Sucking Hot Family – taboo stories

Al Rafferty gave a loud groan as his younger stepsister, Roxie, knelt between his legs and began to unzip his fly.

“I’m sure glad you came into my room tonight, Sis,” the teenaged boy said. “I was feeling really horny! Your mouth around my cock is just what I need!”

“And it’s just what I need tonight, too, Al,” Roxie said with an eager grin and a glance up at her brother’s handsome face. “After all, tomorrow morning Mom and Dad are shipping me off to the country to spend the summer with our hayseed relatives — so this is probably the last chance I’ll get to suck cock for months!”

Al heard the anger and sexual frustration in his sister’s voice, and he chuckled.

“Cheer up, Sis. Maybe you’ll get a chance to make it with Uncle Art or our cousin, Kip,” he said.

“Fat chance,” Roxie mumbled disgruntedly as she pulled her brother’s cock out of his fly.

Her fingers greedily closed around his rigid prick.

She lowered her head and lightly touched the pulsing prick with her soft lips, moaning as she felt the meaty cock swelling more against the incestuous touch of her mouth.

She gave her brother’s cock a series of wet, open-mouthed kisses. She pressed her sensuous lips against the mushroom-shaped knob and the long, thick stalk. Al’s cock continued to harden as the sexy girl’s mouth played over it.

“Yeah, baby, great! Now suck it!” Al groaned, lying back on the bed while his sister knelt on the floor between his widespread legs.

Roxie opened her mouth wide and wrapped her lips around the huge, swollen cock. Her brother’s groans of pleasure urged her on and she groaned along with him when she felt the hard prick throbbing against the walls of her mouth.

“Lick it! Use that sexy pink tongue of yours, Sis!” Al grunted.

Spurred on by her brother’s horny cry, Roxie ran her tongue around the head of his cock. He groaned delightedly. As she licked and sucked on the tasty cock, Roxie ran her fingers along the pulsing cockstalk, feeling the veins bulging with blood and the wrinkles of the large sac that housed his loaded balls.

Then the aroused teenaged girl removed her mouth from the fat cockhead and sucked at the hard cockmeat all the way down and all around, obviously heading for the boy’s balls.

“Good… good,” Al rasped, lifting his hips up slightly from the bed.

Roxie slid her mouth back toward the throbbing cock-knob and closed her lips around it again. Her mouth slipped down to the hairy base of Al’s cockshaft.

“Yeah… now… suck hard… keep moving your head up and down… I love seeing it bob that way… yeah, Roxie, yeah… I love it when you suck my cock like that… and keep licking… don’t forget your tongue, whatever you do… yeah, wrap those lips around my prick… and nibble a bit with your teeth… yeah, yeah, like that, Roxie, just like that, that’s great!”

Al was keeping up a running chant of lewd demands as his sister expertly sucked him off.

Roxie’s little pussy was drooling and burning with desire. She loved to suck cock almost more than anything in the world. The only thing she loved more was fucking. And she was desperately worried that being forced to spend three long months with the country relatives whom she barely knew would mean the end of fucking and of cock-sucking for that long period of time. The horny teenager honestly did not know how she could survive such an ordeal.

“I want you to deep-throat me, baby!” Al cried hoarsely, lifting his hips and fucking his sister’s face.

With a low moan of lust, Roxie sucked her brother’s prick harder as he shoved more and more of his prickmeat into her mouth. He continued to thrust his hips upward while the girl swallowed more and more of his cock. At the same time, she fondled and squeezed his balls lightly.

Roxie groaned excitedly as she felt more and more of her brother’s prick going into her mouth, sliding down her throat, and throbbing lewdly against the walls of her throat. She clenched her strong throat muscles against the sides of the boy’s fat cock, delighted by the way he moaned with pleasure when she did that.

“Unh, yeah, you sexy girl,” Al sighed as he felt his prick sliding down his sister’s throat and she began to deep-throat him.

Roxie’s little pussy poured out more and more juice as she thrilled to the happy task of deepthroating her own brother’s prick.

Al sat up again and reached down, stroking his sister’s silken hair while she sucked his cock. The boy’s hips twisted from side to side in a lewd incestuous dance of lust. He was panting harshly now and he fucked Roxie’s face deeper and deeper. His huge prick worked its way down her throat until the girl was sure that not even one more fraction of an inch of cockmeat could possibly fit inside her.

Roxie’s head spun with sexual excitement as she felt her big brother’s cock lurching wildly against the walls of her throat. She loved sucking the boy off. But she also longed to feel and taste his cum shooting into her.

The boy’s thick prick grew bigger inside Roxie’s mouth as she sucked on it. She sucked harder and harder, hollowing her cheeks inward to increase the erotic suction she was using on Al’s fully aroused cock.

The young girl sucked and licked and nibbled while the boy twisted and writhed on the bed, still shoving his hips upward, fucking her face with long, deep cock-strokes.

“God, yesss, Roxie, you’re the best!” Al grunted, wondering how he could get along for three months without having his beautiful little sister around to suck and fuck him.

He pushed his hips upward and forward, fucking the girl’s face with every last inch of his cockmeat. He was all but choking her, but she welcomed every single inch of prick he fed into her. The full length of his prick was throbbing inside Roxie’s mouth and down her throat and she loved it. But she could hardly wait to suck every last drop of cum out of his shuddering balls.

Roxie closed her eyes and moaned with joy as she sucked her big brother’s prick. God, but I’m going to miss you this summer, Al, she thought with a pang of sadness. It’s gonna be a long, dry summer with no cock to suck or fuck.

She trembled as she felt the boy’s prick hairs brushing against her nose. The musky aroma of his crotch aroused her still more, urging her to suck him even harder.

Roxie’s nostrils flared widely to allow her to breathe around the mouth-stuffing, throat-ramming cock. She used her teeth gently, nibbling at the sides of the hard cock. She wrapped her tongue about it, licking and sucking and nibbling so fast and frenzedly that it felt to Al as if she were performing all three actions at exactly the same time.

Both of the girl’s hands were on her brother’s balls now, cupping and squeezing them carefully but urgently, making the young boy squirm with incestuous desire and pleasure.

“Jesus, you’re sucking my cock harder than ever before,” Al groaned, fucking the girl’s face more and more forcefully. “I’m gonna pop soon, baby. Keep it up. Keep sucking me even when I come. And swallow all my cum! I want you to eat every drop of it, you sexy little slut! Come on, baby, make your brother come? Suck my cock good and hard! Yeah, yeah, no holding back! Suck me like you’ve never sucked cock before! It’s gotta last us a whole summer!”

Her brother’s lewd cries turned the girl on uncontrollably and she sucked him so hard now that she saw dizzying spots before her eyes.

That was all Al needed to take him over the edge.

“Yeah, yeah, aaarrrghhh! Gonna come, yesss, awwww, shit, coming now!”

His face flushed a deep red and his entire body shuddered violently on the bed. His cock jerked obscenely inside his sister’s mouth and down her throat as gushes of hot, white cum began to shoot into her.

Roxie loved the feel of her brother’s cock rammed all the way down her throat. But she knew that that way she was unable to taste his cum. And since jism was her favorite meal in the whole world, and she knew how good it was for her with all its rich protein, Roxie pulled her mouth back. She slid her brother’s orgasming prick out of her throat and mouth until only its cum-jetting head was still in the grip of her greedy lips. Then, still sucking, she swallowed down all of his cum, savoring its tangy taste.

As the young cum-gulping girl felt the thick goo warmly filling her belly, her own orgasm crashed through her loins. As she came with gigantic waves of incestuous ecstasy, she continued to suck on Al’s prick. She closed her hands around its base, squeezing tightly.

“Jesus, that was good,” Al said as the last of his jism splashed into his sister’s mouth.

Roxie slipped her mouth completely off of his cock and sat back on her heels, smacking her lips with obvious pleasure.

“Yeah, I’ll say,” she moaned softly.

Al looked down at her and chuckled.

“You know, Roxie, you’re the sexiest girl I’ve ever known,” he said with a grin.

“I know,” Roxie said, her words not at all a boast but rather merely stating a simple fact. “I am sexy! That’s why I hate the idea of having to spend the whole fucking summer with Uncle Art and his boring family. You know me, Al. I need to fuck. I can’t get along without it. What am I supposed to do all summer long with no one around to fuck me?” she wailed, rising and flopping down on her brother’s bed next to him.

“Take it easy, Sis,” Al said, reaching out and beginning to unbutton his sister’s blouse. “Uncle Art and Aunt Pat and our cousins aren’t so bad. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get a chance to fuck with them.”

“Oh, gimme a break!” Roxie groaned. “Sure, maybe I could get them to fuck me if we weren’t related. But they’re nothing but country bumpkins. Talk about being out of it! I’m a city girl, and let’s face it, incest is a pretty sophisticated idea. They’ve probably never even thought of making it with someone in their own family. And if I were to suggest such a thing, they’d probably want to tar and feather me and run me out of their little hick town!”

“Come on, don’t be such a snob, Roxie. I don’t like to hear you talking that way about our family. I know we don’t know them all that well since they live so far away and we hardly ever get to see them. But they are family. And you should remember that and try to like them and get along with them — even if you don’t get to fuck them,” Al said, slipping his sister’s blouse off of her.

She was not wearing any underwear. Her brother’s gaze fell to her naked tits and, with a low groan, he began to fondle her big tits.

“Mmmmm, good,” she moaned, lying back on the bed. “I wish I could spend the summer with you, Al, while Mom and Dad are off on their second honeymoon in Europe.”

“I’d love to spend the next three months with you, baby, but you know that’s impossible. I’m going to be off at basketball camp all summer,” the young boy said, rolling his sister’s nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. He felt his cock hardening again and he had a hard time concentrating on the conversation they were having.

“I know, I know… I guess Mom and Dad really had no choice… they had to send me somewhere where I’d be safe all summer… and with Uncle Art’s family being our only relatives… I’m just afraid that I’ll be safer there than I want to be,” the young girl said in a half-groan as she thrust her chest upward to coax more of her tit-flesh into her brother’s grasping hands.

“Take your shorts off, baby. My cock’s getting hard again and I wanna fuck you!” Al husked, lowering his face and sucking one of Roxie’s tits.

“Oh, yeah!” Roxie cried as she lifted her hips up from the bed and shimmied her shorts down. She was completely naked now and she placed one hand on the back of her brother’s head to push his mouth tighter against her tit.

Al moved his hungry mouth from one tit to the other, sucking the stiff nipple and as much of the surrounding tit flesh as possible between his lips. He tugged on the erect nubs, nibbling on them gently with the edges of his sharp teeth.

“Yessss! Take your jeans off and fuck me now, Al!” the horny teenaged girl cried huskily.

Al groaned as he reluctantly pulled his mouth off of his sister’s tits. He quickly shed his jeans. He was already shirtless so that now both brother and sister were equally naked, and both of them were equally horny and dying to fuck.

The weight of Al’s muscular body crushed Roxie down into the mattress. She felt suffocated and overwhelmed by the boy’s masculine strength and she loved the feeling. She felt his cock nudging against her quivering pussy and she trembled all over with sexual anticipation.

“Don’t make me wait, Al… fuck me now!” she cried.

With a grin of delight, Al suddenly fucked his cock into her little cunt. The movement was so abrupt and violent that it took Roxie’s breath away. An intense pleasure flashed to every part of her body, making her shudder violently, her eyes rolling.

She opened her mouth to cry out her pleasure, but her brother pressed his lips against hers and her silent cry rifled his mouth as their tongues locked together.

Al moved his cock back and fucked into Roxie’s pussy again. The young girl felt the full length of her brother’s thick prick slip deeply inside her, and her cunt muscles automatically closed around it.

“God, you’re so fuckin’ tight. I always forget just how tight your pussy is, Sis,” Al grunted.

He pulled his prick out of her snug cunt until only its flared head was still inside her. Then he rammed back into her hard, his broad cockhead striking the back wall of her pussy.

“Yieee! Yesss! Ohhhhh, what a great fuck!” Roxie cried.

Al grinned down at his sister as he continued to plunge his big cock in and out of her tight little cunt. Each time he fucked farther into her and she moaned with pleasure, writhing beneath his pounding body.

Roxie always loved a good rough fuck. But she loved fucking her brother best of all. She knew that the fact that he was her own brother was what made the entire act seem so forbidden, and therefore so exciting.

Her pussy juice was pouring rapidly and thickly from her cunt, soaking Al’s hard, plunging cockmeat and drenching the mingled hairs of their crotches.

“Unh, yesss, Al, yesss, you’re fucking me sooo good! I’ll remember this fuck all summer when I get horny… oooh, keep it up, Al, keep fucking meee!” Roxie groaned, throwing her head from side to side in a frenzy of incestuous lust.

Again, Al lowered his head and kissed his sister on the mouth.

“Unnhhh,” Roxie groaned in an eager response to her brother’s lewd kiss. She thrust her tongue into his mouth and used it to stroke his tongue.

As the brother and sister continued to tongue kiss each other, Al gripped Roxie’s tits with both hands, squeezing and kneading the firm tit flesh. At the same time, he kept ramming the depths of her cunt with his bloated prick.

“Ooooh! Pinch my nipples, Al!” Roxie begged.

On his next downward stroke into her pussy, Al pinched the girl’s nips as hard as possible.

“Yessss!” Roxie cried, flushing with pleasure. “You love that, don’t you, Sis?” Al asked hoarsely.

“Ooooh, yes, Al! Do it again! You know how I always love it when you hurt me a little bit while we’re fucking,” Roxie moaned.

The next time that Al plunged his cock full length into his sister’s snapping pussy, he reached out and twisted the girl’s nips painfully between his fingers. He twisted them so hard that for just a moment, she wondered if he were going to twist them right off of her aching tits.

“Yeeeeee! Yessss!” Roxie screamed, tossing her head back and forth more wildly than before. “It hurts and I love it!” she sang out, seeing no contradiction in her words.

As the brother and sister continued to fuck each other more and more urgently, knowing that this would be their last fuck for three long months, Roxie lifted her ass up from the bed and slammed her hips up at Al’s. She humped her pussy up against his prick. In this way, they were operating as a smoothly oiled fuck team, both of them working to fully impale the girl’s cunt on the full length of Al’s thick cock.

“Mmmmm, yes, Al, yesss,” Roxie moaned.

She thrilled to the brutally exciting feel of her brother’s cockhead pushing its way all the harder into the depths of her juicy pussy. She could feel the hard cockmeat pulsing obscenely against the tensed walls of her pussy. She tightened her cunt muscles around his prick, holding it inside her for as long as she could.

Both of the rutting teenagers were breathing heavily now. And they were both sweating profusely and moaning continually.

“Yessss, this is the best fuck ever, Al! Keep it up! Give me something to remember all summer. Fuck meeeee,” Roxie whimpered. She reached up and clung to her brother’s muscular arms, feeling his muscles rippling as he worked to fuck his prick to the hilt into her wet cunt.

He gripped her tits again, digging the tips of his fingers hard into her trembling tit flesh.

“Unnhhh, yesss, kiss meeee,” she begged.

And the words were barely spoken before Al’s mouth covered hers, their tongues locking together at once.

Suddenly, it all was just too much for the young girl. The combined thrill of their tongue kiss, the feel of his hands on her tits, and most of all, his fat cock fucking in and out of her tight cunt took Roxie over the edge and she came powerfully.

“Yesssss, Al, I’m coming now! I’m really coming hard, Al! Keep fucking me while I come!” she yelled.

Jolts of incestuous ecstasy shot through her loins as she came. Gushes of warm pussy juice ran from her ravaged cunt hole and streamed unchecked down her quaking thighs as she came.

She was wailing into her brother’s mouth, which covered hers once again. Her entire body was shaking and shuddering uncontrollably as her savage orgasm took possession of her.

“Arrrrghhh, yeah, Sis, yeah, come! I can feel you coming against my prick! Jeeesus, you’re coming so fuckin’ hard! I know I’m gonna come too! Fuckin’ you always gets me so fucking stirred up… I always come hard… keep coming, Sis!” Al cried thickly, still fucking his bursting prick in and out of her orgasming pussy.

Each time Al fucked his cock into Roxie’s twitching cunt, a fresh shower of ecstatic sparks thundered through the girl’s loins. She tossed and turned violently beneath her brother’s pounding body. This was the greatest fuck ever, and this was her most exciting orgasm.

The young girl screamed and groaned and sobbed, riding the waves of orgasmic pleasure as they crashed through her. Suddenly, she felt Al’s fat prick lurching crazily against the trembling walls of her pussy.

“Commmiiinnnggg! Take it all, Sis! Take every drop of my cum up your sexy little pussy!” Al growled.

“Yessss, I feel you coming inside meeee!” Roxie wailed excitedly. “Unnhhhh, ohhhh, it’s good, aaarghhhh!”

She felt her brother’s jism shooting into her little cunt and her orgasm intensified, for she thrilled to the lewd sensation as she always did and always would. The boy’s cum felt thick and hot as it burned a lewd path all the way to the depths of her pussy.

“Coming! Coming!” brother and sister cried out together.

The boy’s cum mingled obscenely with the girl’s cunt juice, and the lewd mixture ran out from Roxie’s bloated cuntlips, staining the sheet below.

As their orgasms finally began to subside long moments later, Roxie flashed her brother a grateful smile. Then she pulled his face down to hers and kissed him lovingly on his parted lips.

“That was our greatest fuck ever. Thanks, Al,” Roxie said softly, still panting hard.

Al pulled his cock free of his sister’s sopping pussy and lay next to her. The brother and sister briefly embraced and kissed again, and then they lay side by side for a few silent moments.

“Ohhhhh, I dread going to Uncle Art’s tomorrow!” the girl wailed. “Oh, give it up sis,” Al said impatiently. “You act as if you’re being sent off to prison or something. You’ll probably have a much better time than you think.”

“How can you say that? Uncle Art and Aunt Pat and our cousins, Beth and Kip, are such country bumpkins and I resent being dumped on their doorstep. They don’t even live close to town… if they did, I might at least be able to meet some interesting boys and get a little fucking this summer…”

Al turned his head and grinned as he listened to his sister.

“I don’t know, Sis. I’ve got a feeling that Uncle Art and his family won’t be the same after you get through with them,” he said.

Roxie giggled.

“But,” Al continued, “I really wish you’d stop calling them country bumpkins. After all, they are being pretty nice to let you stay with them all summer. And if they catch onto your put-down attitude toward them, they might just get angry and make you wish you’d been nicer to them.”

“Don’t be silly,” Roxie scoffed. “What could they possibly do about it? I don’t care what they think.”

“You’d just better be careful, Sis,” Al said, shaking his head.


Roxie Rafferty groaned again the next day when she met her country relatives at the train station. Uncle Art and Kip, a young teenaged boy, were wearing bib overalls and red plaid shirts.

All they need is a piece of hay sticking out of their mouths, Roxie thought as she settled into the family van for the drive back to her uncle’s house. Aunt Pat and cousin Beth, also in her teens, were wearing flowery print dresses.

“Do you always wear your hair in braids, Beth?” Roxie asked tensely as the old van bumped unevenly along the dirty road.

“Uh-huh. It’s easier that way. But I like the way you do your hair, Roxie. I’ve never seen a hairdo like that,” Beth said, her voice filled with admiration.

“It’s the way all girls in the city wear it. It’s the current style, you know,” Roxie said callously.

She turned her head to look out the window next to her and did not see the flush of humiliation that covered Beth’s face. Nor did she see the glance exchanged between Aunt Pat and Uncle Art.

“I-I hope you and I can get to be friends, Roxie,” Beth said.

“I don’t know, Beth. What could you and I possibly have in common?” Roxie said, not even bothering to look at her cousin.

Again, Beth flushed and the girl grew silent for the rest of the trip home.

“Do you always dress like that, Coz?” Kip asked, his gaze traveling over Roxie’s body, which was clad in a very skimpy and sexy halter top and a pair of short shorts.

“Sure!” Roxie answered with a shrug. “During hot weather like… it’s the only way to dress.” She cast a disdainful glance at her cousin Beth’s dress. She felt like laughing aloud.

God, she thought, I was right about these people. They’re even hicker than I’d realized.

“What kinds of things do you like to do during the summer, Cuz?” Kip asked.

Roxie looked at her cousin, realizing for the first time just how good looking the boy was. He was tall, like his father, and very muscular and well-built, especially for such a young boy. Roxie’s glance moved to Uncle Art, and she was thinking that he was pretty good looking and sexy, too. What a waste, Roxie thought wryly, as she glanced down at Kip’s crotch, seeing a big cock-bulge there. Too bad this hunk of a cousin wouldn’t want to fuck me with his fat cock!

“Well?” Kip prodded.

“Oh, you asked me what I like do to during the summer,” Roxie said, and now it was her turn to flush. She wondered what her country relatives would think if they knew about her incestuous thoughts and urges. “Oh, I don’t know. Back home in the city, my friends and I always hang out at the big public pool a lot. But I’m sure you don’t have anything like that around here.”

“Sure, we do!” Kip said brightly.

“You’re kidding! You’ve got a swimming pool around here where all the kids hang out?” Roxie asked eagerly, her spirits lifting.

“Well, no, it’s not exactly a pool. It’s a pond on our own property. AM we’re the only ones who use it. I mean, there rally isn’t anyone else around,” Kip said, the tone of his voice betraying the fact that he was painfully aware that he was disappointing his cousin by his response.

“Oh, figures,” Roxie said, her shoulders sagging as the turned to look out the window again.

“What else do you and your friends like to do?” Kip asked, a bit less enthusiastically this time.

“We like to bang out at the video arcades. Bet you never heard of those,” Roxie said with mean little laugh.

“Sure, I have!” Kip protested.

“Don’t try to tell me that you have even one of those way out here in the sticks,” Roxie said.

“Well, no,” Kip reluctantly admitted. “But I’ve heard about them.”

“Oh, great,” Roxie said sarcastically.

The young girl failed to see the meaningful look exchanged between her aunt and uncle.

The rest of the ride home was silent and Roxie groaned again when she stepped out of the van and saw the big old country house. It was even farther out in the country than she had remembered, with not even one other house in sight. God, they don’t even have neighbors, she thought in disgust.

In no time at all, Roxie was settled in the large, comfortable bedroom which would be all hers during her three-month stay with her Uncle Art’s family. As disgruntled as she was about being “dumped” on her country relatives, the girl had to admit to herself that her room was very pretty. She especially liked the view from one of her large windows. She looked out and saw countless trees and the pond which Kip had mentioned.

She sighed, turning away from the window. She went into the bathroom that opened off of her room and began to freshen up for dinner. Yeah, it’s a pretty place all right, she thought, but only for about a day or two. There’s no way I’m gonna like living here for the whole fucking summer!

Dinner was an uncomfortable affair. All of the attempts of Uncle Art’s family to talk to Roxie and to cheer her up were met with either stony silences or sarcastic remarks. Finally they fell silent, just as they had in the van. After a few minutes of the tension-filled silence, Roxie began to talk about the “neat” eating places back in the city. She didn’t come right out and say it, but her put-down of the area where her relatives lived, and even of the delicious meal which Aunt Pat had taken such pains to prepare, was more than obvious. And again, there was that look between Uncle Art and Aunt Pat. Only this time, Kip and Beth exchanged looks of their own, and the two teenagers nodded slightly at each other.

Roxie was too busy being a bitch to notice any of this…

The summer days settled into a humdrum routine for Roxie. She resisted all attempts by her relatives to include her in any of their “hayseed” activities, preferring to spend most of her time alone in her room, either writing long, complaining letters to her brother, or feverishly finger-fucking her little pussy in a desperate attempt to vent some of the sexual desires that were rapidly becoming too much for her.

She had been there almost a week when Kip invited her to go swimming in the pond with him and his sister, Beth. By then, the girl was feeling so bored and was so desperate to take her mind off of her extremely horny state that deep down, she really wanted to agree to go with them. But she had been putting the pond and everything else down ever since her arrival, and her pride prevented her from giving in now. So she declined in an unkind tone of voice and went to her room to be alone, as usual.

She wandered around her room restlessly, looking out of her windows now and then. She could see Kip and Beth splashing happily in the pond and she groaned, wishing she had gone with them. She was so bored and so resentful at being forced to spend her summer way out in the sticks that she felt as if she would lose her mind if she didn’t soon find a way to relieve her boredom and sexual tension.

Even though she knew that her parents were to blame for sending her there, Roxie had been focusing her anger and resentment on her country relatives ever since they had picked her up at the train station. She knew that her brother was right in saying that Uncle Art and his family were being nice to take her in like that. But there was no one else around to blame and the young girl felt herself growing angry with them for “making” her stay here with them and, most of all, for imposing such a boring, sexless lifestyle on her.

It would be fun if I could think up some way to get even with them, Roxie thought, beginning to cheer up for the first time since her arrival. Yeah, that would be a neat way to fill my time. It would be interesting and fun and I’d get a little revenge for being forced to stay here all summer! The young girl found herself growing more and more excited at the idea and, for some reason, the thought of getting even with her relatives was turning her on, too. She moaned softly, running her hands over her big tits, which were barely contained in her halter top. What can I do to them? What can I do?

A sudden knock on her closed bedroom door cut off her thoughts and she impatiently flung the door open to see Uncle Art standing there, looking very uncomfortable.

“Uh, Roxie, I, uh, just wanted to talk to you for a minute. May I come in?” Uncle Art asked.

“Sure, why not?” Roxie responded with a shrug, moving away from the door and walking over to her bed. She sat down on the edge of it as Uncle Art sat down in a wicker chair opposite the bed.

“Roxie, your aunt and I have been talking, and we can see that you’re pretty unhappy about being here with us this summer,” Uncle Art said kindly.

The young girl flushed and bit into her lower lip, feeling ashamed of herself. But her reaction was short-lived and was quickly replaced with a feeling of defiance.

“Yeah, so?” she asked.

“Well, uh, we just wonder if we can do something to make your visit happier. Maybe it’s us. Maybe we’re doing something wrong and you can just tell us what we can do to… uh, Roxie, dear, there’s something wrong with your top.” His eyes widened as his gaze focused on Roxie’s chest.

“What do you mean? What’s wrong with my… oh, wow!” Roxie laughed as she saw that one of her big tits had popped free of her tight halter top. The entire tit was visible now and, thanks to the teenager’s horniness, it’s nipple was long and stiff and very, very red.

Her uncle discreetly looked away to give his niece a chance to slip her naked tit back into her top. But, Roxie glanced at the man’s crotch and when she saw that he had the beginnings of a hard-on lumping out against his overalls, a light bulb went off in her head.

That’s it! she cried within herself. What a perfect way to get revenge and to work off some of my horniness at the same time! I’ll cock-tease Uncle Art until he doesn’t know if he’s coming or going!

With that thought in mind, the horny girl tore her top off and threw it down to the far side of her bed. Then she rose, standing right in front of Uncle Art.

“You can look now, Uncle Art. My top’s back on,” she said huskily, smiling at she continued to stare at his bulging crotch.

“My God, Roxie! You said your top was back on!” Art cried as he found himself staring up at his niece’s two exposed tits now. He tried not to look, but it was impossible for him to tear his gaze away from those two huge, tempting-looking mounds of strawberry-tipped tit flesh.

“I guess I lied,” Roxie said with a little giggle. “Do you like them, Uncle Art? Do you like Roxie’s tits?”

“You’d better put your top back on, Roxie,” Uncle Art choked out.

Roxie laughed, delighted by her uncle’s reaction. Why, the hayseed is really turned on by me! she thought excitedly. Look at that hard-on he’s got! I can see it getting bigger and harder by the second! And if he really were so shocked, he’d have jumped up and left the room by now. But he’s sitting there as if he has no intention of leaving, and he keeps staring at my tits! God, the way he’s looking at me… my pussy’s getting so wet. What a turn-on!

“Why should I put my top back on? Don’t you like looking at my tits? Aren’t you a normal man?” she taunted. And now she scooped both of her heavy tits up in her hands and lifted them, as if offering them to the man.

“Of course it’s normal!” Uncle Art responded angrily. “But, my God, it’s just not right!”

“Why not?” Roxie asked saucily, moving closer to him.

“It’s just… I don’t know… I just…”

“You never answered my question, Uncle Art,” Roxie said smoothly, thoroughly enjoying herself and the little cock-teasing game she was playing. It was the first time since hitting her uncle’s place that she hadn’t felt bored or frustrated.

“What-what question?” Uncle Art asked, again trying to look away from the mesmerizing sight of his niece’s naked tits and again not succeeding.

“Do you like my tits?” Roxie asked softly. “God, yes, of course, I like your tits! I love them! They’re gorgeous!” Uncle Art said, his voice thick with lust.

Roxie laughed again, this time in triumph.

“Yeah, I can tell. Would you like to touch them?” she asked, feeling her little pussy growing hotter and wetter with each passing second.

“God, Roxie!” Art said, clenching his hands in his lap as if afraid of they would do if he opened them.

“Don’t be such a wimp,” Roxie murmured as she reached down and grabbed one of her uncle’s hands and placed it firmly on her right tit. With her hand covering his, she moved it all over her tit, being sure to keep her nipple centered in the middle of his moving palm.

“Mmmmm, feels good,” she cooed. “Don’t you like touching my tit, Uncle Art?”

“Jesus Christ, Roxie!” the man cried.

Roxie laughed triumphantly again. She knew how her uncle felt about swearing, so she knew that he had to be super turned on now.

“Tell me if you like what you’re doing, Uncle Art,” Roxie said, savoring the sense of sexual power she felt she had over her uncle. She continued to move his hand all over her tit and she noticed that the man was now making little moaning sounds and that his cock was still swelling within the confines of his overalls. “Tell me that you like this or I’ll stop right now. I’ll take your hand off and…”

“No, don’t stop! I love touching your tit, Roxie,” Art groaned and, to the teenager’s delight, he reached up with his other hand and gripped her left tit, kneading the firm tit flesh and pinching her nipple.

“Oh, good! But I think that’s enough for now, Uncle Art,” the girl said, moving back from him, her tits slipping out of his grasping hands.

“No, Roxie!” Uncle Art protested, reaching out as if to grip her tits again.

But she shook her head and continued to move back from him. “Naughty, naughty! Mustn’t touch. You said yourself it was wrong.”

“But, Roxie, it felt so good touching your tits! I was wrong! It’s okay! Please, honey, let me touch them again!” Uncle Art gasped.

Roxie grinned, thrilling to the begging note in his thickened voice. “Not right now, Uncle Art. When you came in here, you asked me if there’s anything you can do to make me happier,” Roxie said, enjoying the way the man was still gazing hungrily at her tits.

“Huh? Oh, yeah, right, anything…” he murmured, licking his lips excitedly.

“Good! ‘Cause it would make me very happy right now if you would just sit there and watch me while I undress,” Roxie said, feeling her pussy tingling.

“What? You must be crazy!” Uncle Art said, shocked by the girl’s suggestion.

“Oh, really? Well, you sure don’t want to stay here with a crazy girl, do you? So I guess you’d just better go and I’ll get dressed. And I’ll make sure that you never touch me again,” Roxie said, her eyes narrowing in anger.

“God, Roxie, what you’re doing to me… I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. You’re not crazy. I like your idea, really I do. Sure, you go ahead and take all your clothes off and I’ll sit right here and watch you. Will that make you happy, honey?”

“Yeah, it will, as long as you promise me that you’ll just sit there and watch. You mustn’t touch me, or even try to. If you do, I’ll make you leave,” Roxie said firmly.

“Okay, okay, anything. Just go ahead and undress. I promise that I won’t try to touch you,” Uncle Art said, obviously disappointed.

“Well…” Roxie said slowly, as if thinking it over. “Maybe if you’re very, very good, I just might let you touch me… would you like that?”

“Yes, Roxie, oh yes! Please let me touch you!” Uncle Art begged, his cock hardening more at the thrilling thought of totting his sexy niece’s naked body.

“Maybe I will. And maybe I won’t. I haven’t decided yet. But you can’t touch me unless I tell you to… understand?”

“Yes, yes, I understand,” Uncle Art said, nodding vigorously, his eyes still on her naked tits.

Roxie kicked her sandals off. She grinned at her uncle, who was licking his lips and beginning to stoke his aching hard-on through his overalls. The young girl stared right at him as she slipped her shorts off. She was glad that on this particular day she was wearing panties. She wanted to prolong her uncle’s sexual excitement, and she could tease him all the longer now that she was wearing panties.

“Take… them… off,” he panted, moving his gaze down to her panty-clad crotch.

“Not yet… and don’t start giving me orders,” Roxie said sternly.

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry, honey,” Uncle Art murmured.

Uncle Art unbuttoned the fly of his trousers and hauled out his big cock. It was rock hard, making Roxie’s mouth water with desire as she stared at it. He slowly began to jerk himself off as he continued to stare at his niece.

“You’re so beautiful, Roxie, and so young and sexy,” he rasped. “And you’re turning your uncle on sooo much!”

Roxie’s eyes widened as she stared at the man’s huge prick, which he was stroking. She began to prance back and forth before him, shaking her ass and stroking her tits, seeing that her uncle was really turning on to her erotic actions.

“I love your cock, Uncle Art! It’s so big and hard!” the girl cried, feeling her little pussy drooling with more and more juice.

“Pleeeease, Roxie, don’t tease me like this… please take your panties off now.”

Roxie laughed delightedly. “You want to see my little pussy — is that it? Tell me, Uncle Art, do you want to see your niece’s pussy?”

“Oh, God, yes, that’s what I want! It’s what I need! For God’s sake, Roxie! Let me see your pussy now!”

“Well… I don’t know, Uncle Art. I mean, what if we get caught or something?” Roxie asked, wanting to prolong her uncle’s torment.

“God, Roxie! Kip and Beth are out in the pond,” the man said, leaning forward in his chair as if about to spring out of it and rape the young girl.

“Fine. But what about Aunt Pat?” Roxie asked.

“She’s in the kitchen. She’s doing her baking today… it’ll keep her busy for hours yet. Pleeease take your panties off!”

Roxie faced her uncle, eager to expose her naked pussy to his horny gaze. Then she slowly and seductively slipped her panties down until they fell around her ankles. She stepped out of them and kicked them to the side.

“God, Roxie! Your… pussy… it’s gorgeous!” Uncle Art gasped.

His hand pumped urgently along the length of his stiff prick with a steady beat, turning his me on all the more.

She stood proudly before her uncle, completely naked now. She struck a seductive pose with her hands on her slender hips and her big tits thrust forward. She parted her legs widely, relishing the way Uncle Art was devouring her cunt with his eyes.

“Do you really like my little pussy?” she asked thickly.

“Yes! Yes! It’s gorgeous! Please let me touch it!” the man cried.

“Not yet. And maybe not at all… you have to be very, very good.” Roxie said with a smile.

The man groaned with incestuous lust as he pumped his fist up and down his prick faster and harder.

Now, the young teenager began to do an erotic bump-and-grind sort of dance in front of her uncle. She could see that his eyes were completely glazed over with lust now, and she congratulated herself for thinking of this wonderful plan. She was feeling excited now, and happy for the first time since arriving at her uncle’s house.

“You know what, Uncle Al?” she asked. “What is it, Roxie?” the man asked, his voice strangled with desire.

“My little pussy is almost always juicy,” Roxie said coyly.

“It-it is?” Art gasped.

“Oh, yeah, I’m a really sexy girl, Uncle Art. I’m always turned on, always ready to be fucked. That’s why my pussy is always so wet. It’s wringing wet right now!”

“Good God!”

“Do you want to see me touching my wet pussy?” Roxie asked excitedly.

“Yes! Touch it! Touch your wet pussy!”

She moved closer to her uncle and deliberately thrust her hips forward, her cunt so close to him now that he could actually smell the musky scent of it. Staring right at her uncle, Roxie slipped one finger in between her tight pussylips, running it up and down the wet groove.

Art’s mouth went slack and his saliva began to drool out of its cowers as he stared wide-eyed at his niece’s sexy actions, his fist still pumping up and down the length of his enormous hard-on.

“Oh, yeah, Uncle Art, my little pussy’s sopping wet now! Do you want to see how wet it is?” she asked tauntingly.

Unable to speak past the knot of lust that rose up in his throat, Uncle Art nodded several times.

“Okay, look!” Roxie chirped brightly as she held her juice-coated finger up in front of her uncle’s face.

Uncle Art stared at his niece’s juice-soaked finger wordlessly, but Roxie noticed that his cock swelled even more in his pumping fist.

“Yeah, it’s really wet, all right. Let’s see how it smells,” she said softly, sniffing at her finger. “Mmmmmm, good. Wanna smell it, Uncle Art?”

Uncle Art nodded his head affirmatively so fast that it was but a blur.

“Okay… smell,” Roxie said, holding her finger out toward his nose.

Like a starving dog following the scent of a juicy steak, Uncle Art leaned forward, sniffing loudly at the wet finger held out in front of him.

“Ohhhh, Roxie,” he groaned.

“You like that, huh? Now let’s see how it tastes,” Roxie said, thrilling to her cock-teasing actions as she stuck her finger into her mouth and sucked on it. “Mmmmm, that tastes really good, Uncle Art. Would you like to taste my pussy juice off my finger?”

“Yes!” he growled.

“Okay, you’ve been pretty good so I’ll let you. First, let me get my finger all wet again — just for you,” the teenager said as she dipped the same finger between pussylips again and swirled it about in her juices. When she pulled her finger out of her cunt, it was once again coated with a thick film of cunt juice.

“Let… me… taste it,” the man grunted, panting hard as he stared at the finger that was covered with his niece’s pussy juice.

“Okay, but don’t try anything else,” Roxie said as she held her finger close to his mouth.

But as the man moved forward, sticking his tongue out to lick Roxie’s finger, she laughed and yanked it away, out of his reach.

“You little cock-teasing bitch!” he growled, his face turning red with rage and lust.

“Uh-huh,” Roxie said, shaking her head from side to side in an admonishing gesture. “Careful, Uncle Art! You call me names, and I’ll put my clothes back on right now and I’ll make you leave my room.”

“No, please don’t do that, Roxie! I’m sorry! You’re right. I shouldn’t have called you what I did. But please, honey, you’re driving me crazy! Please let me lick your juicy finger!” the man begged, all self-control and pride long gone.

“Well… okay,” Roxie said, moving her juice-soaked finger back in front of his mouth.

This time, when Uncle Art stuck his tongue out, Roxie did not pull her finger away. She left it there and moaned softly as she felt his tongue running up and down its length, lapping up all of her cunt juice.

When her finger was clean and shiny only with his saliva, she pulled it away from his relentlessly licking tongue. Then, once again, she dipped that finger between her swollen pussylips and sloshed it about in her cunt juices. Again, she pulled her glistening finger out of her pussy and held it before Uncle Art’s mouth.

“This time,” she said, breathing hard and fast, “I want you to suck it! Suck all my pussy juice off my finger!”

Uncle Art groaned gratefully as he wrapped his lips about his niece’s finger and sucked hard, swallowing her cunt juice down.

“Oh, God, Roxie, your juice tastes soooo good!” he groaned as the teenager pulled her finger out of his mouth.

“Yeah, I know,” she said flippantly.

Then, while the man continued to jerk himself off, Roxie danced and did some bump-and-grind movements in front of him, loving the way his cock just continued to swell more and more until she was sure that the impossibly fat cock would explode any second.

Then, suddenly, unable to restrain her lust any longer, Roxie knelt between Uncle Art’s legs.

“What-what are you gonna do?” Art asked, his prick lurching wildly.

“What do you think?” she asked sarcastically.

She opened her mouth wide and sucked her uncle’s throbbing cock into her mouth. She sucked hard and fast from, the very first, closing her eyes and moaning with lust as she turned on more and more.

“Yeah, Roxie, oh yeah — suck your uncle off! Make me come — and swallow it all!” Uncle Art gasped, shoving his hips forward to force more of his prickmeat into the girl’s hungry mouth.

Her pussy was so hot and wet now that she knew she was about to come. Perfect, she thought. If I can come before Uncle Art does, it’ll fit right in with my plan.

She sucked the man’s cock hard, licking all over the spongy cockhead with her wet tongue. She could feel the fat prick pulsing against her inner cheeks, and she groaned with excitement.

Suddenly, she came. Waves of orgasm struck her and she gasped around the thickness of Uncle Art’s cock. Pussy juice ran down her legs, spilling lewdly onto the floor between her legs.

“God, that was good!” she cried, sliding her mouth off of her uncle’s cock the instant that her orgasm began to ebb.

“What-what are you doing? My cock… haven’t come yet…” Uncle Art panted dazedly, not understanding why his niece had stopped sucking his prick just as he had felt the beginnings of his much-needed orgasm.

Roxie rose and grinned at her uncle. She reached out and gripped both of his arms, tugging at them. In his haze of confusion and unfulfilled lust, the man allowed the girl to pull him up out of the chair. Then, Roxie turned him around so that he was facing the door. She put her hands flat on his back and pushed him toward the door, his lust-bloated cock still fully out of his fly.

“Sorry you didn’t get to come, Uncle Art. But I did. And that’s really all I care about,” Roxie said with a little laugh as she shoved the man out of her room and slammed the door shut behind him.

“Why… you little cock-teaser… get you for this, Roxie!” the enraged man sputtered helplessly.

“Promises, promises,” Roxie sang out as she collapsed onto her bed, laughing hysterically.

She couldn’t remember when she had had so much fun. And she had even managed to come without letting him have his own orgasm. Oh, wow, she thought, happily hugging her pillow to her naked body, and this is just the beginning! Tomorrow I go after Kip, or maybe Beth, or even Aunt Pat!


The next evening, Uncle Art took Beth and Kip to the movies. The nearest movie theater was thirty miles away, and it was a double feature — which meant that they would be gone a long time. Uncle Art had ignored Roxie that day, only giving her an occasional hostile glance. But Kip and Beth had very politely invited the young girl to go to the movies with them.

“Those movies are old! I saw them ages ago!” Roxie had snorted derisively when they had told her what was playing at the movie theater. “I’ll stay here with Aunt Pat.”

“Why, that will be very nice, dear,” Pat had murmured with a smile at her niece, obviously pleased that the girl wanted to spend some time with her.

Soon after her uncle and cousins left, Roxie settled herself in the living room, idly watching television and waiting for her aunt to finish tidying up the kitchen. Just a short time later, Aunt Pat came into the living room and sat down on the couch next to Roxie.

The woman smiled uncertainly at her niece. She was still surprised that the teenager was actually sitting there, as if enjoying her company instead of hiding out in her bedroom as she usually did.

“What would you like to do tonight, dear?” Aunt Pat asked solicitously.

“Oh, I’d just like to sit here and get to know you better, Aunt Pat,” Roxie murmured, scooting closer to the older woman. “Why don’t you fix us a drink?”

“A drink? You mean alcohol?” Pat asked in surprise.

“Sure! What else? You’ve got a bar right over there,” Roxie said.

“Why, yes, I know, but that’s just for your uncle. I never drink.”

“I knew it! You asked me what I wanted and when I tell you, you give me a big argument about it,” Roxie said, moving away from her aunt. She crossed her arms in front of her chest and pouted, but inside she was laughing. She just knew that things were going to go the way she wanted them to. She’d have her aunt eating right out of her hand in just minutes.

“Oh, no, Roxie, please don’t be angry with me. I do want to make you happy. I just…”

“Then, fix me a drink. I want a scotch on the rocks, and I want you to have one, too,” Roxie said firmly.

Shaking her head as if what she was about to do was against her better judgment, Aunt Pat rose from the couch and moved to the bar across the room. She fixed two strong drinks and carded them back to the couch, handing one to her niece.

“Here, dear, but are you sure this won’t be too strong for you?”

“Are you kidding?” Roxie snorted as she quickly downed half of her drink. “My mom and dad always let me drink like this.”

It was a lie. What was true was that Roxie and her brother Al often enjoyed drinking just before fucking. It seemed to fire them up all the more and make their fuck-session that much more exciting.

Roxie downed her drink and moaned softly, enjoying the way the heady liquid seemed to shoot straight to her loins, making her pussy feel itchy and horny.

“Drink up! You haven’t even touched yours, Aunt Pat,” the young girl said with a little giggle.

“I’m just not used to drinking much,” Pat said uncertainly.

“Good! Then you’ll enjoy it all the more! It’ll bit you like a ton of bricks. Go on, Aunt Pat.”

Aunt Pat did as she was told and when she had raised the glass and sipped daintily at the scotch, her niece laughingly reached out and lifted the glass upward. She placed the palm of her hand against the very bottom of the full glass and held it there, forcing her aunt to either swallow the scotch down rapidly or to choke on it.

“Urrghhh,” she gurgled, her eyes widening as she frantically struggled not to choke. In the process, she swallowed every single drop of the strong drink.

“Good girl,” Roxie said softly, taking her hand away from her aunt’s glass.

The teenager put her own empty glass down on the coffee table and Aunt Pat did the same, already feeling tipsy and more than a little horny.

“Roxie!” she cried. “You made me drink all of that!”

“I know. But you liked it, didn’t you?” Roxie asked knowingly as she rose from the couch.

“Yes, it was great!” Pat responded with a little high-pitched laugh which made her sound like a teenager, herself.

“Good… now, I’m going to get very, very comfortable,” Roxie said, quickly stripping off her shorts and blouse and turning before her aunt to reveal her naked body.

“Roxie! Why did you do that?” Aunt Pat asked in a shocked tone.

But her niece noticed that the older woman’s gaze was fixed on Roxie’s damp pussy.

“Why? So you can lick my pussy for me!” Roxie said as she sat back on the sofa and spread her legs wide. “Hurry, Aunt Pat, I want you to lick all over my hot little cunt with your wet tongue. Hurry!”

Aunt Pat paled but she was unconsciously licking her lips and instinctively moving closer to her niece.

“I-I can’t,” she murmured in spite of the fact that her own pussy was burning with need at that very moment.

“Sure, you can!” Roxie chirped, beginning to run one finger up and down between her drooling pussylips, enjoying the way her aunt was watching her every move.

“But I just can’t,” Pat said huskily.

“You know you want to do it, Aunt Pat,” Roxie said confidently. “You haven’t taken your eyes off of my pussy since I stripped. Do it to me, Aunt Pat! Lick my pussy and make me come — or I’ll run away and tell my parents that you made me very unhappy!”

Aunt Pat was already too intoxicated from the liquor and her own lust to question the lack of logic in her niece’s threat. She sank to her knees between the teenager’s spread legs and looked up at her, her gaze falling on Roxie’s heaving tits.

“Good girl. Oh, you like my tits too, huh? Well, that’s okay. You can start with them and then do my pussy. Come on, Aunt Pat, lick my tits!”

With a little groan, Aunt Pat embraced her niece. She reached out with her tongue, licking at the tops of the girl’s trembling tits. The older woman’s tongue moved around in a slow circle all around Roxie’s tit flesh, moving from tit to tit.

“Mmmmm, yeah, that’s it, Aunt Pat,” Roxie moaned. “Now that’s not so bad, is it? Do it again. And I want to feel that tongue on my nipples!”

The teenager was enjoying the power she had over her aunt as much as she was enjoying the erotic feel of the woman’s tongue on her young tits. It was as if the two females had temporarily switched roles, with Roxie being the one in charge and Pat helplessly following the girls orders.

Pat was trembling all over as her tongue continued to move across and around her niece’s tits. Her rough tongue made Roxie groan with pleasure. Then, Roxie put her hand on top of her aunt’s head. The older women allowed her face to be pushed down until it was pressed against one of the girl’s nips.

“Now suck it, Aunt Pat,” Roxie ordered. “Suck it good and hard!”

Pat hesitated for just a second, but then she took the hard nip into her hot mouth.

“Yessss!” Roxie hissed between clenched teeth as a sharp erotic tingle coursed through her.

Aunt Pat sucked the quivering nip for another minute or two. Then, without being told to, she moved her face to her niece’s other tit, eagerly sucking that stiff nip into her mouth. Her saliva washed over the strawberry-hued bud, making it glisten lewdly.

“Ohhhh, yeah, that’s great.” Roxie groaned. Her tits felt swollen to three times their normal size with the sexual excitement that was pounding all through her.

“Now move back to my other tit. Suck it hard!” Roxie gasped a couple of minutes later.

Pat’s wet mouth moved back to the girls other creamy tit. Her teeth nipped at the smooth flesh. She opened her mouth wide and started sucking the teenager’s tit into her mouth.

Roxie cried out with pleasure and put both hands on the back of her aunt’s head.

Pat started sucking hard. Her body was making little shuddering movements as she sucked her niece’s tits.

“Ohhhhh, that’s good, Aunt Pat — you’re making me feel so good,” Roxie moaned, feeling the soft strokes of Aunt Pat’s tongue across her swollen tit flesh and stiff nips. The young girl ran her fingers through her aunt’s silky hair.

“Move your head down now. I want to feel your tongue all over me.”

Her aunt’s lips reluctantly pulled away from the teenager’s tits. Pat’s wet mouth moved down the girl’s body. Her tongue brushed against Roxie’s belly and slipped in and out of her belly button.

“Shit, you’re really turning me on, you sexy hayseed bitch!” the teenager cried.

She reached down and grabbed her aunt by the hair. She pulled her face up and looked at her. There was an obscene grin on the older woman’s face.

“Ha! I knew it!” Roxie cried triumphantly. “You love getting it on with me! Now, I want you to really make me feel good.”

“What do you mean? What do you want?” Pat asked, her voice slurred with lust.

“You know damn well what I want. I want you to eat my cunt!” Roxie said. “Noooo,” Aunt Pat said slowly. “I couldn’t possibly do that, Roxie.”

“Yes, you can,” Roxie said with a little laugh, never doubting for a moment that the horny woman would do exactly what she told her to. “You know you can. And what’s more, you know that’s just what you want to do. You want to eat my little pussy more than you’ve ever wanted anything! I know it! And you know it! So stop playing games and go for it! I’m so horny! That licking job you did all over my body really turned me on. Now, my pussy’s all full of hot juice just for you. So get down there and lick it all up!”

Roxie’s pussy was throbbing and her juices were running down the insides of her naked thighs.

“Hurry!” she demanded.

Pat gave a little helpless groan as she stared at her niece’s juice-drenched pussy.

Roxie grabbed her head and pulled it down to her belly again. The woman did not resist. Her tongue hungrily moved down past Roxie’s belly button, to the hairs of her pussy.

“Do it!” Roxie ordered.

With another groan, Pat started sucking her niece’s silky pussy hairs into her mouth. Then she moved her face a bit lower.

“Oh, yes, Aunt Pat,” Roxie moaned. “Do meeee!”

Pat’s soft lips touched Roxie’s creamy thighs. Her tongue began to move up and down the juice-wet thighs, never quite touching Roxie’s cunt.

“Hurry!” Roxie said impatiently. “Don’t you dare try to tease me! Stick your tongue in my pussy!”

“I’m not trying to tease you, honey,” Pat said, her voice trembling. “I’m just scared.”

“Oh, please,” Roxie said sarcastically. “I don’t have time for that kind of slit! I want my pussy eaten! Stick your fucking tongue up my cunt — and do it now!”

Again, the teenager gripped her aunts head. Aunt Pat felt her face being pulled into the girls wet pussy. Roxie spread her legs open wider as Aunt Pat started licking her swollen cuntlips.

Roxie gasped as she felt the wet tongue licking up and down her cunt. The young girl’s thick juices were soaking Aunt Pat’s tongue and lips. She licked up and down for a few more minutes and then, to her niece’s delight, she finally shoved her tongue into Roxie’s cunt.

“Awwwww, yesss,” Roxie moaned softly. “Awwww, shiiiit, that feels sooo fuckin’ good!”

Pat left her tongue inside her niece’s cunt for a few minutes without moving. Then she slid her hands underneath Roxie’s asscheeks, lifting the young girl off the sofa. She began to fuck the full length of her horny tongue in and out of Roxie’s clasping pussy.

“Ohhhh, yessss, that’s what I need, Aunt Pat!” Roxie cried. “You’re fucking your whole tongue up my pussy! It feels sooo fucking good!”

The teenager gripped her aunt’s tongue with her cunt muscles, giving it a hard squeeze before releasing it again.

Aunt Pat moaned into her niece’s gaping cunt as she continued to thrust her tongue fully in and out of the girl’s gripping cunt hole. Each time she fucked into her, the tip of her tongue banged up against the back wall of Roxie’s cunt, making both of the aroused females moan with excitement.

Pat’s own pussy was drenched with juice now and she could hardly wait for her turn to be eaten out. For she had no doubt whatever that as soon as she made Roxie come, the young girl would return the favor.

The older woman’s tongue slid deeper into the teenager’s tight little pussy. She was striving to lick every single bit of her niece’s cuntmeat with her tongue.

Roxie loved it. She moaned continually, bouncing up and down in her aunt’s hands as the woman continued to grip and knead Roxie’s quivering asscheeks. Roxie’s tits felt so swollen that they grew painful, and at last the girl began to caress her own aching nips.

“Eat me, Aunt Pat!” Roxie gasped as she rubbed and squeezed her own nipples. “This is what I need! Keep fucking my pussy with your tongue?”

Now, Aunt Pat slid one finger into the tight tit of Roxie’s asshole. She began fucking her finger in and out with the same rhythm her tongue was using as it fucked in and out of Roxie’s snug cunt hole.

“Awwwww, good, good,” Roxie groaned, a little surprised by her aunt’s daring. But she was delighted. Her nipples felt super hot and hard. She brushed her fingertips back and forth over the swollen nubs until her entire body was shaking with pleasure.

Aunt Pat’s tongue found Roxie’s clit. She sucked the stiff little clit into her mouth, brushing her tongue across it. She captured the trembling clit between her teeth and chewed on it.

“Yessss, ohhh, yessss,” Roxie moaned. “Ohhhh, fuck yes!”

The teenager’s hands pulled at her own tit, rubbing and pinching her nips harder and faster. She knew that she was going to come soon. There were thrilling icy-hot shivers of lust shooting all through her naked body. Roxie slipped her hands down and cupped her aunt’s bobbing head. She held onto the woman’s head tightly, pulling Aunt Pat’s face right against her wet cunt.

“Yes, you sexy country hick bitch! Eat me up! Eat your niece’s pussy all up!” Roxie gasped. “Eat my fucking cunt! I need your fucking tongue up meeee!”

Again and again, Aunt Pat fucked her tongue in and out of the young girl’s tight cunt. Roxie’s ass lifted up higher from the couch and off of her aunt’s gripping hands. The girl felt as if she could never get enough of that wet tongue fucking in and out of her pussy.

Shuddering spasms began to course through Roxie’s body. She lifted up a bit higher with each savage thrust of Aunt Pat’s tongue. She could feel more and more juice filling her cunt and pouring into the older woman’s mouth.

“Ooooh! I’m gonna come!” Roxie screamed at the top of her lungs. “I’m gonna come, Aunt! Awwww, shit, yeah, here it comes! It’s happening now! I’m coming! Keep eating me! I’m coming hard!”

Again, the orgasming teenager tightened her grip on her aunt’s head, to keep the woman from drawing away at that crucial moment. But Aunt Pat did not appear to be trying to escape. Instead, Roxie could hear her aunt swallowing the flood of cum that was shooting into her mouth. “Yeah! Swallow it all, Aunt Pat!” Roxie yelled.

Aunt Pat groaned, her face still pressed tightly against her niece’s cunt as the teenager continued to come. The woman felt her own pussy pulsing with desire and she longed for the moment when the girl would plaster her own face against Aunt Pat’s cunt and eat her out until the woman had her much-needed orgasm. Feeling Roxie’s pussy shuddering organically against her juice-drenched face just served to arouse the woman all the more and she longed to come, herself.

Finally, the last shudders of incestuous orgasm passed through Roxie’s pussy. She relaxed and released her aunt’s head. But Aunt Pat kept her head down against her niece’s pussy for a few more minutes, still licking the teenager’s cunt. When Roxie’s little pussy became too sensitive to stand it anymore, she reached down and pushed Aunt Pat’s head away.

At last, Aunt Pat took her tongue away from the girl’s quaking cunt. She smacked her lips noisily and sat back on her heels, grinning up at her niece.

“I’m glad you made me do that, honey. It was great. I really loved eating your little pussy. It tastes great,” Pat admitted, running her hands up and down the girl’s naked thighs.

Roxie smiled when she saw her own pussy juices glistening lewdly all over her aunt’s flushed face. She pushed the woman’s hands away from her inner thighs and stood up. She gathered her clothes up quickly and turned away from her aunt, about to leave the room.

“Roxie! Where are you going?” Aunt Pat asked in surprise.

“Oh, I don’t know. I’m starting to feel bored again. Guess I’ll go up to my room,” Roxie said as she began to walk out of the room, clutching her clothes to her big-titted chest.

“But, Roxie! Eating your pussy made me so hot I can hardly stand it! Aren’t you going to eat me out now?” Aunt Pat asked desperately, still kneeling on the floor.

“Gosh, no, Aunt Pat. I never said I would do that, did I?” Roxie asked innocently.

“My God, Roxie, how can you do this to me? I’m so horny!” Aunt Pat cried, tears of sexual frustration filling her eyes.

“That’s not my responsibility, is it? Why don’t you just fuck yourself with your hand?” Roxie asked with a laugh, bounding up the stairs to her room.

As the teenager closed the door behind her, she felt a little mean, a little guilty. She knew that she was acting like a real bitch, a cunt even. But she didn’t seem able to stop herself.


During the next few days, both Aunt Pat and Uncle Art did their obvious best to avoid Roxie. They spoke to her only when necessary, and then only briefly and ha clipped tones. Most of the time when the young girl would enter a room where they were, they would leave it.

Roxie felt sad and a little lost. This revenge idea of hers was no longer quite so much fun. And she really did feel terribly guilty for the way she had treated her aunt and uncle, especially when they had teen nothing but nice to her. Roxie thought about going to her aunt and uncle and apologizing for her inexcusable behavior. She felt like starting all over again and trying to get along with these relatives who had opened up their home to her. But she knew that she could not possibly do that now. The point of no return had passed. And the teenager felt that, unless someone did something to stop her — which she almost hoped they would — she would go right on acting the part of the bitch and taking her resentments out on the country family.

One day soon after her pussy-eating session with her aunt, Roxie awoke, dressed, and went downstairs to discover that she and Kip were alone. The boy told her that his parents had taken Beth into the city to buy some new clothes, something they did once or twice a year.

Roxie was glad and excited to learn that she and Kip would be along for a while. For the young girl had had the hots for her teenaged cousin ever since he and his family had picked her up at the train station.

“You’ve got a stereo in the den, right?” she asked.

“Yeah, why?”

“Because I just love to dance!” Roxie said, already heading for the den.

“I don’t really know how to dance,” Kip said as he followed his cousin into the den and watched while the girl turned the stereo on and flipped the dial until raucous rock music was blasting out of it.

“That’s okay. You can watch me. I don’t need a partner,” the girl said as she kicked a throw rug side and danced into the center of the room.

Slip sat down on a chair and his eyes bugged out as he watched his beautiful, sexy cousin swinging her hips, shaking her trim ass, and jiggling her big tits around.

Roxie had always been a good dancer and, with a rapt audience, she was even better. The wild beat of the rock music pounded all through her as she erotically moved her body in time to the music. The hard-driving rhythm made her blood race and she could feel that hot blood rushing downward into her cunt, turning her on beyond belief. Seeing her cousin’s excited eyes on her just turned her on more as she danced lewdly for his benefit.

She danced clout and closer to where Kip sat, his mouth gaping open slackly as he watched her. Rout glanced down at his crotch and when she saw that he had a hard-on jutting out against the denim fabric of his jeans, her pussy oozed out a flood of warm cunt juice.

“Wow, Roxie,” Kip gasped, his voice thick with lust.

Roxie grinned, pleased by his reaction. Now she threw her arms up high over head, lifting her huge tits, thrusting them outward deliberately in the boy’s direction. Her stiff nips drilled into the thin fabric of her tight, skimpy halter top. The big tits bounced wildly as she jerked her hips, twisted her shoulders, shook her ass and did an obscene bump-and-grind movement.

She knew that she had her cousin’s undivided attention and that he was growing more and more aroused.

I’ve had my revenge on Uncle Art and Aunt Pat, she thought. Now it’s Kip’s turn. For just a minute, she felt that pang of guilt again and she wondered if she should go through with it. But then she told herself that she had already gone too far to stop now.

She whirled about the room with fast, frenzied movements. She stretched and twisted her young body into the sexiest, most seductive poses she could think of, watching Kip’s hard-on growing fatter.

Roxie danced up close to the boy and deliberately let her big tits swing right across his face. Then she laughed and danced away again, as Kip’s face reddened.

The young girl was growing more and more aroused. She continued to dance wantonly to the blood-stirring music which drove the heavy, erotic beat into her reeling brain. She felt as if her entire body was now throbbing in response to the pulsing rhythm of the music.

Her flesh broke out in goose bumps. Her pussy drooled. Her tits throbbed. Her clit grew so long and swollen that she could feel it protruding from between her pussylips.

Roxie gyrated more and more wildly to the pounding beat. Her body flushed and shone with a sexual glow which made her eyes light up, as well. The teenager felt as if she were surrendering completely to the erotic music, in the same thrilling way that she might surrender to a lover. The steady driving beat had taken over her body, making her little pussy pulse with arousal.

Again, she raised her arms high over her head, and she began to undulate her thighs and flat belly toward her cousin. She saw the teen lick his lips and roll his eyes. She glanced again at his crotch and was pleased to see that his cock was growing harder and fatter.

The girl’s head jerked, whipping her long hair about her shoulders. Her arms shot up high, then down to her knees, then lower as she wriggled her trim little ass in Kip’s direction.

She straightened again. Her tits jiggled lewdly as she moved. Her nipples poked insistently against the front of her halter top. Her hip pistoned back and forth as she danced about the room glancing at her cousin whenever possible.

The boy was leaning forward in his chair with an obvious sexual urgency, and Roxie laughed. It looked to her as if Kip were struggling against an urge to leap up and attack her right then and there.

“God, you look beautiful when you dance like that!” Kip groaned, licking his lips again.

Roxie glanced at him and saw that he was staring hard at her tits. His gaze shifted to her ass while she continued to watch his reaction to her obscene dance.

She moaned and whimpered slightly as she continued to dance for her horny young cousin. She arched her back, twisting and turning, gyrating lewdly to the primitive beat which seemed to be possessing her body and her mind.

With her back fully arched, her face turned toward her cousin, Roxie jerked her arms behind her back, crossing her wrists as if they were bound. Then, she worked her smooth shoulders in small circles. She felt her tits expand upward and outward, pushing against the front of her halter top.

“God, Roxie!” Kip cried, his eyes widening. He gulped hard, staring right at the girl’s tits. Her rigid nips were poking obscenely against the thin material, and his cock grew still harder between his legs.

The girl’s blood boiled hotly in her loins. Her cunt was dripping sweet pussy juice. The front of her shorts was soaked with the thick sauce. Facing Kip, she gave her dancing movements everything she had, which was considerable. She jerked, stretched, twisted, pumping her loins back and forth in the classic fucking motion. Her eyes were glazed over with fuck-lust. And the heady aroma of aroused teenaged pussy wafted up from between her legs.

She boldly moved her hands slowly up over her belly, to the full swelling of her tits. She lifted her gigantic tits upward and out toward her cousin. Her shoulders moved sensuously from side to side, swaying with the motion of her entire body.

“Jeeeesus Christ!” Kip cried, his eyes looking as if they were about to pop right out of their sockets.

Now, the girl gripped the bottom of her halter top and pulled it upward, bringing the soft under slopes of her big tits fully into view for her cousin.

“God, yes, Roxie! Take it off! Take your top off!” Kip groaned.

Her cousin’s words thrilled Roxie, turning her on even more. But she had to remind herself of her plan to taunt the boy. She couldn’t give in too easily.

“Are you sure?” she panted. “Do you really think that I should take my top off?”

She looked her cousin straight in the eyes as she slowly raised the top higher, showing him more of her tit flesh. Her knuckles pressed hard against her swollen nipples, making them jut out all the more.

“Are you kidding? You’ve got me so hot and horny I can’t even think straight! Jesus! You’ve got to take your top off! Take it off now!” Kip cried frantically.

He made a sudden lunge for her but she danced back from him, neatly avoiding his grasp.

“But you didn’t say please, Kip. You should be more polite when you ask for things,” Roxie teased with a grin.

“Oh, God, Roxie — do you realize what you’re doing to me!” Kip groaned. The boy had never been this turned on before, not in all of his young life. “Please, Roxie! Pleeease take your fucking top off!”

“That’s better,” Roxie said, smiling at her cousin. She tore her tap off and threw it to Kip. He caught it easily and groaned again when he touched the cups of the top, still warm from the girl’s big tits.

“God, Roxie, you’ve got the biggest tits I’ve ever seen!” the boy cried admiringly.

For a few minutes, the young girl stood in front of the boy, just put of his reach. She swayed slightly from side to side, thoroughly enjoying the admiring look he was giving her as his gaze moved all over her jiggling tits.

Then, Roxie began to pump her crotch slowly forward and back, looking right into Kip’s eyes again. He returned her gaze and grinned, sure that in just minutes his cock would be fucking in and out of his cousin’s wet pussy.

Roxie began to dance fast to the music again. It pulsed loudly in her brain and she felt as if her pussy were somehow beating with the same, hard-driving primitive rhythm. She twisted and, humped her hips in time to the blaring heat of the music. She jerked her hips forward and back, as if fucking herself.

“Take your shorts off, Roxie! Please take them off!” Kip begged.

“Not yet, Cuz,” Roxie laughed.

For a few minutes, the young girl continued to dance. Then, swaying lewdly to the music, she finally peeled her shorts off. Her pussy throbbed violently as she danced faster.

Kip whistled between his teeth when he caught his first glimpse of his cousin’s naked pussy. “Oh, shit, Roxie! What a gorgeous cunt you’ve got!”

The girl suddenly stopped dancing, so horny she could hardly stand it. She moved to Kip’s chair. He reached up with both hands and grabbed her bouncing tits. His fingers brushed back and forth across her hard, swollen nipples.

“Is your cock nice and hard, Cuz?” Roxie asked thickly.

“Oh, yeah,” Kip groaned.

He pulled her closer to him, and Roxie gasped when he sucked one of her turgid nips into his mouth. He sucked her nipple deep into his mouth, sucking it against the back of his throat. She pushed her tit hard against his face.

“Unnggghhh, that’s good,” she moaned.

The bay’s hand stroked her back and ass as he sucked her tit. His teeth gently scraped against her tit flesh.

“You wanna fuck me?” Roxie asked.

“God, yes, I want to fuck you!” Kip cried desperately.

“I’m gonna suck your cock now,” Roxie murmured.

“Great idea, Cuz! You can suck me off and then I’ll fuck you!” Kip cried. “Hurry, Roxie, get down there. My cock’s so hard it’s gonna explode any second! Get down there and suck it!”

He was grinning as she moved her head down his body. His cock was pushing lewdly against the front of his jeans. Roxie could see it bulging and pulsing through the material. She pulled down his zipper and slipped her hand inside. His cock felt hot to the touch and she moaned slightly, beginning to tremble.

“Please, Roxie, you’re killing me! Hurry!” Kip urged.

With fast, skillful motions, the young girl jerked Kip’s jeans down around his knees. His prick was long and hard. There were tiny drops of pre-cum on its swollen tip. For a few breathless seconds, the girl just knelt there between his legs, staring at the big cock as if mesmerized by its sight. She saw the blue pulsing veins and the throbbing cockhead, and she licked her lips in heady anticipation of the blow-job she was about to give her young cousin.

“Pleeease suck my cock!” he begged, writhing hornily in his chair.

Roxie lowered her head and licked the tip of the big cock. She moaned at the delicious tangy taste of Kip’s cum. She held her lips there against his cum-slit as she tasted more of his cream.

“Yeah, baby, yeah!” Kip groaned.

The girl’s lips widened a little and she took the boy’s rubbery cockhead into her mouth. As his cockhead rested on her tongue, she took a deep breath. Her entire body trembled. She could feel her heart racing as she sucked his prick a little deeper. His thick cockhead rubbed against the roof of her mouth.

“Yeah, suck it, baby,” he groaned.

Roxie began using her tongue all around his cockhead. She swirled her pink tongue around the ridge of his prick. More of his pre-cum dripped out onto her lips. She slid her tongue down to the hairy base of his cock.

“Unngghhh, yeah, lick it all over! Lick my whole cock!” Kip grunted.

Roxie felt a burning lust all through her body. And again, as she licked the boy’s cock up and down and all around, she had to remind herself that she was doing this to tease the boy, and that she must not get so caught up in the thrilling cock-sucking action that she lost sight of that important fact.

She swirled her tongue all around his cockhead, then down the full length of his throbbing cock. She gently stroked his loaded balls with her wet tongue.

“Aarghhh! Yeah, Roxie, great! Lick my balls! Suck them!” Kip begged.

The girl’s wet tongue pushed gingerly against the boy’s cum-laden balls. They looked huge and bloated to her and the sight of them made her little pussy quiver with excitement.

She moved her tongue back and forth across the churning balls. The boy’s body trembled each time he felt his cousin’s tongue lewdly caressing him.

Roxie could feel the sexual heat growing in Kip’s balls. She gently sucked one of them into her hungry mouth, stroking the heavy ball-sac between her lips and touching at the hard ball with the tip of her probing tongue.

Kip moved one hand down her body as he leaned forward in the chair, and he began to play with her naked tits. His fingers stroked and lightly tweaked her aching nipples, making Roxie’s body shake with incestuous pleasure. The way he was turning her on made the girl want to suck his balls even more. Keeping one of his balls in her mouth, she moved her hand up between his legs and rubbed his other ball.

“Yeah, suck me good, Cuz,” he gasped. “I want to feel that hot wet mouth of yours swallowing me all up!”

Roxie took another deep breath as she slid her tongue back up to the teenage boy’s swollen cockhead. She captured his cockhead just inside her lips and held it on her tongue for a few seconds.

“Pleeease, Roxie, take my cock in your mouth all the way now,” Kip moaned.

With a sigh of pleasure, the girl closed her eyes and started sucking her cousin’s prick into her throat. She kept sucking more and more of his hard, throbbing cockmeat into her mouth and down her throat, expertly deep-throating him now.

“Ungh, God, yeah!” Kip cried, bouncing up and down in the chair and beginning to fuck his cousin’s face with long, hard strokes.

There was so much oozing pre-cum now that Roxie was forced to keep swallowing to keep the dripping sauce from sliding out of her mouth.

“Yeah, God, yeah, Roxie, that’s it! Keep sucking my cock! God, you really know how to do it!” Kip cried.

Roxie began, bobbing her head up and down, letting her lips slide tightly up and down his prick.

“Jeeesus, Roxie, you’re deep-throating me now! Is that what they do in the city? Aarghh, keep it up and I’ll give you my load of cum, baby!”

His words took the girl by surprise. She had been so caught up in the thrill of sucking her cousin’s cock that she had all but forgotten her plan to suck him just short of coming and then to pull away and leave him high and dry, just as she done to her Uncle Art.

But her little pussy was hot and wet, dripping with more and more juice. Her fuck-hole was opening and closing rapidly now. She was more turned on than she had thought possible. And she suddenly realized that she couldn’t take her mouth off her cousin’s prick until she had swallowed his cum all down.

Roxie felt totally put of control as she continued to suck her cousin’s cock. She loved the feel of the fat prick throbbing against the walls of her throat as she sucked harder and harder. She had prided herself so on being the one in charge, but now she knew that the boy’s savagely hard cock was controlling her every movement. She felt as if she were enslaved to his cock and she knew that, in spite of her resentments and anger and her wish to punish her relatives for her unhappiness, she could not possibly pull away from Kip until he came.

“Ummmmm,” she moaned as she felt an undeniable incestuous urge driving her on. She pushed her tit closer to the boy’s grasping hand as she continued to suck him off.

“Unngghh, ohhhhh, Roxie, your nipples are so hard!” Kip groaned, feeling the girl’s tight throat muscles closing against the sides of his stiff prick.

The girl’s pussy was boiling over and she knew that she would come soon. She pushed her thighs together, rubbing them against one another. Her pussy juices were running thickly down the insides of her naked thighs, making them wet.

Again, she slid her fingers up the boy’s legs. She stroked his balls while she deep-throated his turgid cock. She could feel his prick growing thicker and harder inside her mouth. More of his pre-cum leaked onto her tongue.

“Awwwww, shiiiit, I can tell I’m gonna come really hard, baby! Suck me hard, Roxie!” He put his hands on both side of his cousin’s head. “You sure know how to suck cock! I can tell that you get lots of practice. Nobody could give such a great blow-job without lots of practice!”

His hands tightened on the back of her head and his ass rose high up off the chair. He was fucking his hard prick ever deeper into her mouth and down her clenching throat. Each time he lifted his ass up high, Roxie almost choked on his impaling prick, but she didn’t mind. In fact, she welcomed the lewd sensation.

“Get ready to eat my cum, Roxie,” Kip yelled. “Get ready to swallow it all! I’m gonna shoot more cum than I’ve ever shot before! Swallow it, you sexy slut! Swallow it all! Commmiiinnnggg!”

He jerked his cock back up her throat, holding it between her gripping lips while he unloaded. Hot spurts of jism filled Roxie’s sucking mouth. She started swallowing the boy’s cum down, and it made her belly feel hot and full as the cock cream tumbled into it.

She groaned around the orgasming prick as her own orgasm crashed down on her. Buckets of thick cunt juice rained down her quaking thighs as she came. At long last, the burning sensation deep in her pussy began to ease and she felt as if she were regaining control of the situation again.

More and more gooey cum shot into her mouth and she hungrily ate it all, moaning over and over again. Her mind raced as she swallowed her cousin’s cum. She had not been able to restrain her own lust and so the boy had gotten away with shooting his wad inside her mouth, unlike his father. But she couldn’t let Kip get off so easily.

As her climax began to subside, she suddenly thought of a way she could still get back at him. For what, she wasn’t even sure. All she knew was that she had sexually teased both her aunt and uncle to the point of near-madness and she felt it was only fair to do the same to Kip. There was still that little mean streak within the young girl that demanded to be satisfied.

When the boy stopped coming and his cousin had swallowed down every single drop of his tasty cum, he started to pull his softening prick out of Roxie’s mouth. But she resisted his movements, gripping the soft cock tightly with her lips and continuing to suck. In a matter of seconds, the boy’s cock was rock-hard again. Then and only then did Roxie slide her mouth off his prick.

“I get it! You couldn’t wait for me to fuck you so you made my cock hard again, Roxie!” Kip cried with a grin.

Roxie rose and moved to the couch across from Kip’s chair. Thinking that the girl wanted him to fuck her on the couch, Kip eagerly followed her, his cock so hard and stiff now that it was lying flat up against his belly, its cockhead painting at his belly button.

But Roxie yawned deliberately and lay on her side on the couch, turned away from him.

“Leave me alone now. I’m tired and I want to take a nap,” she murmured.

“But what about me? You asked me if I wanted to fuck you,” Kip said angrily, hardly able to believe that his cousin would do this to him.

“Sure, I asked you if you wanted to fuck me. Bud didn’t say that you could. And you can’t! Now leave me alone!” Roxie said meanly.

For a few minutes, the boy remained by the side of the couch, staring down at his cock teasing cousin in disbelief. Then, shaking his head in disgust, he pulled his jeans up and painfully stuffed his hard cock into his fly, zipping it up. Just before he left the den, he paused and looked, back over his shoulder at Roxie.

“You fucking bitch!” he yelled as he slammed the door behind him.

Roxie lay huddled on the couch, wondering why she didn’t feel at all triumphant this time. She felt miserable. She sighed, wishing that she understood herself better. As she felt her little pussy burning with renewed desire, and she realized that she had just turned down the perfect opportunity to be fucked by Kip’s huge cock, she had to wonder just who it was she was punishing with her sadistic behavior… her country relatives or herself?


The next night, Aunt Pat and Uncle Art went out for the evening and Beth went to bed early. Bored as usual, Roxie went to her own bedroom.

She changed into a sheer white nightgown with matching panties. She yawned, wishing that something exciting would happen. Fat chance out here in the boonies, she thought derisively. Maybe, a little later, I’ll go to Kip’s room and get him to eat my pussy. Then I’ll just walk out, leaving him high and dry, the girl thought with a surge of excitement. Roxie sat on the foot of her bed, facing the round mirror mounted on the opposite wall, above the bureau. She began to brush her long, golden hair, feeling it lightly touching the tips of her tits. Static electricity crackled through her hair as she ran the brush through it. The silken strands of her hair sifted across her full tits, turning her on.

The girl was braless beneath her nightie. The gown was short sleeved and was made of sexy clinging fabric. It felt so good against her flesh, and she moaned softly, feeling her pussy beginning to drool with juice.

The city teenager’s nipples grew hard and strained against the nightgown. As she continued to run the brush through her hair, her rising and falling arm movements caused the fabric of her gown to slide across her erect nips, making them tingle.

She put the brush, down and slid backward on the bed, propped up some pillows between her back and the headboard, and began to think about her brother and how much she missed him. He sure knows how to give a girl a good fuck, she thought, feeling more juice seeping into her cunt.

Suddenly, the door to her bedroom opened. She gave a little start. She was taken totally by surprise, not having heard any footsteps outside the door.

“Kip!” she gasped in surprise.

She felt another jolt as she saw what the boy was wearing. Up until then, she had seen him wearing only baggy overalls. But now Kip was wearing skin-tight pants which revealed his large, super-hard cock.

“God, Kip!” Roxie cried, thinking that even back home in the city, none of the boys she knew would wear pants so scandalizingly tight.

Kip grinned, obviously delighted by his cousin’s sense of shock. He casually leaned against the door frame.

“Aren’t you going to invite me in, Cuz?” he drawled.

Roxie felt a fluttering of fear in the pit of her stomach. For, there was an undercurrent in Kip’s voice which she had never heard before. It was barely restrained anger, and something else she was afraid to even think about.

“Sure, Kip, come on in,” Roxie finally responded, feeling as if it were a complete stranger who was entering her room.

Kip grinned again as he closed the door behind him. Then he slid the lock into place.

“Why did you do that, Kip?” Roxie asked nervously as she heard the click of the lock.

“Do what?” Kip asked, enjoying his cousin’s discomfort.

“Why did you lock the door?”

“Why do you, think? I don’t want us to be disturbed,” Kip said softly.

Before Roxie could respond to that, the teenaged boy moved to her bed with a smirk on his handsome face. As he looked down at Roxie, that smirk changed into a leer.

Roxie saw her cousin’s eyes moving hungrily over her thinly clad body and she shivered, flushing with embarrassment. Ordinarily, she would have enjoyed the way he was looking at her. It was similar to the way he had looked at her the day before when she had done her sexy dance for him before sucking him off.

But there were a couple of important differences in his attitude tonight. For one thing, Roxie sensed a great deal of anger and hostility in the young boy, and that was something she had never seen in the usually easygoing teen. And, perhaps even more importantly, Roxie had been the one in charge the day before, just as she had been in charge of the sexual situations she had set up between her aunt and uncle and herself. That had been the entire idea. By being the one in control of the situation, Roxie had been able to get what she needed sexually and, at the same time, she had managed to get same measure of revenge against her uncle’s family for her unhappiness — even though she had realized, deep down, that her current misery was not at all their fault.

But now Kip was looking down at her as if he had a definite scenario in mind, and Roxie felt more and more afraid as she realized that he was strong enough, and apparently determined enough, to do whatever he wanted to her. Already, he had established the fact that he was in control here, and again Roxie shivered with foreboding.

She squirmed on the bed, bringing her legs closely together, as her cousin continued to stare down at her.

“Didn’t know you were so modest, Cuz,” Kip said nastily.

“I-I’ve never seen you wearing those pants, Kip,” Roxie said, hoping she could change the subject to something unthreatening and get the boy’s mind off of her naked body.

“I always wear this when I do a certain kind of exercise,” Kip said.

“Oh, really? What kind of exercise?” Roxie asked brightly, glad that they were talking about something that didn’t involve sex.

“Fucking!” Kip said with another smirk.

“Don’t talk like that, Kip,” Roxie whimpered, feeling afraid all over again.

“Ha! I’m gonna do a lot more than talk about it, you little prick-tease!”

“You’d better leave my room right now, Kip,” Roxie said, trying to sound braver than she felt.

“I’m not gonna leave until I’m good and ready, Roxie!” Kip spat out, angrier than she had ever seen anyone before. “My mom and dad and I had a little talk about you this morning. We all compared notes and discovered that you’ve been getting off on playing some kind of sadistic game with us.”

“What do you mean?” Roxie asked in a voice that trembled. But she knew exactly what her cousin meant.

“You know damn good and well what I mean! You’ve prick-teased both my dad and me without letting us fuck you! Shit, Cuz, you didn’t even let my dad come after you sucked his cock! What kind of sadistic nonsense is that? And my mom… my poor mom… you seduced her… got her to eat your fucking tittie… then you left her kneeling there on the floor without returning the favor!” Kip was obviously growing angrier and angrier as he talked, as he thought about the unfair way his city cousin had been treating his family.

Roxie flushed and bit her lower lip, turning her head to one side. She could not deny anything he was saying. It was all true, and she felt more ashamed of herself than ever.

“The three of us decided that it’s time to teach you a lesson and that we should do it before you get hold of my sister, Beth!” Kip said menacingly.

“Please leave me alone, Kip. Please don’t do anything to me. I promise that I’ll never do anything like that to any of you again. Please just leave now and I promise not to tell anyone about this,” Roxie said desperately.

“You little bitch!” lip yelled as he reached down and slapped the girl hard several tints across her face. “I could never believe any promise you made with your filthy, lying mouth! And, besides, even if you never did another cruel thing to any of us, you still have to be punished for what you’ve already done. There’s no way you can come into my family’s home as our guest and shit all over us and expect to get away with it!”

“Oh, God, I’m sorry,” Roxie moaned, tears filling her eyes. “What are you going to do to me?”

Kip grinned and turned slightly, beginning to unbuckle his belt. Roxie saw that he was not watching her closely. This was her chance to escape before he did something to really hurt her. She jumped up from her bed just as he turned back toward her.

“If you don’t leave, I will!” she cried, her eyes flashing angrily. She hated him for having make her beg him not to hurt her, and now she felt only a red-hot rage.

“You won’t get very far the way you’re dressed,” Kip said with a mocking laugh.

Without responding, the girl dashed to the door. But Kip was quicker and he blocked her way, standing with his back against the door.

“Get out of my way, Kip!” Roxie demanded.

“Why, sure, cuz. Why didn’t you say so?” Kip said with a husky laugh as he stepped aside and unlocked the door. He gestured toward the open door. “Go on, Cuz, what’s stopping you?” He was aware that his cousin’s hesitation was caused by her shock that he had actually unlocked and opened the door for her.

But she quickly recovered and moved toward the door… just as Kip moved toward her. The girl’s foot was just crossing the threshold of the door when her revenge-minded cousin grabbed her from behind.

“You bastard!” she blurted.

Kip hooked an arm across her front, pinning her arms to her sides. Roxie was surprised and dismayed by the muscular strength in his arms.

“Let me go!” she cried.

But Kip clamped his free hand across her mouth, muffling it. With a savage jerk that made her feet leave the floor, he pulled her back into the room. He kicked the door shut and dragged Roxie to the bed. She struggled but she was at a definite disadvantage. Her arms were still pinned to her sides. She tried to kick out at him but her position was too awkward for that. She tried to bite him but he was ready for the holding his hand away to prevent it.

“Now we’re gonna have a little fun… and for once you’re gonna deliver, city cousin!” the boy growled into her ear.

Roxie shuddered. She felt his hands moving, gripping her tits as he pushed her back onto the bed. He threw her onto her back with such force that her body bounced up on the mattress.

Then Kip hopped up onto the bed, straddling the girl’s hips. He sat on her tummy and she felt all the breath being whooshed out of her. She tried to claw at him with her sharp fingernails but her cousin grabbed her wrists and squeezed them hard.

“Yeooww!” Roxie squealed with pain.

Kip pulled his cousin’s arms back over her head, pushing them down into the mattress.

“You’ll leave your hands there, Cuz, if you know what’s good for you! I don’t want to have to use my belt on your ass and tits!” Kip snarled.

Roxie trembled with fear, knowing that she had no choice. She had to do what her cousin told her to if she wanted to avoid being whipped with his belt. When he took his hand away from her wrists, she left her arms over her head, letting him know that she would not move them and risk a beating.

“Good girl,” Kip said with a triumphant smirk as he ran his hands over her tits again. In spite of her fear, Roxie felt her pussy tingle with excitement as her cousin pawed at her tits. The boy was straddling her hips, his folded legs gripping her sides.

“I love these big tits of yours, Cuz. And now I get to touch them and suck on them all I want — and you can’t stop me!” Kip spat out.

And Roxie turned her face to the side as she felt drops of his saliva striking against her cheeks and chin. He covered both of her big tits with his hands, kneading into the firm tit flesh.

“Ahhhh! Yummy tits,” he said with a laugh. Tears of anger and helplessness burned in the girl’s eyes.

“But your nipples could be harder. I know what to do about that,” Kip said. He gripped both of the girl’s nipples with the pinching fingers of both hands and twisted them, turning them first one way, then the other.

“Noooo!” Roxie squealed in pain.

Kip gave her nipples one more twist and then let them go. His pinching actions made both of the girl’s nips sore and stiff. They were swollen and visibly throbbing now. All of her tit-flesh ached with a hyper-sensitivity.

Roxie glanced down and gasped as she saw that her cousin’s cock had grown harder. A swollen bulge stretched the front of his tight pants and she trembled again, this time with as much sexual excitement as fear.

Kip gripped the lacy hem of his cousin’s nightgown and rolled it up, exposing her pink flesh.

“You should never cover up such gorgeous tits,” Kip said hoarsely.

He pulled her gown way up in front, rolling it over the tops of her tits, fully exposing them. Then he clamped both of his hands on her throbbing tits, squeezing them hard again. His gripping fingers sank deep into her tit flesh, which welled up between his fingers. As he clamped down on her tits, he pinched her nips again.

“Ohhh, God,” Roxie groaned in spite of the pain and her fear, Roxie was growing more and more aroused. She found, to her surprise, that her cousin’s brutal behavior was a real turn-on. Her little pussy grew hotter and wetter by the second and she began to long for his prick deep inside her cunt.

Kip was in a state of feverish excitement. His eyes gleamed. Frothy specks of saliva bubbled in the corners of his grinning mouth. He leaned forward, pressing his face against Roxie’s tits.

Roxie trembled and squeezed her eyes shut, not sure what to expect from him at this point.

Kip’s breath rasped. Heat poured out of his open mouth. A string of saliva drooled from the corner of his mouth and splashed down onto Roxie’s tit. Then he jammed his face against her tits, nuzzling them.

He held both of the big tits in his hands, gripping them at their bases. He squeezed tightly so that the upper parts of both tits swelled out even more. He squeezed Roxie’s tits together, then rubbed his face back and forth over the nipples.

His gaping mouth lowered more and his lips gripped one of the throbbing nipples. He worked the nip between his lips, squeezing it hard, making it ache. His tongue rasped against the nip like sandpaper. Kip bit into her nipple with his sharp teeth, leaving little bite marks on the strawberry bud.

“Aieeee!” Roxie screamed — but again she felt a tingle of sexual electricity in her cunt.

The boy’s mouth came free from one tit with a moist sucking sound. And then he clamped his lips firmly around the base of Roxie’s other nip. He licked it, sucked it, and bit into it.

“Ohhhh, God,” Roxie groaned with pain and pleasure.

A few minutes later, Kip released that tit, too. Still straddling her, he opened his pants and pulled his zipper down. The young girl whimpered helplessly with lust when she saw that her cousin was wearing a tight-fitting pair of black bikini briefs. Their form-fitting front was stretched way out by his stiff hard-on. Roxie could see the fleshy tip of his cock peeking out at her over the waistband.

Kip rose up, standing on his knees, which pressed into the mattress on either side of Roxie. He pulled his pants and briefs down to his knees and his naked cock sprang into view.

Roxie gasped, her eyes widening as she studied her cousin’s cock. It was much thicker and harder than it had been the day before. His prick was amazingly long and thick with a flaring knob, its purplish shaft laced with thick pulsing veins.

The young girl trembled with fear and excitement at the mere thought of such a fat, angry looking cock ramming into her cunt.

Kip grinned at his cousin as he closed one fist around his hard-on. He slid his fist up and down a few times. Roxie gasped again as she saw the big cockhead swelling even wider.

“See what I’ve got for you, Cuz?” he sneered. “And this time you can’t stop me from fucking you!”

Roxie groaned as she felt her cousin stretching out on top of her. She held her legs tightly together. But Kip suddenly jammed one knee between her thighs and put the full weight of his body down on that knee. Then he moved his other knee between the girl’s spread thighs, opening her up neatly and preventing her from closing her legs again.

His angry red cock lifted up from his crotch at a tilted angle, its head aimed at the ceiling. He stared down at her pussy with a hungry, leering expression.

Roxie’s thin white bikini panties were stretched tightly across her hips, outlining her pussy mound and juicy pussylips. The curly fringe at the top of her pussy bush peeked out over the elastic waistband of her panties.

With a low groan, Kip reached down between her legs. He put his hand on her panty-clad pussy.

“Unhhh, pleeeeease, Kip,” the hapless girl groaned. And, at that moment, Roxie did not honestly know whether she was pleading with her horny cousin to release her… or to fuck her.

She groaned again and again as Kip fondled her wet pussy through her panties. He rubbed her cunt, poked at it, fingered it, turning on more and more as he felt her pussy juices soaking the crotch of her panties.

“Ohhhhhh,” Roxie moaned.

His every touch made her cunt quiver wildly. His incestuous touch felt so good to her, even with her panties still on. And she wondered how much better it would feel when her panties were off.

The young girl did not have long to wonder about that. For, just then, Kip tore her panties right off of her with one savage movement.


Kip was far too anxious to fuck his cousin to bother pulling her panties down. Instead, he just tore them right off of her while she lay there on the bed, gasping in shock.

The flimsy panties tore easily in the boy’s strong hands. Then Kip crushed the shreds of cloth to his face, breathing in deeply. He groaned with lust as his nostrils tilled with the scent of Roxie’s aroused pussy.

“Oh, God, Kip!” Roxie cried, watching him. “Mmm, you smell real sweet, cuz,” Kip said with a harsh laugh.

Then he tossed her panties aside and moved the fingers of one hand over her trembling pussy mound.

“Unnhhh, ohhh,” Roxie groaned as she felt her cousin’s fingers rubbing her pussy, twirling her pussy hairs between his gripping fingers.

“You’ve got such a gorgeous pussy, Cuz. You really should have let me fuck you yesterday. But that’s okay, ’cause I’m gonna fuck you now and I’m gonna fuck you so that it hurts! You’ve got to be taught a lesson for the way you treated me… for the way you’ve been treating all of us!” he snarled and his words made Roxie cringe.

His fingers slid down from her cunt bush to her pussylips. Feeling a stab of fear again, Roxie tried to pull away from him. She thrust her tensed asscheeks down into the mattress as hard as she could, trying desperately to pull her pussy away from Kip’s greedily grasping fingers.

But it was no use. The boy just laughed when he saw Roxie’s pathetic attempt to escape him. And his fingers rubbed her naked little pussy harder and harder. Roxie groaned as she felt his fingertips sliding up and down her juicy pussylips, his fingers digging painfully into her tender flesh there.

“Yeah, you’ve got a real pretty little pussy, Cuz. But it’s what’s inside that counts! Let’s just see what your little cunt hole looks like,” Kip grunted.

“Noooo!” Roxie wailed helplessly as she felt her cousin’s fingertips pressing against both pussylips, shoving and spreading them to the sides.

Roxie shuddered as her pussy opened up with an obscene moist sound. Her quivering pussylips were peeled back now, exposing her inner pink cunt-meat.

“Mm, hot pussy!” Kip said with a laugh. Suddenly, he rammed his middle finger up into her cunt hole.

“Yeeeeeee!” Roxie cried, her ass rising up from the bed. She felt her cousin’s fingertip rubbing the back wall of her pussy and she trembled with lust. Her pussy drooled out more and more juice until the sheet was soaking wet between her legs.

She lustfully squirmed on the finger impaling her cunt hole. The more she wriggled, the deeper the boy’s finger worked into her.

“You horny little slut!” Kip snarled as he worked another finger into her pussy to join the first.

“Awwww, shut,” Roxie groaned as she felt the walls of her tight little cunt being stretched painfully by the two fingers invading it.

Kip fucked both fingers deeper into her, stretching her pussy walls out even more.

“Jeeeesus,” the girl moaned when she felt the tips of both fingers stroking the very depths of her pussy.

“Take it, bitch! Take everything I do to you for what you did to me… to us,” the boy grunted, his cock growing harder and thicker as he fucked both of his cunt-impaling fingers in and out of his cousin’s snug pussy.

The super tightness of the teenager’s little pussy caused lewd suction sounds as the fingers worked in and out of it, pumping, fucking.

She began to writhe violently on the bed when Kip’s other hand went into play, stroking the spread-out lips of her pussy while he continued to finger-fuck her with two fingers. At the same time, his thumb pressed against Roxie’s clit.

Roxie whimpered with incestuous pleasure. Against her will and despite her anger at being forced to do what Kip wanted, her body betrayed her.

“Ha! You love it!” Kip said triumphantly. He felt his cousin’s pussy moistening more and more with thick juices as he continued to fingerfuck her while stroking her clit and pussylips.

“God, God, God!” Roxie whined.

The action of her cousin’s fingers fucking in and out of her pussy hole, stroking over her wet, exposed cunt flesh, coned more oozing juices out of her. They seeped inside her, drenching the boy’s fingers, making them slide in and out of her cunt faster and faster.

Waves of sensual heat rose up from between her legs. As her juices flowed, the sucking sounds generated by the fucking fingers grew louder, more exciting. A rich aroma wafted out of Roxie’s cunt as she wiggled and writhed uncontrollably on the bed.

“Unh,” she groaned with disappointment when Kip suddenly took his wet fingers out of her.

Her pussylips closed tightly again. They were sticky with juice.

“You’re ready now, cunt. But I shoulda fucked you dry — to teach you a lesson. But I’ll bet that you’re never dry, are you? My dad said you told him that your pussy is always wet, always ready to fuck. Is that right?” Kip snarled, his prick throbbing impatiently against his cousin’s nakedly exposed body.

“Y-yes,” Roxie admitted in a quavering voice.

She tried to sit up, but the boy put his hand on her chest and pushed her so that she flopped back down on her back. Then he again stretched out on top of her.

“God, Kip, you’re really going to do it to me, aren’t you? You’re going to fuck me even though I don’t want you to! You’re going to rape me!” the girl cried with widened eyes.

“You’re so full of shit, Cuz.” Kip said angrily. “You deserve the worst treatment after what you did to all of us. Yeah, you deserve to be fucked against your will. But we both know that you want this fuck! Your little pussy’s wringing wet! Why don’t you just admit the truth. You already admitted that your fucking little cunt’s always wet and ready to fuck. Why don’t you just admit that you want me to fuck you now?”

“No, nooo, I don’t! I want you to leave me alone!” the young girl sobbed, so outraged at her cousin’s treatment of her that she was unable to admit the truth, even though they both knew it.

Deep down, she knew that Kip’s brutal behavior was turning her on powerfully and that she wanted and needed this fuck every bit as much as he did. And there was another thing which the young girl knew deep down, although she did not think she could ever admit it to Kip or to his family: she knew that she had acted like a bitch ever since she arrived to spend the summer with them. And she knew that she deserved whatever they wanted to dish out to her for the inexcusable way she had sexually teased all of them without delivering.

The young boy was lying fully on top of Roxie now. His head was next to hers on the pillow. His naked broad chest was pressing against her tits, flattening them slightly and spreading the oozing tit flesh out to the sides.

The girl’s nipples were aching points of throbbing sensation, jutting stiffly out of her squashed tits. Rip’s prick pulsed against her juicy pussy. The youth’s enormous hard-on was sandwiched between his flesh and hers.

Rip’s legs lay between Roxie’s, which he forced to remain open by a steady pressure against him. He raised himself up, propping himself up on his elbows. Then he reached under his hips, taking hold of his prick.

While Roxie trembled and moaned beneath him, he guided his cockhead down to her juicy pussy-slit.

“No, Kip!” Roxie cried.

But even as she protested the fuck that was about to happen to her, she instinctively raised her hips upward to accept her cousin’s cock inside her. She felt her tight pussylips being poked and prodded by the broad head of Kip’s cock. He moved his cockhead up and down, stroking it against her pussy flesh. Then he pressed it between her cuntlips.

“Oh, God!” she groaned as she felt the huge cockhead wedging her pussylips open, spreading them out to the sides. He stuffed the fat cockhead into her and she groaned again, writhing as she felt her fuck-hole being penetrated.

“Good!” Kip grunted, his face with lust and pleasure.

Her little pussy was super-tight, as usual. But her cunt was sopping wet too, allowing the large cockhead to jam snugly inside it. Her stretched out pussy walls embraced the invading cock, pulsing against it.

“Jeesus, Cuz. Your little pussy’s even tighter than I’d thought! God, I’m gonna love fucking you!”

The weight of his muscular hips pressed down, forcing his cock forward, and it fucked neatly into the girl’s cunt, penetrating her fully.

“Ahhhhh,” Roxie moaned as she felt her little pussy being stuffed to the brim with hard cockmeat.

Kip shoved forward still more and the girl’s moans grew deeper with each inch that the cock forced its way into her. The boy fucked into his cousin’s cunt with a series of jerking thrusts, each of them forcing the fat prick a bit deeper, cramming it into her.

Roxie’s entire body was rocked by the jarring cock-thrusts.

“God, Kip, I can feel your whole cock inside me now! God, my pussy’s so full, so stuffed!” Roxie cried — and there was no mistaking the throb of lust in her voice.

“Yeah, I know… now I’m all the way inside you and I can really give you the painful rape you deserve, bitch!” Kip snarled as he pulled his prick almost all the way out of her and then slammed it back in brutally.

“Yeeeoooowww!” Roxie cried, tears of pain flowing from her eyes. But even as she cried out in agony, she felt little ripples of pleasure coursing through her loins. And she knew then that she was going to love every single second of this rape.

“Take it, cunt! And while I’m raping you, think about what you did to me! And to my mom! And to my dad! After all they’ve done for you… taking you in to our home… then you… God, it makes me so mad just to think about it!”

Again, he pulled his prick out of her until only its head remained in the snug grip of her pussylips. Then, he took a deep breath and lunged forward with all his strength.

“Aieeeeee!” Roxie yelled at the top of her lungs, feeling lances of sharp pain and deep pleasure shooting through her.

Her cousin continued to rape her. As he fucked the full length of his hard prick in and out of her with savage strokes, he rocked back and forth on top of her. He tensed his asscheeks hard as he fucked into her again and again.

His face was right up against hers. When she opened her eyes, Roxie saw his hated features. And before she could look away, he spat at her.

“Bitch!” he cursed.

His hard weight pressed her down into the mattress as he kept fucking her, harder and deeper with each stroke. When she started to move one of her arms down, forgetting her promise to leave them up high above her head, he extended cue arm, holding her arms up high. As he thrust his cock fully into her with each brutal fuck-stroke, he squirmed and wriggled on top of her.

“God! God!” Roxie groaned, feeling more pussy juice filling up her pussy. As the young boy continued to rape her brutally, she heard the wet sound his prick made as it sloshed through all of her thick juices. She loved that sound.

Her spread legs thrashed wildly beneath him. Her asscheeks tensed and reined over and over. She felt the sweat from her cousin’s body making her own flesh slick and shiny. And she knew that the same kind of sexual sweat was oozing out from her own pores.

The young boy hammered away at his cousin’s pussy, hell bent on revenge. He withdrew his prick from her pussy so far each time that only a fraction of an inch of the hard cockmeat was still inside her. Then, while Roxie braced herself for the pain that she knew she was about to experience, Kip slammed forward, fucking the solid length of his cock back into her.

“Aaarrghhhh,” Roxie groaned, thrilled by the intense pleasure that swept through her along with the expected pain.

Kip’s thick prick stretched the walls of her pussy and she could feel it throbbing violently within her. She clenched the solid logs of prickmeat with her cunt muscles, squeezing it lightly before loosening her hold so he could slip his prick out of her and fuck back into her.

“You love this rape, don’t you, bitch? Admit it, cunt! Say it!” Kip demanded, glaring at her angrily.

The young girl turned her head away from his and bit into her lower lip, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of admitting that she did love what he was doing to her.

“You lousy bitch! Even now you won’t say it, will you? Even now you have to act like a Goddamned bitch! Anything to hurt people!” Kip growled as he hauled back and slapped Roxie hard several times, making her head swing from side to side violently, and carving his red handprint on her face.

“I’ll show you! I’ll teach you not to tell me the truth!” Kip shouted as he fucked harder than ever in to her tight cunt hole, as if to punish her by raping her even more brutally.

“Ohhhhh, awwwwwdddd,” Roxie groaned, glad that her cousin did not realize that the harder and more savagely he fucked her, the more she loved it.

As he fucked her more and more roughly, the bed shook protestingly beneath them. The mattress swayed on creaking box springs. And the bed frame rocked alarmingly from the boy’s violent fuck-thrusts. And still he hammered into her again and again.

Roxie’s wrists ached where his hand held them tightly, imprisoning her. Her tits ached from his chest crushing down on them. Her nipples were rubbed raw, sore and pulsing. Her entire body felt suffocated by Kip’s hard body and she had trouble catching her breath. Her face burned where he had slapped her so hard. And, most of all, her little pussy ached and throbbed with a delicious-feeling pain and incestuous pleasure. Her pussy walls were stretched out unbelievably by the thick prick rubbing against them. Her pussylips were red, and her clit felt as if it were being rubbed raw by the stiff cockmeat scraping against it on each thrusting plunge.

“Say it, bitch! Admit that you love the way I’m raping you!” the boy hollered as he came, spilling his creamy load of cum into his cousin’s pussy.

Roxie thrilled to the lewd sensation of her little pussy being all filled up to overflowing with his thick jism. The hot spunk burned into her pussy walls, triggering her own orgasm.

“Yesssssss, I do love it! I lied before! I love the way you’re fucking me… raping me… keep it up, Kip… keep fucking me hard while I come! Ohhh, God, it feels soooooooo good!”


The savage fuck-session Roxie had with Kip lasted into the wee hours of the morning. And when the young girl awakened hours later, she did so gradually, waking up in slow stages, as if she had been drugged.

Sensual feelings rippled through her loins as she gradually awoke. Her mind was still clouded with sleep and she felt confused, only half awake. She wondered if she were dreaming. All she knew was that she was super turned on and that she felt great. Her pussy tingled and burned. She glowed with pleasure all over.

The young girl could not think clearly. Her eyes were still closed and she drifted in and out of wakefulness. She felt her nips throbbing and her pussy felt hot and wet. Someone moaned, and Roxie failed to realize that the lewd sound came from her own throat.

She felt something in her pussy, something that felt electrifyingly exciting. And it felt as if her tits were being rubbed and kneaded. Whatever was in her pussy felt slippery and warm and it wriggled against her inner cunt flesh, making Roxie writhe with erotic pleasure.

She wanted to respond to it, to lean into those obscene caresses which were accompanied by wet-sounding suckings and slurpings. She moved her hips upward, rubbing herself against whatever it was that was giving her pussy so much pleasure.

With her eyes still closed, Roxie began to pant. She squirmed hornily on her bed, feeling super hot. An intense sexual heat radiated out from her pussy, pouring up through her in waves.

“God!” she yelped, coming fully awake.

She was lying on her bed, completely naked. She tried to sit up, but she was held down in place. Her young cousin Beth was next to her in bed. And Aunt Pat sat in a chair at the bedside, leaning over the bed.

Beth was kneeling on the bed between Roxie’s widely splayed legs. The young girl’s legs were folded under her. Her hands were wrapped around Roxie’s naked hips. And her head was down between her cousin’s legs. Her face was pressed hungrily against Roxie’s crotch. Her mouth was plastered against the other girl’s cunt, her tongue sliding in and out of Roxie’s automatically clenching fuck-hole.

Beth’s face was flushed and it glistened with a coating of saliva and pussy juice. Her wet, pink tongue withdrew from Roxie’s cunt hole and flailed against her pulsing clit.

“God!” Roxie cried again, hardly able to believe what was happening to her.

Aunt Pat was the only one who was dressed. She wore a sheer white blouse and a knee-length red skirt. She had her arms stretched across Roxie, one arm over the top of the teenager’s tits, and the other arm over her quivering belly.

The woman was holding Roxie’s arms so that they were pinned at her sides, her head pressed against the girl’s tits. Her sucking mouth was wrapped around one of Roxie’s nipples, tonguing it.

“What are you doing?” Roxie shrieked, shocked half out of her mind.

Aunt Pat took her sucking mouth off of her niece’s tit and stared into Roxie’s face. The girl shivered with fear when she saw the same anger and determination in the woman’s eyes which she had seen in Kip’s eyes the night before.

“It’s like Kip told you yesterday, Roxie,” Aunt Pat hissed between clenched teeth, obviously trying to hold her anger in check. “We all had a talk and we all agreed that it’s time to teach you a lesson.”

Roxie opened her mouth to speak but Aunt Pat raised a fist to the teenager’s face and the girl fell silent.

“I know that Kip got his revenge on you last night. He raped you the way you deserved to be raped. But he made a mistake. He let you come. Beth and I will be very careful not to make that mistake. My daughter and I are going to do to you what you did to me, Roxie. We’re going to get you all stirred up until you’re just about to come and then… we’ll leave you,” Pat said with a wicked grin.

“Oh, God!” Roxie whimpered, for at that moment, the teenager could not think of a worse fate. “But, but, Beth… I never did anything to her!”

“No, but only because you didn’t have time to get around to her. We’re all sure that you would’ve treated our little Beth just as badly as you did the rest of us, given half the chance. And besides, I need my girl’s help now to really teach you a lesson,” Pat said with a look of contempt at her niece.

Roxie could not keep her body from writhing with pleasure as Beth’s tongue continued to whip against her clit. Then, just when Roxie knew that she was about to came, Beth pulled her tongue away and grinned evilly at her cousin, her face smeared with juice.

“My God!” Roxie groaned, tears of frustration filling her eyes. She was feeling incredibly horny and the idea that her aunt and cousin were planning to leave her before she would be able to come filled her with a deep depression.

Aunt Pat leaned back in her chair at the bedside. Her eyes glittered and her mouth and chin were wet with her own saliva, the same saliva that glistened on Roxie’s tits.

Beth squatted with her little ass perched on the backs of her heels. She rolled her juice coated tongue about in her mouth, smacked her lips and bubbled with laughter.

“Good morning. Cousin dear!” she sang out. “How does she taste, darling?” Aunt Pat asked her daughter.

“Mmm, good — she’s got a real yummy cunt!” Beth chirped.

“As yummy as your mother’s?” Pat asked with a tender smile at her daughter.

“Oh no, Mom, you’ve got the best-tasting cunt of all!” Beth said with a smile of her own.

Roxie gasped. My God, she thought as she realized that incest was nothing new for her country relatives. And here I’ve been thinking of them as hayseeds! How wrong could I have been? And she groaned, thinking that if she hadn’t been acting like such a bitch ever since her arrival, she and her relatives might have been happily fucking together all this time. But she had put them down continually, keeping them at a distance, treating them cruelly, until they were forced to retaliate as they were doing now.

Roxie’s eyes filled with tears of remorse. I’ve been so, so wrong, she thought with a pang.

“Please! Please let me go! I’m so sorry for everything! And I…”

“It’s far too late for that, dear. You wouldn’t be apologizing if you weren’t now on the receiving end of things. So you may as well just lie there and accept what we’re doing to you. Because there’s no way that we’re gonna let you go until we’re through with you,” Aunt Pat said sternly.

“Actually, Roxie, like Mom told me earlier when we planned this, it’s for your own good,” Beth said sincerely, running one hand over her cousin’s trembling pussy.

“My own good?” Roxie cried incredulously. “You’re going to get me all fired up and refuse to let me come — and you say that’s for my own good?”

“Why, yes it is, dear,” Aunt said in a kinder tone than she had used talking to her niece that morning. “You’ve been acting like a little snot ever since you came here… putting us and our ways down… making fun of where we live… maybe after today, you’ll think twice about being such a mob.”

“I’m s-sorry,” Roxie sputtered, sobbing harder now.

“Well, that’s good. You should be sorry. We’ll just have to see how much sorrier you are when we’re through with you,” Aunt Pat said, and she and Beth laughed merrily.

Suddenly, Roxie yelled at the top of her lungs, desperate to get away from her aunt and cousin and their sexually sadistic plan of revenge.

“Help!” she shrieked.

Beth and Pat laughed again.

“Yell as much and as loudly as you like, dear,” Aunt Pat mocked. “As you’ve told us often enough, we’re way out in the sticks, where only your country bumpkin relatives can hear you.”

Pat beckoned to her daughter and Beth unfolded her legs and ran from the bed.

Roxie’s a pussy was damp with saliva. Her pussylips bubbled under a frothy coating of Beth’s spit. Beneath the saliva, Roxie’s pussy lips were pulsing and thoroughly engorged with blood. A little trickle of pushy juice was dribbling out from between the girl’s tightly pursed pussylips.

Beth walked over to her mother. Aunt Pat turned to one side to face her daughter. Roxie turned her head and watched as Aunt Pat leaned forward and, clutching her daughter by her hips, buried her face in Beth’s damp crotch.

“Mmm, licking your cousin’s pussy really turned you on, didn’t it, dear?” Aunt Pat asked huskily, closing her eyes as she breathed in the heady fragrance of Beth’s horny cunt.

“Oooh, yeah, Mom! I’m sooooo hot!” Beth cried, raising her hands and stroking her own heaving tits.

Pat reached between Beth’s legs while the young girl obligingly spread her legs wider, parting her thighs to allow her mother’s hand to pass between them.

“Jesus!” Roxie cried from the bed at the erotic sight. She felt her pussymeat burning even hotter, and still more juice seeped from between her own pussylips.

Pat leaned forward, scraping her fingernails lightly up and down her daughter’s pussylips.

“Oh, that feels good, Mom!” Beth cooed. Pat pressed her fingers on either side of her daughter’s cuntlips and thumbed them open. The young girl’s pussylips parted with a musky aroma and a moist sucking sound which made Roxie’s mouth water as she listened to it. Thick cunt juice oozed out shinily from the dripping pink cunt flesh.

“Oh!” Beth gasped when her mother stuck two fingers into her pussy, spearing it deeply.

Pat licked her lips excitedly, her eyes gleaming as she fucked her fingers in and out of Beth’s sucking pussyhole. More and more juice flowed out of the teenager’s pussy. Roxie saw her cousin’s naked thighs glistening with the lewd sauce, and her own pussy pulsed.

Beth moaned, her cunt muscles clenching and unclenching around her mother’s fucking fingers. She rocked her hips, working her horny young pussy against the thrusting hand.

“Commmiiinnnggg!” Beth cried moments later, bucking violently against Pat’s hand as streams of cum poured out of her.

Roxie moaned softly, envying her cousin her orgasm. She closed her eyes and sobbed. But her aunt’s next words made her eyes snap open wide.

“Now, Beth, pick up your vibrator and hand me my own,” Aunt Pat said, gesturing to the pair of vibrators which Roxie had not had a chance to notice lying at the foot of the bed.

Beth grinned as she handed Pat her vibrator. The young girl clutched its twin in her hand. They clicked the machines on and a lewd humming sound filled the room.

Beth sat on the bed, playing her vibrator all over Roxie’s quivering tits. Aunt Pat moved her chair farther down and ran her own vibrator over her niece’s wet crotch.

“Oh, God, yes!” Roxie gasped, feeling jolts of erotic pleasure sweeping through her. Her face was flushed a deep red, and her entire body was sleek with sweat. Her body was tensed. Her tits were swollen and her nipples were stiff and throbbing paints beneath the caressing vibrator.

Her tit flesh rippled under the humming head of the vibrator as it slid across her. Beth worked obscene circles around her cousin’s tits, starting at their bases and working ever closer to the visibly pulsing nips.

“Isn’t this exciting, Mom? Getting her all hot and then not letting her come?” Beth asked with a giggle.

“It sure is, darling!” Pat said as she stared hungrily at her niece’s pussy.

The older woman ran the vibrator all over Roxie’s pussy mound, which trembled violently beneath the humming machine.

Roxie groaned loudly, as much from pleasure as from the words she had just heard. For, again, the hapless girl was being reminded that she would not be allowed to come. That would be her punishment, and she could think of no worse one.

“Ohhhh, yesss,” Roxie sighed when she felt her aunt’s torturing vibrator nosing its head between her cuntlips.

Aunt Pat skillfully played the vibrator’s tip all over the young girl’s inner cuntmeat, arousing the girl beyond belief. But although she circled Roxie’s needy clit, she never once allowed the vibrator to directly touch the clit or even to get close enough to it to bring Roxie off with the orgasm she was now panting for desperately.

“God, please let me come!” Roxie begged tearfully.

But the only response she got from her aunt and cousin was their triumphant laughter. And the young girl vowed to herself not to beg them again for the orgasm she needed so badly. She closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure as she felt the dual sensations from Beth’s vibrator throbbing against her nipples, and Aunt Pat’s vibrator playing all over her exposed cuntmeat.

Suddenly, with a little squeal of excitement, Aunt Pat fucked the vibrator all the way into her niece’s cunt hole.

“Jeeesus!” Roxie cried as she clamped her cunt muscles hard against the sides of the prick-like machine.

Aunt Pat hauled the vibrator out of the teenager’s cunt and rammed it into her again. Over and over again, the woman fucked Roxie with the substitute cock until the teenager was about to come. Although Roxie tried desperately to keep her approaching, orgasm from her aunt, the woman knew. She grinned as she pulled the juice-slickened vibrator from Roxie’s cunt for good.

“Enough, Beth!” she said with a little laugh. “The bitch is about to come!”

Beth removed the vibrator from Roxie’s tits and put it on the bed. At a signal from her mother, Beth rose and squatted over Roxie’s face, straddling the girl’s head with her shapely legs. Then, at another signal from Aunt Pat, Beth lowered herself onto her cousin’s face, plastering her wet pussy right against Roxie’s mouth.

“Good,” Aunt Pat said with an approving smile. “Now, you lick your cousin’s little pussy for her, Roxie. And do it good or we’ll, think up an even worse punishment for you!”

Even without her aunt’s threatening words, Roxie wanted to eat the fragrant little pussy plastered so hotly against her mouth. The smell and wetness and heat of it invaded all of her senses, arousing her powerfully.

Maybe, she thought excitedly, maybe if I eat her out really good, I can make myself come and they won’t even know about it!

With that thought, Roxie stuck her tongue out and thrust its full length into Beth’s fuckhole. The tight little hole pulsed against Roxie’s tongue, arousing the girl still more.

“Ooooh, Mom! She’s fucking me with her tongue!” Beth squealed, bouncing up and down on her cousin’s face.

“Good… eat my daughter’s pussy very, very good if you know what’s good for you, Roxie!” Aunt Pat demanded as she settled back into the chair next to the bed and leaned forward to watch her daughter having her pussy eaten out. Aunt Pat slipped one hand under her own skirt and worked her fingers in and out of her naked pussy while she watched.

Roxie could hardly breathe, but she didn’t care. She loved the feel of her cousin’s wet, fragrant pussy pressing so insistently against her face. She ran her tongue fully in and out of the clenching fuck-hole and then she used her tongue to whip at the girl’s clit. She could feel the little bud trembling hard against her tongue, and the lewd sensation made her groan up into Beth’s gaping pussy.

Roxie’s own pussy was growing hotter by the minute. And she could feel her own hard clit shuddering as if about to explode any second. God, Roxie thought excitedly, I hope I can pull this off! I really hope I can come before Aunt Pat and Beth know anything about it!

“Harder, you little bitch! Fuck my daughter’s cunt harder with your Goddamned tongue!” Aunt Pat cried frenziedly as she finger-fucked her own pussy harder and faster, straining forward so as not to miss one bit of the incestuous action taking place right before her eyes.

Roxie’s tongue speared into her cousin’s cunt hole again and again, pausing only to lick at her clit.

“Commmiiinnnnggg!” Beth squealed as a powerful orgasm took hold of her and she shook all over her cousin’s face, as if doing some sort of obscene dance.

“Unnhhh,” Roxie groaned as she swallowed the flood of cunt juice that flowed into her sucking mouth.

Oh God, Roxie thought heatedly, I’m almost there. I’m gonna come! I just need a few more minutes of licking this little coming pussy!

But at that exact moment, the orgasming pussy that was giving her so much pleasure was wrenched from her face and she gasped, feeling a keen disappointment wash over her.

“Good girl,” Aunt Pat said approvingly as she watched her daughter climbing off of Roxie’s face. “I think the little snot was about to come, so you got off of her just in time.”

“Did you come, too, Mom?” Beth asked with concern as she embraced her mother.

“Oh, yes, darling, I came at the same time as you did! Look!” Aunt Pat said, holding up three juice-soaked fingers for her daughter’s inspection.

“Wow! You came hard, too!” Beth cried as she licked her mother’s pussy juice off of the older woman’s fingers.

Watching them, Roxie only grew hornier, needing to come all the more. But the mother and daughter wrapped their arms around each other and headed for the door, whispering and giggling as if Roxie did not even exist.

“Wait! Please don’t go! I need to come so badly! I was almost there! Listen, I was wrong! And I just didn’t know that you were so, well, so liberated and you know, with it,” Roxie said, wanting to stop her aunt and cousin from leaving the room.

“No, you didn’t know anything about us,” Aunt Pat said, turning her head slightly to look over her shoulder at her horny niece. “And you never gave us a chance to really get to know you or to let yourself get to know us. That’s your loss, Roxie, and that’s what you’re paying the price for now.”

With that, Aunt Pat and Beth left Roxie alone. The young teenager turned onto her tummy and wept into her pillow, knowing that what her aunt had just said was absolutely true.


After Pat and Beth left her room, Roxie continued to sob long and hard. How she wished that she could take back every unkind, snobbish word she had spoken to her relatives since her arrival. How she wished she could start all over again. If she had her way, she would just now be stepping down from the train and greeting her family with an open-minded attitude. She would really listen to them and get to know them and their way of life without making any harsh judgments.

She sighed and sat up in bed, knowing that it was too late to undo anything. Feeling dirty and grubby now, she decided that she would take a shower. Maybe she would feel better after that. Then, maybe, she could have a good, long talk with her aunt, uncle, and cousins. After all, she reasoned as she headed for the shower, Kip, Aunt Pat, and Beth all had their revenge with me. Surely, they’ll be ready to forgive me now.

But the young girl had not reckoned with Uncle Art. For she had humiliated him in a way he could never forgive… not until he exacted his own measure of revenge on the teenager for her cruel actions with him.

When Roxie stepped out of the shower, she dried herself and then walked nakedly into the bedroom.

“Well, well, if it isn’t the little city girl,” Uncle Art spat out nastily.

“Oh, God, you scared me. I didn’t know you were here,” Roxie said as she spun around to face her uncle. She saw an angry, twisted expression on his face and she shrank back from him in alarm. “What are you doing here? What do you want?”

Art stood there with his balled fists on his lean hips. His eyes moved up and down his niece’s body, focusing on her bobbing tits and little pussy, which was still damp from the shower.

“Don’t look at me like that,” Roxie mumbled as she tried to cover her nakedness with both hands.

“You little bitch!” Art growled. “Who the fuck do you think you are? You come into our home and put us down again and again. You cock-tease the holy shit out of me. You suck my cock until you come. But you throw me out of here before I can come. And then you stand there and have the gall to tell me not to look at you! Well, Roxie, you asked me what I want — and I’ll tell you what I want. I’m gonna have my turn with you now. I’m gonna fuck your brains out!”

“Oh, God, no!” Roxie gasped, feeling a bolt of fear pass through her. She glanced down and saw that her uncle’s cock was so stiff and hard that it was tenting the crotch of his pants.

“Don’t tell me no, cunt!” Uncle Art yelled, moving toward the frightened teen.

The whimpering teenager instinctively moved back, but then she felt the backs of her legs strike the edge of her bed and she knew at that instant that there would be no getting away from Uncle Art or his sexual revenge.

“Pleeeease don’t hurt me, Uncle Art!” she whined helplessly, her voice shaking.

“Ha!” Uncle Art snarled. “Don’t you think you’ve been hurting me and my family ever since you set foot in our house?”

“I-I’m sorry,” Roxie murmured.

“Oh, sure, now you’re sorry — but only because you know that you’re about to be fucked raw!”

Roxie tried to move back farther as her uncle advanced toward her and she found herself falling backwards onto the bed. Uncle Art was suddenly on the bed, too. He knelt on each side of her hips, his eyes narrow slits of anger as he glared down at her.

“You deserve anything and everything I do to you, bitch!” he said, raising one hand up in the air as if to strike her.

“Nooo,” Roxie whimpered, flinching away from the blow that she knew was to come.

The man slapped his niece hard across her face several times, sending her head flopping back and forth on the bed.

“Oh, God, it buns!” she whined, feeling more and more frightened.

Never had she had seen the kind man filled with so much rage. And it filled her with tremendous guilt to realize that she was the cause of all that anger.

“It hurt me too, when you didn’t let me come,” Art said. “I’m gonna have some fun with you now, bitch, and it’s up to you whether to fight me or not. Maybe it’ll just be more fun for me if you do fight me. But if you fight me too hard, I’ll have to tie you up. Is that what you want? Do you want to be tied down to this bed?”

“No!” Roxie yelled, desperate not to be bound to the bed. “I’ll try not to fight you. I’ll let you do what you want.”

“Good, because you really don’t have much choice, one way or another,” Art said with a husky laugh.

Roxie knew that she would be no match for this muscular man who seemed even stronger in all his anger. She would have to do her best to just lie there and not struggle too much. How bad can it be? she asked herself now. I’ll just lie here and spread my legs. He’ll stick his cock in my pussy and fuck me until he comes. Then he’ll leave me alone.

She whimpered helplessly as she watched her uncle’s fingers unzipping his jeans. He reached in and pulled his hard-on out.

“God!” she cried as she saw the enormity of his prick.

“Big enough for you, slut?” the man asked, delighted by the way she was eyeing his cock.

He wrapped one large hand around the base of his huge cock and stroked it lewdly. Then he let his pants slip down and, lifting up one leg at a time, he managed to wriggle free of them without loosening his leg-hold against the girl’s hips for longer than a few seconds at a time. His hand swept down and scooped up his hairy, cum-loaded balls. Then he let them flop back down.

“Let the games begin… suck my cock!” he demanded, moving up on his knees until he was obscenely straddling his niece’s face. His gigantic prick was now only about an inch away from her mouth.

Roxie’s eyes widened with fear. This was something she had not counted on. Her uncle had said that he warned to fuck her, so she had fully expected him to do just that and then to leave her alone. But now he was ordering her to suck him off. Even though the girl usually loved sucking cock, she could not summon one shred of desire as she stared at Uncle Art’s cock. For one thing, he was ordering her around and treating her so roughly. All she felt was fear.

If it had been her idea to suck him off, as it had been the other time, that would have been one thing. She could have really gotten into that. But the fact that he was demanding it of her both frightened her and turned her off. Also, she realized as she continued to stare helplessly at the enormous cock, she couldn’t forget how she had sucked him off that other time and then didn’t let him come. She remembered how she had thrown him out of her room with his raging hard-on, and she felt such an overwhelming guilt that she knew there was no way that she could suck him off now with any feeling but revulsion. She knew now how shamefully she had acted and the last thing she wanted was to be reminded of what she had done to her uncle. Seeing his big hard cock twitching right above her face, there was no way she could think of anything else.

“Nooo, pleeease don’t make me suck you,” she whined.

Again, Uncle Art raised his hand high in the air and again he slammed it down against her face, leaving a vivid red handprint on her snow-white flesh.

“Yeoooowwww!” she cried, tears of pain filling her eyes.

“That’s just a little taste of what you’ll get if you don’t suck me off — and right now!” the man snarled. “Now get your bitchy little mouth on my cock and suck me good! And this time you’ll make me come, and this time you’ll swallow it all, whore!”

Knowing that she had no choice, and not wanting to take a chance on being tied down to the bed, Roxie now raised her head and moved her mouth closer to the stiff prick, trying hard to stifle her sobs.

“Do it!” Uncle Art said with a lust-filled grimace as he glared down at her.

With a little helpless whimper, Roxie opened her mouth wide and curled her moist lips around the thick cock. She instinctively moved one hand up to hold the cock steady at the base.

“Yeah!” Uncle Art cried, feeling a wild bolt of incestuous excitement shoot through his loins. “Now I’ve got you right where I want you, haven’t I, bitch?”

Roxie was unable to speak around the thick prick in her mouth. She flared her nostrils and inhaled deeply. To her surprise and delight, the musky aroma of Uncle Art’s hard cock made her senses reel. Her lips stretched out wider to engulf the fat knob of rubbery cockmeat until the rim of the pulsing cockhead was inside her mouth at last.

“Suck me, bitch! Suck me good and hard!” Uncle Art groaned as he pushed his hips forward and down.

Roxie gurgled, feeling the cockshaft fucking deeper into her mouth. She lashed out with her tongue, its tip swirling around the thick, throbbing prickmeat.

“Ha!” the man laughed triumphantly. “You’re getting off on this! I can tell!”

He stared down at her bobbing head, his eyes glazing over with fuck-lust. He watched his niece mouthing and licking the end of his cock, and he groaned with lewd pleasure.

Oh, God, Roxie thought. I can’t believe this! Uncle Art’s cock feels so hard and good in my mouth… I’m really turning onto this. I love it. And my little pussy’s getting all wet with juice!

Her mouth clung greedily to her uncle’s cock with a hard, steady suction, the tip of her tongue still whipping against it.

Uncle Art humped his hips again and the girl moaned with excitement as she felt his prickhead gouging deeper. Her head bobbed back, then she came hungrily forward to suck more and more of his cockmeat into her ravenous mouth.

She swirled her tongue in hard lashes around the hard cock while sucking still harder. Art slipped one strong hand behind her head and pushed forward, forcing his niece to take even more of the throbbing length of his stiff prick. And still mare.

Roxie gagged as Uncle Art tried to ram his cock right down her throat. She felt herself instinctively resisting. His cock was too big and thick to take down her throat, and the violent way he was trying to plunge it down her aching gullet made her twist her face and try to pull back from him.

“Agghhh,” she gasped around the throatful of hard cockmeat.

“Now you can deep-throat me, slut!” Uncle Art said with a grin of satisfaction.

He slowly pulled his cock out from the hold of Roxie’s throat but his hand kept a tight grip on her head.

“Okay, Roxie, get ready… here it comes again! Take it all, bitch!” he growled.

Roxie gasped frantically for air for the split second before the man’s body lurched forward.

She gurgled as she felt the massive prick jamming back into the sucking tunnel of her throat. Again, she felt surprised. For the violence of the man’s movement turned the girl on, and she felt her pussy drooling with more and more juice.

“Keep sucking me, bitch! I’m gonna give you a whole load of cum to swallow in a few minutes,” Art said.

Her uncle’s lewd words excited the teenager and she moaned with lust as she deep-throated his throbbing prick. The next time Art pulled his prick almost all the way out of her mouth, Roxie used her tongue to lick every bit of the hard cockmeat. Every time her tongue lapped against his prick, his ass shuddered against her tits. Then he swung his ass about in a powerful motion and fucked her mouth.

Harder and deeper, the man fucked his niece’s mouth. His cock was as hard as a rock now and Roxie wondered how much longer he could last before coming. She found herself longing for that thrilling moment when her mouth would be flooded with his cum. No longer did she feel any fear. No longer did her guilt keep her from enjoying this forced blowjob, although she still felt ashamed of her past actions with her country relatives. But, all she was really aware of now was the fat cock fucking in and out of her face, and her own strong incestuous lust, which pounded through her loins. She needed to have her own orgasm as desperately as she needed to swallow Uncle Art’s jism.

“Yeah, that’s good, real good,” Uncle Art grunted as he bounced up and down on her tits and fucked his bursting prick deeper into her mouth and throat. He rotated his hips lewdly, fucking the girl’s hot mouth with his pulsating prick.

The young girl groaned with excitement, feeling the thick prick throbbing mightily against the walls of her throat. She clenched her throat muscles against the sides of the stiff cock and was delighted when it began to throb all the harder, jerking slightly now.

Now, Uncle Art was all but leaping up from his niece’s chest, fucking his thick, throbbing prick to the balls.

“Ooooohhhmmfff,” Roxie groaned, feeling Uncle Art’s cream-loaded balls bumping against her chin. His ass whirled about in a wide circle, his big cock reaming out her hard-sucking throat.

“Ohhh, yeah, you really know how to suck cock! You’re deep-throating your uncle’s cock really good. You like doing it, too. You can’t kid me!”

Roxie tightened her mouth-and-throat hold on her uncle’s prick. She felt like screaming with joy when she felt his hands suddenly clasping her tits. He rolled her hardened nipples between his fingers, pinching them until she felt like fainting with pleasure. Yes, she wanted to scream and cry out as her uncle and his fat cock turned her on more and more. But, her mouth was so absolutely stuffed with puking cockmeat that she had to be content with moaning and groaning. She knew that Uncle Art would have a fit if she tried to slip her mouth off of his cock even for just one second. And she had to admit to herself that, at that thrilling cock sucking moment, she would rather die than to release Uncle Art’s cock for even a split second.

As she took the full length of Uncle Art’s cock down her clasping throat, she squeezed both hands round the base of his cock, sucking him harder and harder. She moved her head up and down almost violently on his cock. She knew that she would come soon, and she also knew that she needed that orgasm more than she had ever needed anything before in her life.

“Do it, you cock-teasing slut! Suck your uncle’s cock! Deep-throat it! Yeah, that’s it!” Art groaned.

As he fucked deeply into her face, Roxie flared her nostrils to allow herself to breathe around the thickness of his cock. Again and again, she sucked as hard as possible as the swollen prick fucked in and out of her throat.

“Get ready, tease! This is it! Gonna pop!” Uncle Art cried, throwing his head back.

Roxie saw the blue veins of his neck standing out in bold relief against his tanned flesh and she trembled, realizing that she was about to receive a mouthful of his cum. She knew that the thrill of eating her own uncle’s jism was bound to make her come, too, and she could hardly wait.

Uncle Art’s hips lurched wildly and his cock flexed and bounced off the walls of her throat. Suddenly, a huge, hot wad of cum shot from his bursting cock and splashed into Roxie’s mouth. It was quickly followed by another until the man was pumping a torrent of jism into his niece’s eagerly sucking mouth.

“Swallow my fucking cum, bitch!” Uncle Art roared. “Swallow it all down like you refused to do before! Yeah, swallow it all, cunt!”

He fucked between her lips and more and more spurts of hot jizz filled Roxie’s mouth. She eagerly swallowed the cum down.

Just as Uncle Art’s prick quit shooting cum, she felt the beginning of her own orgasm and she moaned with relief. At last! She needed to come so badly. Even though there was no more cum for Roxie to swallow, just the thrill of having her uncle’s still-pulsing prick between her lips was going to bring her off.

Or so she thought. For, just then, Uncle Art cruelly jerked his prick out of her mouth.

“Ha! You little bitch! You thought I was actually going to let you come, didn’t you?”

“Oh, God, no, you can’t do this to me!” she wailed, tears of sexual frustration filling her eyes.

“Why not? It’s exactly what you did to me, you little cunt. Or don’t you remember that?” Uncle Art sneered as he rubbed his hot cockhead all over her face, deliberately teasing her.

Roxie trembled as she felt little drops of his sticky cum covering her face. The lewd sensation just aroused her all the more, and she realized that her uncle knew that. If only he’d keep doing that, she thought feverishly, if only he’d keep rubbing his cock all over my face, maybe that will make me come. It feels so good! Her little pussy twitched at that moment, as if in agreement with her obscene thought.

“Don’t want to give you too much pleasure,” Uncle Art said with another laugh, as if fully aware of what was going on in his niece’s tortured mind.

“But-but… Uncle Art, I need to come!” Roxie wailed, bursting into sobs.

“Too fucking bad, bitch! But, don’t worry. If you’re real lucky, maybe you’ll get to come when I fuck you,” Uncle Art said, climbing off the girl’s chest.

He got off the bed and stood at its side, looking down at his niece with an amused expression on his face. Roxie was moaning and writhing about frantically, her little pussy burning and throbbing with unrelieved need.

“You bastard!” she cried, glaring at him angrily.

“We’ll just see if you still feel that way after I give you a good hard fuck,” Uncle Art said as he cased himself onto the bed next to her.


Uncle Art’s hungry mouth wrapped itself around Roxie’s tight nipple and he immediately began to suck just as hard as he could.

“Oh, God!” Roxie moaned with pleasure as she felt her sensitive nip sliding deep inside the man’s hot, wet mouth.

Uncle Art’s tongue lashed against the tender bud and he continued to suck until a large mouthful of the teenager’s tit flesh was inside his mouth. He lashed the little nip again and again, coating it lewdly with his saliva. He could feel the nipple trembling and pulsing under the almost violent pressure of his sucking lips and whipping tongue.

“Omigod, omigod,” Roxie whimpered.

While Uncle Art continued to suck his niece’s nipple, he moved his hands all over her naked body, stroking over her flat tummy, her quivering thighs, and her heaving tits.

He knew how much the teenager wanted him to touch her pussy. He knew that she was aching for it. So he did not touch her pussy. Not yet.

“Pleeeease,” Roxie whined pitifully. “Touch my pussy! I’m going crazy!”

“Good! That’s just how I want you, bitch,” Uncle Art said thickly, revealing that he was not completely over his anger at his niece.

“Oh, God,” Roxie moaned helplessly, realizing that her uncle was still not about to show her any mercy. She longed to feel his hand, his tongue, and his cock in her pussy. And because she needed it so much, she knew that he would deliberately not give it to her. Not until she was reduced to a babbling, whining mass of incestuous need.

There was no way the young teenager could resist the intense erotic pleasure that swept over her trembling body. It felt too good. She loved the feel of her uncle’s hands an her body, his mouth on her tit, and she knew at that moment that she would gladly welcome anything and everything he wanted to do to her body.

Uncle Art’s mouth moved to his niece’s left tit and he sucked that stiff nipple into his drooling mouth.

“Yes!” Roxie hissed between clenched teeth, writhing violently on the bed.

Uncle Art wrapped his lips about the base of the shuddering tip and sucked hard.

“God!” Roxie cried.

Then, the aroused man sank the edges of his sharp teeth into the sensitive nipple.

“Yieeeee!” Roxie cried, tossing her head from side to side.

Just as she thought she could not possibly feel any greater joy, she finally felt her uncle’s hand stroking her pussy mound this time, she kept silent, afraid to let him know how much she loved the way he was touching her cunt for fear that he would stop.

She eagerly parted her thighs. Uncle Art’s fingertips brushed against the wet head of her bloated cuntlips, which were dribbling out a steady stream of warm juice. His finger jabbed into the narrow slit between her drooling pussylips. Roxie instinctively thrust her hips upward, desperately trying to capture more of his delicious-feeling finger inside her wanton pussy.

“God, you’re wet! But then, you’re always wet. Isn’t that what you told me that day you teased my cock to the limit, bitch?” Art growled.

When Roxie didn’t respond, the man cruelly twisted one of the sensitive cuntlips between his fingers.

“Aieeee!” Roxie cried as a bolt of pain and pleasure shot through her.

“That’ll teach you, cunt! I asked you a question! Now answer me!” Art demanded.

“I-I don’t remember what you asked me,” Roxie whimpered tearfully.

Again, Uncle Art twisted her aching cuntlip until she cried out with pain.

“Yeeeeooowwww!” the girl cried again, glad that her uncle didn’t realize how much he was turning her on with his rough treatment.

“How do you like that?” Art asked with a laugh. “I asked you about your fucking little pussy being so wet. That day you did your number on me, you told me that your pussy’s always wet and ready to be fucked, didn’t you?”

“Y-yes,” Roxie said tremulously.

Suddenly, Uncle Art lay on top of his niece. She groaned as she felt his throbbing cock rubbing across her thighs, sliding down between them in search of the juicy lips of her pussy.

“Are you going to fuck me now?” Roxie asked, trying to sound more frightened than she actually felt.

In truth, the young girl was dying to feel the man’s thick cock inside her pussy. But, again, she was sure that if he knew that, he would refuse to fuck her just to punish her. And she knew that she wouldn’t be able to stand that. But she didn’t know how much longer she would be able to pretend that she didn’t want him to fuck her. For, already his cock felt so good as it pressed insistently against her pussylips, and she knew she would not be able very long.

She looked up and saw the rank desire in her uncle’s eyes. And she felt the swelling hardness of his thick prick. Her little pussy drooled out more and more juice as the girl turned on powerfully.

She could not suppress a groan as she felt the man ramming his thick-headed cock into the gentle folds of her little pussy. It struck them with force, shoving the cuntlips back, exposing her inner cuntmeat, which was red and wet with erotic excitement.

“Omigod!” she shrieked as she felt the enormously thick cock stretching her little pussy hole wide open.

Her cry was one of both pain and pleasure and she closed her eyes, silently saying a prayer of thanks that at long last she was getting what she wanted. Finally, she had her uncle’s prick in her pussy — and she could not have been happier.

She was sure that now there would be no way the man could stop her from coming.

“Jeeesus! You’re so fucking tight and wet! Never knew you had such a sexy little cunt, bitch!”

“Oh, God, Uncle Art, it’s soooo big and hard! Your cock’s filling my pussy all up!” Roxie gasped, no longer able to pretend that she was not enjoying this fuck.

“Damn right, it’s big!” Art responded with pride, apparently forgetting that his niece was supposed to be hating her rape.

The man gave his hips another rolling heave and the broad, pulsing cockhead fucked deeper into the hot slickness of his niece’s tight cunt. She clasped the huge prick at once with her cunt muscles, and both uncle and niece moaned with excitement.

“God, it hurts!” Roxie cried, only telling him half the truth. For, although his fat prick was stretching her pussy walls out more than they had ever been stretched before, lancing her loins with pain, it was also giving her far more pleasure than she had ever had before. And the pain only seemed to enhance the ecstasy all the more.

“It’s supposed to hurt, bitch! This’ll teach you a lesson!” Uncle Art panted.

He eased his juice-drenched prick out, and the girl’s cunt muscles snapped hungrily at it, trying to keep it inside her pussy. Roxie spread her legs even wider, pawing at her jiggling tits as she waited for the next cock-plunge.

Uncle Art fucked his prick into her slowly this time, savoring her snapping pussy.

“God!” he cried, groaning with excitement as he fucked the full length of his prick into her narrow little cunt hole.

“Shiiiit!” Roxie gasped as she felt his fat cockhead striking the back wall of her pussy. Her uncle’s long, thick prick slowly grated back and thrust into her again. The walls of her cunt reacted by oozing out still more cunt cream. Roxie’s snug little pussy was rapidly adjusting to the fat hunk of cockmeat and the pain had all but disappeared, leaving the girl with a hot pounding pleasure.

She turned her head to one side and closed her lips together as tightly as possible. She was desperately trying to stifle her moans of raw pleasure so that her uncle wouldn’t know just how much she was getting off on her “punishing” fuck.

“You sexy little bitch!” Uncle Art growled. “Ever since that day… when you turned me on and sucked me… and then wouldn’t let me come… I promised myself I’d fuck you someday… and now, feeling your juicy little cunt around my cock… Jeeeesus, what a turn on!”

He reached out and squeezed the girl’s firm but soft tits. He watched with his tongue hanging out as the stiff, red nips slid up between his fingers.

Roxie chewed her lower lip, restraining a cry of ecstasy. But her face was flushed with pleasure and her entire body was trembling.

As Uncle Art continued to squeeze his niece’s tits, his hips kept humping at a steady, deep fucking pace. Again and again, he fucked the full length of his throbbing cock in and out of the teenager’s sucking pussy hole.

Each time he fucked into her, his meaty cock scraped deliciously across her twitching clit and she practically chewed her bottom lip clear off as bolts of intense pleasure overwhelmed her.

“Oh, God, Uncle Art, it feels soooo good!” Roxie cried a few minutes later, unable to hide her pleasure from him any longer.

She eagerly lifted her hips up to meet the man’s driving cock. Then she glanced up at his face, sure that she would see even more anger there since now he knew just how much she was enjoying this fuck that was supposed to be her punishment. But to her relief and surprise, he was grinning with delight. And then she understood. Just like all men, Uncle Art’s ego needed feeding. And the fact that his own niece was loving the way he was fucking her made his pride swell.

“So!” he cried triumphantly now. “You really do love your uncle’s cock in your pussy, don’t you, bitch? Admit it!”

“Oh, yes, Uncle Art, I admit it! I love it! I love your fat cock and the way it fills my pussy all up! Ooooof!” she cried as he fucked into her harder than ever.

Again, Art grinned and then he pushed his prick deep inside her, deeper than ever before, fucking the full length of his horny prick into her just as deeply as possible.

“Oh, God!” Roxie whimpered, feeling the blood-engorged cock so far inside her that she was sure its broad head would pop right out on the other side of her body.

“God, Roxie, your little pussy’s squeezing my prick so hard I can hardly stand it!” Art cried lustily.

“You want me to stop?” Roxie asked teasingly.

“Don’t you dare!” Uncle Art snapped in a threatening tone, not realizing that his niece was just having a little fun with him.

Each time he thrust his hips downward, the horny teenager threw hers up, eagerly meeting his pussy-impaling prick. Their crotches were humping together savagely, the girl’s pussy hairs lewdly mingling with her uncle’s nest of prick hair.

Her uncle’s punishing prick was driving the teenager half mad with lust and pleasure. Every inch, every single nook and cranny other aching pussy was being touched and stroked and fucked by the hard, ramming cock. And, all the while, the stiff cock was rubbing against her fiery clit, giving the teenager even more pleasure than she had thought possible.

She was eagerly lifting her hips, fucking back at Uncle Art’s cock with each stroke. She had dropped all pretense now, no longer acting as if she weren’t loving every single second of their torrid fuck-session.

Her hips feverishly worked up to his as the reddened shaft of his cock fucked faster and harder into her hot, drooling cunt. His hands moved down from her tits and he cupped her asscheeks tightly. Each time he fucked into her, he lifted her ass up even higher, letting his prick sink deeper and still deeper inside her cunt.

“God, I love it, Uncle Art! It feels sooooo fucking good!” she whimpered.

“I’m gonna let you come this time, bitch!” Uncle Art groaned, clenching his teeth tightly together.

“Oh, God, thank you! I need that, Uncle Art! I need to come so bad I can taste it!” the girl cried, tears of gratitude and anticipation filling her eyes.

“But I’m only gonna let you come if you say you’re sorry for what you did to me,” the man said, as if having second thoughts.

“Ohhhh, Uncle Art, I couldn’t be more sorry. I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please let me come!” Roxie begged tearfully.

“Tell me more! Tell me how sorry you are!” Uncle Art demanded, turning on to the girl’s show of submissiveness.

“I’m so fucking sorry! I was wrong, very wrong! I’m really sorry that I sucked your cock and then didn’t let you come,” Roxie said, still thrusting her hips upward to meet the man’s downward-plunging prick.

“What should you have done?” he panted. “I should have made you come with my mouth… and swallowed your cum… and then I should have asked you to fuck me!” Roxie cried, wishing with all her young heart that she had done just that.

She realized now that not only had she been terribly unfair to her family but that, in trying to punish them for her unhappiness — which was not even their fault to begin with — she had denied herself the kind of enormous pleasure she was now feeling as her uncle’s prick fucked in and out of her cunt.

“Okay… better… I’ll let you come… wanna feel your tight little pussy coming around my cock,” Uncle Art panted as he fucked into the girl deeper and harder with each stroke.

“Oooooooooh! Now, Uncle Art! It’s happening now! I can feel it starting… I’m gonna come… ahhhhh,” Roxie groaned.

She felt her uncle’s rough fingertips digging painfully into her sweaty asscheeks and she moaned with more excitement.

“Yessss!” she cried. “I’m gonna come!”

Suddenly, Uncle Art rammed one stiff finger up his niece’s tight asshole and her hips jerked upward in response to fill her hungry pussy with his thick cockmeat. She lurched up to his body eagerly, giving it all that she had. She wrapped her legs around his, her hands stroking his muscular back. She clamped her wet mouth on the side of his neck and licked him, fucking her cunt up and down with hard, fast movements.

Art felt his balls tightening up and he knew that he was about to come. He pounded his fat cock into his niece’s pussy as she slid up to meet it.

“Commmiiinnnggg!” Roxie cried out as a mind-shattering climax burst through her loins, shaking her to the very care.

She sobbed with incestuous ecstasy. Her entire body trembled as she continued to fuck back at her uncle’s prick, which was still drilling into her ravaged cunt. She felt his cock jerking wildly against her pussy walls and she knew that he was about to come.

“Yesssss!” she screeched with joy as she felt the first spurts of his thick cum creaming into her twitching cunt.

Uncle Art felt his niece’s spasming pussy against the sides of his meaty cock and the lewd sensation spurred him on, making him shoot more cum than ever before in his life.

They clutched one another as they came together, uncle and niece. Roxie’s little cunt quickly filled up with the frothy cum and it began to back up, running out, from between her quaking cuntlips and dribbling on down her thighs.

“Ohhh, Uncle Al,” she moaned as she felt her orgasmic spasms beginning to subside and the last of her uncle’s cum spurted into her dripping pussy. “I’m so sorry for the way I treated you. Thank you for fucking me so good and for letting me come finally! It felt so damn good! Do you forgive me now?”

“Not quite yet… but maybe after I fuck you again, I will,” Uncle Art said softly.

Roxie laughed but her uncle didn’t join in her laughter. Surprised, the young teenager looked up into his face, and she saw that he was very serious.

“Oh, well, sure, you know I always like a good hard fuck. If you wanna fuck me again, that’s great! Just give my pussy a chance to recover from this fuck and we’ll…”

“No!” Uncle Art spat out, making his niece gasp with shock. “I’m gonna fuck you again right now!”

Roxie glanced down and saw that his cock, which he had just pulled from her pussy, was still very hard.

“Okay, good that you’re ready so soon. But I’m not. See, my little pussy gets really sore and sensitive right after a fuck, especially after a rough one like this. I just need a little time,” she said, sure that her uncle simply had not understood her.

“No! I don’t care if you’re ready or not. I want to fuck you again right now!”

“But, Uncle Art,” the girl sputtered, “it’ll hurt me like hell if you fuck me right now.”

“Like I said before, too fucking bad,” Uncle Art said with a wicked-sounding laugh.

Roxie trembled with fear, realizing that she was almost back at square one. For it was painfully clear that her uncle still had not completely forgiven her. And it was equally clear that he was going to fuck her hard again right now, no matter how much it hurt her.


“Noooo, Uncle Art! Please don’t fuck me again so soon after fucking my little pussy raw! It’ll kill meeeee,” Roxie whimpered as she struggled to get away from her aroused uncle.

But Art easily pinned the girl beneath him.

“Go ahead, baby, put up a good fight if that’s the way you want it. I’ll just rape you if I have to,” Art said with a grin.

Roxie tried to roll away from him but he was sitting across her hips now, obviously enjoying the feel of her writhing body beneath his manly one. He reached out and clasped her tits, squeezing them hard.

“Leave me alone!” Roxie gasped.

“You fucking bitch! You were begging me to fuck you a minute ago! Once I got my cock inside you, that’s all you wanted!”

“I know! But then you fucked me good and hard, and now my pussy’s so sore! I just need a little time to recover, that’s all,” Roxie moaned.

“That’s time I’m not about to give you, Roxie,” Art said as he dug his fingertips hard into the girl’s tit flesh.

“No! No!” Roxie cried.

Roxie was completely helpless beneath her strong uncle. He was mauling both of her tits, pinching her nipples hard. Tears of pain and fear strewed down the teenager’s face as she pleaded with him. Her little pussy was sore and aching and her clit was bruised by the way her uncle’s fat cock had scraped against it. Just the mere thought of him fucking her hard again right away made Roxie tremble with fearful anticipation.

“Please don’t do this, Uncle Art! Let me go!” she begged again and again.

“Shut up, cunt!” Art growled as he hauled off and slapped her several times, making her cry out with more pain. “I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you — so you might as well just relax and enjoy it!”

“Noooooo!” she wailed.

He cupped her trembling pussy mound with one hand.

“No! Don’t! It hurts!”

Art grinned as he felt her naked flesh shivering beneath his rough touch.

“Oh, my God!” Roxie screamed when she felt her uncle’s raping fingers twisting up into the ravaged flesh of her cunt.

She tried to strike out at him but her movements only served to open her pussy up more to his brutal touch. As she struggled beneath him, she lifted her ass and found that she was unwittingly shoving her pussy up against his hard-on.

“Feels good,” he said as he leered down at her.

“God help me,” she whined.

Suddenly, Uncle Art slid down between her legs and, almost before she knew that he was going to do it, he rammed the full length of his prick up her bruised pussy hole.

“Yeeeegaaawwwddd!” Roxie screeched as she felt her uncle’s hard, raping cock scraping painfully along the raw, aching walls of her well fucked cunt.

“Shut up, cunt? You’ll end up loving it, I know it,” Art said as he pulled his cock almost all the way out of the girl’s tiny cunt hole. Then, putting all of his muscular weight behind his long, thick cock, he fucked it up inside her again.

“Aieeeee!” Roxie yelled, writhing with pain. It hurt the teenager even more than she had expected, and she tried to force herself to rein. She breathed deeply, moaning pitifully as Uncle Art continued to fuck his prick in and out of her ravaged pussy.

He pulled his cock out of his niece’s pussy until only his flared cockhead was still inside her. Then, his hips plunged down and the full length of his massive prick crashed brutally into the tender tissue of her delicate little cunt hole.

“Noooooo!” she shouted, balling her hands into little fists as she struggled against the pain that flooded through her body.

But then the girl’s cunt juices began to flow and she suddenly realized that the pain was fading. She was beginning to enjoy it. She was starting to get off on her uncle’s punishing rape.

She stared up at her uncle, her eyes now filled with love and a raw, raging incestuous lust.

“Fuck me, Uncle Art! I love it now! I was wrong! You knew best! I’m glad you fucked me again right away!” she whimpered, her hands reaching out to draw him closer to her.

“That’s more like it, you little bitch,” Art mumbled, shaking his head slightly.

Now, as the man continued to fuck his cock fully in and out of her snug cunt hole, Roxie gasped with pleasure, lifting her little cunt up against his prick.

“Do it, Uncle Art! Shove that huge cock of yours into me! Do it hard!” she cried desperately.

His niece’s lewd cries of passion made Art’s cock harden and thicken even more inside her. Roxie could feel the swelling cock throbbing against the walls of her pussy and she tossed her head from side to side, groaning loudly with incestuous pleasure.

“Yessss! More! More!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Her hips lunged up at him, urging him on. He pulled far back and fucked back inside her tightly hugging cunt. Another groan of pure pleasure came from her slack, drooling mouth and she humped up to him again and again.

Her little horny, pussy was willingly embracing the huge slab of cockmeat now, and the teenager felt only pleasure… a deep, raw, pounding pleasure, “Ohhhhh, yessss, Uncle Art, fuck meeee, it’s soooo good,” she groaned, thrilling to the exciting sensation of having her little pussy so completely stuffed with hard prickmeat. Her nipples hardened and stiffened more and she raised her face, kissing her uncle’s mouth each time he thrust his fucker down into her.

Suddenly, she heard voices and she looked up to see Aunt Pat, Beth, and Kip. They had all come into the room, probably in response to the teenager’s excited cries of lust. And now they stood there near the bed, watching the girl being fucked by her uncle.

“Ohhh, it feels soooo good!” Roxie cried, looking from one spectator to the other.

They all nodded at her and grinned, as if giving the girl their silent approval of what was happening between her and the man who was fucking his prick deeply into her pussy time and time again.

Roxie saw her relatives’ faces all flush as they looked down at her. Their eyes filmed over with lust. And then suddenly, all moving at the same time, they began to undress.

“Aunt Pat!” Roxie cried, even more turned on now as she saw her aunt’s big tits come into view.

Roxie groaned as she saw Beth’s plump pussy mound quivering with desire. Then the fucked girl moaned when Kip’s huge hard-on sprang forward.

In seconds, the three leering spectators were completely naked and they all began to fondle each other’s body, forming a lewd three-way circle, as they continued to watch Roxie being happily fucked by Uncle Art.

Hot darts of uncontrollable lust ripped through Roxie’s loins as her uncle’s cock drove her cunt into wild twitches of pleasure. She knew that she would be coming soon and she could hardly wait. Her asscheeks tensed as she humped upwards for more cock.

Art grunted loudly, watching his wife and kids stroking cacti other’s naked body. He groaned, loving the way his niece’s little pussy muscles squeezed at his rutting prickmeat. He slid his hands beneath Roxie’s quivering ass and held her hips up high while fucking into her with more and more speed.

“Commmiiinnnggg!” the teenager cried a short time later. She bucked up and twisted wildly around her uncle’s plunging prick as her powerful orgasm shot through her.

“Ohhhh, Mom, she’s coming!” Beth groaned, squeezing her mother’s tits.

“Yes, dear, Roxie’s coming. Isn’t it wonderful? Daddy’s making her come!” Aunt Pat murmured, her voice slurred with lust as she jerked on Kip’s cock.

“What a sexy little cunt she is! She looks so beautiful when she comes!” Kip groaned as he finger-fucked his sister Beth’s pussy. “I can’t wait to fuck her again!”

“Don’t worry, dear,” Pat said reassuringly. “We’ll all get to fuck her, as soon as your father is through with her.”

Her relatives’ obscene words thrilled Roxie to the core and she came again. She looked up at her family and licked her lips excitedly, thinking of all the pleasure that was awaiting her aunt’s big tits… her cousin Beth’s tempting little pussy… her cousin Kip’s throbbing hard-on.

“Ohhh, I can’t stop coming!” she cried out for all of them to hear. “You’re fucking me sooo Goddamned good, Uncle Art! I can’t stop coming!”

“Do you want to stop coming?” Uncle Art panted, grinning down at the orgasming girl.

“No! For God’s sake, noooo! Keep fucking me! Keep making me come!” Roxie cried desperately, feeling totally wanton and depraved.

“God, I can feel your wet little pussy coming against my cock! I love it!” Uncle Art grunted.

The man’s plunging ass blurred with speed and Roxie thrust up harder and higher to meet his fucking prick with her juice-dripping cunt.

Uncle Art’s loaded balls heaved forward with each fuck-thrust and slammed against her asscrack. Their bodies were fucking in perfect rhythm.

Roxie groaned with incestuous excitement, loving the thrill of being so violently fucked by such a manly guy. Knowing that he was her very own uncle only turned her on more.

“Take my cock, baby, take it all!” Art gasped. His cock was pulsing painfully, his balls churning, his hot cum rising. It flowed through his prick with violent gushes and sprayed out inside Roxie’s still-orgasming cunt.

“Ohhhhh, yesss, I feel it! Shoot, Uncle Art, come hard!” Roxie screamed as she felt the thick cream of her uncle’s jism filling her little cunt hole to overflowing.

“Wow! Look at that!” Kip cried as his fucking fingers made his sister come and she orgasmed violently on his hand.

“Yeah! What a sight!” Beth groaned, lowering her face to her mother’s tit and sucking the woman’s nipple into her wet mouth.

“Mmmm, they’re coming together… how nice,” Aunt Pat said in an obvious understatement as she ran her tightened fist up and down her son’s prick faster and faster, finally making him come. Kip groaned loudly with pleasure as he came, his hot cum splashing all over his mother’s pumping hand.

Roxie felt her long chain of orgasms finally beginning to subside as her uncle withdrew his still-hard cock from her pussy.

“No more cum?” Roxie asked meekly.

And her country family laughed delightedly. Then Aunt Pat, Beth, and. Kip all climbed into the bed to join her and her Uncle Art.

“Sure, Cuz, there’s lots more cum,” Kip said, proudly gesturing toward his cock, which was still big and hard.

“Oooooh, goody! And Uncle Art’s still hard, too!” Roxie squealed excitedly.

“Yes, dear, there’s plenty to go around,” Aunt Pat murmured as she reached out and fondled her niece’s tits.

Roxie looked into the smiling faces of her dear relatives, and she returned their affectionate smiles with one of her own. As she looked into their eyes and felt their hands and mouths and cocks on her, she realized that she had never felt so loved in her life, not even by her own parents and brother.

“Oh, you’re all so wonderful and I’ve been such a fool! I treated you all so badly. Can you ever forgive me?” she asked humbly.

“Now now, dear, we haven’t been treating you too well lately, either,” Aunt Pat said.

“Oh, but don’t you see? It was when you started punishing me for what I’d done to all of you that I started to get my head together. All the time that I was acting like such a little bitch, I was just needing someone to stop me… to make me see the light… and that’s what you all did. I’m very grateful to all of you and I love you all so much.”

“We forgive you, Roxie,” said Uncle Art, speaking for all of them.

“Oh, good! Thank you all! Now please fuck me! All of you!”

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