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I am blessed with a high sex drive

I am currently away for a week or two staying with, Kaylene, one of my long-standing, bi-sex girlfriends in her lavish condo. She is just past forty, a very attractive size 12-14 long haired, brunette with a voluptuous body. She looked wonderful in her heels, skin tight white slacks and black silk blouse when she […]

Over coffee with one of my girlfriends we decide to organize a four-way with our men

“Is that really true, or fake news?,” she asks disbelievingly. I am Luna, thirty-eight years old, sixty-seven inches tall with a strong sex drive and a penchant for kinky sex. Both sexes compliment me on my body and looks. After coffee Isla helped me strip naked to try on some new clothes in an upmarket […]

My fifty-year old wife is tempted into her first ever lesbian experience

“The compliments kept coming. Love your legs. You have a wonderful body, she told me as she watched me trying on clothes. I could see the girls in the shop trying to tell me something. Then a shock. “I am a lesbian Joanne. I would love to make love to you,” she told me out […]

Amy might pride herself on being a tease, but even teases have their breaking point

Initially, Amy was hesitant when Alex had asked her if she wanted to take the bus instead of a plane. She knew that what should have been a couple-hour journey would now take more than a whole day, but when she saw the price difference she would have to say yes. She ended up being […]

Robin On Pussy Patrol

A brightly lit full moon hung in the night sky as the shadowy figure moved across the low rooftops. A sudden flash of light reflected from an approaching car illuminated the figure for a moment, before he vanished once again in a blur of yellow and red. A distant clock tower began the long chime […]

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