Wet And Ready Wife

What do you do with a horny housewife? That is a frequently asked question today. All over the nation, many young married women are expressing dissatisfaction with their sex lives.

Why do theft husbands spend too much time on the job? Are women hornier now? Men less so? Or is it simply that women feel free for the first time to express theft sexual needs?

In today’s society, women have made many new discoveries about themselves, men and the way we all fit into society. They have been freed by the Pill, encouraged by Women’s Lib, and are growing in self-confidence every day to help mold a new American society. In contrast to past history, some researchers suspect that American men are becoming more sexually cautious as women become bolder. With constant pressure to perform well sexually, many men feel threatened.

One relief from the constant demands of modern liberated women is the prostitute. Having paid his money, the man feels no pressure. It’s his money that pleases the prostitute, not his sexual thoughtfulness.

WET AND READY WIFE is the contemporary story of a young married couple. Judy is bored by the daily familiarity of their sex life and must find an outlet for it. Joe Prentiss has broken his leg and can’t work, so Judy must. Joe is also so uptight sexually that he can’t have sexual relations with Judy — they can’t have it “normally”. The solution to their problems is the job Judy takes at a swank bar. The cocktail waitresses there double as call girls and Judy is swept up by the world of business and prostitution. The garden path she has sought to discover new things about sex quickly becomes a freeway till finally Judy decides she must reject her whorish ways.

WET AND READY WIFE — a story that may prove shocking because of its truthfulness.


Judy Prentiss stared at her husband’s cock with longing.

“Joe, darling,” she sighed, “are you sure we couldn’t? I mean, there may be some other way.”

Joe Prentiss sat in bed, naked except for the heavy cast encasing his whole left leg. He was the picture of frustration.

“No, dammit,” he snapped. “For the last time, Judy, we’ll just have to forget about fucking until this cast comes off the damn thing’s in the way.”

“But. Joe, that could be weeks,” Judy moaned. “Please, darling, let’s try some of the things I was telling you about.” Joe glared at her.

“Judy, shut up and go to sleep,” he said.

After five years of marriage, Judy could tell when her husband’s temper was about to boil over. She turned off the bedside lamp and curled up in bed without a word. But inside she seethed with longing. Ever since Joe broke his leg at work, three weeks ago, she’d been horny as hell.

The problem really wasn’t the cast, it was Joe’s hopelessly old-fashioned attitudes about sex. He’d only make love in one way, with him on top, and Judy couldn’t convince him to try the other positions she’d read about. But at least after tonight she wouldn’t have to lie beside him in bed and long for him. She’d be busy somewhere else.

Judy had had to get a job to supplement Joe’s unemployment checks, and tomorrow would be her first day. She’d managed to be hired as a cocktail waitress at a nightclub called the Flamingo. The job would keep her busy from eight in the evening till well after midnight. She didn’t like being separated from Joe that long, but it was better than the aching lust she felt now.

The next evening Judy reported for work at the Flamingo and was told to go see the owner, Mr. Tony Rossi. She knocked timidly at his office door. She’d been hired by the club’s hostess and hadn’t met Rossi yet. She hoped he wouldn’t change his mind when he saw her.

“Come in,” Rossi boomed.

Judy entered a plush large office and saw an attractive man sitting behind a desk and smoking a cigar. Tony Rossi appeared to be in his mid-thirties, and he had black hair and mustache, a deep taxi, and bright brown eyes. His features were handsome, but there was something sinister about them, too.

“I’m Judy Prentiss,” she said. “The new girl.”

“Oh, yeah,” Rossi said. “Come closer.”

Judy shyly crossed the room and stood before Rossi’s desk. He studied her in silence. He saw a petite but curvy girl of twenty-five with short curly red hair. Judy’s face was pretty enough, but her most attractive feature was her large firm breasts. Rossi’s dark eyes focused on the ripe thrust of her tits, and Judy reddened.

“Well, I don’t know,” he said. “You’re kinda short.”

“Oh, please, Mr. Rossi,” Judy said, “I really need the job. My husband broke his leg and can’t work. I learn fast, I really do, and if I wear heels I won’t be so short.”

“Well, I only use the very best-looking girls,” Rossi said, “but I’ll check you out. Take off your clothes.”

“WHAT?” Judy asked, shocked.

“Honey,” Rossi said wearily, “I can’t hire you unless I see your figure. I gotta know how you’ll look in your costume. So undress — if you want the job.”

Judy turned even redder. She’d never undressed for any man but her own husband. She wanted to run out of the room, but she really needed the job. It paid well, and she didn’t have the skills to do anything but wait on tables. It looked as if she had no choice but to take off her clothes for Rossi.

“All right,” she said nervously.

Judy unbuttoned her prim white blouse and pulled it off, blushing hotly all the while. Rossi’s eyes glittered as he studied the tightly-packed cups of her pink bikini bra. Judy felt as if his look was burning right through her. With trembling hands she reached for the zipper of her tweed skirt and tugged it down.

“Come on, come on,” Rossi sighed, “I ain’t got all night.”

Judy hastily opened the zipper and let her skirt fall to the floor. She stood before Rossi wearing only her skimpy bra and a little pair of pink bikini panties. Rossi admired her curvy little body, ripe round tits and shapely legs. He took in her creamy skin, tiny firm waist, and the adorable little globes of her ass.

“There,” Judy said, red-faced with embarrassment, “I hope I’ll look all right in the costume.”

“I won’t know,” Rossi said, “till you finish taking off your clothes.”

“Finish?” Judy gasped. “But-but isn’t this enough?”

“I have to check for scars,” Rossi said, looking bored and impatient. “Now, do you want this job or not?”

Judy hadn’t known how hard she could blush until that moment. No man had ever seen her naked except Joe, and she could hardly bear the idea of stripping for a complete stranger. But, dammit, she had to have the job. In two weeks of looking, it was the only decent job she’d found. And she and Joe urgently needed the money.

“Yes, Mr. Rossi,” she said grimly.

Judy reached around and unhooked her flimsy little bra. Rossi remained behind his desk, puffing on his cigar, eyeing her coolly, as if he were judging livestock. Judy had never felt so embarrassed in her life as when she drew off her bra and revealed her naked breasts.

“Hey, not bad. Not bad at all,” Rossi said, showing enthusiasm for the first time.

He ogled Judy’s lovely grapefruit-size boobs. The ripe creamy globes stood straight out, firm and flawless, capped with dainty little pink nipples. Judy stood there blushing furiously. She’d always been proud of her pretty tits, but she didn’t like some stranger ogling them.

“Okay, now the panties,” Rossi said. “And hurry up. I got business to take care of.”

Judy felt total mortification as she tugged down her flimsy pink panties. Rossi’s eyes glittered as she removed her last garment. Unable to bear it, Judy turned around and first unveiled the lovely firm rounds of her little butt. Her panties slithered down her legs to the floor.

“Turn around, baby,” Rossi said gruffly. “I’m a big boy. I seen naked chicks before.”

Cheeks burning, Judy turned and let Rossi see the fiery-red curls of her small triangular bush. Thank God Joe wouldn’t have to know about this incident — he’d have a fit. It was hard enough for Judy herself to endure it, standing there stark naked while Rossi looked her up and down.

“Real nice,” he commented. “Yeah, you’ll be okay in the costume.”

“Thank goodness,” Judy sighed.

She started to reach for her clothes, but Rossi said, “Just a minute. There’s one more thing I gotta check. Step into that next room.”

There was a doer behind his desk, and Judy sighed and went to it. She supposed it didn’t matter now that she was naked. He’d already looked her over thoroughly and seen everything he could. She opened the door and walked into a smaller room. It contained nothing but a bed.

Judy whirled to face Rossi, her face flaming. He’d gotten up from his desk and was following her into the little, bedroom. She squealed with alarm and tried to brush past him, but he grabbed her shoulder and steered her inside and, closed the door. Judy backed away from him.

“Just what is it you have to check out, Mr. Rossi?” she said nervously.

He was taking off his tie.

“I like to make sure I get along with all my girls,” he said. “I like to get along with them real well.”

Judy just couldn’t believe what was happening. She backed up against the wall and gawked as Tony Rossi stripped naked in front of her. Why, she hadn’t been in his office five minutes, and he was suggesting that they get it on. It was insane, outrageous.

“Mr. Rossi,” she said, “I’m a married woman. I wouldn’t dream of going to bed with anyone but my husband. I never have, and I never will.”

Rossi laughed and began to unzip his fly.

“Hey, get with it, kid,” he said. “If you wanta work in a high-class place like this, you gotta play the game. Forget about your husband — he don’t have to know a thing about it.”

Judy’s blue eyes widened as Rossi opened his pants. He really had a fine body, deeply tanned, broad-shouldered, big chest thickly matted with dark hairs. But what really drew her attention was his crotch. She’d seen only one cock in her whole life, Joe’s. She couldn’t help wondering how another man’s prick would look.

Rossi dropped his pants and stepped out of them in just his jockey shorts. The crotch bulged with a huge erection. Judy knew she ought to scream and run, but she seemed paralyzed with curiosity. She just stood there and gawked as Rossi tugged down his shorts and stood before her completely naked.

“Now, you wouldn’t mind having some of this, would you, honey?” he said with a leer.

Judy stared wide-eyed at Rossi’s erect cock. It was not quite as long as Joe’s, she thought, perhaps six inches, but it was thick and stiff and handsome. Springing from a thick black bush, it hugged his belly, pale and blue-veined, capped with a big swollen purple head. Bright bubbles of cock-juice oozed from the knob-shaped head of his prick.

In spite of her fear and shock, Judy suddenly experienced an all-too-familiar sensation, a glowing and melting feeling in her pussy. She’d had that feeling a lot lately, and she knew just what it meant. She was horny. She was achingly horny, in fact. To her horror she realized that she wanted Rossi to fuck her.

“Come on, baby, over to the bed,” he said, walking toward her, his swollen heavy cock wagging lewdly.

“Noooo,” Judy squealed.

She ran for the door. She was horny for Rossi, all tight, but she wasn’t going to ball him. She just couldn’t do that to Joe. She’d never fucked another man in her life, and she didn’t intend to start now. She believed in her marriage vows.

“Aw, shit, cut out the kid stuff,” Rossi snarled.

Judy grabbed the doorknob and turned it frantically, but it wouldn’t open. Rossi had locked the door in some way she didn’t understand. She put her back to the door and faced him, sobbing. He stood there grinning at her triumphantly.

“I’m the only one who knows how to open that door,” he said, “and you ain’t leaving till you put out for me. Now, why don’t you save us both a lot of trouble and get over to that bed?”

“No,” Judy sobbed, “I won’t cheat on my husband.”

“Christ, I got a good mind to let you go,” Rossi said impatiently. “I don’t need a silly little cunt like you working here. But I gotta have you now. Look at this.”

He lewdly wagged his stiff cock at her.

“No, I won’t do it,” Judy cried.

Rossi gave a snort of impatience and rushed across the room. He lifted Judy easily and carried her over to the bed. She kicked and clawed and screamed, but it was useless. Rossi was far bigger and stronger than she was. He dropped her on her back and climbed on top of her, pinning her to the bed with his muscular body.

“Now just be a good girl and relax,” he crooned.

Judy felt his hard, masculine body press tight against her, and she felt the stiff line of his erect cock rubbing her soft little belly. Dizzy excitement washed over her, and her starved little cunt gushed a big steamy load of cream that soaked her hot swollen pussy.

“Oh, God, no,” she moaned.

As Rossi began running his hands all over her curvy little body, she fought to regain her self-control. She hadn’t been balled in a month, and she was achingly horny. She wanted his big stiff cock so badly, she could have screamed. But always there was the thought of Joe. She loved him and didn’t want to be unfaithful to him.

“Take it easy, take it easy,” Rossi crooned. “I’ll make it real good for you, baby. I know you want it.”

“No, I don’t,” Judy wept. “Let me go.”

But she was lying. Her flaming-hot pussy was crying for relief from the aching need she’d felt so long. It would be so tempting just to open her legs and let Rossi slip that gorgeous hard dick into her. Damn Joe and hip puritanical hang-ups! If he’d just taken care of her in bed, she wouldn’t be lusting for another man. With her last ounce of self-control she pushed at Rossi’s broad shoulders. She couldn’t budge him.

“So you don’t wanta ball, huh?” he growled. “Well, I’ll make you want it. When I get through, you’ll be begging me for it, bitch.”

He didn’t realize how close she was to begging already. She felt hotly aroused — and now Rossi made it even worse by slipping his hand into her crotch and stroking her moist swollen pussy. Joe had never done that to her, never touched her between the legs. Judy was amazed at how good it felt. She stifled a horny moan.

Each little touch of his fingers made her whole belly melt with pleasure. Rossi teasingly rimmed the tight little mouth of her asshole, fingertip circling swiftly. He inserted a fingertip in the heavily creaming mouth of her cunt and poked around playfully. He moved on and pressed his finger against the dainty little button of her clit. He rubbed the fat hot nub, and Judy shuddered with pleasure.

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you?” Rossi chuckled. “You like me to play with your pussy.”

“Nooo,” Judy whined.

She hoped he’d believe her lie, that he’d let her go before it was too late. If he went on frigging her like that, she wasn’t going to be able to control herself. It just felt too damned good, and she needed a man too much. But Rossi didn’t believe her. He seized her throbbingly moist clit and began to knead it briskly. Judy couldn’t stifle her cry of delight.

“Oooooo,” she squealed.

Rossi chuckled and kneaded her clit even faster. Judy couldn’t believe the sharp sensations of pleasure that melted her whole belly. She hadn’t known it was possible to feel that good. Damn Joe anyhow, why hadn’t he ever done this to her? He’d robbed her of years of pleasure, thanks to his silly Victorian ideas about sex.

Judy had been a virgin when she married Joe, and up to recently she hadn’t known there was any other way to make love than the way Joe did it — no foreplay, just a quick fuck with the man on top. But since Joe broke his leg she’d been reading a lot about other ways to do it, and she’d discovered a whole new world of sex.

It was a world Joe refused to explore or even to discuss. But men like Tony Rossi knew all about those delicious variations, those exciting ways of turning a woman on. Judy moaned and writhed with dizzy pleasure as Rossi rubbed her hot little joy button faster and faster. She just couldn’t resist those delicious sensations.

“That’s it, baby,” Rossi whispered, “dig it. Get all hot and wet for me. Yeah, that’s the way.”

Judy blushed hotly. She hadn’t realized that Rossi could feel the steady stream of hot sticky juice flowing from her aroused box. But it must be soaking his hand by now, running over his frigging fingers. Still she couldn’t bear to have him stop. She had a month of pent-up lust to satisfy.

“Oh, God,” Judy moaned, “ohhhh, OHHHH.”

She was spinning out of control, but she couldn’t stop herself. As Rossi’s expert fingers kneaded her horny little clit faster and faster, she felt herself rising to the very edge of orgasm. She arched her body upward to get all the friction she could from his frigging fingers. But just as she was about to come, Rossi drew his hand away.

“Uh-uh,” he chuckled, “you don’t get off that easy. I want you to be good and hot for me when we ball.”

“I-I’m not going to b-ball you,” Judy stammered, surprised at herself for using that wicked word.

“Sure, kid, sure,” Rossi laughed. “Here’s something else you’re gonna dig.”

He slipped his hand into her steamy crotch again, and Judy felt his stiff middle finger sliding right up her cream-flooded little cunt.

“Oooooh,” she wailed.

She just couldn’t help that loud hoarse cry of delight as Rossi pushed his stiff thick finger up her flaming-hot box. She’d needed something stiff in there for so long. Rossi started working his finger in her like a miniature cock, swiftly up and down, and Judy helplessly gushed hot sticky cunt-juice all around his jerking finger.

She was lost and she knew it. She let her legs fall wide open, giving Rossi more room to frig her, and she creamed a steady thick flow of molten cunt-juice. Through glazed lusty eyes she saw Rossi grinning down at her. He was obviously gloating over his victory. Judy didn’t care any more. The only thing that mattered was satisfying the burning need in her pussy.

“Okay, baby, no more games,” Rossi said huskily.

He popped his cream-soaked finger out of her snug little twat and eased himself between her widely parted thighs. The big hard head of his stiff cock nudged the soaked tight mouth of her cunt. Judy quivered. It was her last chance to stay faithful to Joe — and she knew she wasn’t going to take it. Her need was just too great.

“Take my meat, baby,” Rossi panted. “You’re really gonna love it.”

“Oooooh,” Judy wailed.

She moaned steadily as Rossi pushed his long thick cock into her. It felt so great to have a prick inside her again, stuffing her snug little twat, tickling her womb. She creamed furiously around his invading meat, and when his balls came to rest against her soaked pussy, she whimpered with pleasure.

“Feels good, huh, baby?” Rossi said.

“Yes,” Judy whimpered, surrendering totally, “oh, yes, yessss.”

Rossi chuckled and began to work his cock in her, fucking her in hard quick lunges, fucking her deep and fast, just the way she needed it. She didn’t want him to be gentle. She was much too horny for that. She wanted him to ball her roughly, savagely — and he did. Judy wailed ecstatically and clung to him, jerking her hips in time to his strokes.

“Yeah, you’re gettin’ off on it, ain’t you, doll?” Rossi panted. “I figured you would.”

Judy didn’t like his taunts, but she loved his cock. She bucked her slim hips faster and faster as Rossi speeded the pace of his fucking. In less than a minute she started to come, an explosive body-rocking climax that left her breathless. Rossi just kept right on balling her, and soon she was coming again.

“AHHHHHHH,” Judy wailed, “yes, yes, I LOVE IT.”

Unlike her husband, who always came in less than a minute, Rossi seemed tireless. He balled her into a string of orgasms that left her dizzy and panting. Judy hadn’t known it was possible to come more than once, let alone half a dozen times. But then there were a lot of things Joe hadn’t taught her.

“You want more, baby?” Rossi chuckled.

“Yes, yes,” Judy babbled, “please keep fucking me, PLEASE.”

But even Tony Rossi couldn’t last forever. After he’d brought her off one more time, he gasped and shot a huge load of sizzling come into her snug little box. He’d hardly finished coming before he pulled his cock out of her, stood up and began to dress.

“Well, you’re no pro,” he said as he pulled on his pants, “but you got enthusiasm and a nice tight box. You’ll do.”

“What?” Judy said dizzily.

“I said you got the job,” Rossi answered. “Come on now, hop to it. Go ask the hostess far your costume. I’ll be around later to see how you’re doing.”

Rossi left the room, and Judy staggered to her feet and put on her clothes. She realized with shock that she’d just cheated on the husband she loved — and that she wasn’t sorry. Tony Rossi had given her the best fuck of her life. But where did she go from here?

If she went to work at the Flamingo, Rossi would surely want to take her to bed again. Yet she needed the job so desperately. Still undecided, Judy went off to try on her costume. Rossi might approach her again, but she’d cross that bridge when she came to it.


Still dazed from her encounter with Tony Rossi, Judy went to the club’s hostess and was given a costume. There was a small dressing room for the waitresses, and Judy went there to try on the outfit. She inspected herself in the full-length mirror.

“Oh, dear,” Judy muttered to herself.

As Rossi had predicted, Judy looked great in the costume. The only problem was, there was hardly any costume. It looked like no more than a black bikini bathing suit with sequins. With it she had to wear black net stockings and black shoes with four-inch heels.

Again Judy was glad her husband couldn’t see her. Joe would have had a fit if he’d seen her in that skimpy outrageous costume. Pink with embarrassment, Judy entered the main floor of the nightclub and went to work. The more experienced girls showed her what to do, and she caught on fast.

The work seemed fairly easy, and Judy got many admiring glances from the customers, but it bothered her to walk around in such a revealing costume.

Then, to make matters worse, Tony Rossi appeared and gave her a soulful look. Recalling their passionate encounter, just a few hours earlier, Judy blushed beet red.

Rossi walked over to her and said, “You’re looking good, kid. You’ll do just fine.”

“Thank you, Mr. Rossi,” Judy said timidly. “Now, there’s just one other thing to this job that we didn’t tell you about,” Rossi said. “Sometimes I ask a girl to be extra nice to a special customer, you dig?”

“Oh, you mean pay special attention to him?” Judy said.

Rossi grinned and said, “You’re getting the idea, honey. There’s a guy been asking about you tonight. His name is Frank and he’s alone at that corner table. You take him a drink on the house and sit and talk with him awhile.”

“Yes, sir,” Judy said. She didn’t mind the assignment. She was glad of a chance to rest her feet.

Frank was an attractive middle-aged man with black hair graying at the temples, a tall lean body, and expensive clothes. Judy brought him a drink, and they chatted for a few minutes. She learned that Frank was an attorney. Then Frank abruptly changed the subject.

“You’ll do just fine,” he said. “Let’s go.”

“Go?” Judy said, gawking at him. “Go where? I have to work till after midnight.”

Frank looked impatient. “Didn’t Tony tell you what to do?” he asked.

“He said to sit and talk with you awhile,” Judy said.

“Then he left something out,” Frank replied. “You’re supposed to come to my place and do what I want.”

Judy stood up, face flaming. “I don’t believe that,” she said angrily. “Mr. Rossi would never ask you to do a thing like that. I’m a waitress, not a hooker.”

She turned and started to walk away. Frank made a signal at Rosa, who came hurrying over and grabbed Judy roughly by the arm. He steered her into an alcove where no one could see them. He looked furious.

“You dumb little cunt,” he hissed, “you made one of my best customers angry. I thought you understood my instructions. You’re not supposed to just talk with him. You’re supposed to ball him.”

Judy’s mouth fell open, and she gawked at her new boss as if she couldn’t believe what he was saying.

“But I’m a waitress,” she gasped. “I wouldn’t dream of doing a thing like that.”

“You gotta be more than a waitress around here,” Rossi growled. “Whaddya think I’m paying you that big salary for? Besides, this guy Frank will give you a hundred bucks to go with him. Don’t be stupid — go back there and be nice. If you don’t, you’re fired.”

Rossi gave her a little push, and Judy stumbled back toward Frank’s table, her mind reeling. She’d had no idea that her new job would involve prostitution. She was shocked and horrified at the idea, yet she needed the money so much. As she approached the table, Frank stood up, took her by the arm, and steered her out of the nightclub.

“I’m glad Tony talked some sense into you,” he said. “You’re a damned attractive girl. I didn’t want to miss out on you.”

The parking attendant brought Frank’s Cadillac, and he muscled Judy inside. She was still too shocked to speak or even to think. It was a short drive to Frank’s apartment, and by the time Judy came back to her senses, he was ushering her into a plushly furnished living room.

“You look a little shaken up,” Frank said. “How about a drink?”

“Yes, please,” Judy said numbly. She hardly ever drank, but she figured the alcohol would steady her nerves.

“Look, baby,” Frank said as she gulped her drink, “be smart and keep working for Tony. Do just what he says. A lot of girls have made a lot of money there. Some of them even marry rich customers.”

“But I’m already married,” Judy said.

“Then look for something better,” Frank laughed.

Something better? Judy’s pleasantly bruised cunt reminded her that Tony Rossi had been a much better fuck than her husband Joe. She loved Joe dearly, but she also craved excitement and adventure in fucking. Her new job could give it to her, and she’d even be paid for it. She looked intently at Frank, wondering what kind of lover he’d be.

Frank reached into his pocket and handed Judy a crisp, new one-hundred dollar bill.

“Use that to dry your tears,” he said, “and let’s go in the bedroom. I’m only supposed to keep you for one hour.”

Judy tucked away the money and meekly followed Frank down a short hall and into a luxurious bedroom with a king-size bed. Frank started to undress. Judy watched him in a daze. The drink was beginning to hit her, and she couldn’t think clearly. Was she really going to fuck this total stranger?

What am I doing here? she thought. This is insane.

“Come on, honey,” Frank said. “We haven’t got all night.”

Judy kicked off her shoes. She didn’t see any way out of the situation. She’d accepted the man’s money, and now she had to earn it. Besides, she didn’t want to lose her job at the Flamingo. She untied the little black bra-top of her costume and let it fall to the carpet.

“Hey, really nice,” Frank said, ogling her lovely round full breasts. “Tony sure knows how to pick em.”

Judy was still too dazed to think or even blush. One part of her was cool, thinking that this was an easy way to earn big money. Another part of her screamed that it was evil and immoral and that she shouldn’t cheat on her husband. She was just blindly following along with whatever Frank told her to do.

She hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her bikini panties. The black net stockings were sewn to the panties, and the whole thing came down as Judy lowered her last stitch of clothing. Frank, half undressed, paused to ogle her cute little flame-red bush.

“You’re just about the prettiest little thing I ever saw,” he told her. “Tony usually hires big tall chicks. It’s nice to have a small one for a change.”

Now Judy was able to blush. A man she’d met only half an hour ago was staring at her naked body, his eyes darting hungrily from her big round tits to her copper-colored bush. Frank continued to stare at her as he removed the rest of his clothing. As he lowered his pants, Judy gawked at his crotch in helpless curiosity.

His jockey shorts were tented with a stiff erection, and as he lowered them Judy just couldn’t look away. Out popped a rigid six-inch prick, the stalk milky pale, the head swollen and purple. Judy felt her pussy starting to glow and melt. Just the sight of Frank’s stiff prick had aroused her.

Still she felt very nervous as they walked over to the bed and lay down. Frank didn’t waste any time. He pushed open Judy’s legs and got on top of her and poked the hard hot head of his cock against the dry little mouth of her cunt. He grunted and pushed — but nothing happened. Her tight little cunt mouth refused to yield.

“You’re dry,” Frank said impatiently. “What’s the matter, do I turn you off?”

“It’s-it’s not you,” Judy said. “I’ve just never done this before, that’s all.”

Frank sighed and said, “Well, I guess you’re worth breaking in. Just a second.”

He opened the drawer of the bedside table and took out a tube of lubricating jelly. He smeared some of the jelly on his hand and reached down into Judy’s crotch. She flinched a little when he touched her with the cold stuff, but then she felt sudden excitement as he began to massage her pussy.

“Relax,” he soothed, “just relax and let me get you ready.”

Judy flopped back on the pillow and submissively opened her legs wider. What Frank was doing to her felt delicious. He rubbed the jelly all over her rich scarlet gash, his fingers moving slowly and steadily over the sensitive flesh. It was even better than when Rossi had frigged her. Frank had a much gentler touch.

“Ummmm,” Judy murmured.

Frank rimmed the tight little mouth of her asshole, then worked up to her plump pink pussylips, massaging into the hot folds. He rimmed the mouth of her twat, smearing it with the now-hot jelly. He worked up to the fat little lump of her clit and rubbed the jelly into it. Judy gasped with pleasure.

“Oh, my gosh,” she exclaimed, “that feels nice.”

“I can do even better,” Frank said softly.

He took the throbbing shaft of her clit between his fingers and began to knead it. Rossi had done the same thing to her, but Frank’s touch was more exciting, and the jelly made his kneading swift and slick. Judy could hardly contain herself, it felt so good. Her cunt began to leak hot sticky juice, and her pussy started to swell up hot and moist.

Frank massaged her clit into erection and then moved lower in her swelling pussy till he was once more rimming the moist little mouth of her cunt. This time his fingers moved faster, making Judy sigh with pleasure. He smeared the jelly all around her snug twat mouth, making the small hole slick and juicy.

Then he eased his stiff middle finger right up her snug little box.

“Ooooooo,” Judy squealed.

“You like that, eh?” Frank chuckled softly. “Well, let’s see how you like this.”

He began to pump his thick stiff finger in her jelly-smeared cunt, working it swiftly up and down like a small cock. Judy’s teeth flashed in a lusty grimace, and she arched her petite body upward and took in his finger clear to the last knuckle. Frank pumped even faster, and her cunt-cream boiled around his jerking finger.

“Oh, yes, yessss,” Judy gasped.

She knew it was shameful of her to be so lusty for this stranger, to let him know she loved his frigging finger, but she was only human. She and Joe had never had a very thrilling sex life, and for a month they’d had none at all. She was a normal healthy young woman, and she was starved for sexual satisfaction.

“I’ll bring you off,” Frank said eagerly.

He finger-fucked her even faster, his thick jelly-slick finger zipping up and down in her boiling little box. Judy moaned hoarsely as she felt the delicious hot friction. She creamed a huge load of juice, soaking her inner thighs, and then she was coming.

“AHHHHHH,” Judy wailed.

Her red-hot cunt gripped Frank’s stroking finger and held it as she came. Her little curvy body rocked violently, and she moaned hoarsely with pleasure. When her spasms had finally died down, Frank grinned and popped his finger out of her snug little twat. She felt him exploring even lower in her steamy pussy.

“Here’s something else I bet you’ll like,” he said. Judy smiled vaguely. She’d just had an explosive orgasm, and she was sure she couldn’t get aroused again so soon. But then she recalled that afternoon with Rossi and how he’d fucked her into half a dozen climaxes. Maybe anything was possible in bed if she had an expert lover.

Frank touched the tightly clenched mouth of her asshole, pressing his fingertip against the wrinkled flesh. He pushed, and his fingertip popped inside, no more than a quarter of an inch. He twirled the finger, rimming the hot tight opening.

“Oh, my gosh,” Judy gasped, “you shouldn’t touch me THERE.”

“Why not, if it feels good?” Frank laughed. “And it does feel good, doesn’t it, baby?”

Judy was too embarrassed to reply, because the truth was, it felt terrific. She’d never dreamed she’d enjoy having a guy stick his finger up her ass, but her tight little brownie was just as sensitive and horny as her cunt. Frank began to ease his finger farther and farther up her pencil-thin bumhole, and her excitement mounted.

“Oooooh,” Judy squealed.

“Quite a turn-on, isn’t it?” Frank chuckled. “First time a woman did this to me, I came like hell.”

Judy tried to imagine putting her finger up a man’s ass. It was a wicked idea, but it turned her on like mad. She’d love to do it to someone she cared for — for Joe. But of course Joe would never permit it. He’d think she was some kind of pervert.

Judy forgot Joe and everything else as Frank worked his finger clear to the last knuckle in her fiery little asshole. Deeply skewered on his thick finger, she felt heart-pounding excitement. He started to move his finger up and down, and it felt terrific. Judy couldn’t contain herself.

“Oh, yes, yessss,” she gasped, “that feels so GOOD.”

Molten cream gushed from her aroused cunt as Frank briskly frigged her gripping hot asshole. Judy gasped and panted and clawed the bed in her excitement. To her wonder, she felt herself rising toward climax again oven though she’d come just a minute ago. She was learning about a whole new world of sensation which Joe had never shown her.

“Oh, God, YES,” she gasped. “OHHHHH.”

As she came, her flaming-hot bumhole gripped and held Frank’s finger. Steamy juice gushed from her convulsing cunt. Her little body shook powerfully, her big ripe boobs wobbled. She’d never experienced such violent climaxes as today with Rossi and Frank. With Joe it was always gentle — and dull.

“I think you’re ready now,” Frank chuckled.

He popped his finger from her asshole and climbed between her legs. Judy was way beyond resistance now. She eagerly opened her legs wide for him, and as he shoved his thick stiff cock into her, she wailed with delight. He began balling her in swift hard strokes, just the way she needed it.

“Oh, God, yes,” she wailed, “do it to me, fuck me.”

“Christ, you’re tight,” Frank panted. “You’ve got a great little box, baby. Jesus, YEAH.”

Unfortunately it was all to great. Her gripping red-hot cunt squeezed and milked his probing dick, and in less than a minute he was coming. Judy felt the hot blast of his jism against her womb, and she moaned with disappointment. She hadn’t even had time to come.

“Hey, sorry about that,” Frank gasped. “I guess I was too excited. I usually last longer than that.”

“It’s all right,” Judy lied.

“No, it’s not,” Frank said. “I want you to remember me, lady. So let’s do it again. Just get me hard.”

Judy blushed deeply and said, “Frank, I don’t know how. I mean, my husband never taught me that.”

Frank snorted with laughter.

“You really are innocent,” he said. “Well, it’s pretty simple, honey. Just take my cock in your hand and pump it.”

Judy’s blushed deepened. Joe had never allowed her to play with his prick, not even to touch it. Now at last she’d have her chance, though not with Joe’s cock. Eagerly she wrapped her fingers around Frank’s limp cream-soaked prick and began to pump.

“That’s it,” Frank sighed. “Yeah, just keep doing that, honey. The old pecker will get hard in no time.”

Judy was delighted to discover that playing with cocks was a big turn-on. Frank’s wrinkled prick was soft as silk, warm and pleasant to touch. She pumped faster as her excitement mounted. Poor silly Joe, if only he’d let her do this to him! She knew he’d love it, if he could just get rid of his inhibitions.

Frank loved it, all right. He stared at the ceiling with a lusty grin, and he panted and sighed as she swiftly frigged his cock in her hot little fist. It wasn’t long before she felt the droopy little dick give a violent lurch and begin to grow. It excited hell out of her to feel a man getting hard right in her hand.

“Good girl,” Frank panted. “Just a little more.”

Judy eagerly kept pumping his cock with her fist, and she felt it mushroom from a tiny shriveled nub into six stiff inches of thick cock-meat. She couldn’t hold it all. The huge knob-like purple head escaped from her fist and poked out obscenely, the dark slit mouth seeping bright droplets of cock-juice.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Frank gasped.

Judy reluctantly let go of his erect and swollen dick, but she was soon rewarded when Frank scrambled between her legs and thrust his stiff meat into her again. Judy squealed with horny excitement and arched her soaked little pussy up to meet his invading cock.

“Ooooooh,” she cried, “yes, put it in meeee.”

“I’ll last longer this time, too,” Frank promised. He wasn’t kidding. This time he balled her for half an hour, making her come again and again. It I was the kind of fuck she’d dreamed of all those dull years with Joe. There’d been many times when Joe had come so fast that she didn’t get off, and then she’d lie in the darkness beside him seething with frustration and wishing someone would ball her to exhaustion.

Now it was happening. As Frank sawed steadily away with his big hard prick, Judy clung to him and felt a melting series of orgasms that left her breathless and dizzy with pleasure. Why, oh, why wouldn’t her own husband ball her like that?

“My God, Frank,” she finally gasped, “I’m exhausted. You’ve got to come now.”

“Okay,” he panted. “Put your legs around me. I dig it that way.”

Judy clumsily obeyed, wrapping her legs around his sweaty hot back, locking them there. Naturally Joe had never asked her to do that. But it felt good, opening her more deeply to Frank’s slamming cock. Then Frank moaned and flooded her tight little twat with a fiery load of come.

As his cock shriveled inside her, Judy sighed with satisfaction. It seemed too good to be true that she’d been wonderfully fucked — and paid a hundred dollars for it! Her new job was turning out to be quite an adventure.

They dressed and Frank drove her back to the club. As they entered, Rossi hurried over to them, a look of concern on his face. When Frank grinned and winked, Rossi looked relieved. Obviously he’d expected Judy to foul up her first assignment.

“Great little piece of ass,” Frank told Rossi.

Rossi flashed Judy a look of approval, and she blushed and hurried off to resume her duties as a waitress. She was kept very busy until two in the morning, when she finally dressed and drove home. To her relief she found Joe sound asleep. She really couldn’t have faced him, not after what she’d done tonight. She crawled into bed beside him and lay there thinking about her amazing evening.

After five years of marriage, after five years of perfect fidelity to one man, she had fucked two total strangers in one night. It just didn’t seem possible, but her bruised and, satisfied cunt told her it was true. Lying beside her unsuspecting husband, she felt a wave of guilt — but she felt something else, too. She felt sexually fulfilled for the first time in her life.

“Oh, my God,” Judy whispered, “what am I getting myself into?”

That was the problem — she LIKED what she’d done, and she wasn’t about to stop. She felt very guilty about cheating on Joe, yes, but she knew she couldn’t give up her new life, not even for him. She had to go on and explore the whole world of sex, to experience everything it was possible to do in bed.

In fact she could hardly wait till tomorrow.


Joe looked up from his breakfast and said, “How’d the job go last night, honey? Sorry I couldn’t stay awake till you got home, but I hope everything went all right.”

Judy tried not to blush — and failed.

“Oh, it was just fine,” she said. “The work isn’t all that hard.”

Fortunately Joe didn’t notice her blush. He nodded and got back to his scrambled eggs. Judy breathed a sigh of relief. Thank God Joe couldn’t read the guilt on her face or know of the wicked memories running through her mind.

Even in the sober light of morning it excited her powerfully to recall the terrific sex she’d had with Tony Rossi and with the man named Frank. Though she felt a lot of guilt toward them, she was still looking forward to her evening’s adventures. She was restless and impatient all day.

Finally she said goodbye to Joe and went off to the Flamingo. She hummed to herself as she got into her skimpy costume. Her pussy had that melting warm feeling again. Just the thought of making it with other men made her horny.

“I’m sorry, Joe,” she sighed while driving to work, “but this is how it’s got to be — at least till I get it out of my system.”

But was it possible ever to get over the need for satisfactory sex? After her experiences with Rossi and Frank, she knew Joe hadn’t been doing his job in bed, and she felt she could never settle for second-rate again. Yet she hated the idea of being unfaithful to the man she loved. There had to be a solution somewhere, but until she found it, she was damned well going to enjoy herself.

When she walked onto the floor, Rossi was there and gave her a brief smile of encouragement. Frank really must have bragged her up. Judy went about her duties, and several hours later Rossi approached her. Her heart pounded. Would he have another “assignment” for her?

“Got a customer I want you to treat special,” he said. “I guess you know what I mean this time.”

“Yes, Mr. Rossi,” Judy said smilingly, “I understand perfectly. Which one is he?”

“The shy-looking guy with glasses, over there,” Rossi said. “Don’t let him fool you, he’s a real tiger — and he’s loaded with money. Just do like you did last night, take him a drink, talk, and she what he wants.”

“Yes,” Judy said.

“Oh, and listen, kid,” Rossi added, “whatever he wants, no matter how wild — DO IT. You got that?”

Judy nodded. She took a drink over to the customer’s table. He seemed young, perhaps in his mid-twenties, and he looked so average that Judy was disappointed. Short hair, horn-rimmed glasses, perfectly average face and build — there was nothing exciting or unusual about him. In fact he looked like a bore.

“Good evening, sir,” Judy said. “Here’s a drink on the house. My name is Judy. May I sit with you?”

“Please do,” the young man said. “I’m Howard Wells.”

“Well, Howard,” Judy said, starting off the conversation, “what do you do for a living?”

“Nothing,” Howard Wells said. “I just spend money. I inherited piles of it.”

Judy’s mouth dropped open. She’d never met a truly rich person before. Hoping for a big tip, she became as charming as possible, smiling broadly, leaning toward Howard to show him her cleavage, patting his leg as they talked. Howard looked bored.

Finally he said abruptly, “Let’s go to my place.” Judy agreed, and as they left the club Rossi nodded approvingly at her. Howard Wells had a chauffeured limousine waiting, and they were driven to his enormous mansion. They even too an elevator to his third-floor den, a huge room with fireplace, wet bar, and circular bed. Judy was dazed as she thought of how much it had all cost.

The money might be impressive, but Howard wasn’t. He had all the sparkling personality of a dead clam. After mixing them a couple of drinks he just stared at Judy without expression, and his talk was limited to “yes” and “no”.

Howard looked at her poker-faced, sipping his drink, and Judy wondered what in hell it would take to turn the guy on. He looked about as excited as a man visiting the dentist. His cool blue eyes traveled slowly up and down her small curvy body, but they showed not a flicker of lust.

“Fine,” he said at last. “Now undress me, please.”

Judy swallowed hard as Howard tossed off the rest of his drink and stood up. She’d never undressed a man before, and she hoped she wouldn’t be clumsy. With shaking hands she removed his jacket, tie and shirt. When she pulled off his t-shirt, Howard was very careful not to lose his glasses.

Judy glanced with dismay at his wormy, pale, hairless chest. He was lean and trim but hardly muscular. His slender pale body didn’t excite her at all, no more than his dull personality. But for two hundred dollars she felt she could endure almost anything. She dropped to her knees and helped him out of his shoes and socks.

Her hands started to tremble again as she unbuckled his belt and opened his fly. He was wearing baggy boxer shorts, and it was impossible to tell if his cock was hard. She got his trousers off and reached for the waistband of his shorts, her hands starting to perspire. Quickly she tugged the shorts off.

Then she got her first pleasant surprise of the evening. Dull, bespectacled Howard Wells was hung like a home.

Judy couldn’t help gawking. She’d never seen a cock that big, she hadn’t even dreamed they could be so large. His prick was a good eight inches long and seemed as thick as her wrist. The huge swollen purple head looked the size of a doorknob. His balls were enormous, too, fat and red and swollen. His erect cock wagged lewdly at her, and Judy felt a sudden moistening in her pussy.

She tried to imagine taking a cock that large into her snug little box. It was frightening and exciting at the same time. And of course she WOULD be taking it very soon, whether she liked it or not. The thought made her a little nervous, and she leaped to her feet, her full tits bouncing. “There,” she said.

Though his cock was hugely swollen and obviously ready, Howard still looked bored. “I’d like you to go lie on the bed, Judy,” he said, “on your back.”

Judy obeyed with some misgivings. She really wasn’t sure she could take a cock that large. But there was no graceful way out of it now. She’d accepted his money, and he had an urgent cock-stand. If she tried to back out, he’d be furious and she’d surely lose her job. She sighed and lay down on the circular bed, opening her thighs.

Howard followed, still wearing his glasses, his big cock wagging heavily. Judy noticed that the big purple head was leaking plenty of thick gleaming juice. She was glad, because her little cunt was still quite dry from nervousness. They’d need all the lubrication they could get.

Without a word Howard crawled onto the bed and pulled Judy’s shapely legs open wide. She blushed as he solemnly studied her ripe red gash, his eyes flitting from the tiny red shaft of her clit down to the shadowed mouth of her cunt and the light-brown wrinkle of her asshole. Then Howard crawled between her silky warm thighs and lay down on her.

He pressed the enormous hard head of his cock against the small dry mouth of her cunt and pushed very hard.

“UHHHHHH,” Judy gasped.

She was suddenly stuffed so full of thick cock-meat that she could hardly breathe. Howard grunted and shoved again, forcing his giant cock all the way to her womb. His hugely swollen balls came to rest against her moist tender pussy. His cock seemed even larger now that it was in her.

He began to fuck her in long, slow, deep strokes, and Judy gasped in fear, certain that he was going to split her tight little box with his giant prick. She whined and clawed at his shoulders and tried to wriggle off the enormous impalement of his thick cock, but she couldn’t get away.

“Howard,” she whimpered, “it’s too big. Please, take it out of me.”

Howard raised his head to look at her, and Judy was astonished at the change. He wasn’t expressionless any more. He was grinning lewdly, evilly, and his glasses were steamy and crooked on his nose. His blue eyes glinted lustily as he worked his cock slowly and deeply in her snug little twat.

“Relax,” he panted. “You’ll start liking it. You’d better, because I’m going to get my money’s worth. I’m going to fuck you silly, baby.”

Judy was astonished to hear such words from the seemingly meek young man. She gritted her teeth as his gigantic cock stuffed and raked her tiny tight box. She did her best to relax like he’d told her, and she found that it really didn’t hurt. It was just frightening to take a prick that thick and long.

“Ummmmm,” Judy murmured.

The longer he balled her, the better it felt. She began to get really excited about taking that huge dick, and at last her relaxed cunt began to cream around the huge pole. The slickness made it much better. Judy began to moan with delight each time Howard shoved his monster cock into her.

“Now you like it, don’t you?” he panted.

“Oooooo, yes,” Judy squealed, “it’s so big.”

Her gripping cunt was growing creamier by the second, and Howard was able to fuck her faster, slamming his big dick hard against her womb with each thrust. Judy was really getting off on it now. Each plunge of his hard meat rubbed her clit deliciously. Her legs fell open wider and wider, giving him more room.

“Yes,” Howard gasped, “you really dig it now, don’t you, baby? You like having that big dick in you.”

“Yes,” Judy babbled, “oh, my God, yes. Ohhhhh, Howard, I’m going to come.”

Her little body shuddered violently, and she wailed with pleasure as the orgasm took her. Her powerful young cunt muscles gripped Howard’s prick and held it as she came. She could hear him panting lustily as he felt his cock squeezed and pressed by her velvety cunt walls — but he didn’t come.

“OHHHHHH,” Judy wailed.

Her cunt relaxed at last, and Howard began moving his huge hard cock in her again.

“Put your legs around my neck,” he panted. “Let me get into you deeper.”

Still dazed from her violent climax, Judy obeyed, wrapping her legs around his sweaty neck, locking them there. His huge cock-head battered hard against her womb, but she didn’t mind. The mixture of pain and pleasure got her quickly aroused again. Their fucking got noisy, a lewd squishing and slurping sound, and that turned her on, too.

“Ohhhh, Howard, you’re fantastic,” she sighed.

“I’m not,” he corrected, “but my cock is. Anyhow, take it easy, because we’re just getting started.”

Judy wondered how long it would take him to get his two hundred dollars worth of pussy. Maybe he had a cash register in his head which would tell him when to shoot. She didn’t care. It was wonderful just to lie there and take the repeated tireless thrusts of his giant dick. She’d never felt so thoroughly fucked before.

With her legs wrapped around his neck, her whole flaming-hot pussy was pressed hard against his crotch and her tight little box was completely open to him. She moaned with delight as his thick throbbing cock stoked deep in her gushing little hole and rubbed deliciously back and forth over her horny joy button.

“You like it this way?” Howard panted.

“Ummmmm, yes,” Judy sighed. “I’d like it any way with you, Howard.”

“Good,” he chuckled, “I’m glad to hear that.” Judy sensed that he had some surprise in store for her, but before she could think more about it, another violent climax rocked her body. Again her red-hot cunt gripped Howard’s big rod, holding and squeezing it as she came, and again Howard held out. His cock was still hard as a rock when she finished coming.

Suddenly Howard whipped his big prick out of her and gasped, “Roll over.”

Judy gawked at him. He was beet red with effort, his face and chest dripping sweat, but his cock was as hard as ever. He had a strange lusty glint in his blue eyes, a faraway look. He could have been fucking anyone — or anything, for that matter. Judy was just a device for him, a place to stick his cock.

“Hurry,” he panted, “roll over, on your hands and knees.”

Judy obeyed, her heart pounding. At last she was going to be balled in something besides the missionary position. For so long she’d wanted to try other ways with Joe, but he only believed in one way. She eagerly got onto her hands and knees and thrust her pert little ass high in the air. Howard knelt behind her and seized her slim hips for balance.

“AHHHHHHH,” Judy wailed.

He’d plunged his gigantic cock all the way into her in one powerful thrust, butting her womb, his fat swollen nut sacs slapping loudly against her soaked pussy. He balled her hard and fast now, making a lewd wet slurping sound as his thick cock reamed her juicy little box. Judy loved it.

“Oooooooo,” she squealed, “it’s so GOOD. Oh, yes, Howard, I love doing it like this.”

“I love doing it any way,” Howard replied. “I even did it in the bathtub once.”

“How was it?” Judy panted.

“Wet,” Howard gasped.

Their brief conversation lapsed as he fucked her harder and harder. Judy really dug doing it dog-style, because his big cock could ream her thoroughly and stuff her horny little box till she was breathless. She was long overdue for this deep nearly-savage fucking. It wasn’t long before she felt herself coming again.

“OHHHHHH,” Judy screamed. “Yes, YESSS.”

It was the same old story, Judy coming like a bomb, her tiny cunt grabbing Howard’s cock and squeezing it like a velvet vise — and still Howard didn’t get off. His swollen dick still stuffed her snug twat completely when she finished coming. She began to wonder what it would take to make him come.

“Let’s try it another way,” Howard panted.

Judy whined with frustration as he whipped his big cream-soaked cock out of her gripping little hole. He rolled over onto his back, his giant prick pointing lewdly up at the ceiling and gleaming with her pussy-juice. Judy stared at him, wondering what he wanted next.

“Sit on me,” he said. “You be on top.”

“All right,” Judy sighed.

It was fun trying out all these new positions, but she was getting a little tired. She’d come three times, and her small delicate cunt was getting a little sore. Still the man had paid her plenty, and she had to earn it. She got up and straddled Howard’s belly, bringing her soaked little cunt down the slick pole of his big hard dick.

“Oooooooo,” Judy squealed.

Every time they tried a new position, she seemed to be even more full of cock. As her little copper-colored muff met Howard’s crisp black bush, she felt like his enormously long prick would push right to her throat. Still it was terribly exciting, and she squealed with pleasure as he began to ball her. Howard seemed tireless, fucking her as hard and fast as ever.

“How do you like it this way?” he panted, wanting to know.

“Great,” Judy sighed, “but don’t you ever get tired?”

“Not till I’ve had my money’s worth,” Howard replied.

It embarrassed Judy to sit on top of him, because he could see everything that way. He watched her little red muff moving up and down. He watched her big ripe round tits wobbling crazily. He saw the bright pink flush of arousal that spread over her pretty face. Yet it was naughtily exciting to be watched, too.

She tried to imagine carrying on like this with Joe, fucking half the night, trying every possible position, moaning and panting and using dirty words. It was just inconceivable. Poor uptight Joe would never do it. Too bad, because they could have so much fun that way. She’d just have to find her fun with other men.

“Oh, God,” Judy whimpered, “so good. OHHHHH.”

She could hardly believe it, but she was coming again, Howard’s monster cock fucking her into another violent climax. All the while she was coming, he watched her, eyes glinting lustily behind his steamy glasses. He pumped away steadily in her red-hot gripping box, and in spite of its tightness he didn’t come.

“My God, Howard,” Judy gasped when her climax was over, “I’m exhausted. You’ve got to come.”

“Okay,” he said, “but let’s try just one other way.”

“All right, but just one,” Judy moaned.

“Great,” Howard said, pulling his stiff cock out of her. “Go over and sit in that chair.”

Judy staggered over to the easy chair he’d indicated and sat down, still gasping for breath. Howard followed, his giant prick wagging heavily before him. He got on his knees in front of her and raised her legs up over the chair arms, thoroughly exposing her soaked red pussy. Grinning, he plunged his cock into her again.

“OHHHHHH,” Judy gasped.

Howard always seemed to choose positions in which he could stuff her breathless with his giant prick. He started balling her furiously, red-faced and panting, and with that kind of friction it was no time at all before Judy had her fifth climax of the night. But this time, to her great relief, Howard came, too, yelping and pumping her little cunt full of steamy jism.

When Judy returned to the club she was so sore she could hardly walk. Rossi noticed her difficulty and gave her an approving grin.

“You better take the rest of the night off, kid,” he chuckled. “Looks like old Howard gave you a real workout.”

“Tell me about it,” Judy sighed.

She was glad to get off early because she really was tired, but she was also nervous that Joe might still be awake. And he was. She found him lying on the couch and watching a late movie on TV. He looked up in surprise when she walked in.

“We had some electrical problems,” Judy quickly lied, “and the boss let everyone off early.”

“Oh, great,” Joe said, “it’ll give us a chance to be together.”

Judy didn’t find it great at all. She loved Joe dearly, but she felt guilty as hell sitting next to him on the couch and pretending that everything was just as usual between them. She could hardly tell him that the boss had let her off early because she’d been fucked sore by a customer.

Well, she’d just have to live with her guilt, because she wasn’t about to quit her job. It was the ticket to all the sexual adventures she craved, and she had a feeling that her adventures were only beginning.


When Judy reported for work the next evening she found two other cocktail waitresses in the dressing room putting on their costumes. Judy eagerly introduced herself, since she hadn’t had a chance to talk to the other girls yet and wanted to know how they felt about working for Tony Rossi.

“Do you really like working here?” she asked a tall blonde named Carol.

“Are you kidding? I love it,” Carol said enthusiastically. “Where else could you make so much money for so little work?”

“The tips are great, too,” said Barb, a statuesque brunette.

“I suppose you’re right,” Judy sighed, “but I feel kind of strange doing — well, you know. I’m married, and it would kill my husband if he found out.”

“Honey, we’re married, too,” Carol said. “What your old man doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”

“Yeah, don’t worry about it,” Barb said. “Both Carol and I had to go back to work when our husbands were laid off. We’re just making the best deal we can for ourselves, that’s all.”

“Besides,” Carol said with an impish grin, “sometimes the work here can be a helluva lot of fun.”

Judy blushed because secretly she agreed with Carol. No matter how guilty she felt about being unfaithful to Joe, she had to admit that she really loved getting it on with other men. As she slipped into her black bikini costume, she could hardly wait to discover what man Tony had picked for her tonight.

“Hey, honey, a word of advice,” Barb said as they left the dressing room. “Once in awhile you’ll get a real rough customer, somebody who likes to hurt women. Don’t put up with it. Get out of there, tell Mr. Rossi, and he’ll take care of the guy — and I mean good.”

Judy shuddered.

“Thanks,” she said, “I’ll remember that.”

She’d worked the floor for a couple of hours when Rossi appeared and signaled her to step into the alcove for a conference. Judy obeyed eagerly. She’d been horny since the moment she woke up, and she could hardly wait for her next “assignment”.

“There’s an older guy I want you to entertain,” Rossi said. “White hair, black suit, sitting over against the wall. He may not be pretty, kid, but he’s loaded, so be real nice to him. Do whatever he wants, no matter how weird it sounds.”

Judy felt nervous. Rossi had said the same thing to her yesterday regarding Howard, the mouse who turned into a tiger. “Mr. Rossi,” she said, “what if I happen to run into somebody who tries to hurt me?”

Rossi frowned.

“It won’t happen with this old dude, believe me. I know him. But if it ever does, you tell me and I’ll see that he never hurts anybody again.”

Feeling reassured, Judy went over to the old man’s table and delivered his free drink. The guy was probably in his early sixties, with a thick head of white hair and a face like Santa Claus. He was tall, broad-shouldered, and portly, and despite his age he was still a very attractive man.

“Good evening, sir,” she said, “my name is Judy. May I sit with you?”

“We needn’t bother with that, my dear,” he said. “I can see already that you’ll do just fine. Come on, my car is right outside. By the way, my name is Miles.”

Judy never did learn if Miles was his first name or his last, the guy moved so fast. They were out of the club and into his car before she knew what was happening. Miles took her to his penthouse apartment, which had a rug about a foot deep and a magnificent view of the city. He mixed up a pitcher of excellent martinis.

“Some people would call me a dirty old man,” he told Judy, “but I like to think of myself as a fancier of lovely things. I think girls are lovely things, especially with their clothes off. So if you’d oblige me, my dear, I’d like you to undress and lie on the carpet over there.”

Things seemed to be moving too fast for Judy. In the car Miles had slipped her a hundred dollar bill, and she knew she was supposed to earn it by doing whatever he wanted, but she’d hardly had time to catch her breath before he asked her to strip. Nervously she kicked off her four-inch black heels and started to untie her top.

“I just want to look at you for a while,” Miles said, settling into a big easy chair and sipping his martini. “You may take your drink with you.”

Judy shucked her bra and quickly skinned out of her panties and stockings. Miles watched her with a blissful little smile. She went to the place he’d indicated, just a few feet from his chair, and lay down on the thick deep carpet. She reclined on her side and tried to look cool and professional as she sipped her drink.

“Lovely,” Miles sighed, “just lovely.”

It made Judy nervous to have to just lie there while the old man ogled her naked body. His bright little blue eyes flickered back and forth between her round ripe tits and the flame-colored triangle of her bush. Long minutes passed and Judy had finished her martini before he spoke again.

“Tell me, my dear,” he said, “do you like to fuck?”

Judy blushed hotly. She still wasn’t used to hearing such words.

“Why, uh, yes, of course,” she stammered.

Miles chuckled, “No, I mean really. You don’t have to lie to me, because I paid for your services and I’m going to have you anyway. I just want to know if you really, honestly enjoy sex.”

Judy’s blush deepened as she replied shyly, “Well, yes, I do.”

“I believe you,” Miles said. “That’s good. I hate phonies, girls who just fake it. I like a naturally lusty woman. And now I think it’s time we went into the bedroom. Tony only lends his girls for an hour, you know.”

Judy was glad it was only an hour. Something about Miles gave her the creeps. It wasn’t just that he was old enough to be her grandfather. There was something very strange about his manner. She shuddered as she recalled Barb’s warning about weirdos.

Still she did her duty and followed Miles down a hall to a huge bedroom with a mammoth bed covered in white fur.

“Lie down, please,” Miles said, “on your back. I want to look at you while I undress.”

Judy obeyed, trying her best to look cool and at ease. She climbed onto the huge bed and lay down in the soft fur. It was a very sexy feeling to have the fur against her naked body. Miles towered over her, standing at the foot of the bed and eyeing her curvy little body as he took off his clothes.

“Open your legs a little, dear,” he said. “Yes, that’s it. Now just stay that way.”

Judy couldn’t help blushing again when Miles asked her to show her pussy. She did as he ordered, however, opening her legs and drawing back her knees, showing him the rich red of her gash with its delicate fringe of coppery curls. Miles’ little blue eyes twinkled lustily as he stared between her legs.

“You’re lovely all over,” he said. “I can hardly wait for this one.”

Judy couldn’t bear having his horny gaze focused on her naked pussy, so she looked around to avoid seeing him. Her blush deepened. On both walls and on the ceiling were huge mirrors, reflecting the bed. No matter what Miles was doing, or who he was doing it with, he could see all the action from every angle.

“You noticed the mirrors,” he chuckled. “Actually they’re quite a turn-on, once you get used to them.”

Judy didn’t know where to look now. In the mirrors she saw her own lovely naked body, the orange bush contrasting sharply with her creamy white skin. She saw her own pink-flushed and embarrassed face and her slightly quivering globe-shaped tits. She glanced back at Miles.

He’d just taken off his shirt, and his chest was very broad and thickly matted with white hairs. She couldn’t help gawking as the old man lowered his pants. His jockey shorts showed no sign of a hard-on. He took down the shorts, and Judy eyed his cock with deep disappointment.

Miles’ prick was perfectly limp. In fact it was hardly there, just a poor wrinkled little nub of flesh no more than an inch long, practically hidden in his thick white bush. His rosy balls were tiny, too, wrinkled and slack.

Miles didn’t seem bothered by any of this. He marched confidently around to the side of the bed, his pitiful little limp cock wagging, and climbed on beside Judy. She felt not a trace of lust for him, and she wondered how in hell he expected to fuck her with that tiny soft cock.

“Open your legs as wide as you can, my dear,” Miles said eagerly. “Don’t be shy about it. There, that’s excellent.”

Reluctantly Judy had opened her legs to the maximum, spreading them wide and drawing her knees back to touch her big swollen breasts. She wondered what would happen next. It was bound to be embarrassing, because Miles’ cock was still utterly limp and useless. Trying to fuck her with that soft little nub would be like trying to put a wet noodle into a keyhole.

Miles still didn’t look a bit worried, though. He knelt between her legs and eyed her naked scarlet pussy with lusty twinkling eyes. He licked his lips in anticipation. Judy was really puzzled, because his poor little cock didn’t even twitch. It just stayed dead and flaccid.

Then Miles shoved his face right into her pussy.

“OH,” Judy gasped.

She wanted to scramble away from him, but she remembered that she had a job to do, money to earn. Whatever crazy thing he wanted was all right, unless he hurt her. Still she felt pretty strange with his white head jammed between her thighs and his moist hot breath fanning her naked slit. What in hell was he up to?

Then she felt it, Miles’ slick hot tongue lapping gently but steadily on the highly sensitive bud of her clit. For a brief moment she was shocked that he should lick her there, but her shock vanished in a powerful wave of pleasure. It felt absolutely wonderful to have her clit tongued.

“Oooooo,” Judy squealed.

Now it came back to her, the things she’d read lately about different ways to make love. Oral sex had been mentioned, men and women using their mouths and lips and tongues on each other. Judy had skipped that part because she knew Joe would never go for it, but she’d been curious about how it would feel.

Now she knew. It felt fantastic. Miles lapped steadily on the tender hot shaft of her little red clit, and powerful waves of pleasure melted her belly. She’d never felt anything so delicious in her life. She forgot her uneasiness about Miles, forgot everything but the stunning joy of having her clit licked and tongued.

“Ohhhh, yes,” she squealed, “yes, yessss.”

Miles lapped harder and faster on her ultrasensitive little clit, and now the melting pleasure took in her whole body. Judy moaned and flushed pink with horny arousal. She felt her snug little cunt starting to cream hot sticky juice. The old dude was turning her on like mad with his steady clit-licking.

“Ohhhhh, it’s so GOOD,” Judy gasped.

She simply couldn’t believe the incredible pleasure of having her pussy eaten. Goddamn Joe anyhow, why did he have to be so old-fashioned and uptight about sex? She’d missed so much fun because of his hang-ups. Well, not any more. She could have men like Miles who’d do any crazy and wonderful thing to turn a woman on.

Now Miles intensified her pleasure by pressing his lips against her moist little joy button and sucking on it. Judy gasped and almost rose off the bed, it felt so good. A big molten flood of cream gushed from her hotly aroused cunt, wetting Miles’ chin. She’d never known such ecstasy in bed.

“My God, YES,” Judy whimpered, “yes, suck meee. Oh, it’s so good, OHHHHH.”

Miles’ white head bobbed steadily up and down between her widely parted thighs as he sucked loudly on her juicy little clit. He really seemed to enjoy what he was doing, for he made hungry gurgling and snorting noises as he tasted her fragrant juice. He sucked her clit even farther between his lips, sucked it faster and faster.

“AHHHHHH,” Judy wailed.

The powerful orgasm took her by surprise, rocking her petite body, making her scream with pleasure and claw the fur spread. As she came Miles just went right on sucking her clit, intensifying her climax. Judy almost blacked out with pleasure. It was the most powerful orgasm she’d ever had.

“Ohhhh, my God,” she panted when it was over, “that was beautiful, Miles. I never felt anything like that before.”

Miles raised his cream-soaked face and looked at her with surprise. “How old are you, Judy?” he said.

“Twenty-five,” said Judy.

“And no man ever went down on you before?” Miles said wonderingly.

“No,” Judy said, “but I’ve only been with one man till lately, my husband. And he doesn’t believe in that kind of thing.”

“He’s a damned fool,” Miles said. “He’d better hurry up and learn, or he’ll lose you.”

Judy wondered if that was a possibility. She loved Joe now and didn’t want to leave him, but she was getting more, and more turned on to infidelity, to the lovely things other men did to her in bed. Maybe Miles was right — Joe might have to clean up his act or lose her.

“Anyhow,” Miles was saying, “forget about your husband for tonight, my dear. We’re just getting started.”

His white head dipped into her crotch again, and Judy moaned in horny anticipation. She’d just had a violent climax, but she was more than ready to have him eat her pussy again. As his white hair tickled her inner thighs and his hot breath fanned her slit, she sighed blissfully.

“Let’s see how you like this,” Miles said in an eager but muffled voice.

Judy felt his thick slick tongue exploring the plump steamy folds of her pussylips, and she squealed with delight. He might be an old man, but he sure as hell knew how to get a woman aroused. She creamed hot gobs as Miles tongued and tickled every little fold and cranny of her scarlet cuntlips.

“Ummmmm, yes, that’s so nice,” she sighed.

But there was something better to come. Miles’ slick tongue tip began to rim the very mouth of her cunt, zipping rapidly around and around, teasing and lashing. Judy was nearly breathless with excitement. It was wicked of him to lick her there, but she loved it.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she panted.

Then Miles shoved his thick wet tongue-meat right up her cunt.

“OHHHHHH,” Judy screamed.

She’d never felt anything so exciting as Miles’ tongue wriggling right up her box. He stuffed her with the thick tongue-meat, shoving it clear to the root in her red-hot creamy little hole. Judy wailed ecstatically, and her strong young cunt muscles gripped his tongue greedily, wanting it there forever.

“Oh, Miles,” Judy wailed, “I just love it. Yes, yes, put your tongue in meeee.”

Miles responded by jerking his fat tongue up and down in her boiling little box, working it just like a cock. Only it was more slippery and mobile than a cock, and Judy squealed with delight as he fucked her with it. She arched her little body up to take even more of his hot tongue-meat in her greedy little twat.

“Yes, yes, lick me,” she panted. “I just love it, Miles. Oh, God, I think I’m going to come.”

Miles picked up on her excitement and tongued even faster in her snug creamy box, jerking his thick tongue furiously. Judy gushed a steady load of steamy juice all over his face as she rose higher and higher toward climax. Then a dizzying orgasm shook her.

“AHHHHHH,” she cried, “YES, I’M COMING.”

Miles went on tongue-fucking her hard and fast as the climax rocked her body for long delicious moments. Judy whined and moaned, clawed the bed, and nearly passed out with the stunning pleasure of having her cunt tongued. Then she collapsed, panting and gasping, and Miles eased his tongue out of her satisfied little twat.

“Oh, God, that was wonderful,” Judy sighed.

“Thank you, my dear,” Miles chuckled, “but that was just for openers. Rest a moment, and then I’ll do something even better for you. Pussy-eating is my specialty, in case you hadn’t guessed.”

Judy stared wonderingly at the rosy-faced old man. He seemed to be having a ball just going down on her, getting nothing for himself. He grinned and licked his lips, lapping up her sticky hot cunt cream as if he loved the taste. It was very strange — but Judy sure as hell wasn’t complaining. He could eat her all night if he wanted to.

When she caught her breath, Miles winked and dived for her pussy again. Judy moaned in happy anticipation, wondering where he’d tongue her this time. He’d already done her clit and her cunt. To her astonishment — and shock — she felt his slick hot tongue tip rimming the tight little mouth of her asshole.

“Oh, no, Miles,” she gasped, “you mustn’t lick me THERE.”

Miles paid no attention to her protest. He seemed to find her pungent little brownie just as tasty as her clit and cunt. His slick tongue zipped around and around the clenched opening of her bumhole, and he gurgled and snorted hungrily. In spite of her shock, Judy felt a wicked pleasure in having her ass licked.

Then Miles popped his stiff tongue tip right into her asshole, swiftly thrusting his thick tongue clear to the root in her tight hot bung-hole. Judy gasped with shock. She was fully skewered on his slick hot tongue-meat, her brownie stuffed with it.

“Miles, no,” she gasped, “that’s too much. You mustn’t do… Oh, OH, OHHHHH.”

Miles was bum-fucking her with his tongue, working the fat slick meat furiously up and down in the tight pungent passage. All Judy’s inhibitions went right out the window as she responded to the wicked pleasure of having her ass tongued. It felt fantastic, just as good as when he’d licked her cunt.

“Oh, God, YES,” she shrieked, “I love it. Yes, yes, make me COME.”

It wasn’t long before Miles did just that. Another blinding orgasm washed over her, and for long sweet moments she writhed in ecstasy. Only when her spasms had died down did Miles finally pull his tongue out of her snug little asshole. He raised his flushed face from her crotch, looking perfectly content.

“Miles, you devil,” Judy laughed, “it’s been just wonderful, but can’t I do anything for you?” Miles sighed loudly.

“My dear,” he said, “at my age I’m not much of a stud. I come far too fast. I like to satisfy the lady first.”

“I’m more than satisfied,” Judy said. “What can I do for you?”

“Jack me off,” Miles said almost shyly.

Without hesitation Judy reached for his little limp prick, fisted it, and began pumping. Miles flopped back on the bed with a blissful sigh. To her astonishment, his cock went hard in an instant, blossoming into a stiff thick five-inch rod. But he hadn’t been kidding about how fast he came. She’d pumped his silky stiff dick less than a minute when he groaned and shot a gleaming arc of jism into the air.

“Thank you, my dear,” he sighed. “Now the old man has to have his nap. Call a taxi to take you back to the club, and tell the driver to bill me.”

Miles nodded off in blissful snores, and Judy dressed and returned to the club. When Rossi saw her flushed shiny cheeks and her smug little smile, he grinned and gave her an approving pat on the butt. Seeing her obvious satisfaction, he didn’t need to ask questions.

“Nice old guy, that Miles, huh?” he said.

“Very nice,” Judy sighed, “very nice, indeed.”


The next evening Rossi drew Judy’s attention to a burly, balding, cigar-smoking man sitting at a corner table. The man appeared to be about forty, and his slightly pudgy fingers glittered with showy and expensive rings.

“That’s George Dimitri,” Rossi said, “one of my most important customers. I want you to treat him real nice. If you do, there’ll be a big tip for you.”

“Yes, Mr. Rossi,” Judy said.

George Dimitri was hardly the most attractive man in the club, but Judy knew better than to disobey Tony Rossi’s orders. She brought Dimitri a drink and sat down to talk with him. He was loud, laughing and jovial, the kind of guy who probably played practical jokes and slapped people too hard on the back.

Before long Dimitri said, “Let’s go on over to my place and have some fun, baby.”

“Yes, Mr. Dimitri,” Judy said shyly.

“Hey, call me George,” he laughed. “Come on.”

Judy followed the big man out of the club.

Although she was horny as usual, she really didn’t feel at all turned on to George. He was loud, crude and somewhat fat, not her type at all. She just I hoped he tipped her well and that his love-making wouldn’t take too long.

George had a penthouse suite in the city’s leading hotel, and there was a male servant there to make their drinks and bring a tray of snacks. Then the servant discreetly disappeared and left them alone. George polished off the snacks, all the while eyeing Judy hungrily. His little gleaming brown eyes made her nervous.

“Well, let’s get to it,” he said at last. “Will two hundred do?”

“That would be just fine, Mr. — uh, George,” Judy said.

She tucked the money in her shoe and followed George into the bedroom, feeling very little enthusiasm. The money was nice, but George had all the sex appeal of a bull walrus. He began taking off his clothes, and Judy followed suit, quickly discarding her skimpy costume. As she walked naked to the bed, George gave a loud whistle.

“Honey, you are really built,” he said.

“Thank you,” Judy said with a hot blush.

She got onto the bed and waited. It took George quite a long time to struggle out of all his clothes. Judy was awed by his powerful barrel chest with its thick mat of black hair. And of course she couldn’t help staring when he removed his pants and shorts.

She was rather surprised to see that his cock was completely limp. He’d acted so lusty and aggressive, she could hardly believe that he showed no signs of arousal. His small pale droopy prick dangled from a thick black bush, and his little red balls were limp and empty. As he walked over to the bed, his flaccid dick bounced forlornly.

George crawled onto the bed, making the springs groan, and said, “Hey, give me a head job, then we’ll ball.”

“Head job?” Judy said, not having the slightest idea what he meant.

George stared at her.

“You don’t know what that means?” he exclaimed. “Jesus, you really are new on the job. I mean go down on me, baby, suck my cock.”

The last phrase told Judy all too vividly what the man wanted of her. She blushed scarlet. Of course she’d read about oral sex, but she’d never done it — not with puritanical, uptight Joe. Staring at George’s wormy, white little cock, she wasn’t at all sure she wanted to try it.

“Hey, come on, baby,” George said impatiently. “We ain’t got all night.”

Judy swallowed hard. She didn’t even like the guy, and he expected her to take his cock in her mouth. But he’d paid her very well, and it was her job to do whatever he wanted. If she didn’t, Rossi would hear about it, and she’d lose her job for sure. “All right,” she said uneasily, “but you’ll have to tell me what to do. I’ve never done anything like that before.”

“Oh, Jesus,” George laughed, “I don’t believe this. But what the hell, we’ll give it a try. You just bend over me there and start out by pumping my dick. You can handle that much, can’t you?”

“Yes, George,” Judy said meekly.

She knelt by the big man’s hips and reached out with trembling fingers to touch his cock. It was soft and silky and warm, not at all unpleasant to feel. Timidly she curled her fingers around it, holding the limp meat securely in her fist, and began to pump.

“Faster, honey,” George sighed. “Harder, too. I want you to get me excited, not put me to sleep.”

“Sorry,” Judy said with a blush.

She pumped his soft little prick faster and harder, ashamed of appearing such an amateur. Damn Joe anyhow, if he’d just taught her a few tricks in bed, she wouldn’t seem such an idiot. But then if Joe had done anything to liven up theft sex life, she wouldn’t be here now. She’d be home very happily fucking her own husband.

“That’s better,” George sighed. “Yeah, just keep pumping my dick like that for awhile and see if you can get it hard.”

Judy increased the pace of her frigging, hoping to get his cock hard and get her ordeal over with. George watched her intently as she pumped his prick, a wicked lusty gleam in his little brown eyes. Judy wished he’d look somewhere else.

“You’re real cute, you know that?” George said. “You oughta go real far in this business as soon as you learn a little more.”

His glittering eyes took in everything. He stared at Judy’s big round quivering tits with their dainty soft pink nipples, and he gawked at her flame-red little bush. He watched her pumping fist as she frigged his limp cock-meat faster and faster. He seemed to get quite excited by watching, but his prick remained completely limp.

“Faster,” he sighed, “harder. Make that thing really fly, baby.”

Judy obeyed, working her little hot fist as fast as she could around the small soft nub of his cock. His rosy red balls jumped and jiggled, and George lay back with a lusty grin of enjoyment, but all her hot frigging came to nothing. His dick remained limp and useless.

“I guess that ain’t gonna work,” George sighed. “Sometimes it takes me a long time to get it up. Try licking my cock and balls, okay?”

Judy was shocked and put off by the idea of using her tongue on his prick and balls, but she knew she didn’t have any choice — not if she wanted to keep her job. She swallowed hard, conquering her nausea, and bent low over George’s big hairy belly. Fortunately, he smelled clean and freshly bathed.

Judy let his limp pale prick rest on her palm. Her hot moist breath fanned the little sausage as she leaned close over it and wondered just what to do. She’d never licked a cock before, and she was afraid of being clumsy.

“Come on, come on,” George sighed. “We only got an hour. Just stick your tongue out and lick my meat, baby. It’s easy.”

Reluctantly Judy obeyed. She stuck out her little pink tongue and timidly applied the wet tip to the rosy soft head of George’s cock. She lashed it gently, making the rubbery head of his dick gleam with her hot saliva. His cock didn’t taste bad, much to her relief. In fact the taste was slightly salty and pleasant.

George stirred restlessly.

“Hey, it won’t bite,” he said. “Lick it harder, faster. I can hardly feel it.”

Judy sighed and began to lash his cock quite hard with her wet little tongue. The pale sausage bounced on her palm as she tongued it hard and fast. She worked from the dull red head right down to the base of his dick where the pale stalk met crisp black hairs. George began to breathe heavily, and his lusty grin broadened.

“Yeah, that’s the stuff,” he sighed. “Lick that meat like you were starved for it, doll. Lick my nuts, too.”

Judy wasn’t too excited about the idea, but she obediently trailed her tongue through the crisp hairs of his bush and lapped the hot wrinkled flesh of his nut sacs. Again it wasn’t disagreeable. She liked the silky texture of his balls and the light salty taste. But she wished she was doing all this with a guy who really aroused her, not with fat crude George.

“Faster,” he panted, “harder.”

Judy obeyed, giving his soft rosy balls a real tongue lashing, making the wrinkled sacs flop and bounce and gleam with her spit. George gave a shrill whinny of excitement, and his breathing got heavier and louder. He obviously got off on having his balls tongued — but still his cock remained tiny and limp.

In desperation Judy tongued back to his cock again, making the pitiful little sausage slap and flop as she lashed it with her slick hot tongue. George moaned blissfully, but it was a no go. Even her fastest tonguing had no effect on his wrinkled flaccid prick.

“You better suck it,” he sighed, “that’s the only thing that’s gonna work.”

Judy swallowed hard. She’d hoped to avoid actually taking his cock in her mouth, but now the moment had come. She guessed that George had had so many women, done so many things in bed, that very little aroused him any more. It would take something really kinky to get his cock up. She didn’t want to blow him, but it seemed the only way.

“Hurry up, baby,” George panted. “I wanta feel you suck that meat real good.”

Judy sighed and opened her mouth. Gingerly, she placed the soft rosy head of his dick between her lips and sucked inward. Ills limp cock was so small that she had no trouble taking the whole thing into her mouth. As his wrinkled red nut sacs came to rest against her chin, George sighed lustily.

“Yeah, good,” he said. “Now suck on it real hard and fast.”

Judy did her best to please him. She drew in her cheeks sharply, making a tight wet nest for his little soft dick. She lashed the flaccid meat with her tongue, and she sucked as fast and hard as she could on the salty little sausage. Her curly red locks bobbed up and down furiously over George’s hairy belly.

“Hey, yeah, that’s good,” he gasped. “Yeah, baby, suck me good. Just keep doing that. Oh, man, YEAH.”

Judy sucked till her lips and jaws ached, while George moaned and panted. It wasn’t unpleasant at all. She just wished she were doing it with Joe instead of George. Poor silly Joe, if only he’d lose his inhibitions and let her go down on him, they’d have a marvelous time in bed.

But that wasn’t to be. Instead she was sucking loudly and furiously on a stranger’s cock, making a crude fat man moan and wheeze with lusty excitement. George’s face was flushed with arousal and split by a horny grin. He obviously loved having his prick sucked. So why in hell didn’t he get hard?

Judy’s jaws ached for a rest, and she was just about to ask for one when George gasped.

“Play with my nuts, too. Squeeze ’em. That oughta do it.”

Wearily Judy obeyed. While she went on sucking hard and fast and loud on his limp little prick, she reached down and cupped his hot wrinkled nut sacs. She gave them a steady massage as she sucked his dick, and George responded with a hoarse moan of pleasure. Judy prayed that this would do the trick, that his cock would finally get hard.

“Yeah, yeah,” George panted, “suck that meat, honey, eat me real good.”

Then to Judy’s enormous relief, she felt his soft little prick give a twitch or two, then a violent lurch. The limp cock began to stiffen on her tongue, growing long and fat and hard. It blossomed into five inches of stubby stiff cock, stretching her lips widely.

“Jesus, at last,” George sighed.

Judy shared his relief. She felt his balls growing full and taut in her pumping hand, felt the big hard head of his prick butting her throat. Tasty hot drops of cock-juice began to dribble onto her tongue. George’s fat face was red with pleasure.

“Oh, shit, YEAH,” he gasped, “yeah, you got me good and hard now, baby. Let’s ball.”

Judy gratefully raised her head and let his thick hard spit-soaked meat pop from her mouth. Her jaws ached from all that sucking. But before she could rest or even catch her breath, George was rolling her onto her back and climbing onto her, practically crushing her with his big burly body.

“Open your legs for me, baby,” he panted. “Let me get this meat into you.”

Judy wasn’t thrilled with the idea of balling him, but she wanted to get it over with, so she opened her slim legs as wide as she could. George, sweaty and panting, rammed his stubby stiff cock against her tender moist pussy and hit the target after a few tries. Judy gasped when she felt the thick meat stuffing her snug little cunt.

“Ooooooo,” she squealed.

Even if she wasn’t turned on to George, she was still horny, still desperate to get laid, and his fat hard cock felt great inter horny little box. George panted and fucked her, jerking his rigid dick in short hard jabs, and Judy creamed hotly all around him, working her hips in time to his strokes.

“Aw, shit, YEAH,” George moaned. “You got a great little box, baby, real tight an’ hot.”

Judy tried to forget who she was balling and to concentrate just on the delicious sensation of being fucked. Each rough thrust of his thick meat in her boiling-hot cunt brought her closer to coming. As George got more excited, he fucked her faster and harder, and Judy responded with squeals of pleasure.

Then she was coming, writhing and gushing hot cream all around his jerking meat.

“OHHHHHH,” she wailed.

George stared at her in apparent surprise when her little body writhed violently under him and her strong young cunt muscles gripped and squeezed his dick. Then he yelped and began to shoot his load, flooding and overflowing her little clinging twat.

Judy could have come many more times, but she was glad to get away from George. That night wasn’t a total loss, anyhow. She’d learned how to suck cock, and soon she’d be able to do it for some guy who really aroused her. She dressed in a hurry, eager to get back to the club.

George drove her back to the Flamingo and stopped to talk to Tony Rossi.

“She’s gonna be real good as soon as she gets some experience,” he told Rossi.

As soon as George had left, Rossi glared at Judy and snapped, “Go wait for me in my office.”

Judy went off trembling and hanging her head. George’s remark about her lack of experience had really pissed Rossi off. She was terrified that she’d lose her job. She looked pale and frightened five minutes later when Rossi burst into the room with a scowl on his face.

“I don’t fool around with amateurs,” he said. “Now just what did Dimitri mean? Did you foul up?”

“I did everything he asked for,” Judy said quickly. “But there was something I’d never done before, and I guess I was a little clumsy. I’ll learn, Mr. Rossi, I really will.”

“Just what was it?” Rossi growled. “What did he ask you to do?”

“To blow him,” Judy said with a deep blush.

Rossi stared at her, then burst into loud laughter.

“You’re shitting me,” he said. “You mean to say you never went down on a guy before?”

“That’s right,” Judy admitted. “My husband doesn’t approve of it, so I never learned how.”

“Doesn’t approve?” Rossi sputtered. “Oh, Jesus, the guy’s gotta be nuts. Well, all right, kid, I’ll give you another chance. But I’m gonna teach you myself. You need to learn how to give head, otherwise you’ll never make it in this business.”

He led Judy into the little bedroom behind his office, the place where he’d initiated her into the business not so many days ago. Judy blushed as she recalled her behavior then, the wild release of her stored-up lust when Rossi balled her. Things had changed a lot since then. She wasn’t timid or shocked any more. She really looked forward to this lesson in cock-sucking.

Rossi sat down on the edge of the bed and said, “Okay, pretend I’m a customer and I asked you for a blow job. You kneel here in front of me and take out my dick.”

Judy blushed at his words, but she hurried to obey. Rossi was a very attractive man, and she was eager to go down on him. She dropped to her knees on the carpet and quickly unzipped his fly. Gently but eagerly she drew out his handsome limp cock.

“Okay,” Rossi said, completely business-like, “some guys ask you to pet it or lick it first, but we’ll skip that, because I’m real busy tonight. Just take it in your mouth — all of it.”

Judy felt a hot rush of saliva to her mouth as she carried out his orders. His cock was clean and handsome, and it tasted good as she eased it between her lips and onto her tongue. She drew it in all the way to his furry limp balls.

“Okay, make your mouth as tight as you can,” Rossi instructed, still showing no signs of arousal. “Then suck hard and fast. Pretend like you’re starved for it. Guys wanta think you just can’t get enough of it, you dig?”

Judy couldn’t reply with her mouth full of cock, so she just got to work, drawing her cheeks in sharply to make a silky wet sheath for his dick. With the limp tasty meat resting on her slick tongue, she began to suck Rossi’s cock ravenously, making a loud lewd slurping noise. Looking up, she saw surprise and approval on his face.

“Hey, all RIGHT,” he said. “That’s the way. Yeah, just keep doing that and maybe I’ll even get off.”

He settled back and lit a cigar, watching Judy intently as she sucked his dick. Her flame-red head bounced briskly up and down, and the noise of her sucking got louder and wetter. Soon Rossi couldn’t stay poker-faced. He broke into a lusty grin and began to pant.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s real good, baby,” he sighed. “You really do learn fast.”

Judy was pleased with his approval — and powerfully turned on by sucking his sleek tasty prick. George hadn’t excited her at all, but with her darkly handsome boss it was another story. Her hot saliva gushed all around his soft meat as she sucked him faster and faster. Rossi watched her and grinned approvingly.

“Jesus,” he panted, “that really is GOOD.”

It was so good, in fact, that his cock started to lurch and stiffen. Judy felt her pussy going hot and wet with excitement as his prick grew to full erection on her tongue. His shaft swelled up thick and stretched her lips grotesquely, and his ballooning cock grew so long that she had to take the big knobby head into her throat.

“Christ, yes,” Rossi whined, “keep sucking me, baby. I wanta get off.”

He let his cigar fall into the ashtray and just lay there flushed and panting as Judy blew him. She was pretty proud of herself for blowing his cool, and she was very hotly aroused. She loved sucking on his slick hot cock, loved the taste of his dribbling juices.

“Okay,” Rossi gasped, “I didn’t think we’d get to this part, but here’s what happens next. I’m gonna come in your mouth, and you gotta eat every bit of it. Get ready.”

Judy almost lost her cool when he said that. She hadn’t realized that he intended to come in her mouth, and she didn’t like the idea at all. But she knew better than to disobey Tony Rossi. Gamely she kept sucking hard and fast on his big swollen dick, while he moaned and panted with pleasure.

“Yeah, yeah,” he panted. “NOW. Awwwwww.”

Judy felt her mouth and throat suddenly filled with hot sticky come. To her relief, she liked the taste. More than that — she loved it. She gulped down the thick salty jism while Rossi whined and pumped out his load. When his prick finally shriveled and slipped from her mouth, she licked her lips to get the last of his tasty come.

When Rossi had caught his breath, he said: “Shit, you don’t need any lessons. You’re a natural, baby. If George didn’t like the way you suck cock, he’s crazy. In fact I think you’re ready for the big time.”

“What do you mean, Mr. Rossi?” Judy asked eagerly.

Rossi stood up and zipped his fly.

“You’ll find out,” he grinned, “when you come to work tomorrow night.”


When Judy woke up the next morning her husband was already awake and sitting up in bed. Joe had a huge hard-on and a very gloomy look on his face.

“God dammit all to hell,” he muttered.

Judy moved closer to him, hungrily eyeing his swollen dick. “What’s the matter, darling?” she said.

“You can SEE what’s the matter,” Joe said grumpily. “I wish I had this damned cast off.”

Judy wanted to say so many things to him, about how they could make love in different positions and in different ways so that his leg cast wouldn’t interfere at all. But she’d tried talking to him about those things before, and he’d refused to listen. Too bad — she was pretty horny herself.

“Poor baby,” she murmured, snuggling even closer to Joe.

Perhaps, she thought, it was time for actions instead of words. Joe might not listen to her ideas about variations in their love-making, but maybe if she just went ahead and tried them, he’d dig it. She reached out slowly and curled her hand gently around the hard stalk of his cock.

Joe flinched and stared at her, but he didn’t say anything right away. Encouraged, Judy tightened her grip on his smooth throbbing dick and began to move her hot little fist gently up and down the swollen meat. Her pussy grew hot and wet. For years she’d wanted to play with Joe’s handsome cock.

“Judy, what the hell are you doing?” Joe snapped.

“Darling, I’m just trying to help you out,” Judy said.

“Well, stop it,” Joe said angrily. “You know I don’t go for that sort of thing.”

Judy’s temper flared.

“Look,” she said, “this is ridiculous. We both need to make love, Joe, and there’s more than one way to do it. Just let me show you, for heavens sake.”

Before Joe could reply, Judy dipped her curly red head into his lap and took his achingly swollen cock fully into her mouth. Her heart pounded. For so long she’d wanted to taste and suck her husband’s prick. She began sucking fast and hard on the tasty hot meat, and she felt Joe quiver.

Maybe now he’d give up his silly inhibitions and let her teach him new ways to make love. Her saliva boiled around his wet cock-meat as she eagerly sucked him. Joe gave a loud gasp, and she felt big drops of tasty prick-juice falling onto her tongue. Had she finally turned him on to experimenting?

“Judy, dammit, STOP,” Joe snarled.

He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off his stiff spit-soaked cock.

“My God, Judy,” he said angrily, “only whores do things like that.”

Judy bounced out of bed, her face flaming with anger. “Joe Prentiss,” she said, “you’re a Goddamned fool. We could have so much fun together if you’d stop being uptight. There’s nothing wrong with what I did. The only thing wrong with this relationship is YOU.”

Judy stalked off to take a shower — a cold one to dampen the fire in her pussy. She’d wanted Joe so much, and she’d prayed that this time he’d be willing to try something new in bed. Well, to hell with him. He could stay home and jack off for all she cared. She was going to the club and find another man.

Judy and Joe didn’t talk to each other all day, so she had plenty of time to anticipate what adventure she might meet that evening. She was intrigued by Tony Rossi’s remark that she was ready for “the big time”. He’d promised to explain tonight — and she could hardly wait.

Finally it was time to report for work at the Flamingo. Judy was on the floor five minutes early, looking stunning with her flaming-red hair and skimpy black costume. Rossi gave her a nod of approval, but he didn’t approach her for several hours. When he finally beckoned for her to step into the alcove, Judy hurried aver eagerly.

“Yes, Mr. Rossi?” she said. “Do you have a special customer for me?”

“You might say that,” Rossi chuckled. “There’s a white Cadillac right outside, and I want you to go wait in it.”

Judy obeyed, mystified. It was the first time she’d had an assignment without meeting the man first. She waited in the Cadillac for five minutes, and then she couldn’t contain her curiosity any longer. She took a look at the driver’s registration — the car belonged to Tony Rossi himself.

Judy tried to look cool when she saw Rossi coming out of the club accompanied by another man, but it wasn’t easy. She knew the man from newspaper photos. He was a prominent local politician, Ed Simmons, a ruggedly handsome man in his early forties. What could Rossi and Simmons possibly want with her?

“We’re going for a ride, baby,” Rossi told her as they got into the car. “My friend Ed wants to have a little fun.”

“Yes, sir,” Judy said meekly.

She still didn’t understand what was going on. They drove to Rossi’s penthouse apartment and went into the living room, where Rossi made drinks for the three of them. Ed Simmons kept eyeing Judy as if she were an eight course banquet. Judy sipped her drink nervously.

“Okay, honey,” Rossi said, “as soon as you finish your drink, I want you to take your clothes off.”

Judy’s face flamed.

“Mr. Rossi,” she said, “I don’t understand. Which one of you am I supposed to go with?”

The men laughed.

“Hey, baby, haven’t you ever made it with two guys before? It’s a lot more fun that way.” Ed Simmons said.

Judy dropped her glass, spilling the remains of her drink, and leaped to her feet.

“I hope you’re not serious,” she said with a trembling voice, “because I wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing.”

Rossi sighed with impatience.

“You’ll do just what I tell you,” he said, “if you want to keep your job. This kind of thing is routine, baby. Lots of guys like it this way. So cut out the crap and do what I say.”

Judy backed toward the door, her heart pounding. She’d been wanting some adventures in sex, yes, but she didn’t approve of making it with two men at once. That was too kinky for her.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Rossi,” she said, “but I have to draw the line at this. Find yourself another girl.”

“Sorry, kid, but we want YOU,” Rossi snapped.

He leaped up and grabbed Judy, easily lifting her into his arms.

“Sorry, Ed,” he said to Simmons, “she’s a little new at the business, but I’ll make her shape up.”

“I’d be glad to help,” Ed said with a lusty grin. Judy kicked and screamed and fought, but Rossi was far too strong for her. He carried her to the middle of the room and set her, down on the soft carpet. Ed hurried over to join them, holding Judy down while Rossi deftly stripped her of her costume.

“Oh, nooo,” Judy wept, “don’t do this to me. This is rape, and you know it.”

“Aw, just shut up,” Rossi snapped as he pulled off her skimpy bra. “You know damn well you’re gonna love it.”

“Jesus,” Ed exclaimed, “fantastic tits!”

He was staring at Judy’s big round ripe boobs which wobbled enticingly as she struggled. Soon he had even more to look at when Rossi skinned down her panties and stockings to expose the copper curls of her bush and the rich red flesh of her pussy.

“Fantastic body,” Ed remarked.

“Yeah, she’s built, all right,” Rossi said, “but she needs to learn a few things.”

“I sure as hell wouldn’t mind teaching her,” Ed said.

Judy writhed with embarrassment. She didn’t mind being naked with one man who turned her on, but she hated being stared at by these men. While Ed kept her pinned to the carpet, Rossi quickly took off his clothes. Then the men changed places so Ed could strip.

Even in her fright and anger Judy couldn’t help gawking at the men’s naked bodies. She was familiar with Rossi’s powerful tan body and his handsome seven-inch cock, but he still turned her on like mad. Ed was more pale but well built, his muscles hard and rippling.

But it was Ed’s cock that really caught her attention. It must have been eight inches long, hugging his belly in a stiff erection. The fat purple head of his dick was leaking big gobs of juice, and his rosy balls were swollen up big and taut. Judy couldn’t help feeling a little rush of excitement when she looked at that magnificent hard-on.

On the other hand, she didn’t like being forced, and she didn’t approve of making it with two guys at once, not even for the sake of keeping her job. She wept and struggled as Rossi held her, but he was much too strong for her. It looked as if she was going to be raped by the two men, and there was nothing she could do about it.

“Please, Mr. Rossi,” she sobbed, “don’t make me do this. I don’t mind going with one man at a time, but this is too much.”

“You’re really pissing me off baby,” Rossi snarled. “Ed here is a really important guy, and I want to impress him. Now just shut up and do what we want.”

Judy saw her argument didn’t sway him. She went on struggling right to the moment when Ed Simmons scrambled between her legs and pushed the hot hard head of his cock against the dry little mouth of her cunt. Then she let out a shrill cry of pain as he tried to push his thick meat into her.

“Shit, she’s too dry,” Ed panted. “I can’t get in. I never saw a box that tight before.”

“It doesn’t have to be that tight,” Rossi said impatiently. “We better do something to turn her on.”

Ed grinned broadly.

“I can handle that,” he said. “I think I know just the trick.”

He drew back a little and, still kneeling between Judy’s legs, he plunged his flushed face right into her crotch. Judy stiffened when she felt his hot moist breath fanning her delicate pussy. She knew if he started eating her, she’d have a hard time resisting it.

“Nooo,” she whined.

The men paid no attention to her protests. Rossi held her shoulders down, pinning her to the rug, while Ed stuck out his thick hot tongue and began to lick her fragrant pussy. His slick tongue tickled from her sensitive little clit right down to the wrinkled little mouth of her asshole.

Judy felt intense pleasure the moment his tongue touched her ever-horny pussy, and she pitted her teeth to stifle her moans of delight. Ed was obviously a man who loved to eat pussy, because he did it expertly and eagerly. Damn him, he would have to do the thing that aroused her most!

“Don’t pretend you don’t like it, baby,” Rossi said. “We know you dig it. Why don’t you just relax and have fun?”

But Judy’s pride wouldn’t let her surrender that easily. Ed zeroed in on her delicate scarlet clit and began lashing and tickling it with his tongue tip. Hot pleasure melted her belly, but Judy kept her body stiff and unresponsive, and she stifled her ecstatic cries. She just couldn’t give these two brutes the satisfaction of knowing she was aroused.

Still it was damned hard to keep still with Ed’s slick tongue expertly massaging the sensitive little button of her clit. She’d never had her pussy eaten so well. Her treacherous cunt started to betray her, leaking a little stream of tot sticky juice. There was nothing she could do to control it. Her fragrant pussy-cream gushed out to wet Ed’s chin. He gave a muffled laugh when he felt it, but he just went right on tonguing her eager little joy button till Judy could hardly keep still. To her mortification, her aroused cunt leaked more and more hot juice, till she was sure Ed’s face was soaked with the stuff. Now he had to know how much he was turning her on.

Still he didn’t stop. When her clit was erect and throbbing, he left it and tongued even lower in her steamy little snatch. Judy braced herself for another blast of pleasure, and it came when Ed began rimming the drooling mouth of her twat with his slick tongue tip.

“Noooo,” Judy whined, “oh, no, please.”

Rossi dug his nails hard into her shoulders, and she knew she’d better keep quiet. Ed paid no attention to her last desperate protest anyhow. He began inching his thick tongue right up her snug little box, and the pleasure was more than Judy could resist. With her horny little cunt stuffed with slick tongue-meat, she lost all self-control.

“Ooooooo,” she squealed.

Behind her Rossi breathed a sigh of relief, and there was another muffled laugh from Ed. He tongue-fucked her briskly, jerking his tongue up and down in her creamy little hole. Judy just couldn’t fight any more. She let her legs fall wide open for him and gave a hoarse moan of ecstasy.

“She’s ready now,” Rossi said.

Ed drew his tongue out of her steamy little twat and raised his head from her pussy. He was grinning lewdly as he wiped her hot sticky cream from his face. Judy felt utterly humiliated. These two apes had succeeded in getting her hotly horny, and they knew it.

“Okay, let’s give it another try,” Ed said eagerly. “I bet you want it this time, don’t you, baby?”

Judy blushed deeply and didn’t answer, but of course Ed was right. His expert pussy-eating had made her so horny she could have screamed. Once again he poked the fat hard head of his cock against her tight little cunt mouth, but this time the thick stiff meat entered her easily.

“OHHHHHH,” Judy moaned.

She couldn’t help it, it felt so damned good. That frustrating encounter with Joe that morning had left her horny all day, and she’d been dying to make it with a customer. She hadn’t counted on doing it with two guys at once, but that didn’t matter any more. All that mattered was Ed Simmons’ thick eight-inch prick stuffing her eager little twat.

Ed drove his big stiff dick all the way to her womb and gave a big sigh of satisfaction.

“Really tight pussy,” he said. “You picked a great one this time, Tony.”

“I always picked the best,” Rossi laughed.

He let go of Judy’s shoulders, but she didn’t try to get away. Wild homes couldn’t have dragged her away now. She arched her little body up to take the full thrust of Ed’s big cock, and she moaned blissfully each time the stiff meat battered her womb. She needed to be fucked long and hard, and Ed was giving her just what she wanted.

“Ahhhhhh,” Judy wailed, “AHHHHHH.”

Rossi sat on the rug beside them and watched the action with a wicked grin. He eyed Judy’s frantically wobbling boobs, and he watched her pretty face turn pink with arousal, her teeth flash in an ecstatic smile. He watched Ed’s thick pale cock slicing in and out between Judy’s plump pink cuntlips. Judy was embarrassed to have him watch, but she soon forgot herself in pleasure.

“You sure wasted a lot of time fighting us,” Rossi told her. “I knew all along you’d dig it. Next time I give you something different to do, just go along with it, okay?”

Judy nodded dizzily, wishing her boss would just shut up and let her concentrate totally on Ed’s hard, tireless balling. Above her Ed panted and snorted with pleasure, his rugged face twisted in a horny grin, his eyes rolling crazily as he worked his achingly stiff cock in her snug juicy little box.

“Fantastic pussy,” he sighed. “Real tight and hot. Oh, Jesus, yeah, this is good.”

Judy couldn’t have agreed more. In her mounting excitement she threw her legs up around Ed’s sweating back and locked them there, allowing him to dig his big cock even deeper into her boiling-hot cunt. The hard stalk of his prick rubbed deliciously back and forth over her sensitive little clit, adding to her pleasure.

“You digging this, baby?” Ed panted.

Judy couldn’t help herself.

“Yes,” she cried shrilly, “oh, God, YES. Don’t stop. Keep fucking me, PLEASE.”

Ed laughed smugly.

“I’ll sure do my best, doll. You’ve got a helluva nice box.”

He started slamming his big cock into her even harder and faster, and Judy responded with wails of delight, her slim hips pumping in time to his strokes, her aroused twat gushing a huge flow of hot cream. It all would have been perfect if Tony Rossi hadn’t been sitting right there grinning at them.

“Don’t ever try to fake it with me again, kid,” he told her. “You’re a hot little number, and you know it. Just look at you now, for chrissake. You love it.”

Judy blushed beet red. She felt ashamed that she couldn’t control her passion, but that didn’t keep her from loving each deep hard thrust of Ed’s cock. It got so good that even Rossi’s crude remarks and wicked grin stopped bothering her. Nothing mattered now except coming.

“Oh, do it to me,” Judy babbled, “fuck meeee.”

“I’m sure trying,” Ed panted.

He didn’t have to try much longer. Judy felt a violent explosion of pleasure, and then her, petite body was writhing and rocking in climax. She screamed her pleasure, and just before she closed her eyes she saw Tony Rossi’s grinning face. Ed just kept right on humping her like a pile driver, making her orgasm more intense.

“OOHHH, GOD,” Judy moaned.

Per climax seemed to go on and on. Her cu contracted powerfully, squeezing Ed’s dick hard. He gave a yelp of pleasure, and then Judy felt the steamy blast of his come against her womb. They writhed together for a moment before his cock went limp and he sighed and rolled off her.

“Fantastic piece of ass,” he panted. “Go ahead, Tony, your turn.”

“It’s about time,” Rossi said dryly. “I thought you were gonna ball her all night.”

“Wish to hell I could,” Ed sighed.

Rossi laughed and pulled Judy to her feet. Dizzily she allowed him to lead her over to an armchair, and he had her lean forward and rest her elbows on the arm. He got behind her and shoved his erect and throbbing cock roughly into her jism-filled cunt.

“Ooooooooo,” Judy squealed.

Rossi balled her roughly, almost savagely, but she loved it. It was the kind of fucking she craved after so many frustrating years with Joe. She gripped the chair arm and howled with delight, keeping her pert little ass stuck up in the air.

Behind her Rossi panted and snorted with pleasure. Then Ed got into the act. He sat in the very chair Judy was clinging to and hungrily eyed her big wobbling tits. With each hard shove of Rossi’s cock, her big beautiful breasts bounced heavily. Ed reached out and cupped the hot swollen globes, massaging and molding them while Rossi fucked Judy.

“Oh, God,” Judy whimpered, “so good. Ohhhhh.”

Her fiery-hot little cunt was gushing a molten stream of juice all around Rossi’s hammering prick. It didn’t bother her that Ed was playing with her tits and grinning at her. Nothing bothered her now. She moaned hoarsely with each hard shove of Rossi’s cock and felt herself rising rapidly towards another climax.

“Yes, do it to me, ball me, fuck meeee,” she wailed. “Oh, God, I love it, I LOVE IT.”

“Christ, I don’t think she’s kidding,” Ed chuckled.

“You bet she isn’t,” Rossi panted. “This little chick loves to ball.”

Judy was far beyond being embarrassed by his words. She gripped the chair arm hard as she felt herself coming again. Her big ripe breasts wobbled furiously in Ed’s sweaty hands when the powerful orgasm rocked her body. Rossi slammed his cock even harder and faster in her gripping red-hot cunt.

“Aw, Christ,” he yelped, “TIGHT. AWWWWW.”

Judy felt his steamy-hot come flooding and overflowing her gripping little box. Her spasms were still coming when Rossi’s cock went limp and empty and slipped from her cunt. Judy dropped to the rug, still writhing in ecstasy. When she finally I opened her eyes, the two men were grinning at her triumphantly.

“Get dressed, kid,” Rossi said. “Time to go back to work.”

Rossi went to make himself a quick drink, and as Judy was getting into her clothes, Ed handed her a wad of money. “That’s for a nice time,” he said, “and to be sure you never tell anybody I was here tonight. I’m up for re-election soon, and it could hurt my image, you know?”

“I understand, Mr. Simmons,” Judy said.

Later she counted the money and found three hundred dollars. That was very nice, but she was beginning to wonder about herself. She’d fucked two men in one night and enjoyed every second of it. Just how far was she going to go in her search for thrills?


The next evening when Judy arrived at the club, Rossi met her in the foyer.

“Don’t bother to put on your costume tonight, kid. You’re going to a party.”

“A party?” Judy said. “What do you mean, Mr. Rossi?”

“I’m sending you and two other girls to entertain some guys at a convention,” Rossi said. “There oughta be big money in it. Here come the other girls now. You can take my car.”

Judy looked up and saw her new friends, Carol and Barb, entering the club. Rossi told them the assignment, and the three women took off in his car. Carol drove. Judy wished she’d been warned about the party so she could have dressed fancier. She was wearing a plain black pantsuit.

“What’s this party about, anyhow?” Judy asked. “What are we supposed to do?”

“The usual, honey, the usual,” Carol said.

Noticing that Judy still looked puzzled, Barb added, “We’re supposed to ball these guys.”

“Oh, my gosh,” Judy exclaimed, her face turning red, “ALL of them?”

“That’s why Rossi is sending three girls, honey,” Carol told her. “He wants these guys well entertained. Then they’ll party at the club and recommend it to other people. It’s good business for Rossi.”

“Wow, I hope there aren’t too many of them,” Judy said nervously.

“Hey, don’t worry about it,” Barb said, patting Judy’s hand. “It’s just like any other job, only we’ll be a little more busy. And you can bet we’ll get some great tips out of it.”

Judy sighed and tried to concentrate just on how much money she might get out of the job, but she still felt uneasy about it. She’d never worked with other girls before, and certainly not with a roomful of men. She wondered if Rossi had been training her last night when he made her ball both him and Ed. If so, she still didn’t feel ready.

The party was in a suite of rooms at the leading hotel in the city. Judy never did find out what the convention was about — something to do with industrial machinery — but it was a typical convention, with drunken men in funny hats running all over the place. Judy and Barb and Carol had their butts pinched and patted many times before they got to the suite.

“Looks like we got some live ones,” Barb sighed.

“Yeah, we won’t be getting home early tonight,” Carol said.

They knocked at the door of the suite and were admitted into a noisy crowd of men. The air was thick with cigarette smoke, and there were bottles and glasses on every table. The men were laughing, singing, and shouting. To Judy’s horrified eyes there seemed to be several dozen men.

“Oh, wow, we can’t take care of all these guys,” she whispered to her friends.

“Not many of them will actually want to make out,” Carol assured her. “Most of them are just here for the entertainment.”

“Entertainment?” Judy said.

“You’ll see,” Barb told her. “Just watch what Carol and I do.”

A man who appeared to be the host of the party led the three girls over to a big table which had been cleared off. He bellowed for attention, and the men fell silent hungrily ogling the three pretty women. Judy felt dozens of horny eyes stripping her naked.

“Okay, fellas,” the host said, “these three young ladies are gonna give us a little show. How about you starting out, honey?”

He leered at Carol.

“Sure,” Carol said calmly. “Where’s the music?”

Somebody switched on a transistor radio, and loud rock music filled the room. Carol leaped gracefully onto the table and began to dance to the music. The men went wild, cheering and stamp and whistling. Just behind her Judy heard a man say excitedly, “Wow, a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead. This oughta be some party.”

“Take it off baby,” someone yelled.

There was another round of cheers and whistles at this suggestion. Carol, looking perfectly at ease, flashed a sexy grin and began unbuttoning her blouse, all the while keeping perfect time to the music. When her blouse was open, she drew it off and tossed it into the crowd. Her large breasts wobbled enticingly in her skimpy black lace bra.

“Oh, my gosh,” Judy exclaimed to Barb, “is she really going to take all her clothes off?”

“It’s part of the job, kid,” Barb said with a shrug.

Judy gawked at tall blonde Carol, wondering where she got the courage to strip before a whole roomful of howling lusty men. It didn’t seem to bother Carol at all. Still smiling broadly and rocking to the music, Carol unzipped her skirt, let it fall, and danced gracefully out of it. Now she wore only her matching black lace bra and panties. “Take it all off,” somebody yelled.

More cheering and stamping. Judy couldn’t take her eyes off Carol as the statuesque blonde grinned and reached around to unhook her bra. The cheers and shouts were deafening as Carol drew the skimpy bra off and revealed her large cone-shaped tits with their large rosy nipples. Her big boobs wobbled and shook violently as she danced.

“Look at the knockers on that chick,” somebody said.

“Man, I’d love to ball her,” said someone else.

Carol must have heard these and other lewd comments, but she didn’t even blush. She just grinned invitingly and started to inch down her flimsy black bikini panties. The men roared their approval. Judy gawked unbelievingly as her friend let the panties slip down her legs and then kicked them into the audience, giving the howling men a brief glimpse of her rich red gash.

Carol danced perfectly naked now, her large blonde bush gleaming in the lights, her big breasts bouncing crazily. Judy was shocked, but at the same time she felt a kind of wicked excitement about watching her friend’s gorgeous body in motion. She glanced at Barb and saw that the tall brunette looked perfectly calm, almost bored.

“Oh, wow, how does she get the nerve?” Judy sighed.

“Experience,” Barb said. “Carol and I have worked lots of these parties. You’ll get used to it, too.”

Judy doubted she’d ever get used to dancing naked before a howling crowd of strange men. She looked around and saw dozens of gleaming eyes focusing on Carol’s wildly wobbling boobs and platinum-blonde muff. Judy tried to imagine herself in Carol’s place, and she felt a wave of humiliation and shame.

“My turn,” Barb said. “They’re getting restless.” Judy gawked at the lovely tall brunette as she leaped up on the table to join Carol. To Judy’s shock and astonishment, Barb began to dance to the music with a broad sexy gin, just as if she enjoyed it. She was wearing a one-piece red jumpsuit, and she reached for the zipper.

“Yeah, yeah, take it off!” a man shouted.

Barb pulled the zipper from her throat down to her crotch, then shrugged the clinging red suit off her shoulders. It fell to the floor, where she stepped out of it and kicked, it off the table. She danced in just her matching yellow bra and panties, while the men shouted their approval.

“Hey, take off that bra,” someone yelled.

“Let’s see your pussy, honey.”

“Yeah, take it all off.”

While Judy watched in shock and disbelief, Barb obliged the shouting men by unhooking her bra and tossing it away. Her heavy melon-shaped tits were even bigger than Carol’s and capped with large light brown nipples. When her big boobs bounced and shook, the men screamed their approval.

“Look at those jugs.”


“Oh, man, I’d like to fuck that one.”

The men’s lewd comments didn’t bother Barb any more than they’d bothered Carol. She just grinned and danced and began to lower her panties. The men crowded closer to watch. All around her Judy heard eager men panting or laughing.

“Show us your snatch, baby,” someone shouted.

Barb did just that. She tugged her panties down over her lush black bush and let the little garment slither down her legs. Just like Carol, she kicked the panties into the audience, raising her long leg high, showing the men the rich scarlet flesh of her pussy.

Now Carol and Barb danced naked together, and it was a spectacular sight. Both were big girls, around five-feet-eight, and both had huge firm breasts. Carol’s light blonde hair contrasted with Barb’s gleaming black curls. Judy didn’t blame the men for gawking and crowding closer. Then she noticed that Barb was looking right at HER.

“Come on, Judy,” Barb said in an urgent whisper, “It’s your turn. They want you now.”

“ME?” Judy gasped. “Oh, my God, no, I could never do a thing like that.”

Barb looked desperate.

“Honey,” she hissed, “if you don’t get up here, you’ll spoil the show, and Rossi will fire all of us. Please, Judy, don’t make us lose our jobs.”

It was the hardest thing she’d ever done in her life, but Judy couldn’t let her friends down. She had to get up there and join that obscene striptease, or else Carol and Barb would lose their desperately needed jobs. With a flaming face, Judy jumped up on the table and began to dance to the music.

“Hey, now the redhead,” someone gleefully shouted. “Far out. Get naked for us, baby.”

Judy had never felt so mortified in her life as when she began to undress before all those leering eyes. The men crowded even closer now as Judy removed the blouse of her pantsuit and then tugged at the zipper of her pants. She wished she could just drop through the floor and disappear.

As her pants slithered down her legs, Judy tried to keep up a broad sexy smile just like her two friends. It certainly wasn’t easy, not with all those men yelling and staring all around them. She kicked her pants away and danced in just her flimsy blue bikini bra and panties.

“Take it off,” the men shouted.

“Honey,” Carol whispered urgently, “you’re too slow. Come on, get the rest of your clothes off before they get impatient.”

Judy’s pretty face flamed almost as red as her hair when she unhooked her bra and drew it off. The men broke into enthusiastic shouts when her lovely round grapefruit-size tits wobbled into view, little pink nipples dancing. To have dozens of horny men leering at her naked tits was bad enough, but it was going to get worse. Now she had to take off her panties.

“Let’s see your pussy,” someone shouted.

“Hurry it up,” Carol whispered. “Don’t blow it for us, Judy.”

Stifling tears of humiliation, Judy tugged down her panties and exposed the flaming-red curls of her little muff. The room seemed to explode with applause and shouts. Miserable, she kicked her panties into the crowd and danced along with Carol and Barb.

Judy, several inches shorter than the other two girls but just as well built, presented a nice contrast to Barb and Carol. The men clearly appreciated the show, crowding around the table, grinning, making lewd comments. Some of them even leaned against the table and tried to look between the girls’ legs. Judy felt dizzy with shame.

“Okay, let’s wrap it up,” Barb said.

They stopped their dance at the end of that number and hopped off the table. Glasses of champagne were pressed into their hands, and eager men moved around them, patting their butts, copping feels of their tits. Judy felt totally humiliated, but Barb and Carol looked entirely calm.

“Well, see you later,” Barb said as an eager middle-aged man pressed some bills into her hand and led her off toward a closed door.

“Where’s she going?” Judy squeaked.

“The real work’s starting now, kid,” Carol said with a grin.

Another man gave Carol money and led her away to another room. Then Judy was approached by a balding little fat man who flashed a hundred dollar bill and pressed it into her hand. Reluctantly Judy followed him out of the crowd and into a bedroom. She got the idea now. She and her friends were supposed to ball every man who paid them.

“Oh, boy, I can hardly wait,” the little fat guy said. “You sure turned me on with that strip show, baby.”

Judy grinned feebly and went to lie down on the bed. In no way did she want to get the other girls in trouble. The fat man fumbled out of his clothes and walked over to the bed, paunch bouncing, stiff three-inch cock pointing right at Judy.

“Open your legs for me, sugar,” he said with a leer.

Judy sighed and opened her legs. The fat man wheezed his way over to her, climbed between her legs, and poked his little hard prick against her tender pussy. After a few misses he managed to stuff the small hard cock into her snug, but dry hole.

“Oh, boy,” the fat man sighed, “you’re real tight. Ohhhh, YEAH.”

He began to ball her, wheezing and panting, his fat belly knocking the breath out of her with each shove. Judy felt his hard little pecker jerking fast in her cunt, but it didn’t excite her at all. She just wanted to get it over with.

“Good for you, honey?” the fat man gasped.

“Oh, yes,” Judy lied, “fantastic.”

The customer is always right — she was sure Rossi would say something like that. She squealed and bucked her hips and pretended to go wild with pleasure as the little fat guy humped her furiously. To her relief it didn’t take long for him to shoot his load. He rolled off her with a contented sigh.

“Don’t go away, doll,” he said as he got dressed. “A buddy of mine wants to make it with you when I’m finished.”

“Oh, God,” Judy muttered to herself.

The fat man left, and his buddy came m. He was a tall bony middle-aged man with a face like a bloodhound. He eyed Judy’s naked body hungrily, but he didn’t smile or say a word as he undressed. Approaching the bed, he tossed some bills on the dresser.

Judy gawked at the man’s cock. It was a beauty, all right, eight thick inches of stiff pale meat. Under more romantic circumstances, she might have gotten pretty excited about taking a prick that big. But this lean, gloomy man didn’t arouse her at all.

“Roll over,” he said.

That was all he ever said to her. Judy obediently rolled over onto her hands and knees, and the big bony man knelt behind her and grasped her slim hips for balance. Judy gasped as she felt his huge thick cock stuffing her tight little twat. The man shoved his huge dick closer to her womb.

“UHHHHH,” Judy gasped.

He began fucking her hard and fast, his big swollen nut sacs slapping her pert little ass. Judy felt a certain wicked excitement as his big cock slammed into her again and again, and she started to cream around the jerking hard meat. Maybe it could be a fun evening after all.

Then the man groaned and shot his load, overflowing her tight little box. Judy sighed with frustration. She might have got off with the guy if he’d lasted longer. But no man at the party was going to have much consideration for her needs. She was just a nice juicy little hole to stick their cocks in.

The big bony guy left, and another man came in immediately, tossed money on the table, and balled Judy quickly, hardly saying a word to her. She decided they must be lined up outside the door, wanting to get their rocks off as fast as possible and then get back to the party.

So it went for an hour and more. Judy made it with more than a dozen men — she lost count. She remembered later that she’d given three blow jobs, a relief for her bruised and sore little box. The only time she had fun was with a timid little old man who liked to eat pussy. That got her off and made her whole evening.

At last no more men came into the room, and Judy sighed with relief. She stretched and yawned and thought about taking a short nap when suddenly the door opened and Carol walked in, still stark naked.

“Come on out in the main room, honey,” she said. “We’re wanted for a private party.”

“How private?” Judy said wearily.

“Oh, only a dozen guys,” Carol said nonchalantly. “The others have crashed. We just have to take care of these die-hards and then we can go home.”

“Thank God for small favors,” Judy said, following Carol out of the room.

As Carol had said, there were only about a dozen men left at the party, most of them young and vigorous. Barb was there, too, sitting on a man’s lap, laughing, drinking champagne. Another man pulled Judy onto his lap and handed her a glass. She didn’t like being felt up, but she gulped the champagne gratefully.

A tall well-built man, completely naked, led Carol to the center of the room and drew her down on the rug. Carol went willingly, laughing as the man dived for her crotch and began noisily eating her pussy. She kept her long legs wide open as his head bobbed up and down between her thighs.

“Ummmmm,” Carol sighed, “that feels really great, honey.”

Judy wondered if her friend was faking her pleasure. Carol and Barb were such professionals, it was difficult to tell. In any case, if Carol was faking, she did a damned good job. She squealed and howled and bucked her hips as her partner snorted and sucked loudly in her pussy. Judy felt shocked and embarrassed to witness the scene, yet she also felt a naughty excitement.

“Ooooooo,” Carol moaned, “I love it, baby. Oh, yeah, you’re making me come.”

The lovely tall blonde threw her long legs right up in the air and gave a hoarse howl of pleasure. Her partner sucked fast and loud on her bright red clit as Carol came — or perhaps pretended to come. Then the man raised his head from her snatch and poked his erect cock into the small blonde-fringed mouth of her cunt.

“Ahhhhh, yes,” Carol wailed, “do it to me. Fuck me, do it HARD.”

Judy reddened with shock. She couldn’t believe Carol would actually fuck the guy right there in front of everyone, but that was exactly what happened. Carol howled her delight and bucked her hips furiously as the guy balled her. She didn’t seem to mind having a leering audience.

Judy somehow couldn’t take her eyes off the scene. There was something especially exciting about watching another couple fuck. She stared at the man’s frantically wriggling ass, at Carol’s big wobbling breasts. She got glimpses of the guy’s stiff sawing prick and the plump red lips of Carol’s cunt.

To her shame, she felt that familiar hot glowing sensation in her pussy. For the first time that night she felt really horny — from watching her friend getting balled. Judy felt ashamed of herself, but she still couldn’t tear her eyes away from the fucking couple on the rug.

“Oh, yes, give it to me,” Carol cried. “I love your cock, baby, it feels so GOOD.”

The sweating panting man fucked Carol even harder, and the lewd wet noise of their fucking could be heard all over the room. Judy’s cheeks flamed with embarrassment, yet her pussy got hotter and hotter as she watched. Hot sticky juice started leaking from her aroused cunt.

She almost forgot that she was sitting on someone’s lap. He was an average-looking guy with a very forgettable face, but he had very busy hands. All the time Carol was getting balled, this guy was playing with Judy’s round ripe tits and petting her warm furry muff. But she didn’t really notice his attentions till he slipped his hand between her legs.

“Ooooo,” Judy squeaked.

The guy had grabbed her slick little clit between his fingers and was kneading it briskly. Judy couldn’t help but enjoy that. She wriggled her naked little ass in horny pleasure as he frigged her. But all the while her eyes were glued to the scene on the floor.

Carol’s partner was humping, her like a pile driver now, his back and ass gleaming with sweat, their bellies meeting in loud damp smacks. Carol had her long legs open obscenely wide, and her lovely face was twisted in a lusty grin as if she were in ecstasy.

“Oh, God, I love it, I love it,” she whined.

“Oh, Christ, I can’t stand it,” a man said. “Let’s get it on, baby.”

Judy glanced around and saw that the man was the one holding Barb on his lap. Barb grinned and stood up, and the guy led her out to the center of the room, not far from Carol and her partner. He whispered something to Barb, and she grinned and nodded.

Then the statuesque brunette dropped to her hands and knees, sticking her lovely round ass high up in the air. Judy gawked. She could see all of Barb’s ripe red pussy, the bright scarlet lump of her clit, the fat pink lips of her cunt, the little light brown wrinkled mouth of her asshole. Every man in the room stared hungrily at Barb’s lewdly exposed slit.

Then their view was blocked was Barb’s partner dropped to his knees behind her and rammed his erect cock up the little shadowed mouth of her cunt. Barb gave a loud squeal of pleasure as he worked his prick clear to the balls in her steamy little twat.

“Oooooo, yeah, stick it in meee,” Barb whined.

The guy began fucking Barb hard and fast, and she clawed the rug and moaned blissfully, as if she loved every second of it. Meanwhile Carol’s partner was yelping and coming, his steamy jism overflowing her snug box and puddling on the rug.

No sooner had the guy rolled off Carol than another man rushed to take his place. Judy felt dizzy and confused. She felt this little orgy was incredibly wicked and lewd, yet it was turning her on like mad to watch her two friends getting balled.

Her partner was still busily kneading her clit, too, making her cream helplessly all over his fingers. In spite of her shock and embarrassment, Judy was getting achingly horny. She envied Carol and Barb for having hard pounding cocks in their cunts. But would SHE have the nerve to fuck someone with all those men looking on?

“Hey, let’s ball,” her partner said.

Judy blushed furiously, but before she could reply the man had lifted her easily in his arms and carried her out to the center of the room, just a few feet from where Barb and Carol were fucking their partners. He drew her down on the rug and rolled onto his back, his stiff six-inch prick pointing right at the ceiling.

“Sit on me,” he said eagerly. “Let’s do it this way.”

Judy felt deeply embarrassed, but again it was a matter of not letting down her friends. If she refused his request, Barb and Carol would be in trouble. Blushing with shame, Judy straddled the man and brought her wet little cunt mouth down on the hard hot pole of his cock.

“OHHHHHH,” she moaned.

She hadn’t realized how horny she was till the man’s thick hard cock-meat stuffed her tight juicy little twat. It felt terrific, and Judy creamed furiously all around the invading meat. All over the room men were watching her, but suddenly she didn’t care. All she wanted was to satisfy the horny ache in her pussy.

“Fuck me, baby,” her partner panted.

Judy obeyed eagerly, working her slick hot cunt briskly up and down the deliciously thick pole of his cock. From the sidelines men leered at her, and beside her Carol and Barb were screaming their pleasure as their partners balled them hard and fast. Judy realized with some astonishment that she was taking part in an orgy — and really getting off on it.

Suddenly one of the younger men bounded out of his chair and headed for the action, his stiff five-inch prick bobbing lewdly.

“I’m going crazy,” he laughed. “I just gotta get in on this.”

“You can join us, old buddy,” said Judy’s partner.

Judy didn’t realize what they were talking about until the new guy knelt behind her and poked the hard drooling head of his cock against the tightly clenched mouth of her asshole. She gasped as he shoved hard and popped the fat cock-head right into her narrow little bumhole.

“Hey, NO,” Judy squeaked.

Too late — the guy was already shoving his stiff meat clear to the balls in her hot, tight brownie. She expected to feel pain, but what she experienced was a wicked rush of excitement. It felt great to have two cocks in her belly, pumping side by side, separated only by the thin wall between her cunt and her asshole.

“Ooooooo,” Judy screeched, “YES.”

The two men sawed away in her twat and brownie, fully stuffing her with thick cock-meat. Judy gurgled with pleasure as she took the two jerking dicks, and her hot pussy cream drenched two pair of balls. Looking around, she saw that Barb and Carol had satisfied their latest partners and were fucking two new men.

“Oh, God,” Judy sighed, “I can’t believe this.” The orgy was the most wicked and kinky thing she’d ever experienced, but it made her wildly aroused, too. Maybe that was how Barb and Carol felt — but it didn’t really matter. They might be faking their response, but Judy sure as hell wasn’t. She adored taking on two men at the same time.

“Hey, honey,” the guy behind her panted, “you digging this? You like getting it in the ass?”

“Ummmm, yes,” Judy moaned, “it’s fantastic.”

Another man had been eyeing her from the sidelines for some time. When Judy moaned how much she loved getting it in the ass, he just couldn’t contain himself any longer. He leaped from his chair and hurried over, straddling her first partner and poking his erect and drooling prick against Judy’s lips.

“You still got room for this,” he panted. “Suck me off, baby.”

Hell, Judy thought, why not?

In her lusty frenzy, she loved the idea of satisfying three men at once. She opened her mouth and sucked the guy’s fat hard cock in clear to the balls. He gave a yelp of pleasure when she began sucking hard and fast pn his swollen meat.

“Hey, way to go, Judy,” Carol laughed.

Judy knew she’d been accepted as a real pro. But that wasn’t important now. Her whole body hummed with pleasure as she took the three cocks, sucking loudly on one stiff dick while another stuffed her boiling-hot cunt and a third reamed her tight little asshole. It was the wildest sexual adventure yet.

Judy was so hotly aroused by now that it didn’t take her long to come. As the violent orgasm shook her body, she sucked even harder on the tasty drooling cock-meat, and her cunt and asshole contracted and gripped the other two jerking cocks. The result was that everyone came at once, the men howling and pumping steamy loads of jism into her cunt, mouth and asshole.

Judy lost count of how many men she balled that night or how many times she came, but when she and Barb and Carol finally drove back to the club, her body glowed with satisfaction.

“Kid, you really proved yourself tonight,” Carol said. “Rossi’s really gonna be proud of you.”

That was nice — but was she proud of herself? Judy thought of Joe sitting home alone, waiting for her and needing her, and she wondered just what kind of monster she was turning into.


“You got home awfully late last night, honey,” Joe said as Judy was leaving for work the next day.

“I was real worried about you. I hope you can get home earlier this time.”

“I’ll try, darling,” Judy said, hurrying out the door.

She felt guilty about running out like that, but she could hardly stay and explain to Joe that she’d been late because she’d been to an orgy. She was going to have to face her guilt over Joe, but this was not the night.

She’d been working at the club a couple of hours when Rossi made his familiar gesture for her to step into the alcove. Somehow Judy didn’t feel quite so enthusiastic as she usually did about taking an “assignment”, but she hurried aver, fearing to anger Rossi. She couldn’t get rid of the image of Joe looking worried and begging her to get home earlier.

“Yes, Mr. Rossi?” Judy said.

“That tall guy sitting at the bar,” Rossi said. “You take care of him.”

“All right,” Judy said listlessly.

She didn’t like the guy’s looks at all. In fact he reminded her of an undertaker, tall, bony and gloomy-looking. He was well-dressed, though, and not too old, perhaps forty. Judy planted a big smile on her face and went over to him.

“Good evening, sir,” she said, “I’m Judy. I’d like to offer you a drink on the house and a little talk, if you’re interested.”

He didn’t smile.

“Sure, sit down,” he said coldly.

Judy got him the drink he wanted and attempted to make small talk with him, but all she got was his name, Fred Olson, and his occupation, real estate salesman. He didn’t seem at all attracted to her, and Judy wondered why Rossi had sent her over to him.

Then Olson said abruptly, “Cone on, we’re going to my place.”

Judy followed him obediently, but she was hardly excited about the idea of going to bed with that sourpuss. He drove them a few blocks away to the hotel where he was staying. In the room, he didn’t even offer her a drink. He just handed her fifty dollars and started to undress.

“Come on, come on,” he said, “take your clothes off I didn’t ask you over here to talk.”

Judy wanted to tell him that fifty dollars was a lot less money than she was used to, but she decided to let it pass. The main thing here was to ball him and get it over with, so she could get back to the club and find more generous and attractive customers.

Judy got out of her costume quickly, not trying to make a show of it. Fred Olson’s eyes flickered from her round thrusting tits with their soft pink nipples down to her copper-colored bush, but still he didn’t look especially turned on. He continued to undress, and soon he was down to his shorts.

Judy was repelled by the man’s body. He was bony and pale all over, his muscles slack, his chest hairless. Still she felt her usual curiosity as he lowered his shorts. He had a very long but skinny cock that waved stiffly and heavily from a small brown bush. Judy decided that even his cock was ugly.

“Get down on your knees,” Olson snapped.

Judy didn’t like the tone of his voice — no warmth in it at all, no honest lust. But she obeyed, dropping to her knees before him. Olson stepped up close to her and pushed the hard purple head of his cock roughly against her lips. Judy breathed a sigh of relief. At least she wasn’t going to have to ball him.

Relieved that that hard bony body wouldn’t touch her, she willingly opened her mouth for his stiff skinny cock. Far better to give him a blow job than to have that ugly cold man pressing his body against hers. But when she opened her lips, Olson savagely rammed his erect dick right into her throat.

“UHHHHHH!” Judy gasped.

Olson grabbed her head and held it in place, brutally fucking her mouth and throat in hard deep lunges. He didn’t want a blow job, Judy realized — he wanted to rape her mouth, to choke and hurt her. And he was succeeding. She couldn’t breathe, and her throat was painfully raked.

Olson towered over her, his face absolutely cold as he rammed his rock-hard cock-head again and again into her tender throat. Judy felt she’d faint if she didn’t get some air, if that awful pain didn’t stop. Job or no job, she had to get away from this sadistic creep.

Judy managed to get one foot against Olson’s belly and she pushed with all her strength. He stumbled backwards, his erect spit-soaked prick popping from her mouth. He sat down hard on the rug. Judy snatched up her clothes and threw the fifty dollars in his face.

“I don’t have to go with any man who tries to hurt me,” she said angrily. “You can have your damned money back.”

But before she could put on her costume again, Olson recovered his breath and was leaping on her, slapping her hard across the face. Judy was stunned by the blow and the next thing she knew Olson had her on the bed, on her back, and was slamming his rigid skinny prick into her dry and resisting cunt.

“Nooooo,” Judy wailed.

“Shut up, bitch,” Olson snarled. “I paid for you, and I’m gonna have you.”

The pain was just as bad as when he’d fucked her throat. Her narrow twat was dry and unprepared, and Olson’s hard cock raked and bruised her as he balled her in swift deep savage hinges. Judy screamed and tried to twist away, but he pinned her wrists and held her in place.

“Oh, God, no,” Judy sobbed, “please take it out. You’re hurting me.”

Olson slapped her in the face again, and this time she’d had enough. She stopped struggling and just lay there and let him complete his brutal rape. It hurt, but it wasn’t as bad as having her teeth knocked out. Olson fucked her harder and harder, his face perfectly cold.

Judy could hardly even tell when he came. He made no sound, showed no pleasure. All she could feel was the hot gush of his come in her bruised little box. Instantly Olson withdrew and reached for his clothes. Judy staggered off the bed and found her costume.

“I’m not paying you, bitch,” Olson said. “You didn’t cooperate. Tony Rossi’s gonna hear about this.”

“Fuck you,” Judy spat. “He’ll hear about it, all right, and you’ll be sorry. He doesn’t let anyone hurt his girls.”

“We’ll see about that,” Olson said, reaching for the phone.

Judy didn’t wait to hear his call. She walked all the way back to the club in her costume, drawing whistles and stares. She didn’t care about that. All she wanted was to tell Rossi that one of his customers was a dangerous sadist. When she got to the Flamingo, she went straight to Rossi’s office.

When Judy burst into the office, Rossi was already there, sitting behind his desk and chewing on a cigar and frowning. “Mr. Rossi…” she began. But Rossi signaled her to be quiet.

“I just got a call from a pal of mine, Fred Olson,” he said angrily. “He told me you wouldn’t do what he wanted. What the hell’s the matter with you?”

“Mr. Rossi, that’s just what I wanted to tell you,” Judy said earnestly. “He wanted to hurt me. He DID hurt me.”

“Aw, bullshit,” Rossi said. “The guy just wanted a blow job, and maybe his dick was a little too long. It happens. You gotta take a little discomfort now and then in this business.”

“Discomfort?” Judy squeaked. “He almost choked me. Then he raped me. I don’t call that discomfort.”

Rossi ground out his cigar and rose from behind the desk, his face dark with anger.

“If you think that hurt,” he growled, “wait’ll I get through with you. I’ll show you what real pain is, baby.”

He seized Judy by the wrist and dragged her into the private bedroom behind his office. Judy sobbed and protested, but Rossi was far stronger than she was. He flung her into the room and locked the door with the special lock that only he could open. Judy was trapped.

“You insulted a customer,” he told her, “so you gotta be punished. Get your clothes off.”

Sobbing with fright, Judy obeyed. She recalled when Rossi had told her to report any man who tried to hurt her. He hadn’t meant a word of it. The customer was always right, even if he was a brutal sadist. And God knew how many more sadists Rossi might send her to.

When Judy was naked, Rossi’s dark eyes flicked briefly over her curvy little body, but there was no warmth in his glance. “Get over here and undress me,” he snapped.

Judy obeyed without a murmur. Only Rossi could unlock the door, so she was stuck here till she did everything he wanted. She might as well just obey and get it over with. She removed his jacket and shirt and tie, then knelt down to help him out of his shoes and socks.

“I’m gonna teach you a lesson, cunt,” Rossi said icily. “I’m gonna show you what happens to my girls when they don’t carry out orders. You won’t forget in a hurry, believe me.”

Judy’s hands trembled as she unbuckled his belt and opened his fly. His pants slid down to the floor, but there was no bulge in the crotch of his jockey shorts. Judy pulled down the shorts and saw that his cock was wrinkled and limp. At least he couldn’t punish her with THAT.

“Okay, stay on your knees,” Rossi said when she had him completely naked. “You’re gonna blow me, and you’re gonna do it right, just like I taught you. You understand?”

“Yes,” Judy said wearily. She was damned if she was going to call him “sir” any more.

“All right, get to it, then,” Rossi said coldly.

Kneeling naked before him, Judy took his soft little prick and slipped it between her lips, feeding it in till his slack sagging balls rubbed her chin. She began sucking on the silky soft meat, something she didn’t mind doing at all. It was rather exciting, not scary like when Olson jammed his long hard cock into her tender throat.

In fact if Rossi hadn’t been mad at her, she’d really be having fun. She loved blowing a man who really turned her on, and Rossi had always seemed sexy. She gurgled with excitement and sucked even faster on his droopy little prick.

“Yeah, you dig that, don’t you?” Rossi said with a harsh laugh. “You dig it as long as it don’t hurt. Well, hurting is part of the game, baby, and I’m gonna show you that in a minute.”

Bullshit, Judy thought. Hurting was never part of real love-making. Something was warped and sick in the minds of men like Rossi and Olson. But for now she wasn’t worrying. She liked sucking on Rossi’s tasty limp cock, and it certainly couldn’t hurt her. The whole thing fit into her mouth with room to spare.

As her excitement grew, Judy drew in her cheeks sharply to make a tight juicy nest, for his prick. She lashed the soft rosy head of his dick with her wet little tongue, and her hot saliva boiled all around his flaccid meat. She increased the pace and pressure of her sucking, and Rossi gave an involuntary snort of pleasure. Judy felt his flaccid cock starting to twitch on her tongue.

“Yeah, you give a real good blow job, I gotta admit that,” Rossi sighed. “But you still gotta be punished. None of the girls can disobey my orders and get away with it.”

Judy paid no attention to his threats. She was lost in the horny excitement of sucking his silky little dick into swollen erection. And she was succeeding. As she again increased the speed of her sucking, Rossi’s cock gave a powerful lurch and began to grow and stiffen in her mouth.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s it,” he gasped.

Judy felt the wrinkled little prick blossom into seven inches of thick hard meat. Now she couldn’t hold it all in her mouth, so she let some out, sucking on just half the length of his swelling hot prick. Rossi snarled angrily and grabbed her head.

“You take all of it, bitch,” he growled. “You’re supposed to be a pro, dammit. You take that cock right into your throat.”

He held her head steady and pushed forward with his rigid thick cock. Judy had no choice but to take the big knobby head of his dick right into her tender throat. For a moment she felt like she was choking, but she managed to overcome it.

Rossi grunted and shoved, the hugely swollen head of his cock popping into Judy’s tight slick throat. His furry balls rubbed her chin. Holding her head tightly, he began to fuck her mouth, plunging his cock deep into her throat.

“UMPF,” Judy cried.

Only with the greatest self-control did she keep back the choking sensations. She knew Rossi was doing this to punish her, but she didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing he was hurting her. She kept her throat as relaxed as she could while the big slick head of his cock probed deep and hard.

“Take it, cunt,” Rossi panted. “If a guy wants to stick his cock down your throat, you do it, you hear?”

Judy certainly got the message. As Rossi’s thick cock pounded in her throat, her lips were hugely stretched and her jaws ached from the continual stuffing. But her pride made her conceal all signs of discomfort. She took the repeated lunges of his long hard prick without a murmur.

“Now eat it,” Rossi snarled, “eat every bit of my come.”

His dark eyes rolled upward, and Judy felt the steamy blast of his come in her mouth and throat. He’d ordered her to swallow it all — and she didn’t have much choice. Judy gulped the salty sticky stuff until his cock went limp and empty and slipped from her mouth.

“Get it all,” Rossi gasped.

Looking right at him with big blue accusing eyes, Judy licked her lips, her little pink tongue lapping up the last drops of his come. Her face was expressionless. She was damned if she’d let her sadistic boss know that he’d caused her any pain.

“Think you’re smart, don’t you?” Rossi snarled. “Okay, baby, we’ll play it your way. We’re gonna keep this up till you beg me to stop. You take my cock in your mouth and get it hard again.”

That was too much. Her jaws already ached from the first head job.

“Oh, no, please,” she said, “not again. I know I’m fired, Mr. Rossi. Just let me leave, please.”

“Uh-uh,” Rossi said, grinning coldly. “You don’t leave till you’ve been punished. Then I don’t give a shit what you do. But right now you better suck my dick — and fast.”

He raised his arm as if to hit her, and Judy quickly opened her mouth. Her face still ached from Olson’s blows, and she didn’t want any more. Rossi grunted in satisfaction and fitted his limp wet dick into her mouth. Judy began sucking on it again, resigning herself to more discomfort.

“See where it gets you when you piss me off?” Rossi said. “We’re gonna stay here till you learn to obey, and that’s that.”

Judy was so tempted to bite his cock that she could hardly contain herself, but she knew he’d kill her for it. Meekly she sucked faster and faster on his wrinkled little rod, using all the tricks she’d recently learned. Her cheeks were drawn in tight, her tongue busy lashing the sensitive head of his dick, her saliva pooling hotly around his soft meat.

“Yeah, you just keep that up, bitch,” Rossi panted. “Get me hard again. Then I’ll really teach you a lesson.”

What am I doing here? Judy thought.

Here she was on her knees sucking off a sadistic creep, a man she’d come to hate — so that she could keep a job she’d also learned to hate. She wanted no more Rossi’s, no more Olson’s. She wanted the quiet gentle love of her husband. But first she had to satisfy Rossi so she could get out that door.

Finally Rossi’s cock revived and began to grow and stiffen in her mouth. Judy’s jaws ached, but she forced herself to suck even faster and harder on his ballooning meat, just to get the ordeal over with. His cock responded fast, stiffening into seven thick inches of throbbing erection.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Rossi said, stepping back.

His swollen dick snapped up to hug his belly, thick and pale and gleaming with her saliva. Judy gasped for breath and rubbed her aching jaws and throat. She was sure Rossi had some other punishment in mind for her, and she shuddered to think what it was.

“Over to the bed,” he ordered. “Bend over the edge.”

Wearily Judy obeyed, standing at the side of the bed and resting her hands on the edge. Her pert little ass stuck out enticingly. Rossi wandered over to her, his huge hard-on wagging lewdly, and seized her slim hips to steady himself.

“This’ll teach you to do what I say,” he snarled. He pressed the moist hard head of his cock against the tiny tight mouth of her asshole and gave a savage thrust.

“OWWWWWWW,” Judy wailed.

She fought to lurch away from him, but Rossi held her tightly by the hips and brutally forced his thick hard cock deep into her tight little brownie. In one cruel shove he lodged his big cock clear to the tails in her pencil-thin nether hole. The pain was so bad that Judy almost fainted.

“Oh, God, noooo,” she sobbed. “Please, take it out, it’s too BIG.”

“Shut up, bitch,” Rossi panted. “I’m gonna come in your ass whether you like it or not. After this I bet you’ll do whatever I tell you.”

While Judy sobbed and dug her nails into the bed, Rossi balled her little butt furiously, digging his thick meat far into her fiery bowels. He was out to hurt her, and at first he succeeded. But gradually, a welcome numbness came over her, and she stopped whimpering when his rock-hard cock reamed her tiny tight asshole.

Rossi began to change, too. With his achingly swollen dick plunged deep in her snug juicy bumhole, he couldn’t help feeling hot pleasure. He began to pant and whine as he bum-fucked her. He couldn’t be cold and aloof any longer.

“Bitch,” he chanted, “dirty little bitch.”

Big gloss of cock-juice began to bubble from his deep-thrusting prick, making Judy’s tight little asshole a lot slicker. She felt a wicked kind of pleasure now when his thick meat reamed and stuffed her ass. She hated Rossi, but she wasn’t immune to the delicious friction between his cock and her tight little brownie.

“Lousy little cunt,” Rossi gasped, “I hope you never forget this. This is how I punish my girls when they make me mad.”

At that point Judy didn’t care what he said. She felt her whole belly melting with kinky excitement, exploding into orgasm. She whined and clawed the bed as she came, and her boiling-hot brownie gripped Rossi’s dick like a vise. He yelped and started to shoot his load.

“AWWWWWWW,” Rossi bellowed.

Judy didn’t make a sound. She was coming, yes, but it was somehow an empty, pleasureless orgasm — perhaps because she was getting it from a man she despised. When Rossi’s prick went limp and slipped from her drenched little asshole, she stood up with quiet dignity and put on her costume.

Rossi looked smug as he dressed.

“I guess you got my message,” he said. “From now on you do whatever a customer wants, or you’ll get it in the ass, just like now.”

“I’m not going back to work,” Judy said quietly. “I’m just wearing this costume as far as the dressing room. Then I’m going to put on my own clothes and go home.”

Rossi scowled and said, “You silly little bitch, you’ll never get another job that pays like this one.”

“Mr. Rossi,” Judy said sweetly, “you can take your damned job and stick it up your ass. Good night.”

Five minutes later she left the Flamingo wondering how she could face Joe and tell him that she’d lost her job. She’d manage it somehow, because she couldn’t bear the thought of going back to Rossi and his pain and humiliation. But it wouldn’t be easy to tell her husband.


When Judy walked into the apartment, Joe was in the living room — standing! He had a broad grin on his face, and no cast on his leg.

“Surprise,” he said.

Judy ran to him and clung to him.

“Darling,” she laughed, “no wonder you wanted me home early tonight. You devil, why didn’t you tell me your cast was coming off today?”

“I wasn’t sure myself,” Joe said, hugging her hard, “but in any case I wanted to surprise you. Isn’t it great, honey? Now you can quit your job and our life can go back to normal.”

Judy stiffened slightly in his arms. It was great, all right, that she didn’t have to go back to Tony Rossi’s club, but she wasn’t so excited about “normal” life with Joe. That normal life included the dull unsatisfactory sex they’d had for five years.

She didn’t want to go back to seeing other men, but on the other hand, would Joe ever be able to satisfy her in bed? And if he didn’t, what would she do?

“Honey,” Joe said, “what’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Judy said quickly.

“Like hell there’s nothing wrong,” Joe said with concern. “I know when you’re worried about something. You better tell me what it is.”

Judy didn’t want to hurt his feelings, but the subject had to be brought up sometime. “Joe,” she said uneasily, “have you ever thought our sex life was a little, well, boring?”

“What do you mean, honey?” Joe said.

“I mean, we always do it the same way, every time,” Judy replied. “We never try anything new. Can you really imagine going on like that for years and years?”

Joe frowned, put his hands on her shoulders, and steered her towards the hall.

“Judy,” he said sternly, “you must be overtired from working. You’re talking nonsense. Now go take a nice hot bath and come to bed. You’ll feel better in the morning.”

Numbly Judy obeyed. As she sat in the bathtub she wondered if she could really go on with her marriage. After five years she’d finally had the nerve to tell Joe what was bothering her — and he hadn’t responded at all. Much as she loved him, she couldn’t face a lifetime without decent sex.

When Judy walked into the bedroom wearing nothing but a towel, Joe was lying on the bed nude. He grinned and flashed Judy a lusty look as she dropped the towel in the hamper and walked over to the bed. He had a whopper of a hard-on that pointed at the ceiling, the swollen purple head of his cock leaking big bubbles of juice.

Judy sighed wistfully as she eyed her husband’s handsome seven-inch prick. If only he knew how to use it! She felt awfully horny for him, but she knew from experience that he’d just jump on her, without foreplay, and fuck her so fast she probably wouldn’t even get off. It looked like another night of frustration.

“Hurry up, honey,” Joe said eagerly. “Christ, we haven’t made love in over a month. I can hardly wait.”

Judy wished she could say the same for herself. But there was no point in spoiling Joe’s good mood. She’d ball him one last time, and the next day she’d leave. She was sure she’d never love another man, but she couldn’t endure the dullness and frustration of his love-making.

Judy forced a smile as she climbed onto the bed beside her husband. Joe did what he always did — ignored her big ripe breasts and instead pushed open her legs very wide. He scrambled between her silky thighs, his cock weaving heavily, and Judy prepared herself for another of his jackrabbit fucks.

“I hope you’re as anxious as I am,” Joe said.

“Yes, dear, of course,” Judy lied.

“Great,” Joe said, “because I just can’t wait. I’ve been wanting you for weeks.”

Judy had been wanting him for weeks, too, but not like this. She didn’t miss all those other men she’d been with, but she wished to hell Joe could take lessons from them in how to please a woman. There was more to sex, after all, than just climbing on and rolling off.

“Well, here goes,” Joe said with a grin.

Then to Judy’s utter astonishment he thrust his face right into her crotch.

“JOE,” she gasped.

She couldn’t believe what was happening. Her uptight inhibited husband was actually going down on her. He’d never even touched her pussy before, and now he was eating it. Judy gasped in surprise and delight when she felt his slick hot tongue tickling the horny little nub of her clit.

“Ooooooo, darling, YES,” she squealed.

Joe’s stiff slick tongue tip lashed and tickled and rimmed the sensitive little button of her clit, and lady whimpered with pleasure and clawed the bed.

She could still hardly believe that it was Joe, her puritanical husband, giving her head, but the evidence was right there in her hotly aroused pussy.

Maybe it was just a dream, but she was going to take full advantage of it. Judy let her legs fall open as far as she could, giving Joe plenty of room to eat her snatch. He made loud, lewd snuffling and sucking noises as he licked hungrily on her throbbing little joy button. His tongue moved faster and faster, exciting Judy wildly.

“Oh, yes, darling, yesss,” she moaned.

She couldn’t imagine where Joe had learned to eat pussy or what had changed his mind about foreplay, but it really didn’t matter. The only important thing was that he was finally making love the way she wanted it, with plenty of wild and kinky play before they fucked. Judy moaned blissfully, and her aroused little cunt began to leak hot sticky juice.

“Oh, Joe, darling, that feels so good,” she sighed. “I just love you to lick me there.”

Joe responded to her praise by tonguing even faster on the hot wet bud of her clit. Judy squealed with delight and arched her petite body upward to get even more sweet friction from his tickling tongue. Her little red clit went erect and swollen with arousal, becoming even more sensitive to his tonguing.

“Oh, my God, Joe,” Judy wailed, “it’s so good, I think I’m going to come.”

Joe thrust his flushed cream-soaked face even harder into her steamy little crotch, and his slick tongue tip whizzed around and around her swollen horny joy button. Judy never had her pussy eaten better. In less than a minute a gigantic orgasm exploded in her body, making her wail and writhe.

“Yes, yes, YES,” she screeched, “I’M COMING NOW.”

Joe went right on tonguing furiously on her squirting clit as she came, making her climax even more intense. When her spasms had died down, his tongue was still there, rimming and teasing her soaked little bud. Judy sighed ecstatically. At last her husband had become the lover she wanted.

“Darling,” she said, “that was lovely.”

But Joe wasn’t finished yet. He didn’t even raise his head from her steamy little crotch when she finished coming. Instead he pressed his lips to her hot little clit and started sucking on it. Judy gave a horny little squeal and gushed a big hot load of sticky cunt cream all over his chin.

“Ooooooo,” she squeaked, “yes, suck meeee.”

Although she’d just come, Joe’s busily sucking lips soon had her fully aroused again. Her pretty little face flushed pink with lusty excitement, and her teeth flashed in a horny little grin. Her big blue eyes rolled crazily as her husband sucked ever faster and harder on the super-sensitive lump of her clit.

“Oh, my God, Joe,” she whined, “this is just too much. I love it, darling, I just love it.”

Again her unashamed praise inspired Joe to do even better work. He sucked her little red clit as far as he could into his hot wet mouth, sucked it with increasing speed and pressure. Judy wailed and slammed her pussy right up in his face, wanting all the delicious friction she could get.

“Oh, God, I love it,” she moaned. “Yes, yes, love, suck my clit.”

Joe didn’t need much encouragement. To Judy’s astonishment, he really seemed to love what he was doing. He snuffled and snorted lustily in her steamy pussy and lapped up her fragrant cream as fast as it gushed from her hotly aroused box.

In fact he was a whole new Joe. A month ago he wouldn’t even have put his hand in her crotch, let alone his face. A month ago he would have called oral sex “dirty” or “perverted”. Now he was eating her soaked pussy like he was starved for it.

With her tender little clit trapped between Joe’s busily sucking lips, Judy had never been happier. She let herself go completely, legs spread obscenely wide, hot little cunt spewing a lava-like stream of juice. She wailed her delight and bucked her slim hips in time to his sucking.

“Joe, you devil,” she panted, “you’ve got me so excited, I think I’m gonna come again.”

She wasn’t kidding. As Joe began to suck even faster on her red-hot squirting bud, her body exploded in another dizzying climax. Joe kept right on sucking her clit, and Judy thought she’d faint with pleasure. Only when her little curvy body stopped rocking and writhing did he finally release her clit from his lips.

“Oh, darling, that was beautiful,” Judy sighed. “I just loved it.”

Joe didn’t even raise his head from her snatch to acknowledge her thanks. Instead he burrowed deeper in her soaked molten-hot pussy and began to suck the plump pink lips of her cunt. Usually his love-making bored Judy, but tonight he had an uncanny ability to arouse her. She’d just come twice, but when he started sucking her pussylips she was instantly horny again.

“Good Lord,” she laughed helplessly, “what are you doing to me, Joe Prentiss? You’re getting me excited all over again.”

She thought she heard a muffled chuckle from Joe, but that was all. His thick slippery tongue moved down to rim the drooling little mouth of her cunt, slowly at first, then with increasing speed and pressure. Judy gasped with delight and arched her pussy up to meet his rimming tongue.

“Beautiful,” she whined, “just beautiful. I love everything you’re doing, Joe.”

But secretly she wished he’d quit teasing her with his rimming tongue tip and just stick the whole thing right up her greedy little box. Probably he was still too inhibited to do that. It would be asking an awful lot of her uptight husband to have him shove his tongue up her cunt.

But that was exactly what Joe did next.

“Oooooh,” Judy screamed.

Again she could hardly believe it was her Joe who was doing such a thing, but the evidence was right there between her legs. She felt Joe’s thick wet tongue plunging clear to the root in her greedy gripping little twat, and she screamed with pleasure and gushed a huge load of tasty cream all around his thrusting tongue-meat.

“Oh, yes, lover, YES,” Judy wailed, “stick your tongue up my cunt. YESSSS.”

Judy drew her legs clear back to touch her big heaving tits, allowing Joe to thrust his tongue right to her womb. Fully stuffed with his wet thick tongue-meat, she was breathless with pleasure. Then it got even better as he started to fuck her with his tongue, thrusting the fat meat swiftly up and down her gushing little hole.

“Oh, oh, OHHHH,” Judy moaned.

Joe’s swift hard tongue-fucking made her squeal with pleasure and claw the bed. It was the answer to her years of horny longing. Other men had gone down on her, but none as good as Joe. It was far more thrilling to have her pussy eaten by the man she loved instead of some cold stranger.

“I love it, Joe, I love it,” Judy babbled. “God, yes, fuck me with your tongue.”

She could hardly believe it, but in another second she was coming again, her molten-hot cunt gripping and squeezing Joe’s thrusting tongue. In spite of her tightness, he kept working his tongue in her gushing little box until her delicious climax was over. Judy moaned with satisfaction as his tongue slipped out of her twat.

She expected him to come up for air then, but Joe just gobbled greedily in her pussy, tonguing lower and lower till his slick tongue tip was rimming the tight little mouth of her asshole. Judy gurgled with horny excitement when she felt her husband poking his slippery tongue right up her brownie.

“Oh, Joe, YES,” she squealed, “stick your tongue up my ass.”

A month ago she wouldn’t have dared say such a thing to him, and he certainly wouldn’t have been shoving his tongue deep in her bumhole. But things had changed miraculously since then. Joe skewered her hot little brownie on his long wet tongue and began to bum-fuck her with the slick meat.

“EEEEEEE,” Judy screamed.

Her tiny hot asshole was just as horny as her cunt, and it didn’t take long at all for Joe to bring her to climax again with his swiftly jerking tongue. The violent orgasm left her gasping for breath. Only when she was finished did Joe pop his tongue out of her tight little asshole and raise his cream-drenched face from her crotch.

He was grinning lustily as he wiped her sticky cunt-juice from his face. Judy stared at him in love and gratitude. At last he’d become the lover of her dreams, but how and why? She just had to know what had made this amazing change in her formerly puritanical husband.

“Joe, that just blew my mind,” she sighed. “But, honey, you’re so different tonight. What happened?”

Joe stopped grinning and looked deadly serious. “Judy,” he said, “I’ve been a damned fool. My parents told me sex was dirty and evil, and I just went right on believing them, never thinking for myself. But this last month, when we couldn’t make love, I had time to think. I knew our sex life was boring as hell and that I was losing you because of it.”

Judy reddened. Could he possibly have found out about those other men?

“Losing me?” she said. “How did you know?”

“You stopped trying to get me to fuck you,” Joe said. “I knew you weren’t interested any more. And then the other night, when you tried to suck my cock and I wouldn’t let you. Well, after you left, I could have kicked myself. That really did it. I thought, why in hell should we be missing out on all that fun?”

Judy giggled and said, “You’re so right, my darling. Why should we miss out on anything? It’s nobody’s business but ours what we do in bed.”

“I always wanted to go down on you,” Joe confessed.

“And I always wanted to go down on you,” Judy laughed. “In fact I think I’ll do that right now.”

Joe blushed hotly — he wasn’t completely liberated yet. But he didn’t protest as Judy playfully pushed him onto his back and dived for his erect bubbling prick. With a hungry moan she took the hot silky cock-meat all the way into her mouth and started sucking loudly on it.

“Aw, Jesus, YES,” Joe yelped.

Judy’s saliva pooled heavily around his dick as she ate him. She’d waited years for this moment when Joe would finally allow her to suck and lick endlessly on his handsome tasty cock. She took the big fat head of his prick right into her throat, sucking him in till his furry swollen balls rubbed her chin. Then she sucked his cock like she was starved for it, fast and hard and loud.

“Judy, that’s fantastic,” Joe whined. “Jesus, yes, baby, suck my dick. I’ve wanted you to do that for so long.”

Judy sucked her cheeks in as tight as she could around his delicious hard cock-meat, and she lashed the stiff stalk with her greedy little tongue. As she sucked ever faster and harder on his silky prick, Joe’s delicious cock-juice dripped onto her tongue. The noise of her sucking got lewdly loud and wet, but it only excited Judy and Joe more.

“Yeah, suck my cock, baby,” Joe panted.

“Don’t stop, I love it.”

Judy looked up and saw that her husband’s handsome face was twisted in a horny grin, his teeth flashing. His eyes rolled crazily, and his face was flushed pink with arousal. Mischievously she reached out and cupped his swollen nut sacs, giving them a steady massage while she sucked his cock. Joe yelped with delight.

“You crazy little bitch,” he moaned, “fantastic.”

Judy would have giggled delightedly if her mouth hadn’t been stuffed full of tasty cock. She sucked as fast and hard as she could on Joe’s thick stiff dick, and he began pumping his hips helplessly, thrusting his big hard cock-head right down her throat. Judy didn’t mind a bit. She wanted all the delicious cock she could get.

Her fiery-red head bobbed furiously up and down over Joe’s belly as she blew him. It was getting her so excited that her little cunt was gushing a steady stream of hot sticky juice. Joe was just as aroused, panting and snorting and moaning with pleasure as her tight hot mouth worked his achingly swollen meat.

But finally he gasped, “Honey, that’s enough. I don’t wanta come yet.”

Judy reluctantly let his wet stiff cock slip from her mouth. “I wanted to eat your come,” she pouted.

Joe laughed and said, “Another time, honey. I’d really dig that, but tonight I wanta use this cock-stand for something even better.”

He pushed her onto her back and started to scramble between her legs, but Judy held him off.

“Joe,” she said with a wicked grin, “as long as we’re trying all this new stuff, why don’t we ball in a new position?”

Joe grinned and said, “You’re absolutely right, honey. You choose the way we’ll do it.”

Judy eagerly rolled over onto her hands and knees and stuck her pert little ass up in the air. Joe knelt behind her and seized her curvy little hips.

“So you want it dog-style?” he laughed. “Well, lady, that’s what you’ll get.”

“OHHHHH,” Judy gasped.

Joe had shoved his long thick cock all the way into her juicy little cunt in one hard thrust. She took it joyfully, thrusting her little butt up to meet his plunging cock, creaming hugely around it. This was the final test of their new love-making. Would Joe last long enough to bring her off?

Fifteen minutes later she was wondering if he’d ever quit. Not only had he learned every kind of delicious foreplay, but he’d learned to hold out, to fuck her till she thought she couldn’t come any more. Judy knew she’d never need another man again. Joe had pleased her so much, she decided to give him a very special reward.

“Joe, darling,” she panted, “put your cock in my ass.”

“Did I hear you right?” Joe exclaimed. “Yes, yes, hurry,” Judy moaned.

“You’re sure I won’t hurt you?” Joe said.

“Joe Prentiss,” Judy panted, “I want your cock in my ass, and I want it NOW.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he chuckled.

He whipped his cream-soaked dick out of her cunt and quickly worked the slippery pole right up her tight little asshole. Judy squealed with pleasure. With other men it had hurt to do it that way, but Joe belonged there, and she loved the feel of his thick hard cock thrusting deep into her bowels.

“Judy, you rascal,” Joe panted, “you’re so fuckin’ tight in here. I’m gonna come.”

“Do it, darling,” Judy sighed. “I want to feel you come in my ass.”

She didn’t have long to wait, only a split second. Joe yelped and pumped her tight little asshole full of steamy thick come. Judy came right along with him, screeching with pleasure. At last they rolled apart and then lay panting and satisfied in each other’s arms.

“Honey,” Joe said, “Just one thing is worrying me. Are you going to miss working at the club? I mean all that money and excitement, all those men admiring you?”

“Darling,” Judy interrupted with a happy sigh, “who needs it?”

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