Sleepy wife banged hard

As he expected, Kendra didn’t believe the description
of the event. Mark tried to convince her, even showing her
the still damp panties, but Kendra wouldn’t buy it. She
wouldn’t make love in a public place, she was sure of that.
Intimate emotions and activities were meant for private
places and pleasures. And she certainly didn’t need the
help of a stiff sprinkler stream to quench her sexual
appetites. She was a normal girl who liked normal love-

The weekend was over. Mark went to work on Monday
morning still thinking about the sex he had enjoyed. He
couldn’t help but tell someone. At lunch, he called his old
friend Alan.

“She’s still sleepwalking?” he asked when Mark began
the story.

`Yeah, but you won’t believe this… she’s getting off
while doing it!”

“Getting off? What do you mean?’

“She was, ahh, rubbing herself on a lamp post the
first night.”

“Holy shit! That must have been cool!”

“It was!”

“Did you wake her up and do her?”

“No, man, that’s the weirdest part! I took off my
clothes, pulled her into me, and she never woke up.”

“You fucked her, and she didn’t wake up?”


“God, you must be a lousy lay!”

`Shut the hell up! Get this — last night, she went
outside, and stood over a sprinkler!”


“Yeah, it was incredible! She was naked, except for
her underwear, and stood in the spray of the sprinkler,
which happened to hit her… you know where.”

“And you didn’t call me?”

“Um, no. I was too busy fucking her. Besides, you
don’t get to see her naked, that’s my job.”

“I’ll fill in for you if you want.”

“Hey, watch it! Don’t make me worry about you!”

“Sorry, I’m just kidding. So let me get this straight.
You fucked her outside last night?”


“And no one saw you?’

“I don’t think so, but I wasn’t really paying

“All I can say is: don’t let anyone spend the night
any time soon.”

“That’s for sure! I wonder how long this will go

Indeed, the question was quite pressing to Mark. on
one hand, he hoped her excursions into unusual sex
continued. on the other hand, he really wanted to know why
she was doing this. He still wondered is she wasn’t happy
with their waking sex life. Or maybe she really wanted to
experiment, but couldn’t consciously cope.

The night seemed to take forever in coming. Kendra
joked about sleepwalking as she climbed into bed wearing a
rather skimpy nightie.

“Will this help your fantasies tonight?’ she asked.

Mark eyed the pink outfit. The top was wrapped tightly
around her chest, and went only just below her breasts. It
tied in front with a nice plunging oval revealing a serious
amount of cleavage. The strap was at the top of the oval,
and the loose ends hung down her chest, occasionally
brushing against the bare flesh as she moved over him. The
frilly panties caressed Mark’s bare legs, and quickly put
his lust in overload.

He rolled on top of her, and slid his cock under the
top, wedging it between her silky breasts. God… he
thought… who cares if she ever sleepwalks again? And with
that, he made love to her.

His waking up may have been a coincidence. It may have
been the kind of sudden awakeness anybody might feel in the
middle of the night that they quickly fix by immediately
falling back asleep. But maybe it was a spark in his mind
that Kendra might be up and unconscious again. He reached
for her delicate frame. She was gone.

Where is she now? Where? And what is she doing? Mark
sprung out of bed. He didn’t check the bathrooms. he
immediately went to the doorwall. Like the night before, it
was open.

But Kendra wasn’t in sight. No sprinklers were
running. No nothing.

A few invisible patios away, an old man sat in a
chair, thankful for the unexpected luck he was receiving.
He had stepped out with a beer to enjoy the night air and
hope it could cure his insomnia. He had drank about half of
it, not enough to make him drunk, when he heard the sound
of a doorwall opening.

The beer wound up on the ground. Most of his muscle
control left as soon a she saw an angelic form approach him
dressed in a pink nightie with a cleavage-revealing oval in
the front and a pair of soft, frilly panties.

Kendra stared ahead with blank eyes. She didn’t
respond when the man whistled at her. Her hips swayed as
she continued to walk. her unsupported breasts urged
against the pink top with maddening side-to-side jiggles.
The old man couldn’t help it, he moved into her path.

“Where are you going, young lady?” he made no effort
to hide his viewing of her chest.

Kendra didn’t answer. But she did stop. She stood a
few inches from the man. The tips of her breasts were
almost touching him. He admired her body for a few moments,
then realized she hadn’t spoken. He finally looked at her
eyes, and saw they were focused on nothing in particular.

`Drugs. You gotta love `em. Come here, princess…” he
took Kendra’s hand and led her to the patio. The old man
looked around as if he expected the man she was with to
come running up to them. She had to be with some guy. A
woman that looked like this, that was dressed like this,
had to have a man waiting to fuck her. But this was his
moment, his stroke of luck. Kendra showed no signs of
disgust has he closely examined the texture of her skin and
the nightie so tightly pressed against it. He eyed her
panties, and the few small wrinkles that formed at her
pussy. But his eyes really locked on the oval. The dark
shadow formed by her two converged breasts was absolutely
mesmerizing. The faint tan line that cut across the
flesh… the tie that hung so loosely, so invitingly, off
to the side. The old man pulled it.

The top undid easily, and Kendra’s breasts burst forth
with naked freedom.

“Oh, honey… oh wow…” the old man stared at her
pink nipples, then raised both ands to grope he fullness.
Her eyes rolled back as he made contact with the smooth,
firm flesh of Kendra’s breasts. His fingertips grazed her
nipples. His mouth hung open with a rush of pleasure his
old mind had nearly forgotten.

“Get your hands off her!”

Mark yanked the old man away from his fiancee.
Kendra’s breasts flopped with the motion.

“You fucking son of a bitch! What do you think you’re

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know she was with anyone… I…”

“Do you go around feeling the tits of every woman?”
Mark wanted to hit him, but was afraid a punch would kill

“I didn’t … she didn’t… the old man turned and
bolted inside with the speed of a teenager. Mark shook his
head and looked at Kendra.


No response.


Still nothing. Mark slapped her lightly across the
face. Still nothing. He looked at her naked breast. He
gripped her left nipple, and squeezed hard.

“Uhhh!” Kendra took a deep breath of pain and shock.

“Kendra… are you ok?’

“Oh, God, what’s going on?” her voice was full of

“It’s ok, baby, it’s ok. You’ve been sleepwalking

Kendra’s eyes darted around as her mind tried to

“You’re ok. You were just asleep.”

“It’s true. You were right. Oh my God!”

“It’s ok. Nothing happened. Come on, let’s go inside.”

Kendra looked down and realized her bare breasts. She
clutched the nightie over them, and fell into Mark’s arms.
she was barely able to move her own legs as they returned

After being inside a few minutes, Kendra calmed down,
but still seemed dazed.

“Oh, Mark. I don’t know what’s happening. Why am I
doing this?”

“Do you remember anything about these walks?”

“No, I… wait. Oh! That old man was feeling my

“Yes, he was. But I stopped him.”

“I can barely remember it. It seems like a dream…”

“Can you remember any of the other times?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Honey, we have to figure out what this is. We have to
find out what is making you take these sleepwalks.”

“I’m sure it’s nothing. Just a phase.”

“But, baby, it could be a dangerous phase. You could
have been raped tonight.”

“But I wasn’t. You found me.”

“You have sleepwalked four nights in a row. What if
one of these times I don’t get to you fast enough? God, I
don’t want to think about what could happen! Please, let’s
get some help.”

“What kind of help?”

“Let’s call your mother. She’s a psycho therapist or
whatever. maybe she can figure this out.”

Kendra stiffened. Her mother. They had barely seen
each other the last few years. At once she felt a great joy
at seeing her but at the same time felt a sense of dread.
She didn’t really want to have to recount the sexual
escapades she had shared with Mark. But then again, it was
mother. She would be understanding.

“Ok, we’ll call her tomorrow.”

“Good. In the meantime, I’m barricading the door.”

Kendra smiled weakly.

Margaret arrived the next evening. She was about eight
hours away, but had no hesitation in rushing to her
daughter’s aid. Mark had met her only once, but felt very
comfortable with Kendra’s mother. Margaret was an
intelligent, understanding woman who possessed a great love
for her daughter.

The three went out to dinner, and re-aquatinted
themselves with simple talk. Margaret didn’t feel the need
to dive right into the analysis. Instead, she wanted to get
a feel for the everyday life the two shared and see what
influences could be upsetting her beloved child. She
offered to sleep in the family room, and try to keep an eye
out for another sleepwalk. They all agreed locking the
doors was a good idea. They also tied strings to several
objects that would knock them over if a door was opened.
They all went to sleep that night, comforted by their

Finally, a night passed where Kendra remained in her
bed. The couple didn’t make love, as they felt a little too
self-conscious with her mother so close. But they woke up
happy and excited at the lack of unusual roamings.

“I still think we need to figure out what may be going
on.” Margaret said at breakfast. Mark and Kendra quickly
agreed. One night of normality was no guarantee she
wouldn’t sleepwalk again.

“So how do we begin?’ Kendra asked.

“Well, I want to talk to each of you. Not just
together, but separately. It might be easier to talk
without the other one around.”

“We don’t have any secrets from each other.” Mark

“I’m not saying you do. But there may be things you’re
not totally comfortable saying in front of the other. Don’t
worry, we’ll all talk together, too. I just think this
could be a big help. Mark, I’d like to start with you. We
have some time before you leave for work, right? Let’s talk
now and I’ll talk with Kendra while you’re at the office.”

Mark agreed and soon found himself in the bedroom with
Margaret. Kendra went about doing the dishes, and made
enough noise to prove she wasn’t eavesdropping.

Mark sat on the bed, wondering what Margaret would

“How do you like fucking my daughter?”

Mark was prepared for that!

“Well? It’s ok. I know you’re having sex. You’re going
to be married, and you’re living together. So, how do you
like fucking her?”

“Ahh, umm. Ahh… It’s great. She’s wonderful.”

“Are her tits big enough for you?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Here tits, her breasts… are they big enough for
you? Are you a breast-man?”

“Absolutely. She has beautiful breasts. They’re

“Is she a good lover? Does she suck your dick, take it
in the ass, or anything else you wish she’d do?”


“Sorry if I seem bold. believe me, after twenty years
in the business, I’ve heard of some pretty weird stuff.
Sometimes I think I’m desensitized.”

“It’s ok. It’s kinda cool, actually. To answer your
question, she does give me blow jobs, and she does it well.
We don’t have anal sex, but I’ve never asked.”

“Does she dress the way you like? Lingerie? Garters?
Leather? Anything a little more unusual?”

“She wears lingerie for me. yeah, she wears what I

“Is there anything about fucking her that you don’t
feel satisfied with?”

“No, like I said, she’s great. Well…”

“What is it?”

“Let me get this straight. I love your daughter. With
all my heart. I love having sex with her. She turns me on
and is very satisfying. But… sometimes she seems
reserved, or a little too conservative. I mean, I like
romance as much as anyone, but sometimes I just want to
fuck, you know? Raw animal sex where all our inhibitions go
out the window. But Kendra likes it to be sweet, romantic,
and normal. She won’t even call it fucking, just love-

“I see. You want more carnal sex with my daughter.”

“Yes, but not just that. Like I said, I love her. I
love being with her. I want both.”

Mark had expected the talk to deal with more than
their sex life. But Margaret ended the conversation there
and said his information had been very helpful. With that.
Mark finished getting ready for work. Kendra looked like
she wanted ask what they talked about, but refrained. Mark
wondered what would happen when he got home. Would his
future wife turn into the fully developed sexual creature
he hoped for? Or would she think he was a pig and call off
the wedding? He didn’t really think that would happen, but
was a little uneasy nonetheless.

Kendra finished up her morning chores after Mark left.
Margaret sat and watched her daughter perform the duties
she used to do. She had raised Kendra by herself, after she
divorced her husband. She never regretted it. She loved her
daughter and felt she needed no one else to make her happy.

Kendra finished her chores, took a shower and got
dressed. She was a little sleepy, and blamed it on her
restless nights. Margaret waited in the bedroom, and was
seated on the bed as Kendra emerged.

She sat down with her mother, dressed casually in a
pale blue shirt and a pair of cut-off shorts. She was glad
to see her mother again. Something was stirring inside her
that she hadn’t felt since she was still a girl living at
home. She had known great love in her house, and could feel
that love returning as Margaret sat a few feet away.

“Honey, it’s talk time.” Margaret looked at her
daughter with an all-in-one motherly, stern, and caring
look. She stood up, an walked over to Kendra. She moved
behind her, and began rubbing her shoulders. Kendra slumped
slightly in the couch, enjoying the relaxing sensation.

“Oh my dear, we haven’t had one of these in far too

Kendra smiled at her mother, and enjoyed the firm rub
on her shoulders a few seconds more before Margaret broke
the contact.

“You remember how we used to talk, right, dear?”

“You remember how you never kept secrets me, and how
you could always expose yourself to me.”

“Yes, mother.”

“Good my dear.” Margaret smiled down at her daughter.
She was as comfortable as she had always been. As receptive
as she had always been. This would be as true a bonding
moment as they had ever shared. She tapped Kendra’s

“Take off your blouse.” Margaret kept the caring
look. “Take off your shorts.”

Kendra nodded. She stood up, then moved her hands to
her hips, and pulled the cut-offs down. Margaret eyed her
daughter firmly.

“Oh, my daughter. My pretty, little daughter.”
Margaret watched as the smooth texture of Kendra’s legs and
panties wrinkled and jiggled with the motions of undress.
Kendra didn’t think twice about removing her clothes in
front of her mother. She casually tossed her shorts in
hamper and faced her mother.

“To your bra and panties dear, strip down to your bra
and panties or we can’t have a true talk.”

Kendra unbuttoned her blouse as assuredly as if she
were alone. Her breasts exposed themselves without shame,
and remained covered by a sheer, sexy bra. Kendra adjusted
the cups, fitting them more firmly to her breasts. She
looked up at her mother with a face looking for approval.

Margaret eyed her child. Her child, now dressed only a
bra, a pair of panties, and a completely unbuttoned blouse.
She was absolutely beautiful.

“Come her, baby.”

Kendra stepped over to her mother without a thought.
They embraced tightly. Margaret ran her hands over Kendra’s
bare back, then sat back down on the bed as Kendra remained
standing. She took Kendra’s hand into her own.

“I’m so glad we can talk like this. I’m so glad I can
share my thoughts with my beautiful daughter, and she can
share hers with me.”

“Yes, mother.”

Margaret began lightly stroking Kendra’s hips, running
her fingers over the panty straps.

“Is everything ok with you and Mark?”

“Yes, mother. Everything is fine.”

Margaret moved her right hand to Kendra’s lower
abdomen and rubbed the silk panties with her index finger.
“Is he able to satisfy you?”

“Yes, mother.” Kendra stared straight ahead, and felt
her fall into a trance of remembrance.

Margaret’s hand slipped between Kendra’s legs. Kendra
squirmed slightly with the touch to her pussy, but didn’t
attempt to move away.

“Is his penis big enough for my little girl?

“Yes, mother.”

Margaret continued rubbing her daughter as she eyed
the smooth, creamy, olive skin of Kendra’s body.

“Oh, my daughter… my beautiful, sexy daughter… are
you satisfying him, my love?”

“I think so.” Kendra was still lost in thought. Her
head swarmed with the old memories of her mother’s touch.
Those long ago days as an early teenager. It came flooding
back into her thoughts. Each day, each moment returned as
though they had been stored in a dream.

With her motherly comfort, Margaret would massage
Kendra’s young cheek and shoulders. As Kendra’s firm, young
body grew, the action progressed to her chest, then to her
buttocks. And eventually, Margaret rubbed Kendra’s vagina.
It was a mother’s touch, always loving and comforting.
Throughout her childhood, Kendra felt the calming hands of
her mother on her body. They soothed her, comforted her,
and stimulated her.

It truly picked up when Kendra’s budding breasts
required her first training bra. An ecstatic Margaret
proudly clasped the new garment over the bumps forming on
Kendra’s chest. She rubbed them for Kendra several times a
day, insisting the stimulation would cause them to grow.
Each morning, Margaret would make Kendra stand before her
and remove the bra. Margaret would feel for breast-growth,
and report the exciting increases with gleefulness and

Kendra felt welcomed and accommodated into the world
of womanhood, and trusted her mother’s guidance.

It wasn’t long before Margaret began substituting
Kendra’s simple undergarments for more lacy and silky
choices. The panties became skimpier, silkier, and
certainly more mature. The bras became larger as Kendra’s
breasts grew, and possessed the same alluring quality her
panties now demonstrated.

Kendra started finding young boys waiting for her when
she got home from school. She was to go into her bedroom,
wait for her mother to pretend to leave, then seduce the
young lad into sex. Most mothers feared their daughters
becoming sexually active. Margaret watched from the closet.
She offered advice on seduction techniques. “Show more
cleavage, flash a bit of your bra, let your skirt ride up
your legs, bend over…” And she provided plenty of thought
on Kendra’s sexual techniques as well. “Ride him on top,
moan more loudly, suck his penis for longer…”

All the while, Margaret beamed with pride at the
sexual blossoming of her daughter. She noticed the heads of
males turn to linger their eyes on Kendra’s slim and
curvaceous body. She no longer had to arrange for men to
come home and have intercourse with her daughter. Soon,
Kendra was being asked out regularly. Margaret always
stressed the importance of having sex with these men, and
continued to watch her daughter receive the large, eager
cocks from her vantage point in the closet.

There was something about Margaret’s voice…
something about her intentions and tone that kept Kendra
from questioning her mother. Even at seventeen, Kendra was
dressed daily by her mother from complete nakedness, to
sensual underwear, to provocative skirts and tops. Each
evening Kendra would come home and receive a rub down and a
bath from her attentive Margaret. She would be completely
comfortable in her gorgeous nakedness. In Kendra’s mind, it
was love. It was love that flowed with the glistening
droplets of water down her chest. It was love that massaged
her inner thighs with soap. It was love that stimulated her
clitoris and nipples, teaching her about her own desires
and wants. And it was the same type of love the men
demonstrated for her body. Only they did it with their
penises and with much less tenderness.

The relationship lasted until Kendra left for college.
The separation from her mother was a difficult one for her
to handle emotionally. She felt desperate for the
attention, and asked the men on campus to make love to her.
Somehow, they didn’t seem to measure up. They ripped her
clothes off, and fucked her without intent of emotion. She
hated it, and she hated the F-word that so truly captured
the spirit of the men who penetrated her.

But at the same time, she began to realize, albeit
subconsciously, that the “normal” love in the world came
from a man, and not her mother. And that was to be one man.
Yes, she had to devote herself to one man, and experience
love and love-making with that one man for the rest of her
life. That one man turned out to be Mark.

Kendra went limp as her mother’s fingers stroked and
calmed her vagina. Her panties shifted up and down slightly
with the motions of Margaret’s fingers. It was so calm…
so good… so familiar. Kendra felt like a girl again, safe
and protected by her mother’s touch.