Arabian sex – Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

The very next morning, Kasim confronted his younger brother about his
sudden wealth. Ali Baba did not want to reveal the secret of the magical
cave where the thieves stored their treasure, but Kasim threatened to turn
him in to the police if he did not provide an explanation. So he
reluctantly told his brother everything. Kasim did not believe him, and
insisted that Ali Baba show him the location of this cave.

So it was that the two of them set out into the hills. Around noontime,
they arrived at the secluded canyon. Ali Baba uttered the magical phrase:
“Seismic orgasm!” As before, the earth trembled and heaved. A large crack
appeared in the cliff wall, releasing a torrent of water from inside.

Ali Baba stepped forward to enter the cave, but Kasim held him back. “I
will go first, since I am older than you are, and I shall lay claim to
whatever treasure I desire.”

And so Kasim entered the cavern, only to be hit on the head by a brick of
gold. He toppled to the ground without a word, and Ali Baba was much
surprised to see a young woman emerge from the shadows, still clutching her
golden weapon and glaring at him with a threatening scowl. Her hair was
dark and tangled, and she wore a yellow dress that was dirty and torn in
many places.

“Stand aside and let me pass, or I shall smite you as well,” she said.

Ali Baba raised his hands and moved back. “I will do as you ask, for I
wish you no harm. But tell me, how did you come to be in this place?”

Her scowl lessened somewhat. “I am the daughter of a wealthy merchant, and
was abducted by a gang of foul thieves. They brought me here so that I
would not be able to escape while they sent a ransom demand to my father. I
thought that you were one of those thieves, but I can see now that I may
have been mistaken.”

“Indeed, good lady. I observed the secret of this place two days ago, and
sought to relieve the bandits of their treasure. That is my brother who
lies crumpled upon the ground, and he now desires the treasure for himself.
I will help you in any way that I can, if you will trust me.”
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A faint smile appeared on her lips. “I would be grateful for your help,
for we are far from any town. But what of your brother?”

Kasim was just regaining consciousness as his brother went to him and
explained what had happened. “We must escort her back to town at once, for
she is in need of our assistance,” said Ali Baba.

Kasim glared at the woman. “Do as you wish, but I would just as soon leave
her here.” With that, he went back inside the cave to collect some of the

“I apologize for my brother’s words,” said Ali Baba. “He is not a kind

“But you are, and for that I thank you.” She smiled at him, and he felt
his heart twinge.

“No, no, no,” he told himself. “She is a nobleman’s daughter, and her
station in life is much higher than mine ever will be. I must not fall in
love with her. I must not fall in love with her.”

He kept telling that to himself as they rode back toward town. But feeling
her arms around him, feeling her head resting upon his back — he found it
difficult to heed his own advice.


Kasim eagerly gathered as many valuables as he could, stuffing several
sacks full of coins, gems and jewelry. After a while, the cave trembled
again, and the entrance closed. Kasim began to panic, but then he
remembered that he could open the cave again with a simple phrase.

“Sizeable origami!”

Nothing happened.

“Sinus orifice!”

Nothing happened.

“Open Sesame!”

Nothing happened.

Dammit! What was that stupid phrase??


“I am sorry for the squalor of my home,” said Ali Baba, escorting the
merchant’s daughter inside. “I am a poor man, and my luxuries are few.”

“Compared to the cave from which you rescued me, this is a palace,” she
said. “But I admit that I am quite hungry.”

“Then I will prepare a meal for you, good lady.”

“Thank you, good sir.” She smiled. “My name is Morgiana.”

“And I am Ali Baba.” He bowed. “Please, make yourself at home.”

While they were eating, there was a knock on the door. Kasim’s wife,
Melina, entered the cottage and glared at Ali Baba. “Where is my husband?”
she asked angrily. “And who is that?”

Ali Baba explained what had happened at the cave this morning, and that
Kasim had decided to stay behind and gather more treasure.

“Then you must set out at once and find him,” said Melina. “I will not be
at ease until I see him.” In truth, she was more worried that he was busy
driving his cock into some pretty young woman at this very moment.

“I will go and find him,” said Ali Baba with a resigned sigh. “Will you be
all right here, Morgiana?”

She nodded and smiled. “I will. Please be careful, Ali Baba. I do not
want any harm to come to you.”


Ali Baba found his brother’s body parts strewn across the canyon floor.
Judging by the fresh horse tracks, he guessed that the bandits had returned
while Kasim was still inside the cave. They had slaughtered him, and left
his remains here for the vultures to feed upon.

After a silent prayer of mourning, Ali Baba gathered his brother’s remains
and returned to town. He went to Kasim’s mansion and conveyed the unhappy
news to Melina in her lavish parlor. She was most distraught, and Ali Baba
noticed that several of the slave girls were also greatly disturbed by the
news of their master’s death.

“What am I to do now?” cried Melina. “My husband is dead, and I am alone
in the world. What shall become of me?”

Ali Baba took pity upon the grieving widow, and sought to comfort her.
“Fear not, my lady. By law, my brother’s wealth will now become mine, and I
promise that you shall continue to live in comfort.”

“You are most kind,” she said, wiping away her false tears. “A noble man,
just like your brother. Will you not stay and dine with me?”

“Alas, I cannot. I must return to Morgiana.”

A scowl flickered across Melina’s face, but she quickly banished it.
“There is no need for that. I shall send a servant to bring her here.”

Ali Baba nodded. “Then I shall be happy to stay with you, and give you
comfort during this bitter hour.”

Melina smiled. If things went according to plan, Ali Baba would be giving
her much more than comfort tonight.


Ali Baba was not used to dining in luxury – and were it not for the death
of his brother, he would have been very much pleased with his good fortune.
Indeed, he occasionally found himself looking at the elegant dining hall and
wondering if he might be dreaming.

For what dream could have contained such lovely women? Morgiana looked
radiant in the dress that Melina had given her. Gone was the bedraggled
prisoner from the cave. Now she looked like a princess, and Ali Baba felt
as though he had been transformed into a prince.

And Melina… No painter in the kingdom could have done justice to her
beauty. Her hair was a golden bouquet of curls, laced with silver sparkles.
Her blue eyes dazzled him, and her smiles were enticing and mysterious – as
if she knew some sort of secret that gave her great pleasure.

Morgiana eventually excused herself from the table, for she was weary from
the day’s events and longed to sleep. That left Ali Baba all alone with
Melina – which was exactly the way she wanted it.

“You will soon become used to wealth,” she said. “After a while, you may
even find yourself taking it for granted.”

Ali Baba laughed. “You may be right, but I cannot imagine such a thing.”

“I assure you, it is true. This necklace, for instance…” Melina looked
down at the ruby-studded heart that dangled below her neck. “A priceless
jewel, one that Kasim gave to me when we were married. I have worn it for
years, but I seldom remember that it is there.”

For some reason, Ali Baba found it difficult to understand what Melina was
telling him. Perhaps it was the wine, or the surreal setting in which he
found himself – but he felt as though his thoughts were growing foggy. He
tried to focus on the ruby heart, but caught himself staring at her chest

“No,” he told himself. “Do not look there. She is your brother’s wife.”
He smiled and nodded politely, trying to look her in the eye as she
explained the dangers of wealth. But while she talked, his gaze kept
slipping downward. “It looks like she has nice, full breasts,” he mused.
“It would be nice to see them, to place my hands upon them. No, no,
no…that is not right. I must not think such thoughts. It is very wrong
of me.”

“Is something wrong?” asked Melina, who knew very well what was happening
to Ali Baba.

“I…no, nothing is wrong,” he said. “I was just…admiring…no, I must
not say such things. Please…forgive me.”

She smiled happily. “There is nothing to forgive.” She stood up from her
seat, noticing how his eyes followed her. “Come with me,” she said. “I
want to show you something.”

Ali Baba could not help staring at her body as she led him upstairs. No
matter how hard he tried, his eyes were irresistibly drawn to her swaying
hips, and the appealing curves of her bottom, which her dress did little to
conceal. He felt a wild, terrible urge to reach forward and touch her. It
was madness, of course…how could he even think such a thing? But there
was his hand, reaching out toward her, reaching for the secret lair of her
womanhood. He longed to touch her there, to rub the place between her legs
and coax the sexual juice from within her. To make her hot enough so that
she would want to mate with him…that was what he wanted.

At the last minute, he forced his hand away from her dress. “Have I lost
my mind? I cannot do this! She is my brother’s wife!” He had told that to
himself before, but somehow it was not helping. His brother’s wife was
terribly attractive, and his cock was swelling with desire.

At the top of the stairs, Melina turned and led him down a hall. There was
a door at the end of it, which opened to reveal a lavish bedroom of crimson
and gold. “This was your brother’s room,” she said, walking toward the
large canopied bed. “I thought you might like to have it.” She raised her
hands above her head, grabbing hold of the bedpost behind her. “In fact, I
thought you might like to have me, as well.” She smiled seductively.

Ali Baba’s penis surged within his pants. “Melina…what…what are you

“I want you to be my new husband,” she said. “I want you to do all of the
things that a husband does to a wife.”

He took a step closer toward her, then stopped. “But…Morgiana…”

“Forget about her. She is just a girl, whereas I am a woman. I know how
to give you great pleasure – and once you taste that pleasure, no other
woman will satisfy you.”

Ali Baba believed her, and he yearned to give in to the lust that was
growing in his loins. But something felt wrong about all of this, and he
closed his eyes to avoid looking at her. “It does not seem right to me. My
brother…your husband…died just this morning.”

Melina frowned. This was proving to be more difficult than she had
expected. The drug that she had slipped into his wine ought to have turned
him into a lust-crazed animal by now, just as the narcotic she had given to
Morgiana had forced the young girl to an early repose. But Ali Baba was
still resisting her, obstinately clinging to his feelings for Morgiana and
his respect for Kasim. Melina intended to crumple those sentiments once and
for all, and the only way to do that was to incite his lust. Her frown
turned into a wicked smile. She was going to enjoy corrupting him.

“You are right,” she said, walking toward him. “Kasim is gone, and now I
have no one to share my life with.” She moved right in front of him and put
her hands around his waist. “No one to share my bed with.” She pressed her
body against his, smothering her firm breasts against his chest. “I need
someone in my life…and in my bed.” Her cheek rubbed against his, while
her hands moved up and down his back. “I need a cock,” she whispered,
blowing hot breath into his ear. “I need something hot and hard, to fill up
my pussy.” She licked his ear, making him shudder with pleasure. “Do you
have something hot and hard that I could use for a while?”

It was too much for poor Ali Baba to bear. He grabbed hold of the neckline
of her gown – and with a sudden, savage yank, he tore it straight down her
middle. Melina gasped with delighted surprise as he savagely ripped the
tattered fabric from her body. Her breasts came into view, and he
immediately lowered his mouth to her rosy nipple and began to suck.

“Just like your brother,” she said, smiling as he noisily slurped away.
She held his head to her breast and closed her eyes, savoring the sensation
of having her tits suckled. “Yesssss…that’s it…suck me…suckle your
new wife…”

It was not long before Melina was lying on the bed, watching with excited
anticipation as Ali Baba tore away the rest of her dress and the panties
that lay beneath. She helpfully spread her legs, allowing his face to get
between her thighs. She grinned in triumph as he began to lick her groin,
his tongue massaging the fleshy folds of her labia. “Kasim would have
wanted you to take care of me,” she said. “So far, you are doing a very
good job.”

As the minutes licked by, her soft sighs of pleasure gradually evolved into
plaintive whimpers and desperate moans. His tongue was doing all sorts of
wonderful things to her pussy – lapping, digging, swirling, poking. He was
eating her like a hungry animal whose thirst could only be slaked by the
creamy juices oozing from her excited twat. She was panting now, her breath
coming in ragged gasps as she bucked her hips against his face with urgent
desire. Sensing that her orgasm was near, his mouth suddenly latched onto
her clitoris. She groaned deliriously as he began to suck the most
sensitive spot on her body, his tongue wagging vigorously against her sweaty
sex flesh.

She became a fountain of cum, howling madly as her body trembled and
convulsed. Throughout the ecstatic chaos, Ali Baba kept right on licking
her pussy, driving her wild with his persistent tongue. When it was over,
she lay back on the bed with a dazed and contented smile.

But it was not over yet. She still needed to get Ali Baba inside her. She
could not keep him doped up forever, and when the drug wore off, he might
decide to marry Morgiana or some other woman. Melina needed a way to secure
him as a husband – and what better way than to carry his child? She would
get him to mate with her tonight, which happened to be her most fertile time
of the month. Unlike Kasim, who had been impotent, Ali Baba would fill her
womb with his impregnating cream, unwittingly binding himself to her for the
rest of his life. She knew that Ali Baba was an honorable man, and that his
morals would compel him to marry her.

With these thoughts in mind, Melina watched as Ali Baba removed his
clothing. His penis seemed even larger than Kasim’s had been, though
perhaps her opinion was skewed by desire. She smiled at him as he climbed
on top of her, and she spread her legs again, inviting him to enter her sex.

His cock DID feel bigger, and she whimpered softly as he pushed it into her
wet vagina. She continued to whimper as he began to slide in and out of
her, settling into a slow mating rhythm. He rubbed his hands up and down
her thighs as he screwed her with deep, slow strokes that made her moan.

“We should not…be doing this…” said Ali Baba, sinking his swollen dick
into her juicy groin.

“Why not?” asked Melina, grunting as his rigid flesh wormed deep inside
her, deliciously rubbing her inner walls.

“I might…get you…pregnant…” He groaned after that last word,
momentarily distracted by the erotic sensation of yet another cock plunge.

“That would be…terrible…” She licked her lips as his sex snake
slithered into her moist sex hole.

“Melina…we must not…allow that…to happen…” His cock left her
pussy, only to delve right back in again.

“Then maybe…you should stop…fucking me.” She smiled lasciviously.
“But you are not…going to stop…are you?” She moaned as his firm dick
plunged deep inside her. “No…apparently not…” She rubbed her nipples
with her fingertips as Ali Baba pumped her pussy. “You are going…to fuck
me…until you come…” She stared up at him, watching his tormented
expression with delight. “And then…you will be…a father…”

Her words should have filled Ali Baba with horror. He should have pulled
his penis out of her groin and ended this obscene union. But he didn’t.
Instead, he grabbed her slender waist and began to fuck her even harder. He
could not help himself. He felt as though he had not masturbated in more
than a week, and his cock had an insatiable itch to keep rubbing itself in
and out of her hot, slippery vagina. Every thrust brought him closer and
closer toward the inevitable climax that would send his semen into her womb.
He knew that it was wrong…but he had to do it!

And Melina was not helping at all. With her breathless encouragements, she
stoked the fire of his lust until it melted his reason. “Yessss…fuck
me…oh, that feels sooooo good…go on, make me a mommy…” Every word
made him want to drill her pussy harder, faster – and soon, the bed was
shaking with the force of his urgent cock thrusts. Melina soon lost the
power of speech, and all she could do was moan and gasp as he pounded her
sopping pussy with his massive penis. The noises she made were every bit as
erotic to Ali Baba as her words had been. She was a beautiful female, lost
in the pleasure of having her sex repeatedly invaded by his swollen male
organ. He just kept filling her up with his hard cock meat, savoring every
whimper of agonized ecstasy that escaped her wide open mouth.

Then it was time for him to squirt his cream. It was the crucial moment,
when he should have removed himself from her body – not sink his cock all
the way inside her, as he was doing now. But it was too late. He could
feel his dick erupting inside her, spewing wads of thick semen into her
buttery vagina. Melina moaned happily as he pumped her full of cum, sending
armies of sperm in search of her waiting egg. When he was done filling her
up, he collapsed beside her with a satisfied groan.

In the quiet afterglow that followed, the lovers fondled each other and
placed soft kisses here and there. Melina was fairly certain that his sperm
had been successful, and that there would soon be new life growing within
her belly. But just to make sure…

“Have some more wine,” she said, reaching for a nearby bottle.