Two strangers are attracted to each other and end up taking their lust out on each other during an elevator ride

The conference has been going for almost a week and
living in a hotel has had its ups and downs. Like it is
a pleasure to watch the variety of people floating in
and out of this place. Mostly businessmen on their way
to and from meetings, occasionally the business woman
focused on getting her job done, families on vacation.
The downside is eating dinner alone and the long evening
of not much to do. Most of my evenings have been spent
in the hotels lounge reading a book to pass the time
while enjoying a beer or glass of wine before heading up
to an empty bed.

The company has put me up in a luxury hotel. At least 40
stories to the place overlooking the city. Glass
elevator that breaks out of the building at about the
third floor and travels with a view from 40 feet above
the base to the buildings zenith. Although my room is on
the 3rd floor I did take the ride to the top one night
just to see the city lights below.

Tonight wasn’t much different than the other three
nights here, at least until she walked into the bar. A
beautiful woman in that indeterminate age between 25 and
35. Athletic body with the movement of a dancer. Every
male head in the room and some of the woman turned as
she entered the bar.

She had presence and attracted the eye with not only her
beauty but also the grace of her movements. She walked
with power. The self confidence of a woman comfortable
with herself and knowing what she wanted. It didn’t hurt
that she was dressed in a tight fitting mini-dress, legs
exposed almost to the beginning of her butts curve,
shoulders exposed and neckline showing just the
beginning of the luscious curve of breasts that didn’t
need the support of a bra. The tightness of her dress
left no doubt that there was no excessive clothing here.

I watched her over the top of my book slowly sipping the
last of my beer as she selected an isolated stool at the
end of the bar. It was a pleasure to watch her take her
seat. The hem of her dress slipping up slightly as she
sat revealing even more thigh. She was definitely fuel
for fantasy. I released my breath in a slow sigh and
returned to my book, Robert Heinlein’s Time Enough for

It had been a few years since the last time I read it
and it was still a pleasure reading the adventures of
Lazarus Long and his unusual household. Reaching the end
of a page I looked up to notice her scoping out the room
and its inhabitants. Returning to my reading I was
startled from my solace by the waitress bringing me
another beer.

“With the compliments of the lady at the bar,” was all
she said. I raised my beer in salute and watched her as
I took the first sip. She smiled and my heart raced.
This has got to be a dream. Out of a room full of more
affluent looking businessmen she had selected me for
some reason. Dressed in a pair of linen trousers and a
collarless silk shirt I wouldn’t have stood out amongst
the Armani suits, except for maybe the fact that I was
reading and not on the make.

She sipped her glass of wine and kept my eye. I felt
like I was being appraised. She put down her glass and
gifted me with another smile. Apparently I passed the
first cut.

I put the book into my shoulder bag and went to join her
at the bar. She watched me cross the room with the same
intensity that we had all watched her as she entered the
room. It was slightly unsettling being on the other end
of one of those looks but also appealing. Apparently she
liked what she saw for her smile never left her face.

“Thanks for the beer, mind if I join you?” I asked as I
walked to her.

“Please do. Enjoying your book?”

“Not as much as I would enjoy the company of a woman.” I
introduced myself and we chatted about inconsequential’s
while we sipped our drinks. There were no stools left so
I had to stand next to her at the bar. At this close
range her scent filled my head. Scents of earth, fruit,
and woman. An intoxicating blend. My senses were on full
alert and I could feel the beginnings of a chemistry
building between us.

Through our banter she never did get around to giving me
her name. We talked about the city, she too was just
visiting and was leaving in the morning. As we talked
she would occasionally punctuate a comment with a touch
on my arm or shoulder and with each touch a jolt of
electricity passed from her hand to my core.

As we neared the ends of our drinks she showed that she
had noticed the title of the book I was reading. “Do you
have time enough for love?”

Taking the last swallow of my beer I formulated my
response, a paraphrase on a quote of Lazarus Long
himself. “Given enough time I would love everyone worthy
of being loved.”

She smiled and took my hand. Slowly I lifted it to my
mouth and kissed the back of her knuckles never loosing
eye contact as I focused on the scent of her and the
task of kissing her hand. Kissing lightly, with a firm
hold of her hand. There was a bowl of fruit on the bar
that we had been munching and I took a strawberry
placing it on her palm. Holding her fingers lightly I
slowly ate the strawberry from her hand.

Never loosing eye contact I ate her palm clean kissing
her hand to get the last of the fruits sweet juices,
lightly licking her palm clean with the lightest feather
touches of my tongue. Finished I placed her hand on her
forearm and asked her if I could escort her to her room.

She nodded and gave me the glimpse of inner thigh as she
stepped off her stool. In her heels she was just a hair
taller than me. And we walked together to the glass
elevators. There was older couple waiting at the
elevators and we all entered the elevator together. They
pressed a lower floor and she pressed the top floor.

We moved to the back of the elevator where she turned to
me putting her arms around my neck, holding me close as
the elevator started to move. We kissed. Lightly at
first and then with passion not caring about the couple
who were standing at the front of the elevator. They
were consciously watching the advance of the numbers
above the door and I didn’t care. Her body was pressed
close to mine and my hands gently massaged her back and
ass as we kissed. The weight of the dress gave me no
doubt that there were no panties underneath.

Reaching their floor the older couple left the woman
pulling her husband’s hand to vacate the elevator as
fast as possible. As the doors closed we both broke the
kiss to laugh and the elevator broke out of the confines
of the building into the star lit night. As the expanse
of the city opened up below us we continued to kiss and
I slid my hand under the hem of her dress finding her
clit and gently but firmly rubbing her sweet spot
feeling her honey start to flow as her excitement built.

I dropped to my knees sliding her skirt above her hips
and pulled her to my mouth. Her scent was an
aphrodisiac. A heady wine flowed from her that was sweet
nectar to my searching tongue.

I licked her clit firmly and quickly until she shuddered
in pleasure. Rising my cock was already free from its
confines and I entered her as she kissed her fluids from
my face. She raised one leg above my hip wrapping
herself around me, pulling me into her she gasped as my
cock penetrated her.

This was pure lust and I drove up into her hard and fast
raising her onto her toes with the force of my thrusts.
As we climbed the building our passion built until near
the top we both came as one, my cock pumping hard, fast
and deep within her. Her body contracting around me, her
legs pulling me tight against her, her pleasure evident
in the contractions within as well as her sighs without.

As my cock deflated I dropped to my knees again to lap
up our combined juices from her strong thighs. Her knees
almost buckled as I sucked the juices from her and
lightly stroked her clit. She shuddered once more and
grabbed a fistful of my hair first pushing me hard
against her clit where I sucked until her tremors
subsided, and then pulling me up to meet her hungry
mouth in a searing kiss.

As the elevator hit its peak we were slowly coming down
from ours. The elevator doors opened on an empty floor
and she moved to the controls pressing 3. She pulled the
zipper of my trousers down, pulled out my cock, kneeled
on the floor and with a smile said Going down?