Tempting Little Sister

The process of growing up, of passing through adolescence, has, through the ages, been marked by great inner turmoil, uncertainty, and tremendous pressures from family and peer group alike. Certainly, in our society today, the problems of youth seem to be even more marked than ever.

We hear constant reports of the teenage drug and alcohol problem. Of shoplifting and other petty crimes. Of promiscuity and dangerous VD epidemics.

Stacy is a pretty young teenager embarking on her own special journey into adolescence. She finds herself plagued by her emotions, and troubled by her relationship with boys, sometimes feeling guilty about her awakening sexuality. It is only when she moves in with her sister and her husband that she begins to change and grow. And it is through her relationship with them that Stacy at last takes major strides toward womanhood.

TEMPTING LITTLE SISTER — the story of one average American girl’s coming of age. A lesson to us all. A reminder, once again, that growing up is not easy.


Beautiful redheaded Sharon Thomas sat on the edge of the bed and watched her husband stalk angrily around the room. He had wrapped a towel around his waist after getting out of the shower, but he hadn’t dried off well. She could still see tiny droplets of water clinging to his hairy chest.

He was still fantastic looking after eighteen years of mated life. He had continued to lift weights after school and his bulging muscles combined with his dark good looks to make him one of the most appealing men she’d ever met.

Not that it was going to do her any good today, she thought bitterly.

“I’d like to know just what the hell your Aunt Paula was thinking about,” Doug complained.

“Aunt Paula has kept Stacy for seven years,” Sharon said patiently. “She didn’t have to take that responsibility when mother died.”

Doug glared at her. “So now it’s my problem?”

He began stalking around the room again. Sharon knew it was crazy or she was crazy because her husband was talking about something important and all she could think about was his well-developed body.

She kept looking at the front of his towel. Damn, she needed a fuck. She didn’t understand it but since her birthday, her horny feelings had started getting really intense. She was getting worse than a teenager. She’d found herself undressing strange men with her eyes, and starting to wonder about her friends’ husbands.

Not that Doug wasn’t giving it to her regular. Doug was a real cocksman most of the time. His only exercise certainly wasn’t lifting weights. He could be a real wild fuck when he was in the mood. Maybe he didn’t get as excited by her body as he had once been, but that was only to be expected after so many years of marriage.

“Damn it, Sharon,” Doug said angrily. “Are you even listening to me?”

“Of course,” Sharon lied.

Sharon wigged as an intense gush of feeling went through her like a whitehot poker. She could feel her wet pussy throbbing with an empty ache. God, how she needed a big dick to fill her hungry pussy.

“Why the hell do I have to support her?” Doug asked, beginning again the same argument that had been going on for two hours. Ever since Sharon had dropped the bombshell that her sister was going to have to move in with them.

“She’s my sister,” Sharon said patiently. “She had to go someplace.”

“But why in the hell does it have to be my house?” Doug asked.

Sharon didn’t answer. She had lived with Doug long enough to know his true feelings. Doug wasn’t mad about having to support Stacy. He didn’t need the money because he made enough at his plumbing job to support a much bigger family. He could have retired that afternoon and still had enough to keep them comfortably for the rest of their lives.

Nor was he worried about room, for they lived in a highclass residential neighborhood in a big brick house with more rooms than they needed. Stacy wouldn’t be a hardship as far as money and room went.

Sharon understood what was really bothering Doug. He had always been a very private person. He shared few of Sharon’s active interests, and he only tolerated her friends. He enjoyed being by himself and working with his hands. He disliked social gatherings that Sharon made him attend.

He had been that way in school when Sharon had first started going out with him. All of Sharon’s friends were shocked to see them together. Sharon was the most popular girl in school and she was constantly asked out. She was captain of the cheerleading squad and prom queen for three years running. Everyone said she was a laughing, fun girl.

Doug was completely different. He was a dull person. He played linebacker for the school football team but even his steady playing didn’t make him any more popular. He was from a poor family and he had more brothers and sisters than he could count. Doug and Sharon just didn’t fit together.

Perhaps Sharon didn’t understand why she had first agreed to go out with him. But there was something about him that interested her. There was a hunger in his eyes that told her he would be a hard-working man.

Sharon was world wise enough to realize the importance of having a mate who would provide for her. She didn’t know how she knew, but she knew that Doug was going to be a rich man. He wasn’t like the rest of the boys with their silly dreams, he was a realist.

Besides, he turned her on. No other boy had ever made her feel so squirmy just by looking at her. She’d never really thought about sex until she’d met Doug. She had kissed and played around a little but nothing serious. It had always seemed to her that the sex was a little silly.

It wasn’t that way with Doug. She felt hot sitting next to him at the movies, or dancing with him. He didn’t try anything with her and that made her hotter. It was Sharon who first kissed him. She clung to him on her front doorsteps and kissed him with her wet open mouth as passionately as she’d ever kissed a boy.

That kiss had made her tinge and Doug had never known that he could have taken her without effort anytime in the next couple of years that they dated. She was helpless around him but he never took advantage.

Again it was Sharon who took the initiative. She knew it was wicked but she had waited long enough. They were two days away from graduation and talking of marriage, and it was time that Doug knew what he was getting.

They were at the drive-in and Sharon had suddenly had the irresistible impulse to touch his cock. She shivered as she remembered that first inexperienced touch between his legs. She could still feel the stiff pole in his trousers, that hot stiff pole that jumped excitedly at the gentle touch of her fingertips.

“Oh my God, Sharon,” Doug had groaned.

It was like she had opened the floodgates. Doug pushed her back in the seat and his hands stroked her firm tits for the first time. She felt her nipples grow hard against the rough fabric of her bra. She knew he could feel them too.

It was cramped and uncomfortable in the front seat but that didn’t stop Doug. Somehow he got her clothes off. He wasn’t the gentle boy she had known. He had been turned into a raving sex maniac who couldn’t get enough of her.

His strong fingers clutched at her savagely until she knew he was leaving marks. His hungry mouth nuzzled at her tender flesh. It flashed through her mind that if her mother saw the marks she was going to have to do a lot of explaining.

Then she quit thinking about her mother for his rough hand went between her legs. She had touched herself, there, before but it was not anything like the touch of his hand. His fingers rubbed up and down her wet gash.

She knew that she was taking a chance for there was a possibility that Doug would never respect her again. She knew that nice girls didn’t moan in pleasure, or show their tits and pussy. Nice girls didn’t get so turned on. And especially nice girls didn’t allow themselves to get fucked.

And she wanted to be fucked. Her body ached for the dick that he could give her. She loved every touch of his hands and mouth and the rough scraping of his teeth on her titty-flesh. She had never wanted anything more than she wanted his cock.

Once more she clutched at his thick pole. She squeezed his bloated staff through his trousers. He moved away and she felt his hand pushing hers away. She heard the sound of his zipper being pulled down.

“I want to fuck you, Sharon,” he said. “I’ve got to put my cock in you! It hurts!”

She’d gotten scared then but it was too late to back down. He would have taken her forcefully if she’d tried to struggle. He took her dainty hand and placed it back in his lap. For the first time she touched a boy’s hard cock. She felt the throbbing heat of it only a second before he was moving between her legs.

She opened her legs willingly like a poor young virgin being sacrificed to a God of lust. She was really frightened. Her heart pounded in her throat and she could feel her body shaking. But she couldn’t stop him.

She could still close her eyes and remember the savage way he assaulted her. She could remember that first excruciating pain as he jabbed his dick between her legs. He tore her virgin cunt with his first stroke and she felt his huge cockhead deep in her belly.

She’d tried not to cry out but she couldn’t help herself. It had just hurt so bad. He rested with his cock lodged in her snug pussy. He stroked her lustrous red hair and assured that it would get better.

God, how it had gotten better. He had fucked her twice that night. The first time he had only left her with a creamfilled pussy and a hot itch. The second time he had taken her to a wild, mindshattering orgasm that had left her weak and helpless.

Since that first time, all of her orgasms had not been as powerful but all had left her satisfied. At least, until lately when it seemed like a good fucking only left her hungry for more good fucking. It was wild to think she could be turning into some kind of nympho at her age.

Doug walked back into the bathroom still muttering to himself. Sharon could sense that Doug was really allowing himself to get worked up over Stacy. She could sense that he was deeply troubled. Sharon just couldn’t stay concerned because she kept thinking about Doug’s cock and getting fucked.

The was certainly no reason why Doug shouldn’t fuck her. Sharon stood up and carefully studied herself in the full length bedroom mirror. She didn’t think herself vain when she admired herself.

It was a simple fact that she was a much more beautiful woman than the girl Doug had married. Now she wore her red hair shoulder length and this made her green eyes seem brighter. Her skin was soft and unblemished and her features made her look classic.

Her face was beautiful, but her face was not the place that most men looked at first. She exercised to keep her belly firm and flat so that her firm melon shaped tits and her tight little bottom seemed even more emphasized.

She also knew she had developed something in her personality that made men look at her twice. It hadn’t been her intention, but somehow she had gotten a sultry manner that was both an invitation and an open challenge. She had never been unfaithful to Doug but her manner told some men she might consider the idea.

She asked herself if she could really consider the idea. Being unfaithful was something that good married women didn’t do. It would be a black mark of shame if she ever made that kind of mistake. She flirted but then all of her friends did that.

A little flirtation was harmless. She said to herself that she really couldn’t be unfaithful, not to Doug. Probably she was just getting silly notions that she would eventually be shocked over having.

She whirled around with a sort of low laugh. She liked the way her black stretch pants hugged her ass and the way her braless tits pushed pointedly at the undershirt she had borrowed from Doug. There was no sag to her body. She was better looking than a teenage girl.

Doug must have heard her laugh because he came storming out of the bathroom again. This time he had discarded his towel for a pair of jockey shorts that did nothing to conceal the outline of his big limp dick.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Doug asked her. “You act like it’s some kind of joke that we’re saddled with your kid sister!”

“I don’t think it’s a joke, Doug,” she said, “but I don’t think it’s the end of the world. Have a little patience. Everything will work out.”

Doug clenched and unclenched his big fists and she knew she’d sounded a little more flippant than she had intended. She quickly crossed the room and put her arms around his neck. She nuzzled his ear for a moment.

“Don’t fight with me any more, Doug,” she said softly. “I don’t like to fight with you.”

He didn’t relax as he usually did when she rubbed her tits against his. At one time he would have been tearing at her clothes. He would have already had her on the floor and fucking the shit out of her. He may not have been that excitable any more, but it worried her that she couldn’t make his less tense.

She suddenly needed him badly. Her cunt was an aching empty hole that needed to be filled. She rubbed herself against him harder while she nuzzled at his ear. She spread her legs and caught his naked knee between them. She half sat on his knee so that she could feel that hot pressure.

“My poor baby,” she said. “You’re so tense. Let me rub your shoulders.”

It wasn’t his shoulders that she wanted to rub but she made herself grab his shoulders. She began kneading his tight muscles but there wasn’t any change in him. Still, she couldn’t seem to make him relax.

She grabbed his hand and tugged him toward the bed. He was hesitant but he finally allowed himself to be pulled across the room. She pushed him down and she stood over him. She began to rub his shoulders again.

A warning bell kept ringing at the back of her head telling her that he was a lost cause but she just couldn’t give up. She pushed him over on his back and she stretched out on top of him. Her hot open mouth clung to his in a desperate attempt to get a response.

Instead she felt his hands pushing her away. She couldn’t believe it. This had never happened before. Sure, there had been times when it had taken him a little longer to get aroused but she had always managed to find the animal in him.

This time shouldn’t have been different but she found that he wasn’t getting hot. He pushed her off him and he sat up. His face was red but that was the only sign of her labor. She put her hand between his legs and she clutched his limp cock.

She made one last futile attempt to get him interested. She lowered her face into his lap and began kissing his cock through his shorts. Kissing his cock was one thing that she had never really enjoyed doing but now she was desperate to get him hard.

Kissing his cock was also the one thing that was always sure to get him hot. Again it didn’t work. He pulled her head away from him and he stood up. She climbed to her knees on the bed and tried to pull him back down.

She didn’t like to beg but she would have begged him if he had asked. She was so hot that she would have done anything. Even take his cock into her mouth or kiss his ass or anything that he wanted.

But he didn’t want anything from her. He seemed immune to her luscious, wiggling body just inches from him. He stared at her as if she didn’t interest him at all.

“Please,” she said. “What’s the matter?”

“You beat everything,” he answered her. “I’m worded about what a shitty deal we’re getting and you want to get laid. You just beat everything.”

Sharon stared at him with her luscious lips wide open in astonishment. Incredibly, her usually oversexed husband was still talking about Stacy even after she started coming on so strong with him. It was obvious that she was hot and ready. What was the matter with him? Perhaps she had lost some of her appeal.

Doug turned his back to her and started out of the bedroom. “I need a drink.”

She watched his broad shoulders disappear. She couldn’t believe that this had finally happened to her. She’d heard other wives tell of how their husbands had started getting too tired, or worried, or had given some other reason for not wanting sex. But she’d never dreamed that any man could turn her ripe body down.

It was a shattering blow to her ego but what was worse than that was the burning itch he had left between her thighs. She couldn’t remember having felt so horny. Certainly not since she’d been a young girl.

Doug had always taken care of her needs. Now she had to have some relief; she touched her tits and found them swollen and tender. She pulled up her husband’s shirt and tenderly caressed her aching pink buds.

“I need a cock,” she groaned. “I need a cock so bad!”

But there would be no cock for her today and she knew she was going to have to take care of herself. She wiggled out of her stretch pants and sheer yellow panties, though she knew that Doug would raise hell if he walked back in and found her like that.

She parted her legs and touched her fingers to her wet pussy hole. She gasped as a shiver went through her. She pushed two fingers up into her tight hot hole. She wiggled her ass deliciously as she felt the hot walls of her cunt trying to suck her fingers in even deeper.

It wasn’t going to be as nice as having a thick cock pumping her pussy, but she knew she could ease some of the pressure. She began working her fingers in her cunt until her pussy was gushing with juice.

She raised her head slightly so that she could look into the bedroom minor. She could see her hand buried between her legs, testing in the furry red bush. She could even see the steady working of her fingers jabbing between her plump pussy lips.

“Ahhhhh,” she cried out softly.

She dropped her head back. Her mouth opened slightly and she touched the pink tip of her tongue against her feverish lips. She brushed her finger against her hot clit and she cried out in savage joy.

She began rubbing the tiny bud briskly and she felt it become taut with excitement. Mqre pussy juice gushed over her fingers.

“Ummmm,” she moaned. “UMMMMM!” Her body shivered with her hot climax but it only eased the pressure a little. What she really needed was fat cock. A big stiff red to fill her aching pussy.

And she needed it damn fast. She was suddenly very seared. What if Doug kept up this mood?

What if he didn’t give it to her for days or weeks or, God help her, even a month or so? If that happened she knew she would have to look elsewhere.


Everything went very much as Sharon had been afraid that things would go. Two weeks went by without Doug touching her. They were two of the most miserable weeks Sharon had ever spent. Her body ached with need and Doug wouldn’t do anything for her.

His belligerent moods grew worse and more frequent as the time of Stacy’s arrival drew near. He spent most of his time working out with his weights. He hardly talked to her. He treated her like a stranger in her own house.

Any other time, and Sharon would have let things work themselves out. She would have waited until the opportunity to tease Doug out of his mood. Then a new nightgown, a little perfume, and Doug would have been fucking her like a crazy man.

But this was a very bad time in Sharon’s life.

She was still a young, beautiful woman but she needed Doug’s assurance. She needed to be looked at like he had once looked at her instead of that dull empty look.

Sharon began to have vivid fantasies about men she knew and met on the street. She couldn’t seem to help the quick pictures that flashed through her mind whenever she met a good-looking man. She had mentally undressed men before but it had only been a game with her. She’d never actually taken a man to bed before even in her mind. Her mental fucking got wilder and wilder.

The doorbell rang a few minutes after Doug had left for work. It had been a very bad morning for Sharon. Doug was in a really foul mood and he hardly touched his breakfast. She tried to talk to him but Doug wanted nothing to do with her. He was growing more and more distant. It hurt Sharon, and it angered her. She was getting just a little angry at his attitude.

The man who rang her doorbell showed her a card with his name and the name of his insurance company. Sharon only glanced at the name — Alan Jenkins. She started to tell him to leave but something stopped her.

She took a good look at him. He was her dream come true. He was young, tall, and handsome. He showed a lot of his white teeth when he smiled.

He was also completely opposite from Doug. He had the slender build of a basketball player rather than Doug’s rugged weightlifter body. He had wavy blond hair and very blue eyes. He wore glasses, which gave him a look of intelligence. Sharon liked that.

He had a practiced charm, which was a welcome relief from Doug’s surly attitude.

“I’d like to show you some of our programs,” Alan finished his sales pitch.

“Oh, I guess it would be all right,” she said. “But you’ll have to sit in the kitchen. I still have work to do.”

She saw his eyes gleam with anticipation of a sale and Sharon knew that he was new to his job. She also guessed that he was newly mated for the wedding ring on his finger was as bright as it had looked in the jeweler’s window.

She also noticed that he wasn’t so married that he couldn’t appreciate her. She felt good at the look in his eyes that was guilty with interest. At least he took notice of all the trouble she had gone to that morning. Just for an unappreciative Doug.

She had showered early that morning before Doug had even awakened. Then she had perfumed and powdered herself. She had brushed her long red hair until it was shining. Then she had dressed herself in Doug’s favorite outfit.

Of course, Alan couldn’t appreciate her outfit because she wore it under her robe. She had on dark stockings that clung tightly to her long, slender legs. She wore a black garter belt and flimsy black panties. Her black bra barely covered her luscious tits.

She wondered what Alan would say or do if she suddenly pulled the robe apart. She didn’t think he’d be as cold to her as Doug had been.

Alan opened his briefcase and spread out his books and papers over the kitchen table. Sharon cleaned the breakfast dishes in the sink, while she half listened to what he said. Doug always handled the insurance and she couldn’t make any sense out of the facts and figures.

There was no reason why she should have invited the young man into her house. She had no intention of buying any insurance. She admitted to herself she had simply wanted some company.

Alan finished his sales pitch and there was suddenly an uncomfortable silence in the kitchen. Sharon let the soapy water out of the sink and wiped her hands on a towel.

She cleared her throat. “That sounds very nice. But I’d have to talk to my husband.”

She noticed his crestfallen look as he realized he was not going to make a quick sale. She felt a little sorry for him. It was not his fault if she was lonely and Sharon had just used him. She poured him a cup of coffee and took it to the table.

She saw him looking at her again. She was pleased by the interest in his eyes. She felt a warm glow go through her body. She sat down across from him and her robe slipped off her knees. She pressed one silken knee against his. He pulled away quickly and she saw the hot red flush at his collar.

He was almost like a teenage boy. She was sure that the only experience he’d had with sex would have been the awkward fumblings of a newly married couple.

She found herself starting to grow excited.

She knew it wasn’t sipping the hot, black coffee that was making her so warm. There was something appealing about Alan. Perhaps it was only that she wanted to feel a man admiring her again after Doug had shunned her for so long. Perhaps it was that she had always had a desire for blond boys.

Whatever it was, she knew that he was turning her on.

“How old are you, Alan?” she asked.

“Twenty,” he answered.

She pressed her knee against his again. Her heart was pounding. He didn’t pull his knee away so suddenly this time. She knew he was getting nervous by the way he gulped his coffee.

“Have you been married long?” she asked casually.

“Just a few weeks,” he answered.

“I bet you can hardly wait until you’re back home with her,” Sharon said. “I know how it is those first few weeks. You never want to get out of bed.”

She could tell that what she had said had shocked him. That made her warmer toward him. She suddenly knew that she was going to seduce the young man. Seduce, hell. That was a corny word. What she was going to do was fuck his brains out. She was going to fuck him until he couldn’t stand up. She was going to get some of his cum for her burning cunt.

Only she wondered how she was going to do it. Perhaps he was so happily married that he would be shocked at her suggestion. And she didn’t have that much experience seducing men.

She was still wondering when Alan looked down at his coffee cup and said softly, “It’s not like that. At least Jane and I aren’t like that.”

“What do you mean?” Sharon asked.

He made an expression of distaste. “She doesn’t like the bed part. She tolerates me. That’s all.”

Sharon blinked in astonishment. She hadn’t thought there could be a woman that foolish around any more. Didn’t the woman know that if he didn’t find whet he wanted at home then he would surely look elsewhere? No wonder Alan had looked at her like he had. He was hungry for good loving.

“You poor darling,” Sharon said huskily. “Maybe she’ll change.”

“I doubt it,” Alan said bitterly.

“Sure she will,” Sharon said. She started pressing her silken clad knee closer and closer. He blushed furiously but he made no attempt to move away again.

“A nice looking man like you,” Sharon said. “No woman could resist you long.”

Sharon grew bolder. She knew the young man would be too shy to make the first move. She leaned on the table with her chin cupped in one hand while she dropped her other hand below the table top. She felt him flinch when her fingertips touched his knee.

“Yes,” Sharon said. “You are a nice looking young man. Your wife just needs a little time. She’ll be crawling all over you before you know it.”

She grinned at him as her hand slowly moved up his leg to his inner thighs. His mouth dropped open.

“What’s the matter?” she asked. Her fingertips kept brushing at his thigh. “You’re not afraid of me, are you? There’s no reason to be afraid.”

“Of course not,” he said.

“That’s good,” Sharon purred. “I wouldn’t want you to be afraid of me.”

He was trying not to look at the place where her robe had gaped open, but he couldn’t help himself. He seemed fascinated by the exposure of the tops of her snowy twin peaks. Sharon made a little motion that showed a little more of her tits encased in the filmy black bra. His eyes nearly popped out. He was frozen to his seat while tiny beads of sweat popped out on his forehead.

“My God,” he groaned.

Sharon gave a low laugh as her fingertips finally reached the tip of his erect cock. Even through his trousers she could feel the throbbing warmth. She saw him shaking as her fingers gently brushed over the length of his prick.

“I like you, Alan,” she said. “I like you a lot. I think you’re very nice. Do you think I’m nice, Alan?”

“My God,” Alan said softly.

Sharon grew tired of playing around. Her pussy was wet and painfully tender. She was ready to get down to the business of some serious fucking.

“Come with me,” Sharon said. “I want to show you something.”

She tugged at his hand but he didn’t move. She tugged harder and this time he rose without protest. He didn’t ask where as he meekly followed her out of the kitchen and into the plush living room.

Sharon released his hand as she walked to the center of her living room. Her pussy was wet and throbbing. Her cunt felt as hard as a man’s cock.

She faced Alan with a soft smile on her lips. She unbuttoned the front of her robe. She could see him nervously clenching his hands as she slowly, teasingly drew the robe off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

She got the response she wanted. He gasped as he looked at her filmy, sexy under-things. If only Doug had looked at her that way. He was looking at her with the same happy hunger of a child in a candy shop.

“Do you like me?” Sharon asked.

“Oh, fuck yes,” he answered.

“Then why don’t you come over here and show me how much,” Sharon said.

It took him only seconds to reach her. He wrapped his arms around her and they both stretched out on the plush carpet. Sharon took his hand and placed it between her legs.

She knew he could feel the hot warmth of her wet pussy. She was so hungry for a good fucking. Her pussy juice had already soaked her panties and now the sensitive lips of her gash seemed to suck hungrily at his fingers.

“I’m so hot,” she moaned. “I’m so hot for fucking!”

“What about your husband?” Alan asked.

“Don’t worry about him,” Sharon assured Alan. “He won’t be home for hours.”

A choking sob escaped her throat as Alan began to rub between her legs. Her juice soaked panties eased up into her gash and the sensation was delicious.

“Oh yes,” she sobbed. “Rub my pussy like that! That feels so nice!”

She grabbed him between his legs. This time she didn’t tease him with her fingertips but instead clutched his cock as hard as she could. She was overwhelmed by an intense desire to see his hard prick. She wondered how different his cock would look from Doug’s.

She pushed him over onto his back and kneeling between his legs she pulled his zipper down. His throbbing prick strained against his shorts and made her tremble with excitement. Still, she took her time undoing his belt buckle and then tugging his trousers down his hairy legs.

He seemed to come alive as she bent to take his shoes and socks off. His arms encircled her back and his fingers barely touched her bra hooks. She let him fumble for a moment before she helped him.

“Is this what, you want?” she asked. She unhooked her bra and let the cups fall away from her luscious twin peaks. “Are these what you want to see?”

“God yes,” he answered. He stared at the rise and fall of her big, creamy tits as if he’d never seen such a pair before. Just the look in his eyes made her nipples harden into two cherry points.

“Do you like them?” she asked.

“Christ yes,” he groaned.

“Why don’t you taste them?” she asked him. “They taste sweet like candy. Why don’t you suck on them?”

Alan gave a low groan and buried his face between her luscious globes. He licked at her creamy flesh, sucking the sweet taste of her into his hot mouth. His lips moved to one of her cherry nipples.

“Ahhhh,” she groaned. “Oh, I like that! Suck me like that! Suck my titty!”

His lips sucked at her tit, sucking the creamy flesh into his mouth and rolling the rockhard cherry nipple beneath his tongue until she was squirming deliciously.

Her dainty hot hand clutched at his prick again, and she could feel it growing even larger at the touch of her fingers. She moved her thumb over the sensitive crown and again felt his bubbling cum juice soaking her fingers.

“Let me take these off,” she said.

He was still wearing his shorts but he helped her slide them down his hairy legs and kick them off. Her fingers tightened around his swelling organ, her breath coming in short little gasps as she pumped his rockhard pole.

“You’re so big,” she groaned. “So big. I like your big cock! I like it!”

“Gaaa,” he groaned. “You’re going to have to stop that or I’m going to come.”

She reluctantly released his throbbing cock but not before she took a good look at it. Her eyes feasted on the stiff length of his blood swollen pole with the tiny slit blinking out a few drops of thick white cum.

“Ummmmm,” she said. “You’re beautiful. Your big cock is so beautiful!”

She was tempted to do something she’d never done with her husband except with reluctance. She was tempted to kiss the purple head, to run her tongue around the sensitive edge, to taste his thick cumjuice in her mouth.

She was ready to do that but then his fingers went back between her legs. This time his hand slipped beneath her flimsy panties and his fingers rubbed the swollen lips of her gash. She nearly went out of her mind as he made her body tremble with nervousness and desire.

“Your fingers are making me hot!” she cried.

He removed his hand but only for a second. He pulled at her panties and she helped by raising her ass. He slipped her panties down her long, slim legs and she kicked them away. She was dressed in only her garter belt and stockings and she could see that. He liked the picture she made for him.

His cock jumped like it was a living thing and more of his thick cum bubbled out of the end. She touched her fingers to the tip of his cock and smeared her fingertips with his jism. She brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked on them. She got a little taste of his salty flavored jism.

“Holy Christ!” he moaned.

He touched her hot pussy mound again. This time his hand cupped her mound while two of his fingers stabbed into her pink pussy. She was tight and wet and hot, and she screamed when she felt those fingers jabbing her pussy.

“Ahhhhhh,” she moaned.

Now she was really hot, as hot as she could remember being with Doug. She spread apart the pink lips of her cunt obscenely as more of his fingers probed her hot gash.

“I need a fuck!” she cried. “I need a fuck so bad! I’m so hot all over!”

His fingers worked in her for a few minutes more until she felt slippery and her pussy hair was drenched with her juices. He rubbed one finger across her tiny joy bud and she screamed again.

“Fuck meeeeee!”

“Sure, baby,” he said. “I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked. But first I’m going to taste some of your sweet pussy!”

Doug had never done that before. Probably because he thought she wouldn’t like it. She was shocked and excited when Alan began kissing her flat, quivering belly and then trailing his wet tongue down to the juncture between her thighs.

She didn’t know what to expect and she shivered when his lips touched her plump gash. Christ, it felt good! It was something she had never experienced before. It made her so hot that she was almost hurting in her belly.

“Ohhhhh!” she cried out softly.

His face pressed hotly between her soft thighs and his tongue stabbed at her. This was new! A delicious sensation went through her body as she felt his tongue searing the walls of her inner cunt.

“Oh, you sweet bastard!” she cried. “You sweet fucking bastard! Oh, eat my pussy! Suck it!”

His tongue started stabbing in and out of her cunt but he wasn’t satisfied with just that. He sucked her clit between his teeth and began chewing on it. Her clit felt so big and hard and she was getting crazy all over.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned. “That feels so good! I’m coming! I’m coming! AGHHHHHHH!”

Her tangy tasting pussy juices drenched his mouth and he began to suck and swallow. She pulled his face closer and she ground her pussy violently against his stabbing tongue. He finally raised his head from between her thighs.

“Ummmm,” she said softly. “That was fantastic. It was good, but it wasn’t a fuck. And I need a fuck!”

“You’re going to get what you need, cunt,” he said.

He had changed from a shy young man into a sex machine. She didn’t mind. She wanted to be treated like an animal and she didn’t need any shy young man treating her with respect. She wanted to be fucked and fucked good.

She rolled against him, mashing her big, soft tits against his hard chest. His rigid prick rested against her flat belly and she could feel the wetness of his dripping cum against her skin.

They kissed hungrily, her tongue probing his lips. His broad hands stroked her back and then cupped the soft cushion of her ass. His fingers caressed the skin of her ass and then slipped into the crack of her ass to gently probe her anus.

“Ummmm,” she moaned softly.

He pushed her over onto her back and he knelt between her legs. Again he kissed her hairy red pussy but this time he didn’t leave his lips there. She sensed how horny he was. He lifted her legs above her head so that the plump pink lips of her cunt were exposed to his hungry gaze.

She was growing hot again. He pushed apart the lips of her cunt with his fingers, probed deep inside her cunt with the edges of his fingers. She could feel the throbbing warmth growing in her pussy. He began to jab his fingers in and out of her juice slickened cunt until she couldn’t stand it.

“Oh fuck!” she cried. “Fuck me! Put your fucking cock in me! Hurry up, damn it. I need your prick!”

God, how she needed it. She wanted to feel the hot fullness of his cock inside her pussy, stretching her cunt walls and pumping his jism into her belly. She couldn’t remember being as hot as she was at that moment. She needed a good, hard fucking.

“Put it in me!” she cried again. “Fuck my pussy! Fuck the shit out of me! Nowwwww!”

He moved between her legs and she humped up to meet the hard thrust of his prickhead. His prick nudged between her lips and then stabbed through the tight wetness of her cunt until he had pressed in as far as he could go.

It was fantastic. She told him not to move as she reveled in the glorious feeling of having her pussy so filled by his thick, throbbing meat.

In her position he was in so deep, she could feel each lovely inch of his cock stretching her pussy. It felt like the head was in her belly. How stupid his wife was. The little bitch didn’t know what a goldmine she had. Hell, Sharon would have never let such a man leave the house with any strength for fucking.

“Now fuck me,” Sharon said. “Fuck me good. It’s been so long. Really give it to me!”

He started to give her the brutal fucking that she’d needed for so long. She didn’t feel guilty about what she was doing. Maybe later she would, but now she could only make little squeals of pure pleasure at what was happening. There was no time for guilt.

He fucked her as wildly as a stud horse mounting a pretty filly in the pasture. He drove his cock in and out of her hot cunt with lusty thrusts. She realized that, he needed this fuck as badly as she did.

“That’s right,” she moaned. “Fuck me hard, you sweet bastard! Fuck me good and hard!”

She fucked him back with a high humping movement, her tight wet pussy lips making a soft sucking noise each time he plunged his prick into her. She knew she was getting one of the finest fucks that she’d ever gotten.

His balls felt heavy with cum each time he moved against her and she got ready for the exploding of his hot cum into her hungry pussy. She could feel a hot knot in her belly starting to grow and make her shiver.

“Aghhhhhh,” she moaned. “Aghhh, yes. That’s the way to fuck me! Now a little harder! Really hard! Really give it to me! Ahhhh, yes, I’m coming! You’re making me come with your big hot dick! AHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEE!”

Her juices soaked his pumping prick and he began fucking her faster, harder. He was making heavy breathing sounds as he really began to slam his big prick into her.

“Come,” she breathed. “Come in my pussy. Fill my fucking pussy up with your cum!”

At that moment she wanted his thick cum more than she’d ever wanted anything. She only had to hump up once more before she felt the swelling of his prickhead and she felt the first of his hot juices spurting into her.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she cried. “Come in my pussy! Fill up my hot cunt!”

He came in a gush of hot cum, his juice leaking out of the sides of her pussy and dripping to her thighs and into her ass crack in thick rivers of white. She loved the feel of his wetness against her skin, loved the way he bit her shoulder as he came.

She somehow reached between them and she found his balls. She began to squeeze them gently as she drained his cock dry.

“Fuck,” he said softly, savagely.

“Oh baby,” she moaned. “Oh my sweet baby!”

He was gone and Sharon felt strange. She wasn’t feeling guilty yet, just kind of odd. It was like what had happened had happened to some other woman and not to her Sharon just couldn’t believe she could have gone after the young insurance salesman with such obscene hunger.

But it was true. She took a shower and she could still see the wet marks of his cum on tier thighs. She could still taste his saliva and the tinny taste of his cum. She had really done it. There could be no doubt of that.

And she had enjoyed it.

She couldn’t lie to herself about that. She had enjoyed it. The sight and smell and feel of his strong, lean body had really gotten her turned on. For the first time in months she felt completely satisfied and at ease with the world.

She stood and stared at her naked, lush body in the mirror. She couldn’t feel guilty because she had enjoyed it so much that she knew it was going to happen again.

She admitted it finally. It wasn’t a one time thing. It was going to happen again. Every time she felt that hot urgency and Doug would do nothing about it.

“It’s Doug fault,” she said proudly. “He has nobody to blame but himself.”

She had made her decision and now Sharon found herself thinking about men in a new and different way. She was no longer having fantasies about them. She started thinking about how she could actually get them to fuck her.


The two young soldiers were named Chad and Benny. Chad was tall and blondheaded. Benny was smaller and much darker and he liked to show lots of white teeth when he grinned. Both of them were on their way home for their first leave after joining the service.

They were sitting in the back of the bus when the blonde girl got on the bus. Chad was nearly asleep and Benny nudged his friend awake.

“Get a load of that stuff,” Benny said.

“Uhuh,” Chad said sleepily.

“Shit, she’s built,” Benny said. “Did you get a load of how her knockers bounced. I bet she’s not wearing a bra. God, I’d love to sink my teeth in those.”

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Chad said. “She couldn’t be nineteen yet. She’s dangerous.”

“Yeah,” Benny said. Benny reluctantly gave up the horny thoughts that were going through his mind. Christ, she was nice, though, in those pink shorts and that pink halter. Nice jiggle to her ass when she walked.

She caught Benny’s eyes for a second before she sat down in a seat halfway up from them. He imagined he saw a little come on in the flash of her blue eyes. It had to be imagination. A young girl like that wouldn’t be giving the come hither look to a couple of guys in uniform. That only happened in books.

Benny bent his head back and shut his eyes. He tried not to think about all those luscious goodies just a few seats in front of him. Instead he thought of Shirley. His girl, Shirley, with her dark hair and dark eyes and those big, pointed tits.

He had been fucking Shirley since he was eighteen and he had never tired of her sweet young body. Now he could almost taste her sweet flesh.

“Christ,” Benny said.

“What’s wrong?” Chad asked.

“I’m about a horny bastard,” Benny answered. “If I don’t dip my wick pretty soon I think I’m going to go crazy.”

“Cheer up,” Chad said. “Think about Shirley. She’ll probably be waiting at the bus station for you and her panties will be in her purse and all that pussy will be hungry for a good dick.”

“Christ!” Benny exploded. He changed positions in the seat. “Would you shut the fuck up. You’re only making matters worse.”

Chad laughed and that was the last sound on the bus for a long time. The bus made two other stops before it started getting dark. People got off at each stop but nobody got on.

Finally only the two soldiers and the very young girl remained on the bus.

The bus stopped again at a dingy little station the bus driver stepped off the bus for a few minutes. He looked unhappy when he got back on.

“I’m sorry,” he announced, “but there’s been a very bad accident up ahead. A couple of cars and a big truck. It may take the police a couple of hours to clear it up. You can remain on the bus or there’s a refreshment center in the station. We’ll get started again as soon as we can.”

“Shit,” said Benny. “That’s just what I needed. Well, you want to get a Coke or something?”

“Sure,” Chad agreed.

The girl got off the bus before they did. Benny watched the motion of her hot little ass. He wondered if she wore panties under those tight pink shorts. He decided she didn’t. She would show panty lines under shorts that tight. Christ, he could almost see the crack of her ass.

“Wouldn’t you like to have that sweet little bottom in your hands?” Benny asked. “Wouldn’t you like to feel that hot twat on your cock?”

“Christ,” Chad said. “You’re starting to get me horny. Why the fuck don’t you get your mind off cunt?”

“I’ll try,” Benny said, “but that’s like telling a honeybee not to suck honey. I’m a natural pussy sniffer. I see the stuff and I can’t help going after it.”

“Well you’d better slow down on that one,” Chad said. “Like I said, she’s jailbait.”

The young girl was sitting by herself when they walked into the dingy building. She was drinking a Coke out of a paper cup. She gave Benny a nervous smile as he started toward her table.

“What the hell are you doing?” Chad asked, whispering.

“I’m just going over to talk to her,” Benny answered. “She looks kind of lonely. Just one human, being friendly to another. Is that a crime?”

“It depends on how friendly you want to get,” Chad said. “Christ, you’re going to get us both locked up.”

“Then don’t come,” Benny said.

But there was no way Chad was going to be left behind. He had been friends with Benny too long.

He knew that his friend sometimes had a nose for pussy, a kind of built-in radar that told him when a woman would be easy pickings.

Shirley Freens was a good example. Shirley was a housewife, a regular churchgoing woman with two children. She was Benny’s next door neighbor and the boys had often sat and watched her.

One day Benny had said, “I’m going to start fucking that.”

“You’re crazy,” Chad had said.

Benny was only eighteen but somehow he had known. A few days later Benny gave him a sly wink as they were standing watching her hanging out clothes. Chad felt his heart nearly stop as Benny crossed over into her yard.

Chad never heard what was being said, but he watched Benny take her arm and they went into the house together. A few minutes later Chad heard a delighted squeal. He couldn’t believe it. He walked to the back door and peered in.

They hadn’t even waited until they were out of the kitchen. Benny had her backed up against the wall with her dress up around her waist. Her panties were hanging off the counter top and Benny’s cock was pounding her pussy.

Benny had offered him sloppy seconds and Chad wasn’t about to turn him down. Since then he had fucked many of Benny’s girlfriends. Benny seemed to tire of most of them quickly. All except sweet Shirley. He kept Shirley around to take care of his more urgent needs. And Shirley didn’t seem to mind following him around like a hungry puppy. Shirley’s husband was so stupid that he never realized Benny was regularly fucking his wife.

Now Benny was putting his charm to work again. “Hi there,” he told the young girl. “I’m Benny. This is Chad. Do you mind if we keep you company?”

“No,” the young girl answered. “I’m Stacy.”

“Nice to meet you, Stacy,” Benny said, sitting down across from her. “Aren’t you kind of young to be out by yourself?”

“I’m eighteen,” Stacy said. Stacy’s blue eyes flashed. “I’m going to live with my sister.”

“I didn’t mean anything offensive,” Benny said quickly, “but you know you’re a fine looking thing and that makes it kind of dangerous for you to be by yourself.”

Benny liked the red flush that came to her cheeks. That meant she wasn’t all that experienced. She probably wasn’t a virgin, judging from the hot way she dressed, but at least she wasn’t jaded from giving it to everybody.

“Do you really think I’m nice looking?” Stacy asked.

Benny knew he’d found her weak spot vanity. Usually every woman had one soft spot where a man could get through to her. Usually it took a while before Benny could find it, but this girl was simple and uncomplicated.

Probably she hadn’t been called pretty often enough. “I think you’re beautiful,” he said. “You look like a movie star. You’ve got the build of a mature woman.”

Stacy was blushing furiously now. Benny knew he had her hooked and now he started reeling her in. He started reeling slowly because he sure didn’t want her to get away. He was too damned horny.

“Of course,” Benny suggested. “You could be a little fake in places. A young girl sometimes does that. There’s plenty of things a girl can buy.”

“There’s nothing fake about me,” Stacy said. Her blue eyes flashed fire again.

Benny knew what she said was true. He could see the outline of her pert nipples underneath the halter top she wore. He shrugged his broad shoulders.

“Maybe,” he said, “but a guy can never really tell about a girl until he sees her natural.”

“Well I’m not going to get undressed just to prove a point,” Stacy said.

Benny only smiled. He was confident that Stacy was going to get undressed for him. He was confident that she was going to do a lot of things for him before the night was over.

He reached across the table and patted her soft hand. Stacy drew her hand away quickly. She felt like she’d been burned by his fingers.

She felt a little, nervous around Benny. She wasn’t used to someone with his smug self assurance and his worldly grin. She had been kept under wraps most of her life. Living with her aunt had never been exactly exciting.

Only that year had she found a way to rid herself of her unwanted virginity. It hadn’t been very pleasurable but at least it had made her feel like more of a woman.

Then she had found out about moving to her sister’s and she had gone out and purchased a lot of new clothes. The new clothes were sexier, and she knew that boys appreciated her new outfits. She had seen them looking at her.

She was prepared for a big change in her lifestyle, but perhaps she wasn’t prepared for a change like Benny or even Chad. The trouble was that both of them were way out of Stacy’s league. They were both handsome and experienced. Stacy wasn’t sure she could handle two men like them.

“I’m going back to the bus,” Stacy said.

Again Benny watched the swinging motion of her pretty little ass as she left the room. Benny felt his cock growing uncomfortably cramped in the tight confinement of his military trousers. Damn, but she was a fine little piece. It was going to feel fantastic stuffing his prick into her hot little twat.

“You might as well give up on her,” Chad suggested.

“Why?” Benny asked.

“Because she’s too young and she doesn’t seem to be interested,” Chad answered.

“Oh, she’s interested enough,” Benny said. “I’m going to have a Coke and then I’m going back to the bus and fuck the shit out of her.”

“You’re nuts,” Chad said, but something told him that Benny meant exactly what he said.

Stacy was pretending to be asleep when the two soldiers got back on the bus. She was startled when Benny sat down beside her. She suddenly felt very alone and vulnerable on the bus. She wished the bus driver would come back.

“You’re not asleep,” Benny said. “Look at me. I want to talk to you some more.”

“Go away,” she said. “I don’t want to talk. Just go away and leave me alone.”

“You don’t want to talk?” Benny asked. “Well, what do you want to do?”

He put his hand on Stacy’s soft, girlish thigh and squeezed. Stacy tried to draw her leg away but his grip tightened. The touch of his fingers burned her again. She felt a weakness in her stomach.

“Please, just leave me alone,” she said.

His fingers caressed her soft thigh higher and higher until he was touching the bottom of her pink shorts. Again she tried to pull her leg away but his hand was strong.

“Don’t be like that, sugar,” he said. “I only want to get to know you better.”

“I don’t want to know you,” she said.

Her heart hammered in her mouth. She knew that it wasn’t fear of what the soldier could physically do to her. It was fear that she couldn’t control herself around him. She told herself that there was nothing he could do to her sitting on the bus, but she couldn’t entirely convince herself.

“I like you, Stacy,” he said. “I like you a lot. I think you’re a pretty girl. A very pretty girl.”

“Leave me alone,” she said.

Suddenly he was grabbing her by the back of her neck. He was so quick that she couldn’t resist. He brought her face against his and his lips touched hers. He kissed her brutally and she was out of breath when he released her.

She felt an itching heat between her thighs that she’d never felt before. Not even when she’d lost her virginity. That had been an uncomfortable sensation, nothing like the fire that was now growing in her.

He kissed her again and she tried to make her lips cold. It wasn’t working. His lips were so hot and vibrant and they seemed to suck out her soul. She couldn’t make her lips hard and cold. She felt herself responding to him, pushing closer so that her tits pressed his chest.

“Oh,” she said softly. “Please don’t. Please leave me alone.”

“You know you don’t mean that,” he said.

This time he kissed her with his tongue. He licked her cheek and then pushed his tongue into her mouth. He kept stabbing his tongue into her mouth until she felt herself responding again, wiggling her tongue against his.

“Oh, please don’t,” she begged.

He stroked her back and then slipped his hand around to cup one of her tits. She sighed as a hot feeling went through her body. She started kissing him back, for real. Her mouth clung hungrily to his and she pushed her tongue into his mouth.

The young, inexperienced boy who had taken her virginity had not made her feel this way. She felt tight like a spring. She moaned as his fingers stretched out over her tit and squeezed.

“You feel nice, sugar,” Benny said. “Now let’s see if you’re really for real.”

She didn’t have the strength to protest as he untied her halter top and let it fall away from her tits. His strong fingers clutched her plump left tit. She felt his thumb and forefinger tweak her pert nipple.

Her cherry nipple became extended in his finger. It itched hotly. His fingers moved from one tit to the other, always touching and caressing the hard nipple.

“Feel good, baby?” he asked.

“Oh yes,” she answered.

He bent his head and touched his lips gently to one of her nipples. At the first touch of his lips, she forgot where she was. She cried out loud and grabbed the back of his head. She fed more of her plump, creamy tit up to his hot mouth.

“Oh God,” she groaned. “Oh God, that’s nice. I like that. Oh, keep sucking me like that!”

He moved his lips to her other tit. His lips, tongue and teeth scraped and kissed until she was squirming with delicious pleasure. She kept grabbing the back of his head and trying to feed more of her big, pointy tit into his hungry mouth.

Damn, he made her feel, so hot. She didn’t want this. Not like this. Not in a bus with a soldier she didn’t know. She was a good girl. Yet, his fingers started fires in her belly that threatened to burn out of control.

His hot mouth left her nipple but not for long. She was not prepared for what happened next. He grabbed both her titties and held them together. He began licking her swollen nipples like a puppy lapping milk. It was a new experience and it made her cunt gush hot love juice.

“Ahhh,” he said. “You like that. I knew you would. I knew you were a hot little honey.”

One of his hands dropped suddenly between her legs. At first she tried to clamp her legs together but it was already too late for that. She felt him rubbing the swollen, tender lips of her pussy right trough her shorts. His hand was so hot it was like his fingers were touching her bare flesh.

She was getting so hot. She wouldn’t have believed that having a boy touch her would make her feel this way. She felt so puffy like she was going to explode at any moment.

“You sweet honey,” he said. “You luscious little piece of stuff. I like your tits. I like your body. I like your cunt when it gets all hot and squishy.”

“Please don’t talk like that,” she begged.

“Hell, you want me to,” he said. “You want me to tell you how much I like your body. You want me to talk about kissing your tits and playing with your pussy. It turns you on.”

She had to admit that he was doing something to her. Maybe it was just his touch and not the way he talked to her, but there was something happening to her insides. She was feeling pure hot pleasure going through her body.

She felt his hand slip beneath her bottom. He caressed her rounded cheeks for a moment. Then she felt his fingers fumbling at the zipper of her shorts.

“Oh no,” she said firmly.

She couldn’t allow him to do that. She twisted around in her seat and her hand clamped down firmly on his. She tried to pull his hand away from her. He was too strong for that. His free hand tweaked her nipple. “Don’t fight me,” he warned her. “I only want to give you what you want.”

“I don’t want that,” she sobbed.

But that wasn’t true and he knew it. He took her hand away from his hand and slipped his hand beneath her tight little bottom again. He could feel the heat of her ass through her tight shorts. Christ, she shouldn’t fight him. She was as hot for this as he was.

He unbuttoned her shorts, despite her twisting away from him. He pulled down her zipper all the way. Her shorts had loosened enough for him to slip his hand down the back of them. He touched her naked asscheeks and felt her shudder.

“There, that doesn’t feel so bad,” he said. “You like that. You’ll like everything I do to you.”

He moved his hand around until his fingers touched the soft spongy mass of her juice drenched pussy hair. Again she tried to twist away but this time not so violently.

“Oh, please don’t,” she begged. “Oh, please don’t do that. Not here. Please don’t.”

She hadn’t expected him to listen so it was no surprise when she felt his fingers rubbing up and down her wet groove. This time she didn’t have her shorts to protect her from his hot fingers. The rough side of his finger just barely rubbed her tingling cuntlips and she gushed hot juice.

He took his hand out of her shorts. He started tugging at her shorts until she reluctantly lifted her ass and allowed him to slip the shorts down her thighs and finally to her ankles.

“That’s a little better,” he said.

He gently pulled her legs apart so that he could really look at the pink folds of her cunt. Her plump petals spread apart for him and he grinned.

“Beautiful pussy,” he said. “There’s nothing more beautiful than a young thing’s pussy. Spread it farther apart. There’s nothing to be ashamed of Stacy. You’ve got a beautiful cunt!”

Stacy blushed with pleasure and humiliation as she spread her creamy thighs even farther apart. Her thick blonde pussy hair was wet with desire and she couldn’t help the way her pussy seemed to be throbbing with hunger.

She cried out at the first insistent prod of his finger. She rubber her tits against him as she felt his fingers being sucked into her hot box.

“You’re making me so crazy,” she groaned.

Benny moved his finger around in the tight hotness of her smooth pussy. There was nothing he liked better than young pussy around his fingers. He loved the way she cried out when he went to work on her. He had been right about her. She wasn’t a virgin, but she wasn’t jaded enough to control her desires.

He could sense that he was doing things to her that had never been done before, at least not the way he did them. He decided to give her a real thrill.

“You’re going to like this,” he said.

He moved his finger around in a wide circle until he found her taut clit. He gave her hard little joybutton a little flick with his finger.

“Ahhhh,” she groaned.

“See there,” he said. “I told you. You’re a hot honey. Now you just relax and enjoy.”

He felt her shudder as he flicked her clit again. He moved his finger around until he could take the extended clit between his thumb and forefinger.

“Oh God,” she groaned. “What are you doing to me? You’re making me feel so crazy!”

He only laughed as he really went to work on her clit. His finger prodded and pulled until he felt the nervous shivers going through, her body. She was getting close to her first come. He didn’t mind. He leaned closer so that her tits rubbed against him.

“Just let yourself go,” he told her. “Just relax. You’ll like the first one.”

“Oh please!” she wailed, as she felt the burning fire in her belly growing and growing until it was out of control. Her hips began to writhe. She pressed her hot titties closer against him and rubbed her nipples against his shirt.

“I’m so crazy inside,” she moaned. “So crazy. I’ve never felt this hot! Oh, oh, oh, OHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Her pussy juice gushed out onto his fingers as she gave another loud sob and sank back into her seat. He moved his fingers in her pussy until she quit trembling. Only then did he allow his fingers to finally come out of her juicy, wet pussy.

“Did you like that?” he asked her.

“Oh yes,” she moaned.

He knew she was still seeing stars and this was the time to take things even farther. He opened his shirt down the front so he could feel her naked tits against his chest. He leaned closer and kissed her softly on the mouth, all the while feeling those big, pointy tits touching his chest.

“You sweet little bitch,” he groaned. “You sweet, hot little bitch.”

He dropped his head to suck on her tit some more. Her sweet hot flesh tasted better than anything he had tasted in a long time. He rolled her hot flesh beneath his tongue and felt the nipples start to grow hard again.

“All right, you sweet little fuck,” he said. “Let’s see what you’ve got.”

She didn’t understand until he took her hand and placed it against his trousers. She shivered as her fingers clutched the long length of his prick.

“Take it out, baby,” he said. “Take it out and play with it!”

She was afraid but she couldn’t refuse him what he wanted. She unzipped his trousers and her small hand darted inside. She found his hard prick bunched in his shorts. She slipped her hand through the opening and she touched his naked flesh.

“Ahhh yes, baby,” he said. “Now take my fucker out. Take it out!”

Her slender fingers laced tightly around his thick pole. She gently pulled his rigid prick through the opening in his trousers. A startled gasp escaped her throat as she became aware of the full, erect length of it.

She had somehow expected his prick to be much like the boy who had first fucked her. Benny’s cock was stiff and proud, much longer and thicker than the only other prick she had seen.

She was afraid and fascinated by the stiff piece of flesh, jumping in her fingers like it was something alive. She wanted to pull her hand away but she couldn’t.

“It’s so big,” she said.

“You’re fucking right, it’s big,” Benny gasped. “And it’s going to feel bigger when I stuff it in your pussy. Just think about it, cunt. Just think about my big sausage stuffed up your pussy and making you hot. Just think!”

“Oh God,” she gasped softly.

“You’re thinking about it, aren’t you?” Benny asked. “You’re thinking it and it’s making your pussy hot!”

“Yes,” she admitted.

She felt hotter now than she had felt a few minutes before. Her pussy was empty and burning. She wondered what it was going to feel like to have his big prick inside her, fucking her with deep thrusts. It would be different from the last time. It would last longer and Benny would be more experienced about fucking. He would know how to make her cry with pleasure.

“Oh Jesus,” she groaned.

“Beat me a little, cunt,” Benny said. “Use your cool hand on my cock. Beat me until your fingers get sticky!”

She started moving her long fingers up and down his thick staff. He was trembling and he leaked little bubbles of cum from the tiny slit at the tip of his cock. She smelled his sexual odor and it didn’t turn her off.

She thought that she had never smelled anything so exciting. The odor of his sex surrounded her and made her weak from tingling. She wanted to lower her face to his prick, to kiss his cock. She had never wanted to do that before. A boy had suggested it but she had turned him down flatly.

But she wanted to kiss Benny’s cock. She wanted to take his creamy cock in her mouth and suck until he poured his whole thick creamy load down her throat and made her swallow it. God, what was wrong with her? She’d never been this way before.

“Ahhh,” Benny groaned. “That’s good, baby. You’ve got nice fingers. Nice fucking fingers. Do you like holding my cock? Do you like playing with my pecker?”

“Yes,” she answered. “I like it. I do like it!”

“I knew you would, baby,” he said. “You got a look in your eye. A hot look that says you like peckers. You like having them in your hands, your mouth, and your pussy. You sweet bitch!”

Her fingers moved a little faster and she felt them getting sticky from his leaking cum. She didn’t mind that. She moved her hand all over his prick letting his cream wet the places between her fingers. She bent down and pressed the tip of one soft tit against his prickhead. She felt his prick leaking cum on her nipple. She moved until she had smeared his creamy stuff between the valley of her tits.

“Christ, you’re getting into it, now,” Benny moaned. “You’re really getting fucking into it. Take my prick a little tighter.”

She clamped her fingers around his prick moving her hand up and down again. She felt him begin to wiggle excitedly. She moved her fingers down to his trouser opening. Her fingertips touched his hairy balls.

Again his balls were so different from that first boy. She felt the heaviness of Benny’s balls. She knew they were heavy from the sperm he would soon be giving her.

“Take my trousers off,” Benny moaned. “Hurry.”

She hurried. She unbuckled his belt and pulled his trousers apart. She rolled his trousers past his knees and then she did the same with his shorts.

“That’s more comfortable,” Benny said. The back of her hand tingled each time she brushed it against his erect cock. She felt him stroking her thick blonde hair.

“You can see it better, now,” Benny said. “There’s a little light. Take a good long look at it.”

She bent closer so that his thick, rigid cock stared at her in the face. He had a beautiful prick. She licked her lips nervously as she stared at the throbbing, purplish head. She had that same deep desire to kiss it.

“Go ahead,” Benny urged. “Kiss it, cunt. You know that’s what you want to do. Go ahead and suck it!”

Benny’s strong fingers clasped the back of her neck and she found her face being shoved nearer. Again the odor of his sex overpowered her. She’d never had her mouth this close to a boy’s cock before and it excited her tremendously.

She suddenly wanted to kiss his cock more than she had ever wanted to do anything. Her mouth filled with saliva like she was hungry for it. She wondered what he would taste like.

“Go ahead,” Benny urged.

She touched her lips to his hot meat. His balls ached as he jerked her face closer. Her wet, hot mouth parted and her fiery tongue, stabbed at his slit.

“Jesus, that’s nice,” he moaned.

This was what he wanted. To have this sweet little bitch’s face in his lap while he stroked her big tits. He’d known all along that she would be willing to do as he asked. It was only a matter of time. He shivered as those wet virgin lips kept brushing his cock.

She was beginning to get the hang of things. She gave his cockhead another soft kiss while her fingers laced around his burning staff. She was trembling but she held onto him with her cool fingers while she really went to work.

“Christ!” he groaned. “You sweet, little bitch. You can make a man hotter than hell!”

Stacy suddenly felt a surge of power go through her. Benny wasn’t quite so self-confident, so self-assured when her mouth was on his prick. She wanted to make him writhe with pleasure, to make him sob as he’d made her.

“Oh fuck, you little bitch,” Benny groaned.

She slipped her hand down his long ivory staff until she touched his balls again. She cradled his sensitive balls and squeezed gently. Her free hand moved gently up and down making more of his cum show at the tip of his prick. She kept licking it away with the tip of her pink tongue.

Suddenly her mouth parted and she took the rubbery cockhead gingerly between her teeth. She had no experience but she somehow knew the things that would turn him on. She felt his cock grow as her warm breath and saliva combined to further excite him.

“Oh Christ!” he moaned. “I can’t stand this! This is too damned much! Christ!”

She was disappointed when he grabbed her by her hair and jerked her away from his cock. She hadn’t known what would happen if she continued to suck him, but she’d wanted to find out.

But now the look in his eyes made her forget about sucking him. He wanted something else and she knew what it was. She felt her pussy boiling over with hungry juice.

“I’m going to fuck you,” he said. “I’m going to push my prick right out your Goddamn mouth.”

“Oh yes,” she groaned softly.

At that moment she wanted his big prick stuffing her twat, filling up her cunt with his stiff meat, pumping until his cum filled her hot pussy. She kept her hand wrapped around his meat as she sat back up.

From somewhere in the darkness of the bus she heard a cough. She remembered that Chad was still on the bus and probably watching them. She had a moment of shyness. Certainly she had never planned to put on a porno show for anyone, but it was too late to start backing out now.

“How?” Stacy asked. “How do you want me?”

He grinned as he sat back in his seat. He spread apart his thighs and made a motion with his prick.

“Come on, baby,” he said. “Come for a ride. Climb aboard my prick.”

She stared at him in astonishment as she realized he meant for her to climb into his lap. She shook her head. No, she wouldn’t do it. She couldn’t. It was too dirty, too obscene. She wasn’t that kind of girl.

“Come on, damn it,” he said, and she realized that she really was that kind of girl because her pussy was burning hot. She managed to stand between him and the back of the next seat. She made herself sit in his lap.

“That’s it,” he said. “Come on, now. Sit on my prick. Take my cock right in your hot pussy.”

He moved forward and captured the point of one of her tits in his hot mouth. He rolled her hard nipple beneath his tongue and she felt shivers go through her. He released her nipple with a slight tugging motion of his hungry lips.

“Come on, baby,” he urged her. “You’re going to like it. You’re going to love having my big prick in your hot cunt. Come on, now! Sit on my cock!”

She lowered herself until she felt his prick against her soft cunthairs. He reached between them and grasped his cock. He pointed his cockhead in the right direction. She felt his crown nudging at her sensitive pussy.

“Doesn’t that feel nice?” he asked her.

“Yes,” she admitted.

“It’s going to feel better. It’s going to feel a hell of a lot better when I get it in your cunt. Now sit, baby. Sit down slowly and suck up my cock!”

She lowered herself farther and she felt his bloated crown force her tender cunt lips apart. Slowly his big cockhead was inserted between her tender lips. She couldn’t go any farther. She sat still.

“Come on, cunt,” he groaned. “Sit on my prick!”

“I can’t,” she moaned.

“You Goddamn cunt!” he yelled.

He grabbed her shoulders roughly. He pulled her hard against him and she felt his big prick stretching her cunt and stabbing, like a whitehot poker, into her belly. She screamed. She had never felt so filled up by prick. It hurt. He stretched her cunt and she hurt.

“It’s in so deep!” she cried.

“Just relax, baby,” he said gently. “Just relax. In a few minutes it’ll feel better. It’ll feel good in a few minutes. Just relax and take it easy!”

His fingers tightened on her shoulder as she felt her body rocked with a hot spasm. He was right. She was starting to relax. She could feel the pleasure points of her body starting to respond to the brutal entry of his prick.

“Ummmm,” she said softly.

“Yeah, baby,” he said. “I know. You’re a hot one, all right. Just take it easy.”

He started to guide her movements. Her sweet young pussy felt so fucking good. Just as good as he’d known it would be looking at the sweet bitch. His prick pumped into her smoothly and gently and her tight cunt walls caressed his every stroke.

She was like a new, inexperienced racing horse because she was in a hurry to get out of the starting gate. He had thought that fingering her off once would slow her hot blood down. But now he saw that he had a real firebrand on his hands.

She was trying to speed up the action. She kept trying to bounce faster and he had to control her with the touch of his hands. He tightened his grip.

“No, damn it,” he said. “It’s better if you let me set the action. Just take it easy.”

“Oh God!” she cried out. “It does feel good. It feels really good!”

He fucked her slowly for a few moments longer, but she was too tight and hot too keep that up. He moved his hands around to cup her soft asscheeks. He cupped them and allowed her to bounce a little faster.

“You sweet bitch,” he groaned. “You sweet, hot bitch!”

He moved his hands around to her tits, cupping and squeezing each time she bounced. He began to thrust up to meet her aching pussy.

“You’re so fucking good,” he said. “So fucking tight! God, it’s almost like virgin pussy! Fuck, it feels good, babe! It feels so fucking nice!”

His piston like strokes got faster and faster until she felt the first big swelling of his cockhead and the warmth of his lubricating fluid dripping inside her.

“Oh yes!” she cried. “Fill me up! Fill up my pussy with your cum! Oh yes!”

He kept pumping until he felt the hot fire in his balls. A loud cry escaped his throat as he pumped savagely into her tight cunt. His first spurt filled her cunt with his creamy cum.

“Take that, bitch,” he groaned. “Take every fucking drop. God, take that! FUCKKKKK!”

She bounced on him faster as hot spurts filled her pussy. She felt his cum on her thighs making her feel sticky. She didn’t mind that. The feel of his cum in her and on her was enough to make the quivering knot in her belly explode.

“I’m coming with you!” she cried. “I’m coming with you! Oh fuck! It feels so good! SO GOODDDDDDDD!”

Her pussy juices soaked his pumping prick as he kept it hard until the last shiver went through her sweet body. He felt her body relax and only then did he pull his slimy prick back out.

He pulled her tight against him so that her big tits pressed flat against his chest. He stroked her soft hair and her back and then her soft ass. His fingers felt so nice. She moaned softly and rubbed her tits against him.

“Did you like that, sugar?” he asked.

“Oh yes,” she answered, with a shiver. “It was good. God, it was good!”

She was only barely aware of the moment when another pair of hands started to touch her. Her eyes popped open as she felt another mouth breathing against her neck and another pair of hands caressing her young firm tits.

“What’s happening?” she asked. “Who is that? What are you doing?”

“Don’t get uptight!” It was Chad’s voice. He was next to her on the seat and he was touching her. “I’m going to play a little. Don’t get upset.”

“No,” she said. “What kind of girl do you think I am? Take your hands off me.”

“I know what kind of girl you are,” Chad said. “What other kind of girl would allow herself to be fucked in the seat of a bus. I know what kind of girl you are, baby. So just relax.”

“You leave me alone,” she said.

She struggled against him but suddenly Benny was helping. The two soldiers held her arms as Benny pushed her off his lap and against Chad. She found herself wedged in the seat between the two of them. She kept trying to push their hands away.

“I know what she likes,” Benny said.

He bent his heads and touched his lips to one of her ripe young titties. She gasped as she felt his tongue swirling around the nipple. She willed herself not to enjoy it, but her nipple hardened into a ripe cherry point and started to ache. She pushed Benny’s head away but she wasn’t quick enough to push Chad’s hand away from her pussy. Chad’s two fingers slipped into her hot box and she gave a low cry.

“Just relax,” Chad said.

“Please leave me alone,” she said. “I’m not that kind of girl. Please don’t make me do that with both of you. Just leave me alone.”

“Now you gave me my jollies,” Benny said. “You can’t expect Chad to go away hungry.”

“Oh, please just leave me alone,” she begged.

Benny only laughed as he pushed her head back and kissed her mouth. His tongue wormed into her mouth and touched her tongue. She felt a shiver of acceptance go through her body. Chad’s fingers had started her fires boiling again.

“Oh hell,” Stacy said.

She no longer tried to fight them. She couldn’t. Her body had been without good loving for too long and it demanded more of their fondling. She moaned as she kissed Benny back and then turned to Chad for a kiss.

She felt dirty as Chad’s tongue probed her mouth. A nice girl didn’t make it with a boy on the bus. A nice girl didn’t do any of the things she was doing. It had to take someone really depraved to let this happen to her.

Chad kissed her throat while his fingers still worked in her hot pussy. She spread her thighs and clamped her hand down over his. She no longer cared about nice girls. She got hot too quickly. It was like Benny had opened up some kind of wall and allowed her true feelings to come through.

Benny had his mouth back on her tit and then Chad was kissing her other nipple. She had never felt anything like that before. Their lips gobbled at her flesh like she was candy. She felt tongues licking at her swollen nipples. A delicious, throbbing hunger came to her pussy. She ground her wet cunt against Chad’s probing fingers.

“Do me like that,” she moaned. “It feels so good. Keep finger fucking me.”

Chad kissed her mouth again. He pushed his tongue into her lips and she touched her own tongue against his. They wiggled their tongues together while Chad stroked her nipple with his fingertips.

“I’m getting so horny,” she groaned.

“I’ll have to do something about that,” Chad said. “Take hold of this.”

He had already taken his trousers off and he pushed his hot, sweaty prick into her hand. She gave a delighted cry as she felt his hot meat. He was only half hard when she touched him but the gentle caress of her fingers was enough to make him fully erect.

“I’ve got to fuck you,” he said. “I’ve got to have some of your sweet pussy!”

“Oh yes!” she cried.

She didn’t protest when Chad took her arm and pulled her out of the seat. He didn’t want to fuck her as Benny had fucked her. He had something different in mind. Something even more degrading, but she knew had he wanted to fuck her in the bus station, she wouldn’t have disagreed.

“Bend over,” he said. “Grab hold of the other seat. Spread your legs so I can reach your pussy from behind. I’m going to fuck you like a bitch in heat.”

She bent over and grabbed the seat just as he had told her to do. She balanced herself as he stood up behind her. She felt his prick between her thighs.

His hard prick wasn’t as big as Benny’s but it still went deep as he thrust. She moved back against him as he pulled out to thrust again.

“Fuck me,” she groaned. “Fuck me good! I like it! Fuck me hard!”

He pulled it out once again and slammed it savagely back into her. Then he began to fuck her as brutally as he could manage. Even Benny had not been as brutal. He drove his cock in deep into her pussy with each hard thrust.

“I like that!” she cried. “I like that!”

He began to move his hips so that his prick was rubbing against her clit. It was too much for her. She began slamming back to meet his thrust. She felt the hot fires boiling in her cunt. She moved faster and faster, milking his smooth cock with her hot pussy. She felt the first spurt of his cum.

“Yes, like that!” she cried. “FILL ME UPPPPP!”

He thrust again and gave a loud cry as more of his cum spurted into her pussy. She moved against him until she was sure her cunt had drained every drop. Only then did she move away from him.

She had a feeling the soldiers might have fucked her some more but at that moment the lights of the bus station went out. They heard the voice of the bus driver talking to someone. He was coming out. Quickly the three of them dressed and the two soldiers went, back to their seats.

The two young men seemed a little nervous now, and she didn’t understand that it was because of her age. She would have never considered crying rape. After all, they hadn’t raped her. She had asked for it. She hadn’t struggled very much. And she had enjoyed it. It would have shocked her, to learn the two confident young men were still nervous about how old she was.

The driver gave them a suspicious look. “They’ve got the road cleared up ahead,” he said. “I hope the wait wasn’t too uncomfortable for you.”

“No,” Stacy answered sweetly. “It wasn’t uncomfortable at all.”


Two days had passed and Sharon was starting to feel horny again. Doug was still in the same foul mood. She wished she could remember the name of the insurance company where the young man had worked. She was tempted to call someone as she remembered the young man’s firm cock filling her pussy so deliciously.

She knew that her feelings were wrong but she wouldn’t have had to feel that way if Doug would take care of her needs. He was her husband. He was supposed to make her happy. He was supposed to give her enough cock so that she didn’t have to look anywhere else.

“Damn him!” Sharon said out loud.

“Did you say something?” Doug asked.

“No,” Sharon answered, “I didn’t!”

“Well, Goddamn it, quit acting like you’ve got ants in your pants or something,” he said. “Stand still or sit down.”

“I’m feeling restless,” she said. “Couldn’t we go for a walk or something?”

“I’m too tired,” Doug said. “Maybe I could go by myself,” she suggested. “Go the hell on,” Doug said. Doug was sitting on the couch drinking beer and watching a ball game. Sharon remembered the time when he wouldn’t have suggested her walking without him. Walking together had always been one of their favorite times.

She couldn’t even count the times they had kissed and fondled each other on their long walks. She could remember a time when they had been brave enough to make love in the next yard up against a tree.

“Couldn’t you go with me, Doug?” Sharon asked. She sat down beside him, and stroked his arm. “I mean, we could have a much better time if you went with me.”

Doug just wasn’t interested. He took a sip of his beer and put it down beside him. “Goddamn it. Can’t you see I’m watching the game?”

She got mad. It wasn’t fair for Doug to treat her this way. Doug couldn’t be that upset over her sister. She was sure it was something else, something deeper that was bothering Doug. Perhaps it was another woman.

Another woman would make sense. Doug had to be getting his pussy from somewhere. He had always had such a powerful sexual appetite. But Doug’s having another woman was hard to believe.

Sharon slammed the door on her way out. She wanted him to know that she had left the house. The night air was cool. She didn’t see anyone on the dark streets as she started walking down the sidewalk. She wasn’t sure where she wanted to go. She just wanted to walk. Perhaps a little exercise would help the burning itch between her legs.

She had gone about a block when she heard the sound of breaking glass and then a woman’s screaming voice. She saw a woman come running out of one of the houses and jump into a small car. Sharon stopped and it was good thing she did. A moment later the woman jerked the small car back out of her driveway without looking. Sharon might have been run over if she’d been standing there.

Sharon watched the red lights of the car disappear up the road before she looked back at the house. The door was still open and she could see lights from the living room.

She was curious. She knew it was probably the wrong thing to do. She had problems of her own and she didn’t need to get mixed up in anybody else’s. Still, she couldn’t help the impulse that made her walk up the walkway to the front door.

She could see through the door into the living room. A tall, grayheaded man was picking up glass of the plush living room carpet. He wasn’t a bad looking man. He was still young even if he did have gray hair.

“Hello,” Sharon said.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“I thought somebody might have been hurt,” she said. “I came to help.”

“Well nobody here is hurt,” he said. “At least not physically. There’s a lot of emotional hurt around here, though.”

“Was that your wife I just saw leave?” Sharon asked.

“Yeah,” the man answered. “I was going to go after her but then I decided what the hell. A night of peace might be good for me. Damn it!”

He had cut himself. He was holding his scratched thumb like he had been shot.

“I’m Sharon,” Sharon said. “And you’d better let me do that before you hurt yourself badly.”

The gray headed, blue eyed man sat back and watched Sharon pick up the shreds of glass. He liked what he saw. She was a real redheaded bundle of softness. He wondered what she had on under the coat. He also wondered why she had come to his door. Not many women would have.

“I’m Jason Rand,” he said. “I like your name, Sharon.”

Sharon saw in his eyes that there were a lot of things he liked about her. She began to get a little nervous. She picked up the shreds of glass and dumped them into a waste basket. He watched her all the time and she imagined a flickering of hunger in his face.

“Thank you,” he said. “You’re not leaving all ready.”

Sharon had started for the door but he got there before she did. He shut the door.

“Let me make you a drink first,” he said. “It’s the least I can do.”

“I have to leave,” Sharon said. “What if your wife came back? She wouldn’t understand my being here.”

“She won’t be back,” Jason assured her. “She stays gone when she leaves like this. At times she’s been gone a couple of weeks, but she’d never come back the same night.”

“I still have to go,” Sharon said.

“Just one drink,” Jason insisted.

Sharon shrugged her shoulders. “All right. Just one. Then I really have to go.”

Jason grinned. He knew what kind of game this sweet thing was playing. She had probably been lonely and her curiosity had led her to his door. Now she was getting nervous. Well, that was all right. Jason was used to dealing with nervous women.

That was one of the problems with his marriage. Jason had far too much experience with other women and he was still getting that experience. His wife would throw these fits every now and then. She did it only to prove that she still had backbone and that he couldn’t treat her any way he wished. It never worked. She always came crawling back and he would go on with his worldly ways.

His wife hated being used like he used her, but she couldn’t stay away. She loved his cock too much. She also loved the things he did to her.

Jason fixed Sharon a drink and made her sit down on the couch before he gave it to her. He watched her sip the strong drink. She was nice looking. He could see the outlines of her pert tits underneath her coat.

He wished she’d take the heavy coat off. He wanted to have a good look at her body. He appreciated what he saw but it wasn’t enough.

“You live around here, Sharon?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said. “Just down the street.”

“It’s awfully dark for a pretty woman like you to be walking alone,” he said.

“I’m all right,” Sharon said. “Tthis is a nice area. Nobody would dare bother me around here.”

“I don’t know,” Jason said. “There’s a lot of lonely husbands around. They might not be able to resist you. A woman like you doesn’t come along very often.”

Sharon brushed back her thick red hair from her eyes. She gave him a nervous smile. She could feel the alcohol working in her, spreading its warmth through her body. Doug would probably be missing her soon. This was not the time to start thinking about sex.

Yet, she couldn’t help but think about sex when she stared at the slender, distinguished looking man. She’d never really met a distinguished looking man before. Jason had the quality of a gentleman about him.

“Do you like your drink?” Jason asked.

“Yes,” she answered.

“I hope I didn’t make it too strong,” he said. “I like a strong drink. I don’t drink much and I like a good stiff one to begin with. It kind of makes the blood boil but it doesn’t make you drunk. Don’t you think so?”

“I suppose,” Sharon answered.

He was staring at her and Sharon got the sudden, uncomfortable feeling that she was a tasty meal ready to be devoured. Jason was no inexperienced young insurance salesman on his first call. Jason would not fumble. He would take charge and she had the feeling that he really knew how to love a woman.

“Take off your coat,” Jason said.

She didn’t want that. She suddenly didn’t want to be left alone with him. It was too dangerous. Jason knew too much. She wouldn’t ever be the same once Jason finished with her. She put her drink down and got to her feet.

“No,” she said. “I really can’t stay. My husband will start to worry.”

This time his eyes were ugly and hard. She felt weak. This wasn’t a man who liked to be refused. She had the sudden feeling that he could get violent. She found herself starting to unbutton her coat.

“That’s better,” Jason said, smiling.

She unbuttoned her coat and shrugged it off. She was dressed in a fluffy white pullover sweater and a short red skirt. She hadn’t bothered to put on a bra and the points of her tits pushed at the clinging sweater.

“That’s much better,” Jason said. “You’re a beautiful woman. You shouldn’t try to hide yourself.”

Sharon couldn’t think of anything to say. She picked up her drink again and sipped the rest of the strong alcohol. She wanted to leave but she wanted to stay. She was confused. Hell, she really didn’t know what she wanted to do.

She was both afraid of and attracted to Jason. He was a different kind of man from her husband. He didn’t get his strength from working with weights. He got his strength from somewhere inside, a sense of always being right and in command.

“Yes,” he said, after his eyes had swept over all of her lush figure. “Very nice. It’s a shame your husband doesn’t appreciate you like he should.”

“How did you know that?” Sharon asked.

She could have bitten off her tongue almost as soon as she had spoken. He couldn’t have known about the problems she was having with Doug. He had only guessed. He had trapped her, now, and he was really grinning.

“I can tell when a woman’s not happy,” Jason said. “I can tell when a woman has to look somewhere else for love. That’s why you walked in here tonight.”

“No,” she said weakly.

“Sure it is. You were looking for something and now you’ve found it. Why be afraid? A good looking woman like you needs to be appreciated. Just like every other fine thing in life.”

He had put his drink down and he was walking toward her. He kissed her very gently on the cheek and then on the lips. His lips felt so soft. He didn’t pressure her at all except by his sense of presence.

“Put your arms around me,” he said.

Her arms wrapped around his waist as he kissed her again. This time she opened her mouth to the gentle probing of his tongue. She felt hot and weak as she tasted his saliva and she wiggled her tongue against his.

“You’re so very nice,” he said softly. “So very soft and nice. A woman like you needs to be appreciated.”

She knew exactly what he was doing but she couldn’t stop it from happening. It wasn’t like the decision she had made with the insurance salesman.

That time had been completely her idea. She had been horny and she had reached a decision that she was going to fuck him.

She didn’t get to make the decision this time. He made the choice for her. Jason wanted her and he was going to fuck her. It was as simple as that.

“Come on,” Jason said.

He took her hand and led her through the living room and into the back. The bedroom was plush also. There was a huge round bed. Sharon had never slept on a round bed before. She had somehow thought a round bed was something normal people didn’t use. It was a bed made for movie stars.

“Do you like?” Jason asked.

“Yes,” Sharon admitted. “Everything looks so… so wicked.”

She shivered deliciously as he dropped his hand down her back and stroked her ass. She could feel his fingers clutching one soft buttock. Then the other cheek. She was starting to feel a little hungry.

“It is wicked,” Jason said. “Very wicked. I’ve done a lot of good fucking on this bed.”

“With your wife?” Sharon asked.

“With a lot of women. Sometimes my wife joins me when I fuck other women.”

Sharon felt her heart pounding. This was not the kind of man she was used to. She was getting a vivid mental picture of herself and the pretty blonde she’d seen leaving and Jason on the same bed. It made her hot.

Jason stroked her ass for a few moments before he left her side. He sat down on the bed and leaned back with his head cupped in his hands.

“All right, honey,” he said. “Let’s see what you’ve been hiding all these years. Take if off. Show me your pussy and those big pointy tits.”

His vulgar talk only made her that much hotter. She grasped the end of her sweater and tugged it over her head. He gasped as he saw her big firm tits poking at him. Damn, she had a pair of lungs on her. Her nipples were already getting hard. He could almost taste her sweet flesh in his mouth.

“Now the rest,” he said.

She peeled out of her skirt and panties and stood naked before him. She had never been in front of a man who looked at her in the way Jason did. He both judged and appreciated her. She had the feeling he was comparing her to the hundreds of other women he had known.

“Very nice,” he said. “You didn’t fake anything. You’re all real, baby. Now come over here. Let me watch you walk.”

She gave herself an extra swing as she went to him. He reached up and caressed her nipples with both hands. She felt her nipples grow taut and aching. She gave a little sigh as he pulled her closer and his mouth touched the valley between her firm tits.

She felt his tongue licking her. He moved his mouth up the sides of both her creamy globes. He held them together and licked at her nipples. He didn’t take them into his hot mouth. He only rolled them beneath his tongue. It was enough to make her squirm.

“You like having your tits sucked?” he asked.

“God yes,” she groaned. “Oh yes!”

He made her stand straight while he popped one of her nipples between his teeth. He bit down on, her lust swollen tit very gently. Again she felt that tongue touching, caressing, arousing her like she had never been aroused.

Jason seemed to know something about sucking tits that her husband and the insurance salesman hadn’t known. He used his mouth differently somehow and it made her itch.

He moved his lips down her belly to her flat stomach. He kissed her navel. That tongue of his darted into the tiny hole again and again. He then moved his lips lower to the top of her curly red bush.

“There’s nothing I like better than having, my nose in pussy,” he said. “I like the smell and the tangy taste of pussy. Especially housewife pussy. Sweet housewife pussy!”

He made her step back as he kissed her soft thighs. He caught some of her red pubic hair in his mouth and swirled his tongue around it until it was wet with saliva. He seemed to be enjoying himself in a way she couldn’t understand.

She knew she was enjoying it. Her cunt was getting sloppy wet from her gushing pussy juice.

She moaned and her head fell back as he moved his face between her thighs. He was good with his tongue. He pressed closer and his tongue rubbed the wet entrance to her cunt.

“Oh God,” she groaned. “Oh God in heaven!”

“Okay,” he said. He pulled back his head. “Lay down on the bed, baby. Lay back and spread those legs. Don’t be ashamed of yourself. Your pussy is beautiful. Spread your sweet legs open wide so I can put my tongue there.”

“Oh Christ!” she moaned.

She lay back on the bed just as he had told her. She spread her legs open wide so that he was looking directly at the pink folds of her pussy. He grinned and licked his lips. He moved close to the bed and put his hand on her pussy mound. His fingers parted her juiced up pussy lips.

She moaned as she felt his fingers parting the folds of her cunt and slipping into her meaty inner cunt. He moved his fingers around so that he was touching all parts of her cunt. She cried again.

He was doing funny things to her. She could feel a hot sensation crawling up her spine. Doug had never made her so hot so quickly. Jason knew just what he was doing.

“That’s a beautiful cunt,” he said. “Really luscious looking. I can hardly wait to get my tongue in there. I’m going to eat the fuck out of you.”

“Oh yes!” she cried.

She watched him strip down to his shorts. He had a good body. He wasn’t muscular like Doug, but he was in good shape and tanned from the sun. He didn’t take off his shorts and he laughed at the disappointed look in her eyes.

“That’s all right, baby,” he said. “I’m saving that for you to take off and it won’t be long. I promise you that.”

She licked her lips hungrily as she stared at the bulge in his shorts. It looked big enough. She wondered if she was right thinking that he would know how to use her. Then she looked at his face again and saw the confident way he looked at her and she was sure that he knew how to use his prick.

“I’m going to make you happy, baby,” he said. “I’m going to make you really happy.”

“Oh yes,” she sobbed.

He dropped on his stomach at the edge of the round bed. He pushed apart her thighs and looked into her pussy. He licked his lips again.

“Beautiful,” he said. “I’m going to enjoy this.”

He kissed her soft thighs, moving his lips up to the juicy mound of her cunt. He kissed a little higher. He took some of her pussy hair into his mouth.

“Ohhhh!” she moaned.

He probed the tender petals of her pussy with his tongue. Gently he tongued the petals until her pussy lips had been covered with his saliva. He kissed her lust swollen mound again, pressing very softly against the lips until she could hardly stand it.

“Oh, eat me!” she begged. “Eat my pussy! I’m ready for you to eat me!”

He pushed his tongue into her tight hot twat and tasted her meaty, tangy pussy. She was good. He liked the sweet taste of her. He could taste her pussy juices flowing between his lips and he knew he was really getting her excited.

He moved his tongue around in a wide, hot circle. She moaned and thrust her ass off the bed. She was trying to get him to come closer but he had patience. He wanted her to enjoy this, he wanted her to remember it for some time.

He knew the value of taking things easy, of allowing the hot pressure to build until it would tear her head off. He had eaten enough pussy to know how long it took before she would go out of her mind with need.

“Oh, please eat me,” she moaned again.

He touched his tongue against her tender hard clit and he felt her shudder. He swirled his tongue around her sensitive organ. She was nearly jumping off the bed.

“My God!” she cried. “You’re making me feel so strange! My God!”

He sucked the tender little button between his lips and bit gently on it. A flood of sensation went through her. She buried her fingers in his curly gray hair.

“That’s nice!” she cried.

Her fingers dug into his head as his face pressed closer to her pussy and he began eating her for real. He lost all his gentle touch. He began to suck at her juicy pussy like he was trying to suck her into his throat. His fingers cupped her ass and lifted her half off the bed. His tongue got deeper.

“Oh, I’m coming!” she cried. “You’re making me come! I’m so hot! You’re making me come! Oh, I love it! I love it! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!”

Her hot pussy juices flooded his mouth and he started to swallow quickly. She came with a lot of hot juice and he loved every swallow of her stuff. He gobbled her delicious flesh as she humped up to meet his hungry mouth.

“Oh baby,” she moaned.

He moved his face from between her thighs as her body relaxed. He could feel his rockhard cock trying to force its way out of his shorts. He was ready. He moved up beside her and kissed her lips. His hands stroked her soft tits.

“Did you like that?” he asked.

“Oh God yes,” she moaned.

“Now you’re going to do something for me,” he said. It was not a request, but a command. Sharon felt her heart pounding. She knew what he wanted. Something she had never done for her husband. She was afraid not to.

He took her hand and placed it on his hard bulge. She could feel the burning heat through his shorts. He had a big one. Such a big dick just waiting for her, and she knew what she had to do. She couldn’t argue with him.

And there was a hot excitement in her as she thought about it. She had never done it before, but perhaps she would have if Doug had forged her. She had thought about it. It had always seemed so vulgar. She had always known that she wouldn’t suggest it herself, not until Doug made her.

“All right,” Jason said softly. “Let’s see how good you are. Hurry up. Get down there and wrap your mouth around my cock, baby. Hurry!”

“I’ve never done it before,” she said. “I might not be good at it!”

Jason stared at her incredulously. He had never heard of a woman who hadn’t sucked a cock in this day and age. It was a thing to do. Well, he was a good teacher. He would show her what he wanted. He was a little excited by her innocence.

“I’ll show you,” he said. “I’ll tell you what I want. Just do like I tell you.”

“All right,” she reluctantly agreed.

She went down on him. She let her long red hair brush against his belly as she went down. She kissed his navel just as he had done for her. She kissed the top of his shorts. She could smell the strong odor of his sex.

“Go ahead, honey,” he said. “Take my shorts off. Take my shorts off and take a good look at what I’ve got. You’re going to like it. Every woman does.”

She knew he wasn’t just bragging. Somehow she knew that every woman had liked his cock. She peeled his shorts down his solid legs and he kicked them off. His cock was a monster. It was big and thick and had a purplish head. There were a few drops of cum boiling out of the end.

“I don’t know if I can,” she said.

“Sure you can,” he said. “Kiss it. Show me how much you like a man’s cock.”

She brushed her hair back from her eyes. She bent her head and touched her lips gently against the bloated head. She tasted his love juice. She rolled a little drop on her tongue and she decided that it really didn’t taste bad. She swallowed and felt the thick jism going down her throat.

“It’s not bad, baby,” he said. “You can do it. Go ahead.”

She touched her tongue to the tip. She tasted more of his salty flavored juice. She wasn’t sure what she should do and he wasn’t giving directions. She opened her wet mouth and took the end of his cock between her lips.

His thick cock filled her mouth. He tasted so strong as she rolled his cockhead from one cheek to the other. She used her tongue and she could feel his prick growing larger.

“That’s the way,” he groaned. “That’s it, baby. You know. That’s sweet!”

She sucked more of his cock into her mouth, still swirling the tip of her tongue around his hot meat. She sucked his prick in deeper until she could feel his prickhead against the back of her throat.

He gave a low cry and grabbed the back of her head. He pulled her face closer against him until she had all of his thick cock in her mouth.

He was so damned excited. She could feel his prickjuice leaking into her throat. She left him deep in her mouth for as long as she could. There was something that satisfied her in having his prick in her mouth.

“You sweet bitch,” he groaned. “You sweet fucking bitch! Suck it! Suck my prick!”

He grabbed both sides of her head and he began to guide her head movements. She had her red lips moving up and down his bloated cock, tasting more and more of his thick jism leaking into her wet mouth.

Jason was getting really excited as her hot mouth worked on his stiff flesh, but he wanted to fuck her more than he wanted to come in her mouth. His balls felt hot and heavy and he could already feel the liquid fire starting to shoot up his dick.

“That’s enough,” he said. He had trouble pulling her up from his cock. She wanted it too much. Finally he had to grab a handful of her hair and jerk. “That’s enough!”

Her eyes showed disappointment. “Didn’t I do all right?”

“You did fine, sugar,” he answered. “You did real fine, but I can’t wait to sample some of your sweet pussy. I want to put my dick in your hot box.”

“Yes,” she said softly.

He let her kiss the tip of his cock again and he allowed her to lick his dick and kiss his swollen balls. But he was getting too damned close to let her do much more. He finally tugged her head back up again.

“All right,” he said. “Get on your back and spread apart those beautiful thighs. I want to put my cock in your sweet cunt. I’m going to fuck you, baby!”

She scrambled around and stretched out on her back. She spread her legs and lifted them slightly so that the pink lips of her pussy puckered like it was winking at him.

“Yeah,” he said. “I like that. You do have a beautiful fucking cunt!”

He kneeled between her legs with his stiff prick waving at her. She saw the stiff organ glistening with her saliva and bloated with lust. The purplish head winked at her with a drop of cum. It made her pussy ache with a throbbing hunger.

“Ummm,” she said. “I love that! I want to be fucked! I want you to fuck me!”

She took his hand away and wrapped her own fingers around his throbbing tool. She moved her hand up and down and her fingers got wet from his sticky jism.

She remembered how hungry he had been for his prick juice. It seemed so obscene, but she had actually wanted to suck him until he came. She’d wanted to swallow his cum. She’d wanted to taste the flavor of it and feel degraded when he pumped it down her throat.

Now she wanted to be fucked as badly as she’d wanted to suck his cock!

He moved between her legs and her dainty hand directed the tip of his cock snug against her aching pussy hole.

“Ummmm,” she said.

He stretched out on top of her and mashed her tits against his chest. His mouth crushed hers, his tongue jabbed between her willing lips.

She spread her legs a little wider and his thick cockhead popped inside the tight walls of her cunt. He moaned as he felt the friction of her cuntlips surrounding his cock. She felt so damned good and tight. Her husband had to be a Goddamned fool to let stuff like this go to waste.

She sobbed as he moved into her. She raised her legs and wrapped them around his buttocks. She humped up to meet his thrust and she felt his thick cock stretching her cunt and filling her with his throbbing thickness.

“I love it!” she cried. “I love your cock!”

“I know you do, you hot little bitch,” he grunted.

He started to move into her, his thick cock starting to get well lubricated with her juices. He moved quickly. She closed her eyes and listened to the hot sound of his fucking. She loved that squishy sound each time he thrust into her.

“You little bitch,” he grunted. “You hot little bitch. Christ, I love your cunt!”

He fucked her harder and faster while his hands mauled her tits and his mouth kept pressing hungrily against hers. She couldn’t remember ever being so excited. He was a man who really knew how to use his prick.

“Jason!” she cried. “Oh Jason, Jason!”

He sensed her rising excitement and he knew it was too soon. He slowed a little. He got into a steady rhythm that felt good but wouldn’t make her come too soon. He liked the feeling of her urgency as she tried to make him move faster.

“Oh fuck me, Jason!” she moaned. “Please fuck me! Fuck me faster and harder!”

He took his cock out completely and he heard her soft cry of protest. He only laughed as he made her turn over onto her stomach. He reached around and fingered her tits as he pressed his cock against her snug pussy hole.

“You ever had it like a dog, bitch?” he said. “You ever had it like the bitch you are?”

“No,” she groaned.

“Well this time you are,” he said. “This time you’re going to have it like a bitch in heat. Get ready for my cock, baby. It’s going to be deeper than you’ve ever had it.”

She turned her head so that she could see what he was doing. He was half kneeling, half standing. He pressed his prick against her pussy hole again and gave a brutal shove. She was bent double and she’d never felt a cock so deep inside her.

“Oh Lord!” she groaned. “That’s fine. That’s so fucking fine. Oh Lord!”

He really gave it to her then. He started to slam his thick cock into her pussy like he was beating her. He was tempted to take it out and shove it into her ass but her pussy just felt so good. He would wait for her ass until another time.

He fucked her faster as the liquid fire began in his balls again.

“You little cunt!” he cried out savagely. “You little bitch cunt! I’m going to flood your pussy with my cum! I’m going to fill up your fucking pussy.”

“Oh yes!” she cried. “Yes!”

He reached around her again. He groped her hanging tits as he fucked. The hot fire was coming. He felt the first squirt make his cockhead tinge with excitement.

“I’m coming, you little bitch!” he groaned. “I’m fucking coming! Move your ass. Goddamn, it feels good! Oh, it feels so fucking good! Goddamn!”

“Oh yes!” she cried. “Yes, fill me up! I can feel you squirting! I’m coming too! I’m coming with you! Both of us are coming! I can feel your hot jism flooding my pussy. Ohyesitfeels goooooddddddd!”

Her orgasm shook her body violently. She ground her pussy against his prick as each shuddering spasm went through her. Finally she could stand no more. She had no more strength. His wet prick slipped out of her cunt and she fell exhausted to the bed.

He lay beside her and stroked her back and her soft round ass cheeks. Her skin tingled at each touch of his fingers. He bent his head and kissed her shoulder.

“That was fine, baby,” he said. “I know it was fine for you, too. You’ll have to come see me often. I can teach you many things. Maybe next time I’ll let you swallow my cum. I know you wanted to!”

She jumped up from the bed like she’d been bitten. She started to realize just what she’d done. Perhaps she hadn’t felt so guilty with the young insurance salesman. That had been one time of being unfaithful, and she hadn’t thought about it.

But this man made her feel guilty. He had used her and she had enjoyed it more than she should have. She felt tears stinging at her eyes as she picked up her clothes. She dressed hurriedly and he never said a word. Perhaps he knew that he left her with a feeling that no other man might be able to give her.

Jason didn’t have to make demands. All of his women came back for more and he was sure this sweet young housewife would.

Doug was in bed when Sharon returned. He never said a word about how late she had been walking and that hurt Sharon most of all.

It was like Doug didn’t care anymore!


“I hope you like your room,” Sharon told tier younger sister. “We could fix it differently. We didn’t know exactly what your taste was.”

Stacy looked around the room before she put her bag down. It was a lot better than she’d had with her aunt. This room was nicer, more expensive looking.

“It’s very nice,” Stacy said.

“I’m glad you like it,” Sharon said. “I want you to feel at home here.”

Stacy studied her sister’s face. Sharon had changed a great deal since the last time the two sisters had been together. Sharon looked older but much more beautiful. Her red hair seemed to shine a little brighter. Stacy had always been a little jealous of the bright shade of her sister’s thick head of hair.

“Why didn’t Doug want to meet me?” Stacy asked.

Sharon had been dreading that question. Doug had acted like as asshole when Stacy had arrived. He had stomped out of the house without even nodding. Stacy had looked a little hurt and Sharon didn’t blame her.

“It’s kind of hard to explain,” Sharon said.

“I’ve never met him before,” Stacy said, “so it couldn’t be because he doesn’t like me. Maybe he’s resenting my coming here to stay.”

“Maybe a little,” Sharon said honestly. “Doug and I have always been private people. We decided not to have children because we didn’t want the responsibility. I think he feels that, suddenly he’s been saddled with a child after all.”

“But I’m not a child,” Stacy protested.

“I know that,” Sharon said. “I know that young people grow up pretty quickly nowadays, but you have to understand that Doug is a little old-fashioned. He still thinks that a girl your age is barely over being a baby. He doesn’t like the responsibility.”

Stacy sighed. She hadn’t know that Doug would feel that way about her. She had been looking forward to coming to live with Sharon. It would be a change from the drab life she had been living. Sharon’s life would be filled with all the exciting things of the city. She hadn’t expected Sharon’s husband to be a dud.

“He’s not such a nut,” Sharon said, as if she could read her sister’s thoughts. “He’s a lot of fun most of the time. Lately he’s been taking your visit pretty hard.”

“Damn,” Stacy said angrily. She noticed that there was a flicker of surprise on her sister’s face at her use of profanity. Stacy didn’t care. She didn’t want her sister starting off thinking of her as a child also. “I don’t want to saddle myself on anybody. I’ve just got no place else to go. I couldn’t stay there.”

Stacy felt like cursing again because her voice had broken. She didn’t want to break down and cry in front of her sister. But she had been looking forward to this for so long. It hurt to find out that she wasn’t wanted.

“Listen,” Sharon said. “You’re my sister and I want you. It doesn’t matter how Doug’s acting. Maybe he’ll get over it in a little while. I don’t know. I don’t care. I only know that you’re staying here.”

Stacy felt a little better at her sister’s words. The two of them could never be as close as sisters were supposed to be. They had been separated too long for that. But they could be friends. Maybe good friends.

“You unpack now,” Sharon said. She hugged her little sister close. “We’ll talk later.”

“All tight,” Stacy said.

Sharon left her alone. Stacy unpacked her clothes and carefully put them away. She was tired from her long bus trip and she was in need of a shower. She picked out a skirt and blouse to wear and she put them put on her bed.

Then she stripped out of her sticky clothes and into the shower. She stayed under the hot water a long time. She felt exhausted when she climbed out. She didn’t put anything on. She crawled into her bed and shut her eyes.

She didn’t know how long she slept but it was dark when she awakened. She dressed and went down the stairs. Sharon was stretched out on the couch sound asleep. There was an empty glass near her hand and the television was going. Stacy didn’t disturb her.

This would be a good time for her to talk with Doug. He needed to understand that it wasn’t her idea to come live with them but that she wouldn’t get in the way. She didn’t want to disturb his routine of living.

She thought that she would find him in the garage and she walked across the cool green grass barefoot. She knocked on the garage door and there was no answer. She peered through the window but she couldn’t see anything.

“Doug,” she said softly.

She opened the door and pushed it open. The little garage apartment was used to store things. She heard a grunt from the back room. She picked her way through the piles of clothes and peered through the open door.

She gasped as she saw Doug. He was naked except for a pair of briefs that barely covered his crotch. His big muscles rippled with sweat and exertion. She saw him lift some heavy weights over his head and then lower them again.

She had never seen a man built like Doug. He was fantastic looking. She hadn’t realized how big he was. Just one squeeze of those big hands could make a person a cripple.

She had the feeling that it wasn’t nice to watch but somehow she couldn’t tear herself away. She listened to his grunts and groans and it was almost like music. His back was to her but she could see those heavy muscles flexing, see his thick back muscles pop out each time he strained.

She began to feel randy. She told herself that he was her sister’s husband and that it would be the most terrible thing she’d ever done, but she couldn’t help having a fantasy about him. Just watching him lift those weights made her hot between her legs. She damn well couldn’t help it.

“Aghhhh,” Doug groaned, and she saw him pop those weights over his head again.

She felt her nipples getting hard and she had to brush her hands across, her swollen mounds. She felt them start to itch against the scratchy material of her bra. She felt weak in her knees and she had to lean against the door.

Her pussy was getting wet. She had put on panties and now she could feel the material clinging to her groove. God, nothing had ever made her so excited. Not even the two soldiers who had taught her about sex.

They had been fucking good but neither of them had the body that Doug had. Stacy’s sister was a lucky person. No wonder Sharon put up with Doug. For a body like Doug’s, Stacy would have put up with the devil.

She understood that Doug was working off his anger at her but that didn’t make any difference. She was suddenly seeing herself being crushed under Doug’s powerful body. She could feel his strong hands on her tits and then his cock — his big cock slamming into her and making her cry.

“God,” Stacy said softly.

She was rubbing her tits now. She put one hand up underneath her blouse and bra and she rubbed her naked flesh. She didn’t know what she’d do if he turned around. She’d be in real trouble then.

But she couldn’t help the hot feelings going through her body. She allowed one hand to touch her thighs and then to slip up underneath her skirt. Her pussy was puffy and swollen. She touched it and a fiery shiver went through her.

If it were only Doug’s cock. If only he would turn around and see her and he would smile and show her his cock. He would come after her and he would fuck her, fuck her harder than the two soldiers had fucked her.

He would make her do things for him, things she had never done for anyone. He would make her swallow his cum. She was sure of that. He would cum in her face and in her hair and he would make her lick that big cock clean.

She kept staring at his beautiful body and getting hotter by the moment. She couldn’t take her eyes away from his rippling muscles. He looked like a proud jungle animal. A lion ready to pounce.

God, how she wished he would pounce on her. She needed him. She wanted him desperately. It didn’t matter if he was her sister’s husband. She wanted the thickness of his big prick between her hot thighs.

“This is crazy,” she moaned.

It was crazy but she couldn’t seem to control herself. Her skin was burning and her pussy had started to gush hot juice that soaked her panties. She kept rubbing the wet groove and feeling her clit grow to hardness.

She pushed her bra cups up out of the way so that she could fondle her big titties. Her fingers cupped the hot flesh and she felt shivers go through her. She felt her taut nipples itch like fire.

“Oh God,” she groaned.

She knew she had to stop. She had to control herself before he really did turn around or before her sister woke up and came looking for them.

What would he think of her if he turned around? Perhaps he would be a real prude and he would never consent to her living with them. She would have to leave and she had no other place to go. She had to control herself.

What if he turned around and he liked what he saw? He was a man, wasn’t he? She was a good looking woman and she knew she had a good snatch. Maybe she could make a sound and he would turn around. Maybe he would like her. Maybe he would want to fuck her.

Her finger slipped higher until she found the edges of her panties. She slipped one finger underneath her panties to touch her naked pussy flesh. She found the wet groove and she slipped a finger into her hot hole.

She gave a small gasp as she began finger fucking herself. She wanted him to turn, around. She wanted him to grab hold of her tits and her pussy and to sink his male flesh into her cunt. So what if he was her sister’s husband. She wanted it. She wanted to fuck him.

She wanted his big hands on her tits and his mouth sucking her nipples and she would do anything for him. Anything he asked. She had never seen such a beautiful man. She would do absolutely anything.

God, she needed his big prick! Her finger worked faster and faster and she felt the wet warmth spread over her body. Her lower lips quivered with excitement. She had never felt this way about a man before, any man.

“Ummmm,” she said softly. “Oh God, I’m going to finish myself. Ummmmm!”

She caught the startled gasp before it left her throat. She clamped one hand over her mouth as the good feelings went through her. She almost dropped to the floor as her body was rocked by a powerful orgasm.

Finally it was done and she stood shaking.

“Oh my God,” she said softly, as she realized what she had been doing.

There would be hell to pay if Doug did turn around. Quickly she backed out of the room being careful not to step on any of the boxes of clothes.

What am I thinking about? she thought. Am I going crazy? Am I turning into a nympho or something. She felt guilty. Very guilty. She promised herself that nothing like that would ever happen again. Never!


Sharon slipped quietly, out of the front door in an attempt not to disturb Stacy or Doug. It would have been hard to disturb Doug. He was tired and he had just finished off a six pack of cold beer. Now he was lying on the couch in a deep, drunken sleep.

Stacy was watching television in the den and Sharon hoped her sister wouldn’t miss her for a while.

It was dangerous but Sharon could wait no longer. She walked briskly down the street. She found that her heart was pounding as she reached Jason’s house. She hadn’t been back since that night she’d fucked Jason, but she couldn’t stay away.

It had been two weeks since Stacy had come to stay and Doug had made no attempt to get into a good relationship. He spent his time drinking and lifting weights. He seemed to be sinking into despair. Sharon just couldn’t understand it, but she couldn’t live with rejection any more.

Sharon was a woman who needed some loving and she knew just where to go.

She was disappointed when she reached Jason’s house because she found it lit up like a Christmas tree. There were a half dozen cars in the front yard. She heard the sound of laughter and music coming from inside.

She knew it was not the right night to see Jason. She’d turned around and was walking back when she heard someone call her name. She turned to see Jason coming after her.

“Hey, where are you going?” he asked. “I saw you from the window. I thought it was you. What are you running off for?”

“You’re having a party,” she said.

“Just a few friends,” Jason said.

“It looks kind of fancy,” Sharon said.

“I’m telling you that it’s just a few friends,” Jason said. Jason smelled a little drunk. Sharon didn’t want to hang around. She suddenly had a bad feeling about the party.

“I’m leaving,” Sharon said.

“Hey,” Jason said, clutching her arm. “There’s no sense rushing off. Come on in and meet my friends. You’ll like them.”

“I don’t think so,” Sharon said stubbornly.

“Come on in,” Jason insisted. His voice got that hard edge to it that she had found trouble refusing before. This time she shook his arm off.

“No,” she said. “I’m not dressed for a party.”

“Nonsense,” Jason said. His blue eyes appraised her hungrily. “You look just fine. Great, in fact. You have to come in and meet my friends.”

This time he grabbed her arm with more force than before. She found herself being pulled toward the house. She was surprised when she stepped through the door. She had attended parties before but not anything like this.

There was a pretty young girl half naked on the couch. A young man was putting wino on her nipples and then licking the liquid off with his tongue. Another pretty young girl stood by herself in a corner. She was swaying to a beat that only she could hear. A boy sat next to her beating on a drum. His hand would stray to her leg every now and then.

Nearly everyone in the room was drunk or about to get that way. Sharon found herself being looked over by nearly half the men in the room. She had never felt so many eyes on her at once, so many eyes stripping her naked and touching her body.

“I can’t stay here,” Sharon said.

“You can,” Jason said. “Have a drink. Don’t give me any of your nonsense.”

He led her to a table and he picked up a drink. She only sipped it to make him happy. She’d already decided that the moment her arm was released she was going to head for the door.

“This is a celebration,” Jason said. “My wife has left me for good this time. She’s not coming back. It seems she found me kissing the little girl next door. She said I was robbing the cradle.”

Jason gave a snort of disgust. “Hell, the girl may have been young but she knew what to do with it. She started sucking dick when she was a kid but she’d decided she wanted a real man to take her virginity.”

Sharon felt a little wave of revulsion as she looked at Jason. She remembered the little girl next door. She was a pretty girl, but she was just a kid. Surely Jason couldn’t mean that he was messing with a girl that young.

But she could see by his grinning face that he meant exactly that. His wife had found him with another girl. Sharon felt a little sick!

“I have to go,” Sharon said.

“Hey, what’s the matter?” Jason asked. “Did that make you hate me? Hell, the little girl wanted it. I was only teaching her a few facts of life. Just like I taught you.”

“You didn’t teach me anything,” Sharon said.

She put her drink down and turned her back on him. She didn’t get very far. Jason grabbed her arm and held her still. She struggled but he wouldn’t release her.

“You’re not leaving,” he said. “I want you to stay.”

“Let me go,” she said.

“You’re not listening,” he said. “I told you that you weren’t leaving and you’re not. I want you to stay right here. We’ve got to celebrate.”

“I don’t want to celebrate,” Sharon insisted.

She was beginning to get really frightened. Men were crowding in around her and Jason wouldn’t let her go. She could smell sex in the air. These men were interested in her sexually, they wanted to use her.

“I have to go,” she said. “Please let me go. My husband will be worried.”

“Like he worried about you last time you were fucking me?” Jason asked. “Hell, baby, don’t try to con me. You came here tonight for a little action and you’re going to get more than you bargained for. A hell of a lot more…”

It was suddenly quiet in the room. Someone had turned the music off. Jason cursed and made two long strides back to the record player. He turned it back on.

“That’s so nobody will hear you if you scream,” Jason said. “Don’t scream, though. It’ll only make things worse for you. Now I’ve been telling my friends about you. They think I’m lying. Why don’t you show them what you’ve got?”

Sharon looked around at the grinning, expectant faces. It was all a game to them. She couldn’t believe this was happening. She was not so horny any more. She was frightened. She wanted to run but there was no way through the ring of men.

“Take it off,” Jason said, “or do you want me to help you. I’ll rip it off.”

“No,” Sharon said. “Don’t rip my clothes. I’ll take them off.”

Far the rest of her life Sharon would never feel as degraded as she did in those few minutes. She felt their eyes burning holes in her as she unbuttoned her blouse. She had intentionally worn a bra that she thought Jason would like. It was a black lace thing that showed most of her pointy tits. Her creamy flesh spilled over the bra tops and a man whistled.

“Nice,” Jason said. “I told them you had nice tits. Take the rest off.”

She unhooked the bra and dropped it on the floor. Her proud tits sprang out for their ogling eyes, a man put his hand on her tits and Sharon jerked back.

“Now don’t be like that, Sharon,” Jason said. “He just wants to have a little feel. You shouldn’t mind a man getting a little feel. You have such nice tits. You should let them hang out all the time for men to feel.”

“Oh, please don’t make me do this,” Sharon whispered. “I’ll go somewhere with you. I’ll do anything you want. Only please don’t make me stay here.”

“Now that’s not nice,” Jason said. “You might hurt my friends’ feelings. Take the rest off, Sharon. Let everything hang out. Let them see your beautiful red snatch. I told the fellows you were a natural redhead and they didn’t believe me. Show them.”

She was sobbing as she kicked off her skirt and peeled her panties down her legs. She tried to cover her pussy with her fingers but Jason easily removed her hand. There was a low murmur of appreciation from the men.

“See there, fellows,” Jason said. “I told you she was a natural. I told you she had a beautiful snatch. Spread your, legs a little, Sharon. Yes, like that.”

His hand groped between her legs. She felt humiliated as the men watched Jason play with her cunt, they watched his finger rubbing across her groove and they knew when it started to turn her on. She couldn’t help it. She didn’t want him to make her hot. She was ashamed and frightened and she didn’t want to get hot, but she just couldn’t help how his finger made her.

She gave a low moan as his finger crept between the petals of her pussy.

“See,” Jason said. “She’s a hot bitch. I told you she was a hot bitch. Nothing she likes better than a little fucking or dick sucking. Shit, look at her. She can hardly stand up. She likes my finger so damned much!”

She moaned again as his finger rubbed briskly across her tiny taut bud. A fiery feeling came to her snatch. She didn’t want to feel horny but suddenly she was.

“Please leave me alone,” she said.

“Baby,” Jason said. “We’re going to leave you alone in a couple of hours. And you’re going to hate it. Because this is going to be the most exciting two hours of your life. You’re going to get royally fucked by every man here. You’re going to get gangbanged!”

“Oh my God, noooo!” Sharon wailed.

She couldn’t believe it was happening to her. They were grabbing her arms and leading her into the back bedroom. The young girl standing near the door gave her a look of pity.

Then she was in the bedroom with the round bed and they were shutting the door. Someone pushed her onto the bed and got on the bed with her. He started licking her nipples. She felt them stiffen under the pressure of his tongue.

“Oh no!” she sobbed.

Someone else was on the bed. She felt hot breath on her neck and someone was kissing her mouth. She felt him push his tongue against her lips. He drove his tongue between her teeth and deep into her throat.

She tried not to respond to them, but they were touching and licking her hotly and it was nearly impossible to keep from feeling hot. She moaned as she felt one of them kissing her belly and his wet tongue slipping down to her crotch hairs.

“Stop!” she moaned.

There were men taking their clothes off all around her. She didn’t know how many. She had never seen so many naked bodies in her life. She had never seen so many cocks in a state of erection. She hadn’t realized cocks could come in so many shapes and sizes.

“Here,” Jason said. “Give her something else to drink. She’s going to need it.”

She tasted something strong as he forced the glass to her mouth. She sipped it, but he didn’t give her a chance to pull her mouth away. He held her by her hair and made her gulp the burning liquid down. It made her feel lightheaded.

“There,” Jason said. “That should make her feel better.”

Two mouths sucked at her nipples. God, she couldn’t believe this was happening to her! She’d been a decent girl all of her life. She’d never done things wrong. She’d been a good wife. She would have never considered being unfaithful to Doug if he hadn’t been so uptight lately.

But neither had she ever dreamed that anything like this could ever happen to her.

“Please stop!” she moaned again. “Oh, don’t let this be happening! It’s a bad dream!”

She was starting to feel wild. They had started to really arouse her with the alcohol. She was having trouble stopping the flood of sensation in her belly. It was like a ball of fire down in her crotch.

“Now she’s beginning to feel it,” Jason said, “but I know what to do to make her hotter.”

She wondered what he meant until she felt his face going between her thighs while the other boy still sucked on her tits. She tried to stop sensation but there was no use. She ended up grinding her pussy against his face and giving in to the delicious feelings.

“Oh God!” she said. “Eat me then! Go ahead and eat me! I can’t help it feeling good!”

Jason did a fantastic job. The sensation was even better than before. He gobbled her flesh like she was a meal and she juiced his mouth again and again. She was so hot. Her ass began to move from side to side as he sucked her.

He was making such hot sounds and he was using his tongue on her clit. She no longer even tried to stop herself from coming. She gave in completely. A wild surge went through her.

“God!” she cried. “Oh God, I’m coming! I can’t help it. I’m coming! OH GODDDDDDD!”

It was good. She couldn’t deny that. She flooded his mouth with her tangy juices and he sucked up every drop. She hadn’t wanted to get tat kind of enjoyment out of it but she did.

“I told you she was a wild bitch,” Jason said. “Now come here, little bitch. This time I’m going to give you a present for all your hard work. I’m going to give you some cum to swallow.”

He pulled her around so that she kneeled facing him on the big round bed. He leaned back and put his hands behind his head. She could see his dick throbbing through his trousers.

“Go ahead, bitch,” he said. “Show them how much you like my dick. Suck my cum out!”

She knew that the others were getting turned on watching her. She unzipped his trousers and fished his hard cock out. He sprang up ready and coated with his leaking juice.

“Lick me clean first,” Jason said. “Lick my fucking prick clean!”

She licked her lips nervously before she touched her lips to the tip of his prick. This time she knew she was going to have to bring him off all the way. Once she wouldn’t have minded, but she didn’t like doing it in front of all these men.

She knew she was going to have to do just as he said. She pulled his cock into her mouth and sucked it deep. She stroked his balls with her fingertips as she began sucking on him.

She enjoyed what she was doing even if she was being forced. She let his prick slip out of her mouth and she began to lick down the soft underside. In a few moments she had his prick completely clean of his cum and covered with her saliva.

“That’s right, little cunt,” he said. “Show them how you love to suck cock!”

She popped his prick back into her mouth again. She could see how excited he was getting. She could even feel his prickhead swelling. She wanted him to come in her mouth. Goddamn it, she wanted it that way.

He could call her cunt and whore and bitch, but she still wanted to swallow his cum.

She started to move her lips up and down on his slender, throbbing staff. He helped by brushing her hair back from her face so that he could see her face. There was nothing sweeter looking than the redhead chewing on his prick.

He could see those sweet red lips covering his prick, going down to his balls and then coming back up again. He felt her fingers playing at his balls, arousing him to a place he had never gone before.

“Faster, baby,” he said. “Faster, and I’m going to drop my load in your mouth. Faster, you little cunt!”

Her head jerked faster. Her lips closed a little tighter around his lustswollen cock and she began squeezing his balls. She sensed his urgency. She tasted the first splatter of his cum hitting the roof of her mouth.

She sucked his prick in as deep as she could. This was her first time to taste cum. Her first time to have a man shoot off in her mouth. She was loving it. She wasn’t going to waste a singe drop of it. She knew how this would make her look to the other men standing around, but she didn’t give a shit. She wanted his cum.

Her lips rocked back and forth on his cock faster and faster as her thick red hair flew around her face. She knew her lips and cheeks were smeared with his leaking cum. He was so close. So damned close.

“Ahhhhh fuck!” he cried. “Here I fucking cum! OH FUCKKKKKK!”

The little bit that touched the roof of her mouth was nothing compared to what she got now. He came in her mouth with a thick wad that filled her throat as fast as she could swallow. She tried but she couldn’t handle it all.

It was leaking out the sides of her mouth and falling onto her big tits. Jason reached for her head and held her still. He drove his spear into her mouth one last time.

“Ahhhhh!” he moaned.

She leaned her head back savoring the taste of his cum on her lips and tongue and the salty taste of his jism deep in her throat. The very first man she had ever sucked and it had to be forced upon her. She wished it had been some other way because it could have been highly enjoyable.

She wondered what was going to happen to her next and she didn’t have to wait long to find out. Another cock brushed against her lips and cheek leaving a smear of thick cum.

“I’ve got to fuck this bitch,” a young man said. She looked up into his smiling ace as he climbed between her legs. It was all so crazy. She didn’t even know the young man. She’d never seen him before in her life. It was crazy to think that he was going to fuck her, but that was exactly what he was intending to do.

He dropped between her legs and she felt his bloated cockhead snug against her cunt. She tried to wiggle out from under him but he wasn’t having that.

“Hold still, bitch,” he said. “I’ve got to have some of that sweet pussy. Will you hold fucking still!”

He wasn’t gentle. He gabbed her ass with both his strong hands and lifted her half off the bed. He slammed his brutal cock between her legs. She was wet enough to make his entrance a little easier but it still hurt. He had a big cock and it filled her cunt.

“Now move, bitch!” he groaned. “Now you can fucking move. Move your sweet ass!”

He fucked her hard and deeply and she began to grow hot after a few minutes of such fucking. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his piston driving buttocks. He thrust his cock in even deeper.

“Thats good, baby,” he moaned. “That’s fucking good. Keep moving your ass like that!”

It was dirty and obscene but it was also one of the best fucks she’d ever gotten. Her stomach burned with fire as he drove his prick between her pussy’s tender lips. She could feel the friction of his prickhead against her tender lips with each stroke. It made her hotter.

She pushed up against him so that she could feel her taut nipples rubbing against his hairy chest. God, it felt good! She was humping back at him as hard as she could and she wasn’t giving a damn who was watching.

Maybe she was nothing but a cunt, but her only concern was that it felt good. It felt damned good! Her clit seemed to touch his prick each time he entered her. She pressed down and the feeling was more intense.

“Oh God!” she groaned. “God, I’m coming! Jesus! It feels so fucking good! Nice! AGHHHHHHH!”

The men were laughing at her. She could hear them. They were laughing because she couldn’t control the heat in her body. It made her feel ashamed but there was nothing she could do about it. She was theirs until they were through using [missing text].

The young man was pumping a little wilder and she could feel his prickhead growing inside her cunt. He was getting ready to come. She spread her legs open wider and she pulled his weight a little more on top of her.

“Go ahead, baby,” she whispered in his ear. “Come. Go ahead and come in my pussy!”

“Christ!” the boy yelled. “Oh Christ! I fucking love it! Oh fuck! I’m coming! I’m fucking coming!”

His hot jism spurted into her pussy. She ground her muff against him until every drop had been drained from the end of his prick. She fell back exhausted. She was so tired. She was ready to stop, but she could see that the men were just getting started.

“Oh please,” she begged them. “I can’t take any more. Please leave me alone.”

“Hell,” a man said. “We’re just getting started with you, baby!”


Stacy grew tired of watching television. She got up and moved around the room. There wasn’t much to do. She would be glad when school started. At least she would be able to meet new friends. At least there would be some excitement.

She wondered where Sharon was. She hadn’t heard her moving about in a long time. She got curious. Maybe she and Doug had something going in the living room.

Stacy almost laughed at the thought.

Sharon and Doug hadn’t shared very many tender moments since Stacy had been in the house. Perhaps they saved it for the bedroom. A couple of times Stacy had been tempted to ask Sharon about the sex, but it was not something one asked her sister.

Stacy walked into the kitchen but there was nobody there. Perhaps she hadn’t been so wrong about thinking Doug and Sharon might be up to something? Maybe there was something going on in the living room.

She slipped quietly into the living room. Doug was still lying stretched out on the couch snoring loudly.

“Sharon,” Stacy called out softly.

There was no answer. Evidently her sister had left the house for some reason. Stacy moved across the soft carpeted floor and stood over Doug.

She stared at him for a few moments. She’d tried not to think about Doug since the incident in the garage. It was too dangerous to think of him. Sometimes she found herself blushing when he met her eyes.

She could almost believe that he had known she was standing there. There was no doubt that she liked to look at him. He was a beautiful man.

She still remembered that first hot flush of feeling the first time she’d looked at him. She could feel that same itch at her fingertips. There was a kind of aching need inside her belly to touch him now, to run her fingertips across his chest.

God, how she wanted to feel his strength.

She was still staring at him when he rolled over and sat up. He blinked at her before he realized who she was. A suspicious frown crossed his face.

“What are you looking at?” he asked.

“You,” she answered.


His attitude made her bitter and she decided to shock him. She told him the truth. “Because I like looking at you. I think you’re a beautiful man.”

He was uncomfortable with her answer. Doug was still not used to Stacy. He had, been thinking of her as a little girl and she didn’t look anything like a little girl. She was beautiful. Her body was as good as her older sister’s. She didn’t have Sharon’s mature tits or her round ass but eventually Stacy would have. He had been expecting a snotty nosed kid and not this young woman.

Still, she was mentally a child.

That was what he kept telling himself over and over, again. She was a child. A baby girl that was messing up his life. He wanted no damn children messing up his style.

He had grown up with too many kids in the way. All of his brothers and sisters. He didn’t like to think about the cramped quarters he had grown up in.

“What did you say?” Doug asked.

“I said I think you are a good looking man,” she answered. “That was why I was looking at you.”

He gave her an ugly look. Somehow he was aware that their relationship had been changed. He didn’t know how it had been changed but he knew it had. He was suddenly on the defensive and it gave him a feeling he didn’t like.

“Where’s your sister?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” Stacy answered. “Maybe she’s taking a walk somewhere?”

“She’s been doing a lot of that lately,” Doug complained. “A hell of a lot.”

Doug heaved himself off the couch. “I’m going to take a shower.”

Stacy watched his broad back disappear up the stairs. She wished that she had spent a little more time with him. They had held no more than a couple of minutes conversation since she had been there. She would have liked to find out exactly why he hated her so much.

She sat down on the couch and picked up one of his magazines. She flipped through the pages and saw that it was a weight lifting magazine.

She stared hungrily at the pictures of the muscular men. She thought that Doug had a better looking build than any of them. She wondered if he had a better cock. A man like that had to have a huge cock.

She heard the sound of the shower running upstairs. She pictured Doug standing in the shower and soaping his rugged looking body. She felt a warm flush on her cheeks.

She put the magazine down. She started to feel tingly all over as she realized what she was going to do. She had to see his cock and there was only one way to do that. Maybe he wouldn’t hear her come in but she couldn’t count on that. It was taking a risk but she was willing.

She went quietly up the stairs and stood outside his door listening. The shower was still going. She gently pushed open the door. She walked through the bedroom to the open door of the bathroom.

The bathroom was hot and steamy. She looked inside and she could see the massive form of Sharon’s husband behind the shower curtain. She could see very little except his outline. She moved closer.

She was shocked when Doug turned the shower off and jerked back, the shower curtains at the same moment. She was no more than two feet from him. His thick, hairy body was everything she imagined it would be. His chest was powerful looking and covered with a heavy black mass of hair.

She licked her lips nervously as she dropped her eyes between his legs. The steaming water had half aroused him and his beautiful prick was all she could have wanted. She would have liked to bury her delicate face in his thick mass of black crotch hairs.

“What the hell are you doing in here!” Doug roared.

She was shocked back to reality by the bitterness of his tongue. She realized that she had no reason to give him. None that he would believe. So she decided to tell him the truth.

“I came to look at you,” she said.

“To look at me,” Doug said. He looked incredulous. He couldn’t believe that she’d slipped into his bathroom just to look at him and yet there seemed to be no other explanation. He reached for a towel.

“All right, Goddamn it,” he growled. “You’re here. You might as well make yourself useful.”

He saw the look of delight come to her eyes when he handed her the towel. He realized that the little bitch really did have it bad for him. She was turned on by his body. Well, he’d always known that some women went for the muscular types. He just didn’t expect Sharon’s little sister to be one of those.

He turned his back to her and he felt her small hands patting the towel against his muscular form. He wondered just how far Sharon’s younger sister would go. He cursed himself for thinking about his wife’s younger sister that way. Yet, for a long while he hadn’t been interested in sex with his wife. Now he found that he was really interested in sex with Stacy.

What was the matter with him? He was happily married. He had a good wife, a good living. He should have been content. He shouldn’t have raised such a big noise about Stacy coming to live with them. Yet, he hadn’t found the maturity to deal with the situation.

Now it was worse because he was no longer thinking of Stacy as a snotty nosed little kid, but as a woman. A nice looking woman. He started to remember some of the outfits she’d worn around the house, outfits designed to show her young body off.

Stacy had the towel against his buttocks and against his inner thighs. He felt his balls tinge at her gentle touch. Damn. He couldn’t let himself get carded away. Anything might happen and Sharon could return from her walk at any moment. He would have to stop this before it went any farther.

“Turn around and I’ll do the front,” Stacy said.

He didn’t say a word to try and stop it. Instead he turned around. Stacy put the towel against his chest. It was like a dream come true for her. She rubbed the towel all along his broad chest and his matted chest hairs.

She moved the towel lower along his flat, muscular belly. He was breathing heavy. She tried not to look at the reddened prick between his legs. She could sense that it was growing.

“Maybe you should do the rest,” Stacy said.

“Maybe,” he said.

She didn’t hand the towel back to him. Instead she rubbed the towel across his crotch and against his bulging prick. She gave a soft sigh as her fingers brushed against his balls while she dried him off.

She moved the towel lower as she dried off his inner thighs and then down his muscular legs to his feet. She had him completely dried and she had no more excuse for touching him.

She was on her knees and she started to get up. Instead his hands suddenly stroked her hair and started tugging her toward his crotch. She knew what he wanted. The same thing the soldier on the bus had wanted.

The tip of his half aroused cock brushed against her cheek and she looked up at him.

“Do you know what you’re doing?” she asked him.

“Yes,” he answered.

“I don’t want you to be angry after,” Stacy said. “You’re not taking advantage of some young girl. I know what you want and I’m willing.”

He stroked her blonde head. She took that as his answer. She turned her attention to the beautiful cock he had between his legs. She kissed the tip of his prick very gently. She tasted some of the strong, salty flavor of his cum. That was all right. She didn’t mind the taste.

She began licking around the sensitive crown. His cock became rockhard in seconds. She kept licking at the tip and taking the bubbling cum on her tongue.

She thought about what she was doing. She thought about the fact that Sharon might return at any moment. But she also thought about how much she wanted this man, more than she had ever wanted a man in her life.

The soldiers had not excited her as much as her sister’s husband. Her pussy was already wet and aching just thinking about having his big prick stuffed up her.

“Ummmm,” she said.

She licked down the soft belly of his cock. She touched her lips gently to his oversized balls. She sucked both his balls into her mouth and rolled them beneath her tongue. Each time her pink tongue brushed his sac she increased his excitement.

“Oh Jesus,” he groaned softly. “Let’s go to the bedroom, Stacy. In the bedroom.”

Stacy got off her knees and followed him into the bedroom. He sat down on the edge of the bed and spread his strong thighs. His big purplish cockhead grinned at her.

“Take off your clothes first,” he said.

Stacy quickly reached down to the bottom of her sweater. She peeled it over her head. She was wearing no bra and her big firm tits spilled out. He licked his lips.

She stripped out pf her tight jeans and panties and showed him the thick blonde curls between her legs. She had a mature cunt for such a young girl. She was proud of it because most men liked a thick covering on a girl’s pussy.

She could feel her clit taut and throbbing like a man’s cock. She could feel her wet juices drenching her pussy hairs. She was ready for a cock but she knew he wasn’t ready. Besides she wanted to finish him with her mouth the first time.

She had wanted to taste cum on the bus and now she had her chance, and with a much more beautiful prick. She dropped to her knees again. She stroked his balls with her fingertips and he groaned. She laughed as she wrapped her fingers tightly around the base of his cock.

She opened her lips and popped just the crown of his cock into her hot mouth. She closed her lips and teeth against him. She used her tongue at the spermy slit.

His fingers curled in her hair again. He was trying to pull her closer but she wasn’t ready for that yet. She wanted this to be a blow job he would remember for a long time.

He shivered with hot pleasure as she began to blow hot air on the end of his cock. She’d never given a real blow job before, not where she could take her time and bring the guy off, but she knew what he would like.

Doug was doing everything he could to control himself. He wanted to grab her head and cram every inch of his thick, throbbing meat between her luscious lips. He knew that would never work. He could only hope that she would continue to suck him for a long while. He had no idea that she actually intended to suck him until he came, that she intended to let him cum in her mouth.

He had tried to get Sharon to do that but Sharon always thought it was dirty. He couldn’t expect Stacy to do it. Still, she was playing with his cock as if she enjoyed it, as if it might be a possibility that he could come in her mouth. He told himself that it would never happen. She would bring him almost all the way and then she would stop. Well, even that was all right. It felt so good.

Her fingers tightened around his cock again. He could feel his balls swelling up until they almost hurt. It had been a long time for him and he had plenty of cum.

“Christ!” he groaned. “Oh fuck, that feels fine, baby. Oh fuck, Stacy!”

Stacy gave him another soft kiss on the tip of his prick. She had started to get that powerful feeling again. This was the way that she could control a man like Doug. Even with all his muscles, he was no match for her dainty fingers and her sweet lips.

She almost laughed. She wanted to see him writhe in pleasure, she wanted to hear the soft moans coming from his throat as she really went to work on him. He didn’t know what a pleasure he had in store for him, or what torture it was going to be for a little while.

Or what torture it was going to be for her. The sight and smell of his prick was sending delicious shivers through her. Her cunt had a hot itch to it and she was strongly tempted to jump on his prick and bounce like crazy. She stopped herself. She wanted his cum in her mouth first.

She licked around the sensitive crown once more. She pushed her lips against the tip and kind of stabbed the slit with her tongue sucking even more of his bubbling turn onto her tongue. She swirled her tongue around the tip while she caressed his balls with her free hand.

She was using everything she had on him now. She had one hand touching his balls, one hand wrapped around his cock, and her lips against his prickhead. It was time for the real action to start.

Slowly, tantalizingly, she opened her mouth and sucked in the tip of his prick once again. Her teeth scraped against the crown as she sucked his dick into her mouth.

“Oh Christtttt!” Doug moaned.

She fed his hard prick into her throat very slowly and all the time her pink tongue swirled all around the meaty flesh. She got his prick deep into her throat before she realized it. She took a long, loving look at it before she again popped it into her mouth.

Now his lust reddened prick was coated with her saliva. She could see little drops of cum on the end. He felt slimy to her touch but she didn’t mind that. She knew that in a few moments he was going to be surging forward and shooting his jism powerfully into her mouth. This was what she wanted.

He began to stroke her tits. She realized that this was the first time he’d touched her. Her nipples were already taut by the time he touched them. He cupped her firm tits in his hands and then he squeezed.

“Oh Doug,” she moaned.

“Eat me, Stacy,” he begged her. “Eat my cock. Take me all the way. Sharon’s never done that. Take me all the way!”

She wondered if he was telling the truth. Had Sharon taken him all the way before? Somehow she believed him. He wouldn’t tell her something like that. Sharon hadn’t sucked him off before. That thought made Stacy even more thrilled and horny.

She sucked his hard prick back into her mouth as if she was trying to devour it. She sucked every inch in! All the fucking way! She scraped her teeth against the hard meat that filled her mouth. God, she had never thought she could get so hot just by sucking a cock.

His hot meat filled her mouth so that she was rocked with hot sensation. She could feel his rockhard cockhead pushing against the back of her throat. She could smell his strong male odor as her nose was almost buried in his stiff pubic hair.

“God,” he moaned softly. “Oh God, Stacy!”

She caressed his balls as her lips began sliding up and down on his prick. She could sense how excited he was getting as her sweet lips worked on him. She could feel his prick growing larger, swelling up with his cum ready to shoot into her mouth.

Her luscious red lips worked a little faster. Now the inside of her mouth felt coated with his jism and she knew he was leaking hot fluid from the tip of his cock.

“Aggghhh!” he groaned. He grabbed both sides of her head and his hips began to thrust. Stacy was no longer in charge. She couldn’t escape his hands as he began brutally mouth fucking her. At first she didn’t like it but then she began to feel hot.

She just relaxed and let him guide her head’s movements. She had never had cock like this before. His muscular body strained each time he drove his prick deep into her hot throat. God, she was fantastic! He could feel her tongue swirling around her meat.

“Shit!” he moaned. “Oh fuck!”

There was a tightness all over his body. He could look down and see those sweet lips filled by his bloated prick. He could see her tangled blonde hair flying around her face each time he thrust off the bed.

He wanted to drive her into the floor. He wanted to get his prick down into her stomach. He tried. He was brutal with her and she never once tried to move away. He felt the hot liquid fire shooting up from his balls.

“Oh fuck!” he groaned. “I’m going to come! Oh fuck, I love it! Oh fucking Jesus! I’m coming! FUCKKKKKKKKKK!”

It was everything he had always dreamed that Sharon would one day do for him. It didn’t matter that this was Sharon’s younger sister. It was his dream come true.

He drove deep into her mouth one last time as he felt his cum spilling from the end of his prick.

He heard her swallowing his thick stuff. He couldn’t believe it. He looked down at her face again. She was gobbling his prick like it was candy and she was sucking his jism down her throat.

“Oh Christ!” he groaned. “You baby, you sweet baby!”

He fell back against the bed as her mouth sucked the rest of his cum from the end of his prick. He knew he had come a lot but she hadn’t seemed to mind the thick jism filling her throat. In fact, now she was crawling up onto the bed beside him and her mouth was going back to his prick.

Stacy brushed her hair against his wet prick because she knew this would excite him. She took strands of her hair and wiped his slimy prick clean.

“See there,” she said. “See how much I like your cock and your cum. I sucked your cock and now I’m wiping it clean with my hair. See how much I like it.”

He groaned loudly. He had never had, an experience like this one. He had never felt a woman wipe his prick clean with her hair. He had never felt lips that sucked like Stacy’s.

She was back at his prick again like a cum-hungry animal. She sucked the tip of his prick into her mouth and started swirling her tongue around the ultra-sensitive head.

“Oh no,” he said. “Oh Christ! Don’t do that! It feels so good that it almost hurts.”

“It’s going to hurt better,” Stacy moaned. “You’ve got plenty left. I’m going to make it hard again.”

“Oh Christ, no!” he groaned. “Fuck, you’re going to kill me!”

He didn’t have the strength to push her away. Her mouth and tongue went to work on his cock and damn if he didn’t feel a little heat in his balls.

She sensed his growing arousal and she quickly switched around on the bed. She stretched out on top of him with her pussy just inches from his face.

She once again captured his prick in her mouth as she lowered her cunt onto his face. She shivered as she felt his hot tongue licking her soft thighs and then pushing at the pink folds of her cunt. She was really juicy and he sucked her juice into his mouth. She listened to the sounds of his sucking.

“Mmmmmm!” she gasped.

She sucked his prick deep into her throat. It was a little easier now that he wasn’t quite so hard. It didn’t stay easy for long. She felt the male flesh become bloated with lust, swelling up until it filled her cheeks.

She felt his tongue stabbing at her clit. She ground her pussy harder against his face and began really sucking on his prick. She felt the first of his bubbling cum and she released his prick. Her pussy was hotter than fire and she wanted to have his big prick stuffed inside her.

She could hardly wait. She switched around again until she sat on top of him. She bent low and kissed his mouth. She tasted her own tangy juices on his lips. She let her hair brush his face as she raised up again.

“Do you want to fuck me?” she asked.

“Oh fuck yes,” he answered.

She straddled him. Her fingers laced around his throbbing tool and she guided the rubbery cockhead to the entrance to her hot hole. She rubbed his cock up and down her wet groove until there was shooting fire all over her body.

“Ummmmm!” she cried.

She slowly sat down on his cock. First his massive cockhead pushed apart the sensitive lips of her cunt and then she felt the long sliding length of him filling her pussy. It felt so good. She ground her pussy against him as she felt her cunt filled completely by his hot warmth.

“Good!” she sobbed. “Oh, that feels so good. I’ve wanted your cock for so long!”

Doug groped her tits as she began bouncing up and down on his rigid cock. His male flesh filled her so completely. He was bigger than the two soldiers but that wasn’t the only thing that excited her. She kept thinking that she was fucking her sister’s husband. That made everything seem wickedly delightful.

It made her wonder where Sharon was, but then she forgot about Sharon as Doug began to thrust up into her tight hot cunt. She bounced faster and a soft sob broke from her throat.

“Oh Doug,” she groaned. “It feels good. It feels so fucking good! You know how to treat me, Doug!”

It wasn’t enough for Doug. He was really aroused and he wanted to be on top. He wanted her to be punished by his big cock. He made her slip off his thick rod.

“On your back,” he said. “Quickly.”

She was stretched out on her back before she realized what was happening. He was pushing her legs up over her head to expose her burning snatch. He pushed a finger into her hot twat and she shivered.

“Like that?” he asked her. “You like my finger?”

“Oh yes,” she answered.

“I’m going to give you something more than my finger.”

Doug leaned between her legs. She felt his tongue licking at her pussy, licking her juices again. She squirmed beneath him. She wanted his thick cock inside her.

“Fuck me, Doug,” she pleaded.

“Are you begging me?” he asked. “Are you begging for my cock?”

“Oh God yes, I’m begging,” she moaned. “I’m begging for your big cock! Give it to me, Doug.”

He leaned against her and she felt his prick placed against her hole. He pushed gently and his staff slowly got sucked into her tight pussy. She wiggled as she felt that delicious filling meat going into her pussy.

“Yes!” she moaned. “That’s what I want! That’s what I needed! I love your big cock!”

He pushed his prick into her pussy all the way and then he waited. She felt hotter and hotter because he wouldn’t move. She felt itchy. She wanted him to fuck her. She found herself begging him to fuck her and still he wouldn’t move.

She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him tightly against her upraised knees. She could feel his big prick so deep inside her, deeper than any cock had ever gone. She could feel his throbbing cockhead against the deep walls of her pussy.

God, she needed him to slam his big prick into her! She needed to be fucked and fucked good. She was going crazy with the hot expectation of it.

“Please fuck me!” she begged. “Don’t make me wait any more! Please fuck meee!”

He began fucking her. Slowly, at first. He moved his big prick in and out of her cunt with an almost painfully slow rhythm. It was like the same torture she had used to suck his cock. He wouldn’t make her come this way. He would only build up the hot fires burning in her belly.

“Oh faster, Doug!” she groaned. “Please fuck me faster! Just a little faster!”

He increased the rhythm of his fucking but not by very much. His balls slapped loudly against her, but still his prick wasn’t going quickly enough.

Then he was taking his prick out of her again. “No, please!” she cried. “Don’t do that! Put it back in me! Put your big prick back in! Oh please!”

He made her put her legs down and he fell on top of her. His heavily muscled body covered her completely. She felt smothered by his thickness. She rubbed her tits against his massive hairy chest.

“Fuck me!” she moaned.

“Now I’m going to fuck you,” he said. “Now I’m going to give it to you like you’ve never had it before. Now I’m going to fuck the shit out of you!”

“Yes!” she cried. “Yes!”

This time he slammed his prick into her with all the force of his body. He went in deep and he pulled his cock out halfway. He slammed it back into her again and she gasped.

“All right,” he said. “Lift your legs. Wrap them around my back. Hang on!”

She raised her legs and wrapped them around his back. She was so small and he was so big. It was like an ape fucking a delicate little child. She had never felt so completely helpless in her life. She had never felt so completely filled by a man’s cock.

“Fucking little cunt!” he grunted. “I’m fucking you! I’m fucking you hard! I’m going to give you my cum! I’m going to fill up your fucking cunt!”

“Oh yes!” she groaned. “Oh yes!”

It had been so long for Doug. He hadn’t fucked Sharon in a long while and now he knew the real reason why. He hadn’t been so angry at Sharon as he had been bored with her. She was beautiful but he had been bored.

He had needed something a little different to get him aroused. He had needed something like Stacy. A child with the body and mind of a woman. A sweet fucking machine that had a pussy so hot and smooth that he thought he was going to shoot off every time he stroked his rod into her.

“You fucking little cunt!” he groaned. “Ahhh! You sweet fucking cunt!”

“Yes!” Stacy cried. “Call me names! Do anything you want with me. Only keep giving me that big cock. Keep giving me that big hard cock of yours! I love ittttt!”

He put his hands underneath her ass and lifted her half off the bed. Now he was really getting his prick in deep. God, what a sweet hot hole! She seemed to be making her pussy tight each time he if drove into her.

The sensation was fantastic. He could feel his cockhead almost straining to get inside. It was like fucking a sweet young virgin over and over. He had the feeling her pussy hadn’t been used that much.

“Shit!” Doug cried. “I’m going to come! I’m going to fucking come! Oh shit! It feels good! Too good to believe. Oh fuck, I’m going to come!”

“Christ!” she groaned. “Oh Christ, come in me! Squirt your turn in me! That’s the way! I like that! Oh, it feels so fucking hot! I can feel your hot cum squirting! Squirt! Squirt! SQUIRTTTTTTT!”

It was damned fantastic. She was moaning and wiggling underneath him as he pumped his load of jism into her pussy. She. Was coming at almost the same time. He could feel his cock being flooded with her wet juices.

It was so damned delicious that it was better than a wet dream when everything went perfect. Christ, it was good. He pounded his prick into her cunt a couple more times until he had drained every drop of his cum into her sweet pussy. Still, he didn’t stop pumping her until she stopped wiggling.

“Ohhhhh!” she moaned. “That was grand!”

Her fingers scratched his back and he realized she had been doing that all along. He would have a hard time explaining the vivid red lines to Sharon. She had almost drawn blood. But it had been good! It was hard to think about Sharon when he was basking in the warmth of one of the best fucks he’d ever had.

“Don’t you think it was good?” she asked him.

“You know I fucking do,” he answered.

They were too exhausted to move for a long time. Then the glow began to wear off and they started thinking about Sharon again. What would Doug’s wife do if she walked in and found them like this? Probably demand a divorce or something.

“We have to get dressed,” Doug said.

He somehow got out of bed. He looked at the bedroom clock and realized that they had been fucking for more than an hour. Much longer than he had thought. And Sharon had been gone for quite a while. Doug began to worry.

The neighborhood was a safe place to walk but anything could happen in these times. Perhaps she had been dragged off somewhere and raped and murdered. While he had been fucking her sister. Doug began to feel a little guilty. Quickly he started dressing.

“Where are you going?” Stacy asked.

“I think I’d better go and look for Sharon,” he said.

“I’ll go with you,” Stacy said.

They were both dressed in just a few minutes and walking out of the house. They walked about a block but they saw nobody on the streets. Doug felt his heart begin to hammer. Maybe something had really happened to his wife.

Stacy suddenly clutched his arm. “It looks like a party going on there. Maybe somebody there had seen her.”

“She wasn’t dressed for a party,” Doug said.

“I know,” Stacy said. “But somebody might have seen her.”

Doug allowed himself to be pulled toward Jason’s house.

Sharon felt really tired but the men were still not done with her. A man was rubbing his limp dick across her mouth. Her lips were already smeared with cum from other men’s cocks. In fact, she felt like she had sticky cum all over her body.

“Get on your hands and knees.” It was Jason back again. She nodded her head humbly.

“Please, Jason,” she said. “Not any more. I’m so tired. I don’t think I can move.”

“Get the fuck up, you bitch!” Jason said. “Now. I’m not playing games with you.”

She slowly climbed to her hands and knees and immediately that limp dick was forced into her mouth. She took the man’s cock in slowly and she could taste his cum. It didn’t make any difference. She felt like she’d swallowed more than a gallon of cum in the past few minutes.

Jason stood behind her playing with the soft globes of her ass. She wondered what he was doing but she was too tired to turn her head. She sucked harder and she felt the man’s prick beginning to swell. It was hard to believe that only that day she had never sucked a man off before. Now her neck ached from all the times she’d jerked her head back and forth on a man’s cock.

She felt Jason’s fingers playing in the curly hair on her pussy. Then his hand was parting the globes of her ass and she felt him probing her asshole with his finger.

She was shocked as she realized what he was doing. His finger stabbed into her asshole.

She twisted away from the man she was sucking.

“Don’t do that, Jason,” she begged. “That hurts.”

“Shittttt!” Jason said. “Shut the fuck up. I don’t want to hear about it.”

She moaned as he crammed two of his fingers deep into her asshole. He moved them around.

She felt cramped and uncomfortable. She was being tugged back to a cock again.

“Suck me,” a man was saying. “Go ahead, bitch. I’m getting turned on now.”

Her lips closed around the man’s cock again. She sucked his prick deep into her throat as Jason continued to play with her ass. She was relieved when his fingers came out of her asshole. That had felt so uncomfortable.

Then she felt his prick brushing between the crack of her ass. Again she twisted away.

“Nooo!” she wailed.

“Goddamn,” the man in front said. “Get your mouth back here, bitch. Don’t take it away again.”

He grabbed her roughly by her hair and jerked her face back against his crotch. This time he drove his prick deep in her mouth and kept it there. She could feel his cockhead nudging the back of her throat.

“I’m going to fuck her sweet ass,” Jason said. “I’m going fuck some of her tight little ass.”

“Oh nooo!” she cried.

This was the last time she was able to escape the man who fucked her in the mouth. He didn’t relax his grip again as he tugged her mouth back to his red prick.

“You suck me off, bitch,” he moaned. “Suck me off or I’m going to break your head!”

He stuffed his prick back into her mouth even as Jason was kneeling behind her and pressing his cockhead against her snug little anus. She knew it was going to hurt, but there was nothing she could do about it.

She tried to twist away but she was held in a firm grip by the man who was mouth-fucking her. Jason pressed his cockhead a little more firmly against her asshole.

It did hurt. She could feel the pressure of his prick against her snug little hole. He was pushing hard and finally his prickhead popped into her anus.

She was frantic to escape, but she couldn’t find the strength. And every one of her movements only let Jason slip his cock in deeper. He gave one last push and she felt his big prick in her asshole all the way to his balls.

It hurt. God, how it hurt! But there was nothing she could do about it. She could feel the bloated head of his prick deep in her belly. She wanted to escape from it but there was no possible way.

She made a guttural sound as Jason began moving his prick in and out of her ass. He fucked her a little faster as his blood began to boil and his balls got tight with hunger.

Sharon was getting fucked hard at both ends when Stacy and Doug walked into the house. They were surprised to find that kind of party going on. There was a naked girl lying on the floor with her legs spread and a naked man eating her out.

“Oh Doug,” Stacy said, shivering. “Sharon wouldn’t be here.”

Doug couldn’t take his eyes off the girl. He noticed her wiggling movements as she neared orgasm. He took his eyes away. He noticed another girl lying on the couch. She was partially naked and sound asleep.

They heard the sounds coming from the back bedroom. Stacy took his arm again.

“I know my sister,” Stacy said. “She sure wouldn’t be in a place like this.”

“No, she wouldn’t,” Doug agreed.

He was walking toward the back bedroom anyway. He pushed open the door just as Jason was coming. He couldn’t believe his eyes. It had to be his wife who was getting fucked. She was sucking lustily on one man’s prick while she was getting fucked in the ass by another.

And she wasn’t enjoying it. He could tell that. She looked really unhappy as the man began to come in her mouth. He could hear the sounds of swallowing and he could se the pained look on her face.

At that moment Doug really knew how much he loved his wife. He felt a hot anger in his gut.

“Oh Doug,” Stacy said.

“What the hell!” Doug yelled angrily.

The man fucking his wife in the ass looked up with a puzzled expression on his face. He seemed to be looking at Doug trying to remember where he’d seen him before.

“You fucking bastards!” Doug cried.

He shook Stacy’s hand off his arm and he charged. The two men were no match for an enraged Doug. Jason felt his nose turned to mush under a blow of Doug’s thick hand. Jason went backwards with blood streaming down his face.

The other man tried to escape, but Doug caught him a glancing blow that sent him into the open door of the closet. His face was stained with blood and Doug was still angry.

“Come on,” he told Sharon. “We’re getting out of here.”

Sharon couldn’t understand the softness of his tone when he spoke to her. She would have expected him to shout at her also. Stacy was handing her clothes to her and helping her dress.

“Listen,” Jason said, “you can’t do this. This is my home. You can’t do this!”

“Shut up, you slimy little bastard,” Doug said, “or I’ll break you in half.”

Jason took a good long look at Doug’s rugged build and he decided against speaking again. Doug helped Sharon to her feet and he nearly carried her out of the bedroom. There was another man standing near the bedroom door. Sharon remembered him vaguely. He had been one of the first who had fucked her in the bedroom.

“Hey,” he said. “Where you going with my girl?”

Reaching out for Sharon was a bad mistake. He suddenly found himself sitting on his butt halfway across the room. His nose and lips were bloody. Two of his teeth had been broken out. He watched in shock as Doug stepped over him and took his wife out of there.


Sharon opened her eyes in her own bed. She couldn’t remember being undressed or put to bed. She felt bruised and tired. She looked around the room and found Stacy sitting next to her.

“Hi,” Stacy said.

Then Sharon remembered. A creeping horror came over her. She pictured again the horrible thing that had happened. Doug walking in and finding her in that position and his madness as he knocked people around.

“Doug,” Sharon said. “I have to talk to him.”

“You will,” Stacy said. “He’s been asleep in my room. He didn’t get a chance to sleep much last night.”

“He didn’t?” Sharon questioned.

“No,” Stacy said. “He was still angry when he brought you back. He told me to undress you and put you to bed. I helped you take a shower. Remember?”

“Only dimly,” Sharon admitted. “But then where did Doug go?”

“He went back,” Stacy said.

“Oh no,” Sharon said.

“Oh yes,” Stacy said. “He went back and cleaned the place up. And I mean cleaned it up. He was a little bruised this morning but I’d hate to see the others. His hands looked the worst.”

“Oh no,” Sharon moaned, “and it was all because of me.”

Stacy came to the bed and put her soft hand on her shoulder.

“I don’t think it was all your fault,” Stacy said. “Not completely.”

“It was,” Sharon insisted.

“No,” Stacy said. “I know what’s been going on. I had a long talk with Doug when he came in this morning. He knows he hasn’t been fair to you lately. He hasn’t been giving you the kind of sex life that a normal woman needs.”

Sharon couldn’t understand why Doug wasn’t angry but she decided not to try. It was enough that Doug had forgiven her and there wouldn’t be a divorce.

Sharon started to get out of bed. “Ohhhhh,” she said.

“You’re sore,” Stacy said. “Let me fix you up, big sister. I’m very good with my hands.”

Sharon felt Stacy’s hands on her shoulders and she sank back into the soft cushion of her bed. Stacy’s hands did feel good. In a few moments she felt the soreness leaving her muscles. She relaxed and shut her eyes.

“Doesn’t this feel good?” Stacy asked.

“Ummmmm,” Sharon answered.

Somehow she didn’t protest when her younger sister slipped the ribbons of her gown down her shoulders. After all, Stacy had already seen everything she had.

She shivered when Stacy’s fingers rubbed across her soft, plump tits. Stacy’s fingers felt so nice and cool. Her soft caresses made Sharon feel lots better. In fact, they made her feel a little warmth in her stomach. She’d never thought she’d be able to feel horny again but that was what was happening. And at the touch of her own sister’s hands.

“Ummmm, Stacy,” Sharon moaned.

Sharon felt Stacy tugging at her gown and she lifted her ass off the bed so that Stacy could tug it off Sharon wore to panties. Stacy’s strong, supple fingers caressed Sharon’s stomach and then slipped lower until she was touching Sharon’s plump cunt mound.

“Would you like me to do something nice for you?” Stacy asked. “Something we girls used to do for one another.”

“Ummmm,” Sharon answered.

It just felt so good that Sharon didn’t want her sister to stop. Stacy’s fingers went lower until she was touching her pussy hairs. Sharon spread her legs open wider. She knew what was going to happen and she didn’t feel any guilt.

She was too tired to feel guilty and it felt too good. Besides, she could never be guilty again. She had already gone too far to feel guilt at the desires of her body.

“You like my fingers?” Stacy asked.

“Yes,” Sharon admitted. “Yes, I like them.”

Sharon felt Stacy’s fingers massaging between her legs. She flinched because she was sore as hell down there. Stacy moved away from the bed.

“Let me get some oil,” Stacy said. “I’ll make you feel lots better.”

Sharon only nodded. She didn’t protest when she saw her sister undressing. She had never seen Stacy naked before. Now she saw that her young sister had a good body. Fine tits and ass. Sharon gave her a look of admiration.

“You’re gorgeous,” Sharon said softly.

“Thank you,” Stacy said. “So are you.”

Her sister brought a bottle of baby oil to the bed. She kneeled on the bed and began rubbing the liquid on Sharon’s tits. The baby oil felt hot. Sharon groaned as Stacy’s fingers went lower and touched between her legs again.

This time Stacy was gentle. Very gentle. She rubbed Sharon’s pussy lips with the tips of her fingers until the oil began to soak out some of the soreness and Sharon began responding.

Sharon felt the heat in her belly growing. She didn’t feel as sore any more. She spread her legs wider still.

“Put your finger in me,” she said. “Go ahead. I’m feeling so hot.”

She saw a soft smile on her sister’s face as Stacy slipped one hot finger into Sharon’s pussy. Sharon jerked at first. She felt sore inside. But the oil soaked her tender meaty pussy and in a few moments Stacy’s finger began to feel better.

“Ummmm,” Sharon moaned.

“Do you like that, pretty sister?” Stacy asked. “Do you like my fingers in your pussy? Do you like that?”

“Oh yes,” Sharon answered.

“You’ll like this too,” Stacy said.

Sharon felt Stacy’s lips brush at one of her nipples. She couldn’t believe it was happening. She felt her nipple get taut and hot before Stacy sucked it into her mouth. Stacy’s tongue began swirling around Sharon’s nipple until Sharon couldn’t stand it any more.

“Oh Stacy!” Sharon cried. She grabbed the back of her sister’s head and pulled her sister’s face closer to her. She tried to force more of her hot titty into Stacy’s mouth. Stacy moved her burning lips from one nipple to the other. She sucked the big cherry points into her mouth and rolled them beneath her tongue. Then she would suck as much of the ht flesh as she could manage into her mouth.

“Oh, my sweet baby,” Sharon moaned.

She pushed at the top of her sister’s head trying to force her to go down lower. Stacy’s lips touched at Sharon’s quivering belly and then at her pussy.

It was at that moment that Doug opened the door and walked into the room. Sharon gave a startled cry and pushed her sister away. Sharon had no way of knowing that this had been set up between Doug and Stacy.

There had been a long talk between Doug and Stacy the night before. Doug had admitted that he hadn’t been taking proper care of his wife. He had also admitted that he had gotten horny seeing her suck off that other man.

But he knew he wasn’t going to be able to live in the same place with Stacy without being able to fuck her also.

Between them they had devised a plan. Doug had been standing outside that door all morning. He had been waiting for the sounds that would cue him to enter. He had no doubt that the plan would work. He knew his sister-in-law.

“Oh my God,” Sharon said.

She tried to grab at her clothes but Stacy grabbed her hand.

“Don’t be shy,” Stacy said. “He’s your husband.”

Sharon looked from one grinning face to the other and she understood what had happened. She also understood that Doug and Stacy weren’t strangers to one another. Doug wasn’t looking at her with the hunger of a man who had never fucked her before.

“Well,” Sharon said. “Won’t you join us, Doug?”

They all three laughed as Sharon accepted the new relationship. Doug was already hard. Quickly he stripped out of his shorts so that his beautiful cock could be freed.

“You have a wonderful looking man,” Stacy said.

“I guess we both have a wonderful looking man, now,” Sharon said.

The expression of tenderness on Doug’s face showed Sharon that her sister had finally found a home. There would be no more problems with Doug. At least, none that she and Stacy couldn’t handle!

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