The Babysitter going wild

Most of us lead two lives — real and fantasy. The housewife imagines herself leading a life of luxury, surrounded by jewels and furs. The businessman imagines himself away from the rat race, painting or fishing by a quiet lake. The schoolboy dreams of becoming a famous athlete. And then there are sexual fantasies wild dreams that we seldom expect to come true.

Is it best to suppress our desires and fantasies, or to bring them out in the open and act on them? Does their repression lead to sickness, or does their fulfillment bring shame? No one has yet been able to answer these questions satisfactorily.

In this story the characters have decided not to repress their sexual desires and fantasies and for some of them they must suffer the consequences, while others find ultimate happiness.

WILD BABYSITTER — a story that deals with a sexual dilemma that confronts us all in one form or another. We cannot pass judgment on the solutions of others. We can only look at them with an open mind, seeing how some members of our society face the problem.


Kathy sat on the straight-backed kitchen chair, her hands tied behind it and her feet to the legs. She felt very apprehensive.

Robert and his sister, Cindy, danced and war-whooped around her. She did not like her position, but there wasn”t anything she could do about it. The thin ropes they had used were tied, and she could not get loose.

Already, her skirt was up too high.

For Kathy, this was the first time she had seen Robert and Cindy. She hardly knew their mother, and she had only nodded to their father until he had picked her up to baby-sit the kids.

Her trouble had started within minutes after their parents had left.

Robert had stood looking at her, his sister peeking from behind him shyly. “We don”t need a babysitter,” he had said belligerently. “We”re too old for that.”

“Maybe you are,” Kathy replied. “But your parent”s asked me to sit with you, and that”s what I”m doing.”

“Bullshit, babysitter,” he said, watching her reaction.

Kathy simply looked hard at him. “You”re sexy,” he said, still trying to get a rise out of her.

“You don”t know what sexy means,” Kathy replied.

“The hell I don”t!” Robert replied. “And I know why you”re here, too.”

“Why am I here?”

“To make sure me and Cindy don”t do anything naughty, that”s why.”

“Are you naughty?” Kathy asked, trying to be friendly.

“Sometimes.” Robert said, trying to leer at her. But he was so young it looked ridiculous. “Hey, you look like a good fuck, Kathy!”

Kathy felt the blush creeping from her neck to her cheeks.

“I bet you really fuck a guy, don”t you?” Robert continued, pleased that he had gotten a reaction from her now. “Don”t she look like a good fuck, Cindy?”

The pretty little blonde girl nodded, her head, her eyes huge and innocent-looking.

Before Kathy knew it, Robert had shot his hand out and lifted her skirt. It went all the way to her waist. Before she could shove it down, Robert and Cindy took a long peek at her. She was wearing bikini panties, with a lot of lace, and they were almost transparent. The curls of her cunt were easily seen.

“Her pussy has black hair, too,” Robert said to his sister. “Look, she”s sure got a lot of hair on her cunt.”

Kathy finally got her skirt down. She glared at the boy. She wasn”t much older than they were, but she began to understand why they needed someone to stay with them while their parents went out.

“I should slap your face for that,” she said, anger in her voice.

“But you won”t,” he challenged.

“Why won”t I?”

He grabbed his crotch, cupping his cock and balls. “Because if you slap me, I won”t let you have any cock, that”s why!”

Kathy flushed with humiliation. She turned away from the boy to conceal her red face. She walked to the couch and sat down, wondering what she had gotten herself into. She saw, from the corners other eyes, Robert take his sister”s hand and pull her from the room. When they returned, he was wearing a loincloth and an Indian headband. Cindy was wearing some kind of fringed dress. They whooped and chanted about the room, and since they didn”t seem interested in her at the moment, she began to relax. Perhaps, she thought, it had only been a game he had played with her. She had not liked it when he unexpectedly lifted her skirt, but maybe that had been part of his game.

When they had pulled a chair into the living room and begged her to play with them, both so innocent-sounding and sincere, she agreed. They wanted her to pretend she had been captured by them, and now she, was tied to the stake as they stomped and war-chanted, dancing about the chair.

At first, Kathy tried to get loose, but she had given up the struggle, hoping they would tire of the game.

When they stopped dancing in circles, she felt relief, thinking they would untie her now. But that was not what they planned to do at all.

Robert and Cindy stood in front of her, looking at her strangely. Her skirt was halfway up her thighs, her long, creamy legs revealed. Her ankles had been tied and spread apart. They had looped a rope about her chest, just beneath her tits.

“I wanna see her tits.”

Kathy gasped, looking at Cindy. The girl looked so sweet, so pretty, so innocent. “I think the game has gone far enough,” Kathy replied.

“You wanna look at her tits, huh, Cindy?” Robert giggled. “Why not?”

“Listen, you little…” Kathy stopped. Robert had reached out and closed a hand over one of her thrusting tits. She gasped when he squeezed. Despite the apprehension, her nipple responded by swelling up, tingling.

Cindy moved to her other side, and Kathy horrified when the little girl began caressing her other tit. Her face burned with shame and she struggled against the ropes. But she couldn”t get loose — they had her bound securely.

“Open her blouse, Robert,” Cindy said, her fingers digging into Kathy”s tit. “I wanna see what her tits look like.”

Kathy looked down as Robert”s hands began opening the buttons of her blouse. Her face was bright red, and she was helpless.

Her blouse was open now all the way, and her lacy bra was exposed.

“We gotta take her bra off,” Robert said, moving behind Kathy. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing, and Kathy”s bra fell below her tits. Kathy”s tits were creamy smooth, pointed, her nipples a light brown. Despite her feelings of shame, her nipples came up hard and swollen.

Kathy lowered her eyes as they gazed at her exposed tits. She was trembling now, unable to stop. Her nipples were rubbery hard, tingling slightly. She noticed that the loincloth Robert wore was now arching forward, and she realized the boy had a hard-on.

“Let”s look under her dress,” the sweet Cindy said with a quiver of excitement in her voice. “Raise her skirt up, Robert, and let”s take a peek at her.”

“No, please…” Kathy whimpered. “Don”t!”

Robert lifted her already hiked-up skirt. He and his sister leaned down and looked underneath it. Since Kathy”s knees were parted by the position of her tied feet, they looked directly at the crotch of her panties.

Through teary eyes, Kathy noticed the gleam in their eyes. They were excited eyes, smoldering eyes that she had seen on men and older boys who looked at her. The eyes told her of the inner passion these two children had. A tremor rippled through her body as she realized Robert and Cindy were intensely excited.

As his sister danced about with excitement, Robert jammed Kathy”s skirt about her waist, tucking it beneath the rope under her naked tits.

Cindy pulled the waistband of Kathy”s panties away from her flesh, peering down inside them. “Look, Robert, she”s real hairy, in here.”

The two looked, into her panties, and Kathy”s eyes were tearing with humiliation. As Robert leaned over to look down her, panties, she felt the stiff heat of his cock, through the loincloth, pressing at her thigh. She tried to pull her thigh away, but she was, bound too tightly.

“You wanna touch it?” Cindy asked, giggling in a wicked sound. “You touch it, Robert, then I will.”

Kathy”s breath sucked in as the boy shoved his hand down her panties, running his fingers through the thick curls of her glossy cunt hair. When he pulled his hand out, Cindy felt her. Kathy listened to their increased breathing, knowing they were becoming more and more excited.

“That gives me a hard-on, Cindy,” Robert said, lifting his loincloth. Kathy could not resist a peek at him. He wore nothing under the thing, and his cock and balls were fully revealed.

Looking at his cock, Kathy felt something strange sparking through her body. She was not a virgin, and her interest in sex was more intense than most girls. Now, seeing Robert”s cock hard and swollen, with a very smooth head that was dripping, she gazed at it as though unable to take her eyes off it. His cock was not enormous, but certainly of a respectable size. There was fuzz at the base, but his balls were hairless, much larger than she would have suspected. She was surprised to feel a sudden twitching of her cunt. To her horror, she found that her cunt was becoming quite wet, and her clitoris swelled into a burning, hard knot. She moaned softly in her throat when she realized she was getting excited, too.

Cindy looked at her brother”s hard-on with bright eyes. Without saying anything, she reached over Kathy”s thighs and grasped Robert”s cock. Kathy stared as Cindy”s small fist gripped it tightly and started to pump back and forth.

This couldn”t be happening, she thought. Surely she was having a wild dream. She wasn”t really tied up securely, her tits exposed, dress high, and watching this sweet-looking girl jack on her brother”s hard cock!

But Kathy knew she was not dreaming, that it, was actually happening. And she was not dreaming that her cunt was burning now, her tits swelling with desire, and her asshole tightening. She was not dreaming that she was seeing this girl jack off her brother.

Kathy shivered, not wanting to feel the pleasure of anticipation that flowed through her. She did not want this excitement she felt. With her eyes half closed, she watched Cindy”s fist move back and forth on her brother”s cock. She watched as his cock-head became larger. She listened to his soft moans of delight as his sister jerked him. His cock brushed her thigh, and, she watched the piss hole leave a trail of hot moisture along her creamy flesh.

“I”m gonna make you come, Robert.” Cindy giggled in a lewd manner. “I”m gonna jack your cock and make you come, okay?”

“Damn right!” Robert grunted, arching his hips forward so his cock was above Kathy”s thigh.

Kathy felt Cindy”s hand brushing at her aged, flesh as she stroked Robert”s cock. Cindy pressed her brother”s cock against her flesh. The feel of his prick against her skin was very hot, and a thrill of pleasure caused her cunt to twitch. Kathy could not look away from the erotic sight of a sister jacking her brother”s cock off. It was made more erotic because Cindy looked far too sweet and innocent, her big blue eyes shining with excitement. To Kathy, Cindy should still be playing with dolls instead of cocks.

Cindy was now rubbing the head of her brother”s cock on Kathy”s thigh, mewling as she smeared the dripping juices on her flesh. Cindy shoved Robert”s cock upwards, the pre-cum that was soaking Kathy”s skimpy panties. Cindy pulled the waistband of Kathy”s panties away again and tried to shove Robert”s cock into them. That didn”t work, though, so she went back to rubbing the head of his cock on Kathy”s thigh, pumping at it frequently.

Kathy could feel the throbbing of his cock against her flesh, and she tried to still the rumbling desire that was making her tremble. Her gaze followed his cock everywhere Cindy rubbed it and her thigh was now slippery with juice. She was breathing fast now, hotly, and her eyes shined with the deep, inner excitement that she wanted to conceal.

Her tits rising and falling with her heavy breathing, Kathy squirmed her ass against the chair. Her hands were tied behind her, and her ankles were bound to the legs of the chair. She couldn”t do more than wiggle. She tried to tell them to stop this silly game immediately, but the words were only in her mind. Her mouth was open, and her tongue moved about, but she wasn”t saying a word. Her eyes gleamed hotly as she watched Cindy move his cock up and down on her thigh, then without a word, the two moved behind Kathy.

“Oh!” she gasped in surprise.

Cindy had placed Robert”s cock against her palm, and instinctively she tried to pull away. Instead her fingers closed, and she had a handful of his throbbing young cock.

Robert laughed and Cindy giggled, then Kathy felt him moving his cock in her hand. Ho was fucking her fists, and she couldn”t get her fingers open. Kathy”s fingers seemed to tighten up of their own free will, and she gasped with shame. His cock throbbed as he fucked it back and forth into her fist.

“She”s holding it, Cindy,” she heard Robert say excitedly. “She”s holding my cook!”

Kathy suddenly made her fingers relax. “Damn you two,” she said harshly. “If you don”t untie me this minute, I”ll… I”ll…”

“You can”t do anything,” Robert said, he and his sister coming to stand at her sides again.

“I”ll tell,” Kathy said. “I”ll tell your parents!”

They showed no fear of her threat.

Cindy reached over her thighs and began pumping on her brother”s cock, pressing it against Kathy”s thighs again. Kathy shivered from the throbbing touch. Her hand seemed to itch from holding his cock, and she balled it into a fist, but that made the sensation worse. Her cunt was very wet and quivering, and her tits were swollen. She tried to will her cunt to stop, closing her eyes against what she was seeing. But she could still feel his prick on her thigh.

Kathy opened her eyes.

Cindy was pumping on her brother”s cock faster now and Robert was making gurgling sounds. He arched his hips forward, his balls against Kathy”s thigh. He was dripping more pre-cum from his piss hole, and Kathy realized he was on the brink of coming.

Robert placed a hand on Kathy”s leg, near her knee. His fingers were digging into her flesh as he grunted. Cindy now gripped ha brother”s cock hotly as she jacked him, pumping faster. Kathy looked into Cindy”s eyes as the young girl made soft cooing sounds. Cindy”s eyes were almost glassy as she stared at her brother” cock, her fist pumping.

“Are you about to come, Robert?” Cindy asked in an excited voice. “Are you gonna come?”

“Ohhhh, yes!” Robert grunted.

Kathy”s eyes jumped to the head of his cock, and she stared in a dazed way as he began to come.

“Oooooch, you”re doing it, Robert!” Cindy squealed. “You”re coming now, Robert!” Her fist jerked rapidly on her brother”s gushing cock.

Kathy saw the thick, pearl-white come juice squirt from the flaring piss hole of his cock. She saw a glob splash on her thigh, and the feel of it sent her cunt into wild convulsions. Her pussy went tight, then relaxed, only to tighten up again. She was coming as Robert came. Her eyes, almost glassy, watched his cock spurt come juice over her thighs until they were almost coated with it. And she could not stop herself from coming off, too.

After Cindy released her brother”s cock and they had gone out of the room and returned with soft drinks, Kathy sat in a slumped shame, seeing the come juice glisten on her tanned, long thighs. Her cunt had finally calmed down, but there was still a deep burning sensation. She watched them as they sat on the floor sipping their sodas. They seemed to have forgotten her, and she no longer tried to fight against the ropes that held her.

She had become very excited by what had happened. Despite being bound up this way, helpless, in the hands of two children only a few years younger than her, Kathy had experienced the peak of erotic pleasure. She had watched him come all over her thighs, and she had come off, too. The crotch of her panties was moist and felt uncomfortable now.

She couldn”t understand why she had responded to this. Never in her life had she been excited by being in a helpless position, exposed this way.

Something had happened to Kathy. Despite the feeling of humiliation, of her shame, she was honest enough to admit that she had enjoyed this. She had enjoyed watching Robert”s cock squirt come juice, had enjoyed feeling it splash on her naked thighs.

Kathy was confused.


Kathy was getting thirsty.

Robert and Cindy had ignored her for the past hour. She was uncomfortable, too. She was sure the ropes were cutting off her circulation, but her fingers and toes were not tingling yet. She could wiggle them and they felt all right.

“Please,” she said in an unusually contrite voice. “May I have some water?”

Cindy brought a glass of ice water and held it so Kathy could drink. When she finished it, Kathy looked at the girl. She was searching for an ally, but she saw no help in the smoldering gaze of Cindy”s eyes.

Cindy sat back on the floor, facing her brother. She crossed her legs, and the fringed dress revealed surprisingly luscious thighs. Kathy saw Cindy”s thighs were well-tanned with creamy flesh. And for the first time, she noticed the girl”s tits. They were small tits, but they protruded against the top of her fringed dress.

She wondered about these two. They had in no way harmed her, and they had not threatened her. She didn”t feel as if she were in any physical danger. She still sat there with her shapely tits revealed; her skirt tucked into the rope, her panties exposed. Now and then they would look at her, but only at her naked tits and thighs and panties.

Cindy tossed the front of her brother”s loincloth to one side, exposing his cock and balls again. She began to play with them, and Kathy didn”t understand how they could do this and carry on a conversation of insignificant things. Already her cunt was steaming as she watched Cindy play with her brother”s cock and balls. She didn”t like it that her cunt bubbled with desire, but there was nothing she could do about it. Her eyes watched with heat as Cindy stroked and fondled and caressed her brother”s cock and balls.

“I wanna touch,” Cindy said.

Kathy watched the girl lift her skirt to her waist, and for the first time saw that Cindy was not wearing panties. Cindy spread her legs wide and over her brother”s thighs. Kathy saw Cindy”s cunt was framed by scant blonde hairs. Her pink pussy seemed to glow, and the tip of Cindy”s tiny clitoris poked out.

Cindy pulled her brother”s cock to her cunt and rubbed it about her cunt. Kathy felt her own cunt twitching with desire again as she watched the head of Robert”s swollen cock moving up and down his sister”s sparsely haired cunt. Excitement gripped her again, and she began breathing harshly, her naked tits jiggling tightly.

“Oh, I like the way your cock feels against my cunt, Robert!” Cindy gurgled in a soft voice. “Can you feel how hot my pussy is, Robert?”

“It”s hot, all right,” he said, watching as Cindy rubbed the head of his dripping cock up and down the pink, sugary lips of her twat. “It”s always hot, though.”

Kathy knew now that this was not the first time brother and sister had played their sex games. They must be fucking like wild sex maniacs, Kathy thought. Somehow that made her even more excited.

She watched Cindy shove her brother onto his back, his cock standing up in the air, throbbing and jerking about. Then Cindy squatted over her brother, holding her fringed skirt about her small waist. Kathy stared at Cindy”s compact ass cheeks. Cindy had the sweetest, prettiest ass Kathy had ever seen.

Cindy”s ass swelled out beautifully, the cheeks rounded and springy, very smooth and without a blemish. Her legs were quite long and slender. As Cindy squatted above her brother”s cock, Kathy could see the cheeks of her sweet little ass spread, and the pucker of Cindy”s asshole was revealed.

She looked at Robert”s balls dangling between his legs, and despite the lack of hair on them, they were big. Kathy found herself wanting to touch them, fondle them. But she wasn”t going to do anything about that. She wasn”t about to let them know her interest. She was too humiliated for one thing, and for another they were younger than she.

“Want me to make you come on my pussy, Robert?” Kathy heard Cindy asking. “I”ll jack your cock off and make it come all over my cunt!”

Cindy, still squatting above her brother”s throbbing, straining cock, reached between their bodies and began to jerk him, the head of his prick pressing against her clitoris. Kathy saw the shivers of delight ripple through Cindy”s thighs and naked little ass, and she knew the girl loved this. Kathy writhed her ass about in the chair, trying to squeeze her thighs against the throbbing sweetness of her burning clitoris. She bit her lip as she watched, her dark eyes glowing with the heat of her excitement.

She no longer felt horrified by what was happening. Instead she was very excited by it. She had never seen two people playing with each other this way. Watching Cindy hold her brother”s cock head against her clitoris and jack him made Kathy tremble with a hot, intense desire.

Cindy squealed with delight as she pressed her clitoris against her brother”s cock, jacking her fist up and down swiftly now. Robert”s balls bounced with her energetic jerks, and Kathy was thrilled just by watching this! The come juice on her thighs had been left there, and it seemed to Kathy that the juice burned like a branding iron into her flesh.

Her cunt was writhing hotly, the lips tightening, her clitoris inflamed almost painfully, as Kathy stared at Cindy”s sweet little ass moving slightly. The head of Robert”s cock was held firmly against Cindy”s clitoris, and Kathy was surprised that it did not slip into his sister”s cunt. But Cindy seemed to know what she was doing. The head of his cock remained pressed against, her throbbing clitoris as she jacked him faster and faster.

Robert was twisting his ass about on the floor as his sister jerked his cock. He was grunting now.

“Ohhh, golly, I”m gonna come, Robert!” Cindy suddenly squealed. “I”m gonna come! You come with me, Robert! I wanna feel your cock coming on my cunt when I come!”

Cindy yelped with intense delight and her body shook. Kathy was amazed that she could see the tight pucker of Cindy”s asshole flex. The creamy sweetness of Cindy”s ass seemed to tighten up, and then Kathy saw the come juice spurt from the piss hole of Robert”s cock. The come juice gushed and drenched his sister”s cunt, some of it falling down onto his balls.

Kathy licked her lips, straining against the ropes. She was leaning forward, trying to get down there. There was a desperate desire burning through her slender body — she wanted to be with them as they came. Her cunt was having erotic spasms as her dark eyes turned glazed with erotic intensity.

She leaned back against the chair when Cindy lifted herself from her brother. Cindy held her fringed skirt above her waist, the come juice of his cock smearing her pussy and soft inner thighs.

With a giggle, Cindy cupped her cunt with one hand and left the room, going to the hall bathroom.

“Did that make your cunt hot, Kathy?” Robert looked up at her, fondling his cock and balls. “Didn”t that make you want some of my cock?”

Kathy remained silent. She tried to glare at him, but all she could do was stare at his cock and balls. She was not about to admit her excitement, that she had come when he squirted onto her thighs, then came again watching what they had just done.

Cindy came back, and this time she had removed her dress completely. She gave Kathy a sweet, innocent smile when Kathy”s eyes went wide.

“I like being naked,” Cindy said. “I like being seen, too. I like to jack Robert”s cock off and make him come on my cunt.”

Cindy flopped down on the couch, slumping back, her little ass almost hanging over the cushion. She spread her slim legs wide and began to play with her cunt.

Kathy could hardly believe what was happening. Robert was sprawled on the floor, his loincloth to one side, caressing his cock and balls, and his sister was sitting there playing wit her cunt. They looked at her with steady eyes, seeing every part of her exposed tits, thighs and tight panties. Kathy was glad they had not stripped her panties off. As it was, her tits being naked was bad enough.

“I think we made Kathy hot,” Robert said, stroking up and down his cock with one hand and squeezing gently at his balls with the other. “I think Kathy has a hot cunt, too.”

“Do you, Kathy?” Cindy asked, unabashedly shoving a finger up her cunt. She worked the finger in and out of her pussy, lifting her small ass to meet it. “Do you have a hot pussy, too? I like having a hot cunt. I play with my cunt all the time when Robert is gone, but when we”re together, we play with each other. You wanna see him play with my cunt, Kathy?”

“I bet we made her come off in her fucking panties,” Robert said. “I bet Kathy came watching.”

“I did not!” Kathy snapped, knowing she was lying. “I did not come!”

Robert grinned at her. He sat up and then leaned forward. He shot his hand between her thighs and rubbed at the crotch of her panties. “You sure as hell did come, you liar! Either you came off or you pissed in your panties.”

The flush that flooded Kathy”s face told him all he wanted to know. He laughed and moved to where his sister was. “We”re gonna make you come again,” he said, running his hand between his sister”s thighs. Kathy could not stop herself from watching.

Cindy grabbed her brothe”s cock and beat up and down on it with a tight fist. Robert grabbed at her puffy, almost hairless cunt, tickling his sister”s hard clitoris and making her squeal with delight. He thrust a finger into her cunt and began to fuck it in and out. Cindy twisted and rolled her hips with pleasure, mewling softly as she stared at Kathy.

Kathy became hot as she watched Cindy”s cunt being penetrated by her brother”s finger! She could see the lips clinging to him as he finger fucked her, and she knew Cindy had a tight twat. As Robert finger fucked his sister and Cindy jacked on his cock, they talked about Kathy as if she weren”t sitting there with them.

“I bet Kathy”s cunt is about to come again,” Robert said. “I bet she has a cunt as hot as yours, Cindy.”

“Sure she does, silly,” Cindy giggled. “You can tell because her nipples are hard.”

Kathy”s nipples were hard, all right. They were very hard and tingling and she wanted to touch them. But she was tied up. Her cunt, too, wanted to be touched, fondled, played with. Her pussy was twitching wildly again and she knew that if they kept this erotic play up she would come again.

“Wanna fuck?” Robert asked.

Kathy jerked her eyes from his finger sliding in and out of Cindy”s cunt, thinking he was asking her if she wanted to fuck. But he was talking to his sister.

“Do you wanna fuck me, Robert?” Cindy teased.

“I”m hot as hell to fuck,” Robert replied, pulling his finger from her grasping twat. “Come on, Cindy, let”s fuck!”

He”s going to do it, Kathy thought wildly. He”s really going to fuck his sister! Oh, what am I going to do? Should I tell their parents when they get home? They”ll have to untie me before then, surely.

Giggling in a lewd sound, Cindy sprawled back on the couch, spreading her slim legs wide. Kathy gazed between them, seeing the tendons stretch. Cindy”s young cunt seemed to be throbbing.

Robert climbed onto the couch with his sister, his cock straining hard, pre-cum dripping from the swollen head. Kathy”s eyes blurred as she saw Robert press the head of his cock into the slippery lips of Cindy”s cunt.

“Ooooooh!” Cindy mewled as her brother”s cock slipped up her cunt. “Oh, golly, golly that”s good, Robert! Ahhhh! I love your cock in my cunt!”

Kathy”s breathing increased hotly as she saw Robert”s cock thrust all the way into Cindy”s almost-hairless cunt. She saw his balls, slap against her creamy ass. Robert held himself up so Kathy could see, and she knew that they were making sure she saw it all. She could not help it when her own cunt throbbed, soaking her panties even more. She trembled with the steaming pleasure of watching them, wondering why it was all happening in the first place.

Robert”s naked ass began to bounce up and down, and Kathy stared hotly at his cock as it stabbed in and out of his sister”s cunt. Cindy wiggled her ass, thrusting her cunt up and down to meet him. She whimpered with the pleasure she felt, and her hands dug into his hips. She tossed her and ass about in a wildness that was transmitted to Kathy. Kathy had the odd sensation that she could feel Robert”s cock driving deep into her own cunt and she knew she would come again in a short while.

“Oooooh, Robert!” Cindy gurgled. “Ooooh, it”s so hard! Your cock is so hard inside my cunt! Golly, fuck my pussy, Robert! Fuck my cunt with your hard cock!”

Kathy was certain Cindy”s words were intended to inflame her. If that was her purpose, then she was succeeding. Kathy”s cunt was burning and throbbing and she could hardly stand it. Her clitoris was brushing the crotch of her panties and making it tingle until she thought she would go out of her mind.

She could hear the moist sounds Robert”s cock made as it thrust in and out of Cindy”s young, tight cunt. She found herself leaning forward to try and see better. The sounds increased her shivering sensations, and her eyes were wide open as she stared at them.

Cindy lifted her legs and closed them high about her brother”s back, her naked little ass bouncing, her stomach, churning furiously. Kathy was able to see his cock thrusting into her cunt an inch above the tightness of Cindy”s asshole. She saw Robert”s balls beating at Cindy”s tight, sweet ass cheeks, and her cunt throbbed hotter than ever. She knew she was going to come, and probably before they did.

Her tits were almost painful now, her nipples feeling as if they were going to burst. She did not know she was whimpering and moaning softly in desire, nor did she know that the expression in her dark eyes told of her inner desire to be fucked, too.

Robert”s naked ass bunched up as he thrust hard into his sister”s eager cunt. As he stabbed up and down, Cindy churned her hips violently, grinding her hairless cunt in a frenzy of ecstasy against him.

“Oh, golly, Robert!” Cindy squealed. “I”m about to come! Come with me, Robert! I wanta feel your cock coming up my cunt! Ooohhh, come in my pussy, Robert! I want it… want it coming in my hot cunt!”

Cindy wailed loudly, ramming her crotch up tight and grinding furiously as her brother increased the thrusts of his cock. Then Robert went stiff atop his sister, his cock deep inside the slippery heat of her pussy. He grunted and came.

Kathy was unaware that she, too, had grunted. Her cunt went into tight spasms that shook her body, making her pointed tits bob. She was straining against the ropes, her mouth open and her eyes glazed.

Robert pulled his cock free of his sister”s tight cunt and sat up, looking at Kathy. Cindy, too, turned her head toward Kathy. Cindy continued to lie there, legs once again spread widely. Kathy saw her pink cunt twitching, the glistening of her brother”s come juice seeping from it.

“Don”t tell us you didn”t come, Kathy,” Robert said. “That would make anybody come.”

Cindy giggled again, swung her legs off the couch and got to her feet. Again she cupped her hand between her legs. She came to Kathy and pulled her hand from her cunt. She smeared her brother”s come juice on one of Kathy”s pointed tits.

“You can have some, too,” Cindy laughed. “Don”t it feel good to have Robert”s came juice on your legs and tits, Kathy?”

“Untie me, please!” Kathy whimpered. “Please, Cindy, untie me. I won”t tell your parents. I promise.”

Cindy looked at her brother. “You think we can trust her, Robert?”

Robert looked at the clock on the fireplace mantel. “We gotta let her go, Cindy. It”s almost time for our parents to come home.”

Cindy untied the ropes, and the first thing Kathy did was to shove her skirt down. Then she replaced her bra and buttoned her blouse. She walked into the kitchen and drank a huge glass of water. When she returned to the living room, she saw that Robert and Cindy had dressed. She sat on an over-stuffed chair, trying not to look at them. She was in turmoil of indecision.

She knew she should say something to their parents about what had happened, but some how she couldn”t. She could not deny she had enjoyed herself. She decided she would remain quiet, but she would never again baby sit Robert and Cindy. She didn”t trust them now. There was no telling what they would try next.

There was an undeniable attraction about the two, Kathy knew. There was something exciting about them, something erotic.

When their parents arrived, Robert and Cindy were like two well-behaved children. They said goodbye to Kathy politely when she left the house.

At her home, Kathy got out of the car and thanked their father for bringing her home. “They”re very nice children, Mr. Haynes,” Kathy said.

“Perhaps you”d like to stay with them again,” Mr. Haynes replied. “Sitters are difficult to get, and Robert and Cindy seem to like you.”

Kathy hesitated, and then found herself answering, “I”d like to, very much.”


The next day Kathy found herself wondering why she agreed so readily to stay with Robert and Cindy again. She had not enjoyed being tied up, but she had enjoyed watching them fucking.

Her cunt was a bit sore, now. After she had gone to bed the night before, she was so aroused she finger-fucked herself until she came a half-dozen times, thinking about Robert”s cock thrusting in to his sister”s blonde, almost-hairless cunt.

She spent the entire day thinking about them, and Robert”s cock and Cindy”s cunt was always in her mind. She found herself anxious for a call to baby-sit them again.

It was two days before she received a call. When it came, she breathlessly agreed to spend the afternoon with Robert and Cindy. After the call, Kathy bathed and scented her slender body, feeling anxious. She looked at her reflection in the bathroom mirror.

She was an exceptionally beautiful teenaged girl. Her dark hair was almost black, swirling about tanned shoulders. Her eyes, dark also, were wide and bright. Her nose was small, and her lips were full and moist. Her tits, flawless in their pointing shape were creamy with the light-brown nipples. Her stomach was flat and her waist small. Her hips curved gracefully into long, exciting thighs. Kathy”s ass swelled out in a delicious, provocative manner, the cheeks very smooth and unblemished. Her ass cheeks swelled out in sloping delight, then tucked sharply to her tanned thighs. The crack between the chocks was warm and tantalizing to look upon.

The dark curls that framed her aunt were thick and long. A very thin line of dark hair grew straight up to her dimpled belly button. The silky strands dipped between her thighs, still long and curly along the lips of her cunt. She knew, from experimentation, that her asshole had a few hairs growing around it, too.

Kathy was an erotic-looking young girl.

Very early she had been fucked, and it was she who had seduced the boy. She had been fucking for the past five years. She knew her cunt was hot, eager, and hungry for a hard cock. She knew that her pointing, springy tits were sensitive to the touch. She knew and liked the way her asshole tightened up in erotic delight when she came. And Kathy came very easily. She could come just by thinking about a cock stabbing into her cunt, or holding one in her hand as she played with a pair of full balls.

So, as she dressed, she was anxious to be with Robert and Cindy again. The only thing she had not liked was being tied up and unable to participate. She knew if they would let her, that she would fuck Robert.

Kathy preferred a larger cock, thicker and longer. She also preferred the guy”s balls to be very hairy. Yet, there was something about Robert”s cock that appealed to her. She would fuck the boy, and if Cindy wanted to watch, Kathy wouldn”t mind in the least. Their absolute lack of inhibitions made her pussy twitch, and she loved the way they expressed no shame about fucking one another.

She slipped on her laciest bikini panties.

They hugged her rounded hips tightly, with only a small patch of cloth over, her cunt. Thick curls were exposed above the patch, as well as the sides. The rear panel of the panties barely covered her ass cheeks. She pulled on a peasant blouse with elastic on the shoulders, making it easy to pull down past her thrusting tits. Her skirt was tight, cupping her ass deliciously. The reason for a tight skirt, she felt, was to make sure they pulled it all the way up this time.

By the time their father arrived, Kathy was almost trembling with eagerness. She jumped into Mr. Haynes” car and didn”t care that the tight skirt was hiked halfway up her thighs. On the contrary, she liked the way Mr. Haynes looked appreciatively at her thighs. She glanced at him and decided he was a good-looking man. His hair was dark, and Kathy immediately decided he would have very hairy balls and probably a huge cock. She wondered, as he drove, what it would be like to fuck him. The thoughts caused her cunt to throb and the crotch of her panties was jetting moist already.

Cindy greeted them at the door. The girl took Kathy”s hand in hers and pulled her into the house, seemingly happy to see her again. Ellen, their mother, came out with her purse, ready to go. Now Kathy saw the woman in a different way. Ellen was a tall woman, with golden blonde hair and striklng blue eyes. She was, Kathy saw, an older, grown-up version of Cindy.

As she had appraised the woman”s husband, Kathy now appraised Ellen. She saw Ellen”s tits were quite large, and the tight blouse she wore molded hr nipples. Ellen was, Kathy decided, a sexy woman.

Hardly had their parents left the house when Robert entered the living room. He was wearing a pair of cut-offs, and when he sat down, Kathy saw the head of his cock peeking from the frayed legs. She should have known it would be this way, but still she felt a lurch of excitement.

“Wanna play a game?” he asked Kathy.

“I don”t think I want to play any more of your kind of games,” she said, but in her mind she was ready.

“If you don”t wanna play with us,” Cindy asked, “then why did you come back to stay with us?”

“Because,” Robert said before Kathy could think of a reply, “she”s got a hot cunt, and she wants to see us fuck again.”

Kathy found herself then being pulled down the hall. She was trembling, but she didn”t struggle. They led her into a bedroom, and Kathy saw it was their parents” room. The bed was a huge one, larger than any she had seen before. She sat on it, and Cindy climbed onto the bed and sat in the middle of it, crossing her legs. Kathy immediately looked between Cindy”s smooth thighs! She saw the girl was not wearing panties, and her cunt was fully exposed. Robert left the room, but came back quickly, carrying the rope again.

“Please,” Kathy said, but without conviction, “don”t tie me up again.”

As she expected, they did not listen to her, nor did she want them to. She found herself on her back across the bed, her arms stretched above her head and being tied that way. Then her legs were spread wide apart and her ankles secured. She was spread out, made vulnerable to them.

“We”re gonna play with you, Kathy,” Cindy giggled, pulling her peasant blouse down. She pulled it to Kathy”s waist, and Kathy”s pointed tits thrust up sweetly.

Robert was on the other side, and Kathy turned her face from one to the other. Robert began to stroke one tit, twisting at her already hard nipple. He twisted and pulled it gently, and it was not at all painful. As he fondled one tit, Cindy began to squeeze at Kathy”s other tit.

Kathy shivered.

Cindy leaned over and kissed her tit, closing her lips around the rubbery nipple. Kathy found the little girl”s lips hot and wet, and her nipple burned as the girl began sucking on it. Robert squeezed her pointed tit to make her nipple stand tall. He ran his tongue about it, causing Kathy to shudder with delight.

Both Cindy and Robert were now sucking hard on her nipples. Kathy”s cunt quivered and throbbed, her clitoris very swollen. She began to moan softly as their wet mouths sucked and nibbled her tits. Their tongues were like liquid fire as they fluttered on her hard nipples, making them even harder.

“Ohhhhh,” Kathy moaned, arching her tits up as best she could, struggling against the ropes that held her arms above her head. “Ohhhh, please, please!”

They paid no attention to her. They knew she had come along willingly, just as Kathy knew it. They sucked harder, and Kathy writhed about as ecstasy bubbled through her.

Then she felt air on her wet tits. Her eyes had been closed as she savored the pleasure they were giving her. Now she opened them. Robert and Cindy both had started pulling her tight skirt up. Kathy lifted her ass willingly, so they could bunch it around he waist.

“Pretty panties,” Cindy said, running her hand over the small patch of cloth covering Kathy”s cunt. “Her pussy is wet, Robert! Feel her cunt! See how wet it is!”

Kathy felt Robert”s fingers between her thighs. She lifted her head. She could just see her panties as he moved his fingers up and down her cunt. She shivered at the pressure of his fingers, and her ass writhed.

“Kathy likes to be felt up, Robert,” Cindy giggled. “Let”s both feel her up!”

They began to fondle and caress her cunt through the flimsy panties.

The crotch of her panties was pulled to one side and Cindy and her brother leaned over, looking at Kathy”s exposed cunt.

“Oh! I like it!” Cindy mewled, stroking Kathy”s thick curls. “I think Kathy”s cunt is pretty, don”t you, Robert?”

“It sure is hairy,” Kathy heard the boy reply, “I wanna stick my finger in it and see how wet she is.”

“Do it. Robert,” Cindy urged her brother. “Stick your finger in her cunt and fuck her! I wanta see you finger fuck her cunt!”

Kathy moaned as she felt his finger plunge into her pussy. Her hips shot up from the bed, and she could not resist twisting her ass about as he thrust his finger in and out.

“Hey, I think she”s coming!” Robert said.

Kathy was coming. Her cunt was flexing tightly on his finger, drawing at it. Her hips rolled and twisted, and she could not help but groan. As Robert stabbed his finger swiftly in and out of her spasming cunt, Cindy began to pinch and twist at Kathy”s clitoris, increasing the force of her orgasm.

Then, abruptly, their fingers were gone.

Kathy looked around. Robert and Cindy were getting out of their clothing quickly. She watched his cock as it jerked in hardness, dripping. She saw Cindy”s tits as the dress fell, and then the slightly haired cunt. Cindy had tight, hard little tits, with luscious pink nipples. As she stared at her brother”s cock, she tweaked her own nipples.

“I wanna fuck, Robert!” she squealed hotly. “I wanna get fucked now! Playing with Kathy”s cunt made me so hot! Come on, let”s fuck!”

Cindy was on her hands and knees, her ass in the air. She bowed her back and arched her pussy toward her brother”s cock as he knelt behind her. Kathy watched them with burning eyes, licking at her lips with desperate hunger.

Kathy mewled when she saw Robert”s cock stab into his sister”s cunt. Her own cunt began to twitch again. She watched Robert fucking fast into Cindy”s tight, young cunt. Somehow Cindy had moved until her tight tits were above Kathy”s face.

Kathy stared at Cindy”s pink nipple. Cindy”s nipple was rubbery, very taut, standing from the small fullness of her tit. It was sugary, sweet, and succulent. When Robert thrust his cock into his sister”s cunt, Cindy”s nipple brushed against Kathy”s hips. Kathy strained against the rope, her ass twisting.

She found Cindy”s nipple probing her lips, and then the sweet nipple was between them. For just a moment Kathy didn”t believe it, then she began to suck on Cindy”s succulent nipple greedily. Her lips pulled and drew, opening wide, her tongue fluttering back and forth.

“Ohhhh, Robert!” Cindy whimpered, “She”s sucking on my tit! Kathy is sucking my tit!”

Kathy”s mind was reeling with what she was doing. Her lips were hot and moist on Cindy”s tit, her tongue licking hungrily. Her mouth burned and her lips tingled. There was a warm glow inside her squirming body, a glow that became hotter as she sucked in frenzy on Cindy”s tit. The sounds of Robert”s cock stabbing into his sister”s boiling young cunt came to her ears, and she was thrilled with the heavy gasps of pleasure both brother and sister made.

Cindy gasped, then giggled wickedly. Robert grunted as his cock thrust in and out of Cindy”s gripping, wet pussy. Kathy moaned with excited delight as she sucked vigorously on Cindy”s hard little nipple.

Kathy”s tongue swirled and lapped excitedly as her hot lips sucked hard. She twisted and writhed her ass on the bed, wishing they would turn her loose so she could touch them, feel them, play with them. Her cunt was squeezing and flexing, becoming tight. Her clitoris was swollen with tingling pleasure.

“I gotta come!” Robert shouted. “I just gotta come!”

With her tit inside her mouth, Kathy felt Cindy gyrate her naked little ass for her brother. Cindy was mewling as her ecstasy steamed along with his. Kathy knew they were both about to come, and she sucked harder on Cindy”s sweet, rigid nipple, her lips wide and almost every bit of Cindy”s creamy tit inside her mouth. She wasn”t sure it was her imagination or not, but it seemed as if Cindy”s body trembled.

Cindy wailed with ecstasy and her small body went stiff above Kathy. Robert slammed his cock hard up his sister”s cunt, gushing thick come juice into her. Cindy remained on her hands and knees, shivering, as Robert pulled his prick free and sat on the bed. Kathy released the girl”s nipple and turned her head. Robert was sitting with his back against the headboard, his legs spread. His balls hung between them, and his cock glistened wetly.

Finally Cindy sat back, leaning with her arms behind her, one leg above Kathy”s head, the other resting on her shivery stomach. Kathy gazed front Robert”s cock to Cindy”s cunt. Cindy”s tight young cunt was puffier than before, and the tip of her succulent clitoris peeked from the pink folds. The golden fuzz grew only at the top of Cindy”s pussy, with none along the sweet lips.

Kathy was very excited. She twisted her head from one to the other, her dark eyes smoldering with desire. Robert”s cock looked beautiful to her, and she found herself wishing he would shove it into her cunt and fuck her. Wasn”t that why she had returned to sit with them? Or was it because she found she enjoyed being humiliated this way, tied up in a helpless position and forced to watch them fuck, forced into this position and ogled by their hot young eyes?

She had no idea that her erotic inclinations were in this direction. Did she really enjoy being tied up this way, her tits and cunt exposed and so vulnerable to them, not able to resist? Was that what turned her on?

Whether or not she wanted being helpless, tied hand and foot, unable to stop this young boy and girl from opening her blouse, pulling her panties aside and seeing her cunt, playing with it, Kathy didn”t know. What she did know, beyond a doubt, was that it was exciting as all hell to her.

Cindy adjusted her position and began to run her hand up and down the creamy inner surfaces of Kathy”s thighs. Robert watched with interest, his cock swelling again.

“I”m gonna take her panties off,” Cindy announced and began tugging at the panties.

“Oh, please don”t do that!” Kathy whimpered, writhing her ass. “Don”t, Cindy! Please, don”t take my panties off.”

Kathy shivered as her panties were pulled down. They would go no further than her hips because her legs were widely spread. Cindy leaned over and pulled a pair of scissors from a nightstand drawer, cutting the panties away. Kathy closed her eyes, feeling shamed. Her cunt was fully revealed to the brother and sister.

Robert and Cindy gazed at Kathy”s cunt, seeing the thick curls, the pink lips now so moist.

“I”m gonna fingerf uck her!” Cindy giggled. “I”m gonna fuck her cunt with my finger!”

Kathy gasped loudly as the little girl”s finger shot into her twat. She twisted her hips as Cindy”s finger thrust rapidly in and out. Then she felt Robert rubbing her clitoris. He rubbed at it as his sister fucked her finger in and out of her pussy. Kathy, through her increasing pleasure, wondered how they knew so much about sex. How did Robert know a girl could become so excited when her clitoris was touched? They seemed too young to know all this.

Robert”s cock stood firm, the head swollen and dripping again. Kathy turned her head and gazed at it, and her hands itched to feel t. Her hips moved from side to side as the two caressed and felt her pussy. They began taking turns finger fucking her. While one stabbed in to her gripping twat, the other twisted and pinched at her sensitive, inflamed clitoris, then they switched again.

Finally Kathy felt two fingers sliding into her bubbling pussy. Both Cindy and Robert were fucking a finger into her. Kathy breathed harshly as the ecstasy flowed and steamed through her almost-naked body. She could not keep her hips still. She began to move her cunt up and down, meeting their fingers. An orgasm started swelling deep in the pit of her quivering stomach.

“Ooooooh,” Kathy whimpered softly, her hips lifting and falling.

When they thrust faster, her hips moved faster. Soon she was churning up and down, meeting their fingers with a moaning passion. Now Robert was stabbing his finger in as Cindy withdrew hers. Their fingers alternated. And Kathy was bouncing her ass wildly now.

“She”s gonna come!” Cindy gurgled. “Robert, Kathy is gonna come!”

“Finger fuck faster, Cindy!”

Kathy arched her hips as high as she could, then groaned. Her cunt convulsed, flexing on their fingers tightly. Through the ecstasy of her orgasm, she heard them giggling. She didn”t care; she wanted those fingers to keep fucking at her spasming cunt. They could laugh all they wanted, as long as they continued finger-fucking her.

As her cunt flamed in orgasm, the cheeks of her ass became tight, her asshole puckering. Her pussy sucked and squeezed at their plunging fingers until Kathy sobbed with delight. Finally she let her ass fall back to the bed, her naked tits heaving as she panted for air. She closed her eyes tightly, the glow of her orgasm causing her creamy flesh to flush.

They left her alone for awhile, and Kathy relaxed. She listened to them talk; the words dim in her ears. They pretended as if she didn”t exist. She saw them eating cheese and crackers, sipping at soft drinks. She found she was thirsty, and she asked, very politely, for water. It was brought to her and she sipped it through a straw.

“Why do you tie me up?” she asked after Cindy remove the glass.

“We gotta tie you up,” Cindy replied. “If we didn”t, you wouldn”t let us look at your tits and cunt.”

“I promise,” Kathy said. “I won”t tell on you. Just untie me.”

“Would you let us take your clothes off if we didn”t tie you up?” Robert asked.

Kathy did not answer.


Finishing with the cheese and crackers, they dusted the crumbs from the bed, then took everything back to the kitchen.

Kathy lay still, her arms aching slightly. Her cunt still throbbed in a gentle, pleasant way. Her blouse remained at her waist, her pointed tits revealed. Her tight skirt was at her waist, and her panties; or what was left of them, were on the bed next to her.

The taste of Cindy”s sugar-sweet nipple seemed to cling to her mouth. She ran her tongue over her lips, and considered what she had done. It was not that girls excited Kathy, but she had certainly enjoyed sucking Cindy”s tit. She had loved it when they finger fucked her and she felt no shame when Cindy thrust her finger into her cunt. She wondered if she would enjoy caressing Cindy”s cunt, finger fucking her, making her come. Kathy thought she would love it.

And she knew very well, she would love to get her hands on Robert”s hard cock.

They returned to the bedroom and stood at her spread feet, looking between her thighs. Kathy”s cunt, beautifully haired, was fully exposed. They gazed at the moist lips, seeing her clitoris twitch. The creamy cheeks of her ass were barely seen, Robert”s cock was thrusting up in hardness, and Kathy looked at it. She stared with hot eyes at his ask and balls.

Robert moved to the other side of the bed and Kathy turned her head to look at him. He rubbed the dripping head of his cock against her palm, and Kathy”s fingers closed around it. The throbbing smoothness of his cock thrilled her. Robert angled his cock so that she could tighten her fist around it. She squeezed at his prick, flexing her fingers on it.

“I”m fucking her fist,” Robert laughed.

“Look, Cindy… I”m fucking Kathy”s fist!”

“She likes it,” Cindy giggled. “See how tight she holds your cock.”

Cindy climbed onto the bed, and then Kathy felt the girl”s body on top of hers. She looked into Cindy”s eyes and saw the steaming heat in them. She watched, still gripping Robert”s cock tightly as he fucked back and forth, as Cindy squeezed her own tit, making her succulent nipple stand out. Cindy rubbed her nipple against Kathy”s tit. Kathy felt the warm body writhing against her, and the golden fuzz of Cindy”s cunt tickled her lower stomach.

Cindy brushed her rigid nipples over Kathy”s tits, brushing at each of Kathy”s nipples. Then she looked up at Kathy. “You know what I wanna do, Kathy?”

Kathy remained quiet, holding Robert”s cock.

“I”m gonna try to fuck your tit!” Cindy said in an excited voice. “I”m gonna put your tit inside my cunt!”

Kathy”s eyes widened as she saw the little girl scramble up until she was squatting over her chest. She stared as Cindy brushed her wet, hot cunt along her right nipple. Kathy felt the heat of Cindy”s tender cunt against her nipple, and soon the seeping fluids made her tit slippery.

Robert, still moving his cock in and out of her fist, leaned over and closed both of his hands about Kathy”s tit, making the nipple stand up rigid. Cindy pulled the lips of her cunt wide apart, and Kathy saw her nipple slip into Cindy”s boiling pussy.

Cindy pressed her cunt down and began to move her crotch back and forth, her burning clitoris rubbing at the smooth flesh of Kathy”s tit. Kathy felt as if her nipple was caught in a slippery, hot glove of flesh. She was amazed that Cindy”s cunt seemed to suck at her nipple.

Her fist closed tighter on Robert”s cock; then she felt it throbbing more powerfully. She hoped he would squirt his thick come juice all over her hand and arm. She wanted to feel Cindy”s cunt clutch at her nipple when he came. Already Kathy was grinding her ass against the bed again, her pussy so hot she could hardly stand it.

The palm of her hand was very slippery with the cum dripping from Robert”s piss hole. His cock slipped easily back and forth in her tight fingers. Kathy felt his prick jerking and he was fucking her fist faster. He still held her tit in both hands so his sister could fuck her rubbery nipple. Kathy heard him breathing fast, and her fingers tightened.

Cindy yelped, and Kathy felt her small, sweet cunt flex with orgasm about her nipple. She loved the way the beautiful blonde girl rubbed her cunt back and forth on her tit with ecstasy.

She felt Robert”s cock explode, and the hot thick come juice squirted into her hand, splashing along her arm. Robert fucked swiftly, grunting as he came, and Kathy”s palm was filled with come juice. Some of it had splattered as high as her elbow.

Cindy, finished, sat astride Kathy”s stomach, her cunt against Kathy”s flesh. Robert had withdrawn his cock and once more sat on the bed, leaning against the headboard. The feel of Cindy”s young cunt against her stomach sent tremors of pleasure racing through her body, and her tit was smeared where Cindy had fucked it.

Cindy rubbed her pussy gently along the flesh of Kathy”s stomach, reaching behind her to run her fingers through the thick curls of Kathy”s cunt hair. She probed at Kathy”s clitoris, making Kathy”s hips shoot upwards. Cindy giggled.

“Feels good, don”t it, Kathy?”

“Untie me, please!” Kathy whispered. “My arms are starting to hurt. I won”t tell on you, I promise.”

“Should we, Robert?”

Robert looked at Kathy. “I don”t know,” he said. “She might not let us do these things if we didn”t tie her up. This way, she can”t make us stop.”

“I”ll let you,” Kathy promised. “I won”t stop you from doing things with each other.”

“I mean to you,” Robert said.

Kathy had nothing to say about that.

“We kinda like looking at your tits and hairy cunt,” he said. “We like to touch your pussy and play with your tits. Would you let us do that if we untied you?”

Still Kathy remained silent. She knew she would do those things without being tied up. She knew it without a doubt. But could she tell them that? Did it make any difference one way or the other?

Her voice, when she spoke, came in a soft whisper. “I”ll let you.”

“What?” Cindy asked. “I didn”t bear, Kathy.”

“I”ll let you,” Kathy said, louder.

“You”ll let its what?” Robert teased, cupping his balls. “You gotta tell us what you”ll let us do with you.”

Kathy swallowed, and her face blushed. “I”ll let you… touch me.”

“You gotta do better than that,” Cindy giggled, squirming her cunt against Kathy”s trembling stomach. “You gotta tell us exactly what we can do with you.”

“Please,” Kathy whimpered, “don”t.”

“Then we have to keep you tied up,” Robert said.

Kathy knew she was blushing furiously, but there was nothing she could do. She looked at Robert, watching him fondle his balls. His cock was rigid again, the head beautifully swollen. She turned her gaze to Cindy, looking at the way the girl rubbed her moist, pulsating cunt along her stomach. Kathy”s cunt began to throb again, her clitoris swelling.

“I”ll tell you,” she heard herself saying. “Tell us what?” Robert said.

“What you can do with me.”

He looked at her, grinning. Cindy giggled.

“Then tell us,” Robert said.

“Touch me,” Kathy whispered.

“You already said that,” Cindy pointed out.

“You can… finger me.”

“Where?” Robert demanded wickedly.

“My… my pu-pu-ssy!” Kathy almost shouted.

“That”s better,” Cindy giggled.

“What else?” Robert asked in a thick voice.

Her blush deepened, but she felt a tremendous excitement.

“I can fuck you?” Robert said.


“Where can I fuck you?”

“My pussy.” The words came easier to Kathy now.

“Say cunt!” Cindy laughed lewdly. “Say cunt!”

“My cunt!” Kathy yelled. “Cunt, damn you! Cunt, cunt, cunt! You can fuck me in my cunt!”

Robert laughed with his sister. They seemed delighted in hearing her say it. Kathy felt her embarrassment turn to anger. Her dark eyes flashed.

“Fuck my cunt,” she snapped. “You can stick your cock up my cunt and fuck me! Fuck my pussy, fuck my cunt, fuck my snatch, my quim, my gash, my nookie-cookie! Stick your cock, your prick, your dong, your dick, up my cunt and fuck it!”

She was breathing hard.

“That”s pretty good,” Robert said.

“You can fuck my fist,” Kathy began to rant in mindless anger and desire. “You can fuck my cunt, fuck my mouth, come on my stomach; come on my face! I”ll suck your fucking cock, suck your fucking balls; make you come in my cock-sucking mouth! I”ll eat that cunt, lick that pussy, tongue-fuck that twat. I”ll do it… everything you can think of, you two little bastards, cock sucking, mother-fucking shit-heads!”

Cindy and Robert laughed happily.

“Do you think she means it, Robert?” Cindy asked.

“Why don”t we find out?”

“Untie me first,” Kathy said.

“No, I don”t think so,” Robert replied. “We”re gonna make sure first.”

Cindy began sliding her cunt along Kathy”s hot flesh. Kathy looked at the girl, saw the hot gleam in her eyes. Then she found herself looking up between Cindy”s slender thighs, gazing directly into Cindy”s sweet cunt. Cindy”s pussy was only inches above her mouth, and Kathy licked her lips. She wasn”t sure she could go through with it now.

Kathy didn”t have much choice.

Cindy lowered her pussy. Kathy felt the wet heat of Cindy”s cunt on her lips, and then the girl was grinding away, mewling with delight. Kathy”s lips were closed, becoming very slippery with the fluids. Hardly knowing it, she pursed her lips and kissed Cindy”s almost-hairless cunt. Cindy squealed and rubbed her pussy harder.

“She”s doing it, Robert! She kissed my cunt!”

Robert leaned forward so he could watch his sister grind her cunt into Kathy”s face. Kathy”s eyes gleamed in glassy heat. She opened her lips and thrust her tongue out. The taste of Cindy”s pussy surprised her. It was sweet, fresh and succulent. Her lips opened wider and she began to suck, her tongue licking about the wet, velvety cunt lips, tasting the throbbing knob of Cindy”s clitoris. Her nose was buried into the glossy golden fuzz and she found herself shivering with pleasure.

Kathy”s tongue shot in and out of Cindy”s tight cunt and she trembled with excitement as Cindy”s wet cunt closed about it. Cindy”s pussy sucked and nibbled at her thrusting tongue, and Kathy gripped in frenzy. The taste of this young cunt sent Kathy”s mind into a reeling ecstasy.

“She”s tongue fucking my cunt, Robert!” Cindy squealed with delight. “Ooooh, she”s fucking my cunt with her tongue!”

Cindy lifted her pussy slightly so Robert could see Kathy”s tongue swirling eagerly about it. Then Cindy pressed down again, grinding happily.

Kathy”s tongue shot in and out of Cindy”s tight, wet cunt. Her lips sucked furiously and she had to swallow often. Her own cunt was steaming again as she ate this cute pussy. Now and then her bottom lip was against Cindy”s crinkled asshole, but Kathy didn”t mind at all. Her tongue seemed to be everywhere at the same time on this succulent twat. Sometimes it was deep inside and other times it was licking in frenzy from top to bottom.

Cindy adjusted the position of her cunt on Kathy”s mouth and Kathy sucked at the throbbing clitoris when it was in her mouth. Her tongue fucked deeply when Cindy moved. The hot cheeks of the little girl”s ass was upon her chin, her nose in the golden pussy hair, her tongue lapping hungrily at the smooth, pulsating cunt lips and rigid, steamy clitoris.

Cindy screamed.

Kathy felt her grinding down hard into her mouth, and since her tongue was deep inside the cunt, she felt the convulsions when Cindy came. Cindy”s cunt flexed very tightly around her thrusting tongue, the spasms like waves. Kathy shot her tongue back and forth, fucking in frenzy at the convulsing snatch, eating and licking and swallowing. Cindy squealed louder as the ecstasy increased, boiling from the top of her golden head to the bottom of her toes. Her cunt writhed and twisted against Kathy”s sucking, licking mouth as she came.

When Cindy moved from her face, Kathy”s mouth, chin and nose were slippery. She licked at her lips, tasting and moaning softly.

Her naked ass was squirming about, her cunt throbbing with intense desire. She wanted them to touch her there again, finger-fuck her, do something to her, anything as long as she came. But Cindy was sprawled out on the bed, her naked ass trembling. Robert”s cock was very hard, and Kathy turned her eyes to it. She was so intensely aroused, she wanted it desperately.

“Fuck me, Robert!” she pleaded. “I”m so hot! Please put your cock in my cunt and fuck me!”

“You gotta suck me,” Robert said. “You gotta suck my cock like you sucked Cindy”s cunt!”

“Yes, oh yes!” Kathy wailed. “I”ll suck it! Come here! Put your cock in my mouth and I”ll suck it… then you fuck me!”

Sucking cock was nothing new to Kathy. She had sucked cock before. She enjoyed the feel of a hard, pulsating prick in her mouth.

“I”ll suck your cock, Robert,” she said, then added, “but don”t come! Don”t come that way! Nobody has come in my mouth before! I want it in my cunt when you come!”

“Sure,” he promised, moving toward her.

Kathy opened her mouth as his cock came close. She watched him lean over her on his hands and knees, his cock dangling above her mouth. She opened her mouth wide as he lowered the swollen head. She closed her lips about the head of his cock as it entered, her tongue licking at his dripping piss hole. She loved the hot roundness of his cock head in her mouth and she began to move her lips up and down the throbbing shaft.

Cindy had turned about, watching her brother being sucked by Kathy.

Kathy had to struggle to move her lips along his prick and her neck became tired easily. But then she felt Robert moving. He was fucking up and down into her mouth, and she held her head still, letting him fuck her mouth. She enjoyed the way his cock fucked between her lips. He drove deep into her mouth. When Kathy sucked cock before, she had leaned over the boy in the seat of a car, able to control the depth of his cock. Now, she had no choice, and Robert was going deep enough so that the swollen head of his cock probed her throat.

She closed her lips tightly about his cock, her tongue licking as he flicked in and out of her mouth. His balls began to bang against her chin as he became more energetic. She realized she loved this, being fucked inter mouth. It was different than sucking or bobbing her mouth up and down.

Robert thrust up and down excitedly. Kathy held her wet lips very tight around his cock, feeling the throbbing hardness of it between than. He would pull up until she held just the head of his cock between her lips, feeling the ridge of his cock head. He dripped more and more cum into her mouth, and she had to swallow quite frequently. As the throbbing of his cock increased between her sucking lips, Kathy began to struggle, trying to get his prick out of her mouth. She knew he was, about to come.

But Robert continued fucking up and down, more vigorously than before. He was gasping loudly, and his balls slapped at her chin. Kathy tried to open her lips wide enough and then turn her head, but he plunged deep.

Kathy”s eyes widened.

Robert”s cock suddenly gushed, flooding her mouth with thick come juice. The slippery come juice splashed onto her tongue as she darted it to his piss hole, thinking she could stop him from coming into her mouth. The come juice spurted past her tongue, and Kathy moaned. It was a moan of surprised ecstasy. The taste of his thick come juice was intensely delicious to her.

She swallowed, then began to suck furiously at his cock as her tongue whipped about his spewing piss hole. As her mouth filled with come juice, Kathy felt her cunt explode. The orgasm struck her with total surprise, lifting her ass from the bed with its power. She gurgled hotly as she sucked the come juice forcefully from his cock. Her tongue flapped eagerly and hungrily over the flare of his spurting piss hole, tasting the come juice as it shot forth. She was making loud gulping sounds as she devoured his cock, her hips writhing, her ass up, pussy convulsing with the intensity of her ecstasy.

She moaned with disappointment as he pulled his cock from her hungry mouth.


“Are those kids of mine being good?”

Kathy looked up. Jerry Haynes had picked her up for yet another evening to baby-sit Robert and Cindy. Sitting beside him in the car, she was already feeling anxious to get there. Her cunt, again encased in tight, lacy panties, had begun swelling and becoming moist as soon as he had arrived.

“They”re fine,” she replied. “Cindy and Robert are very nice.”

She noticed a grin spread over his face. He glanced once at her thighs, then back at the road. Kathy wondered if he was interested in her body. The idea that this good-looking man would like to fuck her sent a ripple of delight flowing through her. She knew, if he made a pass at her, she was not going to turn him down.

Dropping her eyes to his lap, she noticed the outline of his cock. It looked awfully long to her. It was almost hard, bulging against his pants. She saw the outline of the swollen head, and a twitch of her cunt caused her to suck in her breath.

“Those two are very pleased to stay with you, Kathy,” he said. “They seem to like you very much.”

Kathy wondered what Cindy and Robert had said about her. Surely they would say nothing of what they did, to her or to themselves. Of course they would tell their parents they liked her; they were tying her up, fucking each other, and the last time they had made her suck a cunt and a cock. They wouldn”t upset their little fun games, Kathy was certain.

“We”re going bowling tonight,” Jerry Haynes said. “Probably be gone four or five hours.”

She had never before been told how long they would be gone before, and she wondered if there was some significance in being told now. She had never been informed where they went before either.

She found it almost impossible to keep her eyes from straying to his cock. The palms of her hands itched to feel it and her cunt seemed to be very hot between her thighs. Her nipples had swollen and now they protruded against her light summer sweater. She knew the man had seen her nipples and it excited her. When he stopped the car and came around to her door, Kathy deliberately allowed hr legs to part wide, giving Mr. Haynes a good look at her long, slender, creamy thighs. She hoped he had seen the crotch of her panties. The way his cock bulged out against his pants caused her cunt to quiver with an intense desire to get her hands on his prick. The desire was so strong that before Kathy knew what she was doing, the back of her hand brushed over it as she stood up.

She glanced up at him beneath shy, lowered lashes. He was smiling down at her. The back of her hand seemed warm; she had felt a brief throbbing of his cock against it.

Ellen Haynes met them at the door, dressed in a sleeveless blouse and tight shorts. The first thing Kathy noticed was that Ellen”s blouse was very thin, and her eyes widened a bit when she realized the nipples strained against it as much as her own did. But there was a difference; Kathy could actually see the color of the older woman”s nipples. The shorts were so tight that Kathy saw the outline of the woman”s cunt. She turned when they left the house, watching them. Ellen”s ass was almost exposed by the tight, high-cut shorts. She had never seen Ellen dressed so revealing before. But then she had never seen Jerry Haynes” cock hard before, either.

Kathy found herself more excited than ever, simply because of what she had seen. She had gone out of her way to let Mr. Haynes see her thighs, and she hoped he had seen her panties. Touching the back of her hand against his cock had been an urge so powerful she had been unable to resist. Now she had been excited by seeing Mrs. Haynes.

By the time Cindy and Robert had taken her hand and began pulling her with them, Kathy was so eager for anything that she was trembling.

The house had a den, a place she had never been taken to. Now, as Cindy and Robert pulled her into the room, past a door that had always been closed before, Kathy found her senses reeling.

Over the fireplace was a huge photograph. It was of a woman naked, spread out in erotic repose. The woman”s legs were slim, wide and lifted, Kathy saw every detail of the woman”s cunt and asshole. The woman”s tits were large, with sweetly erect nipples. Then Kathy looked at the face.

“Oh my God!” she whispered.

She was looking into the photographed face of Ellen Haynes.

Cindy and Robert giggled, holding her hands tightly.

“That”s Mommy,” Cindy said. “Isn”t she beautiful, Kathy?”

On each side of the huge photograph were other photos. They were half the size of the large one, and Kathy found herself excited by them.

“That”s Daddy,” Cindy giggled.

Kathy saw he had been posed in a chair, slumped forward, his legs wide, just as naked as his wife was. His cock stood up very hard, thick and long, with a deliciously swollen head. His balls, dangling between his thighs, were large and very hairy.

The second one was of Cindy and Robert. Cindy was on her hands and knees, thighs spread, her sweet little ass toward the camera, and she was grinning over her shoulder. Cindy”s asshole and hairless cunt was revealed, as though she was in position to be fucked. Next to her was Robert, leaning back on one elbow, his cock standing up. He had his fist wrapped about it, grinning into the camera. “That”s us,” Robert said.

Kathy”s mind was reeling. So it had all been a game, she realized. It had all been a come on, a real setup. She had walked into it. And returned to it, and she was back again for the third time. So, of course their parents knew very well that Cindy and Robert were tying her up, fucking her mouth and exposing her tits and cunt. Of course their parents knew they were fucking each other. And of course their parents knew that Kathy was returning time and again. Which meant, she knew, that they realized she loved it!

For just a short second Kathy felt ashamed of herself, but it was fleeting. The picture of Mr. Haynes” cock drew her eyes again, and she stared at it hungrily. Her pussy was burning hotly inside her panties, and her tits tingled. She felt Cindy and Robert running their hands over her body, feeling her tits and thighs, slipping a hot hand under her skirt and then pressing at her throbbing cunt and swelling ass. She stood on shaking legs, breathing hard, gazing with smoldering eyes at their father”s enormous cock in the picture.

She was hardly aware when she felt the rope against her hands. One of them tied her hands together, then as she stood staring at that photograph, her skirt was removed, followed by her panties. They had left her summer sweater on. Kathy was positioned on her bound hands and knees. The rope pulled behind her knees and then to her neck. Her knees were close to her tits, and her swelling ass was high in the air.

“Please,” she said in soft voice, “you don”t have to tie me up anymore. I”ll do anything you two want. I don”t like being tied up.”

“We gotta tie you up, Kathy,” Cindy said. “But if I do what you want, why tie me?” Kathy protested.

Cindy was sitting on her heels at Kathy”s side, running her hands over the naked swells of her ass, feeling the creamy cheeks.

“We just have to,” Cindy said, poking a finger at Kathy”s hairy cunt.

Kathy gave a yelp. Cindy had thrust her finger into her slippery pussy without warning, and she was surprised by the suddenness of it. Cindy ran her finger in and out of Kathy”s cunt for a moment, then withdrew it. She brought her glistening wet finger to Kathy”s mouth.

“Suck it off, Kathy,” Cindy said. “Lick my finger.”

Kathy”s tongue came out and she licked away the wetness of her own cunt. “See, I”ll do whatever you want,” she said. “That proves it, ugh!”

“Not yet,” Robert said from her other side. “We gotta make sure.”

Kathy twisted her head about on the carpet and watched them undress. As she saw Robert”s delicious cock and Cindy”s sweet cunt, she shivered with anticipation. She hoped Robert would fuck her tonight, shove his cock up her cunt and fuck her good. She wanted to be fucked hard and fast, brutally. Her cunt was burning for a hard, throbbing cock inside it. Sit twitched her naked, uplifted ass, moaning softly.

She heard them talking, but paid no attention. She was gazing up at those pictures, her naked ass swaying in the air. She seemed more aroused than at any other time. She felt hands running over her creamy ass cheeks, felt both Cindy and Robert feeling her flesh. A hand moved up and down the sensitive insides of her thighs, then her clitoris was being stroked. A finger moved gently into her cunt and Kathy whimpered as hot pleasure flowed through her.

“Oh, Robert!” she moaned. “Do something to me, please! Oh, I”m so hot! Please, do it to me!”

“Do what to you?” he asked. “Remember, you”re supposed to say it, Kathy.”

“Fuck me!” she screamed.

Cindy giggled and Robert laughed.

“Fuck me, damn it!” Kathy”s voice was loud. “I want you to fuck me! Fuck my cunt with your hard cock! Please, pleases stick your cock up my cunt and fuck me!”

Robert knelt behind Kathy”s tantalizing ass. Kathy felt the head of his cock moving along her ass cheeks, and she wiggled it lewdly, trying to get it into her pussy. Hands held her ass, and then she felt his cock brushing against her throbbing cunt lips.

“Oooooh,” Kathy gurgled as she felt Robert”s cock penetrate her boiling, tight cunt. “Oh, yes, yes! Fuck me, Robert! Oh, please fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

Kathy”s ass was moving swiftly, twisting about as his cock thrust back and forth. After all this time she was finally being fucked. She had been teased until she was almost out of her mind, forced to lick Cindy”s cunt and then she was mouth-fucked by Robert. And finally, she was being fucked.

Her mind reeled with erotic ecstasy as she twisted her ass about, feeling this stomach banging against the hot smooth cheeks. His balls swung to and fro as he pounded into her ass. Wave after wave of orgasm was rippling through her and her eyes closed to saver the delicious sensations. She moaned and whimpered and cooed as his cock drove deep into the steamy tightness of her slippery twat. Kathy”s cunt felt as if it would never stop coming, and the spasms grew stranger and stronger. He was fucking her the way she wanted it now — hard and fast and almost brutally.

She had no idea where Cindy was, nor did she care. All that mattered right now was Robert”s cock stabbing into her boiling cunt. He was fucking her hard, so hard that she was being buffeted about, and even that thrilled her. It was exactly the way she wanted to be fucked.

“Oohhh, fuck it!” she was screaming in a loud voice. “Fuck that cunt, Robert! Pound my ass! Oh, fuck it hard, Robert! I love it, love it, love it! Ooooh, so hard and big and fucking my cunt! Oh, I”m coming and I won”t ever stop coming and I want you to keep fucking me forever and ever!”

Kathy was certain she could feel his cock throbbing inside her gripping cunt. She wasn”t entirely sure because of the convulsions going through her. She could hear him breathing hard as he banged and plunged into her pussy.

“Give her that cock!” she heard Cindy saying from someplace nearby. “Fuck her hairy, hot cunt, Robert! Make her come and come! Fuck her fucking-hot, fucking-hairy, fucking cunt!”

The orgasms were becoming stronger and stronger, and Kathy”s half-naked body shuddered. Her upraised ass twisted and gyrated as the ecstasy grew and boiled deep inside her body. Kathy was grunting and gasping as she squeezed her eyes tightly shut. She was making more noise than ever, but she didn”t care. This was the sweetest ecstasy she had ever felt, and she wanted it to continue forever until she was a shattered lump of glowing flesh.

Through all the intensity of her pleasure, she felt Robert slam his cock as deep into her hairy, steamy cunt as he could. He rammed hard and went stiff against her, his cock lurching between her slippery, tightly gripping cunt lips. She heard a loud gasp come from him, then the heat of his gushing come juice was splashing into her twat.

Kathy wailed with ecstasy when she felt him squirt his come juice into her cunt. The hot, thick come juice filled her pussy, flooding her cunt. She groaned loudly as another orgasm exploded between her thighs. Her pussy squeezed at his gushing cock hotly, flexing and sucking, drawing the sweetness of his come juice into her cunt.

If she had not been tied this way, Kathy would have fallen to the floor. She became weak, her mind almost blank. She shivered and shook, her naked, uplifted ass quivering as he spurted time and again into her hairy snatch. Through it all, she found that Cindy had shoved her hand underneath her trembling body and was rubbing furiously upon her distended clitoris, helping her brother make her come.

After what seemed a long time, Robert pulled his cock from her twitching cunt. Kathy felt the insides of her thighs wet and slippery as his come juice seeped from her flowing cunt. She felt so relaxed at the moment, so good. Her ass was still high in the air, and she didn”t care at all. She wanted it this way. She was thrilled to be so lewdly exposed. She wanted to be looked at by Cindy and Robert, by anyone who came into the room.

Cindy and Robert left Kathy in her exposed position. They lay on the floor next to her, hugging and kissing each other, feeling each other. Kathy loved to watch. She enjoyed the way Cindy spread her slim legs, and Robert”s hand moved about his sister”s cunt. She loved the way Cindy fondled her brother”s cock and balls, toying with them and making his cock hard again.

Somehow the two became twisted around on the floor next to Kathy, and she watched with interest as Robert lay on his back beneath his sister. Cindy had spread her slender thighs over his head, and Robert clutched at his sister”s naked, sweet, compact ass. He ran his tongue over her thighs, tasting his sister”s creamy flesh. Kathy saw his tongue lick Cindy”s almost-hairless cunt lips, tasting his sister”s cunt. Then Robert buried his mouth into his sister”s crotch and began to tongue-fuck and lick at her deliciously young twat.

With her head hovering above her brother”s cock, Cindy stroked it with her small fist. She pressed her lips to the head of his prick. Kathy gazed at Robert”s cock as cum dripped from the piss hole, watching as Cindy kissed the drops away. In one of her hands, Cindy held his balls, the other tight at the base, jacking up and down to bring more beads of cum to his piss hole.

Kathy felt a shiver of pleasure as she saw Cindy running her tongue over the swollen head of her brother”s cock, licking at it eagerly. Cindy mewled softly as her mouth opened and then closed about her brother”s cock. For a long, exciting moment, Cindy sucked and licked at the head, then glided her lips down the throbbing shaft. Kathy was surprised to see that Cindy had managed to get every inch of ha brother”s cock into her mouth. Her own lips pursed as if she could taste the hotness of his prick.

Cindy wiggled her naked little ass above her brother”s face, grinding her young cunt harshly against his sucking, licking mouth. Her lips slid smoothly up and down his cock, her cheeks sinking in as she sucked strongly and eagerly.

Soft cooing sounds came from Cindy as she sucked on Robert”s cock, Kathy could see the girl loved to have her brother”s prick in her mouth, that Cindy was a cock sucker who starved for a hard-on between her lips. Cindy twisted her mouth on her brother”s cock as she went up and down on him, taking it all inside her hot, hungry throat.

Cindy gripped her brother”s balls very tightly, her other hand underneath his squirming ass, clutching a cheek with her fingers. She gulped and swallowed at his cock hotly. Her eyes were open, the blue of them shining in the dark, smoldering like Kathy”s.

Somehow Kathy managed to scoot her face underneath Robert”s lifted thighs. She began to lick at Robert”s balls when Cindy moved her head. Kathy lapped up and down, sometimes the tip of her tongue touching Cindy”s sucking lips. She murmured in hungry delight as she sucked both of Robert”s balls into her mouth. Cindy sucked up and down hard on her brother”s cock, watching at close range as Kathy sucked his balls.

The moist sounds of their mouths filled the room, and Kathy sucked at Robert”s balls just as greedily and hungrily as Cindy sucked his cock.

Kathy felt Robert”s balls become tight inside her hot, wet mouth. She saw Cindy dive down on his cock fast, then a soft gulp came from Cindy. Robert was flooding his sister”s mouth with his come juice, squirting so much that the pearl-white thickness escaped Cindy”s tightly sucking lips, running down onto his balls and against Kathy”s lips. Kathy released his balls and began to lick about them, tasting his come juice as it seeped from his sister”s tight lips.

When it was over, Kathy didn”t know if Cindy had come or not, but knowing the girl she probably did. Kathy had come; she always came. She came so easily, sometimes just seeing a cock would make her come.

Her legs were aching now from being tied in this position. “Can”t you untie me now, please?” she asked.

“Why not, Robert?” Cindy asked her brother. “She”s proved she”ll do anything we want, hasn”t she?”

“Not yet,” Robert said. “There”s one more thing we have to do with her.”


Now what? Kathy thought.

What else could they do with her? They had already done just about anything Kathy could think of. She had licked Cindy”s sugary little cunt and made her come; she had sucked — or rather been fucked in her mouth — Robert”s cock. She had swallowed up his delicious come juice. He had fucked her fantastically and she had sucked on his balls as his sister sucked his cock off. What more could they possibly do to her — with her?

The muscles of her legs wore hurting and the ropes were cutting into the tender flesh behind her knees. She couldn”t lift up, ad she wanted to stretch out.

Kathy was an intelligent girl. She knew what those pictures on the wall of the den meant. Jury Haynes and his wife were screwing with their son and daughter. It was the only thing she could make of it.

If that was true, what did they want with her? Why had she been tied up that first night? All Cindy and Robert would have had to do was bring her to the den and show her the pictures, told her about it. Kathy would have joined in eagerly.

Kathy loved to fuck. She would rather fuck than do anything else. Robert, though, was the first one to come in her mouth, and that had been because she was in no position to stop him. But, Kathy admitted to herself, she loved it. She would let him fuck her in the mouth anytime he wanted. She loved the sweetness of his thick come juice. And, she knew, she loved the taste of Cindy”s young cunt. So why keep her tied up this way? She had proved beyond a doubt how cooperative she was.

She was so involved in her thoughts, she had almost forgotten about Cindy and Robert. She felt hands on her ass again. Opening her eyes, she saw that Robert was at her side, feeling her creamy ass cheeks. His cock was hard and dripping again. She would have loved to reach back there and jack on it, feel the throbbing hardness, if she were not tied this way.

Cindy had inched her cunt toward Kathy”s face, her legs spread wide. Kathy watched Cindy”s cunt came closer, and she was eager to eat it again. She licked her lips. But then Cindy suddenly turned onto her stomach, her round, compact, sweet ass beneath Kathy”s face. Kathy gazed at the flesh of the girl”s ass cheeks, and when Cindy lifted them, Kathy knew what was expected of her.

She began to kiss Cindy”s smooth, pretty ass cheeks.

Cindy wiggled her ass against Kathy”s lips and when Kathy darted her moist tongue out and began to lick at the smooth cheeks, Cindy giggled.

“Lick my ass for me, Kathy,” Cindy whispered. “I love to have my ass licked! Lick all over my ass!”

Kathy”s tongue lapped about the sweet swells of Cindy”s ass, enjoying the taste of that fresh flesh. Her cunt began to bubble again, as if it had never stopped in the first place. She dipped her tongue up and down the inviting warmth of Cindy”s ass cheeks, licking at the crack. Cindy squirmed her ass about, cooing with the pleasure of Kathy”s tongue.

Robert was brushing his cock up and down Kathy”s seeping, twitching cunt. Kathy wiggled her upraised ass tantalizingly, urging him with the movement to plunge his cock into her cunt. Her tongue licked up and down the hot, crack of Cindy”s ass as she waggled her own ass for Robert.

Then she yelped.

“No!” Kathy squealed, trying to jerk her ass away from him. “Not there, Robert! Don”t put your cock in me there! I”ve never been fucked in my ass before! Please stick your cock in my cunt!”

Robert held her hips tightly, holding her so she couldn”t move. Kathy felt the swollen head of his cook pressing harder against the tightness of her asshole. She squeezed it tighter, hoping to prevent his cock from going in.

She yelped again.

The swollen head of Robert”s cock entered her asshole. For a moment Kathy felt a sharp pain, but to her surprise it did not last long at all. In place of the pain, she felt unexpected pleasure. The sensation of feeling a cock sliding into her ass was alien to her, but Kathy found it extremely pleasant.

Her tongue returned to Cindy”s ass cheeks as she felt Robert thrust more of his cock into her tightly clenching asshole. Somehow Kathy”s tongue was between the hot cheeks of Cindy”s ass, and she was probing the tip at her asshole. Robert”s cock felt like a huge bludgeon inside her asshole, and the pleasant feeling turned into one of ecstasy. With a wiggle of her uplifted ass, Kathy felt his cock slide all the way into her ass. His balls banged against her twitching cunt, and Kathy mewled with ecstasy as her tongue ran in and out of Cindy”s tight asshole.

Moaning with ecstasy, Kathy licked furiously at Cindy”s asshole, her tongue going down and tasting her sweet cunt, then back up to probe the tight pucker. Cindy was whimpering with delight, shaking her ass about hotly and eagerly. Kathy began to lick in frenzy at Cindy”s tight, sweet asshole as Robert began to plunge in and out of her gripping asshole. His hands dug into her rounded hips as he fucked deep and hard into her ass. His balls banging against her boiling pussy was making her shudder with rippling waves of burning orgasm.

Feeling Robert”s cock throbbing as it went in and out of her tight, gripping asshole sent Kathy into a frenzy of erotic delight. Her tongue pressed hard against Cindy”s asshole, and then it slipped into the heat of it. Kathy fucked her tongue back and forth, then pulled it free and stabbed it deep into Cindy”s clinging cunt. Her mouth was wide open as she tongued and licked Cindy”s cunt and asshole, her breath hot and fast. Kathy moved her ass about, writhing and twisting it, squealing softly as Robert fucked hard into it. The new thrills were greater than ever, and Kathy could hardly take much more. She was coming time and again from the erotic sensations that burned through her naked body.

Her cunt was burning as it twitched with orgasm after orgasm. Her tongue flew powerfully into the tightness of Cindy”s clenching asshole, then down and into her sugary cunt. Cindy was squealing and yelping as she came against Kathy”s open mouth and slurping tongue! Every time Kathy”s tongue plunged into her asshole, Cindy would wail with pleasure. Robert was panting behind Kathy as he thrust harder and faster into her hot, tight asshole. Kathy could feel his cock swelling, throbbing powerfully. She was anxious to feel his cock gushing thick come juice up her ass.

Kathy”s asshole was flexing about his pounding cock as she came. Slippery fluids seeped from her convulsing hairy pussy to run along the insides of her sensitive, smooth thighs. His balls banged upon the puffy, twitching lips of her cunt. She closed her asshole as tight as she could about his cock, almost so tight Robert couldn”t fuck her. Then there was a yelp, and Kathy felt his hot come juice gushing into her asshole. It was a strange sensation, but one she loved. Her asshole began to flex on his squirting cock, sucking at it as he came. Her tongue was racing in and out of Cindy”s asshole now, and the little girl was shaking with ecstatic orgasm.

With Robert grunting behind her, his cock spewing thick come juice into the hot, receptive asshole, Kathy was coming in stronger waves. As Kathy”s tongue thrust in and out of the crinkled asshole, Cindy was moaning with the intensity of the pleasure. Cindy, yelping and sobbing as she came, writhed and wiggled her compact ass against Kathy”s face.

Robert, trembling, leaned against Kathy”s uplifted ass, breathing very hard. His cock was still stuffed up her asshole. Cindy was no longer squirming about, and Kathy slipped her tongue along the crack of the girl”s ass, then lay her warm cheek upon it, panting heavily.

Kathy was amazed at the pleasure she had gotten from being fucked in her asshole. She would not have believed it possible. Even now, as Robert slowly pulled his cock out of her ass, she could feel the deep, warm throbbing, the soft waves of pleasure, still rumbling through her. As his cock came free, Kathy made a low hissing sound.

After a few minutes Robert untied her, and Kathy sat on the floor, her legs stretched out in front of her as she leaned against the couch. She leaned her head back on the cushions, her eyes half closed. It no longer mattered that she was lewdly exposed to the brother and sister. She had nothing else to hide from them. They had seen every inch of her slender, curvy, beautiful body.

Neither Cindy nor Robert removed her sweater, nor did they ask her to. Somehow, Kathy felt more exposed, more vulnerable, wearing that tight sweater and nothing else. She got to her feet, still a bit weak, and walked from the room. She could feel Cindy”s hot eyes on her slightly swaying, naked ass. She went to the kitchen and drank a glass of water, then returned to the den.

She gazed at the pictures above the fireplace. They excited her tremendously, but she didn”t want to ask about them. Kathy knew she would be told about them eventually. She had a hunch everything that had happened to her had a purpose and she would soon find out that purpose.

“You remember your promise?” Cindy asked when Kathy sat on the couch.

“I remember,” Kathy replied.

“Then sit with your legs open,” Robert said. “We like to see your cunt, Kathy. You”re supposed to always sit with your legs apart.”

“Always?” Kathy asked.

“Yes,” Cindy answered.

Kathy spread her knees wide. When she was told to scoot her ass to the edge of the cushions, she did so. With her legs wide apart, her hair-lined cunt was fully exposed, the moist pink lips quivering slightly, her clitoris again distended.

“I wanna lick it,” Cindy said, her voice squealing. “I wanna lick your cunt!”

Kathy watched the little girl slip between her widely spread thighs. Cindy sat on the floor, her knees up and spread. As she began to lick along the creamy sensitive inner surfaces of Kathy”s thighs, she began to fondle and caress her own hot, hairless little cunt. Kathy”s eyes began to smolder as she felt Cindy”s wet tongue lapping at her thighs, her cunt twitching and her clitoris swelling with excitement again. When Cindy pressed her lips against Kathy”s throbbing cunt, Kathy mewled and lifted her crotch, grinding it slowly as the girl began licking and sucking at her hairy cunt lips. Cindy”s tongue darted into her pussy and Kathy whimpered with delight.

While Cindy tongue-fucked Kathy”s steamy pussy, her brother moved to the couch and was offering his hard cock to Kathy”s mouth. Robert held his cock and rubbed the dripping piss hole around her moist lips. Kathy sighed with pleasure and opened her mouth. Robert”s cock slipped between her teeth and lips, going deep into her mouth. Closing her lips tightly around his prick, Kathy began to suck as he fucked back and forth.

The full length of his cock entered her hot, wet mouth, making Kathy whimper with delight. She placed a hand on top of Cindy”s blonde head, twisting and squirming her slippery cunt against her pretty face. Cindy”s tongue stabbed in and out, licking at the velvety, hot walls of Kathy”s cunt, twirling up to lap at the inflamed clitoris. Kathy moved her hips, pressing her pussy harder against Cindy”s face.

The throbbing of Robert”s hard-on between her lips sent ripples of ecstasy radiating up and down her spine. With her free hand, Kathy lifted her sweater and exposed her tits. She gripped one tit and her fingers dug into the spongy flesh. Sucking on Robert”s cock, she squeezed at her tit until it was almost painful. Her cunt seemed to grip Cindy”s tongue that was flying in and out of it. Her mouth held Robert”s cock tightly, wetly, hungrily, as he fucked back and forth, his balls slapping againsther chin. The few hairs he had at the base tickled her greedy lips, further thrilling Kathy. The tongue racing into her steaming cunt and the cock plunging into her mouth sent Kathy”s mind into reeling, erotic ecstasy.

Kathy”s cunt was rippling in orgasms. She licked in swirling greediness about Robert”s swollen cock head, her lips clinging to the throbbing shaft as he fucked in and out of her mouth. Her tits were very swollen, and her nipples tingled with rubbery hardness. Kathy worked hungrily to bring Robert”s come juice flying from that deliciously hard cock. She wanted it to spurt thickly into her mouth, coat her tongue, flood her mouth with sweetness.

Her ass banged into Cindy”s face, grinding her slippery, hairy cunt harshly against Cindy”s mouth and darting tongue. She held the back of Cindy”s head, forcing the girl”s pretty face tighter into her crotch. Kathy was coming stronger, the spasms making her muscles flex with tightness. Her toes seemed to curl up as the ecstasy grew.

Sighs of intense pleasure came from Kathy as she sucked on Robert”s throbbing hard cock, her tongue licking furiously at his drip ping piss hole. He drove his cock deep into her mouth, probing at the back of her throat. Kathy gurgled in ecstasy each time he thrust in to her. She could hear the soft mewl of pleasure coming from Cindy as the young girl sucked and licked at her hair-rimmed cunt, and the sounds told her that Cindy was coming as often as she was.

Robert now had his hand on the back of Kathy”s head, holding it tightly as he rammed his cock in and out of her hot, wet, gripping lips. He began to mouth fuck her in frenzy, yelping that he was about to come. Kathy”s lips held his prick tighter and her tongue swirled faster. His balls banged against her chin quickly, and the throbbing of his cock against her tight lips told Kathy he would soon be spewing thick come juice into her mouth and down her throat.

She was churning her cunt up and down against Cindy”s hungry mouth. Cindy”s tongue was darting and thrusting faster, going as deep as it would go, licking Kathy”s velvety walls eagerly. Her chin was pressed against Kathy”s tight, flexing asshole, her nose buried into the thick mass of curly cunt hair. Her finger rubbed brutally at Kathy”s inflamed clitoris, her other hand squeezing one of Kathy”s sweetly swelling ass cheeks.

The three of them were gasping and mewling with the soaring intensity. They grunted loudly as they banged together. Kathy”s flat stomach rippled as she churned and whipped her cunt against Cindy”s sucking mouth, her own mouth darting back and forth to meet the fucking motions of Robert as he thrust his hard, throbbing cock into her mouth.

Robert”s cock began to spew. The thick come juice splashed into Kathy”s mouth, coating her tongue. She gulped hungrily, swallowing his come juice. Her tongue raced about his gushing piss hole for more. She squealed in a muffled sound and slammed her cunt hard against Cindy”s mouth, the convulsions stronger than before. Cindy squealed as she bubbled into orgasm, and all three of them came almost at the same time.

Kathy”s lips pulled from Robert”s cock and she leaned back on the couch, her dark hair fanned about her beautiful face. Her lips glistened with slippery come juice, her eyes half closed. Robert slumped next to her, leaning on her shoulder, his cheek touching her nipple. Cindy rested her soft, warm cheek on Kathy”s cunt.

Kathy looked up at the pictures, and felt that Ellen and Jerry Haynes were smiling down upon her with approval. Then she saw the time on the clock.

“Oh, I”ve got to get my clothes on,” she said, sitting upright and pulling her sweater down. She got to her feet and located her skirt, pulling it on and watched as Cindy and Robert dressed.

All three were dressed and composed by the time the Haynes came home.


Kathy sat in the car as Jerry Haynes drove her home.

Now that she had seen that picture of him, his cock extremely hard, his hairy balls so deliciously full, she wanted him with a hot desperation. She couldn”t keep her eyes off the front of his pants. The dash lights were bright enough so she could see his cock outlined along the side of his thigh. Despite the fucking and sucking she had enjoyed with Robert and Cindy, her cunt still pulsated with a burning desire for more.

Not only was she turned on by the outline of Jerry Haynes” cock; the image of his wife crept into her mind often. Ellen”s shorts had been so tight against her crotch that Kathy had seen the full outline of the woman”s cunt, the puffiness of those lips, the deep indentation of her crack. The curve of the woman”s ass cheeks excited her, as did her long, slender, smooth thighs.

Kathy knew hardly anything about the Haynes. Was it possible, Kathy thought, the Haynes family was one of those she had heard about, read about in the privacy of her bedroom at home? Was the family so sex-hungry that they fucked each other? Kathy knew incest happened and more often than some people realized. Kathy found it exciting. The idea of this good-looking man fucking his sweet, innocent little daughter, his huge cock thrusting into Cindy”s tight cunt, made Kathy”s pussy throb. In her mind she could see them with Robert and Cindy; Ellen fucking or sucking her son”s cock off, and Jerry stabbing his enormous cock into the tender heat of his daughter”s twat.

Kathy did not realize that she had moaned, softly with the image, with the gentle ripple that flowed through her cunt.

“Did you say something, Kathy?” Jerry Haynes asked.

“Uh, no,” she whispered.

They drove in silence through the dark streets.

Then Kathy saw Jerry”s hand move toward her. His hand came down on her knee, and he squeezed it lightly. Kathy watched as his fingers began to slide under her skirt. She glanced at his face, but he wasn”t looking at her.

His hand slowly began to caress the inner smoothness of her thigh, going from her knee to halfway under her skirt. Kathy began to breathe with excitement. She watched and waited, but all he did was fondle hp thigh, staying a good four inches away from the hairy cunt that was now pulsating and wet.

Kathy could take it no longer.

She scooted close to him, murmuring hotly. She grabbed his hand and pulled it underneath her skirt, spreading her knees wide. Curling his fingers about her hairy, wet cunt, she mewled softly.

“No panties,” Jerry said. “I like that, Kathy.”

His fingers began to brush up and down her cunt lips, caressing lightly the throbbing, distended clitoris. Kathy squirmed her ass on the seat, then moved her left hand out and curled her fingers around his cock.

“Oooooh, I want it!” she said, her voice throaty and pleading. “I want your cock, Mr. Haynes! Please fuck me!”

“Right here?”

“Yes!” Kathy groaned, squeezing his cock hard through his pants. “Right here!”

“What if someone sees us?” he said, teasing her, his finger rubbing at her inflamed clitoris.

“I don”t care!” Kathy said in desperation, tugging at the zipper of his pants. “I don”t care, Mr. Haynes! I want your cock!”

He pulled the car to the curb. A nearby street lamp gloved, illuminating the interior of the car. Kathy pulled his cock from his pants, wrapping her fingers around it tightly, jacking swiftly. Her thumb brushing over his piss hole told her he was dripping. She smeared the fluid about the smoothly swollen head, mewling with delight.

“Oh, so big, Mr. Haynes!” she gurgled. “Your cock is so fucking big! Oooh, I want to suck it!”

Kathy did not wait for an answer. She dipped her face down. The steering wheel was close to her head, but she wasn”t going to let anything stop her from stuffing his huge cock into her mouth.

Her lips opened as wide as she could get them, and she greedily closed them about the huge, swollen head of his cock. With the throbbing taste of him, her eyes rolled and her cunt twitched. She lapped back and forth across his piss hole, licking away the bubbling fluids and swallowing them with pleasure. She felt his hand resting on the back of her dark-haired head.

“You”ve got a hot mouth, Kathy,” she heard him saying in a thick voice. “Your mouth is so hot and wet! I bet you”re a good cock sucker!”

Kathy wanted to scream at him to ask his son. Her lips stretched tightly about the huge head of his cock, and she dipped her mouth, trying to stuff more of that thick hardness inside. But his cock was so huge she could not get more than half between her lips. She clawed into his pants and hefted his hairy balls free. She twisted at his balls as her face began to suck up and down on as much of his cock as she could get.

“Oh, Kathy!” Jerry Haynes moaned. “Kathy, your mouth is so fucking hot, so fucking wet! Suck it, baby! Suck my hard cock! Oh, you sweet, beautiful cock sucker! Eat my cock, Kathy! Ahhh, baby, baby!”

Kathy”s mouth glided up and down his throbbing cock, her eyes rolling about as the pleasure flowed hotly through her. Her cunt was going through soft, pleasant waves of orgasms. She twisted her ass gently as she sucked at his prick. Her tongue lapped with hungry delight, racing about the swollen head and tapping at his flaring piss hole. The ecstasy she felt seemed even greater than when she sucked on Robert”s cock. Mindlessly, she devoured his throbbing hard-on, mewling and whimpering and gasping.

Her mouth flew up and down his thick prick, hungry to have his come juice spurting sweetly into her burning throat. She had never wanted a cock to squirt into her mouth with such desperation before. Hairy balls were a turn on for Kathy, and ever since she had seen that picture of this man, and now held his balls in her hand, she became almost insane with the desire to have his come juice flowing into her hot, wet, mouth.

“Ahh, you hungry little cock sucker!” Jerry Haynes grunted. “Sweet, sweet little cock sucker! Suck my cock, Kathy! God, you”re a hungry cock sucker!”

Kathy ripped her mouth from his cock long enough to reply, surprising herself. “Oooh, I love sucking cock, Mr. Haynes! I love sucking your cock! You have such a long, thick prick, Mr. Haynes! Ooooh, these balls… so fucking hairy! I hope they”re full… I want you to come a lot inside my cock sucking hot mouth, Mr. Haynes!”

And she dived onto his cock again.

Her lips stretched, her mouth filled. She bobbed up and down swiftly, gobbling greedily, mewling and whimpering with intense ecstasy. Her cunt felt as if it were on fire, pulsating and flexing in rampaging orgasms. Soft squeals bubbled from her sucking mouth as her tongue whipped about the swollen, smooth head of his prick. Although Kathy had not sucked all that many cocks, this was the largest one she had ever had in her mouth. She loved the way it stuffed her mouth.

She loved the throbbing heat of it between her sliding, sucking lips. She wanted to suck his delicious cock all the way into hr stomach, but she could barely take half of it into her mouth. The huge head probed at her throat as she sucked and only half of his cock could enter her wet mouth.

“Oh you greedy little cock sucker!” Jerry Haynes grunted. “Oh you sweet, cock sucking little cunt! Eat my prick! Suck my cock! Kathy, oh Kathy! You hot little cunt! You hot little cock sucking cunt!”

Kathy listened to the words and they inflamed her already reeling brain with ecstasy. She began to suck as hard as she could, her beautiful face moving up and down furiously, mewling loudly, tongue flying.

His cock seemed to become larger yet inside her wet mouth. It was jerking about and dripping even more than before.

Then the cock squirted.

Kathy”s eyes, which had been closed, popped wide open as her mouth was filled with the thick come juice. She clutched the head of his cock as he spewed. She pulled back until her lips were around his piss hole only, sucking as her tongue raced about his gushing piss hole.

She sucked at his piss hole as if it were a straw, her mouth filling swiftly. She swallowed with an ecstatic squeal, and again her mouth filled. The squirting come juice was thick and sweet as it coated her tongue, and her cunt was exploding hotly. She sucked and licked for a long time, swallowing time after time. She thought his cock would never stop spewing in to her mouth, but she didn”t mind. She loved it!

When his prick dribbled to a halt, she ran her tongue around it, then kissed the tip lightly. Sitting up, she cooed and shoved her mouth against his. His tongue thrust into her mouth, and his hand squeezed one of her pointed tits.

“You”re good, Kathy,” he said after she pulled her mouth from his. “You”re a damn good cock sucker.”

His hand fondled her tit, twisting her rubbery nipple through her sweater.

“That”s because I love to suck cocks,” she said, giggling.

“Cocks?” he asked, chuckling. “Not just cock, but cocks, huh?”

“Oooooh, yes!” she mewled, playing with his balls.

“What about fucking?”

“I love to fuck!”

“I bet your cunt is as hot as your mouth,” he teased.

“My cunt is hot and wet and tight and hairy and I love a cock fucking it!” she squealed.

Only a few days ago Kathy would not have said such things, but everything was different now. She loved saying those words; they excited her.

She lifted her ass and pulled her tight skirt to her waist. “See how hairy my cunt is, Mr. Haynes?”

She spread her legs and her hairy twat was fully exposed. Jerry Haynes ran his hand through the curly hair, then shoved a finger into her pussy. It was wet and hot and tight, just like she said it was.

“Want to fuck me, Mr. Haynes?” she asked. “You”re so nice and hard again. I”d love to see what it feels like to have this big cock up my cunt! I bet your cock would fill my pussy so nicely… really stretch it!”

“You want me to fuck you right here?” he asked, rubbing her inflamed clitoris. “Under this street light?”

“Why not?” she said, pumping on his thick cock. “I don”t care if someone saw us. Everyone can come out and watch your big cock fuck my hot cunt! I don”t give a fuck! Come on, fuck me!”

Jerry Haynes moved to her side of the car, his cock arching up from his pants, balls exposed. Kathy quickly scrambled onto his lap, clasping his cock in a tight grip. She placed the huge head of his swollen prick against the hairy wetness other burning pussy, then settled down on him.

“Ooooooooh!” she mewled as his cock stretched the lips of her cunt. She moved her crotch down slowly, savoring the sensation.

Her cunt stretched in a tingling way as she lowered it. She gripped his shoulders now, her fingers clawing into his thin shirt. Her eyes smoldered and rolled as she hissed with ecstasy. She felt the length of his thick cock penetrate her cunt and then his hairy balls were against the sweet curves of her ass cheeks. Kathy settled there, shivering and shaking with the fullness inside her cunt.

Then she began to lift her ass slowly. She pulled her cunt up until she had only the big, swollen head between the inflamed lips. She slowly twined her ass, then with a gurgle of pleasure, slammed dawn onto his cock swiftly, yelping. Jerry Haynes was gripping the cheeks of her shaking ass, his fingers digging into her smooth, firm flesh.

“Tight, baby!” he gurgled as she began to bounce and churn her ass up and down. “And so fucking hot and wet! Fuck my cock, Kathy! Fuck my cock with your hot, hairy, tight, wet cunt!”

“Oh, yes, yes!” she grunted, her naked ass flying up and down his cock. “Ohh, so big, so fucking big! I love it, Mr. Haynes! I love your big, hard cock fucking my cunt!”

The car rocked with her motion. Kathy was churning furiously, her naked ass clutched in his hands. His cock was hard, and it throbbed between the gripping lips of her twat.

Kathy”s cunt began to suck on his prick as she started coming. The orgasms came crashing through her shaking body powerfully, and she squealed as her pussy rode up and down his prick. Jerry Haynes brought one hand away from her furiously bouncing ass cheek and shoved it under her sweater, cupping and squeezing her tit. Her fingers dug in to his shoulders, and she slammed her lips against his. Her tongue slid forward and she licked at his mouth, her ass in constant movement. She churned her crotch in a frenzy of erotic ecstasy and gurgled with the increasing sensation of orgasms flowing through her.

She was eager to have his cock gushing into her cunt, just as eager as she was for it to come off inside her hungry mouth. Her naked ass whipped about in a violent flurry of speed. Jerry Haynes grunted with the pleasure her gripping, flexing cunt gave him.

He did not move. He had no reason to move. Kathy was doing it all. Her cunt rode up and down his cock like a devouring animal. Her cunt sucked and nibbled at his prick, and his balls began to draw up tight at the base. His finger was close to her asshole, and he could feel that pucker growing tight, then relaxing. He began to rub her tight asshole with the tip of his finger, making Kathy squeal with intense pleasure.

She was coming time and again, the rippling ecstasy burning through her half-naked body, making her shake and shiver. She threw her head back, her dark hair falling about her shoulders. She began to scream, the sound becoming louder and louder as her orgasms increased in power. She was coming harder and with more pleasure than ever in her young life.

Her cunt sucked and drew on his thick, long cock, the hairy lips flexing around it. She was bouncing so fast and hard she almost lost his cock a time or two.

She heard him grunt, then his hips lifted from the seat of the car. She slammed down tight, grinding her cunt in frenzy, her ass on his hairy balls. She felt his cock lurch, deep inside her cunt and then she was flooded with his thick come juice. His cock squirted relentlessly. Her cunt was filled until the slippery come juice dribbled from her clutching cunt lips. She wailed loudly as he gushed into her twat. Again she thought his cock would never stop coming. Her body shuddered as she ground her pussy tightly against him, her ass cheeks trembling in his hand.

It was only after he had come in her cunt and she was slumped against him that she realized his finger was deep inside her ass hole. She writhed and pulled from him, lifting her crotch.

“You”ve got your finger up my asshole, Mr. Haynes,” she said in a low voice.

“So it seems,” he replied, pulling it out. “I don”t remember putting it there, Kathy. I”m sorry.”

“I”m not,” she laughed softly. “It felt good!”

He looked at her as he scooted back under the wheel of the car. Kathy slumped on the seat, her skirt still at her waist, legs wide, cunt revealed. She turned her face toward him, smiling happily.

“You are a hot little piece, aren”t you?” he laughed, starting the car.

“You”re damn right!” she laughed. “I”m so fucking hot all the time!”

He pulled to the curb of her house. Kathy climbed from the car, smoothing her tight skirt over her hips and thighs. She went around to his side of the car and leaned in, kissing him. Her hand darted to his crotch, and she squeezed his cock.

“You be sure to call me if you want me to stay with Robert and Cindy again… or for anything else.”

He reached out the car window and squeezed her ass through her skirt. “Or anything else,” he repeated, “like a fuck or blow job, Kathy?”

“That”s right, Mr. Haynes,” she whispered. “Call me for a fuck or blow job. Good night.”


Two days passed and Mr. Haynes had not called Kathy to baby sit Robert and Cindy.

She wondered if it was because of what she had done with him. But that was silly, she thought. He would not have said anything to his wife, surely. And, even if he had, Kathy didn”t think Ellen would be very mad about it. Not if what she suspected after seeing those pictures were true.

During the next two days Kathy found she missed Cindy and Robert. She had been tied and forced in the beginning, but she could not deny the pleasure they gave her. Her cunt was in a constant turmoil of desire, always throbbing and twitching and soaking her panties. Her tits were so sensitive she could hardly wear a blouse or sweater now. She was finger-fucking frequently, reliving the ecstasy she had found with the two kids, and then with their father in the car.

Kathy turned down two dates during that time, dates that would have gotten her gloriously fucked. But somehow the boys seemed tame when she compared them with the past few weeks. It was not just fucking she wanted — it was the fucking with Cindy and Robert. She wanted more than one person; she wanted an outright, uninhibited, no-holds-barred orgy.

What she wanted was a cock fucking into her hot, hairy cunt and her tight asshole, while she licked and sucked at Cindy”s sweet little cunt. She wanted Cindy”s tongue fucking her while she fucked Robert”s cock off. She wanted to be thrilled by hard cock and hot, wet cunt at the same time.

Dressed in shorts and cotton blouse, with sandals on her feet, she strolled through the park a few blocks from her home. She walked slowly, her mind inflamed with erotic visions of Cindy and Robert, of the things she wanted them to do to her, things she would do to them. The sun was high and hot, making beads of sweat on her young forehead and upper lip. She paid no attention to anyone else in the park.

Kathy”s shorts were very tight, hugging her swelling, rippling ass cheeks, outlining than sweetly. The crotch dug into her steamy cunt, the puffy lips revealed. Her nipples, ever so sensitive, thrust pointedly and boldly against her thin cotton blouse.

Moving off the walk and onto the soft, green grass, she sat down, leaning back against a tall tree. Drawing her knees up, she rested her chin on them, hugging her legs tightly against her tits. She imagined Robert”s hard cock, dripping and swollen, and the sweetness of Cindy”s almost-hairless cunt. She rolled her tongue about her mouth, trying to recapture the taste of Jerry Haynes” enormous cock as it flooded her mouth with delicious come juices.

Another image flooded in and out of her wind, mingling with the others. For along moment she didn”t understand. Then she became aware that it was not an image at all, but real.

On a park bench about twenty feet away sat a beautiful woman. The woman had long slender thighs, and her skirt was hiked halfway up them. That was as far as Kathy looked, because the knees of the woman were parted far enough for Kathy to see the shadow of her pussy hair.

The sight sent throbbing delight through her own cunt. Lifting her eyes, Kathy found she was looking at a woman with golden hair and piercing blue eyes. Kathy had been so involved in her erotic images that it took a moment or so before she realized she was looking at Ellen Haynes.

Ellen smiled at Kathy, but remained on the bench without speaking to her. Kathy”s eyes grew hotter as she lowered her eyes to peer at that shadow again. They were like two strangers drawn toward each other, waiting for some spark to set them off.

Ellen spread her knees farther apart, and the shadow between her thighs became clear. The thick gold cunt hair was now obvious to Kathy. Ellen pulled her skirt higher on her thighs, and then Kathy saw the pink lips of the woman”s cunt.

She quickly looked around them. No one was near, and Kathy didn”t believe anyone else could see Ellen exposing herself. But Ellen didn”t seem to mind if anyone did see her. That sent a ripple of excitement racing through Kathy. Kathy”s cunt began to pulsate, and she squeezed her thighs tight, creating pressure upon her throbbing, distended clitoris.

Then Ellen was on her feet, coming toward Kathy, her hips swaying slightly. Ellen stopped a few feet away. “Hi, Kathy,” she said in a low voice.

Kathy looked up at the woman. Ellen”s tits strained against the top of her dress, the nipples molded there. Then Ellen squatted down, her knees apart. Kathy”s gaze followed the knees, and she made a soft gurgling sound as she stared at the hairy cunt of this beautiful woman.

As if mesmerized, being told to do it by some silent voice, Kathy reached out a hand and placed it on one of Ellen”s knees. The knee was very warm beneath her palm, and she began to move her hand there.

“Do you like it, Kathy?” Ellen said in a very low, very husky, voice.

Kathy knew what Ellen meant, and she nodded her head, her fingertips caressing past the knee. At this moment Kathy would not have cared if a crowd collected to watch her.

“Feel me, Kathy,” Ellen urged, inching toward her. “Feel me up, darling.”

Kathy”s eyes darted about the park. “Here, Mrs. Haynes?”

“Of course,” Ellen replied, not looking about. “I need to be felt up. I”m very hot, you know. Touch me, Kathy! Touch my cunt!”

Kathy”s hand slipped along the smooth, creamy inner thigh of the woman, her eyes smoldering with desire. Then her fingers probed the curling hairs. Slowly she traced a fingertip up and down the crack of Ellen”s cunt, feeling the heat of it. She rubbed lightly against Ellen”s inflamed clitoris. Then with her thumb and forefinger, Kathy pinched and twisted Ellen”s clitoris gently.

Ellen moaned softly as Kathy fondled her swollen clitoris, her blue eyes never blinking as she gazed at Kathy. She moved her ass gently against Kathy”s fingers.

After a few moments, Ellen removed Kathy”s hand from beneath her skirt. She leaned toward Kathy, and her lips were hot and moist as they brushed against Kathy”s. Ellen kissed her tenderly, and then Kathy gasped as she felt Ellen”s hand curling about one of her pointed tits.

“Very nice,” Ellen murmured as she squeezed Kathy”s spongy tit. “Very nice tits indeed, darling. Round, firm and pointed.”

Kathy trembled as Ellen fondled her tits, both hands on her now. She was tremendously excited, being handled this way out in the open, the sun burning down on them, people walking about. They could be seen, and Kathy didn”t care. Her cunt was burning hotly inside the tightness of her shorts, and she felt as if it would come.

“You”re shaking, darling,” Ellen said in thick voice, her hands fondling Kathy”s flawless, firm tits. “Are you excited?”

Kathy nodded her head, her dark eyes blazing with desire as she gazed into Ellen”s blue eyes. Excited was an understatement. Kathy was close to exploding with erotic need.

“Why don”t you fuck this tree?”

Kathy wasn”t sure she heard correctly.

“I said, darling… fuck this tree,” Ellen repeated in a husky voice.

“But I can”t…”

“You can!” Ellen said. “Come on, Kathy turn around and spread your legs about the tree.”

Kathy found herself doing as Ellen said. She turned and faced the tree, her legs around it. Her cunt was pressed tightly at the trunk, the pressure against her swollen clitoris almost driving her out of her mind with perverse delight.

“Rub your cunt against the tree, darling,” Ellen urged. She was now on the other side of the tree, and slightly to one side, watching Kathy. “Rub your cunt against the tree and make yourself come, Kathy.”

Ellen sat on the grass, her legs stretched out before her. As Kathy stared at her, Ellen lifted one leg, bending it at the knee and letting her skirt fall away. Kathy stared at the golden-haired cunt of the woman, seeing the moist pink lips and the tip of her clitoris.

She began squirming her crotch against the bark of the tree, leaning back and braced with her hands. A rippling sensation of intense pleasure flowed between her long, creamy thighs. Her eyes gazed steadily between Ellen”s creamy legs, fixed upon that hair-lined cunt with hot hunger.

Ellen”s beautiful face indicated her excitement as she watched Kathy shoving her cunt against the tree. She reached over and removed one of Kathy”s sandals. Kathy sucked in her breath as Ellen shifted about so that her foot was between Ellen”s thighs and her toes probing the woman”s steaming cunt.

“You fuck the tree, darling,” Ellen said in a hot voice, “and I”ll fuck your toes.”

This is crazy, Kathy”s mind was saying. But she knew there was nothing she could do to stop it. She was boiling with intense desire, and she would do anything Ellen wanted her to do, no matter what it was. She watched as Ellen twisted and writhed her hairy cunt against her toes, and one of her toes slipped into the tight, slippery heat of Ellen”s cunt.

“Mmmmmm, nice!” Ellen murmured. “Make yourself come on that fucking tree, darling! Rub your cunt against that tree and come! I”m going to fuck your foot and make myself come!”

Kathy writhed her pussy on the bark of the tree, making soft whimpering sounds as the pleasure flooded her. Her eyes were slit with passion and she breathed with quick gasps. Her large toe seemed to be deep inside Ellen”s cunt. The woman twisted and squirmed her pussy about, sighing and whimpering, still gazing hotly into Kathy”s smoldering eyes.

Through the smoky sensations of pleasure sparkling through her body, Kathy could hear people as they walked on the path. But when she turned to look, nobody was paying any attention to her or Ellen.

“Don”t worry about anyone seeing, darling,” Ellen murmured. “Just keep fucking the tree and enjoy it. Make your cunt come, Kathy! I”m going to come!”

Kathy shoved her cunt hard at the tree, twisting it about as she watched her foot under Ellen”s skin being rubbed faster by that hairy, hot cunt. The bark was rough against the insides of her thighs, but she felt nothing but the ecstasy that was starting to bubble hotly inside her now.

“Oh baby,” Ellen gasped, “I”m almost there! I”m about to come, Kathy! Ohhh, this is good, baby! Hurry darling, I want you to come too!”

Suddenly Kathy groaned.

Her cunt bubbled into a tightening orgasm, flexing hotly. She felt Ellen”s pussy sucking at her toe, and she heard the woman mewl as she came, too.

After a few minutes, they got to their feet and began strolling about the park. Ellen held Kathy”s hand in hers, and they talked softly. Ellen said she had been attracted to Kathy for some time, but she hadn”t been sure how to approach her. “But it worked out fine, didn”t it, Kathy?”

Kathy squeezed Ellen”s hand, wondering if she should mention her husband or even Robert and Cindy. They found themselves near a gazebo, and inside were benches. They climbed the steps and sat on the bench. She was not surprised when Ellen hugged her, kissing her mouth, her tongue darting between her lips. Kathy sighed in pleasure and fondled the woman”s tits. She caressed them, squeezing at thee springy flesh and feeling Ellen”s nipples swell against her palms.

Ellen fondled Kathy”s creamy thighs, pressing her hand against the tight crotch of Kathy”s shorts. She rubbed her fingers up and down Kathy”s cunt, making her squirm and twist her ass on the bench.

“Kathy, oh Kathy!” Ellen murmured hotly. “You”re so sweet! Stick your finger up my cunt, baby! Stick your finger up my cunt and finger fuck me!”

Kathy shoved her hand down Ellen”s body and to the hem of her skirt. She moved her hand underneath it, caressing the creamy smoothness of Ellen”s thighs. She toyed with Ellen”s curly cunt hair, then probed at the slippery wetness of her cunt. Kathy”s finger slipped between the hot, hairy lips and thrust in and out. Ellen gurgled, and Kathy”s tongue darted between Ellen”s lips. Ellen clung to Kathy”s pointed tits as she sucked on Kathy”s thrusting tongue.

Kathy”s finger stabbed in and out of the woman”s boiling twat, her own cunt steaming again. The moist, sucking sounds of her finger driving into Ellen”s cunt seemed loud to Kathy. The sound inflamed her overwhelming desire, and she finger fucked Ellen swiftly.

Ellen spread her legs wide, scooting to the edge of the bench. She rolled her blonde head back, eyes closed. She mewled and whimpered as she twisted her cunt about.

“Ohh, baby, that”s so good! Finger fuck my cunt, Kathy! Fuck your finger up my hot cunt! Oh, Kathy, you”re such a sweet, hot girl! Finger my pussy… make me come again!”

Kathy looked down, seeing the golden hair very thick, very curly. Her finger was swallowed by Ellen”s steamy cunt. Her long pussy hair almost concealed Kathy”s knuckles. Her naked thigh pressed against the one of Ellen”s, the contact sending hot sparks through Kathy. Her finger darted and thrust, going hard and fast. Ellen twisted and mewled and gurgled as Kathy finger-fucked her cunt.

Sunlight streamed through the lattice of the gazebo, and people strolled about. But Kathy was so excited with her finger inside this hot, hairy cunt she would not have cared if someone watched. She was boiling and she would have fucked any man or boy who came to her with a hard cock at that moment. She would have sucked that cock off, swallowed the come juice, and whimpered for more… and a crowd could watch her.

But no one saw.

The thrill of being seen was exciting to Kathy, and apparently it was exciting to Ellen. Ellen sprawled on the bench with her thighs wide apart, her skirt at her stomach, cunt revealed in its hairy beauty, and Kathy was finger-fucking her in a frenzy now. Ellen”s fingers now dug into Kathy”s soft thigh, near her crotch, and even that felt good to Kathy.

“Ahhhh!” Ellen mewled. “You”re making me come, darling! Ohh, I”m coming! Faster, Kathy! Finger fuck me faster!”

Kathy felt Ellen”s cunt squeeze her finger, then Ellen slumped, breathing hard. Kathy pulled her finger out, and on an impulse, she traced the wet finger about Ellen”s lips. Ellen moved her tongue out and licked at the slippery finger, a smile of satisfaction on her beautiful face. Then Kathy”s finger was sucked into the woman”s mouth.

They sat there for a long time, alternately talking and being quiet. They held hands like two lovers. Ellen had shoved her skirt down just enough to conceal her golden-haired twat. “I love the hot sun on my body,” Ellen said. “It makes my cunt tingle.”

“Mine, too,” Kathy confessed. She had wanted to say something about Jerry Haynes, and about Robert and Cindy, but something held her back. She considered mentioning the pictures in the den, but the door had always been closed. Kathy did not want Ellen to think she was a snoop.

“I”m going to have to be going, Kathy,” Ellen said after a bit.

Kathy was reluctant to leave the woman. “I”m surprised you were in the park, Ellen. Do you come here often?”

“Not often,” Ellen laughed. “You”d think I was terrible if I told you why I came here.”

“I would never think you were terrible,” Kathy said.

Ellen looked closely at Kathy, then said: “I don”t think you would, Kathy. I think you”d probably understand.”

“Tell me.”

“I enjoy exposing myself,” Ellen said. “I”m what you call an exhibitionist.”

Kathy understood that. She had been thrilled when Robert and Cindy tied her up and exposed her.

“Sometimes,” Ellen went on, “I get naked.”

“You do?”

“Of course. A man sees me, his cock gets hard, he comes over to talk, and then I fuck him.”

“But doesn”t your husband mind?”

“Not at all,” Ellen said. “He enjoys it as much as I do. Sometimes he goes with me so he can watch what happens.”

Ellen stood up, taking Kathy”s hand and continued talking as they walked.

In half an hour, Kathy realized they were standing in front of the Haynes” house.


“Come in, Kathy,” Ellen said. “We can have some iced tea and continue our talk.”

Kathy wondered if her husband was home, if Robert and Cindy were there, and if so, what would happen. She followed Ellen into the house, and sat in the living room while Ellen went to get the cold tea. She looked around the familiar living room, wandering about the family again. If they had pictures like those on the wall, in the open, then Ellen and her husband meant for them to be seen, and it was obvious that Robert and Cindy were included.

Ellen returned and handed Kathy a tall glass of tea. Ellen sat across from Kathy with her legs apart and her ass scooted to the edge. Kathy noticed Ellen must have opened a few buttons on the top of her dress because she could see the creamy swells of the woman”s tits. The skirt was halfway up Ellen”s thighs as it had been in the park, and again Kathy saw Ellen”s golden cunt hair.

“How do you like sitting with Robert and Cindy?” Ellen asked. “They”re no trouble, are they?”

“Oh, no!” Kathy said enthusiastically. “They”re sweet. I love to sit with them. I”d love to be your permanent sitter, Ellen.”

Ellen smiled. “That”s nice, because they talk about you all the time. They certainly seem to like you.”

Kathy shivered, wondering what the two had said about her. “Where are they, by the way?”

Ellen waved her hand vaguely. “Someplace in the neighborhood. I seldom worry about them. They”re good kids. They should be home in an hour or so.”

Hardly had Ellen said it when the door banged open and Cindy and Robert burst into the house, laughing. “I beat you, I beat you!” Cindy was saying.

“Only because I let you, you little cunt!” Robert said.

Cindy, seeing her mother, wailed. “Mommy, make this mother fucker stop calling me a little cunt! I”m gonna stop fuc…” Her voice stopped and she stared at Kathy, her mouth open. “Oh!”

Ellen laughed. “They don”t talk like that outside this houses Kathy. Listen, you two. If you start arguing, I”m going to haul down your pants and spank a couple of naked asses, you hear me.”

Now Kathy”s mouth opened. She stared from the brother and sister to Ellen.

Cindy and Robert stood near the door, still gazing at Kathy.

“What”s she doing here now?” Robert asked. “Are you and Dad going out again, Mom?”

“No, we aren”t,” Ellen said, not bothering to close her thighs or shove her skirt down. “I met Kathy in the park and we came here.” Ellen looked at Kathy, then back at her children. “If I hear any more arguing out of you two,” Ellen said, turning to look at Kathy as she finished, “you”ll sleep alone for two nights. And that means in your own bedroom and not with each other.”

Kathy”s surprise must have shown, because Ellen laughed. “Oh, Kathy, stop it! Don”t you think I know what”s been going on here when you”re sitting with these hot-assed kids of mine?”

“But I… I mean…” Kathy stammered. Robert laughed and sat on the floor, looking up his mother”s dress. Kathy saw his cock was bulging out the front of his pants, his cock was hard. Cindy left the room and returned with Cokes for herself and Robert, then sat next to him on the floor.

Ellen pulled her skirt higher, and Kathy gasped.

“Give me a kiss, Robert,” Ellen said.

Robert moved close to his mother, and Kathy held her breath as she saw the boy shove his head between his mother”s thighs and kiss her hairy cunt.

“You me…” Kathy whispered.

“Of course,” Ellen replied. “It was a set up, Kathy. Jerry saw you, liked it, and we discussed it. The kids were more than eager, of course.”

“But how did you know I would do it?” Kathy asked.

Ellen chuckled. “We knew, Kathy, you show it all over yourself. Anyone looking at you can tell you have a hot cunt. The clothes you wear, the way you swing your cute ass around, those dark, flirting eyes looking at men.”

“I don”t flirt,” Kathy said. “Well, maybe sometimes.”

Ellen laughed. “Jerry and I observed you for a while, Kathy. We saw you looking at the front of men”s pants, licking your lips so hungrily. We knew you”d go for it, so we set it up.”

Robert was still sitting on the floor between his mother”s knees, and now he was feeling her hairy cunt. Cindy, next to her brother, was playing with his cock through his pants. When the little girl lifted her knee, Kathy saw she was wearing tight bikini panties. Ellen was caressing her son”s head, and all three of them were watching Kathy.

Cindy opened her brother”s pants and pulled his cock free. Kathy watched her close her small, hot hand about it and begin to stroke up and down. She licked her lips in a hungry way as she saw the swollen head, the flare of his piss hole. Robert slipped a finger into his mother”s wet, hairy cunt, but Ellen said, “I don”t want a finger-fuck now, Robert. Kathy did that to me in the park. I”d much rather have your cute little cock in there.”

Kathy”s eyes bulged, her heart racing, her pussy pulsating wildly. This was what she had suspected, and now she saw it happening.

Robert stood up and dropped his pants, his cock waving upright, throbbing and very hard. Cindy removed her brother”s shirt, and the naked boy moved between his mother”s widely spread thighs. Kathy saw Ellen reach for her son”s cock, and then guide it to her hairy cunt. Robert”s cock thrust into his mother”s pussy and Ellen sighed with pleasure.

“Ahhhh, that”s what my hairy cunt needed. Your sweet cock, baby! Fuck it, darling! Pour that hard cock to mother”s hot, wet cunt! Fuck me and make me come, Robert!”

Kathy was leaning forward as she watched Robert”s cock stabbing into his mother”s cunt, his balls banging against his mom”s writhing, naked ass cheeks.

Cindy had climbed onto the arm of her mother”s chair and pulled the top of her mother”s blouse apart, exposing her creamy tits. Kathy watched with hot eyes as the little girl leaned down and started sacking on her mother”s rigid nipple. Ellen, her blue eyes glowing with ecstasy, slid her hand up her daughter”s skirt and, with Cindy pulling her dress to her waist, began to rub at the hairless cunt.

Kathy could not sit still. She moved to the arm of Ellen”s chair opposite Cindy. She leaned over and began to suck at the other tit, her eyes turned down to watch Robert fuck his mother. She felt Ellen”s hand sliding about her thighs, and her cunt pulsated very hotly. Robert gripped his mother”s hips as he banged her hairy twat, grunting with his efforts. He fucked his mother fast and hard, making Ellen”s body jiggle. Ellen cooed and mewled with ecstasy.

“Suck my tits, Cindy! Kathy, suck my tit. Robert, bang my hot cunt! Ooooh, fuck my hot cunt, Robert! Fuck mother! Fuck mother”s hot, hairy, wet cunt! Give my pussy that sweet cock, baby!”

Kathy”s eyes were glassy as she watched his cock thrusting into his mother”s pussy. It was so perversely exciting. She felt her pussy twitching and burning and orgasm growing once again.

Kathy could easily see the blonde pussy hairs surrounding Robert”s cock. She watched his mother”s cunt lips cling to his throbbing had prick as he pumped it back and forth. The view sent ripples of ecstasy flowing through her slender body, and she sucked harder on Ellen”s tit.

Ellen, with her ass grinding furiously as her son fucked her cunt, whimpered and mewled with the pleasure of having both her tits sucked while Robert thrust his cock powerfully into her burning pussy. Ellen”s ass twisted and writhed, bounced about, her stomach churning. She slammed her hairy cunt up and down in an erotic frenzy, the slippery, tight pussy gripping her son”s cock tightly. His balls banged eagerly against his mother”s heaving ass.

Cindy”s eyes were hot and blue as she gazed from Kathy”s face to her brother”s cock fucking her mother. Cindy, like Kathy, was extremely excited. She watched Kathy suck her mother”s tits, then flashed her eyes down her mother”s rippling stomach to watch her brother thrust his cock into their mother”s hairy cunt.

Kathy and Cindy drew harshly on a nipple, their tongues rolling about the sensitive tips. Kathy reached over and squeezed the tit Cindy was sucking, and Cindy ran her hand down her mother”s stomach, spreading her fingers on each side of her mother”s hairy cunt, feeling her brother”s cock slide between them as he stabbed time ad again into that hot, hairy cunt.

“Oooooh, suck my fucking tits!” Ellen squealed, her fingers digging into her daughter”s thigh near her sweet cunt. “Cindy… Kathy, suck my fucking tits! Ohhh, Robert, fuck me! Fuck mother”s hot cunt! Ohhh, darling, baby… fuck the piss out of mother”s cunt!”

Kathy”s senses reeled, burning up. She squirmed her ass about with excitement, her eyes flashing to Cindy”s wide-open mouth, watching the girl suck hungrily on her mother”s tit. Then she watched as Robert slammed his cock back and forth, stabbiing into his mother”s boiling cunt. His fingers dug into his mother”s creamy, round hips as she bounced and twisted for him.

“Oh, shit!” Ellen moaned loudly, “Oh, shit! I”m going to come! Ahhh, fuck that cunt, baby! Your hard cock is going to make me come! Ooooh, yes, yes!”

Then Ellen screamed — a loud, almost tortured sound as she came. Her hips shot up and beat against her son”s buried cock, the lips of her pussy flexing strongly about him in delicious orgasm.

“Shoot it to me, Robert!” she screamed. “Shoot that come juice up mother”s hot cunt! I want your come in my pussy, Robert! Give my cunt your sweet come juice! Come in mother”s hairy twat, baby!”

Robert”s face contorted as he grunted, thrusting his cock into his mother”s flexing cunt hard, holding it deep. When he came, Ellen screamed with delight.

Slumping on the couch, Ellen”s hands fell weakly to her sides. Her tits heaved as she gasped, a smile of satisfaction on her beautiful face. Her knees remained spread wide apart as Robert slipped his cock from her still-pulsating cunt. Robert sat on the floor, leaning back, breathing hard. His cock glistened with moisture.

Cindy pulled her mouth off her mother”s tit and moved around toward Kathy; Kathy, still perched on the arm of the chair, was twisting her ass about in steaming desire. Her cunt, gripped by the tightness of her shorts, throbbed with intense need. Cindy opened Kathy”s blouse and began to suck on one tit as she fondled the other. Kathy”s body, already overheated, boiled to a higher temperature. She slipped her hand around Cindy”s waist, sliding it over the sweet curves of the girl”s compact ass cheeks. Her fingers dug into the spongy flesh, squeezing. Ellen lifted her face, and she thrust her tongue between her lips. Kathy began to suck on it in an erotic frenzy.

Somehow Kathy found herself on the floor with Cindy. How she got there didn”t matter. What mattered was Cindy was pulling at her blouse and shorts, stripping them from her. Kathy turned and lifted her ass. Once she was naked, Kathy lay on the floor, her legs very wide, staring with fuzzy eyes up at Cindy as the girl stripped quickly. She felt hands on her cunt and saw that Robert was feeling her up. She lifted her naked ass and twisted, trying to get a finger into her pussy.

Then Cindy was on top of her, those sweet, smooth thighs on each side of her face. Kathy gazed up into the sparsely haired cunt, seeing that sugary sweetness. Cindy”s tiny asshole winked and her cunt lips throbbed. Kathy shoved her face upward without hesitation, pressing her hot lips against Cindy”s delicious cunt. Her hands grabbed the small ass cheeks and clung to them with desperation, her mouth opening and her tongue darting deep. Her nose pressed into Cindy”s tight asshole as she sucked and thrust her tongue back and forth into the hot little snatch.

When Kathy felt Cindy”s mouth sucking at her hairy cunt, she twisted her crotch against the girl”s face, squeezing with her hot, smooth thighs. As if from a great distance, Kathy could hear Ellen and Robert calling to them, urging them on. She rolled and twisted and shoved her hairy cunt brutally against Cindy”s sucking tongue-fucking mouth, her own tongue licking in furious pleasure at the velvety heat of the young pussy.

With glassy, passion-fogged eyes, she saw Robert fondling his sister”s naked ass cheeks; then Ellen”s hands were there. Brother and sister began to caress Cindy”s naked, twisting ass as Kathy tongue-fucked the sugary cunt almost violently in he desire. She felt hands on her tits, on her own ass. All of it increased the heat of her naked body.

“Eat that cunt, Kathy!” she heard Ellen urging in a loud voice. “Eat my daughter”s sweet cunt! Tongue-fuck the piss out of Cindy”s hot little snatch, Kathy! Make her pretty cunt come in your fucking, cock sucking, cunt-sucking mouth, Kathy!”

Kathy”s tongue was deep inside the tight slipperiness of Cindy”s clinging cunt, her nose pressed tight into the crinkle of the girl”s asshole. She darted her tongue in and out, rolling it about, loving the way Cindy banged her hairless cunt up and down against her lips and tongue. There was a tremendous orgasm building inside her and her hips bounced against the carpet, her hairy twat grinding against Cindy”s sucking, mewling mouth.

Kathy”s eyes glazed over as she strove to devour Cindy”s sweet pussy. She wanted to get every inch of that delicious cunt between her lips, but that was impossible.

Her orgasm exploded. Kathy shot her ass up, grinding her cunt against Cindy”s sucking, tongue-fucking mouth. Almost at the same time, she felt Cindy”s cunt tighten around her dripping tongue, then it began to flex as the girl came. Kathy”s tongue continued going to the very depths of Cindy”s cunt, making the young girl slam her crotch hard against her mouth.

Kathy loved the sensation of feeling Cindy”s twat squeezing on her plunging tongue.

Then Cindy rolled from her, gasping, her face smeared. Kathy”s ass fell back to the carpet, her face slippery with cunt juice.


“How did I get left out of this party?” Kathy looked up from the floor and stared at Jerry Haynes.

“Oh!” she yelled, scrambling about to find her discarded shorts and blouse. She tugged her blouse between her thighs, then closed than, her shorts over her pointed tits.

Ellen laughed; a low, throaty sound. Robert and Cindy giggled lewdly. Jerry Haynes stood in the doorway, looking odd in a business suit, the front of his pants bulging out with a huge hard-on.

For some reason, Kathy felt embarrassed. She and Robert and his sister were naked, but Ellen still had her dress on. The front was open and her shapely tits were hanging out, but the skirt was down because she was on her knees near Kathy. Kathy could feel the heat of a flush creeping from her toes to her head.

Ellen stood up, not at all concerned about her exposed tits. “Want a cold beer, darling?” she asked her husband.

Jerry entered the room, removing his jacket and draping it over the arm of a chair. He sat down, grinning, his cock straining against his pants.

“Stop being so embarrassed, Kathy,” he said. “It”s a bit late for that.”

Ellen brought him a cold beer, and as he sipped it, Kathy, still on the floor, watched Cindy sit near her father, her head resting on his thigh. She watched as Cindy moved her hand to the outline of his large cock, caressing it with her fingertips.

Robert, with a wicked laugh, jerked the shorts away from Kathy”s tits. Kathy started to close her arms about them, but then let them fall to her sides, thinking, what the hell, everyone here was friends. Then Robert tugged her blouse from between her thighs.

“Kathy is one fantastic fuck, right, Son?” Jerry said to Robert. “I think we”ll enjoy having her around.”

“She eats my cunt good, too, Daddy,” Cindy laughed. “Kathy tongue fucks me just as good as you and Mommy do!”

“That”s good, sweetheart,” Jerry said, caressing his daughter”s blonde head. “That”s very good!”

Cindy wrapped her fingers about her father”s cock through his pants and squeezed it, trying to jack the hard-on. But his pants were too tight. Ellen perched on the arm of her husband”s chair, one arm about his shoulders. Her skirt went high, and the dark shadow of her cunt hair could be seen by both Kathy and Robert from the floor.

Ellen told her husband how she had met Kathy in the park and that she felt it was time to let Kathy know what it was all about. Jerry said be almost told Kathy the night he fucked her, when she had gobbled his cock so hungrily but felt he should wait a bit longer.

Kathy no longer felt embarrassed. She lay on her back, pointed tits standing up sweetly, her long, creamy thighs outstretched, hairy cunt deliciously revealed. Her dark eyes were glittering with pleasure and the expression on her face told them all she was very, very, very phased with what had happened here. She did not have to use her voice for them to know; her eyes and her naked body was proof enough.

Cindy finally opened her father”s pants and pulled out his huge, hard, throbbing cock. Kathy watched with interest as Cindy wrapped her small hand around it, stroking up and down. Cindy”s fingers could hardly go around her father”s prick; it was so thick. Her squeezing fingers drew beads of moisture to his piss hole, and Cindy leaned over and cleaned them away with the tip of her tongue.

Jerry finished his beer and placed the can on a small table next to the chair. Ellen began to undress him. Jerry turned and twisted as his wife and daughter removed his clothing. Then Jerry sat in the chair, his ass slumped forward, hairy balls dangling between his wide-spread thighs. His cock stood up firm, long and very thick. Cindy again wrapped her hot little hand about her father”s cock and stroked up and down.

As Kathy watched, her eyes wide and hot with excitement, Cindy got to her knees with her pretty face over her father”s prick. Cindy held his cock with both fists, kissing at the swollen head with delight. Ellen ran her hand down and fondled her husband”s hairy balls. Cindy”s tongue lapped around her father”s cock, licking at the smooth head and over the dripping piss hole to lap, away seeping juices. She made soft mewling sounds as she licked, her fists pumping up and down as her mother tugged and twisted at his balls just below.

Finally Cindy opened her mouth as wide as she could, and Kathy watched with amazement as the little girl sucked in the head of her father”s cock. Cindy could not take as much of that thick cock into her mouth as Kathy had managed, and that had only been half. Cindy could hardly take the swollen head into her mouth, and even then part of the ridge could be seen. But that was all Cindy really needed in her mouth. Her lips were hot and wet, and she sucked very strongly on the head of her father”s cock, her tongue-swirling about the seeping piss hole, her fists jacking up and down, squeezing to get more juice. Cindy mewled with bot erotic delight as Kathy watched her sucking off her father”s cock.

Ellen continued to squeeze her husband”s hairy balls wile her daughter mouthed his huge cock gleefully.

“Cindy loves to suck her father”s big cock,” Ellen said to Kathy. “In fact, Cindy loves to suck any cock. She”s a hot little cock sucker like you, Kathy.”

“You”re all cock suckers!” Robert laughed. “You”re a good cock sucker, Mom, and Kathy and Cindy are good cock suckers, too!”

Kathy was squirming her naked ass about on the carpet as she listened and watched. The very idea of this family fucking and sucking each other was erotic enough, but she was seeing it happen. That increased her erotic nature to a high degree. It was odd, she thought, that she had never considered her own father as a partner, nor her mother. Even now, watching Cindy suck on the head of her father”s huge cock, Kathy had no desire to fuck her own father.

Cindy was making gurgling sounds of delight as her lips sucked on the head of her father”s swollen cock, her tongue lapping the dripping piss hole. Now and then she would lift her mouth from his cock and run her tongue over the smooth head, and Kathy could watch clearly. She was bubbling hotly between her thighs, her cunt twitching as Robert began to fondle along the inner surfaces of them. When his fingers moved through the thick strands of her cunt hair, Kathy grabbed his wrist and shoved his hand between her spreading thighs. Robert”s finger darted into her quivering cunt and began to thrust in and out. Kathy rolled her ass about, her eyes fixed upon Jerry”s cock and balls.

Ellen was pulling and squeezing her husband”s balls, urging her daughter to suck her father”s cock off. Cindy”s lips spread about the huge, smooth cock head, sucking strongly as her tongue flicked about the dripping piss hole. Her sweet naked ass swayed about with steaming excitement.

“Make Daddy”s cock come in your little cock sucking mouth, Cindy!” Ellen urged in a low, husky voice. “Make Daddy”s cock squirt that sweet come juice in your hot little mouth, baby!”

Jerry was sprawled back on the chair, his ass hanging over his head on the back. He was staring down at his daughter as she sucked vigorously. His body was shaking with the intensity of Cindy”s sucking mouth and licking tongue. Now and then he glanced at Kathy, watching his son”s fingers play about that hot, hairy cunt of the teenage girl”s. He then turned his head toward his wife, capturing a rubbery nipple in his mouth.

Cindy”s two tight fists, jacking up and down on her father”s cock, squeezed it hard, hungry mewls bubbling from hr sucking mouth.

Then Cindy gave a squeal of intense ecstasy. Kathy saw her slim throat working, and the way Jerry”s cock pulsated and throbbed, she knew he was gushing thick come juice into his daughter”s eager mouth. Some of the pearl white come juice slipped from Cindy”s tightly sucking lips and ran down the shaft of his cock, smearing her pumping fists. Soft gurgling, gulping sounds came from Cindy, and her naked little ass cheeks went tight.

Watching Jerry coming off into his daughter”s mouth made Kathy”s ass shoot into the air, her bushy cunt flexing in boiling orgasm around Robert”s thrusting finger. Her eyes became glazed in desire as her crotch writhed, her heed tossing about with the in intensity of her come.

Half an hour later they sat at the dining room table, eating a quickly prepared dinner. Ellen had finally ditched her clothing, and Kathy felt it natural to be naked with them. The conversation was liberally sprinkled with words like cock, cunt, assholes, pricks and pussy. The mention of fucking and cock sucking and cunt-licking was exciting to Kathy, and her hairy twat was in a constant state of steaming desire. Her nipples remained swollen, puckered and standing out in saucy, tantalizing invitation.

During the meal, she noticed that Ellen and her daughter”s tits were as swollen as hers were. When Robert or Jerry had to get up from the table, her eyes fell upon their beautiful hard cocks. She decided that balls with little or no hair were just as delicious as extremely hairy ones.

After they ate, Jerry brought out his camera, and Kathy was more than eager to become a member of their album. Ellen had brought it out, and Kathy saw pictures of Robert and Cindy from their very early years. There were pictures of Ellen posing lewdly from the day of their marriage. There were many photographs of Ellen either fucking or sucking cocks of strange men and boys. There were pictures of Jerry with girls, doing the same. There were some of tangled legs and hands, of cocks in assholes and mouths and cunts, and of faces buried into cunts with hair and without hair.

When Kathy was asked to be included, she did so eagerly, posing in any position they suggested. Her cunt was revealed in color, as was her tight asshole. Pictures were taken of Kathy fucking both Robert and Jerry, of her sucking their hard cocks, of her eating Cindy”s and Ellen”s cunts.

And when it over, everyone was so aroused, so eager that Kathy watched when Cindy dropped to her bends and knees, waggling her cute ass for her father. “Fuck me, Daddy,” she mewled.

Kathy watched Jerry”s huge cock slide into its daughter”s tight cunt, seeing those wet, slippery cunt lips stretch around his long, thick prick. Cindy whimpered with delight as her father”s cock filled her cunt totally, her little ass shivering.

Kathy moved closer, surprised that his enormous cock could actually penetrate that young, tight cunt. She saw Cindy”s cunt lips clinging to her father”s cock and realized there was not any more room inside. His hairy balls swung about as he thrust in and out of Cindy”s boiling pussy, his hands holding her hips. His stomach made moist slapping sounds against her upturned ass. Cindy moaned and wiggled her ass for her father, giggling in a wicked, delighted manner.

“Oooh, Daddy!” Cindy squealed lx ecstasy. “Your cock is so fucking big! Ahhhh, Daddy, stretch my cunt. Fill my pussy, Daddy! Ohhh, fuck my hot cunt, Daddy! I love your big, hot hard cock fucking my pussy!”

Kathy felt hands on her naked body, and she lay back on the floor, her legs wide. She moved her head so that she was underneath Cindy”s rippling stomach, watching Jerry”s cock pump in and out of his daughter”s cunt, his hairy balls swinging back and forth. She glanced down and saw Robert between her widely spread thighs, and his mother was holding his cock, bringing it to Kathy”s bubbling hairy twat. She lifted her ass from the floor, and Ellen pulled out a pillow, shoving it underneath Kathy”s naked ass. Then Robert”s cock stabbed into her cunt.

“Oooo, yes, yes!” Kathy gurgled as Robert”s cock went deep into her eager pussy. She shoved her face toward Jerry”s swinging balls, letting them slap against her lips. Her tongue darted out and she licked his balls as he fucked his daughter!

Robert”s cock was pulled from her cunt, and Kathy looked down to protest. She saw Robert plunge his cock into his mother”s mouth, fuck in and out a few times, then it was rammed back into her cunt. Kathy moaned with erotic pleasure, and her tongue lapped again at Jerry”s swinging, hairy balls.

Robert alternately fucked into Kathy”s cunt and his mother”s mouth. Kathy was reeling with pleasure, and her tongue wildly licked at Jerry”s balls. Her tongue slapped up them and tasted Cindy”s pussy, then back to his balls again.

Then, without a spoken word, Jerry pulled his cock from his daughter”s cunt and Kathy found it inside her mouth. She sucked greedily, tasting Cindy”s cunt on his cock. Their grunts and moans filled the room as Jerry began to fuck his daughter”s cunt, then Kathy”s mouth. Robert, between Kathy”s thighs was fucking her and then his mother”s mouth. It was difficult at times, but they all managed very well.

Kathy heard Cindy yelping that she was coming. With Cindy”s cunt only a few inches from her face, she saw the pink fiery cunt lips clutch at her father”s cock. Kathy had one of Jerry”s balls in her mouth, sucking at it. She felt his balls draw tight, and she knew he would be coming soon. She shot her ass up and down as Robert drove into her pussy, jerking it free to stab into his mother”s waiting mouth. Kathy was moaning as she came, waves of orgasm rippling through her body like sparks of crackling electricity.

Then, just before he came, Jerry pulled his huge cock out of his daughter”s cunt and thrust it into Kathy”s mouth. Kathy closed her lips over his cock just in time. Jerry”s prick gushed thick come juice into her mouth and down her throat. Kathy gulped hungrily, her tongue sliding about his jerking, spewing prick.

She thought Jerry would never stop coming, his come juice filling her mouth time and again. She swallowed with hungry pleasure, taking every drop of the sweet, thick come juice, her throat burning as it ran down.

When Jerry pulled his cock free of her clutching mouth, Kathy looked down her body in time to see Robert yank his throbbing cock out of her gripping cunt. Ellen quickly wrapped her mouth about her son”s cock and shoved her lips to the base. A loud whimper of greedy pleasure came from Ellen as her son gushed into her mouth.

Kathy watched, her eyes filmed with erotic delight, as Ellen sucked her son”s cock off. She knew the woman was getting the taste of her cunt with that come juice, just as she had tasted Cindy”s pussy with Jerry”s come juice.

They sprawled about on the floor, legs and arm”s spread wide. The lips of Kathy and Ellen glistened with the come juice, and Cindy”s little ass twitched as the pleasure continued to rumble through her small, sweet body.

A short time later, after they had a brief rest, Jerry said, “There”s one thing I want.”

“What”s that, darling?” Ellen asked.

“A piece of Kathy”s ass,” he replied.

“But you”ve had a piece of her ass, Jerry,” Ellen laughed. “Don”t you remember when you took her home the other night?”

“I said ass,” he laughed. “I fucked her cunt and she sucked my cock off, but I haven”t had apiece of her ass. You know, up the ass, in the asshole.”

Kathy shivered, giggling happily. She twisted over onto her stomach, pulling her knees underneath and raising her rounded, creamy ass into the air.

“Do it!” she squealed. “I”d love to have that big cock up my ass, Jerry! Fuck me up my ass… right up my asshole!”

Jerry knelt behind her lifted ass. When the pressure of his hard cock pressed against her asshole, Kathy whimpered with pleasure. She screamed as his huge cock slipped into her ass; then he thrust it deep. She felt every throbbing ridge of his cock as he began to fuck her tight asshole. She reached between her thighs and grabbed his swinging balls.

Before her face, she saw Ellen and her daughter spreading their thighs over each other”s faces, and then Cindy and Ellen were tongue fucking and licking at each other”s cunts. Cindy was on top of her mother, her young, pretty face covered by all the hair of her mother”s cunt. Ellen was licking and tongue fucking her daughter”s hairless cunt hungrily.

Kathy”s asshole was stretched by Jerry”s thick cock and she trembled with pleasure. She gave a hiss of delight when she saw Robert get behind his sister”s squirming ass. Ellen clawed at her daughter”s ass cheeks, taking her mouth away from the succulent cunt to tell her son, “Fuck Cindy in her asshole, Robert! Fuck your sister”s hot, tight asshole!”

Kathy saw Robert”s cock disappear into the pucker of Cindy”s asshole, then he was plunging in and out in frenzy.

Taking Jerry”s huge cock into her asshole, watching Cindy and Ellen lick each other”s cunts, and seeing Robert fuck his sister up the ass, Kathy was hoping they would always call on her when they needed someone to baby sit Robert and Cindy. She would always be available.