The Neighbor’s Wife In Chains

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under extremely tempting conditions.

The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all comers, male and female alike. The man who during a strip show at a stag party, climbs up on stage with the girl and performs with her in front of his friend. The couple who, under group pressure, reluctantly join the neighborhood wife-swappers.

Brenda Ellis is one of these outwardly proper and quite normal people. A healthy attractive young newlywed, she has no reason to think she is different from other girls her age. But within her a love of degradation and desire to be debased lies like a snake, waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse it.

THE NEIGHBOR’S WIFE IN CHAINS — a fictional story about those who appear normal, but whose needs are different.


“Paddle my shitty ass!” Laura Stone hissed. She was perched nakedly on her knees atop the diving board in her back yard with bare tits and one cheek of her face scratching against the grainy surface. Her naked hips were thrust high into the air, eagerly thrashing about as her husband, Jim, whipped the ping pong paddle through the air to batter its rough surface against her ass. The skin of Laura’s ass cheeks glowed a brilliant scarlet from the blows that had already landed, and hot cunt juices from her leaking pussy flowed down the insides of both velvety thighs. The smashing paddle ignited hot flames of sexual pain and pleasure which ran through her flesh to spear bolts of lightning up her puckered shit hole and tight cunt. Tiny breakers of cum like waves rippling onto a beach were already crashing through her guts, and the beautiful sex-starved woman hadn’t even yet been fucked by a hard prick.

Her husband, Jim, was as naked as his wife, and he stood to one side of the diving board of the kidney-shaped swimming pool as he slashed brutally down with the paddle to sting his wife’s bare ass. Jim’s cock was raging hard, jutting lewdly out from his crotch, and already drops of pre-cum stained the end of his prick. Whipping bitch flesh made him ache with fuck-lust.

“You like that, my little bitch?” he growled at Laura, his voice strained up an octave by the lust that was rampant in his body. “Then, here’s some more of my paddle to tear up your ass!”

“Hit me!” Laura encouraged, then she yelped as the paddle savaged her ass again. The blows stoked the flames in her cunt.

The late-afternoon sun slanted into the oversized yard, throwing the shadows of the pair into the pool. The summer heat had slipped some as the day had wound down and, now with the clock moving toward four, the warm air bathed their skin. Still, both naked fuckers had worked up a sweat from the hot bondage and discipline action. Around them, a massive shamrock green rolled to the five-foot stone wall that surrounded the back yard. And, lining the wall, there were shrubs and trees that blocked the view over the wall except for a few strategic places.

“Is she there?” Laura gasped, wiggling her naked, beaten ass wound to beg for more.

Jim grasped his wife’s luxurious brown hair, now wet with sweat, from where it lay across her back and he pulled hard to arch her neck to the rear. Laura gurgled from the sudden strangulation, and her breath quickly disappeared. But there was no panic as her eyes bulged, so she heard the words her husband whispered into her ear.

“She’s looking over the wall through the trunks of the alder trees,” Jim growled, then he released his wife’s damp hair.

Laura’s head snapped down, cracking one of her cheeks sharply against the board. Still she managed to glance over toward the trees. Sure enough, she could see her young neighbor’s face over the five-foot wall.

“God,” Laura groaned as she turned her head back. “I can’t wait to get my tongue up her tight, juicy young cunt!”

Then agony sliced through her ass as the ping pong paddle slammed her battered flesh again, and new needles of pain erupted all over her ass cheeks and made her waves of cum break even higher. The pussy juices had poured so thickly now that they even leaked down to stain the board, and Laura was getting close to needing a hard cock plundering into her cunt hole, which already felt like it was about to explode.

Across the lawn, the soft summer breeze rustled the leaves of the alders. They were young trees, their trunks and branches still immature, and the breaks between them provided one of the few natural windows far looking into the Stones’ back yard. And it was there that Jim had noticed the shining golden hair, almost like a halo above the fair skin of his young neighbor’s face. Brenda Ellis — as the Stones well knew was her custom — had been spending the late afternoon inside her own back yard clipping roses and weeding flowerbeds in the place she and her husband, Bill, now called home. The newlywed couple had been so lucky to find it — there were so few nice ones to rent, particularly ones they could afford — and Brenda had almost swooned when the Stones had agreed to rent them the bungalow that lay alongside the Stones’ massive estate.

The neighborhood was a nice one, secluded at the end of a road in the northwest part of town. The Stones’ place was the only mansion, and the rest of the houses were all larger then Brenda’s, but for a newlywed couple it was almost perfect.

They had moved right in, not even taking the time — really, they hadn’t had the money — for a honeymoon trip. But that didn’t bother Brenda a bit. Their honeymoon had been right here, and it was in the house she loved. Some people had criticized her and Bill for marrying so young, but they weren’t doing too badly.

Brenda had been clipping a rose, a big lavender one that must have been a hybrid, when she had first heard the groans and soft screams drifting across the stone wall from the Stones’ back door. At first Brenda thought the sounds must have been coming from a radio or a television left on and forgotten but then she decided that what she was hearing would never be broadcast over the air. Sharp slaps and screams of pain were interlaced with groans of lusty pleasure making a blend that Brenda didn’t understand. She stood up from the roses, clippers still in hand, and glanced over toward the wall. She was barely five feet tall, so she couldn’t see a thing.

“Oooooh,” came a sound, soft and barely audible.

But the young newlywed girl could tell that it was a woman’s voice that had made it. Images flashed in her mind as she wondered whether Mrs. Stone, her neighbor and the landlord’s wife, had somehow hurt herself and now lay alone and injured in the yard. But what if it was something else? What were the moans of pleasure? Brenda certainly didn’t want to push herself unwanted into a clumsy situation because, after all, it was her landlord’s yard over there. But if Mrs. Stone was injured, there was no way Brenda could just let her lie there and moan without at least trying to help.

And then she spotted the concrete blocks pushed up against the wall. There were two of them, and they were stacked against the stone barrier almost as if they had been placed there to allow someone to peek over the wall. By using them, Brenda could see into the Stones’ back yard, hopefully without being observed, to find out if her help was really needed.

She dropped her clippers at the edge of the rose bed and moved over to the concrete blocks. Her stomach was clenched tightly from a combination of fear and excitement, almost as if she were doing something her body knew she shouldn’t. But she’d already made up her mind that a peek into the next yard was the way she really should go. Carefully, she placed one foot atop the stacked blocks then reached up with her fingertips for the top of the wall, and pulled herself up to where she could see. Brenda gasped and almost fell to the ground. The only thing that saved her was her fingers on the top of the wall. Nothing she had ever dreamed of in her short life had prepared her for thee sight that came sweeping to her eyes.

Her neighbor, the beautiful, brown-haired Mrs. Stone, was lying naked on her face atop the diving board to the pool with her bare ass thrust high into the air. The woman’s equally naked husband stood behind and to the side with some kind of paddle held up in the air. As the young newlywed watched through the alders, Jim Stone viciously slashed the paddle down onto his wife’s scarlet ass.

The blow startled Brenda. She almost screamed out at the awful man as Mrs. Stone howled in pain. Brenda’s mind swirled. Why was the large man punishing his wife right out there in the yard? Brenda’s heart almost stopped at the sight of such a brutish thing, and she knew she had to do something about the horror she was observing. Then she was shocked into silence by the words she heard from the other woman’s mouth.

“Beat my shitty little ass!” Laura Stone hissed loud and lustily. “Hit me!”

Were her ears telling her lies? Brenda was totally confused. Could the other woman actually be begging for her husband to inflict more of the terrible torture? As the young newlywed watched, the man yanked back his wife’s hair and whispered something into her car. When the woman’s face bounced back to the diving board, Brenda almost thought that the two females’ eyes had met across the yard.

She should jump down from the blocks and run clear back into the house, desperately escaping from the evil scene in her neighbors’ back yard. Brenda knew it was terribly wrong to do such wicked things, but she was also aware that it was equally as bad to hide behind the wall and watch. But no matter how much she tried to force herself away, there was something about what she was seeing that riveted Brenda right where she was. It was lewd, horrible! But mixed in with that fear and revulsion was a strange sort of excitement and fascination that refused to let her go. Like a moth drawn fatally to the flame, the young girl was frozen, unable to tear away her gaze, as she watched the nasty, lust-filled scene…

Laura’s ass was on fire. Her pussy juices scalded down the insides of both of her legs. She was grunting now from the waves of cum that were rippling through her guts. Her naked, battered ass cheeks weaved and shoved back to meet the biting blows of the paddle.

“Rip my horny ass!” she screamed enough for the girl at the wall to hear it. “Beat me with your Goddamn paddle! Tear up my ass skin, then fuck my cock-hungry cunt!”

The words forced Brenda’s eyes to the woman’s naked husband, and once again the young girl gasped. His massive prick was jutting out hard and long from heavy, hairy balls that dangled obscenely between his legs. Even from this distance, Brenda could see that the man’s cock was longer and thicker than that of Bill, her own husband. A huge, swollen cockhead on the end of the thick shaft looked like a small clenched fist an it jerked about in the air.

“Aaargh!” Laura Stone growled as a tremendous cum erupted and roared through her guts. The puckered mouth of her asshole fluttered and her pussy flared open like a mouth. Cunt juices streamed hotly from her cunt hole to splash against the board.

Jim glanced out of the corners of his eyes to see if the young newlywed woman was still looking over the wall. He smiled to himself, full of triumph, when he saw that she was still there. Her face was filled with shock and horror, but he knew she hadn’t been able to pull herself away.

That fascination was exactly what Jim Stone had been hoping for, because it showed that he had been right when he had selected the young couple to rent the house next door. There was a double trap set to spring on the newlyweds husband through the foxy secretary who lived across the street. Jim felt his cock harden even more until it was like a steel rod when he thought about where all of this would lead. He knew the young bitch was watching his raging hard-on, and he was determined to give her a good show.

He threw the paddle into the swimming pool, them climbed up onto the diving board behind his wife’s ass. Slapping her scarlet ass cheeks savagely with one open palm, he used his other hand to line up his throbbing cock with Laura’s flowering cunt. Then he moved both hands around to the front of Laura’s hips and braced her, then rammed his hard cock up her pussy hole as his young neighbor watched from the wall.

Brenda groaned. It was almost too much to comprehend. The paddle had been discarded and the man had crawled up onto the diving board to continue the beating with his hand. Then he lined his prick up with the woman’s cunt hole and fucked it far up into her guts. Brenda watched as the thick slab of fuck-meat disappeared into the woman’s pussy and began to hammer back and forth inside.

The young newlywed moaned again. Her own pussy ached from watching the pounding blows of prickmeat into the other woman’s cunt.

Long, hard cock-strokes rammed hard, stuffing the woman full. And, even across the yard, Brenda could hear the sweaty slaps of the man’s legs against the woman’s ass cheeks.

One of Brenda’s hands found the crotch of her tight jeans as if to protect her own little pussy from the brutal fuck-blows she was watching. Fascinated by the scene, she was only slightly aware that her fingertips had found that the denim was wet. A stain from pussy juices was starting to spread, and her fingers stroked the dampness. Sparks shot through her cunt, which seemed to react to each fuck-blow that she saw the hard prick administering.

“It’s so Goddamn big and hard!” Laura Stone wailed as the prick hammered into her cunt. “It’s fucking my poor pussy hole to death!”

Jim pulled his throbbing prick out of his wife’s clutching cunt hole until only the swollen cockhead rested in me. Then his fingers tightened around her hips and he pulled her ass back violently as he rammed forward with his prick. The bulging cockhead jammed all the way down the length of her velvety fuck-channel to batter against the end of her cunt.

“Yes!” his wife howled. “Fuck me hard! Beat up my fucking cunt!”

Brenda winced from the words, her fingers tightening over her own pussy. She could almost feel the hammering blows in her own cunt as if the prick were reaching across the yard to sniff out her pussy. Between her legs now was a swamp, and her cunt hole felt on fire. The slippery pussy gash felt as if it were being strangled and desperately needed some air.

Almost without her realizing it, the young newlywed’s fingers rose to the waistband of her jeans and quickly opened the snap. Then the zipper ripped down and her whole hand plunged into the jeans. Fingers ran through pussy juices that had soaked her cunt muff then finally found the pouting pussy slit. One continued on to spear into the tight little cunt hole, sending hot flashes clear through Brenda’s body. And, all the time, her eyes never left the brutal fucking that was going on in the other yard.

Jim looked down to watch his thick cunt-fucking cock disappear into his wife’s hot little pussy. Her cunt ring squeezed on his throbbing prickshaft as he rammed it into the fuck-hole, making the cock swell even more. He liked fucking his wife doggy-style after whipping her ass, since his tremendous prick fit so tightly into her cunt. Growing excited now, he glanced back over toward the wall. The little newlywed bitch was still watching the fuck-action like it was the most fascinating thing she had ever seen in her life. The young cunt was hooked; Jim knew that well, and he decided to show her what pleasure and pain were all about.

He rose to his knees, the long, hard shaft of his prick acting like a lever inside Laura’s pussy-hole, to lift her ass even higher into the air. Jim slid his prick back out of her cunt, leaving only the cockhead buried inside. He froze, leaving the swollen prick-knob unmoving in her pussy to strand his cumming wife high and dry.

“No!” Laura screamed frantically. The lack of action was driving her insane. “Fuck my pussy! Make it hurt!”

Over at the wall, the young girl’s mouth dropped even more. Jim laughed, an evil sound growing clear from his belly to erupt out into the yard. Brutally, be rammed his prick back into his wife’s cumming pussy hole, making her cunt explode.

“Yes!” Laura shrieked as a monstrous cum ripped through her body. The whole world seemed to be crashing right into her pussy. She was speared by her husbands massive prick, which was making her whole body shake.

Jim ripped his cock out of his wife’s pussy then pushed her down with one of his hands. Laura’s puckered asshole, between her spread ass cheeks, lined up with Jim’s well-slicked prick. Without a pause, he savagely fucked the first four inches of massive cock-meat through the ring of her tiny shit hole.

“Aaeeiii!” Laura screamed as his thick prick rammed into her asshole. It felt like a railroad spike was being driven into her ass guts.

“Here’s horse cock for your shitter, bitch!” Jim snarled down at his wife, but loud enough for the young woman at the wall to hear. “I’m going to fuck your ass until you scream!”

Which Laura was doing already. Her shrieks were piercing arrows that shocked Brenda’s ears. The young girl could see even more throbbing prickmeat disappearing into the other woman’s ass.

Finally the whole cockshaft was cramming into Mrs. Stone’s asshole — and Brenda was shocked that such a thing could be.

Brenda’s hand was trapped. It could barely move. Once again her pussy seemed to be begging for air, so her other hand pushed her jeans to her knees. The summer breeze rippled across the newlywed’s bare ass and a second finger drove into her cunt hole. A third finger curled back across the palm to run against her tiny clit and her young, inexperienced pussy hole began to pour.

Out on the diving board, the woman’s screams had turned from pain to passion as another massive cum began to explode in her guts. Hard cock fucked into her shiter, and that fuck-action was driving Laura wild.

“Fuck my shitter!” the woman wailed.

As the fucking pair on the diving board collapsed in exhaustion from the beating and fucking, Brenda whirled around on the concrete blocks and quickly dropped her feet to the ground. Her naked ass crashed back onto the blocks as her feet splayed out to the front. Both hands now dived to her pussy, almost fighting to drive fingers up her cunt hole. One slender finger from each hand jammed into her pussy channel as she furiously finger-fucked her cunt.

Wild memories of crashing paddles swirled through her mind, and her own naked ass shivered on the concrete block. She could almost feel the biting pain in her own ass cheeks as she positioned her fingers inside her pussy. Even her asshole had begun to ache and there was a stuffed feeling in her guts, as if her own ass were being fucked by the images that were dancing lewdly in her mind.

Her pussy was burning with sexual fire. Cunt juices flowed over her fingers and leaked down over her ass, greasing her shit hole with the oil of her excitement. Then the base of her spine began to burn. Her fingers rammed far up her cunt chute as her eyes popped open and bulged.

A cum more intense than she had ever felt before ignited in her guts and blasted through her cunt and ass. She gnawed at her lower lip to keep herself from crying out, since her neighbors were still on the other side of the wall. White lights exploded into her mind. Her cunt erupted. A tremendous cum gripped the young woman, then blasted through her body. She shook, her whole body trembling, and it felt like her insides were being poured out through her.

And, when it was over, Brenda had little breath and was so exhausted she could barely move. But two thoughts slowly became crystal clear in her mind. First, she had no ghost of an idea of what had caused her to react in this way, finger-fucking her own pussy out in the back yard in broad daylight.


Bill Ellis glanced down at his boss’ secretary, who was busily writing in a ledger like she hadn’t noticed he had come in. Even though Carla Wyman was both a neighbor and a coworker to Bill, he had never managed to see her in quite this perspective, looking fully down the front of her dress. Her head was slightly down as she leaned forward to write, and the green bodice of the dress fell away from her chest, showing heavy tits, which were full and firm, almost to the hard nipples, since Carla never wore a bra.

Immediately Bill’s cock went hard as a rock, even tough the woman was ten years older than he.

Carla had flaming red hair teased back from her forehead and the back of it draped down to her shoulders. She was a large woman, almost as tall as Bill, but the flesh of her body was packed firmly and seductively into womanly curves. Now he could see that her tits were a teenaged boy’s wet dream. And before, when he had watched her walk down the hall, he was fascinated by her flaring ass, which had been hugged tightly by the snug skirt. In his mind, he slowly began undressing the older woman until she finally looked up and recognized that he was here. Her emerald eyes, he noticed, sparkled with the icy fire of gems.

“Oh, Bill,” Carla said, as if she hadn’t really expected him. A smile pulled at her lips, painted a bright red that made Bill think of blood.

“You said the boss wanted to see me at four,” Bill reminded her, as one hand tugged at the knot of his tie. It seemed so funny to be dressed up in a suit and out in the business world so soon in his life, but he reminded himself that he was now married man with responsibilities.

Carla studied the young man standing in front of her before she answered. God, these married ones are getting younger and younger, she thought, as her eyes slowly moved from his face down to the front of his body. He hadn’t even lost the hardness of flesh and thinness of youth, so it was going to be like attacking a boy. But that was more than all right — in fact, just what she wanted — the lusty woman reminded herself as she felt the lips of her pussy go wet.

Bill was almost exactly six feet tall, just a couple of inches above Carla’s own height. His brown hair was longer than that of most men in the office, and he wore it swept back on top. His face still had the angular look of youth, and his body was still slim and firm. After a more general survey, Carla looked straight at his crotch, not caring that he would notice, and she saw that his cock had grown hard in his pants. Thank you, tits, she thought. Just what she had expected. But a cock-bulge was all she could see right now, so she’d have to dig into those slacks to find out just how big his prick really was. Later, though… First, there was something else.

Bill shuffled uncomfortably on his feet as he stood there while the woman looked him over, and he had to tell himself that he must be mistaken when he thought she was staring right at his crotch. He could feel his hard prick pressing against his shorts and the front of the slacks, and he hoped that she wouldn’t notice. This woman had helped him get the job here at the office, and the last thing he wanted to do was to take a chance of offending her. If she saw his cock was hard, she’d probably know he was looking down her dress at her tits. Bill tried to force his prick to soften by will power alone, but his stubborn cock refused to go down.

Carla smiled and rose from the chair to walk out from behind the desk. Bill breathed a sigh of relief now that the woman was no longer looking at his body, and he followed her then she motioned him toward a door.

“Just step on in here,” Carla told him, reaching for a heavy woods door. “Mr. Jones is out right now, but I want you to wait inside.”

She opened the door and stepped through. It was dark inside the room. A huge wooden desk, with its top virginally clean, stood like a monolith on the other side of the room. Carla walked over to a bookcase and snapped on a small lamp, then cut behind the desk to some shelving on the opposite wall. She snapped on another bulb. Soft light now filled the room, and everything was easily seen.

Bill sat in the chair that she indicated, sinking far down into the heavy cushions directly in front of the desk. Carla disappeared for a few seconds behind him and he could hear the door close, and he swore there was a click of a lock.

She’s gone back outside to her desk, he thought to leave me here for Mr. Jones.

So Carla surprised him when she walked back in front of him and pushed herself up to sit on the front of the desk. She was only three or four feet away, and the chair was so deep that Bill sank into it until his face was barely above the level of the desk. Carla was right in front of him so he couldn’t help but look, and what he saw almost made his eyes bulge. The woman’s creamy thighs were slightly parted and he could look completely up the short skirt of her dress. There, where her legs came together, was bright red pussy hair on her crotch. She wasn’t wearing any panties! And he could see her pussy! Bill tore his eyes away from the luscious sight so Carla wouldn’t catch him looking so boldly at her cunt.

Carla smiled and wiggled her ass against the top of the desk. Long experience had taught her how to do it, and the movement pulled the hem of her skirt even higher. She knew her hot pussy was already in view, but she wanted to give Bill an unhampered good look. She almost laughed when she saw the young man struggle with himself to avoid staring at her bare cunt.

“What… what about Mr. Jones?” Bill finally stammered, trying to scramble his mind onto a safe subject. Maybe if he could get her talking, she wouldn’t notice he was looking at her pussy. His tie felt like it was strangling him and beads of sweat had broken out on his neck.

The drops of perspiration caused his skin to itch, as the trickled down his chest.

“DO you have any idea what he might have wanted?”

Carla laughs, “Haven’t you figured it out yet,” she chided the young newlywed man in a seductive voice. “Old Jonesy has gone for the day. It wasn’t him — it was me who wanted you in herewith the door closed, so we could have ourselves a little talk. Nobody can hear, baby boy, since all the rest of the employees are way down at the end of the hall.”

“What… what do you mean? What… what won’t they be able to hear,” the young man barely managed. His eyes had drifted down to the woman’s fiery-furred pussy again, and he was having a great deal of trouble keeping his thoughts clear enough to talk.

“First, stop the fucking stammering!” the woman snapped. “Go ahead and look at my pussy as much as you want. But when I ask a question, you answer me straight, or I’m going to rip off your prick!”

“Yes, okay!” he answered swiftly without taking his eyes from her cunt. In the fiery bramble of pussy hair, he could make out the vertical lips of her pussy slit and, as the skirt edged even farther back, he could even see a soft glint of cunt juice.

“You know,” Carla continued, now pleasantly [missing text].

“I’m the reason you have this job. If it wasn’t for me, there’s not a ghost of a chance that you’d be here at all.”

“What do you mean?” Bill asked, glancing up. Thankfully, he had managed to get through that first word. “I know you put in a word for me with the boss, but I thought that was all that you did.”

Carla laughed, squirming her ass until the skirt lifted clear into her lap. She spread her legs outward, forcing the garment up on the sides of her thighs. Now her cunt and the front part of her ass lay directly on the wooden desktop, and there was nothing to restrict the young man’s view.

“I got the job for you, you immature little prick,” Carla scolded Bill, her voice suddenly cutting. “I told the boss to hire you or else, and old Jonesy likes fucking my pussy and shooting jism into my mouth too much not to give me everything that I want.”


“But, your ass!” Carla snapped, rising to the occasion. Her domineering air was rising like the temperature in an oven. “Look at you — barely out of school and already earning enough to rent that house from the Stones. How the fuck do you think you got that job and salary to do something you know nothing about?”

Bill felt his manhood challenged. “I’m learning,” he said desperately.

“Learning shit.” Carla laughed sarcastically. “You’re not here to learn. You’re here became you have a cute little wife, and outside of being able to lick pussy and fuck cock up a cunt, what kind of qualifications do you really have? None, you little prick! So I got you the job, and the Stones rented you the house, so the two of you — you and Brenda — would be available to do what you do best!”

“But Brenda…”

“Brenda’s eating on that money, clothing her naked ass with it, and living in that house,” Carla snarled. “Now shut your Goddamn mouth. I don’t want it to open except to stick a tongue up my cunt. And that’s something I want right now!”

The woman leaned back onto the desk with one elbow while her other hand stripped her skirt up to her waist. She tugged off a narrow ribbon belt then pointed a finger down to her leaking cunt. Lying back with her thighs spread widely, she let her pussy flare open like a flower. Hot, red cunt flesh, slickened by juices, gaped, showing the opening to her cunt hole and the oversized clit at the top of the pussy gash.

“Now!” she demanded loudly at the young man when he hesitated about coming up out of the chair. “You eat my cunt right now, or tomorrow morning you can start looking for another job!”

Bill’s mind raced. Images of his beautiful young wife, Brenda, flashed accusingly and he knew he shouldn’t do anything to betray her, even if it was just eating pussy rather than fucking it. They had only been married for three weeks now, and he knew it wouldn’t be right to lick another woman’s cunt. But that woman was threatening him with his job, and that was all the money he and Brenda had to their name. Without the job, there would be no house — not even a crummy apartment on the south end of town. They’d have to move in and live off his mother or — God forbid — her parents, who had never liked him since the first day they had met.

But, even more, there was something else driving him to give in and lick out Carla’s pussy, and that was his hard, throbbing prick in his pants. As he had sat there looking at Carla’s, juicy pussy, his cock had literally raged. The bubbling in his balls made him want to dive right into that hot cunt hole, eating it lustfully, then ram his prick clear up the pussy channel to the end.

And it was that sexual excitement that finally moved him from the chair and dropped him submissively to his knees right in front of the desk. Overhanging the edge was a swampy pussy that demanded action by his mouth. Bill gulped and leaned in, licking out with his tongue, and he began to eat cunt just like he had been told.

“Yes!” Carla hissed as the newlywed man’s tongue licked into her pussy slit. Quickly, her hands reached down and looped the belt around his neck and used it to pull him into her cunt. His lips smothered down onto hot pussy flesh as his nose was forced into her cunt hair. She laughed loudly and triumphantly as she knew she had brought another young man to his knees to worship at the fountain of her cunt. As if on order, her pussy hole exploded and gushed a hot stream of juices into his waiting face.

“Eat it, you son of a bitch!” she demanded savagely. “I want you to lick my cunt clean!”

Bill wallowed in surprise. He hadn’t really known what to expect. He’d only eaten two pussy holes in his life, including Brenda’s reluctant cunt, and he’d never seen a clit as hot and juicy as this. The first time he’d licked pussy had be a the back of a car with the high school whore, and he’d no more gotten his tongue inter slit than she’d wanted to fuck his cock. With Brenda, his new wife had just lain therein their marital bed trembling while her little cunt hole remained totally city. He had softly stroked his tongue around her miniscule clit, but the gentle caress hadn’t really seemed to turn her on.

Now this pussy, right here in his boss’ office, was as hot as fire against the skin of his face and firing off blasts of cunt juices like a hose. Some of the cunt cream had splashed into his mouth and he’d swallowed it, tasting its acid like flavor. And, each time he slowed down with his tongue, Carla jerked on the belt around his neck, almost cutting off his breath.

Carla’s laughter filled the room. She was as pleased as the cat that swallowed the canary. She had forced the young newlywed asshole down onto his knees in submission and she was making him eat out her cunt. She loved the power she had over young, subservient males and already she was building quickly to a roaring cum. Her cunt had a quick trigger with a slave’s tongue in her pussy, and she refused to hold herself back.

“Tongue-fuck my cunt hole!” she growled lustily. “Use your tongue like a Goddamn prick!”

Bill tilted his face down. The tip of his nose dipped into the juicy cunt crack, stroking along the side of her distended clit. His lips found the mouth of her leaking pussy hole, and his tongue slithered out. It curled before it rammed in, to give it a stiffness to fuck up her cunt. The tip pushed through her pussy ring, collecting juices that ran to the back of his mouth where he swallowed them. He pushed his tongue as far as he could.

“Fuck it shit face,” the red-haired woman screamed. “Ream out my cunt hole with your tongue.”

Bill’s tongue pistoned frantically in the woman’s pussy hole. The belt tightened around his neck until his breaths were ragged and thin.

Carla growled as her pussy exploded. A tremendous cum blasted through hr guts. Pussy juices shot from her cunt hole and washed down the young man’s face and neck. His tie burned a dark color as it soaked up the cream from her cunt. Even his shirt was stained from pussy juices before the lusty woman’s cum was through.

Bill couldn’t believe it. The woman’s pussy had soaked his face and neck. Even his shirt and tie were stained from the blasting cunt juices that had erupted as the woman had creamed. When the narrow belt was stripped from his neck, he rocked back to sit on his heels. The strong odor of pussy juices wafted up to his nose, and he knew that he smelled of cunt.

“Now you’re beginning to understand,” Carla said sternly as she sat back up on the edge of the desk. Her lips were parted and her teeth glinted in the soft light of the room. “Now I want you to stand up and get out of those clothes — so I can give you a reward for being a good pussy-eating slave.”

“But what if somebody discovers us in here?” Bill groaned, imagining that his short-lived career would be at an end.

“Then you better hope it’s a female,” Carla laughed sadistically. “That way, you’ll be licking another pussy instead of eating cock.”

Bill gulped and rose to his feet. Everything had suddenly gotten completely out of hand. His innocent young wife was waiting for him at home, unsuspecting, and here he was being forced to strip naked at work. But he had no doubt that he had better do it, since Carla Wyman held his job in her hands. Quickly, he stripped off his damp tie and shirt, then he buckled his pants. Looking at the stern woman with pleading eyes did no good, and he resolved himself and shoved down his undershorts. His hard prick whipped free and slapped its thick cockhead loudly against his belly.

“Well look at the little slave’s prick.” Carla laughed sarcastically. “He’s standing there pretending to be shy and all the time he was eating pussy, his cock was as hard as a rock.”

She pushed herself from the desk, her skirt slipping back down to cover her wet pussy. She looped the belt in her hands like a noose around the young man’s rigid cock and balls the twisted the material to draw it tight. Because she was almost as tail as Bill she could find leverage with her arm to pull upward, yanking the newlywed onto his toes by the pressure on his prick and balls.

“That hurts,” Bill said, grimacing as he tried to push himself higher.

The narrow belt was twisted until the loop in the material cut sharply into the base of his cock and around the top of the sac of his balls. When it was pulled, the pain increased until he almost passed out in pain.

Carla turned the naked man by pulling on the belt until she had his bare ass leaning against the front of the desk. When she yanked even harder toward the ceiling, Bill climbed up onto the edge of the desk. His ass cheeks clung to the wood as his legs dangled in front. Then the demanding Carla took one step backward, yanking his cock and balls against the pull of his own weight.

“Ouch!” Bill exclaimed. His balls ached and his cock throbbed. One more twist of the cloth belt and he was afraid his prick and balls would be torn completely off.

“Now you listen to me and I’m going to tell you what you’re going to do,” Carla sneered as she stepped closer to him. She kept the pressure on his cock and balls by pulling the belt up between her tits. “Tomorrow night is Friday night, and you’re going to come across the street to my house at seven o’clock, and you’re going to bring along that pretty little wife. If you’re so much as a minute late, you’ll be in the unemployment line Monday morning.”

“But what are you going to do?” Bill said through teeth clenched in pain. “Why do I have to bring Brenda along?”

“You’ll find out, you little asshole!” she said near his face. “You just be there with Brenda or kiss your job good-bye. I’ll even get the Stones to throw you out of that little dream house that silly wife of yours seems to love!”

Now Bill knew there was no question about both of them going to the Wymans’. It would kill Brenda to have to move out of her dream house, and Bill could never do anything that caused that to be. Quickly he nodded, then he felt the belt unwind from his prick.

Her lips locked around the young man’s prickshaft and glided up and down as she fucked cock with her face. Her mouth, he knew, could be as tight as her pussy and she wanted to make this youngster blast cum all over her tonsils. One of in hands reached up and gathered in his balls, and she kneaded them together with her fingers. Within minutes, the hard, youthful prick was swelling in her mouth as the cockhead ballooned even bigger. Another couple of vicious sucks with her lips, and she was rewarded with a hot splash of creamy cum against the back of her mouth.

“Oh shit, I’m cumming.” Bill howled as he pushed against the floor with his toes.

He rammed his prick at the cock-sucking woman and blasted wad after wad of jism into the wet heat of her mouth. It was the first time anyone had ever eaten his cum, and the new experience was driving him wild. In those few seconds, he no longer cared whose face he was fucking, or that, just a few minutes ago, he’d been established as the lusty woman’s slave.


Brenda lay sprawled on her back in her bottomless pink babydoll pajamas. And as she snuggled atop the blankets against the firmness of the mattress, she could hear the drone of a distant television echoing down the hall. As summer dragged to an end, the exhibition season for football had begun, and the league had scheduled a blockbuster battle for this. Thursday night, just when Brenda desperately needed Bill beside her.

The young newlywed woman was still confused, and still more than just a bit uptight about what she had seen that afternoon across the wall from her house and the Stones’. To make matters worse each time she closed her eyes or simply allowed her mind to drift, bright, coloful images of ass-slapping paddles or assfucking pricks washed through her mind, leaving twin trails of excitement and fear. She couldn’t figure out why was she still so consumed by what she had seen, and she worried frantically that the obscene sights had somehow warped her mind. Why else would she find herself totally unable to escape those lewd thoughts?

And there was one image that disturbed Brenda the most, so much so that she couldn’t even lie still. That one had scared right into her, and it wasn’t the memory of Jim Stone’s huge cock. No, cocks — at least, Bill’s — she had seen before. It was that new sight that burned in her mind. That was of Laura Stone’s naked female body propped up on the diving board, being brutally fucked in her pussy and asshole.

Brenda felt like she had mush for brains. Never before had she even thought about how a woman might look while being fucked. And the shock of seeing naked tits and ass shook her confidence to pieces, especially when that luscious body had been hammered in the cunt and ass by hard, raging cock. Brenda knew now that it was that vision of a woman being fucked that had driven her to finger-fuck herself right out there in the afternoon sun. After she was through, she felt totally ashamed. And she had bathed, scrubbing her pussy fiercely as if it had been made dirty. Then later she had also showered before she had come to bed.

And it still hadn’t been enough. Somehow she’d missed some of the stain, because when Bill had come in from work with his tie stuffed in the pocket of his tightly buttoned jacket. Brenda could have sworn she still was able to smell her sticky, horny cunt. The smell of pussy had apparently been so strong that even Bill must have noticed, since he ducked past her without a kiss to head for the bathroom for a shower and change of clothes. When he had been safely behind that closed door, Brenda had scurried to the kitchen where she had used a washcloth to scrub down her pussy again. Thankfully it must have worked since, when Bill came back out smelling like soap, the aroma of her juicy cunt was gone.

Barely in time, she thought. God, she had almost been caught! What would Bill have thought of her if he found out she had been finger-fucking her cunt in the yard? Even she could recognize that their sex since they had married three weeks before wasn’t the best in the world, and Brenda was positive that Bill would have taken her finger fucking and cumming all over her hands as a giant put down to what he had been doing with his cock.

Unfortunately, the Goddess like Laura Stone was still in her mind, and she couldn’t help but compare herself to that. Brenda’s tits were nice, firm overturned coffee cups of jiggly tit flesh. But her brown-haired neighbor, just a couple of inches taller, made Brenda look like a kid. Bill could suck half of one of Brenda’s tits into his mouth, but he would have had trouble holding one of Laura Stone’s tits in a single hand. And even with that size, Laura’s tits were firm and shapely, with huge brown nipples.

And while Brenda’s ass still had the streamlined look of youth, Laura Stone’s ass flared neatly into a seductively feminine swell. Brenda hadn’t been able to see the older woman’s patch of pussy hair, but she was sure that had to be both darker and thicker than the golden fleece that sprinkled her own cunt. There, the yellow hair was so colorless and thin that the delicate lips of her pussy gash could easily be seen.

Brenda squirmed against the bed, trying to scratch a itch she couldn’t find. One thing was for certain — it was entirely too hot for covers. Maybe some of the heat was her own, since her body felt all funny and excited, even more than it usually did when Bill’s clumsy fingers tried to get her pussy turned on.

Just three weeks before, her new husband had ripped out her cherry, and during that first fucking Brenda had blasted her first-ever glorious cum. But it had seemed to go away somewhere and hide after that, since that first cum had also been her last — until she had creamed both her hands and the cement blocks. It made her both mad and somehow ashamed that she didn’t enjoy their sex more, as if it were caused by something that was her fault. Bill surely couldn’t be blamed, since he was as gentle and tender as he could be. So whatever was missing just had to be something for which she was to blame.

But the afternoon’s experience was too powerful to let her muse for too long, and the images came rushing back in and caused all sorts of questions in her mind. Like could a cunt really take a prick as big as Jim Stone’s fuck monster without being injured? And, for God’s sake, what about the asshole? She still couldn’t believe that, even though she saw it. Assholes were just too tiny. They were built for going out, not pushing in. Probably even her finger, much less a cock, would cause her terrible pain.

Without Brenda noticing, her hands were about to check out her thoughts. One of them drifted down to tickle fingers against her miniscule clit, while the other hand nudged under her ass cheeks. Those fingertips were searching for that puckered little bud that was the gateway to her guts. She touched her asshole, and a chill ran up her spine. Meanwhile, other fingers teased at the tiny bundle of clit nerves and she trapped it between two fingertips and squeezed.

“Oh!” she squeaked at the bolt of sensation that ran from her cunt clear up to her tits.

Worried, she glanced up at the open doorway. The sounds of football still drifted down the hall, and she knew that there were few things that would ever tear Bill away. So her attention returned to her asshole and pussy, where the sharp, sudden pressure of squeezing fingers had shocked her with a jolt of oddly pleasurable pain. If she hadn’t been able to tell that it felt good, her cunt hole surely had, as it was greased by juices through and through.

Was that pain something like Laura Stone had felt when her husband had been beating her cunt hole with his big prick? Brenda knew the other woman’s ache would have been much more intense — more delicious? Now where did that thought come from?

Once again her mind caught the lewd image of Laura Stone naked on her hands and knees.

Brenda could almost hear the smack of the paddle against that naked pink, punished flesh and she wanted to run her hands all over the other woman’s tortured ass cheeks in the hope of wiping away the pain. Maybe if she could have gotten close enough, she could have gotten a good look at he older woman’s leaking pussy and puckered shit hole. Like a camera, Brenda’s mind zeroed in on the image until she could almost see Laura’s pouting pussylips pouring cunt juices out onto Brenda’s hands, as the younger woman massaged away the pain.

“Ooooh!” Brenda groaned, then realized that the pussy juices on her hands were her own.

She couldn’t escape the memory of what she had seen, and the more she thought of it, the hotter her own pussy became. When she relived the vision once more of Jim Stone’s raging prick ramming into Laura’s cunt hole, Brenda’s hands clawed at her own pussy as two fingers squeezed harshly again and again on her clit. Waves of soft pain flowed through her cunt, and her hand dipped to cram two of her fingers into the sheath of her juicy fuck-hole.

But that still left the asshole. And Laura Stone had taken that monstrous cock all the way up into her shitter. Brenda whimpered at the thought as the index finger of the hand under her ass touched again at her shithole. Then she remembered that Jim Stone’s cock had been greased by Laura’s pussy juices, so she pulled her hand out from under her ass and wet fingers down with her cunt juices. Then, the hand was back under her hips, seeking out the asshole again. Whining from the lewdness of what she was doing, she centered the finger on her asshole, then pushed. The tight mouth of her ass ring parted painfully to allow the finger in to the middle knuckle.

“Oh, noooo!” Brenda groaned as her whole lower body was gripped by aching pleasure.

The base of her spine burned and her stole seemed to clutch and suck on her finger. She drove the palm of the other hand onto her pussy, collecting the flowing juices, as she jammed three of the fingers in her cunt hole. Then suddenly, like waves crashing on shore, Brenda was swept along into a series of small cums that lifted her ass from the bed to drive her pussy and asshole even farther onto the stabbing finger…

Bill Ellis had his throbbing cock in his hand. The shaft of his prick was so hard that it hurt. All Bill wore was a pair of undershorts, and those he had pushed clear down to his ankles. As he sat back in the recliner slowly stroking his cock with his right hand, flickers of football action on the television made colored lights dance on his prick and his face. The New York quarterback lofted a pass high into the air, completing a touchdown with a diving split end. But Bill didn’t care. He didn’t even know the score. Even football seemed to pale now that he was jacking on a cock that was about to explode.

He knew he really should get up and go down the hall to bed, maybe taking the time there to fuck his prick up Brenda’s tight little cunt. His young wife was certainly always ready and willing to lie there under him as he worked the cum up from his balls. But, even though they had been married for only three weeks, that straight missionary fucking was already getting kind of old. Not that he had much experience with sex, either. And yesterday he would have thought he had it pretty good. But now, after the wild afternoon at the office, he realized that something had been missing. It wasn’t his wife’s cunt he lusted after now — it was having Carla Wyman’s hot mouth wrapped around his prick. And the thought of it caused pre-cum to leak out from his piss slit. When Carla had gobbled Bill’s cum-load down her throat there in the office, she had awakened his balls with a roar.

And just where did that leave him now? Basically, he was stuck with a hard, horny cock. His wife, Brenda, was waiting for him back there in the bedroom, but Bill was too worked up to want to settle for a nice conventional fuck.

His left hand wrapped around behind his balls, grabbing the top of the ball-sac. He squeezed tightly with the webbing between thumb and forefinger as the fingertips grappled up onto the sides of the shaft of his cock. The pressure wasn’t near what he had felt from the belt Carla had used on his balls and prick, but still there was ionic semblance of the stirring pain that had made his cock leap and cum so hard. A let of good it did to fire himself even more right now, however, since he didn’t have a hot mouth available to clamp down around his prick.

An older man might have wondered just what was going on in his mind. Until that day, Bill had been perfectly satisfied with fucking his wife. Sure, her pussy never got too wet even when he tried to eat it out. And she certainly didn’t move much as she lay there getting fucked while she was flat on her back. Only once had he been able to talk Brenda into his kissing the head of his prick, and even then she wouldn’t take it into her mouth. But that hadn’t seemed like any big thing, since she was such a beautiful young thing. And, besides, didn’t enjoying a good fuck come to a woman with time? Bill had heard that it was always an older woman to was ready to eagerly jump onto your prick. A few more years and Brenda would be there, hopefully begging to suck on his prick.

But now Bill was impatient, and his inexperienced mind had already pushed away the fact that Carla Wyman had treated him like a slave. All that he remembered now was how she creamed when he ate her pussy and how she had gobbled up his prick. Fun and games, that was what he still thought it was.

“Goddamn!” he growled to himself. He squeezed his cockshaft with his fingers. The cockhead was purple from being engorged with so much blood, and his tightening fingers forced more pre-cum from his piss slit.

He pounded on his prick with his right hand, violently stroking up and down. His cock hurt from he intense pressure of his fingers, but he realized that jacking off in the living room wasn’t going to be enough. Even if he shot cum halfway to the ceiling, he would still be hot. Maybe he could talk Brenda into at least licking a bit on his prick before he slowed down to gently fuck her pussy. Slowly, almost reluctantly, he pushed to his feet, reaching down to pull his undershorts up over his cock.

In the bedroom, Brenda was still fingerfucking her ass. She lay with an upturned palm beneath her ass cheeks as two fingers plundered into her shit hole. Her other hand was locked tightly to her pussy, with another two fingers reaming out her cunt. Her hands and her ass crease were soggy messes, but the cums the finger-fucking had caused seemed to make her even hotter. Her whole body was on fire now and begging for ideas, but no ma how much and how hard she rammed fingers into her fuckhole, she couldn’t make that one earth blasting that come out of hiding.

She was so consumed by her passion that she didn’t notice when the noise of the television died, and Bill was completely into the bedroom before she realized she had been caught with her hands diving in her pussy and ass. But by now her lust was so hot and rampant that she really didn’t care. Somehow she had to find a way to ease the pent up fires of lewdness that were burning in her body, and she was desperate for help.

Bill jolted to a stop. He couldn’t believe his eyes. His mild, meek little wife was finger fucking herself right there in the middle of the bed. Already, there was a big stain of pussy juice spreading wetly on the blanket. He looked close and was astounded even more when he saw she had two fingers jammed up her ass.

“What the fuck are you doing?” he exclaimed as he took a step closer. The smell of cunt was heavy in the room, telling him that the finger-fucking had been going on for a while.

“Help meeeee!” Brenda groaned popping her fingers out of her cunt to reach up toward her husband. “My whole body is hot! Come here and give me your cock!”

Bill winced from the aching pressure when his prick hardened even more. His young wife was apparently so demented with fuck-lust that maybe Bill could finally get what he wanted.

“Corn-hole your fingers back up your shitter,” he hissed down at her.

And she hurried to comply. He watched as two of her long fingers disappeared in the stretched mouth of her asshole. His eyes flashed up to her face and he stared eagerly at her mouth. Her saliva was running from the corners of her lips and she was gasping hot breaths.

“I know where I want to fuck my cock,” he growled as he stripped off his underwear. “I’m going to fuck your face and sliding prick all the way into your throat!”

“Anything!” Brenda shrieked. “Just help me cum!” Her ass leaped up and down on her fingers as another rolling wave of cum erupted in her cunt.

Bill jumped up onto the bed and straddled her, then went to his knees with his face down by his wife’s legs. He wanted to see her fingers fucking her cunt hole and shitter, since he had never been able to watch something so nasty so close. He reached back under his belly and wedged his hard cock into her lips, and Brenda opened her gasping mouth side and swallowed in half of his prick.

She groaned as his throbbing cockhead rammed to the back of her mouth. Instantly her lips closed around the thick cockshaft more than halfway down to the base.

A stream of cunt cream splashed against his nose as Brenda’s whole body began to tremble. Having a cock rammed to the back of her throat and a tongue in her cunt gash had pushed her almost to the height of her lust.

Licking her didn’t seem to be enough, and Bill’s face fell onto her pussy and he shoved. His lips curled back and his teeth grabbed her cuntlips. When he bit down, Brenda screamed, even with the prick in her mouth, then her whole body thrashed on the bed. The stream of cunt juices became almost constant and even Bill cold tell that she was about to violently cum.

His teeth released her then bit again. Both of the outer lips of her pussy were caught in his mouth and the tender flesh was savagely gnawed. Then his mouth was moving and he was biting her all around her cunt mound, even inside on the tender inner pussylips.

Intense pain ripped through Brenda’s cunt and speared up her fuck-chute like a bolt of lightning. The terrible pain of Bill’s gnashing teeth blended with the tremendous sexual pleasure she was receiving until the two sensations combined into something even hotter. A nuclear explosion began to build in her guts and she knew the tearing cum on the way was going to hurt like hell. But her ass lifted from her hand to drive her cunt mound and pussylips even harder at her husband’s teeth so he could eat her pussy for real.

Brenda wasn’t aware that her own teeth had started biting, but soon she too was gnashing with her teeth almost as if she were trying to bite off part of his cock and swallow it. The hard flesh barely gave to the pressure of her teeth so she bit even harder, feeling the prick jump in her mouth and her husband’s body stiffen over hers. The long cockshaft slid out until only the cockhead remained in her mouth, and that allowed her to bite even harder.

“Oh shit!” Bill shouted. “You’re trying to eat my fucking prick! You’re making me blast off my cum!”

Brenda’s pussy exploded into a tremendous cum, making her teeth gnash down on Bill’s rigid cock. The prick pole leaped then suddenly a wet glob of jism rocketed to the back of her mouth. Again and again, the cock in her mouth jetted as she swallowed hard to take the prick cream down. Bill’s teeth were still tearing at her pussy, making her cunt hole stream.

Then a final crash shocked her and it felt like she was blasting her guts out through her cunt. The wild combination of pleasure and pain almost ripped off her head, and the wildly cumming Brenda passed out before his prick was even through shooting cum into her mouth.


“I still don’t know why we have to go over there,” Brenda said as she walked beside her husband across the street in front of their house. Immediately in front of her, tucked behind high evergreen bushes, was the hidden house of the Wymans.

“They’re our neighbors,” Bill insisted, reaching over to take her hand. He dragged Brenda along, making her hurry across the street even though there were no cars anywhere on the secluded road. “Besides, Carla Wyman helped me get my job down at the office, and I think it would be a good idea to at least act neighborly.”

“I know she did,” Brenda sulked. “But it’s not like they’re our best friends. I’ve only said hello to Carla a couple of times from across the road, and I haven’t done anything but wave to her husband.”

“It’s Tom,” Bill said sharply, squeezing her hand as he walked. “Her husband’s name is Tom. And I want you to treat the Wymans like they’re good neighbors that you’ve known for half of your life.”

“Just because they live across the street doesn’t mean we have anything in common with them,” Brenda complained stubbornly, unable to keep from thinking about what she had watched the day before across the wall.

The Stones lived even closer than the Wymans and that certainly didn’t mean a thing. Bill was coming on with this neighbor bit, and she wondered what he would think if he knew what a pair of neighbors had been doing out in their yard the day before. Maybe that would change his mind, but Brenda knew better than to bring it up now.

The night before, Bill had been asleep on his side of the bed when Brenda had struggled away on into the early morning hours. He had been naked, his cock laying heavily over onto his left leg, and her pussy hair had been matted with cunt juices, which had also dried down her ass crease and all over the cheeks of her ass.

The smell of cunt hovered in the air as she pushed herself up and walked down the hall to the bathroom. There, she turned on the light and stepped up to the mirror, using her fingers to pull the skin of her pussy mound tight. Through the light cunt hair, she could see tiny marks that Bill had left with his teeth. When she touched them, they were tender and tingling, but there really wasn’t much pain. Using a wash cloth, she washed the dried juices from her cunt hair and ass, at least cutting down some of the heady sex smell.

What would Bill think of her? She had worded about that through the rest of the dark hours and then all during the day while he was at work. It was the first afternoon in the three weeks since they moved into the house that she didn’t dare to go into the back yard to work with her plants. She was afraid that if she heard the rutting sounds of spanking and fucking drifting over the wall, she would find herself climbing back up onto the concrete blocks to finger fuck herself.

They stepped up onto the porch and Bill knocked on the door. Heavy footsteps sounded on the other side of the portal and suddenly the door was pulled open. In the blue light from the porch and that shining through from the hallway inside, Brenda could see an imposing form — broad shoulders and heavy male body that was all muscle and bone without a trace of fat. Tom Wyman was three inches taller than her own husband and was a solid-packed two hundred pounds.

“Right on time,” Tom said gruffly as he stepped aside so the newlywed pair could come in. “All the way down the hall, then go to the left.” He shut and locked the door behind them.

Brenda scrambled along behind Bill, trying to keep one hand on his arm. He almost lost her in the turn to the left and she was just catching up when he stepped into a large room. Suddenly he stopped, and the scampering Brenda ran abruptly into his back. Startled, she yipped, as Bill finally moved out of the way. A large, rough hand touched Brenda firmly on the top of the back and pushed her into the room. She was so bothered by Tom’s insistent touch and the impatient way he was pushing that Brenda didn’t notice at first what had brought Bill up short. It wasn’t until she was several feet onto the carpet of the huge recreation room that she saw Carla Wyman poised on the other side of the room close to the large, wooden bar.

Carla was imposing, almost like a Goddess as she stood with her back to the bar with the rear of her fists driven onto the top flare of her hips. Her red hair was like flames dancing around her head in the soft light, as if someone had made a candle shaped like a sexy female body decked out in a leather outfit that was as deeply black as sin. Her chest was apparently bare except for a cowhide vest that was opened down the front, but which covered her magnificent tits. Below her large, strongly indented navel, the waistband of a tight leather skirt cut across her flat stomach. The hem of the skirt barely reached onto her thighs, where Brenda could see the bottom snaps of an ebony garter belt. The stockings the garter belt held up were a deep charcoal and tall leather boots — as black as the rest of her outfit — reached up almost to her knees and ended in severely spiked heels. The extra height Carla gained from the five-inch spikes raised her until she was even taller than Bill.

“So I see you made it,” she said to Bill in a voice that sounded somehow demanding. “And you brought along that pretty little wife of yours, just like you were told.”

“What do you mean?” Brenda asked the near-naked Goddess in a shrill voice. Then, when Carla didn’t answer, Brenda turned toward Bill! She read his face; he looked scared but not confused. “What does she mean, Bill? Why is she almost naked and what does she mean about you doing as you were told?”

He wouldn’t meet her eyes. Instead, he alibied weakly: “She was going to cost me my job. And, besides Brenda, they are our neighbors. Why shouldn’t we come over to see them if we want?”

“Neighbors?” Brenda exclaimed as she wheeled back toward Carla.

The young newlywed was almost flabbergasted. She felt like she had stepped into a confusing movie, and she desperately needed to know what was going on. But, before she had a chance to ask again for an answer, Carla smiled sadistically and put one of her booted feet up onto a nearby stool.

“I’ve got something you might remember,” the red-haired Carla hissed toward Brenda’s husband. “And you don’t have to worry — it’s already hot and wet.”

Brenda’s jaw fell. She could look right up the hem of the older woman’s leather skirt and see that Carla wasn’t wearing panties! Flame-red hair swarmed over a prominent pussy mound, and the lips of the naked cunt gash flared open.

“No!” Brenda squealed as she started backing up.

A large callused hand caught her squarely in the back and shoved viciously, and the young woman tumbled forward to fall to her knees on the floor. Her hands weren’t quick enough to catch her weight and her shoulders continued down, her forehead hitting the carpet. White lights flashed behind Brenda’s eyes and bells rang in her ears. It felt like her brain was ricocheting around inside her skull. A dagger of pain sliced from her forehead clear to the back of her neck, causing her to lose her balance. Moaning, the girl rolled heavily onto her side.

She groaned as she lifted herself up on one elbow and shook her head in a frantic effort to clear it. She glanced back toward the doorway from where the shove had come, and saw Tom Wyman’s massive body towering above her. She hadn’t noticed it when she and Bill had come into the house, but up close from the floor she could see that Tom’s tight trousers were made from rawhide, just like his wife’s clutching skirt. And, at his crotch, which was tightly stretched and showed the hefty bulk of his cock, a leather codpiece had been snapped into place.

He laughed down at the frightened young newlywed, his voice like spikes to Brenda’s ears. “Carla’s been neighborly to Bill and showed him her pussy, so I guess the least I can do is to be equally as friendly and show you my prick.”

“No!” Brenda squealed again.

But her protests were too late. In an instant, Tom grabbed the top of his codpiece and ripped the leather patch away. Immediately a heavy mass of male fuck-meat sprang out in the form of a raging hard cock, and the man laughed savagely as Brenda trembled speechless at the sight of his heavy club of a prick.

“How about this for a cunt-fucker?” he chided Brenda, taking the massive shaft of his cock in the fingers of one hand. “It’s one of the biggest pricks you’ll be able to find anywhere in the neighborhood, but I guess a little slut like you will find that out for herself.”

“Bill!” Brenda squeaked, using her bare heels to push herself on the carpet, away from the man.

Her shoes had fallen off during the tumble and her skirt had hiked up over her hips. The tiny bikini panties were in full sight and the thin material barely covered her pussy and cunt. The skin beneath the filmy cloth burned as she felt Tom’s evil eyes staring holes right through her panties.

But no matter how much she pleaded to Bill for assistance, her husband was absolutely no help. He was mesmerized by the sight of Carla’s juicy cunt as the tall red-haired bitch reached back onto the bar and picked up a short, black riding crop which she snapped against the side of her right leg.

“I think it’s time you paid a little more attention to my pussy,” Carla hissed at the entranced Bill. “So come over here and get down on your fucking knees!”

As Brenda watched, Bill was like a zombie as he stumbled forward then sank to his knees just a few feet in front of Carla’s cunt. He shuffled those last few inches on his knees until his face was almost pushed into Carla’s exposed pussy.

“Bill! What are you doing?” Brenda screamed frantically from where she lay back on the floor.

What she was seeing was totally unbelievable — her husband, Bill, was almost shoving his nose into their neighbor’s hairy pussy! Brenda’s mind whirled and she wondered for a second whether all of this was simply a bad dream as she lay unconscious on the floor from the blow to her head. But the snarling, acid-like voice of Carla was like a blow to her face — waking her to the fact that every bit of this horror was terribly, terribly real — when the red-haired woman ordered Brenda’s husband to come forward and lick her pussy.

“Stop it!” Brenda cried, tears of panic rolling out of her eyes.

But Bill didn’t hear her, so deeply did Carla control him, and Brenda watched as her husband’s tongue licked into the red-haired Amazon’s cunt gash. The sight shacked Brenda so badly that it stole her breath and she wasn’t able to tear her eyes away.

Then, quickly, Brenda had worries of her own. A large hand crashed into her chest and the fingers wrapped into the top of her dress. With one quick jerk, the whole bodice of the dress was ripped out, and her tits suddenly were quivering nakedly on her chest in the subtle light of the room. The waist of the dress had stopped the tear, but Tom’s fist simply bunched the loose cloth in his fingers at Brenda’s belly then gave another mighty tug. This time the entire front of the yellow dress tore away, leaving Brenda’s body naked except for the tiny bikini panties that covered her cunt and ass.

Her head snapped back wards, cracking against the carpet as both of her hands dived down the front of her body to protect her pussy. But Tom’s next action was to tear away the shoulders and sleeves, completely freeing her of the dress as the back collapsed loosely to the floor. Brenda’s eyes bulged as she stared up at the brutal man, who stood sneering down at her with his cock bobbing and weaving from his crotch. Brenda gulped when she got a closer look, because now that he had stepped up to her, she was looking at his huge prick free just a couple of feet away.

The meaty cockshaft was marked with dark, jagged lines beneath the skin — bulging veins carrying blood that tinted the swollen cockhead almost purple. The underside of the cockhead looked like the front of a Roman helmet, and heavy, hairy balls hung out of the hole in the leather trousers, which the removal of the codpiece had laid bare.

Her hands and the filmy bikini panties the only protection her pussy had, and both proved to be futile as Tom swept away her arms with two blows of his fist. Then his thick fingers caught in the front of the panties and ripped them completely away. Sneering, he tossed the now-useless material to the side and glared down at the frightened naked woman.

Brenda didn’t know what to do. Panic gripped her, and all that she managed was to tremble and cry. Her hands started for her lightly furred pussy once again, but the sudden fury of Tom’s brown eyes warned her to keep them away. In the background, she could hear the slurping sound of her husband’s tongue in Carla’s juicy cunt. But, at the time, she had little chance to worry about that since it appeared that her own sexual torture was about to begin.

But, surprisingly, Tom turned away from her to walk over to a cabinet mounted on one wall. He opened its door and rustled around the interior with his hand, then brought back a short leather band with something metallic shining at one end. Brenda thought he was going to hit her and she scrambled to cover her tits and her cunt with her arms and hands. But his fingers grasped into her golden hair and her shoulders and head were lifted completely from the floor. Brenda’s scalp exploded in pain as she was pulled up to sit on her naked ass. Then Tom wrapped the leather band around her neck from the back and clicked the metal lock into place. When he stepped back again, Brenda’s hands flew to her throat, where her fingers found the leather collar inescapably clasped. On the front of the flattened lock was a small metal ring, but Brenda had little time to explore that with her fingers before Tom jerked her to her feet by yanking on one of her arms. She flew up. Even her toes left the floor. She crashed down heavily on her heels. She would have tumbled forward if Tom hadn’t held her up by her arm.

“Now let’s give you a good look at that cunt licking husband of yours,” the man snarled, pulling her toward a high wooden bench that looked like a piano stood built twice too far from the ground.

Tom rudely pushed Brenda face-down over the short, rectangular beach, with her head overhanging one cud and her ass fastened to the front legs of the beach next to the floor. The position pulled Brenda’s toes from the floor and the weight of her body pressed down onto her tits. She lifted her head and looked straight out. Right before her, just a few feet away, her panting husband was eating Carla Wyman’s hot clit.

“Lick it harder, you little shit.” Carla snarled down at pussy-eating Bill. “Run that fucking tongue of yours all the way up my greasy slit!”

Bill’s head drew back for a second and Brenda could see cunt juices all over his face. All around his mouth, the pussy nectar glistened almost as if the woman’s leaking fuck-pit had been pouring grease into his face. The cunt sap dribbled across both sides of his chin and streaked down his neck. As Brenda watched, her husband’s tongue licked out and lapped round his mouth to collect the pussy juice on his face. In that second, Carla’s hands unbuttoned her skirt and she flicked the leather garment away. Now her pussy and ass were naked even though she still wore a garter belt, hose and boots below her waist. Her ass flesh was a healthy pink, and Brenda could see now that the woman’s fiery cunt hair crawled thickly up her belly almost to her navel. Her pussy muff was like a forest of tight, kinky red hair that surrounded cuntlips flared open to show the coral flesh of her dint folds.

Brenda groaned. Never had she seen such an awful thing. And to make matters worse, Bill’s face was dipping back in with his tongue leading the way. Brenda saw his long licker push into the gaping pussy, then his face covered Carla’s crotch as he fucked his tongue far up her cunt hole.

“You like watching your husband eat pussy?” Tom chided her from the back, slapping Brenda’s naked right ass cheek with the palm of his hand.

“No!” Brenda shrieked as her right ass cheek caught fire. Then Tom evened things out by smacking her left one the same. Now her whole ass felt like someone had held a torch next to her skin.

Tom walked around hi front of her and proudly showed her his prick. Up close, Brenda could see the evil-looking piss slit, which looked like the tiny mouth of a snake. A clear drop of pre-cum had blossomed and clung to the end of the cockhead, and the bar-like shaft of horny fuck-meat jutted right up to her nose as Tom stood there and bellowed with evil glee.

“Before this thing is over, we’ll return the favor and let that husband of yours watch you suck cum out of my cock,” he said, taking the prickshaft in his hand and slapping the cockhead against one other cheeks.

It startled Brenda as much as it hurt her, but she still wasn’t ready when the prick crashed against the other side of her face.

“Just turn the other cheek, they always say,” he mocked her. “But you have another set of cheeks I’m more interested in right now. Whenever we manage to get us a new young pussy, I always like to ream out her tight cunt hole before moving on to other, more exciting things.”

“Please don’t!” Brenda cried.

But Tom was already walking around to her ass. As she gritted her teeth in horror, he used both hands to spread the crack between the ass cheeks. One thick finger prodded at her tightly puckered asshole, then his whole hand slid down to her pussy. Brenda squealed when Tom ran two fingers into her cunt hole and she began to squirm with her ass.

“You little slut!” he snarled at her. “You’ve been acting like you’re scared to death, and here I find that your pussy is as damp as a swamp. The juices are already flowing in there, just waiting for my cock.”

“Noooo!” Brenda moaned, but she knew at least part of what he had said was true.

Watching Bill face-fuck Carla’s pussy had caused Brenda to get hot. She was still appalled by what she had seen Bill doing, but her body hadn’t been nearly so shocked. It had reacted with arousal, and now Brenda wished she could somehow dry up her cunt hole because the sadistic man was going to read those pussy juices just like they were an invitation to his prick. And no sooner had she thought it than the fingers of one of his hands spread the lips of her cunt and his hot cockhead nudged into her pussy slit. As she cried, she felt him lining his prick up with the small mouth of her cunt.

Brenda begged and blubbered, but even she knew that the protests were far too late. The prick throbbed at the entrance to her pussy’s fuck-channel, and it took no imagination at all to realize that she was about to be brutally fucked.


“Are you ready for some hard cock, you little slut?” Tom growled from where he stood behind Brenda’s naked ass. “I’m going to pound the shit out of that greasy cunt that’s just begging for my prick.”

“No!” Brenda wailed.

Then her teeth pitted fiercely as she jerked on the clamps that held her wrists and hands against the front legs of the high bench. But there was no slack in the metal bracelets and the sharp edges of the cuffs bruised and tore at the flesh of her wrists. The wooden bench beneath her ended at the top of her groin, leaving her ass suspended over the edge. Her toes didn’t quite touch the floor so there was no leverage to shift her weight, and her tits felt crushed by the weight of her body as she futilely fought to get away.

Tom’s rubbery cockhead pressed into Brenda’s pussy slit and nudged against the mouth of her tiny cunt hole. Her husband’s prick was the largest thing that had ever fucked up Brenda’s cunt hole, and she had seen that Tom’s cock was much bigger. She worried whether her pussy could possibly stretch far enough to swallow the monstrous cockshaft and, like a frightened child, she wished desperately for some miracle to end this awful thing.

But there was no rescue for the young newlywed that night. The brutish man behind her was in total control of his captive as he locked both hands over the points of her hips and slowly pulled back to brace her ass and cunt for his first ripping fuck-thrust. Brenda felt the cockhead wedge itself partially inside her cunt, and she squealed in pain as her pussy mouth stretched, shooting pain into her guts. It felt like a fist rather than a cockhead that was being forced into her cunt. She was desperately afraid her tender flesh would tear.

“Goddamn, this pussy is tight!” Tom hissed, pushing harder with his hips as his cockhead burrowed its way in. His thumbs pulled back onto the girl’s youthful ass cheeks and spread the fleshy globes so he could watch his cock fuck into her pussy.

“Fuck it hard!” his voluptuous wife, Carla, urged as she stood across the room while getting her naked, juicy cunt eaten by the captive girl’s husband. “Cram that big cock of yours all the way up her cunt hole!”

“Bill!” Brenda shrieked as Tom’s entire cockhead popped through the ring of muscles at the entrance to her cunt hole.

In panic, Brenda raised her head and gazed desperately across the room in the hope that her husband would hurry and stop the evil rape of her pussy. But Carla slapped the riding crop down onto Bill’s back when he started to draw his face away from the red-furred cunt. The blow knocked his face back into the woman’s gushing pussy and his tongue lapped at the cunt juices that flowed like a river. Brenda screamed in frustration as she realized that no help was coming from her husband, then she shrieked as it ripped through her pussy when two inches of Tom’s salami-like dick fucked into her cunt. Then more bulging cock was crammed into her pussy as Tom pulled her hips with his hands while he shoved forward with his hairy crotch.

Gliding on the pussy juices that had greased her cunt channel, the man’s large prick spread Brenda’s cunt pit open, until the cockhead rammed against the opening to her womb. When her whole cunt was stuffed with prickmeat, it felt like her insides were being pushed out of place. The cock fit inside her pussy hole so tightly that she could feel the cockshaft all the way down.

“You’re hurting me!” Brenda cried in frustration as her head shook from side to side. “Take it out! Your cock is too big!”

“Yell all you want, bitch!” Tom snarled as he pulled his prick back through her cunt channel. “There’s not anybody living close enough to hear your screams, and I love to hear young slut bitches cry out in pain.”

The long prickshaft retreated, dragging the flange of the prickhead down the inside walls of her pussy, and Brenda could feel every inch of its withdrawal until only the cockhead was still in her cunt. Then Tom’s fingers tightened on her hips and thick cock was driven violently into her pussy.

“No!” Brenda screamed in agony as cockhead hammered the flesh at the end of her cunt hole.

Heavy, hairy balls crashed into her clit and cunt muff and the leather trousers covering his legs slapped loudly into the backs of her naked thighs. Brenda was speared onto Tom’s fleshy fuck-club, pierced by prick up her cunt. And as she thrashed against the bench, the metal clamps bit fiercely into the skin of her wrists. Her wallowing body crushed her tits against the hard wood, sending pain all through her chest. In agony, she threw her head backwards and upwards as she felt herself swoon from the blood rushing to her brain. Brenda screamed then screamed again as it seemed that the whole world was determined to cause her pain.

Then the prick was retreating once more, dragging the flared edges of the cockhead along the inner walls of her cunt. Never had her pussy experienced anything so huge and she could feel cock stretch and scrape all the way down her cunt’s inner walls. Thankfully, the pussy juices that had been stirred by Bill eating Carla’s cunt kept the monstrous slab of fuck meat gliding rather than tearing at the flesh. As the prick retreated, Brenda could feel her cunt hole collapse behind it, but the rest lasted only a second before the cock was jammed violently back into her fuck-chute again.

“Aaeeiii!” Brenda screamed as the fuck thrusts came hard and close together.

The fat prick was like a piston in her tortured cunt hole, fucking in and out of her again and again. But, thankfully, her cunt ring was beginning to slowly adjust and give up on its painful resistance. The reprieve from at least that much pain gave Brenda a chance to raise her face once more to search the other side of the room to see if help from her husband was finally on the way.

Things across the room had gotten even worse. While Brenda had been preoccupied with the cock ramming into her tight pussy, Bill had somehow managed to lose all of his clothes. He was as naked as Brenda, still kneeling in front of Carla with his tongue stuck up the older woman’s cunt. The vest was gone from Carla’s chest and her magnificent tits bobbed seductively about as she humped pussy into Bill’s waiting face. He was sucking and licking so furiously that his loud slurping filled the room, and Brenda groaned to herself when she saw pussy juices streaking the front of his body. Carla’s cunt was like a fountain squirting into his face, and Bill apparently was beyond even caring that he was being forced into the role of a slave.

“Bill,” Brenda sobbed, but her pleas did no good.

It was as if her husband didn’t even hear her as he worshiped Carla’s glorious cunt. As Brenda watched, Carla reached down and grabbed Bill by the hair. The tall woman shoved his face even farther into her crotch, then began fucking back and forth with her cunt.

“That’s right, you little shit!” Carla snarled down at Brenda’s husband. “Eat my pussy real good or I’ll piss right into your mouth.”

Brenda groaned at the obscene suggestion, but it apparently fired Bill to lick cunt even better. He fucked his tongue far up the woman’s leaking pussy hole, and, Brenda couldn’t help notice, between his legs his cock was as hard as a rock. She was horrified by what that suggested. Then slit remembered her own cunt was pouring juices over Tom’s raping cock.

None of it made any sense at all to the frightened young newlywed girl. Just the day before she and Bill had been happily settled down into their new married life and now, suddenly, everything seemed to have fallen apart. These were neighbors, not some midnight rapists, yet here she was with her hands bound and a stranger’s cock in her cunt. Her own husband was being forced to eat pussy right there in front of her. She felt like she had fallen right into the middle of one of those old Twilight Zone shows.

Tom was taunting her without ever slowing his cock-strokes. “Watch your Goddamn pussy eating husband,” he laughed sadistically. “Look at that bastard bathe his face in my wife’s cunt juices. He’s supposed to be your loving husband and he doesn’t give a holy shit that you’re getting raped by my hard, lusty prick!”

Brenda gasped when she realized it was true. Tom’s pussy-raping cock was fucking in her cunt hole and Bill wouldn’t even bother to glance over and see. She had screamed at him and begged him to help her. And he hadn’t even concerned himself to look around to see if his wife was being hurt. Instead, he appeared consumed with eating his neighbor’s hot pussy, while leaving Brenda to get raped and to suffer alone. A deep feeling of dread filled her guts. She tortured herself with the thought of how she must look, lying there face-down on the bench with Tom’s evil prick fucking into her cunt. Right now Brenda felt completely abandoned, like an unwanted piece of trash.

Brenda cried at a particularly brutal cock thrust, and she wiggled her naked ass in a renewed futile effort to escape. Her head went downward but that wasn’t what Tom wanted, so he grabbed the back of her hair with one hand. A hundred thousand pinpricks of pain erupted in the back of her scalp as Brenda’s head was pulled back into the air.

“Watch it!” Tom snarled down at the captive girl impaled on his prick. “I want you to see that asshole of a husband of yours eating pussy while you’re getting raped. Look at his fucking tongue dancing in my wife’s cunt. That tongue’s sliding so far up her fuck-hole that it’s about to pull out by the roots.”

The tears of pain came to Brenda’s eyes. Her face burned with shame. It embarrassed Brenda to see her husband slobbering in that woman’s pussy, seemingly unaffected by the horror of what was happening to his wife.

“Ooooooh.” Brenda groaned as the end of her pussy was battered by cockhead again.

By comparison, Bill had always been gentle when he fucked her, so Brenda had never conceived of such terrible pain. It was as if Tom’s prick was actually a brutal weapon designed to be used to punish the cunt of his slave.

“You’ve got a tight fucking pussy,” Tom snarled down at her. “You haven’t had many pricks up that cunt. Well, you’ve come to the right neighborhood to cure that, bitch! You’re going to find out what pain and pleasure are all about.”

His words assaulted her, kicking and slapping her. Nothing he was saying made any sense at all, and she couldn’t figure out what he was trying to claim. The hammering cock in her cunt hole jolted her mind each time she tried to sort out his stupid words.

Then suddenly the thick prick grew quiet in Brenda’s tortured pussy, with the cockhead jammed against the deep end of her cunt. The cockshaft jerked inside her, almost lifting her ass even higher.

“Hey,” Tom called over to his wife, “the little bitch has seen her husband eat pussy, so now’s the time we show him how his baby wife sucks on some good, hard cock.”

Carla laughed shrilly and reached down and grabbed Bill by the hair. She jerked savagely to pull his face from her hot, juicy pussy. “Hey, cunt-licker!” she chided him. “You want to watch your little darling face-fuck somebody else’s prick?”

“Noooo!” Brenda cried, for the first time understanding what was about to go on.

Already, Tom’s prick has slapped her face, and now he was threatening to fuck that evil cock into her mouth. And, to make matters even worse, they were going to drag Brenda’s husband over so he could watch.

“Oh please make them stop!” Brenda whined.

She raised her head, searching for her husband. She spotted him still on his knees, turned away from Carla’s pussy, his eyes were vacunt as if he didn’t understand what he saw. His face below his eyes glistened from cunt juices, which also covered his neck and streaked down to his chest. As Brenda watched, Carla nudges Bill in the back and he stumbled on his knees across the carpet toward the bench.

“Get up, Bill!” Brenda wailed desperately.

“Oh God, please help me! I’m your wife, Bill! Don’t let that man fuck my mouth!”

For a second Brenda thought that her pleading words had finally penetrated the fog of Bill’s brain, since his eyes slightly cleared. But before even a flicker of resistance to his captors began to grow, Carla kneed him savagely in the side and knocked him onto his naked ass only a couple of feet to the side of Brenda’s head. The red-haired Amazon went to one knee and reached down between Bill’s legs for his rock-hard cock. Long, slender fingers closed around the throbbing prickshaft and squeezed. The fog returned to Bill’s eyes as he began to lustily groan. The sound was pure torture for his desperate wife, as she realized that any hope of assistance had been lost.

As Brenda trembled, the raging cock backed out other pussy halo, and the walls of her cunt slowly collapsed back onto themselves. Tom glanced down at Bill then laughed loudly, as he realized how completely dominated the young man had become. Then Tom walked around to the front of the bench and stood with his wet prick, covered by pussy juices, pointing right toward Brenda’s face.

She whimpered and clamped her lips tightly, then turned her face away from Tom so he couldn’t attack her mouth with his cock. The slippery prickhead slid across her left cheek and poked into the bell of her ear. Then thick fingers wrapped into her hair and jerked her head back around. The greasy cockhead centered itself squarely on her lips. He held her face there for a moment, prick touching lips, and Brenda desperately pinched her mouth closed.

“So you think you’re hot going to open up?” he laughed at her. “Just watch this.”

Tom yanked on Brenda’s hair, pulling it toward the center of her back. Brenda’s neck arched back, bending unnaturally, until the frightened young woman was afraid it would break. Her breath was gone; the muscles in her neck were frozen. Her face was red from strain before she finally gasped open her mouth. As soon as her lips parted, the slippery cockhead pushed in over her tongue.

Carla cackled as if she were demented. “Look at your bitch wife eat prick!” she screamed at Bill. “Get up on your hands and knees and watch your cock-sucking wife!”

When Bill did as he was told, Carla swung one long leg over his body. She sat down heavily on the small of his back her naked wet pussy rubbing against his spine. With one hand, she pulled his hair to keep his face pointed toward his tortured wife’s mouth, as her other hand lashed the thin riding crop against his unprotected ass with sharp slaps that echoed through the room.

Brenda herd the sounds of the ass-beating and she could see it out of the corner of one eye, but her mouth was too full of unwanted prick for her to worry about her husband’s pain. Her mouth was pried open as the cockhead jammed against the opening to her throat. Brenda almost gagged when she realized the taste swarming over her tongue came from the juices of her own cunt.

“Make your face into a tight pussy,” Tom snarled down at Brenda. “Clamp down on my prick with your lips and cheeks or I’m going to fuck my cock clear down into your throat!”

The rubbery cockhead hammered at the back of her mouth, fucking clear to her tonsils. Somehow she knew that just a little more pressure would force the throbbing, thick cockshaft into her neck. Quickly her lips sealed the girth of the cockshaft and she sucked hard. Her cheeks collapsed onto the sides of the cock as her whole mouth squeezed on his prick.

“That’s it,” the sadistic man hissed. “Get ready to suck cum out of my balls!”

Her spit slickened the mouth-fucking cock. Lewd-sounding squishes came from her face each time Tom drove his throbbing prick to her tonsils. Saliva leaked from the corners of the captive newlywed woman’s mouth, like pussy juices flowing onto her face. As it grew even more stimulated, the monstrous cock swelled to an impossible size. Brenda’s jaw ached from the terrible pounding her mouth was talking, and her gasping breaths were leaving her throat feeling raw.

Bill sat on his naked ass, his eyes locked to his wife’s face. Tom Wyman’s colossal cock was fucking Brenda’s pretty mouth, causing saliva to bubble from her lips. Never had Bill seen anything so exciting as the cock-sucking he was watching from just a couple of feet away. The fact that it was his wife, Brenda, who was being face-fucked stirred Bill’s balls up even more.

All the time Bill watched, Carla was jacking on his cock, running tight fingers up and down the cockshaft. She had matched her stroke on Bill’s prick to the fuck-thrusts of Tom’s cock into Brenda’s mouth, and it caused Bill’s balls to begin to burn.

“Argh! Argh! Argh!” Brenda gargled around the prick that was raping her face.

The cockhead battered brutally against the back of her mouth. The prickmeat was growing hotter as it fucked her mouth, and the cockhead had begun to swell even more. Her to was pressed hard against the bottom of her mouth and saliva collected near her throat.

She gulped between his fuck-thrusts, which now started to come faster and stronger.

“Shit!” Tom exclaimed. “I’m about to cum! This bitch’s mouth is sucking the cum from my balls!”

“Shoot it into her face!” Carla urged her husband as she beat savagely on Bill’s horny prick. “Splash jism on her nose and in her eyes! Scald that bitch with your cum!”

Tom was happy to comply. As Bill’s prick erupted in Carla’s hand, shooting creamy cum high into the air, Tom jerked his cock out of Brenda’s mouth and blasted his cum-load against the young woman’s face. One thick gob of jism splashed across the bridge of her nose and another spattered into her left eye. Again and again, the prick pulsed cum into her face until all of her features were wet.


Brenda groaned as she slowly forced herself awake, turning on the mattress with her left hand reaching out to find the empty pillow beside her. Her eyes opened and she glanced across the expanse of the sheet. Then she realized that Bill wasn’t with her in bed and she jerked up to sit in the middle of the mattress.

Slowly bits and pieces of what had happened began to come back to her. She and Bill had been at the Wymans’ the night before and everything had gone totally wrong. They had walked into a totally strange world where sex and pleasure had been stirred in with pain to make whole different thing.

“My God!” she gasped.

She had been raped, not only in the pussy but also in the mouth! And the last time she remembered seeing her husband, Bill, he’d had Carla Wyman’s hot pussy juices spread all over his face.

Brenda remembered that she hadn’t been released from the bench until Tom Wyman had taken another go at her pussy. He’d fucked that thick cock up inside, but that time, however, he had blasted his stringy jism into her cunt, rather than saving it to shoot off into her face. Somewhere along the way, there was a vague memory of catching sight of Bill fucking Carla’s pussy, but when Brenda was finally taken from the bench and yanked out of the room by Tom, Bill had been flat on his back in the middle of the floor with the tall, red-haired Carla once again squirting pussy juices into his face.

Brenda had been so bewildered by what had been going on that she had been halfway across the dark neighborhood street before she realized that Tom had pulled her naked out into the night. All Brenda had worn at the time was the leather collar with the metal lock and ring, which Tom hadn’t bothered to take off. When she protested that she was naked and that Bill wasn’t along, Tom had yanked on her arm, whipping her ahead and almost sending her sprawling into her front lawn. On the porch, he produced the key to her front door, let her inside then marched her into the bedroom. There, after warning her to stay put, Tom had turned and disappeared, leaving Brenda alone and confused.

Where was Bill? She wondered that again now. He still wasn’t home, and the sunlight of Saturday morning was showing through the drapes. Brenda had been so desperately tired and frightened the night before that she hadn’t even gone for a gown. When she awoke, she was still naked and smelled of dry cunt juices and cum.

Forcing herself up, she walked to the bathroom where she drew herself a deep bath. Before she got in, she tried to find some way out of the collar, but it was impossible to do. Maybe after he was home he could cut it off, but for now she’d just have to live with it as it was. After soaking in the bath to remove the stain and odor, she toweled herself off and went back, to the bedroom to dress.

Somehow she was going to have to find Bill so both of them could get out of the neighborhood until they brought the police back to arrest those crazy Wymans.

She was still thinking of the pleasure it would give her to see Tom and Carla behind bars when she opened the door of her closet and got the surprise of her life. It was empty. Everything in it was gone. Sometime that night, someone had broken in and stolen every bit of her clothes.

Suddenly she felt very, very naked. Unconsciously, she moved one of her hands to cover her cunt as she turned her head to look over her shoulder to see if somebody was standing behind her. She turned a complete circle before she convinced herself that she was alone. Then, dreading what she might discover, she walked over and pulled out a drawer in her clothes chest, squealed in frustration and yanked out the other drawers in turn. There wasn’t a thing left — not even a pair of bikini panties! Somebody had wiped her out and taken every stitch of clothing that she owned. And the dress she had worn the night before was in tatters and still at the Wymans’ house across the street. Before sitting down on the bed to try to think of what to do, she checked Bill’s closet and chest to find them as empty as hers.

Now what? Bill had taken the keys to the car with him the night before and neither he nor the keys had made it back. She couldn’t so parading naked down the street in broad daylight. And their phone service didn’t start until the following week, since they’d had to wait on making the deposit.

Brenda felt frightened to death. So, when the loud knock came from the front door, her mind leaped immediately to Bill. She needed him so desperately to be there to protect her that she never dreamed it might be someone else.

She ran to the door and pulled it open. She wanted to leap out into his arms. But one of the other neighbors might see that she was naked, so she waited expectantly at the side of the door. A long arm reached toward her neck, and there was a click of metal against metal as a leash was snapped onto the ring of her leather collar.

Startled, Brenda recognized Jim Stone. She has seen him first when she and Bill had interviewed to rent the house, then once after that and, of course, the day before when he had been naked and fucking in his back yard. Now he was dressed in a suit with the tie fixed tightly, and he looked more like a businessman. But the chain attached to the collar on her neck told Brenda immediately that she was in very deep trouble. Her bare tits with hard nipples jutted straight toward the huge man, and she glanced uncomfortably down at her naked pussy.

“Oh, nooooo!” Brenda groaned, one hand diving to cover her cunt while the other grabbed for the chain.

She tugged on the leash, hoping it free, but it was affixed solidly to the collar. Jim Stone reached out and grasped Brenda’s left nipple between his forefinger and thumb, twisting the tiny nub savagely until the newlywed woman fell to her knees in pain.

“That hurts!” she shrieked, wondering how something like this could possibly be happening. When his hand released her tit, both of her hands leaped to her chest to cover the tender tit mounds. She sat down, resting on her ankles, as she pressed her thighs together to hide her cunt.

He smiled pleasantly down toward her as if nothing in the world was out of the ordinary. “I thought I would come over this morning and be neighborly, in case you wanted to get out for a walk.”

Brenda’s mouth dropped. The man must be crazy! Here he was standing in her open doorway like a visiting salesman, his words flowing like syrup, but he had just fastened a dog leash to her neck and squeezed her tit until he had forced her to her knees.

“I can’t!” she finally exclaimed. “Somebody took all my clothes!” Tears filled her eyes and leaked out to streak her cheeks.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said smoothly. “It doesn’t bother me at all.”

“What!” Brenda sputtered. “I can’t go out there! One of the neighbors might see me naked.”

“No big deal.” Jim Stone smiled. “The neighbors are all mad, anyway.”

Then he jerked savagely on the chain. The collar yanked her off her legs and onto her stomach on the floor. Her naked tits were smashed against the threshold as she almost skidded out onto the porch. As she rolled off her aching tit mounds, Jim dragged her bodily out of the door. She rolled, accidentally wrapping the chain around her neck and, once again, Jim jerked on the end in his hand.

“Awk!” Brenda choked. She couldn’t get her breath. Frantically, she pushed up to her knees and clawed both hands toward the leash.

He laughed, and the softness was gone from his voice. His eyes were on fire with sadistic pleasure at abusing the frightened, young newlywed woman.

“Don’t you want to know where your errant husband is, my dear?” he asked with a tight smile as he unwound the chain from around her neck. “Don’t you wonder what happened to him?”

“Bill!” Brenda exclaimed. “Oh, please, tell me where he is!”

“He’s at my house,” Jim answered. “Right now, I would expect that he’s entertaining Laura, my lovely wife. And I think it’s time to take you over there to join him.”

Brenda tried to struggle to her feet but Jim smashed a large hand down on her shoulder. He forced her hands back to the floor of the porch.

“I’d like the neighbors to think I’m walking my little bitch dog,” he said, his voice full of mocking amusement. “That means you’re going to walk over on hands and knees, following along beside my left leg. If you do it real well, maybe I’ll have a dog biscuit for you when we get home.”

The suggestion shocked her, but there was nothing she could do but follow. He pulled her off the porch and into the yard, and each time she tried to struggle to her feet, he squeezed or slapped her tits until she collapsed back to the pound in pain. Finally it became easier just to crawl along, staying on the grass to save her hands and knees. She kept her eyes down, not searching around, because if any of the neighbors saw her being so deeply shamed, Brenda didn’t really want to know.

“Heel,” he said occasionally as he stopped walking, and he forced Brenda to sit back on her heck next to his left leg like a dog that was being taught to mind. Her face was red with embarrassment each time he did it, but the punishment of his hands on her tits was too severe to suffer after the first two or three times. Right now, she saw her only hope as being getting back to Bill so he could somehow rescue her. But when she finally saw her husband, Brenda knew that all chance of escape was gone. The way he was bound made it definite that there would be no freedom for the newlywed pair.

She had been taken inside the Stones’ mansion and led down a long stairway to the basement, which looked more like a dark, carpeted gymnasium. There was a lot of equipment scattered around that Brenda didn’t recognize, but one thing she saw that she knew was like a slap in the face. That was her naked husband suspended lewdly in a set of chains. There was both pain and terror showing in his eyes and it appeared that he was puffing up desperately with his arms. It took Brenda a minute to figure out what his real problem was, and when she did, she gasped in terrible surprise.

Chains descended from the ceiling, locking with clamps round Bill’s wrists to suspend him with his feet barely off the carpet. Two other chains ran loosely from his ankles to clamps on the floor, obviously to keep his feet spread and his thighs from coming together. But the true evilness of the whole situation was with a long, narrow cord that reached down from the ceiling. It ended in a narrow leather band that had been clasped tightly around the base of his prick and balls, such as a cock ring might have done. But the cord was apparently an inch shorter than it needed to be. If Bill allowed his arms to slump from the chains, the cord took on much of the weight of his lower body, suspending it by his cock and balls. Each time he wearied and loosened the grin with his hands, he shrieked as his balls and prick were savagely stretched.

“Oh no!” Brenda cried, and she tried to rush toward him.

The leash lightened the collar on her neck and yanked her backward to the floor. Jim quickly unclasped the leash to toss it to the side, then he locked her wrists into a second set of chains from the ceiling, using a crank to lift her feet from the floor. She dangled there, her toes three inches from the carpet, while facing her agonize big husband from only ten feet away. In the background, she could hear Jim’s footsteps going back up the stairs, leaving the tortured pair alone.

“Bill,” she whined.

“So they brought you back,” he groaned, slightly relaxing his arms. He yelped when the extreme pressure contracted around his balls and prick, and he tensed his arms again. “Gee, Brenda, I was hoping you could help.”

“I need your help!” she cried desperately. “What are we going to do?”

“I don’t know,” he moaned. “They told me that if you didn’t willingly do everything they said, they’d let this contraption rip off my prick and balls. You can’t let them do that, Brenda. For pity’s sake, don’t fight them. Give them what they want!”

“But they’ve been doing terrible things to me!” Brenda squealed. “And I don’t know what else they might want.”

“Just don’t fight them, Brenda,” he pleaded. “Don’t be the reason I lose my prick!”

Brenda groaned, not knowing how to respond. And before she put words to her confused thoughts, footsteps were coming down the stairs. Both Jim and Laura Stone walked into the makeshift dungeon and casually looked over their captive, naked pair.

Jim Stone was a large man, perhaps not as tall as Tom Wyman but every bit as muscular and strong. The suit and tie were gone now, and all he wore was a short robe buttoned once at the waist in front, and Brenda could see the swollen head of his thick cock dangling beneath the hem of the garment. His wife, Laura was a brown-haired beauty — perhaps ten years older than Brenda and only a couple of inches taller. And she had even less clothes on than her husband. A bra-like device underpinned her magnificently large tits but didn’t cover the nipples or most of the tit mounds. Instead of panties, she wore a broad leather band strapped around her hips, which connected with both ends of another thick strap that ran between her legs.

“That’s right,” Jim answered. “I suppose you better go get your whip.”

“What?” Brenda cried, suddenly coming to life in the chains. “You can’t use a whip on me!”

Jim laughed at her. “You don’t seem in much of a position to argue.” Then he glanced over curiously at Bill then back at Brenda. “Instead of punishing you for doing wrong, I guess we could work on your husband instead. Taking up another six inches of the rope would take away the ability to lift himself up onto the chains.”

“Oh God, no!” Bill groaned, his face twisted with pain and fear. “Doing that would tear off my cock!”

“And your balls,” Jim reminded him. “Don’t forget your balls.”

“Don’t let them do it!” Bill begged his wife. “Don’t let them rip off my prick!”

Jim turned squarely to Brenda. “It’s up to you, my dear. You didn’t do very well at being a bitch dog on a leash, so someone will have to pay for that. Are you going to take your punishment like an adult, or do you want us to take it out on your husband’s cock, instead?”

Brenda trembled, unable to answer. She was frightened nearly to death by the thought of being whipped, but if she didn’t allow it then Bill’s prick and balls might be ripped from his body.

She knew she could never accept the responsibility for that, so there was just one answer to the dilemma. So when Jim demanded once again that she choose which way it would be, she told him that the punishment was hers to suffer. Laura returned and Jim backed away. The brown-haired woman showed Brenda the six foot black bullwhip she held in her hand, almost rubbing the dark lash into the young woman’s face. Then Laura moved back and around the girl’s suspended naked body and Brenda braced herself as much as she knew how. But even with that, she wasn’t nearly prepared for the first vicious kiss of the whip.

Swack! The lash seared across both of her bare ass cheeks, burning a line of fire into the skin.

“Aaeiii!” Brenda screamed, kicking out with her legs. The pain was more intense than she had even imagined. Nothing in her worst nightmares had prepared her for an agony so brutally intense.

“No… please!” she shrieked when the whip sliced across her ass flesh again.

The first slash mark crossed the first one, creating a scarlet brand. Then the blows started coming — more furiously, working up onto her back and down onto the backs of her thighs. The whip was a curse that plagued her again and again as it ignited her body and legs in pain. Then it stopped, and Brenda gasped in relief that the beating was finally over. But she was premature in thinking the punishment was done as Laura appeared at her side. Brenda noticed the movement out of the corners of her eyes and she rolled her head that way. She was just in time to see the lash of the whip slice through the air and lick savagely across her tender tits.

“Eeeeek!” Brenda cried as her tits were battered.

The whip slashed across both nipples, making the titty mounds jump. And as painful as the lashing of her ass and back had been, it didn’t even compare with the agony of her tits being whipped. It felt like she had dipped her tits into flames, and they burned until she thought they would explode. And before that pain had died, the whip struck again across the tops of her tits.

She thrashed, wailing and shrieking as the blows landed on her tits. She couldn’t count the number of times she’d been whipped because the pain blasted all thought from her mind. And it wasn’t for a minute after the blows had stopped landing that she realized the beating was through.

Jim Stone’s voice, now filled with sadistic acid, snapped Brenda back to attention.

“Will you look at that shit!” he called to his wife, his words like knives. “He’s about to get his prick ripped off, and that asshole’s got a hard-on from watching you whip his wife!”

Brenda’s eyes struggled open and she was shocked to find that it was true. Her whole body burned and ached from the lashing, and Bill’s cock was as hard as a rock. His eyes burning with a painful lust, compounded by the pressure on his prick.

Laura threw her whip to the side and stepped up in front of the young newlywed man. Her mouth opened, and her teeth glinted, as she stared down at the rigid prick between his legs.

“His isn’t the only cock that’s throbbing,” Jim laughed from behind Brenda. “Mine’s raging and looking for cunt. Laura, why don’t you suck that slave’s prick while I fuck some hard cock up this bitch’s tight cunt?”

Laura fell to her knees before Bill as large, rough hands grappled and lifted Brenda’s ass. With horror, the frightened young woman realized that beating her body with the whip had been only the warm-up, and now the sexual torture would begin.


Brenda’s wrists ached where the cuffs at the ends of the chains bit into her flesh as her arms suspended her weight a couple of inches off the floor. Her totally naked body was cold with fear, and rough hands grappled at the bare cheeks of her ass. And just a few feet away hung her equally naked husband with a hard, raging cock from having watched Brenda being beaten. And kneeling down in front of Bill was Laura Stone, preparing to gobble up his prick.

Laura released the cord that held Bill’s cock and balls then she took his long, hard fuck-shaft in one of her hands. Then, as Brenda watched, Laura’s face dipped as her lips parted and she sucked Bill’s cockhead into the wet heat of her mouth. The tormented Brenda groaned as she watched the end of her husband’s prick disappear into the horny neighbor’s lips, and she tried to force herself to close her eyes to the terrible scene. But no matter how much she fought against the awful fascination within her, her eyes stayed open and glued to the vision of her husband’s cock being sucked by greedy feminine lips. Watching that was a special kind of torture, in some ways even worse than the beating that had left Brenda’s body a field of painful, criss-crossed scarlet lines.

And while Brenda watched, rugged male hands continued to rake across her ass, grabbing, pinching and puffing, and finally spreading her ass crack wide. Her hips were shifted slightly backwards by the tug of the fingers, and the stiff cock of the neighborhood rapist ran lewdly up her ass crease. Somewhere along the way, when Brenda hadn’t noticed, Jim had apparently shucked out of his robe in preparation for brutally fucking her cunt. His hands lifted her ass upward, causing slack in the chains, and his thick prickshaft glided across her asshole, to the bulging cockhead up with her tiny golden-fleeced cunt. Suddenly her ass was released and her own weight slammed her pussy hole down onto his big prick.

“Aaeeiii!” the captive girl screamed as his gigantic cock rammed savagely up her tight cunt hole.

Only scunt pussy juices greased her fuck chute, and the prick felt like it was ripping tender flesh as it fucked into her tortured body. The bulky cockshaft wedged halfway into her cunt hole then tightly stuck, the friction suspending the rest of her weight onto her dry pussy walls.

“Oh, no!” she shrieked in mind-shattering pain. Her whole pussy felt like it was being torn and shoved up into her abdomen. “It’s killing me! Oh God, help me! Take it out! Take it out!”

Instead, her neighbor Jim slapped his hands around her waist and shoved down on her hips. Brenda wailed deliriously as another inch of prick was forced inside.

“All the way, cunt!” Jim snarled from behind the tormented girl as he shoved violently downward with his hands.

The thick, cunt-spearing cock rammed clear to the end of Brenda’s pussy channel. The cockhead bumped roughly against the mouth of her womb, jarring her whole body and snapping her teeth painfully together. Unbelievably, Jim Stone had stuffed his cock ripping cock all the way up Brenda’s tiny pussy, and her pain pleased him to no end as he laughed sadistically.

“You thought Tom Wyman had a horse cock, didn’t you?” he scolded her, making her mind burn.

“Now you know what a real man’s prick like when it’s fucked up your cunt hole!”

And Brenda certainly did. It felt like she had sat on a fence post that had accidentally jammed up her pussy. Her poor, tortured cunt ring was pushed all out of shape by the thick prick fucking inside. And that tight circle of cuntul muscles didn’t take kindly to such demented punishment and was sending out waves of agony that were gripping her whole body.

“You better juice up, girl,” he warned Brenda, “or my prick will rip you to pieces. Either way, you little slut, it doesn’t matter a bit to me.”

Brenda’s mind couldn’t have willed it, but somehow he body took over. The cunt hole was used to providing for both its own pleasure and protection, and it conjured up the pussy cream that was so desperately needed. From inside her, the juices began to flow, wetting down the prick that was torturing her cunt hole. When Jim began to drag his cock out be bending his knees, the thick cockshaft rode on the first of the juices and, by the time he fucked the prick back in, the dribble of pussy juices had turned into a protective flood. After four or five cock-strokes, the tormented cunt ring began to give up and relax to its inevitable rape. Soon Jim was fucking his young newlywed neighbor with abandon, the hard strokes riding natural grease in and out of her cunt.

And no matter how much her own torture, Brenda’s eyes remained frozen to the sex action only a few feet away, where her husband’s body was turned to the side barely enough to give a good view of Laura Stone’s lips riding up and down on his throbbing prick. His fuck shaft was glistening from the spit of the older woman’s mouth, and Brenda knew he was getting a cocksucking unlike any she had ever given him before. There was a moment of intense jealousy, but she still could not tear her eyes away. Brenda was enthralled — enchanted — just as she had been yesterday afternoon in when she had watched the lusty Stones spanking and fucking in their own back yard.

And there was no doubt that this was the same pair of sex-crazy neighbors. The long, thick prick she had watched fucking Laura’s ass was now jammed all the way up her own pussy, churning back and forth. And the same beautiful, naked skin of Laura Stone, which had tantalized her before, was now virtually uncovered for Brenda to look at much as she desired. Brenda could see the whole side of Laura’s left tit where it quivered below her slender, outstretched arm. The luscious nipple was succulent and unusually large, the nub at the top like a brown fingertip pointed stiffly out from the tit mound. The nipple was surrounded by a broad halo of skin darker than the rest of the tit. And the top of the tit flowed in a gentle slope to the jump-off point of the nipple, and, on the bottom of the mound, there was only the hint of a feminine under swell that gave the tit mound its classical shape.

Brenda’s lips parted as she watched Laura’s tit quiver, her gaze bouncing from the delicious tit to the sexy mouth that was swallowing her husband’s cock. Brenda’s saliva was beginning to wash through her mouth as her mind filled with what she was seeing and she groaned as her guts gripped from confusing sensations. She gasped, then closed her mouth and swallowed the saliva, that was filling her mouth.

Laura Stone’s ass was at a slight angle, but it was still easily in view for the chained, tortured young woman. Brenda’s gaze ran from the tit to the tiny waist, then up to Laura’s back before sliding down onto the cheeks of the ass. Once again Brenda’s belly seemed to react and tighten when she looked closely at the flesh of the other woman. Laura’s ass cheeks wore almost perfectly symmetrical moons split by a shadowed ass crease. In that chasm, the leather band ran between Laura’s legs, clutching tightly at the older woman’s flesh. The thick belt hid the pucker of her asshole, but beneath it had slipped all the way into her lubricated pussy gash. The pressure from the strap caused Laura’s outer cuntlips to bulge, sending the flesh up in waves covered by brown pussy hair that looked as soft as fur.

“Oooooh!” Brenda groaned as her own pussy ran hot and poured out more juices.

Her cunt hole was getting close to catching on fire and her guts were starting to clench. Almost before she noticed, the hard fucking up her cunt from behind was beginning to shoot sparks clear to the base of her spine. The fuck thrusts of the prick still hurt when the end of her pussy channel was battered, but there was also a strange kind of pleasure that was starting to take hold.

“You like big cocks?” Jim growled at her. His hands lifted her ass up high enough to cause slack in the chains overhead, then he released her to send her cunt slamming down onto his prick.

“Aaeeiii!” Brenda screamed when his cockhead hammered into the end of her pussy hole.

She peaked across a small cum and her pussy washed Jim’s prick down with a new, hot bath of cunt creams. And, as the cock dragged out to thrust in again, Brenda could feel the fuck friction along every inch of her tightly stretched pussy walls.

And all the time her eyes stayed glued to the nearly naked flesh of the other woman. Laura sucked Bill’s cock, then she licked the cockshaft, clear down onto the balls. Her long tongue flicked then she sucked the heavy balls into her mouth, and Brenda felt another wave of cum cascading through her own cunt.

“Pleeease!” the young newlywed woman wailed, not knowing whether she was begging for the fuck-action to stop or to continue.

Her body below her waist was boiling in sexual pleasure and pain and the combined sensation was beginning to rise in her chest. Each cock-thrust into her tight pussy set off a new explosion, like a firecracker had been stuffed into her cunt, and her legs thrashed in the air in front of Jim as her arms fought desperately to pull her body up the chains. Her pussy gushed again and again, and she had begun to cry out almost continually as she was fucked while watching Laura suck on Bill’s prick.

“Suck it!” Bill howled, using his hips to drive his cock at Laura’s mouth. He set up a swaying action with the chains, which were cutting at his wrists, but he was too close to cumming to notice. The woman’s mouth was as hot as fine pussy and his prick was about to erupt. “Suck his balls dry!” Jim laughed, encouraging his wife, without ever missing a cock-thrust into Brenda’s grasping cunt.

“Oh, shit!” Bill shouted. “I’m going to cum! Eat my prick!”

“Billll!” Brenda shrieked as her own pussy began firing when she saw her husband’s cock expand and begin rocketing cum into Laura’s clutching mouth.

Again and again, the prickshaft bulged then Laura’s neck muscles worked as she milked the cum clear down into her stomach. When Laura finally fell away from Bill’s cock and turned back toward the other fucking pair, there was cum dribbling out of both corners of her mouth. Bill hung loosely in the chains, his prick limp now, but still as thick as it had been when it was raging hard.

“Now it’s time for some pussy,” Jim called over to his wife. “Come over here and eat this little bitch’s cunt while I fuck her in the ass.”

“Wha…” Brenda began but then the realization burned into her. The horny man was talking about forcing his monstrously hard cock up her tiny asshole!

“Wonderful!” the cummy-faced Laura purred. “I’ll eat up her pussy juices while you stir up her ass guts with your prick.”

“No!” Brenda shrieked. “My asshole is too tiny! Your cock is way too big. You’ll kill me if you try to stick it in there!”

“Then got ready to die,” Jim laughed, bracing Brenda’s hips with his hands as he pulled his cock out of her cunt. Pussy juices covered the shaft thickly from the cockhead clear down to his balls.

Brenda’s terror was doubled by two inconceivable thoughts. Behind her, the monster cock that had been raping her pussy hole was now preparing to fuck up her ass. Brenda had seen that mighty cock fuck into Laura’s asshole when she had watched the Stones in their back yard. But the young newlywed was still unconvinced that any shit hole — particularly one as small as has could really stretch without damage enough to swallow such a tremendous prick. Maybe Laura Stone had an unusually large whole which would allow such a perverted thing, but Brenda knew her one little puckered asshole was so tight and tiny that even a finger would hurt it fucking in.

But that was only half of her troubles because, in the meantime at the front part of her body, she could stare down at Laura’s cum streaked face preparing to lick and suck her cunt. That same mouth had just a few minutes ago sucked the turn clear out of her husband’s balls. And, while it had thrilled Brenda a bit to look at Laura’s naked skin, she’d never thought about one woman licking another woman’s cunt. It seemed completely unnatural.

So two terribly lewd things were being threatened and there was little that Brenda could do. She was captive and totally helpless in the chains, with her feet not even touching the floor.

“Oh please, don’t!” she wailed, not knowing which way to try to swing her body.

If she kicked out to the front, she’d throw her pussy right in the face of Laura, who had already gone to her knees. If she recoiled from Laura, she’d push her ass right toward Jim’s prick, and the sadistic man fully intended to fuck his cock up Brenda’s virgin asshole no matter how much she might bellow and scream. Brenda was caught in a trap where she could do nothing except hang there and tremble.

Female fingers touched the fronts of Brenda’s thighs while male hands roamed over the cheeks of her ass. Both appeared intent on forcing her legs open to make room for the sex action their lusty owners sought. Although Brenda whimpered and begged, her thighs were rudely pushed apart, revealing her pouting young juicy pussy, which was still flared open from having been fucked by Jim’s over-sized cock. That prick now was aimed into the crack of Brenda’s ass as Jim’s fingers spread the ass cheeks apart. Brenda could feel the little brown bud burn from being exposed for his terrible assault.

Laura’s nose had dipped down into the cunt slit and now pressed firmly against Brenda’s tingling clit. Now the slave’s pleasure was twofold — both her cunt hole and her clit were firing off bolts of sensation clear into her guts. New pussy juices ran down her fuck-chute and onto Laura’s tongue, and the older woman loudly sucked the moisture down her throat.

Laura’s face provided the pressure to brace Brenda’s ass for Jim’s ass-fucking attack, and he used his thumbs to spread the crack of Brenda’s ass so he could watch his cockhead slowly force open the young woman’s shitter. The long, thick fucker was still heavily greased by Brenda’s pussy juices, which it had collected during the rape of her cunt. Now those juices helped the first half of Jim’s cockhead slowly work its way into her tight, brown asshole, and the wrinkles of the shitter deepened as a fuckhole was forced in the middle. Then, with a mighty shove that drove Brenda’s pussy hard against Laura’s mouth, Jim rammed his entire swollen cockhead through her tiny ass ring.

“Aaeeiii!” the captive girl screamed when the man’s prick speared her ass like a spike. Horrible waves of sheer pain rolled from her shit hole clear up into her guts. The wrinkles vanished and the tight ass ring felt as if it had begun to tear. Ass muscles fought desperately to force the unnatural intruder out, and, her abdomen clenched as she strained as if she were trying to take a shit. But all that effort managed was to slightly flare open her whole a bit more, and two more inches of cockshaft rammed into her ass.

The pain was horribly intense. It was worse than the young woman had ever experienced before. It felt like a knife was slicing at her terribly stretched asshole. And, as she screamed and thrashed her pussy against the neighbor woman’s face, Laura’s husband drove his prick far into Brenda’s tortured shitter until almost every bit of the long ass-fucker was lodged far into her guts. With one last thrust, Jim fucked his cock in clear to his balls, setting off new screams of terror and pain ripping from the newlywed’s throat.

“This is the tightest hole I’ve ever fucked!” Jim groaned, fooling the girl’s ass ring squeeze down on the shaft of his prick. “Listen to her scream. This Goddamn brown fuck hole is fighting me so hard it’s trying to strangle the shit out of my cock!”

“Take it out!” Brenda howled. Her whole body was racked by the pain from her shithole. “It’s killing me! It’s pulling my ass apart!”

She felt the prick slowly start backing out of her shit hole, and it hurt almost as much going out as it had pushing in. Every fraction of an inch caused a horrible friction in spite of the pussy juices grains the cock, and she screamed desperately for Jim to keep it still and not move it because of the terrible pain.

“Which one do you want, bitch?” Jim shouted, his voice edging toward a laugh. “You want my cock fucked into your asshole, or do you want me to yank it out of your butt?”

“I don’t know!” Brenda wailed. “I can’t stand it either way!”

“Then you get both!”

Jim laughed and quickly jerked his prick out of her tortured shitter. But, before her ass ring could shrink back down in relief, he fucked his whole cock back into her ass guts.

“Aaeeiii!” Brenda screamed, sure she was going to die.

But that fear didn’t last long as the cock pistoned rapidly in her tight shit hole, flicking hard into her ass guts. Within a couple of minutes, Brenda’s battered ass ring began to give up, and the muscles finally relaxed as her shitter began to adjust.

Just an inch or two away from Brenda’s cock stuffed ass, Jim’s wife was furiously eating the girl’s pussy until the juices flowed like a river. Now, with most of the pain of the ass-fucking quickly fading, the pleasure shooting from her cunt began flooding through her body to mix with the agony already there.

“Nooooo!” Brenda moaned as she lifted herself on the chains, giving Jim more room to fuck her ass while smothering her pussy down even harder on Laura’s well-greased face. The woman’s tongue flicked far up into her cunt hole as the man’s cock slammed brutally into hot shit hole, and Brenda was quickly consumed by a burning series of mighty cums that rocked her body and mind.

Laura gobbled pussy juices while the cock in Brenda’s asshole swelled, until the hard, thundering, ass-raping prick was blasting hot, sticky jism far into Brenda’s guts. The young woman’s cunt blasted cum after cum, flooding pussy cream thickly into Laura’s swallowing throat.

It was more than the inexperienced Brenda could handle, and both her body and mind seemed to explode. She collapsed in the chains, shoving cunt and asshole down onto tongue and cock, and was still jerking and cumming long after she had passed out.


They bound Brenda in a contraption of chains. Four of the lengths of the heavy metal links reached down from the ceiling to within about three feet from the floor. There the chains held a criss-crossed lacework of smaller links that suspended Brenda with her back toward the floor. The damps that held her wrists and ankles were walked up the main supporting chains, spreading her hands and feet and holding them high. At one end, the last small string of links was positioned at her waist, causing her ass to dangle off the end. Pulleys high overhead caused the whole contraption to raise or lower, controlled by a small switch on a nearby stand.

The poor, naked Brenda, tortured and abused, was virtually immobile, staring up at the ceiling and wondering what new horrors would be forced upon her now.

She had glanced around, looking desperately for Bill, but her husband was nowhere to be seen. And she wasn’t given an opportunity to look further through the house or to even ask questions about where he might have been. Immediately, she had been locked onto the interlocking chains and raised up from the floor. Then the two pairs of brutal, bondage-loving neighbors had left her alone in the monstrous room, to worry and be frightened alone.

By straining her neck and shoulders, Brenda could raise her head and look around. What she saw didn’t tell her a lot except that she wished frantically that she wasn’t there. Near her, circled around like a nook, were heavy backless couches. The way they were positioned left no doubt that the person in the chains in which she new swung was certain to be the center of attention.

Outside that small group of divans, there were other sets of chains and unusual wooden devices. One of the devices looked like the framework to a doorway, and another appeared to be some sort of electrically wired chat. In a couple of places on the walls were pegged boards where strange things were arranged. Brenda gulped when she saw that one whole section was a collection of whips, all neatly coiled and suspended from the pegs. There were thin ones and thick ones, long and short, but the thing that stood out was that all of them were black. Her skin burned from the memory of earlier agony and she ripped her gaze away from the whips.

Another set of pegs held up the whole assortment of tubular devices, and she had to strain her eyes to see that most of them were shaped like pricks. But heavens, what variety! There were a few thin, short ones but most of them were obscenely bulky, ranging from six inches long to one that was almost two feet in length. That one had a thick rubber cockhead on both ends, and in the middle was a collar of heavy rubber. She realized that two women could be fucked with that rubber prick at the same time.

Brenda groaned and allowed her head to fall back. “My God!” the tormented woman moaned to herself. “What have I gotten myself into here?”

She felt like she had somehow fallen into an old Vincent Price movie. But, deep down inside, Brenda knew that the end to all this wouldn’t come so easily as a director calling the finish to the scene. All of what was happening now, instead of pretend, was brutally and harshly real.

Not even her husband could save Brenda now, since he must also be locked up somewhere in a set of his own chains.

Brenda knew that whatever would come would now happen, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. And her lonely time to worry about it was almost over as she heard the click of the unlocking of the door.

Before she saw the people, she heard the shuffle of their bare feet, and it sounded like a whole crowd was walking in the room. Cursing herself for even making the effort, Brenda raised her head, and she could see the whole group approaching.

They were all naked — bare tits, asses, and cocks swinging all over the place. Every one of the neighbors who had tormented Brenda before was back for another try. There were the Stones, Laura and Jim — firm, beautiful tits and the big cock that had fucked Brenda’s ass. The Wymans were next, Tom and Carla — fiery haired bitch and the masculine man who had first pushed Brenda down onto her face. At the back were Hank and Sally Moore, looking almost like kids, but Brenda knew they were also committed members of the bunch. It had been Sally who had almost smothered Brenda with juicy pussy, then Hank had fucked the long cock clear down into the young newlywed’s throat.

No, Brenda could expect no mercy from any of the six, who seemed determined to cause her pain and agony while working out their own lusts. She glanced through the collection of eager faces, searching for her husband, but this time apparently Bill wouldn’t be there. That frightened Brenda even more, but perhaps it was for the best since he, at least, wouldn’t see what she knew would be more degradation and shame for her.

“Well, well,” Carla Wyman laughed as she walked up beside the suspended naked girl. “It’s seemed like a long time since I got a look at this little bitch’s pussy, although I guess it’s only been twenty-four hours.”

A motion on the other side of Brenda’s body caught her attention and she rolled her head that way. Laura Stone had also stepped up to her side and was looking down at Brenda’s naked body.

“It looks almost good enough to eat, doesn’t it?” Laura said, her voice brimming with lust.

“I guess so,” Carla snarled, “but I prefer my meat both tenderized and hot.”

“Then why don’t we both do our own thing?” Laura purred. “There are plenty of tenderizing instruments over there on the wall. I’m sure any of them would cook this delicious skin.”

“Me, too!” Sally Moore chimed in, and she left the couches where all three of the men had sat down. “If this is a women’s party, I don’t want to be left out!”

Brenda was aghast. All around her now was hairy cunt. She raised her head and stared at fiery-haired, chestnut-colored and lightly golden-fleeced pussy. The three vertical cunt gashes, inner cuntlips glistening with hot moisture already, were like mouths eager to attack her body.

The pack of panting pussies split up, circling like predators on the prowl. The brown cunt silt moved down until it was between Brenda’s upraised legs and it pressed its own lips against Brenda’s tender pussy. The big, red-haired pussy monster disappeared for a minute or two, as the smaller golden one came toward Brenda’s face. Then Brenda heard footsteps to her right and she glanced over to see the fiery-haired pussy gyrating back toward her between the walking legs of Carla Wyman. Pussies were everywhere, attacking Brenda from every direction, and a crazy panic began to pound in her mind.

Her head leaped up and she looked down and could see that it was Laura’s mouth that was plastered to her pussy. She could see the woman’s brown head, then the top of her face down to where her long, satiny red tongue was licking into the pink little pussy slit.

Brenda groaned as her head was pulled back down by fingers in her hair. As soon as her face was tilted backward, Sally Moore stood on tip toes and moved forward, then rocked back onto her heels with her cunt smothering into Brenda’s face. The frightened newlywed woman’s eyes bulged then focused and she realized that she was staring directly at Sally’s ass cheeks and shithole from just an inch or two away. Her whole visual world was now confined to a sea of pink skin and the brown bud of an asshole. The smell of pussy and the muskiness of shitter both swirled into Brenda’s nose, as the flavor of cunt flooded through her mouth.

And then her tits exploded in pain. Carla had lashed a thin riding crop right down across the nipples. The tit mounds leaped from the blow and danced all over the young captive’s chest. A scarlet line was etched across the top of both tits, broken by the cleavage, but crossing both of the aching nipples.

Brenda tried to shriek, but her sounds were muffled by the young blonde’s cunt. Sally giggled when she felt her pussy balloon inside from the slave’s efforts to scream. In response, she wiggled her cunt gash even more firmly down onto Brenda’s mouth, wishing she could force the captive’s whole head inside.

“This will teach you, you fucking slut!” the fiery Carla hissed as she slashed down with the riding crop.

An angry red line of tortured skin scared across Brenda’s stomach. Again, her efforts to cry out were smothered by pussy, so the young captive couldn’t even protest the beating.

“Take this!” Carla laughed sadistically, and she slammed the riding crop again into Brenda’s tits. “All cunts who aren’t dominating like me had better learn a lesson. There are those in the world who are going to make the pain, and those who have to take it!”

Brenda couldn’t see the blows coming and prepare herself for the pain, so each time she was caught unaware. Whether the next lashing would land on her tits, stomach or the fronts of her thighs, there was just no way for the tortured young woman to know. But no matter where, each time the riding crop kissed her, it was with the fiery agony of flame. An instant trail of burning skin would erupt somewhere on the front of her body and a blinding flash of pain would almost tear her brain from her spine. The torture of the riding crop was almost beyond comprehension, particularly when mixed with the other confusing sensations that were now running rampant in her body.

A great portion of that other sensation was being stirred up in Brenda’s pussy. Her cunt gash was spread by the chains holding her feet high and to the sides, so Brenda’s neighbor had full access to her tiny flowering pussy. At first Laura licked it, running the tip of her tongue from the miniscule cunt still hiding in its folds clear down to the mouth of the cunthole at the other end of the slit. There the tongue swept around the curve of the end of the pussy gash, licking the edge of the fuck-pit. A couple of times, Laura allowed her tongue to skip out of the chasm and onto Brenda’s puckered little asshole. There the tip wormed its way a fraction of an inch into the tightly gripping ass ring, causing Brenda’s hips to tremble and sway. The muscles of the thighs of the young captive tensed and loosened again and again as the pleasure of the woman’s tongue drove her wild.

And Laura was proud of that. She knew that all torture didn’t involve the lashing of tender flesh with whips, such as Carla decided to do. A taunting, tempting touch of tongue to sex-crazed pussymeat, stimulating but never quite enough to make it cum, often caused a female slave more agony than the beating of her body. And Laura was an expert at eating pussy, knowing just what to do to make the young woman’s cunt grip with anticipated release but never quite giving it enough to find its sexual relief. Her fingertips tugged at the sensitive inner cuntlips, distending them outward, then she licked along their sides.

Leaning back for a second, she could see that Brenda’s cunt hole was gasping open, looking like a dark tunnel reaching far into her guts. The tiny asshole was also working, forcing its bulge in and out, and Laura knew she had this slave almost demented from her pussy needing sexual relief. A few more minutes and she’d push the slave’s body past its limits, and then even cumming wouldn’t settle Brenda’s hot pussy down.

Brenda was going wild. She wanted to scream at Laura Stone to hurry up and make her poor pussy cum. Brenda’s whole lower body felt like it was on fire and the base of he spine had already melted into a puddle. But each time the sexual blast seemed to come near, the sadistic female pussy-eater would back off with her tongue. Brenda’s cunt and ass ached from the exquisite agony of being denied a desperately needed cum.

And that agony blended with the pain of the lash as Carla continued to beat. Brenda’s stomach and tits with the riding crop. The blows came regularly now, spaced around the front of her body, until her skin was a cross-hatch of bright scarlet lines.

But, if those two things weren’t enough, Brenda’s face was filled with pussy. It seemed like the fluttering cunt was trying to suck her whole head in and swallow it, and Brenda groaned when she lustily wondered how such a lewd thing would feel. Her tongue was shoved far out of her lips to glide back and forth inside Sally’s pistoning pussy. As earlier in the day, the young blonde neighbor couldn’t seem to keep still while she had her cunt mashed against a feminine face.

Brenda felt like she had already swallowed a gallon of pussy juices, and there was always more on the way. Part of it was smeared thickly over her entire face, even up into her hair, but most of it gushed into her mouth. Every few seconds the back of her mouth would grow full, then she’d gulp desperately and swallow it down. And each warm drop that slid down her gullet to her stomach seemed to set off its own individual sexual spark.

Brenda, in a flash of understanding, realized that sucking pussy juices was like drinking an aphrodisiac.

Swack! The riding crop struck her tits again. Was that pain that was gripping her, or was it sexual lightning bolts flashing up from her cunt?

Swack! Her abdomen was on fire. Was it from the brutal riding crop, or was the pussy juice lightning blazed in her stomach and guts?

Brenda could no longer sort the sensations out. She couldn’t tell the pleasure from the pain. All of it combined in her body into a single tidal wave that threatened to wash her away.

The cunt on her face slid down off her chin as Sally reached back and spread her ass cheeks with her fingers. She went up onto her toes then sat back down again with her shit hole smashed against Brenda’s lips.

“Eat my asshole!” the sex-crazed blonde screamed, pulling her ass cheeks even more severely out of the way. “Corn-hole your fucking tongue clear up my shitter!”

Brenda felt the woman’s asshole against her lips. Her tongue snaked out of her mouth. The tip touched the wrinkled bud then the whole tongue curled to give it the strength to fuck up into the shitter. She pushed and the stiff tongue rammed up into the terrible tightness of Sally’s sexy little asshole.

Laura had heard what was going on. She clipped her own face clown below Brenda’s cunt. When her tongue found the shit hole, it curled and fucked up the slave’s ass.

It was too much to believe! Brenda’s mind whirled through the fog of her lust. Here she was eating out one neighbor’s shit hole while another neighbor fucked her asshole with a tongue. The blazes in Brenda’s body grew even hotter and all burned into one. No longer was there any separation; her whole body was a bundle of fired-up sex nerves just as hot as her throbbing clit.

Carla shrieked in laughter. She pulled the riding crop high overhead. The evil black lash slashed down, searing the young captive’s tits. But no longer did the slave girl recoil from the blow. Her body seemed to arch up for more.

Carla’s cunt was about to explode. She had finger-fucked it with one hand while she beat on the little bitch’s body. Now she needed the satiny feel of feminine flesh on her clit and pussy to allow herself to cum. Quickly, she stepped forward then threw one leg over Brenda’s thrashing naked body to straddle the girl’s abdomen and stomach. Her cunt fitted down tightly onto the captive’s tortured flesh, and Carla began to thrust back and forth with her cunt. The pussy and clit rode hard against Brenda’s tightened flesh, spreading cunt juices thickly, and that caused Carla’s cum to erupt. And, all the time, she beat down on the newlywed’s violently shaking tits with the riding crop held sideways in one hand.

“Oh shit! I’m going to piss!” Sally screamed as the last of her cum roared through her pussy. “It’s burning so much I don’t think I can hold it in!”

“Don’t try!” Laura shouted, leaping to her feet. She spread her legs and thrust forward with her hips as her fingers spread her pussy wide. “Let’s give this little bitch a piss bath she’ll remember for the rest of her life!”

It was one of Carla’s favorite things to do. Now that her pussy was through cumming, the small piss hole flared open. A scalding yellow stream of piss burst out onto the captive woman’s stomach to mix with the pussy juices already spread around. The red-haired woman went up onto her toes and edged forward, until her hot piss was splashing off Brenda’s tits.

“Yes!” Laura yelled triumphantly, and a stream of golden piss hissed from her cunt directly into the young woman’s pussy. The piss splashed hotly into the girl’s cunt crease, and leaked down over her puckered asshole.

“Eeeek!” Sally shrieked as her own hot piss began to flow. It streamed directly into Brenda’s face, splashing over her chin and nose. Then the current was aimed right into her mouth, and it was now scalding piss that the young captive was swallowing instead of pussy juices. The steaming liquid bit harshly at her tastebuds as it filled her mouth and poured out the sides of her lips.

Brenda’s naked body thrashed in chains. Her cunt was still cumming like a continuing eruption of a volcano. And now her cunt, tits and mouth were being flooded with hot, feminine piss.

And, during those totally demented seconds, Brenda’s ears were filled with lusty male laughter as the men watched from the couches and eagerly waited their turn.


Brenda stank of pussy and piss. Before the men would have anything to do with her, they carried over a large bucket of cold water and splashed the freezing liquid all over her body and face.

“Now, what do you say about us flipping her over and getting ready for some real hot fucking action?” Jim Stone said, as he reached down and painfully twisted the nipple of Brenda’s left tit.

The tortured girl’s body was still so pent up with lust that she ignored the pain and almost begged them to hurry up and fill her with prick.

Quickly the three men unlocked Brenda’s beds sad feet and stripped off most of the chains. Then they turned her over and looped some of the chains around her arms and legs so that she hung with her tits facing the floor, with her head and ass drooping. One of the narrow lengths of metal links smashed across both of her nipples, cawing her tender tits to bruise. But that didn’t bother the sex-crazed woman just now, since the agony blended with the lust and just added to the fire ravaging in her cunt.

“You ready to get our other partner in here now?” Tom asked Jim Stone.

Brenda raised her weary head to ace. Her eyes were glazed with the sex-torment that was gripping her, and she really didn’t care who it might be.

But when Bill came in through the door he was as naked as the rest, the surprise reached her dulled mind. Weakly, she called out her husband’s name, then she gasped when she noticed that his prick was as raging hard as the rest.

“You silly little bitch.” Hank Moore laughed down at the confused look on Brenda’s face. “Bill’s been in this thing from the first. Ever since Carla sucked him off at the office, he’s been ready and willing to make you our sex slaves.”

“Nooooo!” Brenda groaned.

She realized now that she really didn’t care that Bill had helped set this bondage scene up. Three times now — watching the Stones fuck, eating Sally’s pussy and when the three cunts had attacked her together — Brenda had learned that sexual enjoyment, at least for her, contained both pain and pleasure. Realizing that she was now completely vulnerable to their punishing pricks. Brenda was filled with the flames of passion at being captive to their lusts.

Now, at the surprise bondage party, Bill was just one more hard cock that Brenda was desperate to have fucking into her body.

Just as if they had planned it, both Bill and Jim went to their backs on the floor. Their legs interlaced and their balls and pricks pressed together. Jim reached down with his hand and wrapped it around both cocks, squeezing the cock shafts against each other until the cockheads turned purple, then he glanced over to where the naked Hank stood.

“Tilt her in the chains just like we talked about,” Jim told his neighbor. “We’re going to show this little bitch just how much her pussy will stretch.”

Brenda’s ass jolted downward as Hank worked the switch to the chains. The links forced her legs apart as her hips dropped, flaring her ass crack and pussy open. Foggy eyed, she glanced underneath her body and looked down toward her cunt. Her pussy was settling directly over where Jim held the two pricks clamped together in his hand, and the captive newlywed realized that both of those hard fuckers were going to be shoved up her tiny cunt at the same time.

“Noooo,” she groaned, but she didn’t fight. Her pussy was on fire and her fuck-hole felt like it was leaking acid. She needed something hard and long in her fuck-chute, even though she didn’t think both of the throbbing pricks would fit into her cunt hole at the same time.

She gurgled with pain as her weight carried her gaping weight down onto the thick cockheads. Her pussy clenched in agony as her body pushed her cunt hole around both of the stiff pricks. Before her weight had settled, more than half of the two cocks were jammed together in her cunt. Brenda screamed, crying out in torturous pain but her pussy hole was gushing its cream. Her body rocked through a whole new wave of cums as she wailed, then the two cocks ground on in and solidly packed her cunt.

Tom laughed as he watched the pretty slave screw and cum, and he decided it was time to get into the action. He stepped forward and lifted Brenda’s face, then he fucked his cock far into the young woman’s mouth. He knew the bitch wanted suffering and pain with her pleasure now, so he didn’t stop when his cockhead bumped the back of her throat. Bracing her head tightly in his hands, he thrust forward with his prick and drove the thick fuck shaft clear into her throat. The cockhead pushed out the muscles of her neck, showing its progress down her gullet. Before the cock was all the way in, the prickhead had reached the bottom of her neck and was poised at the top of her chest.

Now Hank realized it was his turn. He locked the switch and walked over to kneel his naked ass over his neighbor Bill’s chest. He could see the mouth of the tormented captive’s cunt stretched obscenely wide to swallow a double dose of rampaging prick, then his eyes shifted up to the brown button of her ass. Spitting into his hand and rubbing the moisture on his cockhead, the grabbed her hips and brutally fucked his cock halfway into her shitter. He could feel the pressure of the two cocks in her cunt narrowing down the pathway in her ass guts, but he shoved the rest of his prick inside. Then he and the other three men began to thrust with theft hips, fucking more than three feet of hard prick into her tortured fuck-holes.

Brenda’s whole body was as sensitive as her cunt. The waves of orgasm were exploding in every ounce of her flesh. Right now her whole existence was that of being a fuck-machine of raw meat, firing off cum after cum as she was fucked by more than a yard of hard cock. Her pussy hole was stretched beyond belief as both her husband’s and Jim’s prick pistoned inside. Her asshole was crammed full of cockmeat as Hank savagely churned his fucker far into her guts. And the prick in her throat had cut off her breath, but the young woman simply didn’t care. The cockhead seemed to be fucking clear down into her chest and that, along with the rest of the hammering pricks, was all that she wanted right now.

The young newlywed was inexperienced no more and, when another earthquake of orgasm shocked her as four pricks fucked her, she realized that she had found what she would need for the rest of her life.

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