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My husband and myself liked to enjoy an occasional game of tennis in an effort to keep our bodies and vitality up to par. We took pride in the fact that our children said we were voted the parents that all their friends , both male and female would like to have sex with. I have to admit that we both enjoyed the attention their friends showed us, especially the sly glances at my body Ricks friends gave me when they thought I wasn’t aware. On more than one occasion I purposely donned a thong bikini to sun beside the pool in, when I knew his friends were coming over.

I saw no harm in giving the boys a thrill while also enjoying the teasing myself. On more than one occasion I found myself masturbating with the memory of their hard cocks imprinted on the fabric of their pants as they craved my body. Yes, I was a tease and I enjoyed it as much as they did. I would tell Joel about it and sometimes we role played him as a teenage boy and I would be the hot soccer mom that in reality I am. Never once did I consider actually sexing any of the young boys. At 40 I will take all the attention I can get to keep me feeling good about myself and my sexuality. My fantasies were usuallu so kinky wild that I knew I could never fuflfill them and was sure I should never try if I wanted to avoid jail time, although the thought of being some prison dyke’s toy had been in my fantasies.

Our son Rick was a handsome, masculine boy and very fit from his sports agenda and our daughter was a young goddess in her own right. Often I watched my daughter standing nude in front of a full length mirror twisting and turning, gazing at herself and I couldn’t help but fill with jealousy over her perfectly formed firm young body. She is blessed with a body that to see it makes you want to touch her, to caress her and assure yourself she is real.

I have always been curious and had thoughts of making love to another woman and on the occasions that I found myself masturbating to those fantasies invariably my daughter would wind up beneath my kissing and licking, her young vibrant body tensing and writhing to my touches. After those heated fantasies I always felt guilt and disgust at myself for those incestuous thoughts, but during them I would reach a height of arousement that nothing else ever achieved.

I felt so much pride knowing she was my daughter. I always felt so beautiful when one of Rick’s friends would comment on his sister being hot and another friend would say, “You think she’s hot then you should see his mom”. It was at those times I would don the bikini and go stand by the pool and stretch sensually, bending as to give the boy that had made that comment a good view of my 40 yr old ass.

I never failed to become wet and aroused knowing they were ogling me. I would have to dive in the pool to keep them from noticing the thong soaked at my crotch. More than once I held onto the side of the pool with one hand while rubbing myself with the other as I glanced at their hard young cocks swollen and jerking in their shorts. They made me feel young and alive but I never thought of actually doing anything with them in reality. It was foreplay to me and I allowed Joel to sate the arousement those memories caused.

I did notice that at those times Rick always went in the house or another room for some reason. I had always felt he was embarrassed by his friends comments. I heard many of them voicing the things they would like to do to me and was genuinely surprised by their sexual knowledge and vivid imaginations. Yes, I’ll admit to cumming with those things in my mind as I thought of them enjoying themselves with me. I had always wondered how it would feel to be the sexual object of a group of men, just letting go and acting a true slut. Thinking of a bunch of Rick’s college friends taking me, doing all the things I had heard them profess to wanting from me, did arouse me. It also allowed me to affix faces to those in my fantasies forcing me to do every degradable thing imaginable to them as I cum intensely and repeatedly. They made me feel special and desired, which is something Joel had become quite lacking at doing lately.

I was extremely happy with my life and our family. Both our kids were quite mature and responsible and I wondered if it was possible they were also still virgins which seemed some sort of miracle in today’s sexual world. Neither of them had ever had a one on one relationship with someone of the opposite sex. At moments I was actually afraid they may have homosexual tendencies but I was positive that was not true. Neither of them fit the usual promiscuous teen role. I was happy to forestall all the emotions involved in teen romances anyway. I remembered my teen years and was glad my daughter wasn’t experiencing those heartaches and emotions yet, or the worry I felt when my period would be late.

Then Joel got promoted. The increased salary was substantial but it required us to move to a city a few hundred miles away. Our children were doing very well in the college they were attending and because of that we decided that Joel would stay in the new city during the week and drive home on the weekends whenever possible until the school year ended. At that time we would look at our finances and determine if we could afford to allow the kids to remain at college here in the dorms or move with us to the new city and a college there. At the time neither my husband or myself could have dreamed of the effects and added stress that decision would inject into our marriage and also our family.

Our new living arrangements had been in effect for around three weeks when Rick had five or six of his friends over to watch a football game on our 60 in screen in the rec room. Joel hadn’t been able to come home the prior weekend which meant no sex for me for at least three more days. For the last few years as the kids had grown and I had more time to myself I seemed to have an increased need of sex. After being celibate for almost two weeks every idle moment found me day dreaming of sex in some form or another. Increasingly my sex life was becoming more mentally driven masturbation and less actual physical contact between myself and Joel. I didn’t realize it at the time but I was slowly conditioning myself to accept the acts I performed in my fantasies to become normal and acceptable in my mind.

Knowing I was about to have a rec room full of horny young men had my pussy already damp with anticipation. In the past I would have been rushing around making sure there were snacks, drinks etc for his friends but instead I found myself worrying over what I should wear while Rick did those things. I knew I would be masturbating to their words and the sight of their erections so I wanted to wear something that showed off my ass but wasn’t completely slutty like the thong. I wanted them all to be masturbating that evening with me in their minds. I finally donned my pink workout shorts that were short enough that an inch of my ass peeked out at their bottom. Their gusset was also kinda thin and allowed the soft skin of my vulva to show on either side.

I looked in the mirror and saw that there were whiskers growing out of my shorts so I decided to do what Joel had been begging me to do for years and entered the bathroom and stripped and began shaving my entire lower body, well, everything I could safely reach. I knew a wax job was in my future when I finally finished. I had always been too embarrassed to allow another woman to touch me, much less touch me in those intimate areas. My newfound sexuality now had me almost craving those touches. Even though painful I knew I would be masturbating the night of the procedure with the woman in my mind, if she was cute and built nice. My luck, I’d get some huge no-nonsense dyke looking woman that I’d be afraid would stick a baseball bat up my pussy for fun. I reminded myself to ask Virginia, a friend, about the woman that she had wax her and make a reservation on her advice. A few times she had hinted that the lady did more than wax her and would wink when she said how good she was, as if I knew what she meant. That wink definitely intrigued me these days. I would love for Virginia to wax my pussy I thought to myself as I pictured her face between my thighs, her fingers touching me….hmmmmmmm. All of this seemed normal for me to be doing and thinking at that time. I was completely unaware of the insidious degradation of my morals and the values that I had adhered to my whole adult life. The unsated new sexual appetite that permeated me the last few years was shaping my thoughts and actions. As my sexual needs grew, my mind adapted to Joel’s absence by normalizing the sexual situations I created in my real life. It was those actions and situations I needed to fuel the fantasies I needed for my masturbatory purposes.

I felt like a schoolgirl preparing for a hot date or maybe a stripper getting ready for a performance. The excitement I felt had become normal in my life. I felt naughty knowing I would have every dick in my rec room hard and throbbing for my pussy, well every dick except my son Ricks anyway. I decided on just a white vee cut tee shirt of Joel’s for my top. It hung at just the right level to cover everything except my cute ass cheeks and crotch. No shoes I decided, nothing that wasn’t absolutely necessary, and definitely no bra or panties. After all, I had a reputation to uphold if I expected to continue to be the hottest MILF of the high school. Since Joel was gone and tired all the time he was home, I had begun relying on these exhibitions with Rick’s friends as a reservoir of stimulation for my nightly exercises in masturbation. Occasionally even Kenzie’s friends would be subject to my teasing if I found one or more of the girls eyeing my body and acting invitingly. Those fantasies were even more arousing then Rick’s male friends I had found.

Many times as my fingertips rolled my clit as I fantasied, I wondered if and how many of these teens were also masturbating at that moment with me in their own hot visions. I was positive that all of the boys and many of the girls had their hands at their genitals with me on their minds many times. At least I hoped so because I enjoyed thinking of them at home at night thinking of me as I lay in my own bed remembering the hard dicks tenting their trousers and the sly glances of the girls as their thighs squeezed. I felt so slutty having young teens in my fantasies but I knew nothing could ever come of it. Just the thought of me actually allowing one of them to touch me made me feel like a pedophile even if they were all of legal age. I guess that is why it is such a turn on, the taboo, forbidden aspect of it. I could never risk everything in my life just to feel a young cock stiffening in my older womanly cunt, or the feel of a taut clit beneath my tongue….hmmmmm I love thinking of them though. I do enjoy seeing the guys squirming uncomfortably, trying to adjust their cocks in their pants without being obvious about it.

Kenzie wasn’t going to be home while the guys were at the house so I felt I could be a little naughtier than usual. The fact that we were moving at the end of the school year also allowed me the freedom to ratchet it up a bit.

I met each boy at the door and made sure to allow my breasts to drag across their arm as I joked and bantered with each one in the foyer. I made sure to call them by name before turning and walking as sensually as possible in front of them as I escorted them to the rec room. Feeling their gazes upon my swiveling hips, knowing they were seeing my ass cheeks moving against each other as I exaggerated their movement, had me filling with moisture. Their gazes seemed to touch my body as I walked. It was like having hands running all over me as their thoughts mesmerized them. Again, as they walked by me into the room my breast grazed them. As Tim felt my nipple drag along his bicep he looked first down at my breast then directly in my eyes as he said, “Nice”, very low with a conspiratory tone to his voice. My pussy quivered, clenched and my clit screamed, “Touch me”, as it pulsed its immediate tautness. I couldn’t help but find his masculine demeanor seductive. He always managed to make me feel submissive, like he was in control. His one spoken word conveyed so much about his awareness of my actions and the need driving them. I knew I would be reliving that touch, that moment, in my bed that night.

Once they were all present I went and sat on a bar stool at the island counter-top in the kitchenette by the rec room and allowed my mind to wander. I kept finding myself reliving that moment as my nipple rubbed against Tim’s dark skin and the look in his eyes as he said, “Nice”. As I sat there my arousement kept growing with each new iteration of that moment. I finally had to rise and begin cleaning the area to take my mind from him.

Right before the game started I walked into the room and stood in front of them with my thighs parted and shoulders held back to where my hard nipples tried to poke through the thin tee shirt I wore. I asked if they wanted soft drinks or chips or anything. My clit was tautly swollen and by the way all their gazes tended to dwell at my crotch I was sure it too was making itself visibly known through my thin workout shorts.

Tim, the only black boy present and also the boldest of them all leaned back on the couch running his long arms down the back of it as he obviously displayed his hard, long, thick dick to my gaze. The rest of them tried to hide their arousement but Tim was proud of his manhood and not in the least ashamed to show it off. He asked, “Well Mrs Woodman I am very thirsty, allowing his gaze to obviously drop to my crotch he continued, what have you got that’s really wet, warm and delicious?”

I saw my son roll his eyes as he heard what Tim had said, knowing exactly what he was referring to. I pretended not to catch the double meaning of his words as I squatted alongside the coffee table with my thighs wide open as I said aloud while writing on a notebook, Tim—one hot chocolate. As I proceeded to take orders from each one of them I kept turning to face each boy as he spoke knowing the thin gusset of my shorts was allowing an uninhibited view of the soft pink vulva skin surrounding it. I could feel my shorts pulled tight between my labia parting them as every movement I made had the soft material caressing my pulsing clit. By the time I turned towards Rick he had walked to the island bar and was standing behind it. “Rick honey”, I said, but he quickly said “No mom, I’m ok”.

I noticed Rick’s gaze also dwelled at my pussy as a flush came over his face and he leaned forward and placed his head in his hands on the bar and I swore I heard a soft moan escape him. Then he rose, muttered something about changing clothes, turned quickly and left through the doorway beside him. I hurriedly made the drinks the boys wanted while listening to their whispered remarks about what they had seen and all the ways they wanted to persecute my pussy and ass. I heard Tim say a little too loudly, “I’d have dat blonde tease emptying these nigger balls down her tight ass throat and begging me to fuck her with this big dark dick. I can hear her now moaning how much she loves it when I let her slide that hot pussy down this hard cock and cum on it.”

Then I heard Tom say, “Rick is gonna knock you out if he hears you talking about his mom like that idiot”.

“I’m just sayin what every one of us is thinking. Tell me you don’t want to fuck hell outta his mom. At least I got enuff dick to make her enjoy it, needle dick!

Hearing his words always brought forth a flood of arousement in my pussy. He was 18 and it would be legal for me to allow him to dominate my pussy as I knew he would. That combined with a craving curiosity about fucking a black guy had him in my masturbatory fantasies almost nightly after each of these gatherings. His dominant air attracted me and made me crave his black cock and that scared me. I knew if he ever just threw me down and took me that I’d love it and not even the guilt of cheating on Joel would allow me to tell anyone. I’d never felt a cock as large as his inside me and I craved the hurt I knew it could inflict deep inside me. With Joel’s long absences I knew I would be easy prey for Tim if he pressed an advance.

I served their drinks and bent at the waist to sit each boy’s on the table in front of him while allowing the others to see my shorts riding up my ass while I was bent over. I would probably have flooded my shorts if I were not worried about Rick. But even my worry didn’t prevent a shudder from wracking my body as Tim placed his hand on my ass and squeezed as he said, “Mrs Woodman would it be all right if we called you Kim. Mrs Woodman is just too stuffy for a parent like you. You aren’t like everyone else’s parents, you and your husband are kinda cool.

“Hmmm I don’t know Tim, that just sounds too familiar for a married woman, how about Mrs Kim”, I suggested. His hand was still squeezing my ass cheek and I could feel my juices welling inside my vagina. No one could see where his hand was and I leaned into the couch back trying to dislodge it without drawing any attention to its location. WRONG!! I only succeeded in pinning his hand between my ass and the couch and I felt his fingers slide into the crack of my ass and begin pressuring my asshole through the thin soft material separating them. An intense wave of arousement coursed through me causing my thighs and ass cheeks to clamp his probing fingers tightly. I rose quickly and stammered, Uh, ok then, Mrs Kim it is”, as I tried to walk away without squeezing my thighs in on my wildly throbbing clit.

I couldn’t believe his boldness right there in front of everyone. I knew I should have turned and smacked him and rebuked him but it was exactly that boldness that infuriated my loins and excited my curiosity of what it would be like to be with him sexually. He made me want to be slutty, to be debased and used and my blood pounded in my veins because of that. He made me feel alive again! I needed to stay away from him for awhile and also to find out if there was something wrong that caused Rick to moan before walking away as he had.

I glanced around the house for Rick before ascending the stairs to the second floor. His bedroom door was ajar so I didn’t think anything of opening it and walking right in. I was about to ask if he felt alright when my gaze found him sitting nude in his stuffed arm chair. His head was lain back, eyes closed, thighs spread exposing his big balls to my view. My jaw dropped open as I realized he was jacking off. I stood there transfixed by the sight before me. His hands were stroking his large cock, his chest rising and falling with the arousement he felt from whatever thoughts filled his mind.

I was no longer seeing my son as my gaze traversed his lean muscular body. I was seeing a man, a man with the physique of an Adonis and the cock of a Centaur. I was lost to the taboo arousement I felt, mesmerized by the hunger consuming me as my sight fell to his big balls. It was his moan that brought me back to reality and unfroze my feet and allowed me to turn and leave. Once in the hallway I had to lean against the wall next to his door as my emotions overwhelmed me. My chest was heaving, my god I had been thinking of fucking my son, I thought. My thighs were still clenching to the throbbing in my clit and my ass clenched as my vagina cried out its own yearning need. Thank God he hadn’t seen me I thought. But just then I heard him moan, “Oh fuck yeah, I love you so much mom”.

My heart sank, he knew I was there. What could I say to him? I had thought he would be covered as I again entered his room to face the consequences of his catching me watching him. Instead his hands were stroking faster, his balls pulled tightly against the base of his massive cock as his hips undulated, his breathing coming in gasps with each hard jerk of his body. I intended to turn and leave but right then he moaned, “Suck it mom, god I love you so much”. I was shocked, but a part of me felt an excited arousement at the thought. Was my son actually asking me to suck his cock after me catching him in such an aroused state? Again I thought he had seen me but his eyes remained tightly closed.

Then I realized he was speaking to the visions in his mind. My emotions were distraught knowing I was the object of his need as he stroked his manly cock. But it also instilled an excitement that was so forbidden and taboo that I couldn’t suppress the moan from my mouth as I saw his elbows draw in against his body as he bent slightly while his hands stopped moving and appeared to squeeze his magnificent cock tighter. His body began shuddering and he moaned loudly as I realized he was orgasming thinking of me sucking his cock.

It was like seeing him in slow motion. His actions are burned into my memory so deeply I’ll never forget them. His face grimaced, his moan expressed the intensity of the thrill as a large lump of cum was forced across his constrictor muscle to visibly rise along his long thick shaft like the ground swelling as a mole tunnels underground. His hips lifted, turned out, ass cheeks squeezing as his body tightened. His glans seemed to double in size and a loud groan pierced the air as a thick glob of cum blasted from his tip like seething magma exploding from an erupting volcano. My own body began shaking, trembling, as my gaze followed it as it streamed higher and higher while trailing a pearlescent ribbon of elastic like cum that stretched back to his urethra. The large blob’s size kept diminishing the further it flew. Reaching its zenith, the forces propelling it finally died as gravity and its elasticity caused the entire long ribbon to suddenly sag to the floor from his tip.

I watched as again his balls drew up against the base of his cock, jerked and another large knot raced up his cock as he groaned, “Suck it mom, oh god I‘m cummin mom”. His eyes were still closed as his ass cheeks squeezed tightly, hips lifted again and the knot of cum blasted from his tip to follow a similar path before again sagging to the floor.

I was bereft of the ability to move. Already aroused from Tim’s groping my ass, then, seeing Rick’s hot display of passion that I knew was directed specifically at me, had my emotions so conflicted and in turmoil that all I could do was stand and watch as his cock kept exploding forcefully until even the virility of his youth was spent. Even then his meaty dick kept bubbling cum from its tip to run hotly down over his stroking hands like seething lava from a volcanos cauldron.

It was suddenly apparent why he had always left when his friends were making comments about my body. If he had stayed his friends would have seen the arousement he felt towards me, his mother. It would have been impossible to hide such an enormous erection. I had never even considered that Rick would ever find me sexually attractive, I mean damn, he is my son. I fully understood what had caused his moan and his retreat from my presence. He had felt the same confusion and emotions I was now feeling as my pussy felt so empty and my clit throbbed so deeply it reverberated through my body like beats from a bass drum. I too felt the need to touch myself as I stood mesmerized by his large cock and the passion expressed on his face. It seemed forever as I stood there but was probably only seconds before he moaned loudly and broke the trance-like state I was enveloped in
I shuddered as It felt like my very essence was drawn to my pussy, my body folding in on itself as I gripped my pussy tightly. With my last bit of courage I turned and ran from the room. I was cumming, unable to suppress the loud moans that would have revealed my presence to my son. I wanted to run, to escape before he saw me like that, but I was rendered motionless by the waves of pleasure gripping me, tensing my body as I was held captive to their voltage like spasms. I fell to my knees on the carpet of the hallway gripping my pussy tightly as I jerked and spasmed repeatedly. I heard my son moaning, “You’re so beautiful mom, cumming…..aarrgghhh…….ohhhhhh”

Hearing my son telling me how beautiful I am, knowing in his mind he’s fucking me, as we both were cumming so intensely, filled me with such a hot need for his dick that when my hand squeezed my clit, my body responded with another orgasm, an orgasm more intense than any I had ever experienced. My breathing was deep, gasping and my body shook with intensity. Again I felt the feverish hunger of my incestuous arousal yearning in my vagina as I knelt there. I knew I wanted to have his dick in my pussy spewing his cum like he had just moments earlier and that knowledge was very troubling to me.

Then there was Tim and as I remembered his groping and rubbing my ass I realized I enjoyed it excessively. Tim’s dick was no where near as large as Rick’s though, maybe as long but no where near its thickness. His blackness made the thought of him pressing his meat into me so taboo. Knowing that he was only eighteen and he wanted my pussy when he could have so many other girls seemed to magnify my desire to be penetrated by him. What is wrong with me I thought, I’m becoming a real slut. Finally a wave of release seemed to permeate my body and left me sitting there perspiring, panting.

I rose and began walking on unsteady legs to my bedroom. Laying down across my bed I began berating myself for my inability to be adult enough to prevent the incestuous desires I had just experienced and also the infidelity of my thoughts of Tim. I knew I should have turned and smacked his face for feeling up my ass like he did but instead I had just wished we had been alone.

I changed out of my pink running shorts into a blue pair made similarly. The pink pair was soaked at the crotch. I rinsed them out and hung them to dry in the bathroom. I needed a drink, something to calm my nerves and take the edge off the sexual tension I was feeling. I couldn’t keep my mind off the sight of my son’s nude body, especially his massive dick and the sight of his young virile balls puking his cum incessantly. I tried telling myself I didn’t want to feel his cock erupting in my pussy but I knew I was lying to myself.

I walked down to the rec room kitchenette and retrieved an open bottle of White Fruity California Zinfandel. As I was pouring myself a glass of the wine Tim walked in the kitchen and walked up behind me and placed his hands on my hips and leaned into my ear and said, while his hands lowered to my asscheeks, “Hmmm I’d really like to have some of that”.

I turned quickly while raising my glass and said with a slight smile on my face, “I wouldn’t have picked you for a wine lover Tim, do you like the more aged varieties better? You know they say the flavor intensifies on your tongue as you savor it”. His next action took me completely by surprise as his hands on my hips pulled me against his body and he kissed me, kissed me so passionately that before I could resist I found myself succumbing, my mind swirling into a vortex of lust that had me pressing my hips against him. Then his hands pressed inside the elastic waistband of my skimpy shorts and clasped my bare ass as he spread my cheeks while lifting me till my clit was positioned at his huge need. I dropped the glass of wine into the sink as I felt a series of voltage like impulses wrack my body from the hardness of his dick pressing against my clit. I felt his dick throbbing, growing stiffer through the soft, thin fabric covering me. By the time our tongues stopped grappling my breathing was coming in gasps.

This was a realization of my greatest fear, that Tim would be bold enough to act upon his desires and he could not have picked a more opportune time. My pussy was still clenching from the experience with Rick when his lips moved to my throat and began sucking and licking at me. He told me how he was going to give me exactly what I needed, his black cock and his words caused a shudder of need to wrack my body! My mind was crying, No, NO! I can’t, I can’t, but my body was betraying those thoughts as I roughly ground my pussy against his stiffness. He removed one hand from my ass and I heard a zipper opening. I felt helpless to prevent what I was sure was about to happen. A part of me thought of Joel and my love for him and that part fought to press Tim away. As his hand lowered his zipper and drug his dick out I begged, “Don’’t Tim, please don’t”, even as every cell of my existence begged to feel his black dick persecuting my inner flesh. I knew I would regret it the rest of my life if he did stop. It wasn’t in Tim’s makeup to let my pleas stop him when he knew I wanted it. I felt him take my wrist and remove my hand from his head and begin lowering it. My emotions were roiling as he led my fingers to grip his hardness. A thousand things excited my mind as I pulled at his blackness right in my kitchen where we could be discovered any second. If we were caught I knew every boy there would want me, including my son and that thought only fueled the inferno Tim was placing in my pussy. The sound of loud cheers coming from the rec room seemed to be cheering him on as I allowed myself to be pressed to my knees by his hands on my shoulders.

I opened my mouth intending to say, “My god Tim I can’t do this here. Anybody could catch us including Rick”, but before I could utter a word of protest he grabbed me by my hair and held me as he fed me his black cock, pressing it past my lips till his glans was lodged in my throat. My hands were pressing against his hips as I tried to press him away but he just held my head more forcefully and began hunching into my throat as I gagged and choked. No man had ever treated me this way and I felt demeaned and used but the way he just took what he wanted from me had my pussy flooding with a heated excitement. God I was hot and even though choking I tried to suck at his animal sized dick. He kept backing it out allowing me to catch a breath and then ramming it back down my throat while hissing, “Take it bitch, suck all that dick in your mouth. Yeah you’re a hot slut, you want this black dick don’t you, want to suck my cum from these black nuts don’t ya.”

His words humiliated me but they also drove me. God I was so wet and excited. I began pumping his cock as I sucked it, pressing it further and further into my mouth each time I forced my mouth down on it. He didn’t need to hold me to his dick anymore so he stood there with his hands on his hips with hips thrusting out as I feverishly mouthed his blackness. I was more excited than I’d ever been in my life as I watched him leering down at me smugly. He would have had a hard time dislodging me from his black stiffness I craved his cum so badly. He was so manly to be so young, already so well versed in how to addict a woman to his cock. I pulled his glans back into my mouth and began licking it salaciously while my head bobbed frantically. I held his balls, squeezing them before lifting his weighty meat and licking his nutsack in as lewd a manner as possible. I had never been so openly slutty before and seeing him laughing at my need as his mouth spewed obscenities about the way I loved his black meat had waves of sensations roiling my groin and clenching my vaginal muscles. For the first time in my life I knew the meaning of submission, subjugation and sexual addiction. I was no longer afraid someone was going to catch me sucking Tim’s cock, the fires he had ignited within me had me hoping they would, hoping that they all would use me as they wished, especially my son and his massive dick. Tim’s cock began throbbing, swelling and his hand cupped the back of my head and he demanded “Suck it slut, suck it hard cocksucker! Yeah like that, you want that nigger cum don’t you baby…arrrggghhhhhhh…yeah……don’t stop…….get it all bitch!”

I wasn’t prepared for the volume of slick ball juices he spewed down my throat while his dick jerked and spewed in my gullet. When he finally withdrew to my mouth I felt a ribbon of cum laying on my tongue that disappeared into my throat as I swallowed repeatedly while licking and sucking wildly. I was crazed, my mouth suctioned avidly at his tip and when again he erupted forcefully I began choking at the volume of his release but he didn’t care as he began fucking his dick deep in my throat, holding it there as his balls twitched and pumped me full. I couldn’t hold my breath any longer and when I forcibly exhaled, my breath rushed from my lungs belching around his pistoning cock and forced his cum up into my nasal cavity and I began snorting cum out my nostrils. To say this young black man dominated me would be a gross understatement.

I had never felt so utterly helpless and used by any man. Worse, I loved it and couldn’t stop sucking and licking his black dick when it wasn’t being forced down my throat. I had tears streaming down my cheeks as he used both hands to hold my head as he forced his entire cock down my throat until his pubic hair mashed against my nose. I was terrified that he was going to suffocate me but he just kept hunching as his balls emptied the dregs of his arousement into my gullet. I felt his dick throbbing, jerking in my tightly constricting throat with each new expulsion. He kept hunching into my mouth smearing the semen beneath my nose against his pubic hair and it felt nasty. God I loved every second of his dominating me that way. I felt faint when he finally withdrew leaving me choking, gasping for air as my throat burned with the rough usage it had been subjected to.

“Clean dis shit off me woman, I can’t go back in there all nasty like dis”, he said. I crawled to him and began licking his dick and balls clean of his slick cum. He even grabbed my head and pulled me to his slimy pubic hair and demanded I lick it off. The inferno inside me had me complying eagerly. I wanted him to fuck me and my lips slid over his tip and my head began bobbing rapidly as I sucked at him frenziedly. “That’s enough for now slut”, he said as he pushed me away. I wanted him to allow me to suck him hard so he could fuck me. The spasms at my pussy were so intense all I could do was moan disappointedly and squeeze my vulva with my need.

I watched as he folded his defeated dick up and placed it back in his pants and zipped up before saying, “Thanks slut! I gotta get back to the game. How about bringing me a soda when you get all arranged. He then walked away leaving me like discarded trash with my entire being begging release. I wanted to run and jump on his back and pound him with my fists while screaming, “You bastard I cheated on my husband with you and you didn’t even let me cum, I hate you, I hate you!” Instead, I went to Joel’s hidden office and cried, sobbed as my pussy screamed to be filled by Tim’s black dick, or any dick. I had never felt so slutty or used and humiliated in my entire life. How could I have let him treat me that way and still crave his cock I asked myself over and over. My nostrils burned along with my throat and my face was covered with the cum I had snorted out my nostrils. Still, I craved his black meat inside me. I wasn’t sure if it was the way he treated me that caused me to cry or the knowledge that I loved it and wanted to be with him more. I knew that my life had been changed forever.

I should inject here that Joel’s office is a hidden room that only he and I know about. I small recessed alcove in the wall has a piece of trim you depress to allow an air operated partition to silently open to access it. It has the base station for the intercom residing there. Every room in the house can be monitored using both audio and visual communication. The system is capable of recording every room in the house simultaneously if desired, without any indication of the monitoring from within the room. It was intended to be a safe room and a quiet place for Joel to work at home. It was completely soundproof. You can scream at the top of your voice and not be heard anywhere in the house. That had been useful on some very sexually kinky nights through the years. Now that we were moving there wasn’t any sense in showing it to the kids and having them wonder if we’d been spying on them over the years because we hadn’t. The old Kim refused to ever use it to spy on the kids but after seeing my son’s huge equipment I knew I would be in there quite often at bedtime in the future.

I felt a fear coming over me as I wondered what the Tim the asshole might say to the others so I turned on the intercom in the rec room and listened. I heard someone ask Tim where he had been and I steeled myself for his reply as he answered, “Rick’s mom was cleaning up in the kitchen and I thought I’d just watch her cute ass in those shorts till she called me on it and shut me down. I guess I drooled too much! That started another round of them telling Rick what they would do to his mom given half a chance. I smiled when my son replied, “Is that all you guys think about. What makes you think she’d want to fuck any of you”?

To that Tim replied, “ Well maybe she’s never had any black cock before and it might turn her on to feel this black snake in my pants crawling down her throat , old buddy.”

“Yeah that’s why she just shut you down in the kitchen, old buddy”, one of the other guys replied.

“Aw she was probably just scared all you white dudes would catch us and she didn’t want to have to give it up to you guys. She’s just waiting till we’re alone and then she’ll beg me to give up some of this dick. Hey what you throwing that shit at me for, you guys just can’t stand the truth. Hey it’s the second half shut the fuck up and watch the game losers while I sit here thinking what all I’m gonna do to Mrs Kim. Hell I might be yore step-daddy before I’m through Rick.”

The whole room erupted in laughter and began kidding Rick about that statement. Well, I thought, at least the asshole is smart enough not to brag about his conquests. I had to blush when he said that about me liking his black dick down my throat. I know he was laughing inside as he said that after watching me completely lose it sucking his long dick just moments before. I was sure if we were ever alone I would feel his black dick spurting deep inside my white cunt. Knowing I was sucking a young black guys cock was really a turn on. It made me feel special to be able to make his young dick harden with desire for my forty year old pussy. He had brought out a side of me that I wasn’t aware existed, a side of me that craved to be used sexually, to have my pussy, ass, mouth and entire body tormented and teased as they used me for pleasure. I don’t believe it mattered if it was a man or woman using me, I’d love it all. Tim made me feel alive, made my blood pound in my veins with a heated excitement. He was so different than any other man that had used me for pleasure. Unlike most men he presented a challenge to me with his confidence in his manhood. Tim’s masculinity brought out the woman in me as he demanded I submit to him or be made to.

A part of me wished we had gone on and moved so that none of this had occurred, but my biggest fear was that I knew this was just the beginning. I knew that between now and when we moved my life would be changed even more than it had been today. I knew also that I would learn even more about the limits of my sexuality as I already felt the increased appetite for sex my experiences had instilled in me. Would I ever feel normal again I wondered. My soccer mom existence seemed so blasé now that my world had been opened to sexual stimuli that I would never before have allowed myself to freely indulge in.

I used tissues to clean my soppy pussy and then crept from the office to my bedroom bathroom and washed my face with cold water before rinsing my shorts and hanging them alongside the first pair I had soiled earlier. I donned a house dress this time and wore no panties or bra and then went back to the kitchenette and retrieved Tim a soda and took it to him. It was only when I saw his smug sneer that I realized I had done exactly what he ordered me to without hesitation even though he had treated me like a common whore . I smiled when they all began blaming Tim for me changing clothes, asking what the hell he had done in the kitchen. I smiled as I stared into Tim’s eyes and announced, “He made me feel like a common slut”, and then turned and walked out wriggling my ass exageratedly. I was in the kitchen cleaning up the broken wine glass when Tim entered and walked to me, pressed up against me and asked, “Why did you say that to them?”

“Because it was true you asshole”, I replied.

“You loved every minute of it, loved me bringing it out of you”.

“I never said I didn’t enjoy it, I actually loved it all except when you left me lying there unfulfilled like someone you’d paid for sex”

“I paid you with my cum, that’s what you wanted wasn’t it? Why did you change clothes anyway?”

“Because I didn’t want to get you excited again. I was afraid you might throw me down on the coffee table and fuck me right there in front of my son and everyone else”, I replied not smiling at all as I tried to feign anger.

“You’d love it if I did wouldn’t you. I bet you’d want them all to fuck this hot cunt of yours”, he said as his hand slid under my dress and between my thighs to grasp my pussy. I tensed automatically as he began rubbing my clit. I felt an instant arousement. God this kid knew how to press my buttons I thought as my hips began undulating.

“Stop it Tim, I don’t want to be caught no matter what you think”, I said but my inhibitions were fleeing me quickly. I grabbed his arm to push it away but he began rolling my taut bud lightly and I couldn’t stop the moan from my lips as I pulled his hand tighter to me while grinding my pussy into his hand. “Please don’t Tim, not now, not here, I’m begging you to stop, you know I can’t say no, ohhhhhhgod no”, I cried as I began cumming, my thighs squeezing his hand as he rubbed me strongly until my whole body was trembling. I had to hold onto him to keep from falling as my knees began failing. He supported me with his hand while continuing to rub me briskly, my weight holding me to his pressing hand until his fingers pressed into my flooding vagina slightly. I felt his fingers pressing deep inside me and I couldn’t help but beg, “Fuck me, god give me your dick, please!”

He removed his hand and began to lower his zipper when one of the guys sauntered in and opened the refrigerator and reached in and grabbed a coke. As he turned he saw us and I pretended to be cleaning the glass out of the sink while supporting myself by leaning on it. Tim spoke then saying, “I really am sorry if I made you feel that way Mrs. Woodman, but you have to admit I’d be a fool not to look at someone as beautiful as you.”

Then Josh spoke saying, don’t listen to Tim’s bullcrap. He just likes to think he’s a Romeo. Then to Tim he said, “C’mon lets go watch the game before you have her kicking us out.” I could see Tim’s reluctance to leaving but I silently mouthed, “GO”. That was too close to being caught! God I was so worked up. Why did I let him do that to me I asked myself knowing the answer was because I wanted it, and he knew I couldn’t say no to his hard long black dick.

For the third time that day I felt guilty about being such a slut behind Joel’s back while he was away working and trying to find us a nice home. I made up my mind to fuck his eyeballs out of his head when he came home that weekend. Maybe that would take the edge off this constant hunger I was feeling lately. I could never have imagined how showing my body off to Rick’s friends would affect our lives. It began as an innocent way of making myself feel good about myself but I let it go to far. I really felt bad about the hell I had put Rick through with my slutty displays. How many times had he cum thinking of me I wondered as I remembered the many times he had left when his friends had been commenting on my body?

My emotions were torn knowing my son had been thinking of me as a sex partner, desiring me as a woman while I was completely unaware. If I had become aware of it by any other way I would probably have been angry and hurt. I know for a fact I would never have responded as I did when my gaze fell on his magnificent cock while still aroused from the encounter with Tim. Our lives changed the moment I pressed his door open. It was at that instant I became aware that my son was no longer my little boy but a young, virile, man. Those few moments of unbridled lust would leave embers seething in me that in the right situation could become an uncontrollable inferno of lust that I feared could eventually lead to an incestuous relationship.

It was obvious that my son had been harboring deep sexual needs towards me for a while and had been able to hide them from me totally. Learning of those desires in the manner I had, seeing them expressed so honestly and passionately had awakened dormant primitive urges from deep inside my being. Those urges were natural and knew no boundaries of ancestry or age only procreation. My son was an Alpha male and the primitive urges instilled in me as a woman drove me to submit to the deep insertion of his virile sperm. Our passions became entangled as my imaginings combined with his in the same visions of lust and need in those quick moments. We both had succumbed to the primitive needs that have sexually driven men and women since Adam and Eve. The fact that the possessor of that massive cock was my son seemed of no more importance to me than the fact that it was his mother’s body he was craving to penetrate, our needs were separate but the resolution of those desires was one and the same. Neither of us would be sated until we were joined as lovers that I was sure of. The only thing standing in the way of us fucking was his not knowing of the craving I felt for his cock. I was determined that he would never know of it. For him to find out would be for us both to fall into an abyss of darkness that we may never find our way out of.

I am sure that the taboo nature of my thoughts had me responding much more intensely earlier than if I had never seen him before. The forbidden aspect of knowing it was my son’s dick I was fantasizing about just intensified the craving and sensations wracking my body. My juices boiled in the cauldron of my pussy as each huge spurt of my son’s cum sent seething waves of pleasure throughout my body. That, and the sexual frustrations that Tim had instilled in me fueled the orgasmic explosions that had me erupting like an overdue volcano on the hallway carpet.

Sharing such a private and personal sexual act with Rick had me feeling more like his lover than his mother and that both excited and repulsed me. Like Tim, I knew I would never be able to say no to any advance Rick made towards me either. I was sure the consequences of my actions with Tim would have dire consequences but even they would be considered small compared to those of fucking my son if it was found out. The revealing of either of those courses of action scared me. I felt that I should probably try to prevent any one on one contact with Tim because he had already showed me what he was capable of and I knew if he told anyone, my life as I knew it was over. For some strange reason though I knew if Rick and I were to become lovers I would never worry of his revealing that relationship, no, we both loved each other too much to hurt the other so deeply. Knowing he would never tell just made it harder to dispel the incestuous desires that inhabited my mind as I remembered his cock.

I went upstairs, undressed and got in the shower. I stood there letting the hot water cascade down my body. I felt my muscles relaxing after being tensed so tightly as Tim fingered me roughly. I knew I could never instigate anything with someone and I guess that’s what really turns me on about Tim, his confidence and boldness. He seems to know exactly what I need from him, even those things I could never admit to desiring he makes me enjoy his forcing them upon me. He made me feel so submissive, like it was my obligation to please him in any manner he deemed necessary. I feel an excitement just wondering what he will require of me the next time he decides to dominate me. I know that Tim doesn’t want a relationship, or anything further than to have sex with me and that excites me. He makes me feel like a woman wanting only my sex. I don’t have to do anything besides allow him to use me. If I didn’t have to worry about him telling what we do I’d be fucking him daily, just letting go and immersing myself in the sex like the slut he seems to know I need to be.

I decided I should just stay upstairs in my bedroom until the boys left, especially Tim. Hopefully Kenzie would be home soon and I wouldn’t be alone with Rick either. I turned on my tv and lay down across our bed wearing just my robe. I felt drained both physically and mentally and for the first time in days I fell asleep without masturbating.

I was awoken by my cell phone ringing and saw that it was Joel so I picked it up and said in my most seductive voice, “Hello my sexy man”.

He responded, “Sounds like someone is horny, hmmm maybe you’d be interested in a little phone sex”, and I was sure he was joking.

“I’d be more interested in some real sex. I hope you aren’t calling to say you’re not coming home this weekend because if you are I just might have to drag somebody else into this bed to fuck me”, I said laughing but in reality I was being truthful.

“Oh really, and have you picked the lucky guy out yet”, he asked jokingly?

“Well, I had a whole room full of Rick’s friends in our rec room today that I’m sure will be happy to take care of what my absent husband is neglecting. At least I think they would, judging strictly by the erections they had stretching their pant fronts as they ogled me in my running shorts. After missing you so much Ricks black friend Tim’s admiration seemed even larger than it usually did. You are aware that I have this curiosity about being with a large hung black man, that I’m sure Tim would be very interested in sating, aren’t you”, I teasingly asked, adding, “And he is eighteen so it would be very possible”.

He didn’t say anything immediately and I thought I might have hurt his feelings but then he said in a thoughtful tone, “Hmmmmm that might be hot to watch or be a part of”

Now it was my turn to pause. “Did you just say you thought it would be hot to watch Tim fuck me, are you serious Joel”, I asked, astonished he would say something like that?

“Well you did say you were curious and it sounded like you enjoyed knowing he wanted to fuck you with his big cock and when I think about it my dick gets hard which is something I’m still trying to understand. You know how excited we get when we fantasize about you with a young guy which makes me think you’d really like to do it and it does turn me on too. I know you’re at the age when your sex drive is really kicking it and mine is beginning to wane somewhat and you have to admit you like teasing those kids and I bet since I’ve been gone so much you’ve been masturbating thinking of those young hard cocks using you for fun. Be honest you have, haven’t you”…..he asked seriously?

“I…uh…I…..Damn Joel, does it really turn you on thinking about me with someone else…I…I..er…I never dreamed of actually doing something like that, really! I..I mean…..Tim….well he does have a really big dick and yeah I do think of what it would feel like but we’re married and that would be so wrong honey. I know I tease about it a lot but do you really think I could do that”?

“Will you answer a question for me honestly honey?……he asked?

“You know I will, anything Joel, what do you want to know”….I replied with a lump in my throat as I wondered if Tim had gotten in touch with Joel possibly and told him what we’d done.

“Has talking about this made your pussy wet, you know from thinking about me watching you with Tim or another young black guy”, he asked?

Not only was I wet but my hand was rubbing my clit as I lay on my bed with my robe open talking to him still thinking of him saying it turned him on thinking of me with Tim. “Why….Why would…….You know me so well…..Yes…yes, I’m rubbing my clit as we talk honey…..I just can’t get it out of my head that you find it arousing thinking of a black guy fucking me. That is just so erotic and yes it turns me on too. I mean damn Joel, he’s so much bigger than you or anyone I’ve ever been with and he’s black and just eighteen. Yeah it excites me knowing he wants my older pussy but that’s normal for someone my age isn’t it but it’s not normal for my husband to want me to do it…even if It does excite me on many levels.”

“But you do masturbate thinking about him don’t you baby, you think about feeling his long black dick hurting your pussy, fucking you when I’m out of town don’t you. I bet you think about all Ricks young friends raping you, making you do anything they want you to don’t you. I bet today a part of you wished they’d grab you and throw you down and fuck you. Are you going to lie and say you don’t have those feelings honey, he asked, while I’m sure he already knew the answer?

“Y..You..You know how much I like thinking those things honey. I mean, I, I, I’ve told you how hot I get, but to actually do them, and especially with you there….oh god I wish you were here baby”…I exclaimed.

“I bet you wish Tim was there too don’t you sweetie, rubbing that big dick against your pussy, pressing it into your mouth while you held my stiff dick. That’s what you need isn’t it Kim”…he teased me.

My breathing was becoming deep, hurried and my fingertips pressed harder against my clit as they began a circular motion upon it. “Don’t Joel, god baby you know what you’re doing to me, I need your dick so bad baby”……I pleaded.

“ Kim I want you to lay down, spread your thighs and think about what you wish Tim had done to you today. I want you to tell me everything you’re thinking and I’m going to lay here and stroke my dick pretending I’m watching it all happen and see if it makes me cum”.

“Are….oh god Joel…..are you sure baby……I’m so hot…..ohhhhhhh…ok…I’ll do it.” I was letting them all tell me what they wanted to drink today and I could see them all looking at my pussy and ass, especially Tim. Everyone else hid their dicks but he just stuck his out towards me like he knew I wanted it. God it was so long and thick and just inches from me. I really wanted to take it out and suck it right there in front of everyone. My pussy was clenching and it was hard for me to walk right the pulsing at my clit was so intense. Then I told him everything that actually happened when I sucked Tim’s dick and he fingered me. But I pretended it was just me imagining it. When I got to where he fingered me and was unzipping his pants Joel interrupted me.

Joel’s breathing was rapid and his voice strained as he asked, “Weren’t you afraid of Rick catching you baby? You must have been really aroused to want him to fuck you right there where you might be caught”.

“Oh god baby I needed his dick so bad by then I didn’t care. He didn’t even care either, he seemed to want my pussy so badly. He lifted me to the counter-top, opened my thighs and ripped my panties off and began forcing his black dick in my pussy. I loved it, his glans is so fat and swollen and I’ve never been stretched so widely before. He felt so good throbbing inside me baby and it was so hot seeing his black cock disappearing inside me as I felt it opening me up. Damn I’ve never been so full of hard dick honey and it was really hard. Oh god he hurt me as he fucked me faster, deeper and deeper until I felt my pussy stretching, ripping, but all I could do is hunch my pussy down onto his hurtful thrusts and beg him not to stop. He is so much bigger than you baby, so long and thick and I kept cumming and cumming. I acted like a real slut, pulling at his black ass while hunching down against his fat glans, begging him to cum in me while screaming how much better he is than anyone I’ve ever fucked. Oh god Joel when he did cum his cum felt like it was shot in my pussy from a cannon his young black balls erupted so forcefully. Hot, really hot and he just kept squirting more and more cum into me until I had my thighs wrapped around his, my hands squeezing his ass and grinding my pussy down onto his dick as it spewed and spewed. God he hurt me so bad and I couldn’t stop cumming and I was begging for more cum. Feeling his black hands gripping my ass, lifting me then slamming me down on his swollen black dick……..”

It was then I heard Joel groan, “Arrrgghhhhhh fuck her, fill her pussy with cum……arrghhhh god baby fuck his dick….ohhhhhhhhfuck………take his cum Kim god that’s so hot….suck his dick baby….let me see you suck his cock…aiiieeeeeeeeyeahhhh”, then a silence and all I heard was my husband’s gasping as he lay there breathing deeply.

He had cum listening to me and that fact had my own orgasm tensing me so tightly I had both hands at my pussy as one rubbed my clit hard and the other was under my ass pressed to my knucles in my flooding pussy. I was lying there with my eyes closed lost to my visions of Tim fucking me with Joel watching while cumming my ass off when I felt something hot spattering my body. I heard Joel talking at my ear but seeing Rick stroking his manly dick as stream after hot stream of his young ball juice striped my body had me exploding repeatedly. God his dick was so huge and seeing it jerk and swell with each strong release from his balls, knowing he had been listening and watching me cum had my mind and emotions in turmoil. My son’s eyes gleamed with the heat of his excitement as his balls twitched and fired hot streams over me. I was so embarrassed and wondered just how much Rick had heard but I couldn’t be concerned about that right then as I whispered, “Oh god baby you really do get turned on thinking about that don’t you. We need to talk about this when you get home honey but right now I think Kenzie just got home so I better go and clean up a little before she gets up here. I love you so much honey I really do. And Joel, I really do think I’d like to do it if you want me to. Maybe we can find someone for you too, some young girl. Bye now!”

“God that was great baby. You better go. Tell Kenzie and Rick I’ll be home and I love them. Oh, and I have someone in mind already. Well talk this weekend. I love you too baby, more every day! Bye”

I lay back on the bed and stared at my son who was now sitting on a small divan directly across from me massaging his fat cock looking very erotic. God I thought to myself, I must be insatiable. I lay there panting, body twitching with the remnants of orgasm with my hand still gently caressing my clit as I watched him begin stroking his now stiffening dick and my pussy clenched its need to feel him inside me. “You should knock baby before entering a lady’s room”, I admonished him.

“Your door was open mom and I did knock you were just to engrossed to hear it. You’re so beautiful mom and you have the most perfect body, even your pussy is perfect. Seeing you like that I couldn’t help myself.”

I was torn, a part of me said to let go and press my pussy down on his dick while another part searched for ways to remove me from this situation. It was that part that said, “You should probably go to your room now before Kenzie catches us baby. That would be simply horrible!”

He rose and walked to the bed, his massive dick swaying from side to side like an elephants trunk. He looked like a young Adonis, his body was fit, muscular and completely nude. My heart was pounding as I filled with a trepidation of his intentions. Standing beside the bed his dick hung over my face as I lay there with my robe widely open. He looked down at me and his dick began jerking wildly as his gaze remained fixated on my pussy for what seemed hours but was only seconds. Then he lay down beside me with his head propped up on his left hand as his eyes roamed my body. I was suddenly very nervous and aware of my nudeness. His dick kept jerking and sliding along my hip arousing me even more than I already had been. My breathing had already been faster than normal and now, every time his cock moved on my skin my stomach retracted and a small gasp escaped me. He whispered, “Kenzie won’t be home tonight mom, that’s what I came to tell you when I saw you masturbating. Your skin is so smooth mom, as smooth as Mackenzie’s”.

God I was so hot and apprehensive that I wouldn’t be able to control myself if Like Tim he became emboldened by his arousement. My worst fear was realized when his hand moved to my stomach and began lightly stroking my skin. His unexpected touch caused me to gasp and suck in my stomach quickly. It felt as if a small voltage jumped between his fingertips and my skin as his hand slid lightly over me. My entire sexuality screamed for his touch. The desire I felt caused a throbbing in my body that challenged everything that I had believed in my whole life, my values, my morals, my marriage, even my family. I could feel my resistance waning as my gaze kept falling to my son’s extremely hard cock. Damn, he had just cum not five minutes ago and here it was jerking stiffly like a dog restrained on a leash. I felt a drop of his precum fall upon my skin and it provoked a moan from my lips as he smeared it with his glans as he rubbed his dick against me. I couldn’t stand anymore and with the last vestige of courage I could muster I pleaded, “Y..You…oh god Rick you shouldn’t do that…..god baby please don’t, I’m your mother for god’s sake”, My chest was heaving now and he knew he was having an effect on me by the way my hips moved, undulating slowly, uncontrollably. I begged, “ Rick go back to the divan and watch me baby, I’ll let you I promise. W..w…we..c..can’t touch baby.” I thought my heart was going to pound its way out of my chest and my clit throbbed in anticipation of his hand moving lower.

“I need to touch you mom. Every time I see your smooth skin I crave to touch you all over like this. It drives me crazy wanting to know what your body feels like mom”, the agony of his need was apparent in his voice. Knowing any man needed me as badly as he did would turn me on but to hear my son express his desire to me in person made the mother in me want to take his hurt away, but to do so would inflict a much greater harm I feared.

His hand moved lower and his fingers trailed over my groin just above my mons and my head turned sideways as I couldn’t look at him as my ass lifted, searching for the touch I needed to still the constant pulsing at my clit. My mind was resisting but my body had conceded the fight. I could see and feel his love for me in the way he lightly caressed me as his fingertips examined my body. I knew my inhibitions to this act were waning and my voice wavered as I pleaded, “Baby you know this is wrong, we’ll hate ourselves if we don’’t stop, what about dad and Kenzie?……

It was at that second my hand fell to push his away but instead I found my fingers gripping his thick hot meaty dick. I felt a wave of submission course through me as I groaned and my fingers tightened on his cock and pulled at him. It felt so hard and each time my fingers tightened on him it stiffly jerked its desire to be embedded inside me. I tried to will my hand to leave him but just then he rolled atop me, his body spread my thighs and his lips found mine and he kissed me. The thrill of my hand on his young cock had instilled the courage he needed to act. What I had meant to discourage him had moved him to act suddenly and impetuously. His lips on mine coupled with the feel of his thick hard dick mashing my clit had me moaning my complete subjugation to his will. My arms wrapped him as his hips began a slow grinding motion that had his meaty cock rolling against my enraged clit. My response was automatic as my feet pressed flat on the bed as my hips lifted my pussy to his pressured grinding. His kiss was light, lips searching my essence as they slightly opened waiting for my passion to tell him I wanted him. I knew my soul was damned to hell as my lips opened and my tongue snaked into my