Mom Peeks On Her Sons

Sarah Taylor, trying to keep them from knowing she was there, watching through the shrubbery, was amazed but not shocked to see her daughter Judy on the ground in the middle of them. Each of the boys had a hard-on, and they were jacking off as they gazed at Judy.

Judy, her young eyes glazed in passion, looked from boy to boy, her gaze darting from cock to cock. She lay on her back, legs up and knees spread. She had pulled her skirt to her waist and had opened her blouse. Her hard, flawless little titties were exposed to the boys. She still had her panties on, but the crotch of them was pulled up tight, outlining her cunt. Her pretty ass writhed as she looked from cock to cock.

Sarah stooped in the bushes, watching them. She could not deny the rumblings of excitement in her body, nor the wet heat throbbing between her thighs. Her tits had become almost painfully swollen inside her lightweight summer sweater, and her perky nipples strained at the material. Her tits heaved up and down as she panted as softly as she could. She did not want to frighten any of the boys, especially not Judy.

Judy’s blonde curls, highlighted with gold flecks by the sunlight coming through the tree tops, spread around her head. Those huge blue eyes appeared glazed over as she moved her head about, trying to watch all five boys as they jacked on those hard cocks at the same time. She had a small hand clutching one tit, the other hand moving up and down the inside of her smooth, satiny thigh. Sarah watched as Judy’s fingers came close to her pantied cunt, as if teasing herself by lightly touching her crotch, then back on her thigh again.

Turning her attention to the boys, Sarah looked at the far side of the circle of those young pricks and then gazed at the tight and very naked asses nearest her. There was no denying the erotic appeal those boys had for her, nor the appeal of Judy’s sweet body in the middle.

Going to her knees in the bushes, Sarah was fighting to keep her breathing as silent as she could. The ground was rough on her bare knees, but she didn’t feel it.

“You gotta take your panties off, Judy,” one of the boys gasped. “You promised to show it to us.”

“I will,” Judy gurgled in a soft but excited voice. “I’ll show it to you. But I wanna watch you guys play with yourselves a little while first.”

“That’s not fair,” another boy said. “If you don’t let us see it, then I’m gonna stop.”

“No, don’t stop!” Judy said quickly. “Look! I’ll shove my panties down.”

Sarah was just as excited as the five boys as she watched Judy shove her panties down over her small hips. She shoved her panties down slowly, teasing the boys, her blue eyes gleaming. Sarah was watching those panties come down, as eager if not more as the five boys. Some of the boys had stopped jerking off and were gripping their cocks hard.

Judy paused with her panties almost low enough to reveal her cunt, lifting her small ass and twisting in a very sexy manner.

“Come on!” one of the boys grunted.

“Yeah, hurry up, Judy!” urged another. “I’m gonna come before you get your panties off!” yelled a third.

Leaving her panties where they were, Judy hooked a finger into the tight crotch and, with a quick motion, jerked them aside, giving a brief flash of her cunt, then put the crotch back in place.

“I have to close my legs to get my panties off,” Judy said, her voice surprisingly low. “Is that okay with you guys?”

“I don’t care, just take them off!” a boy groaned.

Sarah could hardly believe Judy.

Sarah had been expecting something like this for some time. She had noticed Judy’s sexual growth recently and the flirty ways she had with boys. What Sarah had not expected was to see Judy surrounded by five boys, all jacking off. She had felt Judy would be with one boy, maybe caressing his cock or even fucking him. But she was with five of them, in the middle, watching them jack themselves off as she teased them, with her body.

Judy was Sarah’s daughter.

And she was young, so very young.

Sarah was holding her breath as she knelt in the bushes, watching with eyes that were as hot as those of her daughter.

“Hurry, damn it!” one boy urged.

“Okay,” Judy giggled, and she shoved her panties down. She drew her legs up to remove them from her feet, and then straightened them out again, spreading her legs very wide.

Sarah sucked in her breath. She wasn’t sure what she had expected, but she had not expected to see a completely hairless cunt. But that was what Judy’s pussy was — hairless. Not that she shaved it, she simply had not grown any cunt hair yet. The pink of her pussy lips was totally revealed, glistening with moisture and the small tip of her clitoris was peeking from the folds provocatively. There were soft moans from the boys as they all gazed between Judy’s thighs, their previous interest in her titties driven away by this new treat.

“Like it?” Judy asked, giggling in her childish way, only now the sound was lower, huskier. “Do you guys like my little pussy?”

“Ah, shit!” a boy groaned.

“Ooooeeee!” yelped another.

“That’s a cunt, sure enough!”

“No hair,” complained one. “Shit, I thought I’d see me a hairy cunt.”

The comment was amusing. Only one of the boys seemed to have hair around his cock, as far as Sarah could see.

With Judy now exposed to them, the boys began to jerk faster with their fists. Sarah watched their young balls swinging in their efforts. Sarah’s cunt was so wet that the crotch of her tight shorts felt soaked.

Judy was watching the boys, too, and she was playing with her pretty pussy. She pulled at the pink cuntlips, opening and closing her cunt, then rubbing at her swollen cunt. Her blue eyes, out of focus, looked from cock to cock. As the boys jacked off, they began moving in closer to Judy, all staring excitedly at her cunt. Judy arched her hips up, swinging her little ass from side to side and running her palm up and down her pussy. But she made sure the boys could see her cunt while she rubbed herself.

“Ahhhhh, shit, shit!” a boy groaned.

Sarah turned her eyes toward him just in time to see creamy, thick come juice spew from his piss hole. She heard her daughter moan in delight as she, too, saw the boy’s jizz.

Then another boy came, his come juice spurting some distance. A glob splashed onto Judy’s thigh, and Judy squealed with pleasure as she ran her fingers through it.

Suddenly, all the other boys were coming, too, spewing come juice on the ground near Judy. Judy was squealing and giggling as she twisted her uplifted hips, her legs spread as wide as she could stretch them.

Sarah thought it best if she stayed where she was until the boys and her daughter left. She was quite weak in the knees anyway and didn’t trust herself to stand. She watched the boys pull their pants up, belting them. Judy remained on her back, skirt up, blouse open, panties off, watching the boy walk away. They left her silently, as if ashamed of themselves now that it was over.

Sarah watched her daughter pull her panties back on and brush her body off. Judy tucked her blouse into her skirt and buttoned it, trying to get bits of grass and leaves out of her curly blonde hair. Then Judy squatted and ran her fingers through the puddles of come juice. Wiping her hand on the grass, Judy went off in the same direction the boys had taken.

Sarah stood up on her shaking legs, going in the opposite direction from her daughter.

She had followed Judy that afternoon, suspicious of a phone call she had overheard. She had only heard her daughter talking, but it was enough to make her understand that Judy was going to meet a boy in the park.

Seeing five boys had been a surprise to Sarah, although her daughter had apparently expected all of them.

Walking home now, Sarah considered what she had seen. No, she was not in the least shocked. She had heard of such things before. Boys called them jerk circles. Jerk circles had always intrigued Sarah from the first. Her problem had been that she had not known any boys who would do it for her, not when she was as young as Judy. Now, being a mother, she knew plenty of men, but they wouldn’t be satisfied with jerking off in front of her. Not that Sarah was interested only in watching boys jack off. She was interested but that would not have been the end of it as far as she was concerned. She would have got those cocks nice and hard again, then fucked the boys, taking them on one after the other until they had to walk off with sore legs.

The idea was exciting to contemplate, but Sarah knew something like that would never happen, not to her.

Thinking her daughter was lucky to experience something that she, Sarah, had always wanted to experience, she walked slowly homeward. She was aware of the many looks she received from men and somes women.

Tall and slender without being skinny, she was a beautiful woman. Her hair was a deep auburn color, and she wore it a few inches past her shoulders. Her dark eyes looked wild and promising, and her full, moist mouth was a wet dream by itself. Her flawless, perfectly shaped tits were molded by the summer sweater, her nipples obvious. The white shorts on her hips concealed nothing. The sweet outline of her cunt could be seen, and the thick curls around her pussy made a slight bulge in her shorts. They were cut high, and the half moons of her exquisitely tight and well-shaped ass were revealed. Her legs were very long and slim, yet shapely. There was a natural twist to her ass when she walked, and it had been said that her ass had caused many a boy in high school to come in her pants as she went by. Sarah had heard such comments, and instead of being disgusted or shocked by them, they delighted her.

Sarah was a sexy woman with an outrageously erotic mind. She refused to draw the line with anyone, even when she had dated as a girl. She had always been willing to try anything her dates came up with, and, by the time she married, her experience had been wide.

Her husband had thought he had gotten a virgin, and, only a year later, after finding out about her past, he simply got into the car and drove off, never to be seen again. Sarah was not all that disappointed about him to leave. He was, as she called him, just an old shit who didn’t even know how to fuck a girl properly.

In the years since, Sarah had not hibernated. She dated often, choosing her dates with care. She was not at all unsatisfied sexually, except she usually wanted something more exciting, a bit perverse even. Why she wanted what others would call perverse, even Sarah didn’t know. All she knew was that she wanted it.

And that was why she was not at all shocked to see her daughter in the center of all those boys.

Judy was simply doing exactly what her mother wished she could do.

Arriving home, Sarah fixed herself a tall glass of iced tea, then carried it out the sliding glass doors to the patio where the pool was.

Tony, her son, sat sprawled out in a redwood lounge chair, a magazine on his bare stomach. He was sound asleep.

Tony and Judy were twins.

The only real way to tell them apart, aside from hair, was Tony had a cock and Judy had a cunt.

Taking a patio chair across from her son, Sarah sipped her tea, looking at him. He was not wearing his bathing trunks but an old pair of faded cut-off jeans. She had told him before not to swim in them. The strings always came off and clogged up the filters. But there he was, his cut-offs wet.

Tony rested with one leg over the side of the chair, the other straight out. Sarah found that she could almost, but not quite, see under one leg. She leaned over and looked, trying to see something. Finally, shifting her chair, she found she could peek under his cut-offs and see his balls and just the base of his cock. As she gazed at him, the heat that had started in her cunt as she had watched her daughter returned with force, almost scalding her inner thighs.

As she watched, she became aware that Tony was getting a hard-on. She held her breath. She had not seen his cock hard before, although she had peeked at him often when he wore his trunks or those cut-offs.

As Tony’s cock swelled, his prick seemed to push aside his shorts. If he was dreaming, his dream was a good one. Sarah smiled. He shifted on the lounge chair, and Sarah could not hold back her gasp of pleasure.

His cock popped free.

His prick stood straight up in the air, the head of his cock looking very smooth and swollen. She watched her son’s cock pulsate, her cunt bubbling silently. She was surprised at how thick his cock was when hard. And quite long, too.

He was sleeping in the sun, and she knew she should wake him before he burned, but she could not resist looking at his cock a while longer. After wishing she could see his prick hard for so long, she felt she should take the opportunity. She may not get the chance anytime. She leaned back in the chair, scooting her ass to the edge, spreading her long, creamy thighs. She forgot her iced tea, imagining her son as being one of the boys in that circle, jacking off as he looked at his sister’s sugary cunt.

She wondered if Judy and Tony were doing anything with each other, then decided they weren’t. But twins, well, sometimes they were much closer than other brothers and sisters, and sometimes twins fucked each other, Sarah had heard. If Judy would spread her pretty little cunt out for five boys, Sarah doubted Judy would balk if her brother wanted a peek too.

She was getting quite excited, gazing at his upstanding cock. She could see his prick throb beautifully, and she wondered if he would have a wet dream, something that would make his cock come, spewing his come juice all over the patio.

Sarah ran her hand down her stomach and over her thigh, drawing her fingers lightly along her inner flesh. She circled the leg of her shorts, staring hotly at her son’s cock. She pulled the tip of her forefinger along the crease of her shorts where it dipped into her cunt, then began to rub with her palm, just lightly enough so she could feel a slight pressure upon her pussy. She found that the crotch of her shorts had indeed become wet from her watching, her daughter with the boys.

She smiled as she stroked the crease between her thighs, imagining her son jerking off, seeing the creamy come juice bubble forth in rapid gushing spurts.

Sarah came.

She moaned softly as the orgasm rippled through her, causing her tits to shake gently. She didn’t make a sound as she came, but held her breath in. She closed her thighs tightly upon her hand, feeling the lips of her pussy quiver.

After she came, she spread her legs again and kept rubbing, staring at his strong, beautiful hard-on. It was so exciting seeing her son’s cock this way, her pulse was beating and pounding inside her body, her heart banging away inside her chest.

Sarah moved her fingers up and down her cunt, pressing harder, feeling another orgasm swelling in the pit of her stomach. Her son’s cock jerked, and she saw the clear fuck juice beading up at his piss hole. The urge to touch it, to wipe away the fluids was strong, but she resisted it. It would be so much fun to close her fist about his cock, to stroke and feel his prick, to beat him off. The palms of her hands tingled with the desire to feel her son’s cock.

Running her wet tongue over her full lips, Sarah wandered what her son’s cock would taste like, she wondered if she would feel his prick throb between her lips the way a grown man’s cock did. She wondered if his prick would go deep inside her mouth, would probe her throat. She wondered how his cock would feel penetrating her cunt or even her asshole. Either way, Sarah knew she would welcome her son’s cock, wherever he would enjoy fucking her.

But that was out of the question.

There was no way she could fuck her son. No way at all. For one thing, it would probably frighten the piss out of him, and, for another, he might detest her. Besides, he probably had never had a hot piece of ass before. At his age it might be best for him to fuck a young girl first, a girl like his sister. If he had some experience fucking a young girl, then a grown women had less chance of scaring the hell out of him.

But his cock was beautiful.

She loved the way his prick stood so rigid and straight from his crotch. She became curious about his balls, wondering if they were full of come juice. Maybe he wasn’t eyen old enough to come, for all she knew.

Sarah rubbed faster at her cunt, feeling her orgasm boiling hotly.

“Tony has a hard-on,” whispered a soft voice behind her.


Sarah jumped at the unexpected voice, closing her legs but leaving her hand on her pussy. She turned her head quickly.

Judy was standing behind her, those blue eyes wide and glittering as she stared at her brother’s exposed cock.

“I didn’t hear you come in,” Sarah said, pulling her hand from between her thighs, but not before Judy saw where she had been rubbing.

“Probably because you had something else on your mind, Mother,” Judy said, not at all embarrassed by what she was seeing. “Like Tony, maybe?”

Judy came around and sat in a chair across from the round patio table, her young eyes glancing from her brother’s cock to her mother. With a twinkle in her eyes, Judy gazed down at her mother’s straining tits, then at her thighs.

“You were touching yourself, weren’t you?”

“None of your business, young lady,” Sarah snapped, but her smile removed any sting to her words.

Judy giggled and pointed at her sleeping brother’s cock. “I bet you wanna touch him, Mother,” she said. “He’s got a nice one, don’t he?”

Sarah remained silent. Only an hour or so ago she would have stifled that kind of talk from either of her children, but something had changed in her. “Tony can’t help it, Judy. He’s asleep, and a person isn’t responsible while sleeping.”

“Maybe he can’t help it, but why are you looking at it so hard, Mother?” Judy said, her eyes sparkling as she grinned in a lewd way.

Sarah looked at her daughter. Judy sat with her skirt hiked up almost to her lap. She saw the spot on Judy’s thigh where the glob of come juice had splashed. “What’s that on your leg, Judy?”

“I don’t know — nothing,” Judy said, but she did not pull her skirt down.

Sarah leaned over and moved the tip of her finger into the wetness. Bringing her finger away, she lifted it to her nose, sniffing. Then she probed her finger with the tip of her tongue.

Judy giggled.

“What’s funny?” Sarah asked.

“Do you know what that is, Mother?”

Sarah, having watched it land on her daughter’s thigh, knew very well what it was. She licked at her finger again. “Tastes good,” she said. “Where have you been? What is it?”

The only answers she got were more giggles. They sat and looked at Tony’s cock awhile, and, from the corners of her eyes, Sarah saw her daughter swinging her knees open and closed, knowing very well she was making pressure on her little cunt this way, probably trying to make herself come.

“We better wake Tony up,” Sarah said after a while. “He’s going to get burned.”

“Let’s look at him some more, Mother,” Judy said. “We may not get this chance too often, you know.”

“Judy!” Sarah pretended shock. “Shame on you!”

“Well, you’re looking too,” Judy accused.

“You were looking and rubbing yourself when I came out here. Maybe you even took his cock out.”

“Young lady, you’re getting out of…” Sarah stopped, and burst out laughing. “No, it came out by itself, and yes, I like looking at it.”

Judy gave her mother an impish grin. Sarah noticed the twins even grinned in the same way. She looked back at her son. His cock was still standing up hard, and he was still sound asleep. She could sense her daughter looking at her, and it made her slightly nervous.

“Let’s touch it,” Judy whispered.

Sarah’s pulse raced. “No,” she said, a bit too quick. “He might… Judy, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.”

That wicked little giggle came again. From the corner of her eyes, Sarah saw her daughter move.

“Judy, don’t…” Sarah said, but it was too late.

Judy stood next to her sleeping twin brother. When Judy clasped Tony’s cock in her fist, Sarah abruptly came. Her cunt twitched with the wet, hot sensation of orgasm as she saw her daughter stroke Tony’s cock very carefully. She felt she should stop Judy, but words would not come from the sudden tightness of her throat. All she could do was stare hotly, gasping as quietly as she could.

“He feels hard, Mother,” Judy whispered, pumping her little fist on her brother’s cock. “Come on, you can get a feel of him too, Mother.”

Sarah wanted to feel her son’s beautiful hard cock herself. Her hand itched to touch his prick, to feel the hardness, the pleasant heat, that smoothly rounded cockhead. She wanted to hold her son’s cock in her hand so badly, she could taste it. The image of her daughter sprawled out on the grass in the park, five boys jerking off is a circle around her, that pretty little cunt exposed, flashed through her mind momentarily.

Jerkily, Sarah got to her feet and, without a word to Judy, walked quickly back to the house. She could feel her daughter’s gaze on her ass, all the harder she tried to control her natural ass wiggle, the more pronounced it became.

From the sliding doors, she glanced back to see her daughter still stroking her son’s cock. With an intake of hot breath, Sarah almost raced through the bouse to her bedroom. She knew that if she had sat there much longer, she would not have been able to stop herself front grabbing her son’s cock, even with Judy there watching her. Pacing in her bedroom, her cunt inflamed, Sarah considered her problem as seriously as possible.

She had no problem, not really. What she had was the uncontrollable desire to fondle her son’s cock, the situation of her daughter being the star attraction in a jerk circle, and Judy’s unabashed fondling of her twin brother’s cock before her very eyes.

No, it wasn’t really a problem, but it was a dizzying situation that created such an overbearing heat between her long thighs that Sarah didn’t know which way to turn. She thought of Judy still out there, holding the beautiful cock of her twin brother, and without so much as a blush.

The rest of the afternoon, Sarah wondered what had happened on the patio, whether Judy had jacked her brother off, if he had woke up to find her clutching his cock, if they had fucked right there near the pool in broad daylight. There was nothing on the faces of the twins that evening at dinner to tell Sarah anything. Judy found the opportunity to wink at her mother now and then and make a jack off motion with her curled hand, grinning impishly all the time.

Restless with her situation, Sarah went to bed early, although she had not wanted to leave her twins alone. As she lay in bed, she knew her restlessness was not because they might do something with each other, but because she would miss it, not be able to watch. She squirmed in the bed, her nightgown riding high. She rested with her legs wide apart, finding them much too hot to close.

Her cunt had been pulsating ever since seeing her son’s lovely cock out there, and, although she had rubbed her pussy to a couple of orgasms, there was no relief.

At midnight, Sarah was till wide awake.

She turned on her night lamp and got out of bed, going to her bathroom to piss. Then she reached for a magazine to read, anything that would help her calm down. But no magazine could hold her attention. She got back in bed.

“You can’t sleep, Mother,” Judy said from the doorway.

Sarah looked at her daughter, realizing just how lovely she was. Judy wore a shorty gown, a frilly thing that was almost transparent. Impulsively, Sarah pulled the sheet up to her neck.

“Just restless, honey,” she replied.

“Wanna talk awhile?”

“Sure, come on in.” Sarah patted her bed.

Judy came in, sitting on the edge of the bed, cocking one knee up. Sarah saw an expanse of creamy young thigh and the hint of her daughter’s panties. Sarah’s nipples rose into burning, tingling hardness, pressing against the thin sheet covering them. The way Judy looked at the mounds of her titties was not lost on Sarah. Well, she thought, it will be a first, two firsts for me, really. Then Sarah wondered what in the hell she was thinking about. This was her daughter sitting there next to her, not another woman.

“It felt good, Mother,” Judy said in a low voice.

“What felt good, honey?”

“Tony’s cock,” Judy laughed.

“His cock…” Sarah gasped.

Judy giggled and placed her hand on her mother’s flat stomach lightly. “Tony has another hard-on. I saw it when I went past his room just now. Do you wanna see it?”

Sarah shook her head violently, but she did want to see her son’s cock again. The small palm of her daughter resting on her stomach burned through the thin sheet, searing her flesh. She could not prevent the rippling tremors she felt, although she knew Judy could feel them.

“I took a walk in the park today,” Judy said in her exciting, whispery voice. “I saw some guys there.”

Sarah waited for her daughter to go on, but Judy fell silent. Judy began to rub her hand in small circles on her mother’s stomach. Sarah had no voice to tell her to stop. The sheet started coming down, and Sarah could not move, her hands balled into fists at her hips. She felt she should try and stop her daughter, but at the same time she wanted to be touched, to be felt.

The sheet came away from her tits. They were still concealed by her nightgown, but there was so much lace that the creamy flesh could be seen, as well as the light brown of her swollen, tingling nipples. Judy kept pulling the sheet downward, stopping only when it was at her mother’s hips. Sarah continued to shiver, watching her daughter’s gaze move about her straining, uplifted titties.

When Sarah felt the hot little hands of her daughter pulling at the thin narrow straps on her shoulders, Sarah shivered with wild anticipation.

“What… what are you doing, Judy?” she managed to ask, her voice very thick, her tone hoarse.

“Look at your titties, Mother,” Judy whispered. “I wanna see your titties.”

The gown was pulled down, and Sarah now rested there with her thrusting, beautifully shaped tits on display to her daughter’s hot eyes. The low gurgling sound Judy made as she gazed upon her mother’s tits indicated the level of her excitement. Sarah squeezed her fists tighter, watching her daughter. When Judy cupped her two hands around one tit, squeezing tenderly to make the hard nipple protrude even more, Sarah made a cooing sound.

Judy ran her hands all over her mother’s tits, feeling them, probing the nipples, twisting them and puffing them, then cupping a tit in each hand.

“I don’t think you should be doing this, Judy,” Sarah said, but her voice was not very strong. “I think you should go back to bed.”

Judy giggled. “I can go play with Tony’s cock, Mother,” she replied. “But right now I’d rather play with your titties.”

“Judy, please don’t do this.”

But her daughter ignored the pleas. Sarah was glad Judy ignored them. Those hot little hands felt so very good on her titties, soft and yet firm, so unlike the roughness of a man’s hands.

“They’re sure pretty,” Judy whispered. “Nice and big and soft, and still hard. That’s funny, isn’t it, Mother? Soft titties that, are hard at the same time.”

Quickly then, Judy leaned over and, before Sarah could react, her nipple was sucked into the girl’s hot, wet mouth.

“Ohhhhh!” Sarah gasped.

“Mmmmmm,” her daughter moaned.

Judy swirled her tongue about her mother’s nipple, sucking hotly and hungrily. She cupped the tit with both her little hands, squeezing to make the nipple stand up like a miniature cock. Judy groaned with pleasure as she sucked her mother’s tit, and Sarah began to writhe her ass under the sheet, her cunt bubbling with increased wetness. The hairy lips of her pussy seemed to be on fire, and her cunt had never felt so good before.

Going to the other tit, Judy swirled her tongue about before gulping her mother’s nipple into her wet mouth. Sarah, her chin tucked down, saw the unusual length of Judy’s tongue and, wondered why she had never noticed that before. There was an instant thought in her brain that Judy’s tongue could reach deep inside her boiling cunt. Sarah had been sucked and licked by men many times, and she loved it. Sometimes, though, the man wasn’t very good at cunt sucking, and she would be left high and dry. She thought Judy, with her long tongue, would be very good at sucking her cunt.

She felt the movement of Judy’s hand going down her body, felt the gown being pulled up past her hips beneath the sheet. Sarah remained rigid, wanting and not wanting what was happening.

Judy lifted her head, her blue eyes glittering with hot, impish delight, a smile on her face. With a quick flip of her wrist, she tossed the sheet to Sarah’s feet.

“Ohhhhh, look at you!” Judy gasped, gazing at the thick triangle of cunt hair she had exposed. Her small hand moved down, and she ran her fingers through her mother’s cunt hair gently. “I like all this hair, Mother.”

Sarah felt the tip of a finger brush at her swollen cunt.

Judy giggled. “Oooooo, Mother, this little thing feels hard, and… you’re wet!”

An inquisitive finger rubbed just inside Sarah’s cunt lips, then moved back to her clit. Her lips jerked as Judy began to rub along the side of her inflamed clitoris. A soft bubble of ecstasy came out of Sarah’s throat, and she lifted her hips, pressing her cunt into her daughter’s hand. She made a tight grinding motion, moaning in pleasure and biting at her bottom lip.

Judy had twisted on the bed, and the crotch of her panties was fully revealed. Staring, Sarah remembered how sweet her daughter’s hairless little cunt had looked in the park with those five boys standing there jerking off. With the memory, a convulsion rippled through her and she felt herself come. Her hips jerked and she moaned. Judy, knowing her mother was coming, began to whip her palm up and down her mother’s distended cunt. Mindless from the exploding ecstasy between her legs, Sarah threw her legs wide apart and arched her cunt into her daughter’s hand. She thrashed her hips wildly as Judy rubbed firmly along the hairy, wet cunt lips and swollen clitoris, her daughter watching with burning excitement.

“No… no… no,” Sarah murmured over and over, her ass jerking up and down, as if she were being fucked. “No… no, please Judy. Oh, God! Don’t… stop!”

Judy paid no attention. She ran her hand up and down the hair-rimmed lips of her mother’s cunt, then began to twist at her sensitive clit, making Sarah jerk about even more wildly. Sarah’s cunt was wet with seeping fuck juices, making her crotch slippery and sucking the palm of her daughter’s hand. Judy was squealing with pleasure as she rubbed her mother’s cunt, making her come time and again until her whole body was shaking, her tits tight and jiggling. Sarah, her cunt arched high in the air, threw her head back until her neck was stretched, gurgling in a strangling way, sucking in air with panting gasps.

“I can’t stop!” Sarah wailed. “I can’t stop, Judy! Oh, my God… so much! I’m coming so much!”

Judy giggled with excitement, watching her mother’s hips grind into her hand. Her mother’s ass lifted high from the bed. “Come some more, Mother!” she gurgled. “Keep coming! Don’t it feel good, Mother!”

“Oh, God!” Sarah groaned. “Oh, God… oh, God.”

Then she became aware that Judy was fucking her fingers in and out of her squeezing, spasming cunt, fucking her with those fingers. The moist sounds of Judy’s fucking fingers seemed loud in her bedroom, and she pumped her hips into those wicked, fucking fingers.

“Enough!” Sarah yelped, biting back a scream of ecstasy. “That’s enough, Judy!” She began shoving at her daughter’s hand, closing her legs tightly. “Stop it, Judy! No more, please!”

Judy allowed her mother to pull her cunt away from the fucking, flashing fingers. Her hand was glistening wetly, and, when Judy cupped it about a firm tit, Sarah felt the wetness of her own cunt smearing the creamy flesh and nipple. Her hips fell to the bed and she trembled, gasping heavily, her eyes closing. She opened them when she felt Judy taking her wrist, pulling at her hand.

She watched her daughter place her hand in the crotch of her tight panties. The first thing Sarah felt there was heat, an overwhelming heat. Then she felt the wetness seeping through the flimsy panties. When Judy, holding her wrist, rubbed her hand up and down, Sarah felt the sugary lips of her daughter’s boiling young cunt.

Judy, her legs on the bed and spread widely, leaned back, but held her mother’s wrist, keeping Sarah’s hand rubbing. Arching her little ass up, Judy began to whimper with pleasure.

Sarah felt the trembling of her daughter’s cunt through the panties, then Judy yelped softly as she came. But she didn’t let her mother’s hand go. She placed her own hand on top of Sarah’s hand, pressing her palm tightly against her bubbling, orgasming cunt. As her second orgasm balled up, Judy gave a soft scream of ecstasy.

Then, abruptly, Sarah was alone in the room as Judy dashed out.


Sarah didn’t know if she had dreamed the episode with her and Judy or not.

But, when she woke up the next morning, she felt a strange kind of relaxation. There was no doubt that something had happened. The insides of her thighs were sticky with the seeping juices of her cunt.

It had been no dream, and, as she bathed, she faced the fact that her daughter had finger-fucked her to orgasm last night. Not only that, but Judy had taken her hand and made Sarah bring her daughter off, too.

As she bathed in the hot water, Sarah felt a mixed reaction to the event. There was no denying the pleasure she had felt, having her hand placed upon that fiery young cunt. On the other hand, she wasn’t sure this was the thing to do. After all, she was the mother of the twins and mothers didn’t do such things. Did they? Of course some mothers did, Sarah knew. Some mothers went even farther, fucking their sons… and that idea caused her cunt to contract tightly.

“How do you feel this morning, Mother?” Startled, Sarah threw her arms over her naked tits and crouched down in the tub, looking up to see Judy come into her bathroom. Without saying anything more, Judy opened her shorts and shoved them down, along with her panties. For a moment Sarah caught a flash of that cute hairless cunt, then Judy sat on the toilet. Sarah listened to the tinkling of the water as her daughter pissed. Her daughter’s big blue eyes were gazing at her. Judy had never used this bathroom before.

“What are you trying to hide, Mother?” Judy giggled. “I saw your titties already, didn’t I?”

Feeling foolish, Sarah found herself grinning back at Judy, letting her arms fall away from her thrusting tits. “I suppose you’re right,” she said in a low whisper.

Pulling her panties and shorts up, wiggling her little ass, Judy said, “You know what I did last night?”

“I have no idea,” Sarah said. “But after what you did with me, I wouldn’t put anything past you.”

Judy giggled in her childish yet lewd way. “I went to Tony’s room. He still had a hard-on, so I jacked him off, made him come, too.”

Judy said it with such a straight face that Sarah could believe that her daughter did that as an everyday occurrence.

“You didn’t!” she gasped. “Judy, you shouldn’t do things like that.”

“Why not, Mother?” Judy asked innocently. “I like doing it, and, besides, Tony liked it, too.”

“You really did?”

Judy nodded her head. She had her blonde hair up in a tight ponytail this morning, making her look even younger than she was. “Well, I only jacked on his cock a little, I guess.”

“You said you made him come,” Sarah reminded her daughter, surprised at how easily she had slipped into this wicked talk, using the words that excited her.

Judy flashed a delighted grin at her mother. “I did make him come.”

“By jacking him off?”

“Well, not really,” Judy said, her blue eyes glistening hotly. “I sort of, you know, put it in me.”

“Judy!” Sarah gasped. “You didn’t?”

“Oh, yes I did, Mother!” Judy giggled. “I fucked him!”

A tight steaming contraction clutched at Sarah’s cunt. She looked at her daughter with enormous eyes. “Really? You actually fucked Tony?”

Judy nodded her head happily.

“But he’s your brother,” Sarah said. “Your twin brother! Judy, how could you?”

“Easy, Mother. I just jerked on his cock a little and he woke up so I sort of got on top of him and sat down. His cock went in me and I kind of moved up and down a little and then he came and filled my pussy with come juice.”

A shudder ran through Sarah, but it was not a shudder of distaste or revulsion. It was a shudder of ecstasy. “What did Tony say about that?”

“He didn’t say anything,” Judy replied. “All he done was grin real big while I was on top of him and grunt and make noises. He didn’t touch me or anything, but he sure did like what I done to him!”

“How do know that?”

“I told you, Mother,” Judy said. “He grinned real big all the time, and when he came off in me, he groaned a lot.”

With a wiggle of her shorts-clad ass, Judy left and Sarah finished her bath, although she had no interest in it now. She dressed in shorts and a man’s shirt, tied under her straining tits, then left her bedroom. She found Judy and Tony having breakfast, and someone had made a plate for her. Tony kept his head hung down as if ashamed to look at his mother, but Judy chattered like a fool.

Later, while she cleaned up the kitchen, Sarah heard them splashing in the pool. She could see them from the window over the sink, and Tony seemed none the worse for Judy fucking him. She was sure her daughter had told the truth, especially after fingerfucking her. She watched them standing close together at the shallow end, whispering. The movement of Judy’s arms was enough so that Sarah knew she was playing with her brother’s cock under the water. She felt her cunt quiver inside the tight confines of her shorts.

She watched as they climbed from the pool and sat in the redwood lounge chairs. She began to breathe faster when she saw Tony lean back, saw Judy pull the leg of his swimming shorts to one side, exposing his cock and balls. They were up to something, Sarah knew. As she leaned against the sink watching, she saw her daughter jack on her brother’s cock awhile, making his prick very hard. Tony lay with his arms up and crooked under his head, eyes closed.

“Mother,” she heard Judy call from the sliding glass doors. “You wanna see something?”

“What, baby?” Sarah replied, knowing now what they were up to.

“Come here and see,” Judy said.

Sarah was surprised at how willing she was to go along with this. The heat of her cunt and the swelling of her tits helped, though.

“Look,” Judy said, pointing at her brother. Sarah knew Tony was pretending sleep this time, not actually sleeping. That must have been what they whispered about in the pool, she thought. Judy had told Tony about them looking at his cock the day before, and he was willing to let them look again. What boy wouldn’t? Sarah thought to herself. Especially after his sister had fucked the piss out of him the night before.

“Tony has a hard-on again,” Judy said, taking her mother’s hand and pulling her to the patio. “You wanna touch his cock this time, Mother?”

“No!” Sarah said, almost snappish.

“Okay, then I will,” Judy announced and strutted her pretty ass to her brothers’s side.

She cupped his balls for a moment, then closed her fist about his cock and began to jerk. Sarah noticed Judy was not as careful as she had been the day before. But then, Tony wasn’t asleep today, only pretending.

“He sure is hard, Mother,” Judy giggled.

“Come on and touch his cock. You’ll love it.” Unable to resist, Sarah stood next to her son, across from her daughter. Her eyes were boiling as she stared at his prick and balls, her cunt twitching hotly. She made no protest when Judy took her hand and placed it on Tony’s cock, curling her fingers around his prickshaft. Now that she had touched his cock, Sarah squeezed, making a whimpering sound in her throat as she started jacking up and down. Judy cupped her brother’s precious balls and fondled them as Sarah jerked on the beautiful hardness of his cock. Tony was breathing heavily, but, knowing he was only pretending to sleep, Sarah didn’t jerk her hand away, but kept pumping, watching as clear liquid bubbled at his piss hole.

“Make him come, Mother,” Judy whispered. “Make his cock squirt!”

Sarah jacked faster, thrilled to have her son’s cock throbbing so sweetly in her hand. What she wanted was to do as Judy had done the night before. She felt an urge to rip her shorts from her hips and squat oh his cock, take his prick deep into her hairy, wet cunt, and fuck him wildly, draw his come juice from those young balls and into her hungry cunt.

The throbbing of Tony’s cock seemed to increase, and Sarah detected a slight movement of his hips. Tony could not remain still, not with his sister twisting at his balls and his mother jerking his prick. He lifted his hips a little.

“I think he’s gonna come, Mother!” Judy gurgled. “I feel his balls writhing. Jerk him faster… make him come! I wanna see him squirt in the air!”

Sarah pumped hard, her fist tight.

As if obeying the words of his sister, Tony’s cock let go, and globs of come juice spurted from his piss hole.

“Oooohhh!” Judy moaned, squeezing her brother’s balls.

“Oh, God!” Sarah groaned, jerking hard and fast, her hand becoming smeared with her son’s come juice. She pumped almost frantically, her cunt exploding with orgasm, her ass swaying. She jerked swiftly, enjoying the slippery wetness of his come juice on her jerking hand.

When the rapid spurts stopped, Sarah clung to Tony’s cock, staring at the white come juice on his stomach and shorts, on her legs and his thighs. Some was even on Judy’s hand which was gripping his balls.

“You little shit head,” Sarah said in thick voice, turning his cock loose. “You’re not asleep. No one could sleep through that.”

Tony opened his eyes, grinning from ear to ear.

“Damn you two!” Sarah snapped. “You made me do that!”

“You wouldn’t have if you didn’t want to, Mother,” Judy giggled. “No one made you do anything.”

Judy had come around to stand next to her mother, and Sarah felt a small hand caressing about her ass through the tight shorts. Sarah, her legs weak from the power of her orgasm, was leaning over slightly, braced with a hand on the lounge chair next to her son.

Before Sarah knew what was happening, Judy had lifted her hand to the back of her head, and suddenly Sarah’s face was shoved downward. She felt the slippery wetness of her son’s come juice against her cheek as she twisted quickly, but she turned her head in the wrong direction. Her lips made contact with her son’s cock.

She had her son’s cock in her mouth.

Judy was pressing on her head, twisting her face, smearing it into the come juice. Whether Judy knew Tony’s cock was in her mouth, Sarah didn’t know. But she did know that it would have made no difference to her daughter. The wet heat of her son’s cock tingled in her mouth and Sarah found herself closing her lips, sucking. Her tongue swirled eagerly, licking up the remaining come there, flapping across the piss hole.

“My cock is in her mouth!” she heard her son grunt.

The pressure on her head was released and then she saw her daughter leaning over, looking at her, those blue eyes burning brightly, a huge smile on that young face.

Sarah’s tongue continued to lick and her lips kept sucking. Then she realized her head wasn’t being held down. She jerked her mouth off her son’s cock quickly.

“Damn you two!” she said, wiping at her mouth.

Judy giggled and Tony laughed. Sarah’s face was wet with still-warm come juice. She wiped at it, but only smeared it more.

She started to turn and leave the patio, but, before she was five feet away, she was grabbed by the twins and playfully tossed into the pool. When she surfaced, spitting water, they stood on the decking, laughing and pointing at her.

Paddling to the deck, she lifted from the water, finding her shirt had come untied. Her arching, swelling tits were exposed. She pulled her shirt over them, but not before the kids had had a good look. Her shorts were drenched, and they had become almost transparent. The white shorts, now that they were wet, showed the dark triangle of her cunt hair.

Getting to her feet, holding her shirt together across her tits, she shot a glance at the twins. It was not an angry look. Her eyes flashed with too much heat for that. By the time she had stepped onto the lawn, Judy and Tony had grabbed her again. She struggled as they wrestled her down, and she protested loudly as her shirt was torn away. She thrashed her legs as they began to pull, at her shorts. Sarah was laughing with them as she thrashed around, trying to keep her shorts on by holding the waist, her tits naked and jiggling in her movements.

Through it all, she could see that her son’s cock and balls were still out of his trunks, that her daughter’s bikini top had been shoved to her chin, those succulent little tits of hers naked, too. The bottom of Judy’s bikini had pulled into the crack of her fine little ass.

“Leave me alone!” Sarah yelled, clinging to her shorts for her very life. “I’m your mother, damn it! Don’t you dare take my shorts off! I’ll murder you both, you hear me?”

“She sucked my cock,” Tony laughed, jerking hard on his mother’s shorts. “Mom had my cock in her mouth and she was sucking on it, Judy!”

“I saw her,” Judy giggled, trying to help her brother pull Sarah’s shorts down.

“I did not!” Sarah yelled at them, wiggling and trying to get away. She felt her shorts slipping down and she couldn’t hold onto them. “I did not have your cock in my mouth, Tony!”

“You sucked my cock, Mom!”

“I did not!”

Judy squirmed on top of her, facing her feet with her legs holding tightly. Sarah saw the cute ass rubbing at her naked tits as Judy managed to unzip her shorts. While Judy pulled her fingers away from the waist, Tony began pulling her shorts down her legs.

“I see it!” Tony yelled loudly with excitement. “I see Mom’s cunt! Look at all that hair, Judy!”

“Didn’t I tell you last night?” Sarah heard her daughter say.

Sarah felt her shorts pulled off her feet, and, since there was nothing left to cling to, she put her hand on her daughter’s ass and tried to dislodge her. But the harder Sarah pushed, the firmer Judy ground her pretty hot ass onto her tits.

“Stop that!” Sarah screeched when she felt hands moving between her legs. “Don’t dare touch me there, Tony.”

“You touched me there, Mom,” she heard her son laugh as he pried her thighs apart. “You touched my cock and made me come off. You even sucked my cock, so I guess I can feel your pussy, too!”

“Stop it, you horny kid!” Sarah yelped, but the sound trailed off into a moan as she felt fingers sliding into her cunt. “Ohhhh, that’s enough of that, damn it!”

The more she thrashed, the more those fingers fucked into her pussy. She pressed at Judy’s little ass, and then somehow her hands went scooting along her daughter’s thighs. The next thing Sarah knew, Judy had her hot little ass pressing into her face.

Judy began to grind her almost-naked ass into her mother’s face, watching her brother as he thrust his fingers into their mother’s slippery, hair-lined cunt. He sat between his mother’s thighs to prevent her from closing them, and the more Sarah fought, the more he finger-fucked her. Hardly able to breathe, not being able to make her words heard, Sarah had no choice but to try and rein. Maybe that would throw them off guard, she thought, and then she could get away.

It didn’t work.

She felt her son’s fingers fucking deep into her cunt, wiggling about. There was an orgasm swelling inside her body that she had no ability to stop, nor did she want to stop it. She arched her hips up in a last effort to toss her daughter off her face, and that didn’t work either.

Then she felt another hand on her cunt, and realized Judy was pinching and twisting her cunt while her son finger-fucked her cunt.

“Ooooo, stop it!”

“Not yet!” Judy laughed, wiggling her ass into her mother’s face.

Sarah was certain she could feel the wet heat from that hot little cunt against her face. It was for sure she could feel the heat of that saucy ass.

She screamed into her daughter’s ass when she suddenly came, her cunt gripping her son’s fingers as they fucked excitedly into her, the friction almost like a flame along the puffy lips of her pussy. She arched her hips up as she came, unable to keep them on the ground.

“We made her come!” she heard Tony shouting happily. “We made Mom come!”

Sarah’s naked body shook with her orgasm, right there on the lawn in broad daylight near the pool. She had her hands on her daughter’s hips while Judy wiggled her little ass against her face. Sarah opened her mouth, and found herself with a mouthful of bikini bottom. She twisted her head to one side, placing her lips on a creamy little ass cheek, then she closed her teeth.

“Ouch!” Judy squealed, jerking her ass off her mother’s face. “She bit me on the ass!”

Sarah laughed and struggled free, turning onto her hands and knees, preparing to run into the house.


Sarah got to her hands and knees only.

Judy flung herself on her mother’s back the way she would mount a pony. Behind Sarah’s ass, Tony was staring with enormous eyes, seeing the spread of his mother’s creamy ass and her hairy cunt pooching from her slim thighs. His cock was hard, throbbing upright.

“Fuck her, Tony!”

“Judy!” Sarah helped. “Don’t say that!”

“Fuck her cunt!” Judy giggled, rubbing her crotch on her mother’s back. “She has a real hot cunt, Tony! You’ll like how your cock feels in there! Come on and fuck her before she gets away!”

“Don’t you dare, Tony!” Sarah threatened. “Don’t you do it, hear me? I’ll…”

Judy was sitting backwards across her mother’s back, her small hands gripping the naked, gleaming cheeks of Sarah’s ass, spreading them wide, leaning over to peer between them.

“Look at her pussy, Tony,” Judy said. “That cunt wants your cock! Come on and fuck her! Mother won’t care, she’s just trying to pretend! Fuck her cunt, Tony!”

Tony’s cock throbbed and he gripped his prick tightly, staring at his mother’s wet, hair ringed cunt and flexing asshole.

“Tony…” Sarah said, all the force gone from her words now. Her cunt was pulsating with desperate desire, and she admitted to herself at least that she did want his cock inside her cunt.

“Come on, Tony,” Judy urged, squeezing her mother’s naked ass cheeks. “She’s gonna toss me off pretty soon.”

Tony got to his knees, shoving his trunks downward. He moved up behind his mother’s ass, his cock brushing the wet flesh of her cunt.

Sarah felt she should make one last effort. “Tony, please don’t fuck me. We’re outside. Someone might see us.” And then all her cares vanished. “Ooooohhhh!”

Tony had fucked his throbbing hard cock into her cunt. His prick went deep, stretching the sensitive lips of her pussy like a rubber hand. Sarah thought her cunt had never been stuffed full before. Every cock had stuffed her pussy, but her son’s was better yet. Probably, she thought with a reeling brain, it’s because it is my son’s cock up my cunt.

When Tony started lunging back and forth, Sarah arched her back, throwing her cunt onto his fucking cock. She made low, groaning sounds, but they were sounds of ecstasy. Her ass pumped back and forth, riding his cock as he fucked her.

Judy, still straddling her mother’s back, held those naked ass cheeks wide, looking between them to see her brother’s cock fucking in and out of her mother’s cunt. With squealing delight, she hooked a finger into the crotch of her bikini bottom, pulling it aside. Then she started rubbing her hot, hairless cunt about her mother’s spine. Sarah whimpered in steamy ecstasy. She felt Tony’s balls beating upon her pussy, adding to the perverse thrills rumbling through her, her tits straining and jiggling from the beating of her son’s hips against her waggling ass. She felt her daughter’s hands down there, pulling at her cunt lips, spreading them, and Judy wanted to see as much as she could. And that hot cunt rubbing at her spine, smearing sweet pussy juices about her flesh, was almost enough to make Sarah bubble into orgasm immediately.

“Fuck her good!” she heard Judy squealing. “Fuck mother’s hot cunt, Tony! Give it to her hard! She likes it. Mother loves your cock up her hairy cunt! Come in her pussy, Tony! Come in her cunt the way you came in mine last night! Mother loves come juice!”

Sarah wanted to scream her ecstasy, but clamped her mouth tightly. She would fuck back at her son, but she was determined not to make any sounds except those she couldn’t swallow. She could feel every ridge and throb of her son’s cock with the sensitive lips of her cunt, and she did most assuredly love it.

With Judy squeezing her ass cheeks again, and Tony gripping her hips, Sarah started coming. The boiling orgasm shot through her body and burst inside her cunt, making it squeeze hard on Tony’s cock. As she came, Sarah could not hold back her hot sobs of ecstasy.

“Ohhhhhh… oooooo!” she moaned, her head hanging down as she came, her arms trembling and threatening to fold up on her. Her tits shook and her nipples felt as if they would burst.

“I think she’s coming!” Judy groaned, rubbing her cunt faster and faster against her mother’s back. “Is she coming, Tony!”

But it wasn’t Tony who answered.

“Yes!” The word burst from Sarah before she could choke it back. “Yes, I am coming!”

“Are you about to come, too, Tony?” Judy asked.

“Yeah!” Tony grunted, and he fucked his cock deep into his mother’s gripping cunt. He held his cock there, his balls drawing up tight. Somehow Judy managed to reach under and squeeze one of her mother’s tits and still keep rubbing her succulent cunt on her spine.

Sarah felt the increase in her son’s cock’s size. His prick seemed to swell enormously inside her cunt. She didn’t remember a cock ever doing that before. When the first splash of his creamy come juice spurted along the satiny walls of her very receptive cunt, Sarah came again. Her pussy began sucking on her son’s cock, drawing out that precious come juice, flexing and squeezing him. She could hear the yelps of her son’s pleasure, and those sounds pleased her very much.

Sarah had been told when she was in high school that she had what the boys called a snapping cunt. She hadn’t even known what it meant at the time. Her pussy, when she came, seemed to grip and relax a cock inside her, seemed to suck and chew and draw the come juice right out, of a guy’s balls. That unconscious ability had made her a very popular piece of ass.

It was nothing Sarah done on a conscious level. It just always happened.

Her cunt was flooded with the come juice from her son’s balls, some even dripping along her inner thighs now, and he kept pushing as if trying to get his balls up her cunt, too.

A yelp came from Judy, and Sarah felt the wet heat of her hairless, sugary cunt flexing against her back. She was not surprised to find her daughter coming that way. Judy could come just thinking about a cock, Sarah suspected. But then, again, so could she.

There was a sigh from Tony, and she moaned as he pulled his cock out of her clinging cunt. Judy lifted from her back and Sarah sank to the grass, her naked ass quivering in the sunlight as she panted, her eyes closed, her body still radiating pleasure.

“That was some fucking,” she heard her daughter say. “You didn’t fuck me that way last night, Tony.”

“You fucked me, remember?” he reminded his twin sister.

“Oh, that’s right,” Sarah heard Judy laugh. “We fuck so much I forget sometimes who fucked who.”

So they had been fucking, Sarah thought. She was not in the least surprised. She had inspected it for a while, watching them about the house. What she wondered about was why, with the cock hr twin brother must be giving her, Judy would become the star attraction for a jerk circle with those five young boys. If she had fucked them, one after the other, Sarah would have understood it better. And Judy, she knew now, would not be adverse to a gang-fucking of her tight little pussy.

“I gotta piss,” Judy said.

“So piss,” Tony replied. “No one is stopping you.”

“I’m gonna piss right here,” Judy giggled.

“Who cares?” Tony said.

“Wanna watch?”

“I’ve seen you piss before, Judy.”

“And you like watching, too,” Judy giggled.

Sarah turned her head, resting her cheek on her folded arms, the sun feeling good on her naked flesh. She watched her daughter pull and hold the crotch of her bikini away from her cunt as she squatted. That sugary pink pussy looked hot and sweet to her. As the golden piss splashed onto the lawn, Sarah realized that even that excited her. The sight of that piss spurting from Judy’s cunt sent a ripple up and down her back, making her ass cheeks twitch. Judy pissed, then pulled the crotch of her bikini back over her hairless pussy.

“I’m gonna swim again,” she said, as she dived into the pool.

Sarah turned to look at her son. Tony was sitting on the grass, his trunks dangling from one ankle. His cock still glistened with the wetness of her cunt and his come juice.

“Did you like it,” Sarah whispered.

Tony grinned at his mother, his gaze raking about her nakedness, then settling upon the swell of her lovely and very creamy ass. He thought the flesh of his mother’s rounded ass looked like satin. He knew, by now, that her flesh felt that smooth. Turning his eyes back to her face, he nodded.

Tony is like his sister, Sarah thought, smiling back at him. He has no inhibitions either. I wonder what he thinks of me now. He never says much. Tony isn’t like his twin sister, always chattering about anything and nothing.

He wouldn’t even answer her question, but his eyes, shining so brightly, and that grin, was enough. He liked it… he loved fucking her.

When they had begun wrestling with her, Sarah did not struggle very hard. She had wanted them to rip her clothing off and look at her naked body, but she had not expected to be fucked so soon, and especially not out here in the back yard with the sun overhead. She could have easily stopped it, she knew, except she had not wanted to. Her cunt felt as if hit cock was still in there, throbbing sweetly. The hair-lined lips of her pussy quivered, and her cunt was still swollen. When her son moved his gaze back to her naked ass, she writhed and clenched her swelling ss cheeks for his pleasure. Spreading her legs, she began to slowly grind her cunt into the soft grass, watching her son’s reaction to her blatant display of sexuality.

Her gaze moved to his cock and balls as she slowly squirmed her pussy on the grass. She watched Tony’s cock lift upward and became hard.

“I see pussy!” came the shout of her daughter from the pool. “I see a cunt! I see a cunt!”

Sarah twisted her head to see her daughter hanging onto the edge of the pool, staring right up between her thighs, chanting in her childish voice.

Hearing those words come from her lovely young daughter, Sarah felt a searing heat growing between her thighs again.

“I’ll pussy you!” she yelled and flung herself into the pool, splashing water as far as her son.

Judy took off, squealing, in pretended fright, thrashing at the water heading toward the shallow end. Sarah was right behind her daughter, cutting through the water with swift, strong strokes. She caught Judy by the time the girl was able to stand, her hands clawing at the bottom of her bikini.

While Judy laughed happily and pretended to struggle, Sarah yanked the tiny bit of cloth downward past those slim thighs. Judy broke free and dived, her cute and now-naked ass flashing provocatively in the sun before going under the water. Sarah found herself holding Judy’s bikini bottom. She tossed it toward her son and giggled as it draped over his head.

Then she raced after the gleaming whiteness of her daughter’s flashing ass cheeks.

Mother and daughter thrashed in the ten foot deep part of the pool, their heads bobbing up and down in the water as Sarah struggled to rip Judy’s top off. There was a lot of gurgling laughter, choked off as one or the other sank beneath the surface.

Both naked now, they chased each other the length of the pool, sometimes Sarah racing ahead with Judy after her.

Tony remained on the grass, watching them, his cock standing firmly from his crotch, the head of his prick smooth and quite swollen. As he watched, he cupped his balls and caressed them, grinning widely.

“I gotta handful!” Judy shouted.

“Turn loose!” Sarah yelped, trying to yank her daughter’s hand from between her thighs. “You’re pulling hair!”

With giggles, Judy released her mother’s cunt and started away, but Sarah grabbed her from behind, closing her hands over the sweet, tight little titties, pulling Judy’s back against her.

“Now who’s got a handful?” Sarah laughed.

“Turn my titties loose, Mother!” Judy yelped, struggling to break away. But Sarah clung to her, smashing her naked tits against her daughter’s back. One of Judy’s heels came up between her thighs and, with Sarah holding her upright, Judy rubbed it against her mother’s cunt.

“Are you trying to fuck me with your foot, you little imp?”

“Whatever,” Judy giggled, pressing her heel firmly into her mother’s cunt. “You feel kinda hot, Mother. Didn’t you get enough of Tony’s cock?”

“None of your business, you little hot-ass,” Sarah laughed, and squeezed her daughter’s succulent titties, feeling her pink nipples burn into her palms.

When Judy moved her foot away from her crotch, Sarah pressed her cunt against the tight, small, rounded ass of Judy, squirming against the girl’s asscheeks.

“Mmmm,” she murmured, closing her eyes to the pleasure she felt. “I could come this way.”

Judy giggled, pointing to her twin brother. “Tony has a handful, too.”

“I had a cuntful of it,” Sarah said, feeling excitement boiling through her as she used those lewd words to her son and daughter. “But not as often as you have, you little cock crazy imp.”

Her kiss on Judy’s shoulder removed any sting her words might have had.

Tony was twisting his balls, using his other hand to stroke his cock, watching them.

“Let’s take Tony’s trunks off,” Sarah said. “Let’s pants the little motherfucker!”

“Okay… let’s do that, Mother!”

But, as they started for the edge of the pool, Tony got to his feet quickly and removed his trunks.

“Cheat!” Judy yelled at him.

“No fair!” Sarah said.

Tony, laughing, ran to the board, his cock sticking out in hardness, waving around. He walked to the end of the diving board and poised there, arms up above his head. Both Sarah and her daughter stared at his pointing cock and dangling balls.

Judy had her arms hooked on the edge of the pool, her feet waving in the water. Sarah, taller, stood on the bottom and her straining tits seemed to float on the surface. Teasingly, Sarah darted under the water and shoved it between her daughter’s thighs, darting her forefinger into the hot tightness of Judy’s sugary cunt.

“Oooo!” Judy gurgled, spreading her legs.

Sarah fucked her finger in and out of her daughter’s fiery little cunt for a while, removing it as her son dived into the pool.

“Let’s get him!” Sarah yelled as her son swam below the water toward the shallow end. The water was clear and they could see his tight ass and balls as he stroked with his legs.

They caught Tony just as he surfaced.

Judy, under the water, grabbed for her brother’s cock while Sarah slipped behind him, her hands clutching at his naked young ass.

Tony was caught between his mother and sister, and he made no effort to get away. He was grinning with pleasure as he felt his sister pumping on his cock and squeezing his balls, felt his mother’s straining tits hot against his shoulders. He wrapped one hand around his sister and clung to a sweet little ass cheek, the other hand darting behind his mother to hold her squirming ass, pulling her hairy cunt against his thighs and ass.

Sarah shoved a hand around in front of him and, pushing her daughter’s hand off his balls, began to fondle them, squeezing gently. Judy continued to pump her small fist back and forth on his throbbing hard cock.

Sarah, a good head taller than the twins, peeked around her son’s head, watching Judy writhe her lips against his, seeing that pink little tongue dart into his mouth and lick at his lips. She ran the tip of her tongue into Tony’s ear, then lapped it up and down his cheek, working to his mouth. She tasted her daughter’s tongue and pulled it into her own mouth, sucking, then letting Judy’s tongue go so Judy could tongue her brother’s mouth again.

“Mmmmmm, this is nice!” Judy giggled, rubbing the head of her brother’s cock against her flesh. “You’re sure hard, Tony!”

“Feel his balls, Judy,” Sarah said in a thick voice. “I want to play with his cock awhile.”

Mother and daughter switched, and Sarah stroked her son’s rigid cock with a tight fist while Judy caressed his balls.

“Let’s fuck him, Mother,” Judy said.


“You want to fuck him, Judy?”

“Ooohhh, do I!” Tony laughed. “Make me!”

“All right, you little motherfucker,” Sarah said, wrestling her son toward the steps of the pool. “We will!”

Tony didn’t struggle. He let his mother and sister move him anyway they wanted. Then they had him on the top step, leaning back. The head of his cock stuck above the water line, swollen and the piss hole dripping.

“This isn’t any fun,” Judy complained. “Mother, how can we rape this little fuck head when he’s so damned willing?”

Sarah laughed. “It’s more fun when they’re willing, honey. We won’t have to fight him.”

She took her son’s cock in her hand as Judy straddled his legs and began to walk up his thighs. She pulled and pushed on Tony’s cock, watching his piss hole drip. On a quick impulse, she shoved her head down and kissed the piss hole, tasting the wet fuck fluids there. She ran her tongue swiftly across his sensitive piss hole, then lifted her head so her daughter could squirm her sugary hairless cunt up to his cock.

Slipping behind her daughter’s ass, Sarah gripped her son’s cock tightly at the base, leaning low to watch that lovely hard-on as Judy sat down. The spreading cheeks of Judy’s ass were beautiful to Sarah, and she groaned softly as she watched that succulent cunt of her daughter’s spreading over the head of her son’s cock. Those puffy little cunt lips parted sweetly as the round prickhead slipped in. Judy made a crooning sound and leaned forward on her brother’s chest, her legs wide over his hips.

Sarah held Tony’s cock, her face only a few inches away, eyes burning as she saw her son’s cock being taken by her daughter’s cunt. The pink lips of Judy’s pussy stretched tightly, then the head of his cock was in her. Very slowly, with a lot of moaning in pleasure, Judy slipped her fiery little cunt down, sinking onto her brother’s prick as her mother held his cock. Sarah made a hot hissing sound as she felt those tight cunt lips press at her hand, and she had to release Tony’s cock so Judy could get all of his prick inside her.

Sarah had expected her daughter to start fucking Tony immediately, but Judy didn’t move for a while. Leaning over on his chest, she exposed her pretty ass to her mother’s blazing eyes. She remained that way, her cunt looking as if her pussy lips were gnawing on Tony’s cock. Sarah could see those sweet pussy lips flexing at the base. Her own cunt was throbbing with a burning need under the water. Her clit seemed to be straining outward like a miniature cock from those hairy pussy lips.

Somehow, without Sarah even noticing it, Tony had pushed himself up higher, and now his balls were out of the water, too. He spread his legs wide, and his sister started humping her rounded little ass up and down slowly, fucking him with tight, circling motions of her crotch, mewling and gurgling in ecstasy.

“Oh, that’s beautiful,” Sarah moaned. “Fuck him, darling! Oooo, baby, fuck your brother’s hard cock! I see it… see your little cunt riding his prick! That’s the most beautiful sight in the fucking world!”

She was running her hands about their thighs, under Tony’s hips to caress his tight ass, then up to stroke the creamy cheeks of her daughter’s now wiggling ass, dragging her finger between the ass cheeks and over Judy’s puckering little asshole. She trailed her finger past his ball, then down the crack of his ass, probing lightly between the ass cheeks.

Her eyes were burning with such a heat that her vision was fuzzy. Sarah moaned with pleasure, watching her daughter’s pretty little ass bounce up and down, seeing that hairless cunt devouring Tony’s throbbing cock. It looked almost as if his cock was too thick for that young cunt, but Judy’s pussy stretched and took his prick easily.

Tony’s thighs were out of the water, too, and Sarah began licking them, sucking his flesh with her hot lips, her gaze never moving from that sweet cunt fucking up and down on that ever-so-lovely cock. She lapped up and down his thighs with a hot, wet tongue, swirling it about, then darting it between his thighs and fucking his balls, making Tony grunt with pleasure. She worked her hand into the tight crack of his ass and rubbed at his puckered asshole. She could see Judy’s asshole, too, clearly. Sarah thrust her finger inward, and Tony gave a yelp as her finger penetrated the tight heat of his asshole.

Sarah made a low, throaty gurgling sound as she started fingerfucking her son up his ass, feeling his asshole squeeze her finger.

Judy was starting to thrash her naked little ass up and down faster, wailing with ecstasy. Her hips jerked in a wild manner, sometimes twisting and sometimes racing up and down.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Judy was moaning. “I’m gonna fuck your cock off, Tony! My cunt is gonna burn your fucking cock right off, balls and all!”

“Oh, don’t do that,” Sarah moaned, plunging her finger in and out of his asshole. “We want this cock to be around for a long time, don’t we, Judy?”

“Yes, yes!” Judy screamed softly. “I wanna fuck it forever and ever! I won’t ever turn it loose!”

Sarah ran her hand over her daughter’s squirming ass, then began to probe her finger at the tiny rosebud of an asshole. She pressed and listened to the whimpers of pleasure that came from Judy. It pleased Sarah to see Judy arch her ass upwards against her finger.

“Shove it in, Mother!” Judy pleaded. “Ohhh, shove your finger up my ass! Fingerfuck my asshole, Mother!”

With a quick thrust, Sarah rammed her finger into her daughter’s asshole, finding it even hotter than her son’s asshole. She kept her finger moving into her son’s asshole and watched her daughter’s ass fuck up and down, her cunt riding Tony’s cock and her finger.

Judy was full of surprises for her lately. There was nothing she wouldn’t do or love to do, Sarah felt. Watching her daughter, there was no doubt in her mind just how erotic she was.

With a finger up each of those tight assholes, Sarah ran her tongue along the fiery flesh of her daughter’s ass cheek, then down to her son’s balls once more. With a hungry whimper, Sarah opened her lips and pulled his balls between them, sucking and licking. She kept fucking him up the ass with her finger, her nose almost in her daughter’s cunt. She didn’t have to thrust her finger into Judy’s asshole. The way Judy was fucking her brother, that pretty little ass was doing it for her.

Tony’s balls almost filled her wet mouth, but there was enough room to use her tongue, and she licked them as she sucked greedily, her nose being banged by the fiery heat of her daughter’s crotch. Her own cunt was already in convulsions just from watching them, and her orgasms increased in power when she thrust her fingers up those two tight assholes. When she started sucking her son’s balls too, she didn’t know if she would live through the ecstasy that scared her cunt.

She could hear the yelps and groans of their ecstasy, taste the writhing of her son’s balls in her mouth, feel the contractions of those hot assholes around her fingers.

“I’m about to come!” Judy screeched, throwing her head back, her neck taut. “I’m gonna come! Ooooo, fuck my asshole hard, Mother! Ooooo, I’m gonna come so much, so hard! Fuck me in my asshole… oh, my cunt! My cunt is burning!”

Sarah felt her daughter’s asshole tighten around her finger, then go into strong convulsions as Judy rammed her cunt down hard on her brother’s cock, holding herself there tightly, her body shaking as she came.

She felt her son’s balls drawing up tightly in her mouth, and she sucked furiously, knowing he was about to shoot jizz into his sister’s squeezing cunt. She even felt it as her son’s cock gushed. She could feel the spasms of his balls with her tight lips as he spurted thick come juice into his sister’s eager cunt. Then she saw that Judy’s cunt could not contain all of his come juice. It was seeping from the tight cunt lips and to the base of his cock. With a wail of urgency, Sarah released his balls and raced her tongue in, tasting his come juice.

She could not help it. She jerked her finger out of her daughter’s gripping asshole and shoved her hand between her legs, rubbing frantically at her orgasming cunt underneath the water.

Judy’s shaking ass relaxed, with only a small tremor now and then, resting on top of her brother. Sarah saw her son’s cock slip from Judy’s tight, succulent pussy and flop downward between his thighs. With a lewd moan, Sarah sucked his cock into her mouth, licking hungrily at the clinging juices, her nose pressed into Judy’s steaming ass cheeks, as if trying to bury her nose up that asshole.

By the time she turned her son’s cock loose, his prick was half hard again.

“Well,” Tony said, “it’s not my fault, Mom.”

“Who’s fault is it, then?” she teased.

“You two, that’s who,” he said. “If you wasn’t so damned horny all the time, I could walk around like other guys without a hard-on.”

“Me you complaining, Tony?” Judy giggled. “If you are, there you better find yourself another girl.”

“Another two girls,” Sarah said.

“You mean I get to fuck you again, Mom?” Tony asked.

“You don’t think I’d stop now, do you?”

“And you won’t fight?”

“I didn’t fight an hour ago, did I?” She grinned at him. “I never really fight when it comes to a hard cock, honey.”

Tony had slipped down into the water again, the head of his cock jutting up from the surface. Sarah took his prick in her hand and stroked tenderly, running her tongue about his ear again, making him shiver.

“Did he fuck you nicely, Judy?” she asked her daughter.

“One of the best times!” Judy giggled.

“Then, don’t you think you should reward his cock with a wet kiss?” Sarah said, wondering if Judy would kiss his prick.

Without hesitation, Judy shoved her head down and kissed her brother’s cock, shoving her tongue out to swirl about the prickhead a few times.

Then she lifted, and just in time.

With a lewd laugh, Tony started pissing.

The steam arched up, curved over and splashed into the pool. Sarah, watching with glowing eyes, held the base of his cock and swung his prick back and forth, making him piss in a spraying manner, gurgling softly.

“Damn you,” Judy said. “You almost pissed in my face, Tony!”

“I tried,” he laughed, “but you moved too fast.”

Sarah aimed his cock and made his piss splash upon her daughter’s hard little titties. Judy yelped and jumped out of the way. “And damn you, too, Mother!”

Sarah gave a wicked laugh, then suddenly darted her face into the golden stream, holding there until her face was drenched. Then she laughed again, and dived under the water, swimming to the other end of the pool. When she surfaced, she yelled, “Me you satisfied now, you little motherfucker?”

She climbed out of the pool and stood with her legs spread. The water dripped from her. It looked to her son and daughter as if she was standing there pissing, but it was only water flowing from her cunt hair.

“I’ve had enough of the pool for one day,” Sarah said to them, bending to pick up her shirt and shorts. “A girl, can’t go swimming anymore in her own pool unless she gets fucked.”

She flung her shirt and shorts over her shoulder, shook her naked ass at her kids, and started for the house. She wiggled her ass in a cute way, pronouncing her rippling hip swinging walk.

She remained naked after entering the house, knowing Judy and Tony would be in soon. She felt very good, better than she had in a long time. It had pleased her when Judy shoved her face into her son’s come juice like that. What they had not known was she had licked at it before she pulled away, thrilled to taste his precious young come juice. She fixed herself a mild drink, loading it with soda and ice. She didn’t want alcohol, but a mild drink might help calm her raging nerves. She was still boiling hot between her thighs, and her cunt felt as if she were on the brink of having constant orgasms.

Sipping her drink, she remembered watching her daughter in the park with those five boys. She wondered who they were. She didn’t recall ever seeing them before. They could be boys Judy knew in school, or just boys she had met in the park. The city was huge, and there was no way she could know all the friends her son and daughter had. All those boys seemed to be about the same age as the twins, except the one with hair around his cock. He looked to be a few years older than the others. For a moment she wondered if her daughter had been forced into that jerk circle, but, recalling the things she had heard, Sarah was sure that Judy certainly had not been forced.

“Look what, I’ve got, Mother,” Judy said.

Sarah saw her daughter leading her twin brother into the house by his cock. His prick was, not surprisingly, very hard again.

“What is that thing, honey?”

“Cock! It’s a hard cock, Mother.”

“What are you going to do with a hard cock, baby?”

“Well, I thought we could think of something to do with it,” Judy laughed. “It’s a shame to see a hard cock and not use it or play with it. I don’t see many of them, and Tony hardly ever lets me play with his prick.”

“That’s bullshit,” Tony said. “I can’t keep your hands off it. Or your cunt, either, for that matter.”

“You see, Mother,” Judy said. “He’s always complaining.”

“Kick his naked ass out the door, then,” Sarah said, grinning. “Who needs him and his cock, anyway?”

Judy started pulling her brother by his cock toward the front door.

“Hey, you wouldn’t, Judy!” he yelped. “Not out the front door! Come on, that’s enough!”

“If you shake it at a girl out there,” Judy giggled, “you might get lucky.”

“I’m not a fucking wand waver!” he protested.

“You’re not? What was that out by the pool, then?” Sarah asked him. “Don’t you call that flashing?”

“You two pulled my trunks off,” he said. “That wasn’t my fault, Mom.”

“Well, if you didn’t enjoy it we won’t do anything,” Judy said, releasing his cock. “Can I play with your cunt Mother? Tony is getting to be a slit.”

Sarah spread her legs and scooted her ass to the edge of the couch seat. Both Judy and Tony gazed at her hair-lined cunt. The hair grew along each cunt lip and disappeared into the cheeks of her ass. The pink flesh of Sarah’s pussy was wet and gleaming, the tip of her cunt standing up.

“You wouldn’t let her play with your cunt, would you, Mom?” Tony said. “You’re not that way, are you?”

“What way, baby?” Sarah asked.

“You know… girls who lick cunt instead of cock.”

“Is that what you think?” Sarah said. “Didn’t you get a good fuck out there? And don’t tell me you didn’t like it when I sucked your balls and finger-fucked you up the ass.”

“Girls like doing everything,” Judy said. “We can play with each other if we want to. You’re a boy, and that makes it different. Me and Mother like to play with each other’s cunts, don’t we, Mother?”

Sarah wiggled her hips and nodded her head. “Sometimes we even lick each other,” she said.

“Really?” Tony asked, his eyes wide.

“Wanna watch?” Judy giggled.

“I think we should do something about his hard-on first,” Sarah said. “That cock looks to me as if it’s about to squirt all over the fucking floor!”

“Let’s suck him, Mother!” Judy squealed, grabbing for her twin brother’s cock again, pumping fast. “Let’s give him a blow job!”

“Bring him here,” Sarah replied, patting the couch seat.

Judy pulled at her brother’s cock until she had him at the couch. Tony sat down, shoving his ass to the edge, his prick standing up hard and eager, dripping so much that his sweet come juice rolled over the swollen cock head and down the prick shaft.

Sarah slipped to her knees at his side, and Judy went down on the other side. When her daughter took his balls in her hand, Sarah slipped her hand underneath to caress and fondle his ass. They leaned their faces forward, and those wet tongues snaked out. Sarah and Judy licked at the wet shaft of Tony’s cock, their eyes twinkling at each other with greedy pleasure.

Tony moaned as the two hot tongues lapped up and down the throbbing shaft of his cock, watching them meet at his piss hole, swirling about. He wasn’t sure if they were licking his cock or each other’s tongue.

Sarah, when her tongue slipped over the smooth heat of her son’s cock, twirled her tongue against the tongue of her daughter, and Judy licked it, sucking as her mother shoved the tip between her lips. Then they ran their wet, hot tongues up and down the shaft of Tony’s cock, mewling and moaning softly with pleasure.

“Mmmm, he sure tastes good, don’t he, Mother?” Judy gurgled. “So hard and hot!”

“I love it, Judy.”

“Ooohh, me too!”

Their tongues swirled and licked, and, after Sarah took the swollen prick head between her lips, Judy drew her tongue back and watched. Sarah glided her hot lips down on her son’s cock until she pressed her lips against the base, his cock almost in her throat. She sucked up, her cheeks sinking in as she made a strong suction, her tongue working. She pulled from his prick and immediately Judy closed her hot little mouth around his cock, diving her pretty face down. She moaned with ecstasy and her blue eyes sparkled as she sucked up and down her brother’s cock for a minute, fucking him with her hot young mouth.

“Let me suck!” Sarah squealed when her daughter refused to turn loose. “Let me have his cock, too! Don’t be so greedy, Judy! I want to suck his cock, too!”

Reluctantly, Judy let her mother have his cock and worked her tongue down to his balls. With Judy licking his balls, Sarah gobbled her son’s cock deeply, groaning with hunger. As her daughter had done, she sucked his prick with short, quick bobs of her tight lips.

Sarah and Judy began passing Tony’s cock back and forth. When one had a mouthful of hard cock, the other had a mouth filled with his preciously sweet balls.

Tony’s cock was throbbing, and he was wiggling his hips. He had never felt anything so good before. Both his mother’s and his sister’s mouth were wet and hot, sucking hard. If he had been asked at that moment which he preferred, their cunts or mouths, Tony would not have been able to give an honest answer.

Sarah was again licking the side of his cock, and Judy lapped the other side. Their tongues again met at his dripping piss hole, and suddenly Tony came.

“Oooo!” Judy squealed as come juice splashed onto her tongue.

“Ahhh!” Sarah gurgled as she tasted the thick, sweet come juice, too.

Spurt after spurt bubbled out of his cock, and both Sarah and her daughter licked hungrily, each trying to get her tongue aver that spewing piss hole, each wanting him to come in her mouth. As it was, neither got her lips around the head of his cock. What they got instead were faces smeared with come juice. They lapped hungrily at the creamy come juice that flowed down his cock, then their tongues met at his gushing piss hole again.

Slowly, Tony slumped down, his prick finished.

Sarah and Judy giggled. “We both got it, Mother.”

“Your face is a mess, baby,” Sarah laughed.

“And you look like a dozen cocks came off in your face, Mother,” Judy laughed. “Oooo, that was fun!”

“I know,” Sarah replied. “We’ll have to do that again.”


It was a hot night, and they sat out beside the pool.

None of them were dressed, and they thought nothing of having the lights on. No one could really see them anyway unless they climbed the eight-foot fence surrounding the back yard. If anyone went to that much trouble, then they deserved the chance to watch, Sarah had told her twins.

“It’s our house and our yard and our pool,” she had said. “If we want to be naked, that’s our business.”

“And if we wanna fuck, that’s our business, too,” Judy replied.

“That’s right,” Sarah agreed.

“I really don’t care if someone does see us,” Judy giggled. “That would make them come off for sure.”

Remembering the scene in the park, Sarah knew her daughter didn’t care at all if they were seem. She probably wanted to be watched fucking, she thought. Judy was, she told herself an exhibitionistic little cunt.

Judy sat on a lounge chair with her legs spread wide, fondling her own cunt. Next to her was Tony, his cock, as usual, standing up hard. He was watching his sister slowly worm a finger in and out of her tight little pussy, his interest obvious by the glint in his eyes.

Sarah lifted her legs and draped them over the arms of her lawn chair, causing her ass to scoot forward. It was very nice, in an erotic way, to sit this way, her cunt completely exposed to her twins. When her son looked at her, straight at her cunt, Sarah ran her hand over the soft cunt hair and wormed her finger into her pussy. Tony clutched at his cock and gave his prick a few fast jerks, then started playing with his balls.

“You know,” Sarah said, her eyes fiery as she watched the twins play with themselves, “I like it in the ass, too.”

Judy giggled and Tony’s eyes went wide.

“Well, I do,” Sarah said. “Didn’t you two like it when I finger-fucked you up the ass?”

Both Judy and Tony nodded eagerly.

As if to illustrate her desires, Sarah spread the cheeks of her ass and began rubbing the pucker of her asshole. She wiggled slightly as Judy and Tony stared at her.

“You don’t believe me?” Sarah said. “Watch me.”

With any hesitation, she rammed her middle finger deep into her asshole. She moaned with pleasure and began to fuck her asshole vigorously, shoving another finger into her cunt.

“Oh, I love to do this to myself,” she moaned. “It makes me feel so fucking good! I get so hot, in my cunt and in my ass, and my titties want to explode. I can come and come and come, fucking myself this way.”

Judy’s and Tony’s eyes grew hot as they watched. The lights were bright enough for them to see their mother’s fingers fucking into her slippery cunt and up her gripping asshole.

Within a few moments, Sarah began to gasp, racking her hips up and down. “I’m going to come! Ohhh, I’m going to come so fucking good!”

With a loud moan, she came, her naked body shaking as she fucked her fingers as deeply as she could into her cunt and asshole. Then she calmed down, sitting up and grinning at the twins. “You see? Everytime I do that, I come fast and hard. You should try it sometimes, Judy. And you, Tony, if you finger-fucked yourself up the ass when you jack off, you’d find it fantastic.”

“I’d rather fuck than jack off, Mom,” he said.

“So would I,” Sarah agreed. “But sometimes a person doesn’t have any choice, or there’s no one around when you need a piece of ass.”

“I wanna see you and Judy eat each other,” he said.

“Oh, that turns you on, does it?” Sarah teased her son. Looking at Judy, she said, “Are you willing to perform for this guy, honey?”

“Oooohhh, let’s do it, Mother!” Judy mewled eagerly.

Sarah slipped to the grass and spread out on her back, throwing her legs wide. “Come on, Judy… you get on top.”

Judy quickly straddled her mother’s naked body, facing her feet. As she squatted down and leaned toward her mother’s hairy cunt, she said, “I’ve never licked a cunt before, Mother. You might have to tell me what to do.”

“You’ll know when you start sucking it honey,” Sarah said and cupped the small sweet ass of her daughter. She lifted her face and pressed her mouth into that hairless sweetness, kissing hotly and licking her tongue along her daughter’s pussy.

Tony was standing over his sister’s ass, leaning down and seeing his mother’s face pressing into Judy’s cunt. Sarah’s eyes gleamed up at him as she swirled her tongue into the sugary sweetness, delving deeply. She felt her daughter’s tongue lapping up and down the hairy slit of her pussy, and she closed her hot thighs around Judy’s head, arching her cunt upward, grinding at that greedy little tongue and bps.

Moaning into her daughter’s cunt as she felt Judy’s tongue fucking in and out of her pussy, Sarah arched her ass higher yet, feeling those small hot hands clutching at her ass cheeks. Pulling Judy’s cunt tighter into her mouth, Sarah began to tonguefuck wildly, slurping and whimpering with ecstasy. As Judy’s little finger started rubbing at Sarah’s asshole, Sarah returned the pleasure.

Tony was leaning down and watching with hot eyes, his cock throbbing. “Fuck her asshole, Mom!” he grunted. “Stick your finger up Judy’s asshole! Give her a tonguefucking! Fuck her asshole and cunt… I’ll finger fuck Judy up her asshole and tonguefuck her up the cunt!”

The wild urgings of her son intensified her erotic excitement, and Sarah fucked her finger into her daughter’s asshole fast, squirming her cunt tighter into Judy’s mouth, her own asshole clutching that small, darting finger.

Getting involved so much that she forgot about her son, Sarah sucked at her daughter’s creamy, liquid-filled cunt with a hunger she had not felt in years. Judy was twisting her little ass about, pressing hard into Sarah’s open mouth. Sarah was bouncing her cunt up and down into the hot mouth of her daughter, both of them making muffled sounds of intense ecstasy.

Sarah felt her son’s cock brushing at her arm as he leaned over, his eyes huge as he watched. She stared hotly into his face, feeling the wetness of his prick smearing her arm. She fucked her finger in and out of her daughter’s gripping asshole near her nose, her tongue thrusting wickedly into the creamy hairless cunt. The excited gasps that came from her son as he watched her sent her blood boiling. She thrashed her cunt about her daughter’s face harshly, feeling Judy’s tongue plunging in and out, her sweet young lips sucking at her straining cunt, her small hands gripping tightly the cheeks of her squirming ass.

Sarah’s eyes clouded with intense passion when she noticed her son pumping frantically at his hard cock as he watched her. Then she saw, as he twisted around to gaze at his sister lapping so hungrily, that Tony was thrusting his finger up his asshole at the same time.

When Tony drew his head back to watch his mother gobbling at Judy’s succulent cunt, Sarah could not hold back any longer. She slammed her hairy cunt hair into her daughter’s open mouth, coming very strongly. She screamed with ecstasy into her daughter’s cunt, her tongue really flying in and out now, her throat working as seeping cunt juices filled her mouth. Judy rammed her sugary cunt down hard, twisting in a frenzy. Sarah, her tongue very deep inside her daughter’s boiling cunt, felt those luscious pussy lips clutch her tongue as Judy came.

Tony was beating frantically at his swollen cock now, standing on his knees, arching his hips forward, the head of his cock banging one cheek of his sister’s thrashing ass.

Sarah hard Tony grunt, then saw the creamy come juice spurt from the head of his cock. He came in rapid jerks, spewing thick come juice, drenching his sister’s ass only inches above his mother’s face. Although Judy was still coming furiously around Sarah’s tongue and open lips, Sarah could not resist.

She jerked her tongue from her daughter’s cunt and lapped between Judy’s asscheeks, tasting her son’s come juice dripping down there. But Judy was not to be denied. She rubbed her cunt against her mother’s chin in a frenzy, and Sarah kept licking at the come juice her son was spurting along the crack of Judy’s ass. She buried her tongue against the tight pink asshole, feeling that sweet juice coating her tongue, and she came again, with even more force than before. She was tasting not only her daughter’s cunt now but her exquisite little asshole and her son’s delicious come juice.

Tony flopped backwards, his legs sprawling wide and his chest heaving, his cock wet with come juice. Judy, with a low, drawn out sob of pleasure, twisted off her mother, and Sarah rested for awhile, her legs wide and her flawless tits lifting and dropping as she struggled to breathe. She felt cool air on her cunt, but it did nothing to calm the raging heat.

No one knew how long they remained sprawled on the grass, breathing hard.

Sarah slowly lifted herself to one elbow, looking at her son and daughter. She cocked one knee up, her other leg still straight out. She peered down at her hairy cunt, grinning, then looked at Judy’s succulent pussy, finally turning her face to gaze lovingly upon her son’s cock and balls. The patio lights were soft, yet gave enough illumination for her to see all those beautiful details of their naked bodies.

Judy, with a soft gurgle, shifted and her legs scissored between those of her mother, their cunts only inches apart. Sarah moaned in pleasure when Judy stroked her creamy smooth thigh, sliding her hand along the hot inner flesh that was most sensitive to touch. Still holding herself up on her elbow, she watched Judy finger the thick curls of her cunt.

Without any warning, Judy started pissing. Sarah gave a surprised yelp. The warm piss splashed directly against her hairy cunt, causing Sarah to start shaking. A sudden blast of ecstasy flowed through Sarah’s body. Feeling the heat of that golden stream drenching her pussy, Sarah started giggling and Tony lifted up to see what was going on. His eyes went huge as she saw his twin sister pissing on their mother’s cunt.

“Why you little…” Sarah laughed, and she began to piss right back. “I can do that, too, you little imp!”

Judy giggled as her mother’s piss splashed upon her hairless pussy, the streams almost meeting. Sarah saw Judy twisting her small hips, listened to her gurgling ecstasy, and kept spurting piss upon the girl.

“You two are crazy,” Tony said, but he was laughing with delight as he watched them.

“Of course we are,” Sarah replied. “That’s why you love us so much, darling.”

Judy’s flowing piss stopped, but she managed to squirt a few quick drops over her mother’s already-drenched cunt. Sarah returned the favor, only this time Judy had spread the sugary pink lips of her cunt with both hands, feeling her mother pissing into the sensitive pussy.

Getting to her feet, Sarah dived into the pool, followed by her daughter. “We’ll save a shower this way,” Judy said as she surfaced.

They swam for a few minutes as Tony remained on the grass watching them, fondling his cock and balls. Already his cock was hardening.

As Judy and her mother climbed from the pool, Judy said, “I came again when you pissed on my cunt, Mother.”

“I know.” Sarah smiled at the lovely blonde girl. “That was obvious. I saw you wiggling your pretty little ass.”

“You know what we should do, Mother?”

“I have no idea.”

“Piss on Tony!”

“Oh, no you won’t!” Tony yelped, jumping to his feet and turning toward the house. “I’m not crazy like you two.”

“Bullshit!” Sarah snorted. “You’re crazier, Tony.”

“Maybe,” he said, watching them warily, “but I don’t go around pissing on people.”

“You’re a jack off freak.” Sarah grinned. “You jack off even when there’s so much cunt around for you.”

“Cunt! Not when you two were eating each other,” he said. “There was no room for my cock.”

“Well,” Sarah said, glancing at Judy, “you could have shoved it up your sister’s asshole.”

“No he won’t, either!” Judy yelped. “Yours, maybe, but not my ass, Mother.”

“It’s like they say,” Sarah said. “Try it, you’ll like it.”

“No, thanks. A finger is big enough for my asshole,” Judy told her. “That horse cock of Tony’s would split me from belly button to asshole, if he tried it.”

“We’ll see,” Sarah said, starting for the house. She paused at the doors, looking over her shoulder at them. “I don’t suppose anyone is interested in sleeping in my big bed tonight?”

She waggled her naked ass at them, entered the house and, hearing them coming after her, ran down the hall and into her bedroom, laughing as she tried to slain the door before they reached it.

Tony beat on the door, yelling at his mother. “If you don’t let us in, Mom, then you’re gonna miss my cock. I’ll just give it to Judy. She can suck it or fuck it or do anything she wants with it.”

“Oh, that’s different,” Sarah laughed and opened her door to them. “I wouldn’t want to miss out on anything, would I?”

Judy and Tony came into the room as she shoved the door wide open, and Sarah flicked at her son’s cock. “Does that fucking thing stay hard all the time, honey?”

He grinned proudly at her, arching his upstanding cock forward. Judy, standing at his side, gripped his prick in a small hand, squeezing hard enough to make her brother yelp.

“Don’t break it, Judy!” he said.

Sarah laughed. “Break it? That damned cock is almost indestructible, Tony.”

Judy turned her brother’s cock loose and climbed onto the big bed. “He’s still not gonna fuck me in my ass with that big thing. He can fuck my cunt, and I’ll suck it off, but I ain’t gonna take it up the ass. No way!”

Sarah wrapped her fingers around her son’s hard cock and stroked. “I would,” she said.

“Really, Mom?” Tony’s eyes glowed. “You’d really take my cock in your ass?”

Sarah nodded. “You saw what happened to me outside with my finger, didn’t you? I’d love to have your cock up my ass, baby.”

“Show me,” Judy gurgled. “Let me see you do it, Mother. I don’t believe it will fit.”

Sarah arched her shoulders back, thrusting her shapely tits out and turned her back to them. She grasped her ass cheeks with both hands, spreading them wide, and shoved her ass backwards. They saw her asshole winking.

“Standing up, Mom?” Tony asked.

“Why not?” Sarah said. “You’re just short enough to fit this way.”

In fact Sarah had to spread her feet on the floor a little to lower her asshole for him. With Judy on her knees and her face close, Tony arched his cock toward his mother’s asshole. Sarah felt the smooth prick head pressing upon the pucker there and she moaned with eagerness. She twisted her ass in an erotic invitation, still pulling her ass cheeks wide for him. Judy clung to one of her mother’s thighs, her fingers just touching a hairy cunt lip, staring with gleaming blue eyes as her brother fucked forward.

The pressure against her asshole sent fiery heat throughout Sarah’s tall, slender body. Sarah mewled with ecstasy as her son pressed harder. Then his cock penetrated the tight ring of her asshole.

“Ohhhh!” Sarah moaned as her asshole stretched about the swollen head of her son’s cock. “Oh, damn, that’s good! Shove more cock up my ass, baby! Oooo, shove it all the fucking way in my asshole, Tony!”

Judy’s eyes misted over with erotic, voyeuristic delight as she saw her brother’s cock sliding into their mother’s gripping asshole. She made a choking sound and began to rub at her mother’s hairy cunt, sliding her finger along the side of that inflamed clit. She placed her other hand on her brother’s naked ass, fingers between his tight ass cheeks.

Sarah closed her eyes and arched her ass back even more for her son, her body filling with ecstasy as her asshole stretched about his throbbing, burning cock.

Tony was so excited that he stood stiff, staring down at his mother’s thrusting ass, his cock almost completely inside. He placed his hands on his mother’s hips, holding himself upright. The heat and tightness of his mother’s asshole came as a surprise to him. He had expected her ass to be hot, but the tightness was an added pleasure for him. He could feel his mother’s asshole squeezing his cock like a fist, as if her asshole was sucking him.

“Fuck me, Tony,” she said in a low voice. “Come on, baby, fuck that asshole! You’re in my ass deep… now fuck it!”

But Tony stood still, satisfied to feel his mother’s asshole squeeze his prick.

Realizing her son was much too thrilled to move, Sarah began to shove and pull her ass on his cock. She fucked him this way, her asshole clinging to his throbbing hard prick like a ring of searing fire. She pumped her ass back and forth, gurgling deep in her throat, taking his cock very deep as she arched back, then pulling forward until she held only that sweetly swollen cock head inside. She fucked him slowly at first, grinding into him as she held one of her ass cheeks and her daughter the other, keeping her ass cheeks spread wide. With Judy rubbing at her clitoris, Sarah was experiencing more ecstasy than she ever had when fucked in her ass by others.

“Mother,” Judy squealed excitedly, “his cock is so damned deep! Don’t it hurt you?”

“Oooo, God no!” Sarah moaned. “It’s ecstasy, pure ecstasy! I love it! Oh, God, I love a hard cock fucking me up the ass! Come on, Tony… help me!”

But Tony was much too awed at having his cock up his mother’s asshole. He could see between his mom’s spread ass cheeks, could watch her asshole grip his cock.

The excitement was too much for the young boy.

“I… Mom, I gotta come!”

“Oooooo, come, darling!” Sarah urged. “Come… squirt it up my asshole!”

Sarah began thrusting her ass fast now, as if she were caught up into some erotic disco beat, jerking her hips back and forth in a frantic attempt to bring his come juice boiling into her asshole. Already her cunt was convulsing, and the orgasms there caused her asshole to tighten even more on her son’s cock. It seemed as if she was milking his prick with waving heat.

Judy had to draw her face back an inch or so. Her mother’s jerking ass had banged against her cheek as she tried to get a closer look of her brother’s cock up that gripping ring of fire.

Tony grunted, and finally gave in to the overwhelming urge to fuck forward at the moment of discharge. Feeling his cock move into her, Sarah slammed her ass back against him tightly, whimpering with intense, almost mindless passion. She felt the bursting splashes of his come juice against the walls of her hot asshole, and her orgasm increased with power. She closed her asshole as tight as she could around her son’s spurting cock, squeezing and squeezing and squeezing.

Unable to hold herself up any longer, Sarah fell forward, stumbling, sprawling across the bed, her ass quivering. Tony, the last gush of his come juice boiling from his cock, had twisted, when his mother’s asshole came off it. Judy, with a loud squeal, closed her lips around the head of her brother’s cock, catching that last spurt of come juice in her mouth.


Sarah stood looking down at her sleeping twins.

It was the next day and she had gotten up early. Judy and Tony, exhausted, had slept late.

They rested on the bed next to each other, both on their backs. Sarah looked them up and down. They looked so much alike, it would be difficult to tell them apart if a person saw only those sweet faces. The real difference between them was from the waist down. Judy’s succulent little titties were hardly large enough to qualify as tits yet. They were right now just too small but ever so sweet bumps on her chest, with long, pink nipples.

But from the waist down there was the excitement to Sarah. There was nothing on earth to compare with her daughter’s hairless, sugary cunt. The slit was so pretty, so mouthwatering. And Tony’s cock and balls were the most beautiful pieces of fuck equipment she had ever seen.

She dreaded the day Judy’s cunt would be hidden by thick hair, when her son’s balls turn hairy. They were both perfect as they were right now.

Yet, changes would occur, Sarah knew, as they grew older. There was nothing she could do about that. She would just have to enjoy them as much as she could in the meantime.

She was still damp from her morning shower, and her hair needed curling. She started to turn away, but on an impulse leaned down and nuzzled into her daughter’s sweetly scented cunt. She kissed the hairless pussy lips, scraping her tongue lightly upon it. Then she pressed her mouth to her son’s cock and balls, kissing him, too.

After having coffee, she rolled her hair and sat under the dryer, recalling everything that had happened so far between her and the twins. She had a towel over her shoulders, but was otherwise naked. It seemed that clothing was going out of fashion in her house the past few days. Sarah didn’t mind. Many people went naked in their homes, she suspected, but if they weren’t fucking each other, they were missing out on the best part of it, she told herself.

She wondered briefly about those nudists. They always tried to make it clear there was no fucking going on at their camps, but Sarah thought it was a pack of lies. She didn’t see how that many people could run around with jiggling tits and flashing cunts, those cocks and balls swinging ever so sweetly and not be fucking.

She shrugged. If people wanted to run around naked at some lake, look at each other, and not touch, that was their loss, not hew. If she was a member of such a group, she knew she would be unable to keep her hands off those naked cocks… or even cunts as far as that went. No, she could never join a nudist club, nor could Judy or Tony. They were too much like her. She grinned to herself, thinking of her son. His cock seemed to be hard constantly.

How could a boy so young come so fucking much all the time? Tony’s balls were loaded, and he came more than any man she had ever known. When she sucked him off and made him come, there was so much jizz that it choked her, but she didn’t mind. Sarah loved the taste of come juice, and thought she could drink from a spurting cock all day long if she ever had the opportunity.

That reminded her of watching Judy in the park, being the star attraction of a jerk circle. A shiver rippled through her body as she remembered. It would be exciting to watch those boys jacking off, knowing it was her body that created those hard-ons.

The only thing was, she thought, that she would be unable to maintain such a passive attitude. She would be unable to keep her hands and mouth off those throbbing cocks, especially when they started coming. To Sarah, that was the best part of cocks that deliciously thick come juice.

Getting out from the hair dryer, she felt to see if her hair was dry enough to brush out. It was. She drank the rest of her coffee and returned to the bedroom.

Judy and Tony were awake now, and fucking furiously in the middle of the bed.

Sarah giggled softly as she saw her son’s naked ass bobbing up and down swiftly between her daughter’s thighs.

Judy had her legs lifted high off the bed, waving her feet in the air, banging her little ass up and down in time to her brother’s thrusting cock. She held Tony tightly around his waist, and her tongue was driving in and out of his sucking mouth. Seeing them fucking in a frenzy on her bed sent tremors of pleasure through Sarah’s naked body, her cunt growing wet with hot liquid. Glancing at the mirror of her dresser, she could see between Tony’s thighs, see his cock plunging away into that hairless, fiery cunt of his twin sister, his precious balls bouncing up and down.

The desire to stroke them as they fucked came over Sarah, yet she wanted to watch even more. She moved to the foot of the bed to see better. Judy thrust her legs wide as she banged her little ass on the mattress, bouncing her cunt up and down as her brother fucked into her tight cunt. The moist sounds of Tony’s cock fucking into his sister’s pussy was exciting to Sarah. She saw the flash of Judy’s tiny asshole often as her daughter twisted and writhed beneath her twin brother.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Judy gurgled in a hot voice. “Oooo, fuck my pussy, Tony! Ohhh, you’re so big in my cunt! Golly, you stuff my pussy… stretch my twat fuck my snatch!”

Judy drew her legs up and back, wrapping her arms behind her knees, throwing her cunt up so her brother could bang deep and hard.

“I’m coming!” Judy screamed, her naked body shaking as the ecstatic orgasm burned through her. “Ooooooo, you’re making me come, Tony! Your cock… fucking me… is making my cunt… my cunt… cunt… come!”

Tony’s body stiffened as he fucked his cock deeply into his twin sister’s boiling cunt, and, with a loud grunt, he spurted his come juice. Sarah shivered as they came, squeezing at her shapely tits as her eyes glazed over with desire.

Tony rolled from his sister, gasping.

Judy still held her legs back, her uplifted ass shaking with delight.

With a low animal-like growl, Sarah leaned over and plunged her mouth upon her daughter’s pulsating cunt, sucking hungrily, her tongue fucking deep. She sucked hard on Judy’s cunt, lapping up the come juice, swallowing and going back for more.

“Ooohh, Mother!” Judy whimpered.

Drawing her tongue from her daughter’s clinging pussy, Sarah lapped the flat surface up and down, from Judy’s twinkling asshole across the slit and about her tiny clit.

“Ohhh, shit!” Judy yelped. “I’m coming again! Suck me, Mother! Ohhh, piss shit fuck… eat my cunt!”

Sarah lapped and kissed and sucked her daughter through her final orgasm, and then pulled her smeared face back. Judy lowered her ass, spreading her legs, still mewling with the pleasure of her pulsating pussy.

“Now me, Mom,” Tony said, offering his cock to his mother.

Sarah laughed. “You can’t come again so soon,” she said.

“Maybe not,” Tony replied, “but I like my cock in your mouth anyway.”

Sarah closed her lips around her son’s wet cock and sucked, her tongue licking up all the fuck juice that clung to his prickshaft then she lapped tenderly at his hairless balls.

“That’s enough for now,” she said, standing upright and wiping her face with the towel still around her shoulders. “You two better have some breakfast. If all this fucking is going to continue, you’re going to need the strength.”

She stood before her mirror, taking the curlers from her hair, watching their reflections. She twisted her naked ass for them as she brushed the tight curls out. She winked lewdly in the mirror, making enticing bumps and grinds with her hips.

“You keep doing that, Mom,” Tony said, “and you’re gonna get fucked.”

“Either fucked or sucked,” Judy giggled, running her wet little tongue over her lips suggestively.

“Mmmm, I wouldn’t mind that at all,” Sarah said, switching her ass at them. “Sucked or fucked.”

“We sure have a hot-assed mother,” Judy laughed, fondling her small titties.

“About as hot as you, honey,” Sarah said, sticking her tongue out at them in the mirror. “At least I don’t get myself in the middle of a jack off circle.”

Judy’s eyes went wide. “You know about that?”

“I watched,” Sarah said.

“There’s no way a girl can have any fucking secrets around here,” Judy pouted, but her blue eyes were sparkling.

Tony wanted to know about that, and Judy explained it to him.

“That don’t sound like fun to me,” he sneered. “Who wants to jerk off, looking as some little cunt like you. If I can’t fuck it, I don’t want it.”

“Those guys are afraid to fuck me,” Judy giggled. “They think I’m too young.”

Sarah, finished with her hair, turned and propped her naked ass on the edge of the dresser. “Those guys were no older than you, Judy.”

“I know. But they still think I’m too young. They said they wanted a girl with hair on her cunt.”

“Like me, maybe?” Sarah arched her eyebrows.

Judy gazed at her mother’s hairy pussy. “They’d probably come in their pants if they saw your cunt, Mother. They’re just a bunch of smart-asses. I don’t think any of them fucked a girl yet.”

“Jerk circles!” Tony snorted. “That’s kid stuff!”

“Sounds exciting to me,” Sarah said, running her hand through the curls of her pussy and dipping it between her thighs. “All that… cocks… squirting off… all over my tits and ass and legs and cunt! Oh, I bet that would make me come so good!”

“It makes me come,” Judy laughed.

Despite what Tony had said, his cock was growing again, swelling into beautiful hardness. Sarah now sat at the foot of the bed, leaning over and taking her son’s cock in her hand, stroking his prick gently but firmly, watching the moisture seep from the flare of his piss hole. The power of his throbbing hard cock excited her.

Leaning down, she rubbed her lips across the piss hole, making them wet and slippery with the fuck juice. She used two fingers to draw on his prick, causing more clear pre-cum to bubble up. With the tip of her tongue, she licked the fuck fluid away and rolled it about in her mouth, her eyes half closing with pleasure.

Moaning throatily, Sarah parted her lips and turned onto her stomach. As her sea spread his legs wide, she moved between them, sliding her moist hot lips up and down the shaft of his cock, nibbling happily.

Judy watched her mother twist her tongue against Tony’s balls, then lick up the shaft of his cock and draw his swollen prickhead between her lips, going down on his cock. With her lips at the base of her son’s cock, Sarah worked her mouth, her throat constricting against the smooth cockhead, her tongue pressing his prick to the roof of her mouth. Her eyes were open, but rolling about in a glazed manner.

“Mmmm,” Judy whimpered, leaning down and darting her tongue into her brother’s belly button, her blue eyes flashing with erotic pleasure as she watched her mother sucking wetly and hotly on Tony’s cock.

“You gonna suck him off, Mother?”

“Mmmm,” Sarah mewled, lifting her mouth from his prick an inch or so. “I sure am!”

And she dived onto her son’s upstanding cock again, gurgling with erotic greed. She darted her mouth up and down with short, quick sucks, then slowed to savor the throbbing hardness with her lips, feeling his cock burn as she sucked slowly. Wrapping her hands about his hips, Sarah hugged his crotch into her face, his cock buried into her wet mouth. She squeezed his tight ass cheeks with her fingers and then started bobbing her hot lips up and down his cock again, sucking him hard.

Judy began to move about, and straddled her brother’s face, her rounded little ass presented toward her mother. As Judy pressed her sweet pussy into her twin brother’s mouth. Sarah stared up his body, watching his lips portend his tongue dart out. She watched his tongue slip into Judy’s cunt and saw Judy wiggle her ass as she leaned over. The puckering wink of her daughter’s pink asshole flashed when Judy began to grind her cunt upon her brother’s tongue.

Sarah sucked harder and with more hunger yet on his cock as she watched him licking Judy’s hairless, sugary cunt.

“Ooooo, eat me!” Judy moaned. “Eat my cunt, Tony! Ahhh, yes, shove that tongue way me… lick it… suck it. Mmmm, suck my hot fucking cunt!”

Sarah gurgled with her son’s cock deep in her throat, gazing with erotic ecstasy at her daughter’s twisting, cute ass, watching her slide and bang her cunt into Tony’s mouth. She could see his chin and cheek smeared with the boiling juices of Judy’s cunt, could watch his tongue dart in and out like a fucking cock.

His prick throbbed sweetly between her burning lips as she sucked, her tongue fluttering with a wild desire. She clutched to his tight ass checks and pulled his cock upwards, trying to swallow his prick.

As if unable to make up her mind how to suck her son’s cock, Sarah would hold it deep and let her throat work on the prickhead, or she was gobbling up and down with muffled hunger. Tony was dripping a lot and she swallowed often, the taste on her tongue sending delightful tremors about her creamy flesh, making her ass tighten and her cunt clench.

Judy was almost sitting on her brother’s face now knees wide as she squatted, grinding and sliding her hairless cunt about his face and mouth, squealing and whimpering as she dug into her own tiny titties.

“Oooo, I’m gonna come!” Judy wailed. “I’m gonna come in your fucking mouth, Tony! Ohhh, what a tongue… fuck me deep, Tony! Ahhh, your tongue goes as deep as your fucking cock! Oooo, there! I’m coming!”

Sarah watched her daughter’s twisting ass as Judy squirmed her cunt frantically into Tony’s open mouth. His tongue, she saw, was quite deep inside that gripping cunt, fucking in and out like a cock. At the same time, Tony was arching his hips up, fucking his cock into his mother’s mouth, bouncing his ass, meeting her lips with bruising force.

Clawing at his pumping ass with her hands, Sarah sucked hotly, as hard as she could, her tongue flying in a burning, wet hunger. She felt her son’s cock swell, felt the increased throbs between her lips. The squeals and whines of her daughter roared in her ears as she sucked on Tony’s cock with a starving frenzy. Judy’s tiny asshole, completely visible to Sarah, was flexing rapidly as she came time again and again. Wailing with muffled sounds, Sarah sucked like a demented woman.

She felt her son’s hand pressing at the back of her head as he tried to probe the fiery depths of her wet mouth with the swollen head of his cock.

The first gush of his come juice shot straight down Sarah’s throat. She made a soft choking sound, pressing her head up against his hand until she could suck her lips up to the smooth cockhead. Gripping his cockhead as tightly as she could with her burning lips, she ran her tongue swiftly about his spewing piss hole, tasting his young come juice. Her eyes rolled with ecstasy as her mouth filled before she had to swallow, and then she went back for more.

As soon as his come juice splashed upon her tongue, Sarah’s cunt seemed to burst like some overwhelmed dam. Her hairy pussy lips went into spasms and her clit throbbed with power. She came in hot, forceful waves of orgasm, moaning around her son’s discharging cock. She swallowed his thick come juice greedily, her tongue lapping back and forth on his sensitive piss hole. Even when he stopped, she kept sucking hard, drawing the last bit of come juice from his balls.

Judy, exhausted, flopped forward onto her stomach, her slim legs spreading about her brother’s head, knees on his shoulders. Her small ass was twitching as she clutched the sheets, whimpering as pleasure kept rumbling through her.

When Tony dropped his hand from, her head, Sarah lifted her now-puffy lips, gave his cock a moist kiss, then stood upright.

“That messed my hair up,” Sarah said softly, turning back to her dresser.

“Complain, complain,” she heard her son say.

She shot her tongue out at him in the mirror as she brushed her hair, shaking her ass saucily.

She gazed between his legs as she brushed her hair for the second time. His balls looked loose and empty now, and so beautiful. His cock rested on his left thigh, drained. Judy remained on her stomach awhile longer, her pretty ass slowly calming.

“The problem around here, Mother,” Judy said as she turned onto her side, “is there isn’t enough cock. There’s only one cock and two cunts.”

“Hey,” Tony said. “I’m doing all right.”

“Of course you are,” Judy replied. “You can stick that cock in me or Mother when you want to, but we have to be satisfied with one fucking cock.”

“Well, don’t blame me,” he said. “I was born with only one cock. I can’t help it.”

“Maybe you can’t,” Judy giggled in a lewd manner, “but I sure can.”


Sarah noticed that Judy spent quite a while on the phone that afternoon.

Curious as she was, Sarah didn’t question her daughter or listen in on the conversation. She suspected, though, that she was talking to boys, maybe those she had seen in the park jerking off.

Since that day in the park, Sarah had watched her daughter become progressively more demanding in sex. Part of it was because of her, their mother, Sarah realized. Since there was no longer any reason to conceal her desire to fuck, Judy had simply allowed her erotic nature to run its course.

The changes in the household had come about swiftly. Before the day in the park, Sarah and her son and daughter had always carefully closed bathroom doors and seldom allowed any part of their clothing to reveal a body part that could tease or entice. Now, bathroom doors were never closed, and most of the time all three were naked, even in the back yard. They swam naked, pissed where they happen to be, and if they should happen to have clothing on, clothes were always arranged to reveal a tit, a cunt, or a cock, or the flash of a pretty ass.

The sense of freedom about the house was a good feeling for Sarah. It was something she had wanted to do for a long time. Before all this began, Sarah would walk about the house naked when Tony and Judy were in school, feeling good. Sometimes she had worn only her panties, maybe a bra. She would fantasize of being watched by someone through a window, and usually that was enough to make her come without touching herself. She had never mentioned that to Judy or Tony. It was one of those private things a woman enjoyed secretly, and it would remain that way.

School would be starting in a few more weeks, and Sarah dreaded that day. Once again she would be alone all day, and that would be hard to bear, especially after being with Judy and Tony almost constantly, fucking, sucking, wrestling and in general cutting up, having a real ball. In a few more weeks she would be climbing the walls until they came home.

She wondered if her daughter could stand it, too. But knowing Judy as she did now, Sarah knew Judy would find some means to satisfy her hot little ass, even at school. Sarah laughed at the idea of getting a note from some shocked teacher that her daughter was taking on all corners in a dim corner of the school halls or in the bathroom.

The thing that pleased her most was the total lack of jealousy between all three of them. Tony felt no jealousy about his sister or her. He thought it was childish for guys to stand around a naked girl and beat off, but then what boy wouldn’t if he was getting the real thing? But he didn’t care if his sister did it, or even if his mother did, too. He often talked about a certain girl he knew at school that he thought would be fun to fuck. He talked about the girl’s ass and the way her tits stuck out and how pretty she was. And, he would get a hard-on as he talked about her, telling his mother and twin sister that, when he was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her panties, he would almost come in his pants.

“I’d drink five gallons of her piss to lick the place it comes from,” he said.

“Guys have been saying that about girls for five thousand years, silly,” Judy giggled. “And you wanna know something? I bet not one would do it, either.”

“I would,” Tony insisted.

“Then why don’t you do it for me?” Judy demanded.

“You’re my sister.”

“I’m your fucking sister, shit head,” Judy reminded him. “I’m the sister you can fuck when you’re horny. If I let you fuck me, then you should let me piss on you the way you want that little ass wiggler to do.”

“Ah, you’re different, Judy.”

“Don’t I wiggle my ass cute enough for you?” Judy insisted, standing up and wiggling her small ass wildly. “See? Don’t my ass make your cock hard?”

Sarah laughed at their antics. She understood what her son was saying, but apparently Judy didn’t.

“You’re my sister, Judy,” Tony said again, as if that explained everything.

“Well, fuck you, darling brother,” Judy said, sitting down next to him. “I’ll have you know I can get any guy I want. I don’t need your old cock anyway.”

“Okay, kids,” Sarah said. “Fun is fun, but let’s not get mad, okay?”

With a giggle, Judy grabbed her brother’s cock and pulled, making him yelp. “I was just teasing, Tony.”

“I gotta think about it, Judy,” he said.

“Think about what?”

“Letting you piss on me.”

“I could’ve done it anytime,” Judy said, pulling and stretching his prick. “Before you knew it, I could’ve pissed on you. In your face this morning when you were sucking my cunt, for that matter.”

Sarah said, “She’s right, honey. You were so damned excited, coming in my mouth, she could have pissed in your face then and you couldn’t have stopped it for anything.”

Tony grinned sheepishly. “Yeah, I know.” They were again sitting on the patio, and the sun was going down. Sarah wore panties, a pair of very lacy ones that clung to her hips and ass like a second skin. That was all she wore. Both Judy and Tony were naked. They were still wet from the pool. Sarah drew her knees up, tossing them over the arms of her lounge chair, her crotch revealed. The dark hair of her cunt was visible through the tight, almost sheer panties. She idly rubbed a finger along the edge of her panties near her cunt as she listened to them talking and teasing each other.

She thought about pissing, how it had felt when she and Judy had pissed on each other’s cunt the other day. It had felt warm and good, delicious even. The day she had shoved her face into the stream of her son’s piss in the pool had excited her, too. The act of pissing had an erotic appeal to her. It was fun to watch Tony or Judy piss. It was exciting to watch them piss.

She hooked her finger into the crotch of her panties and pulled it aside, her other hand fingering the puffy hairy lip of her cunt, drawing it up to caress her cunt. Judy and Tony watched her, and Tony’s cock was swelling underneath the fondling hand of his sister.

Sarah pulled the crotch of her panties back over her pussy. “Speaking of pissing…”

She began pissing then.

The crotch of her panties became soaked immediately, and her daughter giggled while Tony made a moaning sound.

“Move your panties out of the way, Mother,” Judy said, her voice quite throaty for a girl her age.

Still pissing, Sarah hooked her finger into the crotch of her panties again, pulling it wide. The stream of piss spurted out in a high arc, splashing upon the knees of her son and daughter. Judy made a cooing sound and began running her hand about her piss-wet knee, then Tony, too, smeared it along his leg. They watched her, their young eyes glazed with excitement, staring directly into her cunt as she pissed onto their legs.

Tony’s cock jerked into a quick hardness, and Judy moved her other hand quickly to her own cunt, rubbing swiftly.

With a husky laugh, Sarah began pulling the crotch of her panties over her cunt, then away. She pissed all the time she was doing this, letting her panties become even more soaked, then pissing on their legs again.

“That’s it,” Sarah said as she stopped, squirting one last stream a few feet away. “I can’t piss anymore, kids.”

“Mother, that was… was lovely!” Judy squealed, smearing her slender thigh with the warm piss. “I’d love to have a picture of you pissing that way.”

“And what would you do with it?” Sarah said. “Show it to all your friends?”

“I wouldn’t do that,” Judy said. “I’d put in on my mirror in my room.”

“Along with all those rock stars, huh?” Sarah giggled.

Tony snorted. “Who wants a fucking picture like that?”

Judy poked her brother in the ribs. “You could use it and jack off, dummy.”

“Who wants to jack off when he’s got all this cunt around, Judy?” he said. “Besides, who could jack off in peace with you around? You’d be sucking a guy’s cock before he knew it.”

“You fucking well better believe that!” Judy laughed, and stroked his cock.

“No matter,” Sarah said. “I won’t have a picture of me pissing floating around anyway.”

Judy leaned over her brother’s lap and circled the head of his cock with her wet little tongue. Tony shoved the back of her head, and Judy made a strangling sound as his cock fucked deeply into her throat.

For a moment Judy tried to get away, but, when her brother held her head down and started fucking into her mouth, she stopped struggling and began to moan with delight.

From where she sat, Sarah could see it all. She saw her daughter’s lips drawing tightly on her twin brother’s cock as he fucked her mouth. She had her small hand holding his balls, twisting and squeezing them, taking the full hard length of his cock into her mouth with no trouble at all. Sarah licked her own lips hungrily as her eyes blazed in erotic pleasure. She began to rub her cunt again, feeling the piss-wet crotch of her panties, finding the sensation amazingly good.

“Oooo, fuck that little mouth, Tony!” Sarah gurgled. “Fuck your sister’s hot little mouth!”

Judy plunged her face down every time her brother lifted, taking his throbbing hard-on deep. As Tony drew back, Judy sucked up, moaning with ecstasy.

“Use her cocksucking mouth, Tony!” Sarah urged, twisting her own ass, her hand pressing hard against the piss-wet crotch of her panties, shoving the fabric into the hairy slit of her cunt. “Use her cocksucking little mouth fuck her in the mouth! Use it as if it was her hot little cunt, baby! Mmmmmmm, suck that big cock, Judy! Suck his prick… drink his come juice, honey!”

Judy had slipped from the lounge chair to her knees at her brother’s side, gobbling greedily, her saucy, naked ass twisting cutely. It was difficult for Sarah to tell if her son was fucking Judy’s mouth or if her daughter was sucking his cock.

“Suck hard, Judy!” Tony yelped, fucking his prick deep. “Suck my cock! Ohhh, your mouth is so fucking hot and wet! Eat my cock… lick my prick!”

Judy seemed to be trying to pull his hairless balls off, stretching them and twisting with her hot hand. Sarah, now, had stuffed the crotch of her panties deep into her bubbling, hairy cunt, fingerfucking herself. Her son was watching her as he fucked his cock in and out of his twin sister’s mouth, still holding the back of her blonde head.

Sarah ran her tongue over her lips with hunger, straining to see Tony fuck Judy in her mouth as the sun disappeared. The patio lights had not yet been turned on, and it was starting to become hard to see clearly. Lifting her ass, using the arms of her chair for leverage, Sarah wiggled her hips in a tight circle, her finger pressing the crotch of her panties into her boiling cunt. She thought about going to her kids and taking his balls into her mouth, sucking on them as her daughter sucked his cock. Yet, the excitement of watching this mouth fucking was intense, and she didn’t want to move.

Judy sucked frantically on his throbbing cock, feeling that smooth, round prickhead probe her constricted throat. It was so good to her that her small pussy started bubbling with hot orgasms. She gurgled and squealed about her brother’s cock as her tongue licked furiously.

Darkness came quickly, and Sarah could only see the dim forms of her kids now. Pulling her finger from her cunt, she stood up and stripped her wet panties off. Dangling them from her finger, she started toward Judy and Tony. At that moment Tony started coming.

Judy choked in a dainty way, swallowing the creamy come juice as he spurted into her young mouth. Tony gave a yelp of ecstasy as he felt his sister sucking harder, her tongue pressing at his erupting piss hole.

Sarah moved fast, and, before her son knew what she was doing, she pressed the crotch of her panties into his open mouth. Tony, tasting his mother’s cunt on them and the wetness of her piss, sucked at her panties. Sarah went to her knees and shoved her face into his crotch, pressing her daughter’s hand away. She gulped her son’s hairless balls into her mouth quickly, her cheek brushing that of her daughter. Sarah could hear the wet swallowing sounds Judy made, and that increased her excitement. She knew the joy Judy was feeling, sucking on Tony’s spewing prick and swallowing his delicious come juice. She could feel his sweet balls writhing in her mouth as he came, and her hand moved out to feel Judy’s boiling little cunt. Working a finger up her daughter’s cunt, Sarah finger-fucked swiftly.

Then Judy lifted her mouth, saw her brother sucking on the wet crotch of her mother’s panties. “Let me!” she squealed, and jerked them from his mouth, stuffing them into her own, sucking noisily, wiggling her ass about.

Sarah, almost out of her mind with desire now, pressed her daughter onto the grass and buried her mouth into that sugary cunt, drawing her knees up beneath her stomach, hr creamy ass in the air. She clung to Judy’s naked little ass when her daughter pressed upwards, grinding her cunt into her mouth.

Judy sucked at the piss-wet crotch of her mother’s panties as she bucked her ass up and down, grinding her cunt into her mother’s face and tongue, coming hard.

But after a while Judy could take no more. She began pushing at her mother’s head. Judy removed the panties from her mouth and groaned, “Stop, Mother! Ooooo, I can’t take any more! Please, you’re eating my cunt off! Don’t… not any more!”

Sarah pulled her mouth out of Judy’s wet cunt, letting her daughter relax. She was still steaming, and she turned to her son, who sat with his legs spread wide. “I want that,” Sarah moaned, and she sucked his cock into her mouth.

Sarah fucked her fingers into her own cunt brutally, clawing at her fiery cunt, her naked ass twisting erotically. She devoured her son’s cock, making his prick swell with her lips and tongue.

“Mmmmmmm, come in my mouth!” Sarah urged, running her tongue around the head of his cock. “Come in mother’s cocksucking mouth, Tony! Fuck my mouth the way you did Judy’s! Come on, I want it… fuck my cocksucking mouth!”

Tony’s cock was half hard as she gobbled frantically at his prick. He moaned, straining.

And he started pissing in his mother’s mouth…


Sarah’s eyes popped open wide.

At first, because she was aroused, she wasn’t certain he was pissing. Then the taste of his piss on her tongue told her what was happening.

She jerked her mouth away, feeling him piss onto her chin and throat. “Oh, you asshole!” she mewled.

She opened her lips wide, letting him piss into her mouth. With a wild whimper, she ran her tongue about his pissing cock, then closed her lips over the prickhead, swallowing as if she were drinking from a fountain. Her cunt burst into searing fire as she started coming, the orgasm so strong it shook her naked body.

Sarah made low wailing sounds as she held her son’s cockhead between her lips, her tongue flapping across his piss hole, tasting the warm piss. Piss spewed down her throat as she gurgled and gulped. The stream came out of him powerfully, spewing from her tight lips to splash about his balls.

Judy, seeing what her mother and brother were doing, gave a squeal and shoved her face toward his crotch, her tongue straining out, licking at his piss-wet balls as best she could.

Sarah, feeling her daughter there, lifted her mouth off her son’s pissing cock, pulling at Judy’s chin. The little girl gurgled and closed her lips about her brother’s still-pissing cock, drinking from his prick as her mother had been doing.

“Ooooo, baby,” Sarah cooed. “Drink it down! Piss, Tony! Keep pissing!”

Judy clung to his cock until the last few drops dribbled out, then lifted away, giggling with delight. “You see, Tony,” Judy said. “We’ll drink five gallons of your piss to kiss the place it comes from.”

“Yeah, but that’s because you two are crazy,” he said.

“You’re the one that said it,” his mother reminded him, “and besides, the way you sucked my panties tells me a whole book about you, young man.”

Although it was getting dark, she could almost see him blushing.

Judy handed her mother the well-sucked panties. “You know, Mother,” she said. “I had no idea you wore tasty panties.”

“I bet you do, too,” Sarah said. “But the expert pantie sucker is Tony. We can have a contest and see what he thinks.”

Judy giggled. “We’re gonna have to make sure they’re really soaked with piss and cunt juice, Mother.”

“Crazy,” Tony said, standing up and diving into the pool. He surfaced. “Like I said, you two are crazy as hell.”

“Cock-crazy?” his mother asked.

“You’re cunt-crazy,” Judy laughed, and went skipping to turn the patio and pool lights on.

“We’ll get you, young man,” Sarah promised her son as he swam back and forth. “Piss in my mouth when I’m trying to suck that cock off, will you? You’ve had it, you little shit head.”

Sarah cut the water in a clean dive, swimming beneath the surface toward her son. She managed to catch him, and she nipped at the head of his cock gently with her teeth before he could get away.

As he darted away, Judy, also in the pool now, moved up behind him before he knew she was there. She rammed her finger quickly up his asshole, causing Tony to yelp and sink, his mouth filling with water.

After playing in the pool, they climbed out, dripping water and laughing, breathing hard from the strenuous exercise. “You know what, kids?” Sarah said. “We didn’t have dinner yet.”

“You two have been eating cock,” Tony giggled, waggling his prick at them. “There’s still plenty left if you’re still hungry.”

Sarah grabbed her son’s cock and jerked, making her son yelp, and pull away. Judy started after him again, chasing her brother around the lawn and the edge of the pool. Sarah watched them, smiling happily. It was nice to sit there and watch Tony’s cock swing about as he ran, watch the enticing tight bounce of her daughter’s lovely little ass.

Then Tony ran past his mother.

“Catch him, Mother!” Judy screamed.

Sarah caught his arm, jerking him up short. Tony stumbled and fell to the grass. Immediately his mother was on top of him, squatting above his face as she pinned his arms down. Tony sputtered as she rubbed ha hairy cunt into his mouth, squirming back and forth. She pressed her asshole upon his mouth before he could clamp his lips shut.

“Eat my ass, Tony,” she laughed, pressing into his face. His nose and most of his eyes seemed buried in her thick cunt hair, but she had his lips right against her tingling asshole. “Eat my ass out, suck my ass… shove your tongue up my asshole! Give Mother a tonguefuck in the ass!”

Tony had no choice. His mother’s asshole pressed into his mouth hotly, and he rammed his tongue in. Sarah squealed with delight and began to work her ass up and down, making sure his wet tongue was always connected to the tight, fiery pucker of her ass. Sarah’s shapely tits swelled as his tongue fucked in and out of her asshole, jiggling tightly. She gazed down between her legs, seeing her son’s eyes gleaming past the curls of her cunt. She wiggled and twisted her ass into his face, feeling his nose rubbing her slippery cunt.

Judy, watching what her mother was doing, dropped to her knees and closed her fingers about his cock, pumping furiously, feeling his prick swell into complete hardness.

“We’ll fix you,” Judy said loudly. “Piss in our mouth, will you? Mother and I will fix you good, Tony!”

Sarah moaned her agreement with her daughter, grinding her spreading ass cheeks into her son’s face, freeing the steaming pleasure of her asshole when Tony’s tongue delved very deeply. She slid her cunt back, and his tongue slipped into her pussy. That felt so good, Sarah started sliding her crotch back and forth into his face, smearing him with the seeping juices of her bubbling, hairy cunt. She worked her pussy and asshole on his darting tongue, sometimes taking his tongue up her cunt and sometimes up her burning asshole. Judy was beating on his cock frantically, making wet slapping sounds, her breathing loud and heavy behind her mother.

Tony arched his hips up to meet the fast strokes of his sister’s small hand while thrusting his tongue into his mother’s cunt and asshole, taking turns as she squirmed back and forth. He was clawing at her hips, though not in an effort to shove her off his face. He caressed her smooth thighs and the cheeks of her ass while tonguing her up the pussy and asshole, his breath searing the tender flesh of her cunt lips.

“Little cunt sucker!” Sarah moaned throatily. “You little motherfucker cunt sucker… fuck my ass! Ram your cunt-eating little tongue up mother’s tight asshole! Fuck me in the ass and fuck me in the cunt, you pussy-eating shit head!”

Sarah’s cunt was dripping hotly, the fuck juices all over her son’s face now. Judy was squeezing his cock as she jerked up and down in a frenzy. His piss hole was slippery with the oozing liquid.

Then Judy straddled him, sitting down on his cock, taking his prick deep into the succulent tightness of her cunt, making soft sounds of ecstasy.

“I’m gonna fuck your hard cock off, Tony!” Judy gurgled. She stared bouncing up and down, gripping him with the lips of her hairless cunt. She bounced swiftly, grunting in her efforts. “I’m gonna burn your fucking cock off with my hot cunt, Tony! Oooooo, golly…” Judy gripped her mother’s hips from behind to brace herself as she rammed her cute ass up and down. “Ohhhh, I’m taking that cock so fucking deep! I’m gonna make you come in my cunt… squirt it right up my wet cunt!”

Sarah shook her ass into her son’s face, one of her hands on top of Judy’s at her hip, the other digging into one of her own spongy tits. She had her head thrown back, her eyes closed with mindless ecstasy as she twisted her asshole and hairy, wet cunt into his young face. She was delighted that she could fuck up and down on his long tongue almost as though it were a cock.

“Eat my cunt!” Sarah groaned. “Eat my cunt! Eat my asshole! Eat me… eat me all over… suck my crotch!”

Tony, feeling his sister’s tight cunt sucking on his cock as she fucked up and down, his tongue fucking into his mother’s tasty cunt or up her squeezing asshole, could hardly stand the pleasure his young body was receiving. He lifted his hips high from the grass, trying to fuck his cock fully into his sister’s grinding pussy as she banged on him with squealing delight.

The soft lights of the patio shined upon their squirming, naked bodies. The sounds of their ecstasy drifted about the yard. Tony was licking and sucking wetly, the sounds of his lips and tongue were making mingling with the moist sounds of his sister’s cunt as she fucked up and down his throbbing cock.

While she fucked up and down on Tony’s prick, Judy dug her fingers into her mother’s hips, leaning forward and running her tongue up and down Sarah’s spine. Mother and daughter were squatting on top of Tony, one fucking his mouth and the other fucking his cock.

“Hold my tits, Judy!” Sarah gurgled. “Hold my fucking tits!”

Judy’s hands cupped the full, smooth titties of her mother, her little ass never missing a beat. She pressed her hot mouth against her mother’s back, kissing and licking the smooth flesh.

“Squeeze my fucking titties, Judy!” Sarah urged with a thick voice, grinding her cunt and asshole into her son’s face. “Hurt my Goddamn fucking tits! Pull my nipples… twist my fucking nipples, Judy!”

The orgasm burning through her was going to drive her out of her mind, Sarah thought with a flash. It was rumbling deep in her lower stomach, spreading out like some all-consuming fire, the flames licking at the sensitive lips of her hairy cunt and at her swollen, throbbing clitoris. She wasn’t sure where she wanted her son’s tongue when she came — her cunt or asshole. She did not want to give up either one. It was all so erotically delicious to her.

Judy dug into her mother’s springy tits with strong fingers, pulling at them, licking her creamy back and riding her brother’s cock swiftly. She banged her pretty little ass up and down as she leaned into her mother, clinging to those smooth firm tits like the reins of a race horse, bouncing her ass like a jockey going for the finish line.

Sarah screamed, her orgasm bursting inside her cunt like exploding dynamite. She slammed her crotch into her son’s face mindlessly, grinding frantically as she came. His tongue was deep inside her asshole, and the tight ring of her ass sucked on his tongue as she came.

Tony arched his hips high, almost throwing his sister off, but she clung to him. His cock swelled and throbbed. Then the creamy come juice spewed like lava into her hairless cunt.

Judy, feeling her brother’s come juice splashing into her overheated little pussy, screamed into her mother’s back as she convulsed. The contractions of her cunt on her brother’s cock were strong, sucking and milking his prick, draining the precious come juice out of his tight balls.

Sarah could no longer maintain her squatting position over her son’s face. With a groan, she slid from him, sprawling on the lawn, flat on her back, arms above her head and legs spread wide. Her cunt continued to convulse as she writhed about and moaned in ecstasy.

Judy, slamming her cunt down hard on her brother’s gushing cock, now leaned over and crushed her lips to his, sucking his tongue into her mouth until it was almost in her throat. She moaned into Tony’s mouth as she came in shuddering waves around his discharging cock.

Then, they too became still.

Finally, Tony stirred, shoving his sister from his body. “You damn near sucked my fucking tongue out of my Goddamn mouth, Judy,” he said, sitting up.

Sarah struggled upright weakly. “I don’t know if it was the swimming or the fucking, but something sure tired me out.”

“I’m hungry,” Judy said. Then, before her brother could make another smart-ass remark, she added, “For food, I mean.”

“Let’s see what we have to eat,” Sarah said, standing up and weaving a little. “I don’t know if I can handle much more of this.” She laughed, cupping her cunt tenderly. “It’s liable to kill me… but what a way to go!”

They entered the house and raided the refrigerator, finding cold chicken. Judy quickly cooked up some frozen french fries, and they sat in the living room, eating their food and drinking huge glasses of milk. With a naughty, childish giggle, Judy shoved a chicken leg between her thighs and rubbed it along her wet cunt. Then she ate it with a big grin.

“That’s the best-tasting chicken ever,” she said. “Cock juice and cunt juice is perfect seasoning.”

“Asshole,” Tony grunted.

“You make fun of me and I’m gonna run a chicken leg up your asshole and then make you eat it, Tony,” Judy said, waving a chicken leg at him threateningly.

Sarah listened to them, but it wasn’t unusual for them to squabble this way. They never got mad at each other and it was always in fun. She was tired from the day, and yet her cunt was still throbbing, burning with need. Tired as she was, Sarah knew she would spread out her long legs for her son’s cock or daughter’s mouth if they wanted her hairy cunt right then. Her tiredness did not interfere with her hunger for the erotic bodies of her twins.

After they had cleaned up the remains of the late dinner, Sarah took a long bath, letting the almost-scalding water soothe her aching cunt and asshole. Although the bath relaxed her somewhat, her cunt still pulsated greedily. By the time she had dried off, she found Judy and Tony in her bed. Judy was drawn up in a fetal position, her eyes already closed. But Tony rested on his back, grinning at his mother as she came into the room, his cock standing up straight and hard again.

“Don’t that thing ever rest, honey?” she asked, looking at his prick with hot eyes the way she always had.

Tony didn’t say anything. He didn’t have to. Sarah sat on the side of the bed and fondled his hard-on and balls for a long moment, her cunt twitching with need.

“I want this, baby,” she murmured.

“Take it, Mom.” He grinned, shoving his ass up as her fist came down on his cock.

Sarah climbed beside her son, pulling his smaller body on top of her, his chest crushing her spongy tits almost flat. For a while she amused herself by feeling his cock throbbing in hardness on her flat stomach, feeling his prick drip there, smearing her flesh until it was slippery. She hugged him tightly, kissing his face with burning, moist lips.

“Now, baby,” she hissed hotly, spreading her legs and pushing at his hips. “Put it in me now, Tony. Ohhh, baby, put your hard cock in my pussy now! Ahhh, you have such a beautiful prick, darling! Give that cock to mother’s hot, hairy cunt — now!”

As her son’s cock came down, Sarah lunged up with her hips. The swollen head of his prick fucked deeply into her, stretching her fiery cunt lips. Sarah gurgled and grabbed his naked ass with both hands.

“Oooo, Tony, Tony!” she moaned. “Ram it to me! Ohhh, baby, fuck Mother… fuck Mother hard! Bang the shit out of my hot cunt, darling! Oh, I want it so much… want you to fuck me so much, baby!”

She clutching her son’s bouncing ass cheeks as he fucked in and out of her cunt. She stretched her legs out around his, locking her ankles at his knees, grinding and tossing her ass up and down with short, jerky motions, groaning deep in her throat. She stretched her head far back, her eyes closed in ecstasy, her neck taut. As he fucked her, Tony played with her spongy tithes, squeezing them with his hands and burning circles about the straining nipples with his tongue.

Every thrust of his cock scraped at her fiery clitoris, sending pleasure through her like wildfire. She twisted and squirmed and humped with him, gurgling huskily. Her hands moved about his back, going from his tight ass and up his spine while one hand held the back of his head, forcing his mouth onto her tit. Her nipple was asleep in the wetness of his sucking mouth. The throbbing of his young cock sent chills of ecstasy about her smooth skin. She loved the way his hairless balls beat at her ass, swinging up and down as he fucked his cock in her cunt. Young as he was, his prick filled her hungry cunt beautifully, and she could feel the throbbing ridges of hiss cock, could fed the friction searing her.

Sarah drew her knees back, her hot thighs sliding along his body. She held her knees at her shoulders, lifting her cunt high. Tony was fucking her now almost on his knees, fucking deeper than ever as she wiggled and tossed her cunt about.

“Oh, God! Oh, God!” Sarah whimpered over and over. “Oh, God… oh, God… oooooo, God!”

Tony was panting now, ramming his cock up and down and fucking his mother fast and hard, his balls swinging as they beat at her heated ass, brushing her asshole between the spread of her ass checks.

“Ooo, yes, yes! Hard and fast, baby!” she urged him. “Give it to me hard and fast! I love it… love it! Bang the piss out of me… out my fucking hot, hairy, wet cunt! Fuck Mother… ram your sweet cock through my hot ass!”

Sarah screamed loudly.

The orgasm tearing through he was so strong it almost shattered her mind and body. The hair-lined lips of her cunt sucked at her son’s cock with powerful waves.

“Ohhh, baby, baby!” she wailed. “Give it to me! I want you to come in my cunt! Oh, Tony… come in my cunt! I want to feel you coming in me… filling my hot pussy with that sweet come juice! Give it to me… give it to me!”

Tony rammed hard, his cock going deep, his young body stiffening out, as he strained to fuck his mother’s hungry cunt. The swift spurts of his come juice flooding her pussy sent Sarah reeling with ecstasy, and another scream erupted from her tight throat.

Her legs flopped down and her ass dropped back to the bed. She felt as weak as she had out near the pool earlier, but there was good sensation between her legs now, as if her cunt was bruised. But the slight aching of her cunt felt so very good to her.

“A girl just can’t get any sleep around here with all this fucking going on,” Judy said.

Sarah smiled at her daughter, taking hold of her hand and squeezing.

“Go to your own room, then,” Tony said. “Hush,” Sarah whispered. “Go to sleep both of you.”

With Sarah in the middle, her daughter and son snuggled tightly against her, their young bodies warm and comfortable against her flesh.


“I’ve been thinking about you and those five boys in the park,” Sarah said to Judy the next day. “That has been a fantasy of mine since I was younger than you, honey.”

“Really?” her daughter asked, smiling mysteriously.

“I’ve always thought it would be fun to have a group of boys around me, with those cocks nice and hard, watching them jerk off.”

“You’d have to show them something, Mother,” Judy said. “You’d have to let them see something to excite them.”

“What would I have to show?” Sarah arched her eyebrows at Judy, a wicked grin on her beautiful face.

“More than your titties,” Judy replied. “They’re interested in seeing cunt, Mother.”

Sarah hugged herself. She was wearing a summer blouse that buttoned down the front, and her flawless tits were straining against it, her nipples outlined. She wore a breezy, summer skirt, but was naked underneath. “Do you think they’d be afraid of me? I’m an older woman, you know, and they’re no older than you and Tony.”

Judy giggled. “All they talk about is seeing a cunt with hair on it. They think I’m too young to fuck, those assholes! They just don’t know what they’re missing.”

“Do you suppose they’d like to see my cunt?” Sarah asked.

“What are you trying to say, Mother?” Judy countered, her blue eyes flashing wickedly.

“Only that I wouldn’t mind letting them look at me and jerk off. I told you I’ve wanted to experience that since I was a little girl.”

“I talked to them, Mother,” Judy said.

“You were on the phone a lot the other day,” Sarah said, remembering. “You were talking to those guys?”

Judy nodded her head, her soft hair bouncing as her eyes twinkled. “They want me to meet them in the park again this afternoon.”

“And you will, of course,” Sarah said.

Again Judy nodded her head.

“What if I went with you?”

“That’s okay with me, Mother.”

“How about those boys?”

“I’ve told them I might bring someone with me,” Judy laughed. “I didn’t say you were my mother, though, just that I might be able to bring someone with me that had hair on her cunt.”

“What did they say?” Sarah asked excitedly.

“They want you to come, too, Mother.”

“Oooo!” Sarah hugged herself tightly. “I’ll come in more ways than one!”

“That’s when we meet them.”


“At one this afternoon.”

Sarah threw a couch pillow at her daughter as they laughed about it, both excited and eager to go to the park.

“Where’s Tony?” Sarah asked, missing him for the first time. “I haven’t seen him since breakfast.”

“Out chasing that little cunt he told you about,” Judy said. “He thinks he’s gonna get to fuck her waggling little ass.”

“Don’t be so sure he won’t, Judy,” Sarah said. “Girls surprise a guy sometimes, you know. Besides, your brother can be persuasive when it comes to a piece of ass. He just might fuck her.”

By the time one o’clock came around, Sarah was as excited and eager as a little girl for a party. She and Judy walked to the park holding hands, chattering away with excitement, talking about the boys and how much fun this was going to be.

They reached the place where Sarah had seen her daughter in the middle of the five boys, but no one was there. Sarah showed her disappointment.

“They’ll be here, Mother,” Judy assured her, “Let’s sit down and wait.”

They sat on the soft grass, out of sight in the shrubbery of any one passing by. Judy pulled her skirt up her slim thighs, and the pink of her cunt was barely showing.

“Pull your dress up, too, Mother,” she said. “Well turn them on just as soon as they step in here.”

Sarah felt no nervousness, only excitement. They talked in whispers, keeping their pleasure high by saying what they would love to do with the boys. They talked about fucking those five guys on one after the other, side by side, fucking their brains out. The more they talked, the more excited Sarah became. Her cunt had been wet and hot before they left the house, but now even the insides of her thighs were wet and slippery from the seeping juices of her cunt.

“Here they come, Mother,” Judy pointing.

Sarah saw the same five boys slipping through the bushes.

“God Almighty!” one of the boys said when she saw them waiting. “Judy didn’t lie, guys.”

Five boys stood looking down at Sarah and Judy, their eyes enormous with desire. Sarah glanced at the front of their pants, smiling as she saw the growing hardness of five cocks.

She pulled at her skirt, bunching it about her waist and spreading her thighs wide, grinning lewdly up at the boys. At her side, her daughter did the same thing.

“I told you guys I’d bring a woman with a hairy cunt, didn’t I?” Judy said. “But she won’t let you just gawk at her pussy, you know. You gotta show us those pricks, too, like always.”

Sarah was pleased the boys showed no hesitation. She swallowed hard as they fumbled with their pants, opening them and shoving them down. They formed a circle around her and Judy, five wonderfully hard cocks standing straight out, drilling, precious young balls dangling beneath the bases of their pricks. She looked at them all, her eyes devouring them, her tongue licking her lips as she thought what it would be like to suck all of them off, make them come into her hungry mouth and then fuck them one after the other. She was not at all surprised to find herself coming with the thought.

“Show us your titties, too!” a boy asked, his voice choking. “We wanna see some tit, too!”

“Would you like us to be naked?” Sarah asked, her voice low and throaty with eagerness. “We’ll undress all the way if you want.”

The boys were in complete agreement, already stroking their cocks. Sarah and Judy undressed slowly, teasing the bays, revealing first one tit then another. Placing their blouses on the grass, they removed their skirts, and both leaned back, naked in the sunlight. Sarah and her daughter spread their legs wide, letting the boys gaze between them as they started fucking their fists. Sarah rolled and twisted her ass, keeping her legs spread wide for them.

Seeing five cocks, all so hard, sent sparks of erotic ecstasy through Sarah’s body, and her cunt twitched hotly as she began to stroke her pussy with her finger, noticing Judy doing the same thing.

The boys began to grunt and work their fists back and forth on their hard cocks faster and with shorter strokes now.

Sarah pumped her ass up and down as if she were being fucked, her eyes bright as she looked from cock to cock, her leg brushing at Judy’s. Seeing five hard cocks, each with a flaring dripping, piss hole was more exciting than she had fantasized. Only one boy had quite a bit of hair about his prick, but she saw now that a couple of the others were growing nice bushes, too.

“Mmmm, nice,” Sarah murmured, grinding her hips as she lifted her crotch into the air. “You guys have beautiful cocks… so hard, too! Do you really like my cunt? Do you love all the hair on my pussy? Judy said you guys wanted to see a hairy cunt.”

“You’re great, lady,” one of the boys grunted as he pumped his prick, gazing at her pussy with hot eyes.

“You’re both great,” said another.

“Wouldn’t you love to fuck this hairy cunt?” Sarah went on in a thick, hot voice. “Wouldn’t all of you love to stick your cocks up this hairy curd and fuck it?”

There was a quick affirmative answer from all five of the boys, their hands flying now.

“Mmmm, that would be nice,” Sarah gurgled. “I’d love to fuck you guys. My hot, hairy cunt would love to fuck those sweet, hard cocks… and feel you coming in it. Wouldn’t you guys rather fuck my hairy cunt than just look at it and jack off?”

Judy glanced at her mother, a grin spreading all over her face. She had her hips in the air then way her mother did, twisting her small ass about.

“You could fuck me, you know,” Sarah went on. “You guys could fuck both of us. Fucking is a lot more fun than jacking off. We have hot cunts, fellas. Real hot, real wet, cunts… and out twats just love hard cocks!”

One of the boys started to reach for Sarah. “No,” Sarah said, grinning at him and sliding her hips from his gabbing hand. “If you want to fuck us, you have to show us a good time first.”

“What do you want, lady?”

“My name is Sarah,” Sarah replied. “I’m not a lady, not when it comes to hard cocks.”

“What do you want us to do, Sarah?” asked another.

“Will you keep your promise?” came another young voice.

“What promise?” Sarah teased, working a finger into her cunt slowly.

“You said we could fuck you both.”

“I did, didn’t I?” She looked at her daughter. “Do we want to fuck these guys, Judy?”

“Oooo, let’s fuck ’em good!” Judy squealed.

Sarah looked back up the ring of boys. “I’ll keep my promise, but first you have to give us something we want.”

“Anything!” one of the boys grunted with excitement.

“You name it, Sarah!”

“Tell us what to do!”

“Come on us!” Sarah said. “We want you to squirt come juice all over us!”

“Hey, that’s all right!” a boy grunted.

“Then get closer to us,” Sarah said, gurgling with anticipation. “Get close so none of those cocks miss!”

The boys stepped in, working their fists fast as they stared hotly at the two naked women.

“I’m gonna come on those tits!”

“I’m gonna come on that hairy cunt!”

“I want that pussy without hair!”

“I’m just gonna come,” one boy groaned. “On both of them!”

“Do it!” Sarah urged. “Come… squirt that sweet come juice… drown us in come juice! Oooo, I’m coming! See my cunt… I’m coming!”

A cock squirted.

Sarah felt the come juice burn upon her nipple, and she squealed, listening to her daughter make gurgling sounds as a cock gushed come juice onto her small, naked, writhing body.

Then all five cocks were spewing.

Sarah and Judy smeared the come juice about their tits, over their stomachs and thighs, even into their cunts. The boys jerked fast and hard, sending splashing come juice onto the creamy flesh thrashing about on the grass. Mother and daughter were whimpering in orgasm, coming so much and so good that they would not have cared if anyone had walked up and watched them.

“Come on us!” Judy yelped. “Come on my hot cunt… my titties.”

“Oh, yes, squirt it!” Sarah echoed. “Make us slippery with come juice! Ahhh, it feels so fucking good! Pour it over us… come on our cunts, our legs, our tits… all over us!”

When the boys finished coming, both Sarah and her daughter were glistening from titties to thighs with come juice. The boys stood, shaking, looking down at them.

Sarah was smiling lewdly, sliding her hand up the legs of a boy that stood near her head. She cupped his balls and gave them a gentle squeeze.

“When do we get to fuck you, Sarah?” a boy asked, his voice showing how eager he was.

“Soon,” she promised, “but you’re not through with us here, yet.”

“We’re not?”

“Oh, no! There’s something else we want.” The boys waited, so eager they would do anything she asked right now. Sarah sat up, crossing her legs and looked at the boys. They looked very erotic, their pants at their ankles, cocks and balls revealed, some wearing tank tops and some wearing t-shirts. Judy sat next titter, and Sarah slipped her hand between her daughter’s thighs, feeling the slippery come juice on that sugary, hairless cunt. She worked her finger into her daughter’s pussy a moment, and Judy fondled her mother’s tits. This created an excitement in the boys.

“You two suck cunts?” a boy asked.

“And cocks, too,” Judy replied with a lewd laugh. “We’ll suck anything!”

“Even your assholes,” Sarah said in a thick voice. “But we only do that with guys that show us a good time.”

“You just tell us, and we’ll do it,” the oldest boy said. He was perhaps two or three years older than Sarah’s twins.

“Are you sure about that?” Sarah asked, batting her lashes at him. “Me and Judy have some unusual desires.”

“Shit,” the boy said. “So do we.”

“Well,” Sarah said slowly, looking around at them. She flipped the oldest boy’s cock with a fingertip. “You guys are all sort of young. Maybe you’re still in the jerk off stage. Maybe you don’t even know how to fuck a girl properly.”

“Hey, you promised!” a boy complained.

“Yes, I did, didn’t I?” Sarah said, stroking the boy’s cock. “But so did you guys.”

“Tell us what you want, Goddamn it!” came a cracking voice. “I’m gonna come off again before we get to fuck you.”

“Piss on us,” Sarah said in a soft, low voice.

“Do what?” a boy asked.

“Piss on us,” Sarah repeated.

“I’m willing,” the oldest boy said, feeling Sarah’s hot hand pulling on his cock. “I’ll piss anywhere as long as I can fuck you girls.”

There was quick agreement from the others. With gurgling excitement, Sarah and Judy spread out on the grass again, spreading their legs wide. The boys stood up in a circle around them again, arching their hips and holding their cocks at the base with thumb and forefinger.

“Where do you want us to piss on you?”

“All over!” Judy giggled.

“Our titties!” Sarah whimpered.

“In our fucking faces,” her daughter said.

“In our cocksucking mouths,” Sarah wailed.

“Piss! Piss on us now!” Judy wailed.

“Piss in our mouths!” Sarah mewled.

“Ohhh, God, let us have it!” Although the boys seemed awed by this they started pissing upon the two squirming naked bodies. Feeling the warm piss splashing upon their flesh, Sarah and her daughter twisted and writhed, arching their cunts up to take the streams directly between their thighs, clawing at the lips of her cunts to let the piss enter. Their swollen tits, Sarah’s big shapely tits and Judy’s small hard tits, were stung by the piss, their nipples throbbing.

“My mouth!” Sarah wailed, opening her lips wider. “Piss in my cocksucking mouth! I want to taste your piss on my tongue!”

“Me, too!” Judy squealed. “Come on, piss in our mouths!”

Sarah had her head close to her daughter’s, and, when all five of the boys started pissing in their faces, they held their mouths wide open, tongues out. Piss splashed into their mouths, and mother and daughter swallowed ecstatically.

When the boys stopped pissing, the oldest one shook his cock, sending one last drop into Sarah’s mouth, immediately, Sarah wrapped her arms about her daughter, crushing her lips to Judy’s, kissing and licking at her piss-wet mouth. Judy squirmed on top of her mother, and they banged their cunts together, rubbing their piss-wet titties against each other. Moaning loudly, they gave each bother a strong orgasm.

“I think we’re gonna have us some fun,” the oldest boy said as he gazed at Sarah’s long, slim thighs holding Judy’s writhing hips, her small ass gleaming wetly in the sun. “I think we found us a couple of real hot cunts, guys.”

After a while Judy and her mother separated, looking at the waiting boys.

“Do we get to fuck you, now?” one asked.

“Not here,” Sarah said, pulling her blouse on.

“You got a place we can go?”

“My house,” Sarah said, standing up and slipping her skirt over her piss-wet thighs and hips. “Just as soon as me and Judy are dressed, that’s where we’ll go.”

The toys pulled their pants up, and, now that all were dressed, Sarah, holding Judy’s hand, led the boys from the park.

“What about Tony, Mother,” Judy asked, whispering softly so the boys behind them wouldn’t hear.

“Don’t worry about Tony,” Sarah said. “But they’ll know he’s my brother when they see us together,” Judy said. “We’re twins, Mother. These guys are gonna know who your are then, too.”

“I don’t care, do you?”

Judy giggled. “Not me!”

The first thing Sarah saw as she opened the door was one of the prettiest little asses ever. The second thing she saw was her son shoving his cock into the girl’s exquisite little mouth.

“What did I tell you, Judy,” she said as she led the five boys into the house. “Tony got his ass-wiggling girl, didn’t he?”

Judy pulled her clothing off swiftly, saying, “Come on you guys… a promise is a promise. Get ready to have the fucking of your lives!”

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