Wild Eager Family

Of all the social institutions which have had to endure change and weather criticism, the family concept is, perhaps, the most pronounced. Subjected to the undermining forces of alcoholism, the use of drugs and marijuana, and the advent of mate-swapping, the family unit has undergone immeasurable challenge in the wake of social advancement.

WILD EAGER FAMILY is the story of how some people adjust to the liberated moral standards within the family unit. Beset by such common problems as jealousy, age differences, and unfaithfulness, the characters in this story find an unusual solution to their dilemma. Their method, that of incest, may well be considered unusual or shocking, but is nonetheless successful.

WILD EAGER FAMILY — a novel of fiction for entertainment. A reminder that what is debased and perverted for some may well be normal for others.


Janet Madison glanced across the dining room table at her teenaged son as the teen passed the platter of roast beef to his father. The horny woman felt a surge of lust rippling through her pussy as she stared at her son.

She couldn’t help herself. For Norm was the best-looking teenager Janet had ever seen. Norm was already brawny and muscular, very tall, and extremely well-built. He was captain of his high school football team, and was very popular with all the girls.

Janet had been trying to rid her mind of its incestuous thoughts about her son for a long time now, but it was no use. Making the teen appear even more desirable to the woman was the exciting fact that he looked exactly as her husband had looked at that age.

She glanced at her husband, Larry, now, thinking how crazy she was about him. If only he were around more, she thought with a heavy sigh. Ever since he became a trucker, she was lucky to see him two or three days out of every week! She sighed again, feeling that familiar burning sensation deep in her pussy. She had always been a very horny lady and now that her husband was gone from home most of the time, she was hornier than ever.

Across the table, Norm Madison struggled to stop the hardening of his cock as he studied his mother. His eyes drank in the sight of the woman’s lush, stacked figure, clearly visible through the sheer folds of the sexy gown she was wearing. The gown had a plunging neckline which revealed all but the nipples of her large, firm tits, but Norm could make out the outline of the large reddish nips through the silky material. Braless, she was the sexiest sight the teen had ever seen. The teen felt his prick swelling more and more as he ogled his mother’s tits. “What’s the matter, Son? You’re not eating. Are you feeling okay?” Larry Madison asked from his place at the head of the table.

“Huh? Oh, no, I’m fine,” Norm said with a blush as he tore his eyes away from his mother and began to eat.

“Don’t mind him, Dad,” young Trish giggled. “I heard him on the phone today talking all mushy to his latest girlfriend! He’s probably just daydreaming about her!”

“Shut up, Sis! You don’t know what you’re talking about,” Norm growled.

Listening to her kids, Janet felt a pang of jealousy at the thought of her son’s girlfriends. She wondered if he fucked them, and then she laughed at herself, realizing that this was the 1980’s and by his age, any self-respecting kid, male or female, had long ago lost their virginity. Besides, she told herself, studying her son’s body again, a teen as virile and sexy as he was practically oozing sex-appeal and he’d probably been fucking for years. God, she thought, I wonder what his cock would feel like inside my pussy.

“Janet, a penny for your thoughts,” Larry asked his wife with an affectionate smile.

“Oh, I’m just thinking about how much I’m gonna miss you. I wish you didn’t have to leave first thing tomorrow morning.”

“Now, now, honey, I know it’s hard on you, but after all it’s the good pay I make as a trucker…”

“That puts this roast beef on the table!” Norm and Trish finished for their father, laughing at the words they had heard so many times lately.

“Now, children, don’t make fun of your father,” Janet said, but she couldn’t resist laughing along with them.

“Okay, okay, I get the message,” Larry said and he joined in the laughter around the table. “Now, I want you kids to take good care of your mom and each other while I’m gone. I’ll be gone even longer than usual on this junket, and Norm, you’ll be the head of the family while I’m gone so I want you to take extra good care of your mother.”

“Sure, Dad, I will,” he said, flushing as he thought about the way he’d like to take care of his mother — with his big stiff cock right up her tight pussy.

As they all grew silent again, finishing their meal. Janet realized that she was dreading this latest trip of her husband’s even more than the others. She had heard that a woman her age was just reaching her sexual peak, and she knew that that must be the reason for the state of extreme horniness she seemed to always be in these days. She honestly didn’t knew how she would get through the next days without a good fuck — without a series of good fucks, for that matter.

She never could get enough of her husband’s cock, although the man was an excellent lover. When he was away, she would toss and turn relentlessly in her bed and lately she had begun to jerk herself off far more than ever before. She would lie back and close her eyes and run her fingers back and forth across her juicy, aching pussylips. She would strum her stiffening clit with her middle finger, and then she would plunge her fingers deep inside her cock hungry cunt.

Recently, she had added a new twist to her solitary sessions of lovemaking. She had bought a vibrator and would spend long hours ramming it deep inside her cunt. It felt better than her fingers, giving her orgasm after orgasm, and often, as she fucked herself with it, she pretended that it was her son’s big cock inside her.

She found herself buying lewd magazines with pictures of young naked men about her son’s age. While she studied the exciting pictures, she would thrust the humming vibrator in and out of her sucking pussy.

Larry was a big, hairy guy, and while Janet had always loved his type, lately her fantasies had been running more toward the kind of young, almost hairless type of body her son had. She glanced affectionately at her daughter, wondering what kind of guy Trish went for.

The girl was a carbon copy of her mother at that young age. She was a pretty thing with her blonde hair and twinkling green eyes. She had a slender body with luscious tits and a narrow waist, and long, slender legs.

The teenaged girl’s eyes kept rolling to the left to drink in the sight of her big handsome father. She sighed softly, wishing her daddy didn’t have to go away. She always loved it when her daddy wrapped his powerful arms around her and hugged her hard. It never failed to turn her on. And whenever she dreamed about the kind of man she desired the most, it was always a big, strong, older man just like her own daddy.

Janet looked at her husband and felt a flutter of desire flush through her. She knew that, as was their pattern, she and Larry would be getting it on good and heavy that night since it would be days, maybe weeks, before they saw each other again. She was feeling so horny, especially after all those forbidden thoughts about her son, and she knew she wouldn’t be satisfied until Larry had fucked her six or seven times that night, a feat not unusual for the young, horny couple.

Larry smiled at his wife and then glanced at his daughter. He had been noticing more and more lately just how sexy and grown-up his daughter was.

Each time he had to leave on one of his trucking trips, when he returned home it seemed as if the teenaged girl had grown more womanly and desirable in his absence.

“Gotta go now,” Trish said, jumping up from the table. “Don’t forget, after Margo and I go to the library, I’m gonna sleep over at her house.”

She wrapped her arms around her daddy’s bullish neck and kissed him on the chest.

“Oh, Daddy, I wish you didn’t hafta go away anymore!” she cried sadly.

The big man returned his daughter’s kiss, feeling a quickening in his crotch.

“You be good, baby, and Daddy’ll bring you home a nice present,” he said.

“Okay, Daddy!” Trish said with a wink as she left the room.

“What are your plans for the evening, dear? Going out with one of your girlfriends?” Janet asked her son, feeling a jolt of jealousy again as she thought about her teen with a tight pussied teenager.

“No, not tonight,” Norm said and Janet felt guilty as she felt a surge of relief. “I’m going over to Cal’s house to listen to his new stereo. He’s gotta bunch of new cassettes too, so we’re just gonna sit around and talk while we listen to the sounds.”

“Okay, Son, stay out late if you want. After all, there’s no school tomorrow,” Larry said expansively, but Janet and Norm both knew that what the man really meant was that he wanted Norm to stay out late so that he could fuck his wife for hours and not have to worry about the sounds they would make.

Norm left a short time later, leaving his parents alone. But after visiting with Cal for a while and admiring his new stereo, Cal received a phone call from a girl he had been trying to get to go out with him, and he left to meet her.

At first, Norm felt at loose ends. But then, as he drove back toward home, he realized that this was a golden opportunity for him. His heart began to pound hard, and his cock grew stiff again.

For a long time now, with his bedroom right next to his parents’ room, the teen had listened to the muffled moans and cries during their fuck sessions, especially on those nights just before his dad had to go away on one of his long hauls.

Just a few weeks ago, the teen had decided that he wanted to do more than just listen. He had stabbed away at the plaster on the wall one day when he was alone and finally had managed to drill a small hole right through the wall. Smoothing it out, it had formed a perfect peep hole, giving him a full view of his parents’ king-sized bed.

The teen had made a wooden plug for the hole and he painted it to match the wall so his mom wouldn’t spot it when she cleaned in his room. Ever since then, he had been spying on his parents while they fucked themselves silly.

When they knew their kids were in the house, Janet and Larry were fairly cautious about their lovemaking. They would lock the door to their bedroom, turn out the light, and try to keep the sounds to a minimum. But if they were alone, or if they thought they were alone, they liked to leave the bedside lamp on and make as much noise as they wanted.

And when his father was gone, Norm would spy on his mother in her bedroom while she played with her pussy. He never tired of watching his mother lying on the bed naked, restlessly caressing her swollen, melon-sized tits and running her fingers in and out of her steamy cunt. The teen had caught her a couple of times lately using a vibrator and the sight had turned him on beyond belief. He always jerked himself off while peeping through the hole, and his orgasms were mind blowing.

Norm silently entered the house, his shoes in hand. He crept into his room, soundlessly closing the door and not turning on the light. He stripped off all his clothes, his cock swelling more and more with anticipation.

Then he lay belly-down on his bed, the head of which was right next to the wall with the peephole in it, and he carefully pulled the plug out of the wall. A ray of light trickled in from the master bedroom.

Eagerly, the teen pressed his face against the wall and stared into his parents’ bedroom. Janet and Larry Madison were right in the midst of a hot and heavy fuck scene.

Janet lay sprawled across the bed, moaning as her brawny husband sucked one of her big, bouncing tits. Larry crushed the mound of flesh in one of his beefy hands, wrapping his hard, sucking lips around the rosy, dollar-sized nipple.

His hot tongue swirled across the puckered flesh, licking over the reddened nipple which throbbed lewdly against his tongue. His free hand ran down the woman’s flat belly and rustled across the golden hairs of her pussy mound.

Norm could see his mother’s pussy bush glittering in the light cast by the bedside lamp, and the puffy, pink pussylips were clearly visible. He could see that she was trembling with sexual excitement. And so was Norm as he continued to spy on his parents.

Larry slowly inched his way down his wife’s body, his wriggling tongue leaving an obscene trail of glistening saliva as it moved toward her aching cunt. He grasped his wife firmly by the legs, just above her knees, and spread them wide, revealing the gleaming pink meat of her juicy cunt and the erect button of her clit.

“Ohhhh, baby,” he growled as he pressed his hungry lips against Janet’s pussy.

“Yes, darling, yes, eat my cunt!” Janet cried desperately, squirming and writhing on the bed.

Larry kissed her cunt loudly, his hot tongue probing into the slippery silt and licking up and down, lapping up her spilling tasty juices.

Janet whimpered with pleasure as her husband’s hot mouth began to work between her legs, eating out her pussy. The tip of his tongue strummed across her pulsing clit sending jolts of sexual delight coursing through her loins.

“Ohhhh!” she squealed, tossing her honey blonde hair in a frenzy of fuck-lust, running her fingers feverishly through Larry’s hair as his head bobbed back and forth between her legs.

He was darting his tongue in and out of her sweet, sucking pussy now, delighting in the way her pussy muscles grasped his tongue as if wanting to keep it trapped in her cunt forever. The man was fucking his tongue full-length into her now, fucking her deeply with it.

“Ohhhh, Larry, you’re gonna make me come! Ahhhh!” Janet gasped brokenly, her beautiful face contorted with desire.

“Unnhhh, Mom, you’re so gorgeous!” Norm groaned softly as he jerked his hand up and down the length of his thick cock, beating his meat as he watched his mother’s pussy being eaten out by his father. The teen couldn’t help but wish that it was his own tongue inside the woman’s tempting-looking cunt. That forbidden thought made his prick jerk in his hands.

Larry moaned with pleasure, sucking noisily, scraping his teeth over the sensitive lips of his wife’s throbbing pussy. She arched her back, her big, bursting tits bouncing as shudders, of exquisite ecstasy rippled through her body.

“Aeeee!” she screeched as she came, her hot juices pouring into her husband’s sucking mouth. She dug her fingers frantically into Larry’s head, bucking her hips lewdly back and forth against his juice-smeared face.

“Unnhh, oh, yeah, baby,” Larry groaned as his tongue scooped all of Janet’s thickly cascading juices. He lapped her clean and then lifted his head, his eyes on fire with fuck-lust.

He grinned up at his wife with an obscene grin and then he moved up beside her, rolling over onto his back and locking his hands behind his head.

“Oh, Janet, now it’s my turn! Do what you love to do best!”

“Oh, goody, I’ve been waiting for this treat!” she purred as she rolled half way on top of him, her fingers stroking through the thickly matted hair on his broad chest.

While her son watched her, still pumping his fist up and down his prick, she bent down and pressed her lips to her husband’s chest, raining wet, open-mouthed kisses on his naked flesh. She ran her hot hands over the bulging muscles, cooing with pleasure.

Janet buried her face in his armpit, swabbing the sweat with her wantonly wriggling tongue. Her head whirled with her husband’s musky, masculine scent. And she slowly began to work her way down his body until she reached his prick.

Larry’s huge cock jutted lewdly in the air from a thick patch of dark prick curls. A pair of enormous balls swung beneath his throbbing cock. It was understandable why Janet was still as turned on by her husband as she had been on the day of their wedding, years ago.

“Yeah, lick my cock, baby! Suck my balls!” Larry growled thickly, his breathing labored now.

Yeah, Mom, Norm thought to himself, echoing his father’s demanding words. Suck Daddy’s cock! I wanna watch you do it!

As if in response to her son’s wishes, Janet blew a stream of warm air on the mushroom shaped cap of her husband’s bulging prick. She encircled the thick base with her fingers, which only fit about half way around the pulsating cockshaft.

Lifting it toward her face, she gazed hungrily at his pulpy red cockhead. A glistening pearl of pre-cum shimmered on the puckered pisshole. Pursing her full, rosy lips, Janet kissed the drop of juice, savoring the tangy flavor. Then she swiped her tongue out and swished it back and forth across the knobby prickhead.

“Aaaarrghhh, yeah, Janet, yeah! You always do it so good! Eat it up, baby! Eat my cock!” Larry groaned, thrusting his hips up, silently urging his wife to take all of his cockmeat into her mouth.

But Janet resisted her husband’s efforts, making it clear that she was the one in charge here and she would set the pace, taking him fully into her mouth when she was good and ready and not one second before.

She began to move slowly up and down the thick cock stem, pressing her full, warm lips against the taut, pulsing fuckmeat, humming in pleasure as she felt the blasting heat that throbbed through the thick column. She buried her face in the fragrant bush of prick hair, flailing at the root of Larry’s cock with her tongue.

“Unnhhh, ohhhh, Janet,” he moaned, half out of his mind with lust.

Jesus, Mom, you can really lick cock! Norm thought, as in the safety of his own room next door, he continued to stroke his bulging prick, but moving more slowly now, knowing that he could come any second and wanting to delay his pleasure.

Janet lifted her husband’s huge balls in one hand, scraping her thumb across the wrinkled surface of the sac. Bending down, her blonde hair swirling over the man’s belly, she flicked her tongue out and stirred it lewdly across the hairy nuts, tasting the spunky flavor of his manliness, sucking at the loose flesh and playing with the loaded balls it contained.

“Oh, yeah, Janet, you do that soooo good! Lick those balls, baby, lick them good!” Larry gasped hoarsely, digging his fingers into his wife’s scalp.

Janet grinned, pleased by her husband’s compliment. She scraped her fingernail along the underside of his hot, sweaty sac and moved up to his rigid cock once more. Encircling it with her hand, she opened her mouth wide, forming her full, sensuous lips into an “O” shape and pressing them against the tip of his pulsing prick. Her tongue dived into his cum-slit, tasting the salty juice it held, and she grazed her teeth across the pulpy surface of his cock crown.

Stretching her jaws wide apart, Janet curled her tongue around the underside of his throbbing cockhead, forming a silken groove over which Larry’s thick, long prick could pass. Then she lowered her head, taking several inches of his fuckmeat into her mouth.

Moaning with excitement and desire, she slurped and wriggled her tongue back and forth, teasing the quivering sides of her husband’s fat, lust-thickened prick.

“Unnnhhh, yessss, yesssss!” he groaned, jerking his hips back and forth, plunging his cock into the sweet heat of his wife’s mouth.

Janet gagged slightly as the huge cock lodged against the back of her throat, but she expertly swallowed hard, shuddering as she felt several inches of the enormous fuck rod slide into her throat, stretching it wide.

Norm gasped with excitement, his young mind whirling with lust as he watched his sexy mother deep-throating his father skillfully. Larry’s long, thick cock slid in and out of her grasping throat, and Norm only wished it were his own.

The teenager ground his swollen prick against the sheets of his bed, his groin tightening with lust, willing himself not to come just yet.

Larry moaned continually now as he thrust his hips upward, embedding his throbbing cock deep in his wife’s hot, wet throat. Janet whimpered in response, her throat and mouth aching painfully but pleasurably, stuffed to the brim with the cock she needed so badly.

She tickled his full, swollen balls with her fingers and eagerly bobbed her head up and down rapidly, sucking hard, her cheeks hollowing inward to increase the suction on the delicious fuckmeat, her puckered lips clasping at the base of the man’s cock, her nose mashing against his hairs.

“Suck it, baby, yeah, just like that, suck it hard! Make me come!” Larry growled huskily, his fingers digging painfully into her head, his face twisted with lust and the need to come.

Janet sucked noisily, swishing her tongue around the sides of Larry’s pulsing fucker. She knew that he was about to come and she couldn’t wait. Not only because she longed to swallow his jism, but because he would fuck her and her pussy ached for his huge cock.

She was on all fours now, her hands clutching her husband’s muscular calves, her high, creamy asscheeks jutting lewdly in the air.

Norm could see his mothers inviting ass and the golden-fringed muff of her wet, dripping pussy. He could also see her dangling tits, swinging back and forth as she bounced her head up and down. He watched her, licking his lips excitedly, loving the way her swollen red lips tightened about the bulging shaft of his father’s cock, and he admired the way her cheeks sank inward as she sucked harder and harder.

Suddenly, Larry arched his back and let out a roar of pure unbridled sexual pleasure, bucking deeply into his wife’s throat. Janet trembled with delight as the huge prick rammed deep into her. She felt it lurching, and then hot spurts of thick creamy jizz blasted down her throat, squirting into her hungry belly.

She jerked her head back so that only the bloated head of Larry’s shooting prick was still in the grip of her lips. She strummed his balls with her teasing fingers and hummed in pleasure as the heavy, gooey load foamed across her tongue, spattering in strong spurts from her husband’s cock. She rolled her tongue around the sticky goo, savoring the rich, spunky taste, and gulped it all down greedily. Some of the heavy load escaped, running from the corners of her mouth in lewd rivulets.

Larry shuddered in pleasure, dropping back onto the bed, panting loudly. Janet released his quivering cock from her mouth, smacked her lips in satisfaction, and lay next to her husband with an expectant grin on her face, knowing that she was about to be fucked.

“Mmm, that was nice, honey, but now I need you to fuck me!” Janet gasped.

When Larry didn’t respond as she had expected, Janet glanced over at the man and saw that his eyes were closed and he was breathing shallowly but steadily. He had fallen asleep!

Janet groaned with disappointment. Tonight, of all nights, she had hoped for a marathon fuck session with her husband for he would be gone for a long time and she sighed unhappily, thinking that the orgasm he had given her while eating her out would have to last her far longer than she liked. There’s always my vibrator, she thought, but she knew that wouldn’t be the same. What her hungry pussy needed was a good, stiff cock.

Norm had been about to come. But he had been so shocked when he saw his father fall asleep without fucking his mother that his cock had softened a bit while he continued to stare through the peephole, his mouth hanging open, wondering what his poor mother would do without the fucking she obviously had been counting on, the fucking he wished he could give her himself.

He began to pump his prick hard again now, crouched on his knees on the bed with his eyes glued to the hole. Janet was staring up at the ceiling, running her hands erotically up and down the front of her body.

She grasped the large, arching mounds of her tits and kneaded them hard, stroking her thumbs across the hard points of her nips. She bit into her bottom lip as a surge of warm lust shot through her loins.

Slowly now, she drew her hands down her body and spread her legs slightly. She drew the tips of both forefingers across the slick, wet lips of her cunt and stroked them lewdly. She ferreted out the throbbing button of her clit and began to rub her finger across it in obscene circular motions, sending stabs of sheer pleasure shooting through her body.

With her other hand, she slowly stuck the tips of two fingers into her pouting pussy and began to jam them deeper into her aching, cock starved cunthole. Soon she had worked them in up to the second knuckle and began to fuck them in and out desperately. She squeezed a third finger inside her ravenous cunt and pumped her hand back and forth, still strumming her twitching clit with her other hand.

Her large tits bounced and wobbled as she finger-fucked herself toward the orgasm she needed so badly, and she closed her eyes, chewing on her lower lip as hot, exciting fantasies rushed through her lust-filled mind.

She dreamed of her husky young son stroking her, body with his strong hands, and then picking her up, laying her across his bed and entering her, stroking his long, thick prick in and out of her willing pussy.

Realizing that she was fantasizing about fucking her own son, she gave a muffled gasp of incestuous pleasure and came. Rockets of ecstasy burst through her loins as hot waves of orgasmic delight swept through her body. She came and came, harder than she ever had while bringing herself to orgasm, and she knew that the unusual intensity of her climax was due to the fact that she had brought herself off while pretending that her young son was fucking her.

In his own room, Norm moaned, his temples throbbing with aroused blood. His senses whirled. Hot flashes of lust burned through his groin. He pumped his long, thick prick with his fist as he continued to watch his mother plunging her fingers into her dripping curd. A white-hot wave of rapture ripped through him and seething jets of cum flew from his cock and spattered against his bedroom tall. He came hard, his entire body shook as he emptied his balls and his of his heavy load.

As he came, he watched his mother coming along with him, and the sight made his own orgasm even more intense. He found himself wondering if there was any chance that his sexy mother might want to fuck with him as much as he longed to make it with her.

“Ohhhh, Norm, fuck meeee!” Janet cried out loud as she came again.

Norm grinned. He had the answer to his unasked question. And it was an answer that would turn his life around.


The next day, all day long Janet felt incredibly restless and horny. Her husband had left early that morning, without time for even a quickie, and the woman was still burning with sexual frustration from the night before when he had fallen asleep before fucking her.

It was early afternoon and she was in the kitchen, half-heartedly making a salad to go with dinner. She was wearing only her bathrobe, with nothing on underneath it. She had been feeling so depressed all day, she just didn’t have the heart to dress.

As she sat on the stool in front of the kitchen counter and peeled carrots for the salad, her robe fell open, revealing her full, thrusting tits and the slope of her flat belly, and the soft, pouting mound of ha pussy.

She sighed. She was as horny as hell. And Larry had been gone for only a few hours. What would she do during the long, lonely, sexless days ahead?

She had the kitchen television set on to a steamy soap opera and as she idly glanced at it, she saw a young, handsome man who reminded her of her son. He had his shirt off and he was embracing an older woman who was wearing a sexy negligee.

As she watched the erotic action on her TV screen, Janet felt a rustle of hot desire course through her loins. She would have given anything at that moment to be the woman in the arms of that strong, young stud.

Absently, she picked up the cucumber to slice it into the salad. But, as she closed her fingers about it, she suddenly realized just how much like a big fat cock the vegetable felt in her grasp.

She glanced down at it and felt a flutter of lewd excitement flicker through her. It was a huge cucumber, and very, very thick. The bumps up and down its sides made her tremble as she imagined what it would feel like to have them sliding back and forth along the sensitive meat of her hungry cunthole.

She lifted the vegetable and placed its end in her mouth, sucking on it. She began to slide it back and forth over her wriggling tongue, getting it wet and warm with her saliva.

With her free hand, she slowly and sensuously caressed her body, running her fingers over her ballooning tits, and stroking them over the sticky crevice between her legs. She rolled her finger across the mound and ground the heel of her hand against the quivering bud of her clit, sending jolts of welcome pleasure coursing through her entire body.

Her heart pounded madly as she felt her body come alive with lust. Ripples of excitement and ecstasy ran up and down her body, and her mind went numb. She put the cucumber down and yanked open one of the drawers under the sink where she kept some of her lewd magazines.

She selected one of her favorites which had a young, turn-on male model as its centerfold.

She opened the magazine to the centerfold and placed it on the counter in front of her. She stared at the model and at his huge cock which dangled between his muscular legs.

She sighed with sexual frustration as she continued to stare greedily at the photograph, her cunt aching with need. She grabbed the cucumber and slowly began to run it aver her body. She swirled it over her taut, throbbing nips and down into the deep crevice between her tits, moving it slowly over the flat expanse of her trim tummy.

“Unnhh,” she moaned as she moved the obscenely cock-like vegetable through the soft blonde down of her pussy fur and across the bloated lips of her cunt. She spread her legs wide and drew the cucumber up and down between her wet cuntlips.

Her fingers trembling with need, she guided the thick tip of the makeshift prick between her legs, pressing it against the slippery entrance to her cunt.

Whimpering now, she began to press the large vegetable back and forth, undulating her hips and gasping as she felt her cunthole slowly stretching to accommodate the jutting object. Chewing on her lower lip, her eyes riveted to the picture of the sexy young man in the magazine, Janet began to shove the cucumber deeper and deeper into the hot hole of her cunt. It stretched eagerly, throbbing with lewd pleasure as the big vegetable stroked against the aching sides.

Moaning with pleasure, Janet began to lewdly move the cucumber back and forth, shamelessly driving it in and out of her burning fuckhole, wishing it were her son’s cock fucking her.

“Oh, it feels sooo good,” she whimpered aloud, her eyes burning with desire as she imagined the teen in the picture gripping her asscheeks tightly and lustily slamming his large, rutting cock deep into her hungry pussy.

“Unnhhh, Norm, Norm,” she sighed as the face in the photograph became her son’s and she closed her eyes, trying to imagine what it would feel like to be fucked by her own son.

She tossed her head back and sighed in ecstasy, still twisting and pumping the cucumber back and forth between her widespread legs.

Suddenly the door bell rang shrilly, and the woman’s head jerked up in panic. Who could that be? she asked herself silently as she yanked the cucumber out of her cunt with a wet sucking sound, and tossed it down onto the kitchen counter. Drawing her robe about her, and tying the belt around her waist, she moved quickly into the living room, one part of her mind still on the sexy young man in the magazine and on the orgasm she needed so desperately.

“Who is it?” she asked without opening the door.

“It’s me, Mom! I forgot my key,” Norm’s voice sang out.

Janet gasped and opened the door to her son. She was still breathing heavily and, her mind went blank while she stared at the handsome teen who just seconds ago was the object of her lust-filled fantasies.

“Sorry to disturb you, Mom,” Norm said, wondering why his mother was still in her robe, and why she looked so flushed and excited.

He reached out and touched her shoulder and his touch sent an incestuous thrill through her body which she could not deny.

“Is it that late for you to be home from school?” Janet asked vacantly, trying to gather her wits about her.

“No, Mom, I’m home a early. My last class was cancelled ’cause our teacher was sick. That’s why Trish isn’t with me. She’ll be home later.”

Janet followed her son into the kitchen and she felt a rush of panic and embarrassment rush through her as she caught sight of the open magazine and the pussyjuice-coated cucumber lying alongside it.

Norm gasped when he saw the tell-tale evidence of his mother’s interrupted cucumber fucking session. Without a word, he opened the refrigerator and poured himself a drink of cold water while he struggled to control the tide of lust that rose quickly in him. Finally, he turned and faced his mother who was looking everywhere but at him.

“I was thinking, Mom. Dad really leaves you home a lot. I mean, I know he can’t help it. It’s his job. But still — it must be awfully frustrating for a woman like you.”

Janet raised her eyes to her son’s face as he stepped forward, gazing down at her with a tender smile. The teenager bent down and kissed his mother on the mouth. His strong arms slid around her waist, and he pulled her sexy body against his and kissed her harder, mashing their lips together. He forced his tongue between her teeth and dove into her sweet-tasting, warm mouth, groaning with desire.

His hands slid down and squeezed her ass through her bathrobe, grinding his groin against her lewdly. Janet shuddered with excitement as she felt her son’s bulging crotch press against her belly and she drew her hands around his strong neck, pressing her tits against his broad chest.

The woman’s body was on fire. She needed her son so badly. She craved his rough hands all over her body. She yearned for his demanding lips, and especially, for his stiff cock.

The teen was only too happy to oblige. His hands found the ends of her bathrobe belt and quickly undid them. He pulled her robe open and ran his hands up her body, cupping and kneading her full, firm tits.

He drew his mouth away from hers and pushed her gently into a sitting position on the stool. He began to kiss her throat, grazing his warm lips across her aroused flesh as he continued to fondle her tits with both hands.

“God, Mom, you’ve got such a gorgeous body!” Norm said thickly.

He hungrily thrust his tongue out and swished it across the big tits, leaving a glistening trail of saliva in its wake as he slowly moved down to the large, reddish nipples. He pushed both of her tits together and caught her nips between his teeth, nipping them gently and swirling his tongue back and forth. He sucked hard, taking as much of the tits into his mouth as was possible.

“Unnhh, ohhh, God, yessss, suck your mother’s tits, Son!” Janet gasped, arching her back as a burning sensation flooded through her tits and traveled down to her pussy.

The teenager continued to lick and suck and nibble on his mother’s tits, growling with pleasure all the while. His hands moved over the woman’s widespread legs, moving together between her thighs. His eager fingers raked through the moist triangle of her pussy fur and stroked the sticky, hot petals of her swollen cunt.

Norm peeled his mother’s cuntlips apart and quickly dropped to his knees in front of her. With a groan of pleasure, he buried his face between the woman’s creamy thighs.

“Yesssss, Son, yesss, lick your mother’s pussy.” Janet gasped as she felt the teen’s burning mouth push itself against her steaming cunt. He sucked on his mother’s cunt noisily, darting his tongue deeply into the slick, sucking hole. His hands moved all over her body, stroking her tits now and then, while he ate out her juicy pussy, thinking that he had never before tasted such delicious pussymeat.

“Ahhhhhh,” she sighed, undulating her hips shamelessly, lewdly mashing her wet, sopping cunt against her son’s face.

Her own face was flushed, and twisted with fuck-lust, and her heart was pounding so fast and furiously she was sure the teen could hear it over the pussy-sucking sounds his mouth was making between her legs.

Her tits bobbed up and down as she writhed in ecstasy on the stool, feeling more and more turned-on by the long, stabbing tongue that was fucking in and out of her fuckhole.

Janet could hardly believe that this was happening. She had been fantasizing about making it with her own son for what seemed like a very long time now. And here she was, actually having her horny cunt eaten out by the teen. It was a dream come true for the young woman and she only hoped it would go on and on and never end.

Suddenly, Norm stood up, his face wet with his mother’s juices, his eyes glittering with lewd excitement. He reached out to the counter and picked up the cucumber. A grin broke out over his handsome features as he turned the vegetable over in his hands. With one hand, he pushed his mother’s legs wide apart, spreading her moist pussy-lips far apart.

“Ohhhh, Son, what are you going to do?” Janet asked in a voice that was slurred with lust.

But Norm didn’t answer her. Instead, he guided the long, fat cucumber between the woman’s thighs and began to press it back into her cunt.

“Oh, God!” Janet gasped as her son shoved the vegetable deep into her cunthole. A sob of pleasure choked in her parched throat, and she whimpered aloud when he began to slowly and deliberately fuck the cucumber back and forth inside of her, jamming it as deeply into her cunt as he could without letting go of it, and puffing it almost all the way out with a lewd sucking sound.

He bent forward and kissed her on the mouth and neck, sticking his tongue in her ear.

“You’re one hot slut, aren’t you, Mom?” he whispered huskily, “and you want it bad!”

Janet’s only possible reply at that moment was a low, ragged groan of lust as she bucked her hips forward, impaling herself again and again on the huge cucumber.

Norm reached up and took one of his mother’s hands. Wrapping her fingers around the vegetable, he stepped back and watched as she began to ram it in and out of her hot cunt.

He quickly began to strip as he watched his mother fucking herself with the vegetable. The teenager realized now that this was the scene he had interrupted when he had rung the doorbell, and that was why his mother had acted so spacey when she let him into the house. Norm grinned. Completely naked now, he gripped his stiff prick and waved it obscenely before his mother.

“This is what you really want, isn’t it, Mom? Admit it, you horny slut! You want my cock, don’t you?”

Janet stared wide-eyed at her son’s huge cock and she whimpered helplessly, totally overcome with desire for the teen.

“Yes, Norm, yes, I want your cock! For God’s sake, let me have it!”

Moving forward eagerly, Norm took his mother into his strong arms, crushing her against his body. He kissed her hard, mashing his hairless chest against her aching tits. The woman squealed with delight, running her fingers up and down his muscular back.

The teen’s own hands moved down Janet’s body and between her legs. He gripped the cucumber which was still stuck inside her cunt and he slowly drew it out of her, although her tugging, squeezing cunt muscles resisted the withdrawal of the hard, fat vegetable.

With his free hand, Norm gripped her ass, which was still resting on the stool. He pulled her gently forward, churning his hips from side to side and his mother cried out with joy as she felt her son’s mushroom-shaped cockhead lodge against the opening to her deep, tight fuckhole.

“Yessss, Son, yessss! I’ve been waiting for this for sooooo long! Fuck meeeee now! Fuck meeee!” she wailed desperately.

The teen grinned and began to pump his hips back and forth, slowly sliding his long, thick prick into his mother’s fiery hot pussy.

She groaned, throwing her head back and sobbing with pleasure, raking her sharp fingernails across the teen’s back as she felt her cunt being stretched wide open by her own son’s big hot cock.

“Ohhh, Mom, your cunt’s soooo tight!” the teen grunted with surprise and excitement as he felt her pussy muscles clasping the entire length of his prick.

He began to fuck his mother with deeply penetrating thrusting motions. He put the cucumber on the counter and grabbed her ass again, pulled her hard against him as he fucked into her again and again.

As their loins mashed together, moist fucking sounds filled the kitchen, punctuated by Janet’s whimpers and cries of ecstasy, and by Norm’s animal groans and, grunts.

“Mom — wrap your legs around my waist,” he said huskily.

Trembling, Janet eagerly and quickly obeyed, hooking her ankles together about the small of her son’s back. Gripping her ass in a vise-like hold, Norm lifted the woman off the stool and rested his ass against the counter.

He caught hold of her churning hips and began to propel her against his loins, lifting and dropping her obscenely.

“Unnnhh, ohhhhhh,” Janet moaned in delight. She had never been fucked like this before, and she thrilled to her son’s creative moves. Her feet were resting on the counter now and she dug her fingers into Norm’s shoulders, wriggling in a frenzy of lust as she skewered her pussy wantonly on his huge, thick cock.

With one hand, Norm groped along the counter beside him, finally catching hold of the cucumber. It was still warm and sticky from its fucking thrusts into the woman’s deep, wet pussy.

The teenager continued to gyrate his hips, holding onto his horny mother with one hand, while he brought the vegetable around and began to draw it up and down the deep crack between the cheeks of her trembling ass.

“Oh, God!” Janet gasped as she felt the tip of the cucumber being pressed against her tiny asshole.

Norm gripped the end of the cucumber tightly and began to screw it forward, the muscles of his arm bulging as he forced the large object against his mothers’s ring of resisting ass muscles. Finally, they gave way, and the huge cucumber began to slowly slide inside Janet’s asshole.

“Yeeeooowww!” she cried, her mind whirling with forbidden desires. She tossed her golden hair from side to side, gasping and moaning in pleasure.

As she bounced on the teen’s hard, thick prick, she felt the probing vegetable against her aching asshole. A sharp burst of pain cut through her bowels when the object forced her muscles apart, but it was quickly soothed by a rippling rush of sensual pleasure.

As Norm rammed the cucumber deeper and deeper into his mother’s aching bunghole, still slamming his rock-hard prick into her cunt, Janet sobbed aloud with unrestrained joy, her body on fire with the pleasure her teen was giving her. Never in her lewdest of dreams about making it with her young son had it been like this. Just when she thought it couldn’t get any better, Norm gave another shove of his prick or of the vegetable and her pleasure increased.

He was fucking her ass with the cucumber smoothly now, ramming his hand back and forth in time with the thrusts he was making with his hips as he sent his cock full-length into her cunt with each forward shove.

His cock and the cucumber were fucking the woman in sync now, sending painful waves of incestuous pleasure flooding through her.

“Ohhhh, yesss, Norm, yesss, fuck me, yessss, fuck my cunt, fuck my ass, ohhhhh, it’s soooo good!” Janet shrieked in ecstasy, her hips heaving back and forth spasmodically.

Norm only grunted in reply, redoubling his efforts. His lust-smoldering eyes burned into hers, drinking in the erotic sight of her contorted expression. He bent forward and caught one of her bouncing tits in his mouth, hungrily sucking and chewing at it while he continued to fuck her hard.

A burst of electrifying passion burned through Janet’s loins and her cunt muscles gripped the teen’s prick savagely while her ass muscles clutched at the reaming cucumber.

“I’m gonna come, Norm! Fuck me! Fuck me hard, Son! You’re making your mother come!” she screamed.

“Yeah, Mom, yeah! Wiggle that hot ass! Milk my cock with that sweet, tight cunt of yours!”

Norm rammed her as hard as he could with his prick and impaled her fully on the hard cucumber with savage thrusts.

Janet’s cunt throbbed and burned, spasming about her son’s plunging fucker, and the teen groaned as he felt her flooding juices spill out around his cock. He battered into her hard as she came.

“God, you’re really making me crazy, Mom, you’re cawing sooooo hard! Come hard, Mom, milk my cock, shit, yeah, it feels great! You’re making me come, Mom! I’m gonna come! Aaaarrghhhh!”

“Oh, yes, Son, gimme all your cum! I have to have it!” Janet screamed at the top of her lungs.

He slammed deeply into his mother’s cunt and began to come. He shot hard, thick streams of jism which spurted deeply into her spasming pussy. The hot goo hosed into her forcefully, making her sob and whimper with incestuous pleasure as she continued to come along with her son.

“Jeeesus, you’re a great fuck, Mom!” Norm gasped, churning his enormous cock inside of her, crushing her body against his as they both shuddered in the aftershocks of orgasm, kissing each other passionately, their tongues locking together.

Slowly, he drew the cucumber out of her ass and threw it down onto the counter. Then he gently lowered her to the floor, his softening prick squelching free of her grasping pussy.

Janet sighed and smiled, embracing her son with love and gratitude. This was it. This was what she had been needing for so long now.

“That was great, Son,” Janet said softly as she tied her robe about her waist once more. “Just one thing…”

“Yeah, Mom?” Norm asked, still feeling dazed by the powerful orgasm his mother’s cunt had just given him.

“Now that you and I have finally fucked… just don’t be a stranger in my bedroom while your father’s gone.”

Norm grinned and shook his head in awe, thinking how lucky he was to have such a sexy, horny mother. And he vowed then and there to keep the woman’s cunt as full of his cock as possible during his father’s absence.


“I’m home, Mom!” Trish Madison called out as she arrived home from school the following afternoon. “Mom?” she called out again when there was no answer.

Then the teenager saw a note held by a magnet on the door of the refrigerator. She read it and smiled. Her mother had written the note, telling her kids that she had gone out to do some shopping with a friend and that later they would be having the leftovers that were in the fridge and she cautioned them to be sure to do their homework after dinner.

Trish felt a flutter of desire rippling through her loins as she realized that she and her sexy brother would be alone together for a while. Norm was at football practice but he would be home soon and then, if the teen had her way, he would be giving her a good hard dose of what he gave their mother the afternoon before.

For unbeknownst to Norm and Janet, Trish had arrived home toward the end of their torrid fuck session in the kitchen. The excited teenaged girl had spied on them from around the corner of the kitchen door, and when they had come, her own orgasm had torn through her pussy.

Seeing her brother’s naked cock had filled the teen with a hot, savage desire that she knew could be satisfied only by getting her big brother to fuck her with his huge cock.

She threw her books on her desk in her bedroom and then she went into the bathroom next door, checking herself out in the mirror. She was sure that her brother was attracted to her, and looking at her reflection now and trying to be honest with herself, she had to admit that she looked pretty desirable.

Her long, golden hair, so much like her mother’s, hung loose and lovely about her shoulders, framing her sweet, looking features. Her rosy lips were soft and sensuous, with just a touch of lipstick, and long, thick lashes shaded her sparkling eyes.

She was dressed daringly in a skimpy halter top which clung to her tits, exposing her sleek tummy, and a pair of cutoffs which revealed her shapely legs.

Feeling confident of her sex appeal, the girl returned to her bedroom and sat down at her desk, waiting for her brother to come home. A short time later, she heard the front door open and close and his manly voice called out, asking if anyone was home.

“Up here, Norm. Mom’s out shopping. But I need your help,” Trish called out from her bedroom.

Norm appeared in his sister’s doorway a few minutes later, and the girl shivered, sighing as her girlish eyes swept over his tall, muscular body.

“What kind of help you need, Sis?” the teen asked, thinking how sexy the girl looked that day.

“It’s my homework. I need help with my math,” Trish answered letting her eyes dart to the sizeable bulge of her brother’s crotch. Just the sight of that meaty lump made her cunt twitch and quiver with excitement.

Trish had a lot of boyfriends, and she had long ago lost her cherry to one of the young studs. But she had always been very attracted to both her brother and her father. And even though she had a special preference for the kind of big, beefy, hairy body her daddy had, he was out of town and her brother was at hand. She hoped the day would soon come when she got a chance to fuck her daddy. But in the meantime, she had no complaints about practicing with her brother.

Norm was aware of a growing hard-on as he studied his sister’s seductive body. He struggled to control his rising desire, for he was sure that the teen had nothing more than her homework on her mind.

“What’s the problem?” he asked, nervously clearing his throat as he gestured toward the girl’s math book and he walked toward her desk.

Unable to sit still, her pussy was twitching so furiously, Trish stood up and bent over her math book as her brother approached the desk. Brother and sister stood next to each other as she pointed out the problems she claimed to have trouble understanding.

Norm began to explain the problems to her, uncomfortably aware that his kid, sister had moved very close to him. Their thighs were grazing together, and her hand was hanging down near his crotch.

Trish’s heart thudded violently, and she only hoped that her big brother was as turned on to her as she was to him. Norm cleared his throat several times, having a difficult time concentrating on the math problems.

Trish took a deep breath and made her move. She boldly reached out and squeezed the teen’s groin with her insistent fingers.

Trish felt the heavy meatiness of Norm’s prick through the fabric of his pants, and as she gently rubbed her fingers across it, her heart skipped a beat as the large bulge began to stir and stiffen beneath her touch.

Norm stopped in the middle of a sentence, turning his eyes to gaze in shock into his sister’s pretty face.

“God, Trish,” he said weakly, “do you know what you’re doing?”

“Oh, yeah, brother dear, I know exactly what I’m doing!” the girl chirped.

She was fumbling with the teen’s zipper now, and he gazed at her with desire-filled eyes.

“Take your top off, baby,” he said huskily, stopping the movement of her hand on his fly. “I wanna see your tits!”

Trish grinned and her hands went behind her back and she undid the strings that held her halter top in place. The skimpy garment fluttered to the floor and Norm gaped openly at the sight of her tits. Her pouting tits were full, topped by puckered rosy-red nipples.

The teen’s heart was pounding hard as he reached out, drawing the palms of his big hands sensuously across her nips and closing his fingers about her tit-mounds. He crushed them in a powerful grip, groaning with delight as her warm tit-flesh oozed out between his knuckles.

“That’s nice, Norm, real nice,” Trish whimpered with pleasure, and she reached out again and grasped his crotch eagerly.

They heard the rasp of his zipper being pulled down, and the snap of his belt being unbuckled. She tugged at her brother’s pants and they slid down about his knees.

Trish gasped with sexual excitement as she saw the huge bulge her brother’s cock made in his shorts. With trembling fingers, she lifted the elastic over the bloated, throbbing head of his prick and yanked his shorts down to his knees.

“Ohhh,” the teen cooed in awe, running her hands up her brother’s legs and gently squeezing and lifting his large balls.

“God, Sis,” Norm groaned in helpless pleasure.

His prick was hard as a rock, thrusting lewdly into the air at a forty-five degree angle. It was long and thick and a much bigger hunk of meat than any of the cocks Trish had, been fucked with before.

“Jeesus, you’re so big!” she moaned, closing her fingers around the throbbing cock, shuddering with excitement as she felt the heat that pulsed through the bloated veins that laced the bulging sides.

She bent down, her nostrils flaring as she inhaled the teen’s masculine scent. On the tip of his angry-looking cockhead glimmered a bead of clear liquid and she pursed her full, rosy, lips, sucking the drop of pre-cum into her mouth.

Then she licked across the swollen head and up and down the sides of the jerking prick, Norm groaning with pleasure all the while. Over and over, the fully aroused girl licked all over the huge, thick cock, her cunt twitching and burning with more and more fuck-lust.

“That’s great, Trish, just great!” Norm groaned as his kid sister lashed his cock with her hot pink tongue. Shocks of incestuous pleasure ripped through his loins as she worked her tongue from the base of the meaty cock stalk all the way to its tip.

The teen’s breath was coming hard and fast now, and his entire body was trembling with lust for his sister.

Trish’s moist tongue slid across the wrinkled flesh of Norm’s balls, dipping low and forming a satiny trough which slid back and forth along the underside of his sac.

“Jeesus, Trish! You’re driving me up the wall!” the teen groaned, wondering if he could hold back much longer without coming.

Abruptly, he bent down and caught her beneath her arms, lifting her to her feet. He gripped her about her trim waist and lifted her up, setting her down on the top of her desk, right on top of the math problems.

Norm bent down and hungrily kissed his sultry sister on the mouth, mashing his lips against hers and thrusting his tongue between her teeth. She mewed in delight as her brother’s big tongue fucked at her own and his hard, hot lips sucked at her soft mouth. Trish’s head was whirling with incestuous joy. She wrapped her arms about his neck and kissed him back eagerly, her body shaking with passion.

Norm groped for her tits, clutching them with both big hands, and then he dropped his hands to her cutoffs. He unsnapped the button and yanked down the zipper impatiently, tugging the tight pants down. They slid about the girls ankles, and she eagerly kicked them off.

Still tongue-kissing her, Norm ran his hand roughly between her legs, and gave a muffled gasp as he discovered that she was wearing no panties. What a hot bitch I’ve got for a sister, he thought obscenely, and to think we’ve been living under the same roof all this time and I never before realized what a horny cunt she’s got!

The teen’s fingers closed around his sister’s full, moist muff of pussy fur and he felt the heat of her pussy rush through his hand.

“Yes, Norm, squeeze my cunt!” the girl cried. Her pussy was quivering with lust, and as her brother pried her cuntlips apart and pushed two fingers inside, she groaned loudly with excitement.

“God, Sis, what a great pussy you’ve got!” Norm gasped, feeling the hot inner meat of his sister’s cunt tugging hungrily at his fingers. He began to jerk his hand back and forth.

Trish was gasping for breath and whimpering with delight as her brother’s thick, coarse fingers jabbed deeply into her aching cunt. She began to unbutton his shirt with trembling fingers.

Once the girl had unbuttoned her brother’s shirt, she ran her fingers over the muscular chest of the teen, turning them both on all the more.

“Lie back on the desk now, Sis,” Norm ordered in a voice that was hoarse with fuck-lust.

“Yes, Norm, oh yes,” the girl whimpered, obeying her brother immediately as she lay down on top of her desk, lewdly spreading her legs wide, her knees dangling over the side of the desk.

Norm ran his hands from her knees to her thighs, pushing them farther apart. Then he bent down and pressed his mouth against his sister’s pussy-lips. Light golden hairs sparsely covered the pink mound, and as his face came close to the trembling pussy, he smelled her fresh teenage scent which shot through his body and turned him on tremendously.

“You sexy cunt!” he growled, mashing his lips against her pussy and sucking it loudly and wetly.

“Unnhhh, yessss, eat my pussy, Norm!” Trish gasped as she felt her brother’s tongue thrusting out and slurping up and down the juicy crack, then diving inside and searching out the hard clit.

“Yessss, yessss, yesss,” she groaned over and over as Norm fucked his tongue all the way up her fuckhole. He fucked his tongue rapidly in and out of her tight tunnel.

The teen’s prick was throbbing with lust, and he was panting hard, desperate to shove his long, thick cock into the teen’s sweet, hot cunthole.

“Roll over, Trish, and get up on your hands and knees.”

Trish eagerly scrambled up on the desk getting up on all fours and sticking her ass wantonly in the air at the rugged young hunk. Her oozing pussy was now directly in line, with his rigid prick.

Norm grasped his cock firmly with one hand and clutched Trish by the waist, moving forward until his huge cock was prodding against the girl’s throbbing pussy.

“Oh yes, Norm, don’t tease me with it! Put it in me! Stick your big prick inside my pussy, Norm! I have to feel you inside me!” Trish gasped, sobbing with sexual need now.

The horny teen needed no further coaxing. He gripped his sister firmly about her waist, and with a brutal thrust and an animal grunt, he slammed his hips forward, sinking the broad head of his fat, thick cock in her aching cunt.

Trish bit her lip to stifle a scream, stars flashing before her eyes as a burst of incredible incestuous pleasure exploded between her legs and she came on the spot.

“Unnhhh, commmmiiinnngg!” she whimpered as she lifted her ass high, pushing back against the enormous fuck rod which was still sinking deeper and deeper into her bloated cunt.

“Aaarghhhh, you’ve got a tight cunt — a really sweet pussy!” Norm grunted, shudders of pleasure darting through him as he began to expertly dog-fuck his kid sister.

He began to pound his hips forward savagely, driving more and more of his hard cock to the root inside of the trembling teen.

Finally, the last thick inch of his turgid, cock was embraced by the wet, tight sheath of Trish’s pussy. He churned his hips, working his huge prick inside her clutching tunnel.

“Awwww, baby, that feels so nice and tight! God, you’ve got a hot pussy!” he groaned thickly.

“And your cock’s so big and hard! I love the way it feels inside me, Norm!” the teen moaned in response, bucking her ass back against him, impaling herself happily on his thrusting cock, shuddering with joy as she felt it pounding against the far back wall of her cunt.

Norm began to pump his cock into his kid sister rhythmically, his large loaded balls slapping up against her belly each time he plunged into her. Trish’s body quivered and bounced forward upon impact, and she tossed her long blonde hair from side to side in a frenzy of excitement, moaning all the while.

Norm slid his strong hands beneath her and began to massage and squeeze her lemon-sized tits in his rough, grasping fingers.

“You love all this shit, don’t you baby! You like your brother’s big cock slamming in and out of your hot pussy, don’t you? You love the way I’m handling your tits, don’t you?” he growled lewdly into her ear, still pounding away at her cunt with fast, brutal strokes.

“Yesss, I do love it! I love it all, Norm, you know I do! I love the way you’re fucking me so good and hard! And you’re making my tits feel soooo good!” she sobbed gleefully.

“Yeah, baby, yeah! You’re a hot slut!” Norm groaned, plunging his prick into her as deeply as he could.

Trish’s head whirled with incestuous excitement, her pussy catching fire all over again and she knew that another orgasm was only seconds away.

Norm felt his balls tightening up and boiling with an enormous load of cum, a load he longed to pour into his sister’s clasping pussy.

“Unnhhh, commmiinnnggg!” he cried, tossing his head back and howling like a wild mating jungle beast as searing bursts of jism splashed into Trish’s cunt.

“Yesssss, I want all your cum! Gimme it! All of it!” the teen cried frenziedly as the exciting sensation of her own brother’s cum shooting into her triggered her second orgasm.

As Norm continued to come, he slammed into Trish in a wild frenzy of lust, driving his enormous cock shaft brutally in and out of her throbbing, sucking fuckhole.

The teen’s cock convulsed and expanded as scorching spurts of thick creamy jism shot out of his piss-hole, blasting deep into his kid sister’s hot, sweet hole.

“Unnhhhh,” he moaned over and over, banging hard into Trish, spraying her with burst after burst of heavy cum.

“Ohhhh, God, that feels good! Keep coming, Norm! I want all your spunk!” Trish cried as waves of orgasmic delight cascaded through her loins.

The girl’s vision blurred as she felt her brother’s creamy fizz squirting into her. The friction of the huge fuck rod stroking violently inside her spasming pussy thrilled the girl beyond belief, and she shrieked in delight, pumping her ass back against Norm’s gyrating hips, helping him to stuff the full length of his cock inside her orgasming cunt.

“Ohhh, God, I’m coming so hard!” she cried, sobbing with pleasure as she came and came and came some more.

Her hot, thick juices mixed with the teen’s cum, forming a lewd combination of sex fluids. Trish’s cunt convulsed with climax after climax, and the walls of her pussy shuddered so violently against the sides of the teenaged teen’s cock that he felt as if he could come again if it weren’t for the fact that he had shot his entire load of jism.

“Ohhh, God, that was soooo great!” Trish moaned as her series of orgasms began to subside.

“Yeah, baby, it sure was!” Norm said, playfully slapping her on her trembling asscheeks as he pulled his softening prick out of her wet fuck hole.

The teen fell face down onto the desk, quivering and moaning with the last traces of her powerful orgasms. Norm shook his head and laughed, picked up his clothes and turned to leave his sister’s bedroom.

“Thanks for helping me with my homework, Norm,” the girl giggled.

“My pleasure, Sis. I think you really got it!”

“I sure did, Norm. I sure did!” Trish said, sighing happily.


Almost a week had gone by since Norm had fucked his mother, and then his sister, and during that time, the three Madisons got it on together every chance they got, and in every combination possible.

By now, Janet and her daughter had learned the pleasure that one female could give another, and they had long fuck sessions with Janet’s vibrator. Norm continued to fuck both his mother and sister, sometimes in a three-way fuck which never failed to thrill them all beyond belief.

Larry had called once from the road, and when he told his wife not to expect him to return home for another couple of weeks, she turned even more to her children to help ease the ache of loneliness she felt, and to help relieve the horniness she seemed to be feeling all the time lately.

One evening the three lovers had had a satisfying three-way fuck orgy which had been very exciting for all of them. Then Trish had gone off to bed, saying she was wiped out. Janet yawned, too, and said she guessed she’d go off to her own room and read awhile before going to sleep.

Still horny, Norm had gone to his own room, feeling he had no choice since everyone was pooping out on him. He threw himself onto his bed and lay there for a while, feeling his cock growing harder and harder as he remembered the turn-on details of the fuck session he had just enjoyed with his mother and sister.

Suddenly he decided he would spy on his mother through his secret peephole. So what if she’s just reading a book? he asked himself. Just looking at her sexy body is better than lying here all alone.

He lay face-down on his bed, pulled the camouflaged plug, and eagerly pressed his eye against the hole in the wall which gave him a perfect view of his mother’s bed.

He was still naked from the three-way orgy, and he was slowly grinding his rigid prick against his mattress as he stared at the sight of his mother who was not reading a book at all. Instead, she was playing with her pussy.

Janet lay full-length on the bed, her legs thrown widely apart. She had her bedside lamp on, and in one hand she was holding one of her erotic magazines open to the centerfold. Her long, golden hair was spread out sexily over the pillow, fanning away from her flushed face. Her eyes were smoldering with desire as they drank in the sight of the young stud who posed on the page of her magazine.

Her free hand moved slowly down her body, tracing over her pulsing nips which immediately hardened with desire, and down the full slopes of her large tits, across the soft flesh of her belly, and finally, grazing over the moist golden fur that fringed her pouting pussy.

She gave a sigh which went straight to her son’s balls as he spied on the woman. Her long, soft fingers glided back and forth across the lips of her pussy, sending ripples of pleasure coursing through her body.

She was feeling so incredibly horny. Even though she had just had more orgasms than she could keep track of with her son and daughter as they had sucked and fucked each other, she was still full of desire. She had been embarrassed to admit that to her children and so she had said she was tired and would go to bed, thinking only of her sexy magazines and her need to give herself another orgasm — and another — and another.

Her body was tingling all over now, and flames of lust flickered lewdly in her hot cunt. She began to grind her hips against her stroking fingers as she finger-fucked herself, gasps of pleasure spilling from her lips.

She worked one finger up to the first knuckle inside the sweet honeyed hole of her pussy and she began to ram it in and out with increasingly rapid movements as she strained for the orgasm she so desperately needed. Her thumb made lewd circular movements across the knob of her clit, and she gave out a low sob of ecstasy as rippling waves of sexual heat shot through her crotch.

“Ohhh, yesss, it feels sooo good,” she moaned.

Her eyes moved to the picture of the teen in the magazine and a fresh spasm of passion wracked her body. She only wished she had a young muscular stud in bed with her right now. Someone handsome and strong and passionate, someone like her son, Norm.

She had no idea that at that very moment the object of her desires was watching her every move, the desire to fuck his mother again growing stronger and stronger as he ogled the sight of her fingerfucking herself.

Norm’s head was reeling, his heart thumping hard in his strong chest. His prick was throbbing painfully now, sandwiched between his belly and the bed. His lips were dry with lust and his eyes were glazing over quickly. There was nothing more he wanted at that moment than to plunge his pulsing prick into his own mother’s hot, honeyed cunt.

She looks like she needs my cock right now, he told himself. More and more, the teen was coming to realize that his mother was an exceptionally sexy woman with a hearty, almost insatiable sexual appetite. She needed a lot of sex, to put it plain and simple.

His own father had told Norm to take care of his mother, and he knew that while his dad was on the road, it was up to him to keep his mother satisfied.

He could see that while she fingerfucked herself, she was staring at a picture of a guy not much older than Norm, and he suspected that she would much rather look at her own son. She would much rather have her own son in bed with her than some cold, lifeless magazine. She would much rather feel Norm’s prick inside her once again than the cock of the magazine, even if she could magically bring the stud in the photograph to life.

Biting her lip, Janet shuddered in passion as she worked a second finger inside her aching cunt and began to slide the two juice-slickened fingers in and out of her lewdly.

“Unnhhh, yesss,” she groaned, and began to hump her hips back and forth in a frenzy against her hand as she stared intently at the teen in the centerfold and thought about her son.

Her nipples felt full and they ached with the need to be fucked. Her entire body was craving the handling of a strong, muscular teen with a huge hunk of fuck meat between his legs.

At that moment, her son’s voice rang out on the other side of her closed door.

“Can I come in, Mom? Please, Mom! I know you need me and I want to fuck you!”

Before Janet could respond, the door flew open and she gasped with excitement at the sight of her naked, muscular son standing there with his rigid, pulsating prick jutting straight out from his hairy crotch.

She whimpered in desire, unable to speak. Norm grunted triumphantly and moved to her bed, breathing hard. He climbed onto it next to her and ran his hands all over her body, squeezing her aching tits.

“Oh, Son, me too! I’m glad I’m not the only one!” Janet cried, tears in her eyes as she realized just how much she loved her young son. She cradled his face in her hands and kissed him softly on the lips, a kiss that flared into passion as their lips parted and their tongues locked together.

Larry Madison looked at his watch, smiling when he saw that he should be home in about half an hour. He grinned as he imagined his wife’s surprise when he slipped into bed beside her unexpectedly.

He would take her in his arms and fuck the shit out of her. He was good and horny and he knew she must be, too. Going even a day without sex was a real hardship for the oversexed woman, he thought with a laugh, and after a week without a cock in her pussy, she must be chomping at the bit for a good, hard screw.

After they fucked, he would tell her why he was home so early. He would explain that he had quite his trucking job because he had realized that in spite of the good money he earned, it wasn’t worth it when it took him away from his family so much. He cared about his family more than anything in the world, and he sensed that his wife or kids needed him, his family might just fall apart.

He would tell her all that. And he would tell her that he had talked to his boss about it and that the understanding man had offered him an office job, one which Larry had gladly accepted. Yeah, he thought now as he headed for home, I’ll tell her all that. But first I’ll fuck her!

In his mind’s eye, he pictured himself in bed with his wife, gripping her ass tightly as he fucked his hard cock into her. Suddenly, he passed a young hitchhiking girl on the road and he groaned as the picture in his mind shifted, and instead of fucking his wife he was fucking Trish, his daughter!

Unaware that his father was on his way home, Norm rolled on top of his mother’s yearning body, flattening her tits against his broad chest and kissing her again and again.

Janet whimpered in excitement, running her hands up and down her son’s back, shivering as she felt the play of muscles close beneath the surface of his naked flesh. She felt the rigid pulsing slab of his prick sandwiched between their bellies, and she grew even hotter.

As the teen drew his mouth away from hers, Janet gasped.

“Ohhh, Son, I need you so much, make me feel good, Norm, the way you always do, make me come!”

Her voice trailed away into a sensuous sigh as her son began to kiss her gently on the throat. He tenderly but passionately worked his open mouth down to her shoulders, raining her naked flesh with lewd, wet kisses. He stuck out his tongue and began to lick it across her skin, tasting the sweet flavor of her aroused female flesh.

“My tits, Son, rub my tits, they’re aching so bad I can hardly stand it!” the woman cried.

Glad to oblige, Norm caught hold of his mother’s large tits, squeezing them so hard that she cried out with pain and pleasure. Again, he thrust out his tongue and flicked the tip of it back and forth across one of her nipples which was dark-red now with her aroused blood.

He strummed it lewdly with his tongue until it swelled even more and he could feel it pulsing against his tongue and lips.

“Unnhh, ohh, yess, Son, that’s good!” Janet sighed.

Growling with animal pleasure, Norm lowered his head and sucked noisily on his mother’s tits, sucking her nipples into his mouth one at a time and moving his face rapidly from one tit to the other. He sucked hard, lashing at the hard bud with his tongue, gently gnawing it with his teeth, his head reeling with fuck-lust.

While he sucked on one nip, he fondled and pinched the other one with his strong fingers, smearing his own saliva all over the bursting tit mound.

“Yessss, yesss, yesss!” Janet whimpered over and over. Throbs of incestuous joy vibrated through her loins as she writhed beneath her son’s forbidden embrace.

Norm slid his hand down his mother’s body, scraping his fingernails across the soft, firm slope of her belly, and thrusting his fingers between her legs.

“Oh, Son, touch my pussy, touch your mother’s pussy, Norm,” Janet begged.

His mouth still stuffed with the woman’s tit, Norm felt the soft, puffy mound of her cunt pressing insistently, demandingly against his hand. It felt hot and wet to the touch, pulsing with desire as he rubbed his hand against it.

“Ohhhh, yessssss, my clit, Norm, my clit!” Janet gasped.

Janet trembled all over as she felt her son’s hand grinding over her clit. Bolts of white-hot ecstasy swept through her, making her jerk uncontrollably.

Norm raised his head and watched his mother’s face as he continued to slowly stroke her cunt and clit with his hand, making her squeal with excitement.

“You love this, don’t you, Mom?” he asked huskily, knowing the answer but needing to hear her say the lewd words. “You’ve got a hot little pussy that needs your son’s attention, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes, Norm, yes! My pussy’s so hot and horny and it needs you — I need you — to take care of it, darling!”

Norm scooted down on the bed and eagerly watched as he ran his fingers over the lips of his mother’s cunt. He caught hold of the bloated cunt lips and slowly peeled them apart, revealing the woman’s wet inner cuntmeat. The erotic sight made the teen’s cock leap and ache with longing.

He lowered his head and inhaled the heady aroma of his mother’s sweet, juicy pussy. With a moan, he pressed his face between the woman’s trembling thighs, kissing her open, twitching pussy-lips.

His tongue stabbed out and swished up and down the length of her cunt-slit. He was growing dizzy with the erotic taste of her juices. With a growl, he plunged his mouth wantonly into the wet juicy opening, rubbing his lips and cheeks and nose in the sticky flesh, his tongue lashing back and forth hungrily.

Janet tossed her head from side to side on the pillow, her eyes closed tightly as she reached down and ran her trembling fingers through the teen’s thick hair.

“Ohhh, Norm!” she gasped, arching her back to force her son’s face deeper into her. “Lick me, darling, lick your mother’s cunt!”

Norm growled in response, his mouth sucking and slurping at the woman’s ravenous pussy, driving Janet wild with incestuous pleasure.

Suddenly, Norm sat up, his eyes alight with excitement. Without a word, he slid his hand beneath the mattress and with a grin he held up his mother’s vibrator.

“But how did you know?” she stammered in amazement and embarrassment.

But Norm cut her question off with a hungry kiss as he flicked the machine on with his thumb. He rolled on his side beside his mother and touched the tip of the long, humming vibrator to the woman’s right nipple.

“Unnhh, yesss,” Janet moaned as an uncontrollable tremor of pleasure coursed through her body and she whimpered with joy.

Slowly, deliberately, Norm glided the vibrator into her deep cleavage and across the slope of her other tit, twisting it in circular movements over the puckered nipple. Then he began to move it down her quivering body, stroking it so lightly across her naked flesh that it barely touched her, turning her on even more than if he had used a heavier touch.

When he reached her pussy, he scooted down so he could watch. He brushed the vibrator back and forth across Janet’s dripping wet cuntlips.

She arched her back again and moaned with wanton lust, her big tits heaving.

Slowly, teasingly, Norm began to insert the vibrator into his mother’s pussy. The humming tip was soon embedded in her slick, clutching sheath, and he jabbed it into her deeper, lewdly working the substitute cock in and out of her, twisting it around and around inside her to turn her on even more.

“Oh, my God!” Janet screeched, tears of excitement and desire filling her eyes.

She gasped and cried aloud as her son fucked her horny cunt with the vibrator, driving it all the way inside her and then pulling it almost all the way out before thrusting it back into her.

“Feels good, doesn’t it, Mom? You like me fucking your cunt with this vibrator?” he asked hoarsely.

“Ohhh, yesss, Son, it feels so good — much better than — when I do it — to myself,” she groaned as she hunched her hips back and forth spasmodically, her hungry cunt grasping the sides of the vibrator.

Moaning with lust, Norm suddenly scrambled around in the bed so that he brought his hips up next to his mother’s face and was facing her hot cunt. His jutting prick thrust obscenely forward into her face, grazing her cheek and smearing it with a drop of pearly pre-cum.

“Oh God!” Janet gasped as she found herself staring at her son’s bulging cock. It poked demandingly against her face, hard as a rock and pulsating with fuck-lust.

Reaching out, she encircled the base of her son’s cock with one hand, drawing the large, swollen head over her face, rubbing the slick tip across her cheeks and over her pursed lips. She hotly kissed the fleshy cock knob, stuck out the tip of her moist pink tongue, and wriggled it back and forth across the pulsing cockhead, tasting her teen’s salty pre-cum.

Norm groaned with excitement as he felt his mother’s lips and tongue moving across the pulpy surface of his prick-tip. He gripped the end of the vibrator and began to drive it brutally in and out of his mother’s convulsing cunt.

Bending down, he found her clit and, as he continued to fuck the long, thick substitute prick deep into her pussy, he began to tease her clit with the tip of his tongue, driving her out of her mind with incestuous pleasure.


Janet felt helpless with desire. Her insides seemed to have turned to a warm, delicious mush, every nerve-ending burning with lust, ecstasy coursing through her vibrator-stuffed loins.

She circled her lips about her son’s prick and drew it into her mouth, swirling her tongue around and around the pulsing knob and then darting her head forward, taking several inches of the long stem inside her mouth.

Janet purred in muffled joy, tasting the delicious, spunky pre-cum, forcing her face forward until she felt the tip of the teen’s cock began to slide down her throat. She gagged slightly, but she was so turned on by now that she had no problem accommodating the entire length of her son’s long, thick prick.

Her soft lips snapped securely about the base of the bloated cock, and her nostrils twitched excitedly as she inhaled the musky aroma of his meat. She began to bob her head back and forth in time with the thrusts of the vibrator deep inside her throbbing cunthole.

She slid one hand around Norm’s tight, muscular ass, digging her fingertips into one of the sweaty mounds. With her other hand, she caressed his loaded balls.

Norm groaned with ecstasy, beginning to undulate his hips and push his cock forward, skewering his mother’s throat again and again with his pulsating hard-on.

He shuddered as he felt his mother’s hot lips and tongue moving over the rigid flesh of his prick. He knew he would not be able to hold out much longer, and he began to lick the woman’s clit harder and harder, wanting to bring her to orgasm along with him.

Just moments later, Janet let out a muffled scream as the deeply embedded vibrator, together with the hot tongue that lashed across her clit relentlessly, triggered her orgasm.

Ripples of incestuous pleasure wracked her body, making her senses reel. White-hot shudders of relief coursed through her loins as she came hard, bucking her hips crazily, frantically sucking and licking and chewing the big fucker that continued to pound in and out of her mouth and throat.

Norm gasped as he felt his mother’s cunt spasming in orgasm against his mouth. He dug his fingers into the full globes of her ass, sliding them into the hot, deep crack between the asscheeks, pulling her hard against him as he rammed the vibrator as deeply inside of her as was possible without letting go of it.

“Unnhhhh!” Janet cried loudly as she felt her son’s prick lurch wildly against the walls of her throat, signaling his own orgasm.

“Aaaarrrghhhh, shit, Mom, I’m gonna pop!” the teen cried as he brutally slammed his hips back and forth into his mother’s cock stuffed mouth, and the woman whimpered with pleasure as she felt her teen’s prick begin to swell to unbelievable proportions, throbbing convulsively at the same time.

Norm groaned as he felt a huge orgasm begin to foam and collect in hi balls. With a violence that took his breath away, the boiling cream shot up out of his piss-hole and into his mother’s mouth. It spurted again and again from his cum slit, jetting deeply into her throat.

Janet’s climax intensified as she felt the thrill she could never tire of: the thrill of tasting her own son’s jism as it filled up her mouth; the thrill of swallowing every drop of the delicious tasting liquid.

Her eyes bulged and her cheeks puffed out as her mouth was immediately filled with her teen’s heavy load of jism. The thick, hot goo tasted sweet to the young mother, and she hungrily gulped it down, savoring the lingering taste on her greedy tongue, sucking harder on the throbbing cock shaft and milking every bit of the precious fluid that she could from his convulsing balls.

“Ohhhh, yesssss,” Janet moaned from around the thickness of the jerking prick in her mouth as she drained all of his cream from his cock and balls.

The instant his orgasm subsided, Norm scrambled about, pulling his still-hard prick from his mother’s mouth and yanking the juice soaked vibrator from the woman’s pussy so violently that she cried out in pain.

“Yeeoowwww!” she howled.

“Sorry, Mom, but I had to take this thing out of your cunt so I can fuck you.” Norm said, grinning down at the beautiful woman.

“Well in that case I forgive you,” Janet pinned back at her handsome son, thrilled that he wanted to fuck her now as desperately as she needed him to fuck her.

The teen rolled on top of his mother, his sweating, panting body pinning hers to the bed as he gazed down into her flushed face with eyes that burned, with lust.

“You’re hot, Mom, real hot,” he panted lewdly. “I’ve never been as horny for any chick before — you’ve got me going out of my mind — wanting you all the time.”

“Are you complaining?” Janet asked with a smile that let the teen know she already knew the answer to that unnecessary question.

“Hell, no!” the teenager said, returning his mother’s smile.

And with that, the teen lowered his head and kissed his mother on the lips, sucking at her mouth hungrily, his hands cupping and squeezing her upthrust tits.

While they kissed, Janet ran her hands up and down the teen’s back, trembling in delight as they locked tongues and kissed passionately. Pressing on his chest, she gently rolled him over on his back.

Rolling on top of him, her silken body resting on top of his powerfully muscled body, she felt herself rising and falling on top of him as he breathed, the heat from his body mingling with her own.

She bent down and began to kiss his neck and throat, moving her wet lips back and forth across his heated flesh, loving the taste of him. Her tongue darted out and licked where she had kissed, arousing the teen to a fever pitch.

“Unnnhhhh, that feels great, Mom,” he groaned, feeling her lashing tongue exploring his upper body.

Janet’s tongue dived deeply into one of the teen’s armpits. The blasting heat and pungent aroma made her head reel with unbridled excitement, and she drew the damp hairs into her mouth, tasting the salty flavor.

She moved swiftly to Norm’s other armpit, lapping at it as well. Then, slowly, she worked her way down his body, her tongue traveling over the rippling muscles of his stomach, and waiting through the damp patch of prick hair surrounding his cock.

Norm’s cock was standing at attention, glistening and slick with saliva and pre-cum, ready for a good hard fuck. Janet cooed in delight as she encircled the base of the teen’s cock with her fingers and jerked them up and down, enjoying the sensation of the rigid cockshaft against the soft flesh of her hand.

The teen’s loins were blazing with lust and he could tell by the frenzied way his mother was stroking his prick that she felt the same way.

“Come on, Mom, let’s not wait any longer. I have to fuck you and I know you want it too!” he panted.

“Oooohh, Son, yes, I want you to fuck me so badly! But not right now, maybe in a few minutes,” she said teasingly, even though her horny cunt was screaming for her teen’s cock.

“No, Mom, now! We’re gonna fuck right now! Now get your ass up here and lie down on your back so I can ram my big cock right up your juicy cunt!”

Janet thrilled to her son’s masculine dominance. She loved being ordered about by the teen, especially when his orders were going to result in her getting the one thing she needed more than anything else in the world at that moment — her own son’s prick.

Janet whimpered with anticipation as she crawled up beside her son and obediently lay back on her back, Norm rolled on his side, sliding his hand over his mother’s waist and down across her hips.

He kissed her on the throat, and then heaved his body above hers, planting his hands on either side of her head. He leaned down until his huge cock sawed back and forth across the bloated mound of her cunt.

“Okay, Mom, I’m gonna fuck you now. Spread your legs and lift your knees,” Norm ordered hoarsely, panting with desire.

Obediently, and smiling all the while, Janet spread her legs far apart, and her cuntlips peeled back, opening her pussy up to her son’s prick.

Norm slowly lowered his hips until the smooth, swollen head of his cock moved between his mother’s slick pussylips and lodged into place.

He grunted in pleasure along with Janet as the hot, slippery opening caught around the tip of his cock. Norm braced himself, the muscles of his strong body tensing and flexing in preparation for penetration.

“God, Norm, don’t tease me! Fuck me now!” Janet cried out, unable to hide her lust from her son any longer.

“What’s this? I thought you wanted to wait a few minutes,” Norm teased her.

“Nooooo! I can’t wait! I can’t wait any longer! Oh, God, Norm, I need your big cock soooo badly! Fuck me with it, you bastard! Fuck your mother right now!”

The woman was shaking like a leaf now, ripples of lust coursing through her, her cunt throbbing and burning with unrelieved desire for her son’s prick.

Norm loved, the way his mother was begging him to fuck her, and he could deny her no longer. He punched his hips forward, plowing downward, his asscheeks tensing. He grunted with animal pleasure as he felt his cock easily slide up inside the clinging tunnel of his mother’s cunt.

“Yessssss!” she shrieked in delight, arching her back and sobbing loudly as her son sank to the balls inside of her, stretching her cunthole wide apart, stuffing her full with his delicious hardness.

Norm rested on top of his mother, shuddering with excitement. Even though by now, mother and son had fucked each other many, many times, it seemed somehow as if this were their first fuck together.

The woman’s hot, juicy pussy was clamped over her son’s entire aching hard-on like a wet, hot sheath. The slick meat of her pussy caressed and tugged at his prick, sending electric darts of pleasure shooting through him.

“Ooohhhh, yeah, Mom, your pussy’s always so hot and wet, I love it!” Norm moaned in pleasure, falling heavily on top of the uncomplaining woman.

The teenager began to hump his hips lewdly back and forth, fucking his mother with wild abandon, skewering her cunt with his rigid pole again and again. His large, sweaty balls slapped rhythmically against her ass as he battered his prick into her honeyed depths.

“Unnnhhhh, ohhhhh, yessss, Son, yes, you’re fucking me sooooo good, just like you always do! Keep it up, Son, keep it up! Fuck me good and hard, darling,” the woman begged, her voice slurred with fuck lust.

Janet was in heaven. To be lying flat on her in bed with her own son’s huge cock fucking in and out of her pussy was the greatest thrill of her life, and she knew that she could never get enough of the teen’s cock.

She was on fire now. Every time her son moved on top of her, his naked sweating flesh slapping wetly against her own, another flame licked through her loins, and as he lustily pumped his long, thick prick deep inside her cunt, banging against the very back wall of her pussy, she felt her entire body trembling in response and her senses reeling with passion.

“Yessssss, just like that, Norm, just like that, keep fucking me hard just like that, Norm! I love it! Your cock is sooo big and hard inside me! Harder! Harder! Fuck me harder!” she wailed incoherently.

Norm slid his hands beneath his mother’s trembling asscheeks and gripped them hard, yanking the woman up against him as he impaled her on his pulsing prick.

Janet hooked her legs around his waist, locking her ankles behind the small of his back, and she began to pump her his wantonly up to meet her teen’s deeply penetrating thrusts. Her hands flew to his back and her sharp fingernails raked jagged welts across his naked flesh.

“Ohhhh, Mom, you’re fucking back at me sooo good!” Norm gasped, slamming into her harder than ever. “Yeah, fuck my cock, Mom! Fuck it good! Suck those pussy muscles around my cock just like that — aaarrrggghhh!”

He drove into the woman harder and faster, rougher and rougher, all but knocking the air out of her lungs with each savage lunge of his prick.

“Ohhhh, God, yes,” Janet sobbed with pleasure, her body writhing uncontrollably beneath her son’s. The bed creaked and groaned in protest as mother and son fucked each other harder and harder.

Norm deliberately slowed the pace of his fucking movements, wanting to prolong the delicious screwing session as long as possible. As many time as he had already fucked the woman, it never failed to blow his mind to realize that he was in bed with his own mother, shoving his huge cock in and out of her cunt with her loving every inch of it and begging for more, and he wanted to savor every minute of it.

He backed out of her, his bloated prick slurping free from the sucking hole between his mother’s legs.

“Okay, Mom, get up on all fours,” he ordered in a voice that was thick with lust. “You’re acting like a bitch in heat soil wanna fuck you dog-style!”

Janet’s legs trembled uncontrollably as she obediently scrambled up onto her hands and knees, thrusting her tempting-looking ass out at her lusty young son. Norm gazed down at her soft ass and below it he saw the fuzzy, bloated lips of her dripping cunt.

He fisted his prick with one hand and guided it between her legs swiftly, digging his free hand into her waist and lifting her slightly.

“Unnnhhh, yessss,” Janet sobbed with joy when she felt her son’s rock-hard cock begin to slide up inside of her aching, cock-hungry pussy once more.

Norm sighed with pleasure, bucking his hips back and forth as he slid his thick cock deeply into his mother’s tight grasping cunt. He rested for just a few seconds, his sweaty belly grinding against his mother’s jutting ass, the entire length of his throbbing prick now fully embedded inside her.

“Do it — pleeease, Son — fuck your mother — I need it soooo badly — I’m losing my mind — I need you to fuck me — make me come!”

The teen started to move, sliding out of her slowly until all but the head of his prick was withdrawn from her grasping cunt. Then, with a loud grunt, he pumped his hips forward, fucking his prick deeply into her shuddering pussy.

“Ohhhh, yessss, Norm, yesssss!” Janet sobbed. “Fuck me! Fuck your mother!”

“You got it, Mom! I’ll fuck you until you can’t take any more!” the teen gasped, slamming his hips back and forth with deep, brutal strokes.

Each time he drove deeply into her, his big balls whipped up against Janet’s belly, and the force of his thrusts propelled Janet’s body forward, causing her big tits to jiggle and swing to and fro sexily.

Norm slid his hands around his mother’s sides and caught hold of her swinging tits without missing a stroke. Kneading and pinching at the aching mounds of tit-flesh, he began to screw her harder than ever, his breath coming short and hard as he drove in and out of her as brutally as he could.

“Ohhhh, Mom, your pussy’s squeezing my prick so hard — it feels fantastic — keep it up, Mom — keep squeezing my cock — take all of my cock, Mom — take it all — I’m gonna come soon!” the teen panted, turning on more and more with each downward stroke of his cock and his mother’s responding squeeze of his fuckmeat with her strong pussy muscles.

“Yesssss, Son, yessss, keep fucking me! I’m gonna come soon!” Janet shrieked at the top of her lungs.

“This is it, Mom! I’m gonna blast your pussy full of my hot cream!” the teenager roared, digging his hands painfully into his mother’s quivering tits and battering his cock in and out of her sucking pussyhole.

As he began to come, violently shooting stream after stream of his hot cum deeply into her pussy, Janet felt her cunt exploding with orgasm.

“Yesssss, I’m commmmiiiinnnggg!” she yelped loudly, bucking her ass back against her son’s slamming cock wantonly, sobbing with incestuous joy as her pussyjuices rained out from her cock-stuffed pussy hole and sloshed about the teen’s orgasming fuckrod.

Mother and son soared to intense orgasmic heights together, their sweating, slapping bodies jerking and quivering with wild abandon. They were half out of their minds with excitement and incestuous pleasure as they came, so far gone that at first they didn’t hear the strangled gasp from the doorway, and they were completely unaware that Larry Madison stood there, frozen his eyes wide with shock as he stared in horror at the sight of his wife being fucked by their own son.


For long moments, Larry stood silently in the doorway of the bedroom he shared with his wife, the bedroom which at that moment was filled with the slapping sounds of wet flesh against wet flesh, and the muffled groans and moans of the ecstasy of orgasm.

Larry stared down at the horrifying sight of his son fucking his wife, and he felt consumed with rage. The bitch! he thought angrily, watching the way she thrust her hips up to meet her son’s prick as they came together.

Jesus, Larry thought angrily, how long has this been going on? Fucking her own son! How depraved can you get? He clenched his hands into two balled fists, the veins pounding angrily in his temples.

And Norm! How could he do this to his own father? Larry was hardly able to believe that the teen who was pumping his lust-bloated cock into his wife’s cunt was his own son.

Larry continued to gaze at the incestuously fucking couple who were lost in the throes of orgasm, their sweating, trembling bodies bouncing together violently, their eyes closed in rapture, cries of bliss escaping from their feverish lips.

Suddenly, Larry could remain silent no longer.

“Janet! You slut!” he roared, his face flushed with rage.

Janet’s eyes flew open and she gasped with shock when she saw her husband standing there, staring down at her and their son.

“Jesus!” Janet cried, frantically pushing her son from her.

“Dad!” Norm yelled as he whirled his head around and saw his father stand there, clenching and unclenching his fists, his face contorted with anger.

“Yes, Dad!” Larry roared, knowing that he had never been so angry, so full of contempt. He had never before felt so betrayed either, and the fact that it was his own wife and son betraying him pierced him to the core.

“What-What are you doing home so early, dear?” Janet asked numbly as her son rolled off of her, his cock immediately shrinking, leaving no hint left of the lust that had consumed him a moment before.

“What are you doing home so early, dear?” Larry mimicked his wife. “You lousy slut! It’s a good thing I came home early or I wouldn’t have found out what a whore you are!”

“Dad, please…” Norm began but his father’s rage-filled voice cut him off.

“You shut up, you bastard!” Larry bellowed, shaking his fist menacingly at his son. “I should beat you to a bloody pulp… fucking your own mother! What kind of depraved creep are you?”

“Please, dear, don’t be so angry,” Janet pleaded but as soon as the words left her mouth, she realized it had been the wrong thing to say. She had never seen her husband so furious and she realized that the best thing she could do was to remain quiet until he had vented his rage. Then, hopefully, he would forgive her. But God help me, she thought desperately, all I can really think about is whether this means I won’t get to fuck with my son any longer. I couldn’t stand that!

“Don’t be angry? Don’t be angry? I came home early with a surprise for you — to tell you that I love you and the kids so much that I’ve quit my job and taken an office job so I can be home more with my family — yeah, bitch, I came home early to tell you that and I find you fucking our own son. Then you have the gall to tell me not to be angry! My God, Janet, how should I feel?”

Norm opened his mouth to speak again, but his mother put her hand over his mouth to silence him and he grew still again.

“Okay, Janet,” Larry said now, his voice low with restrained fury. “I won’t be angry. And I certainly don’t want to interrupt your sleazy fuck with your son any longer!”

Norm flinched as his father ref erred to him as Janet’s son, and not his own.

“No, I don’t want to interrupt you two lovers any longer than necessary,” Larry growled, with a heavy sarcastic emphasis on the word ‘lover’. “And I certainly don’t want to upset you — either of you!”

“Please just listen, Larry!” Janet begged brokenly, her eyes brimming with unshed tears. But even if her husband had let her speak, the woman realized there was nothing she could say, nothing that would change the way he felt about catching her in bed with their son.

“Just shut up and listen to me because I’m telling you, Janet, it’s taking every ounce of my self-control and dignity not to beat the shit out of both of you right now!” Larry said.

Janet and Norm both gasped and unconsciously they reached out to each other, holding on tightly, a sight that just served to inflame Larry’s fury even more.

“Get this — and get it good,” the enraged man continued, “you both disgust me — sicken me! Never in a million years will I be able to understand how a mother and son could fuck each other! That’s sick! Depraved! And there’s nothing in the world I want more right now than never to see either of you ever again!”

“But, Larry, our marriage…” Janet sobbed.

“Marriage? You call this farce a marriage? God knows how long you two have been making a fool of me! You’ve made a mockery of our marriage, Janet, and it’s over! I’m filing for divorce!”

“Dad, don’t do that, please,” Norm said desperately.

“Stuff it, bastard!” Larry growled menacingly. “That’s exactly what I’m going to do. I can’t stand to be here another minute. I’m leaving now. I’ll stay in a motel. Tomorrow, I’ll see my lawyer to begin divorce proceedings. Now, don’t let me keep you two any longer. Go right on back to what you were doing and enjoy it!”

And with that the man slammed out of the room, leaving his wife and son in a stunned silence, their mouths hanging open in shock.

For long moments, Norm held his mother while she sobbed hard in his arms. Then she took several shuddering breaths and pushed herself slightly away from him.

“Gosh, Mom, I’m really sorry,” Norm mumbled, wondering what he could possibly say to make his mother feel better.

“Oh, Son, don’t be. It wasn’t your fault,” she said, wanting to comfort her son as much as he wanted to comfort her.

“Not my fault? Of course it’s my fault, Mom! If I hadn’t been so hot and horny for you, I wouldn’t have been in here fucking you, and Dad never would have seen us together like this.”

“Oh but Norm, don’t you see? We weren’t doing anything wrong! We were doing only what was natural for us. And don’t forget, it takes two — I was just as hot for you as you were for me,” Janet said firmly, reaching out and hugging her son against her tits.

“I still feel as if our fucking each other was wrong,” Norm muttered unhappily.

“No, Norm, no!” she cried fervently, feeling a rush of anger at her husband for making their son question his own natural desires. “You must never, but never, think that. Our fucking each other is just giving more meaningful expression to our feelings of love for each other, darling. You must believe that.”

“But, Dad thinks it’s wrong,” Norm said in confusion.

“Oh yes, obviously he thinks it’s depraved! He said that more than once!” Janet sputtered angrily. “But you know what, Norm, dear? That’s his problem! You mustn’t believe him, mustn’t let his ignorant words make you uptight about what is so natural and beautiful. And most of all you mustn’t let your father’s jealousy drive a wedge between you and me.”

“You think that’s it, Mom? You think he was just jealous to find us fucking each other?” Norm asked hopefully, not wanting to even consider the break-up of their happy home.

“Of course he’s jealous, and shocked, too,” Janet said.

“You think he may come around?” Norm asked.

“I don’t honestly know, Son. But whether he does or not, we can’t let it interfere with us. Now come on, your father did say one thing that was very right on,” Janet said, stroking her son’s soft prick.

“What’s that, Mom?” Norm asked, moaning softly as he felt his cock stirring beneath his mother’s lewd caresses.

“Your father said that we should continue with our fucking, and I agree! Now, let’s get it on!” Janet said, and she and her son laughed as she continued to stroke his cock, making it harder and thicker with each caress.

Mother and son pressed their mouths together, and Janet pried the teen’s lips open with her mouth, ramming her tongue down his throat. At once Norm lanced his mother’s mouth with his hard tongue.

They wound their tongues around each other and Janet suddenly felt her son’s hard knee in her crotch, shoving her backwards against the pillows.

She spread her legs automatically, feeling even hornier for her son’s cock than she had been before her husband had so rudely interrupted their incestuous fuck session.

“Mmmmm, Son,” she murmured as she felt Norm’s finger stroking her bulging clit. With his free hand, Norm kneaded his mother’s firm tits, feeling them beginning to throb against the palm of his hand.

Janet felt her son’s cock digging into her thigh. It was rock-hard now, once again ready for a good hard fuck, and she panted with desire, needing to feel it inside her again.

Norm beat his mother’s clit mercilessly. He strummed the thick pulsing nub until it burned and throbbed, and all the while, Janet was staring down at his cock. She couldn’t see all of it, but she could see the knob. It was red with engorged blood and glistening with a coat of her cunt honey.

Suddenly, Janet couldn’t stand it anymore. She pushed her son back onto the bed and groped for his cock. She lowered her head and ran her tongue up one side and down the other.

“Ohhh, yeah, Mom,” the teen gasped.

She flattened her tongue against the throbbing fuckrod. She sucked and licked and nibbled the tasty meat, smearing her pussyjuice and saliva all over his cock until it grew so hot and hard she was sure it would burst.

The veins that ran up the shaft were mottled blue and purple and pink and they were visibly pulsing. She licked it several times more, moaning all the while.

“God, Mom! That feels great!” Norm groaned.

The woman’s tongue moved double-time up and down his swelling prickshaft. At the same time, she cupped her son’s balls and caressed them gently.

Again, Norm stabbed his finger into his mother’s pussy, fingering her tortured clit. Her ass was waving in his face as she faced his feet, sucking him off, and as he watched her every erotic movement, the teenager grew hornier and hornier.

While he kept rubbing her clit with one finger, he used the rest of that hand to grab a fistful of pussy and knead it roughly.

“Mmmmmmm,” Janet responded excitedly as she continued to lick and suck her son’s cock.

Norm groaned and moved his hand back and forth fast. Janet felt herself growing weak with lust.

“Better stop sucking me now Mom — or I’ll come — and I wanna save it for your cunt,” the teen panted.

“So do I, Son,” Janet panted as she reluctantly took her mouth away from her teen’s prick.

She stretched out next to the teenager, her tits thrusting high into the air. She spread-eagled her legs, bending them at the knees.

Norm released his hold on her pussy and gripped his mother’s ankles, bending her knees back until they pressed into the rise of her tits, flattening the nipples out lewdly. With the woman’s cunt completely exposed to her son’s hungry gaze now, he moved toward her.

Janet moaned impatiently as she watched the hard tower of her teen’s cock approaching her, and she began a slow, teasing motion with her hips, beckoning him forward. She moved her hips in slow, tantalizing circles, humping up and down just enough to turn him on incredibly.

“God, Mom, you’re such a sexy cunt!” the teen gasped.

He moved forward so that his red glistening cock pressed into his mother’s tight, throbbing pussy-slit. It thrust into her and lodged just inside the tight grip of her pussylips.

“Ohhh, Son, don’t tease your mother — shove it all the way in, Norm, I need to feel it all inside me!” she wailed, pounding her fists against his broad chest.

“You really are hot, aren’t you, Mom?” the teenager asked with a laugh.

“Unnhh, yesss, Son, I’m good and hot for your big gorgeous cock!”

Norm moved his cock back out, then thrust it back into his mother’s cunt again, this time a deeper.

“More! More!” Janet cried, beginning to sob now. She needed so badly for her son to fuck her with the entire length of his huge spear of a cock, and instead he was deliberately playing with her, giving her his prick an inch at a time, and she felt as if she would lose her mind with sexual frustration.

“Harder! Harder! Fuck me hard, Son! Fuck your mother with your whole cock!” she begged.

“Oh, you want my whole cock, do you?” Norm grunted and this time, he rammed into her so hard she almost passed out from the combined pain and pleasure. Somehow, her son’s cock felt even longer and thicker than ever before, and she was thrilled by the lewd sensation of having her pussy so completely stuffed with his hard, pounding fuckmeat.

“How you like that, Mom?” Norm asked lewdly, grinning down at his beautiful, horny mother.

His huge prick pushed her inner cuntlips back, pinning them to her fuzzy outer lips. And with his next thrust, he shot the full length of his prick up his mother’s fuck tunnel.

“I love it, Son!” she gasped as her pussy took the full impact of the hard-thrusting fucker.

Again and again, the teenager shoved his whole cock in and out of his mother’s cunthole.

“Yeeeooowww! Shiiiiit!” Janet screeched, feeling almost as if she were being raped by her son, and loving the sensation.

Every rutting plunge of her son’s ramrod cock made the woman feel wilder and crazier with fuck-lust. She was all but climbing the walls with incestuous pleasure as she lifted her ass up from the bed and began to hump her crotch up against her son’s, working with him to impale her hungry pussy on the stiff length of his thick prick.

In and out, the teen rammed his prick, moving forward a bit more on his knees to dig into his mother even deeper. He placed both hands on the back of his ass and pushed his cock into Janet’s aching cunt with hard, relentless strokes that inflamed their passion more and more.

He fucked in and out of her and then held his cock in position deep inside her while he rotated it lewdly, making obscene circles inside her pussy.

“Unnhh, ohhh, God, that feels good, Son!” she gasped, digging her fingers into his muscular shoulders as they continued to fuck each other.

As he rotated his cock inside her, Janet churned her hips in circles in the opposite direction, increasing the friction of his prick against her cunt walls.

Each time the teenager pushed his hard prick into his mother’s pussy, her hungry cunthole sucked at it, gobbling it up and drawing it deep inside her.

Then, just when Janet was sure they would come, Norm pulled his cock out of her and flipped her over onto her tummy. He roughly yanked her up onto her knees and grabbed her waist with his muscular arm, holding her firm and spreading her legs apart.

“Ohhh, yesss, fuck me like a dog, Son, I love it!” she said with a laugh that sounded as if she were on the verge of hysteria as tears of incestuous pleasure filled her eyes.

Norm slammed his cock into his mother’s wide-open pussy again and again, grunting and groaning loudly with the effort of his savage fucking movements.

Gushes of pussyjuice ran from the woman’s cunthole, soaking her son’s fuckmeat, and then dribbling on down her quaking thighs, as she knelt there on the bed, being dog-fucked by her teen.

Janet’s cunt muscles clutched at the teen’s prick, caressing it, hugging it, not wanting to let it go. But she was forced to release it so that it could plunge into her again.

The sounds of their flesh-slapping fucking filled the room, mingling with their moans and groans of pleasure, arousing both mother and son all the more.

Each time Norm fucked into his mother, he buried his cock inside her to the hilt, his loaded balls slapping up against her gaping pussy with each stroke.

Suddenly, Janet felt an explosion tearing through her cunt and the next thing she knew, both she and her son were coming, his white hot cum flooding her pussy as waves of incestuous joy washed over her, releasing even more cuntjuice which lewdly mingled with the teen’s jism before running on clown the woman’s legs.

“Oh, Mom, I’ll never stop fucking you — never!” Norm cried.

Janet smiled, relieved that her husband’s narrow-minded tirade had done no permanent damage.


The next evening, Norm went out, deciding that his overworked cock needed a rest, although the teen knew that even while he was out with his friends he would be thinking about his mother and sister and wanting to fuck them again.

Alone for the evening, Janet and her daughter decided to make a real fun night of it — in Janet’s bed. After a delicious dinner, they took a long, hot, bubble bath together, running their hands up and down each other’s feverish body.

Then, still naked, they climbed into Janet’s king-sized bed, slipping into a familiar incestuous embrace. They tongue-kissed each other over and over and then, breaking the series of kisses, Trish kissed and licked at the sides of her mother’s neck, giving the woman love bites with her bared teeth.

The teenager fucked the top of her tongue back and forth across Janet’s earlobe. She licked behind the older woman’s ear and then explored its inside with her bold tongue.

“Mmmmmm, that’s good, darling,” Janet purred as she felt her daughter’s tongue working its way deeply into her ear. The purring sounds Trish was making made Janet’s pussy drool excitedly.

Trish moved down toward the foot of the bed, showering her mother’s body with wet open-mouthed kisses, concentrating on the older woman’s heaving tits with their large, reddish nipples which pulsed against the teenager’s mouth.

Janet could feel the sexual tension in her loins growing in leaps and bounds. She could already tell that the orgasm her daughter was going to give her would be the best one ever.

Trish kissed Janet’s huge tits in circles, each kiss bringing her mouth closer to the nip than the one before it. She parted her lips and stuck out her pink tongue as far as she could, concentrating on making it as pointed as possible.

The teen placed the pointy tip of her tongue directly on her mother’s right tit and Janet felt the muscles in her cunt tensing involuntarily.

As Trish rolled her tongue lazily over her mother’s hard nipple, covering the swollen rosebud with a film of hot saliva, the teenager felt her own pussy beginning to throb with desire.

“Suck! Suck my tit, for God’s sake, Trish! Suck!” Janet called out, her face already twisted with lust.

The woman began to toss her head wildly from side to side as she felt more and more juice pouring out of her cunt in response to her daughter’s lewd tit-licking.

Trish pulled her tongue away from the wet nip and grinned up at her mother, ignoring her pleas for the teen to suck her tit. Instead, she blew a stream of air onto the wet nip and Janet found herself shuddering violently.

Then Trish flicked her tongue-tip back and forth across the tortured nip as hard and fast as possible. Finally, she opened her mouth and fastened her lips over the rosebud. She began to suck.

“Yeeeee! Yes, oh, yes, darling, that’s it!” Janet cried, making high-pitched moaning noises as her daughter continued to suck on her mother’s tit.

No longer able to keep her ass still, Janet writhed beneath her daughter, gyrating her hips. She bucked her crotch up and down as if a long, stiff cock were fucking inside her pussy. Trish sucked on her mother’s nipple with a smooth, even draw. She sucked in her cheeks until they were hollowed. Keeping her tongue busy, she continued to lap hungrily at the nip even as she sucked. She was sucking so hard now that the flesh all around the nip was pulled taut.

“Oh, God, Trish, bite me! Bite my tit!” Janet groaned, tossing her head from side to side faster and harder than ever.

Trish bared her teeth, nipping lightly at her mother’s nip.

“Harder, you bitch!” Janet demanded. Trish clamped down on the aching nip and bit down, making a growling noise and tossing her head about, like a dog worrying a bone.

“Ohhh, God,” Janet groaned, thinking for a moment that her daughter was going to tear her nip right off the tip of her tit. But the pain quickly became pleasure, releasing even more juice from her cunthole.

Trish released the nipple and repeated the process with the other nipple, once again going all the way from tender licking to savage biting.

The teenager grabbed her mother’s tits in the palms of her hands and pressed them together. She sucked and bit both of the turgid nipples as hard as she dared.

“Yeeeoooww! You horny bitch!”

Janet gasped with a laugh.

Trish laughed too, and she finally released the older woman’s tits. Then she crawled down toward the foot of the bed and rolled onto her belly. Janet moaned and lifted her right leg so her daughter could move her head beneath her thigh.

When Janet lowered her leg again, the teen found herself looking directly at her mother’s cunt. Trish began to kiss and lick at the insides of her mother’s thighs. She placed her nose very close to the older woman’s pussy, swallowing hungrily as she gazed at the plentiful flow of juice dripping from the base of the pink cunt down into the crack of Janet’s ass.

Janet lifted her feet off the bed and drew back her knees so that her ass was in her daughter’s face. Trish groaned aloud as she took the bait and began to shower her mother’s asscheeks with lewd sucking kisses.

She then pressed her fingertips into the trembling asscheeks, very close to the humid crack and pulled the cheeks apart as far as she could get them. The teen thrilled to the exciting smell of her mother’s pussy and ass.

“Ohhh, hurry, darling!” Janet whimpered.

Trish placed the tip of her tongue at the top of the crack of her mother’s ass, moving her chin close to the bed, pressing her tits flat beneath her. The teenager ground her crotch against the foot of the bed.

“Mmmmm, yesss, do it, darling!” Janet moaned lustfully.

The teenager flicked the tip of her tongue back and forth, lifting her head away from the bed. Her eager tongue approached her mother’s asshole a fraction of an inch at a time.

“Lick my asshole, darling! For God’s sake, Trish, do it, lick my ass!”

Janet’s clit felt as if it would explode or pop right out of her pussy. She knew that she would be coming soon but she needed the feel of her daughter’s tongue deep in her shitter to get her off.

Trish smiled, pleased that her mother was so turned-on. But then, she asked herself, when isn’t she turned on? She put her tongue-tip directly on the woman’s asshole. She used the very tip to trace a hot, wet circle around Janet’s tight ring of ass muscles. She flicked her tongue back and forth across the puckering, twitching asshole. The muscle was opening and closing with spasms of lust, throbbing in sync with Trish’s tongue movements.

“Uunhh, yessss, that’s good! Sooo good!” Janet cried.

Trish switched to the fiat part of her tongue, licking across the ring of tight muscle until all of the oozing juice had been licked away.

Janet reached down and held her own ass cheeks wide open so it would be easier for her daughter to get at her asshole with her hungry mouth.

Janet moaned and groaned with each breath she took, breaths that were coming hard and fast now.

Trish lengthened her tongue-strokes steadily as she continued to lick at her mother’s asshole. She was licking all the way from the top of the crack of her ass to the base of her juicy pussy-slit.

“Stick it in!” Janet cried, desperate to feel her daughter’s tongue fucking into her asshole.

Her voice came out shrill and wanton, and the sound turned both of the horny females on even more.

Trish stiffened her tongue. Once again, she placed the tip directly on her mother’s asshole.

Janet felt her daughter’s tongue on her asshole and she concentrated on relaxing her ass muscles so the teen could shove her tongue inside.

“Deep up my ass! Shove your tongue deep up my ass, Trish!” the woman cried thickly.

Trish’s pussy twitched excitedly. She tensed the muscles in her neck as she prepared to tongue-fuck her mother’s asshole.

Janet’s fingers clutched her own ass frenziedly, spreading her asscheeks so far apart that the wrinkles in her ass muscle were smoothed out.

Finally, Trish pushed her tongue in and Janet felt her asshole opening up to her daughter’s tongue.

“Yes! Yes! For God’s sake, yessss!” Janet wailed, hardly able to contain her growing lust.

Janet could feel the tip of her daughter’s tongue working past the tight tube of muscles into the softer, flexible flesh of her bowels. She was being totally massaged deep in her ass, and she thrilled to the exciting sensation.

Mewling with delight, Trish shoved her tongue as deep inside her mother’s asshole as she could and wiggled the tip of her tongue around inside. Keeping her tongue just as stiff as she could, she began to work it in and out of the tiny hole, expertly tongue-fucking the older woman’s ass.

“Make me come, ohhh, God, I need to come!” Janet shrilled, still holding her asscheeks open so her daughter could shove her face right in between the crack and fuck the twitching hole with the full length of her tongue.

Suddenly, Trish pulled her tongue out of her mother’s asshole and Janet lowered her feet back to the bed. She placed her hand on the top of Trish’s head as she felt her daughter pressing against the outer lips of her pussy.

Trish pulled her mother’s outer pussylips apart as far as possible, opening up the interior of the woman’s juicy red cunt. Then the teenager jabbed her tongue-tip into the base of her mother’s cunt, lapping up all the juice that had gathered there.

As the teen licked up all the tasty juice, she hummed and purred and mewled, letting the older woman know just how much she enjoyed the taste of Janet’s cunt sauce.

Trish was lashing her tongue up and down Janet’s outer cuntlips. She licked between the two sets of lips, and to either side of her clit. She flicked at the outer edges of the swollen inner lips, sucking on them one at a time, making a lewd, wet sound with her mouth.

Both mother and daughter were right on the brink of a powerful orgasm as Trish continued to explore all the nooks and crannies of Janet’s pussy with her hungry mouth.

Then she pushed the full length of her tongue into the mouth of her mother’s fuckhole.

“Unnhhh, oh, yessss, fuck me, Trish, you’re fucking me sooo good! Fuck your mother’s cunt with your hard tongue!” Janet squealed, her tits heaving with excitement.

With her tongue, Trish pulled Janet’s clit sheath up and away from the fuck button. Then she took a deep breath and wrapped her tongue around her mother’s clit in an obscene circle, tugging hard at the blood-engorged clit.

“Ohhhhhh, shiiiiit!” Janet gasped, about to come.

Janet was humping her pussy up so hard against the younger girl’s face that Trish was forced to wrap her arms around the tops of Janet’s slim thighs and pin her asscheeks to the bed or else Janet would have smacked her daughter in the face with her bucking pussy.

Trish lashed her tongue back and forth across her mother’s clit, licking it as hard as possible. Her own cunt was beginning to spasm and she knew with a jolt of excitement that she and her mother would come together.

The teenager wrapped her soft lips about the base of Janet’s clit and sucked for all she was worth. So hard that she grew dizzy with the effort.

“Aieeeee! Commmiiinnnggg!” Janet screeched at the top of her lungs.

As she continued to suck on her mother’s clit. Trish began to come, too, and both their aroused pussies exploded with orgasms so intense it took their breath away. Pussyjuice from Janet’s orgasming cunt flowed into her daughter’s mouth while the teenager’s cunt sauce rained down her thighs.

Mother and daughter moaned with incestuous bliss as they came again, holding on to each other tightly, both of them lost in the throes of their lesbian orgasms.


A few days later, Larry called.

“I’ll be coming by tonight to get all my things,” he said, an undercurrent of anger in his tense voice. “I’d appreciate it if you and Norm could be out for the evening.”

“But why?” Janet asked, feeling as if her world were crumbling right around her.

“Isn’t it obvious? I don’t want to see you or your son,” Larry said.

“Larry, I’ll see to it that we’re out for the evening so you won’t have to see us if you don’t want to. But — isn’t there any hope for us at all?” Janet asked sadly.

“You fucked our son! And I’d bet anything that you’re still fucking him, aren’t you?” Larry asked angrily.

“Yes,” Janet murmured weakly, knowing that a lie at this point would only make things worse.

She heard her husband sigh heavily.

“Then we have nothing more to say to each other,” he said, hanging up the phone with a loud bang.

When Janet told her kids about their father’s call, Norm hugged his mother comfortingly and told her that they’d have a great time that night.

“We’ll do the town, Mom! Dinner! A show! The works! I’ll make you forget all about that bastard!” Norm said between clenched teeth, furious with his father for treating his mother so badly.

“Now now, Norm, you mustn’t be too harsh on your father. He just has never learned what we have,” Janet murmured.

“You mean about how it’s okay far us to show our love for each other in any way we want — even with sex?” Trish asked, thinking hard. “That’s right!” Janet said absently. “Well, dear, even though your father said nothing about you, I think it would probably be best if you went out with us tonight so he’ll find the house empty when he comes to get his things.”

“I don’t know, Mom,” Trish said, still looking pensive.

“What’s goin’ on in that tiny brain of yours, Sis?” Norm asked teasingly.

“You two go on tonight. But I’ll stay here. I think I just may know a way I can teach daddy what we already know,” Trish said with a mysterious air as she left the room, leaving her mother and brother to exchange puzzled looks.

Larry spent the early part of that evening in a bar, downing several drinks while he waited for his wife and son to leave the house so he could collect his things. He felt himself growing hornier and hornier. He hadn’t had a fuck since he had walked out on his family, and the sexual tension was beginning to get to him.

Finally, he left the bar and drove slowly toward his house. Seeing that it was darkened and his wife’s car was gone from the driveway, he let himself in and headed for the kitchen, wanting another beer or two before facing the unwelcome task of packing up all his belongings.

He turned the kitchen light on and opened the refrigerator. He grabbed a beer and, sitting down on the edge of the kitchen table, he greedily guzzled it all down. Then he opened the refrigerator again and took out another can which he emptied just as quickly.

His senses began to relax under the liquor’s influence. Damn bitch! he thought, thinking about Janet. Making it with her own kid. He reminded himself that his son was a teenager, and he found himself wondering if he had seduced his mother, or if it had been the other way around.

Not that ii matters, he told himself, downing still another beer. Either way you look at it, it’s incest. And that I just can’t handle. It’s too sick. Unnatural.

Feeling more and more turned-on, he dropped one hand to his lap, squeezing his throbbing prick. It was rock-hard now, pressing painfully against his leg, straining for release from the confines of the tight trousers.

He fumbled with the zipper and drew it down, letting his huge, thick log of cockmeat flap free. With a sigh, he fisted the pulsing prick and began to jerk on it rhythmically, dosing his eyes and fantasizing about a sweet, teen licking his cock. Suddenly, he realized that the girl in his fantasy was his own daughter, Trish! Oh, God, he moaned, what’s wrong with me, thinking about my daughter that way?

After her mother and brother had left the house, Trish had taken a shower. Then she had dressed in a short, transparent negligee which ended directly below her hips, and a pair of lacy pink panties.

She had then lain in bed, surrounded by her mother’s erotic magazines, waiting for her father. As she leafed through the pages, gazing at cock after cock, she turned on intensely, and she stirred restlessly, her cunt beginning to tingle and throb with desire.

As she lay there, growing hotter and hotter, she thought about her big, brawny father and shivered with fuck-lust. How she hoped her plan would work, and the man would plow her hungry cunt with his huge cock!

Finally, she heard the front door open and close and she threw the magazines aside and sat up on the edge of her bed, her heart racing as she strained to hear the sounds from below.

She waited a short while and then she hopped out of bed and, still wearing only her panties and negligee, she moved silently down the stairs toward the kitchen. She stood outside the kitchen door for a few minutes, summoning all her courage.

Then, taking a deep breath, she barged inside, letting the door swing behind her. She caught her father red-handed with his huge fist wrapped around the thick, swollen column of his long, thick cock.

Larry was grunting with mindless lust as he pumped his heavy prick hard and fast. His pants were bunched obscenely about his knees and his powerful, hairy legs were spread wide as he perched there on the edge of the kitchen table, jerking himself off. His large, loaded balls dangled temptingly.

“D-D-Daddy!” Trish squealed, feigning surprise. However, it was not a complete act. For although the teenaged girl had expected to see her father there, she most certainly had not expected to see him jacking off.

“Oh, God — Daddy!” she cried again, her face full of mixed emotions of shock and excitement.

“Jeesus! Trish!” Larry gasped, his face going pale.

He froze with his fingers clutched around the pulsating base of his huge prick which was sticking obscenely in the air from between his widespread legs.

“Oh, wow, Daddy!” Trish exclaimed, this time with obvious admiration and delight as her widened eyes came to rest on her daddy’s thrusting cock that quivered visibly as if beckoning to the horny teenager.

Larry felt confused, helpless. He didn’t know what to do or how to handle this awkward situation. In his super-aroused state, he could not help but gape excitedly at the sight of his beautiful, young daughter standing in front of him, wearing only a negligee which did hardly anything to cover her delicious body.

Her upthrust tits lifted the gauzy fabric high, the swollen, rosy-red nips clinging to the negligee. The tight pair of silky pink panties hugged the soft, gently sloping mound of her sweet pussy.

Trish didn’t miss the lust-filled way her daddy was looking at her, and a surge of triumph and sensual excitement flew through her. Her own daddy was turned on by her! She had secretly fantasized about him for so long that she could hardly contain her excitement as she realized that at long last, she was going to be fucked by her daddy and, hopefully, their incestuous fuck session would help to heal the breach in the family so that they could all be close, once again.

She flashed her daddy a dazzling smile and skipped forward girlishly, placing her soft hands on his knees, purring in delight as she ogled his solid hard-on.

“Can I suck it, Daddy?” she asked innocently, sweetly, batting her long lashes coyly at him.

“Jesus, Trish, do you really want to?” Larry asked hoarsely, hardly daring to hope that he had heard right.

“Oh, yes, Daddy, I want to suck your big beautiful cock more than anything in the world!”

“Oh, baby, you’re such a good girl. Do it, Trish, do it, suck your daddy’s prick,” he croaked.

Larry’s senses were whirling. He felt as if he were in the midst of a crazy, wonderful dream, and if that was it, he only hoped he would not wake up soon. So much had happened in such a short time that he was having trouble taking it all in.

First, he discovered that his wife and son were fucking each other. That had given him the greatest shock of his life. And now, he had been caught jerking himself off by his sweet, daughter who immediately began to beg him to let her suck his prick! It just seems too good to be true, he told himself, shaking his head in wonder. But there was no way he could resist his daughter’s pleas or his own desires.

Trish squealed with excitement as she bent down, pursing her full, soft lips into a juicy looking circle, and kissed the spongy, swollen head of her father’s rock-hard cock. Her tongue lashed out and washed over the pulpy surface, licking back and forth rapidly. She mewled with pleasure, tasting the delicious tangy flavor of her daddy’s prick for the first time, and her nostrils flared excitedly as she breathed in the heady aroma of the man.

Open-mouthed, Trish gave wet kisses to the man’s prick, moving her mouth up and down the shaft.

She buried her face with a sigh in the thick patch of prick hairs that surrounded the root of her daddy’s enormously fat cock, looping her tongue back and forth across the base of his cock. Her hot, groping hands grazed across his muscular legs until they met at his loins. She moaned with pleasure, still lapping and sucking at the twitching prick, and she lifted his large, heavy balls in her hands.

Lowering her head, her long, golden hair spilling across her daddy’s lap, she began to lick eagerly at his hairy balls. They tasted salty, and the blasting aroma of his maleness raced through her like a powerful turn-on drug, making her dizzy with lust.

As the girl’s hot tongue swished to and fro across the tightening balls, she dropped one hand down and began stroking her drooling cunt through her panties.

“Ohhh God, baby, that’s great! Yeah, Trish, yeah, lick your daddy’s balls!” Larry groaned.

The hulking man reached down and stroked his big, meaty hand through his beautiful daughter’s blonde hair. His heart was thumping violently, his breathing was coming thick and fast, and his stomach was knotted with desire.

Trish dipped her head lower and teased the underside of her daddy’s inflamed balls with her tongue, making the man groan louder and louder.

Unable to stand it any longer, Larry bent down and gently lifted Trish to her feet, gazing down into her flushed face. Her large green eyes were gleaming with sensual desire, and her parted lips were moist and sultry-looking.

Larry tilted the girl’s head back with his hand, chucking her beneath the chin, and bent down, brushing his hard mouth against his daughter’s soft, sweet lips.

“Mmmm!” Trish purred in delight and, with a low, animal growl, Larry crushed his mouth to hers, kissing her greedily.

Trish threw her arms about her father’s thick, bullish neck and returned his kisses, trembling with desire as his big tongue probed deeply inside her mouth, tasting her saliva, and sucking it into his mouth hungrily.

“Oh, baby,” Larry murmured, pulling away from the girl, his eyes blazing with sexual need, “let’s go into your room — okay?”

“AU right, Daddy!” Trish sang out happily. Larry yanked his pants up, buttoning them, but leaving his zipper down and his large, pulsing prick jutting obscenely in front of him. Slipping his big hand around his young daughter’s small one, he led her from the kitchen, up the stairs and down the hall to her bedroom.

Inside the room, he closed the door behind them. His eyes raked over the sight of Trish’s young body, and he licked his lips excitedly, feeling all the pent-up sexual frustration he had been experiencing come rushing to his loins, and along with it came all the intense sexual desire for his daughter that he realized now he had been pushing below the surface for years. But no longer. Two can play at this game, he thought now, his mind filled with the image of his wife and son fucking. If you can fuck our son, then I can fuck our daughter! And he knew that, in fucking his gorgeous daughter, he would not only be satisfying the lust he had long felt for her, he would be exacting a measure of revenge for what his wife and son had done to him as well.

“Take your gown off, baby,” he said now, his voice thick with need.

“Okay, Daddy, but you take your clothes off too!” Trish chirped.

She eagerly slipped the sheer negligee up over her head and tossed it across the end of her bed. Larry sighed with pleasure as he stared at the girl’s slender, girlish form. His eyes bugged out lewdly when his daughter began to shimmy out of her panties, letting them drop about her ankles and kicking them off.

Now, the girl stood proudly before her daddy, stark naked, and he realized that her body was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Her trim waist widened slightly into her hips, and a golden triangle of pale gleaming hairs lightly lined the soft curve of her pussy mound.

Larry’s big hard cock jumped with excitement as he stared at his daughter’s naked body. With a grunt, he stood before her, his hulking frame towering over the fragile girl.

He tore off his shirt, unbuttoned his fly and kicked his pants off, standing before his daughter, his chest heaving.

“Ohhh, Daddy, you’re sooo handsome!” Trish moaned, her widened eyes drinking in the erotic sight of her naked father, and she sighed softly, knowing that at long last her lifelong dream of being fucked by her own daddy was about to come true.

Her dad was everything she had ever dreamed of in a man, and even more. She ran her eyes over his body now, admiring his heavily muscled frame, covered with a thick fleece of hair which traveled down across his belly and surrounded the rigid base of his long, thick prick.

Larry grinned and moved over to where Trish stood beside her bed. He bent down and effortlessly lifted the girl into his brawny arms, laying her across her bed.

He lifted himself above her and stared down into her eyes which were already glazed with lust. Bending down, he covered her body with hot, wet kisses, his hands sliding all over her, squeezing and fondling the mounds of her tits.

With a lewd growl, the man grabbed one aching tit between his teeth and tugged at it with his mouth, sucking and nibbling it.

His big tongue lashed over the nipple until it grew stiff and hard, and Trish whimpered with excitement all the while. Then her daddy moved on to her other tit, sucking at it hungrily, demandingly, lifting and kneading both of the sensitive mounds with his strong, callused hands.

Larry reached down and gripped her legs above the knees, lifting and spreading them apart. Glancing down, he groaned with unbridled passion as he focused his eyes on the soft pink petals of his daughter’s girlish pussy, spread out and vulnerable, glistening with pussyjuice, his for the taking.

The man pressed his face against his daughter’s belly, teasingly kissing her naked flesh, moving slowly in the direction of her trembling thighs. Trish uttered a broken cry when she felt her father’s hot breath fanning through her pussy bush.

Larry pushed the girl’s legs forward until her knees almost rested on her shoulders, and he eagerly mashed his face between her sweet, quivering thighs, inhaling the tempting scent of her flowing pussyjuice.

His tongue thrust out and licked up and down the hot, slick crack, penetrating the lips of her cunt and probing into the deep, hot notch in between.

“Ohhh, yessss, Daddy!” Trish sobbed with pleasure, arching her back and digging her fingers into her father’s head, puffing him even closer to her pussy as he began to eat her out.

The stubble on his unshaven cheeks grazed against the tender sides of her thighs, sending shivers of incestuous pleasure rushing through her young body.

“Ohhh, Daddy, lick meeee!” she wailed frantically, writhing with excitement beneath him. “Lick my pussy hard, Daddy, it feels soooo good!”

Larry quickly found his daughter’s clit and his tongue lashed at it furiously, stroking up and down its full trembling length. Trish’s body jerked in response, and she moaned over and over again.

The man slid his big rough hands beneath the soft, round curves of his daughter’s ass and squeezed them hard, sinking his probing fingers deep into the hot crack between her cheeks.

“Ohhh, Daddy, stick your finger up my asshole!” the girl cried feverishly.

“I will, baby, I will!” Larry said huskily as his fingers stroked the girl’s tiny asshole, strumming it lewdly.

Trish yelped with excitement. Her entire body undulated with ecstasy, and the throbbing globes of her tits heaved on her chest with each of her lust-filled movements.

Slowly and deliberately, Larry pressed at the girl’s asshole with his finger, and the reluctant ring of muscles began to ease up until his finger slid into the incredibly tight and hot channel of her shit-chute.

“Oh, God!” Trish yelped, her green eyes snapping open in shock and pleasure, a flush of ecstasy shooting through her bowels and all through her loins as her daddy began to fuck his finger in and out of her tight ass bud.

He slid more and more of his finger into her until ft was buried to the hilt inside her asshole, palm-deep. The girl’s hole instinctively clutched at the invading finger, hugging it tightly each time he fucked it into her.

“Unnhhh, yesss, Daddy!” Trish whimpered, thrashing about on the bed with joy, her entire body on fire with lust.

Larry began to fuck his long, wriggling tongue deep inside his daughter’s juicy cunt, while at the same time, he continued to thrust his thick finger back and forth in her asshole.

Trish’s head was spinning with fuck-lust for her handsome daddy, and she moaned again, even louder this time, as he reached up and squeezed one of his daughter’s swollen tits with his free hand. He was sucking noisily on her shuddering pussy, and fucking his finger in and out of her asshole.

His rigid prick ached and bulged with desire between his legs, and he knew at that moment that there was no way in hell that he could resist the chance to batter his daughter’s juicy cunthole wide apart with his huge hard prick.

With a low growl, he drew his finger out of Trish’s ass with a moist popping sound and lifted his juice smeared face up to look at her. His eyes gleamed with incestuous desire, and as his daughter gazed down at him, Larry was pleased to see the same excited expression in her eyes.

“Please fuck me now, Daddy,” the girl whispered.

“Oh, baby, yes!” Larry responded as he eagerly scrambled up on the bed, positioning his big, muscular body above his daughter’s slight, trembling figure.

Trish reached up and dug her soft fingertips into the sweaty, hairy slopes of her daddy’s shoulders, biting her lower lip to repress the surge of lust that overwhelmed her.

“You really want me to fuck you, baby?” Larry asked, looking directly into the girl’s eyes.

“Oh yes, Daddy, I’ve been wanting this to happen for such a long time now! Pleeeease, Daddy! Fuck meeee!”

“Good girl. But — I have to ask, honey — are you still a virgin?”

“No, Daddy, I’m not,” Trish said as she blushed and looked away, wondering if her daddy would mind that she didn’t have a cherry to offer him.

“You’re not?” the man asked in surprise. Somehow, his daughter had always seemed so innocent that he had just assumed she was still a virgin.

“No, Daddy, I haven’t been a virgin for a very long time now,” she said softly.

“Who was it, honey? Who popped your cherry before your daddy could get to your pussy?” Larry asked with a smile, but inside he was seething with jealousy.

“Just some guy I knew from school. I don’t think you’d know him. He’s not important,” the girl responded.

“Oh,” Larry said, feeling strangely disappointed. “And since him, you’ve fucked with a lot of other teens, right?”

“Well… yeah, I guess. I have quite a few boyfriends, and then when Norm started fucking me…”

“Norm! Norm fucked you?” Larry asked, his mouth hanging open.

“Sure, Daddy. And lately, we’ve been fucking up a storm!” the girl said with a laugh, completely unaware of the impact this news had on her father.

For a few minutes, as the girl rattled on, Larry was silent, trying to digest this latest shock. So, he thought, not only has my son been getting it on with my wife, he’s been fucking my daughter too!

“Oh Daddy, you’re so quiet,” the girl said, finally running down with her excited chatter. “Don’t you want to fuck me anymore now that you know I’m not a virgin?”

“Oh yes, darling, of course I still want to fuck you!” he said fervently, not telling his daughter that their fuck would be motivated not only by lust but by revenge. He felt as if he could never forgive his wife and son for fucking each other, or his son for fucking his sister, and when Larry fucked the teen, he would be paying them back in kind.

“Oh, goody, Daddy, ’cause I wanna fuck you so badly, I can hardly stand it! Fuck me now, Daddy!” the girl cried tearfully.

“I will fuck you now, Trish,” Larry said thickly. “Your very own daddy’s gonna stuff your pussy full of his big, throbbing prickmeat!”

“Oh, yesss, Daddy,” the teenager whimpered. “I want that! I want you to ram your huge cock all the way up my pussyhole! All the way!” Larry planted one hand on the bed beside her head, grabbing his enormous hard-on with his other hand. Then he slowly eased his lower body on top of the girl until his bursting, saliva slickened cock grazed across the wet, pouting lips of her pussy.

“Unnhhh, oh Daddy!” Trish gasped as she felt her daddy’s large, mushroom-shaped cockhead plow apart her pussylips and thrust into the tight, narrow opening to her cunthole.

Larry rotated his hips, relishing the lewd sensation of his daughter’s cunt sucking at the tip of his prick. He planted both hands firmly on the bed and prepared himself to penetrate his daughter fully.

“Now Daddy, fuck your cock all the way into me now!” Trish begged, tears of lust streaming from her eyes.

Larry grinned down at his daughter as he slammed his hips forward powerfully with a savage grunt.

“Aieeeee!” Trish shrieked, arching her back, her jaws snapping open in scream after scream as she felt her daddy’s cock invade her cunthole full-length. A white-hot lust ripped through her as she felt her cunt being stretched wide by the huge log of cockmeat which sank to the balls inside her, slamming against the back wall of her cunt.

With a loud groan of incestuous pleasure, Larry sank upon his daughter, his hard, hairy belly bearing down on her soft, silken tummy, his brutal hard-on jammed all the way inside her ravaged pussy.

“God, that feels good, Daddy! Your prick is so big! And so hard! And it’s filling me all up so deliciously!” the teenaged girl squealed excitedly, thrilled that at long last her lifelong dream of being fucked by her daddy was coming true.

Larry reached down and grabbed his daughters legs, pulling them up, clenching them daughter’s legs, about the ankles and hooking them over his broad shoulders. Then he leaned forward, bending the girl almost in two, and began to lustily fuck his gorgeous daughter.

The man’s shaky ass arched back, tensed, and slammed forward, driving his pistol-like prick deep into Trish’s throbbing pussy.

“Fuck me, Daddy, fuck meeee!” the teenager cried, arching her back and screeching wildly like a wanton whore, her body writhing violently as her daddy thrust his long, thick cock in and out of her cunt as hard and roughly as he could. She had the strange sense that somehow her daddy was punishing her with his hard, slamming strokes but she was not about to complain for she was loving every single painful, pleasurable slam of his cock into her hungry cunt.

“Your pussy’s sooo tight, baby, like a virgin’s,” the man groaned.

“Ohhhh, Daddy, I love the way your huge cock is fucking me!” the girl whimpered as her father brutally slammed his hips back and forth, sending the full length of his prick deep inside his daughter’s aching cunthole.

Trish tightened her pussy muscles about the sides of her daddy’s trembling prick, tossing her head from side to side in a frenzy of fuck-lust.

“Yessss! Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me good and hard! Ohhh, unnhh, yessss, just like that, Daddy!” she sobbed in ecstasy, tightening her foot-hold around her daddy’s neck.

She began to lift her hips to meet the man’s deep-thrusting plunges, humping up lewdly against his slamming crotch. The man’s heavy balls slapped moistly against her ass again and again as father and daughter rhythmically fucked.

“Ohhh, baby, you’re fucking back at me so good!” Larry groaned, all thoughts of revenge gone as he pumped his hard, thick cock into his daughter’s hot, sucking pussy.

As Larry fucked his daughter toward the orgasm they both needed so desperately, he began to learn an important lesson, one which would irrevocably alter his life and bring his family together again. For the man was beginning to understand the unbridled joy of incestuous sex, a joy that he now knew no other kind of sex could give him. He was learning just what it was that had motivated his wife and son to fuck each other, and what it was that had prompted his daughter and her brother to fuck each other. He found himself understanding why they had introduced incest into their lives, for the same natural desires were now possessing him. Yes, as Larry continued to fuck his daughter with hard, savage strokes, he found himself understanding it all, and with that understanding came forgiveness.

“Awwwwww, yessss, baby, take my cock deep inside your cunt!”

Trish could only sob and moan in response as her big, beefy father lustily slammed away at her aching, burning pussy which kept milking at him hungrily.

“Daddy! I’m commmiiinnnggg!” the teenager cried suddenly, her sharp fingernails raking across her daddy’s broad, sweaty, hairy back as she threw herself wantonly back and forth on his thick, throbbing cock.

“Good girl,” Larry groaned triumphantly as he felt his daughter’s cuntjuices splashing and sloshing about his pounding prick.

He felt dizzy with lust and he knew that he would not be able to hold back much longer, not now, not with the girl’s orgasming pussy spasming so violently about his prick. Feeling her coming against his cock was such a turn-on that it made him weak with fuck-lust and he knew he would come any minute now.

Larry gritted his teeth and ruttishly began to slam into Trish’s pussy harder than ever while she continued to come, and her quaking cuntmeat against his cock just spurred him on to fuck her with more and more force, gripping the girl’s tits and hanging onto them for support.

“Unnhh, I’m still coming, Daddy! Keep fucking me, Daddy! I want you to come now! I wanna feel your cum shooting into my pussy, Daddy!” the teenager cried out whorishly as her bed creaked and groaned in protest and her daddy continued to fuck her with all his might.

As she came hard and her father kept fucking her with long, fast, hard strokes, Trish gasped and moaned, clinging desperately to her father’s back and neck, her aching cunt tingling and throbbing and shooting out more and more thick juice.

For several more moments, the huge shaft of cock battered in and out of Trish’s spasming cunt.

“All right, you slut! Get ready! Your daddy’s gonna blast your pussy full of cum! Your daddy’s gonna come right up your cunt!” Larry roared savagely, tossing his head back and groaning with desire.

Trish whimpered with joy as she felt herself being pinned to the bed by her daddy’s heavy, sweaty body, his long, thick cock buried to the hilt inside her.

Larry shuddered with ecstasy as his hot cum bubbled in his loaded balls and then hurtled up his cock with a savage intensity, squirting again and again into his daughter’s pussy-hole, filling her up completely with her daddy’s juices.

“Ohhh, yessss, Daddy, come inside me! I want it all, Daddy! Ohhh, I can feel it! Your cum is sooo hot and thick! It feels fantastic!” the girl cried, coming again as she felt the thrill of her own daddy’s jism filling and overflowing her orgasming pussy.

“Oh, Daddy, I love you sooo much. You just gave me the very best fuck of my life!” Trish murmured, kissing her father affectionately on the mouth as their orgasms ended and they lay, panting hard, in each other’s arms.

“I love you too, baby,” Larry said, returning his daughter’s kiss. “And you have no idea how much you’ve just done for me. I think you’ve just helped to put this family back together.”

Trish smiled to herself. Her daddy didn’t realize it, but the teen knew exactly what he meant. After all, it was the very thing she had been hoping for when she had climbed into bed with her daddy.


After the father and daughter fucked each other several times, Trish begged him to stay with her, to spend the rest of the night with her in her bed.

But Larry resisted the tempting offer, telling his daughter that he had a lot of fence mending to do with Janet and Norm before he could hope to spend the night in that house. After all the ranting and raving he had done when he had discovered his wife and son in bed together, it wouldn’t be fair to let Janet and Norm return home and find him in bed with Trish.

Before he left, Trish talked him into giving her the name of the motel where he was staying, telling her father that she would go over there after school the next day to make it with him again. He grinned at her, telling her that he would be looking forward to her visit, and then he had kissed her goodnight, and had left.

A short time later, Trish heard her mother and brother letting themselves into the house. She waited a few minutes, wondering if her brother would come upstairs to his bedroom right away, or if he would stay downstairs for a while to fuck his mother.

She soon had her answer. For it wasn’t difficult for the teen to hear the tell-tale sounds of fucking drifting up the staircase to her room.

She giggled excitedly and plunged her hands into her pussy, beginning to fingerfuck herself while she listened to the lewd sounds of her mother and brother fucking.

Janet was whimpering with ecstasy. She was perched on all fours on her big bed, her long golden hair falling about her flushed features, her big tits swinging from side to side.

Norm was on his knees behind her, his eyes glazed with fuck-lust, his breath coming harshly as he gazed down at his mother’s invitingly jutting ass.

He dug his fingers into the trembling lobes of flesh and hauled them apart, revealing the quivering hole that opened and closed, as if beckoning to him.

Grasping the base of his huge cock, he guided the oozing tip between the woman’s asscheeks and butted it against the winking asshole.

“I’m gonna fuck your ass now, Mom!” he said huskily, gripping her tightly around the waist with his free hand. “You want it, don’t you, Mom? You want your own son’s hot cock to slam up your asshole, don’t you?”

“Yes, Norm, my God, yesss, it’s true! I do want your big cock to ream out my ass! Do it, Son, fuck your mother’s ass for her!” Janet shrieked.

She thrust her ass backwards and gave a loud sob of pleasure as Norm slammed his body forward with a savage grunt, sinking the entire length of his prick deeply in his mother’s heated asshole.

“Ohhh, yeah, Mom, yeah!” the teen moaned, swiveling his hips and savoring the lewd sensation of his mother’s ass muscles squeezing and clutching his cock. Then he began to stroke in and out of her asshole. Upstairs in her own bed, Trish made herself come three times while listening to the exciting sounds of her brother ass-fucking their mother. Plunging her fingers repeatedly in and out of her sopping cunthole, the teenaged girl brought herself off again and again, and as she came, she pretended that it was her daddy’s cock fucking into her instead of her own fingers.

Later, after Norm returned to his own room, Trish crept silently down the hall and knocked on the door. He let her in, and she told him all about her fuck session with their father earlier that night. The two teenagers stayed up for hours, talking about their family, and planning their strategy to get everyone back together again. Then they fucked.

The next afternoon, Larry Madison sat on the edge of the bed in his motel room, waiting for his daughter. He was glad that she would be there soon for he was feeling hornier and hornier as he waited for her. He thought about their exciting fuck session the night before, and a bolt of lust rushed through his loins, making his cock rock-hard.

Now that Larry understood about incest, and he at last believed that there was nothing wrong with it, he was anxious to get back with his wife and to feel the kind of closeness with his family they had always enjoyed before he had let his narrow minded views all but destroy them. Yes, he longed to apologize to his wife and son for his petty, intolerant attitude but he just didn’t know how to go about it. As he sat there, wondering what his next move should be, there was a knock on the door.

Larry opened the door, startled to see both his son and daughter standing there, grinning at him. At first he felt a pang of disappointment because he had been looking forward to fucking Trish and he realized now that that probably couldn’t happen with his son there. But then he thought that this could be his opportunity to make amends with Norm, and he returned the vine of both of his children.

“Hi, Daddy!” Trish chirped, giving her daddy a kiss on his cheek as she entered the motel room and settled herself into a chair near the bed.

“Hi, baby!”

Larry turned to his son, wondering what to say as Norm entered the room.

“It’s good to see you again, Dad,” Norm said shyly.

“It’s great to see YOU, Son!” the man responded, throwing his arms about the teen and slapping him on the back in a big bear hug.

When they were all sitting down, Larry started to talk, explaining to his kids how wrong he had been to fly off the handle like that when he had caught his wife and son in bed together.

“If I had been completely honest with myself, I would have had to admit that the sight of you two rutting like wild animals turned me on!”

“It did?” both Trish and Norm asked with surprise.

“Sure, it did! How could it not? The two of you fucking away like that — it would be a turn on for anyone to see that, even more so because you’re my wife and son — I mean, incest has gotta be the biggest turn-on of all, right?”

“Right!” Norm and Trish said.

“Sounds like you’ve finally learned your lesson, Dad,” Trish said with an impish grin.

“That’s exactly right, kids. Usually, we parents like to think that we have all the answers… that we’re the ones who have to teach our kids everything about life and loving. But it’s you two kids who have taught me the greatest lesson of my life! You, Norm, by having the courage to follow your own natural instincts and fuck your mother… and you, Trish, by taking your daddy into your bed and showing me what incest — real love — is all about.”

The three of them hugged and then they fell silent, each of them lost in their own thoughts. Norm’s eyes darted across the room to where his sister was, sitting in the chair, and his cock jumped in his pants as he felt a surge of lust rippling through his belly.

The teen was wearing a tight sweater and a miniskirt which hiked up high on her creamy thighs. Her legs were long and slinky.

Both Norm and Larry were ogling Trish. She was fully aware of their gaze and she deliberately squirmed about in her chair, striking various seductive poses.

“Okay, you two, what’s up?” she asked a few minutes later.

“You have to ask?” Larry said and they all laughed as he gestured toward his growing hard-on.

Then Trish’s eyes moved to her brother’s crotch, and when she saw that he, too, was sporting a full-fledged hard-on beneath his jeans, she moaned softly, her pussy beginning to drool.

“Sis, don’t you feel kind of hot in that sweater?” Norm asked with a grin.

“Now that you mention it, I am!” Trish chirped, pleased with all the male attention she was getting.

“Norm’s right, honey,” Larry chimed in, “you look really hot. Why don’t you just take your sweater off?”

“Okay!” Trish said agreeably, and with that she peeled her sweater off over her head, revealing a loose teeshirt which clung to her like wet tissue paper. Her lemon-sized tits and their pouting nipples were clearly visible through the sweat-dampened material.

Norm and Larry felt their cocks hardening mores lengthening and thickening as their loins tightened with lust.

Trish turned her sensuous, long-lashed green eyes toward her brother and father, and they read in her face a clear invitation. Norm moved toward her, and bending down, he brushed his lips against the girl’s moist mouth.

She eagerly returned her brother’s kiss, and Norm hungrily crushed his mouth to hers, thrusting his tongue between her lips and teeth. He swabbed the inside of her mouth with his wriggling tongue, tasting her sweet saliva.

Trish wrapped her arms around his strong neck and moaned with excitement, pressing her tits against the teen’s chest. All three of the horny people in that motel room knew that they did not have to go through play-acting to get Trish to fuck. Now that the family’s fucking was all out in the open, with no secrets among them, all Norm and Larry had to do was to let the teen know that they wanted to fuck her, and she would have eagerly agreed. In fact, if they didn’t ask her to fuck, the horny teen would have taken matters into her own hands, in more ways than one. She would have felt not one bit of reluctance in openly seducing both her father and brother. After all, just the night before she had gotten her own daddy into bed with her!

But even though they all realized this, they also realized that this was more fun. By going slowly, by gradually seducing the teen, Norm and Larry and Trish all grew more and more turned-on, and they all were smart enough to know that by the time they finally did get down to some serious fucking, their pleasure would be all the more intense.

Norm lifted his sister to her feet and the two teenagers stood there in front of Larry, who was now stroking his hard-on through his pants.

Norm dropped his hands to Trish’s tits and squeezed them wantonly, enjoying the spongy feel of the pulsing mounds of feminine flesh. He drew his hand down, lifting up her teeshirt and sliding his fingers up the warm, sleek flesh of her taut belly. His hands moved over her naked tits, and he gave a low growl of sensual delight, sucking on Trish’s wiggling tongue as he kneaded and caressed her aching tits.

The teen rolled his big thumbs lewdly across the girl’s nips, feeling them stiffen up as darts of incestuous pleasure shot through the girl’s body. He caught the erect, flubs between his fingers and thumbs and strummed them lewdly, twisting them away from her body as Trish whimpered in delight, thrilled not only by her brother’s hands on her tits, but by the exciting, turn-on fact that her father was watching every move while he stroked his cock.

Boldly, Norm pulled his sister’s tee-shirt up and over her head, baring her body to the waist. With a low moan, the teen bent down, lifting her tits in his hands and rubbing them together. They trembled in his hands.

“Oh, yes!” Trish yelped when her brother wrapped his warm lips around her left nip and sucked hard.

“Good move, Son!” Larry cried approvingly. Norm pulled the pulsing nipple into his mouth, grazing it with his sharp teeth and fucking the tip of it with his tongue. Then he moved to the other tit and sucked on it greedily, leaving both of his sister’s tits glistening with, his saliva.

“Now it’s my turn,” Trish said huskily, her face flushed with desire.

She groped beneath Norm’s tee-shirt, running her soft hands over the rippling hardness of his chest. Then she dropped her hands to his fly and fumbled with the button there. She got it undone, and catching hold of the zipper, she drew it down with a rasping sound. She tugged at her brother’s trousers, yanking them down about his knees.

Norm was wearing only a jock strap underneath, and his throbbing hard-on lifted the elastic band off his hard belly, jutting several inches into the air.

Trish gave a soft cooing sound and bent down, her silken hair cascading over Norm’s belly and thighs. He closed his eyes and sighed in pleasure as he felt his sister’s hot breath on the tip of his prick.

The teen gave her brother a slight shove, making him sit down on the side of the bed. Then, while their father continued to watch his kids, stroking his raging prick through the tight fabric of his trousers, Trish bent down and sniffed in the heady aroma of her brother’s crotch. Then she hooked her fingers in the elastic and pulled his jock strap down as he lifted his hips to free the material under his ass.

She moaned with excitement when the teen’s prick was released, long and thick, and visibly throbbing. She eagerly fell to her knees and pursed her lips, brushing them across the head of Norm’s cock.

“You sexy bitch!” Norm grunted.

“Yeah, your sister’s one hot cunt,” Larry agreed, breathing hard now.

The teen reached down and tangled his hands in his sister’s hair as Trish moved her mouth to the base of his prick, sucking loudly on his cock, her swirling tongue darting back and forth across his cockhead.

Trish’s mouth slowly moved up the bulging shaft of her big brother’s prick and surrounded the smooth head with her lips, poking the tip of her tongue into the puckered cum-slit.

“God, Trish, you’re making me crazy!” the teen groaned.

Trish stretched her mouth open wide and began to go down on the hard fat meatiness of his prick, letting it slide over her tongue until it banged against her tonsils. Gulping hard, she swallowed a couple of inches of the bursting prick and forced her face down on his lap until her puckered lips mashed against his wiry prick bush.

“Go for it, baby, suck your brother off!” Larry cried as he stood up just long enough to completely shed his clothes. Then, with one hand still stroking the length of his hard cock, he sank back down in his chair, his eyes fixed on the erotic sight.

Norm arched his hips and yowled with excitement as he felt the entire length of his stiff prick embraced by the silken wet heat of his sister’s mouth and throat.

From his chair, Larry licked his lips in lewd anticipation, becoming impatient to get a part of the action himself.

The young blonde girl was bobbing her head up and down, sucking noisily on her brother’s cock. Her ass was jutting out in the air behind her and suddenly, her daddy was there, lifting up her skirt and staring at the sight of her tight panties, outlining the firm, creamy curves of her ass.

Larry knelt behind his daughter and patted and squeezed the girl’s ass. Trish moaned around the thickness of Norm’s cock and wiggled and pushed back against her daddy’s big, ham-like hands.

Grabbing his daughter’s panties in both hands, Larry jerked them down, working them around the girl’s ankles and pulling them completely off. He gave a growl of lust as he ogled her upturned asscheeks.

He ran his hands over the creamy ass-flesh and stuck two thick fingers into the crack between the quivering cheeks. Then he pulled his fingers out of her ass-crack and moved his hand lower until he was touching her pussy.

“Get up on your haunches, baby,” he ordered thickly.

Obediently, Trish squatted on her haunches, spreading her thighs wide at the same time, fully exposing her gaping pussyhole to her daddy’s excited gaze.

Larry shuddered as he felt his daughter’s hot, wet pussylips. He stroked his fingers back and forth across the cunt, and then he rammed his thumb inside and began to strum the glistening knob of her clit, teasing it with a rolling motion of his thumb.

“Unnhhh,” Trish groaned, still sucking her brother’s cock.

Norm gazed down over his sister’s back and saw his dad strumming Trish’s clit and rubbing her inner cuntmeat. He groaned with lust, turned on by the sight that thrilled him almost as much as the sensation of his sister’s mouth on his cock.

As her daddy continued to play with her clit, Trish jerked, giving muffled squeals of pleasure, her tightened lips slurping and sucking on Norm’s trembling prick.

Norm was bucking his hips frantically up and down now, feeding the length of his cock deep into his sister’s throat. His head was whirling with lust now. Trish’s warm, sucking lips and mouth were quickly driving the teenaged teen toward a mind-boggling climax.

He was frantically jerking his hips back and forth, his breath rushing noisily and hoarsely from between clenched teeth. He gripped his sister’s head tightly and slammed her face down again and again over his quivering cock.

Suddenly, his balls boiled over. He threw his head back and howled in pleasure.

“Yeah, yeah, suck it hard, baby, I’m commmiiinnngg!” he bellowed.

Trish sucked even harder, her fingers teasing the teen’s churning nuts. She circled her lips about the base of her brother’s hard-on and hollowed her cheeks as she pulled at his prick, flailing her tongue rapidly around the throbbing sides.

Norm’s body arched and she felt his cock expand suddenly. Hot thick gushes of cum spurted heavily into Trish’s mouth, splashing in sticky rivulets over her squirming tongue and rolling down her gulping throat.

The aroused teen eagerly swallowed her brother’s jizz while Norm moaned with pleasure, flopping back onto the bed with a contented sigh.

Trish whirled around and cooed in delight as she took in the sight of her daddy’s naked body. She ran her fingers down his hairy chest over his tummy to his crotch.

She wrapped her fingers about his cock, running them up and down the throbbing prick, savoring the feel of its thickness. Larry squeezed one of his daughter’s tits hard, grazing the pulsing nip against the palm of his hand.

“You want ray thick cock jammed up your pussy, girl?” Larry asked obscenely.

“Oh, yesss, Daddy, pleeease!” she whimpered.

“Then sit on it, baby! Ride your daddy’s prick like a bucking bronco!” Larry said as he fell onto the floor, with his huge hard-on jutting straight up in the air, pointing toward the ceiling.

With a cry of lust, Trish placed her hands in her daddy’s broad shoulders and straddled his hips. She lowered herself onto his lap. Larry fished his fat cock out and shoved it between his daughter’s legs until she felt the large, smooth cockhead poking between her bloated cuntlips.

“Ohhh, Daddy,” Trish cried, biting her lower lip and closing her eyes as a shudder of sexual excitement rustled through her body.

Slowly, eagerly, the girl lowered herself on her lather’s jutting prick. She gave out a low sob as she felt the massive cockhead nudge against the opening to her cunthole. She braced herself, trembling all over.

“Do it, Sis! Fuck yourself on Dad’s prick!” Norm’s voice sang out as the teen sat up on the edge of the bed and grinned while he watched the exciting action taking place on the floor near the bed.

Larry smiled warmly up at his beautiful young daughter. He gripped her tightly about the waist with both hands. Then he raised his head and leaned forward, thrusting out his tongue, and swiping it across the girl’s tits.

“Come on, honey, you know your pussy can take my cock. You know you want it!” he urged her hoarsely.

“Oh, yessss, Daddy, I want to fuck you!” Trish cried as her daddy pressed down on her hips, and with a broken cry, she dropped her weight on the thrusting prick.

“Unnhh, yessss, aaarghhhh!” Trish cried as her father’s enormous battering ram of a cock shot to the depths of her cunt.

Larry grinned lewdly up at his daughter, slowly grinding his hips and stirring his big cock deep within her slick fuckhole. He ran his hands up the front of her body, kneading and squeezing her throbbing tits, pinching the stiff nips.

Trish began to wriggle on top of her daddy’s prick. She lifted her body so that a couple of inches of the man’s blood-engorged cock slipped out of her, and then she let herself drop heavily onto him again. An obscene, red-hot pleasure knifed through her as she felt her father’s throbbing cock chafe against the tender walls of her juicy cunt.

“That’s the way, baby! Bounce on it! Ride your daddy’s cock!” Larry cried hoarsely, beginning to jerk his hips up and down, plunging his barbed fucker in and out of the sucking depths of his daughter’s pussy.

Norm watched his sister and father eagerly. His prick had grown rock-hard again — and he licked his lips excitedly as he watched the beautiful teen wantonly bouncing up and down on their father’s fuckrod.

He reached out front the bed where he sat and he squeezed one of his sister’s warm, jiggling asscheeks lewdly. He slid his fingers into the humid crack between her asscheeks, and quickly found her asshole.

He rammed his stiffened middle finger all the way into the girl’s tiny bunghole.

“Yeeeeeooowww!” Trish squealed with pain and pleasure. As she continued to rise and fall on top of her daddy’s prick, she began to impale her ass on her brother’s finger.

Norm fucked his finger back and forth inside his sister’s shit-chute and then he slowly worked another finger inside her, stretching out her spasming ass muscle as he stroked his fingers in and out of her.

Trish squealed with excitement as her brother fucked her ass with his fingers. She loved nothing more than having both her cunthole and asshole completely stuffed full of hot, hard meat, whether it was cock or fingers, just so her holes were full, deliciously full as they were at that moment.

She thrust back against Norm’s hand, wiggling her ass obscenely, allowing him to slide a third finger inside of her.

With a moist, squishing sound, Norm withdrew his hand from the girl’s ass and he lowered himself onto the floor, shuffling up behind his sister until his protruding prick jabbed between the silken cheeks of her ass.

Larry saw what his son was trying to do, and he shifted himself to one side, turning Trish toward Norm and making it easier for the teenager to have access to her quivering asshole.

Norm guided his cock against the puckered ring of ass-flesh, and shuddered with ecstasy as he felt the tiny hole sucking and tugging lewdly at the crown of his prick. He reached forward and gripped the girl about the waist, pulling her firmly against him as he began to fuck her savagely in the ass.

“Yesssss!” Trish cried, hardly able to take in all the exciting sexual sensations that were bombarding her body. She continued to plug her cunt with her daddy’s cockmeat, still riding him up and down. At the same time, she felt her brother’s cock sinking deep into her bowels.

Easing forward, Norm ground his muscular hips against Trish’s trembling asscheeks and he began to pump in and out of her hard. Trish felt dizzy with lust and pleasure. Only a thin membrane of flesh separated the two cocks that stuffed her to the brim, and she could feel them sliding against one another as the two males fucked her harder and harder.

Quickly, the incestuous trio established a heady rhythm. Trish would pump forward, impaling herself on her daddy’s thick fucker, and then she would thrust back against Norm’s stroking cock, taking it deep inside her guts.

The intense double stimulation was too much for the teen to withstand for long. She whimpered and wriggled violently as her brother and father fucked her ass and cunt harder and harder, straining for orgasm.

Together, father and son played with the girl’s tits as they fucked her.

“You love getting fucked by two cocks at once, don’t you, slut?” Larry growled.

“Yesss, oh, God, yesss, it’s fantastic! Fuck me harder!” Trish cried and both Larry and Norm laughed with delight.

“Commmiiinnngg!” she cried only seconds later, frantically bucking back and forth against the two pumping cocks.

Larry and Norm both groaned with incestuous pleasure as they felt the girl’s slick, tight fuck-holes quivering spasmodically and milking their humping pricks lewdly.

Trish thrashed about wantonly as she came, sobbing aloud. Larry began to slam into her harder than before, gritting his teeth and grunting like a bull. Finally, he plowed to the balls into her spasming cunt and shot his load.

The teen groaned with delight as she felt her daddy’s thick, hot cream filling her cunt to overflowing.

Norm clenched his sister’s tits tightly, mangling her nips between his fingers as he rammed furiously into her ass. His big balls slapped wetly up against her pussylips as he slammed deeply into her and unloaded.

“Yessssss!” Trish cried loudly as she felt the exquisite rush of jism up her ass.

She came again, shuddering against the two pricks which still impaled ha pussy and ass.

Suddenly, the door to the motel room slammed open and Janet’s voice rang out, thick with lust.

“Is this where the party is?” the woman asked, already stripping.

Norm and Trish exchanged a triumphant look. Larry stared open-mouthed as his wife removed her clothes.

“What’s going on here?” Larry asked, finally finding his voice, his prick still sticking lewdly inside his daughter’s pussy.

“Oh, Dad, everything’s gonna be so great,” Trish giggled, and together, she and her brother explained that that morning, before school, they had told their mother all about their father’s fuck session with Trish the night before, and what he had learned from it. They had assured her that he had had a genuine change of heart, that he saw nothing wrong with incest and that, in fact, he welcomed it in his own family, and that he was sorry for everything and wanted the family to be together again. They had given their mother the address of the motel and told her to meet them there after they had had a chance to “welcome” their father back into the family.

“That’s right, dear,” Janet said, listening to her kids’ explanation of her sudden appearance. “And now it’s my turn to welcome you back into the fold. Any complaints?”

“None at all! Come here, you!” Larry said with a grin as his wife settled onto the floor next to him and he pulled his still-hard prick free from Trish’s cunt and rammed it into Janet’s pussy without another word. But then none was necessary. For the entire family was communicating beautifully — better than ever, in fact.

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