don’t feel much like talking,” Lisa said sincerely.

“That’s all right. Hey…” Beth said as a thought suddenly occurred to her, “what’re you doing after we get off tonight?”

“Nothing,” Lisa replied cautiously.

“Good. Then why don’t you come with me; I’m going to a party.”

“Oh, I don’t think.”

“Come on, you never do anything. You need to get out and meet some people. Really.”

“Well,” Lisa began, obviously wavering.

“Well nothing come on. Right after we close up here we’ll go. I guarantee you’ll like it.”

“All right,” Lisa agreed, not without trepidation. She could imagine what kind of party it might be, and the thought raised goosebumps on her arms and legs.

Beth, looking at Lisa, was suddenly flooded with misgivings. What had she done? Christ, Little Miss Stuffy at a real party? This could definitely turn out to be a real drag.

As she sat in the front seat of Beth’s car on the way to the party, Lisa was distinctly nervous. On the one hand she was definitely excited about the prospect of meeting new people. But she was concerned about whether or not she would fit in with Beth’s friends, or indeed whether or not she would even want to fit in with Beth’s friends.

But there was one thing which she was certain about, and that was that she didn’t want to remain a virgin much longer. Even to think about it made her more nervous, but after last night she knew that she was going through a period of change within herself, and tonight would be as good a time as any to start getting herself together and leave behind the hangups and restrictions that she had placed on herself for so long.

“All right, we’re here,” Beth announced as she pulled into a parking lot beside a rather plush garden apartment complex, complete with two swimming pools, terraces, and perfectly manicured grounds.

Much to her surprise, Lisa found the people at the party to be open, friendly, and not at all difficult to get along with. And the real dividend was that there were no less than three good looking, unattached men who seemed to be interested in the friend that Beth had brought along with her. Of these, there was one in particular who caught Lisa’s imagination.

His name was Dave Reese, and by the time Lisa had downed her third daiquiri they were becoming fast friends. As they stood on the terrace with their drinks, away from the rest of the crowd, Lisa could feel herself building to a warm excitement that she didn’t quite understand.

It whs much like last night when she was in bed.

Just thinking about last night caused her crotch to start tingling with excitement. She shivered slightly and Dave responded by throwing his arm around her shoulders.

“Why don’t we leave?” he asked, deciding in his own mind that frankness would be the best approach with Lisa.

“Oh, I don’t think I can.”

“Well, because of Beth, for one thing,” Lisa replied, her mind racing. This was too fast for her, much too fast.

“Beth won’t mind, believe me. And besides, in another hour I imagine you’re not going to want to be around here anyway.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, look for yourself. They’re getting started already.” He pointed in through the sliding doors to the far corner of the sunken living room, where Beth and another woman were sitting in the middle of a group of three or four men.

At first nothing looked strange about it, but then she noticed two things. One was that there was a table in the middle of the gathered group with cards on it, and the other was that one of the men had his shirt off.

“Silly, isn’t it?” Dave observed. “Most people stop playing that in high school.”

Suddenly Lisa realized that what she was looking at was a game of strip poker.

“They always start out that way.”

“Start out?” Lisa asked, then took a large gulp from her drink.

“Sure. Come on, let’s at least go for a walk.”

“All right,” Lisa said, standing up and heading for the door. Dave followed her.

From where she sat Beth was dimly aware that Lisa had left the room, but it made little difference to her. In fact, nothing at all mattered very much to her except one thing; getting her mouth on Doug Ryan’s cock. She could see it bulging beneath his trousers as he sat across from her, and just thinking about it was making her silk panties drip from her own wetness.

This game is a pain in the ass, she thought to herself. Why doesn’t everybody just take off their clothes and get down to what we really want to do?

But she knew she would have to be more patient than that, so she settled down and concentrated on playing the stupidest poker she could come up with. At least that might speed things up a little bit.

Fifteen minutes later Beth was completely naked. She could feel hungry eyes on her all over the room, and the realization that it wouldn’t be long now until she could have her way caused the dewy moisture at the entrance to her cunt to began to pulse and drip from the inside of her legs. Some women, she realized, would have been embarrassed by having such a juicy cunt, but not Beth.

She loved it.

And she also loved the fact that now, having “lost” all her clothes, she was free to proceed pretty much however she wanted to.

Which meant that within ten seconds she was on the floor next to Doug, her hand on his naked thigh as she watched his cock growing larger beneath his jockey shorts.

All he had to do was lose one more hand and she could do whatever she wanted to with him. At least, that was the way the rules went. These parties are always great, she thought as the hand was being played, but they just take too long to get started.

Then happily Doug turned over his cards. Nothing. He had lost.

Beth grinned.

Then, with absolutely no hesitation, she pulled his shorts down until they were lying on the floor. Now she could do what she wanted to with him. The only condition was that, as the first two parties to drop out of the game, they had to do whatever they were going to do right here in front of everybody else.

Presumably, this was designed to keep people from trying purposefully to lose at the game, since it meant that the bedrooms were saved for the people who held out the longest.

But it didn’t work that way for Beth, and the reason was exceedingly simple.

She loved having an audience.

She knew she was good to look at, and she also knew that when she was taking care of a man nobody was any better.

Doug slid off his chair and stretched out next to her on the carpet. All around her Beth could sense eager eyes watching to see just what she would do.

She smiled, her green eyes dancing in the dim light of the room. Then she spoke softly, barely above a whisper.

“Your cock,” she said, pointing to his half-erect tool, “I want it in my mouth. I want to suck it.”

She could tell that the sound of her voice was turning him on even more, just as she knew it would, so she decided to continue. But first, catlike, she climbed onto his legs and straddled him, her full, luscious body taut and tingling.

“Now,” she continued, taking his tool in her hand and massaging it, watching it grow huge from her touch, “I want to feel your cock all the way down my throat. I want your hot cum to shoot into me, filling me up.” Her voice was soft, low, almost hypnotic in its soothing intensity.

Now his cock was rigid, and she knew that Doug, and everyone else in the room, was ready for her to take him. But she was going to do it her way, at her own pace. In the end nobody would have any complaints, of that much she was certain.

His cock was large by any standards, and as she looked down on the angry purple giant Beth felt herself becoming determined to give him the best blow job of his life.

She put her hands around it.

By bringing the fingers of both hands together, she could just barely encircle the shaft. For a long moment she just held on, feeling the pulsing, throbbing prick in her hands, letting his hips grind up against the resistance she was offering.

Slowly at first, she started to move both hands up and down his rod, holding the skin tightly so that it moved up and down the length of it. At the top of each stroke the skin folded over the head of his tool, while at the bottom her hands were buried in the thick, wiry hair of his crotch.

“Suck me, Beth, suck my cock…” he groaned, obviously frustrated by what she was doing.

She only smiled and continued.

Around the room things had grown quiet as everyone watched the spectacle in the middle of the room with growing anticipation.

Beth began to stroke faster now, building the rhythm until her hands were plunging up and down with a wildness that caused her ample tits to bounce and jiggle wildly, while her exertions brought a thin sheen of sweat to her entire body.

“Oh yessss…” Doug groaned, his eyes closed, “harder, harder…” Almost in a frenzy now Beth pumped up and down. She knew it wouldn’t be long now, but she wanted the timing to be just perfect.

“Aaaahhhh…” he moaned, and Beth could suddenly feel his cock begin to tremble and shudder.

It was her signal to stop.

With a movement so quick as to be almost imperceptible, she jerked her hands away from his cock, leaving it suddenly naked and unattended in the steamy air of the room.

She smiled.

For a moment nothing happened, as Beth stayed where she was, her legs straddling the prostrate man beneath her, her breasts heaving deliciously from her exertions. After giving his cock twenty seconds, to relax and send the hot cum back within him, she reached out and took the still-rigid tool in her hand.

“Now,” she whispered, “I’m gonna suck you off like you’ve never been sucked before.”

She could feel herself trembling with excitement as she bent forward. Her lips were wet, parted, poised less than an inch from the tip of his straining rod. She could see a tiny drop of cum that had seeped out and now stood like a bead at the entrance to his shaft.

She gobbled it up, her tongue darting out quickly anti lapping up the liquid. At the touch of her hot tongue his entire body trembled, and she knew that it would not take her long to make him come.

Leaning further forward now, Beth began to lick every inch of his bulging cock, letting her hot, wet tongue run up and down until his entire prick was glimmering in the soft light.

The wetness made it look even larger, so that somehow it seemed impossible that Beth would ever be able to get it all inside her mouth.

But she never had any doubts.

Opening her mouth wide, and folding her lips over her teeth so as not to hurt him, she began.

“Mmmnmm…” Doug groaned as her lips encircled his shaft.

Then slowly, expertly, she began to work her way down, using her hands to guide him into her. Not once did she hesitate until finally, almost unbelievably, her lips were buried in the wiry hair of his crotch and his shaft was completely buried inside her throat.

Slowly now, but still smoothly, she began to move her head up and down over the length of his slippery shaft, allowing it to emerge into the light only to disappear once again into the smoothly rolling muscles of her throat. Again and again her beautiful head drove down op his cock, and again and again it came up, as all the while her supple hands pulled and stroked on his meat.

It wouldn’t be long now.

Beth could feel his cock once again beginning to tremble and shudder as the hot cum began to seethe and boil within him. But this time she knew she was not going to frustrate him.

Harder now she drove, licking and sucking with each stroke, letting her tongue dart all over his cock. His pelvis began to grind against her, practically lifting her off the floor as he felt himself start to explode.

But she was ready for him.

Suddenly his cock expanded wildly, and like a volcano erupting his shaft exploded, pouring his hot, molten cum out of him and into her eager, sucking mouth.

Beth could feel a warm glow enveloping her as she felt the sticky substance splatter against the back of her throat, running down into her stomach as wave after shuddering wave racked through her.

But she took it all.

Not one drop escaped from the full, sensuous lips that were wrapped so firmly around his shuddering tool. She took him all in, licking and gobbling greedily as the cum continued to flow out of his cock.

Finally the wrenching, driving spasms stopped, but still Beth kept her mouth on his shrinking cock, licking and sucking until every single drop was gone from his red, sensitive prick.

Only then did she disengage herself from him. She looked up, and when she smiled the cum that still covered her teeth and lingered inside her mouth glistened brightly in the dim light of the silent room.

There was only one problem.

Doug was finished, all right, but Beth was like a bitch in heat. She was ready for anything.

Wildly she looked around the room, her green eyes ablaze with the passion that was flying through her. Then suddenly she seemed to remember herself.

The passion was still there, but she was now in control and she knew how to use it.

Still straddling Doug, who hadn’t moved since his climax, Beth leaned back, spreading her legs so that her drippy, runny cunt was visible to anybody who wanted to see her.

Then she looked around the mom.

The crowd had thinned out somewhat. Most of the women were no longer in the room. Through the haze that clouded everything Beth realized that they were probably in one or another of the bedrooms by now with whomever they had found for a partner.

But there were still plenty of men in the room.

And men was what she wanted.

There were five that she could see, and every one of them was looking hungrily at her hot, slick body.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, to no one in particular. It didn’t matter who, at this point, and she was ready for them all. One at a time or all at once; it didn’t matter. Nothing mattered but getting a cock inside her cunt.

Any cock.

A man came forward.

He was big, burly. She remembered him being introduced to her as Jim Howard. It was obvious that he was as hot as she was, and as he came forward he practically ripped his clothes from his body in the fever that had come over him.

But Beth was ready for him.

Quickly she climbed off of Doug and moved a few feet away on the thick, plush carpet.

By now he was practically on her, but it didn’t matter. Nothing mattered as she spread her legs and let him plow into her except getting every inch of his big, hungry cock into her wet pussy.

And it didn’t take long for just that to happen.

“Aaaagggghhhh!” she groaned as he impaled her, his shaft plunging into the wetness of her cunt with a force that knocked the breath from her.

And it was only the beginning.

With the silent violence that was almost overwhelming, Jim smashed into the lush pussy of the woman who had just sucked off Doug like a pro.

In and out, in and out his cock flew, spearing her deeply with each thrust, then pulling almost all the way out before crashing back inside her warm, willing cunt once again.

“Oooohhh…” she gasped, wrapping her legs around his back, “yessss… yessss… fuck me… fuck me hard…”

Beth was beside herself now; there was nothing she could do about it. Every sensation that was running through her body was driving her wild. Her cunt was pulsing crazily with each thrust, and she knew that she was going to come quickly.

Wriggling and writhing, driving her cunt up to meet each of his thrusts, smashing against him as if there was nothing else in the world other than his cock and her cunt, Beth drove for the release that she could feel coming.

“Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! I’m coming coming…” she moaned just as his cock exploded, shattering into a million-pieces inside her hot cunt as his sticky jism smashed into her.

“Yessss…” she whispered, grinding up against his shrinking tool, feeling his sloppy cum run out of her cunt and down the insides of her legs.

It had been fantastic.

Relaxing now, Beth slipped back onto the carpet, closing her eyes in the aftermath of her orgasm.

But she was to have no rest.

Almost before her eyes had closed she felt Jim pull out of her and move away. She was about to complain when she saw another man coming forward, his erect cock poised and ready to plunge into her cum-filled pussy.

The evening had just begun.

Without foo much reluctance, Beth resigned herself to her fate.


Lisa was nervous as she left the apartment, and as she and Dave walked through the central plaza of the complex she didn’t say anything. Her mind was racing, though, because she knew that she was going to have to make some kind of decision soon as to whether or not she was going to leave the party with Dave or wait for Beth.

“You don’t seem like most of Beth’s friends,” Dave said quietly as they neared the pool, its lights making the water shine bright blue.

“What do you mean?” she asked, stopping beneath a light at the edge of the water. Dave certainly seemed like a nice person; not hard or cold at all. Still, she felt nervous.

“Well, I don’t exactly know how to put it; I guess it’s just that most of her friends are, well…”

“Never mind,” she cut in hastily, “I think I know what you mean.”

For some reason Lisa felt herself beginning to relax after this had been said, as if somehow things were going to be all right because he didn’t think she was like Beth. But something was beginning to bother her in a different way, something that, she could only vaguely understand.

In some ways she did want to be like Beth. She wanted to be a sensuous person. She just didn’t want to flaunt it quite the way that Beth did. So being told that she wasn’t like Beth caused her to have a mixed reaction.

Still, the comment did put her more at ease with Dave, and when once again after about fifteen minutes he asked if she wanted to leave, she agreed to go with him.

In his car Lisa could feel excitement begin to rise within her as she realized that he was taking her back to his own apartment. The thought crossed her mind that she should protest, but something else made her remain quiet.

“Here we are,” he said, pulling up in front of a small, modern house.

“You live here?”

“For about two more days,” he replied, looking at her with a curious expression.

“What happens then?” she asked, suddenly not sure she wanted to know the answer.

“I’m moving.” There was a short, empty silence after he spoke.

“Not just across town, I take it,” Lisa said, trying to keep her voice light. Why should I care? she asked herself, knowing at the same time that for some reason she did care.

“No, not just across town.”

Lisa had a few minutes alone while Dave fixed her a drink, and during that time she managed to come to terms with what was on her mind. Maybe it would be better this way, she thought, since there would be no entanglements afterwards.


It shocked her to realize that she had already made up her mind. She was going to lose her virginity here, tonight. No more waiting.

Dave came back with the drink, and for a while they listened to music in silence. The living room was fairly small, but it was comfortable, and the couch was extremely large and wide. Probably for just this purpose, Lisa mused to herself, taking a long pull from her drink.

Between the three daiquiris she had had at the party and the drink she was having now, Lisa was becoming marginally drunk. Not enough to lose control, but more than enough to help her lose some of her inhibitions. In fact, by the time she finished the drink he had given her and had started on a second, she was feeling positively aggressive.

He hadn’t touched her yet, but Lisa could tell that he was waiting for the right moment. She decided to help him out.

“Dave,” she said after another large gulp from her drink, “I have a question for you.”

“Sure. Fire away.”

“You want to fuck me, don’t you?”

He almost choked on his drink.


“Would you still want to if I told you I was a virgin?” she asked, holding her breath as she waited for his reaction.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I’ve never made it with anybody.”

“That’s hard to believe,” he said, keeping his voice low and friendly so she wouldn’t mistake it for a criticism of her.

“But it’s the truth.”

He reached out an arm and put it around her shoulders. Lisa felt a shiver run through her body at his touch, but she found herself leaning firmly against his shoulder, enjoying the contact with his strong, hard body.

Without saying anything else, Dave got up and led bet into the bedroom. There, his arm still around her shoulders, he sat down next to her on the bed. Her body trembled slightly, but she offered no resistance as he turned her head until her lips were just a few inches from his.

“You’re really beautiful,” he said huskily, and then kissed her.

So this is going to be it? Lisa thought with part of her mind as she kissed him hungrily. After all these years… It was hard to believe that it was really happening.

His hands were all over her now, groping on the out side of her sweater as they fell back onto the mattress. Then suddenly, with a jolt more like electricity than anything else she had ever experienced, Lisa felt his cool, smooth hand inside her sweater, touching her flat, slim stomach.

Then his other hand was there, and he was lifting her sweater over her head. Something deep within her made her want to resist, but she paid no attention. This was going to be it; there was nothing that was going to stop her.

The air in the room felt cool as it hit her exposed skin. Beneath her bra Lisa could feel her nipples tightening, straining tautly against the confining material. But then his hand was behind her back, and a moment later the clasp had been released and her bra was gone.

Now more than ever she could feel the cool air as it jolted her body, making her nipples grow even harder. But almost as quickly as the moment of being cold came it left, and as her passion rose she began to feel warm.

Dave looked down at her breasts, and realized for the first time that Lisa had a beautiful body. He felt his cock jump in his pants at the sight of her hard, firm tits jutting up in the semidarkness, and as his eyes traveled down to her trim waist he found himself becoming incredibly impatient to pull down the slacks she was wearing and feast on the sight of her naked cunt.

Be careful, he told himself. Don’t rush it or you might blow the whole thing.

Gently he allowed his hands to reach up and touch her tits, kneading and squeezing them, feeling their soft, fleshy fullness in his eager grip.

“Mmmmmmmmm…” Lisa murmured, giving in to the tingling, surging rush of excitement that his touch sent shooting through her body. She could feel herself beginning to melt, her warm juices pouring from her silky cunt. It was so strange to be naked like this, with a man touching her.

But she loved it.

He was lying beside her now, with one of his arms wrapped around her shoulders and the other on her breasts. Lisa kissed him hard on the mouth, then opened her lips to allow him to explore the wet warmth of her tongue. Dave responded strongly, his searching tongue diving deep into her mouth, darting in and out with an urgency that seemed bent on driving Lisa insane.

But even that was eclipsed by the tingling rush that shot through her as his hand left her tits and began its long journey down across her stomach toward her waiting cunt. She shivered as he brushed against her navel, but that was as nothing to the feeling that bolted through her as his fingers slipped beneath the waistband of her slacks.

For a moment he stopped, his fingers so close to her drenched panties that she could practically feel them touching her cunt.

But then he continued.

Lisa thought she was going to faint as his fingers touched the soft blonde hair of her pussy slipping beneath the elastic band at the top of her panties. Instinctively she pushed forward, driving her crotch up into the air so he could do what he wanted with her.

There was another maddening pause as he allowed his hand to massage and caress her cunt-hair. She couldn’t stand it.

“Ooohhhhhh… please… touch me… touch me there…”

“Where?” he whispered softly into her ear.

“There…” she repeated, unable to bring herself to say the word that was on both their minds.

“Say it,” he whispered.

For a long moment Lisa hesitated. It was a word that she had never said before. But right now, for the first time in her life, she actually wanted to say it.

“My cunt… touch my cunt…” she whispered. The word sounded strangely exciting on her lips, but she didn’t have long to consider it because almost before she had finished whispering her desires Dave had responded by plunging two fingers deep into the steamy recesses of her delicious, melting cunt.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhh…” she moaned, “good… feels so good!”

Suddenly Lisa was on fire, her crotch writhing and gyrating as she thrust up against the resistance of his hand, inviting his searching fingers deeper and deeper into her tight, virgin pussy.

“My pants,” she groaned, “take them off…”

Dave obliged immediately, feverishly fumbling with the clasp until suddenly he jerked them down over her feet, leaving only her dripping, panties between himself and the juicy cunt he was absolutely dying to get into.

A moment later the panties, too, were gone. Lisa writhed and pumped, throwing her hips wildly into the air as she drove against the pressure of Dave’s hand.

Now that he could actually see the perfect pussy his hand was taking care of, Dave found his passion suddenly surging upward.

She was fantastic. He wanted to eat her.

He wanted to bury his head in her tawny muff and never come up for air again.

Out of control now, Dave grabbed both her legs and spread them wide apart, revealing the warm wetness of her juicy cunt. Then, without wasting any more time, he plunged his face between her legs and drove his tongue into her sloppy cunt, licking and sucking and biting like there was nothing in the world except his face and Lisa’s dripping, writhing cunt.

And indeed, at that moment, there wasn’t.

When his lips first touched her parted cunt lips, Lisa practically dissolved into nothingness. It was incredible to think that this was actually happening to her, and more incredible yet to think that she was enjoying it without feeling guilty.

But she was.

In fact, the more aroused she became, the more her past receded into the background with the result that the only thing that impinged on her consciousness was what was happening right her, right now.

She was being eaten.

And she was loving it.

Harder and harder she drove her crotch out to meet the pressure of his working, sucking mouth. His tongue was flicking and darting across her clit, sucking on the bulb as it began to swell to its full, distended size. And with each passing moment Lisa could feel her excitement climbing higher and higher toward a fever-pitched release that she knew would dwarf the orgasm she had achieved the night before.

Then suddenly his face left her cunt.

She looked down.

He was standing at the end of the bed, struggling with his clothes. Lisa tried to relax; she knew what was coming.

Dave’s eyes were glazed with passion, but it wasn’t his eyes that Lisa was looking at.

It was his cock.

The huge, purple giant sprang out from his body as he pulled his pants down, jutting forward with a force and a power that suddenly reminded Lisa that she was a virgin.

She had seen Beth take a cock that big last night, but could she, a virgin, take one that large? She had to… had to because she wanted to feel him inside her more than anything she had ever wanted in her life. Too much time had been wasted already, and she didn’t want to waste any more.

David was gentle.

First he took Lisa’s legs and spread them apart, then pushed her feet forward so that her knees were bent slightly and the bottoms of her feet wert flat on the mattress. Then, guiding his cock with his hand, he placed the hard shaft at the entrance to her wet, parted pussy lips.

“Relax,” he whispered.

Remarkably, Lisa found that she was able to relax. She was ready. She was waiting.

He pushed forward.

“Mmmmmmm…” Lisa moaned as the muscles in her cunt spread wider than they ever had before to allow the first inch of his cock into her dripping cunt. Already she felt like there was no more room inside her, but she knew that he had only just begun.

He pushed again, another inch.

This time there was some pain, but it was far outweighed by the wonderful pulsing, throbbing presence of his cock inside her cunt.

Dave couldn’t believe how tight and firm her cunt was. So she really was a virgin! Incredible… this was going to be the best fuck of his life.

He pushed forward again, harder this time, driving his cock all the way in until it had disappeared completely inside her tight little box.

“Aaaaaaaggggghhhhhhhh!” Lisa screamed as sharp, searing pain shot through her. But it only lasted a moment, and then it was gone, replaced by pulsing, throbbing excitement as it seemed like her entire body opened itself up to the cock that was filling her cunt.

“You all right?” Dave whispered.

“Mmmmmmmmm…” she replied dreamily, gently pushing her crotch against his cock to let him know that she was really ready to go on.

Slowly, carefully, Dave began to slide his cock in and out of the tight, constricting muscles of her cunt. But with each stroke it became easier, and he could tell from her moans and the way she was grinding up against him that she was no longer in any pain.

To Lisa it was like a dream. She had never been able to imagine what it would be like to actually have a cock inside her, but now that it was happening she knew that anything she might have imagined would have to pale before the reality of what was happening now.

In and out, harder and harder he plunged, gathering force with each thrust. Lisa’s cunt felt like it was going to burst, but still she shoved back against him, trying to take every inch of massive cock inside her, wrapping her legs tightly around him and pulling him into her.

“Ooooohhhhhhhh yessssss… Dave… so good… fuck me… fuck me hard…” she groaned, half unconscious from the barrage of sensations that were flooding through her.

From somewhere far away she could feel a spot of heat beginning to grow within her, and she knew that if she could just try hard enough she would be able to release that heat in a blinding, shattering orgasm.

But she would have to work for it.

“Harder, Dave… harder…” she implored, writhing and squirming on his shaft like an impaled animal.

He responded by smashing into her with even greater intensity. It was as if his cock was smashing all the way through her, but she still wanted more.

So he gave it to her.

“Fuck me, Dave, fuck me… fuck me fuck me fuck me…” she gasped, the words tumbling off her tongue in rhythm with his thrusts. She could feel the fiery knot growing inside her, and she knew that only a few more thrusts would do it.

“More… Dave… more… shove it in… shove it hard… yesssss… like that… oohhhhh… like that… ooohhhaaaarrrrgggghhhh!”

In a flood of her own juices she came, shuddering and gasping as wave after wave of release shot through her body. She convulsed again and again as the shocks continued to flash through her body, until finally she was spent.

But he wasn’t. Another few thrusts would do it.

“Come on me, Dave…” she groaned, her face and body bathed in perspiration, “come on me… my face… my tits…”

Dave knew her cunt was satisfied for now at least, so he pulled out and rose to a sitting position, straddling her slim waist.

With the last of the shocks still shooting through her body; Lisa reached up and grabbed the huge cock suspended above her body.

Frantically she began to pull up and down on his meat, watching the shaft above her in amazement, wondering how she could have ever taken all of it inside her cunt.

But she had. And the realization gave her no small amount of satisfaction now.

Harder and harder she pulled on his throbbing cock, milking his meat until finally it happened. There was a final surge, he groaned, and the prick exploded in her hands.

The first wad of his hot, sticky cum hit her in the face, splattering on her cheeks and running down into her mouth and onto her neck.

But there was more. Much more.

For fully thirty seconds he came, spurting his hot cum all over her face, chest and arms, covering her in his sloppy jism.

And she loved it.

As soon as he was finally finished, Lisa let go of his cock and took her hands away, letting them explore her own cum-covered body. She rubbed the white, sticky mess into her flesh, bathing in at; swallowing what she could, letting the rest cover as much of her body as possible.

She had never felt so good.

She had never felt so much like a woman.

And the best part was that this was just the beginning. At last, after years of foolish frustration, Lisa had discovered herself.

Or at least she had begun to discover herself.

One thing was certain, though. She wasn’t going to waste any more time. She had a lot of catching up to do, and she intended to do it.


Lisa didn’t go home for the rest of the weekend, most of which she spent in bed with Dave. By the time Sunday night came, both of them were so exhausted from their lovemaking that they both fell asleep just as the sun was going down in the world outside that had somehow receded into remoteness since Friday night.

About an hour later Lisa awakened. She felt restless, but it was obvious that Dave was going to be out for quite some time. Not wanting to wake him up unnecessarily, she quietly disengaged herself from his arms and padded softly into the kitchen. There she put on some water for tea and sat down to think.

There was a lot to think about.

Her cunt was blissfully sore; they had fucked in every position she could imagine and more times than she would have thought possible in such a short span of time. This weekend had gone a long way toward making up for everything she had missed.

It was too bad that Dave had to leave, but perhaps it would work out better this way in the end. He had been good for her, and she liked him a lot. But that was all. If she had not known he was moving away, none of this would have happened.

So it was good.

She knew that he wanted to make love with her at least once more before they said goodbye, but she knew that there was no way her body could take it.

Not tonight, anyway. And tomorrow would be too late.

The more she thought about it the more she realized that there really wasn’t anything left for her to say to Dave. She knew the goodbye would be a painful one; after all, she had shared herself with him in a way she had never done with anyone else.

But still, what could be accomplished by hanging around? The answer was obvious. Nothing.

Quickly, before she had a chance to change her mind, she gathered up her things, wrote a short, happy note, and left. It was better this way; no loose ends, no foolish promises that neither of them would be able to keep.

Lisa was growing up quickly.

Monday, at the library, Beth didn’t ask her anything about where she had gone or what she had done. In a way Lisa was relieved, but in other ways she was vaguely disappointed.

That night the same man who had come in on Thursday night came in again, and once again Beth volunteered to show him what he was looking for. At first, Lisa didn’t feel like going to see what was happening, but after ten minutes her curiosity got the better of her and she started out from behind the desk.

But she was too late.

Beth was already on her way back, the same dreamy expression on her face that she had worn the other night after her encounter with the stranger.

“That was quick,” Lisa laughed.

“What do you mean?” Beth replied suspiciously.

“Oh, nothing. Just that it was quicker than the other night.”

They were behind the desk again now, and Lisa could tell that Beth was trying to figure out how much she knew. What should she tell her?

Everything? Or just a little?

“Tell me something,” Lisa asked in a conspiratorial whisper. “Just how good is his cock?”

Beth almost fell out of her chair. This was too much. Lisa talking like that? It was incredible.

“About eight inches good,” she replied, once she had regained her composure. She half expected Lisa to blush in spite of what she had just said a moment earlier, but she was wrong.

“More like seven. Let’s not exaggerate.”

“How do you know?” Beth asked, once again suspicious.

“I saw it; you weren’t very good about drawing the drapes all the way in the special collection room.”

For a moment Beth didn’t say anything. Then she just shrugged non-committally. “Guess you can’t win ’em all.”

“I’d say you came out all right on that one,” Lisa replied. “I just wish you’d spread the wealth around a little bit.”

Once again Beth couldn’t believe what she was hearing. What in the world had come over Little Miss Stuffy?

“I’m afraid I’m gonna keep him to myself. But use your imagination; there are plenty of others around. You just have to find them.”

The conversation ended there, but it had given Lisa an idea. Why not? If Beth could do it, why couldn’t she?

The answer was obvious.

She could do whatever she wanted. If not with the guy Beth had come up with, then with somebody else. She would just have to keep her eyes open.

For the next three days Lisa kept her eyes open, but it wasn’t until Thursday night that an opportunity to exercise her newfound freedom presented itself. When it did, she wasted no time taking advantage of it.

The man was vaguely familiar to her. In fact, she remembered that his name was George, although she couldn’t be certain about it. But the one thing she did remember was that whenever he came into the library he looked at her like he was going to devour her.

Well, tonight, maybe he’d get a chance to do just that.

On his way in George glanced over toward the main desk and saw that one of the girls, Lisa, was looking at him. He smiled and waved to her just like he always did, pleased this time that she seemed to be noticing him.

Christ, would I like to get in her pants! he thought to himself as he made his way up the stairs to the second floor. She was definitely the number-one reason he came here to this library instead of going to one of the branches in the suburbs where he lived with his wife and two kids. The other one, the brunette, wasn’t bad either, but it was the blonde that went straight to his cock every time he thought about her.

Oh well, enough daydreaming.

There was nobody else on the second floor, but that wasn’t surprising since it was after ten. George made his way slowly along an aisle. At the end of it there was a small, enclosed lounge; he could stay there for a while and read before the library closed.

Not long after he had settled back into a chair, George heard a sound behind him. He turned to see what it was, and was surprised to find the blonde librarian standing behind him next to a stepladder.

“Hi,” she smiled to him, “would you mind helping me out for a second?”

“Sure,” George replied, getting up from his seat. He couldn’t believe his good fortune. But what did she want him to do?

“Just hold this steady while I climb up. It’s kind of shaky.”

George didn’t say anything, but it did occur to him that the ladder didn’t seem shaky in the least. But that didn’t matter.

Then suddenly George’s jaw dropped about three inches. The girl had climbed above him and for a fleeting moment he had caught a glimpse of something he couldn’t believe.

He looked up again.

It was unbelievable, but there was no question about it. The girl was naked beneath the skirt she wore; all George had to do was look up and he could see her soft blonde cunt about two feet above his head.

And she was making no effort to hide it.

George swallowed hard.

Something told him that this was all planned, and that the girl had something in mind. But what?

From where she stood on the ladder, Lisa felt positively devilish. She knew that the man was looking up her skirt at her naked cunt, and she loved it.

Absolutely loved it!

But now it was time to make her move, and she knew she had to make up her mind just what to do. Originally she had intended to lure him into the special collection room, but now she had a better idea.

Why not right here? In the lounge? It wasn’t as private as the special collection room, but it did have the advantage of a couch. And besides, the slim possibility of being caught, she realized, only added toter excitement.

“Well, I guess it’s not here,” she announced, and began to climb down. “Thanks anyway, though.”

“Not at all. It was my pleasure,” George replied, his voice a little hoarse. As she stepped off the ladder her right tit brushed lightly against his arm.

George swallowed again; he knew he had to do something. There was no way he could let an opportunity like this slip away.

“By the way,” Lisa said over her shoulder, then turned to face him, “how would you like to fuck me?”

She was gratified to see the incredulous look on the man’s face; this was how she had wanted it to be. She was in control, and she was loving it.

“Here?” George asked, his heart pounding and his cock already jumping to attention.

“No,” Lisa giggled. “Here,” she said, pulling up her skirt and indicating her naked cunt. Then she turned and walked around the corner into the lounge.

George followed feverishly.

Once in the lounge, Lisa knew what she was going to do. The more she felt the control of the situation flowing to her, the more she found that she liked it. She was going to have this man, but she was going to have him exactly the way she wanted him.

“Sit down,” she told him.

He sat.

Lisa stood in front of him, looking down into his hungry eyes. Then she silently pulled her sweater over her head and released her bra. Her nipples were hard, taut, and she could feel his eyes licking the milky globes.

Still without saying anything, she released the clasp that held her skirt up and let it fall to the floor.

Now she was completely naked.

“I’ve seen you watching me every time you come in here,” she whispered to him. “Well, now’s your chance. Come here.”

He got up and crossed until he was standing directly in front of her. They were about the same height.

“I want you to lick my cunt.”

George didn’t need a second invitation. She had the juiciest, silkiest cunt he had ever seen. As he dropped to his knees she sank back into a chair so that her dripping twat was displayed prominently in front of him.

“Lick it,” Lisa commanded, spreading her legs wide. When she did, her cunt lips parted slightly and a small, sticky rivulet of her honey pulsed out of the hungry opening.

George groaned, then plunged his head between her legs.

At the first touch of his tongue Lisa felt a shudder run through her body. She didn’t even know this man, and yet here he was licking and sucking her cunt like he owned it.

Somehow, this realization only heightened her excitement. As did the sound of forbidden words rolling off her tongue.

“Yessssss… suck me… eat me… lick me dry… lick me clean…” she groaned, rotating her hips and thrusting her crotch into his face.

Only half aware of what she was doing, Lisa reached up and cupped both her hands around her full, swelling breasts. The nipples were erect, taut in her hands. She began to rub them while George ate her cunt.

Finally she couldn’t stand it any more; she had to have his cock.

Firmly she grabbed his head and pulled it away from where it was buried in her snatch.

“Your cock,” she whispered hoarsely, “I want your cock in my pussy. Now.”

Again, it was all the invitation George needed. Frantically he fumbled with his trousers as Lisa stretched out on the couch in front of him, her dripping, naked cunt prominently displayed. He couldn’t believe his good fortune; nobody would ever believe this!

Finally it was out, and Lisa was pleased to see that his cock was big, thick, and a’s hard as she could possibly want it to be.

So George was a stud after all!

“Come on, fuck me. Fuck my cunt!”

With both her hands she spread apart her cunt lips, revealing the moist, rich redness within. His cock in his hand, George advanced on her.

With the first shove, George thought his cock was going to explode. He had never been inside such a tight, hot, beautiful cunt.

But he held on through the first rush by sheer will power, and after that he was able to control himself.

Even so, it was a short, hot hard fuck. Both of them were so steamed up that it could be no other way.

Leaning back on the couch, Lisa pulled her knees up and let him plunge into her, smashing wildly at her soft, yielding pussy.

“Aaaaahhh…” she moaned as his big, hard tool began to slide in and out of her with a force that threatened to blast the air from her lungs.

“Harder… harder… fuck me hard…” she moaned between thrusts.

George complied with a vengeance.

In and out, in and out he plunged, his big purple cock slashing deeper and deeper into her wriggling, squirming cunt. Her snatch was so juiced that he felt like he was fucking in a hot pocket of melted butter.

With each thrust she rose up to meet him, her thighs straining taut with the effort that smashed her tawny cunt again and again into his driving, pulsing cock.

“Oh shit… oh shit… I’m coming… coming COMING!” she gurgled as suddenly, in a massive, dissolving crush of release, her cunt melted, shattering into a thousand tiny fragments.

George could feel her cunt convulse as she came, and her hot juices poured out of her with a force that made his cock even slicker and juicier than it already was.

He couldn’t wait any longer.

As he relaxed the hold he had on himself, George felt the hot, seething cum bubbling up within his plunging cock.

“Aaarrrgggghhhhh!” he moaned as the hot, sticky goo shot out of his rod, splattering against the deepest walls of her battered pussy, spurting again and again into the hot box that he was fucking.

Finally he was finished.

He took one last look at the naked, perfect body beneath him.

He knew he would never be this lucky again.

When she returned to the desk below, Lisa knew that she was wearing the same dreamy expression she had seen on Beth the previous week following her little escapade in the special collection room, but somehow it didn’t matter. Nothing mattered except the calm, satisfied feeling that was filling her now that she had fucked George.

What a fuck!

Even now Lisa could feel his cum filling up her cunt. She had left her panties in the bathroom, and tight now she was enjoying the sensation of not wearing any.

“Where’ve you been?” Beth asked pleasantly. It occurred to her that the two of them had been getting along much better lately. It was difficult to say why; maybe it was because “Little Miss Stuffy” had relaxed quite a bit since the weekend.

But why? That was something that Beth had so far been unable to determine.

“I was cleaning up on the second floor,” Lisa announced, aware that it wasn’t a complete lie, depending on the interpretation given to it.

It was a quarter of eleven now, so there was little to do except wait fifteen minutes until they could close up. As she sat behind the desk, Lisa’s mind kept going back to the short, hard fuck she had just experienced. Never in her life had she imagined that sex could be so many things. Even with a stranger…

The warm, runny mixture of his cum and her own juices was finding its way out of her cunt now, and was beginning to run down the insides of her legs. For a moment Lisa felt concerned that it might become visible so that Beth would be able to see it.

But then, strangely enough, Lisa realized that in a way she wouldn’t mind if Beth did see it. The expression of disbelief that the sight of hot cum running down the inside of Lisa’s leg would evoke from Beth would be worth seeing, that was for sure.

The more she thought about it, the more it became almost an obsession with Lisa to let Beth see the drippy mess oozing out of her cunt. She couldn’t explain why, exactly; there was more to it than surprising Beth. Perhaps Lisa felt that she had something to prove to her.

Casually, Lisa allowed her legs to spread apart slightly so that the bright, shiny rivulets would be visible.

Beth paid no attention.

Becoming more bold, Lisa spread her legs even wider. Now she could feel some of the stuff drying; Beth would have to see it soon, or else it would all be dried and hard.

Of course, Lisa reminded herself, there was still what seemed to be an inexhaustible supply of juice within her cunt; if she could only use it in some way…

Feeling positively devilish, Lisa decided what she was going to do. Why not? It was a good idea.

“Beth?” she asked innocently, after she had recrossed her legs.

“Hmmmmm?” Beth replied, hardly looking up from the magazine she was leafing through.

“Close your eyes.”

“What?” Beth answered skeptically, looking curiously at Lisa.

“Go ahead. Close your eyes. I’ve got a surprise for you.”

Grumbling, Beth complied. As soon as her eyes were closed, Lisa reached between her legs and thrust two fingers deep into her still-simmering pussy.

When she withdrew them they were shining with a sticky combination of her own honey and George’s cum. Quickly, before any of the musky fragrance could be lost, she reached forward and placed both fingers a few inches in front of Beth’s face.

“Now open your mouth.”

Beth complied.

Lisa gently inserted the two Beth’s mouth. At first Beth’s face showed confusion, then surprise, and finally pleasure.

“Mmmmmmmmm…” she murmured, licking the cum-covered fingers greedily. “Where’d that come from?” she asked at last, the taste still lingering on her lips and tongue.

“Well, you told me there were plenty of opportunities for action here; I just took advantage of one.”

Beth looked at her in disbelief at first, but then as she remembered the taste in her mouth a look of comprehension spread across her features.

“No kidding?”

Lisa just smiled. For some silly reason she was ridiculously proud of herself. She could see that Beth was beginning to respect her a little more.

“You certainly are beginning to grow up a little bit, aren’t you?” Beth asked.

“It had to happen someday.”

“I lost track of you at the party last Friday. Something tells me that you met somebody there.”

“You guessed it.”



“But he moved away.”

“Not until Monday.”

“Oh,” Beth smiled, beginning to understand, “you had a forty-eight-hour grand opening this weekend, is that it?”

“Something like that,” Lisa smiled. “Let’s just say I’m trying to catch up for all the time I spent being Little Miss Stuffy.”

Beth froze; how had Lisa known her derogatory pet name for her? But Lisa was smiling as if there were no hard feelings on her part.

This was all very interesting.


For reasons which she couldn’t fully understand, Beth felt restless as she drove home from work. One thing that she did understand was that she was definitely horny; she could still taste the cum on her lips, and the musky fragrance had somehow become stronger once she had gotten in the car.

But there was more to it than just that.

There was something about what was happening to Lisa which on the one hand intrigued her but on the other hand disturbed her. She couldn’t figure out why, though, and the result was that she didn’t really feel like going home yet.

There was always the possibility of going to one of the singles bars in the city, but somehow that didn’t appeal to her at the moment. She just felt vaguely dissatisfied in such a way that the normal avenues of release didn’t quite seem to make it.

Oh well, might as well go home.

Then suddenly she had it.

Gus and Myra! Of course; Beth hadn’t seen them in almost a year. But if they were still living in the same place and were into the same things they had always been into, they would be the perfect answer to all her problems.

Beth felt better already.

When Gus answered the door with a can of beer in one hand and an obscene magazine in the other, Beth knew that nothing had changed.

“Well if it isn’t Little Miss Library Hot Pants herself, come on in! Myra! We’ve got company!”

As Beth walked into the house she saw Myra, her thick black hair hanging down almost to her ass, sitting on the couch wearing a long black robe.

At the sight of Beth her face lit up in a smile of both friendship and anticipation; Beth’s visits, though rare, were never boring.

“We thought you’d died; maybe a shelf of books fell on you or something.”

“Nothing like that. Anyway looks like nothing’s changed around here.”

“Nope. Same old hellhole,” Gus answered from the kitchen, opening another beer.

For the next fifteen minutes they caught up on old times. It was obvious to Beth that they still thought of her as something of an enigma. How, they asked, could somebody like her give up all the good things in life to work in a library?

Beth tried to explain that working in a library had its advantages, but their minds were closed to the idea.

One thing their minds were not closed to, however, was the idea of sex of one sort or another with their guest. Beth could feel both of them eyeing her body hungrily as they tried to look through the material of the tightly clinging blouse she was wearing. Just feeling their eyes on her like that was enough to remind her of the frustration she had been feeling on the way over in the car.

But one thing was certain…

If she did do something with them, it would definitely end up being something other than garden-variety fucking. Gus and Myra were kinky that way, and Beth knew that she could count on tern for something different from what she was used to. But then that had been exactly the reason she had come over her in the first place. In some vague kind of way that she couldn’t fully understand, the experience earlier in the evening with Lisa had left her in need of something like this.

All right, then. Might as well make the first move.

“Do you still have the playpen?” she asked.

Gus broke into a rugged, craggy smile. “New and improved; come on, I’ll take you down and show it to you.” He stood up, his tall, lean body towering over her.

“Not yet. I think I need another drink.”

Gus nodded, and went off to fix her one.

Satisfied that her move had been made, Beth sat back to wonder about what kind of “improvements” Gus could have made. The “playpen” was a room that Gus had built in the basement several years ago. But what had he done to it?

Beth finished her second drink quickly because by now she was really curious about seeing the improvements in the playpen. Somehow she had a feeling it would be interesting.

And she wasn’t disappointed.

Gus led the way down the steps, with Beth in the middle and Myra following. Beth noticed that carpeting had been added to the stairway leading down, but then her attention was taken over completely by what she saw at the bottom.

No longer was the playpen just a singe small cubicle, now it took up the entire basement.

And the style had definitely changed.

Whereas before the feeling in the room had been one of plushness, now it had changed to a sense of dark-velvety power. The walls were black, and covered with what appeared, to be velvet. There were still minors, but not as many as before, and now there were a lot of pieces of equipment that Beth could only guess at the purpose for.

“How do you like it?” came Myra’s low, soft voice from behind her.

“Well, it’s different,” Beth replied truthfully. Then she turned around to look at Myra. The other woman was taller than Beth by several inches, and the long black robe she was wearing, accentuated the sense of power that Beth suddenly felt coming from her. Even through the robe Beth could see the fullness of Myra’s figure, with her large, jutting breasts and full, rounded hips.

Suddenly Beth wanted to touch her.

It wasn’t often that she got turned on by women, but there was something about Myra.

She was a compelling woman in many strange ways. Beth was about to say something else when she was shocked out of her fascination by the sudden, viselike clamp of two strong arms on her shoulders.

“What?” she began, but stopped as soon as she saw Gus’ face leering down at her from above. How long had he been drinking before I got here? Beth suddenly wondered as he began to pull her across the room. Then she looked back at Myra.

She was smiling.

“Relax, Beth. This is just for fun. Remember, we’re in the playpen.”

Beth didn’t say anything, but her mind was beginning to fill with thoughts. She wasn’t really scared; she knew Gus and Myra too well for that.

But she was concerned.

It didn’t look like they were going to give her much choice in what was to happen; apparently the show was going to be run entirely by them.

All right, then. I guess I deserve it, Beth thought. There was a low, large mattress in one corner of the room. It was raised just a few inches off the floor, and was covered with a tight-fitting velvet spread that was as black as Myra’s hair.

Gus pushed Beth roughly down onto it.

Then, before she fully realized what was happening, both Gus and Myra stripped all her clothes off of her. Beth struggled slightly, but not for long. They were too intent on what they were doing and besides, Beth wasn’t certain she really wanted to struggle anyway.

The wall behind the head of the mattress seemed to be padded, but before Beth had a chance to reflect on this fact Gus grabbed both her arms and pulled them over her head. A moment later they were securely fastened to two velvet-coated leather loops that were attached to the wall at the head of the bed.

Things were happening too quickly for Beth to really have a chance to react, with the result that she found herself completely naked and bound to the mattress before she knew it.

And things were only beginning to happen.

“Now you just relax, honey,” Myra said softly.

Then she took off her robe.

The sight of her naked body caused Beth to forget everything except what she was looking at. It was incredible. Myra’s tits were big and firm, jutting forward like twin mountains capped with large, full rosebuds. Her waist was slim and flat, and her hips and legs were smooth and firm.

But the best thing was her cunt.

She had the thickest, bushiest black triangle that Beth had ever seen. It just begged to be licked and sucked. Beth strained against the bonds, her naked body heaving on the bed. She didn’t know exactly what she was straining for, other than some vague feeling of frustration, but the sight of her muscles growing taut as she fought against the bonds obviously turned on both Gus and Myra.

Now it was. Gus’ turn to undress, and he accomplished it in short order. His cock was not yet hard, but even so Beth could see that it would grow to a magnificent length in no time at all when Gus was ready for it to do so.

“Now, first of all.” Myra began, “you get to watch. Gus has to get warmed up a little; you know, coming just once doesn’t quite make it for him.”

Gus smiled at that. He was tall and lean, with tight, dark hairs covering most of his body. Beth was of no mind to argue with what Myra was saying.

The two of them walked around to opposite sides of the mattress on which Beth was lying. Then, getting on their knees, they moved forward until they were directly across from each other, facing each other with their knees touching Beth’s naked body between them.

From where she lay Beth had an excellent view of both of them, and what she saw was enough to make her hot honey start to flow from her hungry cunt.

Myra leaned forward, her big tits dangling provocatively from her body, and reached out with her hands. Her cool fingers first touched Gus’ balls, and almost immediately his cock stiffened. It began to grow hard, swinging out from his body until it was rigid.

“Suck it.”

Myra smiled and obeyed, leaning forward a little further. Beth squirmed and wriggled in frustration at all this hot action taking place a few inches away from her.

First Myra kissed the entire length of his cock, running her moist, full lips up and down the shaft. Then her tongue darted out, licking his cock until the rod glistened in the dim light. Finally, only when it seemed like Gus was going to go crazy from the frustration, she took his prick into her mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmm…” Beth groaned as she saw Gus’ cock slide into the woman’s mouth. This was driving her crazy!

As soon as she got it all the way in, Myra used her expert hands to begin to stroke it, guiding the pulsing meat in and out of her licking, sucking mouth. Harder and harder she jerked on the wet, slippery rod, sending it deep into her throat with each thrust.

Beth thought this was going to continue until the hot cum shot out of his cock and into Myra’s throat, but she was wrong.

Just when it seemed that his cock was going to explode, sending its sticky white jism all over Myra’s face, she pulled away, leaving his cock dangling in midair.

Beth expected to hear some groan of frustration from Gus, but none was forthcoming. Instead, still acting like they could read each other’s minds, the two of them began to rearrange themselves.

Myra moved around until she was straddling Beth’s face, looking toward her feet. In the meantime Gus was straddling Beth, facing Myra.

From where she was lying, all Beth could see was Myra’s ass and cunt where it dangled just a few inches out of reach of her tongue. Wildly, frantically, she struggled to be able to reach it, but it was no use. The tantalizing pussy stayed just out of reach.

Myra and Gus looked at each other and smiled. They knew what was coming next.

Gus spread his legs and dropped down until his balls were touching Beth’s body just below her breasts. Then he took his cock and placed it in the valley between her tits. Beth shuddered with delight as she felt his pulsing meat come in contact with her skin, and for the first time she began to get an inkling of what was going to happen.

Carefully, with hands that were cool and expert, Myra reached down and placed her hands on the outside of Beth’s tits.

Then she pushed them together.

Now Gus’ cock was firmly, tightly entrapped by the two warm, fleshy mounds. Suddenly he began to thrust into the tight valley, watching his red prick disappear between the fleshy orbs that were held tightly together.

Myra watched as well, and as his thrusts began to build in force, she began to thrust with her crotch, driving it down onto Beth’s upturned face. As soon as she did, Beth’s hot tongue darted into her juicy, dripping snatch.

After that it was chaos.

“Eat me, baby, eat my sweet cunt…” Myra groaned as Beth’s tongue found her throbbing cunt, and she began to spread her ass even wider so that Beth’s searching tongue could dive even deeper into the dark recesses of her pussy.

Beth, for her part, was in heaven. She had never wanted a woman’s cunt the way she wanted Myra’s now. It was fantastic to feel her tongue darting in and out of the sloppy wetness that threatened time and again to engulf her.

And all the while she could feel Gus driving his thick, hard cock into the lush warmth of her tits.

He was the first to come, his sticky jism jetting but of his cock and spewing all over Beth’s face, neck and chest. Again and again he squirted his sticky seed onto her, until finally it seemed as if she were going to drown in his cum.

But Beth was hardly aware of it, since her attention was almost completely fastened on the thrusting, driving cunt that her face was buried in. Now that Gus was finished, Myra released Beth’s tits and used her hands to spread her cunt even wider.

When she did this, a fresh spasm sent more of her honey dripping out onto Beth’s glistening, driving face.

“Ohhhhhh… eat me… lick my cunt… oh oh shit… oh shit… aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh!” she groaned as she came, sending her sticky essence out of her cunt in hot spurts that mingled with the sticky cum already covering Beth’s face and neck. Then, satisfied at last, Myra rolled off to one side.

Free of the two bodies, Beth suddenly remembered that she was bound to the mattress.

She opened her eyes to find the other two looking at her. Gus had a hungry expression on his face; it looked like he was almost ready to go again. Myra just looked dreamy, her eyes glazed in the aftershock of her orgasm.

“Hey, what about me?” Beth suddenly wanted to know.

Gus smiled.

“Don’t worry. You’ll get yours.”

“When? Next week?” Beth was feeling belligerent. She had just given the two of them the ride of their lives and now they were looking like the show was over.

No way.

Then Gus smiled and let his hand touch his limp, drooping cock. Almost miraculously it began to get stiff again.

Beth smiled as she watched.

“I’m gonna give it to you, little library girl,” Gus whispered, “but not in your sweet little cunt.”

Beth stared at him.

“I’m gonna fuck you in the ass. How do you like that?”

Beth opened her mouth to reply, but then thought better of it. She had no choice but to go along with it.

His cock was almost erect now, and suddenly, roughly, he came forward and grabbed her arms. A moment later he had her turned over on her stomach with her ass sticking up in the air, while her arms and legs were once again bound to the corners of the bed.

On his knees behind her, Gus reached out with both hands and spread wide the white cheeks of her delicious ass. Her hole was dark brown and tight just the way he liked it.

But it was dry.

Smiling in anticipation, Gus bent forward and kissed both her ass cheeks. Then slowly, working his way down from the top of her crease, he began to slide his tongue toward her asshole.

Using two fingers to spread the hole apart, he darted his tongue inside.

“Mmmmmmm…” Beth groaned as his tongue went inside her ass.

She was ready now, and so was Gus.

But so also was Myra.

Silently she climbed onto the mattress beneath Beth so that her face was just below her cunt. Then she waited as Gus took his cock in his hand and placed it at the entrance to Beth’s ass.

“Shove it in…” Beth moaned, suddenly wanting his cock in her ass, wanting to feel the tight muscles gripping his throbbing meat.

His cock firmly in the entrance to her ass, Gus pushed forward.


“Hold still,” he hissed. It was only halfway in, but already he could feel the tightness of the muscles that held his cock.

His eyes never leaving his pulsing cock, Gus shoved again, driving his tool deeper and deeper into her tight ass, ignoring her groans.

Finally he was in.

The sensation was fantastic, as if a thousand rubber bands were wrapped around his cock, squeezing it with such authority that every drop of his cum, though struggling to be free, was sealed deep within him.

Beth’s groans began to diminish as her ass finally accepted the alien presence within it.

And then suddenly there was something else.

Myra’s tongue in her cunt!

“Mmmmmxnm…” Beth groaned again. Her whole body was suddenly on fire as the dual sensations of his cock in her ass and Myra’s tongue in her cunt began to drive her wild with excitement.

Now slowly Gus began to rock back and forth, allowing his tool to move slightly within the tight hole. Myra picked up the rhythm with her tongue, and then Beth began to thrust gently in unison with the others.

Gus knew he couldn’t last much longer now, but it didn’t matter any longer, because he could tell that Beth was flying toward her own orgasm. He knew he had Myra’s expert tongue to thank for that.

“Ooooohhhhhh yessssss…” Beth groaned, out of control now, “fuck me… eat me… ohhh yesssss!”

Wildly they began to thrash, until suddenly Gus felt his cock explode as the hot cum shot out of him. Again and again his cock spurted its load, and as it did Beth ground her hips hard against his tool.

She was about to come now, she could feel herself filling up inside. Then suddenly it was as if she had spilled over, and her sticky honey began to stream out of her furry cunt down onto Myra’s eager, sucking mouth.

This was heaven.

Again and again the muscles contracted violently as the tremors shot through her. Like a string of firecrackers Beth felt the explosions shoot through her cunt.

Finally it was over.

Beth smiled.

Below her face, unnoticed until now, was Myra’s cunt. Her beautiful, dripping cunt. Beth bent down and kissed it gently.

Then all three of them collapsed onto the mattress.


The next day Beth was in an extremely good mood; she couldn’t explain why, but it always seemed that an evening with Gus and Myra had that effect on her. And last night had been even better than normal…

Lisa, too, seemed inordinately happy, with the result that the two girls found themselves enjoying each other’s company more than they ever had before. Lisa even went so far as to give Beth an account of what had gone on between her and George on the second floor the previous night.

“Well, I have to admit you’ve sure done quite a turnaround,” Beth said after she had heard the stow.

Lisa only smiled.

“Tell you what,” Beth continued, “all this talk is just getting me steamed up again. Why don’t we see if we can find something around here to occupy our attention.”

“Like what?” Lisa asked, pretending innocence.

“Like an eight-inch cock.”

Once again, Lisa smiled. “Whatever you say, Beth.”

As luck would have it, three hours passed without a single promising prospect coming through the doorway. By the time nine o’clock rolled around and they had still not found a partner, both the girls were getting depressed.

“This is ridiculous,” Lisa moaned.

“Yeah, where are they when you need them?”

Then Tommy Davenport walked in.

Beth looked at Lisa. Then both of them laughed. There was no question that Tommy would be a willing partner to whatever they might want to do; the only problem was that he was only fourteen years old.

A horny fourteen, perhaps, but still only fourteen.

“No,” Lisa said.

“Of course not,” Beth agreed.

They watched as Tommy walked past the desk, leered cheerfully at the two of them just as he always did, then charged off to the science fiction section on the second floor.

“This is pretty late for him, isn’t it?” Lisa asked.

Tommy was a regular customer at the library, but he usually came in the late afternoons or on weekends. He was a bright kid, and usually joked with one of them with semi obscene remarks that usually reduced whoever he was speaking with to giggles. In fact, they had started calling him a fourteen-year-old dirty old man, a title which he seemed to take a great deal of pride in.

“Why not?” Beth suddenly asked.

“You’re terrible,” Lisa admonished.

Beth shrugged.

“Oh, all right,” Lisa finally agreed. She had to admit that the idea of letting all of little Tommy’s fantasies come true had a certain appeal to it. “You go ahead; I’ll follow you when I get things under control.”

“Okay,” Beth responded, and then walked, off in the direction of where Tommy had disappeared.

Alone again, Lisa began to be assailed by doubts. It was one thing to get laid by a gown man, but something else entirely to take advantage of a young boy like Tommy.

Take advantage?

She had to laugh at that. She could imagine that Tommy himself might not think of it in quite those terms. He would probably consider it to be the best thing that had ever happened to him.

There were still a few people on the first floor, which made it difficult for Lisa to leave. If the supervisor ever found out about it, she and Beth would really be in trouble. Maybe, she thought to herself, it would be better if I just stayed here and let Beth do the fucking.

But that would never do.

Lisa, for one thing, had been just as turned on as Beth by the conversation they had been having earlier about what she and George had done last night. Oh, what the hell! She might as well go. It wouldn’t take long, and the supervisor would never come around on a Friday night anyway.

As soon as she emerged from the second-floor stairway, Lisa could hear them. Or at least she could hear something, and she assumed it was them.

It seemed to be coming from the same lounge that she and George had used the night before. We’d better be careful about this, Lisa thought, or we’ll end up with cum stains all over the furniture.

As she walked quietly toward the source of the sounds, it occurred to Lisa for the first time that she might be too late to join in. Obviously they were going at it with a great deal of enthusiasm already, and the chances were excellent that Tommy would probably come in about thirty seconds flat.

Then she saw them, and she realized that she had been right. How did Beth do things so quickly? She must have just run up there, jerked her clothes off, and ordered him to fuck her.

But then Lisa forgot her complaints as she became caught up in what she was seeing.

Beth was lying on her back on the same couch that Lisa had used the previous night with George. She was naked, and the first thing that Lisa noticed was that Beth’s big white tits were bouncing and jiggling all over her chest.

But then she was drawn to something else: the sight of little Tommy pumping away at Beth’s cunt with a force and tempo she could hardly believe was for real. He was only half naked, having managed to take off just his pants before Beth dragged him down onto her, but the effect was interesting because it drew Lisa’s attention completely to Tommy’s tight muscular ass as it pumped in and out of the steamy mess that was Beth’s cunt.

“Fuck me, you little prick, fuck me in the cunt.” As Beth was groaning, writhing wildly as she tried to get the little cock all the way inside her cunt.

But try as she might she just couldn’t get it to fill her up, with the result that her frustration began to grow by leaps and bounds as she realized that she wasn’t going to come.

She had to come! She was always able to have a climax… always!

Tommy was totally oblivious of everything except the fact that at last he had his cock in a warm, wiggling cunt.

A real cunt!

It was incredible.

Even as he looked down on Beth’s body he was unable to believe that this was really happening. He could see her tits spreading across her chest, bouncing wildly.

And her nipples!

They were full and hard, straining up from her fleshy orbs, begging to be licked and sucked.

But he didn’t have time for that now; he didn’t have time for anything but the warm pulsing cunt that was taking his cock with each stroke.

Harder and harder he pumped, moaning and groaning as his rabbit thrusts brought him closer and closer to release.

“Aaaagggghhhhh!” he screamed, the muscles in his ass tightening as he felt his cock spurt wildly into Beth’s cunt.

Frantically he kept pumping, wanting to squeeze every ounce of pleasure from his ounce-in-a-lifetime experience. Even after his cock had begun to shrink he kept driving, until finally there was nothing left, and he sank exhausted to the couch.

From where she had been watching, Lisa could tell that Beth hadn’t come.

But Tommy definitely had.

Lisa smiled, then turned and began to walk back to the desk.

When Beth rejoined her there was no dreamy look in her eyes as there had been on other occasions such as this. But then she didn’t seem to be too upset, either. Just a little frustrated, perhaps.

“How was it?” Lisa asked.

“Nothing to write home about.”

Beth sat down, and for a while they didn’t say anything. But Lisa could tell that. Beth had something on her mind from the way she kept looking across at her.

Finally it all came out.



“Close your eyes.”

Lisa was surprised, but she didn’t hesitate. After all, she had made the same request of Beth the previous night.

When Beth saw that Lisa’s eyes were closed, she quickly reached between her legs and dipped two fingers into the wet warmth of her snatch. A moment later she pulled them out and placed them in front of Lisa’s mouth, just as Lisa had done to her the night before.

When Lisa caught the musky fragrance of the cunt on Beth’s fingers, she had to smile. A moment later Beth had plunged her fingers into Lisa’s mouth.

Lisa gobbled the essence greedily, savoring the flavor. Then she opened her eyes and smiled.

Beth was looking at her in a strange way. At first Lisa didn’t understand it, but then it finally became apparent that Beth was turned on by what she had just seen.

She wanted Lisa.

“Lisa,” she said softly, “what are you doing after we get off work?”


There was another moment of silence before Beth continued.

“Then why don’t you come by my apartment for a while?”

Lisa hesitated before replying; she wasn’t nearly so naive now as she had been a week ago. She knew what Beth was suggesting, and she realized that her answer would imply her agreement to go along with whatever it was that Beth had in mind.

“All right.”

When they arrived at Beth’s apartment, Lisa wasn’t surprised to find it decorated with mirrors and soft, satiny materials that were every bit as openly sensuous as Beth was. After looking around she decided to take a seat in the middle of a huge stack of pillows that were piled in one corner of the room across from a full-length minor.

“What do you want to drink?” Beth called out from the kitchen.

“Whatever you’re having.”

“You sure about that? I’m having a Black Russian.”

“That’s all right.”

Lisa had never had a Black Russian before, but she was willing to try anything once, now that her lifelong inhibitions were disappearing.

“Here it is,” Beth announced, handing her a glass and sitting down on the pillows just wihin touching distance of Lisa.

Lisa took a swallow from the drink.

“Wow,” she exclaimed, “this is strong!” Already the warmth of the liquor was spreading through her body, relaxing her slightly without taking the edge off any of the sensations she was feeling.

“It’s my specialty,” Beth smiled, taking a long pull from her own drink.

As she looked across at Beth, Lisa could feel herself slowly beginning to melt. Perhaps it was the liquor, but she doubted it. More probably it was simply that now, for the first time, she was really able to look at Beth and think about what she was seeing.

Lisa let her eyes run down from Beth’s face to her body, where her large, full breasts jutted firmly out against the clinging material of the thin sweater she was wearing. The perforations of her nipples could be seen as well, straining against the fabric, perfectly outlined against the rest of the swelling orbs beneath them.

They talked for a while, and by the time their drinks were finished a warm glow of anticipation had settled over them. Surprisingly at least to herself, it was Lisa who made the first move.

She slid over closer to Beth and put her arm on the other girl’s thigh. She was wearing a skirt and, Lisa suspected, no panties beneath it.

Beth’s skin was warm, soft, and as Lisa touched it the muscles of her thigh trembled involuntarily.

“Mmmmmm…” she smiled, spreading her legs invitingly.

Tentatively, hesitantly, Lisa began to let her hand slide up beneath Beth’s skirt, her fingers caressing every inch of flesh along the way. Finally, at the point where she knew that next inch would bring her in contact with the soft fur of Beth’s cunt, she stopped.

“Nooo…” Beth groaned, shifting her weight slightly.

Then Lisa did it.

Without hesitating, she plunged one of her fingers deep into Beth’s soaked, dripping pussy.

“Aaaahhhh…” Beth murmured, her eyes closed as she concentrated on the sensation, inside her pussy.

Slowly, tantalizingly, Lisa withdrew her finger from Beth’s cunt, only to plunge it back in again a moment later. Beth began to squirm as the thrust became more regular, and Lisa closed her eyes to concentrate more fully on the sensation of her finger inside Beth’s perfect, furry cunt.

She had never imagined what it would be like to be with a woman, but this was fantastic.

Then Beth reached down and pulled Lisa’s hand out of her cunt.

“Eat me… eat my cunt, Lisa.”

“Take your clothes off first,” Lisa replied, surprising herself with the firmness of her voice.

“I’ll do better than that. Wait here.”

Beth wasn’t gone long before she returned, a small flask in her hands. This she sat down qn the floor in front of Lisa before stepping back. Lisa was curious about the flask, but she was more curious about what Beth was beginning to do now.

First she pulled the sweater over her head, revealing her tits in their fullness for the first time, Lisa swallowed hard at the sight of the ripe melons, but she didn’t move.

Then Beth let her skirt drop to the floor.

Completely naked, she was the most exciting woman Lisa had ever seen. She suddenly wanted to bury her mouth between Beth’s legs, letting her tongue lick and suck that juicy cunt until every drop of honey was gone.

But Beth wasn’t ready for that yet.

Instead, she dropped to her knees in front of Lisa and reached out for the flask.


“Oil. Warm, slippery body oil.”

Lisa didn’t fully understand, but she decided to remain silent and watch.

What she saw made her glad she did.

Swiftly, expertly. Beth dipped her supple fingers into the flask. A moment later they emerged, dripping with the warm oil, which she then began to spread all over her body.

She began with her tits, and the sight of it had Lisa creaming in her panties before thirty seconds had gone by. Beth never took her eyes off Lisa as she did it, massaging the warm substance into her tits, making them shine in the dim light of the room as the nipples grew larger and harder with each passing second.

Then she spread the oil across her chest, neck, arms, and finally down to her waist. There she stopped for a moment, stretching like a cat. Lisa was breathing in short, hard gasps now; she had never seen anything like this before.

But then Beth continued.

She was doing her legs now, spreading the warm oil all over them right up to the entrance of her cunt. Finally, after she had covered every inch, she was finished.

“Now it’s your turn,” she said to Lisa.

At first Lisa was surprised; she had been totally captivated by thoughts of what she was going to do to Beth as soon as she was finished.

But it would be better this way.

Slowly she stood up, aware that Beth’s eyes were hungrily on her body beneath the clothes she was wearing.

Lisa began to strip. First her blouse, then her bra, then her slacks. The only thing left now was her underpants.

Feeling sexier than she ever had before, Lisa let her hand slide down across her flat stomach and paused just as it reached the elastic band of her panties. Before her Beth, her body shimmering slickly in the light, watched with half-parted lips as Lisa’s fingers slowly slid beneath the elastic, pulling it out from her body, then finally dropping the panties to the floor.

“Fantastic!” Beth whispered. It was the first time she had seen Lisa naked, and the sight was even more exciting than she had anticipated.

Everything about her body was exciting, but there was one feature that absolutely took Beth’s breath away.

Her snatch.

She had never seen such a genuine blonde snatch in her life. It was incredible, and leading as it did to the juicy moistness of Lisa’s cunt, Beth found it impossible not to think immediately about the joy of burying her face in the soft wetness between Lisa’s legs.

With one arm she beckoned Lisa to come forward.

A moment later Lisa was kneeling in front of Beth. Her entire body was alive in a way that was new to her. She wanted to be touched, caressed, but above all she wanted to have the warm oil spread over her by the slim, supple hands that belonged to Beth.

Smiling, Beth reached into the flask and withdrew her hands. Then, before the oil had a chance to cool, she reached out and placed both hands on Lisa’s firm, jutting tits.

With the first contact of Beth’s hands, Lisa’s breath shot out in a gasp. It was like her tits were on fire, so wonderful was the sensation.

And it was only the beginning.

For the next several minutes, Beth took great pains to cover every inch of Lisa’s body with the oil. Finally finished, she drew back to look at her.

“Fantastic,” she breathed.

Then suddenly, it was as if all the control the two of them had been exercising dissolved, and they came together into each other’s arms with a rush that sent them tumbling to the pile of pillows in a tangle of shimmering arms and legs, cunts and tits.

“Eat me, oh please… eat my cunt…” Beth cooed, and this time there was nothing to keep it from happening. First Lisa placed her head between Beth’s thighs, feeling the warm sheen of the oil, but then she began to move up toward the warmth of the cunt she wanted so desperately.

At the entrance she paused, luxuriating for a moment in the combined aroma of Beth’s honey, the oil, and Tommy’s cum still lingering in her cunt.

But then, her own cunt creaming uncontrollably, Lisa plunged into the furry pocket that was waiting just in front of her lips.

“Ooooohhhhh…” Beth moaned as the first contact was made. Lisa could suddenly taste everything that she had been smelling before, and she found that she was being driven wild by it.

Quickly her tongue darted out, plunging into the steamy mess, searching frantically for the swelling bulb of Beth’s clit.

“Aaaaaggghhhh…” Beth moaned as Lisa found what she was looking for. Feverishly she began to stick on the taut little button, letting her tongue dart and flick all over it, while with her hands she massaged the thick, full tits above her head.

“Yessss… oh yessss… make me come… make me come…” Beth groaned, and Lisa could sense that it wouldn’t be long before she had done just that.

Already the walls of Beth’s cunt were beginning to pulse and shudder, and with each second that she continued her ministrations to Beth’s cut, the convulsions became stronger.

All the while Beth continued to writhe and wiggle, driving her cunt up into the air, focusing all the pressure she could on the single spot that was the key to everything else.

“Ohhhhh yessss… oh shit… oh stilt… I’m gonna come… gonna come… AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHH!”

Suddenly, to Lisa it was as if someone had opened the lid on a pressure-sealed jar of hot honey. Wave after wave of the sticky stuff pulsed out of Beth and into Lisa’s eager, sucking mouth.

Then, almost before the last shocks of Beth’s climax had dissipated, she lunged forward, grabbed Lisa’s head, and pulled their bodies together in a wild embrace.

Hungrily they kissed, and Beth was further aroused by the taste of her own cum on Lisa’s lips.

But it was Lisa now who was on fire, and as they slammed together the oil on their bodies heightened the sensations to the point that Lisa thought she was going to come right then.

But she didn’t.

As they kissed each other hungrily, their gobbling tongues diving deep into one another’s throats, Beth wrapped her legs firmly around Lisa. Then, with an intensity that left Lisa breathless, she began to grind her cunt firmly against Lisa’s crotch. Harder and harder they banged into each other, and in the process Beth’s supple fingers found their way down across Lisa’s oily stomach until finally they were finally inside Lisa’s cunt. A moment later Lisa could feel it happening as the hot juices began to bubble up within her as Beth continued to rub and massage her aching clit, all the while grinding and slamming against her pelvis.

Finally it would wait no longer, and in a surging, foaming rush Lisa felt her cunt dissolve hot butter shooting out of her and running down across Beth’s finger onto the satin pillows beneath them.

As she felt Lisa’s ctint suddenly begin to shudder, Beth disengaged herself from their embrace, and plunged her head between Lisa’s legs. There, her tongue working hard and fast, she lapped up every drop of the hot, dripping cuin that shot in waves out of Lisa’s cunt.

For fully a minute she gobbled greedily until finally there was nothing left. Then she lifted up her head and smiled at Lisa, her mouth wet and shiny.

It was five minutes before either of them spoke, and when they did it was Beth who broke the silence.

“I have an idea.”


“We ought to get away from here for a while.”

“Mmmmm. I like it here just fine,” Lisa murmured, still drifting on the strength of her orgasm.

“No, silly. I mean away from the library and work and all that.”

“Seems to me like things are just getting interesting there.”

“You’ll get bored soon enough.”


There was another silence. Through the haze of contentment that was enveloping her, Lisa tried to think about what she had just heard.

“Where is it that you want to go?”

“I don’t know yet!”

“But give me some time. I’ll think of something.”


On Tuesday of the next week Beth made up her mind where she wanted to go. The only problem now was selling Lisa on the idea.

“Skiing? But it’s just barely December. There’s not even any snow on the ground.”

“Maybe not here, but there’s plenty in the mountains. I checked. Anyway, it’s just for a weekend, and there’s plenty to do besides skiing once we got there.”

“You’ve got a one-track mind.”

“At least it’s on the right track.”

It took some maneuvering, but by buttering up the supervisor Beth and Lisa managed to get their shift changed for Friday so they could leave early in the day and not have to get back until Monday at four. That would gave them two days of skiing and three nights in the mountains before they would have to come back.

The drive up to the mountains was uneventful, but Lisa did have to admit that it felt good to get away. She hadn’t realized it before, but now that she thought about it she was surprised to learn that it had been six months since she had left the city.

That was entirely too long.

As soon as they started climbing, the air began to get colder, and by the time darkness fell patches of snow were beginning to be visible along the side of the road. Lisa found her excitement beginning to grow as she thought about skiing; it had been several years since she had been able to afford either the time or the money for skiing.

That was another good thing about this trip; it wasn’t costing very much. Somehow Beth had managed to get them a small condominium that a friend owned, with the result that their own expenses would be lift tickets, transportation and food. All in all it was a good setup, and Lisa had no complaints.

Snow was falling when they arrived, and there were plenty of people out and about in it. They had hardly unloaded their skis and suitcases when Beth was standing in the doorway of the pleasantly rustic apartment telling Lisa to hurry up.

“Come on, it’s after ten. We’re gonna miss the party.”

“What party?”

“Whichever one we can find.”

An hour later they had found an excellent one, and had even managed to align themselves with two men, Alan and Dan, who were obviously delighted to have found themselves in the company of two of the best-looking women they had seen in a long time.

Dan was a salesman, while Alan was a graduate student on vacation for Christmas.

It was Lisa’s first chance to see Beth in action, or at least in this kind of action, and she had to admit that she was impressed. Hardly a minute passed in which she didn’t say or do something which was directly, if subtly, designed to arouse the men.

And it worked beautifully.

Midnight found the four of them back at Lisa and Beth’s apartment for a nightcap. Beth went off to the kitchen to fix hot buttered rum for everyone.

Alone with the two men, Lisa found herself feeling slightly ill at ease for reasons she couldn’t quite fathom. They were certainly nice enough; in fact she would be happy to end up the night with either one of them. But there was still something nagging at the back of her mind.

“All right,” Beth announced, bringing the steaming beverages in on a tray, “here they are. But there’s a house rule first.”

“House rule?” Alan asked, raising his eyebrows with a smile.

“That’s right. Nobody gets to drink hot buttered rum unless they comply with it.”

“Well, what is it?”

“Everybody has to take off all their clothes. Don’t worry; this will keep you warm,” she said, indicating the drinks.

“I don’t even think I’ll need that,” Dan said, already beginning to strip off his sweater.

Lisa had her doubts, and was definitely somewhat in awe of Beth’s brazenness, but there was nothing much she could do about it without seeming like a spoilsport.

“You know, you’re right,” Alan announced five minutes later, “I’m not cold at all.”

Alan and Dan were sitting next to each other across from Beth and Lisa, and everybody was completely naked.

“Lisa,” Beth said in a stage whisper after a few more sips. “Don’t they have just about the nicest cocks you’ve ever seen?”

Lisa could feel a scarlet flush mounting her features, so that all she could do was nod. In spite of the drink, the air in the room seemed cold to her, especially on her nipples, which were now just about as erect as she had ever known them to be.

Dan took his cock in his hand and began to play with it. “Yeah, but mine sure is lonely.” Even as he spoke his cock began to grow hard in his hand, and in spite of her unease Lisa found her cunt getting juiced up at the sight of it.

“Poor baby,” Beth murmured, moving over closer until she was sitting right ib front of Dan. She was sitting cross-legged on the floor now, and the lips to her pussy were spread apart, revealing the moist inner flesh. “My cunt’s a little lovely too,” Beth said, and then began to massage the outside of her snatch with two fingers.

On the couch Alan’s cock began to get hard from watching this. He couldn’t believe it was really happening this easily; usually a guy had to work so hard to get laid…

With a devilish smile on her face Beth dipped her fingers deep into her cunt, then pulled them out and held them in front of Dan’s nose. He was still slowly jerking his cock, but a broad smile crossed his face at the smell of Beth’s fingers.

“Why don’t you come sit in my lap?” he said to Beth. She appeared to consider it before answering. “That’s an offer I can’t refuse.”

As she stood up, Alan climbed down from where he was sitting and crossed until he was sitting next to Lisa. At first she thought he was going to try to fuck her right then, but then it became apparent that for now at least, he was primarily interested in watching Beth and Dan.

And it was definitely worth watching.

First Beth leaned over and put her lips on his meat, letting them encircle the head. Then slowly she pushed down until all of it had disappeared into her throat.

“Suck it, baby, suck my cock,” Dan whispered, beginning to shove out against her mouth.

Lisa suddenly felt Alan’s hand on her thigh, but she made no move to stop him. In fact, when a moment later his finger found its way into her snatch, she responded by reaching over and taking his cock in her hand, her eyes still on the other couple.

After she had gotten his cock good and wet, Beth pulled back and surveyed the bulging, shimmering monster. Then she turned around so that her back was facing Dan, and began to sit down on him, guiding his pole into her dripping pussy.

Slowly at first, then faster and faster, she began to slam up and down on him, while from behind her Dan’s hands reached around and started fondling her huge tits.

Lisa could feel her own cunt positively creaming as she watched the big cock slide in and out of Beth’s cunt. Harder and harder she slid up and down his giant shaft, her face contorted in passion as his cock kept driving into her cunt.

“Oooohhhhh… fuck me… fuck me…” Beth groaned in tempo with his thrusts. Her own hands were all over her cunt, fingering her clit while his cock plunged into her.

Without realizing it, Lisa was jerking harder and harder on Alan’s cock while his fingers kept darting in and out of her cunt, finding her clit at one moment and then plunging deep into her the next.

Across the room Beth was about to come. Her breathing was labored, coming in short, ragged gasps, while her tits heaved and tumbled all over the place.

“Keep fucking me… slam that meat into me… ohhhhh yessss… yesss… fuck fuck fuck!” she practically shouted as her cunt exploded, spewing honey all over the cock that kept flying in and out of her.

She was suddenly like an animal impaled on a pole, wriggling and writhing uncontrollably as he continued to slam into her.

Finally Dan came, as well, his molten cum shooting like a geyser out of his cock, causing both their bodies to jerk spasmodically again and again.

Lisa couldn’t stand it any longer; she had to have Alan’s cock inside her.

But it was too late.

She had been jerking him too hard, because at the precise moment she turned to mount him, his cock spurted in her hand as his hot, sticky jism spurted out the end, flying wildly all over both of them.

In her sudden frustration Lisa swiftly bent down, taking his cock in her mouth, feeling the cum shoot into her throat. Greedily she gobbled down all she could until finally he was finished.

Now the only person in the room who hadn’t come was Lisa. She could tell that Alan was ready to finger her or eat her out or do anything else she wanted.

But she didn’t want anything like that.

Suddenly the melancholy that had been with her before began to descend on her again, and all she wanted was to be alone.

Beth and Dan appeared to be passed out with his cock still inside her, while Alan was leaning back against the seat back with his eyes closed, breathing softly and regularly.

Quietly, so as not to disturb the others, Lisa got up and pulled on some clothes.

Outside it had stopped snowing, and the temperature seemed about ten degrees colder. Stars were twinkling brightly, coldly, and there was a full moon overhead.

It wasn’t so late that the little town would be closed down, and in fact there were a number of people hurrying about, most of them in pairs.

As she walked along it occurred to Lisa that perhaps she was lonely. It seemed silly in a way, because she certainly wasn’t without friends. In the last weeks since her “awakening” she had met and made far more friends than she ever had before.

But still something seemed to be missing.

Already she was feeling nostalgic about the weekend she had spent with Dave. Sometimes she wondered where he was; it was strange, but she hadn’t even asked him where it was that he was moving to.

Suddenly Lisa became aware that there was a man looking at her, apparently trying to decide whether or not he wanted to make an advance.

She definitely didn’t want to talk to anybody. Turning back toward the top of the hill where the condominium was, she began to trudge back up the walkway. It was silly to be so melancholy, she thought to herself.

Tomorrow would be better.


The next day Lisa concentrated totally on skiing, and the result was that she felt considerably better. Or at least she would have felt better, had not Beth done her predictable best to bring sex into everything.

In the morning the two of them managed to ski alone, but in the afternoon they were joined by Alan and Dan. That, in itself, would have been no problem had not Beth seen in it an excellent opportunity to try “something different”.

“Something different” turned out to be a matter of making it in the snow, an idea which, while intriguing enough, left Lisa cold.

But not Beth.

Besides, she didn’t really want to actually fuck in the snow. “Just fool around a little, that’s all.”

The main idea was to leave one of the many trails they were skiing and strike off into the woods, far enough away so that they wouldn’t be in danger of discovery but close enough to get back without a great deal of difficulty.

“You’re crazy,” Lisa said when Beth mentioned her idea to her.

“No I’m not. I just like to have fun.”

Lisa looked at Alan and Dan, who as yet had heard none of this.

“Why don’t you just take them both while I ski?” Lisa suggested.

“Come on, where’s your sense of adventure?”

Eventually they came up with a compromise; Lisa would stand guard so they wouldn’t have to go so far off the trail. Then, if she wanted to join in she could, but if she didn’t want to there would be no hassle.

“Hey, where’re you going?” Dan called out from behind as Beth veered off onto a narrow pathway leading out into the woods.

Beth didn’t reply, but when Lisa followed her the two men had no choice but to veer off into the woods as well. The snow there was deep and powdery and the pathway was narrow, but in a way it was fun to be striking off the trails into the forest. Even Lisa found it nice, although she had some reservations about what they might have to go through to get back on the trail.

A few hundred yards in, Beth stopped. They were by no means completely out of sight of the trail yet, but it was still unlikely that anyone would see them unless they made a special point of looking for them.

It was a bright, sunny day, and by now the temperature had climbed well above freezing. This, combined with the hard exercise everyone had been engaged in, was enough to put aside any problems with it being too cold, at least for the moment. If they stood around for very long it would be a different matter altogether.

“What’s going on?” Dan asked as he pulled up beside Lisa and Beth. A moment later Alan was beside him.

“Well,” Beth began, the devilish gleam back in her bright-green eyes, “I just thought we might want to have a little afternoon interlude, that’s all.”

“Anything special you had in mind?” Dan asked with a grin as he taught on to her meaning. “I’m open to suggestions.”

With that, Beth climbed out of her skis and the others followed suit.

Except for Lisa, who moved over to the side of the clearing so she could watch the trail.

“She’s the watchdog,” Beth said. For a moment Alan’s face fell.

“Don’t worry,” Lisa said cheerfully, “Beth can handle both of you.”

“Whhhhhoooooeeee!” Dave said, his cock already out of his pants and in his hand. “It’s just a mite nippy out here.”

“I can fix that,” Beth said confidently, and moved over until she was right in front of him. By now Alan had his cock out; too, and was standing right next to Dan. For a moment Beth was uncertain about what she was going to do, but then she was her old confident self again.

Quickly, expertly, she took Dan’s cock in her mouth. Almost immediately it began to get hard. Then she started stroking it up and down, letting it slide first into the warm pocket of her mouth, then back out into the crisp air.

“Wow!” Dan groaned as the combination of sensations hit him.

In the meantime, Alan’s cock had gotten hard in his own hand just from watching Dan’s rigid meat going in and out of Beth’s perfect lips. But now she reached out with her hand and began jerking him off herself, while at the same time she continued blowing Dan.

From where she stood Lisa could watch Beth in action, and even though she wasn’t really into this entire operation, she couldn’t help but be impressed with Beth’s control.

She never missed a stroke with either cock harder and harder she worked on both of them.

Alan couldn’t take his eyes away from the sight of Dan’s cock flying in and out of that beautiful mouth.

What a woman!

Dan began to thrust wildly now, grinding his hips forward as he felt the rumblings deep within him that he knew would culminate soon in a wrenching, shattering orgasm.

“Suck me… oh shit… suck my meat!” The sound of his voice imploring her drove Beth to new heights of expertise as her lips moved smoothly up and down his pulsing rod.

Finally Dan could hold it no longer.

“Aaaarrrghhhh!” he moaned as the hot cum suddenly shot out of his shaft and into the eager mouth that held it.

Alan could tell that Dan was coming, and as a few drops of cum began to trickle out of Beth’s mouth he suddenly knew what he was going to do.

Beth kept jerking him off while she sucked on Dan’s shrinking cock.

Then suddenly it happened, just as Alan wanted it to.

The rumblings within him suddenly began to seethe and chum, and then he came, but with different results.

The first wad of his sticky jism landed squarely on Beth’s cheek. Then the next one hit on her neck.

Again and again his cock spurted its load, and both he and Dan watched as the mess blasted across and landed on Beth’s face, where it remained hot and sticky for just a few moments before hardening in the cold air.

For Beth it was like someone had thrown hot candle wax on her, so quickly did the cum cool on her face. But she loved every second of it, and made no attempt to move until Alan, too, was spent.

Then smiling and proud of what she had accomplished, she got up off her knees and walked to where her skis were lying in the snow.

Lisa shook her head and smiled.

There was no one in the world quite like Beth, that was for certain.

That night the four of them had dinner together.

Lisa knew she wasn’t being particularly good company for anyone, but there didn’t seem to be anything she could do about it. Somehow the sense of melancholy that was spoiling her weekend just wouldn’t let up no matter what she tried to do.

At first Beth and the others tried to cheer her up, but when that failed they just gave up and ignored her. When, a little while later, Lisa excused herself, saying she wanted to get a good night’s sleep, no one objected.

Back in the apartment Lisa felt lonelier than ever. Try as she might to keep her mind away from it, she couldn’t keep from thinking about the weekend she had spent with Dave. It was becoming almost an obsession with her now, and she was starting to get concerned about it.

Suddenly, about two hours after she had left the others, the door burst open and all three of them came in. It was obvious from their first moment that they had been drinking, and it was obvious as well that they had come on a mission of fun and games.

“Outcall stud service! Here we are!” Dan announced loudly, causing the other two to giggle wildly.

“No thanks, I gave at the office,” Lisa replied, trying to somehow not come on heavy but still let them know she wasn’t interested.

She might as well have been talking to the wall.

“That,” Beth said, “will never do.”

“That’s right,” Alan chimed in. “We’ve come to raise you from the depths of despair.”

By now the two men had grabbed her arms and were pulling them up toward the head of the bed. Almost before she had a chance to realize what they were doing, she found herself securely strapped to the bedposts at each end of the bed.

“Now,” Dan announced ceremoniously, “someone prepare the victim.”

“I’ll do it,” Beth announced solemnly.

Throughout all of this Lisa had been protesting in various fashions, but none of them seemed to be making any impression on the other three.

But instead of getting angrier as she expected herself to, Lisa found that in spite of herself she was beginning to get turned on.

There was something about being bound and helpless like this…

By now everyone was naked, and Beth was busy handling both Alan and Dan’s cocks until they were hard and ready, for whatever they were going to do.

Then she turned to Lisa.

“There’s one more thing that has to be done,” she said, smiling wickedly. It was obvious that whatever it was she was definitely looking forward to it.

With a swift movement she positioned herself between Lisa’s tied, straining legs, and began to move slowly forward.

First she kissed the inside of Lisa’s thighs, and then she moved on up until her mouth was poised at the moist, dewy entrance to Lisa’s cunt. For a moment she waited, letting her hot breath fan the steamy entrance, but then she plunged in.

At the first touch of Beth’s expert tongue, Lisa felt a jolt of electricity shoot through her that made her forget about everything except the things that were happening to her now.

“Ohhhhh…” she moaned, “eat my cunt. Suck on it!”

But this was only to be the preliminary aspect of what they had in mind, because after only long enough to make certain that Lisa was completely drenched, Beth withdrew and made room for the two men.

Ten seconds later they were both on top of her, their cocks held firmly in their hands. Alan was below, his prick placed at the entrance to her pussy, while Dan was straddling her, his huge meat practically touching her mouth.

Then, in unison, they plunged into her. Lisa opened her mouth to accept Dan’s meat just as she felt Alan stab deeply into her cunt.

After that everything was chaos.

Beth watched from a few feet away, her fingers rubbing her own cunt at the sight of what was happening to Lisa.

Beth of them were fucking her wildly now; Dan in the mouth and Alan in the cunt. They both plunged in and out like there was nothing else in the world.

Lisa was seeing and feeling everything through a haze. She was helpless; there was nothing she could do but accept it.

It didn’t last long; everything about it was too intense for it to be anything but a short, hard fuck.

Dan came first, spewing his cum into her mouth, on her face, and all over the bed.

But almost before the last of his jism had shot out of his cock, Alan’s rod started to pulse wildly, then finally it too spurted into her, sending wave after wave of his sticky cum into her wet, battered pussy.

Then it was over.

Somehow, Lisa felt better.

She didn’t understand why. In fact, she hadn’t even had an orgasm.

But she still felt better.


Lisa and Beth alternated driving on the way home from the mountains bn Monday. Neither said much, instead concentrating on catching up on the sleep that both had lost during the weekend. They had exchanged addresses with Alan and Dan, but neither really expected to hear from them. And Lisa, for her part, didn’t really want to hear from them.

Something was happening to her. She didn’t know exactly what it was, but the melancholy that had dropped down upon her on Saturday had never completely left; she had just managed to sublimate it to keep from becoming a drag on everyone else.

But now, as she brought the car carefully down the winding mountain road, Lisa knew that she had some thinking to do. She had to figure out why she was feeling the way she was and then she had to do something about it.

On the surface it was Dave; she knew that. Her thoughts kept going back to the weekend they had spent together. Fucking with Alan and Dan had been fine, but it just didn’t compare with doing it with Dave. She tried to count the number of times they had made it one way or another in the forty-eight hours they had spent together.

Twelve. Or maybe thirteen.

For a moment a smile crossed her face as she thought about one of those times. It had been in the morning. They had both been sleeping for a few hours.

The sun beginning to stream in through an opening in the curtains had awakened her, but, Dave had remained asleep. The room was heavy with the smell of sex, and Lisa could still feel her pussy tingling from all the excitement of the long night of lovemaking. It was sore, too, but that didn’t really matter.

Not now, anyway.

She could worry about that later.

Right now it was enough to lie still and concentrate on Dave’s sleeping form. He was naked, with only the sheet that was covering them both pulled lightly over him.

Cautiously Lisa pulled the sheet back so she could see him. Last night she had been ashamed to look openly, but now that he was asleep she found herself wanting to let her gaze run hungrily over every inch of his athletic frame.

Or at least that was what she started to do.

But as it turned out, she never made it past his cock. There was something about it that riveted her attention. It was limp now, lying softly between his legs, the flaccid shaft half buried in his thick brown hair.

Lisa had never really seen a man’s cock like this. In fact, she had never seen a man’s cock at all until just a few nights ago in the library when Beth had fucked the stranger in the special collection room.

In that short period of time she had been watching them, and in the ensuing days leading up to this moment, the times she had really been able to look at a man’s cock had been confined to times when it was already hard and ready for action.

Gently, being careful not to awaken Dave, Lisa began to move across the bed until she was poised just a few inches away from his crotch. Her lips were parted slightly, and without realizing what she was doing she licked them until they glistened wetly in the soft light.

A thought was on her mind.

She wanted to make that cock grow hard.

She wanted to watch it and feel it as it started out limp, then slowly came to life solely because of what she was doing to it. Vaguely aware of all this, but almost in a trance, she bent down until her lips were almost touching his rod.

For a moment she didn’t touch it, instead blowing lightly on the sensitive organ. Last night there had been several instances when Dave had tried to guide her mouth toward his cock, but she had resisted for reasons that were unclear even to herself.

But now she knew that the time was right.

Spreading her lips, Lisa allowed her tongue to dart out and lightly lick the sleeping cock. Nothing happened at first, but as she continued, running her hot tongue wetly up and down the length of the shaft, she began to sense a vague tightening. In his sleep Dave shifted slightly, causing Lisa to pull her tongue back and wait until he had drifted back off once again.

Satisfied that he was asleep, she once again began her ministratidns, running her tongue up and down as she felt him grow harder and harder. There was something strangely mystical in the way the organ responded to what she was doing, stiffening while Dave was still asleep.

It was half erect now, and Lisa opened her mouth to take it inside her. The skin was smooth, and as she began to slide her hungry mouth up and down the shaft Lisa could tell that Dave would have to wake up before long.

But it didn’t matter.

Nothing mattered now except her mouth and his cock. Vaguely she could feel him stirring, but her concentration was devoted completely to the stiff rod that was filling up the inside of her mouth and forcing its way into her throat as it grew even larger with each downward thrust she made with her mouth.

The saliva was pouring out of her mouth now, and at times she had to fight to keep from gagging, but still she continued, licking and sucking with each stroke, driving herself down on the spear that impaled her. She could sense that his cock was glistening, and each time she drove all the way down she could feel her lips driving into the hot wetness of his wiry hair, but nothing mattered to her.

With a growing frenzy she shot up and down, and as she did, Dave began to drive his pelvis up to meet her. She could tell he was going to come soon, and with a sudden certainty she knew more than anything else that she wanted to take all of his cum inside her, not letting a drop escape.

“Aaaaahhh…” he groaned, but she paid no attention. She had both hands working on his shaft as well as her mouth.

Suddenly he began to pulse and tremble in her mouth. Frantically she continued to drive up and down until finally it happened.

His cock exploded.

The first wad of his jism slammed into the back of her throat, hot and sticky, followed by spurt after spurt of the stuff.

Lisa stopped her strokes, concentrating now on swallowing his seed, tasting his cum as it flowed out of his cock and into her eager, sucking mouth and throat. It tasted salty, musky, strange.

She liked it.

By the time she and Beth got back to the city, Lisa still wasn’t certain what her problem was. She kept wanting to think that it was Dave; that she wanted to be with him and that all the other fucking was just reminding her of him.

But then she also became aware that she hardly knew Dave. At least in a conventional sense; their communication during the weekend had been essentially nonverbal.

So how could she be so infatuated with him? The question continued to plague her, but there was no longer any time to worry about it. They were scheduled to go on duty at the library at four-thirty, and it looked like they were going to make it back just in time.

The library was quiet throughout most of the evening, and there was relatively little for them to do. Lisa spent most of the time reading, but finally she decided she might as well go ahead and say what was really on her mind.



“Where did Dave move to?”

For a long moment Beth didn’t say anything, but instead just looked at Lisa. Then she burst out laughing. “So that’s what’s been bothering you.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“You don’t have to. It’s obvious.”

“Well, where is he?”

“Forget about him.”

“I can’t. Not just like that, anyway.”

“Well, I’ll guarantee he’s forgotten about you. Anyway, I don’t know where he moved to.”

“Can you find out?” Lisa persisted, conscious that she was making a fool out of herself but determined to find out what she wanted to know anyway.

That night, by making several phone calls, Beth not only found out where Dave was living, but also found out several other interesting things.

Things that would not make Lisa happy hour the least.

At first, she decided not to tell her anything about it, but when Lisa became persistent about the whole matter the next day at work, Beth decided that there was nothing to do but lay the truth on Lisa and let her deal with it her own way.

“All right. I’ll tell you where he’s living. Right here.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean he moved away, but something went wrong and he’s been back here ever since. Right in his same old house.”

Lisa was silent.

“So do like I told you,” Beth said, “and forget about him.”

Lisa didn’t say anything. She had never felt so foolish in her life. Obviously the time they had spent together hadn’t meant the same thing to him that it had to her.

“What’re you going to do?” Beth asked, her voice softer now.

“I don’t know.”

But she did know.

As the first flush of embarrassment passed, Lisa suddenly began to grow angry. Why did this have to happen to her? What had she done to deserve it?


Beth smiled and shook her head.

“I won’t say I told you so.”

“It doesn’t matter, I don’t care.”

For the rest of the night Beth didn’t try to talk to Lisa; it was obvious that she wanted to be left alone. When time came to close up, Lisa didn’t even say goodbye in the parking lot, instead just climbing into her car and driving swiftly away.

Beth wondered vaguely what Lisa was going to do.

The same wasn’t true for Lisa herself.

She knew exactly what she was going to do.

She was going to go get fucked. She didn’t know where, or how, but she knew she was going to do it.

And she didn’t care who she did it with.

She didn’t care about anything except getting rid of all the hostility that was seething inside her. And right now going out and getting fucked by anybody seemed like the best way to do just that.

The singles bar Lisa walked into was obviously nothing more than a meat rack, with the men outnumbering the women by about four to one. In her present frame of mind that suited Lisa just fine. In fact, the more she thought about it the more the idea of having more than one man appealed to her.

There were several reasonably nice-looking types at the bar, but nice-looking types weren’t what Lisa had in mind. They reminded her too much of Dave, and right now all she wanted to do was to forget Dave.

And hurt him.

The biggest frustration was that she knew there was no way she could hurt him; no matter what she did he not only wouldn’t know about it, but he wouldn’t care if he did know.

It took her ten minutes to pick out the men she wanted to be with, and five more to catch their attention. There were three of them, and they were sitting at a booth along the far wall. From where she was standing it was impossible to see them well, but from what she could see they were definitely right in line with the frame of mind she was in.

Two were big and burly; construction workers, probably, while the third was just the opposite; short, frail and thin. They were just the type of threesome who would come into a place like this and sit in a corner all night getting drunk and eyeballing every woman in the place, talking obscenely among themselves, but ultimately going home alone.

When she walked over to their table and asked, “Mind if I sit down?” Lisa thought they were all going to choke on their drinks. But, needless to say, they were only too accommodating.

“I’m Lisa,” she announced, taking a stiff pull of her drink. This was bizarre, but she was going to go through with it.

“I’m Buzz,” said the largest of the three with a leer. He had a long, droopy mustache that went oddly with his thick features. “This is Ralph,” he said, indicating the other construction-worker type, “and over there’s Jason.”

After that there was an awkward silence. Lisa obviously wasn’t the type of woman they were used to being around; not only was she better-looking than anyone they’d been near in a long time, but she was also obviously a totally different kind of woman than they were used to talking to. She looked more like a schoolteacher than anything else.

It was this impression which served to further confound all three of them when she spoke again.

“I want to get fucked,” Lisa said tightly, hearing herself as if it were someone else speaking. “Nothing else.”

They didn’t have a car, so Lisa drove them to Ralph’s apartment. Nothing much was said in the car, but Lisa had a dim feeling that all three of them thought she was crazy.

Maybe she was, but right now it didn’t matter.

It didn’t matter because she also knew they were thinking that this was the best bit of luck that had come their way in a long time.

It was odd, she thought in a brief moment of tranquility, how most men would absolutely jump at the chance to fuck her. Not very long ago she had felt like if she had walked naked down main street nobody would have paid any attention to her.

The apartment was a dismal affair. It looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in at least a month. No, that wasn’t quite right, she corrected herself mentally. It wasn’t really dirty. Just messy.

The main room was lit harshly from overhead, and the only furniture was a couch and chair with a plastic-like coating that looked guaranteed to stick to the skin of anyone who sat on it.

Lisa didn’t want to sit on it.

“Bring the mattress out here,” she commanded, enjoying the way she was dominating these men. Ralph and Buzz looked at Jason, who practically jumped into the bedroom to meet her demand.

“What do you have to drink?” Lisa asked.

“Nothin’ much ‘cept some tequila,” Ralph drawled.

“Get it out,” Lisa said. She had never drunk tequila, but she knew she was going to need something to get her through this.

Five minutes later the four of them were squatting on the mattress that Jason had dragged out into the middle of the room, indulging in the entire lemon-and-salt routine with the tequila. As the liquor shot into her body Lisa suddenly felt hot. The bare light overhead seemed brighter than the sun.

“Can’t you do something about that?” she complained, pointing overhead to the offending bulb. She knew she was being a bitch but she also knew they didn’t mind.

Not as long as they got to fuck her.

A few moments later the bright light had been replaced with a much dimmer one that Ralph had pilfered from the inside of the refrigerator. Now, suddenly, the room didn’t seem so bad, and with the second shot of tequila Lisa felt the last of her inhibitions leave her.

She could also feel the sweat pouring from her body, and the combination of this and her growing high from the liquor gave her an idea.

“Music. I want music,” she announced, standing up and pulling her long blonde hair up over her head. A moment later Ralph had put on a record; very earthy blues.

Through the heat and the haze that was drifting in aver her, Lisa began to dance around the room. She could hardly hear the music, but she could feel it and that was all that mattered.

“Take it off, baby, take that top off,” Buzz whispered as he took another shot of the liquor.

Lisa knew they were dying to see her body, but she wasn’t going to rush it. She knew it would be worth the wait for them.

As she danced, Lisa could feel herself becoming hotter and hotter, the sweat pouting out of her body. It reminded her of the oil that Beth had used the night they had made it together.

Finally, when she knew they were at the point of raping her, she reached up and began to unbutton her blouse. She could feel their hot eyes on her as she pulled it off.

But she was still wearing her bra.

She could feel the tight material constraining her tits, and by now she was as ready to strip as they were to see her do it.

Reaching behind her back, she released the clasp and suddenly her tits were free, shimmering whitely in the dim light of the hot room. She was sweating wildly, and her nipples were taut and straining from her excitement.

Thirty seconds later she was down to her panties, and Lisa could tell from the way the three of them had their hands on their crotches that their cocks were already hard.

But the best was yet to tome.

Gyrating her hips more than ever to the heavy beat of the music, Lisa began to slide one hand across her stomach and down toward the elastic waistband of her panties while the other fondled and squeezed one of her tits.

“Mmmmm…” she murmured to no one in particular as her fingers tweaked the sensitive nipple. She could hear one of the men groaning in excitement, but the haze that enveloped her senses kept her from being able to tell which one it was.

But it didn’t matter; she would have them all.

Her finger had slipped inside the panties. She could feel them touching the soft fur of her cunt.

“C’mon, baby, take ’em off,” Buzz growled, but Lisa wasn’t ready tp do that just yet.

Grabbing the waistband with both hands Lisa pulled up on it, causing the crotch of the panties to rub forcefully against her already dripping cunt. When she looked down she could see a few of her blonde hairs creeping out from the side of the material which was already darkly stained from her juices.

Still moving to the music Lisa began to pull the material back and forth across her cunt, and as she did she could feel her clit tightening and swelling.

Then suddenly everything was chaos.

Buzz, watching from where he sat, could stand it no longer. He’d never been so hot in his life. This bitch was teasing his cock just too much; he was going to do something about it.

Right now.

Leaping up drunkenly, he grabbed Lisa roughly and threw her down on the mattress. For a frozen moment she lay there, her white tits heaving, her eyes fuzzy.

Then Buzz reached down with one massive arm and ripped the panties from her body, revealing completely for the first time the perfect tuft of blonde hair that led to the cunt that Buzz and the others were just aching to get into.

Lisa was confused, but by now nothing seemed to matter to her except getting fucked. And it was obvious that Buzz was getting ready to do just that.

His cock was already in his hand, and Lisa could see that it was monstrous. His pants were on the floor beneath him, and she could dimly see his thick, muscular legs covered with black hair.

But mostly she could just see his cock.

He dropped to his knees and Lisa spread her legs wide, revealing the dew-covered lips of her pussy.

“Fuck me… fuck me now…” she groaned.

Buzz only leered and began to move forward, his cock in his hand.

When he got to the entrance of her pussy he paused, a dim idea intruding on his muddled consciousness. This bitch had teased the hell out of him and the rest of the men; why not give her a taste of her own medicine?

So instead of plunging his cock into her juice-covered muff as he had originally intended to do, he took his prick in his hand and began to slowly jerk up and down on it just a few inches in front of Lisa’s panting cunt.

Lisa couldn’t believe what was happening.

All she wanted right now was his cock in her cunt and it wasn’t happening.

“Fuck me… oh please fuck me…” she whimpered, thrusting her cunt in the direction of his cock, the thigh muscles straining tightly from her efforts.

“Not yet, bitch…” he growled back.

“Bastard!” Lisa hissed, and suddenly grabbed her cunt with her own hand and began to masturbate. But that didn’t work either, because within five seconds of the time she had started doing it, both Ralph and Jason had descended upon her, grabbing her arms and pinning them down so that she couldn’t do anything to herself.

Now Buzz took his cock and placed it at the steaming entrance to Lisa’s cunt.

But still he didn’t ram it home.

Instead, he began to move the head of his prick up and down along the length of her dripping pussy, driving her crazy as the pressure of his monster drove Lisa to new heights of frustration.

There were tears in Lisa’s eyes now, but there was nothing she could do.

But finally Buzz himself couldn’t stand it any longer.

With a savage thrust he drove his monstrous cock into her cunt to the hilt.


“Shut up, bitch!”

With a violence that seemed intended to rip Lisa apart he smashed into her, his cock penetrating into the deepest recesses of her hungry cunt.

Again and again he slammed into her while Jason and Ralph held her arms pinned to the mattress.

Lisa was hardly aware of this, her entire body shuddering with the force of each massive thrust. Harder and harder he slammed into her, driving and smashing like a piston, never slowing down until finally his cock expanded even more, then shot its sticky, messy load into her cunt.

Wave after wave of his jism shot into her, but still he pumped on until every last drop was gone.

Then he pulled out and looked at her.

Her entire body was covered with a sheen of perspiration. Her white tits were heaving, and already he could see little rivulets of his cum beginning to drip out of her pussy.

But this was only the beginning, and Lisa knew it.

Ralph was next, but he had other ideas about how he was going to take her. Roughly he rolled her over onto her stomach and grabbed her ass so that the ripe white cheeks were sticking high in the air in front of him. For a moment Lisa thought he was going to give it to her in the ass, but then she realized that this wasn’t what he wanted.

With a single powerful thrust he drove his cock into her already wet and dripping pussy.

“Aaaaoooowwww!” she screamed, but he paid no attention. Then suddenly Jason was in front of her, his cock in his hand, while Ralph continued to plow into her from behind.

“Suck me,” he whispered, his thin voice almost pleading, “nobody’s ever sucked me.”

So she sucked him.

And all the time Ralph continued to smash into her from behind, both hands spreading her cheeks wide to give him a full view of his glistening cock as it disappeared again and again into her cunt.

Jason was the first to come, his cock squirting his cum into Lisa’s mouth and onto her face.

Then a moment later Ralph exploded into her battered cunt, his cock going wild as the hot jism shot into her.

With both hands on her hips he kept guiding her up and down on his pole as it began to shrink, the messy goo beginning to ooze out of her pussy.

Then, finally, they all collapsed in a heap.

Lisa was only semi-aware of the things that had been going on since they started fucking her.

Everything had been a wild blur of cocks as they came at her from all sides.

But one thing did make its way into her mind as she lay there panting on the mattress.

This, obviously, was not the answer to whatever was bothering her. She needed something else.


For the next two weeks Lisa became something of a recluse. She didn’t go out at all unless it was to work or to go somewhere that she absolutely had to. Several times Beth tried to get her to explain what was going on to make her act this way, but Lisa steadfastly refused to say anything other than, “I just want to be alone.”

But Beth wasn’t stupid.

She knew that Lisa was having a problem dealing with the fact that Dave had completely ignored her after the weekend they spent together.

So she decided to do something about it.

Although she didn’t know Dave well, she did feel like she could invite him to a party, and from there she would be able to let her instincts take over. It was difficult to say exactly what she hoped to accomplish by doing it, but what she now considered to be a genuine friendship with Lisa dictated that she do something.

The night of the party Beth put on the most revealing thing she could find: a low-cut black dress that showed practically every inch of her tits except for her nipple and on occasion they too were visible.

Then she set about making her apartment as exciting as possible, using candles to light it softly and seductively. Finally, all was in readiness.

The only catch was that there really wasn’t going to be a party; at least not in the conventional sense.

Dave may have thought he was coming to a party, but in reality he was the only guest. And Beth was ready for him.

By the time he arrived Beth had already consumed two drinks, but that was no liability; she could hold her liquor. And besides, it had given her time to figure out exactly what she was going to do with Dave once he arrived.

“Where is everybody?” he asked the first minute he walked through the door.

“I don’t know,” Beth pretended to pout, “I guess they didn’t want to come.”

“Come on, you know that’s bull shit. Nobody in his right mind would pass up one of your parties.”

“That’s what I was counting on when I only invited you to this one.”

She was standing very close to him, and he could catch just the lightest whiff of her perfume. Slowly he began to comprehend what she was saying. A broad smile crossed his features.

For the next fifteen minutes they talked about little things, but it wasn’t the conversation that was important. It was the way that Beth kept managing to lean forwards in such a way as to give Dave quick, tantalizing glimpses of her tits.

He could feel his cock getting hard.

Then suddenly, so that he was caught completely by surprise, she hit him with the question that she had been waiting to ask.

“What did you do to Lisa?”

“What?” he asked. He didn’t know what she meant.

“You heard me.” Her voice was still light, conversational, but he could tell that there was more to this than just conversation.

“I fucked her.”

“Is that all? You just fucked her?”

“What is this, the Spanish Inquisition?”

“No, I just want to know.”


“Because she’s been freaking out the last two weeks and I think if’s got something to do with you.”

Dave was mildly incredulous.

But he was also excited.

This was something that he had never thought might happen. At least not after the way she had walked out on him on Sunday night without even saying goodbye. Just an enigmatic little note which he took to mean that she didn’t want to see him again.

But he had obviously been wrong.

Or at least that was what Beth was telling him.

And she was also telling him that if he wanted to see her that he ought to get his ass over to her apartment right this minute.

He went.

Lisa was alone in her apartment when the doorbell rang. Her first impulse was to stay where she was and not answer it. But then finally she got up and crossed the room, hesitating once in front of the fireplace where she let the warmth of the flames play against her skin for a moment.

Then the bell rang again and she answered it.

It was Dave.

Lisa was totally at a loss for words. What did this mean? She had no idea.

“Can I come in?”

Lisa nodded.

They both sat down in front of the fire. It was obvious that he was as nervous as she was. Neither of them said anything for a long time, until finally Dave spoke.

“I think we ought to talk.”

Again Lisa nodded, and for the next few minutes they talked. It wasn’t a gushing, romantic reunion. In fact, both were exceedingly cautious in what they said.

But one thing that did come out of it was that they had obviously misunderstood each other before.

“Do you think we could give it another try?” Dave finally asked.

“I think so.”

Dave nodded, but made no move to touch her. He wanted to handle this with every ounce of consideration and tenderness he had in him, and going after her right now would be a mistake.

Instead, he got up from where he was and walked across to the fire, where he stood for a moment looking into the crackling flames and feeling the warmth come over him.

From where she sat Lisa could feel herself beginning to relax for the first time in two weeks. There was still a little residual nervousness to be dealt with, but she could feel it melting as she studied the silhouette of Dave in front of the fireplace.

Lisa felt herself becoming excited by the sight of the firelight flickering gently on Dave’s strong features. All of a sudden she realized how much she needed a man.


After a few moments he came and sat down beside her. Hesitantly she reached out and touched his shoulder. Deep inside her body she could feel the stirrings of excitement that made her want him to reach out and touch her, feel her, make her know she was a woman again.

As if he could read her thoughts, he reached out with one hand and touched her neck. The feel of his light, cool fingers on her naked flesh sent a tingle throughout her body, and she could feel a tiny shiver as it raced up and down her spine.

Then his hand started making its way down the outside of the nightgown she was wearing, pausing every few inches to release the buttons that went down the front of it. She was aware of the soft material brushing against her breasts, and the nipples were hard long before his hands ever touched her there.

When he reached the last button, Dave paused for a moment. She nodded silently, and with a single motion he pulled the gown back over her shoulders and allowed it to drop, revealing her naked body beneath it.

Dave had forgotten how beautiful she was.

Her breasts jutted forward with a tight firmness which he knew belied the fact that they would be soft and warm to the touch. Beneath them, her waist was slim and flat, while her soft yellow muff glistened in the dim light.

Lisa could feel her nipples growing taut as the air of the fire-warmed room hit her body, and she could also feel the muscles of her stomach tense slightly as Dave’s eyes roamed up and down her body in approval of what he saw.

Then Lisa began to undress Dave in silence. A few moments later both of them were naked, but still they said nothing.

Unashamedly Lisa let her eyes move over Dave’s body. Even in its limp state Dave’s cock looked huge as it dangled between his thighs.

But she knew she could take it.

Slowly her hand reached out and touched him, first at the waist, and then slowly making its way down to his cock. Her hand looked small next to it, and as she made contact with it for the first time Lisa felt a rush of excitement as her juices started to flow inside her pussy.

Very gently she began to massage his cock, watching in fascination as it immediately began to grow stiff and rigid. She had done this so often since that first night, but somehow the entire experience tonight was emerging as a kind of reawakening of her awareness of how blissful sex could really be.

As her left hand began to move up and down the outside of his cock, she allowed her right hand to find its way to his balls, fondling the wrinkled skin, feeling the two soft eggs inside his sac.

With a sudden urgency that was overwhelming, she knew that she wanted to take his cock in her mouth.

“Suck it, baby, suck it…” Dave whispered, sensing what she wanted to do.

Finally, but with a gentleness that was the key to everything tonight, she guided him onto his back, positioning him in such a way that his cock seemed to climb up from his body as if it had a will and a consciousness of its own.

Then, while he watched her, she climbed above him, her long, slim legs straddling him as she bent over him, allowing first one, then the other, of her delicious breasts to touch the tip of his swollen cock. She could sense the urgency with which he was watching her as she allowed his sensitive cock to play against each of her, milky tits.

Next she placed his cock between her soft orbs, pressing them together until his cock was completely engulfed in their warmth and softness. Slowly she began to move her body back and forth, up and down so that his cock moved in and out of the tight valley between her breasts.

Dave was in heaven.

He had never imagined that it could be this good. Nothing mattered now; nothing at all. There was no rush. They could make this into the best either of them had ever had.

Lisa rose up again and looked at Dave and smiled.

Slowly she began to lower herself toward his cock until her lips were just a fraction of an inch away from the tight skin of the bulging head.

Carefully, allowing her lips to mold themselves round it, she lowered herself onto the gleaming rod. Her tongue darted out and began to lick and flick across the sensitive skin, finding the ridge just below the head that was the seat of a man’s most powerful reactions.

Dave’s body began to grow tense beneath her, and his pelvis started to drive up, beckoning her to take his cock all the way in. This, combined with the dripping honey in her pussy, led Lisa to drive her mouth entirely down onto his cock.

Almost immediately his prick began to pulse and throb, and a few seconds later Lisa knew he was about to come.

“Aaaagggghhhh!” he groaned as the hot cum shot out of his cock, spattering against the back of her eager throat. Hungrily she gobbled up every drop, letting none of the sticky fluid escape, until finally he was spent.

Then she rose up, allowing his limp cock to drop back against his stomach. When she smiled her mouth and teeth glistened wetly from the cum that was still there, and then she leaned forward and kissed him on the mouth, letting her tongue roam deep into him, searching and probing in a fierce-like kiss that lasted fully a minute.

Then it was Dave’s turn, and he knew what he was going to do.

With the same gentleness that had characterized Lisa’s handling of him, he pushed her back until she was lying in front of him.

With both hands he reached out and cupped her breasts, kneading and massaging them until the nipple were hard and firm in his grasp. Then he leaned forward and kissed each of them, licking and sucking them so that when he arose again they both glistened wetly in the flickering light of the fire.

Then slowly, with infinite tenderness, he began to work his way down, letting his lips run lightly across her stomach, pausing for just a moment at her navel, then continuing to descend until finally he could feel the soft silk of her snatch. The fragrance of her honey was strong and sweet as he began to let his tongue explore the softly glistening hair, but it was clear that she wasn’t going to let him pause there.

Firmly, with growing excitement, she began to thrust her crotch up into the air, beckoning him to do what she wanted him to do.

“Eat me… oh please… eat my cunt…” Dave complied.

Taking both her legs in his arms, he raised them until her knees were firmly hooked over his shoulders. Then he bent down, his lips and tongue only a few inches from the wetly parted lips of her cunt.

Then his tongue flashed out.

“Ooooo…” she squealed as his tongue flicked across her already excited clit.

His tongue darting quickly in and out, Dave let his tongue fly maddeningly in and around the area of the growing, swelling button that was the focus of her sensations.

Then, without warning, he plunged his tongue deep into her cunt, feeling the creaminess of her pussy close around him as his tongue drove in and out, fucking her while his fingers toyed with her clit.

“Oooohhhh… yeeeessss… yesssss…” she groaned as he continued.

He knew he had her going now.

Harder and harder he drove in and out, all the while rubbing her cunt until he could feel her entire body squirming and wriggling beneath him.

Inside her cunt Lisa could feel something beginning to grow. It was like a tiny knot of fire, just a pinpoint now but growing larger and stronger with each passing second.

“Now, Dave… fuck me… oh fuck me fuck me…” she moaned, forgetting that he had just come a few minutes before.

But that didn’t matter.

Dave was ready again.

Suddenly he rose up, his erect cock in his hand, and then he plunged forward, driving himself into her soft yielding cunt.

“Oooohhhh yeeesssss…” she groaned as the first thrust drove everything from her consciousness except the sensations that were now filling her pussy.

Dave could hardly believe how good it felt to be inside her. It was as if every nerve in his entire body was on fire, and he could feel things that he had never felt before.

Harder now, wildly, he drove into her. It was as if they were both in the middle of a cyclone, as everything seemed to swirl together into a blinding, writhing mass of flesh and heat, wetness and fire.

The fire inside Lisa had grown to giant proportions now, and she knew that in a few moments she would explode.

But she didn’t want to rush it.

She wanted to share it, to make it happen at the same moment that Dave shot his cum into her cunt.

Her legs were wrapped around his back now, and with each wild thrust she drove herself up onto his rod a little further, until it seemed like his cock was going to ram through the walls of her pussy.

Then she felt it.

The first tremor deep inside his cock that meant the hot cum was beginning to seethe and bubble within him, trying to find its way out and into her cunt.

Lisa herself was filling up with her juices, and she knew she couldn’t hold it much longer.

But she didn’t have to.

Just as his cock expanded and then shot into her, her cunt seemed to fill to overflowing, then spill over, shooting hot honey out to mix with the sticky cum that was streaming into her.

Thirty seconds later it was over.

For a long time they lay still, each of them filled with their own thoughts and feelings. For Lisa it was a beginning. She didn’t know where it would lead, nor, for the moment, did she care.

She knew that she cared about Dave, and she knew that it was important to her that he cared about her. How long it would last, whether she would end up being hurt again, these questions were unimportant now.

What had happened before was behind them.

The future stretched in front of them.

Lisa was happy.

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