Teaching Sensuality to the Therapists

I hope you have read Wendy Bennett’s account of the time
she and her mother came to my Health Club.

You will know my policy concerning individual
therapists. I allocate a therapist to each of my guests,
making sure that the guest gets the therapist who can
fulfil her innermost desires. For instance, if you visit
my club, I will find out from you exactly what sort of
girl turns you on best. If you like young and slim and
want lots of oral sex, you will have a young slim girl
to be yours for your visit, who will suck you hour after

All therapists are trained to be there for you to do
absolutely anything you want. If you want tall and
plump, then that is what you get. Of course, since all
guests and therapists are naked at all times, a good
body is essential. If you want to lend your therapist to
another guest then do so. Naturally, all therapists are
available to me at all times. After all, as their boss,
I must be assured that they are up to standard. I rarely
sleep alone!

You will appreciate that every girl who wants to be a
therapist must be fully trained in all the sensual arts.
I recruit several girls at a time and they are all put
through a training course. One of the more interesting
days is when I teach them how to use their five senses.
I thought perhaps you might like to read about the last
course I ran. I had five girls on the course.

Serena is fifteen years old and was recommended to me by
Pam Bennett. Pam told me Serena has only recently learnt
to enjoy her sexuality. In fact, Pam and Wendy had a
hand in her first sexual experiences.

Posy and Rosy are identical twins. They are just
sixteen, and are both tall and slim with long blonde
hair. Their mother, Louise brought them for interview.
She stressed that they were both dick virgin and asked
that they should stay that way. I stated that they would
never encounter an erect prick in my establishment!
Virgins are too precious to be squandered. I am sure the
twins will become very popular with my guests, and I
hope they will be a star attraction for my cabaret

The last two trainees went to school with Wendy. They
are Sara and Kirsty. Both are fifteen and are
enthusiastic lesbians, having been well taught by Pam
Bennett herself. Wendy had told me that on a recent
school trip, Sara had shared her bed every night.

I asked all the girls to wear just white robes with
nothing at all on underneath. I had asked them to be
freshly washed and with no makeup. I knew that soon they
would all be naked. It was essential for my girls to
become used to nakedness and to be ready for sex at all
times. I hoped they would enjoy the day. If they all
performed well I had a little bonus for them to share

I will write up this account from the notes I made after
each of the sessions. Usually when I run these courses,
I use one of the existing therapists to train the
newcomers, but since there were five pupils and five
sessions I planned to use one of them for each of the

Session 1: Sight, with Serena

I called Serena to the front of the room. I thought she
looked superb, but we were there to teach the pupils how
to use their own eyes. I told them to examine Serena’s
face, trying to assess the girl’s needs.

Sara was the first to speak, “I love her mouth,” she
said. “Her lips look as if they are swelling up with

“Well spotted,” I said, “Serena, do you like kissing?”

“Oh yes,” replied Serena, “I would be happy to spend
hours just lying in someone’s arms kissing her sweet

“Later, dear,” I laughed, “Now Serena, please slip off
your robe. Girls have a good look at Serena’s body, and
tell me what you see.”

Serena stood in front of us, very slender with tight
young breasts. I watched the reactions of the pupils.
They were all four staring at the vision of loveliness
just a few inches in front of their eyes. Rosy spoke
with a dry catch in her throat, “She looks so sexy. I
want to fuck her.”

I laughed, “I think we all want to, but for now just
tell me what clues her body gives out about her needs.”

Kirsty said, “I think she loves to have her breasts
fondled. Just look at the way her nipples are swollen
up.” “And she looks so innocent,” added Posy.

“Yes, she does, I think some of our older guests will
want to be quite rough with her.” I said. “Now, Serena,
I would like the girls to have a look at your lovely
cunt. Lie down here and let’s get those sexy thighs wide
apart.” I spread the slender legs as wide as possible so
that the slick pussy lips parted to show her perfect
pink quim meat.

“I cannot see her clittie,” said Rosy.

“Well, dear, why don’t you pop it?” I said to her.

Rosy eagerly reached out to her colleague’s clitfold. We
all watched as Rosy used her index and middle fingers to
draw back the moist skin to disclose the darling pink
pearly lovebud.

“Ooh, it is erect,” pointed out Sara. “And her cunt is
dripping too, Jean, can we fuck her please?”

I laughed, “Oh no. You are all going to have to wait
until the class is ended. I promise your comes will be
all the better for waiting. I want you all to get used
to waiting. It is always up to your clients to decide
when to make you come, no matter how aroused you are,
you must never anticipate their requirements.”

“Now without touching her, I want you all to examine
Serena’s body up really close,” I told them.

The youngsters gathered around and I enjoyed the sight
of their lovely young faces, as they pointed out the
delights of Serena’s excited flesh.

Serena was lying back on the bed totally naked and open
to our admiring gaze. Her golden hair framed her pretty
face. Her mouth was slightly open and the tip of her
pink tongue showed briefly as she licked her lips. I
have always loved the look of a young girl’s breasts and
these were adorable, firm white cones of breast flesh
surmounted by generous pinky brown nipples. Serena’s
belly was flat with a trace of rippling muscle. She had
just a tuft of strawberry blonde fur.

I remembered that Angela, her mother had said she was a
dancer. Long slim legs led to a girlish near cherry
cunt. Angela had told me that only one dick had ravaged
her daughter’s pussy. Now the lips were gaping, showing
us all her pink cunt meat, glistening with girl juice.
Serena’s clitoris was proudly erect, with the sheen that
always shows a girl’s excitement.

When they had all had good look at all the girl’s body,
I told them to go back to their seats. “Now, girls, I
want each of you to tell me one thing you have
discovered about Serena from your study of her body.”

Sara spoke first, as always, “She will appeal to older
women, because they love innocent girls.”

“Well done, Sara,” I said. “Anyone else?”

“She gets excited easily, her clit was erect as soon as
I popped it,” said Rosy.

“And her hole was flowing copiously too,” joined in
Posy, “And her nipples were swollen. They look as if
they are ready to burst!”

“I noticed her lips were swollen too, I think she loves
to be kissed,” said Kirsty. “I love the colour of her
vagina, it is the loveliest hot pink.”

I was very pleased with all the pupils. I knew now they
would use their eyes to assess their clients’ needs. I
took Serena’s hand and helped her into her robe. Her
eyes pleaded with me to let her friends fuck her, but I
wanted her to feel what it is like to have to hold onto
her excitement, until her guest was ready to give her
the relief she craves.

Session 2: Hearing, with Kirsty

I called Kirsty to the front of the class. “Now girls,
please put on the blindfolds you will find under your
chairs. ” I told the class. “We are going to see if we
can tell what Kirsty is feeling just by listening to

I signed to Kirsty to take off her robe and lie down on
the bed. I sat beside her naked body. I always enjoyed
this lesson, where I get to excite one girl while the
others listened to the sweet sounds of sex I am working
to coax from her body.

“Now girls, I want you to listen and tell me what is
happening to your friend.” I said. Taking little
Kirsty’s face in my hand. I brought my lips close to
hers and kissed her gently.

Sara spoke eagerly, “She is being kissed.”

I renewed my assault on the girl’s adorable mouth and
was pleased to feel her response, as I tasted the young
tongue deep in my mouth. Kirsty was moaning as her
excitement mounted. Her saliva flowed and as I swallowed
it, I heard Serena say, “I think Kirsty is going to
come.” I reluctantly broke the kiss. I did not want her
to orgasm so soon.

I laid Kirsty down on the bed and opened her thighs. I
wanted the pupils to learn to hear the noises made when
a ripe cunt is stimulated. I told the class to keep very
quiet; the noises I was about to coax from Kirsty were
going to be soft and sensual.

Silently, I moved my fingers to either side of the
teen’s labia. Gently, I pulled her cunt entrance open.
As I had anticipated, there was a moist sucking sound as
the wet lips parted.

Sara said, “Her cunt is open, Kirsty always makes that
sound when she is opened up.”

I remembered that Kirsty and Sara were classmates. Maybe
they were lovers as well. I might be able to make use of
that when arranging my guests’ party nights. It is
always best when the performers in a lesbian show are
real life lovers.

“Listen carefully, girls,” I said as I moved my fingers
to the prominent clit fold. I was going to do a trick
which Helen Harrison’s sister Dawn had taught me. Dawn
is a nurse who specialises in the sexual education of
young girls. Pam Bennett had told me of her skill when
she had examined Wendy. I pinched the clit hood between
my forefinger and thumb, rolling the pads of my
fingertips over the budding clit beneath the skin. When
I judged the moment was right, I pulled sharply up
towards Kirsty’s belly button. I was rewarded by a
distinct ‘Pop’.

“Wow,” said Serena, “I heard that but I don’t know what
it was.”

“Don’t worry, dear,” I said. “It is a trick I will teach
you all, as I know my guests love it.”

Next, I held my two long fingers straight and firm and
plunged them deep into the moist interior of the girl’s
cunt. As I worked my fingers in the juice of the tight
pussy, I heard Rosy saying, “She is finger fucking
Kirsty now. Posy sounds just like that when I am doing

We all laughed. I hooked my fingers slightly so as to
stimulate the juice flow. We all heard the squelching
noise as my fingers worked the on the flowing cunt.

“Listen now, girls,” I said as I moved my mouth to the
girl’s breast. As I sucked Kirsty’s nipple, I made sure
that I used lots of spit to lubricate my tongue on her
tit. This sound mixed with my baby’s moans made a lovely
erotic sound.

“I wish I was Kirsty,” said Serena, “Jean is giving her
a lovely time.”

“Okay, girls, take off your blindfolds.” I told them.
They all gasped to see the state of their friend, lying
back covered in the juice of her and my passion.

“Now do you understand how important the sounds of love
are? They will tell you how excited your partner is.” I
indicated that Kirsty should rejoin her colleagues, so
that the next exciting session could begin.

Session 3: Smell, with Sara

I have found that smell is one of the more difficult
senses to teach. Personally, I adore the odours of a
woman’s body, especially a well-roused youngster. I
always make this session the first after lunch so that
the model is relaxed. I like to tech the pupils to
differentiate between the relaxed and the aroused body.

Accordingly, when I called Sara to the bed after the
break, I was pleased to see her non-aroused state. Her
nipples were soft and her pussy lips closed. I knew that
I must get the first part of the lesson over quickly, as
I was sure that the attentions of four eager youngsters
would turn Sara on rapidly.

“Now girls come and see what you can smell. Start with
her hair and work downwards. The girls formed a rough
line with Serena at the front. She bent her pretty head
to her friend’s hair and breathed deeply. Then she moved
to Sara’s neck and Rosy took her place at the hair. Once
again deep breaths and I pointed to Sara’s armpits.
Serena moved to savour the light sweat that was forming
on the pale skin. I watched with approval as Serena
moved her sensitive nose eagerly to Sara’s pretty pussy.

I was amused to see Serena plant a loving kiss on the
edge of her friend’s lips. Not strictly to do with the
sense of smell but pretty to see nevertheless. By now
all of the class were exploring the supine teenager with
their noses. Reluctantly, Serena moved away to let Rosy
have her turn at the cunt. When they had all finished, I
said, “Now you all know what the non-aroused girl smells
like. I suggest you have a break while I prepare Sara
for the second part of the lesson.”

The four pupils left the room and I went and sat on the
bed beside the naked teenager. “Now, Darling, I am going
to see if I can get your juices really flowing.” Looking
down at the girl I was about to have sex with, I saw a
glowing face. She was as eager as I for the action to
begin. I felt the familiar rush as lust rose through my
body. I raised the beautiful face and let my mouth
possess hers.

As I felt her excitement grow, I pushed my tongue deep
into her and let her have a flow of my saliva. As we
kissed, I moved my hands to grasp the perfect titties,
so ripe and so ready for love. Our tongues duelled in
our mouths as beneath my fingers, I felt her nipples
swell and blossom.

Breaking the kiss, I moved my mouth to the erect nipples
as my hand went to the cunt. Together I let my mouth and
hand ravage the teen body between them. I heard the
other girls file back just as my hand felt the rush of
cunt juice on my fingers. “Duty calls,” I thought, as I
wrenched myself away from the tempting feast.

I looked down proudly at the state I had put the girl
into. “Come quickly, girls,” I said, “Smell her now and
tell me what differences you find.”

As before, the girls crowded around the naked trainee. I
saw their faces approach all the lovely excited
erogenous zones that I had enjoyed so recently. Serena
was at Sara’s armpits.

“Gosh,” she said. “She smells lovely, and it makes me so

“That is because she is giving off pheromones,” I said,
“They are designed by nature to arouse her mate. In this
case that is you, Serena, and it seems to have worked.”

Rosy and Posy were sniffing their colleagues gaping
cunt. “Her juice is so rich, sweet and metallic, can we
taste her?”

“Not yet, darlings,” I said, “For now just enjoy the
smell of her lust.”

I was pleased with the girls’ reactions to the smell of
the aroused girl. It amused me to observe the sly ways
they were using to try to appease their longings. Little
touches and tip of the tongue tastings when they thought
I was not looking. Each body was by now highly aroused,
swollen nipples were the order of the day! I could
almost feel sorry for the babies.

Session 4: Touch, with Rosy

Now only the twins remained to do their modelling stint.
I admit I was really looking forward to seeing them in
action. I hoped that they would be comfortable with each
other. Many of my clients have asked me to arrange for
twin sisters to perform in my cabaret evenings.

Up to now I have never managed to find girl twins who
were both attractive and willing to make lesbian love
together in front of an audience. Louise, their mother
had told me at their interview, that they have had sex
together in private. In fact, she showed me some
delightful photographs that she had taken of them
together, when Dr Helen Harrison had used the girls in a
research project. I must remember to ask Helen about
their sexual responsiveness the next time she visits my

By now all the girls were in a state of high excitement.
As I led Rosy to the bed and stripped off her gown, I
saw Posy looking at her sister with approval. I decided
to leave Posy for the last so that she would be the one
to play with her twin when she had already been
stimulated by the touch of the other three girls.
Touching is so important, it was necessary for me to
check that each therapist knew how to stimulate the
flesh of her guest. I laid Rosy down on the bed and
called to Sara to come close to her.

“I would like you to give Rosy a nice breast massage,” I
told her, handing her a bottle of sweet smelling oil.
Sara took a little on her hands and reached for the
virgin tits. “Gently now,” I whispered.

We all watched as the delicate fingers worked the soft
breast flesh. At first she concentrated on the white
meat smoothing it away from the nipples with long
sweeps. Then she moved to the swollen buds, grasping
each between finger and thumb and squeezing the pink
skin. Sara then began milking strokes.

Of course Rosy’s breasts were dry, but sometimes we do
have guests in milk. Sara would be ideal to give them
the attention they will need. “Where did you learn to do
that?” I asked her.

“I used to do it for Mum when she had my baby brother.
She loved me to milk her when she had too much for one
little baby.” she replied. I must see if I can find a
milky therapist.

Next I called for Serena and Kirsty to come and work on
the teen. Serena tried to copy the techniques she had
seen Sara perform. I directed Kirsty to work on the
outside of Rosy’s pussy. First she tried to pop her clit
to make the noise that Dawn had taught me. She tried and
tried, each time the clit popped silently, she eased it
back into its sheath and tried again. Practise makes

At last, we heard a light ‘pop’ as Rosy’s poor tormented
bud burst into daylight for the tenth time. “Well done,”
I applauded, “Now work on the lips. See if you can coax
her to open her cunt by touch alone.”

Kirsty dripped a little oil onto the pink lips and ran
her fingers up along them. She quickly found the groove
between the large and small lips. Kirsty found that Rosy
had a reflex here, which made the inner lips swell and

I took hold of her hand to prevent her from entering the
cuntal interior now visible to us all. That treat was
for Rosy’s twin sister alone! I sent the two girls back
to their places and beckoned for Posy to come and sit
beside her naked sister.

“Posy, darling, I want you to explore Rosy’s pussy. Try
to get your whole fist in her. But remember that, like
you she is cherry. I promised your mother I would keep
you both unbroken, so just keep your hand in the
entrance of her vagina. Are you ready for it, Rosy?”

I anointed Posy’s hand with oil and watched as she began
to work her fingers into her twin’s cunt. One finger
then two. I showed Posy how to fold her hand so as to
make it more like a probe and I held Rosy’s knees high
and wide while Posy eased her cunt wider. The elastic
tissue seemed to be a mouth working to devour the
invading probe. One more push and Posy had forced her
knuckles past the ring of muscle guarding her sister’s
vaginal channel.

“I can feel her cherry,” said Posy.

“Rosy, clench your muscles now,” I told the willing

The other girls were applauding the twins’ achievement.
I realised there was a danger of Rosy having her climax,
so I took Posy’s wrist and made her keep still until I
sensed the moment had passed. Then I pulled the hand
from the cunt. It was covered in girljism. I took the
hand and brought it up to Rosy’s avid mouth. It seemed
only fair for her to have the joy of tasting her own
juice from her twin’s hand.

Session 5: Taste, with Posy

Posy was so eager to be used as a model; I decided to
carry straight on. As Rosy sipped a cold drink to try to
come down from her sexual high, I led Posy to the
rumpled bed. I wondered how much oral experience the
virgin had enjoyed.

I knew that Rosy had enjoyed her sister but I did not
know how much experience Louise had allowed her
daughters. Most girls enjoy the sensations of having
their friend’s lips and tongues on their flesh. It is
essential for my therapists to enjoy prolonged oral sex,
as many of the guests prefer to use them in this way.

When I had Posy displayed to my satisfaction, I invited
the others over to taste her. I told them to try every
part of her body, including feet, armpits and ears as
well as the obvious mouth, breasts and pussy. I kept a
secret place for Rosy alone. She would be the one to
taste her twin’s delightful anus!

It was fun to see the virgin writhing on the bed as her
friends licked sucked and bit her tormented flesh. Sara
had her tongue deep in her quim and Serena and Kirsty
were suckling the ripened nipples. Rosy was content with
giving her lovely sister a deep long French-kiss.

I was able to see their tongues duelling as they swapped
spit. When I decided they had all had sufficient
opportunity to taste all Posy’s parts, I sent Sara,
Serena and Kirsty back to their places. I flipped Posy
over and put a pillow under her hips so that her bottom
was raised. I told Rosy to sample the exotic taste of
her sister’s rectum. I held Posy’s cheeks wide so that
the lovely bumhole was visible to us all.

Rosy bent her head and gingerly touched the tip of her
tongue to the pink ring. She gave it a lick and returned
her tongue into her mouth to savour the rich taste. I
saw her smile with pleasure as she bent once more to her
sister’s back passage. This time she held her tongue out
narrow and stiff and pushed it into the muscled ring.

At first Posy resisted and then I felt her relax in my
arms as she allowed her twin’s tongue to enter her
forbidden hole. I knew that my anally fixated guests
would find willing partners in the wonderful virgin


“You have all done very well,” I told my pupils, “I am
sure you will all make superb therapists for my guests.
Now is the time for your reward.” I told them to put on
their blindfolds. When I was sure none of them cold see
anything, I went to the door. Outside, as I had
arranged, stood the sweetest little teeny sex angel you
could imagine.

Of course I am biased, but several guests have
complimented me on my daughter. Penny is an adorable
young girl and I have brought her up to be completely
open to every sex experience. She was standing there
naked, eager to play her part in the lesbian gang-bang
that would follow her entrance into the classroom where
there were five beautiful girls all raised to a peak of
sexual excitement. I led my naked daughter to the bed
and arranged her lovely limbs to give the randy pupils
full access to the body I loved so much.

“Blindfolds off,” I announced, “Enjoy!”

I watched as the realisation dawned on each pretty face
that now they could release their pent up lust on my
daughter’s flesh. They started gently enough, each
taking possession of the part of the girl’s body nearest
them. Serena was kissing Penny passionately; Rosy and
Posy had a breast each, avidly suckling my girl’s
nipples. Sara and Kirsty were working the teenager’s
cunt between them, Sara had her clitty between her lips
and Kirsty had three fingers thrusting up into Penny’s

My daughter could not take this treatment for long, soon
she was in the throes of long rolling orgasms, which
were prolonged as each girl moved to take her turn at
the other parts of my sexy darling’s offered body.

When all five had had their turn at the ravaged cunt, I
raised my daughter and sent her to her room to await me.
“Don’t wash,” I whispered, “I want to have you just like

Of course by now, all the girls were in a state of high
arousal. I could see from the state of their breasts,
red and swollen that they were more than ready for
release. “Teacher’s perks,” I said to myself as I laid
them down on the bed side by side. If they were excited,
I was full of lust. I have always been turned on by a
young girl’s flesh, and now I had five to use anyway I
pleased. Lovemaking could wait. For now, all I wanted
was to give each a quick fuck to release them from their

Before me were five young cunts, two of them virgin. I
fell to my knees and began my feast. Each tasted
different. Kirsty was more musky, Serena sweet, Sara
metallic and the twins both tasted of beautiful salty
fruity virgin come juice.

One by one, I brought them up to orgasm and drank down
the mixed flavours of their cunt offerings. I felt my
face getting soaked with their spending. I knew that
Penny was waiting for me, so she would be able to enjoy
the girls’ tastes herself when I kissed her sweet mouth.

I told the class to stay and enjoy each other for as
long as they wanted. I know that after the training
courses, pupils like to have a party and let their hair
down. Let them have their fun. Proper work would start
tomorrow. I had a group booking from the local Women’s
Institute and we all know how frustrated they can be. I
was confident that my girls would be able to handle
everything they would be asked to do.