A couple decides to live on a new world

Some guests were already in the room. Jack sat on the phony log bench
and adjusted his tie. A couple of robot park rangers stood inertly.
They waited patiently for the showtime to arrive. Could a robot wait

Jack had done this before. Camping was one of the cheaper
recreational activities you could do and it was always pretty fun.
The smores they brought out were always delicious. The robot bear
even managed to still startle him sometimes.

Jack noticed a brunette girl in her 20s bustle in. She was dressed
in shorts, sneakers, and wore a backpack. He pursed his lips. Didn’t
she know this was camping? Why wasn’t she dressed up for it?

“Ready?” said a robot ranger.

“Yes!” the guests yelled out enthusiastically.

The lights flickered. There was a brief visual distortion and then
they were out there. The camping group was now in a protective bubble
– a force field – out in the wilderness. The guests could see out, but
they didn’t have to worry about the elements. You didn’t get too cold.
You didn’t get dirty. The rangers provided food. You still got to
sleep in tents! The tents only had small TV screens. It was fun to
rough it in the wild.

A small breeze started but the temperature stayed the same. The
sounds of birds were turned on. A holographic campfire was activated
and heat came out of the vents onto the guests. Again, it was not too
warm since they didn’t want to make the paying customers uncomfortable.
Some of the guests “Oooh’d”.

“Do you want some real camping fun?” a voice whispered in Jack’s ear.

Jack turned his head. It was the improperly dressed girl. She smiled
at him.

“By the bathroom,” she said. “10 minutes.” She disappeared behind
the tents.

The ranger robots were about to start up the campfire songs. They
were sort of fun. Songs like, “Drive, drive, drive your float” were
always neat. It was sort of strange to sing about the vehicle you
flew in, but the tune was catchy and it was best not to think too
deeply about such song lyrics. It was camping after all.

He looked back at the tents, Maybe he’d check out what was with this
girl and then return in time for the smores. The girl was pretty.
Who knew? Maybe she was interested in a joining with him.

He got up and looked for her. He had trouble finding the bathrooms.
The singing was winding down when he saw the bathroom. He didn’t see
her at first, but then he stopped in amazement. Her arm had
disappeared into the energy bubble right next to the bathroom.

She smiled and pulled her arm out. “I thought you weren’t going to
come. I always end up going alone. I though maybe you could use some

“What is that?” Jack said pointing at where her arm was.

“It’s a seam,” she said. “It leads to adventure.”


“The wilderness.”

“That’s where we are.”

“Hah!” she laughed. “Even the outdoors you see is enhanced. They
filter out anything disturbing. You are seeing a projected outdoors.”
She saw Jack’s incredulous face. “Sorry. They all do it.” She
reached out her hand. “Come on.”

“I don’t know.”

“We’ll be back before tent time.”

Jack looked at this girl. He wondered what it was like to live in the
real outdoors. How did they do it?

He stepped forward.

She smiled big and took his hand by the wrist. She slipped into the
seam. Jack felt a mild resistance around his body for just a moment.

Jack blinked and shielded his eyes. “Is that the sun?” he said in

“Can you believe there are now generations of people who have never
seen it with their own eyes?” she said.

“It’s so…big!”

She smiled. Yes, photos did not do the sun justice.

“I’m Tara,” she introduced.

“Jack,” he said. He tried to look at the sun but it was too bright.

“Follow me,” Tara said.

Jack was quick to realize Tara was perfectly dressed for this
adventure. He kept slipping in his dress shoes as they went down a
narrow path. He felt a little cold too while she seemed fine in her
shorts. That didn’t seem to make sense.

Jack couldn’t believe all the trees. These were trees!

Tara looked at him looking at the tree. “Do you want to climb it?”

“I might fall,” he said.

“I know. Risk. Isn’t that great?”

A thought occurred to him. “Are there bears?” He knew they were

“Sometimes,” Tara answered, “But you leave them alone and they’ll
leave you alone.

They came out of the trees into a clearing.

“A river!” shouted Jack upon seeing it.

Tara smiled again. How could people live the way they do? She would
be miserable if she hadn’t discovered seams in the energy bubbles that
are put around camping vacations.

They walked down to the riverbank. Tara stopped and took off her
pack. She pulled out a mat and laid it out on the bank.

“Hungry?” she said. She showed him an apple.

Jack shook his head. He was fascinated by the moving water. He was
so fascinated that the next time he noticed Tara, she was running
naked into the water. Her bare ass flashed before his eyes. In the
water, she turned around and he saw her tits. She sunk completely
below the water and then came back up at neck level.

“Come on in! It feels great!” she said.

Jack looked reluctant.

“Come on. How often have you been in a real river? Don’t worry.
I’ve seen guys naked before.”

She was right. When would he get an opportunity like this? He
stripped and plunged into the water. He didn’t notice Tara watching
his dick bob up and down as he ran in.

“It’s cold!” Jack shrieked out.

“Isn’t it awesome?” Tara said. “Real life.”

She hated how the world protected everybody from everything. The
temperature was always the same. Every apple tasted the same. Every
piece of chicken tasted the same. Out here, the wind blew and died
down. The temperature was hot or cold. You could slip and hurt
yourself. The danger was minimal, but there was some. Life was

“How can you stand it?” Jack asked.

“I’m used to it,” she replied.

How often did she come out here, he wondered?

“Something touched me!” he yelled.

Tara laughed. “Probably just a fish swimming by.”

“A fish? Really?” He plunged his head underwater to try to see. He
came up. “I saw one! I saw a real live fish!”

Tara just laughed at his excitement. Why were we isolated from this?
Was swimming in a river or climbing a tree really so dangerous?

Jack paid more attention to Tara’s body this time when she exited the
water. She was shapely and fit. Her wet brown hair was matted
against her back. It came about a third of the way down her back.
She stopped at her mat and turned to look at him. He noticed her tits
were about “B” size. He wondered why she hadn’t had them augmented.
He’d been with more beautiful women, but Tara was still very
attractive. He could be aroused for a joining with her. Right now,
the coldness of the water prevented that.

He splashed around the water looking for more fish and finally came
out. He walked over to the mat where Tara was laying on her back and
drying off in the sun.

“Thank you,” he said.

“For what?”

“For showing me this.” He waved his hand.

“I hoped you had some hidden adventure in you,” she said.

“You wouldn’t happen to have a second mat?” he asked.

Tara looked at his cold shriveled cock. As she opened her legs, she
said, “You can lay right here.”

Jack took the invitation. His cock hardened quickly. He laid down on
top of her and entered her. The two bodies moved in slow unison.
They slowly built up. Moans and groans escaped their lips. Passion
grew and the movements became frenzied. A cry out from Tara and she
felt energy course in her body as she came. A deep groan from Jack
and he released inside her.

The experience was especially wonderful to Jack. To join outside, out
of the protective energy shields, was a once in a lifetime experience.


It wasn’t a once in a lifetime experience. When Tara and Jack
returned to the campground site, they exchanged contact information.
Together they visited other campgrounds and slipped thru seams into
the outdoors.

In a month, Jack filed an “Intent to Live Together” form with the
government and Tara moved in.

Over the next year, Jack and Tara visited campgrounds all over the
world. They were caught once, but the couple discovered the seam
wasn’t eliminated. They could still slip out to the world.

Jack had met no other girl like Tara. She was a very special 25-year
old girl. In his 28 years of life, he’d never lived with anyone
longer than 4 months. 12 months was unheard of for him. For any
couple to live together, the average was just under 6 months.

He felt a loyalty to her. It was an odd feeling, but a wonderful
feeling. He had found a girl he wanted to be with forever and
strangest of all, he had no desire to ever be with anyone else again.


“Do you want to go on a really big adventure?” Tara greeted him as she
returned from work. He always got home before she did.

“Sure. Where to this time?” They’d been to most of the campgrounds.


He hadn’t heard of that one. “Where’s that?”

“We can be colonists. They want couples just like us to go live on
a new planet. We get to start a new world. We will be a colony.”

Jack had filed a petition to procreate with the government. It was so
rare for anyone to get permission. He knew this journey was an
opportunity to have a child. Still…

“I don’t know,” he said.

“There’s a converted freighter leaving in 3 months. 48 couples to
start a new world.”

“A whole new world. Even that’s roughing it too much for us.”

“They’ve sent robots there to build us homes and help us set up and
get going. We’ll be outdoors. No protective bubble. Come on!”

A week’s worth of prodding and Jack said, “Yes.”


The rooms were small on the spaceship, but Jack and Tara didn’t need
a lot of room. They’d met a lot of the couples and while most of them
had sex with other couples and their companions, Jack did not want to
do that. Tara refused the propositions of other men in respect for
Jack’s own decision.

The trip would take about one and half years. There was a 9 month
journey out, a jump into hyperspace, and a 9 month slow down to the

Jack and Tara had sex in every location all over the ship except the
crew areas they couldn’t get into. There wasn’t a whole lot else to
do. There was the TV in the lounge, but how interesting was that?


However, the TV in the lounge was very interesting as they were
getting close to the planet. It was the Super Bowl. The Brawlers
vs. The Manglers. Almost everybody would be there to watch it.

“I just don’t understand it,” said Tara. “It’s so violent. Make love
not war.”

Jack loved making love to Tara, but the Super Bowl was only once a

“Please,” he said. “Lots of women will be there too.”

“I’ll think about it,” she said. “It’s just so…”

“Did you know people used to play football?” he said.

That didn’t help any, Tara thought. It was way too violent for her
taste. The clash of robots was just noisy and unappealing.

Jack headed to the lounge.


Eight months ago, when the ship came out of hyperspace, the hyperdrive
engine developed a small microcrack. It would be no big deal. The
drive would never be needed again, since the ship would be scrapped
and salvaged once they landed. However, when the old ship thrusters
kicked in to slow the ship down to safely land at the planet the
microcrack enlarged. Instead of a bubble of chemicals out of the
hyperdrive engine, a small steady stream came out. The ship had two
failsafes to prevent problems, but due to the ship’s infrequent use,
the maintenance of those components were neglected. The preventative
measures the ship automatically took were unresponsive. A growing
chemical reaction developed in the ship over the next several months.
No warning lights ever came on to alert the bridge crew.


The ship’s captain was in the lounge. His woman was serving drinks
and food to all the guests. The whole crew was there except for the
first officer. Someone had to stay on the bridge. Rank had its

Jack scanned the room. It was already crowded. Most guys were here
with their gal. He sat in the back.

The game came on. Early on the Manglers lost an offensive lineman
when its head became dislodged. They still managed to go down and
score a touchdown. Jack preferred the Brawlers himself. The red and
gold color of the robots looked better to him than the blue and white
of the Manglers. The Brawlers lost a defensive back when its leg
detached. By halftime, the score was 35-21 in favor of the Manglers.

Jack sure wished Tara was here. At that moment, he saw her in the
doorway. She had changed into a shirt that showed a little cleavage.
Tara saw that he noticed her. She licked her finger and ran it up and
down between her tits.

He got up and walked over to her. “Going to watch with me?”

“I found a new place to do it,” she said.

“Yeah?” he said. “Right after the game?”

“Right now while no one is around.”

Jack thought he had time for a quickie.

Jack followed Tara. She led him to a door that said “Crew Only”. He
was surprised to see her pull out a pass card. The door opened.

“Where’d you get that?”

“I was talking to Teri.” She was one of the female crewmembers.
“I lifted it off of her. She won’t need it until after the game.”

“So where are we going?” Jack asked.

Her eyes twinkled. “I found this on a ship schematic and verified it
was here.”


“You’ll see.”


The door said “Zero-G training”.

The door opened. Jack followed Tara into the small chamber. This
was it?

Tara began to undress. “Put you clothes in one of the lockers. Make
sure it closes.”

Jack was unsure what the fun of this small room would be.

“Ready? she said when they were naked.

Jack said nothing.

Tara pushed a button. There was a loud hissing and a door on the
opposite side opened up.

Jack immediately started to float. He lightly pushed against the
wall and slowly moved thru the door. He was amazed. It was a large
circular room. He gave a little push more and bobbed out into it.

Tara had her hand on a handle near the doorway. She pulled herself
so she was crouched with her legs against the wall.

“You got to catch me to fuck me!” she yelled out. She pushed off.

Compared to Jack’s speed, Tara was a rocket. She shot up toward the
ceiling of the orb. Jack regretted letting himself float out. He
was a bobbing object slowly moving to the other side.

Jack looked up. Or was it down. He was slowly twisting. Up and
down and left and right were losing their meanings. Tara was at the
other side. There was a handle there. She grabbed it and twisted
herself in a new direction.

Jack noticed there were many handles and poles on the walls. Tara
grabbed a pole and spun herself around. She was coming his way.

She was too far above him. Or was it below him? He reached out but
got nothing.

“No, no!” she chided.

He patiently waited to bob to the other side. If he was lucky, she’d
have worn herself out by then and be easier to catch. He looked
back. Unfortunately, Tara must have thought the same thing as she
rested holding onto a handle against a wall.

It was another ten minutes until he bumped against the wall. He
didn’t think of the football game at all. The only game he thought
of was catching Tara.

He pushed against the wall and went a short distance to a handle.
He looked at Tara on the far side. He yelled out, “I’m going to get
you now!”

He pushed toward her.

“No way, slow man!” she said. She pushed down.

Twisting and turning did not alter his trajectory at all. He could
only go in a straight line where she once was.

Tara had already spun off a handle and was going straight up now.
Jack pushed off in hopes to meet her in the middle. She was going too
fast. He barely touched her toes and she flew by.

“Ha!” she chortled.

He watched her spin around a pole and fly quickly in another
direction. She was good at this. If he was going to catch her, he
was going to have to be good too.

He reached the other side and weakly spun on the handle. It shot him
the wrong way but at least it was near another handle. He spun around
better this time.

They were both surprised when they were suddenly headed toward each
other. Tara put her hands up defensively. Jack grabbed at her. Tara
turned her body and used her legs to push off against his chest. As
Jack was pushed away from her, he tried to grab at her ankle but just

“Ahhh! Too bad!” Tara heckled.

Jack returned to a wall before Tara did. He pushed off toward her.
Tara saw him coming and frantically grabbed for the handle. She
didn’t get a smooth turn but was able to push away before Jack could
get there. Jack turned on the same handle and rocketed toward Tara.
He was moving faster and her legs and bare ass were getting closer.

He reached out and carefully grabbed both her ankles at the same time.
She twisted to free herself, but he held her tight. He pulled her
toward him. He released her ankles but she couldn’t get away. He
was above her and he wrapped his arms around her waist.

He saw the wall approaching so he turned while holding Tara saw his
back hit the wall. It was slightly jarring, but he held onto her. He
pushed off quickly before she could do anything. He spun her body so
she was face up to him now.

“I got you,” he said.

She opened her legs and extended her arms. Jack grabbed her arms and
they pulled their bodies closer together. He put his arms under her
armpits and held her shoulders tightly. He pushed her down by her
shoulders and his cock slid into her pussy.

“You’re mine!” Jack said.

“Yet I win too!” Tara said.

It was not an easy movement. The weightlessness hindered thrusting.
Every so often they’d have to push off a wall. Still, they were
adaptable. Jack and Tara discovered how they could pull and push on
their bodies to develop a hard thrust. They finally found themselves
moaning and groaning.

As Tara’s orgasm exploded inside her body and Jack’s orgasm exploded
inside of Tara, an engine exploded inside the ship. The sounds of
their ecstasy drowned out the sounds of the explosion.


Tara and Jack dressed. They hurried so they wouldn’t get caught.
They weren’t authorized to be in these corridors of the ship. They
exited the Zero-G chamber. They were in the corridor and headed back
to the lounge.

“The door doesn’t work,” said Tara.

“Try the card,” Jack said.

“You don’t need it to get out. Just get in.”

“Try it anyway.”

“There’s no reader on this side.”

“What’s that red light over the door?”

“I don’t know,” said Tara.

They headed back the way they came. They couldn’t find any door that
would let them back into the passenger section.

They finally came to a door that said “Bridge”.

“We’re in big trouble if we go thru there,” said Tara.

“What choice do we have?” said Jack.

They entered into a medical disaster.


People were laid out all over the floor of the bridge. People were
moaning, crying, and sobbing. There was much physical and emotional
pain. Jack and Tara were stunned by the sight.

“Where did you come from?” said a man in uniform. Jack and Tara knew
it was First Officer Drayton.

A woman said, “Who cares? They’re healthy. Come over and help.”

Jack and Tara were quickly put to work by Mandy, the ship’s doctor.
They helped comfort and bandage the wounded until the doctor could
look at the patients herself.

“What happened?” said Tara. She was shaken up by this.

“Explosion,” said Drayton. “It destroyed a section of the ship.”

“So there are others that may need help,” Jack said.

“This is everyone,” said Drayton sadly. He wiped a tear away. It
took out the lounge and a big junk of the living quarters.”

Jack and Tara looked around. This was everybody?

Besides Jack and Drayton, it was all women. There were 13 women on
the floor with various injuries. Some where just shaken up and
scratched, others were in bad and desperate shape.

Jack, Tara, Drayton, and Mandy were exhausted after a couple of hours
of constant medical attention. Four women had died. They sat against
the wall and talk quietly.

“So can we land?” asked Mandy.

“Yes,” said Drayton. “That’s all normal except for communications.
We may be a mild surprise when we arrive but the robots are

“When can we expect rescue?” asked Jack.

Tara looked at him strangely and he didn’t know why.

“You knew it was a one way trip when you signed up,” Drayton said.
“We are the colonists of a new world. God will take care of us.”

God? Jack knew that was educated out of everybody. Why did he
mention God? What was up with that?

“We’ll be okay,” said Mandy

Jack said, “But there is just us.” He said the following a little
quieter. “There are only two men.”

“This is not how we planned it when we came,” spoke up Mandy. “We all
came with partners. You two are the only partners both alive. We
will have to make some adjustments.”

Adjustments? Jack had reservations about the sound of that.


It was another three weeks before the ship landed. The injured 9
women became stronger and healthier. Everyone stayed together on the
bridge during that time. Jack didn’t like the sexual abstinence from
Tara but he understood it.

When the ship landed on the planet, the robots were confused. Their
initial job was to remove the personal effects of the colonists and
take them to the people’s homes. That part of the ship did not exist.

Drayton spoke to the Alpha robot and explained to it the changed
circumstances. The robots immediately transitioned to the last phase
of the ship and began to tear it down to reuse its metal and

There were originally 48 couples. Homes were laid out in a 7 by 7
grid with the center being a community meeting hall. A transport
brought the 13 surviving colonists to the center.

Drayton spoke, “Circumstances have changed. There is no need to live
in your predesignated home. I suggest living in the houses closest to
the hall. I told the Alpha to have its crew prepare a dinner for us.
We need to talk. For now, rest and relax.”

Jack wanted to search out the home that was designated for them. It
turned out to be nearby the center.

Jack began to look around. Tara went another way and he figured she
was looking for the toilet. Jack finally ran into Tara. She was
naked on the bed.

“It’s been too long,” she said.

Jack was in complete agreement. He stripped and got up on the bed.
He started by sucking on her modest breasts and then became to kiss
down her body. Tara moaned as his lips met her clit and then her

“That’s enough,” she finally said. “Come inside.”

Jack entered her pussy. She felt so good. Jack could not fathom
sometimes the way Tara made him feel. It was not the physical. He
had been with better than Tara, but it was the emotional and the
mental and something beyond that he couldn’t explain. He did not
desire any other women and he was very happy and content about it.

Their passions were pent up and they came hard and fast. They rested
for about 15 minutes and restarted at a more leisurely pace. It was
good to be with each other again.


The meal was delicious. The vegetables were grown right here on the
planet. It was so much better than that processed stuff back home
and especially better than what was on the ship.

Naming the planet wasn’t the first order of business but someone
suggested they give their new home a new name. There was some arguing
and Jack was quickly tired of the conversation. One woman suggested
why not just call the world “Colony”. It was a stupid name but it
started to stick and so from then on they lived on the planet Colony.

Finally, the meeting came to order.

“As we all know,” said Drayton, “We have to modify our original plans
for living here on Colony. Each of us came here with a partner with
a desire to procreate and live in community with each other. In each
of us is a spirit of adventure. So because of that spirit of adventure
God has placed in each of us…”

Jack bristled at the mention of God again. Just what kind of weirdo
was Drayton?

Drayton continued “…I know we can meet this change. The only
partners that have survived intact are Jack and Tara. The rest of us
have all lost our partners. So we must adapt. Mandy and I have been
talking and we have a proposal.”

Jack was a little perturbed that Drayton and the doctor already had a
plan for the rest of them. Well, maybe it was just because he was
bothered by Drayton and his God talk.

Mandy got up and spoke, “Since Jack and Drayton are the only men,
we must modify our original community plan.”

Drayton, said, “Maybe I should say one more thing real quick?”

“Sure,” said Mandy.

“Because of our religious values, my wife Susan and I, never had sex
with any others after marriage.”

Jack could not believe it! Wife! Marriage! How did this happen?
How could anybody think like this? The education system was indeed a
failure apparently.

“I know,” said Drayton, “that God would see it as necessary for me to
put aside my religious values for such a time that we are in. Those
values are for other circumstances.”

Mandy jumped in, “What he is trying to say is though it is normal for
us to have sexual intimacy with each others partners, it was not for
him, but he knows he cannot live like he planned to live here on

“Thank you,” Drayton said.

“What we are proposing,” said Mandy. “Is that we have the robots
modify the community to build two large houses. Half the women will
live with Drayton including me. The other women would be with Jack
including Tara.”

Drayton said, “Sleep on it tonight. Discuss it with each other.
We’ll vote on it in the morning. Maybe you have other ideas.”

“There’s nothing to vote about,” said Allison, a tall slender blonde.
“There are no other options.”

Jack noticed Allison looking at him. With desire?

“Well…if you are ready…” said Drayton.

“We should think about it,” spoke up Jack. “We should all agree.”

“Yes,” Drayton said. “I don’t want to rush anybody. It’s a big
change. We need to agree on this.”

Jack tried to rush Tara home, but she wanted to stay and talk. Jack
went home alone.

“What’s with your partner?” asked Rachel, an average size brunette.

“He’s still shaken up by events,” asked Tara. “He’ll come around.”

“He better,” responded Rachel.

Tara agreed.

She stayed a while to talk. They had become her friends these last
weeks living on the ship’s bridge.

As Tara walked home, she heard some voices. She saw some women in
shadows. She heard Allison say, “If his partner suddenly died, he’d
have no choice. He wouldn’t have to think about it then.”

Tara hurried home in a frightened and agitated state.

She found Jack naked in bed, ready and erect. She wasn’t in the mood
for perhaps her first time. Jack was surprised when all she did was
sit on the bed.

“About tonight,” she said.

He interrupted. “I know it sounds strange and it seems wrong but all
I want is you.”

“It is wrong, Jack,” she said. “You can’t deny these women and the
good of Colony.”

He hung his head. “I know. I just don’t know if I can.”

Tara showed a little anger in her voice now. “Why not? I see on your
face your dislike of Drayton, but at least he’s willing to change.
You can’t understand how he can believe in God, but he can change his
values to follow his God. Why can’t you change?”

She continued, “I am glad you think I am special. I really do and I
think you are special too, but some values are greater than other
values. Drayton recognizes that his God values the continuance of
life over his monogamy. I really don’t understand why you can’t come
to the same conclusion? You and I don’t even believe in God. He’s
the freak, yet you act like the freak.”

Jack didn’t know what to say.

There was a very awkward silence and then Tara said, “They’ll kill me.”

“What?” said Jack quietly.

“I overheard some women saying if you won’t be with anyone but me,
they’ll just kill me and force you to be with others.”

Jack sighed. She was right. “I’m sorry, Tara. I am an ass.”

Tara nodded.

“I will do the right thing.” He smiled at her. “Why don’t we have
some fun before you have to share me?”

“I don’t feel like it,” said Tara. She slept in the spare room.


At the breakfast meeting, Drayton asked if there were any questions
or concerns. There were none.

The vote was unanimous. Someone asked why Drayton and Mandy decided
to be together. It seemed obvious to Jack. They both were in their
30s and so a little older and both had military backgrounds. They
could relate to each other better.

The only other decision was on how to split up the women between the
men. They didn’t want to show any favoritism so Mandy had all names
put into a bowl and the names were drawn out.

The women drawn to live with Jack were Allison and Rachel. There was
Shauna, a young 19-year old redhead of Irish descent who’s fiery
personality matched her hair and heritage. Lastly was Camille, in
her mid-20s with brunette hair down to her jawline. She was one of
the quieter women which suited Jack just fine.

There was an odd number of women, so the last women, Leigh, a friendly
personable woman with short orange and black hair was randomly
assigned to Drayton. Jack was glad. He wanted as few girls as
possible so to spend more time with Tara.

So it was also agreed that the robots would build two larger houses to
house Jack and his women and Drayton and his women. It would take a
couple of days, so the first day or two, one of the women would come
over and Tara would sleep in the extra bedroom.

That first day was Allison. The tall, slender blonde was eager. She
was very horny and greatly desired to alleviate and satisfy that
feeling. To Jack’s disagreement, Tara decided to go over with the
other girls to Rachel’s home to talk and have fun instead of stay in
the house.

Allison immediately headed to the bedroom. By the time Jack came in,
she was naked with her legs open.

“I’ve been so horny,” Allison said. “I saw you on the ship. I wanted
you then but we never got together.”

Jack undressed.

Allison watched. “Not much of a talker?”

“No,” Jack lied. He did enjoy talk during sex with Tara.

Allison saw his limp cock. She at least had sympathy to realize he
desired Tara. She didn’t understand why he even considered being
with just one woman. It was hard to imagine. The colony was never
intended for guys and gals not to have sex with each others’ partners.

“Bring that on over,” she said to him.

Jack could admit Allison was prettier than Tara, but Tara stirred his
heart in other ways that made her more desirable. He climbed on the
bed next to Allison’s head. She turned her head and began to suck on
his cock.

She was good at this. Very good, Jack realized. She had him hard
quickly. He pulled away from her and climbed over her.

“You’re eager too, I see,” she said. “Come on inside.”

It felt strange to be inside another pussy. It had been about 3 years
since he had sex with anyone but Tara. Yes, it was culturally odd and
bizarre, but he didn’t care. It was standard fair to have sex with
3 or 4 different people every year until one died.

Jack moved quickly in her. Allison moaned. She so badly had missed
sexual sensations. In just about five minutes, she was very surprised
to suddenly feel him cum inside her. He pulled out of her and without
a word headed to the shower. Allison laid there perplexed.

They had sex again that evening, but again Jack came just as fast and
Allison was left sexually frustrated.


The next day brunette Rachel had the same experience. After the
evening sex, she left the home and walked back to her house where Tara
and the other women were.

“He’s not much of a lover is he?” said Rachel.

“What do you mean?” asked Tara.

“He’s so fast,” she said.

“Yeah,” said Allison. “Just get him hard, stick it in, and he cums in
a couple of minutes.”

“What?” said Tara confused. That didn’t sound like Jack at all.

“I’m going to go be with Drayton,” said Shauna, the Irish red. “I
don’t need no sexual shit. I talked to Larissa at breakfast. Drayton
says he has to marry each girl.” Shauna saw the reaction of the other
women’s faces. “I know, it’s some weird religious shit, but that
morning he treated Larissa special. Gave her back rubs and foot
massages. He had flowers for her. So in the afternoon, he has her
dress up in this beautiful white dress, he puts this amazing ring on
her finger, and they say vows before the other women that they will
love each other.”

“Oh, wow!” said Rachel.

“No shit!” continued Shauna. “Larissa was as horny as the rest of
us these last few weeks. No doubt, she was ready to fuck his brains
out by then. They go into the bedroom together and as he slowly
undressed her, he kissed all over her body. Even once they were
naked on the bed, he took his time and cherished her.”

“I’m a convert,” said Allison,

“Me, too,” said Rachel.

“Camille?” asked Allison.

“I don’t know,” Camille said. Allison frowned at the answer.

“Tara?” asked Allison.

“Yeah, I’m with you,” Tara said.


She headed back to Jack that evening.

“What is wrong with you?” she yelled at him.

“What?” he said.

“You know! With Allison and Rachel!”

Jack still didn’t understand.

“Five minutes and you’re done? We are together for a half hour

“We’ve had sex,” he defended. “They might be pregnant.”

“I don’t even feel I know you anymore,” she said more calmly. “If you
loved me and truly cared about me, you’d do the right thing.”

“What is that?”

“You’d treat Allison and Rachel like you would treat me. You would
treasure them.”

“I just can’t.”

“You are a selfish bastard!”


“How do you learn to cherish your other partners? You practice and
fake it until it become real.”

Jack looked at her perturbed.

“All your women are going to go be with Drayton tomorrow,” she said.

“We can be together then,” he said with a little energy.

“I said ‘all’. I’m going to join them.”

“What!” he said shocked.

“These women are going to be my sisters and my best friends as we live
with you. I can’t live with a man who shows favorites. I can’t
believe how little I knew you and how wrong I was about you.”

“Tara…” Jack said trying to interrupt.

“You don’t love me. If you did you wouldn’t try to hold yourself
only for me. It was darling on Earth, but I now see you have a small
heart. I love you, Jack. I still do, but I know I can love Drayton

Tara left with a big door slam.

Jack sat down dejected.


Drayton and his women assembled in their new house. He was surprised
to see four new girls which made him annoyed at Jack, but he wouldn’t
reject these girls. Only Camille was not there and Drayton had an
inkling that she just might be a spiritual sister.

Drayton put all the girls’ names in a bowl excluding Mandy, Larissa,
and Gemma who had already been with him. Gemma was his bride the day

“Tara,” he said reading the paper. He smiled at her.

Tara felt a little nervous and a little guilty, but she quickly
dismissed that thought. That was stupid! It had been too long since
she’d been with someone else. This was exactly the right time.

Drayton led her away to a park that morning. They sat and talked.
It took an hour before he even touched her. He held her hand. A
robot delivered beautiful red roses. They talked more and got to
know each other. She thought his conversion on religion odd, but
beyond that he was a very nice normal guy. They ate a picnic lunch
together. Now he would occasionally kiss her on the cheek. It was
strange to feel another’s lips on her. They walked back
hand-in-hand after lunch.

The other three women who already had sex with Drayton helped Tara
with this unusual white dress. It had a head piece that attached to
her hair and the dress material flowed far behind her. Tara didn’t
think the dress was practical at all. It was hard to move in and the
material could easily snag on things.

There was loud music and she walked down this row. All the women
stood while she entered. The Alpha robot stood in front. Alpha
talked about making vows to love and cherish in all times.

Drayton said, “I will”.

Tara also said, “I will.”

Alpha handed a ring to Tara. Tara noticed it was the ring Drayton
wore earlier but he had slipped it off. Tara slipped the ring onto
Drayton’s finger. Drayton then slipped a ring on Tara’s finger. She
had noticed the rings on Mandy’s, Gemma’s, and Larissa’s fingers.
She looked at her ring. It was amazing. It was all sparkly and
shiny. Where had Drayton come up with the idea for the robots to
manufacture these rings? She’d seen nothing like them.

Drayton led Tara out and into the bedroom. He kissed her neck. She
sighed softly. She could understand Larissa’s story now. The
anticipation made her highly aroused already. Drayton slowly undid
the buttons on the back. He kissed her back as more skin was exposed.
He slipped the dress off her shoulders. He undid her bra. Tara
pulled it away.

Drayton came to her front side and gently kissed her tits. She was
amazed at how controlled he was to take his time. He got down on his
knees before her and slid the dress further down. She stepped out of
it. She stood before him in her panties.

“My love,” he said and motioned to the bed.

She climbed up while he began to get out of the white and black outfit
he was in. When he was naked, he laid on top of her. They kissed and
their tongues explored each other. He then moved down to her neck.

Tara moaned. It felt very good.

In a couple of minutes he slid further down. He kissed her tits and
gently suckled on her nipples. It was another good five minutes until
he moved again. Tara could easily see how anticipation could almost
kill a woman.

He kissed down her belly. When he reached her panties, he rose up on
his knees and pulled them down. She moved her legs so he could easily
slip them off.

His mouth came down on her pussy and she moaned louder. He kissed and
carefully licked. “When you are ready,” he said quietly.

“I’m ready now,” Tara said.

Drayton moved up and she felt another man’s cock in her for the first
time in three years. He was slow and deliberate, just like every
action he did today. Tara was too aroused and in just a few minutes
she felt herself close to cumming. Drayton was attentive to her
sounds and started to move faster inside her. Tara moaned out and
came. She felt just a few more thrusts and then felt Drayton cum
inside her pussy.

An hour later, they had sex again. This time Tara was on top.

That night, she fell asleep with her “husband”. They were joined in
sleep by the naked bodies of Drayton’s other wives, Mandy, Larissa,
and Gemma. There was no sex. Only sleep. Drayton would rest up to
bring his full attention to the next day’s wife.


That morning while Tara had her name drawn to be Drayton’s newest
wife, Jack woke up all alone in his and Tara’s house. It was a
restless night of sleep. Tara was gone. He couldn’t get her words
out of his head.

He skipped breakfast and headed out to see if he could find Tara.
He walked over to Rachel’s house since that is where the women
assigned to him had been staying. They were to be his lovers and
companions. All the women were to be that way. The names were only
distributed as first assignments not as permanent.

He opened the door and tentative called out. “Hello?”

No answer.

He walked around and went into the master bedroom. He heard a shower
running. The bathroom door was open. Thru the opaque glass of the
shower he could see a brunette. Jack sighed in happy relaxation.
Tara. She was here.

“I’m sorry!” he apologized. He spoke loud enough for her to hear.

She jumped. She turned and then yelled. She covered up with her

Jack was shocked to discover it was not Tara. It was Camille. He
hadn’t thought of them both being brunettes with similar body shapes.
Camille was a little taller. Tara was more toned. Camille was
slightly more busty, but Tara was only a “B” anyway.

“I’m sorry!” he said again for a different reason. He retreated. He
went into the living room and sat on the couch with his head in his
hands. Tara was truly gone.

Jack had no idea how long he had sat there when he heard a tentative,

He turned to look. It was Camille. She was dressed.

“I am sorry,” he immediately blurted out. “I was looking for Tara.”

“She went to Drayton with the others,” she said.

“I see,” he said. He already knew that but it was still hard to hear.
“What are you doing here?”

“I…I…” Camille said and lapsed quiet.

Jack waited but realized she wasn’t going to say anymore.

He said, “Why don’t we go check out our new house? I have a feeling
I may be the only one living in it, but I am curious.” It would give
him something to do.

“Okay,” she said. It would give her something to do.

They talked as they walked.

“I am sorry about your partner,” Jack said.

“Thank you. We were waiting for each other until we were here.”


“For…to have sex,” she said.

“So you didn’t have sex on the ship?”

“We are both virgins.”

Jack was once more surprised. Virgins? Camille was in her mid-20s.
A virgin?

“Why?’ he asked.

“It is the values we believe,” she simply said.

“Why?” he asked again.

“We believe people are made to live one man for one woman like you
wanted to live with Tara.”

Jack felt there was a difference on wanting to live that way and
expecting others to live that way.

It was a short walk and they stopped at the front door.

“Will you stay a virgin?” Jack asked. “Is that why you did not go
over to Drayton’s?”

“No, I cannot because of the circumstances. My pledge to Billy before
God and the Leader are no longer valid.”

God! There was that word again. Maybe he should have expected freaks
to be the type of people to sign up to begin a new colony. Maybe he
was a freak too. He was, wasn’t he? He had thought to only keep to
Tara even after the disaster. He wasn’t any less freaky than Camille.
Or even Drayton!

He opened the door. He held the door open for Camille to enter.

“What is a Leader?” Jack asked.

“Someone who leads us believers. We pledged to remain pure until we
came here.”

“You never had sex before the pledge. With others?”

“No. Billy was the only one I ever desired.”

Jack could sort of relate except he was with many women before Tara.

They toured the house. There were many bedrooms for children and
infants. One day the house could be full of people. Right now, it
was quiet and sterile. Sterile seemed to be the right word. There
would be no children here. There were extra bedrooms, a large
bathtub, a jacuzi, and finally the main bedroom.

The main bedroom was huge to hold the huge bed. The bed could easily
sleep at least 8 people.

Jack looked at the bed. He felt so empty. “I had come over to
apologize to Tara,” he said sadly. Tears welled in his eyes.

Camille came over and hugged him. She laid his head on her shoulder.
She felt his body tremble in her arms.

“I’m so stupid,” he kept muttering to himself over and over again.

She guided him to the bed and he laid down. She stayed with him a
while until he calmed down. She then left him.

Camille returned in ten minutes. She carried food and drink that she
had the kitchen create for her.

“Thank you,” he said as he sat up and took a drink.

“The colony needs you,” she said.

“It’s too late. I’ve messed up.”

“We all make mistakes. It’s just a matter of what we do after. We
need you.”

Jack looked into her eyes and saw her genuineness. He felt a warmth
for her.

“So how did you meet Tara?” she asked.

They talked for an hour sitting and eating on the bed. Camille
excused herself to use the toilet. Jack watched her backside as she
walked and felt a stirring in his cock.

Jack propped himself up on the bed and he patted the bed for her to
sit down.

“Tell me about Billy,” he said.

Over the next 30 minutes, Jack could tell the great love Camille and
Billy had for each other. She got choked up. He slid over and put
his arm around her shoulder.

“You are very gentle,” Camille said when she regained her composure.
“Not at all like Allison and Rachel said you were like.”

“I was a jerk to both of them,” he admitted. “I’m not going to be one

He removed his arm from around her and turned to face her. He took
her hands in his. They sat and looked at each other. He felt his
cock twitch. He leaned toward her and gently kissed her on the lips.

“Is that okay?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she said breathily.

He leaned in again. He kissed her deeper. She responded back.

Jack took his time with Camille. He was eager for her, but he didn’t
rush her. He did not forget she was a virgin. It was ten minutes
before his shirt was off. He laid on top of her and they continued to
kiss. She sighed sensually as their lips and tongues repeatedly met.

He encouraged her to sit up after another ten minutes. She let him
pull her shirt up. He thought he’d stop there, but she went ahead and
reached behind and undid her bra.

Camille laid back down. Jack’s attention went to her tits. They were
a solid “C”. They were soft and squishy. He gently rubbed them and
kissed them. She closed her eyes and took in the sensations.

After a while, she said. “It’s okay. You can take your pants off.”

Jack realized she knew he was taking his time. He rolled off her and
rapidly began to take his pants down. Camille did the same to her
pants. She was faster and she rolled on top of him. Her white
panties pressed against his boxer briefs.

“Thank you for being so gentle with me,” she said.

“My pleasure,” he said.

“Not yet,” replied Camille. She got playful with him and rubbed her
tits against his face. Yet, she was still sensual as she rubbed her
covered pussy against his covered cock.

“I’m not going to last much longer,” he gasped out.

She immediately rolled off of him. She pulled her panties down.
She was surprised how wet her pussy was. She had to peel her panties
off her pussy.

Jack pulled his shorts off. Camille opened her legs and waited for
him. He was too ready, so he dropped his face between her legs. She
smelled like sex to him. He began to lap at her clit and roll it with
his tongue. She gasped out and thrusted her hips out. He continued
to do that while occasionally thrusting his tongue between her pussy
lips. He wanted her to get more aroused while he got a little less
aroused. Certainly, seeing Camille’s arousal was arousing to him, but
he didn’t feel as close to cumming as he was just a few minutes ago.

Camille gasped hard and gripped the bedding tightly in her hands.
Jack kept licking her pussy. She pressed her hips up at his mouth.
She wanted that pressure on her clit. She then felt an energy wave
run thru her body and she collapsed down.

She gasped for breath and Jack paused.

“That was…” she said.

“Good?” suggested Jack.

“Great!” she said.

She looked down when she felt his cock on her pussy. She closed her
eyes as she felt him penetrate her. Jack pushed in slowly and
carefully. He slid in easily.

“That feels nice,” she said once he was all inside her.

Jack started slow. He wanted to last a little while. To be inside
Camille felt very good to him. It felt much like being with Tara. He
lamented how he could have been this way with Allison and Rachel. He
hoped he could make it up to them.

“That feels even better,” Camille said. “Since it could not be Billy,
I am glad it is you.”

That made Jack feel good.

Camille was still highly aroused. She started to moan to his
movements within her. Jack groaned himself. He began to push a
little with each thrust. The push provided pressure on her clit and
Camille moaned more. That in turn motivated Jack to thrust harder.
Soon Camille cried out as she came and seconds later she felt his cum
inside her.

“That was so wonderful,” she said.

They cuddled and had sex a couple more times that afternoon and one
more time that evening.

Jack felt the same feeling he had for Tara for another woman. He felt
them for Camille. Camille felt loved and special just like Billy had
made her feel.


Early morning sex made Jack and Camille late to breakfast at the
community hall. There was some surprise when they entered hand-in-
hand and Camille looked so happy. What could be going on? The
women assumed that it didn’t involve sex.

Jack led Camille toward Tara. Tara looked back at him.

“I am sorry, Tara,” Jack said. “I was very, very wrong.”

“I am glad,” Tara said. She showed Jack her hand. “I married Drayton

Jack felt sad. Briefly. His new attitude quickly took over. “You
would eventually. You got it out of the way.”

Tara glanced at Camille. She seemed to be different. “Did you
two…” She stopped.

“He was so good,” Camille said.

Jack stood a little straighter.

Tara looked at Jack and smiled. “You’re back.”

“Please come back and live with me,” Jack said.

“I will,” she said. “I don’t know about the others though. You hurt
those two.” She pointed at Allison and Rachel.

“I know.” He pecked Camille on the cheek and went over to Allison
and Rachel who were sitting together.

He squeezed between them to their great annoyance and put his arms
around their waists.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“Leave us alone,” said Rachel.

He looked at Rachel and then at Allison. He said, “Drayton is going
to marry just one today and have sex with her starting in the late
afternoon. I came five times in 24 hours with Camille and she came
even more. We three can start as soon as you are done with breakfast.
How many times can you cum?”

“I’m done,” said Allison. She pushed her plate away.

“Allison!” said Rachel.

Allison started to stand, so Jack did too. “I’m loud,” she said.

“I don’t hear much when my mouth is in your pussy,” Jack responded.

Rachel glared at Allison.

“Come on, Rachel.” encouraged Allison. “Hope you get called by
Drayton or have an orgasm today?”

“I promise not to cum until you both cum two times,” Jack said.

“Not after I get a hold of you,” said Allison.

“Me, too,” said Rachel standing.

Allison ran to the new home. Jack chased after her. Rachel was
slower to respond and decided to just walk over.

Jack waited until they were in the bedroom to catch Allison. He
wrapped his arms around her waist and they fell together on the bed.
He rolled her over and started to pull on her clothes.

“Just rip them off!” she said.

Jack mentally shrugged and started to tear her shirt. With her bra
exposed, he got up and started to undo his shirt. Allison quickly
got the rest of herself naked. Jack stripped and then dove between
her legs.

Allison moaned as she felt his hungry tongue lick all over her pussy
and clit. He was good. He was very good. Even better was that he
was just as eager as she was. It felt sensual and erotic to be wanted.

Jack enjoyed Allison. He really did. He could now consider himself
lucky to have so many women to regularly be with. This tall blonde
was a treasure to be with now and not a chore.

Jack felt a push on his side. Allison felt a push on her side also.

“Roll over,” said Rachel. “You need to let me play too.”

Jack flipped over onto his back. Allison sat up on his face and he
resumed licking her pussy. His hand came to her ass and held her
down, so he could put pressure. Allison bucked and moaned.

Jack could not see, but he felt his cock touch Rachel’s pussy. He
then felt her slide down on him as he opened her up and entered her.

Rachel was as impassioned as Allison was. She said, “I’m going to
make you cum real hard.” She began to rapidly and forcefully bounce
on his cock.

Rachel felt great to Jack. He probably would have cum quickly but
fortunately for him, he had cum hard with Camille not too much

Allison thrusted her hips. It took all of Jack’s strength to hold her
in position, so he could continue to drive her to orgasm. Rachel
moaned loudly on his cock.

Allison cried out. She trembled and struggled to stay upright.
Rachel orgasmed. She collapsed forward and bumped Allison and they
both fell down.

Jack carefully extricated himself from the two women on top of him.
He moved Allison sideways and pulled her up onto her knees. He drove
his cock into her pussy. She began to moan very loudly just like she
said she did. In five minutes, Allison and Jack came nearly at the
same moment.

Yes, Rachel only came once and not twice by the time Jack came once
as Jack promised. She didn’t care. She got Jack hard again and he
slowly moved inside her until they both came together.

It was a grand day for Allison and Rachel. In the evening, Tara and
Camille joined them in fun.


Shauna heard about the events and chose to return to Jack.

“It’s my day to be with him,” she announced.

“No fair,” said Rachel. “You married Drayton yesterday. That would
be two days in a row of sex for you. Today is Tara’s turn.”

“I’ll have time for Tara too,” Jack said. “If she doesn’t mind.”

“I’m okay with it,” Tara said.

Jack discovered Shauna liked it rough. He wasn’t into that, but he
had learned to change and adapt. He held her arms tight against her
back and did her hard from behind just like she cried out for. He just
had to make sure he only did that with Shauna.


Life was not all sex. There was work to do and a life to begin. The
robots made life easy, but they had to learn to live in this new world
and be ready for danger.

However, these first years the goal was to grow the population. The
ship disaster had hindered that. The women became pregnant. After
she gave birth, she lived with the other man. This way the genes
would be distributed and diversified as much as possible.

A part of Jack still felt weird that Tara was with Drayton after
giving birth to their son. However, he felt just as weird when his
other four women went to Drayton also. He had become so attached to
them all. Yet, he welcomed Larissa, Mandy, and the others when they
came to live with him. He became just as attached to them. All the
women would live in both households over the next many years.

The population grew. The future looked bright to explore a new world.