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Bukkake Business

It was a big day for her, Tachu reflected, as she glided the electric razor over her scalp, removing traces of blue stubble to expose the pale pinkness beneath, After all her efforts in securing the deal with the Taming Force Corporation, today was finally the day in which the client would sign and all […]

Dark Brown Cock (scat!)

Jane and Mary, were sitting in their living room watching TV. They’d had a good meal and had decided to spend a relaxed evening in. After a while of companionable silence Jane spoke. “I meant to tell you Mary, that I’ve really, really come alive since we started our fun games. You’re such a good, […]

Fucked Barbie Cheerleader

“Suck my cock Barbie,” the boy in the uniform commanded, slapping Barbie’s beautiful, tear-stained face with his fat, slimy cock. “Suck some military cock you trashy, cheerleading slut!” Barbie was bent over like an animal in the middle of the mob of boys. It seemed to the dazed young cheerleader that every boy attending Rener’s […]

Help! I Married A Thai Hooker

I find it quite amazing that some men just do not know what they are getting themselves into when they marry a gorgeous Asian girl half their age. Especially one they found out there in Thailand or Philippine. Madly and blindly in love, they will do anything for the girl. Usually these girls are just […]

Camping Trip Threesome

I’d been dating Therese’s sister Jean for about three months when a camping trip was planned. I hadn’t been camping for years and the idea appealed to me, besides Jean and I were at the stage in our relationship where we couldn’t keep our hands off each other and this would be a good opportunity […]

Brenda Breaks Free

She was cold, uncomfortable and a little embarrassed; but she was mostly proud of the fact she’d actually gone through with it this time. Twice before in the past month she’d had the opportunity and desire, but she just couldn’t, but this time, this time she would not go home feeling like a coward and […]

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