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Two strangers are attracted to each other and end up taking their lust out on each other during an elevator ride

The conference has been going for almost a week and living in a hotel has had its ups and downs. Like it is a pleasure to watch the variety of people floating in and out of this place. Mostly businessmen on their way to and from meetings, occasionally the business woman focused on getting her […]

How was the dildo?

Judy stopped talking and sat there with a speculative look in her eye. We were drinking tea in her kitchen. It made me nervous when she looked at me like that. “You seemed to… react to that,” she finally said. She sees things. She’d been telling me about her love life, getting quite detailed, and […]

Bay Watch Part II

“Oh baby! Oh baby! Oh I love you so much!”, C.J. started screaming as she continued to passionately kiss Shawnie. “I love you more!”, Shawnie said as her body started moving faster and faster on top of C.J. After a few minutes of this, Shawnie finally got off of C.J. and went to the end […]