Mini Mind’s Eye (Dream Fant.)

I spotted her walking towards me, first intermittently amongst pedestrians moving in both directions on the busy sidewalk. I was sipping a cappuccino in my favorite sidewalk cafe, which with its raised deck afforded me a commanding view of the bustling crowd. Like always, when a goddess graces our earthly domain, there’s a charismatic glow […]

Let’s play a little game

“Let’s play a little game,” she says. “Close your eyes.” Obediently he shuts his eyes. He is slouched down in the pink upholstered chair by the window of the twelfth-floor hotel room, his arms resting on the chair arms, legs relaxed, extended, ankles crossed. Midafternoon sun passing through the drawn drapes gives the room a […]

Accidental facial in the Vietnamese Doctor’s office

Spontaneous male orgasm is at best inconvenient and at worst unbelievably embarassing. Consider, if you will, what in the world you would do if in the matter of a few seconds, and quite without warning, you went from your normally flaccid state to fully erect and pumping massive amounts of semen into your jeans; and […]

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