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A couple decides to live on a new world

Some guests were already in the room. Jack sat on the phony log bench and adjusted his tie. A couple of robot park rangers stood inertly. They waited patiently for the showtime to arrive. Could a robot wait patiently? Jack had done this before. Camping was one of the cheaper recreational activities you could do […]

Sci-fi porn – The long run

I was 20 cycles old when I got my first ship. My father did “The Long Run” just before I was born. Ten years from Mars high orbit to various mining colonies and then on to Io and back. He missed my early childhood, but came back with 1 million credits. I always wanted to […]

Tell me what you want – Anal sex

It had never been a plan, so much as a fantasy he had. John had been dating Sonya for 3 months. He’d taken her virginity after 3 weeks, and they had been active ever since. He enjoyed being with her immensely, enjoyed showing her new things, doing things no one had done to her before. […]

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