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Bitchbot One – The Introduction

Spotting *her* amongst the other dogbots was easy. The canine division of Homebots had, after all, built her based on the photographs and videos I’d given them. She moved… differently than I’d expected. Oh, I hadn’t expected any miracles and after being shown the various production models I’d readily agreed that I couldn’t expect her […]

A couple decides to live on a new world

Some guests were already in the room. Jack sat on the phony log bench and adjusted his tie. A couple of robot park rangers stood inertly. They waited patiently for the showtime to arrive. Could a robot wait patiently? Jack had done this before. Camping was one of the cheaper recreational activities you could do […]

Queen of the Empire 2.

“Shit! Divert all power to thrusters,” snarled Berg as he wrestled with the controls, turning the ship slowly until it faced the orb of Orius Prime. With flaring pillars of thruster fire, the crippled vessel wallowed towards Orius as the Imperial ships ignored them and concentrated on destroying the few defenders still alive. The Ravager […]

Queen of the Empire

It had been six months since the Sluggorn invasion fleet was defeated in the Coruscant system. The New Republic was in complete chaos as individual worlds demanded a greater voice within the Senate. With the last of the Solo bloodline gone, there was no one left to rally the disparate factions into a cohesive body. […]