You gonna give me that huge cock again?

“Mmmmm, Mr. Jones,” cooed Pam Stone. “You gonna give me that huge cock again? My pussy’s pretty sore right now, I don’t think I could take it.” “I bet it is, Miss Stone,” he replied. “But, I have another idea.” Pam frowned a bit and said, “What is it?” “Well,” continued Mr. Jones. “I tol’ […]

Sex with Minnesota Twins

Dear Idiot, How are you? Never mind I don’t care, I just want to write you and complain about something that you wrote to a newsgroup that I found on google. I recently found your stories on the usenet, and even though they completely suck, I did a search to find more to read. Well, […]

Julia’s Birthday by Lyceka (M+F oral anal)

It was Julia’s birthday. I asked her if there was anything she would really like. Half jokingly she said more dick would be nice… She had been on a diet and was looking very sexy. Although even when she was bigger she always knew what to do. (and where to put it). On the night […]

Evening Song – Merlin (furry, M-vixen-F, rom)

“That’s the last of the guests.” Velvet sounded tired. “I’m glad it’s over with. What possessed him to do it, anyway?” The sounds coming from the kitchen stopped. Kay’s voice was tinged with gentle amusement when she answered Vels’ plaintive question. “He did it because he loves us both–and it was his way of telling […]

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