At her husband’s work party, private details lead to a private discussion

Rebecca’s husband, Bill, was a software developer. He had recently taken a new job at MarServe in Atlanta. It required the newlywed couple to relocate and move from New Jersey to Georgia. Rebecca quit her job at the call center, because Bill was going to be making enough money to support them both. Upon taking the job, Bill worked a lot of hours to help ensure the company’s new product line was able to meet the production deadline. The late nights working in close proximity with a small team, created a cohesive environment which improved team dynamics and ultimately led to sharing a lot of personal details.

Rob wore many hats at MarServe. He was the project lead, the hiring manager, and the CISO. He was a fairly tall guy with an athletic build. Nothing to crazy, but you could tell he was in good shape. While writing and testing code, he and Bill had amble opportunities to discuss their past, present, and futures. They quickly developed a great working rapport and talked about all the struggles of modern-day life. Rob regaled Bill with stories of his conquests, bachelor lifestyle, and his hobbies, while Bill told Rob about married life, finances, and their struggle to have children.

Bill and Rebecca had been trying to have kids since before they left Jersey. It had been a little over a year and still they hadn’t had any luck. They had tried all the home remedies, old wives’ tales, and over-the-counter fertility supplements imaginable. With the new job at MarServe, they were finally covered by a great health insurance and Rebecca was receiving fertility treatment. They were both cautiously optimistic they were finally going to get pregnant. Rebecca had been going to the clinic to receive advice, injections, and even a pre***********ion for Clomiphene. The Dr. had even given them an optimal date of April 25th where Rebecca would be at the height of her fertility window.

Bill had shared all this information with Rob during their late-night coding sessions. He spoke frequently about how Rebecca read all these books and magazines about the ‘best way’ to get pregnant. He told Rob about how she was abstaining from sex to ensure they were both ready when the window arrived. Rob had seen the pictures of Rebecca that Bill kept in his office. He thought it was ridiculous Bill couldn’t squirt a baby into her. She was a hot piece of ass and he certainly wouldn’t have had trouble breeding a baby with her bouncing on the end of his rod.

Rob started wondering, April 25th was pretty close to the launch date for MarServe’s new product line. Maybe he could schedule the launch party for that night, and figure out a way to help the lovely couple with their conception issues. Rob quickly got to work formulating a plan and scheduling the party for the perfect date of April 25th. When Bill first found out the Launch Party was on the same night of Rebecca’s optimal fertility window, he decided to skip the party.

“Rob, I’m not going to be able to make the Launch Party. Ummm, I’ve got other plans that I can’t miss,” Bill explained. Rob was glad Bill had initiated this conversation, “Bill, the party isn’t optional! It’s the Launch Party for the product line. We will have various clients and big wigs there. It is mandatory for all employees! If you can’t make it, we will have to terminate your contract. If you’re worried about your wife, and ‘your plan,’ don’t be. She should come to the party with you and you all don’t have to stay long. There will be plenty of time for you two love birds to do a little baby making at the end of the night.” Bill eventually relented.

Rebecca was an attractive girl in her late 20s with shoulder length dirty blonde hair. At 5’5” she was a few inches shorter than Bill with a full body if a little on the pudgy side. She had been married to Bill since right after they graduated from college and had never even given another man a second glance. She loved Bill and couldn’t wait to finally start a family with him. Rebecca also wasn’t very happy about the Launch Party being scheduled on her ovulation date. Bill had explained he would be extremely tied up until the Launch Party making sure all the bugs were out of the software, but promised to be ready by the 25th.


The night of the Launch Party, Rebecca wanted to make sure Bill was ready for some baby making action when they returned home. Rebecca was pudgy, but not unattractive. Most of her weight was in her breasts, hips, and ass. She had a very well-defined hourglass shape, with a small gut and FUPA. Since she knew she was going to be dressing up for the party, she had shaved her snatch bald except for a small downward pointing arrow shaped landing strip and wore a corset belt to conceal her little FUPA and gut by accentuating her waist and natural curves. The dress she decided to wear left little to imagination as it was a light gray and clung to her upper body but billowed out once below her thighs with the slit almost all the way to the top of her hip joint. Unfortunately, the dress design didn’t allow for any type of bra due to the super low-cut V-shape front and open back. The small spaghetti shoulder straps struggled to keep her massive 36E jugs contained, but the way the dress was sewn aided in her efforts to keep low hanging breasts pushed together.

Rebecca’s sweater hogs pulled the dress material downwards and created an impressive cleavage display but thanks to some well-placed sticky tape her nipples seemed to be discreetly hidden with on a hint of her rather large areolas visible to a very observant or discerning eye. Rebecca usually had a difficult time concealing her protruding nipples, but was hopeful the sticky tape would keep everything tucked away. For her panties, she chose a skimpy pair with a high waisted lace band and side wings to ensure the panties weren’t visible through the high slit of her dress. The rest of the fabric was silky purple and consisted of a small triangular front and back with a stringed gusset strap which barely covered the puffy lips of her swollen peach. She topped the outfit off with a pair of glossy black lace-up strapped high heels. She had used the first part of the morning as a spa day where she received a French manicure mani/pedi which emphasized the digits of her fingers and toes.

Rebecca cut quite the impressive figure as she arrived at the Launch Party shortly after it had begun. Bill beamed with pride as he finally had the opportunity to show off his lovely wife in person to his new colleagues. Rebecca relished the fact that Bill took every opportunity to show her off and was very cognizant of how all the men, and even a few women, stared at her rack. The therapy sessions the Dr had been doing, when combined with the vitamins and pre***********ion fertility drugs, had Rebecca’s hormones in overdrive. Her body seemed hyper sensitive and she was definitely enjoying all the attention. Plus, she knew she was ovulating and super fertile tonight. All of these factors combined with Bill’s fawning over her caused her to be a little more risqué and she took the opportunities to flaunt her ivory skin, curvy body, and revealing dress whenever possible.

Rebecca could see the lust in Bill’s eyes as she leaned over tables to shake hands and speak with the seated people he introduced her to. She probably shouldn’t have forced him to remain celibate for the last 4 weeks to ensure he had the biggest batch of baby goo ready to baste her with, but she knew after tonight it would have all been worth it. Each time she leaned over, it seemed her enormous melons would break free of their confines and spill into his co-worker’s faces, but the sticky tape did its job masterfully and prevented a full-blown spillage. However, with continued movement, the material shifted as the night wore on revealing more and more of her dark pink areola which contrasted with her milky colored mounds. The A/C was also apparently cranked up due to the large number of the guests in the smallish space because the tape was doing little to hide her erect nipples which looked like two little eraser nubs as a result of the temperature and the excitement of her flirting.

Rob was struck again upon finally meeting Rebecca in person. She was beautiful! Her creamy alabaster skin, shapely legs, and ginormous full breasts looked exquisite. As Bill introduced her, Rob gazed into her cloudy hazel eyes and thought he could see a hint of the lust hidden behind them. As he shook her hand, he ran his other hand up the cool flesh of her upper arm causing her to break out in goosebumps and stopping just below her triceps. He gave the soft untoned flesh a gentle squeezing massage as he bent down and kissed the top of her hand allowing his lips to part and ever so slightly suck the skin on the back of her hand leaving a small trace of the moisture from his mouth.

“What a pleasure to finally meet you, Rebecca! Bill has told me SO much about you.” Rob emphasized the word ‘so’ with a slight twinkle in his eye, but he didn’t elaborate any further. “He failed however to adequately describe how absolutely riveting you are!”

Rebecca flushed slightly as she felt Rob’s hand massaging the soft ivory flesh of her upper arm and the moisture of his lips on her hand, but Todd simply beamed at the compliment from his boss.

“Well, I won’t keep you two, but I wanted to make sure to say hello” Rob stated. “Bill, after you make your rounds stop by, I want to chat with you about a potential stock option I’m considering recommending as a bonus.”

“Of course Rob, give me just a few moments” and Bill proceeded to introduce his wife at the various tables. Rob’s eyes followed Rebecca’s body around the room. He admired the way the satiny gown pulled tight across her big rotund ass every time she bent over. He hadn’t missed the slight peek of her apparently enormous areolas and hard little nipples either. She was definitely ‘in heat’ and he could imagine how fragrant and moist her hot cunt must be. It was almost time to put his plan into motion and pluck Rebecca’s delicate flower.

Bill got Rebecca situated at their table and excused himself to chat with Rob about the potential stock option. “I’ll be back in just few minutes babe; I need to speak with Rob.”

As Bill sat down at the table next to Rob, Rob passed him a drink. “Bill, have a drink with me buddy, I think your financial future is looking up!” Bill attended the Launch Party with the intention of not drinking so that he could take full advantage of Rebecca’s cycle tonight. Rebecca had refused to have sex with him for the last 4 weeks and asked him not to masturbate to increase the amount of sperm he would be able to supply for her ‘harvest night.’ Bill was so horny he figured he wouldn’t last very long anyway, but the doctor had even prescribed him some E.D. pills to ensure that he was ready to go for multiple rounds. He didn’t think it wise to decline a drink offered by his boss while discussing a very lucrative financial situation and figured one drink wouldn’t hurt anyway.

Rob watched Bill down the spiked drink in a few quick gulps as he explained to Bill his plan to provide company stock options as a bonus for a successful launch of the new software. Rob had been laying plans for this Launch Party for weeks and he was more than ready to watch it snap into action. The first part was to roofie Bill while getting some ecstasy into Rebecca. Rob had acquired both from an acquaintance of his who liked to describe himself as a street pharmacist.

“Bill, I don’t want your wife to get too lonely why don’t you take her this drink to keep her busy while you and I go over a few more details” Rob advised.

Bill diligently took Rebecca the proffered spiked drink and told her he was almost done chatting and then they could go home. She conceded and accepted the drink while he circled back over to meet Rob near the bar. “Alright Bill, how are you feeling? Excited about tonight,” Rob asked?

“Yeah boss, the Launch Party seems to be going smoothly and every appears to be having a great time.”

“No Bill, I meant about ‘the after party tonight,’ are you ready to finally get that family of yours started,” Rob inquired. Bill thought this was a little personal, but he felt bubbly and excited, like he could lasso the moon. “Oh, yeah, I’m super excited. The doctor gave me some boner pills and I’m feeling pretty good right now. Plus, Rebecca looks super sexy tonight. I have a feeling it’s going to be a very eventful night!”

Rob smiled, “Me too,” knowing the roofie was taking hold of Bill and soon he would be passed out and out of the way. “Come here Bill, I want to show you the Senior Executive Lounge. It’s where we go during the work day to decompress and get ourselves refocused.” Rob led Bill down the hall to a small room that most employees called the ‘meditation room’. “All right killer why don’t you have a seat on that beanbag chair and tell me again about your plan for tonight” Rob directed Bill.

How odd, Bill thought, but he was feeling a little drained and could totally use a seat. After plopping down in the chair, Bill started to tell Rob about his and Rebecca’s plan for the night, but Bill was already well under the influence of the sedative and before he got a quarter of the way through, he was mumbling incoherently. Rob dimmed the lights and listened as Bill’s speech became more and more slurred, until eventually the room grew quiet. Rob walked over to where Bill was reclined and could tell he was out.


Rob hustled back to the party leaving Bill to sleep in the darkened room. When Rob re-entered the conference hall which had been cleared for the Launch Party, he immediately approached Rebecca and took Bill’s seat. The pill Rob had placed in Rebecca’s drink was a new concoction his friend had told him. He warned there would likely be several effects to the new designer drug. “It will make the client extremely horny, less inhibited, and a little confounded. In their heightened state of arousal, there may be physical manifestations as well in the form of swollen nodes and glans. No permanent damage but they may have a hard time focusing. The side effects are generally pretty mild unless mixed with other pre***********ion drugs” the street pharmacist had explained to Rob.

“What are the side effects, and what happens when mixed with other drugs or alcohol?” Rob wasn’t overly concerned with minor issues, but he also didn’t want to get anybody hurt.

“Side effects generally include nausea, dehydration, and disorientation. If you mix it with other drugs and alcohol, I don’t know, probably more severe effects….so do so at your own risk” he explained to Rob.

Rob could see some of the effects of the drug taking hold of Rebecca. Her eyes seemed to come in and out of focus but she still appeared lucid just slow. Her nipples were protruding through the thin material of her dress and apparently, they were very erect. At some point the fabric had slipped a little and more of her massive areolas were peeking out over the material. She also seemed to be extremely fidgety, constantly crossing and uncrossing her legs while tapping or swinging her glossy black strapped foot back and forth in time with the music. “Hi Rebecca, how are you doing tonight?” Rob asked.

“I’m doing well, it’s a really nice party, but I’m about ready to head home. I’ve got some things I need to take care of tonight. Have you seen Bill?”

“Oh, he had to run up to the office for something, he asked that I keep you company for a few minutes” and with that Rob placed his palm on Rebecca’s left bouncing leg where the slit in dress revealed her alabaster thigh. I hope that wasn’t too much too soon, Rob thought to himself.

She jumped at his touch, but didn’t pull away because that would have been rude for such an innocent gesture. It secretly sent waves of pleasure coursing through her body as Rob’s hand rested on naked flesh a mere few inches from her sopping wet pussy. She was ready to go home. Her body felt supercharged. The pre***********ion pills she had taken, the alcohol, and the attention she had been getting all night had her nether region positively dripping wet. The fabric of the small bikini panties she was wearing seemed to cut into the delicate folds of tender lips and she was sure the material couldn’t soak up much more of her juices before it started to leak down her legs. The thought of Rob accidentally feeling her nectar seeping down from her watery hole caused another jolt of excitement to pass through her body. Her nipples ached and felt distended. She couldn’t wait to get home and feel Bill plow into her velvety fuck hole. God she was so horny right now, she could hardly concentrate. Rob had been speaking to her, but she couldn’t focus on what he was saying, she was trying to recall. Something about Rob going upstairs to do some work.

Her mind kept wandering…speaking of wandering she just realized with somewhat of a shock that Rob’s hand had wandered further up her leg as she continued to bounce and tap it in nervous excitement. Rob was now gently caressing her inner thigh. What the fuck she thought, she wanted to slap him and push him away, but it felt so nice and it was her husband’s boss. Plus, there were all these people around and she didn’t want to cause a scene. Besides, his hand wasn’t really touching anything but her leg, she justified, and it did feel so nice. It caused a thrumming feeling in her cooter which yearned to be touched. What was she doing, she thought? This was her husband’s boss. Her rational brain told her to squeeze her legs together to keep his hand from moving any further, but instead her muscles betrayed her and she felt her legs shift under the table and spread a little wider. Nothing significant, but just enough to part her inner thighs and allow a relatively unobstructed path her nectar node. Her rational brain appeared to not be in control as her primal brain responded to its baser urges.

Rob felt some of the tension leave Rebecca as she relaxed a little bit and ever so subtly eased her milky thighs apart gently encouraging his hand to slip deeper towards her cleft. He was careful to keep his arm’s movement under the table concealed from the other guests at the table. Luckily the table cloth assisted in hiding his hand slowly groping its way up Rebecca’s leg as he rubbed his way up towards her lady garden.

Her breathing was shallow and he could see her breasts heaving as her body responded to his touch in this public setting. He felt her briefly tense again as his pinky finger grazed the gusset of her crotch cover. He was getting close to reaching his goal and thought she was going to pull away, but she quickly relaxed again and accepted his groping hand massaging right below her sex.

With her barely perceived acceptance, Rob was emboldened. He slid his hand up to her honey pot as she relaxed and opened her legs up just a little farther. She was drenched! He could feel her nectar leaking around the scant fabric of her wanton cock trap. He couldn’t decide which thought appealed more to him, pulling aside her panties and fingering her sloppy hole in public or shoving his fingers, panties and all into her sodden snatch.

One of Rebecca’s hands had moved up to her breast and was roughly rubbing at her barely concealed nipple. Her brain felt foggy and muddled, but her body felt hyper aware and ready to mate. Her instincts told her it was time to breed as her biological clock didn’t just tick, but clanged like a massive chime. The full touch of Rob’s fingers against the taunt fabric of her panty clad pussy was enough to bring Rebecca back from the brink and back to her senses. She quickly stood up, dislodging Rob’s hand as she did so. “I’m sorry, I need to find my husband to see if he is ready to go.” She stumbled a little bit, having some trouble walking in the heels after the effects of alcohol and drug started to take hold.

Rob stood up and whipped out his access badge as he said, “He’s in his office, I’ll have to escort you up there because of the security doors.” Rebecca wanted to object. She couldn’t trust herself with this man. She had already let him fondle, if only briefly, her covered clam. Hell, she couldn’t trust him either, and he was Bill’s boss. The last thing she wanted was to be isolated with him in a separate area of the building without other people around, but couldn’t voice a logical reason without offending Rob and embarrassing herself in front of Bill’s co-workers.


Rob led Rebecca down the hall to an elevator and together they climbed inside. As the doors slid closed, he deliberately swiped his right hand under his nose and inhaled deeply. Rebecca new he must be smelling her musky dew on his fingers from his earlier probing. Rob quickly punched a code and swiped his badge which ran the elevator up to the top floor where he maintained his offices.

“So Rebecca, are you having a good time tonight? I know I sure am.”

Again, Rebecca was having a semi-difficult time focusing as her mind whirled. Was Bill’s office on the top floor? She thought he worked on one of the development levels. “Uh, yeah. It’s a great party, but I’m just ready to get home.”

“Oh yes, I almost forgot. You’re ovulating tonight, right? Bill is supposed to finally put a baby inside of you, isn’t he? Blow his hot delivery inside your loading dock? He’s been telling me for weeks how he planned to ‘knock the bottom out of you tonight’” Rob stated. “I’m surprised he let you out of his sight and didn’t try fucking you here in the office.”

OMG, Rob’s directness was like a slap in the face. She couldn’t believe Bill had told Rob about her fertility cycle. And why was Rob being so crass and why was it turning her on so much? The thought of this other man, who had obviously been lusting over her all night, knowing that she was at the height of her cycle forced a minor quake of an orgasm to rip through her loins and sent a small rivulet of her biological lubricant running down her legs. “ummmggg, yeah, I guess” Rebecca replied with a nervous chuckle and a hardly concealed shudder. Rob instantly picked up on her failed attempt to conceal the orgasm that just racked her body. The elevator was suddenly filled with the pungent smell of what he now recognized as her lady secretions. Rob’s cock immediately jumped to attention in his trousers. This chubby little slut’s body was exuding sex and begging for someone, anyone to hammer it into oblivion.

Rebecca could feel her twat tingling just thinking about it….wait was she thinking about Bill getting her pregnant or Rob being so vulgar. Why was she having such a hard time staying focused, God she was so horny. There was a pulsing throb deep between her legs. She needed to touch herself, maybe that would help if she could just get a good release, but not with Rob standing just inches away leering at her.

The elevator dinged and the doors slid open. Rebecca quickly stumbled out, the soft pale flesh of her thighs rubbing together forcefully as she desperately hoped the motion might provide some relief and clarity. As she exited the elevator, she felt a hand on her ass cheek. It gently nudged her to a door open on the left. She was in an office. It had a large couch, a conference table, a big executive style desk, and an amazing view of the city all lit up.

She looked around, why was she here again, oh yeah to find Bill. Was this Bill’s office? No, it couldn’t be. As she turned around Rob was right in front of her. He seemed to move so quickly as he caught her by the nape of the neck and pulled her in to a kiss. What the fuck, she thought, and then wow, as it turned passionate. Endorphins were flooding her body, further muddling her mind, she couldn’t concentrate, but her pussy was on fire! It ached so bad, she wanted, no needed to touch it. She had to have a release. Her body instinctively knew what to do.

She closed her eyes and surrendered to the kiss, it was so full of feeling, of lust, it made her shudder. One of her hands dipped down and pressed against the front of her dress drilling into her pulsating pussy pushing the fabric encasing her mound this way and that, desiring the building orgasm. Bill’s other hand had snaked behind her and was cupping her phat ass, kneading the flesh. Wait, no this wasn’t Bill….it was someone else. Rob, Bill’s boss. She had to focus. “Stop, we can’t do this. Where is Bill” she asked, pulling back from his embrace?

“Oh, he is down stairs somewhere. Who cares where Bill is? He obviously doesn’t want to be here with you or he would be. I mean, he must be crazy. Look at you, you’re so fucking hot. Your tits are about to spill out of that dress and your ass is just begging to be squeezed. I can smell the pheromones emanating off of your gorgeous body as it begs for a coupling.”

It was true, her lust was overwhelming her senses. She couldn’t figure out why, she wasn’t even sure she cared.

Before she could react, Rob was on her again. Kissing her hard. This time he put his other hand on the left side of her ass and used the slit on her hip to gain access to dimpled globes of her butt for skin-on-skin contact. Her loins were enflamed, uggg she wanted a real orgasm, a full one. She was so frustrated sexually. Where was Bill? Why wasn’t he the one pawing her hyper aroused body, begging to plant himself inside her. There was no doubt Rob wanted her. She could see the enormous bulge in his slacks and his lust was evident on his face and in his eyes. It felt so good to be wanted. She could feel her pussy leaking again. She had never been so wet in her entire life. It was literally dribbling down her legs because the gusset at her crotch couldn’t catch any more of her slick fluid.

Rob’s other hand wasn’t idle while her brain struggled to process everything. It had snaked up and slid the spaghetti strap off of her shoulder and freed her right breast, fully exposing it to the cool air of the office suite. His hand groped down towards her nipple and quickly ripped of the sticky tape trying to contain the thimble sized nubbin.

Rob deftly rolled the nipple between his fingers causing a surge of electrical impulses to race down Rebecca’s spine and revved the ache in her snatch as her firm globes pebbled like goose flesh. He swiftly removed the other strap which caused her dress to cascade down her body and accumulate at her wide hips where it lodged. It was obviously she must have pulled the dress over her head from the top down as the material of the waist would never go over her hips without tearing. He removed the sticky tape from the other nipple, allowing it to ping to attention like its sister teat. He then began to maul her breasts in earnest, squeezing, licking, sucking, and nibbling on them. He was rubbing and massaging the underside of her udders where the flesh was most neglected while popping her aching nipples in and out of his mouth. He chewed on her poor fat nipples like a puppy with a toy. Rebecca writhed in bliss, she was panting and moaning, it was hard to think and it was getting harder to breathe.

Her corset, she thought in another moment of lucidity. It must be too tight. Maybe that was the problem, maybe she just needed air and less restriction and her mind fog would lift. “My corset, I can’t breathe! Please untie it.”

Rob wasted no time in complying with the request, he grabbed the purple ribbon which cinched her waist and gave it a tug which allowed her to take a deep breath and her massive tits heaved with the effort. It helped a little, she felt like she could breathe, but her mind was still muddled. What was she doing? She had to stop this before it went any further. She needed to find her husband. She needed to get home. She NEEDED to get fucked, and bad!

“Stop, Rob we can’t. I have to find my husband.”

“He isn’t here, but I am. I can see what you need Rebecca! I can see you want it, that your body wants it. We can do this. Bill never has to know. He can keep his job and be blissfully unaware of what a hot fucking slut you are. I won’t tell him if you don’t.”

Rebecca still couldn’t seem to get all her faculties together. Did he just threaten to fire Bill if she didn’t fuck him? Did he threaten to tell on her? “What? Why? I don’t understand? What’s going on?” she asked.

“Listen Rebecca, I know this may be a little hard for you to follow, but I’m going to fuck you tonight like the wanton bitch you are. I’m going to give your body what it so desperately needs and then I’m going to make you beg for my cum. Then and only then will I fuck a baby into you.”

Rebecca groaned at his filthy talk. It made her feel so cheap but wanted at the same time. God she was horny she thought, what was wrong with her. His words rang true because her body did want him. She wanted to feel him deep inside her. She wanted to have her womb bathed in splooge and for some reason at the moment she really didn’t care who did the spraying. “Oh god,” she moaned as her back arched and she went rigid as another small orgasm ripped through her body leaving her shuddering and flushed.

During this whole exchange, Rob had been moving Rebecca backwards towards the conference table. As soon as her back side made contact with it, Rob slipped his left hands down to the slit in her dress and towards the cleft in her crotch. He could feel the trickle of her love juice as it ran down the inside of her thighs. His fingers made contact with the saturated gusset of her purple panties confirming what he already expected. She was gushing fluids from deep inside of cock holster, secreting her natural heady scent.

As Rob’s hand pawed its way towards her seeping sump, Rebecca moved her feet apart, opening up her thighs and allowing him access. His hand against her mons, caused Rebecca to gasp, quiver, and moan all at once. Rob quickly had her last defense, the small panel of cloth, pushed to one side and two of his fingers buried knuckle deep in her soaking wet clam. “mmmmeeeeeuuuu,” was the mewling sound that escaped Rebecca’s lips as his digits delved into her damp dungeon. She tossed her head back and stared at the spinning ceiling reveling in pleasure his probing fingers were eliciting from her slippery slit.

Rob didn’t just clumsily finger bang her. His fingers touched and teased her engorged lips and clitoris, while occasionally dipping inside of her well. He was sending pleasure signals throughout her body and it responded instinctually. The synapses in her brain were firing on overload making it nearly impossible to think. It felt like her brain was melting. She knew her pussy was drenched before she could even hear the squelching noises it was making as Rob finally started finger blasting her.

Sluuuup, fwwpppp, sluuuup, fwwppp! Over and over again.

Why was this all feeling so good? She could feel an intense pressure building in her lower abdomen. Her body began to seize up and the next thing she knew, “Uggggggggg, god” she screamed. She unleashed a flood of dampness which quickly coated Rob’s fingers and hand. Her vision momentarily blanked out as she saw flashes of little pinprick lights. Her legs went weak and she sagged into the table. She panted from epic surge of endorphins that just blasted their way through her stimulated body.

Rob used his right hand and pushed Rebecca gently backwards causing her to lay back onto the table top. He removed his fingers from her sopping snatch.


He grabbed the lace band of her sodden purple panties and ripped them off her body. Rebecca’s pussy was so wet from the gushing torrent she released during her spasmatic orgasm it made him think of Niagara Falls, all that power just waiting be harnessed. He pushed her billowy dress up towards her hips, finally revealing her secret garden. She was clean shaven except for a small landing strip in the shape of a downward arrow. He grinned to himself at her ‘directions.’ Well, I don’t mind if I do, he thought to himself as he dove face first into her delicate folds, savoring her pungent smell and sweet taste.

Rebecca had a beautiful pussy, perhaps one of the prettiest ones Rob had ever seen. The soft flesh of her mons puffed away from her body and truly resembled an overripe peach with the glistening pink gash splitting it symmetrically in two. Her pussy lips pouted away from the rest of her body in what he could only describe as a cursive M. She probably had an amazing impressive camel toe anytime she wore yoga pants. He knew her lips were even more inflated due to the drug in her system which tended to make things swell. Her fat little twat looked so tight and delicious. She may have been a little chubby and had a little extra padding on that fat upper pussy area, but looking at her glorious poon made the ticket worth the price of admission.

In her aroused state, her little hooded warrior was emerging from under his concealment at the apex of her dewy ravine. The increased blood flow had her little clit looking engorged and angry as its dark pink skin contrasted with the paler skin around it. As Rob lapped up her musky juices and inhaled her scent, he gently squeezed her hooded hero between his thumb and forefinger. Rebecca groaned, arched her back, and rested her spinning head on the table.

“Noooooo” Rebecca moaned out, as Rob moved his head between her pale, lush thighs, but as he found her clit, her No turned into a groan of “ooooooh.” She relaxed back onto the table, as she tried to get her body and mind to listen to her. This had to stop, it had gone too far. Her body quivered and her hazy rationale said, why not let him eat your pussy? She needed it, she needed the release again, her last orgasm hadn’t quite done the trick, she needed more, she had to cum again! After all, it wasn’t sex. She couldn’t get pregnant from him dining at the Y, and he was doing a magnificent job. It felt so nice to have all his attention focused on pleasing her. Bill hardly ever went down on her. Why not enjoy it? She accepted the clam-lapping she was receiving as he delved his tongue deep into her slippery and sloppy slit.

“Ohhhhhhh,” she moaned as she moved her knees which splayed her lower lips allowing him even more unrestricted access. She reached down and grabbed two handfuls of his hair and pulled his munching mouth harder against her beaver. “Fuck! Eat me,” she rasped, “eat all of me!”

Slurp, svviiip, sluuuuup.

Rob face-fucked her egg mcmuff like there was no tomorrow because indeed he probably wouldn’t be able to do it again tomorrow. She tasted so good as he lapped at her pussy like a dog going after peanut butter. Her juices coating his face as she mashed her sex into him. He moved his head back and forth causing his nose to rub on her pulsing clit.

As Rob munched on her delicious box, he undid his trousers and pulled out his raging hard pecker. He had been dreaming about this for weeks and he was so close to all his plans coming to fruition. Rebecca had spread her legs a little further for him and felt like she was trying to pull his face inside her. She wanted his tongue to explore her cavernous depths and he willingly obliged her by tongue fucking her cunny as he flicked her clitoris with his nose. He wanted to chew on her little bean to make her head explode, but she had his mouth press firmly against her seeping maw. Rebecca was in ecstasy and was willingly opening herself, revealing her delicate flower to him.

Rebecca closed her eyes and bathed in the sensations and pleasure washing over her body. The attention her muff was receiving caused the nipples of her fat titties to puff out even further and stand at full attention against her massive areolas which were now puffy as well. She released her death grip on his hair and one of her hands moved up and started to caress the sensitive diodes, pulling and tweaking them in turn. Her breathing was erratic as she could feel a massive climax building in her erogenous zone. Her other hand dipped down to her bald man in a boat and began to flick him furiously. Rob’s hands splayed her vaginal lips, pulling her hole open as the invading tongue explored her folds and probed her canal.

“Ughhhhhhh, fuuuuuuuck,” Rebecca bellowed as her first massive climax peaked and her cunny spasmed ejecting a frothy spray of cum into Rob’s waiting mouth and drenching his face. “Uh Uh Uh,” she panted as the seismic after effects rocked her body and Rob resumed sucking on her cunt lips and hollowing out her hole. “Oh my god, I can’t believe that just happened. I’ve never cum so hard in my life and I feel like I can do it again!”

Rob’s aching cock was at full mast and begging to penetrate Rebecca’s waiting hole before she blasted him with her hot lady cum. He had no idea she was a squirter and by the way she reacted she didn’t either. He wanted to take her to pound town and blow his baby batter deep into her unprotected and fertile womb. He stood allowing his pants to fall to his ankles where he quickly kicked them off, his 10 inches of man meat knocking against the table as he rose. From this angle, Rebecca’s clunge looked even more beautiful. The oral stimulation had caused her labia to split apart and her hole to open up slightly, revealing the dark passage which led to her fuck factory. She was ready to accommodate his dongle and download his DNA into her waiting receptacle.

Rebecca’s was so close. She could feel another orgasm quickly building. She just needed a few more seconds until a second sweet releasing wave flooded her body and Rob’s face, but suddenly the incessant licking stopped leaving her confused and eager. Her mind was reeling and her hips involuntarily lifted off the table seeking the moist intruder’s return to her thoroughly soaked sump. When it didn’t immediately return, her brain temporary engaged and registered the movement between her parted legs which thoroughly revealed the naughty bits of her pleasure palace.

“Rob, that was amazing, but we have to stop….we can’t do this, I’m married,” Rebecca whined but Rob ignored her feeble protests and proclaimed “Oh Becky, I’m going to plow your fertile field and plant my seed deep in your pouting peach!”

Rebecca couldn’t help it, his words resonated in her skull and her body yearned to be filled, to be used. She needed to be fucked!

Rob’s helmeted warrior’s head slid across her slippery snatch transferring her natural lubricant to his cock head. He grabbed the base of the shaft and speared her like a wild boar, sinking as deep into her juicy, hairless hatchet wound as it would allow. Grunting with the force of the thrust, Rob exclaimed, “Yes, fuckkkkkk! You’re so tight.”

“OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH FUCK” Rebecca screamed as what felt like a giant log plunged into her pussy.

“Uwghhh uh uh uh,” Rebecca groaned as Rob held his buried sword deep in her love sheath. He had bottomed out on her cervix and stopped with about 3 inches remaining outside of her. His full balls gently tapped against her round ass as he tried to drive deeper into her, but it wouldn’t budge.

Rebecca’s brain exploded with sensory overload. Rob was fucking massive, not just long but thick apparently too. She felt full and could feel her vaginal walls stretching to accommodate his member as the head bumped against her cervix. After a brief pause Rob began to gently rock back and forth. It felt like he was trying to push deeper into her, past her cervical opening. It caused a sharp pain deep inside her every time he nudged her internal opening.

After a couple seconds of no luck, Rob pulled his ramrod back and thundered it back home into her soft chute eliciting a grunt and groan from Rebecca. With each thrust of his cock her fat jugs jiggled and flopped about on her chest. Rob began mauling her breasts again, roughly biting and suckling on the enlarged nipples. Rebecca’s mind seemed to melt as her body was overloaded with even more sensations from multiple different erogenous zones.

“Ehhhhh, god you’re so big. It feels like I’m being split in two” she moaned as she tried to push Rob away with her hands. Rob was lost to his lust at this point and wasn’t about to be pushed away. His gaze was locked on her pussy, as he pulled his log out of her until just the head was still lodged within her. Her lips stretched out almost like they were sucking onto his shaft as her vaginal walls elongated and attempted to pull outside her body. With the heightening of her arousal, Rebecca’s distended clit was peeking out like a tiny little dick from under her pink hood. Rob reached down and grabbed the protruding nub and gave it a firm squeeze and pull which elicited a guttural groan from deep within Rebecca and caused her already tight cunt to seize upon his cock as he rammed it back deep into her.

Fwwwwppppt, sluuuurp, fwwwwpt, sluuuurp was the sound emanating from her vagina as he pummeled it with his prick. He felt the tip of his cock colliding with her cervix and could tell the tight little ring was dilating as a result of the drugs and his incessant banging on the closed door. If he could just apply a little more pressure, he was pretty sure it could shove his massive prick right into her fucking uterus which he was sure was virgin territory. Rob had never been able to get his full length inside a girl as they always complained about it hurting when he plowed their cervix, but he knew tonight was his night. He was going to make this bitch take every inch of his battering ram. He didn’t care if it hurt, she was just there to please him and take his seed.

Rob kept slamming his cock into Rebecca’s warm snatch while manhandling her clit and squeezing her plump jugs. Rebecca couldn’t even form coherent words anymore. She merely alternated between primal grunts and the occasional groan of either pleasure or pain. Rob couldn’t tell which and really didn’t care. Finally, not able to take it anymore, Rob placed her legs on his shoulders and grabbed both of her hips as he withdrew his full length. He focused on his target and thrust forward with all his might. His cock head squeezed past her cervical ring and finally he was able to go balls deep, resting his full 10 inches inside of Rebecca. She released a garbled wail of pain as his mushroom tip invaded her hungry womb. Rebecca tried to get up but with Rob buried so deep in her she couldn’t dislodge him. It felt like he had just ripped her pussy apart and she could feel his tip of his cock in her guts as it punched into what felt like her stomach.

Rob held still relishing the feeling of being completely buried in Rebecca’s stuffed cunt. It was the first time he had ever managed to get all of himself inside a woman. “Yessss,” Rob exclaimed over Rebecca’s broken sobs as her vaginal walls milked his cock as they attempted to push him out. “Nooooooo, please ugh noooooooo,” Rebecca wailed, “It hurts, it’s too big! Please pull it out…ooooooeeeeewwwww.”

“So fucking tight,” he hissed! “Oh you want me to pull it out? Ok, then get ready to take it!” As he pulled back, Rob could feel the rim of his helmet pull against her strained cervix. “Now I’m going to break you, you fucking slut! I’m going to stretch you out and rip you apart so that Bill will think he is throwing a hotdog down a hallway next time he tries to fuck you!”

Rob began to work his fuck stick in and out of her abused, strained hole. Tears streamed down Rebecca’s face as the pain and sobs racked her body. “I’m going to fucking smash your guts bitch and blow my load directly onto your fucking eggs! You’ll be lucky if I don’t scramble them while I’m at it,” he grunted as he mercilessly bucked into her. Rebecca responded with an incoherent “ohhhhhhh god ugggggggg, Oiooooooeeeeee.”

With the new sensations, Rebecca’s mind fog cleared a little and her vocabulary returned, “Oh godddddd. STOP! You’re too deep. It hurts, you’re killing me!” It felt like she was impaled on a fire hydrant and every time he plowed into her it knocked the breathe out of her lungs. She thought he might actually be rearranging her insides. “Please stop, please. I can’t take it, you’re too big” she pleaded, but Rob ignored her protests and just continued rutting. “Ugggukkkkk,” Rebecca gargled inhumanly as her she suddenly passed out and her body went limp.

Rebecca’s body relaxed after she passed out, but she was still extremely tight and Rob could feel the tingling building deep within his balls. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he spewed his load deep into her super fertile and unprotected pussy. He pounded her mercilessly by using a long but hard stroke that cause her whole body to shake with each pistoning pump. Cracking his pelvis against hers, he was pretty sure she would have some beautiful bruises tomorrow as a result of her breeding session. He was getting close and didn’t want Rebecca to miss the moment he fertilized her with his baby making batter. Luckily, he was more than prepared for almost any scenario as she was about to learn.

Rob vacated her squelching hole which made a distinct plopping sound from the vacuum he created while probing her cavity.

Sluuuurrrrrpppp, plop!

He smiled as he admired her gaping orifice basking in the knowledge it was his handy work that left her stretched and distended. He thought about trying to stick his hand inside her and thoroughly breaking her box, but decided he would save that for later. He grabbed the ammonium smelling salts and three alligator clips from box near the corner of his desk. The clips were those strong ones with the plastic bite teeth and it took some strength to get the jaws to separate. He used his free hand to pull back the rest of her clitoral hood ensuring her entire enflamed nub was exposed. He skillfully placed the clit clamp on her delicate doorbell and then placed one on each nipple. Once they were all in place, he connected them with the small chain that was included in the set. He wanted to make sure that when he pulled on one, it pulled on them all. He grabbed his cellphone and snapped a few shots of Rebecca laid back on the conference table with her massive jugs hanging to each side and her hole still sufficiently gaping from the fucking he had been giving her. He could see a little trickle of blood leaking from her hole where he must have torn her due to the sheer girth of his meat hammer.

Finally, he moved back down between her legs and planted his tree trunk at her opening. He waved the smelling salts under her nostrils which quickly flared and wrinkled as she inhaled the ammonium. Rebecca’s eyes flashed open and a small weak whine emanated from her throat as the memory of her pain and the ache in crotch came flooding back to her. She raised her head off the table to see Rob standing over her between her spread legs. One of her strapped heels had apparently come loose and it dangled off of her right foot as it rested on Rob’s shoulder.

“Good, I didn’t want my little cum dumpster to miss the best part!” As soon as they made eye contact, Rob slammed his thick pole all the way back into Rebecca’s torn cunny driving all the air out of her lungs.

“Huuuuuuuhhhhhh,” she groaned, followed by “Aiiiiiiehhhhhhhhhh!”

“Oh god, what are you doing to me” Rebecca wheezed. Rob continued to work his shaft back and forth in her fuck tunnel, he was struggling to keep his orgasm in check and knew it wouldn’t be much longer. He wanted one last thing out of Rebecca before he finally buttered her muffin. “If you want this to end Rebecca, all you have to do is beg for my cum! Beg me to dump my load in you like a fucking washing machine and this can all be over” Rob explained to her. The pain she was experiencing in her once pristine and tight box was so intense, she wanted nothing more then for it to stop, but she couldn’t do that to Bill…she couldn’t do it to herself. She couldn’t believe she hadn’t even asked for him to put on a condom. God she couldn’t get pregnant by another man. Rob sensed that he was close to breaking her mentally, she just needed a little more encouragement.

Rob reached down and grabbed the chain attached to the clit clamp and began to pull it while jiggling it back and forth in time with his pumping. “Mmmgggggaaaahhhhh” Rebecca wailed as he continued to pound and punish her hole while simultaneously trying to rip her clit out and nipples off. She felt so used, she felt like a human fuck doll as she arched her back trying to pull away but it just put more pressure on her pulsing glans. Rob simply watched as his steady hammering seemed to be pulling at her vaginal walls more and more with each egress. “You better hurry up Rebecca, if I keep this up for much longer, I think I’m going to prolapse your beautiful pussy! Apparently, it can’t handle me and is starting to give up.”

This comment seemed to hit home and bring Rebecca around, she couldn’t feel her pelvic muscles clenching anymore but she could feel the pulling sensation on her uterus and her vaginal walls. She started to panic. If her uterus prolapsed, would she be able to carry a baby to term? She didn’t know, but decided it wasn’t worth the risk. “Ok, do it,” she muttered. Rob heard her, but it wasn’t good enough for what he wanted. It wasn’t what he wanted or needed to hear from her to know she was truly broken and was his fuck doll. He wanted the conference room camera to pick up her begging to be his jizz depository. “What did you say,” Rob asked?

“Uggggg, fucking do it, hurry” Rebecca exclaimed as she gritted her teeth and tried to clench through the pain!

“Oh no Rebecca, that won’t do. You have to beg me to fucking give you my precious gift like the fat dirty slut you are. Convince me that you want it! Show me that your chubby body was built to take my goo!”

“Please!!!! I’ll do anything, just stop!”

“Beg me for it you fat fucking whore. Beg for me to knock you up and swell your belly. Tell me you want me to pump my potent seed into your fucking hungry hole,” Rob said as he slapped the bouncing globes on her chest and bit down on one of her tender nipples, clamp and all. Rebecca groaned loudly, “ugggghfffffff!”

“Fucking do it! Give me your seed! Plant your seed in peach! I need it, I need your nut! I want to feel your juice inside me! I want you to put a baby in me! I want to fucking carry your dirty love child, please, Please! Please fucking cum in me,” Rebecca pleaded. That was all Rob needed to hear as he finally lost his control. He fucked viciously into her abused uterus, making her grunt and sob in pain as he bruised her inner thighs and pelvis even more with the force of his hammering. “Pleeeeeeease, I’ll do anything, pleeeeeeeease, just finish” Rebecca wailed. “I’m going to fucking fill your broken little cunt up whore. I’m going to flood you with my potent fucking baby batter you slut! I’m going to knock you up and make you carry my baby you cheating bitch!” Rob angled his cock upwards and slammed it home one final time making sure it was buried as deeply in her snatch as it would go.

“Ughnnnnnn,” he groaned as he finally released directly into her uterus, pumping and spraying his potent sperm deep into her. “Yes, take it you horny fucking skank. Feel me flood your precious temple with my life-giving nectar!”

And feel it Rebecca could. A guttural groan ripped from her throat as he impaled her one final time and began to spew his hot load into her. It felt like a gallon of molten fire was spraying the inside of her abdomen. She looked down and could see the bump in her stomach where his cockhead was pushing up into her. As she stared in horror, she watched it twitch in her guts and knew he was painting her insides with his thick gooey jizz. Rebecca sobbed as her hot tears streamed down her face, she truly was his cum dumpster now. Her pussy ached, it felt stretched and battered. She was sure Rob had torn her vaginal walls and likely her gnash too. Her clit was on fire still and all the sensations made her feel dizzy. She felt like she was going to pass out again. Finally, she surrendered and let it wash over her as she was enveloped by sweet blackness.