The connection between sex and spanking

“Erica Schmidt reporting for punishment, Mr. Hopkins!” The words came out slowly and with obvious effort, and it was readily apparent that the attractive teenager who uttered them was having great difficulty retaining her composure.

Seated behind his oversize walnut desk, the Headmaster of Marshall Girl’s Academy did not at first look up from the report he was reading. The office of the chief administrative executive of the exclusive girl’s school located in the north of England was quite austere and not calculated to ease the anxiety of the miscreants who were regularly required to report there for discipline. At the moment, the only relief came from a partially opened window, through which drifted a warm breeze that served as a reminder that the spring of 1939 had been one of the most pleasant in years.

“Mr. Hopkins…” The girl’s words trailed off in despair. The comely eighteen-year-old knew that the wait was deliberate, and designed to increase her apprehension as well as humiliate her. Her hands clutched nervously behind her back, she could barely stand still. Her dark blue eyes constantly darted around the room, anxiously searching for that whippy, pencil-thin cane that she dreaded so much. For some reason which she did not comprehend, the hateful instrument was nowhere in sight. Normally, it was prominently on display.

At last, Mr. Hopkins set aside the report and looked up at the obviously troubled teenager who stood in front of him. A hasty glance satisfied him that she had complied with the academy rule that required all girls to report for punishment attired in their full school uniform. This consisted of white blouse, plaid tie, pleated black gym slip held in at the waist by a red sash tied at the wearer’s left, black stockings, and three-inch spike heel black patent leather pumps with straps from behind the ankle tied in a bow in front.

The schoolgirl uniform did not conceal the fact that Erica possessed a highly promising figure, buxom and shapely. Her long blonde hair, tied in two pigtails, hung nearly to her waist in back, and the juvenile style required by school rules looked quite incongruous when compared with the obvious fullness of her plump breasts, which proudly pressed outward against the jumper of her gym slip. Enhanced by her black stockings and elegant footwear, her shapely legs and highly arched feet looked absolutely stunning. Her gym slip was hemmed to end a full six inches above her knees, because the archaic and absurd school rules were designed to make the girls feel juvenile and this was supposedly accomplished by requiring them to wear styles associated with young girls.

But as Erica and numerous other girls had discovered, the absurdly short gym slips could create effects quite unintended by their sponsors. For, as the girls had learned, some to their embarrassment and others to their intense delight, the combination of short skirts, black stocking tops and milk white thighs was completely mesmerizing to the masculine eye. By flashing her white thighs, contrasting vividly with her black stocking tops and garter belt, a girl could usually get exactly what she wanted from the opposite sex.

“So we meet again, Erica!” Mr. Hopkins finally spoke. The statement had its obvious implications, and their eyes met with understanding.

“Please, Frank…” Erica spoke hastily, using a form of address that no other girl in the school would have dared employ.

The Headmaster put up his hand in a manner that indicated that such familiarity was forbidden, at least at this stage of the proceedings. Her face hotly flushed, Erica made no further attempt to speak and lowered her eyes demurely.

Frank picked up the registration form that contained Erica’s vital statistics, and read parts of it aloud: “Erica Schmidt. Born 1921. Native of Hamburg, Germany. Father, an importer currently working in Liverpool. Speaks English and French fluently.”

With a shrug, he tossed the form back on his desk. “Let’s face it, Erica,” he said quietly. “With the state of the world being what it is, you’ll go back to Germany this summer and that will be the last we’ll see of each other. So this will probably be the last time you will report to me for punishment.” He hesitated slightly before pronouncing the last word, as if it were not really adequate to describe what was to transpire between them.

“Please, Frank, couldn’t we just skip the punishment part of it,” Erica spoke with obvious distress. “Let me… You know what I like to do for you!”

The Headmaster feigned amused indifference to the young girl’s statement. “That’s surprising,” he remarked with the slightest tinge of sarcasm in his voice. “Particularly considering the offense for which you have been sent here!”

Erica’s face colored visibly at the reference to her misdeed. Frank reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a confidential and quite detailed report from one of the instructresses regarding a lesbian incident involving Erica and another girl. The two of them had been caught in the ultimate lesbian embrace, which the Victorian minded authoress of the report had described in highly critical terms but with what might appear to be an unnecessary attention to detail.

“Their knickers were completely removed,” Frank read aloud from the report. “Their gym slips were rolled up above the waist. They were still wearing their garter belts and stockings. The two of them were simultaneously performing a contemptible act with their mouths and tongue, in a pose that is sometimes described as the French position. Both of them were displaying a great deal of emotion.”

Erica wriggled with girlish shame as the details of her misconduct were read out.

“Erica, I must say that I’m shocked to get this type of report about you, of all people,” Frank remarked as he set the report down.

“I’m not a lesbian,” Erica defended herself heatedly. “And you know it! It’s just that… around here there aren’t many boys, and a girl gets… gets itchy!”

“Yes, of course,” Frank replied dryly. “Your fellow miscreant has already been punished,” he added. “Six of the best!”

His mind flashed back to the incident, which had occurred only an hour before. Attired in a uniform that exactly matched the one that Erica was wearing, the hapless culprit had been obliged to bend over the back of a straight chair until her rounded bottom was higher than the rest of her body. Frank prepared her himself, slowly lifting the hem of her gym slip to reveal the enticing combination of black stocking tops, white thighs, black garter belt and lush feminine bottom encased in tightly stretched black panties. He pulled the panties down all the way to her ankles, catching a brief glimpse of bright pink cuntal lips as the miserable girl attempted to hold her legs as closely together as possible, and allowing his fingers to brush momentarily against the bows of her high-heeled shoes.

The six cuts of the cane had been applied with deliberate slowness, the highly flexible cane cracking like a twig snapping each time it made contact with her tender feminine buttocks. Although the first application of the cane had produced a loud gasp, the stouthearted girl had managed to bear the correction in a relatively stoic manner. Tears were streaming down her eyes, however, when Frank personally replaced her panties for her and allowed her to depart.

“Not the cane!” Erica pleaded, her knees buckling slightly at the thought of that dreaded instrument.

“But for an offense of this type,” Frank began.

“Please!” Erica interrupted with great urgency. “Please! I’ll do anything you like! You can degrade me any way you like! Please, but not the cane!” Her pretty face reflected the intense anxiety that she was experiencing.

Frank slowly arose from behind his desk, and placed a straight wooden chair in the middle of the room. Her hands clasped prayerfully in front of her, Erica watched the scene with growing alarm.

“Please, not the cane! Please! I can’t stand it!” she implored, her voice occasionally cracking with emotion. “Please, I’ll do anything! Anything!”

“Very well, Erica,” Frank replied. “You may have a smacking instead of a cane, if you prefer. But in that case you must agree to accept some private, highly intimate punishment from me! Do you agree?”

“Yes!” the attractive eighteen-year-old answered almost too quickly. The sense of relief flowing through her body was quite apparent.

Frank seated himself on the chair and motioned for her to approach him. Shamefaced and taking tiny, reluctant steps in her smart high-heeled pumps, Erica advanced toward the Headmaster. Despite her eighteen years and mature, shapely figure, her demeanor suggested that of a very young girl about to receive a deserved spanking.

Taking her by the hand, Frank gently but firmly pulled her face down across his lap. Nearly falling into position, Erica lay with her palms on the floor to balance herself. Her gym slip rode up to reveal a generous amount of black stocking, and her knees were slightly bent. Knowing what was coming, she was scarlet with embarrassment.

Frank reached down with both hands and, with great slowness, began raising the hem of her pleated black gym slip. Lush, tapering thighs, enhanced by black hosiery, came into view, followed by the heavier portions of her stockings. Then came milk white thighs, contrasting vividly with her black stockings and the black satin garter belt that held them up. The gym slip came up to the waist, slowly bringing into view formfitting black panties that could barely contain her lovely and fully rounded buttocks.

With her stocking tops, bare thighs and black panties on full display, Erica was a picture of feminine embarrassment. Her face was a flaming scarlet and she kept her eyes tightly closed, as if that would blot out the shameful display she was making of herself. Frank paused for a moment to enjoy the breathtaking view, not missing a single detail as his eyes moved from the tips of her nicely shod feet to her blonde head. Both of them were aware of the erection that the display had already produced.

After a long pause, Frank reached for the waistband of the young girl’s wispy panties. Erica moaned and quivered with humiliation as she felt masculine hands committing the final indignity that would leave her totally bare and disgraced.

“Lift up a little, Erica!” Frank ordered her.

Haplessly, the attractive pupil lifted her hips an inch or so from his lap, and Frank slowly pulled the panties down. Erica’s breath-catching feminine bottom flashed into view, a beautifully soft mixture of pink and white, and deliciously rounded. The feminine contours were girlishly big but not too big. Erica trembled with humiliation and as she did so, her pretty nates quivered like bowls of jelly. She remembered to hold her stockinged legs tightly together, for the moment at least, concealing her feminine treasure.

Frank finished pulling the panties down below the tops of her black stockings, and paused to enjoy an enthralled look at the lush and tender feminine buttocks that were just waiting to be disciplined. For a moment he thought about undoing her garters, but decided against it. The black garter belt and stockings perfectly framed her spank spot, and there was no reason to disturb such an intriguing picture. Erica moaned and wriggled with girlish apprehension as Frank clasped his left forearm and hand around her waist to hold her in position.

“You have lovely buttocks, Erica!” he told her, knowing that the comment would embarrass rather than please her.

Frank had no intention of rushing things. Slowly he raised his right hand and brought it down lightly upon her right buttock, leaving it in place right where it landed. Her youthful bottom felt velvety soft and resilient.

“Oooh!” Erica’s gasp reflected mortification rather than discomfort.

Frank watched the pretty teenager shriveling with embarrassment at the bare-on-bare contact. After a moment’s pause, he raised his hand to observe the pretty pink spot that had suddenly appeared. Frank applied the second slap to her right cheek, slightly lower down, and once again allowed his hand to remain in place for a moment afterward. The third smack landed slightly lower than the second. Frank then repeated the procedure, this time making the smacks slightly more forceful.

“Oh! Oh!” Erica gasped, her blonde pigtails flying. “This is awful! Please, I’m too big for this!”

By this time the attractive pupil was a little breathless and her right buttock was a healthy shade of rose pink, which contrasted sharply with her still-unspanked and milky-white left cheek. After a moment’s inspection, Frank set about balancing up the color scheme. Six carefully applied smacks to the left buttock and the task was completed. Erica’s lovely buttocks were a pretty pink all over, and the comely teenager was squirming with a mixture of embarrassment and discomfort.

After pausing a moment to admire his own handiwork, Frank began the next series of slaps with a light slap just above the top of her right stocking. Erica moaned and her right foot swung up momentarily. Frank began working up her right thigh and bottom cheek with a light series of smacks, always allowing his hand to remain in place on the cringing feminine flesh beneath his palm. From there, he worked down the left side from her garter belt to the top of her stocking. By this time the entire area between her garter belt and stockings was a pretty shade of pink. He repeated the entire course again, working up, the right side and down the left.

“Please! Please!” Erica pleaded. “Please stop! That’s enough! Please don’t humiliate me like this! Please, I’m eighteen!”

Once again Frank’s solid masculine palm traversed the course, working up one side and down the other. A distressed “Oh!” followed every smack, and her reddening buttocks began to squirm more and more over his lap despite her obvious efforts to control herself. Black patent leather pumps began swinging upward from time to time, and he knew there would soon come a time when she would no longer be able to hold those pretty legs together.

“Ouch! Oh, stop, please! Please!” Erica pleaded, looking back anxiously over her shoulder. “Please, don’t! It’s so humiliating! Please, your bare hand on my… my bare… Please, it’s too humiliating!”

Frank paused once again to admire the scenery. From stocking tops to garter belt, Erica’s lush spank spot was a bright scarlet. She was wriggling miserably, her full buttocks continually flexing and puckering in a thoroughly provocative manner. Her pretty face was as red as her bottom, and her distress was all too apparent as she continually looked back over her shoulder. It was time for the bottom smacking to start in earnest.

Frank raised his hand and brought it down forcefully on Erica’s buttocks, producing a loud smack as it landed squarely across the crevice.

“Ouch!” Erica shrieked and suddenly burst into girlish tears.

Smack! Smack! Frank’s hand began moving up one side and down the other, each smack crackling with a crisp report as it landed on defenseless feminine flesh.

“Ouch! Oh, no! Ow! Stop! Ouch! It hurts too much!” Erica exclaimed, her voice reflecting her pain and shame. “Ow! Ouch! Oh, no! This is awful!” Shapely legs prettily attired in black stockings and high heels began swinging merrily back and forth as Frank spread the stinging smacks throughout her already-smarting posterior, and the pretty teenager began wriggling furiously over his lap. As she reflexively began jerking her legs hard and wide, bright flashes of pink cuntal lips could occasionally be seen along with an intriguing patch of light brown fleece.

“Oh, no! Stop! Ouch! It hurts too much!” Erica begged, her voice nearly choking with tears. “Stop, please! I’m just burning up!”

Keeping her squirming, bucking body under full control, Frank continued to apply the loud smacks in a lusty, energetic fashion. In his opinion there was nothing much more attractive than a shapely young woman, skirt up and panties down, undergoing correction with her stockinged legs kicking wildly as her pretty bottom turned a bright scarlet. And Erica proved the point once more for him. Shapely long legs in stockings and heels kicked frantically back and forth, and the entire combination of tear-stained face, glowing buttocks and swinging legs was exquisite.

“Oh, please, stop, I can’t take it anymore!” the miserable girl sobbed between soprano shrieks of pain. “Stop, please! Pleeeese!”

At last, Frank decided that his suffering victim had endured enough of that kind of discipline. As she lay crying hard across his lap, he finished removing her black panties and tossed them on the floor. His hand slipped between her legs, discerning the heavy dew that was covering her cuntal pubic hair. The lips of her warm teenage pussy felt deliciously soft and juicy, and he slipped a probing finger gently into the wet interior.

“You know what you have to do, don’t you?” he asked quietly.

“Yes. Yes, sir!” Erica managed to reply, trying to get her tears under control.

“Kneel in front of me and take it out of my pants yourself!” Frank instructed.

Wiping the tears from her hotly flushed face with the sleeve of her white blouse, Erica meekly slid into a kneeling position between Frank’s legs. Her pretty face clearly mirrored the distress caused by the spanking, but Frank could also discern an underlying look of excitement about what was to come. She was quite breathless and her full young breasts were heaving against the front of her school jumper. Her expressive eyes narrowed intently as she focused them on the handsome curve in the schoolmaster’s slacks.

“Go on,” Frank told her. “Take it out of my pants yourself!”

Her eyes flashed upward for a moment. “You don’t enjoy sex unless you’re humiliating a girl, do you?” she protested.

“You want to be humiliated, Erica!” Frank reminded her in an even tone of voice. “You want to be degraded. If it were otherwise, you wouldn’t have let yourself get caught with your lesbian girlfriend!”

Erica did not deny the accusation. Very shame-faced, the pretty eighteen-year-old began opening up Frank’s fly. Her small fingers worked slowly but showed no hesitation. Leaning back casually in his chair, Frank watched closely. As Erica pulled his open fly apart, his throbbing, bone-hard penis suddenly sprang out into full view. As she caught sight of the solid seven inches of bright red masculine meat, the comely teenager gulped noticeably and involuntarily wriggled with girlish surrender.

“Go on, Erica, you know what you have to do!” Frank told her quietly.

Erica extended her small right hand and encircled the hotly throbbing masculine muscle in a possessive grip. Her smooth feminine hand felt exquisitely pleasant, and Frank caught his breath sharply. Licking her lips with her small pink tongue, Erica slowly formed her pretty mouth into a wide oval. Leaning forward, she eased her pretty mouth down over the crown of his massive blood-distended cock. The full effect of the young girl’s hot, wet mouth suddenly hit Frank like a thunderbolt, and his entire body stiffened as if struck by a jolt of electricity.

“That’s the way!” he told her in a deliberately controlled voice. “Perhaps a good meat and cream sandwich will help minimize those lesbian tendencies you’ve been displaying lately!”

Erica held the velvety smooth crown of his stiffly erect penis in her mouth and sucked lightly on it, while at the same time her soft fingers played up and down the throbbing trunk of his elongated manhood. Frank watched her intently.

There was no doubt that the young German girl was an expert fellatrix, and despite her protestations she thoroughly enjoyed having a rigid piece of man-meat jammed in her oral cavity. Her salivary glands were working overtime, bathing his pounding member with their warm fluids.

“Just take your time, baby!” he told her. “There’s no point rushing things!”

Holding the pulsating cock in her hand, Erica slowly withdrew her mouth from the head and began licking it with her warm pink tongue. Her makeup smeared by her tears and her face hotly flushed, the pretty teenager was obviously quite aroused. Eagerly she allowed the sleek head of his rigid shaft to explore her entire young face, brushing against her cheeks, forehead, blonde hair, chin, throat and even her closed eyes. Dripping with excitement, she could not refrain from running one hand under her gym slip to caress her thoroughly wet cuntal opening.

“Please, I want it in my cunt!” she begged. “Please, in my cunt! Please, put it in my cunt!” As she pleaded, she covered the stiff pulsating lance with hot, eager kisses. “Please, in my cunt! Please! Oh, please!”

“Put it in your mouth!” Frank ordered.

Writhing about in the kneeling position before him, Erica promptly surrendered. Once again forming her pretty mouth into a wide oval, she inserted his rigid maleness between her girlish pink lips and once again drenched it in a warm bath of saliva. Her enthusiasm and excitement were quite apparent as she began working the stiffly erect member deeper into her warmly wet mouth. Frank watched intently as more and more of his painfully throbbing cock disappeared into the pretty teenager’s avid mouth.

“Now, just keep it in your mouth and suck it!” he told her in an authoritative voice.

Erica offered no opposition. Kneeling obediently on her knees in front of him, the comely blonde began sucking his swollen organ in an eager fashion. Leaning back comfortably in his chair to thoroughly enjoy her efforts, Frank watched her pretty blonde head bobbing up and down in his lap. Her cheeks were collapsed and he could hear the sucking noises produced by her mouth. The look of strain on her face from having so much cock jammed in her mouth made her look all the more feminine and appealing.

Her mouth continually filled with saliva and from time to time she was forced to pause and swallow it with an audible gulp. Thoroughly aroused, the shapely teenager continued fingering her wet pussy. From his position, Frank could see a feminine finger eagerly exploring between her separated wet cuntal lips. Wriggling her well spanked little bottom, Erica masturbated as she submissively sucked her Headmaster’s massive prick.

Frank remained motionless for as long as he could, but the tantalizing sensations produced by her busy mouth and tongue soon had their effect. Without really thinking about what he was doing, he began moving his pelvis with quick, jerky movements. That ticklish, highly pleasant sensation in his rigid maleness became more intense with each passing moment, and he knew that he would not be able to hold out much longer.

“Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!” Erica’s faraway sounding moans were a mixture of discomfort and sexual arousal.

As his young pupil’s mouth tormented him almost beyond endurance, Frank’s mind flashed back to the caning and spanking he had administered earlier. As usual, the image of red feminine bottoms, of howls and cries and pleas for mercy, of shapely stockinged legs swinging wildly back and forth, and of feminine charms being unintentionally exposed, was a powerful aphrodisiac. In his mind, sex and pain and pain and sex were inextricably linked, so much so that one was not possible without the other.

“Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!” By this time, Erica’s moans had a frantic quality about them, suggesting a high degree of sexual arousal combined with the frustration of having her mouth rather than her steaming cunt filled with the desire-bloated flesh. Frank could see her fingers working frantically between her legs, and noted that her fleecy pubic hair was glistening with feminine dew.

Tantalized to the point where he could think of nothing but the incredible sensation in his pounding cock, Frank cupped his hands down over Erica’s blonde head and held her in a firm grip. With no thought for the effect it might have on her, he began forcefully moving her head up and down in his lap. Moaning and gurgling on her saliva, Erica docilely submitted to the erotic torment that he was inflicting on her. Her wet fingers caressed her taut clitoris and served as a substitute penis for her vagina, making her twist and writhe her hips with coital movements.

Suddenly, Frank could hold himself back no longer. Clamping his powerful hands even more tightly around Erica’s blonde head, he bolted almost to a standing position. Though prepared for the onslaught to follow, Erica moaned with fear and anticipation. A hot load of thick, sticky fluid smashed against the roof of her mouth, and began splashing around. Erica instinctively attempted to snap her head back, but Frank’s hands forced her to remain in position. Another blast of masculine cream sprayed into her mouth, coating her tongue and trickling down her throat.

Erica felt as if a hot fountain of thick cream had been turned on in her mouth. Hot, sticky masculine lava sprayed forth in voluminous quantities, completely filling her teenage mouth. Gurgling and gulping on the virile, salty fluid, the young and comely blonde began swallowing it with loud gulps. Frank could see her voluptuous body quaking as she experienced her own orgasm.

As Frank settled back on his chair, Erica obediently kept his cock in her mouth until it began to go soft. As she straightened up, Frank discerned some residue of viscous white cum trickling down her cheek. Quickly catching it with her finger, she stuck her finger in her mouth to lick it up, as if she were simply starving for cum. With her gym slip still up over the tops of her black stockings, she made a delightful sex kitten.

“You bastard!” she spoke quietly but with conviction. “I hope you’re satisfied!”


Ordinarily he would have dismissed her at this point. However, there were other factors that entered into the picture. The school year was rapidly coming to an end, and that would mean the end of fun and games with his female pupils for the time being. Even more seriously, the political situation in Europe clearly indicated that war was just over the horizon, and Frank knew that he would be in it. Like many young men in the early nineteen-thirties, he had learned to fly simply as a hobby and had obtained a pilot’s license although he had no aspirations as a commercial pilot. However, he knew that the Royal Air Force would be waiting for him the minute that the war broke out.

He watched pensively as Erica slowly got to her feet. The attractive blonde picked up her panties from the floor, and stuffed them into her small purse.

“Why don’t you come over to my apartment this evening, Erica?” he suggested.

She looked disdainfully at him. “Why?” she asked. “You got your spanking and blow-job. That’s all you ever want!”

Frank ignored her hurt tone of voice. “I have a project that might even make a little money for you,” he told her.

“What’s that?” she asked, her eyes showing some interest.

“I have a photographic assignment from a detective magazine,” he told her. “They want some pictures of a pretty young woman who’s been tied up by a burglar.”

Erica’s eyes flashed as if to inform him that she knew the story was pure fabrication on his part. “Okay,” she told him. “I suppose you have some special way you want me to dress,” she added, alluding to his fetishes.

“Transparent white blouse,” Frank promptly responded. “Black satin skirt, shoes and stockings just like you have on.”


Erica appeared at Frank’s apartment at the agreed time. The attractive young blonde was dressed precisely as he had specified. The outline of her frilly white slip and well-filled brassiere could be clearly discerned beneath her diaphanous, highly feminine white blouse. Her black satin skirt ended above the knees, revealing shapely legs attired in sheer black stockings. She wore the same elegant shoes that she had worn early in the day, their eye-catching bows quickly catching Frank’s interested gaze. She had undone her school pigtails, and was wearing her blonde hair loosely down her back, making her look older and more sophisticated than she had appeared early in the day.

“Thanks for coming,” Frank told her, leaning over to give her a greeting kiss on the lips.

“I’m surprised that you would consent to kiss the mouth that’s usually considered only worthy enough to suck your big cock!” the attractive teenager replied as she quickly looked around at the ropes and photographic equipment that were spread around the room.

“My, aren’t we in a bitchy mood this evening,” Frank remarked, looking her over carefully as he led her over to a plain, straight-backed chair which he had placed in the middle of the room.

“Is this photographic assignment on the level?” Erica asked. “Or is tying up girls just another of your hobbies?”

“What’s the difference?” Frank replied with a smirk. “It’ll just take a few minutes.” He pushed her gently to a seated position on the chair and stepped back to look at her. “Your stockings are a little baggy,” he told her. “Tighten them up.”

Erica looked slightly annoyed and hesitated for a moment. Her cheeks becoming prettily flushed, she slowly pulled back her black-satin skirt and white-lace-embroidered slip to reveal black stocking tops, white thighs, and black garter belt suspenders. Frank watched with fascination as the attractive young girl proceeded to pull her sheer stockings up even more tautly, smoothing them wrinkle-free and once again anchoring them to her garter belt. Satisfied that she could not improve on the job, she yanked her skirt and slip down.

“Good,” Frank told her. “Now, I’m going to tie you to the chair. Put your hands together back of the chair with your wrists crossed.”

Looking slightly worried, Erica complied. Taking a length of clothesline rope, Frank quickly tied her wrists together behind her back. Suddenly feeling a little helpless, Erica squirmed prettily in her chair.

Taking another length of rope, Frank dropped to his knees beside her and began tying her slender ankles tightly together just above the bows of her high-heeled shoes. The white rope made a vivid contrast with her black hosiery. Next, taking another length of rope, he tied her legs together just above the knees. Her cheeks warmly flushed, Erica watched the proceedings without comment.

“Now, let’s get that skirt up!” he remarked to his quite helpless subject.

Grasping the hem of Erica’s skirt and slip, he pulled them up to leave black stocking tops, garter belt and a generous amount of bare white thigh on display. From the front, he could catch a glimpse of her pink panties.

“Bastard!” Erica fumed, squirming unhappily in her chair as she could do nothing to adjust her skirt.

Frank picked up his camera and began shooting snaps of her at various angles.

“Do you have any film in there?” Erica asked sarcastically.

Frank pretended to ignore her. “I think a gag would make it look more realistic,” he remarked.

Despite her protests, Erica soon found her pretty mouth tightly packed with a folded white handkerchief. A light blue scarf was then passed over her mouth and tied tightly behind her neck to hold the handkerchief in place. Ignoring her almost constant attempts to communicate through the uncomfortable gag, Frank proceeded to take more photographs of her.

Finally, he employed a black scarf to blindfold her completely. Her vision cut off completely and unable to communicate in an effective manner, Erica had no choice but to squirm uncomfortably and helplessly in her chair with her black-satin skirt well above the tops of her stockings. Thoroughly stimulated by the provocative display of helpless feminine pulchritude, Frank dawdled with the camera and took shots of her from every angle he could think of.

“There, I think that’s enough shots,” he remarked at last.

Setting the camera aside, he walked over to his helpless victim. Standing behind her, he moved quite close to her, making her aware of his erection as the front of his slacks brushed against her blonde hair. Looking downward at the well-filled cups of her brassiere pressing outward against her diaphanous blouse, he reached down with both hands and grasped her resilient breasts firmly.

“Mmmmmm!” Erica could do nothing but moan and squirm anxiously in her seat.

After amusing himself for a few moments by handling her helpless body in an intimate fashion, Frank removed the young girl’s blindfold. Their eyes met and he could see the mixture of fear and excitement in them.

“Perhaps you want something in that mouth instead of that gag?” he tormented her. “Perhaps the real thing? Gags are really phallic substitutes, you know.” He removed the gag.

“Bastard!” Erica spat out. “Why can’t you just do something that’s normal for once?”

Still standing behind her, Frank ran his hands over the front of her blouse once again. “Okay,” he told her. “I want you to do something that’s perfectly normal. Take off your clothes for me, as slowly and seductively as you can! What could be more normal than that?” His hands continued to fondle her breasts as he spoke.

“And what do I get out of it?” Erica asked defiantly.

“Some hot, hard meat between your legs!” Frank replied in a deliberately quiet voice. “If you got enough of that, perhaps you wouldn’t have to be punished for performing contemptible acts with other girls.”

“All right,” Erica agreed. “Please untie me. It’s uncomfortable.”

He quickly untied her and put away the photographic equipment and props. Seating himself in a comfortable chair, he leaned back to thoroughly enjoy the strip tease that Erica had promised him. Her face prettily flushed, the comely blonde stood in the middle of the room fully attired in her transparent white blouse, black-satin blouse, black stockings and smart high-heeled footwear. In his racing imagination, Frank was already progressively stripping away the various layers of clothing that covered her lush young body.

Looking confident but girlishly embarrassed, Erica reached behind her back and began unbuttoning her blouse. The movements thrust her breasts forward into even greater prominence, and Frank watched the performance intently so as not to miss a single detail. With her blouse unbuttoned, Erica removed it with deliberate slowness and slowly hung it over the back of the chair where she had posed.

Her white brassiere and frilly white slip made a vivid contrast with her black skirt, while her soft pink white bare shoulders and arms looked delightfully feminine and appealing. Although his fingers were clasped together meditatively in front, Frank was already beginning to squirm at the thought that that lush young female was actually going to take off all of her clothes right in front of his very eyes.

After posing in front of him at various angles, Erica reached to her side and unsnapped her black skirt. She pulled the tight garment slowly from her rounded hips and stepped out of it gracefully, giving him a flash of stocking top and bare thigh as she did so. She hung the skirt over the back of the chair and posed in front of him in her slip. The highly embroidered, clinging garment emphasized the lush fullness of her vibrant young body, and through it Frank could clearly discern the outline of her brassiere, panties and stockings.

“How’m I doing?” she asked, confident as to what the answer would be. She twirled in front of him, allowing him to view her seductive body from different directions. Although her face was hotly flushed, it was apparent that she was thoroughly enjoying the opportunity of flaunting her young luscious body before the older man.

“All right so far!” Frank replied. Although he wouldn’t admit it, his young pupil had him about ready to climb the walls.

Reaching down with both hands, Erica grabbed the frilly hem of her white slip and began pulling it upward ever so slowly. Frank watched entranced as stockinged legs, bare white thighs, black garter belt suspenders, pink silk panties, more smooth white flesh and her well-filled brassiere all came into view, one after the other. Erica pulled the slip up over her head, mussing her blonde hair slightly, and removed it.

The slip joined her skirt and blouse over the back of the chair, and the attractive young blonde stood in front of him attired only in her white brassiere, black garter belt, pink panties, black stockings and smart high-heeled shoes with their elegant bows. Frank’s roaming eyes eagerly inspected her from head to foot, noting every detail. The form-fitting brassiere molded her full young breasts into two steep points, while the filmy pink panties left the outline of her fluffy triangle clearly on view. Above the tops of her tightly suspendered stockings her luscious milk-white thighs shimmered with erotic invitation.

Squirming in his seat, Frank could hardly resist the temptation to seize her and ravish her on the spot. Totally enthralled, he watched with fascination as Erica seated herself on the chair and crossed first one leg and then the other as she removed her high-heeled shoes. She performed the act with the skill of a burlesque performer.

Minus her shoes, Erica extended her shapely legs together in front of her and unhooked her right stocking. Frank could feel his blood racing hotly as she slowly and delicately rolled the stocking downward, black hose departing from milk-white flesh. Her bare, tapering thigh, perfectly rounded knee, svelte but curvaceous calf, trim ankle and dainty bare foot slowly came into full view.

Aware of the almost-hypnotic effect that she was having on him, Erica removed her left stocking in an even slower, more seductive fashion. Rolling the filmy garment downward in a neat roll, she slowly slipped it from her foot and hung it over the back of the chair. Attired only in her brassiere, garter belt and panties, the buxom young blonde smiled provocatively at her older admirer.

“Well? Do you like what you see?” she asked, deliberately stalling to tantalize him all the more.

“I think you know what the answer to that is,” Frank replied, trying to conceal his impatience.

Although she kept her eyes averted, Erica could feel him staring intently as she reached behind her back to unsnap her brassiere. Slowly pulling the straps from her bare white shoulders, she hesitated for a moment before pulling the cups away from her voluptuous breasts. The lusciously plump, rose-tipped mounds tumbled seductively from the cups of her brassiere, and jounced invitingly in front of Frank’s eyes. Making no attempt to cover herself, the pretty young girl smiled teasingly at him.

Standing up, she hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties, and then paused for what seemed like an eternity to Frank. She began lowering the tiny garment with an almost maddening slowness, only gradually bringing her fluffy triangle of light brown hair into full view. With the panties below her hips, she let the panties slither down her shapely legs until they formed a small ring at her ankles. Slowly she stepped out of them, giving Frank a flash of bright pink cuntal lips as she lifted first one leg and then the other.

Removing her black garter belt, she stood completely nude in front of him. Frank’s eyes eagerly drank in her entire body as she slowly turned in front of him, allowing him to inspect her gorgeous young body from every angle. Noting that her cute bottom was still a bright pink from the spanking that he had administered earlier, Frank displayed a handsome curve in the front of his slacks as he slowly and deliberately got to his feet.

“Now it’s your turn to do a strip tease for me!” Erica remarked with an amused laugh.

Without wasting a single motion, Frank quickly peeled off every stitch of clothing. As he stood erect after discarding his undershorts, Erica grabbed his iron-hard penis in a tight grip and held it firmly.

“Remember what you promised!” the pretty teenager told him.

With his pupil’s soft hand encircling his rigidly erect shaft, the two of them quickly retired to the bedroom. Without bothering to pull down the covers, they jumped on the bed together with their bare bodies smacking against one another. The collision of bare flesh sent shivers racing through both of their bodies. Frank pressed his mouth tightly against hers and in a moment their tongues were in contact.

Erica squirmed with girlish delight and ran her soft, smooth hands over Frank’s hard masculine body. As their stabbing tongues explored each other’s mouths, Frank’s fingers squeezed and molded and massaged the pretty teenager’s plump breasts until they were standing taut with feminine erectness. Erica flung one bare leg around his legs and nestled against him in a warmly feminine manner. One small hand clawed excitedly at his stiffly erect prick.

“Please! I want it inside me! Please! In my cunt!” the excited teenager begged. “Please, put it in my cunt! Please, I’m just dying to have it in my cunt!”

With no desire to rush things despite his pupil’s eagerness, Frank lowered his face to her plump breasts. He began kissing them firmly all over, extending his tongue and flicking against the two pink nipples in a manner that left Erica gasping for breath. Arching her back in kittenish fashion, the lovely young blonde held his face down against her taut breasts as though she never wanted him to stop.

“Oh, that’s the way! Keep doing it! I need it so bad! You don’t know how much I need it!” she exclaimed in a highly agitated voice. Her small hand yanked and pulled on his stiff member, holding it in a firm grip.

As his mouth and tongue caressed her voluptuous breasts, Frank’s hands roamed over her velvety smooth feminine body. His fingers gently caressed and molded her lovely buttocks, which he had spanked so firmly earlier in the day, and could tell from her reaction that she was still quite sensitive from that workout. From there his hand moved to her shimmering, soft thighs, the same thighs that had tantalized him so much when her skirt came up over her black stockings.

From there his hand began exploring the pretty nest between her legs. The comely young teenager was already deliciously creamy, and responded to his manly touch with purely instinctive thrusts of her pelvis and hips. He separated the pink cuntal lips and, working his fingers into the slippery opening, began teasing her tiny passion-distended button and vaginal orifice.

“Fuck me, please! Please! Please put it in my cunt!” Erica pleaded, her voice almost distraught. “Please! Fuck me! I want it so bad!”

His hand caressing her smooth inner thighs and vaginal crevice, Frank began to slowly move his face down over her smooth hairless belly. Still holding his maddeningly pulsating cock in a possessive grip, Erica squirmed with anticipation as she realized what he intended to do. Her shapely legs were wide open and her knees were drawn upward, leaving her girlish charms lewdly exposed. A glistening film of feminine dew completely covered the entire area, and the bright coral groove stood out vividly in the nest of fluffy hair.

Using the fingertips of both hands, Frank gently separated the plump outer lips of her vulva. The two coral petals opened with an audible squishing sound, and Frank slowly began spreading them apart as far as he could. The lush expanse of bright pink girl flesh that opened up in front of his very eyes was truly a lascivious sight to behold. Peering intently into the opening, he could see all of her feminine sexuality awaiting him. Without further ado, Frank buried his face against her warm, wet feminine meat with his tongue extended.

“Ooohhh!” Erica exclaimed at the electrifying contact. Wriggling girlishly, she allowed her smooth bare legs to drape down over Frank’s back and eagerly ran her hands through his hair to encourage him.

His nose buried deep in the pink furrow, Frank began running his tongue up and down inside her slippery cuntal lips with quick stabs. A gush of feminine honey covered his face and seeped into his voracious mouth, and he could feel her squirming prettily in response to his caresses. Feminine dew began to bubble up spontaneously, leaving the entire area drenched with the musky perfume of sex. Her pelvic muscles jerked spasmodically every few seconds, and her labored breathing quickly became quite audible.

“Fuck me, please! Fuck me!” Erica begged. Biting her lip to keep from crying out, the shapely young girl found herself in a torment of sexual arousal. Her entire body tingled with erotic sensations, and the hot, itching fire in her pussy was threatening to engulf her entire body. Her eyes were glazed and her breasts were rising and falling rapidly as she gasped for air.

Pausing from time to time to nibble on the plump young pussy lips, Frank continued to run his tongue up and down the length of her split. Teased almost beyond endurance by the intimate flicks of his writhing tongue, Erica squirmed and tossed on the bed, furiously biting on her lip to keep from crying out. Each time that his warmly wet tongue came into contact with her ultra-sensitive little button, her entire body jerked convulsively and her thighs coiled tightly around his head.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fich mich! Fich mich!” Erica begged, lapsing into her native German. “Fich mich! Fich mich!”

As his tongue thoroughly explored her wet cuntal channel, Frank’s mind flashed back to the disciplinary scenes earlier in the day. The caning that he had administered to Erica’s lesbian girlfriend was still vivid in his mind, and he could still see those lush buttocks lined with six angry red stripes. And with equal vividness he could recall Erica squirming frantically and kicking her stocking-clad legs merrily back and forth as he repeatedly applied his bare hand to her reddening bottom.

“Fich mich! Fich mich!” Erica begged, her voice containing undertones of rising hysteria. “Fich mich! Fich mich!”

Frank suddenly drew back, using the back of his hand to wipe the excess feminine dew from his face. “I ought to fich mich you, all right!” he told her. “I really ought to jam it down your throat!”

“Nein! Nein!” Erica screamed. “Fich mich! Fich mich!”

In full command, Frank stretched out on top of her. “I’m going to give you the fucking of your life!” he told her in a breathless but determined voice.

Grabbing his rigidly stiff cock to guide it inside her, Erica emitted an almost-savage cry of delight as Frank’s thick shaft began dilating her vaginal canal. Frank could feel the young girl’s wet, clinging meat encircling his stiff member in a warm embrace, and both of them caught their breath at the thrill of masculine and feminine meat suddenly coming into direct contact. She was delightfully tight.

“Oh, wonderful! Wonderful!” Erica exclaimed, hugging him with all four limbs and pulling him down until his bare chest was directly into contact with her upright nipples. “Oh, it feels so good in my cunt! Doesn’t it feel good? Do you like my cunt? Do you like my cunt?”

“Shut up!” Frank told her. “And start throwing your ass around like you did when I was spanking you!”

Her smooth arms and legs coiled tightly around Frank’s hard masculine body, Erica eagerly awaited the attack. She was not to be disappointed. Frank was in a dominant, masculine, highly aggressive mood, and was determined to ride her like a stallion breaking in a young filly. His entire weight pressing down masterfully on top of her writhing young body, he thrust back and forth with powerful, punishing strokes that left her quite breathless. Her cunt was incredibly juicy and he could feel her feminine honey constantly lubricating his achingly throbbing cock, making it as slick as grease.

“Fich mich! Fich mich!” Erica begged, once again lapsing back into her native German. “FUCK ME HARDER! MY CUNT NEEDS IT SO BAD! HARDER!”

Their sexual organs fit together like two beautifully oiled pieces of machinery. Erica was moving her hips around under him as though they had ball bearings in them, and he could feel the walls of her juicy young cunt snapping at him, as if trying to grab his cock and suck it deep inside her young body. Her small hands worked down his back and wound up clutching at his hips, her fingernails digging in like spurs.

“HARDER! HARDER!” Erica begged, although she was breathing almost too hard to get the words out. “MAKE ME CUM! MAKE ME CUM! HARDER!”

Faster and faster the two of them ground against one another. The young blonde girl behaved like a young tigress under him, clawing and scratching and squirming and throwing her hips around in every direction conceivable. Yet, at the same time Frank completely dominated her yielding feminine body. Erica felt helpless under his powerful masculine thrusts, and her response was largely an instinctive form of self-defense. At times, the forward thrusts of his massive prick were almost brutal, and the relatively inexperienced young girl wondered if she could really stand it much longer. She had never dreamed that sex could be such a savagely raw, primitive experience.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” she managed to gasp as she felt the initial waves of an intense orgasm beginning to sweep over her entire body like an oncoming tide of raw sexual pleasure.

The young girl threw her hips upward as Frank slammed forward with all his might. His aching cock plunged into her wanton cunt right up to the hilt and burst like a cannon. As the hot masculine lava poured into her lust-convulsing cunt in voluminous spurts, Erica erupted as if her young body was experiencing an earthquake. Her entire body trembled uncontrollably and, hugging Frank tightly with all four limbs, she emitted one half-strangled cry of joyous delight after another. Frank could feel the intense convulsions deep in her cuntal channel grabbing and snapping at his prick as if trying to draw out all of its magic juices. Her climax was much more intense than either of them could have imagined, and Erica found herself crying and trembling with a raw, purely physical intoxication that she had never experienced before.

For the next several minutes, the two of them lay together with their organs united while they struggled to catch their breath.

“That was some fuck, Mr. Hopkins,” Erica told him when he had at last dismounted. “Perhaps normal sex like that would be good for both of us.”

Frank shrugged. “You’ll be going back to Germany in a few days,” he reminded her. “And I doubt if we’ll see each other again.”

They returned to the living room and Frank watched as the young blonde snapped on her black garter belt and sat down to replace her stockings. Although his physical desire for the moment at least was spent, he still watched with fascination as she carefully smoothed the sheer black stockings up her white legs and fastened them to her garter belt.

“I think we will see each other again,” she told him, her eyes bright. “I think we’re destined to see more of each other.”

“No,” Frank replied quite quickly, attributing her lack of sophistication about the state of the world to her youth. But as he watched her carefully adjusting her stockings, he began to have second thoughts. Perhaps she was right, and the two of them were destined to meet somewhere again. But it won’t be for several years, he told himself.


Four years later.

“Since we’re going to be working together on this case, Mr. Hopkins, perhaps you wouldn’t mind telling me about yourself,” said the beautiful young American girl sitting across from him. Her bright pink lips were very full and sensuous, and her dark eyes sparkled with teasing promise. Her name was Elizabeth Morris.

Prickteaser! That was the first word that occurred to Frank as he studied the features of the young girl who had been assigned to work with him in the puzzling wartime venture. But there was no doubt that she was a very appealing young woman. Beneath her thin white blouse he could clearly discern a well-filled white brassiere which came to two steep points, and from her manner he could tell that she was proud of her full figure. The restaurant table concealed the lower half of her body, but he had previously noted her beautifully rounded hips and full, shapely legs.

“There’s really not much to tell,” Frank replied quietly, his voice giving no indication that he was aware of the understatement he was making. “Since I was a pilot, I went into the R.A.F. the minute the war started. I was assigned to a fighter pilot base designed to protect London and the south of England.”

The girl was listening quietly, her eyes beaming with admiration that girls often displayed for fighter pilots. Frank had seen that look often back in England. He remembered his last sexual conquest before leaving for the States. For some reason he could no longer recall the girl’s name. She was a member of the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force, and the two of them had been trapped in a sudden and completely unexpected air raid.

They embraced suddenly, impulsively, instinctively, their mouths and tongues meeting. There was no time for them to remove their uniforms. Frank’s hand slid up under her thick W.A.A.F. skirt, over her cobwebby black stockings and toward the elastic of her directoire knickers. He slipped his finger under the elastic and up to the top of her stockings. The touch of her warm bare thighs sent quivers up and down his spine, and her small hands began working to release his suddenly pounding manhood from his fly.

Moving up her velvety thighs, Frank’s fingers soon found the deliciously warm, waterfall of feminine juices. As his fingers separated her plump cuntal lips and explored the wet interior, her small hand closed tightly around his pulsating, blood-filled penis. The girl hastily removed her knickers, and with her uniform skirt up to the waist, lay back with her girlish charms exposed in the framework of her black garter belt and stockings. Frank quickly mounted her and plunged his painfully throbbing cock into her wet wonderland. The spontaneity of it all and the danger of the air raid more than made up for the lack of foreplay, and the two of them climaxed together in a joyous celebration of life.

Frank could still vividly recall how she had tenderly wiped him off afterwards with her silken knickers.

“To stay alive in the Battle of Britain,” Frank continued his narrative, “you had to be either lucky or good, or a little bit of both. I was lucky but I wasn’t so good. After I got shot down, I figured the war was probably over for me. Then Intelligence came up with this operation in the States, and here I am.”

He left unsaid what his dinner companion already knew. His former pupil, Erica Schmidt, was alleged to be a Nazi spy operating in wartime Washington, D.C., and according to the briefing that Frank had received she had apparently successfully compromised a high U.S. official. Frank’s mission was to find her and, if possible, use her as an unwilling double agent to transmit false information to the enemy. The mission was complicated by various factors, one of which was that Erica had apparently undergone an operation to disguise her identity. Another factor, which he didn’t like to think about, was the possibility that she would recognize him first and take steps to eliminate him.

“And how do you propose to go about this operation?” Elizabeth asked, taking a cautious look around to see that no one was listening. “I was told that you have some special qualifications for the job, but apart from that I’m completely in the dark.”

“I don’t think we should talk here,” Frank told her. “Perhaps there’s some place we could be alone.”

Elizabeth’s eyes lit up with promise. “We could go to my apartment,” she told him. “It’s within walking distance.”

Outside the restaurant, Frank was keenly aware of the sharp click of her high heels on the sidewalk. She was wearing black patent leather spike heels and pointed toes and, despite the hosiery shortage, sheer dark brown nylons. He had noted earlier that her stocking seams were perfectly vertical, and emphasized the swelling curvaceousness of her full calves.

Her apartment proved to be small but comfortable, and also quite well furnished for a working girl. Elizabeth smiled at him as she switched on the lights. “Housing conditions being what they are, I’m lucky to have my own place,” she told him.

“Quite nice. Quite nice,” Frank observed quietly, taking a quick look around.

“Sit down and I’ll bring you a liqueur,” she suggested.

Frank seated himself in a comfortable chair, and watched her curvaceous bottom jiggling under her navy blue skirt as she disappeared from the room. She returned in a moment with the drinks, and placed them on a small coffee table in front of him. Picking up his drink, Frank pretended not to notice as she seated herself across from him and crossed her shapely legs with a flash of nylon.

“Now tell me what you’re planning,” she told him. “And what part I’m supposed to play in it.”

“There are seven girls sharing an apartment,” he told her, naming a location a few blocks away. “All of the Intelligence people are sure that Erica is one of those girls, but they don’t know which one. Now I’m told that there’s room for one more girl in that apartment, and that’s where you come in. We can arrange to have you meet one of the girls and sign on as an additional roommate. Now, what kind of a cover story do you have?”

Sipping lightly on her liqueur, Elizabeth was leaning back comfortably and slowly swinging her free leg back and forth. Her blue skirt had started to ride up, and Frank could catch a glimpse of the darker portions of her stockings.

Suspecting that she was deliberately teasing him, Frank tried hard not to notice. But the irregular sex life imposed upon him by the wartime conditions left him continually susceptible to feminine charms, and he could already feel the initial stirrings of a potential erection.

“I came here in nineteen-thirty-eight when my uncle was elected to Congress,” Elizabeth told him. “I was his secretary.”

From the way she hesitated before pronouncing the final word, Frank wondered if mistress might not have been a more appropriate description of her duties.

“He was defeated when he ran for re-election in nineteen-forty and went back home,” she continued. “However, I stayed and took a position with the Bureau.” A sudden flicker of a smile crossed her face as she spoke, as if she had at that instant become aware of the stimulating effect she was having on her English visitor.

“Well, you’ll have to work out some kind of a story,” Frank told her, not bothering with the details. “Make them think you’re a new girl in town or something.”

“Okay, but how do I go about finding out which one is Erica, assuming she’s there?” she asked. “Why can’t you just pick her out yourself?”

Frank shook his head. “No, they’ve shown me pictures of all the girls and I can’t pick her out.”

“Then why did they bring you all the way over here?” Elizabeth asked. “It seems to me that she’ll recognize you first and put some strychnine in your tea.”

“There’s always that danger,” Frank agreed. “But I was sent here because I could recognize things about Erica that others couldn’t.” He spoke slowly, obviously trying to speak in the most discreet fashion possible. “She obviously had a face lift, but there are other areas of her body that…”

“So it’s that way?” Elizabeth interrupted as she suddenly grasped the true nature of the relationship between the Headmaster and his former pupil.

“Yes,” Frank readily admitted. “And I know what things get her going, what things turn her on. For example, she has certain lesbian tendencies that can get the best of her under certain circumstances.”

Elizabeth’s cheeks suddenly flashed a bright crimson. “You don’t think that I’m…” she fumed.

“You may have to pretend,” he told her. “But Erica has an even bigger hang-up. Nothing turns her on like a good hot spanking!”

For a moment Elizabeth looked at him in an uncomprehending manner, as if she were waiting for him to finish the punch line of a joke. “So what?” she finally asked. “You just can’t go around spanking girls…”

“I have a plan,” Frank told her quietly. “One that I think will work.”

“Let me get another round of drinks and then you can tell me about it,” Elizabeth told him, giving him a brief glimpse of white thigh as she uncrossed her legs to get up.

Frank watched her leave the room, noting from the way that her provocative bottom jounced under her skirt that she was obviously wearing a garter belt rather than a girdle to hold up her stockings. By this time he found himself with a firm erection that was becoming difficult to conceal. Elizabeth returned with another round of drinks and, seating herself, crossed her legs with little attempt to control her skirt. Her stockings ended a little more than half-way up her thighs, revealing carnation-white flesh that contrasted vividly with the black suspenders of her garter belt. The stocking bands were wide, about a quarter of the length of her entire thigh, with two distinct shades melding into each other.

“All right, tell me your plan!” she told him, giving him a candid downward glance that indirectly informed him that she was aware of his erection.

Swinging her leather-clad foot back and forth in a thoroughly distracting fashion, Elizabeth listened first with disbelief and then with almost unconcealed amusement as Frank outlined his plan to her. “It’ll never work,” she told him when he had finished. “These are grown women. In their twenties. They’d never agree to something that wild.”

“Yes, they will,” Frank told her confidently. “If necessary, we can tip off some of the girls so that they can pretend to go along with it.”

“Well, we can try it at least,” Elizabeth agreed.

The business portion of their meeting obviously having ended, there was a brief silence as each waited for the other to make the next move.

“Now that business is over for the time being, perhaps it’s time for some pleasure!” Frank told her.

“Perhaps!” Elizabeth smiled, flashing a seductive glance at him.

Frank quickly moved to a seated position beside her on the couch, his bulging erection quite apparent. Elizabeth slipped her slender arms around his neck and pulled his face down to hers in a long, lingering kiss. Her full, sensuous lips tasted sweet and receptive, and she gradually opened them so that their tongues could meet. With a quick, darting movement, she skimmed the warm tip of her tongue around the inside of his mouth.

“You’re a very attractive young woman,” Frank told her, his hand brushing against her sheer nylons as he began pulling up her navy blue skirt. She made no attempt to stop him and in a moment her skirt was up over the darker bands of her stockings, revealing white thighs and garter belt suspenders.

“How do you like these nylons?” Elizabeth asked, extending her legs together so that he could view their entire length. “They’re really hard to get.”

“Well, why don’t you leave them on while I make love to you?” Frank suggested with a smile.

“Okay!” she agreed, her amused laugh indicating that she had no objection to accommodating such a harmless fetish. “But you’ll have to take off all your clothes!”

“Fair enough!” Frank agreed.

As his pretty hostess sat watching with her skirt pulled up over the tops of her stockings, he quickly began peeling off all of his clothing. After removing everything else, he stood facing her as he removed first his slacks and then his shorts. As he straightened up after discarding his shorts, Elizabeth’s eyes widened and flashed with undisguised pleasure at the sight of the blood-engorged and rigidly hard cock.

“Mmmmmm, that’s enough to make any girl’s mouth water!” she exclaimed, impulsively leaning forward and planting a moist, warm kiss right on the sleek crown. Grasping the elongated trunk with one hand, she quickly skimmed her warm pink tongue over the entire head. “You don’t know how hard it is to get good prick these days, honey!” she told him, punctuating her remarks with hot, eager kisses down the base of his aching masculine shaft. “Even in Washington there’s a real manpower shortage.”

More than a little dismayed by her total capitulation before his rigidly upright, pounding manhood, Frank took in a deep breath and held it as her pretty mouth worked its magic on him.

“Love it! Love it!” Elizabeth went on, turning her head from one side to the other so that the smooth head could brush against her soft, feminine cheeks. “So hard and so big!”

Without further ado, the comely young brunette began disrobing. His steeply erect spear throbbing with virile anticipation, Frank watched as she quickly kicked off her shoes and began unbuttoning her blouse. Her pretty face was quite flushed with an appealing mixture of embarrassment and excitement.

The blouse quickly came off to reveal a tightly packed white brassiere that stood out vividly against her pink flesh. Standing up, she unfastened her blue skirt and quickly stepped out of it, revealing feminine curves outlined in trim white panties and full, shapely, stocking-clad legs. Attired only in her matching white panties and brassiere, black garter belt and dark-brown stockings, she paused for a moment to allow him to inspect her alluring feminine curves. A teasing smile on her hotly flushed face, she kept her eyes riveted on Frank’s stiff, hotly pulsating lance.

Frank watched intently as she reached behind her back to unsnap her brassiere. Slowly, she pulled the straps from her shoulders and permitted her full ripe breasts to spill from the cones of the brassiere. The two pink tips, slightly uptilted, stood out vividly against milk-white flesh as the two mounds quivered with their newfound freedom.

“Jeez!” Frank muttered hoarsely, a remark precipitated by the fact that he had suspected that there had been at least some padding in her brassiere.

Elizabeth hooked her slim fingers into the waistband of her white panties and began peeling them downward. Frank could feel his blood-swollen cock aching with erotic tension as the triangular tuft of luxuriantly brown hair, filmy with feminine dew, came into view. The heavy growth of brunette foliage permitted only a teasing display of her pink, sensuously full cuntal lips as she stepped out of her panties.

Completely nude except for her black garter belt and tautly suspendered, dark brown stockings, Elizabeth stood in front of Frank with her arms opened. Her voluptuous body was a lush mixture of feminine curves and contrasts, her narrow, almost tiny, waist emphasizing the lush fullness of her breasts and hips.

“Still want me to leave my stockings on?” she asked with a teasing smile.

“Yes,” Frank replied tersely. “C’mere.”

Elizabeth stepped forward and their bare bodies melted against one another in a warm embrace. Her soft hands around the back of his neck, the vibrantly warm and obviously highly sexed young woman eagerly pulled his head down to her upturned face. Her mouth was open and their tongues quickly met, flicking and stabbing against one another with little darting movements. Frank’s pulsating, rock-hard prick was pressed tightly against her smooth tummy, while her voluptuous, satiny breasts were nearly crushed against his hairy chest.

As their tongues skimmed the insides of one another’s mouths, Elizabeth sighed eagerly and submissively in his arms. One small hand slowly came down the side of his masculine body and came to rest on his pulsating, blood-inflated manhood. Her slim fingers worked down to his scrotum, gently cupped his sperm-laden balls for a moment, and then slowly journeyed upward in a provocatively teasing manner, ending with a firm squeeze. The squeeze became progressively more tight and demanding. It was all too apparent that the gorgeous young brunette was simply starved for cock!

At the same time, Frank’s hands slowly moved down her warm, smooth back, massaging the tender flesh and pulling her even closer to him. Moving downward, his hands firmly cupped her satiny smooth, girlishly plump buttocks in a firm grip, squeezing and kneading the soft, resilient flesh. How he would love to spank that delightfully feminine bottom of hers! And perhaps he would get that chance, he told himself. Slowly, he slipped his right middle finger into the crevice of her buttocks, and traced a course downward to the small, pink hole. Elizabeth quivered and moaned with a mixture of pleasure and discomfort as he slowly inserted his finger into the narrow channel. Her warm, feminine body wriggled convulsively and pressed even closer to him.

“Let’s go into the bedroom,” Frank told her, momentarily breaking the tight embrace in which they had been locked.

In the small bedroom, Frank quickly stretched out in a supine position on the bed. When she saw him in that position, Elizabeth knew at once what he wanted her to do. Her eyes fastened on his turgid, rock-hard bone and swollen sac of red balls, the shapely brunette stretched out at right angles to his body. Brushing her hair back so that it would not fall down over her eyes, she reached out and grabbed his hot, hard man-meat in a tight grip. Her pink tongue moistening her lips, she leaned forward and kissed the sleek crown hungrily right on the blunt opening.

“Such a beautiful cock!” she murmured quietly but with obvious agitation. “I want to kiss it and suck it and love it! Oh, let me suck it! I want to get it all the way into my mouth! And then I want it in my cunt!”

The lascivious words were accompanied by excited, emotional kisses up and down the full length of Frank’s hotly pulsating maleness. Her stockinged legs were open and he could see the telltale feminine honey oozing from her thick, sensuously full pussy lips. The rich brown pubic hair which partially camouflaged her coral groove was glistening from the heavy dew, and he could clearly sense the steaming heat that was obviously beginning to build up in that feminine temple.

“Oh, I just love the taste of it!” she exclaimed. “So virile and masculine! I want to eat it so bad!”

Eagerly but gently, she cupped his swollen red balls in one palm and leaned down to lick them with her warm, pink tongue. The voluptuous brunette tongue washed them all over, even opening her mouth and sucking each individually inside her mouth in a teasingly playful but highly provocative fashion. As Frank watched closely, she continued caressing him in this manner until both organs were coated with her warm, sticky saliva.

“That’s the way, baby!” Frank told her. There was nothing like a talented fellatrix to remind him of how much he had been missing lately. Even at this early stage of the game, his hot, rigid shaft was aching painfully for release and his pelvic muscles were automatically moving back and forth with quick, somewhat jerky movements.

Next, Elizabeth began to move her eager mouth up the rigid, almost frantically sensitive underside of his stiffly erect penis, nibbling and kissing the tense muscle in an avid, adoring fashion. Although her brunette hair, which had become slightly mussed, was partially obscuring his view, Frank could clearly discern the blissful expression on her brightly flushed face. As she worked her way up to the mushroom-shaped, purplish-hued crown, she discerned a trickle of cum trailing down from the small opening. With a quick stab of her warm pink tongue, she lapped up the salty virile fluid and Frank could see that she thoroughly enjoyed that masculine taste in her mouth. Forming her bright, pink lips into a pretty oval, she slipped them down over the tip of the massive head and started sucking him into her mouth.

“Oh, wow, that’s the way, honey!” Frank told her. “Now let’s see how much meat you can get into your mouth!”

He watched as more and more of his pounding masculine tool began disappearing between her pink, sensuous lips, and could feel her tongue busily at work with tantalizing flicks and stabs. Her eyes were closed and she had an expression of dreamy contentment on her face despite the obvious strain of having such a thick piece of virile man-flesh in her mouth. Every nerve in his frantically throbbing prick was twitching spasmodically, causing him to groan with pleasure and from time to time arch his back up off the bed.

“That’s the way to make it grow, baby!” he told her, his hoarse tone of voice reflecting his pleasure.

With several inches of rock-hard, masculine meat jammed into her oral cavity, Elizabeth paused to let herself get used to it. Her salivary glands were doing double duty, constantly bathing his pulsating virile organ with their warm, soothing juices and also forcing her to swallow quite audibly from time to time. Her voluptuous body, its pink white flesh contrasting vividly with her black garter belt and dark stockings, was constantly in motion with cat-like, sensuous, coiling movements that were thoroughly provocative to watch.

“Go ahead and suck it for me, baby!” Frank spoke in a semi-whisper, watching her closely and immensely enjoying the visual as well as tactile pleasures of having a warm, wet feminine mouth surrounding his almost-painfully aching cock.

He watched her lips pulling out into slick pink ridges as she began moving her comely mouth back and forth on his pulsing manhood. Each time she tried to get just a little more of that thick slab of meat into her mouth, she invariably succeeded although the strain of working it in so deeply was becoming quite apparent.

“Oh, wow!” Frank exclaimed, watching her lush breasts jouncing seductively as she swayed back and forth. “That’s getting it in deep, baby! Real deep!”

“Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!” Elizabeth moaned from time to time, the purely animal noises revealing sheer sexual pleasure and total involvement.

The sucking movements became progressively faster and the penetration correspondingly deeper. To his dismay, Frank suddenly felt his oversize penile crown sliding from the roof of her wet mouth deep into her throat. Jesus, she’s swallowed me up completely, he thought to himself! Looking downward, he could see her bright pink lips brushing against his dark pubic hairs, and could hear her gurgle as she swallowed a large accumulation of saliva.

“Beautiful, baby, beautiful!” he told her, reaching down to run his hand through her dark brunette hair. “I didn’t think it was possible for a gal to get seven inches of cock in her mouth!”

With the thick slab of virile meat penetrating into her throat, Elizabeth lay almost motionless for a few moments. Frank could feel and observe her pink lips nibbling on the base of his pounding shaft, and could feel her slippery tongue busily at work with little snake-like movements. She was having some problem breathing, and he could feel her hot breath against his aching balls as she exhaled.

Without discernibly moving her head, she began sucking once again. Frank could clearly hear the gurgly sound of feminine saliva being drawn inward, and could see that her pretty cheeks were fully collapsed. With her natural sexual talents, what a match-up she would make with that little bitch, Erica! Frank could easily envision the two of them with their lush bodies tangled in a hot, wet sixty-nine, their pretty faces plastered lasciviously against one another’s pussies!

“Okay, baby, I think it’s about time for the main course!” he told her abruptly, pushing her head back with one hand.

His throbbing saliva-coated penis slid from her mouth with a lewd plop, and she hastily brushed some excess saliva from her lips with the back of her hand. Breathless and hotly flushed with excitement, the comely brunette quickly crawled up beside him and stretched out in a supine position, her arms and stockinged legs opened invitingly. Her rose-tipped breasts rose and fell rapidly, and she continually arched her back in a feline manner.

“Fuck me, Frank! Fuck me!” she begged as he grabbed one plump, resilient breast in his hand and squeezed it hard. “Please! Please! Don’t make me wait!”

Frank leaned forward to press his face against her voluptuous breasts. “Is cock really that hard to get around here?” he asked, a little dismayed that a girl so attractive could be so horny.

“Yes!” Elizabeth admitted. “Especially when you’re as… as oversexed as I am!”

Frank buried his face against her melony breasts, and rapidly began kissing and tonguing them all over. Roaming all over them with his eager mouth, he at the same time kneaded and massaged the two heavy mounds with his hands in a firm and sometimes almost rough manner.

“Ouch! Oh! Ow!” Elizabeth cried out, although it was quite apparent that she found the vigorous massage quite stimulating. “Ow! Please, not so rough!” she pleaded in a breathless voice.

Despite her protests, however, Elizabeth’s sexual involvement quickly reached a new plateau of excitement. Her ripe, plump breasts became hard and incredibly sensitive, and her entire body writhed with the pre-coital movements of a young woman who was simply starving for man-meat. Her stockinged legs were upraised and thrown wide open at the knees, leaving her pink cuntal lips and sopping wet bush lasciviously on display.

“Fuck me, please! Please! I need it so bad!” she begged. “Please, fuck me!” Her small hand clawed excitedly at his throbbing, saliva-slick member as she spoke. “Please, I’m just dying for it!”

“Really need it that bad, huh?” Frank tormented her, his hand grasping one nylon-clad knee and moving slowly but firmly up to her bare thigh and then to her wet cuntal opening.

Elizabeth squirmed girlishly and gasped as his fingers separated the thick, juicy lips of her vulva and explored the wet interior. A cascade of wet feminine honey inundated his fingers as he slid two fingers past her tensely humming clitoris and into her vagina. Impaled on the two probing fingers, the highly aroused brunette twisted and writhed with sexual torment. Clutching and grabbing frantically at his pounding, brick-hard prick, she began breathing in a loud, deeply passionate manner.

“FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” she begged in a distraught, almost tearful fashion. “PLEASE! FUCK ME! I NEED IT SO BAD!”

Frank rolled over and mounted her between her outstretched stockinged legs, maneuvering so that his bulging blood-filled cock was directly aligned with her dripping, steaming hot pussy. Elizabeth’s hand slipped under his hard masculine body, grabbing the thick stiff muscle to escort it inside her. Her velvety soft, squirming body felt delightfully feminine and submissive under him, and he could feel her stockings brushing his bare flesh as she excitedly hooked her legs around him. The immense cockhead fitted between the slippery outer folds, and Frank drove forward with a forceful thrust that sliced her vagina open like a hot knife cutting through butter.

“Oooooohhhhh!” Elizabeth cried out exultantly as she felt the rigid, thick organ dilating and completely filling her tight pink tunnel.

Frank thrust forward as hard as he could, completely uniting their sexual organs in an almost brutal thrust. Resting on his knees and elbows upon her recumbent body, Frank could feel her delightfully wet vaginal walls clinging tightly to his throbbing, rock-hard shaft. Her lush smooth feminine body was hot and tense, and he could feel her twisting with instinctively sensuous movements as the rigid blood-filled cock penetrated to her very nether depths. Feminine juices, as if bubbling from some magic inner fountain, bathed and lubricated his massive pleasure tool with their pungent fluids, leaving it as slick as grease.

“FUCK ME! FUCK ME, HARD!” Elizabeth begged. “THAT BIG MEAT FEELS SO WONDERFUL BETWEEN MY LEGS!” Her voice was almost distraught, and he could see that her eyes were widely dilated with sexual abandonment.

Timing himself carefully to obtain the maximum gratification for both of them, Frank begin thrusting back and forth astride her magnificent body, driving his aching prick deep into her tightly stretched cunt. Her smooth arms and stockinged legs wrapped tightly around his naked, thrusting body, Elizabeth began moving her hips around under him with expert movements. She was breathing quite heavily and he could feel her steeply erect breasts tormenting his bare chest as she continually arched her back and twisted around under him with feline movements.

“Harder! Harder! I need it so bad!” she pleaded between loud gasps. “I don’t care if it hurts!”

Frank progressively increased the tempo and she could feel his heavy, bloated balls slapping against her with each forward thrust. His pelvis was pressed down hard against hers, and each surging stroke tantalized her highly charged clitoris with an almost-electric jolt of raw, physical pleasure. Her own expert thrusts threw her gorgeous buttocks up at him, working his wildly pounding prong even deeper into her wetly clinging little pussy and then furiously milking it for its magic juices. Their bodies felt glued together in a wild medley of tantalizing physical sensations.

“Oooooohhhhh! Oooooohhhhh!” Elizabeth gasped. “Just keep fucking me like this! Don’t ever stop! It feels so gooood!”

Thoroughly lubricated by her bubbly feminine juices, Frank’s blood-distended, painfully aching prick slid back and forth inside her hotly clinging vagina at a progressively faster rate. Flinching and gasping each time the bone-hard shaft penetrated to her cervix, Elizabeth squirmed wildly and clutched frantically at his wildly surging body. Her nylon-clad legs coiled upward and she began kicking at his hips with her heels, forcing him to plunge even deeper into her hotly burning, totally vulnerable pussy.

“That’s the way, baby!” Frank told her. “Turn on! Let yourself go completely!” What a sexpot! he told himself. How I’d love to have her and Erica in bed with me for a session of three-way sex!

“Ow! Ooooohhhh, harder! Harder!” Elizabeth cried out, sheer sexual pleasure mixed with a tinge of masochistic pain as the thick hard rod drove relentlessly back in her twisting, frantic cunt. “Harder! Harder! Make it hurt!” she pleaded. “Ouch! Oh! Ooooohhhh!”

As the dizzy pace threatened to get completely out of control, Frank found himself ramming back and forth with powerful, punishing strokes that thrust his painfully aching cock in to the hilt. Elizabeth gasped and shuddered with an intense mixture of pleasure and pain each time he slammed his weight downward against her, and responded to each thrust by throwing her hips upward to maximize the penetration. Feminine juices bubbled from her blistering hot cunt and seemed to glue their lewdly welded bodies even tighter together.

“Oooooohhhhh! Oh! Ohh!” Elizabeth tried to speak but was too breathless to get the words out. “I’m cum…”

“Let yourself go! Let go!” Frank exclaimed although he was almost as breathless as she was.

The incredibly ticklish, intense sensations in his throbbing, nearly bursting penis began to overwhelm him, and Frank pumped and thrust with wild lunges that threw his entire weight down against his partner’s voluptuous body. Despite the pounding she was absorbing, Elizabeth kept throwing her ass upward in response to his almost-brutal thrusts. He could feel her vaginal walls snapping at him with reflexive spasms, while at the same time her heels continued to beat a frantic tattoo on his upturned buttocks.

“Oooooohhhhh!” Elizabeth screamed as her initial orgasmic release began to convulse her entire body.

Realizing that the two of them were about to explode together, Frank thrust forward as hard as he could and pinned her wildly squirming body under him as his bloated balls suddenly began emptying themselves with spasmodic spurts. Elizabeth emitted a shrill, almost-hysterical cry of sheer sexual ecstasy as she suddenly felt the steaming semen spewing deep into her twitching vagina.

“Ooooohhhh, fuuuuuuuck!” the overwrought young woman screamed, her long fingernails cutting almost painfully deep into Frank’s bare back as she hugged him fiercely to her. Her violent orgasmic convulsions lifted them both high off the bed, and he could feel her vaginal walls frantically squeezing his bursting cock in an iron-grip, as if trying to suck out every last driblet of cum.

Totally breathless, the two of them collapsed on the bed afterwards in a tangle of arms and legs. Frank was in no hurry to disengage, and could feel the young woman’s delicious young body still quivering and shivering with pleasure as they lay with their organs soaking together.

“That was beautiful!” she told him, her voice filled with gratitude. “When I took this assignment, they didn’t tell me you were such a stud.”

As Frank’s limp penis oozily exitted from her dripping cunt, Elizabeth quickly grabbed it and spread the excess cum over her fingers. With a teasing smile on her face, she began licking her fingers one by one in a manner that left no doubt that she thoroughly relished the virile, salty taste of cum. “Mmmm, is that delicious!” she told him, smacking her lips with satisfaction.

“Yeah, that’s right,” he told her. “Let’s live it up tonight because we may not get the chance when we get started on this operation.”

“Okay,” Elizabeth agreed. “Do you still want me to keep my stockings on?” she asked with a teasing smile.

“I think you know the answer to that!” he replied.


“Mr. Hopkins, how would you like to be in charge of disciplining eight young women?” As might be expected, the highly unusual question was asked with a blush and nervous giggle.

When Frank heard that particular question addressed to him from one of the two young women seated across from him, he knew that the unusual plan he and Elizabeth had worked out was starting to pay dividends. In accordance with his instructions, Elizabeth had arranged to move into the apartment shared by the seven other girls. Frank himself had taken an apartment one floor above them in the same building, where he had spent the last few days discreetly keeping an eye on the girls in the hope that he might detect some sign of Erica.

“That’s a rather unusual question, I must say,” he replied, pretending to be surprised.

As he spoke he avoided looking directly at Elizabeth, who was blushing and looking nearly as flustered as her companion. Instead, he looked directly at the other girl, a platinum-blonde whose name was Donna Gibson. She appeared to be in her late-twenties, and her form-fitting sweater and slacks revealed a promising figure that merited attention. According to Elizabeth, Donna was more or less the ringleader among the girls, and he was therefore not surprised by her presence.

“Well, when eight girls share an apartment, things can become a real mess,” Donna explained. “Chores don’t get done, clothes get borrowed without permission, phone messages get lost, and so on. And there’s the manpower shortage, which means that there is open competition for any eligible male who shows up.”

Unseen by Donna, Frank winked knowingly at Elizabeth as he listened to the expected recitation. Seated across from him, Elizabeth had crossed her pretty legs to display an amount of nylon apparently calculated to remind him of their liaison a few evenings ago.

“So, last night we all held a council of war,” Donna continued. “We laid down some rules and agreed that violators were to be punished by spankings.” A pretty blush spread over her face as she finished the sentence.

The other two exchanged knowing glances. Frank, of course, knew that it had been Elizabeth who had suggested the spanking plan. Young Erica Schmidt might dye her hair and have plastic surgery on her face, but there was no way that she was going to change the lush contours in that beautiful ass of hers! Frank had devised the spanking scheme for the express purpose of identifying Erica, but there was no doubt that he was going to have a great deal of enjoyment in carrying it out. And, after the war, it would be quite amusing to tell the story of the eight young American gals who got their bums burned for Old Glory!

“A rather novel idea, I must say,” Frank interjected, smiling at his blushing visitor. “And I gather you want me to administer the discipline!” He spoke in a deliberately underkeyed fashion.

“Well, if you don’t mind,” Donna replied.

Frank’s eyebrows came up at that innocent remark. Apparently his attractive guest did not grasp the true nature of spanking, and what it was really all about. Well, she’d learn!

“You see, we wanted an outsider to do the job,” Donna went on. “No girl would dish out a really effective spanking because she’d be too afraid of retaliation.”

“I understand,” Frank told her. “By sheer coincidence, it so happens that I have some unique qualifications for that sort of thing.”

He proceeded to tell them in some detail of his duties as Headmaster of an English girls’ school before the war. Elizabeth, who had only a sketchy idea of his background, sat as wide-eyed and attentive as her companion as he told them of the strict discipline administered to the pupils, even those in their late-teens. Obviously unfamiliar with such practices, they listened with fascination as he told them about the standard practice of requiring girls to bend over while their uniform skirts were raised, their panties lowered, and six or more cuts of the cane applied to their completely bare buttocks. From the way both young women squirmed in their seats, Frank could see that both of them could just feel one of those whippy canes being applied to their unclad posteriors.

“Well, I suppose a cane would be too severe for your tender American bottoms,” he remarked with an amused laugh.

“Yes!” both girls agreed in unison.

Frank shrugged to indicate that it wasn’t all that important. “I can just use my hand, of course,” he told them. “That can be quite effective, too.”

“Yes, I’m sure it can!” Donna rather breathlessly agreed. It was clear that she was quite intrigued to be talking to a man who had experience in disciplining the opposite sex.

“However, I do think there should be some sort of ceremony,” Frank explained. “Otherwise, the atmosphere would be too much like a birthday party spanking, and the girl wouldn’t think of it as punishment.”

“That makes sense,” Elizabeth supported him. The attractive brunette had allowed her skirt to ride up to give him a full glimpse of the two wide bands at the top of her stockings and a fleeting glimpse of bare white thigh.

“Well, what do you mean?” Donna asked, obviously curious.

“Well, for example,” Frank said, pretending to improvise, although he had thought it all through beforehand. “A schoolgirl-type uniform, something to give the impression that she’s a big girl being treated like a little girl. White blouse, short pleated black jumper, but worn with nylons and high heels. Pigtails, perhaps.”

“Nylons are hard to get these days,” Donna objected.

“We can manage,” Elizabeth said.

“And perhaps the victim should stand in the corner before and after the spanking,” Frank added. “However, we can work out all those details. Now, perhaps, you two would like to join me in a drink.”

“I can’t. I have to run,” Donna told him.

“I’d be happy to!” Elizabeth replied, flashing him a knowing smile and swinging one pretty leg back and forth as she spoke.

When Donna had departed, Frank poured them each a drink and once again sat down across from his attractive visitor.

“Well, does any of the girls resemble your little Nazi girlfriend?” Elizabeth asked.

“There are only two of them who could be her,” Frank said. “The others are wrong for one reason or another.”

“That’s funny,” Elizabeth told him. “I thought you’d say all seven of them resembled her, just so you could spank all seven of them.”

Frank laughed. “I’ll admit that that fiendish thought did occur to me,” he admitted. “And I’ll wager that I wind up spanking all eight of you, anyway!”

Elizabeth laughed, as though the idea were totally preposterous. “That’s absurd,” she told him.

“But you don’t understand how much girls like to see other girls punished,” he explained. “Once one or two of them have gotten it, they’ll want a couple of more to get it and so on. It’ll be contagious!”

From the look on her face, he could tell that she agreed he had a point. “You better not spank me!” she told him archly.

“Since you’re the one who suggested the spanking idea to the girls in the first place, I’m sure there’s no way on earth we’ll be able to save that priceless bottom of yours!” Frank told her with a laugh.

“I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!” Elizabeth replied.

“Now, tell me what you’ve found out,” Frank said. “Any clues, suggestions, hints. Anything.”

Elizabeth hesitated for a moment, obviously embarrassed to bring up whatever was on her mind. “You said Erica had lesbian tendencies,” she remarked, her eyes lowered.

“Well, well,” Frank exclaimed, registering surprise. “Well, go ahead and tell me about it.”

“One of the girls is a lesbian,” Elizabeth told him, looking quite shamefaced as she spoke. “She and I had, uh… uh a session together!”

“Which one?” Frank asked, leaning forward with obvious interest.

“Jean Wright,” Elizabeth said. “Is she one of your suspects?”

“Yes,” Frank replied. “Well, go ahead and tell me about it.”

Elizabeth looked quite embarrassed. “Please, let’s spare the details,” she demurred.

“No, I have to know,” Frank insisted. “Some little clue that you might not think important might make all the difference.”

With considerable embarrassment, Elizabeth began recounting her story.

“It was late…” she began.

The apartment that the eight girls were sharing had been partitioned off into two main rooms. The rear room served as a dormitory where all the girls slept on various beds and cots. The front room served as a combination living and dining room. Unable to sleep one evening, Elizabeth had gotten up from her cot and gone into the front room for a cigarette. It was a warm evening, and she was wearing light summer pajamas, through which the outline of her full figure was easily discernible.

Thinking that all of the other girls were asleep, she was visibly startled when she heard the sound of a key turning in the front door. Before she could react, however, the door opened and in popped Jean.

“Hi!” Jean exclaimed, flashing a smile at her new roommate. She spoke in a semi-whisper to avoid disturbing the other girls.

“Where have you been?” Elizabeth asked with some surprise, also speaking in a low voice. “It must be two o’clock.”

“Looking for some action,” Jean replied, sitting down beside her on the couch. “Can I have a cigarette? I hate to bum one when you have to stand in line all day for a pack, but I really need one.”

“Okay,” Elizabeth replied, handing her a cigarette. As she did so, she discreetly looked over her attractive roommate. Jean was a full-figured young woman who appeared to be in her early twenties. She had jet-black hair with darkly expressive blue eyes that seemed constantly in motion, as if she were searching for something. She had seated herself quite carelessly, allowing her dark skirt to ride up over the tops of her tightly suspendered dark brown stockings. “And how was the night life tonight?” Elizabeth asked.

“Rotten,” Jean spoke with a discouraged sigh. “I got picked up by some overworked young lawyer who works for O.P.A., but he couldn’t keep it up despite my valiant efforts.” As she spoke, she kept darting glances at her roommate, as if trying to discern what reaction she might provoke. “Honestly, sometimes I think men are a complete waste of time!”

It might have been just an idle remark, but Elizabeth could sense an invitation in Jean’s eyes as she spoke. It was a distinctly uncomfortable moment for Elizabeth. She had never had the slightest lesbian contact in her life, and had always considered the idea of sex between girls as highly repugnant. Moreover, she didn’t have the foggiest idea of how to proceed, although she knew that it was her duty to do so.

“Those are very nice stockings, Jean,” she remarked. “I envy you. I’m down to my last pair.”

“They are nice. Look at them!” Jean replied, pulling her skirt back well over her stocking tops and extending her shapely legs in a straight line to give Elizabeth a complete view of her attractive, nylon-clad legs. “Here, feel them and see how sheer they are!”

Elizabeth could feel her heart pounding rapidly as she accepted the invitation. Running her hand over the darker band at the top of Jean’s right stocking, she allowed her fingers to brush against the young woman’s smooth, warm bare thigh. It was immediately evident that the intimate contact was thrillingly disconcerting to her young roommate. A pretty flush appeared immediately on Jean’s face and she squirmed girlishly in her seat.

“Perhaps I’d better get undressed out here where I won’t wake the other girls,” Jean said, her eyes directed at her roommate in a searching manner. “Do you mind?”

“Not at all?” Elizabeth replied, although she could not refrain from gulping noticeably.

Crossing first one pretty leg and then the other to unfasten and then remove her elegant high heeled sandals, Jean unsnapped her nylons from her black garter belt. She rolled them down and removed them with infinite care to avoid causing any runs in them. As the black hose departed to reveal milk-white flesh, Elizabeth told herself that she must not look. She had already observed enough to conclude that Jean possessed strong lesbian tendencies, and that was all she really needed to know.

Minus her shoes and stockings, Jean quickly unbuttoned her blouse and removed it to reveal feminine curves outlined in a white brassiere and light, highly embroidered slip. Standing up, she undid her skirt and quickly stepped out of it to reveal the full length of her attractive slip.

“Just think,” she mused, “I wear all these nice undies and my date can’t even get his erector set working!”

As she began pulling the slip off over her head, Elizabeth kept telling herself that she must not watch. But, try as she might, she could not avoid watching intently as the slip came off to reveal Jean’s lush young body attired only in bra, white panties and garter belt. From her vantage point, she could clearly see the fleecy triangle under the wispy panties, and could feel her blood beginning to race. Her face felt hot and she could not refrain from squirming in her seat.

“What’s the matter, Liz?” Jean asked in an apparently innocent voice as she reached behind her back to unsnap her bra. “You look as if you were upset about something.”

“It’s nothing,” Elizabeth managed to reply, although her voice betrayed her underlying turmoil.

Jean casually removed her brassiere and made no attempt to conceal her full ripe breasts. Although she kept telling herself not to do so, Elizabeth could not tear her eyes away from those two plump, jouncing mounds with their saucy pink tips. She was a little dismayed and considerably disturbed at the stimulating effect that another girl’s body was having on her.

As if she were deliberately flaunting her feminine charms in front of her, Jean quickly stripped down her panties and tossed them aside. Elizabeth’s heart skipped a beat as she caught sight of the swollen pink valley nestled in the fluffy triangle of light-brown hair. As Jean removed her garter belt, she seemed quite aware that her attractive roommate was gazing at her in a highly intent fashion.

“Look at me, Liz!” Jean spoke quietly but confidently. “Look at me and then tell me you’re not interested!!”

Elizabeth gulped and found herself swallowing quite hard. Her face was a pretty crimson as she gazed at her roommate’s inviting breasts and glistening pubic curls. “Please, Jean,” Elizabeth heard herself protesting in an embarrassed voice. “I wouldn’t have the vaguest idea what to do with another girl!”

Jean smiled quietly at her and motioned for her to stand up. “Don’t worry! I’ll show you!” she promised.

Feeling as if she were being propelled by forces beyond her control, Elizabeth stood up. The two of them embraced and Jean kissed her firmly on the mouth. Through her thin pajamas, she could feel Jean’s full breasts brushing against her own ripe mounds. The sudden experience of nipple meeting nipple sent electric shivers racing through her body, and she felt herself excitedly returning Jean’s kiss. Their mouths came open and feminine tongues coiled around one another in a deep lesbian kiss. She could feel Jean’s fingers unbuttoning her pajama tops, and in a moment their bare breasts were in contact. Elizabeth sighed ardently and could feel ice cold chills racing up and down her back.

“The other girls will hear us!” Elizabeth warned her.

“No, they won’t. They’re all asleep,” Jean replied, pushing her back toward the couch.

Jean was taking charge of the proceedings, and Elizabeth was content to allow her to do so. Gently pushed backward by her companion, Elizabeth stretched out supine on the couch. Jean knelt on the floor at her side and quickly removed her pajama pants for her. Blushing deeply, Elizabeth felt pleasantly lightheaded and giddy with her worshipful feminine partner kneeling before her, her expressive eyes drinking in everything.

“You have such beautiful breasts, Liz!” Jean told her in an admiring voice. The shapely young woman quickly leaned forward and kissed one pink nipple lightly, allowing her lips to linger for a moment.

“Ooooohhhh!” Elizabeth panted, her voice reflecting a mixture of pleasure and surprise. Given her first taste of lesbian pleasure, the voluptuous young woman caught her breath and arched her back sharply.

Licking her full, ripe lips with obvious anticipation, Jean leaned forward and began to kiss the two full, highly sensitive mounds again. Extending her warm pink tongue, the comely young woman alternated between the two upright, twitching nipples with gentle flicks, while at the same time her small hands gently molded and caressed the two fully rounded globes. Her face deeply flushed and biting her lip to keep from crying out, Elizabeth writhed and twisted with growing arousal as the intimate caresses left her magnificent breasts taut with sexual tension. Try as she might, she could not deny that girl love had its special pleasures.

“You know, I’ve never done anything like this before!” Elizabeth admitted to her attractive partner in a voice that was hoarse with excitement.

“I want to suck your pussy for you!” Jean told her, continually nibbling at her companion’s erect breasts even as she spoke. “Honestly, there’s nothing like having another girl eat your pussy for you! You’ll just love it!”

Taking one rose-colored nipple into her mouth and gently sucking on it, Jean slowly allowed one hand to slide down the velvety smooth flesh and in to the tuft of fluffy brunette hair. Neither was surprised to find that the area was already deliciously creamy. Elizabeth trembled with agitation and quickly sucked in her breath as Jean’s fingers lightly caressed her pink cuntal lips with a gentle, exploratory stroke.

“Spread your legs open a little, honey,” Jean suggested in a quiet voice.

By this time, Elizabeth knew that she lacked the willpower to resist. Breathing in short, excited gasps, she opened her smooth, tapering thighs in anticipation of the lesbian pleasures to come. Her pink tongue constantly skimming her pretty lips in an expectant manner, Jean extended both hands and used her fingers to pry the two pink petals open. As she unveiled the lush pink-red girl flesh, Jean lost no time burying her head between Elizabeth’s wantonly outspread thighs.

“Oooooohhhhh!” Elizabeth gasped as she suddenly felt Jean’s little probing tongue directly in contact with her ultra-sensitive, hotly throbbing clitoris. Her entire body quivered spasmodically and her thighs coiled tightly around Jean’s head, locking them in a soft but firm vise. A gush of hot feminine dew erupted from her heated pussy, bathing Jean’s face in its pungent female aroma. Smacking her lips with obvious delight, Jean began running her tongue up and down inside the pink crease, tasting the delicious girl flesh and drinking in the feminine juices that soaked her ever-probing tongue.

“Oooooohhhhh, it feels beautiful!” Elizabeth purred, lewdly fondling her own steeply erect breasts as she spoke. Her lust-swollen little clitoris was sending its hotly, tingling messages racing through her entire body, and she was unconsciously thrusting her pelvis back and forth with reflexive movements. “So good! So very good!” she murmurred. In some ways she felt as if she were dreaming, that it really wasn’t her. She couldn’t be doing something like that with another girl.

“Let me kneel between your legs,” Jean told her, moving from the floor to a kneeling position between her attractive companion’s smooth, shapely legs. “Slip your legs down over my back!” she instructed. “That’s the way!”

In a moment, Elizabeth’s bare legs were dangling down her lesbian friend’s smooth back. Using her fingertips once again, Jean carefully pried open the two outer folds to expose the lush pink, watery interior. The steaming, pungent heat that suffused Elizabeth’s pussy blew against her pretty face as she leaned forward, her tongue coiled in readiness for the lesbian invasion.

“Now, I’m going to give you a cum like you’ve never had before!” she promised her wriggling, breathless partner. “You’re just going to love it!”

With her warm pink tongue extended as far as possible, Jean began licking and nibbling the wet girl flesh in an expert manner. Although Elizabeth kept telling herself that she shouldn’t permit herself to be so thrilled by another girl’s unnatural caresses, she gasped and arched her back in kittenish fashion as Jean’s feminine tongue teased and caressed her intensely quivering, desire-swollen clitoris with teasing, thrilling swipes. A hot, deliciously burning sensation originating in her tormented little button spread through her pussy, and from there radiated warm waves throughout her body. She was dismayed by the intensity of her own arousal. She had never dreamed that another girl could raise her to such a fever pitch of arousal!

“Ooooohhhh! Oh, it’s wonderful! So good! So very, very…” Elizabeth heard herself murmuring between excited gasps of pure physical joy. “Don’t ever stop! I need it so bad!”

Sliding her hands palm upwards under Elizabeth’s satiny feminine hips, Jean worked her probing tongue as far as she could into the steaming hot, slippery wet cavern and flicked it around in a serpentine manner. Elizabeth’s deliciously warm girl’s honey was flowing in generous quantities, bathing her eager young partner’s face and filling her mouth with slurping noises that were quite audible. Lifting Elizabeth’s hips a few inches from the couch, Jean hastily ran her tongue down to the other hole and twirled it inside for a moment.

“Ooooohhhh!” Elizabeth gasped with surprise and delight, and quickly bit her lip to keep from crying out. “Oh, my goodness!” She could hardly believe the lewd wickedness of her young companion! She kept telling herself that she should stop right then and there, that she shouldn’t permit herself to enjoy such perverted activities, but the sheer physical sensations were quite overwhelming and she was a helpless prisoner of her own highly erotic personality.

Jean worked her way back upward to the fragrant juicy slit, and plunged her darting, stabbing tongue in once again. Elizabeth’s hips jerked up frantically at the sudden resumption of the lesbian assault, her back arching steeply off the couch for a moment. Her warm tongue swimming in the swirling rapids of Elizabeth’s overheated cunt, Jean quickly found the pink lust-driven bud and began concentrating on it. Elizabeth shuddered violently at the incredibly thrilling contact, and began jerking her pelvis back and forth in a manner that made clear that her emotions ware rapidly going out of control.

“Ooooohhhh! Ooooohhhh! Oh, don’t stop! Ohh!” Elizabeth gasped in a distraught voice. “Ooohhh! Oh, I’m… Ooooohhhh!”

Her eager face plastered against the sopping wet underbrush, Jean constantly teased the maddeningly throbbing little button with her experienced tongue. Completely carried away with sexual arousal, Elizabeth clawed at Jean’s head in an apparent attempt to push her face deeper into her burning hot pussy. She could feel an intense orgasm coming on, approaching with the force of a tornado. The fever-pitch intensity of her sexual arousal produced muffled sobs of delight and despair, and she could feel her entire body on the verge of an explosion.

“Oooooohhhhh!” Elizabeth wailed with sexual anguish as a violent, mind-blowing climax suddenly engulfed her entire body. Convulsive shudders racked her body and her shapely legs jerked upwards spasmodically, as if pulled on strings. I’m in heaven, she told herself! One wave after another of raw, almost savage erotic spasms assaulted her quivering body, and left her limp and totally breathless.

Her female lover kept her face buried against her wet underbrush until Elizabeth’s convulsions began to subside.

“Oh, that was wonderful!” Elizabeth exclaimed, tears of excitement brimming in her eyes.

Her face glistening with feminine cum, Jean slowly withdrew her face from the wet, pink furrow. “Didn’t you just love it?” she asked, a pretty flush of excitement on her face.

“Yes! Yes!” Elizabeth admitted. “I suppose…” she found it difficult to put into words what she knew she had to say next. “I suppose you want me to reciprocate!”

“Sure, of course!” Jean seemed a little surprised that her friend found it necessary to say the obvious.

The two of them quickly traded places, and Elizabeth watched as Jean stretched out supine with her legs opened to reveal her pink cuntal slit in all its feminine glory. I’m not a lesbian, I’m just pretending to be a lesbian, Elizabeth tried to tell herself. But as she found herself staring at the luscious coralline groove that was obviously brimming with the most delicious sweetmeats, she could not deny that she was hungry for the lesbian banquet that awaited her.

“Hurry up, honey, my pussy’s just dying for some girl love!” Jean told her, squirming prettily on the couch and watching her companion with intense expectation.

As Elizabeth moved into a kneeling position between her smooth bare legs, Jean pulled her knees back until they were nearly in contact with her full breasts. Elizabeth gulped quite hard and felt her face becoming hotly crimson as she found herself only inches away from the lasciviously displayed girlish charms, the plump pink furrow standing out vividly in the pretty nest of light brown hair. Glittering moisture adorned most of the area and, somewhat to her shock and dismay, Elizabeth could feel her own mouth watering expectantly.

“Go on, Liz!” Jean pleaded. “Eat me! Eat me, please! Don’t make me wait any longer!”

With some uncertainty, Elizabeth extended her fingers and slowly, somewhat squeamishly, separated the plump, pink folds. The lovely girl flesh and the musky feminine aroma emanating from it assaulted all of her senses, and she found herself studying the lewd display with a fascination she could not really explain. Jean squirmed girlishly as feminine fingers opened up her treasure trove, and she hooked one leg gently over Elizabeth’s back.

“Suck me, Liz! Please! Suck my pussy!” she begged, repeating herself over and over again. “Suck me! Suck my pussy! Suck me!”

Elizabeth hesitated for a long moment, gathering up courage to perform the act that she had so long considered so hopelessly perverted. Finally, she extended her moist pink tongue, and slowly buried her blushing face in Jean’s eagerly waiting pussy. A hot gush of feminine cream greeted her and for a moment she felt as if she had dived into a warm, wet pool.

“Oh, that’s the way!” she heard Jean exclaim. “Eat me, honey! Eat it!”

Her mouth and cheeks bathed in warm girl juice, Elizabeth began exploring the moist interior of Jean’s juicy, fragrant cunt with her long, twisting tongue. To her dismay, the taste was indescribably delicious, sweet and honey-like, and she found herself impulsively sucking it in with noisy, eager slurps. Jean’s pelvis began jerking back and forth instinctively, and Elizabeth could hear the young girl’s ecstatic gasps and moans as she submitted to the lesbian caresses.

“Don’t stop, honey!” Jean encouraged her. “It’s wonderful! Oh, it feels so good! So good! So very… very…”

Tormented by her female lover’s flicking and stabbing tongue, Jean writhed and twisted on the couch with sensuous, erotic movements of her entire body. Despite her inexperience, Elizabeth seemed able, perhaps instinctively, to tease and tickle the tiny, desire-swollen clitoris and the dilated vaginal orifice with little flicks that sent sparks of electricity racing through the other girl’s body. Jean’s soft thighs coiled tightly around her lowered head with a constrictor-like squeeze that left her imprisoned, and Elizabeth could tell that her attractive roommate was rapidly approaching the same level of savage sexual bliss she herself had enjoyed earlier.

Swimming in rivers of feminine juice, Elizabeth concentrated all of her efforts on the swollen tingling bud, tonguing and sucking simultaneously. Jean’s pelvic movements rapidly accelerated, and Elizabeth could bear her ecstatic gasps as she began breathing quite heavily. Before long her pelvis was jerking uncontrollably against Elizabeth’s face and a steady stream of girl honey was gushing from her gaping vaginal orifice.

“OOOOOOHHHHH! I’MMMM CUMMMMMMIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG!!!” Jean cried out rapturously, her entire body heaving with sexual lust. “OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!”

A ball of fire seemed to explode in Jean’s steaming hot pussy, and spasms of pure sexual bliss convulsed her voluptuous young body. Trapped between her shuddering partner’s tightly coiled thighs, Elizabeth sucked lovingly on her female lover’s delicious cum. The deliciously sweet taste filled her mouth and nostrils, and blotting out of her mind the depravity of what she was doing, she relished every drop of it.

At last, Elizabeth withdrew her face from the ravished cuntal opening, and stretched out beside her naked girlfriend on the couch. Their arms entwined, the two of them exchanged a moist, affectionate kiss and the tongues that had driven each other frantic with sexual lust met once again.

“Wasn’t it beautiful?” Jean asked, her eyes smiling brightly at her female lover.

“Yes!” Elizabeth admitted, kissing her once again.

Without really thinking about what they were doing, the two of them slowly drifted into a sixty-nine position on the couch. In a few moments, their faces were plastered against each other’s pussies.


Frank listened to Elizabeth’s narration with absorbed interest. There was no doubt that Jean’s behavior was highly reminiscent of the youthful Erica that he remembered back in England. Long before Elizabeth was finished with her story, he found himself with a powerful erection that demanded satisfaction. During the intense lovemaking that followed, Elizabeth seemed to be striving valiantly to prove that she was really a normal woman and had not become addicted to the lesbian pleasures to which she had been introduced. Afterwards, they lay quietly in each other’s arms trying to catch their breath.

When he began recovering from his post-coital stupor, Frank tried to collect his thoughts. In addition to Jean, there was only one other girl who fit Erica’s description. Her name was Betty Anderson, and apart from her jet-black hair she could easily have been a double for Erica. The slight facial differences could have been caused by surgery. They had met once and Frank thought that he detected a flicker of recognition in her eyes, although he realized that he could easily be mistaken about that.

“Thinking about business?” Elizabeth asked.

“Right,” Frank replied.

“Don’t you think Jean’s our girl?” she asked.

“Could be,” he said.

“Who else?” Elizabeth asked curiously.

“Betty Anderson,” he told her.

The answer provoked an amused laugh from Elizabeth.

“What’s so funny about that?” Frank asked curiously.

“She hardly fits your lesbian profile,” she told him. “Betty’s the biggest manstealer in the whole group.”

“Good,” Frank replied. “Let her try to steal somebody’s date, and then have the girls sentence her to a spanking for that. Let’s see what effect that has on her.”

Elizabeth smiled knowingly at him. “I bet I know what effect it will have on you!” she told him, her eyes bright with amusement.


Frank was waiting for the telephone call when it came. He recognized the voice of Donna Gibson before she identified herself.

“Mr. Hopkins,” she told him. “We have a little manstealer who needs to be taught a lesson!”

“I understand,” he replied. “When?”

“Give us about an hour,” Donna told him.

“Remember the details we discussed,” Frank reminded her.

“Yes, but I’m afraid our victim is putting up quite a little fuss about it,” she said.

“Just tell her that that will make the punishment all the more severe,” Frank said quietly, hanging up the phone.

One hour to the minute later, Frank knocked on the front door of the girls’ apartment. Even before the door was opened, he could hear animated conversation from inside. In a moment, the door swung open.

“Hello,” Donna told him, flashing a bright smile at him. “Do we ever have need of your expert services!”

All eight roommates were present as Frank stepped inside the apartment. An attitude of underlying anticipation and excitement was readily discernible amidst a general hubbub of giggles, snickers, girlish titters, catty remarks and general merriment. The carnival atmosphere was exactly what Frank had expected, because he knew from experience that females were invariably stimulated, sometimes even sexually aroused, by the idea of a fellow female undergoing correction.

“Look what we have over here!” Donna told him, pointing to one corner of the room.

Frank whistled softly as he looked over to the corner. Blushing furiously and obviously simply dripping with embarrassment, Betty Anderson was standing in the corner with her face to the wall like a naughty but overgrown child. She was costumed perfectly for Frank’s purposes — white blouse, pleated black jumper, black stockings and spike heeled black patent leather pumps with straps from behind the ankle tied in a large bow in front. The jumper was hemmed to end a few inches higher than the prevailing fashions, which added a juvenile but eye-catching dimension to the outfit. To add to the juvenile effect, her jet black hair was done in two long pigtails and tied with large pink ribbons.

“Our little manchaser is waiting for her medicine!” one of the girls cattily informed Frank. Others joined in with similar remarks. Obviously, everyone except the victim was looking forward to the occasion.

“Girls, please!” Betty protested, blushingly looking back over her shoulder in an effort to decrease the merciless hazing.

“Perfect costuming,” Frank commented quietly to Donna as he gazed intently at his intended victim.

The scene brought back many vivid memories of England before the war, and his eyes drank in every detail of Betty’s appealing figure as he looked her over from head to toe. He noted the swelling curves of her ripe buttocks beneath the pleated jumper, the narrowness of her waist, the full curves of her nylon-clad thighs, her slender ankles and her dainty feet steeply arched in the attractive black high-heel sandals. And he also noted the exquisite look of embarrassment and shame on her pretty, hotly blushing face. There was always something vividly erotic about the look of shame on a young woman’s face when undergoing correction.

“What are we waiting for?” one of the girls asked. Others joined in the clamor.

Looking around, Frank discovered a plain, sturdy chair and pulled it into the middle of the room. As he seated himself on it, Donna clapped her hands to silence the other girls.

“Come and get it, Betty!” Donna called out.

Betty gulped hard and her pretty knees buckled noticeably as she turned around to find Frank seated and flanked by her expectantly grinning roommates. “Please, girls, this has gone far enough!” she burst out impulsively. “Please, I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll never do it again!”

“Go on, you little manchaser, take your medicine!” one of the girls told her in a distinctly hostile tone of voice. Others joined in with words to similar effect.

“Please, girls, be reasonable!” Betty continued in a despairing tone. “Please, be reasonable! I’m too old to be spanked. I’m twenty-four years old!”

The latter remark produced a few snickers from the assembled girls. It was obvious that Betty had no sympathizers among them.

“Come on, Betty, you’re just getting a spanking!” Donna told her. “You’re not going to the electric chair.”

Betty’s eyes darted hastily around the room in the hopes of finding at least someone who would take pity on her. “Go on, Betty, you got it coming!” they all told her in one way or another.

Watching the wretched young woman miserably trying to beg off, Frank remained quiet for a few moments. “Come here, Betty!” he finally commanded, spreading his legs slightly apart and patting one knee with his open hand.

Betty swallowed quite hard and it was evident that she was fighting back tears of shame and humiliation. Her pretty face a flaming crimson, she slowly approached Frank with obviously weak knees that threatened to collapse at any moment. Her hands were clasped anxiously behind her back, an unintentionally childish mannerism that was quite appropriate for the occasion. Inspecting her lush young figure in the appealing punishment uniform, Frank kept telling himself not to rush things and that it would be much more enjoyable if he took his time.

“Please! Please, don’t spank me too hard!” Betty pleaded when at last she stood in front of him. The distressed young woman wriggled rather naughtily in anticipation of the punishment to come.

The remark drew a few snickers from the other girls, who had formed themselves into a semi-circle in front of the chair. All of them had pleased, expectant looks on their faces, and some were blushing almost as much as Betty.

“Over my knee, Betty!” Frank told her, grasping her by the wrist and propelling her forward.

“Oh, it’s so embarrassing!” Betty protested, but made no effort to resist as he pulled her face down over his lap. “Please, girls, don’t let him do this to me!”

Frank paused to cast an admiring glance at his trembling, protesting victim. Blushing as red as a beet and trying to keep her face averted as much as possible, she was obviously struggling to retain her self-control. With her long black pigtails streaming down to the floor and her short black jumper riding up to reveal shapely legs and thighs encased in sheer black nylon, she couldn’t have made a more appealing picture.

Her comely and amply proportioned buttocks were sticking up higher than the rest of her body, and her black jumper was drawn tightly over them.

“Oh, no, this awful!” Betty pleaded. “Please, let me go! Girls, please! Please!”

Frank grabbed her right hand and held it firmly in the small of her back. With her left hand blocked out by his body, there was no way that the hapless young woman could defend herself. Although she was trying very hard to hold still, Betty could not avoid squirming anxiously about on his lap. The next step was obvious and Frank reminded himself to do it very slowly. As the other girls stood around giggling, smirking and tittering at Betty’s expense, Frank reached for the hem of her short black jumper.

“Eeek!” Betty screamed with horror and flopped around on his lap like a fish out of water. “No! Don’t you dare! Never! Don’t you dare!”

From the way that some of the other girls screamed and clasped their hands over their mouths, it seemed apparent to Frank that they had simply assumed that the spanking would consist only of some swats across the skirt-covered bottom. But hearing objections only from Betty, he saw no reason not to proceed with his original plan.

“No! Don’t! Don’t you dare!” Betty screamed furiously. “Girls, don’t let him! Don’t!”

Taking his time, Frank slowly gathered the jumper back, revealing lovely tapering thighs encased in sheer black nylon. Trying to prolong the ceremony as much as he could, he pulled the jumper back to the heavier webbing of her stockings where he could see the snaps of her black garter belt and a glimpse of white thigh. The assembled girls were all watching intently, and it was apparent that most of them were quite delighted with Betty’s tribulations.

“Girls, for heaven’s sakes, this is shameful!” Betty protested, casting a quick shamefaced look back over her shoulder to appeal to them. “Please, this is awful!”

Slowly Frank worked the skirt up over the tops of her black stockings. Her ivory white thighs, plump and tapering, made an almost breathtaking contrasts with her black hosiery. Gathering her jumper up inside out, Frank occasionally permitted his hand to brush against the silken smooth flesh of her bare thighs. He could feel her shriveling and could sense that she was too ashamed to struggle.

“Please! Please! Don’t go any further! Please!” Betty pleaded in growing desperation. “Girls, make him stop!”

It was obvious that she would get no help from her roommates. Frank slowly pulled the jumper back to expose her panty-clad buttocks. She was attired in an obviously expensive pair of pink silk panties, trimmed at the legs with white lace. The wispy garment could barely confine her girlishly plump and widely rounded buttocks, and the lower portions of her pretty nates were in fact visible. Beneath the tightly stretched material, Frank could see the exciting muscles in her comely bottom rippling and tensing in anticipation of the trials to come.

“Pull my skirt down!” Betty demanded. “This is awful! You have no right to do this!”

The highly distressed young woman continued to plead and protest to everyone present as Frank paused to take a panoramic view of all the scenery on display. It was an unforgettable sight, delightfully feminine and rotund buttocks encased in pink, lace-trimmed panties, smooth and plump bare white thighs, full shapely legs in sheer black nylons and the toes of pretty black sandals touching the floor. Snickers, titters and giggles from the onlookers only served to make the ordeal worse for the blushing and miserable young woman.

“Now, girls, I trust I have the authority to remove the final barrier to a truly effective spanking!!” Frank spoke in a deceptively quiet voice.

“Yes!” Elizabeth quickly replied. “Yes! Yes!” other girls joined in with eager voices. It was unanimous.

“Oh, no!” Betty screamed, trying to struggle but only managing to wave her stockinged legs quite prettily. “No! No! I simply couldn’t stand it! Please, this is too humiliating!”

Her face was a deep shade of scarlet as she haplessly glanced back over her shoulder, and Frank resisted the temptation to tell her that her bottom would soon be as red as her face. Instead, he confined his attentions to the task of getting those fragile panties down out of the way. The baring of that attractive young Washington secretary proved much more exciting than Frank, or any of the attentive onlookers, would have imagined.

While poor Betty screamed and struggled to preserve her modesty, Frank rolled the pink panties down as if he were unwrapping a Christmas present. Everyone stared as girlishly wide and beautifully rounded buttocks, as smooth as satin and a delicious pink white in coloration, came into view. The two lush globes quivered lasciviously as Frank slowly pulled her panties down below the expanded tops of her black stockings.

“Oh, this is horrible! Simply awful! Please!” Betty was nearly beside herself with anger and humiliation. Glancing back over her shoulder to confirm how obscenely she was exposed, the distraught young woman shut her eyes as if to block out the sight and hastily turned her head away.

Once again Frank paused to admire the scenery. Apparently expecting the spanking to begin at any moment, Betty could not refrain from flexing and puckering her lovely buttocks in a manner that was almost outrageously provocative. Although the other girls had been tittering and smirking, they were now quietly staring at those naughty, quivering mounds that were soon going to have to take their spanks from a masculine palm.

Frank was tempted to begin with a real hard smack that would sound like a revolver shot as it cracked against her pretty rear, but he decided against that. Instead, the spanking would start lightly and slowly, letting the heat build up gradually. Like an artist, he was going to paint Betty’s gorgeous posterior and upper thighs a flaming red, and he was going to apply the paint very slowly and spread it around very evenly. When he got through with the job, Betty’s charming hindquarters were going to resemble a couple of overripe tomatoes!

Frank inspected the quivering target area carefully and raised his right hand in the air. The other girls were watching intently, some of them biting their lips. He could feel Betty’s entire body tensing in anticipation of that first spank.


Frank applied the first spank lightly and quite low, just above the top of her right stocking.

“Ooohhh!” Betty gasped, more from horror at having a masculine hand in contact with her precious posterior than from discomfort. Some of the other girls also gasped, and it was obvious that they were thinking about what it would be like to be in that position.

Frank left his hand resting in place right where it landed, discreetly allowing his fingers to probe the silken flesh. Betty puckered with embarrassment and instinctively tried to squirm away from the man’s hand. Raising his hand and pausing for a moment to admire the light pink spot, Frank administered a second light slap slightly above the first.

“Oooh!” Betty once again jerked her hips as his hand came into contact with her pretty posterior. “This is awful! Please! I’m a grown woman I… I…”

“Take your medicine, you little manstealer!” one of the girls spoke out, and it was readily apparent that she was echoing the sentiments of the others.

“You just wait till you have to take it bare!” Betty retorted hotly.


The third light spank landed at the very base of her right buttock, and Frank’s exploring hand pressed downward against the almost-unbelievably resilient feminine flesh.

“Ow!” Betty protested. “Don’t, please! Please!”


The next crisp spank landed squarely upon the surface of her right bottom cheek. The vulnerable target felt velvety smooth and spongy soft beneath Frank’s palm, and he could feel the hapless young woman shriveling with humiliation at the intimate contact. The other girls were all watching intently, and Frank could see some of them squirming as if vicariously undergoing the experience themselves.


Switching to the left buttock, Frank applied the next spank lightly and quite high on her rotund posterior.

“Ooohhh!” Betty gasped, unintentionally pumping her lush bottom provocatively as Frank’s masculine palm pressed down firmly against the softly yielding flesh.

Taking his time about it, Frank slowly worked down her left buttock and thigh to the top of her stocking. Each spank produced a gasp and a pretty wiggle from his attractive victim, who was obviously having considerable difficulty retaining her self-control. By this time, her comely spanking surfaces were a light shade of pink all over and were obviously ready for the second installment.

“Please, this is too humiliating!” Betty implored, twisting around miserably on his lap. “Please, girls! Make him let me go!”

“This has only been the warm up!” Frank informed her. “I think your bottom is ready for a real spanking now!”

“No, please!” Betty sounded thoroughly alarmed. She looked back over her shoulder and twisted about in his lap in a frantic effort to reason with him. “Please! I couldn’t take it! Please! Oh, please!”

The fingers of her right hand clawed back in an effort to provide some protection to her exposed posterior, and Frank could feel her entire body cringing in anticipation of the coming punishment. He could see the deep fear in her eyes as she desperately tried to talk him out of it. Pressing down firmly against the small of her back with his left hand, he raised his right hand high above his shoulder.


Frank’s hand cracked squarely across the crevice of her lush bottom with a resounding smack, flattening the resilient flesh beneath his palm.

“OWW!!” Betty shrieked, her pretty stockinged legs jerking backwards with a flash of black nylon. Her full, womanly hips jerked spasmodically and she instinctively struggled to free herself from his grip. “That hurts! Stop! Don’t!”

The other girls gasped and some of them shuddered at the crisp sound of a bare man’s hand landing squarely upon bare, plump feminine hips. Frank pressed his hand down firmly against the soft, quivering target to emphasize his control over her. Looking back over her shoulder with a look of total distress on her pretty face, she squirmed with mortification as Frank’s hand explored her charming gluteals.

“Please, make him stop! That hurts something awful!” she pleaded with her roommates. “Please, you don’t realize…”


Frank’s hand cracked smartly against her right cheek, once again flattening the flesh and inspiring her shapely, nylon-clad legs to swing backwards reflexively. Several of her roommates gasped at the earsplitting crack of bare masculine palm landing on bare, plump feminine flesh.

“Owwww!” Betty shrilled in a high soprano voice, haplessly trying to twist out of range of Frank’s punitive hand. “Please, you’re hurting me! Stop! I can’t stand it!”


Frank applied a noisy spank to her left bottom cheek, flattening the pretty mound and allowing the tips of his fingers to explore the crevice that separated the two lush globes.

“Oww!” Betty yelped, and high-heeled sandals momentarily pointed toward the ceiling. “Please! You have no idea how much it hurts!”

Warm, salty tears were beginning to course down the young woman’s cheeks, spoiling her makeup. Her distress and shame were clearly mirrored on her hotly flushed face, and she constantly twisted about in an unsuccessful effort to alleviate her discomfort. Shapely legs outlined in black nylons and garter belt were waving back and forth with her feet rarely touching the floor, and she was beginning to have difficulty holding them together.

Splat! Smack!

Beginning just above the top of her right stocking, Frank began applying another series of spanks to her comely posterior. Some of the on-looking girls were biting their nails rather feverishly as the extent of Betty’s suffering and shame began to register on them, while others were smirking with unconcealed delight that the little manstealer was getting her just desserts. And there were others that Frank was almost positive would have dearly loved to have traded place with the squirming, red-bottomed victim.

“Look how red her bottom is getting!!” one of the girls exclaimed in a voice that mixed dismay with excitement. Others joined in. Most spoke in a low, confidential tone of voice but poor Betty could still hear most of what was said, and words like “red” and “hot” predominated.

“Ouch! Oh, no! This is awful!” Crying quite hard, Betty sounded thoroughly distraught as Frank’s solid hand began popping up and down against her unprotected and girlishly tender bottom with dreadful regularity. “Ouch! Oh, no! Please! That’s enough! I can’t stand it anymore! Please, girls, I’ll never do it again! Never!”

“That’ll teach her!” someone remarked vengefully.

“Gee, I didn’t know a girl’s bottom could get that red!” another onlooker added.

As her curvaceous bottom and upper thighs turned a bright, feverish shade of scarlet under Frank’s husky palm, Betty miserably wiggled like a snake and kicked her shapely, stocking-clad legs back and forth in an undignified but highly appealing dance of shame and pain. In her growing distress, she could no longer preserve her modesty and her pretty legs were jerking hard and wide, frequently revealing her bright pink cuntal slit and the dark fleecy hair surrounding it.

“Oh, my!” more than one girl gasped as the watching girls realized how much Betty was exposing herself. Nearly all of them blushed prettily at the sight of girlish charms so lewdly displayed, and while some of them reacted with great embarrassment, others showed almost total fascination. Although he really didn’t know, Frank was quite sure that more than one pair of panties was filled with feminine cream.

Splat! Smack!

Frank continued applying his open hand to her ever reddening spank spot, carefully distributing the firm applications to keep the color scheme even. Betty’s rosy and frantically twitching bottom, her anguished tear-stained face, her wildly swinging, nyloned legs, and indecently displayed coral groove all combined to provide him with a great deal of sadomasochistic gratification. He hadn’t felt so exhilarated since his days as Headmaster back in England before the war.

“Ouch! Oh, no! Stop! I beg you!” Betty pleaded almost hysterically as Frank unmercifully continued building up the raging bonfire in her comely backside. “That’s enough! Please! Oh, pleeeeeeese! I can’t take it anymore!”

Frank paused to rest his arm for a moment and to inspect the results. By this time, Betty’s delightfully curvaceous feminine bottom and upper thighs were a brilliant shade of scarlet all over and were obviously burning with a deep, penetrating heat. Sobbing quite hard and swinging her legs back and forth in a totally abandoned manner that afforded a wanton display of bright pink pussy lips, the miserably young woman thrashed about wildly in a futile effort to get some relief for her thoroughly scalded buttocks.

“Look how red she is!” one of the girls remarked in a low but audible voice. Others exchanged similar comments that the suffering young secretary couldn’t help overhearing.

“Please, no more!” Betty begged although she was almost too breathless to get the words out. “Please! I’m simply burning up! Girls, I promise I’ll never do it again!”

Taking a quick look around the room, Frank could see that Betty’s roommates were almost hypnotized by the sight of frantically squirming, bright red feminine buttocks and exposed girlish charms. Several of them were positively squirming with what was obviously erotic stimulation.

“One more spank and then it’s over to the corner with you, young lady!” Frank announced.


The final spank, the hardest of them all, cracked like a pistol shot as it crashed against Betty’s flaming spank spot.

“Ouch!” Betty screamed, her head snapping back and her sandaled feet flying upward.

Frank promptly lifted the sobbing young woman to her feet and forcefully marched her back to the corner where she had been standing when he first entered.

“Hold your skirt up!” he demanded. “Otherwise, you’ll get some more of this!” he added, smacking her burning rear to show what he meant.

Sobbing heavily and obviously willing to do anything to save her blistered bottom from further torment, Betty haplessly grabbed the hem of her jumper with both hands and held it up above the waist. Her panties forming a small ring around her ankles, she stood sobbing and sniffling with her beautiful, bright red buttocks on full view for everyone to see. Framed by her black garter belt and stockings, her scarlet spank spot glowed like a brilliant sunset.

To complete her disgrace, all of her roommates applauded appreciatively as Frank stepped back and collapsed into a comfortable seat where he could observe his miserable victim.

“That was beautiful!” one girl told him. “That little manstealer deserved to get spanked clear down to her stockings!”

“Oh, but I’d hate to get spanked bare!” he heard another girl say as the various roommates excitedly began discussing the session. No one left the room and there were frequent glances over at the bare-bottomed culprit sniffling in the corner.

“Bet you could use a drink after that,” Donna told him, handing him one as she spoke.

“Thanks,” Frank replied, leaning back to enjoy his drink and the sight of Betty standing disgraced in the corner. He listened carefully to the comments of the other girls, and could tell that they were quite intrigued by the system of roommate regulation that he had just demonstrated for them. “There’s one souvenir of the occasion I would like,” he spoke quietly to Donna, whispering his request in her ear.

“Sure!” she replied, a broad grin on her face. She immediately got to her feet and walked over to her Betty. “Come on, Betty, step out of those panties!” she told the hapless girl. “Your master would like a souvenir.”

Amid amused giggles and comments from the watching girls, Betty managed to step out of her pink panties. Donna picked them up and handed them to Frank as if he’d won a prize. Pocketing the wispy garment, be dawdled over his drink for the next quarter hour. When he finally left, Betty was still standing bare-bottomed and humiliated in the corner.


When Frank returned to his apartment, he was rather confident that one of the girls would soon be trailing after him. The spanking session had contained so many sexual undertones that it seemed inevitable. As a result, he was not surprised when he heard a knock on the door. Feeling relaxed and in a rather pleasant frame of mind, he opened the door.

“Bastard! Son-of-a-bitch! I ought to call the police!”

She spat the words out in a furious tone of voice. It was Betty, blushing and enraged!

“How dare you do such a thing to me?” she hissed. “That spanking was just supposed to be some kind of gag. You weren’t supposed to…”

Frank smiled at the display of spirit. “Come in, Betty,” he told her, standing aside.

The furious young woman lunged at him, and it was only at the last minute that he saw the gleaming scissors in her hand. He grabbed her wrists, deflecting the blow as she nearly fell against him. The scissors nicked his shirt and clattered noisily to the floor. Frank kept his hold on her wrist and she struggled to get away.

“Let me go!” she demanded. “Let me go! You fiend!”

“You little hellcat!” Frank spoke with a trace of amusement in his voice. Holding her wrist and dragging her inside the apartment, Frank kicked the scissors aside and shut the door.

“Let me out of here!” Betty demanded, still struggling to get free.

Frank released her wrist and she backed up, breathless and glancing warily about. She was still wearing the outfit in which she had been spanked, and Frank noted that the black jumper was a little mussed from being held above her waist for so long. He could feel a powerful erection beginning to form as he recalled that event and gazed at the outraged but inviting young woman in front of him.

“Come on, let me out of here!” Betty once again demanded. “Let me go!” Perhaps without realizing what she was doing, she reached behind her back with both hands and gingerly rubbed her bottom, which was apparently still stinging from the punishment that Frank had inflicted upon it.

“There’s nothing cuter than a well-spanked gal rubbing her bottom!” Frank told her.

“You bastard! I ought to go to the police!” she told him angrily. “You didn’t have any right to completely bare me like that!” Her face flushed a pretty scarlet as she spoke.

“Oh, come off it!” Frank told her, advancing a step toward her. By this time, his developing erection had formed a promising curve in the front of his slacks, and it would only be a moment before she noticed it. “You liked it!” he told her. “It got you all hot and bothered, and that’s why you’re here!”

“Are you kidding?” Betty flashed an angry glance at him. “Why, I… I never heard of such a thing!”

Without saying anything, Frank took another step forward. Suddenly Betty noticed the threatening bulge in the front of his slacks! Her eyes widened with a mixture of horror and fascination, and she suddenly clasped a hand over her mouth.

“Hey, you’re not…” she spoke in a hoarse voice. “Oh, for heaven’s sakes! Please! Let me go!” As she spoke, she began backing up with slow, tiny steps, like a cornered animal looking for an escape. “I didn’t come here to…”

“Sure you did!” Frank replied, advancing toward her in a confident manner.

“We got laws against rape, you know!” Betty reminded him, continuing to back up.

“Rape?” Frank told her. “You came here of your own free will. No court would ever convict me.” A confident gleam in his eye, he watched as she unknowingly backed through an opened door that led to his bedroom.

“Let me out of here!” Betty pleaded, gasping when she was in the bedroom.

Frank stepped forward quickly and grabbed her wrists. The terrified, distressed look on her face made her all the more appealing, and Frank could feel his hot, hard penis pounding with masculine urgency.

“That spanking was just the warm up!” he told her. “Now you’re going to get some real punishment!!”

“Please, you’re hurting me!” Betty protested, her voice mirroring her distress. She made something of an effort to struggle, but it was readily apparent to both of them that he was much the stronger and could handle her at will.

“Don’t fight and you won’t get hurt!” Frank replied, keeping a firm grip on her wrists and pushing her toward the bed.

“Let me go!” Betty protested, quickly becoming quite breathless. “Let me go!”

“No point fighting it!” Frank told her. “You know you want it! That’s why you came here! That spanking has gotten your little box all steamed up, and you’re just dying for it!”

“No! No! No!” Betty protested, almost in tears. “I’ll scream!”

“Then I’ll have to gag you!” he warned her.

Still holding her wrists, he forced her down on the bed on her back and used his weight to control her body under him.

“Let me go! Let me go, please!” Betty pleaded in a voice that sounded increasingly desperate.

Frank held her down until he felt her heaving, breathless body go limp under him. Her face hotly flushed, she stared up at him like a trapped animal. She had undone her pigtails and her black hair had become quite mussed in the struggle. Her jumper was well up over her knees, providing an appealing display of shapely legs and trim feet attired in sheer black stockings and fancy high-heeled sandals.

“Now, don’t fight and you won’t get hurt!” Frank told her, releasing her wrists and preparing to disrobe.

Breathing hard and continually looking around as if seeking an escape route, Betty watched as Frank hastily removed his clothes. As he stripped off his shorts to reveal the full dimensions of his huge, desire-bloated penis, Betty gasped hard and stared at it with a mixture of fear and fascination. He could see her eyes drinking in the entire length of his throbbing muscle and the two heavy, swollen balls dangling below it.

“You beast!” she exclaimed, her young body shuddering. “You can’t make…”

At the last second, the attractive young secretary decided to make a fight of it. Catching him by surprise, she suddenly came up off the bed and lashed out at him with both arms and feet. With strained gasps, the two of them started struggling. When he recovered from his initial surprise, Frank’s greater strength began asserting itself. He forced her back to a supine position on the bed, and in the struggle her black jumper came up nearly to the waist. She had not bothered to replace the panties she had forfeited earlier, and Frank caught sight of her luscious pink cuntal lips in the black vee at the fork of her legs.

“Go ahead and fight all you like!” Frank told her, finding the struggle quite exhilarating.

“No! No, please let me go!” Betty pleaded, almost in tears.

Her efforts were obviously tiring her and her struggles began to subside.

“Quit fighting it, baby!” Frank told her. “You know you want that big cock in you!”

“No, please! Oh, this is awful!” she begged in a desperate voice. “Please, don’t rape me!”

“You’re going to love that big meat in you!” Frank told her.

Satisfied that he had her under control, Frank stood up and gazed down lasciviously at her lush young feminine body. Flushed and breathing quite hard, she made no attempt to pull her jumper below her waist. Her black garter belt and matching stockings contrasted vividly with the white flesh surrounding the fluffy triangle of dark curly hair that partially obscured her glittering little jewel of a pussy. His thick, rigid manhood pounding with lustful desire, Frank licked his lips with expectation. He could see that her gorgeous buttocks were still a glowing scarlet from the thorough spanking that he had administered.

“Please don’t rape me!” Betty pleaded, looking up at him with troubled eyes.

“You’re going to be begging for it by the time I’m through with you!” Frank promised. “Now take off your clothes!”

Watching him apprehensively, Betty complied. Off came her black jumper and white blouse, and the voluptuous young secretary lay in front of him attired only in steeply pointed white brassiere, black garter belt, tautly suspendered black stockings and elegant black sandals with their neatly tied bows standing out against her trim ankles.

“That, too!” he told her, pointing to the brassiere.

Blushing with girlish embarrassment, Betty unhooked the garment and slowly removed it. Frank’s eyes narrowed appreciatively as he gazed at her brightly nippled young breasts. The two plump, saucy mounds jounced with their newly acquired freedom, and Betty ineffectually tried to use one arm to cover them up.

“Please don’t hurt me!” she pleaded, her pretty lower lip quivering.

Frank quickly produced a couple of lengths of white clothesline rope from the Bureau, and dropped down on the bed beside her.

“Don’t tie me up!” Betty exclaimed in sudden alarm. “Please! Please!”

She started to struggle again but only in a token manner. Frank quickly looped one of the ropes around her right wrist and lashed it to the bedpost.

“Please!” Betty pleaded. “Don’t!”

“Shut up!” Frank told her. “I can’t trust anyone who comes in here and attacks me with a pair of scissors.”

Wrapping the second length of rope around her left wrist, he quickly lashed that wrist to the opposite bedpost. Her arms spread-eagled to the two bedposts, Betty could do nothing but squirm helpless on the bed. She yanked at the two ropes that held her prisoner, but they were obviously quite firm.

“What are you going to do to me?” she asked, her voice filled with apprehension.

Frank stood at the foot of the bed and gazed down at her lush young body attired only in garter belt, black stockings and spike-heeled sandals. Although she tried to hold her legs tightly together, there was no way that she could avoid wantonly displaying her brightly glistening pink pussy. Despite, or perhaps because of, the ordeals that she had just endured, there was a heady feminine aroma of underlying sexual arousal in the air. Her face hot from shame, she could not refrain from staring at Frank’s rigidly erect, blood-inflated prick and the two heavy sacs dangling beneath it.

“Oh, please, this is terrible!” Betty pleaded, tears trickling down her cheeks. “I’m completely helpless! Please, you can’t do this to me! You just can’t!”

“Nonsense!” Frank replied. “You know you like your sex rough! That’s why you’re here!”

Clasping the spike heels of her pretty sandals in his hands, he began pulling her ankles apart to expose her all the more. Betty did not attempt to resist but turned her head aside with revulsion as she realized only too well how lewdly she was exposed. She wanted to kick at him, but felt weak and afraid. Frank’s eyes began at her narrow ankles and slowly moved up her fully curved calves rippling beneath her sheer nylons, past her delicately rounded knees to her quivering, beautifully tapering smooth thighs. The two wide bands, one slightly lighter than the other, at the top of her stockings emphasized the marble whiteness of the flesh above them. His lustful gaze traveled up her silken inner thighs to her coral feminine treasure, a dripping oasis in a forest of jet-black hair.

“Oh, please!” Betty pleaded, her voice sounding very low and faraway. “Please, I’m so helpless and ashamed. First, you spank me and humiliate me in front of all those awful girls! And now you tie me up and abuse me!”

“Maybe if you had something real big in your mouth, you couldn’t talk so much!” Frank told her in a somewhat-irate voice.

Frank wanted his mouth to travel that same route his eyes had just taken, and stretched out on the bed at her feet. Leisurely, he kissed the bow of each pretty sandal and then the cobwebby nylon just above it. He then began kissing her nylon-clad, fully curvaceous calves, gradually working his way upward. At the same time his hands gently caressed her shapely legs from toe to thigh, massaging and enjoying every lush curve.

“Oh, how can you treat me this way?” Betty whimpered, her voice filled with self-pity.

“You have beautiful legs, honey!” he told her, ignoring her protests.

Moving upward, Frank kissed each delicately rounded knee, letting his lips linger against the tightly stretched nylon. His hands roamed high up her shimmering thighs, his fingers digging into the warm quivering flesh. Pushing her legs further apart, he began moving his face up from her knees along her inner thighs, thoroughly enjoying the feel of cobwebby nylon against his face.

“How can you torment me like this?” Betty protested, squirming and writhing against the bonds that held her in place. Her voice mingled despair with sexual arousal.

“You love it! You know you do!” Frank told her, his lips reaching the heavier bands of her sheer black stockings.

The pretty young secretary watched helplessly as her masculine assailant began kissing the incredibly smooth flesh of her inner thigh just above the tops of her tightly drawn stockings. Goose bumps formed on her legs and her entire body stiffened with erotic pleasure. Without being forced to do so, she was holding her beautiful legs wide open for him.

“Please, untie me!” she begged. “Please, it’s so unnatural! Please, it’s just awful to have to lie here while you torment me and do things to me!”

Taking his time and savoring the murky feminine odors that wafted into his nostrils, Frank worked his way up the trembling young woman’s lush inner thighs. Stroking the full length of her thighs with his hands, he began manually exploring her flowering little pussy. The initial light, tentative strokes produced moans of excitement and embarrassment, and ripe pungent juices suddenly began trickling over his fingers.

“Please, don’t hurt me! Please! I’m scared!” Betty pleaded, squirming with a combination of fear and erotic arousal. She watched with growing dismay as Frank continued moving his face upward in the direction of her pink, hotly dripping vulva. “You’re not going to…”

Lightly fingering the slippery, plump pussy lips, Frank slowly opened them up. Her back arched sharply, Betty bit her lip and wriggled with helpless vulnerability as he spread open the two pink juicy petals.

“You have a beautiful cunt!” he told her, whispering the message into the widely dilated, pink cavern.

“Oh, how can you talk like…” Betty protested, looking hotly embarrassed.

Without further ado, Frank buried his face in the wet, gaping crevice with his tongue extended its full length.

“Ohh!” Betty almost screamed at the lewd assault on her feminine treasure. Her entire body shuddered convulsively and she arched her back even more sharply as Frank’s sturdy masculine tongue sliced into the juicy playground and flicked her quivering little button. Somewhere inside her a dam broke, flooding the entire area with warm wet feminine dew.

“That’s the way, baby! Turn on!” Frank told her, nibbling on her plump outer lips as he spoke. “I’m going to have you begging for it!”

“No! No, please!” Betty pleaded. “It’s awful to be tied up like this! Please, I’m scared! Please, it’s degrading to have to lie here while you do anything to me you want!”

Frank’s tongue began moving up and down inside the wet pink furrow in a ticklish and thoroughly tormenting manner. He could feel her vibrant young body beginning to respond, slowly surrendering to sexual bliss despite her conscious opposition to it all. As she squirmed girlishly on the bed, her stockinged legs brushed against his hard masculine body in a teasing manner.

“Stop, please! Oh, stop, please!” she begged, making one last effort to ward off the raw physical pleasures to which she was about to succumb.

“Relax and enjoy it!” Frank told her. “You’re going to get eaten until you just beg to have cock in there instead of my tongue!”

“Oh, how can you talk like that?” Betty spoke with obvious distress. “How can you do this to me?”

Frank did not reply but instead resumed tonguing her lush pink interior, his darting tongue brushing past her nervously palpitating clitoris and roaming into her watery vaginal orifice. He could sense that all thoughts of resistance were beginning to melt under the spell of the magical erotic sensations that were flowing through her body. One low and faraway sounding moan followed another, and her pelvis began those instinctive coital thrusts that betrayed her own inner feelings.

“Please! Please, for the last time!” Betty pleaded, fighting back tears.

“You love it!” Frank told her. “You’re as wet and dewy as any schoolgirl!”

Once again his tongue ranged deep into the wet juicy groove, touching off electric sparks as it flicked her quivering clitoris. Sucking in her feminine juices with loud slurping noises, he flicked and stabbed at her magic button from various angles. He could feel the tiny bud responding to his lustful caresses, and it wasn’t long before the highly sensitive membrane was taut with feminine erectness. A river of feminine juices splashed against his face as the young woman finally gave way to the overpowering sexual sensations.

“Oh, please, I can’t stand it any longer!” she impulsively exclaimed. “Go ahead! Go ahead! Please, you’re driving me crazy! My cunt’s on fire!”

Frank savored his moment of triumph by lightly skimming his tongue over her choice inner meat, and then chewing and nibbling for a few moments on the succulent outer lips. The delicious feminine aroma assailed his nostrils and signaled her eager readiness. Her stocking-clad legs were open and drawn up at the knee, and he could feel the rippling muscles in her inner thighs quivering with feminine surrender.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” Betty pleaded, her voice urgent with desire. “Fuck me! I can’t stand it any longer! I just have to have cock in there!”

Frank finally drew back to a kneeling position between her outstretched legs, his red-crested penis rigidly at attention and his heavily dangling balls swinging freely. Betty stared at the primitive-looking masculine organs with deep sensuous desire written all over her hotly flushed face. Her pelvis was twisting back and forth, exhibiting the damply matted hair surrounding her hot, wet cunny.

“Fuck me! Please! I need it so bad!” she begged. “Go on! You wanted me to beg, so I’m begging!”

“Well, beg some more!” Frank told her, relishing his control over the shapely young secretary.

As he spoke, he spread his knees and began crawling up over her. His purpose was quite obvious and Betty uttered a cry of despair.

“No! No! Please! In my cunt!” she begged, tears filling her eyes. “Please, in my cunt! Not my…”

He moved forward over the helpless young woman’s body until she was staring upward at his bright red masculine shaft. As he lowered himself over her, Frank caught his breath sharply as he suddenly felt his hotly throbbing penis pressing against her warm face while his balls brushed against her throat. Given no choice Betty began kissing his turgid, desire-bloated cock, moving from the sleek, purplish head to his scrotum with moist, sensuous kisses. Beneath him she felt very small and feminine, and he could sense the innate submissiveness in her helpless young body.

“Please put it in my cunt!” she begged in a low, pleading voice. “Please! Please. Oh, please put it in my cunt!”

“Put it in your mouth first!” Frank told her in a commanding voice.

“All right! All right!” she replied, surrendering without a whimper.

Her wrists helplessly spread-eagled to the bedposts, the pretty young secretary lay back on the pillow with her eyes closed and her pretty mouth open submissively. His weight resting lightly on her, Frank began moving about on top of her so that her entire face would come into contact with the bulbous head and sensitive underside of his throbbing prick. The sleek crown of his rigid shaft explored her eyes, her cheeks, her forehead, her hair, her chin and smooth throat. Dripping with female arousal, Betty squirmed and gasped as he prepared her for the insertion to follow.

“In my cunt…” she whispered dreamily.

Once more Frank explored her velvety smooth face with his hotly throbbing cock, this time concentrating on her eyes. Tormented by the massive masculine organ and eager to get on with the proceedings, Betty squirmed about under him with delightfully feminine wriggles. Once more she began kissing the sleek underside of his hard, twitching prick, working from base to tip and concentrating on the wildly throbbing vein that coursed in bas relief along the lower side. Completing the tour, she once again lay back on the pillow with her pretty mouth wide open and expectant.

Frank’s turgid brick-hard maleness quickly found the warm, moist and inviting target. Feeling the full, sensuous lips encircling the mushroom-shaped crown, he paused for a moment to savor the deliciously warm, wet sensations that suddenly engulfed him. Her little tongue instantly went to work. Frank thrust it in a little further, gradually letting her get accustomed to having the large slab of meat in her mouth.

“Mmmmmm!” Betty’s groan was a blend of pleasure and mild discomfort.

After another brief pause, Frank shoved it in another inch and waited. In no time, his wildly pulsating joystick was soaking wet from her saliva, and he began sliding it back and forth just between her teeth with slow but firm thrusts. Under him he could feel her soft, highly aroused young body squirming and writhing with sexual passion, and he could distinctly hear the slurping sounds as she obediently sucked on his madly throbbing penis.

Pacing himself carefully, he thrust his thick member in a little further. This time he could feel it scraping against the roof of her mouth. Betty shuddered and seemed to be trying to say something, although her well-bloated mouth made the words incomprehensible. Frank drew back momentarily and then pushed it forward again. This time the husky shaft went far into her mouth, nearly to her throat, and he could hear her gulping and gurgling submissively.

“That’s the way, baby!” he told her. “You really want that big thing in your little box, don’t you?”

“Mmmmmm!” Betty’s muffled response was highly affirmative.

Frank suddenly drew back, his glistening penis exiting from her pretty mouth with a loud plop.

“FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” Betty burst out, breathless and squirming. “PLEASE! PLEASE! FUCK ME! PLEASE! COME ON, I’VE DONE EVERYTHING YOU WANTED!”

With a confident smile on his face, Frank drew back until he was in a kneeling position between her outstretched legs. Beneath him he could see her pelvis simply twitching with anxious expectation. Lowering himself on her helpless body he maneuvered to align the crown of his rigidly pounding penis with her sopping wet, pungently perfumed coral slit. The bulb-shaped head cut through the juicy outer lips and slid past the lust-swollen, twitching clitoris into her wet vaginal canal. The rigid masculine saber sliced into the narrow pink tunnel with a virile, powerful thrust that lifted Betty’s hips right off the bed.

“OOOOOHHHH!” Betty squealed as she suddenly found herself impaled on the thick shaft. Her vibrant young body responded to the assault with a violent shudder of erotic excitement, and shapely, stockinged legs coiled tightly around the backs of Frank’s bare legs.

His hotly throbbing penis firmly plugged into the young woman’s deliciously wet, tight vagina, Frank rested on top of her in commanding fashion. “How do you like having all that meat in you, baby?” he asked with a confident smile.

“I love it!” Betty admitted, breathless and squirming beneath him. “Even if you do spank me and tie me up and torment me something awful, I still love it! Fuck me! I need cock so bad I could just die!”

Frank began pumping back and forth on top of her bound body in a relaxed fashion. His strong, masculine body seemed to overpower her small, yielding form, and she felt delightfully feminine and dependent under him. She began writhing and twisting her hips around in a highly sensuous manner, and he recalled how she had thrown them about during the spanking he had administered earlier. Even at this early stage of the proceedings, her hotly eager, wet cunt was sucking and eagerly pulling on his aching meat, trying to get all of it inside her.

“Oh, that’s beautiful!” Betty gasped. “Oh, am I ever hot! I can’t believe my cunt could get this hot!”

His heavily hanging balls slapping against her smooth feminine flesh, Frank gradually speeded up the cadence. He was keeping his pelvis down tightly against hers, and she kept struggling to force herself upwards in response to each surging stroke. He could feel her tiny but lust-crazed clitoris scraping eagerly against his slick, aching cock as it rode back and forth inside her. Her wet, clinging little pussy continually snapped at him with beautiful little milking movements, and their madly throbbing organs became locked in a fierce struggle.

“Oh, it feels so gooood! So gooood!” Betty exclaimed. “Your big cock feels so good! Harder! Fuck me, harder! Harder!”

Frank’s long, iron-hard prick swept back and forth with long lunges, the thick crown drawing back almost to the vaginal orifice and then plunging in all the way to the cervix. Hot feminine foam bubbled up in voluminous quantities, bathing his pounding muscle with their soothing oils. As the hot, raging fire in her loins spread through her body, her buttocks tossed and writhed in a progressively more and more frantic fashion. Despite the weight he was throwing down on her, she was able to meet him thrust for thrust, humping her cute and recently spanked posterior high off the bed.

“Harder! Harder!” she begged breathlessly. Her voice was hoarse with lewd desires. “Harder! Please! Fuck me till I die!”

This little hellcat can really fuck, Frank thought to himself. No wonder her roommates wanted her spanked. He began pumping with rapid, punishing strokes that sent his weight slamming down against her helpless but wildly tossing body. Her swollen cuntal lips kept trying to suck him all the way inside her, and he could feel her rapidly twitching little clitoris slapping wildly at his surging cock. Her stockinged legs were coiled about in a tight embrace, the spike heels of her sandals scraping against his bare legs.

“Ooooohhhh! Ooooohhhh!” Betty moaned mindlessly. Completely carried away by the lustful pleasures that she was experiencing, the attractive young secretary was totally lost in sexual bliss. “Harder! Harder!” she begged, breathing almost too hard to make herself understood.

Sensing that his distraught young partner was rapidly careening toward a wild, mind-blowing orgasm, Frank abandoned all efforts at self-control. Fucking with almost savage strokes that sent his madly throbbing, burning penis deep into her lush channel with each forward thrust, he continually slammed his entire weight down against her frantically twitching body. The final, almost brutal, thrust sent his hot, murky masculine fluids bursting into her vagina with explosive force.

“Oh, my! Oooooohhhhh!” Tormented beyond endurance by the sexual punishment her beautiful young body had absorbed, Betty surrendered to an intense orgasm. Convulsed with passionate spasms that originated in her lust-swollen clitoris and vagina, the young woman climaxed with ecstatic cries of joy. The deep vaginal contractions caught Frank’s exploding penis in a tight vise, pulling him far inside her boiling cunt and milking his thick, hot semen in a hungry, demanding fashion. “Ohh! Oooooohhhhh! Ooooohhhh! Whaaat a fuck!” she moaned as her convulsions began to subside.

Breathlessly, the two of them rested on the bed with their hot bodies still lewdly glued together. Frank made no attempt to untie her wrists and, for some reason, Betty neglected to ask him to do so.

“You know,” she told him with a bright smile. “I never realized that a spanking could lead to hot bed sex like this.”

“You ought to thank those horny sorority sisters of yours for setting you up,” Frank told her, kissing her lightly on the lips.

The two of them lay quietly for several minutes, and Frank found himself drifting into a pleasant nap. Suddenly Betty’s young body stiffened with fear.

“Frank, Frank!” she whispered urgently at him. “There’s someone in the living room!”


Suddenly, Elizabeth had burst through the opened bedroom door, a drawn gun in her hand!

“Eeek!” Betty screamed, her stockinged legs flailing as she futilely tried to break loose from the bonds that held her to the bed.

“Liz!” Frank cried out, embarrassed at having been caught in the compromising position but, for the moment at least, more concerned for his own safety.

“What’s going on here?” Elizabeth demanded, looking around warily.

“It’s okay, Liz. It’s okay,” Frank reassured her. “Now put that gun away before someone gets hurt.”

When Elizabeth realized that Frank was completely nude and that Betty, clad only in her garter belt, stockings and shoes, was helplessly tied to the bed, she relaxed and put the gun back in her handbag. “Sorry,” she told Frank. “When I realized that she had sneaked out of the apartment and probably…” she paused, not wanting to say too much in front of Betty. “Well, I thought she might be someone else… and then I heard what sounded like a struggle up here…”

“Okay, okay,” Frank told her, beginning to see the humor in the situation although he realized that Betty might start asking some questions that wouldn’t be easy to answer. “It’s not what you thought at all,” he continued. “It’s just that Betty felt that her spanking was insufficient punishment for all of her misdeeds, and came up here for some additional discipline!” He gave her a tongue-in-cheek smile as he spoke.

“So I see!” Elizabeth replied, glancing at Betty’s spread-eagled and partly clad body. She tried very hard not to notice the lusciously pink cuntal slit nestled in the forest of jet-black hair, and her face became hotly flushed as memories of her recent lesbian experience suddenly flooded her consciousness.

“Will someone please tell me what’s going on around here?” Betty demanded, yanking helplessly at the bonds that held her wrists to the bedposts.

“It’s okay, honey,” Frank told her. “Liz is an old girlfriend of mine who has fits of jealousy now and then.”

“But I don’t understand…” Betty persisted.

“Don’t ask too many questions,” Frank told her. “Sometime I’ll explain the whole thing to you.”

“Can you at least untie me?” Betty asked, a distinct note of irritation in her voice.

Instead of replying, Frank got to his feet and took Elizabeth’s handbag from her. Stepping behind her he placed his hands on her shoulders and leaned forward to allow his face to brush against her wavy brunette hair. The attractive young woman stood stiffly, obviously deeply embarrassed and wondering what was going to happen next. Frank quickly discerned that she was doing her best to avoid looking at Betty’s lush young body, and could easily guess the thoughts that were running through her head.

“Now you’re going to apologize, aren’t you?” he asked in a deliberately quiet voice.

“Am I?” Elizabeth asked, darting a highly embarrassed glance back over her shoulder.

“Yes,” Frank replied. “To both of us!!” He spoke in a quiet but deliberately salacious tone of voice that left absolutely no doubt what he meant.

Elizabeth gulped heavily but did not reply.

“Will someone please untie me?” Betty demanded. “This is embarrassing.” The pretty young woman squirmed haplessly on the bed as she spoke.

Using his hands on her shoulders to propel her forward, Frank escorted Elizabeth over to the bed. She moved unwillingly but made no attempt to resist.

“What’s going on here?” Betty asked insistently. Unable to preserve her modesty in any way, the attractive young secretary blushed scarlet as the two of them looked at her.

“Now you are going to apologize to both of us, aren’t you?” Frank asked quietly.

“Y-yes!” Elizabeth replied with a gulp.

Still not comprehending what they meant, Betty looked inquisitively from one to the other. “Will someone please tell me what’s going on around here?” she asked. “She comes bursting in here with a gun and…”

“It was all a mistake,” Frank assured her. “And she’s going to apologize to you for it!”

As he spoke, Frank began undoing the buttons that ran down the back of Elizabeth’s blouse. Her pretty face a bright scarlet and her eyes averted, the attractive brunette stood quietly in front of him. The blouse came off, revealing smooth feminine shoulders and a prettily embroidered white slip worn over a trim white brassiere.

“You mean she’s…” Betty voice expressed dismay as she began to catch on.

“That’s right!” Frank replied.

It was Betty’s turn to gulp, and the cute young secretary squirmed girlishly on the bed. “Well, gee, I never…” she mused. From the way her face lit up, it was quite apparent that the idea intrigued her.

Frank’s hands moved to the side fastener of Elizabeth’s dark skirt. Undoing it, he pulled it down over her buxomly rounded hips and allowed it to slide down her legs to the floor. Standing there in her flimsy slip with the outline of her brassiere, panties and dark brown stockings clearly visible, Elizabeth stepped out of her skirt and kicked it aside. Running his hands downward from her shoulders, Frank cupped them momentarily around her well-filled brassiere and then ran them downward, exploring the narrow contours of her waist and full, womanly curves of her hips. From there he ran his hands down her full, tapering thighs until his fingers reached the embroidered hem of her light slip.

Elizabeth stood blushing prettily as he slowly pulled the slip up over the top of her brunette head, revealing her shapely, stockinged legs, shimmering white thighs contrasting vividly with her black garter belt suspenders, nearly transparent white panties, smooth tummy, steeply pointed brassiere and soft feminine shoulders. Her hair became slightly mussed as he extricated the slip from it.

“Are you thinking about what you’re going to be doing for us?” Frank asked, his hands cupped over her shoulders.

“Y-yes!” Elizabeth admitted. Despite her embarrassment, she couldn’t avoid looking at Betty’s lewdly displayed body stretched out on the bed.

“I don’t know…” Betty sounded a little dubious.

“Oh, don’t worry, Liz is an expert when it comes to sticking pussy!” Frank remarked as he unsnapped the clasp of her brassiere. “You’ve had experience, haven’t you?” he teased.

“Y-yes!” Elizabeth admitted.

Betty’s eyes widened slightly at that admission. Squirming prettily on the bed, she watched as Liz’ brassiere fell away to expose her lush, full breasts. Still standing behind her, Frank slid his hands around under her arms and cupped them firmly over the two plump, pink tipped mounds, molding them into even more compact globes. He could feel her resilient feminine flesh thrilling to the masculine contact.

“Now, let’s get these little panties off!” he suggested, running his hands downward and catching them in the elastic waistband of her panties. He removed the small garment with maddening slowness, working it off her hips to reveal the dark brunette vee at the fork of her legs and then dropped to one knee to finish the job. To ease the task, he slipped off her high-heeled shoes for her. “There!” he announced as he pulled the panties from her feet.

Naked except for her black garter belt and dark brown stockings, Elizabeth stood blushing in front of them with her lush feminine charms revealed in all their glory. Frank moved over to an easy chair and seated himself casually with his bare legs well apart.

“Come here, my dear, and let’s show Betty what an expert cocksucker you are!” Frank told her, a bemused smile on his face.

Elizabeth swallowed hard as she walked over to him. “Please, it’s embarrassing to do something like that in front of someone else!” she protested, a slight shudder of revulsion going through her body.

“Don’t be such a prude,” Frank told her, pointing downward with one finger.

“Why don’t you spank her like you did me?” Betty suggested from her vantage point on the bed.

Knowing only too well that Frank might be quick to adopt such a suggestion, Elizabeth promptly sank to her knees between Frank’s outstretched thighs.

“That’s more like it!” he complimented her. “Now, give me a complete tongue job to start off with!”

Her face a blushing crimson, Elizabeth extended her hands and cupped Frank’s bright red balls in them. Keenly aware that Betty was watching from the bed, she began licking the two heavy, swollen organs with her small pink tongue. Looking delightfully shamefaced, she licked them all over until they were glistening from the effects of her saliva.

“Are you watching this, Betty?” Frank asked to deliberately torment the blushing fellatrix in front of him.

“Sure am!” Betty replied in a bright voice, grinning at him from the bed.

Despite the embarrassment of having to perform such a debased act in front of an onlooker, Elizabeth began to display rising signs of sexual arousal. Her full breasts rising and falling with deep breaths, she sucked one red ball part way into her mouth in a loving fashion and held it there for a few moments, sucking and tonguing on it simultaneously. She then gave the second ball a similar treat, working it between her full, ripe lips and then sucking on it while flicking it with her small tongue.

“Mmmm, you must like that heavy masculine tang!” Frank remarked.

“Sure do!” Elizabeth admitted, darting a quick glance over at the bed to see if Betty was watching.

“Put it in your mouth!” Frank told her quietly.

Holding his limp penis upward in one small hand, Elizabeth meekly slipped the bulbous head into her warm, wet mouth. With Betty eagerly watching the performance from the bed, the comely brunette began assaulting the masculine organ with a dual combination of manual strokes and oral caresses. Sucking and tonguing the sleek head and flooding the entire area with warm saliva, she continually pulled and stroked with her smooth hand. Her efforts quickly began to pay dividends as the flaccid cock quickly began to expand and harden.

“That’s the way, baby!” Frank told her. “Let’s see you get it all the way into your throat!”

Blushing deeply and obviously very much aware that her efforts were being observed by a highly interested witness, Elizabeth soon found herself with a mouthful of rock-hard, pounding prick. The thick, virile lance made her wriggle with feminine excitement, and the salivary secretions in her mouth were matched and indeed outdone by the bubbly feminine cream that smeared her tingling pussy and trickled down her inner thighs.

“Gee!” Betty remarked from her observation post as she watched her pretty roommate working more and more of Frank’s husky, purplish-hued shaft into her oval-shaped mouth.

“See if you can make it disappear!” Frank told her, his bare legs hooked comfortably around her kneeling body.

Elizabeth’s moan told him that that was impossible. Occasionally gulping on her rapidly flowing saliva, the attractive brunette began working more and more of the solid, pounding meat into her deliciously wet oral cavity. Both Frank and Betty watched intently as the thick slab of bulky meat gradually began disappearing between Elizabeth’s pink outstretched lips. Frank felt the mushroom-shaped crown touching the roof of her mouth, scraping past it as it probed into her throat. Elizabeth’s half-strangled gulp indicated that she couldn’t handle any more of it.

“Wow!” Betty exclaimed, her voice mixing admiration with envy as she observed her kneeling roommate with what must have been at least five inches of rock-hard, pounding cock in her mouth. “I can’t believe she could get it that far into her mouth!” she added, wriggling prettily on the bed as she spoke.

“Now let’s show her what an accomplished fellatrix you are!” Frank suggested, patting Elizabeth’s head gently as he spoke.

Her crimson face straining with the effort to handle so much hard cock, Elizabeth began moving her head up and down with long, deliciously sweet sucking movements. Both Frank and Betty watched with fascination as her pretty brunette head bobbed up and down in his lap. From time to time, she twisted her head to one side or the other, allowing his bulging penis to press outward against her succulently soft inner cheeks. At the same time, her fingers played softly and teasingly over the throbbing base of his upright spear.

“That’s the way!” Frank told her, watching the sensuous movements of her full, pink lips as they moved up and down his hotly throbbing flesh.

Pausing occasionally to swallow her saliva with an audible gulp, Elizabeth kept moving her hot, eager mouth up and down on the hotly pulsating masculine organ with rhythmic movements of her pretty head. Her cheeks collapsing inward as she sucked, she continually flicked and stabbed with her warm tongue. At times she darted a quick look over at the bed to see if Betty were watching her servile performance, and it was readily apparent to Frank that his kneeling fellatrix was enjoying a masochistic thrill at having a witness to her sexual subjugation.

“All right,” Frank told her, “you’ve played with that enough for the time being. Now I want you to go kneel between Betty’s legs and suck her juicy little pussy for her!!”

“Oh, my!” Betty gasped with sheer delight at the suggestion.

Elizabeth drew back and looked up at Frank in an appealing manner. “Please, Frank, don’t make me do that!” she pleaded, her hands clasped prayerfully in front of her. “Please! It’d be too embarrassing!”

“Go on!” he told her with an amused laugh. “You know you secretly want to, anyway!”

Their eyes met and both of them knew that he was telling the truth. Her face a blushing crimson, Elizabeth slowly got to her feet and walked over to the bed.

“Gee, I’ve never been sucked by a girl before!” Betty exclaimed, wriggling with anticipation. The shapely, raven-haired young secretary was holding her stockinged legs wantonly open, fully displaying her dripping coral crevice and the damp, matted black hair surrounding it. The rippling muscles in her young loins were repeatedly tensing and flexing in anticipation of the treat to come.

“Well, it’ll be a new experience for you,” Frank remarked, standing beside the bed with his bright red cock as stiff and crisp as a stick of celery.

Her eyes glued upon her roommate’s lewdly exposed pink pussy, Elizabeth crawled on the bed between Betty’s outspread legs. Looking shamefaced but excited, she leaned forward and skimmed her warm pink tongue over her lips as the pungent feminine aromas from Betty’s overheated little box assailed her nostrils. Frank watched the lesbian ceremony with great interest.

“Here, Betty,” he said, grabbing a pillow. “Let me slide this under your ass.”

Hotly flushed and wiggling excitedly, Betty arched her back to enable Frank to slide the pillow under her. Her cute bottom, still a bright rose from the spanking that Frank had administered earlier, glowed prettily as the pillow slid under it. Elevated by the pillow, Betty’s coral groove glittered with feminine dew as the pretty young secretary awaited the lesbian treat.

Elizabeth, drinking in Betty’s feminine charms with all of her senses, impulsively leaned forward and planted a moist kiss squarely upon her pink jewel.

“Ooooohhhh!” Betty gasped, her mouth forming into a pleased oval. “Hey, that feels good!”

Brushing her own hair back out of her face, Elizabeth extended her warm pink tongue and began working it up and down the coral groove. His brick-hard penis pounding with arousal, Frank watched the lesbian performance with quiet intensity. Attired in their garter belts and stockings, the two lovely young women were a picture of lesbian depravity as feminine tongue met and loved feminine genitalia.

“It may be naughty but it’s nice!” Betty remarked with a giggle, squirming her cute bottom happily as Elizabeth’s warm tongue tantalized her pink cuntal slit.

Although she was blushing and obviously embarrassed to the very depths of her soul, Elizabeth was also thoroughly enjoying the submissive lesbian role that she had been assigned. Her entire body trembled and quivered as she sliced her probing tongue between the two saucy outer lips, giving herself a sample of the deliciously juicy treats awaiting her. Using her fingers to pry open the glittering treasure trove, she formed her lips into a perfect oval and inserted them into the slippery wet gash. The highly audible sucking movements that followed quickly caught Betty’s quivering little clitoris in their draft, and the comely secretary could almost feel her tiny pink bud being sucked into Elizabeth’s mouth.

“Oh! Oh! That’s the way to suck my pussy!” Betty exclaimed. “Wow! I can just feel my clit being pulled into your mouth! I can just feel it! Wow!”

Wriggling and squirming with provocative movements, Betty bit her lip and kept taking in deep breaths as Elizabeth taught her the joys of girl love. Elizabeth’s mouth was like a vacuum cleaner as it sucked out her roommate’s feminine honey and tormented her little clitoris into a rigid, lust-swollen state of sexual torment. Driven almost frantic by the debased lesbian assault, Betty pumped and thrust her hips in a wild bucking fashion. Her stockinged legs were wrapped around Elizabeth’s neck in a tight coil, giving her no chance to stop to catch her breath.

“Eat me! Suck me! Suck pussy!” Betty cried out. “Oh, my poor clit is going crazy! Eat me! Only a girl could eat like that! Oh, suck! Suck!”

Frank could feel his rigid cock aching with sexual torture as he watched the obscenely beautiful performance in front of him. Elizabeth’s lips were completely covered by Betty’s plump outer folds and her nose was also partly buried in the juicy pink furrow. The watery sucking sounds were all too audible as Elizabeth, her cheeks collapsing almost together, drank in the cascading waterfall of feminine juices. Betty’s pelvis was jerking back and forth with quick, jerky movements that lifted her hips right up off the bed.

“It’s about time I joined this party!” Frank suddenly announced, unable to endure his spectator role any longer.

His elongated, blood-swollen prick pounding with desperate urgency, he climbed on the bed behind Elizabeth’s kneeling form and grabbed her waist.

“Mmmmmm!” Elizabeth moaned. Quite unsure what opening he would avail himself of, the attractive brunette found herself in a torment of fear and anticipation. Their lithe muscles flexing and puckering wildly, her beautiful buttocks cringed at the expected assault.

“I ought to put it in your ass!” Frank told her, observing her anxiety and amusing himself at her expense.

“Mmmmmm!” Elizabeth tried to protest without for a moment denying herself the tasty pleasures of Betty’s steaming little box, and as a result her moans conveyed no intelligible message.

Pausing for a moment to enjoy her torment to the fullest, Frank finally guided his madly throbbing manhood toward her gaping vaginal orifice. He could feel the surging sense of relief that poured through her body when she realized he had selected the normal target. Holding her by the waist to keep her in position, Frank rammed his rigid, almost painfully aching prick into the pink tunnel.

“Mmmmmm!” Elizabeth moaned ecstatically as the rock-hard cock suddenly dilated her hot, eager vagina to its full capacity. Her feminine juices were flowing in copious quantities, soaking his pounding ramrod in their hot oils, and her buxom, satiny hips began churning with coital thrusts.

“Suck me! Oh, suck me!” Betty gasped, completely caught up in the throes of her first lesbian experience. “Oh, eat me! I love it! Can you taste my clit in your mouth? Can you taste it? Oh, it feels so good!”

With his madly pulsating masculine shaft buried deep in Elizabeth’s clinging, slippery vagina, Frank leaned forward over her back and cupped her lushly dangling breasts in his firm hands. The two heavy mounds quickly became stiffly taut with erotic tension as his fingers massaged and caressed them. As he began pumping dog-fashion, he could feel her quivering, lust-charged clitoris scraping and slapping against his surging maleness.

“How do you like this?” he asked, although he did not expect an answer.

“Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!” Elizabeth moaned. Caught in the middle of the sexual threesome, the voluptuous young brunette found herself assaulted with an almost bewildering variety of sexual pleasures. Betty’s glorious little pussy filled her mouth with delicious feminine nectar, and Elizabeth strove valiantly to get that throbbing little button into her mouth. At the same time, Frank’s pile-driving prick was driving her overheated vagina into a frenzy, while his husky masculine hands tormented her throbbing, rigid breasts. The variety of sexual sensations had a cumulative effect, raising her levels of erotic awareness to heights that she had never scaled before.

“Oh, it’s beautiful!” Betty exclaimed rapturously. “My pussy’s in heaven. I can’t believe it! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!”

Realizing that his two feminine partners were reaching their sexual peaks, Frank bucked and plunged his wildly aching prong into Elizabeth’s juicy vagina like a jackhammer. Draped down over her back, his hands continually clawed and twisted at her tormented breasts to tantalize her all the more. Her oven-hot snapping and puckering at its masculine intruder, the sexually abandoned young woman threw her hips around in a wild, grinding motion much like a burlesque dancer’s gyrations.

“I’m cumming! Oh, I’m cummmmmiiiinnnnggg!” Betty’s delirious scream was almost bloodcurdling. Totally beside herself, the distraught young woman flipped her hips up like a fish out of water, spraying Elizabeth’s face with her heady female cum.

Caught in the vise of Betty’s clinging thighs, Elizabeth drank in the pungently flavored juices with loud slurps.

“Mmmmmm! Ooooohhhh! Ohh! Mmmmmm! Ooohhh!” The ecstatic sounds of feminine sexual pleasure came from both young women, and Frank could not distinguish between them.

Holding himself back as long as he could, Frank finally drove his pounding cock deep into Elizabeth’s inner recesses and went off like a cannon. As the thick hot cum blasted into her, Elizabeth arched her back sharply and Frank could feel her cuntal muscles coiling tightly around his exploding prick. With the effect of a vacuum she began sucking him all the way into her, squeezing his discharging penis as though it had been caught in a powerful milking machine.

“Mmmmmm!” Caught in the crossfire of the masculine and feminine climaxes, Elizabeth experienced the most intense orgasm of the threesome. Ignited by the sparks from her hotly burning clitoris, a powerful sexual explosion racked her entire body and sent waves of electric pleasure coursing through her entire being. Collapsing breathlessly on the bed, the shapely young brunette fought to recover her sanity. “Wow, I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it!” she kept repeating over and over again.

“Wow, that was really something!” Betty exclaimed when at last Frank untied her wrists. “Boy, when I got spanked this afternoon, I sure didn’t think it would lead to this! But I still don’t understand the connection between you two, and why Liz came charging in here with a gun.” The pretty young secretary looked understandably puzzled.

“Well, I can’t explain it to you just now,” Frank told her. “The two of us will just have to bribe you to keep your mouth shut about the whole thing.”

“Bribe?” Betty asked. “What are you talking about?”

“If you’ll just keep your mouth shut,” Frank said. “Elizabeth and I, or both of us, will suck your pussy or do anything you say for the duration, and I mean anything. Okay?”

A smile spread across Betty’s face. “Well, a girl couldn’t beat a deal like that, could she?” she replied with a teasing glance, first at one and then at the other.

“It’s a deal then?” Frank asked.

“Sure!” she replied brightly. Leaning back on her elbows with her stockinged legs lasciviously spread, she grinned at them. “Now which one of you wants to go first?” she asked.


The disciplinary system inaugurated with Betty’s spanking quickly swung into full effect. Just two nights later another roommate Linda, a pretty, bespectacled brunette in her mid-twenties, became the second victim. Crying almost hysterically and in a state of near collapse, Linda went to her fate over Frank’s capable lap. Once again everyone was treated to the sight of a comely young Washington secretary being totally bared and put through her paces with a good, crisp spanking that left her buttocks a blazing scarlet and reduced her to distraught sobs. At the conclusion of the bottom-warming, her fragile panties were declared forfeit and Frank undertook the not unpleasant responsibility of removing them himself.

As he suspected, the freshly spanked young secretary eagerly followed him to his apartment afterward, like a puppy who had found its master. Linda proved to be so sex-starved, so man-hungry, so horny that neither took time to disrobe. Holding her black punishment jumper up over the top of her garter belt, Linda backed against a wall and Frank took her in a standing position with her stockinged legs coiled tightly about him.

The following afternoon Frank met with Elizabeth to discuss strategy.

“Since you’ve eliminated Betty as a suspect, that leaves only Jean, right?” Elizabeth asked.

“Apparently so,” Frank replied.

“Well, she won’t be so easy to trap in your little spanking game,” Elizabeth told him.

“Oh, why’s that?” Frank asked. “It seems to me that all you girls are getting turned on by the idea.”

“Well, most of them think it’s kind of wild and sexy,” Elizabeth admitted. “But not Jean. She’s the one girl who makes sure she never violates a single rule.”

Frank was thoughtful for a moment. “Well, in that case we might arrange to have the two of you caught in a lesbian embrace. That ought to serve as sufficient justification for the two of you to be spanked.”

“What?” Elizabeth flared. “Do you think I’m going to let those girls catch me…” She was too indignant to finish the sentence.

“It’s part of your job,” he reminded. “Besides,” he added with a touch of malice, “you’ve been showing some distinctly bisexual trends lately.”

Elizabeth glared at him. “That’s not the point,” she told him. “The point is that it would be just too embarrassing for all those girls to catch me doing something like… like that.”

“After this little venture, you’ll never see these girls again,” Frank told her. “Now let’s do it like this. You tell the other girls that you’re planning a surprise party for Jean. That’ll give you a chance to be alone with Jean, and the others can walk right in on you. I’ll be with them and I’ll have Jean’s bare ass on view before she knows what’s happening.”

“All right,” Elizabeth accepted the plan quietly. “It’ll take several days to set it up and I suppose in the meantime you can continue your disciplinary activities.” There was a slight trace of sarcasm in her voice.

“I told you the girls would all go for the idea,” Frank reminded her.

Go for it they did. As plans for the surprise party began to develop, the third and fourth culprits met their fate on successive evenings. The third was a comely redheaded secretary in her late-twenties, whose name was Monica. She had been convicted of neglecting her share of the apartment chores. The fourth victim was Cheryl, a blonde, sweater-girl type in her early-twenties. She had been convicted of borrowing stockings, panties and other items of personal apparel from her roommates without permission.

The two spankings followed the procedure that had now become well established. When Frank arrived on the scene, each girl was standing in the corner attired in the standard punishment uniform of white blouse, short black jumper, black stockings and high-heeled black sandals. Surrounded by her grinning, smirking roommates each girl was turned over Frank’s knee in the traditional but juvenile position.

The girl’s jumpers were turned back to reveal shapely legs outlined in black stockings, bare white thighs crossed by their tautly pulled black garter belt suspenders, and clinging black panties that fit their rotund posteriors to perfection. In each case the panties were slowly and almost reverently lowered to reveal quivering feminine buttocks flexing in anxious expectation of the spanking to come.

The spankings were classics. In writing to her best friend back home, Monica described her ordeal…

Of course, as you would know, all seven roomies were there to savor my humiliation.

Although I tried to put up a brave front, I was simply quaking when Mr. Hopkins swung me face down over his lap as if I was a naughty schoolgirl instead of a twenty-eight-year-old secretary. As my short jumper was drawn back to reveal my precious nylons, bare white thighs, and black panties and garter belt, I closed my eyes and tried to pretend that it really wasn’t happening to me. But there was just no way I could blot out all those snickers, giggles, titters, smirks and so on from my assembled roommates. I’ll have to admit that I had been one of the most enthusiastic advocates for spanking the other girls, and they were all just dying to see me take my medicine.

Then came the total indignity of having my panties slowly stripped down inside out by capable masculine hands!!! Believe me, there’s just no way to adequately describe the total humiliation of being completely bared before an audience like that, and by a man! I just wanted to shrivel up and sink through the floor. And — oh! — how my roomies all smirked and giggled and acted ever so smug us they observed me lying there in total disgrace with my girlishly plump buttocks sticking up obscenely bare! Although I ever so desperately wanted to hold still, I just couldn’t refrain from puckering shamefully in anticipation of the red hot punishment my poor bottom was going to have to absorb.

And then it happened! My precious, tender bare bottom that no man had ever dared touch suddenly and abruptly received its baptism by fire from a sturdy masculine hand!!

OOOHHH!!! Mr. Hopkins’ palm felt as if it were traveling ninety miles an hour each time it crashed against my sensitive posterior, completely flattening my cheeks with a deafening splat! Believe me, I was no heroine about it. I simply screamed and kicked my nylon-clad legs back and forth as if I had invented some new kind of dance. And I simply had to yank and jerk my burning hips around frantically on his lap, although I knew from watching the other girls how much I was exposing myself.

Oh, what an experience!! My full, woman’s hips burned and prickled and itched with a hot burning heat that made each fresh smack absolute anguish. I cried hot salty tears that blinded my vision and ran down my cheeks. My pride totally destroyed, I begged like a little baby to have my bottom spared from that burning anguish. And through it all, my seven roomies just smirked and giggled and enjoyed themselves as only a bunch of girls can do.

When it was over, my poor bottom was simply a sheet of flame and I was totally breathless and sobbing hard. As usual, Mr. Hopkins proceeded to collect my panties as a souvenir. Then I was sent to the corner where I stood bare-bottomed, burning and disgraced! Can you imagine such a thing, at my age?

In characteristic feminine fashion, Monica omitted a few details that might have given her friend a truer picture of her experiences. For example, how she had gone to Frank’s apartment afterwards with her bottom burning furiously and had simply begged for the privilege of putting his big, beautiful cock in her mouth. How she had gotten down on her knees and had taken that rock-hard banana out of his pants herself. How she had eagerly and joyously taken his climax in her mouth, and without even pausing to catch her breath had then sucked furiously to produce another pounding erection. How he had thereupon administered an almost-brutal dog-style fucking until she had cum several times and nearly swooned with ecstasy. And how she had begged for more afterwards.

Cheryl’s post-spanking behavior involved similar patterns of sexual hysteria, although the details were somewhat different. In the privacy of Frank’s apartment, the cute young blonde, still sniffling from the effects of the spanking, had brazenly turned up her deeply scarlet, furiously burning bottom and just begged to be sodomized! Although visibly surprised by the request, Frank was more than willing to oblige and the walls of the apartment shook with the comely young woman’s masochistic screams as his thick, pulsating shaft violated her incredibly tight anal canal. The surging anal intercourse that followed would have brought an admiring gleam to the eye of the Marquis de Sade. Grinding and twisting her bright red buttocks in a savage dance of pain and ecstasy, the distraught young secretary enjoyed an intensely masochistic climax as Frank’s hot, virile semen spurted deep into her narrow channel.


Two nights later Frank received his next spanking assignment. This time there were two victims who were to be punished simultaneously. The first was platinum-haired, buxom Donna, whose ex-officio position as ringleader had not spared her from conviction for the heinous offense of stealing another girl’s date. The second was a long-legged brunette secretary whose name was Lois. She had been convicted of various offenses, including monopolizing the telephone and stealing cigarettes.

“Well, we’ve got a pair of them for you tonight!” Elizabeth told him with a wink when he arrived on the scene. As she spoke, she pointed to the wall where the two miscreants were standing with their backs to the others.

The two of them were dressed in the standard punishment outfit. Lois, the taller and leggier of the two, looked the more juvenile in her short pleated jumper, but both of them looked highly appealing as they stood with their blushing faces to the wall. Neither of them could quite hold still and the sight of the two fully grown young women wriggling their anxious bottoms in anticipation of their spankings required Frank to exercise a conscious effort to refrain from achieving an erection.

“Which one are you going to spank first?” Betty asked. She and her other five roommates were all awaiting the session with expectant smiles on their faces.

“Let’s do things a little differently tonight,” he suggested.

As he spoke, he took two plain wooden chairs and placed them side by side in the middle of the room.

“Are you going to spank them both at the same time?” Linda asked, giggling at the prospect.

“Okay, girls,” Frank addressed the victims. “Let’s bend over the backs of these chairs.”

“Come on. No stalling!” one of the girls warned.

Blushing and wriggling with a girlish naughtiness that made them look and feel all the more juvenile, the two blushing victims moved over to the chairs. Both of them kept their eyes lowered and Frank noticed that their pretty, nylon-clad knees were on the verge of buckling. As he motioned for them to bend over, the two of them bent over the backs of the chairs and grabbed the seats with their hands. Standing slightly to their rear, Frank watched appreciatively as their black jumpers rode up to reveal an additional expanse of black nylon.

“Mmmm, this is going to be interesting!” a feminine voice remarked behind him as the six innocent roommates lined up to watch and enjoy the proceedings. As usual, the onlookers were in a gleeful mood, the type that can only occur when females are privileged to see a fellow member of their sex punished.

“Why don’t you get it over with?” Lois burst out, looking back over her shoulder.

Her anxiety produced an amused laugh from her roommates.

“Lois, you’re really going to need a pillow to sit on after this,” one of them told her.

Stepping behind her, Frank grasped the hem of her jumper and began pulling it up quite slowly. There were giggles and mock whistles of admiration from the on-looking girls as the pleated garment came up to reveal long, shapely legs in clinging, full fashioned black nylons, black garter belt suspenders standing out vividly against carnation-white thighs and generously proportioned, girlishly plump buttocks encased in snug-fitting black panties. Frank carefully pulled the jumper up until bare flesh was visible above the tops of her panties, and then stopped for an admiring glance before moving over to his second victim.

Blushing furiously and trembling with embarrassment, Donna said nothing as Frank grasped the hem of her jumper and began the task of unveiling her spank spot. Again there were titters and mock whistles of admiration as shapely legs attired in black stockings came into view, followed by quivering white thighs and rotund feminine buttocks encased in sheer black panties. Frank licked his lips as he gazed at the twin pairs of panty-clad bottoms quivering anxiously as their owners awaited correction.

“Why don’t you hurry up and get it over with?” Donna protested, her face a bright scarlet as she glanced back over her shoulder.

The protest only served to draw some amused giggles from the onlookers. As usual when a spanking was upcoming, the girls were talking among each other in an amused undertone of great expectation. Occasional words like “big” and “hot” could be overheard by the anxious victims.

As might be expected, Frank conducted the panty-lowering ceremonies with deliberate slowness, grasping the elastic waistbands with both hands and pulling them down inside out until they formed a ring around the wearer’s thighs just above her stocking tops. Lois’ panties came down first and the long-legged brunette, blushing as red as a beet and blinking back tears of shame, trembled haplessly as her fully rounded, pink-white feminine buttocks came into view for all to see. Donna’s turn came next and the attractive platinum blonde could not conceal her deep humiliation as her curvaceously rounded, buxom hips were exposed before everyone.

“Wow, look at that!” one of the girls remarked at sight of the two upturned pairs of plump, rounded bare bottoms awaiting correction. There were similar comments from the other girls, all of whom were obviously intrigued by the two quivering targets. Once again words like “big” stood out in the undertone of excited conversation.

Their stockinged knees almost buckling under them at times, the two pretty secretaries had no choice but to endure the full humiliation of having everyone’s eyes fastened on their upturned and completely vulnerable spank spots. Both of them remembered to hold their legs together to minimize their exposure as much as possible, but a hint of girlish treasure was still quite visible at the fork of their legs.

“Hurry up! For heaven’s sakes!” Lois cried out, obviously unable to stand the tension much longer.

Watched by the grinning girls behind him, Frank stood behind Lois and drew his right hand back.


Frank’s hand smacked lustily against the exposed feminine target.

“OW!” Lois yelped, her brunette head snapping back and long legs buckling at the knee.

The watching girls snickered and some of them clapped their hands with delight.


The second smack landed on the opposite cheek.

“Oww! Oh!” Lois squealed, one hand reaching back to protect herself.

“Take your hand away!” Frank warned as he moved on to the next victim.

Her pretty bottom puckering obscenely, Donna miserably awaited her fate. Frank paused and slowly brought his hand back.


Frank’s masculine hand landed on tender feminine flesh with a loud report.

“Eeek!” Donna squealed, her blonde curls flying as her head snapped back.

Her reaction produced gales of laughter from her assembled roommates.


Frank’s capable palm smacked lustily against her other quivering mound.

“Ow! Not so hard!” Donna cried out, squirming prettily and looking back with a worried look on her blushing face.

All four mounds were displaying a light flush from the introductory smacks.

Smack! Splat!

Frank began applying the second round of spanks to the upturned targets. The feminine squeals and wriggles that invariably followed each noisy smack produced the expected reaction from the on-looking girls, all of whom were enjoying themselves immensely at their roommates’ expense.

Smack! Splat! Smack!

Frank applied the third round of spanks, giving each of the four cheeks a crisp whack that momentarily flattened it. By this time both victims were crying and wriggling furiously as the temperature in their bottoms began to soar. Frank took his time about it, fully enjoying the aesthetic advantages of watching two lush feminine spank spots, framed by black garter belts and stockings, turning rosy pink and then bright red.

“Look how red they’re getting!” one of the girls remarked in a voice the victims could clearly hear. Others joined in with similar remarks.

Smack! Splat! Whack!

Frank moved up and down behind the two suffering girls, giving each plump globe individual treatment. As the building bonfires in their backsides made each fresh spank that much more painful, the two young women sang an impromptu soprano duet of pain and shame. Reddening feminine buttocks twisted furiously and sandaled feet stamped helplessly against the floor. Their hot tears spoiling their make up, the two of them occasionally looked back over their shoulder with appeals for mercy.

“Ouch, oh, no, not so hard!” Donna pleaded in an anguished voice. “Please! Ow!”

“Ouch! Oh, no! Oh, oh, hoo, hoo, hoo!” Lois sang the cabaletta to the aria that Donna had begun. “Oh, no! Please, please!”

The two miserable girls received no sympathy from their assembled roommates. Indeed, as their quivering buttocks turned a flaming crimson, they were only too well aware of their roommates’ amused titters, giggles and cutting remarks. Some of the comments were quite devastating.

Whack! Smack!

Frank began moving at a faster pace, his hand smacking like a paper bag popping each time it came into contact with tender feminine flesh. His hand ranged from stocking tops to garter belts, and he made some effort to achieve an equally scarlet tone to all the affected areas. At times the suffering girls had to be forcibly restrained from reaching back to protect their blazing spank spots, and the two of them constantly yanked and jerked their scarlet bottoms in anguish. It was readily apparent that neither of them would be able to sit comfortably for several days.

“Pleeeese! Pleeeese!” Lois begged, her long legs sagging weakly under her.

“Eeek! Ouch! Pleeeese!” Donna joined her. “Please! I’m on fire!”

Slowly and methodically, Frank applied the final four swats to the girls’ upturned posteriors. Each new application produced a pained shriek and furious wriggles, and the two comely secretaries sobbed and pleaded throughout.

“Ouch! Oh, please! Ow! I can’t stand it! Ouch! Oh! Oh, God, please stop! Oooh!” Donna shrieked hoarsely as the final smacks descended against her burning bottom.

“Ooohhh! Ouch! Oh! Pleeeese! Pleeeese! Ow! Owwww! Ouch! Stop!” Lois howled in anguish as Frank applied the final smacks with crisp, wrist-snapping strokes.

At last the ordeal came to an end. Sobbing and nearly in hysterics, Donna and Lois sagged weakly over the backs of the chairs as Frank bent down to remove their panties. As he straightened up afterward, he paused to enjoy one final glimpse at the sight of the two sobbing young women with their flaming buttocks jackknifed up higher than the rest of their bodies. Winking at the amused bystanders, he stuffed the two pairs of panties into his pockets.

“Wow, you two are going to be sitting on real soft pillows for the next few days,” he heard one of the girls remark as he departed.

As he retreated to his apartment, Frank wondered which one of the two girls would show up first. The answer was not long in forthcoming. In about ten minutes, he heard something of a commotion outside his door.

“I was here first!” he heard Donna say in an angry voice.

“No, you weren’t, you hussy!” a voice that obviously belonged to Lois replied.

When he opened the door, Frank found himself facing an imminent catfight. Their tear-stained, hotly flushed faces strained with anger, the two of them appeared to be on the verge of an all-out hair-pulling match.

“Here, here, girls,” Frank told them. “Come in before you get us all arrested for disturbing the peace.”

Darting angry glares at one another, the two young women entered the apartment.

“I was here first!” Donna told him with some vehemence.

“No, she wasn’t either!” Lois asserted.

“Girls, there’s plenty for both of you!” Frank told them with a laugh.

“Both of us?” they spoke almost in unison.

“Right,” Frank told them, seating himself comfortably in his easy chair. “Now, just follow instructions. Donna, you kneel between my legs and see what you find there! And Lois, you stand in the middle of the room and do a striptease for me!”

The two young women looked at each other and then smiled. “Okay!” they both agreed.

A moment later platinum-haired Donna was on her knees in front of him, a hot blush on her pretty face as she began opening Frank’s fly for him. His penis was already beginning to swell in anticipation of the pleasures to come. As Lois watched eagerly from over her shoulder, Donna hauled the masculine organ out into the open. Surrounded by her soft hand, the supple pleasure tool quickly filled with blood and expanded to reveal its true dimensions. The rock-hard shaft produced almost drooling gasps of admiration from the two apparently sex-starved secretaries, and Donna’s hot, wet mouth quickly encircled the mushroom-shaped crown with an almost desperate eagerness.

“All right, Lois, on with the show!” Frank told her.

Leaning back to thoroughly enjoy Donna’s oral caresses, Frank watched as Lois began her striptease. Sitting very gingerly on her freshly spanked bottom, the pretty brunette crossed first one long leg and then the other as she removed her high-heeled sandals. Standing up, she slipped out of her black jumper. She had not replaced the panties she had forfeited earlier and Frank found himself confronted by the unusual combination of white blouse, black stockings and garter belt. The tuft of rich brunette hair at the apex of her thighs was glistening with a dewy wetness that was full of promise.

As Donna’s busy tongue and mouth tantalized his throbbing cock, Frank watched Lois peel off her white blouse to reveal a pink half-bra that was steeply packed with feminine pulchritude. Blushing prettily, she unsnapped the bra and quickly tossed it aside, allowing her melony, rose-capped breasts to tumble out in a saucy, provocative manner. Moving over to watch Donna displaying her talents as a fellatrix, Lois did not bother to remove her black garter belt and sheer black stockings. The dark garments made a vivid contrast with her milk-white body.

“Come on, Donna, don’t be such a pig!” Lois exclaimed in a petulant tone of voice. “I want to suck some of that meat, too!”

“Right! Share and share alike, girls!” Frank told them.

“Well, okay,” Donna agreed. Looking prettily flushed, the attractive blonde got to her feet.

Lois quickly replaced her roommate between Frank’s legs. Forming her pretty mouth into a wide oval, she promptly thrust it over the bulbous, purplish crown of Frank’s upthrust and wildly pounding prick. As her mouth and tongue went to work with almost frantic urgency, it was readily apparent that she possessed considerable talents as a fellatrix. Leaning back comfortably in his seat, Frank watched appreciatively as her brunette head began bobbing up and down in his lap.

Standing directly in front of him, Donna began her striptease. Obviously quite stimulated by the tangy taste of hard cock in her mouth, the bosomy blonde was in no mood to waste time in disrobing. Shoes, black punishment jumper, white blouse, brassiere, black stockings and garter belt quickly came off in that order, and Frank found himself gazing at her lush young body as Lois’ mouth and tongue continued to work their magic on him.

“Let’s go into the bedroom,” Frank suggested. “The three of us ought to be able to work out some interesting combinations together!”

“Okay!” both agreed.

With their cute bottoms still a bright scarlet from the spankings that he had administered, the two curvaceous young women eagerly accompanied him into the bedroom. Frank quickly stretched out supine on the bed, and his two feminine companions piled on the bed along with him.

“Here, Frank, I want you to kiss my bottom better for me!” Lois told him.

Frank watched as the long-legged brunette turned her back to the head of the bed, and then knelt astride his supine body with her stockinged knees next to his shoulders. Suddenly, he found himself gazing up between her long, satiny smooth thighs into the enticing coral groove which was partially obscured by a heavy underbrush of luxuriant brunette hair. From his position, he was clearly aware of the vivid redness of the feminine buttocks that he had just spanked so soundly.

“Okay, watch out!” Lois told him with a laugh, slowly spreading her long legs apart and lowering her feminine charms against his face.

As the somewhat-ticklish hairs brushed against his face and his nose easily fitted into the crevice of her wide feminine hips, Frank found his lips pressing against the moist outer folds of her lush vulva. Slowly but firmly, Lois dropped her weight down on his face, blocking off his vision and giving him no choice but to breathe in her deliciously pungent feminine aromas. Trapped beneath her wriggling buttocks, Frank began working his tongue up and down the pink slippery crease, working it between the plump lips as far as he could.

As he orally caressed Lois’ dripping pussy in the difficult but intriguing manner, Frank soon felt Donna’s warm mouth and friendly tongue going to work on his wildly throbbing and stiffly erect penis. The luscious platinum blonde gave it a thorough tongue washing, and then eagerly slipped it into her mouth. Working the blood-distended and pounding muscle into her wet oral cavity to an almost breath-taking depth, she began sucking on it in a loving manner.

“Wow, this is great!” exclaimed Lois, who was the only member of the threesome who was in position to speak at the moment.

Teased by Frank’s probing tongue, the long-legged brunette began grinding her buxom, spank-reddened hips around on his face in a semi-circular fashion. Wet, pungent feminine fluids dripping down over his face and seeping into his mouth, Frank rapidly worked his tongue back and forth inside the deliciously wet groove. His nose tightly pressed into the valley between her buttocks, he could scarcely breathe.

At the same time, blonde Donna excitedly sucked and nibbled on his throbbing and aching masculine joystick. Her busy little mouth moved back and forth on the thick, desire-bloated muscle with expert movements, while her capable fingers toyed with his heavily dangling balls and the lower portions of his madly throbbing penis.

“Oh, I’m going to cum! I just know I’m going to cum!” Lois cried out in an excited voice. Letting her weight rest entirely on Frank’s face, the shapely, stocking-clad brunette wriggled her plump hips around with rapidly jerking movements. Feminine fluids poured over Frank’s face like a warm spring thunderstorm, and he could feel her lust-swollen clitoris twitching violently. “I’m cummmmmiinnngg!” Lois cried out exultantly, bouncing her bottom happily up and down on Frank’s face.

Tormented beyond further endurance by the two young women, Frank thrust his hips with a forceful shove and began squirting his thick, murky semen into Donna’s waiting mouth with warm gushes. Donna eagerly smacked her lips as the warm milky fluid splashed against the insides of her mouth. Drawing back she held the mouthful of masculine cream in her mouth as long as she could, swallowing it very slowly.

“Here, let me have a taste of it!” Lois pleaded, dismounting from her position on Frank’s face.

Frank watched as the two kneeling women, their bright pink tongues touching, transferred a white blob of semen from one mouth to the other.

“Hmmmm, that does taste good!” Lois remarked.

“Let’s trade places!” Donna suggested, smiling at Frank as she spoke.

Allowing their masculine companion only a moment to catch his breath, the two attractive young women quickly exchanged places. Almost before he realized what was happening, Frank found Donna kneeling astride his face with her wet little muff pressed down tightly against him. At the same time, long-legged Lois stretched out at right angles to his body and quickly produced another pounding erection with her wet, hot mouth. As Donna ground her pussy into his face, Frank employed his tongue on her quivering clitoris to bring her to a climax, while at the same time Lois’ pretty mouth produced a similar result on his throbbing prick.

“Wow, I never thought a spanking would get me that turned on!” Donna remarked breathlessly as the three of them stretched out on the bed afterwards.

“Me, neither,” Lois added. “What do we do next?”

“Well, I think you’ll have to count me out,” Frank told them.

“Oh, no, you can still suck!” Donna told him with a knowing smile.

“And kiss better the bottoms you spanked so hard!” Lois added.

The two young women playfully rolled over to show him their bright red bottoms.


By this time six of the eight roommates had been on the receiving end of Frank’s bare-hand-on-bare-bottom discipline. As a result, there were six very attractive young women who had learned at first hand, so to speak, of the erotic connotations of good old-fashioned spanking. This, coupled with the acute wartime manpower shortage, resulted in considerable competition for Frank’s unique services, and he found himself enjoying one heated bedroom adventure after another.

He was so occupied, in fact, that there were times when he almost lost sight of his basic mission. The party that he and Elizabeth were trying to arrange for Jean was proving difficult to arrange. Jean, whom they were now sure was Erica in disguise, was becoming more wary with each passing day, and the quasi-lesbian relationship Elizabeth had developed with her was beginning to taper off. Moreover, Jean was spending long hours away from the apartment, and efforts to trail her always seemed to meet with frustration.

However, he was not too concerned about the matter. He had notified the appropriate authorities of his suspicions about Jean, and was sure that she was being fed only harmless or inaccurate information. When the invasion of Normandy went off without a hitch in June of 1944, he relaxed on the assumption that no Nazi spy would be able to accomplish a great deal after that. Yet he found himself with a lingering curiosity to find out if Jean was really Erica Schmidt, the young German girl with whom he had had an affair in what now seemed the distant past. He soon had his answer.


One afternoon following a pleasant spanking and sex session with one of the girls, he decided to take a brief nap. It was quite warm and he was still naked as he stretched out on the bed and drifted off to sleep. After what seemed like several hours a slight noise awakened him. As he drowsily came to his senses, he suddenly realized that he was tied to the bed!!

“What the…” he cried out, instantly becoming fully awake. He was tied face down by the wrists and elbows in a spread-eagle position. As he yanked futilely at the ropes that held him prisoner, he became aware that someone was standing at the foot of the bed. Erica!

“So we meet again!” she told him, deliberately speaking with a chopped German accent.

“I don’t understand, Jean,” Frank spoke quickly, pretending not to recognize her. “What is this? Some kind of game?”

“Some kind of game, ja?” she taunted, stepping around to the side of the bed where he could see her easier.

Frank’s heart skipped a beat when he saw the gun in her hand, and his wrists pulled futilely at the ropes that held him to the bed.

“Some kind of a game, ja?” she repeated, once again deliberately speaking in a German accent.

“I still don’t understand,” Frank continued to feign ignorance.

“You know who I am!” Erica told him. “When you first came here, I didn’t think you were after me. But then the other day I found out that someone had tipped them off about me, and they’ve been giving me useless information for months. And that could only have been you!” She brandished the gun in a threatening manner as she spoke.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Frank persisted. Trying not to be obvious about it, he kept working to loosen the ropes at his wrists. However, they had been tied quite tightly and the task seemed hopeless. Knowing that Erica had no intention of letting him escape alive, Frank felt his hopes sinking.

“But it was really your girlfriend who gave you away,” Erica went on.

“Girlfriend? What girlfriend?” Frank replied, trying to conceal his rising sense of terror.

“You know who,” Erica replied contemptuously. “Elizabeth! That fake lesbian you’ve had sniffing after me for months! She got a little careless talking to some of the other girls, and I put two and two together!”

Becoming more desperate, Frank jerked against the bonds that held him helpless. “Look, Erica,” he protested, instantly realizing his mistake.

“Ah, so you do know my name!” she flashed a knowing smile at him.

“Okay, Erica,” he spoke breathlessly and quickly. “Don’t get yourself involved in a murder. The war’s almost over. If you turned yourself in now, the worst you’d get would be a few months in prison.”

“That’s what you say!” she spoke derisively, once again brandishing the gun in a manner that made Frank flinch. “No, my friend, I’m afraid I can’t let you out of here alive. Others only suspect who I am, but you know.”

Frank gulped and tried to think quickly, but fear was beginning to paralyze his mind. His entire body felt cold and numb.

“But first there’s something else I’m going to do,” she spoke slowly with an undertone of pleased expectation in her voice.

What? Frank wondered but could not bring himself to ask. He relaxed slightly when he saw Erica put the gun on the nightstand. She was looking at him steadily and with amused pleasure, like a cat who had cornered a mouse.

“First, I’m going to punish you!” she told him.

Frank tensed as he saw her unbuckling the wide leather belt at her waist. “Don’t!” he burst out impulsively.

“How the tables have turned!” she taunted, removing the belt and caressing it through her hands in a manner designed to increase his anticipation. “The disciplinarian gets disciplined!”

A cruel look in her eye, she raised the leather belt high over her head. Cringing in expectation of the blow, Frank lay frozen on the bed with his teeth clenched, determined not to show any reaction to the pain that he was about to endure.


The wide belt cut savagely across his back.

“Uhh!” Frank gasped. The air seemed to go right out of his chest, and he felt the fiery pain of the belt starting to penetrate. His arms and legs both jerked reflexively and were abruptly stopped by the bonds at his wrists and ankles.

“How do you like that?” Erica asked with a laugh.

Frank deliberately refrained from answering.

“Oh, I’ll have you begging by the time I’m through,” Erica assured him.

Once again the belt sliced across his back, and Frank’s entire body jerked with the sudden jolt of pain.

“Take that!” Erica told him. “And that!”

Once again the belt cut unmercifully across his back, sending waves of pain racing through his body. But with the anguish there came a slight ray of hope. As his body jerked against the ropes, he felt the rope at his right wrist loosen slightly. I must work it loose, he told himself, while Erica is distracted with her whipping activities.


Once again the belt flicked across his bare back with a lick of fire.

“Ow!” Frank gasped involuntarily, his entire body twitching with an involuntary reflex to the sharp stab of pain.

“How’s that feel?” Erica asked. A little breathless, she was obviously enjoying the chance to get even with him. Without waiting for a reply, she drew the belt back and lashed it downward against his exposed buttocks.


The sleek leather cut painfully across his bare flesh.

“Ow!” Frank gasped, instinctively twisting in an effort to avoid the full effect of the blow. At the same time he kept yanking at the rope at his right wrist, and could feel it starting to give.

“Take that! And that!” Erica told him, a vengeful look on her face. “It’s about time you found out what it feels like!”

His vindictive former pupil began lashing at his bare hips and upper thighs with the belt. The smooth, supple leather coiled about the curves of his body with burning strokes that cut in deeply. The pain quickly became quite intense and Frank felt himself desperately clenching his teeth and fighting back tears that threatened to blind his vision. But at the same time he could feel the rope at his right wrist becoming loose.

“Go ahead! Whip me, you little bitch!” Frank told her to distract her while he worked his wrist free.

Whack! Whack!

Erica continued applying the belt at various angles, and the pain was becoming almost too unbearable. From shoulder to thigh, Frank’s body ached from the effects of the vindictive whipping. But at last his wrist was free and he was waiting for Erica to get close enough for him to grab. In the meantime there was nothing he could do but absorb the punishment she was administering.

“You will die in agony!” she told him with a tone of obvious satisfaction in her voice.

“There!” Frank cried out as he suddenly grabbed her wrist in a tight vise and desperately held on.

“Eeek!” Erica screamed in surprise. “Bastard! Son-of-a-bitch!” With that she lapsed into a torrent of her native German.

As the angry young woman flailed at him with the belt, Frank pulled her toward him so that he could get her under control. Despite her resistance Erica came down on the bed on top of him in a wild tangle of arms and legs. Abandoning the belt she clawed furiously at him with her long fingernails and kicked at him with her high-heeled shoes.

“You little bitch!” Frank exclaimed as he fought to control the wildly struggling young woman.

“Bastard! Schwein!” Erica kept yelling at him in an abusive fashion, but most of what she said was in German.

The two of them struggled wildly on the bed, and Frank’s greater strength gradually began to prevail despite the handicap he was under. He slowly twisted Erica’s wrist behind her back and began pulling it up short. Developing his strategy as he went along, he decided to try to pin her body under his while he tried to untie his other wrist.

“Stop! You’re breaking my arm!” Erica pleaded, the resistance suddenly going out of her.

“Okay, but start untying my wrist with your other hand!” he told her, keeping an iron grip on her right wrist.

Crying with frustration and discomfort, the young woman haplessly untied his left wrist.

“Now my ankles!” Frank told her.

He kept a firm grip on her wrist as she twisted around to untie his ankles. As she did so, her dark skirt rode up over the tops of her black stockings, providing an intriguing glimpse of bare white thigh and black garter belt suspenders. In a few moments Frank’s wrists were free, and he twisted into a sitting position with Erica across his lap, her stockinged legs swinging back and forth.

“Nein! Nein!” she protested, struggling halfheartedly.

“Ja! Ja!” Frank mocked her, holding her firmly in position with one hand and he worked her skirt up with the other.

In a moment Erica’s stocking-clad legs, ivory white thighs, black garter belt and panties were on full view. The panties came down slowly to reveal her beautiful, shimmering buttocks. The two lush pink white mounds quivered like bowls of jelly as Frank worked the panties all the way down her legs and off her feet.

“Please!” Erica protested. “You have no right to do this! Please!”

After what he had just endured from her belt, Frank was in no mood to be lenient. “You’re going to get what’s coming to you, you little Nazi!” he told her in an angry voice. As he spoke he raised his right hand high in the air.


Frank’s hand crashed noisily against Erica’s bare bottom, landing squarely across the crevice and flattening both cheeks.

“Oww!” Erica screamed, her stockinged legs flailing upward and her body bucking up wildly on his lap. “Don’t! Stop! You have no right!”


Frank brought his right hand down just as hard as he could on her right buttock.

“Yeow!” Erica shrieked, twisting frantically in an effort to avoid the punishing blows. “Stop it! You have no right to…”


Frank’s hand crashed against her left bottom-cheek with a loud report.

“Owwww!” Erica wailed, her shapely, nylon-clad legs waving back and forth and her entire body twisting in worm-like fashion. “Stop! Please! It hurts! Please, you have no right to do this!”

“You come around here trying to kill me, and now you talk about your rights!” Frank spoke derisively.

Smack! Whack! Splat!

Frank began spreading crisp and noisy spanks around over the inviting target. As the soft, tender flesh quickly turned a bright pink, Erica squealed and wriggled delightfully with her nyloned legs prettily kicking back and forth. Crying with humiliation and pain, she continually looked back over her shoulder with an apprehensive look on her face.

“Ouch! Stop! It hurts!” she protested in a distraught voice. “Please! I’ll do anything you say!”

“I’ve hardly started with you, young lady!” Frank told her, easily controlling her wildly struggling young body with his superior strength. By this time he had developed a pounding, thoroughly exhilarating erection and was prepared to enjoy himself thoroughly.

Smack! Whack!

Erica haplessly wriggled her saucy bottom as Frank’s husky palm continued to torment her with energetic smacks. With her pretty posterior prickling and itching and burning brightly, the comely young woman simply had no choice but to jerk her shapely, stockinged legs back and forth in a thoroughly provocative manner. From time to time, her pink cuntal slit flashed into view along with the fleecy crop of light-brown hair between her legs.

“Please! Ouch! Oh, no! Please!” she protested between exclamations of pain. “Oh, stop! You brute! Please! It hurts!” Tears were streaming down her eyes, and she was breathlessly wriggling around on his lap in a futile effort to avoid the full force of the blows as much as possible.

Whack! Crack!

Frank continued applying his hand to the lush feminine target, spreading the spanks around to even up the color scheme. As her rotund bottom turned a bright shade of rose, Erica sobbed like a kid and kicked her shapely legs back and forth with uneven jerks that provided tantalizing glimpses of pink girl-meat.

“Ow! Oh, no more! Please! I beg you!” the attractive young woman begged hoarsely. “Ouch, please! It hurts! Please, I’ll do anything! Anything!”

Applying his capable palm with even strokes, Frank appreciatively watched the undignified but appealing performance that she was putting on for him. Once again she was reinforcing his opinion that there was really nothing more attractive and erotically appealing than a tearful and obviously distressed young woman wriggling her scarlet bottom and kicking stockinged legs merrily back and forth.

“Stop! Oh, no, please! Pleeeeeeeeeese!” Erica pleaded between sobs. “Please, I can’t take it anymore! I just can’t!”

Despite her tears and protests about the mistreatment that her pretty bottom was receiving, it was quite apparent that Erica was finding considerable masochistic pleasure in her torment. Frank was quite aware of the moisture seeping from her pussy over his bare thigh, and could see that her hips were jerking with coital-like movements each time that his hand descended against them. Her buttocks were a bright scarlet and were obviously simply burning up.

“Now I think it’s about time for this!” Frank said, reaching back for the belt she had used on him earlier.

“Oh, no! Not that!” Erica screamed when she realized what he planned to do. The miserable young woman turned her tear-stained face back over her shoulder to plead with him with her eyes. “Please! I couldn’t stand…”

Frank watched the pretty muscles in her red bottom tightening in fearful anticipation as he doubled up the belt.


The belt coiled around her scarlet, cringing buttocks.

“Owwww!” Erica shrieked in a pain-stricken voice, her feet flying upward and her entire body giving a convulsive jerk. “Please, I can’t stand it!”


Once again the belt descended against her defenseless posterior with a loud smack.

“Ouch!” Erica emitted a soprano shriek, her scarlet buttocks wriggling furiously and her stockinged legs flailing back and forth in a revealing manner.

Despite Erica’s shrieks and sobs of anguish, Frank proceeded to give her a thorough working over with the belt. Squirming and wriggling frantically, Erica was in hysterics when he finally stopped. Pausing to catch his breath for a moment, Frank admired the intriguing combination of brightly scarlet feminine bottom and shapely legs attired in black, full fashioned nylons.

“Now, Erica, get into a kneeling position on the bed with your skirt up!” he told the sobbing young woman.

Erica haplessly complied. “Please! Please, you’re not going to spank me anymore, are you?” she tearfully pleaded in a distraught tone of voice. “Please, please, I couldn’t stand it! I’m just blistered all over!”

“No, I’m not going to spank you!” the former Headmaster told her, standing up with his jutting erection pounding for release. “Spread your legs apart!”

“What are you going to do?” Erica asked in a very small voice as she reluctantly spread her stockinged knees apart. “Oh, no, you wouldn’t!!” she gasped with horror when she began to realize what he had in mind.

Without replying, Frank moved into a kneeling position behind the cringing, miserable young woman.

“Oh, NO!” Erica shrieked. “You wouldn’t!!! Please, not that! It’s too humiliating! Please!” She twisted wretchedly in front of him, looking back haplessly over her shoulder to plead with him. “No, don’t! Please!”

“Stay in position!” Frank demanded, ignoring her fervent entreaties.

Sobbing and shaking with fear and humiliation, Erica miserably remained in position on her knees and elbows with her scarlet, blistered bottom sticking up all too vulnerably. Frank caught her by the waist and began maneuvering to complete the anal connection.

“Please! Please! Frank, please!” Erica wept. “It’ll hurt too much! Please, it’ll never fit! You’re too big! Please put it in my mouth… or anything!”

Frank employed his thumbs to open her scarlet bottom cheeks as much as possible. Erica winced with pain as his masculine fingers brushed against her blistered bottom, and between sobs begged and pleaded to be spared the final indignity.

“Hold still!” Frank ordered.

“Oh, no, please! Please! Please!” Erica buried her face in her hands and sobbed as she made her final appeals. “Oh, please! Please!”

Her feminine body limp with fear, Erica shuddered as she awaited impalement on Frank’s thick, lust-maddened masculine organ. Frank moved closer to her, allowing his rigid penis to slide into the crevice of her rotund buttocks. The contact produced violent quakes from Erica, who collapsed into blubbering tears and unintelligible pleas. Slowly, Frank allowed the bulbous head of his prick to explore the entrance to her narrow anal channel.

“Oh, no!” Erica sobbed. “Please, it won’t fit! It won’t fit! It’s too big!”

Holding the squirming, sobbing young woman at the waist, Frank began inserting his thick, hot penis into the small opening.

“OWWWW!” Erica screamed at the top of her lungs as the huge crown began penetrating her anal canal, dilating the small opening in a highly painful manner. “Oh, for heavens sakes, no! Take it out! Take it out! It’s too big!”

As the head of his massive cock disappeared into the tiny pink aperture, Frank paused for a moment and then began thrusting forward to complete the anal penetration. Erica wept bitterly as she found herself impaled on the huge masculine weapon, and her sphincter muscles flexed desperately in an effort to expel the foreign intruder. Her kneeling body was convulsed with sobs, and her feminine spasms provided added thrills for his madly pounding shaft.

“Please, I can’t stand it!” Erica begged. “Please, take it out! You’re killing me!”

“Now you’re really going to get butt-fucked, you little Nazi!” Frank told her.

Frank began thrusting his rock-hard, thick penis back and forth inside the warm, incredibly tight canal. Each forward thrust produced a convulsive sob from the distraught young woman. Pumping with firm thrusts, he slipped his hands down between her legs and began to fondle her dripping-wet cunt. Erica’s fountain began to gush its warm liquids over his fingers, and her bright red bottom wriggled girlishly as he worked his fingers between her slippery cuntal lips. Probing her hot, sticky pussy with his fingers, he continued thrusting his wildly throbbing penis back and forth inside her little butt.

“Oooooohhhhh! Ouch! Oh! Ouch!” Erica began to reveal in the mixture of pain and pleasure. “Oh! It hurts but it’s… Oh! Ouch! Oooh! Oh! Ooooohhhh!”

As Frank’s probing fingers aroused her more and more, Erica began moving heir spank-reddened bottom around with progressively more frantic gyrations. As his pulsating shaft slid back and forth in the tight confines of her little rear, Frank could feel her anal muscles clutching frantically at him. His blood-dilated cock was aching for release and he made no attempt to hold himself back. Sliding his fingers past her lust-crazed clitoris and into her vagina, he began thrusting with almost brutal strokes that sent his rock-hard prick deep into her constricting anal tunnel. Finally, he simply let himself go and blasted his hot semen into her little butt with voluminous spurts.

“Oh! Ooooohhhh! Oooooohhhhh!” Erica wriggled and squirmed frantically and Frank could see that she was deep in the throes of an intensely masochistic orgasm.

Afterwards, Frank quickly picked up the gun that she had placed on the nightstand earlier. “Okay, Erica, I’m afraid the party’s over for you for the duration!” he told her.

As he expected, Erica lost no time kneeling before him with her hands folded prayerfully in front of her. “Please! Please!” she begged. “Don’t turn me in! I’ll do anything you say! I’ll be your slave! Please! Please!”

“I’m afraid not, Erica!” Frank told her. “You’re a real temptation, but this time I’m afraid we’ll have to put duty ahead of pleasure.” As he spoke, he reached for the telephone and Erica collapsed in sobs on the floor.


“What will they do with her?” Elizabeth asked when the two of them met at Frank’s apartment later that evening.

“Nothing much,” he replied. “She’ll probably be interned and then sent back to Germany after the war.”

“Well, I suppose that concludes our assignment together,” Elizabeth remarked with a trace of regret in her voice.

“Not entirely,” Frank replied.

“What do you mean?” she asked, obviously puzzled.

“Erica caught on to us because of your carelessness,” Frank told her in a matter-of-fact voice.

Elizabeth caught on quickly. “And I suppose you intend to discipline me for that,” she remarked.

“Don’t you think you deserve it?” Frank asked quietly.

Blushing deeply, Elizabeth submissively draped herself across Frank’s knees…

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