A bitchy wife gets taught a lesson

Jerry could see his wife’s cheeks turning red with
anger. ‘Oh no,’ he thought. ‘Here we go again. And in a
crowded restaurant, too.’

“This, this, this is why no one should of voted for
Bush.” Kim’s voice grew louder with each word until
half the restaurant was turning to stare at her. “That
dumb bastard gets to name a supreme court justice.”

“Shush, honey,” I whispered.

“Don’t shush me, Jerry.”

“Kim’s right,” interrupted Melissa. “Say bye-bye to a
woman’s right to choose.”

“We should organize a march,” yelled Kim, practically
rising up out of her seat.

Jerry slid back in his chair. He found his wife very
trying at times.

They were high school sweethearts and had only dated
each other. Kim was a spoiled rich girl who had looked
for causes to make her life meaningful. She hadn’t
become overly radical until she went to college. There
she fell in with an activist crowd. He mostly agreed
with her views, but didn’t think one should get too
excited about it or make a scene, especially in a
children’s restaurant. There were three couples at the

Kim and Jerry Anderson were both twenty-five. He worked
in a large accounting firm. He had his own office and
made good money at least enough that Kim didn’t work
yet. She’d come out of college with a liberal arts
degree that got her nowhere. They were trying to have a
baby and if she got pregnant soon, she’d probably
become a stay at home mother. Jerry was a typical
accountant, skinny, mousy, and nerdy. He was a 98 pound
weakling in high school and now seven years later he
was a 112 pound weakling Kim was a pleasant surprise in
the looks department. Kim and Jerry were evenly matched
in high school, two nerds who found each other.

However, after school, contacts had replaced Kim’s
thick rimmed glasses and her braces came off, revealing
a dazzling white smile. Kim had nearly shaved her head
in college, but let her raven black hair grow long
afterwards. She’d also gained the freshman fifteen
which had filled out her skinny body, swelling her
breasts and putting a sexy curve to her hips. She was
so hot now, she rivaled her friend Melissa. Melissa and
Mike were the opposites of Kim and Jerry in high
school. Melissa was the buxom blonde, green eyed
cheerleader that all male students loved. Mike was the
quarterback that always ended up with girls like
Melissa. They were also in their mid twenties.

The last couple was Evie and Eddie. Eddie was older,
chubby, and balding. He was a successful businessman
and local Republican chairman. Evie was Kim and
Melissa’s age, but had married her older husband
because she admired his values. They were both active
in church and the reason the group was at a children’s
restaurant. Their two kids ages, 5 and 4, were playing
in the plastic ball pool. Evie could have been the
hottest woman of the group, but kept her hair up and
dressed to cover her body. Everyone knew the incredible
figure she covered up because the three couples worked
out together (Jerry and Eddie not often). That was how
they met and became friends.

Both Kim and Melissa were trying to get pregnant and
looked to Evie as a role model. “How about you, Evie?”
asked Kim loudly. “Ready to march on Washington?”

“Oh no,” said Evie calmly. She was used to Kim’s
diatribes especially when Kim had been drinking. “I’m
not marching against my president.”

“You’re not pro life are you?” asked Melissa.

“Of course I am. I’m a Christian.”

Kim appeared like she was about to pull out her own
hair. “A woman has the right to do with her body
whatever she chooses.” “But we don’t, Kimberly. If that
were true, prostitution, drugs, and suicide would be

Jerry watched his beautiful wife’s cheeks get even
redder. Kim wasn’t the best debater. Her debate tactic
was to point, yell, and call people names.

“Fascist!” yelled Kim, pointing her finger at Evie. “If
I didn’t believe in gun control, I’d shoot that idiot
Bush myself.”

“Here we go again,” groaned Mike as the manager headed
their way. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to
leave,” said the manager.

“I got this one,” said Eddie pulling out a credit card.
Evie stood. She was as calm as ever, but looked smug a
having beaten Kim once again.

“I’ll gather up the children. We’ve got to cash in
their tickets.”

“I’m serious,” said Melissa to Kim. “We should march.”

As the group left, they passed Evie with Eddie junior
exchanging their tickets. Eddie Jr. pointed at what he
wanted. “We’ll take the police badge and the
handcuffs,” said Evie.

“Great! Start the little fascist off early,” said Kim
passing her.

Jerry hustled his wife out the door when Evie spun
around. Evie could take being insulted, but she was
overprotective when it came to her children. Evie
looked like she was ready to slap Kim. “Sorry,” he
apologized for his wife.

Jerry led his drunk wife over to her car. It was easily
spotted by the “Arms are for Hugging” and the
Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker with the Lieberman of
Gore/Lieberman sticking out from under it. “I guess I’m


Kim spun around in the mirror. She pinched her belly,
thighs, and ass. “I’ll be damned,” she said. For the
first time in her life, she was completely satisfied
with everything she saw. “No one should look this
good,” she said staring at the mirror. “Glad my sisters
can’t see me.” Kim was a bit ashamed of her body and
the skimpy bikini barely covering it. Her college
sisters would have called her a traitor for wearing
something this sexy and small.

It was her body though, and she should have the right
to wear whatever she wanted. Hey, if men can go topless
on the beach, women should be allowed to also, but Kim
wouldn’t go that far. She only wore this particular
bikini in her backyard. Kim planned on making herself a
drink, working on her tan all day, and reading a book.
There was something to be said for not working. She was
on her way downstairs when the phone rang.

“Hello,” she answered picking it up.

“Kim, it’s Evie.”

“Evie! I’m so glad you called. I’m so sorry about the
other night. I just drank too much and…”

“Shut up Kim. I know how you get when you drink. No
hard feelings. You got bigger problems. Listen. A
secret service agent just left my house. He was asking
questions about you.”


“Yeah. It seems someone at the restaurant reported you
as having threatened the President.”

“Oh shit!”

“Oh shit is right. This is serious Kim. You might be in
big trouble. He’s on his way to talk to you right now.
I just wanted to warn you first.” The doorbell rang.

“Shit! I think he’s here. Ah thanks for the warning,

Kim hung up the phone and went to answer the door. She
opened it a crack. “Yes?” she asked.

“Mrs. Anderson, I’m agent Johnson with the Treasury
Department, secret service branch.” Agent Johnson
flashed his badge and identification at her. The agent
was a giant black man, bigger and more muscular then
Melissa’s husband Mike. He was probably twice Kim’s
age, had a short afro with gray temples, and very dark
skin. He wore a dark suit and reflective sunglasses.
“May I come in?”

“Of course, Mr. Johnson.”

“Agent Johnson, please.” Leroy stepped into the house
as she opened the door. He was instantly thankful for
the glasses when he saw Kim Anderson in the skimpy
bikini. His eyes went huge at the site of her killer
body. How he kept his face expressionless, he never
knew. Kim was wearing a pure black bikini which stood
out against her pale white skin. The top seemed
stretched too thin by her D-cup bosom. Round, quarter
sized nipples pushed through the material with the
actual nipple a hard pointy eraser. The cups probably
covered only 25% of her breasts. Bare tit flesh spilled
out the sides, underneath, and above the bikini top.
Her bottoms were strings too, riding high and tied on
the sides of her hips. The patch covering her crotch
was thin and flat indicating a shaved pussy. She turned
slightly displaying a firm well-rounded bare ass with
the bikini string slipping between her cheeks.

“What can I do for you, Agent Johnson?”

“We’ve had a complaint about you threatening the
President of the United States. I’m here to see if the
threat is real or not.” Leroy removed his shades and
ran his eyes up and down Kim’s body.

Kim was immediately uncomfortable. Like many liberal
minded people, she was completely condescending towards
minorities. She supported equal treatment and
affirmative action, but looked down on minorities as
incapable of achievement without the aid of caring
white people such as herself.

Her bigotry rarely cropped up except when she saw
interracial couples. She hated the fact that it
bothered her, but it always did. “Let me go change,”
she said. Kim didn’t even wear this particular bikini
in front of Jerry.

“I’m afraid I can’t allow that, Mrs. Anderson.”


“I’d prefer you remain as you are. It’s difficult to
conceal a weapon dressed like that and I don’t know
what kind of weapons you might be hiding upstairs. If I
allowed you to change, I would need to watch you

“I’ll stay like this then.” There was no way Kim was
going to allow a black man to see her nude.

“Look Agent Johnson, I don’t like Bush. I didn’t vote
for him and he’s not my President. That being said, I’m
not a terrorist.”

“That remains to be determined, Mrs. Anderson. If I
deem that you are a serious threat to the safety of the
president, I will arrest you and you could spend the
next twenty years in prison. If I determine that it was
not a serious threat, you could still go to prison for
five years. Were you, Kim Anderson, at a local
establishment called the Clowning Around Pizzeria and
Arcade three nights ago?”

“I was.”

“And did you state- keeping in mind I’ve interviewed
several witnesses- that, and I quote, “I’m going to buy
a gun and shoot President Bush?”

“I did not. I said that if I didn’t believe that guns
should be banned, I’d buy one and shoot Bush. It was a

“So you admit it. Threatening the President is no
joke.” Johnson turned to the door and opened it wide.

“Are you leaving?”

“Negative Ma’am. I need to retrieve something from my
car. You’re to stand in the doorway, put your hands on
the back of your head, and don’t move.”

Kim complied while Johnson stepped outside. “Arch your
back Mrs. Anderson.” Leroy thought her big breasts
might make her bikini top burst and fly off when she
arched her back.

He entered the beat up Buick and retrieved what he
wanted. Kim was eyeing the Buick. “Lousy airport
rental,” he complained. “You may enter your house,

“What’s that?” she asked pointing at the item he had

“Keep your hands on your head. Now!”

Kim leapt to obey the huge black man. “This is a
digital video camera. Since I’m operating without a
partner, I’ll need to video tape our interview so that
you can’t say I tried to force a confession or anything
along those lines. It’s to protect you, too.”

“I understand,” Kim said through gritted teeth. She
felt color rising to her cheeks. It wasn’t from
embarrassment at standing half naked before a black
man. It was her temper starting to flare up.

Leroy grabbed her elbow and led her into the living
room. “It doesn’t look like there’s a bomb factory

“Of course there isn’t, idiot. I’m a housewife not a

“Please remain calm, Mrs. Anderson.” Leroy set the
camera up, aimed it at the couch, and hit record. “Now
Kim Anderson, state exactly the terrorist threat you
made against the President three days ago.”

“It was not a threat. It was a fucking joke. I said,
that if I didn’t believe in gun control, I’d buy one
and shoot Bush.”

“Sounds like a threat to me.” Leroy had never seen
someone so white, turn so red before.

“I was upset he was naming a supreme court justice. I
know my rights. I have freedom of speech in this
country, you fascist jerk. I want my god damn lawyer.”

“That’s it. I’ve had all I can take. I’m placing you
under arrest. You will be held at the maximum security
prison in the state capitol until trial. Spin around
and grab your ankles. You have the right to remain

“Fuck this,” growled Kim humiliated, grabbing her
ankles forced her to spread her legs. Her skimpy bikini
bottom was so tight, it hugged her labia. Agent Johnson
was getting a good shot of her beaver. “We’re turning
into a police state. No wonder the secret service has
the initials SS. God damn, Gestapo!”

“Mrs. Anderson, please exercise your right to remain


“Shut the fuck up. Now!”

Kim felt herself quiver as she closed her mouth.
Johnson could go from polite to dominating instantly.
Curse her temper. “Ah, I’m sorry, sir.”

“That’s better, Mrs. Anderson. Behave and you might
still keep out of prison. I’ll need to search your

“I believe it’s quite obvious I’m not hiding anything.”

“You’d be surprised, Mrs. Anderson. There could be
remote triggering devices sewn into your clothing.” He
untied her bikini top.”

“I can’t believe this,” she groaned. Her bikini top
fell to the floor. Johnson’s hands came around in an
attempt to catch it. They missed and ended up cupping
her breasts.

“Oh god.” Kim’s breasts were huge Dcups, but Johnson’s
hands still nearly covered them completely. He was a
very big man. “Is this necessary?”

“I’m afraid it is. Remember I’m taping this. You have a
right to subpoena the tape if you think I act

Johnson picked up her bikini top and kneeled beside her
dangling breasts. He stared at her tits as he worked
his finger around the material of her top. “Initial
inspection of terrorist’s bikini top reveal no hidden
devices,” he stated for the camera.

“Oh please, that’s enough,” groaned Kim, rejecting to
being called a terrorist. She was about to ask for her
top back when he tossed it across the room.

“My apologies, Mrs. Anderson. You are correct. We will
now remove the SUSPECTED terrorist’s bikini bottoms.”
Leroy untied the sides of her panties. He caught them
before they could fall. His hand cupped Kim’s vagina
until he pulled the bikini bottoms away. Johnson placed
her panties over his mouth and face, inhaling deeply.
“I detect no scent of any bomb making materials on
subject’s bikini bottom. Also note, the panties are
wet. The suspected terrorist appears aroused.”

“Fuck you.”

“Are you soliciting me for sex, Mrs. Anderson?”

“No sir. I was insulting you. I’d never let a bla…
that is, I’m a married woman. I’m not a whore.”

The black man was right though, she was aroused. Her
nipples were rock hard from where he had touched them.
Her pussy was juicing up so fast, a drop was forming on
her clit. Jerry had never gotten her close to being
this aroused. Of course, Jerry was rather meek. He
never was forceful with her or ordered her around like
Agent Johnson. Nobody had ever treated her like Agent
Johnson was.

Johnson retrieved his camera. Kim was still grabbing
her ankles. He zoomed in on her dangling breasts. The
angle she was in had her breast dangling in Kim’s face.
He carried the camera behind her and filmed the
inverted V her legs were forming and her breasts
between her legs as well as her angry red face. He
zoomed in on her pussy. “Agent Johnson?”

“Yes, Mrs. Anderson.”

“May I move please? My back is hurting.”

“You can grab the back of the couch. Keep your arms and
legs spread wide and your head down.”

“That’s better,” she sighed when she moved. “I’m now
resuming my search of the suspected terrorist, Kim

Leroy zoomed back in on her pussy. She was wet all
right. “Subject’s obvious arousal makes it difficult to
see into her vagina. I’ve determined that a physical
search will be necessary.”

“Oh no,” moaned Kim.

“I’ll get this over as quickly as possible, Mrs.
Anderson.” Leroy Sucked his index finger between his
lips to wet it. He then placed his finger against Kim’s
labia. She quivered when he touched her. Leroy could
actually see her clit growing engorged. He held the
camera up as he pushed his finger into her pussy.

“Ohmygawd! Animal? Get your dick away from me, pig.”
Kim tried to lean forward to get away from his finger.

“Relax Mrs. Anderson. I have to do this.”

“I don’t understand.” Kim looked over her shoulder.
Agent Johnson was kneeling behind her with one finger
sticking out from a clenched fist. “I thought it was
your penis.”

“Why would you think that?”

“It felt like it was my husband’s penis.”

“I can assure you, that my penis is much larger than
this finger, Mrs. Anderson.”

Kim sucked her lower lip into her mouth as Johnson
pushed his finger back inside. She tried to fight it,
but an involuntary moan escaped her lips. It really did
feel like a penis pushing inside her. Worse, he was
pushing his finger in and out like he was fucking her.
He was just lubricating it and his finger pushed deeper
with each thrust. Kim pushed against the couch just as
the finger was probing deeper into her.

Jesus! Did she just push back into his thrusts? She
fought the urge to do it again, but her hips kept
flexing in time to his finger thrusts. His finger was
just like her husband’s penis. It couldn’t quite reach
deep enough to satisfy an itch she got every time she
had sex “Have located alleged terrorist’s gadget spot.
I’ve detected no gadgets or hidden items. I’m now
making circular motions around Mrs. Anderson’s G-spot
to confirm.”

“Ohmygod!” Kim couldn’t believe the pleasure coming out
of her pussy. This wasn’t right. Agent Johnson was
merely making circular motions inside her with his
finger and it felt better than sex with Jerry ever had.

Leroy lowered the camera between his legs, trying to
point it at her pussy. “Note subjects clitoris has
become engorged and is impeding progress.” Leroy used
the index finger of his free hand to push Kim’s clit
down. He gently massaged it. Kim with a scream pushed
back into his finger. The waves of pleasure had her
falling into the couch. Her pussy quivered as it soaked
Agent Johnson’s hand.

“Subject has had a large orgasm. No materials other
than fluids were disgorged from her vagina during
orgasm. Mrs. Anderson’s crotch is clean.”

“Filthy fucking animal!!” screamed Kim. “How dare you.
You fucking nig…”

SMACK! Leroy brought his hand down hard on Kim’s ass.
“I’ve had enough of your attitude, Mrs. Anderson.”
Leroy smacked her again. Her butt cheek turned red.

“You… you have no right!” Kim gasped. It was more
humiliating then painful.

“But I do, Mrs. Anderson. The United States Patriot Act
allows me to do what I deem necessary to subdue a
belligerent.” Leroy spanked her other ass cheek twice.
Kim had a nice round firm ass, but it quivered as he
smacked it.

“No one has ever treated me like this before,” she

“Maybe they should have. Now, why did you call me those


“Because what?”

“Don’t make me say it.” Kim gasped as he spanked her
once more. “You made me orgasm.”


“It was my first.”


“Yes,” Kim sobbed guiltily.

“Your husband isn’t doing his job properly then. Did
you like it?”

“Um, yes.”

“I can give you more, Mrs. Anderson. If you let me fuck
you, I’ll promise you lots more. Bigger ones even.”

“But my husband?”

“Doesn’t need to know.” Leroy already had his jacket
off and was unbuttoning his suit. “Do this and I’ll
tell my supervisor that you’re just a loud mouthed
housewife and not a terrorist.”

“Um, Ok.”

“Ok what?” asked Leroy for the benefit of the video

“Y-you can fuck me.”

“You won’t be disappointed, Mrs. Anderson. This is what
we in the government call a win-win situation. You stay
out of jail and get the true fucking a slut like you
needs and my black cock gets some relief.”

“Black cock?” Kim hung her head down as she leaned
against the couch. Just under her large dangling
breasts, she could see the black man stooping to step
out of his underwear.

Johnson’s penis fell out of his underwear like a thick
black log. Kim suddenly felt a tremble of fear. What
had she gotten herself into? It must be the angle she
was viewing it. No penis could be that big. The monster
shaft appeared over a foot long. “Your cock is huge!”

“What of it? You ever had a big black cock before?”

“Oh no,” she said raising her head back up so that she
couldn’t see him lining it up with her pussy. “Agent
Johnson, you can’t cum in me. I’m trying to have a

Leroy’s filmed his thirteen inch cock lined up with her
pussy. He zoomed in on her gash as he pressed the golf
ball sized cockhead against it. He swore his cock
swelled even bigger when she told him she was trying to
get pregnant. The lie rolled easily off his lips.

“You have nothing to worry about, Mrs. Anderson. I’ve
had a vasectomy. It’s a common procedure among agents.
The family of the President is our family.” Leroy video
taped his cockhead pushing into her pussy.

“Ugh! It’s so thick!” moaned Kim. She felt herself
opening up for him. If the head had been any thicker,
she didn’t think it would have fit. Her pussy opened up
to the point it was nearly painful. Though it shamed
Kim, she was thankful she was so wet. Kim was also
thankful she couldn’t see him penetrating her. It
probably would have frightened her too much.

“Aaahh.” Her sigh was long and drawn out as the entire
head entered her. Her pussy clung to the head. She
opened wider as his thick shaft found it’s way inside
her. Kim hung her head down and looked between her
breasts again. Her tits blocked her view of Johnson’s
cock, but his nutsack was plainly in view. His scrotum
was sized to go with his large cock. Each tactical was
three times as big as Jerry’s entire ball sack. ‘Thank
god he’s had a vasectomy’, she thought. Those things
would be blasting a lot of sperm into her.

Leroy worked the head of his cock around a little,
letting it slacken up before he pushed it in deeper.
“This sure is a tight fit, Mrs. Anderson. If you
weren’t married, I’d say you were a virgin.”

“Oh my!” she blurted out. At that moment she did feel
like a virgin. “You can’t be real.”

“Feels good doesn’t it.”

“Yes, YES!” she shouted as her second orgasm hit. It
was a small fast one that caught her off guard. The
black man’s cock had just pushed deeper then Jerry had
ever gone. The needy area that always felt unsatisfied
during sex with her husband was now hugging a huge
black cockhead. “Ohmygod!” His cockhead now pushed
deeper still. The brief stab of pain when the tip hit
her cervix was nothing compared to the immense pleasure
emanating out from her pussy. “Can’t take… hmm yes…
no more.”

“I think you can, Mrs. Anderson.” Leroy needed his
hands free. He pulled back until only the head of his
cock was wedged between her labia. Kim whimpered in
displeasure. Leroy was able to stoop enough to set the
video camera on the floor. He left it running and aimed
up at their crotches.

“That’s it, put it back in,” begged Kim as Leroy stood
back up. This time his hands were on her hips as he
buried his cock again until just three or four inches
remained. Leroy pushed hard until he felt the steel
hard shaft might actually bend.

Finally, the cervix yielded to the pressure and opened
for him. The thick head pushed into her womb. Kim
suddenly lunged back into Leroy until his balls slapped
her thighs. Her entire body shook as her cum squirted
out around his shaft coating his pubic hair and soaking
his balls. Kim recovered to a slow steady pounding in
her pussy. “That’s it. Yes! Fuck me. Fuck me!”

Somehow her head had pushed into the couch cushion.
Johnson’s powerful thrusts had pushed her forwards and
over the end of the couch. She was now bent over the
edge of the couch. Her feet were several inches off the
ground, but her crotch was perfectly lined up with the
black man’s massive cock. As the head pushed in and out
of her womb, Kim was once again thankful for the

Agent Johnson’s thirteen inch black cock was the
perfect breeding tool deigned to deliver sperm straight
to the source. Kim was so far gone, even if he wasn’t
fixed, she wouldn’t have stopped him from fucking her.
Agent Johnson’s cock actually outlasted Kim. She had
strong orgasm after strong orgasm until she felt tapped
out. Still, the black man kept rapidly bucking his

“Damn!” growled Leroy. “I must be slipping. I didn’t
thoroughly investigate you for weapons.”

“Unh what do unh you mean? Unh! Unh!” Kim was
astonished the secret service agent was still concerned
she a threat.

“Didn’t check this hole.” Johnson pushed his thumb
straight into her ass.

“Ow! Oh shit! I’m cumming!” Kim hadn’t been tapped out
after all. Her sphincter squeezed tight around the back
man’s thumb and her pussy went crazy. His thumb was so
big, it felt like she had two cocks inside her. Kim
felt like a huge slut when the thought didn’t disgust
her. Johnson wiggled his finger while fucking her. His
cock seemed bigger. The ridge around his cockhead had
swelled and scraped her cervix each time he pushed it
into her womb. His cock jerked and her womb flooded
with sperm. “It’s so hot!” Kim cried, cumming again as
wad after wad of hot sperm filled her womb, then
flooded her pussy until it shot out around his cock.

More shot out when Johnson pumped his cock in and out a
few more times to clear out any excess semen. Kim’s
pussy felt empty when Agent Johnson finally pulled his
cock out. She felt a hand on her chin and looked up.
Johnson had walked around the couch. His cock was fat
and swollen, but limp. He guided it towards her mouth.
Kim parted her lips as she got her first good glimpse
of the massive black cock that had just fucked her

Getting fucked from behind, she had been able to
concentrate on the pleasure and forget it was a black
man giving it to her. Kim took his wet cockhead into
her mouth. A final jet of sperm landed on her tongue.
His dark black cock was sticky and it glistened. It was
still thick and at it’s full thirteen inch length, but
it was no longer rock hard. He pushed more cock down
her throat. There was no pretending he wasn’t a
massively endowed, muscular black man with him standing
in front of her. Kim pulled back despite Johnson’s
attempt to push his cock even deeper.

“We ain’t done,” he growled.

“Just not comfortable,” she gasped for air.

Kim was still bent over the back of her couch. The
indentations of the fabric were visible on her stomach
when she stood. She walked around the couch and sat
down on it before Johnson. He stepped forward and
tapped his cockhead against her lips. She opened for
him. Johnson grabbed her head in hands so strong they
could have crushed her. He guided her to swallow him

Kim couldn’t close her eyes. She needed to stare at the
powerful male forcing her to service his massive cock.
Johnson’s shaft lost some of it’s limpness. Before Kim
knew it, he was feeding her a steel hard rod again.
Johnson pulled her head forward which helped angle his
cock to penetrate her throat. The big black man rapidly
bucked his hips fucking her mouth.

Their eyes were locked. Kim’s eyes were wide and
pleading. Her expression implied that she hoped she was
pleasing him. Johnson’s eyes were narrowed and his
expression domineering. You are mine, read his eyes.
Johnson gritted his teeth. His expression softened a
bit. Kim noticed the rethymic fucking of her mouth was
off. The whites of his eyes grew as his irises rose
into his eye lids. “Argh,” he grunted thrusting his
cock deep down her throat.

Johnson’s cock bucked wildly, threatening to choke her.
Semen filled her belly. He withdrew his cock filling
Kim’s recently vacated throat with semen. He kept the
cockhead in her mouth. His semen filled her mouth
faster then she could swallow. Cum dribbled down her
lips. This was her first good taste of semen. Kim
couldn’t get over how hot it was nor how much she loved

The cum was viscous and rich, not what she would expect
from a man shooting blanks. Johnson rapidly ran his
fist up and down his shaft which continued to cum as
long as he jerked it. Eventually it ran dry and his
limp cock plopped out of her mouth. Johnson stepped
back with a sigh. “You suck cock like a pro, Mrs.

“Uh…thanks, I guess.”

Kim cupped some of the semen on her chin and raised it
within reach of her tongue. “I’ll need to investigate
upstairs before I leave, ma’am. I’ll follow you.”

Kim nodded and weakly climbed off the couch. A huge
pool of semen had soaked the cushion where she had been
sitting. The cushion was ruined. She’d need to flip it
over before Jerry got home.

Johnson followed her. He reached out and retrieved the
video camera from where it sat on a table facing her
couch. Semen leaked out of her pussy every time she
raised a leg to climb a step. She was surprised at the
amount. Not that she was leaking so much, but so
little. Johnson’s testicles pumped out large amounts of

It occurred to Kim that most of it would be trapped in
her womb after her cervix had closed again. She’d
probably leak his semen for a week afterwards.

“Upstairs appears clean,” said Johnson sweeping the
camera around. “Why don’t you get cleaned up,” he told
her once they were in the master bedroom.”

“That would be nice.”

Kim entered her bath and took a quick shower. She
wrapped a towel around her body after drying off. She
smiled at herself in the mirror. It felt good to be
clean. She left her bathroom and froze before her bed.
Agent Johnson was lying on her bed spread eagled. “Drop
the towel, woman.”

“What?” “You heard me. Drop it! Now!” Johnson grinned
when she complied. “You shouldn’t cover that fine body
up. Not never. Now come straddle me. I think I can do
one more load.”

Kim climbed onto her bed and through her leg around
Johnson’s crotch. He grabbed her hips and adjusted her
so that his cock was wedged right between her legs. Her
body reacted immediately. Kim’s nipples swelled and her
pussy leaked fluid on his shaft. She ground her crotch
into his, sliding her pussy along his shat. Johnson
placed his huge hands on her breasts, gently teasing
her nipples. Kim became aware of the immense contrast
between her pale skin and his dark black skin. His cock
quickly stiffened between her legs.

“Oh yes,” she moaned. “Put it in, baby.”

Kim slid her pussy up his rod until her labia parted
around the tip. She pushed down and the head entered
her. Kim lifted her crotch up and pushed down into
Johnson’s monster cock. It felt incredible to be filled
by him again, but she was concerned at how easily she
had taken him. Her pussy was quickly adapting to this
cock and might never go back to normal. The big
cockhead pushed back into her womb as she took him
completely inside her. Kim orgasmed again when Johnson
made his cock jerk.

“Oh yes,” she sighed.

“Gotta make up for all those years your husband hasn’t
been taking care of you, don’t we? Now Mrs. Anderson,
I’m gonna give you a choice. You’ve convinced me you
ain’t no terrorist. You’re off the hook and if you
want, you can get off that back cock and I’ll be

Kim laughed. “You will be lucky if I ever get off this
big boy. A girl could get addicted to a cock like this.
Orgasm after orgasm with no chance of getting pregnant.
It’s a dream come true.”

“Then start living the dream. Work that ass, Mrs.

“Call me Kim.” The raven-haired beauty started bouncing
in the black man’s lap. “What’s your name?”

“Agent Johnson,” said Leroy smacking her ass lightly.
“Now work that white pussy. Squeeze my cock. Tell me
what you’re thinking, Kim.”

“Ah… ah I’m thinking I love this big black cock.
Ah… ah I love fucking you. Oh gawd, I’m cumming
again.” Kim trembled as another powerful orgasm rocked
her body. She continued to cum until she didn’t have
the strength to fuck him any longer.

Johnson ended up holding her ass up while he slammed
his cock up into her pussy repeatedly. Eventually, his
cock swelled until the head wedged in her cervix.

“That’s it, fill my womb,” moaned Kim as a steady
stream of fresh semen sprayed her womb. “So hot,” was
the last thing she moaned as she fell on top his chest.
Leroy’s cock softened, but didn’t shorten.

He had to roll over to pull it out. He stood and
climbed off the bed, leaving Kim spread eagled on her
back. He retrieved the video camera and noticed that
there was less then a minute left to record. He zoomed
in on Kim’s exhausted body. Her pussy was splayed open
and gushing out sperm. He let the digital video run
out. Leroy walked downstairs and put his suit back on.
Before leaving, he bounded back upstairs and to the
bedroom. Kim was just starting to move. “I gotta get
this placed cleaned up before Jerry gets home,” she

“Mrs. Anderson,” said Leroy, “The United States
government thanks you for your cooperation.”


Jerry sat at his desk talking to Evie on his speaker
phone. “It’s the weirdest thing, Evie. I almost think
Kim’s one of those Stepford wives. It’s like he scared
the bitch right out of her. You wouldn’t believe how
nice she is. Kim’s cooked me dinner every night and she
does the dishes. She doesn’t talk while the news is on.
It’s borderline creepy.” Evie’s voice came out of the
speaker. “And she still hasn’t mentioned her visitor?”


“Who’d you get to do it?”

“Leroy, the janitor. I saw him wearing a dark suit
after he got back from a funeral. He looked like one
those feds. Here he comes now.”

“Working late tonight, Mr. Anderson,” said Leroy
entering Jerry’s office. “I just need to empty the

“I got our fellow conspirator on the phone. Say hi to

“Hello, ma’am.”

“Hello Leroy. You have got to tell me what you did to
Kim. Jerry says she’s like a new woman.”

“I just did like you told me and put a little fear of
the government in her. Deep in her. Told her she’d end
up in jail if she didn’t straighten up.”

“That’s great,” said Evie. “We should have him go screw
with Melissa, too.”

“Not a bad idea,” said Jerry. “Anyway, I need to get
home. Talk to you later, Evie. Hey, does Eddie Jr. want
his toy badge back?”

“No, tell Leroy he can keep it as a memento. Good
night, guys.”

Evie hung up and the dial tone came on. Jerry grabbed
his briefcase. “Thanks for helping me play this trick
on my wife, Leroy. Kim’s wonderful, but she needed to
be taught a lesson.”

“My pleasure, Mr. Anderson.”

“Here’s the hundred bucks I promised you.” Jerry handed
Leroy 5 twenties. “You sure earned it. You missed your
calling as a cop or fed, Leroy.”

“Thanks, but I went the other route. Ten years in jail
for dealing when I was twenty-five. Been clean
seventeen years, but the police academy doesn’t take

“Too bad.”

Jerry noticed two other black men outside his office.
“Who are your friends?”

“Janitors on the other floors. We’re playing poker
after work.”

“Well good luck then.” Jerry nodded at the men as he
left the office. The other two men entered Jerry’s
office when the elevator doors closed. One was chubby
and near retirement age. The other was a rough looking

“Gentlemen, may I present to you, Kim Anderson.” Leroy
picked the picture of Kim and Jerry on the beach off
Jerry’s desk.”

“Damn!” said the older black man. “She’s got a killer
body. Look at that bikini.”

“It’s three times bigger than the little thing I
stripped off her,” said Leroy proudly.

“There’s no way you fucked that piece of white ass,”
said the younger.”

“Care to bet.”

“Twenty says you is a liar.”

“Pay up now, dick, cause I got a video to show you when
we get to my place.”

“I’d sure love to stick my dick between those big white
boobies,” said the old man.

“Maybe you can,” Leroy grinned. He leaned over the
desk. Leroy pressed the button labeled home on the


“Mrs. Anderson, the is Agent Johnson with the secret

“I remember who you are, Agent Johnson.”

“We have a complication, Mrs. Anderson.”


“I’m afraid so. My supervisor wasn’t fully convinced by
my report about you. He needs to interview you in

“You said… you’d convince him.” Kim was almost

“You shouldn’t have too much to worry about. I’ll be
there to help you and there’ll be a junior agent with
us. We can conduct the interview at the old airport
motel where we’ll be staying.”

“I’m familiar with it.”

“Your husband doesn’t even have to know.”

“Thank god for that. How could your supervisor possibly
believe I’m a terrorist?”

“We have some new information. Do you have a friend
named Melissa…”

“Stevens. She’s my best friend.”

“We’ll need to investigate her. Can you give me a

“Oh, the blue-eyed, blonde, popular cheerleader type.”

“Perfect. I know the type. We’ll contact you with a
date and time. Don’t warn Mrs. Stevens. The government
thanks you for your cooperation.”

Leroy hung up the phone. He looked at his astonished
friends. “Let’s go find you boys some toy badges.”