Glory’s Friday Night Suck

I grew up with a “family name” in a famous North Shore Massachusetts
community, famous for large houses and lots of money. My mother was
incredibly beautiful and my father came from Several Generations Of
Money. My mother was famous for her charity work and my father was
secretly famous for his many extramarital affairs. My parents had no
other children, so I was lavished with attention and education…and
money. I go by the name “Glory”, which was and is my father’s nickname
for me. I had my first diamond earrings at age 18 as a gift from my
father, which is another story in itself.

With my father’s advice and influence, I was able to attend some of the
country’s top schools, including a very famous business school. While
in business school, and helped by my father’s capital, I made a name
for myself. I did well in the internet/tech boom in the ’90’s, sold off
my companies, and decided to strike out and have some fun for a while
while pretending to still do consulting work for big companies, just to
satisfy my family.

My business skills translated into my personal life. When I was working
to bring young companies to the point where I could sell them off, I
learned how to be aggressive without seeming pushy…which is a pretty
important skill to learn.

I was always helped by the fact that I inherited my mother’s good looks
and my father’s family’s tall, slender build. I seemed to also inherit
his insatiable libido from an early age. As a 33-year old woman, I’m
tall and blonde with full lips and large breasts. I’ve often been
compared with Anita Ekberg by the older men I’ve slept with.

I only sleep with men, but I always send them packing. I don’t want a
boyfriend or a husband. One man wouldn’t ever be able to satisfy all my
desires. One man would only tie me down, no matter how open-minded they
might be. So, I decided to stay single while my looks hold up. You see,
I have some exacting fetishes, and I have no desire to give any of them

My fetishes sit like little pinpoints on a map of sexual gratification
with no landscape in between. I don’t have orgasms unless I’m
masturbating, or unless I’m satisfying one of my strange fetishes. I
have a different current man or group of men for each fetish. They
include anal sex with Asian men, group sex with over a dozen people,
sex with much older men, gangbangs with black men, and dressing up in
miniskirts with nothing underneath and flashing strange men on the
street. Some of my sexual impuses are completely uncontrollable. Once
I’m in the hooks of a sexual urge, my only goal is to continue until I
collapse in exhaustion or a wet pile of orgasmic flesh.

In order to protect my family name, I’ve bought a cute but nondescript
house in an isolated suburban area west of Boston, furnished nicely,
but in a plain manner. Neither I, nor my love nest bears any hint of
who I really am. I bring many of my secret lovers to that spot, with my
own way of tracking and reporting who is seeing me, and when (just to
be safe).

Some of my fantasies reach unexplainable extremes. For instance, I have
an extreme fetish for sucking off tall, big men with large hands. The
taller and the bigger, the better. Race/age doesn’t matter. Sweaty and
stinky is fine with me. Make them over 6’5″ and over 400 pounds, and
I’d be on my knees with my arms wrapped around his hips, sucking his
cock, licking his balls, and letting him forcibly fuck my mouth until
my lips get full, puffy and sore. In fact, that’s where I was, this
past Friday night. I was on my knees with my mouth full of big cock.

I met him on a sex dating site where he had the presumption to send me
a message asking if I was interested in him. At first glance, he was
the typical man on those sites…balding, in his 40’s, not all that
attractive, but thought he could have a chance with someone like me.
But, then I saw his stats…he was 6’8″ and claimed to be 380 pounds. I
felt myself get moist. I sent him one of my cell phone numbers and he
called me.

I invited him over to my love nest, and he showed up at 7pm with some
movies, a pizza, and a big smile. I invited him in, pretended that I
had a roomie who was out for the evening but would be back sometime
around the times the clubs close (2-3am), and poured him a drink. I put
in an action/adventure flick while looking him over from the corner of
my eye. He was just as I thought he’d be…big, massive, slightly
sweaty, dressed casually in a sweatshirt and jeans, and sneakers. Very
big sneakers.

Within fifteen minutes I had my hand on his hard cock and he was
moaning against my tongue. We completely forgot about the movie. I
slid to the floor in front of him on the couch, and rubbed my cheek
against the big bulge in his jeans. The overwhelming scent of his musk
was steaming from his pants, and I felt my mouth start to water.
Tonight, I was a dirty, cocksucking whore.

I unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his ankles, and took his
cock into my mouth. He shuddered in surprise, and sucked in a couple of
lungfuls. He grunted and talked dirty to me, and I just moaned. I felt
his cock start to pulse and beat between my lips as it stiffened even
more. I opened my mouth and throat and forced his dick to the back of
my throat until I felt my mascara start to run with the tears leaking
from my eyes. Salty fluid leaked over my tongue and I started to
massage his balls, which were slick from all the spit leaking from my
mouth. His cock was huge and I didn’t bother cheating by using my hands
on it. I just wanted to swallow that dick until he shot his cum into my
throat. But I was also going to take my time choking on that perfect
cock. Back and forth, slow and fast, setting up a steady rhythm and
sucking gently while diving down as deep as I could, so my nose would
bury against the puffy, hairy, sweaty pad at the root of his cock. All
this time, he was gasping and saying things like, “Fuck, you like to
suck cock, don’t you?”

I worked him faster with my mouth, using lots of tongue on the
underside. I have a small mouth, so my jaws started to ache after
twenty minutes of delicious sucking. Finally, I pulled off, spit and
precum dripping from my whore mouth. I wiped the back of my hand across
my lips and looked up at the big man. I said, “Please, let’s go lay on
my bed…I want you to fuck my mouth.”

He grinned, nice teeth, too. He said, “Do you swallow?” and I grinned
back. “Of course I do, the more the better.” He grabbed me, helping me
up with his big hand almost completely surrounding my upper arm. He
said, “I have lots to give you. Felt those heavy balls? I’ll give you
plenty to drink.”

We got to my bed and he heaved himself up on the queen-sized mattress,
dwarfing it. I lay down by his side, fixing my long blonde hair upward,
just in case he might want to use it to hold on to (I hoped). I lay
there, one of my fingers on my clit and my mouth angled to accept his
cock. I leaned forward, laying on my side, and he started thrusting
into my mouth. After a few minutes, his hands did come down on my head
and guided me with his thrusts, rolling his huge fist in my hair tight
and hard. His thrusts got more and more erratic, and my finger began
flying like mad back and forth over my clit. He practically leaned
over to drill down into my mouth at an angle, and fucked my head into
the mattress. My legs became cramped from straining open while my own
orgasm started to build with the sight of his thrusting pubic hair and
shaft fucking my face. He finally rolled almost completely onto my face
while I was able to take a deep breath and hold it. I felt the first
massive pulse surge through the shaft. Burst after burst of thick,
musky cum squirted into my mouth and I wailed, mufffled, around his
cock while my own orgasm ripped through my pussy. I sucked him for all
I was worth while he shot down into my mouth, and he screamed into the
pillow as I sucked and drank and squirmed for more air and cum beneath

He did eventually go home, but he “accidentally” left his movies behind
him. I’m hoping I can get at least a few more loads out of him before I
get tired of him and move on to something else. After all, his cock was
hard, and his cum thick and delicious.