Two Cousins To Torture

Immoral people capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals — a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books all contain examples.

And when the innocent victim is young, the story is so much the sadder.

The young girls in this book are the victims of immoral people. They find themselves caught in a web of depravity and perversion they never dreamed existed. And, after being forced to suffer one humiliation after another, they became little more than obedient animals, catering to the whims of their captors.

TWO COUSINS TO TORTURE — the shocking story of innocent girls learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story with a lesson for our uncaring society.


“Yes, I know,” Erica Bennett said, “a lot of people think we’re sisters.”

“Well,” her boyfriend Shaun said, “I bet you wouldn’t be more beautiful, even if you were sisters.”

Erica and her cousin, Amy Peterson, giggled at each other and took sips of their wine coolers. There was a remarkable resemblance between them that was certain. They both had innocent, wide fawn eyes, straight noses, just a little snubbed at the end, and wide, soft mouths. They both wore their brunette hair cascading over their shoulders. The only real difference was that Amy seemed to be the more vulnerable of the two, her face slightly softer. They giggled at each other again, feeling very grown up because they were sitting in a bar drinking wine coolers.

“Well,” Willy, Amy’s blind date said, “are you two going to share that apartment forever?”

He grinned at them, his strong, handsome face looking closely at Amy until she got to be uncomfortable.

“Oh yes,” Erica said with great enthusiasm. “Amy and I get along so well, don’t we?”

She turned to her cousin.

“Yes,” Amy said. “And I need someone to protect me in the big city.”

The boys laughed and ordered more drinks.

“I don’t think we should,” Erica said, looking at her watch. “It’s eleven already. We should be getting home. We have to go to church tomorrow.”

“Oh, come on,” Shaun said. “You’re big girls now,” Amy said.

“Well then,” Shaun said, “you can’t go back yet, the night is young.”

“Oh well, not much longer,” Erica said carefully as the new drinks arrived. “I don’t want my cousin to get ideas that we’re all sinners.”

Again the boys laughed, and Amy blushed into her drink. She almost wished her cousin wouldn’t say things like that. She could look after herself, and say no if a boy tried any thing.

She looked shyly at Willy. He seemed like a real nice man, the sort she could settle down with. She wondered how Erica handled Shaun. He was just as nice, she thought, but they had been dating for some months and she knew most men wanted to do it after a while. Maybe Shaun really was the gentleman Erica was looking for. If a man couldn’t wait until after marriage for sex, then the cousins would have nothing to do with them, that was agreed.

“How about this party we know of?” Shaun asked.

“No, I don’t think so,” Erica said. “We have to get up early.”

“Come on,” Shaun said. “Your cousin just arrived; you have to show her things. You’ll be awake in the morning.”

“Guaranteed,” Willy said, and Amy thought Shaun had a hard time keeping a straight face.

“No, really,” Erica said. “It’s real nice of you, but…”

“That’s settled then,” Shaun said. “If we’re that nice, you can’t turn it down. Besides, people want to meet you.”

So they went.

It was a dark street, and the houses were large and old. Amy began to feel nervous as they walked up the steps to one of them. She glanced at Erica, and her cousin gave her a look that said she would get them out of the situation very fast.

There was music playing as the door opened to reveal a sophisticated looking blonde, somewhere in her twenties, dressed in a white blouse and a black skirt, with a slit on the side.

“Shaun!” the blonde cried. “Willy, wonderful to see you?”

They went inside the dark, shadowed hall. “Rhoda,” Shaun said, “this is Erica, and this is Amy, her cousin we told you about.”

“Ah, yes,” Rhoda said, and gave the girls a long look. She smiled. “Wonderful! Come this way.”

Amy got a shock as they walked into a large room at the back of the hall. It was cluttered with furniture, but there was only one person there, a man in his forties who got up and came over, his tall, thick body swaying a little.

“My husband — Louis,” Rhoda said. “Ah, yes!” Louis extended his hand and held Erica’s hand in his grasp for just a little too long.

“How about a game of cards?” Rhoda asked brightly.

“I-I thought this was a party,” Erica said. She glanced at Shaun, but he gave her a reassuring smile.

“Of course it is,” Rhoda said. “Just the six of us, isn’t that cozy?” She smiled at the girls. “How about a drink?”

“Er, no, not really. We have to be going soon,” Erica said.

“Two rum and Cokes,” Rhoda said brightly. “Your usual, my dear?”

“Yes, wonderful,” Louis said.

“And you boys?” Rhoda turned to Shaun and Willy.

“Er, yeah,” Shaun said. He seemed nervous too. “Er — beer!”

“Coming up,” Rhoda said brightly. Amy and Erica stayed close together, nervous and out of their depth. The lights were low, except for soft spotlights on a low table and the chairs around it. The music was soft and gentile, but it didn’t help, particularly as Louis’ eyes roamed up and down the girl’s bodies.

Both girls had lovely willowy bodies to match their faces, even if they were covered by their light summer dream. As Rhoda brought the drinks, Amy looked at her cousin again and Erica smiled back, though she seemed less sure of herself than before.

“Now, cards,” Louis said, leading the way to the table.

“My parents never let me play cards,” Amy said as she sat nervously and took a sip of the rum and Coke. It was nice, the slight taste of the rum not overwhelming the Coke. “They say they’re the devil’s invention and ruin people.”

She smiled nervously, hoping they would take the hint.

“Nonsense,” Rhoda said. “We don’t play for money or anything like that. We just have a good time, don’t we?”

“Sure, Rhoda,” Shaun said, and Amy could hear a slight strain in his voice.

“You know how to play poker?” Rhoda asked as she shuffled the cards.

“Poker?” Erica gasped. “No, really, we couldn’t!”

“Relax,” Rhoda said. “We just play for these tokens.” She slid a box of tokens onto the table. “Fifty each, then we can go wild.”

“Well, no, really,” Erica said, but the cards were already being dealt, and Rhoda was insistent.

Rhoda explained the game and they played a couple of rounds, and the girls got the hang of it quickly. Or so they thought. Then there was another rum and Coke, and the girls began to relax.

The game began and tokens bounced around. There were more rum and Cokes and the girls settled down, even beginning to enjoy the evening. Louis seemed to have managed to take his eyes off them most of the time and Rhoda was a wonderful hostess.

Then Erica ran out of tokens and Rhoda lent her some. Erica lost the next hand and pouted.

“Pity,” she said.

“More tokens?” Rhoda asked.

“Oh, sure, great!”

“But you lost the hand, so you have to pay for them,” Rhoda said.

The room got very quiet.

“Sure,” Erica said, ignoring the lump in her throat. “What do they cost?”

“Your dress. Take it off and give it to me.”

“What? No!” Erica gasped, blushing to the roots of her hair. “Oh no, we have to go! We have to go!”

“You lost the hand,” Rhoda said. “There are strict rules about that, hey, boys?”

“Yeah,” Shaun said, and there was suddenly a horrible change in him. He leaned back in the chair and Erica saw that he had an enormous bulge in the front of his pants. She shuddered.

She’d never even allowed him to run his hand over the front of her bra, but now he was staring at her, expecting to see her frilly underwear.

“No, we have to go,” Erica said, getting up. Amy got up with her.

“You have to take the dress off,” Rhoda said, smiling. “Come on, it’s all innocent fun, just a game. If I lose, I have to take my clothes off.”

She leaned back in the chair, and suddenly she seemed twice as erotic and menacing as before. Her small, thrusting tits pushed out at the front of her blouse and the slit in her tight black skirt opened to reveal the hint of her black stocking tops.

“No, this is stupid,” Erica said. She looked at Amy, who was trembling, her lovely young innocent face drawn and frightened. Erica turned to Shaun. “Take us home, please, and I don’t ever want to see you again after tonight.”

“It’s up to you, boys,” Rhoda said easily, leaning back in her chair. “Take ’em home, or obey me like you said.”

“You got it,” Shaun said breathlessly. “I mean, fuck, this chick’s got a body that drives me crazy and I can’t get near it!”

He got up, staring at Erica, undisguised lust in his eyes.

“So you jerk off a lot, hey?” Rhoda asked with a grin, her blonde hair framing her face in the soft light. Her open, rather sensually beautiful features now had a hard line to them, and her dark eyes burned into the two girls.

“Yeah,” Shaun said, “fuck, thinking of her the whole fuckin’ time!”

“Now, my dear,” Rhoda said, coming up close to the two cousins, “are you ready to take off your dress?”

“No, now please, we want to go home,” Erica said her voice cracking. “Please, Shaun, stop this!”

“Not possible,” Rhoda said softly, and slid a hand up to Erica’s terrified face. “You have to take your dress off.”

“No, now please, this is not…”

“If you don’t, I’ll have the boys hold you down over one of the chairs and whip you until you agree to do it,” Rhoda said.

“What? No, you can’t, you can’t!” Erica gasped, and Amy flung her arms around her cousin, shaking in terror.

“Last chance,” Rhoda said.

“No, no!” Erica screamed.

“Hold her, boys,” Rhoda said. “And tie this other one up.”

“What? No,” Erica cried as Willy and Shaun advanced on her. “Stop this, stop!”

Her purse fell to the floor as Shaun twisted her arm behind her back, holding her.

“Stop it!” she moaned.

“Oh, boy, I’m gonna fuck your brains out!” Shaun whispered into Erica’s ear.

“No, stop this, I’ll report you for rape!” Erica screamed, struggling in his hands, her arm sore already from the brutal hold he had on her.

Meanwhile Willy grabbed Amy. He smiled into her soft, lovely face, his eyes alight with lust.

“You’re gonna love this,” he said.

“Stop, please!” Amy whispered, her body shaking in terror. “Don’t do it!”

Willy just grinned and took a long length of rope from Rhoda as she came back from a closet. Grinning, he pushed Amy into one of the high backed chairs and lashed the rope to the top of it, then grabbed one of Amy’s wrists before she could react.

Amy screamed and tried to pull away but her wrist was lashed to the chair back quickly, and Willy reached for her other hand, grabbing it, even though she struggled as hard as she could.

Willy took the rest of the rope and swung it around her body as she struggled and wept in the chair. Still grinning, he reached in and ran his hand over the front of Amy’s lovely white summer dress.

“No early ropes,” Rhoda said. “If you do this, you do it my way.”

She took the end of the rope and swung it around Amy’s body a few more times before lashing it to one of the chair legs.

“That should do,” she said. “It doesn’t have to hold for long.”

She left the wailing, sobbing Amy where she was, her arms up and straining against the ropes that held her to the chair.

“Now, my little love,” Rhoda said grimly to Erica as the cowering girl struggled in Shaun’s grasp.

“I’ll never speak to you again!” Erica screamed at him as she was turned to face the tall blonde.

“Over that,” Rhoda said, pointing to a large, stuffed chair near the table.

Amy was terrified. She hung her head, trying to avoid what was going on. Almost the worst thing was Louis. He sat in his chair, staring at her and at Erica, his eyes bright. The front of his pants bulged with his massive cock, and he rubbed it occasionally, his body jerking with the throbbing of his cock.

“No, you can’t, noooo!” Erica screamed as the boys rushed her to the chair and forced her face down over the padded back. “Stop it, stop!”

One of her shoes came off and bounced on the thick carpet. She wept as Shaun leaned on her back, holding her into the chair while Willy grabbed her ankle and pulled her legs open.

“You can’t, no!” Erica gasped, trying to pull off the chair back. Her summer dress was up over her thighs, showing the tops of her stockings as she tossed helplessly.

Willy tied her foot to the chair leg, sliding the rope over a thick pad that went around her ankle. Then he went for her other foot.

“Stop it, stop!” Erica cried, struggling against Shaun’s hand on her back. “You can’t, ooohhh, God, no!”

She dropped, her face almost in the chair cushions as her other ankle was lashed securely to the chair leg and she hung over the back, her legs spread and her dress up over her thighs.

Willy took over leaning on her back and Shaun took hold of her hands, pulling them out as he slipped tight leather straps over her wrists.

“You horror!” Erica moaned. “Why are you doing this?”

“If I don’t fuck you, I’m gonna go crazy,” Shaun said. “I gotta have it, baby, I gotta.”

“Not before we’re married,” Erica cried. “I’m a virgin.”

“I should fucking well hope so,” Shaun said. “If you weren’t, I’d beat the shit out of you for leading me on.”

Erica sobbed and pleaded with him as he tied her wrists to the front legs of the chair. He ignored her and stood back, gazing at his handiwork.

Erica screamed and sobbed as she struggled. She was utterly helpless, her arms and legs stretched to the limit, her ass sticking up in the air on the chair back.

“Not bad,” Rhoda said, coming back from the closet.

Both the girls gave sobs as they saw her. In place of her black shoes, she now wore black boots to just below her knees. And that wasn’t the worst of it. She paraded before Erica, and showed her the thin cane she carried in her hand. It was wood, about four feet long.

“You two should take a little more care about these things,” Rhoda said, examining the bonds. “Care makes the difference between a real good stroke and one they can avoid. Watch.”

She pushed Erica, and Erica lurched on the chair back, her ass twisting away from Rhoda.

“Tighten them!”

The boys jumped forward.

“No, please, stop this!” Erica cried as her hands and ankles were grasped and the bonds tightened.

“Now, come on,” Rhoda said to Willy as he fumbled with the bonds on Erica’s ankles. “Get those pads right. Do you want to mess up her stockings?”

Erica burst into tears and sobbed her heart out.

“Let’s try again,” Rhoda said, and pushed the bound Erica. This time the weeping girl hardly moved at all, and her ass stayed right where it was. “That’s important. You wait till you see the way she jerks from a cane across the ass.”

“Yeahhh!” Willy gasped as he and Shaun stood back a little, their eyes on the bound girl and their cocks thrusting against the fronts of their pants.

“Now, watch this and learn. Oh, by the way, girls,” Rhoda said, and held up a small key. “This is to the door. It wouldn’t hold a tank out, but it’ll hold you in. So don’t bother trying to escape. It’ll be very painful as well as futile.”

Amy choked as she struggled in the chair, staring at her helpless cousin bound over the soft chair back. And Louis’ eyes were on her too, swinging to devour Erica’s wonderful curves and then back to Amy again.

Rhoda took her time, strolling around the helpless Erica twice before she came to a stop right behind her.

“Great,” she said. “I thought you were kidding, Shaun. When you told me how good these two were. Just young lust, I thought. But no, these two are real class — real class.”

She ran her hand back up over Erica’s thighs and pale stockings until her fingers went over the tops and played with the lacy suspender straps.

“Nice,” she said.

“Please take your hands off!” Erica moaned, feeling even worse that a woman was doing this to her. Her feet flapped as she tried to get a grip on the floor, her legs trembling in the tight bonds.

Rhoda pushed higher, her hand reaching the soft swell of Erica’s ass. As she pushed, she eased Erica’s dress up as well, until the hem came higher than the bound girl’s stocking tops.

“Very important, to get clothes out of the way,” Rhoda said. “Even this little dress would stop most of the power of the cane.”

Casually, she flicked, and Erica’s light dress went up over her ass and fell down her back, taking her lacy pink and white slip with it.

“No!” Erica groaned, and struggled on the chair back. Her ass was protected now by nothing more than her thin white panties. Her frilly suspender straps shivered on her white ass as Rhoda’s fingers played with her, stroking her terrified body.

“Now, that’s the way you want an ass to be presented,” Rhoda said as she ran her hands over the trembling flesh. “Now you’ll see how to train girls properly.”

She ran the cane over Erica’s tight, swelling asscheeks and the young girl almost fainted with terror.

“No, stop!” she cried. “Please, don’t, don’t!”

She twisted her neck in rising desperation, trying to see what Rhoda was doing.

Amy could see, and it almost made her faint. She watched as Rhoda lifted the cane over Erica’s trembling ass. The cane hovered for a moment, then lashed down, beating a thin line right across Erica’s tight white panties. The sharp, sickening sound rang through the room.

Erica jerked on the chair back, her arms and legs trembling. Her ass twitched and her scream echoed from the walls.

“Ohhh, God!” she wailed. “Please, no, don’t!”

The cane cut her ass again, beating another line into her panties. Where the first lash had beaten her, the soft white flesh was already going a deep red.

“Beg me to be allowed to get up and take your dress off,” Rhoda said, lashing the bound girl again.

“Aaaaghh! No, please, not that, please!” Erica cried. She gyrated on the chair back, her ass burning, the thin lines of red spreading over her flesh under her tiny frilly panties. “Please, please, let us go! Please, plaaaughhh!”

Amy tied too in her chair. She struggled against the ropes that held her hands, but Rhoda had been right, they were more than enough to hold her. She watched the men, horrified at what she saw.

Louis sat in his chair, his legs out and his hand slowly caressing his massive cock through his pants. His eyes were glazed as he watched Erica tossing and screaming on the chair back. His ass tightened a little as he held his cock tightly and stroked it.

Shaun and Willy were standing closer, watching every painful jerk of Erica’s body. Their eyes stared and their breathing was very heavy. Amy felt her stomach turn, wondering how Erica could have been so taken in by Shaun.

“Aaaghhh!” Erica screamed as the cane cut into her throbbing ass once more, leaving the thin lines merging together as it pulled away. On one side, her panties had begun to fray, the frilly edges bouncing each time the cane cut into her painful flesh. “Ohhhh, God! Please, no, no!”

Then she jerked again, screaming as the thin vane lashed her ass.

“Please, no, don’t!” she cried. Her hands twisted and her legs shook as the cane whipped her shivering ass with another sharp, lashing stroke.

“Tell us how much you want to take your dress off,” Rhoda said, and whipped her hard.

“Ohhhh, no, don’t, I’m a virgin!”

“So you told us,” Rhoda said, and whipped her again.

“Aaaghhh! Please, don’t?” Erica screamed, her body tossing wildly on the chair back. Her ass was crimson and each lash of the cane added another streak to the throbbing, agonizing mass.

Amy stared in horror the whole time. Rhoda was sliding her hands over the front of her skirt as she whipped Erica, her fingers pushing and caressing her pussy through the thin material. Her thighs were spread, allowing her hands to get deeper into her cunt. She was smiling, her mouth open as she whipped the bound girl.

“Aaaghhh, all right?” Erica screamed as her ass took another horrible lashing. “I’ll do what you want!”

“What’s that?” Rhoda asked, whipping her with a sharp stroke.

“Aaaughhh! Ohhhh, God, take my dress off!” Erica screamed.

“Beg me, you stupid little bitch!”

“Urrrghbh!” Erica groaned, her body arching up as the cane cut her ass, her legs struggling to reach the floor and her hands gripping at the leather bindings. “Please, allow, let me take my dress off!”

“Aaahhh,” Rhoda said. She slid the cane over Erica’s throbbing red ass, stroking the whipped flesh. “Now you know what happens if you disobey.”

Erica sobbed and tossed. Rhoda whipped the cane into her ass, sending her heaving in agony again.

“Yes, yes, now I know!” Erica cried. “Good enough,” Rhoda said. “Untie her.” The two boys rushed up, their cocks throbbing in their pants and there eyes glassy with lust. Their fingers fumbled with the bonds as they undid them.

“Fuck!” Rhoda gasped. “You two have got to get a grip on yourselves! Louis I expect it from, but you gotta learn! Now get it right!”

She tapped the cane in her hand as the two struggled and finally got the bonds off Erica’s wrists and ankles.

Erica moaned in pain as she was pulled upright. She rubbed her ass through the dress, which had fallen back into place, tears running down her checks.

“How could you?” she asked Shaun as he stood there, watching her. “You’re a real beast!”

Shaun looked a little uncomfortable, but he grinned at her. “If you gave out, cunt, this wouldn’t happen.”

“Get your shoe on,” Rhoda said, pointing to it with the cane.

Erica struggled with her tears as she tried to put her foot back into the shoe. It was difficult, but she managed it and stood on unsteady legs before Rhoda, trembling all over.

“Always wear high heels,” Rhoda said, tapping the cane. “It makes your legs look better. You have great legs, but they can always use a little extra, don’t you agree?”

“Y-yes,” Erica said, her head down and her face streaked with tears.

“So, take your dress off,” Rhoda said. “There.”

She pointed with the cane to a point on the carpet where the soft spotlight shone.

Erica shuddered. She looked at the cane in Rhoda’s hand and gave in. Her fingers went to the neck and undid the top button, fumbling down to the next one.

“Slowly, you stupid cunt,” Rhoda said, tapping the cane. “Make it last! Their cocks are getting harder every second, so make it last!”

Erica sobbed and fell to the floor, but she managed to get a grip on the next button and undo it, revealing her tight bra and lacy top of her slip.

At a nod from Rhoda, she slid her fingers down to the next button, opening that, then on, showing more of her little white and pink slip as she moved. The boys stared at her body, their cocks standing out hard as the luscious curves of Erica’s tits and waist were revealed.

Finally Erica reached the last button, just below her waist. She reached across mechanically and undid the buttons at her wrists as she stared out and tried to forget where she was.

“Good,” Rhoda said. “Now slide it down your arms and give it to me.”

Erica bit her lip, her sobs bursting out as she let the light summer dress work down her arms until they could see her ass under her little slip. The dress slid farther, showing the tops of her stockings, and on down, revealing the lovely curve of her thighs and calves. Finally she steped out of it and handed it to Rhoda.

“Thank you,” Rhoda said. “Now, we have a game of cards to finish.”


Amy shuddered as her bonds were taken off and she could rub her sore wrists. She stared up at Willy as he set down, his face full of lust.

“Please, Willy,” she said. “Why are you doing this?”

“Because I wanna fuck you,” he said. “Real bad.”

“Hey!” Rhoda shouted. “Remember what I said, you horny little fucker, wait!”

Willy stared back a little guiltily and Rhoda strolled over, tapping the cane in her hand. She ran the tip of the cane over Amy’s trembling mouth, smiling nastily at the terrified girl.

“Believe me,” she said softly. “When you are through tonight, you’ll be totally fucked out, trust me. Now get this one back to the table.”

“Oh no!” Amy whispered as Willy pulled her out of the chair and almost threw her back toward the table.

“Sit!” he shouted.

In mortal fear, Amy did as she was told, sitting in her chair, her eyes down. On the other side of the table, Shaun was helping Erica sit down, holding the chair mockingly for her. Erica burst into tears as her sore ass reached the chair seat. She jumped up, rubbing her asscheeks until Shaun forced her back down.

“It don’t hurt that much, you cunt,” he said, sitting down beside her and running his hand over her thigh. “Fuck, look at you.”

Erica wept. She glanced at Amy and the two of them shared a look of horror before Rhoda sat down and shuffled the cards.

“From now on,” Rhoda said, “the loser has to take something off.”

She smiled brightly and looked around the table.

Rhoda carried on as if nothing had happened.

She dealt and, in a nightmare, the two girls picked up their cards and looked at them. They didn’t mean a thing to either of them, but they laid them down when they were told and waited for their fate.

The tension got worse in the room as the hands went around. For some reason the cousins didn’t understand, the boys began to lose a lot. They were soon out of most of their clothes, their bulging cocks becoming more and more evident. Even Louis lost a lot. He didn’t say anything, though his eyes now made no pretense of staring right at the two terrified girls, drinking in their beauty. He just got up when he lost and took something off.

More drinks arrived and the girls sipped them when they were told to. The card went around and soon the men were all down to their shorts and grinning wildly at the two girls.

Finally Rhoda lost. She smiled and stood up, spreading her thighs and sliding her hands up her slit skirt.

“I lost real bad,” she said. “I think I should take two things off.” She walked slowly around to where Shaun stared up at her luscious long legged figure. “My belt is real tight. Would you be a darling and undo it for me?”

Amy and Erica shivered and snaked a glance at each other, their eyes meeting in helpless fear.

“Sure,” Shaun said, trying to be cool. His fingers shook uncontrollably as he reached out and took hold of Rhoda’s wide leather belt, puffing it out and letting the end fall loose.

“Mmmnnn!” Rhoda moaned. “Now the zipper, darling!”

She turned and Shaun’s fingers fumbled with her zipper until he managed to jerk it down to the base.

Without another word, Rhoda put her spiked heel up on the table and stepped up. She slid her skirt down her legs, standing right over the shivering Amy, her long stockinged legs spreading as she stepped out of the skirt and tossed it onto the floor.

Amy flinched and gasped at the sight. Underneath the skin, Amy wore a leather bodice with strings at the back that held it really tight, accentuating her figure and puffing her slim waist in until it looked really uncomfortable. The bottom of the bodice stopped above her swelling asscheeks and black leather panties took over from there, clinging tight to the curves of her ass. There was a zipper in the panties, right around Rhoda’s pussy and into her asscrack. Below the panties stretched the suspender straps that held up Rhoda’s black stockings.

Rhoda twisted one of her spiked heels into the table top.

“Stand up,” she said to Amy.

Amy felt as if she was passing out as cube obeyed. She stood shaking from head to toe beneath Rhoda contemptuous stare.

“Undo the buttons of my blouse,” Rhoda said.

The young girl shuddered and gasped, unsure of the terror facing her. She reached up and tried to ease the top button open. It gave after a little, showing the top of Rhoda’s cleavage.

“All of them,” Rhoda said.

Amy bit her lip, weeping softly as she undid the next button, and the next. What she had originally taken to be Rhoda’s slip was the top of the bodice, and it hardly covered Rhoda’s tits at all. A plain piece of black leather covered the lower halfs of the swelling orbs, almost to Rhoda’s nipples. Below that, the bodice tightened quickly into the blonde’s waist. Rhoda’s tits were just right for her body, a good handful, standing up with no support from the bodice top. She grinned at Amy as the young girl finished and stood by her chair, her head down.

Rhoda slid the blouse off, letting it slip down her ass until she could throw it away.

“DO YOU think I’m beautiful?” she asked, spreading her thighs and playing with the zipper in her leather panties.

Amy broke into sobs and put her hands over her face.

“You stupid little cunt!” Rhoda snapped, and slapped Amy’s hands out of the way. “Look at me!”

Amy tried to keep her eyes on Rhoda’s figure, but she was so terrified it was difficult.

“Now, do you think I’m beautiful?”

“Yes!” Amy whispered, thinking that was the right answer.

“Put your hand here,” Rhoda said, flicking the toggle of the zipper on her panties.

“Oh, God!” Amy whispered as she obeyed. Her fingers could only just hold the zipper as she kept her head down and waited.

“Pull it down,” Rhoda said, spreading her thighs even more, her spiked heels scraping on the table top. “Just think, there are two boys around this table who are creaming their shorts wanting to do that.”

“Please, please!” Amy whimpered as she pulled on the zipper and it slid easily, moving down and showing a hint of Rhoda’s blonde pussyhair as it reached the base of her cunt and began to move round into her ass.

“Stop,” Rhoda said. “Now, reach in, go on.”

“Uuurrhhh!” Amy moaned, her whole body in a fever of horror and fear.

“Reach!” Rhoda snapped. “You’re going to lose the next round of cards, my little bitch, so don’t but me! I just might whip you, what whip to!”

Amy sneaked another glance at Erica. Her cousin was shivering in the chair. Erica’s tits thrust at the front of her slip, but she was trying to hide them from Louis’ stare as he leaned over her, his hand on his cock, staring at her body.

“Ignore him,” Rhoda said, turning to Erica. “He just likes to jerk off. He can’t get it up for a real woman. I don’t know what’s wrong with him, but he’s rich, so I keep him around.” She turned back to Amy. “Get on with it!”

Amy’s hand trembled so much she could hardly push it into the gap in Rhoda’s panties. Inside, it was hot and her fingers ran over Rhoda’s pussylips and, as the blonde jerked her hips, into the gash of her cunt. It was wet, and Amy could feel the trembling of Rhoda’s clit as she touched it.

“Caress me,” Rhoda said, “or you’ll be right over that chair.”

Amy ran her fingers over Rhoda’s clit, feeling them getting wetter by the second. Rhoda gave a low moan and eased her thighs eve farther open.

“Yeah!” she moaned. “Not bad. Keep it up and you might eyen escape the whip!” She gave a moan and rubbed her clit over Amy’s fingers. “Do you know why I get so wet?”

“No!” Amy whispered.

“Because I love whipping little girls into shape and making them behave!” Rhoda moaned. “Almost as much as I love cock! Ohhh, that’s right, I might even come, wouldn’t that be nice?”

Amy wept in horror as she caressed Rhoda’s pussy, her fingers rasping on the sides of the zipper as she moved them over the hot, wet flesh. To one side, Willy leaned in and leered, his eyes taking in the depraved scene. Shaun was watching Erica, his hand on his cock.

“Spread your legs,” Louis said to the terrified girl. “Come on, show me your pussy.”

“Please, don’t!” Erica cried.

“I don’t like fucking women,” Louis said. “Don’t like my cock getting dirty. But I love to whip them, now open your legs and show me your pussy! Yeahhh, just like that!”

With a total lack of shame, he pulled his cock out of his pants and started to caress it, stroking the rock-hard length as he took in the beauty of Erica’s body.

Erica sat in her chair, her thighs open and the white of her panties showing under her little slip as Louis stared and slowly worked his cock. Her mouth was tight as she wept in shame.

“Ease your bra down,” Louis said, his voice getting ragged. “Just a little, yeah, just a little.”

In her terror Erica slid the lacy top of her bra down, pushing her slip top with it and showing the curves of her upper tits to his perverted gaze. He gasped, his ass jerked up in the chair and his hand kept up the slow pumping of his throbbing cock.

“Mrnmmm!” Rhoda moaned, her legs opening farther and her spiked heels digging into the table top. “Yeahhh, oh yeahhh!”

She heaved against Amy’s fingers, her hot pussygash rubbing over the young girl’s hand. She gasped and gave a long shudder, her pussy gushing juices over Amy’s fingers. She sighed as she conic, her ass circling and her fingers rubbing her nipples. She gave a final moan and stopped, her pussy still throbbing on Amy’s hand.

“Take your hand out,” she said.

Amy pulled her fingers out fast, putting her wet hand down by her side and gasping as the strong odor of a woman in heat wafted up to her.

“Sit,” Rhoda said, and turned, zipping her panties back up and pacing across the table, scattering cards and tokens all over the place. “Fuck it, Louis, can’t you wait?”

Louis was gasping and jerking in his chair, his hand speeding up on his cock as he stared at Erica’s wonderful body.

“Hold it in, you stupid fucker!” Rhoda shouted, and strode to the table edge, slamming her spiked heel down close to him.

He looked up at her, his hand slowing, gripping his cock as he tried to stop himself shooting off.

“Not until I’ve got the dress off this one,” Rhoda said. “Come on, you stupid fucker, the boys have got to wait, so do you.”

“Fuuuuck!” Louis moaned as he gripped his cock and slowed himself down, his throbbing prick swelling painfully. “You bitch!”

“You stupid jerk-off!” Rhoda snapped. “You’re worse than a cockroach!”

“Bitch,” Louis said, but Rhoda ignored him. She stepped off the table and sat in her chair, sweeping together the cards that she could see.

“Hey, Rhoda!” Shaun gasped. “When do we get to fuck these two?”

“Coming up,” Rhoda said. “Jesus, come an, tell me, aren’t you harder than you’ve ever been before?”

“Of course!” Shaun gasped.

“And you’ll probably come three times before your cocks even go down, right?”

“Yeaaaahh,” Willy said.

“Stick with me, baby. By the time I let you have them, you’ll shoot five times before you go down,” Rhoda said.

Amy stared at her cards. They didn’t mean anything. She put them down and Rhoda inspected them all.

“You lose,” she said. “Up and get that dress off.”

Somehow Amy had hoped she might avoid this moment. Sweat broke out all over her body as she slowly got to her feet. She glanced at Erica, who had her eyes down again, trying to avoid Louis’ endless leer. Amy’s head spun. The boys had their eye glued to her and their cocks seemed to have grown another six inches or more. Amy’s trembling fingers went to the top button of her dress, but she knew she couldn’t do it. She couldn’t reveal her body to these horrible people. With a scream, she broke and ran for the door.

She pulled the handle, twisting it frantically as Rhoda slowly got up from the table and strolled toward her, the cane in her hand.

Rhoda took her time, enjoying Amy’s panic-stricken struggles at the door.

“Well,” she said, stroking the cane in her hand. “At the moment, you get six strokes of this for trying to escape.”

Amy screamed and struggled with the handle, her body jerking with the effort.

“I’m going to start counting,” Rhoda said. “Upward from six. When you stop with the handle, that’s the number of strokes you’ll ge. Seven.”

“Aaahhh!” Amy screamed, pulling at the door, her mind spinning.

“Eight. Nine.”

“No, no!” Amy cried.

“Ten, eleven, twelve,” Rhoda said, and Amy broke, falling to the carpet and sobbing in horror. “Get up!”

Amy clawed at the door, struggling up on legs that had gone rubbery in her fear. She sobbed, leaning against the door as she faced Rhoda and the horrible cane.

“Over to the table,” Rhoda said.

Amy moaned as she obeyed, her shoes twisting as her legs wobbled. She reached the table and shivered under the horrible gaze of the men there. Willy and Shaun grinned and watched, while Louis’ eyes feasted on Erica’s body, his hand hovering over his cock.

“You have a choice,” Rhoda said, stroking the cane. “If you take that dress off now, you get the twelve strokes. If you don’t, I’ll double it and then you can take it off. Or I’ll double it again. Gets real painful.”

Amy shrieked in horror. She knew Rhoda would do it and she knew she was trapped. She took hold of the top button of her dress and opened it.

“Yeah!” Shaun sighed, staring as the curves of Amy’s tits showed. “Look at that, boys!”

Weeping and shivering, Amy opened the next button. Like Erica, she was wearing a bra and slip, and the lacy tops of her undergarments came into view as her white summer dress eased away from her body. She avoided their eyes as she undid the last button and let the dress slide down her lovely curves. It dropped below her slip hem, showing her thighs and the delicious lines of her stockings. With a sob, she let ft drop to the floor and stepped out of it, putting it over a chair.

“See, boys,” Rhoda said, “it’s all worth it, hey? Look at that body.”

“I’m looking,” Willy said, his eyes feasting on Amy’s soft white flesh.

“Okay,” Rhoda said. “Special treat for two horny boys who obeyed orders. How about a blow-job each? Then we can get down to some serious fucking.”

“Ooohhh, fuck, yeah!” Shaun gasped.

“You can wait!” Rhoda snapped at Louis as he leaned toward her. “Keep your cock in your pants and you can have it when the boys are done! I’ll even hold them for you, you slimy jerk!”

“Fuck you,” Louis said, but he leaned back in his chair and kept his hand away from his cock.

“Okay, good,” Rhoda said. “You, over that chair!”

“No, no!” Amy screamed, panicking again. She turned and looked, at the door.

Rhoda came up to her again, the cane in her hand. She smiled at the shivering girl and stroked the thin wood softly.

“Again, I give you a choice,” she said. “Ain’t that nice of me? If you go over that chair back yourself and don’t struggle, I’ll stop whipping you when you actually suck Willy’s cock. If you struggle, then I’ll whip you until you’ve sucked every last drop of cum out of it. How about that?”

“What?” Amy asked. “What do you mean? Suck? What? What do you mean?”

Rhoda laughed. “You can’t be that innocent. Suck his cock, got that? Put his cock in your mouth and suck it until cum shoots out of it. It tastes wonderful, believe me.”

“No, no!” Amy gasped, panic overwhelming her again. She backed up, her body trembling and her mind spinning in horror.

“Get her, boys!”

“Yeahhh!” Willy yelled as he and Shaun launched themselves out of their chairs.

Amy screamed helplessly as she was hustled over to the chair and forced down over the back, her legs struggling just as Erica’s had done. She screeched and sobbed, struggling as she was held, but it didn’t do her any good.

“Please, no!” she cried as her ankles were lashed to the back legs of the chair. “Don’t, don’t!”

But he pulled her arms out and soon she was lashed tightly across the chair back, her ass in her little slip sticking up in the air and her legs shaking in her pale stockings. She moaned, her face close to the pillows, her arms stretched out and her wrists painfully bent, lashed to the wooden legs below her.

“You,” Rhoda said to Erica. “Are you going to be sensible?”

“Not that, not what you said!” Erica screamed. “Not that!”

“Boys,” Rhoda said, and they grabbed her. “Sit her down in that chair.”

As Erica screamed and wept. Shaun and Willy forced her into the high-backed chair that Amy had been lashed to. They took her hands and tied them.

“No, don’t, please, no!” Erica groaned as Willy put a thick black collar around her neck and clipped it to the middle of the chair back, holding her head almost rigidly still. She strained against the collar, but her neck hurt almost immediately and she gave up.

Willy pulled her ankles out and tied them to the bottom of the chair legs. Finally they slipped a thick belt around her waist and tightened that around, the back of the chair.

“Now,” Rhoda said, “pull it over there, on the table. On its back.”

Erica gave a scream, but the boys picked up the chair and laid it on the table. Now she was lying on her back, her legs up, bent at the knees, her head hanging over the edge of the table and the back of the chair. Her little slip fell onto her tummy, exposing her thighs and the white of her panty-covered pussy. She struggled against the bonds that held her wrists, but they just cut into her flesh.

“Oh, God!” she moaned. She looked up and there was Amy, lashed as helplessly as she was. The two girls burst into fresh tears.

“Now, my two sweethearts,” Rhoda said. She leaned over Erica and slid her hands over the bound girl’s neck, moving down toward her tits. “You’re gonna suck cock, baby. Suck lots of cock. And if any of Shaun’s cum gets on the chair, you’ll lick it up, got that?”

Her hand reached Erica’s bra and pushed inside.

“Oh, don’t, don’t do that!” Erica cried. She tried to lift her head and look, but Rhoda pushed her back down and went on, her fingers playing over the helpless girl’s tits.

“Let’s have this open,” Rhoda said, and reached around Erica for the clip of her bra. As Erica moaned and twisted, Rhoda’s expert fingers reached the tiny clip and opened it. She pulled the bra cups away and pushed at the slip.

“No, no, don’t!” Erica gasped, struggling and jerking. But Rhoda tore it, and Erica’s little slip parted at the top and began to rip down. Rhoda stopped once, then ripped again, parting the slip almost to the waist and tossing the sides open.

“Not bad,” Rhoda said, and stepped back. “Worth waiting for, boys?”

Erica’s tits were worth waiting for. Small, thrusting and firm, they heaved with her sobs as she lay lashed to the chair, her bra cups slipping away and falling onto the chair back with every movement she made. Her slip hem was slipping up her body, too, showing more and more of her pussy-hugging white panties.

“Now,” Rhoda said, “get me the small cat, Shaun.”

“Uh, sure,” he said, and rushed to the closet. Erica strained to see what a cat was and gave a horrible scream when she saw. It was a whip with a short handle and many tails, each one about two feet long and tightly knotted at regular intervals. Shaun rushed up to Rhoda and gave her the terrible whip.

“Now,” Rhoda said, “I’m going to show you how to use this.”

She stood over Erica’s face and Erica gave a long scream of horror. The scream got louder as Rhoda dropped the cat tails and let them drape over Erica’s lovely, heaving tits.

“Don’t be stupid when you use a whip,” Rhoda said, trailing the cat tails over Erica’s heaving tit-mounds. “Don’t damage the merchandise. It doesn’t work too well then, got that?”

“Yeah,” Shaun said, his eyes on Erica’s tits. “Pain gets you what you want when use it properly,” Rhoda said. “Like this.”

Erica stared up at the terrible woman. Rhoda’s body jerked, her tits jutting out as she held the cat and lifted it over Erica’s body. Rhoda spread her legs around Erica’s face, her hot pussy pressing so close that Erica could feel the heat through the tight leather panties.

Erica saw the cat out of the corner of her eye as it lashed down and the most terrible pain rushed out of her tits.

“Aaaghhh!” she screamed, and bucked like a wild thing in the chair, her arms twisting, her whole body on fire. Agony burst out of her tit flesh as the tight leather tails beat in.

“See, don’t get carried away,” Rhoda said. “Whip her as much as you like, but don’t damage the merchandise.”

She gave Erica another stroke and the helpless girl leaped in the chair, screaming and wailing.

“Got that?” Rhoda asked.

“You bet,” Shaun said, and took the cat from her.

Erica stared up at her one-time boyfriend, her sobs almost choking her. He took his cock out of his shorts and let it slide over her mouth, caressing her lips, the rock-hard length pulsating with lust. Erica had never seen anything so big before, it was seven or eight inches of hard male cock, and she was sure she could never get it inside her innocent mouth.

Shaun trailed the cat tails over her reddened tits.

“Boy!” he gasped. “Are you gonna suck cock! Right down your throat, honey, oh fuck, I’ve waited for this too long!”

“Oh, no please, Shaun, please!” Erica sobbed, but the cat was going up and Shaun’s throbbing cock pushed at her mouth.

Rhoda walked over to the sobbing, struggling Amy as she hung on the chair back. Willy stood in front of the moaning girl, his cock out, running it close to her lips and she wept and begged him to stop.

Rhoda slid her hands up over Amy’s lovely, tight asscheeks.

“Oh, these are real nice,” she said. She slid Amy’s slip up out of the way and caressed Amy’s flesh through the little panties. Amy sobbed and struggled, but she was bound too tightly. Her ass twisted helplessly.

Rhoda picked up the cane and slid it over Amy’s ass, pushing it under her lacy suspender straps and puffing at them a little.

“As I recall,” she said, “you have twelve strokes coming to you, right?”

She slid the cane back out of Amy’s suspender straps.

“Ohhhh, God!”

The cane cut her ass hard, lashing down and beating a thin line of agony across her tight flesh.

“Noooo! Aaagahhh!” Amy screamed, jerking on the chair back, her frantic jerk making the chair bounce on the carpet.

“You have twelve of these coming to you, right?”

“Aaahhh, no, please!” Amy screamed in real agony as she took another stroke across her ass. As she screamed, Willy pushed his hard cock at her mouth and it slid inside. In desperation, she pulled her head away. “I said, you have.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Amy screamed. “I have, I have!”

“If, by the time I’ve given you the twelve, you’ve got Willy’s cock in your mouth, then I’ll stop,” Rhoda said. “If not, then you get whipped until he comes in your mouth.”

Amy choked in desperate horror. She stared at Willy’s hard cockhead, bouncing inches from her lips. The hint of his salty jizz lingered in her mouth from just the split second of contact. She would rather die than take his prick into her mouth again.


“One,” Rhoda said, and whipped the cane across Amy’s tight asscheeks.

The helpless girl screamed in agony, twisting on the chair back trying to escape her punishment.

“Two,” Rhoda said as she lashed Amy hard, the cane bending as it whipped into the young girl’s shuddering flesh.

“Aaaghhh! Oh God!” Amy screeched, heaving and pulling at the ropes that bound her.

“Stop, please, stop!”

“Three,” Rhoda said, and laid the cane across Amy’s red ass with a sickening slap.

She slid her fingers down to her pussy, easing the zipper of her panties down and sliding a finger in, playing with her red hot cunt.

“Four!” she gasped, her finger blurring on her clit. “This is great!”

She held the cane up for a second as Amy’s ass trembled and the bound girl twisted, trying to see what was going on.

“Five,” Rhoda said, and the thin wooden cane whipped into Amy’s ass once more.

“Uurrghh, oh God!” Amy screamed. “Help me, help me!”

She stared at Willy’s cock, bouncing close to her open, screaming mouth.

“Six,” Rhoda said, whipping the cane into Amy’s tight panties.

“Aaargghhh!” Amy screamed, tossing helplessly, her ass a searing mass of agony, her asscheeks whipped raw. She stared at Willy’s cock and knew she couldn’t take it into her mouth. The shame would kill her.

“Seven,” Rhoda said, lashing the cane into Amy’s ass with greater force, her hand blurring as she beat it in. “Keep it up, baby, I love whipping little cunts like you. Eight!”

Her finger rolled on her clit and she gave a gasp of lust, her hips jerking.

Amy’s screams rang round the room as she struggled. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Louis stroking his cock as he watched. And just in front was Erica, lying in the chair as she screamed at the lash of the cat across her tits.

Amy was going to pass out. She couldn’t stand the pain and horror. The cane lashed her and she heard Rhoda counting as the horrible thin rod lashed into her asscheeks. The agony erupted from her ass, surging all over her body as she strained against the bonds in futile panic.

Amy suddenly knew she couldn’t take it any more. The pain was too much. She stared at the cockhead, trying to understand that she had to take the horrible thing into her mouth. The cane lashed her for the eleventh time and she gurgled in pain, her mouth moving down toward the swollen cockhead.

“Twelve,” Rhoda said, whipping Amy hard. “You shit! You’re gonna ive in and suck him, you little shit! Come on, show some guts, kid! Take that!”

Amy’s scream rang out and then bubbled around Willy’s cockhead as she let it push into her mouth. She gagged on it for a moment, the massive round ball filling her mouth and thrusting at her throat, but as she sucked at it, it suddenly wasn’t as bad as she had expected. It was warm, hard and throbbing in her mouth as Willy gave a gasp and his cock grew and pushed over her tongue.

“Suck me, bitch!” he growled. “Suck me good!”

“You bitch!” Rhoda screamed, and whipped Amy again, driving the cane into her sore ass.

“Aaaghhh!” Amy wailed, her mouth pulling off Willy’s cockhcad. “I’m doing what you want! That’s not fair!”

“Who said anything about fair?” Rhoda yelled, and whipped her again, driving the cane across Amy’s ass and splitting her panties even more, the tear spreading as the bound girl screamed and twisted across the chair back. Rhoda rubbed her clit as she whipped Amy again, driving the cane in, her finger blurring on her cunt. She sighed and gave Amy a final lash of the cane as she came, her hips jerking and her pussy throbbing with lust.

Amy screamed at the final stroke of the cane and her head rammed dawn on Willy’s cock until she almost choked on the hard fucker. Her throat spasmed and she eased back as the pain subsided from her ass. She sucked and licked at Willy’s cock as he slid his hands into her hair and moved his stiff prick in her open mouth.

“Suck me, baby!” he growled. “That’s good, suck it right, I’m gonna come soon, whore, so you be ready!”

Amy sucked as she was told to do, her mouth closed on the thick fuck-rod, breathing through her nose as she let Willy’s cockhead push in and out of her lips. She felt him gasp and jerk as his excitement mounted and she knew he would soon shoot all that terrible white goo into her innocent mouth. The thought made her gag, but she had something else to worry about. Rhoda’s hands ran over her asscheeks, caressing her sore flesh and making the pain rush out again. But there was a horrible sexual urge to Rhoda’s caresses and Amy realized that the blonde was going to take advantage of her helplessness. She screamed into Willy’s cock, but it didn’t help. Rhoda’s hands roamed over her flesh, moving closer to her spread pussy.

Shaun shoved his cock at Erica’s mouth, but the helpless girl clamped her teeth together and wouldn’t allow it in.

“Bitch!” he yelled, and slapped the cat across her tits.

Erica screamed, jerking in the chair. She gritted her teeth harder, determined that she wasn’t going to surrender.

“Open up, bitch,” Shaun said, and whipped her tits again, beating her lovely mounds with hard strokes.

More agony climbed out of Erica’s tits as the tight knots lashed her flesh, leaving red stripes, and small dark crimson dots where the knots landed. Her bra cups and the edges of her torn slip twitched as she struggled, trying to rock the chair off the table. But the chair was too heavy and her struggles were totally futile.

“Suck me, bitch!” Shaun roared, lashing the cat across his girlfriend’s tits with savage strokes. His anger was rising with each blow as Erica still gritted her teeth and screamed, tears running down her face, but refusing to let him in. “Suck me!”

“Jeez,” Rhoda said as she ran her fingers over Amy’s shuddering pussy. “Don’t you ever learn anything?” She paraded over, grinning at Shaun’s helplessness. “Give me that.”

She took the cat and leaned down over Erica, her mouth close to the young girl’s ear. “You’re going to suck this, stupid shit!”

“No!” Erica cried, staring at Rhoda, her eyes filled with tears.

“Sorry,” Rhoda said, grinning at her. “You’re a real fighter, I like that. But you’re gonna suck him, baby, suck his cock right off.”

“Aaahhh!” Erica moaned as Rhoda’s fingers slid over her painful nipples and twisted them, sending fresh surges of agony out of her tits. “No, no, I won’t!”

“You will,” Rhoda said. “Oh, yes, you will.”

She twisted again, pulling Erica’s nipples as she did, puffing the beaten flesh until Erica screamed with pain.

“Now, suck him, bitch, suck him!”

“Aaaghhh, no!” Erica screamed, her tits surging with pain.

Rhoda slid two of her long fingernails round Erica’s nipples and worked them across each other, cutting into Erica’s already aching tit bud. Rhoda tightened her fingers, her sharp nails digging in and cutting into Erica’s nipples.

“Only if he doesn’t whip me again!” Erica groaned, her tits seething with pain.

“No bargains!” Rhoda said. “No bargains yet, whore. Later, maybe. Maybe bargains you’ll love, who knows?”

She twisted her fingernails into Erica’s nipples, making the helpless girl scream in pain.

“I will if he doesn’t whip me,” Erica said, her tits throbbing with pain.

“No — ah, all right, whore,” Rhoda said. “All right, he won’t whip you.” She stepped back. “Take him in.”

Erica sobbed as Shaun shoved his cockhead at her mouth. She obeyed, her lips staying soft, her jaws opening to allow him to push in. His thick round cockhead eased into her mouth, ramming deep.

“Take it easy,” Rhoda said, sliding her hand over his cockshaft. “It’s all gonna be fine.” She leaned down and slid her lips over Erica’s left nipple, sucking at the hard bud.

Erica gasped, her mouth sucking at Shaun’s cockhead as strange passion surged out of her own sore nipple. Rhoda’s tongue swirled, her lips spread as she sucked Erica’s nipple into her mouth and closed her teeth over it.

“Naaahhh!” Erica screamed into Shaun’s cock as Rhoda slowly rasped her teeth over her nipples, increasing the pressure as she rolled the tight bud between her sharp teeth. But there was something else to the pain, a strange throb that burst out of her nipples with each roll of Rhoda’s teeth. She sobbed, choked on Shaun’s cock as he fucked into her mouth, her tits aching with some dull excitement that wouldn’t go away.

Rhoda gave a sharp bite to Erica’s nipple, sending the bound girl shrieking in the chair, her head straining against the collar. Then Rhoda stood up and grinned down at Erica’s cock-filled face.

“If she plays up, let me know,” she said to Shaun.

Erica gasped and sobbed, her mouth full of Shaun’s cock and her body aching with pain.

She wept, her mouth doing its best to suck Shaun’s throbbing prick.

Amy gave a gasp as Rhoda came back and ran her hands over her whipped ass. She sucked at Willy’s cock, knowing he was close to coming, shaking at the thought of all his cum in her mouth.

Then Rhoda’s fingers reached Amy’s pussylips, stroking her flesh through her thin panties. Amy shuddered and jerked her ass heaving up off the chair back as she took Willy’s cock deeper into her mouth. Her pussy ached at the touch of Rhoda’s skillful fingers and her stockinged legs trembled in their bonds.

“What a nice ass,” Rhoda said, stroking Amy’s flesh and sliding her hands inside Amy’s panties. “Don’t you love this, my little angel?”

She stroked her fingers over Amy’s pussy, caressing the hard bud of Amy’s clit through her panties while her other hand explored Amy’s ass, stroking the whipped flesh from under the torn briefs.

“Ohhh, fuck, I’m gonna come!” Willy gasped, grabbing Amy’s hair.

“No you don’t, you horny fucker,” Rhoda snapped. “Take it out and run it over her lips. Hold it back, you jerk.”

Will gasped, but he did as she said, taking his throbbing cock out of Amy’s mouth and running his cockhead over her trembling lips.

“No fucking sense of timing,” Rhoda said, caressing Amy’s ass and pussy. “Now hold it and wait. It’s much better that way.”

Willy gasped, his cock throbbing against Amy’s lips, his face contorted as he struggled with his lust.

“Now, my darling,” Rhoda said, “how about I get these panties off you so I can caress you properly?”

She stroked Amy’s pussy, running her fingers over Amy’s clit.

Amy gasped, her lips running over Willy’s cockhead as he panted and tried not to let go his load of cum. Her pussy throbbed under Rhoda’s expert fingers, her sore flesh reacting to the gentle caresses. She moaned, her body jerking on the chair back.

“How about that?” Rhoda asked softly. “How about I get these panties off you?”

“No, please,” Amy sobbed, tears running down her face, her body tossing in Rhoda’s soft grip.

“Don’t you know what the right answer is?” Rhoda asked, sliding one finger close to the tight hole of Amy’s pussy.

“Yes, yes, take them off me!”

“Good,” Rhoda said. “This won’t take a moment.”

She stepped away, and Amy lay there sobbing far a few moments. Then the cane, or something even more agonizing, cut into her ass. She lurched, screaming on the chair back, her body exploding with pain.

“No — what? No!”

“But you said to get your panties off,” Rhoda said, lashing the thin rod into Amy’s ass. “We couldn’t agree how. Don’t worry, your panties are tearing nicely.” She whipped the rod into Amy’s ass and the bound girl’s panties split. “This thing is even thinner than the cane, it whips panties off in no time.”

“Aaaaghhh, no!” Amy screamed, her mouth working as Willy’s cock bobbed at her lips. “Please, no, no!”

The rod cut her asscheeks once more and she felt a large flap of her panties fall away as the split ripped right across the material.

“There,” Rhoda said. “Didn’t hurt much, did it?”

She advanced on the sobbing Amy and took hold of the tattered panties, ripping at them until the sides tore and she threw the remains of the garment across the floor. Then she leaned in and caressed Amy’s sore ass, her hands running over every inch of the whipped flesh.

“Ooohh, God, help!” Amy moaned, her body throbbing with pain as Rhoda’s hand roamed over her tightly stretched ass. One of Rhoda’s hands went down to her pussy and stroked it, and the awful excitement came out of it again, throbbing low, building with the skillful rubbing of her clit.

“Boy, you’ve got such a great ass and pussy, they really got to be used, you know,” Rhoda said, pushing her fingers over Amy’s cut and closer to the tight hole of her cunt. Her other hand moved into the crack of Amy’s ass, pushing down until Amy gave a scream and tried to clamp her asscheeks together. “Don’t do that! I’ll have to whip you again!”

Amy shuddered and wept, but she let her asscheeks relax so that Rhoda’s fingers could probe deeper, moving closer to her puckered shitter entrance. At the same time, Rhoda’s other hand probed Amy’s pussy, getting closer all the time to her tight cunt. Spasms of passion shot out from the contact and Amy gave a groan, her body writhing slowly on the chair back.

“Aaahhh, good,” Rhoda said. “Now, suck Willy’s cock gently. Very gently. Don’t let him come until I say so. And, Willy, you play the game or I’ll throw you out. Hold it there and don’t ram it in.”

Willy held his cockhead at Amy’s mouth as the little girl gave a sob and let his prick back between her lips.

It was a strange nightmare for Amy. Her disgust at what she had to suffer raged through her, but the soft caresses of Rhoda’s fingers stroked electric, rising passion through her body. Her cunt throbbed gently, and her asshole twitched as Rhoda’s fingers probed it, stroking the tight entrance. It was horrible and perverted, but it was also strangely exciting, and Amy found that her mouth was on Willy’s cock. She sucked him, letting her soft lips and tongue caress his hot, hard flesh. She could feel his lust and knew how to keep him held back. She struggled, her body seething with feelings she had never felt before.

“Good,” Rhoda said, stroking her fingers over Amy’s clit, then easing down until she probed the entrance of Amy’s cunt. “You said you’re a virgin, is that right?”

Fear and horror surged back over Amy. “Yes, yes! Please, not that, not that!”

Rhoda eased a finger into Amy’s pussy and the bound girl broke into horrible sobs.

“Hold still, girl,” Rhoda said. “I’m just going to test you. If you are a virgin, then fine — if not, then you’ll explain why.”

“It was a boy, I was very young!” Amy cried. “I didn’t say it, Erica did!”

“Ooohhh, I see!”

Rhoda chuckled and slid her finger high into Amy’s tight little cunt.

“Well, I hope you weren’t thinking of taking a cherry here,” she said to Willy. “She’s gone — real gone.” She rolled her finger around Amy’s cuntwalls and the little girl broke into horrible sobs of shame.

“You didn’t tell your cousin about this, did you?” Rhoda asked.

“No, no!” Amy cried.

“She wouldn’t like to hear it, would she?” Rhoda teased, sliding another finger into Amy’s spasming cunthole.

“N-no, no!”

Rhoda chuckled and pushed anther finger at Amy’s tight ass. “You ready to shoot?”

“Am I ready?” Willy yelled. “Jeeezus, my cock’s gonna burst!”

“Okay,” Rhoda said softly. She slid her finger out of Amy’s cunt. “I’m gonna whip Amy while you come.”

Amy broke into sobs that were stifled as Willy grabbed her head and rammed his cock deep into her throat. She could feel his cock throbbing and heaving as his balls tightened and the cum rushed around. Her ass trembled and suddenly the agony burst out of it, seething over her body as she trembled and heaved. Her scream was buried in Willy’s cock as he fucked in farther, his cockhead thrusting at her throat.

“Fuuuuck!” he yelled. “When you whip her, her throat opens!”

“You learn something every day,” Rhoda said as she whipped the rod into Amy’s swollen ass.

Amy screamed, her neck muscles spasming as Willy’s cockhead pushed at her and thrust deep, entering her throat and making her gag with pain. Another stroke of the whip and her screams burst out from around the heaving fuck-rod.

Willy was bellowing like a bull as the cum rushed out of his balls.

“Yeahhhh!” he yelled. “Here it comes, here it comes!”

His cock jerked and hot streams of cum erupted into Amy’s suffering throat.

She jerked, the cum backing up into her mouth as another hot squirt of goo rushed out. She tasted the salty, sticky jism, moaning until the rod cut her ass once more and she screamed, her throat opening and letting Willy’s cock fuck deeper.

He bellowed with lust, his cock spurting cum and his cockhead pushing deep, shooting hot wads of jism into Amy’s mouth.

“Yeahhh!” he roared. “Ooohh, fuck this is sooo gooood!”

Amy sobbed as the cum splattered into her mouth, over her tongue and down her throat.

She swallowed, her throat gagging on the slippery goo and her body heaving as the rod cut her ass, jerking her pussy into the chair back. Another stroke made her scream in pain as the shots of cum diminished and Willy began to moan with the pleasure of satisfaction. His cock slowed, cum gushing out in smaller gobs until it just oozed from the cockslit.

“Ooooh, that was great!” he sighed, his cock softening in Amy’s mouth, his cockhead pulling out until it ran over her lips, cum just spreading from the slit as his balls gave out the last of their, load. “Clean it off!”

Amy sobbed and licked at the cockjuice, her tongue tasting the horrible goo. Her mouth was sticky. She lay over the chair back, her ass ringing with pain as she sucked the last of the cum out of Willy’s cock.

Rhoda walked over to Erica, who was gasping as Shaun fucked his cock into her mouth. Shaun was grunting, his cock slamming in against Erica’s tight jaws.

“She’s biting my cock! Won’t let me fuck her!”

“You shit,” Rhoda said softly. She picked up the cat.

“No, you promised!” Erica screamed, somehow managing to twist her head away from Shaun’s next thrust. Her neck ached from the tight collar.

“I said Shaun wouldn’t whip you,” Rhoda said. “I didn’t say anything about me.”

“Aaahhh.” Erica screamed as Shaun gripped her head and forced his cock back into her mouth.

“You deserve this, whore,” Rhoda said. “You were fucking Shaun around and he didn’t have the balls to stop you. You shit!”

She lashed the cat across Erica’s tits, beating another set of thin marks into her flesh.

As Erica screamed, Shaun thrust, his cock swelling and jerking at Erica’s throst.

“Yeahhh!” he yelled. “I can’t hold out any longer, I gotta come!”

“Go ahead,” Rhoda said, and lashed Erica’s tits. She reached down with her free hand and slid her fingernails around Erica’s nipple.

Erica screamed and tossed in the chair, her legs trembling. Shaun’s cock throbbed in her mouth and hot streams of cum burst out of it, filling her mouth as he yelled in ecstasy, his cockshaft blurring in and out of her lips.

“Uuurrhhh!” he yelled.

“I’m gonna fuck your ass off baby, I’m gonna fuck your eyes out!”

His cock poured out thick streams of jism, squirting them into Erica’s mouth as she lay on her back, her hands twisting helplessly. His ass heaved as he rammed his cock in hard, lunging to the beat of the cat across Erica’s tits.

Erica went out of her mind with pain. Cum filled her mouth and she swallowed. The cat cut her tits, beating them hard and sending throbs of some feeling other than pain out with the agony. As Rhoda’s fingernails tightened on her nipple and another wad of cum filled her mouth, the other feeling got stronger, seething in her guts and making her jerk and toss in the chair. Then the cat whipped her and Shaun’s cock slammed into her throat, pouring the last of his hot cum and the agony climbed back, surgin over her. She struggled in the chair, her mouth swallowing cum and her tits aching and throbbing to the beat of the cat.

Shaun’s cock gave out, slowing the stream of cum until there was little left, only a thin ooze of cockjuice over her tongue. She opened her mouth and sobbed, tasting the hot spunk, her head spinning. The cat stopped and Rhoda stepped back.

“Not bad,” she said.

Suddenly Louis leaped out of his chair.

“Now it’s my turn,” he said, his hand running up and down his cockshaft. “I’ve been watching this, now I gotta shoot.”

“Hey, boys,” Rhoda said. “Pull that one close, will you?”

Amy wondered what was happening to her as Shaun and Willy grabbed her chair and pushed it until her face was close to her cousin’s. They stared at each other.

Rhoda grabbed Amy’s hair, pulling her head up as Louis rushed over, his hand blurring on his cock.

“Yhhhh!” he yelled, and a thick stream of jism burst out of his cock, sailed through the air and splattered onto Erica’s face.

“Nooo!” she screamed, trying helplessly to twist away in the tight collar. It was hopeless. Louis held his cock, jerking it as thick wads of spunk gushed out, pouring over her face and tit. Some of it ran into her lacy slip top. Cum covered her mouth and cheeks, running over her eyelids until she had to close them.

“Yeah, fuck, yeahhhh!” The streams of cum seemed endless as he turned his cock and shot a load over Amy’s face, covering her innocent lips with his hot cockjuice.

Amy wailed in horror as the disgusting cum rolled over her mouth, dripping off her chin. Louis held his cock close, splattering his cum aver her lips as he bellowed with delight, his cock shooting endless streams of cum.

“Oh, fuck I like this!” he cried, sliding his hand up and down his prickshaft, milking the last hot streams of cum from his cockslit. He went back to Erica’s face, squirting the last shots over her mouth and tits.

Finally, as the cum just oozed over his cockhead, he slid his finger over his cockslit, casing the gobs of sticky liquid onto it. Then he carefully took the finger and rubbed it over Erica’s lips. She squirmed and tried to pull away, but the horrible stuff stuck to her mouth.

But Louis wasn’t finished. He took mote gobs of his cum and rubbed them over Amy’s lips, grinning as the bound girl sobbed in horror. Finally he looked at the thick wads of his spunk all over the girl’s faces and ginned at Rhoda.

“Now,” Rhoda said brightly, “how are we going to clean up all this cum? Anybody have suggestions?”


“I-I don’t know,” Erica said as she looked up at Amy. Both girls knew Rhoda had something terrible in mind.

“How about you lick it all off each other?” Rhoda asked sweetly, stroking the cane across Amy’s ass.

The girls sobbed, staring at the thick gobs of cum all over each other’s face. Somehow it hadn’t been so bad when it was shooting fresh out of the boy’s cocks. But now it was all over them and feeling cold and sticky against their, faces.

“Y-yes,” Airy said. “That would be a good idea.”

She twisted and saw that Rhoda was playing the cane close to her ass. The terror of that thin rod drove her into shudders. Anything to avoid that.

“Good. Now do it!”

The boys gave the chair a final shove and Amy and Erica were one over the other, still helplessly bound, their faces just about touching.

“Oh, by the way,” Rhoda said, leaning in on the two sobbing cousins. “Did you know this little one had been fucked?”

She smiled as Erica gasped and looked up at Amy.

“What?” Erica whispered.

“This little cunt got herself fucked. And she was very young. Disgusting the way young girls behave, don’t you think?” She stroked the cane over Amy’s ass as the little girl gave a moan of horror and broke into greater floods of tears.

“You what?” Erica moaned. “But you said…”

“I’m sorry!” Amy sobbed, drops of cumn rubbing off her face and onto Erica’s. “He seduced met I hated it! I thought I had to say I was a virgin, you, please, please!”

“Don’t you think she should be punished for that?” Rhoda asked, playing the cane over Amy’s tight ass.

“No!” Amy screamed, jerking in the chair, her eyes staring. Beside her, the tight bodice Rhoda wore creaked menacingly as the blonde took a deep breath, her body stretching the leather.

“Yes! Yes!” Erica yelled. “She should be!” She hung in her chair, her legs still propped up and spread open by the bonds. Her tits heaved as she screamed, her bra cups flapping on the table top.

“What? No!” Amy wailed. “How could you, Erica? How could — aaagghhh! Oh God, Erica, don’t, stop her!”

She writhed over the chair back, her legs trembling as the cane slashed into her sore ass.

“Lick up the cum!” Rhoda snapped, lashing Amy again.

“Aaaghhh!” Amy screamed. “Oh, no, Erica, please!”

“Lick it up,” Rhoda said, and lashed Amy hard, the cane bending as it whipped into her mashed ass.

“Uuurrghhhhhhh!” Amy screamed in horror and pain. She dipped her head and licked at the cum on Erica’s cheeks. “I’ll do it! Just don’t whip me, please!”

“That’s up to your cousin. Do you think she should get more?”

Erica was shaking as horrible, strange sensations swirled in her head. Amy licked at the cum on her face, taking great big gobs of it into her mouth and swallowing them.

“Hey, Shaun, do something useful, work her pussy, and do it nicely,” Rhoda said, running her hands over Erica’s tits. “Like you can’t get into her pants but she lets you rub her cunt, you get that? If you please her enough she just might let you fuck her. Understand?”

“Yeah.” His cock was only half hard, but it twitched as he worked his hand over Erica’s thigh and moved on down to the crotch of her panties.

“Now,” Rhoda said silkily, leaning in on Erica as Amy’s frantic mouth licked at the cum, taking it all up from Erica’s eyelids. “Do you think she should be punished more for lying to you?”

Erica shuddered, her whole body spinning. It wasn’t that easy to answer. She moaned, her hips sliding up against Shaun’s fingers as he slid them over the front of her panties, caressing her pussylips and clit through the flimsy material. She wanted to see Amy punished, wanted to hear her scream as she cleaned her face off. Just the thought made Erica’s blood run hot and her cunt give a strange spasm. But Amy was her cousin, and they were both suffering.

“Would you like to watch her dirty little ass get whipped?” Rhoda worked her fingers over Erica’s tits, sliding toward the helpless girl’s nipples.

“Uuurrhhh!” Erica sighed, her tits thrusting up into Rhoda’s hands as she writhed in the chair. There was something horribly exciting about Rhoda’s tight leather. It made Erica gasp. Her thighs trembled as Shaun’s fingers worked over her pussy, pushing inside her panties and caressing her pussy with soft strokes.

“Came on, you can tell me,” Rhoda said, taking Erica’s nipple in her fingers and twisting, tightening on the sensitive flesh bud.

“Ohhhhh, God!”

“Don’t, Erica, please, don’t make me take any more!” Amy cried, her tongue licking over her cousin’s lips as she cleaned up the last of Louis’ cum. The taste was disgusting, and her throat spasmed each time she swallowed some, but it was better than the horror she expected on her ass.

“Wouldn’t you love to hear her scream again as I whip her ass?” Rhoda moved closer to Erica’s ears, her lips brushing through the bound girl’s hair. “Come on, you can tell me.”

She licked her tongue around Erica’s ear, kissing and nibbling as her fingers twisted the young girl’s nipples. Her finger played with the zipper to her panties, sliding it up and down.

“Aaaahhh!” Erica gasped, struggling in the chair, her whole body shaking with arousal and terror. “No, please, don’t make me, no!”

“Hey,” Shaun said, his fingers playing over Erica’s pussylips, “the little cunt’s getting wet, would you believe that?”

“Shut up, Shaun,” Rhoda said. “You don’t notice anything, do you? Untie her.”

“Untie her?”

“Yes! And do as I say!”

Rhoda pulled Amy’s head up by her hair. “Look, there’s cum on her tits! Lick that up!”

“Yes, yes,” Amy said, her body shaking as she pulled against the bonds.

“Good. Push her in, Willy.”

As Amy gave a shriek of surprise, Willy slammed the chair forward and Rhoda pushed Amy’s head down, right onto Erica’s tits.

There wasn’t much cum there, but Amy licked it up, her own face wet with saliva and the remains of the jism Louis had shot over her. Her tongue swept over Erica’s nipples.

“Keep going.” Rhoda turned to Erica as the shaking girl stretched her legs, which were now free of the bonds. “And don’t you move, either. Boys, get that chair out when she’s free, we’ll give you a treat to watch before you fuck ’em.”

The two cousins lay where they were, Erica on her back in the chair as the boys took off her wrist straps and then the belts holding her to the table. Amy was still bent over the other chair back, her legs pulled to the limit, her ass thrust up in the air.

Shaun pulled the chair out while Willy gripped Erica’s body and held her where she was. She ended up on her back on the table as Shaun tossed the chair away.

“Enjoying that?” Rhoda asked, leaning in on the girls as Amy continued her desperate licking of Erica’s tits.

Amy was determined not to do anything that might get her another cut of the cane. “Mmmmffff!”

“And how about you?” Rhoda asked, sliding her hand down to Erica’s pussy and stroking the young girl’s flesh.

Erica sobbed, rubbing her wrist.

“So tell me, how would you like me to whip your cousin while she sucks your tits?” Rhoda asked.

Erica jerked on the table, her body throbbing with strange fire, her head spinning.

“Wow, you get wetter every time I speak. So how about it? Don’t move, whore, don’t move.” She twisted Erica’s clit and the little brunette gave a sudden scream and twisted ant the table top.

“No,” Erica gasped, rolling off the table, right into Shaun’s arms. “Let me go, you can’t — no!”

She struggled, feeling his cock pressing into her ass, getting harder with each jerk she made.

“Put her on the table,” Rhoda said. “On her back.”

“Stop it!” Erica moaned as she was flung onto the hard table. Shaun grabbed her and swung her around so that she was lying across the table top, her ass over the edge and her head near the edge of the other side. “Don’t do it! Stop this!”

Shaun leaned on her, holding her into position as Rhoda took up the thick belt and strapped it around Erica’s waist again.

“I hope you won’t be stupid,” Willy said, leaning close to Amy as she wept over the chair back.

“No, no, just don’t whip me!”

“Good, then suck my cock while I watch.” He thrust his cock at her mouth and Amy gave a moan of submission, taking the meat between her lips and sucking on the cockhead, feeling it get harder in her mouth.

“Yeah, bitch,” Willy said, running his hands in her hair. “If you suck me real good, then maybe I won’t whip you for not being a virgin.”

“Mmmmnn!” Amy moaned, sucking at his hardening cockhead for all she was worth.

“I was really looking forward to fucking a virgin,” Willy said, thrusting his cock at Amy’s throat. “It’ll have to be a real good suck to stop me from whipping you.”

Amy choked on the thick cock invading her throat. She tried her best, sucking hard, her tongue running over the thick rod. She could feel him getting harder, his cock beginning to throb with excitement. And still he held her hair and told her to do better. Tenor and shame rushed over her, making her gasp as she tried to ram his cock farther into her mouth.

“Stop it, please, stop it!” Erica screamed as Rhoda tightened the belt, binding her ass hard down on the table top. She shivered and tried to reach for the belt buckle that held her down, but Shaun just grabbed her wrists and grinned at her.

“Naughty, naughty,” he said, and slapped her hard across the face.

“Aahhhh! Don’t do that, Shaun.”

He grabbed her hands and pulled them away from her face.

“I can slap your fucking face any time I want,” he said, his cock swelling close to her face. He smacked her across, the cheek again.

“No, please, no!”

“Tell me I can slap your face any time I want,” he said, leaning close to her.

“No, no!” Erica wailed, so he learned back and slapped her again, his hand swinging brutally into her face. “All right, you can do it, you can!”

“Getting primitive, huh?” Rhoda asked with a sarcastic grin. “Oh well, I guess you’ll learn. Now, get her fucking legs up like I showed you.”

Erica wanted to scream and struggle, but she was tied down and there was nothing she could do. Besides, her terror of Shaun was so great that she hardly dared do more than whimper. He took her ankles and pulled her legs right over her head, lashing leather bonds to them and pulling her feet down almost to the table top. Then he slipped the bonds through rings under the table so that Erica was struggling on her back, her legs spread wide, her hands level with her face. Her little slip had fallen back over her tummy. The sides of the torn garment lay across the table and the remains of her bra flapped around as she struggled. Her little panties were stretched tightly over her pussy mound. Her stockings were wrinkled and torn at the ankle by the bonds. She stared up in horror at Shaun as he grinned down at her and played with his stiff cock.

“Okay,” Rhoda said. “Now let’s see these two together. Up on the table.”

She pushed the shivering Amy at her cousin as Willy tossed away the bonds that had held her over the chair back.

“Please,” Amy whispered, but she didn’t try to disobey. She rubbed her whipped ass for a moment and climbed up on the table, close to Erica’s weeping face.

“Now, take some more clothes off for us,” Rhoda said.

Out of the corner of her eye, Amy saw Louis stroking his cock. She slipped the lacy straps of her slip off her shoulders and let them slip down her arms, shivering and weeping as the men stared and their cocks got even harder. She stepped out of her slip and dropped it on the table.

“Go on,” Rhoda said, stroking the cane, her eyes feasting on the young girl’s body as much as any of them. She slid her fingers into her panties and played with her pussy as she watched.

Amy gave a low moan as she took hold of her bra straps and unzipped them. She didn’t mean to tease, it was just that she tried to hold the cups over her swelling tits as long as possible, as she lowered the flowery little garment. The men whistled and Shaun gave a great whoop as the bra finally came away, revealing Amy’s lovely tits to them all for the first time.

“Eayaayyy!” Shaun yelled, his hand stroking his cock. “Fuuuuck, they’re great!”

Amy stood with her head down as they stared at her body. Her young, thrusting tits stood out from her rib cage with no need of the bra.

“Get your panties off, whore!” Willy yelled, his cock hard and ready.

Amy whimpered as she reached for the top of her panties. Rhoda just grinned and nodded, so she knew she had to obey. She slid the tight briefs over her ass, trying to turn away from their look, but it was hopeless. She cased her panties down over her thighs, staring at the cane in Rhoda’s hand, terrified out of her mind. She threw the panties away and faced them in nothing but her stockings and shoes. Her long shapely legs trembled as she waited for them.

“Good enough, boys?” Rhoda asked. She took the point of the cane and prodded Amy’s thighs, making her open her legs and show them all the dark mass of her pussy mound. “Show us. Open it up, go on. Stand over your cousin, I’m sure she’d like to see your cunt too.”

Amy burst into tears, but the cane trembled close to her body and she gave a great shudder and sob. Her legs almost gave out as she straddled Erica, her feet on either side of her cousin’s head.

“Push your pussy out,” Rhoda said. “Push it out so we can all see.”

Amy shook from head to toe as she pushed her ass in, thrusting her cunt out, and slid her fingers over her pussylips. Under their lustful eyes, the terrified girl pulled her pussylips open, showing them all the dark-red bud of her clit and the deep, tight entrance to her pussyhole.

“Ooohhh,” Shaun said. “That’s nice, that’s real class piece of cunt.”

“Now turn round and face her ass,” Rhoda said.

Amy tipped once as she tried to step over her cousin’s body, but she made it, facing Erica’s ass, her fingers still on her cunt.

“Now, how about if we compare cunts?” Rhoda asked in her best silky voice. “You put your cunt over her face and put your mouth to her cunt. Then you can tell us which is the best.”

“No!” Amy sobbed, her legs shaking in her stockings, unsteady in her heels. She couldn’t think as she dropped to her knees over Erica’s body and moved back, her feet over the edge of the table so that she could get her cunt close to Erica’s face. Sure that something horrible was going to happen, she waited, sobbing quietly.

“No, no!” Erica screamed. “No you can’t make us do that!”

Amy just gave a terrible moan and collapsed across her cousin, shaking and close to passing out.

“My darling,” Rhoda said softly. “I can make you do anything I want.” She slid the cane across Erica’s face. “Now suck her!”

“Ooohh, please, not that!” Erica moaned. “She’s my cousin!”

“Well, so she is,” Rhoda said with a grin as she walked around the table. She picked up Amy’s head and stared at the sobbing girl. “My goodness, some people might think you were sisters.”

Erica gave a low scream as she realized that the boys had told Rhoda everything about them. She lay there, tears running from her cheeks for a few seconds, but then the cane lashed into her tight asscheeks.

“Aaaghhh!” Erica screamed, her body writhing against the leather bonds that held her to the table.

“Suck her,” Rhoda said, and whipped Erica’s ass again, the cane cutting into her red whipped flesh only inches from Amy’s nose.

Amy wept and struggled a little in Rhoda’s grip, but she was too terrified to do much. She shuddered as the cane swept down past her face and lashed into Erica’s upper thighs. Amy felt Erica’s jerk and heard the scream that ring out off the walls.

“Suck her! Come on, bitch, I’m getting real pissed at you!” Rhoda hit Erica again, and suddenly the screaming girl reached up and pulled Amy’s pussie down over her face.

Amy moaned as she felt her cousin’s mouth moving over her cunt. Erica was sobbing, but she had given in. Her soft mouth sucked Amy’s clit in while she ran her tongue over Amy’s pussylips and toward the hole of her cunt.

“Now you,” Rhoda said, keeping her grip on Amy’s hair and pulling the shivering girl’s face up to meet her. “Suck her.”

She let go of Amy’s hair.

“Please, Miss,” Amy said. “Do you want me to do it through her panties?”

“No,” Rhoda said, tapping the cane across Amy’s ass.

Amy saw the boys, their cocks hard and ready to rape her. She sobbed and wept, but her pussy gave a low throb as she felt Erica’s tongue moving over it, licking lightly, caressing over her clit as she sucked. “B-but what shall I do?”

“Take ’em off.” Rhoda said, and lashed Amy with the cane, getting a shriek of pain from the jerking girl.

Amy sobbed and moaned as she stared ad Erica’s panties, stretched tightly over her ass and pussy. “I can’t! How can I?”

There was no way to slide Erica’s panties down when her legs were stretched so wide.

“Tear them off,” Rhoda said, lashing Amy hard, the cane biting into her ass and making her fall forward, her head between Erica’s thighs and her pussy coming off her cousin’s mouth for a few moments.

Amy struggled back up, her pussy sliding over Erica’s mouth once more as she reached helplessly for Erica’s tiny white panties. She pulled and the panties stretched but didn’t give. “I can’t!”

The cane lashed into her ass, sending her jerking and screaming on the table top. This time her pussy slammed down on Erica’s face and Amy felt an awful stab of excitement through the pain as Erica’s teeth rasped over her sensitive pussyflesh.

“Try again!”

In a rising haze of pain, Amy reached for her cousin’s panties, tearing at them in a frenzy. The cane whipped her ass and she jerked, sobbing and screaming as she ripped at the fragile briefs. The cane lashed her again and finally the panties began to give, tearing along the line started by the thrashing that had frayed them. As the cane beat another line of agony across her tight ass, she ripped in a frenzy of pain and the panties gave, tearing away from Erica’s pussy as the boys yelled and laughed at her. Erica’s cuntcrack came out of the torn garment and Amy thrust her head down, her soft lips coming in contact with Erica’s pussy.

“Now suck,” Rhoda said. She turned to the boys. “We’d just get ’em wet, then you can fuck.”

Amy sucked Erica’s pussy into her mouth, her ass trembling in expectation of another stroke from the cane. It didn’t come, but the sparks of excitement that had come from Erica’s mouth on her clit came back. Amy gave a moan and pushed her pussy harder onto her cousin’s face, feeling Erica respond and thrust her pussy up at her mouth. It was almost like hiding their heads in the sand for the girls as they sucked each other, trying to believe that the boys weren’t standing around watching, about to fuck them.

Amy thrust her pussy down harder, scraping it over Erica’s teeth again. Sudden hard sparks of passion swept out over her and she gave a moan of deep, gut-wrenching lust. She pushed down again, groaning harder.

Erica was moaning too, thrusting her ass up, her pussy juices flowing over Amy’s face as the girl sucked and licked, her ass jerking to an increasingly frantic beat.

“My fuckin’ God!” Shaun gasped. “The little cunts are getting turned on!”

“Yeahh,” Rhoda said thoughtfully. “Keep ’em at it, but don’t whip unless I say so. I think there’s somebody who’ll be very interested in these two.”

She turned away and went into another room while the two girls lay on the table, sucking each other with slowly rising passion.


Amy and Erica clung together on the table top, their mouths licking and sucking at each other’s cunt. Erica strained against the bonds that held her ankles down, but they were far too well knotted. In her rising desperation, she slid her hands over Amy’s ass, sucking at her pussy and puffing her cousin’s hot wet cunt closer to her face. At the same time, the soft caresses of Amy’s tongue and lips were burning rising passion into Erica. She moaned, digging her finger-nails into Amy’s ass, her legs trembling as they jerked against the bonds.

“Look at them go,” Shaun said, his hand stroking his cock. “Fuck, am I gonna shoot up that cunt!”

“Yeahhh!” Willy gasped, his own cock getting harder and harder as he watched the two girls sucking each other.

In his chair, Louis played with his cock, keeping it hard and waiting until he was ready to shoot.

Amy gave a low bubbling scream, her mouth sinking deeper onto Erica’s cunt. She tasted Erica’s pussyjuices as they flowed out of her cousin’s aroused fuckhole. A heady desire surged over her, making her lick harder and faster. She sucked Erica’s clit into her mouth, working at the hard bud, her body jerking with desire. As the strange, seething lust grew, Amy sucked Erica’s clit harder, rolling it in her mouth, her tongue spooning on Erica’s red wet flesh, diving deep and fucking into the dark hole of Erica’s tight little cunt.

“Well, look at that,” Rhoda said, strolling back into the room in her spike-heeled boots. She picked up a cane and gave another one to Louis. “Want some exercise, my dear, when they come?”

Louis laughed and took the thin rod from his wife. “Sure. I’ll take the bitch on top. I’m gonna shoot over her ass.”

“Disgusting fucker.” Rhoda walked slowly over to the two girls they writhed and moaned faster on the table. She stood close to Erica’s ass as Amy’s mouth worked over her cousin’s pussy. Tapping the cane in her hand, she waited, her spiked heel digging into the carpet.

Both Amy and Erica were moaning harder, their bodies twisting and heaving on the table. Erica’s legs jerked against the bonds, her ass bouncing on the table top as she rammed her pussy up into Amy’s mouth. Her hat tongue worked over Amy’s cunt, licking as her mouth sucked the wet flesh, driving Amy into a low, rising pulsation of lust. Erica’s fingernails raked Amy’s ass flesh and her cousin’s screech of pain bubbled out from her soft lips as they sucked.

But there was more than pain in Amy’s voice. A deep, burning desire was burning in the young girl’s pussy and spreading all the time. Her voice rose in pitch as Erica’s mouth sucked her pussy in and her clit rasped over Erica’s teeth with a sharp jerk.

“Aaaaghhhh!” Amy screamed suddenly, her pussy slamming down aver Erica’s mouth, digging her flesh into Erica’s teeth with a long slow drag that sent spasms of lust roaring through her. With a degrading moan, she did it again, and finally Erica got the message, biting her clit and rasping her teeth over Amy’s cuntflesh as she thrust her own throbbing cunt up at Amy’s mouth.

Rhoda leaned down beside the sobbing, gasping Amy. “Don’t forget to suck, my dear. Give her back what she’s given you.”

Amy gave a shuddering scream and rammed her hot mouth over Erica’s cunt, sucking it in, biting and licking, her body going wild.

Erica’s scream rang around the room as she pulled her head away from Amy’s cunt for a moment.

“You bitch!” she screeched. “You fucking bitch!”

She grabbed Amy’s ass, forcing her cunt back down over her face. With a savage heave, she chewed at Amy’s pussyflesh, her body jerking in rising pain and lust on the table top.

Louis grinned as he played with his cock and stroked the cane above Amy’s ass. He looked at Rhoda.

“Come on, girls,” Rhoda said.

Amy and Erica were screaming as they sucked and bit at each other’s cunt. They were out of their minds with lust, their bodies thrashing around and their mouths on each other’s pussy. In a surging climax of passion, the two of them climbed higher, heading for the first orgasms of their lives. Their tongues worked each other into higher and higher spasms of lust. Their muffled screams rang out as their asses jerked and their young bodies thrashed around on the table top.

Suddenly Amy gave a long wail and the tight knot of emotion that had been building in her pussy broke out. It surged through her, sending hot waves of orgasm erupting through her body. She rammed her cunt down harder on Erica’s mouth and her cousin bit her clit, chewing as Amy’s mouth brought her to a heaving surge of orgasm. In a seething explosion of passion, the two girls came, sobbing, sucking and biting as the passion broke over them.

“Now,” Rhoda said, and lifted the cane over Erica’s ass.

As another peak of come burst over Amy and Erica, the two canes lashed into their asses.

Their screams rang around the room, their bodies jerked, their asses heaved with the sudden impact of the thin canes, but their hot mouths stayed on each other’s cunts, sucking for all they were worth.

“Suck, you bitches!” Rhoda yelled, lashing Erica’s ass, driving the thin cane into her jerking asscheeks and catching strands of Amy’s brunette hair with the blow. She ran the zipper of her panties down and slid her fingers inside, rubbing her cunt and moaning.

Amy screamed as the cane cut into her stretched asscheeks, but the orgasm didn’t stop. Erica’s mouth sucked her cunt viciously, biting as the cane lashed her ass, chewing Amy’s throbbing, erupting clit. The come surged, taking off as the agony of the next cane stroke bit into Amy’s ass and she was gone, sobbing, climaxing and sucking her cousin’s cunt as the orgasm broke over her.

Erica was in as bad a state. Her legs trembled, pulling against the bonds as Rhoda lashed the cane into her ass. Sharp eruptions of passion burst over her. Her screams bubbled out of Amy’s cunt as she came, tossing wildly on the table top, the belt around her waist stopping her from throwing herself right across and off the hard wooden surface.

Louis lashed Amy’s ass, driving the soft-faced little girl into sobbing spasms of climax, her mouth working over Erica’s cunt. But at the same time, his hand was working his cock faster and harder, and his eyes glazed as he whipped the screaming, climaxing girl.

“Yeaaaahhhhh!” he yelled suddenly, his hand blurring on his cock as the cum boiled out of his balls and shot through his hard cockshaft.

He moaned, his hand lashing Amy’s ass as the first stream of hot jizz shot out of his cock and arched through the air to splatter right across Amy’s thrusting asscheeks.

“Fuuuuuck!” he yelled, working his cock and lashing the cane into Amy’s ass, splattering gobs of cum on her red-lined skin. “Oohhhh, how about this, heeeeyyyy!”

Another stream of hot cum bursting from his cock and gushing all over Amy’s heaving ass. He shifted his position so that his wads of cum splattered into the crack of Amy’s ass more than over her throbbing, heaving asscheeks. It meant he couldn’t whip Amy as well, but he did his best, lashing the cane in as hard as he could as thick streams of cum shot out of his cock and into the crack of her ass.

Amy came again, her orgasm peaking each time the cane whipped her ass. She felt cum dripping in her ass crack and running over the puckered entrance to her shitter as the cane landed, beating her flesh and sending another gush of orgasm over her. She sucked Erica’s clit harder, biting down as her cousin took a blow of the cane from Rhoda and climaxed, screaming into Amy’s cunt.

Erica came to the beat of the thin cane lashing her. She tossed against the bonds. Her legs strained, and some gobs of cum ran down the crack of Amy’s ass and over her cunt. The two girls clung together, screaming as their sucking mouths and the beat of the thin canes kept them climaxing in endless waves of passion.

“Yah, yah, yah!” Louis bellowed as he shot his last thick wads of creamy cum over Amy’s ass. His hand stroked his cock as he gave her a few more lashes and settled back, staring at her crimson, whipped ass.

Rhoda also stopped, pulling her hand out of her panties and smiling. “I think these two are gonna be fine.”

“Yeah,” Louis said. “Jack’s gonna be real pleased.”

“Mr. X is gonna be real pleased,” Rhoda said with a slight hint of steel in her voice.

“Ah, yes,” Louis said, glancing at the two boys. But the boys were staring at the girls, their hands on their cocks, oblivious to what was going on around them.

The girls came dawn from their shuddering orgasms, clutching each other, the ringing pain from their asses surging out as the passion fell away. They broke into sobs, holding each other, their heads spinning with strange emotions.

“Sit up!” Rhoda snapped at Amy, and the little brunette gave a stan, staring up as if she’d forgotten Rhoda was there. “You’ve got cum all over your ass! She has to lick it off!”

Amy moaned, feeling the cum running over the tight entrance to her shitter, all over her asscrack and down into her pussy. She got up slowly, trying to keep her ass away from Erica’s face.

“What’s up?” Rhoda asked. “Don’t you want your ass cleaned out?”

She nodded at Louis.

“Yes, but not like that!” Amy cried. “That’s disgusting, horrible!”

She put her hands over her face and sobbed. Rhoda leaned round and smiled at Erica. “You ready to lick the cum up?”

“Please!” Erica moaned. “We’ve been good, please, don’t do that!”

Rhoda stepped up onto the table. She grabbed Amy’s hair and moved behind her, puffing Amy’s helpless head back over her thigh and holding it there. She thrust her hips into the young girl and Amy screamed, struggling helplessly.

Rhoda dropped the tails of the cat down onto Erica’s heaving, wide-spread asscheeks. “You two are going to behave. Now sit!”

Amy screamed. She knew what was coming, but she couldn’t give in to something so horrible. “Noooo, please!”

Rhoda hauled her back even harder and lashed the cat across her tits, beating the soft mounds.

“Aaaghbbh!” Amy screamed, her body jerking and her tits reddening from the blow.

“Sit,” Rhoda said, lashing the screaming girl again, driving the knotted tails into Amy’s tits with a savage slap.

“Uuuurrghhhh!” Amy saw the boys, their cocks throbbing with lust, their eyes fixed on her. It was desperately humiliating, almost worse than the pain. The cat lashed her tits again and she gave a sob, her legs giving out and her ass lowering closer to Erica’s face.

“Down!” Rhoda lashed Amy again, her hand keeping a tight grip on Amy’s hair.

Amy’s scream rang out and she knew she was defeated. Her tits were filled with pain, but worse than that, the savage passion she had felt as she came began to surge out of her tits. She moaned and let her ass sink until she felt her asscheeks spread around Erica’s face.

“Better,” Rhoda said. “Now lick it up.”

“She is,” Amy said to save her cousin, and at that moment, Erica’s tongue licked out over Amy’s asscrack, cleaning up the cum and taking it into her mouth. Amy moaned, her slitter entrance spasming with excitement under Erica’s tongue. She jerked, hot waves of passion rushing from her ass as Erica licked and cleaned up the cum lying there. She sobbed, her hair still in Rhoda’s grip, her body jerking and her breath getting ragged.

“Yeah,” Rhoda said softly, dropping the cat tails over Erica’s ass and the soft crack of her pussy, then drawing them upward. “You and your cousin are gonna be just fine. I have somebody who wants to meet you. If you please him, well, it could be the start of a whole new career for you.”

Amy moaned and Erica’s hips jerked as she thrust her pussy arid ass against the cat tails.

“Yeaaaahhh, good,” Rhoda said. “Oh well, mustn’t rush things. Now the boys get to fuck you.”

Amy gave a low scream as Rhoda stepped away and she fell forward across Erica’s body, her tits throbbing as she sobbed in shame. She sobbed there until Shaun picked up her head and thrust his cock at Erica’s cunt.

“Gonna take a cherry,” he said. “Ain’t that nice?”


Amy wept, but Shaun shoved his cock into her mouth. Amy trembled, knowing that Willy’s cock was about to invade her soft cunt.

She sucked at Shaun’s cock, feeling it grow and throb harder between her lips. He gripped her hair, thrusting slowly to the entrance of her throat, but holding back from really throat fucking her. She could feel Erica writhe underneath her and saw her legs straining against the bonds, so she knew her cousin was probably having to suck Willy’s cock. Behind Shaun, she could see Rhoda stroking the cane through her fingers, her eyes alight with lust.

“Fuck!” Rhoda gasped. “I hardly had it at all tonight! Louis, get me the bar and dildo, will you, honey?”

Louis grunted and got up from his chair.

Amy felt the touch of Willy’s cock at the tight entrance to her pussy. There was no problem now about it being dry. After all the sucking and her orgasm, her cunt was running with juices. He gave a low moan of appreciation and thrust his rock-hard prick at her fuckhole.

Amy gave a low gurgling moan as Willy’s cock fucked into her cunt. His hard round cockhead pushed in a little, forcing her tight pussy walls open until they throbbed with a mixture of pain and the terrible lust she had felt before. She gasped, her mouth full of Shaun’s cock and her body shaking as her cunt was invaded deeper. Willy held his fuck-rod back, then pushed, fucking fully half of it into her quivering cunthole. She gurgled into Shaun’s prick, her hands gripping Erica’s thighs as she suffered the double-fuck.

“Yeahhhh!” Willy shouted, and rammed his cock right into Amy’s cunt, fucking in until his balls slapped against her asscheeks. Amy gave a low scream, her pussy walls throbbing around his thick prick as she was forced forward, her mouth taking more of Shaun’s long thick cock. His cackhead fucked into her throat.

Then he drew back.

“Fuuuuuck, baby! You could bring me off if you go on like that!” He pulled her up and pushed her lovely face out of the way as he thrust his cock at Erica’s cunt. “Put it in for me!”

“Yeahhh, hey, why the fuck didn’t I think of that?” Willy yelled. “Come on, bitch, work my cock and balls, your fuckin’ hands are free!”

Erica gave a shudder as she took her hands and ran them over Willy’s balls as they swayed over her face. She struggled against the belt that pinned her waist down to the table, stroking his heavy balls in their sac.

Then she felt the touch of Amy’s hands on her cunt as her cousin held Shaun’s thick prick and played it over her clit. She moaned, knowing her cherry was about to be shattered. After all she had been through, it was almost nothing, but it made her sob loudly, her little pussy tightening to try and keep the invading monster out.

But her pussy was as wet as Amy’s, and Amy’s fingers had already held Shaun’s cockhead to Erica’s little fuckhole. Erica choked, her body writhing and struggling as Shaun gave a laugh and pushed.

His cockhead slid in, fucking into Erica’s cunt in a single thrust, until it came up against her cherry drum. He held it there, moving in and out a little as Erica screamed and gripped at Willy’s cock as it fucked in and out of Amy’s cunt.

Shaun yelled and gave a massive thrust, his cock fucking between Amy’s fingers and right up Erica’s cunt.

Erica screamed and heaved on the table top as her cherry stretched and broke under the relentless assault. Shaun’s cock fucked in to the end of her cunt, his balls rubbing over her puckered asshole.

“Yeahhhh!” he gasped. “I waited so long for this, so fuckin’ long and it was worth it, ooohh, fuck, it was worth it!”

He pulled back and fucked his cock back up Erica’s shivering fuckhole. There was a smear of her blood on his prick and he chuckled when he saw it.

“My first fuckin’ cherry!” he cried. “Now work my cock, whore! Make me feel good before I shoot up this cunt’s hole!”

“Yeahhhhhhh!” Willy yelled at Erica as he fucked his cock high into Amy’s cunt. “Come ok, whore, or I’ll twist your fuckin’ tits off!”

The two cousins sobbed and gasped as they suffered the hard fucking the boys were giving them. They held the boys’ balls and stroked their cocks as they slid in and out of each other’s cunt.

But they were also getting turned on. Their balls rubbed and heaved against each other as they played with the cocks, their pussies throbbing with rising lust as the hard pricks fucked in and out. They watched the stiff cocks sliding in and out of each other’s cunt, moaning at the degradation of the fuck, but gasping as their pussy walls trembled from the hard pricks.

Amy began to sob loudly as her cunt spasmed. She knew she would come if Willy didn’t shoot soon.

Erica lay there, struggling against the leather that bound her and finding that even the leather’s perverted embraced drove her excitement higher. With each heave her legs gave against the leather around her ankles, her thighs trembled and her pussy gushed another wet stream of juices.

Louis pushed the bar that Rhoda wanted over to her. It was about at pussy height and had a massive dildo sticking out of the top, bouncing on a tight spring. Rhoda gave a moan of lust, her tight corset creaking as she ran her hand over the foot-long imitation cock.

“Uuuuuurrghbhh, fuck, I need this!” She looked at Louis. “If only you could get it hard up a cunt!”

Louis ignored her and sat down, taking out his cock at once and stroking it as he watched the two girls struggle and jerk on the table top as the boys fucked their cocks into their soft cunts faster and faster.

Gasping with lust, Rhoda unzipped her leather panties and spread them until her wet blonde pussyhair came into view. She climbed up on the bar, her cunt throbbing as it rubbed against the dildo. She stretched up on her high heels and pulled the dildo head to her cunt, rubbing it into her clit as she stared at the doublefuck the girls were getting.

Crooning with joy, she eased the dildo to her pussy entrance and slid down on it, gasping and moaning with satisfaction every inch of the way. The enormous dildo filled her pussy, the arm thick shaft fucking into her cunt as she gasped and gave a low moan of lust. She held herself on the dildo, sliding her cunt over the shaft, lifting herself on her boot heels and ramming her cunt back down on the thick rubber cock. Her eyes got glassy as she watched the two cousins getting their cunts fucked on the table top. She leaned forward, pushing with her hands and fucking the dildo harder into her cunt.

“Go! Fuck the bitches!” she yelled. “Go! Fuck the bitches!”

Amy gave a gurgling scream as she felt Willy’s cock speeding up in her hot little cunt. His thick hard prick reamed her pussy walls out, rasping over her sensitive flesh as his cum began to rush around in his balls, struggling to get out. She was thrusting back at his cock each time it slammed in, her pussy walls throbbing with lust and her mouth gasping as the tight knot of passion in her pussy grew and twisted. She knew it would break out soon and she would shame herself by coming. She gritted her teeth, but it was no good, and she wasn’t helped by the fact that Erica was screaming under her, her cunt sucking hard at Shaun’s cock and her hands running over Willy’s long hard prick and balls as she struggled against the bonds.

“Fuuuuck!” Shaun cried as his prick fucked into Erica’s cunt past Amy’s staring eyes. “This one’s going crazy! Her fuckin’ cunt’s driving me out of my fuckin’ mind!”

With each word, he rammed his cock into Erica’s cunt and the little brunette screamed with lust, her pussy throbbing around the prick as a deep, dark orgasm rose to the surface in her and broke out, sending her wailing and screaming on the table.

“Jeecezus!” Shaun yelled. “I’m gonna shoot up her cunt! I can’t stop!”

“You ain’t the only one!” Willy shouted, his jerking cock fucking up into Amy’s cunt and his balls slapping into her cunt. “She’s hot too, fuck, she’s hot!”

He gripped Amy’s ass as he fucked her with faster and harder strokes.

As she straddled the bar, Rhoda gave a moan of passion and thrust down, filling her wet cunt with the hard rubber dildo, her pussy lips rasping over the wood of the bar.

“Go!” she cried. “Go fuck ’em! Fuck the shit out of them.”

She gasped, rubbing her clit as the first pulses of orgasm rushed over her. With her free hand, she pulled down the top of her black corset and rubbed her tits, twisting her nipples as she stared at the heaving mass of flesh on the table top and came. She moaned and thrust at the dildo, her cunt sucking like mad at the thick prick. The zipper of her panties rasped over the bar as she tossed in the grip of her pulsating orgasm.

Amy felt the throb of Willy’s cock as he lost control and the cum boiled out of his balls. His thick cock jerked and slammed high in her pussy, driving her wild with a lust she couldn’t control. Her knot of passion burst, gushing all over as the cum shot up Willy’s cock and into her hungry, sucking cunt. With a scream, she slammed back at his cock, sobbing in shame and lust.

“Noooo! Noooo, don’t, no, please, please, nooooooo!”

“You’re coming, slut,” Willy yelled as the first jet of his cum spurted out into Amy’s spasming cunt. “You’re fuckin’ coming!”

He leaned down, his cock fucking in and out of Amy’s cunt, and grabbed her tits, squeezing them in his passion and sending Amy screaming, high in the grip of her orgasm.

“Noooo, I’m not!” she moaned, tossing wildly, her mouth going down and biting at Shaun’s thighs as he fucked Erica.

“Liar, whore!” Shaun shouted, grabbing her hair and slamming his cock at Erica’s cunt for all he was worth as his own lust broke loose. He slapped Amy across the face. “Liar!”

“Aaaghhhh! Noooooo!” Amy screamed as her head jerked and cum erupted into her hot cunt.

“You bitch!” Rhoda yelled from the bar as she jerked her pussy over the dildo, her orgasm pulsating and throbbing through her. “I’ll get you!”

Her fingers blurred on her clit as she milked all the satisfaction she could from the imitation cock.

Amy sobbed as she came, her cunt sucking at Willy’s cock as he shot thick, creamy wads of spunk over her pussy walls.

Erica was screaming with undisguised lust, her body jerking against the belts and her cunt sucking at Shaun’s cock with a fury that sent his cum splattering into her in endless showers. Some of the thick jizz squeezed out of her pussy and ran into her asscrack as she bucked and jerked on the table top. She gripped Willy’s cock as it shot cum into Amy’s cunt, her fingers caressing and jerking the very last of his load out of his balls.

“Come on, Erica!” Shaun moaned as he hit the top of his climax and the flood of cum began to diminish. “Tell me you’re coming!”

“Yesssss!” Erica screamed, and burst into sudden tears. “I hate you, hate you! You brought us here, you bastard!”

She tossed and came again, her body thrashing out of control against the leather belts that held her to the table.

“Yeahhhhh!” She gasped, and fucked his cock to the end of Erica’s cunt, holding it there as the last jets of his cum spat out and the stream subsided to a dribble. He held his prick in, rolling it slowly as he gasped and grinned at Willy. “Sure was worth the wait!”

“You bet!” Willy yelled. “But this whore won’t admit it! She won’t admit it!”

“Bitch,” Shaun snarled. He grabbed Amy’s hair and hauled her head up, pulling his cock out of Erica’s cunt as he did. “Suck it!”

Amy heard Erica scream and jerk as Shaun’s cock was pulled out of her hot cunt, and that made things worse for the suffering girl. She submissively took Shaun’s cock between her lips. She sucked Shaun’s subsiding rod, tasting the cum and pussy-juices on it. There was probably still some blood, but she didn’t care. She just knelt there sucking, her body still moving as her orgasm subsided. The horrible thing was that the knot in her pussy came back with the slow stroking of the cocks in her mouth and pussy. It was small and loose, but she knew it would tighten again and she would be at the mercy of her depraved lusts once more.

Erica lay on her back, cum dribbling out of her pussy as she watched her cousin sucking at Shaun’s cock. Her legs pulled against the leather straps and she wanted to unbuckle the belt around her waist, but she didn’t dare. Her mind spun with strange emotions. She hated everything they had been put through. But everytime she saw a cock, she wanted it. Wanted it pushed up her cunt or in her mouth.


Rhoda cased her hot cunt up the length of the dildo and off, giving a low gasp as the thick cockhead came clear of her pussylips.

“Now,” she said. “Get these two off there and give them to me.”

She zipped up her panties and took hold of the cane.

Shaun gave a grunt and pulled his cock out of Amy’s mouth while Willy finally slid his softening cock out of Amy’s tight little cunt.

The two girls lay there sobbing softly as the full horror of their situation came back.

“That little fucker never said she came,” Willy said.

“Don’t worry, she will, she will.” Rhoda stood tapping the cane as the two boys undid the belt and the bonds that held Erica’s feet to the table.

The girl groaned with relief as her legs swung down and she rolled off the table, rubbing her thighs, her torn, stained little slip flipping around all over the place.

“Louis,” Rhoda said, “take the boys into the other room and show them some videos. I want ’em real hard when I come back.”

“Sure.” Louis slipped his hard cock back into his pants.

“What about the girls?” Shaun asked, suddenly nervous.

“They have to get ready to meet somebody,” Rhoda said. “Now don’t worry, you got to fuck them, didn’t you?”

“Well yes, but…”

“Come on,” Louis said, nodding his head to one of the doors. “You don’t know what you’re missing. These films will blow your wad in seconds!”

“Keep your fuckin’ wads in your cocks!” Rhoda shouted, “I got a lot of work for you two tonight! Now, my little whores.”

Both Erica and Amy were too stunned to resist. In a daze, they followed Rhoda as she led them out of the room, down a corridor and into a massive bathroom. There were showers, a hot tub and whirlpool, and a manage table, only the table had straps all over it. The two girls didn’t have to be told what the straps were for.

“Take the rest of those things off,” Rhoda said. She wafted across the room, her heels clicking on the shiny tile, and switched on the whirlpool.

Amy looked at Erica, and the two of them glanced back at the door. Suddenly it seemed as if they might escape. Rhoda had been careless. They didn’t know where the passage led to, but once outside the house, they could scream for help. The idea crossed both their minds at once.

“Hey,” Erica whispered. “She can’t hold both of us. Whichever one she goes for, the other runs for it.”

“Okay!” Amy gasped, her breath getting ragged. She hoped that Rhoda would grab Erica.

“I said, take the rest of those cloths off.” Rhoda said, coming back, her blonde hair tossing as she stared at the two girls.

“Run for it!” Erica screamed, and the two girls rushed for the door.

It wouldn’t move. Screaming and pulling, the girls struggled with the handle as if it would instantly open for them.

“How stupid do you think I am?” Rhoda asked, looking at her watch. “Now come back here! If you do it right now, it’ll only be six strokes of the cane!”

“Aaahhh!” Erica screamed, her eyes filled with desperation. “Rush her!”

The two girls charged across the floor at the terrifying blonde.

Amy hung back, scared out of her mind. As Erica reached Rhoda, the blonde twisted, flung Erica up in the air and guided her right into the whirlpool bath. With a screech of horror, Erica hit the water and went under, bubbling back to the surface and struggling to get out.

Rhoda grabbed Amy, turned her by her hair and flung her to the floor.

“Stay there!” she shouted, and the trembling teenager was far too terrified to do anything but obey. She lay face-down on the warm tile, weeping and shivering in her stockings. Her shoes were by the door, and she looked at them as if they were miles away.

Rhoda stood over the whirlpool, her legs spread, her boot toe tapping on the tile. She stared down at the shaking, screaming girls.

“Get out!”

Erica reached for the side of the hot tub and pulled herself up. Her fury was such that she was determined to have another hit at Rhoda. She panted as if she was more out of breath than she was.

“Come here!” Rhoda shouted.

Erica took two steps and rushed Rhoda again, trying to push her into the bath. Again Rhoda twisted and Erica was flung into the water. She came up, the remains of her slip and bra still clinging to her body, and bunt into tears.

“You don’t learn real fast, do you?” Rhoda asked. “Now get out!”

Erica was broken. She knew that she was helpless. She crawled up and shivered before the horrible woman.

“You!” Rhoda snapped, to the cowering Amy; “Come here! Now! Strip!”

The girls looked at each other for a split second, then obeyed. It didn’t take long. They stood, waiting, naked and feeling desperately frightened.

“Well,” Rhoda said, strolling around them. “You certainly are even better than I thought. With the right clothes on, you’ll be irresistible. Now take my panties off.”

She stood and waited.

Amy gave a strangled moan as the two cousins came forward and began to obey the commanding woman. Her face a mask of fear, Amy slipped the zipper of Rhoda’s panties down and around into the crack of her ass while Erica opened the slim clasp at Rhoda’s waist. The panties came down slowly. Finally they had them down. Then they stood waiting for their fate.

“You,” Rhoda said, pointing the cane at Erica, “are going to get it. So you can take it first.” She looked at the floor. “Where are your shoes?”

“I don’t know.”

“Put hers on,” Rhoda waited until Erica got to the door, put Amy’s shoes on and came back. “Do you know why I made you do that?”

“No,” Erica said, her face down.

“Because it makes the curves of your legs look much better. And you’re going to be wearing even higher one soon. But right now, it stretches your asscheks better for me. Now bend over and hold your ankles. If you can take twelve strokes without letting go. I’ll leave it at that. If you can’t, you’ll go over the table and take twelve more.”

Erica screamed, her head spinning. She knew she was trapped and she knew that Rhoda was as good as her word. There was no way out. Filled with horror, she eased her hands down her thighs, her ass heaving up and she bent and slid her hands down to her ankles.

“Open your legs real wide,” Rhoda said, her breath panting as she stared at the helpless girl.

Erica’s hands gripped her ankles tight, staring at her tormentor through wide-open legs. Rhoda lined the cane up across Erica’s crimson ass.

“You,” she said to Amy. “Get down and suck my pussy. If you make me come by the time I’ve given your cousin her full reward, then you escape this time.”

“Aaabhh!” Erica groaned as she watched her cousin get to her knees submissively and slide her tongue over Rhoda’s hot clit.

Rhoda gave a sigh and spread her legs even wider, holding Amy’s mouth to her cunt as she lined up the cane again. “One!”

Erica jerked and screamed as the cane bit into her aching asscheeks. She gripped her ankles hard and swayed, trying to keep her balance.

“Two.” Rhoda lashed Erica and thrust her pussy over Amy’s mouth.

As Erica screamed and wailed, struggling to keep her balance in the high heels, Amy sucked Rhoda’s clit into her mouth and worked the hard flesh for all she was worth.


“Uuuurgrghhhh!” Erica choked as the agony gushed out of her flesh. She swayed, gripping her ankles, her legs trembling and her ass burning with horrible fire. She saw the next stroke flashing in and screamed as it hit, sending surging fire through her body.

Her ass heaved up as the cane left. Her pussy suddenly started to run juices and she gasped as she saw the cane coming down at her again.

“Five!” Rhoda cried, and the most horrible passion shot out of Erica’s ass along with the pain.

Her ass thrust and jerked, her legs shook and she stared at her submissive cousin sucking Rhoda’s cunt.

“Six!” Rhoda gasped, working her pussy over Amy’s mouth. She stared at the sobbing, screaming Erica as the girl thrust her ass at the cane and broke out in a sweat, her body shaking. “Yeaahhhhh, you love it, whore, don’t you? Seven!”

“Aaauughh!” Erica screamed as the most terrible seething orgasm broke from her whipped ass and rushed all over her body. She gripped her ankles, thrusting her ass up, pussy juices running into her cunthair and over her thighs. She watched the cane coming in again and screamed as it whipped into her throbbing asscheeks.

“Eight,” Rhoda said, her pussy throbbing over Amy’s face. “Ohh, yeahhh, baby, you’re doing well, soooo welillil.”

She gave a purr of contentment and came, pressing her throbbing, juice-pouring cunt over Amy’s mouth. She gripped the young girl’s hair, her cunt thrusting at her lips, moaning as Amy sucked and licked her pussy.

“Nine!” she yelled, whipping Erica again.

Amy felt a flood of relief as she felt Rhoda come. She wasn’t going to get whipped. She sucked as well as she could, sliding her tongue into Rhoda’s fuckhole and sucking on her clit, holding the fleshy bud deep in her mouth.

Erica screamed and came. Another raging climax broke out of her ass as the stinging blow beat her flesh, driving her trembling legs almost to the point where they buckled and she dropped to the floor. But she held on, swaying and gasping, her ass on fire with pain and lust.

“Eleven!” Rhoda yelled, the cane lashing into Erica’s tight asscheeks, beating another thin line into the crimson mass. She held Amy’s mouth to her clit and thrust hard. “Bite me!”

Amy gave a moan and clenched her teeth on Rhoda’s clit, tightening her grip and sliding her sharp front teeth over Rhoda’s flesh.

“Aaaahhh!” Rhoda groaned, her cunt exploding with lust. She played the cane over Erica’s ass, dragging it over the throbbing flesh. “One more, isn’t it?”

“Y-yes!” Erica moaned, her ass pounding back at the cane in a horrible display of lust.

“Should I give it to you?” Rhoda asked, her pussy erupting with passion on Amy’s mouth.

Erica gave a choking sob, her eyes staring at Rhoda through her legs. Her orgasm rose and fell away and her ass throbbed, wanting another beat to drive her into the peak she needed.

“Should I give it to you?” Rhoda asked, sliding the cane over Erica’s tight asscheeks.

“No, no, no!”

“Okay, I won’t then,” Rhoda said, and lowered the cane.

Erica gave a horrible scream and dropped to the tiled floor, sobbing and moaning, her ass twitching horribly.

Rhoda slid her hands into Amy’s hair and eased the girl’s head away from her cunt. “See, there are advantages to being good. You don’t get punished.”

“Yes, miss,” Amy said, her tongue keeping up a soft caress on Rhoda’s clit.

“Very good, you’re almost learning respect.” She pushed Amy away and poked her toe at Erica. “Into the whirlpool with you. You’ve got a very important meeting in an hour.”


An hour later found the two couuins out of the bathroom. Both the girls were shivering with fear and a terrible expectation. Rhoda had made them both do their hair. They were also made up, their cheekbones accentuated and their wide fawn eyes made even larger with mascara and liner.

Rhoda led them back along the passage and into the room they had come from. Tapping the cane in her hand, she led them into the middle of the carpet.

“Stay there,” she said, and both Amy and Erica came to a stop, their breath catching as they saw who was waiting for them.

It wasn’t so much that he was a tall, handsome man in his late thirties or early forties, or that he was dressed well, his suit perfectly fitting his large frame. It was that there was an air of command about him that reached from where he sat in one of the chairs and watched over the two girls, making their legs weak with a horrible excitement.

“Ah, Mr. X,” Rhoda said, going up to him and leaning down. She whispered something in his ear, but he kept his eyes on the girls.

And the girls were dressed to please, that was sure. Rhoda had made them put on tiny little semi-transparent dresses. The tops of the dresses plunged deep between their tits and showed quite clearly the quarter-cup uplift bras underneath. Wide black belts took the dresses in tight at the waist. Below that, the dresses stretched over their asses, only disguising the tiny black panties beneath and just covering the tops of their black stockings. Finally, the girls wore five-inch black heels that pushed their legs into the most delicious curves and also made their asses sway even more than normal. It was obvious that Mr. X liked what he saw.

“Well, well,” he said. “You’ve done very well, Rhoda, you really have.”

“Oh, thank you, Mr. X. I think they’re ready. It’s a bit early yet, but I thought you’d love to see them.” She tapped the cane in her hand with obvious nervousness.

“That’s fine, fine,” Mr. X said. “I like to get in early rather than late. Come here.”

The girls looked at each other, their eyes wide with horror and excitement. Something about the mysterious man was twisting their stomachs into tight knots. They walked forward, their heels making their legs shake.

“Mmmmnn, yes, I see,” Mr. X said. “But that can be easily corrected. Stand there, girls. Thank you, Rhoda.”

“Thank you, Mr. X,” Rhoda said, and turned away. She grinned at the two girls. “I hope you aren’t too possessive about your boys. They’ve had their fun with you, now they have to satisfy me before they go. They won’t be up to anything for a week.”

She laughed and paraded out, her hips swinging.

“Come closer,” Mr. X said.

“Please, Mr. X, please, we…”

“Sir!” Mr. X corrected Erica. “Please, sir, we don’t…”

“You never speak before you’re spoken to. Now, come here.”

The girls shuffled up, their breath catching and their legs trembling as he gazed over them. He waved Amy onto the other side of the chair and she went instantly, her head spinning in terror.

“Now, show me a little bit more of your legs. Slowly.”

The girls shivered, but they were held by the terrible spell coming from the man. Slowly they slid their hands down to the hems of their little dresses and eased them up, showing their stocking tops and their creamy white thighs. Breathlessly they went on sliding the hems up as he stared at each of them in turn.

As he watched, Mr. X tilted the recliner, leaning back, his body stretching out in the soft chair. It was then both girls caught sight of the enormous bulge in his pants that was getting larger all the time as he took in their lovely bodies. He ignored their gasps and waited their dress hems went sliding up their shapely thighs, showing their creamy flesh and the lacy straps of their suspenders.

“Hmmmmm,” he said as the girls finally showed their panties. “That’s enough for now. Hold it there.”

The girls stared at each other, wanting to break into tears, but unable to for some reason.

They stood still, their dress hems over their ass snd stockings and up over their thighs. His touch was light and carried such a wealth of expenence that the girls found themselves trembling with burning excitement. His fingers reached the crotch of their panties and played softly with their pussylips through the transparent material.

“Rhoda tells me you come when you’re whipped,” he said to Erica.

Erica gasped and moaned, her legs trembling. “No, no, not really, sir. It was a mistake, just a mistake.”

“Hmmmm, so why are you getting wet? And I haven’t started whipping you yet.”

His fingers played with her pussy. He wasn’t lying, her panties were getting damp as his fingers played with her cuntlips. She hung her head, moaning with shame.

“And you, we don’t understand you yet,” he said to Amy. “Such a lovely young girl, a real submissive, I think. A real contrast to your cousin.”

“Yes, sir,” Amy whispered. She wanted to break into sobs, but again, something in Mr. X prevented that. She gasped and gave a low sob as she realized that her pussyjuices were running too.

“Yes, I think you two may be just what I’m looking for. Now let your dresses go, bend over and unzip me. Handle my cock.”

The girls gave a moan as they let their dress hems slide down their legs until their stocking tops were just hidden. But Mr. X kept his fingers on their panties, stroking their trembling cunts through the flimsy material. With their fingers shaking so badly they could hardly control them, the two girls bent over the chair, their asses rising into the air and reached for the enormous bulge in the front of his pants. Erica managed to get a grip on the zipper and ease it down over the enormous bulge while Amy reached inside and tried to get her fingers around the thick cock.

She gave a sob and gasped as she touched his cock. It was even bigger than she had imagined it would be. She couldn’t even get her fingers around the gigantic prick, and Erica had to come and help her before they could ease the massive cock out of his pants.

Erica also gave a moan and a gasp as the cock came free. It was almost a foot long, as thick as their wrists and with a cockhead that would fill either of their mouths. Mr. X sat there as they ran their hands over the enormous fuckrod, their eyes bugging out and their breath gasping as they saw it fully.

But it wasn’t just horror that filled the girls.

They pretended to each other that it was, but Erica’s mouth watered as she stared at it and Amy felt her whole body go weak. The thing could split either of them in two, they were sure of that. But there was a terrible excitement in it and both the girls groaned as they looked at the swaying prick.

Mr. X still had his hands on their pussies and he chuckled as their panties got wetter and wetter under his caresses. “Kiss it and suck it.”

Both girls moaned as they bent farther and their soft red lips came in contact with the hard flesh of his cock. It trembled slightly and swelled as they kissed and licked at the enormous round cockhead. They held the thick shaft in their fingers, stroking it as their mouths played with the massive fuck pole.

Amy moaned as her mouth rosined over his cockhead. His fingers were playing with her pussy so skillfully that she was getting desperately turned on. Her thighs trembled and her tits heaved in the little uplift bra and she sank her lips right over his prick the enormous ball filling her mouth completely. Still her passion rose, making her groan as his fingers stroked her cunt through her panties and sink her mouth farther, taking in an inch or so of the thick cockshaft. Her lips were as wide as they could go, making a perfect circle around the rock hard prick. She groaned and gasped, wanting to ram the prick deeper. She gasped and eased up, her mouth sucking at his rod, her tits heaving against the soft padding of the chair.

Erica’s mouth pushed her cousin’s aside and sank over the cockhead as Mr. X caressed her cunt. Her pussy walls were already spasning under his fingers and she was close to coming. She sobbed, but nothing stopped it. She knew he would make her come and then crow over it. She sucked at the hard round cockhead while Amy ran her mouth down his prickshaft, licking, sucking and biting gently.

“That’s very good,” he said. “I’m going to come and you can share it, lick it all up. And both of you will come too, that’s an order and you always follow orders.”

Erica gave a shriek into his cockhead as his fingers slid over her clit and the first sharp arrow of climax rushed out of the contact. There was nothing she could do, it soared out over her and she was suddenly screaming into his cock, her mouth pushing down onto the thick cock.

“Aaaaahhh!” he gasped in satisfaction as the first jet of his cum gushed out of his cockslit. He leaned back, thrusting his shooting cock at the two girls, gasping and sighing with each hot pulse of jism.

The girls shrieked as the ocean of jizz shot into their mouths. It gushed out of their lips and rolled down his cockshaft. As they swallowed, another massive fountain of hot salty spunk filled their mouths and running over their lips as they sucked at the stream, trying to suck it up as fast as it poured out.

Eric a gave a scream as she came, her mouth ramming down on his cockhead and her throat pulsating as it filled with his spunk. A raging climax ripped through her. She twisted on his hand, her spread thighs shaking, helpless in his grip.

Amy worked her mouth down his tbrobing cockshaft, taking up the cum that had shot out and escaped their mouths. Her pussy throbbed and trembled under his fingers and the knot in her guts came open, sending a low, throbbing orgasm all over her body. She moaned, gasping, her fingers clutching his cock and her mouth working back up until she eased Erica’s mouth off his cockhead and took her share of the fresh, shooting jism.

The cousins took turns as Mr. X shot his load into their mouths, his cock pulsating as he poured out the spunk at them in huge gushes. He lay there, murmuring with satisfaction.

Finally the stream of jism faded and he leaned back, his fingers playing with their pussies as they licked up the last of his jism. But a sudden surge of shame broke over Erica as she licked him. She had given in totally to this man.

“Please, sir,” Erica said, straightening up and pulling her pussy away, from his fingers. “Please, can we…”

Instantly, he was out of the chair and gripping them both by the arms. Without another word, he pulled them across the floor and through a door.

It was a smaller room, but it was fully equipped for anything he wanted to do to them. He flung them in and turned, locking the door behind him. He slipped his still-hard cock back into his pants and advanced on the two girls.

“What did I say about not speaking before you’re spoken to?”

“Please, sir!” Erica moaned. “Please, we don’t want to do this, please, you have to — aaahhh!”

He grabbed her and twisted her around, slamming her face down over a bar that had a lot of straps attached to the bottom of it.

“Stop, please, sir, I’ll suck you again, I’ll do anything, please, I won’t, pleaseeeee!”

But he didn’t listen. He gripped her ankles and pulled, strapping them to the outside of the bar stand and forcing her legs wide open.

Amy stood and trembled. There was a horrible excitement in watching Erica get tied up, her ass sticking up and her long legs stretched to the limit. And Mr. X was so commanding. He knew exactly what he was doing, and Amy understood in the depths of her mind that she would obey him totally, whatever he wanted. Her lovely thrusting tits heaved in her little bra as she watched him lash Erica’s wrists to the bottom of the apparatus, betiding her double on the bar.

“Now,” he said, standing back. “That’s better.”

He eased Erica’s dress up over her ass, revealing the lacy suspender straps, the tiny black panties and the wonderful curves of Erica’s tight asscheeks. They were still deep red from all the whipping she had received and he ran his hand over the mashed flesh.

“Mmmmm,” he said as Erica gave a moan of pain. “I see you got quite a lot of attention. Well, there’s more for you.”

Erica sobbed and wept in horror, but the most terrible thing happened as his hand caressed her flesh. Sparks of passion shot out and she trembled, her ass throbbing in expectation of the pain to come. She groaned, her body alive with sudden, surging passion.

But Mr. X was going to make her wait. He sat down in a chair and extended his feet.

“Take my boots off,” he said to Amy.

Amy felt his power over her as she came forward and knelt at his feet. She leaned forward, allowing him the best possible view of her cleavage as she pulled at his boots. They came off easily and she went on to his socks. Then he stood up and made her undress him. Amy trembled and sobbed, her eyes unable to leave his cock as she obeyed. It hadn’t gone down at all, and it made her gasp with a horrible desire. She didn’t understand why, but she wanted it, wanted it rammed up into her body.

Finally he made her get a robe and put it on him as Erica hung on the bar and sobbed, staring up through her spread legs, at them. His cock pushed out of the front of the robe as he took Amy over to the wall where the whips hung in rows.

“Pick out the one I should discipline your cousin with.”

Amy gave a low moan. She stared along the rows of whips. She was almost, choking as she tried to reach up for one of them.

“P-please, sir! I can’t!”

“Yes, you can,” he said, and Amy felt a shiver go through her. “If you can’t, I’ll pick one and whip you with it afterwards.”

She sank to her knees in front of him and reached for his cock, sliding her mouth over his cockhead.

“You must choose, sir!” she gasped, her mouth running onto his cockhead until the th thick head pushed at her throat.

“Very well,” he said, and reached up to the wall.

But Amy felt his cock swell in her mouth and knew she had done the right thing. She stood up when he commanded her to.

He showed her a cat with the long, knotted tails. She gasped and nodded. Then he led her back to where Erica struggled and wept on the bar, her ass twitching and jerking. He stood close and lashed the tails across Erica’s heaving asscheeks. Erica shrieked and jerked on the bar.

“Suck me off, while I punish your cousin.”

“Yes, sir,” Amy said, and sank to her knees again. She took his cock and sucked it again, going weak with desire as the massive prick ran over her lips and into her mouth. Her pussy trembled and gushed juices, and she moaned with rising desire.

He lashed the cat across Erica’s ass hard, the stroke beating fresh crimson pain into the bound girl. Erica screamed jerking as the agony burst from her flesh and rushed over her, sending depraved passion surging with it, tearing into the last resistance she had.

The cat whipped her again and Erica shrieked, her ass throbbing as a climax burst over her. She sobbed as she came, helplessly jerking to the beat of the whip.

“You never talk unless spoken to,” Mr. X said as he whipped her again.

“Aaaaghghhh!” Erica screamed, twisting on the bar, her hand gripping the bonds. “Yes, sir, yessss!”

“Tell me what a good girl you’re going to be,” he said, and whipped her hard.

“Uuuurrghhh! Yes, sir, yes! I’ll be good, I will!”


Erica gave an unearthly wail and tossed on the bar, tossing as her orgasm broke and erupted through her in pure pain. She wanted the whip, her ass thrust for it, but it had stopped.

Amy sucked at his prick, her mouth drooling over the hard flesh. She eased her mouth back up until her lips just caressed his thick round cockhead.

“Please, sir,” she said. “Can I rub my pussy while I suck you?”

He ran his hand through her hair. “Sure. You can rub your pussy any time, unless I tell you not to.”

“Oh, thank you, sir!” Amy moaned, and slid her hand into her panties, rubbing her clit as she worked her mouth farther onto his massive cock.

“Now, my little one, what do you want?” he asked, draping the cat tails in full view of Erica’s staring eyes.

“Aaaaaghhhhhhh, please, whip me!” Erica groaned. She thrust her ass up. “Whip me, hurt me, sir, please!”

She sobbed, her will broken. The cat lashed into her ass, some of the tails beating into her throbbing clit and she screamed with lust, her passion breaking over her again.

“Aaaaghhh! Yes, sir, yessss!” she cried, writhing and jerking on the bar, her crashing climax bursting over her.

With a smile of total satisfaction, Mr. X lashed her with sharp strokes, beating the delicious agony through her ass and deep into her pussycrack as well.

As her cousin surrendered to her desires, Amy felt Mr. X’s cock swell in her mouth and she realized he was going to shoot again. She rubbed her pussy frantically, sinking into the pit that Erica had already entered. Soft waves of orgasm surged over her as she heard Erica’s screams of lust ring around the room and Mr. X shot his hot cum into her mouth. She sucked at the spurting cock, feeling the throbs of satisfaction bursting through it as her soft mouth took the jism. She gasped and came as more hot goo poured out of his prick and into her welcoming mouth.

“Aaahhhh, yeaaaahhh!” he gasped in satisfaction as he came, lashing the cat against Erica’s tight asscheeks to the beat of his shooting cock. “That’s good?”

Erica screamed as her climax poured over her. It gushed and peaked as the cat lashed her, sending her into a final wail of lust as she hit the top and crashed over, her ass still jerking as the last blows of the knotted cat tails took her down into a soft well of satisfaction.

Amy sucked the last of Mr. X’s cum from his cockhead and kept her mouth on his cock, sucks ing as she slowly fingered her pussy. His cock showed no sign of going down, and he hadn’t given her any instructions, so she kept sucking.

“Very good,” Mr. X said. “I think we’re almost there.”


Mr. X pulled Amy’s head off his prick. The thick cock was still as hard as before, and Amy moaned in horrible desire as her lips came off the massive round ball of his cockhead.

“Please, sir!” she gasped. “Can I speak?”


“How does your cock stay hard?” Amy asked. “When the boys came, their cocks went down.”

She leaned in and licked his cockhead again, her soft lips trembling over the surface.

He laughed softly. “I need it at least ten times a day, often more.”

Amy gave a groan, imagining the streams of cum that could come shooting out of his cock for her. All day, every day. She was dizzy with passion and leaned farther in, taking his cock in her mouth and sucking the hard flesh, her tits heaving as she gasped and moaned. She was helpless in the emotional and physical grip of the mysterious man.

“Did I tell you to suck my cock?” he asked. “No, no, sir,” Amy said, sliding her hands over his thighs and taking his cock farther into her mouth. She rove her mouth deeper and his cockhead slid into her throat, her throbbing neck muscles spasming over it.

“Later,” he said. “Now I have to deal with your cousin. So take your mouth off, that’s an order.”

Amy wondered what had happened to her. In place of the good girl of only a few hours ago, there was now a sobbing, mewling slave who wept and sucked at his cock as long as she could, even when obeying his order and easing her mouth off his throbbing prick. She knelt at his feet, gasping for breath. She slid her thumb into her mouth and sucked that for some relief.

“Get up,” he said and she struggled up, standing close to him, her thumb still in mouth.

“Go over to the wall and get one of the canes, and also, that tube of cream there.”

“Yes, sir.” Amy drew her thumb out of her mouth slowly and licked her lips. Her legs moved more easily now, and she knew he was admiring the delicious curves of her legs as she paraded across the room in her five-inch heels. She took down one of the canes and picked up the cream, wondering what it was for.

“Over here,” Mr. X said, and she saw that he was standing behind Erica as she lay across the bar, still bound hand and foot, gasping and moaning, her ass red from the whipping. “I’m going to fuck your ass, little girl.”

“W-what? Ooohhhh!” Erica moaned, staring up between her spread legs at the huge man above her.

Without another word, he reached for her tiny black panties and ripped them off, tearing them to shreds with one powerful jerk. Erica gave a shriek, her whole body going weak at the display of his power. Her pussy gushed juices and she sobbed, a sudden surge of passion running through her.

He took his cock out and slid it between the cheeks of her ass.

Erica gave a low bubbling scream as she hung on the bar. Her ass trembled and twitched as she felt the touch of his long hard prick. She knew her body would be split in two if she fucked his enormous cock up her asshole, and she shuddered at the thought of the pain. At the same time, her ass walls trembled with desire at the thought of being reamed out by something so massive.

Mr. X pushed his cockhead at the tight entrance of Erica’s ass. Her shitter resisted, and Erica moaned as her tight ring of muscles quivered.

“Take some of that cream on your hand and cream up my cock,” he said to Amy.

Amy gasped and took her thumb back out of her mouth as she realized what she had to do. But she obeyed without a second thought. She put the cane down and creamed up her hand, making the cream especially thick on the ends of her fingers. She eased her hand down the length of his cock, streaking the cream over it and caressing the rock-hard flesh. She reached his cockhead and stroked the cream over it, making sure it spread evenly over the surface. Some of the cream came off on Erica’s shivering asscheeks as she lay on the bar and moaned, her ass jerking back a little, waiting for the assault.

Mr. X shoved again, and this time his cockhead pushed into the tight ring of muscles guarding Erica’s asahole.

“Aaaaaauggg!” Erica moaned, her ass throbbing at the invasion.

“Slide your finger down,” Mr. X said to Amy. “Push it in with my cock.”

“Uuurrghh!” Erica screamed as he gave another shove and several inches of his cock fucked into her shitter. “Ooohhh, fuck, uuuurgh!”

Amy pushed her finger down his cock, sliding the rest of her hand over his cockshaft. Incredibly, her finger went into Erica’s ass, sliding on the cream and opening the tight little hole even more. Slowly Mr. X eased his cock back a little, then fucked it in, ramming in until Amy’s hand was around his balls and her finger was driven as deep as it could be into Erica’s shitter.

“Uuuurghhhh!” Erica screamed, her ass twitching and jerking as the incredible invasion filled her fuller than she would have believed possible. Her ass walls throbbed and sucked at the monstrous cock and her cousin’s finger.

“There,” said Mr. X softly, sliding a hand over Amy’s ass and working her little dress up until he could caress her bare flesh. “Do you like that?”

“Yes, sir,” Amy whispered, her finger playing over Erica’s shitter walls and her hand caressing Mr. X’s balls.

“Would you like to have my cock up your ass?”

“Yes, sir!” Amy gasped, her pussy giving a tremble as she thought of it.

“Good, because you will. You will. Now, take your finger out and pick up the cane.”

Amy obeyed him at once, her eyes wide as Mr. X began to fuck his cock into Erica’s ass with harder strokes. He was gasping a little as he leaned back, thrusting hard, his cock slamming Erica’s hips against the bar.

Erica gripped the bonds, her little dress almost up over her head as she struggled. Her ass throbbed, and along slow eruption of lust was building up in her shitter walls. Her ass slammed back at his cock as he fucked her ass.

“Yeahhhhh!” Mr. X gasped as he ass fucked the struggling, sobbing girl. “This is it, this is it!”

His cock speeded up, fucking in faster and harder as another load of cum built up in his balls. But he held his cum back, waiting for something.

Erica was screaming with steadily rising lust. Her body ached and trembled, jerking against the bar as her passion built and erupted out of her trembling ass.

“Yyyaaaahhhh!” she wailed, her body out of control and her ass sucking at his cock as she soared into an orgasm that throbbed through her bound body. “Uuurghhhh, aaaahhh, yaaahhh!”

Still he didn’t come. His cockshaft slammed into her shitter depths, his cockhead trembling with lust. He grippd the bar and rammed her even more tightly against it, his cock buried as deep as it could be between her asscheeks.

“Aaaghhh!” Erica screamed, her body thrashing on the bar. She knew he wouldn’t come. He was controlling her completely, and she had to beg for a whipping before he did come. The horrible thing was that she wanted to be whipped again, because that was the only thing that would give her the orgasm she needed. She had to submit to her depraved desires completely.

“Sir, sir!” she screamed. “Fuck, whip me, whip me, please, I want it! Aaaaghghh! I want it!”

“Good, now you understand!” he yelled. He turned to Amy. “Whip her! Right across the ass, and don’t take it easy!”

Amy gasped as she looked at Erica’s red ass and the cock that was fucking so deeply into it. She raised the cane, knowing she had to obey his every word, and lashed the thin wood across her cousin’s asscheeks.

“Uuurghh, harder, harder, Amy!” Erica screamed, her body going wild under the assault of the cane and Mr. X’s cock. Her body erupted with a massive climax as Amy whipped, the cane slapping into her ass at the moment Mr. X fucked his cock deep into her shitter. “Yeessssss!”

“Whip her hard!” Mr. X yelled as his jism streamed out of his balls and through his cockshaft.

Amy suddenly found that it wasn’t difficult to whip Erica. She wanted Mr. X’s cock and Erica had it. All her jealous fury went into her arm as she lashed her cousin, whipping her to the beat of the shooting cock and the jerking of Erica’s tortured ass.

“Ooougghhh, ycsssss!” Erica screamed as she peaked, her body hanging in a cloud of ecstasy for several blows of the cane and many hot, throbbing shots of Mr. X’s spunk high in her ass. She felt him give bis last massive outpouring, the cane whipped her with a final stroke and she collapsed across the bar, sobbing with satisfaction.

Mr. X raised his hand and Amy stopped the whipping at once. He leaned forward, gripping the bar as his cock shot the last of his cum into Erica’s still spasming shitter.

“Yeasssss!” he gasped, and eased his prick back, drawing it slowly out of Erica’s ass as she gave low moans, her tongue running over her lips. His cock was still almost hard, but had gone down enough for Amy to notice. “Take her off there.”

It didn’t take Amy long to get Erica free. She wondered what Erica would do, but her cousin fell into her arms and they kissed, their mouths in a tight embrace and their tits rubbing. Erica slid her leg between Amy’s thighs and worked her cousin’s clit while they French-kissed with rising passion.

“Very good,” Mr. X said, and the girls jerked apart guiltily. “I like shows like that. You must give me a lot of them.”

“Oh, yes, sir!” the girls gasped together, and Erica shamelessly ran her fingers over her pussy, sliding her little dress up over her thighs.

He lay back on a bench, his cock still hard enough to stick up like a small pole. “Come here.”

The girls walked over, showing their bodies off now, swaying their hips.

“Suck me,” he said to Erica, and she didn’t hesitate, leaning over him, her mouth going down on his cock at once. As her lips worked over the thick cockhead, she made it throb and start to harden even more. In moments, it was as hard as ever, but she kept up her soft sucking.

“Show me your tits, my little girl,” he said to Amy. “Yes, sir!” she whispered as she slid her hand between her soft mounds and opened the top button of her dress. It opened, and she slid the next two open as well until her dress was open down to the wide belt that held her waist so tightly. The little clasp of her quarter cup bra was showing and she played with it for a moment, leaning down over him and giving him the best view he could have. The clasp opened and she slid the two tiny cups aside, revealing her lovely tits.

“Fuck!” he gasped. “Are your cousin’s tits as good as that?”

“Yes, sir,” Amy said. “But would you like to see them?”

“Later. Right now, take your panties off and put my cock right up that little cunt of yours.”

“Yes, sir,” Amy said, her pussy wetting with excitement as she reached for her panties and slipped them down her legs.

She stepped out of them and tossed them onto the floor. Greedily she crawled up onto the bench and pushed Erica’s mouth off his enormous prick.

“Mine!” she gasped as she moved up, holding her dress up so that he could see his cock as it fucked into her pussy.

She took his cock and worked it over her wet pussylips, sliding it to the entrance of her cunt. For a second, he held it there, then he sank her wet pussy over his cockhead and slid her down until he was buried to the balls in her tight pussy.

“Ooohhh, sir!” she gasped, her cunt fucking his cock, sucking at the rock-hard flesh.

“Spread your dress, let me see your tits,” he said.

Her body throbbing with lust, Amy did as she was told, easing her dress aside until her tits thrust out proudly for him.

He stared at her lovely body, his eyes bright. “You have to be punished, don’t you?”

Amy gasped and came on his cock, her throbbing pussy walls sucking at his prick and her body shaking with desire.

“Yes, sir,” she said. “Yes, I wouldn’t make a choice sir, I must be punished. And I sucked your cock without permission, sir, that too.”

“You’ll never make a choice, will you?”

Amy’s climaxes doubled, surging through her body like raging fires of the most delicious submission. “No, sir, I won’t. I can’t.”

“Good,” he said. “So Erica will whip those lovely tits of yours until I come.”

Amy shrieked with the power of the orgasm that surged through her helpless body. She sobbed and thrust her tits out farther, bending her body back on his cock, her arms behind her, propping her up.

Erica got up onto the bench, standing over his face, her legs spread wide and her pussy open for him to see as she shamelessly caressed it. She took the short-handled cat and lashed her cousin across the tits with the tightly knotted tails.

“Aaaghhh!” Amy screamed, her body tossing on his cock and her tits burning with pain.

“Does it hurt you, my little girl?” Mr. X asked, his eyes on Amy’s swaying, crimson tits.

“Yes, sir, it hurts — aagghhh — it hurts! But it’s all right, sir, I’m coming! Anything to please you, sir!” Her body pounded with another climax as she felt his cock suddenly throb deep in her cunt and release yet another stream of hot cum. “Ooohhh, sir, how do you do it? How do you shoot so much?”

“It’s like this every day!” he gasped. “Can you take it, you bitches!”

“Yes, yes, sir!” Amy screamed, her body tossing wildly as she came.

“Oh, yes, sir,” Erica screamed as she came, her fingers working her pussy. “You try us, sir, we’ll suck you dry!”

She lashed her cousin’s tits with a’last set of strokes and stopped, staring as Amy fell forward on his chest, her hot pussy still sucking at his cock and her sore tits rubbing on his hard flesh as his cock shot the last of his cum.

He gave a low moan of satisfaction, and the three of them stayed as they were for almost a minute. The only one who moved was Erica. She openly finger fucked herself with slow strokes, her other fingers roaming over her clit.

“I’ve got a proposition for the two of you,” Mr. X said at last, sitting up and lifting Amy effortlessly off his half-soft cock. Amy knelt on the floor, while Erica stayed up on the bench, her fingers moving over her cunt. “I need a couple of assistants. Interested?”

“Oh, yes, sir!” Amy gasped. She slid her hands over her tits, caressing them so that he could see her passion.

“Wait until you hear the terms,” he said. “You will be total sex slaves. You will fuck me any way I want, whenever I want it.”

“Oh yes,” Erica cried. Her pussy gushed hot juices as she thought of his endlessly hard cock and the cum that shot out of it.

“And you will be punished any time you break the rules.”

“Urrrghh sir!” Erica moaned, her fingers rubbing her clit. “Punished very hard, sir, when we’re bad?”

“Very hard! And you will fuck anybody I tell you to fuck. I travel a lot, I have a lot of business associates.”

“Ohhh, yes, we will, sir!” Amy moaned, crawling up his legs and reaching for his cock.

“You will wear what I say, and do nothing except fuck me and travel with me. It’ll mean a lot of lounging around by swimming pools and things like that. Anything you want, as long as you’re always ready to fuck.”

“Ooohh yes, sir, yesss!” Amy moaned. “Oh, we will, sir, we’ll keep you happy! Oohhh, your cock, please, let me suck it again!”

Her mouth sank over his cockhead.

“We’ll take every drop of cum you have,” Erica said. “All of it. Try us.”

He smiled. “Later. I’m going to take you home now. I hope you won’t mind leaving your boyfriends. Rhoda told me they were assholes. Anyway, she’s fucking their asses off.” He got up.

“Yes, sir!” the girls gasped, and rushed to do the bidding of their master.

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