A Schoolgirl Turns On

Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open people, the truth is often the opposite when it comes to relating on a personal basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual matters.

The fact is, Americans are only now beginning to learn to discuss sex and sexuality with candor and usually that is within the limits of marital sex.

While no one is advocating sex as the main topic of conversation, and while sexual privacy is very important to most people, many adults harbor fears about themselves and their sexual behavior that could be erased if they were more aware of other people’s behavior. Most of us have been brought up to be at least slightly ashamed of anything sexual, and it is frequently reassuring to discover that we are not different, naughty, or even perverted in our sex practices. In discussing sex with others, people find out how truly normal they are.

A SCHOOLGIRL TURNS ON — a frank story of one young woman’s approach to sexual honesty. A story with a lesson for us all.


Casey’s cunt quivered.

She was going to do it tonight. She hadn’t told him yet, but she was. She leaned back to lick the head of his cock. Nice, solid, stiff prick that was going to slip in her pussy, all ten inches of it, poke way in and make her squirm and moan like the other girls. Suze, her best friend, said it wasn’t just the length, some were so big around it felt like a log sunk up your pussy. She wasn’t sure just how much Suze knew, but it was enough so that she kept asking Casey if she were saving it for her old age.

“Tonight. Tonight is the night,” she muttered.

“Huh, yeah, they’ll be out tonight until late, I told you.”

Casey grinned to herself. She sort of came sometimes when she gave Daryl head, but she wanted the whole deal. The way girls rolled their eyes and squiggled when talking about it made her hornier than ever. It just wasn’t right that she should still be a virgin. Nobody, guy or gal, should have to suffer the deep hurt inside — squirmy, panting, boiling over, running to a dark place to diddle your clit just hearing about fucking. She had worn her sexiest panties. She’d lifted a rubber from her folks. She was ready. She was getting her courage up and sucking him hard.

“Wait a second, honey, I want to take my top off. It’s hot.”

That should shake the shit out of him, she thought. She’d never done it so early. Later she’d let him feel her tits and lift her skirt, but as of tonight, no more tease.

It shook him. He looked at her startled but happy.

“Hold it. I get to peel it off,” he said.

She smiled proudly when he lifted it off. He stared at her tits as he always did. She would’ve been happier if the nipples had more color contrast with her tits, but they were thirty-six inches and that was something she could and did flaunt in the girls’ showers. They fitted the rest of her, swinging from her five-seven body.

Daryl bent her back on the bed, then made her all shivery and breathless with his body stuck to hers, his hands on her tits and his fingers searching for zippers and such. She’d never let him go this far this fast before.

“Ohhh, jeez, man, you’re making me boil!”

“Wait’ll I get moving.”

He was moving fast already. He had one tit squeezed up into a cone and sucked the nipple with his lips so it came out, and then he scraped it with his teeth. He was making her shoot fire from her tits, sparks sizzling down to spit fire through her crotch.

When he sneaked past the elastic of her panties and got a finger in her cunt-slit, she humped and slithered sideways, then arched up to find the gadget that was firing her furnace. He slipped it back. It felt as though her hips had been tossed in bubbling hot grease.

“Shit! Shit, do it some more! Oh God, Daryl, why didn’t I let you? Oh, shit! Ahhhhh — ooouuu!”

Casey opened her eyes. Daryl was kneeling down there. Swish and he had her panties peeled, but her skirt wouldn’t slide off her hips.

“The side — the zipper — you’ll tear my skin!” She groaned and led his hands. They got in each other’s way, but with the zipper partly down, he yanked and she was naked. She felt deliciously sinful. Being bare in a shower was just naked. Raw without a stitch where you weren’t supposed to be like in your boyfriend’s bed was marvelous. She squirmed around, not trying to hide but so he could see all of her, her tits slightly swaying, her ass shifting.

He even looked different this way. She knew his frame — slender, tall; crew cut divers had flat guts and flowing muscles. His brown hair, easy smile and bubbling kid’s laugh made him different from the rest.

She held her arms out to welcome him and hoped he wouldn’t come to her. He didn’t. He went down where she really wanted him, snooping around her cunt with a flicking, hard tongue and a nose that made her gulp and twist and hold his head tight for more.


He made strange noises and she knew it meant something was about to wham her somewhere, and it did. This one was a snorting lick right up her wide-open cunt-slit, from ass to clit.

Where the fuck was he? Way back up snorting around her nipples, with a hand still flapping and pulling at her cunt-lips, with fingers folded and then a finger sliding in her fuck-hole and all those purple sheets of flame got closer and wrapped her inside.

“Daryl, do something! Do my cunt! Do me, Daryl!”

His voice was bouncy like he was laughing. “You never screamed that loud before.”

“Well it’s all your fault for setting fire tome all inside so I couldn’t help it.” Casey stopped. “Real loud?”

“I think the neighbors are out too. I hope.”

“Oh shit!” Casey was mortified and then horrified. What if the cops came or something? They’d have to wait. She wanted it now — tonight. She was going to have that big cock of his in her pussy. She clouded up and began to cry.

“What is it, Casey? What’s the matter?”

“I screamed and now the cops’ll come and all the neighbors will know and I wanted you to make love to me and now we can’t!” She sniffed.

“So that’s it! Nobody heard nothing.”

He reached for her, but she pulled away. They argued. He convinced her with two overwhelming arguments. They’d argued long enough for anything to happen that might happen, and he held her hand on his cock.

“But we have to use something and I brought one. And you have to be gentle and go easy with that great big prick of yours.”

He went to a drawer and pulled out a package. “I’ve worn out three of these carrying them while waiting for you to come across.”

“Gimme, gimme. I get to put it on, but you have to show me how,” Casey said.

She looked at his cock. It wasn’t straight out hard, but she had the feeling that about on suck in her mouth and he’d be up. She was right without the suck. Touching his prick to roll the rubber got it out hard. This time when she held out her arms he was right there. He wrapped her in his arms and pulled her so tight to him that she could feel his chest hair and his big cock like a ramrod slam against her belly.

His hands rowed around, and it was much better without all those clothes in the way, nothing but big chunks of bare skin. He felt up and down her back, cupped her asscheeks and hit a spot just above her ass-crack that made her wiggle like he’d bit a nerve. She clung and rubbed against him. A whole bunch of neat cottony fluff flowed around her. He felt her cunt-slit and shot good feelings up her body, and then he spread her open and his massive cock slid between her hot, sensitive legs.

“Ohhh, shit, why didn’t you make me do this before?”

“Ha,” he said. “It’s lots better when you work with me and don’t fight.”

“Kick my ass, please!”

“Case, I’m going to do lots of good stuff to your ass, but kicking ain’t any of them!”

Casey lay back and let him ramble. It was different and it wasn’t. He’d explored her body many times, and she got the shivers every time, but knowing that very soon he’d be entering her with his heavy cock gave her super shakes. He was just touching and holding and squeezing her, and she knew she should be doing something to him, but she didn’t. This was her special time, a once-in-a-lifetime special — a girl only had her cherry broken once, and this was it.

He went back down and ate her cunt, her tits got so swollen they ached and her nipples stung from being stuck out so hard. She couldn’t believe that she could be so close to coming and not blast off with all the stuff he was doing down there. His fingers in her pussy were not like before, but when he made some touches at her asshole, she lifted up in shock. Then she decided it was pretty good and shifted so he could finger her shitter again.

“When are you? I mean, Jesus, Daryl, I’m on fire now, like a ready-teddy, baby!”

He was on her then. She wiggled and spread her legs so his prick was poking at her cunt. He sighed softly and an enormous lump the size of a softball pressed her pussy-lips like it wanted inside her.

“Oh my God, is that it?”

His gigantic cock-head was forcing open her dainty pussy.

“I can’t! It’s so big! Daryl, please, take it out! It’ll split me! It hurts! Oh fuck, Daryl, take it.”

“It ain’t in!” He was mad, she knew by his tone.

She squirmed to one side, but he kept pushing it, trying to tear her open.

“No, please, maybe tomorrow! I hear someone coming!”

“No one’s coming. Relax, in seconds it’ll be okay!”

She felt a pop when the base of his cock broke past a seal of some sort that had been holding her together down there.

“Pain! Daryl, take it out, it hurts like a son-of-a-bitch! You’re killing me!”

“Just a little at first. I told you. It’ll be great.”

She banged on him with her fists, tried to kick, but it only made her curt hurt worse. She moaned and wept.

“Damn, but you’ve got a tight pussy! Shit, it’s good!”

Her whole lower body throbbed and hurt. She slipped her hand down there. Her cunt-lips were swollen already. Everything was soaking wet with blood or fuck-juice. She felt for her clit to see if the split went past where she used to be joined.

Then the sparks came zinging up her tummy and down her thighs. They whirled in circles, spinning in her tits and sticking pins in her nipples.

“What the fuck! Shit! Oh dang the torpedoes — not the one I’ve got stuck in my cunt but — oh, you motherfucker! Wowweee!”

She flicked her clit more, then gave it some snippy swirls and a side swish as the galloping twangies shook her ass.

“Told you.”

She could feel it now. He was slipping his gigantic cock in and out ever so easily. It hurt, hurt like she’d been bonked by a sharp spike slammed up her cunt, but not near as bad as it had. It was, well, sort of a tingly hurt.

And she wasn’t even playing with her clit. Had to be him. Him and that chunk of meat he was fucking up her cunt, stuffing her so full. The girls were right. It did feel like he’d poked a big old tree up her cunt and was shoving it back and forth and then swinging it sideways to stir up her clit and all over.

“Still hurt?”

“Not so much,” she said. “Not near as much. Some twinges still but — oh shit, mostly just feel like you’re sinking all of you in me to love and take care of! Those thrusts got me at first, but now they just zing all the electric shocks all over.”

“Like this?”

He did it, and everything for miles around began to glow like seeing a city from the air. She wanted to squeeze him tight.

“Yeah, that’s it, baby! The more you move, the better it is for you! No pain, just all kinds of jollies and good stuff you never imagined before!”

“You too, honey. Can you bend enough to kiss my tits?”

She felt his back bow and then he had a nipple plucked out in his teeth. She knew he was straining, so she straightened him and smoothed his back with her hands. Maybe later they’d find a way.

The slow, steady strokes kept building warming forces inside. She swiveled her ass and that made him grunt and her tingle. She arched up and it got better. Pulling his ass to her with her heels got him sunk ever deeper and packed her pussy tight. She tried other shifts, side, up and down, flutter shoves to meet his thrusts. They all worked.

“Casey, you fuck like you really love it! If I didn’t know, I’d swear you’d had lots of practice!”

“No practice, just loving the man I love! I’m so sorry I didn’t let you fuck me before. If I’d known, wow, we’d have been fucking long ago!”

“Now you tell me!”

She giggled. “I’ll make it up to you, I swear. Like, if you’ve got any more of that cock of yours you can spare, gimme some!”

He gave her an animal snarl, nicked at her neck with his teeth and began to fuck her with a fast, fluttering batch of thrusts up her pussy that shook her body. Her tits shimmered, her ass bounced, she hung onto him, taking the hard jolts slamming into her cunt with jackhammer ferocity. He was using her as though she were an animal in heat, and she loved it! She had two problems. She was afraid that with all this hard charging he’d come too soon, plus she couldn’t talk to tell him. Opening her mouth just made the grunts louder.

“Unghh-ahh — Daryl, I love it, but don’t come too soon!”

“Not to worry.”

Then she was screaming because she was in the throbbing, burbly lava pot. “Coming! Coming, anggbhhh!”

“You’re all right.” He was looking at her calmly again. She didn’t have to scramble to climb out of the pot.

“I came again?”

“With what seems to be your usual dainty, reserved, subtle style. Like an elephant kicking ass in a strange corral.”

“Oh.” She couldn’t help pinning.

“A little louder maybe, otherwise a lady-like, genteel performance.”

“That’s me, always a lady, delicate and refined.”

She grabbed his neck and sunk her teeth in him, wrassled her heels in his back to dig and kick him like getting a horse in motion and slammed her pussy up on his prick.

“You like, lover-boy?”

“I like, girl of my dreams, wet and other wise.”

She moaned when he pulled out of her, then smiled brightly when she found out why. He rolled her like a sack of flour onto her tummy, hoisted her ass and patted inside her thighs, which she took to mean she should spread them. This time when his bulging, massive boner nudged at her cunt she didn’t cringe. She wanted that banger back up her pussy.

“Ummm, I like this already!”

Most of the glorious feeling was simply having him back sinking his fat cock slowly and inevitably into her cunt.

“Ohhh, yeah! Slit, this is the best ever!”

“Wait’ll you try some of the kinky stuff.” Casey snorted with disdain, though she knew all the ways from long experience. “Kinky? What’s kinky?”

“Kinky is what I wanted to do last night, only you wouldn’t, but today it sounds like lots of fun.”

“Can we do this all night, and I can come and come until all that’s left is a soggy patch of hair on some raggedy ass skin?”

“You’ll get tired of this. We’ll try something different.”


“Casey, you’re already the horniest cunt in the county!”

“Keep fucking me then! You started it!” She had a ghastly thought. “How long have we got?”

“At least an hour.”

“Good. Fuck me until they’re in the drive! I’ve got a lot of wasted time to make up for it.”

She loved him for the laugh that bubbled out. And right now she loved him for giving her the fuck of her life. Many girls said the first was a real bummer, that it took months or even years before you learned to like getting laid. If that was true, she was getting better cock than most women ever got. How he knew so much and handled her with such expertise she didn’t know. Guys his age didn’t usually have that much talent. He had it. Enough so she knew she was going to be sore as hell tomorrow, but what a delicious sore, with each twinge a gorgeous memory.

He kept right on fucking his cock up her cunt, and that was something else. It was so nice and comfy with his prick slipping in her pussy and his hands running around. She could reach back and hold his balls, but it was a stretch. It was better when she slid under to rub her clit.

“Daryl, bang me, hit me some!” she gasped. “Do it harder so I can — awww — ohhh, I’m coming! Comminnnggg!”

She tried to hold her mouth shut to keep from screaming. She knew that nice ladies didn’t scream, even when they were in the throes of an orgasm. They came blurting out anyway. Yelps and squeals and finally a long wail with some soprano high notes when the bomb burst there at the end.

He pulled out again and she rolled to look up at him. Same damn proud grin.

“I can’t seem to stop screaming,” she said apologetically. “You don’t seem to mind.”

“Scream your guts out. It just makes me proud.”

She stroked his rigid prick. It was standing out proud and strong too. “Can you stay hard all night?”

“No, not with some of those shifts you do. But we’d better get our asses in gear, they’ll be along soon.”

He started with her on her side, snuggled up tight behind her so he could play with her tummy and tits again.

“You get to play with me, but I don’t get any of you to mess around with!”

“Don’t worry. Grab anything that’s loose. Just don’t squeeze my balls!”

She knew about that. She didn’t know about some of the ways he bent and twisted and laid her out. She did know that even if they were kinky, she wasn’t about to turn any of them down. They were all good, but like the girls had said, some were better.

It was a sort of side-shift that got to him. It was getting to her too. He was half on her, but he could suck her tits and still fuck her. He was huffing and grunting, slamming cock into her like a pile-driver. She held him and gripped, wanting to keep him inside her pussy.

“Oh shit! Yes, squeeze it! Grab my cock and drain it.”

She tightened her cunt and loosened it, only to grab his prick again.

She felt down at her cunt. He wasn’t there. No heavy, hard prick poked in her pussy, sliding and slipping around and keeping her jaggedy and overheated. He was lying back, his eyes closed, breathing gulps still but slowing. She looked down and saw it. It was still a monstrous cock, but gone was the raging stiffness.

A dribble of creamy spunk clung to the cockhead when she peeled the rubber off. She thought he’d unloaded a quart. She peeked, but his balls didn’t look that big. She was leaning down to lick off the fuck juice when she heard a noise.

He heard it too.

“Oh shit!”

Someone else was in the house, not sneaking quietly, but making normal noises like they lived here.

Casey scooted off the bed. “Where’s my clothes?”

Panic time. He’d tossed them all over the room. Fun at the time, but not now. It took only minutes to get presentable, look at each other with a worried grin, tuck his shirt in on the left side and go out to face their doom.

“Hi, kids! Have a good time?”

Casey started to answer, but Daryl did at the same time, and she realized with horror that he was saying something different, so she shut up and the whole room went dead silent. His old man left with a wave. Casey studied his mother, Monique.

“Nice to stay home once in a while, nothing frantic, just quiet and nice. We heard something that sounded like a scream, but it must have been the radio or TV.” She looked at Casey with that sweet, gooey smile again. “Daryl should rest up for his meet.”

“Yeah.” Casey had been trying to forget about the meet. He would be gone for days. It would have been bad enough before, but now that she’d discovered fucking and wouldn’t have him to fuck, it would be a total bummer.

She stumbled through some polite shit and then Daryl said they’d better get her home.

At the door, Daryl had her hand and was leading her out when the firmest, most definite and unashamed pat hit her left asscheek.

Casey turned, stunned.

Monique smiled. “I’m so happy for you, darling. You can come by any time. Even if Daryl isn’t here.”


“Has anyone told you?”

Monique’s voice was so grim and tight that Casey knew immediately that something was terribly wrong.

“Is he hurt? Not dead, oh please God, not dead!”

“I’ll be right over.”

Casey waited outside, pacing, crying, wondering why it took so long to drive just a couple of blocks. The two women wept, hugged, whimpered and went over the few known facts over and over endlessly.

“We don’t know. He’s in the hospital. They’re doing all they can.”

More buckets of tears.

Daryl had come up from a dive. Some other guys were playing around along the edge of the pool. Pushed, shoved, dumped, a big kid hit Daryl in the backbone with one heel. The hospital said only that tests were being made, they would know nothing until they had the results.

The long drive was dreadful. It was devastating to see him lying there hooked up to tubes, wires and stretched like a torture rack. He didn’t know anything. He was knocked out with painkillers.

They stayed until the nurses ran them off. Nothing they could do except get in the way.

“If we could do something. If we knew what was happening.”

“He’ll be okay, darling. Think positively.”

“But suppose he can’t walk or dive anymore.”

“Or fuck?”

Casey looked at Monique. “I wouldn’t care! I’d still love him. I’m his woman. We’d manage somehow. There are lots of guys out there who’ve lost legs and are paralyzed and they have women who love them. They manage somehow.”

“You’re right, of course. But don’t try to hide from reality. Most of them are great guys, just as loving and horny as the others or more so. But, and that is a large but, most of them live very lonely lives, most women feel compassion but it doesn’t extend to fucking them. It can be extremely difficult for both. Don’t make a lot of noble promises that you’ll regret and feel guilty about later.”

“He’s the only man in my life and the only man that ever will be.”

Monique sighed and looked fondly at the girl. She was so young, had so much to learn about life, men, herself. She was also possessed of the most gorgeous body, pert ass, proud, firm tits stuck out with a most enticing jiggle, and legs that made men slobber.

The motel toward the edge of town was low in price, had a bar and a pool. Perfect for Monique’s plans. Exactly what she looked for when she was out of town. Or sometimes when she was in town.

She was surprised that Casey didn’t drink. She shrugged and ordered an exotic rum drink loaded with fruit. If she got Casey loaded, things might get very interesting. She licked her lips. Casey sat in misery, moping and weeping. She paid the waiter for the drinks and held out the rum and fruit salad to Casey.

“The world has not ended yet. We simply don’t know and won’t for a while. You’ve got to get it out of your head for now or you’ll lose your mind. Drink. It’ll do you good, make a new woman out of you. When you see Daryl, you’ll be bright and happy and not the chief mourner at his funeral.”

Casey sipped. It did taste good, not like the other booze she’d tried. She stared at the TV and tried to follow the story. Monique handed her another drink, which she downed without realizing that it was potentially dynamite. She got up to piss and her head was light and whirly.

“Come on, baby. Let’s take a shower, grab a bite and call the hospital to see if they know anything new.”

Monique was so helpful. A strong lady to lean on, a warm arm around her and good sense when she talked. Friendly — just nice and comforting, especially with this emergency.

Casey was surprised when Monique joined her in the shower. Maybe it was a good idea, she’d slipped and damn near fallen. Kind of fun too. She was like a kid playing around with the soap and doing her favorite thing, ass-patting, with some tit-jiggling and tummy-rubbing.

Casey giggled.

The lady was really built too. She’d kept herself trim, no blobs or gloppy chunks. Real neat tits.

“Do blondes have more fun?” Casey asked.

Monique stood square before her and smiled. “You bet your pert little ass, honey. If they didn’t, I’d be the first to change.” Then she stared right into Casey’s eyes and rubbed her left tit. “Jeez, no wonder Daryl was so hot to get in your pants.”

She turned Casey around for an inspection more thorough than she’d give a cut of meat from the butcher.

“Take care of this body, babe, and you’ll never lack for guys panting after you. Nice tits, neat ass, great legs. Kid, you’ve got it all. But do your exercises every day, no excuses and don’t eat yourself into a gross blob of fat.”

Then she bent, kissed Casey’s right nipple and sucked at it before giving it some toothy rasps.

“If that brat of mine doesn’t treat you right, you know, leaving you gasping when he’s come or any of that shit, let me know. I’ll crucify the shithead. He’s good cock, isn’t he? Makes me proud. I tried to raise him right.”

What the fuck was she talking about? And what was she doing? Chattering on and feeling Casey’s tits and running a hand along her cunt with a finger slithers in her pussy-crack, not to mention some ass-grabbing.

“Uh, Mrs. Dempsey, we shouldn’t, I mean…”

“Oh my God, child, don’t get squeaky moral and stuffy on me. For Christ’s sake, are you a woman or aren’t you?” She raised her head back and shook it in despair. “Look, he’ll be back fucking you to a worn frazzle soon, but right now he ain’t here and I am. So we mess around a little and get you completely relaxed and ready to snore your cute little ass off, sort of like a massage, just some tender loving and you’ll be a new woman in the morning. And stop that Mrs. Dempsey shit.”

Casey was getting warm and she did need to calm down. Monique was trying to help her and she’d complained, what a shifty thing to do.

Lying on the bed, she watched Monique go to the door, open it wide and squat down to get another tray of drinks and swing the door shut with her ass.

Monique saw Casey staring at her wide-eyed and flipped her hand as though it was nothing. “Look. If a woman had seen me, so what? If a man noticed my bare ass, maybe something interesting might turn up, right?”

Daryl’s mother was definitely very strange. She handed over the fresh drink and waited while Casey drained most of it.

“Won’t hurt you. Bound to help. That goes for both the drink and the tender loving care I’m about to lay on you. And for God’s sake, don’t worry about doing anything nasty or kinky. Would I do that to you? After at, neither of us is a lesbian. Just a couple of gals comforting each other while we sweat the health of a guy we both love.”

“Okay, Monique.”

“My name’s really Molly.” She pushed Casey back and lay down beside her. “Come on now, let me give you some of the lovin’ you so richly deserve.”

She pulled Casey’s head to her tit and told her to suck. It was comforting to snuggle up to a warm body, someone who knew what her troubles were, sympathized and was trying to help her through her hour of need.

A helpful hand ran down her back and cupped her left asscheek, tingling in the crack of her ass and touching lightly at her asshole. Back up to move her elbow so Casey’s hand was on a sweet, soft tit, kneading it gently. This was what she needed to smooth out the wrinkles. Soft words, low sounds and hands soothing the creaks, uncoiled the tense nerves that had tightened her to a taut spring. The hand slipping along her cunt-slit, then the fingers dipping in to hold her pussy-lips between them and pull. It was only fair to do some of the same to Monique. She was such a neat lady.

“You’re right. I needed this. I felt like I’m coming apart. All that feeling of being jammed in a barrel is fading.”

“Great. If this is good, more is better.” She shifted a wiggle. “Try my right tit. She’s lonely. She gets jealous if too much goo on next door.”

Casey giggled and obliged. Sure as shit was different. A guy’s body was all hard and angles, with muscles rippling underneath the skin. Another woman was like her, not exactly but mostly, soft and warm and rounded with handy stuff that you could squiggle around so she quivered and made funny little noises. Like if you all of a sudden snuck down and bunched up a wad of tummy and bit [missing text].


Casey giggled again. This was fun, different than Daryl, but fun. Stirred her up, too. Just running your fingers through her cunt-muff sort of combing it, only some fingers dipping in her cunt-slit like she’d just done, same way, same reason.

“Can I see it?”

“My pussy? Sure. Look, lap, lick, whatever turns you on, dear.” Molly was in heaven. She never knew how these things’d turn out. Could have been an utter disaster and here she was asking to eat her cunt! If her dear son Daryl lost this sweet little pussy, she’d murder the dumb shit. What a happy household from now on — days and nights of thoroughly obscene, degrading gross sex. What a glorious future lay ahead.

Molly spread wide and Casey stared. Looking at yourself in a mirror wasn’t near as good, all crouched over and your fingers got in the way, but this was neat. She could poke around and see everything. Made Molly jump too. Casey giggled and rubbed her clit.

“Don’t do that unless you mean it, baby. That little sucker is the trigger to my happiness.”

Casey remembered what Daryl’d said about teasing. Molly looked like she had longer cuntlips, and she had a few gray hairs, but her cunt smelled the same. She licked along the slit from back near her asshole to her clit.

She stared.

She licked again and pulled back to watch. Then she did it again. Totally awesome — the lady could wiggle her pussy! “How’d you do that?”

Molly laughed. “Practice, baby, and tonight you start the most important exercises you’ll ever learn. Stick a finger or three in my cunt and you’ll see why.”

Holy shit! A trained pussy that gripped and sort of rolled along her fingers. “Jeez, that’d be better than just letting him stick his cock in my cunt. More like giving him head.”

“See how it feels on your tongue,” Molly said.

Casey made a few licks before she went in. She pulled at Molly’s cunt-lips, gave her some digs up to her clit then went for her hole. Wasn’t easy getting in, but she slid all she could into her pussy.

“Wow, that would jazz the shit out of him!”

“You ain’t doing so bad yourself, honey. Just do what you’d like to have done to you.”

Casey flicked at Molly’s clit. If other women’s clits were as tender as hers, you had to go easy, real soft and not bang the shit out of the little nub. A quick lick, off to nip at her thigh, way up to bite a roll of belly and back to her cunt.

She looked down at her handiwork. Bloated cunt-lips reddening and twitchy, juice dripping out, she had the lady squirming and trying to pull her back into action. And Casey was squirmy and wet too.

Casey licked a wet line with her tongue along the wide space between Molly’s clit and cunthole, then blew softly aver the damp skin.

“Oh shit, girl, where’d you learn that?”

“Just thought it’d be a good idea.” She didn’t want to tell her that Daryl had done it to her. You just don’t go blabbing everything, even when they were well, as close as she and Molly were.

Everything seemed to work. Blowing air on a place you’d just wet, licking around the edges of her cunt-slit, then stabbing at her clit for a few flicks, poking a finger and tongue up her fuck-hole, and even just dabbling around got all kinds of wiggles and moans.

Casey slid a finger back, ringed Molly’s puckered brown shitter, and she twitched up, bucking and tossing.

“Anghhh — oh shit! Ooouuuu!”

Casey stuck her middle finger in the juicy cunt and then stuck it up Monique’s ass. “Yiieee!”

Definitely a winner.

Back for more slippery stuff, then up her ass as far as she could reach. The lady squiggled and moaned, thrashing around like she’d been spitted and some kind of rays were shooting out to thrill her.

Casey got inspired. She pulled out and worked a long finger up her cunt. Felt about like her rear, same velvety, soft warm tunnel closing on her. Lots of moaning and squirmed, give her more. She added a finger. Another and Monique was bouncing like crazy.

“Give it to me! Stuff some hard stuff in me! Make me know it!”

Three fingers stretched her cunt, but she loved it. Mother inspiration. Casey slowed the jamming up Molly’s pussy and worked her thumb inside Molly’s twitching ass.

“Aieee! Do it, ream my ass! Give me some tush humps!”

Casey plunged away, sticking fingers in Molly’s fuck-holes and waggling around inside to give her plenty of action.

Still jabbing her fingers and thumb in Molly’s holes, Casey got her mouth down at her clit and flicked her tongue at the bud.


Molly slammed her pussy up and banged around, twisting and shuffling, yelling and grunting, humping enough to throw Casey back.

“Ass! Ass!” Molly was panting hard and bouncing, but she knew what she wanted.

Casey had the answer in a split second. She reversed fingers and thumb in a fast shift and jabbed them roughly back up Molly’s shitter and cunt. She got a squeal of delight and Molly humped for more. She slammed around, jerking and whimpering.

Then her voice rose and fell like an ambulance siren and she thunked up and down on the bed, nearly yanking Casey’s hand from her crotch.

“Yiiieee! Oooh! Ungh!”

The blasts of air forced out of her lungs matched her thumping bounces. Casey kept stabbing in her fuck-holes until Molly slowed and grunted.

She spoke fairly calmly. “Casey, tell you what. First we get Daryl back on his feet. Then you move in with us. Whatever you want, you got. The three of us can mess round and have the damndest time you can imagine.”

“Sounds fun, let’s do it!”

All of a sudden Molly blew out a breath with a soft sigh and struck. Swooped up to roll Casey on her belly, tickled her unmercifully for seconds, then changed to some soft caresses that quickly had her squirming and moaning with pure pleasure. She’d handled Monique with a touch and instinct which had worked the older lady into a frazzle. But Molly was going over Casey with practiced experience and an expert’s thorough knowledge of anatomy. With exquisite timing, she built Casey’s excitement from minor shakes to levels of quiet and then on to more violent rockers that shook her from head to toe.

“Yieeee! I can’t take any more! I’ll burn alive, bust in pieces — oh shit, I love it!” Casey cried.

Then the hands, the lips, subtle warm skin laid on her in all the most sensual places. Casey blasted yet again, then drifted down, only to have the work build up the steamy pressure that blew her to smithereens again. She was in an uproar all over.

“Are you about ready for the main event, the smash finale, the crashing final curtain?” Molly asked.

“Oh shit!” Casey gasped. “There’s more?”

“You’re a little young for this as a regular part of your routine, but now’s the time to get you started.”

“Yoweeee!” Casey slapped her hand over her mouth, but she still screamed. “No, no, take it out? Oh shit, it hurts, take it out!”

At first, all she knew was that her asshole was getting reamed by a clenched fist. Then she realized Molly was doing to her exactly what she’d done to Molly. Only one finger, but it burned and felt like a hand and a stout arm up to the elbow. Cornholed, but that only happened to filthy girls in nasty stories girls told each other to shock them. Then the burning became a seeping warmth and that probing finger sent tinglers spinning over to her pussy. The thumb at her clit started the zinging jolts.

“Aiieee! I can’t! I can’t come getting buggered, I can’t!” But something had busted loose and lightning bolts were banging around inside her. “Oh fuck, I’m cowing! Turn it off, let me loose, I can’t — yowweee!”

She sank beneath the waves of white-hot lava. Chunks of her exploded in bursting bubbles that flung bones and great wads of flesh afar. Patches cooled and she saw Molly smiling down at her.

“I forgot you were a screamer. You need a sound-proof room.” Molly patted her pussy and stood, looking around, then picked up a pair of panties. “These are mine, aren’t they?”

“You’re not going out?” Casey couldn’t believe it.

“Honey, when you’re as old as I am, you grab every opportunity to get all the cock you can.” She looked at the panties again and tossed them away. “You were marvelous, but the night is young and there just might be a stiff cock out there waiting for me.”

She wriggled into a simple skirt, slipped a plain top over her head, then looked at Casey.

“Sleep so you can be bright and lighten Daryl’s mind,” she said.

She smiled fondly down at Casey, came over to kiss her on the lips, and to Casey’s shock, slipped a finger up her cunt. Then she licked her finger thoughtfully.

“Nice, but don’t you have chocolate?”

“Try a scoop from the next one back.” Casey couldn’t believe that she’d said that aloud, much less even thought such a thing. She covered her mouth with a hand.

Molly laughed.

After the door had closed, Casey lay quietly, staring at the TV without having the vaguest notion of what was on the screen. She was worn out.


Molly walked into the bar with her nose high. She quickly palmed the matches in the ashtray and dug in her purse for that cigarette. She didn’t smoke. The cigarette was dried out and dribbled tobacco all over her purse, but it was handy for looking helpless.

Her nose hadn’t been so high that she hadn’t been able to check the room. Only one guy was really interesting. A lanky sort, dark, neatly dressed, not very pretty but very manly.

“You worry me.”

She looked up, startled. She hadn’t expected his move so fast, and her radar had missed his approach. Nice sincere voice, just sexy enough to stir her glands.


“You’re obviously smart enough not to smoke. If you are trying to quit, I promise faithfully not to light that cigarette but offer my services as a crying towel and emotional aid to your struggle with the horrors of withdrawal. I’ll even buy the drinks as you battle for sanity and health.”

“That’s very thoughtful of you. But I am quite capable of taking care of my vices.”

“Names Fletcher, and I’m sure that you are. Some flavorful forms of alcohol are scientifically proven to be relaxing and beneficial to the will power of ladies in their ever virginal battle with vice, sin and evil. You wouldn’t believe this, but some ladies have even been known to fall into the arms of strangers while unprotected by their husbands.”

Molly fluttered a hand at her throat and popped her eyes wide in shock. “No! You can’t mean it. Why, it would never occur to me, being without my husband at the moment, that such a thing could happen. Goodness me, such strange things happen, don’t they?”

Meanwhile he sat, caught the eye of the waitress and slid over on the seat. Nothing backward about this lad.

“Richard’s my name, but I don’t like Dick since it reminds everyone of a male organ or an ex-president.”

He taught in a small college and liked the small town.

She gave him the same. “Born Molly, but when I grew to find boys the most fascinating creatures in the universe, I invented Monique as sexier. Molly seemed to fit a plump woman singing lewd songs and winking at all men. Not all bad, mind.”

They chatted for two slowly sipped drinks, got to the touch stage, and she found with growing interest that he had what happened to be a very healthy cock swelling down his pants leg.

After he called for the check, he turned to her calmly. “Do you mind if we use your room? My young son is in mine.”

“Oh no!” She smiled and looked puzzled. “She isn’t my daughter, but I do have a young girl with me.”

He groaned and looked at her grimly, then the light of inspiration gleamed. “Could we? I mean, my boy has slept through earthquakes at his grandpa’s.”

She shrugged.

She got a shock when the little boy turned out to be six feet tall. He was young, but the cock dangling barely inside his pajamas was a monster. Too late now. She was going to fuck Richard, even if it had to be in the hall by the ice machine. He never awoke as Richard half-carried him down the hall to her room. Ricardo tucked something by him and Molly scribbled a quick note to Casey and added a rubber, just in case. Better safe than sorry.

Feeling each other was a joy. Molly’s fondest dreams came true. Richard was hung lavishly. The rest of him was trim, hard, hairy.

She pulled him close to rub her stiffening nipples on his mat of chest hair. She was grabbed tight, his lips jammed against her, his tongue penetrated, a hard hand gripped her right asscheek and his mammoth cock-bulge made a groove in her belly reaching past her belly-button.

“Ahhwwoooo! Easy, you trying to play Jack the Ripper?”

“Just an everyday sex maniac about to hungrily devour you.”

She floated in his arms to the bed, before she could wiggle over to make room, he bit her belly. She reached for his head, but he grabbed both ankles, pulled her and split her open. He snorted in her cunt like he was rooting for truffles. The subtle lover she’d expected was a raving sex maniac.

“Hold it, Marquis de Sade. No more.”

He looked at her, grinning.

His hands were still busy, but the forcefulness was gone. It took her a moment to figure out just how he shifted. From Jack the Ripper to the gentlest lover in seconds. And he grinned. All the zingy diddles after the attack felt great.

“You son-of-a-bitch!”

He was playing her like an overly taut violin. She had stumbled on a super lover. This time when he tapped her, knees for entrance to her cunt-slit, he was so light she hardly knew he was down there. Her body knew. The tingles and zaps spurted from his fingers and tongue. Then he’d stick a hot, slashing tongue along her swollen cunt-lips to flip her clit, run back to dig in her cunt-hole and rage up for another chomp of thigh or belly.

“Molly, you’ve got a sensational cunt!”

She gasped. “Right there! Do that! God, more, more!”

He knew and stuck it to her, hands and tongue high as she rolled and banged.

“Yiieee! I’m coming! Do it! Damn, oh shit — wahhh!”

Her insides blazed up. Those little cuddles were boiling bubbles of fire bursting with scarlet and deep-space blues.

He held her quietly, smoothing the skin of her ass and moving slightly so his chest hair stirred her nipples. A suck that good deserved the best she had. A sly hand snaked between their hot bodies until she reached his prick.

It was neat to slip the foreskin back and let the prick-head out to snoop around. She pushed him on his back and licked at the cock-shaft. She watched as she pulled the skin back to see the cock-head pop out.

“You don’t have to hide from me, dinky littie cock-head. I’ve got some nice comfy places for you.”

She stroked the stout muscle under the slipping skin. With a nasty snarl, she gobbled the cock-head and bit down on the heaving cock.

“Yiiiieee! Hey, Molly, that hurt! That thing is delicate!”

“Why the fuck didn’t you worry about my fragile body when you were trying to tear me apart?”

“You came, didn’t you?”

“Through the pain of being torn to shreds, yes.” She stuck her tongue out at him. “If you’re so dainty and frail, I suppose I’d better humor you back to health.”

She knew what to do. The problem was simple — could she do it? Taking a cock like his down wasn’t like swallowing a spoon of jelly. She took a deep breath and dropped on the monster, taking the tremendous prick right down her gullet, swallowing and gulping.

She may not have been the first to deep-throat his cock, but she sure was the latest.

She lifted off for air, then promptly gulped it back down to prove it was no fluke, swallowed to rouse the beast with a massage and came back to grin at him.

“Grin at me, will you? Show off.”

He was still in shock.

Molly licked along the cock-shaft, kissed the head and sucked it in to twist, then used a bit of tooth.


“You aren’t going to come.” She made it a statement. “We’ve got serious fucking to do.”

“When you go down on a guy, you do more than just suck his cock.”

She grinned proudly. She could keep him from blowing if he’d cooperate, and he knew how. But she was going to drive him up the wall as he’d done to her. She knew tender spots that stirred up the nerves to fiery jolts. Just a little more tooth, way deep on his thrusting prick, a cuddle of his balls before giving him a saliva bath in her mouth, and ease off. Let him cool.

But not too much. Just a lick along the patch between asshole and balls to wake him up, a ring around the edge of his shitter, then back up north.

All this shit was fine for a warm-up, but Molly was squirming for the real stuff. A raging, hard fuck. She began with a deep jerk, gave his balls a slightly tough squeeze, then stuck a long stiff finger up his ass with a twist.

“Aaawwaaa! Oh shit, Molly, don’t, oh shit!”

She could tell from the jerking hips thrusting up and the grunts that he was going to come. She grabbed the shaft of his cock and gave it a squeeze guaranteed to stop him cold.

“Oh damn, woman!” He gulped air. “I thought I could control it. You beat me, Molly.” Another wait while he caught up with the world. “Would you be interested in a slave to keep you in silk dresses, French lingerie, and personally blended perfume?”

“Wouldn’t your wife object?”

“About as much as your husband. We’ll think of something to take care of them.” He grinned at her. “I think I can handle it now.”

“Back in the saddle?”

“My favorite song.”

She rolled a rubber on him. She hadn’t had such a great cock with such a responsive man attached for years. Good fun, but what was coming had to be better. She leaned down to kiss him on the lips, and was immediately enfolded in his arms and tucked up tight, her back to his front.

“I can’t get to all your goodies,” she said.

“No, but I can have yours!” he gasped.

He did too. His massive cock rubbed along her ass-crack until she hoisted a leg to tuck it between her hot thighs. Her nimble fingers wandered.

“You’ve got the most fascinating body. Can’t get enough of it. For a lady your age, no insult, but you are old enough to vote, you have the firmest tits in the state. The rest of you is merely superb.”

“Thank you, sir. You have a body women drool over.” She reached back to fondle his balls. “Trim shape, flat gut, super sexy ass and the biggest prick in the Western hemisphere.”

He laughed. “No, not even close.”

“Well,” she said, “I’m not talking about circus freaks. I mean something that a lady can use.”

He bent back so his cock was aimed at her pussy. She arched to center his cock and take it in, simple and easy. She laid a hand on his hip to show how much she wanted. He let her lead while he kept diddling her tits.

“Fuck that easy shit! Plug that cannon in me! Meat, I want hard, rough meat!” She was jamming back for more cock, straining and sweating for his prick to plunge in her pussy. “Gimme! Hammer that prick up my cunt.”

First he thrust his cock up to her womb, as though trying it on for size. She swatted his ass with her fist.

“Damn you, fuck me! Hang my ass!”

He pulled his cock back, then slammed a few strokes into her that rocked her whole body. He’d get it in and swirl his ass to grind her round like she was hung on a crazy swing.

“Unghhh, owwww-unngh!”

She wanted it, hurt for it, but it made her cry.

She gritted her teeth as he slammed his cock up her cunt, angling in thrusts that were clouding her into deliciously tormented swelling ecstasy. Her ass humped back, demanding more cock. She yowled and spit curses when he hit bottom, tortured her tits into oblong shapes with wrenches and gripped her tummy in a vise.

“Fuck me harder, more, deeper!”

“You’re a screamer.” She blinked her eyes. “Not me… That’s Casey.”

A low laugh bubbled out of him. “She’s down the hall. I meant you.”

She looked up. He was listening carefully.

“Casey or somebody and you are screamers.” She blinked again. Faintly but definitely. “That little shit. She told me she’d never even look at another guy.”

Ricardo shrugged. “So she’s keeping her eyes closed.”

Monique wondered. Casey was a hot little cunt.

“How about some variations?” she asked. “Sounds good. Doggie, side, you up? We’ve got time. We’d better not knock on that door down the hall.”

“All of the above plus a special that might stir you up.”

They started with the missionary, which gave her a shot at lots of his front and some back scratching. Until she forgot everything but how well his magnificent prick worked in her cunt, over blow and came again. He showed no more signs of blowing his wad so she wallowed in the luxury of endless comes, little ones that led to quakers and leveled at squirmy whackers, then more big climaxes that left her gasping and shivering.

“Richard, want to peel that rubber for some raw flesh?”

“Spelunking up the asshole? Yeahhh!”

“Only if you’ve got some greasy glop for my shitter.”

Eager as she was, even the slathering of the glop in her rump got her quivery and clenching on his finger. He held her with one arm under while he aimed his prick at her shitter and gently but firmly eased the huge prick-head into her ass.

“Hurt much?”

“But good. Oh God, but that’s good! Feed me about ten or twelve inches for a starter.” He chortled.

He fucked in gradually, and found lots of her with a hand underneath. All she could think was what a great way it was to waste an evening. Getting solidly and magnificently fucked, nothing better in the world.


She wasn’t even sure if she moaned or if he had. Didn’t matter. His cock fucked in deeper with each thrusts the ripples and tingles he zapped her with making her more excited.

“Molly, the thought horrifies me, but we’d better think about winding this up.”

“How about a week from Thursday?”

He laughed.

The more she found about him, the better he looked.

“I wish we could,” he said.

“Turn it on, Dick, I’ll give you a ride that’ll blow you back home.”

He zapped her with deep thrusts. She banged back, slapping her ass against his legs, clenching and gripping his raging cock with her ass muscles. She twisted for some shunts that nearly threw him out. He grabbed her ass like he was riding a bucking mare and stabbed her with his prick, making her grunt with each thrust deep into her shitter.

“Ream me! Fuck my asshole. I want all you got! Slam it up my ass, now, harder!”

Faintly, from somewhere back there, she could hear him grunt as he fucked her ass.

“Wiggle that ass, baby. I’m going to come this trip! Do it! Clean me! Squeeze that ass and get my wad!”

She wrenched him back and forth with swirls and bucks that shook him hard. He was too far gone for anything but an explosion that would clean his balls dry. He fucked his cock up her ass and held onto whatever he could grab — belly, asscheeks, tits.

She knew it. He was getting tired and pouring sweat on her back, grunting animal snorts and thrusting his cock into her, blasting her full of spunk in his wanton excitement. Then she lost it.

Lightning flashes bust her brain, her teeth shook loose, bones came unglued and bits of flesh just floated off into the sunset that blazed from her ass. She felt an agonized terror at the overwhelming potency of the energy that ballooned within her.

Then she was calm.

Molly floated off on a pink cloud that enfolded her safely and wrapped her in comfort and sweet, utter rapture. She reached back to pull him close. She wanted him where he was.


Casey grunted and promptly dropped back into deep sleep. She grabbed for the wispy threads of the dream. Daryl was fucking his cock up her cunt, yard after yard of his precious cock. More and more slid in her pussy, endlessly poking up to her throat, then curling back to wind around her collar bones, in and out of her ribs and then wrap around her backbone just like one of those giant snakes from a tropical forest.

“Uhhhh! Aooohhh!” She awoke. “Shit!”

She felt the sheet tangled around her and the heavy cover doubled over her and kicked them off. She had to pee. She never had to pee in the night.

Those drinks, [missing text].

She rolled and ran, squatted and felt the blessed relief pissing. What the fuck? What was that on the other side of the bed? She tried to see around the corner. Sure as skit wasn’t Molly. She couldn’t get up now, only dogs and like that could start peeing and then stop. A quick surge of panic drained her. Shit, if it was a guy he could have raped her if he’d wanted. She wiped her cunt-slit carefully and peeked around the corner.

“Jeez, look at that cock!”

She slapped her hand over her mouth, spun her head to look around, then back at the very masculine form. No one had heard. She covered her cunt, held her tits and scooted for her robe. She looked back and gulped. She crept on tiptoe closer to stare down at the tremendous prick. With what little light came from between the blinds, she could see that this guy had a most massive cock, a totally awesome prick, a cock that would split a girl wide open.

She glanced up at his face, checked his skinny body out and went back to that stupendous prick. She’d seen some cocks in pictures that girls giggled over, and some were unreal, like down to the guy’s knees, but this one — wow! It laid flat up his belly way past his bellybutton, and then it twitched.

She jerked back. Nothing — he was still asleep. And he was just a kid. She glanced over and saw a note on the nightstand.

Casey read it, shrugged. If she wanted to fuck around all night, that was her problem, but Casey was true to her man Daryl, and screwing around with this half-grown infant wasn’t for her.

She looked at the kid’s mammoth cock again. Daryl had stretched her cunt with his neat prick, but this cock would rip her open up to her lungs.

She looked around guiltily. The trouble was that having just started with Daryl and having found out what really neat shit fucking was and then to have him busted up leaving her so fucking horny, she was about to rape a broomstick, and going back to diddling herself with a finger was not going to even begin to take away the itch. She was dripping cunt-juice.

The boy’s cock twitched again.

“Yeah, you beautiful cock, you better believe I’m about to gobble you up, you nice hard prick you.”

She’d threaten him with death by torture if he woke up and saw her. Molly had said to grab all the cock she could.

Casey ran a finger down her cunt-slit. Her clit was about to pop clear out into the room.

Softly she said, “Good girls get no cock and then wonder why they cry and their cunts ache. Look at me for Christ’s sake. Of course, this is only until Daryl gets on his feet again. And into my panties.”

Very carefully, she lifted the boy’s cock off his belly. He wasn’t full hard yet. It drooped down, but the prick was actually heavy. Her insides fluttered. She slid off the bed, watching his face, slipped in the bathroom and turned on the light there.

Back on the bed, she saw that his cock was different. That was what they’d said. If a guy wasn’t circumcised then a cover of skin hid the prick-head.

She giggled. Her first uncut cock. She leaned on her arm, bent across him and lifted his prick again. Cute as all shit! The foreskin slid back neat as peeling a banana. She licked at the cockhead. Just like Daryl’s, only the skin came back unless she held it. She licked again.

She giggled again. “Cutest little gadget!”

Then she twisted to look back at his face. Nothing, he slept like he was dead. But his cock wasn’t. She licked it, pulling back what little skin still covered the cock-head. She plopped the head in and out of her mouth a couple of times.

“Neat. Real neat!”

She admired her handiwork. Not only was the cock-head poking out, but the shaft was stiff and throbbing in her hand to stand straight up. She could feel the blood pounding in the veins, twisting the length of the thick pole.

“Got a mind of your own, haven’t you? You know what you want. Now that you’re strong and hard, you want to poke around in my pussy, don’t you?”

“Oh, Jeez. Shit yes!”

The voice was trembly and downright squeaky, but the hand suddenly firm on her ass had no doubts. There was a guy attached to the cock she’d been blowing. There was no way she could back out. She’d have to tough it out and bluff the kid into keeping his mouth shut. She turned, snarling.

“Look, scumbag, I know fucking well that you’re going to tell every guy you know that a girl rolled into bed with you and you fucked the shit out of her for hours.” She lifted his cock and slapped the head with a sharp crack. “But you don’t tell anyone who. Get that, geek? If you do, I’ll turn the rest of you into less than this worthless piece of shit.” She held his prick, which had gotten as limp as a scraggly worm. She stroked it and got exactly what she expected — the worm turned and strengthened.

“Absolutely not. I won’t tell. That’s one of the things my dad told me,” he said. “This too.”

He reached down on the floor and found the package. “He said you wouldn’t, but just in case.”

Casey smiled at him, stood, shrugged her robe off a shoulder, turned enough to show her ass and let the front of her robe drape across so he could see the side of one tit and her ass. “What do you think?”

If she’d hit him along side the head with a two-by-four, she’d have gotten the same reaction. She giggled. She was the older woman, sophisticated, seducing the innocent virgin boy into a life of obscene lust.

She shrugged the other shoulder free, faced him, and posed with a leg forward, opening the robe slightly. “Besides that, shit-for-brains, no rough stuff. Don’t just grab the goodies and stick that cock in for a fast fuck. Slow and easy, got it? I get to enjoy this too!”

He nodded, mumbled something about good old dad again, and lay back fingering his cock.

While she was at this seduction, might as well give him the whole show, she thought. She brought the robe back up to cover, whirled so her ass mooned him, tried the side shot again with a sultry leer, then wiggled the robe off. She had his full attention. He was jacking his prick.

“Enjoying the scenery?”

“Oh shit, yeah!”

“Wait’ll we get to the hands-on demonstration.”

He got in an extra stroke on that. Strips were fun but it was time. She finished with a shoulder wiggle that bobbled her tits, a bump with fingers showing her cunt-slit, dropped the robe and did her best slut slither to the bed.

He didn’t argue when she shoved him back and took his big cock in her hand. She stared at it again. Such a young kid to have such a prick. She stroked his cock, bent to suck the cock-head in her mouth to coat it, then let her saliva run down the shaft while she fingered the slippery cock-knob. The kid was thrusting like he was going to shoot. She sucked in the head, worked it over, tongue and cheeks, and sure as shit, he came. She held his prick straight and watched the jizz squirt. She jacked him until only a few blobs dropped off, then she turned to smile at him.

“Takes the pressure off. Now we can do some sucking and fucking. Ever go down on a girl?”

He started to shake his head, then changed his mind.

“Sure, lots of ’em.”

She knew he was lying. “See right there, my clit. Tender as spring shit. No chewing, pulling, light as a breath or I’ll go ape and blow you off. I’m not into pain. Now get down there and eat, I’ll help you along.”

He surprised the piss out of her. Either he’d had some pussy to dive into or he’d had some good lessons from daddy and listened. With her hand, she led him along. He got the idea and threw in some cute touches of his own. Before she knew it, she was thumping around, grabbing the sheet. Daryl he wasn’t, but he was learning. Some practice and he’d give some girl all the head she could handle.

“Yeah, do me! Aghhh-ohhhuuu-there! Unghhh!”

He’d gotten her clit in an uproar, but when he stabbed a stiff tongue up her cunt, she exploded. He kept licking back and forth while she thrashed and bounced, holding tightly to his head to keep him down in her crotch where she needed him desperately. She needed a good climax and this wasn’t going to dribble away because he quit too soon.

“Ahhhh-whooeee, dig in there, stud, make me come! Oh yeah, yeah, do it just like that!”

Then the fever hit her, the thumpers from that storm broke the sound barrier and things flashed reds like she couldn’t believe.

“They said when she comes a good one, she really blow her buttons — I mean, you really come.”

“I’d been saving that for too long.” She smiled down at him. “Keep on eating cunt like that and you’ll make the girls very happy.”

He had the proudest grin. She couldn’t wait to see his face when he had her bucking under him, bouncing so hard he’d have to hang on tight to keep pumping cock into her cunt. Then he’d know what a good fuck did to a healthy girl. After all, she was an expert one now, wasn’t she?

He began to crawl up her body, rubbing his way along. It did tingly things along the path, especially the stops at her tummy and wandering back and forth to suck her nipples to attention. He’d had some instruction, she didn’t care where, just so she got the benefit.

Benefit it was when he was far enough up to nudge his cock up to her cunt-crack. It might be hard to get started, but once in, she’d be in heaven.

She arched, twisted and slid out from under him when he slid sideways off ha. He looked confused, watched her to see what the fuck she was up to, then grabbed.

“Sneaking off, huh?”

“I can throw you three out of four anytime.” She knew she couldn’t, but it’d be fun wrestling. No better way to get his hot skin next to your body. It got the guy used to your body without animal grabs.

Months with Daryl had taught her all sorts of slippery tricks. About the time she slowed and he thought she was ready for the main event, she whipped around and nailed him with a hammerlock, reached under to rub his balls and slap his ass.


When he pinned her, she snuggled until he loosened enough for another grab.

“You cheat!”

“You betcha, buster. Your arms are stronger, I have to even the odds.”

She waited until she had him stretched out flat a few minutes later. Then she pulled on his cock. She leaned over the side of the bed, ripped open the package and began to roll the rubber down.

“I hope this is big enough. These are made for normal men and you’re hung like a horse!”

She warned him about entering a girl before she was juiced. She knew she was. It wasn’t just the wrestling around, it was thinking about that beast fucking up into her cunt that made her drool at the cunt.

“Let me do it this way so I can take as much as I can.”

No objection from him. He just stared in wonder as she rubbed the head of his cock along her cunt-slit. That last touch was all she needed to be sure she was ready for the beast.

“Don’t jab up, let me do it.”

She really couldn’t blame the kid for nudging up. He was trying, but all that cunt right near his cock was too much. She held his big cock steady at her fuck-hole and lowered from the high straddle to feel the huge cock stretch her pussy-lips. Right on down to the inner muscle ring where it hurt for a second. She flinched and sank another couple of inches. She could almost feel her pussy relaxing to take his prick.

“Easy for a sec and I’ll be all right.”

Casey worked his cock around in her cunt, tried a few shifts around to pull the muscles around her clit, a few humps to get the cock working and puffing from her asshole up to her clit. She could not only handle his enormous prick but she was dripping with fuck-juice, ready for more. She was packed full of his cock, but it was sensational as marvy as a hot cock in her cunt could get.

“Ohhhh, shit!” he gasped.

She grinned down at him. He barely had his cock in her cunt and he was an instant addict. “It gets better, lover boy. Stick around.”

She still wasn’t sure how much she could handle if he began to fuck her hard. She slipped up and down on his cock, wiggling her cunt and taking more each trip. He nudged up gently and that felt great. Nice zingies were beginning to roam around. They found a steady motion with him shoving up while she humped back and forth on his solid prick. She knew that if they kept going like this she’d be rattling off a healthy climax soon.

She felt down at her cunt. His nice cock was fucking up into her just as comfy as anything. She diddled her clit a few quick snaps and took the last of his cock.

“How’s that?” she asked.

“Awesome! Totally awesome!”

“I’ve got some other stuff too. Or don’t you like tits?”

She gave him the shoulder waggle to swing her tits and then dropped her right tit in his mouth. She held his hand on her hip and ran some circles before she reached back for his balls.

“Unghh-ahhh!” It came out of him muffled. He had a mouthful of tit.

Casey giggled at him.

She reached back and tickled her own asshole. He even let go of her left nipple at the thrust she gave him. She squeezed his cunt on his prick.

“Ohhh, wow! Do some more of that!”

“This down here?”

She wanted to see something. She held her fingers at her puffed cunt-lips and squeezed as hard as she could. Barely, just barely, she felt a movement.


“Hit me! Fuck it hard! Shove your cock in me rough! Now, do it! Do it! Do it!”

Her voice rose to a scream and she thrust her ass down on his raging, stabbing cock, squirming and humping her cunt forward at an angle to crunch her clit. She was wracked in a tight swirl with lots of bouncing and spinning.

Casey blinked down at his horrified face.

“Don’t worry, I’m a screamer.”

He blew out a vast sigh and relaxed a bit. “How’d you hold back through all that?” she asked.

“Shit, damn if I know. I wanted you to come first, but much more of what you were doing to me and I’d have blown you right up to the ceiling.”

She grinned her best lewd invitation. “Bet you can’t blow me loose of that power-pole prick, but let’s try. How about some doggie for starters, then maybe some missionary. You have a few you want to try?”

“Won’t they be back?”

She smiled down at him. “Look, dipshit, when you’ve got a girl in your bed naked and hot to trot, worry about a knock on the door when it happens.”

He was a good kid, he’d be a great fuck and with his big prick he’d keep lots of girls happy. Right now he was going to make Casey a lot happier. She got on her knees and motioned for him to bring that bacon right on home.


Casey screeched at the sharp slap on her left asscheek. She peered from under the covers at a vicious, sadistic, smiling Molly. So much for the plan to get up early and act bright and innocent. She sunk her ship when she rolled to a sitting position and flinched at the pain from her pussy-lips.

“Sonny was hung like daddy, huh?”

The doctor had mixed reviews. It might not be too bad, but he strongly recommended that Daryl be sent to a facility better equipped and with specialists.

“And more expensive.”

The doctor shrugged. In reply to Casey’s question about time, he said it could take months for Daryl to recover. Her scream shook the neurological section.

The kids at home were thoughtful. Both Daryl’s buddy, Tom, and Suze’s steady, Nick, had no objections to a threesome, but the girls said no. Letters to Daryl and diddling her clit didn’t relieve Casey’s growing case of the hornies. Now that she’d had a sturdy cock, nothing but a good fuck would do. She needed a hard prick to fuck her cunt until she was bug eyed and clumped down to a heap.

Her best friend, Suze, was no help. “Get laid. You’re driving me bonkers grumping all the time.”

Suze’s brother was always too deep in cars. He spent days and nights deep in those greasy things under the hood that dripped oil all over. Besides that, he was too close to everyone Daryl knew.

Casey looked out the window. George was half swallowed by a hood of his one and only true love.

Casey looked again. Next to George was the neatest-looking guy Casey had seen for months.

“Who the fuck is that hunk?”

“Not bad,” Suze said. Then her view that brothers were suitable only as targets on a firing range returned. “Anyone with George is a certified asshole, has a two-inch cock, is castrated and may well be queer. George doesn’t notice anything but cars, which are sexless.”

Casey’s opinion of brothers was that they had friends who might be very, very interesting. She stepped back, flipped off her top, wriggled out of her bra and slipped her top back on. She could smell the surfing air of the sea, the brisk pines on ski slopes, luscious odors from a kitchen where candlelight meals were served with wine and no one carded you. The scent of a healthy, strong cock standing at attention followed closely.

“Don’t toss this double-tent rig you use for a bra at me. Don’t I get a shot at him?”

Casey smiled sweetly. “You’ve got Nick.”

“If you manage to drag his body behind the bushes, tell him those worms squirming out of your cunt are a harmless variety you’re incubating to preserve a vanishing species.” She glared.

Casey ran to the driveway. She was properly dressed for the occasion. The deep scoop neck bulged with her tits and her tight shorts showed the stitches on her panties. She was in complete control, despite his awesome grin. She remembered her name when he introduced himself. She didn’t look down in panic to see if she was drizzling cunt-juice in bigger spots than George’s oil drips. Most important, as a polite young lady she did not, throw him with a judo flip onto the grass, pull her shorts aside to shove, his cock up her cunt.

Doug Travers had been to the same meet where Daryl had been hurt. He slipped his hand over hers in sympathy. She closed the one gap between them. His voice twanged her skeleton with chords that boiled her blood. She did a soap-opera bit of noble suffering in the face of utter disaster.

“There’s some hope, but he may never walk again.” Catch in the throat. “Of course, he’s just a friend and he’ll be gone for months if I ever do see him again.”

George looked up. She silently promised him a ghastly death if he spoke. He didn’t and squeezed her hand in compassion. She wished it were her right tit. She leaned against him so he’d know she understood and thanked him. He peeked down her front. More important, what had been a dinky little crease the size of a hot dog had grown to a can of soda in his crotch.

“So, has George shown you around our little village?” Casey stuck her chest out and jiggled some parts. Locally, there wasn’t any scenery, but she had some peaked hills and a fern-covered vale he might find interesting.

“No,” he said. “And I’ve got to leave in the morning.” He jerked a thumb at a van parked at the curb. “Crank up the machine and bounce down the road.”

Casey figured that a guy with a van, unknown here and highly unlikely to ever meet Daryl, could fuck a horny young lady into ecstatic frenzy and exhaustion without any trouble.

“How about a girl guide so you won’t be so lonely?”

He beamed and held her by the shoulders. “When?”

She beamed back. “Three seconds while I do some girl things, okay?”

Wash her pussy, pee, steal a rubber from Suze and she’d be hot to trot. The bulge in his crotch grew suddenly.

She guided him out of town to a place under a tree where farmers ignored cars and vans and cops rarely bothered. He led her back on a thickly carpeted floor, pulled some curtains and they were in a comfy, safe retreat with lots of room. They looked at each other with anxious grins.

Considering that all she wore were sandals, shorts, panties and a top, it took quite a while to get her naked. Lots of real good stuff like rolling around, wrestling, and grabbing was going on. He wrapped her around himself.

The loss of tension, the reined mind and body were immediate relief for Casey. Being handled again by a man changed her from a warm, gurgling, prickling skitters to a longing, loving woman sparkling from toe to mussed hair, naked and hungry for a man.

He didn’t have much on, just his shorts, but they were in her way for the ziggy tingles she wanted.

“Doug, you’re a nice kid, but you have too many clothes on. Come here,” she said.

Once out of his shorts, she verified her dream. His cock wasn’t boric size, but not much shorter. She shoved him on his back and bent to heft the looping cock. She sucked the prickhead in her mouth and thought again that she had to ask Molly about deep-throating.

In the back of her mouth was a trigger that made her belly want to flip. But cuddling his balls, she took all she could, and tried to xx the bulging head down. Some old urge to puke.

“Sorry, not one of my talents,” she said.

“Thanks for trying.”

She’d had lots of practice giving head, so she could make him happy. She slid down the cockshaft, nipped at the skin, came back up to kiss the head and nick at the sensitive rim with a toothy touch. Sucked in the whole cock-head for some cheek and tongue, kneaded his balls lightly and jacked up and down the shaft, in the loose skin along. He was shifting around, so she knew she was getting to him. Corkscrewing up and down on the bulbous cock-head had him lifting up to meet her. She held the cock-shaft while she scraped her teeth across the prick-head again, then soothed his cock with her cheeks.

“Unfair! You’re setting me on fire and I haven’t any goodies of yours to play with!”

“All you want, stud.”

She shifted close and he pulled her hips up over his face. Next he had his mouth in her cuntslit and the zoopers were stinging. He slung a sideswipe at her palpitating pussy-lips that stung her out with shivers and jitters. His hand snuck up to milk her tits, and her nipples popped out a full inch.

It wasn’t easy going back to work on his prick with all that neat stuff racking her around, but she had to give him as good as he was doing to her. She worked on the ridge of his cock-head, kept his balls in comfort with an occasional suck in her mouth when she was down that way, and held them warm in her hand.

She wasn’t all that sure about herself. He licked along her wide-open cunt-silt, nipped at the puffy cunt-lips, stabbed at her pussy-hole and took a few odd shots at her clit. His cock was stuck out like a sore thumb. He had her humping and unsteady, gasping and beginning to slip with a fine film of sweat. His hands flew up and down her back, swooped for a dab at her ribs and then dug under for a little feel. Flashed back to grab a chunky handful of ass, pulled her ass cheeks apart and in different directions, so much that she could feel fresh air seeping in her shitter. A dab more and she’d blow a wild one.

“Shit, man, I’m right on the edge! Suck my pussy, but if I flip too much, roll me off!”

“Go for it, baby, you’ve got me hot too!” He sounded like this would be just one come among many. He was her kind of man.

Casey dove down on his cock and sucked back up with a tight grip. Concentrating with all the shit he was laying on her wasn’t easy, but she had to. He had hot streaks blasting lightning up her cunt. Her tits were zapped and along her backbone he was playing Latin rhythms. He blew air along a wet streak in her cunt.

She jumped and lost his cock. He had her bouncing like a spring toy that jumps out of a box to scare kids. She found his big cock and sucked it deep, despite her own waggles and jerks.

Then he ambushed her. Everything tore loose. He snorted in her cunt-gash so she wailed and humped at the fiery arrows stinging inside, deep into her marrow. She was plucked, stripped raw, and laid on a blazing bonfire. Her asscheeks were ripped apart and a finger was forced up her shitter.

“Yeeooowww!” She heard herself and tried to quiet the noise. “You’re tearing me apart!”

She jumped forward, throwing her ass sideways and waggling to get the finger out of her ass. A firehose blasted her throat. The finger slipped from her ass. She spit. Her mouth was full, of gloppy junk. Her cheek was wet. She opened an eye. Jizz. He’d blown all over her face!

“I thought you couldn’t do it.”

“Do what?”

“Take my cock that deep.”

“I couldn’t, until got that hot finger up my ass!”


Now that he was weak and helpless, she rolled, grabbed an arm, and tried to pin him with her body across his. A squiggle and she was cuddled in his lap while he rested comfortably against the van wall. One hand stroked her pussy and the other hoisted her right tit. She sucked his nipples, rubbed his belly and nipped his neck. He was doing sweet nothings with her cunt and tits, stirring up quivers and twinges. She found his cock coming along nicely, hardening but not granite.

“Can I wake it up now?”

He slid flat on the floor and she bent to hold his limber prick up to suck it in her mouth. A few corkscrews and a run down the shaft and his nice cock was staring at her with its one eye. Rubber-rolling time. She straddled him and held his prick at her pussy lips.

“Nosey little critter, ain’t it?” She rubbed his cock along her cunt-slit as it poked up. “You’d think it was hungry to get in me.”

“It’s been hungry ever since that fast flash tossing your bra. It knew it had found true love and tried to climb the wall right then.”

“Why you sneaky peek…” A girl couldn’t really act indignant when the guy was nudging his prick at her cunt with her help, but she tried.

“First I thought you weren’t naked, but now I see. Your nipples aren’t that different from your tits. Great blend, I love it.”

“No makeup, stud, just natural me.”

“Ummmmm, love that too!”

All this silly chitchat was depriving her of what she so desperately needed, a solid cock shoving deep in her cunt. She held his prick steady at her cunt sad looked down at him. He held her hips in a firm grip to pull her down on his prick. Their grins widened and she sighed gratefully as the great prick spread her cunt and penetrated. The cock-head probed up her cunt, the rubbery ridge slipped past the muscles with a twinge, and Casey sighed more deeply as the heavy cock prodded along her channel.

She released his cock, planted both hands on his chest and closed her eyes to savor the magnificence of a hearty spear pushing ever farther into her cunt. Delicious, but her tits began to itch. Poor things were neglected. She held a hand on her hip but lifted the other to juggle her left tit. Nice, but not enough. She bent forward to swing both tits in his face. He swung his head, trying to lick each nipple as it arced past.

Casey eased her pussy down until they were fitted together. Everytime she fucked on top, she liked it better. She could take all the cock she wanted, slam down on his prick or ease it in and out, hump forward to get her clit straining and screaming, swing her ass to stir up all kinds of poaches and wrangles if she wanted to keep him from shooting, or to slug him with hard thrusts that got blood boiling in both of them.

“Those lazy eights do anything for yours.”

“Casey, if every guy in the world could feel the super, smasher, jazzy, snorting sex thrill you’re giving me right now, there’d never ever be another quick fuck again. It isn’t the mindblower of coming, but I know that’s on the way and this simmering on the slow burner prolongs the pleasure.”

He thrust two inches up her cunt and she squeezed his cock. Doug muttered something and a look of utter bliss smoothed his face. She dropped forward again to swash her nipples in his teeth, a rocking motion with side shuffles kept his prick deep up her cunt. She could nudge forward and get his knobby cock-head swigged up tight.

When one had too much and broke the fit, they’d go to easy thrusts up her cunt that floated her up to heaven. Maybe some side fluffers and shunts that shot wings fluttering her insides, always varied, always surprising and always the building inside her of a wham-bang climax.

Especially when he pumped a series of thudding thrusts up her pussy.

He pulled her down flat on him, patted her knees, and she straightened. A quick roll and she was on the bottom.

“You were up there like an angel, but too far in the clouds. Now you’re down to my level.”

“What kind of devilment do you have in mind?”

Doug stroked a non-existent mustache like a dramatic villain. “You’ll soon see, my proud beauty!”

From the slithery strokes he was sinking in her cunt, she knew she was in for it, and would love every stab of his cock. She hooked her heels on his back and thrust up to meet him with wiggles, swirls and what she knew now was a potent sex ploy, squeezing his cock raw. It worked both ways. All the moves got her more excited than it did him. She knew that she came easily and often, but with this guy, she boiled over and thumped out a thrasher like a gusher.

“Yeah, there, do that! Oh shit, Doug, whang me! Oh damn, coming, coming, coming!”

“Told you being on top was too high.”

“No way, buddy, that built all this shit! Dropping to your level just opened the chute!”

“Like this?”

She sank back into the depths and shuddered out another come before she knew it. After that, she lost track of how much she came. He toyed with her, hit switches and touched hot spots — and she came, got her breath, and came again.

He took her on her side, from the back, in some side twists she didn’t think possible without a lesson in contortion, and she shuddered to what felt like a constant climax. They even stopped, messed around and then tucked his cock back up her cunt and started again. She was amazed. A couple of times he came, but some playing around and a few strokes and he was ready.

“Casey, we’d better go for the big finale or we’ll both be so sore we can’t walk.”

“Noooo!” she groaned, but she knew he was right. It was losing him that scared her. Where the shit was she going to find another good fuck without everyone in town knowing? “Yeah, I know, but fucking you is yummy!”

They were in a position that they both liked.

He could fuck her cunt while diddling her front, tits, and clit making her come forever. She had his balls in hand and his chest to tease.

“God, but I love that muscle roll you do on my cock.”

“You have to come back here for that. Those California girls haven’t got the equipment.”

He grinned and she giggled. He thrust a few inches in her cunt and she clenched down as hard as she could. They made it a slow start — neither really wanted to end it, but it had to be. Gradually they built to slamming thuds. She knew she’d bounce off the roof when she came this time. They’d both come so it wouldn’t be easy, but when it did, they’d have a wham bang snorter that rocked them both.

Casey banged back at him. It was coming up fast, she felt the tension, had the slippery sweat, the strain of taking the pounding he was jamming in her pussy.

“Come on, fuck me blind, bust my ass, shoot that beef in me harder! Gimme some cock, you bastard!”

She hunkered into a ball to take the straight hard shots he was throwing in her cunt. She slapped his chest and forced his hand tighter on her tit.

Rattled and breathless, she clung to his body while the torrid purple swatches tore her frame. She flinched at the bleeding red pain in her pussy and wrenched away from the sweet pain tearing her tits. He gave a last thrust of his cock and slumped.

It could have been minutes or hours that they lay holding each other and squirming faintly for a neater feel of fading cock in cunt. A few muttered words of loving and a tender touch with a kiss barely disturbed the quiet mood.

Then a thump on the side of the van echoed along the sheet metal with an endless thunder roll.

“You all right in there?”

Casey should have been scared, but she was too full of all the flush and complete contentment of the superb fuck.

“Whoooeee! Never been better!”

They heard a chuckle and a light pat on the van. “Okay, then, young lady. Noisy as you are, you had me worried. But you’d better move along, the cops start patrolling about now.”

Casey and Doug looked at each other in total shock. They’d left George and Suze’s place in late morning.


Suze was not as unpredictable, mysterious and completely bewitching as her boyfriend Nick thought. She was when she wanted to be. When she wanted something she went for it.

To Suze, guys her age were okay, but older guys were better. They had learned how to fuck a girl into ecstasy several times a night. They also drove past the hamburger joints to fancier places. Which explained why she let Casey trot off with Doug. His coach probably had more lasting strength and knew a few variations the younger guy had yet to learn. A friend on the girl’s team had done some scouting, and Doug himself had unknowingly brought the coach to town. A phone call in a lower, distracted voice like the mother of a potential swim champ got Suze an appointment at four.

The hard part was deciding what to wear. She had to look older and dressed up enough if he did take her out after.

He looked puzzled when she knocked at the door.


“Ah, no, no, I expected an older woman and a kid.”

“No kid, no mother. I’m it.”

Suze pushed her way in, which puzzled him more, but she had to establish her turf or back out fast. One glance and she’d won, no sign a woman was with him. She picked at the front of her dress suggestively. She’d done better than she’d hoped. Her spy had said cute, and he was. Tall and slim, with swimmer’s long muscles.

“Sorry about the devious stuff, but this is a small town and I have to be very careful with local guys ad anyone from out of town. Which can make a girl very, very horny. I’m not a pro. No minor raps, I’m dean and I insist on rubber. If that’s okay with you, maybe we can get together.”

“I’m from a small town, too. I know. Getting some loving can be a real bitch. You know my name, I don’t know yours and won’t, right?”

“Call me Red.”

He was a good kisser. Came on sneaky soft and then upped the snoop to slip in her mouth. Gone, then reappeared nibbling her ear and did some kissing along her neck. She’d picked a winner. His hand was gentle on her left tit, lifting and cupping.

“Door locked?”

“Shit, lady, right when it was getting interesting!”

He had a grin that would slip the panties off a forty-year-old virgin. Which made her cuss. Fucking pantyhose were definitely trouble, but getting dressed up made them a must. He got the door, laid a rubber on the night table like a nice boy and was reaching for his shirt when he looked at her.

Suze was reaching up under to begin the struggle with her pantyhose. He held a hand to stop. She came over and lifted his shirt.

Pecking at his nipples seemed to be exactly why he’d stopped her. That and some strokes along a healthy slug he was growing in his pants. And some neat little dabs he had with her tits and a handy two-hand peel on her hips that slid under the hose and began to roll the damn things off. A few words and a shift of hip to show a zipper and they stood with ankles wrapped in cloth.

“Race you to the bed,” he said.

Suze giggled. Neither could move, hobbled as they were.

“Hop, Coach, a new exercise for your guys.” She turned him at the bed, shoved and looked again at his big cock. “How big is that telephone pole?”

“Nothing much really, a little above normal at twelve inches or so. I haven’t measured lately.”

“You need a yardstick!”

She licked her lips, holding his cock along her arm. The beast reached past her elbow. “Shit, I don’t know.”

He sat up and held her shoulders. “I lie a lot. It’s nowhere near twelve. When we get you warmed up, you’ll have no trouble.”

“Sorry about my tiny tits,” she said.

“Shut up.”

Her eyes went wide.

“If I wanted a cow, I’d go to a farm. Your tits are scrumptious, deliciously gorgeous. I like them exactly that size and shape.” Very solemnly, he stopped to kiss one and then the other nipple. “I’m very glad to meet you, leftie, and you too, rightie. I hope we’ll see lots of each other and enjoy each other thoroughly.”

Suze giggled. It felt tingly, but for the first time she felt as though her tits were adequate. At first she’d kept hoping they’d grow. Then she’d cussed her grandmother for bequeathing her silver instead of big, bouncy tits.

He bent down to yank at her clump of clothes. She held his shoulder while he slipped her free of cloth. Ever so slowly, he nuzzled his chin in her belly. A finger slipped in her cuntslit, parting the hair while he peered. Hands on her hips, he looked her up and down, plumped her tits, reached back to pat her ass as though he were testing for firmness, then backed off for the overall view.

“Do I make the team, Coach?”

“Absolutely world-class! Top of the line.” She reached down to hold his cock. “This is the world-record breaker.”

She stroked the length and it throbbed. The coach pulled her down beside him and rolled her on her back, spread her legs and stared again at her pussy.

“I learned when I was young that redheads aren’t green underneath, but I found that some have absolutely perfect cunts.” He licked his lips. “Tasty too!” Of all the guys, not that many but a few, none had ever given her an artistic critique of here cunt. When he thumbed her cunt-lips back and dove in her pussy, she relaxed. When a guy went down on her, it took time, a slow process of gradually increasing excitement.

The coach went at her cunt seriously and with experience. Licking along from fuck-hole to clit was standard. Flicking with pursed lips at her inner and outer cunt-lips with wild disregard for hair, asshole or other delicacies seemed normal for him. Side slashes for a bite that left marks on her thigh had her squirming.

“Just eat me, forget the fuck!”

“No way, Red, this is too delicious to waste on outside licks.”

He pulled her up by the ankles, her thighs split and his nose digging in her cunt, his hands mauling her tits and more stuff happening to her cunt-slit than most guys could do with a prick and both hands. Suze gulped and shivered.

“I think I’m going to — oh shit, yes — that, that — right there!” She wiggled, wrapped a leg around his neck and nearly shattered her backbone trying to get his tongue up her cunt-hole to her belly. “Yeeoowww!”

The finger in her asshole did it.

“How’d you get up my ass so easy?”

He grinned and licked his finger.

She was laughing and wiggling too much, so he laid her flat. She shoved him over and grabbed for his magnificent cock. She tried holding it with both hands.

Suze kissed the cock-head, sucked it into her mouth, tongued the edge, and gulped it to the back of her throat. With a hand under, she could hoist his balls, then make her way down the shaft and suck his balls in her mouth. She knew he liked it. She licked her way back, jacking on his cock. Back at the cock-head, she sucked, then slid back along the yards and yards of cockshaft.

“Red, you’ve learned a lot for your years.”

“Whatever you do, do it right and make it worthwhile. That includes fucking.”

She took him deep and gave him lots of tight cheek and some tongue wiggles, pumping her head on his prick. She felt him shudder just before he pulled her up by the hair.

“Don’t you want me to blow you?”

“I’d love it, but I’m worried about time. I don’t come back as fast as the guys your age, and I couldn’t handle much more of that.”

She was very doubtful about that, but she crawled up beside him and held his throbbing cock with light strokes while he did some zingy things to her neck and tits. She got the shivers again and it wasn’t just what he was doing with her tits. It was handling his hard cock. Never having had a prick so monstrous in her had her torn between fear and hunger to feel it sinking deep in her pussy.

“Can I try this thing on for size?”

“Get on top, tease yourself to stir up the juices, then just slide on down.” He grinned at her. “It ain’t that scary.”

She pinned back at him and stuck out her tongue. “You guys. Shooting the shit you brag about how big your cock is, but when you scare a woman with it, you say it’s just a teensie wienie!”


She climbed on board and held his purplish cock-head at her pussy-lips, pushing it back and forth until she hurt to stab herself with it. Slow and easy, the nice big bulge of cock was pressing at her cunt-lips, spreading her open. It slipped in sweet and easy. She sank to where her hand still held the waiting length of cock eager to enter her.

She dropped another few inches and it got better. A few circling shifts went to squiggles and clenching humps. She had nothing but good solid cock in her cunt. Her swirls just accented the tiny prickles stabbing at her. Barely beginning and she was already getting the early-warning signs of a big climax brewing.

“I’m beginning to like this prick of yours.”

He grinned up at her. “No trouble.”

He said it as a statement, not a question. He was right. It wasn’t any trouble handling all that cock. He held her by the waist and she waggled her shoulders so her tits moved.

“Hi, leftie, rightie, glad to see you again. You’re looking good. Right pert and bouncy,” he said.

He leaned forward so he could plump them and tuck the nipples back in and watch them pop out. While he was playing, she slipped her hand in flat between them to see how much she had to take of his cock. She gulped, couldn’t believe it — she had taken nearly all of it.

“Go easy, I want to see if I can take it if you wham into me.”

“Red,” he said, “you’ve had it since the last time you felt down there.”

She almost blushed. She’d been worried without knowing. If you feel crinkly hair at your cunt-lips, those are his. Women have soft hair down there. She eased forward to get some clit action while she fit the blunt end of his cock to her womb. She threw her head back and happy noises burst out of her throat. She had all of his cock sunk in her cunt and nothing to do from now on but fuck until she’d drained him, busted his puddle of jizz and banged him limp.

“Such a dinky little cock.” She sighed mournfully. “But it’ll just have to do I guess.”

He shoved a rough one into her. She felt it coming when his gut tightened and shunted the force aside. It did give her a little twinge of pain, but nothing in the world would ever make her admit it.

“Tough stud, huh?”

She reached back and got a handful of balls. “Want to play, tough guy?”

He got a handful of her tits, and squeezed them tenderly. “Let’s just fuck instead.”

“Ummmm, Coach, you just talked me into it!” Suze couldn’t remember when anything had been so good. Hunching along on his neat cock, sliding back and forth, tingled her clit and even made her asshole itch. He was lifting up under her nice and steadily, making her innards shiver and her tummy grab for cock. Once in a while he’d lift some extra and fill her cunt. She gripped his prick and he gave her some thrusts when she shifted to drop on his cock.

She rubbed her tits in his hands and felt her nipples harden to rasp against his palms. Her whole crotch was in an uproar, seething and burbling with hunger for all the prick he could fuck into her.

“Faster! Shove me some cock! If I don’t come, I’m going to have a fit! Hit me, Coach, do it! Bang me! Fuck meeee!”

She thudded down on him and felt a solid whang of response. He threw some rough thrusts into her, slamming her hard but all she could think about was more.

She squeezed his hands on her tits, humped down on his cock, then tried some wide swings to stretch her pussy all over the map for more jazzing action. Shifting from holding his hands to slapping his ass for more speed helped bang her ass, filling her with his slamming cock.

“Unghhh, unghhh! Oweee! Do it! Whoooe!” she cried. “Thanks, Coach, you came up with the right stuff when I needed it.”

“Red, in my buSuzess you learn fast that it not only takes two to tangle, it takes a team effort to win.”

“Oh boy, did I ever win that round!”

Suze would have been quite happy to take a timeout, maybe make a steady flow of easy sliders up her cunt to keep things warmed up and let her catch her breath. Sort of a good idea, she thought. He rolled her on her side and snuggled up in a spoon. One hand held her asscheek and his cock explored her cunt-slit until it found a willing entrance.

He grabbed back for a handful of his ass and pulled him in. “I can’t, I just can’t! But I’m going to do it — come! Coming! Oh wow, shit! Fuck it to me! Fuck me now! Now do it! Yeowwww!”

Suze trembled and her breath came in gasps. Then he pulled out. She moaned softly. “Put it back in me!”

“Coming at you!”

He was suddenly on the floor, pulling her to the side of the bed. He stood, hooked her heels over his shoulders and rubbed his cock along her cunt-slit. Didn’t work worth shit. He had to stoop too much and it didn’t do much for her. She wiggled back on the bed and they were in the missionary.


“Shit, yes, lots better. I thought any way that got your neat cock up my cunt would be good, but that one, no way.”

Some girls laughed at the old-fashioned missionary, but it wasn’t all that bad. You could get your heels and your legs wrapped on him to pull him in, twirl your ass, grab inside to diddle your clit, rub your chest on his chest hair for tingles and a kiss.

Coach knew some dandy messing-around stuff. While she was still squirming to get straight and give him room to climb on and fuck her cunt, he was stuffing inch after inch into her. The wiggling and the bunching to get comfortable made it better.

“Ooouuu, I like this!”

He sunk a long stroke way up her pussy to touch her at the end of her cunt, and they nudged and twisted slightly to savor the full thrill of finding his cock packing her full. She was shifting back into heated shivers, floating along with the increasingly heady slashes of wild zingers that were rousing her to yet another shaking come.

“I like it, I like it! Do it some more, deep like that! Damn, Coach, that’s where I need it, there! Oh shit, that did it!” She swung a hard right to stay with his side jolt, gripped his ass with her heels, beating a tattoo, and grunted her way to a growling orgasm.

“Anghh! Anghh! Slug it to me! Slap my ass with cock, you nasty fucker! Anngghh, ung, ungghhh! Fuck me now, now, now!”

Suze never really came off that one. No breathers. He kept fucking into her cunt, and she roused herself to move her ass and grip his long cock deep within her.

Then he pulled out again.

Suze whimpered and reached down blindly to stuff his cock back in her hurting fuck-hole. Suddenly his strong hands were on her hips and she was up, her ass high, perched on elbows and knees. Doggie! She loved it.

A light rim around her shitter she didn’t like. “No, not there. I don’t want to get ass fucked, even by you!”

“You don’t know what you’re missing,” he said. But he did stop. “Saving it for your boyfriend?”

“That turd-head wouldn’t know how to get it in my ass!”

He laughed. “I thought it would give us some variety. We’ve been fucking for hours. Maybe a fast fuck up your ass, I’ll come and we could take a break, grab a bite and come back for round two.”

“Everything sounds fine except poking that cock up my ass. How long have we been fucking?”

He told her again and they agreed on his plan. He was serious. She braced herself to take the pounding. He bounced her and shoved her around, but it was the best. She shivered, shook, arched back for more cock and swiveled her ass for him.

He fucked her harder, then gripped her hard, rammed one deep and held there, then slumped on her back.

She’d done it. She’d drained her man, fucked him dry — for now, at least.

He was on an expense account. So she got wine and steak and her stocking feet on his legs.


Casey eyed Molly with same question. Seductions can’t be mutual, can they? It wasn’t the same as a super slammer of a fuck with a stiff cock, but it beat nothing. Nothing was her share lately. Horny night and day, driving her bankers, keeping her staring at guys crotches and wondering. She was so horny she nearly forgot to ask Molly about deep-throating.

“Whatever works for you, honey. Maybe start with something small and work your way up.” Molly grinned. “Ask your buddy Suze. She sure gets around.”

Casey’d heard. Lucky shit had gotten so royally fucked that she had to walk funny. She was still gnashing her teeth in envy when the bell rang. Molly glanced out.

“Come in, it’s open!” she yelled.

Strong masculine voice. “What’s open, your cunt.”

His big grin vanished when he saw Casey. “Oops, sorry.”

“Casey, this is Walt, an old friend.” From the way he kissed Molly and they looked at each other, it was obvious what kind of friend. Casey knew she’d better get out so they could get at it. He was kind of cute for an older guy. Fortyish, dark brown hair. Looked like he could fuck for hours with no sign of strain. Casey licked her lips and cursed the cruel fate that had dropped him in another woman’s bed.

“Glad to have met you, Walt.” Casey waved at Molly, winked and headed for the door.

“No, stick around. I only have a minute. Just stopped to see how Molly was.”

The shit they shot was fascinating. Despite first names only, Casey was certain she recognized some friends of her folks, supposedly straight arrows, but not according to what she was hearing.

“Walt, do me a favor? Both of us actually. Haul out that tiny cock of yours. Casey wants to learn how to deep-throat a cock. If I can borrow yours for a minute, maybe I can give her some pointers.”

Walt grinned at Casey, who promptly blushed. He zipped down, hauled out a full section of looping prick and waved it at her. Molly waved her over as she knelt in front of the happy man.

Molly demonstrated, explained, then held the hardening chunk of cock out so Casey could try.

Casey blanched from red to dead white.

“I couldn’t. I mean, we just met! I mean, oh shit!” She was hurting to get the fat cock in her mouth and work it over until she got washed away with the jizz spurting at her face.

“Crap, girl, this is a clinical lecture on how to suck cock. He won’t even get hard, will you, Walt?”

“If that gorgeous young lady gets close to me, I’ll splatter jism all over the room!”

Casey giggled and took the heavy prick in her hand. Molly had some last-minute instructions, then Casey sucked the cock-head in, let it slip back, and sucked it to where it gagged her.

She swallowed to get it all, backed off slowly, sucked in a breath of air and dove back down on the cock, then looked up at them, her eyes wide in shock.

“You did it, Casey. Good girl!” Molly slapped her on the back. “Jeez, it makes you all crinkly inside, just like getting fucked!” Casey gasped.

They smiled at her as proudly as her folks had when she’d ridden a whole ten feet on her first bicycle.

“Now you know you can. When the time comes, suck that cock and down you go.”

“Now, if there’s anything else?” Walt grinned hopefully.

No takers. Casey wished he’d zip up, but he just sat there with all that neat cock dragging down, stroking it once in a while so it stayed sort of hard.

Molly pretty much ignored it, but Casey was so fucking hungry for some cock that she quivered. Trying not to look was nearly impossible, so she tried to act as if it was just a knee or elbow or something. Anything but a gorgeous cock hanging there unused.

Walt stood and finally tucked and zipped. Casey missed it. Even if she couldn’t have it, it was nice to know it was there.

“Can I drop you off somewhere, Casey?” She looked at Molly. They’d both been sucking his cock, in the interests of education, of course, but Molly might have some plans to go for some real fucking.

“He’s safe, Casey. Helpless actually. Been all fucked out for years.”

Walt crooked a finger at Molly, like he could prove otherwise given a chance.

“If it’s no trouble, I was going downtown. Are you going that way?”

He was. He kissed Molly.

Casey’d been waiting for weeks to say goodbye to Molly this way. She patted her ass and thanked her for the lesson.

Walt was okay. He offered to buy her a Coke, treated her like she was a woman and not a dumb kid, and made no passes. She began confiding her problem as though they were friends and she hadn’t just learned how to take a suck deep on him. He calmly agreed that it was a stinking lousy deal that a man and a woman couldn’t get together for a hard fuck without it getting so fucking complicated.

“You haven’t got a handsome son hung like you, or a nephew, or any guy who can keep his mouth shut, have you? I’m getting desperate.”

“You know, Casey, there are many advantages to fucking an older man. He knows what he’s doing, he takes the proper precautions, he makes damn sure you get all the comes you want, he doesn’t bug you later and one more important point — as Benjamin Franklin said, they’re so damn grateful.”

Casey snorted, then the laugh busted out all over. “How much time have you got, and can you take me where I won’t be seen?”

They went to an old motel and got a room. It had a large bed. She twirled in bubbling joy and spun into his arms.

She felt his crotch. “Some older guys do have advantages.”

“So do beautiful young ladies. They don’t wrap themselves in layers of intricate straps and stretch to squeeze gadgets intended to compress too many pounds down to a size six. I timed one and it took forty-three minutes to make way for what I had been waiting. How they pee I can’t figure out.”

Casey giggled. “Want to time me stripping?”

“Lots more fun slow and teasing.”

That sounded like a hint. She backed away slowly, doing a mincing step with a sexy, enticing leer. She turned to wiggle her ass at him, then got her top up so her tits showed. Turning back, she rubbed circles on her tummy, lifting the top higher to show even more of her tits. She ran a sultry hand down along the inside of her thigh and trickled her fingers along her cuntslit. Another tummy-rub with her hips in motion. A few wide shots to the side, a circling swing and a few bumps so fast they were nearly flutters had him slobbering.

A quick flip loosened her shorts enough to slip them down, with some hip-flips so her pussy-hair just peeked out. A little farther and he’d be able to see the juice dripping from her cunt.

She pulled her top over her head, covered her tits with her hands and waggled enough so he could see them swing and sway. She stretched with an arm across her tits.

“How’s my strip?”

“You brought down the house.” He began to clap and chant. “Take it off! Take it off!”

She waggled her shoulders to bounce her tits, and bent to peel her shorts and panties. She got them to her knees, straightened to bobble her tits again and spread her thighs to finger open her cunt-lips while she thrust her hips forward.

“Jesus, girl. You’d drive a monk to the sheep pen!”

He stopped the show. Picked her up and carded her to the bed, laid her down carefully and stripped himself before she could get up to help.

She stared at him. For an older guy, he was in damn good shape. She reached out, grabbed his cock and pulled it toward her mouth.

“Jeez, and I ever glad to see you again!” she gasped.

“Not nearly as much as he’s glad to see you. You’re cute as a bright bug in shorts! That strip got his attention — brought him to life with a bang!”

“I’ve never done one before.”

She heard him mumble something, but it got lost. He sat on the bed beside her and wrapped his arms around her, tipped her back flat and did some of the things she’d needed for a hell of a while around her ears and down her neck.

The best part was the snarly jungle down below. She sneakily slid a hand between them and bent his cock down so with just a shift of her leg she got it between her thighs.

“Annnhhh! I’ve wanted to have a fat cock up there for too long!”

“It ain’t up there yet. And I have a few ideas about that patch down there of yours before we go too far.”

“Can I practice some more.”

“Honey, you can do anything you want with the old prick except hurt it.”

Casey shivered, hugged him fight and gripped his cock between her legs. He started down her frame. It made a big difference. All that stiff, crinkly, tickly hair scraping her stirred all kind of crackles off her skin. She held him close and pulled him in for some extra scrubbing at the good spots. Maybe other women could go for months without a man messing around with their parts, but not Casey.


She could hear him snorting down there. He licked back and forth, from her shitter to her clit. She twisted, shrieked and moved her ass, but she kept shoving his head right down in her pussy.

“Ahhhh! You’re making me come! Oh shit, I can’t!”

She banged her head back on the pillow, bounced her ass up, and jammed his head into her raw, aching cunt. The rolls of fire kept roaring over her.

Cool air washed over her and the thunder stopped.

“You all right?” someone shouted from just outside their door.

Casey knew. She’d done it again. “Yes, sir! It’s just that I get all excited! I’ll be quiet, honest!”

She knew she wouldn’t.

She looked at Walt and grinned. “I need a muffler.”

“Don’t worry, we’re the only ones in the place. He was just snooping around.”

He had fingers up her cunt-hole, prodding, spreading, insistently violating her while he made love with swirls around her clit.

“Do my tits! Poke me full! I can’t-can’t — oh, now, now!”

“If that doesn’t bring the man back, nothing will.”

They lay quietly. The steps came, but no voice. Casey held her hand over her mouth to smother the giggles.

“I’ve got it.” She had the perfect solution. “If my mouth is full of cock, I won’t be able to make any noise at all.”

They grinned at each other. She licked up and down, cuddled his balls, giving him all the preliminaries, sucking his plump cock-head in her mouth and screwing down on the shaft to get him hard.

Up and down, a test run to the back of her throat, same old warning, but she knew now what to do. She grinned as well as she could with her mouth full of his prick. Down she went on him. Hit the gag point and swallowed right on by. Gulped and shoved and took the full length. Not easy, but it wasn’t bad.

“Now you’re going to get it!”

“Casey, you don’t have to.”

“I think I can come if you can. Want to do it this way?”

“Casey, I know you’re very proud of your new-found talent, but let’s fuck. I’ve been in pain to get in your pussy ever since I first saw you.”

She grinned, wiped some dribble off her chin and looked for the rubber. “How do you want me first?”

“For the first of many, just the way you are.” She wiggled her ass at him. She was still on hands and knees from giving head, and there was nothing in the world wrong taking that big cock right up her cunt from behind. He came behind her and patted her asscheeks before spreading them. He muttered something about a luscious cunt, but she was interested in the cock-knob that was poking at her pussy.

She felt like she was winking at him, her cunt was so anxious to get him in her. Then it came, the bulgy head forcing her pulpy cunt-lips apart. She sighed and hunched back for more prick. There was nothing in the world like taking a big cock.

Her tummy was clenching on the prick, and she humped, then slid some wiggles in to feel his cock all the way along her pussy. It took forever to get a tickle of hair against her ass. To be packed again with a pulsing prick that eased in and out and swayed inside in gentle swirls that pulled her pussy and zinged her clit.

“Ease that prick right on up to my ears, will you? Shake some wax loose.”

He thrust deeper. “How’s that?”


She squiggled back and clenched down on his cock. He swung a circle before he nudged up to fuck her deep again.

His hands under her made her come. Everything got too woozy and the colors flashed and she hurt to get the tension blown when he cupped her tits and plucked nipples with his fingers. When he delved back for her clit, she knew the end was near.

“Stuff the pillow in my mouth, I’m going to shake the windows again.”

“Enjoy, baby, don’t let anything stop you.” Nothing could have stopped this one. Bent over her, all that hair tickling her, he moved her finger back so she could feel her cunt-lips pull in and out when he fucked into her. Then bells shattered in her skull and she came.

“Any sirens on the way?” she asked a few minutes later.

“No. Tell you what, let’s take a bred, get some dinner, come back and fuck for three days.”

They didn’t. Things kept coming up, like his cock finding another way to fuck her pussy.

It was dark when they dragged their worn asses to the car. She had a phone number. Anytime, he had said. She believed him.


There were several reasons why Terri was one of the best technicians at the clinic. She knew her trade as they all did. Beyond that, she liked her patients. Healing shattered bones included their mental welfare and other needs. Like sex. Especially cute ones, like Daryl.

He was pretty much off the medieval rack known as traction and in her hands. He was squirming around, not so much from her exertions on his back, but from the persistent hard-on pressing between his hard gut and the massage table.

“Can’t wait to get back to that girl that writes you and unload, can you?”

“Terri, don’t remind me. It’s bad enough with cute dolls like you crawling all over me. Anyway, she’s just a friend, sort of like a cousin really.”

“I’m going to tell her that when she comes, you lying turd!”

She dodged his hand wandering in search of her ass.

“Straighten up or I’ll put you back on the rack, buster!”


“Look, turd-face, I bust my ass getting you in shape and I don’t want you to fuck it all up.”

She swung the door closed. Then she unbuttoned her uniform. When she stepped into his view, all she had to do was slip her bra straps down and flap her tits out at him. Flip the skirt up and move her panties aside so two fingers could spread her cunt to show her cunt-lips. A shrug, swish, smooth the fabric and she was a competent technician, cooly performing her duties.

“I didn’t want you to forget what a woman looks like.”

“Forget! Shit, Terri, I’m going to come right here, now!” he moaned pitifully. “Do something, you’re killing me!”

She flipped back the sheet, rolled him on his back carefully and took his cock in her hand. He did have a sweet prick, and he was right, it was throbbing and twitching, ready to blow any second. She sucked it deep to the back of her mouth, jacked the shaft and he shot-off. Terri gulped a few squirts, then let the rest flow in spurts.

She wiped him clean with a tissue. “Not a bad cock for a jerk-off. We’ll have to see if something can’t be done for it, poor thing.”

His chart in her hand, she checked off a box. “That’s all for this morning. Normally, Jane would give you your afternoon therapy, but she’s busy, so I guess I’ll have to take over and give you my special treatment.” She looked down at him. “In a room with a lock. If you whisper a word to anyone, you’re back on the rack for months. Got that?”

He started to gulp, muttered thanks and held her while she shifted him back to his chair.

She took him to the therapy room and locked the door behind them.

Terri felt his cock. He was ready. He had a hard-on that could crack ice, hammer nails or skewer a hot cunt. She licked her lips and ran her hand over her cunt. This was going to be a good one, she knew it.

“The ground rules are simple. As I said before, don’t tell anyone, hint or even grin like you just got laid. You can’t move around. I can, so tell me, guide me, but don’t get jumpy or all this time you’ve spent getting cured is shot to shit. I’m going to get you off once to take the pressure off. Then we really start to fuck. If you feel like you’re going to come, let me know and I’ll stop.”

“You’ll squeeze my cock?”

“You got it, Daryl. I’m not doing this just for you. I get my fun too, baby, and wasting a good boner is a disaster.”

“Usually I can hold it, but after weeks here, I dunno.” He grinned. “At the first sign, I’ll tell you, Terri.”

Terri had a good body, she knew. She wished she could lose a few pounds, but the roundness added to her belly and hips turned guys on as though she’d flipped a switch in their generators.

She had big tits, with huge, dark nipples and a cunt-muff as thick and dark as the hair on her head.

“Sixty-nine, or shall I blow you?”

“Gimme some pussy to eat and maybe I can hold it.”

“Daryl, you’re my kind of guy, a pussy lover.”

He surprised her. He didn’t blow at her first lick and he was great at eating her cunt. A few guys still wouldn’t and a few weren’t very good, but he was young, with real talent and went after her cunt like it was the best thing he’d tasted in weeks.

She licked around the head of his cock and the bulging veins throbbed in her fingers. “Go for it, baby, shoot my face full, then we can fuck like animals.”

She jacked his cock-shaft and sucked the prick-head deep to give him both tongue and cheek action. She could feel his balls tighten up. A spasm rattled her. All that good stuff he was doing to her cunt was more than just making her squirm and wiggle. Little flashes of color were bouncing off her eyelids, and her insides were writhing with the come. She sucked hard on his cock, hoping she could get him off first in case he twisted and hurt himself. She lost. She whirled up and away like a balloon with a hole, zooped and dove some circles and was sinking low when the splat of his jism brought her to life. She gulped what she could, then let it shoot in the air. She rubbed it on her tits and belly when she wiped it off his gut.

“Think you can get that nice cock up for me?”

“To get in your pussy, I could lift weights with it!”

She smiled.

She stroked his cock. “I’ll get up the first time, then we’ll see how it goes. If you’re okay, then maybe we can try some other stuff.”

“Always the nurse.”

“Therapist, and I love my work, especially this kind.” She held his cock at her cunt-lips and rubbed it along her fuck-slot. “They don’t know it, but I’d scrub floors to work here with you guys.”

Daryl laughed. “Terri, you’ve got the perfect job!”

She nodded in agreement. Swiping his bulbous cock-head from her clit back, toward her asshole was making her feel good. She swiveled down slowly on his cock, savoring each inch as it fucked up her cunt. She held steady, gripped down on his cock for a muscle roll with her pussy and watched his face beam.

“Just a sample, buster. I’m going to fuck you limp!”


She dropped on down to take all of his cock, to get him buried as deeply as he’d go in her cunt. A swirl, a hump, another circle and some scoots forward to give her clit a workout, and then a bend forward to drop a tit in his face.

“Suck my tit, baby, give me some nice feelies while I get that prick of yours stirred up to do me some good.”

It was doing her lots of good. She lifted up a few minutes and then sank down.

Terri wished she’d signed out the room for three hours. This guy was good.

“How’d you learn how to fuck? Some older woman taught you, right?”

“Ahhhh, yeah, she was an older woman.” So he wouldn’t say, protected the lady, nice guy.

“Come on, Daryl, I haven’t come for minutes. Shoot me some cock. Pack my pussy full of meat. Plug me, baby, fuck me good!”

Suddenly it felt like he’d grown another six inches and hoisted all of them, plus the three more inches diameter widening his cock, right up where she wanted it, sunk up her cunt, touching her womb. She hunched along his cock for some clit tingles, swung sideways to get his big prick raking along the sides of her cunt, and felt him grab her left tit.

“Aaaah-ooouuu!” The breath rushed out of her.

When he slipped down her belly and tweaked her cunt-muffs, tugging at the hair, she began to come. Then he did it to her again.

Strong thrusts pulsed up her cunt as he thrust more cock into her. “That’s it, honey, hard cock, just a little more! Jizz me, baby, I’m — angh-anghhh!”

She shivered and clung tight, vibrated her cunt up and down on his slammer and heard her own little grunts echo back off his chest. The swelling inside built, then lessened when she gulped and wailed in whimpers.

“Nice, honey, nice. Give her my thanks. That lady really taught you to fuck a woman to a sloshy bowl of jelly.”

She squeezed his prick. It was steel-hard and working in and out of her cunt so easy and nice. “And how to stay stiff. She knows her fucking.”

“That was the hardest to learn. It ain’t easy to keep your cool when a gal goes crazy on you, humping and groping and trying to tear your cock off.”

Terri giggled.

“Yours feels like it’s glued on tight.” She got serious. “How’s your back? Tightened up, pain, everything okay?”

He thrust his cock up her cunt. “To tell the truth, I need more fucking to make it heal completely.”

“Horny shit, aren’t you?” She leaned forward to drop her tits on his chest and pat his cheek. “Want to fuck me from behind? You stand straight and I’ll end over the table, but you have to stay stiff-backed.”

“Stiff cock too!”

“You’d better, or I’ll lay you out on the rack, buster. I want a couple more good comes out of you before we quit.”

She was off him and had the table adjusted in a flash. The lick of his cock with the rubber pulled back was for her. She bent over, held his cock and checked for height. Then, they were ready.

“Now get the prick back in me! You don’t know how empty my cunt feels without your cock slinking in my pussy!”

“I know how cold and lost it feels out of your cunt.”

He fucked her with one solid thrust. Full bore up her pussy as deep as he could. She grunted, and then they both sighed with relief. She shifted her hips, clenched his cock and reached under to rub her clit.

He reached under her, but she stopped him.

“Straight back, Daryl, I’d lots rather have you fuck me than have to work on your back.”

“Then we’d better fuck all we can now.”

“Slip me some cock, honey, I need all of your cock I can get.”

“And this?”

Terri lurched forward. He’d zipped around her clit. He rubbed just above her cunt-slit, and she thumped the table with both hands.

“You dirty shit, you really know how to get to a girl, don’t you?”

Terri gasped, but Daryl kept on rubbing her clit.

“Unghhh — oh shit! Oh fuck, I’m coming! Diddle me! Give me that finger, you bastard! Ooooh!” she gasped, and banged her ass in short strokes against the boy.

It was hitting her like shattering chunks of hot rock she couldn’t duck or dodge. She chugged, shoved and grunted until the whole volcano blew and she came.

“You want a job treating ladies? Your brand of therapy would rouse an old lady back to the bloom of youth.”

“Excellent hands-on training from the best. Lady name of Terri at this clinic. Absolutely tops in her field, for men anyway.”

“She had to take time off, the strain got to her. Some guy fucked the shit out of her and she collapsed.” She stiffened. “Time! Oh shit!”

They’d fucked for forty of the fifty minute session.

“Darryl, we’ve got to get you off! Want me to suck you off, or what?”

“Stay right where you are. Terri, I’m going to blow your ass off. I’ve been holding it too long — now you get fucked!”

She shivered in anticipation. “Get it up there and start fucking it up my cunt, man, I want all you’ve got!”

He thunked another rugged thrust up her cunt, a solid bang as hard as the other. Shook the table, shoved the heavy mass across the floor two inches. Shook her too. She tensed for the next blow and he slammed into her with more power.

As the battering continued, she swayed, and kept his solid cock from hurting her. She loved it — a tremendous, hard-whanging fuck in her pussy was the only way to finish a fuck session.

Bent this way, he fucked deeper.

He sank his big cock into her with a regular beat, forced her into squirming, squealing shunts that twisted her body as she hunched for more and more of his steadily pounding cock.

“Fuck me hard! Do it to me! Ram that cock up my pussy! Oh yeah, that’s it, do me, baby, do me deep!”

Terri whimpered, reached back to find him, then looked over her shoulder.

His fingers were wiping her cunt. The rubber flipped through the air. “No, not bare! Please!”

Then she knew. Two hard hands forced her asscheeks apart. Fingers sopping with her cuntjuice wiped her asshole and dipped inside to wet her shitter.

“Ahhhhh, how’d you know?” she cried blissfully. “Nothing I love more than an ass reaming!”

He started the same way, one hard jolt right up her ass, sinking his shit-stirring cock deep in her asshole.

Terri moaned and felt weak an the table as he fucked his hot cock up her shit-chute as hard and fast as he could.

Vaguely, she heard a knock. Daryl was slumped on her, his cock softening. She lifted carefully, holding him upright. He moaned.

“He’s all right!” she shouted at the door. “Give me a second to get him in his chair! He slipped!”

She got Daryl leaned against the table, hung his robe on him and lowered him in his chair. A whisk and whisper of clothes to get covered and she tucked her undies under his robe.

He straightened and flinched. “I should have stayed straight up like you said.”

He grinned up at her. A deep breath. She opened the door to see two snickering aides and an intern. She smiled. Darryl laughed. He was fine.


“You’re fucking that girl, Daryl!”

Terri left, clutching her clothes. Casey stared. Daryl slipped into his hospital gown.

“Unh, Casey, I can explain.”

“Ha! You call this therapy? Fucking every woman here is supposed to cure your back? Men!”

“I suppose you never looked at a guy’s ass?”

“Daryl! How could you even think such a thing? I wrote you, thought only of you, prayed for you day and night.”

She had been true to him. Whole days and nights, even sometimes back to back, had gone by without a hard, fat cock to comfort her. It was his fault that she was driven to desperate measures anyway, so those times didn’t count.

“Help me back to my bed. I have to rest, I’m still a very sick man. They insist that I walk, but I need help. If I could lean on you?”

He let his robe fall open as he slipped into bed. The sight of his half-hard cock swinging down made her all gooey and trembly inside.

“I’m going to make you soak that thing in disinfectant and wash it in alcohol with a steel brush before I let you near me — if I ever do!”

“Oh, Casey, forgive me! I missed you so much, I was going bankers, absolutely bankers! I didn’t know what I was doing! I was thinking of you all the time! I barely knew that girl, and she forced me!”

“From the back? Doggie?” Her eyebrows arched to her hairline in disbelief.

She smothered a grin. She’d stopped him in the middle of a fuck, he must have a load in his balls ready to explode. She wasn’t in much better shape herself. She couldn’t stop squirming on the chair. She wished desperately she could slide a finger under her skirt to get to her clit.

“Even if I said yes, which I’m not about to do, there’s no place to go.”

“There are some places…” He stopped dead. Self incrimination. “They told me about them! I wouldn’t how!”

She snorted.

She glanced over her shoulder. If she moved the chair a few inches up and right, no one would see her hand sneak under the sheet to stroke his cock. She could do that much for him. And herself. She felt his prick. Not as big as some she’d had. She wiggled on the seat again. It had been so damned long since she’d had it exploring her cunt, stirring her clit, nuzzling into her while his hands covered her tits and plucked her nipples. She had the feeling that if she played with his cock much more, she’d come, without him even touching her.

“Shit, Casey, stop it. You’re driving me nuts. I’ll squirt all over if you keep jacking my cock. I’ve never been so horny in my life!”

“Neither have I. You know a place?”

He took her to a broom closet. She handed him a rubber from her purse, slid her panties down and pulled his hard, full cock into her cunt-slit.

“In me! Get it in me! Come on, Daryl, fuck me!”

She was trembling as she hooked a heel on his hip and felt his arm holding her tight as he planted his cock at her willing pussy-lips. He thrust upward to press his hungry cock into her twitching pussy. She wiggled and arched forward to get her cunt closer, her sheath wrapped on his throbbing prick.

“Oooouuu! Ughhh! More, gimme more! I want all of it buried in me! I need it deep! Fuck my brains out, Daryl!”

Casey couldn’t remember ever fucking standing up, but she liked it. His big cock rubbed her clit, her tits rubbed his chest and some neat feelings were banging her insides. She hung on his neck and jammed her curt onto his cock.

He had her gasping and moaning, with a hard grip on her ass and a finger dabbling with her asshole. “Shit, I love it! Do me! Give me a gooder! Unghhh — I gotta — I gotta — oh shit, do it, do it!”

She bit her hand, but even she knew her shrieks were leaking out.

She heard his grunt. Pain.

“Darling, what is it? Oh shit, I made you worse, I busted your back again! Oh God, I’m so sorry!” she whimpered as she pulled off his hard cock.

She watched horrified as he straightened, grimace on his face. He shook himself, stretched and bent back and forth, side to side, held his arms out and arched his back, testing for pain.

“If I can do that, I’m cured. Only trouble is, I can’t tell ’em to prove it.”

Casey breathed deeply and sighed up from her toes.

“Now we can fuck. I’ll have to stand straighter, but in this place, we don’t have much choice. My — I mean, you have to grab every chance you get.”

“Sounds like Molly. Did she teach you?”

“Umphhh! Did she tell you that?”

“Let’s call it woman’s intuition.” That was as close to an admission that Molly had taught him fucking as she was going to get.

He balanced her on some cans of wax with a grip on the steel storage rack and cased his big prick back in her from behind. She didn’t care which way he got it in her, just so that stout cock was rambling around up her cunt.

“Casey, you’re tighter than ever! I’m sorry I gave you shit about fucking other guys.”

“I had to give you shit. You’re my man, and finding you fucking that strange cunt was a shock. But you still love me and you’ll be away from here and her soon.” She turned and glared at him. “But if I ever catch you messing around again, I’ll cut that cock of yours off at the root!”

She turned and wiggled her ass on his cock.

“Let’s not fight. Fuck me hard and strong. I’m in pain to come again, it’s been so long, too fucking long!” She counted back. It had been three days!

He gave her long strokes, slow and easy deep ones that sank his cock to the end of her cunt. A little swing and a wiggle snugged tight back there, and then he’d ease out, circling so it rubbed her clit. It wasn’t going to be long before she had another fire-snorting climax writhing inside her.

She wondered if he felt guilty. He was doing all the good stuff doubled and lots of extras. He had his hands full of her tits. When he made some swipes across her tummy, she clenched his cock, grabbed for solid pound, grubbed her toes in the mops and got the shudders. After a couple of zings, he had her clit permanently stuck out as hard and hot as a frying pan.

“I’m still pissed at you for not getting into my panties sooner. All the great fucking we missed.”

He gave a thrust into her that left her gasping and boiling inside. “You mean, you’d rather do this than watch TV?”

“Unghhh! Those hunks on TV don’t make me come. You sure, as shit ruffle my innards until I shake loose from earth.”

His fingers dug in her hips as he fucked her with shuddering-fast jolts. Her tits fluttered, her ass wobbled, her bones vibrated, her hair flew. She hunched back to grab his prick tight and hold it deep in her cunt.

“Inghhh! Ohhh, shit! Fuck, Daryl, bang me, slam it to me! Yieeee! Fuck that cock in me! Bang my butt hard! Hit me deep, fuck meeee, you bitchin’ stud!”

Casey grabbed everything to keep steady. The steel rack wobbled and shook, stored bottles sliding as her ass thrashed, trying to take his raging cock. She bit her arm again to quiet her shrieks.

She yelled, but couldn’t have stopped it had she tried. She had her man back and he was fucking her into oblivion.

“Where’s it coming from?” someone shouted.

Running feet in soft soles sped past. Casey didn’t dare breathe. She turned and pointed an accusing finger at him.

“You did it!” she whispered.

“Me? All I did was like this.”

He acted as innocent as a fox in a chicken house while he eased five inches of cock up her cunt.

“Oh shit!” Casey gulped and shivered. “You damn neat did it again! Christ, no one can fuck like you!”

He grinned. So fucking proud he’d made her come that he hadn’t heard her.

She knew the finger rimming her asshole wasn’t checking for shit. Molly had told her that taking it up the ass would give her the wildest come she’d ever had. So, just in case they had a comfy place and wanted some variety from her cunt, she’d brought some lube. But not now, not here in this cramped airless, lightless, stinking closet. They were in enough trouble already with the whole fucking clinic trying to find out who had screamed.

“No, not now. Maybe later. This is not the place or the time.”

She waited for him to quit. He didn’t.

“Daryl, not now!”

“Shhhh, they’ll hear you.”

“They’ll hear lots more if you tear open my asshole.”

He had a strong arm under her, and wiggling got her nowhere.

“Let me just start, that won’t hurt.”

He had his cock right at her shitter, and it felt bigger than it had when he’d popped her cherry.

“No, go find a sheep or something, let me go.”

His fingers wiped her cunt and then smeared the gooey stuff on her ass. Then his huge cockhead came poking at her shitter. He’d even rolled off the rubber.

“No, Daryl, honey, it’ll hurt horribly and I’ll scream and they’ll come and find us!”

He kept pressing his prick right at her asshole.

“Please, don’t! It takes lots more greasy gop, and I have some in my purse, but I left it on your bed, so we can’t. Later, honey, I promise I’ll let you, but not now!”

The bastard had her purse open and was slopping the stuff on himself. Then he stuffed his fingers up her turd-hole. She kept pleading, but he just did it.

And she couldn’t believe how easy his cock just slipped right up her ass. It hurt at first, but then in less than the first time up her cunt it wasn’t so bad.

She wiggled. She did some twisting. She eased back to take some more. It still stung and felt hot, but she could see bow it might get good.

“Go easy, but let me have all of your cock tearing out my guts, you bastard!”

“You got it.”

The first strokes still hurt, but as he went on with same neat circles and sways, it got better — lots better. It was about like getting fucked in the cunt, only there wasn’t any end and it was tighter.

He had her tits to cuddle, her nipples to pluck and twist, her tummy to flutter and her clit to circle and sneak up on.

“Fuck my ass, you scum-bag fucker! Ram it into my ass and make me come! Hit me with some meat and I’ll shit all over you! Scare up some fans back there! Cornhole my ass! Bounce your prick on the shit up there, but fuck me good! Fuck me, fuck me up the ass! Gimme more cock! Do it hard! Now!”

She had to remember to thank Molly far teaching Daryl and herself. She also had to come.

“Damn you, Daryl, fuck me! I’m comingggg! Cominggg!”

His lusty cock swelled and pushed ever farther into her guts. Past her innards it grew as it went, forcing her apart, the giant head tearing on between her ribs, forcing the air from her lungs in a howling shriek, stuck in her throat and hammered to snap her neck.

She couldn’t scream for help. She fought the beast killing her, wrenching and grappling with the frightful monster.

She was like a blazing ember. She shook, her body wracked with the spitting, sparkling, electrical shocks that welded her together.

“If I live to be three hundred, Daryl, that will be the best fuck I’ll ever have!” Casey shivered deliciously.

There was a loud knock at the door. “Open up!”

Casey smiled. “Oh shit, here we go again!”

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